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A Note from the Editor My father was an artist and an illustrator, so I recall from a very young age seeing tubes of tempera, rainbows of shades on the palette where he mixed his hues, smelling pungent oil paints and turpentine, even sneaking in on his meetings with art directors and peeking at story boards. I was fascinated with the process of illustrating a book or article, the stages in making a painting, the steps in bringing to life a story board—inspiration, brainstorm, sketch, drawing, color rendition—to me it was nothing short of magic. And my father’s studio always held a special fascination to me. Because of what I experienced as a child, I have always had the utmost respect for creative people. The best brands for children today tap into a special vein of creativity that not only gives birth to engaging stories and exciting characters that children can relate to, but those characters must be able to live on a multiplicity of platforms. While most popular properties originate from a book or are made for the TV screen, increasingly they start online as a short or a game. The game is an essential component, to be played online, sometimes as massively multiplayer games for older kids, but even the littlest ones who can just handle a mouse and point and click without having to read are having fun online: coloring, taking care of pets, designing fashion outfits, finding treasures or fighting enemies. All the merchandising connected to a property represents a very important added dimension to favorite shows: They allow children to engage with beloved characters beyond the TV screen, they let that special bond take on a new life, through a doll, a vehicle, a book, a toy or a game. The brands highlighted in this guide are successful because they are able to connect on an emotional level with children. This all starts with the creative process. The one through which a writer is able to touch something magical that resonates with children, something akin to the alchemy I used to sense when I stepped into my father’s studio. —Anna Carugati 6

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Anne Sweeney Co-chair, Disney Media Networks President, Disney/ABC Television Group TV KIDS: Is it by design that you have

such multitalented stars—who can sing and act and dance—at Disney Channel or is it a coincidence? SWEENEY: It’s two things. Great credit goes to a woman named Judy Taylor, who is head of casting for Disney Channel. She does have a phenomenal eye, as do Gary Marsh [the president of entertainment at Disney Channels Worldwide] and Rich Ross [the president of Disney Channels Worldwide].Together they are my triple threat! But we also have a company that has terrific resources, and when we start talking to kids about a role in a television series or a movie, finding out that they play an instrument, or they write or sing, prompts the next conversation, which is with Hollywood Records or with our film studio. This is where Rich Ross has been phenomenal. He has been the person who has literally walked everyone across the lot, across the yard, down the street, to make sure that every division was aware of the great talent that was coming through our door. It’s having the mentality of really getting to know your talent, getting to know what their hopes and dreams and desires are and then being able to facilitate a relationship with other divisions, that has served everyone well. TV KIDS: When you are creating a franchise, do you think of the international audience as well? SWEENEY: Oh absolutely.When you run a global business, you have to think globally and the international marketplace has been a part of every conversation and every plan for every project from the beginning. For example, Latin America was one of the strongest markets for High School Musical (HSM ) and EMEA [Europe, the Middle East and Africa] has continued to grow the Hannah Montana and the HSM business throughout the year. For the London premiere of Camp Rock, we had the rollout plans that really set the stage for the rest of the world and for the way we treated franchises like this going forward. And we maximize not only our channels but also the free-TV windows that are available to us. 8

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Cyma Zarghami President Nickelodeon and MTVN Kids and Family Group TV KIDS: What do you consider to be

Nick’s biggest accomplishments in the last 30 years? ZARGHAMI: The general accomplishments are our ascent to being the number one kids’ channel and our ability to stay there for 14 years, the relationship that we have with our audience, the idea that we have given kids a voice since the very beginning, and the sense of innovation and reinvention that keeps us evolving year in and year out. TV KIDS: How has the strategy of putting kids first helped

Nickelodeon? ZARGHAMI: The sheer focus of a mission like that guarantees

that we never take our eye off of our consumer.That does a lot of things: it creates a filter, a mission and a set of criteria that you can always measure yourself against. Because that is one of the tricky things, as you become a bigger, more mature business, if and when you take your eye off your focus, you do lose your way. Nickelodeon has never lost its way. TV KIDS: Acquisitions have always been a part of Nick’s schedule.What role do they still play? ZARGHAMI: It’s interesting because I’d divide it into three phases. Phase one of Nickelodeon’s evolution, in the early days, it was primarily an acquisitions-based schedule that added a few originals where it could to help define the brand. Phase two was, what we couldn’t make ourselves, we bought. Now, we are in phase three and the lines are really blurry between what is licensed versus what is originally produced. Because of the way the acquisitions model is evolving, programming comes to us before it gets made. So it’s really about putting together the most effective portfolio of programs and less about what you can buy and what you can make. It’s still easier, however, to buy things for the preschool segment and the grownup segment of the audience than it is for the core Nickelodeon audience. 9

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Claude Schmit CEO SUPER RTL TV KIDS: How would you summarize the strengths of the channel? SCHMIT: We understand exactly what our children need. We have a very clear target group, which is not only the kids 3 to 13 but also their mothers. Other channels have a slightly different philosophy. For example, Nick is edgier, slightly more boy-skewed.We are more like what I call a full-fledged channel for children, which means we have to cater to the younger ones as well as to the older ones.We have to cater to boys and to girls.That makes it slightly more complicated, but so far we have been very successful together with our partner and shareholder, The Walt Disney Company. TV KIDS: Are you still focusing on increasing your prime-

time audience? SCHMIT: That is still one of the strategic steps we have to take.We

know that we are not going to grow very much, if at all, in daytime among kids, where we already have a 24-, 25-percent share. I don’t think that’s going to increase in the next years because of the competition and fragmentation in the market. But we are going to keep those very high numbers and I [expect] that we are also going to keep the advertising revenues attached to that number. We can grow in the children’s business, but outside of television.That’s why, for example, the Internet is important.That’s why merchandising is important, because in these areas we can grow within the children’s segment. TV KIDS: What are your priorities for the future? SCHMIT: Having the best available programming is still the num-

ber one priority because that is what is driving our main business. That is important because we generate most of our money with TV advertising. But it is also important because that’s the platform that drives all the other businesses. And then, obviously, the Internet, a non-TV business, is growing daily in importance because we see a lot of advertising money being shifted from classic TV-advertising budgets to Internet-advertising budgets. 10

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Nick Wilson Director of Children’s Programming Five TV KIDS: What does Milkshake! aim to offer young viewers? WILSON: I suppose the big word I always use is “stories.” Milkshake! is a breakfast-time block every morning. What we offer is strong in storytelling and it’s digestible in its size. Most of our programs are somewhere between five minutes and a quarter-of-an-hour long. We always understand that our audience is moving around a lot in the morning. What we try to do is offer the best portfolio of stories of any broadcaster in the U.K. TV KIDS: The competitive landscape in the British children’s market is intense.What has given you a competitive edge over many of the other channels serving the same age group? WILSON: I think there are three things.The first one is the time slot that we’ve got.We really only have the BBC to compete with at that time in the morning.When Milkshake! launched, we were on our own in preschool programming at breakfast time, so we got a head start on CBeebies and everyone else.And we’ve managed to maintain that kind of advantage. The second thing is, the tone of our presentation is very distinctive. It’s non-patronizing. It’s very straightforward and based around an extremely talented set of presenters.We always have live continuity, which means we can respond to our viewers’ needs, we can run competitions, we can read their e-mails.We can do birthday requests as well as promote and host our programs. And the final thing, and probably the most important, is that we would claim to have far and away the strongest lineup of preschool programs in the U.K. TV KIDS: Acquisitions play an important role in your schedule, don’t they? WILSON: Yes, they do. Our two main new series this year have both been acquisitions. One is Chiro from Korea and the other one is the WotWots from Pukeko Pictures (made at Weta Workshop) and the ABC in Australia and New Zealand. 11

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Neil Ross Russell Managing Director of Children’s and Licensing BBC Worldwide TV KIDS: When launching properties internationally, what are the challenges and opportunities? ROSS RUSSELL: The amount of children’s programming being played on free-to-air channels has decreased quite significantly over the last few years, for three main reasons. First, because with the increase of multichannel TV, quite a lot of the share of children’s viewing is moving over to cable and satellite channels. Second, the value of children’s advertising has decreased. So you’ve got just as many production companies out there coming up with just as many great new ideas, but they are chasing after a smaller number of hours and a smaller amount of money coming from those broadcasters. And third, when you look at the multichannel world, nearly every country has got Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. Three fantastic businesses that are very sensibly vertically integrated, so they take their own programming and put it through their own global network of channels. So the challenge is primarily finding a platform which will give us the level of awareness we want for our property. TV is still the most powerful medium out there for building brands. But in the absence of being able to do a TV license deal with the best broadcaster, we have to be smarter about how else we can build awareness. And that can be through online, or retail promotions, or through DVDs. TV KIDS: Is the U.S. market your top priority or are you looking at other markets as well? ROSS RUSSELL: That is the top priority. In the children’s business model, increasingly, the largest proportion of the revenues comes from the ancillary businesses, such as merchandising. As the U.S. captures 50 percent of the licensed-product market, it’s the obvious target, but it’s difficult to break into cable. So we are looking at all sorts of ways of building brands in the U.S. Online and gaming and other new-media activities will provide a great opportunity for us. 12

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Emma Tennant Controller CITV TV KIDS: What does CITV want to offer

young viewers—what is its mission? TENNANT: The channel philosophy is

where imagination and fun live forever, and I suppose the essence of the channel is that we’re life with a cheeky twist. Like that fun, slightly anarchic kid you want to be that almost gets into trouble but just about gets away with it. And it’s essential that our characters are three-dimensional. They jump off the screen, and they reflect the diversity in kids’ lives. TV KIDS: What is your programming strategy? TENNANT: We are unique in the U.K. kids’ market as the only

[service] that is doing both preschool and 4-to-9 programming on one channel. So we’re looking across both target age groups. Our main aim is to commission more and acquire more new shows. Specifically, we are looking for an active physical-style game show. One of the most popular shows we’ve had has been Jungle Run, which is an old ITV1 show. That sort of physical, very involved type of challenge game show is something we are looking for. TV KIDS: If the right project comes along, are you willing to

co-produce with other broadcasters or share windows? TENNANT: For the right projects, we are. Although we had

some increase, our budgets are still very tight, so we’re always on the lookout for new funding models and new ways of bringing new programming to air. That includes ad-funded programming or international co-production.And on the right projects we look at U.K. co-production, as well, if we can get the windowing arrangements right. TV KIDS: How do you see bringing the CITV offering to the next generation of children? TENNANT: CITV is known for fabulous entertainment programming for kids. We want to continue to commission fun, exciting programming for children that open up possibilities and open up their world. 13

