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keeping your manners in check

Your stage fright survival kit

How to become a client magnet


things to do when you’ve fallen out of love with your business



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At times we all question the amount of time we give our businesses versus the time we spend on our personal relationship or children. Having been a single mum from when my children were just babies and running my own business, I adopted the attitude that my children needed more than just parents in their circle. Consequently, my children have played a role in creating special moments in not only my life but they have also enriched the lives of others. Like many working mothers I missed many of my children’s early milestones yet guilt, jealousy and regret have never been part of my DNA. Milestones like taking their first steps, losing their first tooth or having their first bump were shared with their grandparents or carers. But in turn by allowing others into my circle my children have learnt they should never fear moving forward confidently with whatever they desire in life or business because they will always have a support system and a cheer squad in their corner.

based on the inspiration she gained from the age of just six, working alongside her father in his business. She openly admits that everything she needed to know about running a business she had learnt before the age of 10. Her father taught her that although there will always be challenges when you run a business, if you can focus on providing great customer service and effective communication then success will be yours for the taking. Mai’s business is only a few years old but her products already have a strong foothold in all major Australian supermarkets. She has entered the UK and USA markets and now has Europe in her sights. Needless to say, the inspiration and mentoring gained during her early years spent shadowing her father paved the way for her business success. I hope you enjoy all of the articles in this issue. Make sure you read it from cover to cover and embrace the information and resources to assist you in building your own business knowledge. And please support our fabulous advertisers by purchasing their services and products – because without them Working Women magazine would not even be possible.

Proving once again that our early years indeed do shape our destiny, our cover girl, Mai V. Haven has built her super-food global empire FOUNDER AND EDITOR-IN-CHIEF WORKING WOMEN® Lynette Palmen AM NATIONAL ADVERTISING MANAGER Nikita Harris 1800 052 476 or +61 (7) 3272 8222 nikita@womensnetwork.com.au PROOFREADER Wendy Smith – Jewel See Editing +61 (7) 3349 4440 wendy@jewelsee.com.au DESIGN Tricia Mahoney – Scarab Blue Design +61 (0) 419 311 862 tricia.mahoney@scarabblue.com.au SUBSCRIPTIONS WNA Head Office 1800 052 476 or +61 (7) 3272 8222

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Working Women Women’s network Australia


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business etiquette

keeping your manners in check

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To what extent does our environment and the messages we hear during our first 10 years of life influence how we live for the next 70–80 years? Well, the answer to raising well adjusted, independent and confident children seems to rest with the quality of the interactions not the quantity.

Your stage fright survival kit

How to become a client magnet


things to do when you’ve fallen out of love with your business


fuels entrepreneurial spirit Counterfeiting – don’t let your business beCome a viCtim


Cover Story

Assisting her father to run his business when she was just six years old gave Mai V. Haven the grounding to launch her super-food business, SlendierSlim. Within a year this extraordinary entrepreneur had managed to secure a strong foothold in the Australian health food sector by channelling her range through major distributors, Woolworths, Coles and IGA stores nationwide.

ADVERTISEMENTS Advertisements created by Women’s Network Australia Pty Ltd for this publication cannot be copied or reproduced without permission of the editor. ADVERTORIAL Advertorial is accepted in all sections. A large, clear professional photograph must accompany all articles. Prices are available on application. Please call 1800 052 476. DISCLAIMER Materials and articles in this publication are general comment, not advice. The information is believed to be accurate and reliable but no responsibility is taken for any opinions expressed or for errors and omissions. Readers should not act on the basis of the material without taking professional advice relating to their particular circumstances. COPYRIGHT ©1993 - ©2013 Women’s Network Australia Pty Ltd All artwork created by WORKING WOMEN® is the property of Women’s Network Australia Pty Ltd and must not be duplicated in another publication or promotion without written permission as it is subject to Australian copyright law.

Business BUSINESS STRATEGIES Is your unconscious blueprint sabotaging your business?


Want to win more business? Be faster with your quotes


5 Tips for delegating to virtual team members


Why you need a business analyst


5 Things to do when you’ve fallen out of love with your business


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Brainstorming for innovative change





Business etiquette does it matter anymore? 14

BRANDING The do’s and don’ts of branding



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Going overboard on social media


You’ll need more than a will to put your affairs in order


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Business videos: thinking outside the box


Anyone can self-publish a book – right?


Send out first class written work every time 28 Say goodbye to stage fright


HUMAN RESOURCES You’re fired – how to legally let someone go


Proactive responses to bullying


Workplace safety net


NETWORKOLOGY Why bother networking?


SALES FORCE The art of questioning on a telephone sales call


Busting the sales myths





Mobile apps – get them working for your business


Success UP FRONT Championing a healthier Australia one meal at a time


MARKETING How to become a client magnet


ON THE MONEY Who decides share prices in the share market?


Practical strategies to save you money at tax time


What’s so super about self managed super funds?


Craft a website that will attract, convert and sell like crazy


The key to building a successful website is in the planning


SOCIAL MEDIA Creating content for social media platforms 51


6 Ways to step backward and move your business forward


Are you the bottleneck in your business?



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When stress magnifies your problems


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5 Top tips for winter wellness


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Championing a

HEALTHIER AUSTRALIA one meal at a time MAI V. HAVEN is the face and brains behind healthy-living brand, SlendierSlim. When Mai noticed her husband Ray had begun to gain weight as a result of indulging in an unhealthy diet, the idea to launch a konjac-based pasta, noodle and rice product was hatched. Mai’s range offers an alternative to traditional wheat and carbohydrate-loaded pasta, noodles and now rice, as this new product joins the wildly popular staple range of pasta and noodles that has been the basis of the brand’s success to date. The konjac-based range has been hailed as a ‘super-food’ as it is low in calories, low in carbohydrates, low GI, gluten-free and fibre-rich, helping countless Australians shed unwanted weight. With increasing rates of obesity, diabetes and coeliac disease running rife in Australia, Mai’s products offer a healthy and tasty alternative, which allows sufferers to enjoy eating again. Having sold her family home to fund the startup, Mai’s first solo business venture was no simple task. Despite a background in marketing and business, the entrepreneur who studied at Deakin University in Melbourne, struggled to break into the healthy food market at first. Within one year of launching SlendierSlim, Mai secured a strong foothold in the Australian health food sector by channelling her range through major distributors, initially Woolworths and later Coles and IGA stores nationwide, enjoying great success. The initial idea was launched back in 2009 when Mai’s husband, Ray, had gained a significant amount of weight. Thinking back to her childhood in Japan, Mai remembered her mother cooking with a product called Konjac – an Asian root vegetable – which 4 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2013

she ate to maintain a slim figure. This ‘superfood’ ingredient is high in fibre, helps to lower blood pressure and cholesterol and is ideal for those who suffer food intolerances, a growing concern for many Australians. Mai remembers assisting her father with his business at the tender age of six and it was there that she began developing her strong business acumen. It is this same philosophy towards business that has allowed Mai’s business to flourish during a time when many other businesses have struggled. Mai attributes such success to the company’s motto: “our customer is number one”. She says, “Whether we provide the best customer service or the best quality product, we always listen to customers and try to communicate with them in the best way possible.” It is indeed Mai’s customer focus and persistence to succeed that has led her company to where it is today. “We are expecting 300% growth in the 2013/14 financial year”, says Mai. After only two years in business, Mai is already beginning international expansion into markets, such as the UK and USA, with future plans to grow into Europe in sight also. Mai’s husband Ray, the unofficial inspiration behind the brand, has recently joined Mai and her growing team to fully realise the potential of the healthy-living brand. Together, they are championing for a healthy Australia, one meal at a time.

Mai also acknowledges the importance of women’s entrepreneur networks: “I enjoy spending time with intelligent, grounded and passionate women… it also reminds me that I am not alone when things do not go to plan and we can enjoy the success together when it does.” Identifying new ways to innovate and create exciting new products, Mai’s vision is “to make SlendierSlim a company that will make a significant difference to how people eat and what choices they have. We want to provide a healthy and easy option without taking the joy out of food; it is after all such a pleasure to eat!” SlendierSlim Rice, Pasta and Noodle products are available from the health food aisle of Woolworths, Coles, IGA and health food stores nationally or via www.slendierslim.com.au n

MAI’S TIPS FOR SUCCESS The will to succeed is the driving factor behind any great business but learning to manage yourself during the hardest times will give you the greatest benefits.

VISION – know what you want to achieve and remind yourself of it, every day.

RISK – take chances and step outside your comfort zone.

TENACITY – continue when the going gets

tough, no matter how many obstacles stand in your way.

COMMUNICATION – never underestimate the power of your words.

TEAM – assemble a great team of people

around you; you need to love what you are doing and who you are doing it with!

CONTACT Mai V. Haven BUSINESS SlendierSlim PHONE 1300 754 672


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Is your unconscious blueprint

sabotaging your business? Introducing the concept of your unconscious blueprint™, Head Transition Coach SUE LESTER explains how it could be holding you back from achieving your goals and being successful in business. Have you ever wondered why you don’t always feel as grown up and confident as you would expect? Have you struggled to make significant changes in your life? Are relationships at home and work a battleground of hurt, outbursts and the silent treatment? The answer could be found in your unconscious blueprint. This is the internal image you hold of yourself at the deepest conscious level. When this image is significantly younger or older than your chronological age, or is a disempowering one, it impacts significantly on your interaction with the wider world. You store your beliefs, memories, and internal images as pictures in your unconscious as that is the most efficient way to record information. If you think of your unconscious mind as the crew of your life ship in the engine room below, your internal image is the blueprint by which the crew determine your behaviour and thoughts. By changing the characteristics of those images, you can change your conscious blueprint, and new behaviours are easier to adopt. Your unconscious blueprint is significant in the workplace on two levels. Firstly, your own image will determine your level of confidence and self-esteem, and your ability to reason, accept criticism, control your behaviour, handle responsibility and conflict, work in a team, adapt to change, and manage yourself and others. Secondly, your unconscious blueprint of others alters your relationships, management/ team player style, your ability to delegate, your trust levels and more.

For example, Jason had hired Scott with the aim of guiding him on a career fast track within the company. On paper and in person, Scott seemed ideal for the position of assistant manager. Jason, however, struggled with trust and delegation, frustrating them both. Checking his unconscious blueprint of Scott, Jason found a well-dressed to the point of foppishness ‘gay-boy’ who flirted constantly and was overall a ‘douche’. Once that image was updated from ‘douche’ to ‘dude’, Jason was able to rebuild his relationship with Scott. He actively trained and supported Scott to the point where he could be promoted, and Jason could take guilt-free holidays. If you are feeling disempowered dealing with your manager or employee, check what your unconscious blueprint of her is. Witch? Irritating teenager? Or is it your own unconscious blueprint which needs changing to shift your workplace dynamics for the better? ‘Jill’ was 44 with low self-esteem, and really struggled on the rare occasions she forced herself to attend networking events. Her business was limping along, and she battled to manage her teenage children. Jill’s unconscious blueprint™ was of a shy 19 year old. Her head transition coach updated this unconscious blueprint, and used neurolinguistic programming (NLP) techniques to help Jill change some of her old limiting self-beliefs. Jill reported that for the first time she actually felt like she belonged at the next networking event she attended. Instead of

Turn your stumbling blocks in business into stepping stones now! Clear your head trash here….smooth your path in business with an ‘Internal Image Makeover’ or ‘Head Transition’ coaching sessions.

reacting to the world as an emotional hesitant teenager, she now interacts as a 44-year-old mother of three. She has the confidence to put her life experience to good use. Naturally there are supportive processes for this change, including learning how to set and maintain new behavioural boundaries in relationships. For some, their unconscious blueprint is of their current age, but is a disempowering one. Jackie struggled with every diet under the sun, until her unconscious blueprint was changed from fat and frumpy to healthy and happy. She then easily put into practice everything she knew about healthy choices. Now that you have the conceptual awareness of your unconscious blueprint of yourself and others, take a moment to reflect. How might you be ‘seeing’ yourself and others? Where is this influencing home and workplace dynamics? What would you like to change, and how will you implement those changes now? Like most significant shifts in life, it is possible, but not necessary, to do it all yourself. Allow yourself to ask for help, and it will always be there, in one form or another. Life is too short to waste being less than you can be. n * Unconscious Blueprint™ is a trademark of Growing Content Pty Ltd.

CONTACT Sue Lester BUSINESS Growing Content:

Smoothing Your Path +61 (0) 428 128 679 www.growingcontent.com.au PHONE

D.I.Y. head trash clearing book





enter monthly prize draw to win a 1 hour ‘Internal Image Makeover’ skype session by emailing info@growingcontent.com.au with “wNa Prize” in the subject. (Value $250) Sue Lester, international catalyst of change, author, speaker. e: info@growingcontent.com.au or M: + 61 (0) 428 128 679 w: www.growingcontent.com.au

6 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2013





Want to win more business? BE FASTER WITH YOUR QUOTES Many businesses win work on the basis of quotes and proposals. Yet they don’t realise that the quality and speed of their quotes is costing them business. Copywriter INGRID CLIFF explores what makes a compelling quote to help you win more business. Yes, many businesses are struggling at the moment. And yet, the tighter the economy gets, something strange is happening – many of these same businesses are becoming much slower in getting their quotes out. And when they do send them, they are often simply a bald two-sentence email with “Here’s the amount … Call me to go ahead”.

need a standard quote template on file – which you can just amend as needed. Your quote template needs a number of core paragraphs that you include in each quote. You can also have a number of optional paragraphs on file that may be included depending on the project.

Why are poor quotes a problem? If you are late with your quote, or send out a poor quality quote, you are competing against businesses that understand that when people have taken the trouble to ask you for a quote they are a warm lead. They are genuinely interested in what you have to offer and want to know why they should hire you over your competition.


A poorly written quote (or a late quote), gives the appearance that you really don’t want the job; and that even if you win the job on price alone, that you will be late with your work and do a “bodgie” job. Hardly a compelling reason to hire you! Remember, generally the most you will be competing with is two other quotes.


All your business needs to do is demonstrate solid value for money, and a quality response in your offering and you will win the job (even if you are not the cheapest quote).

Writing effective quotes is not rocket science! If you want to win more business, your quotes need to:

n n


n n


Demonstrate that you understand the client brief.

If you need help with preparing a professional quote template for your business, contact a copywriter to help put your business into words. n

Highlight your experience and credibility. Explain your work process – what will happen and when will it happen. Highlight the value your services will add – don’t just list features.

CONTACT Ingrid Cliff BUSINESS Heart Harmony PHONE +61 (7) 3351 8844


Clearly articulate what is included in the cost (and what’s not included). Outline your trading terms. Look professional. Typos, poor layout or missing information sends a strong message about your business. You may want to work with a graphic designer for a final polished look of your cover pages and any flowcharts or images. Be timely – aim for a 48-hour turnaround as your maximum. You will win the most business if you can get a quote back within an hour or two of the email or phone call.

Tips for fast quote turnaround To create a fast turnaround for your quotes, you

For details www.giraffemarketing.com.au/ workshops or call 1300 366 876

Thinking about starting a full time or part time career or business as a Life Coach? Study online anywhere, anytime! Start tomorrow! Contact us today for your Free Career Guide. Ph 1300 131 149 or visit our website www.startlifecoaching.com.au

Winter 2013 n WORKING WOMEN® 7



to virtual team members We all know that taking advantage of using virtual support staff, such as a virtual assistant or project manager, is a smart move for business owners. MICHAELA CLARK looks at how to create a good cohesive working relationship with someone who you may never meet or even speak to.

When you have someone working in front of you, it is much easier to get to know their personality and how they like to work. When working remotely, the message can easily get lost in translation.

Overwhelmed by admin tasks? Know you need help but don’t know where to start? Let us review your business processes to help you create a virtual working environment, allowing you to start working with a virtual assistant and get your to-do list under control. Virtual Workspaces | Admin & Executive Support Social Media | Blogs & Websites | Event Planning Newsletters | Customer Service | Project Mgt We take away those tedious admin tasks that keep you up late at night, allowing you to focus on growing your business and gaining back some work/life balance. • Use us as much or as little as you need • No ongoing commitment • Save money - buy hours in bulk • Australian based team • Know your information is secure by using locally based contractors


Buy a 10 Hour Virtual Assistant Starter Pack and get 2 hours free! Visit www.mivirtualpa.com.au/wna or Phone 1300 164 072 *Conditions apply

The good news is that there are a few things you can do to make it work sooner rather than later.


Setting clear expectations is vital to getting off on the right foot. Giving muddy, vague ideas of what is needed will end in failure. Think of the instructions as a blueprint, if it is clearly written, legible, and concise; the end result will be the same. If the blueprint is a coffee-stained, doughnut-jam-smeared mess then the end result will be likewise. You get out what you put in.

Following these five simple steps will lead to a productive remote working partnership for all. n

CONTACT Michaela Clark BUSINESS mi virtual pa PHONE 1300 164 072



If you give your VA a 24-hour slot to write an 80-page eBook on advanced quantum mechanics, don’t be surprised if it does not appear in your inbox on time. It’s great to push and be pushed in the business world but stretching the limits of time and imagination is just going to end badly.


Relationships take time to develop, even business ones. And they can take longer to establish when working virtually. It usually takes a few weeks to settle into a new job and that is when you are physically located in the same office or workplace. When you hire a virtual team member you will still have a settling in period, which may often be longer than when you are physically co-located. So spending a few minutes talking about the weather, weekend activities or the football results will only help to cement the relationship.


Discuss payment terms up front and ensure you make payments on time. Keeping a valued team member is as much a matter of you delivering on time as them delivering on time.


One of the best bits of working virtually is 8 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2013

the lack of office politics. There should be no feathers ruffled due to water cooler gossip, or the need to send out the detectives to see who used all the milk in the office fridge. Enjoy the experience of chatting and working with another person, from a different background or lifestyle to you.

TIDYTAX FOR BUSINESS – Your ultimate companion at tax time! tidytax $88.00

If bookkeeping remains a mystery to you, if you are a bookkeeper looking to provide exceptional service, or an accountant wanting to get jobs out the door using an easy no-cost system then this manual is a must-have. This unique easy-to-read manual, produced by qualified accountants, facilitates communication between business owners, bookkeepers and accountants so that everyone gets much better value at tax time. To purchase visit www.tidytax.com.au


Why you need a

business analyst

Ask any successful business owner how they have managed to do so well and they will soon tell you that the secret is to surround yourself with experts who know more than you. HELEN GOODMAN examines the value of a Business Analyst to act as a GPS for your business. There are many reasons you need a business analyst in your business. But the number one reason is that you shouldn’t leave understanding the numbers in your business to anyone else – not your accountant or your bookkeeper – you need to understand the numbers so that you have the information to make the right decisions in your business. But if figures are not your area of expertise, how do you achieve that? Simple, use a Business Analyst! They will translate the figures into meaningful information for you, so you can make decisions that are based on fact not fiction. By discussing where you are currently at, and reviewing the numbers in your business, a Business Analyst can analyse your business needs and ascertain what actions are required to really help take your business to the next level. If you are just starting out, you need to research and create the numbers for your business plan. The more thorough your investigations and estimations are, the more support you will gain from potential investors or the bank. By using analysis techniques to forecast your future profit and loss, plus cost and price forecasts, you will be better positioned to estimate the future position of your business and gain the additional support from your

By using analysis techniques to forecast your future profit and loss, plus cost and price forecasts, you will be better positioned to estimate the future position of your business and gain the additional support from your investors. investors. And, as an added bonus, you will know exactly where your business is going. If you have been in business for a while, then you can use analysis to:

Create a scorecard. A scorecard contains key performance indicators (KPIs) to track and measure the performance of your business. Included in your scorecard would be things like: number of sales, percentage gross profit, percentage net profit, number of sales through website etc. This gives you a methodology by which to record improvements and can act as a warning when things are going off track.

Calculate the breakeven for your business. This is the point where your expenses equal sales, and you neither make money nor lose it. Understanding where and when this point occurs allows you to create sales targets to achieve this and exceed it!

or at what level to set your wholesale versus retail prices.

Build a cash flow. A cash flow forecast gives you your bank balance of the future, so that you know when there are likely to be times when you have excess cash or when you need to borrow some. Therefore, you can plan more effectively by delaying payments or chasing debtors, or by borrowing cash for the short term.

