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A Note from the Editor Kristin Brzoznowski

There’s a world of choice out there for children today when it comes to programming and how, when and where they can watch it. Their ever-evolving entertainment-consumption habits are reshaping many areas of the kids’ content business, and producers, distributors and channel owners are keeping pace. The media-viewing behaviors of these mini-but-mighty decision-makers vary greatly with age. In a report from Ampere Analysis published by MIPCOM and MIPJunior, research finds that young children have the greatest impact on the in-home entertainment environment. Homes with young kids are more often embracing nonlinear viewing, SVOD and multi-device TV consumption. However, children tend to move back to linear TV as they get older, when they start looking for a wider breadth of content and more mature programming. By their late teens, though, kids begin engaging more with social media, with platforms like Snapchat and Instagram overtaking live-streaming video services and Netflix as the entertainment of choice. With all of these shifts, it’s become increasingly clear that kids’ content needs to be made available everywhere children are—from preschoolers using tablets in their car seats to schoolgoers plopped down in front of the TV after class to tweens on the go with their smartphones. Linear channels are making use of companion websites and apps to get shows in front of kids wherever they may be, and many SVOD services have put children’s programming at the top of their shopping lists. Indeed, kids are spoiled for choice when it comes to what they can watch across these various platforms, but it takes a certain “something special” to make a show stand out. This can take the form of a live-action character young viewers aspire to be like, an animated pal they want to have as a best friend, a story line that whisks them away on fantastical adventures or one that teaches kids something new about the world around them. This edition of the TV Kids Guide contains companies offering programs with these attributes in abundance. 10

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Richard Dickson President & COO Mattel TV KIDS: How is Mattel providing beloved brands and characters on digital platforms and portable devices? DICKSON: Kids are the early adopters. They’re incredibly savvy in the context of today’s world and technology. It’s important for a company like ours, which is about traditional play, to integrate our content into storytelling on digital [media]. Any brand today needs to be where their consumers are. And the consumers are everywhere; they are platform-agnostic. Parents know there’s the beauty and the beast of technology: it’s incredibly engaging, exciting and creative, and at the same time it’s also concerning. We’re at an interesting place where we have to value open-ended play and spark kids’ imaginations with our toys— and at the same time, we’ve got to be on [multiple] screens, we’ve got to be telling compelling stories. We think about it as one holistic approach to engaging our consumer. TV KIDS: Do you have a message for international content creators who may want to work with Mattel? DICKSON: We’re not shy, and we certainly can’t do what we do on our own. I think those days are long gone at Mattel. We are embracing creativity not only in our house but with open arms out in the community. One of our most important strategic goals is to be best-in-class partners, and that doesn’t mean just the output, it also means the input. So we’re wildly welcoming new ideas, new thought processes, and leveraging talent out there to continue to build our legendary portfolio. It may be working on one of our brands, or it might be inventing a whole new brand. The capabilities that we have as a company are largely untapped. What we can do at Mattel with the resources that we have and the instant connection from a global perspective with distribution and content, marketing and media and product development—it’s astounding. So the message that I would have [for international content creators] is: we’re in business, and we’ve got some amazing talent. 12

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Stephen Davis President, Hasbro Studios Chief Content Officer & Executive VP, Hasbro TV KIDS: What are some of the greatest opportunities in today’s kids’ marketplace? DAVIS: The number of platforms available for exposing your content has never been larger. The democratization of content, as kids are actually making their own content, has given our core consumer base an appetite to seek out more content opportunities. Hasbro is a branded play company; we bring play to life. Our core consumers are kids and families, and [there has] never been a better time to take our brands and create great immersive entertainment experiences that are spot-on where the consumer is today. TV KIDS: Children have so many entertainment options. What are the challenges in capturing their attention nowadays? DAVIS: Kids are their own programmers now. They’re not waiting to be told what to watch. They can find content on so many different platforms, and they want it when they want it—they don’t want to wait for it. We’ve looked at that challenge as an opportunity. Finn Arnesen [senior VP of global distribution and development], Nina Scales [VP of international distribution] and the sales team spend an extraordinary amount of time not only in the brick-and-mortar sales of our content, but in really understanding what the next step is for distribution. Where are kids? How can we ensure that we get that content in the hands of kids in the right way? Short-form content is also changing the landscape considerably. It’s easy to say you’re producing content that lives across all these platforms, but it really isn’t all that easy. Kids’ attention spans are short, so you have to ensure that the stories you’re telling engage them quickly, because kids multimediatask. A couple of years ago our research department found this great statistic that said kids are actually bending time and multimedia-tasking. They’re consuming 11 hours of media in about 7 hours. That’s because they are on multiple platforms at any given time. You want to be sure that you’re engaging them with content on whatever platform they happen to be focused on during that seven-hour period. 13

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Hans Ulrich Stoef CEO m4e TV KIDS: Is there a certain volume you try to maintain for production and development each year? STOEF: We are not a volume producer. It sounds like we have a large volume because we have so many series in development and shows going on simultaneously. We have [around] 150 episodes in production, but it’s mostly second or third seasons of our existing brands. We never had a very large development slate before. It takes a long time from [starting with an] idea until you can get it financed and produced, so we need to have a number of quality projects in development to make a long-term plan for the next six to eight years. That’s what’s happening for us right now. We believe more in quality than in quantity. TV KIDS: What qualities does a property need to have to secure shelf space in the L&M market? STOEF: Retailers are looking for big brands. It helps if you have a series that’s been adapted from a very well-known book; that at least can open some doors. Retailers are also looking for famous brands that are coming from toy companies. On the other side, though, broadcasters don’t like this as much. They don’t want to just be a gatekeeper for the toys. The key is to have a good balance between story, brand and digital these days. It’s not enough to just create a TV series based on a book. You need to add more to it in order to really attract [retailers] and the toy aspect needs to come in right from the beginning. It’s so difficult. Sometimes retailers will say, We want to see something fresh and have a new toy concept. Then you come with something new and fresh and the next day they tell you, We need a pre-promoted brand in order to put you on the shelf. Everybody believes that the [licensing] of existing brands is the safest business, and I would agree. It’s not a guarantee for success, but it is the safest [strategy]. 14

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Lisa Henson CEO The Jim Henson Company TV KIDS: Tell us about your new series Splash and Bubbles. HENSON: We are working with PBS on Splash and Bubbles. It’s utilizing Digital Puppetry and therefore all the best talent at the company is engaged with it. The characters, story lines and settings in Splash and Bubbles are grounded in a marine biology curriculum that focuses on themes of diversity, individuality, interconnectedness and the celebration of learning and discovery. TV KIDS: How have you approached bringing an educational curriculum to shows while still keeping them engaging and entertaining? HENSON: PBS is a channel that likes to have meaningful content and a strong element of learning. We also like to bring to those shows a secondary curricular level that is playful, friendly and adventurous, so that they don’t feel like lessons. For instance, learning about dinosaurs and the Mesozoic Era is often a parade of facts and kids memorizing names of dinosaurs. So with Dinosaur Train, we went about it a different way. We wanted to teach general natural sciences and we emphasized the concept that dinosaurs are animals too. So when we’re learning about dinosaurs we’re learning about them as animals. We’re comparing a four-legged dinosaur to a four-legged cow that eats grass, so they’re both herbivores. We’re keeping it quite simple and easy to relate to and making it relevant for kids who are watching it. Similarly, with Splash and Bubbles, we want to familiarize kids with these characters. We call them the citizens of the sea, and Reeftown, the neighborhood that Splash [a yellow fusilier fish] lives in, is like a neighborhood with characters that you would meet, perhaps along the lines of Sesame Street—a block populated by characters who became very familiar to the audience. We really want to make these subjects, which are somewhat faraway, feel immediate and relevant for kids. 15

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Vince Commisso Partner, President & CEO 9 Story Media Group TV KIDS: How big is big enough in the kids’ business today? COMMISSO: One thing that we’re finding out is that the demand for kids’ content was almost latent before this technology that allowed the kids, the viewers, to actually pull the content. That demand means that you have to ramp up your factors of production and have to have more library [content], more availability, in order to properly compete. I don’t think we know the answer yet to how big is big enough. The answer involves scale, but will always involve the ability to produce great new content for those audiences. You can’t get so big that that goes away, and in fact as you get bigger, that becomes your challenge: How do you marshal all the creative resources you need to feed the demand that kids have in terms of great new content? TV KIDS: What did the acquisition of Brown Bag Films bring to the company? COMMISSO: There were three main considerations when we looked at Brown Bag. Firstly, they have great, robust CG pipelines. Secondly, we thought they were the best independent producer of CG content in the market. And that’s important because we pride ourselves on how we are producing great 2D content with partners all around the world. And thirdly, we really like the people. TV KIDS: Tell us about the legendary Geraldine Laybourne joining your board. COMMISSO: We had to convince her that if she was going to be on the board, our company would be creatively focused. The challenge when you become bigger is you do things that serve you getting bigger, and sometimes you lose sight of what your core value-creation concept is. For us, that is delivering great creative inside every show we produce. Before she joined the board Gerry had to be convinced that we would do that no matter how big we got, no matter who we acquired. 16

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Steven DeNure President & COO DHX Media TV KIDS: What are the benefits that come with having the size and scale that DHX has achieved? DENURE: We have worked a long time to get this level of scale. DHX is 10 years old this year and Decode Entertainment, which I co-founded, would have been 20. We’ve been on this track for many, many years and have believed that having scale and size does matter. It’s important to make sure that we have all parts of the organization working together and that we think very carefully about other things that we add, whether it’s production capacity, individual titles or additional libraries. The key [idea] for us is to be able to play across a number of different parts of the business and to make those parts all work together. TV KIDS: What led to the recent realignment and rebranding at DHX Studios? DENURE: DHX is a highly dynamic environment and we’re always changing, reorganizing, acquiring things here and there and rethinking the company. In some ways, that’s consistent with the massive change that’s going on within the filmedentertainment business anyway. For us, this was a way of gathering up all of our creative assets, at least in terms of development and production, putting them under one roof, and with the acquisition of Nerd Corps Entertainment [in 2014], putting Ace Fipke and Ken Faier at the helm. TV KIDS: How are you balancing the growth of the DHX Distribution catalog against being able to nurture individual IP? DENURE: The catalog has grown both organically, with shows that we make, and through the acquisition of libraries. The number of original shows that we’re adding to the catalog every year is somewhere between 8 and 12 series. What we’ve tried to do is manage those additions in such a way that they don’t overlap; we don’t want to compete with ourselves when it comes to new offerings in the marketplace. 17

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Matteo Corradi CEO Mondo TV TV KIDS: How have you reorganized the company? CORRADI: Four years ago we decided to change Mondo TV’s business model and strategy. We decided to move away from the business model that is typical in this industry—idea, animation, toys. We went to the toy makers worldwide, the publishing companies and the online game companies and proposed joint ventures with them: fifty-fifty operations on their famous brands in order to do an animated TV show. That has allowed us to be the most active producer of animated TV shows in the world at the moment, in terms of quantity. We have an extraordinary world of co-producers, and our business model is very simple: we co-produce with them, we share the costs and the revenues. It is nice because they are happy with our TV distribution and we are happy with their toy distribution. The business risk is very low because we participate in 27 projects, so we have 27 eggs in our basket—some eggs will be cooked well; some eggs will not! But this is part of the game, and with 27, the risk of big problems for the company is very small. TV KIDS: Has your international strategy helped you? CORRADI: We are doing only 10 percent of our turnover in Italy and 35 percent in Europe, so 65 percent is coming from outside Italy and Europe, mainly from China, North America and from the Gulf area. I think the problems that our competitors are having are due to the fact that they are still focusing on TV license fees. Of our turnover, which in 2016 will be €32 million ($36 million), only 10 to 15 percent is coming from TV fees. The rest is coming from L&M and toys. And the nice thing about our company is that we have EBITDA that is 75 percent of the revenues and EBIT that is 40 percent of the revenues. This is the main point of our company. We have an enormous marginality because our business is very simple and secure. We have zero debt and total equity of the group is €41 million ($46 million). So we are in a very good position. 18