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Rich Ross President Disney Channels Worldwide TV KIDS: Why was the decision made to release High School Musical 3 as a theatrical instead of as a movie for television? ROSS: The first reason is that the talent had done two films for television with television economics and the opportunity arose to make a big movie, to be able to explore a bigger budget and give [director/choreographer] Kenny Ortega even more resources to create the magic he can.And certainly the talent was more expensive and a feature-film budget allowed us to sign up every single one of the main actors. TV KIDS: How will the franchise continue? ROSS: HSM 4 [is in the works].We believe there are definitely

stories to tell.The cast on HSM so far feel they’ve seen the arc of their characters through the three movies.We’re hoping that there will be opportunities for them to contribute to the franchise going forward. But like all great storytelling, we first have to write the story and then figure out what to do next. But we believe there are many stories to tell. TV KIDS: What other brands are you developing? ROSS: We look at four areas where we mine our opportuni-

ties. The first one is the Disney Channel Original Movies, so Camp Rock and The Cheetah Girls are properties that have been extended. Secondly, from our series: Hannah Montana, [which] has become a very big franchise, and Wizards of Waverly Place on the live-action side. On the animation side, Phineas and Ferb is showing true signs of a big, big, property. On most days it’s the number one animated show on TV, beating out even SpongeBob SquarePants.And not to be left behind, there are our preschool opportunities, properties like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Handy Manny, which are growing very quickly. [And there’s] our new brand Disney XD. I believe our areas are creatively fertile, and there is tremendous optimism within the company that there will be a lot more to follow in the footsteps of HSM and Hannah Montana. 14

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Michael Hirsh CEO The Cookie Jar Company TV KIDS: With a library of almost 6,000

half hours, you are one of the largest independents. HIRSH: I think it puts us in the top three among independents. And particularly with a library with very recognizable titles like Caillou, The Doodlebops, Johnny Test, Arthur, Strawberry Shortcake, Inspector Gadget, Care Bears. I wouldn’t trade it for anybody else’s library. TV KIDS: Now that you’re bigger, will you be able to make

deals that you weren’t able to before? HIRSH: Yes, I think with the scale comes better economics for

the combined company, and the opportunity to have a more balanced portfolio between the merchandising income and the entertainment income in the company. We are better positioned to have projects that work not only in entertainment but work as merchandising around the world. TV KIDS: In what business areas do you foresee the most growth? HIRSH: Well, I think that one of the strengths that we acquired for Cookie Jar is a terrific merchandising company, Copyright Promotions [CPLG], which is [a] pan-European licensing agency, as well as a terrific team in the U.S. that supervises licensing for their properties in the rest of the world. So we are very well-positioned to grow the merchandising value of our properties. TV KIDS: Do you still have time to be involved in the creation and production of shows? HIRSH: Yes, I’ll always have that opportunity to produce shows because that was my passion, that’s what got me in the business. I started making films when I was in high school and continued making films through college and eventually dropped out of college to help start Nelvana. I have not stopped making films and being involved with our productions, while at the same time being involved in growing the company. 15

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Dave Filoni Supervising Director Lucasfilm Animation’s Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV KIDS: How did you approach turning this iconic brand into an animated film, and then into a TV series? FILONI: I had several meetings with George Lucas, and he set the tone for what his expectations were. He wanted a new look, something no one had seen before, and he wanted it to capture the epic scale of Star Wars in 22 minutes. I then studied different styles of Star Wars art....We tried to find a way to combine these styles into an animated look that was still true to the visual design of Star Wars. TV KIDS: What’s the key to making the story feel fresh for

viewers today? FILONI: We have to always challenge ourselves to show the

audience something they’ve never seen before. If we are doing a battle, we will stick it on the side of the cliff and do a vertical battle. If we have Jedi in a tough situation, we try to get them out of it in creative and different ways. It’s a big challenge, and George always reminds us that he’s already done the easy stuff in his films. TV KIDS: What is it about Star Wars that has been able to

appeal to so many different generations, all around the world? FILONI: I think the story is universal, and the environment

and characters are very familiar feeling. I knew a guy growing up that was like Han Solo; I think at one point in our life we feel like Luke Skywalker did when he left his home on Tatooine. These connections are very comfortable, so we think we know this place, this galaxy, and yet the scale and spectacle of it is also amazing. TV KIDS: Are you working on any other projects? FILONI: I am very focused on The Clone Wars and dedicate

most of my time to that. Like all artists, I have my other projects, but for now I get to journey to a galaxy far, far away and there’s no place I would rather be. 16

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Andrew Davenport Creative Director Ragdoll Productions TV KIDS: What provided the idea for In

the Night Garden? DAVENPORT: I wanted to make a show

that was about the imaginative space we share with children.The whole idea came out of personal experience: spending time as a very young child with my grandmother, who was really very imaginative. I was very lucky in that respect.At bedtime, she would take time telling me stories that she made up, often as she went along, as well as the more traditional nursery rhymes. One rhyme in particular was called “Walking Around the Garden,”which appears in the beginning of In the Night Garden. It involves circling your finger around your child’s palm in a little rhyme.The memories of those times have really stayed with me, and left a great impression—and as is often the case with childhood memories, the atmosphere of them is stronger than the detail. What I take from those distant memories more than anything is a feeling of security and warmth and fun—and most importantly, of being loved. And, I think that came out of the fact that here was an adult, taking the time to be silly and share little nonsense rhymes and to create a little world of imaginative stories. I think this means a lot more to children than we often appreciate.I was very keen that In the Night Garden should create and hold onto this atmosphere. TV KIDS: Words, music and rhymes have a distinct purpose in

the show, don’t they? DAVENPORT: They do very much so, and that reflects the cul-

ture of the child.The target age group of In the Night Garden is slightly older than that of Teletubbies. At this age, children have learned enough about the world, and have built up enough language, to really take pleasure in turning everything upside down. This is, of course, where the classic nursery rhyme comes in. It uses all the fun elements of language, rhythm and rhyme and sense reversals, and gets them all around the wrong way, describing events that are often impossible, like cows jumping over the moon or old ladies living in shoes. It’s exactly what children at this age enjoy. 17

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Dan Schneider Creator iCarly TV KIDS: How did iCarly come about? SCHNEIDER: The first thing that inter-

ested me was Miranda Cosgrove. She had played the little sister in Drake & Josh for four seasons and I loved her from the first day she auditioned for the part. I really loved working with her and wanted to develop a show for her.And Nickelodeon was very on board with that. While I was doing Drake & Josh and Zoey 101, I had developed a project for Miranda that was about a girl who gets plucked out of obscurity to star in a TV show and how that changed her. But something about that idea just felt a little tired and unrealistic and I didn’t like it. At the time,YouTube was becoming so popular and so many kids were doing their own videos and putting them on the web. I thought, What if she does her own web show? That was so much cooler and empowering. It’s more relatable, because anybody with a camera can shoot their own stuff and put it up on the web very easily. [And] all my shows are about kid empowerment—kids taking on the world and not letting the usual barriers stand in their way.They do their own thing, have a strong will and are determined to do the fun things they want to do. TV KIDS: How has iCarly changed children’s expectations of a

live-action tween show? SCHNEIDER: iCarly has a lot of random humor in it. It doesn’t

get too bogged down in plot. Every minute is packed with pretty hard-hitting jokes.There is a lot of comedy horsepower there, and the cast is so good.You know how you watch some TV shows and there’s that kid acting thing—it feels a little amateurish? iCarly is different because these kids aren’t kid actors, they are just really good actors. So for one thing, you’ve got a very high-quality show in terms of the talent, and all four are hit-it-out-of-the-park funny. And then there is the whole show within a show.A lot of people will tell me,“I can’t believe how much an episode of iCarly packs into a half an hour.” iCarly moves so fast and there is so much happening. 18

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4Kids Entertainment ADDRESS: 1414 Ave. of the Americas, 5/Fl., New York,

NY 10019, U.S.A. TELEPHONE: (1-212) 758-7666 FAX: (1-212) 980-0933 WEBSITE: PRESIDENT, 4KIDS PRODUCTIONS: Norman Grossfeld EXECUTIVE VP, INTERNATIONAL: Brian Lacey CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Rocket Monkeys: 20x30 min./40x11 min., animated,

comedy; Chaotic: Secrets of the Lost City: 12x30 min., animated, action; TMNT 25th Anniversary Special Event:Turtles Forever: 1x81 min.; Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds: 65x30 min., animated, action; RollBots: 26x30 min.; Dinosaur King: 79x30 min., CGI/3-D/ traditional, action/comedy; Chaotic: M’arrillian Invasion: 27x30 min., animated, action; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Back to the Sewer: 13x30 min., animated; Chaotic: 40x30 min., animated HD, action. “4Kids Entertainment is involved in the distribution, development, production, adaptation and/or post-production of television programming for kids. Original 4Kids productions include several seasons of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series and three seasons of Chaotic.With 4Kids Productions also handling the adaptation for series such as Dinosaur King and Yu-Gi-Oh!, the company participates in the production of some 350 episodes of television annually. This year’s program highlights include Rocket Monkeys, a new animated comedy series starring a pair of NOSA trained ‘monkeynauts’ on a hilarious outer-space adventure; a new season of the popular Chaotic series, Chaotic: Secrets of the Lost City; and new episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds. Additionally, 4Kids Entertainment will introduce TMNT 25th Anniversary Special Event:Turtles Forever, an 81-minute original production full of twists, turns and more ninja turtles than ever seen before.” —Brian Lacey, Executive VP, International


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Amberwood Entertainment ADDRESS: 987 Wellington St., 2/Fl., Ottawa, Ontario K1Y2Y1, Canada TELEPHONE: (1-613) 238-4567 FAX: (1-613) 233-3857 WEBSITE: PRESIDENT & CEO: Sheldon Wiseman SENIOR VP: Jonathan Wiseman CONTACT: PROGRAMS: The Secret World of Benjamin Bear: 104x11 min., 4- to 8-year-olds, 2-D digital; RollBots: 26x30 min., 6- to 11year-olds, 3-D, action/comedy; Rob the Robot: 52x11 min., 3to 5-year-olds, 3-D; Snow Queen: 1x1 hr., family, live action with CG backgrounds; Katie & Orbie: 234x7 min., 3- to 5year-olds, 2-D; Zeroman, 13x30 min., 10-year-olds and up, 2-D animated, comedy; Hoze Houndz, 156x11 min., 6- to 11year-olds, 2-D animated, comedy.