Build a budget. By creating a budget for the future, with calculations and estimations for your sales and expenses, you will have an expectation of your future performance, which you can use to measure your actual results. Then, by reviewing the differences between your actual results and your expectations, you can understand how to perform better, or understand what circumstances were different from your plan. All of these activities give YOU the information to understand your business better and provide you with a road map to follow. So, remember to use a Business Analyst – they really are the GPS for your business! n

Perform price cost analysis. An analysis of the cost and price of your products or services can then tell you which products are the most profitable, and which are not… It can tell you whether you can offer discounts on your prices

CONTACT Helen Goodman BUSINESS Invisible Business Solutions PHONE +61 (0) 416 101 422


Better image... more sales guaranteed! 1800 777 428


Winter 2013 n WORKING WOMEN® 9



out of love with your business

Running a business can be exhausting and all too challenging. DAVID SOLOMON gives some pointers to help ensure you stay in love with your business or career – and that your business or career loves you back! Sometimes you can become incredibly frustrated… You can lose your passion for the industry you are in or even end up not doing what you feel you are supposed to be doing. But what happens when you have no idea what that is? At times like this your life can seem to lack meaning or a sense of purpose. You can end up asking yourself, “Is this all there is?” or “What if I can’t change things?” You may even incorrectly conclude that you are flawed or broken. Even more, you give such energy to your businesses and your career. Why is it that your business or career sometimes does seem not to love you in return? Everyone wants their ideal life – to be happy, fulfilled, energised and inspired. Everyone wants to feel worthwhile and to have a sense of meaningful contribution. To achieve this you certainly need some understanding of and clarity regarding your core drivers. So how do you get all that? Leonardo da Vinci said, “Make your work to be in keeping with your purpose.” In other words, the secret lies in building a Higher Purpose Business – a business that supports you, your values, aspirations, lifestyle and of course, your passions and purpose.

5 simple strategies to ensure you are in love with your business: Take some time out to remember why you got into your business or career in the first place. This will help you to fall back in love with your business or career so that you are inspired by it once again. Then you will be so excited about your business or career that you will not be able to wait to get up in the morning and go to work. n

Tap into your true passion and purpose, your vision and your values. If you don’t know them, find someone who can help you to uncover them. Then simply know that you can bring whatever your passion is into your business. n

To bring your passion into your business, start by asking yourself these questions: n

a) Is my business connected to my lifestyle goals? b) Am I doing what I truly love? Or am I doing what I think I should be doing? c) Was I born for this? Is this my genius? Remind yourself that success is personal. It should be defined by your financial, lifestyle and other goals and aspirations, rather than what society says they “should” be. It’s crazy if you consistently let others dictate what it means to be successful. n


Finally, if you don’t have one already, find or

You really do deserve to have your ideal business! This happens when you are inspired – when the light burning within you is nurtured and allowed to shine. Uncovering what makes you come alive and building a successful business around it is the ultimate goal. This is what Quiddity is all about – helping women entrepreneurs to build a Higher Purpose Business.

SPECIAL OFFER FOR WORKING WOMEN READERS David is offering 8 free 60 minute, 1:1 sessions to help you explore your true passion, purpose, vision and values. To secure a spot, just be one of the first 8 to register at www.workingwomen.eventbrite.com.au For more information or if you are looking for some individual TLC, feel free to call David on (02) 9994 8999 or visit www.quidditybusiness.com.au David Solomon, Business Performance Strategist – helping women in business unlock their magnificence!

10 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2013

create a business or career that inspires you. If you can make money doing what you love, that’s a Higher Purpose Business. If there’s no passion, no excitement, no heart, it isn’t fun or it doesn’t get you excited, then it’s likely it won’t be sustainably successful. Will it be profitable financially? How about emotionally? Spiritually? Chances are at some point you will say, “Why didn’t I listen to my intuition?” n

CONTACT David Solomon BUSINESS Quiddity PHONE +61 (2) 9994 8999


Did You Know? WNA’s Online Forum provides Members with the opportunity to network, ask for help and even promote their businesses, events and special offers and it doesn’t cost a cent.

It’s all part of the suite of membership benefits available to WNA Members.

Visit: www.womensnetwork. com.au/forums/



For new small businesses

ANZ pledges to lend $1 billion to new small businesses. Whether you need $20,000, $200,000 or more for your new small business, now’s the time to speak to ANZ. Last year, we approved 70% of loans to new small businesses and, in the next 12 months, have pledged to lend $1 billion. Go online today to get an indication of how much your business could borrow.


All applications for credit are subject to ANZ’s normal credit approval criteria. Terms and conditions, fees and charges apply. ANZ $1billion lending pledge applies to new small businesses, whether or not you currently bank with ANZ. ANZ approved on average 70% of fully completed new small business lending applications for the year ending 31/12/2012. ANZ $1billion lending pledge commences April 2013. Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) ABN 11 005 357 522. ANZ’s colour blue is a trade mark of ANZ. ASB0141




Wasted time or time that is not properly managed is irreplaceable. KIRSTY O’CALLAGHAN looks at choice management and how by using time effectively every female business owner can improve their overall profit and performance, both personally and professionally. Do you feel inundated with many tasks each day, at work and at home, including emails, letters, phone calls, faxes, visitors, customers, family, and many other commitments and then some more?

this frees you up to concentrate on the tasks at hand that you have to do. If you are finding it hard to ‘let go’ of tasks, for many reasons including the fear of not being noticed as a ‘super, important and busy person’, think of the time you could be saving and giving others the opportunity to learn something new and be appreciated for it.

Working hard and being effective are two entirely different things. Working smarter not harder is where to start. This means being both effective, doing the right things, and efficient, doing things in the right order. A combination of both and an understanding of the 3 D’s will prove to be a successful formula for you and free up much needed time in your day.

WHAT ARE THE 3 D’S? DO – These are the tasks you have to do yourself. Once you have identified these things you can then: Prioritise tasks in order of importance and urgency. n

Group ‘like’ tasks together, for example, all phone calls, appointments, housework etc. n

Make the best of your prime time, for example, when do you have the most energy during the day or the least interruptions? n

Regularly check your to do list and ask yourself, “What is the best use of my time right now?” n

Counselling, Coaching and Training Service Corporate | Families | Individuals | Groups

Get the results you desire from home to workplace Get your free e-book today ‘90 Kirsty-isms’, to give you daily inspiration and motivation 12 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2013

DUMP – This involves looking at your day, Update your diary and/or to do list daily. Tick off what you get done and transfer the remaining tasks to the next day’s list or diary. n

DELEGATE – Delegating is a skill that once learnt can be one of the most beneficial ‘tools in your tool box’. Delegating does not mean just offloading a task to someone else because you couldn’t be bothered doing it, or are unsure if you can do it. Delegating is about helping others as well as yourself. Helping others – by delegating you are actually telling others that you trust them. You are also allowing them to learn a new skill. This is not only a skill to use in a work situation but also at home. Everyone will gain a better understanding of how things are done as well as being part of the ‘team’. Delegating gives others responsibility, whilst accountability is still yours. n


the tasks set for you and all incoming requests of your time and then deciding what you really need to do. For example, it can take up to an hour daily to read all the ‘wonderful, warm and fuzzy or funny’ emails that are sent to you but is this taking you closer to your goals, do you have the time or is the world going to end if you don’t read them? If your prioritised to do list does not allow you the time to do this, then dump them. If an hour being present with your family or friends is more important, then dump. This doesn’t just go for emails, it can be drop in visitors or clients, unexpected requests on your time from others or a home chore that can be put off. n

CONTACT Kirsty O’Callaghan BUSINESS Unity-Qld PHONE +61 (7) 3482 4295


Helping yourself – once a task is delegated

• Stress and Change Management Tools and Strategies • Simple, practical and real solutions • Seminars, workshops, groups and individual consultations • Affordable and trustworthy services and products Kirsty O’Callaghan Consultant | Speaker | Trainer UNITY-QLD P: +61(7) 3482 4295 M: 0402 889 648


Turn your ideas into assets Writing services

Proof reading

• Blogs & articles • Tenders & reports • Creative writing

• Formatting • Proof reading • Editing

Get in touch! Email: rachel@sbcreations.com.au www.facebook.com/simplysbcreations Rachel Boros, founder of SB Creations, has a degree in Journalism plus experience in marketing and sales. Add a love of the written word and a desire to read and write, and this explains the passion behind the work.



for innovative change The concept of brainstorming could be the secret to re-energising and revitalising your business. LOUISE CORICA looks at what brainstorming involves and the benefits it offer your business.

Many incredibly innovative changes in business have been achieved by utilising brainstorming sessions. Not only do they stimulate creativity and create powerful new directions for people, teams and business, they also connect the right people who can generate the best solutions for you to solve your problems. Brainstorming is a method to stimulate creativity in your team. The key to the whole process is to have a facilitator who will navigate the participants through the process and help deliver the best results. Brainstorming is unique in its shape, form and delivery. The late Steve Jobs, founder and CEO of Apple Inc., consistently undertook brainstorming sessions within his divisions to develop dynamic changes in short time spans. As CEO he brought his people together to develop a variety of new and different products by using the most creative people. He said, “Creativity is connecting things.”

SO WHAT MAKES BRAINSTORMING UNIQUE? Brainstorming is: a tool where you and your participants let loose and write down all your ideas. n

used to stimulate people to achieve creative solutions to any problem. n

where you use a different style of thinking and processes in an informal setting, where your ideas won’t be commented on. n

a technique whereby you will find a solution with a large quantity of ideas to choose from. n

No one in the brainstorming session is allowed to comment on the ideas as they are brought up in the session. It is only after you have chosen a selection of ideas from the list that comments can be made. At the post-brainstorming session you choose between the possibilities of the ideas and what you and your participants believe is achievable right now. Once this list is prepared, you can then allocate a timeframe and resources required to achieve each idea. Brainstorming is a methodology that provides

Brainstorming is a method is to stimulate creativity in your team. The key to the whole process is to have a facilitator who will navigate the participants through the process and help deliver the best results. you and your participants an opportunity to break loose from the normal day-to-day thinking process and activities and release the creativity to resolve problems your business may be experiencing. Brainstorming provides you with a whole new outlook on the many and infinite possibilities to achieve the goals that you may have being doing the same way for so long. It allows you to review, revitalise and re-energise them. Sometimes it is just one new thing that can bring about new changes for all. Marilee Goldbert, author of The Art of the Question, said, “A paradigm shift occurs when a question is asked inside the current paradigm that can only be answered from outside it.” Therefore, ensure there is time for reflection so that participants have time to consider issues more deeply.

4. Observe links between the ideas when they are presented. Brainstorming sessions will require you to: 1. S  et the scene – the location and venue need to be prepared correctly. 2. Prepare open-ended, thought-provoking and stimulating questions to keep things on track. 3. Keep the session focused. Once that 30-minute session is completed, take a short recess of about 15 minutes to allow everyone to absorb the list of ideas. Then you are ready for the post-brainstorming session. By utilising and keeping to the basic brainstorming rules, you will ensure that your visions will be achieved in small achievable blocks. This approach is important. The method will allow for a large list of infinite possibilities for you and your team to work on later. Your progress can be monitored, solutions found and changes can be made. Use brainstorming for your success. It is achievable today. n

BASIC BRAINSTORMING RULES: 1. Focus on quantity of ideas. 2. Do not comment on any idea during the session. 3. Positive, proactive and perfectly outrageous ideas are invited.

CONTACT Louise Corica BUSINESS Time2Manage – Business

Management Solutions and Services PHONE +61 (0) 418 458 616 www.time2manage.com

Want to know how You can Make Change Easily and see results straight away? Contact Louise Corica on 0418 458 616 and at www.time2manage.com Her tailored seminars and expertise will help you make changes TODAY

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etiquette does it matter anymore?


Have you noticed a sharp decline in people’s manners? These days receiving a simple thank you for a good deed done is like pulling teeth. JANE JACKSON looks at the subject of business etiquette and outlines the importance of keeping one’s manners in check. What is etiquette all about? Many people think it is all about stuffy old rules of behaviour that are no longer relevant in today’s competitive workplace. Frequently aggressive or inconsiderate behaviour can spoil the day and there is nostalgia for the time when good manners were expected from children, teenagers and adults alike. Are the socially prescribed rules so intrusive that individuals feel they will stifle their sense of individuality and freedom of expression? Etiquette is essential, not only in social situations but particularly in business. Communication has changed dramatically with technology and social media and there are

14 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2013

times when what is appropriate and what is not is no longer clear. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites have created a world in which the rules of appropriate etiquette are constantly being rewritten. Etiquette is not about rules and regulations, it’s about making people feel good. It’s about how to behave in social and business situations to ensure a level of comfort for all concerned. It is showing respect to others, their opinions, their culture, and their expectations. Here are a few suggestions to help you navigate the world of basic business etiquette:


Don’t forget how good you feel when someone

recognises your efforts, or appreciates something you do and, even more importantly, remembers your name! Make others feel good too. Along with establishing and maintaining good working relationships with key clients, customers, potential customers and senior management, it is equally important to develop and maintain positive business relationships with our colleagues and junior staff members. Acknowledge what they do, and show respect regardless of their roles.


The art of the thank you note, handwritten or via email should never die. Receiving a thank you note or card, handwritten, on nice stationery always makes the receiver feel good


Etiquette is not an antiquated way of behaviour. It’s a positive way to behave. If you are ever unsure how to behave in a particular situation, ask yourself, “Will what I am about to do or say make the other person feel comfortable?” If the answer is, “No,” then consider what can you do, or say, that will get the job done respectfully.

and they will remember the sender favourably. Differentiate yourself by taking the time to write a note of thanks to potential new business partners, customers, or hiring managers after a meeting. This will reflect well on you and your business.


After a business meeting, if you are with a colleague or business partner, make sure you don’t discuss what transpired, or your opinion of the meeting in the lift when leaving that office. Whether it was a favourable meeting or a challenging one, keep your opinion to yourself until you are out of the building.


We have so many devices – mobile phones, smart phones, iPads, tablets – to keep us busy and to distract us, anytime, anywhere. They make us feel important, indispensable, efficient and productive. When it comes to meetings, lunches or dinners, having those devices switched on is simply rude. It’s impossible to be completely ‘present’ if we are attached to our Blackberry or iPhone. This has become such a problem that there has been a game invented to prevent this during social dinners. Called Phone Stacking (also known as ‘Don’t be a Di*k During Meals’), this was invented by Brian Perez, a dancer from San Francisco to curb the anti-social practice of checking your phone during meals. The rules are: before sitting down to a meal, each guest rids themselves of their mobile device and stacks it in a pile with the others. Then the diners are free to talk to

each other and focus on the interaction of being together. The first person to crack and reach for their phone has to pay the bill. This is a great way to ensure guests stay attentive to one another!

Want A Rewarding Career That Helps People Reach Their Goals?

Become a Life Coach!


Some time or another we make judgments about others. However, the key to etiquette and being considerate of others is not to criticise others. Acknowledge that most people try their best and even if you disagree with how a situation is tackled, recognise the effort. You are only responsible for yourself, not to judge others on what you believe is right. Recognise that everyone likes to be accepted by their peers in business and social situations. Etiquette is not an antiquated way of behaviour. It’s a positive way to behave. If you are ever unsure how to behave in a particular situation, ask yourself, “Will what I am about to do or say make the other person feel comfortable?” If the answer is, “No,” then consider what can you do, or say, that will get the job done respectfully.


Does your behaviour make others feel appreciated and respected? If so, you are a great role model! n

CONTACT Jane Jackson BUSINESS Style Success PHONE +61 (0) 403 810 756


Dr Sarah at Sunnybank Hills

1800 094 927

CosmetiC mediCine CliniC

Or visit www.thecoachinginstitute.com.au/women

Dr Sarah at the Sunnybank Hills General Practice offers a range of cosmetic procedures, all administered in a safe, professional medical environment.

treatments • Facial contouring with sugar gel fillers • Wrinkle enhancement • Lip • Skin checks • Skin care advice

Dr Sarah Cunningham FRACGP MB.ChB.DCH D.Obs Post Grad Cert Health Science (women’s health) Member Australasian Society of Cosmetic Medicine

Helping you to stay healthy - and beautiful.

For your FREE Coaching Resources Pack, valued at $197, contact us today on

to find out more Creating Extraordinary Lives... Dr Sarah Cunningham

Sunnybank Hills General Practice

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The Coaching Institute is Australia’s leading Coaching Organisation (Provider No. 21564) with national accreditations in Certificate IV in Life Coaching (22065VIC) and Diploma of Life Coaching (22063VIC).

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BRANDING Whether starting a new business, or reinvigorating an old one, you will need a professionally developed set of branding tools. Don’t be confused, intimidated or frustrated – sail through it with this list of Do’s and Don’ts from branding expert PHOEBE WRIGHT.

DON’T be a people pleaser. This is relevant in two ways, the first being in respect to your staff, family and friends. You should realise that everyone, and that is everyone, has an opinion on design. Everyone from the receptionist through to the account manager will want to put in their bit. Remember though, that they are most likely not your target market. Keeping your staff in the loop gives them pride and ownership of the brand but the final decision is yours. DO make considered decisions based on market and industry information. Engage experts, research the competition, and understand the target market. Be clear about what exactly it is that you do, and your business objectives. Listen to the branding professionals. It is in their best interests to make your brand the best it can be. DON’T be all things to all people. Resist the urge to offer everything to everyone through being too generic, or too broad. If you are entertaining the possibility of clearly communicating to vast numbers of potential customers, you may well fail to connect with even one. DO understand your star customer. Who is your ideal customer, the one who’s life you can vastly improve, and who will act as a champion for your business? Identify them, understand

them, and speak to them directly, clearly, and specifically. Be concerned about what THEY perceive from your brand, no one else. DON’T use technical lingo. The temptation to build branding around listing features rather than benefits can be overwhelming for some, but resist! Unless your business deals specifically with customers from exactly the same industry, you may very well intimidate or confuse potential clients. Business owners who use industry lingo often think that by doing so, they are positioning themselves as experts. Not so. DO use language which invites interest and indicates the benefits. Create taglines and key communication statements that are welcoming, warm, and more focused on the customer than the business. Employ words that are about the client while retaining a clear link to the actual business. DON’T be inconsistent with your branding, ever. Just say you receive a business card or brochure about a service you really need right now, and it looks professional and credible. So, like over 80% of people do, you check out their website. But it looks different…maybe you have entered the wrong address? No? If that’s the case, now you will have doubts about the authenticity and credibility of their business. What are you going to do? Look elsewhere,

Create taglines and key communication statements that are welcoming, warm, and more focused on the customer than the business. most likely. Don’t let this happen to you, make sure your branding is consistent. DO look absolutely the same everywhere. Avoid losing potential clients and sales by investing properly in the foundations of your branding, and ensuring that your business is presented seamlessly no matter where, when or how. Websites, business card, brochures, billboards, vehicle signage, social media, presentations, letterheads, email signatures, press advertising…in fact, EVERYWHERE. Without exception never be tempted to creep outside the rules and messaging of your brand. By using these tips and tricks you will find the branding process enjoyable, rewarding and educational. Additionally, you will have a brand that connects with your target audience, builds relationships, and delivers results for your business. n

CONTACT Phoebe Wright BUSINESS WhiteSpace Branding

Web & Design +61 (7) 3893 2779 www.whitespacedesign.com.au PHONE

Design with passion Design and passion are crucial elements to making the most of your brand, whether you’re about to establish a new identity or grow an existing one. Increase your brand exposure with the unique expertise of Scarab Blue Design, a dynamic graphic design agency with huge experience, big ideas, small rates and loads of passion.

Scarab Blue Design is proudly Women’s Network Australia’s preferred graphic designer.

Scarab blue DeSign +61 (0) 419 311 862 www.scarabblue.com.au tricia.mahoney@scarabblue.com.au


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Guilt Freeeating

Finally a pasta, noodle and rice range with LESS Calories

SlendierSlim pasta, rice & noodles are low calorie, low carbohydrate and high in fibre, which will help you feel fuller for longer



than normal white wheat pasta*

Mai.V.Haven Founder of SlendierSlim

After I helped my husband shed 10 kilograms by introducing Konjac, a staple Asian vegetable to his diet, I knew I could help others too. So I developed the SlendierSlim Range which are Konjac-based products designed as an alternative to regular wheat pasta, noodles and rice.


SlendierSlim products are high quality, healthy and low calorie. They help people who are watching their weight or have intolerances.


Be Happy, Be Healthy,


For Diabetics SlendierSlim pasta, noodles and rice have less than 1g of sugar. Glucomannan can help slow the release of sugar into the blood stream, reducing the rapid rise of blood sugar levels after a meal.



For Coeliacs

For Weight Loss SlendierSlim range is significantly lower in calories than regular pasta, noodles and rice assisting you in controlling your calorie intake during main meals.


Made from Konjac

All SlendierSlim products are endorsed by Coeliac Australia. They are also soy free, diary free and sugar free.

Konjac is an Asian root vegetable which is low in carbohydrates and calories. It is referred to as the “magic� food as the Konjac root is rich in soluble fibre called Glucomannan.

For more information and recipe ideas visit www.slendierslim.com.au and facebook/SlimPastaRecipes

Glucomannan is renowned for suppressing hunger, reducing cholesterol absorption & reducing rapid rise of blood sugar level.