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Patrick Elmendorff CEO Studio 100 Media TV KIDS: How has the emergence of new digital platforms for kids’ content impacted your distribution business? ELMENDORFF: It’s all about windowing. You need to understand your local markets better than before because the windowing is different in every country. It’s important to have a clear understanding of what is possible. On one side you need to be able to service the needs of your traditional partners. Most of our co-productions are financed via broadcasters. On the nonlinear side, it’s exciting to work with global players like Netflix or Amazon and with other VOD platforms on a territory-by-territory level. I find it especially interesting that they are producing content exclusively for their own platforms. TV KIDS: How difficult is it to introduce a new, unknown brand in the market today? ELMENDORFF: There is a lot of content on the market, so there’s a lot of competition in the market. We’ve always had more of a brand focus rather than a project focus. We’ve always believed that to keep a brand interesting, you have to continually invest in the content. Everything is content driven. Kids buy merchandising and licensing products because they’re fans of the brand. It’s not that they buy something and then become fans of the brand. Everything starts with great content. We try to find completely new things. On the live-action side we have a number of new projects that we created from scratch. In general it is easier to work with a brand that is already established than to create something from scratch. But both have their ups and downs. With Maya the Bee, we sold the series in over 170 territories. In certain territories it wasn’t so well known by the kids, but it was definitely known by the parents and grandparents. The parents or grandparents can sit with their kids [or grandkids] to watch these properties, and there’s an emotional connection. We established Maya in many territories and after that it was a lot easier to work on the theatrical side because it was so present in the minds of families. 19

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Andy Heyward Chairman & CEO Genius Brands International TV KIDS: Tell us about the innovative distribution model you have in place for SpacePOP. HEYWARD: SpacePOP came from what we saw as white space in the marketplace, from the vacuum after Monster High. There was nothing there for tween girls. We know that princesses are a powerful theme for girls. We know that music is very powerful, as is space. So we came up with this concept of five princesses in space. They form a rock band and go underground to lead the rebel resistance to recapture their place in the galaxy and throw off an evil, oppressive force. It’s Spice Girls meets Star Wars. Instead of going to a Disney Channel or a Nickelodeon, for example, we decided to launch the brand on YouTube. Girls at that age, they’re living on YouTube. They spend a lot of their screen time there. They absorb content in short doses. We have produced 108 3-minute episodes. In the middle of each one, there’s a music video. We have licensing partners that are creating merchandise for pretty much every major category: publishing, toys, apparel, accessories, confections. And we have prime retail distribution and extraordinary promotional partners. TV KIDS: How is new technology enhancing the value of animated content? HEYWARD: I like to refer to Tom and Jerry, as it’s such a great example. Tom and Jerry was made in 1939. Kids are still watching it today. Tom and Jerry was made for motion-picture theaters. Then it went to television. It went from broadcast to cable, VHS to DVD and Blu-ray and the internet, and now to all of the new and emerging technologies and platforms. It doesn’t matter what the platform is—the content remains engaging. If you know how to create conflict and crisis and jeopardy and hijinks, all of the tools of good storytelling and rich characters, you’re going to have a successful product, whatever the distribution platform is and whatever new technology comes around. 20

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Rick Glankler President & General Manager FremantleMedia Kids & Family TV KIDS: What are the main challenges in the licensing sector today? GLANKLER: Consumers still demand great stories and when they find one they like they will consume it ferociously; the rise in binge-watching is a testament to this. But with so much platform fragmentation and content saturation, the stories have to be really good and highly original if they are going to stand out and drive deeper brand engagement, which is what drives successful consumerproduct programs. In addition, the plethora of blockbuster theatrical releases that are becoming sustainable franchises has further saturated an already congested market. TV KIDS: What opportunities do you see outside of the bigbox retailers? GLANKLER: Our ability to engage consumers in active conversations via social media allows us to talk to them in a more meaningful way and drive them to the most appropriate retail opportunities, whether they are online or at brick-and-mortar retailers. For FremantleMedia Kids & Family in the U.K., the independent toy chains continue to grow year on year and are becoming an essential part of the retail mix. Retailers are also becoming savvier about the need to drive footfall by offering more immersive in-store retail experiences, which provide great opportunities for us with character costume tours and similar initiatives that help expand brand engagement. TV KIDS: How are you tapping into digital extensions to further build your brands? GLANKLER: For us, digital is a great way of creating and extending consumer engagement with our brands through websites, social and online games. Online is the single most important destination for moms to find out more about the content their kids love, and kids are the first to adopt new technology. Once we have that digital engagement in place, we can then look at ways to drive commercial revenue. 21

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Christina Miller President & General Manager Cartoon Network, Adult Swim & Boomerang, Turner TV KIDS: What is the plurals generation and what do they expect from media? MILLER: The plurals generation is the current generation of kids 17 and under. They are our audience. If you think that the millennials were the first digital natives, which is something that was thrown around a lot as they were coming of age, the plurals would be the first mobile generation. They’ve never lived in a world where everything is not mobile. They are focused on choice and control. If people in the past needed filters or lists to help them, kids now don’t, hence the plurality of them. They can move through information on platforms and pull things together pretty much on their own. Choice and control are very important to them. They’re a very visual generation; visual communication is a big part of how they [engage] with friends and use media. They also expect to participate more than any other generation. They’re not just there to consume your content; they also want to create it. Whether it’s mixing it up or mashing it up or creating, almost evangelizing your content, they’ll create a version of it, so [media is a] little bit more open-sourced than ever before. It’s really about interacting with [our audience] and inviting them into the process, so we are thinking differently about how we create content than we have in the past. TV KIDS: Across how many different platforms are you offering storytelling? MILLER: All, essentially. The point of difference between what we do and what so many others do is storytelling and character development. From an on-demand platform to a linear platform to a gaming platform or a VR platform, we’re trying to tell stories across all of them. We’re building more immersive worlds than we ever have before and not straight one-way versions of telling something. We’re looking at how we can layer experiences: if someone interacts with our brand in real life, they’re getting a version of that storytelling as well. If they’re creating it with us, there’s a version of it. 22

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Claude Schmit CEO Super RTL TV KIDS: Has the increased competition in the German kids’ market led you to reevaluate Super RTL’s programming strategy? SCHMIT: When Disney left as a program supplier we lost about 30 percent of our daytime programming. We had to compensate for the loss, and one of the pillars is in-house production. The strategy now is to have at least two slots for inhouse production per day in access prime time. So, we need a lot of shows to compete in that very competitive environment. We have been developing quite a lot of shows over the last year. TV KIDS: Are you also exploring new partnerships for thirdparty content? SCHMIT: DreamWorks Animation was one of the main answers to our programming issues caused by the loss of the Disney content. That partnership has turned out very well. The ratings are fantastic. We also looked into more nostalgic programming. Parents may not necessarily know DreamWorks, but they are familiar with Warner Bros. series like Tom and Jerry. TV KIDS: What led to the launch of the SVOD service kividoo? SCHMIT: We started analyzing the SVOD market about five or six years ago. [Our] business plans were ready, but we decided it was simply too early to move. Then, Netflix entered the market and vitalized SVOD. We thought it seemed to be the time to surf on the Netflix wave, so to speak. We launched kividoo, an SVOD service just for kids. I’m very positive about the outlook. We have been in the subscription business for quite some time, with Toggolino-Club and Toggo-CleverClub, so we know the numbers. Our business plan was not based on getting millions of subscribers. We are on target as far as our numbers are concerned, subscription-wise and money-wise. Do I expect kividoo to replace our linear advertising revenues in the near future? No. So for us it is a test to find out what kids are appreciating and what their parents are spending money on. 23

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Sean Cocchia General Manager & Executive VP, Business Operations Disney Channels Worldwide TV KIDS: What have you been learning about the way kids are watching programming today? COCCHIA: There is an 80 percent chance that a preschooler today has access to some kind of mobile device, which means he/she has the ability to take content with them when they are away from the TV screen. So for preschoolers we have built platforms for games, “appisodes” and our WATCH apps to allow them to take content with them. As they get older, kids are beginning to experiment on social media and share content. We look at that audience and try to figure out how they want to experience content. It’s not just watching; it’s touching it, communicating it and embracing all the different ways that they can connect to it. TV KIDS: How are you premiering shows today? COCCHIA: We’ve done a lot of different experiments and now every time a piece of content premieres on our linear networks, that same day it will also premiere on our WATCH apps, on the on-demand platforms of our cable operators, as well as any other owned platforms. Our content is available when and how a consumer wants it; we don’t necessarily look at separate windows for each one of these platforms. TV KIDS: How is Disney Channel tapping into the creative resources of the wider Walt Disney Company? COCCHIA: We have Star Wars Rebels—our platform is the only one in the world that airs television content tied to the Star Wars brand. We have the Marvel content and the Disney-Pixar content. As I look at the future and at the company’s tentpoles, we have a treasure trove of content with IP and characters that parents remember, kids remember and that we can keep re-introducing to them. Tentpole programming is incredibly important in a very crowded environment and we are very blessed that we have a lot to choose from and a lot to create. 24

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Jules Borkent Senior VP,Global Acquisitions & International Programming Nickelodeon, Viacom International Media Networks TV KIDS: Are you tapping into new, unexpected sources to find good ideas for programming? BORKENT: We are always looking for content from everywhere around the world— not just for buying, but also for producing and co-producing. We had a show from Nickelodeon Latin America called Grachi, which was very successful in that market. We took the concept and remade it. We did a U.S. version [Every Witch Way] that went out worldwide. We can look to our partners around the world to see what they can bring out of their markets. Sometimes the content works as it is and sometimes we reimagine it for a global audience. TV KIDS: Is television still the first point of entry for kids to the Nickelodeon brand? BORKENT: There have been a lot of questions about viewership and how many kids are still watching our content in general [on linear TV]. Our research team provided [us data that showed] six years ago this many million people watched the premiere of iCarly on Nickelodeon on linear television; about 95 percent was on linear TV. Now, that same number of kids is still watching our content, but it’s closer to 70 percent who are watching it on linear television—the rest are using VOD and our apps. The viewing is still happening. The challenge for brands like ours is how to capture all those viewers. They’re still watching; they’re just doing it in different ways. Kids want to be able to see our content on whatever device they have, and we have to make it available [for them]. This impacts how we launch content as well. For example, with the ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks series we acquired, we launched two episodes on VOD in the U.S. about three weeks before the linear premiere. It generated a lot of buzz on VOD, so when it launched [on linear TV] it made the premiere a little bit easier. Before, we would have had to run campaigns, announcing, “Coming soon!” or “Coming today!” Now, with these new devices, there are other ways [to promote and launch shows] and new models to find out where our audience is gravitating. 25

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Marja Kerkhof Managing Director Mercis TV KIDS: To what do you attribute Miffy’s enduring appeal, 61 years since she was created? KERKHOF: The illustrations are almost like pictograms, they’re so clear and the colors are so bright. [Creator] Dick Bruna has been able to work for so many years in the same kind of style. It’s vibrant, it’s very iconic and it stands out. If you see a whole sheet of characters, you still will notice Miffy. TV KIDS: How did Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small, the new animated series for Miffy, come about? KERKHOF: A few years ago, we felt that we really wanted to make a new series. We had just finished the movie, which was successful, and then we decided to look for a new series with a new approach. We talked to several studios, looking for the best possible one to make a series with us. After some research, we decided to go with Blue-Zoo Animation Studio in the U.K., who we felt had a very good understanding of the brand. We wanted an international series, and we decided that CGI is so good nowadays, we really wanted to go with that. We talked with a team of writers to capture the essentials of the brand. That’s how it came along. We went for 52 episodes of 7 minutes each. We [recently] decided to make 26 more episodes. We’re very pleased with the series and it’s done very well in the countries it’s been broadcast in. The children respond very well, which is the ultimate test! TV KIDS: How have you updated your L&M strategy for the new series launch? KERKHOF: We’ve continued with the 2D style for some products. For other products, we have a whole new style guide for the TV series with everything from packaging to displays. Licensees can still also make their own designs, but we want to provide them with a rich style guide for them to be inspired. And we still have style guides we update all the time for the 2D artwork. 26

