Worcester Art Museum Annual Report Fiscal Year 2020

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ANNUAL REPOR T Fiscal Year 2020 / September 1, 2019 – August 31, 2020

The Worcester Art Museum’s mission is to connect people, communities, and cultures through the experience of art.

Message from the Director Fiscal Year 2020 for the Worcester Art Museum will always be remembered in two distinct halves: preCOVID (September to March) and post-COVID (March to August). In March, every organization in the country experienced the same dichotomy, the same seismic shift away from normal operations, the same abrupt halt to plans, dreams, and momentum. I am grateful to report that—with the hard work of our staff, Board, and other wonderful volunteers; the support of our members, donors, and funders; and the generosity of our community—the Worcester Art Museum weathered this unprecedented crisis relatively well. We emerged not merely intact, but stronger and battle-hardened to face future challenges. We began FY20 on the heels of announcing a $10 million gift from the Jean and Myles McDonough Foundation—the largest in the Museum’s history. This transformative gift made it possible for us to move forward on several projects, notably beginning construction on a reimagined Lancaster Street entrance, which will improve accessibility to the galleries and the Higgins Education Wing. While ground was broken here in Worcester—both physically with our Lancaster Street construction project and metaphorically with two ambitious fall exhibitions, With Child: Otto Dix/Carmen Winant and Photo Revolution: Andy Warhol to Cindy Sherman—two stars from WAM’s collection were making history across the ocean. Our predella panel depicting A Miracle of Saint Donatus of Arezzo and attributed to a young Leonardo da Vinci went on view at the Louvre in Paris in their monographic Leonardo da Vinci exhibition on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the artist’s death.The exhibition welcomed a record-breaking 1.1 million people. Nearby at the Grand Palais, our painting The Repentant Magdalen by El Greco was featured in the first French retrospective of the artist’s work and seen by some 300,000 visitors. (Serving close to 1.5 million visitors in Paris alone is remarkable and would represent an absolute peak in our history. But make no mistake, we have always lent generously, and internationally, as our collection permits that.) The year 2020 began with momentum and promise for the Museum, as well as our cultural partners and city. The vibrancy throughout Worcester was electric and energizing. And at WAM, there was much to look forward to: an insightful exhibition, Beyond Midnight: Paul Revere, organized by the American Antiquarian Society; and two kimono-themed exhibitions, including another first—a unique collaboration with Chiso, the revered Kyoto-based kimono house, and a commissioned wedding kimono. Then the pandemic hit, followed three months later by the brutal and senseless police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. What happened in March and May 2020 will be talked about for generations to come. Every community, every organization, every individual has their own unique stories about the pandemic and about how they were touched by the nearly universal cry that Black lives matter. I am immensely proud and grateful to be part of a community and an organization that responded to both crises with resilience, generosity, compassion, and honesty. The second half of FY20 was a time of intense learning and growing in new ways. We recognized how much work is needed to overcome systemic racism in our organization and renewed our commitment to make this an integral part of our DNA—from prioritizing works by artists of color to changing our hiring practices. We strengthened our community partnerships (which you will find listed inside this report) to grow our capacity to connect children and adults of all backgrounds and from all corners of our city to the transformative power of art—now more important than ever before. WAM staff worked together to create digital content—that met the needs of individuals, families, students, and teachers hungry for online art engagement in the safety of their homes. The results included a fourfold increase in social media posting almost overnight, as well as virtual art activities for children, artist and curator talks, studio art classes, and even some diversions just for fun, such as #EdibleWAM and #FindYourselfatWAM. In the process, we learned how we can support our community virtually, while also making new friends all around the world. The Worcester Art Museum could not have accomplished all that we did in FY20 without the steadfast loyalty and support of our members, visitors, donors, neighbors, funders, and followers. On behalf of the entire WAM family, thank you for being here for us—so we could be here for you. Matthias Waschek Jean and Myles McDonough Director

Back cover: A sampling of submissions to the #WAMArtChallenge, a weekly art prompt.

ANNUAL REPORT / Fiscal Year 2020


Board of Trustees 2019-2020 Lisa Kirby Gibbs, President Mark W. Fuller, Vice President Lisa H. McDonough, Vice President Thomas P. McGregor, Treasurer Susan M. Bassick Sarah G. Berry Karin I. Branscombe Douglas S. Brown Dorothy Chen-Courtin James C. Donnelly, Jr. Antonella Doucette Jennifer C. Glowik-Adams Karen M. Keane Arthur G. Kentros Sohail Masood Philip R. Morgan Malcolm A. Rogers John Savickas Clifford J. Schorer Anne-Marie Soullière Valerie Zolezzi-Wyndham Ex Officio Matthias Waschek, Jean and Myles McDonough Director

Trustees Emeriti Herbert S. Alexander Marie A. Angelini Joseph J. Bafaro, Jr. Ellen R. Berezin Lisa M. Bernat Sarah G. Berry Sara Buckingham Irene Browne-Grim Mary T. Cocaine J. Christopher Collins Richard B. Collins Dix F. Davis Henry B. Dewey John B. Dirlam Antonella Doucette Warner S. Fletcher Gabriele M. Goszcz James N. Heald 2nd George E. Hecker John Herron, Jr. Prentiss C. Higgins M Howard Jacobson James D. Javaras William D. Kelleher, Jr. Judith S. King David A. Lemoine David A. Lucht Jean McDonough Donald R. Melville* Katharine M. Michie Anne M. Morgan* Philip R. Morgan Charles H. Moser* Moira Moynihan-Manoog Frederic H. Mulligan John F. O'Brien Richard J. Pentland David A. Persky Phyllis Pollack Sarah C. Ribeiro Richard P. Sergel Michael D. Sleeper Sumner B. Tilton * Deceased


Corporators David R. Adler Herbert S. Alexander Che Anderson John B. Anderson Janet Andreson Julia D. Andrieni Barbara T. Athy Edward J. Augustus, Jr. Richard M. Avis Joseph J. Bafaro, Jr. Laurian B. Banciulescu Brad Barker Brian Barlow Joan T. Barry Thomas J. Bartholomew Susan M. Bassick Isabel A. Bayon Eric Beattie Lisa Beittel Lisa M. Bernat Sarah G. Berry Maureen F. Binienda Charles A. Birbara Richard L. Bishop Maurice J. Boisvert Karin I. Branscombe William R. Breidenbach Michael Brockelman Christopher A. Brown Doug Brown John H. Budd Benjamin Byun Caroline A. Camougis Suzanne R. CampbellLambert Jay E. Cantor Matilde Castiel Jennifer B. Caswell Harriette L. Chandler Catherine Choquette Dorothy Chen-Courtin Kim M. Ciborowski Vin Cipolla J. Christopher Collins James E. Collins P. Kevin Condron Timothy Convery Leonard C. Cowan Tracy A. Craig Emily L. Crim Elizabeth A. Crowley Leslie K. Cutler Jyoti Datta Laurel Davis Brenda Dean Nina Chapin de Rochefort Eileen deCastro

Gail Dempsey Jeffery L. Dill Thomas M. Dolan James C. Donnelly, Jr. Antonella Doucette David C. Ekberg Patricia Z. Eppinger Cathleen C. Esleeck Barbara E. Fargo Andrew Feldman Marianne Felice Yda Filiberti Justin L. Fletcher Peter C. Foley Susan M. Foley Romina Sarreal Ford David E. Fort Joan L. Freedman Mark W. Fuller Dina Gaudette Lisa Kirby Gibbs Paul J. Giorgio Maureen L. Glowik Jennifer C. Glowik-Adams John Goldsberry Stephen J. Gordon Gabriele M. Goszcz Hon. Mel L. Greenberg Janette Thomas Greenwood Abraham W. Haddad Monica Hamel Frank F. Herron Emily G. Holdstein Sandy Hubbard Leigh C. Hudson Margaret P. Hunter Kham Inthirath Stephen Javaras Andrew T. Jay Todd Michael Jenny Katherine Burton Jones David A. Jordan Rachel Kaminsky Amar V. Kapur Evelyn Karet Marshall Katzen Karen M. Keane Lydia Keene-Kendrick Lori E. Kelly Paul Kelly Alison C. Kenary Arthur G. Kentros Jean A. King Judith S. King George Koveos Tracy Kraus Julie Ann Lamacchia