Healthy Eating Made Easier


WhatWeLike Showcasing the products WNA Members take to the domestic and international markets - these products are as diverse as the businesses and careers of the dynamic women behind them.

Easy cooking with style

This high quality and beautifully designed appliance is a perfect addition to your kitchen. The KitchenAid Empire Red Artisan Mixer is functional, looks great and makes cooking and baking easy and fun. RRP: $749. To purchase visit www.kitchenaid.com.au


These unique candles are each inspired by travel, and named for gardens around the world. Housed in distinctive and re-usable double-walled glasses, which create a floating effect, they are hand-poured, non-toxic, contain no palm wax or paraffin, and are clean and long burning. RRP: $50. Purchase online at www.voyagercandles.com.au

Love is in the stars

This craft-boxed DIY Kit includes everything you need to create your own unique 35-page ‘LoveStars’ romantic astrology report all about you and your partner. Rediscover your relationship’s magic and see the planetary patterns which draw you together. Or give the LoveStars DIY Kit as a unique, memorable engagement or wedding gift. Free shipping worldwide. RRP: $49. To order visit www.itsinthestarsonline.com

That’s a wrap

The only wrap you’ll ever need for your newborn. Keep baby secure and snug without overheating and with legs free to move. With so much versatility it’s the must have swaddle for every new parent. RRP $55 for the convenient twin pack. For more information or to purchase visit www.groovechild.com.au

18 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2013


This divine twin pack contains a gentle plant derived wash and moisturiser with Australian lime and lemongrass essential oil to wash away impurities and help normalise your skin. Leaves your skin feeling clean, refreshed and revitalised. Contains: 350ml Lime n Lemongrass Wash and 350ml Lime n Lemongrass Moisturiser. RRP: $40. To order visit www.sasynsavy.com

Milky soft smooth feet

The luxurious at-home pedicure treatment that removes hardened skin with just one application. No effort required and no tiresome foot filing or messy ointments. The exfoliating socks do all the work for you. The new improved formula only takes 45 minutes and provides faster results with more intense peeling to give you milky soft smooth feet in 7 days! Available nationally in pharmacies including Priceline. RRP: $29.95 or visit www.milkyfoot.com.au

5 TIPS FOR CLEANING YOUR DIAMONDS 1. Use near boiling water. Cleaning your

Sprinkle and delight Stir a tablespoon of our delicious Black Forest Dukkah or Key Lime Dukkah into any type of yoghurt. Then sprinkle more dukkah on top to serve as a delightful dessert or snack. RRP: $18.95. For more great recipe ideas visit www.yourinspirationathome.com.au

dishes with cold water wouldn’t be very effective, and it is the same for jewellery. Hot water helps to break down any soap and hand cream which has accumulated on the jewellery. While it is a case of ‘the hotter the better’, I normally recommend just under boiling temperature. The melting points of gold and diamonds are much higher than 100 degrees Celsius.

2. Add a small amount of detergent. Almost any detergent you have in the kitchen will do, a squirt of dishwashing liquid is ideal.

3. Use an old toothbrush to clean around

diamonds. An old toothbrush is a great tool for getting into all those tricky areas. Use a dabbing motion rather than a scrubbing action to help the bristles to find their way underneath the diamond.

4. Time to soak. Leave your rings/jewellery

For the environmental coffee lover

Unplugged revives the fine art of making coffee. Who needs complicated technology and time-consuming upkeep? Afterwards, the filters and grounds simply go straight into the compost. Sure to make both coffee lovers and the environment happy. RRP: $59.99. Purchase online at www.optocoonline.com

in the hot solution for around 5 minutes. Then after giving them a scrub, re-soak them for another 5 minutes if required.

5. Avoid using hand cream while your rings are on. To keep your diamonds looking as bright as they can be, remove your rings before you apply hand cream. When your hands are dry, it is then safe to put your rings back on. For beautiful diamonds visit www.xennoxdiamonds.com.au


Email a professional product photo (tif or jpg at 300 dpi) and a 60 word description including the RRP and where readers can purchase the product to editorial@womensnetwork.com.au Winter 2013 n WORKING WOMEN® 19


Don’t become a victim – protect your

intellectual property Counterfeiting and piracy costs intellectual property (IP) owners across the globe billions of dollars annually. MICHELLE DON PAUL highlights the recent changes to IP laws that aim to strengthen Australia’s anti-counterfeiting efforts and provide greater protection for IP owners.

Whether you are a small business owner or large international company, you will appreciate that getting a product on to market takes a lot of time, money and hard work. Unfortunately, counterfeiters often hit the market with “knock-off” goods, trading in on your success, depriving you of significant income and profits and destroying your brand name and reputation.


For Australian IP owners, a simple and costeffective procedure is available under the Trade Marks Act and Copyright Act, to tackle counterfeit goods that infringe intellectual property rights before they enter the Australian market. This involves working with the Australian Customs Service to seize infringing goods upon importation. To initiate this procedure, a Notice of Objection can be lodged with Customs by a trade mark or copyright owner (or in some cases an authorised user or licensee) objecting to the importation of: Goods that have a trade mark applied to them which is substantially identical with or deceptively similar to a registered trade mark nominated in the Notice of Objection; and/or n

Copies of nominated copyright material, if those copies would have constituted an infringement of copyright if the copies had been made in Australia by the importer. n


The recent IP law changes will hopefully result in increased forfeiture of counterfeit goods and decreased enforcement costs, as IP owners will often not need to do anything to ensure counterfeit goods never reach the market. The Notice of Objection allows Customs to seize potentially infringing goods that are intended for commercial purpose and hold the goods for a limited period of time. Customs will then send a Notice of Seizure to the rights-holder and importer. The Notice of Objection is valid for four years (and can be re-lodged) to provide an ongoing, practical and effective means of preventing infringing goods from entering Australia.


The Intellectual Property Laws Amendment (Raising the Bar) Act 2012, made some significant changes to the Customs seizure process to benefit IP owners.

1. The importer must claim seized goods, otherwise they are automatically forfeited to Customs. An importer of the seized goods now bears the burden of making a claim to Customs to release their seized goods. If no claim is made within a certain time period, the goods will be forfeited and disposed of.

2. More information for IP owners about the

importers and exporters of seized shipments. Customs can now provide IP Owners with additional information about a seized shipment, including: the name and address of persons who arranged importation (i.e. the consignor or supplier of the goods); n

any other personal information that could help identify the exporter; and n

any identifying information about the importer contained in any claim form lodged with Customs for release of the seized goods. n

3. Access for IP owners to inspect the seized goods. IP owners will now be permitted to have access to seized goods and remove some samples for inspection to find out whether the goods infringe their trade mark or copyright. The recent IP law changes will hopefully result in increased forfeiture of counterfeit goods and decreased enforcement costs, as IP owners will often not need to do anything to ensure counterfeit goods never reach the market. Don’t become a victim of counterfeiting – ensure your trade mark is registered to protect your brand, reputation and investment. n

CONTACT Michelle Don Paul BUSINESS Adept IP PHONE +61 (3) 9566 7241


Protecting your most important business asset Intellectual property (IP) can be the most valuable asset your business has. Intellectual property plays an integral part in securing a leading market position and ensuring that competitors do not copy your innovations, ideas and reputation that create your competitive advantage. Whether you have: n a new and distinctive shape or appearance for a product to be protected by a Design; n an idea or invention to be protected by a Patent; and/or n a name and/or logo to be protected by a Trade Mark.

Adept IP takes the time to understand your business and its needs so that we can help you identify, build and protect your IP, so that you can maximize and profit from your IP and “add value” to your business. WorkIng Women readers offer: Call (03) 9566 7241 or visit: www.adeptip.com.au now to book a free no-obligation consultation. mention this advert to also receive a free IP assessment. 20 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2013



What happens when the swimwear is flattering but the comments said about it are not? SHARON GIVONI shares how one woman went overboard, and the legal dangers of social media. Some of you may have heard about the recent legal battle fought out in public between Seafolly Pty Ltd and White Sands Swimwear over photos and comments posted on Facebook. It all started when the owner of the Australian White Sands swimwear label, Leah Madden, suspected Seafolly had copied some of the swimwear designs in her range. This led her to air her thoughts in public. She posted an album on her Facebook page entitled “The most sincere form of flattery?” Her album featured several side-by-side photos of models wearing White Sands and Seafolly swimwear inviting the viewer to compare for themselves. She wrote, “Is it just us, or has Seafolly taken a little too much ‘inspiration’ from White Sands?” Subsequent comments made by her in response to comments from other Facebook users included: “Seriously, almost an entire line-line rip off of my Shipwrecked collection”, “I know, the buyer from ‘sunburn’ (who, as it turns out, works for Seafolly) came to my suite at RAFW and photographed every one of these styles”, and “Ripping off is always going to happen but sending in a dummy ‘buyer’ to get photos is super sneaky!”

Public response

It elicited quite a reaction. Many people who read this sympathised with Ms Madden. Apparently, feedback on Madden’s Facebook page included: “Nasty! Shame on ’em! Won’t be buying Seafolly. WHITESANDS all the way. X”, and “Disgusting! How people look

at themselves in the mirror is beyond me.” Madden sent out emails to media outlets with the heading “The most sincere form of flattery?” Again, readers responded with comments like: “This sort of thing is happening ALL the time. Large corporations … copy...”, and “Yeah right Seafolly – you really expect us to believe this garbage?...”, and “...Quite embarrassing on Seafolly’s behalf I think.”

Seafolly’s comeback

Not ready to drown in the face of criticism, Seafolly circulated a press release strongly denying all of this and stating that they had not copied any designs. Seafolly also issued legal proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia alleging misleading conduct, damage to their reputation, infringement of its copyright in its swimwear photos which Ms Madden had posted, and other things. The case was heard in November last year.

What the court said

As it turned out, Seafolly could demonstrate that its garments were original designs created by its employees without reference to the White Sands garments. Ms Madden had also implied that a Seafolly buyer had photographed her entire collection and thereby used underhanded means to obtain photographs of the White Sands garments to copy them later, which also proved to be totally incorrect.

The result

The court ordered Ms Madden to pay Seafolly damages in the sum of $25,000 (even though Ms Madden had taken down her Facebook postings when Seafolly issued its press release).

The judge may have been influenced by Seafolly’s CEO, who commented that once things go viral on the Internet “no amount of logical reasoning actually matters any more”. “I couldn’t win”, he said, “…the damage had been done”. This comment really applies to anyone in business who posts comments online, tweets, writes blogs and so on. The ubiquitous nature of the Internet means that once things get out they are very hard to retract and messages can also get distorted once people start commenting. For this reason, great caution is warranted. In the Seafolly case there were no real winners. Sure, Seafolly succeeded in its court case and White Sands had to pay a not insignificant amount, but the public airing of their ‘catfight’ led to both companies attracting some level of negative publicity.

The lesson

The message, ladies, is to think before you type and remember that just because you do not expressly say something, implying it can be just as bad in some cases. n DISCLAIMER: This article is of a general nature only and must not be relied upon as a substitute for tailored legal advice.

CONTACT Sharon Givoni BUSINESS Sharon Givoni Intellectual

Property Lawyer +61 (0) 410 557 907 www.sharongivoni.com.au PHONE

Turn your ideas into assets Sharon Givoni Consulting provides intellectual property advice to help turn your ideas into assets. We also give advice in relation to internet and social media laws, terms and conditions for websites, privacy policies and all areas of intellectual property such as trade marks, copyright and designs. We have assisted many members of WNA and have clients Australia-wide. View our website at www.sharongivoni.com.au or call Sharon 0410 557 907 or 03 9527 1334.

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You’ll need more than a will to put your

affairs in order Will your estate and assets go to the beneficiaries of your choice once you are gone? MADELAINE INGLIS also highlights other important considerations including appointing someone to make financial decisions, and health and lifestyle decisions, if you become unable to make these decisions yourself.

Most people when considering ‘putting their affairs in order’ know the importance of ensuring they have a Will. Some people also know it would be prudent to appoint an attorney. But few people know of the need to appoint an enduring guardian.

Wills – Having a properly drafted Will in place is crucial in ensuring your estate is distributed in the most advantageous and appropriate manner amongst your beneficiaries. It will reduce the possibility of disputes over your assets, minimise the amount of tax paid by your estate and avoid unnecessary delays and expense in the distribution of your assets. Failure to have a Will in place may lead to serious ramifications for your family and cause unnecessary stress and expense for them.

Attorneys – Attorneys are appointed pursuant to a power of attorney (POA). A POA is a formal legal instrument by which you, as principal, appoint an attorney to represent you or act in your place. Under an enduring power of attorney (EPOA), the appointment of the attorney will continue to be effective, even if after you sign the EPOA you suffer loss of capacity through unsoundness of mind.

To completely and effectively “put your affairs in order”, you should ensure your Will is in place and up to date and consider the need to appoint both an attorney and an enduring guardian.

The attorney may do anything you may lawfully authorise an attorney to do subject to any specified conditions or limitations. Examples include executing documents, buying and selling real estate, shares and other assets, managing investments, operating bank accounts, conferring gifts or benefits on other persons including the attorney. A POA is a very powerful and useful instrument particularly for people who travel frequently and for elderly people who need assistance with managing their affairs.

Enduring guardian – An attorney is appointed to make financial decisions on your behalf. An attorney is not authorised to make health or lifestyle decisions on your behalf. Examples of these decisions include where you live, what health care and other kinds of personal services you receive, which doctors to consult and the giving of consent to the carrying out of medical or dental treatment for you. If you want a particular person or persons to make these decisions for you, you need to appoint them as your enduring guardian. You may specify which functions each guardian is to have and what, if any, limitations and conditions are to be imposed on the guardians. The appointment only takes effect when you become totally or partially incapable of managing yourself due to a disability. The appointment of an enduring guardian is very useful in circumstances where you are

physically and/or mentally unable to make these types of decisions.

Change of circumstances – There are certain changes of circumstances which may require the need to create new documents. Examples include separation, divorce, marriage, birth of an additional beneficiary, death of an existing beneficiary or a breakdown in a relationship with relatives or friends who you may have appointed as the executors of your estate, guardians of your minor children, beneficiaries under your Will or as your attorney or enduring guardian. When any of these events occur you should review the documents and, if necessary, create new documents taking into account the relevant changes. To completely and effectively “put your affairs in order”, you should ensure your Will is in place and up to date and consider the need to appoint both an attorney and an enduring guardian. n Disclaimer: The above information is general information only and is not intended to be legal advice. If required, you should seek professional advice from a lawyer.

CONTACT Madelaine Inglis BUSINESS Brown Wright Stein

Lawyers +61 (2) 9394 1042 www.bwslawyers.com.au PHONE

Plan ahead with White Lady Pre Planning a Funeral Service with White Lady Funerals is a sure way to cushion your family against the toll of a loved ones passing. To find out how you can provide peace of mind for you and your family call one of our Gold Coast homes or visit whiteladyfunerals.com.au


Prepaid Funerals Available • 24 Hours 7 Days • Australian Owned 22 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2013

Proud Member of InvoCare

Proud Member of InvoCare


How to make your key messages


Are you confusing potential clients and customers by giving out scattered communication messages? CATRIONA POLLARD looks at the importance of fine tuning your key messages so they become more interesting and recognisable to your target market.

Key messages are the core messages you want your target audience to hear and remember. They can be used in all of your communication such as your website, in media releases, during media interviews, at networking functions and any time you need to describe your business. A large part of public relations is repetition. The more times your target audience hears, reads or learns your key messages, the better recall they will have about your brand.

Here are some tips to help make your key messages memorable.


Make your key messages unique and specific to your business in order to differentiate your business from its competitors. This way they will stand out more with your target audience.

A large part of public relations is repetition. The more times your target audience hears, reads or learns your key messages, the better recall they will have about your brand. AVOID JARGON

Make your key messages simple and easy to understand by avoiding the use of industry related jargon. This will help your key messages to be understood by a wider range of people.


It is important to review your key messages on a regular basis, for example, once a year or when the business goes through a change,

perhaps when you have added a new service or are targeting a new customer base. Your key messages will need updating to reflect these new changes. Key messages are the foundation of a strong PR and communication strategy. They will help to ensure your target audience views your business in a certain way and can help to build greater brand awareness. n

CONTACT Catriona Pollard BUSINESS CP Communications PHONE +61 (2) 9460 9200



Write your key messages as short sentences. Long winded and complicated messages are harder to remember. This will help your business and your customers to remember them as well as making them adaptable to any situation.


If you are creating key messages for your business you should aim to have around three or four key messages for each target audience. Concentrating on only a few messages will have a bigger impact and be more memorable.


If your business communicates with a number of different target audiences consider creating specific key messages for each target audience. For instance, if your business targets both large and small businesses, you may want to think about having key messages for both segments as each has specific needs and may require a different approach.


Focus more on the benefits your business can offer your audience to make your key messages more appealing. Key messages should never be purely sales orientated. Think about how you would like people to see your business.

AAAAAAHHHHHH Are you tired of a never ending to do list and never having enough me time? Discover the 9 Simple Strategies that will Help YOU increase Your Business Profitability and overcome your overwhelm so that you can enjoy the work life balance you deserve. Get your FREE report now (valued at $27)

Patricia Doyle and Susan Rallings BUSINESS RBS Morgans PHONE +61 (7) 3334 4966 www.rbsmorgans.com CONTACT

www.TimePoorEntrepreneur.com Winter 2013 n WORKING WOMENÂŽ 23


Write right

Use professional writers

Contrary to popular belief, writing outstanding documents or winning tender submissions has nothing to do with the size of your business, it’s all about strategy. KRISTINE DAW says regardless of whether you are a small businesses, multi-national corporation or not-for-profit organisation you are judged by the words you put to paper. When you are sick, you go and see a doctor. If your car breaks down, you take it to a mechanic. Similarly, if you are not winning the tenders you should, if you cannot effectively communicate your point of difference or if you don’t have the policies and procedures to support your OH&S or environmental responsibilities your business probably needs the services of an experienced, professional business writer.

the tender wants you to convince them that you are a worthwhile investment. Tenders require clear, precise and readable language to cut through technical jargon. If you are not winning tenders and you are competitive on price, it might mean that you are not presenting yourself well in writing. It might mean you need some help in this area.

Policies and procedures

There are no half measures when it comes to writing policies and procedures. Having badly written, illogical or poorly communicated business documentation can leave your business open to legal action should there be an OH&S, Environmental or Human Resources complaint. Calling in a professional to write, prepare and check your policy and procedure documents is an exercise in insurance.

Corporate Profiles, Annual Reports, Marketing Brochures and Websites

The way you present your business is integral to your perception in the marketplace. Poorly written and presented brochures and badly designed websites can rule your business out of contention without you realising.


Tender responses are notoriously difficult to write. They are supposed to be difficult. Many similar businesses are pitching in competitive marketplaces and the organisation putting out

Professionally designed and written corporate profiles and annual reports show your potential customers you are serious, that you care about details and you don’t cut corners. Your marketing materials should present the best version of your business. When marketing

materials are beautifully presented and written for the right audience they invite further investigation: hits on your website, phone calls and meetings.


Although most training is ‘on-the-job’, the benefits of formal staff training in professional writing include: acquisition of skills and competencies, loyalty, increased wellbeing, increased performance and possible financial benefits to the employer from state governments (depending on the training and the industry). Training staff effectively to perform business operations means that you can bring the operations back in house, saving you time and money in the future. Professional writers can be the point of difference you need to cut through the noise in the marketplace. It can be a relief and almost a joy to read clearly written, properly communicated, beautifully presented, and well executed business documents. Professional writing supports your business by displaying your strengths and highlighting your excellence. n

CONTACT Kristine Daw BUSINESS Dawtek PHONE 1300 329 835


Join the premier networking group for women in business BE INSPIRED AND CREATE OPPORTUNITIES! Make the choice today and change the way you do business - tap into cutting edge online networking opportunities and surround yourself with inspirational business women who can become your mentors, referral advocates and friends.

It’s all about success by association.

Connect + Network

in our


Join Women’s Network Australia WEB www.womensnetwork.com.au PHONE 1800 052 476 INTERNATIONAL +61 7 3272 8222

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Do you need Tender Training? Dawtek have been writing, formatting and editing tenders for over nine years; helping Australians win millions of dollars in new business every year. We are now offering tailored tender training: delivered directly to you, to meet the needs of your business. Call us today on 1300 329 835 or visit our new website: dawtek.com.au

Working Women readers offer: mention this ad to receive 4 hours training for $500 including templates.

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Be a REAL and RECOGNISABLE face for your business.

Get noticed online with unique and powerful business portrait photography.