“Amberwood Entertainment is a Canadian enterprise focused on children’s and family brands. We follow a proven and professional management process, and are artistically creative and financially innovative. The company produces high-quality animation and live-action television properties that increasingly target merchandising and licensing opportunities.” —Jonathan Wiseman, Senior VP


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Atlantyca Entertainment ADDRESS: Via Leopardi, 8, 20123 Milan, Italy TELEPHONE: (39-02) 430-0101 FAX: (39-02) 430-01020 WEBSITE: CHAIRMAN: Pietro Marietti CEO: Claudia Mazzucco SALES MANAGER: Luana Perrero CONTACT: PROGRAM: Geronimo Stilton: 26x22 min., 2-D animated,


“Atlantyca Entertainment was launched in September 2006 by former executives of Edizioni Piemme, the largest children’s publisher in Italy and third-largest publisher overall. Its intention was to exploit Piemme properties, notably Geronimo Stilton, for publishing outside Italy and for other media around the world. Just two years later, the company had not only taken Geronimo into production (along with co-production partner Moonscoop) for its fall 2009 television debut, but it expanded into licensed property and book development projects. The formation of a licensing division followed by the launch of a publishing division resulted in the multifaceted entertainment company it has become today. Atlantyca’s strategy is to develop acquired and internally related properties specifically for books, television and licensed merchandise, partnering with companies around the world for distribution on each of those platforms.” —Luana Perrero, Sales Manager


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Australian Children’s Television Foundation ADDRESS: Level 3, 145 Smith St., Fitzroy,Victoria 3065,Australia TELEPHONE: (61-3) 9419-8800 FAX: (61-3) 9419-0660 WEBSITE: CEO: Jenny Buckland INTERNATIONAL SALES EXECUTIVES: Roberta Di Vito &

Tim Hegarty CONTACT: PROGRAMS: My Place: 13x24 min., family, live action, drama; Lockie Leonard: Season 2 26x24 min., 8- to 14-year-olds/family, live action, comedy; Lockie Leonard: Season 1 26x24 min., 8- to 14-year-olds/family, live action, comedy; Deadly: 13x24 min., 8to 14-year-olds, 2-D animated, action/comedy; Mortified: 26x24 min., 8- to 14-year-olds, live action, comedy; Double Trouble: 13x24 min., 8- to 14-year-olds, live action, comedy/drama; Worst Best Friends: 13x24 min., 6- to 10-year-olds, live action, comedy; Holly’s Heroes: 26x24 min., 8- to 14-year-olds, live action, comedy/drama; Noah & Saskia: 13x24 min., 8- to 14year-olds, live action, comedy; Round the Twist: 52x24 min., 8- to 14-year-olds, live action, comedy. “The Australian Children’s Television Foundation was established in 1982 to ensure that children have access to high-quality media created especially for them.Today, we produce and distribute children’s television drama, feature films and educational resources, working with major international broadcasters and production companies. We also distribute children’s programming created by other Australian producers. Our programs include over 300 hours of Australia’s best children’s programming, covering all ages from preschool to teenagers, and presented in a range of formats and genres, including live-action [and] animated series, drama, telemovies and documentaries. At MIPCOM we will be launching a new series of Lockie Leonard, which has developed a strong following around the world and is unique at the moment with its male leads.We also have a groundbreaking new live-action drama on the way called My Place, which is set in one house in Sydney and tells the story of the children who lived there going back over 130 years.” —Jenny Buckland, CEO 26

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Beyond Distribution ADDRESS: 109 Reserve Rd., Artarmon,

New South Wales 2065, Australia TELEPHONE: (61-2) 9437-2000 FAX: (61-2) 9437-2017 WEBSITE: GENERAL MANAGER: Fiona Crago HEAD, SALES: Munia Kanna-Konsek HEAD, ACQUISITIONS & CO-PRODUCTION: Yvonne Body CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Kid Detectives: 52x15 min./26x30 min.;

Numberjacks: 65x15 min./1x15 min./1x45min.; Milly, Molly: 52x15 min./26x30 min.; Amazing Extraordinary Friends: 39x30 min.; Snake Tales: 13x30 min.; Lab Rats Challenge: 65x30 min.; Backyard Science: 78x30 min./156x15 min.; New Macdonalds Farm: 135x30 min./50x10 min.; Eyewitness: 39x30 min./3x30 min.; Silver Sun: 40x30 min.

“Beyond Distribution continues to be recognized as a worldwide leading independent distributor.With offices around the world, we are able to keep our finger on the pulse across all territories by building and maintaining relationships with producers, broadcasters and industry representatives. In addition to attending the major markets, our sales team focus heavily on territory sales trips. Beyond Distribution’s name is synonymous with programs of mass appeal and our current international sales catalogue boasts over 5,000 hours of topquality and multi-award-winning programming, with an impressive collection of children’s programming.We have over 25 years of experience in distributing to the international marketplace and our highly experienced and knowledgeable team is crucial towards the company’s longevity and reputation. Some of our recent children’s international success stories include Numberjacks, Backyard Science and Milly, Molly. We’re excited about taking new series of Numberjacks and Milly, Molly to MIP Junior, as well as our much-anticipated new landmark kids’ series, Kid Detectives.” —Fiona Crago, General Manager


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Breakthrough Entertainment ADDRESS: 35 Britain St.,Toronto, Ontario M5A 1R7, Canada TELEPHONE: (1-416) 366-6588 FAX: (1-416) 363-9728 WEBSITE: EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, ANIMATION, LIVE ACTION, FAMILY & CHILDREN: Joan Lambur HEAD, DISTRIBUTION: Nat Abraham CONTACT: PROGRAMS: My Big Big Friend: 52x11 min., 3- to 5-year-olds,

animated; Fishtronaut: 26x30 min./52x11 min., animated; Dino Dan: 26x30 min., animated.

“Breakthrough Entertainment’s latest program is Dino Dan. Dino Dan is an entertaining kids’ series that marries the live-action world of Dan (Dino Dan) with incredible imaginary dinosaurs using breathtaking CGI animation as Dan integrates these prehistoric creatures into his everyday world. In a fiercely competitive kids’ television market, buyers are looking for programming with that ‘Big Boom’ effect. Also, since its April 2009 debut on Discovery Kids, Fishtronaut continues to hold the number one children’s time slot in the Latin American territory. From the bottom of the ocean to the top of the coconut tree, Fishtronaut’s world centers around the three ‘Rs’: Reduce, Reuse, Recycling! We are also launching our second season of Think Big, a very insightful and inspiring series. Think Big follows kid ‘inventors’ and not only encourages them to use their imaginations but also teaches kids how to market themselves in the business world.” —Nat Abraham, Head, Distribution


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KGUIDE_909_32 Page 7 9/2/09 12:29 PM

CAKE ADDRESS: 76 Charlotte St., London W1T 4QS, U.K. TELEPHONE: (44-20) 7307-3230 FAX: (44-20) 7307-3239 WEBSITE: PARTNER & COMMERCIAL DIRECTOR: Genevieve Dexter PARTNER & CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Tom van Waveren MANAGING DIRECTOR, DISTRIBUTION: Edward Galton CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Angelo Rules: 78x7 min., 8- to 12-year-olds, ani-

mated; Hareport: 26x11 min., 6- to 11-year-olds, animated; Stoked: 26x26 min., 8- to 12-year-olds, animated; Total Drama Musical, Total Drama Action and Total Drama Island: 78x30 min., 8- to 12-year-olds, animated; Aifric: 26x30 min., 8- to 12year-olds, live action; The Razzberry Jazzberry Jam: 26x22 min., 4- to 7-year-olds, animated; Aesop’s Theater: 39x10 min., 4- to 7-year-olds, animated; Eliot Kid: 52x13 min., 6- to 9-yearolds, animated; Skunk Fu!: 52x13 min., 6- to 11-year-olds, animated; Loopdidoo: 52x6.5 min., 3- to 7-year-olds, animated; Tiny Planets: 65x5 min./16x26 min., 3- to 5-year-olds, animated; Edgar & Ellen: 52x11 min./12x2 min./6x22 min., 8- to 12-year-olds, animated. “CAKE Entertainment is one of the world’s leading kids’ and family entertainment specialists. The London-based company, created in 2002, works with animation and live-action production companies from around the world to develop, produce, commercially position and manage their IP propositions for the international market. CAKE is owned and directed by Genevieve Dexter and Tom van Waveren and is now established as the meeting place for a growing family of producers of high-end content for the current and future media environment. Recent successes include Fresh TV’s Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action, Cartoon Saloon’s Skunk Fu!, Samka and Safari de Ville’s Eliot Kid, Coolabi and Neptuno’s King Arthur’s Disasters and Star Farm’s Edgar & Ellen, all which have achieved phenomenal ratings success in the U.S., U.K. and many other territories.” —Edward Galton, Managing Director, Distribution 32

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KGUIDE_909_34 Page 8 9/2/09 12:30 PM

Cyber Group Studios ADDRESS: 7 rue Letellier, 75015 Paris, France TELEPHONE: (33-1) 4058-1443 FAX: (33-1) 4058-1453 WEBSITE: CHAIRMAN & CEO: Pierre Sissmann HEAD, INTERNATIONAL SALES: Carole Brin CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Animalia: 40x24 min., 6- to 10-year-olds, 3-D ani-

mated, adventure; Crime Time: 112x1.5 min., family, 2-D animated, comedy; Fish’N’Chips: 52x13 min., 6- to 10-year-olds, 3-D animated, comedy; Guess What?: 52x7 min., preschool, 3-D animated, educational/interactive; Leon: 104x1 min., family, 2-D animated, comedy; Manon: 52x7 min., preschool, 3-D animated, educational; Ozie Boo! Winter Adventures: 2x26 min./1x52 min., preschool, 3-D animated, educational; Ozie Boo!: 78x7 min., preschool, 3-D animated, educational; Prom Queen: 80x1.5 min./15x2 min./22x5 min., teens/young adults, live action, thriller/action; Tales of Tatonka: 40x11 min., 4- to 8year-olds, 3-D animated, adventure. “Cyber Group Studios, headquartered in Paris, produces and distributes audiovisual products with strong international appeal. This includes 3-D and 2-D animation products, both TV series and movies, targeted at 2- to 12-year-old children; HD fiction and animation series for “triple play” broadcast (web, mobile phones, TV), targeted at teenagers and young adults; and news and documentaries targeted at all audiences. Cyber Group Studios also develops licensing businesses based on its own and third-party intellectual properties and operates from its five offices around the world. During its first four years, the company has structured itself to enable a healthy organic growth through building a catalogue of international products such as Ozie Boo!, a TV series sold into 150 countries. As a second phase, Cyber Group Studios has initiated an acquisition strategy to accelerate its growth, backed by its strong financial partners.” —Pierre Sissmann, Chairman & CEO


KGUIDE_909_35 Page 9 9/2/09 12:30 PM

Animalia:Welcome to the kingdom where animals rule, and follow two contemporary kids, Zoe and Alex, who visit an extraordinary world and experience a series of adventures.With the very fabric of Animalian civilization endangered, Zoe and Alex and their new best friends, G’Bubu (a teenaged gorilla) and Iggy (a feisty, heroic iguana), have set about the challenging task of restoring order and harmony to Animalia. Guess What?: Timothy and Annabel are two playful rabbits who love having fun and sharing their adventures with children.Their favorite game is solving puzzles. But before they find the solution of each mysterious question, they meet lots of friends, collect clues and enter into the Fantasy Land of Guesses as they leap into the magic computer. Manon: Meet Manon, the little queen of animals who lives on a farm and shares some funny and poetic adventures with all her friends: Bingo the dog, Melba the cat, Baz the donkey and many others. Full of humor, refinement and poetry, the whimsical daily life of Manon appeals to the sensibility and imagination of young children everywhere from 2- to 6-years old, and illustrates how it is worth living simply by enjoying and respecting nature. Ozie Boo! Winter Adventures: Christmas is approaching and the Ozie Boos are really excited! On their way to Santaland to give their letters, the penguins discover, frozen in the ice for a million years, a tiny pink mammoth.A few days after Christmas, the Ozie Boos and their new friend Niourk realize that their baby toys have gone missing. Not only do they solve the mystery, but they have a revelation: a wish won’t come true overnight—they’ve got to try hard all year to succeed and grow up a little bit too. Tales of Tatonka: Meet young wolf cubs Wanji, Nunpa,Yamni and Topa, who live with their parents in the heart of the Great Plains and forests of North America. They discover life at the rhythm of the changing seasons and learn to grow up together as a family in contact with nature, their kind and other species. Blending action, drama and laughter, the series proposes an exciting excursion, where nature is vibrant at every period of the year, where family plays a primordial role, where the universe, rich in color, characters and situations, establishes a link between the life of the wolf cubs and the one of young children. 35

KGUIDE_909_36 Page 10 9/2/09 12:30 PM

DECODE Enterprises ADDRESS: 235 Carlaw Ave., 5/Fl.,Toronto, Ontario M4M 2S1, Canada TELEPHONE: (1-416) 363-8034 FAX: (1-416) 363-8919 WEBSITE: PRESIDENT: Steven DeNure SENIOR VP, DISTRIBUTION: Josh Scherba CONTACT: PROGRAMS: dirtgirlworld: 52x11 min./26x22 min., animated; How to Be Indie: 26x22 min., live action; Poppetstown: 52x11 min., animated; Bo on the GO: 55x22 min., preschool, animated; Animal Mechanicals: 55x11 min., preschool, animated; Grandpa in My Pocket: 52x11 min., preschool; Kid vs Kat: 52x11 min./26x22 min., 6- to 11-year-olds, animated; That’s So Weird: 13x22 min., live action, sketch comedy.

