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InternatIonal emmy almanaC

InThis Winners’ Edition W2

2012 International Emmy Awards

W16 Winner - Arts Programming W17 Winner - Best Performance by an Actor

W25 2012 November Board & Members Meeting and Panel

W18 Winner - Best Performance by an Actress W27 Luncheon with Ryan Murphy & Norman Lear W19 Winner - Comedy W28 The International Emmy World W20 Winner - Documentary

Television Festival

W21 Winner - Drama Series W22 Winner - Non-Scripted Entertainment W23 Winner - Telenovela W24 Winner - TV Movie/Mini-Series

This publication was printed in two parts. The first edition was distributed at the 40th International Emmy Awards Gala on November 19, 2012. The table of contents for the first edition is located on page 3, following page W36. The 40th International Emmy Award Winners are featured in this front section. All of the 2012 Nominated programs are listed beginning page 12. The directory of Academy Members is located beginning page 100.

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013


EMMY_12_WGALA_ALT_EMMY_1108_ABOUT THE ACADEMY 12/19/12 1:00 PM Page 2

EMMY_12_WGALA_ALT_EMMY_1108_ABOUT THE ACADEMY 12/19/12 1:01 PM Page 3

2012 International Emmy Awards he 40th International Emmy Awards Gala was held on Monday, November 19, 2012 at the Hilton Hotel in New York City. Over 1,000 international television professionals and entertainment executives joined a cast of celebrity presenters and over 200 journalists, TV crews and photo agencies to celebrate excellence in international television.

Norman Lear, Ryan Murphy and Alan Alda

EMMY_12_WGALA_ALT_EMMY_1108_ABOUT THE ACADEMY 12/19/12 4:24 PM Page 4

Jessica Lange and Ryan Murphy

EMMY_12_WGALA_ALT_EMMY_1108_ABOUT THE ACADEMY 12/19/12 4:23 PM Page 5

Dr. Kim In-Kyu and J.Y. Park

EMMY_12_WGALA_ALT_EMMY_1108_ABOUT THE ACADEMY 12/19/12 1:01 PM Page 6

Bruce Paisner, President & CEO of the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, welcomed the audience while Academy Chairman, Fred Cohen, thanked the 2012 par tners: Phoenix Satellite Television, TV Globo, Dori Media Group, Microsoft, Deluxe Media, MIPTV, Ernst & Young, Sofitel Luxury Hotels and Variety, for their support. Gala Chair Ricardo Salinas, Chairman of Mexican broadcaster Azteca, lauded the 2012 nominees for their talent and contributions to the global creative community and stressed the responsibility that broadcasters have to their audiences.

Host Regis Philbin

Victor Garber presenting the Drama Series category


Academy President & CEO Bruce Paisner, Academy Chairman Fred Cohen and Gala Chair Ricardo Salinas

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_12_WGALA_ALT_EMMY_1108_ABOUT THE ACADEMY 12/19/12 3:33 PM Page 7

Ryan Murphy, Alan Alda and Norman Lear

Ralph Baruch

International Emmy Almanac 2010/2011

Bridget Moynahan and Donnie Wahlberg presenting the Best Performance by an Actress category


EMMY_12_WGALA_ALT_EMMY_1108_ABOUT THE ACADEMY 12/19/12 1:03 PM Page 8

Alan Alda

Cheyenne Jackson, presenter of the Comedy category

American television icon Regis Philbin hosted the event and was joined on stage by a cast of celebrity presenters, which included: Victor Garber (NBC’s mid-season series Deception, Argo, Titanic), Donnie Wahlberg (Blue Bloods), Bridget Moynahan (Blue Bloods), Kelly Rutherford (Gossip Girl), Matthew Settle (Gossip Girl), Rachael Taylor (666 Park Avenue), Paley Center President & CEO Pat Mitchell (Host, At the Paley Center), Cheyenne Jackson (The Performers, Price Check),Telenovela actress Edith González, Griffin Dunne (House of Lies), German TV personalities Joko and Klaas, Brazilian actor Marcelo Serrado and Indian actress Prerna Wanvari.

Joy and Regis Philbin


Edith González, presenter of the Telenovela category

Sonia Braga and Marcello Coltro

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_12_WGALA_ALT_EMMY_1108_ABOUT THE ACADEMY 12/19/12 1:03 PM Page 9

Jessica Lange, presenter of the 2012 International Emmy Founders Award

Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle, presenters of the Best Performance by an Actor category

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

Prerna Wanvari, presenter of the Arts Programming category

Pat Mitchell, presenter of the Documentary category

Marc Jan Eumann, Bettina Brokemper, Leopold Hoesch, Petra Muller, Daniel Hetzer and Michael Souvignier


EMMY_12_WGALA_ALT_EMMY_1108_ABOUT THE ACADEMY 12/19/12 1:04 PM Page 10

Bridget Moynahan and Donnie Wahlberg, presenters of the Best Performance by an Actress category

Two-time Academy Award & Emmy winner Jessica Lange presented the International Emmy Founders Award to Ryan Murphy, the creator, writer and director of television shows Glee, American Horror Story and Nip/Tuck. After receiving his award, Murphy in turn presented the two special 40th anniversary Founders Awards to global television legends Alan Alda (*M*A*S*H*) and Norman Lear (All in the Family).

Marcelo Serrado, presenter of the Telenovela category


Academy President & CEO Bruce Paisner and Academy Executive Director Camille Bidermann-Roizen

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_12_WGALA_ALT_EMMY_1108_ABOUT THE ACADEMY 12/19/12 1:04 PM Page 11

Rachael Taylor, presenter of the TV Movie/ Mini-Series category

Gala Chair Ricardo Salinas and Maria Laura Salinas

Klaas Heufer-Umlauf and Joko Winterscheidt, presenters of the NonScripted Entertainment category

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

2012 International Emmy Founders Award recipient, Ryan Murphy

Victor Garber, Presenter of the Drama Series Category


EMMY_12_WGALA_ALT_EMMY_1108_ABOUT THE ACADEMY 12/19/12 1:04 PM Page 12

Early Autumn's Kotaro Komori and Katsuko Hara

The International Emmy Directorate Award was presented to Dr. Kim In-Kyu, President & CEO of KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) and also President of the ABU (AsiaPacific Broadcasting Union), by musician/producer/entrepreneur J.Y. Park after a taped address by U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.

Wotan Wilke Mohring and Claudia Michelsen


The Slap's Tony Ayres and Melissa George

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_12_WGALA_ALT_EMMY_1108_ABOUT THE ACADEMY 12/19/12 1:05 PM Page 13

Grant Bowler, host of The Amazing Race Australia

Best Actor nominee Stein Winge and his daughter Viktoria

Holy Remedy's cast of actors

Paola Nunez

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013


EMMY_12_WGALA_ALT_EMMY_1108_ABOUT THE ACADEMY 12/19/12 4:12 PM Page 14

Best Performance by an Actor nominee, ZhuYawen

Fabrice Larue and Nathalie Larue


Best Performance by an Actress nominee, Sarina

Nominees forTelenovela, Joao Pedro Lopes, Patrica M端ller and Luis Marques

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_12_WGALA_ALT_EMMY_1108_ABOUT THE ACADEMY 12/19/12 1:06 PM Page 15

The Fire and the Rose’s Claudia Vieira

Talia Sanhewe and guest

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

The Illusionist’s Fernanda Rodrigues

Nominee for Drama Series, Cheek


EMMY_12_WINNERS_EMMY_1108_ARTS 12/18/12 2:49 PM Page 2


Arts Programming

Tristan Chytroschek and Susanne Mertens

SongS of War a&o buero filmproduktion / ZDF / ARTE Germany Commissioning Editor: Susanne Mertens Producer: Robert Tasso P端tz Director: Tristan Chytroschek Writer: Tristan Chytroschek Featuring: Christopher Cerf

Presenter Prerna Wanvari

Music elates, touches the soul, and bypasses reason. Music is magic. This magic can also turn music into an insidious weapon. In Songs of War, the relationship between music and violence is explored.


International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_12_WINNERS_EMMY_1108_ARTS 12/18/12 2:50 PM Page 3


Best Performance by an Actor

Darío Grandinetti

DaRío GRanDinetti as Mario Televisión x la Inclusión Suelo Argentino ON TV- Llorente y Villarruel Contenidos / INCAA (Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales) argentina

Presenters Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle

Mario is a taxi driver to whom life has not been kind. He is divorced and lives in a humble house. When he finds out that his new neighbors are from Peru, his hatred towards Peruvians will trigger a war against the neighbors which won’t stop until they move out of their home.

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013


EMMY_12_WINNERS_EMMY_1108_ARTS 12/18/12 2:51 PM Page 2


Best Performance by an Actress

Donnie Wahlberg, Cristina Banegas and Bridget Moynahan

Cristina Banegas as Paula Televisión x la Inclusión - Sin Cobertura ON TV- Llorente y Villarruel Contenidos / INCAA (Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales) argentina

Presenters Bridget Moynahan and Donnie Wahlberg

Paula is the mother of Fernanda, a girl with Down Syndrome who is in urgent need of heart surgery. The health insurance company that covered the procedure has now merged with Argenlife, and the authorization for treatment has been denied. Paula fights to save her daughter’s life, aided only by her own perseverance.


International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_12_WINNERS_EMMY_1108_ARTS 12/18/12 2:51 PM Page 3



Mauro Wilson, Cheyenne Jackson and Claudio Torres

The InvIsIble Woman TV Globo / Conspiração Filmes Brazil Executive Producer: Guel Arraes Producer: Claudio Torres Director: Claudio Torres Writer: Mauro Wilson Principal Cast: Selton Mello, Luana Piovani, Débora Falabella

Presenter Cheyenne Jackson

Pedro works in publicity and is married to his boss Clarisse. Another woman suddenly reappears in his life: Amanda, a figment of his imagination that represents his ideal lover. Even though Pedro knows Amanda doesn’t really exist, her presence in his life threatens his relationship with Clarisse.

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013


EMMY_12_WINNERS_EMMY_1108_ARTS 12/18/12 2:51 PM Page 4



Craig Hunter, Charlotte Moore and Rob Wilkins

Terry PraTcheTT: choosing To Die BBC / KEO United Kingdom

Presenter Pat Mitchell

Executive Producers: Craig Hunter (KEO), Sam Anthony (BBC) Producer: Charlie Russell Director: Charlie Russell Featuring: Sir Terry Pratchett Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2008, author Sir Terry Pratchett wants to know whether he could decide to end his life before the disease takes over. He travels to the Dignitas Clinic in Switzerland, where he witnesses firsthand the procedures set out for an assisted death.


International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_12_WINNERS_EMMY_1108_ARTS 12/18/12 2:51 PM Page 5


Drama Series

Claude Chelli and Abdel Raouf Dafri

Braquo season 2 CANAL + Original Programming / CAPA DRAMA / BAD COMPANY France Executive Producer: Claude Chelli Producer: Hervé Chabalier Directors: Philippe Haïm, Eric Valette Writers: Abdel Raouf Dafri, David Defendi, Edgar Marie, Philippe Haïm Created by: Olivier Marchal Principal Cast: Jean-Hugues Anglade, Nicolas Duvauchelle, Joseph Malerba, Karole Rocher

Presenter Victor Garber

Police officer Eddie Caplan and his group have been arrested for their crimes. Caplan is sent to prison to await trial. In the outside world, however, violence and greed continue to prevail.

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013


EMMY_12_WINNERS_EMMY_1108_ARTS 12/18/12 2:51 PM Page 6


Non-Scripted Entertainment

Michael McKay, Zane Bair, Joan Leong, and Grant Bowler

The AmAzing RAce AusTRAliA Active TV / Seven Network / ABC Studios Australia Executive Producers: Michael McKay (Active TV), Trent Chapman (Seven Network) Producers: Kylie Washington, Ariel White, Matthew Kowald, Sarah Stallard, Kimberly James, Hayley Cunningham, Brad Cox, Joan Leong, Priscilla Yeo, Nicola Unsworth, Shabry Fuard, Chris Paterson, Brian Tanke, Zabrina Fernandez Created by: Bertram van Munster, Elise Doganieri Featuring: Grant Bowler (Host)

Presenters Joko and Klaas

Eleven teams of two from across Australia race around the world in a 50,000 kilometer, 12 country adventure.Teams compete in a series of challenges at each destination, but some will find the biggest challenge is just getting there.


International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_12_WINNERS_EMMY_1108_ARTS 12/19/12 3:52 PM Page 7



Geraldo Carneiro, Mauro Mendonรงa Filho and Alcides Nogueira

The IllusIonIsT TV Globo Brazil Executive Producer: Roberto Talmar Producer: Mauro Mendonรงa Filho Directors: Federico Mayrink, Allan Fiterman, Noa Bressane Writers: Alcides Nogueira, Geraldo Carneiro Principal Cast: Rodrigo Lombardi, Carolina Ferraz, Daniel Filho, Regina Duarte, Thiago Fragoso, Alinne Moraes, Marco Ricca, Humberto Martins

Presenters Edith Gonzalez and Marcelo Serrado

Herculano Quintanilha is a scam artist in a small town who is accused of robbery and imprisoned. In jail he meets master Ferragus, who teaches him about the fascinating world of magic. Upon his release he begins to work as an illusionist. He also befriends Marcos, the rebellious son of the powerful Hayalla family.

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013


EMMY_12_WINNERS_EMMY_1108_ARTS 12/18/12 2:51 PM Page 8


TV Movie/Mini-Series

Annabel Jones

Presenter Rachael Taylor

Black Mirror Zeppotron Productions for Channel 4 United Kingdom Executive Producers: Charlie Brooker, Annabel Jones Producer: Barney Reisz Director: Otto Bathurst Writer: Charlie Brooker Principal Cast: Rory Kinnear, Lindsey Duncan A twisted parable for the Twitter age, Black Mirror taps into the collective unease about our modern world.


International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_12_WBOARD_PANEL_EMMY_1108_MARCH 12/19/12 3:50 PM Page 2

2012 November board & members meetiNg aNd PaNel

Board & Members Meeting and Panel Member activities for November 19 kicked off with the traditional Breakfast and Board Meeting attended by over 100 members. After the executive committee completed its agenda, Bruce Paisner, President & CEO of the International Academy, invited Michael Chung, CEO of CIG Education Group, to give a brief introduction and overview of the Academy’s new education initiative, set to launch with a pilot program in 2013. Nespresso coffee station

Michael Chung, Partner of the Academy’s Education initiative

Executive Committee: (back row left to right): Steve Ronson (A+E Networks), Jana Bennett, Kevin Beggs (Lionsgate), Adriana Cisneros de Griffin (Cisneros Group); (front row left to right): Simon Sutton (HBO), Blair Westlake (Microsoft), Camille Bidermann-Roizen (Academy), Bruce Paisner (Academy), Fred Cohen (Academy), Rainer Siek (MT NY)

November Board & Members breakfast and meeting on Monday, November 19, in New York City

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013


EMMY_12_WBOARD_PANEL_EMMY_1108_MARCH 12/19/12 1:28 PM Page 3

Following the meeting, the Academy hosted a panel titled “Advertising, Content and the Digital Age,” moderated by Janet Balis, Publisher of Huffington Post Media Group, and featuring speakers Michael Bologna, Managing Partner & Director of Emerging Communications at GroupM; Linda Descano, Managing Director and Head of Digital Partnerships, Content & Social for North America Marketing and President and CEO of Women & Co., Citibank, N.A; Dan Suratt, EVP of Digital Media & Business Development for A+E Networks. Janet Balis briefly introduced each panelist and then launched the conver- Dan Surrat, Linda Descano, Janet Balis and Michael Bologna sation with a question about the challenges of measuring advertising across several devices. quadruple our advertising budget. Part of our challenge is figuring out how we can follow the consumer on the back of the Michael Bologna: content across all the screens efficiently without redundancy “From the advertiser’s perspective, if we just follow that conand overlap and without extra money that we don’t have.” sumer across all media screens, we would have to triple or even Linda Descano: “We bring content into the tablet experience because we know from consumers they want to continue to think and learn, while they’re multi-tasking and watching television. We’re thinking about what is the mindset of the consumer while they are on that particular device and also what people are clicking through, and so we offer ‘snackable’ content, that corresponds to their mindset.”

Executive Committee member Rainer Siek and World Screen’s Anna Carugati

Dan Suratt: “What’s at work is that the consumer wants to access the content anytime, anywhere. From a traditional broadcaster’s perspective, that is a really difficult thing to do.TV Everywhere is a big topic here domestically and we understand from our international division that it is becoming an opportunity abroad as well. It is truly the ability to give the viewer the ability to watch the content anytime.That is really an issue. We’re creating content that costs millions of dollars to get created. The chain will take a while to unwind.”

“Advertising, Content and the Digital Age” moderator Janet Balis (Huffington Post Media Group) with panelists Michael Bologna (GroupM), Dan Suratt (A+E Networks) and Linda Descano (Citi)


International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_12_WLUNCHEON_EMMY_1108_MARCH 12/19/12 1:36 PM Page 1

2012 November LuNcheoN

Luncheon with Ryan Murphy & Norman Lear The annual Members’ Luncheon in honor of the 2012 International Emmy Founders Award recipient featured Ryan Murphy, the creator, writer and director of television shows Glee, American Horror Story and Nip/Tuck, interviewing television legend Norman Lear (All in the Family), recipient of the 40th Anniversary Special Founders Award.

After the interview, Ryan Murphy and Norman Lear answered questions about their careers and entertained the audience composed of International Academy Members and their guests with anecdotes about the challenges of making programming that pushes the envelope of what is traditionally accepted on television.

Ryan Murphy and Norman Lear

Members’ luncheon

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013


EMMY_12_WFESTIVAL_EMMY_1108_JUDGING SEASON 12/19/12 12:54 PM Page 28

The InTernaTIonal emmy World TelevIsIon FesTIval

2012 Festival he 2012 International Emmy World Television Festival launched on November 16 with a kick-off cocktail party at the New York Historical Society, hosted by Ricardo B. Salinas, Chairman, Azteca, and 2012 Gala Chair. The festival took place Saturday, November 17, and Sunday, November 18, 2012 at the Sofitel Hotel in New York City and featured the traditional screenings of the nominated programs as well as presentations, cocktails and networking events. The 2012 Festival Chair was Liu Changle, Chairman & CEO of Phoenix Satellite Television, for the eighth year in a row. Nominee presentations moderated by industry experts covered all 9 International Emmy categories and provided a forum for nominees to present their programs and discuss their work with festival participants. 2012 Festival Partners were: Azteca, CCTV Documentary, Deluxe, Dori Media Group, Ernst & Young, Frankfurt Kurnit, Klein & Selz, Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward Office of Film & Entertainment, Home Box Office (HBO), NRW: Germany’s Leading Media Center Media Authorities: LfM, The Film and Media Fund and The Ministry for Media, Microsoft, Phoenix Satellite Television, Sofitel Luxury Hotels,Tavalon Tea and TV Globo.

Ricardo Salinas, Chairman, Azteca and 2012 Gala Chair

The New York Historical Society


International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_12_WFESTIVAL_EMMY_1108_JUDGING SEASON 12/19/12 12:55 PM Page 29

Academy President & CEO Bruce Paisner, Ricardo Salinas, Chairman, Azteca and 2012 Gala Chair, and Maria Laura Salinas

Azteca crew interviewing Festival guests

Opening cocktail

Festival attendees at opening cocktail

Academy members Charles Lei and Olivier Rene-Veillon in conversation with Ricardo Salinas Opening cocktail

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013


EMMY_12_WFESTIVAL_EMMY_1108_JUDGING SEASON 12/19/12 12:55 PM Page 30

Mr. Xiaoyong Wu, Head of Phoenix USA, Mr. Liu Changle, CEO, Phoenix Satellite Television and Festival Chair, Ruan Zongqing, Head of International Relations, Phoenix Satellite Television), Mr. Jiyan Wang, EVP of Phoenix Satellite Television, Mr. Zhengzhu Liu, Chief of Phoenix Americas

Highlights of the Festival included: Nominee Medal Ceremony Each of the nominees received an International Emmy medal and certificate presented to them by Bruce Paisner, President & CEO of The Academy; Fred Cohen, Chairman of the Academy; and Festival Chair Liu Changle, Chairman & CEO of Phoenix Satellite Television.

Best Performance by an Actress nominee Sarina

TV Globo nominees Arts Programming nominees Kaori Togashi and Muneyoshi Nowara


International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_12_WFESTIVAL_EMMY_1108_JUDGING SEASON 12/19/12 12:56 PM Page 31

2012 Sir Peter Ustinov Television Scriptwriting Award winner, Sophie Petzal, and Academy Chairman Fred Cohen

Arts Programming nominees George Moura and Luiz Henrique Rios

2012 Semi-Final Judging Hosts receiving their certificates

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013


EMMY_12_WFESTIVAL_EMMY_1108_JUDGING SEASON 12/19/12 12:56 PM Page 32

Greater Fort Lauderdale/ Broward Office of Film & Entertainment Breakfast The Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward Office of Film & Entertainment sponsored the traditional Sunday Festival Breakfast to present all the advantages that this region of South Florida has to offer to producers. Noelle Stevenson, Film Commissioner, presented locations, industry infrastructure as well as information on state tax credit and local incentives offered by the Greater Fort Lauderdale region to international producers and their crews.

Noelle Stevenson, Film Commissioner, Greater Fort Lauderdale Broward Office of Film & Entertainment

Academy Members Dennis Lille (Cape Film Commission) and Anil Wanvari ( in conversation with Noelle Stevenson

Claudio de Moraes and Non-Scripted Entertainment Nominee Clayton Conservani

Festival Members breakfast


International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_12_WFESTIVAL_EMMY_1108_JUDGING SEASON 12/19/12 12:57 PM Page 33

Edward Guinan, MGM's Marcello Coltro and Greater Fort Lauderdale's Noelle Stevenson

Canal +'s Raphael de Andreis, Academy Executive Director Camille Bidermann-Roizen and Dori Media CEO Nadav Palti

Academy President & CEO Bruce Paisner and Film und Media Fund CEO Petra Muller

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

Homeland actress Amy Hargreaves, who moderated the Best Performance by an Actor and Actress Nominee Presentation


EMMY_12_WFESTIVAL_EMMY_1108_JUDGING SEASON 12/19/12 12:57 PM Page 34

First time Festival sponsor CCTV Documentary Channel brought a delegation of 13 executives to attend the nominee panels and presentations and network with Festival attendees.

Tian Yuan, Head of International Acquisitions, Wu Guilin, Deputy Secretary General, China Television Arts Committee, SARFT, and Liu Wen, Managing Director of CCTV Documentary Channel

TV Movie/Mini Series Nominee presentation moderated by HBO's Luis Peraza

Best Performance by an Actor nominee Zhu Yawen


Telenovela Nominee presentation moderated by Azteca's Mario San Roman

Tavalon Tea Lounge

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_12_WFESTIVAL_EMMY_1108_JUDGING SEASON 12/19/12 12:58 PM Page 35

Academy Directors Frank Dieter Freiling (ZDF) and Annie Wegelius (SVT)

Bob Sender, VP of HBO International

Closing Cocktail sponsored by HBO (Home Box Office) HBO sponsored the Festival Closing Cocktail for the seventh year in a row. Bob Sender, Vice President of HBO International, welcomed all festival attendees and congratulated all the International Emmy Award nominees.

Academy President & CEO Bruce Paisner with HBO International’s Bob Sender

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

Greater Fort Lauderdale's Noelle Stevenson, HBO Latin America's Miguel Oliva and Reed MIDEM's Laurine Garaude

MGM Latin America interviews TV Globo head of sports and Non-Scripted Entertainment nominee Joao Pedro Paes Leme


EMMY_12_WFESTIVAL_EMMY_1108_JUDGING SEASON 12/19/12 12:59 PM Page 36

NRW Annual Rendez-Vous at The International Emmys Germany’s North Rhine Westphalia’s media authorities, including LfM,The Film & Media Fund and The Ministry for Media, partnered with The International Academy for the fifth edition of the NRW Annual Rendez-Vous at The International Emmys. A delegation of German officials representing NRW regional media authorities and television executives from leading German broadcasters and production companies including Petra Müller (Film und Media Fund); Peter Widlok (LfM); Sabine Bull (Film und Media Fund);Tanja Guess (Film und Media Fund); and Frank-Dieter Freiling (ZDF); who attended all the Academy’s weekend and Monday events met Tuesday, during a private luncheon at Hearst Tower, with their peers from leading U.S. broadcasters and production companies such as Steve Ronson, EVP of Enterprises at A+E Networks; Steven Segaller, VP of Programming at WNET/ WLIW; Jonathan Miller; Craig Cegielski, President of GK TV; Bob Norbert Himmler (ZDF) and Steven Sender,Vice President of HBO In- Segaller (WNET) ternational.

Marc Jan Eumann, State Secretary, Land NRW, Patricia Schlesinger (NDR) and Reinhold Elschot (ZDF)

View from Hearst Tower From left to right (back row): Tanja Güß (Film und Media Fund), Daniel Hetzer (Actionconcept), Craig Cegielski (GK TV), Marc Jan Eumann (NRW), Steven Segaller (WNET), Bettina Brokemper (Heimafilm), Michael Loeb (WDR), Michael Souvignier (Zeitsprung), Frank Dieter Freiling (ZDF), Camille Bidermann-Roizen (Academy). From left to right (front row): Reinhold Elschot (ZDF), Sam Davis (RowBoat), Bob Sender (HBO International), Steve Ronson (A+E Networks), Leopold Hoesch (Broadview), Norbert Himmler (ZDF), Petra Muller (Film und Media Fund), Bruce Paisner (Academy), Wolfgang Fandrich (MDR), Patricia Schlesinger (NDR), Sabine Bull (Film und Media Fund), Peter Widlok (LfM), Norbert Himmler (ZDF) and Steven Segaller (WNET)


International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_TOC_2012_Layout 1 11/5/12 10:49 AM Page 3

InternatIonal emmy almanaC

Table of Contents 4

President’s Report: Bruce Paisner


International Emmy Directorate Award: Dr. Kim In-Kyu



International Emmy Founders Award: Ryan Murphy

2012 International Digital Emmy Awards at MIPTV


Academy Day in Hong Kong & Shenzhen


40th Anniversary Special International Emmy Founders Award: Alan Alda


2012 International Emmy Awards Semi-Final Round of Judging


40th Anniversary Special International Emmy Founders Award: Norman Lear


September Board & Members Meeting: Hollywood: Past, Present & Future


Gala Chair: Ricardo B. Salinas



About The Academy

2012 News & Current Affairs Categories Featuring Guest Speaker David Westin


International Academy Membership Map


Academy Foundation


Directory of Members


2012 International Emmy Award Nominees


2012 Judging Participants


March Board & Members Meeting: The New Digital Ecosystem: Internet Piracy, Innovation & The Future of Copyright


List of Advertisers



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International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013


EMMY_PRES_REPORT2_EMMY_1108_PRESIDENT 11/5/12 10:51 AM Page 2


President’s Report Forty years ago, on the Monday before Thanksgiving in 1972, a small group of U.S. television executives launched the International Emmy Awards. They had an audience of 100 people and presented two awards – Fiction and Non-Fiction. Today, the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is one of the largest and most prestigious media organizations in the world. It has over 650 members representing virtually all of the world’s major television companies, and it is rapidly expanding across the digital space. The Academy now presents International Emmys in 20 categories, including six new Kids Emmys which will be awarded for the first time in a separate ceremony next February 8. This past year, the Academy ran judgings in 20 different countries and had more than 1,100 submissions, both records.