Business videos:

Thinking outside TH E BOX

Creating videos is now part of the small business marketing mix. But how do you avoid being lost in the crowd online? KERRIN SMITH gives you the rundown on how to add your own personal pizzazz to your next video project. Creating videos for your business should not be about keeping up with the market and ticking your business marketing to-do list. Millions of videos are created daily so you need to stand out. You need to reach your audience and to make an impression. To do that, you need to get creative!

Research, research, research

Build trust and credibility with a dynamic business video.

Before you start, research. Research is the best way to assess your competitors and really find out what your audience wants. Think about who your competitors are, and check out what they are doing in the way of video marketing. But do not stop at your competitors. Who are your business heroes? Check out the video activities of business people you admire, and get inspired.

Be the real you

Create a unique personal brand with entrepreneurial photography and video packages by Kerrin Smith. Get ready to go online:

• Social Media Sites • Blogs • Profile Pics • Websites • Facebook Banners • eNewsletters • Landing Pages • eMagazines • YouTube Channels

For more information on video and photography packages contact Kerrin Smith on: info@kerrinsmith.com.au 0457 229 087 kerrinsmith.com.au/store

Available Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast.

26 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2013

Personal branding is gold and you need to get this into your videos. What are your passions? Why did you start your business? What is your story? Why are you the go-to person in your industry? Remember why you are here in the first place and let that form the basis of your videos. Let these themes be the undercurrent for your videos and you will get your message across authentically and uniquely every time.

Get some Gangnam style

Videos get shared because they are quirky, original and creative. This is where you need to get some Gangnam Style into your clip. Think outside of the box. Really push yourself to come up with something that will be memorable, fun and worth sharing. Your content may be amazing but you need to add pizzazz! Think about what makes you interesting and build on that. It might be colours, ideas, personality, locations, or passions; sit-down and nut out a catchy new angle to work from.


Lights, camera, action

There are two essential codes for making a video – lighting and cameras. Make sure you have your camera set up on a tripod and set it to record at the highest quality. For lighting, use a bright source such as a sunny window. Lighting can literally make or break your video and is not something to overlook. Before you say “Action” know your material and prepare your script. Write it in a conversational manner so that the viewer will feel like they are right there with you. Proofread your script and read it aloud. Share it with people and gather feedback. Rewrite your script with the feedback in mind and practice it.

The icing on the cake

To really get that professional finish you should add some opening credits to your clips. Let the viewer know who you are and why they should watch, with a title graphic. In the end credits, you can put your contact details so they can follow a call to action or find you online.

Build your online presence

To get the most out of your hard work be sure to maximise the options for using your video online. You can create a YouTube channel, post it on Facebook and other social media sites; embed it in your homepage, package multiple videos into a downloadable product either for sale or as a free gift, or use them in your blogs – the options are endless. You just have to think outside the box. n

CONTACT Kerrin Smith BUSINESS Kerrin Smith Photography |

Film | Art +61 (0) 457 229 087 www.kerrinsmith.com.au/store PHONE

According to the Online Publishers Association, 80% of Internet users recall watching a video ad on a website they visited in the past 30 days. Of that 80%, 46% took action after viewing.



SELF-PUBLISH a book – right? Have you ever dreamed of being published author? Maybe a novel on the bestseller lists or evidence in print that you are an expert in your field? But how will you get your book published? WENDY SMITH explores the possibilities and pitfalls of self-publishing your book. Not too long ago there were only two ways to get a book published, by a traditional publisher or to self-fund a rather expensive print run via what was condescendingly referred to as a Vanity Press. Sure, some of these publications were pure vanity – not all of them by any means – but it did mean that only the wealthy or well connected could publish independently. The last few years has seen the world of publishing turn upside down. Many traditional book publishers are trying to find their place in this new world as publishing houses around the globe fold or amalgamate. One such example is the proposed merger of Random House and Penguin. Once this merger is completed later in 2013, this new partnership of German and British multinational companies will create the world’s largest book publisher and control about one quarter of the global market, effectively reducing the traditional book publishing field to five major players. Alongside the traditional publishers, selfpublishing is growing at an astronomical rate and self-published books are starting to hold their own against books published by the publishing giants. Today there are so many options for indie authors and self-publishers. Advances in digital printing technology have opened the way for shorter and less expensive print runs. Print on Demand (POD) technology means an author/publisher or a customer can print one, 50 or 500 copies of a book. And what about ebooks? Or interactive book apps?

SO, CAN ANYONE PUBLISH THEIR OWN BOOK? In theory, yes! These are exciting times for publishing and for authors! Before you go charging off to release your new book, there are a few things to consider when making decisions about self-publishing. Given that you are possibly running a business, working long hours and most likely have other commitments too, do you have the time and the expertise to: Learn the process and all its ins and outs? Or will it be trial and error? n

Avoid the pitfalls? Why fall into the same holes as others who have gone before you if you can avoid them? n

Find and choose the best options for your unique book project and your specific circumstances? n

Track down and contract the best people, suppliers and service providers to assist you to reach your goal? These include editors, proofreaders, graphic designers, book designers or formatters/typesetters, printers, POD providers, ebook specialists, distributors etc. n

Project manage the entire process? Note that this may take many months. n

Produce a professional result? Will it be a vanity publication or a well-presented quality book that readers will eagerly recommend to n

their friends and networks? Promote and sell your book once it is published? Unfortunately, books do not sell themselves… n

Do you have a book manuscript filed away in your desk draw? Perhaps it is time it saw the light of day? Maybe you have courageously tried submitting it to a publisher, or several, and are feeling a little rejected and dejected? Or is your manuscript a work in progress? If so, then be encouraged to finish it or revisit it and polish it up, as there are many options out there for you. Yes, you can do it all yourself but be aware of the investment in time and expertise required and that there are skilled service providers and self-publishing specialists and consultants who can help you along the way with part(s) or all of the self-publishing process. So, do your homework and/or seek advice from an expert, and you will find the best way forward for you and your book in the midst of a myriad of new and exciting publishing options. n

CONTACT Wendy Smith BUSINESS Jewel See Editing PHONE +61 (7) 3349 4440


DON’T GAMBLE that poor communication habits in your business will fix themselves! How to make sure your business name is on quality documents EVERY TIME! People do notice spelling and grammatical errors and your business name will stand out for all the wrong reasons. Call Aunt Em and book a business communication audit with her, she will ensure that your business language will always have lustre. Frances Cahill BA (Hons) 1st Cert IV TAA, CERT IV Small Business Management

Chief Word Polisher – 0411 537 957 info@askauntem.com.au • www.askauntem.com.au

Winter 2013 n WORKING WOMEN® 27


Send out first class written work every time

proofread your own work The copy on your website, the spelling in your proposals and the grammar in your quotes all give off an impression of you and your company. RACHEL BOROS outlines five key areas that should always be given attention in your written communications. Do you want your documents or Internet copy to look professional, consistent and spot on, or are you happy to send out work and written communications with spelling errors and formatting issues? Whether English is your strong point or a weak point, you will make errors in your own work when you are busy. If multiple people have contributed to a report the risk of errors increases. Imagine sending out a proposal or tender for a large job, that was full of spelling errors and formatting nightmares. Maybe on one page the text is all in Arial font and then on the next page it is Calibri, perhaps because you copied and pasted text in from another document? Worse still, what if you accidentally spelt the client’s name incorrectly?! Or imagine the disappointment after sending out an important report, when you realise too late that one of the graphs or tables or references was missing. Here are five key areas to check BEFORE sending anything out of the office. Headings. Ensure all headings are consistent. For example, on one page all CAPITALS but on another page, Capitals only for the first letter. n

Bullet points. Keep them consistent: a bullet point, tick or dash. And constancy with full stops too. The general rule is if each separate n

point has less than five words then you do not need a full stop.

then you can outsource this work to a quality proofreader or editor.

Spacing. Single spaced or double spaced? Justified or left aligned?

Typically you can email off your documents stating the deadline, and have your documents sent back to you all tidied up and looking five star. It will save you time and allow you to work on the things you enjoy. n


Shorthand and acronyms. E.g. or EG? New York Police Department or NYPD? n

Finally, spelling. Spell checkers cannot pick up the difference between their and there, or to and too. So go through one more time with a pen and really read each line carefully. n

If you are busy, or if this sort of pedantic checking does not come naturally to you,

Maxfield Cosmetics Make-up that will make you beautiful Our mineral based makeup comes in full size and travel sized packaging. Perfect for your bathroom and your handbag. Order over $100 worth of product online and receive both a 10% discount and a free 30 minute phone/skype image consult with Image and Presentation Coach Clare Maxfield AICI CIP - the founder of Maxfield Cosmetics To access your discount type in the code WNA30 when you checkout. www.MaxfieldCosmetics.com

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“I want a lawyer that is conscientious, approachable, well priced and…a woman.” Then choose Longmores Lawyers, the all-woman firm that goes above and beyond. Property Conveyance, Business Law, Contract Law, Building Construction Law, Debt Recovery, plus more… 1300 851 464 info@longmores.com.au


The Steel Tank Specialists Manufacturing steel Fuel Storage Tanks for the Petro-Chemical and Energy Industries AUSTRALIAN tank specialist Austank is a leading supplier of fabricated custom-designed tanks.

to provide an outstanding solution for the site’s lube oil facility and diesel fuel farm.

From its first 450L oil tank, Austank’s capabilities have grown with the company now fabricating tanks ranging from 15L to 1.2 million litres. Austank’s most recent achievement was its first 95,000L containerised diesel fuel cell, built at its Melbourne factory. Five containerised tanks were sent to a Queensland mine site, where they continue

Austank designs, engineers, fabricates and installs a wide range of tanks – rectangular; vertical and horizontal single skin; and the popular self-bunded designs. Austank supplies pumps and bowsers creating a complete fuel management system and works closely with the fuel, oil and gas and mining industries.


Phone: +61 3 9775 1688 Mobile: 0427 801 399

Fax: +61 3 9775 1992 Email: cathy.monson@austank.com.au

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stage fright Stage fright prevents millions of people each day from performing at their best in front of an audience. But, as LESLEY STEPHENSON reveals, it can be cured.

It’s time for your presentation. You have worked hard on getting it right. But now you are so nervous you can barely breathe. Your hands are sweating, your heart is pounding. You can’t even remember what you want to say. You feel as if you are fighting your body all the way through, and afterwards you are disappointed. Stage fright has stopped you from being your best. Sound familiar to you? If it does, there’s good news because stage fright is curable! If you apply the following proven strategies to your public performances, you can prevent stage fright from getting in the way. First, though, you will need to take a quick ride back through time. Welcome to the Stone Age! Back then, Mr and Mrs Caveman faced physical threats from other cavemen and wild animals. As part of their survival kit, they were equipped with a defence mechanism known today as the ‘Fight or Flight’ reflex. When Mr Caveman was threatened by physical danger, his fear triggered an alarm. Adrenaline was released into his body to kick up his heartbeat; fat and sugar reserves were pumped to his muscles along with more blood so that he could either run away or stay to fight. Then,


hydro-cortisone was added to the cocktail, shutting down his immune and digestive systems so that his physical strength was optimal in the face of peril.

chest or stomach muscles may make you feel stronger but it stops you from breathing easily. The answer here is to not physically fight your stage-fright symptoms at all.

What many people don’t know is that this mechanism is still part of our survival kit. When we feel scared, this same mechanism is activated and symptoms appear. This is great for facing sabre-toothed tigers but not for making a speech or confronting a hostile meeting. Sadly, our bodies can’t tell the difference. If you are even slightly fearful of public performance, the symptoms of stage fright will kick in – that is how we are made.

Thirdly, have a look at what you do with your body to make a good first impression. Ironically, stretching or puffing yourself up in order to make a good first impression could be stopping you from being the great speaker, sales rep, trainer or business executive you dream of being.

So how can you master your stage-fright symptoms? First of all, understand that these are a normal response to fear. There is nothing wrong with you. Get on with your assignment without fuss, and the symptoms will diminish. The second strategy is even more important. Save your creativity for preparing your presentations rather than ‘fighting’ your stagefright symptoms. Many speakers, executives, teachers and sales people use ingenious but destructive methods to literally fight off their stage fright. But tensing your body only makes the symptoms worse. Tightening up your

Famous people who have suffered from stage fright include Elvis Presley, Barbra Streisand and Meryl Streep.

Lost for

words? 30 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2013

Find them at professional coaching in public speaking and other associated communication skills

Call margaret on (03) 6278 8633 or 041 936 4400

Of course, we know that first impressions are important. But thousands of people wrongly believe that the best way to make a good first impression is through adopting some artificial physical attitude or posture. Unfortunately, this is sabotage and stresses your body even more. In order to resonate with your audience, you just need to be you. A good first impression cannot be created by unnecessary muscular effort. Finally, regular physical exercise is also important for stage-fright sufferers as it reduces the level of chemicals released into the body by stage-fright processes. n

CONTACT Lesley Stephenson BUSINESS Speaking Solutions PHONE +61 (0) 497 780 039


Do you want more?.... More Money? More time? More help? More FUN? Confident successful women get more out of life through advanced influencing and negotiation skills. Try something new – Equine Guided Education – it’s a powerful learning experience and our program helps you get results FAST! Sign up today for your free e-book. Register for the workshop and receive a FREE follow up coaching session valued at $160 Results 100% guaranteed.

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YOU’RE FIRED How to legally let someone go

Discover the difference NETWORKING can make to your business.

Can you actually fire someone without ending up in court? What steps can business owners and managers follow to avoid an unfair dismissal claim when terminating someone? HR Consultant NICOLE QUINCE gives some practical advice on how to legally let someone go.

The first is summary dismissal which is for very serious misconduct such as violence or fraud. This is when an employee is dismissed without notice or payment in lieu of notice. The second is dismissal with notice or payment in lieu of notice. The Fair Work Commission defines a dismissal as unfair if it is harsh, unjust or unreasonable. As an employer, there are a few key steps you can take in order to protect yourself from unfair dismissal claims: Review your human resources policies and procedures. When going through a poor performance or misconduct disciplinary hearing, ensure you follow any company policy or procedure. For example, if you have a policy of providing three written warnings prior to a termination you will need to abide by this no matter the circumstances. In the 2012 case of Barker v Commonwealth Bank of Australia, the court found that the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) breached the employment contract of one of their staff because they did not n

The law makes it vital to follow due process when letting someone go to avoid unfair dismissal claims. There must be a valid reason such as poor performance or misconduct for an employer to dismiss an employee.

– Ensure the employee understands the reason why you are alleging poor performance or misconduct. Present them with all the associated facts and evidence to support your claim allowing the employee adequate time to prepare a defence or response to any allegations. – Allow the employee to have a support person, if requested, to be present during the meeting to discuss the allegations. – Decide on an outcome (for example, dismissal with notice, a first warning) only after the employee has responded to the allegations. – Provide the employee with the details of the outcome in writing. In the majority of poor performance or misconduct cases, dismissal should be with notice or payment in lieu of notice. There are very few grounds for summarily dismissing an employee. If you have a particularly complex case or are unsure about how many warnings to issue before terminating someone, it is always best to get legal advice prior to dismissing someone. Also, if the employee is being dismissed for misconduct, be sure of the grounds for that dismissal. n

CONTACT Nicole Quince BUSINESS Nicole Quince HR Consulting PHONE +61 (0) 402 453 377


Australia network ® Women’s

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Winter 2013 $8.75

How to become a client magnet

Working Women subscriptio n included in membership .

ife ss n L

Mobile Apps


Show procedural fairness when deciding whether or not to dismiss someone. Procedural fairness could include that you: n

omen Working W


The law makes it vital to follow due process when letting someone go to avoid unfair dismissal claims. There must be a valid reason such as poor performance or misconduct for an employer to dismiss an employee. Once a valid reason is established then there are two ways to dismiss an employee.

follow company policy. Although this particular case related to the redeployment policy of the CBA when making an employee redundant, the case highlights the requirement for companies to adhere to all their policies and procedures.

Print Post

The catch cry ‘You’re Fired’ heard each week on the television show ‘The Apprentice’ would be utilised more often by business owners and managers on their own misbehaving or lazy employees if the legal ramifications were not so dire.

rfe itin g

r bus ines let you – don ’t

e s beC om

a viCt im

Jump online and visit www.womensnetwork.com.au

Discover a world of opportunities to help grow and develop your business. Expert tips and online business resources, thousands of networking contacts, small business tools, over 100 networking events and so much more…

Be inspired and create opportunities

for YOUR business by tapping into the nation’s premier networking group for female business owners. Grow your contacts, attract more clients and meet inspirational business women. Join Women’s Network Australia today! It’s the easy way to fast-track the success of you and your business.

Find it all at

www.womensnetwork.com.au Where women and business ideas meet

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Responding to repeated attacks of bullying and harassment can be difficult especially if you are stressed and worn out. Children can be even more exposed as threats often occur in schools and community groups, when they feel helplessly alone and not supported. TONYA CAREW identifies a number of strategies to consider in response. Repeated bullying, discrimination and harassment are unacceptable and intolerable behaviours! Whether at school, a workplace, at home or within a community organisation, bullying in any form has the capacity to physically and psychologically damage targeted individuals, and performance suffers. Demonstrated leadership is one of the most effective means of combating bullying. Leadership can be from a parent, a teacher/ principal, a CEO/Board Member, manager/ workplace supervisor or community leader. Sadly, not all people in leadership roles take action. Likewise, work colleagues and friends often turn a blind eye to the behaviour, sometimes to protect themselves from attracting similar abuse. What can you do for yourself or your child to “Beat the Bully”? If you or your child are a target of repeated bullying, discrimination and harassment, you need to consider:

1. The health and well-being of the target is paramount. Look out for the signs of depression and anxiety. These can include adverse changes to sleep patterns, withdrawing from normal social contacts, children not wanting to go to school or other social activities, consistent stomach upset, reliance on alcohol and drugs, heart racing or panic, tears, weight loss or increase, constant self-doubt, lack of concentration and headaches, tiredness and feeling unwell. Visit your doctor or allied health professional at the earliest opportunity. Do not ignore the signs.

2. Exercising, joining a fitness or yoga facility,

will often assist with anxiety and depression.

3. Reading about the subject of bullying and resilience. There are some excellent resources available in books and on the Internet.

4. Developing strategies and coping mechanisms to remain resilient and to build your capacity to deal with the behaviour. Often, ‘calling the behaviour’ directly to the perpetrator will make them stop. If the behaviour is discriminatory then use those words as well. Consider readying yourself for difficult situations by preparing some phrases to use, so that you can respond effectively and immediately to offensive comments. “I want this bullying behaviour to stop” or “Your comments are offensive and repetitive, you need to stop this bullying behaviour” are effective words.

5. Recording the behaviour and your response in a diary and speaking to a person in a leadership position. Don’t be tentative, these people are employed to supervise and manage, and they cannot resolve issues that they are unaware of. Let this leader know the behaviour is adversely affecting your health and that you want action taken to stop the behaviour.

6. Sending an email about the conversation to the leader. Thank them for taking the time to listen and reiterate the fact you are being bullied or harassed. Employers are required by law to provide a safe working environment. Don’t be afraid to send the email, even if you think the leader will do nothing. Make comprehensive and contemporaneous notes about the behaviour, as you may have to rely

on them at a later time if the behaviour does not stop or it escalates. Make notes of any witnesses.

7. Lodging a WorkCover (or similar State body) notification, or lodging a letter of complaint to the school or community body Regional Office. This will guarantee the attention of management. You do not have to take sick leave but make the notification to highlight your problem.

8. Contacting an industrial, legal or allied professional who is an expert, to ensure you receive the best advice possible in dealing with these issues. The Internet is a fantastic source of information, and there are community legal services that can give initial advice. You are the person who can best take action to protect yourself or your child. The sooner you start taking affirmative action, the sooner leadership figures will contemplate taking the reported behaviour seriously. Do not avoid the signs of depression and anxiety, do not become a victim of this inappropriate behaviour, do not let your life be altered or adversely affected by someone else’s lack of empathy and lack of social skills. Instead, take action – seek help – sooner rather than later. n

CONTACT Tonya Carew BUSINESS Quality Workplace Practices PHONE +61 (0) 467 554 114


Is your business ready to respond to Australia’s biggest workplace reforms? July 21 2013 will see the introduction of new workplace laws designed to encourage and maintain harmonious working relationships. Our consultants offer training in: -

The new reforms •Workplace Investigations

• Leadership and Positive Workplace Practices • Workplace and harassment •We can writebullying or review your policies and procedures to ensure you are compliant with the new legislation. Our packages can be tailored to suit you individual needs.

Website www.qualityworkplace.com.au Phone + 61 (0) 467 554 114 Email office@qualityworkplace.com.au 32 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2013

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safety net No business owner needs the responsibility of one of their staff being injured whilst on the job. Have you taken the necessary measures to ensure your workplace is a safe environment for your employees? KAY GANLEY looks at some simple and effective strategies any business can adopt to avoid accidents or injuries occurring. You might spend the majority of your day at work but is it the safest place for you and your colleagues or employees?

expose you to greater danger but will expose other people to danger as well.

