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Figuring it Out

Figuring it Out The rst breeze of annual monsoon brings to Mussoorie something more than rain. Each year up the winding mountain roads comes a group of eager children ready to start the next chapter of their lives. Waiting for these children on top of the hills are stories to be written, friends to be made, and moments to be remembered. Their future is unknown, but the journey that awaits them is lled with exciting surprises each day. For once they come to Woodstock, all these students are only hoping to Figure It Out‌

Whispering Pine LXXXIII 1

Oh no! It’s the first day of school... I don’t like being away from home. I miss my parents already...

I really hope I’m allowed to draw. I’m really nervous to talk to the older kids, they seem so big and scary...


Oh no! I’m late again. I feel soo lonely. I wish I had someone to help me find my classes...

Ugh. Why are there so many stairs? I miss home. I miss my big sister. It’s so lonely here.


Hi tree. My name is Eryl and I’m in grade 1. Today is my first day. I hope I will be able to play four square today. I really like playing outside. Do you think I’ll make friends? I hope they like four square too. What about you? Do you like four square? Will you be my friend?


Hi tree, my name is Soorie. I’m in grade 1. I don’t know what to do. I can’t find anyone to play with. Please help me. Its really scary being a new student and not knowing anyone. Do you think we’ll get time to draw? I really like drawing mountains and the sun. I also like drawing trees, like you! Will you be my friend?


Sanjeev Puri

Dean of Student Life

Chief Operating Ofcer Jeff Doerer Dean of Academics

Principal Leadership

“This morning when I was walking up the senior school ramp, it struck me that students are constantly bombarded with all sorts of confusion: what to wear tomorrow, what class to sign up for, what college to go to. It’s quite funny if you think about it. Students think that as life progresses they’ll gure it all out. But the thing to remember is that this confusion never ends. No one ever truly gures it all out. The goal of life isn’t to nd a clear, concise answer but rather to enjoy the journey you take while searching for whatever it is you’re looking for. Think about it like this. Every day you walk up the senior school ramp. Sometimes it takes forever and sometimes you whiz right up. Sometimes you encounter scary monkeys and sometimes you have a breathtaking view Dr.Jonathan Long of the winterline on the other side. Sometimes it’s crowded and sometimes you’re all alone. The ramp that you walk up every day is truly quite symbolic. It’s the ramp you walk up to for your rst class in Upper Years and it transforms into the “wailing wall” upon graduation. In fact, this ramp represents different stages of life as well as different stages of Woodstock. But remember, even though you might feel constantly confused or like you’re completely lost, it’s not the destination that matters but rather the journey. And that’s something you need to gure out on your own.” -- Dr. Jonathan Long, Monday devotion**

Amy Seefeldt 6

(**disclaimer: Dr. Jonathan Long may or may not have actually said this)

EY / MY Coordinator

UY Coordinator

Director of Community Engagement

Student Life Coord. / Head of Sports


Enrichment Coordinator

Academic Coordinator


Andy Crider Jonathan Seefeldt

Sanjaya Mark

Ajay Mark

Nazneen Nagarwalla Larry Kaplan


Early Years Sometimes, actually all the time, I wish I could just be transported back to my days in Early Years. Now that I look back, I’ve realized that nothing is better than playing endless games of foursquare in the sun! Early Years is a time that almost everyone cherishes. I mean why wouldn’t you? Classes were filled with glitter, glue, color and storybooks. We enjoyed playing tag, foursquare and hide-n-seek during recess. Running around squealing and shouting, while occasionally falling down, we were adored by everyone. Drawing with chalk on the quad floor and trying to balance on the seesaw, are the things I enjoyed the most. But above of all, I looked forward to Big Brother Big Sister Day, a day where I was paired up with a UY student and felt really really cool. EY was the beginning of my journey at Woodstock.


Big Brother “Can you help me go to the bathroom?” “Umm...suuuuure.” Awkward bathroom moments weren’t the only highlights of this routine Woodstock event. On this day, the classrooms and hallways of the senior school were transformed into the set of Disney movies, completed with superheroes and princesses too.


Big Sister Day The worlds of Arendelle and Krypton collided when Elsa and Superman played a heated game of foursquare in the Quad. High ves were exchanged, hands were held and bonds were made that would last the rest of the school year.

Filled with nger foods, fun and facepainting, BBBS is a high energy event that is enjoyed by small children and high schoolers alike.


