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the hearts & minds of women

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From a young age Karen Phillips strove to make a difference with her life and she has carried that drive into her adult life with 25 years of succeeding in every area of her career from authorship to business owner. Not satified with just career success, Karen’s go-getter attitude and a near-death experience pushed her toward her goal of leading women and inspiring them. Now with her project ‘Women’s Words’ she is uplifting and bringing women together around the country.

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SimplyStated Another winter is officially over. The flowers are blooming and the temperature is warming up which means it’s time to start trading in your snuggle clothes for bathers and beach towels in preparation for drinks around the pool. For female entrepreneurs and business owners, spring marks the perfect time to focus on goals. Spring is your quarter… and it’s time to concentrate on how over the next twelve months you are going to turn all of your business dreams into reality. Whether you are considering starting your own business, or your business is already in full swing, spring is a perfect time to take stock of what needs to get done–because, believe it or not, Christmas and a brand New Year is just around the corner. It has been a tough year for many business owners. However, on the brighter side, for those businesses who were prepared for a down turn in the market, it has given them some breathing space to assess the direction of their business and forced their hand to seek out new and innovative ways of delivering their products and services.

Lynette Palmen AM Founder and Managing Director Women’s Network Australia

Every business regardless of size needs to re-evaluate their future direction.

Part of being successful in business is being nimble and ready to adapt to changes in the market place. When your back is against the wall and you can plainly see your cash flow decreasing, it is amazing how ingenious business owners become in finding new ways to remain commercially viable. It comes down to using changes in the business environment to your advantage.

Working Women m





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stores. It was the be all and end all for many women entrepreneurs – their ultimate business achievement. A decade on and, with the proliferation of online stores, the game plan has completely changed. It is no longer about having your product on the shelves of department stores – it’s about attracting online traffic to your own store. Every business regardless of size needs to re-evaluate their future direction. It is no secret that department stores are finding it difficult to compete with the increase in online sales. Basically, consumers have turned department stores into glorified changing rooms. They visit a store, try on clothing lines for sizing and then leave only to purchase the exact same item online at a cheaper price. What would you do if your business was facing this challenge? Well it’s about adapting to consumer behaviour and remaining commercially viable. In the future, department stores could require contracts to ensure the product or labels they stock are not available online or at least not available at a lower price, or alternatively the only way you will get your product in store could be by paying rent for shelf space. The point is, it’s an ever-changing business environment and you need to stay on top of the game. I hope by reading this issue of Working Women you gain at least two new ideas you can implement into your business that will keep you on the path to achieving success.

I was only thinking the other day about how important it was 10 years ago to see a product you had developed snapped up by department


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InBrief [

The number of females buying property has surged in the past 18 months with sole home loan applications now split almost evenly between men and women, according to a recent Rams Home Loans survey of more than 5,000 sole home loan applications. The big banks also report a near-even split in sole home loan applications.

A Melbourne University has won the right to bypass anti-discrimination laws so it can choose women for senior academic positions in engineering. The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal granted an exemption to the university to advertise two womenonly research fellowships, each worth up to $100,000 a year, due to a ‘gender imbalance’ in academic staff. Currently only three per cent of professors in the School of Engineering are female. Megan Davis is the first Indigenous Australian woman to be elected to the United Nations (UN) Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. Ms Davis brings outstanding experience to this role as an international human rights lawyer, Associate Professor and Director of the Indigenous Law Centre at the University of New South Wales, and Commissioner of the New South Wales Land and Environment Court.


One in every three Queenslanders is living in poverty or dangerously close to it; according to a report from the Queensland Council of Social Services. The service is calling all levels of government to ensure adequate safety nets are put in place.

The Sage SME Business Sentiment Index for 2011 surveyed 600 Australian businesses and found that 62 per cent of female business owners in the small and medium enterprise space planned to make more use of online software and services in the next 12 months, suggesting a possible surge in demand for software as a service or other cloud offerings. Only 51 per cent of male business owners were similarly enthused. The Federal Government has released a free USB drive containing information and tips for the small business sector. The USB drive contains a ‘Small Business Resource Kit’ which provides information on key industry statistics, business marketing, legal issues, as well as advice on where to apply for grants. The free USB drive can be obtained by contacting the Small Business Support Line on 1800 777 275.

An Australian Institute of Family Studies report has revealed that stay-at-home mums appear to be a dying breed and stressed-out dads are finding it hard to juggle work and home life. The major snapshot of Australian families shows that more than a third of families have one parent working full-time and the other parttime. A quarter of couples with children both work full-time, but only 30 per cent of modern families have one full-time job between them.

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Doctor Barbara Bauert has been named the 2011 winner of the AMA Women in Medicine Award for her passion and dedication to improving the quality of services for doctors and patients in the Northern Territory. As a result of Barbara’s persistence to bring about change, more than 80,000 Northern Territory Indigenous Australians from over 65 different language groups now have access to improved communication services with their health care providers.

A new Monash study has revealed that testosterone spray improves memory in menopausal women. Restoring women to their youthful testosterone levels could lead the way in reducing the onset of dementia, which impacts the lives of countless women worldwide. The results could form the basis of a new therapy to slow cognitive decline and reduce dementia in women.

Jan Cameron, one of Australia’s richest women, is back on the acquisition trail. The Tasmanian entrepreneur who founded and sold adventure wear giant Kathmandu has emerged from five years of exile from the sector to take a significant stake in up-and-coming outdoor adventure wear company Macpac. Jan plans to transform Macpac in the same way she did Kathmandu, the company she founded with a sleeping bag in the 1970s and sold to Quadrant Private Equity Fund in 2006 for $300 million.

Small businesses in Australia had been becoming more willing to borrow due to competition between big banks, however expectations declined in April for all except the smallest micro-sized enterprises. Microsized businesses have annual turnovers of less than $1 million and represent 89 per cent of all Australian businesses - 30 per cent of them do not have loans. Those with annual turnovers of up to $200,000 expect to change their debt levels over the next 12 months.

According to a recent poll, the average woman owns seven handbags. Alm ost 19 per cent of the women survey ed use their ha ndbag as an object to hide behind wh en not feeling confi dent, while 16 pe r cent said their handbag was lik ea security blanke t. Twenty one pe r cent said receiv ing a complimen t about their ha ndbag was the ultimate flatte ry, while one th ird confessed to fe eling envious of another woman with a nice bag.

A new franchisee body has been launched in a bid to lobby the Government, regulators and the Franchisee Council of Australia for better treatment. The National Franchisee Coalition of Australia wants franchisees to contact their website and contribute information to their database about franchisees and their experiences with franchisors, which can be used to pressure the Government and regulators, with a view to improving the rights of franchisees. A Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission survey has found that more than a quarter of young women in Victoria have reported being discriminated against at work and about one in five had been sexually harassed. The survey found that an alarming number of women had quit their jobs after experiencing discrimination, with very few women having made formal complaints.

Spring 2011 n Working Women® 3

WW upfront

A defining moment


her life

Women’s leadership and empowerment has long been a driving force for Karen Phillips but a near-death experience proved to be just the jolt she needed to fulfil a life-time dream to connect the hearts and minds of women across Australia. As a successful business owner, entrepreneur, author and consultant and having worked with some of the world’s most prestigious brands and identities over the past 25 years, Karen had always visualised one day creating a special project that could empower and support women. She certainly didn’t expect that it would take a dramatic fall down a ravine in Bali last year resulting in a broken back, ribs and internal injuries, to be the catalyst for her creation of the ‘Women’s Words’ project. But for Karen it was this life-changing experience that resulted in her deciding that it was time to follow her heartfelt dream. “I was given what I like to now describe as a ‘comma’ and it could have just as easily been a big ‘exclamation mark’,” she explains. “The accident made me sit up and ask myself - what haven’t I done yet and what legacy do I want to leave? Leadership comes with responsibility and I think it is our obligation to support and assist to open doors for women coming through, so we can build a more sustainable future for them and ultimately for our nation. As we look to the future, it is our past and current leaders who build those pillars of wisdom and hope for future, generations to

4 Working Women® n Spring 2011

come so it is vital we provide platforms for them to learn and grow, to make it easier for them to move forward and live their best life,” she says. Less than a year later, her dream to connect and inspire women around the country has now come to fruition with the launch of ‘The Women’s Words Project’ which includes a national online community for women the highly acclaimed book, Women’s Words of Wisdom, Power & Passion, and the ‘Empowering Young Women Project’ which kick starts later this year for school students. Karen says being a leader is more than just being a trail blazer or a maverick. For her it has always been about the belief that one idea can change the world through creating heart to heart connections. In speaking with and training women all over Australia across a variety of industries, Karen has observed that no matter how young or old, how educated or trained, how senior or just starting out, women search for mentors and new opportunities to learn, to grow and to connect. Her book, Women’s Words of Wisdom, Power & Passion, was released to coincide with the 100th anniversary year of International Women’s Day and launched at Government House by the Governor-General, Ms Quentin

Bryce AC. For her book Karen interviewed 50 of Australia’s most adored celebrities, fashion icons, industry leaders, sporting legends unsung heroes, high achievers and women of the land. Through their insights and compassion come some of life’s most important lessons and insights. Karen has had a life-long drive to make a difference. At just 14, the proud Queenslander was one of the youngest delegates invited by the Federal Government to attend the nation’s first Youth Conference and at 15 her outstanding services to youth were recognised with an Australian Young Citizen of the Year Award – a venerable start to a career in media, communications and professional speaking. n


Karen Ph Contact Pty Ltd KP Media Business 3644 38 55 ) +61 (7 Phone m


“Leadership comes with responsibility and I think it is our obligation to support and assist to open doors for women coming through, so we can build a more sustainable future for them and ultimately for our nation.”

Spring 2011 n Working Women® 5

WW upfront

Ditch the Itch how one mum’s cure led to a booming business

When CAROLINE MONET developed a natural skin care product out of necessity eight years ago she had no idea she would be helping thousands of Australians who suffer from debilitating skin conditions. Caroline shares her journey of success. Eight years ago, the eczema on Caroline’s hands was so severe that when her daughter was born she could not bathe her baby or even wash her own hair without pain and discomfort. When all other treatments she tried failed, Caroline decided to make her own cream which became the solution to healing her eczema. Caroline’s Cream began existence in the former international catwalk and photographic model’s kitchen. Caroline used her knowledge and experience in aromatherapy, along with a lot of research, to create a healing moisturiser. After months of trial and error and many, many batches of experimental cream, she developed a workable formula made up of soothing, all natural ingredients. Due to public demand, she started to produce Caroline’s Cream in larger quantities and founded her skincare company, Caroline’s Skincare. In 2003, her first batch of six bottles was taken by a local pharmacy. Now her cream is listed on the register for Therapeutic goods, she has two manufacturers in Victoria and Western Australia and her skincare is distributed throughout Australia and overseas. After leaving school at age 15, followed by a 20year modelling career, she had no experience at running a business and very few business skills. Completely computer illiterate, a friend gave Caroline an old computer and she didn’t even know how to turn it on! Starting out with no working capital (except for $5000 on a credit card) and initially offering product on consignment, it was at least six years before she drew earnings from the business. As demand increased, it was necessary to continually pour any income back into the business. The popularity of her products forced Caroline into a very rapid learning curve. As the business grew, so did Caroline’s skills. Her endeavours have since been recognised in two significant business awards, ‘2007 Small 6 Working Women® n Spring 2011

Business Champion Award’ for manufacturing excellence and the ‘2008 Telstra Business Woman of the Year’ award for innovation. She has also been nominated for the Telstra Business Women’s Awards 2009/2010. Following the success of Caroline’s Cream, Caroline created an All Purpose Wash based on the same formula, which is in just as much demand. Product sales have grown by over 250 per cent in the past two years and continue to rise. Approximately 150 new outlets are coming on board per month, with products now available in nearly 1000 outlets Australia wide, as well as being sent overseas to customers on a regular basis. Caroline receives testimonials from people who have had success with her products daily. She says that the business side of things can be very stressful at times, but the reward of making a difference to the quality of people’s lives makes it all worthwhile.

8 tips for building your business 1. H  ave a product you believe in, one with a viable marketplace.

2. D  evelop good relations with suppliers and

4. C  reate demand through promotional activity. If you have a story find ways to tell it – a good place to start is local publications like community newspapers that love to run local stories.

5. Don’t try to be too big too soon. Take the steps you can afford without going in over your head. Assess the risks when taking steps to expand your marketplace – be realistic.

6. A  sk questions and be prepared to listen and learn. Network and seek out like-minded business people - don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know can you tell me” as most people are only too happy to share their knowledge and advice.

7. B  uilding strong foundations is the key to anything lasting the distance – ‘take your time’ and focus on the micro as well as the macro.

8. L essons learnt along the way can be difficult at the time, but it is how you respond to a crisis that can make or break you or your business - don’t make spur of the moment decisions and face setbacks strategically. n

individual customers – be proactive and accountable.

3. L isten to the needs of those to whom you supply your product, be they distributors, retailers or customers - value their opinions and take their input into consideration where viable.


Caroline Contact Skincare Caroline’s Business 1138 31 93 ) +61 (8 Phone om ineskincare



WW upfront

Looking down from the

Olympic Podium

After overcoming countless challenges, including devastating and potentially career-ending injuries, KERRI POTTHARST’s drive to succeed led her to take the gold medal for beach volleyball at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

Kerri Pottharst is one of Australia’s most well known and well respected athletes – a triple Olympian with two Olympic medals, Kerri spent 22 years competing in a sport she loves. Commencing her sports career playing indoor volleyball, Kerri represented Australia, captained the national team and played professionally in Italy for one season but in 1992 a serious knee injury threatened to abruptly end her career. Instead, Kerri fought her way back to fitness and changed her game and her goals to focus on competing for and winning an Olympic gold medal for beach volleyball. Kerri says: “Stepping up onto the Olympic dais on Bondi Beach was one of the most incredible moments of my life. I was so proud and so excited and it felt so right! It was as if all the moments of my life up to that point had brought me to that place and I couldn’t believe the explosion of emotions within me as they put that medal around my neck. We had planned for that day for years. We had visualised it a thousand times in our minds and worked so hard to achieve that exact result.” So, how did this happen? What steps did she take? It wasn’t just a fluke, there was a lot of goal setting and a definite plan put in place before she could succeed. Kerri’s Ultimate Big Picture (her goal) was to win the Gold in Sydney. She sat down with her team and worked out (backwards) the milestones they needed to accomplish just before winning gold, in order to get that result. They asked the questions: what specifically do we have to do, and by when? “We had to break up the journey in easy-toachieve small, specific steps. We also looked at all the little things we had to do to win games

– physically and mentally. We learnt to not just think of our Ultimate Big Picture, but to think from it,” said Kerri about the process they followed. Here’s how you can do it too, whether in sport, business or everyday life:

1. Write your goal as if it ‘already is’ at the top of the page Write it in the present tense. Goals stated in the future tense, ‘I’m going to’ or ‘I will’, run the risk of never getting accomplished – which is why we avoided writing, ‘We are going to win a gold medal in Sydney 2000’. In order to achieve what you want you must first see yourself, without any doubt in your mind, achieving it. So state your goals in the present tense, as if they have already happened.

2. Write where you are now For example, Kerri wrote: ‘We are ranked No. 6 in the world – 1998’.

3. Go back to the top, and apply your five senses to your goal If you build the picture so fiercely in your mind,

it is almost impossible not to go down the pathway that will get you there. You must ‘feel’ it, ‘see’ it, ‘hear’ it and ‘smell’ it.

4. Break the journey down into small, concise steps – working backwards List all the smaller goals you need to achieve along the way. Taking the time to put it in writing is a significant commitment, the first deliberate step on the path to achieving your Ultimate Big Picture.

5. You have heard this one before – Now Take Action! Since retiring from national and international competition in 2005, Kerri now divides her time between her three passions – her family, coaching elite-level volleyball, and inspiring people from all walks of life to achieve excellence through her keynote presentations and motivational workshops. n

rst Kerri Pottha m co t. rs ha tt www.kerripo


Spring 2011 n Working Women® 7

WW upfront

Key Distinctions in



Have you ever tried to get somewhere you have never been without a map and without knowing the name of your destination? Alex Pirouz interviews RHIANNON REES on the subject of why most businesses fail, leadership and the importance of having a company vision. Renowned as one of the world’s best selfdevelopment experts, and ranked 4th Best Business Coach in the World 2010, Rhiannon Rees has worked with stars including the Spice Girls, X-Files, Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice cast members.

actual vision for a future. They need to think first and then take action steps second. By doing this you become faster and better every week.

She is the author of the book How to Climb Mount Everest in Sandals and has been featured in countless TV and radio shows and print publications in both Australia and North America.

Over 95 per cent of businesses fail within the first three years, mainly due to a lack of research and understanding of the market they are entering.

In this interview with Alex Pirouz, Rhiannon discusses the main reasons why most businesses fail and why leadership and having a company vision is critical for a business to be successful.

Why is having a company vision so important for a business to be successful? By not having a vision or an end destination, entrepreneurs tend to get lost along the way. There must be a purpose, an inner map to achieve and strive towards. When the going gets tough people will leave, but if you have a purpose it becomes more than just money. Entrepreneurs also need to think of how the business is going to end. Most get caught up in the day-to-day work requirements and have no

What is the main reason why most businesses fail?

What can entrepreneurs do to avoid this mistake? It is all through market research, by doing market research entrepreneurs are able to create a great foundation for their business before moving forward in their operational activity. In the past five years there has been a big shift in certain industries such as social media, IT, health, online businesses etc. So knowing your market is extremely important to the success of your business. You can’t give the market what you want, you need to give them what they want in order to be successful and not rely on luck. It is all about the outside-inside approach. How you conduct the research really depends on your business type and industry. You can do surveys, focus groups, hire a market research company, speak to the public etc.

In your opinion what are the main reasons why most entrepreneurs fail? Time: They don’t utilise their time


Team: Don’t know how to use their team


Money: Either spending too much or too little and not growing the business


What are the benefits of having the right leadership within a business? Having the right leadership team within your

I think most successful entrepreneurs would agree that leadership is absolutely critical for any business to be successful. Behind every successful company is successful leadership and management, it all starts from the CEO. 8 Working Women® n Spring 2011

organisation will help in bringing out the best in your staff, help people feel they are part of the team and help get the job done with a clear message. I think most successful entrepreneurs would agree that leadership is absolutely critical for any business to be successful. Behind every successful company is successful leadership and management, it all starts from the CEO. As a leader, you want the team to grow past you because you know that you have been part of the training ground and your skills have enabled the staff to rise and grow within themselves and the organisation.

Where do you see business in the next five to seven years? Because things are moving at such a rapid pace, I think businesses will have a shorter life span, so entrepreneurs need to think very carefully before starting their next venture to make sure it is something that has longevity and future potential.

What is the number one key ingredient for any entrepreneur to be successful?

are able to focus on delivering value to others and in return they reap the rewards. n Words: Alex Pirouz is the founder of RIDC Advisory Pty Ltd, a Business and Sales Advisory firm partnering with Australia’s largest and fastest growing companies to further increase their revenue. Visit for more details.

The ones who become really successful are the ones who are in business to create change rather than to make money. By doing this they Spring 2011 n Working WomenÂŽ 9

WW business strategies

Where Most Entrepreneurs

go wrong

You would expect the majority of people adventurous enough to become an entrepreneur would succeed because they have the charismatic go-getter attitude. Why is it then that 87 per cent of all new businesses fail within the first two years? BENJAMIN J HARVEY explains the psychology behind a real entrepreneur’s success.

When looking at developing a business it is critical you understand that 80 per cent of your success relies on your ability to sell. After all, your customer is not your customer until you have sold them something, be it an idea, a service or product. In business there are two main areas where a sale takes place:

1. When a customer is buying from you 2. When you are buying from a supplier Too often you see fantastic technicians in their chosen fields go down the entrepreneurial path only to find that they have no idea how to sell or negotiate, and as a result they end up flat broke. It is extremely important to make this point clear right from the beginning, if you are not willing to learn how to sell then do not go into business. This is a bold claim but, sadly far too many people out there think they can actually survive in business without mastering this skill. These very same people make up the 87 per cent of all new businesses that fail to make it past the two year point. Robert Kiyosaki author of Rich Dad Poor Dad puts it quite simply, “I know of no other skill to be more important than selling.”