Mary Ellen Lane John P. Lauring Diane Lebel Steven J. Ledbetter Dana R. Levenson Paul Levenson Ottilie Levine Ann T. Lisi Ronald L. Lombard Annette S. Loring Patricia S. Lotuff Suzanne Maas Ingrid Jeppson Mach Paul J. Mahon Robert Mailloux Susan M. Mailman Mark F. Mancevice Sohail Masood Joe Petty, Mayor of Worcester Samantha P. McDonald Lisa H. McDonough Kate McEvoy Linda C. McGoldrick Thomas P. McGregor Martha B. McKenna Toni K. Meltzer Thomas S. Michie Erwin E. Miller Satya B. Mitra Philip R. Morgan Florcy Morisset Michelle S. Morneau Mary Munson Emily P. Murray Michael V. O'Brien Candace Okuno Megan O'Sullivan O'Leary Robert G. Oriol Edward J. Osowski Joseph L. Pagano Susan M. Palatucci Martha R. Pappas Deborah Penta Sharon L. Peterson William O. Pettit Philip J. Phillips Genevieve K. Pioppi Clarence Plant Sherri Pitcher Kathleen Polanowicz Phyllis Pollack Pamela Provo Doug Radigan George C. Rand Carl D. Rapp Mary Jane Rein

Luanne Remillard Sarah Ribeiro Ruthann P. Rizzi Linda B. Robbins Camille I. Roberts Carol W. Robey Malcolm A. Rogers Helen A. Ronan Jennifer N. Roy Kent Russell John Savickas Anh Vu Sawyer Clifford J. Schorer Sue Ellen Scrogin Carol L. Seager Patricia A. Segerson Roger Servison Janice E. Seymour Agnieszka E. Shanahan Mark L. Shelton Jonathan R. Sigel Jang B. Singh Toby L. Sisson Jaclyn Skagerlind Carol J. Sleeper Joffrey Smith Peggy Snow Anne-Marie Soullière Kristina M. Spillane Robin S. Starr Carolyn J. Stempler John C. Stimpson Katy K. Sullivan John J. Szlyk Joyce Tamer George W. Tetler Julie Thomas Adi Tibrewal Lynne Tonna Josephine R. Truesdell Judith C. Vaillancourt Luke M. Vaillancourt Russell VanderBaan Carmen D. Vazquez Omar Wahab Elizabeth Wambui Kristin B. Waters Jeffrey Wetton Suzanne Wetton Barbara K. Wheaton Hillary White Bernard Whitmore Emily G. Wood Stacy E. Woods John T. Worcester Edward C. Yasuna Alan S. Yoffie



Radiance Rediscovered: Stained Glass by Tiffany and La Farge June 30, 2018 – December 1, 2019 The exquisite artistry and luminescent colors of two sets of recently conserved stained glass windows, originally made for Boston’s Mount Vernon Congregational Church, were on view for the first time in over 40 years. Supported by the Henry Luce Foundation and the Sherman Fairchild Foundation. Sponsor: Rand-Whitney Container

Izumita Yukiya, Aurora #6, 2012, wood-fired stoneware, Collection of Carol and Jeffrey Horvitz. Photo: © YUKIYA Izumita

Archaic Avant-Garde: Contemporary Japanese Ceramics from the Horvitz Collection October 27, 2018 – March 1, 2020 This case rotation focused on contemporary Japan's leading ceramic artists, who incorporated ancient Japanese pottery techniques and forms in their own modern creations. Works from renowned late 20th-century potters along with ancient and early Japanese ceramics from the WAM Collection were featured.

Matthew Gamber, The Price is Right, from This is (Still) the Golden Age, 2006, gelatin silver print, © Matthew Gamber Carmen Winant, found images, converted to 35mm slides

With Child: Otto Dix / Carmen Winant September 21 – December 15, 2019 Developed around The Pregnant Woman (1931), WAM's painting by German artist Otto Dix (1891-1969), With Child explored pregnancy and birth—themes rarely covered in an art museum—in works by Dix and contemporary multi-media artist Carmen Winant, among others. This exhibition was part of the Deutschlandjahr USA 2018/19-year of German-American Friendship. This initiative was funded by the German Federal Foreign Office, implemented by the Goethe-Institute, and supported by The Federation of German Industries (BDI). Support provided by Frank F. Herron and Sandra A. Urie, with additional support from Dr. Marshall Katzen and Ms. Bari Boyer, Christopher and Susan Durham, and Dr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Meltzer. Donations received from Dr. Claire Cummings; Mary D. Lagerwey and Rich Voorman; Dr. N. Alan Harris and Dr. Diane Lebel; Phyllis Pollack and Peter Metz; Carol L. Seager; and Ute Tellini. Related exhibition programming supported by the Amelia and Robert H. Haley Memorial Lecture Fund and the Bernard G. and Louise B. Palitz Fund. Additional support provided by the German Consulate Boston.

Central Massachusetts Artist Initiative: Matthew Gamber October 9, 2019 – March 29, 2020 Gamber's photographic practice examines the way meaning is constructed through photography, by isolating and confronting various elements, such as color or light. His This is (Still) the Golden Age series created a tangible, permanent record of fleeting images from broadcast television. CMAI spotlights local artists with a solo installation in the Sidney and Rosalie Rose Gallery.

Randy LeSage, Departure III, 2018, monotype with handcoloring, Courtesy of the artist

Central Massachusetts Artist Initiative: Randy LeSage May 15 – October 6, 2019 Using an innovative application of relief block ink to explore the artist’s career-long interest in the themes of labor and urban architecture, LeSage's CMAI rotation featured his four-part series Departure, which represented his personal response to New England's rich manufacturing and geographical history. CMAI spotlights local artists with a solo installation in the Sidney and Rosalie Rose Gallery.

Rowland Scherman (American, born 1967), Andy Warhol aside Polaroids of Caroline Ireland, about 1979; printed 2008, digital inkjet print, Gift of Howard G. Davis, III A.K.A. David Davis, 2011.162. © Rowland Sherman

John Singleton Copley, Paul Revere, 1768, oil on canvas, Gift of Joseph W. Revere, William B. Revere and Edward H.R. Revere, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 30.781, photograph © 2019 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Photo Revolution: Andy Warhol to Cindy Sherman November 16, 2019 – February 16, 2020 This bold, multi-media exhibition traced the work of iconic artists from the 1960s to the 1980s, while exploring the symbiotic relationship between photography and contemporary art. Visitors witnessed how emerging photobased media became central to the expression of ideas in a wide range of artists.

Beyond Midnight: Paul Revere February 15 – November 8, 2020 Drawing on the American Antiquarian Society’s unparalleled collection, as well as loans from other collections, this exhibition revealed the man behind the Revolutionary War legend—Paul Revere’s creative spirit, tremendous capacity to adapt to changing times, and his lasting impact on the social, economic, and political life in America.

Supported by the Lunder Foundation — Peter and Paula Lunder family, Catherine M. Colinvaux, the Schwartz Charitable Foundation, Marlene and David Persky, and James E. Hogan III. Additional support provided by the John M. Nelson Fund, Don and Mary Melville Contemporary Art Fund, Hall and Kate Peterson Fund, Heald Curatorial Fund, and the Ruth and John Adam, Jr. Exhibition Fund. Sponsors: Fallon Health and Skinner Auctioneers and Appraisers.

This exhibition was organized by American Antiquarian Society. Generous support was provided by CHAViC, Center for Historic American Visual Culture, AAS; Henry Luce Foundation; and Richard C. von Hess Foundation. Additional support was provided by Jim and Carol Donnelly and Dr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Meltzer. Sponsors: The Berry Group and Cole Contracting, Inc.

ANNUAL REPORT / Fiscal Year 2020


Education and Experience

Community Partnerships

Public Programs September 2019 – March 2020 Arms and Armor Demonstrations Art Carts Deck the Halls! Holiday Programs Ice Sculptures, concerts, tours. Hannukah at WAM In partnership with the Worcester JCC.

Fall Community Day: Travel the Silk Road In partnership with the India Society of Worcester and the Southeast Asian Coalition of Central Massachusetts.