“DECODE Enterprises is one of the largest and most important international suppliers of television and interactive programming for children and youth. A subsidiary of DHX Media, DECODE handles program sales for DHX subsidiaries DECODE Entertainment, Halifax Film and Studio B Productions as well as for third-party producers.The company has over 300 clients worldwide, including broadcaster, home entertainment and digital partners.” —Josh Scherba, Senior VP, Distribution


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KGUIDE_909_38 Page 11 9/2/09 12:31 PM

Evergreen Media ADDRESS: 49 Goodge St., London W1T 1TE, U.K. TELEPHONE: (44-20) 7580-6553 FAX: (44-20) 7580-6567 WEBSITE: MANAGING DIRECTOR: Steve Walsh SALES EXECUTIVE, U.K., GERMANY & EASTERN EUROPE:

Katheryn Needham PROGRAMS: XOL: 26x24 min., 6- to 10-year-olds, action/comedy; Shapes: 78x7 min., 4- to 6-year-olds; Crazy Cavemen: 39x7 min., 3-D, comedy; TipTop: 26x6 min., 3- to 6-year-olds, 3-D; Billy the Cat: 52x24 min./2x75 min., 5- to 8-year-olds, 2-D; Rusty the Knight:A Perfect Christmas: 1x28 min., family; Christmas in Gaudinia: 1x22 min., family; Tau Shu the Warrior Boy: 52x13 min., 5- to 7-year-olds; Capertown Cops: 52x12 min., 6- to 8-year-olds, slapstick comedy; The Mole Sisters: 39x10 min., preschool.

“Now that the world financial crisis has begun to blow over, we hope that broadcasters will again be coming to Cannes with their buying hats on! Evergreen Media has been very busy over the summer months and will be bringing three new titles to MIPCOM as well as a second season of our highly successful show Shapes. We believe that the days of bulk buying are now gone forever.What buyers need from a company like ours is a steady stream of new, original, quality products for kids of all ages. So we’ll be bringing a new preschool series, a mainstream entertainment show and a wacky comedy show in 3-D to MIP Junior. Something for everyone.” —Katheryn Needham, Sales Executive, U.K., Germany & Eastern Europe


KGUIDE_909_39 Page 1 9/3/09 6:12 PM

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XOL: When a mysterious device accidentally fuses itself onto Roh, it gives the teenage robot the ability to transform into a giant. But it doesn’t give Roh control over how or when it will transform him, and soon as finds he’s just as likely to be turned into a giant vending machine as a giant robot.Adventure, comedy and extreme jeopardy combine to make this a must-see show. Shapes: A series in which famous fables are brought to life using animal characters created from dozens of different shapes. Each story is presented by the narrator, Badger, who also comes on at the end to draw a conclusion from the story he has just told. Badger chooses fables from all over the world, both ancient and modern.The first series of 39 episodes is available now, and a second series will be delivered June 2010. Crazy Cavemen: Millions of years ago when dinosaurs ruled the earth, a small group lived on a tiny island somewhere in the middle of a huge ocean. One day, new neighbors arrived.These creatures were hairy, rude and extremely annoying.They set up home in the caves near the great volcano.They were a grunting, flatulent, noisy bunch with appalling table manners but they were happy and completely mad. That’s why they were called Crazy Cavemen.This is physical comedy in the style of Roadrunner and Tom and Jerry with the contemporary feel of Shaun the Sheep. TipTop: Tip and Top are two bouncy blobs living in a treehouse in the forest near Blobsville.Tip is tall and wise.Top is short and eager. The forest around them is filled with new and exciting things to discover.Top loves adventure and he bounces into mischief almost every time.Tip is always there to help his friend and to set things right, teaching Top valuable lessons.This is a sweet, funny and gentle series with educational values. Christmas Specials: Rusty the Knight:A Perfect Christmas: When King Leadfoot the Twisted announces to his knights that he will reward those who celebrate the perfect Christmas, Rusty faces the challenge of a lifetime. Christmas in Gaudinia: Queen Katchia never gets any presents (because nobody likes her) so she has her minions kidnap Santa. What she doesn’t realize is that Santa’s little helpers, the three Chimneysweeps, will stop at nothing to get their presents. 40

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FitzRoy Media ADDRESS: 1115 Broadway, 12/Fl., New York, NY 10010, U.S.A. TELEPHONE: (1-646) 924-3422 WEBSITE: CHAIRMAN: Hamp Hampton DIRECTOR, INTERNATIONAL SALES: Nadia Belhiba CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Out of My Mind: tween girls, live action/animated; Funny Face: 25x1 min.; Revenge of the Geeks: U.S. only, game show.

“FitzRoy Media (FRM) is a media-property development-and-distribution company specializing in children’s entertainment created for a variety of new and emerging media platforms, including mobile, Internet and interactive broadcast TV. FRM’s flagship property, Heathcliff, was created in 1973 by cartoonist George Gately. Today’s Heathcliff comic strip is written and drawn by Peter Gallagher and is being developed for multiple mediums. FRM’s other key properties include Secret Wings, Funny Face, Daktari Park and Out of My Mind, a new series for tweens featuring live action combined with animation. Led by CEO Hamp Hampton, founder of The Mercer Group, and formerly with Honest Entertainment—the licensing marketing and distribution firm behind the hit children’s properties Angela Anaconda, Pepper Ann and Fido Dido—the top management team boasts more than 75 years of combined specialized industry experience.” —Nadia Belhiba, Director, International Sales


KGUIDE_909_43_ Page 1 9/3/09 6:27 PM

KGUIDE_909_44 Page 14 9/2/09 12:32 PM

Gaiam ADDRESS: 350 Madison Ave., Suite 1700, New York, NY 10017, U.S.A. TELEPHONE: (1-212) 951-2320 FAX: (1-212) 951-2363 WEBSITE: PRESIDENT, ENTERTAINMENT & WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTION:

William Sondheim DIRECTOR, INTERNATIONAL SALES: Myriam Diaz CONTACT: PROGRAMS: All About: Creepy Crawlies, Dinosaurs, Airplanes

and Garbage and Recycling: 4x30 min., preschool, 2-D, edutainment; Felix Saves Christmas: 1x72 min., family/children, 2-D animated, action; Alice in Wonderland: 1x45 min., family/children, 2-D animated; Cinderella: 1x45 min., family/children, 2-D animated; Sleeping Beauty: 1x45 min., family/children, 2-D animated; Life With Jesus: 1x30 min., family/children, 2-D animated; The History of Moses: 1x45 min., family/children, 2-D animated.

“Gaiam is a leading independent distributor and owner of special-interest media, edutainment and family-oriented animated specials and movies. In 2005, Gaiam bought the assets of Good Times Entertainment, one of the best-selling children’s animated catalogues of all time. The company continues to sell three “Animated Classics” packages (46 episodes) with titles such as Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Jungle Book. The collection includes timeless stories of the venerable Greatest Heroes and Legends of the Bible, a package which beautifully chronicles the most famous stories from the Bible, including David and Goliath and The Story of Moses. New to the catalogue this year is Life With Jesus. Gaiam continues to supplement via specialty programs such as the All About preschool series, helping kids to understand how things work, narrated by a lively host, Hard Hat Harry. Come see how our library can work for you.” —Myriam Diaz, Director, International Sales


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Inspidea ADDRESS: G-G-03A Glomac Square, Jalan SS6/16A, Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia TELEPHONE: (60-3) 7880-9934 FAX: (60-3) 7880-9932 WEBSITE: MANAGING DIRECTOR: Andrew Ooi SALES & MARKETING DIRECTOR: CJ See CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Boo & Me: 13x2 min., 6- to 10-year-olds, 2-D digital, educational/green; Mat Kacau: 26x2 min., all ages/family, 2-D digital, comedy; Happy Together: 52x1 min., teens/adults, 2-D, edgy comedy; X3: Xtreme, Xtion, Xtraordinaire: 26x2 min., children/young adults, 2-D digital, comedy; Mustang Mama Diehard Sports Fan: 26x2 min., children/young adults, 2-D digital, comedy; Mustang Mama Football Fever: 26x2 min., children/young adults, 2-D digital, comedy; Johan the Young Scientist: 26x12 min., 4- to 8-yearolds, 2-D digital, educational.

“Letting the kid out is fun and easy to do. But most adults won’t spontaneously do it. So we use herd mentality and peer pressure to get people to do it. It’s sneaky but it does the trick. The hard part is stopping it! The great thing is that all this play is translated into diverse content that we produce and distribute, from classic titles like Johan the Young Scientist and Mustang Mama to the brand-new shows. Boo & Me, our entertaining shorts on the environment, is targeted at children. Happy Together, our edgy comedy shorts made to satisfy our crazy-eccentric side, is for teens and adults. Finally, we have Mat Kacau, a show about an overexcited prankster that we developed for Astro Ceria—Malaysia’s number one channel for children—for the entire family. So three new shows for almost everyone.We let the kid out to take over the world!” —Andrew Ooi, Managing Director


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The Jim Henson Company ADDRESS: 1416 N. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90028, U.S.A. TELEPHONE: (1-323) 802-1500 FAX: (1-323) 802-1825 WEBSITE: PRESIDENT & COO: Peter Schube HEAD, INTERNATIONAL SALES: Sam Ewing CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Pajanimals: 11x2 min./26x30 min., preschool, puppetry; Dinosaur Train: 40x30 min., preschool, CGI animated; Sid the Science Kid: 40x30 min., preschool, CGI animated; Fraggle Rock: 96x30 min., 4- to 8-year-olds, puppetry; Mother Goose Stories: 39x8 min., preschool, puppetry; Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas: 1x1 hr., family, puppetry; The Hoobs: 250x30 min., preschool, puppetry; Construction Site: 26x30 min., preschool, puppetry; Mopatop’s Shop: 260x8 min., preschool, puppetry; Labyrinth: 1x102 min., live action, fantasy feature.

“The Jim Henson Company has remained an established leader in family entertainment for over 50 years and is recognized worldwide as an innovator in puppetry, animatronics and digital animation. Best known as creators of the world famous Muppets, Henson has received over 50 Emmy Awards and nine Grammy Awards. With additional locations in New York and London, The Jim Henson Company is headquartered in Los Angeles on the historic Charlie Chaplin lot, complete with soundstage and post-production facilities. Independently owned and operated by the five adult children of founder Jim Henson, the company is also home to Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, a pre-eminent character-building and visual effects group with international film, television and advertising clients, as well as Henson Recording Studios, one of the music industry’s top recording facilities known for its world-class blend of state of the art and vintage equipment.” —Peter Schube, President & COO


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Keefe Entertainment Group ADDRESS: 1150 W. Olive Ave., Suite 101, Burbank, CA 91506, U.S.A. TELEPHONE: (1-310) 980-0562 WEBSITE: FOUNDER: Peter Keefe CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Z~Force: 26x30 min., 4- to 11-year-olds; Origami Warriors: 52x30 min., 4- to 11-year-olds.

