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punctuation whispering pine LXXX!

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“An expression so common we forget its relevance!” It punctuates our lives with importance, creating: opinions, emotions, and clarity; additionally the punctuation gives us reason to say more, articulates our emotions (beyond that of just one phrase), provides us with a voice that communicates/ is relevant to all those who, like us, express with words – even if in different languages – forms a community, shared and experienced by all, with no borders, so much familiar but yet new, so really where do we Punctuate and Differentiate? 3

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pg. 124-185


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l o o h c S r o i Jun


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l o o h c S r o i n SE


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by Rohan Mathias

Activity Week junior school

A splish, a splash, a splosh, Raindrops falling from the sky. Tumbling, twisting, twirling, Joining the rope of life A rock, worn and ageing,

Creeping along in the water, Seeing all before going on, A stone in that stream Spinning, swirling, swimming, Floating on the journey, Shadows fall behind the leaf, Watching life live on Streams ow along the same path, Time is forever


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Activity Week by Rishabh Poddar

River rafting Fast and ďŹ erce Bumping bodies Screaming spirits Wintry water Scorching sun Warm winds

Spirit-full surroundings Dreadful dive Flat fall TerriďŹ ed torsos Soaked in seconds Horrifying hikes

Fabulous food Strong stream Limping legs Big bus Steep streets Sick stomachs Reaching Ridgewood


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Some say Activity Week is a week of fun in the wild - a getaway from the hectic life of Woodstock; others simply refer to it as ďŹ ve days of separation from technology, comfort, and luxury. However, the best part of activity week is its outcome. Each trip comes back with a story to tell; a story of a new discovery, a kindled friendship, a

Activity Week Senior school 14

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cultivated inspiration and stories about the natural bathrooms! When asked what she took away from her trip, Rotluangpuii Ralte, a senior, said, “New friendships were made along with a huge bump on my head.” Ayaan John, a freshman, who went to a small village, sincerely acknowledged that apart from the friendships he has gained, he acquired a more valuable experience. He said, “we should make the most of what we have because some people don’t get the kind of opportunities that we get at Woodstock.” Activity Week is truly an opportunity that fosters our characters, exposes us to the diversity of the world, and, most of the times, allows us to open our eyes andWW count our blessings. 15

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DOrm Life 16

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STUDENT School President: Hazel Ebenezer It was the experience of a lifetime. It just seems like yesterday that the list went up with our names and, Arpit, I’m so grateful that I had A-man by my side for this year. I will never forget everything this year being school president has taught me. Although it’s impossible not to mention Goalathon, Stuco Mela and our weekly Student Council meetings, it was also about the endless behind the scenes preparations, the seemingly daily announcements, the late nights of organization and the inevitable mistakes that helped us grow. And the many people all throughout Woodstock that I had a unique opportunity to interact with through this position.


From left to right: Top row - Giacomo Samms, Pranit Garg, Apurva Adit, Sanghyun Park, Inwook Jung, Shinyong Kim, Tenzin Takhla, Yash Ghei, Kunal Nekiwala. Middle Row - Parth Parikh, Sophie Mero, Nathaniel Park, Tara Sood, Sara Krishnan, Tseki Lhamo, Amber Kang, Tanuvee Agarwal, June Kang, Khushi Agrawal. Bottom row: Mr. Abraham Okie, Dechen Chuki, Amaani Mehra, Anjuri Kakkar, Raheel Dhingra, Ugyen Lama, Nutcha Panaspraipong, Hyechan Jun, Tenzin Taklha, Mr. Jonathan Seefeldt.


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COUNCIL School President: Arpit Lall My experience as school president was great. Everything from meetings with the administration to just talking to almost everyone in the whole school was very different. Some of the biggest questions I was asked were “how do I handle of the work?” and “is it hard?” With all honesty it wasn’t work,as long as I kept my head up and didn’t think of it as work I could get by, plus Hazel was always around to keep me on track.


From left to right: Top row - Giacomo Samms, Sohail Das, Prabir Pradhan, Kunal Nekiwala, Inwook Jung, Tenzin Taklha, Apurva Adit, Yuthok Rinzin, Daniel Lee. Middle row - Amber Kang, Varun Khanna, Parth Parikh, Tanishq Daniel, Aryan Samuel, Nathaniel Park, Tara Sood, Jahnvi Garg, Aalia Mehra, Sophie Mero. Bottom row: Mr. Abraham Okie, Eriko Shrestha, Anjuri Kakkar, Amaani Mehra, Pema Selden, Kethayun Mehta, Ugyen Lama, Paritosh Garg, YeHyang Jang, Mr. Jonathan Seefeldt.


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1st Semester HEADS

Sanghyun Park and Inwook Jung

1st Semester HEADS

Amber Kang and Tseki Lhamo


From left to right: Top row - Saral Tayal, Apurv Kaushik, Duc Ngo, Seerat Jhajj, Sooyeon Park, Yerim Lee, Supriti Pradhan. Bottom row - Samuel Lee, Akshaya Pradhan, Satvika Sinha, Prasiddhi Shrestha, Goun Yu, Raageshwori Pradhan, Eera Sarda. Missing: Yeon Sol Lee, Sadrish Pradhan, Satyam Kedia, JinHyun Lim, Khush Patel. Missing: Minhee Kim, Aashna Jain, Tanushree Thapa.


From left to right: Top row - Abhishek Mehra, Frederick Turck, Donghyun Lim, Apoorva Thapa. Second row - Nikunj Dalmia, Kabir Mehta, Faiyaz Chowdhury, Saharsha Singh, Ruke Ogan. Third row - Yejin Son, Amrita Yeshi, Hope Wright, Salman Karmali, Kheytsun Rinchhen. Bottom row - Malsawmsangi Ralte, Tanya Aggarwal, Abhishek Bhandari, Tenzin Takhla, Tenzin Jigmey Nepali, Joon Kang, Zaine Krishnatraye. Missing: Jinhyun Lim

2nd Semester HEADS

Eriko Shrestha and Inwook Jung

2nd Semester HEADS

Tara Sood and SoďŹ a Yakovleva


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1st Semester HEADS

Pranit Garg and Kyung-Ho Jung

1st Semester HEADS

Nutcha Panaspraipong and Tanuvee Agarwal


From left to right: Top row - Manraj Bhangra, Frederick Turck, Saraf Ray. Middle row - Ankit Ranjan, Devashish Pahadi, Angad Makkar, Seth McCroskey. Bottom row - Tenzin Norbu, Tenzin Nepali, Karsten Shaw, Yaeyin Lee, Shivangi Kulshrestha, Subhajyoti Basu. Missing: Jago von Moltke, Damchuilung Kamei. Missing: Subin Kim, Samiha Thapa, SoďŹ a Yakovleva, Varun Pant, Sangrujungla Jamir, Summer Kang, Tshokey Gyaltshen.


From left to right: Top row - HaeSoo Park, Tushen Nayar, Vashisht Agrawal, Kabeer Narikunni. Middle row - Ruke Ogan, Ikaum Bawa, Suryaansh Garg. Bottom row - Sasha Kenny, Ahaan Nayar, Alisa Hussain, Kartik Adityan. Missing: Rahul Patel, Varun Khanna, Wangchuk Sadutshang, Shreyansh Fofandi, Abhishek Bhandari, Nutcha Panaspraipong. Missing: Karl Ferro, Pukar Mahat, Jago von Moltke, Udit Garg, Ippolita Magrone.

2nd Semester HEADS

Prabir Pradhan and Sohail Das

2nd Semester HEADS

Yuthok Rinzin and Apurva Adit


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From left to right: Top row - Mila Sherpa, Rohan Kumar, Abhishek Mehra. Second row - Armaan Mehra, Sanghyun Park, Inwook Jung, Ms. Amy Seefeldt. Third row - Asma Ebadi, Eriko Shrestha, Farid Zaheer, Mayuri Kakkar, Aya Wakita. Fourth row - Prabir Pradhan, Amber Kang, Mansi Kedia, Aman John, Raya Kaplan, Marina Popova. Fifth row - Ishaan Pathak, Kunal Nekiwala, Rotluangpuii Ralte, Anjuri Kakkar, Manvi Seth, Hazel Ebenezer, Sara Krishnan, Subin Kim, Mallika David. Bottom row - Kethayun Metha and Ugyen Lama. Missing: Ein Jung.

Honor Council

From left to right: Top row - Kushal Mittal, Inwook Jung, Mila Sherpa, Sanghyun Park, Ms. Amy Seefeldt Bottom row - Mr. Paul Morrill, Kunal Nekiwala, Abhishek Mehra, Parishma Shrestha, Zara Ismail. Missing: YounJung Na. 24

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AlteRidge and Ridgewood DOrm Council

midlands and hostel Dorm Council

From left to right: Top row - Yeshi Tshering, Amrita Yeshi, Aakriti Aryal, Sadrish Pradhan, Tanushree Thapa, Hyunyoung Baek. Bottom row - Jinhye Park, Devika Nautiyal, Jahnvi Garg, Yeon Sol Lee. Missing: Tenzin Peyang Lama.

Dorm Presidents

Dorm Presidents

From left to right: Top row - Vatsala Chaudhry, Khushi Agrawal, Diya Singh, Malsawmsangi Ralte. Bottom row - Yaeyin Lee, Madina Ibragimova, Tshokey Gyaltshen, Ameya Singh. Missing: Kuenda Mutusang.

Sophie Mero and Parth Parikh

Tenzin Taklha and Amaani Mehra

From left to right: Ahaan Nayar, Dhruv Agarwal, Nikolai Von Moltke, Shubham Tibrewala, Akshaya Pradhan, Kritin Garg, Shreyansh Fofandi, Nikunj Dalmia, Vatsal Jain.

From left to right: Top row - Chaitanya Prashant, Tenzing Jigmey Nepali, Salman Karmali, Suhan Lee, Starling Rose, Donghyun Lim, Kabeer Narikunni, Rahul Patel. Bottom row - Maitreya Rose, Aseem Aggarwal, Faiyaz Chowdhury, Devashish Pahadi. Missing: Dhruv Mukhija, Jago von Moltke, Satyam Kedia, Gurnihal Singh.


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Edgehill and community center dorm councils Dorm Presidents

From left to right: Ishaan Pathak, Mansi Kedia, Manraj Bhangra, Zara Ismail, Rowan Limbach, Abyaya Lamsal.

Anjuri Kakkar and Giacomo Samms


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rt and science


p ssage Arts & Science clubs vary from computer science to musical groups, to ower making club to universal survival clubs. Many of these clubs are student-initiated clubs that create an op portunity for students to portray their potentials.


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pirituality and service


Service clubs encourage students to help our community or the environment. On the other hand, the Spiritual groups shape students’ spiritual beliefs and expose them to different perspectives.


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thletics and adventure

pAss ge


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Athletics & Adventure promotes health and character building through physical activities and exploration. Adventure clubs provide opportunities for students to discover and appreciate our invaluable mountainous environment.


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lobal understanding and leadership

pAssa e Global Understanding & Leadership comprises philosophical discussion groups, national culture clubs, and global awareness clubs such as Amnesty and MUN. These groups nurture Woodstock students beyond the ordinary to become global leaders.


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Enoch Daniel

Xenia David

Levi Francis

Abhiroop Roy

Petra Seefeldt

Swarit Singh

Liam Stinchcomb

Ipsita Thomas

KG Gideon Crider

Vedika Negi


Krish Bhandari

Namrata David

Jalori Mathias

Aaron Thomas


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09/05/14 9:19 PM

FIRST GRADE Kezia Emmanuel

Shrushti Kudle


Ayush Suryanarayan

Eden Crider

Gabriel Crider

Mahin Puri

Samuel Stinchcomb

Nanda Dufault

Samuel Francis

Abner Seefeldt

Mahi Sharma


WSYB_2014.indd 48

09/05/14 9:19 PM

Sylvia Belbin

Joel Crider

Devi Dufault

Joshua Emmanuel

Golden Hubbard

Meher John

Anamika Seth

Asha Snader

THIRD GRADE Rhiana Stinchcomb

Abel Thomas


WSYB_2014.indd 49

09/05/14 9:19 PM


Nysa Bhatia

Sarahna Daliya

Tawishi Dogra

Joshua Francis

Poojya Gupta

Anishka Joab

Taruna Kakkar

Aadil Khurana

Maanasa Muppala

Aditya Nagrath

Mahima Peters

Arjun Poddar

Aaliyah Shankardas

Ishpuneet Singh

Aaryan Singhal

Anna Snader

Yondhen Tuladhar

Kalsang Yangchen


WSYB_2014.indd 50

09/05/14 9:19 PM


Jigmet Angmo

Shoaib Ansari

Saif -Ul-Islam Ansari

Aadya Aryal

Shriyukta Basnet

Lily Belbin

Amer Beri

Samarthya Daliya

Miras Daliya

Philippa Dunn

Zacherrya Gibson

Warris Godara

Aadya Goel

Paloma Hubbard

Aaryana Jani

Kyutae Kyung

Ishaan Mehra

Harshan Pannu

Victor Pashuk

Akshaj Rajbhandari

Sachin Rijal

Uma Sherpa

Jiten Taneja 51

WSYB_2014.indd 51

09/05/14 9:19 PM


Ryan Bajaj

Siddharth Bhandari

Micah Crider

Tej Dhungana

Theresa Dunn

Palden Gonsar

Juyoung Kim

Kyumin Kyung

Anjoli Lahiri

Phasin Laplamool

Radha Laplamool

Huijeong Lee

Jia Loomba

Rohan Mathias

Abhik Mehra

Saira Mehra

Rak Ogan

Vikentiy Pashuk

Rishabh Poddar

Colorado Rose

Aryaman Sethi

Enisha Sharma

Dhrubhagat Singh

Joanna Victor

Rigpea Wangchuk


WSYB_2014.indd 52

09/05/14 9:19 PM



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09/05/14 9:19 PM

CLASS of ‘19 Grade 7

Sangyoon Kim

Khushi Agrawal

Abdul Ansari

Jaydeep Bajwa

Aryan Balani

Tanishq Daniel

Diya Digvijay

Kritin Garg

Alisa Husain

Adyan Husain

Vaibhav Jain

Ye Hyang Jang

Shruti Kapoor

Katrina Khosravi

Hyunyoung Kim

Naphon Laplamool

Jinhwan Lee

Yaeyin Lee

Samuel Lee

Ved Maddison


WSYB_2014.indd 54

09/05/14 9:19 PM

Neel Mukhija

Kuenda Mututsang

Ahaan Nayar

Tenzin Nepali

Tenzin Norbu

Tsezin Norbu

Ruke Ogan

Hassakol Panaspraipong

Khush Patel

Akshaya Pradhan

Iqbal Zaheer

Malsawmsangi Ralte

Karsten Shaw

Aniket Singh

Janak Singh

Arpit Singh

Diksha Singh

Ran Singkarin

Satvika Sinha

Shawn Smith

Yehun Son

Tenzin Taklha

Shubham Tibrewala

Nikolai Von Moltke

Not Pictured: Harshvardhan Garg


WSYB_2014.indd 55

09/05/14 9:19 PM

Dhruv Agarwal

Nandini Aggarwal

Tanya Aggarwal

Tanuj Bagaria

Tara Bajpai

Anahita Baluja

Subhajyoti Basu

Abhishek Bhandari

Mehar Bhatia

Puruva Chakravarty

Vatsala Chaudhry

Charis Crider

Nikunj Dalmia

Kelzang Dema

Noah Douglas

Shreyansh Fofandi

Udit Garg

Aanik Goel

Abigail Gokavi

Tshokey Gyaltshen

Grade 8

Effervescent 56

WSYB_2014.indd 56

09/05/14 9:20 PM

Madina Ibragimova

Vatsal Jain

Imtiyala Jamir

Avanya Joab

Hyechan Jun

Healeam Jung

Joon Kang

Summer Kang

Kavya Kataria

Varun Khanna

Eva Khanpara

Sophia Khosravi

Aaron Klingensmith

Nachiketa Kumar

Isaac Lall

Ippolita Magrone

Karanjay Mahtab

James McCroskey

Sophie Mero

Phunsok Norboo


WSYB_2014.indd 57

09/05/14 9:20 PM

Effervescent continued...

Egor Suvorov

Parth Parikh

Sooyeon Park

Ana Pereira

Suryansh Prahladka

Arjan Purewal

Aarushi Sachdeva

Tanya Sandhu

Aryan Shankardas

Heewoong Shin

Prasiddhi Shrestha

Kabish Shrestha

Ameya Singh

Jayant Singh

Shivansh Singhal

Harshvardhan Yadav

Tenzin Yigha

Hamin Yoon

Jay Yunas

Bahir Zahine


WSYB_2014.indd 58

09/05/14 9:20 PM


Kartik Adityan

Aseem Aggarwal

Vashisht Agrawal

Aadeng Apang

Ikaum Bawa

Niranjan Bennet

Sara Bhatia

Anh Bui

Namhoon Cho

Faiyaz Chowdhury

Mrinalini Daliya

Meghna Das

Deasyl Dorji

Suryaansh Garg

Tanmaye Gupta

Aashna Jain

Avijit Bahal

AudaCIOUS Sangrujungla Jamir

Grade 9

Amrita Jhajj 59

WSYB_2014.indd 59

09/05/14 9:20 PM

Ayaan John

Hyeji Jun

Damchuilung Kamei

Jonah Kaplan

Dechen Khangkyil

Su Lin Kim

Shinyoung Kim

Zaine Krishnatraye

Tenzin Lama

Tenphel Lama

Sonam Lanzin

Yerim Lee

Yaejong Lee

Sharhirah Mathias

Shanti Mathias

Aalia Mehra

Nirov Mehta

Vanalika Nagarwalla

Tenzin Nepali

Khoa Ngo


WSYB_2014.indd 60

09/05/14 9:20 PM

Not Pictured: Seungik Jang Taegyeong Lee Dhruv Mukhija Dipankar Nakarmi Dipankar Nakarmi Dhruv Mukhija

Aashish Peters

Rishabh Poddar

Devashish Pahadi

Jinhye Park

Kartik Rajpal

Viraj Rijal

Ambar Sarup

Bobby Sharma

Isabella Shaw

Satvik Sindhu

Saral Tayal

Pelzom Tenzing

Dechen Tenzing

Apoorva Thapa

Tanushree Thapa

Khanh Tran

Yeshi Tshering

Maeve Wakita

Yupel Yeshi

Angel Yoanna


WSYB_2014.indd 61

09/05/14 9:20 PM

Diaphanous Grade 10

Namita Jain

Mathai Abraham

Aakriti Aryal

Antra Baluja

Donald Blank

Armaan Boparai

Linh Bui

Zane Chowdhury

Jiyeon Chun

Adityajeet Dagar

Shikhar Dhingra

Duong Dung

Paritosh Garg

Jahnvi Garg

Karma Gonjo

Prapti Joshi

Jane Jung

Mayuri Kakkar

Eduard Mandal

Elesh Kasana


WSYB_2014.indd 62

09/05/14 9:20 PM

Satyam Kedia

Elizabeth Khosravi

Yeseong Kim

Hayoung Kim

Sara Krishnan

Shanaya Kuttumkal

Dhruv Lakhanpal

Suhan Lee

Jinkyung Lee

Jin-Hyun Lim

Kabir Mehta

Rachel Mulavelil

Dev Nalwa

Taekmin Nam

Devika Nautiyal

Loc Ngo

Kezia Paljor

Varun Pant

Haesoo Park

Marina Popova

Chaitanya Prashant

Not Pictured: Farid Zaheer

Shefali Rangi

Devang Pandey Ruben Peter Kalden Aukatsang

Ankit Ranjan 63

WSYB_2014.indd 63

09/05/14 9:20 PM

Saraf Ray

Starling Rose

Maitreya Rose

Wangchuk Sadutshang

Sorab Sandhawalia

Eera Sarda

Nangsay Seldon

Morsumi Singh

Hrishav Singh

Yejin Son

Kshitiz Tanwar

Thannathat Thiantravan

Rishi Thomas

Bao Tran

Jago-Von Moltke

Anna Warland

Gwendolyn Wilson

Amrita Yeshi

Hannah Yi

Goun Yu

Diaphanous continued... 64

WSYB_2014.indd 64

09/05/14 9:20 PM

Ad Astra Grade 11

Apurva Adit

Nishant Aggarwal

Zack Alter

Johann Arthur

Hyun Young Baek

Michelle Bajwa

Setse Bush

Shaurya Dhingra

Raheel Dhingra

NaďŹ a Din

Miriam Dunn

Karl Ferro

Stuti Garg

Pranit Garg

Shreya Gautam

Thomas Greenler

Ishika Guha

Aashna Gupta

Raghav Gupta

Jungshi Jamir

Saksham Jatia

Aman John

Inwook Jung

Kyung-Ho Jung


WSYB_2014.indd 65

09/05/14 9:20 PM

Raya Kaplan

Salman Karmali

Apurv Kaushik

Minhee Kim

Aelin Kim

Shivangi Kulshreshtha

Vitchaphong Laohabutr

Yeon Sol Lee

Daniel Lee

Tseki Lhamo

Donghyun Lim

Ha Hyeong Lim

Tenzin Lungrig

Pukar Mahat

Angad Makkar

Rhea Malani

Laura Mc Roberts

Armaan Mehra

Amaani Mehra

Joshua Missal

Youn Jung Na

Kabeer Narikunni

Hritik Nautiyal

Tenzing Nepali

Rattapong Owasitth

Sang Hyun Park

Rahul Patel

Akansha Paul

Sadrish Pradhan


WSYB_2014.indd 66

09/05/14 9:20 PM

Avni Rajpal

Kheytsun Rinchhen

Yuthok Rinzin

Lalrinhlui Sangsiama

Sumair Sapam

Sidhant Seth

Manvi Seth

Upasana Shrestha

Eriko Shrestha

Parishma Shrestha

Gurnihal Singh

Khyati Singh

Saharsha Singh

Istuti Singh

Bamaejuri Sohkhlet

Tahhira Somal

Ju Heon Suh

Tenzin Taklha

Samiha Thapa

Devansh Tibrawalla

Patthamawadee Tongsuk

Disapron Trakanthaloengsak

Priam Vyas

Aya Wakita

SoďŹ ya Yakovleva

I-Hsin Yang

Wali Zahine

Not Pictured: Sophie Levy-Sheon


WSYB_2014.indd 67

09/05/14 9:20 PM

staff 68

WSYB_2014.indd 68

09/05/14 9:20 PM


Dr. Jonathan Long


heads of schools

From left to right: Ms. Amy Seefeldt, Mr. Jeff Doerfler, Mrs. Bethany Okie.

From left to right: Mrs. Dot Wildman, Mr. Tyler Stinchcomb, Mrs. Sanjaya Mark.



From left to right: Back row - Ms. Meredith Dyson, Ms. Ritika Roy, Ms. Julia Schroeder. Front row - Mr. Jonathan Seefeldt, Ms. Melanie Reichwald, Mr. Adam Wunker.

From left to right: Mr. Zachary Conrad, Mr. Paul Morrill, Mr. Larry Kaplan, Mr. David Raju, Mrs. Marla Dunn. Missing: Mr. Rufus Emmanuel, Mrs. Kalyani Raju, Mr. Dana Crider.


WSYB_2014.indd 69

09/05/14 9:20 PM



From left to right: Ms. Meredith Dyson, Ms. Anjali Sharma, Ms. Lauren Gray.

From left to right: Back row - Mr. Dane Latimer, Mr. Tyler Stinchcomb, Mr. Mohammad Yousuf. Front row - Ms. Eloise Boinot, Mrs. Amrita John.



From left to right: Back row - Mr. Ravi Arthur, Mr. Peter Millican, Mr. Amitavo Roy, Mr. Aloke Maiti. Front row - Ms. Jesse Huang, Ms. Lindsay Boyd, Ms. Swati Roy, Mrs. Diane Millican, Mrs. Heather Webb. Ground - Mr. Abraham Okie.

From left to right: Mrs. Bethany Okie, Mr. Vijay Chaudhri.

social studies


From left to right: Back row - Mr. Greg Miller, Mr. Andy Crider, Mr. Chris Rhatigan, Mr. Owen Fidler. Front row - Ms. Amy Seefeldt, Ms. Shonila Chander, Mrs. Ashlea Fidler.

From left to right: Back row - Mrs. Sonya Crider, Mrs. Ashlea Fidler, Mr. Mark Windsor. Front row - Mr. Ravi Lall, Ms. Claire Weiss, Dr. Jagdish Sharma, Mr. Rufus Emmanuel. Missing: Mrs. Susan Datt.


WSYB_2014.indd 70

09/05/14 9:20 PM

physical education Religious education

From left to right: Ms. Shannon Schultz, Mr. Steve Luukkonen, Mrs. Tina Hazlett.

From left to right: Dr. Brian Dunn, Mrs. Dot Wildman, Mr. David Webb.


junior School

From left to right: Mrs. Sangeeta Bhandari, Mr. Rajneesh Daniel, Mrs. Melinda Snader, Ms. Rahima Thomas, Ms. Christina Gittings, Ms. Meenu Khan, Mrs. Pam Wiggins, Ms. Anjali Sharma, Mr. Andrew Francis, Ms. Sunita Panwar, Ms. Vandana Vinayak, Ms. Soneyaa Kumar, Mrs. Varsha Joab, Mrs. Shubhra Luukkonen, Ms. Kimberly Ferguson, Mrs. Sonal Talaulicar, Mrs. Sanjaya Mark. Missing: Mr. Sushil Emmanuel.

From left to right: Mr. Adam Hubbard, Ms. Hana Le Cam, Ms. Margaret Groff.

support for learning


From left to right: Mrs. Melinda Snader, Mrs. Mary Ellen Pesavento, Mrs. Sue Long. Missing: Mrs. Sally Leonard.

From left to right: Mr. Nilesh Talaulicar, Mrs. Nazneen Nagarwalla, Mrs. Lindsey Alexander.


WSYB_2014.indd 71

09/05/14 9:20 PM

community relations

business office

From left to right: Back row - Mrs. Vimmi Negi, Ms. Immu Uniyal, Mrs. Lalitha Krishnan, Mrs. Monica Roberts, Mrs. Judy Crider. Front row - Mr. Ed Beavan, Mr. Pete Wildman, Mr. Ben Bowling, Mr. Marcus Shaw. Missing: Mrs. Marney Lewis.

From left to right: Mr. Jitendra Singh, Ms. Shadab Begum, Mrs. Arpana Fernandes, Mr. Shailesh Garg, Mr. Ritesh Farmer, Mr. Prashant Singh, Mr. Sumit Thakur.



From left to right: Ms. Popsie Ebenezer and Ms. Kiran Singh. Missing: Mrs. Kirsten Beavan.

From left to right: Mr. Nawneet Kumar, Mr. Saurabh Joab, Mr. Ramesh Devmane, Mr. Enosh Thomas.

hanifl center

health center

From left to right: Back row - Mr. Ramesh Chand, Mr. Andrew Hepworth. Front row - Mr. Digambar Lal (Titu), Mrs. Sindhu Clark, Mr. Nyima Douglas, Mr. Kutty Krishnan. Missing: Mrs. Angelica Singh.

From left to right: Back row - Ms. Katie Beth Gill, Ms. Tenzin Saldon, Mrs. Tara Kaplan, Ms. Ruth Kalsang. Front row - Mrs. Susan Lall, Mrs. Dolma Chophel, Ms. Themneivah Singh, Mr. Kuldeep Bhandari.


WSYB_2014.indd 72

09/05/14 9:20 PM


ICT academics

From left to right: Mrs. Renee Bowling, Mr. Ajay Negi. Missing: Ms. Preeti Rajendran.

From left to right: Mr. Rajneesh Daniel, Mr. Mike Pesavento, Mr. Jonathan Seefeldt.

principal’s office

ict/tech support

From left to right: Ms. Upasini Purushothaman, Mr. Sandeep Rawat.

From left to right: Mr. Brijesh Tyagi, Mr. Arvind Singh, Mr. Shailender Bhandari, Mr. Harish Kumar, Mr. James Lewis, Mr. Dharmendra Bhandari, Mr. Bhaskar Bahuguna.



From left to right: Ms. Sareena Pun, Mr. Janak Khatri, Mr. Thupten Chophel, Mr. S Suryanarayan, Mr. Eric Roberts, Mr. Sunil Baloni, Mrs. Vimmi Negi.

From left to right: Back row - Ms. Rahima Thomas, Ms. Sarah Colwell, Mrs. Esther Arthur. Front row - Ms. Meenu Khan, Mr. Harry van Doorn, Mrs. Subhashini Timothy.


WSYB_2014.indd 73

09/05/14 9:21 PM



From left to right: Mr. Rishi Damani, Mr. Andrew Das, Mr. Dilip Alexander, Mr. Aditya Manral, Mr. Tim Raby, Mr. Brian Hazlett.

From left to right: Mrs. Mijung Park, Ms. Maya Dutt, Mrs. Rachna Peters, Ms. Ronita Daniel, Ms. Geeta Mukerjee, Ms. Jerusha Missal.



From left to right: Mr. Prateek Santram, Mr. Suman Mitra, Mr. Pravin Jelaji, Mr. Sondeep Peters, Mr. Taeyeong Jun. Missing: Mr. Mohommad Kamal. Missing: Haydn Wilkins.

From left to right: Mrs. Shaheena Jelaji, Ms. Tsering Malik, Ms. Karen Tamminen, Mrs. Sarah Santram, Mrs. Vijeta Emmanuel.


community center


head of sports

Mrs. Yaman Shankardas

Mr. Devan Landseidel

Dr. Brian Dunn

Mr. Ajay Mark


WSYB_2014.indd 74

09/05/14 9:21 PM


WSYB_2014.indd 75

09/05/14 9:21 PM

employees 76

WSYB_2014.indd 76

09/05/14 9:21 PM




Mail Room



WSYB_2014.indd 77

09/05/14 9:21 PM

principal’s Office

Travel Office


Senior school



WSYB_2014.indd 78

09/05/14 9:21 PM


WSYB_2014.indd 79

09/05/14 9:21 PM



WSYB_2014.indd 80

09/05/14 9:21 PM


WSYB_2014.indd 81

09/05/14 9:21 PM

INDEPENDENCE DAY Independence Day is a special day at Woodstock and every Woodstock student - at least the girls - pprepare for it even before the semester starts. Ranging from the vibrantly fabricated Korean traditional costumes, Hanbok, to the shimmery traditional costumes of Thailand, Chakri, to the richly embellished Saris worn by many Woodstock students and staff regardless of their race, the gym was filled with delicately embroidered fabrics of different colors representing numerous nationalities. Under one roof, multiple students, teachers, and extended family from the hillside gathered together to celebrate the Independence of India, a second home for many. Mr Brian Dunn, our ‘guest’ speaker, shared with us a vital way of embracing India’s culture and the Indian way of life - “I HONK THEREFORE I AM” - in a humorous yet relatable manner. The Indian flag was finally hoisted by the longest attending student of Woodstock, Sohail Das. He was followed by our school presidents, Hazel and Arpit, who lead the school in an enthusiastic ‘Jai Hind!’ With that done, the congregation was presented with a wide spread of Indian food, drink, and desert in the Quad. 82

WSYB_2014.indd 82

09/05/14 9:21 PM


WSYB_2014.indd 83

09/05/14 9:21 PM

Big Brother Big Sister From getting their faces painted - along with everything around them - to teaming up with their older siblings in games like Treasure Hunt and Mingle, to simply being a part of a cheerful atmosphere: this is a great day for Junior School kids. Big Brother Big Sister Day is an annual event that every Junior Schooler looks forward to. It’s that time of the school year when every child enjoys the perks of being the younger sibling, pampered and loved. BBBS day may be a one-day event, but it builds bonds that last for much longer. This event is not only for Junior School kids but also a day when the Senior School students can take a day off from their stressful and busy lives to let go of all their worries and feel younger and freer. This year the new activities, games, and dance were a huge success, but more importantly, it was a time for the younger generation of the school to be in the spotlight.


