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Ref: 20/042012PR/ST89439 Press Release KEK contradicts the conclusions drawn in recent reports of "Sierra Club" KEK opposes some of the conclusions of recent reports prepared by the "Sierra Club", an environmental organization in the U.S., which is against the need of Kosovo to build new coal based generation units, with base load. KEK has made analysis and prepared comments, which provide accurate and actual information on the situation that the energy sector of Kosovo is facing. Analysis of KEK is outlining the issues raised by "Sierra Club", with which KEK agrees, and provides information on matters that KEK does not comply with. Finally, KEK represents the most practical and applicable approach for the future which is most appropriate for the current situation in Kosovo. KEK highlights some of the shortfalls of this analysis prepared by "Sierra Club". In some areas, reports of "Sierra Club" are making inappropriate comparisons with other states, most of which are either highly developed or much more developed than Kosovo, with considerable concentration on industrial consumers and big commercial consumers. Report is also presenting reducing of losses and usage of renewable energy as a simple solution to a more complex situation. Furthermore, a significant proportion of these conclusions are not reasonable, because their primary point of reference is an old study of the energy sector in Kosovo, which was prepared in 2006. KEK knows that there is no single answer on the issue that how will Kosovo meet its growing demand for electricity, in order to support economic development and to support the welfare of its citizens. There is no formula or new fast technology, which would allow to Kosovo to withdraw from its coal reserves in an economical way. The solution is tracking all available cost effective measures to meet domestic demand for electricity. Repairing existing units and the generation of base load coal is more than necessary, except the other measures that are already in development. KEK is expressing its view from its position, as an entity that must operate on a daily basis to meet customers demand, and not from the viewpoint of a foreign entity, that has no responsibility on the results. On a behalf of KEK:

To see the reports prepared by the "Sierra Club" visit: 8861 In Albanian:

KEK contradicts the conclusions drawn in recent reports of "Sierra Club"  
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