Cross Country

“On your mark, get set, GO!” sent a thrill down everyone’s spines as the little runners sprinted down the road hoping to score some points for their houses. The EY students may have been young, but their mighty voices shook the surrounding hills. As the runners crossed the nish line, they excitedly waited to receive their certicates and medals with grins that reached from ear to ear. With knobbly knees, scruffy elbows, and smelly shoes, the proud EY runners returned home with the newfound aspiration of becoming the fastest runner in EY.


Field Day

“GO! GO! GO!” The cheers echoed across Hanson Field and you could see the little kids running around in an array of colors. Sports Day was always eagerly awaited, full of deafening cheers and displays of both athletic ability and sportsmanship. Fun new games were introduced, such as dunking your head in a bowl of our. Don’t worry, the prize was worth it: Sour Punk! The teachers scurried around, trying to handle children whose enthusiasm could not be contained. The heat did not deter the children as they all tried their hardest and succeeded at having fun!


Activity Week

exploring the world 14

Activity Week is a time when Woodstock students get to take a break and explore beyond the classroom. This year, EY students took advantage of the lush mountains around them and explored the Landour hillside. Nature walks, zig zag trails and steep climbs made EY students more aware of their surroundings!



“I’ll give you my Perk if I can have your chips! Trade?” Early Years Hikes: the time when the younger students rst dipped their feet and experienced the joys of nature and hiking. These day hikes allowed the bright students to understand and appreciate their surroundings. The younger students always eagerly awaited hike days, and when the days nally arrived, they were ready, their backpacks and water bottles in tow. The EY hikes were a great initiation into Woodstock’s love for hiking, and served as a great taster for the amazing hikes that awaited them in Middle and Upper Years. 16

Beginning Strings

Led by Ravi Arthur

Tiger Percussion Led by Heather Webb Led by Heather Webb

Beginning Choir

Music Ensembles


Christmas Celebrations

The annual Santa Breakfast ringed in Christmas festivities while saying farewell to the students leaving Early Years. Students dressed up as elves and enjoyed a delicious breakfast right before their upcoming holidays. The Woodstock community was also graced by the week-long EY christmas presentations. Students acted, danced, sang, and played instruments to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The audience enjoyed singing Christmas carols such as “12 Days of Christmas� with the enthusiastic EY children.


PASSAGE Top to Bottom: Friendship Club Cooking Club Story and Art PASSAGE


Not Pictured: Samiksha Bowling Shravani Bowling

Vihaan Bhandari

Nitya Pun

Xenia David Raju

Abhiroop Roy

Gabriel Schumacher

Petra Seefeldt

Shreyansh Seth


Zoe Belbin


First & Second Grade

Not Pictured: Swarit Singh Aaron Thomas

Enoch Daniel

Levi Francis

Vedika Dang Negi

Liam Stinchcomb

Ipsita Thomas

Jyoti Grace Webb

Preston Joel Belbin

Krish Bhandari

Gideon Crider

Namrata David

Jalori Mathias

Niranjana Schumacher


Third & Fourth Grade

Not Pictured: Ayush Shankar

Eden Joy Crider

Gabriel Crider

Kezia Emmanuel

Arin Puri

Samuel Stinchcomb

Samuel Francis

Felix Gregg Hanifl

Abner Seefeldt


Grades 3 & 4 Teacher

Hindi Teacher

Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant

EY Staff

Grades 1 & 2 Teacher

ECP & KG Teacher


Pam Wiggins Vandana Vinayak

Sunita Panwar

Sangeeta Bhandari

Shubhra Luukkonen Soneyaa Kumar


Middle Years Oh my gosh, remember Middle Years? What a rollercoaster of emotions. During this time, I learned what it’s like to change from the most-loved person in the grade to the most-hated within mere hours. I learned what it’s like to get rejected by the boy I liked for a year and asked out by a boy that I hated for two. I learned what it’s like to go from being taller than all the boys to suddenly being everyone’s armrest. I learned the art of revenge, and I learned confidence. Middle Years was definitely the most awkward and confusing time in my life, but towards the end, I found true friends that lasted me throughout high school and the rest of my life (like you). We were in such a special place, stuck right in the middle of stressful UY and funfilled EY. If we had realized these were the last few years before the dreadful GPA would haunt us daily, we would definitely have cherished this time a lot more. A little community within WS, MY had its own politics and social intricacies, a mind of its own-- just like the students in it. With blossoming talent and potential, the students of Middle Years may be sidelined frequently, but will take you by storm when they walk up the ramp.