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41 Entertainment ADDRESS: 500 W. Putnam Ave., 4/Fl., Greenwich, CT 06830, U.S.A. TELEPHONE: (1-203) 717-1120 WEBSITE: MANAGING DIRECTOR: Allen Bohbot VP, SALES & MARKETING: Kiersten Halstead VP, SALES & MARKETING: Nancy Koff CONTACTS:; PROGRAMS: Super Monsters: 20x11 min., 3D animation/HD, comedy, 3-6; Mermaidens: 13x22 min., 3D animation/HD, adventure, girls 4-8; Kong—King of the Apes: 26x22 min., 3D animation/HD, action/adventure, 6-11; PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures: 52x22 min. & 2x44 min., 3D animation/HD, comedy, 6-11; Tarzan and Jane: 13x22 min., 3D animation/HD, action/adventure, 6-11; Stone Age: 26x22 min., 2D animation, comedy, 5-10. “41 Entertainment focuses on worldwide animation development, production, distribution, licensing and merchandising. Operating globally in the creation and distribution of children’s original proprietary characters and intellectual properties, we invest in each production and own all rights, including Super Monsters, Mermaidens, Kong—King of the Apes, Tarzan and Jane and worldwide rights to iconic established properties such as PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures. Not only do we secure the best exposure through our network of major broadcasters and distributors worldwide, we also look for the best licensing and merchandising partners for our brands through an in-house licensing and merchandising division. Managed by experienced individuals with extensive knowledge in animation production, distribution, sales, marketing, legal and business affairs, and copyright and trademark protection, 41 Entertainment believes that market success is not based on quantity of projects, but rather in the careful exploitation of a few high-quality intellectualproperty projects for global consumption.” —Allen Bohbot, Managing Director


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Super Monsters: Welcome to Pitchfork Pines Preschool, where the children of the world’s famous (and not so famous) monsters come to learn to be the best people, and the best monsters, they can be. Drac, Cleo, Lobo, Katya, Zoe and Frankie are preschoolers with dual identities: they’re humans in the day and monsters after dark. This preschool starts each day at the end of the day, because when the sun sets these little preschoolers shimmer with magic and giggle in delight as they transform into Super Monsters. Guided by their teachers, the Super Monsters experience (comical) attempts, mistakes and failures before they successfully master their superpowers and learn the social skills they need. Mermaidens: Our adventure takes place exclusively under the sea and focuses on the mermaids’ relationships with each other and their relationships with their respective pets and seahorses, both of which are made more interesting by their individual secret skills and ultimate power of being able to merge with their seahorses into a beautiful cohesive unit. The transformation comes when the seahorse and her rider are completely in sync and the seahorse and mermaid exhibit unique hues to bond the pair together. Kong—King of the Apes: The future looks bright for San Francisco’s Alcatraz Island since its transformation into the most impressive natural-history and marine preserve on the planet. But when the star attraction suddenly goes ape and Kong becomes public enemy number one, the villain that framed him is free to unleash an army of gigantic robotic dinosaurs on the unsuspecting world. Ironically, Kong is the only force formidable enough to stop these super-powered dinosaurs and the evil genius manipulating them. PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures: Follow the daily events of Pac as he saves PacWorld. Together with his friends Cyli and Spiral, Pac and his buds face the issues of being teenagers, while also protecting PacWorld from a ghostly army led by the evil Betrayus. Tarzan and Jane: Tarzan, found in the jungle as a baby after a plane crash, is saved at birth from his injuries by a local medicine man, who injected him with lotions and potions made from various animal DNA, which in turn gave him great powers. Raised in the jungle by a gorilla until the age of 15, he is rescued in an expedition (paid for by his billionaire grandfather) and returned to London to attend boarding school, where he meets Jane. Together, they will fight against environmental injustice and solve crimes and mysteries. 31

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9 Story Media Group ADDRESS: 23 Fraser Ave., Toronto, ON M6K 1Y7, Canada TELEPHONE: (1-416) 530-9900 WEBSITE: PRESIDENT & CEO: Vince Commisso CHIEF STRATEGY OFFICER: Natalie Osborne VP, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Claudia Scott-Hansen CONTACT: PROGRAMS: 3 Amigonauts: 52x11 min., 2D animation, comedy, 6-11; Nature Cat: 80x11 min., 2D animation, comedy, 4-8; Monica Chef: 40x22 min., live action, drama/comedy, 6-12; Garfield and Friends: 121x22 min. & specials, 2D animation, comedy, 6-11; Peg + Cat: 130x12 min., 2D animation, preschool, 3-5; Wild Kratts: 118x22 min. & 20x22 min. in prod., 2D animation, adventure/comedy, 4-9; Camp Lakebottom: 104x11 min. & 26x11 min. in prod., 2D animation, comedy, 6-11; Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood: 130x11 min. & 40x11 min. in prod., 2D animation, preschool, 2-5; Finding Stuff Out: 42x22 min. & 13x22 min. in prod., live action, educational, 6-11; Numb Chucks: 104x11 min., animation, comedy, 6-11. “9 Story Media Group is a leading content creator, marketer and distributor of kids- and family-focused intellectual property. Recognized around the world for best-in-class brands such as Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood, Wild Kratts, Numb Chucks and Peg + Cat, 9 Story represents over 2,150 half-hours of animated and liveaction programming, seen on some of the most respected international channels and platforms. With facilities in Toronto, Dublin, Manchester and Los Angeles, 9 Story employs over 500 creative and production staff and has produced over 900 half-hours of award-winning children’s content.” —Natalie Osborne, Chief Strategy Officer


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Ameba TV ADDRESS: 938 Corydon Ave., Winnipeg, MB R3M 0Y5, Canada TELEPHONE: (1-204) 988-3000 WEBSITE: PRESIDENT & CEO: Tony Havelka CONTACT: “Ameba TV is a multiplatform streaming entertainment destination for kids, offering 24/7 instant access throughout North America to a wide array of quality kids’ TV entertainment. We feature thousands of episodes in every children’s genre, including education, comedy, music, animation and live action. We boast a great lineup of content providers and distribution partners, including Monster Entertainment, NCircle Entertainment, Portfolio Entertainment and Breakthrough Entertainment. We attend this year’s MIPCOM looking to meet with distribution partners and kids’ content creators who are seeking to gain access to a large North American audience. We are interested in long-run movies, episodic TV series and short-run interstitials. We are also interested in new releases straight through to back-catalog titles in English, French and Spanish. Ameba utilizes both subscription (SVOD) and free (AVOD) monetization models. Ameba is available on over 300 consumer devices, including smart TVs, connected TV streamers, computers, tablets and smartphones. We have partnered with many top-tier platform partners, including Xbox 360, Roku, LG Smart TV, Sony, Amazon Fire, TiVo, Opera and, most recently, announced our inclusion in Amazon’s Streaming Partners Program.” —Tony Havelka, President & CEO


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Animasia Studio ADDRESS: No.2 & 4, Jalan Sri Jati 2, Taman Sri Jati, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia TELEPHONE: (603) 7784-6987 WEBSITE: MANAGING DIRECTOR: Edmund Chan EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Raye Lee HEAD, DISTRIBUTION: Andrea Lok CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Harry & Bunnie: 78x7 min., 2D animation/flash/HD, slapstick comedy/non-dialogue, 7-11; Chuck Chicken: 52x11 min., 2D animation/HD, action/comedy, 7-11; ABC Monsters: 26x22 min., 2D animation/HD, preschool/edutainment/ adventure/comedy, 4-6; Supa Strikas: 65x22 min., 2D animation/ HD, sports/action/comedy, 7-11; Robokicks (Bola Kampung Movie): 1x95 min., CGI, sports/action/comedy/adventure, 7+; Bola Kampung Xtreme: 78x22 min., 2D animation/HD, sports/action/comedy, 7-11; Balla Bowl: 2x70 min., 2D animation/ HD, sports/action/comedy, 7-11; Fairytales of the Orient: 26x22 min., 2D animation, folklores, 7-11; Magiki: 52x11 min., 2D animation/HD, preschool/edutainment/adventure/comedy, 4-7.

“Animasia Studio, one of Asia’s leading animatedcontent producers and distributors, is returning to MIPJunior and MIPCOM 2016 with a slate of projects [led by] the all-new non-dialogue comedy series Harry & Bunnie, targeting a gender-neutral demographic of kids 7 to 11. With our growing success in Asia for shows such as Harry & Bunnie and Chuck Chicken season one, we are looking for greater distribution coverage, especially in Europe and North America, and we strongly welcome potential partners/distributors to explore these opportunities with Animasia for program licensing, co-production, co-financing and even animation outsourcing to our studio. Animasia specializes in animation, mobile games and app development, digital comics, audio production and the character licensing business that includes promotional licensing, licensed events and product licensing.” —Edmund Chan, Managing Director


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Atlantyca Entertainment ADDRESS: Via Leopardi, 8 20123 Milan, Italy TELEPHONE: (39-02) 430-0101 WEBSITE: HEAD, ANIMATION DEPARTMENT & EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Caterina Vacchi EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Niccolo Sacchi PROGRAMS: Bat Pat: 52x11 min., 2D animation/HD; The New Adventures of Geronimo Stilton: 78x22 min., 2D animation/HD; Nutri Ventures: 52x23 min., 2D animation/HD; Dive Olly Dive: 104x11 min., 3D animation/CGI; Bolts & Blip: 26x22 min., 3D animation/CGI; The Fixies: 104x6 min., 3D animation/CGI; Taka & Maka: 40x1 min., 3D animation/CGI; Dive Olly Dive and the Pirate Treasure: 1x80 min., 3D animation/CGI. “A transmedia entertainment company, Atlantyca Entertainment maintains production and distribution, licensing, publishing and foreign-rights sales divisions. The company maintains and manages the IP rights for the Geronimo Stilton brand and all of its franchises. Atlantyca is a co-producer of Geronimo Stilton, an animated series featuring the adventures of the most famous mouse journalist. Seasons one and two have been sold in more than 130 countries around the world. Atlantyca’s production-and-distribution arm is producing the 26x22-minute The New Adventures of Geronimo Stilton, a co-production with France’s Superprod along with the participation of RAI and France Télévisions for 2016. In addition, the company is currently in production on its new series Bat Pat with co-production partners Imira Entertainment and Mondo TV. RAI Fiction (Italy) and RTVE (Spain) are broadcast and participation partners. Atlantyca’s distribution arm represents a growing library of entertainment properties for children, including The Fixies, Taka & Maka, Dive Olly Dive and Bolts & Blip. The licensing division manages the international licensing initiatives for all the Geronimo Stilton and Bat Pat brands and any character spin-offs. Atlantyca’s foreign-rights division is specifically dedicated to securing sales of publishing rights for the Geronimo Stilton books and over 1,700 additional titles for other owned IPs, boasting more than 5,600 granted agreements for translations in over 46 languages.” —Corporate Communications


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Australian Children’s Television Foundation ADDRESS: Level 3, 145 Smith St., Fitzroy, VIC 3065, Australia TELEPHONE: (61-3) 9200-5500 WEBSITE: CEO: Jenny Buckland INTERNATIONAL SALES MANAGER: Roberta Di Vito PROGRAMS: Balloon Barnyard: 26x7 min., animation, preschool, 2-4; Little Lunch: 26x12 min. & 2x24 min., live action, comedy, 6-11; You’re Skitting Me: 26x24 min. & 26x15 min., live action, sketch comedy, 8-14; Ready for This: 1x42 min. & 12x24 min., live action, drama, 8-14; Bushwhacked: 39x24 min., live action, documentary/adventure, 8-14; Hoopla Doopla!: 52x12 min., live action, preschool, 2-5; Worst Year of My Life Again: 13x24 min., live action, comedy, 8-14; Flamin Thongs: 26x12 min., animation, comedy, 6-12.