Here is a basic rule of thumb for all entrepreneurs: 80 per cent of your day must be spent ‘selling’.

Analysis: these sensations are analysed to find their meaning.

Yet most people spend around 10 per cent of their day on sales and this is usually due to their fear of rejection.

is generated which fits into one of two main categories - pain or pleasure.

Sales is about discovery, through questioning, where your customer’s pain lies. Once you have found their wound the trick is to open it up, highlight its severity and then offer them some cream to fix it. This may sound a little callous but it is important to understand that there are only two forces in the universe that make us do anything: Craving of pleasurable feelings


Aversion to painful experiences


Once you realise this basic piece of psychology then you are well on your way to helping people achieve a state of equilibrium using your products/services/ideas. It is important to truly understand the chain of events that leads to a purchase so you can best facilitate an effective sales meeting.

Feelings: based on the meaning, a feeling

Reaction: you react to the feeling created with either craving or aversion. Result: you take steps to balance out your reaction by adjusting what is coming in through the senses and this is where you decide to BUY! It is important to acknowledge that at every stage along this chain of events, a sale is occurring. The more you experience the art of selling, the more you begin to realise that all you are doing is transferring a vibration through the senses of your client in order to trigger a specific result. At the end of the day it is important to understand that sales is nothing more than the transference of a feeling, therefore work on becoming a good story teller. Once you have mastered this, learn how to ask relevant questions and you are well on your way to business success. n

The process is as follows: Benjamin

Senses: information enters through the senses.

Sensation: your mind and body respond with subtle sensations/vibrations.

J Harvey

Contact Education Authentic Business 4 42 1300 367 Phone

ticeducati www.authen

Join the nation’s premier networking group for women Be inspired and create opportunities! Make the choice today and change the way you do business - tap into cutting edge online networking opportunities and surround yourself with inspirational business women who can become your mentors, referral advocates and friends.

It’s all about success by association. Join Women’s Network Australia @

1800 052 476 +61 (7) 3272 8222 10 Working Women® n Spring 2011

e Rated thess n i s u #1 b n e t wo r k b y ove r n o 4.5 mi l lin e wo m

WW business strategies

Inject LSD

into Your Business

Love, Systems and Desire This article is not about illicit drugs. Instead, ALPHA MURGEV uses the LSD acronym to discover how love, systems and desire can boost your business success.

No business can exist without love, systems or desire. But how can these be injected into a business? The answer will literally unlock greater success in your business.

Love There must be a reason that you are in business. Something that drove you to want to create a product or service that either wasn’t there before, or you wanted to do differently. What this fundamentally comes down to is why you started your business in the first place. If your answer is money, then either you have lost touch with the true reason you went into business, or you are constantly struggling.

or result that your customers will achieve and build a system to communicate this.

Desire It is closely related to love, however passion is the driving force that ensures you continue to operate your business successfully. For example, look at Richard Branson. When he began Virgin Atlantic, there were dozens of other airlines already in existence. What he wanted to do was create a different airline, one that provided an experience, flexibility and value for money. He has since gone on to revolutionise many different industries as a

result of his passion for innovation. Desire is not something that you can find. You either have it or you don’t. Reflect on where your true passion lies. If it isn’t in your current business, then you may need to reinvent your business, or look at moving on to a different one. n


Alpha Mu ing Contact wer Consult Purpose Po  6 Business 12 625 +61 (0) 412 m Phone osepowerco www.purp

Desire is not something that you can find. You either have it or you don’t. Reflect on where your true passion lies. Ask yourself why you started your business and write the answer down. Now, take out your business plan (if you don’t have one, you must develop one), and look at the current strategic direction for your business. Does it match the reason your business exists? If not, align both your current business direction, and the original business purpose.

Systems Having the ability to communicate what you do and how you do it in language that your clients can understand is the cornerstone of any successful business. This explains why some businesses that offer similar products or services can be differentiated from one another. For example, franchises heavily rely on systems and procedures. A business like Boost Juice did not start out with hundreds of stores; it began as a single shop and a business that was built on systems that were eventually replicated. Write down what your current products and services are. Take a look at how you offer these to your clients and identify if you are packaging your products or services to best maximise the outcome they provide. If not, find the experience Spring 2011 n Working Women® 11

WW business strategies

Th e M o b i l i t y M a r k e t an d i t s

impact on business With one out of every seven minutes of media consumption today taking place on a mobile device, it is no wonder the demand for smartphones is on the rise. Alex Pirouz interviews Microsoft Australia’s, CATHERINE EIBNER about why businesses should take note and act on the rise of the smartphone. The worldwide smartphone market is expected to grow 49.2 per cent in 2011 as more consumers and enterprise users turn in their feature phones for smartphones with more advanced features. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, smartphone vendors will ship more than 450 million smartphones in 2011 compared to the 303.4 million units shipped in 2010. Moreover, the smartphone market will grow more than four times faster than the overall mobile phone market.

When did the mobile trend start and where do you see it going? The first massive adoption of the smart phone was with the introduction of the iPhone. Apple’s iPhone helped drive the cost of data plans down and also raised the awareness of the application market place and the ability to do more while mobile. Android have also done exceptionally well with their Developer Ecosystem and the application market place. Blackberry have introduced their own application market place alongside Microsoft with Windows Phone 7.

Alex Pirouz recently interviewed Catherine Eibner from Microsoft Australia (Developer Evangelist), to gain her views on mobile technology. Catherine looks after Microsoft’s BizSpark program which is designed specifically to support early stage companies particularly with emerging technologies.

Last year, Google announced that their emphasis going forward is on mobile first. According to Google, everybody has a mobile phone and websites have to be adapted to be viewed properly on all mobile phones. More companies now have both a mobile and a web version of their site.

Catherine there has been a lot of talk in the media on whether or not mobility is a growing trend or just another fad, what are your thoughts?

As a result of this growing market, what do business owners need to do in order to ensure they stay up to date with their customers?

In Australia, we have 99 per cent coverage over the entire continent, which for most growing economies is unusual, and over 80 per cent of children under the age of 16 have a mobile phone. These are the digital natives, the people who are driving the demand for what is next. The cost of data plans provided by telecommunications companies has consistently been dropping; meanwhile the amount of data included in these plans is consistently increasing. As that trend continues, there will continue to be an increase in the use of mobility.

There are a couple of things I would suggest, the first thing is for them to get a smartphone themselves so that they understand what their customers are looking for; understand the usability and visibility that goes on from their customer’s perspective. Once this is understood, then they can design something to meet this need.

Companies like Microsoft, Apple, Blackberry, and Android are spending billions of dollars in the mobile industry because they understand that people are becoming more mobile, and technology is allowing them to be in more places.

12 Working Women® n Spring 2011

Don’t just design something on a point and click platform, understand the power that comes with the new smartphones and utilise it. Design something that empowers people to be able to view and grasp the information quickly, include video, embrace the connected web, enable them to share with friends. Don’t assume what will work for your audience - ensure you do your market research. Ask the market what they want, understand what they need (which is often different) and then just deliver the best solution you can with the tools available to you. People these days are working

with technology differently, so as business owners we need to accommodate the new trends and behaviours of our customers.

What would you say are the possible dangers for business owners who decide to ignore this communication model? Out of 87 per cent of businesses which are active online using social media etc. only 42 per cent have a web presence, these companies are missing out on a lot of potential business as their customers are all going online. 90 per cent of Australian households are connected to the Internet. Combining this information with the ubiquitous broadband that the National Broadband Network is promising to deliver, and the proliferation of mobile devices, business owners ignoring this trend could risk going out of business. Excluding access to your business to the next generation of digital natives who are using the ever more powerful mobile devices to communicate, discover, purchase, share and more could be quite costly. In this generation of on demand instant gratification and online services, I want to find and buy something wherever it is situated and I am one out of 380 million people who own a smart phone. As a business owner, it is about adapting to a changing society. In Australia there are currently 2.3 phones per person, this is a great indication as to where we are heading and the direction of how people are going to communicate in the future. n Words: Alex Pirouz is the founder of RIDC Advisory Pty Ltd, a Business and Sales Advisory firm partnering with Australia’s largest and fastest growing companies to further increase their revenue. Visit for more details.

WW career strategies

12 tips for moving up the

ranks More often than not, career progression involves twists and turns like a game of snakes and ladders. Career strategist and author, KAREN ADAMEDES, outlines 12 tactics to keep your career moving in the right direction.

The trip to the top can be smoother, faster and more satisfying if you employ a range of strategies that will both help your advancement and give you the confidence that you are on track.

6. Move organisations - a step up the ladder

Here are 12 ways you can be proactive and ensure forward progress up the ladder:

7. Know your numbers - be able to

1. Have a career plan - write down your goals and the milestones you need to achieve. It will help you recognise each time you reach a new rung on the way up. 2. Be good at what you do - give yourself the time to learn your ‘craft’ within your field and develop credibility to underpin your career ambitions.

3. Network – in order to learn new information relevant to your field and uncover new opportunities. 4. Move sideways - to broaden your skills. It might seem like you are not making progress but it can pay off in integrity and experience when you do make the next move up.

5. Keep learning - whether it is formal qualifications, reading business and relevant magazines or volunteering to participate on projects, keep learning to ensure your skills, knowledge and experience are up to date and applicable to your industry.

is often easier if you move organisations rather than through internal promotions. For instance, your credibility as a manager is often higher if you have not been part of the team previously. articulate, in figures, the value you have delivered in your role.

8. Demonstrate your value - make sure that people know what you have contributed. Have an elevator pitch of one to three sentences that explains exactly what you have delivered.

Whether your career is within a single organisation, spans many companies or culminates in running your own business these strategies will enable you to progress up the ladder, achieve your goals and allow you to realise your potential. n

Check out these online resources Career Chick Chat

9. Work with mentors - they can provide feedback, help your thought process and provide unparallelled access to information, resources and contacts.

Women’s Network Australia

10. Learn how to work in teams - being

recognised as able to work well with others is important to your professional credibility.

11. Apply for promotions – do not wait until you are 1000 per cent confident that you can do every aspect of the job, as many women do. If you have good reason to think you can do the job and you have the qualifications and experience that proves you are capable, then apply! 12. Learn the skills to be recruited - from writing your CV to interview techniques, there

Does your e-newsletter raise the profile of your business? Does it grow your business? V Message - a powerful e-newsletter tool that lets your business: run surveys and track RSVPs send e-newsletters and e-alerts build and maintain lists automate subscribe/unsubscribe requests measure success through detailed reporting 14 Working Women® n Spring 2011

are many skills that are important to being successful and getting the job you want. Learn them.

Works by Nicole Williams

Career Women Career Intelligence


Karen Ada

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emarketing experts 07 3398 3173

WW communications

Why Writing

a Professional Profile Is So Hard A professional profile tells people who you are, your expertise and experience and helps to put a human face to your business. INGRID CLIFF explains the importance of having a professional profile and explains why so many get it entirely wrong.

It is one of the hardest things to write, particularly if you are writing about yourself! Many profiles end up as a dry regurgitation of a career resume, with all of the personality removed from the process. Others end up sounding like you are a packet of soap powder, with a set of steak knives thrown in with a breathless “But wait, there’s more,” style of writing. Still other personal profiles end up looking like a stand-up comedy routine, except the audience isn’t looking for a clown, they want to see the real you.

Why is it so hard? Personal and professional profiles are where you are declaring to the universe, “This is me.” It is where you are showing your best and most human face to your clients so they can resonate with who you are and where you have come from. It is a testament to your personal journey in life and business. Personal and professional profiles are an intensely private process and writing an effective profile can be as challenging as any personal growth exercise. It triggers every fear of waiting to be chosen for a team when you were a child and wanting desperately not to be the last one chosen. Some people want to put every part of their life into their profiles, afraid that if they miss any detail that people won’t ‘get’ who they are.

Do you want to discover the enjoyment and magic of parenting again? With each booking you receive a free copy of Kirsty’s book ‘PARENTING – A Guide For The Ride’

Others want to be short on content and high on hype of the type “Ms X is a dedicated career professional who goes the extra mile, whose stellar attention to detail has placed her as one of the most exceptional employees within this company.” Other people want to skate over the personal stuff, to focus only on dry facts of their life, as they only want people to judge them on their accomplishments. The problem with this is that people want to know more about the person they are working with and buying from, so just the facts will be as satisfying as a glass of water when they are hungry. Effective personal profiles require deep selfreflection, searching questions and careful crafting of your words. When writing a professional profile, often a couple of drafts are needed to allow you to discover who you are now and stretch your personal horizons of who you are becoming, and who you like to work with. You may find it more effective to work with someone who can guide you through the process, who can help you shine a light on your true personality and present it in a positive and heart-focussed way. n Ingrid Cliff

Contact mony Heart Har Business 8844 51 33 ) (7 1 +6 Phone

harm www.heart

Kirsty O’Callaghan is a National Parenting Expert who is motivating and inspiring thousands of Australians through easy-to-implement strategies that are simple, effective and practical. All services are relevant to the real world and the unique challenging professional and personal times you and I face today. T – Teaching and Training L – Learning and Literature C – Coaching and Consulting

Kirsty O’Callaghan UNITY-QLD 0402 889 648 Spring 2011 n Working Women® 15

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Conquering the

Art of Listening

One of the greatest skills of a successful individual is the art of listening, not only to your clients and staff, but also to your partner and children. SALLY THIBAULT shares her top 7 tips on how to empower others through the art of listening.

The most basic need for any individual is the desire to be heard and to be understood. But in the noisy world of social media and technology combined with the desire to stand out from the crowd to promote ourselves in a highly competitive business world, the art of empowering and empathetic listening is being lost. When somebody takes the time to truly listen to you, to ask you open-ended, thought-provoking questions, rather than trying to push their opinion, your sense of worth and empowerment rises and you feel valued. Whether you are promoting your business, in a relationship or raising children, your ability to listen to others with interest and compassion will make the difference not only to your bottom line, but also to the quality of those relationships.

In short, an empowering listener is one of the most valuable people in any family or organisation. As a parent, being able to listen to the ‘words your children are not saying’ and then guiding them to create their own solutions gives them effective tools that will stay with them for life. In business, the ability to listen to what your customers are saying is critical in building long-term relationships.

How to be an Empowering Listener: 1. Learn to listen with your heart. People often do not say what they really mean. Try to get to the real heart of the issue before you make judgements or assumptions about actions.

2. Challenge yourself for one day to not give anybody your opinion. Instead practice ‘living

Are you on the best path to ageing with vitality, sexuality and beauty? If not, why not? If you want more from your life, I have some wonderful options for you to consider. If you do, “Ageless Vitality” is a MUST READ SPECIAL OFFER, for SEPTEMBER, purchase a copy of Ageless Vitality at only $25.00, you will receive a copy of Dr Sandra Cabot’s “Your Thyroid Problems solved” for only $5.00 (rrp $24.95). This is in line with Vicky’s article this edition on Thyroid health. All you have to do is visit and order the Ageless Vitality via the E store and quote WNA or email to arrange a direct payment

in the question’ for a day. Ask yourself “What are they really saying?”

3. If somebody asks for your opinion, instead ask them what they think they should do. 4. At the next networking event, don’t tell anybody what you do, instead set a goal to ask what others do, or ask them about their lives. People will remember you if you listen to them because it is so rare. 5. At the end of each day, ask your child how their day was, and listen without interruption. Respond with open-ended questions like, “That must have been amazing, how did that feel?” or “You must have been really angry/frustrated/ annoyed?” You may find your relationship will move to a whole new level. 6. If you are involved in a heated debate or argument, take time to listen to the other person’s point of view. Arguments occur when people misunderstand each others intentions. By taking time to listen to the other person’s point of view, you may find that what you thought the issue was, and what it really is are two entirely different things. 7. When people are angry or frustrated, it is usually about them, not about you. Listen to their concerns, make, “I understand you must be…” statements then ask them what they think the solution could be in order to create a win/win solution for everybody. You will be surprised at how the heat can be taken out of any situation when you ask somebody to be involved in creating the solution. The art of empowering listening is essential to developing long-term, valuable relationships, whether business or personal. It does not cost a thing, but can be the most powerful tool you ever use. n lt

Sally Thibau

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The Perfect Country Destination Conferencing • Weddings • dining • Special Occasions • Weekend retreats

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Lights, Camera, Action

Get Camera Ready In business and in life, it is so important to ensure you are portraying a positive image to potential customers. JULISSA SHREWSBURY provides some guidelines for presenting yourself in the most suitable and stylish way possible for next time you appear in front of the camera. People often ask, “What should I wear?” when preparing for their photo shoot. Depending on the shoot, the look might be casual, corporate, glamorous or even fantasy, but there are some general guidelines you can follow to always look your best in photographs.

Don’t be dull Wearing bright colours will make you look alive. Even a splash of red on a tie or a statement piece of jewellery makes a big difference. Generally, people with fair skin look great in cool colours like blue or even pink, and those with olive or dark skin suit warm colours like oranges and browns. Red seems to look good on everyone, and it is a symbol of power and confidence. White can look great but if the shoot is on a white background, you may run into problems, so it is best to check. Beware of bold patterns and don’t wear shirts with slogans unless it is important for your shoot. Bright colour goes for makeup too, ladies. Don’t go overboard and do your face up for the stage - unless it’s a fashion or theatrical shoot - but a little red lippy or even a shiny gloss goes a long way. Strong mascara looks great. Be careful of blush or cheek staining products, always remember to blend, blend, blend or the lights will pick up that streak across your face. A light, nude powder across the forehead and nose will eliminate shine. And finally, foundation should blend down your neck - stick to a shade close to your skin colour.

Take it easy Many rush out and get their hair cut before their photo shoot, but quite often that gives you that a-little-too-fresh-from-the-salon look. Unless you are going for a dramatic look, choose a natural style you are used to. Take it easy with tanning, too. Stick with what you know and don’t try a new product just before your shoot. It is very easy to look like a beach-babe in daylight and bright orange under studio lights. Just remember, your natural skin colour was made to suit you.

Strike a pose For simple shoots such as a corporate profile shoot, there are a few tricks on how to stand to look your best. Stand tall, but relax your shoulders down. Position yourself on a slight angle so that one shoulder is closer to the camera. Ladies can try one hand on the hip or resting one hand lightly on the thigh. Gents can hook one thumb in their belt loop. To relax your face, try looking away from the camera and then turning your head to smile at the camera as the photographer prompts you. This saves you staring nervously down the lens with a frozen smile while the photographer adjusts the camera. If you want a more neutral look, don’t smile but relax your mouth so that your lips part naturally. It feels silly but ensures your face is smooth and eliminates tension around the mouth that can make you look too serious. If you are trying a more creative shoot, your photographer should give you some ideas to get started, but don’t be afraid to put forward your own. It’s a good idea to start with a prop such as a piece of furniture or a symbolic item to give you something to interact with.

I see you, baby Think about what you or others love best about who you are, and see if you can show that to the camera. If you have a favourite colour, accessory or outfit, use it. You might consider including special props or environments things that have meaning for you. Remember, this is your moment to shine, so enjoy it. If you are feeling nervous about having a photo shoot, talk to your photographer beforehand and ask them to explain the process to you. Part of their job is to help you enjoy the experience. Have fun on your photo shoot! n wsbury Julissa Shre

y Contact Photograph New Work 7 Business 33 6 9 37 +61 (0) 40 Phone orkpho www.neww

Spring 2011 n Working Women® 17


WW Law + Order

Protecting Wh a t ’ s S p e c i a l

You may have the most unique business in the world but if you don’t protect your distinctiveness someone else can copy what you have worked so hard to create. SHARON GIVONI explains the importance of protecting your business with that little ®. You have worked hard to create a point of difference for your business in the market place, but what action have you taken in regard to legally protecting the distinctive elements of your business. The special elements of your business that are most likely to need protecting include your brand name, the visual graphics that you use or the way you describe your business through written materials. Protecting what you have built is not always top-of-mind when you are busy addressing the day-to-day running of your business however, it is really important. It’s called ‘intellectual property’ which is in essence the content that you can’t see or touch – or in legal terms – the intangible assets that a business owns. Copyright, trade marks and designs are what we are referring to, and given that often so much thought goes into it, it is really important to give your work legal protection. Copyright covers graphics and written works, as well as photographs and software etc. There are all sorts of rules surrounding copyright law, some of which might surprise people. Firstly, unlike in the US, in Australia you cannot register copyright – it simply arises automatically when the work is created. However, the issue that often occurs (sometimes when it’s too late) is who owns what. For

example, often business people fall into the trap of thinking that just because they paid a designer or copywriter to write something for them they own it. This is wrong. The default position under the law is that the contractor owns it unless he or she is an employee (acting in the scope of employment) or the copyright has been transferred to the business in writing (with a copyright assignment). Another misconception that often arises is that just because something is on the internet it is in the public domain and therefore anyone can use it. Again this is wrong – the last thing you want to do is end up getting a cease and desist letter. Thus if you are not sure about what you are using it is best to assess it from a legal stand point. Your brand name and logo can be extremely valuable – whether it’s your very own name or a made up name such as KODAK. Your brand name forms an important part of the personality and image of your business and the more you use it the more you build up goodwill and reputation in it. Taglines also count – for example, the phrases ‘glass and a half,’ ‘oh what a feeling’ and ‘moments like these’ speak for themselves without any reference to the brand to which they relate. Taglines can also be protected as trade marks. Trade mark protection is by far the best sort of protection that you can get in your name.