Cross Country Day

The annual MY Cross Country Day brought together the mighty Merlins, energetic Eagles, and courageous Condors, who all cheered enthusiastically outside Kellogg Church. Competition rose with each race and students eagerly awaited the horn of Mr. Mark’s bike to signal the arrival of the leading runner. Spectators and runners alike sported ribbons, face paint, and brightly colored T-shirts in support of their houses. Ironically, this was one of the few events in which the Woodstock community wasn’t tightly knit, but rather ercely separated.


Field Day “OMG It’s so hot!” The tension was palpable. Heartbeats quickened. Sweat dripped down foreheads. Who would come rst? Perhaps this is an exaggeration of what this day was actually like. In all honesty, the eld could be described in one word: exciting. Middle Years Field Day means healthy competition, endless running around, continuous laughter, and the ever-present blazing sun. The students participated in different events, and some even took home coveted prizes. One thing’s for sure, there wasn’t a single person who didn’t have fun.



Gym Night

“YOU’RE IT! CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!!” What’s better than spending the night in the gym running around? The answer: running around with all your friends! MY Gym night, hosted and organized by Grade 8, was full of competitive basketball games, sweat-inducing arm wrestling, heaps of running kids, and general playful chaos. The popular method of passing time? Playing a game of tag! Sick of running around? Challenge yourself to a new wall in the rock climbing room! Musical chairs and dodgeball was a must. The laughter and whoops of excitement echoed throughout the entire gym. It was an exciting and energetic night.


Years “Are we there yet? By ‘there’ I mean UY, when we don’t have to do this anymore.” During MY hikes, students munched on trail mix while exploring unknown parts of Mussoorie. By walking through the mountains hand in hand with friends, MY students became true Woodstockers.



Activity Week

“Who cares if we didn’t see a tiger, we played with an elephant!” MY went on various adventures around Northern India during their Activity Week. From Rishikesh to Rajaji, they participated in rafting and fun safaris. Even though the Grade 8s came back with a tan from the blistering hot sun and the Grade 5s came back with secret adventures of the natural parks, everyone had fun!

adventures galore! 30


RE Retreat

The RE Retreat was always a great space to take time out of hectic schedules and reect on spirituality. The RE retreat meant a night away at Torchbearers, full of singing, dancing, games, and important life lessons. This year, the Grade 7 and Grade 8 students had a chance to explore and discuss “The Close Encounters of the Jesus Kind.�


Sports Top to Bottom: Sub-Junior Football Team Junior Boys Football Team Junior Boys Basketball Team Junior Girls Basketball Team


Led by Abe Okie

Junior Choir Led by Heather Webb

Middle Years Select Choir

Music Ensembles

Junior Orchestra

Led by Ravi Arthur


Led by Amitavo Roy

Beginning Strings

Junior Band

Led by Diane Millican

Beginning Band

Led by Diane Millican


Talent Show! EY/MY

“OMG, Petra and Zoe are going to dance and sing to ‘Let It Go,’ I HAVE TO GO NOW.” You thought UY was talented? Well, EY AND MY blew away the crowd with all the dances, songs, jokes, raps, and talented musicians. The MCs introduced many performances that ranged from OMG SO CUTE to OMG SO TALENTED.


The EY/MY students’ energy and excitement was contagious and came through clearly during the open mic and dancing that happened along the sidelines during intermission. Overall, the Grade 8 students, the eldest from EY/MY, planned an amazing and entertaining night for everyone.


Outdoor Learning “Ohhh look, A baa baa black sheep!” “No silly, that’s a goat.” MY Outdoor Learning Weekend was a great opportunity for the MY students to take a break from school and further explore the region near Mussoorie rural life. While walking through beautiful areas, the students got the chance to interact with the charismatic locals, the adorable children, and the hyper farm animals.


Lucknow Trip “Did you guys realize, these ying pigeons are the reason we came here in the rst place?� Grade 6 students travelled to historic Lucknow to explore the culture and traditions they studied in class through the novel Flight of the Pigeons. While spending a week in the mystical town of Meerut, they explored tantalizing Mughal cuisine, beautiful old infrastructure, and local stories. With the expert guidance of Mrs. Garg, (yes, the mother of one of our very own YB editor!) students ate the nest mangoes and juiciest kebabs in the nooks and crannys of Lucknow.