WSYB_2014.indd 84

09/05/14 9:21 PM



WSYB_2014.indd 85

09/05/14 9:22 PM

Sadie Hawkins Glow in the Dark

A school dance is an awaited event for many, and on November 16 Sadie Hawkins decorated the whole school with elaborate decorations for the elaborate theme ‘glow in the dark.’ The paths were lit with neon jars and pop music blasted from Parker Hall, which happened to be ďŹ lled with the glowing bodies of people dancing the night away. As the night progressed, the weather became cooler and the atmosphere of the dance grew more exciting. The cold November air and the walk back to dorms served not as a headache but rather a great ending to another Sadie Hawkins. But it was universally understood that this Sadie was by far one of the best dances the school had till now.


WSYB_2014.indd 86

09/05/14 9:22 PM


WSYB_2014.indd 87

09/05/14 9:22 PM


the ividuals escape d in s u io lig re d, and re me when RE retreat is a ti dstock to spend time with Go regular he oo hectic life of W more spiritual environment. T nment ro a vi in x en la g ect and re des an amazin vi ro p , rs unicate re m ea m B and co ip h rs venue, Torch o w to are free eakers all where students ar we were visited by guest sp are the ye e to sh with God. This who came com ing messages. ta o es n in M m o ith enrich the way fr e the students w s shared their testimoir sp in d an el sp Go her r very own teac ormations. Additionally, ou spiritual and personal transf r nies about thei


WSYB_2014.indd 88

09/05/14 9:22 PM

l a v i t s e f s Writer’

nd interaction a l a tu c lle te in n weekend of etry and exte An extended ll of music, literature, po layan Writer’s a fun; a time fu odstock bubble. The Him students, staff o d sion of the W p to its name for it allowe e to stop, celu m ti d e a r ays, fo Festival liv hillside four d utiful Himalayas that surle o h w e th d ea an reciate the b ed by famous authors like p p a d n a te g ebra visit poetry readin ry day. Being round us eve ple and E. Theopholis, to g expedition in m William Dalry ad and even an interest Jeph Mathias. m d h n A a , Kaaren s by Omair dstock’s own citement and continuou o o W m o fr x e e talk g f ta o in ll d was fu ring the V The weeken arker Hall, especially du Shillong. The P of buzzing from up from the Highlands running their ro g le p ll o o with pe Rock ‘n R alf Marad on a high e d n e d n “Mussoorie H e from e e k e th g we n ri u d cam uls out hearts and so citement and enthusiasmarticipating. A ex and p thon”. The volunteering r almost everyone, , g in d n e tt a peace fo y. everyone lete bliss and vor for everyone to enjo p m o c f o e tim fla r days had a as those fou


WSYB_2014.indd 89

09/05/14 9:22 PM

Interhouse Fun Day


WSYB_2014.indd 90

09/05/14 9:22 PM

The big Woodstock tradition of a Hanson Field Sports Day had been broken this year. Now ‘Fun Day’ has become the new sports day for Woodstock. After a short day of classes, Woodstock students flooded into gym with painted faces, house T-shirts, hand-made posters, and even flags. There were three main sports happening in the Win Mumby Gym: Basketball, Squash and Table Tennis. The Condors took away the annually desired cake with their fivehour nonstop cheers. Though they could not keep up with the energy Condors radiated, the Eagles had a short surprise performance to encourage their fellow housemates. The Merlins gloriously secured third position.


WSYB_2014.indd 91

09/05/14 9:22 PM

GOALATHON Goalathon: an enthusiastic weekend when the entire Woodstock community comes together under one roof. The loud music and even heavier cheering flooded the gymnasium as the atmosphere of excitement grew. All the teams played to their best potential, trying to score as many goals as possible to raise money for the Flood Relief Fund and the Employees’ Benevolent Fund. The mighty winning teams: Lovely Boys, the striking eleventh graders flashed style and potential just like the two-time girl champions, Sparta. Both brought their A-game to the finals and walked out with shining victories. Nonetheless, every team not only showcased their athletic abilities, but also exhibited great sportsmanship and team work. 92

WSYB_2014.indd 92

09/05/14 9:22 PM


WSYB_2014.indd 93

09/05/14 9:22 PM

r u O

n w o T

Y A L P L L A F 2013

the ave nk g n i Tow g to th n r u n f O tow thi ht o y some erican lives g i l e Am nit ay l d hica commu ctional everyd r. Vip o s fi M e philo odstock et in a bout th n,” said small, s a o The w , a y pla le W own yed ws ry to who . “Our T ner, is a ordina It portra ne kno y r t n s o . abou ver’s Co ple in a director re every ence ea d o o h e e r s e of G inary p he play’ nity wh ck, and tar, shin ’s t s u rd ck sto of o audhri, omm e Wood r Town oodsto ed c h d u W C s ecte just lik , the O lay, in jay wca e, n o n h o p s c h n inter one else tse Bus r of the ay really everyo d l e t o y S t p a r ee a eve ate to. narr ory. This ation th d. It ind me l h l t e ist co he edic to r ain as ion H great d n crew endent ther. t g c a u t e d p e d ye a Pro ents an , and ev inter-de tter, tog m a r l e s r a r b D t u the recto of o rare the ctors, di rength ives for r a st the ed the ways th l a w sho ty that i mun


WSYB_2014.indd 94

09/05/14 9:22 PM


WSYB_2014.indd 95

09/05/14 9:22 PM



The spring musical, Urinetown, directed by Bethany Okie, was performed in March. With just over a month to prepare, the entire cast and crew of Urinetown managed to put up a hilarious and entertaining musical which left the entire audience gobsmacked in the end. The musical’s narrator, Officer Lockstock, played by Michael Wiggins, managed to capture the audience’s attention from the very first word to the very last note sung by the cast. Duc Ngo played protagonist Bobby Strong, who started a rebellion against Urine Good Company and sang “Run freedom run, freedom run away” while falling in love with the company owner’s daughter, Hope Cladwell, played by Sonam Lanzin. The musical was filled with breathtaking solos, exciting dance numbers, and a meaningful story which taught the audience to stand up for your own rights even if it means going against the majority or the society that you may live in.


WSYB_2014.indd 96

09/05/14 9:22 PM


WSYB_2014.indd 97

09/05/14 9:22 PM

JAzz Jam Jazz Jam, a time where the quad was filled with the thrilling sound of Jazz music. The Lyres started off the evening with their amazing set, which included mixtures of Woodstock favorites and Jazz classics that pumped the crowd up for the other performances. Woodstock’s very own a cappella group, The Accidentals, sang their hearts out with amazing energy, especially in their last song “Happy” by Pharell Williams. During this amazing performance, the students, teachers, and even visiting alumni jumped to their feet, clapped their hands, and danced. The final ensemble was the Woodstock School Jazz Band, which closed the evening with extraordinary performances that marked this event as one of the most perfect evenings in Woodstock.


WSYB_2014.indd 98

09/05/14 9:22 PM


WSYB_2014.indd 99

09/05/14 9:22 PM

d e t i n U l e


d o M WS

Human Rights Council

Pranit G, Mansi K, and Siddhanta B.


8th Grade Commitee

Raageshwori P and SangHyun P

Ugyen L and Yeseong K

The Secretary Generals Eriko S, Rohan K, and Hazel E

JCC Pakistan

JCC India

Namrata M and Tanya L

Nutcha P and Nishant A

Security Council


Abhishek M, Amber K, and Kyung Ho J

Aashna G, Armaan M, and Frederick T


WSYB_2014.indd 100

09/05/14 9:22 PM

Human Rights Council


JCC India

JCC Pakistan

Security Council





WSYB_2014.indd 101

09/05/14 9:22 PM


This years Mela, so called StuCo day, took place on the 19th of April, a breezy spring afternoon. It was an extraordinary event consisting of a large variety of indian food stalls, impressive handicraft stalls and stalls organized by woodstock students such as face painting and song dedication booths. The entire afternoon was a relaxed event for all the members of the Woodstock community, who walked around the quad eating food. The highlight of Stuco day was the auction to raise money for a local charity, where students volunteered to be auctioned out to the rest of the school. 102

WSYB_2014.indd 102

09/05/14 9:23 PM

Talent Show

The annual Talent Show occurred in April with the exciting theme “Youtube”. Parker Hall was creatively decorated, and although there were fewer performances than usual, the performers still managed to impress the audience. The entire night was filled with fun and exciting K-pop and Bollywood dances who blew the audience away, promising singers who set the stage on fire, and the entertaining Emcees. The junior class overall put up an amazing Talent Show through hard work and dedication. The Senior Surprise, the legendary Bollywood dance, was super fun and dramatic as usual. 103

WSYB_2014.indd 103

09/05/14 9:23 PM


WSYB_2014.indd 104

09/05/14 9:23 PM



WSYB_2014.indd 105

09/05/14 9:23 PM



WSYB_2014.indd 106

09/05/14 9:23 PM

Senior Boys Football team Top row: Mr. Tim Raby, Param Shah, Duc Ngo, Pukar Mahat, Mr. Paul Morrill, Saharsha Singh, Mr. Andrew Hepworth, Karan Deol, Sashwat Shrestha, Mila Sherpa, Gamli Yonggam. Bottom row: Utsav Garg, Madhav Nautiyal, Salman Karmali, Sumair Sapam, Daniel Laldusakha, Ishaan Rijal, Tenzin Taklha, Bobby Sharma, Sumat Purewal.

Senior Girls Football team Top row: Morsumi Singh, Raya Kaplan, Pema Selden, Kethayun Mehta, Eriko Shrestha, Tseki Lhamo. Bottom Row: Tenzin Peyang, Yupel Yeshi, Meghna Das, Deasyl Dorji, Samiha Thapa, Nutcha Panaspraipong, Ms. Claire Weiss Missing: Mr. Devan Landseidel.

Junior Girls Football team Top row: Summer Kang, Tenzin Yigha, Joon Kang, Ms. Katie Beth Gill, Sophie Mero, Mr. Dane Lattimer, Ameya Singh, Diya Singh, Tara Bajpai. Bottom row: Healeam Jung, Vatsala Chaudhry, Abigail Gokavi, Tshokey Gyaltshen, Tanya Aggarwal, Madina Ibragimova. Missing: Anahita Baluja.

Junior Boys Football team Top Row: Aanik Goel, Phunsok Norboo, Parth Parikh, Nikunj Dalmia, Jay Yunas, Mr. Sondeep Peters. Second Row – Nikolai Von Moltke, Kabish Shrestha, Tenzin Chowang Takhla, Noah Douglas, Tenzin Yugyel Norbu, Harshvardhan Yadav, Tenzin Dorjee Nepali, Karsten Shaw, Iqbal Zaheer. 107

WSYB_2014.indd 107

09/05/14 9:23 PM

InterSchool Cross Country 108

WSYB_2014.indd 108

09/05/14 9:23 PM

This year’s Interschool Cross Country meet had an amalgam of achievements. The scale of accomplishments varied from victories, to getting nudged to the ground, to making new friends. Grade 9 student Shar Mathais, the most diligent runner who practiced throughout the year, showcased her hard work by dominating the event and coming in ďŹ rst place in the inter-girls division. The senior girls did exceptionally well, and topped up a good day by coming in third as a team out of 17 schools. Apart from the athletic achievements, there were multiple people from different schools who appreciated their new friends.


WSYB_2014.indd 109

09/05/14 9:28 PM


cross country


WSYB_2014.indd 110

09/05/14 9:28 PM


WSYB_2014.indd 111

09/05/14 9:28 PM

Win Mumby The Fourteenth Win Mumby All India Tournament, once inaugurated after a pep rally; which included performances from the Woodstock Jazz Band as well as various groups from the Junior School and also a performance of Katy’s Perry’s “Roar” by both staff and students got the whole gym up in excitement. Both Woodstock teams proceeded to the finals. This served as a powerful reminder to the rest of India to fear our school’s deadly basketball team. Here the girls showed us what they were capable of, by comfortably defeating the Welham Girls team and winning Win Mumby for the first time in 10 years. Unfortunately, the Woodstock Boys team were not able to defeat the Welham Boys team. However the tournament brought the whole hillside as well as the whole Woodstock community under one roof in celebration of great sportsmanship and support. -Pranit Garg (Grade 11) 112

WSYB_2014.indd 112

09/05/14 9:28 PM

Senior Boys Team

From the left to the right: Jinhyun Lim, Karan Deol, Karma Gonjo, Mila Sherpa, Tenzin Taklha, Saw Yan Naing, Sumair Sapam, Kushal Mittal, Mathai Puthiakunnel, Kyung-Ho Jung, Saharsha Singh, Dipankar Nakarmi, Mr. Jeff Doerer.

Senior Girls Team

From the left to the right: First row - Raya Kaplan, Kethayun Metha, Prapti Joshi, Samiha Thapa. Second row - Kheytsun Rinchhen, Mayuri Kakkar, Sarah Kim, Eriko Shrestha, Sadrish Pradhan. Back row - Tiger mascot, Mrs. Tina Hazlett, Ms. Shannon Schultz, Elizabeth Khosravi, Marina Popova.


WSYB_2014.indd 113

09/05/14 9:28 PM


WSYB_2014.indd 114

09/05/14 9:28 PM


WSYB_2014.indd 115

09/05/14 9:28 PM




WSYB_2014.indd 116

09/05/14 9:28 PM


WSYB_2014.indd 117

09/05/14 9:28 PM

Conductor: Ms. Lindsay Boyd

Conductor: Mrs. Diana Millican

intermediate band

beginning band

Conductor: Mrs. Diana Millican

09/05/14 9:28 PM

WSYB_2014.indd 118

junior band


Conductor: Mr. Peter Millican

the Lyres

Conductor: Ms. Lindsay Boyd

Jazz band

WSYB_2014.indd 119

Conductor: Ms. Lindsay Boyd

Advanced band


09/05/14 9:28 PM

Conductor: Mr. Amitavo Roy

Conductor: Mr. Ravi Arthur

intermediate orchestra

beginning orchestra

Conductor: Mr. Ravi Arthur

09/05/14 9:28 PM

WSYB_2014.indd 120

junior orchestra



Conductor: Mr. Aloke Maiti


Percussion Conductor: Mr. Ravi Arthur


Conductor: Mr. Peter Millican


WSYB_2014.indd 121



09/05/14 9:28 PM

Conductor: Mr. Abraham Okie


Conductor: Mrs. Heather Webb

Junior choir



Conductor: Mr. Abraham Okie

09/05/14 9:28 PM

WSYB_2014.indd 122



indian music concert


WSYB_2014.indd 123

09/05/14 9:29 PM

There’s no single word that would ever capture the whole of what is ‘014’. We are angry and ven pacifists to opportunists and all the in-betweeners. But we are disparate and disorganized and th with. So what can you say about some of the most talented and powerful individuals you know, w will always have your back? You embrace what you are. For we are a Pantheon, connected by o change the world but either way it’s an experience.


WSYB_2014.indd 124

09/05/14 9:29 PM

2k14 d vengeful and happy and loving. We range across a whole spectrum of beliefs and values from and there is no denying that. And yet when we do come together we are a force to be reckoned now, who have to disagree on everything? What do you say to people who may seem distant, but by our year but diversiďŹ ed by our beliefs and abilities. Alone we shoot for the stars, together we -Ishaan Pathak


WSYB_2014.indd 125

09/05/14 9:29 PM

Manraj Bhangra Frederic Bonhoure

Phuriwat Chiraphisit

Siddhanta Bista

Yeshin Cho

Sohail Das

Mallika David

Sonam Deki


WSYB_2014.indd 126

09/05/14 9:29 PM

Karan Deol

Nivedita Dhammi

Asma Ebadi

Utsav Garg

Ritsen Gyaltshen

Yash Ghei


Jonathan Kurian


WSYB_2014.indd 127

09/05/14 9:29 PM

Zara Ismail

Ji-Ho Jeong

Seerat Jhajj

Ein Jung

Ayman Kabir

Anjuri Kakkar

Tanya Lohia

Tanuvee Agarwal


WSYB_2014.indd 128

09/05/14 9:29 PM

Amber Kang

Nina Mandal

Mansi Kedia

Sasha Kenny

Hazel Ebenezer

Sohila Samuel

‘13 Dilsher Khara


WSYB_2014.indd 129

09/05/14 9:29 PM

Jeong U Kim

Su Bin Kim

Devika Kothari

Rohan Kumar

Raageshwori Pradhan

Frederick Turk

Arpit Lall

Monica Lall


WSYB_2014.indd 130

09/05/14 9:29 PM

Ugyen Lama

Abyaya Lamsal

Ye Rang Lim

Rowan Limbach

Mathai Puthiakunnel

Sarah Kim

Abhishek Mehra

‘14 131

WSYB_2014.indd 131

09/05/14 9:29 PM

Kushal Mittal

Namrata Mohapatra

Tushen Nayar

Megan Moore

Madhav Nautiyal Saw Yan Naing

Kunal Nekiwala

Duc Ngo


WSYB_2014.indd 132

09/05/14 9:29 PM

Nutcha Panaspraipong

Jesal Parikh

Nathaniel Park

Jihoo Park

Kethayun Mehta

Pia Taneja


Ishaan Pathak


WSYB_2014.indd 133

09/05/14 9:29 PM

Rotluangpuii Ralte

Prabir Pradhan

Supriti Pradhan

Sumat Purewal

Sara Pesavento

Ishaan Rijal

Giacomo Samms

Aryan Samuel


WSYB_2014.indd 134

09/05/14 9:29 PM

Pema Selden

Param Shah

Mila Sherpa

Dechen Shrestha

Karina Shrestha

Sashwat Shrestha

Navika Singh

‘09 135

WSYB_2014.indd 135

09/05/14 9:30 PM

Tara Sood

Deki Tenzing

Michael Wiggins

Hope Wright

Raman Mathur

Gamli Yonggam




‘34 136

WSYB_2014.indd 136

09/05/14 9:30 PM

class of 2014


WSYB_2014.indd 137

09/05/14 9:30 PM

n o o S oo

T t f le Asha Swanson

I can’t fit everything into 40-50 words, but I don’t know where to start. I could name names, but there’s more to it than that. Woodstock has shaped me and I’m forever grateful for that. Never to be forgotten. I miss you. So much love, Asha. 0 1 4 Killuminati!!!

Shara Gyaltshen So… here we are, or rather, here you are. You made it. Congratulations. I was in Woodstock for only two years, but it was enough for a lot of special people to make the experience memorable for me (roommates of ninth grade, I’m talking to you). I regret not talking to a lot of the people in our grade. I’ll just say that I was a lot more afraid of talking to you than you were of me. Mr. Miller, I never told you this, but you were my favorite teacher. Ritsen, it sucks that we missed each other. It would’ve been awesome. Zara, you are my favourite non-related person in the world, and you are capable of so much more than you know, and I’ll always have a place for you at the bottom of my garden.

Veena Advani Woodstock is one of the most welcoming, wonderful and unique communities I’ve been a part of. You guys taught me lessons I couldn’t have learned anywhere else and gave me an experience I’ll never forget. Thank you for being such amazing classmates and friends, and for making my time at Woodstock so incredible. I miss you guys!

Sangrok Kim Congratulations 2014 Killuminati! I had expected that I would graduate with you guys when I was at WS. Well, I’m going to graduate my high school in 2015, but anyways I really enjoyed being a Woodstocker, it was extremely fun being with you all. Once a Woodstocker, forever a Woodstocker.


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09/05/14 9:30 PM

Kalkidan Amare Have you ever had a craving that refuses to go away?! Woodstock, you gave me a lil taste of India and now I'm going crazy for more! I was naive to think that a mere five months would satisfy these taste buds of mine (literally and metaphorically). From zippin around the chakur training for the Mussoorie Half Marathon to bangin on drums with the taraiko crew, or squeezing Wiggins into a neon spaghetti strap top at the R.E. retreat. Man was I on a constant high! Who knew living in an entirely different continent could feel so much like home? Thank you for enhancing my inner wacko, for adding an indian twang to my accent (obviously how I get the fellas), for teaching me to live life at my own pace, for feeding me Gulubjamin , for opening my eyes to what community is supposed to look like, for the fiesty four square games at lunch, and the endless fresh air . . . I'll come winding back up your hills in no time to return home. Let me give a shoutout right quick to the Class of 2014 KILUMANATI!!!!!!!!!!! Dr. Long's Jalebi stories, Kimchi mamma & all my midlands sistas! Akistay Immuyaye (I will never forget your doro wot without the doro haha), Miss Geeta's unforgettable voice and a wiggity wack five months! Peace n love you beautiful carmel sensations!! -Kalki

Emily Steers WOODSTOCK! Possibly the most amazing people I've ever met are from this school. I have yet to meet a more eclectic, sassy, dedicated, and inspiring bunch as those I shared my time with last year. Navika, Tanuvee, Tanya, Andrew, Annabelle, Devika, Juliana, Kalkidan, Darcey and Adam, Ms. Elsa, Mr. Okie.... There are too many to name, but you have all changed my life immensely. I hope to see some of you in Canada soon! Much love, That one weird Canadian white girl

David Mcgarey Hey everyone, first of congrats, we made it we are seniors and we are about to graduate! I'm sorry I wasn't there to see you all grow up, but my occasional Facebook stalking tells me that you all turned out ok.I just wanted to say that although it was only a year my time at Woodstock was unforgettable and it's thanks to you the people I met anther friends I made! so Killuminati class of 2014, I wish you all luck in the future. and take it from someone who has already left Woodstock, keep the memories close because these truly are some of the greatest times of our lives!

Victoria Steinberg It is easy to wonder, what did I miss? And harder to realize what I saw. I dreamed I traveled to India, and met all of you. I dreamed I learned to play a cello, read Hindi, and stay far away from monkeys. People ask me what my dream was like, but I don’t have any words to tell them. If I could take a step and see you, I would. When I woke up, it felt like nothing had happened, but everything had changed. I cried because I missed you, I laughed because I’d seen you, I lived because you were there. I must have tried a hundred cups of american chai, but none of them are right. When it rains here, the drops are blown by the wind, making umbrellas useless. Ferns never grow on the trees, and moss never grows where I walk. I forget you, I never met you, I remember you. I hope to see you all again.

Tara Cerri, Yugel Dorji, Connor Ekcart,, Aindrella Haldar, Sheena Jelaji, Jin Oh Joo, Akanksha Kataria, Sh Shannon h hanno on Robinson, Andrew Thapa, Millicent Woods, Kadin Woolever.


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09/05/14 9:30 PM

ADVISORs’ WISHES My dear advisee, Congratulation at your graduation! All the best to your next journey and wish you the most happiness! Thank you for giving me two-year wonderful memory and I will always remember handsome Mathai, humorous Saw, beautiful Raggeshwori, elegant Asma, intelligent Mansi, stylish Gamli, charming Sumat, artistic Jesal, diligent Ye Rang, sweet Ritsen, tender Jihoo, brilliant Navika, and my favorite Giaco. Please do keep in touch, Love, Ms. Jessie Mansi, Sumat, Raageshwori, Mathai, Jesal , Gaicomo, Navika, Gamli, Asma, YeRang Jihoo, Saw, Ritsen, and of course my co-advisor Jessie such a lovely bunch of fun loving people we are. Some of them are football maniac and some of them always busy taking selfies photograph. I am with them from their grade 10 and in these three years we share various shades of emotion in our family. Basketball, Drama, Football, Jazz, Music, CARE, Hike everywhere my advisees will be there to show their remarkable presence. We all are a great cultural collage as we all come from 10 different countries ie India, Nepal, South Korea, Canada, Italy, USA, Myanmar, Bhutan, Afghanistan and Taiwan. One thing is common in all of us that we love to eat good food and always had variety of food in our advisory nights. I will miss each one of them and would like to wish best of luck in life and always remember you all have the potential to lead your surroundings with your good deeds. Dr J C Sharma

I’ve always appreciated how well everyone has gotten along despite all being so different! It has been an honor and pleasure to have known you all. I wish all the best to you as you go on from here! Mr. Miller.

My Wonderful Le Advisees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) How I will miss you SO much!!! I truly cannot believe it’s been 5 years already (for some)!!!! It seems like yesterday we were in 8th grade PE together!!! Others 9th or even 10th grade PE seems like a blur!!!! You all have such unique and amazing personalities that quite frankly made our advisor group the MOST AWESOME BY FAR!!!! I wish nothing but the absolute best for each and every one of you!! Always follow your heart and especially your passions in life!! For you only get one shot in this lifetime, so you best go forth doing what you love!!! Even if that means a smaller paycheck or not having the fanciest of cars/ house!! We will stay in touch, that I PROMISE you!!! I have been your advisor for 2 years that does not mean I will disappear after high school, unless you do then it’ll be a little bit harder to stay in touch!!! :) If you need anything from me EVER, please do not hesitate to e-mail, call, facebook, whatever it is but do!!! I also expect visits from all of you within 10 years of graduation!!! If you don’t visit I will hunt you down and embarrass you at your workplace with the corniest song and dance you can imagine, and if you’re working in the US, I’ll definitely make sure it’s a Bollywood song and dance!! I will miss you all so so so much!!! Our fun times at brunch, in the classroom, out in the bazaar causing mischief, and of course listening to the deafening screams of Sarah on the human powered ferris wheel!!! One wish I hope we do before you graduate is we make it to the 7D cinema (I’m of course writing this in April)!! If we don’t do that, than we have failed as a group!!!!!:) :) :) I want to leave you with one of my most favorite and close to my heart quotes that I have lived by since I graduated high school!!!!!! “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” – Steve Prefontaine Always try your hardest in life, never let adversity take over, and ALWAYS search for the positives in any situation!!! I love you all and may your next journey in life take you further than you could ever imagine!!! Live every minute with a smile on your face!!!! :) :) :) With much love and HAPPY SMILING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Le Mr. Le Steve :) :) :):) :) :) :) :) :):) :) :) :) :) :)


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09/05/14 9:30 PM

My dearest advisees, It has been an incredible and amazing time, and I feel privileged to have been present during these years of your lives, watching as you matured from excited and energetic ninth graders to mature and worldly seniors. Anjuri: you are one of the most thoughtful, dedicated, and compassionate students I know. Don’t lose that love of helping others and making the world a better place. The world needs more people like you. Arpit: your constant good humour and positive attitude are always refreshing. Temper those things with discipline, and you will inspire loyalty in all those you lead. Dechen: keep your passion and conviction – it is too easy to lose those things as you make your way out into the world. You know who you are and what you want: keep fighting for those things. Dilsher: it has been great seeing you work to get in shape, and it has inspired me to do the same. Never forget that you have potential, all you need to do is put in the effort and you can do anything! Fred: it has been a pleasure to share our mutual hobbies and interests. I hope that you will be able to continue to find kindred spirits to share your passions, and perhaps even find a way to turn them into a career. Freddy: you have the drive and the charisma to do whatever you want. Just keep working at it, and you’ll get there. Ishaan: you have the independence and ambition, now you just need to find a passion that will motivate you to make full use of those traits. Nina: you are a talented, confident young woman, and I look forward to seeing what you do next. Tanuvee: have a great time in Swizerland! Let me know when you open your first restaurant, and I will be there. Ugyen: you are passionate and driven, and I know that you will find a career to make full use of your abilities – whether on stage, screen, or a dentist’s office. Utsav: your constant good nature and willingness to work hard set you apart. Hold onto these traits, and you will be successful in whatever you pursue. All of you have such potential, and I will miss all of you! I hope you will keep in touch and let me know what you achieve in years to come. Remember: you are what you habitually do. Be awesome! We totally lucked out. In our humble opinion we got the absolute best Advisor Group any advisors could ask for. Although inherited you lot in your senior year, you adopted us as though we had known you for years. No awkward ice-breaker or get-toknow-you games necessary - we were just thrust into relationship with all of you and you’ve all been such a blessing to us. It must be said, however, that you’re really very easy to please. All we really had to do was bake for you, have you over for brunch, in fact, pretty much anything to do with food was the key. While so many other Advisor Groups were complaining about those Friday advisor lunches, you’ve all been complaining about NOT having them. You’re all such an unlikely bunch of unique and quirky personalities - creative, studious (most of you at least), musical, artistic and just generally hard working; with a list of remarkable gifts and talents. At least one of you can do one-armed push-ups! Yeshin, Yash, Ein, Ayman, Amber, Devika, Monica, Yaya, Tania, Tushen, Michael and last but certainly not least, Hope - it has been a pleasure and an honour getting to know you this year. Go with God and keep in touch. Love from Dr. and Mrs. Dunn.

Hey my advisory, we have only been together for this one year but I’m really glad we’ve had this time together. You guys are amazingly organized and self-reliant. I’m actually thinking that you are ready for college. Each of you are completely different from everyone else in the advisory but together you are a unified whole. Ketha and Rohan were the responsible organized ones but you laughed and had fun as well. Karina and Sohila, you guys made a good show of plotting gruesome ends for each other, but I never bought it. Zara, Sara and Raman - quiet and studious. I’m really glad you guys have been here, you provided a little calm sanity even when life was far from sane and not the least bit calm. Tara, I don’t think I’ve known anyone to be so many different people all rolled into one: the deep thinker, the youth bouncing off the walls, the intense artist, … you always keep things interesting. Param, Ishaan and Nathan – always joking around. I might have been concerned that you guys would get yourselves into serious trouble except that you have good heads on your shoulders and good hearts beating in your chests. And finally Deki. Always with a smile and a helping hand, brightening the room wherever you go. You guys are my first advisory to graduate at Woodstock. You will always have a special place in my heart. Make sure to keep in touch and always remember that you have a home here at Woodstock. Next year is going to be a whole new stage in your lives, it’s very exciting. Balance appropriate risks with playing it safe. Good luck next year, be safe, have fun, study hard and above all strive for the best and the highest. Larry Kaplan Advisor to the best advisory in the universe

Dear Pia, Madhav, Sonam, Mila, Ro, Fuse, Nivedita, Duc, Hazel, Sashwat, Nami, and Prabir. We have enjoyed getting to know each of you these past couple of years. We count it a privilege to have walked along side you for your last two years at Woodstock. We have thoroughly enjoyed our advisor time with you, especially those meals at our home, games, and splashing other advisor groups with water! We even appreciate walking with you through the rough patches. What talents, what gifts you all possess! We will think of you often and when we do, our prayers for you will be the same as those for our children: that you would be guided by the Truth, that you would make wise choices, that you would love your neighbor, and that you would be blessed. We look forward to hearing from you as you enter this next chapter of your lives. If you are ever back in Mussoorie, come to our house for a meal. Love, Mr.&Mrs. Shaw


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Papa: I’m very grateful for everything you have given me, and the life you have provided me with. You are the smartest person I’ve ever come across, thank you for everything! And I love you. Mom: I’m not just saying this because I have to; I love you to the end of the world and back. Even though sometimes you confuse my name with the dogs. Sachika: I’ll never respect or admire any person as much as I respect and admire you. Couldn’t have asked for a better sister/friend/companion. Param: “only friend in the world”, coolest person. It sucks knowing I won’t be chilling with you everyday, you’ve turned out to be one of the best friends I’ve ever had. I’ll miss you so much. Sasha: You’ve been a great friend; don’t sell yourself so short, you’re capable of great things. Rohan: You were my first friend in this school, and you proved to me that first impressions can be deceiving… just kidding, I can’t imagine Woodstock without you, love you buddy! Dech: #1 b**ch Never change you miniature thug. And remember, we laugh at you not with you. Yash: No matter how much I harass you, and how irritated you will get at me, I will always love you. PS: Steve Jobs died. Amber: friends from 2008-the end of time. Screw 100, you can bring happiness to all my days. Nami: I’d vote for you for PM. Sonam: Let it be written in print that you have been the greatest love of my life. Seerat: You’re just too sexy. Lcs: You are one of the funniest, most charismatic people I’ve met, and I’m happy we became friends. One day I will make your “dreams” come true Ritz: you complete me :) Ro: You crazy thing. Stay excellent in whatever you do . Ugyen: Yes, I will take care of you ;) Tushen: You made our last year memorable Jesal: You wild one, never change. Tanny, Navika: stay classy guys. Jivu: My partner in crime, no.1 bruv <3 Armaan: you’re the last one left here, make us proud baby bro. Mehra Clan #represent. Sofiya: Make the most of your last year here Nivedita, Giaco, Mansi Aryan, Sashwat, Supriti, Freddy, Pat, Sohila, Tanya, rest of the cool crew: I’m sure our paths will cross again someday, the party aint over yet homies. Mrs. Okie, Ms. Seefeldt, Ms. Chander, Mr. Steve, Mr. Miller, Mrs. Mark: Thank you all for guiding me, and helping me become the person I am today. I hope to make you proud someday. Killuminati: I feel so privileged to have been part of this legacy. I love you all. Peace out!