Virtual Public Programs March – August 2020 Art & Activities

WAM community partners included: • Arts Alternative, Worcester County Juvenile Courts ▪ Centro • City of Worcester (Polling Site, Ward 3, Precinct 2) • The Clemente Course in the Humanities ▪ Genesis Club ▪ India Society of Worcester ▪ Jewish Community Center (JCC) ▪ Mass Cultural Council-UP Initiative • Open Door Gallery (Open Door Arts/ Seven Hills Foundation) • Salisbury Cultural District • Southeast Asian Coalition of Central Massachusetts • Summer Together—with Recreation Worcester and other agencies • Worcester Child Development Head Start ▪ Worcester Cultural Coalition • Worcester Garden Club • Worcester JCC • Worcester Public Library • Worcester Public Schools, AP Art History • Worcester Public Schools, CultureLEAP • Worcester Public Schools, 21st Century Community Learning • Youth Art Month

STEAM* activity packets for children.

Art Together A bi-weekly art program video for children.

#WAMArtChallenge Flora in Winter

Weekly art prompts.

In partnership with the Worcester Garden Club.

Summer Together

Master Series Third Thursdays

Virtual art videos for youth and teens.

Sponsor: AbbVie

In partnership with Recreation Worcester and agencies across the city.

Images of Women During the Weimar Republic and Images of Maternity in Otto Dix Speaker: Ute Tellini, author of Images of Women during the Weimar Republic in Germany, and Michelle Vangen, Art History Professor, Kingsborough Community College, CUNY Paraphotography: Doing Things with Images Speaker: Diana Tuite, Curator of Modern & Contemporary Art, Colby College Museum of Art

Studio Class Program Virtual summer art for youth and teens; online art classes for adults. * Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math

• Community Access Program Provides free general admission to local youth and adult social service agencies throughout the year.

• Free First Sundays

Paul Revere and John Singleton Copley: Making an American Icon Speaker: Ethan Lasser, Chair, Art of the Americas, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Free admission for all visitors.

• EBT and ConnectorCare Card to Culture Programs In partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance and the Mass Cultural Council.

Public and Group Tours

• Blue Star Museums, Veterans and Active Duty Military

Studio Class Programs Fall and winter art classes for adults, teens, and youth; Feb Fun: Myth and Magic, school vacation week programs. 8

Community Access: free or discounted admission

WORCESTER ART MUSEUM / worcesterart.org

Samples of WAM social media posts while the Museum was closed from March through August.

ANNUAL REPORT / Fiscal Year 2020


Acquisition Highlights 15th century Gothic Mace WAM enhanced the Higgins Collection by acquiring a Gothic mace of the late 1400s, an iconic knightly weapon of the sort visitors expect to see. Surviving examples are rare, especially on this side of the Atlantic. This example (2019.50) features Gothic styling characterized by angular lines, spirals, and pierced designs. These characteristics resonate with the late medieval arms and armor already on display in our Spanish Ceiling gallery, as well as with the esthetics of our medieval collection more broadly, enhancing our capacity to enrich the visitor experience with stories around knights and the Middle Ages.

Robert Lugo Self-proclaimed “ghetto potter,” Robert Lugo uses ceramics as tools of protest, covering their surfaces with iconography from hiphop culture, graffiti, and portraits of people of color in history and politics. 2 Queens was part of the artist’s year-long installation at the Walters Art Museum's historic home, 1 West Mount Vernon Place (2018-19). 2 Queens brings our American decorative arts collection to the present day while subsequently diversifying an art form largely exclusive of artists of color. The vase joins a small, but growing number of works by artists of the African diaspora at WAM, including a large-scale drawing by Robert Pruitt and a grisaille painting by Reginald Gammon.

Paula Modersohn-Becker The acquisition of Three Boys Bathing by a Canal by Paula Modersohn-Becker introduces an important, early work by an artist often cited as the first Modern woman artist. WAM has established a small, strong collection of German art dating to the late 19th / early 20th century. This painting by Paula Modersohn-Becker complements the other works in the collection by German artists that were influenced by international, predominantly French trends in painting: Lovis Corinth, Max Slevogt, and Gabriele Münter. Modersohn-Becker was inspired by Gauguin and Cézanne, as is particularly evident in this work. As WAM has significant paintings by both post-Impressionist artists, Three Boys Bathing by the Canal creates an important bridge between the French avant-gardes and German Expressionism.

Felix Kayser The acquisition of a side board and cabinet attributed to Stuttgart-based Felix Kayser, a designer associated with the anthroposophical movement in Germany, enhances the Museum’s capacity to represent the expansive vision of the European modernist art movements in the first half of the 20th century beyond the fine arts. As striking examples of experimental design, the furniture pieces will provide important context in our galleries, when installed alongside painting and sculpture from the period.


Edgar Heap of Birds Edgar Heap of Birds, a contemporary artist from the Cheyenne and Arapaho Nations, describes himself as an interventionist historian seeking to reinsert the Native American record back into a history ordinarily controlled by American and European colonizers. The Worcester Art Museum’s recent acquisition of the text-based assemblage Fort Supply is the product of the artist’s extensive research on Cheyenne history and the lives of his ancestors. The title refers to the November 27, 1868 massacre of a peaceful settlement of Cheyenne Indians on the banks of Oklahoma’s Washita River. Despite a peace treaty that designated the Washita River land as part of a reservation for the Cheyenne nation, Army Lt. Philip Sheridan, under the authority of Ulysses S. Grant, conceived of a winter campaign to stealthily eradicate the Cheyenne, Comanche, and Kiowa tribes. Sheridan’s writings are unambiguous in voicing his intentions stating that he wanted “all segments of Indian society to experience the horrors of war as fully as the warriors” ordering troops to “destroy villages and ponies, to kill or hang all warriors, and to bring back all women and children survivors.” In some panels of Fort Supply Heap of Birds calls attention to modern-day events, namely though references to drone strikes and Vietnam.

Top: Edgar Heap of Birds, Native American, Cheyenne and Arapaho Nations, born 1954, Fort Supply, 2017, 24 monotypes on deckled and cut BFK Rives paper, Museum Purchase through the Eliza S. Paine Fund, the Chapin Riley Fund and the Ruth and Loring Holmes Dodd Fund, 2020.18; Top left column: Possibly Central European, Mace, late 1400s, iron. Museum purchase through the Higgins Collection Acquisition Fund and the Eliza S. Paine Fund, 2019.50; Middle left column: Roberto Lugo, 2 Queens, 2018, porcelain, china paint and luster. Museum purchase through the Estate of Blake Robinson, 2019.100.1-3; Left: Paula Modersohn-Becker, Three Boys Bathing by a Canal, 1901, Wurmsche Tempera on cardboard, mounted on wood, Stoddard Acquisition Fund, 2019.48

WORCESTER ART MUSEUM / worcesterart.org

Notable Loans

Attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, Italian, 1452–1519 and Lorenzo di Credi, Florentine, about 1456–1536, A Miracle of Saint Donatus of Arezzo, 1940.29

From October 24, 2019 until February 24, 2020, WAM’s predella panel depicting A Miracle of Saint Donatus of Arezzo, was on view at Paris’s Musée du Louvre in their monographic Leonardo da Vinci exhibition on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the artist’s death. The panel was recently reattributed to a young Leonardo while he was in the workshop of Andrea del Verrocchio working alongside Lorenzo di Credi. The exhibition welcomed a record-breaking visitorship of 1.1 million people. While the Leonardo predella was on view at the Louvre, WAM’s The Repentant Magdalen by El Greco was featured in the first French retrospective of El Greco’s work held nearby at the Grand Palais from October 16, 2019 until February 10, 2020. During the show’s run, roughly 300,000 visitors saw our El Greco in Paris before it traveled to the second venue at the Art Institute of Chicago.