“You may have done some bad things, but that doesn’t mean you’re a bad kid” was a profound quote from Holes that resonated with the badmashis of WS. The audience enjoyed watching the young actors bring an all time favorite book (or should I say, Grade 7 summer required reading) to life through their heartwarming acting skills. The women in the audience were feeling especially empowered as they watched two boss ladies rock the stage with their sass.

“when you spend your whole life in a hole, there’s no where to go but up...” 40



Top to Bottom: 8th Grade Homeroom Planning WS Code Academy Eco Warriors Zone 56 CARE Samvedna Dungeons and Dragons


Life in MY



Student Council


SEMESTER 1. Left to Right. Top Row: Janav Singh, Harssh Tanwar, Chanon Charuchinda, Kayan Mehta, Chittish Pasbola, Rishabh Poddar, Norbu Norgay, Shivaansh Garg, Viktor Pashuk. Middle Row: Archita Aggarwal, Tenzin Namgyal Norbu,Yondhen Tshering, Priyansha Agarwal, Jigmet Angmo, Haeun Cho, Jia Loomba, Huijeong Lee, Joel Crider. Front Row: Eun Seo Sun, Kyumin Kyung, Veer Arya, Knema Gardner, Saira Mehra, Paloma Hubbard, Mahima Peters, Kalsang Yangchen

SEMESTER 2. Left to Right. Back Row: Eun Seo Son , Bianca Nieddu, Nysa Bhatia , Kyumin Kyung, Kalsang Yangchen, Yondhen Tshering, Siwon Park, Rohan George, Jia Loomba, Jinju Park, Navya Sethi, Kyutae Kyung, Jiten Taneja. Front Row: Tenzin Namgyal Norbu, Kayan Mehta, Tej Dhungana, Rishabh Poddar, Norbu Norgay, Palden Gonsar, Rigpea Wangchuk, Daeun Joo, Sriyukta Basnet. 44




SEMESTER 1. Left to Right. Back Row: Tenzin Namgyal Norbu, Yondhen Tshering, Rishabh Poddar, Norbu Norgay, Jiten Taneja. Front Row: Nysa Bhatia, Eun Seo Sun, Jia Loomba, Jinju Park, Siwon Park.

SEMESTER 2. Left to Right. Back Row: Tenzin Namgyal Norbu, Yondhen Tshering, Chanon Charuchinda,Kayan Mehta, Norbu Norgay, Viktor Pashuk. Front Row: Archita Aggarwal, Jigment Angmo, Huijeong Lee, Priyansha Agarwal, Kalsang Yangchen.





Left To Right: Shivaansh Garg, Kyumin Kyung, Knema Gardner, Saira Mehra, Rishabh Poddar, Chittish Pasbola.

Left to Right. Bianca Nieddu, Kyumin Kyung, Tej Dhungana, Kayan Mehta, Palden Gonsar.





Left to Right. Back Row: Rohan George, Yondhen Tshering, Sriyukta Basnet, Kyutae Kyung. Front Row: Kalsang Yangchen, Daeun Joo, Navya Sethi, Rigpea Wangchuk.

Left to Right. Back Row: Tenzin Namgyal Norbu, Veer Arya, Janav Singh, Harssh Tanwar, Mahima Peters. Front Row: Paloma Hubbard, Haeun Cho, Eun Seo Sun, Jia Loomba, Joel Crider.


When can I get out of here?

Why do astronauts trip on the moon?

How should I get crazy fast in something?

Arnav Kumar


How fast does a cheetah run on the moon?

Meher John

Golden Hubbard Who invented colors?

Why do you have to kiss in a marriage?

Rohan George

Reyansh Garg

Joshua Emmanuel

Fifth Grade

Do I belong in this school?

What does the fox say?

Joel Mitchel Crider

Sumaira Chopra

Parth Chheda How long can I live?

Sylvia Grace Belbin

Jayant Basnyat

Leisha Bajaj How long till I get better in PE?

If there was less religion, would there be less wars?

Why is Donald Trump winning the elections?

Kesochie Mero

Anandakuya Murakoshi

What path to take in life.

I don’t understand this.

Why do we have seven days in a week?

Where my home is! America??? England??? India??? Thailand???

Do I really have to wear glasses?

Abel M Thomas

Rhiana Stinchcomb

Ansh Tiwari Where is the nearest black hole?

Shreya Seth

Anamika Maitri Seth What’s my future?

Amar Rathore

Uma Jean Maddison How long till I get a shot from the half court?

Why is the world round?

