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WORLDCHEFS Issue 26 Anno 2020


International Chefs Day Adapting to Change

Young Chefs

Setting Yourself Apart

Learning & Career Get Recognized

Feed the Planet Sustainable Nutrition

TINY GREENS, HUGE IMPACT Koppert Cress is on a never-ending quest to find natural, innovative ingredients that chefs can use to intensify the taste, scent or presentation of their dishes. A huge international network of biologists, plant experts and gastronomists support a steady stream of products,that meet the ever higher culinary demands of restaurants around the world. Cress are freshly germinated seedlings from 100% natural, aromatic plants. These plants offer a freshness and intensity in taste and scent, which are only present in young plants.






International Chefs Day Adapting to Change

Young Chefs

Setting Yourself Apart

Learning & Career Get Recognized

Feed the Planet Sustainable Nutrition

COVER PHOTO Photo by Wim Demessemaekers For delicious plant-based recipes, including the dish on the cover, click here to download the latest Wild Cooking cookbook! The planet-based movement is here to stay. Turn to page 12 for more.

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MANAGING DIRECTOR Ragnar Fridriksson EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Thomas Gugler, President Martin Kobald, Vice-President Uwe Micheel, Assistant Vice President Cornelia Volino, Secretary General KK Yau, President Ambassador Liaison Asia





BOARD OF DIRECTORS Charles Carroll, Past President Mauricio Armendaris, Continental Director Americas Andy Cuthbert, Continental Director Africa/Middle East Neil Abrahams, Continental Director Pacific Region Rick Stephen, Continental Director Asia Neil Thomson, Continental Director Europe North Alain Hostert, Continental Director Europe Central Domenico Maggi, Continental Director Europe South ADVERTISING Interested in advertising or contributing to Worldchefs Magazine? Contact us at



Tartelettes made of natural ingredients. For the professional kitchens of the world.

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WORLDCHEFS – FROM THE PRESIDENT and help your neighbors and friends by caring and providing assistance to the needy and less fortunate all around the globe. The weakest in the society needs our strongest support and help to sustain and overcome this painful period. For the time being, there are limited opportunities in face to face meetings and live competitions, but through modern technology, we have provided you with numerous innovative online webinars, seminars, live streams, tutorial lessons and podcasts and there is still more to come. I would like to encourage you all to use this time wisely and if possible, try to develop and educate yourself even more. After the hard times are passed, you will be ready and equipped with new skills and motivated to help rebuild our industry and make it stronger than ever with fellow chefs and industry specialists. Dear Chefs, Friends and Colleagues from all around the world, As usual it is a great pleasure for me to be writing to you with the positive energy in wishing you are all well and that your families, friends and colleagues stay safe and healthy. The past 10 months have brought the world into a situation which was never expected, even in our wildest dreams. There are science fiction movies with scenarios similar to the COVID-19 global pandemic and here we are in the middle of such a situation. This pandemic has changed the regular ordinary life of billions of people. Some are left in fear, many worried about their livelihood and how they will feed their family or themselves. Others have taken to self-reflection and humanitarian issues. The hospitality industry has been hit hard by the entire circumstance and we as chefs and culinarians have had to re-think our sanitation and safety practices in the workplace, and for many find the means to adapt and survive. Though these circumstances are challenging for most of us, I still believe strongly that with a lot of positive energy we will overcome the situation and as I always say we must, “Believe in the Power of the White Jacket”. It is my personal wish that all the chefs from around the globe try to work together and to help each other. Step back for a moment

Since the first Online General Meeting on August 15, 2020, we have been working to finalize all the Worldchefs Committees with directions and a new focus for the coming years. There are lot of opportunities ahead for Worldchefs and with hard work and determination, we will grow bigger and stronger together, each and every day. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to once again say “Congratulations!” to all the Award and President’s Medal 2020 recipients. They are all well-deserved and it is always such a great pleasure being surrounded by so many fantastic culinarians and chefs. I would like to personally thank all the Presidents and National Society Members within Worldchefs for their trust and support. It’s a great honor to have the opportunity to serve you as Worldchefs President for another 4 years with my Executive and the entire Board of Directors.

Though these circumstances are challenging for most of us, I still believe strongly that with a lot of positive energy we will overcome the situation and as I always say we must, “Believe in the Power of the White Jacket”.

Congratulations to Singapore for winning the bid to host the Worldchefs Congress in 2024. At the same time a big thank you to Wales for all their great work and a presentation well done. It is with great pleasure that we confirm the Worldchefs Global Chefs Challenge Series will be held in 2021 in Wales. Another big thank you to the Presidents for your support of the extraordinary vote for Russia to host the Worldchefs Congress in 2026. It is important to recognize that all of Worldchefs’ accomplishments would not have been possible without the great team behind our organization, my Executive Committee, the Board of Directors and our Head Office Team in Paris. Well done, everyone! During the first 4 years as your Presidium for 2016 to 2020, you gave us the motivation and strength to always move forward in a positive way and we thank you for your trust and confidence. We now look forward with great pleasure to continue leading Worldchefs and our fantastic team for another 4 years, and hope we will continue to make you proud of all we do for you and our great organization as we grow towards a modern and future-oriented direction. A moment of reflection to all the chefs and culinarians who have left us this year, please give them a moment in your thoughts and reflect on the precious times shared together within our Worldchefs family. A personal and heartfelt loss for all of us was the passing of the late Claudio Ferrer, Past Continental Director of the Americas. Claudio’s impact on the Worldchefs community in particular Latin America was monumental and his commitment to the development of Latin Cuisine was inspirational and impactful. In closing, I only ask that you continue to think positive and remember that at the end of every dark tunnel there will always be light. You are all “my light” and I am looking forward to seeing you all very soon somewhere around the world when we can once again meet, compete, judge, share, laugh and enjoy our “Wonderful Worldchefs”! May God bless you all and sending my very best culinary regards, Thomas A. Gugler President, Worldchefs




Adapting to

a New Normal Worldchefs is adapting and increasing online media presence with information, inspiration and learning opportunities for its membership.

As the COVID-19 crises is touching every layer of our society globally, some are getting hit more than others. It is more important now than ever that we support each other and our communities. Worldchefs is the glue that keeps together a global network of professionals to enable solidarity and friendship across borders.

SIGN UP & TUNE IN Worldchefs online community is now where chefs meet. Our members can sign up for a free account to connect and interact with each other, gain access to learning, resources and job opportunities. Each member association and Education Partner has their own page where they can gain followers and engage with their members.

SKILLS MATTER In this time of uncertainty, skills will be the key ingredient to quick recovery. Worldchefs is supporting its members with relevant, targeted webinars, online demos, courses, podcasts, webcast and blogs to keep our members informed and up to date. Global Culinary Certification has now been adapted, allowing chefs who have lost their jobs to get their previous experience recognized while unemployed so they are future-ready when their activity picks up again.

FOOD FORWARD Once the pandemic is behind us, we must be forward thinking and reinvent an industry that protects the environment and invests in its employees. Professional development and education will remain the key to build a sustainable model for the hospitality industry. Ragnar Fridriksson Managing Director, Worldchefs



“ In this time of uncertainty, skills

will be the key ingredient to quick recovery. Worldchefs is supporting its members with relevant, targeted webinars, online demos, courses, podcasts, webcast and blogs to keep our members informed and up to date.



Winning Bid Congratulations to Singapore, the official country to host the Worldchefs Congress & Expo 2024! “Singapore was the first country in Asia to host the Worldchefs Congress in 1990 and it made history,” says Chef Eric Neo, President of the Singapore Chefs’ Association. “Since then, Singapore has changed so much, especially in the world of food & beverage. We believe we have a lot to offer the world of chefs with our culinary scene and heritage, and we cannot wait to show them what we have.” What can chefs expect in 2024? From world-class icons such as the Marina Bay Sands to Gardens by

the Bay, to exploring the unique, diverse heritage of precincts such as Arab Street, Little India, Joo Chiat and Chinatown, we suggest you extend your trip to immerse yourself in the full Singaporean experience! Of course, food is the common language for all. Whether it’s a $3 chick-

en rice that’s scored a Michelin star in Chinatown to 3 Michelin star fine-dining at Odette in the National Gallery, there’ll be something for everyone. For more information on culinary happenings in Singapore, visit or follow along on Facebook!


Artechef de Cuba For the first time since their founding in 1995, the Gourmand World Cookbook Award released the list of the Best in the World winners before the awards ceremony. With international travel limited and many winners and readers in need of a pick-me-up, the Awards saw an opportunity to deliver on their mission to help those who “cook with words” in any way they can. The 25th anniversary edition highlighted the amazing work of one of our members, the Federación Culinaria de Cuba. Their Artechef Publishing House took home No. 1 in the world ranking of Specialized Cookbook Publishers, up against 150 competing print houses. Artechef publications also received several awards in other categories. For the Latin American regional award, Professor Jorge Junco Montserrat was recognized for El Tesoro de la Cocina Cubana. For the Caribbean region, the award went to the Association’s President Eddy Fernández Monte and Miriam Rubiel for Muchas Fuentes en la Mesa Cubana. The category of Subjects was also especially sweet, with Empresa Apícola Cubana, the beekeepers of the island, taking home the award for their Cócteles con Miel. In just 5 years, Editorial Artechef has already produced 45 titles and about 150,000 copies supporting Cuban cuisine. 21 books published by Artechef Publishing House have been winners of the Gourmand Award. Congratulations for a spectacular achievement. ¡Enhorabuena! WORLDCHEFS.ORG



On the Frontlines Executive Chef Nazim Khan, CEC, WCEC of Bryan Medical Center in Lincoln, Nebraska, believes that food is medicine. As the Center helps to heal patients, his Nutrition and Dining Services provide nutritional support for those receiving care, as well as for the 5,000 employees working on the frontlines.


with Compassion Chefs with Compassion, a non-profit founded in response to the humanitarian crisis brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, are reducing food waste while alleviating hunger and suffering in cities and towns across South Africa.

When COVID-19 restrictions limited visitors and pared down service, Chef Khan took the chance to refocus on menu offerings that are healthy for both people and the planet. In June, Bryan Health debuted a new plant-based menu. The dedicated station provides delicious options, from Lebanese-inspired falafel to taco tostadas. Since then, Chef Khan been receiving emails and notes from an appreciative staff, hungry for more. Sourcing local also means supporting the local economy, perhaps more crucial now than ever. Bryan Health has forged new relationships with local producers and purveyors. In so many ways, Chef Khan’s food philosophy is a cure to help heal a broken food system, too.

Chefs with Compassion takes produce that would otherwise have gone to landfill and provides delicious, nourishing meals through the skills and support of a network of chefs around the country, by leveraging relationships with farmers, agents, markets, retailers, wholesalers, producers, manufacturers and organizations. Since April, they’ve served more than 1,007,552 meals with over 300 volunteers in 5 cities.Thank you to the South African Chefs Association and their partners for inspiring us! To learn more about how Chefs with Compassion are transforming surplus rescued produce into wholesome and nutritious meals for those in need, visit


United Founded in 1929, the American Culinary Federation (ACF) is the oldest and largest association of chefs in North America, with 14,000 members represented in 170 chapters. ACF members at all levels, from Certified Culinarians to Certified Executive Chefs, Certified Master Chefs and others, have continually helped lead and shape the global culinary industry by setting trends and best practices, earning top honors in competitions in the U.S. and around the world, and achieving the highest standards of culinary excellence. 8


The year 2020 was no different; in fact, ACF chefs led the forefront of volunteer efforts to assist their industry and communities—feeding families, students and displaced healthcare workers, raising funds for peers and non-profit organizations, and demonstrating other forms of support during the coronavirus pandemic and resulting economic recession. Also during this time, the ACF demonstrated its ability to be flexible and service its members in a time of need by building a new online learning center; quickly pivoting from an in-person convention to a first-ever, virtual one; implementing a new, members-only, online discussion forum; boosting its coverage of COVID-19 resources as well as ACF chef and chapter activities throughout its multiple content platforms; and much more.

GLOBAL HOSPITALITY CERTIFICATION The only international benchmark created by and designed for hospitality employers, educators, and professionals.

Apply and earn a digital badge.

Get recognized to industry standards.


Promote skills and Unlock new career development. opportunities.


Elia Nora Araujo Rodríguez, President of Asociación de Chef de Venezuela.

Si Chef!

Worldchefs Academy Launches Spanish Pre-Commis Chef Course Worldchefs Academy provides culinary education for aspiring chefs that may not have the means, mobility or flexibility to attend full-time culinary school. Initially available in English, this free online course and mobile app is now available in Spanish for everyone, no matter their education or skills level. With curriculum covering the basics of culinary professionalism, food service operations, culinary theory, food hygiene and sanitation, basic cooking and culinary nutrition, the Pre-Commis Chef Course can be followed as a complete curriculum and individual lessons can be used to compliment other existing courses or provide theoretical components to an in-service, kitchen apprenticeship. “For the entire Worldchefs Board of Directors, it is important to make this opportunity available for aspiring chefs all around the world in as many languages as possible. The Pre-Commis Chef Course provides the opportunity for a proper, well researched and developed learning system in Culinary Arts to build careers from scratch,” stated Worldchefs President Thomas Gugler. Participants learn through the web-based platform or via the mobile app offering an offline study mode. By connecting to the internet when availa10


Rodrigo Ibáñez Rojas, President of Colegio Nacional de Chefs Profesionales de México A.C.

develop Young Culinary Talents, strengthening their theoretical and practical skills and preparing them for the workforce,” said Rodrigo Camacho, Nestlé Professional Business Head for the Americas. Worldchefs Academy would like to thank Spanish language partner Nestlé Professional Americas and the YOCUTA program for all their support in making the course available to the Spanish-speaking communities worldwide. Mauricio Armendaris, Worldchefs Continental Director and President of Asociación de Chefs del Ecuador.

ble they can download the course via the mobile app and study at any time, with or without Internet.Then they simply go back online when ready to complete the final assessment. The Pre-Commis Chef Course also links to Worldchefs Certification opportunities and is intended to be the first step on the culinary career pathway. “In times when the foodservice industry is undergoing a significant transformation, it is even more important to support young talent to help them prepare for a professional career. As part of the global Nestlé Needs YOUth initiative, which aims to help 10 million young people to access economic opportunities around the world, Nestlé Professional’s YOCUTA program is designed to

Of special note are also the Worldchefs Chef Volunteers that helped with the translations and development of the Spanish language content, including: Rodrigo Ibáñez Rojas, President and Diana Rojas Sáez, Member of the Colegio Nacional de Chefs Profesionales de México A.C. Elia Nora Araujo Rodríguez, President of the Asociación de Chef de Venezuela. Mauricio Armendaris, Worldchefs Continental Director and President of the Asociación de Chefs del Ecuador. Plans are well underway to offer the PreCommis Chef Course in Portuguese, Arabic, Italian, German and more. Click here to visit for details.


