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The new intranet is here

Year II – Issue 4 – January-February 2014

Periodical of the World Family of Radio Maria Association


Lots of new features on arrival in 2014: starting with the new work tool for all RMs

ear friends, we can finally welcome the new intranet, which will replace the WfGest. This month we will officially inaugurate this tool


At last, a single platform which gives me the possibility to download all the documents I need to do my day-to-day work at its best. Well done everyone!

Giovanni WFRM volunteer

which is so important for the future of World Family, and of each Radio Maria, especially for our day-to-day work. We have dedicated this entire issue to this important event, since the operation of the new intranet involves each and every one of us, allowing fast and full exchange of information, consolidating a synergy created over the years which always sees Radio Maria atten-

tive to new technologies. The tool is designed first and foremost for those who commit themselves on a daily basis to bringing forward the mission which the Virgin Mary has en-

ON 27TH APRIL 2014

Radio Maria will broadcast the canonisation of the Popes


nly four months to go and, on Sunday 27th April, the two Vicars of Christ, John XXIII and John Paul II will rise to join the ranks of Saints. A solemn celebration in Rome will canonise the two beloved Pontiffs. It was 1st October 2003 when Blessed John Paul

II greeted our President Emanuele Ferrario and the director of RM Italy and Director’s Adviser of WF Father Livio Fanzaga. World Family is already working to cover the event via streaming in the best possible way and assure radio stations worldwide a precise and punctual service.

trusted to us: announce the Word of the Gospel to all people through the radio. Follow us inside and we will explain the key functions and first impressions of those who are already using this powerful tool, to be protagonists of this useful platform for our day-to-day work. WF Staff WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT THE INTRANET…

Thanks! Great work must have been done to create this intranet platform. It seems to be an excellent tool for sharing!

Jeroen Collaborator RM Holland



Welcome dear intranet!


The new project by World Family gets underway to improve everyone’s work

fter more than a year of work and design, we are happy to announce that the new intranet of Radio Maria is ready and available for use from this month. But what is it exactly? Which functions and what improvements will it bring ?

What is the use of the new intranet of Radio Maria? It will be the main tool which replaces the current WfGest to facilitate the sharing and exchange of information, files and documents between radios worldwide, but also inside your offices (adm i n i s t r a t i o n , promotion, programming, editorial, information, audio and radio frequency).

Will it be necessary to install software on my computer? No, the new intranet of Radio Maria is an online application to facilitate and support collaboration among the association’s staff worldwide, considering the specific territorial, functional and divisio-

nal organisations. The project was designed according to a number of basic criteria: simplicity, accessibility, user friendliness, saf e t y , multilingual, comp a t i b i l i t y, extensibility (present and future). Why use the intranet? Everyone every day needs to make available and receive many files (documents, texts,

audio, video, images) to and from their own collaborators and other Radio Maria stations and the reference people of World Family. Furthermore, it is often necessary to organise meetings, schedule calendar events, and internally discuss projects and activities. All this will be possible to manage on the new platform.

What can I find on the intranet? Personal areas, details of collaborators, information files of each single Radio Maria, information and files which each station enters and can download from all over the world, discussion forums, work groups... and much more! Simply register ( and, once authorised by your manager, access with your username and

password to be connected with other members of Radio Maria.

When will we start to use the new intranet? It is possible to use this platform from today. The WFRM staff is always on hand for problems concerning the use of the tool ( ). Managers, collaborators and even several volunteers can share

and organise their daily activities in the best possible way. We assume you can’t wait to register! We warmly invite you to do so as soon as possible to be able to discover all the functions of this new work tool. WF Staff

Did you know that..







It is possible to freely download the material (texts, audios, images, videos) which WF managers make available. It is divided into work areas: administration, legal, audio frequency, editorial, training, IT etc.

Radios: details and intranet page of each single radio (called “RM page”) where you can find interesting contents and information. Groups: “work groups” with which you can register and participate in the different activities.

This section contains a list of all the collaborators and managers of Radio Maria and World Family registered with the Intranet. It is possible to search by radio, role, work area, name, etc., and obtain updated data of any person you are interested in.

It is the personal section where you can manage your own documents and files without anyone else consulting or viewing them. Very useful if you are working on the same file from different pc stations or for anyone who travels and does not always bring their own computer.





Active in the “rm pages” and in the “group pages” to create and participate in discussions on specific issues at a distance, having always the log of the different contributions of each person. Discussion rooms and thematic subrooms can be created.

This section, managed directly by each single Radio Maria, includes news (Local News), files (Documents) and discussion forums (Forum) which are open to everyone or only to members of the specific radio.

Section managed by members of the same group, in which to share files (Documents), discussions (Forum) and calendar events (My Calendar) for activities and projects developed with the contribution of multiple collaborators.

Useful tool for managing personal events, of the group or of the RM of belonging and for having a brief and complete view of all the commitments. There is the possibility to activate a “reminder” via email which reminds of the event in advance.


WORLD FAMILY RADIO MARIA news periodical of the World Family of Radio Maria association a pag. 18 Editorial office: P. Francisco Palacios;

Stefano Chiappalone; Raffaele Galati; Daniele Trenca

Materials, communications and information to prepare for Mariathon 2014 are already available in the new intranet in the work group “Mariathon”, section “Documents”, folder “Mariathon 2014”.

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The new intranet is here