In 2008–09, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reported that there were 133 485 workers’ compensation claims for serious workrelated injuries or illnesses. This equates to an incidence rate of 13.5 serious claims per 1000 employees.

of accidents and then report it to management. If you see telltale signs of a possible cause of an accident at work like a ceiling that is about to give way or a stairway that is about to give way then you should report it to the proper authority immediately. Do not wait for the accident to happen as it might happen to you.

Doing the right thing in those vital first moments after an accident could mean the difference between life and death. Of course, we all hope nothing will ever happen to our family, friends and colleagues but if someone were seriously hurt at your workplace, or if they suffered an asthma attack, would you know what to do? Every person can avoid being involved in accidents at work by following these seven simple tips.

1. Always be alert on the job. Be awake and alert all the time; concentrating on the task at hand is essential. Be sure to get enough rest so you can work productively.

2. Listen and actively participate during emergency drills. Some workplaces conduct emergency drills to ensure their employees know what to do in cases of emergencies so as to avoid accidents. Participate and take mental notes so you would know what to do if the situation was real.

5. Always be on the lookout for a possible cause

6. In order to avoid a possible accident at work, read the safety notices posted. These posters should be placed in areas that are highly visible to ensure they are read.

7. Never risk the health and safety of employees. There are a lot of precautionary measures that both employers and employees can take to prevent an accident at work. However, an employee who follows the safety measures and procedures set by the employers for the workplace will most likely be able to prevent future accidents. When looking for a safety program for yourself, your colleagues or your employees, find something that focuses on all the risk factors including: water safety, fire safety, car safety, personal safety, cyber safety, First Aid, and asthma and anaphylaxis management. Remember these simple safety tips to ensure your workplace is always a positive and safe environment. n

3. If you are asked to compete a task and you are unsure about risk mitigation be sure to ask your supervisor!

4. Never take a high-risk job for which you have not been trained. Doing this will not only

CONTACT Kay Ganley BUSINESS Charlton Brown PHONE +61 (7) 3216 0288



The 2013 Work Cover NSW Safe Work Awards are now open for entry. The awards recognise organisations and individuals that have made positive changes to workplace safety. If this is you or your workplace, then enter this year’s Awards. It doesn’t matter whether your solution to a safety issue is big or small, as long as it has made a difference to your workplace. It’s simple and free to enter for registered NSW businesses, organisations or individuals. www.safeworkawards.com.au Winter 2013 n WORKING WOMEN® 33




Books, they hold the answers to the great questions in life! Basically they offer the same words just in a different order, but they have been inspiring, educating and bringing tears to eyes for years. Here are our top choices. MILLIONAIRE COACH

Fiona Jones and Michael R. Dean $29.95 Imagine being able to make just one decision that would immediately start heading you in the direction you have always dreamed of. Mother of four Samantha McDonald made such a decision and it turned her life around. Discover how she found her passion and how by using her skills and knowledge she is helping thousands of people to transform their lives. If you want to transform your life now, or if you simply want to make a few positive changes, this is the book to read. Available for purchase online at www.darecoachingacademy.com.au/store/


Lisa Askwith $19.95

A must-read for women internationally who are seeking strategies for self-leadership, this book also carries an important message for organisations and corporations who support women in leadership positions. To lead others, a woman must be able to lead herself. This book provides strategies for self-prioritisation, gaining clarity about goals, and taking women to a higher level of self- understanding and personal leadership in every aspect of their lives. Available for purchase at www.pwnbooks.com

THE FACE WITHIN: How to Change Your Unconscious Blueprint Sue Lester $24.95

Discover how to identify and reprogramme your unconscious blueprint so it no longer negatively impacts on your ability to develop healthy safe relationships, build successful businesses, maintain healthy weight, attain financial security and parent effectively. With the ideal combination of practical exercises and inspiring case studies, this highly effective self-change guide can smooth your path through all areas of life. Available for purchase on Amazon or visit www.growingcontent.com.au


Explore how everyday women have achieved extraordinary lives and that in fact, we all can. Get up close and personal with Dr Gill Hicks – Survivor of the 2005 London bombings, Maggie Beer – Award Winning Celebrity Cook, Michelle Bridges – Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Moira Kelly – International Humanitarian, Layne Beachley – World Surfing Champion, and Karen Scott – Survivor of the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes. Be inspired by their stories and words of wisdom. Available at all bookstores and Target. Kindle version available at online stores including Amazon. Or purchase a signed copy via www.beatriceimbert.com


Karen Schmidt $27.50 printed or $16.50 for eBook

Thriving gardens and thriving organisations share many similarities. Whether you have one pot plant (one employee) or a plot of land rivalling the botanic gardens (many employees), the basic rules are the same. Get it right and your plants will thrive (your people will grow). Get it wrong and you will be left with a dead and dying garden (high turnover or worse, high disengagement). Discover the secrets to becoming a naturally engaging business leader with this easy-to-read and practical book. Available for purchase at www.letsgrow.com.au/products.htm

34 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2013

THE CROCODILE EFFECT – How to Conquer Fear & Live Your Dreams Natasha Zuvela $29.95

With a first-hand account of how the author overcame her fears and bigger life challenges, this book will likewise help you to conquer any fear that is holding you back. It has touched and inspired many readers, showing that you are not alone in your struggles and you can overcome any obstacle, when you have the tools and knowledge to do so. This practical guide to conquering fear and living a more fulfilling life is available for purchase at www.natashazuvela.com/books




Networking is often the only opportunity for potential clients to meet you face to face and decide if they trust you enough to take the next step and do business with you. STEVE SEMMENS says if you are not attending events regularly you are missing out on thousands of dollars in business.

Why is networking the most powerful and economical way for businesses to market themselves and grow their client base? Firstly, it is an easy way increase sales revenues and build customer satisfaction. Even on a shoestring budget you can find networking events to go to where you can meet your ideal potential client. This potential client has now met you and they can decide immediately if there is an opportunity to do business together or not. Networking is much more effective than cold calling, advertising, or standing on the street corner. Once you have that person on board as a happy customer you can ask them to refer you to other people in their circle who may also need your services.

It has been proven time and time again, the more you network the more your revenue increases. Once you stop attending networking functions and get out of the loop your revenue will go down. Thirdly, you get to enjoy your work more. Of all the marketing activities we do the most enjoyable is networking. You meet great people and regardless of what the seminar or meeting is you always learn something that helps you along your business journey. Many of the people you meet become great clients, but most importantly they become great friends and advocates for your business.

Secondly, networking is a great way to cut your advertising budget. Most small businesses have tried a number of marketing activities, usually what they can afford and occasionally making some very expensive mistakes. They learn the hard and costly way what works and what doesn’t. A typical scenario of marketing and advertising activities for the year would perhaps include: sponsorship $5000, advertising $24000, industry magazine $3000, and direct marketing $5000, making a total of $37,000.

Lastly, with networking you get consistent personal and professional development. When you are self-employed you are totally responsible for your own personal and professional development and this part of your business is often neglected. So why not kill two birds with one stone, network and learn.

On the other hand a reasonable networking budget would be $12000 for the year. The cost of referrals from clients = nil. Not surprisingly, the most cost effective marketing method is networking and referrals.

The secret to successful marketing through networking is consistency, especially if you are a start up. You need to be seen and you never know who you will meet. Plan to attend at least a minimum of one event per week. In the first

Working Women Women’s network Australia


w w w.w o m e n s n e t w o r k . co m . a u

Business n success n Life

Winter 2013 AUD $8.75

Always, try to choose seminars or events that are relevant for what might help improve yourself, your staff, and your business. Reap what you sow!

few months of a new business start up it is ideal to attend three to four events per week just to check out which networking groups best suit your needs. It has been proven time and time again, the more you network the more your revenue increases. Once you stop attending networking functions and get out of the loop your revenue will go down. Try to attend the same networking group month in and month out and over time you will see that your referrals start to flow in. The only other marketing activity that comes close to matching the results achievable through networking is to be regularly phoning your current customers. But as is the case with networking if you don’t remain consistent and stop making the calls your revenue drops. Once you resume making the calls your revenue will pick up again. If you want to have fun with your business, enjoy linking people up so they can be of assistance to each other and connect with heaps of potential clients, networking is the answer. When the going gets tough the tough get networking! n

CONTACT Steve Semmens BUSINESS The Persuader PHONE +61 (0) 412 522 771


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HOW TO BECOME A CLIENT Want to attract more clients? GEORGINA DUTHY looks at how you can become irresistible to your clients and make more money. Whether your business provides products or services, the principle is the same – people ‘buy’ people. When a client says ‘yes’ to purchasing your stuff, on an unconscious level what they are really saying ‘yes’ to is YOU. Clients are the livelihood of any profitable business so becoming a client magnet is essential to your business success. Your clients must trust you in order to make a buying decision. Being consistent with your marketing message helps build trust. This means that everything you communicate – from your website, business cards even down to the way you dress – must be projecting a consistent message. If the communication of your message is inconsistent, it creates distrust in the mind of your client, which means no sales. Even after an initial sale, to ensure clients keep on buying from you, you must reveal your character in a way that is extremely attractive to them. Your character is what differentiates you from your competitors and it engages your clients on a deep emotional level. When your marketing and personal communication taps into the deep emotional hot buttons of your clients in a way that is super attractive to them and demonstrates that you are the one who can solve their specific problem, then you will become irresistible to your ideal clients.

The first step to becoming a client magnet is to know your market intimately in terms of what their biggest problems are and what they are looking for. Ask yourself: n

What is it that they really want?

What does the ideal solution to their problem look like through their eyes? n

What would they need to know about me in order to say ‘Yes’ to my stuff? n

The second step is to figure out what you stand for and what differentiates you from your competition. Ask yourself:

the industry expert? Some of the fastest ways to build your profile are to: n

Speak publicly at industry events


Contribute articles to magazines or blogs Become an author on your topic


How am I the same as my competition?



How am I different to my competition?


How can I communicate my points of difference in a compelling and relevant way to my ideal clients?

Gain exposure through PR opportunities like being interviewed by the media


Use insights gained from the answers to these questions to communicate how you are different through your marketing communications. The third step is to engage your clients in ways that build your credibility and are most relevant to them. How can you get in front of your ideal clients in a way that positions you as

So, how can you keep your clients engaged and buying more of your products and services? The reality is they are going to buy from somewhere and so it’s up to you to make sure that you are accurately positioned as their ‘go-to’ expert. n

CONTACT Georgina Duthy BUSINESS Georgina Duthy PHONE 1300 884 904


Not moving your business forward as quickly as you’d like? at business links australia we have accounting, taxation and business advisory expertise and experience under the one roof. We provide real solutions to our clients problems so they can:

• • • • •

Move your business forward with have perfect clarity about the business they are building and how to build it Business Links Australia enjoy the experience of business ownership and leading a team be satisfied with the financial return from their business step back from many of the day to day responsibilities build a sustainable and valuable asset which they can choose to retain or sell at some future point

1 Springwood Rd Underwood Q 4119 Phone 07 3341 1007 email info@blinks.com.au Web www.blinks.com.au

36 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2013


Who decides share prices


Shares, we all know they are a type of investment but why do the prices fluctuate? What are the causes behind the share price movement? PATRICIA DOYLE AND SUSAN RALLINGS discuss the basics behind the ups and downs in share prices. Share prices change every day on the market. It is important to remember that it is not always just supply and demand that moves the price, there are other market forces that will impact on which direction the price takes and it is not always rational.

dividends because they are chasing income while the market is seen to be volatile which in turn pushes up the share prices in these types of stocks. Or if the market looks to be heading in an upwards direction we may see higher growth or so-called riskier shares increase in price.

News flow is the key factor behind share price movement, news about the market as a whole, a particular industry, or a specific company. Negative news is obviously likely to push a share price down and positive news flow may push prices up, however, even unrelated news can move the share price. Economic news can cause irrational or what we call panicked selling if investors believe an economy as a whole is likely to suffer because of the news.

The principal theory is that the value of a company is determined by the market capitalisation, calculated from stock price x the number of shares on issue. The share price reflects what an investor believes the stock is worth, however, this can be misleading due to news flow and market sentiment influences. It is important to look through some of this information released to the market and focus on the fundamentals including sales, earnings, track record and management.

Market sentiment will also move the share price, during tough market conditions we may see investors flock to shares that pay high

So why do stock prices change? The answer is nobody really knows for sure. They are almost

impossible to predict over small time frames. Many factors influence share prices including investors sentiment, attitudes and expectations that ultimately affect the price. Investing in shares is complicated, it is important to do your research and it may be beneficial to seek professional advice about the market. n Important Information: The information contained in this article is general information only. It does not take into consideration any specific needs, situations or objectives. Before making any financial decisions you should make sure you are comfortable that the strategy suits your needs and objectives, and your risk profile. If necessary, you should seek professional advice.

Patricia Doyle and Susan Rallings BUSINESS RBS Morgans PHONE +61 (7) 3334 4966 www.rbsmorgans.com CONTACT

Experienced, Pro-active Partnership. Looking for a team that delivers results? With over 30 years experience in the financial services industry Susan Rallings and Patricia Doyle can provide tailored financial advice on your investments, superannuation and insurance. Get on the right track, make the call today.

Contact Patricia Doyle from RBS Morgans on 07 3334 4966 patricia.doyle@rbsmorgans.com Stockbroker/Financial Adviser

Contact Susan Rallings from RBS Morgans on 07 3334 4865 susan.rallings@rbsmorgans.com Stockbroker/Financial Adviser

RBS Morgans Limited A.B.N. 49 010 669 726 AFSL 235410 AParticipant of ASX Group A Principal Member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia

Winter 2013 n WORKING WOMEN速 37


Practical strategies to save you money at

tax time

Sifting through disorganised financial records only makes one industry rich – accountants. SIGRID ARUNDEL says that preparation and education is the key to containing the yearly accountancy costs for your business. It’s very simple, front up to your accountant with a shoe box full of receipts and you will need another box stuffed full of money to pay the bill. Unless you have worked as a public accountant doing tax returns for a wide range of different businesses, it’s impossible to know how to spend the least you can at tax time. Accountants call this ‘compliance work’, which is a fancy name for doing financial statements and the associated tax returns. Use these tips and spend less money on compliance costs:

Understand that end of financial year bookkeeping is different – the majority of business owners do a great job of keeping their monthly or quarterly bookkeeping up to date themselves or with the help of their bookkeeper and mainly this revolves around reconciling the bank account. End of year bookkeeping involves more steps including checking and reconciling every balance sheet item as well as many income and expense items. The majority of businesses fail to do this work themselves – and this costs!

Understand the value of your bookkeeper – your bookkeeper is the most cost efficient expert to prepare your end of year bookkeeping. While they are at your office they have access to you, your paperwork, and your bookkeeping system so they can undertake all the required steps to get the job done. If well executed, this simple but often overlooked process can significantly cut the cost of your accountant’s compliance bill.

Develop a checklist of what you want done each month, each quarter, and each year and then ensure it is done. Refine this list over time as you learn more, and watch the benefits flow. Understand the value of your accountant – your accountant has a lot of skills that you may not be aware of. Numbers talk to an accountant; once compliance work is done she can identify areas of strength and weakness, help you plan cash, help you maximise the capital value of your business, and identify how strategies you may have been thinking of will affect your business. Too often business owners don’t receive this invaluable input because their accounting budget has been exhausted by the cost of compliance. Pay your accountant the minimum for compliance, and spend the balance of your usual fee on specialist advice which will provide a massive pay off to your business and personal circumstance.

Communication is the key – we all live in our bubbles where we focus on our own business and filter information overload. Your accountant and bookkeeper do too; it can be easy for them to assume you only want to spend ‘$x’ or only want ‘these’ services. Take a fresh approach this year. Tell your accountant that you would like to minimise your compliance fee so you can get some one-on-one advice and ask them what can be done by you to achieve this. Then speak to your bookkeeper to find out

how they can help you do so. They will both be delighted to service you better and you will reap the rewards.

Understand your ‘books’ – many business owners delegate their bookkeeping and compliance without taking the time to understand the inevitable reports. Ask your bookkeeper to explain them to you, and escalate any unanswered questions to your accountant. Benefit from a powerful system – the bookkeeping cycle is not rocket science. Develop a checklist of what you want done each month, each quarter, and each year and then ensure it is done. Refine this list over time as you learn more, and watch the benefits flow. Often accountants will provide a basic end of financial year checklist to their clients. If not, there are options in the market place; you just need to find them. Be proactive, have the courage to question your bookkeeper and accountant to get full bang for your buck. Real professionals will rise to the challenge. If not, find another who will. So, spend your money wisely and use the right expert for the right job at tax time. n

CONTACT Sigrid Arundel BUSINESS tidytax PHONE +61 (0) 434 216 392


Did You Know? Each week over 15,000 women in business devour the content delivered via Women’s Network Australia’s eNoticeBoard. You can add your business offering to next week’s issue.

PHONE 1800 052 476

or visit www.womensnetwork.com.au 38 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2013


What’s so super

ABOUT SELF MANAGED SUPER FUNDS? What is it about Self Managed Super Funds that has the financial media buzzing? The surge in do-it-yourself super seems to be sweeping across the country. We asked OLIVIA MARAGNA to explain in simple terms what SMSFs are and the benefits of having one. With the Australian Taxation Office recently announcing that there are now close to 500,000 Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) in Australia and over 3,000 new ones being established each month, the big question is – why is a Self Managed Super Fund so super? A Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) is a fund that is owned and controlled by individual members and allows the members to control their own investment strategy as well as allowing flexibility with regard to managing risk, taxation, and estate and succession planning matters. Although the title ‘Self Managed’ implies that the members of the SMSF will be involved in the running of this type of superannuation fund, this is generally outsourced to a professional financial adviser to ensure all rules are being followed and yearly obligations are met, allowing members to concentrate on business or pursue other interests whilst still retaining control. There are a number of key benefits of a SMSF that have contributed to their popularity particularly amongst retirees and business owners including:

Flexibility: Retirement income options can be tailored to a member and their family’s specific needs.

Cost efficiency: Structured properly, a SMSF (which can have up to four members) can be cheaper than holding multiple superannuation funds.

Tax efficiency: You can minimise tax payable by the fund by using imputation credits available from dividends. Excess imputation credits are fully refundable to the SMSF.

Estate planning: A SMSF is the most flexible and tax-effective way for a member to provide lump sums or income streams to his or her surviving spouse, children or grandchildren. A SMSF is not for everyone, however, it should be an option to explore where you have a good level of super, generally over $200,000. Be aware that not all financial advisers are licensed to be able to talk about SMSFs so it’s best to discuss this option with one who is and who specialises in the SMSF arena. n

Control: You can decide on how much to contribute and where to invest those funds.

Security: Your member benefits generally are protected from creditors.

CONTACT Olivia Maragna BUSINESS Aspire Retire

Financial Services 1300 667 702 www.aspireretire.com.au PHONE

Aspire Retire – Home of the Australian Adviser of the Year

Olivia Maragna 2011 Australian Female Adviser of the Year. Queensland’s 2008 Telstra Young Business Woman of the Year.

Placement Solutions Taking care of your most precious assets. • Government Approved In-home Childcare provider • Nanny and Household Management Placement Agency. • Established in 1988. We provide professional proactive childcare workers for on-call casual, temporary or permanent work. Not just babysitters. Our premium Nannies, a.k.a. In-Home Childcarers, are thoroughly screened - our reputation depends on it. We pride ourselves on maintaining a friendly and reliable service to both our clients and our Nannies. We find a balance between providing exemplary care and service to our clients while maintaining the rights of our Nannies, as we believe that happy Nannies bring joy, enthusiasm and quality care to their placement. With “25” years experience, Melbourne’s leading Nanny and In-home care Agency, you can be assured that your Child Care and House Hold needs are met by Placement Solutions. Are you missing out on childcare rebates that you may be eligible for?

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Client Focused, Award Winning, Smart Strategies Talk to Olivia Maragna, on how she can help you achieve financial success. Aspire Retire Financial Services is an award winning financial planning firm, providing holistic financial advice and smart strategies on a fee for service basis. Services include: • Financial Planning • Superannuation Services • Retirement Planning • Self Managed Super Funds

• Investment Advice • Personal Insurance • No commission –

fee for service policy.

AFS Licence no. 301712

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1300 667 702

EMAIL myadviser@aspireretire.com.au WEB www.aspireretire.com.au

*Conditions: 4 hours on call evening childcare when you place a permanent nanny with us.

www.placementsolutions.com.au Winter 2013 n WORKING WOMEN® 39


6 ways to step backward and



All too often business owners find themselves being frantically busy yet not making a huge amount of progress towards their goals and dreams. Then they can often find themselves on a hamster wheel; pushing harder and harder yet really not getting anywhere. RUTH THIRTLE shares why it is important to STOP in order to move forwards more smoothly.