Lost when it comes to using LinkedIn or Facebook in Your Business? Teach yourself using simple, easy to follow, step-by-step short videos. Simply choose a video, watch it and implement the steps at your own pace. EASY!

Case stu dy

Lynette Palmen has registered her suite of brand names and now owns monopoly rights for them.

These include: n The Women’s Network Australia logo; n The magazine title WORKING WOMEN; and n The brand name NETWALKING. Trade marking these gives her the comfort that she can continue to invest in her business assets and grow the goodwill and reputation in her company and products, knowing that she has rights to prevent others from copying, if that should occur (even if the person who has copied has done it innocently as this is no defence to trade mark infringement). Considerations:

nH  ave you protected your Intellectual

Property assets?

n Do you know what

they are? this something that you should turn your mind to? nD  o not overlook this important side of your business. n I s

oni Sharon Giv

ing, Contact oni Consult Sharon Giv ty er Business op Pr ctual Brought to you by 18 Working Women® n Spring 2011

Subject to some minor exceptions, it gives you exclusive rights to use the brand in Australia. Domain name, company name and business name registration are merely administrative and do not give you any ownership rights over the names. Don’t get fooled into thinking otherwise. The other beauty of owning a registered trade mark is that you can then display the ® symbol next to it to show everyone that the mark is registered. This serves as a warning, or to put it more bluntly – a ‘back off’ symbol to ward off unscrupulous copycats. n

Intelle 557 907 +61 (0) 410 .au om ngivoni.c www.sharo


over 40 & struggling with your menopause symptoms? Would you prefer a holistic treatment approach?

how many of these menopause symptoms do you have?

Then you need to see Raman Das Mahatyagi, one of Australia’s leading Ayurvedic Medicine practitioners, who will guide you with practical and effective advice and treatment to avoid or minimize the myriad of symptoms this phase of your life can bring. Utilising the great healing traditions of Ayurveda and Yoga, he has created customised, effective treatment plans that have helped many women just like you, ease through this time - free of discomfort, feeling more energised and balanced, both physically and emotionally. Using the Ayurvedic approach you will discover: • 7 daily habits for beating menopause symptoms • What’s right for your body type • The way to put a stop to hot flushes • Ways to regain and enhance your memory • A firmer, toned bottom, hips and waist in 17 minutes a day and more...

Menopause doesn’t have to be as painful or unpleasant as you think.

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Ways to Gain or Maintain Your

Competitive Advantage

Is your business in danger of becoming a ‘me too’ with no real competitive advantage? Stand out from the crowd with your small business by using some simple techniques, as proposed by DANIELLE MACINNIS. The clear winners in business, no matter what their size, are those that find new definition around innovation, and use new ways of communicating the value of this innovation to their key customer segments, and those who spend more time listening. What else can you do to stand out from the crowd?

1. Collaborate Whether we like it or not customers are in the box seat. They choose to visit your website, view your ad or open your email and they can click delete, navigate to another page or change the channel in a nano second! As a small business, you are uniquely placed to collaborate with your customers. You can do this using social media tools like Facebook, and forums, blogs and Tweets. Innovations are best when they come from the customers because they are telling you (in many cases) a better way to do something! Invite customers to be a part of your planning. Creating a collaborative culture in your small business with your employees contributing freely can really help too!

2. offer Understanding and Insight

something that provides great insight for your small business to change something that was losing you business or create something that will give you a competitive edge.

some whiteboards, smarties and have a sense of humour! All services have an opportunity to create a customer experience that is enjoyable.

3. Share your story

Step into your customer’s shoes every day. One of the most fundamental changes you can make is to step through the customer touch points in your business and consciously think about them. This awareness of how they feel at each stage in your process makes you change how you do things.

Stand for something and make it count! So many companies still just don’t get it. People buy from those they know, like and trust. How can they get to know you if all you have on your website is the same old company spiel? Your potential customers are making decisions about whether to contact you every day. Give them the whole story so they can make a decision based on what and who you really are. Freshbooks is a good example of this. Remember, you don’t have to try and make your story inspiring, it just has to be real! Read Tell to Win by Peter Guber which tells the importance of storytelling in business.

No one will ever get fired for trying something new. If you can create a culture where you and your team are prepared to try ideas and experiment you are likely to hit a few jackpots! 4. make work Fun and Easy

Communicating with your customers could be as simple as a phone call or online survey. If done with sensitivity to their needs and not in an annoying five-page survey it can be

How likable are you anyway? The journey, the process and the prospect of working together has to be enjoyable for you and the client. Marketing is not a one-off activity, but an integral part of the business model. Inject

Because not all Financial Planners are the same!

Olivia Maragna Queensland’s 2008 Telstra Young Business Woman of the Year

Talk to Olivia Maragna, on how she can help you achieve financial success. Aspire Retire Financial Services is an award winning financial planning firm, providing holistic financial advice and smart strategies on a fee for service basis.

• Investment Advice • Personal Insurance • No commission –

fee for service policy.

AFS Licence no. 301712

20 Working Women® n Spring 2011

Small businesses are best placed to be customer centric but it does take a mind shift. Look at your website, shopfront, business card, flyers, staff and services from your customer’s view point. Now should you change something? The answer is always yes.

6. Fail quickly but create an idea-based culture No one will ever get fired for trying something new. If you can create a culture where you and your team are prepared to try ideas and experiment you are likely to hit a few jackpots!

7. Love your Employees Would you want to work for you? Employees are the soul of your small business; this is because your customers can feel instantly if they have walked into a positive or negative environment. If your employees are happy you are half way to creating a great brand. Something as simple as bean bags in the coffee room, a punching bag, and some nice flowers planted in the garden outside your office, can make a world of difference. You have to take responsibility for setting the tone and then allow your employees to add their own flavour to it. These seven principles are simple yet very effective and can set you apart from other businesses. How can you take these strategies and improve your competitive advantage today? n

Client Focused, Award Winning, Smart Strategies

Services include: • Financial Planning • Superannuation Services • Retirement Planning • Self Managed Super Funds

5. be Customer Centric


Danielle M


1300 667 702


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Simple Tips for Finding

Your Ideal Clients

Marketing can be an expensive exercise, especially if you do not know who your target market is. BERNADETTE SCHWERDT reveals three simple ways to find your ideal clients without spending a fortune.

Finding your ideal clients is easy when you know how. Here are a few quick and easy tips to help you attract the clients you want:

1. Run a targetted webinar Running a webinar that targets a specific market is a quick way to find out who wants what you offer. Run a webinar with a very specific topic and an offer that only appeals to a particular client, a client you would want to attract.

2. Web headlines You can target your ideal client by clever website copywriting. For example, if you are a naturopath specialising in fertility and want to attract more men to your business, you might trial a headline on your home page that goes something like: “Can’t Get Pregnant? Maybe It’s Not You - But Him! Book your partner in for a full health check-up with our qualified

naturopath and discover once and for all what’s really going on.” This headline targets both the females (who tend to drive the purchase of this sort of service) and males (who tend to avoid at all costs this sort of service).

3. Testimonial letters and referrals One of the best ways to find new ideal clients is to ask your existing ideal client for a testimonial letter. When you send a proposal to your next prospect, you can include a testimonial to prove that you are as good as you say you are. Testimonials are often read more closely than your proposal so it is worth taking the time to start a file of them. While you are asking, you may as well ask them for a referral. Asking for a referral is so simple but few people do it. Why not be proactive about it and include this footer at the end of every email:

“Referrals are a very important part of my business. If you know of anyone who would benefit from my service, please pass their details on or ask them to call me. Thank you for your help.” The first step to finding ideal clients is identifying who your ideal client is and sticking to that plan. It is better to target a small group and get 50 per cent of them rather than target a massive group and get none of them. Niche your product down to attract a particular group and you will discover that marketing your business is not only easier but much cheaper as well. n Bernadette



py Contact School of Co Australian 2 Business 93 1 89 +61 (0) 419 Phone om chool.c www.copys

Better image... more sales guaranteed!

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Spring 2011 n Working Women® 21

WW marketing

Don’t get put off

a ‘NO’ can simply mean ‘Not Yet’

The power of positive thinking and persistence is often underestimated in business. PAUL MCCARTHY shows you how to change the way you think in order to get more from prospective clients. What do you usually do when you hear the word NO from a prospective client?

said NO to their original offer, most say, “What Marketing Sequence?”

Think carefully because how you answer this question will tell you a lot. This question can reveal whether you are maximising your marketing efforts or squandering them.

Savvy marketers understand one thing above all else; just because you hear NO initially does not mean NO definitely. In fact, in about 25 per cent of cases, it simply means NOT YET.

It is not unusual to hear NO when you are in business. Chances are you hear it on a daily basis. The problem is not with the NO. The problem is what happens next. Most business owners spend most of their time, energy and money trying to find more ways to get people to say YES. But despite their best efforts, there are always people who say NO (at least initially). When you ask most business owners what their marketing sequence is for converting those who

However here’s where the problems begin. Once most businesses hear NO, they forget the prospect. By saying NO, the prospective client is cast aside, viewed as a waste of time and forgotten as quickly as they arrived. The business neglects to maintain communication, instead choosing to see the prospect as a lost cause. This is a huge and costly mistake. By building an effective, targetted and

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It is worth remembering that there are always more people who will want what you offer, than will want it right now. The first job of your marketing is to get your people to raise their hands and express their interest in your offer. systemised follow-up process, it is highly likely you could pick up as many as one in four of those prospects who initially said NO. That is an additional 25 per cent of new clients you had previously written off as non buyers. Next time a prospect says NO to your offer, what you should hear them say is NOT YET. That way, instead of discarding them and throwing away all the marketing dollars you invested to bring them through the door, you have a plan and process in place to continue marketing to them. To do this you need to build a sequence of marketing pieces that engage, educate and reignite the prospect’s desire to work with you. When you switch what you are hearing to NOT YET instead of NO, and maintain some meaningful communication, you will see a substantial increase in your bottom line. It is worth remembering that there are always more people who will want what you offer, than will want it right now. The first job of your marketing is to get your people to raise their hands and express their interest in your offer. But if you want to truly maximise your marketing efforts, make sure you have a well developed marketing sequence in place to maintain contact with interested prospects until they are ready to buy. n

Paul McCar


Contact arketer RockStar M Business 21 1456 +61 (3) 94 Phone .au

ccar www.paulm


Women in Leadership Forum

Providing leadership skills for aspiring women 28th - 30th November 2011 :: The Grace Hotel, Sydney

K E Y B E N E F I T S O F AT T E N D I N G : DEvELOp essential skills for effective leadership in the corporate world ENSurE your team, division, and company thrives under your direction EMpOWEr your staff to perform above and beyond expectations

F E AT u r I N G : 8 Chief Executive Officers :: 4 Managing Directors :: 3 Chief Financial Officers YOur ExpErT SpEAKErS: • • • • • • • •

Lyn Cobley, Group Treasurer, Commonwealth Bank Australia Rebecca McGrath, CFO and Executive Director, BP Australasia Helen Gluer, CEO, Stanwell Corporation Alison Harrop, CFO, Australia Post Launa Inman, Managing Director, Target Amy Smith, Managing Director, Jenny Craig Janet Young, CFO/COO, Freehills Giri Tenneti, Education Executive, ASX Compliance, Australian Securities Exchange • Bronwyn Evans, Senior Vice President, Quality, Clinical and Regulatory, Cochlear Limited and Non-Executive Director, John Holland Limited

• Jemma Fastnedge, CEO, RedBalloon • Kim Jenkins, Managing Director, Experian Australia and New Zealand • Jan Bingley, General Manager, IP, Licensing and Technology Transfer, CSIRO • Dr Anna Lavelle, CEO, AusBiotech • Meg McDonald, CEO, Low Carbon Australia • Nareen Young, CEO, Diversity Council Australia • Dr Nikki Williams, CEO, NSW Mineral Council • Yvonne Howie, CEO, NSW, The CEO Institute • Sally Romano, Principal, Publicity Queen

REGISTER NOW! Phone: 02 9224 6000 TONKIN’S

Communication and Negotiation for Women TONKIN’S

17th & 18th october 2011 :: The Grace Hotel, Sydney | 20th & 21st october 2011 :: rendezvous Hotel, mELBourNE A two day training programme that concentrates on boosting your performance as a communicator, influencer and decision-maker. Use your understanding of communication styles to impact others. Tonkin’s Communication & Negotiation for Women explores the importance of using effective communication in the workplace or in life. In every workplace we constantly forge new relationships as we go about our job. There are many elements involved with developing effective communication and having meaningful relationships. relationships are the foundation of our society and workplace environment. How we build those contacts within our environment directly impacts the outcome. This program explores WHY communication and negotiation falls down, the WHAT to do when it is not working well. You will discover the answers to “What are the tools and strategies?” and “HoW am I able to make my communication more effective?”.

At the end of the session, managers will know how to: • value the importance of addressing and managing to enhance quality of workplace relationships and productivity • Identify the potential blockers that inhibit women when effectively negotiating • Apply a set of specific skills and strategies to actively manage challenging situations and deal with difficult people • Demonstrate greater levels of comfort when addressing conflict and confidence in achieving WIN/WIN outcomes

rEGISTEr NOW! :: ph: 02 9224 6055 :: ::

WW on the money

When Was Your Last

Financial Review? Financial flounders can make any optimistic person feel like they are failures. OLIVIA MARAGNA provides some questions to help you indulge in the benefits of reflective practice and make a positive change to your financial situation.

The months seem to fly by in a blink of an eye and each Christmas feels like it was only celebrated a few months ago. Every year we see dramatic changes announced for our superannuation system, interest rates, the stock market and property both up and down, depending on where you are. All of this emphasises the need for regular reviews of your financial strategy and investment portfolio. A full review should take place on an annual basis and cover such topics as: Have your financial objectives changed as a result of changed business or family circumstances?


Are you on course to achieve your objectives in the planned timeframe or are adjustments needed?


Have there been new legislation or taxation changes which you need to factor into your plan?


How have your investments performed and are they appropriate for current market conditions, or would you benefit from rebalancing your portfolio?


Are you adequately protected against changing financial and personal risks?

it is continuing to meet your changing needs now and into the future. Just remember, your financial affairs are like a freshly planted garden, without constant review, weeding and fertilising they generally will not prosper. n Important: The information and any advice do not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs and so you should consider its appropriateness having regard to these factors before acting on it. agna Olivia Mar


If you are looking after your own investments, it might be time to ask a professional to take a look at your strategy and portfolio to ensure

Contact re Financial Aspire Reti Business

Services 2 1300 667 70 e. ir et er ir www.asp


Worried about the state of the markets? Keep up to date with our morning market email - a daily update which outlines what has happened overnight as well as any current news on Australian companies. Make an appointment to review your investments, insurance and superannuation.

Contact Patricia Doyle from RBS Morgans on 07 3334 4966 or Contact Susan Rallings from RBS Morgans on 07 3334 4865 or

RBS Morgans Limited A.B.N. 49 010 669 726 AFSL 235410 AParticipant of ASX Group A Principal Member of the Financial Planning Association

24 Working Women速 n Spring 2011

WW on the money

InvestmentMatters With so many factors to consider, deciding where to go for sound investment advice can be a hard decision. SUSAN RALLINGS and PATRICIA DOYLE offer some valuable guidance to help you find the right investment adviser for your needs. There are a few important tips to help you on your way to growing your portfolio the way that you want and to obtain the investment advice that is right for you.

Types of Investment Advisers. There are a whole range of advisers available from Stockbrokers to Financial Planners to Mortgage Brokers. Do you want an adviser who focuses on one particular area? Or would you prefer the one-stop-shop? Decide what it is you think you would prefer to invest in and if you cannot decide have a chat to a couple of different advisers and you will be able to work out what is most appealing to you.

Company. Who does your adviser work for? How broad is their selection of products? You may want to have the freedom to choose any product you prefer.

Your Risk Appetite. Ask your adviser about the types of investments they would prefer you to invest in and how often. Are you a trader, that is, do you like to buy and sell frequently or prefer to buy and hold on to assets for the long term. Ensure you make your preferences clear or you could have either one too many or not enough conversations with your adviser.

Your Portfolio Size. Does your portfolio size matter to your adviser? Just ask them the question, sometimes you and your adviser may not fit, and that is okay. They may prefer to look after high net worth clients with over one million dollars to invest; and if you do not fit into that category you do not want your portfolio to be treated with any less importance than that of any other client. Protecting your Portfolio. This is the golden rule, whether or not your investment adviser/

stockbroker can provide you with insurance advice. It is critical that you see someone who can review your circumstances and ensure you are adequately covered. n Important: The information contained in this article is general information only. It does not take into consideration any specific needs, situations or objectives. Before making any financial decisions you should make sure you are comfortable that the strategy suits your needs and objectives, and your risk profile. If necessary, you should seek professional advice.

ngs Susan Ralli Doyle and Patricia s n ga or M RBS Business 4865 +61 (7) 3334 Phone m co s. n ga or www.rbsm


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Get online now

Reach over 15,000 business women online every Monday Women’s Network Australia’s eNoticeBoard speaks to, for and about women. Distributed weekly it fast-tracks your message via email to over 15,000 business and professional women. It’s the most economical way to advertise events, workshops, services and even positions vacant. To book an advertisement visit:

Booking and Deadline

The eNoticeBoard is distributed weekly on Mondays. For your advertisement to be included in next Monday’s edition book online by this Friday at 12:00 midday.

1800 052 476 +61 (7) 3272 8222

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WW productivity

Th e 6 P’s to Overcome

Procrastination If you have found yourself putting off important tasks over and over again, you are not alone. KIRSTY O’CALLAGHAN poses the question: Is procrastination stopping you from fulfilling your potential?

You procrastinate when you put off things that you could be, or know you should be, focusing on right now - usually in favour of doing something that is more enjoyable or that you are more comfortable doing.

tell someone or a group of people and promise to have it finished and ask for their support. This creates an atmosphere of accountability and is a psychological incentive for you to complete what you have been putting off.

Putting off an unimportant task is not necessarily procrastination; it may just be good prioritisation! Or if you have a good reason for rescheduling something important, then you are not necessarily procrastinating. However, if you are just making an excuse because you really just do no want to do it, then you are procrastinating.

3. Prepare and have a process

The key to taking back control is to recognise when you start procrastinating, understand why it happens and take active steps to manage your time and outcomes better. To have a good chance of conquering procrastination, you need to be aware straight away that you are doing it. Then you can identify why you are procrastinating and take appropriate steps to overcome the block. Here are six P’s for creating a new habit of action rather than non-action or avoidance.

1. Pay off Establish and brainstorm what are the great things that you will get once this is done. Why is it important to you?

2. People to tell and promise Name your task and put a deadline on it, then

Prepare all that you need to get this task done and have a list, a diary and a process. What are you going to complete initially, and do you need to break it down into smaller tasks?

Give yourself a big pat on the back and a reward each time you achieve your goal. This will encourage you to keep going forward. 4. Pay attention Be completely present with this task, no breaks, no interruptions and no distractions.