The Class of 2023 is full of vi brant talents. The young fifth graders already show potential in the arts with their glittering dance moves and their soulful voices. The energetic Class of 2023 is interconnected by bonds of friendship, laughter, and love. We expect lots of great things from you, Grade 5! 49

Do I belong in Woodstock?

How to become better at basketball

Why I chose to come to Woodstock

Sarahna Daliya

Rea Jiwel Bhushan

Sukhmanpreet Bhatia I don’t know

How to become better at basketball

To become an aviation geek

Become a great artist

Anishka Joab

Baani Gambhir

Joshua Francis

My goals

How to use my life wisely

To have a happy ending in life 50

Aadil Khurana

Gyeongmin Kang

Taruna Kakkar

Sixth Grade

Nysa Bhatia

Ira Ahuja

Raghav Agarwal

Not Pictured: Tawishi Dogra Chaitanya Singh Pol Singkarin

What should I improve on?

Are my decisions wise and healthy?

How to have a good life

How to get better at football

Aaryan Singhal What is e=mc2?

How to use my brain wisely

How to get into the senior team


Keerat Kaur Uppal

Yondhen Tshering

Puttaraksa Sripongtanakul

Ishpuneet Singh

How to come up with better ideas

Vyan Sachdeva

Pavut Sasivimonpan How to play soccer

Which book to read

Aaliyah Shankardas

Rajveer Saharan The meaning of life

I don’t know

Joyia Lil Raymond

Arjun Poddar

Mahima Peters To be better at basketball

Tenzin Namgyal Norbu

Maanasa Muppala

Lidoweii Mero

Hyuntaek Kim Become faster at running

I don’t know

Kalsang Yangchen I don’t know

Although they are young, Grade 6 is ďŹ lled with children with an enthusiasm to learn and please. Though they may be small, this grade is not one to let themselves be pushed around by their elders. With a common tenacity, the class of 2022 makes sure their voices are heard. With many years to go in Woodstock School, the class of 2022 has a lot to learn and grow and the world is their oyster.


Finding the key

What does the fox say?

The second dimension

The third dimension

How to handle new students


Haeun Cho

Amer Beri

Lily Ana Bevlbin Why are we alive?

What’s nine plus ten?

Shriyukta Basnet

Aadya Maya Aryal

Shoaib Akhtar Ansari

Seventh Grade

The rst dimension

How’s earth created?

Saif -Ul-Islam Ansari

Jigmet Angmo

Archita Aggarwal Rid of homework

Savya Agarwal

Ankush Reddy Adapa


Not Pictured: Arhaan Chopra Disha Kantoria Harshan Pannu

How to deal with this photograph


How to speak English properly

Adit Joshi

Seongmin Jeong

Seongchan Jeong How to play counter strike

How to solve Mr. E.’s math problem

How to do magic

Partipate on Cross Country

Kyutae Kyung

Kalyaporn Krissana

Sunkwan Kim

Disha Kantharia Why Hogwarts doesn’t exist

How to deal with people

Farzin Haque

Am I a muggle?

Paloma Hubbard Why is there so much war in the world?

Zibby Irene Hani

Aadya Goel

Warris Godara Eminem’s lyrics

My life

Siwon Park

Jinju Park

Karuetat Panaspraipo

Singye Ari Norbu

ng Fourth dimension

Fifth dimension

How to make more friends


Sixth dimension

Messi or Ronaldo -who’s better?

Why I’m living?

Get a pair of yeezy

How to be good at math

Norbu Norgay

Jiten Taneja

Why do I look like this in this picture?

Janav Sher Singh

Uma Wangmo Sherpa

What’s in front of me?

Arush Puri

Mihika Poddar

Nirvigna Thapa How to play video games

How to become perfect at ballet

Suryansh Singh

Kuhu Singh Why am I here?

How to y

Sachin Rijal

Akshaj Rajbhandari How to get a girlfriend

Victor Pashuk

Gauri Pasbola Seventh dimension

How to perfect the dab

Small and unheard of. Full of vivacious, talented people who push themselves to the limit to bring a smile to someone’s face. Sometimes, the Class of 2021 will surprise someone on their birthday when even their own mother has forgotten it! We’re full of differences, but the best feeling is when we come together and work together, using each one of our talents to create something great. Once you’re a part of our class, you’re in the family for life, and you know you always have someone looking out for you. - Written by the 7th Graders 55

Not Pictured: Ryan Bajaj

How to live a life

Nothing much

Gia Jeen Bhaskar

Siddharth Bhandari

Veer Sameer Arya Why I don’t know how to smile for photos

My life

How to get better grades

Sunggon Cho

Chanon Charuchinda

Yuvraj Bhatia

What I should say for this

I try to solve an equation

Tej Dhungana

Micah Andrew Cride

Yongbean Chung


Eighth Grade

Vedika Agarwal

Priyansha Agarwal

Khushi Agarwal How to achieve happiness

When is it going to be over?