El Greco, Greek, active in Spain, 1541–1614, The Repentant Magdalen, 1922.5

ANNUAL REPORT / Fiscal Year 2020


Works on Loan Carnegie Museum of Art Claude Monet, French, 1840–1926, Waterloo Bridge, 1910.37 Wadsworth Atheneum Catherine Opie, American, born 1961, Jo, 2002.36 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Hyman Bloom, American, born in Latvia, 1913–2009, The Hull, 1977.145 Cape Ann Museum Winslow Homer, American, 1836–1910, Boys and Kitten, 1911.1 J. Paul Getty Museum Paolo Veneziano, Italian, active 1333–1358, Panels from the Wings of a Triptych, 1927.19 New-York Historical Society Museum & Library 22 objects, including paintings, silver, and a work on paper, by various artists including Paul Revere, American, 1735–1818 and John Singleton Copley, American, 1738–1815 Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art, Kansas State University John Steuart Curry, American, 1897–1946, Sketchbook, 1999.94 Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art, Kansas State University John Steuart Curry, American, 1897–1946, Sketchbook, 1999.146 Baltimore Museum of Art and Ogden Museum of Southern Art Melvin Edwards, American, born 1937, Zhakanaka, 1999.76 RMN – Grand Palais and Art Institute of Chicago El Greco, Greek, active in Spain, 1541–1614, The Repentant Magdalen, 1922.5 Denver Art Museum Claude Monet, French, 1840–1926, Waterloo Bridge, 1910.37 Louvre Museum attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, Italian, 1452–1519 and Lorenzo di Credi, Florentine, about 1456–1536, A Miracle of Saint Donatus of Arezzo, 1940.29 Massachusetts State House Rolph Scarlett, Canadian, active in the United State, 1889–1984, Upward Motion No. 3, 1991.234 Portland Museum of Art Sheila Pepe, American, born 1959, Corner Piece Redux #2, 2015.2 Portland Museum of Art Carrie Moyer, American, born 1960, Rapa Nui Smashup, 2014.1151 Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt and Louisiana Museum of Modern Art Kay Sage, American, 1898–1963, I Have No Shadow, 1964.31 Museum Barberini Claude Monet, French, 1840–1926, Waterloo Bridge, 1910.37 Denver Art Museum Winslow Homer, American, 1836–1910, Coast in Winter, 1940.60 The Phillips Collection Faith Ringgold, American, born 1930, Picasso's Studio, 1998.148 Top to bottom: Winslow Homer, Coast in Winter, 1892, oil on canvas, Theodore T. and Mary G. Ellis Collection, 1940.60; Claude Monet, Waterloo Bridge, 1903, oil on canvas, Museum Purchase, 1910.37; Winslow Homer, Boys and Kitten, 1873, watercolor and opaque watercolor over graphite on moderately thick, textured, cream wove paper, Sustaining Membership Fund, 1911.1; Gilbert Stuart, Sarah Wentworth Apthorp, Mrs. Perez Morton, about 1802, oil on canvas, Gift of the grandchildren of Joseph Tuckerman, 1899.2; Top right: Paul Revere, Coffeepot, 1773, silver, Gift of Frances Thomas and Bessie Sturgis Paine in memory of Frederick William Paine, 1937.58;


WORCESTER ART MUSEUM / worcesterart.org

Conservation Conservation Now: How to Rescue a Shipwrecked Mother and Child Ongoing after December 4, 2019 This massive Edward Augustus Brackett sculpture, in WAM storage for decades, was carefully moved in fall 2019 from the basement to the Jeppson Idea Lab. Completed in 1851, this lifesized, 1.5-ton marble group depicts a nude mother cradling her young child, both with eyes closed and torsos twisted. When the restoration is completed, it will be on permanent display. Until the Museum temporarily closed in March 2020, due to COVID-19, visitors watched Objects Conservator Paula Artal-Isbrand meticulously clean and repair the figures to bring them back to their original splendor. Support provided by the Henry Luce Foundation.

Objects Conservator Paula Artal-Isbrand works on cleaning the sculpture.

Attributed to Mathieu Le Nain, The Young Card Players, 1638-1642, oil on canvas, Museum Purchase, 1924.40

The Young Card Players The Young Card Players, a rare 17th-century oil painting attributed to French artist Mathieu Le Nain, underwent original research and major conservation by Hae Min Park, Andrew W. Mellon Fellow in Paintings Conservation. After being in storage for many decades, the restored painting is now on view again in the European galleries.

Paul Revere, The Boston Massacre, engraving with watercolor on paper, 1770, Charles E. Goodspeed Collection, 1910.48.3358

The Boston Massacre In preparation for the American Antiquarian Society’s revolutionary exhibition Beyond Midnight: Paul Revere, Paper Conservator Eliza Spaulding performed conservation treatment on The Boston Massacre, a hand-colored engraving by Paul Revere. The print was displayed in the exhibition with four other rare engravings of the massacre, which opened at WAM on February 15, 2020.

ANNUAL REPORT / Fiscal Year 2020


Tribute to Endowments The Worcester Art Museum was founded on a passion for art and community made possible through philanthropy. For nearly 125 years, the Worcester Art Museum has relied on the generosity of donors who believed in the value of the Museum. We honor and recognize the following families who have supported the Museum by creating endowed funds. The income produced by these funds is used to support the purposes communicated by the donor. These funds provide important financial support to WAM and its programs. The Museum is grateful for this enduring legacy of support provided by the following endowed funds: Ruth and John Adam, Jr. Exhibition Fund George I. Alden Trust Assistant Director of Education Fund George I. Alden Trust Docent Education Fund Harriet B. Bancroft Fund S.N. Behrman Library Fund Sally Riley Bishop Fund Barbara A. Booth Flower Fund Karl L. and Dorothy M. Briel Library Fund Alexander H. Bullock Fund Burrow Movie Fund Isabel Baker Carleton Memorial Fund Abbie S. and Mildred L. Cather Fund Dorothy Frances Cruikshank Education Fund Charles E. Culpeper Conservation Laboratory Fund Dwight A. Davis Fund Alexander and Caroline Murdock DeWitt Fund Docent Education Fund Ruth and Loring Holmes Dodd Fund Frank F. Dresser Fund Theodore T. and Mary G. Ellis Fund J. Irving England & Jane L. England Charitable Trust David Freelander Memorial Education Fund David J. Freelander Scholarship Fund George F. and Sybil H. Fuller Conservation Fund Thomas Hovey Gage Memorial Fund Austin S. Garver Fund Sarah C. Garver Fund Edward F. Goggin Fund Nehemias Gorin Foundation Fund Greater Worcester Community Foundation Booth Family Fund for Education and Outreach Martha A. Cowan Fund Jeppson Memorial Fund Louise R. and John F. Reynders Fund Marvin Richmond Fund Chapin Riley Fund Helen M. and Thomas B. Stinson Fund Nathan and Barbara Greenberg Discovery Fund Nathan and Barbara Greenberg Education Fund Amelia and Robert H. Haley Memorial Lecture Fund Charles A. Hamilton Fund Richard A. Heald Curatorial Fund Edith Florence Hendricks Scholarship Fund Herron-Dresser Publications Fund Chester D. Heywood Scholarship Fund Hiatt FAME Fund


Jacob Hiatt Scholarship Fund Higgins Armory General Endowment Fund The Higgins Curator of Arms and Armor and Medieval Art Endowment Fund Hoche-Scofield Foundation Christian A. Johnson Discovery Fund Christian A. Johnson Exhibition Fund Christian A. Johnson Resource Center Fund Frances A. Kinnicutt Fund Philip Klausmeyer Conservation Fund Joseph and Shirley Krosoczka Memorial Youth Scholarship Fund Macomber Conservation Fund Jean and Myles McDonough Director Endowment Fund Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Conservation Fund Don and Mary Melville Contemporary Art Fund Michie Family Curatorial Fund John M. Nelson Fund Paine Charitable Trust Eliza S. Paine Fund Bernard G. and Louise B. Palitz Fund Hall and Kate Peterson Fund Mary E. and Irene L. Piper Scholarship Fund Susan Ella Reed-Lawton Fund Arthur J. Remillard, Jr. Youth Education Fund Romanoff Education and Library Fund Marion Olch Ruhman Education Fund William S. Sargent Fund Norman and Dorothy Sharfman Education Fund Helen Sagoff Slosberg Fund Ethel M. Smith Education Fund Spear Fund for Public Programs Stoddard Acquisition Fund Stoddard Associate Curator of Prints, Drawings, and Photographs Endowment Fund Stoddard Charitable Trust Director’s Fund Stoddard Discovery Fund St. Wulstan Society Fund Sudbury Foundation Scholarship Fund Alice Eliza Waite Memorial Fund Miriam Washburn Trust Fund Karl B. A. Wass/Lundquist Family Scholarship Fund James A. Welu Curator of European Art Fund Jerome A. Wheelock Fund Mary Louise Wilding-White Fund Worcester Art Society