“Children from all over the world enjoy watching Australian shows. We distribute over 400 hours of Australia’s best children’s programming, including live action, factual, animated series and preschool programs to a global audience of preschoolers through to teenagers. Kids love to watch quality shows that engage, inspire and make them laugh. It doesn’t matter where they’re from, or what device they’re watching it on, they just want to see good shows. And that’s universal! So whether it’s our latest award-winning series Little Lunch, which is back with two new half-hour specials set around Halloween and graduation; or our new colorful and entertaining animated preschool series Balloon Barnyard that sees two everyday donkeys with superhero ambitions find fun and adventure around the farm; or the new season of our fresh, funny and unpredictable sketch comedy series You’re Skitting Me, buyers from around the globe will find content here that offers kids a fabulous and engaging viewing experience.” —Jenny Buckland, CEO


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BabyTV ADDRESS: 10 Hammersmith Grove, London W6 7AP, U.K. TELEPHONE: (44-20) 3426-7086 WEBSITE: CEO: Liran Talit SENIOR VP, AFFILIATE SALES & MARKETING: Maya Talit CONTACT: Anne Le Sinq, PROGRAMS: What a Wonderful Day: 12x3 min., animation, 0-4; Mona & Sketch: 30x5 min., 2D animation, 0-4; Look What I Found!: 20x5 min., 2D animation, 0-4; Grandpa Joe’s Magical Playground: 10x5 min., 3D animation, 0-4; The Post Train: 30x6 min., 2D animation, 0-4; Little Lola Visits the Farm: 40x5 min., 3D animation, 0-4; Charlie & the Numbers: 25x6 min., 3D animation, 0-4; Billy BamBam: 25x6 min., 3D animation, 0-4; G-Rafa: 20x5 min., 3D animation, 0-4; Charlie & the Alphabet: 26x5 min., 3D animation, 0-4. “BabyTV is the world’s leading baby and toddler network for children aged 4 and under and their parents, airing 24 hours a day and completely commercial-free. A Fox Networks Group channel, BabyTV is available in over 100 countries, via 700-plus platforms and in 20 languages. BabyTV features top-quality, original and exclusive shows, created by childdevelopment experts and designed for children and parents to enjoy together. Each hour on BabyTV is an enriching journey full of stories, songs, rhymes and lovable characters.” —Corporate Communications


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Bejuba! Entertainment ADDRESS: 5353 Torbolton Rd., Woodlawn, ON KOA3MO, Canada TELEPHONE: (1-310) 428-7192 WEBSITE: PRESIDENT: Tatiana Kober DIRECTOR, SALES: Emilie Pasquet PROGRAMS: The Hive: season 1, 26x30 min./78x7 min./season 2, 26x30 min./69x7 min./3x30 min. specials & 15 music videos, 3D animation/CGI, comedy, preschool; Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave: seasons 1 & 2, 52x30 min./104x11 min. & 1x30 min. Christmas special, 3D animation/CGI, preschool; Origanimals: 26x30 min./52x11 min., 3D animation/CGI, preschool; Big Block SingSong: seasons 1 & 2, 69x2 min./season 3, 20x2 min. in prod., animation, musical/comedy, preschool/bridge; Toot the Tiny Tugboat: 26x30 min./52x11 min., 2D animation, preschool; Bug Bites: 52x11 min./26x30 min., live action/animation, educational/comedy, 6-11; Zooville: 104x15 min./52x5 min., live action/flash animation, educational, transmedia; Buzz Bumble: 26x30 min./52x11 min., 2D animation, comedy, 6-11; Ghosts of Time: 26x30 min., 2D animation, comedy, 6-11. “Bejuba! Entertainment is a leading boutique executive-production and distribution company that brings top-quality children’s and family entertainment to the global marketplace. The catalog is filled with over 600 half-hours of award-winning content. Bejuba! specializes in distribution, rights management, co-productions, financing (closing-gap financing), third-party acquisitions, licensing and merchandising across all platforms. The company maintains a growing catalog of children’s and family-oriented animated programs. Titles include The Hive, Origanimals, digital YouTube hits from Cool School, Big Block SingSong, Stella and Sam, Buzz Bumble and Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave. Bejuba! Entertainment has offices in Canada, the U.S. and France.” —Tatiana Kober, President


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Beyond Distribution ADDRESS: 167-169 Wardour St., London W1F 8WP, U.K. TELEPHONE: (44-20) 7323-3444 WEBSITE: GENERAL MANAGER: Michael Murphy HEAD, SALES: Munia Kanna-Konsek CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Fanshaw & Crudnut: 26x30 min./52x11 min. & 1x90 min., animation, comedy, 6-10; All Over the Workplace: 10x30 min., live action, documentary, 7-12; Ice Stars: season 2, 10x30 min., live action, documentary, 6-12; Dengineers: season 2, 10x30 min., live action, documentary, 6-10.

“Beyond Distribution is an extremely experienced and successful distribution company responsible for turning a multitude of programs into international success stories. With sales, administration and acquisition executives based across the globe, Beyond Distribution’s name has been synonymous with content of broad appeal to television audiences worldwide since its inception in 1985. Our top-quality catalog comprises over 4,000 hours of high-caliber commercial programming in a wide variety of genres. Over 50 percent of Beyond’s catalog originates from well-respected independent producers and broadcasters from around the world. Beyond Distribution is large enough to make an impact with key clients but small enough to offer a boutique service to producers.” —Corporate Communications


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CAKE ADDRESS: 76 Charlotte St., 5/Fl., London W1T 4QS, U.K. TELEPHONE: (44-20) 7307-3230 WEBSITE: CHIEF COMMERCIAL OFFICER & MANAGING DIRECTOR: Edward Galton SENIOR SALES MANAGER: Marie-Laure Roche CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Angry Birds: 280 eps., 2D/3D animation, comedy, 4+; Angelo Rules: season 1, 78x11 min./season 2, 46x11 min. & 3x22 min./season 3, 46x11 min. & 3x22 min., 3D animation, comedy, 6-12; Bottersnikes & Gumbles: 52x11 min., 3D/2D animation, comedy, 6-9; My Knight and Me: 52x11 min., 2D animation/CGI, comedy/adventure, 6-11; Ready Jet Go!: 40x30 min., CGI animation, entertainment, 3-8; So Awkward: 39x28 min., live action, comedy, 8-12; Tolibob: 52x5 min., 2D animation, preschool, 2-5; Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race: 26x30 min., 2D animation, action/comedy, 8-12; Trunk Train: 52x11 min., 2D animation, action/comedy, 6-11; Wanda and the Alien: 52x11 min., 2D animation, preschool/entertainment, 3-6. “CAKE is one of the world’s leading kids’ and family entertainment specialists working with animation and live-action producers from around the world to develop, co-produce, commercially position and manage their IP propositions for the international market. CAKE handles traditional television rights as well as digital, online and ancillary commercial rights. CAKE looks after a diverse and distinctive range of animated and live-action programming from leading international producers on programs such as the award-winning Bottersnikes & Gumbles, produced by Cheeky Little Media, Mighty Nice and CAKE for CBBC, Netflix and Seven Australia; all Angry Birds TV content based on the hugely successful gaming franchise; the award-winning Angelo Rules; and So Awkward, a live-action comedy series now in its second season, airing successfully on CBBC in U.K. London-based CAKE was set up in 2002 and is headed up by Ed Galton and Tom van Waveren.” —Corporate Communications


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Cyber Group Studios ADDRESS: 44B Quai De Jemmapes, 75010 Paris, France TELEPHONE: (33-1) 5556-3232 WEBSITE: CHAIRMAN & CEO: Pierre Sissmann VP, SALES, ACQUISITIONS & NEW MEDIA: Raphaelle Mathieu CONTACTS:; Eve Cohen, PROGRAMS: Mirette Investigates: 52x11 min., 2D animation/HD, comedy/adventure, 6-10; Zou 3: 156x11 min., CGI animation/HD, 3-6; Zorro the Chronicles: 26x22 min., CGI animation/HD, adventure/comedy, 6-12; Zak Jinks: 52x13 min., 2D animation, adventure/comedy, 6-10; The Pirates Next Door: 52x11 min., CGI animation/HD, comedy, 6-10; Gilbert & Allie: 52x11 min., CGI animation/HD, comedy, 6-11; Menino and the Children of the World: 52x7 min., animation/live action, 4-7; Gigantosaurus: 52x11 min., CGI/3D animation/HD, action/comedy, 4-6; Leo, The Wildlife Ranger: 60x11 min., animation, educational/comedy, 3-6; Mini Ninjas: 52x11 min., CGI animation/HD, action/comedy, 6-12. “Cyber Group Studios is a multi-awarded French independent producer and distributor specialized in top-quality kids’ programming with strong international appeal. Our rich and varied library boasts 1,000 half-hours of programming that is targeted at kids and families. To bring the highest quality entertainment, we collaborate with the best creative talents around the world and develop breakthrough technology to enhance our productions. We are also proud to continue the development of partnerships with top producers by bringing them high-value access to key players in the international market. In 2015, Cyber Group Studios celebrated its tenth anniversary during MIPJunior with the world premiere of Zorro the Chronicles. Along with six animated series currently slated for production in 2016, including Zou 3, Mirette Investigates, The Pirates Next Door and the Brown Bag co-pro Gilbert & Allie, we present our new projects such as Enchanted Sisters and BouBouh, two co-productions with The Jim Henson Company, as well as our new CGI preschool series Gigantosaurus.” —Raphaelle Mathieu, VP, Sales, Acquisitions & New Media


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DHX Media ADDRESS: 207 Queens Quay W., Suite 550, Toronto, ON M5J 1A7, Canada TELEPHONE: (1-416) 363-8034 WEBSITE: CEO: Dana Landry SENIOR VP, DISTRIBUTION: Josh Scherba CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Space Ranger Roger: 13x22 min., 3D animation, preschool; Chuck’s Choice: 20x22 min., animation, 6-11; Pup Star: 1x92 min., live action, family; Teletubbies: 120x12 min., mixed media, preschool; Twirlywoos: 72x11 min., mixed media, preschool; The Deep: 39x22 min., 3D animation, 6-12; Looped: 26x22 min., animation, 6-12; Bob the Builder: 104x11 min., 3D animation, preschool; Fireman Sam: 125x10 min., 3D animation, preschool; Little People: 52x11 min., 3D animation, preschool. “DHX Media is the world’s leading independent, pure-play kids’ content company. Owner of the world’s largest independent library of kids’ and family content, with more than 11,500 half-hours, DHX Media is recognized globally for such brands as Teletubbies, Yo Gabba Gabba!, Caillou, In the Night Garden, Inspector Gadget, Make It Pop, Slugterra and the multiple-award-winning Degrassi franchise. DHX Media is comprised of four main business units: DHX Studios creates high-quality original entertainment at its Vancouver and Halifax animation studios, its Toronto liveaction studio, and in working with top international producers; DHX Distribution is a major provider of content to the global market; DHX Television, home to the Family suite of channels, is dedicated to delivering best-in-class programming to Canadian families; and DHX Brands specializes in creating, building and managing high-profile global entertainment brands within the children’s and young-adult markets.” —Corporate Communications


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Distribution360 ADDRESS: 74 Fraser Ave., Suite 100, Toronto, ON M6K 3E1, Canada TELEPHONE: (1-416) 646-2711 WEBSITE: SENIOR VP, INTERNATIONAL: Diane Rankin SALES MANAGER: Donnie MacIntyre CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Driving Me Crazy: 20x30 min., live action, format, family; The School Run: 6x10 min., live action, format, 6-11; MathXplosion: 50x3 min., live action, 6-11; Snapshots: 6x30 min., live action, format, 6-11; The Mystery Files: 13x30 min., live action, 6-11. “Distribution360, a marblemedia company, is a rapidly growing leader in international distribution and global rights management, representing a robust catalog of kids’ and factual programming and digital media content from award-winning production companies around the world.” —Corporate Communications


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DQ Entertainment International ADDRESS: 644, Aurora Colony, Rd. No.3, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad 500034, India TELEPHONE: (91-40) 2355-3726/27 WEBSITE: CEO: Tapaas Chakravarti ASSISTANT GENERAL MANAGER, LICENSING & DISTRIBUTION: Swastik Shekhar CONTACT: PROGRAMS: The Jungle Book: seasons 1-3, 156x11 min., HD/CGI animation, adventure/comedy, 6-9; The New Adventures of Peter Pan: seasons 1 & 2, 52x22 min., HD/CGI animation, fantasy/ adventure/drama, 6-9; Robin Hood: seasons 1 & 2, 104x11 min., HD/CGI animation, adventure/comedy, 6-9; The New Adventures of Lassie: 26x22 min., 2D animation/HD, 6-9; 5 & It: 52x11 min., 3D animation/HD, fantasy/adventure, 5-9; Lanfeust Quest: 26x22 min., 3D animation/CGI, action/adventure, tween; Iron Man: 52x22 min., 2D animation/HD, action/adventure; Mysteries & Feluda: 13x22 min. & 1x60 min., 2D animation, adventure/ mystery, 5-11. “DQ Entertainment has built a spectacular animation portfolio of recognized classics for kids and families. Our strategy has been to revive old classics, keeping their charm but making them more contemporary. Our shows based on iconic classics have drawn enthusiastic responses from children and parents alike, many of whom still remember the classic shows fondly and are entertained to watch them alongside their children. At this market we are thrilled to debut another two wellknown titles that will once again engage and entertain not only children but also the entire family. Similar to our other TV series, these shows will feature first-in-class animation, comedy and adventure and have universal appeal suited for global markets. Being one of the largest animation studios, we have produced more than 1,000 hours of animated content to date and continue to work with quality partners from all over the world.” —Tapaas Chakravarti, CEO