5. Practise Just keep following this guide for all tasks you feel overwhelmed by or struggle to complete. You do not have to get it perfect, practise will allow you to create a new habit of work or task completion.

beetle’ first thing every day. This means conquering your hardest, least desirable tasks first thing in the morning so you don’t have to carry the load in your mind around with you all day. n

6. Praise and celebrate Give yourself a big pat on the back and a reward each time you achieve your goal. This will encourage you to keep going forward.


Kirsty O’C Contact Unity-Qld Business 4295 +61 (7) 3482 Phone u .a m

A great action step is to aim to ‘eat an elephant


Can you see which marketing works best? With GeoCalling™ you can track the source of every sales call, from print, web or broadcast marketing campaigns. Like taking a blindfold off, you’ll quickly see what’s working and what’s not.

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T: 1300 832 209 E:

WW productivity

Quickly and Dramatically

Increase your


With only 24 hours in a day, time is constant; the challenge is to maximise its use. SUE BROUGHTON and MELISSA SMITH share their tips and tools on making time more productive for you.

All your accomplishments in life pass through three stages - the goal, the plan, and the action. By focusing on this sequence, you will be able to get yourself better organised to squeeze more out of 24 hours each day.

4. Use timesaving devices.

Try these concepts to dramatically increase your productivity.

5. Be prepared when travelling.

Prioritise your tasks and plan your time to deal with top priority items.


Learn to say no.


Establish and stick to deadlines.


Reduce non-strategic tasks.


Avoid over-commitment by being realistic about what you can do in the time.


Take action instead of procrastinating.


Avoid flitting from one job to another.


Keep an iPad or notebook and pen on hand at all times.


Find a quiet place at home or at work where you can get important jobs finished without interruption.


If you are to be productive, you need to be an effective time manager by integrating these tools as part of your daily life:

1. Identify what is important to you. Know exactly why you are doing what you do. Identify the essentials of your job and their importance. If you develop more than six essentials, this means you need to clarify your situation. Reduce non-strategic issues.

Keep up with technology. Devices such as iPads, organisers, laptops, email, mobile phones, computer software and time management diaries all provide opportunities for you to achieve more, in less time. Stay informed and up to date by using new technologies such as laptops and audio books, maximising the time available when you travel and are waiting.

6. Organise your work space. If you want to save time, the key is to keep your work place organised, paying close attention to its location. Aim for a place with no

Never Enough Time?

Never complete your To Do list each day? Always chasing more hours in your day? Need more time to have a life? Wouldn’t it be fantastic if YOU could be the master of your time, instead of time being your master? Dynamic Excellence is committed to showing you how to Tame Time.

2. Set goals and detail actions. Be clear about your goals. To achieve these goals, you need specific actions to take with realistic timelines. Activities which block progress need to be reduced.

Most of the things we worry about are unfounded. Focus your efforts on the few things you can do something about. Live a happier, more productive life by disciplining yourself to change the few things you can and accept the many that you cannot. Just think of the time you will save. n oughton &


Melissa Sm

Sue Br Health Contact  Institute of Australian t  s Busines Managemen s and Busines 6 442 57 7 41 +61 (0) Phone au om .c www.aihbm

Help is on it’s way.... Are you struggling with some areas of your business? Have you thought about getting some help? AIHBM have professional and experienced consultants who specialises in: • HR and Organisational Design and Development • Change Management • Strategic and Business Planning • Process Design and Improvement • Facilitation • Team Building • Training and Assessment • Learning and Development Process and Implementation AIHBM is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) – NTIS No 32314 specialising in Complementary Health and Business Management through training, assessment, consultancy and customising solutions for your business. ContaCt: Sue Broughton on 0417 576 442 or Melissa Smith on 0412 187 036 Email:



3. Plan your time and day. The parts of your life over which you will have most control, are those relating to today and the next 24 hours. While being aware of the overall picture, it is your diary for the next two days, which will be your immediate focus.

interruptions that is comfortable and has all the work tools you need at hand.

To reserve your place for our FREE webinar on Taming Time on November 9th, 2011 Click on http://www.tametime.viprespond. com/freetelecall Spring 2011 n Working Women® 27

WW hr issues

Top 10 tips for minimising risks when hosting work


With Spring Racing Carnival around the corner and Christmas and New Year beyond that, the party season is positively fun and safe. NERIDA GUERIN shares her top 10 tips to help ensure the party season is positively fun and safe.

For businesses, the party season is a time to celebrate with your stakeholders and staff, recognising relationships and great efforts. It is also a time when hosting parties can cause major headaches and exposure to breaches of health and safety, complaints of bullying and other forms of discrimination and harassment, particularly sexual harassment.

4. Ensure adequate food ordered/served

Listed below are ten tips to consider when planning your next function:

Back in the Workplace Communication

The Event - Preparation 1. Decide on the type of event and set clear parameters – review the demographics of your business, and note that the style of event will often increase the risk of poor behaviour. Consider alternatives to the traditional approach: day versus night, a picnic to encourage a more family-oriented atmosphere, a smaller team breakfast or brunch. Communicate clearly the official start and finish times.

2. Who is in charge? Designate a person to be the key contact at the event for any issue that may arise.

3. Review your alcohol supply/management plans – ensure a range of drink options including light alcoholic drinks, soft drinks and water. Have a designated ‘cut-off’ time for serving alcohol and communicate that to the event co-ordinators. Are all responsible serving of alcohol requirements met?

throughout the event – if providing alcohol, appropriate quantities of food are essential.

5. Address safety issues for staff travelling home – are you providing appropriate arrangements, i.e. buses or cab charges or communicating to staff well in advance to plan how they will arrive and depart?

1. Policies and procedures – do you have a bullying and harassment policy? Where is it, do people know it exists? What is the process for handling complaints and grievances?

2. Have you provided harassment and awareness training? Social events are a common place where people let their guard down. Regular coaching / training and development for both staff and managers on acceptable behaviours will minimise the risk of inappropriate actions.

3. Have a range of methods to reinforce your policies and procedures including face-toface discussions, readily accessible policy documents and training. Consider online learning solutions for multiple site locations.

usual workplace policies apply because it is a company-sponsored event?

5. Have you provided staff with a reporting procedure for incidents? Whether at work, or off-site at an event, staff need to be aware of how to report any incidents and the manner in which it will be dealt. More often than not, issues that arise at work parties are avoidable by simply preparing and communicating appropriately. Take the time to plan and communicate and your next event is sure to be a great success. n

4. Have you completed a policy and procedure review with your staff, and are they aware of their responsibilities? Do they know the


Nerida G tions Contact siness Solu Garner Bu Business 0 1300 856 93 Phone solutions.


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All About Biz is a promotional network service that gets your business noticed! 28 Working Women® n Spring 2011

Join us today and start getting all the help you and your business need in one place.

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WW hr issues

How to Recognise Unconscious

Workplace Bias Gender balance consultant JEN DALITZ shares with you ten key signs that may indicate your work place is in need of some gender balance realignment.

What is unconscious bias and how will I know if it is happening here in my workplace? In truth, the second half of the question is easiest to answer as it is uncommon to come across a workplace where unconscious bias doesn’t exist. That is because workplaces and organisations are simply groups of human beings, all of whom have different life experiences and therefore different frames of references that guide their thinking and decision-making processes. Unconscious biases and stereotypes are simply cognitive shortcuts that help us to process information. We learn as young children that the sky is blue; fire engines are red and so on. Historically in Australia, women ran households and men ran businesses; which means that when most of us think ‘leader’, we think male. In particular, the leaders are those making promotion decisions and in corporate Australia an overwhelming majority of these leaders are still men.

2. Marital status and whether one has children (or is likely to have them), are factors in talent identification - particularly in terms of identifying potential flight risks.

3. In the same context, men are described as being people leaders in terms of their competency attributes (the sorts of projects and work undertaken in the past), whereas a woman is described in terms of her physical attributes (what she looks like).

work - even though there are parents of young children on your team - and take the team for paint ball skirmish or rock climbing, even though you know the women on your team have no interest in sports or the outdoors.

4. You assume that certain roles are always

8. When marketing or pitching to clients,

performed by men or by women, just because they were in the past. Consider this: A man and his son were injured in a car crash. They were taken to hospital and as the little boy was wheeled into emergency surgery the operating surgeon said, “Oh no, that’s my son!” How could that be? The answer - that the surgeon was his mother - is usually overlooked as people would sooner conclude that the boy has two dads rather than consider the surgeon is female. This is unconscious bias at its most basic level.

So what should you look out for in your own workplace? Here are just a few signs that your workplace may need some gender balance realignment:

5. When discussing roles with mobility or travel

1. Assumptions are made that leadership roles

set of hands’ and men as ‘strategic assets’ or ‘rising stars’.

cannot be performed on flexible terms (even when all the technology has long existed for work to be performed and monitored remotely and on flexible terms).

Income Protection

Wealth Creation

Historically in Australia, women ran households and men ran businesses; which means that when most of us think ‘leader’, we think male.

requirements, it is assumed that working mums would be unsuitable or unwilling to apply.

you cast women into stereotypical ‘mother and carer’ roles rather than the financial decision maker that most women are for their households.

9. You have policies and programs in place that use terminology and wording like ‘maternity leave’ instead of ‘parental leave’. Or worse still, you still don’t have a formal policy for either.

10. When allocating bonuses, you give a bigger proportion - or in the worst cases, all of the bonus pool - to full time workers because as much as your flexi workers do a good job, “They just don’t put in the same quantum of effort as their full time peers.” n

6. You describe women on your team as a ‘safe

7. You routinely organise team building events that include the traditional drinks after

Business Loss Insurance

Jen Dalitz

Contact Sphinxx Business 070 1300 969 Phone

m www.jenda

Self Managed Super Funds

Cash Flow Advice

10 Top Tips

Email us today for our that de-mystify how to build your wealth e: w: Sue Gibbs, BA Comm; Dip FA

1300 858 492

Specialising in an Holistic Approach to Building Wealth & Wealth Protection for individuals & small businesses Spring 2011 n Working Women® 29

WW Cybersavvy

5 Key Ways to Engage your

Facebook Fans With over 650 million users and growing, how do you make sure you stand out from the crowd? Founder of Savvy Web Women, WENDY MOORE, shares her tips for engaging your fans online.

Now that you have gone ahead and built your Facebook fan page, what is the next step? If you build it they will come? Or will they? If you do nothing with your Facebook page, it will do nothing for you. If you don’t have the time to spend keeping your page updated, or you don’t have the cash in your business to pay someone else to keep your page current, you are wasting your time. It’s that simple. When was the last time you actively visited a page on Facebook purely because you thought of it? Or did a post or comment in your newsfeed from a friend catch your eye, prompting you to click through to find out more? Here are some ways you can engage your Facebook fans:

1. Be on your wall posting articles, comments, questions, videos, photos etc. at least two to three times per week to keep your page fans engaged. If you are not talking to your page visitors, someone else will be.

2. Post at different times of the day / different days of the week. By posting at different times of the day and week, you can make sure you are appearing in the newsfeed of your fans at differing times because everyone has different schedules.

3. It is perfectly fine to write one single article and post the same article to your wall two or three times. Just make sure you spread out the time between the postings, for example, you may post an article at the start of the month and repost it at the end of the month. There will be fans who would love to read your content but were not online when you first posted it. Reposting gives people the chance to catch it on the second time around.

4. Be seen as an information disseminator. As well as sharing your own information, source material that you know will appeal to your target market. If you read an article that was helpful to you in business, chances are, it will also benefit others. So share it. Your Facebook page visitors will appreciate the gesture

Get your site listing high in the search engines • Make it easy for your customers to find you • Search engine optimisation for your business


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and may even ‘on-share’ it, citing you as the reference point where they found it.

5. Respond to comments or questions. If someone posts a question or a comment on your page, reply. Sounds simple, but it is amazing how many people don’t even bother to visit their own page to see what is happening on the wall. Engaging with your visitors is an ideal way to establish rapport and build up a following of loyal fans who will love to hear from you. If you do this, chances are the next time they have a question in your field of expertise, they will ask you. Their friends will also see that they have posted on your Facebook business page wall and some will click through to see why. Your aim when building a Facebook business page should be to generate traffic to your page, as a source of potential leads, clients and customers. Your challenge is to keep them interested when they get to your page. Keep them engaged. Keep them coming back. Then they will see you as the expert and seek your advice and opinion when they have an issue to solve or question to ask. n re Wendy Moo

Contact Women Savvy Web Business 2288 86 96 ) (3 1 +6 Phone

webw www.savvy

WW Cybersavvy

Is Your Website

Misbehaving Badly?

Websites should bring in results and perform the fundamental tasks that you and your customers require - of course, this is not always the case. CHARLY LEETHAM provides practical advice on how to assess the presentation and performance of your website. Websites are an imperative part of a business in our technologically savvy time. Hence, it may be the right occasion to give your website a facelift, especially if you have changed your branding, or if the look and feel of your website is dated. Generally, the content on most websites is high quality and still appropriate but its ‘look’ is in need of an update. In these cases, start with a clean slate and create the look and feel you would like to achieve. Spend some time talking to a web designer or developer about the appearance you would like to portray. A good web designer and developer should be able to look at your current site and advise about the best way to apply the new look. But also be mindful of how they can support you as you move forward, through training and support packages that they offer and so forth.

Is your site just not performing? You want more sales, more leads, more visitors and simply more from your website and it is just not happening? If this is the case, it is time to be really clear about: Who is your target market?


What appeals to them?


What is one thing you want them to do on each page?


If you are not clear about this yourself, how will your visitors know what to do? Improving your website when you get to this point can be a simple matter of reorganising the flow of the site rather than completely redeveloping. A simple tweak to the information that appears on the home page or the navigational menu can make the world of difference.

on. If the site is not loading quickly, ask a web developer to review the site and other technicalities associated with it. The speed for a website to load can be affected by the hosting provider, the size of images used and where the images or other files are stored online. Changes to any of these could have a massive impact on the load time of the website. Investing a little extra time and money into a review could save you hundreds of dollars in redevelopment costs.

Find a developer and or designer Lastly, the best way to move forward is to work with a web designer or developer who understands how to integrate the website into the business and marketing plans for the most cost effective results. n

Functional issues


Charly Leet

Contact Leetham Ask Charly Business 3881 0 +61 (2) 610 Phone .com

Functional issues include the inability to edit content yourself, add video/audio or create lead capture campaigns - just to name a few. If any of these apply to your website and they are a big issue for you, then maybe it’s time to return

Hands-on SEO workshops - ensuring your online success

• Personalised hands-on workshop • Limited enrolment • G enuine techniques to build your SEO skills • I mmediate feedback from your instructor • 6 months 1-on-1 mentoring post workshop at no extra cost

• Risk free guarantee

Performance issues

If your website isn’t creating online growth, then register now for our next hands-on workshop and learn genuine techniques to take your online presence to a new level of success.

Performance issues could be that the site doesn’t load quickly, not all the graphics display correctly, pages are missing and so

Search Engine Academy

Often, it’s not about a complete redesign but more of a re-focus on what is important to attract your target audience.

to the drawing board to create a full functional specification sheet for a brand new website.

1300 838 070


arlyle www.askch

Get Clarity with ReAwaken

Are you feeling a little out of sorts and don’t know why? Experiencing anxiety or overwhelmed with stress? Do you just want some time out to relax and still the mind?

At ReAwaken we specialise in holistic health using a variety of approaches based on the mind and body connection. ●

Aromatherapy Energy medicine Massage therapy Reiki Acupressure ●

So if you are looking for clarity, peace of mind and a natural approach to your health and well-being, then call today on 0457 826 648 to book your first appointment. Spring 2011 n Working Women® 31

WW tools for success

Managing and mastering


The emergence of spring marks a time for renewal and change but many people simply dread the thought of change. GAYE KUELSEN shows that change does not have to be painful.

Some time ago, it was considered very useful to be a multi-tasker. Being able to ‘do’ many things at the same time and giving each small amounts of attention. Just like a juggler, keeping several balls in the air and never letting any drop. This was very tiring, stressful and very little was achieved or the quality of the results was compromised. There are a few stages you progress through when making a change or learning a new skill: The first stage is conscious incompetence where you become aware that you do not possess the knowledge or experience to undertake the changes. For example, when first learning to drive a car you would focus


your efforts on learning all aspects of driving, both theoretical and practical.

influence your rate of mastery are the time and energy you are willing dedicate.

Through practice, the second stage evolves where you become consciously competent. After graduating from learner’s permit to provisional driver’s licence, you still need to remain mindful and focused to ensure your safety.

The following steps will help you focus your time and energy to quickly achieve results:


Finally, over time you become unconsciously competent, when as a holder of an open licence, driving becomes second nature and is performed easily and effortlessly.


The time required to master changes will vary for everyone. Two factors that will greatly

1. Identify just three specific actions you can take to initiate the change.

2. Decide on one action that during this consciously incompetent phase, will either: Make the most impact,


Is the easiest to do, or


You are most motivated to implement.


3. Concentrate only on this action for a week (or longer if required).

4. When you feel consciously competent with

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the first action, introduce a second action.

HR ExpERtisE wHEN yOu NEEd it

Fair Work Australia has made changes affecting all companies. Now is the time you need HR ON CALL to help you understand how it affects your business and manage the changes required with your people. The areas we will look at for your business are: • Employment contracts • Modern Awards • Maternity leave • Annual leave • National Employment standards • Redundancy payments and other issues specific to your business. Phone Melissa Behrend direct on 0400 565 360 for a consultation and move forward with the peace of mind that your HR obligations are in place.

*see full shipping details at

5. Continue to introduce a new action until you are happy and confident that you have mastered the changes you wanted to make. When you realise that you are doing the task without thinking about it, you are now unconsciously competent! By focusing on one change at a time you keep the entire process manageable. By focusing on one change at a time you keep the entire process manageable. Each action is one small step that you can practice to quickly become competent and confident. This strategy also avoids you feeling overwhelmed and confused and provides purpose and direction to what you want to achieve. Small changes that are implemented gradually and methodically are the most sustainable over the long term. Remember, as Confucius says, “Even a journey of 1000 miles starts with that first step.” n n

Gaye Kuelse

Contact ng Just Coachi Business 8 654 293 43 ) (0 1 +6 Phone .au

achi www.justco 32 Working Women® n Spring 2011

WW tools for success

Time Management

in 5 easy steps

Time management can be a constant struggle for busy women juggling both scheduled and unexpected tasks. Follow LYN BAILEY’s easy steps to make time your slave, instead of your master. Have you ever found yourself exhausted at the end of a busy working day, yet find you still have tasks to complete? Have you chased the clock all day and still have so much not yet completed? Radically increasing your productivity with time management strategies is easy when you know how. Here are five steps to help you manage and master your time:

1. Know how you currently spend your time Keep an activity sheet for one week to find out where you are currently spending your time each day. This may seem time consuming and it will be for just one week, but it will allow you to free up time on a daily basis.

2. Have clear, concise and compelling goals If the ‘why’ is not strong enough, you may start the journey, but you will not finish it. It is impossible to go somewhere if you do not know your destination. So before you even start your trip, you need to know both your starting point and your end point.

3. Plan and prioritise List what you need to do and how long each action will take. Once you have done this, then prioritise these actions from most important to least important, or even into a list of the longest time required to accomplish and shortest time required to accomplish each task.

4. Take action now Start working on the plan today. Allocate time each day to work on your goals. Take at

least one step towards it each day. Allocate a chunk of uninterrupted time to give yourself the best chance to achieve results quickly. You need to stay focused on the task at hand during that allotted time and then identify time wasters. Avoid distractions, multitasking and interruptions. Allocate a set time each day for phone calls, emails and mail.