Mom & Dad: I love you more than words can tell. Tanya, Tishya & Udit: You guys have inspired me not only to work passionately in life but also to become a better human being. Abhishek: Unique, awesome and simply impossible to get sick of long, lasting walks, hours in the kitchen, myriad entertaining conversations, gulsheesh, pizza & coke and many such great times have made you one of the people I’ll miss the most. Yash: Our taste in music, passion for cars and long crazy conversations in the squash court and elsewhere will always be a part of my memory. Always remember “The party never begins without us”. Rohan & Freddy: Absolute craziness within the room, the couch, the music & the chilled out evenings made life awesome. Freddy: You define class. Rohan: ‘Dude you’re amazing’ Thank you so much for always being there for me, will miss having you around. Amber: Never forget the 4th April 2014 & the events that occurred until 4 am. I’ll really miss you and our little chats. Jesal: 6 great years of friendship and still counting, you’re one crazy person whom I can talk to about anything-seriously anything! Chilling at the guard house & watching lightning down at dehradun alongside hilarious memories whilst walking, eating or simply being ourselves! Summer awaits ;)Sashwat: Mr hotshot-bombay-my pole dancing partner. Sumat: Football prodigy whom Shakespeare is no match for. Nivedita: Dear sister, I love you. Mansi:I know you will do great in life. Pema: No one has the charm to make teachers read out cheesy notes in front of the entire class. Most special 18th birthday ever! Sohila: Dawg, I’ll miss our crazyass conversations. Together we are on a different level of awesomeness Sasha & Pathu: My gujju buddies <3. Ro: You always make my day better than it is :) Nami & Seerat: Your perseverance will take you far. Don’t ever change. Sonam: If I ever become a thug, i’ll be one with you.;) Ugyen: You have a beautiful personality. Asma:You will change the world someday! DinguRitsen-LCS- You be damn cool. Giaco: Your humble nature inspires me. Football Team: The best I’ve been in. Tushen: Your ladoos man! Sohail, Jono & kunal- Chai, midnight pizzas & absurd conversations. Devika, Monica, Tanuvi, Navika, Duc, Raage, Deki, Arpit, Aryan, Pia, Ketha, Supriti- I’ve had hilarious moments with each one of you and will miss your company a great deal. Miss V: Thank you for everything! Miss Chander, Mr Miller, Mr Paul, Mr Dunn & Vasu It was an honor learning from you all. Running down to make it in time for class, enjoying the barbeque at CC, spending time on the swings at EH, Tushen’s house, & CD are just a few places where great memories were made with great people. ‘014, ‘Tis been a real pleasure being amidst such remarkable people.


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09/05/14 9:30 PM


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09/05/14 9:30 PM

Raman Yachi Mathur After spending the two of my most recent years here I feel hesitant leaving. This short yp span has deÀned me a lot,, any place would pl lac ace did it nicely but I feel this p place nicely. I made s I am g lad to have; la h I learnt a lot here, friends glad st from m the boo oks but from tthe people oks ok not just books d and I am gra attef a tef eful f to my p around grateful parents for ng me to come eh he ere. allowing here. re ea a at few years, ch It has been a gr great cherishable, d d by b goodwill d ill and d a great view. surrounded Thank you.

Abyaya Lamsal

ը֐֞ ֒ ֌֞֌֞- ք֫չֿ ֘֎֭ֈ ֧֔ ֐֞ֆ֭֒ ֐ ֗֒֊ չ֭֒֊ ֚շ֭ֈ֟֊ շ֟ ֐ շֆ֠ ։֊֑֭ սֿ֡ ըվ ֐ վ֛֞դ ս֡ ֆ֑֭֫ ֛վ֡֒ ֛֒֡ շ֨ ֐ֈ֭պֆ ֧֔ չ֭֒ֈ ֿ֛֫ ֐֧֒֫ ֊֧֌֞֔֠ ֊֒֞֐֭֭֒֞յ ֏֑֧ ֐ ֐֔֞ժ ֐֞֍ չֿ֑֚֒֟֟֫ But, I don’t really know how I should be thanking you. I think your decision to send me to Woodstock, despite my reluctance, has probably been the best decision ever made for me. ֚֞֊֧ Bro, by spending school life in a boarding school I have learnt a lot of things. Your life will become an adventure Àlled with a lot of interesting things. My only advice to you is try to make the most out of it. My amigos and amigas- Two years at Woodstock has been one of the most amazing times of my life. I am going miss walking around the Chukkar with the “Stargazers”. Camping out at night with friends and watching the sun rise has been in of the coolest experiences. I will miss going for advisor brunches and spending time with one of the nicest people. And how can I forget watching Formula 1 during the weekends with my F1 buddies. Man…Red Bull kicks Ferrari’s a** everytime. But honestly speaking, there are other countless experiences with you all which I will not be able to simply describe through words. It’s something that one really needs to experience to be able to know the exact feeling. Years down the line I will come back and will certainly cherish all those moments I have had here at Woodstock. Sayonara amigos and amigas. I wish you all luck for your future. The teachers- You all have been one of my greatest inÁuences. Thank you for preparing me for life. By the way I never knew teachers were sarcastic especially the science teachers. Woodstock Community- One word for you all. PEACE!


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09/05/14 9:30 PM

Tushen Nayar Woodstock has changed my life completely. I am glad I came to woodstock. I want to thank the people without whom it wouldn’t have been possible. Mom and Dad, thank you for always supporting me and letting me join woodstock. Nanna, Naanu and Dadda, thank you for all your support and love. Ahaanthank you for being a great brother, thank you for always being caring and supportive. Stay safe and don’t do anything stupid. Without all you guys , I don’t know what kind of person I would be. Thank you for always supporting me and loving me. To all my friends ‘thank you’. I am sorry if I miss anyone, I am writing this in kind of a hurry. Utsav,Dilsher - You guys were my first friends in woodstock. You introduced me to new people and helped get along with them. You guys never let me feel left out. Abyaya- thank you for being a great friend and advisor buddy, you are a really nice person. I am gonna miss you a lot. Freddy- thanks for being a great roommate/friend, the first dayy of school when you y offered me help p without me asking- it felt really good. Madhav, ,Karan-- you guys have been great friends, I am re really gonna miss you dhav,, Kopp ,,Karan e guys and the thingss we have done ;). Kushal- mere bhai thank you for being a ggood friend, I am really gonna miss making king that ‘special’ joke on you. Giaco- thank you for being such su u a nice person and helping me out so m much uch during advanced trek. You are a great guy. Arpit, p , Nathan Nathan, n Mathai, Gamli, Saw, Aryan, Mila, Manraj, out being j, SSashwatashw as hwat hw at- thank tha hank nk you you for for always alw lway wayys helping help he lpin lp ingg me o in ut aand nd b eing ei ngg nice to me. I never thought that I’ll become Lukeome so close to you guys.. Lu L uke kee- br bro o I miss you so much, I wish wiss you were still here. Pathak, Jeong-u, Sumat me with english mat and Rohan- thank you yo ou for for being fo beein b ng great great roommates and helping hell and all. Prabir,Sohail,Fuse,Jono,Neki,Bista,Jiho, Rowan,Ye-rang il,Fuse,Jono,Neki,Bista,Jih , ,J , , ,J ho, o, R owan ow an,,Y an,Y ,Ye Ye-rangg ,Raman,Ayman ,,Raman,Ayman, y - yyou guys have always been good to me. Prabir for being rabir and Fuse, thank yo yyou u fo or be b bein ein i g gr ggreat eat roommates. Sohail and a Raman, goalathon was really fun. Jono, o, your baked stuff is just great. Neki thank u for helping in n times of need. Bista thanks for helping m mee out with the college stuff and everything else. Jiho J thanks for being so nice and giving me korean noodles. oodles. Ayman y thank you for finally returning my money…jk k you are a really nice guy. Param and Yashthanks for being a good h- thanks for helping me out in times of needs, and Yash tha a advisor buddy. Btw Ab Abhishek the aggarbati Fred,Ducbeastt cooks A bhi h k tthanks h k ffor th b ti . F d D jjustt b k and I’ll miss playing COD with you guys. Michael- thank you for helping me with my work out. Sapam,Laldu,Salman,Chriscouldn’t have asked for better juniors, good luck guys, enjoy your senior year. I don’t have much space left so thank you to all my classmates for making my two years in woodstock unforgettable . I also would like to thank all my teachers because of whom I have come this far. Woodstock- keep changing people’s lives’ like you did mine.

Siddhanta Bista Ma’am & Bua: Thank you for helping me throughout everything and getting me this far. You have been there every step of the way, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without you. You gave me the opportunity of studying at Woodstock! All the efforts and the sacrifices that you made has helped me get to the stage I am today. Thank you! :) Prasanna: You have helped me in many ways throughout these past nine years at Woodstock. You were my reason for joining Woodstock and for that – Thank you! Class of 014’: We have grown as a class together as well as individually. I am glad to have known everyone in the senior class. I hope that all of you succeed in your future endeavors! The ten years I have spent at Woodstock will be the ones to remember. The people and the atmosphere are unlike any other school. Woodstock has allowed me to grow as an individual and mature into the person I am today. I have made bonds here that I hope to maintain for the rest of my life and learned life lessons that will play an important role in my future. One thing that I have certainly learned during my years at Woodstock has been about how the fear of making mistakes is one of the biggest drawbacks for any individual. The world that we live in, is a mixture of the good and the bad. Success and failures are both part of our life experiences. We gain from both, but at the same time we lose from both. Failure discourages us, success delights us; and after some time- success starts to lose its sparkle just as failure starts to lose its sting. What I mean to say is, the biggest mistake that you could possibly make would be continually being afraid you will make one. To all the students in the younger grades, make the most out of the time you have left here at Woodstock. There are so many opportunities out there, don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Just as Oscar Wilde once said “Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes”.

“Woodstock has been the best of times, the most stressful of times; it was the age of knowledge, it was the epoch of belief ”. 145

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09/05/14 10:54 PM

Duc Ngo Khoa: You’ve always been smarter than me. I know one day you’ll make something out of it. Saw: I wouldn’t have made it through high school without you. I don’t care where you are going for college, I will find you, and I will feed you. Nathan: I will find you too awkward buddy. Prabir: I wish we could go to college together. We will keep in touch; I want to know when you’ll come out of the closet. Jiho: Brofist! Fred: Please stop gaming so much. It’s really not good for you. Rowan and Pathak: Thanks for making my senior year the best I could ever ask for. I was wrong; I probably will miss India, and definitely Woodstock. Raman: You’re going to teach me some of your ninjutsu in the near future. Yaya: I’ve always wanted to go to Nepal, Bhutan and all these places in India. I think we’ll meet again. I wish I know you earlier in my life; that’d have made me a much better person. Jono: I will be Keri Hilson and you can be Kanye West and Ne-Yo. Giaco: You’re the nicest guy I know. Keep it up and it will do you well! Sangrok and Tung: You guys are really nice. It’s a pity you are gone so soon. Yuli: You are not. Bista and Ayman: you corrupted minds! Contact me when you become dictators. Gamli: I really hope that football will get you far. It has done me well in Woodstock – I made friends like you. Aya: Sup loner. Will keep in touch and visit (hopefully) often. I will get bored and have nothing to do during break, so… Mr. and Mrs. Okie: I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me. Ms. Seefeldt: Thank you so much. I really wanted to return that journal you gave me but I thought I still needed it occasionally. When it is completely filled, I will return it. I know you’ll be fascinated by the changes that you have done for me. Urinetown peeps: Thanks for making the best moment of my life possible! Acapeeps: I will miss making up lyrics and dances with you guys! ’14 Killuminati/Pantheon and anyone else I missed: Sorry I didn’t get to know some of you better. Also, I’m sorry for being a [insert swear word(s) here] sometimes; I regret and apologize for some of the things I’ve said and done. If it makes any difference now, I’m thankful because you’ve helped me learn my own mistakes.

Frederic Bonhoure I have been in Woodstock long enough to know that graduating will cause a change in my life that I haven’t seen in my life since I first arrived. My Woodstock career has been a long journey I would like to thank those who helped me along the way, my friends, my advisors, my teachers, my dorm parents, my other parents, my brother, and my sister. Listing out all of the people who have affected my life since I have arrived would take up too much space.


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09/05/14 10:54 PM

Jiho Jeong It was great time. Thank you parents, for letting me be how I am. Sorry brother for your unfortunate event happened in Woodstock. Bye friends even though we didn’t have time to get closer. Thank you teachers for making me realize the priority of life. What I am regretting at this point is that, I didn’t do what I should have done, I couldn’t do what I wanted to do. Sometime, if I get a chance to look at the yearbook, I would say, “What the heck was I trying to say?” Feels like I have been grown up little more. Is it because I am graduating or I learnt how to accept a thing? Unfairly enough, life is not a utopia presented in a morality paragon. Such fact reinforces my perspectives once again. Whether a circumstance originated from my fault or someone else’s fault, if I have to take a responsibility of it, it is my fault. How paradoxical… Even though it is not my fault, it is becomes mine. However, it would be waste of time and energy to blame others about my responsibility. Understanding all of this by brain, yet unexperienced young man in 2014 of me is perhaps blaming someone else. Conclusion: it is freaking pissing off to lose a laptop and break a phone in same semester.

Yerang Lim One thing I learnt from Woodstock is how to live with others. Ἤ⦐⺴䉤G[≸㢨G㫴⇌ḔG㦬㛹㡸G䚐␘㫴⬀SG㙸㫵G㛨⪬㢨G╌㛼␘SG㷔㢨G☘㛼␘G㣄㐔G㢼᷀G⬄䚔G㍌ ⏈G㛺␘UG⇌⏈G㜠㤸䢼G[≸G㤸G㷌㢀G㜠ὤGⵐ㡸G♈ⓔ⒌GἬG㙸㢨㝴G㍌⬂㡴Gḩ䋩㥄㡸Gᴴ㫴ḔG㢼⏈Gᶷ 㢨␘UG 䚌㫴⬀Gᵄ䢼G␜㛬䚨⸨ᶨ␴SG㢨ḧ㜄G㢼㛼ὤ㜄G䚐Gⵐ㣄ạ㡸G⒈G⇨♈ⓔ㢀㡴G䞉㐘䚌ḔGᷤạ㡴G㦴G⒈G ㉬ㇵ㡸G䛙䚨G⇌㙸ᴼGᶷ㢨␘UG㢨G㣄⫠㜄G⇌⪰G㢨ↀ㛨㨴G⯜☔G㇠⣀☘㜄Gᵄ㇠⪰G㤸䚐␘U

㣄⣅䚔Gᶷ㡴G㛺㫴⬀G⺴ⅸ⤱ḔG㐪㫸G㙾㡴G⇌㢌GὬ 㛬㥐⇌G⇨G᷵㜄G㢼⏈GἬ␴㜠 ⇌⪰G㫴䁐⹄G㨰㝘

Thank you and may God bless you..


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09/05/14 10:54 PM

Sashwat Shrestha

Papa, Mama, Shaheen- All I am and have today is all because of you. You have always wanted the best for me and words cannot express my gratitude and love towards you guys. Thank you for supporting me through every step, every time. I could not have asked for anything better and I am going to make you proud. Arpit, Aryan, Mila, Matty, Kushal, Gamli, Karan, Madhav, Dilsher, Bhangra, Garge, Tushu- You guys made it the best senior year and im never gonna forget the memories we had. Kop- Brothers for life, Ill be seeing you around often. Keep in touch bro! Dech- My partner in crime. Gonna miss you shit loads. Will cherish all the good memories we had together. Karina- My most caring sister! Thank you so much for all the support you gave me. Das, Rohan- One of my first friends. Will never forget those middle school days, haunted hostel, hilarious hindi classes. Yash- My teddy bear, tryst, manimal, pineapples ;) Pia, Deki, Ketha- MICrew haha just kidding. You guys are all amazing people and you better keep in touch for the rest of your lives. Sonu, Seeru, Nami, Ro, Ambar- The swagga gang hah. Love you guys. Raage, Sups, Mansi, Ugyen- Ill be seeing you guys in Nepal even after college rright? Haha don’t take life so seriously :) Dhammi, Param- Bombay, Denis, Hagen Daz, Max <3 Sarah- Sarah my best nigga/ homie/fwen gonna miss you a lot man, “rubbish this is” haha take care! Sohila, Subin, Hazel – The hyper crew, stay the same Tseki, Amaani, Eriko, Lalrin- Have an amazing senior year ahead and stay in touch. Make every moment count and don’t leave with regrets! Sapam, Saharsha, Chris, Takhla- Bring the trophy home next year Tenphel, Loten, Karma, Dipankar, Devashish, Hrishav- Enjoy your time at Woodstock. Des, Amrita, Yupi, Bella, Alia, Selsi- You think you’ve got enough time but trust me, time flies. Have fun! Dam, Parth, Phunsok, Kabish, Jay, Dorjee- Keeping playing football and you guys will win something unlike us haha Pemz- Thank you for all the memories and the fun times, couldn’t have asked for better! Have a great life ahead of you and stay in touch! Sonam- These pages and words are not enough for what I have to say and feel for you. My princess, you’ve got a lot of time in your hands, don’t let it go away. I have always told you and im telling you now, you’ll make it big. Remember im always there for you no matter what, and we will find a way through the dark. And when you need me, ill be there with my whole heart for my whole life. Make a lot of memories, have an amazing time and you can tell me all about it later. I’ll miss you the most but times flies right? Stay strong beautiful! I’d like to thank Woodstock for making it the most wonderful experience as well as Mr. & Mrs. Mark, the Shaws Mr. Seelfedt, Mr. L and Mr. Miller. KILLUMINATI!! I’m gonna miss you alot. You are the best class and we will end up together once again.

Giacomo Samms Dear Woodstock, To whoever reads this: This is not supposed to sound sentimental or emotional, but everybody in Woodstock is my real family. Students are brothers and sisters. Staff members are aunts and uncles. I would die for you. I will miss you all.

To all I don’t know: I am sorry for not getting to know you. It is the biggest regret of my life. Even if I can’t match your name to your face, I will remember you. I will miss you.

To my Mom: Grazie per tutto Mamma! Thank you for sending me to the place where I have spent the best years of my life.

To Ippolita: Grazie per tutto Ippo! Sei come una sorellina per me. Divertiti e ricordati se tu hai mai bisogno di qualcosa, dimmelo. Ciao!

To all I know (including teachers): I am sorry that I can’t name you all, there are just too many of you that I want to talk about. All you guys have become good friends to me even if we only talked a couple times. All you guys have made Woodstock become the best part of my life. All the experiences we’ve shared I will never forget. You all have taught me many things and have made me realize a lot about myself and about the world. You guys are the best thing about Woodstock. All you guys have made me live my life. Not to sound weird, but you guys are the most important thing in my life. I regret not being able to write more, but there is too much to say. Best of luck with your lives and remember to work/study hard, but to play harder. Moderate everything. Enjoy yourselves. Become good people. Remember that you guys are the best. There aren’t enough ways for me to express this, but I WILL MISS YOU ALL!!!

-Giacomo Adolphus Samms (GAS), Afroman, Momo, Giaco, Jacoo, Jacko, Jack, whatever you called me. 148

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09/05/14 10:54 PM

Michael Wiggins Arrived at Woodstock 3 years ago but it seems like a life time ago. Since arriving, I have had so many randomly, hilarious experiences with a range of people. Events including the Nag Nibba hike, R.E retreats, the Advanced Hike, Kayaking trip and JSB will never be forgotten. I am glad to I have gotten to know and enjoy some of the funniest moments with them (Phuriwat (Fuse), Hazel, Devika, Wali, Giacomo, and Monica). Fuse, you were such a fantastic room-mate. We had such hilarious times attempting to control the plague of bugs in our room with a metal ruler and our endless cravings of beef are just a few of the best memories that won’t be forgotten. Hazel, we had way too many awkward moments and “forgetful” lines (80 days monologue). Although you consider me a “Gold Fish” with a three second memory, the entertaining times in both Drama class and productions will long remembered! Devika, who I am still sure, is only twelve; you have got to be one of the most mature people I have met for your age. You have been such a good friend and hopefully the moments of scaring you to pieces haven’t scarred you too severely. Wali, although I only had the opportunity and privilege to know you for only a short period of time; you have taught and inspired me towards improvement. I can’t wait until we meet again in the future. You can bet there will be an awesome workout! Giacomo, you have got to be the most compassionate and caring person I have ever met! You have help make my time at Woodstock such a comfortable place to be in. Our times over various hikes and activity weeks will never be forgotten, hope to see you in the future! Monica, you have been my best friend throughout my time here. The countless study halls that we have spent together, usually not studying but on 9gag or procrastinating, often had me gasping for air along with a severe abdominal workout. Whenever I needed to talk to someone, you were always there to help. To one of my most influential and respected teachers at Woodstock, Steve Luukkonen; you have not only taught me many things but have also been a great friend just to talk with. I hope you never lose your optimistic, extraordinary, explosive energy. You are an outstanding role model and your energy lifts everyone around you. To those in my ‘Advisor group’ both Angel and Dunn, I am thankful that I was able to get to know you all and share countless memories. Along with these people, the groups of various drama productions and Activity Weeks have also shared some of the most awkwardly, funny moments in my three years at Woodstock. To all these people and many more, I would like to express my thanks for making Woodstock such a memorable and extraordinary place to complete my secondary education.

Syed Ayman Kabir Two years went by waaay too fast. I still sometimes think I’m in 11th grade. And yet when I look back, so much has happened in my short time here. Thank you Papa and Mummy for making me come here. Alina, you should seriously consider joining. The experiences you will have here will make you a much better person by the time you graduate. To all my friends here: I’ve got so much to say. When I first joined, I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to make new friends. Joining a new school and trying to fit into established friend circles is challenging indeed. Despite that I’ve made so many close friends and I’m sure we’ll all keep in touch after graduating. I’m gonna miss the times we spent here though! Watching football at 2 AM and shouting and swearing at the top of our voices and waking everyone up! Those lazy days spent sleeping in the Library, then the Senior Lounge. The crazy fun Advisor Nights(roller-skating, cheese fondue, scavenger hunt in the rain and ofcourse scaring Mr. Steve’s advisor group!). Then of course the Activity Weeks. Advanced Hike was ‘beaaaaaaaaaaast maaaaaan’!! Manali Cycling Trip was some ‘ape sh*t broo’. And last but not least, Chaardukan and wandering around the Chakkar and Buzz!! I’ll never forget these moments. I’m gonna miss all you guys like crazy! To all the juniors: Don’t be afraid of embarrassing yourself. Speak up. Participate. You’re in an amazing place right now. I’m jealous that you guys still have a lot of time left. Make the most of it. It’ll be over before you know it.


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09/05/14 10:55 PM


Ishaan Pathak Coming to Woodstock has been one the best and most life changing experiences of my life. There’s so much to say and so much to be grateful for. Thank you to everyone whose ever been a teacher to me, either in the classroom or through the experiences we’ve shared. Thank you to everyone whose come through for me and helped me out, no matter how small it was. To the class of ‘014, its been incredible, and ups and downs aside I don’t think I could have asked for a better group of people to graduate with. I’m going to miss all of you and I wish you luck for whatever you do with yourself. Woodstock’s given me amazing friends and a place to have unique experiences with them and I won’t even try to put that in 200 words. Take care and keep stargazing


Sumat Purewal

Mom and Dad: Thank you for being there every step of the way, for being my mainstay through crisis and finding your pleasure in mine. For teaching me right from wrong and being patient when I failed to understand. Till now and forever, I shall value nothing more than the offered harbor of your arms. I am forever indebted. Arjan: To the other half of my soul- I love you beyond words; you shall always be in my prayers. To my teachers: I cannot think of a more noble vocation. I hold you all in highest regard. To my friends and classmates: I wish you all the very best in your future endeavors.


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09/05/14 10:55 PM

G E p ߭ ʃ ଗ she୯

D w to M fo A b b s c I a


Rowan D. L. Limbach To the class of 2k14, and all my friends and teachers, Graduation is coming. Not that it maters to anyone outside of our class and the people that we are close to, and yet to us this event marks a significant change. Fliping through the things that previous seniors have written in year books, I see the same mixture of regret, excitement and nostalgia repeated again and again. So how can I express in a few sentences what each person here has been to me and avoid the clichĂŠ of sentimental reminiscence? I wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t even try. Instead I can only say what happened, and you can know that each of you were a part of it. When I cam to Woodstock I had no idea what to expect. I was barely out of homeschool and I had never been away from home for more than a few weeks. I remember walking into my room in Hostel for the first time and setting my bag on the empty bed by the window. I was exited for what I might find here but I was also conscious of the fact that I would probably fail. That was how my time at Woodstock started and now it is about to end. Looking back to that first day I can see how the past three years have effected me. Woodstock opened my mind and dissolved my world view into a profound lack of direction and, I hope, a better understanding of the way things are. So what happened while I was at Woodstock? I met some cool people and we had some good times. We traveled from the high ridges of the Himalayas, across the deserts of Rajasthan, and stayed up all night on the beach in Goa. We walked the chakkar and and explored the hillside climbing on rooftops and ledges to watching the sunset or the twinkling lights of Dehradun. For years we talked and worked and lived together. Of course the meaningful moments were interspersed with a heathy dose of BS but that was ok too. So as we get ready to go back to our various corners of the world, I hope that the relationships that we have made, continue to hold us together. My address is 18950 Pesante RD, Salinas, CA, USA. If you are ever in town or need a place to stay, the back door is always open and you are all welcome any time.

Jeong U Kim God Thank you for your unfailing love and faithfulness Ephesians 2:10: For we are Godâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. ß­Ö&#x17E;Тß&#x2026;â&#x20AC;ŤŘ&#x;â&#x20AC;Źŕ¤?Ď&#x2014;ŕ˘&#x2021;Ô&#x201E;Ě?â&#x20AC;ŤÝ¤â&#x20AC;ŹÉžŃ°ß&#x2021;ତŰ&#x2DC;Ę¸ÔŽŕ Şâ&#x20AC;ŤŰ&#x152;â&#x20AC;ŹÔ&#x160;ॳԝࢾչŇ?Ř&#x2021;ŕ§&#x161;ଥ࣯â&#x20AC;ŤŕĄ&#x2022;ढ़Ë&#x2C6;ݤâ&#x20AC;ŹŕŹĽŕŁŻâ&#x20AC;ŤÖťŮ&#x2022;ÝŚâ&#x20AC;ŹĐ§ࢽÖ&#x2020; Ę&#x192;â&#x20AC;ŤŰ&#x152;â&#x20AC;ŹŕŹ˘Đ˘ĐŹâ&#x20AC;ŤŰ&#x152;â&#x20AC;ŹÔ&#x160;ଢТЬࢿɟŕŹ?ËŹЏТִ۰ŕ &#x2020;Ô&#x153;â&#x20AC;ŤŘĄâ&#x20AC;ŹÖ ॸŰ&#x2DC;ŕŹ&#x153;ĘŻବŃ&#x2039;࢜ŕ˘&#x2018;ड़ŇśÖ ĐŹତŰ&#x2DC;Ͱࣸâ&#x20AC;ŤŘżâ&#x20AC;ŹĐŹĐ&#x2022;ࢿʯ ŕŹ&#x2014;ॠŕŹ&#x17E;Ö&#x2020;ड़ଥ࣯â&#x20AC;ŤÜ&#x2C6;࣯߭׸Ë&#x2C6;ݤâ&#x20AC;ŹŰ°Ę&#x192;â&#x20AC;ŤŰ&#x152;â&#x20AC;ŹŕŹ˘Đ˘ĐŹË&#x192;â&#x20AC;ŤÜ&#x2013;â&#x20AC;Źŕ¤?ŕ¨&#x201E;â&#x20AC;Ťॠۿ࣯Ů&#x2C6;â&#x20AC;Ź shenanigans ŕ­ŻŘ&#x2018;Ň&#x161;Χॾâ&#x20AC;ŤÝ¤â&#x20AC;ŹÉžŃ°ß&#x2021;â&#x20AC;ŤÝ¤â&#x20AC;ŹÉžß&#x2026;ĚŽŕ¤?ß&#x2030;ĘŻË&#x201C;Ů&#x2022;ŕ &#x160;â&#x20AC;ŤÝŞâ&#x20AC;ŹŕŽ˘ŕŹ&#x153;Ë&#x2C6;â&#x20AC;ŤÜšÝ¨â&#x20AC;ŹŕŹ&#x153;ŕ¤?Ö&#x2020;Ë&#x2C6;ŕ˘&#x161;ŕ¤?ΰÔ&#x201A;

Dear roommates Ishaan and Rowan Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll miss you guys a lot, all the night time talks we had and the time at Goa, that will stay with me forever, I love you guys, keep in touch Ms. Boyd Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll miss you a lot, donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget to invite me for the wedding <3 Thank you for being awesome!! After 6 years of Woodstock life, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve learnt many valuable lesons, things that cannot be learnt anywhere else but here at Woodstock. I was a young boy when I first joined this school and I now am leaving the school as a man ready for new challenges in life. I, We, Ego, Love, Smile, Rumour, Success, Jealousy, Knowledge and Confidence


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09/05/14 10:55 PM

Karan Deol

Madhav: “Armed and dangerous aint too many can bang with us straight up weed no angel dust, label us notorious.” Too many memories bro, creating the white empire and so many, but there will be many more to come, dd boys for life. And remember to follow your dreams bro. Mathai: Brother, I remember the day you left us, you didn’t feel it then but it was a sad day for me, but I’m glad you got to come back so we got to make some crazy memories from the hits to the creation of the metros to activity weeks to the meals to the basketball games and just chilling and getting to know you bro I’ll always be here for you man….can’t wait to meet you in the future and kick it like we did here and a word of advice man always follow your heart (ask me if you don’t figure out what I mean by that) Kop: my brother for 10 years, it’s been an honor to be your friend can’t believe we get to remember memories from edge hill to CC, we’ve come a long way brother. Usual suspects for life. Kushal: koshal man to be honest the first time you came I never thought we’d be friends but now look at us the K&K adventures to the many memories we’ll always be the best of friends man. Love you bro. DK : KD DK DK KD haha I remember how close we got in one night man, glad I got to know you bro made WS a lot of fun, will never forget those Chandi nights, many more to come. Pitbull: haha I know you’re gonna hate me for putting that as your name, but it’s been real bro from lado lactose to our sentimental and inappropriate talks and dubbing ‘bob’ haha I’ll miss you bro, best of luck in becoming a mounty haha we will definitely meet in the future. Mila: don’t die once you get outta here. Love you man. Samuel: too many good memories man, all the way from you singing numb in 6th grade to today, it’s been a ride bro many more memories to make for sure, love you baba haha (I was the one who found that) Luke: you left way too early bro but it’s fine I’ll see you around haha make it far in life man Utsav & Gamli: 10 years went too fast brothers, it was a ride from edge hill to CC many moments to come. GY, Bakeries. Utu don’t die of love .Bhangra: Bhangra: You whacky sardar I’ll never forget you man, all those jokes, Activity week, preschool you know what haha love you bro. Tushen: good memories bro remember what I told you to wear haha key to success, love you ocean. Saw: you’re a good guy, keep being yourself. Das: known you for 10 years bro have had some good memories, will be sure to make more. Freddie: hail hitler haha. Andreas: you left too early bro, see you in grad though bro can’t wait! Sapam: sorry for the bad times, but sure as hell am glad for the good ones, all those talks I will never forget you my little bro take care man, now it’s your turn to rule haha. Saharsha: What can I say man, we were just meant to be bros my duplicate take care man, and don’t lose it, I will miss you, keep loving hard man. Chris: haha I have a bad habit of breaking your heart man, but you’re a good guy always know that, glad to have made many memories with you from win mumby to chilling when we could, take care man and don’t lose it in life. Takhla: gotta carry the team next year haha you’re a funny guy. Karmali: how could I forget you bro, we have had the best memories man I will miss you and your accent man, grew kinda distant in the last year but no worries there’s a whole lifetime ahead of us man. Only advice- tame your inner African haha peace. Dev: take care man; you’re a cool and funny guy keep up the charming haha. Jin: go get get a brain haha. ge ha Mr.Jeff: haha Thank you for everything you have been a great coach and a great mentor, I have learnt a lot from you and will make sure to takee it to thee future. Ms.Seefeldt: thank you for all the help couldn’t have got through school without it. Mr.Seefeldt: best teacher ever, all of us should d go back to nizammudin one day. Mr.Steve: thank you for the support and encouragement; you are a great role model. Mrs Das: thankk you for all those birthday celebrations and support. Mom and Dad: Thanks for the support you guys will always be in my heart. Q <3: :) I’m sorry for the bad times babe. But just know I never meant any of it, ive always been yours and always will be yours. Just know w that I cherish all the memories we’ve made in the past year from walks, 60 places, classes, lunches, Delhi, Drives, ahh just too many good od ones, I can’t wait to make a lifetime more of them. My advice since I am still older even though u think I’m a hamster and not mature re haha Don’t be naughty haha study hard enjoy WS and remember, I’m right here when you need me, goodbye for now my love, I’ll be around though ;) can’t wait for the rest of our lives together. I love you most and forever <3 “Goodbye my lover, goodbye my ‘friend’ you are the one, you are the one for me.”