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Federation Kids & Family ADDRESS: 13 rue Royale, 75008 Paris, France TELEPHONE: (33-6) 5137-9895 WEBSITE: MANAGING DIRECTOR: David Michel VP, INTERNATIONAL SALES: Monica Levy INTERNATIONAL MARKETING & COMMUNICATION MANAGER: Mathilde Hochet CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Paris Opera: 26x30 min., daily teen drama; Love, Divina: 60x45 min., daily teen drama; The Ollie & Moon Show: 52x13 min., 2D animation/live action, upper preschool; Squish: 52x11 min., digital 2D animation, 6-11. “Headed by co-founder David Michel, Federation Kids & Family is a global kids’ content producer and distributor and a division of Federation Entertainment, a leading global media group specializing in high-end international programming. Federation Kids & Family distributes original content from Federation’s children’s production arm, Cottonwood Media, such as the animated preschool series The Ollie & Moon Show and the upcoming daily teen drama Paris Opera, as well as premium third-party programming.” —Corporate Communications


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Filmark Media WEBSITE: EXECUTIVE SALES MANAGER: Irem Arkin CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Sagu and Pagu—The Hefty Treasure: 1x88 min., 3D animation, comedy, 4-9/family; Elixir: 1x85 min., 3D animation/live action, comedy, 9-15/family; Mole Family 1— Haunted Forest: 1x85 min., 3D animation/live action, 6-13/ family; Mole Family 2—Spell of the Shadow: 1x85 min., 3D animation/live action, 6-13/family. “Filmark is one of the leading film distributors in the Turkish market with an impressive range of feature films and a variety of genres, including animation and live-action feature films. We are further expanding in the animation genre with new film projects and strategic cooperations with credible animation studios. We make sure to offer globally accepted animated films for the future generations while teaching good values to children. Our most recent animated feature film glorifies friendship, sympathy and solidarity, and emphasizes important topics such as limited water resources, endangered animals and drought, which the human race might face in the future.” —Irem Arkin, Executive Sales Manager


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Sagu and Pagu—The Hefty Treasure: Once upon a time, there was foliage where all the creatures lived happily together. Now, there has been a drought. The creatures in the area have suffered from thirst and starvation for a long time. They decide to take control and start looking for ways to put an end to their misery. Under the leadership of a turtle, a quest starts for the treasure that will solve their crucial issue. Each stage of the journey will become an adventure for the group of animals. The film will glorify friendship, sympathy and solidarity along with emphasizing important topics such as limited water resources, endangered animals and drought, which the human race might face in the future. Elixir: Kerem, who is a young and extremely popular rock musician, grew up with his little sister, Buse, on his grandfather’s farm after losing his parents. The grandpa, an extraordinary inventor, one day comes up with an elixir that enables humans to speak with animals and control their behavior. In order to prevent evil people from obtaining the formula, he keeps it a secret. However, Ökkeş, a boy from the same village who has a crush on Buse, knows about the elixir. Mole Family 1—Haunted Forest: A young girl discovers a house of moles while she is in the garden. It doesn’t take her long to become friends with the moles. On the other side, there is an evil man who wants to get rid of their house. Thankfully, they will find a way to live together happily ever after. Mole Family 2—Spell of the Shadow: The man of the mole family has saved the Shadow Man from becoming a tree as long as he promised to be a nice person. Unfortunately, he didn’t keep his promise and stole a dress from Queen Soraya. The instant he touches the dress, he begins turning back into a tree. He is later found as a tree in the forest with the dress by a woman who loved the dress, so she decides to take it. She then turns into a deer as she wears the dress and that’s when the journey to find the mole family to fix this curse begins.


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Foothill Entertainment ADDRESS: 3735 Foothill Rd., Santa Barbara, CA 93105, U.S.A. TELEPHONE: (1-805) 965-4488, ext. 103 WEBSITE: PRESIDENT: Jo Kavanagh-Payne VP, SALES & DEVELOPMENT: Elizabeth Stephens CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Mother Goose Club: 52x11 min., 2D animation/live action, preschool/edutainment, 3-6; Mother Goose Club Stories: 52x11 min., CGI/3D animation, preschool/edutainment, 4-7; Boy and the Dinosaur: 52x11 min., CGI/3D animation, preschool, 4-6; Rollie & Friends: 52x11 min., CGI/3D animation, action/comedy, 4-7; Slime Rangers: 52x11 min., 2D animation, comedy/action, 6-11; Toopy & Binoo: season 1, 26x30 min./104x5 min./season 2, 78x2 min. & 6x30 min., 2D animation, comedy, 3-6; Toopy & Binoo: Vroom Vroom Zoom: 26x30 min./65x7 min., 2D animation, comedy, 3-6; Bounty Hamster: 26x11 min., 2D animation, sci-fi/comedy, 7-11; The Cut: 40x26 min./200x5 min., live action, drama, teen; My Side of the Sky: 6x30 min., live action, reality/action sports, teen.

“Together with our U.K. affiliate, Foothill Europe, Foothill Entertainment specializes in co-developing and distributing children’s and family entertainment with a global appeal. At this year’s market, we are presenting for the first time the YouTube sensation Mother Goose Club, a fun program for preschoolers from Sockeye Media with 6 billion-plus YouTube views that gets kids moving and fosters an enduring enthusiasm for reading! Also currently in development is a new 52x11minute CGI-animated series, for which we will act as executive producers and will present to buyers at the market as well as seek co-production and presale partners. We also serve as executive producers for the development of content for markets worldwide, such as the comedic preschool series Rollie & Friends from the U.K.’s 1461 Limited; Boy and the Dinosaur, with the U.K.’s Shooting Star Animation; and the irreverent but hilarious series Slime Rangers, with Splash Entertainment.” —Jo Kavanagh-Payne, President


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FremantleMedia Kids & Family ADDRESS: 1 Stephen St., London W1T 1AL, U.K. TELEPHONE: (44-20) 7691-6000 WEBSITE: PRESIDENT & GENERAL MANAGER: Rick Glankler VP, DISTRIBUTION & SALES: Joss Duffield VP, KIDS & FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT, ASIA: Henry Or CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Bitz & Bob and Bitz & Bob Let’s Make It: 44x11 min. & 44x4 min., CGI animation, preschool, 3-6; Danger Mouse: 52x11 min. & 26x11 min., CGI animation, comedy/action/ adventure, 6-11; Kate & Mim-Mim: season 1, 52x11 min./season 2, 44x11 min. & 1x22 min., CGI animation, preschool, 2-5; Tree Fu Tom: seasons 1 & 2, 26x30 min. each/season 3, 20x30 min., CGI animation, preschool/action/adventure, 2-5; Ella the Elephant: 52x11 min., CGI animation, preschool, 2-5; Strange Hill High: seasons 1 & 2, 13x30 min. each, hypervynorama [puppetry], comedy, 6-11; Max Steel: seasons 1 & 2, 26x30 min. each, CGI animation, action/adventure, boys 6-11; Bunks: 1x90 min., live action, comedy, 9+; Grojband: 26x30 min., 2D animation, comedy, 6-11; Wizards vs Aliens: season 1, 12x30 min./season 2, 14x30 min./season 3, 10x30 min., 2D animation, comedy, 6-11. “A worldwide leader in kids’ and family entertainment, FremantleMedia Kids & Family’s shows air on all major networks and services across the globe. We are really excited to be heading into MIPCOM with our brand-new show Bitz & Bob. This breakout engineering preschool show is set to inspire viewers to understand the principles of STEAM and how to apply them in a unique digital extension to the series. Our diverse catalog features over 5,000 hours of content. Additional MIPCOM highlights include the second season of the action comedy animation Danger Mouse and the second season of the top-rating and hugely successful preschool show Kate & Mim-Mim, which features themed episodes and the extended tent-pole special Kate in Oz.” —Joss Duffield, VP, Distribution & Sales


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Genius Brands International ADDRESS: 301 N. Canon Dr., Suite 305, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, U.S.A. TELEPHONE: (1-310) 273-4222 WEBSITE: CHAIRMAN & CEO: Andy Heyward PRESIDENT, GLOBAL CONSUMER PRODUCTS, WORLDWIDE CONTENT SALES & MARKETING: Stone Newman CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Rainbow Rangers: 52x11 min., 2D/CGI animation, adventure, preschool; Llama Llama: 15x22 min./30x11 min., 2D animation, adventure, preschool; SpacePOP: 108x3 min./ 10x22 min./3x66 min., 2D animation, action/adventure, tween; Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab: 26x30 min., 2D animation, comedy/adventure, 6-11.

“After producing 5,000 episodes of animated content at DIC, including hits from Inspector Gadget to Ghostbusters to Strawberry Shortcake, we started Genius Brands as a company devoted to responding to how digitally savvy children consume media in today’s landscape—fast bites and, more importantly, stories and characters of contemporary substance combined with strong comedy and adventure. We have leveraged our years of experience to attract the most accomplished talent in our industry, including The Lion King director Rob Minkoff, Frozen co-writer Shane Morris, Disney character designer Ruben Aquino and SpongeBob SquarePants head writer Steve Banks, among many others. We have sought out proven brands such as Llama Llama, and are creating new brands based on holes in the marketplace. We have strong distribution partnerships across media and retail, including Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Sony Music, Bertelsmann, Amazon, Netflix, Toys “R” Us, Comcast and more. Most importantly, we have a highly creative management team in place to ensure our continued growth.” —Andy Heyward, Chairman & CEO


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Guru Studio ADDRESS: 110 Spadina Ave., Suite 1000, Toronto, ON M5V 2K4, Canada TELEPHONE: (1-416) 599-4878 WEBSITE: EXECUTIVE VP, CONTENT & STRATEGY: Mary Bredin PROGRAMS: Justin Time: 26x11 min., 2D animation, preschool, 3-6; True and the Rainbow Kingdom: 26x11 min., 3D animation, preschool, 3-6; Pop-It: 52x5 min., live action, dance series, 6-11. “Guru Studio is thrilled to announce new and exciting shows launching in 2017. Building on a passion for strong, character-driven stories, we are currently in development with the CBC on an adventure that takes place at the bottom of the sea, with a multicultural cast of unique characters—think Star Trek meets PAW Patrol but in a fantastical underwater setting. We will also be introducing a quirky and fun preschool property full of inventive designs, instantly lovable characters and an infectious hook. Plus, a brand-new adventure-packed season of the Emmy- and Annie Award-nominated hit preschool show Justin Time becomes available in 2018.” —Mary Bredin, Executive VP, Content & Strategy


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Hasbro Studios ADDRESS: 4 The Square, Stockley Park, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB11 1ET, U.K. WEBSITE: CHIEF CONTENT OFFICER & EXECUTIVE VP, HASBRO: Stephen Davis SENIOR VP, GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION & DEVELOPMENT: Finn Arnesen CONTACT: PROGRAMS: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: 143x22 min., animation, girls 4-7; My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: 4x72 min., animation, girls 6-11; Transformers: Robots in Disguise: 45x22 min., animation, boys 6-11; Transformers: Rescue Bots: 104x22 min., animation, boys 4-9; Littlest Pet Shop: 104x22 min., animation, girls 6-11; Blazing Team: 52x22 min., animation, boys 6-11; Pound Puppies: 65x22 min., animation, 4-9; The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: 78x11 min./39x22 min., animation, boys 3-5; Kaijudo: 52x22 min., animation, boys 6-11; G.I. Joe Renegades: 26x22 min., animation, boys 6-11. “The spirit of play [has been] at the heart of Hasbro ever since the company was founded more than 90 years ago, and it’s helped us to create some of the most beloved brands in the world. Our mission in the entertainment space is to use immersive storytelling to bring these brands to life for kids and families everywhere, on every platform where they are consuming content. In addition to new content for Stretch Armstrong, Littlest Pet Shop and others, we continue to provide fans of all ages with exciting new Transformers stories, including Transformers: Rescue Bots, Transformers: Robots in Disguise and the franchise’s first-ever digital series, The Prime Wars Trilogy. Consumers can also expect tons of great new content from My Little Pony in the coming year, including another season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, a fourth My Little Pony: Equestria Girls film and Allspark Pictures’ first animated feature, My Little Pony: The Movie.” —Stephen Davis, Chief Content Officer & Executive VP, Hasbro