Goosebump Moments at IKA In February 2020 the 25th IKA/Culinary Olympics took place for the first time in Stuttgart. Around 1,800 participants from 67 countries, including 110 teams and roughly 800 individual exhibitors, came to compete. 22 professionally equipped kitchens were installed in the city’s trade fair centre and 8.000 meals were served on four days of the competition.The organiser of the IKA, the German Chefs Association, the VKD, received special onsite support from Messe Stuttgart, Dehoga Baden-Wuerttemberg and the

numerous honorary VKD members. The champions of the IKA/Culinary Olympics 2020 were announced on February 19th, 2020 in the closing ceremony. Six months later the VKD published the official film of the IKA/ Culinary Olympics 2020 – to celebrate the olympic spirit and all the great IKA memories. You may take a trip down memory lane and experience again all those goosebumps moments online. Follow the feed on Facebook or take a look on





The Top 10 Best Vegetable Restaurants 2020

The annual We’re Smart® Green Guide and We’re Smart® Future Awards encourages more chefs to switch to a vegetable focused menu, with vegetables making up 60 percent of the dishes. Creatively, seasonality, and how they communicate this to their customers is all part of the evaluation process. The outcome is not just for chefs. It’s the best reference for consumers looking to support chefs and businesses taking on the mission. The Guide is now a collection of the best vegetable restaurants in the world, all available online. Restaurants from 43 countries are currently listed, of which 79 have the highest core – 5 radishes. Check out this year’s Top 10! To hear more from We’re Smart founder Chef Frank Fol, tune in to Episode 23 of Worldchefs Podcast: World on a Plate.

Worldchefs Launches

Vegan Competition Seminar in Palermo, Italy

The increasing demand for Vegan Cuisine awareness and plant-based menu items is on the rise throughout the world. To help Chefs meet the challenge and set the culinary standards for international competitions, the Vegan Competition Seminar was developed and launched in Palermo, Italy during Expocook 2020, an annual restaurant business exhibition. Federazione Italiana Cuochi (FIC) President Rocco Pozzulo attended Expocook 2020 and provided the opportunity for Worldchefs seminar history to be made in Italy! With 17 graduates trained and prepared to work towards receiving their certification status in vegan competitions, Worldchefs can expect to see an increasing number of vegan competition categories at national, regional, international and global competitions. It can also expect to receive an increasing demand for vegan competition seminars. Cornelia Volino, Worldchefs Secretary General and Instructor of the Vegan Competition Seminar stated, “The vegan diet and lifestyle choice is rapidly increasing worldwide. It is important for chefs to provide plant-based dining options on their menu to meet the needs of this growing customer base. In order to ensure customer satisfaction and remain current in an ever-evolving industry, chefs must prepare or do their mise en place to be ahead of the shifting demands, and to be frontrunners in the evolution of gastronomy.” She further stated, “Worldchefs developed the Vegan Competition Seminar to provide compe-



tition standards for the new vegan/plant-based cuisine categories.” Domenico Maggi, Continental Director Europe South was instrumental in the success of the seminar in Palermo, providing significant coordination and the Italian translations. Gert Klotzke, Chairman of the Culinary Competition Committee made a guest appearance to share an overview of the National Team’s Chef ’s Table vegan intermediate course entries from the recently held IKA Culinary Olympics in Stuttgart, Germany. During the seminar, selected vegan/plant-based products from Worldchefs partners’ Koppert Cress, Birra Morena, and Les Vergers Boiron were introduced and sampled by the participants. The local host, Associazione Cuochi e Pasticceri di Palermo provided logistics, hospitality and ongoing support. Worldchefs would like to recognize President Giacomo Perna, Giuseppe Giuliano, Mario Puccio, Rosario Seidita and Benedetto Priolo. Special appreciation to FIC Secretary Alessandro Laudadio for travelling from Rome to provide national support during the seminar.

1st Worldchefs Vegan Competition Seminar Participants Francesco Giuliano Massimiliano Ballarò Valerio Angelino Catella Benedetto Priolo Mario Puccio Ljubica Komlenic Alessandra Baruzz Lorena Lo Presti Patti Saverio

Mohamed Hamdi Ramadan Maurizio Valguarnera Pietro Pupillo Sudarsha Amararathna Fabio Potenzano Giacomo Perna Giuseppe Giuliano Alessandro Laudadio

For more information on Worldchefs Competition Seminars, click here to visit competitionseminar.

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Top 3 Networking Tips for Chefs Seeing the future in 20/20 means adapting, constantly. So where can chefs go to stay connected and stay inspired? Here are the best Worldchefs resources for industry pros.

1. STAY CONNECTED ONLINE Connect with over 500,000 global Worldchefs members and hospitality professionals on the world’s largest hospitality network. With a free personal profile, you can tell your story and get discovered by 6,000 employers and 35,000 jobs worldwide. Don’t miss industry insights, career advice, and tips from experts. You can create your account in seconds at

2. INVEST IN DIGITAL BADGING Digital badges can help you to market your skills! Whereas a paper certificate ends up gathering dust, a digital badge makes skills visible and global. It can literally jump off the page – a single click and the credential can be verified. Showcase your experience on social media, professional networking sites like LinkedIn, through email, and of course on your CV with this immensely powerful tool!


Boost your media presence while showing off your best recipes to the Worldchefs community! You can be featured on Worldchefs social channels and engage with chefs from around the globe with your own livestreamed cooking episode. From your favorite national dish, family meal, or earth-friendly plate, find out how you can get involved at

The Swedish Chefs Association is proud to present their new General Manager, Jens Ericsson, who most recently came from the Swedish regional team, Stockholm Culinary Team. Jens has been a part of the team as a chef from 2009 to 2012 and the past two years as the Team Manager. He will now carry the responsibility for both the senior and the junior Swedish Culinary Teams. Known for his calm and secure way of leading groups, we’re sure Jens will take the team to new successes.

An Egg Up

in Competition The Emirates Culinary Guild worked in cooperation with USA Poultry and Egg Export Council for another egg-citing virtual cooking competition. In-person events might be hard to beat, but the Guild did a fantastic job providing new learning opportunities for Young Chefs during this difficult time.Thanks to the organizers for working around the cluck to help those affected and laid off by the pandemic. Thanks to all the participants for focusing on the sunny side. When a year is as cracked as this one, you just have to wing it. WORLDCHEFS.ORG



Setting Yourself Apart An Interview with

Harry Paynter-Roberts Meet Harry Paynter-Roberts, the talented Welsh chef who cooked his way to third place in the Young National Chef of the Year final. Harry works as a Commis Chef at the 2 Michelin starred Moor Hall Restaurant. The 23-year-old has competed with the Junior Culinary Team Wales in global competitions and was runner-up in the Junior Chef of Wales Final in 2017 and 2018. We sat down with him to learn more about his success and his advice for other Young Chefs!

What is the most rewarding part of competing at culinary competitions as a Young Chef? The most rewarding part of entering competitions as a young chef is all the new skills you learn while competing. Also, being able to develop new dishes and working with new ingredients as well as the sense of community felt throughout the whole process. As part of the Welsh Culinary Team, you’ve presented your country at the Culinary World Cup and alongside Chef Danny Burke at the Global Chefs Challenge semi-final in Rimini, where you took home gold and qualified for the finals. How does competing in global competitions differ from regional or national competitions? Winning the gold medal with Danny, who has mentored me through years and saw me go from strength to strength, was great. He has helped me through life problems, not just being a mentor in the kitchen, but also being a good friend. Competing at world or national level is really hard, however I don’t think it makes me any different from the chefs my age. The reason I do it is to improve my own skills and develop myself through gaining extra experience outside of work. Ultimately, I am a chef from north Wales who enjoys cooking, going to work every day and learning as much as I can from different people. How do you get inspired for the dishes you’ll prepare in competition, and is this process different than the way you approach recipe development in the restaurant? 16


What is your favorite dish that you’ve prepared in competition, and why? My favourite dish that I have used in a competition is my dessert for the Junior Chef of Wales 2018, which was quince poached in a spiced red wine syrup, quince cake, red wine reduction and crystallised walnut and vanilla milk ice cream which is then seasoned with Maldon sea salt and demerara sugar crumb. It is my favourite dish because it is really simple to cook, but the flavour and balance is prefect in my opinion. It’s not overcomplicated, it’s just a really tasty dish. How have culinary competitions changed since COVID-19?  In my opinion, culinary competitions haven’t changed since COVID-19 as they still have the buzz and joy of being in the weeds from the start to the end. It is different in the sense that we can’t shake the hands of the other competitors and the results are found out 3 weeks later over livestream. However, I really enjoyed this as I was at work and surrounded by the whole team when we got the results. I was shocked, but in good way. It was a very hard competition and the talent was very high.  How did the pandemic change the way you approach your career? The pandemic has taught me to enjoy time off from work and to put things in perspective. Also, it has made me appreciate my work much more and has given me time to think about what I want to achieve in my career. What is the best career advice you’ve received? The best career advice I received from a chef was when I first started and was learning the ways and he said: ‘’You are a nobody until the day that you want to be somebody and put the hard work, hours and love into it.” This is what I have been trying to do as well as always staying humble along the way.

Harry Paynter-Roberts

I try to get inspired by the brief, then I tend to work out what is in season and go from there. I will come up with my own ideas for a dish then I’ll go and speak to friends in the industry and mentors to get a second opinion. After that I will cook the dish and see if anything needs changing, developing or refining. At the restaurant we cook Chef ’s food because he knows what is good from his many years experience, so therefore you learn his cooking style and techniques.

What do you think will be the most important role for chefs in the coming years? The most important role of a chef in the coming years is to keep cooking and trying to make guests happy as well as teaching and developing the next generation of chefs. I’m a Young Chef just starting out. How can I set myself apart? I try to set myself apart by being different and working for talented chefs, therefore learning the skills they have acquired over their careers.


From Birmingham to Bocuse d’Or

Meet BCF’s Nathan Lane Nathan Lane, the British Culinary Federation’s Young Chef of the Year 2019, began his journey as a chef at 15 years old. At age 17 he secured his first job in a Michelin starred restaurant, and by 18 years old he was working at The Ritz in London under John Williams MBE. When it came to moving to a big city at such a young age, he was overwhelmed and scared, but he says, “I never let this get in my way as I know the reason for my move, to fulfil my dreams and start to master my craft from a young age.”

Nathan Lane competiting at Bocuse d’Or 2019.

Nathan certainly did not let fear stand in the way of his career. When presented with the opportunity to compete with United Kingdom’s Bocuse d’Or team as Commis Chef, he didn’t let anything stand in his way. After training for over a year, Nathan and his team finished 10th place in the European qualifiers. They moved on the final stage of the competition, the World Finals in Lyon, where they placed 10th in the world. Nathan described his experience as a surreal journey. He says, “I learnt so much, it taught me the real meaning of perfection, it opened my eyes wider than ever before and made me see a lot in a different light. Being part of the Bocuse d’Or family is such a privilege and makes this huge world we live in become so small and tight knitted.” Nathan has since travelled the globe, staging with chefs in the world’s best restaurants, including Eleven Madison Park, Per Se, Geranium Copenhagen, and Yannick Alléno’s Pavillon Ledoyen. Keep up with Nathan’s culinary journey on Twitter (@Nathanlane1997) and Instagram (@nathanlane97).

GET FEATURED! Are you a Young Chef? Get featured on Worldchefs blog, TV, and social channels! We’re offering young chefs the opportunity to show off their cooking skills live on Worldchefs’ social channels or submit a recipe to get your work displayed on Worldchefs’ blog. Don’t miss this chance to create a lasting impression on our global network of chefs. Show off your skills!




Cornelia Volino, Worldchefs Secretary General/Worldchefs Academy Chief Advisor with Members of Federación de Asociaciones Culinarias de la República de Cuba, (left) Elsa María Rodríguez, Matanzas and (right) Mayra de la Cruz Romero, Guantánamo.

Cornelia Volino

Worldchefs Secretary General and Worldchefs Academy Chief Advisor

What is Worldchefs Academy? Worldchefs Academy is a division of World Association of Chefs Societies (Worldchefs) providing an online vehicle to engage those who may not have the means, mobility or flexibility to attend culinary school. It may also be used in existing culinary school or apprenticeship programs and provide an opportunity for culinary professionals to review the basic fundamentals of culinary arts. What is included in the Pre-Commis Chef Course? The Pre-Commis Chef Course includes culinary professionalism, culinary theory, hygiene and sanitation, food preparation and nutrition. It is delivered through video lessons, transcripts and additional resources. Badges are earned upon the competition of each module and a Pre-Commis Chef badge and certificate are received after successfully completing the course. Where do I find Worldchefs Academy? Simply go to  or download the Worldchefs Academy mobile app for free at Google Play or the App Store.