“Remember me and smile, for its better to forget than to remember me and cry.”

Madhav Nautiyal

<Ma & Papa> Thank you for blessing me with the opportunity to come here. I know ow trive I haven’t been the best I could, but for all your unconditional love, I shall become better. I’ll strive to instill a sense of pride within both of you some day. <Devika> The better of the two children and I’m so glad that you are. Yourr d I’m m diligence and sincerity in everything you do leaves me amazed, and sure you’re gonna go far. Just remember to chill, but not as much as I did did. d. Buds <Karan> Its been one hell of a ride and I know its far from over. rips, Late nights, spontaneously stupid decisions, life-threatening road trips, caucasian revelations, uncontrollable laughter, blasting that hiphop for ***. as long as I can remember. You’ve had my back, through all the bull****. We’ve done it all here and I doubt if our stories will ever be outmatched. hed. tock DD Boys to the fullest. <Ishaan the Kop> My first friend in Woodstock and one of the best I’ll ever make. Through all our f-ups we’ve scraped out o of here, but Wig Guy’s, the CC emergency exit, BTW, Domas, Hostel roo rrooff & pool, Cozy and the ‘View’ will be sorely missed. (I can’t remember them all) Our times were Classic, if not Chaukied or Cherried. <Mathai> > From he bomb, the Bourn Vita to the countless heists, its been a trip. Wrestling was the even though I always got my a** kicked. Knowing you has surely made me wiser. “What you won’t do, do for love. You tried everything, but you don’t give up.” <Kushal> Mittalji, even though you’ll deny it, I’ll never forget your love and concern for me. Nor your exquisite taste in music or your angelic voice. You’ve kept me on my feet since I’ve known you, and for that I’m truly grateful. <Gamli> You’ve made way too much fun out me but I’ve never minded. We’ve gone to crazy lengths to get what we needed, and we always did. Thanks for cooking for me in times of hunger. <It’s Bhangra> Bunking classes will never be the same and nor will playing FIFA at 5 in the morning. We’ve got the same temptations. The drop is coming. <Dilsher> Should have got to know you earlier. Chandi was a blast, but the one-on-ones and adventures were even better. “Khana order karliya? Phir aayega.” Keep it real. <Aryan> Cutie, for cheering me up and keeping a smile on my face at all times I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude. Cuz of you I’ll forever remain the 2nd laziest. <Tushen> Indian Biggie Smalls. Your heart’s bigger than you are. Those after-school trips and bakeries at your house are ones I wont forget. Your hugs are unsurpassable. <Mila> Sadistic and illogical humor will never be better. Stay strong and keep flexing. I expect to see you with a fine blonde in the future. <Utsav> Relax and do what you wish to with your life. It’s been a pleasure. <Arpit> Mr. President, the goddess bent the sword and. All the jokes and mimicries that only we understood were epic. QB was a ball. <Freddy> Maddo! Partying with you, whether in dorms or outside, was always worth it. <Jono> Hiphop for life. Thanks for keeping me up to date. <Rowan> Those times in the desert or by the bonfire should have lasted longer. <Ritsen> All the singing and laughter will be echoing in my head for a long time. It’s been a short time since, but it’s been great getting to know. I’m sure you’ll save the world one day. Thanks for everything. <Dechen> Thanks for all the treats, food, and meals, but more importantly, for the good times. <Luke, Thapa, & Tung> Missed you guys. Should have been here with us. Juniors <Salman> Mama Africa! Your accent, the night at TOG’s, and thinking whether or not to steal those “Aldos man.” I’ll miss it all. <Sapam> Brother, keep rocking that chest. We’ve had some memorable moments of uncontrollable laughter. Teachers & Dormparents Thank you for imparting me with your knowledge and guidance. I leave this place happily humbled. Staff & Employees Thank you for your kindness and making this experience possible. God I’ll never understand what I did to deserve such a life, with such opportunities, and for bringing me to Woodstock . . . there is nothing I can do to repay you.


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09/05/14 10:55 PM

Ishaan “The Kop” Rijal

Mom, Dad and Bhai, Thank you for always supporting me. I know I made a lot of mistakes but you guys were there every time. Thank you for everything. I love you guys. Karan: My brother since 3rd grade. I have too many memories with you man. I remember when shit really went down in Dhera Dun in 9th grade. That was the start man. Then Goa and then finally Delhi man. Our 10 year time finally ends here. Will miss the shit out of you. Madhav: Since seventh grade we’ve been really close. First time I met you I thought of you as a complete local. But now we have had too many memories together man. All the good times in school and outside school man. Our bike rides in Goa and our walks to wig guy. Will miss each and every bit of it. I’m going to miss you a lot man. Take care. Mathai: I’ve known you since seventh grade and it’s been great. All those good times in Ridgewood. Will miss you psychoness man. Take care bro. Kushal: I know we only started being close in like 10th grade. I am really glad we became close man. All those insane moments in Manali and Goa. Will miss you a lot bro. Take care. Dilsher: Bro, I only got to know you in like the end of 11th ggrade but it’s been reallyy good. All those mog ments in your roof oof and d the fire exist will be missed. d. Take Ta care man. Aryan: Aryaan: an Met you in sixth h grade and thought tho oug of you as a complete loser. But now you are one of my closest friends. Will miss you a lot man. Gamli: We’ve been together for long man. com All moments have been good man. Will miss you bro. Take care. Bhangra: We became close in 11th grade and I’m really Alll ll those th happy. hap appy. It was really good being roommates with you. Will miss all you “Bhangraness.” Take care man. Arpit: I’ve known you ap since sinc seventh grade and it’s been good. First we were in 7S and then 8W and then 9W with Wunker. I had a great time in 9th grade being your roommate man. Take care bro. Mila: We’ve been together since 5th grade. It’s been a good run. Take care g bro. b Utsav: Been together since 3rd grade man. I know we’ve had our ups and downs but in the end you’re a good friend. I miss you man. Take care. Tushen: I know we’ve only become close in 12th grade but we have had all good memories. All the t times at your place. It was good. Will miss you man. Take care. Luke: We’ve been together since 6th grade man and it’s really sad that you are not here right now. I miss you a lot man. All those memories. Take care man .See you soon. Killumir nati: You guys have been my brothers since the start. It’s really going to be hard saying goodbye to you guys. Goodbyes are n not no forever, goodbyes are not the end, they simply mean I’ll miss you, until we meet again :D. Take care. Dechen: My sister. Will Wil il miss you a lot. We have had too many good times. Take care of yourself. Raageshwori: Sister. I will miss you a lot. Take care carre of yourself and enjoy college. I know you’ll go far in life. Class of 2014: You guys have been really good people. I will miss you Thank you for all the good memories. Take care and peace out. Salman/Sapam/Saharsha/Tibra: It was great knowing u guys. g alll of of you y guys. Take care and enjoy your last year in Woodstock. I’ll miss you guys a lot man. Have fun. Mr. Wunker: It was great being beeing in your advisor. Thank you for everything. All my teachers: Thank you for helping me through high school. I know I will miss miss all a of you. Take care. Prapti: I know we only met 2 years ago but those were the best 2 years of my life. I will cherish each and every ev moment with you. Thank you for being the best girlfriend in the world. I love you the most. I really wish I had known you earlier. But thank you for everything and I will miss you and love you forever. ea To everyone: Beginnings are usually scary and endings are usually sad, however it’s the middle that counts. You have to eve remember rememb this when you find yourself at the beginning. Take care everyone. I would like to start of by thanking my mother for sending me to Woodstock and to my sisters siste who have always supported me. Even though I joined the school pretty late, it felt as if I had spent a good million years. I feel privileged to graduate from such a school and to make such good friends. I have learnt a lot from the teachers who have taught me in this school especially Mr. Seefeldt. The real support though in school has been my m friends. School wouldn’t have been school without them. @Karan: You’ve been one of my closest friends even though I got to kknow you this year. I still remember the first night we chilled together, we made promises for life and we got to keep them bro. @Madhav: You’ve been the person holding me up all along. The moments we have shared and the adventured we have had, I @M will cherish them for life. More things are still in store for us though. @Kop: The thing I love the most about you is that you don’t che care what wh others think of you and I really respect that. I know the sweetheart you are, keep the passion alive always! @Kushal: Best of luck ffor the future bro, even though I know you don’t need any. Listen to the Fray and keep the Mittal mall flag flying high. PsBarcelona Barcelon on can beat Arsenal any day hands down. @Mathai: I see the heat in you, you got to keep your spirit up like always and make it to yo your college basketball team. Peter Parkar. @Gamli: Stop texting girls and pay attention to these wills. You got a long life ahead don’t destroy it by playing Dota all the time. @Tushen: Don’t you bloat up even more after going to the states. Remember of you u and d you got to be committed omm mitted in life liife if if you want to o achieve achiev something. I’ve loved the time I’ve spent with you mote, always be a happy go lucky person. @Manraj: Eh its Bhangra! I know we’ve been through tough times, but you’re one of the closest buddies. You’re close to home so ill be seeing you often and keep sharing new EDM. @Aryan: ARYAN BAABAA!! You should try to be less lazy in college; nobody will be there to make you noodles. @Utsav: Stop being so emotional in life, you have to face a lot of adversities yet. I know you have the potential of achieving something big in life. @Arpit: Mr. President it was an honor to be your friend. @Freddy: You’re the creepiest guy I’ve ever met. The crate line you said to me, and the red light district song you made me hear were creepy, no matter I still love you. @Mila: Turn the swag on. @Dechen: I will really miss imitating your voice. @Pia: Stop being such an IPhone and lip balm addict, pay attention in college! @Nutcha: We got to party together in Thailand! @Ketha: Keep on Swishing! @Luke: Wish you were here with us last semester we really missed you. @Sapam: What is this? This is life, so live it to the fullest. @Killuminati: BEST OF LUCK TO ALL YOU GUYS! @Cricket team: You got to practice hard and preform well in the following years yo. @AashnaMakkar: Thanks for always being there for me even in the hardest of times, I love you.

Dilsher Singh Khara


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09/05/14 10:55 PM

Arpit Lall Mom, Dad, Sid: Thanks for getting me where I am today, where would I be without you guys. Mr. Wunker: The alum really helped =) Mr. Steve: Thanks for everything. Mr. Seefeldt: Definitely the best English course I’ve ever taken, thanks for that and help with Stuco. Mr. Kaplan: Still mad at you for leaving us! =) just kidding. Nathan: Dude we gotta get that road trip going, Cali to Toronto? Saw: We’ve been through hell and back, dealt with some crazy shiz but we made it. Mathai: Wash yo pants in the washa. Kushal: Nobody saw me kiss you Sashwat: Kitten, gonna pack you up and take you with me to Canada =) Pema: Time went by way to quick, lol still remember that Sadie where my parents were taking pictures =P Aya: Little friend, I’m gonna miss you a lot more than you know ;) Megan: Keep trying the leather jacket, it might work out for ya eventually =) Hope: Chi town buddy! Too bad I moved out =( Canada’s not too far tho! Rohan: This ain’t good bye, see you in scarberia =D Freddy: You’ve got them special German hiding skills. Bhangra: Banger the love guru! =) you know how to get em. Hazel: You’re gonna go far kid, thanks for everything. Giaco: I expect to see you in a Ranger Uniform at the reunion. Luke: Thanks for teaching me guitar mate, miss you. Ishaan: that ‘earthquake’ at 3 am, ridgewood…. Tushen: Walking will take a little bit of time but its achievable. Madhav, Karan: The goddess bent the sword and. Utsav: Keep your head up; don’t take anything from anyone else Gamli: Goatman! Never gonna forget the goat that turned you into what you are! ;) Sarah: Religious person, thanks for reminding me to keep my faith =) Raage, Ugyen: You guys study too much, but it’s paid off, get out there and make the world a better place. Monica, Nina, Kunal: We never got around to doing those study halls again =( Mallika: Family always comes first, thanks for the love cuz. Sonam: It was rough what we had, but you made my year, by the end of it I couldn’t have finished it without you. You gave me what no else could and for that you will be in my heart, always.

“To those I loved, I still do. To those I hurt, I’m sorry. To everyone, love one another, cause pain for no one” Mummy Papa: Thank you for everything. One day I will make you proud. Didis: thank you for everything. Basketball team: Work hard and make the school proud. Arpit: thanks for always being a good friend. Mathai: I hope your revolution works out bro. Karan: We shall never stop with the adventures. Madhav: I hope all your dreams come true. Mila: I expect free check ups in the future. Dilsher and Tushen: We will always hang out. Kop: Next time we are going to Pokhra for sure. Aryan: Enjoy California. Pema: I shall always be your psychiatrist. Sarah: Thanks for all the advices. Nutcha: Thanks for all the memories. Saw and Nathan: Thanks for being my first friends. Luke: I hope to get a nice guitar from you in the future. Utsav: Mard banja yaar. Manraj: hope you have easy access to FIFA in college. Gamli: Cant wait to watch you play football on TV Sapam, Saharsha, Chris and Taklha: Keep playing hard and enjoy your time at Woodstock. It will be over before you know it. Dev: you better make to an ivy league. Jin and Jago: Good Luck with school. Enjoy. Mr. Jeff: Thanks for always believing in me and helping me become a better player and person. Ms. Seefeldt: Thanks for always encouraging me to pursue my dreams. Ms. Chander: Thank you for always tolerating our badmashi. Mr Steve: Thanks for being the best advisor and all the hide and seek cookies. Mr. Seefeldt: Thanks for being the coolest teacher.

Kushal Mittal


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09/05/14 10:55 PM

Mathai Puthiakunnel Mum&Dad: Thanks for putting me where I am today; it was the best decision you guys ever made. Chris: thanks bro for all the advice and being able to relate to the problems at Woodstock, it wouldn’t have been easy without you. Arpit: I think we must have made 50 inside jokes over the past 6 years, you’ve been a really good friend for a long time. Kushal: I guess we do have a love hate relationship but it was fun and I wouldn’t wish it any other way you vakoo. Karan: Man its hard to say goodbye to you man, too many memories and countless time of happiness we’ve share everything from basketball to gossip. Its been a pleasure. Madhav: Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real. All those very late night intellectual talks and all those hits from 9th grade were life long memories with benefits. Kop: I’m writing this while your room is the lounge; you’ve been the source of many people’s laughter. Don’t change that. Dilsher&Tushen: My big Punjabi friends, although it hasn’t been long I feel like we’ve become life long friends.Aryan: I still remember your matching night suit from middle school; it was quite the scene seeing you growing up from the cute little gamer you were. Luke: You’re probably the most gifted musician I’ve met and a brother for life, wish you were here man. Bhangra: You’re a punch line machine. Utsav: I’m all in. Gamli: indian football team. Sapam: Play hard but play safe don’t get into too much trouble you bulldozer. Kyungho: You finally manned up, im proud of you keep it up next year. Saharsha: We’ve become more than teammates, and you’ve really matured a lot really enjoy your senior year. Takhla: Shoot the ball. Dev: Keep ballin on the court and in the ladies hearts. Jin: Get rid of the K-pop look and good luck with basketball. Dipanker: its ok to express your true feelings. Sarah <3 : I’ve already told you how I feel a thousand times over, the good times outweigh the bad and I don’t regret a single moment because you really change and challenge me. I love you and I couldn’t be where I am without, Goodbye is better left unsaid and the one thing I don’t plan on ever saying to you. Mr Jeff: NBA teams are missing out on an awesome coach, wouldn’t have won anything without you. Mr.JC: thanks for being an awesome advisor and an understanding teacher. MrSeefeldt: Best teacher ever. MrYousuf: You really help me grow to love India, you talk me more than a language but about life. 014 Killuminati: “Theres no way I can pay you back so my plan is to show you I understand. You are appreciated”-Tupac Shakur . God: “Now I know that the Lord is greater than all gods: for in the thing wherein they dealt proudly he was above them. “Exodus 18-11 Thank you lord for guiding on this path for the last 6 years. Mom & Dad You were always there for me, since I joined as a little kid, and left school as a man? Haha. I couldn’t have done it without you guys, and I know you will continue to support me. I know I never showed it enough but I love you two so much. Thank you for everything! And now it’s my turn to give back to you. Jaza You helped me grow and make my grounds in this school and were always there when I needed someone to talk to when there was no one else. I love you so much and I’m proud to call you my sister. You’re pretty much awesome. C’ya soon in Cali! Das You were one of the first friends I made here. Who knew back then we’d be going to friggin Austria in our final year! Thanks for being awesome Das. And thank you Mr. and Mrs. Das! For all the help I needed. Gamli You were my other brother. I’ll never forget the awesome gaming days you, Luke, and I had and I’ll miss them like crazy. I’ll always have your back. Love you man. Luke I couldn’t have asked for a more generous friend. You were always with me. And I’ll never forget all the times you, Sam, and I had haha. I love you man and this final semester would have been perfect if you were here. Karan I remember in middle school when we used to run to the computer lab to play Dota haha. That’s how we became friends man. You’ll always be like my big brother, and I’ll miss all the times we had here. Madhav You’re the funniest guy I know man haha. You always made me laugh and were the understanding guy. I know you’ll grow up to become a friggin great rapper, and I’ll be there to witness it. Kushal Mittal my banya friend. Who knew you’d become one of my closest friends even after that stupid fight in ninth grade haha. I promise I’ll reply to all your messages. I know you’re touchy about that kind of stuff. Mathai Oh man Mattay. The fact that we’re on the same page should say enough, but I’ll say it anyways. I love you you psycho and I’m glad you came back to WS those few years ago. You’ll always be one of my true bros Mila Haha you’re the biggest narcissist I know, but you’re also the coolest friend I have Lil Mil. Have fun in med school man, because you’re not gonna get any chicks there. Haha love you man Ishaan Kop you freak! You’re friggin hilarious man, and all the things we’ve been through from middle school until now, I’ll never forget even one of them. I love you man Manraj & Arpit My COD buddies! I’ll never forget those awesome night haha. I’ll beat you in Halo one day Mannu, and thanks Arpit for always being there for me for that “special thing”. Love you guys Sashwat Sashwati! My last roomie ever in this school. You were awesome man and thanks for helping me get through all those “hard times” haha. Love you man. Andrew Thapa man why did you have to leave bro! When we meet in the US, you, Madhav, Karan and I gotta reunite and remember those awesome days in hostel. Take care bro Dilsher & Tushen Mere mote bhaiyon. I’ll miss your cocky ass Dillu haha. And Tushen you were amazing to cuddle. Love you two man Sexy Six Btw I’m replacing Seerat with you Abhishek haha. You know I gave you guys this title right haha. Well anyways I’m glad I got to know you waaay better. You’re pretty awesome. Thanks for everything! Rohan, Prabir, Fuse My saxy partners, you helped me truly get into music with that awesome saxophone Rohan, and I’m glad I got to play next to you guys in Austria. I’ll miss you guys, and this isn’t the end of the Lyres! Sohila, Dechen You two weirdoes really were like my sisters. We’ll always be “cousins” Sohila! Dechen I’ll miss you man and all those fun times we had. Take care both of you and don’t miss me too much, but I’ll sure miss you guysPema I couldn’t have asked for a better co-class gov Pems! You were awesome to work with and I’m glad I got to know you better as an amazing friend too. Take care and I know you’ll do amazing in the future To the Class of 2014 I could not have asked for a more perfect class, each and every one of you. I love you guys and thank you for being my foundation here in Woodstock. Killuminati all the way! Teachers You guys were my true mentors and allowed me to learn and grow and become the person I am today. Thank you so much Ms. Boyd for giving me one of the greatest experiences of my life in Austria, and I’ll never forget it. Mr. Miller, you were an amazing advisor and I couldn’t have asked for a better one. And I love your food! #tresleches And last but not the least Seerat Jhajj Sighhh. You know I have a lot to say, so hopefully you know how I feel about you. Thank you for the most amazing times of my life, and thank you for being a part of it. You were and always will be one of my greatest memories, and I’ll never forget about you. And as our inside joke, I know deep in there you know that I am your one and only ass haha. I could never thank you enough for all you have given me, and you will always be one of the most amazing things to ever happen to me in my life.

Aryan Samuel


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09/05/14 10:55 PM

Thank you Woodstock for all you have taught me, the unforgettable experiences, and the lifelong friendships. I’ve had the breast time!

Prabir Pradhan Phuriwat Chiraphisit God: Thank you for guiding and allowing me upto this point. I cannot thank you enough for all that you have given me. P’ Jimm, L’ Noi, Mom & Benny: Thank you for always supporting me in all that I do and always keeping me on the right tracks academically, Ùnancially, and emotionally. Kunal: Thank you always being a good friend and give me stupid advises to get through good and hard times. Jono: Thank you for always being positive and keeping me on the spiritual track. Thank you for always giving me feedbacks on my work and being there to support all that I do. Das: Thank you for keeping me on the tempo and laughing at me and my dirty jokes. Thank you for all the performances and photo shoots. Yash: Thank you for all the nut shots and the video! It’s been quite a journey since the rooming in 9th grade, Mumbai and other good memories! Prabir: You are always there man, and I thank you for that. Thank you for all the mean but truthful feedbacks, photo talks and always covering my bills. Thank you for always making me laugh, making me work, and pushing me to do the best I can. Rohan: What can I say bro, you are my Ùrst Woodstock friend! Thank you for inspiring me to pick up the bass and always being caring and passionate you! P(athak), Bista, Jaco, Yash, Abyaya, Nathan, Duc, Tushen, Rowan, Michael, and Arpit: Thank you for always being encouraging, laughing at my lame jokes and most importantly for always backing me up. Nina: We are parts of so many stories. There are so many jokes only we understand. So many Ùghts and problems we solved, and so many memories we share. I cannot express how much I love you, and I will miss you so much. Thank you so much for everything. BEEEE: Rak na dek ngo! Thank you for always being there for me. Ketha: Thank you for all the advises and positive comments to help me get through hard times. Thank you for keeping me on track and always looking after me all the time. Pia, Deki, and Pema: Thank you for just being there and smile at me all the time, it really made a difference. Anjuri: Thank you for always picking up my calls and always being there to give me advise with you-know-who. Subin: Thank you for always smiling and being the amazing you all the time. Mallika: Thank you for always dragging me up to church and being the loving and caring you. Asma: Thank you for all those memories; walking to doma’s and the aloo tikkis! Thank you for always smiling and being so positive all the time! Oak: Thank you for all the tuck! Thank you always encouraging me and being there for each other when we Ùrst came. You are the best brother I can ever ask for! Mark, Gan, & Pung: be good and live your senior year to the fullest. It will Þy by. Spend time doing what you love with the people you love. Think about others and the consequences before doing something, and keep the Thai Power going! Aya: What can I say other than thank you for everything. The Lyres: Love you all, I will never forget Austria and all the fun we had together! Keep on swingin’! Jazz band: Thank you for backing me up in the band! Keep playing and loving jazz! Ein: Thank you so much for always being there with me through thick and thin. Although our relationship started off on the wrong foot, we managed to get back up and build it into something special. Thank you for keeping me in focused on what I have to do and what is important. Thank you for all the talks and lunch dates we had. Thank you always being cute and amazing, except the hair, JK. Thank you for JSB and lastly, thank you for being you.


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09/05/14 10:55 PM

and To the parents who made me study for SAT in fear of a future in Mc. Donalds, I love you and give my thanks to the two best parents I could ever ask for. Without your love and care I wouldn’t be who I am today. BIG sis, Karis, you’ll always be tougher than me, but you’re a stone, wth can I do. jk I couldn’t have made it without your support, you’re the greatest sis. Saw: It seems like yesterday I first SAW you. (Lame joke) My first and last roommate, I can’t believe that all this time has passed already. Keep in touch. P.s. “It’s not a real friendship without homosexual moments.”Arpit: My N. American brother, thanks for being a great friend, our time in Woodstock has ended but I’ll definitely see you in the future. Keep that ‘bromance’ alive. Prabir, Fuse: Homo’s (apiens) for life. Don’t ever lose that crazy personality, I’m glad I have friends like you. I’ll call you guys to take photos for me. Abyaya: Nepali local, you’re by far one of the best guys I’ve met, thanks for all the memories. Duc: Don’t ever tell anyone you can’t do something, sing your heart out and live your life. I’ll miss you and your lovely <3 arguments. Jiho, Jeong-U, Siddu, Yerang, Fred, Gamli, Giaco: Gamers Unite, definitely gonna miss all those times we spent gaming lifelessly, ya’ll are better friends then gamers. Pathak, Rowan: Gonna miss chillin with you guys especially at “Star Spot” and drinking chai. Freddy T., Nina, Ugyen, Mallika: Adventure time in Bio. I had fun messing around with you guys in bio class every day. Tushu, Manraj, Kushal: You guys are great friends; sorry I didn’t get to know you guys any better. Sarah, Subin: My Indian Koreans, hope you guys have a great time in college, finally leaving the temporary ‘motherland’. Jono: Hip Hop dance brother, stay cool and keep that faith with you. Deki, Pema, Pia, Sohail, Kunal: My Goa buds, thanks for giving me a great time at Woodstock. Ketha, Karina, Sohila: Advisor buds from the start, I’ll remember all those times we spent together. Vasu: You were the finest, most supporting, advisor, friend and mentor, thank you. Yuli, Tung, Luke: Left to soon, but never forgotten. To ‘014: Sorry I never got to get to know all ya’ll peeps. I’ll miss everyone and enjoyed being with the most unique class. Peace out. “Now to him who is able to do immeasurablyy more than g all we askk or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.” Ephesians 3:20

Nathan Park SAW YAN NAing People come and people go… but memories remain. Throughout my Ùve years in Woodstock Woodstock, I have mett many people who hav helped h l d make my journey in Woodstock a memorable have one. Firstly to Tung and Yuli who left too early, you guys should have stayed longer and Tung, thank you for all those times that you helped me out back in 8th and 9th grade and I am really sorry that I was not there for you when you needed me the most. Secondly, to the X-Men, Arpit and Nathan. Haha, Arpit, it’s kind of ironic how I started talking to you in 8th grade since you were alone and stuff but looking at you now haha you’re the most popular guy in school but I am glad that I got to know you because not only are you the funniest guy that I have ever met but you have always been there for me as well and helped me out in not only one but many tough times as well and thank you for all of it. Nathan, well, not only are you one of the Ùrst friends in Woodstock but also my Ùrst roommate as well. You’re always complaining about how you can’t do much and all but honestly, you can be great at many things if you just put your effort. It’s funny how I don’t have deep stuff to write to you even though we have been roommates for forever but haha have fun in college. Thirdly, to everyone else that has helped me become who I am right now. Ketha, haha, my bro or my b****ing buddy, Im really happy or you that you guys Ùnally won Win Mumby and also for all the times that you have been there for me as well from the very beginning of Mr. E’s Maths class. Kushal, I’m really sorry for being an asshole to you in 9th and 10th grade. Duc, I think youll be a beast singer in the coming future and I don’t think your as awkward as you think of yourself to be. Pia, Gamli, Karina, Sohila, Jono, Giaco, Sonam, Siddhanta, Fred, Prabir and Abyaya, have fun in college and will mis you guys. Saharsha, Taklha, Sumair, Chris, Jago, Jin, Dev and Dipankar , good luck for next year and you guys can do it. Devashish, you’ll be a beast in basketball if you keep working as hard as you are right now. Last but not least, Ms. Pema Selden, it has been an honor that you have given me the privilege of being with you for my last semester in Woodstock. I could not have asked for anything more and thank you for everything. I’m quite bad at all of this cheesy stuff but this last semester will be my most memorable thanks to you and I’m sorry for not being as good as I want to be. Pe Pe, May may, Phwar Phwar, Ti ti Lay and U gyi, thank you for everything that has been done for me and I can not be where I am right now without you guys.


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09/05/14 10:56 PM

Maa, Papa: You have given me more than I could have ever asked for. The two of you have kept me going. I love you Maa, Baba, Nani, Nanu: You have taught me things that no one could have taught me Chachu, Chachi: You have always supported me with everything Saty: My best friend, you have influenced me more than you know Nivedita: You are my person, and nothing changes that! I have already started planning your next big event Yash: Life wouldn’t be the same without you. Will be crashing your wedding with the boom box soon Zara: Mommy there is never going to be a single moment when I will regret dumping myself on you MonMon: Last three years wouldn’t be the same without you Ms.V: You have guided me, taken care of me, and you are my family away from home. I will be here to trouble you soon Jons: The loser who always managed to make me smile, gonna miss all the randomness Kunal: Crashing at your place every time I am in New York Peaz: The breakdowns in the middle of the night will be missed Deki: TNS’s granddaughter and my love, keep going on Saty, Rishabh: Enjoy it while it lasts, it will be you writing your will before you know it. Will miss you my brothers! Forever13: Nothing will ever take away our craziness and memories. Thank you for all the memories, laughs, and support from all of you. The wedding reunions are still on Teachers: You have changed me for the better and given me knowledge that I will forever be in dept for it ‘014: You have inspired me, encouraged me, and taught me to be myself. Best of luck and our grand reunion plans will work out someday Woodstock: I will forever be grateful for everything that you have taught me.