My name


When will Sethi get a girlfriend?

Nothing in mind

Why Bianca looks like a monkey

How to harmonize with people

Da- Eun Lee

Huijeong Lee

If I’m gonna perform in a talent show

New music to listen to



Jia Loomba

Radha Laplamool Why does Kyumin look like a pig?

Phasin Laplamool

Anjoli Lahiri

Kyumin Kyung

Riya Kohli Why is Navya always asking for motivation?

Why is my sister so smart?

Giju Kim

Da Eun Joo I am trying to gure out how to answer this question


Amul Kakkar

Ava Hoechsmann What to say for this caption

My destiny

Palden Dorji Gonsar

Knema Gardner What don’t I need to gure out?

Shivaansh Garg

Karma Thinley Dorjee Why I am doing this

Why Anima isn’t real

Why I have to answer the question

When will Sethi grow?

Vikentiy Pashuk

Chittish Pasbola

Rak Leo Ogan Omae wa mou shin dei ru

It’s not my responsibility to kill evil but it’s my duty to send it to hell.

I don’t care



Kittapa Sasivimonpan

Shyla Robinson

Tara Puri

Rishabh Poddar Why am I so magical?

Suhana Mehta

How to be fit

Bianca Isabel Nieddu Why does Radha look like a cow?


Kayan Ronnie Mehta

Saira Mehra

Abhik Mehra How romantic I am


Maria Mc Evoy

Rohan Mathias

Nalin Karaan Mahajan

Markhamsan Lyndem

“HRRGHHH” ~ Chewbacca

How to be taller

Start where you are

The answer to my math problem

I’m not sleeping I’m just resting my head

Rigpea Wangchuk

Joanna Grace Victor How to play basketball

What to say

The answer to life

Visakuo Tsurho

Sonia Ter Haar

Harsh Tanwar

Eun-Seo Son Lunch menu

Why can’t money replace time?

Dhrubhagat Singh

Harsh Shyamdasani

Navya Sethi

Aryaman Singh Sethi I don’t know

You are you and we are other to you

A spirited and distinctive bunch, Grade 8 has one of the most varied talents in Woodstock. From swaggy hip-hop dancers, to multi -talented video bloggers to skilled athletes, class of 2020 has them all. Although diverse in personalities, Grade 8 is bonded by a mutual love of all things fun. Defined by passion and heart, this grade will someday take Woodstock by storm. -- Written by Grade 8 59

