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Candidates and Manifestos NUS CONFERENCE DELEGATES Abi Clarke - Sports Coaching Science and Development

We are currently in a period of significant change in terms of student movement and political challenge. As a result I would highly value the opportunity to be a part of this movement, through representing the University of Worcester at the NUS Annual Conference. If elected as your NUS Annual Conference delegate my policies would be: To represent YOU and OUR University as a spokesperson to debate and discuss key issues that are important to US as a collective. Use the conference to develop networks with other Universities and institutions that will help to build our reputation. Use the conference as an opportunity to see how other institutions are run to note changes and policies that may help Worcester. To ensure that current leadership stand up to their policies and their work over the previous year. Bring key issues discussed that affect our University in order to drive change within our institution. Use the conference as an opportunity to facilitate learning and build confidence within myself in order to maximise my potential in my role within the University. To take advantage of ALL potential networking opportunities, meetings, workshops and activities that are involved within this conference to help our university.

Helen Manners – Education Studies Vote Helen Manners to be your NUS Conference Delegate on 4th to 7th March

Hello, my name is Helen Manners and I am currently a 2nd year student studying Education Studies. During my first two years at Worcester University I have been heavily involved with the Students Union. I have been a StAR for my course, an Institute Rep for Education, a member of student staff, part of the Fresher’s Volunteer Crew, Community Volunteer of the Year, treasurer for Dance and a founding member and treasurer of the Mature Students Society. I was also able to represent Worcester Students Union at both the NUS Women’s conference and NUS Mature Student’s conferences. Please vote for me to attend the NUS Conference and allow me the opportunity to represent Worcester Students Union in debates and decisions that will affect all students. Please take a moment to vote at between 8am on Tuesday 4th March to 4pm on Friday 7th March and mark me as your number one choice for NUS Conference Delegate. Many Thanks

Stephanie Fisher - Sports Coaching Science with Disability. If I was to be elected for the NUS Annual Conference Delegate for our University I would aim to: Be an active spokesperson for our University. Help the current president in representing our University at a national conference. Try to build links with other Students’ unions which will help to improve our Students’ union. Produce a document on the experience I have whilst at the NUS conference. Report back findings from the conference or ensure students can find the information from this conference if they wish to access it. If elected, the experience of running for this position alongside the SU President role would help me to improve skills which I will utilise within the job. The experience of the national conference will help me to continue to help Worcester’s Students’ Union to grow and improve.

Candidates and manifestos (nus conference delegates)