Mansi Kedia Nivedita Dhammi

Mamma, you’ve given me more than I deserve. You loved me, raised me to be just like you, strong and independent and I can only hope to match up to you someday. You brought me to Woodstock, my home, my life, and for that I will forever be grateful. Papa, thank you for teaching me everything you have. I value your lessons more than you know. All my teachers, I’ve been here too long to name then all, but I couldn’t be more privileged to be taught by so many of you. I have learnt more math than I’d like and more values than I had thought. Thank you so much. You don’t know what a difference you make. Mansi: You’re the sister I never had. No one will ever understand me better than you, and I will cherish you for life. Yash: You’re something else Ghei. I think we found the perfect other sock. Thank you for being there, always and forever. You’re the bestest friends anyone could ask for and I know I’ll be around to watch your success in the world (and your kids. Ewh). Jono: You’re the man. Who’s going to finish my food? Dominic: The possibilities are infinite. Ich lieb dich. MotherIndia: Oh man, are you guys funny! BC YOLO. You guys are a piece of home. I know I’ll see ya’ll very soon Forever13: I had some of my best times with you girls. The most laughs and the funniest memories. Keep in touch girlies, I’ll be right here. Class of 2014: It’s been a life experience knowing everyone these past eight years. I hope everyone does well in life. Everyone who still has time at WS, cherish it. I cannot emphasize it enough. There’s no other place like this. Woodstock gives you more than any other will, lifelong friendships and a permanent place to call home. I’ll see you soon Woodstock.


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09/05/14 10:56 PM

Mom and Dad: You guys are my strength and inspiration. I owe you my life and I love you beyond words. Aman: Ur da best bro 2. San: I am thankful that I don’t remember a life without you in it. Conor: We miss you man. Mallika: Don’t change. Pema: We’ve been friends since the very beginning; I’m going to miss you (and your advice) piggy. Param, Abhishek: You’ve been there for me throughout. Our talks and “escapades” will be remembered forever, you guys are great roommates, but even better friends. I’m going to miss you so much. Jono: I hope you don’t fall in love with another chink in college. Mansi: Thank you for always being there for me as one of my best friends. I will forever remember the good times we’ve had. I hope your “country” always treats you well. Yaya: F1 buddy Tushen, Monica: Advisor groups will be missed. Amber: You’ve been a great friend, thank you for all the memories. Kunal: I can’t write anything meaningful without swearing at you. Don’t ever change who you are (ugly). I’ll miss you (and your mom). Ketha: Global Fusion sucks #BombayBro Pia: #BornBadass you’re an awesome friend Sumat, Freddy, Pathak: Thanks for everything. Sashwat: “Sushi” Bombay “Numb” “Starbucks bro”, and so much more. Sohila: #yolo I’m gonna miss you. Megan: Stay cool white girl. Ugyen: Don’t forget about me after we leave, “sassy girl”. Giaco: My first friend. You’re amazing. Fuse: You’re the craziest Thai person I know. Thanks for being a great friend. Deki: You suck. Hope you can climb Mt. Everest one day. Das: Thank you for making Sunday’s amazing for me. Ms. V: Thank you for everything. Teachers: You guys help us build our future, for that, I will be forever grateful. Nivedita: You’ve made me the person I am. You’ve been by my side through the good and the bad, and I can’t thank you enough. I’ll never leave your side, ever. You’re still an idiot though, EMP. Always and Forever. 014: I love you guys so much. With all of you, I feel complete.

Yash Ghei

Jonathan Kurian

I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” Psalm 91:2 Mom & Dad:Thank you for all the pushing and nagging me. I wouldn’t have been the same if it wasn’t for your constant unconditional loveJas:You’re the best sisterRo:G.Gz, the dancing, notes, talks, library ledge, music, church. Thanks for praying and keeping me goingSonam:Bhutan love! It’s always gonna stay the sameAmber: H.P. and Alien forever. I’m glad we’ve been friends since the beginningNami:chillin since day 1Sohila: don’t ever decline a handshakeMansi:you’re indian. Locker cleanups and art classes :) Nivedita:Sea food is actually real good. I loved all those weird long talks. You screwed up in 7th grade Seerat:chem class chillinSasha: mallu power!Abyaya: F1 buddy, you know Kimi is better than VettelRaman: keep skating and getting tattedMadhav:Hip-Hop aint dead. Thankyou for expanding my knowledge and love for hip hop. We have to do a record somedayRohan: although we’ve grown apart, still my home boiUgyen:you have a beautiful voice, sing moreMallika: I’ve grown spiritually because of you, your motivational speechesNathan:spiritual homies uniteSaw:Burmese weirdoMathai:mallu broArpit: funniest guy I knowJungshi, Summer, Joon, Sangi: take care and cherish every moment here Mr. Steve:thankyou for being a mentor and friendKheyts: keeping being youYeshi: don’t be so awkwardPema:Lil G, I’ve always got your back no matter what. My Bhutan trip will be on someday and you have to be thereDeki: Confidante, 11th grade was by far the best yearPia:From your cricket obsession to hardly staying sober. How could I forget the numerous times you fell haha, thanks for everything #youdabestmonzKetha: To sum up what happened in 6 years is impossible, La familia. You have literally been by my side #lifesaver, 2 by 2 forever and always.Love you Kimmy:Church buddy, thanks for all the advicePathak: Chai time, Noodlychick..haha food has really brought us closer together. Keep being crazyPrabz:Smartest guy I know. Best lattu. Keep being crazyNeki:You are the brother I never had, thankyou for being by my side the whole of high school and telling me things I had to hear. Love you bro, keep being the real desi that you areFuse:I loved performing with you. Thank you for bringing out the musician in me. Never let your passions go, keep being creative. Das: you’ve shown me what faith, prayer and persistence can do. But you’re still a big drama queen.Yash:High school has been way too fun with you. You always kept it real#senti Love you broEriko: Woodstock wouldn’t have been the same without you. You’ve taught me how to push myself, not waste water, prioritize and be passionate about what I do014: Peace and Love.


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09/05/14 10:56 PM

“——¦˜“šŠ¤“ဖ This sad ending marks our greatest beginnings in life “——¦˜“šŠ¤“ Learning and loving in the most unique ways has strengthened us every step of the way But we only learn each moment and how important it is to strive The people to thank are endless, thus the memories I have is what needs to stay. Š˜ŠŠŠ œŒœ¦—šဠ¤’Š¨ŽœšŽŠ˜œ¡ŽŒœ¡¢ŽŒ¤¤’“š‘¤’ŠšŠ——œª“š‘˜Ž Š˜ŠŠŠ ¤œ‹Žဣ‹œ¡›Žဤ¤œ­œ¦န’Šš–­œ¦œ¡‹Ž“š‘˜­‹“‘‘Ž£¤Šš£Ššœ¡£¦œ¡¥ဖ “š‘˜ŽŠš¦šŽ¡£¤Šš“š‘˜ŽŽ¨Žšª’Žš ŒŠšဠ¤န“œªŽ­œ¦‘§­£Ž¨Ž¡®¥’“š‘န Š­Ššœ‹Ž‘œœထŠš£¤Š­œ¦¤œ˜Š£¤“န¤“Œ–¤œª’Š¤­œ¦‹Ž—“Ž¨Ž“šŠšœ Š­Ššœ šœ¤—Ž¤Šš­œšŽ¤Ž——­œ¦œ¤’Ž¡«“£Žန“——Š—ªŠ­£‹ŽŠ¡œ¦š¤œ‹ŽŠ¤Šš­œšŽª’œ ¤¢“Ž£ ¤œ ˜Ž££ ª“¤’ ­œ¦ ဓ ŠŠထŠšŠထ ¡နŽš“Ž£ထ¡နŠ£–“Ž£ထŽဠœ¦¯Š£ထ ¡န Š£–“Ž£ၐ¤’Šš–£ œ¡¦£’“š‘˜Ž¤œ‹Ž¤’Ž‹Ž£¤Ž¡£œš ŒŠš‹Žထ ŽŽ“š‘˜Ž Š£–“Ž£ၐ Šš—œ¨“š‘˜Ž¦šŒœš“¤“œšŠ——­န“Š “Šှ£¦œ¡¥ဳ—œ¨Žœ™­—“Žဳ‘§“Žဳ˜­‘¢ŽŠ¤Ž£¤ဖ Œœ˜œ¡¥ဿ ’Š¨Žšœ“ŽŠª’Š¤ ªœ¦—’Š¨ŽœšŽª“¤’œ¦¤­œ¦နŠ£¤­ŽŠ¡Šš Ž˜Š‹œ­¤Š—–£ဳ—Š¦‘’¤Ž¡ဓ¦š—“˜“¤ŽဳŒ—œ£“š‘œ¦¡Ž­Ž£ª’ဖ Š’Š—დ‹Ž£¤£œ Š¡နŽ˜Š “—ŽŽœ—Ž–“££ဳ “¯¯Ž­ှလလဿဳ–ŽªŠŠ¤££““ŽŽŽŽဳ œŠဳ¡Ž˜Ž˜‹Ž¡ဓœ¦¡ ၼၸ ­ŽŠ¡ ŠŒ¤ပ Ž–“£¤¢Šª‹Ž¡¢“Ž£ဳªŠ¤Ž¡‹Ž“š‘ ‹—¦Žဘလဳ­œ¦ šŽ¨Ž¡ Š“— ¤œ ˜Š–Ž ˜Ž —Š¦‘’နª“—— Ž–“ ¦šŠ—‹—ŠŒ–šŽ££Œœ˜Ž£“šŠ——£’ŠŽ£Ššဖ ¡ŽŠ——­˜“££­œ¦¡Œ¡Š¯“šŽ££န­œ¦¡Š——Ž¦šŠ— œ¡™£န­œ¦Š¡Ž‹ŽŠ¦¤“§—န—œ¨Ž¡‹œ“šœªŠšœ¡Ž¨Ž¡န’Šš–£œ¡—œœ–“š‘ŠŤŽ¡™Žဖ œšœŽœ—Ž ª’œ£Š­ Šš ‹Ž“š‘¥’Ž¡ŽŒœš£¤Šš¤—­န ¡Ž˜Ž˜‹Ž¡ဓœ¦¡ၼ­ŽŠ¡ž¡œ˜“£Žန œšœ Žœ—Ž˜œ¨ŽœšŒŠš£ၐၐၐª¤’Ž˜£Ž—¨Ž£န’œ˜Ž‹œ“ªŽŠ¡Ž—“¨“š‘¡œœနœ¦¡ŽŽဖ ¤Š—–£ဳŠ——­œ¦¡«“¨Ž£ထ‘“¡—Š“Žš£ဳ¤¢§£¤ဳ‹Ž—“Žဳ‘ŽšŽ¡œ£“¤®ပ£œ˜¦Œ’¤œ£Š­ထ¤œœ—“¤ဖ ¤—Ž£ŠŒŽနზၻŠ—ªŠ­£န¡Š‹“¡ဳ ¦£ŽဳŠ¤’Šš ¡Š‹“¡ဳ ¦£ŽဳŠ¤’Ššဖ¡Ž¤Š¡£ထ¤’Šš–£œ¡¤’Ž—Š¦‘’¤Ž¡Šš

œŠ˜Ž˜œ¡“Ž£ဳ‹“–Ž¡“Ž£ဳŠ“ŽŊ£’ဳ£Ž¡“œ¦£¤Š—–£နŠª ŠªŠ¡¥›Ž¡“šŒ¡“˜Žထ¡ŽŽန Š£’‘—œ‹Š—§£“œšပ¤’Š¤ဠ£Š——“‘œ¤န ¤’Šš–£œ¡£¤“Œ–“š‘‹­‹Žန‹Ńဳ‘œ££“‹¦“Ž£Š£’ Š£’Šဖ£¤Š­Œ¡Š¯­Šš§——œ—œ¨ŽနŽ—“Ž¨Ž“šŠ——¤’Š¤­œ¦ŒŠš Š­’“¤œŠ¡“ဘŠ£’Šဖ £¦ŒŽŽနနန œšŠ˜ဳ¦¡“¤“ဳŠ¡“šŠဖŠ––“ŠšŒ’ပ‹’Š’’Š¤“˜ŽŒ’Šš‘Ž£—“Ŵ—Žœš—­“ªŽŠ——œª“¤¤œန¦šဖ§Ŋ‘’¤“š‘ဳŽ¬¥¢Š¨Š‘Šš¤“ššŽ¡£ဳ¡ŽŠ“š‘œ¤’Ž¡ŽœŽ—ဠ£“Š¡“Ž£ှŠ’Ž˜Š’Ž˜ဿ Š˜‘—ŠªŽŒŠš œšŠ˜ဳ¦¡“¤“ဳŠ¡“šŠ £¤“———Š¦‘’¤œ‘Ž¤’Ž¡နŠ˜“ဳœဳ˜‹Ž¡ဳŽŽ¡Š¤ Š˜“ဳœဳ˜‹Ž¡ဳŽŽ¡Š¤ဖ˜“š“‘’¤£šŠŒ–“š‘ဳœšŽ¤¢ŽŽ’“——န¡ŽŽ’Š ¡ŽŽ’Šဖ ‘œ¤œšŽ¤’“š‘ဖšœ˜ŠŴŽ¡’œªŠ¡—“Ž£ŽŠ¡Š¤Ž£¦£ထªŽ£¤“——˜ŠšŠ‘Ž¤œ‹ŽŠŠ¡¥œŽŠŒ’œ¤’Ž¡£—“¨Ž£န ’Šš–£œ¡‹Ž“š‘¤’Ž£“£¤Ž¡Šš˜Žš¤œ¡ ’Š¨ŽšŽ¨Ž¡’Šန¡“–œ ¡“–œဖှ¤«“šဿဳŠ˜“’Š Š˜“’ŠဖှŽš¤’¦£“Š£¤“Œ‘¢Šš˜œ¤’Ž¡ဿ¤Š–ŽŒŠ¡Žœ­œ¦¡£Ž—¨Ž£န‹Ž“šŽŽšŽš¤န˜Š–Ž¤’Ž˜œ£¤œŽ¨Ž¡®¥’“š‘န–ŽŽဖ “š¤œ¦Œ’Š£–Ž¤‹Š——¤ŽŠ˜ Š£–Ž¤‹Š——¤ŽŠ˜Ŋ‘’¤ဳ—Š­’Š¡ဳ‹Ž—“Ž¨ŽဳŒŠ¡¢®œš¤’Ž—Ž‘ŠŒ­ဘဘ£နဳ¡£န’Šššœšဳ¡£န“šŠ £နဳ¡£န’Šššœšဳ¡£န“šŠ¤’Šš–£œ¡‹Ž—“Ž¨“š‘“š¦£ထ¦£’“š‘¦£‹Ž­œšŠš­œ¦£¤’œ¦‘’¤ªŠ£œ££“‹—Žန’Žဠ ဠ£ဳ Ž¤Ž¡£ဳ’Šš–Š¡Š£ဠဳŠ¡–£ဳŠ‘Š¡«Š——Š¤’Šš–£œ¡Š——œª“š‘˜Ž¤œŊšª’œ ¡ŽŠ——­ªŠš¤Ž¤œ‹Žန¡န¤Ž¨Ž Ž¤Ž¡£ဳ’Šš–Š¡Š£ဠဳŠ¡–£ဳŠ‘Š¡«Š——Š ¡န¤Ž¨Ž˜Žš¤œ¡ဳŠ“Žšဳ¤ŽŠŒ’Ž¡ဳ£¦œ¡¥Ž¡ဳဿ¤’Šš–£œ¡¤ŽŠŒ’“š‘˜Ž¤œ£˜“—Žထœ¡ —“£¤Žš“š‘ထ¦šŽ¡£¤Šš“š‘ထ˜œ£¤“˜œ¡¥Šš¤—­œ¡‹Ž“š‘Š˜“—­နŠ£œ Š£œဖŽ£¤Š“Žš£Ŋ¡£¤နŠ—ªŠ­£နဳ˜­žŽ¡£œšŠ—’Ž¡Š“£¤ှª’œŠ˜ ‘œššŠŒœ˜—Š“š¤œšœªလလဿဳၐŽŽ­ œš¯Š—Ž£ၐဳ£“Œ–¦˜‹œ”Ž¤ဘဳ ’Šš–£œ¡’œ—“š‘˜Ž‹ŠŒ–ª’Žš ªŠš¤¤œ–“——£œ˜ŽœšŽထœ¡¦šŽ¡£¤Šš“š‘Šš‹Ž“š‘ŠŠ¡¥œ˜­˜Ž££“šŽ££ထœ¡ªŠ—–“š‘‹Ž£“Ž£˜ŽŠš£¦œ¡¥“š‘˜Žšœ˜ŠŴŽ¡ª’Š¤£¤§“¤’“š‘  Š˜œ“š‘ထ‹¦¤˜œ£¤—­œ¡Š—ªŠ­£˜Š–“š‘˜Ž—Š¦‘’¤“—— šŽŽ¤œŽŽပŠ—ªŠ­£¡ŽŠ˜

ထ­œ¦ŒŠšœ£œœ˜¦Œ’˜œ¡Žန –šœªဓŽŠ¡Ž“š¨“šŒ“‹—ŽŠš¤“˜Ž˜ŽŠš£šœ¤’“š‘ª’Žš“¤Œœ˜Ž£ ¤œ¤’Ž¤«œœ¦£န

¤“£¤¢§Žထ ª“——šŽ¨Ž¡—Ž¤˜­£Œ’œœ—“š‘“š¤Ž¡Ž¡Žª“¤’˜­Ž¦ŒŠ¤“œšနှŠ¡–ªŠ“šဿ‹ŽŒŠ¦£Žª’Š¤œœ£¤œŒ– œœ£¤œŒ–’Š£‘“¨Žš˜Ž“£šœ¤¤’Ž–šœª—Ž‘Žœ‹œœ–£¡Š¤’Ž¡“¤’Š£¡œ¨“Ž˜Žª“¤’˜­ œªš¤«œŽŽ¤Šš¨œ“ŒŽœ¡ª’“Œ’ Š˜‘¢Š¤Ž§—န

Kethayun Mehta

Pia Taneja œ˜ŠšŠ œ˜ŠšŠဖ¤’Šš–­œ¦œ¡Ž¨Ž¡®¥’“š‘­œ¦’Š¨ŽœšŽœ¡˜Ž‹¦¤˜œ£¤œŠ——œ¡‹Ž—“Ž¨“š‘“š˜ŽŠš£Žš“š‘˜Ž¤œœœ£¤œŒ–န’Ž¡Ž“£šœ¤’“š‘˜œ¡Ž Œœ¦—Š£–œ¡န ˜Š­šœ¤£’œª“¤Š——¤’Ž¤“˜Žထ ‹¦¤ —œ¨Ž­œ¦‹œ¤’န “¤Žš “¤Žšှ”“¤¯ဿဖœ¦ဠ¡ŽŠ’Šš§—£œ˜Ž¤“˜Ž£‹¦¤ —œ¨Ž­œ¦—“—‹¡œန¤Š­£ŠŽထ˜Š–Ž¤’Ž˜œ£¤œ¤’Ž¤“˜Ž’Ž¡ŽထŠšœšဠ¤Ž¨Ž¡¤’“š–Š‹œ¦¤—ŽŠ¨“š‘နŽ¤’Š Ž¤’Šဖ’Šš–­œ¦œ¡‹Ž“š‘˜­£“£¤Ž¡Šœ˜ Ššœ¤’Ž¡˜œ¤’Ž¡’Š’Šန¡“¤“š‘­œ¦¡Š¡¥ªŠ£¡œ‹Š‹—­œšŽœ¤’Ž’Š¡Ž£¤¤’“š‘£Ž¨Ž¡Šš˜ŠŽ˜ŽŒ¡®Š—“Ŵ—Ž‹“¤န —œ¨Ž­œ¦˜œ¡Ž¤’ŠšŠš­¥’“š‘Šš“¤ဠ£’Š¡¤œŽ¬ž—Š“š“šªœ¡£ª’Š¤­œ¦˜ŽŠš¤œ˜Žန

—œ‹Š—§£“œšზၻၷ¤’“š‘£œš—­®œ¦¡‹Ž£¤Š“Žš–šœª£Š‹œ¦¤®œ¦ဓၐŠ£’ªŠ¤ Š£’ªŠ¤ဖ “Š£’ªŠ¤ထှšŽ¨Ž¡—ŽŴ“š‘¤’Š¤‘œဒဿဿ’Šš–­œ¦œ¡Š—ªŠ­£‹Ž“š‘‹­˜­£“Žနœ¨Ž­œ¦ဓၐœ¡Š“£Š¤“šœထœ¦¡‹Ž¤£ထ­œ¦œªŽ˜Ž¤’Š¤ œ’Š“—ဖŠ££ဘ’Šš–­œ¦œ¡Š—ªŠ­£‹Ž“š‘¤’Ž¡Žœ¡˜ŽŽ£ŽŒ“Š——­“š œŠ ႀŠšŠ£’“œšŒœš£¦—¤Šš¤ဓ£¤§“¤Š—–£ၷ‹Šš’œšŽ­ထ—œ£“š‘“¤œ¨Ž¡ “š“£œš‘£န¤Š­“š¤œ¦Œ’Ššœšဠ¤˜“££˜Ž¤œœ˜¦Œ’ზၻœ’Š“— ’Š’Šနœ¦—“£¤ŽšŽထ’Ž—Žထ‘Š¨ŽŠ¨“ŒŽŠš˜ŠŽ˜Ž—Š¦‘’Š——¤’Ž¤“˜Žန šŽ¨Ž¡“˜Š‘“šŽªŽဠ‹ŽŒœ˜Ž£¦Œ’‘¢ŽŠ¤Š“Žš£နŽ¤ဠ£‹Ž’œšŽ£¤ထ­œ¦ªŽ¡ŽှŠ¡ŽဿªŽ“¡Šš­œ¦¡—“Žªœ¦—‹Ž“šŒœ˜—Ž¤Žª“¤’œ¦¤ ˜Žဓၐœ¨Ž­œ¦ၷ£Žš¤“န œšœ œšœဖŠ’œ˜Ž‹œ­ထœšဠ¤Ž¨Ž¡—œ£Ž’œŽŠšœ¦‹¤­œ¦¡£Ž—နœ¯­œ¦ဠ¡ŽŠ˜Š¯“š‘”¦£¤¤’ŽªŠ­­œ¦Š¡Žနœšဠ¤Œ’ŽŠ¤œšŠš­œ­œ¦¡ª“¨Ž£Ššœšဠ¤­œ¦Š¡ŽŽ¨Ž¡Œ’Šš‘Žနၷ­œ¦Š‹Ž£¤ဖ ”œšŠ¦šŠ— ¦šŠ—ဖ—ŠŒ–““¤ªŠ£’Š¡ª¡“¤“š‘ª“¤’œ¦¤£ªŽŠ¡“š‘‹¦¤Š£˜¦Œ’Š£ªŽŠ¡‘§ŽŠš‹“Œ–Ž¡­œ¦–šœª —œ¨Ž­œ¦န’Šš–£œ¡Š—ªŠ­£¦£’“š‘˜Ž¤œœ¤’Ž¡“‘’¤¤’“š‘ထ‘“¨“š‘Š˜Š¯“š‘—“ŽŠ¨“ŒŽŠšŠ—— Š£’“£’ဖ“Ŵ—Ž‹¡œထ’œŽ§——­­œ¦ဠ——˜Š–Ž“¤¤œ¤’ŽŠ¡™­Šš—œœ–—“–Ž¡§šœ˜Š¡£နœ¦ဠ——œ‘¢ŽŠ¤¤’“š‘£ထœšဠ¤˜“££œ¦¤Šš­¥’“š‘Šš¤Š–ŽŒŠ¡Žœ­œ¦¡£Ž—န ¤’œ£Žဟ—ŽŒ¤§¡Ž£ဠၷ–¦Ŵ“–¡“­ŠနŽŽ­œ¦“šš­ŒဘŠ£’“£’ œ¨Ž­œ¦ဘŽ˜Š Ž˜ŠဖŽ—Žšထ­œ¦ဠ¡Ž¤’Ž–ŽªŠ¤œ˜­Š¤£“နŠ¡¡œ‹Ž‹¦­ ဠ¨Ž¡œœ˜Žª“¤’­œ¦¤’Ž—œš‘Ž£¤ထª“——Œ’Ž¡“£’Š——œ¦¡˜Ž˜œ¡“Ž£ထ œŠªŠ£¤’Ž‹Ž£¤ª“¤’­œ¦ၷ£˜“¡œŃထ—œ¨Ž­œ¦£—œ¤’ზၻŽ–“ Ž–“ဖŽ–“—Šထ £’œª˜Ž­œ¦¡”Šš“¤œ¡”Šš“¤œ¡န œŠªŠ£¤’Ž‹Ž£¤ၷ£˜“¡œŃ’Šš–£œ¡Š—ªŠ­£—“£¤Žš“š‘ŠššŽ¨Ž¡”¦‘“š‘န Š¨Ž§š“š န Šªဖ Žš“Ž Šš —Š“š ဓ Ž Š ‹Ž£¤န ’Šš–£ œ¡ Š—ªŠ­£ £¤“Œ–“š‘ Š¡œ¦š Šš ˜Š–“š‘ ˜Ž —Š¦‘’န Ž¨Ž¡ ‘œššŠ œ¡‘Ž¤ Š—— ¤’œ£Ž¨“Žœ£ ဒဿ Š£’ဖŽ‘“¯¯Š£Š¡ŽŠ’ဖ˜Š¯“š‘ဒဿ ထªœ¡£Š¡Žš¤Žšœ¦‘’¤œŽ£Œ¡“‹Ž Š£’ Ž¨Ž¡®¥’“š‘­œ¦ဠ¨ŽœšŽœ¡˜Žနœ˜‹Š­¤œ¦¡ထ¤¢®£¤ŠšŒŠ¡¡“Ž£န —œ‹Š— §£“œš“£‹ŽŴŽ¡¤’Ššš¤¢ŽŒœ¤Žဒဿ“—£’Ž¡ “—£’Ž¡ဖ­œ¦ဠ¡Ž¤’Ž‹œ££န’Šš–£œ¡Š—ဖ ªŠ­£—œœ–“š‘ŠŤŽ¡˜Žန’Š¡Š˜£Š—Šªœ¦—šဠ¤’Š¨Ž‹ŽŽš¤’Ž£Š˜Žª“¤’œ¦¤ Šš£“ဖœ¦ဠ¡Ž—¦Œ–­¤œ’Š¨Ž˜Žဓၐ“š“‘’¤ ­œ¦ဓ–ŽŽ“š¤œ¦Œ’¦šŒ—ŽနŠš£“ Œ¡“£“£ထªŠ¤Œ’“š‘––¡ª“šထ—Š£¤¡œœ˜“Žထ —œ¨Ž­œ¦ဒဿœšဠ¤—Ž¤Šš­¥’“š‘¦—— ­œ¦œªšန“¨Ž“¤Š “¨Ž“¤ŠဖšŽœ˜­Ŋ¡£¤Š“Žš£“šœœ£¤œŒ–Šš¤’ŽœšŽ ª’œ£¤§Œ–Š¡œ¦š¤’Ž—œš‘Ž£¤န¦š”Š‹“£“£¤Ž¡£œ¡Ž¨Šဘœšဠ¤Ž¨Ž¡—Ž¤¤’Š¤ Œ¡Š¯­£“Ž“Žနœ¨Ž­œ¦—œ¤£‹—“££œဘ¡Š‹£ထ ¦£ŽŠšŠ¤’Šš ¡Š‹£ထ ¦£ŽŠšŠ¤’Ššဖ œŠန¡ŽŴ® £Ž—Ž¬ž—ŠšŠ¤œ¡®န Ž£Š— Ž£Š—ဖၹၹ—Š­Ž¡£ထၹ¤¢œ’­ထၺၹŽ­Ž‹¡œª£နŠš‘—Ž£ၷŒ¦¤Žန £œ˜Žœ¤¤œ¤’Ž¡“ŒŽနœ œဖœœš­®န¦¡¡Ššœ˜ဟœ¦š“¤ဠŠšŒœšဖ ¨Ž¡£Š¤“œš£ªŽ¡Ž¤’Ž‹Ž£¤န¤Š­ŠªŽ£œ˜ŽနŽŒ’¦ ŽŒ’¦ဖ‹¦¤Ŋ¡£¤—Ž¤˜Ž¤Š–ŽŠ£Ž—ဖ “Žနœ¦ဠ¡ŽŠ˜šŒ¦¤Ž‹Žª“န Š¨Ž§šŠš£¤Š­Œœœ—န¡™ŠŠš ¡™ŠŠšဖšŽœ¤’Ž Œœœ—Ž£¤”¦š“œ¡£ထŠ—ªŠ­£˜Š–“š‘˜Ž—Š¦‘’‹¦Ń®ဘœ¨Ž­ŠနŠ˜“ Š˜“ဖŠ˜œဘ ဠ˜ ‘œššŠ˜“££­œ¦£œ˜¦Œ’န“Œ¤§¡Ž£ထªŠ¤Œ’“š‘Œ¡“Œ–Ž¤Šš˜Š–“š‘¨“Žœ£န Š‹­œ——¤§£œšŽ“ზၻ˜Ššထ’œ¦¡®ŠထŠš­Š ˜Ššထ’œ¦¡®ŠထŠš­Šဖ­œ¦‘§­£Š¡Ž˜­—“Ž—“šŽန ŽŒŽ˜‹Ž¡ªŠ£¤’Ž‹Ž£¤ზၻ ­œ¤“–ŠŠš¡ŽŽ’Š ­œ¤“–ŠŠš¡ŽŽ’Šဖ“££­œ¦‘§­££œ˜¦Œ’ Ššª“£’­œ¦ªŽ¡Ž’Ž¡Žန¦¡‘œ££“£Ž££“œš£Šš Œ—Š££ဒဿ’Ž’Šªဠ ’Ž’Šªဠ£ဖ ­œ¦ªŽ¡Ž—“–ŽŠ˜“—­’Ž¡Žထ Œœ¦—šဠ¤’Š¨ŽŠ£–Žœ¡‹ŽŴŽ¡Š¨“£œ¡£န’Šš–£ œ¡Œœœ–“š‘Šš˜Š–“š‘¦£ŽŽ—Š¤’œ˜Žန’Šª£Š¨“£œ¡ ’Šª£Š¨“£œ¡ဖªŽŠ¡ŽŽ¬¥ŽšŽ Š˜“—­ზၻ ဠ——˜“££­Šဠ——¡¤Ž¨Ž ¡¤Ž¨ŽဖŒœ¦—šဠ¤’Š¨Ž˜ŠŽ“¤¤’¡œ¦‘’ª“¤’œ¦¤ Š——¤’Ž‘§“ŠšŒŽŠš“š£“¡Š¤“œšန£œ­ £œ­ဖ­œ¦ŠŒœœ—Ž£¤œ££နၸၹၼ“—ဖ ၸၹၼ“—ဖ —¦˜“šŠ¤“ဖ‹Ž£¤Œ—Š££Ž¨Ž¡ဘ œœ—¦Œ–œ¡¤’Ž§¤§¡Žထ’œŽ¤œ£ŽŽ­œ¦£œœšန —¦˜“šŠ¤“ ŽŠ¡‹œœ–¤ŽŠ˜ဖŠ——š“‘’¤Ž¡£ထ£’œ¦¤“š‘ထŒ¡®“š‘Šš¡Š˜Šန ’œœ‘’“Ž£ ŽŠ¡‹œœ–¤ŽŠ˜