Art Teacher

ESL Teacher

ESL Teacher

Learning Support

Hindi Teacher

Grade 5 Teacher

Library Assistant


Learning Support

Music Teacher

Math & Sci Teacher

Math & RE Teacher

MY Staff

Humanities Teacher

Humanities Teacher

Band Director


Heather Webb

Mary Ellen Pesavento

Rufus Emmanuel

Rahima Thomas

Meenu Khan

Lindsey Alexander

Dylan Bach Mohammad Yousuf Ansari Andy Francis

Adam Hubbard Tyler Stinchcomb Anjali Sharma

Ritika Roy Charlotte Swanson Diane Millican

Residence Staff

Residence Staff

Residence Staff

Residence Staff

Residence Staff

Residence Staff

Residence Staff

Residence Staff

Language Teacher

Science Teacher

Science & SS Teacher

Res. Staff & Teacher

Technology Teacher


Substitute Teacher


Residence Staff

Residence Staff

P.E.. Teacher

P.E.. Teacher

Rajneesh Daniel

Rachel Francis

Karishma Schumacher

AndrĂŠs Tejada

Darab Nagarwalla

Todd Schumacher

Prateek Santram

Vijeta Emmanuel Taeyeong Jun Suman Mitra Sondeep Peters

Sarah Khan Shaheena Jelaji Pravin Jelaji Pieter Ter Haar

Mijung Park Jerusha Missal Vinaya Patole Luise Ter Haar


Upper Years Some say high school is the worst 4 years of your life, while others say it’s the best. For me, it was a mix of both. Upper years were the years I have the most funny, vivid, memorable and thrilling memories at Woodstock. As we learn to become adults, we weave through fighting and laughing with our friends, procrastinating till the last minute, figuring our future out and finding ourselves in the chaos we call high school. I remember the amazing feeling of butting in the lunch line, a senior privilege every student can’t wait for. The jealousy felt by looking at stress-free EY kids. The load of homework, tests and quizzes. The awkward assemblies and jokes of the day. The paradoxical teachers who came off as strict but were only filled with love. The buzzing of hallways and the slamming of lockers. The lunches spent soaking the sun in the quad and the arguments between the EY and UY kids as they play four-square. The deep talks as you stare at the winterline with the limited time you have and discuss your future and the past with friends. But most of all, UY is like the senior school ramp: the ramp that got harder to walk up day by day, but in the end when we reached the top and looked back, we realised it wasn’t so bad after all.




Day 2015

“JAI HIND!“ The beginning of every year brought a whirlwind of colors in the form of Independence Day. Teenagers and adults alike prayed for a reprieve from the rain, and cautiously trudged up the mountain. On top of the hill, good food and a sense of community awaited them. As India celebrated its 69th anniversary of independence, Woodstock added yet another year of festivities under its belt. Students always enjoyed the delectable food, friendly atmosphere, and the company of loved ones. Oh, and of course, the endless photos opportunities. The most heard question or statement during independence day is denitely “Can you take a picture with me?”



Friendship Day

“Can I pleaaase not be Kim Kardashian?� Freshmen and seniors united through simple or embarrassing costumes and dares. As the freshmen entered a new stage in their school lives, they prayed for merciful seniors who would tell them to dress as a gangster. The costumes were only the beginning; then the dares came along: running and screaming in the quad, licking someone, or doing the whip nae nae in the balcony, the dares are limitless.

RE Retreat “Are you mountain lion or minion?� This was the theme of the semesterly Upper Years RE retreat. Students engaged in different activities with Mr. Millican and Mr. Bowling and had a chance to connect with God, while getting a break from the hectic Woodstock life. This short stay at The Himalayan Torchbearers helped students and teachers bond. 67

“Will you sponsor my team?” The common question in the week before Goal-a-thon echoed through the hallways as excited students tried to collect sponsors to support their teams. Newcomers think it’s all about charity, but not in the minds of the students and staff. GOAL-A-THON to them is more than that; it’s all about charity, sportsmanship, goals, and of course the monayyyy.

Goalathon 68

So many hopeful young and old teams united to battle it out for the coveted title of GOAL-ATHON Champions. Not playing? No problem, cheer for the teams you love. The unpredictability would leave you always at the edge of your seats. GOALA-THON, was probably the best time of year for the unathletic and athletic.


Inter-House XC

“Do I really have to run for house points?” Cross Country in UY was a blessing and curse. Yay, we missed last period, but we had the fear of possibly running the chakkar. Everyone got some exercise on Cross Country Day as we walked all the way up. Upon reaching the start, we were bombarded with house colors: the calm blue of the Eagles, the ery red of Merlins, and the refreshing green of the Condors. As we cheered for our houses, we saw the serious runners, the ones faking the run as they passed the crowd, and the ones who were simply strolling. This day will always be a perfect memory.

“Run like the wind!” 70

Inter-School XC

“LET’S GO WOODSTOCK, LET’S GO!” At 6 a.m. on a cold Saturday morning, all the way on the way up on the chakkar, would you have rather slept in, or cheered on Woodstock? Is that even a question? Despite the chilly breeze, Woodstockers were more than happy to watch their Cross Country team succeed. Every year, the competition got tougher and the races more intense, but in the end the Woodstock’s team always managed to make us proud.


Talent Show The Not So Late Show With Jonah Kaplan

“Well, here’s another love song!” Talent Show by Lux Vestra had plenty of comedy, love songs, K-pop, and of course, Bollywood dances. Under the theme of a talk show, we enjoyed the NOT SO LATE SHOW WITH JONAH KAPLAN.


Between each performance, we watched games of egg roulette, interviews, and lip sync battles. Talent was everywhere, and the show ended with the not-so-surprising “senior suprise.�

Woodstock students never failed to display their unlimited talent.


Activity Week


“Hurry, we’re about to be late! Wait, this is my last poop for the next ve days!” For many Woodstock students, Activity Week was the highlight of the year. This year when the old tourist busses came rambling down to Ridgewood eld, all the students ventured to beautiful places all over the country. Some went hiking, some went rafting, and others went exploring, leaving the Woodstock campus empty for one week. When the students returned, they always had exciting stories and memories to share with friends who were not on the same trip as them. For bystanders, it was very entertaining to watch the students reunite after a week...with their phones.