A landmark event during this year was our International Academy Day in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, organized by Phoenix Satellite TV. More than 100 members and guests of the Academy met with media, political and cultural leaders from Hong Kong and various other par ts of China. We were hosted by the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, the Par ty Secretary and the Deputy Mayor of Shenzhen and, of course, our own Academy Director and Festival Chairman, Liu Changle, the Chairman of Phoenix. That event was in April. In early June, I was pleased to participate in one of the early Emmy judgings, in Cologne, Germany. The judging and the reception afterward attracted leading television figures from all over Europe and yielded a number of outstanding programs. I am grateful to the hosts of the judging, Leopold Hoesch of Broadview TV and Frank Dieter Freiling of ZDF, for their hospitality. Our Spring board and members meeting this year was held in New York. Events took place in the main conference room of the Paley Center, hosted by Pat Mitchell, President of the Paley and a Director of the Academy. In the wake of an intense controversy surrounding the issue of how to deal with online piracy, the Academy presented a timely discussion on the subject, moderated and guided by Eve Burton, Vice President and General Counsel of Hearst Corporation and a noted First Amendment lawyer. The panelists, representing each side in the controversy, were Rick Cotton, Executive Vice President and General Counsel of NBCUniversal and Harvey Anderson,Vice President and General Counsel of Mozilla. Ms. Burton led the participants to agree to continuing discussions to try to establish a framework for resolving the issues, and those discussions are ongoing. Our Fall board meeting, held in Los Angeles on the Friday before the Primetime Emmys, attracted a large audience for 4

a speech by Tim Gray, the Editor-in-Chief of Variety and author of a new book on Hollywood. A week later, the Academy held a special session at the Hearst Tower in New York to honor our News and Current Affairs Emmy nominees. David Westin, former President of ABC News and author of Exit Interview, a new book about his time there, spoke at the breakfast meeting.

Bruce Paisner, President & CEO of The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_PRES_REPORT2_EMMY_1108_PRESIDENT 11/3/12 6:11 PM Page 3

Academy Day group photo at Phoenix Satellite Television headquarters in Hong Kong

One of my goals when I became President of the International Academy was to increase our organization’s presence and relevance in the global television world and to enable our members to participate in cutting-edge events in that world. I think we have been particularly successful at this in the last couple of years, and we will continue to look for opportunities to inform and educate our members. I am indebted to the Academy’s executive committee, which works closely with me in guiding the fortunes of our ever growing organization. I want to thank Fred Cohen, our Chairman; Simon Sutton and Blair Westlake, respectively our Secretary and Treasurer; Larry Gershman, Rainer Siek, Jim Rosenfield and Kevin Beggs, the heads of our standing commit-

Hearst Corporation CEO Frank A. Bennack, Jr., Academy President Bruce Paisner and Former ABC News President, David Westin at Hearst Tower in New York

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

Academy President Bruce Paisner with SARFT Vice Minister, Li Wei

tees and Ralph Baruch, Steve Ronson and Jana Bennett. Camille Bidermann-Roizen, our Senior Vice President and Executive Director, leads a very professional staff which does more and better work than anyone could reasonably expect from such a small group. Our colleagues at the TV Academy in Los Angeles, Bruce Rosenblum and Alan Perris, and at the National Television Academy in New York, Malachy Wienges, Carolyn Grippi and Herb Granath have been helpful and supportive whenever we have asked.  Finally, I want to thank Frank A. Bennack, Jr., the Chief Executive Officer of Hearst Corporation. Frank has a gratifying interest in the Academy’s mission, and his support makes possible many of my activities on behalf of our organization. Frank is a visionary corporate leader, and I and the Academy are indebted to him. The International Academy has become an increasingly important presence in the global community. This gratifying development is due partly to our own efforts, but also to the immense geopolitical changes in the world in the last few years. As I noted in presenting our News Emmys in September, three of the seven countries nominated would not even have participated in the first International Emmy competition. Russia did not exist as a separate country; China was a hermetically sealed society; and Qatar had just achieved independence. The pace of change is rapid and uneven, but the direction recently has been more inclusion and more freedom. It will remain the mission of the Academy to recognize high quality production around the world with the Emmy, and to support and encourage media professionals everyplace. 5

EMMY_DIRECTORATE_2012_EMMY_1108_DIRECTORATE 10/26/12 2:33 PM Page 2

InternatIonal emmy DIrectorate awarD

Dr. Kim In-Kyu The International Emmy Directorate Award is presented to Dr. Kim In-Kyu, one of Asia’s leading media figures, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) and President of Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU). KBS, Korea’s leading public broadcaster, reaches a global audience of 50 million households in 73 countries via its flagship international channel KBS World.


r. Kim In-Kyu star ted his career at KBS in 1973. After holding several key station positions, such as Member of the KBS Board of Governors, Managing Director of Policy Planning, Managing Director of New Media and Executive Director of News and Current Affairs, he was appointed to the position of President and CEO in November of 2009. He holds the chairmanship of the Korean Broadcasters Association, and has been elected as President of Digital TV Korea for four consecutive terms. After serving as Vice President of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, he was appointed President of the ABU in 2011 for a three-year term. ABU boasts over 220 member broadcasters from more than 58 countries around the region. As Korea’s leading public-ser vices broadcaster, KBS’s core duty is to reflect the diverse voices of Korea through the distinctiveness of its programs. KBS began the countr y’s first radio broadcasting ser vice back in 1927 and Korea’s first television broadcast in 1961. KBS has also been broadcasting HD programs since 2001 and by the end of 2012 all of its programs will be produced and broadcast in HD. The world’s first terrestrial DMB service was launched by KBS on December 1, 2005, and offers television, audio and data services. KBS World TV, the international satellite channel which was launched in 2003, transmits KBS’s high quality content throughout Europe, the Middle East, Nor th America and most of Asia. KBS has produced high quality documentaries as well as groundbreaking dramas which have contributed to generating the Korean Wave, the growing popularity of Korean content abroad. Actively engaged with various international organizations and activities, KBS contributes to promoting a creative media environment. KBS has signed cooperation agreements with 59 broadcasters around the world, including NHK Japan, SARFT in China, BBC in the U.K., ABC Australia and SABC in South Africa. KBS organized a conference of International Public Television (INPUT) which leads the trend of innovative and creative TV programmaking, produced the international signal for the International Association of Athletics Federations World 6

Championship, Daegu 2011, and hosted the 49th General Assembly of ABU. KBS World Radio offers 11 different language services to listeners worldwide. Headquar tered in Seoul, KBS has 19 regional stations and 13 overseas bureaus as well as eight subsidiary companies such as KBS Media, which manages the local and global marketing of KBS content. In 2013, Dr. Kim will be celebrating 40 years at the ser vice of KBS.

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_FOUNDER_2012_EMMY_1108_FOUNDER 10/26/12 2:35 PM Page 3

InternatIonal emmy Founders award

Ryan Murphy The International Emmy Founders Award is presented to Ryan Murphy, who reinvented the musical comedy genre with his hit series Glee, for promoting tolerance and inclusion through his globally successful television and movie work.


yan Murphy is the Golden Globe® Award-winning creator, writer, and director of FX’s Emmynominated original miniseries American Horror Story, the Screen Actors Guild, Emmy and Golden Globe® Award-winning Fo X series smash hit Glee and FX’s original drama series Nip/Tuck. Murphy is currently in production on the four th season of Glee, which won the 2010 Golden Globe® Award for Best Television Series Comedy/Musical, the 2010 Emmy Award for o utstanding Directing for a Comedy Series, and the 2010 Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Ensemble Cast in a Comedy Series. Murphy is also the executive producer of the wildly successful first and second Glee! Live stage tours. Murphy’s ground-breaking show American Horror Story was nominated for a staggering 17 Emmy nominations this year, including o utstanding Miniseries or Movie. A second season returned to FX on o ctober 17, 2012. Murphy’s newest show, The New Normal, premiered on September 11, 2012, on NBC. His next film will be the screen adaptation of Larry Kramer’s award-winning The Normal Heart starring Julia Roberts, Mark Ruffalo and Matt Bomer. Murphy began his career as a journalist writing for publications such as The Miami Herald, Los Angeles Times, the New York Daily News and Entertainment Weekly. His screenwriting career began in the late 1990’s when Steven Spielberg purchased his romantic comedy Why Can’t I Be Audrey Hepburn? Murphy’s next effor t was The WB’s Popular, an award-winning black comedy/satire which he created and produced with his fellow Nip/Tuck executive producers Greer Shephard and Michael M. Robin. In 2003, Murphy’s Nip/Tuck premiered on the FX Network and became one of the network’s most popular and well-known series. Nip/Tuck was recognized as one of the American Film Institute’s 10 Best Television Shows of 2003 and 2004 and was the only first-year drama series in 2004 to earn a Golden Globe® Award for Best Dramatic TV Series. In 2004 Murphy earned an Emmy® Award nomination for o utstanding Directing for a Drama Series. In 2006 Murphy expanded to the big screen by writing, directing and producing his adaptation of the best-selling book Running with Scissors starring Annette Bening and International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

Gwyneth Paltrow. Murphy also directed Julia Rober ts in an adaptation of Elizabeth Gilber t’s memoir, Eat Pray Love, which he co-wrote with Jennifer Salt.


EMMY_FOUNDER_ALDA_2012-REV_EMMY_1108_FOUNDER 11/3/12 6:18 PM Page 3


Alan Alda In celebration of the International Emmy Awards Gala 40th Anniversary, the International Academy is honoring television legend Alan Alda with a 40th Anniversary Special International Emmy Founders Award.


lan Alda played Hawkeye Pierce on the classic tele vision series M*A*S*H, and wrote and directed many of the episodes. His 33 Emmy nominations include performances in 2009 for 30 Rock, in 2006 for West Wing (winning his 6th Emmy), and in 1999 for ER. He reprised his 30 Rock role in 2010. He has the distinction of being nominated for an Oscar, a Tony, and an Emmy—as well as publishing a bestselling book—all in the same year (2005). His Emmy nomination was for his role on The West Wing. His Tony nomination that year was for his role in the Broadway revival of David Mamet’s Glengarr y Glen Ross. In addition to receiving an Academy Award nomination for his appearance in Mar tin Scorsese’s The Aviator that year, he was also nominated for a British Academy Award. In 1994 he was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame. He hosted the award-winning series Scientific American Frontiers on PBS for 11 years, inter viewing leading scientists from around the world. In Januar y 2010, he hosted the PBS series The Human Spark, in which he inter viewed dozens of scientists, searching for answers to the question: What is it that makes us human? Other television performances include Truman Capote’s The Glass House and Kill Me If You Can, for which he received an Emmy nomination for his portrayal of Car yl Chessman, an inmate who spent 12 years on death row. On the big screen, in addition to The Aviator, for which he was nominated for an Academy Award, Alda’s films include Crimes and Misdemeanors, Ever yone Says I Love You, Flirting with Disaster, Manhattan Murder Myster y, And The Band Played On, Same Time, Next Year and California Suite, as well as The Seduction of Joe Tynan, which he wrote, and The Four Seasons, Sweet Liberty, A New Life and Betsy’s Wedding, all of which he wrote and directed. In 2011–2012 his film appearances included Tower Heist and Wanderlust. On Broadway, he has appeared as the physicist Richard Feynman in the play QED. He starred in the first American production of the international hit play ART. In addition to his nomination for Glengarr y, he was also nominated for the Tony Award for his performances in 8

Neil Simon’s Jake’s Women and the musical The Apple Tree. Other appearances on Broadway include The Owl and the Pussycat, Purlie Victorious and Fair Game for Lovers, for which he received a Theatre World Award. He was presented with the National Science Board’s Public Ser vice Award in 2006 for his effor ts in helping to broaden the public’s understanding of science. Since 2008, he has worked with physicist Brian Greene in presenting the annual World Science Festival in New York City, this year attended by over 200,000 people. At Stony Brook University, NY, he helped found the Center for Communicating Science, which is dedicated to training scientists in the skills of communication. His first memoir, Never Have Your Dog Stuffed, and Other Things I’ve Learned, became a New York Times bestseller, as did his second: Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself. International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_FOUNDER_LEAR_2012-REV_EMMY_1108_FOUNDER 10/26/12 4:05 PM Page 3


Norman Lear In celebration of the International Emmy Awards Gala 40th Anniversary, the International Academy is honoring television legend Norman Lear with a 40th Anniversary Special International Emmy Founders Award.


orman Lear has enjoyed a long career in television and film, and as a political and social activist and philanthropist. Lear began his television writing career in 1950 when he and his partner, Ed Simmons, were signed to write for the The Ford Star Revue, starring Jack Haley. After only four shows, they were hired away by Jerry Lewis to write for the Martin and Lewis Colgate Comedy Hour, which they continued to write until 1953. Lear then began writing on his own for comedy shows including The Martha Raye Show, The George Gobel Show, and The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show. In 1958, Lear teamed with director Bud Yorkin to form Tandem Productions. Together they produced several feature films, with Lear taking on roles as executive producer, writer, and director. He was nominated in 1967 for an Academy Award for his script for Divorce American Style. In 1970, CBS signed with Tandem to produce All in the Family, which first aired on January 12, 1971, and ran for nine seasons. It earned four Emmy Awards for Best Comedy series as well as the Peabody Award in 1977. All in the Family was followed by a succession of other television hit shows, including Maude, Sanford and Son, The Jeffersons, One Day at a Time, Good Times, and Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman. Concerned about the growing influence of radical religious evangelists, Lear decided to leave television in 1980 and formed People For the American Way, a non-profit organization designed to speak out for Bill of Rights guarantees and to monitor violations of constitutional freedoms. People For remains an influential and effective voice for freedom. In 1982, he produced a two-hour television special I Love Liberty, with a cast of stars and an audience filling the Los Angeles Sports Arena. Lear’s business career continued in 1984 when he and his business partners created T.A.T. Communications, later known as Embassy Communications, which was sold in 1985. Lear then created and is currently chairman of Act III Communications, a multimedia holding company with interests in the recording, motion picture, broadcasting, publishing, and licensing industries, including Concord Music Group and Village Roadshow Pictures Group. In addition to People for the American Way, Mr. Lear has founded other nonprofit organizations, including the Norman Lear Center at the USC Annenberg School for Communication (2000-present), a multidisciplinary research and public policy center dedicated to exploring the convergence of entertainment, commerce and society; the Business Enterprise Trust (1989-2000) International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

to spotlight exemplary social innovations in American business; and with his wife, Lyn, co-founded the Environmental Media Association (1989-present), to mobilize the entertainment industry to become more environmentally responsible. In 1999, President Clinton bestowed the National Medal of Arts on Lear, noting that “Norman Lear has held up a mirror to American society and changed the way we look at it.” He has the distinction of being among the first seven television pioneers inducted into the Television Academy Hall of Fame (1984). In addition to his awards for All in the Family, he has been honored by the International Platform Association (1977), the Writers Guild of America (1977) and many other professional and civic organizations. 9

EMMY_GALACHAIR_2012_EMMY_1108_CHAIR 11/4/12 3:40 PM Page 2

2012 Gala chair

Ricardo B. Salinas Chairman of Azteca A Grupo Salinas Company What does being the 2012 Gala Chair mean to you? It’s a great honor to chair this year’s International Emmy Awards. And I think that the organization is taking on a special relevance as we see so many transformations of the television industr y through new technologies. A friend of mine said that “Content is king, distribution is queen and that they live in a palace called technology.” I think this has never been more relevant than today.

the enter tainment and news community need to be prepared. We are seeing that there are now many ways to attract eyeballs. However, the challenge is how to transform millions of eyeballs into a revenue stream so that we can continue to invest in the high-quality programming that our audiences are accustomed to. Par t of the answer lies in international cooperation.

How important is the international marketplace for Azteca? At Azteca we get the bulk of our revenue from Mexico, where we broadcast the networks Azteca 13 and Azteca 7 and Proyecto 40, in addition to Azteca Internet ( We operate directly in the United States with Azteca America, which is a broadcast network for Spanish-language viewers. We also control Azteca Guatemala, a network broadcasting in Central America with two channels. In addition, we offer Azteca International as a satellite channel throughout the Spanish-speaking world, as well as the cable channels Azteca Novelas, Azteca Noticias and others. We are both an impor ter and expor ter of television content, with over 12,000 hours of programming produced annually. What are the biggest challenges and opportunities for Azteca in the coming years? As a high-volume content producer with multiple distribution options, I think that we are lucky to be well positioned in today’s media world that demands content anywhere and anytime. That said, we are at a moment that calls for true innovation in our industr y. Traditional viewing and business models are in a state of transformation and all of us in 10

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_ABOUT_2012-REV_EMMY_1108_ABOUT THE ACADEMY 11/3/12 6:33 PM Page 3


The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Connecting the world’s leading media and entertainment professionals


he strength of the International Academy undoubtedly lies in the composition of its membership: a “Who’s Who” of international television encompassing over 500 companies and key media figures from all sectors of television, including internet, mobile and technology. The Academy was founded in 1969 and chartered with a mission to recognize excellence in television programming produced outside of the United States. It is a unique, independent organization whose members come together to exchange ideas,

2011 International Emmy Founders Award recipient Nigel Lythgoe with presenter Lady Gaga in the press room

Whoopi Goldberg, Emmy Judging Director Nathaniel Brendel and Sylvain Parent-Bedard at Semi-Final round of judging in Quebec City

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

discuss common issues and promote new strategies for the future development of quality television programming. The International Academy is best known worldwide for presenting the International Emmy® Awards. Every November, over 1,000 television professionals gather at the black-tie Gala to celebrate excellence in television produced outside of the United States and to network with their peers from the international television community. The Academy also presents the International Digital Emmy Awards@MIPTV, in April, in Cannes, France, and the International Emmy Kids Awards, in February, in New York. International Emmy Awards are given in twenty categories including: Arts Programming; Best Performance by an Actress; Best Performance by an Actor; Comedy; Documentary; Drama Series; Non-Scripted Entertainment; Telenovela; TV Movie/Mini-Series; Digital Program: Children & Young People; Digital Program: Fiction; Digital Program: Non-Fiction; News; Current Affairs; Kids: Preschool; Kids:Animation; Kids: Factual; Kids: Non-Scripted Entertainment; Kids: Series; Kids:TV Movie/Mini-Series. However, the Academy’s activities extend well beyond awards. The Academy is a membership-based organization with year-round activities for its Members, including: Panels & Board & Members Meetings, The International Emmy World Television Festival and International Academy Day. For more information and a calendar of upcoming events, go to The International Academy’s website, 11

EMMY_2012_ACADEMY MAP_Emmy Ad SPREAD Template 10/26/12 2:39 PM Page 1

EMMY_2012_ACADEMY MAP_Emmy Ad SPREAD Template 10/26/12 2:39 PM Page 2

EMMY_NOMINEE_2012_EMMY_1109_ARTS 10/26/12 4:01 PM Page 12

2012 NomiNees

Arts Programming



uNited kiNgdom


aLL My Life: CartoLa

BLue Man group ConneCtS With Japan

Queen - DayS of our LiveS

SongS of War

WOWOW Inc. Executive Producer: Eiji Ohmura Producer: Kaori Togashi Directors: Muneyoshi Nowara, Takayoshi Nakayama, Masahiko Ozawa Featuring: Blue Man Group, Kamejiro Ichikawa II and Kodo

Eagle Rock Entertainment / Globe Productions / Queen Productions Executive Producers: Adam Barker, Jim Beach, Lesley Douglas, Iain Funnell, Richard Cook Producers: Simon Lupton, Rhys Thomas, Andrew Winter (Eagle Rock) Director: Matt O’Casey Writers: Simon Lupton, Rhys Thomas Featuring: Freddie Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon, Roger Taylor

TV Globo Executive Producer: Ricardo Waddington Producer: Roberto Camara Director: Luiz Henrique Rios Writer: George Moura Principal Cast: Wilson Rabelo, Alex Brasil, Miguel Oliveira, Marizilda Rosa, Maurício Gonçalves, Alexandre Mofati All My Life tells the story of Angenor de Oliveira, better known as Cartola. Cartola is considered one of the most diverse and important samba musicians in the history of Brazilian music. From a childhood of poverty to national recognition, his rise to fame is told through his friends, partnerships, and music.


The world-renowned Blue Man Group performs with the Taiko (Japanese drums) in a collaboration with drum performance group “Kodo.” Blue Man Group also performs with Kabuki actor Kamejiro Ichikawa II.

Queen - Days Of Our Lives is an in-depth look at the career of rock band Queen from their early days of fame, fortune, and success to today.

a&o buero filmproduktion / ZDF / ARTE Commissioning Editor: Susanne Mertens Producer: Robert Tasso Pütz Director: Tristan Chytroschek Writer: Tristan Chytroschek Featuring: Christopher Cerf Music elates, touches the soul, and bypasses reason. Music is magic. This magic can also turn music into an insidious weapon. In Songs of War, the relationship between music and violence is explored.

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_NOMINEE_2012_EMMY_1109_ARTS 10/26/12 4:01 PM Page 13

2012 NomiNees

Best Performance by an Actor



uNited kiNgdom


people’s repuBlic of chiNa

arthur aCuña

Darío granDinetti

JaSon iSaaCS

Stein Winge

Zhu yaWen

as Harry Shaw The Kitchen Musical The Group Entertainment Harry Shaw is a man of many secrets and regrets. He is an extop chef. His drinking is coupled with his failed affair with Audrey. When Mr. Avilon hires him as GM at his restaurant, Harry sees a chance to redeem himself.

as Jackson Brodie as Mario Case Histories Television x la Inclusion - Ruby Film and Suelo Argentino Television / Monastic ON TV Llorente y Productions Villarruel Contenidos / Jackson Brodie is a INCAA (instituto former soldier and policeman working as Nacional de Cine y a private detective Artes Audiovisuales) in Edinburgh. His Mario is a taxi driver marriage recently to whom life has not ended, and he is been kind. He is managing the divorced and lives in responsibilities of being a humble house. When a parent to daughter he finds out that his Marlee. He has a new neighbors are tough-guy exterior from Peru, his hatred but an empathetic towards Peruvians will heart. He attracts the trigger a war against bereaved, the lost, and the neighbors which the dysfunctional. won’t stop until they move out of their home.

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

as Frank Norwegian Cozy Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) / Norwegian Film Institute (NFI) / Nordisk Film & TV Fond / YLE FST5 / Tordenfilm Frank is the father in a broken family trying their best to reunite. Formerly a top business attorney, Frank is now a paranoid hermit with delusions of grandeur. He is intelligent and charming in his rare moments of clarity.

as Gao Zhihang Departed Heroes H.Brothers Tianyi Movie & TV Co., Ltd Gao Zhihang is a historical character who represents the first generation of Chinese pilots. He is a brilliant pilot with deft skills. He loves planes as much as his life. Tough as he is, Gao has a romantic heart, and Russian beauty GeLier falls in love with him.


EMMY_NOMINEE_2012_EMMY_1109_ARTS 10/26/12 4:01 PM Page 14

2012 NomiNees

Best Performance by an Actress



hoNg koNg, chiNa

uNited kiNgdom

CriStina BanegaS

SiDSe BaBett KnuDSen


Joanna vanDerhaM

as Paula Television x la Inclusion Sin Cobertura ON TV Llorente y Villarruel Contenidos / INCAA (instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales) Paula is the mother of Fernanda, a girl with Down Syndrome who is in urgent need of heart surgery. The health insurance company that covered the procedure has now merged with Argenlife, and the authorization for treatment has been denied. Paula fights to save her daughter’s life, aided only by her own perseverance.


as Birgitte Nyborg Christensen Government DR Birgitte Nyborg Christensen is Prime Minister of Denmark. She is an exceptionally professional politician who understands the rules of the game. Her private life has been less successful than her political one. She is separated and has difficulty accepting the thought of divorce.

as Zhao’s wife Zhong Guo Di Phoenix Satellite Television in association with Sino Television, Liaoning Television Zhao's wife is an ordinary village woman. She embodies the diligence and resilience of women in China, but when her children and homeland are under threat, she unleashes her hidden strength, portraying not only the prowess of Chinese women, but also the formidable strength of a mother.

as Cathy Connor The Runaway Company Pictures / Warner Sisters Production for SKY Cathy is a young woman whose upbringing was absolutely horrific. She has had to deal with so much, and her mum Madge was not much of a role model. She is scared to let people in, and she uses a mask to protect herself. She feels that if she showed her real feelings she would crumble.

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_NOMINEE_2012_EMMY_1109_ARTS 10/26/12 4:01 PM Page 15

2012 NomiNees


uNited kiNgdom


uNited kiNgdom


aBSoLuteLy faBuLouS

the inviSiBLe WoMan


What if?

BBC Productions / Saunders & French Productions Executive Producer: Jon Plowman Producer: Justin Davies Director: Mandie Fletcher Writer: Jennifer Saunders Principal Cast: Jennifer Saunders, Joanna Lumley, Jane Horrocks, Julia Sawalha, June Whitfield

TV Globo / Conspiração Filmes Executive Producer: Guel Arraes Producer: Claudio Torres Director: Claudio Torres Writer: Mauro Wilson Principal Cast: Selton Mello, Luana Piovani, Débora Falabella

Hat Trick Productions / Sky Executive Producers: Jimmy Mulville, Helen Williams, Lucy Lumsden Producers: Margot Gavan Duffy, Simeon Goulden Director: Ben Taylor Writer: Simeon Goulden Principal Cast: Darren Boyd, Jude Wright, Robert Lindsay

Shelter Executive Producer: Tim Van Aelst Producers: Katrien Van Nieuwenhove, Sofie Peeters Director: Tim Van Aelst Writers: Bart Cannaerts,Tom Baetens, Koen Burssens, Tim Van Aelst Principal Cast: Günther Lesage, Bruno Vanden Broecke, Nico Sturm, Luc Nuyens, Bert Haelvoet, Ben Segers, Robrecht Vanden Thorren, Sara De Bosschere, Charlotte Vandermeersch, Ruth Beeckmans

Absolutely Fabulous follows the lives of two best friends, Edwina, an International PR guru by trade, on top of every fad and fashion imaginable, and Patsy, a sex-crazed magazine editor.They’re back, a teeny bit older, none the wiser, but definitely still Absolutely Fabulous.

Pedro works in publicity and is married to his boss Clarisse. Another woman suddenly reappears in his life: Amanda, a figment of his imagination that represents his ideal lover. Even though Pedro knows Amanda doesn’t really exist, her presence in his life threatens his relationship with Clarisse.

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

SPY is the story of Tim, a single father trying to win back the respect and affections of his horribly precocious nine-year-old son, Marcus. With the hope of proving that he is not a complete loser, Tim quits his dead-end job, but his life changes forever when he is accidentally recruited as a trainee spy for MI5.

What if? presents sketches that immerse viewers in life as it could be. Each sketch asks a different question that begins with “What if...?”


EMMY_NOMINEE_2012_EMMY_1109_ARTS 10/26/12 4:01 PM Page 16

2012 NomiNees


south korea


aCroSS LanD, aCroSS Sea

hitLer’ S eSCape

raCe to the Anima Films / The History South poLe

terry pratChett: ChooSing to Die

The Chosunilbo in association with NHK Executive Producers: BANG Chung-Oh, KIM Yu-Yeol Producers: LEE Suk-Kee, SUNG Ki-Ho Directors: LEE Hark-Joon, KO Dong-Kyun, HEIN S. Seok

Channel Latin America Executive Producers: Eduardo Ruiz, Miguel Brailovsky, Sebastian Gamba, Julian Rousso, Matias Gueilburt Producers: Sebastian Gamba, Daniel Laje Director: Matias Gueilburt Writers: Nicolas Gueilburt, Carlos de Napoli Featuring: Carlos de Napoli

BBC / KEO Executive Producers: Craig Hunter (KEO), Sam Anthony (BBC) Producer: Charlie Russell Director: Charlie Russell Featuring: Sir Terry Pratchett

Across Land, Across Sea is about a North Korean defector couple’s struggle to reunite with family members still in North Korea.Their story reveals the denial of basic human rights to defectors residing in China, the plight of trafficked North Korean women, and the perils of escape.


Recent DNA tests and ballistic evidence provoked new questions and suspicions about Adolf Hitler’s death. Hitler’s Escape reviews those suspicions, analyzing the hypothesis of his secret escape to Argentinean Patagonia and questioning his suicide.


uNited kiNgdom

Loopfilm GmbH / Interspot GmbH (Austria) Executive Producers: Guido Knopp (ZDF), Annette Tewes (ZDF) Producers: Oliver Halmburger (Loopfilm), Marten Schnier (Loopfilm), Heinrich Mayer (Interspot) Director: Oliver Halmburger Writer: Oliver Halmburger Principal Cast: Jan Messutat, Mike Hoffmann 100 years ago British and Norwegian teams embarked on a journey to conquer the last undiscovered place on earth - the South Pole. They sailed halfway around the globe and set off on a 2,000 mile trek through the perilous ice desert to see which team could reach the South Pole first.

Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2008, author Sir Terry Pratchett wants to know whether he could decide to end his life before the disease takes over. He travels to the Dignitas Clinic in Switzerland, where he witnesses firsthand the procedures set out for an assisted death.

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_NOMINEE_2012_EMMY_1109_ARTS 10/26/12 4:01 PM Page 17

2012 NomiNees

Drama Series


hoNg koNg, chiNa

BraQuo SeaSon 2

iCaC inveStigatorS the KitChen 2011 MuSiCaL

CANAL + Original Programming / CAPA DRAMA / BAD COMPANY Executive Producer: Claude Chelli Producer: Hervé Chabalier Directors: Philippe Haïm, Eric Valette Writers: Abdel Raouf Dafri, David Defendi, Edgar Marie, Philippe Haïm Created by: Olivier Marchal Principal Cast: JeanHugues Anglade, Nicolas Duvauchelle, Joseph Malerba, Karole Rocher Police officer Eddie Caplan and his group have been arrested for their crimes. Caplan is sent to prison to await trial. In the outside world, however, violence and greed continue to prevail.

Radio Television Hong Kong / Independent Commission Against Corruption Executive Producers: Chan Man-yee Rita, Lo Heung-lan Anita (ICAC) Producers: Lam Chiu-yin, Yip Wai-man, Cheung Kwok-ming, Ha Kwai-cheong, Yu Sai-man Writers: Sakura Yang, Cheung Fai-Fan,Yuen Kai-chi , Alvina Chan, John Chan Principal Cast: Cheung Chi-lam, Kenneth Chan, Lau Ho-lung, Theresa Lee, Chan Chung-Ling,Teddy Robin, So Wing-hong William, Kenneth Tsang ICAC Investigators 2011 illustrates how corruption disrupts public order and harms public interest. The series focuses on corruption cases and the perseverance of the investigators working to bring criminals to justice.

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013


The Group Entertainment Executive Producers: Nelia Sutrisno, CheeK, Christopher James Producer: Wendy Ko Director: CheeK Writers: Jacyln Chan, CheeK, Lisa Di Trolio, Simon McNabb, Brian Samuel Davis, Omaira Galarza Principal Cast: Stephen RahmanHughes, Karylle Tatlonghari, Christian Bautista, Arthur Acuña, Rosemary Vandenbroucke The Kitchen Musical is a genre-busting television series combining good food, sizzling drama, and hit songs in the musical world of a French restaurant, The Avilon.



the SLap

the SoCiaL LeaDer

Matchbox Pictures Executive Producers: Penny Chapman, Carole Sklan Producers: Tony Ayres, Helen Bowden, Michael McMahon Directors: Jessica Hobbs, Matthew Saville, Tony Ayres, Robert Connolly Writers: Emily Ballou, Alice Bell, Brendan Cowell, Kris Mrksa, Cate Shortland Principal Cast: Blake Davis, Essie Davis, Alex Dimitriades, Melissa George, Jonathan LaPaglia, Sophie Lowe, Lex Marinos, Sophie Okonedo At a suburban barbecue, a group of friends and family celebrate Hector’s 40th birthday. Hector sets up a game of backyard cricket. The game escalates into a fight, resulting in a man slapping a boy who is not his son. The incident causes families and friends to divide and take sides.

Pol-ka for El Trece Executive Producer: Diego Andrasnik Producers: Julieta Martinelli, Adrian Suar Director: Daniel Barone Writer: Mario Segade Cinematographer: Guillermo Zappino Principal Cast: Julio Chavez, Gabriela Toscano, Luis Luque, Rodrigo de la Serna, Belén Blanco, María Rosa Fugazot, Carlos Moreno, Pablo Brichta, Joaquín Flamini, Fernando Locatelli The Social Leader tells the story of a political staffer who keeps his dreams alive through political and social work within a neighborhood. He influences the actions and drives the destinies of the people he represents in the community.


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2012 NomiNees

Non-Scripted Entertainment





the aMaZing raCe auStraLia

the ChaLLenger Muaythai

extreMe pLanet

eL horMiguero

Active TV / Seven Network / ABC Studios Executive Producer: Michael McKay (Active TV), Trent Chapman (Seven Network) Producers: Kylie Washington, Ariel White, Matthew Kowald, Sarah Stallard, Kimberly James, Hayley Cunningham, Brad Cox, Joan Leong, Priscilla Yeo, Nicola Unsworth, Shabry Fuard, Chris Paterson, Brian Tanke, Zabrina Fernandez Created by: Bertram van Munster, Elise Doganieri Featuring: Grant Bowler (Host)

Imagine Group / Imagine Group Entertainment / The Group Entertainment Executive Producer: Riaz Mehta, Joel Lin Co-Executive Producers: Sam Gollestani, Eric Van Wagenen Producers: David Knox, Devika A. Rao, Zai Johari Director: Sam Gollestani Writer: Sam Gollestani Featuring: Stephan Fox (Host), Sonia Couling, Nugget McNaught, Manhop Maswichean, Pinto Antoine, Cedric Muller, Cyrus Washington, Fadi Merza, Frank Giorgi, Ilya Grad, Jason Woodham, Jesse Miles Lacombe, Jordan Watson, Marco Pique, Mostafa Abdollahi, Pidsanu Kunchat, Michael Chase Corley, Mohd Faizal Bin Ramli, Rhyse Saliba,Vuyisile Colossa

TV Globo Executive Producer: Claudio de Moraes Producer: Jo찾o Pedro Paes Leme Director: Jo찾o Pedro Paes Leme Writers: Clayton Conservani, Marcelo Outeiral Featuring: Clayton Conservani (Host)

7 y Acci처n / Antena 3 Executive Producers: Pablo Motos, Jorge Salvador Producers: Pablo Motos, Jorge Salvador Directors: Pablo Motos, Jorge Salvador Writers: Pablo Motos, Jorge Salvador Featuring: Pablo Motos (Host)

Extreme Planet is a show about extreme places and extreme stories. The crew travels to inhospitable places on Earth where TV viewers would never go with their families for a holiday.

El Hormiguero features interviews and entertaining segments with popular stars. In this episode, DJ David Guetta visits El Hormiguero.

Eleven teams of two from across Australia race around the world in a 50,000 kilometer, 12 country adventure. Teams compete in a series of challenges at each destination, but some will find the biggest challenge is just getting there.


The Challenger MuayThai showcases the epic battle of 16 contestants selected from among the world's most talented and fearsome fighters. The competition is fierce, and the fighters must lay everything on the line to win not only The Challenger belt but the life-changing $100,000 cash prize. International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

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2012 NomiNees





south korea

the fire of the roSe

hoLy reMeDy

the iLLuSioniSt

iron DaughterS-in-LaW

SP Televisão for SIC Executive Producers: António Parente, Jorge Marecos Producers: António Parente, Jorge Marecos Directors: Patrícia Sequeira, Hugo Xavier Writer: Patrícia Müller Principal Cast: Rogério Samora, Cláudia Vieira

Plural Entertainment Portugal Executive Producer: Hugo de Sousa Producer: Luís Fialho Rico Directors: Hugo de Sousa, António Martinho, Paula Mourão, Paulo Frazão Writer: António Barreira Principal Cast: Margarida Marinho, Rita Pereira, Sofia Alves, Almeno Gonçalves, João Catarré, Sara Barradas, Pedro Carvalho, Manuela Maria, Rodrigo Menezes

TV Globo Executive Producer: Roberto Talma Producer: Mauro Mendonça Filho Directors: Federico Mayrink, Allan Fiterman, Noa Bressane Writers: Alcides Nogueira, Geraldo Carneiro Principal Cast: Rodrigo Lombardi, Carolina Ferraz, Daniel Filho, Regina Duarte, Thiago Fragoso, Alinne Moraes, Marco Ricca, Humberto Martins

Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) / PAN ENT. Executive Producer: CHOI Chang Wook Producer: MOON Jung Soo Director: OH Hyun Chang Writer: KU Hyun-sook Principal Cast: PARK Yoon-jae, SHIN Ae-ra

Gilda and her granddaughters Maria and Matilde run the Mayer pharmaceutical empire, which includes Forella, a hair products company.Their lives are interrupted by the arrival of José da Maia, a seductive man who wants to take over the Mayer fortune.

Violante returns to Portugal to take revenge on the man who left her at the altar. She ends up finding love with a stepson she never knew. Helena, Violante’s unhinged daughter, is obsessed with the son of the man who abandoned her mother. She fights over him with Aurora, who is regarded as a saint by her neighbors.

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

Herculano Quintanilha is a scam artist in a small town who is accused of robbery and imprisoned. In jail he meets master Ferragus, who teaches him about the fascinating world of magic. Upon his release he begins to work as an illusionist. He also befriends Marcos, the rebellious son of the powerful Hayalla family.

The women of the Kim family have dealt with many tragedies, and each member has their own share of secrets. The matriarch of the family keeps her daughter-inlaw, granddaughters, and great-granddaughters in line. The women are desperate for happiness and for a male heir.


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2012 nominees

TV Movie/Mini-Series

united kingdom




BLack mIrror

earLy autumn

the good men

Zeppotron Productions for Channel 4 Executive Producers: Charlie Brooker, Annabel Jones Producer: Barney Reisz Director: Otto Bathurst Writer: Charlie Brooker Principal Cast: Rory Kinnear, Lindsey Duncan

CHUBU-NIPPON BROADCASTING Co.,Ltd / Shochiku Co., Ltd. Executive Producer: Kotaro Komori Producers: Kotaro Komori, Katsuko Hara Director: Masato Harada Writer: Masato Harada Principal Cast: Koji Yakusho, Noriko Nakagoshi

TV Globo / Casa de Cinema de Porto Alegre Executive Producer: Guel Arraes Producer: Nora Goulart Director: Jorge Furtado Writer: Jorge Furtado Principal Cast: Rodrigo Santoro, Débora Falabella, Juliana Moretti, Luis Miranda, Virginia Cavendish, Fúlvio Stefanini, Marcos Verza,Tonico Pereira, Guilherme Weber, Júlio Andrade

L’ InfILtré (the LyIng game)

A twisted parable for the Twitter age, Black Mirror taps into the collective unease about our modern world.


A widower, Matsubara, has felt empty since his daughter's marriage. He goes to Kyoto to see his old friends and seek solace.

Alcebíades, known as Ciba, is a spy-for-hire who occasionally works with the Federal Police. His secrecy is absolute, so his services are sought when a job requires complete discretion. Ciba’s goal is to make enough money to support his exwife and daughter.

CANAL + Original Programming / BREAKOUT Films / APERTO Films / SIRENA Film Executive Producer: Georges Campana Producer: Georges Campana Director: Giacomo Battiato Writer: Giacomo Battiato (Screenplay & Adaptation, Dialogues), Carlo de Boutiny (Dialogues). Based on an idea by Philippe Rondot, with the participation of Jacques Massey Principal Cast: Jacques Gamblin, Mehdi Dehbi, Salim Daw, Laurent Lucas, Jean-François Balmer, Cristiana Capotondi In the 1980s Abu Nidal was head of a Palestinian terrorist organization that carried out attacks across Europe and threatened to intensify activity in France. L'Infiltré is the story of a French secret services officer who infiltrates and destabilizes this organization through the manipulation of one of its members.

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

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EMMY_2012_DELUXE_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/15/12 2:36 PM Page 1

MARCH PANEL_2012_EMMY_1109_MARCH 11/5/12 11:29 AM Page 23

2012 March Board & MeMBers Meeting

The New Digital Ecosystem: Internet Piracy, Innovation & The Future of Copyright Panel hosted by Pat Mitchell, President & CEO, The Paley Center for Media March 9, 2012 The Paley Center for Media, New York Moderator: Eve Burton, Senior Vice President & General Counsel, The Hearst Corporation Panelists: Harvey Anderson, Vice President of Business Affairs & General Counsel, Mozilla; Richard Cotton, Executive Vice President & General Counsel, NBCUniversal BURTON: I am delighted to moderate a panel that addresses an issue where I believe and see solidly the rightness of both sides. And I believe very The International Academy’s March Board & Members meeting luncheon and strongly that a legally mandated solution is destined panel in The Paley Center’s Kissinger Room. to fail. I think it will fail on Capitol Hill. I think it will fail in the courts. I think it will absorb a huge amount of time and I have three goals today. First, I want to briefly set the frameeven more millions of dollars. I don’t think anyone can “win.” So work by which the piracy and copyright issues compete with that seems to me to set the stage for a solution. All sides can have the concept of a free uncensored internet. This issue was very a “win” by a solution. I suggest we create a social contract, a parastarkly presented in the congressional debate with SOPA, the digm for discussion, based on a mutual respect between content Stop Online Privacy Act, and its companion in the house, which companies and internet providers. I know I’m making some catewas PIPA, the Protection of Intellectual Property Act. I want a disgorical generalizations here since the lines between content and cussion not so much on the details of those laws, but mainly technology are blurred. But the fact that Harvey and Rick are here what came from them, since the bills have been withdrawn. So provides an opportunity for practical discussion.You have the bios I think it’s important just to talk about them conceptually. of both Harvey and Rick in your program, but I want to point out Second I want to ask both of the panelists to spend about just a couple of things about each that are very interesting and ten minutes each talking about their strongest and weakest perhaps why they have surfaced as the two people with strongly respective arguments. held but reasonable views who will help us with this social conThird I want to make sure we leave some time for some solutract. Harvey is actually an engineer by training.There are very few tions. I’d like to set the stage for a different dialogue between conengineers who are able to look you in the eye, who don’t only tent providers and internet companies and a working solution wear sneakers and think primarily by rubbing their head. It’s a difthat could be in everybody’s interests.Without a solution, Harvey ferent way of thinking. Harvey has somehow transcended that, and the West Coast companies will face governmental pressures went to law school and he is a critical part of the senior team at and potential anti-trust and monopoly challenges. If we see even Mozilla. He’s worked at a number of internet companies as a more piracy, as Rick will tell us, it will challenge the ability to proCOO, as a CEO and as a general counsel, so he comes at this duce great premium content affordably. And I would at least argue from a true understanding of the internet.What makes Rick quite we will put some dent into creativity. And as a First Amendment unusual in the context of general counsels is he has had business lawyer, I think that both of these outcomes, if we don’t get a resroles at NBC and has run an international company. He underolution together, will be bad for democracy. stands the needs for both growth and legal compromise. He also Moving to the framework.There are two things we can agree has a tremendous passion for this issue. He has a very strong peron and that is that both content companies and internet compaspective, which comes from knowledge and years of thinking nies should be able to agree that piracy and stealing are bad. As a about it. So I’m delighted to sit between my old friend, my new concept, they’re bad. And we can agree that copyright protection friend, my East Coast friend and my West Coast friend. and patents are important. Copyright protection is even important International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013


MARCH PANEL_2012_EMMY_1109_MARCH 11/3/12 2:48 PM Page 24

sites and to sites that were directly or facilitating infringement from their search, worldwide. The essential element of concern to content companies was to protect innovation and creativity, which is produced at great cost. The internet companies on the other hand argued that the statutory language and the entire concept was too broad as it covered too many sites, it was using a sledge hammer for surgery that would not work and they questioned why internet companies really be the enforcers of the content owners economic rights, for free? They asked, is there really due process for a site to fight NBC and Hearst? Will ex-parte orders kill some small legitimate companies? What are the remedies for that? Why are we comfortable with the government Panelist Richard Cotton, Executive Vice President & General Counsel, NBCUniversal, with mod- being involved? Trust them? I don’t erator Eve Burton, Senior Vice President & General Counsel, The Hearst Corporation, and panthink so. And what about the engielist Harvey Anderson, Vice President of Business Affairs & General Counsel, Mozilla neering cost, and the internal monitoring, and the bureaucracy that would be created as part of enough to be in the U.S. constitution. Internet companies have compliance. It creates cost and liability. been very good at going up and lobbying Capitol Hill for patent The second basic debate constatutes, so they have some basic recerned the anti-circumvention provispect for intellectual property rights. sions in the bill that barred the use of Look at the court dockets. Internet technological tools to facilitate getting companies large and small are suing around the blocked sites that were each other over all sorts of intellectual shut down by the government or a property issues, so they must think third party. The internet companies they’re important and that there’s were concerned that the requirement something to protect. So I think we can would interfere with free speech and agree, stealing is bad and that some init would stop dissidents from being tellectual property protection is good. able to communicate with the world. Secondly, I think it is fair to say that we This provision would also require the internet companies to all have some appreciation for the democratic flow of information preemptively censure to avoid litigation, if not liability. And and see it as critical. Certainly, Rick as well as myself are both First would there be over blocking? We would be blocking too Amendment practitioners and we have fought long hard battles. many things and would be again trying to kill too much? One case at Hearst involved San Francisco Chronicle reporters who The third and final major area of the bill allowed content were sentenced to 18 months in jail for refusing to turn over conowners to have a cause of action against internet companies fidential sources who were whistleblowers against corruption in and the hosts who enable infringing content. For example, if baseball. NBC has its share as well. Internet companies have also there was illegal material, content owners could go to court played a critical role of facilitating information sharing. Mozilla has and seek an order forcing that payment processors, or ad nettools that are available and allowed dissidents to be heard recently in Syria and Egypt. Google and Facebook have also been a critical works, cease doing business with that site.The argument against component of the free flow of information. I think we can all agree this provision was that the government was overregulating prithat we share an interest in protecting the flow of information. vate commerce and who would determine when ad revenue So recently we hit a road bump with SOPA and PIPA. I want was tainted? What about if the site was only 20 percent to layout briefly the three areas that these bills covered. I will share piracy? And as one executive in the internet space said, which with you at least my more objective view of where the rubs came I thought put all three of these things together, “If a yellow Ford Mustang was involved in a robbery, would the government inon them.The bills were drafted primarily through the lobbying efdict and kill all of Ford?” In response, a content executive said: forts of the content companies who were frustrated to be los“We’re only targeting foreign sites that exist solely and wholly ing content through piracy overseas.The bills anticipated law that to steal creative content and sell ads off that content…It is no would allow the U.S. government and in some cases, content different than allowing a thief to walk into Saks 5th Avenue and companies and other third parties, to require through a court steal a handbag. Why can they do it online?” action Google, Mozilla others to remove links to suspected rogue

“In the end, the ability to really solve this problem is going to require some partnerships.” —Eve Burton


International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

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MARCH PANEL_2012_EMMY_1109_MARCH 11/3/12 2:48 PM Page 26

Panelist Richard Cotton, Executive Vice President & General Counsel, NBCUniversal

I think that sets the debate and the general positions. So Rick, I ask you: is there a legitimate concern by internet companies that they should not be the enforcer of rights for content companies? And are you using the government through this statute to protect an antiquated business model, perhaps, and isn’t self-help a better solution?

“It comes back to the question do you wind up with a rule of law which in fact does respect free speech, privacy and access? That’s a challenge, in the physical world.” —Rick Cotton

COTTON: The difficulty is that the details are in fact somewhat complicated. It probably won’t surprise anybody in this room to say that I don’t think her description of what the law was actually reflects what was actually in the law. Having said that, I don’t think looking backward is actually that constructive because we just have different views about what the history was here. So in terms of looking forward, I think the way I would frame the problem, now we can talk about some of the complexities of it, is really has three elements. First of all what we are talking about is the rule of law very broadly defined on the internet.What is it that sets behavior? We can talk about it in term of rights, and we can talk about it in term of civilized behavior. What is it that sets the terms of what one can do online and how do you enforce it? And I think that’s a bit of a challenge that one has to deal with. So that I think is framing issue number one, and it will be very helpful in fact to come together in a constructive conversation. Second is the scale of the bad behavior that is currently going on online.This is not about an isolated piece of content going through a telephone line. This is based on a third party company: you have currently 250 million monthly users going to BitTorrent, which is 98-percent-plus 30

stolen content. Before MegaUpload was shut down: 93 million monthly visitors. Twenty four percent of bandwidth is actually devoted to, from our point of view, stolen content.There are 35 million monthly visitors to the Pirate Bay, which is exactly what it sounds like.The point is we really have wound up in these early days of the internet with the equivalent of the wild west. Media companies, content companies, physical product companies are all trying to take huge advantage of the distribution capabilities, but there is a dark side. And it’s a dark side that is seriously and truly out of control. There is no way that we are going to wind up with a rule of law with a set of behavior rules on the internet unless they are technology based. Unless they are in fact created by, sustained by, implemented by, the managers and creators of the technological environment that is the broadband internet. You can think about it a different ways, if you operate a mall in the physical world, you actually do have to provide security. You can’t confuse freedom with lawlessness.We don’t confuse that in the physical world, which you know my freedom ends where yours begins. So the point is that one has to come to terms and try to figure out how one gets the creators, the managers of the broadband internet to take reasonable steps to prevent their infrastructure, whether it’s ad networks or credit card companies, or search engines, domain name registrars, you can go on and on, but the distributive sectors, we have to figure out and I would say probably cooperatively would be best, but where they wind up being part of the solution, and not allowing their infrastructure to be hijacked, which currently is being for bad use and it’s currently happening at a scale where I would just say as a society we’re not going to be able to go forward constructively. BURTON: Let me just add to this. Rick, you would really like Harvey to be the enforcer for content companies. So Harvey, theft is wrong, we agree on that, why not be part of the solution? Why aren’t you making a business to charge Rick money to take down the rogue site and have a small team that does that and doesn’t that protect the internet in a long run? Don’t you have the problem on the other side that some companies perhaps overreacted? Google and Wikipedia shut things down, had a blackout for a day? Doesn’t this show the power of the West Coast technology companies and that we ought all be a little scared about that? Imagine what would happen if Silicon Valley really got worked up and they shut down the entire web, should we trust that won’t happen? Isn’t it true that many internet companies are really purists who just don’t like the government and in fact want everything for free? ANDERSON: There is a lot of content here to respond to. Before I address those questions, I just have to start with something that Rick said. A number of things that you said. I think this is where the problem starts. When you characterize the internet as a wild west and talk about the rule of law, I think that is the core piece International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_2012_DORI_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 9/27/12 10:21 AM Page 1

EMMY_2012_HEARST_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 9/27/12 11:06 AM Page 1

MARCH PANEL_2012_EMMY_1109_MARCH 11/3/12 7:02 PM Page 29

of the gap of how we view the web. That’s one piece. Another piece is when we talk about the internet and you say Google and Facebook. Google and Facebook do not necessarily represent the web and the internet.Those are companies, commercial entities. God bless them, they do great work and provide great services and serve billion of users but they are not necessarily the internet. I want to distinguish this idea that the internet is not just a distribution channel anymore.We view the internet as a medium, as an environment. It’s taken on a life on its own, and I do agree with you about it being very young: it’s about eight thousand days young, eight thousand days. And the web… look Twitter didn’t exist three, four years ago.You know, this social media change that is happening today didn’t exist four years ago, five years ago. So when I started Netscape, all we did was view web pages. That’s what we did: we just went to a few websites.There was no interactivity, none of that stuff happened, and broadband wasn’t so prevalent either, so that is a significant change when you make the distinction about the broadband internet.That changed the scale of things. But the internet itself, to us, represents a medium that needs to be protected and it’s very fragile. It’s very fragile and I would put forth that information technologies are even more fragile in subject to the dominant media and power structures that existed before them. So if we look back historically, telegraph opposed radio, AM opposed FM, broadcast opposed cable… that’s not just me making that up, there’s a long history of the dominant interests objecting to the next medium that was coming along. I would also suggest that...the internet and the content companies...are not different. When I think of the web as a medium that delivers primarily content and some interactivity and services, it lives and breathes on content. Folks in this room

create some of the best, highly produced content in the world. It’s very valuable. So no one disputes that. So if you look at them as being more closely related, I see the content companies as being web companies, and when we talk about these internet companies that are subject to the legislation SOPA and PIPA, they are not just like some other companies that are only in California.They’re companies that are here, right down the street, that are in New York, all over the world. So as a framing, that perspective is what drives a lot of the folks that think about the internet and this is why you saw a lot of the protest around SOPA and PIPA.There is another piece that you addressed about Pirate Bay.Web companies in general, I mean, almost everyone that I know that was involved in the SOPA and PIPA protest, is opposed to piracy. You talked about Pirate Bay being a problem and I would agree with you: Pirate Bay is a problem. I mean it’s a site dedicated to piracy. That is what it lives for. But that’s not the rest of the web. That’s not any of your subs that use the web, that’s not the content companies, that’s not the music labels that use the web. If that’s just the problem, we can have a short discussion here. We can really just focus on Pirate Bay. Also, you tossed out some of those numbers. I would love to explore those because I don’t think I believe them, to be honest with you, and I think that’s part of the problem the folks that hear the assertion that piracy is so bad and it’s destroying the content industries. I don’t think we believe that, fundamentally.

“There is a big gap here, of how we view what the web is and of what the world of content is.” —Harvey Anderson

Eve Burton, Senior Vice President & General Counsel, The Hearst Corporation, with panelist Harvey Anderson, Vice President of Business Affairs & General Counsel, Mozilla

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

BURTON: Harvey, when you first got involved in this, the federal investigative forces of some agencies of the U.S. government contacted you? I think it’s a really good example of what happens when we get outside the pure stealing but what comes with this issue. ANDERSON: Homeland Security called me up on the phone and asked Mozilla to take down an add-on that we host. We have a marketplace on add-on that lives into Firefox. (Firefox serves 500 million users around the world and there are these add-ons you can customize.) So there was an add-on and they wanted us to block it and what the add-on did, it’s called Mafia Fire, and that was a redirector add-on. So when Homeland Security went to a site to seize it, if they had a seizure order, meaning they determined that there was real piracy going on there, they could seize that site and they would block it, and block the DNS. Mafia Fire was a redirector, much like So you had your mail reforwarded if you went to the old address, it would send you to the new address.That’s all it did. And it was really directed to this kind of view, from what I can tell. But it was redirection technology.There’s lot of redirection technology that protect human rights advo33

MARCH PANEL_2012_EMMY_1109_MARCH 11/3/12 2:48 PM Page 30

COTTON: Law enforcement operates under constraints, they’re constitutional, they’re prescribed by law. And are they perfect? No they’re not perfect. But you can’t do without law enforcement. It comes back to the question do you wind up with a rule of law which in fact does respect free speech, does respect privacy, does respect access. That’s a challenge in the physical world. The fact that’s it’s a challenge in the internet doesn’t mean that you go back to no action. And I guess that would be my fundamental point. I think these are all absolutely fair conversations. I think there are criticisms that can be made of the broad sweep of many aspects of the copyright law, if you ask about the enforcement of tiny pieces of copyright I would just tell you that’s history.This is not a question about mash-ups. It’s not just content, we’re talking about books, we’re talking about sporting events, we’re talking about digital software, we’re talking about the creative digital sectors which are multiple and then we’re talking about really, the invention and the innovation of the U.S. economy. Because if we’re not going to protect the easy use of the internet to access counterfeit goods, willy-nilly with zero enforcement activity, seriously, it is going to compromise our global competitiveness, that’s all the United States have. But the point is, back to the issue, there have to be strict controls. But it can’t be because it’s difficult that we should do nothing.