’œœ‘’“Ž£–“££ ˜­Œ’œ¤ზၻœœ£¤œŒ–Œ’œœ— œœ£¤œŒ–Œ’œœ—ဖ­œ¦’Š¨Ž¡œ¨“Ž˜Žª“¤’¤’Ž‹Ž£¤ၺŠš Š’Š—­ŽŠ¡£ª’Ž¡Ž ’Š¨Ž‘¢œªš¤œ‹Ž¤’Ž‹Ž£¤Ž¡£œš œ££“‹—­ŒŠšန


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09/05/14 10:56 PM

Deki Tenzing

ဣ ŒŠ˜Žထ £Šªထ ŒœšŸ¦Ž¡Žဤဒšœ¤Ž¬ŠŒ¤—­—“–Žª’Š¤ŠŽ£Š¡“‹¦¤ ŽŊš“¤Ž—­Ž——“š—œ¨Žª“¤’¤’“£—ŠŒŽနœœ£¤œŒ–’Š£‹ŽŽšœšŽœ¤’Ž‹Ž£¤Ž¬žŽ¡“ŽšŒŽ£œ˜­—“Žန——¤’Ž£Ž“Œ¤§¡Ž£¡Ž˜“š˜Žœ’œª —¦Œ–­ Š˜¤œ’Š¨ŽŒœ˜Ž’Ž¡Žှ¤’Šš–£¤œ˜­œ˜ŠšŠဿထ—“–Žª’Š¤Šœ—ŽœšœšŠŠ¡¥Ž£Š“ထဣ“Œ¤§¡Ž“£ªœ¡¥’Š¤’œ¦£Ššªœ¡£ဤန’Šš–­œ¦¤œŠ——¤’œ£ŽŽœ—Žª’œ’Š¨Ž‹ŽŽšŠŠ¡¥œ˜­ œœ£¤œŒ–—“Žန Ž¡¢®ზၻ

ŠŠš¦˜˜­ ’Š¨Ž­œ¦¤œ¤’Šš–ထŠ Š­œ¦’Š¨Ž¤Š¦‘’¤˜Ž¤œœ¡‘“¨Žထ—Ž¤‘œŠš£¤¢“¨Žœ¡‹ŽŴŽ¡¦˜˜­ ¦˜˜­­œ¦’Š¨Ž¤Š¦‘’¤ Pema Selden ¡œ˜¤’Ž‹Ž‘“šš“š‘œ˜­Ž¬“£¤ŽšŒŽŠŠš¦˜˜­ “¤£¦Žš’œšŽ£¤—­˜­Œ’“—’œœªœ¦—šœ¤’Š¨Ž‹ŽŽš¤’Ž£Š˜Žª“¤’œ¦¤­œ¦ထ“š­œ¦ –šœª ’Š¨ŽŠŽ¡™ŠšŽš¤‹Ž£¤Š“Žšထ —œ¨Ž­œ¦ ˜Ž¤œ‹Ž‘Žš¤—ŽထŠ¤“Žš¤Šš–“š “¤£¦Žš Ž–“—Š Ž–“—Š¦Š¡¥Ž¡‹¡ŽŠ–£ထ—Š˜Ž”œ–Ž£ထ š£Šš“¤®ထœ¦¡Œœš¨Ž¡£Š¤“œš£Š¡Ž¤’Ž¤’“š‘£ ဠ˜‘œ“š‘¤œ˜“££¤’Ž˜œ£¤Ž£ŽŒ“Š——­ œŠ¤œ‘Ž¤’Ž¡ဖ¤’Š¤ ဠ˜šŽ¨Ž¡‘œ“š‘¤œœ¡‘Ž¤Š¡“šŠ Š¡“šŠª’Ž¡Žªœ¦— ‹Žª“¤’œ¦¤ ­œ¦‹Ž“š‘¤’Ž£¤¢œš‘Ž¡Š¡¥œ¡˜Žန——¤’Ž£Ž­ŽŠ¡£­œ¦ဠ¨Ž£¤œœ‹­˜­£“Ž¤’¡œ¦‘’Ž¨Ž¡®¥’“š‘Šš ’œŽ ’Š¨Ž¤œœထ —œ¨Ž­œ¦‹¦¤­œ¦–šœª¤’Š¤¡ž“¤ဖ ¡ž“¤ဖ¡§¤’Šš–­œ¦œ¡‹Ž“š‘¤’Ž‹¡œ¤’Ž¡ Ŋ‘§¡Ž“š˜­—“ŽŠ—¤’œ¦‘’­œ¦˜“‘’¤šœ¤—œœ–¤’ŽŠ¡¥‹¦¤ ‘§Ž££ထဣဠ——œဤှ”–ဿ ဠ˜šœ¤¤¢®“š‘¤œ‹Žဣ¡œ¦Œ’ŽဤŽ¤’Š Ž¤’ŠŒœ¦š¤¢®˜¦£“Œ“£ª’Š¤ Š££œŒ“Š¤Ž­œ¦‹­ထ“¤‹ŽŽš‘œœ¤œ’Š¨Ž­œ¦‹­˜­£“Ž “Šª“¤’œ¦¡—Š£¤Ÿ¦Š¡¥Ž¡‹¡ŽŠ–­œ¦Š——œªŽ˜Ž˜Ž˜œ¡“Ž£¤’Š¤ ª“——Œ’Ž¡“£’œ¡­ŽŠ¡£¤œŒœ˜ŽªŽª“——£¤“——Š¡œ¨ŽŽŠŒ’œ¤’Ž¡£ Š——¤’Ž£Ž­ŽŠ¡£ထŒ—“˜‹“š‘¦Ššœªš¤’œ£Ž’“——£¤œ‘Ž¤’Ž¡“Š œ¦¤Ŋ¤£œ–Š­ထªŽ’Š¨Ž–­žŽœ¡¤’Š¤œšŠ˜ œšŠ˜‘Š‘“œ£¤န¨Žš“—“Ž’Š£¦£‘œ“š‘“š“ŃŽ¡Žš¤“¡ŽŒ¤“œš£ ဠ˜‘—Š –šœªªŽဠ——£¤“——’Š¨ŽŽŠŒ’œ¤’Ž¡ª’ŽššŽŽŽ ­œ¤“–Š ­œ¤“–Š­œ¦ဠ¨Ž‹ŽŽš¤’Ž‹“‘£“£¤Ž¡

šŽ¨Ž¡’ŠŠš ˜“££Šššœ­“š‘­œ¦‹¦¤˜œ£¤—­ ”¦£¤˜“££­œ¦¡ŽŽ’Š ¡ŽŽ’Š¤Š—–“š‘¤œ­œ¦Š‹œ¦¤Šš­¥’“š‘ŠšŽ¨Ž¡®¥’“š‘“£Š—ªŠ­£§šŠš ˜“££œ“š‘¤’Š¤“¤£Žš “¤£Žš’Ž¡Žဠ£¤œ¤’ŽŠ“Žš£’“¤’Š¤ £¤Š¡¥ŽŠœ˜¡§–£Œ’œœ—¤“——šœªထ¤’Šš–­œ¦œ¡‹Ž“š‘ŠŠ¡¥œ˜­—“ŽŠ˜“ Š˜“ª’Š¤ŒŠš £Š­ပ­œ¦ဠ¨Ž—ŽŤŽšœ¦‘’£Ž—ŊŽ£œ¡˜Žšœ¤¤œ˜“££­œ¦”¦£¤–““š‘­œ¦–šœª ª“——ထ¤’Šš–­œ¦œ¡‹Ž“š‘ ¤’ŽŽ¡£œš ŒŠš¤Ž——Ž¨Ž¡®¥’“š‘¤œŠ£’Š Š£’Š­œ¦Š—ªŠ­£–šŽª’œª¤œœœ—Žœ—Žœ¡˜Š­‹Ž ªŠ£”¦£¤‘§——“‹—Ž‹¦¤ ဠ˜‘œ“š‘¤œ˜“££­œ¦¡—Š¦‘’¤Ž¡ŠªŠ’ ŠªŠ’­œ¦ဠ¡ŽŠ—ªŠ­££œ’Š­Šš ဠ——Š—ªŠ­£—œ¨Ž œ ဠ˜‘œ“š‘¤œ˜“££œ¦¡£¦ŽšŒœš¨Ž¡£Š¤“œš£ŽŽ¡§ ŽŽ¡§ —œ¨Ž­œ¦Šš­œ¦¡Šš‘Ž—“Œ¨œ“ŒŽှšœªန”–ဿœ’Š“—ထ¦šŠ—ထ ¦£Žထ¡Š‹“¡ှ¡Š‹œœ‹£ဿထŠ¤’Šš œ’Š“—ထ¦šŠ—ထ ¦£Žထ¡Š‹“¡ှ¡Š‹œœ‹£ဿထŠ¤’Ššဓ ဠ˜‘—Š ဠ¨Ž’Š¤’ŽŒ’ŠšŒŽ¤œ‘Ž¤¤œ ¤Š—–“š‘¤œ­œ¦œ –šœª­œ¦‘§­£Š£’ Š£’“˜šŽ¨Ž¡‘œ“š‘¤œœ¡‘Ž¤£ŒŠ¡“š‘­œ¦ႁ¤’‘¢ŠŽထœ¦¡“š“š‘’Š——Š‘¢ŽŽ˜Žš¤Ššœ¦¡œ¯­Œœ¡›Ž¡Ž“£œŽထ“¤Œ’Šš‘Ž˜­—“ŽŠ¬ Š¬န¦£’Š— ¦£’Š—ှ¦£’¦ဿŽŽŒœš¨Ž¡£Š¤“œš£œš ¤’Š¤‹ŽšŒ’¤’Š¤Š­ထ­œ¦ဠ¨Ž‹ŽŽšŠ‘œœŠ“Žš¤œ˜ŽŠš ’œŽ ªŠ£¤œœ œšœ­œ¦’Š¨Ž¤œŒœ˜Ž¤œ’¦¤Ššœ–Š­¤’Šš–­œ¦œ¡‹Ž“š‘¤’Ž¡ŽŠš£¦œ¡¥“š‘˜Žª“¤’Ž¨Ž¡®ŽŒ“£“œš ˜ŠŽထ ဠ˜ Š—ªŠ­£’Ž¡Žœ¡­œ¦œš“ŒŠ œš“ŒŠŽ¨Žš“ªŽ’Š¨Žšဠ¤¤Š—–Žœ¡Ÿ¦“¤Ž£œ˜Ž¤“˜Žšœª ဠ˜šœ¤‘œ“š‘¤œœ¡‘Ž¤Š——œ¦¡—Š¤Žš“‘’¤¤Š—–£ထªŽဠ——ŒŠ¤Œ’¦¡ŽŠ—£œœš“š—Ž­ှœ‹œဿ “š—Ž­ှœ‹œဿ –šœª­œ¦ဠ¡Žšœ¤’Ž¡Ž‹¦¤­œ¦ဠ¡Ž —“–ŽŠ£“£¤Ž¡¤œ˜ŽŠš ဠ˜’Š­¤’Š¤ªŽဠ¡Ž¤’“£Œ—œ£Žထ—œ¨Ž­œ¦ŽŒ’ŽšှŽŒ’¦ဿ ŽŒ’ŽšှŽŒ’¦ဿ­œ¦–šœª—“ŽŒŠš‹Ž¦šŽ¬žŽŒ¤ŽŠšŠ——­œ¦’Š¨Ž¤œ‹Ž“££¤¢œš‘ထ‹Ž¤’Ž‹“‘‘Ž¡Ž¡£œšန’Šš–­œ¦œ¡Š——¤’Ž¤“˜Ž£ ¡®Šš¨Žš¤’œ¦‘’ ‘Ž¤˜ŠŠ¤­œ¦Šš £Žš¤¤œ‘Ž¤’Ž¡Šš“š£Šš“¤®¡®Šš £ŒŠ¡Ž­œ¦¤’Ž¡Žဠ£šœœšŽ“š˜“š¤’Š¤ ဠ¡Š¤’Ž¡‹ŽŒœဖŒ—Š££‘œ¨ª“¤’ထ ¤’Šš–­œ¦œ¡‹Ž“š‘£œ£ªŽŽ¤Š¡Š˜ Š¡Š˜­œ¦Š—ªŠ­£‹¡“š‘Šဟ’Š­ဠ¨“‹Ž ª“¤’­œ¦¡“–œ ¡“–œŒ¦ŒŠ–Ž£ Šœ¡Ž­œ¦ ဠ——˜“££­œ¦Š˜“’Š Š˜“’Š ဠ˜‘œ“š‘¤œ ’Ž¤®£ထŠš‘Š­’“Žš”œ­ထ ˜“££¤Š—–“š‘¤œ­œ¦Šª˜­‹Š‹­ထ–­žŽœ–Š­’Ž¤®£ ’¦¤ŠšŽ£Žှ¦£ဿŠ–ŽŒŠ¡ŽœŽŠŒ’œ¤’Ž¡ထŽ—Žš

ဠ——£ŽŽ­œ¦“š’“˜’¦’¦¤ŠšŽ£Žှ¦£ဿ ¡§–Š ­Š—œŠŃ ŠŃ® Ž¡¢®£Š­£ —œ¨Ž­œ¦’Š’Šပ¦˜Š“¡ ® ¦˜Š“¡šŽ¨Ž¡Œ’Šš‘Ž Š—˜Šš “ဘဓဿ¡န“——Ž¡ Š—˜Šš ¡န“——Ž¡Ž£¤Š¨“£œ¡“——Ž¡ဠ£–“——Ž¡£Ž£¤Š¨“£œ¡‘¢œ¦ ¡န¤Ž¨Ž¤’Šš–­œ¦œ¡Š—ªŠ­£‹Ž“š‘¤’Ž¡Ž¤œ¤Š—–¤œၸၹၼª’Š¤ªœ¦—  ‹Žª“¤’œ¦¤­œ¦‘§­££’Š“š‘˜Ž¤œ‹Ž¤’ŽŽ¡£œš Š˜¤œŠ­ထ Ž¡Ž£¤œ “——¦˜“šŠ¤“န ¦£ထ“——¦˜“šŠ¤“ ŠªŠš£Š¨Ž¤’Ž‹Ž£¤œ¡¤’Ž—Š£¤ဒ‘“¨Žš¤’ŽŠ˜œ¦š¤œ¤“˜Ž­œ¦Šš ŠªŠš

’Š¤œ‘Ž¤’Ž¡ –šœª­œ¦’Š¨Ž‘“¨Žš˜ŽŽšœ¦‘’˜Ž˜œ¡“Ž£¤œ˜Š–Ž ¦œ¡¤’Ž“£¤ŠšŒŽ¤’Š¤ª“——–ŽŽ¦£ŠŠ¡¥န —œ¨Ž­œ¦ზၻŠš­œ¦–šœª ¤’Ž¡Ž£¤ဓဿ


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09/05/14 10:56 PM

Tanuvee Agarwal Devika: My twin, I will be lost without you. You knock sense into me! You make me see things for what they are! You are the reason I am sane and haven’t done something stupid. You sober my crazy down. I love you and cannot imagine what it would be like not having our 2:30 am talks. You are family! Tanya: My soul sister, we are too alike for our own good :P Never change and remember to call! Thank you for being Real! Thank you for just being you! Do not worry, I’m pretty sure us weirdoes will find more weirdoes out there! Otherwise we still have each other to count on! Navika: My favorite cat! You are my go-to person and support system; I cannot imagine life without you and your constant meowing! You are my special buddy who always knows what to say at the correct time…..You are simply the BEST! Sara P: Asian girls everywhere, UCLA! I’ll miss you AD. You are a crazy person who I can always rely on and laugh with! Thanks for making everything seem positive even when we failed Calc! Call me/ Skype or I will haunt you! Jesal: You amazing Chihuahua! You are the happiest person I know who can make any situation seem better! Annoying you was my favorite pass time and would always cheer me up :P I love you Jase! You are simply crazy beautiful! Nina: I’ll miss your wake up calls and ever smiling face! You my Russian churel are one of the main reasons I smile everyday! Do Not Change! Don’t forget 1D and London stalking! Asma: Have fun in the States and don’t miss me too much. Don’t worry ninz and I will ensure that you are included via skype in ‘the meeting’! Monica, Zara: Arrow, Colton Haynes, Dying in Chem and Physics…. we’ve been through it all. Thanks for always being there for me and listening to me rant whenever I needed it! You guys are amazing and I will miss you soooo much! Dechen, Ritsen, Abhishek and Param: Thanks for being there for me and constantly making me feel better about myself! You guys are crazy  Better keep in touch! Sonam, Ro: activity week; Ronam, you guys are truly amazing and frankly a loooot of fun! Life would be boring without you peeps. Karina, Sara K , Megan, Nutcha and Yeshin: You guys are hilarious and can always make any situation better! I will miss randomly talking to you guys about random crap that makes no sense what so ever and enjoying every moment of it! Aya, Shivi, Thomas and Andrew: You guys are the best juniors out there! Thanks for making school memorable!

Tanya Lohia This is to every person and incident that has shaped my life over the past four years and helped me grow into a better person. Thank you:To my family and parents for sending me here, tolerating all my whining, always supporting and guiding me down the right path. To all my teachers, we complained and argued with you, but no matter what anyone says you are all simply the best, not only as teachers but also as mentors and friends. I could not have survived at Woodstock for the past 4 years without your guidance. To my dorm parents, I love you guys, life would have been unbearable if you had not been there when I needed someone the most, even putting aside something important to help me. Thank you for the home cooked meals, always advising me and simply being loving parents away from home. To k-lluminati (class of ‘014) and all my friends, my family away from home whom I have grown to love immensely. I cannot imagine life without you guys, thank you for accepting me for who I am and being the most incredible friends one could ask for. I have learnt so much from you guys. I will miss going for walks, especially around the chakkar every weekend after hogging at Char Dukaan<3, star gazing all night<3, playing Holi with my new found family<3, cooking the weirdest meals that somehow always turned out to be amazing<3, jamming out to Hindi songs in the middle of the night<3, watermelons and mangoes as meals<3, going to Rokeby and ordering every dessert on the menu<3, the countless selfies<3, bonding while studying for physics and chem (a hopeless feat that always ended up in selfies, food and heart to hearts)<3, breaking out in song at any time and place<3, drama work and bonding during the play<3, watching movies and shows till dawn<3, going crazy in Goa and Delhi during quarter break<3 and being hyper on coke and chocolate<3. THANKS Woodstock for giving me countless opportunities, memories to last a lifetime, being the place where I met so many amazing people and was a part of the most united and amazing class ever. I will miss it all forever.


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09/05/14 10:56 PM

Mila Sherpa

Papa, Mama: There’s not much to tell you through pen and paper that you don’t already know. So I’ll begin by paying my thanks. Although I don’t really express myself often, I hope you know I am extremely grateful for all that you have done and all you will do. I realize I haven’t been the most respectful son, and I know I may appear aloof and indifferent towards you, and for that I truly am sorry. Nonetheless, in every situation, be it woeful or joyful, I can always rely on your love, and you are always there to acknowledge my wrongs, and at the same time praise my talents and achievements. I pray I am able to return the love you have shown me. Uma: My most beautiful sister. We’re growing up now, too quickly for my liking. Soon enough it’ll be you graduating, and you’ll find yourself in the very same position I am in right now. Despite all the times we’ve fought, all the nasty comments we’ve made about each other, I want you to know I will always be there for you, and I hope you’ll do the same for me. You have a big brother who loves you dearly. Tacho: You have fed me, bathed me, worried for me, and cared for me. You are my second mother. I pray you live a long, happy life. Thanks for looking after us. Extended Family: I thank my grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins for believing in me and supporting me in my every aspiration. Special thanks to Apu and family for showing me tremendous love and support. You are more of a brother than an uncle. Woodstock Family: I have made countless friendships during my time in Woodstock, and some will last a lifetime. The gang, my bros, I pray we relive the memories we have made in school over the coming years. All my other friends, it’s been an honor. One day our paths will cross again, and on that day, we’ll reminisce about our Woodstock days. Till then, farewell and best wishes. Class of 2014: After all these years, time has finally come for us to part. But with every end, there is a new beginning. Now is the time for us to explore the world, and live freely. Now is the time for us to fulfill our ambitions. Now is the time for us to embrace our destiny. I know it may seem agonizing to leave behind the many friendships and memories we’ve made here, but beyond our lives in Woodstock, I am confident a bright future awaits us all. Good luck and Godspeed.

DAD, DIDI, JASLEEN- To express all that you have done for me in one paragraph is impossible. Over the years I have given all Manraj Bhangra MUM, of you so much shit that I can never take back , but one thing I know is you will always have my back and I want you guys to know that I have yours too. Mum and Dad it is hard to explain how much I love you guys and I want you to know that I will make you guys proud. For what you have given me in the short 17 years of my life is something I can never thank you enough for. High school (check), now it’s my turn to give back to you guys what these simple words cannot describe. Rohan- My first ever WS roomie, I’m not gonna miss you ;) you exactly know why. Imma never forget all our previous memories and the ones we are yet to make. Freddy- Going to miss you a lot!! Never gonna forget all those times you were there when others weren’t. One love take care and visit Kenya sometime imma come to the rotlichmellur ;) Mathai- Always gonna respect you cause of your passion for ball, take care and keep in touch after grad! Arpit- A- Aron you’re a real chill guy, I’m glad I got to know you better and if you ever have any girl problems you know who to call ;) Kushal- Unexpected basketball beast, have fun in Greece! Once you’re back in Boston we gotta meet up! Tushen- You’re one of the most down to earth person I know, East coast represent, NC aint to far away from VA so I’ll see you regularly. Gamli- You football beast, keep going at it bro and I want a tattoo from you in the future. We better keep in touch. Aryan- Are you free? baba you better learn how to cook soon, uni is ruthless ;) love you keep in touch. Kop- My thin bro, we’ve had crazy memories together, 10th grade activity week to goa and delhi we have to continue these moments in college. East coast represent. Giaco- Giaco cholo kaelthe hein. You’re the nicest person I know and I hope we keep in touch. Take care Pathak- One of my first WS roomies, you’ve always been around when I needed your help, and thank you for that and keep in touch and take care. Jiho- Never going to forget that day in centaur. Dilsher- You Punjabi boss, that qb in chandigarh will never be forgotten. All our cricket moments together even though we lost (sorry for quiting the team). You better come to the US for even more memories, take care bro. Karan- You true basketball beast, we’ve done too much shitt together and I know we are going to go even crazier in the future. Gonna miss you a lot and take care bro. Madhav- One of the most musically talented person I have met, I still have more safari pictures to show you, even better come to Africa. The amount of memories we have is crazy not gonna mention any here but never gonna forget them. One love. Mila You’ve been a really good roommate, we have to party it up in the future ;). Utsav- One of the best hearted person I know. Cricket beast keep going at it. Never gonna forget Patiala and this semester. Cricket team- Goodluck. You need it. KILLUMINATI- Gonna miss most of you I wish I got to know a lot of even better. I wish you guys the best of luck in life and remember to keep in touch. BHANGRA OUT.


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Tanuvee Agarwal Devika: My twin, I will be lost without you. You knock sense into me! You make me see things for what they are! You are the reason I am sane and haven’t done something stupid. You sober my crazy down. I love you and cannot imagine what it would be like not having our 2:30 am talks. You are family! Tanya: My soul sister, we are too alike for our own good :P Never change and remember to call! Thank you for being Real! Thank you for just being you! Do not worry, I’m pretty sure us weirdoes will find more weirdoes out there! Otherwise we still have each other to count on! Navika: My favorite cat! You are my go-to person and support system; I cannot imagine life without you and your constant meowing! You are my special buddy who always knows what to say at the correct time…..You are simply the BEST! Sara P: Asian girls everywhere, UCLA! I’ll miss you AD. You are a crazy person who I can always rely on and laugh with! Thanks for making everything seem positive even when we failed Calc! Call me/ Skype or I will haunt you! Jesal: You amazing Chihuahua! You are the happiest person I know who can make any situation seem better! Annoying you was my favorite pass time and would always cheer me up :P I love you Jase! You are simply crazy beautiful! Nina: I’ll miss your wake up calls and ever smiling face! You my Russian churel are one of the main reasons I smile everyday! Do Not Change! Don’t forget 1D and London stalking! Asma: Have fun in the States and don’t miss me too much. Don’t worry ninz and I will ensure that you are included via skype in ‘the meeting’! Monica, Zara: Arrow, Colton Haynes, Dying in Chem and Physics…. we’ve been through it all. Thanks for always being there for me and listening to me rant whenever I needed it! You guys are amazing and I will miss you soooo much! Dechen, Ritsen, Abhishek and Param: Thanks for being there for me and constantly making me feel better about myself! You guys are crazy  Better keep in touch! Sonam, Ro: activity week; Ronam, you guys are truly amazing and frankly a loooot of fun! Life would be boring without you peeps. Karina, Sara K , Megan, Nutcha and Yeshin: You guys are hilarious and can always make any situation better! I will miss randomly talking to you guys about random crap that makes no sense what so ever and enjoying every moment of it! Aya, Shivi, Thomas and Andrew: You guys are the best juniors out there! Thanks for making school memorable!

Tanya Lohia This is to every person and incident that has shaped my life over the past four years and helped me grow into a better person. Thank you:To my family and parents for sending me here, tolerating all my whining, always supporting and guiding me down the right path. To all my teachers, we complained and argued with you, but no matter what anyone says you are all simply the best, not only as teachers but also as mentors and friends. I could not have survived at Woodstock for the past 4 years without your guidance. To my dorm parents, I love you guys, life would have been unbearable if you had not been there when I needed someone the most, even putting aside something important to help me. Thank you for the home cooked meals, always advising me and simply being loving parents away from home. To k-lluminati (class of ‘014) and all my friends, my family away from home whom I have grown to love immensely. I cannot imagine life without you guys, thank you for accepting me for who I am and being the most incredible friends one could ask for. I have learnt so much from you guys. I will miss going for walks, especially around the chakkar every weekend after hogging at Char Dukaan<3, star gazing all night<3, playing Holi with my new found family<3, cooking the weirdest meals that somehow always turned out to be amazing<3, jamming out to Hindi songs in the middle of the night<3, watermelons and mangoes as meals<3, going to Rokeby and ordering every dessert on the menu<3, the countless selfies<3, bonding while studying for physics and chem (a hopeless feat that always ended up in selfies, food and heart to hearts)<3, breaking out in song at any time and place<3, drama work and bonding during the play<3, watching movies and shows till dawn<3, going crazy in Goa and Delhi during quarter break<3 and being hyper on coke and chocolate<3. THANKS Woodstock for giving me countless opportunities, memories to last a lifetime, being the place where I met so many amazing people and was a part of the most united and amazing class ever. I will miss it all forever.


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I don’t know how I’m going to address everything and everyone and how it all matters so much to me in 500 words, but I’ll give it a shot. Mom, Dad, Nehal: Thank you for sacrificing everything and always putting me first. You are the greatest family I could ask for. Jesal: you’ve been my friend from the start. i love you more than you know, and no matter how long we don’t see each other for, I know we’ll always be close and I hope life treats you well. psdon’t forget to water your cactus. Tanya: you are a shining star and I’m gonna miss sleeping in your bed (and pushing you off in my sleep). rooming with you was one of the better decisions in my life bc ur a babe. this isn’t goodbye, biatch. Sara P: i had the most wonderful time rooming with you. sorry I keep adding a P at the end of your name :P have fun in LA and never stop hunting for the AD;). Tanuvee: You always bring a smile to my face, and I don’t think I tell you that enough. I’m miss the laughter and the good food and the “walks” - have fun in Switzerland. Devika: congratulations on somehow being my mother and my child at the same time. I’m gonna miss hanging out w- oh wait I won’t because I’m gonna see you in Mumbai :D love u. Nina: my quarter break buddy :D i have so many memories with you that i am going to treasure forever, I love you. Asma: i’m gonna miss our heated political talks :( good luck w/your life. Sarah: you’re an amazing person and i’m glad we became so close. Thanks for always being there for me and making my life at school so much better. Zara, Monica, Hazel: you guys are the sweetest people ever, keep in touch! Yeshin: you’re a fucking sweetheart, i love you. Tara: Thank you for always managing to make me laugh with ur ridiculous antics, I’ll never forget the llama face. Ritsen, Karina, Dechen, Abhishek, Param: senior year has been a LOT more fun because of you guys:) Aya, Bamae, Lulu, Thomas, Shivi: make the most of senior year guys! good luck & keep in touch with me. Killuminati: Thank you for giving me some of the most amazing years of my life. I love you all.


Tanu, I don’t where to start from. I remember our first memory, me falling off my bed because SOMEONE kicked me off my bed in middle of the night. We are too in sync for our own good. I am going to miss our late night talks and making instant noodles at 2:30 in the night. Thank you for turning me from a social retard to a normal person. In the end all I want to say is that thank you for being there for me at all times. You better stay the same crazy person I know! Please do the honour of calling me up or skyping me MS.CHEF. MonMon you are my TV show buddy! Thank you for sticking up with weird and retard me. All the selfies are a gift to you from me and a reminder of how awesome I am. I am going to miss you so much!!! I can’t believe that 2 years are already coming to an end. It was fun living in your room! HEHE! :P Thank you for being such a great friend to me and being there for me through the toughest times in life. DO CALL OR SKYPE!! Otherwise I will strangle you to death! Zara, I don’t know where to start from. Thank you for being a socially inept like me! Thank you for being the person I can go to and just vent out my feelings. I know I can always trust you with everything. Please keep in touch and let me know that you are alive once in a while. I am going to miss you like hell. P.S. Please don’t die in college! Tans you crazy little thing! I am going to miss you and your stupidity. You better keep me updated with all the details(you know what I mean;)) in your life otherwise I will eat you alive. Please don’t go missing and do the honour of keeping in touch with me through Skype. Thank you for being a great friend to me and always being there for me whenever I need someone to talk to.Navs you are the craziest person I know. I am going to miss you like hell! You better stay in touch. Mumbai won’t be the same without you! Nani my selfie buddy! Russian you better stay in touch with me! I am going to miss you a lot! I hope you find your future boyfriend (Harry Styles) in London;) Mallika I can’t decide what to write! I can educate you about Rajasthan if you want;) Thanks for being a good friend to me and trusting me! You better keep in touch with me! Read the note.Asma you go girl! I am going to miss you a lot! I hope to see you in the States:) Michael thank you for being a huge entertainment:P If you fail in life, become a professional stripper. I will recommend you!:PManbhi, Parshima, Aya - I love you guys. Read the note. 165

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Mummy, Uncle: Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me! I cant thank you enough for being there for me through the good and the hard times. Love you! Tenzin, Jigme Payang: You guys are my favorite people. I love you guys so much!! I don’t know what I would do without you two. Amber/Mother: We’ve been friends for so long and I’m glad I have someone motherly like you. Don’t forget those days when we had stupid funny crushes. I love you. Rot: My Chinese sis, my farting & eating buddy. I’ll miss being dumb with you. I love you. Namrata: You’re the weirdest person I know. Your ***sounds, your manly/ugly laugh, the things you do when you’re changdashey and your seductive looks. I love you. Seerat: 10th grade was the blossoming of our friendship and I’m so happy we’ve become bestfriends. I’ll miss those times when we wrestled, danced our asses off, farted together, PMS-ed a lot. I love you. Sasha/Kali Mata: Stop copying Kevin’s jokes! I can count on you to go all out eating and dancing, you’re my partner in crime for doing the weirdest things. I love you. Sohail: Thanks for being there for me. I love you best friend. Arpit: Whatever little time we spent together, it was all worth it in the end. A will is hard to describe my feelings for you. I’ll miss you a lot. Pema: Remember what my dub friend said about you? Well she was wrong, look how great of friends we’ve become. Kadinchay. I love you. Dechu/ cous: Stay the same and be cool. Kat: Thanks for being there for me from the minute I joined WS. Keep being the feisty girl I have known since 6th grade. I love you. Yeshey lhatsho: I’m so glad I have someone like you. Ngagichayluga! Abhishek: BF, thanks for being there for me. Saw: Thank you I’m happy we’re still good friends. I love you. Param: Your smile cheers me up (the one which you have aced after practicing many times). Sohila: I’ll miss the way you rub your head against my shoulder like a cat. Ugyen: #funlatenightalks#eatingday. Nivedita, Jesal, Prabir, Nutcha, Kushal,IshaanR, Kunal, Jono, Yash, Aryan: Thank you for all the memories. Rohu: Thank you for all the advice and for a fun JSB! Ketha/shorty: I miss those days when we played basketball in R/W for hours, ate A LOT & literally hung out 24x7. Mr. and Mrs. Shaw: I am glad that I got you two as my advisors. Thank you for all your love and support. Mr. L, Mrs. Yaman, Mr. Uma: Thank you for everything. Yugyel, Deasyl, Yupi, Tenphel, Zaine, Faiyaz, Amrita: Have fun & take care! Kheytsun, Tseki, Eriko, Stutii, Amaani, YJ/daughter, Armaan, Samiha, Sumair: Enjoy the rest of your time here. It goes by really fast! Killuminati: Each one of you has shared memories worth cherishing. I’m blessed to have known you all.