5. Leverage Do not make the mistake of trying to do all the work on your own. Leverage other people, tools and systems to free up your own time to concentrate on what you can bring to the goal. You can delegate tasks to others that are not essential for you to do personally. Get yourself a personal assistant or virtual assistant or even a housecleaner if it helps. Additionally, use a planner on a daily basis and always use automated systems where possible. This will free up even more time for you to do what it is you do best for your business and your life. So what is the best use of your time? Everyone has 24 hours in a day, yes - the very same 24 hours. Richard Branson has exactly the same amount of time as you do. So what does he do differently? He follows these steps. If he can do it then so can you. Start to take these steps today and watch your productivity dramatically increase. n Lyn Bailey


hi Contact llence Coac ynamic Exce D s es n si 7 Bu 2 855 78 +61 (0) 40 Phone icexcellen


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mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Spring 2011 n Working Women® 33

WW tools for success

10 Reasons

you need a


Not using mentoring to advance your career could be a costly mistake. ANN ROLFE identifies the top ten reasons why it is so important to have a mentor who provides you with guidance and assistance.

No matter how good you are, chances are you will need to be better or different in the future. Having a mentor not only provides you guidance with business decisions, they also assist you in growing and developing professionally.

1. Even a genius is mentored

When Einstein finished his education, he worked as a clerk yet wrote three scientific papers that changed the way the world thought. Einstein had superior intelligence but he also had a network that provided support, encouragement and stimulation. He publicly thanked a friend, for a conversation that stimulated his thinking and allowed him to conceptualise the theory of relativity.

2. A sounding board

Mentors are good listeners, you can run your ideas by them. They help you weigh the pros and cons. A mentor can offer a different point of view, an alternate opinion or play devil’s advocate so you make a sound decision.

3. Time out for reflection

Some say there is no such thing as a mistake; only learning opportunities. Reflective observation is a path to learning. Reflecting on your successes is also powerful. Yet, according to Harvard Business Review, few CEO’s take time for reflection and this may be the single biggest cause of failure.

Working Women Women’s network Australia


w w w.w o m e n s n e t w o r k . co m . a u


Business n success n Life spring 2011

Aust $8.75 inc gst Subscriptions $32 pa inc gst

tips for moving up the ranks


it’s party season!



Inspiring Print Post Approved PP411192/00010

the hearts & minds of women Turn your clients into raving


marketing • productivity • money • hr • travel and more

34 Working Women® n Spring 2011

4. Informed decisions

A different perspective, or additional information may change your opinion. Mentors know where to get answers. They are not experts in everything and will refer you to the professional advice of a specialist when necessary. They help you analyse information so that you can use it to make your decision.

5. Action

Do you sometimes fail to follow through on good ideas? A mentor will elicit goals, timeframes and review dates, help you formulate action plans then discuss progress, obstacles and outcomes.

6. Progress

Have you embarked on a project with enthusiasm then lost motivation? Regular meetings with a mentor keep you on track, set priorities, overcome distractions and difficulties.

7. Feedback

A mentor will offer observations, analysis and conclusions, critique your perceptions, question your actions and suggest more productive behaviours. They may tell you things others won’t, about how you are perceived. This is a powerful tool for self-development.

8. Problem solving

A mentor will not solve your problems, the decisions are yours. They ask questions,

develop your critical thinking, brainstorm and help you generate criteria for evaluating options, before you decide.

9. Challenge

You don’t have to learn everything the hard way! Your mentor has experience. They will share ideas, suggestions and options but they will make you think and stretch your comfort zone.

10. Maintain your sense of humour

Times are stressful. Maybe you need to lighten up, take it easy, be gentle with yourself and others. A mentor who can point out the funny side of a situation, offer a witty comment or share an amusing anecdote can ease the tension and help you enjoy life. n

Ann Rolfe

Contact Works Mentoring Business 2610 +61 (2) 4342 Phone .com



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WW branding

How to Create an


Personal Brand In today’s fast paced, time limited and forward focused world, your personal brand can be an extremely powerful success strategy. CAROLYN ROWLAND identifies the drivers behind developing an outstanding personal brand.

Your appearance, behaviour and communication all form part of your image and your personal brand. It is important to know how essential branding is to the success of any business. How often do women consider the role that personal branding plays when they market themselves? Beliefs, values and self-image drive a personal brand. Failure to identify and cultivate these drivers affects our ability to attract interest, differentiate ourselves from our competition, and promote and market ourselves effectively. How do you create an outstanding personal brand?

Appearance Your appearance does count when creating your personal brand. In this day of express mail, express lines and express escalators, we rely heavily on visual images to help us decide who we will and won’t interact with. If the visual image you are projecting is not a direct reflection of what you represent and your personal brand statement, you are doing yourself and others a great disservice. Consider your personal image as the packaging of your personal brand. It is important to remember, you are the product and your packaging will either attract or detract from your product.

you return phone calls and emails promptly? Do you deliver on your promises? Although it may seem obvious, being forgetful and stretching yourself so thin that you don’t deliver on what you promise can negatively affect the integrity of your personal brand.

Communication Studies have shown that influencing power when meeting someone for the first time represents: n 55 per cent appearance n 38 per cent tone of voice n 7 per cent words we speak Although seven per cent might not seem high, it is amazing how much influencing power your words have when you meet someone for the first time. You need to speak in a manner that reflects the core of your personal brand. For example, if your brand statement depicts energy and fun, then your speaking style should reflect these key elements. Many business people make excuses that they do not have enough time and money to invest in themselves, or their brand. Remember: No Personal Brand is successful without making an investment. n wland Carolyn Ro Contact and Image e yl St d Tren Business 6 73 1300 948 Phone com e. ag im le ty www.trends

Behaviour Your personal brand is all encompassing and requires consistency in regard your conduct. Do

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WHAT ARE MACRO, MICRO AND PHYTONUTRIENTS? There are three levels of nutrients that you need from food. • Macronutrients: proteins, carbohydrates and fats. • Micronutrients: vitamins and minerals. • Phytonutrients: antioxidants such as carotenoids, anthocyanins and proanthocyanins


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• Promotes weight management success • Provides the antioxidant power of more than 10 servings of fruit and vegetables • Provides vital macro, micro and phytonutrients • Features more nutrition per calorie than leading weight management brands • Helps you consume fewer calories Not suitable for children under 15 years of age and pregnant women. The shake is not a sole source of nutrition and should be consumed in conjunction with a nutritious diet and regular exercise.

WW community

Princess for a Day

For pregnant teens and young homeless mothers, it is easy to go down the dangerous path of self-destruction. A business woman on a mission, RUTH KNIGHT gives young at-risk women a chance to shine.

A realisation of the lack of community support services for pregnant teenagers and young homeless mothers led Ruth Knight to set up ‘Lifehouse Project Inc’. The non-profit organisation provides support services to young mothers and, when funds permit, housing for those experiencing homelessness. Lifehouse Project works closely with schools and organisations creating programs which include the ever popular Princess Party. Aimed at increasing young women’s self-esteem and values, a Princess Party event brings together businesses from the local community and young women in need, giving them their moment to shine. At a Princess Party, girls attend self-esteem workshops and are given hair and beauty makeovers before being treated to a banquet. Through being mentored by successful business women from their local community, young women who attend the parties have access to positive role models and will be less inclined to wander down the dangerous path of self-destruction that can lead to teenage pregnancy, homelessness and drug abuse.

IS THIS YOUR FUTURE? FACT 96% of small businesses fail QUESTION Do you want to be one of the 4%? Your first step begins by talking about it So pick up the phone to begin your confidential no obligation discussion with NAOMI MASHFORD 0407 806 448 NOW

For Ruth, feedback from attendees is both heart warming and heart breaking. “It made me feel really special. I don’t normally feel special,” said one of the teenage Princess Party participants. Feedback like this motivates Ruth to continue on with her work. Seeking support and sponsorship from businesses and individuals keeps Ruth - a busy mother of two - on her toes. But it is Ruth’s hope that as a result of her efforts, these Princess Parties will be held in every region of the country and be available to every young woman who can benefit from them.

Aimed at increasing young women’s self-esteem and values, a Princess Party event brings together businesses from the local community and young women in need, giving them their moment to shine. In order for this to happen, Lifehouse Project is always on the lookout for more sponsors to ensure the continuation of their mission. “I have worked with thousands of young people over the years and there are a handful of girls who will always be precious to me because they have really transformed their lives. That is the most positive and encouraging feedback I could ever hope to receive,” says Ruth. “Even though I get tired some days, the knowledge that my life has a purpose and that so much of my exciting Ruth Knight Contact journey is still ahead of me keeps oject Inc Lifehouse Pr s es sin Bu 35 88 me going.” n +61 (7) 5522 Phone

use.o www.lifeho

EXPERIENCED • ENTHUSIASTIC • ENERGETIC Spring 2011 n Working Women® 37

WW fitness & lifestyle

Get fit

for Business Success

Do you know why it matters to your business if you wear size 18, 16 or 8 clothing? LEX DRENNAN explains the implications your health and fitness has on the critical success of your business. By the time this magazine is published, the television, magazines and radio will be saturated with ‘get fit for summer’ advertising campaigns. You won’t be able to turn around without running into images of perfect 20 year olds in bikinis.

The reasons to eat well, exercise and de-stress are compelling from a business perspective. The challenge is finding a way to fit it all in. Regardless of these images, there are compelling reasons why your fitness is a critical success factor for your business. The most common benefits of fitness are:

More energy. You cannot fit more hours into the day, but imagine how much more you could fit into the existing hours if you were not exhausted.


More confidence. Our self-esteem is inextricably bound up in our physical selfimage. The competence and confidence that comes with fitness provides an incredible competitive advantage.


Stress management. Your physical and mental health is at the core of your ability to maintain your business. Can you afford to expose yourself to avoidable risks of illness and injury associated with poor nutrition, being overweight and stressed?



The reasons to eat well, exercise and de-stress are compelling from a business perspective. The challenge is finding a way to fit it all in. The following are my top tips for multi-tasking your way to good health:

1. Shop in bulk and shop online How many hours a week do you spend at the supermarket? What rate would you charge that time out to a prospective client? When online shopping takes about ten minutes and costs around five to ten dollars for delivery, the net economic benefit of minimising your time on this activity is clear.

2. Cook in bulk and prepare your food in advance It takes about an hour to cook up a week of lunches, and about ten minutes each night to assemble food for the next day. Even if you work from home, the discipline of preparing in bulk and in advance will save you time and money.

3. Multi-task Exercise does not take three hours at a gym. There are simple ways to work exercise into your existing routine including working out while cooking dinner, boiling the kettle or having a shower.

4. Relax and enjoy

MORE POLIShED = MORE PROfITS Are you, your team and your company projecting the right image? If not, how much is this costing you? • TRAINING PROGRAMS • PERSONALISED PROGRAMS • SCHOOL HOLIDAY PROGRAM 13-18 years

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38 Working Women® n Spring 2011

Exercise does not have to be unpleasant. Prioritise active quality time with your children or with your friends. Do you have any idea how hard it is to play hop-scotch, run a three-legged race or a wheel-barrow race, skip, jump, climb and crawl? So this spring, when the bikini babes make their debut, don’t stress about the perfect body. Think about the competitive advantages you gain by improving your fitness. The economic benefits to your business are clear. The personal benefits are beyond price. n

Lex Drennan

Contact tness Get Out! Fi Business 8 68 8 1300 43 Phone .au


WW fitness & lifestyle

Someone push the pause button:

10 easy ways to get

back on track

Are you missing your body’s many signals to slow down and take a breath? MARNEY PERNA shares her top 10 tips to getting the remote control back to your life and learning how to press the pause button.

Have you ever been in a situation where you have so many things/jobs on the go at once that even if one small aspect of life shifts, everything else appears to tumble down almost in slow motion? Have you also noticed that the last small detail is not usually a huge life-changing moment? More likely it is the proverbial ‘straw that breaks the camel’s back’! The timing of the melt down is yet another raw nerve, it is never at the most convenient time or place. Everyone knows that if you have a job to get done, you give it to a busy person, because they will ensure it gets done. Unfortunately it is busy people who often forget to say that little word... ‘No’. They feel compelled to take on more and more tasks until the overload becomes a heavy burden. The busy person is also most likely to be a perfectionist and unlikely to delegate, because let’s face it that is why they get the extra jobs in the first place. But you can teach yourself to be aware of the warning signs and press that pause button. Here are some easy ways to do this:

1. Learn to say no, when no is appropriate. 2. Enjoy a hot bath, each evening use candles for light and add an essential oil that nurtures and soothes. Totally relax and unwind, maybe set this time for mediation.

3. Place a photo of your best holiday snap at your work station. When you are feeling overloaded, pause and look at that photo, remember the fun time it was and reconnect with that feeling, then recommence your work.

4. When finding yourself feeling really angry or pent up, stop! Move one step backwards and one step to the side, now count to ten and then consider the issue again. 5. Give yourself permission to not always be perfect, do your best on the day.

6. Have regular massage, yoga or kinesiology sessions to reduce stress build up.

10. Smell the roses not just see the roses. It is important to nurture yourself, to ensure that your stress load is manageable and does not cause you a debt that has to be repaid by your compromised health. The world will give you a constant source of extra stuff to do, and like the tide it can be never ending. However, like the tide you have to be attuned to the flow of life and nature. n

7. Enjoy a 10-minute stroll in the sunshine each day.

8. Allocate time to relax and unwind with friends and family.

9. Use colour to uplift and inspire.


Marney Pe Contact esiology Kinique Kin Business 29 943 0 7 40 ) (0 +61 Phone


Business Success... Relationship Stress How to avoid this happening to You Is Business burning up your time and energy? If so, are your personal relationships at risk? Many owners are so occupied building their business, they have no time or energy left to nurture their relationships with family. A Relationship Retention Specialist will help you discover the work/life balance that promotes happiness, health and harmony. You can have a successful business and enjoy rewarding relationships. Are you ready to make positive changes in your life and business? Then…

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JCoaching ust inspiring change..

Spring 2011 n Working Women® 39

greenteaHAWAII What’s so different about our green tea?

Everyone knows the great health and wellness benefits of green tea but not everyone likes the taste. Multiple cups of normal green tea a day are required to achieve a myriad of health benefits. GreenTeaHawaii is highly concentrated form of green tea and noni that allows you to reap all the health benefits. Each serving contains the antioxidant value of up to 45 cups of normal green tea plus a daily serving of Noni Fruit per individually packaged sachet. No wastage and is convenient and easy to use. Not only this but it comes in three flavours to suit all tastes and can be consumed either hot or cold. Flavours are: Pineapple Strawberry, Raspberry Lemonade and Original. Simply open your sachets and add water. This means no need for a kettle if out or travelling. It is just so convenient and each sachet has only 10 calories per serve and the caffeine equal to half a can of diet coke. This product is unique with a supercharge of antioxidants to fight the free radicals which research suggests contributes to many of today’s illnesses.

Advertorial Act now to benefit your own health and wellness and that of your clients. You will be glad you made this life enhancing decision. Millions of Chinese, who have been consuming Green Tea for 4000 years, already know the secret.

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WW health & wellness

you r Si lent

Business Partner Looking at ways to get ahead in the business world? Corporate training specialist, BARBARA ROBERTSON, explains the benefits of using The Alexander Technique in business.

Feeling tired or drained? Do you need a shot of energy, inspiration or professional development? The Alexander Technique will have you looking good, feeling good and sounding good. The Alexander Technique was discovered over 100 years ago by a forward-thinking Australian, who lost his voice while performing. When his doctors were unable to diagnose his condition he set out on a 10-year journey of discovery to find a solution to his ailment. Today, the technique he discovered is world famous and is used in all leading drama schools around the world to release the voice and artistic movement in actors. You can see this excellence in Judi Dench, Sting, Paul McCartney, Hugh Jackman, Michael Jordon and many others. These same tools of excellence are available to all business people who want to look confident, credible and memorable as they meet and greet clients. With The Alexander Technique you will approach clients with a tall, confident posture which is dynamic, soft and open rather than fixed, stiff and artificial. Your clients will hear a voice that has resonance rather than being “breathy,” shallow, rushed and coming from the throat. Efficient breathing will give you a presence which facilitates active listening. You will enjoy clear thinking, stay focused and be spontaneous in your responses allowing


Barbara Ro


nin Contact bertson Trai Barbara Ro Business 39 49 63 .au +61 (2) 93 Phone rarobertsont


creativity in your planning and problem solving. The Alexander Technique will give you the energy to complete all that is in your diary; interstate travel, participate fully in a meeting, close the business and return to your family commitments. The active business person may finish the day at the gym or in a yoga class. Use effects function – it is what you are doing with your body that determines the result you get. Use your body in the way it was designed and you will exercise safely and beneficially. Be an educated mentor for your family who may be involved in music, drama, art or sport. Start critiquing their performance from the point of good use in order to avoid injury and prolong the pleasure and benefits of the activity. If you are a Training Manager, or know somebody who is, choose Alexander Technique based training programs for your Presentation, Ergonomic, Manual Handling and Health and Wellbeing Programs. Be an innovator in providing training which is valued by staff, and brings long-lasting, positive change while teaching staff the how in Occupational Health and Safety Training. This will enable your staff to accept their responsibility in the Occupational Health and Safety Legislation while having fun and participating in their and their colleagues sense of well-being, improved self-esteem and confidence. n

Success is in your hands • Be empowered to make the right decisions about your future • Discover the work at home cash secret • Be your own CEO and set your hours • Enjoy what you do

The choice is yours

We teach people to Create Wealth and Live the Lifestyle of their Dreams – Malley & Ray

Call now 1800 727 320 or visit Spring 2011 n Working Women® 41

WW Health & Wellness

Mend the Body

mend the mind

Many women accept their lack of energy and vitality for life as ‘normal’, however VICKY SPENCER shares some raw truths that will shake up these misconceptions. She expounds on the reality of an unhealthy thyroid and what you can do to take charge of your life by taking charge of your health.

Are you struggling with lack of interest in sex, tiredness and ageing too quickly? Or, have you been to the doctor for blood tests, only to be told that they are ‘normal’? Please don’t walk away thinking there is nothing you can do about your weight gain, fatigue, sleeping disorders, anxiety, depression, skin problems etc. There are answers, but you need to know the right questions to ask. You may be struggling with your health; however what blood tests have you had and what foods are you eating? Many women are following either outdated or poor advice. The thyroid is an endocrine gland, which secretes its hormones directly into the bloodstream. These hormones have a direct effect on the body’s temperature, metabolism

and nervous system to name a few. Many times the gland can be affected by the body’s own antibodies working against it, which in actual fact means it is NOT a thyroid problem but an auto-immune problem. Unless this is treated, the poor thyroid gets bombarded with medication and the hormonal system is still stressed. The thyroid needs specific nutrients to function. Some of the more important ones are iodine, selenium and tyrosine; and in many cases vitamin D. Medication will not solve the problem if the cause is not addressed, especially if these deficiencies are not treated. Too many women find themselves on medication, thinking it is the cure when all it is doing is give the thyroid something it cannot produce; it is not actually treating the cause or the thyroid problem.


It is amazing the number of women whose thyroid blood tests come back ‘normal’, however, the tests being requested are not complete, giving a false representation of the body. You need to ask for Reverse T3, T4, TSH and iodine because often only TSH is being tested. Some women do have a thyroid that is having difficulty, however being told to come back in a few months to see if they need medication, and not being offered any management options, is still not addressing the real cause. If diet, stress management and lifestyle are not being addressed in your health consultation, then perhaps consulting another practitioner, who is willing to work with you in finding a solution and getting to the cause, may be a better option for you.

This is what you need to do: 1. Check your blood tests, get a copy and find out what has been requested.

2. If your doctor has not checked Reverse T3, T4, TSH and Vitamin D and you have any of the above symptoms, then request it.

3. Have your iodine levels checked; this is for everyone and especially if you have an underactive thyroid and it is auto-immune related.

4. If you have been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, excluding all gluten from your diet could be beneficial. Who gets you out of bed in the morning? Who shares all your hopes, dreams and aspirations? Who gives you the most joy and the most concerns? I’m sure you already know – it’s your Family! Everyone is part of a family and most people spend all their time thinking about or working hard to ensure their family is safe and secure, now and in the future. So, how do you secure your family’s future and not leave it in a mess when you are no longer able to look after them?

5. Read the book Ageless Vitality, it will give you good information on healthy lifestyle choices, another helpful read is, Your Thyroid Problems Solved by Dr Sandra Cabot. If you don’t feel great each day, full of energy and vitality for your life, then why not? This life is to be lived not endured. Start asking questions, of the right people, and take action towards the life and body you deserve. n

Talk to Family Life Matters. They are a passionate and family-focussed law firm who specialise in all aspects of estate planning.