International Academy President & CEO, Bruce L. Paisner, with moderator Eve Burton, Senior Vice President & General Counsel, The Hearst Corporation, and panelist Harvey Anderson, Vice President of Business Affairs & General Counsel, Mozilla

cates, they use redirector technology. So they called me up and they asked, “Can you take it down?” So I asked them a number of questions, do you have a warrant, is there a seizure order, what’s the basis for taking it down? They couldn’t provide any of them. They had no seizure order, no fax that they could provide to us, no affidavit that they could share with us. And I said no. So we wrote about it, we posted it and that caused some consternation. All I can tell is that some of the people that were behind the push, what it looked like to me was that a number of content companies, including NBC, including NFL, some sports franchises, had gone to Homeland Security and told them “there is pirated activity going on there, can you go get this add-on.”Then the government comes to us. I happen to know what was going on, but imagine when DHS goes out and talks to, you know the three folks at the website up down the street just started their business that happen to host some content that may or may not be infringing.They don’t know, they’re going to take it down.That’s the chilling effect that happens on the web, when suddenly you have the government injecting itself based on assertions of private interest that are unchecked.That was our concern. BURTON: Rick, just to go back on that same point. Do content companies overreact? For example, when there is a birthday party filmed on a YouTube video, and there is music in the background, and a content company sues the birthday party family for using the music? Should we give law the power to sue for such minor infractions? 34

ANDERSON: Just one thing.When you say “do nothing” I agree with you about the rule of law, it can’t be nothing. But I would suggest the tools that are out there actually are effective if used in most cases. Mozilla itself has prosecuted half a dozen injunctions in Germany for sites and operations that were engaged in piracy of our code and our brand and they were running some subscription traps, so they would dupe people into buying open source free software for $30 and they would charge them, continue to charge them and threaten to bring bad credit action against them to the tune of tens of millions of dollars. So you’re right, it’s not just the content in the way we think of it, it’s broadly software too. So we brought many actions there, so we went to Germany, followed their actions, went to due process, filed the complaint, won, and in some cases we pursued this work with the police and help them with criminal actions and recently, the leader of this ring was actually sentenced to three years in jail for their activities. BURTON:What are the solutions assuming no legislation? In the end, your ability to really solve this problem is going to require some partnerships, to your point Harvey, we’re not always on the opposite sides, we sit sometimes together. Think about a social contract. Recall Rick in the context of the First Amendment, for many years the government had far more legal authority than they ever used against content companies because we had a social contract. Conversely if there was some sort of national security issue we would give them information without a subpoena. So here assuming everybody sees that there is some problem and some benefit to changing course, are both sides willing to change a little bit in the way they do things? For internet companies is there a voluntary offer to assist in the name of honesty? Perhaps you already do some of the testing to assist a robust internet experience? Perhaps you do it so we avoid statutes for decades to come? Is there at least an argument that through some voluntary mechanism, search engines, could stop directing traffic to Pirate International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_2012_HBO_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/4/12 5:18 PM Page 1

MARCH PANEL_2012_EMMY_1109_MARCH 11/3/12 7:04 PM Page 32

Pat Mitchell, President & CEO, The Paley Center for Media

Bay? We all agree that it is wholly piracy and wholly foreign. Maybe only MegaUpload would be stopped? To make Rick’s point that would allow a decrease of up to 80 percent of the traffic. Going back to the content companies and the business model, the consumer wants to get what the consumer wants, immediately. Are content producers willing to give that to them with less friction, and with no waiting, even if it costs a little bit of money? I mean there is some economics here, right? Would it not lessen piracy if we found an easier way for consumers to get our content immediately and to easily pay for it? Isn’t piracy the content owners responsibility to solve through a better business model, technology, better relationships and mutual respect? Can we have a committee that could experiment with some of these things? COTTON: I would say the answer is yes and I’ll give you some examples of voluntary agreements. But the point about it not being available is way over blown....You have to either watch advertising or pay fees for [content]. But the fact is in terms of counterfeit goods, the vast majority of digital theft is of material that is currently available on a legitimate basis. And I would say, it depends on you talking about multiple sectors here, if you come back to the very narrow case of television. NBC was part of creating Hulu, iTunes makes virtually any TV show that you want to see today you can see immediately after it has aired on multiple different digital platforms.

problem, they love those kinds of challenges, and we actually already do that. I think that part of the problem here is the way it’s cast. If you look at the web today, we do forms of filtering, through safe browsing, for example sites [that] contain malware, spy-ware, stuff on your computer that you don’t want, we made the decision we’re going to block those sites or make it difficult for you to get to them, we don’t actually block them we put up really scary warnings that say if you go here it’s going to be bad, if you click here god knows what’s going to happen and it’s generally true on these malware sites. So there’s an example of where we saw an activity that was harmful to users. And I don’t think that this is a crazy model.The problem I have to solve is what’s harmful to the user. Mozilla is an open-source software company that makes a browser. We have some hosts on the marketplace and billions of downloads and we may have one download that really has some piracy, spent to it. I might not even know about it, chances are we don’t, because anyone can post add-ons. If you think about websites today, a lot of them are about creating user-generated content. So they are intermediaries instead of hosting all kinds of content and they don’t really know what they’re hosting, what its purpose is. And they were locked in to start to put up these filters because once you start, they’re afraid of that process as they start to go down, where does it stop? BURTON: If Rick were to pay and help you develop a business model for your engineers to solve a problem, which would be to look very specifically, from an architecture point of view at any number of sites as they come up, would that work? Are you willing to allow them to say no to you if they think it’s too much for of an incumberance on the user? Or if they think it is only filled with 20 or 30 percent counterfeit content? That way we use a scalpel rather than a regulatory club. And the internet companies are paid for their services. ANDERSON: I think there a number of companies that would be interested in that, they would be more interested in doing it

BURTON: Could the West Coast companies make it a little bit harder for people to access? Is that a reasonable request or not? ANDERSON: It is a reasonable request, and I think that’s part of what happened, with SOPA, is that the folks felt that they weren’t part of the solution and there was just this regulatory scheme being shoved down our throats. When you talk to technologists, if you say hey I have this problem, could you help me solve this 36

Rainer Siek, Chairman, Nominating Committee; President MT.NY, with Ralph Baruch, Executive Committee Member

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

MARCH PANEL_2012_EMMY_1109_MARCH 11/3/12 7:07 PM Page 33

for the social good and to create a better user experience.That’s what will compel them.The money component of it, you know that’s great, everyone likes to get paid for their work. Again, the challenge would be making sure that you don’t create something that’s going to denigrate the web. And when we think about the web we think of this place where there’s a lot of generativity. And we don’t always know what’s going to happen, we don’t know how two technologies will be combined to create something that’s really unique. You wouldn’t have thought of Twitter right? You wouldn’t have thought of a taxi cab text messaging system, to result in carrying all the content and video that it does today too. I know technologists will be concerned that they don’t do something that unintentionally….

tion at all, not that they’re opposed to government in their personal lives but relative to the web.

BURTON: But they can control it. Assume for a minute in this little dialogue, they can control it.They go back to Rick and say, I’m sorry we see this but we don’t believe it is infringing.We can have a dialogue about a particular site and the resources would be allocated there.

COTTON: That’s right! I think you need to keep going down that route and I think everybody has to realize that it’s not going to be perfect, but I don’t think anybody aspires…so I think that conversations that are intended to a good outcome. And I start out by saying I don’t think you can ask people to do things that are unreasonable and when I say unreasonable that’s not sitting on the side external to the people whose business it is.You have to wind up in a conversation where they come to the judgment that they’re being asked to do something that by their life with all of their values is reasonable. And so I think that’s a question on whether that kind of dialogue can wind up with a place that in fact does change the ecosystem we’re talking about.

ANDERSON: I’m pretty confident that most of us will be pretty opposed to a regulatory scheme that continues to extend copyright protections that are baked into technology.The web is really concerned about baking into technical solutions, because things change so quickly. And in fact the web as a whole has a techno libertarian view that doesn’t like regula-

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

BURTON: Are the content people willing to have a serious dialogue where they would say we want to try a non-legislative solution for a reasonable amount of time? COTTON: The answer is trying to get into a dialogue.YouTube did what it did for a whole variety of reasons; the credit card companies have agreed to receive complaints against sites and not to do business with those sites. So the fact is... BURTON: We need some wins; we need a few more wins in term of this..


EMMY_2012_TECHNICOLOR_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 9/27/12 12:27 PM Page 1

2012_DIGITAL_AWARDS__EMMY_1108_INTERACTIVE 10/26/12 4:38 PM Page 49

Digital Emmy awarDs

2012 International Digital Emmy Awards at MIPTV April 1, 2012, Cannes The International Digital Emmy Awards took center stage once again during MIPTV’s Opening Night in Cannes. The Awards, which were attended by over 300 international executives from the television, broadband and mobile industries, recognized for the seventh year excellence in international content created and designed for viewer interaction and/ or delivery on a digital platform. Celebrity presenters on stage and on the Red Carpet included leading actresses, from the series The ceremony’s hosts; Femmes Fatales’ Nikki Griffin, Tiffany Brouwer, Shani Pride, Christine Donlon, Femme Fatales, Tiffany Catherine Annette and Madison Dylan Brouwer, Christine Donlon, Catherine Annette, Shani Pride, Madison Dylan and Vinny Guadagnino; Copper’s Tom Weston-Jones and Nikki Griffin; Jersey Shore’s Deena Nicole Cor tese and Franka Potente; Miss World 2011 Ivian Sarcos; actor Jean Reno; and Titanic’s writer Julian Fellowes with cast Celia Imrie, Geraldine Somer ville and Glen Blackhall. SHUJAAZ FM (Well Told Story), a multimedia communications project designed to inspire and motivate millions of Kenyans to take action to improve their lives and engage with urgent issues that shape their future, garnered the first Digital Emmy Award for Kenya by winning the Children & Young People category. Endgame Interactive: Facebook Episode (Secret Location/Shaw Media/Thunderbird Films), a transmedia episode created to extend the Showcase television drama Endgame online, won the Fiction category. Live from the Clinic (Maverick Television for Channel 4), a medical series enabling viewers to apply through the show’s website to be seen live over webcam during transmission by the show’s resident doctors and leading specialists, won the Non-Fiction category. Complete informaReed MIDEM President & CEO Paul Zilk with Academy President & CEO Bruce L. Paisner tion on the winners follows. International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013


EMMY_2012_FUJI_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 9/27/12 12:24 PM Page 1

2012_DIGITAL_AWARDS__EMMY_1108_INTERACTIVE 10/26/12 4:38 PM Page 50

Nikki Griffin, Tiffany Brouwer, Shani Pride, Christine Donlon, Catherine Annette and Madison Dylan

Julian Fellowes and actors Celia Imrie, Geraldine Somerville and Glen Blackhall (Titanic)

Miss World Ivian Sarcos

Jersey Shore’sVinny Guadagnino and Deena Nicole Cortese

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

Franka Potente and Tom Weston-Jones (Copper)


2012_DIGITAL_AWARDS__EMMY_1108_INTERACTIVE 11/3/12 7:16 PM Page 51


Digital Program: Fiction Live from the Clinic Maverick Television for Channel 4 United Kingdom Credits: Dan Jones, Executive Producer Steph Harris, Executive Producer Sandra Gorel, Producer Adam Gee, Commissioning Editor

Live from the Clinic

Live from the Clinic was broadcast on Channel 4, relying largely on online presence. Viewers applied through the show’s website to be seen live over webcam during transmission by the show’s resident doctors and leading specialists. On the website, these cases were made available as interactive videos, allowing users to create a shopping basket of resources most applicable to them, which they could then email to themselves. As the shows aired, users were encouraged to ‘play along’ using My Healthchecker, taking 19 tests related to subjects across the series, ranging from Dyslexia, OCD, Autism, and ADHD, to BMI, Body Fat Percentage, and Diabetes. Along with receiving detailed feedback and advice, users could compare their results anonymously with others. My VideoDoctor, an interactive video product, allowed users to receive a personalised consultation based on their symptoms from the show’s doctors.

Digital Program: Non-Fiction category presenter Nikki Griffin

Adam Gee, Stephanie Harris, Sandra Gorel and Dan Jones


International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_2012_AE_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/15/12 5:31 PM Page 1

EMMY_2012_NBCU_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/3/12 9:16 AM Page 1

2012_DIGITAL_AWARDS__EMMY_1108_INTERACTIVE 11/3/12 7:17 PM Page 53

Digital Program: Children & Young People SHUJAAZ.FM Well Told Story Kenya Credits: Rob Burnet, Executive Producer Bridget Deacon, Head of Production Daniel Muli, Animation & Design Eric Muthoga, Art Shujaaz.FM is a multimedia communications project, designed to inspire and motivate millions of Kenyans to take action to improve their lives and engage with urgent issues that shape their future. Shujaaz.FM is delivered simultaneously across multiple interactive channels to inform and involve Kenyans starved of oppor tunities and eager to build better futures for themselves. Shujaaz.FM follows the lives of Daniel Muli and Bridget Deacon four young Kenyans. The star is Boyie, who’s built a pirate radio station in his bedroom from which he broadcasts his show Shujaaz.FM as DJ B. The other characters are fans of his show and call in with stories and ideas for him to share. Together they reveal tried and tested ideas about making money, growing up, entrepreneurship, and democracy.

Digital Program: Children & Young People category presenter, Chef Chuck Hughes (Chuck’s Day Off) Shujaaz.FM

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013


2012_DIGITAL_AWARDS__EMMY_1108_INTERACTIVE 11/3/12 7:19 PM Page 55

Digital Program: Non-Fiction Endgame Interactive: Facebook Episode Secret Location / Shaw Media / Thunderbird Films Canada Credits: James Milward, Executive Producer, Secret Location CJ Hervey, Producer, Secret Location Alan Sawyer, Executive Producer Chris Harris, Head of Online Content, Shaw Media

the content right into the story’s conclusion.The objective was to draw the audience into the Endgame show world with an immersive experience and create a direct interaction with Arkady Balagan, the charismatic star of the show. By joining Balagan’s band of investigators, users experienced the show content through online video and casual gaming elements in a new and unique way.

Endgame Interactive is a transmedia episode created to extend the Showcase television drama Endgame online. The audience participates in an interactive mystery where they take on the main role in the narrative, which is populated with information from their Facebook account. Fans interact with the cast, search for clues, question suspects, and unravel the mystery in a cinematic and personal experience.The episode seamlessly integrates elements of the viewers Facebook profile into the video and places the users’ friends at the center of a kidnapping mystery. C.J. Hervey, Pietro Gagliano, Ryan Andal, Chris Harris and James Milward The online experience is built on a platform that builds social media directly into the story, posting cryptic messages to viewers’ Facebook accounts and weaving the need to share

Endgame Interactive

Digital Program: Fiction category presenters Vinny Guadagnino and Deena Nicole Cortese (Jersey Shore)


International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

ACADEMY DAY_2012_EMMY_1108_JUDGING SEASON 11/3/12 7:21 PM Page 47

AcAdemy dAy in Hong Kong & SHenzHen

International Academy Day in Hong Kong & Shenzhen April 18-21, 2012 A delegation of international television professionals conregion, while the afternoon panel addressed multiplatverged in Hong Kong and Shenzhen from April 18 to 21 form business oppor tunities in China. for International Academy Day, a series of networking events and panels, designed to shine the spotlight on China’s television industr y. Hosted by Phoenix Satellite Television, the event was inaugurated by Phoenix Satellite Television Chairman Liu Changle at an opening dinner on Hong Kong’s renowned Peak. Program highlights of the three-day event included four keynote speeches and two panels. The keynotes were given by Vice Minister, Li Wei, SARFT; President Hu Zhanfan, CCTV; and H.E. Tung Chee-Hwa, Vice Chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. The morning session presented leading industr y players discussing their experiences and strategy in the Dancers at a traditional Chinese show at Cultural village in Shenzhen

Academy Day group photo at Phoenix Headquarters in Hong Kong

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013


ACADEMY DAY_2012_EMMY_1108_JUDGING SEASON 11/3/12 7:23 PM Page 48

Academy President & CEO, Bruce L. Paisner; Wang Rong, Party Secretary of Shenzhen, and Liu Changle, Founder & Chairman, Phoenix Satellite Television, at a luncheon in Shenzhen

H.E. Tung Chee-Hwa, Vice Chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference


International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

ACADEMY DAY_2012_EMMY_1108_JUDGING SEASON 11/3/12 7:24 PM Page 50

Visit to Phoenix Newsroom

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013


ACADEMY DAY_2012_EMMY_1108_JUDGING SEASON 11/3/12 7:26 PM Page 52

Leading Industry Players Discuss Their Experience & Strategy in the Region was moderated by Charles Lei, Founder & CEO, and featured: Alan Hodges, Managing Director, Asia-Pacific, A+E Networks; James Heimowitz, CEO, Asia, Chairman, China, Hill & Knowlton; William Pfeiffer, CEO, Dragongate Entertainment; Josh Steiner, Senior Advisor Comcast/NBCUniversal, Mumbai.

Liu Changle, Founder & Chairman of Phoenix Satellite Television

Moderator Charles Lei

Era of Omni-Media & Business Opportunities in China was moderated by Chiang Sheng Yang, Phoenix Satellite TV presenter and featured; Liu Shang, VP, Phoenix Group & CEO, Phoenix New Media; Alan Lau, Partner, Mckinsey; Nadav Palti, President & CEO, Dori Media Group; Wenning Xing, Managing Director, Hearst Corporate Office, China.


International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_2012_PHOENIX_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 9/28/12 9:29 AM Page 1

EMMY_2012_EUROTVGUILD_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 9/27/12 12:24 PM Page 1

ACADEMY DAY_2012_EMMY_1108_JUDGING SEASON 11/3/12 7:28 PM Page 55

Academy Members visit the Phoenix studio facilities in Hong Kong

Academy Day delegation visit to Huawei headquarters in Shenzhen

Academy Members at Wuzhou Guest House in Shenzhen

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013


ACADEMY DAY_2012_EMMY_1108_JUDGING SEASON 11/3/12 7:29 PM Page 56

Liu Changle, Founder & Chairman, Phoenix Satellite Television; Wu Yihuan, Vice-Mayor of Shenzhen; Li Wei, Vice Minister of SARFT (State Administration of Radio, Film and Television) and Wei Dichun, Vice-President of CCTV

Academy Members in Shenzhen

Academy President & CEO Bruce L. Paisner with former Hong Kong Chief Executive, Donald Tsang


International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

ACADEMY DAY_2012_EMMY_1108_JUDGING SEASON 11/3/12 2:52 PM Page 58

Academy Member Michael Schelp, Director, Business Development, Fuji, interviewed by Phoenix crew at Hong Kong’s Sha Tin horse races

Boat ride in Hong Kong Harbor

Sha Tin horse races in Hong Kong

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013


EMMY_2012_SHAW_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/15/12 3:29 PM Page 1




2012 International Emmy Awards Semi-Final Round of Judging

rom June to September, thanks to the 31 member companies who hosted Semi-Final Rounds of Judging for the 2012 International Emmy Awards competition, the Academy traveled to 29 judging sites in: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Mexico, Panama, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands and the United States.

Semi-final Rounds of Judging are not only a crucial step in the judging process, but also a great networking oppor tunity for the Host, and for Jurors invited to par ticipate in the competition. Jurors, selected by the Academy in collaboration with the Host, are television professionals involved in all sectors of the industr y. A complete directory of the 2012 judging hosts and participants follows in this section.

Whoopi Goldberg, Emmy Judging Director Nathaniel Brendel, and Sylvain Parent-Bedard at Semi-Final round of judging hosted by Nathalie Bourdon & Sylvain Parent-Bedard, Farmore Distribution, in Quebec City

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013



Cologne Semi-Final co-Hosts Leopold Hoesch, Broadview TV, and Frank Freiling, ZDF

International television professionals interested in participating in the competition are invited to apply on the Academy website to become a juror for the 2013 season. Academy Members interested in getting more involved in the judging process are encouraged to judge, and host an event in their region. To be considered as a host for the 2013 Semi-Final round of judging, please contact Nathaniel Brendel, Director, Emmy Judging.

Red Carpet during the Semi-Final round of judging hosted by Leopold Hoesch, Broadview TV, and Frank Dieter Freiling, ZDF, in Cologne

The judging took place at the Marienburg of Cologne

Jurors at work


Actress Bettina Zimmermann, producer Oliver Berben and actress Sibel Kekilli at the cocktail

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_2012_MICROSOFT_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/4/12 10:30 AM Page 1


Kids: Animation Juror Panel at Triggerfish Studios in Cape Town

The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Wishes to Thank: SEMI-FINAL JUDGING HOSTS: Nashwa Al Ruwaini Pyramedia (Abu Dhabi, UAE) Andres Badra Corporacion Medcom (Panama, Panama) Steven Bawol Helion Pictures (Paris, France) Piv Bernth Danish Broadcasting Corporation (Copenhagen, Denmark) Nathalie Bourdon & Sylvain Parent-Bedard Farmore Distribution (Quebec, Canada) Gillian Carr Moody Street Kids (Melbourne, Australia) Octavio Florisbal TV Globo (Lisbon, Portugal & Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Frank Dieter Freiling ZDF (Cologne, Germany) Gregoire Furrer Gregoire Furrer Productions (Paris, France) Xavier Gouyou-Beauchamps TV France International (Biarritz, France) Alejandro Harrison Pramer (Buenos Aires, Argentina) Vanessa Henneman Henneman Agency (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Leopold Hoesch BROADVIEW TV GmbH (Cologne, Germany) Charles Lei Yingzhanwang (Beijing, China) Denis Lillie Cape Film Commission (Cape Town, South Africa) Michael McKay Active TV (Singapore, Singapore) Alexander Marin Sony Pictures Television Latin America (Santa Fe, Mexico) Bernadette O’Mahony Australian Children’s Television Foundation (Melbourne, Australia) 60

Panel of jurors at Semi-Final round of judging hosted by Denis Lillie, Cape Film Commission in Cape Town

Miguel Oliva HBO Latin America Group (Miami, USA) Franz Patay & Chris Hunt IMZ – International Music & Media Centre (Berlin, Germany) Melvin Perez & Marcello Coltro MGM Latin America (Miami, USA) Remy Pflimlin & Nicole Devilaine France Televisions (Paris, France) Antony Root HBO Central Europe (Budapest, Hungary) Jane Roscoe SBS (Sydney, Australia) Ricardo Salinas Azteca (Mexico City, Mexico) Michael Smeaton FFP New Media (Berlin, Germany) Saran Virutamavongsa Bangkok Broadcasting (Bangkok, Thailand) Anil Wanvari Indian Television Dot Com (Mumbai, India) Tom Woods & Jacques de Suze Woods TV (Paris, France) Victoria Yarmoshchuk MRM (Kiev, Ukraine) Regina Ziegler Ziegler Films (Berlin, Germany) International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_2012_PRAMER_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 9/27/12 12:26 PM Page 1


The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Wishes to Thank: Carmen Wolf & Michaela Niemeyer FFPNewMedia,Germany Susanne Van Leyen BROADVIEWTV,Germany Rosanna Castro & Mimi Betancourt HBOLatinAmericaGroup,USA Maud Chaumet MontreuxComedyFestival,France Eva Koteles HBOCentralEurope,Hungary Tatiana Petkova & Katharina Jeschke IMZ,Austria Pierre-Luc Dancause Quebecom,Canada Shamila Rahim CapeFilmCommission,SouthAfrica Devyani Baindoor IndianTelevisionDotCom,India Krissada Trishnananda & Suriyada Kachenchai Channel7,Thailand Juliana Fortunado Pramer,Argentina Rob Khoo & Louisa Lim ActiveTV,Singapore Karla Rodriguez SonyPicturesTelevisionLatinAmerica,Mexico Julie Ann Agosto Azteca,Mexico


Anika Gallagher MoodyStreetKids,Australia Sara-Jane King AustralianChildren’sTelevisionFoundation,Australia Neralyn Porter SBS,Australia Jenia Nenzen CorporacionMedcom,Panama Duda Pereira & Priscila Mizrahi TVGlobo,Brazil&Portugal Karen Gutierrez MGMLatinAmerica,USA Michaela Maria Arvesen DanishBroadcastingCorporation,Denmark Maegene Fabias HennemanAgency,Netherlands Shaimaa Fawzi Pyramedia,UAE Jeremy Goldstein WoodsTV,France Donia Belhadj-Brigardis HelionPictures,France Mathieu Bejot TVFranceInternational,France Kateryna Udut & Kristina Kostenetska MRM,Ukraine Tabulations by Ernst & Young LLP MarkBesca&MattAskin(NewYork,USA)

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_2012_SPT_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/19/12 2:31 PM Page 1

EMMY_2012_CHANDRA_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 9/27/12 10:09 AM Page 1


Above: Dinner at the Versace Villa during Semi-Final Round of judging hosted Miguel Oliva, HBO Latin America Group in Miami; Right: HBO Latin America Group’s Roberto Rios (center) and Luis Peraza (far left) with Jurors at Semi-Final round of judging hosted Miguel Oliva, HBO Latin America Group, in Miami

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013



Jurors at Semi-Final round of judging hosted by Saran Virutamavongsa, Bangkok Broadcasting, in Bangkok

Semi-Final Host Saran Virutamavongsa, Bangkok Broadcasting, and Emmy Judging Director, Nathaniel Brendel

Jurors at work


International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_2012_CANAL+_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/15/12 9:15 AM Page 1


Panel of jurors at Semi-Final round of judging hosted by Octavio Florisbal, TV Globo, in Lisbon

Panel of jurors at Semi-Final round of judging hosted by Octavio Florisbal, TV Globo in Rio de Janeiro

Jurors at work


International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_2012_ESPN_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 9/28/12 3:39 PM Page 1

EMMY_2012_CBSSI_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/19/12 1:47 PM Page 1


Semi-Final round of judging hosted by Remy Pflimlin & Nicole Devilaine, France Televisions, and Steven Bawol, Helion Pictures, in Paris

Semi-Final round of judging hosted by Anil Wanvari, Indian Television Dot Com, in Mumbai

Semi-Final round of judging hosted by Charles Lei, Yingzhanwang, Beijing

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013



Semi-Final round of judging hosted by Franz Patay & Chris Hunt, IMZ – International Music & Media Centre, in Berlin

Panel of jurors at Semi-Final round of judging hosted by Antony Root, HBO Central Europe, in Budapest

Jurors at work at Semi-Final round of judging hosted by Victoria Yarmoshchuk, MRM, in Kiev


International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_2012_BBTV_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 9/27/12 10:08 AM Page 1


Panel of jurors at Semi-Final round of judging hosted by Ricardo Salinas, Azteca, in Mexico City

Semi-Final round of judging hosted by Jane Roscoe, SBS, in Sydney

Semi-final round of judging hosted by Piv Bernth, Danish Broadcasting Corporation, in Copenhagen


International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_2012_WOWO_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 9/28/12 9:31 AM Page 1


Semi-Final round of judging hosted by Xavier GouyouBeauchamps, TV France International, in Biarritz

Interviews during Semi-Final round of judging hosted by Nashwa Al Ruwaini, Pyramedia, in Abu Dhabi

Semi-Final round of judging hosted by Gregoire Furrer, Gregoire Furrer Productions, in Paris


International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_2012_STARZ_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/15/12 2:42 PM Page 1

DR-SVT_EMMY_1109_MARCH 10/19/12 1:53 PM Page 1


Panel of Jurors at Semi-Final round of judging hosted by Michael Smeaton, FFP New Media, and Regina Ziegler, Ziegler Films, in Berlin

Semi-Final round of judging hosted by Michael Smeaton, FFP New Media, and Regina Ziegler, Ziegler Films, in Berlin

Semi-Final round of judging hosted by Michael McKay, Active TV, in Singapore

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013


EMMY_2012_HASBRO_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/22/12 5:22 PM Page 1


Semi-Final Host Alejandro Harrison (center) with Jurors

Panel of Jurors at Semi-Final round of judging hosted by Alejandro Harrison, Pramer, in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires panels of Jurors

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013



Cocktail for Paris Semi-Final rounds of judging hosted by Remy Pflimlin & Nicole Devilaine, France Televisions, Tom Woods & Jacques de Suze, Woods TV, and Steven Bawol, Helion Pictures

Paris Semi-Final judging Hosts Steven Bawol, Nicole Devilaine and Tom Woods

Cocktail for Paris Semi-Final rounds of judging hosted by Remy Pflimlin & Nicole Devilaine, France Televisions, Tom Woods & Jacques de Suze, Woods TV, and Steven Bawol, Helion Pictures


International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_2012_NRW_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/2/12 10:11 AM Page 1

EMMY_2011_SEVEN_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/15/12 2:54 PM Page 1

SEPT_PANEL_EMMY_1109_MARCH 11/5/12 11:52 AM Page 70

2012 september bOArD & members meetING

Hollywood: Past, Present & Future September 21, 2012 Mr. C Beverly Hills, Los Angeles Keynote by Timothy M. Gray Editor in Chief Variety The traditional September Board and Members meeting took place in Los Angeles, the weekend of the Primetime Emmy Awards. Timothy Gray, Editor in Chief of Variety, gave a keynote in front of the International Academy’s Members and their guests, on the history of the entertainment industry, as seen through the pages of Variety since its creation in 1905. Timothy Gray also featured slides from his newly published book: Variety: An Illustrated History of the World, from the Most Important Magazine in Hollywood. Below are excerpts from his keynote:

Timothy M. Gray

Academy President & CEO Bruce Paisner with Variety Editor In Chief, Timothy M. Gray

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

The early days of TV… “I’m going to tell you a quick story about the early days of television. When television first started, some people thought that it should be an educational media, it should enable people to get their high school degrees and their college degrees in the home. Other people said no, this should be a way to make money. We all knew who went out on that one. What the TV networks would do is they would go to radio stars who had successful shows and say come to television, do your show on TV, and we will share the ad revenue with you. So it was a good deal for everybody, it was basically replicating the show. So they went to Lucille Ball, who had a 85

SEPT_PANEL_EMMY_1109_MARCH 10/26/12 5:27 PM Page 72

everything was live. It was just out of the question. They started showing reruns and made a huge hit and they basically changed television.”