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Imira Entertainment ADDRESS: Edificio INN.PAR, San Juan de la Cruz 2, 28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, Spain TELEPHONE: (34) 911-309-339 WEBSITE: CEO: Sergi Reitg VP, MEDIA SALES: Gulshan David INTERNATIONAL SALES MANAGER: Begoña Esteban CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Dinocore: 39x15 min., 3D animation, action/comedy, 6-9; Hogie the Globehopper: 52x11 min., 2D animation, preschool/edutainment, 4-7; Vroomiz: 52x13 min., 3D animation, preschool/edutainment, 3-7; Badanamu: 52x8 min., 3D animation, preschool/learning; Miniforce: 52x13 min., 3D animation, action/comedy, 4-9; Larva in New York: 104x2 min., 3D animation, non-dialogue/comedy, kids & family; Jamillah & Aladdin: 52x11 min., live action, comedy/adventure; Alisa: 24x26 min., 3D animation, sci-fi/ adventure/comedy, 6-8; Bat Pat: 52x11 min., 2D animation, comedy/adventure, 6-10; Mika’s Diary: 52x7 min., 2D animation, preschool, 2-6. “Now in its 13th year, Imira Entertainment is one of the leading distributors of premium kids’ and family programming. It has 150-plus titles and 3,000-plus half-hours [in its] catalog of quality animation and live-action series, shorts and movies targeting from preschoolers to tweens, covering all genres. We have versions in more than 25 languages on offer within our catalog, making it highly attractive for broadcasters and digital platforms around the world. At MIPCOM this year, we have many new exciting titles debuting, including the preschool delights Hogie the Globehopper, Badanamu and Vroomiz, and the boy- and girl-targeted comedy and adventure series Dinocore, Miniforce and Larva in New York, as well as the second season of the magical kids’ live-action series Jamillah & Aladdin. Our content is innovative with strong editorial lines and universal appeal, with the aim of entertaining and educating kids around the globe.” —Sergi Reitg, CEO


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Ink Global ADDRESS: Nyhavn 63A, 1051 Copenhagen K, Denmark TELEPHONE: (45) 3355-6100 WEBSITES:; MANAGING PARTNER: Claus Tomming MEDIA DIRECTOR: Bruno Zarka CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Masha and the Bear: season 1, 26x7 min./season 2, 26x7 min./season 3, 26x7 min. in prod., comedy; Masha’s Tales: 26x6 min., comedy; Masha’s Spooky Stories: 13x6 min., comedy; Mojicons: 52x12 min., comedy; The Fixies: season 1, 52x6 min./season 2, 52x6 min. (rights for MENA, Italy, France, GAS, South America); Beyblade Burst: 51x22 min., boys’ action (broadcast rights for Nordics, CEE, Russia, CIS; digital & homevideo rights for Europe); The Barkers: 26x6 min., comedy.

“We are always looking for projects that combine distinct originality with a really strong story, as this appeals not only to international media buyers, but most importantly to kids. We don’t represent a lot of shows, as we value quality over quantity, but all these projects definitely fit the bill and will benefit from our long-term dedicated global cross-media plan for building a franchise.” —Claus Tomming, Managing Partner


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ITV Studios Global Entertainment ADDRESS: The London Television Centre, Upper Ground, London SE1 9LT, U.K. TELEPHONE: (44-20) 7157-3000 WEBSITE: SENIOR VP, CONTENT & BRAND DEVELOPMENT; EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO: Giles Ridge MANAGING DIRECTOR: Ruth Berry PROGRAM: Thunderbirds Are Go: season 2, 26x30 min., CGI animation/live-action miniatures, action, 5-11. “We were all very clear at the start of developing Thunderbirds Are Go that there was something special about the original series in having a family at the heart of the storytelling. That’s rare in an action show. The series is underpinned by positive values such as selflessness, ingenuity, heroism and bravery, and is a wonderful offering for young audiences today. For season two, I can say that the scale of ambition has notched up several levels. Some of the scenes feel like you could be watching them in a movie theater! We now have the fantastic challenge of making both seasons two and three at the same time. ITV was confident enough in the series to commission season three a year earlier than expected, and we’ll continue to push the boundaries in every way we can.” —Giles Ridge, Senior VP, Content & Brand Development; Executive Producer, Thunderbirds Are Go


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Jetpack Distribution ADDRESS: 8 Hereford Rd., London W5 4SE, U.K. TELEPHONE: (44) 7825-00-6924 WEBSITE: CEO: Dominic Gardiner CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Kazoops!: 78x7 min., CGI animation, imagination/ preschool, 3-7; Kitty is Not a Cat: 52x12 min., 2D animation, comedy, 6-10; The Wolf Who: 78x7 min., 2D animation, comedy, 4-6; The Sisters: 52x11 min., 2D animation, comedy, 6-11; Yoko: 52x12 min., 3D animation/CGI, fantasy/preschool, 4-6; Winnie and Wilbur: 52x11 min., 2D animation, comedy, 4-6; Talking Tom and Friends: 52x11 min., 3D animation/CGI, comedy, 6+; Jamie’s Got Tentacles: 104x11 min., 2D animation, comedy, 6-11; Justin Time: 52x11 min., 3D animation/CGI, adventure, 3-5; The Moe Show: 104x11 min., puppet/live action, preschool, 2-5.

“Jetpack Distribution is an independent global distributor of some of the best kids’ content on the market. Based in the U.K., Jetpack distributes an extensive catalog of award-winning kids’ properties through a wide variety of channels, from traditional broadcast to the latest digital platforms. Jetpack’s team has over 20 years of experience bringing topquality entertainment to kids around the world. We work directly with creators, producers, broadcasters and VOD and IPTV platforms to find the perfect home for each property. Our flexible business model is sculpted to meet the needs of content creators, broadcasters and VOD services in today’s ever-changing industry. Just some of the properties available through Jetpack include Talking Tom and Friends, Yoko, Winnie and Wilbur, Jamie’s Got Tentacles, Justin Time and The Moe Show. Productions of all kids’ genres get the fuel they need to blast off from Jetpack Distribution!” —Dominic Gardiner, CEO


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The Jim Henson Company ADDRESS: 1416 North La Brea Ave., Hollywood, CA 90028, U.S.A. TELEPHONE: (1-323) 802-1500 WEBSITE: CEO: Lisa Henson EXECUTIVE VP, GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION: Richard Goldsmith CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Julie’s Greenroom: 13x30 min., live action/puppetry, comedy, 4-7; Splash and Bubbles: 80x11 min., Henson Digital Puppetry Studio, comedy/adventure, 4-7; Dot.: 52x11 min., 2D animation, comedy/adventure, 4-7; Word Party: 26x11 min., Henson Digital Puppetry Studio, preschool, 2-4; Fraggle Rock: 96x30 min., puppetry, comedy, 4-8; Doozers: 52x11 min., CG animation, preschool, 4-6; Dinosaur Train: 89x30 min., CG animation, preschool, 4-6; Hi Opie!: season 1, 39x7 min./season 2, 39x7 min., live action, preschool, 2-5; Pajanimals: 52x11 min., live action/puppetry, preschool, 2-5; Sid the Science Kid: 66x30 min., CG animation, preschool, 3-5.

“Our newest series, Splash and Bubbles, produced by The Jim Henson Company and Herschend Enterprises (Dollywood, Harlem Globetrotters), will have its world premiere on TV this year. Debuting on November 23 in the U.S. on PBS KIDS, Splash and Bubbles uses a combination of humor, Motown-themed music and great adventure stories to expose 4- to 7-year-old viewers to marine life and the need to take care of the ocean, while also emphasizing the importance of diversity in the world. Splash and Bubbles is produced using the Emmy Award-winning Henson Digital Puppetry Studio, a proprietary technology from Jim Henson’s Creature Shop that allows puppeteers to perform digitally animated characters in real time, enabling the animation to be more lifelike and spontaneous. Other priorities at the market include Dot., a technologythemed animated series produced by the Industrial Brothers that focuses on an important subject that all parents are concerned about—how to balance a child’s tech life with the real world—and the Netflix original series Word Party that teaches vocabulary acquisition to preschoolers.” —Richard Goldsmith, Executive VP, Global Distribution


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m4e ADDRESS: Altlaufstr. 42, 85635 Hoehenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn, Germany TELEPHONE: (49) 8102-99453-0 WEBSITE: CEO: Hans Ulrich Stoef GENERAL MANAGER, TELESCREEN: Sjoerd Raemakers CONTACTS:;; Jo Daris, PROGRAMS: Wissper: 52x7 min., 3D animation, comedy/ drama/preschool, girls 4-7; Mia and me: 78x23 min., live action/3D animation, fantasy/adventure, girls 6-12; Tip the Mouse: 52x7 min., 3D animation, comedy/preschool, 3-6; Tobot: 58x22 min., 3D animation, family/adventure, boys 3-8; Julio Bunny: 52x11 min., 2D animation, adventure/ comedy/preschool, 3-6; Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small: 52x7 min., 3D animation, comedy/preschool, 3-6; Lizzie McGuire: 65x24 min., live action/animation, comedy, girls 8-14; Conni: 52x11 min., animation, adventure/comedy, 3-6; The Cramp Twins: 104x24 min., animation, comedy, 8-12; Mutant Busters: 52x11 min., 2D/3D animation, comedy/action, 6-9.

“The m4e Group is an international kids’ and family entertainment and brand-management company. With deep know-how we manage all aspects from production up to finished merchandise products in order to roll out brands internationally. We work with many animation and liveaction producers, create [our] own original content and (co-)produce, distribute and manage brands worldwide. m4e’s library of nearly 2,300 episodes features recognizable brands such as Mia and me, Tip the Mouse, Miffy and Friends and many more. Currently, m4e has 130 episodes in production and many new shows in development. Our subsidiary company Telescreen provides strategic media distribution also to third parties. Apart from m4e’s productions, Telescreen represents a wide range of international producers and broadcasters, selling and distributing highquality programs to all major international TV channels. The joint venture with Planeta Junior strengthens our distribution for TV and especially licensing and merchandising with offices in nine countries.” —Hans Ulrich Stoef, CEO


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Mediatoon Distribution ADDRESS: 15/27 rue Moussorgski, 75018 Paris, France TELEPHONE: (33-1) 5326-3106 WEBSITE: MANAGING DIRECTOR: Jérôme Alby MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER: Aude Rimbault-Joffard CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Yakari: 156x13 min., 2D animation, adventure/ edutainment, young kids; Little Furry: 78x7 min., 2D animation, adventure/edutainment, preschool; Miru Miru: 50x5 min., 2D animation, adventure/edutainment, preschool; The Minimighty Kids: 78x8 min., action/comedy, young kids; Bobby & Bill: 52x13 min., CGI animation, comedy, 5+/family; The Garfield Show: 214x11 min., CGI animation, comedy; The Crumpets: 52x13 min., 2D animation, comedy, kids & family co-viewing; Linkers: Secret Codes: 26x26 min., CGI animation, action/ adventure; Time Jam—Valerian & Laureline: 40x26 min., CGI animation, adventure/action/comedy; The New Adventures of Lucky Luke: 52x26 min., 2D animation, comedy.

“Mediatoon belongs to the group MediaParticipations, which offers content to a large range of audiences and age groups via print, film, digital media and TV. MediaParticipations is a leading producer of animated series in Europe. Mediatoon’s rich and varied library boasts 2,500 hours of programming, including such popular series as Garfield, Tintin, Lucky Luke, Cedric, Spirou, Babar, The Magic Roundabout and Yakari. Much of Mediatoon’s catalog is produced by Media-Participations’ animation studios: Dargaud Media, Ellipsanime, Dupuis Audiovisuel, Belvision and Storimages. It is also enhanced by acquisitions from independent European studios such as 4.21 and Haut et Court, as well as by Asian producers of high-quality manga successes such as Keroro and Naruto. In 2014, Mediatoon [purchased] Moonscoop’s catalog, enriching its already impressive catalog with such hit shows as The Fantastic Four, Tootuff and Code Lyoko. These additions help to cement Mediatoon’s position as one of the leading animation distributors in Europe.” —Jérôme Alby, Managing Director


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Mercis BV ADDRESS: Johannes Vermeerplein 3, 1071DV Amsterdam, Netherlands TELEPHONE: (31-20) 672-1640 WEBSITE: MANAGING DIRECTOR: Marja Kerkhof BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER: Frank Padberg CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small: seasons 1 & 2, 52x7 min./season 3 (in 2017), 26x7 min., preschool; Miffy Explores the World: 4x11 min., animation, preschool; Miffy’s Family Celebrations: 4x24 min., animation, preschool; Miffy and Friends: 78x5 min., animation, preschool; Miffy Classics 2D: 82x5 min., animation, preschool.

“Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small is steadily becoming a global hit with an ever-growing list of major TV stations airing the series. We believe this fresh new take on the classic Miffy character clearly stands out in the vast landscape of preschool shows and buyers will recognize its quality and values. Looking at its strong ratings and the growing interest from global licensing partners, Mercis is confident Miffy will continue to grow further this year. Due to this success, Mercis has already commissioned Blue-Zoo for a third season, adding another 26 episodes of seven minutes, which is scheduled for delivery in the second half of 2017.” —Frank Padberg, Business Development Manager


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MISTCO ADDRESS: Murat Reis Mah, Yeni Ocak Sokak, No: 35 Uskudar, Istanbul, Turkey TELEPHONE: (90-21) 6695-1300 WEBSITE: VP, SALES & MARKETING: Aysegul Tuzun CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Atishoo: 13x10 min., 3D animation/HD, comedy, 2-6; Happy Toys: 26x13 min., 3D animation/HD, comedy, 2-6; Hey Sis!: 104x10 min., 3D animation/HD, comedy, 2-6; Doru: 14x13 min., 3D animation/HD, adventure, 6-11; Two of Us: 39x10 min., 3D animation/HD, educational; Anka: 13x20 min., 3D animation/HD, adventure; Pepee: 104x10 min., 3D animation/ HD, comedy; Elif’s Dreams: 39x10 min., 3D animation/HD, educational; Pirdino: 52x13 min., live action/animation/HD; Mint & Lemon: 130x10 min., 3D animation/HD, comedy.

“MISTCO has now enriched its catalog and at MIPCOM it will present the best animation for kids [from the] TRT library. All these animation titles are very successful, such as Atishoo, which [follows] a curious and active girl going through adventures in each episode. Elif’s Dreams is designed to develop children’s learning and instincts as well as their imagination, power and vision. The third animation highlight is Happy Toys, in which our cute heroes live in a wonderful toyshop together with Master Ayşe. TRT is the one and only TV network that supports the Turkish animation industry aggressively and continually. These animated series are competing with huge-budget TV shows in Turkey and they achieve great success in daily ratings. So when it comes to Turkish animation, MISTCO will be the right [choice] for global buyers. We are very excited to meet kids’ content buyers at MIPCOM.” —Aysegul Tuzun, VP, Sales & Marketing


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Mondo TV S.p.A. ADDRESS: Via Brenta, 11, 00198 Rome, Italy TELEPHONE: (39-06) 8632-3293 WEBSITE: CEO: Matteo Corradi HEAD, INTERNATIONAL TV SALES: Micheline Azoury CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Adventures in Duckport: 52x11 min., 2D animation/ HD, comedy/adventure, 4-8; Cuby Zoo: 52x11 min., 3D animation/ CGI/HD, comedy/adventure, 3-6; Eddie is a Yeti: 52x3 min., 3D animation/CGI/HD/4K, comedy/adventure, 4-7; Heidi Bienvenida a Casa: 60x45 min., live action, comedy, teen; Invention Story: 104x11 min., 3D animation/CGI/HD, comedy/adventure, 3-7; Nori RollerCoaster Boy: 52x11 min., 3D animation/CGI/HD, adventure, 3-6; Partidei: 52x13 min., 2D animation/HD, adventure, 4-8; Sissi the Young Empress: 52x26 min., 2D animation/HD, comedy/ adventure, 4-8; The Treasure Island: 26x26 min., 2D/3D animation/HD, adventure, 5-10; YooHoo & Friends 3D: 52x11 min., 3D animation/CGI/HD, comedy/adventure, 4-7.

“Mondo TV is one of the largest European producers and distributors of animated content and it is again planning a strong presence at MIPCOM. We have a lot of new TV series to tell broadcasters about, and the world’s entertainment content market is the place to do it. Our plans for 2016-17 and beyond are for a variety of shows and a variety of themes for a variety of young audiences, but they all have three things in common: they’re original, inspiring and very entertaining!” —Matteo Corradi, CEO


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Motion Pictures Entertainment ADDRESS: Reina Victoria 8, 08021 Barcelona, Spain TELEPHONE: (34-93) 200-2500 WEBSITE: CEO: Tony Albert INTERNATIONAL SALES & CO-PRODUCTION MANAGER: Jorge Patiño CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Misha de Purple Cat: 78x7 min., adventure/comedy, preschool; Pumpkin Reports: 52x11 min., comedy, 6-10; Horaci the Inuit: 35x6 min., preschool; Glumpers: 104x2 min., non-dialogue/comedy, 6-10; Kemy: 52x13 min., educational, preschool; Van Dogh: 104x4 min., educational, preschool; Boom & Reds: 104x4 min., educational/non-dialogue, preschool; Zumbers: 150x3 min., educational, preschool; Telmo and Tula: Little Cooks: 52x7 min., cooking, 5-9; Telmo and Tula: Arts & Crafts: 52x7 min., how-to, 5-9. “Motion Pictures is a leading worldwide production, distribution and brand-management company, focused on producing original projects and building brands with international appeal. Along with holding one of the most diverse and largest catalogs of the finest programs for Spain, Portugal and worldwide, the company consists of some of the coolest animation series recently produced, complemented by a digitalmedia arm, which is launching new youth-oriented distribution channels on new-media platforms such as IPTV, mobile and VOD.” —Corporate Communications


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Rainbow ADDRESS: Via Le Brecce, 60025 Loreto (AN), Italy TELEPHONE: (39-071) 7506-7500 WEBSITE: FOUNDER & CEO: Iginio Straffi SENIOR VP, LICENSING & ACQUISITIONS: Cristiana Buzzelli HEAD, SALES & CO-PRODUCTION: Andrea Graciotti HEAD, SALES, TV: Luana Perrero CONTACT: Silvia Conti, PROGRAMS: Winx Club 7: 26x30 min., 2D animation/HD, action/adventure; Regal Academy: 26x30 min., 2D/HD/toonshade animation, comedy; Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends: 52x30 min., live action, comedy/drama; World of Winx: 13x30 min. (2 seasons), 2D animation/HD, action/mystery; Winx Club 6: 26x30 min., 2D/3D animation/CGI, comedy/action; Winx Club 5: 26x30 min., 2D/3D animation/CGI, comedy/ action; Winx Club The Mystery of the Abyss: 1x80 min., 3D animation, comedy/action; PopPixie: 52x13 min., 2D animation, comedy; Huntik: seasons 1 & 2, 52x30 min., 2D animation, adventure/comedy. “Rainbow Group is one of the biggest animation studios in the world and a leader in kids’ entertainment, employing over 1,000 people worldwide. The company comprises many divisions, including three Canadian animation studios (two in Vancouver, one in Kelowna), two in Italy (in Rome and Loreto) and subsidiaries in Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Rainbow’s successful distribution of its content in the media (TV, theatrical, internet), as well as in the consumer-products industry, has led to the company being number 12 on the yearly Global Licensor List worldwide and first in Europe. Rainbow’s property list includes Winx Club, Regal Academy, Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends, Tommy & Oscar, Prezzy, Monster Allergy, Huntik Secret and Seekers, PopPixie, Maya Fox and Gladiators of Rome.” —Corporate Communications


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Rive Gauche Television ADDRESS: 15300 Ventura Blvd., Suite 507, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403, U.S.A. TELEPHONE: (1-818) 784-9912 WEBSITE: CEO: Jon Kramer SENIOR VP, DISTRIBUTION & DEVELOPMENT: Marine Ksadzhikyan CONTACT: PROGRAM: Kid Diners: 13x30 min., live action/animation, travel-based food format, 6+.

“Founded in 1994, the Los Angeles-based Rive Gauche Television is dedicated to the production, co-production, acquisition and worldwide distribution of television programming and formats. The company has amassed an expansive portfolio of approximately 1,650 hours of non-scripted programming and award-winning documentaries, aired by broadcasters in over 130 countries worldwide. As one of the premier sources for high-quality, top-rated series and specials, Rive Gauche represents some of the most prolific U.S. network producers as well as many of the premier cable channels through co-production and distribution agreements. The company is best known for delivering unique programming and building global brands, including Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan, Homicide Hunter, My Strange Addiction, My Crazy Obsession, Operation Repo, Sins & Secrets, Happily Never After, Evil Twins, Ice Cold Killers and The Day I Almost Died.” —Corporate Communications


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Saban Brands ADDRESS: 10100 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 500, Los Angeles, CA 90067, U.S.A. TELEPHONE: (1-310) 557-5230 WEBSITE: CEO: Janet Hsu SENIOR VP, GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION & CO-PRODUCTIONS: Frederic Soulie CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Saban’s Power Rangers Ninja Steel: 22x22 min., live action, boys’ action, 5-8; Popples: 52x11 min., 3D animation/ CGI, comedy, 3-8; Glitter Force: 40x22 min., animation, girls’ action, 6-11; Cirque du Soleil Junior—Luna Petunia: 44x11 min., mixed media, preschool, 2-5; Treehouse Detectives: 40x11 min., 3D animation/CGI, preschool, 3-6; Kibaoh Klashers: 30x22 min., 3D animation/CGI, action/comedy, 6-11. “In January 2017, the 24th Power Rangers season, Power Rangers Ninja Steel, will debut in the U.S. [The series] will follow a new team of Rangers as they master their arsenal of Ninja Power Stars, Zords and Megazords, each made of legendary ninja steel, to save Earth from destruction. In addition to the television series, the highly anticipated Power Rangers feature film is slated for release in March 2017. In late 2016, Saban Brands’ groundbreaking new preschool series Cirque du Soleil Junior—Luna Petunia will premiere as a Netflix exclusive. A second season of Glitter Force and third season of Popples recently debuted on Netflix as well. In addition to our robust slate of current series, Saban Brands will showcase five new shows at this year’s MIPCOM, including two new originals, Treehouse Detectives and Kibaoh Klashers.” —Frederic Soulie, Senior VP, Global Distribution & Co-Productions


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Sinking Ship Entertainment ADDRESS: 1179 King St. West, Suite 302, Toronto, ON M6K 3C5, Canada TELEPHONE: (1-416) 533-8172 WEBSITE: PARTNER & EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: J.J. Johnson PARTNER & EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Blair Powers PARTNER & PRODUCER: Matt Bishop HEAD, SALES & DISTRIBUTION: Kate Sanagan HEAD, SALES & DISTRIBUTION: Marilyn Kynaston CONTACT: Jane Crust, PROGRAMS: Dino Dana: 26x22 min., live action/CGI, 5-9; Odd Squad: 80x22 min./154x11 min. & 1x66 min., live action/CGI, comedy, 4-8; Annedroids: 52x30 min., live action/CGI, 6-10; Bookaboo: 75x11 min. & 2x28 min., live action/puppet, 2-5; Which Monster Bit You: 50x23 min., live action/puppet, 6-10; Playdate: 52x5 min., live action/puppet, 2-5; Scout & The Gumboot Kids: 40x4.5 min., live action/stop motion, 2-5; Chirp: 52x11 min., animation, 2-5; Giver: 42x22 min., live action, unscripted, family/co-viewing; Now You Know: 78x7 min., live action/puppet/animation, 4-7. “Sinking Ship Entertainment is a multiple Emmy Award-winning production and distribution company specializing in kids’ live-action and CGI-blended series. Since its launch in 2004, Sinking Ship Entertainment has produced over 400 hours of content, filmed in over 35 countries, and built 33 playgrounds. The company has rapidly earned a reputation for high-quality, groundbreaking original series and companion interactive experiences. Most recently, in 2016, Sinking Ship Entertainment was nominated for a Canadian record of 20 Daytime Emmy Awards and in March 2016 won a Canadian Screen Award for best preschool series for Odd Squad. The company operates a Toronto-based VFX and interactive studio, home to over 125 shipmates.” —Corporate Communications