Felicity Dillon ¤ Mobile 0414 635 188

42 Working Women® n Spring 2011


Vicky Spen

Contact ality Ageless Vit Business 2 952 944 42 ) (0 1 +6 Phone



WW life support

What not to forget when


When it comes to a relationship break up, life can get very complicated. To help you avoid slipping up and forgetting to cover off on all aspects, FELICITY DILLON has compiled a checklist of matters to be addressed by women facing a relationship breakdown.

It is an incredibly difficult time when couples decide to separate. Emotions run high, dreams are dashed, family and friends are confused and life is in a constant state of flux. The day-to-day practicalities of surviving, working and ensuring you and the children are adjusting to the new situation are often all that can be dealt with. Once the dust settles, it is also a time to reflect on the past and begin planning for the future. Protecting assets for the future benefit of your children, should anything happen to you, is crucial. The most obvious issues to address are joint assets such as the family home, bank accounts, jointly held shares and assets held in family trusts. It is a good idea to look at the provisions in your will, your power of attorney and enduring guardianship documents, your superannuation and insurance arrangements and the directorships and shareholdings of any family companies. Probably one of the most overlooked issues is the power of appointment provision in a family trust. The family trust deed determines who has the power to appoint or remove the trustee of a family trust. On your death, it may well be your spouse. To ensure you plan for the protection of your hard-earned wealth for your children’s future, the following matters should be considered when couples separate:

Terminate reversionary interests in pension funds.


Check trust documents for the powers of appointment provisions.


Check membership of self-managed super funds.


Sever joint tenancies.


Check any loan agreements and guarantees.


Check if there are any unpaid trusts allocations.

It is very important to think through these issues rationally and unemotionally. Even though most of the financial issues will be dealt with at a later date in the Family Court, it is imperative that you take urgent action after separation and talk to someone who is skilled in all areas of asset protection. You need quality independent advice to secure the best long-term financial security for you and your family. n


Check shareholdings and directorships of any companies.


If you have a binding financial agreement examine the document for any trigger events.



Felicity Dill

Contact Matters Family Life Business 635 188 4 41 ) (0 1 +6 Phone rs te at


Is pain making you look and feel old? Do you feel past your use-by date? Ask your physiotherapist or health professional to apply QMagnets to joints that are feeling old and tired.

Make the Choice to Live a Pain Free Lifestyle “With Qmagnets I no longer live with constant back pain.” Lynette Palmen AM, Women’s Network Australia

Amend your will.


Revoke your power of attorney documents and have new ones prepared.


Prepare new superannuation death benefit nominations.


Close joint bank accounts.


Check ownership and nominations of life insurance policies.


Protecting assets for the future benefit of your children, should anything happen to you, is crucial.

1800 762 463

1800 qmagnets

Dianne Hermans | Physiotherapist | Spring 2011 n Working Women® 43

WW life support

Mind your


The Law of Attraction says you attract into your life what you focus on. Quantum Physics says nothing is fixed, there are endless possibilities and everything is vibrating energy. Join SUSAN SHEEHAN and discover the effects your thoughts can have on your life.

The physical world is a sea of energy constantly moving in and out of existence. It is through your thoughts that you transform this ever-changing energy into an observable reality. You can create your reality with your thoughts. Quantum physics is confirming that as a human being you are the ‘designer’ of your life. Everything is energy and energy is influenced by your thoughts. As designer of your destiny, you shape the energy of your universe through your thoughts. You transform the energy of your thoughts into the energy of your reality. If all this is true then why aren’t more people living lives they love? Someone once told a friend of mine that ‘putting the right thoughts into your mind is as easy as deciding what dress to wear’. Yes, this is true from a conscious perspective but when you dive down into the depths of your unconscious there are thoughts locked into other thoughts that are anchored into memories that become your reference point and form your belief. It is only when you become aware of this distinction and you know how to give order to your thoughts, that your attention will be attracted to whatever is most problematic at any given moment. NLP, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is the study of human excellence and communication. It provides you with the tools and techniques to run your own brain and manage your state

of mind, emotions and behaviours. It is a way of thinking, developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970s. The techniques used are phenomenally powerful in assisting you to transform your thoughts, beliefs, values and actions to create a new flow of energy between your conscious and unconscious mind. People find that through using these techniques, their personal happiness and professional success is more consistent, and much more predictable. NLP can be applied to personal well-being, business, health, counselling, therapy, relationships, sport, training, education, negotiation, leadership, presentation skills and goal setting. It has been used in the fields of psychology, linguistics, business communication, training and education for over 25 years. Learning how to ‘mind your thoughts’ may seem as easy as deciding what to wear but like everything you do, if you want to change the results you are getting then you must learn how to do things differently. Answer the following questions with the first thought that comes into your mind: Is your business making the money you want?


What do you talk about?


Do you believe you are successful?


Do you feel a ‘flow’ of energy or do you feel ‘contracted’?


Do you love what you do?


Do you believe in yourself?


If you want to change the results you are getting then you must learn how to do things differently. Look at your answers and if you are unhappy with what you have written down then the first steps you must take to ‘change your mind’ are:

1. Know exactly what you want in specific detail.

2. Listen to your thoughts and the words you speak.

3. Change all language to specifically ‘flow’ with what you want.

4. Put thoughts in your mind that move you towards your goal.

5. Only speak about your successes. 6. ‘Paint pictures in your mind’ that excite you.

Do you like money?

7. Write a three-page story of your ‘perfect

Are you living the lifestyle of your dreams?

day’, using ‘I am’ and ‘I have’.

How are you attracting it?

8. Let go of the conscious control of it.

n n n

The Entrepreneurial Mindset Exposed Discover How to Overcome Your Mindset Blockages That Sabotage You from Getting to the Next Level in Business! To learn more about my One Day Program visit: or phone Julie Spain on 0430 186 415 44 Working Women® n Spring 2011

What do you think about?


Listen to the words that come out of your mouth because they have a direct relationship to the thoughts in your mind. Become the designer of your destiny and attract everything that is wonderful into your world by ‘thinking about what you think about’. It really is as simple as that! n han

Susan Shee

Contact ormones Healthy H Business Pty Ltd

roup G 3352 +61 (7) 5598 e n Pho es on hyhorm www.healt

WW style file

Colour Your World

and energise your success

Nanny Agency

Being aware of colour and its enhancing properties can influence your life in a positive manner. DEBORAH SHEPHERD reveals her tips to bring colour into your life so you can be in the driver’s seat. Colour is being incorporated into beauty treatments, health studios and work environments. The impact of colour and the way our body reacts and rejuvenates is becoming widely accepted. Everyone has their own definition of success whether it is in the form of career progression, loving relationships, a work/life balance, physical vitality, financial abundance or spiritual connection. Here are some tips to assist you to bring colour into your daily life to help achieve your success. Five tips to work with the energy of colour:

1. Dress for success Whether for a job interview, a board meeting or an important presentation, the colours chosen for the day will influence the final result. Imagine being in front of your wardrobe faced with many options, the colour chosen influences how others will react to you or if qualities of credibility, inspiration and trust are being exhibited. Sales people wear blue to convey trustworthiness, yet turquoise for creative expression, emerald green for new beginnings or gold for wisdom and knowledge could also be considered. The art of colour may be lost to the chic of black, however when a lasting impression is important, do not underestimate the power of colour.

2. Create the right environment Not only are clothes important but the work, home or social environment can be enhanced by bringing in colour. Faced with a hostile environment or wanting to create a specific mood, colour can play an important role. Create a calming effect in a competitive office environment, with pink to bring group harmony. Red or yellow raises the energy of a group, bringing focus and attention, so it is no coincidence that most of our fast food outlets have similar colour combinations. Blue assists

communication and a sense of loyalty while green is for fresh ideas, new beginnings and growth.

3. Colour accessorise Bring more focus into a project or an event by using colour. A red folder if it needs action and movement, green for clear direction or yellow for thought leadership and clarity. Accessorise through jewellery, with turquoise for creative communication, royal blue for intuition, or gold for wisdom and knowledge. Everyday items such as iPhone covers, pens and writing pads, hand bags or shoes can all bring energy based on the quality of the colour chosen.

4. Bring colour into the foods we eat One that you may not consider is the colours of the foods you consume. Imagine your favourite salad or summer fruits, and the colours they provide. It is important to aim for a balanced consumption of all colours. However, consider yellow or orange to lift your spirits, green when you need some space or red for physical grounding or comfort.

5. Colour visualisation An active process of visualising the colour and the qualities associated is an easy way to incorporate colour into daily activities. Incorporating it into your meditative practice or using it in a meeting, visualising a person or an event with a particular colour can contribute to the atmosphere you create. Colour and its qualities play an important role in your daily life. Henri Matisse said, “With colour one obtains an energy that stems from magic,” so always keep it in your tool kit whenever you want to create success. n

Qualified Professional Carers Casual Babysitting / Emergency Care Full-time / Part-time Care Crèche Care for Special Events Corporate Child Care Available Prac families needed for Nannies-in-Training Approved In Home Care Provider

Trust a CHARLTON BROWN® nanny or companion to

CARE for the youngest,

to the oldest members of your family Mention Women’s Network when registering with the CHARLTON BROWN® Nanny Placement Agency and receive

50% OFF your registration


Deborah Sh

Contact ReAwaken Business 7 826 648 +61 (0) 45 Phone

u www.reaw

For more information Call 1300 626 643 or visit our website CRICOS 02476C ABN 76 071 346 953

Spring 2011 n Working Women® 45




Why it is so important

Estate planning includes planning for the unexpected during your lifetime by appointing people you trust to make financial and personal decisions for you if you have an accident, become ill or incapacitated, and planning what will happen to your property upon your death.

To make a Will a person must be 18 years or older and have legal capacity. There are strict requirements that must be complied with to ensure a document is a valid Will. In Western Australia, a Will is revoked by marriage and by divorce if the divorce occurs on or after 9th February 2008 (this does vary from state to state).

A Will is essential for every adult with assets (including superannuation). The Will is the document by which the Will-maker appoints a person to administer the estate after they pass away (the Executor), and specifies who will receive the estate (the beneficiaries).

If you pass away without a properly prepared Will, it can be expensive to deal with the legal issues that arise in administering the estate. If you do not have a Will, the estate will pass to family members set out in the legislation and may include one or more of your spouse (including a separated

46 Working WomenÂŽ n Spring 2011

spouse), de facto partner, children, parents, siblings, nieces and nephews, whether or not you want those people to benefit. Wherever your personal or business assets are located, it is important to receive professional advice about your Will to ensure that it accurately reflects your circumstances and that it will benefit your loved ones.

For more information about Wills and Estate Planning please contact our Estate Planning Team: Peter Murray, Elizabeth Heenan and Michaela Speering at Culshaw Miller Lawyers – +61 (8) 9488 1300.

WW style file

Sprucing up for


Need gifts for men?

Is your wardrobe ready for the warmer months? Organise your wardrobe in time for spring with tips from BELINDA PARKER. If you really want to give your home a lift this spring, start with your wardrobe. Wardrobes are usually the most disorganised area in any home and with a little help you can transform the smallest of spaces into an organised storage space for your clothes, shoes, jewellery, handbags, ties and other storage items needing a home. Tips to organise your wardrobe: Get rid of everything you do not use or need.

Finding gifts for men, can be a “challenge”.


Move the useful but used once or twice a year possessions to a remote storage area.


Why not shop the easy & stress free way for men’s gifts... online at Gifts for Blokes. Gifts for men of all ages and for all occasions

Get everything off the floor.


Hang everything you can on the wall.


You will never have time to go back through it - exercise control with each item before you put it away again.


Overcrowding means re-ironing.


Organise your life by sorting your wardrobe storage space. With a great wardrobe storage make-over, you won’t know yourself! You will suddenly find all your clothes in tidy rows, with peace and harmony in your life and room to move. No more mess, no more stress. n

it’s not just cricket.....



Birthdays Special “milestone” birthdays ■ Father’s Day ■ Dad & Grandad/Pop presents ■ Christmas ■ Kris Kringle ■ Anniversary ■ Bridal party gifts ■ Valentine’s Day ■ New Dad & Father to be ■ Or when you just want to spoil him ■


Belinda Pa

Contact Design Creative By Business 5255 9 0 98 ) +61 (2 Phone



Fast, friendly service – flat rate postage Australia wide. Orders over $130 posted free within Australia.

it’s all about you !






Bellerive Oval

03 62 820400 | | for enquiries contact Liz Smeekes on 0419 104 060

men’s gifts made easy Spring 2011 n Working Women® 47

WW carbon footprint

Saving Electricity It’s the new gold As the price of electricity soars there is only one way to cut costs and that is by using less. TESSA MULDOON looks at the various alternative energy producing options and how by changing habits in the office and home you could save yourself a fortune.

There is so much talk about how to be greener and more sustainable in your home life but what about your business? When it comes to soaring electricity prices, small businesses through to large corporations are feeling the pinch with many of them now taking a serious look at how they can cap prices through alternative power options. First let’s look at Solar. It traditionally comes in two forms including Solar Hot Water and Solar Power with both able to be used within the business.

Solar Hot Water is perfect for larger businesses which have employees who walk, run or ride to work. Consumption of hot water in showers provided for employee use often results in hot water costs being far more than expected. It is a high return on investment to swap over and harness the energy required from the sun. It doesn’t have to be a big system but it will have an immediate impact on the showers, hand basins and staff lunch room hot water requirements for your business.

Solar Power is the next larger step, and a route that many businesses are now taking. Although the initial investment into Solar Power may seem high on paper, the return on investment is built over 20 years and creates a true asset for the property. By integrating Solar into your workplace you

begin to save immediately. Most of the power hungry devices in a business are used during daylight hours and we can use the beautiful sunshine outside to help offset the cost of power. Even if the power you use within your business is greater at any one time than what the Solar is producing, you are still looking at around an 8 per cent return on investment depending on the system purchased. Purchasing Solar Power for a business is a big decision and you should look at the history of the company, the actual products that will be installed and the guaranteed performance figures over the life of the system. It is always recommended to get quotes and look for companies which have experience dealing with businesses and not just the residential market.

Lighting Lighting in your office is one of the biggest consumers of electricity and adds significantly to your overall power bill each quarter. There is now a huge array of different lighting solutions for your workspace, such as retrofitting your old fluorescent tubes. In conjunction with workplace health and safety requirements, the light quality and spread is not compromised with energy efficient alternatives but the consumption of overall power is dramatically lower. LED Lighting was once seen as only good for the little flashing light in your remote control, but with such a large range to choose from

and many reputable online stores, the payback period to deck out your whole business can be shorter than the warranty on the item itself.

Energy Efficiency My one tip in this area is to run a simple experiment that you only have to do once. Get into the office early one morning long before the general buzz of business starts (and preferably before the sun comes up), and take a general look around. Take note of those lights on display screens, printers on idle, mobile phone chargers with a warming glow and maybe the unused microwave sitting there with the clock proudly beaming away, all of these items are costing money to run even without staff in the building. The simple investment of separate power boards, energy efficient appliances and a general change in behaviour will all contribute to the overall goal you have of a downsized power bill. It can sometimes be the smaller things that have the greater impact overall and you can be assured that energy efficiency will serve you even better when you get that shiny new Solar Power system up on your roof. n


oo Tessa Muld

Contact Guys The Solar Business 55 0 0 75 0 0 13 Phone

u www.Solar

48 Working Women® n Spring 2011

WW carbon footprint

H ow to B e co m e a Sustainable Master Chef Are you a budding master chef passionate about making a difference in the environment? CLAIRE MOFFAT uncovers simple yet effective ways to help you improve the sustainability and efficiency of your kitchen.

Green living is becoming an increasingly important part of households, with more consumers concerned about the cost of running kitchen appliances, the type of food cooked and kitchen sustainability. Below is a list compiled by The International Business Times that lists helpful ways to improve the everyday running of energy efficient kitchens.

Install energy efficient appliances: Energy efficient appliances run on less energy, use less water and produce less harmful chemicals. A range of appliances are now labelled on energy efficiency, making it easier to purchase environmentally friendly appliances.

When using the oven, cook more than one item at a time and avoid preheating ovens. Use cookware that has longevity: It is worth investing in cooking materials that will not breakdown over time. Wooden utensils often rot over time from moisture and plastic has a short life span. Materials such as cast iron and stainless steel last the longest.

lids to prevent heat escaping, which speeds up the cooking time and saves energy.

Consider where the food comes from: Green practices also involve the manufacturing and production of food. Shopping at local markets or organic growers will reduce transportation, fuel and pollution involved in the delivery of products. Buying local food guarantees the produce will be fresh and better for the environment. n

Adopt energy efficient cooking practices: With the onset of more energy efficient ovens and stoves, there is opportunity to adopt improved cooking practices. When using the oven, cook more than one item at a time and avoid preheating ovens. While cooking on a stovetop it is best to use cookware with tight


Claire Mof Contact Women Connected Business 434 901 2 40 ) (0 +61 Phone en nectedwom www.con

A true education realises the full potential of every child

At Wesley, we believe in a true education - one that realises the full potential of every girl and boy. Our rich and comprehensive coeducational program promotes not only excellent academic results but has a concentrated focus on the Arts, Sport, Outdoor Education and Community. Visit or call + 61 3 8102 6888 for more information.

Elsternwick • Glen Waverley • St Kilda Road

Spring 2011 n Working WomenÂŽ 49

WW products

WhatWeLike Showcasing the products WNA Members take to the domestic and international markets - these products are as diverse as the businesses and careers of the dynamic women behind them.

t Cheese Lovers

Available only from selected delicatessens, restaurants and hotels, the King Island Dairy Black Double Brie is handcrafted on King Island from pure, sweet milk from Friesian and Jersey cows with the generous addition of cream to create a soft, oozing cheese with an intense savoury aroma. One of five artisan cheeses in the Black Label range, the Double Brie has a RRP of $5 per 100g. Visit

S i mpl y B e u

Lou Harvey is well known for her flamboyant design sense and impeccable style, reflected in her distinctive range of bags and accessories. Incorporating a variety of stylish, fashionable and functional accessories including bags, coolers, wallets, vanities and more, Lou’s wide range of products has exploded in popularity in South Africa, the UK, the USA and Australia. RRP: from $12.00. To view the range or order, visit

p Blossoming Basket

The Blossoming Basket is the largest of our baby bouquet range of baby gifts. These amazing bouquets made from baby clothes never fail to impress. Available in blue, pink and white, each arrangement contains a beanie, bib, size 00 jumpsuit, size 00 pants, two bodysuits sized 000 and 00, two singlets size 000 and 00, two pairs of socks and Oscar the true friend teddy bear. RRP: $149.00. Order at

Neat Zori u

Combining the latest foot care technology for superior foot support, Neat Zori takes all the advantages of an orthotic and transforms it into a supportive thong. Ideal for people who suffer from lower back pain or sore joints, Zori is truly the most comfortable, convenient, and versatile footwear on the planet. Available in tan and black or red and white, sizes 6-12, Neat Zori are unisex and available through leading pharmacies. RRP: $49.95. Visit

p Drizzle Ponchos

Drizzle Ponchos are the first in a range of sustainable wet weather gear. Reusable and recyclable, select from purple, pink, maroon and blue. The poncho comes in a handy pouch that can be used to store small valuable items and is attached so you do not lose it when wearing the poncho. RRP: from $20.00. To order, visit

p Plump Your Skin Naturally

Aiesha is a revolution in anti-ageing skincare due to its very potent concentrations of natural active ingredients. This Intense Eye and Wrinkle Cream contains rich concentrations of hyaluronic acid to plump skin and cucumber oil to soothe and soften. It even helps to diminish those cranky lines between the eyes. RRP: $55.00. For more information or to order, visit 50 Working WomenÂŽ n Spring 2011

t Tasty Treats

Tasty Samson Soya Twists are Australian soya-based goodness, flavoured with aromatic Australian native herbs. The Soya Twists contain no GMO, no added colours, preservatives or artificial flavours. A perfect, unique and wholesome snack to serve to your healthy lifestyle guests. RRP: $3.90. To order, visit

M i ch e H a n d b a g s u

The designer handbag that changes in seconds to accessorise any outfit for any occasion and season. One handbag that offers endless possibilities, allowing you the luxury of designing your own handbag collection. Miche comes in three sizes - mini, classic and the fabulous tote. RRP: from $99.95. Contact Cheryl Osborne at or phone +61 (0) 404 802 811.

qP a r e n t i n g S ucc e ss

This parenting guide covers everything from creating a home environment to succeed, teaching behavioural skills and highly effective communication techniques, to responding to behaviour with meaningful consequences. Suited to children from two years of age to upper primary, you’re guaranteed to have fun and feel great about what you are achieving as a family. RRP: $150.00. For more information, visit www.