Academy Members during the keynote

Television and responsibility… “In 1970, CBS issued an internal memo and the memo from Jack Schneider, CBS executive, said: Television must show a new image of woman as a doer, as an educated, serious-minded individual person not just a kitchen slave or a single swinger. Acceptance of advertising hostile to women’s dignity denigrates and causes the existent ridicule again. Kind of wonderful that he issued that memo, kind of pathetic that he had to do it. He had to issue a memo saying let’s not denigrate half the population. People in television have this amazing privilege, responsibility and you know again these battles about the portrayal of blacks or woman or gays or Asians, whatever.

Timothy M. Gray with Academy Members

successful radio show called “My Favorite Husband” costarring a guy named Richard Deming. They said, we want you to do that show on TV. She said, I’ll do a show but I don’t want to do it with Richard Deming I want to do it with my husband, Desi Arnaz. They said okay that’s fine. They said we want you to kinescope it in New York, she said I don’t want to kinescope it, I want to do film because that’s what I’m used to, and I don’t want to do it in New York I want to do it in Los Angeles. They said okay. She said I’m 40 years old, I need to look good, there’s a cinematographer, he’s kind of expensive, but let’s hire him. Finally CBS said okay look, you’re costing us too much money, were just going to give you a flat fee. So she and Desi Arnaz sat down and said, what are we going to do? And they went back to CBS and said ok we’ll accept the flat fee but since it’s on film, can we own the negative and if it’s ever shown again on TV we would own that? So they said yes that’s fine, go ahead. Because in those days there was no such thing as a rerun; it was like 86

Luncheon at Mr. C Beverly Hills Ballroom

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_2012_WWE_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/22/12 6:17 PM Page 1

EMMY_2012_WDR_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/19/12 2:27 PM Page 1

SEPT_PANEL_EMMY_1109_MARCH 10/26/12 5:27 PM Page 74

Academy members during luncheon

../..The other thing that is interesting to me is Norman Lear, this was 1971. Norman Lear started All in the Family, and Variety ran a column saying that in 1971 the show was sneaked in by CBS, sneaked in is a phrase that is accurate, since there was no advanced publicity, no promotion and a nervous network didn’t know quite what to do with the show in which the hero is a bigot. The channel expected an avalanche of protests and hired extra operators to handle them. There was an avalanche but 99 percent of the callers liked the show. Norman Lear showed that the audience is a lot smarter and more sophisticated then the executives thought they were.”

Nespresso coffee station

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

The future of entertainment as we know it… “Nothing replaces everything. Because again people would say when movies came out that people won’t go to theater, they do go to theater but in different numbers and it’s like a different group that goes to theaters. And when TV came in, they said it’s the end of movies. We’re looking at

“Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball started showing reruns and they basically changed television.” —Timothy M. Gray different numbers now. People said that about print... I think print will always be around but in different numbers but I also think that when a film opens, it used to be that 90 percent of the film’s income would be of its domestic box office. Now, that’s I think 25 percent and again with a TV show with syndication it had to debut on a network to get that. The networks and movie theaters are still going to be the engine that drives this. Because you know that when people download a 89

SEPT_PANEL_EMMY_1109_MARCH 10/26/12 5:27 PM Page 76

Academy Members listen to keynote

“I think that 10 years from now people are going to be watching television on devices we don’t even know about yet.” —Timothy M. Gray

and even most TV shows, I mean something like Boardwalk Empire. You could probably watch I Love Lucy on a smar t phone since people have seen ever y episode anyway, so you already know what’s going on. But Boardwalk Empire you’re going to lose something. So I do think that the basic things like the broadcast networks, the cable networks are still going to be like the star ter dough for a long life for the short term. I also think 10 years from now people are going to be watching television on devices we don’t even know about yet.”

Q&A after keynote

lot of video on demand of a TV show or they go to iTunes it’s because they’ve heard about it, because the networks and the movie studios have great marketing. So I think that they will still be the engine that drives it. The smar t phone has amazing capabilities but it’s a little scary because people always have their smar t phone and it’s changing the idea of enter tainment. I’m thinking maybe the future is 5 minutes of enter tainment rather than half-hour, one-hour or mini-series formats. Maybe the future is in 5-minute inter vals? The other thing about smar t phones is I’m not sure I want to see Lawrence of Arabia on a smar t phone 90

Academy Members

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_2012_PEABODY_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/19/12 2:35 PM Page 1

EMMY_2012_CHANNELS_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/19/12 2:21 PM Page 1

NEWS_CURRENT_2012_EMMY_1109_MARCH 11/4/12 8:56 PM Page 85

2012 News & CurreNt AffAirs NomiNees

News & Current Affairs Categories October 1, 2012, New York City Every year the International Academy of Television Ar ts & Sciences celebrates its International Emmy Award Nominees for News and Current Affairs with a Medal Ceremony and networking event in New York City. Before the medal ceremony, David Westin, former President for ABC News, gave a keynote, inspired by his book Exit Interview. This year, nominees from 7 networks gathered for a breakfast at Hearst Tower, hosted by Frank A. Bennack, Jr., CEO of Hearst Corporation. Academy President & CEO Bruce L. Paisner presented the nominees with their medals and cer tificates. The winners were:


Current Affairs

Great East Japan Earthquake Emergency News NHK, Japan

Haiti’s Orphans: One Year After the Earthquake CBC Canada

NHK News Winners Chihiro Matsuzaka and Yuji Kotorida

CBC Current Affairs Winners Sue Dando and Jacqueline Corkery

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013


NEWS_CURRENT_2012_EMMY_1109_MARCH 11/4/12 9:01 PM Page 86

The 2012 International Emmy Awards News & Current Affairs Nominees with Academy President & CEO Bruce Paisner (far left) and David Westin (far right)


as they struggled to reach families stranded in extreme conditions.



The Fall of Tripoli — Al Jazeera English Newshour Al Jazeera Network / Al Jazeera English Qatar Al Jazeera journalists provide extensive coverage of the uprising in Libya. As fighters advanced towards Tripoli from Zlitan to the Western mountains, Al Jazeera tells the stories of the people of Libya and the battle to free them from years of tyranny.

China Dolls — Fragile Bodies, Strong Minds Phoenix Satellite Television Co. Ltd. Hong Kong, China In May 2011, repor ter Ren Ren spent a month filming two families affected by Brittle Bone Disease in China. The survival rates of children with the rare disease and their daily struggles are revealed.

Great East Japan Earthquake Emergency News NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) Japan On March 11, 2011, the largest ear thquake in the country’s history struck Japan, generating a devastating tsunami. NHK was immediately on the scene, covering the first moments of the disaster as it happened and providing continuous coverage to keep the public informed. Occupy the World RT Channel Russia On October 15, 2011, the Occupy movement went global. It star ted in New York City when protesters, unhappy with the way their government was handling the economy, pitched tents outside the stock exchange. RT brings the protesters’ message worldwide. Rains in the Mountain Region of Rio de Janeiro TV Globo Brazil In January 2011, heavy rains in the mountain region of Rio de Janeiro state caused the worst natural disaster in Brazilian history. TV Globo’s crews took to the road soon after the first landslides began. The crews followed rescue teams 94

Haiti’s Orphans: One Year After the Earthquake Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Canada After the ear thquake in Haiti, thousands of children were orphaned and left behind to unknown fates. We follow the hope and hear tache of three of those children and the caring adults in Canada and Haiti determined to help them. The Merciless Traffic in the Flight from Africa infoNetwork GmbH Germany There are an estimated 180,000 refugees crowded into the areas between Tunisia and Egypt, attempting to reach Europe by sea. RTL Extra repor ter Jenke von Wilmsdorff has become the first TV journalist to accompany hundreds of refugees aboard a smuggler’s boat to Lampedusa. Profession: Reporter — Children and Drugs: A Childhood Overtaken By Addiction TV Globo Brazil Profession: Reporter explores the reality of childhood drug addiction in urban areas of Brazil. In the city of Rio de Janeiro local authorities have created mandator y treatment programs to help underage crack addicts. International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_2012_BUENA_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/19/12 1:50 PM Page 1

NEWS_CURRENT_2012_EMMY_1109_MARCH 10/26/12 5:49 PM Page 89

Nominee Medals & Certificates

TV Globo Nominees Eric Breitas and Patricia Poeta

Al Jazeera Nominees Zeina Khodr and Volkan Sarisakal

Russia Today Nominee Mikhail Solodovnikov


International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_2012_CNN_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/19/12 1:26 PM Page 1

EMMY_2012_TWENTIETH_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/17/12 4:38 PM Page 1

NEWS_CURRENT_2012_EMMY_1109_MARCH 10/26/12 5:49 PM Page 91

Academy President & CEO Bruce Paisner presents a medal to Phoenix Satellite Television Nominee Ren Ren

InfoNetwork Nominees Jenke Von Wilmsdorff and Jan Rasmus

Nominee breakfast

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013


EMMY_2012_BRIGHTCOVE_Emmy Ad SPREAD Template 10/3/12 12:37 PM Page 1

EMMY_2012_BRIGHTCOVE_Emmy Ad SPREAD Template 10/3/12 12:37 PM Page 2

NEWS_CURRENT_2012_EMMY_1109_MARCH 11/3/12 7:50 PM Page 92

David Westin

Hearst Corporation CEO Frank A. Bennack, Jr.

New York City view from Hearst Tower


International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_2012_ALARABIYA_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/2/12 12:32 PM Page 1

NEWS_CURRENT_2012_EMMY_1109_MARCH 10/26/12 5:49 PM Page 93

David Westin signs his book Exit Interview

National Academy Chairman Malachy Wienges, David Westin and Herb Granath, Chairman Emeritus, ESPN


International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_2012_FLY_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/25/12 4:15 PM Page 1

EMMY_FOUNDATION_2012_EMMY_1108_FOUNDATION 10/26/12 5:32 PM Page 96

InternatIonal academy FoundatIon

The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation Created in 1989, The Foundation organizes and administers the worldwide exchange and educational programs of The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. It has its own Constitution, Officers and independent Board of Trustees.


ach year,The Foundation administers the Sir Peter Ustinov Television Scriptwriting Award. The competition is designed to motivate non-American novice writers under the age of 30, and offer them the recognition and encouragement that might lead to a successful career in television scriptwriting. Entrants are asked to create a completed half-hour to onehour English-language television drama script. The award winner receives $2,500, a trip to New York City, and an invitation to the International Emmy® Awards Gala in November.The 2012 winning script, Sanctioned by Sophie Petzal of the U.K., was read by professional actors in front of an audience at The International Emmy® World Television Festival. Special thanks to the 2012 Ustinov Jurors: Louisa Burns-Bisogno, Penwright Productions Felicity Carpenter, Independent Script Writer Wissam Chahine, Orbit Radio & TV Network Jinder Chalmers, Inner Vision Productions Inc. Harley Cokeliss, Directors Guild of America & Directors UK Member Jorge de Sá Gouveia, Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema Portugal Richard Dubin, Syracuse University Allan Farbman, Independent Script Writer Jez Freedman, Independent Screenwriter Robert Goldsbrough, BBC Writers Academy Kristen Gray, NY Screenwriters Network Annalisa Hounsome Marc Janssen, CSA - Conseil Superieur de l’Audiovisuel Cynthia Link, National Academy ofTelevision Arts & Sciences Member Katerina Marinaki, Scriptwriter, Former President of Federation of Scriptwriters in Europe & Scriptwriters’ Guild of Greece Kelly Marshall, London College of Communication Peter Mohan, Lucky Devil Entertainment Inc. Julie Poll, Writers Guild of America East Member Laurie Scheer, University of Wisconsin-Madison Jason Spencer, 2010 Sir Peter Ustinov Television Scriptwriting Award Winner Claire Tonkin, Network Ten Australia Jo Tracy, Independent Story Editor / Project Developer Gino Ventriglia, European Federation of Screenwriters Christian Wikander, SVT Sita Williams, RJS Films Kristine Wyld, Knapman Wyld Television Airin Zainul, NTV 7 Media Prima Berhad 106

Actors performing the winning script at the International Emmy World Television Festival

2011 Sir Peter Ustinov Television Scriptwriting Award Winner Robert Goldsbrough

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_2012_CCTV_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/25/12 9:36 AM Page 1

EMMY_DIRECTORY_2012_ALT_Layout 1 11/5/12 11:59 AM Page 100


Members The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Executive committee

Emmy committee

Bruce Paisner President & CEO Senior Advisor Hearst Enter tainment & Syndication

Larry Gershman Chairman, Emmy Committee

Fred Cohen Chairman Chairman, Foundation International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Larry Gershman Vice Chairman, U.S. Chairman, Emmy Committee Chairman & CEO World International Network Simon Sutton Secretary President, HBO International & Content Distribution HBO Blair Westlake Treasurer Corporate VP, Media & Entertainment Group Microsoft Rainer Siek Chairman, Nominating Committee President MT.NY Kevin Beggs Co-Chair, Special Awards Committee President Lionsgate Television Ralph Baruch Executive Member Adriana Cisneros de Griffin Executive Member Vice Chairman/Director of Strategy Cisneros Group/Venevision USA

Zane Bair (Seven Network Australia, LA Bureau) Steven Bawol (Helion Pictures) Brian Seth Hurst (The Opportunity Management Company) Maggie Jones (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Michael Schelp (Fujisankei Communications International) Jorge Vaillant (AVM Corporation)

Nominating committee Rainer Siek Chairman, Nominating Committee Guido Corso (Rai Corporation) Tom Devlin (Enter tainment Studios) Armando Nuñez, Jr. (CBS Studios International) Miguel Oliva (HBO Latin America Group) Marlon Quintero (CIC Media) Annie Wegelius (SVT)

Special Awards committee Kevin Beggs Co-Chairman, Special Awards Committee Jim Rosenfield Co-Chairman, Special Awards Committee Fred Cohen (International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences) Bruce Paisner (Hearst Entertainment and Syndication)


Steve Ronson Executive Member Executive VP, Enterprises A+E Television Networks

Steven Bawol United Kingdom Managing Director Helion Pictures France

Camille Bidermann-Roizen Senior Vice President & Executive Director International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

Sebastian Darcyl Argentina President ADM TV Creativa Argentina


Gai Dunlop Australia CEO Festcom Australia

Rodolphe Belmer Chief Executive Officer Canal + France Camille Bidermann-Roizen Executive Director International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences USA

Roberta Durrant South Africa CEO Penguin Films South Africa

Scott Borden Head of Television Laureus World Sports Awards United Kingdom

Talal Fattal Ghana CEO Metro TV Ghana

Takis Candilis CEO Lagardere Entertainment France

Leopold Hoesch Germany Managing Director Broadview TV Germany Brian Seth Hurst Global Digital Ambassador CEO The Opportunity Management Company USA

John Cassaday President & CEO Corus Entertainment Canada Subhash Chandra CEO Asia TV USA USA Adriana Cisneros de Griffin Vice Chairman/Director, Strategy Cisneros Group/Venevision USA

Hans Rossiné Norway Head of Drama NRK Norway

directors Harvey Anderson Vice President Business Affairs & General Counsel Mozilla USA Jose Antonio Baston Corporate VP, Television Televisa Mexico

Rick Cotton Executive Vice President & General Counsel NBCUniversal USA Xavier Couture EVP, Content Orange France Stephen Davis President Hasbro Studios USA

Kevin Beggs President Lionsgate Television USA Thomas Bellut Director General ZDF German Television Germany

Ingrid Deltenre Director General European Broadcasting Union Switzerland Thomas Ebeling CEO ProSiebenSat.1 Media Germany

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_DIRECTORY_2012_ALT_Layout 1 11/4/12 4:10 PM Page 101

David Ellender Global CEO FremantleMedia Enterprises United Kingdom

Ruigang Li Chairman China Media Capital PR China

Nonce Paolini Chairman & CEO TF1 France

Zafar Siddiqi Chairman First Media UAE

Konstantin Ernst Director General Channel One Russia Russia

Changle Liu Chairman & CEO Phoenix Satellite Television PR China

Robert Friedman USA

Roberto Irineu Marinho President Globo Group of Companies Brazil

Alan Perris COO Academy of Television Arts & Sciences USA

Simon Sutton President, HBO International & Content Distribution HBO USA

Remy Pflimlin President & CEO France Televisions France

Donald Taffner, Jr. President DLT Entertainment USA

Monika Piel Director General WDR Germany

Luis Villanueva CEO Somos Tv USA

Martin Pompadur Director IMP Media Management/Metan Dev. Group USA

Nobuya Wazaki President Wowow Inc Japan

Xavier Gouyou-Beauchamps President TV France International France Stephen Greenberg Co-Founder Incendo Canada Robert Halmi, Jr. USA Hisashi Hieda Chairman Fuji Television Network USA Hans Holger Albrecht President & CEO Millicom International Cellular Luxembourg Stanley Hubbard Chairman & CEO Hubbard Broadcasting Co. USA Toshichika Ishihara President Tokyo Broadcasting System Japan Andy Kaplan President of International Networks Sony Pictures Television USA Paula Kerger President & CEO PBS USA In-Kyu Kim President & CEO KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) South Korea Herbert Kloiber Managing Director Tele-M端nchen Group (TMG) Germany Pavel Korchagin CEO Studio 2V Russia Mikel Lejarza Ortiz General Manager Antena 3 Television Spain

Masayuki Matsumoto President NHK Japan Jonathan Miller USA Pat Mitchell President & CEO The Paley Center for Media USA Saad Mohseni Chairman Moby Group UAE Steve Mosko President Sony Pictures Television USA Ivica Mudrinic CEO Croatian Telecom Croatia Armando Nu単ez, Jr. President CBS Studios International USA Ahmet Oren Chairman Ihlas Media Holdings Turkey Hiroshi Oto President & COO Fujisankei Communications International USA Lucio Pagliaro General Director Artear Argentina, Clarin Group Argentina Bruce Paisner Senior Advisor Hearst Enter tainment & Syndication USA Nadav Palti President & CEO Dori Media Group Israel

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

Surang Prempree President & CEO Chandra 25 Co. Thailand

Annie Wegelius Director of Programs SVT Sweden

Abbe Raven President & CEO A+E Networks USA

Blair Westlake Corporate VP, Media & Entertainment Group Microsoft Corporation USA

Steve Ronson EVP, Enterprises A+E Networks USA

Malachy Wienges Chairman National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences USA

Bruce Rosenblum President Warner Bros. Television Group USA Ricardo Salinas Chairman Grupo Salinas Mexico Jim Samples President, International Scripps Networks Interactive USA Jeffrey Schlesinger President Warner Bros. International Television USA Mark Scott Managing Director Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Australia Neal Shapiro President & CEO WNET.ORG USA

Karola Wille Director General MDR Germany Gerhard Zeiler President Turner Broadcasting Systems International United Kingdom Paul Zilk CEO Reed MIDEM France

Alternates Antonio Alonso General Manager, Planning Televisa Mexico (Jose Antonio Baston) Raphael de Andreis Executive VP, Pay-TV Division Canal + France (Rodolphe Belmer)


EMMY_DIRECTORY_2012_ALT_Layout 1 11/4/12 4:12 PM Page 102

Suresh Bala CEO Americas Asia TV USA (Subhash Chandra) Jean Bureau President Incendo Productions Canada (Stephen Greenberg) Jeff Cotugno Chief Operating Officer DLT Entertainment USA (Donald L. Taffner, Jr.) Harold Crump VP, Corporate Relations Hubbard Broadcasting USA (Stanley Hubbard) Nicole Devilaine Director France 2 Television USA (Remy Pflimlin) Cesar Diaz Vice President, Sales Venevision International USA (Adriana Cisneros de Griffin) Bill Dunlop President & CEO Eurovision Americas USA (Ingrid Deltenre) Luis Echarte VP, Grupo Salinas Chairman, Azteca America Mexico (Ricardo Salinas) Alexander Faifman General Producer Channel One Russia Russia (Konstantin Ernst) Michael Feeney VP, Public Relations & Corporate Affairs A+E Networks USA (Abbe Raven) Harry Forbes Senior Publicist WNET USA (Pat Mitchell) Frank-Dieter Freiling SVP, International Affairs ZDF German Television Network Germany (Thomas Bellut) Jean-Louis Guillaud TV France International France (Xavier Gouyou-Beauchamps) 110

Peter Iacono Managing Director, International Television Lionsgate USA (Kevin Beggs)

Yoshihiro Shimada President Tokyo Broadcasting System International USA (Toshichika Ishihara)

Kazumasa Iida Head of International Program Development NHK Japan (Masayuki Matsumoto)

Rainer Siek President MT.NY USA (Gerhard Zeiler)

Wolf-Dieter Jacobi Director of MDR Television MDR Germany (Karola Wille) Maggie Jones Representative Australian Broadcasting Corporation USA (Mark Scott) Benoit Louvet EVP Group Acquisitions & Distribution of Programs TF1 France (Nonce Paolini) Thomas McGrath Chairman and Co-Owner Crossroads Media USA (Ahmet Oren)

Amauri Soares CEO Globo International New York USA (Roberto Irineu Marinho) Clifford T. Tendler Director, Sales & Marketing MOBY Group UAE (Zafar Siddiqi)

David Andrews President & CEO Devious Media USA Irene Ang CEO & Founder Fly Entertainment Singapore

Ed Wierzbowski President Global American Television USA (Pavel Korchagin)

Lucia Araújo General Manager Futura Channel Brazil


Ivan Morales General Counsel Somos Tv USA (Luis Villanueva)

Sheila Hall Aguirre VP, Sales & Development, Latin America & Hispanic USA FremantleMedia Latin America USA

Armando Nuñez, Sr. President Nun. TV USA (Armando Nuñez, Jr.)

Ghassan Al Asad Managing Director Creative Media Solutions UAE

Andres Santos CEO & President Dori Media America USA (Nadav Palti)

Ricky Anderson Attorney Anderson & Smith, PC USA

Alessandro Angulo Director/Producer Laberinto Producciones Colombia

Nancy Abraham Vice President, Documentary Programming HBO USA

Zongqin Ruan Deputy General Manager—Int’l Operations Phoenix Satellite Television Co. PR China (Changle Liu)

Marco Altberg President Brazilian Independent TV Producers Association Brazil

Jorge E. Vaillant President AVM Corporation USA (Lucio Pagliaro)

Zaid Mohseni Chief Executive Officer Farsi I UAE (Saad Mohseni)

Gillian Rose Vice President, Acquisitions, CoProductions & Sales WNET.ORG USA (Neal Shapiro)

Talal Al-Haj New York / UN Bureau Chief Al-Arabiya News Channel USA

Portia Archer VP, International on Demand HBO USA Avi Armoza CEO Armoza Formats Israel Pablo Arriola Executive Director The Format Factory Uruguay Monica Athayde Managing Director Endemol Globo Brazil Agnes Augustin President Shaw Rocket Fund Canada

Nashwa Al Ruwaini CEO Pyramedia UAE Raul Alarcon Jr. President & CEO Mega TV - Spanish Broadcasting System USA Mauro Alencar Professor University of Sao Paulo Brazil Linda Alexander EVP Corporate Communications MTV Networks International USA

Dato Amrin Awaluddin Group Managing Director Media Prima Berhad Malaysia Randa Ayoubi Founder & CEO Rubicon Group Jordan Co Jordan Andres Badra Media Director Corporacion Medcom Panama Rep. de Panama

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_2012_METRO_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/25/12 9:35 AM Page 1

EMMY_DIRECTORY_2012_ALT_Layout 1 11/5/12 9:31 AM Page 102

Chris Bailey Managing Director South Pacific Pictures New Zealand

Steven Bawol Managing Director Helion Pictures France

Friedhelm Bixschlag Director of Production Magic Media Company Germany

Ewan Burnett CEO Burberry Entertainment Australia

Zane Bair US Representative Seven Network Australia, LA Bureau USA

Fatema Bayat Senior Vice President Ariana Radio & Television USA

Eric Leo Blais VP Digital Media Peace Point Entertainment Group Canada

Joseph Calabrese Partner O’Melveny & Myers USA

Avi Balashnikov Chairman Jerusalem Capital Studios Israel Alex Balassa President/Producer Blindspot Mexico Norbert Balit Producer Adamis Production France Keiko Bang President Bang Singapore Singapore Carlos Barba Owner Barba Television USA Barak Bar-Cohen Executive Vice President, Global Business Development KIT Digital Prague Czech Republic John Barnett Chief Executive Officer South Pacific Pictures New Zealand Sarah Barnett General Manager & EVP Sundance Channel USA Stefan Baron Drama, Co-Productions and Business Affairs SVT Sweden Radik Batyrshin Chairman of the Board MIR Interstate TV Company Russia Wolf Bauer CEO UFA Film & TV Produktion Germany Ludwig Bauer CEO ATV Privat-TV Services AG Austria Rola Bauer Managing Director Tandem Communications Germany 112

Anette Beijer Creative Director Titan TV Sweden Yury Belenkiy Art Director/Producer Creative Television Association Russia Gregory P. Bellon President Bellon Entertainment USA Cilla Benkö Deputy Director General Swedish Radio Broadcasting Sweden Marc Bennink Founder Entourage Amsterdam Netherlands Oliver Berben CEO Constantin Film Produktion Germany Hilde Berg Producer Norsk Filmproduksjon AS Norway Josh Berger President & Managing Director Warner Bros. Entertainment UK & Ireland & Spain United Kingdom Arne Berggren Showrunner Metronome Spartacus Norway Mitchell Berman Partner Wilshire Axon USA Helena Bernardi Senior Director, Acquisitions HBO Latin America USA Piv Bernth Producer Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR TV) Denmark Lynn Beveridge USA

Alejandro Borensztein President BBTV S.A. Argentina

LinLin Cao Mastermind Producer Beijing Pisces Motion Picture & Visual Arts Communication Co. PR China

Jordi Bosch Managing Director, Endemol Espana Holding President, Zeppelin TV Spain

Uga Carlini Director of Towerkop Creations Towerkop Creations South Africa

Nathalie Bourdon President QuébéComm Distribution Canada

Gillian Carr Executive Producer Moody Street Kids Australia

Juergen Brautmeier Director LFM-NRW Germany

Michael Carrington Chief Content Officer, Turner Kids Media Group Turner Broadcasting Europe United Kingdom

Deirdre Brennan Director of Television BBC Worldwide Australia

Arturo Casares CEO Lang Rui (Beijing) Culture Consulting Co. PR China

Tobias Bringholm CEO Eyeworks Scandinavia Sweden Julie Bristow Executive Director, Entertainment CBC Canada


Pierre Brosseau CEO RNC Media Canada

Donovan Castillo-Mohlman VP, Network Prog. & Promotion, Channel News Asia MediaCorp Singapore Craig Cegielski President GK TV USA Wissam Chahine Head Producer Orbit Radio & TV Network Lebanon