“Kids have great crap-detectors and many adults have defective childhood recall, which results in a lot of mediocre programming.Too many distributors and producers are chasing last year’s trends or simply relying on government and studio conglomerate funding to play this game. We’re in a different business altogether, capturing hearts, minds and imaginations, which demands that our entertainment becomes part of a child’s lifestyle—an irresistible role-playing involvement that transcends simple cartoon comedy and heavy-metal brawls. That’s where our Z~Force property enters center stage. Based on your year of birth and month of birth you have a primary and secondary Chinese zodiac power animal. You’re a dragon and a horse or a tiger and a monkey, for example, all having very special traits, characteristics and powers. And, for kids, becoming special, a part of a team with great personal empowerment is a most splendid thing! They are in control and the star of their own very personal adventure. We are spreading this new ‘Happy Idea Virus’ with the capital backing of the Animation Development Company through a mass TV network advertising campaign leading kids to the fantastic world of the interactive-rich Z~Force website, where they can discover there very own power animal. Then we follow on with web and TV-based program exhibition. Our key, unique approach is using traditional TV to drive ‘the Virus’ through the web, where kids spend the lion’s share of their time.” —Peter Keefe, Founder


KIDGUIDE_909_51_ Page 1 9/4/09 9:58 AM

KGUIDE_909_52 Page 18 9/2/09 12:35 PM

Liberation Entertainment ADDRESS: 1990 Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90025, U.S.A. TELEPHONE: (1-310) 474-4456 FAX: (1-310) 474-7455 WEBSITE: CEO: Jay Boberg SENIOR VP & GM, WORLDWIDE TELEVISION: Matt Cooperstein CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Wolverine and The X-Men: Season 2 26x30 min.;

Wolverine and The X-Men: 26x30 min.; Speed Racer—The Next Generation: Season 2 26x30 min., CGI animated; Speed Racer—Classic: 52x30 min.; Brave; HTDT; Sherlock Holmes: 4x90 min.; Charles Dickens Classics: 8x90 min.

“Liberation Entertainment is an independently held visual-content company that specializes in the production of, and worldwide sales and distribution of, feature films and television. The company offers over 300 film titles and 2,500 hours of television in its international sales catalogue. Liberation Entertainment owns the rights to a wide variety of premium audiovisual content, including independent and feature films, classic television, CGI animation, music and lifestyle programming.With expertise with domestic platform theatrical releasing, worldwide television sales, and domestic and international DVD distribution, Liberation Entertainment continues to grow in the global entertainment market.At MIPCOM 2009, Liberation will feature four new animated series, including season two of Wolverine and The X-Men, season two of Speed Racer—The Next Generation, Brave and HTDT, along with new music concerts and documentaries featuring the world’s top acts. Liberation is now one of the leading distributors of branded high-quality animation in the world. We are looking forward to a robust launch of our new shows this fall.” —Matt Cooperstein, Senior VP & General Manager, Worldwide Televison


KGUIDE_909_53 Page 1 9/3/09 6:14 PM

KGUIDE_909_54 Page 19 9/2/09 12:35 PM

Ludorum ADDRESS: 2B River Court, 27 Brewhouse Lane, Putney Wharf, London, SW15 2JX, U.K. TELEPHONE: (44-20) 8246-4010 FAX: (44-20) 8246-4022 WEBSITE: COO: Charlie Caminada VP, INTERNATIONAL SALES: Daniela Flower CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Chuggington: Season 2 26x10 min., preschool, 3-D CG animated; Dennis and Gnasher: 52x11 min./52x1 min., 5to 10-year-olds, 2-D animated.

“Ludorum is dedicated to developing, acquiring and marketing intellectual entertainment properties which are appropriate for both the new interactive distribution channels as well as classic linear TV. In line with our strategic aims, we continue to be highly selective in our consideration of new IP and we maintain a disciplined focus to engaging market leading creative teams aligned with a small and dynamic sales and marketing capability. These integrated operations are devoted to serving the company’s focus of creating a few high-quality global franchises. Ludorum’s brand portfolio includes the hit preschool show Chuggington, Dennis and Gnasher and Marvo the Wonder Chicken. The company has licensed a formidable lineup of partners to represent Chuggington and we are very encouraged by the level of broadcast sales, ratings performances in key territories, the quality of consumer product partners and early success with the U.K. DVD and comic sales.We look forward to launching the second series of Chuggington at MIPCOM. Chuggington series two is an exciting follow up to the original series and expands on the strong themes of adventure, humor and life lessons established in series one.” —Charlie Caminada, COO


KGUIDE_909_55 Page 1 9/3/09 6:14 PM

KGUIDE_909_56 Page 20 9/2/09 12:36 PM

Chuggington: The second season of Chuggington is an exciting follow up to the original series and expands on the strong themes of adventure, humor and life lessons established in season one. Chuggington II sees the introduction of brand-new characters, including Hoot n Toot, a brother and sister ‘push-me-pull-me’ engine. Hoot n Toot have two very distinct personalities and so being joined in the middle can sometimes lead to disagreements, not to mention brother and sister rivalry! Hoot n Toot join trainees Wilson, Brewster and Koko as they learn to ride the rails. As well as new characters, fans can also look forward to meeting new wagons, rolling stock and machines not to mention a brand-new setting, Chuggington City! Dennis and Gnasher: Welcome to the world of Dennis and Gnasher—a fast-paced, action-packed, humor-driven series with specific appeal to children aged 5 to 10. Dennis and Gnasher’s world is every child’s fantasy with its heightened sense of fun. Dennis is an unstoppable force—once he sees an opportunity for fun, there’s no holding him back! His philosophy on life is that he knows he’ll face retribution for his mischief but that’s never, ever, going to stop him living life to the fullest. He does the sort of things that every kid can relate to and secretly wish they could get up to! Throughout his adventures, Dennis has a strong sense of what’s right and what’s wrong. Dennis and Gnasher is a celebration of childhood and friendship, which acknowledges youthful irrepressibility as a positive and loveable quality.


KGUIDE_909_57 Page 1 9/3/09 5:54 PM

KGUIDE_909_58 Page 21 9/2/09 12:36 PM

MarVista Entertainment ADDRESS: 12519 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90066, U.S.A. TELEPHONE: (1-310) 737-0950 FAX: (1-310) 737-9115 WEBSITE: CEO: Fernando Szew SENIOR VP, WORLDWIDE SALES: Vanessa Goglio CONTACT: PROGRAMS: In Real Life: 13x1 hr./26x30 min., reality;

Chatterbox: 1x90 min., family, romance; Cloud Trotter: 26x30 min., animated; Perennial Animated Collections: 13x30 min./ 1x70 min.; Bunny Tales: 1x72 min., animated; The Zula Patrol: 52x30 min., animated; BJ Bearsheba: 13x30 min./ 1x30 min., animated; Prank Patrol: 100x30 min., reality; Mystery Hunters: 65x30 min., reality.

“MarVista Entertainment is actively involved in the production and distribution of a variety of programming, including action, thrillers, drama, family and children’s entertainment, exploiting this programming through its own worldwide distribution organization. MarVista is renowned as one of the leading providers of television movies to leading cable networks in the U.S.The company has its corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, California, and a production office in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. The company’s worldwide distribution division licenses family and children’s projects, including television series, movies, documentaries and direct-to-video programming to television broadcasters, home video/DVD and new-media distributors worldwide. MarVista’s production division focuses on the creation of live-action children’s series, animated series, animated and other direct-to-video specials and live-action feature films.The company produces programming based entirely on market-driven feedback directly from its buyers—the end users. This ensures that the programming the company produces or coproduces is not only creatively successful, but, most importantly, financially successful.” —Fernando Szew, CEO


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KGUIDE_909_60 Page 22 9/2/09 12:37 PM

Mondo TV ADDRESS: Via Brenta, 11, 00198 Rome, Italy TELEPHONE: (39-06) 8632-3293 FAX: (39-06) 8620-9836 WEBSITE: PRESIDENT & CEO: Orlando Corradi COO & HEAD, SALES: Matteo Corradi CONTACTS: Micheline Azoury,;

Roberto Farina,; Alessandro Venturi, PROGRAMS: Angel’s Friends: 52x13 min./26x26 min., 6- to 13-year-olds, 2-D with CG effects; Virus Attack: 52x13 min., 7- to 13-year-olds, 2-D; Kim: 26x26 min., 6- to 12-year-olds, 2-D; Ants: 104x3 min., 2- to 5-year-olds, 2-D; Gladiators: 26x26 min., 8- to 14-year-olds, 2-D with CG effects; Jurassic Cubs: 26x13 min., 6- to 10-year-olds, 2-D with CG effects; Farhat: Prince of the Desert: 26x26 min., 6- to 12-year-olds, 2-D with CG effects; Sandokan:The Two Tigers: 26x26 min., 6- to 14-year-olds, 2-D; Welcome Back Pinocchio: 1x90 min., 4- to 10-year-olds, 2-D.

“Mondo TV Group is made up of nine companies headquartered in Rome. It is the leader in Italy, and among the primary European markets in the production and distribution of animated TV series and full-length feature films for TV and cinema. The main office is based in Rome, and has its active international sales team coordinated by Micheline Azoury, who is also taking direct care of the Middle East and African territories. Eastern European countries and Asian territories are handled by Roberto Farina and Alessandro Venturi. Mondo TV is also present in Spanish and Portuguese territories, through the Madrid office of Mondo TV Spain—managed by Maria Bonaria Fois—that also handles Latin America. For Greece and other European countries, our sales manager is Theo Kouroglou.The French-speaking areas are handled by Geneviève Duchène. Korean and Japanese markets are handled by the newly hired sales manager Justin Kim.” —Orlando Corradi, President & CEO


KGUIDE_909_61 Page 1 9/2/09 3:08 PM

KGUIDE_909_62 Page 23 9/2/09 12:38 PM

Motion Pictures ADDRESS: Reina Victoria, 8, 08021 Barcelona, Spain TELEPHONE: (34-93) 200-2500 FAX: (34-93) 200-4061 WEBSITE: PRESIDENT: Enrique Uviedo SALES MANAGER: Tony Albert CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Telmo & Tula—Little Cooks: 52x7 min., pre-

school; Telmo & Tula—Arts & Crafts: 52x7 min., preschool; LMN’s: 52x13 min., adventure; Boom & Red: 104x4 min., preschool; Zumbers: 150x3 min., preschool; Alex: 104x4 min., preschool; Green Light—Safety Regulations: 26x5 min., preschool; P.I. Prudence Investigations: 52x26 min., adventure; Glumpers: 150x1.5 min., slapstick comedy; Rain Drop: 26x26 min., educational.