When things are not going well, people say they are taking one step forwards and two steps back. It is so much better to take one step backwards and move two steps forwards. So how do you do that? Here are four things that you need to STOP doing and two things you need to START in order to move forwards.

STOP opening your emails first thing in the morning. When you do this you are being dictated to by other people’s agendas rather than your own. Instead, spend your first work session working on either a money making or

strategic planning activity.

STOP feeling guilty about breaks. It is okay to take a break – in fact, breaks can make you more productive. Try working in blocks of 90 minutes with a 30-minute break in between. The 30-minute break gives you time to get the non-work related tasks done and refresh your creative energies so you can get even more done in the next 90 minutes of work (this is especially important if you work from home).

amongst other things says, “Your busy work is not your life’s work.” Absorbing information (books, magazines, webinars, audios etc.) is vital for most of us as entrepreneurs. It is okay to think of that as work – because it is!

STOP thinking you have to be busy to

STOP putting yourself last. Particularly as

be working. Brendon Burchard, author of ‘Millionaire Messenger’ and ‘The Charge’

Want to make your business more sustainable?

your vision and your big dream; spend time visualising it and “living in the moment of the wish fulfilled” (Neville Goddard). Ask any of the world’s billionaires and they will tell you that they lived their dream in their mind before they actually achieved it.

START planning and reviewing. Each week,

This revolutionary system lets you use solar power at any time — even after dark.

Here’s how it works…

My SunBank enables you to reduce your business’s carbon footprint by using batteries to store your excess solar energy.

Best of all, it’s easy to add more capacity to the system over time, so you can shrink your electricity bill as the cost of power increases.


take time out from the actual doing of the business and meet with yourself. Stephen Covey told us to start with the end in mind. Can you imagine having a business empire and not doing weekly meetings with key staff? Start doing that now – even if it is just you – and take the time to review the good and bad for the week and plan the week ahead. When you make these changes you will find yourself less frantic and much, much more productive. You will be in business instead of in busyness. n

This guarantees sustainable electricity at all times, even during a power cut — which protects your communications and other vital systems.

Call us today to find out more about reducing your environmental impact with My SunBank.

women in business there are many demands on our time – wife, business owner, mother, friend and so on. Make sure you are making time for yourself to just BE. Do something once a week because you enjoy it – pedicure, massage, or sit and do a crossword. Whatever it is for you, do something and take the time just for you.

START dreaming. Spend time crafting

My SunBank is the best strategy.

40 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2013

When you make these changes you will find yourself less frantic and much, much more productive. You will be in business instead of in busyness.

Call 1300 75 00 55 www.MySunBank.com.au

CONTACT Ruth Thirtle BUSINESS Kerwin Rae PHONE +61 (0) 403 967 373




Drowning in clutter?

When you are too busy trying to be all things to everyone, it’s time to take a step back. LOUSIE D’ALLURA explores how to get yourself unstuck from the day to day. When you spend more time working in your business than on it, it can be extremely hard to take yourself out of the daily grind. Here are four simple strategies you can implement to focus on your long-term vision and stop being the bottleneck (especially when it’s only you in the business).

1. What does your business do?

When you look at your processes from start to finish, can you find tasks you do repeatedly to deliver your product or service? Knowing what you do and when will help you streamline tasks such as creating a template for common emails, or a telephone form to record information you always forget to ask. Working out the steps helps you to be consistent each time.

Worry you’re turning into a hoarder with mountains of paper? If you’re wasting time looking for things and struggling to find the time to work ‘on’ your business, our personalised Organising and Accountability Sessions can help you to tackle the ‘clutter’ in your schedule, home office, and work-from-home habits!

2. Create checklists

While it might seem counterintuitive to take time out and document a process or procedure when you are busy, a simple checklist makes sure you don’t miss a beat with the complex and mundane tasks you need to do. Using a checklist to plan an event, run a webinar or do your accounts can save you time, mental energy and stress because it takes the ‘thinking’ out of tasks. When you have a checklist, you are less likely to forget to do a step in a process even if you do it daily, weekly, once a month or a couple times a year. The added benefit is that it helps with delegation because you know which tasks need to be done by when.

3. Delegating the delegable

Did you know that great leaders and entrepreneurs who make things happen (like Richard Branson) are also excellent at delegating? This isn’t a coincidence! According to a survey of 1400 Chief Financial Officers, delegation was reported as the most effective time management tool. Delegation saves time, motivates people, and makes a business more productive. If the thought of delegating tasks makes you shudder, work out why you feel that way? Is it because ‘no one else could do the task as good as you’ or is it because the process is so complicated no one would ever understand it?

If you don’t know HOW to simplify the task, change your focus and ask WHO can help you simplify it? For example, are you using the available technology to automate as much as you can for newsletters, auto responders, and social media updates?

We will design the most effective layout for your workspace and implement simple systems to get more done in your day.

WoRking WomEn REadERs’ offER Visit the website to book a Complimentary Get Organised Focus Session with Louise D’Allura and a request a copy of The Art of Stress Free Living.

4. Budgeting to hire people

When you sit down and do the sums to see how much time and money you spend doing everything yourself, it can be a wake up call to start creating a team! Creating a support team is becoming easier with local and virtual staff. The key to delegation is having clear guidelines and examples so you can show how it needs to be done ‘properly’.

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Louise D’Allura, Director

Identifying the bottlenecks in your business can focus you in on what you do best in your business, and how you can work with other business owners and freelancers to make business a little easier. n

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0408 723 559

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An Unforgettable Girls’ Night In!



stay passionate about your business Even savvy business professionals need a helping hand to keep motivated, focused and inspired. MANDY NAPIER reveals a gold nugget tip to help you overcome obstacles, re-ignite your business drive and accelerate your results throughout the year. It has been said, “Nothing exists and everything is an illusion based on our perspective and perception.”

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Let’s investigate this statement. What you believe to be true from your perspective and according to your perception will be your truth, your reality. When you change your perception, you can change your results. Changing your viewpoint allows you to see things that were previously hidden from your awareness. It’s what we don’t see in life that equates to missed opportunities, stagnation and mediocrity. The ability to channel energy consistently into a business requires sustained passion. When you connect with your passion you are living on purpose and are in a state of flow. Most people at some stage lose sight of why they first got into business. Daily workloads, challenges, and routine activities become priorities. Passion is eroded, momentum slows and desire and motivation take a back seat. Is this familiar? A key to maintaining your passion and flow is to reconnect with your big why, the fuel for your engine. Here, you can tap into the vast potential of unlimited opportunities and possibilities.


Take a break from what you are doing. Go to a place you love, perhaps the beach, a park or your favourite cafe. n

Have some paper and a pen, and honestly answer the following questions. n

a) Do you truly love what you do? If so, why? b) Do you wake up every day excited and ready to tackle your business day? 1800 UPARTY 1-800-872-789 customerservice@pureromance.com.au www.facebook.com/pureromanceau www.pureromance.com.au

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c) Are you habitually doing the same things in your business? d) Do you waste time and lack good systems? e) Why did you start your business and what did you want to achieve? What was your big picture and for what purpose did you commence your business?

The key lies in the answer to the last question. Keep asking yourself “for what purpose”, until you arrive at a state or core value, perhaps freedom, happiness, fulfilment, travel or fun. The answer is the gold nugget that will allow you to reconnect with your passion and your business goals and will move you forward with drive and focus when you act on the last step below. Write down your current biggest challenge in your business today, e.g. not enough clients. Turn it into an outcome and write it as a question beginning with how. For example, “How many ways can I double my client numbers in 60 days?” Write down a minimum of 20 answers. Energy flows where attention goes, so this process will expand your options and possibilities. Circle two or three ideas that are doable and commit to taking action right away. You have now taken positive action, stepped forward and created momentum. Remember, if you do not change what is not working, nothing will change. You won’t get a different result. Next time you get stuck in your business, or you feel flat, try this simple process. See the magic happen as your perspective shifts, possibilities open up and ideas flow. n

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When stress magnifies


Have you ever noticed that when you are stressed, problems seem to pop up from nowhere and the task list grows longer and longer? LUCIANA DE MICHIEL shares a few tips on how to keep control of the situation. It is true that often troubles don’t come alone but it is also true that a mind and body under pressure tend to react to anything as if it were an emergency, often taking away the ability to prioritise and think clearly. In these circumstances, problems that would have been considered trivial on any other day are magnified, becoming capable of generating arguments and headaches.

Think of stress as a magnifier – Be aware of the way it operates on your mind and you will be able to put in place a few simple steps that can keep it at bay.

Postpone – Not everything needs an answer now. Remember, what you would do on a normal working day? You would prioritise your tasks. Try to do the same. Don’t feel forced into making decisions which could be made at a later, quieter time.

Talk – Ask for advice or simply discuss the matter with someone; it will help you let off some steam and by talking through the different issues you may gain a different perspective and perhaps a winning solution.

Drink less tea and coffee – Drink lots of water instead and keep your body free of unnecessary toxins. This will keep you calmer and able to think more clearly, it will also help you sleep better at night. Both your body and mind need some rest to work properly.

Physical exercise – Physical exercise is always good but if you have an intense gym routine, e.g. you exercise four times a week at 5am, cut down to twice a week over stressful periods to avoid over-exhaustion.

Treat yourself! – Do something that makes you feel good each day; find those 30 seconds

Don’t feel forced into making decisions which could be made at a later, quieter time. to spoil yourself – turn the music on, eat a chocolate (just one!), put a fresh flower on your desk… it will help you to stay positive and energised. The reality is that most problems cannot be avoided, therefore, the next best thing for you to do is to be prepared. So, arm yourself with these few tips and fight back the negative effects of stress. n

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The Future is in Your Hands What are you waiting for? Make this next chapter of your life the best ever! If you are serious about making changes for your business or personal life, then engage a highly experienced professional. Learn how to get unstuck, move forward & change your life!

Book your initial FREE consultation NOW! Hear her story & you’ll understand it’s Diana’s goal to help you: • • • • • • • • •

Discover what’s holding you back Uncover skills you didn’t realise you had Identify and set realistic and obtainable goals Harness and tap into your decision making process Create manageable and achievable timeframes Map out a your blueprint for your future Monitor your progress and hold you accountable Remain consistently motivated and empowered Bring innovative fresh ideas to the table

Diana Todd-Banks is a leading authority on life change, is a coach, speaker and an international award winning best-selling author. Visit http://dianatoddbanks.com/lifecoach/contact or call +61 (0) 407 187 008

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sales call We have all been on the receiving end of a call from a telemarketer, but why have some calls engaged you and others not so much. JENNY CARTWRIGHT explains that it is all in the questions.

Questioning in the sales process can be very powerful when the technique is applied correctly. After you have grabbed the customer’s interest with an opening statement, you need to ask questions to find out what the customer really wants. However, the right type of questions need to be asked and this is where so many telemarketers go wrong. You need open-ended questions that get you more information, questions that keep the customer talking about themselves. These questions begin with “What, Why, Where, When, Who, Which and How”. So many telemarketers ask questions that will get a “yes” or “no” answer. These are called closed questions and should be left until the end of the conversation when the customer is ready to buy the product, e.g. “Based on what we have discussed would you like to buy now?”

MISTAKES TELEMARKETERS MAKE! Some of the mistakes that telemarketers make are that they start off telling you all about what they have to offer you and then end their presentation with a closed question which will, in most cases, get a “no” answer. For example: the real estate person who rings and says, “Good morning Mr ______, I am from ______Real Estate. Are you thinking of selling your home in the near future?” This question gives me the perfect opportunity to say “no”.

Or how about the home improvement company telemarketer who says, “Good evening Mrs ______ do you need anything fixed in your home right now?” Again, this question gives me the perfect opportunity to say “no”. Recently, a lady telephoned me and said, “Good morning Ms Cartwright, I am from _____ Hotel. We have a Gourmet Dining Club where you can dine for free once a week if you bring a client with you. Would you like to join our Gourmet Dining Club?” Once again, this lady gave me the perfect opportunity to disconnect the call to her. In the above example, no questions were asked to determine whether this offer was even relevant to me and my needs. The lady could have asked questions about my situation like, “How often do you dine out? How often do you entertain clients? What type of food do you like when eating out? How often do you entertain in the city?” Then, depending on my answers, she could have adapted her sales presentation to what suited me. These sorts of telemarketers are not securing sales, and yet they persist with ineffective techniques.

GUIDELINES FOR EFFECTIVE QUESTIONING 1. Ask questions about the benefits of your product or service. For example, if you are

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selling a barbeque that is portable, easy to clean and has three heat settings, you would ask questions like “How easy is your barbeque to clean? Is it portable? What happens when you want to cook a steak with really hot heat?” This approach allows you to easily sell your benefits in your presentation that will follow.

2. Ask questions that create pain around their existing situation. Think of three problems your customer may have for which you can provide a solution and then ask questions relating to those problems. For example, in the recruitment industry: How easy is it for you to find the right staff for the job when someone leaves? n

How much of your time is consumed sorting through resumes? n

Or in other industries: What would happen if your existing supplier ran out of stock? n

How satisfied are you with the amount of business you are currently getting from your website? n

What area of your business would be most important to improve on right now? n

On a scale of one to ten, with ten being the highest, how would you rate the performance of your salesperson? n

McNair Editing Services PromPt and Professional

Debra McNair

freelance editor & copy writer 0412 749 388 mcnair.editing@gmail.com

www.facebook.com/ mcnaireditingservices


After you ask a question, stop speaking, even if there is silence on the other end as the customer may be thinking about what to say in response. It is a big mistake to try to help them with their answer. You will have to learn to get comfortable with silence. were to employ our services, we could save you the time you are currently spending on processing resumes so you would have more time to do the things that you prefer to do. We could also save you from having the cost of the downtime between losing a staff member and finding the right replacement.”

3. Be flexible enough to vary your scripted

5. Sometimes, when telemarketers are not

questions. For example, if the answer to the last question above was five, follow up with a related question like, “In which area of the sales cycle do you think that person could improve?” To embellish the problem, ask an implication question like, “How else could you use that time more effectively?” to establish what the prospect really needs to do with their time. Alternatively, ask, “How much does it cost you in real terms to finance the downtime while looking for the right person, including the cost of retraining them?”

confident, they ask several questions at once. For example, they say, “What makes you think your sales staff aren’t motivated? Is it a need to earn more money or do they need more training and how does that affect other departments?”

4. Look for a need that you can fulfil and then sell them the benefits, e.g. “So Mr _____, if you

This can be very confusing for the listener and counterproductive for the telemarketer.

with their answer. You will have to learn to get comfortable with silence.

8. When the customer finishes responding to the question, pause, and if you need them to elaborate on their response, you can say, “Tell me more about that”.

9. Finally, when you have asked all the relevant questions and the customer has replied, repeat what they said they wanted back to them. Do not repeat what they want after each question, which is what some telemarketers do, as it becomes monotonous. Remember, the only way to help someone is to find out about them. n

6. Ask no more than three questions or it may sound like an interrogation.

7. After you ask a question, stop speaking, even if there is silence on the other end as the customer may be thinking about what to say in response. It is a big mistake to try to help them

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Amber, working with you, is without a doubt, the most inspiring and useful business building I’ve ever done. Your system allowed me to create and deliver my very first event, where I generated seven new clients (and counting) and $10,000 in sales. HOLLY RAGLAND | ONE GIANT LEAP – COACHING FOR CREATIVE ENTREPRENEURS

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Need gifts for men?



sales myths Everything in the world is changing including the sales process. KEVIN RYAN explains why future business survival hangs on the ability to reinvent your sales force from product pushers to trusted buyer advisors.

The way customers buy and the entire selling process has completely changed, particularly over the last decade. Some salespeople still believe three sales myths that need to be disposed of immediately if they want to survive in the new world of information and technology.

Myth #1 – The market is a level playing field.

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Of course it isn’t. It never was, and probably never will be. That would only be possible if all the competitors in the market had equal power and clearly that’s not the case. The big and powerful will try to use their muscle to manipulate the market and the smaller competitors will rely on ingenuity, uniqueness and flexibility to glean themselves a slice of the cake. Once you accept the reality of this, you will realise you need to do everything you can to tilt the playing field your way. To do this you need to be in a position of influence, so your first goal should be to put yourself into such a position with the decision makers and appropriate stakeholders. You might do this by working to have them see you as not just an expert in your products but an industry expert.

Myth #2 – Your competitors will play by the rules. What do you think this is – scrabble? Apart from the trade practices regulations, anything is fair game so be proactive. If your competition is not accusing you of cheating, you are not being inventive enough.

You should be constantly looking for ways that you can tilt the playing field in a way that suits you and also benefits the client.

Myth #3 – You have more information about your product than your client. In the past, as the salesperson, you were their primary source of information about your product. Now, they not only have all the data on the company website, they have access to every blog, forum or discussion board where your product is mentioned. For the first time since modern marketing methods evolved, consumers of the same product have easy access to each other. Does this make the salesperson redundant? Far from it but it does mean that their role must change. In the past the salesperson was the information source; now, they need to be the information sorter. Your problem with clients is not their ignorance, it is their preconceptions. Information is not knowledge. Ironically, more information does not necessarily make you better informed. It has been shown that beyond a certain point, more information makes decision making harder. It has been described as ‘analysis paralysis’. This is where a skilled salesperson comes in – to ask the right questions, help to prioritise criteria and sort the information overload so the client can make sense of it all and, most importantly, regain their decision-making confidence. The salesperson who will thrive in this environment will be more of a facilitator than an information source, more of a questioner than a teller. The era of the ‘reinvented’ salesperson is upon us. More of a trusted buying adviser than a product pusher, they will be more important than ever. n


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workshops and training

Online learning provides businesses with the opportunity to provide training to staff and customers utilising a variety of mediums. KAY ROSS looks at the various options available to businesses that are considering offering online learning as part of their services. Online learning is more than “putting a workshop on the Internet”. Decisions also need to be made about the online learning environment and how this will engage participants and ensure they stay engaged.

On the other hand, the proliferation of online learning also means that consumers are becoming more savvy and they will not sign on for courses that do not engage them in their learning and which don’t offer value for money.

Participants need to be offered a variety of learning strategies that encourage interaction through a variety of mediums. The challenge with online learning is to ensure there is a variety of learning options available in each session – otherwise boredom sets in and participants withdraw from the course.

There are some options to think about when starting an online learning site, and usually the number one factor is cost. There are free learning management sites (LMS) (e.g. Moodle), however, these require IT set up and development. Other associated costs include hosting, domain name and ongoing IT support.

One of the biggest issues with online learning is that people want to be engaged in their learning – gone are the days when people got away with offering a ‘read-only’ course (which comprised of a cut-and-paste of notes and written lectures). These courses left participants to work through the materials with no input or feedback from the trainers. The commonest complaint of the online classroom is lack of interaction. Thus, a successful online environment needs to integrate interaction through online discussions and forums, email, webinars and/or phone and Skype.

Another option to consider is an LMS with costs based on either a monthly/yearly flat fee (e.g. Jigsaw Box) or costs per student or course (e.g. Mind Flash). These come with the advantage that there is no need for web or IT development and some also provide student registration and support options. Some can also be customised to individual branding without the need for separate hosting and development.

Whichever option is chosen, participants need to feel involved and also have access to workshop leaders for ongoing support and feedback. 0nline training needs to support learning, be engaging and deliver a user-friendly online interface. An advantage of online learning is that trainers do not need to be always “present” to lead the workshop in real time. Other advantages include offering the training to multiple locations, reaching clients in remote/ rural areas across multiple time zones, no need to hire conference rooms, pay for catering and the availability of broadband for most users. Online learners also enjoy a number of advantages including lower cost (no travel or accommodation expenses, no child minding/ babysitting fees), availability (access 24 hours/ day) and the ability to self-pace (they can work at their own speed).

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A third option is to develop the LMS from scratch; this option needs an experienced web developer and designer. A basic LMS requires the capability for participant registration and payment, customer enquiries, as well as a variety of presentation options including slides (e.g. PowerPoint), uploading documents, mp4s/ podcasts, videos, discussions/forums, Q&A, quizzes, etc. Taking the time to research, plan, deliver and evaluate an online learning environment that is engaging and provides up-to-date and relevant content helps ensure a positive outcome. To help ensure success, choose the LMS platform that meets your needs, prepare engaging and interactive learning content, ensure IT support is in place and let potential customers know. Good luck! n

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get them working for your business As the use of Apps on smartphones and tablets skyrockets, are you using Mobile Apps to further your business? RUXANA D’VINE challenges you to explore ways in which you can use Apps to support and streamline your business processes, keep your customers happy and get your business moving in the right direction.