What are the goals of Worldchefs Academy? Worldchefs Academy created the free Pre-Commis Chef Course in conjunction with Pro Gastronomia and Nestle Professional to provide everyone with a chance to learn the culinary basics needed to start a career in culinary arts or review their basic knowledge of culinary fundamentals.   In which languages will you be offering the Pre-Commis Chef Course? Currently the Pre-Commis Chef Course is available in English and Spanish. We are planning to launch the Portuguese and Arabic courses by the end of 2020.  Italian and German courses will be available in early 2021.   How do you select the languages?  We select Pre-Commis Chef course languages by determining the available translation support for content, video subtitles and/or voiceovers through language specific partners and/or Chef Volunteers. We also require Chef Volunteers to assist with translations, review the accuracy of translations and terminology applicable to each language, test the course prior to its launch and help in promotion and marketing. With the Spanish and Portuguese courses, Nestle Professional Americas joined Worldchefs Academy as a language partner and we identified Chef Volunteers to provide further support for the review, testing and launch. Alternatively, for the Arabic course, it has been 100% supported by Chef Volunteers.   Who do I contact to be a Chef Volunteer for additional language development?   You can contact me directly, contact your Worldchefs Continental Director or simply send an email to   When will additional courses be added to Worldchefs Academy? The current focus of Worldchefs Academy is to offer the Pre-Commis Chef Course in multiple languages and inspire future Chefs across the global. Worldchefs Academy helps to plant the seeds of culinary arts by instilling the basic foundation and fundamentals for future learning. Its progress and ultimate success will be determined by the increasing number of languages Worldchefs Academy has made available for the Pre-Commis Chef Course, not the number of English courses it provides though additional English courses and/or seminars are being considered.   Once I complete the Pre-Commis Chef Course, what do I do next? Upon competition of the Pre-Commis Chef Course, online participants are directed to the Worldchefs Certification page at global-hospitality-certification. Requirements for Worldchefs Certification are clearly outlined to provide guidance for “next steps” throughout an entire culinary career.   Complete this sentence, Worldchefs is... an opportunity to strengthen and expand our global culinary network by developing, educating, inspiring and supporting fellow and future culinarians; preserve authentic heritage cuisines; provide global humanitarian aid relief; and uphold international culinary standards through excellence in culinary arts.




Dr. Rick Stephen

Chairman Culinary Competition Committee (CCC)

What are the goals of the new CCC? The first thing that I would like to address is to acknowledge the great work the 2016-2020  CCC  team did under Gert Klötzke. This team implemented new ideas and lifted the level of competitions to make it even harder for the jury. The new CCC team will endeavour to follow their footsteps and also to add more elements of food from different regions of the world. Our goal will be to break into sub-committees lead by one of the  main core committee members , which will meet regularly but only on ZOOM.   Will you be providing online competition and judging seminars in the future?  I believe it is imperative that the first seminar be taken ‘face to face’ for the seminar participants to have the opportunity to ask questions and be involved in training sessions within the classroom setting . It is vital for the learning process that the participants interact and listen to what fellow participants are asking about the course content and when discussing 20


issues in their region, even during the breaks. However, for the renewal licences, this is where we are hoping to establish Webinars or even go down the same road as Worldchefs Academy, with instructional segments followed by 6 – 8 test questions, which you must answer correctly before progressing through the seminar. When will they be available?  Discussions are underway with Worldchefs Managing Director to look into sponsorship opportunities or on how we make this type of online seminar cost effective. Ideally there would only be an online fee to Worldchefs to reduce the necessity of travelling and hotel expenses. Further details will be discussed at an upcoming CCC meeting   Will the competition categories be changing?  With the global pandemic caused by COVID-19 the whole world is changing their style on dining and buffets are nearly extinct at present due to Food Safety issues (based on people’s perception and health departments) so there will need to be some stringent activities in this area. Hygiene will be paramount   and so will Personal Protective   Equipment (face mask, gloves, shields etc.) to what degree? This will need to be determined in consultation with the major competition organizers and the CCC.   Will there be more Vegan categories introduced in the future?  Vegan/Plant-Based cuisine and Vegetarian cuisine is on the rise throughout the world. The general public are starting to get a full understanding of the sustainable food push and necessity to eliminate food waste. As most of you have witnessed, Vegan cuisine is already one of the courses in the Global Chefs final menus.  We will continue to expand these categories as part of the CCC and have added a Sub-Committee for Vegan cuisine.   Will the scoring criteria be changing?  At the end of the day,  the score should reflect taste profiles of the menu,  a balanced  menu from starter to the end, control on food waste, time  management and naturally, hygiene. The current scoring criteria covers all these areas but with the changing world we will need to dive deep into this area to ensure safe food, good skills, utilization beyond prime cuts and the promotion of regional products, flavour profiles and cuisine styles.   How do I become a Worldchefs Certified Judge? The first step is to become a member of your own country’s Chefs Association, which must be a member of Worldchefs. The next step is to compete as a competitor, individually,  in a team or as a coach or manager or maybe even work in a high end restaurant for a number of years. Next step is to enrol in a Competition or Judging Seminar. This will give you the tools for the future to be recognized as a judge – but you are not there yet. Experience is what you will also need to judge and this can be through local competitions, guest competitions, viewing competitions and observing team training.

WORLDCHEFS – INSIDE WORLDCHEFS Then you are required to put together a CV/Resume on your competition experience with supporting documents to prove that you have been doing trial judging at events. Arrange at least 2 reference letters on your judging ability and if going for the top level, these letters need to be from the current ‘A’ judges list and from different countries. Then you complete the online application at competitionseminar#certjudge and provide supporting documents . The important part is that this application must either have an accompanying letter from your country’s national president or their signature with a legible stamp  on it. Worldchefs will then send it to the CCC’s sub-committee (including members from each region) who review and assess the application.

versed in the rules and regulations of Worldchefs standards. Ideally, you can visit the Worldchefs Certified Judges Directory and see who in your Continent is qualified as it may be a cost savings on who you invite. You will however,  need to ensure you have well-rounded expertise on your judging panels covering all category requirements and ideally include male, female and different regions and/or ethnic cuisines of the world. You also need to ensure all judges are willing to adhere to the Worldchefs CCC Code of Conduct. Complete this sentence, Worldchefs is... not only the culinary voice of 110+ countries and their chefs, it’s also a learning opportunity for the betterment of our profession and to promote our craft through education, learning, trust, and friendship.

Once your judging licence has been approved, your name  will appear on the Certified Judges Directory and then you can update your own Hosco account. Note the Certified Judging license is like your car license and will need to be renewed every 5 years as competition rules and regulations do change. How do Certified Judges and Learning/Rookie Judges find judging opportunities?  As most of you know, I am based in Asia.  We have established  a competition calendar, which is typically circulated in late November for the following year (definitely a challenge for this year).  I suggest to the Learning/Rookie judges they  write to the organizers and ask if they may be considered for a “Learning/Rookie” role with airfare at their own expense but request hotel expenses to be covered. Many judges, including myself and other seniors, often pay our own expenses to support a competition.   How do I know if a competition is endorsed by Worldchefs?  All endorsed competitions go through the Worldchefs head office and all endorsement application are passed through the CCC to ensure it meets the required standards. Once approved, the competition or event is listed on where you can confirm if it is truly endorsed by Worldchefs. All potential competitors and proposed judges should ensure the competition or event they are planning to attend is endorsed by Worldchefs and if in doubt, contact the organizers and ask for a copy of the agreement or check the Worldchefs website.   How do I organize a Worldchefs endorsed competition?  This is relatively simple, just follow the instructions at Competitions/Endorsement and contact your Continental Director to ask for direction. You can also contact the CCC member in your area. Please keep in mind, Worldchefs competitions may also promote local food, ethnic or regional cuisines and are not limited to “European style” cuisines.   How do I select the Judging Panel?  Naturally the Senior/Chairman/Head of the  Jury needs  to  be  wellWORLDCHEFS.ORG



Transforming Culinary Education with Dr. Kwan Lui

Dr. Kwan Lui is an entrepreneur, educator and the founder of At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy. A recipient of two lifetime awards and an Honorary Doctorate in Educational Leadership, she’s a visionary in gastronomy, tourism and education.

“formal-training employers do double the time,” explains Kwan. For every one week of formal study, students have two weeks of practical training onsite with a partner employer.

Kwan was born in Myanmar and lived in Hong Kong, Thailand, and USA before settling down in Singapore. While she initially planned to pursue a career as a social researcher on national development initiatives, her path took a turn in 1982 when she began her entrepreneurial journey with food products marketed to over twenty countries. When the time came to retire from her businesses, she had a thought: “For my retirement, I put three words together and that’s food, culture and education. Combined together is a cooking school.” So, in 2001, Kwan founded At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy – the first culinary academy in Singapore to be awarded the National Continuing Education and Training Institution (NCI) accreditation, allowing the academy to administer nationally recognized diplomas that offer up to 70 percent fee subsidies for Singaporeans and permanent residents, as well as the first culinary school to be awarded the EduTrust 4-year certification from the Committee for Private Education (CPE). What started as a Singapore cooking school and spice garden quickly transformed into a global chefs’ academy. Inspired by the best, touring Johnson and Wales, CIA, and the French Culinary School and informed by the apprenticeship model in Europe, At-Sunrice was 22


Now with the onset of COVID-19, the school has taken on another transformation. At-Sunrice was ahead of the curve in more way than one. Two years ago, they had already started to digitize all teaching content with the intention to offer blended education. This new direction was met with skepticism. Dr. Kwan Lui

poised for success. Award-winning, for 4 years in a row since 2015, At-Sunrice is the national winner in higher education for culinary arts and Food & Beverage, awarded by JobsCentral Learning (T.E.D). They offer degree articulation partnerships with universities in the USA, UK, Canada, Hong Kong, and Australia and receives 2500 students a year from over 34 countries, all passionate about their pursuits in food, food service and entrepreneurship. At-Sunrice has a unique tripartite education model: school, employers, and government. Government funding allows employers to invest in training, internships, and apprenticeships. AtSunrice provides the formal education, and

“It’s hard to change the mindset of chefs,” says Kwan. “They want six hours of the heat, the knife, the sound. So we were prepared for online learning, but we couldn’t completely integrate.” March 28, 2020 changed that. With the announcement of Singapore’s lockdown, AtSunrice was uniquely prepared to get to work that following Tuesday morning. While others were rushing to make sense of the situation and design next steps, they were ready to adapt with online content ready to reach their students. Perhaps what is more remarkable is what came next. Every day they conducted a survey with the students and the chef instructors. The faculty leadership reviewed and discussed to make sure


that everybody felt comfortable and supported. In three weeks’ time, confidence had taken root. With the tide of pandemic-induced unemployment, some students had to arrange for tuition deferment. Others redirected their studies entirely. The apprenticeship model was confronted with the challenge of lockdown, a major interruption to practical study. But Kwan recognized a commitment on the part of employers. “The very good thing,” she describes, was “the chef owners, employers, and the general managers – they were very empathetic of the student’s problems. Not only do they know they have their problems, but they also feel for the students.” At-Sunrice witnessed these businesses stepping up to keep their promise. This understanding provided At-Sunrice students the flexibility they needed to continue their education and graduate, with more time to complete this essential requirement. The Singapore government has also set a strong example for crisis response. Kwan outlines how government support has enabled employers to send their out-of-work staff for education. “The Singapore government has already worked this out,” she says. “When there is economic crisis, you send the people for training.”

We didn’t even stop one day of teaching; [the students] were very grateful that classes are going on. They are younger, they are more new generation, so they don’t have as much of a problem in changing.

So what does this mean for their curriculum, with a greater shift towards upskilling those already active in the industry? “This is the uniqueness of it,” says Kwan. “When the industry upgraders reskill in an environment where we mix them… they, in fact, in the classroom become the ‘big brother.’ ” In this education setting, the dynamic of a true kitchen brigade emerges. “There is this additional bond which you don’t see in a normal school.” With industry veterans bringing 20-25 years of working experience to the classroom learning alongside young up-starts, it builds a new relationship. When both return or enter the professional kitchen, Kwan anticipates that this unique experience will foster a shift in the industry towards greater mutual respect. Lockdown has ended and the Academy reopened for craft-skill practice and assessment on the 2nd of June. The school is nearly full again. The digital tools are here to stay, along with the innovation and optimism that permeates the halls and forums of At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy. Whatever comes next, there is no doubt they’ll be ahead of the curve. You can hear more from Dr. Lui on Episode 20 of Worldchefs Podcast: World on a Plate. WORLDCHEFS.ORG



The LTB Philippines

Culinary Scholarship Program Every summer since 2006, the LTB Philippines Chefs Association has been supporting Culinary and Hospitality teachers from universities and vocational schools in provinces from all over the Philippines. The LTB Philippines Culinary Scholarship Program is a 15-day Culinary Training Course at the International School of Culinary Arts and Hotel Management (ISCAHM) in Quezon City, Metro Manila. The scholarship includes tuition, textbooks, chef ’s uniforms, and tools for each scholar.