Maria Brown Managing Director, Acquisitions & Programming Asian Food Channel Singapore

Tapaas Chakravarti CEO DQ Entertainment International India

Astrid Bscher CEO Filmfritz Germany

Tania Chambers Managing Director Feisty Dame Productions Australia

Brian Buchanan Online Operations Manager The Herald & Weekly Times Australia

Donovan Chan Creative Director Beach House Pictures Singapore

Fred Burcksen Vice President ZDF Enterprises Germany

Long Jong Chang Deputy CEO Mediacorp Singapore

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_2012_ATAS_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/5/12 11:56 AM Page 1

EMMY_DIRECTORY_2012_ALT_Layout 1 11/5/12 11:11 AM Page 105

Karen Cifarelli Founder Cifarelli Talent Consulting Germany

Guido Corso President Rai Corporation USA

Jacques de Suze Director of International Development Woods Communications USA

Peter C. Emerson President eOne Television International Canada

Vassili Clert Producer Son et Lumiere France

Patrice Courtaban COO TV5 USA USA

Harry de Winter CEO Wintermedia The Netherlands

Obed Emvula Namibian Film Commissioner Namibian Film Commission Namibia

Alain Clert Producer Son et Lumiere France

Adam Crozier President ITV plc United Kingdom

Robert DeBitetto President & General Manager A&E Network and Bio Channel USA

Jose Escalante Managing Director Latin Media Corporation USA

Bryan Cockerill Company Director & Executive Producer The Full Box Australia

Enrique Cusco CEO Ole Communications USA

Mikhail Degtyar General Director TV Studio Reporter Russia

Matthias Esche CEO Bavaria Film Germany

Beathe Daae Head of Children’s Programming TV2 Norway Norway

Tom Devlin President, International Television Sales & Marketing Entertainment Studios USA

Juan Carlos Eserski Executive Vice President Telecorporación Salvadoreña El Salvador

Lisa Coelho CEO GlobeCast Americas USA Sean Cohan SVP, International A+E Networks USA Nick Cohen Managing Partner & Head of Mediacom Beyond Advertising Mediacom United Kingdom Alex Cohen CEO SynKronized Films USA Marcello Coltro SVP, Sales & Chief Marketing Officer MGM Networks Latin America USA Gaston Comas CEO HBO Latin America USA Vince Commisso CEO 9 Story Entertainment Canada Kevin Cooper Agent CAA USA Alexander Coridass President & CEO ZDF Enterprises Germany Pablo Corona Senior Director of Programming & Standards and Practices, TNT & WB Latin America Turner Broadcasting System USA


Alexander Dannenberg CEO Cinemakers Germany Sebastian Darcyl President ADM TV Creativa Argentina Sanjay Das Chief Works Officer The Works Network JLT UAE Barun Das CEO Zee News India Daniel David CEO STV/Soico Television Mozambique Sam Davis President Rowboat Film- und Fernsehproduktion Germany Guido De Angelis Producer DAP Italy SRL Italy Francois de Brugada Executive Vice President Banijay Group France Peter De Jong VP of Sales & Marketing CableReady USA Sabine de Mardt CEO Eyeworks Fiction Cologne Germany

Eric Douat Director, Industry Relations Univision Networks USA

Wolfgang Fandrich 2nd Chief Editor and Head of History & Current Affairs MDR-First German Television Germany

Paul Drago Producer, HBO Originals HBO Latin America USA

Dato Ahmad Farid Ridzuan Group CEO, Television Networks Media Prima Berhad Malaysia

Nancy Dubuc President of Entertainment and Media A+E Networks USA

Talal Fattal CEO Metro TV Ghana

Gai Dunlop CEO FESTCOM International Australia

Cynthia Fenneman President & CEO American Public TV USA

Roberta Durrant CEO Penguin Films South Africa

Juan Antonio Fernandez Manager & Vice-President World Media Pictures USA

Daniel Ecija CEO Grupo Globomedia Spain Michael Edelstein President of TV Production NBC Universal International United Kingdom Peter Eiff EVP and Head of International Monarchy Enterprises (New Regency Prod) Switzerland Pierre El Daher Chairman & CEO LBC Lebanon Patrick Elmendorff Managing Director Studio 100 Media Germany

Fadi Fattal CEO Optimum Media Prime Ghana

Jorge Fernández President Atlantic Access Group USA Flavio Ferrari Partner Sevendots Brazil Stanley Fertig Senior Vice President HBO International USA Christoph Fey Attorney at Law Unverzagt von Have Germany

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_2012_VARIETY_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/2/12 10:44 AM Page 1

EMMY_DIRECTORY_2012_ALT_Layout 1 11/5/12 11:12 AM Page 106

Paul Field Managing Director, Productions The Wiggles Pty Limited Australia

Patty Geneste CEO & President Absolutely Independent Netherlands

Harold Gronenthal Senior Vice President Rainbow International USA

Gordon Finlayson General Counsel HBO Europe Hungary

Tobias Gerlach CEO Bavariapool International Coproductions Germany

Diego Guebel CEO Cuatro Cabezas Argentina

Jay Firestone Founder Prodigy Pictures Canada Terry Fitzpatrick Chief Content and Distribution Officer Sesame Workshop USA Octavio Florisbal CEO TV Globo Brazil Tony Forrest Chief Executive Officer Movie Network Channels Australia Stuart Forrest Producer Triggerfish South Africa Deborah Forte President Scholastic Media USA Paolo Francia Director Gesport Italy Clifford Friedman Senior Managing Director Constellation Growth Capital USA Gregoire Furrer CEO Gregoire Furrer Productions Switzerland Santiago Galindo Producer Televisa Mexico Mikhail Galkin VP, Acquisitions & Programming Overseas Media USA Tim Gamble CEO Thunderbird Films Canada Flavio Garcia da Rocha Director of International Content Globo TV Brazil


Kevin Gillis Executive Producer & CEO Skywriter Media Canada Jacqueline Glover VP, Original Programming Documentaries HBO USA Hian Goh Managing Director Asian Food Channel Singapore Sveinung Golimo Managing Director & Producer Filmkameratene AS Norway Carlos Gonzalez Managing Director, Latin America & US Hispanic Market FremantleMedia Latin America USA Zaheer Goodman-Bhyat President Light & Dark Films South Africa Michael Gordon Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer Limelight Networks USA James Grandahl President GAC Media USA Christian Granderath Head, Movie Department NDR Germany David Gregg Vice President, International Publicity Bell-Phillip Television Productions USA Bastie Griese Head of Film Magic Media Company Germany Carolyn Grippi EVP, COO, CFO National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences USA

Morten Hesseldahl Head of Culture Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR TV) Denmark Daniel Hetzer Executive Producer Action Concept Germany

Ricardo Guise President & Publisher World Screen USA

Hannes Heyelmann Managing Director Turner Broadcasting Deutschland Germany

Pal Bugge Haagenrud Producer Kamerakameratene AS Norway

Andy Heyward Chairman & CEO A Squared Entertainment USA

Ferdinand Habsburg Managing Director Da Vinci Media Germany Tim Halkin Partner/Managing Director Tandem Communications Germany Carl Hall CEO Parthenon Entertainment United Kingdom Lasse Hallberg Senior Vice President Metronome Film & Television AB Norway Carmen Harabagiu Country Manager HBO Romania Romania

Michael Hilliard Executive Producer - Content Finch Company Australia Elizabeth Hillman SVP, International Communication Discovery Communications USA Norbert Himmler Executive Director, Feature Films, SVP ZDF neo ZDF Germany Yuet-Fung Ho President 380 Media Group Limited PR China Gunar Hochheiden Author, Director & Producer Germany

Alejandro Harrison CEO Pramer S.C.A. Argentina Nesim Hason President New Films International USA Duane Hatherly Group Channel Manager Foxtel Australia Timothy Hegarty International Sales Executive Australian Children’s Television Foundation Australia James Heimowitz President & CEO, Asia Hill & Knowlton Strategies China Vanessa Henneman CEO Henneman Agency Netherlands


Leopold Hoesch Managing Director Broadview TV Germany Mette Hoffman Meyer Head of Documentaries and Co-productions DRTV Denmark Nico Hofmann Managing Director teamWorx Television & Film Germany Richard Hofstetter Entertainment Lawyer Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz USA Lisa Honig VP, Sales, USA & Canada FremantleMedia Enterprises USA Tim Horan EVP, Programming TV Numeric France

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_DIRECTORY_2012_ALT_Layout 1 11/4/12 4:10 PM Page 107

Cynthia Hudson SVP & General Manager CNN en Español USA Jennifer Hughes Executive Director Hughes Media Australia Tony Humphreys Managing Director Talent Television United Kingdom Chris Hunt President IMZ Austria

Shane Kinnear VP, Sales & Marketing Shaftesbury Films Canada

Alan Lau Partner McKinsey & Company China

Linda Jensen CEO HBO Holding Zrt. Hungary

Zeynel Koç Deputy Director General Turkish Radio Television Corporation Turkey

Guy Lavie Head of Yes Docu Yes - DBS Satellite Services Israel

Abhigyan Jha Founder & CEO Undercover Productions India

Panos Kouanis General Manager, Programming, Finances, & New Media Hellenic Parliament Television Greece

Marc Janssen President CSA - Conseil Superieur de l’Audiovisuel Belgium

Mrinal Jha Founder & Chief Creative Officer Undercover Productions India

Lars Kristiansen Head of Factual Programs NRK Norway

Laura Lee Director, YouTube Content Partnerships Google/YouTube USA

Ilya Krivitsky CEO Red Square Group Russia

Kirill Legat Deputy Director General Strategy & Development Ren TV Television Channel Russia

Brian Seth Hurst CEO The Opportunity Management Company USA

Hermann Joha CEO Action Concept Germany

Espen Huseby CEO Nordic World Norway

Russell J. Kagan Managing Director International Program Consultants USA

Epigmenio Ibarra General Director Argos Comunicación Mexico

Jareuk Kaljareuk Chairman of the Executive Committee Kantana Group Public Company Thailand

Ashish Kulkarni Founder and CEO BIG Animation India

Jarmo Kalliola CEO Profict Partners Oy Finland

Sergei Kushnerev Chief Editor VID Russia

Ahmed Kamel Film Director (Documentary) MBC and Al-Arabiya TV Group UAE

Maria Kyriacou Head, Global Entertainment ITV Studios Global Entertainment United Kingdom

Stuart Karle COO, Reuters News Thomson Reuters USA

John Laing Founder & CEO Rigel Entertainment USA

Mary Ellen Iwata Vice President Original Content Development The Weather Channel USA

Christoph Keese President, Public Affairs Axel Springer AG Germany

Stephan Lamby General Manager ECO Media TV Produktion Germany

Uwe Kersken Managing Director Gruppe 5 Filmproduktion Germany

Eivind Landsverk Director of Programming TV Norge Norway

John Jacobsen Owner & Producer Filmkameratene AS Norway

Faramarz Keshawarz Rahber Producer, Director Griffith Film School/Faraway Productions Australia

Pablo Larraín Director Fabula Producciones Chile

Elena Imamova General Director Creative Television Association Russia Mohammad Salman Iqbal President & CEO ARY Digital Network Pakistan Duncan Irvine CEO Rapid Blue South Africa Igor Ivanov Deputy Director TV Channel Russia Russia

Silvia Jafet International Development Director Grupo Bandeirantes de Comunicação Brazil

Erna Kettler Acquisition Executive Drama RUV-Icelandic National Broadcasting Service Television Iceland

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

David Leach Director, Commerical & Business Affairs Mentorn International United Kingdom

Reinhard Krug Executive, Director General’s Office Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk Germany

Fabrice Larue CEO & Founder Newen France Ioannis Latsios General Director, Programs Antenna TV Greece

Charles Lei President Yingzhanwang PR China Yan Li CEO Beauty Media PR China Gary Lico President & CEO CableReady USA Alexander Liegl Partner Noerr Germany Denis Lillie Commissioner/CEO Cape Film Commission South Africa Angela Lin Chief Representative, China Zee Technologies (Guangzhou) Limited PR China Bai Ling Chairwoman Southern Media Corporation PR China Klaus Lintschinger Head of TV Features ORF Austrian Broadcasting Corporation Austria Dick Lippin Chairman, Chief Executive & Founder The Lippin Group USA


EMMY_DIRECTORY_2012_ALT_Layout 1 11/5/12 11:16 AM Page 108

Jocelyn Little Managing Director Beach House Pictures Singapore

Mohammad Malak Creative Director Al Jazeera Arabic Channel Qatar

Jens Meurer Producer/Director/CEO Egoli Tossell Film AG Germany

Clive Morris Managing Director Clive Morris Productions South Africa

Todd Lituchy Founder & CEO New Media Vision United Kingdom

Iqbal Malhotra Chairman & Producer AIM Television India

Lorne Michaels Chairman of the Board Broadway Video USA

Martin Moszkowicz Member of the Board Constantin Film Germany

Shuang Liu CEO Phoenix New Media PR China

Marcos Mandarano Monteiro Product Manager, Media & Broadcast Services British Telecom - Latin America Brazil

Ted Miller Agent, Co-Head of Television CAA (Creative Artists Agency) USA

Javad Mottaghi Secretary General ABU (Asia Broadcasting Union) Malaysia

Barbara Miller Partner Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP Canada

Greg Moyer USA

Simon Lloyd President of Programming Cineflix Productions Canada

Margaret Mardirossian President Anaid Productions Canada

Michael Loeb CEO WDR Media Group Germany

Gary Marenzi Founder Marenzi & Associates USA

Giorgi Lominadze First Deputy of the General Director Imedi TV Rep. of Georgia

Alexander Marin SVP, Distribution Latin America & Caribbean Sony Pictures Television USA

Eugenio Lopez III Chairman & President ABS / CBN Broadcasting Corporation Philippines Alice Lorenzi Urbim Producer Manager RBS TV Brazil Darcy Lorincz CEO Origin Digital USA

Satnam Matharu Head, International & Media Relations Al Jazeera Channel Qatar Nathan Mayfield Chief Creative Office Hoodlum Australia Eileen McCarthy Program Director Kids Co United Kingdom

Georges Luks Executive Director European Measurement and Research Center Bulgaria

Michael McKay President Active TV Australia

David Lyle CEO National Geographic Channels USA

David McKillop EVP, Programming A+E Networks USA

José Machado Community Manager International TV Professionals Portugal

John McMahon United Kingdom

Paul Macionis Business Affairs Executive Foxtel Management Australia Alex Mahon CEO Shine Group United Kingdom Philippe Maigret CEO Endemol Studios USA


Balazs Medveczky VP, Economics & Strategic Planning Hungarian Television Hungary Karen Meiring General Manager, Afrikaans Channels MNET South Africa Belinda Menendez President, International TV Distribution + Networks NBCUniversal Television Distribution United Kingdom

Wan-Sik Min Director, International Business & Relations Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation South Korea Melvin Ming President & CEO Sesame Workshop USA

Petra Maria Mueller CEO Film & Media Foundation NRW Germany Andrey Myroshnichenko Head of the Board ICF “Ukraine 3000” Ukraine Shiori Nagata Vice President Innovation Network Corporation of Japan Japan

Joshua Mintz EVP, Scripted Program & GM, Telemundo Studios Telemundo Communications Group USA

Takashi Nakamoto Supervising Director Fuji Television Network Japan

Rene Mioch CEO & Producer FCCE Netherlands

Michael Nathanson Managing Director Nomura Securities International USA

Heinrich Mis Head of TV Play ORF Austria

Alaa Nemeh Chairman Abu Dhabi Art House UAE

Alexander Mitroshenkov President Junior TV Russia

Sheila Nevins President, HBO Documentary Films HBO USA

John Momoh Chairman & CEO Channels Television Nigeria

Qondisa Ngwenya Group Managing Director Octagon South Africa

John Morayniss President eOne Entertainment USA

Kay Niessen COO Action Concept Germany

Benjamin Morgaine CEO JokeBox Productions France

Marie Nilsson Managing Director Mediavision Sweden

Sheila Morris Founder, President, & CEO Morris Marketing USA

Emeka Nkem Mba Director General National Film Video Board Nigeria

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_2012_TVFRANCE_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 9/27/12 12:49 PM Page 1

EMMY_DIRECTORY_2012_ALT_Layout 1 11/5/12 11:17 AM Page 110

Jorg Nowak SVP, GM National Interactive Media Univision Interactive Media USA

Franz Patay Secretary General IMZ – International Music & Media Centre Austria

Olav Oen Chief Executive Producer Nordic Alliance Group Norway

Catherine Payne CEO Endemol Worldwide Distribution Australia

Charles Ogilvie Executive Director, China Panasonic US Executive Offices PR China

Rotimi Pedro Group CEO Optima Sports Management International United Kingdom

Vicky Politova Managing Director BTV Balkan News Corp Bulgaria

Luis F. Peraza Executive VP, Acquisitions & Original Production HBO Latin America USA

Linda Porto Director of Sales Screenings ABC TV USA

Godfrey Ohuabunwa Group Managing Director/CEO Multimesh Broadcasting Company Nigeria Miguel Oliva VP, Corporate Affairs Latin America HBO Latin America Group USA Katherine Oliver Commissioner City of New York, Mayor’s Office, Film & Broadcast USA

Alex Pereira Managing Partner Paraiso Pictures USA Melvin Perez President & CEO MGM Networks Latin America USA

Bernadette O’Mahony Head of Development and Production Australian Children’s Television Foundation Australia

Kari Perez Manager, Public Relations & Corporate Affaris HBO Latin America USA

Ahmad Izham Omar Exec. Dir., 8TV/CEO, Alt Media/ Head, Radio Net. Media Prima Berhad Malaysia

Nathalie Perus-Zakoian Script Manager Son et Lumiere France

Angel Orengo SVP, Distribution, APAC Sony Pictures Television PR China Tony Orsten Director Orsten Media United Kingdom Martin Österdahl Commissioning Editor Sveriges Television AB SVT Sweden Diego Palacio Artistic Director Endemol Argentina Christoforos Papakaliatis Greece Sylvain Parent-Bedard President/Producer L’Equipe Québécomm Canada


Priscilla Pesci Founder, Chief Innovation Officer Elumines USA William Pfeiffer CEO Dragongate Entertainment PR China Chris Philip CEO Sierra/Engine Television USA Greg Phillips President, Content Television and Digital Content Media Corp. United Kingdom Stefan Piech Director Your Family Entertainment AG Germany Graham Pitman Owner European Television Guild United Kingdom

Adina Pitt VP, Content Acquisitions & CoProductions Turner Broadcasting-Cartoon Network USA Rodrigo Piza Vice President, Sales Cookie Jar Entertainment Canada

Vladimir Pozner TV Host Russia Franz Prenner CEO ORF Austria Richard Price Joint CEO RPTA/The Performance Company United Kingdom Michael Prupas President Muse Entertainment Enterprises Canada Marlon Quintero CEO CIC Media USA Abdul Rahman Ahmad Group Managing Director & CEO Ekuiti Nasional Berhad Malaysia Hanani Rapoport CEO Jerusalem Capital Studios Israel

Jens Richter Managing Director Red Arrow International Germany Mazen Rifka President Global Media Group Qatar Roberto Rios Vice President, Original Production HBO Latin America Media Services USA Tracey Robertson CEO Hoodlum Active Australia Anette Rømer Head of Acquisitions and Formats Division TV2 Denmark Program Dept. Denmark Antony Root Executive Vice President, Original Programming and Production HBO Europe HBO Holding Zrt. Hungary Jane Roscoe Network Programmer SBS Television Australia Shawn Rosengarten Director, Sales Just for Laughs Canada Hans Rossine Head of Drama Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) Norway Eric Rovner Agent WME Entertainment USA

Rainer Retzlik Managing Director Beck Office Germany

Emilio Rubio President, Distribution & Media Development HBO Latin America Group USA

Christina Rezk Resar Head of Comedy NRK Norway

Zoltan Rudi Independent Producer Shooteasy Production Services Hungary

Christophe Riandee Vice CEO Gaumont France

Eduardo Ruiz EVP & General Manager A+E Ole Networks USA

Gil Ribeiro General Manager Conspiracy Movies Brazil

Humaid Rashid Sahoo CEO Emirates Cable TV & Multimedia/E-Vision UAE

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_DIRECTORY_2012_ALT_Layout 1 11/4/12 4:10 PM Page 113

Benjamin Salinas Director of Business Development Azteca Mexico

Peter Schube President The Jim Henson Company USA

Michael Smeaton CEO/Produzent FFP New Media Germany

Patrick Svensk EVP of Content Modern Times Group Sweden

Marcos Santana CEO Telemundo Internacional USA

Douglas Schwalbe Executive Vice President DreamWorks Classics USA

Laurent Solly Chairman TF1 Digital France

Fernando Szew CEO MarVista Entertainment USA

Alberto Santini General Director TV Azteca Mexico

Arthur Schweitzer CEO Cinevest Interactive USA

Michael Souvignier Managing Director Zeitsprung Entertainment Germany

Jeffrey Tahler VP, Acquisitions FremantleMedia Enterprises USA

Ted Sarandos Chief Content Officer Netflix USA

Douglas Scott Senior Partner, President Ogilvy Entertainment USA

Sergei Sozanovsky Member, Board of Directors Film UA Group Ukraine

Hsieh Tai Chun President Hong Ying Animation Co. China

Adrian Sarbu President & COO Central European Media Enterprises (CME) United Kingdom

Jon Sechrist VP, Production & Development Discovery Networks International USA

Mariam Sparsiashvili Advisor to Executive Director Business Association of Georgia Rep. of Georgia

Shinichi Takahashi All Nippon Entertainment Works Japan

Stephen Segaller VP Programming WNET/WLIW USA

Morgan Spurlock Director Warrior Poets USA

Bob Sender Vice President HBO International USA

Maria Stepanovitch Distribution Manager, Americas France 24 France

Lara Setrakian Correspondent ABC News UAE

Nicholas Stevens President Bridgespan Multimedia USA

Michael Schelp Director, Business Development Fujisankei Communications Int’l USA

Evan Shapiro President of Participant Media Tele vision Participant Media USA

Eduardo Stigol CEO Inter Venezuela

Katharina Schenk Head of TV DPT TV Series / Senior Producer ORF Austria

Robert Sharenow EVP Programming Lifetime Networks USA

Donatella Saroli Head of Client Services RAI Corporation USA Anuj Saxena CEO Maverick Productions India Marcos Schechtman Director TV Globo Brazil

Patricia Schlesinger Controller Factual NDR Germany Bernd Schlötterer CEO Palatin Media Germany Andreas Schmid CEO AS Media Germany Michele Schofield SVP, Programming and Marketing A+E Television Networks All Asia Networks Singapore Charles Schreger President, International Distribution HBO International USA

Odd Arvid Strømstad CEO Eyeworks Dinamo Norway

Andrew Shaw VP, Commercial, EMEA & Asia Associated Press United Kingdom

Kathy Styponias General Manager, Media & Entertainment Microsoft Corporation USA

Nicole Sheffield CEO News Life Media Australia

Oluwatoyin Subair Managing Director Hi Media Nigeria

Lianwen Shi President Liaoning Radio & Television PR China

Julie Sultan President, International Sales & Distribution W2 Media USA

Pierre Sissmann Chairman & CEO Cyber Group Studios France Sergei V. Skvortsov Phoenix Film USA

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

Xu Sun Producer Beijing Television Station PR China Tai Quan Sun President Beauty Media PR China

Vladimir Taller President TVM Group Russia Grace Hui Tang Partner PricewaterhouseCoopers PR China Anders Tangen Producer Viafilm Norway Rudy Tanoesoedibjo President Director PT. MNC Sky Vision Indonesia Lawrence Tanz President Vuguru USA Zuzana Tapakova General Director TV Markiza Slovakia Eileen Tasca Producer Task Films / Alien Films Italy Victor Tevah Director, Production and International Area Pol-ka Productions Argentina Pankaj Thakar CEO Cellcast Interactive Media India Christina Thomas CEO BAFTA in New York USA


EMMY_DIRECTORY_2012_ALT_Layout 1 11/5/12 11:19 AM Page 114

Lyndsey Thompson Producer & CEO LocatioNZ Limited New Zealand Joao Daniel Tikhominoff President Mixer Brazil Peter Tinoco President Venevision Studios USA Leslie Tomlin President & Executive Producer Peace Point Entertainment Group Canada Geza M. Toth Animation Film Director Kedd Ltd Hungary Katharina Trebitsch President Trebitsch Entertainment Germany Bruce Tuchman President AMC/Sundance Channel Global Networks USA Andreas Turck Founder Pilot Entertainment Germany Simon Twiston Davies CEO CASBAA PR China Tetsu Uemura Managing Executive Officer Tohokushinsha Film Corporation Japan Maria Urquiaga Executive Media Consultant ALPALA Communications Corp. USA Oleg Valuyskov Commercial Director Polykran Studio Ukraine Henk van der Meulen Vice President IMZ – International Music & Media Centre Austria

Secundino Velasco CEO TOAC (The Original Arts & Collection) Spain Ernesto Velazquez Briseno Director General TV UNAM Mexico Colin Vickery Australia Marcel Vinay Hill International Sales VP Azteca, S. A. Mexico Marcel Vinay, Jr. Director General & CEO Comarex Mexico Roberto Vivo Chaneton Chairman & CEO Claxson Interactive Group Argentina Valerie Vleeschhouwer Managing Director AB Groupe France Philip von Alvensleben President Alive Entertainment USA

Tony Watts President Reel Rights United Kingdom David Weiland SVP, Programming & TV Channels BBC Worldwide United Kingdom Andreas Weinek Managing Director History Channel Germany Germany Rudy Weissenberg SVP Production NBC Universal - EDN/IM USA Ed Wells SVP & Managing Director, International Sales & Operations WWE USA Christian Wikander Head of Drama in Stockholm SVT Sweden

Gero von Boehm President Interscience Film/LUPA Film Germany

Sally-Ann Wilson Secretary-General Commonwealth Broadcasting Association United Kingdom

Pavel Vrabec General Director Pro Plus D.O.O. Slovenia

Anette With Head of Planning TV2 Norway Norway

Mohinder Walia Managing Director Fox Television Studios India India

Thomas Woods President Woods Communications USA

Petter Wallace Head of Commissioning NRK Norway

Loes Wormmeester Editor in Chief NTR The Netherlands

Patrick Walton Chairman OSCASA Official South African Casting Association of South Africa South Africa

Alexander Wrabetz Director General Austrian Broadcasting Corporation Austria

Rose Marie Vega Founder RMV Enterprises USA

Danyan Wang Deputy Director China TV Artists Commission of SARFT PR China

Olivier-Rene Veillon Director Ile-de-France Film Commission France

Anil Wanvari Founder & CEO Indian Television Dot Com India


Catherine Warren President Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund FanTrust Entertainment Strategies Canada

Paul Wylie Chief Financial Officer Movie Network Channels Australia Daniel Xavier Writer/Producer Cartoon Network Latin America USA

Yongliang Xiao President & CEO CBI Media PR China Wenning Xing Managing Director, Hearst China Hearst Corporation China Akemi Yamamoto Producer Telecom Staff Japan Wenhong Yang Vice President Shanghai Media Group PR China Leonard Yanovsky President Intra Communications USA Victoria Yarmoshchuk Director Media Resources Management Ukraine Jeremy Yates Managing Director Playboy TV UK United Kingdom Galen Yeo CEO & Creative Director The Moving Visuals Company Singapore Jay Yogeshwar Director, Media & Entertainment Hitachi Data Systems USA Olena Zagorodniuk Chief Musical Producer National TV Company of the Ukraine Ukraine Airin Zainul General Manager, NTV 7 Media Prima Berhad Malaysia Renata Zamith Afonso de Almeida CEO TV TEM Brazil Regina Ziegler Executive Producer Ziegler Film Germany Tanja Ziegler Producer Ziegler Film Germany Anton Zlatopolsky Deputy Director General TV Channel Russia Russia

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_2012_COLOGNE_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/19/12 2:12 PM Page 1