Relaxation & Meditation For You CD u

Need to unwind from the world? Go on a wonderful journey of meditation and relaxation and rest your inner soul. The CD contains two different meditations and an explanation of the benefits of relaxation and how to create a meditation practise that works best for you. RRP: $24.95 + P&H. To order, visit

p Natural and Fragrance Free

This ‘back to basics’, simplified and inexpensive skin and hair care regimen is for the whole family. Consisting of two products, Caroline’s Cream and the All-Purpose Wash developed to treat eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and dry skin. Australian made, natural and fragrance free. Available from pharmacies, health food stores and healthcare practitioners throughout Australia. RRP: from $17.95. For information and stockists, visit

Sleep Comfortably u

Discover the most luxurious, beautiful set of pyjamas that we guarantee you will never give up. Made from 95 per cent bamboo and five per cent elastane, they are hard wearing, well washing, organically grown and simply a divine set of pyjamas. RRP: $67.95. For the complete range or to find a stockist, visit

qH an g i n g Ou t

Katy K Designs produces stylish, up-market, original design and quality décor for children and young adults. Our trendy, repositionable, fabric wall art is ideal for your home, nursery, library or office, and perfect for rental properties. Combine with matching growth charts and even gorgeous original canvas prints - it’s all about style! Custom orders are most welcome. Products are 100 per cent Australian made. RRP: from $39.95. Visit

t Get Your Glow On

Discover a truly natural looking bronzer with all natural ingredients. Available in three versatile shades, Adorn Mineral Cosmetics’ multi-purpose face and body bronzer can be used to contour the face, create the illusion of darker skin or as a blush and eye shadow. Or mix it with your favourite moisturiser for an odour free, water-resistant instant tan. RRP: $45.00 includes free shipping. Visit

Want your products listed here? Email a professional product photo (tif or jpg at 300 dpi) and a 60 word description including the RRP and where readers can purchase the product to

Spring 2011 n Working Women® 51

WW Travel

Hidden Food & Wine

gems of Paris Picking places to visit in a foreign city like Paris can be incredibly daunting, with so many restaurants, cafes, and wineries to choose from. To save you from wandering aimlessly around the French capital, KAREN RIDGE reveals her Hidden Gems of Paris.

The Basic Ingredients “It can be an overwhelming experience,” says Karen Ridge of Food and Wine Travel. “Naturally you want the best experience possible. You want to enjoy fantastic French cuisine, you want some quality wines to complement the meal and naturally you would love a view of the Eiffel Tower – and not be fleeced in the process! Not too much to ask, you think? But having these simple needs met is not something you will find easy if you have not done your research!”

Les Ombres Hidden Restaurant Gem “Take my advice and think Museum!” says Karen. Museum you ask? Yes, Quai Branly to be

precise. Paris has many fabulous museums but this one is home to one of the greatest hidden restaurant gems you are likely to discover. It is called Les Ombres and is located on the fifth floor. You will need to book ahead, but that is just common courtesy. Open for lunch and dinner each day, here you will find all you want and more, including that magical Eiffel Tower view. “The food is fabulous. The service is exceptional. And the prices are right!” says Karen.

Lavinia Hidden Wine Experience Gem So, you have done the meal, how about a memorable wine experience in Paris? Here’s an idea, instead of going to a hotel bar or paying ridiculous prices for wines at a restaurant,

give yourself a treat and visit Lavinia. It is literally the largest wine bar in Paris with over 6,000 different wines. A true hidden gem! There are regular tasting sessions and educational briefings, and it is a great place to pick up some amazing French wines at decent prices. The only thing you will have to worry about is getting it home (although, they will ship it for you if you buy more than you are allowed to carry through customs).

Taste and Learn About French Wines The great thing about going to a place like Lavinia is that they will take time to explain the

Tours for Independent-thinking Women

Don’t put off your dreams! Experience unique holidays with us – we are there when the tour buses leave! Our groups stay in one place for a while – no rushed visits or early starts! Time to get to know some of the best places in your own way.

Stay in chateaux, villas and boutique hotels – always with your own double room. Learn to order in French, eat and cook in Italian! We have a picnic in a train, opera in a palace, make our own perfume, taste wine and truffles, wander beautiful gardens and museums, dine away from tourists - and we shop too… Our visits are guided by local women and… we never queue!

Our experience counts.

If you like to do your own thing, but not travel alone, then our small group tours are for you! Currently we have 3 places remaining on our Italy tour departing 15 October 2011; we are also taking registrations of interest for our France tour - departing March 2012. Call or email Jenni at Perchalla & Turner Travel Associates on 1800 136 037 or for a no obligation CD and itinerary.

Call 1800 136 037


WW Travel

nuances of French wines in the tastings. Karen says, “They will also answer those age old questions about the labelling of French wines and help you to understand how it works. It is a mystery to most people, and unless you are an expert you would be kidding yourself and others to pretend you know.” Hear it from the horse’s mouth so to speak, and expand your knowledge of French wines. You will need at least a couple of hours at this hidden gem.

Cook with the Best at The Ritz Now you have eaten at a great restaurant and tasted some sensational vino – what else should a food and wine lover do while in Paris? To top off the experience, Karen suggests, “Enrol yourself into the Ritz Escoffier School for a super session with the professionals! Learn from the Chefs in the Ritz kitchen in a unique experience that only few could ever say they have done. It’s an intensive workshop that focuses on perfecting just one traditional

French dish. You will learn the inside secrets from the world’s best and then get to eat your creation, together with a well matched French wine. Tres Francais!!! Tres hidden food and wine gem in Paris. n

e Karen Ridg

Contact Wine Travel Food and Business 89 5987 +61 (3) 98 Phone


dw www.foodan

Your Golden Opportunity Need an excuse to catch up with friends, network with your clients or simply have a fun and hassle-free get together? Try a fun new way to raise money for your charity of choice! Do good with gold by taking part in The Golden Cause national charity drive. Whether it is a single gold earring you have lost the other half of, a broken gold necklace or simply gold you will never wear again, we all have unwanted gold sitting idle in our jewellery boxes. The Golden Cause provides an opportunity to host fun and easy events with your friends and clients to turn this outdated or broken gold jewellery into valuable fundraising dollars for charity.

• Your guests are paid excellent market rate prices on the spot for their unwanted gold jewellery • An additional 10% on top of these great prices is donated to your charity • We organise the party for you and provide a professional gold assessor • We give you $70 towards champagne and nibbles • $50 from each party booked at your event also goes to charity

How do The Golden Cause events work? Invite around 10 friends or clients and ask them to bring all their unwanted gold and platinum … broken necklaces, single earrings, old cuff-links, etc.

Community Angels Inc.

A professional gold assessor will value each guests’ gold and present a cheque on the spot for anything they wish to trade.

Your charity of choice will then be paid an additional 10% of the total pay out from your event. Our gold assessor manages all financial transactions, including the charity donation and will ensure you can track your fundraising progress online at

To book your party for The Golden Cause today, text PARTY to 0423 858 093 or visit Spring 2011 n Working Women® 53

WW between the pages

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Books, they hold the answers to the great questions in life! Basically they offer the same words just in a different order, but they have been inspiring, educating and bringing tears to eyes for years. Here are our top choices. Dance Until It Rains

Author: Andrew Jobling Price: $32.99 Dance Until It Rains inspires those lacking direction with words of wisdom to live life fully and in the moment. It urges us to seek joy, treat others with respect, kindness, love and dignity, and learn from the lessons life delivers us and change our behaviour accordingly. Through narrating his mother’s journey from fleeing a war torn country to her death from cancer, Andrew Jobling delivers a treasure trove of universal life lessons and encourages us to live life to the fullest. To order, visit

Stepping Stones to Business Success

Author: Donna Stone Price: $25.00

Stepping Stones to Business Success aims to help any business succeed, grow and ultimately excel. Author Donna Stone uses her nearly three decades of real world experience to cover everything you could possibly need from accounting to networking, sales, staff, time management and so much more. With 200 plus practical tips on how to succeed, this easy-to-read book is a secret weapon for any business. Grab a copy today and improve the success of your business, from

The Small Business Success Guide Author: Margie Sheedy Price: $27.95

The Small Business Success Guide is brimming with practical ideas and proven strategies to make your small business a winner. With inspiration and guidance from leading Australian small business experts, it is an invaluable resource for those starting or already running a small business. Discover how to motivate your staff, pump up your sales volume, market your business effectively, maximise your growth and more. The Q&A style guide will help you fast-track your business development and empower you to enjoy the ride! Available from bookstores and at

The Cook’s Toolkit by Clever Pumpkin Author: Susan Bennett Price: $65.00

Most people don’t get sick of cooking - they get sick of thinking about it. The Cook’s Toolkit helps you to create indexes on favourite meals to fall back on when you’ve got more on your mind than dinner. For cook-to-live days and live-to-cook days, whether you feel passionate or just plain hungry, The Cook’s Toolkit combines several previously stand-alone products to create the first and only comprehensive cook’s organiser and compendium. To order, visit

54 Working Women® n Spring 2011

Women on Top against the odds

Authors: Sally Healey and Terri M Cooper Price: $29.95 Women on Top – against the odds profiles inspirational Australian businesswomen who have overcome challenges to follow a dream. Their honest stories and strategies make the book a wonderful coaching companion for all women seeking growth. It includes: bonus chapters by international author Dr Lois P Frankel; a blueprint to establish your own group of ‘Strong Women Doing Interesting Things’; strategies for publishing your expertise; and more. Available at

The stories in this book are diverse and compelling, and resonate with honesty, heart and humour. The book contains bonus chapters on entrepreneurship and personal branding written by Dr Lois P Frankel, internationallyacclaimed author of ‘Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office’.

Heartland - On the Side of Angels

Top reads

Author:Terri Sedmak Price: $32.95

Heartland On the Side of Angels is the first novel in the Liberty & Property Legends series by exciting new Australian author Terri Sedmak. Set in Wyoming in 1883, Heartland takes you on a journey of intrigue, love and loyalty, and a fight for freedom. Live and breathe the lives of 20-year-old Kelley Keaten, her brother Mart and her childhood nemesis Luke Taylor, and immerse yourself in the vibrant history of 19th Century Wyoming. Available at

The Essential Marketing Guide How to Get Back to Basics

Author: Sandra O’Neill Price: $71.50

The Essential Marketing Guide is for small business owners and managers who want to understand the basic elements of marketing their business successfully. This workbook includes practical explanations, case studies, tips and examples. The guide covers all the marketing aspects you need to know to get the basics of marketing right and save yourself a lot of time, effort and money. To order, visit

The Effective Leader

Author: Vicki Bennett and Ian Mathieson Price: $26.95 The Effective Leader is a motivational leadership book that explores mind, body and spirit in the context of the work environment. Authors Vicki Bennett and Ian Mathieson explore nine key challenges facing leaders today and argue that balance in life can be achieved systematically and purposefully. The Effective Leader will stimulate your thinking and give you creative and practical ideas to enhance your abilities as a leader, at work, in your family and your community organisations. To order, visit

Oops I Self-Published Author: Heidi Yi Price: $19.95

When Heidi decided to write a book about her knowledge of makeup, she had no idea she would end up a self-published author. Capturing the trials and tribulations of self-publishing, Oops I Self-Published gives valuable advice for every step of the publishing journey, from writing your first draft to selling your book. Heidi shares knowledge she gained along the way and incorporates interviews with two accomplished authors, including international bestselling author Tim Harcourt. To order, visit

Challenging Change Behaviour Strategies for Life Author: Tan Curtis Price: $29.95

Challenging Change has been written to help individuals to learn to understand their own unwanted behaviours and the certain behaviours used by other people. This book explores why certain behaviour occurs and how to develop and implement strategies aimed at ‘Changing behaviour patterns for a brighter future’. Full of lots of practical examples, tools and templates to help individuals make positive changes, it is an essential resource for anyone wishing to change their behaviour. To order, visit

Ageless Vitality

Author: Vicky Jane Spencer Price: $25.00

The Difference

Author: Nic Bolto Price: $27.50 The Difference is a new magazine designed to highlight the issues of poverty, disadvantage and social exclusion in Australia. Both a report card and a browsable coffee-table style publication, the bold, cutting-edge, and stylish magazine brings together the people, the problems and the solutions into one place. It aims to spark interest in investing in ten of the nation’s grimmest problems including child abuse, drug abuse, homelessness and unemployment. RRP: $27.50 with the first issue free. To download the magazine (PDF) or to order, visit

Do you plan to age with vitality, sexuality and beauty? Are you on the best path to ageless vitality? Choosing this path will take courage; it will require a willingness to challenge traditional views, which hold that ageing means becoming less vital, less beautiful, less sensual. If you want something more from your life, there are some wonderful options for you to consider in this book. Are you open to a new way of viewing how you age? Then you must read Ageless Vitality. To order, visit Spring 2011 n Working Women® 55

WW work + life Balance

7 Tips for the Busy

mumpreneur NICOLA MORAS outlines how you can create a good work and life balance without sacrificing substantial work and parenting roles.

The secret to forming a healthy work and life balance can be found through following these seven simple tips:

1. Start with a plan and stick to your plan. Most Mums get so good at juggling everything that is going on in their busy lives and forget to write down the actions that they are going to undertake at the start of the day. A productive Mum sets her actions at the start of the day and works towards achieving those actions.

2. Quite often when working from home, you can overlook effective time management. Set yourself the tasks to complete in an hour and then take a five minute break. Stick to the times and don’t get caught up in the black hole of Social Media!

3. Learn from other Mumpreneurs. You are not the first mum to embark on this journey and you can certainly learn from the mistakes of others. Find a mum who is running her business from home and find out exactly what it is that works well for her and what does not.

4. Choose events to attend wisely. When working towards creating the best work/life balance for you, you need to be picky about the events you attend. If it is a networking event, determine whether your target market is going to be present. There is no point in spending time away from your family going to an event with no intention or no purpose.

5. Limit your time on social media throughout the day. With social media becoming bigger and bigger, it is almost becoming necessary to be active on it. However, it is so easy to get caught up in the ‘hustle and bustle’ of social media that you lose hours upon hours of valuable time.

6. Set time aside for personal development. This could be reading, researching things of interest on the internet or even be going for a walk around the block. Remember that the secret to being successful is through continuous learning.

7. Take time to smell the roses. It is so important to reflect on the goals you have achieved throughout the day. It’s easy to spend a whole day running your business, your house, your children and your partner while quite often forgetting to celebrate the wins you achieve throughout the day. Achieving a positive work/life balance is different for every Mumpreneur. However, with


the correct strategies in place you can create your ultimate work/life balance that benefits you and your family. n as Nicola Mor

Contact ouettes Stylish Silh Business 656 669 9 40 +61 (0) Phone





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Get the right cover Get the right price Get HELPFUL ADVICE

Call Jody Williams on 08 6500 0115 Email (Based in Perth, servicing businesses Australia-wide)

Business Insurance, Workers Compensation, Holiday Homes, Liability, Motor Vehicles, Owner Builders, Corporate, Construction, Contents and Stock, and more

Jody Williams and Oracle Group are Authorised Representatives of NAS Insurance Brokers AFSL 233750

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w w w. o r a c l e g r o u p . n e t . a u


V i s i t w w w. co n n e c t e d wo m e n . n e t . a u

Check out the latest and greatest gadgets presented by Claire Moffat.

Teac’s Limited Edition SR100i iPod Docking Station

Would you like to know what’s what in the tech world?

Just ask us!

A unique addition to TEAC’s audio docking range is the limited edition SR100i iPod Docking Station. With a distinctively funky exterior, the SR100i features a docking station for iPod playback and charging and is compatible with all iPods. RRP: $549.00 Contact:

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Run Small Electrical Appliances in Your Car

This 150 watt inverter plugs into the cigarette lighter of your car to provide power for small electrical appliances, from battery chargers to laptop power supplies. Extremely compact at only 150mm long, it also has a USB port. You can charge or power your MP3 player or any other device normally used on a USB port on your computer. RRP: $34.95 Contact:

Samsung Takes View to the Next Level

The ST700 represents the ultimate in dual screen innovation from Samsung. The new camera boasts a 1.8” front LCD screen complemented by a new 3.0” touch screen with smart access UI on the back of the camera for seamless usability and clear, crisp image display. The ST700 doesn’t lose out on image quality either, with a 16.1 megapixel image sensor and a 26mm 5x optical zoom lens for innovative image capturing. RRP: $349.00 Contact:

that will make you the queen of the booming tech marketplace. Our FREE weekly e-newsletter is your personal technology tutor, arming you with the knowledge to fully utilise gadgets designed to make your life easier. Subscribe now at Uniden’s Latest Digital Wireless Surveillance

Uniden’s new wireless solution UWS 1117 is designed for households and small businesses that want an exceptionally user-friendly and high quality digitally encrypted surveillance system. The UWS 1117 Premium Pack is bundled with a larger 7” LCD monitor for easy viewing and includes a remote control. RRP: $399.95 Contact:

Make the most of the lastest technology! Subscribe now!

Conserve Valet-Smart USB Charging Station

Most chargers continue to use power as long as they are plugged into the wall even after you unplug your device. The Conserve Valet Smart USB Charging Station lets you charge all your mobile devices in one convenient place and automatically shuts off the power, including standby power, after devices are fully charged. RRP: $49.95 Contact:

fat Claire Mof

Contact Women Connected Business 434 901 2 40 ) +61 (0 Phone .au

.net ectedwomen www.conn

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Hello from Someday Isle. Wish you were here ...

Precious memories

Honour your loved ones in the way they would like to be remembered. White Lady Funerals can tailor services to meet a range of individual requests. Organising a funeral can be a daunting task, especially when you’re grieving the loss of a loved one. There are so many basic elements to consider before even taking into consideration any special requests the deceased may have had. To make this difficult time less stressful on you, White Lady Funerals

offer a range of tailored services for men, women and children. They are Australia’s premier team of all-female funeral directors and “cater for a family’s culture and traditions, and any special requests to make the service truly personalised,” says White Lady regional manager, Christine Thompson.

For more information, visit or call 1300 656 550

Are You Petite? Do you find hemlines always too long and necklines dangerously low? Petites aren’t tiny. Petite sizing is styled to fit anyone under 5’4” or 160cm tall. The key to a professional look is well fitting clothes. As a working woman who needs to look my best, I have been on a mission to bring high quality petite fashion to Australia. At last, Pocket Diva has arrived! Beautiful, fashionable, grown up clothes, to suit your needs from casual to corporate. Shop from home for delivery to your door. That’s one less hassle, and a treat you deserve.


1300 916 383

Dear Self, Is this your Someday Isle? You know the place you imagine when you say ‘Someday I’ll ...’ Well, this is your future self telling you that unless you give yourself a good shake and do some serious planning, someday will never come. Because I know you’re busy I’ve made a list – all you have to do is tick it off. LIST FOR GETTING TO SOMEDAY ISLE

1. A business succession plan so we can retire in style. 2. The security of life insurance to protect all that we have worked for. 3. A robust and healthy super fund to spend as we wish. 4. Contingency funding (for leave, pay outs, bonuses) to reward our staff for helping us. 5. Shares and investments that are structured to give us strong returns. 6. Advice today from someone who, like us, shares our dreams. So get going, make financial security your gift to me. See you someday.

Love, Self PS: TIP - Start with number 6. Jenny is expecting your call because if you listened to me you already made it ...

Jenny Moss - AR No: 235806 (AFSL No: 245569 Moss Financial are an authorised representative of Meritum Financial Group.)