“Motion Pictures is a leading independent production and distribution company, based in the city of Barcelona since 1977. Our priority is to develop and produce the most interesting ideas and concepts in order to best fit the TV networks around the world.With our knowledge of the market, we firmly believe in the idea as the key prior to success. Because of that, we are wide [open] to finance, develop and/or produce the ideas that can combine originality and simplicity in the best way. According to this mentality, during the last two years we have become the leading Spanish production company in the number of series and length of minutes produced, with a total of nine animated series and 78 half-hours produced, combining 3-D and 2-D and always in HD, sold to the main territories and networks worldwide.” —Tony Albert, Sales Manager


KGUIDE_909_63 Page 1 9/2/09 3:09 PM

KGUIDE_909_64 Page 24 9/2/09 12:38 PM

Multimedia Development Corporation ADDRESS: 2360 Persiaran APEC, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia TELEPHONE: (60-3) 8315-3000 FAX: (60-3) 8315-8508 WEBSITE: VP, INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT DIVISION: Saifol Bahri Shamlan VP, CREATIVE MULTIMEDIA POLICY: Kamil Othman CONTACT: PROGRAMS: ABC Monsters: 26x22 min., educational/action/ adventure; Alamaya: Garden of Beautiful Creatures: 1x100 min., action/fantasy; Spirit of Sound: 26x22 min., action/scifi/music; Geng:The Adventure Begins: 1x90 min., family, action/comedy; Ibn Battuta: Adventures of the Great Traveler: 13x22 min., educational/adventure/action; Magic of Santa: 1x47 min., family, HD; Mat Kacau: 26x2 min., comedy; Saladin: 13x26 min., action/adventure; Sugar Pal: 13x23 min., comedy/adventure/educational; Vincent & Friends: 26x11.5 min., educational/adventure.

“MSC Malaysia is the national Information and Communication Technology (ICT) initiative spearheaded by the Malaysian government to develop and promote the ICT industry. MSC Malaysia provides a conducive, enabling environment designed to facilitate companies to harness their full potential. Steering the development of this initiative is Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC), a government implementation agency set up as a company to drive the MSC Malaysia vision of an innovation-led, knowledge-rich and progressive society and nation. MDeC hopes to catalyze the industry by utilizing MSC designated areas as hubs for the creative multimedia industry through the establishment of Digital Media Zones; forming strategic alliances with content distributors locally and globally; focusing on funding IP in creative content creation; providing comprehensive skills-development programs for the creative content industry; and providing accessible content-creation infrastructure for local developers and entrepreneurs.” —Saifol Bahri Shamlan,VP, Industry Development Division 64

KGUIDE_909_65 Page 1 9/2/09 3:11 PM

KGUIDE_909_66 Page 25 9/2/09 12:38 PM

Shaftesbury Sales Company ADDRESS: 163 Queen St. E., Suite 100,Toronto, Ontario M5A 1S1, Canada TELEPHONE: (1-416) 363-1411 FAX: (1-416) 363-1428 WEBSITE: CHAIRMAN & CEO: Christina Jennings VP, SALES, MARKETING & DIGITAL MEDIA: Shane Kinnear SALES MANAGER: Ryan St. Peters CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Overruled!: 39x30 min., live action, comedy; Connor Undercover: 39x30 min., live action, comedy; Baxter: 13x30 min., live action, comedy; Life With Derek: 70x30 min., live action, comedy; Vacation With Derek: 1x90 min., live action, comedy,TV movie; Booky Trilogy: 3x90 min., family, live action,TV movie; Mischief City: 26x22 min., 2-D animated; Mrs. Ashboro’s Cat: 1x90 min., family, live action,TV movie; 11 Cameras: 22x30 min., drama.

“Shaftesbury Films and Shaftesbury Sales Company are committed to creating and delivering distinctive, high-quality filmed entertainment for worldwide exploitation. No matter what genre or format, the company seeks to tell entertaining stories with first-rate production values. Shaftesbury has established and maintains an excellent reputation for the quality of its product, its ability to attract first-rate cast and creative talent and its skill in structuring and managing innovative arrangements with international production, financing and distribution partners.” —Shane Kinnear,VP, Sales, Marketing & Digital Media


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Skywriter Media & Entertainment ADDRESS: 250 Bloor St. E., Suite 1450,Toronto, Ontario M4W 1E6, Canada TELEPHONE: (1-416) 966-4759 WEBSITE: CO-PRESIDENT: Kevin Gillis VP, DISTRIBUTION & ACQUISITIONS: Paula McLaren CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Elliott & Lucy: 26x30 min./52x11 min., animated; Chuckles ‘N’ Knuckles: 52x11 min., animated; Discbots: 30x3 min., animated/online gaming; Task Force Shaman: 13x30 min., animated; Dysfunction Junction: 22x30 min., animated; OBTV (Our Basement TV ): 26x30 min., live action/animated/ online component; Sincopats: 48x2 min., animated; Girls’ Things: 26x30 min., animated; Maryhen & Her Chicks: 12x7 min., preschool, animated; Amazonia: 1x78 min., animated, feature.

“Skywriter finances, develops, produces, acquires and distributes world-class animation and live-action family entertainment on a global basis in all forms of media. We have updated the traditional production/distribution business model—providing unique strategic options to profitably place content on three screens—broadcast, broadband and mobile—by bringing exclusive multinational advertising relationships to the benefit of our broadcast and program partners.” —Kevin Gillis, Co-President


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KGUIDE_909_70 Page 27 9/2/09 12:39 PM

Spellbound Entertainment ADDRESS: 6 Primrose Mews, Sharpleshall St., London NW1 8YW, U.K. TELEPHONE: (44-20) 7483-2172 FAX: (44-20) 7483-2059 WEBSITE: JOINT MANAGING DIRECTOR: Peter Curtis JOINT MANAGING DIRECTOR: Nick Barrington CONTACT: PROGRAMS: The Koala Brothers: 78x10 min., 3- to 6-year-olds, 3-D stop-frame model; The Koala Brothers Outback Christmas: 1x46 min., 3- to 6-year-olds, 3-D stop-frame model; Koala Brothers the Musical: 1x46 min., 3- to 6-year-olds, 3-D stopframe model.

“Spellbound Entertainment controls all rights to The Koala Brothers brand internationally and manages all TV distribution, home entertainment, publishing and licensing rights for the property. The Koala Brothers has won two British Animation Awards, the Emil prize in Germany and has been nominated for four Children’s BAFTA awards. The series was originally commissioned by CBeebies in the U.K. and premiered in September 2003. The Koala Brothers has currently been sold to 70 broadcast partners covering over 150 territories worldwide. The series has attracted an expansive list of blue-chip licensees since its premiere in 2003. Spellbound is now working with local partners in each territory to capitalize on the huge fan base which has grown around the series in markets across the globe. Key product categories include toy, gift, publishing, interactive, home entertainment, electronic learning aids, board games, puzzles, apparel and accessories.” —Nick Barrington, Joint Managing Director


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KGUIDE_909_72 Page 28 9/2/09 12:39 PM

Studio100 Media ADDRESS: Nymphenburger Strasse 82, D-80636 Munich, Germany TELEPHONE: (49-89) 960-8550 FAX: (49-89) 960-855104 WEBSITE: MANAGING DIRECTOR: Patrick Elmendorff DIRECTOR, INTERNATIONAL SALES: Katja Neufingerl CONTACT: Nicole Braun, PROGRAMS: Enyo: 26x24 min., 7- to 10-year-olds, 3-D animated, fantasy/adventure; Zeke’s Pad: 26x24 min., 8- to 12-year-olds, 3-D animated, comedy; The House of Anubis: Seasons 1 & 2 114x12 min. each, 8- to 12-year-olds, live action, mystery/teen soap; Kerwhizz: 26x22 min., 4- to 6-year-olds, multiplatform/ quiz show; Big & Small: 52x11 min., 4- to 7-year-olds, puppetry; Zigby: 52x11 min., 3- to 5-year-olds, 3-D animated, adventure; Amika: 52x12 min./26x25 min., 8- to 14-year-olds, children’s telenovela; Butterfly & Beautyfly: 52x5 min., 1- to 5-year-olds, animated; Mega Mindy: Seasons 1-4 13x25 min. each, 5- to 10year-olds, live action; Stains Down Drains: 26x24 min., 6- to 11year-olds, 2-D animated, action/comedy.

“Studio100 Media is an international productionand-distribution company within the children’s and family-entertainment sector. Based in Munich, Germany, the company is a 100-percent subsidiary of the Belgian firm Studio100. The company develops and acquires new formats, is active as a co-producer and is also responsible for the global marketing of its own rights portfolio, as well as for third-party programming. With the acquisition of EM.Entertainment and Junior.TV in July 2008, the Studio100 Group succeeded in adding sustainable strength to its position within the production and distribution sectors. In marketing its license rights the company pursues a global strategy within sectors ranging from licensing and merchandising, home entertainment through to stage shows and theme parks. With its consolidated commitment to children’s programming, Studio100 Media is focusing on modernizing and reviving several of its classic brands by producing new animation series using stateof-the-art technology for Maya the Bee, Vicky the Viking and Heidi.” —Patrick Elmendorff, Managing Director 72

KGUIDE_909_73_ Page 1 9/4/09 3:15 PM

KGUIDE_909_74 Page 29 9/2/09 12:40 PM

Toonzone Studios ADDRESS: 3450 Cahuenga Blvd.W., Unit 804, Los Angeles,

CA 90068, U.S.A. TELEPHONE: (1-323) 315-7900 FAX: (1-323) 874-2101 WEBSITE: PRESIDENT: Konnie Kwak HEAD, PRODUCTION: Johnny Chen STUDIO MANAGER: Lizbeth Velasco CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Action Dad: 26x22 min., 7- to 12-year-olds, 2-D

HD, action/comedy/family; Captain Rock Raygun: 11x11 min., 6- to 12-year-olds, 2-D HD, comedy.

“Only four years after inception, Toonzone Studios is an independent studio taking two original IPs to this year’s MIP Junior. Making its firs-episode debut, after coming in number 13 in the Top 20 most screened programs at last year’s MIPCOM Jr., Action Dad is a family-oriented action/comedy series. The second project is Captain Rock Raygun, a comedy series that appeals to both younger and older demographics. Besides acquiring and developing original IP, Toonzone Studios was involved in the production of Ape Escape, a Frederator Studios and HFP co-production that aired on Nicktoons in July 2009. It is currently producing two seasons of The Guardians of the Powermask, an international collaboration between partners GIMC (Korea), Carloon TV and Film (China) and Hawaii Film Partners (Hawaii). As an independent company, we have established great partnerships to fund, create and distribute wonderful original IP. We believe in a win-win situation for all our partners.We look forward to introducing you to our next fun and original project, Tiny Warriors. Development begins later this year.” —Konnie Kwak, President


KGUIDE_909_75 Page 1 9/2/09 3:12 PM

KGUIDE_909_76 Page 30 9/2/09 12:40 PM

TV-Loonland ADDRESS: Muenchnerstr, 16, 85774 Unterfoehring, Munich, Germany TELEPHONE: (49-89) 2050-8100 FAX: (49-89) 2050-8199 WEBSITE: PRESIDENT & CEO: Simon Flamank HEAD, INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION: Justine Bannister CONTACT: PROGRAMS: WordWorld: 52x11 min./8x2.5 min./52 Build-aWord songs, preschool, 3-D CGI; My Life Me: 52x11 min., 7- to 11-year-olds, 2-D/3-D; My Little Pony: 1x44 min., preschool, 2-D; Mister Otter: 52x2 min., 6- to 9-year-olds, 3-D with 2-D rendering; Leon: 52x3 min., all ages, CGI; Raymond: 78x7 min., 7- to 10-year-olds, flash HD; Pat&Stan: 39x7 min./140x15 sec./210x30 sec./1x22 min., 6- to 10-yearolds, CGI; Little Princess: Season 3 35x11 min., preschool, 2-D CelAction; The Owl: 52x1 min., teen/family, CGI; Penelope: 54x5 min., preschool, 2-D with 3-D.