EMMY_DIRECTORY_2012_ALT_Layout 1 11/4/12 4:10 PM Page 117

Carmi Zlotnik Managing Director Starz Media USA

Herbert Granath Chairman Emeritus ESPN USA

Viviana Mabel Zocco President Vi-Da Global Argentina

Norman Horowitz President Norman Horowitz Company USA

László Zsolt Szabó Deputy Director General/Production & Technical Media Service Support & Asset Management Fund Hungary

Gene F. Jankowski Chairman Jankowski Communications USA


Arthur F. Kane Managing Editor WordCrafters USA

Bill Baker Journalist in Residence Fordham University USA

Kay Koplovitz Principal Koplovitz & Company USA

Ralph Baruch USA

Georges Leclere Founder LGMA USA

Edward Bleier Warner Bros. (ret.) Richard Carlton USA Bruce Christensen President, KSL TV Senior V.P., Bonneville Salt Lake Media Group USA Fred Cohen Chairman International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences USA Bert Cohen Consultant USA Mark Cohen Consultant USA George Dessart CEO Dessart Communications USA Sonny Fox President Sonny Fox Consultants USA Ralph Franklin USA Larry Gershman Chairman & CEO World International Network USA


Len Mauger 65 High Street Australia Horst Mueller Greece Sam Nilsson Sweden Bob O’Reilly Canada Felipe Rodriguez CEO & President Cognitec Systems Corp. USA Tom Rogers Chairman, TRget Media CEO & President, TiVO USA Jim Rosenfield JHR & Associates USA Dietrich Schwarzkopf Consultant Germany Rainer Siek President MT.NY USA Dieter Stolte Axel Springer Company Germany Helmut Thoma Germany

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_2012_TVKIDS_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/17/12 11:59 AM Page 1

TV KIDS is proud to announce that it is the media partner of the

International Emmy Kids Awards

EMMY_2012_FFP_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/19/12 1:18 PM Page 1

EMMY_JURORS_2012_Layout 1 11/3/12 4:33 PM Page 118


Jurors 2012 International Emmy Awards

First Round of Judging Tomas Akerstedt Art89 Producer Sweden Susan Alexander Shaw Media Inc. Canada Ronit Alkon Zebra TV Channels Israel Carlos Alperin Galloping Films Australia Fernando Altschul Fox International Channels USA Prem Anand Mediacorp TV Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Giovanna Arata Colorado film / Zazen International Productions Italy Gerald Ariano LCI / Ushuaia TV- Groupe TF1 France Pablo Arriola Oz Media / The Format Factory Uruguay Eva Artesona TV3 Television of Catalonia USA Carola Ash Future Films United Kingdom Jennifer Askin Alfred Haber Distribution USA Boris Ausserer Yellow Bird Pictures GmbH Germany Michal Aviram Screen Writer Israel Andrew Bampfield Writer France Zaihirat Banu Oak3 Films Pte Ltd Singapore

Peter Barabas Euronews France

Heather Blumenthal Spiritsister Productions South Africa

Ron Carroll Fact & Friction Productions Inc Canada

Estee Bardanashvili Sesame Workshop USA

Julie Boucher Link’s Production France

Catalin Catoiu Actor Romania

Carole Bardasano MTV Networks USA

Naomi Boxer TVO Canada

Rob Cawley Screenworks Ltd Ireland

Zam Baring KEOfilms United Kingdom

Marlene Braga Azteca International USA

Peter Chalupa Markiza-Slovakia, spol s r.o Slovakia

Marc Bary IJswater Films BV The Netherlands

André Breitman 2D Lab Animation Studios Brazil

Donovan Chan Beach House Pictures Singapore

Silva Basmajian National Film Board of Canada Canada

Thandi Brewer Tunc Productions South Africa

Amanda Chang United Kingdom

Adrian Bate Benchmark Productions / Artists Studio United Kingdom

Carole Brin Cyber Group Studios France

Giacomo Battiato Director / Writer France Steven Bawol Helion Pictures France Marc Bennink Entourage Amsterdam The Netherlands Virginia Berberian Media Biz Argentina

Bettina Brinkmann EBU Switzerland Andrea Brown Writer Germany Charles Bruce Midwinter Productions Ltd United Kingdom Lucy Bruell L.A. Bruell, Inc. USA

Johanna Bergenstråhle AB Svensk Filmindustri Sweden

Anders Bruus DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) Denmark

Neelam Berry Golden Tulip Films India

Dragos-George Bucur B.R.A. Media Management SRL Romania

Serge Bierset Sultan Sushi Benelux Belgium

Vincent Burke Top Shelf Productions Limited New Zealand

Richard Blaimert Blaimert Communications Inc Canada

Nell Butler ITV Studios United Kingdom

Helen Blakeman Writer United Kingdom

Sara Cabras Rai Radiotelevisione Italiana Italy

Jeanine Blom Blomberry Productions The Netherlands

Jacqueline Cantore A&E Latin America USA

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

Celine Chesnay France Televisions France Enlai Chua Fly Entertainment Singapore Karen Cifarelli Cifarelli Talent Consulting Germany Jozsef Cirko HCC Media Group Hungary Rick Clodfelter Cartoon Network USA Bryan Cockerill The Full Box Australia Jose Cohen Cactus Film and Video / ABC News Mexico Beatrice Coletti The Blog TV Spa Italy Marcello Coltro MGM Networks Latin America USA Antoni Corone Actor USA Jeff Cotugno DLT Entertainment USA


EMMY_JURORS_2012_Layout 1 11/5/12 12:08 PM Page 119

Martine Couchoud Kino Productions France

Mike Doyle Kingsbridge 3, inc USA

Julien Figue NRJ12 (part of NRJ group) France

Aubie Greenberg Astral Media Canada

Stuart Coxe Antica Productions Canada

David Dreilinger Duck Soup Media Enterprises, LLC USA

Matthias Fleischer Director of Photography Germany

Jonas Grimas Director / Writer United Kingdom

Linda Fong TVO Canada

Fred Grinstein A+E Network USA

Sarah Fowlie Bell Media Canada

Idse Grotenhuis IDTV Drama The Netherlands

Bruce Frankel TF1 USA

Tanja Grunwald Tanja Grunwald Casting in association with ACC (Another Casting Company) Denmark

Lenny Crooks Consultant USA Debbie Cuell Zapruder’s Other Films Australia Elly de Bont KRO The Netherlands Sheila de Courcy Radio Teilifis Eireann (RTE) Ireland Peter De Jong CABLE ready USA Alexandra De la Mora Actress Mexico Erik de Winter Endemol International The Netherlands Florian Dedio LOOKS Film & TV Produktionen GmbH Germany Thierry Detaille Ventes - Cbawip - Sales Belgium Nicole Devilaine France Televisions USA Kristin Diehle Kristin Diehle Casting Germany Uwe Dierks Boomtown Media, Berlin Germany Maria Dinulescu Actress USA Branko Djuric Director / Actor Slovenia Paul Dolan The Walt Disney Company / ABC News Division of ABC TV Network USA Trish Dolman Screen Siren Pictures Inc Canada Lisa Douglas ITV United Kingdom Kate Dowd Kate Dowd Casting United Kingdom


Janet Du Plessis Artistes Personal Management South Africa Paul Duane Screenworks Ireland Olivier Dumont Entertainment One Family United Kingdom Len Dunne Corinthian Entertainment Ltd United Kingdom

Nina Franoszek The Connectress - Intercontinental Film Services USA

Tatiana Dziergowska Canal + Poland Poland

Shirley Frimpong-Manso Sparrow Productions Ghana

Sandra Echeverria Actress and Singer USA

Franz Fuchs ORF / Austrian Broadcasting Corporation Austria

Josh Elbaum Media Investment Group USA Deborah A Elbin The NY Picture Company Inc USA Christoph Engel Projekt Engel (Nominated Film made for Unitel GmbH & Co.KG) Germany Amanda Eringer Precious Media Ltd United Kingdom

Peter “Piodor” Gustafsson SVT Sweden Pal Haagenrud Kamerakameratene Norway Sally Habbershaw AMC / Sundance Global USA

Ingolf Gabold Eyeworks Fine & Mellow ApS Denmark

Kwang Wei Han Threesixzero Productions Pte Ltd Singapore

Henry Gagnon H Gagnon Distribution Canada

Barbro Hardersen The Norwegian Center for ICT in Education Norway

Mikhail Galkin Overseas Media / RTVI USA Emanuela Galliussi Actress Italy

Camilo Jose Escobar Guerrero Fox Telecolombia Colombia

Georg Georgi Das Imperium Management GMBH Germany

Michael Esser Phoenix Film GmbH co KG Germany

Tarek Ghattas 6Hats Entertainment Lebanon

Treva Etienne Actor / Producer USA

Nicolas Gicquel MCM - Lagardere France

Caroline Faraj CNN United Arab Emirates

Barbara Giordani Barbara Giordani Casting Italy

Norm Fein News 12 Networks Cablevision USA

Anna Viedis Gisladottir Sagafilm Iceland

Andrea Harrick High Fidelity HDTV Canada Nancy Hayes Nancy Hayes Casting USA Timothy Hegarty Australian Children’s Television Foundation Australia Camille Hickman Lincoln Center Theater USA

Lynn Ferguson Nedulous Production USA

Jamie Glazebrook Caryn Mandabach Productions UK LTD United Kingdom

Juan Fernandez World Media Pictures USA

Zaheer Goodman-Bhyat Light and Dark Films South Africa

Mary Ferreira United Nations USA

Andrew Gosling Andrew Gosling Films United Kingdom

Michael Hilliard Finch Australia Gaye Hirsch The CW Television Network USA Mahboubeh Honarian VeraMedia International Productions Canada Carla Hool Carla Hool Casting USA Jeff Houser o2c USA

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_JURORS_2012_Layout 1 11/3/12 4:33 PM Page 120

Patricia Houtart Bel Air Media France

Michael Kronish Zones Inc. Canada

Helene Magnusson Eyeworks Sweden AB Sweden

Dana Morag yes-DBS Satellite Service Israel

Francis Humble Televisió de Catalunya, SA (TV3) Spain

Dallas Krueger ABC Television Australia Australia

Iqbal Malhotra AIM Television Pvt. Ltd. India

Albert Morera Fishcorb Films Spain

Keiichiro Kubota Freelance Producer USA

Soren Malling Actor Denmark

Benjamin Morgaine JOKEBOX Productions France

Stephan Lamby ECO Media Germany

David Malone Sideline Productions Ireland

Michael Moser M.R. Moser Holding B.V The Netherlands

Elle Langer Pimento Medienproduktion GmbH Germany

Margaret Mardirossian Anaid Productions Canada

Mouna Mounayer Firehorse Films Lebanon

Simon Marks Feature Story News USA

Thembi Mtshali-Jones Spirit Sister Productions South Africa

Peter D. Marshall Action Cut Print Canada

Gerardo Murguia Telemundo Mexico

Mashizan Masjum Beach House Pictures Singapore

Rola Najem The Frame United Arab Emirates

Pedro Felix Leda Ledafilms S.A Argentina

Rolandas Maskoliunas Lithuanian National Radio and Television Lithuania

Marie Natanson Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Canada

Meefung Lee PIK film Malaysia

Owen Matthews Shine Australia Australia

Vatiswa Ndara Moja Movie Factory South Africa

Jago Lee Nerd TV United Kingdom

Kirsty McGregor McGregor Casting Australia

Ben Nguyen SBS Australia

Thean-Jeen Lee Weiyu Films Singapore

Tom McSweeney McSweeney Newman Casting Australia

Mamadou Niang USA

Denis Leroy Cineteve S.A France

Karen Meiring MNET South Africa

Aurelian Nica HBO Romania Romania

Annalisa Liberi RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana Italy

Michelle Melanson Radical Sheep Productions Inc. Canada

Natalia Licovich Pramer S.C.A Argentina

Kostas Metaxas Exero Films Australia

Jyrki Nokkonen YLE, Finnish Broadcasting Company Finland

Khim Loh The Moving Visuals Co. Pte Ltd Singapore

Sean C Michael Actor / Producer / Writer South Africa

George (Giorgi) Lominadze IMEDI TV (TELEIMEDI LLC) Georgia

Ellen Sofie Michelsen Norway

Vincent Longobardo Warner Bros. International Branded Services USA

Manoj Mishra DQ Entertainment (International) Ltd India

Sheena Macdonald Canadian Film Centre Canada

Mamdouh Moheb El Din Pyramedia United Arab Emirates

Jorge Maestro Screenwriter Argentina

Leif Mohlin MINT Ab Sweden

Claire Ingham Company Pictures United Kingdom Andrew Jackson Woden Wind Productions Inc. Canada Patricia Jasin Frecuencia Latina International LMTD INC USA Mrinal Jha Undercover Productions Ltd. India Adrian Johnson TV Producer / (Multi-Camera) Director United Kingdom Maggie Jones Australian Broadcasting Corporation USA Barbara Kalicinska B.K. Media Consulting Poland Alex Karpovsky Liminal Inc. USA Ingrid Kasper United Nations USA Cynthia Kennedy BBC Worldwide United Kingdom Elizabeth Keyishian Kanganosey, Inc USA Sudheer KG AETN18 Media Private Limited India Othello Khanh Crea TV Vietnam Elizabeth Klinck E Klinck Research Canada Alexandra Kling The History Channel GmbH & Co. KG, History & The Biography Channel Germany Kailashnath Koppikar Sahara India (Sahara One Media and Entertainment) India Alexey Korolev Kultura TV Channel Russia

Eric Laroche Canal + France Ana Layevska Telemundo NBC USA Herb Lazarus Carsey-Werner Dist. USA

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

Elisabeth Nord Elisabeth Nord Productions Norway Maria Nordenberg Sveriges Television AB Sweden Désirée Nosbusch Deal Productions USA Emilia Nuccio Echo Bridge Entertainment USA Steve Ojo Galaxy Television Ltd / Nollywood Worldwide Entertainment limited Nigeria


EMMY_JURORS_2012_Layout 1 11/3/12 4:33 PM Page 121

Stephen Oliver Documentary Writer / Director Australia Steven O’Meagher Desert Road New Zealand Kezzy Omoni-Kimani CCD Africa Ltd Kenya Hee Yah Ong Mediacorp Pte Ltd Singapore Adrian Ong The Right Angle (Private Ltd.) Singapore Andrew Ooi Inspidea Malaysia John Owen City University United Kingdom Toni Oyry Batoota Films Lebanon Yunus Ozen Samanyolu Broadcasting Group Turkey Jaipersad Parasram Jyoti Communication & Media Consultants / Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Canada

Marco Valerio Pugini Panorama Films Italy

Jon Rutherford Tricon Films and Television Canada

David Studer CBC News CBC Canada Canada

Brent Quinn Quintet South Africa

Talia Sanhewe Talia Productions South Africa

Alejandro Suaya Rola Entertainment Argentina

Rose Ramsay eNews, eSat. TV South Africa

Emmanuel Sapolsky Drunken Dragon France

Debbie Supnik Off Sunset Management, LLE USA

Ellen Rand Universal Cable Productions USA

Tarif Sayed Dolby Laboratories, Inc. United Arab Emirates

Paul Swadel Supercollider Ltd New Zealand

Virgina Rankin Netherwood Productions Canada

Christa Schamberger The Casting Connections c.c South Africa

Neely Swanson No Meaner USA

Michaela Rathbauer Producer, Fiction and Documentary Austria

Kaare Schmidt DR (Danish Broadcasting Corp) Denmark

Donald Taffner Jr DLT Entertainment LTD USA

Alexander W RauscherNachwalger ORF, Austrian Broadcasting Corporation USA

Sjef Scholte Mountain Road Entertainment Group The Netherlands

Julia Redwood Prospero Productions Australia Gillian Reynolds Gillian Reynolds Casting Ireland Gil Ribeiro Mixer Brazil

Pasia Schonberg PVS Films Incorporated Canada Odette Schwegler Backyard Productions South Africa Robert Sherrin Sherrin Productions LTD. Canada Marco Luciano Simionato Red PAT Argentina

Kjersti Paulsen Kampen Casting Norway

Robert Richter Richter Productions Inc. USA

Kelly Peckham Wide Eye Television Inc. Canada

Juan Pablo Rincón Fox Telecolombia Colombia

Marco Perez Union Editorial USA

Alex Ristevski Talpa Content The Netherlands

Ignacio Perez Cabana Writer Spain

John Ritchie Force Four Entertainment Canada

Pia Pesonen Roolituspalvelu Finland

Fabian Robles Televisa Mexico

Edit Pinkas Noga Communications Israel

Miguel Rodarte Actor Mexico

Carol Jennifer Spycher Accent Films International (World Sales) Switzerland

Mark Piper Piper Pictures Australia

Chris Roland ZenHQ films South Africa

Nigel Stafford-Clark Deep Indigo Productions United Kingdom

Christian Poccard Eurochannel Inc. USA

Anette Romer TV 2 Denmark Denmark

Bruce Starin Formation Television Consultants USA

Linda Porto Disney / ABC-TV USA

Gillian Rose WNET USA

Klaus Heinz Proempers Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen USA

Patricia (Patti) Rose The Jim Henson Company USA

Otto Steiner Constantin Entertainment GmbH Germany


Barbara Slade Blue Arrow Productions United Kingdom Helen Smit MTV Networks Africa South Africa Mary Olive Smith Flying Pup Productions USA Jessica Soho GMA Network Inc The Philippines

Assaad Taha Hot Spot Films United Arab Emirates Anders Tangen Via film Norway James Taylor Freelance TV Executive United Kingdom Danny Tipping Parthenon Entertainment Ltd United Kingdom Claire Tonkin Network Ten Australia Andrea Traubner Alexander Street Press USA John Trengove Curious Pictures South Africa Genevieve Turcotte Societe Radio Canada Canada Lina Uribe Dali Productions Incorporated Canada Pablo F. Urquiza Time Warner Cable Sports USA Saija Uski Yleisradio Finland Paula Vaccaro Pinball London Ltd United Kingdom Jorge Vaillant Perspectives21 USA Joop Van Wyk Molenwiek Film The Netherlands Rose-Marie Vega TV Executive USA

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_2012_DELUXE2_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/17/12 10:34 AM Page 1

EMMY_2012_DFP_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/4/12 10:42 AM Page 1

EMMY_JURORS_2012_Layout 1 11/3/12 4:34 PM Page 123

Luis Velez Producer / Director Movie / TV Mexico Matthieu Viala Makingprod France Henrik Von Sydow SVT, Sveriges Television Sweden Paul Voorthusysen PVPictures (Feature films) and S&V Fiction (TV) The Netherlands John Watts Octapixx Worldwide Canada Sabine Weimann Sabine Weimann Casting Germany Colm Whelan Director of Photography Ireland Aimee White BBC Worldwide USA Marie-Laure Widmer Widmer Productions Switzerland Laisha Wilkins Actress Mexico Dewi Wyn Williams S4C United Kingdom Jim Williamson Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Canada Nathalie Windhorst VPRO The Netherlands Nick Witkowski Cineflix Studios United Kingdom Bruno Wollheim Coluga Pictures United Kingdom Gudrun Wolter Westdeutscher Rundfunk Germany Loes Wormmeester NTR The Netherlands Stef Wouters Haptic Belgium Mehmet Adil Yalçın Alfavizyon film production Itd. Sti. Turkey Ceylan Yildirim-Zimmermann Askania Media Germany

Pauline Yu Pics Talk Pte Ltd Singapore

Natasha Arthy Toolbox Film Denmark

Prashant Bhatt Viacom 18: Colors India

José Zimmerman EBC / TV Brasil Brazil

Flavia Atencio Artemusa Mexico

Barbara Biermann ZDF Germany

Angela Zubrzycki TV Producer USA

Monica Athayde Endemol Globo Brazil

Daniel Birman Ripstein Alameda Films Mexico

Semi-Final Round of Judging

Frank Aydt Servus TV Austria

Laurence Blaevoet Canal+ France

Stephan Abarbanell RBB Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg Germany

Alison Baker Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Australia

Ralf Blasius Off the Fence Germany

Nabil Abou Samra twofour54 United Arab Emirates Jamil Abu-Wardeh J.A.W. Media United Arab Emirates Santiago Aedo Cachon TV Writer / Author Mexico Mona Al Ruwaini Pyramedia United Arab Emirates Mederic Albouy France Televisions France Mauro Alencar USP - University of Sao Paulo Brazil Marco Altberg ABPI-TV Brazilian TV Producers Brazil

Alex Balassa Blindspot Mexico Jorge Balleste MGM Networks USA Simone Bär Simone Bär - Casting Germany Andrea Barata O2 Filmes Brazil Walkiria Barbosa Total Entertainment Brazil Steven Bawol Helion Pictures France Mathieu Bejot TV France International France

Helios Alvarez Sony Pictures Television Brazil

Miguel Bellotto (Varoni) Telemundo USA

Andrea Veronica Alvarez Dori Media Argentina

Paul Bennett Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder Australia

Marcus Ammon Sky D’Land Germany

Oliver Berben Constantin Film Production Germany

Patricia Andrade Screenplay Writer Brazil

Virginia Berberian Media Biz Argentina

Eleonora Andreatta RAI Fiction Italy

Mara Bergmann WDR + ZDF Germany

Lucia Araujo Canal Futura Brazil

Isabel Berlinck O2 Filmes Brazil

Diego Arbelaez Caracol Television Colombia

Piv Bernth Danish Broadcasting Corporation Denmark

Maria Gabriela Arias Ave 12 de Octubre, Edif. Medcom Panama Avi Armoza Armoza Formats Israel

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

Guroudev Bhalla Walkwater Media Limited India

Marnie Blok Writer The Netherlands Marina Blok NTR The Netherlands Heather Blumenthal Spirit Sister Productions South Africa Ruediger Boess ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG Germany Andrea Bogad-Radatz ORF Austria Thomas Bohn Indie-Stars Germany Guilherme Bokel TV Globo Brazil Francisco Bonilla Argos Comunicacion Mexico Raffaella Bonivento RTI Mediaset Group Italy Ray Boseley Darestar Pty Ltd Australia Guillermo Bouchot Azteca Mexico Nathalie Bourdon Quebecomm Distribution Canada Jana Brandt MDR Germany Alice Brauner CCC Cinema & Television GmbH Germany Margaret Bryant Serendipity Productions Australia


EMMY_JURORS_2012_Layout 1 11/3/12 4:34 PM Page 124

Jim Buchan Foxtel Australia

Rungthip Chotnapalai Thai Public Broadcasting Services Thailand

Jacob Derwig Actor The Netherlands

Igor Fedorov Intra Communications Inc, Russia

Jenny Buckland Australian Children’s Television Foundation Australia

Lih Woei Chou Touch Media China China

Julien Dewolf M6 France

Steven Felder Scenic View Entertainment USA

Estevao Ciavatta Pindorama Filmes Brazil

Frank Döhmann Badland Films GmbH Germany

Vladimir Fernandes California Filmes Brazil

Adriano Civita Prodigo Films Ltda Brazil

Paul Drago HBO Latin America USA

Claiton Fernandes California Filmes Brazil

Vassili Clert Son Et Lumiere France

Ludovic Dufour Off the Fence BU Netherlands

Juan Fernandez World Media Pictures USA

Manuel Cohen Scali Canal+ France

Gai Dunlop Festcom International Pty Ltd Australia

Eduardo C Fernandez Artear Argentina

Marcello Coltro MGM Networks Latin America USA

Stephen Durbridge The Agency (London) Limited United Kingdom

Marc Conrad Conrad Film Germany

Marc Duret Actor France

Christoph Fey Unverzagtvonhave / Entertainment Master Class Germany

Katie Cordes Disney Australia

Roberta Durrant Penguin Films South Africa

Mike Cowap Screen Australia Australia

Patrick Egerton Ambience Entertainment Australia

Zoe Crabtree Astral Television Network, Super Écran Canada

Yasser El Sahn Al Jazeera Children’s Channel Qatar

Sven Bürgermeister Burgermeister TV60 Filmproduktion Germany Gloria Burkert BurkerBareiss Development Germany Ewan Burnett Burberry Entertainment Australia Regina Canas TEIE Corporacion Salvadorena El Salvador Takis Candilis Lagardère Entertainment France Olivia Canter DreamWorks Classics USA Ximena Cantuarias Azteca Mexico Luis Daniel Capriles Telemundo Internacional USA Carolyn Carew Born Free Media Ltd. South Africa Melissa Caron Echo Bridge Entertainment Spain

Federico Cuervo Viacom International Media Networks the Americas Argentina

Gillian Carr Moody Street Kids Australia

Beathe Anita Daae TV 2 Norway Norway

Odile Carrière Drama Dpt. Arte France France

Jose Nicolas D’Amato Imagina / Mediapro Argentina

Wissam Chahine Orbit Media Gates / Orbit Radio & TV Network Lebanon

Alyn Darnay Chaos Films USA

Chanin Chamachote Panorama Worldwide Thailand Rajamani Chellamuthu ASTRO Malaysia Alejandro Chernov Monosabios Argentina

Samuel Davis Rowboat Film and Television Co. Germany Étienne de Balasy Director / Author France Mijke de Jong Vof de Filmerij The Netherlands

Celine Chesnay France Televisions France

Sabine de Mardt Eyeworks Fiction Cologne GmbH Germany

Tisca Chopra Actress India

Xavier Deluc MKIOZ Films France


Gergely Fonyó Director Hungary

Kirsten Ellerbrake Faktor Sechs Germany Erhan Emre Baghdad Bahn Film Gmbh Germany Anke Engelke Actress Germany Arild Erikstad NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corp.) Norway Emrah Ertem Finalcast GmbH Germany Jose Escalante Latin Media Corporation USA Wolfgang Fandrich MDR / ARD Germany Carla Farell Corazon Films Mexico Sherine Fawzy Pyramedia United Arab Emirates

Helena Forjaz Media Capital Portugal Stuart Forrest Triggerfish Animation Studio South Africa Leonardo Franco Centro Cultural Solar De Botafolo Brazil Marco Frazier AMC / Sundance Channel Global Belgium Natalya Freiman Commercial TV Channel Kazakhstan Jochen Freydank Director Germany Julian Friedmann Blake Friedmann Literary Agency United Kingdom Mattias Frik Spielkind Talent Germany Gregoire Furrer Montreux Comedy France Veronica Fury Wild Fury Pty Ltd Australia Santiago Galindo Televisa Mexico Flavio Garcia da Rocha TV Globo Brazil

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_2012_REED_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/4/12 10:36 AM Page 1

EMMY_JURORS_2012_Layout 1 11/3/12 4:34 PM Page 126

Sophie Gigon France Televisions France

Juyeong Han KBS Media South Korea

Tudor Giurgiu Libra Film Romania

Wolfgang Hantke Ziegler Film Germany

Luiz Gleiser TV Globo Brazil

Carmen Harabagiu HBO Europe Romania

John Godfrey SBS Australia

Jerry Harmer Associated Press Thailand

Rachel Goldstein-Couto Bell Media Canada

Alejandro Harrison Pramer SCA Argentina

Carlos Gonzalez FremantleMedia Brazil

Christine Hartmann Director Germany

Aashka Goradia Actress India

Ross Hastings Screenwriter Australia

Job Gosschalk Kemna en Zonen The Netherlands

Manfred Hattendorf Suedwestrundfunk Germany

Helene Goujet France Televisions France

Wayne Hay Al Jazeera Thailand

Klaus Graf Graf Filmproduktion Austria

David Hecker Sunrise Productions South Africa

Christian Granderath NDR - Norddeutscher Rundfunk Germany

Timothy Hegarty Australian Children’s Television Foundation Australia

Lisa Gray The Feds Australia Jennifer Green TV 2 Denmark Denmark Lauren Groenewald Plexus Films South Africa Wolfgang Groos Director Germany Judy Guevara Sony Pictures TV USA Marie Guillaumond TF1 France Dharam Gulati Deep Focus India David Gunson NBCUniversal Singapore Peter Gustafsson Another Park Film AB Sweden Ralph Haiek Buenos Aires Comunicacion Argentina