WORCESTER ART MUSEUM / worcesterart.org

Donor Report The Worcester Art Museum is grateful to the following individuals, foundations, corporations, government agencies, and fund management organizations that supported us in Fiscal Year 2020, September 1, 2019 – August 31, 2020. This list includes all new gifts and pledges received during that time period, and does not include payments on pledges received in a previous year. $2 Million+ Stoddard Charitable Trust $1 Million+ George I. Alden Trust C. Jean and Myles McDonough Charitable Foundation $500,000+ Anonymous Fletcher Foundation Clifford J. Schorer III $250,000+ E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation Institute of Museum and Library Services Philip and Gale Morgan Amelia Peabody Charitable Fund $100,000+ Patrick and Aimee Butler Family Foundation Fred Harris Daniels Foundation Ruth H. and Warren A. Ellsworth Foundation Mary and Warner Fletcher Greater Worcester Community Foundation # Hoche-Scofield Foundation Dr. Sohail and Mona Masood Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund Mildred H. McEvoy Foundation National Philanthropic Trust Paine Charitable Trust $50,000+ Anonymous The Bassick Family Foundation Jim and Carol Donnelly Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund # The Judy and Tony King Foundation Mass Cultural Council Neil and Lisa McDonough $25,000+ Dorothy Chen-Courtin Lisa Kirby Gibbs and Peter Gibbs/The Kirby Foundation Bradley C. Higgins Foundation Marianne and John Jeppson Family Carl Lesnor Family Foundation National Endowment for the Arts The Savickas Family Mr. and Mrs. Theodore E. Shasta, Jr. Anne-Marie Soullière and Lindsey C. Y. Kiang Technical Development Corporation Terra Foundation for American Art $10,000+ AbbVie Anonymous Susan and Jack Bassick Sarah and Allen Berry Karin I. Branscombe The Estate of Eleanor Daniels BronsonHodge Clark University Cole Contracting, Inc. College of the Holy Cross Cornerstone Bank Maria and John Dirlam Fallon Health Mark and Jan Fuller The Hanover Insurance Group Foundation, Inc. Highland Street Foundation Peter and Marty Hurley IBM Corporation Interstate Specialty Products, Inc.

Arthur and Mary Kentros Larry and Stacey Lucchino Mass Humanities MBIA Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Myles M. McDonough Saint-Gobain Cynthia Strauss and Harry Sherr UMass Memorial Health Care UniBank Unum WinnCompanies Worcester Polytechnic Institute Worcester State University Your Cause, LLC # $5,000+ American Endowment Foundation # Anonymous Assumption University Becker College The BHR Life Companies Douglas S. Brown and Jennifer RyanBrown Bill and Eileen Bush Chubb Bermuda Insurance Ltd. Catherine M. Colinvaux and Philip D. Zamore Mr. and Mrs. J. Christopher Collins Charles H. N. de Végvár Dirlam Charitable Trust Antonella and Roger Doucette Fletcher Tilton PC, Attorneys at Law Allen W. Fletcher Emily and James Holdstein Sandy Hubbard and Thomas J. Logan Imperial Distributors, Inc. David and Barbara Krashes Beth and Tom McGregor MCPHS University Dr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Meltzer Mahroo and Barrett* Morgan Edward Osowski Philip and Ellen Phillips Emily Rauh Pulitzer Reliant Medical Group Regan P. Remillard Renaissance Charitable Foundation # Schwab Charitable Fund # Skinner Auctioneers United Way of Central Massachusetts United Way of North Central MA, Inc. # Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program # Patricia and Paul C. Verderese Matthias Waschek and Steve Taviner Webster Five Cents Savings Bank Worcester Educational Development Foundation Kulapat Yantrasast $2,500+ Marie and Mike Angelini Anna Maria College Andrew Athy Charles P. Ball and Margaret McEvoy-Ball Bradford D. Barker and Judith L. Pugh Eric Brose and Jan Seymour Mr. and Mrs. H. Paul Buckingham III CCR Wealth Management Jim and Margaret Collins Commerce Bank Community Foundation of the Ozarks # Country Bank Herbert and Brenda Dean Margery and Richard* Dearborn J. Irving England & Jane L. England Charitable Trust Marianne E. Felice, M.D. Bruce Fishbein and Sara Shields Justin and Laine Fletcher Susan M. Foley Jennifer C. Glowik-Adams Roberta Goldman Amy C. Harmon and Robert Stefanic Dr. N. Alan Harris* and Dr. Diane Lebel James N. Heald 2nd Richard A. Heald Fund George Hecker J.J. Bafaro, Inc. Matthew Kamins and Laurian Banciulescu Margaret Keith Christine Keller and Walter Talbot

Ned Kirby Dr. George Krasowski and Theresa A. Quinn Jarrett and Gina Krosoczka Lamoureux Pagano Associates Claude M. Lee III Mary Beth Leonard Robert and Minh Mailloux Katharine and Henry* Michie Thomas S. Michie Mirick O’Connell Michelle Morneau Robert Oriol Arthur M. and Martha R. Pappas Foundation Martha R. Pappas Joseph Persky Foundation Marlene and David Persky Cynthia and Stephen Pitcher Dr. Phyllis Pollack Carlos Ramos Rivera Linda and Edward Robbins RSV Inc. Schwartz Charitable Foundation Kristin and Roger Servison Brian and Monique Spear Carol and Michael Sleeper StudioJJK LLC Katy and Peter Sullivan TIAA George and Lynne Tonna Tonna Charitable Trust The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving Mark and Barb Wetzel $1,250+ Aimtek, Inc. Herb and Maura Alexander John B. and Mary Lou Anderson Drs. Julia Andrieni and Rob Phillips Anonymous (2) Anthony and Barbara Trayers Athy Richard and Sharon Avis Joe and Kristin Bafaro Joan T. Barry Thomas and Lynora Bartholomew Bay State Savings Bank Dr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Bayon Whitney Beals and Pamela Esty Toni Begman Benevity Community Impact Fund of the American Endowment Foundation Barbara C. Bernardin Lisa M. Bernat and Abram Rosenfeld Bollus Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Bollus Boote Family Charitable Fund Heath Drury Boote Bowditch and Dewey, LLP Brigham Hill Foundation Trust Ann Brown and Dominic Nompleggi Dawn and John Budd George and Tammy Butler Thomas W. Caldwell Catherine Choquette Citizens Disability Michael F. Collins, M.D. Pablo and Paula Collins P. Kevin and Clare K. Condron Dr. James J. Convery and Tracy A. Craig The Crawford Foundation Chris and Betsy Crowley Dix and Sarah Davis Phil and Laurie Davis Nina Chapin de Rochefort Janet Andreson Dealy Henry B. and Jane K. Dewey David DiPasquale and Candace Okuno Tom and Joan* Dolan Melissa Ann Durfee Marillyn and John Earley Sandy and David Ekberg Fiduciary Trust Company Allen and Yda Filiberti Kathleen H. Gadbois Lee and Dina Gaudette Paul J. Giorgio Elaine and Stephen Gordon Dr. Gabriele Goszcz Janet and Geoff Graeber Maureen and Bob Gray

ANNUAL REPORT / Fiscal Year 2020

Patricia Gray and Stephen D. Chubb David R. and Rosalie A. Grenon Dr. Abraham and Linda Haddad Dr. Thomas and Patricia Halpin Phyllis Harrington Jock Herron and Julia Moore Dr. James and Kathleen M. Hogan James E. Hogan III JMM Charitable Foundation Drs. David and Kathee Jordan Amar V. Kapur Evelyn Karet, Ph.D. John F. and Rayna Keenan Maureen and William Kelleher Jean King and Carl Fulwiler James and Anne Lang John and Kathy Lauring Ann T. Lisi and Joel P. Greene Ronald and Angela Lombard Stephen and Valerie Loring David A. Lucht and Susannah C. Baker Dr. Paul J. Mahon Mark Mancevice Moira and Charlie Manoog Kevin and Martha McKenna Mrs. Anne (Nancy) Morgan* Emily P. Murray National Financial Services, LLC Charlene L. Nemeth Susan and Chris Palatucci Fred and Christine Parson Judith and Thoru Pederson Patricia L. Pelletier Mr. and Mrs. N. William Pioppi Roger and Serra Plourde The Plourde Family Charitable Trust Dr. Richard L. and Marla M. Pyle and the Pyle Fund at GWCF George C. Rand, Jr. Arthur and Debra Remillard Luanne Remillard Sarah and Joe Ribeiro Dr. Ruthann Rizzi and Edwin J. Barr Shelley and Todd Rodman Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Rose Kent Russell and Aisling Gaughan Peter and Anne* Schneider Jeanice Sherman and Dwight Johnson Dr. Jang B. Singh Richard and Glena Sisson Southgate at Shrewsbury Mark Spuria Mr. and Mrs. John C. Stimpson John J. Szlyk and Betsy Busch Szlyk TD Bank George and Sheila Tetler Tony and Martha Tilton Karen Gottschang Turner and Thomas Gottschang Andrea Bettacchi Urban and Michael Urban Judith Vander Salm Herbert and Jean Varnum Kristin Waters Roger and Elise Wellington James A. Welu Estate of Hester N. Wetherell Trust Jeff and Suzi Wetton Wallace and Robin Whitney Peter and Shirley Williams Worcester Academy Wyman-Gordon Foundation Dr. Edward C. Yasuna Valerie Zolezzi-Wyndham $200+ AAFCPAs Massood Abolfazli and Dawn McCabe Viviana M. Abreu-Hernandez Ann Aghababian Alexander Aronson Finning (AAF) Charitable Foundation Dale C. Anderson Debra Anderson Andreson Family Trust Anonymous (2) Ann D. Arthur Athol Public Library Mrs. Neil N. Ault Avidia Bank David and Ann Axelson Sally Axelson