03 9578 7771

MOSS FINANCIAL S E R V I C E S ABN No: 93 093 079 335 Spring 2011 n Working Women® 59

Classified Business Directory Accommodation Roxburgh House Hobart

Business Opportunities Become an Anti-aging Wellness Coach

Business/Life Coaching (cont) Just Coaching...Inspiring Change

In Hobart for business or leisure? Why not stay in one of our beautiful apartments at Roxburgh House-luxury contemporary 2 & 3 bedroom apartments in a central heritage building. +61 (0) 417 326 804

Live your healthy rich life and help others to do the same. The anti-ageing wellness industry is making money because our ageing population is a niche market that needs your help. +61 (0) 410 612 231

Is your business burning up your time and energy? A Relationship Retention Specialist will help you discover that you can have a successful business and rewarding relationships. +61 (0) 438 654 293

Accountants Business Links Australia

Considering Change - Become a Life Coach

Business Services Admin Makeover

Accounting and tax planning services for small to medium sized businesses, investors and self managed superannuation funds. Located Southside Brisbane. +61 (7) 3341 1007

Financial Agility

Be great with your money. Take control of your finances. Get Financial Agility, a CPA firm specialising in start-ups and SMEs. All your accounting needs managed by talented women. +61 (0) 411 894 949

RNR Accounting Services

Educating you on how to make money from your business, creating the lifestyle you want. Providing accounting, taxation, business advice and bookkeeping to small business. +61 (7) 3398 1994

Trouble with Business Finances?

Accounting & bookkeeping for SMEs, investors, SMSFs. BAS lodgement, financial statement preparation, payroll & super, cash flow and budgeting, monthly management reporting. +61 (0) 412 260 758

US Tax Preparation

US tax preparation for property investors, expatriates and others at reasonable rates. LLC setup, EIN organization, bank account set up and state authorities. Melbourne based. +61 (0) 412 260 758

Beauty Services DIY Permanent Cellulite Removal

Cellulite Free Me Therapist Bronwyn Hewitt has written The Ultimate Cellulite Treatment in a book. Easy to follow, amusing guide to permanently remove cellulite! Paperback or eBook. +61 (0) 410 725 250

Solving Your Skin Concerns

Worried about aging skin, acne, rosacea or wrinkles? Our knowledge, experience and medical-strength, science-based skin care and superb service will give you the look and feel you want. +61 (3) 6224 1795

Bookkeeping Bookkeeping Services

We can help take away the stress of sorting out your accounts so you can get back to doing what you love best. Registered BAS Agent, MYOB and Quickbooks professional partner. +61 (0) 425 219 964

60 Working Women® n Spring 2011

Are you interested in personal development? Do you like people and want to make a difference? If you have been considering a career change then call The Coaching Institute TODAY. 1800 094 927

Earn a Second Income from Home

Earn $500-$1500 extra/month part time around your current activities. Join a billion dollar company in health and nutrition. We train and teach. High ethics, low cost set-up. Start today! +61 (7) 3013 3290

Entrepreneurs - The Future is Now

Where is your financial future headed? Direct sales/not MLM. Start your own business, YES! easy system. Support and training. Path to success blocked by inaction? Call now. 1800 727 320

Gold Parties Australia

Need a bit of extra cash? How does $300 for 2 hours work sound? Call us today to find out how you can grow and have a successful business with Gold Parties Australia. +61 (2) 8021 3123

Hawaiian Green Tea

Be part of an exciting opportunity to market a highly concentrated but low caffeine and calorie, flavoured green tea which comes in single serve convenient sachets. New to Australia. +61 (0) 402 158 591

Start your Home Staging Business Now!

Escape the 9-5 and create a lifestyle business where you get to live your passion and profit from it now! Discover how to launch the creative styling career you absolutely love. +61 (0) 434 146 833

We offer risk paraplanning services to financial advisers as well as administrative services to all small to medium business. Let us make your business better. +61 (0) 407 883 462

Childcare & Nanny Services Charlton Brown

Australia’s most respected care and training provider. Whether it’s for a couple of hours or a couple of years we can supply a nanny to suit your specific needs. 1300 626 643

Civil Celebrants Sydney Marriage Celebrant Jane Gillespie

Want a beautiful personal marriage ceremony who doesn’t? I offer three levels of service (bronze, silver and gold) accommodating all budgets. Visit my website or call me. +61 (2) 9908 1702

Coaching & Development Are You An Entrepreneur?

Discover how to overcome your mindset barriers that sabotage and stop you from getting to the next level of business success. Join me at the Entrepreneurial Mindset Exposed Program. +61 (0) 430 186 415

Cre8tive Catalyst

Your catalyst for change. Cre8tive Catalyst mentor and leadership coach for the corporate sector. Providing you with tools and techniques from the stage to the boardroom. +61 (0) 412 674 535

Your Inspiration at Home

Ground floor opportunity - Gourmet Food Party Plan, dynamic company. Want to earn extra cash? Grow your own business, great product range, support and training. Call Terri now. +61 (0) 419 657 106

Weight Loss

Successful business woman looking for like minded women to help launch weight loss program. This opportunity leads with science to create products that deliver results and success. 1800 137 887

Business/Life Coaching Attracting Perfect Customers

Realising your sense of purpose, and creating your life’s work will put you in alignment to attracting your perfect customers. FREE coaching session for all Working Women readers. +61 (0) 410 328 302


Mobile: 0412 674 535 Creative Catalyst, Coach & Mentor Creating transformation through the performing arts

Executive Coaching for Leaders

Executive coaching, leadership development, team building. Activities tailored to individual or organisation. Achieve your goals through coaching. Be respected as a leader. +61 (0) 403 331 759

Coaching & Development (CONT) Need Advice on How to Lead Your Team?

Are you a new manager grappling with your new role? Are your usual management techniques failing? Call us if you think coaching or a team workshop will help. First consultation FREE. +61 (0) 438 843 970

Time for a New Job?

Want to be seen in the next edition?

Call the WNA Head Office on 1800 052 476 to find out more. Fashion Bag Organisers for your Handbag

Need help in tailoring your job search? We provide the tools needed to enable you to be confident. Affordable, professional service with packages to fit any budget. +61 (0) 438 822 433

Tired of rummaging through your bag looking for your keys, mobile and everyday essentials? You need the original and best bag organiser in the market. Free shipping online. 1300 886 603

Computer & Technology Acclique

Contemporary Plus Size Women’s Fashion

We provide accounting software for home-based businesses. Our motto “Improving your accounts is only acclique away!” Striving to help people set and achieve their accounting goals. Let us help you to reach your full potential. Call today and simplify your accounts. 1800 260 888

Accounting Software for Home-based Business Simplify your AccountS! • BAS and Financials – Click! Done. • Personal Customer Support • Freedom to Build your Business

Show off your curves in gorgeous, contemporary fashion, designed for plus size women. Euqi is an online store dedicated to providing beautiful, quality clothes for sizes 14 to 32. +61 (0) 449 743 708

Pocket Diva Petite

Fashion for women under 160cm tall. Classic suits, stylish casual and truly ‘little’ black dresses. Delivered in 24 hours ready to wear. No more waiting for alterations. 1300 916 383

Financial Services Aspire Retire Financial Services

Want unbiased advice? Fee for service, no commissions. Award winning firm offering advice on retirement planning, superannuation, tax planning, investments and shares. 1300 667 702

Financial Choice For Women 1800 260 888

Email Marketing Services Vieve - eMarketing Experts

Our powerful e-marketing program provides you with e-newsletter, invite templates, surveys and tracking. Also takes care of your list building with subscribes and unsubscribes. +61 (7) 3398 3173

Event Management Silver Moon Events

Don’t have an in-house event coordinator or perhaps you just need another pair of hands! At Silver Moon Events we can plan, manage or assist you with your next business event. +61 (0) 412 517 399

Fashion A Cover-up for Every Body

Look sensual and feel confident in this summer wear essential that will take you from beach to bar. Make a statement in the most amazingly versatile cover-ups! +61 (0) 404 036 857

Want to upgrade your listing into a full colour advertisement?

1800 052 476

Get your Money in Balance! Holistic Financial Planning for women & small business owners. Offering you a wide range of investment strategies, insurances & specialist guest speaker. 1300 876 494

Make Your Dreams Reality

Quality personal financial advice is all about getting the right advice to help you achieve your dreams. Call today for your no cost review consultation. Call Jenny today. +61 (3) 9578 7771

RBS Morgans

Providing strategy, advice and expertise in investing in Shares and Superannuation for over 20 years. Need help? Call Susan Rallings to discuss your specific needs. +61 (7) 3334 4865

Funeral Services The Notify Service

The NOTIFY service deals with all of the complex and confusing paperwork which is required to notify organisations of your loved one’s passing, for you, so you have time to grieve. +61 (0) 412 600 139

White Lady Funerals

National funeral service to all families. Offering assurance of absolute support and professional attention with genuine care. Providing a woman’s understanding since 1989. 1300 656 550

Gift Services Glass By Gina

Glass Artist servicing special events, promotional items, corporate gifts as well as personal gifts. Able to meet deadlines and budgets, created with passion and care. +61 (0) 412 724 127

Need Men’s Gifts?

Finding gifts for men can be a challenge. Why not shop for men’s gifts the easy way - online at Gifts for Blokes. Gifts for men of all ages and for all occasions. Fast, friendly service. +61 (3) 8610 0158

Glass & Glazing Broken Doors, Windows & Showers Reglazed

For your peace of mind, True Blue Glass glaze to Australian Standards AS1288. Shop Fronts; Splashbacks; Aluminium Fabrication; Bent & Curved Glass; Office Partitions; 24 Hrs/7 Days. +61 (7) 3209 8774

Graphic Design Services Scarab Blue Design

Passionate, not precious. Creative, but practical. Consistent, yet versatile. Advertising, publishing and graphic design expertise – big agency experience with small agency rates and service. +61 (0) 419 311 862

Unicorn Graphics - Design, Illus, Print

Affordable, agency-quality, graphic design solutions by a designer and illustrator with years of experience, expertise and knowledge, to stretch your marketing investment further. +61 (2) 4751 1383

Food - Home Delivered Boutique Meats

Succulent, quality beef delivered to your door. Highly competitive prices, half or full side. Hormone free. For more details visit us online. +61 (0) 427 613 823

Function Venues Campaspe Country House

The perfect country destination for your conference, wedding, weekend retreat or special occasion. +61 (3) 5427 2273 Spring 2011 n Working Women® 61

Classified Business Directory Health & Wellbeing Are Your Pads and Tampons killing you?

Information & Research Services Vista Information Services & Solutions

Online Business Resources All About Biz - Your Online Resource

Cervical Cancer, PMS, hot flushes, cramping, fibroids - all being caused by toxic products. Pads with negative ion strips promote health and clear up most issues. Call for a sample. +61 (0) 412 671 922

At Vista we provide a wide range of information s e r v i c e s i n c l u d i n g re s e a rc h , k n o w l e d ge management, document and information management. Please contact us for a free consultation. +61 (2) 9222 2766

We help you with promotional opportunities, individual advice, easily accessible business information and networks you will actually use. We’re new and ready to impress you! +61 (7) 5575 8380

Kinique Kinesiology

Insurance Oracle Group (Australia) Pty Ltd

Online Retailers My Personal Shopper

We offer advice on what types of insurance policies you should be considering for your business. Spend your insurance dollars wisely, chat to Jody Williams first. +61 (8) 6500 0115

Too busy to shop all day? A better lifestyle service with carefully selected product choices is here. Allow us to have ‘everyday items that you need delivered to your door’ today. 1300 859 101

Solicitors Culshaw Miller Lawyers

Parenting Services Unity-Qld - Services for All Parents

Are you being overloaded by stress? Is your immune system fed up? Would you like to feel energised and full of vitality? Kinesiology untangles your emotional and physical health. +61 (0) 407 029 943

ReAwaken with Clarity

Want practical strategies to every day issues? Achieved success in many areas, yet still something is missing? Call us for a holistic approach to health, wellbeing and happiness. +61 (0) 457 826 648

Human Resources Garner Business Solutions

If you employ staff then you are in the People Business. We improve business performance through people in the areas of human resources, sales, recruitment and compliance. 1300 856 930

Online Psychometric Assessments

Obtain valuable and objective information and insight regarding a person’s abilities and personal characteristics to help make an informed staff selection and development decision. +61 (0) 458 559 539

Hypnotherapy Life in Sync - Quit Cigarettes

Let us make it easy for you to quit cigarettes in 60 minutes. You CAN become a non smoker with this proven system and our guaranteed support. Call and kick the habit today. 1300 661 074

Image Consultants Style Success - Career & Image Coaching

One-on-one telephone coaching for career management & corporate training workshops. Download my FREE e-book from our website and be ready to impress! +61 (0) 403 810 756

Style to go - We come to you (SA)

Save time and money by learning how to create a fabulous wardrobe based on your own personal style and best colours. Personal shopping, style parties and gift vouchers available! 0417 344 019

Import & Export Services Who Are You Dealing With In China?

Know your Chinese partners - competitive, indepth, on time business/industry intelligence, company credit reporting services on Chinese businesses and entrepreneurs. +61 (3) 9722 9406

62 Working Women® n Spring 2011

Text: Legal firm based in Perth servicing clients throughout Australia & overseas. Offering assistance with Commercial law, Wills, Estates, Probate, Litigation & Family Law. +61 (8) 6104 0509

Kirsty O’Callaghan is a National Parenting Expert and is motivating and inspiring thousands of Australians to shape their future through positive and Present Parenting Tactics. +61 (0) 402 889 648

Vanessa Vette - Experienced Family Lawyer

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the in the next issue of Working Women Visit or call the WNA Head Office 1800 052 476.

Spring 2011 n Working Women® 63

Calendar2011 Put your foot in the door at WNA – dynamic networking events, connections and educational speakers. OCTOBER WED 12 October


Network & Nibbles

Colmslie Conference Centre, Wynnum Road, Morningside. QLD

THU 13 October


Power Tea

Rydges Albury, 648 Dean Street, Albury. NSW

WED 19 October


Business Luncheon

The Vibe Hotel, 111 Goulburn Street, Sydney. NSW

THU 20 October


Business Luncheon

CQ Functions Centre, 113 Queen Street, Melbourne. VIC

THU 27 October


Business Luncheon

Blue Water Grill, 56 Duncraig Road, Applecross. WA

THU 27 October


Business Luncheon

Spring Lake Hotel, 1 Springfield Lakes Blvd, Springfield Lakes. QLD

WED 9 November


Business Luncheon

The Salamanca Inn, 10 Gladstone Street, Hobart. TAS

WED 16 November


Business Luncheon

Radisson Resort Gold Coast, Palm Meadows Drive, Carrara. QLD

THU 17 November


Business Luncheon

Rydges Oasis Resort, Landsborough Parade, Caloundra. QLD

THU 17 November


Speed Networking

Rendezvous Allegra Hotel, 55 Waymouth Street, Adelaide. SA

WED 23 November


Xmas Luncheon

CQ Functions Centre, 113 Queen Street, Melbourne. VIC

THU 24 November


Xmas Luncheon

The Vibe Hotel, 111 Goulburn Street, Sydney. NSW

THU 1 December


Xmas Luncheon

Blue Water Grill, 56 Duncraig Road, Applecross. WA

FRI 2 December


Xmas Luncheon

The Pavilion Centre, 1 Bogan Street, Albion. QLD

THU 8 December


Xmas Luncheon

The Salamanca Inn, 10 Gladstone Street, Hobart. TAS



all our w ie v to To book or ing events visit 2011 network ensn www.wom

BUILD YOUR PROFILE – PROMOTE AND ADVERTISE AT OUR BUSINESS NETWORKING EVENTS. Want your promotional material inserted into event delegate satchels? It’s easy for financial members; donate a door prize when attending our events and you’ll be entitled to place your promotional leaflet onto all guests’ chairs. To find out more details T: 1800 052 476 or +61 7 3272 8222.

PLEASE NOTE: All dates are subject to change. Bookings are required to be made by RSVP dates. Tickets are not held without payment. No money is accepted at the door. REFUNDS: For a full refund, notification is required 3 working days prior to event. After this time no refunds are given. Enquiries call us on T: 1800 052 476 or +61 7 3272 8222. 64 Working Women® n Spring 2011

Working Women

Working Women Women’s network Australia











w w w.w o m e n s n e t w o r k . co m . a u

Business n success n Life spring 2011

Aust $8.75 inc gst Subscriptions $32 pa inc gst


tips for moving up the ranks


Advertising RATES

it’s party season!



Inspiring Print Post Approved PP411192/00010

the hearts & minds of women


Turn your clients into raving


marketing • productivity • money • hr • travel and more

STANDARD CASUAL RATE CARD - FULL COLOUR (where final digital artwork is supplied by advertiser)








9 $500




10 $370


3 $600



Positioned in Classified Business Directory











Double page spread (separate LH & RH page)

303 x 216

271 x 190

297 x 210


Full page

303 x 216

271 x 190

297 x 210


Half page vertical



271 x 92


Half page horizontal



133 x 190


Qtr page horizontal



64 x 190


Half page x two column



133 x 125


Qtr page x two column



64 x 125


Full page x one column



271 x 60


Half page x one column



133 x 60


Qtr page x one column



64 x 60


Size 10 adverts are positioned in the Classified Business Directory

Submit 150 words of text and a scanned image $500.00



30% of the cost of your first advertisement

Download from or T: 1800 052 476

 ook four consecutive editions and receive a 10% B discount which includes free artwork. (Same artwork to be run for the four editions. Any changes to original artwork in subsequent editions will be charged at normal design cost of $88 per hour including GST)


Book four consecutive editions and receive a 10% discount

PLACEMENT OPTIONS – SURCHARGE ALL SIZES – Right hand page + 20% SIZE 1 AND 2 ONLY – Inside front cover + 40% SIZE 2 ONLY – Opposite Letter from the Editor + 40%

– Outside back cover + 50%





WORKING WOMEN | CLASSIFIED BUSINESS DIRECTORY Standard price per listing $179.00 | Discounted WNA Member price per listing $99. Book online at page.cfm?pageCode=Classifieds

Advertising agency bookings are 10% commissionable

Please note that pages of WORKING WOMEN® are available for purchase. They are supplied in PDF format - making them suitable for placement on websites. The cost per page or part thereof is $88.00 including GST. It is a condition of sale by the publisher that all credits displayed at the foot of each page be clearly displayed when the file is used in either an electronic or in hard copy format. EMAIL YOUR REQUEST TO TERM AND CONDITIONS available at

‘WORKING WOMEN’ is a registered trade mark of Women’s Network Australia Pty Ltd.


Publication Date

Editorial and authors image Material Deadline

Display Advertisements/Advertorial Booking Deadline Material Deadline

Classified Business Directory Booking and Material Deadline


20 December

15 October

1 November

8 November

1 November


20 June

15 April

1 May

8 May

1 May

Autumn Spring

20 March

20 September

15 January 15 July

1 February 1 August

8 February 8 August

1 February 1 August


rking – Netwo tise ss exper – Busine s tools busines ll a m S – cts g conta in k r o w t – Ne ment manage r e e r a C – otion ss prom – Busine 24 /7 services – Online

Join Women’s Network Australia, the premier networking group for women in business. The easy way to grow your business or fast track your career.


Find it all at – the place for all your business and career needs.

JUST SOME OF THE REASONS WHY WOMEN JOIN WOMEN’S NETWORK AUSTRALIA: n Automatic listing in our Online Members’ Directory

n Entry into our member only LinkedIn Networking Lounge n Online exposure via our ‘Featured Member’ service

n Discounted rates when booking for our networking events n 12 months subscription

to ‘Working Women’ magazine

n Member discounts when advertising on our eNoticeBoard n Free ‘Exhibition’ space at

our networking events and forums to our ‘Movie Club’ n Promotional inserts into the delegate satchels at our events n Press coverage opportunities via our ‘Media Call’ service n Recognition and branding online via our ‘Member eBadge’ n Hot career tips and small business up-dates online n Sale and promotion of members’ books via our online bookshop n Publication of articles in ‘Working Women’ magazine n Speaking opportunities via our ‘Find a Speaker’ service. n Complimentary membership and passes

1800 052 476 +61 (7) 3272 8222

Women’s Network Australia Pty Ltd – ABN 66 010 793 727


Working Women - Issue - Spring 2011  
Working Women - Issue - Spring 2011  

Speaking to, for and about women in business.