Lutz Heineking, Jr. Eitelsonnenschein GmbH Germany Vanessa Henneman Henneman Agency The Netherlands Marlis Heppeler Heppeler Agency Germany Daniel Hetzer Action Concept Germany

Aaron Howison Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Australia Weixian Huang Mediacorp Pte Ltd. Singapore Marie-Françoise Huisman Agence Marie-Françoise Huisman France Tony Humphreys Talent Television United Kingdom Chris Hunt IMZ United Kingdom

Anita Kaul Basu Big Synergy Media Ltd. India Rick Kavanian c/o Astrid Eckstein Management Germany

Ildiko Kemeny Pioneer Pictures Hungary

Espen Huseby Nordic World A/S Norway Dariusz Jablonski Apple Film Production Poland Paul Jackson Consultant United Kingdom Kochakorn Jaroensap-Olarn CNN Thailand Patricia Jasin Frecuencia Latina International LMTD INC USA Gerhard Jelinek ORF - Austrian Television Austria Linda Jensen HBO Europe Hungary Gunilla Jensen Peyron Swedish Television, SVT Sweden Katharina Jeschke IMZ Austria

Patricia Hidalgo Reina The Walt Disney Company United Kingdom Martina Hill Actress Germany

Edmund Timothy John Writer United Kingdom

Dagmar Hirtz Director Germany

Roopali Kadyan Contiloe Entertainment India

Martin Hofmann Aksania Media Film Produktion Germany

Ole Kampovski Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) Germany Alain Kappauf Noon France

Bettina Kasten ZDF Germany

Sibel Kekilli Wasted Management Berlin Germany

Sun Jianying Sichuan TV Festival International “Gold Panda” Awards Office China

Ranka Horvat HRT - Croatian TV Croatia

Yateen Karyekar Actor India

Marny Kennedy Catherine Poulton Management Australia Michael Kessler Actor Germany Erna Kettler RÚV - Icelandic National Broadcasting Iceland Pisit Kiratikarnkul Freelance Journalist Thailand Damian Kirzner New Sock SA Argentina Telidja Klai VRT - Ketnet Belgium Marion Klann Ziegler Film GmbH & Co KG Germany Helge Kohnen Global Screen Germany Mariano Kon MK Media Consulting Argentina Will Koopman Talpa Fiction The Netherlands Joachim Kosack Sat 1 Satelliten Fernsehen GmbH Germany Iryna Kostyuk TET TV Channel Ukraine Philipp Kreuzer Global Screen GmbH / Bavaria Pictures GmbH Germany Marie Kucerová Czech Television Czech Republic

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_2012_FKKS_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/3/12 1:36 PM Page 1

EMMY_2012_STF_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/2/12 10:08 AM Page 1

EMMY_JURORS_2012_Layout 1 11/3/12 4:34 PM Page 127

Verena Kulenkampff WDR Germany

Denis Lillie Cape Film Commission South Africa

Erwan Marinopoulos Skits France

Philip Morrow Wild Rover Productions United Kingdom

Michal Kwiecinski Akson Studio Poland

Joanne Lim A&E Networks Singapore

Apirak Marnpichitwanich Nine Plus Television Co Ltd. Thailand

Friedrich Mücke Actor Germany

Stephan Lamby ECO Media Germany

Qingping (Angela) Lin Zee TV of India China

Tim Muff BBC Worldwide France France

Sandrine Lamiral Orange France

Bruna Lombardi Pulsar Cinema USA

Nuno Miguel Martins Magic Motion Media / The Animation School South Africa

Romain Lancry Le Comite de la Claque France

Pedro Lopes SP Televisão Portugal

Gudrun Landgrebe Actress Germany

Anaí Lopez Argos Mexico

Claudia Landsberger Eye Film Institute Netherlands The Netherlands

Analida Lopez Albavision Panama

Veenarat Laohapakakul Nation TV Thailand

Leticia Lopez Writer Mexico

Nathalie Laurent TF1 France

Jan Jacob Lousberg Universal Pictures International United Kingdom

Isabelle Layer France Televisions France

Brendan Luno Writer Australia

François-Charles Le Goff God Save the Film France

John Macfarlane SBS Australia Australia

Michelle H. Lee Creation Co. Taiwan

Amit Malhotra Walt Disney Singapore

Sandie Lee Starhub Ltd. Singapore

Siddharth Malhutra Dharma Productions & Cinevistaas Ltd. India

Bruce Colin Legg Strika Entertainment South Africa Adrian Lehnigk WDR Germany Charles Lei China Soledad Leiva Venevision Venezuela Anton Leo Westwind Pictures Canada Spruce Leong Mediacorp TV Singapore Singapore Lu Liang Sichuan TV China Viktoriia Liezina-Masliana 1+1 Production Ukraine

Meghna Malik Actor India Alejandro Malowicki Asociacion de Productores de Cine Argentina APCI Argentina

Pablo Martins Mandarina Productora - Depende Comunicacion Argentina Richard Matthews Table Mountain Films South Africa Vuyokazi Matu Okuhle Media South Africa Marcela Mejia Argos Group Mexico Rungmanee Mekhasobhon Freelance Journalist Thailand Paul Meyer Luma Animation South Africa Hans Werner Meyer Actor Germany Olga Mironova Silver Screen LLC Russia Heinrich Mis ORF Austria Lars Montag Director Germany Mario Monteiro TV Globo / BR / RJ Brazil Nerida Moore Screen New South Wales Australia

Anupama Mandloi FremantleMedia India

Paulo Morelli Oz Filmes Brazil

Akanit Manosayawong Saradee Co, Ltd. Thailand

Chris Moreton Electus LLC United Kingdom

Alejandra Marano BAC - Buenos Aires Comunicacion SRL Argentina

Benjamin Morgaine JOKEBOX Productions France

Mari Carmen Marcos Azteca Mexico Alfonso Mardones Globo Media Spain

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

Reiner Moritz Poorhouse Intl. United Kingdom Clive Morris Clive Morris Productions South Africa

Leticia Muhana Globosat Programming Brazil Brigitta Mühlenbeck Westdeutscher Rundfunk Germany Mary-Ellen Mullane Screen Australia Australia Mario Najera Televisora de Costa Rica S.A. Costa Rica Takashi Nakamoto Fuji Television Network, Inc. Japan Sayil Negrete Sony Pictures Television Mexico Jenny Neighbour Sydney Film Festival Australia Lauren Nola Nickelodeon Australia Australia Jane O’Connell MSN - Microsoft United Kingdom Bernadette O’Mahony Australian Children’s Television Foundation Australia Somkiat Onwimon Thai Visa Co., Ltd. Thailand Jean-Michel Orion France Televisions France Diego Palacio Endemol Argentina Edna Palatnik TV Globo Brazil Sylvain Parent-Bédard QuebeComm Group Canada Juan Parodi TYC Argentina Franz Patay IMZ Austria


EMMY_JURORS_2012_Layout 1 11/3/12 4:34 PM Page 129

Rodion Pavlyuchik Prior Production, Prior Distribution Russia

Angelila Reuter Agentur Reuter P. Film-Feinsehen-Theater Germany

Amanda Peppard Active TV Australia

Maria Ribeiro RTP Portugal

Luis Peraza HBO Latin America USA

Bettina Ricklefs Bayerischer Rundfunk Germany

Jorge Peregrino Mobz S/A Brazil

Julian Rousso Anima Films Argentina

Karoline Schuch Actress Germany

Hamed Ruaab Mohd Abu Dhabi Media United Arab Emirates

Jürgen Schuster Teamworx & UFA Cinema Germany

Tina Ruland Actress Germany

Hans Schwarz NPO The Netherlands

Elke Ried Zieglerfilm Koeln GmbH Germany

Trine Ruud NRK, Norwegian Broadcasting Corp. Norway

Guillo Seguin Corazon Films Mexico

Ricardo Pereira TV Globo Portugal

Rebecca Rincón MGM USA

Alonso Ruvalcaba Vertigo Mexico

Iñigo Pérez-Tabernero La Competencia Spain

Guillermo Rios Writer, Director, Actor Mexico

Andriy Ryzvanyuk Film UA Group Ukraine

Elizabeth Pessoa Instituto Moreira Salles Brazil

Roberto Rios HBO Latin America USA

Christiane Sadlo Writer Germany

Jom Petchpradab Voice TV and Channel 9 Thailand

Najat Rizk Firehorse Lebanon

Maggie Salas-Amaro MGM Networks Latin America USA

Lis Fredslund Petersen NRK Norway

Penny Robins Executive Producer Australia

Lorena Sanchez Medcom Panama

Yoshio Shimizu NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) Japan

Ricardo Pichetto Eyeworks Argentina

Isabelle Roche Endemol Productions France

Julian Sastre Globo Media Spain

Nuno Artur Silva Produções Fictícias Portugal

Stefan Piëch Your Family Enter tainment AG Germany

Cesar Rodríguez Blanco La Competencia Spain

Michèle Sauvain Swiss Television SRF Switzerland

Cesar Silva Paramount Pictures Brazil Brazil

Carlos Rodrigues Globo Filmes Brazil

Katharina Schenk ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corp.) Austria

Anthony Silverston Triggerfish Animation Studio South Africa

Oliver Pocher Pocher Entertainment Germany Jia Qi China Movie Channel China Peter Radnai Ringier Hungary Hungary Julian Rake Reuter News Singapore Steen Rasmussen Grasted Film Denmark Katja Raths Clasart Classic Germany

Carlo Rola Foce Germany Jane Roscoe SBS Television Australia Hansjürgen Rosenbauer Medienrat Berlin / Brandenburg Germany Marcus H. Rosenmüller Director / Writer Germany Hans Rossiné NRK Norway

Patricia Sequeira SP Televisão Portugal Marco Serafini Director Italy Julieta Shama Eyeworks Argentina

Regina Schilling Director Germany

Hao Fang Shen CCTV China

B.P. Singh Fireworks India Wit Sittivaekin Freelance News Anchor Thailand

Antje Schlag Agentur Schlag Germany

Jane Smith Ibtikar, twofour54 United Arab Emirates

Patricia Schlesinger ARD / NDR Germany Sylvia Schmoeller Red Bull Media House Austria

Daniel Snaddon Triggerfish / Animation South Africa South Africa

Lutz Schmökel Above the Line GmbH Germany

Maria Ana Sousa Plural Entertainment Portugal

Norbert Schneider LFM Germany

Paul Sowerbutts Talent House Media United Kingdom

Maxime Rémillard V Interactions / Remstar Canada

Emanuel Rotstein The History Channel (Germany) Germany

Juan Rendon Univision USA

David Rott Actor Germany

Dominic Schreiber Channel 4 United Kingdom

Soren Staermose Yellowbird Sweden

José Rendón Artemusa Productions Mexico

Ilann Rouas Endemol France

Virve Vicky Schroderus YLE Finnish Public Broadcasting Company Finland

Benedict Stoll Channel 4 United Kingdom


International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_2012_NATPE_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/25/12 2:54 PM Page 1

EMMY_2012__EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/15/12 9:35 AM Page 1

EMMY_JURORS_2012_Layout 1 11/3/12 4:34 PM Page 130

Natalia Strybuk 1+1 Production Ukraine

Panagiotis Trakaliaridis ZDF Germany

Preben Vridstoft TV 2 Denmark Denmark

Worrawee Woowanich Spring News Thailand

Erwin StĂźrzer Arthaus Musik GmbH Germany

Carmel Travers Essential Media & Entertainment Australia

Kateryna Vyshnevska WTW Films Limited United Kingdom

Hazel Wright Hazel Wright Media LTD Ireland

Lucia Suarez Pramer Argentina

Barbara Uecker ABC TV Australia

Yongliang Xiao BNU / CBI Media China

Sivakumar Subramaniam ASTRO Malaysia

Naoto Ueda TV Asahi Japan

Elie Wahba 20th Century Fox International Television Brazil

Arief Suditomo Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesia (RCTI-MNC) Indonesia

Blanca Ugarte TC Television Ecuador

Gaesinee Suwanshevasiri Spring News Thailand Lotte Svendsen Asta Film Denmark Jessica Symons Channel 5 United Kingdom Elena Tagirova TV Channel 2x2 Russia Lek Hwa Tan Channel NewsAsia, MediaCorp Pte Ltd. Singapore Simon Taylor Periphery Films South Africa Dulce Teran Venevision Productions USA Victor Tevah Pol-ka Producciones SA Argentina Christian Theede Director Germany Barbara Thielen RTL Television Germany Alexander Thies NFP Neue film produktion GmbH Germany Anne Thomopoulos One Three Media USA Wayne Thornley The Crucial Project South Africa Peter (Pedro) Tinoco Venevision Studios LLC USA Anders Toft Andersen DR - Denmark Denmark

Beate Uhrmeister-Barz FFP New Media Germany Jennifer Ulrich Actress Germany Maria Urquiaga Alpala Communications Corp. USA Henk van der Meulen IMZ Netherlands Frans van Gastel Topkapi Films The Netherlands Daniel van Hoogstraten Syndrome Films Brazil Kim van Kooten Actress & Screenwriter The Netherlands Laura Vasquez R6 Comunicaciones - Canal 7 Costa Rica Frank Verheggen Chocolate Liberation Front Australia Rui Vilhena SIC Portugal Claudio Villarruel On TV Llorrente & Villarruel Contenidos Argentina Marcel Vinay Comarex Mexico Peter Viska Viskatoons Animation Australia

Gabriele Walther Caligari Film Germany Yuguang Wang Shanghai Tofomedia Co. Ltd. China Andreas Weinek The History Channel GmbH Germany Eleonore Weisgerber Actress Germany Irene Wellershoff Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen, ZDF Germany Peter Widlok Media Authority North RhineWestphalia (LfM) Germany Ray Wijaya MNCTV Indonesia Michael Wikke Graested Film & Television Denmark David Wilcox ITV United Kingdom Fritz Wildfeuer Constantin Television Gmbh Germany Nele Willaert ZDF Germany Kaye Ann Williams Paw Paw Films / Penguin Films South Africa Weaam Williams Tribal Alchemy & Shamanic Organic Productions South Africa Ann Willis Spafax United Kingdom

Nathalie von Bernstorff French Embassy in Berlin Germany

Derek Wong Sony Pictures Entertainment Networks - Asia Singapore

Severin von Hoensbroech Actor Germany

Kar Lai Wong Viacom International Media Networks Singapore

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

Wenning Xing Hearst Corporation China Chen Xue Jun TVS Southern Television Guandong China Galen Yeo The Moving Visuals Co. Pte Ltd Singapore Olena Yeremeyeva (Ieremieieva) 1+1 Production Ukraine Zhou Yong Chang Jiang Media Group China Ondrej Zach HBO Europe Czech Republic Airin Zainul Media Prima Malaysia Tanja Ziegler Ziegler Film Germany Javier Zilberman Ideas Del Sur Argentina JosĂŠ Zimmerman EBC / TV Brasil Brazil Bettina Zimmermann Actress Germany

Final Round of Judging Herval Rossano Abreu Director & Executive Producer Canal 13 de Television SPA Chile Magdalena Acosta Director General Television Metrobolitana S.A. De C.V. (Canal 22) Mexico Biola Alabi Managing Director - MNET Africa MNET Africa South Africa Patricio (Marcelo) Amunategui General Producer - Sabado Gigante Univision USA


EMMY_JURORS_2012_Layout 1 11/3/12 4:34 PM Page 131

Peter Andrikidis Director Zemmost Pty Ltd. Australia

Alexander Coridass President & CEO ZDF Enterprises Germany

Robert Durrant Creative Director / Producer Penguin Films South Africa

Joris Hentenaar Cameraman Camforce Den Haag The Netherlands

Irene Ang Founder / CEO FLY Entertainment Pte Ltd Singapore

Pablo Corona Senior Director Programming TNT & WBTV Latin America Turner Broadcasting System Latin America USA

Alan Erson General Manager Australia, Head of Factual Essential Media and Entertainment Australia

Cynthia Hudson Senior Vice President & General Manager for CNN En Espanol Turner Broadcasting System USA

Paul Cutler Director News & Current Affairs SBS Television & Radio Australia

Jane Featherstone Chief Executive Kudos Film and TV Ltd. United Kingdom

Percival Intalan Head of Entertainment TV5, Philippines The Philippines

Ross Dagan Head of News and Current Affairs TVNZ New Zealand

Cynthia Fenneman President and CEO American Public Television USA

Daisy Irani Vice President, English Entertainment Productions, Studios MediaCorp TV Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore

Avi Armoza CEO Armoza Formats Israel Aki Izhak Avni Actor Israel Jan Axelsson Programme Director Swedish Television (SVT) Sweden Andrés Badra Media Director Corporacion Medcom Panama, S.A. Panama Norbert Balit TV Producer Adamis Production France Roxanne Barcelona Vice President GMA Worldwide, Inc. The Philippines John Barnett CEO South Pacific Pictures New Zealand Katrina Bayonas Agent Kuranda Spain Miguel Brailovsky SVP of Programming & Production A+E Networks Latin America Argentina Jacinthe Brisebois Head of Programming ARTV Canada Ramon Campos Sáez Producer Bambu Producciones, S.L. Spain Louise Clark President LARK Productions Inc. Canada Donald Clarke Executive Producer Lucky Bean Media South Africa Sven Clausen Executive Producer Danish Broadcasting Corporation Denmark


Barun Das CEO Zee News Ltd. India

Bernhard Fleischer Producer / Managing Director Bernhard Fleischer Moving Images GmbH Austria

Jonathan Davis EVP, Comedy Development + Animation 20th Century Fox TV USA

Yuichi Funakoshi Board Director WOWOW Inc. Japan

Emma De Caunes Actress France Carlos de Elia News Director Artear S.A. Argentina Alain de Levita Producer NL Film The Netherlands Maryo J. De Los Reyes Film and Television Director GMA Network The Philippines Caterina De Nave Commissioning Editor: Drama, Comedy, Entertainment SBS TV Australia Australia

Angela Fung Deputy Head of Phoenix Chinese Channel Phoenix Satellite TV Co. Ltd. Hong Kong, China Patty Geneste CEO & President Absolutely Independent The Netherlands Tina Gerussi Casting Director Tina Gerussi Casting Canada Yann Goazempis Head of Humour Pole M6 - Metropole Television France Jane Gogan Commissioning Editor - Drama RTE Ireland

Xavier Deluc Actor-Producer MKIOZ Films France

Jorge Granier Managing Director RCTV USA

Julio Di-Bella Roldán Director General Productora y Comercializadora de Television Mexico

Carmen Harabagiu Country Manager, Romania / VP Original Production HBO Europe Romania

Bill Dunlop President and CEO Eurovision Americas Inc USA

Sarita Harma Head of Drama MTV Media Finland

Samuel Duque Executive Vice-President and COO Fox Telecolombia S.A. Colombia

Noah Hawley Writer / Producer 26 Keys Productions USA

Christina Jennings Chairman & CEO Shaftesbury Canada Michael Jermey ITV Director of News and Current Affairs ITV United Kingdom John Kastner President J.S. Kastner Productions Ltd. Canada Michael Kearns Head of News and Programming, Asia-Pacific CNBC Singapore Fenella Kernebone Radio/Television Presenter ABC TV Australia Australia David Kester Director, Coronation Street ITV Studios United Kingdom Shibani Sharma Khanna Channel Director - NDTV Good Times and Creative Head NDTV Lifestyle NDTV Lifestyle Limited India Parisa Khosravi Senior Vice President CNN Worldwide USA James Kramer Consultant FremantleMedia USA Axel Kuschevatzky Head of Film Production Telefe Argentina Martin Kweller CEO & Chairman Endemol Argentina Argentina

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_2012_WS_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/17/12 12:00 PM Page 1


EMMY_2012_SOFITEL_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/19/12 2:29 PM Page 1

EMMY_JURORS_2012_Layout 1 11/3/12 4:34 PM Page 132

Eivind Landsverk Programme Director TV Norge AS Norway

Stephen Mowbray Head of Acquisitions SVT AB (Sveriges Television) Sweden

Moonyeenn Lee Casting Director MLA South Africa

Takashi Nakamoto Supervising Director Fuji Television Network, Inc. Japan

Jong Hyun Lee CSR Managing Director MBC South Korea

Takashi Nakamura Senior Producer, Drama Programs NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) Japan

Keith LeGoy President, International TV Distribution Sony Pictures Television USA Emmo Lempert Managing Director / Producer Studio Hamburg Serienwerft GmbH Germany Lise Lense-Møller Film Producer / CEO Magic Hour Films Denmark Wen Liu Managing Director CCTV Documentary Channel China Simon Lloyd CEO Cineflix Productions Canada Natxo Lopez Scriptwriter La Competencia Gustavo Loza Jiménez Director / Productor Adicta Films Mexico Nigel Lythgoe CEO & Executive Producer, American Idol; So You Think You Can Dance Nigel Lythgoe Productions USA Ewa Malcuzynska-Wojna Deputy Head Documentary & Reportage Telewizja Polska S.A. Polska Adriana Marino Director of Documentaries Fox Telecolombia Colombia Fernando Meirelles Film Director O2 Filmes Brazil Dalia Mestechkin Channel Director - Viva Dori Media Group Israel Maria Eugenia Mosquera Directora General Vale TV, Red Canal 5 Venezuela

Sheila Nevins President of HBO Documentary Films HBO USA Hee Yah Ong Head, Content Production Innovation Mediacorp Pte Ltd Singapore Lay Hong Ong Senior Vice-President Mediacorp Pte. Ltd. Singapore Alexandros Papachelas Executive Editor, Kathimerini Newspaper Kathimerines Ekooseis SA Greece Alex Pereira CEO Paraiso Pictures USA Catherine Powell Senior VP / General Manager, Disney Media Distribution The Walt Disney Company United Kingdom Surang Prempree CEO and MD Chandra 25 Co., Ltd. Thailand Antonia Rados Chief Foreign Correspondent RTL Germany Mahendra Raghunath TV News Anchor & Producer South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) South Africa Hanani Rapoport CEO Jerusalem Capital Studios Israel Lilybeth Rasonable Officer-in-Charge, Entertainment TV Group GMA Networks, Inc. The Philippines Juan Rendón Director, Documentary Division Univision USA

International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

Christina Resar Head of Comedy / Executive Editor Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) Norway Ging (Regina) Reyes Senior Vice President, News & Current Affairs ABS-CBN Corporation The Philippines Ann Robinson CEO - Casting Director Mullinars Casting Consultants Australia Luiz Antonio Rocha Casting Producer and Theater Director TV Globo Brazil Brazil Chris Roland Producer / Writer / Director ZenHQ films South Africa Diego Hernando Rougier Director Megavision / Picardia Films Chile Eduardo Ruiz Executive Vice President and General Manager A&E Ole Networks USA

Mariki Van der Walt Head of Productions Quizzical Pictures South Africa Sophie Vartan Managing Director DewClaw Productions South Africa Robert Walden Actor Hudson Street Productions USA Ana Michelle Wasserman Head of International Business Telefe - Television Federal SA Argentina Annie Wegelius Director of Programmes Swedish Television Sweden Joost de Wolf Head of Drama VPRO The Netherlands Regina Ziegler Film Producer Ziegler Film GmbH & Co. KG Germany Geraldine Zivic Actress RCN TV Colombia

Jim Samples President, International Scripps Networks Interactive USA Marcos Santana President Telemundo Internacional USA Alberto Santini Director General Azteca 13 y Azteca Novelas Azteca Mexico Maria Eugenia Sarroca General Producer Prosa Producciones Chile Bart Soepnel Editor in Chief Art, Culture, Current Affairs NTR The Netherlands Diego Suarez Chialvo Senior Vice President, Programming Fox Television Studios USA Lek Hwa Tan VP, English Current Affairs Channel NewsAsia Mediacorp Pte Ltd Singapore Donald Thoms VP, Programming PBS USA


EMMY_2012_TVASIA_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 9/27/12 12:30 PM Page 1

EMMY_AD_INDEX_2012_EMMY_1108_AD INDEX 11/3/12 2:59 PM Page 3


Almanac Advertisers Index 20th Century Fox TV . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 98

Hearst/Cosmopolitan TV . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32

A+E Networks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43

Hubbard Broadcasting Inc./Reelz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 72

ABC Australian Broadcasting Corporation. . . . . . . . . . . . . 55

Ihlas Haber Ajansi A.S.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62

Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 113

Korean Broadcasting System . . . . . . . . . . Inside Front Cover

Al Arabiya News Channel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 103

The Lippin Group . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 65

Asia TV Forum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 138

Metro TV . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 111

Bangkok Broadcasting & TV Company . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 73

Microsoft. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59

Brightcove. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 100-101

NATPE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 141

Buenavision TV . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 95

NBCUniversal International TV Distribution . . . . . . . . . . . 44

Canal Futura . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48

NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37

Canal + . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 67

NRW. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 83

CBS Studios International . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70

Peabody Awards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 91

CCTV . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 107

Phoenix TV . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51

Chandra 25 Co. Ltd. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64

Pramer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61

Channels Television . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 92

Reed MIDEM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 135

CNN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 97

RTL Group . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Back Cover

Cologne Conference. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 123

Seven Network Australia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 84

Deluxe/Encore . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26

Shaw Rocket Fund. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56

Deluxe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 131

Sofitel NY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 146

Discovery Communications . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49

Sony Pictures Television. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63

Dori Media Group. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31

Somos TV . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 74

ESPN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 69

Starz Entertainment LLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 77

Ernst & Young . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 142

SVT/DRTV . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 78

European Television Guild. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52

Technicolor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38

FFP New Media GmbH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 126

TV Asia Plus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 148

FLY Entertainment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 105

TVFI. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 119

FX/Fox Broadcasting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Inside Back Cover

TV Kids . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 125

Frankfurt Kurnit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 137

Variety. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 115

Fujisankei Communications Int’l . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40

WDR. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 88

German TV Prize . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 132

World Screen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 145

Globo TV Network . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29

Wowow Inc.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 75

Hasbro Studios . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 80

WWE Inc.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 87

HBO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013


EMMY_MASTHEAD_2012_EMMY_1108_MASTHEAD 11/3/12 3:00 PM Page 2


Administration the International academy of television arts & sciences

PSG Wire Photography

Camille Bidermann-Roizen Senior Vice President & Executive Director


Tracy Oliver General Manager Aurélie Dauphin-Fletcher Events & Partnerships Manager Shakima Jones Bookkeeper

the International emmy almanac Publisher Editorial Directors & Associate Publisher Eva Obadia Gerry Brahney

emmy Judging

Zoë Dyck

Nathaniel Brendel Emmy Judging Director

World Screen Ricardo Guise

Jessica Franco Emmy Judging Coordinator Kelly Spall Emmy Entries Assistant

Communications Eva Obadia Communications Director Zoë Dyck Marketing, Web & Design Manager Gerry Brahney Advertising Director Don Ciaramella, Matt Biscuiti Public Relations: The Lippin Group Ken Feisel Almanac Cover Design


Max Newman Membership & Office Coordinator

Anna Carugati Mansha Daswani Kristin Brzoznowski Phyllis Busell Elizabeth Bowen-Tombari Simon Weaver Rafael Blanco Joanna Padovano Jessica Rodríguez Cesar Suero Vanessa Brand Terry Acunzo

Gala Chip Quigley Co-Executive Producer, Kingdom Entertainment Mark Friedman Producer Carole Propp Talent Producer Melissa Hess Clip Producer Academy Interns Natacha Niox-Chateau Charlotte Bayourthe Jie Chen Taylor Dunn Mario Garunrangseewong Edona Gjonbalaj Hayley Goldstein Areum Jung Francois Lebon Julia Moser Chanael Nkamleau Albane Rouge Alix Rouze Ernst & Young LLP Ballot tabulations Mark Besca & Matt Askins 25 West 52nd Street, 14th Floor New York, NY 10019, USA Tel: +1-212-489-6969 Fax: +1-212-489-6557 International Emmy Almanac 2012/2013

EMMY_2012_FOX_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/4/12 3:43 PM Page 1

EMMY_2012_RTL_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/19/12 2:33 PM Page 1

International Emmy Almanac - Winners Edition 2012-2013  
International Emmy Almanac - Winners Edition 2012-2013  

Winners Edition, International Emmy Almanac