Ayer Library David and Linda Ayers Esther L. Bachrach Mac Backus Bartholomew & Company, Inc. Kendralee Beane Mr. and Mrs. Randall V. Becker Lisa and Rod Beittel Ellen Berezin and Lewis Shepard Berlin Public Library Michele D. Bilodeau Norman Bitsoli Patricia Bizzell Blue Cross Blue Sheild Karmen Bogdesic and Dinko R. Vujic Paul F. Bolton Scott K. Bonczyk Phyllis Boot Boylston Public Library Mrs. Cushing C. Bozenhard Lou Anne Branche Joan and Norman Bress Eleanor E. Brockway Kurt Bruce Tom and Nancy Buckingham Elizabeth Burkett Elizabeth Bussiere Marcia Butzel Ted and Joanne Buyniski Gwendolyn Callahan Callahan Fay Caswell Funeral Home Suzanne Campbell-Lambert and Scott Lambert Jay E. Cantor John and Christy Carleton Jane Antoun Cartelli Jennifer B. Caswell Luigi and Susan Ceccacci Central One Federal Credit Union Francesco and Filomena Cesareo Senator Harriette L. Chandler Charlton Public Library Kim M. Ciborowski Constance Areson Clark Bonnie Clendenning Elizabeth Clifford in memory of Eleanor L. Clifford Coghlin Companies - Columbia Tech/Cogmedix Mr. and Mrs. James W. Coghlin, Sr. Dr. and Mrs. William R. Cohen Peggy Collins Timothy P. Corrinet Andy Coull Kenneth and Katherine Cranson Ken Crater and Peg Ferraro Emily Crim Ralph and Joan Crowley Cryogenic Institute of New England, Inc. Kim and Bruce Cutler The Melvin S. Cutler Charitable Foundation Cutler Capital Management Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. Cyr Data Source, Inc. Jyoti and Ravi Datta Davis Publications Charitable Trust Don and Lynda Deprez Carl Dettman William W. Doerr, Ph.D. Ellen and Darrel Donaldson Mary O’Shea Dowling Pat and Pete Dupré Chris and Susan Durham William Durbin Ralph and Mildred Ellis Stephen Erban and Catherine Phillips Erskine & Erskine LLC Robert E. Evans and Kathleen K. Evans Family Foundation Inc. F.W. Madigan Company, Inc. William and Nancy Ferguson Fiduciary Investment Advisors, LLC James T. Flynn William and Romina Sarreal Ford Framingham Public Library Franklin Realty Advisors Kate Freeborn Mark Freeman and Deborah GuyotFreeman


Paula R. Freeman Friends of the Gleason Public Library Julieane and Douglas Frost William Gates George’s Coney Island Lisa M. Giarrusso and Gregory Livanos Dr. and Mrs. Richard H. Glew Goodnow Library Emily Gowdey-Backus and Joshua Tucker Grafton Public Library Green Leaf Construction Greenberg, Rosenblatt, Kull and Bistoli, P.C. Greenwood Industries Grimes & Company Dr. and Mrs. R. John Groves Jerry Gurwitz and Leslie Fish Robert and Deborah Gustafson Monica Hamel and David Houle John W. Hardin, M.D. Carole J. Harmon Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Harper Josh and Kimberly Harriman Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Harvard Public Library Deirdre D. Healy, Attorney-at-Law Deirdre D. Healy and Larry Vidoli Martha P. Heller and Anthony T. Vaver Timothy and Andrea Henkels Barbara and Steven Henning Herbison Family Marie Hobart and Bill Kadish Micha Hofri and Ellen More Hopkinton Public Library Dr. Ellen Hornig Timothy M. Houlihan Hudson Public Library Holly and Frank Hunt Industrial Energy Services International Ceramic Engineering InThink Agency Invader Zim Raluca Iuster and David Snook J.S. Mortimer, Inc. J.V. Fletcher Library Christine M. Jacob Frances and Howard Jacobson Jacob Edwards Memorial Library Candace Jaegle James J. Moynihan Insurance Agency Thomas F. Mitchell and Jennifer RoweMitchell JM Coull Joffrey Smith Financial Group Dr. and Mrs. Richard F. Johnson Tim Johnson Linda Calmes Jones and Rowland Scherman Sarah Jordan Joshua Hyde Public Library Karen Keane and Dan Elias Lydia Keene-Kendrick Keene Public Library Nora Keil Kelleher & Sadowsky Associates, Inc. David Kelly Alison C. Kenary Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Kennedy Phil and Pris Kerr Henry W. Keyes Donna Kingman Roger and Barbara Kohin Helen P. Koskinas Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Kossack Tracy Kraus Elliott and Sharon P. Krefetz Elizabeth M. Kunhardt and Louis M. Swan Luci and Joseph LaPalme Julianne Lauring Gregory Lazan and Willa Kahn Paul and Nel Lazour Leadership Transitions, LLC Lazlo and Sylvia Leb Steven and Mary Lee Ledbetter L.E.I. Corporation Dr. Laurie A. Leshin and Dr. Jon Morse Catherine H. Levine Ottilie and Jeffrey Levine Brad Lisak Mr. and Mrs. Bruce D. Little

Bonnie Losavio Dr. and Mrs. Eurgene J. Mariani, Jr. Marlborough Public Library Nora and Tony Maroulis Deb Martin and Dan Shertzer LisaAnn and Matthew Martin Janet and David Mayotte Carolann McAdam Ralph and Susan McCracken Ann C. McDonald Samantha McDonald and Ossian Cooney Daniel B. McDuffie Kate McEvoy and Michael Hickey Mercier Electric Co., Inc. Merrill Lynch / The O’Brien Group Anne and John Messier Bernard F. and Elizabeth A. Meyer The Meyer Family Doug and Diane Meystre Miles Press, Inc. Erwin H. Miller Robbie Miller* Mr. and Mrs. John O. Mirick Ann L. Mitchell and Richard A. Haas Hossein and Libera Giovanna Mohamadi Monson Free Library Cynthia and Ralph Montalvo Joyce M. Moore Eliot and Peter Morgan Ms. Joan Morgenstern Morse Institute Library Molly Moss Dr. Mary Munson Pete and Marie Murphy NAI Glickman, Kovago & Jacobs Elaine T. Nedder Needham Free Public Library Margaret Nelson Dennis and Jane Neslusan Mr. and Mrs. David A. Nicholson Northwood Insurance Agency, Inc. David Nowell and Wayne McAuliffe Nypro, Inc Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Oakley Oxford Free Public Library Mr. and Mrs. John Pacek Joe and Kathleen Pagano Pagano Media Elizabeth and Larry Pape The Parafestas Family Lynn M. Patterson Luis G. Pedraja and Leigh Woodruff Pelham Free Public Library William O. Pettit III Phoenix Communications David H. and Sherri Pitcher Robert H. Pittinger Polar Beverages Gwen Pratt Reverend and Mrs. Edward S. Prevost Kenneth Prince Princeton Public Library Christine and Jonathan Proffitt Provo Wealth Management Group Nicolina A. Puccio Christopher Ranjitkar and Adrien Finlay Ann-Cathrine Rapp Carl and Sandra Rapp George W. Reed David L. Reese and Karen L. Barlow Reuben Hoar Library Ramteen Rezai Nick Rhind Martin S. Richman and Joanne R. DeMoura Risk Strategies Company Robert J. Miller Funeral Home Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Roberts Malcolm Rogers Rollstone Bank & Trust Claudia and Les Ross Uncle Don Ross Trudy Roybal and Steven Rowell Ruth R. Rubin Rugg Wellness, PC Russell Morin Catering and Events Elizabeth Sanning Sargent Memorial Library Carol L. Seager Mark Seeley and Elise Forbes Seeley