Le Cordon Bleu New Programmes

Innovation & Flexibility Le Cordon Bleu takes the opportunity of 2020 to celebrate its 125th anniversary with the development of an array of new programmes, focusing on innovation, leadership and flexibility. Whether you are a hospitality professional on the lookout to sharpen your skills, a career changer, a high school graduate or a culinary art passionate, there is a course for you at Le Cordon Bleu.   New programmes include:

Fundraising is done through LTB Philippines regular Chefs Tables and events where a portion of the proceeds benefits the scholarship program. LTB Philippines members and corporate sponsors provide additional funding as well. Upon arriving in Manila, the scholars are treated to a welcome dinner to meet member chefs and industry professionals. During the program, they undergo Culinary and Sanitation training at ISCAHM and are taken on educational tours of hotels, restaurants and food distribution purveyors. On their last day, the scholars partake in a special graduation lunch. They are awarded their diplomas and presented with their custom knife kits. To date, over 200 teachers have completed this program, sharing their culinary and food safety knowledge and uplifting the foodservice standards in their community.

Culinary Innovation Management (MSc) — in partnership with Birkbeck University in London, prepares students to shape the future of the industry with a creative, sustainable and entrepreneurial approach. Bachelor of Integrated Food Sciences in partnership with University of Ottawa, combines Culinary Arts, Nutrition & Food Sciences to lead in any industry where food plays a key role, including healthcare, education, hospitality, business, R&D. Diploma in Patisserie Innovation & Wellness, to be launched in 2021 in Paris and London institutes, proposes a revolutionary take on the art of patisserie and creation of products with emphasis on design, structure, new ingredients and application of nutrition guidance and wellness perspectives. 

Flexibility in the learning environment is another emphasis. Le Cordon Bleu is proud to propose fully accredited and 100% Online Higher Education Certificates. Accessible on a global scale, they range from Event Management to Food Merchandising to Hospitality Marketing.  Online short courses are also available and accessible to all who wish to learn something new, with Food Writing, Food Photography, The Art of Fermentation, and more. 24


LTB Scholars with Chef Norbert Gandler.

Leading Global Network of Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Institutes

Master Excellence • Culinary Arts Diplomas Cuisine, Pâtisserie and Boulangerie

• World Cuisines • Wine Management • Bachelors and Masters in Hotel and Restaurant Management

• MBA International Hospitality and Culinary Leadership

• Nutrition, Wellness and Gastronomy

• Online Accredited Programmes

• Short courses, whether online or at the institutes

Fulfil your ambitions, join Le Cordon Bleu!



WORLDCHEFS – LEARNING AND CAREER the World Junior Culinary Championship for the first time, which later went on to be named the Hans Buchkins junior competition. In 2006, John started the conversation on what he saw as the need for recognition of chefs’ skills. At the time, the only way chefs could get recognized was through competitions. “If they did competitions, they’d get a medal or they’d get a certificate or something, but there was no form of recognition for their experience or for their education.” Driven to make a change, he sat down with quality assurance partner City & Guilds to create what is now known as Global Hospitality Certification.

Get Recognized with

“We were trying to identify and give people an opportunity to have their skills recognized, but not only that, but also for us as well, to be able to create a standard.” The goal of certification was, and is, to give chefs the opportunity to show off their professional skills and to progress towards a better job and greater opportunities.

John Clancy, Education Director for Worldchefs, is one of the key architects of Global Hospitality Certification. John has helped to build a global benchmark for hospitality professionals and is the expert on culinary skills recognition. He wants to see chefs everywhere get recognized for their experience like never before.

So what is Global Hospitality Certification today? Created in partnership with Worldchefs and international employers, Global Hospitality Certification is the first and only professional skills framework in the world. It has been co-designed with industry professionals to recognize the skills and experience of those working in hospitality.

to school as a mature student. In four years, he completed two Master programs in both Pastry Work and Classical Cuisine while also teaching part-time and running the pastry section of one of the busiest hotels in town.

Global Hospitality Certification sets a global benchmark for job roles across hospitality, in all areas across culinary, food and beverage, front of house, and housekeeping. There are nine levels

John Clancy

John’s story starts in 1968 when he got his very first gig at the mere age of 15. He spent the first two years of his career at the Four Courts Hotel in Dublin when he started his training as a commis chef. He then continued his training in the French classical cuisine style of cookery. Afterwards, John went on to work in several top restaurants and hotels including the Russell Hotel, the first in Ireland to be awarded a Michelin star. John found himself employed at the Jury’s Hotel in Dublin, where he dedicated 20 years, rising through the ranks until he became Executive Pastry Chef. He worked tirelessly in a huge but organized kitchen, accompanied by 55 other chefs and 35 commis chefs, in total there were about 100 staff members. Together, they managed to push out 1000 to 1500 covers a day. At 27 years old and with more than a decade of experience under his belt, John decided to go back 26


As his successful career continued to move forward, John took on more and more part-time teaching jobs. His passion for teaching grew, his part-time jobs turned permanent, and at the age of 33 he became a full-time educator, something he never imagined. John’s relationship with and involvement in Worldchefs blossomed, too, as he became active member and eventually President of the Panel of Chefs of Ireland. During his three years as President, Ireland led the bid to host the World Congress in Dublin. As the Congress Director, he welcomed about 1100 delegates and introduced

So you can imagine – I’m studying, I’m a father, I’m a husband, I’m all these things, and [I have] all that other stuff going on all at the same time. It’s amazing how you can fit all of this into your life.


of culinary certification. Every single role is defined and thought about, from hard skills on the job to soft skills, outlining the characteristics that make the difference in an exemplary candidate. John and the team at City & Guilds worked closely with employers to build out the criteria for each unique role. Essentially, employers said, “These are the set of skills we need for people to come in and work with us.” Employers’ needs were identified and considered to ensure that individuals who qualified for Certification have the necessary skills to land a job within his or her skill set. Certification also supports employers to match their talent to a new standard.The result is a positive effect on all the employees, with recognition

of their skills in the form of a digital credential. With this digital badge, they’re able to show off their skills on social media, professional networking sites like LinkedIn, through email and of course on their CV. An immensely powerful tool, digital credentials allow individuals to market their skills. “The digital badge contains all of your information, contains all of the skills that you have,” says John. “You can now advertise to prospective employers and say, look here I am…it’s the best version of an electronic CV that we can think of.” Whereas a paper certificate ends up gathering dust, a digital badge makes skills visible and global. It can literally jump off the page – a single click and the credential can be verified. In the words of Chef John, “I’ve often said before, in fact, many times has it been said that cooking is universal.” And so is Global Hospitality Certification. It does not matter if you’re a chef in India or Ireland, or whether you’re employed, underemployed, or searching for a new opportunity. Anyone can apply to certify his or her skills independently. Candidates submit evidence to demonstrate that they have skills to match a certification level, and once reviewed can achieve a digital badge. With the goal of continuing to help people get skills recognized, John wants to make sure that chefs have a clear understanding of the Certification program. To help achieve this, he is now hosting a series of Worldchefs Certification

Webinars, built to guide potential candidates through the application process. The first introductory installment of the series took place on September 30th, and John will go into further details in upcoming webinars. “We’re going to go through, we’re actually going to take them through the application process and answer any questions that they have,” he says. You can hear more from John on Episode 20 of Worldchefs Podcast: World on a Plate.

CERTIFICATION 101 Have questions about getting certified? Learn how you can bolster your resume with our Certification Webinar series, led by John Clancy. Find out about the different levels of Certification available to chefs and hospitality professionals, with a guided tour of the application requirements, resources, and how to apply.




International Chefs Day 2020

Adapting to Change What do Chefs do when unforeseen circumstance come upon us? We adapt! Although the pandemic caused by COVID-19 affected everyone around the globe, who better to rise above and share a great experience during these challenging times? You of course!

This year’s theme, Healthy Food for the Future, provided by our partner Nestlé Professional, gave us the opportunity to eat healthier and try plant-based foods to help our immune system fight off these viruses. I must say, for a moment in September, I thought COVID-19 would affect our time this year with International Chefs Day. But emails started pouring in with interest to still make this important day happen! This became a challenge for many. Do we plan an event, so it gets cancelled? Do we have enough space to host an event with social distancing? How can we still get the word out and share with the children this year? Shall we take this campaign and make it virtual for those who can’t host an event? With a quick reaction to your concerns, improvements were made to the toolkit by our partner Nestlé Professional and they were able to provide an outlined PowerPoint with videos all done for you to do a virtual event. Some of you did a live Zoom meeting with the Young Chefs. Many of you recorded a fun demonstration and posted on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. I am so amazed by the camaraderie and passion you all maintained to keep this special day going during the pandemic.I am confident that Chef Dr. Bill Gallagher, founder of International Chefs Day in 2004, would be especially proud of all your efforts this year to continue his vision of celebrating our noble profession during these uncertain times, and to always remember that it is our duty to pass on our knowledge and culinary skills to the next generation of chefs with a sense of pride and commitment to the future. During the past 2 years I have been personally able to partner with my local school district, the 7th largest in the United States with a student en28


district and more than half of the children had a chance to sample the “Tropical Green Smoothie” from the demonstration in the video in their cafeterias during lunch. The video was shown to the children on their “Morning Show” when students arrived in class and eat their breakfast. For the students that are currently on eLearning from home, the video was shown on their Zoom classes. This was just one way to think “out of the box”. One way to ensure we could still share with the children. I would like to encourage you all to partner with your local schools, throughout the year and for International Chefs Day. Many of you did the same and I commend you all for your efforts! Worldchefs, Nestlé Professional, and the International Chefs Day Committee Members are very proud and grateful for your support for International Chefs Day! Thank you for making this year another success.

Vanessa Marquis, Chairman International Chefs Day Committee


rollment of over 220,000. With approximately 100 Student Nutrition Managers who are also Certified Culinarians through the American Culinary Federation, many held demonstrations during previous International Chefs Days.This year, they had to take a new approach due to the pandemic, so I created a 5-minute video. The school district showed the video in their classrooms and on their eLearning Zoom classes during the week of October 20th to all of the elementary schools (K-8th grade). The most mind-blowing part, the video was shown to 106,696 elementary students in the school

INGREDIENTS 300 gr pineapple, apple juice (equal parts) 800 gr kale leaves - stems removed, chopped and lightly packed 240 gr banana - frozen, cut into chunks 100 gr vanilla yoghurt 200 gr pineapple - cut into chunks and frozen 100 gr mango - cut into chunks and frozen METHOD 1. Pour all ingredients into blender 2. Blend for 1 minute on high speed until smooth 3. Pour into glass and serve with wide straw





For more videos from International Chefs Day, head to Worldchefs TV. Click here to watch.




Welcome to Abu Dhabi Ahlaan Wasalan min Abu Dhabi

Mark your calendars! Abu Dhabi will host the 2022 Worldchefs Congress & Expo from May 30th to June 2nd 2022. Capital of the United Arab Emirates and home to Worldchefs’ President, Abu Dhabi is ever-expanding with a fascinating, centuries-old story. A rich tapestry of epic adventure and incredible fortitude, the city guides the nation’s development under the leadership of His Highness Sheik Khalifa bin Zayed al Nayan. From old to new, the bustling high-rise capital is a melting pot of culture, history, heritage, nature, beaches, wildlife and shopping. Whilst oil and gas are the economy’s strengths, hospitality and tourism is thriving in Abu Dhabi. With the best in luxury hotels, international chains, globally rated restaurants and celebrity chefs already well established in the food scene, the destination for the 2022 Worldchefs Congress could not have been a better choice. Abu Dhabi has over 1800 restaurants, streetside cafes, heritage desert camps, and traditional dhows (wooden boats) and covers every imaginable cuisine. Restaurants such as Meylas, offering Emirati food from a young Emirati entrepreneur, to Black Tap Burgers sit next to Nurs-et, Hakkasan, and Zuma. Chefs such as Jean George Vongerichten, Marco Pierre White

and Vineet Bhatia, to name a few, have all brought their style and culinary talents to the city to elevate its dining scene to worldclass. With so much diversity of choice, don’t worry – the ethnic cuisine of the Emirates will be showcased to the delegates in lunches, demonstrations, legendary fresh markets, and recommended restaurants to make sure delegates go home with the full flavor of the wonderful country, not only in their hearts but also their pallets.  The Congress will be held at the impressive Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center, in partnership with the Abu Dhabi Culture and Tourism department, Purple Kitchen Events and the Emirates Culinary Guild. We look forward to welcoming delegates from across the globe to Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates for a wonderful reunion, and wish you and your families a safe and healthy time until then. Stay tuned with the latest on Congress 2022 at




Thailand Chef Hug Rice Box Event Supporting Community and Industry During COVID-19

Endorsed by World Chefs Without Borders, the Chef Hug Rice Box Event held May 11 to 20, 2020 was organized by Thailand Chefs Association, Thailand Culinary Academy and Event9 Marketing. Due to the global pandemic caused by COVID-19 affecting the entire world, great measures have been implemented by the Thailand Government to ensure the minimum spreading of COVID-19. As a result of lockdowns, many lost their jobs impacting their livelihood and their communities. Led by Chef Willment Leong, Chairman of WCWB and Thailand Culinary Academy together with Thailand Chefs Association and Event9 Marketing, Chef Hug organization was formed and goals were made to perform short term Chefs Social Responsibility assisting communities as well as cooks and others in the hospitality industry. The objective was to provide 40,000 gourmet hot meals for 40,000 people in 10 days and distribute to 50 districts in Bangkok. Chef Hug employed 100 staff with lost or low-income caused by the lockdown for the entire 10 days to perform this project. The staff included cooks, hospitality individuals, taxi drivers and those needed to cover the role of cooking team, packing team, distribution team and transportation team. Apart from seeking ingredient donations through food service companies, a large bulk of ingredients were also purchased in small wet markets to create small income for ingredient vendors. 34


The estimate project cost was 2,000,000 baht (66,000 Euro), together with some passionate companies and individuals, Thailand Chefs Association, Thailand Culinary Academy and Event9 Marketing contributed a value of 600,000 baht (20,000 euro). This start up amount covered most of the expenses except for the ingredient cost which was donated by suppliers during the 10 day project. “Just by saying, TOGETHER WE WILL GO THROUGH THIS is not enough to assist people that are in need, action needs to be performed and we need to always share what we can”, stated WCWB Chairman Willment Leong and Co-founder of Chef Hug Thailand.