Sonam Deki & Seerat Jhajj

Mumma & Papa: Thank you for everything you have done for me. I love you. Amrita: Don’t let anyone put you down. I love you <3 Dech: #bondingbud #your18thbirthday;) Sohila, Ugyen: #chempeeps4life #goa #delhi #QB Pema: 9th grade second semester.Colbie Caillat. Sunshine. Golu. Morning walks to school. Tuna sandwiches & shin ram yun. #toomuchlove Ketha: One tree hill. “Happy bag”. 11th grade second semester room shenanigans. #toomanymemories Supriti, Param, Rohan: I know I can count on ya’ll. #specialpeeps Manraj, Kushal, Arpit: You idiots have no idea how much you mean to me. Thanks for all the memories and for being my friends. I love ya’ll. Sashwat: My secret lover, my friend, my man, thanks for being there for me when I needed you. Thanks for not judging and being cool about everything. Yash: Thank you for being an amazing friend, for understanding and for caring. Thanks for an amazing JSB. <33 Madhav: Thank you for all the good times. I know you’re going to make it big :) Abhishek: My main man. I love that you make me laugh till I cry. i’m glad you’re one of the Sexy Six. <3Sasha: The time you dressed me up as Bapps, the times you tried to be cupid, the times you thought everyone “copied” you; thanks lovah for these memoriez(with a z). Thank you for liking me for my loser self back in 9th grade and thank you for being my bestestt (and ½rst) friend. I love you <333 Sonam: Baby! If it wasn’t for toms/alpaca, I wonder where we’d be. I’m going to miss our roommate selfies, your IDGAF attitude, and the occasional deep talks. Thanks for listening and never judging. Here’s to all the memories and a million more. I LOVE YOU BABYY Nami: Gawu, Ferris, Horlix, Kali Jhooti, Alberto, “First Kiss”; I’m going to miss it all. Thanks for letting me be myself aound you and for knowing me inside-out. Baby you and I are meant to be together forever. I love you till in½nity and beyond. Ro: It’s crazy how we argue so much and yet end up hanging out with each other all the time. I like how we act like a married couple sometimes. Thanks Ro, for ALL the food, love and memories. I love you <33 Amber: My sikh sister, I love youuu. I am going to miss “begging” you for cereal and devouring your infamous cupcakes. Thank you for making my 16th birthday amazing. Thanks for always being there for me and making me feel so special. <33 Aryan: One day we’re going to travel the world. One day we’re going to watch the Aurora. One day you’re going to ½x that pink light on the TV tower. And one day we’re going to ¾yy. Sex and Peaches forever. I love you muf½n <33 Killuminati: Let the world know how bright we can shine.


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and Papa I-cant- thank-you-enough-for–sendingNamrata MohapatraMumma me-to-WS.I-owe-it-all-to-you-bothEeya You-made-life-at-

You’re-family.I’m-so-glad-weWS-easier-and-harder-cuz-you-set-the-bars-way-too-high-Iove-you-baldySasha had-that-‘So,-we’re-bestfriends-nowmoment-5-years-back.-Euro-trip-someday.Sorry, this-will-just-doesn’t do-justice-to-our-relationship-baby.Seerat L4L,You-prolly-know me-the-best-in-this-world.Though-we-started-onthe-wrong-foot,we –ended-on-the-right. I won’t-mention-half-the-shit-here-but know-all-those-memories-were-worth it.I’ll-read-your-notes from-you-day-to-day-and-CRY-my-balls-out-and-i’ll-miss-our s*oon**g lol Socretes Man, 20 years from now you’ll be FAT-Can’t wait. I won’t miss your burps and farts at all.I hope you have ugly kids.hehe, iloveyoubaby. Amber&Ro wow, feels like i have known you for a lifetime.You guys are more like sisters-from making punnets square to know what our future babies would look life to serious convos on death penalty hah. We have had our highs and lows but that’s what makes us all closer,right.I really hope we all stay like this forever, but if only if that was ever possible. But as long as we last,remember that I’ll be there for you.Iloveyou. You guys: Our kids will be Bestfriends too,k? AbhishekWS life-without-you-would-have been dry. Damn,I’m scared that you are one person who is gonna vanish after we leave.Please prove me wrong.Rohan So many insane memories since MS-and i’m glad you were a part of most of them. You’ll make it big in life-so you better keep in touch lol Param You spent all your time being mean to me.You will regreat it oneday. Haha jokes, you are the cutest. SiddhantaBaby doll, meet you on our wedding day <3 I’ll miss you so much Siddu <3 we will practice law together someday. Dechen You’re one hell of a girl.Stay strong and beautiful.Out arguments are the best!Utsav You cried on Rakhi day :P Haha,first good friend at WSJono Brother love <3KunalYou are way too nice of a person Sashwat Badminton partner :PBliss Tere naal love ho gaya,milte rahenge,babeYashEmotional-whatsapp-conversations-for-lifeSohilaGore ladke zaroor milenge.Pussycat<3 Manz-You better call me to your wedding?Youbig support system.Pia,Ketha,Pema,Diks”How you can love?”I’ll make videos so i can entertain you after grad too Ugyen,Asma,Sarah Intellectual talks are the best, right? Jesal LCS Never loose that humor.Love you.Abyaya You are too smart for life Arpit Its not what you think,Damien Armaan One day i’ll send you my blog from Garwhal Post and nurse you in LCH,I’ll miss you ass. Natasha,Amaani,Hlutei,Tseki My babies.Spend your senior timewisely.Natasha,Samad You left way too soon Fayaz Ahn Aseem Apoorva Zaine Surri Don’t F things up too soon.WS time is precious time. Amrita Sangi Summer and Joon First, Your sisters are awesome and second i know more about you guys than you think i do. Shanaya Girlfriend, Can’t you just graduate with me?Elementary friends You have so much to appreciate. Have fun lil ones.Aarav Our lil’ man <3 GoaQB people MYBESTMEMORIES Rajasthan AWSore butts and bonding time Advisor Family time Mr.Rhatigan,Mrs. Fidler Your class is the reason i am doing what i love to do Johnny You were a blessing in disguise for our class.You should have come a bit earlier.You earned a lot of respect without asking for it. Mr.SteveThanks for always being there for us Marcus ShawThanks for the fun and the food Mrs.

ShawYou’re second mommy for us.Mrs.Yaman You are an amazing person and i would-strive-to-be-more-like-you-Alberto-You’re mine-WS Thanks for the best time.

Ama&Daddy- Thank you so much for all the love, and most of all thank you for sending me to here, I love you both very much. Kevin & Shanaya- Life is so exciting and vibrant with you two in it, Pips you’ll forever be my baby, Kevin, I know you’ll always protect me, couldn’t ask for better siblings. Love you both unconditionally to the moon and back. Family- Thank you for the love and prayers. Namrata- You are nothing less than family, the two of us were destined to meet, we’ll forever be best friends, I love you! Abhishek- Anybody would be lucky to have you for a best friend, and I am glad I got that lucky, always stay as good as you are, I love you. Seerat- Guds, I genuinely hope life treats you, can never thank you enough for being by my side. I love you. SonamBaby, its really worth being your friend, I am so happy that we’ve come a long way since I first saw you in 6th grade. I love you! Armaan- Puffs, you make me so happy, life has been so much better with you in it, thanks for being obnoxious with me. I love you! Amber- Thanks for always listening and making me feel better about life, I can always rely on you, stay as pure as you are! I love you. Ro – We’ve made some amazing memories together, I am so damn grateful for you, I love you. Six- We click so damn well, thanks for being there for me, and assuring me that I had you guys at all times. Ketha- You will always have a special place in my heart! Param & Rohan- Our trips to CD have been memorable, I am glad I have you guys. Sarah & Tara- The two of you are very special to me, thanks for the good times. I love you both very much. Dechen- Peaches, please take care of yourself and always remember how great you really are. Mallika & Sohila- You two are the cutest, I will miss you guys alot. Karina- Kat, we’ve known each other for so long, thanks for listening to me and understanding me. Supriti & Pema- We grew distant but you guys still mean a lot to mean. Khetysun – Have fun next year! I will miss you! Jiyeon, Amrita & Aakriti - I am glad Shanaya has you guys! Enjoy your last two years! ‘014-Killuminati- We’ve done it and we’ve done great! Take care!

Sasha Kenny


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09/05/14 10:57 PM

Thank you.Thank you.Thank you.Anu&Apa:I know I will never stop thanking you till the day I die.Nothing will ever compare to your love for us&the sacrifices that you guys made for us.U Nupuii,U Mamtea&Sangi:I love you guys to the moon&back.You guys will always be my #1 people & remain in my heart forever.My other cousins:Keep being the crazy people that you are. Amber:Firstly,I do NOT hate you:I love you.You’re someone I can depend and lean on, someone who will never judge me(maybe cause ur scared of me idk).Namrata:My first friend&roommate in WS.To the sweetest most caring and diplomatic person I have ever met.You are beautiful. Sonam:Its sometimes creepy how we understand each other so much&I just love that look we pass or that mutual feeling that we have about certain cicumstances. Seerat:Sorry I rolled my eyes at you.I really appreciate all the times you would just laugh with me because I find lame things sooo funny.Loved our arguments.Sasha:My Laquisha my Diva.Don’t ever get embarrassed to be who you are&what you want to be.shake that bootie like we ‘drunk in love’.Natasha:Even after 5years, you’re still the same old Nuts who I knew I could lean on & trust.Remember the haircut we gave Nami?Mansi:The times we do hang out=non-stop talking for hours.Thank you so much for listening to all my problems&breakdowns.Bliss:Have to go to the playground again sometime soon.Karina:A U=strong.Nutcha:Twin:we are inseparable (especially when there’s food).Raageshwori:The Golden Ticket HAS to get us somewhere.Ein&Anjuri:Thanks for being my mommy(s) when I needed it.Ugyen:We have to stop procrastinating& having our OCD moments.remember Superman?Dechen:You=the most supportive friend.Forever13:‘Let’s act like sophisticated 5thgraders’ ;) I will never forget all those fights & dramas & photo sessions. Abhishek:My Handsome funny&witty friend.Param:Cute,Sweet,Charming-Thanks for the piggyback rides.Rohan:We’ll jam one day.Prabir,IshaanP,Duc:Let’s go on an adventure (or find one).Manraj,Sashwat,Aryan,Karan:The thug life chose you.Kunal&Sohail: Pinku&the guy I hope whose dream comes true. Ketha,PiaT:Thanks for being there for me(laughing at me)&keeping up wid all my lame stories.Pema:There are people dumber than us.Jono:Thanks for all the encouragement&support-random notes&dances.Gotta do a duet one day.The Shaws:You guys were my other family that never stopped supporting & feeding me.Sohila:Now=Closest friends.Nathan,SarahK:I admire your faith.Supriti:Creative.Tanuvee,Tanya,Monica,Hazel:I am So so glad I got to know you guys better.Zain,Aashish,Hlute,Sumair,Amrita,Sh anaya,S&J:Make the most of your time here.Class of 2014: I’m blessed to have met a bunch of people like you guys.

Rotluangpuii Ralte & Amber Kang

Mama/Papa: Thanks for making me the person I am today Summer/ Joon: Stay confident, beautiful, intelligent, funny, and strong. Armaan: Barbsa! How am I gonna live without you? I’ll miss you my favorite <3 Younjung, Amaani, Tseki: Make the most of it! Apurva: I’ll try to be a little more bad ass Aashish: My favorite little brother! love you! Gonna miss you! Dechen: Seraroo you’re a bundle of joy, smiles, laughter, drama and chaos.. Cali bound! Anjuri: you’ve been my inspiration since 6th grade friends forever Ein: nothing has made me cry w/ so much joy than that video, I can’t explain how much you mean to me Ugyen: Im glad that I turned out nice enough to be your friend! Raageshwori: Hip Thing! Big eyes/bright smile Nutcha: I love your confidence.. I’ll call you when I get abs Mansi: Lack of words doesn’t mean lack of love Nivedita: Pinkalicous! My blister, pink/ black converse, bff lockets, Tibetan Bazaar, basketball shorts Sups: You’re the friend who I won’t talk to for years but when we meet again it’ll be like we never left Manraj: Mei ik din Punjabi siklongi. Thanks for all your advice Dilsher: I hope we find our friendship again... we lost it along the way Ketha: my nose flaring boy twin! Tanya: A package of sunshine Sohail: Koala! Sorry for slapping you! Thanks for all the sex ed Sashwat: Yagmatic! Spanning Jetray, ultimate love guru.. too many memories! Kunal: Fellow swim captain, one of the sweetest boys I know Jono: Alien I’m glad you were there to accompany me on this journey Hazel: words can never bring you down, you’re beautiful Pash: Apple will always love you, never forget her. Utsav: I’ve always told you to live life with a positive mind, abide by it. Sohila: You bring happiness into my life, how am I gonna survive without you?! Love you tremendously! Rohan: There is no place to begin and no place to end.. so very special, someone I treasure.. I hope I know you forever Param: Mr.Shah, thanks for listening to me, making me laugh, making me smile and making me a happier person, you’re a very special friend <3 Abhishek: A bestfriend and brother combined, an extraordinary individual, You’ll always have a special place in my heart <3 Sonam: Daughter, put your chin up and smile at the world cause no one can tell you otherwise, you’re one beautiful food monster Seerat: Sikh sister, remember that strength and confidence is the greatest beauty, never doubt yourself. Sasha: Together forever right? From bestfriends to strangers to the sexy six, you’ll always be my sasha fierce! Ro: Even if I wrote 6 pages it wouldn’t be enough, thanks for making me a better person, you know my heart pours love for you Nami: my love for you is inexplicable; you’ve been there through thick and thin, good, bad and ugly. You’re as true as friends get. Natasha, Conor: I wish you’d stayed Killuminati: It was a great journey, remember we shine on our own!


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09/05/14 10:57 PM

Ritsen Gyaltshen Regardless of how cheesy this may sound- words will never be enough to describe my Woodstock experience. Moma, Apa, Acho, Angay and Meme: Thank you. Not just for taking care of me and making sure I was doing fine, but for accepting me as I am, even at my worst (especially mom). You all have showered me with love, and anything and everything great I have ever achieved is because of you. There is nothing I could do to ever repay you, but reciprocate my love and be the best that I can possibly be. Tshokey: No matter how many times you deny it, you know you’ll miss me ;) All I have to say to you is ‘be strong’. Strive to accomplish and overcome every obstacle that comes your way, and take every bad experience as a learning one instead of regret. All the little Bhutanese (all of you who aren’t leaving school with me): Take care of yourself, and take care of each other. Keep up the Dubi pride and enjoy the time you have here. Karina: My first “true” friend in Woodstock. My roomie. My confidant. Haha, we had some great times together, “I tell you”. Racist jokes, Rice and yellow potato Nepali thing, Boroline etc. etc. etc. – I’m going to miss all of it, from the times we’d be fooling around to the deep talks that would bring tears to our eyes. Jesal: You probably expected this but you are someone I can always depend on (if you know what I mean) :P But that was only the foundation of our friendship. There’s Pyuthanis, Pursuit of happiness, our “walks”, our absolutely neat and pristine room, our early mornings hahahahaha-our laughs, hoohoohoo- those laughs too. Those are just a few things that came to mind, there’s so much, much more. Madhav: Old chum, I’m so glad we’re friends. You really, truly are are one of the best people I’ve ever known. Abhishek: What do I say? We’re just so much better than everyone else. Our friendship is better than any other, and we are just too cool for life B). And you, Pukar: Everything I have to say, you already know and even if I were to write everything I’d need pages and pages. The time we had together passed so quickly that I didn’t even have the chance to let you know how much I appreciated everything. I’ll see you very soon. :)The moments and memories that have been made here are ones that will last a lifetime.

Mama bear Baba: Thank you for sending me to Woodstock. It really has been a great experience.i have learnt a lot and made memorable memories. Kabish: little brother enjoy the rest of your time here, be good and enjoy every bit of it. Time flies. Pemster: you are my person, idk what I would have done without you. This isn’t the place to write down all my feeling for you. Ritsen: my herbal everything. Honey you know my thoughts like no one does. Memories last a lifetime. Jesal: little one, I’ve roomed with you so many times and its never enough. Your sly and suborn ways of doing things is what I love about you. Deki: you have unknowingly always been there for me. you are so gentle and sweet on the outside but I am glad I have gotten to know the deeper you. Sonam: baby I know we might have grown a little apart but you are someone I can always come to and count on. Sasha: I have known you for ages. We grew up together and been together since our ugly childhood days. We have shared so many memories and I am so sorry for all the times I was bitch to you in 5th grade. Amber: baby basketball, its amazing how much I had to take care of you but that was the best part of being with you and knowing you. Ro(nau): You are not the only one who sucks at writing things for people but I know you know all I have to say for you. Dechen: Sorry for all the times I have harassed you, doggy. Supriti: kalu, I know we may not hang out all the time but we will always be friends. Ketha: we have grown apart but I know you will always be there. Do try and keep in touch. You kind of suck at that . Navika, Tanuvee: all those times bitching about people we do not like will never be forgotten. Saharsha: gadha, You will always be my favorite junior. Pukar, Sumair, Lungi: Enjoy your senior year. Bully the little kids and take care of the African. Kheytsun: K, you grizzly. Stay sexy. Enjoy your senior year. Do not waste time fighting with people you care for. Time is limited. Salman: Together Forever. Killuminati: We did it.

Karina Shrestha 169

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09/05/14 10:57 PM

SOHILA Mum and Dad –Thank you for setting an example and taking time out of your lives to build up mine. The trips to the dhaba weren’t so bad either. Sunny – Thank you for all your advice and guidance. Even when you were annoying you were thoughtful. Thanks for being a pretty amazing big brother. For all the times here at Woodstock - the walks around Chakkar, trying to spot the shooting stars, making pacts in coded languages and doting about Horton, the long talks and falling asleep in the lounge at 4 a.m, and the fun math classes learning to bend and snap! Talking in accents and learning how to impress people, the times spent on our red monkey and the UNO tournaments, or the time we filmed live while we’re young in front of all of Melbourne with a boost juice in our hands, the bonds formed at RE retreats, the bubble bubble moments, the secret handshakes, the chem crew hanging out in the lab and no gang- gang’s uber coolness. Through my Woodstock journey I’ve met amazing people – cousins, sister-in-laws and husbands (who can be a pain in the bum!) - my diaper buddy and favorite person, ex-roommates, friends, advisors and advisor group who have supported me, protected me from monkeys, given me college advice, piggy back rides, or delicious food, stuck together in the strange city of Goa, and made me laugh. These people I will never forget. Mist Calls – Our videos, dance, photo shoots, and being shooed away for sitting too long on the ramp to dorms, those moments cannot be replaced by anything that may come in the future. Through the years you’ve become my closest friends and I know we’ll always be there for each other. For this little bubble called home and all the moments I got to spend with the people here I will forever be grateful! Thank you Class of 2014 for giving me memories to last a lifetime. For all the support and encouragement through the good times and bad. I hope to meet you all someday when we’re successful and satisfied with what we’re achieved. Till then – Good luck for the future! Most of all, thank you God for having a plan and making all this possible.

Ma – You have always supported me and I am eternally grateful for that. Thank you for all the criticism, advice and inspiration. Thank you for indulging my whims and fancies while keeping me grounded and giving me everything and then some. I love you. Thatha – I don’t tell you enough how much you mean to me. I’ve always been able to count on you no matter what the continental gap. Thank You. MonWWica – What can I say? Red velvet, chicken pox buddies, intense gossip sessions, Sundays, and code names. Sometimes you know me better than I know myself and even this upcoming distance won’t stop us saying the same thing at the same time! TOATS! Zara – Playground talk sessions, Dharamsala and crazy philosophical discussions in the middle of Basketball games. Thank you for always being there for me when I needed someone to talk to – I wish I had been the same. Don’t disappear on me okay? TTTKA (Hichic, Taz and Nina) - Someday years from now we will meet and have another movie marathon. I promise. Arpit – I think we did pretty well. Thank you for balancing me out and preventing mental breakdowns (the British accent helped). Don’t die on me in the army okay? And send me one of the BIG red hats – and I’ll send you an onesie. Deal? Rishi – My budding superstar! Don’t ever forget your dreams okay? And I want a free signed copy of your first CD! I won’t forget all the good times we had in Mulan. Stay suave, stay confident and stay dramatic. Don’t ‘FANCY’ without me! Sara – So I should mention more than your dog’s right? Haha….well – there’s the TOTSMAGOATS!!! And all our amazing sleepovers, Dehradun trips and baking adventures – not to forget our INTENSE workout sessions! I know I’ll see you again so don’t forget me in Aussie-land! And by the way – You know nothing (Jon Snow)! Jonah – One day I will come to America and you can take me around. I think that says it all. The Shawses – Blueberry cheesecake, Ter-min-ator and endless spicy food. Let me just go ahead and say that we have the best advisor group. Vanu, Meghna and Bella – DO IT FOR THE VINE! Don’t let the day scholar awesomeness die out. I’ll miss you three terribly. Freddy – JELLYFISH! You convinced me to write more. So here’s to our awesome semester as class govs, all the study sessions, bad German pronunciation and Rolexes. See you in Europe, ‘Lila Qualle’. Raageshwori – Biology study sessions. Enough said. Ugyen – my drama, MUN and StuCo buddy. Let’s go back to Dharamsala okay? Bahir and Seth – My two studs, don’t break too many hearts! And keep doing drama! Setse – My love! I will forever miss the magical healing power of your hugs. Michael – GOLDFISH! Get me a kangaroo okay drama buddy? Mr. Steve – I AM A PEACOCK! TOTSMAGOATS! Mrs. Okie – Drama saved me. Thank You. Woodstock School – I owe you everything.



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09/05/14 10:57 PM

Asma Ebadi

To Woodstock I had wings, but I never knew how to fly. In Woodstock, I learned how to open up my wings, believe in myself and fly in different directions. It gave me the courage to dream about flying as high as I can and explore my will and my abilities. Here, I learned that there are no limits for learning, age or gender do not restrict one’s ability to start learning new things and build up his or her dreams. When I came here, I was just a student, with no special skills, but now that I am leaving, I am a musician, an athlete and an actress. I am taking many lifetime memories and friendships with me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to study here. It was a phenomenal experience. To my Friends My twin, you know I am talking about you Nina! I will remember every moment we spent together, the late night talks and singings, our inappropriate jokes ;) our workouts in the gym, our diets and cooking together. Also, don’t forget about our Europe tour. Hopefully, we will meet someday and go for a Europe trip. Mallika, I am taking many memories of you with me, especially in tenth grade. You made my time more memorable in Woodstock. Stay in touch! Monica, one of my best friends, my most fun times in India were with you and your “kids”! I have trusted you more than anybody. Keep me updated on everything. Tanu, thank you for all the delicious meals :P , you are one of my crazy and caring friends. I can’t wait to hear back from you when you go to Switzerland. I know you’ll have fun. Devika, although you are the youngest among us, you have always cared for us like a mother. Whenever you feel like you need somebody to sing Bollywood songs with, give me a call  Navika, you are another crazy and funny friend I have. I’ll miss our intense discussion of politics and some of your jokes that I didn’t really get but they were still funny. You are perfect the way you are, and I love you for that. Zara, my birthday buddy! Thanks for all the times you helped me. Keep in touch. Tanya, it was fun rooming with you, I can’t wait for you to become an engineer. Tara, I will miss teasing you, especially in Math class :D I can’t believe we became so close in such a short time. I’ll miss you mon amie. Sarah, I’ll remember all the times we spent together, especially in tenth grade activity week. I’ll miss you. Param and Fuse, It was fun spending time with you guys. You made my time more special in Woodstock. Keep in touch! To ASI (Afghan Scholars Initiative) and my family Mr. Qiam Amiry, Dad, Mom and Hamasa, thank you for supporting me and giving me the chance to come and study here. Staying in Woodstock was a life changing experience and I have tried my best to use every given opportunity in a positive way.

e Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you, The Lord turn his face towards you and give you his peace’. Mom and Dad, Mallika David Ththank you for everyday, the love, the sacrifice and joys. I’m blessed to be your daughter. Michael- For being my support and a loving brother, you have always been there for me and I am thankful to God for you as my brother Marc- An inspiration in my life and my guide when I feel lost. I love you. Sohila- My diaper buddy and my soul sister, our memories together will last me a lifetime and I know that where ever we may end up we’ll always be close by. Take care of yourself and know that I’m always there. Monica- where do I start? 8th grade! You hold a very special place in my life. Thanks for being there no matter what. Through my breakdowns and my hyper days. Our friendship has such special memories, ones that nothing can ever replace. Zara- My weirdest yet closest friend. What I share with you, I know I will never find with anyone else in this world. Thanks for all the loving criticism and caring hatred. Hahaha until we meet again Adios Amigo. Subin- Lil kim! My sifu, You are one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. Thank you for keeping me on the straight and narrow. You have been my rock. You are always there in my prayers. Hazel- Jebs! Room-1. You are the bravest person I know! Stay that way. Hold strong to your faith and don’t forget we have many more memories to make. Asma- we share parallel lives! Thanks for been there for me. Through all the changes we went through you never changed. Nina- I treasure our friendship so much. I hope we never lose our way. Let’s meet often cause you are the coolest Russian I have ever met. Devika- I got a chance to know you for a short time but I know our friendship will last a lifetime. You are the wisest person I have ever come to for advice. Thank you. Ugyen- we’ve gotten so close and I’m so grateful for that. Don’t change the person you are. Kunal- What do I say! It’s silly what we have but it’s been one of my greatest memories. We’ve gone through a lot and there is nothing I would want to change. Fuse- Thanks for being there. I have learnt a lot from you. Stay close and forgive the past. Yash- Don’t change for anyone. Jono- LCH, Accapeep and chapel band buddy, Thanks for the deep conversations, the encouragement and the friendship. I know we’ll meet again at a wedding or a funeral. Arpit-COUSIN! Being in high school with you has been a joy! Thanks for being there for me when I needed you. Take care and be safe in the army! Pathak/ Manraj/Kushal- Thanks for the memories. The Okie’s/ Mr. Steve/Mrs. Yaman/ Mrs. E./ Ms. Preeti- Thanks for the guidance and support WS-Fight the good fight.


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09/05/14 10:58 PM


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09/05/14 10:58 PM

Tara LCS

Tara, If you’re planning on reading this Baba O’reilly really loud and then read this. Like Emile Hirsch. Do it. I will always remember the place that brought me into the open. I will always remember the state I was in before and what I became after. I will always remember the people that made change a good thing. I will always remember Montana and Woodstock. One showed me direction and one brought me higher. Subin:Well, I just love you so much and you know that. I am not being generic when I am telling you to NEVER change. Sarah: My little Michael Jordan. My overused and recycled made life here really, really bearable. You were the best audience to my comedy routines, and I to yours. Asma:You are the most down to earth, real and incredibly beautiful person I’ve ever met. I am so lucky to have you as one of my closest friends. I refuse to lose touch. Sasha: I will you to have all the selfconfidence in the world and much more. I also will you all the european guys in the world at your doorstep. I know how you like em’. My dear Sofia, you are crazy and charming all at once. If I could pack you up and take you to college I would. I will you an amazing senior year. Abhishek- you are living proof that laughter is good for the soul. I love you for that. My Advisor Group: And then the ghost said, “Boo!”...Vasu was the best. To Maya, Nina, Helena, Matt, Nami, Hope, Navika, Jules, Sabi, Karolina, Nutcha, Yeshin, Megan, Chiara. Only some of the people that made life important these past four years. Papa: You’ve taught me and guided me. You’ve reasoned and I’ve listened. Years from now and I’ll still be listening. I will always be my father’s daughter and I trust you blindly. I love you so much. Maman: Comment te remercier? J’espère que tu sais que je suis perdu sans toi. Je suis si fière d’être ta fille. J’espère que tu es fière de moi aussi. Je t’aime avec toutes mon âme. Je promets de te dire chaque jour que je t’aime, a partir de maintenant. C’est a cause de vous deux que je vis dans un monde haut en couleur. To Anou and Neel. We are the three legs of the tripod. Three leagues of the mile. And, you are the most precious things I have. Sejal and Vishal:You are the balance that I always wish my world to have. I love you so much. I am excited to be part of Samara’s life. To the Class of 2014, well, I’ll never forget you. You gave me an entirely new perspective.I am damn lucky to have been part of Kluminati. And Tara...don’t ever forget how much fun you had and how pretentious you were. Oh, and I love you too.