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Sentinel Benefits & Financial Group Seven Hills Foundation Robert E. Shabot and Christine A. Psathas Mr. and Mrs. Francis P. Shea Mark and Linda Shelton Vivian Shortreed Shrewsbury Public Library Susan Simon Dennis and Barbara Smith Smithies 1973 John and Marguerite Snow Lynda and Robert Sorrenti Karen and Frederick Spaulding in honor of Eliza Spaulding Colleen D. Spelman Carolyn and Howard Stempler Wayne Stepanauskas and Lori Santon Nicholas M. Stephens Stevens Memorial Library Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Stoddard Sullivan Insurance Group Sunshine Sign Company, Inc. Sutton Free Public Library Ralph and Jeanine Swick Margaret M. Tabor Table Talk Pies Elizabeth J. Taft Taft Public Library Todd and Julie Tallman The Tartaglia Family Mary and Fred Taubert Michael-John Tavantzis Dorothy Tenney Charitable Trust Texas Instruments Foundation Martha C. Thayer Thayer Memorial Library The Berry Group The Wetzel Group - Morgan Stanley Julie and Clive Thomas Thomas J. Woods Insurance Agency, Inc. TIAA Charitable Gift Fund # Lisa D. Tingue Susan and Phil Treide Tufts Health Plan Tyngsborough Public Library Upton Town Library Uxbridge Free Public Library Judith C. Vaillancourt Russell H. VanderBaan Virginia and Alden Vaughan Trudi Veldman and Robert Kamen Verizon Foundation David A. Vogel, Jr. Wyatt and Erika Wade Andrea Wasik Watch Point Trust Company N. Waters Wayland Free Public Library Benjamin Weiss Chick and Gayle Weiss Stephen Wentzell CPA Stephen F. Wentzell Ruth Susan Westheimer, M.D. West Warren Library Association Weston Public Library Eric T. and Hillary White Bernard M. Whitmore The Whitner Mills Family Ruth and Michael Whitner John Michael Widmier Beth Wilson Sally Wilson Wings Over Worcester/Wingtime, LLC Joanne and Douglas* Wise Seth and Cassie Wiseman Sue and David Woodbury Jeffrey P. Woodle The Woods Family Worcester Public Library Warren Yanoff Mr. and Mrs. Alan S. Yoffie D and David Zeutas-Broer Mary Jane and Rick Zimmer * Deceased # Given through donor-advised funds

Business Partners AAFCPAs AbbVie Agency, Inc. Akuity Technologies Applied Interactive Avidia Bank Bartholomew & Company, Inc. Bay State Savings Bank The Berry Group The BHR Life Companies Biomere Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts The Boston Globe Bowditch & Dewey, LLP Burr Insurance Agency, Inc. Callahan Fay Caswell Funeral Home Carol Seager Associates CCR Wealth Management, LLC Central One Federal Credit Union Christie's Coghlin Electrical Contractors, Inc. Cole Contracting, Inc. Columbia Tech Commerce Bank Cornerstone Bank Country Bank Cryogenic Institute of New England, Inc. Cutler Capital Management, LLC Data Source, Inc. Davis Publications, Inc. Erland Construction Erskine & Erskine LLC F.W. Madigan Company, Inc. Fallon Health Fidelity Bank Fiduciary Investment Advisors, LLC Fletcher Tilton PC FLEXcon Foley Incorporated Franklin Realty Advisors, Inc. George's Coney Island Green Leaf Construction Greenberg, Rosenblatt, Kull & Bitsoli, P.C. Greenwood Industries Grimes & Company The Hanover Insurance Group Foundation Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Herbert E. Berg Florist, Inc. iHeart Radio, 961 SRS & WTAG Imperial Distributors, Inc. Integrated Financial Partners Interstate Specialty Products, Inc. InThink Agency J.J. Bafaro, Inc. J.S. Mortimer, Inc. Janice G. Marsh, LLC JM Coull, Inc. Joffrey Smith Financial Group Kelleher and Sadowsky Associates, Inc. L.E.I. Corporation Lamoureux Pagano Associates | Architects Leadership Transitions, LLC Lock 50 / Russo Longden Company Marsh & McLennan Agency, LLC Mercier Electric Co., Inc. Merrill Lynch / The O'Brien Group Miles Press, Inc. Mirick O’Connell Morgan Stanley, Mark Cote, Financial Advisor MSW Financial Partners


Tributes NAI Glickman, Kovago & Jacobs New England Disposal Technologies, Inc. Niche Hospitality Group Nitsch Engineering North Pointe Wealth Management Nypro, Inc. Penta Communications, Inc. Peppers Artful Events Perfect Focus Eyecare / Goswick Eye Phoenix Communications Polar Beverages Portland Group / Spritzo Provo Wealth Management Group Quaker Special Risk Rand-Whitney Container Reliant Medical Group Risk Strategies Company Rollstone Bank and Trust Russell Morin Catering and Events Saint-Gobain Seder and Chandler, LLP Sentinel Benefits & Financial Group Seven Hills Foundation Skinner Auctioneers Sotheby's Southgate at Shrewsbury Spectrum Health Systems, Inc. St. Mary's Credit Union Stephen F. Wentzell, CPA Struck Catering Sullivan Benefits Sullivan, Garrity & Donnelly Insurance Sunshine Sign Company, Inc. Table Talk Pies TD Bank Thomas J. Woods Insurance Agency, Inc. Tufts Health Plan UMass Memorial Health Care UniBank Unum WBUR Webster Five The Wetzel Group at Morgan Stanley The Willows at Worcester Wings Over Worcester WinnCompanies Worcester Business Journal

(In Memory/In Honor of) In Honor of Anne Ault Russell Ault In Memory of David Barker Dean and Laura Booth Trudy Roybal and Steven Rowell In Memory of Tom Boot Christine and Jonathan Proffitt In Memory of Emma Burns Sophie In Memory of William and Isabel Carleton John and Christy Carleton In Memory of Silvia Jaffee Chase Robin Chase Linda Jaffee Ilan Dr. Milton K. and Bernice Krantz Lois A. Lopatin Emery C. Markles Stuart Sadick Julia P. Severens and Family In Memory of Eleanor L. Clifford Elizabeth Clifford In Honor of Tracy Crane Daniel In Memory of Roberto Costa Jane Robertson In Honor of Sarah, Judith, Eleanor and Fred Daniels The Estate of Eleanor Daniels In Memory of Tomie de Paola Robert A Hechtel In Memory of Ann and Charles Donelan Sheila and Charles Donahue In Memory of George C. Fifield Shelley and Todd Rodman WAM Docents In Honor of Jarrett Krosoczka Richard Hennessy In Memory of Judith Lazar Lenard Audette Marshall Cross Elizabeth McSurdy Roberta and David Schaefer Susan Simon John Michael Widmier In Memory of Gerald Levine Sheryl and Steve Sigel In Memory of Brian McKeown Richard and Linda Adams David and Ann Axelson Sally Axelson Terry and Tom de Lorge Team Believe Dressage Peter and Patricia Garabedian Richard and Kathleen Gillogly Marsha A. Gordon Kenneth and Patricia Jones Laurel King/Garland Press Joseph and Lois La Croix Diane MacAskill Robert Poole Nicholas and Darlene Samaras Judy and Allan Shriber Joanne Sutton In Memory of Robbie Miller James and Barbara Avery Mark R. Bartel Mr. and Mrs. Randall V. Becker Kenneth and Paula Chauvin Carol Ann Eaton Sandra Gryzb Christine M. Jacob Robert N. Jacobson John and Mary Mack Richard Majercik and the ShawMajercik Funeral Home Roland Malboeuf and John Hickey