DAILY COOKING AND PACKING OPERATION 11.45 am: 800 portions of hot meals

Operational checklist

ready and pack only from 12 noon to 12.45 pm

12.45 am: 800 portions of hot meals

ready and pack only from 1 pm to 13.45 pm

13.45 am: 800 portions of hot meals

ready and pack only from 2 pm to 14.45 pm

14.45 am: 800 portions of hot meals

ready and pack only from 3 pm noon to 15.45 pm

15.45 am: 800 portions of hot meals

ready and pack only from 4 pm noon to 16.45 pm

(With 5 time slots of food prepared and packaged to ensure prolonged shelf life of the meals prepared.)

MENU CHALLENGE To provide 40,000 hot meals with proper nutrition value plus 1000 staff portions


Total of 10-days menu rotation consisted of 200gm cooked rice, 100gm of protein and 50gm of vegetables

1 pm: 5 taxi / 5 distribution staff depart preparation venue, reach districts by 1.45 pm and serve at 2pm (800 meals box) 2 pm: 5 taxi / 5 distribution staff depart preparation venue,

HIRING Based on social media online recruitment to staff the 10-day event Target groups for hiring: HORECA industry Thais to ensure food handling and safety knowledge 25 cooks with working hours of 7am to 4pm 25 packing staff with working hours of 10 am to 5pm 25 distribution staff with 5 hours per shift 25 taxi drivers working per one-way trip

reach districts by 2.45 pm and serve at 3pm (800 meals box) 3 pm: 5 taxi / 5 distribution staff depart preparation venue, reach districts by 3.45 pm and serve at 4pm (800 meals box) 4 pm: 5 taxi / 5 distribution staff depart preparation venue, reach districts by 4.45 pm and serve at 5pm (800 meals box) 5 pm: 5 taxi / 5 distribution staff depart preparation venue, reach districts by 5.45 pm and serve at 6pm (800 meals box) (With 5 time slots of food delivery to ensure food safety due to the hot weather during this period in Thailand)

THE VENUE The venue was provided for free by kind sponsors


Utilities cost for 13 days operation with 3 days of preparation and 10 event days

1. All persons involved in daily operations were required to go through proper temperature screening before entering the venue and “food preparation social distance” rules were strictly enforced during the entire operation

OTHER COSTS TO CONSIDER Basic food safety items including gloves, masks, kitchen caps, aprons, sanitary spray, standard t-shirts, chef jackets, all social distancing signage, and other materials

DISTRIBUTION OUTLINE Distribution timing was from 1pm to 5 m in Bangkok 4,000 meal boxes per day were distributed across 5 districts, totaling 40,000 meal boxes 10 days for 50 districts All 50 districts were pre-approved by District officials to ensure crowd control management

2. Pre-registered volunteers were welcomed to help in the operation but there were no last minute walk in volunteers allowed to help maintain crowd management 3. Individual or company cash, ingredient donations and all other donations were recorded accordingly. Certificates of Appreciation were issued for those that donated at least 10,000 baht and to the volunteers assisting in the Chef Hug event. To hear more about Chef Hug from Willment Leong on Episode 5 of Worldchefs Podcast: World on a Plate. To provide your ongoing support and donate to World Chefs Without Borders, please go to WORLDCHEFS.ORG


WORLDCHEFS – FEED THE PLANET we weren’t relying on set menus or planning what our next meal was. We were very much relying on the earth and what it offered. And relying on that for our creativity. It’s an inherent need to be creative and we have to go back to that.” She suggested consumers should try and get cooking inspiration from young people, indigenous people and the older generation, as well as cookbooks and cooking classes.

Power on the Plate Eat more plants, try new things and waste less food. To recognize World Food Day 2020, the Electrolux Food Foundation hosted a live event on Friday the 16th of October featuring a chef, a scientist and a social entrepreneur which focused on how shifting to a more sustainable diet today can create a better tomorrow. The consensus is undeniable: the power is on the plate. Consumers can make a tremendous impact and contribute to a healthier planet if they make 3 simple commitments: eat more plants, try new things and waste less food.

So many environmental problems that we’re facing today can be linked back directly to the food that we eat. The power is on our plates.”

– Brent Loken, WWF

The Food Matters panel of experts featured Earlene Cruz, Founder and Director of Kitchen Connection, Brent Loken, PhD and Global Food Lead Scientist at  WWF, and Worldchefs’ own Chris Koetke, Chairman of Feed the Planet. Chris Koetke said that while chefs hold a lot of influence in encouraging more sustainable eating – for example 51% of US restaurants have added vegetarian dishes to their menus – the consumer is most powerful: “When it comes from the bottom up it’s 3 times more effective. Consumers need to push chefs, and push store owners, to offer delicious plant-based food. You have the power. Never underestimate that. We listen.”

With one third of all food currently going to waste, the panel agreed that the best way to avoid throwing away food is to find inspiring ways to cook something delicious. Turns out, a delicious recipe is the best way to inspire your friends, family and customers to shift their diets, too. Meanwhile, Loken added a warning: “I don’t want to pass everything on to the consumer. I don’t want to let policy makers off the hook . They have to put regulations in place to make it expensive to waste food. Once we get the top down and bottom up coming together that’s where the magic happens and that’s where we’ll see real change.” Giving new meaning to the saying “put your money where your mouth is,” we must take action everyday to shift towards plant-based diets. But don’t be discouraged. Rather, be excited by the new discovers, the forgotten joys, the inspiring power you wield as an individual, and the extraordinary potential of a community inspired.

While saying it’s important not to ‘meat-shame’ anyone, Brent Loken explained by choosing more plant-based foods consumers can make a massive impact on the planet and on their own health. There are 30,000 edible plant options available on the planet yet Earlene Cruz said consumers currently rely on only four core crops for 80 per cent of their meals and that it’s important to try new things. “When we were hunter gatherers,

For more on sustainability, catch our episodes of Worldchefs Webcast: Sustainability Around the World on Worldchefs TV. Click here to watch.





New Feed the Planet

Sustainable Nutrition Module Launches

For too long, nutrition has been a marginalized topic for many chefs. As thought leaders, chefs have the responsibility to help their customers make better choices, without sacrificing flavor. If our customers are not healthy, if the planet is not healthy, if WE are not healthy, our entire future is endangered. Scientists are establishing clear connections between our food system and climate change, showing the negative impact that many of our production and distribution practices have on the environment. They similarly demonstrate that foods that are healthier for us tend to be more sustainable. And globally, the percentage of food consumed that is prepared by professionals is rapidly increasing; in both China and the United States, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization, food away from home now represents more than 50 percent of household food expenditure. In a partnership initiated by Custom Culinary®, Worldchefs, and Feed the Planet partners Electrolux Food Foundation, The Torribera Mediterranean Center (a collaboration between The Culinary Institute of America and the University of Barcelona) developed an additional, 8th module on Sustainable Nutrition for the Sustainability Education for Culinary Professionals program. “Through this module, we are providing chefs with science-based information on sustainable nutrition and practical tools and advice to create more nutritious menus, thus contributing to a more sustainable future for all,” said Rochelle Schaetzl, Marketing Manager, Custom Culinary Europe. 38


2. 1. Feed the Planet star Shonah Chambers and her class at Humber College. 2. This Silver Spoon Academy class is ready to take on the future.

“For me, this module is a perfect conclusion to the Worldchefs’ sustainability curriculum. It reinforces a fundamental realization that what is good for me personally is good for the planet also.  For too long, nutrition has been a marginalized topic for many chefs.  This module brings it to the forefront and meshes it with a larger global struggle for a sustainable future,”  said Chris Koetke, Worldchefs’ Chairman of the Feed the Planet Committee. “Chefs have a huge responsibility, feeding us while making responsible decisions for planetary health. We hope that this module will help them do so more easily,” said Anne E. McBride, PhD, Deputy Director, Torribera Mediterranean Center.


Join us for the 8th module’s debut on the next Sustainability Education for Culinary Professionals webinar. Click here to register.






from Royal Banquets to Oblivion BY CHEF LUIS SOTO VILLALTA The “manjar blanco” or “blancmanger” was a dish very popular in Europe from Middle Ages to Early Modern Age. It could not be missing on the tables of all the European royal courts and banquets. In addition to the current dessert blancmange, dishes such as rice pudding, Spanish “buñuelos” or chicken croquettes probably have their origin in the “manjar blanco”. The origin of the “manjar blanco” is, without a doubt, in some Roman specialities. Roman cooks, for example, already used as a thickener imported rice from Asia and its flour. Apicius, the Roman gourmet, described recipes like “manjar blanco” in the 1st century. (Apicius: “La cocina en la antigua Roma”, Madrid, Spain, Editorial Anaya, 1985). Apicius described two variants of the dish: the classic one that includes rice, chicken and milk, and the sweeter meatless variant. The second is the precursor to the current blancmange and rice pudding desserts. In the 13th century, cooks in Al-Andalus began to add almonds to similar preparations. Saffron and lamb meat were also included in some variations. (Anonymous Almohade: “La cocina hispano-magrebí durante la época 40


almohade”, Gijón, Spain, Editorial Trea, 2005). It was in the Kingdom of Aragon, in the 14th century, when the popular classic recipe for “manjar blanco” first appeared. It was a variation of the Apicius’ recipe, with almonds and sugar added as a result of Andalusian influence. (Anonymous: “Llibre de Sent Soví”, Valencia, 1324): This recipe contains boiled shredded chicken breast and wings. The chicken broth was mixed with almond milk. After this, he added crushed rice and the shredded chicken meat. This all was boiled until it was thickened, at which point he added sugar. Finally, it is poured into a recipient and sprinkled with sugar and ground cinnamon.

Thanks to cooks like the Aragonese Ruperto de Nola, chef of King Fernando I of Naples (at that time a Hispanic Kingdom) the “manjar blanco” became popular in other countries. Nola published the “Llibre de Coch” in 1520 with the Sent Soví recipe. His book also included a variation called “manjar real” with lamb and saffron, influence of Andalusian recipes. The Medieval recipe from Sent Soví spread throughout Europe in the following centuries. Today the “blancmanger” is not remembered by many chefs and is only present in some countries, although different from the ancient recipe.

For more food history and ancient recipes from Chef Luis Soto Villalta, click here to visit


f r u

ve a S





% 0 5

o y of






lity Sav e ti me In o ver 40. 000 kitc hen s 1928 CE LE




90 YE AR







2018 EX CE



Frying oil ямБlter & oil tester

T: +49 7461 96289-0 -


Rinse, clean and dry the mushrooms well. Finely chop the shallots and the chilli pepper and brown them in a pan with EVOO, then add the mushrooms and salt and leave to brown.

THE SWEET AND SOUR RAVIOLI Place sugar, salt, water, vinegar, and the star anise in a pan and let it all boil then cool down. Clean the vegetables, thinly slice them using a slicer and place them in two vacuum bags. Pour the syrup in the bags and seal them. Leave to rest for about 2 hours. Take the vegetables out of the bags and pat dry them using kitchen towel, then place the feta cheese in the middle of the vegetable slice and close it up as ravioli. The oven baked peppers:

Rhythm of Nature

For a perfect recipe to accompany Birra Mirra’s Lucana Bio-Vegan, Chef Andrea Del Villiano and Chef Fabio Mancuso of Nazionale Italiana Cuochi put together this beautiful appetizer, inspired by the ritmo della natura. “It would be wonderful to live only at the rhythm of nature, taking the time that is marked by the stars and the space that changes with the seasons. It would mean touching a flower and feeling the intimate and profound sense of light-heartedness, of freedom.”



RECIPE FOR 4 PEOPLE • 12 asparagus tips • 4 white asparagus • 8 baby fennels • 4 yellow cherry tomatoes • 4 red confit cherry tomatoes • 4 Brussel sprouts • 4 small porcini mushrooms • 60 gr. small pleurotus mushrooms • 20 gr. extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) • 5 gr. shallots • salt and pepper • 1 gr. fresh chilli • 2 yellow carrots • 8 leaves of vene cress FOR THE SWEET AND SOUR RAVIOLI • 100 gr. white vinegar • 100 gr. red vinegar • 100 gr. water • 100 gr. caster sugar • 5 gr. star anise • 5 gr. salt • 100 gr. raw red turnip • 100 gr. celeriac • 30 gr. feta chees • 4 mini peppers • 80 gr. creamy vegan cheese • 10 gr. EVOO • 3 gr. chives • salt and pepper

FOR THE VEGETABLE CHIPS • 5 courgette flowers • 100 gr. yellow carrots • 40 gr. leeks • 4 chard leaves • Tamari sauce • Salt flakes • EVOO • Oregano powder FOR THE BED OF VEGETABLES • 160 gr. yellow pepper juice • 50 gr. celeriac • 40 gr. yellow carrots • 40 gr. red carrots • 2 gr. fresh thyme • 3 gr. fresh chives • 10 gr. vegetable gelatine

METHOD Peel, clean and wash the carrots, fennel, and the sprouts. Peel the asparagus and blanch everything in boiling salted water, then drain and season with EVOO. Immerse the yellow cherry tomatoes in boiling water for about 6 seconds then drain them and cool them down in water and ice. Curl the top part of the tomatoes up and fry them.