“TV-Loonland is a brand-management company primarily in the children’s and youth market focusing on high-quality content which it develops and produces in house as well as co-produces with third-party producers and partners. With offices in key locations throughout Europe (Paris, Munich and London),TV-Loonland is ideally positioned to identify, produce and market top-quality brands across all media, including TV, home entertainment, licensing and merchandising, as well as digital media.TV-Loonland’s most recent successes include brands such as Little Princess, The Owl and Pat&Stan.” —Simon Flamank, President & CEO


KGUIDE_909_77 Page 1 9/4/09 3:12 PM

KGUIDE_909_78 Page 31 9/2/09 12:40 PM

TVA Films ADDRESS: 1600 Blvd. de Maisonneuve E., 8/Fl.,

Montreal QC H2L 4P2, Canada TELEPHONE: (1-514) 284-2525 ext. 4430 FAX: (1-514) 985-4461 WEBSITE: PRESIDENT: Yves Dion DIRECTOR, INTERNATIONAL & TELEVISION SALES:

Nathalie Larivière PROGRAMS: Wonder Kids: 10x45 min., variety format; Scoop & Doozie: 65x15 min., puppet with live action, comedy; How to Survive the Week-Ends?: 13x3-5 min., format; Nor’West Adventure: 16x45 min., reality format; The Collection: 8x45 min., reality format; The Elliot Sisters: 10x45 min., drama; Summers of Our Lives: 29x45 min., drama.

“TVA Films, formerly known as TVA International, is a division of Group TVA, a Canadian company owned by Quebecor Media that distributes award-winning films and series worldwide through a diverse catalogue of classics, dramas, thrillers, documentaries, series and formats.TVA Films would be pleased to meet with broadcasters and distribution companies to discuss possible sales from the company’s catalogue video and television rights.At TVA Films, we strongly believe in building long-term relationships and providing quality service to all our business partners.” —Nathalie Larivière, Director, International & Television Sales


KGUIDE_909_79 Page 1 9/2/09 3:13 PM

KGUIDE_909_80 Page 32 9/2/09 12:41 PM

Your Family Entertainment ADDRESS: Nordendstrasse 64, 80801 Munich, Germany TELEPHONE: (49-89) 997-2710 FAX: (49-89) 997-27191 WEBSITES:, CEO: Stefan Piech HEAD, SALES & MARKETING: Christina Brenner CONTACT: PROGRAMS: Oscar the Balloonist: 26x12 min., animated HD,

adventure/edutainment; Dragon Hunters: 52x24 min., animated, action; Fix & Foxi: 52x24 min., animated, action/comedy; Enid Blyton—Secret Series: 20x26 min./5x90 min., live action, adventure; Moorhuhn: 26x1 hr., animated, comedy; Gloria’s House: 26x24 min., animated, comedy; Urmel: 26x24 min., animated, comedy/adventure; Wilf: 26x12 min., animated, comedy/fantasy; The Magic Pudding: 1x75 min., animated, fantasy/adventure; Gnarfs: 26x12 min., animated, comedy.

“Your Family Entertainment is one of Germany’s long-established TV and film production companies, providing entertainment programs for children, teens and families. Today, Your Family Entertainment boasts more than 3,500 half-hour programs.The company, founded in 1984, covers all kinds of existing rights (from free TV to merchandising) and has rights to versions in a number of different languages. Your Family Entertainment offers educationally orientated viewing, conveys values, sets trends, provides a treasure trove of fun and laughter, entertains and inspires. In 2006, Your Family Entertainment established its very own DVD label in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Since then, we have successfully released 57 DVDs. In 2007, Your Family Entertainment went on the air with its own pay-TV channel, yourfamilyentertainment. Since then, the channel has been successfully broadcast via various platforms in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland. The channel presents the family entertainment that we as a company stand for: educational non-violent viewing imparting decent values for the entire family.” —Christina Brenner, Head, Sales & Marketing


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KGUIDE_909_82 Page 33 9/2/09 12:41 PM

ZDF Enterprises ADDRESS: Lise-Meitner-Str. 9, 55129 Mainz, Germany TELEPHONE: (49-61) 31-9910 FAX: (49-61) 31-991229 WEBSITE: PRESIDENT & CEO: Alexander Coridass DIRECTOR, SALES: Maximilan Bolenius HEAD, SALES: Christian Massmann CONTACT: PROGRAMS: The Jungle Book: 52x11 min./1x1 hr., 6- to 9-

year-olds, 3-D HD, adventure/comedy; Marsupilami: 52x26 min., 6- to 9-year-olds, animated, adventure/comedy; Igam Ogam: 26x10 min., stop-frame, comedy; Fun With Claude: 52x10 min., animated; H2O: Just Add Water: Season 3 26x26 min., live action; Stella and the Star of the Orient: 1x90 min., live action.

“At this year’s MIPCOM, we’re highlighting especially our young people’s programs, thus emphasizing our long-standing commitment to high-quality entertainment for this important demographic.There’s a stunning new 3-D animated adaptation of [Rudyard] Kipling’s classic Jungle Book, and the adventure-comedy series Marsupilami, featuring the popular comic-book hero. For toddlers, we’ve got top-notch animated series like Fun With Claude and Igam Ogam. As for live action, there’s Stella and the Star of the Orient, an evocative time-travel adventure. Finally, a special treat for fans of H2O: Just Add Water, the third season! Millions of fans are eagerly awaiting the new mermaids-with-superpowers adventures. In recent years, we’ve been stepping up our production output in animation—timeless programs that add new contours to our valuable library.With attractive all-media offers and B2C platforms, our children’s portfolio—live action and animation— boasts the ideal prerequisites for the expansion of our service offerings in the digital world.” —Alexander Coridass, President & CEO


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KGUIDE_909_84 Page 1 9/4/09 12:53 PM is our online community completely devoted to the business of children’s programming and merchandising.

Visit us online at

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10 Channels to Watch

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Our Family is


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KGUIDE_909_88 Page 1 9/2/09 12:44 PM

Astro Ceria COUNTRY: Malaysia LAUNCH DATE: August 31, 2006 OWNERSHIP: Astro All Asia Networks DISTRIBUTION: Available on the satellite pay-TV platform

Astro, with a total of 2.76 million subscribers SENIOR VP, ASTRO ENTERTAINMENT: Zainir Aminullah VP, ASTRO ENTERTAINMENT: Kartik Chintamani GENERAL MANAGER, ASTRO CERIA & ASTRO WARNA:

Naresh Ramnath CHANNEL MANAGER: Azlin Reza Azmi WEBSITE:

DESCRIPTION: A 24-hour service offering Malaysian kids locally produced originals alongside a host of acquired programs that have been dubbed into Bahasa Malaysian. PROGRAMMING STRATEGY: Touting the tagline Untuk Kita Aje!

(Only For Us!),Astro Ceria has an overall target of kids 4 to 14, with a particular focus towards 7 to 11. Driving the channel’s onair content are its core values of fun, friendship and family. It offers Malaysian kids a 24-hour destination for localized worldclass animation and local live-action programming. About 80 percent of Astro Ceria’s schedule is made up of acquired series, which have all been dubbed in Bahasa Malaysian. Recent acquisitions include Asari-chan, Ultraman Cosmos and Papawa.The remaining 20 percent is original programming.The channel recently commissioned an epic adventure drama, BelalangAnakanda Nujum Di Raja, which is a period-based revival of legendary Malaysian folk tales, seen through the eyes of Belalang, a 10-year-old boy. Both originals and acquisitions account for Astro Ceria’s highest-rated shows, including the locally produced Tom Tom Bak, Geng Bas Sekolah and Hikayat Putera Shazlan and the acquired Hagemaru, Digimon, Roary the Racing Car and Jim Jam & Sunny. New to the network are the acquired titles Sid the Science Kid, Tensai Bakabon and Ozie Boo! Acquired properties catering to preschoolers are stripped throughout the week in the mornings. The channel showcases comedy and action animation throughout the day for both the younger and older kids. Friday to Sunday is checkerboarded with local productions and family-based acquired titles.


KGUIDE_909_89 Page 2 9/2/09 12:44 PM

Baraem TV COUNTRY: Qatar LAUNCH DATE: January 16, 2009 OWNERSHIP: Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and

Community Development DISTRIBUTION: Baraem broadcasts as a free-to-air channel off

Arabsat, Nilesat and Hotbird, reaching across the Middle East and Europe. EXECUTIVE GENERAL MANAGER, AL JAZEERA CHILDREN’S CHANNEL: Mahmoud Bouneb WEBSITE:

DESCRIPTION: Funded by the Qatar Foundation for Education,

Science and Community Development and operated by Al Jazeera Children’s Channel, Baraem is an Arabic-language preschool service, targeted at kids aged 3 to 6. PROGRAMMING STRATEGY: For four years, Al Jazeera Children’s Channel (JCC) has been serving Arabic-language kids with a host of edutainment fare, the majority of it produced in house. Seeing a gap in the market, JCC expanded its activities this year with the rollout of Baraem, the first dedicated preschool channel for the Arab world. To get the programming mix right, JCC conducted research for two years before launching the channel, working with producers, academics and psychiatrists. About 85 percent of Baraem’s schedule is acquired, including BBC Worldwide’s Charlie and Lola, National Geographic Television International’s Mama Mirabelle and DECODE Enterprises’ Animal Mechanicals. The remaining 15 percent of the grid is rounded out by original productions, such as the 200x3-minute Nan and Lili and the 52x15-minute Al Maaa. The channel’s 17-hour scheduling strategy starts the day with an active tone. In the early afternoon, the young viewers are offered rich and diverse educational content, introducing them to Arabic letters, numbers, colors and shapes. The channel’s rhythm slows down as bedtime nears, helping prepare for sleep.


KGUIDE_909_90 Page 3 9/2/09 12:45 PM

Cartoon Network Latin America COUNTRIES: The channel airs in 43 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, excluding Puerto Rico. LAUNCH DATE: April 30, 1993 OWNERSHIP: Turner Broadcasting System DISTRIBUTION: 28 million households SENIOR VP & GENERAL MANAGER: Barry Koch SENIOR DIRECTOR, OPERATIONS: Fran Slimmon SENIOR DIRECTOR, CONTENT: Pablo Zuccarino WEBSITE:

DESCRIPTION: For kids and teens across Latin America, Cartoon Network touts an array of high-profile original programs, mixed in with animated and live-action acquisitions from the big Hollywood studios and third-party distributors. PROGRAMMING STRATEGY: The original programming on Cartoon Network in Latin America is some of the most high profile in the kids’ industry. Cartoon Network boasts a total of 27 original series, including The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, Cow and Chicken, Ed, Edd n’ Eddy, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi and Chowder. Another Cartoon original, Ben 10, is one of the hottest properties going in the region, not only in terms of the series, but licensing and merchandising as well. A defining aspect of the DNA of Cartoon Network is comedy, but there’s still a lot of action on the schedule. Movies, both live action and animated, are also on the grid. Warner Bros. is a big programming source for the network, but Cartoon also works with the other major Hollywood studios for movie deals. Further programming comes from international animation players like Cookie Jar Entertainment, Nelvana and Toei Animation, as well as smaller boutique outfits. Some of the channel’s highest-rating acquisitions are Being Ian and Total Drama Island. Cartoon Network is also the payTV home of Star Wars:The Clone Wars. The channel is active in the mobile and digital space, positioning itself as a defining multiplatform brand for kids 4 to 11 in the region.