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Town of Millbury Robert J. Miller and the Robert J. Miller Funeral Home Sharon A. and Kenneth S. Pickles Donna Rice Paul and Darlene Siegmund The White Family and Friends at R.H. White Mr. and Mrs. David H. White and Family In Memory of Anne “Nancy” Morgan Ellen Berezin and Lewis Shepard Donald F. Berth Bonnie Clendenning Marjorie Dearborn Mr. and Mrs. Brian E. Edwards Mary and Warner Fletcher Melody Foti Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Harper Jock Herron and Julia Moore Judith S. King Thomas and Bonnie Knott Ann T. Lisi and Joel P. Greene Stephen and Valerie Loring Eliot and Peter Morgan Nicolina A. Puccio John W. Rowell Anthony J. Selvitella and Patrick M. Murphy In Memory of Barry Morgan Maria and John Dirlam Mary and Warner Fletcher Evelyn Karet, Ph.D. Hossein and Libera Giovanna Mohamadi In Honor of Florcy Morisset Laurie Kam In Memory of Bonnie L. O’Brien Edward Osowski In Honor of Candy Okuno and the WAM Library Anonymous In Memory of Amelia “Mimi” Painton James A. Welu In Honor of Necia Parker-Gibson Tony Stankus In Memory of Patricia Peterson Barbara C. Bernardin George and Tammy Butler Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Harper Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Oakley Marie Shea In Honor of Emily Pulitzer Kulapat Yantrasast In Honor or Jane Rothstein Marlene Farbman Lois A. Lopatin Dorothy and Jerome Starr In honor of Eliza Spaulding Karen and Frederick Spaulding In Memory of Hope and Ivan Spear Brian and Monique Spear In Memory of Barthelene Wadja James and Elsie Deane In Honor of Debra Wallace Brett and Elizabeth Burbine In Memory of Madeleine Westerback Sara Bertomen Mary-Ellen Boyle The Meyer Family Smithies 1973 In Honor of Emily White Hillary Creedon, Julie Burgholzer and Katie Palmgren

Legacy Society Mrs. Margery A. Adams Mr.* and Mrs. William C. Arthur. Jr. Ms. Ann Baumann* Elaine W. Beals* Sarah and Allen Berry Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Booth* Philip H. Brewer Karl and Dorothy Briel* Dr. Elaine and Mr. Robert Bukowiecki Elizabeth Burguet* Douglas P. Butler* Estate of Dr. and Mrs. William T. Carleton William R. Carrick* Alexandra Cleworth and Gary Staab Paula H. Connolly Susan C. Courtemanche Mrs. Fairman C. Cowan* Jeanne Y. Curtis* Mary S. Cushman* Janet B. Daniels* Dix and Sarah Davis

Brenda Verduin Dean Robert A. DeLuca Patricia and Richard Desplaines, Jr. Henry B. and Jane K. Dewey Maria and John Dirlam Andrea N. Driscoll Estate of Shirley Look Dunbar Mr. and Mrs. I. R. Freelander* Esther and Howard Freeman* Estate of Judith S. Gerrish Lisa Kirby Gibbs and Peter Gibbs Daniel Grim and Irene Browne-Grim Robert D. Harrington, Jr.* Mrs. Milton P. Higgins* Dr. James and Mrs. Kathleen Hogan Prof. Louis J. Iandoli Frances and Howard Jacobson Peter Jefts John and Marianne Jeppson* Joan Peterson Klimann Sarah Bramson Kupchik* Claude M. Lee III

Irving and Marie Lepore* Dr. Paul J. Mahon Patricia F. Mallard* Carl A. Mangano* Jodie and David Martinson Mr.* and Mrs. Robert K. Massey Myles* and Jean McDonough Ellen E. McGrail* Dr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Meltzer Don and Mary Melville* Estate of Jean H. Miles Mrs. David J. Milliken* Mrs. Anne (Nancy) Morgan* Ileana Muniz Linda and John* Nelson Viola M. Niemi* Douglas Cox and Edward Osowski Fund for Photography Mrs. Mae I. Palmgren* Richard Prouty* Sarah and Joe Ribeiro Mr.* and Mrs. Chapin Riley

ANNUAL REPORT / Fiscal Year 2020

Estate of Blake Robinson Mrs. Elijah B. Romanoff* Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Rose Mr.* and Mrs. Sidney Rose Estate of Edith Safford The Estate of Leonard B. Safford Mr. Norman L. Sharfman* Dr. Shirley S. Siff and Robert M. Siff* Mary Skousgaard Ivan and Virginia Spear* Helen M. and Thomas B. Stinson* Helen E. Stoddard* Estate of Madeline Tear Richard S. Teitz* Mr. and Ms. Jack Tobin* Grace Van Tassel* Hester N. Wetherell* Margaret Ray Whitney* Irving N. Wolfson, M.D.* Mrs. Ledlie L. Woolsey* Elton Yasuna* * Deceased



Financial Picture

STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION AUGUST 31, 2020 (With Summarized Comparative Information for 2019)

Statement of Financial Position

AUGUST 31, 2020 (With Summarized Comparative Information for 2019)

Without Donor Restrictions

With Donor Restrictions

Totals 2020


Assets Current assets Cash and cash equivalents Grants and other receivables Contributions receivable, net Investments Inventories Prepaid expenses


Total current assets

1,008,428 91,983 47,170 3,613,047 58,983 245,520


4,008,657 2,042,902 -


5,017,085 91,983 2,090,072 3,613,047 58,983 245,520


528,977 263,839 2,221,056 2,240,852 58,009 336,581





9,022,116 3,367,752 -

2,828,361 99,804,336 -

9,022,116 2,828,361 103,172,088 -

9,155,831 621,249 102,889,521 -

$ 17,454,999

$ 108,684,256

$ 126,139,255

$ 118,315,915





Property and equipment, net Contributions receivable, net Investments Collection

Liabilities and Net Assets Current liabilities Accounts payable, trade Accrued and other liabilities Deferred revenue Total current liabilities Long-term debt Net assets Without donor restrictions With donor restrictions Total net assets

239,926 529,689 67,262


239,926 529,689 67,262

405,525 504,561 96,373









15,380,928 -


15,380,928 108,684,256

15,999,914 99,072,348





$ 17,454,999

$ 108,684,256

$ 126,139,255

$ 118,315,915

See accompanying independent auditor’s report and notes to financial statements. 2

WORCESTER ART MUSEUM STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES YEAR ENDED AUGUST 31, 2020 (With Summarized Comparative Information for 2019)

Statement of Activities AUGUST 31, 2020 (With Summarized Comparative Information for 2019) Without Donor Restrictions Support and revenue Admissions Memberships Public education Museum shop and wholesale Food and beverage Auxiliary activities Government grants Contributions and grants


Operating revenue, gifts and grants

162,119 204,973 160,199 114,112 255,558 425,084 1,007,800 1,614,015 3,943,860

Net investment return Loss on disposal of property and equipment Net assets released from restrictions Satisfaction of purpose restrictions

690,065 (16,850)

Total Expenses Program services Curatorial and conservation Education Library Museum shop and wholesale Food and beverage Supporting services Administration Public affairs and development Buildings and grounds Security Total


7,243,198 7,243,198

Totals 2020


162,119 204,973 160,199 114,112 255,558 425,084 1,007,800 8,857,213 11,187,058



350,761 278,872 365,614 239,151 530,902 270,841 9,075,100 11,111,241

8,454,698 -

9,144,763 (16,850)

1,629,562 (635)









2,517,373 639,703 95,297 157,845 462,104


2,517,373 639,703 95,297 157,845 462,104

2,371,178 887,725 177,214 239,375 588,077

2,741,552 1,572,327 1,531,993 976,437


2,741,552 1,572,327 1,531,993 976,437

2,630,126 1,679,316 1,589,718 1,008,141





Change in net assets before changes related to collection Collection acquisitions Income from deaccession of collection items Net assets released from restrictions Satisfaction of purpose restrictions

(741,715) (627,745) 327

Change in net assets



10,362,055 (750,147)

9,620,340 (627,745) 327 -

1,569,298 (1,033,890) 16,568 -








$ 15,380,928

$ 108,684,256

$ 124,065,184

$ 115,072,262

Net assets, beginning of year Net assets, end of year

With Donor Restrictions

See accompanying independent auditor’s report and notes to financial statements. 3


WORCESTER ART MUSEUM / worcesterart.org