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09/05/14 10:58 PM

I’ve never imagined writing a senior will would be this difÀcult. The fact that I have to express my gratitude, my love, my experiences and everything that mattered in my short but impactful 3 years in WS, is overwhelming. I recall writing a crappy entrance essay because I didn’t want to come here. Now, as I dreadfully countdown my last 35days, I thank God for blessing me with opportunities to get a world class education, build friendships that’ll honestly last a lifetime, develop a mind that questions, appreciate the nature, and to live independently. I’m so grown into the lifestyle, the people, the community, the food (CD/kalsangs all the way) and the absolutely beautiful mountains that the thought of leaving this place forever (if not for a longlong time) gives me chills. Thank You Mom&Dad for nurturing me with unconditional love and prayers, Sis&Bro for sticking by me and being my role models. To all my sexaye Girlfriends- Uggs, Yeshin, pempem, Hope, Amber, Ro, Megon, Raage, Anjurs, Nammi, Mallika, ein, Squeak, Piazx, Dech, Ritsie, Tanu, Tantan, I’ll never forget the late night dress ups, birthday celebrations with our ghetto oreo+nutella cakes, running down the mountain for chapels, pigging out at CD, walking up the snowy midlands ramp and helplessly sliding back down, restaurant-hopping in the buzz, taking lazy walks around Ridgewood court, breaking down when we all have our P*, talking about our bfs…I could go on, but I’ll make it more personal in the letters! To my Homies; Kush you’re the most awkward but genuine guy, I’m glad we’re homies. Sashwat I don’t hate you hehe. Arpit you never fail to make me laugh. Jono stop stalking chinky girls. Nathan we’re no longer DDUN locals. To my closests: Jihoo Thanks for teaching me to put others before myself! Su thanks for being there for me no matter what, you’re a better friend than I was to you and I treasure our friendship with all my heart. Taha I’m gonna miss ya like crazy my Craycray Frrrghh-ancais roomie! Ketha Thanks for being my pillar of strength. Jeh I’ve too many memories with you, lmao-ones. Asma We’re close at heart no matter what. Sasha We’ve a spectrum of memories-from making cheap dance moves to talking about signiÀcant life stories. ;Sonam Thanks for being like a childish twin yet a loving sister. ;Subiewoobie I love making you laugh. Nutch We’re so similar in all the Asian ways possible. Navs Old friends are the best! Champions: No words will exhaust my love for you my TEAMMYS. Thank you for making my last season the best one. I’m gonna miss you girls so much “I’ll start crying”. Remember my dearest champs,FIGHT! &never ever give up. C.C (Crazy coaches): You guys are crazy but I love it. Thank you for believing in Us. Stuti&Tseks You two cuties, stay in touch. Le Steve Thank you for your endless support and !!!s. Mr Jonny: coolest teacher ever! MATTY: It feels like yesterday that we fell in love and you became mine. Idk how to thank you for the countless memories we share. Even after 3years, you still mesmerize me with your charming smile, love for basketball, passion to change the world, butterÁykisses, Map lessons, horrible singing, loving eyes, exquisite mind and your genuine love for me. It hurts to be unsure of our future but I hope we’ll share our Joy, sorrow, pain and achievements like we’ve been p y be special p even if we’re miles apart. Please know and remember that yyou’ll always in myy heart. I love yyou sooo much matty ʊ


Thank you: For allowing me to grow up in an environment surrounded by serenity: nity: breathtaking mountains, freshness in the air, splatter of the rain, loud & bickering monkeys. For supporting me & nurturing me for the past 18 years, never losing faith in me, guiding me to the right path: my wonderful family. y. For gradually shaping me into the person I am today, changing me from an immature kid into an independent woman. For entering the room 7 years ago, being the Àrst one to say “hi” & from that moment, giving me unconditional love & support, never letting myself forget of who I was, for the inÀnite memories, happy or sad, but all very important, for being the most true friend any girl in this world would be lucky to have: my soul sister. For chardukan-cheese fries & maggi, the star gazing spot, chakkar walks at midnight: the stargazers(gators). For the winterline, the beautiful sunrise, lights glistening down the hill: to those who experienced this beauty standing beside me. For the craziest sophomore year, the videomaking, for each & everyday that I got to know you guys better, the happier & weirder it made me, the four people in this planet who I can be myself around at all times which is truly amazing: to Mist Calls . For giving me a shoulder to cry on, a laugh during stressful times, for walking up & down this mountain with me, the late night talks, dorm-life cooking, Chem class: to all the wonderful weirdos who were a part of this ruckus. For teaching me, educating me, not only Biology or Chemistry but also on how to be the best person that I could possibly be: to my teachers. And lastly to that one special person for holding my hand & never letting go, for putting the time & effort to break down ‘the wall’, for huggies, for the special fuzzy feeling that nobody else in the world is capable of producing, for the bunny outÀt, for dreaming with me, for plain cheese pizza, for the risks & the massacre, for warming my days & my heart, but most importantly for being my complete opposite, the Yin to my Yang: perfect balance. Bis bald, meine liebe <3 For yesterday, today, & tomorrow, to every obstacle faced & mountain climbed, to every day being Àlled with new experiences, knowledge & memories.



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09/05/14 10:58 PM

For six years now, Woodstock School has been a home to me. This place has given me opportunities to explore, to learn, and to grow. My time here has come to an end and with that I say thanks and leave my most beloved belongings behind. Thank you. To my parents who allowed me the chance to come to this community and had my back. To Supriya Didi who always has been my best conÀdante. To my roomies who have always shared the warmth of their bed and their engulÀng hugs with me. I leave you our ridiculous girls’ nights, “sing-and-dance-your-heart-out” jamming sessions, and my enormous mess of clothes all over the room. To Pakki Paanch who accepted me and readily gave me an insight into life, energizing dance lessons, and yummy food. I leave you the best meals at dinnertime, the song “Low” by Flo Rida, and our personalized Oreo and chip birthday cakes. To Mist Calls who allowed me to explore my non-existent talents in singing. I leave you our amusing videos and our big dreams to be famous. To my besties who without whom I would not have such wonderful memories. I leave you the neverending photo sessions, the crazy parties, and our eventful trips together. To my homies for life who, no matter what happened, stuck with me, took care of me, and most of all understood me. I leave you the deep philosophical talks and the wisdom and the advice that we shared. To my fellow star-gazers who shared with me my most liberating and contemplative experiences on the Chakkar. I leave you the starry nights, the unÀndable big dipper, and the “star spots.” To my teachers who have imparted their knowledge and wisdom to me. I leave you my inability to actually pay attention in class but my ability to stay awake almost all the time. To the class of 2014 who I have had the chance to know and to love. I leave you all the memorable class nights and our original class name. To all the Tigers who one by one complete what Woodstock is and what it stands for. I leave you all the new memories to come and all the luck for your future. With that I bid farewell to you Woodstock and hope to begin a new phase in my life.



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09/05/14 10:58 PM


Ji Hoo Park

Ye Shin Cho



WSYB_2014.indd 176

09/05/14 10:58 PM

“Life is a daring adventure or nothing.” Family: You guys mean everything to me and I am eternally grateful to you for encouraging me to do crazy things like go live in India. A.P.: You won’t see this, but you’re my bestbian. You made my first semester here—and every day after that— incredible. Thank you for looking out for me every step of the way. R.K.: Quarter break, scary movies, Truth or Dare, Spin the Bottle, piercings, girl talks. Keep kicking serious butt. I can’t wait to see you in the States. I’m ready for more adventures.J.K.: Keep telling me everything and don’t do anything too stupid. I’ll miss you. R.T.: Make me proud, little brother. M.S.: Keep smiling that beautiful smile and never stop singing. S.B.: Soe Soe? Excuse me? You’re my travel buddy and I’ll miss our times in choir. B.W.: Do the great things I know you can. Keep being eternally bubbly and adorable. I can’t wait to see you in NorCal! J.P.: ‘SUP MAN! Thank you for so many happy memories. “Guys? I’m trying to sleep,” snuggles, Doma’s, 50 cm tall, lunch dates. Y.C.: Thank you for all of the amazing baked goods and for happy memories as roomies. M.M.: We’ve got the sickest grad page out there. Thanks for being my awkward face/shoulder dance/blue striped dress buddy! T.S.: Keep making people laugh. Everyone needs someone like you in their life to keep them alive and happy. S.K.: You are a shining example of God’s work; never lose that. You’ve been an amazing friend. Thank you for all the happy, laugh-filled times.E.J.: Austria was such a special experience; delicious coffee and art museums. I know you’re going on to great things. A.L.: You only lived in Chicago a short time, but you’re still my Chicago pal. Thanks for being there for a talk and a hug when I needed it. M.W.: So many hilarious memories together, crazy Australian. Nag Tibba & Rishikesh: never forget. T.G.: “Don’t count your sheep before they’re sheep,” American lunches, gossiping at tea time. F.T.: I wouldn’t have survived calc class or SAC or a whole mess more without you. Thanks for everything, bud. Kaplans: Thank you for adopting me and taking good care of me when I needed stitches or a home-cooked family meal. Mrs. P: Thank you for the hugs right when I needed them and for being a ray of sunshine in my life. Okies: Thank you for letting me love your absolutely precious daughter and for teaching me everything I needed to know about singing, acting, and being a good person. Never forget: Lyres, Urinetown, Char Dukan nights, T-Sniffles on the Chakka. Thank you so much to everyone who made the past year and a half so magical.

I want to thank everyone at Woodstock, especially the class of 2014, for making this time so special to me. I wouldn’t have come back if this place and its people did not have such a profound effect on me, but they did, and I am so grateful that I got to spend the last semester here. All of the experiences and opportunities that I have gotten to take part in while I have been here will remain in my memory forever. This beautiful spot in the mountains will hold a place in my heart for the rest of my life, and I can’t wait to reunite with these friends that I have come to cherish! To my roomies: I will miss our dances, and cleaning parties and lazy Sundays. You made me happy to come home every night. Sawah, you are always so sweet and easygoing. You are energetic, fun and you always give wonderful advice, it will be hard to have a roommate better than you next year. Tara my dear, I love discussing books, poetry and music with you and you always give great advice when I am in need of it. I know you will do great things in the future and I can’t wait to meet up someplace amazing when we are all grown up! To my workout buddies, you make me enjoy working out and push me to keep going and working towards those abs! The Ghei with good cereal, I appreciate how inclusive and friendly you always are, even though I am “the white girl”. You were truly friendly and you never hesitate to share. To my Quarter Break Crew, Even though I mothered a lot, I will always remember those fun days of eating, dancing and adventure! I will never forget those days and nights. The Breakfast Club I always enjoyed walking to school to start my morning with you guys and have breakfast! Anju, you are always friendly and considerate, I am sad that you weren’t here last time I was, but I am glad we had this semester. Suppa I love when you come in our room and hang with the roomies. You always give lovely fashion advice and life advice. I loved our nights at Chardukan and adventures over Quarter Break. My fellow Abu Dhabi-ite, you are always so chill and inclusive. I will remember nights on the chukkar and I can’t wait to go to college together! The Nut to NutMeg, I loved our rokeby dates, tourist adventures in Delhi, working out and just hanging together. Thank you for saving me from the monkeys. My fellow “white girl”, you have been a great new friend this semester, and you push me to work out in the morning, which is kind of unheard of. Those who walk on the Chukkar, you make me appreciate the beauty of Mussoorie and also trying new things, you made Friday and Saturday nights more interesting. 177

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09/05/14 10:58 PM

Monica Lall Dad, Mom and Lae: Thank you for always being there for me and for being my rock throughout. Love you <3 Zara: Gosh! I really don’t know where to being with you. Anything I write will never be enough. You are by far the weirdest person I’ve met and I sometimes don’t know why we’re friends but that happened. We’ve had our ups and downs, and knowing that I’ve roomed with you 4 out of the 5 years that we’ve been here just means that I couldn’t have survived Woodstock without you. Devika: Hey Frand! You are too young to graduate with us and it will forever be weird that you are my brother’s age! We’ve been through a lot together. From laughing hysterically to watching T.V shows, me stealing your stuff so that you don’t go back to your room, learning how to cook to survive, and eating all your food :) Asma: You and I, have become so close, it’s crazy. You understand me so well; I will never forget ALL the quarter breaks we spent together, and the times at my house! Love you. Michael: I don’t know where to begin, we’ve been friends since your Justin Bieber look. :P I never thought that two people as crazy as us would ever end up being as close as we are. I hope that one day you’ll be able to touch your shoulder. Nina: Babushka, I can’t believe that we came together and that we stayed in this place for five years! It definitely doesn’t seem like it’s been that long. I will never forget that quarter break; it’s embedded itself in my brain (chicken dance). Mansi: Hi, Physics buddy! Thank you so much for always being there for me and for being such a great friend to me. You’re the perfect height <3 I’m going to miss you so much and you better keep in touch, and don’t forget me when your rich! Hazel: There is just too much to write for you and I really don’t know where to begin, you’ve been like a sister to me! And we’ve now danced our way from your room to talent show till the end. We’ve had amazing times together and we’ll always be friends. <3 Subin and Sohila: Thank you for all the memories that we’ve made together. Our room in 9th grade wouldn’t have been the same without the two of you. Sohila try not to drop your laptop and scare people. I will miss those study halls when all of us were on the floor laughing when we were supposed to do homework. Mallika: You have tried to kill me many times this semester. Making me raw pancakes and eggs with a whole bottle of salt. So I’m now confused if we’re friends or not. :P Jk… Kunal and Arpit: 10th grade study halls and Bollywood dancing. You guys have made me laugh way too much! :) I can’t believe I haven’t died yet! Mama and Papa: Thank you for giving birth to me. I am too close to my word limit now. Love you guys! Monica: How will I ever train another roommate as well as I trained you? How did you put up with me for five years? Don’t worry, I don’t mind grammatical mistakes in what you write for me. Thank you for being there for me through every stupid thing I panic my way through. Thank you for climbing hysterically into a cupboard as I crawled out the room in 8th grade. Thank you for eating with me, making me watch stuff, taking my books away from me (sometimes) and for being yourself. Shara: If you see this I just want to say three things (1) Thank you for everything. I’d never have gotten through high school without you. (2) I hate you for anime!!!! (3) You will forever be the turnip! Mansi: I almost forgot to write anything for you. How could I forget you my child? Thank you for latching yourself onto me in 10th grade and refusing to let go. Your stubbornness gave me a friend I will never forget. You’re eating my food! Stahp it! Devika: My pseudo Guju friend... My Tibetan sweatshirt twin. Hmmnn... My mind’s going blank. I’m making a serious effort to come up with stuff here, just generally... I’m still waiting for you to lead me into my first petrifying tour of a Forever 21 store. Hazel: Nothing I write will make you sound any saner so I will write you a note. A long one. A letter! Nina: I will never forget our crazy room! Dancing around while we brushed our teeth, making coffee with hot water we’d stolen from the kitchen we weren’t allowed into. I’ll see you in the UK, that is, if I don’t have a mental breakdown before then and fail all my AP’s (this applies to Asma too). Asma: I’m glad I got to know you my last semester here. You’re crazier than I gave you credit for (I mean that as a compliment, I swear.) Kunal and Mallika: You guys were amazing! Whenever I was down, you raised me up (Mallika, the exaggeration’s for you). It was fun dissing Mallika... Just fun. And Mallika, good times, good times. I have too many embarrassing memories with you, so chances are, I’ll put all my effort into forgetting them. But seriously, you made Woodstock unforgettable. (P.S. I will forever be on Kunal’s side.) The clips look nice in your hair (reference picture). Sohila: Thank you for desensitizing me to farts. I’m sure it’s a skill that will come in handy later in my life. I loved spending time with you! I’ll see you some day, when you come to Ireland.Michael: I want your watch. If you don’t understand what that means, ask Monica. Which reminds me – thanks for teasing her with me. Hopefully, one day, she won’t need somebody else to open her water bottles.

Zara Ismail


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Sarah Pesavento Mom and Dad: Thank you so much for sending me to Woodstock and for all your support and encouragement. I couldn’t have done it without you and I appreciate everything that you do for me. Mike and Mary Ellen: You were my second parents here. Thank you for making my transition to Woodstock easier and for always being there for me. Navika, Tanya, Tanuvee, Devika, Nina, Asma: I will miss you all so much. When I came to this school I was really shy but you always made an effort to include me in things. Navika and Tanya, thanks for being amazing roommates this semester! I love that I can just be myself around you guys. From listening to each other’s rants to staying up till 2am laughing about random things, you have made this year so special for me and I will never forget all the good times we’ve had. Raya and Jonah: I’ll miss spending weekends with you. Please come and visit me whenever you are in California! Bay: I loved having you here for my last semester. I wish you all the best for your last years of high school. The Lyres: I love you all. Jazz band completed my first semester here and I will miss playing with you guys! Even though some of the practices were long and tiring, it was fun to hang out with all of you and I will never forget the Austria trip. Killuminati: Thank you for the memories, the good and the bad ones. Best of luck to all of you and I hope to see you all soon. I first came to Woodstock five years ago I did not think that this time would go by so fast. It was a life changing Nina KantMandal When experience and I would have never changed this decision of joining WS. But here I am at the end of my high school journey ready to start a new chapter of my life. Mom & Dad: Your little baby daughter has graduated! I know, I can’t believe it myself. Thank you so much for all the love & support! Люблю вас! <3 Eddie: Thanx for always being there for me, little brother! Good luck with your future and don’t miss me too much. P.S.: Hope to see you in England after your grad Denis: Now I am a Woodstock alumni too! Hope you are proud of me, brother. Thanx for all the help! Asma Jan: My twin! You know me better than anyone else here! I already miss you. Keep in touch. P.S.: Don’t worry, Tanu and I will be sure to include you via Skype in ‘the meeting’. :D Navika: My favorite cat! I’ll miss you, my quarter break buddy, all those random hugs and your meows at my door and your sassiness and us singing our lungs out! Keep in touch, Meow :) Devika: Baby/Auntie G. You always cheered me up when I was down. Thanx for always taking care of me. I’ll miss ‘our’ jokes, stupid faces, silly dances, and countless selfies! P.S.: Cya in Ireland :D Tanuvee: Channu! I will miss stalking hot people (+1D), silly jokes and cooking with you! Keep in touch. Our Euro trip is on! ;) Monica & Zara: I’ve known you guys since the very beginning. Can’t believe we are at the end of our journey. Will miss all the selfies, walks up at Chakkar and meals at Rokeby. Will miss you like crazy Моника and Зара! BTW Zara, cya in the UK. Sara P. & Tanya: Wish I had more time to get to know you guys. Good luck with college. Michael: Michelle! If we both fail in life we know where to find each other ;) Fuse: I wish we could turn back time and be as close as we were in 8th grade. But no matter how angry I get at you I’ll still miss you like crazy, brother! Aya: My Japanese sis! Keep in touch! Aishiteru <3 Mallika: Though we got distant I’m still grateful for everything you’ve done for me! Will miss you. Subin Kim: Shubiiiin! I’ll miss you cutie pie! Don’t forget me! P.S.: Necklace, Apple, Mr. Perfect Marina and Madina: Я буду скучать! Не забывайте писать письма. Navika, Asma & Lae: Kuroyasha Squad! Manraj: Will miss teasing you, Mannu! Keep in touch! P.S.: The bet is still on Asha Swanson: Probably you won’t get this yearbook but still I love you! Keep in touch! Uddhav: Now it’s my turn to graduate. Miss you! Acapella: Will miss you all! Thanx for the great memories. Brigadoon & Urine Town Cast and Crew: I had fun working with you guys! Thanx for the amazing memories. Class of ‘014: Good luck with your future. And never give up on chasing your dreams!


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Frederick Turck

An meine Eltern: An aller erster Stelle will ich euch danken. Ihr wart immer für mich da wann auch immer ich euch brauchte. Mit jedem Tag, ob gut oder schlecht, habt ihr mich zu einem besseren Menschen erzogen. Ich danke euch dafür. Mein Bruder: Manchmal kannst du echt anstrengend sein, trotzdem bist du ein Teil von mir. Du bist mein Bruder! Omilein: Auch dir danke ich dafür, dass du immer an meiner Seite bist. Für all die Reisen, Zeit und alles andere was du in mich investiert hast. Rohan: Lets not get into all that sentimental bullshit: You are a true brother. Go out there and make me proud! Manraj: We always got each others back, no matter what. You can always count on me, even in the future. Tushen: “brown eggs are more expensive than white ones (heheh).“ Thanks for everything. Hazel: Always there to help me out. I‘ll see you in Europe, Jellyfish. Stay fly. Mallika: Bio Buddy, in remembrance of fun times.Dilsher: The Godfather of Chandigarh. Thank you for the good times and your generosity. Abyaya: Dr. Lamsal, always there to teach me AP Biology and a loyal friend to me. Param: Roommate and Macro Economics genius. I won’t ever forget the arguments we had for a few extra points! Siddhanta: “Corruption Bista.” Thanks for always having an open ear for me. Mila: We will party it up in Germany. Your type. ;) Nathan: A good guy finally discovering and enjoying life. Thanks for helping me out in Pre-Calc, you know what I‘m talking about. Ishaan the Kop & Gamli & Mahdav Madhauu: Although there weren‘t many, thank you for the chilled out times. Hope: I appreciated our friendship, have fun in college. Sumat:...Arpit: Became one of my closest friends.. Stay who you are and count on me in the future! Kushal & Mathai: Even we didn‘t have many moments together. But you guys were good friends to me and I really appreciate that I have gotten closer to you. Ugyen: Although we were never really tight, I‘d just like to thank you for all funny moments you provided me with. Chuchu: Thank you for the cherishable seconds, minutes, and months that I will never forget. You have taught be a lot of things and made me a better person. Thanks for always making me smile and for trying your hardest to make everything work. I truly appreciate it.

I have been in this place for one third of my life and these 6 years have been so amazing. I can’t even explain them. No words can come close to describe the experiences I’ve had here. From the good to the bad, the people along the way, the journeys, the laughter, the tears; Woodstock will always be a part of me and I will always be a part of Woodstock. I am seriously going to miss everything and everyone...except for the crappy food; that was just ridiculous. Vasu The best advisor. A mentor. A guardian. Family. Thanks for everything. Freddy No words needed. A true bro. Abhishek Been there since day 1, love you man. Param The epitome of calmness, love you man. Arpit My family, ill see you in university. Giaco Always been there no matter what, tuo cazzo è piccolo. Fuse Green Helmet until we die, love you man. Sohail My Family, cant wait to see some concerts with you. Manraj House lovers 5eva bro <3 Ishaan P No words needed, love you, my grandma expects you home soon. Rishi Keep it all up bro, be a great person. I look forward to performing with you soon. Armaan You’re a really amazing guy, stay that way! Aryan Thanks for always being so understanding. Ro Thanks for understanding me. Sasha My char dukaan buddy! Nami you’ve been one of my closest friends since the beginning. We just didn’t realize it until now! Don’t forget it all! Sonam pikachu in human form! Seerat Keep a food journal in college for me ok Nikku? Hazel MUN MUN MUN :D Meghna My Little Sister. Ugyen You’ll always be my counsellor, don’t forget it. Ketha Although we’ve grown apart, you’ll always be one of my closest friends. Amber My Best Friend. Dad Thanks for literally every single thing. You have been my source of courage, knowledge, confidence, and direction. Thank you. Mom Thank you for always being supportive of me unconditionally. Its amazing to have someone that will stand by me no matter my opinion. Nita & Steve Whenever I need someone to see eye to eye with, you guys never fail me. You will always be where I bounce off ideas or decisions. Rajiv Mama Thank you for providing me with all these amazing opportunities. I am extremely grateful for all you have done for me. Dadi You are the boss. I hope I can make you proud. I can’t wait to be with you more.

Rohan Kumar 180

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Gamli Yonggam

Luke Khiangte

It has been a good experience studying at Woodstock. The 10 years at Woodstock has made a huge impact in my life. Woodstock wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my family, so thanks to ma and pa. There were some things that weren’t right or were unnecessary experiences which were stupid and time consuming. In these years new people came into my life and worthless people were forgotten. Friends and others who I have gotten close to have taken me through a journey that is unforgettable. Luke, Karan, Tung, Ishaan (kop), Utsav, Madhav, Aryan, Mila, Dilsher, Tushen, Mathai, Kushal, Sashwat, Ugyel, Manraj, Samad, Sang Rok, Andrew, Arpit, Saw, Nathan, Duc, Haram, Giacomo, James, Phuriwat, Freddy, Fred, Rohan, Sohail, Jiho, Jeong U, Yerang, Abyaya, Sumair, Jigme, Saksham, Loc, Bao. . All the crazy things we went through and experienced will not be forgotten. Thanks to all my friends (P.A.M.F.N) and others who made it possible to come this far.

words cannot describe how grateful I am to you guys for supporting me guiding me through these 10 years. You Utsav Garg Babaji/Mom/Dad/Mausi/Mamaguys went through so much pain sending me to boarding at the age of 8, but did it so I could get the best possible education. You have always supported me, been there for me and kept faith in me even in the worst of times and I am grateful to you all, I love you guys. Mrs. Mark- Thank you for all your support throughout these 10 years, I could not have made it by without your support. Dr.Sharma- Thank you so much for your support, advice and encouraging lectures. Thank you for always motivating me to do better and bringing out the best in me. Karan/Gamli/Ishaan- Our reign finally comes to an end. Sad to see how these 10 years went by so fast. Hard to imagine college life without you guys. I would definitely not have made it without you guys. The crazy memories from Edgehill to RW to Hostel and in CC always going to have a special place in my life. Words cannot describe how grateful I am that I met you guys. Always going to remember owning you all in Sports day during those Elementary days. LOL, wish you guys the best for the future, love you guys. Aryan/Sashwat/Dilsher/Arpit/Giacomo- Too much to say about you people. Thanks a lot for everything, you guys always were there for me, gave me confidence and helped me become a better and stronger person. Especially senior year, I really couldn’t have made it through without you guys, thanks a ton for the support. Take care and best of luck ahead and don’t worry Dilsher, Barcelona will be back, this coming season is totally ours, VISCA EL BARCA!!! Mathai/Mila/Manraj/Kushal/Tushu/Abyaya- sad how the time we had was too less but still made the most out of it. Wish had more time with you guys, thanks for an amazing time. Take care and wishing you the best ahead. Amber/Dechen- Thank you sooooo much for everything, you guys were the two people I could come and talk to anytime. Still remember those 6th grade days and now it is time for us to graduate, that embarrassing birthday song, Amber I am really sorry for that. Thank you for all your support, advice help and everything. Going to be incredibly hard without you guys for sure, Take care and wish you the best ahead. Salman/Saharsha/Sumair/Angad/Kabeer/Pukar/Jatia/Taklha- good luck for your senior year guys. It was really fun playing alongside you in the football team, had an amazing time with you guys in the 7 aside tournament. Win Jackie and RIMC next year. Wish you guys’ best for the future, be good seniors and have fun. Gurnihal/ Tibrewala/Oak/Jungshi/Daniel/Jigmey/Hritik- take care guys and be good seniors, enjoy your last year. Best of luck. Manvi/Parishma- Madrid still sucks, and Manvi remember “HN”. I am never going to stop mocking you with this. best of luck to you both and stay safe. Be good seniors. Take care, will miss you guys and don’t be mean to people. Amaani/Tseki- take care guys, enjoy and make the most of your last year, it will go by in a fast and you won’t know. Known you guys since elementary and you guys have not changed even a bit, still that naughty bunch. Math was quite entertaining with you guys, especially when Mr. Raju picked on me cause of you guys. Mean people. Best of luck. Shivi/Amy/Rhea/Shreya- thanks for all your help, glad I met you people. Take care and have a good senior year. Best of luck. Shreya you guys really need to be nice to people and thank you for the birthday present, it was really nice, thank you guys. Shivi and Amy not enough words to thank you both. Stay the same and keep in touch. Aashna- you little annoying mean person, too much to write about you, but honestly I really cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me. You are an amazing person, stay the same. Gonna miss your mocking and your mean comments but also you always being there for me as a friend. Thank you so much. Keep in touch, will miss you loads. Tahhira- enjoy yourself, take care and best of luck. You are an amazing friend and a really strong person. Stay the same. Thank you for everything. Enjoy your last year and make the most of it. Ikaum/Aalia- you brats!!!! Haha take care both of you and have fun. Enjoy every moment in Woodstock and make the most of everything. You guys have 3 years to really enjoy, so make the most of it. Cricket Teamhaha I am really sorry I ditched you guys during Patiala and Mohali. I heard about it all and I know you will win games in the coming future, best of luck for that, Mukkhi, Kartik, Ikaum, Hritik, Dagar lead the team to glory!!! Killuminati- it’s been a long and crazy ride with you all. We have all made memories and I know it will be tough moving on. 10 years has been a long time and I will definitely miss every single one of you. I wish you all success and an amazing future ahead. Thank you all for this amazing time in Woodstock.


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Dear Hopie, We are so incredibly proud of you and all you have accomplished. You are not only our Hope, but our joy and our blessing as well! Congratulations! With so much love, Mom, Pa, Dad, Tammi, Grace, David, Hannah, Sam, Jack, Daisy and Char!

CONGRATULATIONS! We wish you big congratulations on this special day and for the successful 10 years that you have spent with the Woodstock family! It seems like yesterday when we left you in Edge hill and time has passed so quickly- you have made us proud of your accomplishments. Keep up your warmth, kindness, helpful attitude and your determination to be somebody outstanding in life! May the lord always shower his choicest blessings on you! Dear Siddhanta, we wish you joy and happiness in every step of your life! Today we also thank Woodstock School and all the teachers for providing quality all-round education to both our sonsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; Siddhanta and Prasanna (2013).

Buwa, Mom, Prasanna and all the members of Bista and Khadka family!! 188

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Congrats you are 18 and graduating on the same date. Aim for the stars cause for a born fighter only Sky is the limit!!!!! Love always.

You were always there for me through good and bad. Even though we fight we are still together. I'll miss you a lot in my WS life and will always cherish the moments we've had in school. Congrats!! -Your brother



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Mansi Kedia

a e

We are proud of you and would like to heartily congratulate you on your graduation from Woodstock. You being our first child, bring us a lot of smiles and joy along with a sense of responsibility. We have tried to give you the best in family and social values. Your inputs and knowledge, which has further broadened our knowledge, made us realize how a bud has evolved into a beautiful flower spreading fragrance into the whole family. With the education, knowledge you have received from your primary school to Woodstock, values, love, care from your friends and teachers, and above all, your hard work and dedication made you a better person. And now as you are going to join college for your higher education, we wish that you enjoy life and make the best in your academic career. God will definitely fulfill all your dreams. Keep thinking positive and work hard which will make you successful. God says you dare, I will accomplish it. We are always with you. Congratulations Mansi and the Class of 2014 on your Graduation! Love you, Mummy, Papa, Maa, Baba, Chacha, Chachi, Saty & Family 191

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Nutcha, We still remember the day you and mamii traveled up that steep, curvy mountain to get to Woodstock. The time has passed by so quickly and now you are graduating from high school. We are very proud of you for being responsible, motivated, and for all your accomplishments in school. You have grown to be so confidence, loving, responsible and such a strong independent girl. Congratulations. Keep making us proud. Love, Papa, Mamii, Buzz & Brook PS: We would like to thank Woodstock for taking care of her and guided her to become who she is today.


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To Sumat, our pride and joy, Here's wishing you success, love and happiness, in equal and great measure. Remember , we love you and you are always in our prayers, Your family.


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CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 2014. WE WISH YOU ALL THE LUCK AND GOOD WISHES. My Dear Chora Sashwat, We are indeed very proud of you. It seems like yesterday when you came up to us and said you would like to study at Woodstock. Woodstock has molded you to be what you are today. Hold on to your values and go out in this world to reach the stars. Live your dreams and give your 100% in whatever you do. We are always there for you and are proud to be your parents.

Lots of love, Papa, Mama and Shaheen


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From. The Yearbook team

SPECIAL THANKS Activity Week -Photo Compeition Winners Senior School Staff Junior School Staff Residents Staff Sohila Samuel Sasha Kenny Nutcha Panaspraipong Yeshin Cho Youn Jung Na Alex Manton Ben Bowling Aman John Mr. Anil Bhandari Mr. Nilesh Talaulicar Andy Malhan Ajay Kumar Singh


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or s i v d A Staff

mugshots D


passage ld chwa i e R e elani M . s M Anjuri K a and Aya kkar Wakita

editors in chief

Rattapong Owasitth, Prabir Pradhan and Siddhanta Bista

Senior HE


s t r o p s Music+ Ein Jung t Chirapisit and Phuriwa

ss e n i s bu

n radha rian P i t i r Sup than Ku na nd Jo



Jesal Par and Mikh, Soha il ansi Kedia Das


la kiwa ja e N e al Kun Pia Tan and

Sarah Kim, Kethay un Metha a and Raageshwor i Pradhan


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What people think we do.

What we actually do.


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Profile for Woodstock School

Whispering Pine 2014  

Woodstock School's yearbook

Whispering Pine 2014  

Woodstock School's yearbook

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