Wash and dry the peppers. Cut them in half and remove the seeds then add a bit of salt and pepper and season with a drizzle of EVOO. Bake in a static oven for 15 minutes. Mix the vegan cheese with the chives and, using a piping bag, fill the peppers, still warm from the oven.

THE VEGETABLE CHIPS Thinly slice the carrots using a mandoline to speed up the process and reduce the drying. Moisten the slices with EVOO and add some drops of Tamari sauce and herbs. Place the slices on a dryer and put some salt flakes (or normal salt according to your own preference). Leave the slices to dry for about 10 hours checking on the level of dryness.

THE BED OF VEGETABLES Dice the vegetables and boil them. Put the pepper juice and the gelatine in a pan and bring the mixture to the boil. Add the vegetables and the herbs and then place everything in a cylinder shape mould. Leave it to cool down and slice it thinly.

FINISHING TOUCHES Place as you please all the lukewarm vegetables and add all the remaining components. Decorate using the vegetable chips and the vene cress leaves.


Tasty Halibut  Ceviche Enjoy as a starter or side dish.  Serves 4

INGREDIENTS 150 g Sterling® Halibut fillet 1/2 Mango 1 Lime 1 Spring onion   30 g Red onion 1/2 Red chili 6 sprigs Fresh coriander

INSTRUCTIONS Cut the halibut fillet into cubes measuring 1 x 1 cm.


Do you have a favorite recipe, story or article you want to share with us? We want to hear from you. Click here to get in touch!



Put in a bowl, and add the juice from one freshly squeezed lime. Cool in fridge for 10 minutes. In the meantime, prepare the other ingredients. Chop mango into small cubes. Finely chop the red onion and chili. Mix all ingredients together, and add a pinch of salt.

High quality halibut From the cold, deep fjords of western Norway.

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You Should be Listening To

1. WORLD ON A PLATE Every Wednesday, World on a Plate brings top chefs and experts to your kitchen with conversations exploring food, innovations, and industry news. Get culinary insights on topics important to you, with views from around the globe. 



Chef Charles Carroll journeys into the homes of some of the world’s most extraordinary people to learn their own personal and professional secrets to a a fulfilling, phenomenal, & successful life.

3. SCOTTISH CHEFS PODCAST From Worldchefs’ members in Scotland, the Scottish Chefs Podcast features a range of topics including interviews with some of Scotland’s finest chefs, industry leaders and international guests, in addition to covering culinary events throughout the year.

4. THE LINE Each episode, join Eli Sussman as he hosts a one-on-one conversation with a chef or restaurateur about his/her childhood, first jobs in food, and the path they chose that led them to become the chef or restaurateur they are today.

5. THE KITCHEN IS ON FIRE Food writer James Ramsden and musician Sam Herlihy dish up a weekly offering of comedy and food-related nonsense, exploring the complex and often confusing world of modern gastronomy. WORLDCHEFS.ORG



Online Help, Just A Click Away

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat and Plant-based Ingredients

The new evolution of good cooking. Fat: a crucial element of any chef ’s equation. From culinary experimentalists to the classics, everyone has a taste for rich dairy products.Yet with the rise in special dietary requests, and more and more diners on the lookout for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, plant-based dairy alternatives seem ignored in the industry conversation around the shift towards ethical, plant-based living. No longer a fringe movement, conscience consumers have gone mainstream. In so many ways, plant-based fats and creams offer more than just the sustainable choice. Chefs are under constant pressure to meet changing diner needs. The British Nutrition Foundation estimates that up to 70% of the world’s population is lactose intolerant to some degree. In the US, nearly half of all shoppers now add a plant milk to their baskets. Increasingly, they’re taking these special requests to your dining room. Whether it’s a dairy, gluten, or nut allergy, or a personal preference, during a busy service any dietary request can be disruptive, and a ‘workaround dish’ can mean stress on the line. There’s a lot of choice out there, but Flora Professional Plant has taken the guesswork out of the power of plants, with modern plant-based ingredients designed for the commercial kitchen.They’ve set out to make kitchen life easier for chefs, with your back of house and bottom-line in mind.

100% plant-based

Vegan, Gluten Free, Lactose Free

Replace substitution and omission with unleashed creativity. Bring rich depth across your menus without the worry, with a one-dish-fits-all approach that doesn’t sacrifice on taste or texture. And cook dishes to the quality and consistency you want, regardless of dietary needs. Learn more at 48


Every great chef learns from another. That’s why by Les vergers Boiron launched Allo Chef, an online technical support service. This new service on Les vergers Boiron website will help food and beverage professionals by making their jobs easier and guiding them through their creativity. Available in English, French, Spanish and German, Allo Chef allows chefs and pastry chefs to benefit from expert guidance on using Les vergers Boiron fruit solutions. The consulting chefs behind this tool offer their expertise like they usually do during technical courses or demonstrations. Questions about making a recipe with Les vergers Boiron products? Seek advice from renowned professionals and get a personal phone call within 48 hours for guided support. Personalized technical support and fast and reliable solutions, at the click of a button.

The Chef’s Choice Have you seen HUG’s new video series? The Chef ’s Choice showcases creative recipes made by professionals, for professionals. Sweet, savory, fine shortcrust pastry, HUG tartelettes are the foundation stone for undreamt of variations of snacks and desserts. Chefs and patissiers around the world craft their perfect plate with the fantastic products from this Swiss bakery with tradition going back to 1877. You can be a part of their over 140-year history! HUG loves to see your creativity as much as we do, so be sure to share your tartelette creations. Tag them @hugfoodservice and don’t forget to include #ThisIsWorldchefs. Follow HUG and get inspired! And to learn more about HUG’s line of tartelettes with recipes and more, visit





A handcrafted journey from our tea gardens to your cup

Dilmah is much more than a brand of tea. It is an uncompromising promise of quality. Merrill J. Fernando, an artisan teamaker who is driven by his passion for tea and a desire to share the luxury and natural goodness in Ceylon tea, is the same teamaker behind the world’s best tea. Decades of an extraordinary love for tea gave Dilmah the unquenchable spirit it has today.




Deliciously authentic, honouring the influence of Nature in our Single Origin Teas and handpicked ingredients. We are tea growers and our commitment is to great taste with tea that is garden fresh, single origin and of the finest quality.

Tea that is grown, handpicked and handmade, and Infusions from ingredients that are authentic, all freshly packed at source, to ensure that natural antioxidant goodness is nurtured and protected for your enjoyment.

Formed around our Founder’s sincere wish to make business a matter of human service, earnings from Dilmah Tea are shared with less privileged people and the environment.

More than anything, at Dilmah we believe in being kind. Kindness is at the heart of everything we do. We spread kindness by doing everything with care and respect. This means respecting nature - growing only the finest ingredients and protecting the environment. Respecting our workers - providing them with good working conditions and fair wages for their efforts. Respecting our customers - we do not blend our teas. We uphold the highest standards and do not compromise quality to make a profit. We make the best tea in the world and use our profits to support those need that little bit of kindness the most.

Merrill J. Fernando, Founder of Dilmah Tea





Andy Mannhart Launches Digital Catalogue

Featuring 8,000 Items Sourced from Its Dubai Hub Andy Mannhart, a leading global one-stop-center for the sourcing and supply of kitchen equipment, buffet and utensils for hotels and restaurants, has released a dynamic digital catalogue in line with a promise to speed delivery times in Asia. The catalogue features 8,000 products available from its Dubai warehouse, from which hotel, restaurant and catering companies can fully equip major OS&E projects, sourcing directly from the UAE. “This will massively shorten the lead time as well as the logistics cost for markets in the Middle East, Asia and Africa,” said a spokesperson for Andy Mannhart. An interactive catalogue, the 485-page digital publication is divided into 14 categories, including disposables, tabletop products and accessories, barware, buffetware, menu signage, kitchen utensils and equipment, uniforms, in-room equipment and hygiene products. With a shortcut menu bar for quick navigation, color-coded product categories, and easy-to-follow graphics to guide your choices, the digital catalogue makes it easy to be professionally equipped. Click here to browse through the interactive catalogue.

Celebrating Tea Gastronomy

Sri Lankan Culinary Art and The World’s Most Experienced Teamaker Brewing experiences beyond a cuppa to celebrate tea gastronomy, a “Camellia Epicurean” Dinner was held to commemorate Merrill J. Fernando’s 70 years in tea.The event is thought innovation pioneered into a tea gastronomy concept by Dilmah in 2010, to express the true beauty of nature’s fingerprint on each tea. Continuing this tradition, in commemoration of the Teamaker, 3 special teas were picked to create a tea inspired degustation menu. Every element from aperitif to digestif, was inspired by one of the 3 special teas picked by Merrill’s sons, Dilhan and Malik Fernando. The tea gastronomy and mixology menu was designed by Executive Chef Kapila Jayasinghe of Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel – Sri Lanka, showcasing Taste and Goodness to highlight Sri Lankan culinary talent, combined with the

respect for tea, and Purpose by inviting all those who attended to look beyond disability with a special guest performance by the MJF Charitable Foundation Youth with disabilities. The dinner featured decadent culinary art combined with unique ingredients, such as a hundred-year aged balsamic, a crustacean fumet infused with tea and a toast consisting of nitrogen gas-infused tea champagne. The event flowed into drumming compositions paired with the spirit of each brew - inspired by Dilmah’s innovative concept, ‘Tea in Five Senses’. Heightening this experience, Dilmah introduced a trilateral pairing to welcome new dimensions of cocoa and a myriad of flavour and texture. Each guest was first required to take a sip of hot Moroccan Mint Green Tea, then bite into the chocolate, followed by a tea-digestif made with Dilmah Moroccan Mint Green Tea infused with Ceylon Arrack. WORLDCHEFS.ORG




A Promising Weapon Against Viruses Q Industries has harnessed ozone, and it’s as powerful as it sounds. Engineered by Medklinn, the cutting-edge Cerafusion™ Technology creates active oxygen molecules that have been designed to attach themselves to harmful pollutants and destroy them on a molecular level.

Stay Safe! Make sure your customers and workers know your business is safe from the front door. 99,999% bacteria reduction guaranteed, Electrolux Professional’s new hygiene&clean commercial Dishwasher line reduces the risk of exposure to dangerous pathogens, thanks to the mix between cycle length, washing and rinsing temperatures.

Ozone has been proven to kill 99.9% of pathogens in the air, including SARS coronavirus and influenzas such as H5N1. Researchers anticipate that it may be an important tool in preventing and controlling SARSCoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Discover how Cerafusion™ Technology works and how your kitchen and dining room can benefit from this new technology at To hear more about innovations from Q Industries with award-winning chef and CEO Christophe Megel, tune in to Episode 22 of Worldchefs Podcast: World on a Plate.

In the recent months, we have faced unprecedented changes and challenges as a result of the global health situation. Within this new environment, Electrolux Professional’s singular goal is to provide to their customers, guests, and staff the confidence and assurance that their health and safety is safeguarded. The hygiene&clean commercial Dishwasher line is the first full range of dishwashing solutions within the foodservice business that disinfects and not just sanitizes, performing to standards that normally only apply to medical equipment, independently assessed by a third-party certification body: UL. Help your customers and workers stay safe at your business. Learn more at

A Single Dose of

Liquid Gold Most awarded olive oil in history 4 Gold Awards at the New York International Olive Oil Competition 100% genetically certified Italian The first in the world to be certified Zero C02 Emissions A safe solution for your table Monte Vibiano, celebrated producers of wine and the world’s most awarded olive oil, can add another feather to their cap: pioneering single-serving olive oil for a safe solution to restaurants and diners around the world.  52


Monte Vibiano launched Vibianini EVOO Monodose Unfiltered 22 years ago. Monodose-sized at 10ml to prevent oxidation and deterioration, the result delivers the fine characteristics and freshness of the just-pressed, unfiltered extra virgin olive oil and matte green color. Each serving is packaged in a recyclable, glass monodose bottle, and is extremely easy to store and serve. Lorenzo Fasola Bologna, owner of Monte Vibiano, explains: “We are living in an unimageable world crisis. With restaurants facing restrictions and changes post COVID-19, some governments require restaurants to only serve monodose olive oil to their guests at the table.” He says, “I am proud that MVB can offer support to chefs by presenting what could be a solution for most of them, an exclusive 40% discount off our 10ml monodose of Vibianini EVOO.” Monte Vibiano has extended a special offer to the Worldchefs community. Members can receive with a special offer by visiting and entering the promo code UNITE40 for 40% off of all purchases through the end of the year.

NEW CT U PROD d adde No sugar

Coconut Cream with no added sugar Rediscover the coconut and its powerful aroma. With no added sugar, our new Coconut Cream meets the demands of today’s gastronomy. Intense and creamy, it is the result of selecting


to express the full extent of your creativity in baking and cooking, and delight your most discerning customers. To discover all your recipes, visit 0-2020 97



COVID-19 may have played havoc with our industry, but the love people have for dining out is as strong as ever. Despite the limitations, people are still eager to enjoy restaurant food and support their local businesses, many of which have played a part in their lives for years. And dining out (whether it takes the form of eating inside a restaurant or sharing a take-out meal at home) is still an important part of the way people relax and connect. Since the emergence of the global pandemic, many people are more conscious about the role nutrition plays in their well-being. Eager to protect their health, they may be paying more attention to what they eat, choosing



plant-based foods and beverages, or looking for ingredients with functional or health benefits. This rising interest creates an opportunity for food service to offer healthier choices that welcome guests back and help them take care of themselves. Faced with our current health concerns, food service establishments need to make significant changes—some to comply with local regulations, and others to make guests feel safe dining out again. However, as creative people and longtime innovators, chefs, restaurant owners, and other culinary professionals are up to the challenge.