How well does your business use Mobile Apps? Have you considered where they fit into your company life? The world of Mobile Apps for phones or tablets has developed almost overnight, sweeping over daily life in a way that has forced acceptance of the new technology without us even noticing it. Apps are how we do our banking, keep ourselves amused, quickly check our email, download the latest book/magazine/song/ movie to a tablet/phone, or connect us to the rest of the world through a vast array of social media options. Yet while we have been very open and embracing of this change in our personal lives, we are yet to fully accept this change in the business world and tend to use Apps as our personal productivity tools. So why don’t we extend our use of Apps in business? It’s often confusing to know where to start. What should the App do and how will it make a difference to the business? First time business App users often succumb to the temptation of a generic app, thinking it will be a quick and simple business fix. Generic Apps have a lot of benefits, they are cheap, easily accessed via an App Store and can be plugged in with a minimum of fuss. However, sifting through Generic Apps in order to find something that could suit takes a lot of time. There’s also no guarantee it will work the way you assume it might. Unfortunately, the

Need a showstopper Mobile App to gain a competitive edge? BSA specialises in end-to-end Bespoke Apps, combining the latest technology with best practice processes. Harness the power of Apps to turn business potential into reality. Contact The Alchemist today www.businesssystemalchemy.com.au/mobile-apps or phone 0412 195 084

48 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2013

Once you have your idea, engage an expert. You don’t need to have all the answers, just your requirements. Rely on your expert to transform them into something incredible. Generic App is exactly that – designed for the masses and not with your business processes in mind, often with functionality so specific that you might have to change your processes to fit its design. In small bites that might work but if you end up compromising on key business processes then the simplicity isn’t worth it. Apps provide a golden opportunity to expand your business capabilities and gain a competitive edge. Why settle for generic when you could be creating a business-specific, functionally rich App that makes your business stand out from the pack? Bespoke Apps are simpler to create and more affordable than you might think, provided you handle this mini project the right way. Get started by thinking about what would make business life easier – is it data capture? Photos? Notes? Time recording? Simpler business forms? There’s no point spending money on a broken process, so use this as the opportunity to be proactive and streamline your processes. Look beyond your current processes to dream up your ideal future state and how you can optimise your workflow.

Next, think about what your customers might want. Is it additional information about the work you have done? Or a way to assist with their business-critical decisions around your product/service? Perhaps a way for them to ‘self-serve’, so they feel independent and autonomous? Or a way for them to confirm their requirements before they buy from you? Once you have your idea, engage an expert. You don’t need to have all the answers, just your requirements. Rely on your expert to transform them into something incredible. Make sure you pick the right expert, i.e. someone who understands the technology as well as business process. Finally, pick an expert who uses Agile program management as this will provide shorter development cycles and quick product turnaround. Choosing an organisation that works in this way will give you faster business benefits without the bloated price tag. Apps are the next frontier in Business IT. Don’t be afraid to be a market leader in your chosen field and harness the technology to turn your business potential into a reality. n

CONTACT Ruxana D’Vine BUSINESS Business System Alchemy PHONE +61 (0) 412 195 084


BertyButton Gets a Team! ®


Craft a website

that will attract, convert and sell like crazy Is your website working for your business? Are you planning a new web presence or wondering how you can bring new life to your existing website? LEONIE ALAIMO points out some basic elements to include in your website to ensure it engages your customers and works for you. Websites used to be static. They were almost like a paper brochure. The websites of old never changed. They were built and remained static. They had your information, what your business did, how to buy your products and all your contact details. You wouldn’t have done much with your website – back then! Today you want your websites to be dynamic. You want them working for you in your business. You want them to be a vehicle which will help attract, convert and sell your products and services. How then do you craft a website that will work for your business? Well, sorry to disillusion you, but a website can be put up for you, and if you do nothing else, then nothing else will happen. A website that will attract customers, convert your customer, then get your customers to buy from you has to be a work of art, and it has to be planned out, and worked on. Does that sound too hard? Well it’s not really if you have a plan in place and if you work your plan.

Give your visitors an abundance of information People are using the web to get information. It’s so easy to find what you want to know about. In fact the world wide web is a million libraries worth of information. You can even get a degree on the web and you don’t ever have to go to a library or a university.

So, when you are thinking about how you want your website to look, think about what your customers would want to know. When you come into contact with your customers what are some of the questions they ask? What is the information they are interested in and want to know about? Write it all down. This will all form part of your website information.

Get people to leave their details with you

Don’t think that because people come to your website that they are going to buy from you straight away. Usually it doesn’t happen that easily. We only wish it did. But don’t miss the opportunity to get to speak to your potential customer. You need to connect with them. The best way to do this is to ask them for their name and email address. You are going to have to give them a really, super incentive to do this. They are not going to give this information out just because you have asked for it. No way. You need to entice them. Offer them something with a high perceived value .... a downloadable ebook, a trial membership, a webinar, discount coupon, or a

Make sure that what you are offering is what your audience is looking for. Once your potential client is on your list you can send them regular updates.

two for one offer. Make sure that what you are offering is what your audience is looking for. Once your potential client is on your list you can send them regular updates.

Give people a call to action

When people land on your website they are there to look around and find information. You don’t want to lose them. And the best way not to lose them is to give them a “call to action”. A call to action is…well, exactly what it says, asking people to take an action: phone us now to make a booking, register here for our updates, download our free ebook, etc. So, as a business you are guiding your readers to take the action you want them to take, based on what they are reading on your site. This action will either lead to an immediate sale or provide you with a lead that you can follow up later, usually through phone or email contact. Make your call to action easy for people to respond to. If you are asking them to phone you, put the phone number right there in front of them, or to email you then put the email form right there. That way there can be no excuses! n

CONTACT Leonie Alaimo BUSINESS Brilliant Web Design PHONE +61 (7) 5554 5515


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The key to building a successful website is in the


Looking to build a new website? The first, and most important step is some smart planning with a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialist, advises DEB JEFFREYS. Are you considering a new website or would you like to take your existing retail business online? Where do you start and who can help? Just like a conventional building construction project, all websites need a good foundation and this is created through clever planning with an expert in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The Internet is littered with poorly performing websites because many business owners mistakenly believe an attractive home page and a catchy domain name guarantee online success! Let’s be clear. Unless your website is optimised for search no one will find it. Search Engine Optimisation helps Google find and rank your website. The higher your website ranks, the more people will visit. Most web surfers only click on the top listings, with few scrolling to the bottom of page 1, let alone page 2. While you may have a basic understanding of Search Engine Optimisation, if you are investing in a new website it’s best to bring an expert on board from day one. This decision will save you time and money in the long run and may well be the difference between your online business thriving or failing. With an SEO specialist by your side, you can create a ‘big picture’ plan for your website, taking into account your market and

Self-conscious when you smile?

Refresh your confidence Experience our painless, minimally invasive general, wholistic & cosmetic dentistry: • Snap-on-smile • Invisible braces • Rapid smiles • Laser dentistry • Tooth lightening or whitening • Jaw pain therapy & stress management • Lumineers and much more! Special occasion and family packages available. Book your complimentary smile or orthodontic assessment now Ph 02 9438 4425 Web www.smilesdentalsurgery.com email crowsnest.smiles@gmail.com CliniC 47A Willoughby Road, Crows Nest Sydney 50 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2013

competitors. Together you can then structure your site around a sensible keyword list. A correctly structured website will perform well from the outset. A good SEO practitioner also has thorough Internet marketing knowledge and knows how to convert website visitors into leads and sales. They will help you wire frame your site so your designer knows what elements you need on each page. Your web designer will then bring your vision to life by creating visually enticing pages that are easy to navigate, engage with your customers and inspire them to take action. The next expert you bring on board is a web developer or programmer. An experienced developer will deliver a cleanly coded, search engine friendly site. Ideally your SEO expert should work with your developer as their collaboration ensures Search Engine Optimisation is effectively built into your site from the beginning.

Which Search Engines are Important?

Many websites fell off the front pages of search results in 2012 when Google implemented major algorithm changes. Websites with boring, keyword stuffed copy and spammy back links sank without a trace never to return. a Google webmaster account and read every section carefully. Many websites fell off the front pages of search results in 2012 when Google implemented major algorithm changes. Websites with boring, keyword stuffed copy and spammy back links sank without a trace never to return. In a sense though, nothing has ever changed in the world of SEO… Google has always been and always will be concerned with quality and relevance above everything else. If your website is correctly structured for the search engines, cleanly coded and you fill it with top quality optimised copy your visitors love to read, you will enjoy sustained online success. n

With an estimated trillion users a day, Google is the search engine to worry about. Google offers extensive free, easy-to-understand advice on how to make the most of its engine but many fail to follow their advice. If you do want to try to do your own SEO, set yourself up with

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n’s Wome rk Netwo lia Austra

Gift Ca

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social media platforms Content marketing has developed into one of the primary marketing strategies for social media. ANNA CAIRO provides tips for any small business owner who find themselves struggling with the challenges of creating content for their social media platforms on a regular basis. As the competition for content marketing increases, content is getting lost in the substantial volumes of information available online. Social media can be such a powerful sharing tool that content should not be randomly posted. Some strategic element is required to obtain the best results. What you share or post on social media is content whether it is a one-line sentence or a link to an article or video. The aim is to capture attention, engage with your community and focus on your expertise. So what is the best way of creating content for social media platforms? As a starting point have a plan in place and consider the following:

Tailor your content to fit each channel – There are over 200 social media platforms, each facilitating a different purpose and catering to a diverse audience. People want different things from Facebook than they do from Twitter or Pinterest so each social media platform needs to have a tailored message. This requires additional work, however, the effort is worthwhile.

Don’t forget the ‘Social’ element of social media – Some people still think social media is a one-way marketing channel and overwhelm their platforms with marketing and advertising messages. Nothing will scare off your community more than advertising. Most social media was originally developed for personal purposes and as such the ‘social’ element should not be neglected. Make content

fun, engaging and interesting; be creative and even controversial.

Produce content for all types of users – Catering for your target audience is important and a must but so is creating content for those you wish to attract. This ideally means you entice more traffic to your channels as it appeals to a broader audience. Also go beyond text. Try creating a video, a podcast or post a link to an infographic. People love the visual.

Make clients the content – If you have a great story to tell, seek permission and broadcast the success. Everyone loves a story and it is a great way to demonstrate who you are and make an impact that resonates. Consider conducting interviews, especially video interviews, with not only clients but with industry leaders to answer burning questions your community may have. If this seems like something you don’t want to do because you don’t have the time or don’t enjoy writing, consider investing in a social media expert who can advise you on a content strategy as well as assist with writing content. The most important thing is that once you have invested in social media platforms, engaging and connecting with your audience is vital. n

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www.asiatravelexperts.com Winter 2013 n WORKING WOMEN® 51


Dr Gloria Wright Helping you to manage the exciting and often challenging task of parenting.


Q. It’s scary. My four year old has

developed the habit of walking in her sleep. Last night I nervously got up, thinking we had burglars, and was horrified to find my little girl outside near the road at 2:00am! She’d opened the front door and walked out. She was confused and crying! I’m terrified that she will get lost or worse. What can I do?

A. Although night walking is common in

Ask her anything To contact Dr Gloria, email magazine@womensnetwork.com.au or write to Dr Gloria, Working Women, PO Box 1723, Sunnybank Hills Qld 4109


Q. I’m worried. Since moving to a new

school, my eight-year-old son has been coming home with bruises on his legs and bottom and loads of missing buttons on his shirts. He’s normally a talkative happy kid but has been unusually quiet of late. I’m worried he’s being bullied. I raised my fears with his teacher but she says he’s doing fine. What should I do?

A. Unexplained bruises and clothing issues

are a red flag for physical and emotional abuse. As your son is ‘new’ to the school, he may be vulnerable. Although you can’t completely protect your boy directly, the first step is to ask the school principal to take a closer look at what’s happening in the playground and then clarify the facts. The next step is to help your son understand that bullies are looking for a reaction – bullies feed on power. You can teach your son ‘keep safe’ strategies including practicing calm assertive behaviours in the presence of his tormentors. Reassure your son he is not to blame and that there are ways to outsmart bullies. For you, be proactive by encouraging healthy friendships with caring children. Arrange extra play dates and fun activities to facilitate the strengthening of his friendships network. 52 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2013

children aged three to six years, having your child go so far as the road is indeed frightening and disturbing. Firstly, ensure that your child remains safe should night walking occur. Exit points to your home need to be child proof. Secondly, install a simple audible device in your child’s bedroom to alert you - a simple bell or a baby monitor will do the trick. Thirdly, when night walking occurs, gently guide your child back to bed without any fuss. Avoid chastising or excessive coddling. As night walking tends to increase during times of anxiety or major change, consider your family circumstances. Extra reassurance and a predictable bed-time routine can help.


Q. What about parents’ rights? My

teenage daughter has morphed from a compliant kid to a raving monster! She’s always going on about ‘her rights’ and how we won’t allow her to do this and that. Enough about “poor kid”, what about us miserable parents! What can we do about the constant wearing down and breaking the rules? At thirteen she started acting like she knew it all. Now at fifteen she demands it all!

A. “You can’t stop me…you can’t make

notoriously prone to poor judgment. Finally, when things are calm, talk with your teen. Show that you ‘see’ her point of view. Explain your position without fighting about it. Where possible, negotiate boundaries but remain firm on the things that really matter.


Q. My husband and I disagree about

how much TV our Year 6 child should be allowed to watch. I think less and he thinks I should lighten up. Our kid knows who to ask to watch something! How can I get around the family tensions over TV and how much is too much?

A. Your first move is to come to an agreement on expectations with your husband to achieve a consistent approach. There are two aspects of TV watching that concern parents most: what their children watch and how much they do so. Watching TV has benefits and downsides: it may provide well-deserved relaxation for children and a break for parents, although squabbles over TV programs are common amongst siblings. TV can be informative, yet new research shows that watching TV before school tends to ‘dull’ the brain’s capacity to learn new things throughout the day. Also, advertising on kids programs is known to strongly influence children far more than you may realise. In my opinion, less TV in favour of playing outdoors, reading or socialising is best. My final tips are: be aware of the content of the programs and quality programs choices; avoid watching TV before school; limit TV watching during the school week and relax a little on the amount of TV watching on special occasions. n


me…the other kids do…what’s wrong with you?” Back-chat like this from teens can cause tension at home and throw well-intended parents off course. I have three tips for you. Firstly, as teenage self-assertion is a normal part of growing up, don’t enter the battlefield – stay cool. Secondly, remember that you are the adult with legal and moral responsibilities – it’s your duty to keep her safe. Thirdly, remember that parenting teens involves a delicate balance between keeping them accountable and fostering self-determination – teen ‘brains’ are

Child expert and keynote speaker, Dr Wright, provides parents with solutions. Her book “The Medicalization trap: how kids get labeled and why it’s a problem” is due for release October 2013. www.drwright.com.au +61 (0) 409 905 691


THE CARE FACTOR Entering aged care

Do you have older relatives who are starting to require additional physical care or may do so in the future? DELMA NEWTON guides you through the somewhat complex and often highly emotional process of entering aged care. With our population both aging and living longer, more of us will be involved in helping a relative enter Aged Care. By 2051 there will be approximately 1.5 million people over the age of 85 in Australia. When a relative reaches the stage of needing to enter aged care it can be a very emotional time. Quite often the decision to enter care needs to be made quickly. Here are the general steps that need to be taken.


To enter aged care, an assessment must be done by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). In Victoria this is known as the Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS). This assessment will determine whether a person needs low or high care. The level of care determines what type of facility is available for placement. A low care facility is called a Hostel and a high care facility a Nursing Home.


The person needs to choose an aged care facility and put their name on the waiting list. To do this an application form will need to be completed. You will receive one of these from ACAT, make a number of photocopies of the original. As at 20 June 2011 there were only 185,482 beds in aged care, so many facilities will have a waiting list. Hence, you may need to apply to a number of facilities.

effect on the amount of Centrelink benefit paid post going into care. The remaining assets will need to be organised in the best way to meet the daily fees and maximise Centrelink benefits. FEES AS AT 20 MARCH 2013 Low Care – Hostel A retention amount of $323 per month is taken from the bond for 5 years. High Care – Nursing Home Accommodation Charge is a daily fee $33.29. Daily fee reduces if assets are less than $112,243.20.


A resident will be required to pay a bond or an accommodation charge upon entering an aged care facility. A bond is payable if a resident is entering low care or they are taking an extra services package in a high care facility, and an accommodation charge is payable if entering high care. Extra services doesn’t apply to nursing care as all residents get the same level of care, it refers to options in a low care facility such as having your own room, extra menu options or wine with meals. Each facility sets its own bond but a resident must be left with at least $43,000 in assets. There is no maximum bond and they are fully guaranteed by the Government. Each resident also needs to pay various daily fees.

Fees Common to Both Basic Daily Fee of $44.54 Income Tested Fee is up to $70.74 per day. Nil if on full Age Pension. Extra Service fee – set by the facility.


Once a placement has been accepted, Part B of the application form will need to be completed. A resident has 7 days to move in and 21 days to sign the Resident’s Agreement. Entering aged care can be very complex, and your decisions around the bond and home may have many consequences. Start planning early. n

It is at this point a decision needs to be made in relation to the family home. The home can either be sold or retained. The home can also be rented out. The decisions made around the home and the payment of the bond will have an

PERSONAL INFORMATION BOOK Penny Holcombe and Sue Lane $25.95

Would you be able to manage your parent’s life as well as your own? This book allows you or your parents to record all the vital information that may be required, if you or they are unable to remember or manage their own affairs. The Personal Information Book means you can avoid having to scramble through papers and documents trying to find insurance documents, policy numbers, health insurance cover, bank account details, share portfolios or wills. To order visit www.care3.com.au

CONTACT Delma Newton BUSINESS Total Portfolio Management PHONE +61 (7) 3018 0587


Do you know someone who is entering aged care? We can help take the stress out of the decisions around: • Paying the bond • Paying daily care fees • What to do with the family home, and • Correspondence with Centrelink Call us today so we can help you with these decisions. Phone: (07) 3018 0587 Email: delma@totalportfolio.com.au Web: www.totalportfolio.com.au

Winter 2013 n WORKING WOMEN® 53




In its never-ending search for methods to combat the signs of ageing, cosmetic technology explores every available material – known and unknown. METRO-DORA CLIFFORD looks at copper, a metal that is being constantly researched for its varied and limitless properties and possibilities. Copper (symbol Cu derived from the Latin “Cuprum”) is present in every field of our daily lives and has been used through the ages, on all continents and by all cultures. The ancient Egyptians used copper to sterilise wounds and treat itching, the Greeks used copper oxide to treat leg ulcers and prevent infection, and the Romans used copper oxide for chronic skin ulcers. In India drinking water stored in copper vessels is believed to have health benefits. In more recent times, copper has found uses in industry, architecture, electrical applications, transportation, medical and biological care, and in household appliances and utensils – the list is endless. Copper is an essential nutrient in higher plant life and animal life where it is present in tissues, liver, muscles and bone. From time immemorial, humans have been in search of the Fountain of Eternal Youth. From lotions, potions, salves and ass’s milk to crèmes, pills, peels and needling and even painful surgery, no effort or expense is spared to preserve youthful skin. Copper’s natural properties are scientifically and clinically proven to penetrate skin, leaving it looking healthier and smoother. Several cosmetic products from well-known manufacturers employ copper peptides as part of their active ingredients. The presence of copper in the body, in the right quantities, is thought to support the

54 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2013

body’s immune system and medical records show that copper already has a multitude of uses with huge potential for many more. With such a track record and the rapid advancement of scientific research, integrating copper into textiles was just a step away! Modern research has clearly demonstrated the health benefits of copper and established that copper-impregnated fabric worn next to the skin produces pharmacological effects. At the forefront in harnessing the full potential of copper oxide is a US-based company called Cupron who were awarded the 2013 Richmond Governor’s award for Scientific Innovation for their technology that uses copper to enhance everything from footwear and clothing to cosmetics and hard surfaces. In August 2010, the world watched in amazement the heroic rescue of 33 Chilean miners trapped for 69 days in a mine 2000 feet underground. It later emerged that the miners who were suffering from fungal infections, athlete’s foot and other skin-damaging microbes were supplied copper-enhanced antimicrobial socks which helped stave off infection. Fabrics using this technology are used in military and medical areas to reduce infections and as an aid to those suffering from asthma and allergies such as hay fever and fungal infections. The latest entrant into the anti-ageing skincare market in Australia is the copper-oxide infused pillowcase, which was introduced in the US

and parts of Europe a few years ago. While the search for new, more effective anti-ageing skincare goes on and gets more interesting, the latest product that claims one can just “sleep their wrinkles away!” seems to be the most innovative and engaging – best of all, all you have to do is what you do every day – sleep! These satin pillowcases are claimed to be dermatologist-tested and clinically proven to smoothen and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet and other skin imperfections in just four weeks. To quote the founder of a product line using the copper– infused fabric, “the ‘cosmetic fabric’ is like a firming cream in fabric form”. An interesting concept and very appealing in that it costs practically no effort, apart from laying down one’s head on a satin-encased pillow and doing what one does for about seven hours every day! Metal in one’s clothing may have seemed a rather far-fetched concept a decade ago, but with rapid strides being made in Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetology, nothing should come as a surprise. Copper-oxide infused products may be worth exploring as part of one’s comprehensive skincare programme. n

CONTACT Metro-Dora Clifford BUSINESS ClinicalPRO PHONE +61 (7) 3350 6898



5 TO P T I P S F O R

winter wellness

With winter almost upon us, DOREEN SCHWEGLER provides five simple ideas that will keep your immune system healthy and tips on how to avoid gaining those extra kilos in the colder months. 1. Incorporate regular movement into your day. If you are not a gym or team-sport fan, try things like parking a few blocks further from the shops or getting off the bus stop earlier than you need to and walking. Invite a friend for a walking chat or hit of tennis rather than a cake and coffee. Take the stairs where possible or go out or consider dancing classes. Our lymphatics rely on muscular action to filter fats and toxins from our system, so exercise should be nonnegotiable! Remember to drink plenty of water, preferably filtered. Invest in a good quality filter to avoid having to purchase bottled water (an environmental concern). If you have a water bottle, ensure it is PBA and phthalate-free, to avoid the plastics leaching into the water.

