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#northeastern Funny tweets about Northeastern by Northeastern students

@NobodyatNUSays: The t-shirt launch girls at hockey games have really good aim @katecharlottel: I must walk under the Engineers arch everytime because I think one day it will grant me a Mario Party esque super power. #northeastern @danjwilets: I swear Stetson West, if the @NUDining site lies about you having BBQ chicken pizza one more time, I WILL EAT YOUR CHILDREN. #Northeastern @missyspitzer: the squirrels at northeastern are relentless beasts

huskyroundup Profiles on four campus organizations by Kelsey Zimmerer

Senior Class Advisory Board (SCAB) The SCAB works to plan events and activities for members of the senior class. Seniors can finish off their time at Northeastern on a fun and memorable note, without having to take any more notes. – Kayla DeVincentis, President

NU Eats Take a break from dining hall cuisine and indulge in your inner foodie with NU Eats. The club whose focus is on appreciating, cooking, and of course eating food will host events such as “Fine Dining” and “Food Evolution” throughout the semester. – Allison Del Plato, President

@AztekGold: Northeastern's "hold" music is so eclectic @RyanP_Johnson: Apparently hipsters don't exist at northeastern. But maybe I wasn't checking the right dumpster @RyanPinkham: Just picked up my #Northeastern Commencement tickets. Only cost me $200K! In hindsight…I probably should have checked StubHub @hayleymiller01: “the whole university suffers if the president isn’t a fat cat” #northeastern Jrn professor layin’ on the sarcasm @Psteezay: Scouting report for all the tour groups I’ve seen today: I do not like what I see

Haute Fashion Linking the divide between the Northeastern Campus and Boston’s Fashion Industry through event planning, networking, and media relations is Haute Fashion. This semester, campus fashionistas can look forward to the organization’s 3rd annual spring fashion show. Also in the works is a student panel featuring students who have had a co-op or internship in the fashion industry and can share their experiences. – Bianca Gracie, President

NUDANCO The Northeastern Dance Company provides NU students with a passion for dance and performance an artistic outlet. Their show at the end of the semester will showcase student dancers and student choreographed pieces. NUDANCO is also planning fundraisers for fellow huskies to show their support of dance. ­– Shannon Brown, President

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WOOF Issue 2  

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