In this issue, we’ll discuss the new best practices for health and hygiene, ways to help your guests eat healthier, how to make the most of your takeout and delivery business, and how to leverage digital tools to reach your guests. Together, we can find new ways to operate safely and get back to doing what we do best.



27% of consumers are ordering takeout

56% say the activity they are

of consumers plan to eat and drink healthier as a result of the pandemic

from restaurants they never ordered from prior to the pandemic

of Americans would pay more for health and safety when dining out


of consumers pay for products or services with cards or over phone instead of cash

most interested in is dining out again






MENU The current situation has changed what many of your guests want—and what you can provide. Thanks to economic pressures on both restaurants and consumers, safety concerns, a rise in working from home, and a new preference for takeout and delivery, many operators are adapting their menus—and those changes have been popular with the public. In fact, more than half of those who've introduced new offers plan to continue them after restrictions lift.

Ten Simple Ways to Satisfy Your Guests 4. Increase grab-and-go items. 1. Shrink your menu. Focus on your Individually wrapped breakfast foods, most popular items, removing low sandwiches, and bottled drinks sellers, sharable foods, and self-serve. make it simple for people to enjoy This makes it easier to operate with food while social distancing, eating a reduced staff and trims your food outdoors, or in their own home. costs and waste. 2. Provide more balanced choices. Foods rich in fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds that are a "source of" vitamins A, C, B12, B6 & D, copper, selenium, folate, iron, or zinc support the normal function of the immune system. Adding these foods into your recipes make your menu more balanced and let you create dishes that people enjoy and feel good about eating during these challenging times. 3. Provide family-style meals. A family meal including a main dish, dessert, and beverages appeals to parents who are juggling childcare, online learning, and working at home, and less caloric options may be welcome to those watching their weight during the pandemic. It’s also an easy way to introduce side dishes or desserts that may become future favourites.

5. Offer meal kits or take-&-bake. From pizza ingredients to mixes for your signature dips, this approach gives guests the fun of reproducing their favourite dishes in the safety and comfort of home. 6. Earn trust through transparency. In uncertain times, knowing exactly where food comes from may help guests feel safer. When possible, list the provenance of your produce, meat, and dairy to reassure them. 7. Focus on value. With many consumers facing job losses and paycuts, 46% are looking for more value items. Think about upsizing dishes to provide a second meal or adding inexpensive sides to increase the value perception.

8. Or, offer a little luxury. “Fancy” dishes can be an easy, affordable treat, a welcome change of pace, or a way to celebrate, even if people are at home. Think cheese platters, appetizers, or decadent desserts that most guests wouldn’t be able to make for themselves at home. 9. Consider which foods travel well. As takeout becomes a new habit, guests are learning which kinds of dishes travel well. If it’s best served right out of the oven or freezer, leave it off the delivery menu to keep quality consistently high. 10. Choose takeout containers carefully. Temperature insulation, leak-proof seals, and sizes and shapes that protect food during transport are key. Choose recyclable or compostable materials when possible. Stock a variety of containers to accommodate your whole takeout menu.



THINKING like a startup

How has Nestlé customer and Two Michelin Star Chef Ghislaine Arabian adapted her restaurant during COVID? Early on, she kept her staff at Les Petites Sorcières in Paris occupied preparing over 2,000 meals for an association feeding the community.



Later, she devised a three-course grab-and-go menu that changed every day, offered for approximately 20% less than the restaurant’s normal sit-down meals and promoted via signage and social media.

When the restaurant reopened, she continued offering the grab-and-go option, which she has found satisfies guests and increases her revenue despite a reduced capacity due to social distancing.

Innovations Worth Trying Whether you’ve been in business for a week or 50 years, the pandemic is forcing everyone to make a fresh start. Since the old way of doing business is on hold, it may be helpful to borrow some strategies from the tech world--another industry that’s used to thinking on its feet. With this approach, you don’t have to have a perfect plan to start putting solutions in place. Instead, you’re looking for simple, inexpensive solutions that you can adjust as you learn.

The Startup Method 1. Build

2. Measure

3. Learn

It’s okay to start small. What’s the lowest-risk solution you can put in place as soon as possible?

Once you’ve taken a step, measure the results. How did it affect traffic? Sales? Guest satisfaction? Your employees? Your cost and benefits?

Stay flexible, adjusting as you go. Consider what worked well, what needs a tweak, and what other ideas you want to try. Then go back and start again with Step 1. There’s always room to improve!

The best way forward for your business may not look like anything you’ve done before. Check out some of the creative ideas other restaurants around the world are trying: 1 2 3 4

1 2 3 4

Mediamatic in Amsterdam set up private glass greenhouses where guests can dine along the canal. Servers deliver food on planks that slide into the door.

Canlis in Seattle, Washington has maintained its relationship with local farms by offering guests home delivery of a single meal option that changes every day.

Clarity, a restaurant in Virginia, turned its parking lot into a drive-in dining service where a full table setting and meal meets diners in the lot.

Italian restaurants are collecting diner information when reservations are made so they can quickly identify and contact other guests if one later tests positive.

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop delivers meals in a glass locker that guests can unlock with a code on their phones after paying.

1 2 3 4

Shake Shack is launching a cook-at-home burger kit available through online order/delivery.




Le Nouveau Chef the Official Worldchefs Clothing Partner

It’s a beautiful thing when two premium organizations come together, both with an interest in innovation, sustainability and above all, the highest quality. Le Nouveau Chef was founded in the Netherlands in 1986. Ever since, this family business has been providing chefs and other professionals in the food and hospitality industry with premium wear. This means over 30 years of expertise, innovation and experience in balancing practicality and style. As the official Worldchefs clothing partner, Le Nouveau Chef will be creating a personalized line of Worldchefs wear with organic, fairtrade and recycled materials.Their Chef jackets are made in Europe from high quality sustainable European fabric featuring innovative TENCEL fiber, with high moisture absorption, reduced bacterial growth and the very best skinsensory experience. Le Nouveau Chef will also be the official chefs wear outfitter of the Global Chefs Challenge Finals, providing competitors with the best performance all day long. “We are extremely excited about this

Moai Caviar

the New Freshly Grown Seagrape from Koppert Cress

new partnership with Le Nouveau Chef,” says Ragnar Fridriksson, Worldchefs Managing Director. “We are looking forward to providing our members with uniforms that are modern and fresh design, made with top quality fabrics and with highest environmental standards.” For more information and to explore the Le Nouveau Chef product line, visit

Dutch 3-Michelin-star chef Jonnie Boer (De Librije *** - Zwolle, The Netherlands) calls it “The caviar of seaweeds” and is very happy with this Dutch version of this seagrape: Moai Caviar. Together with chef Nelson Tanate they are Moai Caviar in a recently introduced signature dish with oysters, goat cheese, different pickles and salty vegetables. Moai Caviar is known as ‘Umibudo’, the Japanese word for ‘Sea Grapes’ or ‘Green Caviar’. An edible seaweed with tiny bubbles on its stems, which remind us of a small bunch of green grapes or fish roe. The bubbles break easily on the tongue, releasing a slightly salty taste of southern sea freshness. When used raw it is a visually attractive ingredient with a gel-like, aqueous mouth-feeling. Until now the sea grapes were only available in preserved brine water. With the Moai Caviar this period came to an end. The preserved version is being harvested on the reefs of the Pacific subtropical waters. Before using this preserved version you have to rinse them in tap water to desalinate, the unique bubble-structure comes back partly. With the alternative, the Koppert Cress grown Moai Caviar, you always have the freshest original experience, special mouth-feeling and is ready-to-use.




A Product to

“Rock Your World” 2020 has been quite a year so far. Never before have we been this preoccupied with clean hands, surfaces and equipment. The whole world seems to have realized what great chefs have always known: good hygiene keeps you safe. Bon Vivant’s revolutionary antibacterial knife sheath is the perfect tool for this moment. A wearable, comfortable and efficient solution for keeping your knife close and clean during a busy shift. Slide your knife into the antibacterial knife sheath and you’re good to go. Safe and sanitised in only 15 seconds. Nordic design to rock your world. President Thomas Gugler said it himself: “This product will rock the chef ’s world!” Join the food hygiene revolution at

New Opportunities

in Your Kitchen

Allow yourself to experiment a bit with your favorite meal! With the new AMT 3-Divided Pan, you can prepare three at once in the same dish, without mixing the ingredients in the process. Thanks to the combined technology of hand-casted aluminum, non-stick Lotan® coating and 3 segments, you can save time, energy and water while making more food for your guests. Cook different kinds of food simultaneously like meat, fried rice and vegetables, or prepare vegetarian/vegan options with ease. With one dish instead of three, that’s less space occupied on your hob or table, in the cupboard or dishwasher. The AMT 3-Divided Pan is made of heavy-duty aluminum, very resistant to damage. The thick base ensures quick and even heat distribution, not only on the bottom but also at the walls of the pan. This makes the cookware stay warm for a longer period of time and makes cooking time shorter by about 20%.The Lotan® coating let’s you fry without any added fat or oil. Nothing sticks or burns, and cleaning is extremely easy. What you get is more natural juices, vitamins and minerals in your food with less fat, time, and trouble. Try out the AMT 3-Divided Pan and see the results for yourself! Watch videos and find out more about the pan on

Skill Up

with The French Chef Handbook Keep honing your skills! The French Chef Handbook, the most complete book of technical bases in the kitchen, has more than 500 techniques described step-by-step, 3000 photos, 118 videos, and 1000 recipes worksheets. Written by the visionary Chef Michel Maincent-Morel, this book revolutionized the learning of cooking by offering solid techniques to beginners. First published in 1995, La Cuisine de Référence has trained over 800,000 chefs in French cooking techniques.Translated into English for the 25th anniversary, it’s now available to the Worldchefs community for a discounted price. The next best thing to a stage in a kitchen, get your hand son this study trip to France without the plane ticket. 62


WORLDCHEFS – ASSOCIATION DIRECTORY ALBANIA Albanian Chefs & Cooks Association Mr. Asim Prengezaj AUSTRALIA Australian Culinary Federation Ms. Karen Doyle AUSTRIA Verband der Koche Osterreichs Mr. Mike Pansi AZERBAIJAN The Azerbaijan National Culinary Association Mr. Takhir Idris Oglu Ami-Raslanov BELARUS Belarusian Culinary Association Mr. Viktor Radevich BELGIUM Mastercooks Belgium Mr. Frank Fol BOLIVIA Asociación Culinaria de Chef Bolivia Mr. Abrahan Salas Tabilo BOSNIA&HERZEGOVINA Association of Chefs in Bosnia and Herzegovina Mr. Nermin Hodzic BULGARIA Bulgarian Association of Professional Cook Mr. Dimo Dimov CAMBODIA Cambodia Chef ’s Association Mr. Long Bunhor CANADA Canadian Culinary Federation Mr. Ryan Marquis CHILE Asociacion Chilena de Gastronomia Mr. Maximo Picalla CHINA China Cuisine Association Mr. Jiang Junxian COLOMBIA Asociacion Colombiana de Chefs Mr. Roberto Rodriguez COOK ISLANDS Cook Islands Chefs Association Ms. Karlene Taokia COSTA RICA Asociation Naional de Chef Costa Rica Mr. Marcel Khoury


CROATIA Croatian Culinary Federation Mr. Damir Crleni CUBA Federación de Asociaciones Culinarias de la República de Cuba Mr. Eddy Fernades Montes CYPRUS Cyprus Chef ’s Association Mr. George Damianou CZECH REPUBLIC Association of Chefs and Pastry Chefs of Czech Republic Mr. Miroslav Kubec DENMARK Culinary Team of Denmark & Danish Chefs Association Mr. Uffe Nielsen DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Chefs Dominican Republic Ms. Diana Munne ECUADOR Chefs Association of Ecuador Mr. Mauricio Armendariz EGYPT Egyptian Chefs Association Mr. Hossam El Din Mohamed EL SALVADOR Asociacion de Chefs de El Salvador Mr. Manuel Alberto Cuerno Rico ENGLAND British Culinary Federation Mr. Peter Griffiths ESTONIA Estonia Chefs Association Mr. Taigo Lepik FIJI Fiji Chefs Mr. Nilesh Chand FINLAND Finnish Chef Association Ms. Ulla Liukkonen FRANCE Mutuelle des Cuisiniers de France Mr. Christian Millet GERMANY Verband der Kuche Deutschlands Mr. Richard Beck GHANA Chefs Association of Ghana Mr. Isaac Sackey


GREECE Hellenic Chefs Association Mr. Tassos Zissopoulos HONG KONG Hong Kong Chefs Association Mr. Francis Lo HUNGARY Hungarian National Gastronomic Association Mr. András Krivács ICELAND Icelandic Chefs Association Mr. Þórir Erlingsson INDIA Indian Federation of Culinary Associations Mr. Manjit Singh Gill INDONESIA Association of Culinary Professionals Indonesia Mr. Stefu Santoso IRELAND Panel of Chefs of Ireland Mr. Patrick Brady ISRAEL Israeli Chefs and Cooker association Mr. Kobi Mizrahi ITALY Federazione Italiana Cuochi Mr. Rocco Cristiano JAPAN All Japan Chefs Association Mr. Toshi Utsunomiya JORDAN The Jordanian Chefs Association Mr. Shadi Abu Khadeejah KAZAKHSTAN Culinary Association of Kazakhstan Republic Ms. Elena Machshinskaya KENYA Kenya Chefs Association Mr. Gurpreet Singh Mehta KUWAIT Kuwait Chef Club Mr. Ziad Hilal KRYGYZSTAN Association of Cooks of the Kyrgyzstan Mr. Shuhrat Sharipov LATVIA Pavāru klubs - Latvian Chefs Club Ms. Svetlana Riskova