2. Get some sunshine! As well as being vital for healthy bones, Vitamin D is essential for a healthy immune system and is important in preventing infections, cancer and autoimmune disorders. Some of us carry a gene variant that means we require more Vitamin D than the average person. Next time you visit your doctor, ask for a vitamin D check. It’s surprising how many Australian women are low in this essential hormone-like vitamin. If sensible sun exposure is not an option (e.g. you are fair skinned or a shift worker) or if your levels are low, consider a supplement of Vitamin D at an appropriate dose.

3. Swap some ‘dense’ carbs, like pasta and bread for vegetables and salads. So instead of a sandwich at lunch, think about a delicious mixed salad with some leftover roast meat,

chicken, goat’s feta or tinned salmon. Dress with some balsamic vinegar and flaxseed or olive oil, add a few olives and Voila! – a quick, filling lunch that’s super healthy and quicker than getting takeaway! Or make a batch of minestrone on the weekend – throw in lots veggies, some stock, mixed legumes (beans) and some mince or chicken fillet. This can be frozen in lunchtime batches and warmed up and eaten with a rice cake or crusty bread – yum!

4. Vitality snacks: Instead of a muffin or slice at afternoon tea time, grab a handful of nuts (like almonds, Brazil nuts or walnuts), seeds (like pumpkin and sunflower) and enjoy a piece of fruit. Or chop some vegetable sticks (e.g. carrots, capsicum and celery) and dip into hummus. These options are loaded with minerals (like calcium, magnesium, selenium and zinc), fibre and vitamins, instead of gratuitous carbs and sugar!

5. Find some fun and relaxation each day. It might be doing yoga, meditating, having a lovely bath with some lavender oil, or playing scrabble with friends. Consider treating yourself to a relaxing massage regularly – if you don’t look after yourself, no one else will! You will work more efficiently and be a nicer person to live with at home, not to mention the immune benefits of improved circulation.

Instead of a muffin or slice at afternoon tea time, grab a handful of nuts (like almonds, Brazil nuts or walnuts), seeds (like pumpkin and sunflower) and enjoy a piece of fruit.

These strategies are a good investment of time, with the added benefits of not only improved immunity but also a more positive outlook, enhanced energy and health! n

CONTACT Doreen Schwegler BUSINESS All Degrees of Health PHONE +61 (3) 9331 0951

Are you sick of suffering from back, neck or knee pain? Are constant headaches ruining your life? Get your pain levels under control and start feeling normal again with Qmagnets. It’s the affordable, reliable, re-usable and easy to apply injury and pain device used by: The Australian Wallabies, Female Triathletes, Olympians, many AFL & Rugby teams and a growing number of WNA Members across Australia. Nagging pain, muscle spasms and restricted movement become a thing of the past when you make the choice to wear Qmagnets. Contact: Dianne Hermans, Principal Physiotherapist


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Want to feel healthier and happier? This easy to read, one-stop resource is full of practical information on how to turn our lives around, including how genetic profiling has revolutionised personalised healthcare. Pre-sales $25.95 + postage at: http://www.alysbooks.com/Doreen_ Schwegler.html

piness, e to hap A guid

sex better

lthy age and hea


hwegler reen ScpSc. By Do BApSc, DipA Bjilsma rd by

Family Nicole Healthy

Forewo thy Hom of Heal Author


www.alldegreesofhealth.com.au Doreen Schwegler (BApSc DipApSc) is a Naturopath, Scientist & Fertility Specialist with 24 years experience. Winter 2013 n WORKING WOMEN® 55


CAN YOUR PET MAKE YOU happier and healthier? With over 63% of Australian households owning a pet, and with pets moving from the backyard to the bedroom, is there a corresponding health benefit? REBECCA MARTIN takes us through the top five reasons why owning a dog is good for you. There are lots of reasons not to own a dog but these are overwhelmingly outweighed by the all the good reasons. Here are the top five reasons why owning a dog is good for you.

1. THEY MAKE YOU SMILE Walking through the door to that wagging tail and unconditional love brings a smile to your face. And if you have had a bad day, they improve your mood. Your four-legged friend provides companionship, comfort and happiness and for many, a feeling of being valued. Many families change their lifestyle to accommodate the faithful pooch. From the holiday destination to the house they live in, where they go out or their daily routine, dog owners are more than prepared to adjust their lives around the pooches. Hint: Check out pet friendly accommodation for places to stay with your pooch

2. THEY GET YOU TALKING Your four-legged friend can also get you more human friends. Getting out and taking your pooch for a walk gets you talking to people in your community. It is far more likely that those walking their dogs will stop and chat to each other than those without a dog. Hint: Talk to someone in the park. You will be surprised who you meet!



Having a dog means you should never be too busy to walk the pooch. Taking that time every day gives you a chance to refocus. Too much time behind the computer can cloud your mind and make you feel like that mountain is getting bigger and more challenging. A simple walk in the park can serve to clear your head. The daily ritual of walking the dog has led to successful business ideas that would not have been generated behind a desk.

It has been proven that dog ownership is good for your overall health, reducing blood pressure and the likelihood of stroke. Research also suggests that those who own a dog recover more quickly from severe health issues. This is good news for those of us lucky enough to own a pet but not everyone is as fortunate. The Delta Society runs a volunteer program to take pooches to over 500 hospitals and care facilities around Australia. This brings joy to those who are sick or infirm and provides interaction that has been scientifically proven to have physical, social, cognitive and emotional benefits.

Hint: Leave the mobile phone at home when you walk to free your mind for those brilliant ideas.

4. THEY TEACH THE KIDS A pooch in a kid’s life is so much more than just a pet. As a companion, best friend, confidante and buddy to hang out with, your four-legged family member can teach responsibility and encourage exercise. Canines are even teaching in the classroom via Delta Classroom Canines – a program specifically focused on assisting children to improve their literacy skills. Hint: By feeding and walking the dog, kids gain a sense of responsibility. 56 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2013

Hint: Check out Delta Society and see if you can lend a helping hand. As those of you who own a dog know, they become part of the family. They get into your heart and you would do anything for them. You are rewarded with lots of laughs, lots of new friends and lots of love. In the words of Roger Caras, “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole”. n

CONTACT Rebecca Martin BUSINESS Remy and Co. PHONE 1300 767 731


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Accounting and tax planning services for small to medium sized businesses, investors and self-managed superannuation funds. Located Southside Brisbane. +61 (7) 3341 1007 www.blinks.com.au


Susan Rallings and Patricia Doyle can assist families with aged care planning including low care and high care situations in order to maximise the benefits received. Call us now! +61 (7) 3334 4966 www.rbsmorgans.com

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If you are too busy to write your blog, eBooks, articles or books, why not outsource these tasks to ghost writer, Robyn Henderson? Don’t get left behind, consider outsourcing today. +61 (0) 407 906 501 www.networkingtowin.com.au

FASHION Cover Up in Style

Our cover-ups are designed around your curves. Figure hugging and sexy, or flowing and feminine; enhance your best features in a style and length that suits you best. Size 6 to 20. +61 (0) 404 036 857 www.pacificbreeze.com.au

Lady Chic Plus – Hosiery Up to Size 30

Lady Chic Plus was created for plus size women who are not afraid to look attractive. Our European made range includes tights, stay-ups, seamless and bamboo products and much more. +61 (0) 405 136 505 www.avec-moi.com.au

FINANCIAL SERVICES Aspire Retire Financial Services

Aspire Retire Financial Services is a multi-award winning financial planning firm offering independent and non-commission financial services that add real value to your situation. 1300 66 77 02 www.aspireretire.com.au

RBS Morgans

Providing strategy, advice and expertise in investing in Shares and Superannuation for over 20 years. Need help? Call Susan Rallings to discuss your specific needs. +61 (7) 3334 4865 www.rbsmorgans.com

Total Portfolio Management

We help you to achieve your financial and lifestyle goals over the short and long term. Your goals are achieved by using prudent financial planning strategies and tools. +61 (7) 3018 0587 www.totalportfolio.com.au Winter 2013 n WORKING WOMEN® 57

Classified Business Directory FOOD – HOME DELIVERED Boutique Meats

Succulent quality beef delivered to your door. Highly competitive prices, half or full side. Hormone free. For more details visit us online. +61 (0) 427 613 823 www.boutiquemeats.com.au

FUNERAL SERVICES White Lady Funerals

National funeral service to all families. Offering assurance of absolute support and professional attention with genuine care. Providing a woman’s understanding since 1989. 1300 656 550 www.whiteladyfunerals.com.au

GIFT SERVICES Need Men’s Gifts?

Finding gifts for men can be a challenge. Why not shop for men’s gifts the easy way – online at Gifts for Blokes. Gifts for men of all ages and for all occasions. Fast, friendly service. +61 (3) 8610 0158 www.giftsforblokes.com.au


Affordable agency-quality graphic design solutions for print and web by a designer/ illustrator with years of experience and expertise. Your designer who cares about the details. +61 (2) 4751 1383 www.unicorngraphics.com.au

HEALTH & WELLNESS All Degrees of Health: One Stop Wellness

Tired, stressed, want to lose weight, have a healthy baby or deal naturally with allergies or stomach problems? Call us and our experienced health professionals in Essendon will help YOU! +61 (3) 9331 0951 www.alldegreesofhealth.com.au

HUMAN RESOURCES Nicole Quince HR Consulting

Full spectrum of tailored HR services and advice offered for small and medium businesses from recruitment and writing policies and procedures to performance management and training. +61 (0) 402 453 377 www.nicolequincehrconsulting.com.au

INSURANCE Life Insurance from RBS Morgans

Review your life insurance and ensure you and your family are adequately covered. Contact Patricia Doyle who can assist with Life cover, Disablement, Income Protection and Trauma. +61 (7) 3334 4966 www.rbsmorgans.com

LEGAL SERVICES Patents | Trade Marks | Designs

Protect your most important business asset – your intellectual property. Don’t spend thousands building your business only to have someone rip you off! Free initial consultation. +61 (3) 9566 7241 www.adeptip.com.au

OUTBOUND CALL SERVICES 100 Matched Leads Free of Charge

Sales Campaigns shouldn’t be expensive! Outsource your own sales manager and team of mature, business-savvy women to make all those sales and customer service calls for you. +61 (0) 413 519 840 www.vssaustralia.com.au

58 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2013

PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEO Boost Your Personal Branding Online

STATIONERY Paper Trader – Quality Stationery

PR CONSULTANTS Clever Content the Key to Success


Get noticed online with unique and powerful business photography and videos. Build trust, referrals and relationships with a creative personal branding makeover by Kerrin Smith. +61 (0) 457 229 087 www.kerrinsmith.com.au/store

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Words do sell, but only if they are the right words. JaKe PR specialises in savvy content creation and PR strategies that get results. +61 (7) 5554 6034 www.jakepublicrelations.com.au

REAL ESTATE AGENTS It’s About Lifestyle... Your New Life!

Real Estate isn’t just about buying and selling property, it’s about achieving a Lifestyle change. Call Mel or Lynda at M V Real Estate and discuss where you would like to be! +61 (0) 412 125 283 www.mvrealestate.com.au


An online stationery boutique with a range that is perfect for completing a well-appointed desk, finding a special gift or creating a stylish promotion for your business. +61 (3) 9686 4553 www.papertrader.com.au

Looking for tailored investment advice? Contact Susan Rallings and Patricia Doyle – Full service stockbrokers who can assist with investment in direct shares and financial planning. +61 (7) 3334 4865 www.rbsmorgans.com

TANKS – BULK FUEL STORAGE Austank Fuel Management Solutions

Austank® manufactures bulk fuel tanks from 15ltrs to 1.2M ltrs. Austank engineers, fabricates and installs a wide range of tanks. Austank is a leader in providing fuel management solutions. +61 (3) 9775 1688 www.austank.com.au


At Unity-Qld we use easy-to-implement strategies that are simple, effective and practical. Our support, products and services are relevant from home to workplace and your situation. +61 (0) 402 889 648 www.unity-qld.com.au

Poor writing in business costs you money! Aunt Em provides training in the basics of language skills so that you can write more confidently and avoid loss of customers and profit. +61 (0) 411 537 957 www.askauntem.com.au

SALES & MARKETING SERVICES 7 Steps to 6-Figures Selling to Women


SKIN CLINICS Diamond Skin Clinic

TRAVEL TravelManagers Australia

Register your seat below, to learn how to activate your own unique natural feminine influence, so you can more effortlessly attract and convert premium paying women clients. +61 (0) 423 819 899 www.ambermclean.com.au/elevate

Providing services in IPL hair reduction and skin rejuvenation,microdermabrasion, weight and cellulite reduction, advanced facials and renophase skin renewal treatments. +61 (7) 3712 0235 www.diamondskinclinic.com.au

SOCIAL MEDIA SERVICES Safeguard Your Business

Protect your business with an effective Social Media Policy that supports and empowers high quality engagement. Find out more. Book a complimentary consultation. +61 (0) 417 010 877 www.annacairo.com


Reduce your power bill for both your home and business. Supply of Solar Hot Water, Solar Power, energy-efficient lighting and pool solutions. Call us for a free quote today. 1300 75 00 55 www.SolarGuys.com.au

SOLICITORS All-Woman Legal Team that Gets on with the Job

Choose Longmores Lawyers for conscientious and cost effective service in: Property conveyancing, business law, contract law, building construction law, debt recovery, plus more. 1300 851 464 www.longmores.com.au

Speakup can help you get over your fear of speaking in public. One on one or groups. Based in Hobart, very happy to travel. Call Margaret. A POWERtalk International member. +61 (3) 6278 8633 www.powertalkinternational.com

When you need help with a holiday, turn to an expert. Award-winning agent for all your travel needs, specialising in Asia and India as well as ‘Women’s Only’ tours worldwide. 1800 22 22 44 www.asiatravelexperts.com

TRAVEL | HEALTH Dr Deb – The Travel Doctor

Consult our expert doctors. All vaccines on site, travellers medical packs (incl. antibiotics), vaccine record books. Everything you need to help ensure a safe and healthy journey. +61 (7) 3221 9066 www.drdeb.com.au


Admin and document management, back office support, customer service, event management, executive support, social media, blogs, websites, newsletters. Casual or retainer rates available. 1300 164 072 www.mivirtualpa.com.au

WEBSITE SERVICES Need a New Website?

Brilliant Web Design will build a website which will attract, connect and convert your ideal customer. More than just web designers, we can help you with email marketing and social media. +61 (7) 5554 5515 www.brilliantwebdesign.com.au

Working Women M







Working Women Women’s network Australia


w w w.w o m e n s n e t w o r k . co m . a u

Business n success n Life


Winter 2013 AUD $8.75

Mobile Apps


How to become a client magnet

get them working for your business

Advertising RATES

business etiquette


Print Post Approved 100003825

keeping your manners in check


Your stage fright survival kit

things to do when you’ve fallen out of love with your business


fuels entrepreneurial spirit Counterfeiting – don’t let your business beCome a viCtim

CASUAL RATE CARD - FULL COLOUR (these rates assume that finished digital artwork is being supplied by the advertiser) ARTWORK




TRIM: 297 (H) x 420 (W)

TRIM: 297 (H) x 420 (W)

SIZE: 133 (H) x 190 (W)

IMAGE: 277 (H) x 400 (W)

IMAGE: 277 (H) x 400 (W)

BLEED: 307 (H) x 430 (W)

BLEED: 307 (H) x 430 (W)


30% of the cost of your first advertisement

DISCOUNT Book four consecutive editions and receive a 10% discount which includes free artwork. Conditions apply.

AD AGENCIES Advertising agency bookings are 10% commissionable



PLACEMENT OPTIONS Surcharges apply.

4 SIZE: 271 (H) x 60 (W)





SIZE: 64 (H) x 190 (W)

SIZE: 64 (H) x 125 (W)

Submit 220 words of text and a high resolution 300dpi image - $600.


SPECIFICATIONS AND RATE SHEETS Download from www.womensnetwork.com.au or T: 1800 052 476

SIZE: 64 (H) x 60 (W)




WORKING WOMEN | CLASSIFIED BUSINESS DIRECTORY Standard price per listing $179. Discounted WNA Member price per listing $99. Book online at http://www.womensnetwork.com. au/page.cfm?pageCode=Classifieds


Please note that pages of WORKING WOMEN® are available for purchase. They are supplied in PDF format - making them suitable for placement on websites. The cost per page or part thereof is $88 including GST. Conditions apply.


Includes photo on cover, a double page 800 word UPFRONT feature article, one full-page display advertisement and up to a maximum of 500 complimentary copies of the magazine carrying the feature.


Available at www.womensnetwork.com.au ‘WORKING WOMEN’ is a registered trade mark of Women’s Network Australia Pty Ltd.

Refer to www.womensnetwork.com.au for advertising terms and conditions or call 1800 052 476.



CASUAL RATE (once off)

2 PACK RATE (2 consecutive issues)

4 PACK RATE (4 consecutive issues)

1. Double page

297 x 210


$1615 per issue

$1530 per issue

2. Full page

297 x 210


$902.50 per issue

$855 per issue

3. Half page horizontal

133 x 190


$570 per issue

$540 per issue

4. Full page – one column

271 x 60


$475 per issue

$450 per issue

5. Quarter page horizontal

64 x 190


$427.50 per issue

$405 per issue

6. Quarter page – two columns

64 x 125


$351.50 per issue

$333 per issue

7. Quarter page – one column

64 x 60


$275.50 per issue

$261 per issue

Advertorial – 220 words plus image

133 x 190


$570 per issue

$540 per issue


Publication Date

Editorial and authors image Material Deadline

Display Advertisements/Advertorial Booking Deadline Material Deadline

Classified Business Directory Booking and Material Deadline


20 September

15 July

1 August

8 August

1 August


20 March

15 January

1 February

8 February

1 February

Summer Winter

20 December 20 June

15 October 15 April

1 November 1 May

8 November 8 May

1 November 1 May

Winter 2013 n WORKING WOMEN® 59

Join today and discover the difference networking can make to your business! Be inspired and create opportunities for you and your business by joining the nation’s premier networking organisation for women in business. Step into a world of business opportunities, collaboration, connections and knowledge designed to help you to develop and grow. Access expert advice, online forums, education, business resources, networking contacts, small business guidance and over 100 live networking events and speakers. Build a rock solid business, expand your connections, attract more clients and be mentored by inspirational business women.

Join Women’s Network Australia today! It’s the easy way to fast-track the success of you and your business.

1800 052 476

+61 (7) 3272 8222 Connect with us on Facebook: facebook.com/womensnetwork

Working Women Women’s network Australia


w w w.w o m e n s n e t w o r k . co m . a u

Business n success n Life

Winter 2013 AUD $8.75

Mobile Apps

get them working for your business

business etiquette

Print Post Approved 100003825

keeping your manners in check

Your stage fright survival kit

How to become a client magnet


things to do when you’ve fallen out of love with your business


fuels entrepreneurial spirit


g rkinn o W ome n Wubscriptdioin 12-m


ude incl bership mem

Counterfeiting – don’t let your business beCome a viCtim

www.womensnetwork.com.au WHERE WOMEN AND BUSINESS IDEAS MEET

Profile for Women's Network Australia

Working Women Magazine | Winter 2013  

Glossy magazine for women in business. Offering women small business ideas, resources and inspiration.

Working Women Magazine | Winter 2013  

Glossy magazine for women in business. Offering women small business ideas, resources and inspiration.