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Splash Entertainment ADDRESS: 21300 Oxnard St., Suite 100, Woodland Hills, CA 91367, U.S.A. TELEPHONE: (1-818) 999-0062 WEBSITE: CO-CEO: Mike Young CO-CEO: Steve Rosen PRESIDENT, DISTRIBUTION: Mevelyn Noriega CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Kulipari: An Army of Frogs: 13x26 min./3x66 min. & 2x44 min., 2D animation, action/adventure, 6-12; Alpha and Omega: 3x45 min., 3D animation/CGI, comedy/adventure, family; Norm of the North: 2x45 min., 3D animation/CGI, family; Meet Your Tooth Fairy: 1x66 min., 3D animation/CGI, fantasy, 6-12; Oh Yuck!: 26x26 min., live action, comedy, 6-12; Journey to GloE: 1x45 min., 3D animation/CGI, learning, preschool; Mix Master: Final Force: 39x26 min., 2D animation, action/adventure, 6-12; Tellur Aliens: 1x66 min., 3D animation/CGI, comedy/ adventure, 6-12; Chloe’s Closet: 104x13 min., 2D animation, learning, preschool; Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch: 26x26 min., 3D animation/CGI, comedy/adventure, 6-12. “Specializing in children’s entertainment, Splash Entertainment is an innovator, developer and producer of original animated television series, properties and brands that are implemented across all media. The company’s library (over 590 half-hours) contains content airing in more than 180 territories worldwide. Among Splash Entertainment’s key brands licensed and produced by their talented animation production staff are Chloe’s Closet, Dive Olly Dive!, Hero:108, Growing Up Creepie, Pet Alien and ToddWorld. Splash Entertainment’s newest productions include the animated family feature film Norm of the North, the next three 45-minute movies in the Alpha and Omega franchise and the Netflix original series Kulipari: An Army of Frogs. As a production company hired by outside content owners, Splash has produced animated series for a number of high-profile brands, such as Care Bears, Clifford The Big Red Dog, Lalaloopsy, Strawberry Shortcake, Bratz, Zhu Zhu Pets and He-Man Masters of the Universe.” —Mevelyn Noriega, President, Distribution


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Studio 100 Media ADDRESS: Sapporobogen 6-8, 80637 Munich, Germany TELEPHONE: (49-89) 960-8550 WEBSITE: CEO: Patrick Elmendorff HEAD, GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION: Martin Krieger CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Kosmoo: 26x25 min., live action, adventure, 6-9; Night Watch: 26x25 min., live action, fantasy, 8-12; Ghost Rockers: 209x12 min., live action, mystery, 8-12; The Adventures of Lolly Laffalot: 39x12 min., live action, comedy, 6-9; Maya the Bee: season 2, 52x12 min., 3D/CGI animation, 4-7; Nils Holgersson: 52x13 min., 3D/CGI animation, 6-11; Arthur and the Minimoys—The Series: 26x26 min., 3D/CGI animation, 5-9; The Wild Adventures of Blinky Bill: 52x11 min., 3D/CGI animation, 5-7; K3: 52x13 min., 2D animation, 4-10; Tashi: 52x11 min., 3D/CGI animation, 6-11. “Studio 100 Media is an international production and distribution company within the children’s and family entertainment sector. Based in Munich, Germany, the company is a 100-percent subsidiary of Belgian firm Studio 100. The company develops and acquires new content, engages in co-production and co-financing activities and is also responsible for the international distribution of its own and third-party rights. Studio 100 Media’s business model is the perfect vertical and horizontal integration of its IP. In marketing its license rights, the company pursues a global strategy within sectors ranging from content distribution, licensing and home entertainment through to theatrical movies, stage shows and theme parks.” —Patrick Elmendorff, CEO


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Sunrights ADDRESS: 515 W. 20th St., Suite 6E, New York, NY 10011, U.S.A. TELEPHONE: (1-646) 284-9801 WEBSITE: MARKETING DIRECTOR: Natasha Gross CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Beyblade Burst: 51x22 min.; Beyblade: 51x22 min.; Beyblade: V-Force: 51x22 min.; Beyblade: G-Revolution: 52x22 min. “Sunrights Inc. is a dynamic global entertainment rights-management company with distribution, licensing, marketing and foreign-rights divisions. The company maintains and manages the IP rights for the Beyblade franchise, which has had highly successful international launches in over 80 countries with approximately $3.65 billion in retail toy sales alone. Sunrights is reviving the phenomenon with the introduction of an all-new animated series entitled Beyblade Burst, consisting of 51 22-minute episodes. The series had a fresh makeover with highly reputed OLM, Inc., the production studio handling the project in Japan. The animated Beyblade Burst series brings the characters, story lines and battles to life with a relatable theme of real sports and competition. Beyblade Burst is supported by an innovative new toy line from Hasbro, featuring a dynamic ‘burst’ feature where battling can trigger the spinning tops to burst into pieces. The toys are integrated with a new Beyblade Burst app, where players can customize their tops and battle digitally with their friends in the multiplayer feature. The toy line launched in Canada in September 2016 and will be available in the U.S. in January 2017, with Latin America, Europe and other international markets to follow in 2017. Sunrights manages the localization of the Beyblade Burst animation for Western markets, and the English version recently premiered in Canada on TELETOON, with other North American broadcast partners soon to be announced. The delivery schedule for other localized international-language versions is slated for availability in the first half of 2017. The first three seasons of the original Beyblade series, consisting of 154 22-minute episodes, are also available for distribution and offer both core and nostalgic fans a way to support and connect with the brand. Sunrights is supported by a powerhouse partnership in its two parent companies: Asatsu DK, one of Japan’s largest advertising and content distribution agencies, and trading conglomerate Mitsubishi Corp.” —Natasha Gross, Marketing Director 106

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Superights ADDRESS: 13 rue Keller, 75011 Paris, France TELEPHONE: (33) 516-500-016 WEBSITE: DEPUTY MANAGING DIRECTOR, INTERNATIONAL SALES & ACQUISITIONS: Morgann Favennec CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Boyster: 52x11 min., 2D animation, comedy; Helen’s Little School: 52x11 min., 3D animation, comedy, preschool; Kika & Bob: 52x13 min., 2D animation, comedy/ educational; The New Adventures of Geronimo Stilton: 26x26 min., 2D animation, adventure/comedy; Pat the Dog: 78x7 min., 3D animation, comedy/action; Picnic with Cake: 13x5 min. & 1x26 min., 2D animation, comedy, preschool; Puffin Rock: 78x7 min., 2D animation, comedy, preschool; Story Time!: 26x13 min., 2D animation, tales, preschool; The Horn Quartet: 1x26 min. & 10x3 min., 2D animation, road movie, preschool; Will: 52x2 min., 2D animation, comedy.

“Superights is an international boutique distribution company specialized in kids’ and family entertainment. Our catalog covers all genres, all demographics and includes awardwinning series such as Puffin Rock and evergreen IPs like The New Adventures of Lassie. Our highlights for MIPCOM strengthen our strategy of offering a wide and diversified selection of high-quality programming to all media platforms. Pat the Dog is the animated adaptation of the mobile game sensation. Helen’s Little School is a social-development series for preschoolers. Will focuses on the daily adventures of an 8-year-old boy who wants to be treated as a normal kid although he is in a wheelchair. The collection of Story Time! tales will take you on a journey around the world: once upon a time and the magic begins! Last but not least, Superights will be pitching new projects for kid and preschool audiences.” —Morgann Favennec, Deputy Managing Director, International Sales & Acquisitions


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Tricon Kids & Family ADDRESS: 786 King St. West, Toronto, ON M5V 1N6, Canada; 602 Hampton Dr., Venice, CA 90291, U.S.A. TELEPHONE: (1-416) 341-9926; (1-310) 450-0101 WEBSITE: PRESIDENT: Andrea Gorfolova EXECUTIVE VP, KIDS, FAMILY & ANIMATION: Frank Saperstein DIRECTOR, DEVELOPMENT & INTERNATIONAL SALES: Ashley Rite CONTACTS:; PROGRAMS: Counterfeit Cat: 52x11 min., 2D animation, comedy, 6-12; Me, Myself, and My Selfie: 104x2 min. (pre-production), CGI animation, 6-12; ShutterBugs: 52x11 min., 2D animation, preschool; React to That: 13x30 min., live action, factual, tween; Wildernuts: 52x7 min., 2D animation, preschool; Mission: 4Count: 8x30 min., live action, reality, tween; Zoo Clues: 52x30 min., live action, trivia, family; My Big Red Head: in dvpmt., 2D animation, comedy, 6-12; Go Away, Unicorn!: in dvpmt., 2D animation, comedy, 5-9.

“The Tricon Kids & Family division marked another successful year, building upon current library potential and launching its first animated production, Counterfeit Cat. The series, which is a U.K./Canada co-production with Wildseed Kids, is currently airing worldwide in various Disney XD territories and is set to launch this fall on TELETOON in Canada. Tricon’s strong track record of producing quality live-action youth programming, and now making a name in animation, has opened up a multitude of avenues for both distribution and co-production and [we] will continue to announce exciting new development projects as they move forward. Offerings in the [MIPJunior] screenings include the unscripted series React to That from The Fine Brothers and the animated comedy ShutterBugs, produced by Amberwood Entertainment and Big Jump Productions, as well as Kavaleer Productions’ Wildernuts. We look forward to announcing exciting new projects and collaborations over the course of the next few months.” —Ashley Rite, Director, Development & International Sales


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Xilam Animation ADDRESS: 86-90 rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth, 75003 Paris, France TELEPHONE: (33-1) 4018-7200 WEBSITE: CEO: Marc du Pontavice SENIOR VP, MEDIA DISTRIBUTION, ASIA PACIFIC, U.S.A. & U.K.: Marie-Laure Marchand EXECUTIVE VP, MEDIA DISTRIBUTION, EMEA & CANADA: Jessica Delahaie VP, MEDIA DISTRIBUTION, LATIN AMERICA & IBERIA: Leyla Formoso SALES MANAGER: Giulia Fittante CONTACT: Marine François, PROGRAMS: Oggy and The Cockroaches: seasons 5-7, 234x7 min., 2D animation, slapstick comedy, 6-11; Paprika: 78x7 min., 2D animation, comedy, 4-6; Zig & Sharko: season 2, 156x7 min., 2D animation, slapstick comedy, 6-11. “Founded in 1999 by Marc du Pontavice, Xilam is a production company specializing in family-oriented audiovisual and multimedia content. Xilam creates, produces and distributes cartoons, animated series and feature films for TV, the cinema and all cutting-edge technological and media platforms. With a catalog of 1,500 episodes of internationally acclaimed programs, Xilam currently employs 300 people, including 200 artists, operating from its three studios: Paris, Lyon and Hô-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam.” —Corporate Communications


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ZDF Enterprises ADDRESS: Erich-Dombrowski-Str. 1, 55127 Mainz, Germany TELEPHONE: (49) 6131-9910 WEBSITE: PRESIDENT & CEO: Alexander Coridass EXECUTIVE VP & COO: Fred Burcksen CONTACT: PROGRAMS: INUI: 52x7 min., animation, preschool; Scream Street: 52x24 min., animation, 6-10; Skinner Boys: 52x24 min., animation, 6-10; H2O—Mermaid Adventures: 52x26 min., animation/HD, 6-10; Coconut, the Little Dragon: 104x12 min., animation, preschool; Marcus Level: 52x13 min., animation, 6-10; King Laurin: 1x90 min. & 4x20 min., live action, family; Wolfblood: seasons 1-4, 52x26 min., live action/HD, 10+; Mako Mermaids: 68x26 min. & 3x90 min., live action, 10+; Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures: 26x26 min., live action, 10+. “ZDF Enterprises is responsible for the worldwide sale of programs, the making of international co-productions, the acquisition of licenses and the merchandising of strong program brands. Bound into a strong group, we manage the largest German-language stock of programs in the world and, next to this, a continuously growing portfolio of international productions consisting of series and miniseries, TV movies, documentaries and children’s programs. We provide a comprehensive, full-service offering and cover every step in the chain of origin and exploitation of successful TV programs, from development to production and up to the marketing of TV licenses, merchandising rights, online rights and much more. Our four ZDFE.junior highlights for this MIPCOM are the animated series INUI, about a little Inuit girl living somewhere in the Arctic Circle; Scream Street; Skinner Boys; and H2O— Mermaid Adventures, the animated version of our worldwide blockbuster series under the ‘Home of Mermaids’ label.” —Fred Burcksen, Executive VP & COO


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