KGUIDE_909_91 Page 4 9/2/09 12:45 PM

CBeebies COUNTRIES: Pan-Asia, Australia, India, U.S. Hispanic,

pan-Latin America, Poland, South Africa LAUNCH DATE: May 1, 2007 (India) OWNERSHIP: BBC Worldwide Channels DISTRIBUTION: 10.4 million homes outside the U.K. MANAGING DIRECTOR, BBC WORLDWIDE CHANNELS:




Brendan Dahill, John Taite & Dan Salerno WEBSITE:

DESCRIPTION: A safe, interactive viewing environment inspir-

ing preschoolers to “learn through play.” PROGRAMMING STRATEGY: The schedule of each international channel is tailored to its individual market, with a mix of live action and animation, using local presenters that children can relate to. Similar to each schedule, though, is the way it’s structured to reflect a child’s daily routine. Early mornings are all about bright, colorful short programming to get children up and about, targeting 2- to 4-year-olds. Afternoons skew up to the 4-to-6 set, and evenings feature a bedtime/story-time hour to end the day. The international CBeebies channel currently acquires 100 percent of its content. Most comes from the sales and distribution division of BBC Worldwide, with distributors such as DECODE Enterprises and Studio100 Media, among others, supplying the rest. Persistently strong performers across all the channels include In the Night Garden, 3rd & Bird, Balamory, Big & Small and Pinky Dinky Doo. CBeebies’ programs are developed and produced with preschool and early-learning specialists, and aim to stimulate a child’s interest in a diverse range of subjects through animation, storytelling, music and movement, science, natural history and puzzles.


KGUIDE_909_92 Page 5 9/2/09 12:46 PM


DESCRIPTION: Tailored for 2- to 6-year-olds, Discovery Kids is

dedicated to fostering independent thinking and helping children become lifelong learners. PROGRAMMING STRATEGY: In providing a place where kids are challenged to explore, discover, learn and grow, Discovery Kids has partnered with education and child-development experts to create shows that build skills in the three most critical childdevelopment areas: cognitive, social and physical. The channel looks to serve as a “safe-haven” for children and a useful tool parents can use to educate their children. A number of the series promote positive parent-child interaction as well. The lion’s share of its schedule, 95 percent, comes from acquisitions, much of which is local content produced in Latin America. As for the channel’s buying strategy, shows that mix entertainment and education, and any programs that look to foster curiosity and independent thinking, are top of mind. Discovery Kids also features originals the likes of LazyTown Extra, Fishtronaut and 3, 2, 1 Vamos! Unique to the channel is Doki, the official on-air personality, a 6-year-old boy who exemplifies the same curiosity as many of the network’s target viewers. Top performers overall for Discovery Kids are Backyardigans, Hi-5, Sid the Science Kid and Mister Maker, with WordGirl, Martha Speaks and Toot & Puddle among the new additions to the lineup.


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DESCRIPTION: Disney XD, which replaced Toon Disney in the U.S., is a multiplatform brand that skews towards boys, yet is girl-inclusive. PROGRAMMING STRATEGY: When Disney decided to rebrand Toon Disney as Disney XD, a new entertainment destination was created for kids 6 to 14 with a specific skew toward boys 8 to 12.The core attributes of Disney XD are determination, resilience, stretching oneself and reaching a goal, but emphasizing that the process is more important than the end result. Its content, which focuses on animated and live-action programming, as well as music, gaming and sports, is available on the linear channel, online, as well as on iTunes, Xbox 360, mobile phones, SVOD and more. The original live-action series Aaron Stone exemplifies the multiplatform and gaming attributes of the channel. Other shows on the channel include Zeke and Luther, a live-action buddy comedy about aspiring pro-skateboarders; Kid vs. Kat, an animated comedy series about a space alien disguised as a cat and stranded on Earth; and Jimmy Two Shoes, an animated series featuring a thrill-seeking teenager who sets out to make Miseryville fun and exciting with the help of his two best friends. Disney XD also shares programming with Disney Channel, with shows such as Phineas and Ferb and The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.


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Kevin Wright WEBSITE:

DESCRIPTION: A Canadian destination offering up a mix of exclusive premieres, high-quality series, movies and specials relevant to kids and families. PROGRAMMING STRATEGY: The schedule of Family Channel is

structured to reflect the lives of kids on a daily, weekly and yearly basis. Younger-skewing programs are aired during the day when younger kids are at home, shifting into live-action series in the afternoon and early evening when older kids get home from school. From a weekly standpoint, co-viewing blocks and movies are slated in the evening when families are more likely to be sitting at the TV together. And throughout the year, Family Channel launches series and movie premieres, stunts and specials around significant events in kids’ lives: summer vacation, back-to-school, spring break, Halloween and winter holidays. The channel also uses a staggered-launch approach to all its premieres to ensure that there’s always something new on the network. Homegrown Canadian shows are a key component of the schedule, with original series such as Life With Derek, The Latest Buzz, Overruled! and Conner Undercover. A long-standing relationship with Disney accounts for 60 percent of its programming schedule, bringing to the lineup shows such as Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, Sonny With a Chance and Phineas and Ferb. Disney Channel original movies do exceptionally well, with record audiences tuning in for High School Musical 2, Camp Rock and Princess Protection Program.


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TV KIDS WEEKLY is an online weekly newsletter exclusively devoted to kids’ programming and merchandising.

For a free subscription, visit To also receive TV Niños Semanal, our Spanish-language kids newsletter, please go to

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Nickelodeon UK COUNTRIES: U.K. & Ireland LAUNCH DATE: September 1, 1993 OWNERSHIP: A joint venture between MTV Networks and Sky DISTRIBUTION: Nickelodeon UK’s suite of channels—

Nickelodeon, NickToons, NickToons Replay, Nick Jr, Nick Jr 2 and Nick Replay—is available in more than 12 million cable and satellite homes. MANAGING DIRECTOR: Howard Litton VP, PROGRAMMING DIRECTOR: Debbie Macdonald VP, CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Peter Drake WEBSITE: DESCRIPTION: Nickelodeon UK is a multigenre channel covering preschool, live action, comedy and creator-driven animation for kids 2 to 12. PROGRAMMING STRATEGY: As there are currently some 30 dedicated kids’ channels in the U.K., Nickelodeon stands out from the pack by providing programming from a number of genres— live action, animation, preschool, factual, entertainment—for a balanced audience profile.The channel uses focus groups, online panels, face-to-face interviews and other research methods to understand its audience, helping to determine a scheduling strategy. Since its 1993 launch, Nickelodeon has won numerous awards for its programs and presenters, becoming a trusted name in children’s entertainment with parents and kids alike. Commissions that have performed well for Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. include Genie in the House and Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom. iCarly is a huge hit for Nick, along with SpongeBob SquarePants, which celebrates its tenth birthday this year. Key preschool series include Peppa Pig, Humf and The Wonder Pets! The live-action series True Jackson, VP is new for the channel, which is also airing the musical TV movie Spectactular! Nickelodeon is also set to feature new episodes of hit series such as H20: Just Add Water, introducing a new mermaid who happens to be a merman; Yo Gabba Gabba, including an episode featuring Jack Black; and SpongeBob SquarePants, with guests such as Will Ferrell, Robin Williams and Ricky Gervais. New episodes of Angelina Ballerina are done in CGI animation.


KGUIDE_909_97 Page 9 9/2/09 12:48 PM

PBS KIDS COUNTRY: U.S.A. LAUNCH DATE: 1993 OWNERSHIP: PBS is a nonprofit media enterprise owned and

operated by the 356 public television stations in the U.S. DISTRIBUTION: Serves more than 115 million people on-air and online each month VP, CHILDREN’S PROGRAMMING, PBS: Linda Simensky DIRECTOR, CHILDREN’S PROGRAMMING, PBS: Paul Siefken WEBSITE: DESCRIPTION: PBS KIDS is a programming block targeted

at kids 2- to 5-years old and PBS KIDS GO! is targeted toward kids 6- to 8-years old. Both offer children the opportunity to explore new ideas and new worlds through TV, online and community-based programs. PROGRAMMING STRATEGY: Unlike many of its U.S. competitors, PBS KIDS does not feature children’s programming 24 hours a day. Rather, the programming blocks are designed to target different demographics with age-appropriate shows. PBS KIDS itself serves the 2-to-5 set, while PBS KIDS GO! was specifically designed for early elementary school kids, ages 6 to 8. The channel buys programming that is educational and entertaining, with areas of interest such as literacy, math and science. Some of its top shows include Curious George, Super WHY!, Sid the Science Kid, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Arthur, Martha Speaks and Sesame Street. Dinosaur Train, from The Jim Henson Company, is a new addition to the lineup. The Electric Company has now taken on a daily slot, and new episodes from Sesame Street’s 40th season are airing alongside the returning hits It’s a Big Big World and Barney on PBS KIDS GO! The companion websites—PBS KIDS online (, PBS KIDS GO! online (, PBS Parents (, PBS Teachers (—complement community-based programs such as PBS KIDS Raising Readers and other literacy events across the country. These initiatives are among the factors that contributed to PBS KIDS earning distinction as the most educational media brand, according to a GfK Roper survey out in June.


KGUIDE_909_98 Page 10 9/2/09 12:49 PM

ZDFtivi COUNTRY: Germany LAUNCH DATE: ZDF the channel launched in 1961, while

ZDFtivi started broadcasting in 1998. OWNERSHIP: Public television DISTRIBUTION: German-speaking territories via terrestrial, cable and satellite HEAD, CHILDREN’S & YOUTH: Barbara Biermann HEAD, INTERNATIONAL CO-PRODUCTIONS & ACQUISITIONS, CHILDREN’S & YOUTH: Nicole Keeb WEBSITE:

DESCRIPTION: Casting a wide net to children 3 to 13, the pubcaster has a host of high-concept live-action series and movies in its kids’ lineup. PROGRAMMING STRATEGY: As a German public broadcaster, ZDF offers shows aimed at a wide range of audiences, targeting everyone from preschoolers to tweens with its kids’ programming. It mainly stocks high-profile programming that focuses on information, entertainment and fiction in all forms. About 40 percent of the ZDF kids’ block is acquired programming, but even those are mostly co-financed, co-developed or co-produced.A lot of what ZDF buys for the block is high-concept live-action series and movies, much of which comes from Australia and Europe. Animation with classic appeal or fresh design is also part of the shopping strategy. NBC Universal’s Curious George is a strong performer, alongside the live-action H2O: Just Add Water, a Jonathan M. Shiff production done in part with Network TEN Australia, ZDF and ZDF Enterprises. A third season of the mermaidthemed series is heading to the network in May 2010. Further new highlights on the ZDF slate include The Jungle Book, coproduced by ZDF, ZDF Enterprises, DQ Entertainment and MoonScoop. Marsupilami is from Samka Productions, ZDF and ZDF Enterprises, while a second season of The Magic Roundabout comes to the network from Les Films Action.


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