LEBANON Hospitality Services Lebanon Mr.Joe Barza LIBERIA Liberia Professional Chefs Assocation Mr. Alex Yamah LITHUANIA Association of Lithuanian Restaurant Chefs and Confectioners Mr. Jaroslav Orševsk LUXEMBOURG Vatel Club Luxembourg Mr. Alain Hostert MACAU Macau Culinary Association Mr. Matthew Helm MACEDONIA Macedonia (FYROM) Ms. Adrijana Achaka MALAYSIA Professional Culinaire Association of Malaysia Mr. Kamaruddin Adnin MALDIVES Chefs Guild of Maldives Ms. Mariyam Noordeen MALTA Malta Chefs Society Mr. Guido de Bono MAURITIUS Mauritus Chefs Association Mr. Mooroogun Coopen MEXICO Colegio Nacional de Chefs profesionales de Mexico Mr. Rodrigo Ibanez MICRONESIA - GUAM Micronesian Chefs Association Mr. Peter Duenas MONGOLIA Mongolian Chefs Association Mr. Baasandorj Munkhtur MONTENEGRO Chefs Association of Montenegro Mr. Vuksan Mitrovic MOROCCO Morocco Chefs Association Mr. Kamal Rahal Essoulami MYANMAR Myanmar Chef ’s Association Mr. Oliver E. Soe Thet

WORLDCHEFS – ASSOCIATION DIRECTORY NAMIBIA Namibian Chefs Association Mr. Yannick Schweighart NEPAL Chefs Association of Nepal Mr. Khadga Bahadur Lama NETHERLANDS Gastronomisch Gilde Mr. Hans Everse NEW ZEALAND New Zealand Chefs Association Inc. Mr. Hughie Blues NIGERIA Association Of Professional Chefs Nigeria Mr. Paulinus Okon NORTH KOREA D.P.R Korea Mr. Kim Gyong Nam NORWAY The Norwegian Chefs Association Ms. Kim-Havard Larsen PAKISTAN Chefs Association of Pakistan Mr. Ahmad Shafiq PALESTINE Palestine Chefs Club Association Mr. Nadim Mohammad Milhem PANAMA Club Gastronomico de Panama Mr. Rino Tamburrelli PAPUA NEW GUINEA Papua New Guinea Association of Chefs Mr. Christopher Lokei PERU Association Peruana de Chef Cocineros y Afines, APCCA Mr. Augustin Buitron Baca PHILIPPINES LTB Philippines Chefs Association Mr. Sito Senn POLAND Polish of Kitchen & Pastry Chefs Association Mr. Jaroslaw Uscinski PORTUGAL Associação dos Cozinheiros Profissionais de Portugal Mr. Carlos Madeira

QATAR Qatar Culinary Professionals Mr. David Sosson ROMANIA Asociatia Nationala a Bucatarilor si Cofetarilor din Turism Mr. Stefan Bercea RUSSIA Russian National Culinary Association Mr. Viktor Belyaev SAMOA Samoan Culinary Association Mr. Joe Lam SAUDI-ARABIA Saudi Arabian Chef Association Mr. Yasser B. Jad SCOTLAND Federation of Chefs Scotland Mr. Kevin Macgillivray SERBIA Culinary Federation of Serbia Mr. Dejan Stankovic SINGAPORE Singapore Chefs Association Mr. Eric Neo SLOVAKIA Slovak Union of Chefs and Confectioners Mr. Vojto Artz SLOVENIA Slovenian Chefs Association Mr. Tomaz Vozelj SOUTH AFRICA South African Chefs Association Mr. James Khoza SOUTH KOREA Korea Cooks Association Mr. Jeong-Hak Kim SPAIN Seleccion Espanola de Cocina Profesional Mr. Adolfo Munoz SRI LANKA Chefs Guild of Lanka Mr. Dimuthu Kumarasinghe SWEDEN Swedish Chefs Association Ms. Maria Pettersson SWITZERLAND Societe suisse des cuisiniers Mr. Thomas Nussbaumer

SYRIA The Syrian Culinary Guild Mr. Majed Al Sabagh TAIWAN Taiwan Chefs Association Mr. Alen Chien THAILAND Thai Chefs Association Mr. Somsak Rarongkum TOGO Jeunes Chefs Togo - Affiliate Member Mr.Tossou Outsa TONGA Kingdom of Tonga Culinary Association Mr. Tuituiohu Mafi TUNISIA Maitres des saveurs et gastronomes de Tunisie Mr. Nebil Rokbani maitresetgastronomesentunisie UAE Emirates Culinary Guild Mr. Uwe Micheel UKRAINE Association of Culinary Workers of Ukraine Mr. Andriy Magaletskiy USA American Culinary Federation Mr. Tom Macrina UZBEKISTAN Association of Cooks of Uzbekistan Mr. Umarov Akbar Hamdamovich VANUATU Vanuatu Chefs and Food Handlers Association Mr. Kandy Tamagushiku VENEZUELA Asociacion de Chef de Venezela Ms. Elia Nora Rodriguez VIETNAM The Saigon Professional Chefs Guild (SPC) Mr. Pham Son Vuong WALES The Culinary Association of Wales Arwyn Watkins

CORPORATE MEMBERS SINGAPORE Singapore Exhibition Services Pte Ltd CHINA Jiangsu Wangsen Enterprise Management Group Co., Ltd. CHINA Ningo Gulin Vocational High School CHINA Zhejiang Sanhe Kitchenware Co., Ltd. MALAYSIA KDU CollegeSchool of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts MALDIVES Maldives Exhibition and Conference Services MEXICO Instituto Culinario de Mexico KUWAIT

M.H. Alshaya Co. W.L.L SINGAPORE Koelnmesse Pte Ltd. U.S.A Le Cordon Bleu, Inc.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS ARGENTINA Instituto Internacional de Artes Culinarias Mausi Sebess CHINA China Hospitality Association CHINA Zhejiang Sanhe Kitchenware Co., Ltd. ECUADOR Organization of Gastronomic Association of the Americas and the Caribbean GREECE Chef Association of Northern Greece HUNGARY Chef Club ‘ 99 IRAN Iran Food & Beverage Association MALAYSIA Penang Chefs Association MONGOLIA Mongolian association of master chef MONGOLIA Mongolian Culinary Federation PAKISTAN Karachi Chefs Association ROMANIA Cultural Association Euro East Alternative SAUDI ARABIA Saudi Arabian Chef Table Circle SOUTH TYROL Sudtiroler Kocheverband SPAIN Seleccion Espanola Cocina Profesional TAIWAN Taiwan Toques Blanches TUNISIA Federation Tunisienne des Restaurants Touristiques U.S.A Société Culinaire Philantropique




Education Network

The Worldchefs Recognition of Quality Culinary Education program seeks to recognize educational companies, associations and institution’s which offer culinary and pastry art programs of various design and size and meet or exceed global standards for quality culinary education as established by the Worldchefs Education Committee. Recognized companies, associations and institutions share in the future development of Worldchefs global standards as the list of recognized programs continues to expand around the world. PROGRAM NAME


Mausi Sebess Instituto Internacional de Artes Culinarias Argentina Escuela Appyce Argentina Sibaritas Academia Culinaria Argentina West Coast Academy of Hospitality & Tourism Australia South Metropolitan Tafe Australia William Angliss Institute Australia Culinary Training center – CTC Bahrain Arte Culinario Internacional – ACI Bolivia Humber College Canada Tourism College  of Zheijiang China Escuela Gastronomica Egopereira Colombia Escuela Gastronomica de Occidente Colombia Culinary Trainer School Costa Rica KES College Cyprus Tourism Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts - Eastern Mediterranean University Cyprus Culinary Arts, Escuela de Gastronomia Dominican Republic A&B Masters Dominican Republic Instituto Superior Tecnologico de Arte Culinario de Guayaquil Ecuador Culinary Art’s School Ecuador Culinary Trainer School Ecuador ITI Technologico Internacional Ecuador Escuelas Culinaria de las Americas Ecuador Akmi Greece Mathimata Mageirikis Culinary Center Greece Iiek Omiros Greece Etoile by Les Chefs  Greece Le Monde Institute of Hotel & Tourism Studies Greece La Chef Levi School Greece Hospitality Industry Training and Development Center Hong Kong International Institute of Culinary Arts, New Delhi India SRM Institute of Hotel Management India Ask Institute of Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts India Bangalore Culinary Academy India Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration India NIPS School of Hotel Management India Dublin Institute of Technology Ireland Ort Dan Gourmet Israel Florence University of the Arts Italy Italian Chef Academy Italy Istituto Eccelsa S.r.l. Italy Chef Academy Italy Royal Academy of Culinary Arts Jordan Berjaya Higher Education SDN BHD Malaysia KDU University College Malaysia Cilantro Culinary Academy Malaysia Taylor’s University School of Hospitality Tourism and Culinary Arts Malaysia Golden Chef College of Culinary Arts Malaysia Crew Skills International (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Malaysia KDU Penang University College Malaysia Sunway University School of Hospitality Malaysia Ambitious Academy Malaysia Ambitious Academy SDN BHD Malaysia Kolej Yayasan Pahang Advanced Skills (KYPAS) Malaysia



GQB Escuela De Arte Culinario Mexico International Culinary Studio New Zealand Sotra Videregående skule Norway National Hospitality Institute SAOC Oman College of Tourism & Hotel Management – COTHM Pakistan Karachi Institute of Culinary Art Pakistan Kitchen Club Academy Palestine Universidad Intermaericana de Panama Panama Global Culinary and Hospitality Academy Philippines International School for Culinary Arts & Hotel Management – ISCAHM Philippines First Gourmet Academy Philippines LPU Culinary Institute Philippines Lyceum of the Philippines University Laguna Philippines At-Sunrice Singapore ICAS Training & Education College Singapore HTA School of Culinary Art South Africa South Africa Capsicum Culinary Studio (Pty) Ltd. South Africa Silwood School of Cookery South Africa ChefMLK School of Cooking South Africa Youngsan University, – Busan South Korea Seoul Hoseo Technical College South Korea A Chef Culinary Academy South Korea Apicius Korea South Korea Mediterraneo Culinary Center Spain Ullvigymnasiet Sweden Ryssbygymnasiet Sweden Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland Switzerland HTMI Institute Switzerland Kai Ping Culinary School Taiwan TransWorld University Taiwan Tourism Research Institute Taiwan Dusit Thani College Thailand Chef ’s Table Culinary Academy Turkey EKS Culinary Academy Turkey MSA Mesleki Egitim Merkezi Turkey International Centre For Culinary Arts – Dubai UAE Triumph Higher Education- Escoffier Boulder USA Johnson County Community College USA Keiser University Center for Culinary Arts – Melbourne USA Keiser University Center for Culinary Arts – Sarasota USA Keiser University Center for Culinary Arts –Tallahassee USA Culinary Institute of Michigan USA University of Arkansas-Pulaski Technical College USA

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The French Chef Handbook La Cuisine de Référence For 25 years a best-seller among French chefs with 800 000 copies sold !

1208 pages to master the skills of cooking • 118 videos accessible through QR codes • 1 000 recipes worksheets • All products, techniques, and basic preparations • 500 detailed step-by-step photos Available on Worldchefs e-shop


Hope from Down Under A letter on the pandemic from Victoria, Australia. What a year we are having, 2020. All Australian borders closed due to an international pandemic called COVID-19.Victoria in complete lockdown and you need a permit to work. Primary, secondary and trade schools teaching remote. Complete closure of hospitality. And before, this part of eastern Australia – devastated by bushfires.

students who also have families at home that have given everything so they may study in Australia, with no government support. Schools and industry organizations reaching out to ensure the safety and welfare of all. Remember to reach out. There is always somebody who will listen. We all must eat and drink. Whether fresh or manufactured by science, somebody has to present, cook and serve to the customer.

What is the real cost to hospitality? Many businesses will not re-open. The loss of positions filled by locals and international students studying commercial cookery and hospitality related subjects. Young apprentices struggling to make ends meet. In all other states and territories, they have eased restrictions, like Western Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory. Hospitality is almost back to normal, with social distancing and the wearing of masks. However, in Victoria there is still complete lockdown with restriction of movement, no more than 5km from your residence. I mentioned the real cost to someone who has not worked for 6 months. You start to question your worth. How do I start again? What is next for me? How do my actions impact others? How do I pay the bills and feed the family? We are all there for you, as we are part of a larger family: “Hospitality”. Hospitality is strong and a supportive family that looks after each other like brother and sister, mother and father. A network of organizations that depend on each other.

Andrew Wisken, President, Australian Culinary Federation Victoria Chapter


Together As our Managing Director said,“It is more important now than ever that we support each other and our communities. Worldchefs is the glue that keeps together a global network of professionals to enable solidarity and friendship across borders.”

Growers, producers, suppliers (chemicals, food, kitchen equipment), manufacturers, all businesses that all rely on each other. Many businesses have changed their model to take-away. Suppliers are supporting with free food hampers. Migrant Australians and private culinary schools providing meals to international

We have been so inspired by the creativity, drive, and actions of compassion from our members around the globe. Together we will navigate this new, unfolding reality. For a list of free resources, virtual events and more to help you connect with the global community, build skills and prepare to advance in a post-pandemic world, visit our COVID-19 Resource Hub. WORLDCHEFS.ORG





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Worldchefs Magazine Issue 26  

In this edition, we hear news from Worldchefs members around the globe, explore trends and innovations defining the future of our industry a...

Worldchefs Magazine Issue 26  

In this edition, we hear news from Worldchefs members around the globe, explore trends and innovations defining the future of our industry a...

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