Musoorie Writers “I need to stamp my passport? But I did that in immigration in Delhi.” (lol) The Writers Festival brought Woodstock pioneers in writing, comedy, music, and of course--mountaineering. The gym was rocked rst by Tipriti from Soulmates (lil’ mama rudy), then Parker Hall was consistently rocked by our special guests from all over the globe. Ranging from enigmatic stories to dynamic videos, this festival gave us an insight to the completely new world. As cool as the festival was, nothing was cooler than the mountain people hats aunted by the guests and students.

“bhaag, Mussoorie, bhaag!”

Top left picture and bottom picture taken from the Mussoorie writers Mountain Fesival website.


Mountain Festival



“I can’t get the perfect mixture to make my skin color!” Woodstock alumni always seem to do something beyond the ordinary. This year, Antonio Puri, class of 1984, graced the Woodstock community with his emphatic artwork. Students helped paint a DNA sculpture depicting different skin colors which now stands proudly in the quad. They also lent pictures of their eyes for a mandala on the ceiling of the business office. Mr. Puri got to reconnect with his high school while giving students an artistic insight into racial discrimination.




Sadie Hawkins

Eddie! Eddie! Let’s Get READY!

Senior Boys

Win Mumby 82

Senior Girls

Keep calm and love basketball.

Woodstock’s Jazzband rocks ”The Final Countdown” “WHO LET THE TIGERS OUT? WHO? WHO WHO!” Everyone at Win Mumby upped their game. The cheering, the skill, and the energy of everyone was on point. The eerie ringing of the cowbell echoed through the gym along with the drums and the various creative cheers. If your name rhymed, you got a cheer. “EDDIE EDDIE LET’S GET READY! NALWA NALWA SHOW YOUR JALWA! WHO’S YOUR MAMA? MA-RINA MA-YURI!” An intense competition, Win Mumby never fails to bring the school together.

Wo Woodstock’s number 7, Dipanker Nakarmi, wins MVP win Mayuri Kakkar takes the winning freethrow in the last 8 seconds


Diwali On November 11th 1918, World War I ended. In 2015, that day marked the Diwali celebration. Woodstock celebrated this special day by hosting a Peace Festival. The morning began with an assembly honoring Dan Terry with his family. The ofcial Peace Festival happened when Woodstock gathered in the Quad at night. Music and poetry recited by members of the Woodstock community echoed through the Quad, exploring the themes of war and humanity. The night ended with a Diwali bang with reworks down in dorms.


Peace Festival 85




“Do you have yellow pants I can borrow? “ The only time you could get away with wearing pajamas to school was Spirit Week. Spirit Week always highlighted Woodstock students’ creativity and their willingness to dress up as characters to match the theme of the day. Themes for the day included Twin Day, Character day, Jersey Day, Pajama day, and the seniors’ choice of Hippie Day. One thing’s for sure, the students always look forward to rolling out of their beds, and coming to school in their pajamas.

always spirited 87

Now Showing:


Big Love

“I LIKE MEN, I LIKE MEN, I LIKE MEN!” This year’s fall drama production was bold, outstanding, and very well performed. The production of “Big Love” kept the audience on the edge of their seats for the entire play. A tale of 50 scorned ancees who run away to Italy in order to avoid marrying their 50 cousins, “Big Love” follows the story of the trials and tribulations of the girls, Though they are completely against their marriages, the play weirdly enough ends in love. With catchy songs, gripping monologues, and lots of humor, “Big Love” catered to all audiences.


Advanced Student “How did she memorize a piece that long?” The audience was stunned into silence. The Advanced Student Recital showcased the best that Woodstock’s Music Department had to offer, with performances on the piano, violin, sitar, ute, timpani, and of course, voice. The audience walked out of Parker Hall feeling proud of the performers and a bit jealous of the musical brilliance displayed.



Jazz Jam


Led by Ravi Arthur

Advanced Band

Led by Peter Millican

Ad Orchestra

Advanced Choir Led by Abe Okie

Music Ensembles


Led by Amitavo Roy

Inter Orchestra

Inter Band

Led by Peter Millican



“I wish more than anything…” that this play could be shown again. The staff production was one of a kind this time around. “Into the Woods” was lled with all sorts of characters--from Red Riding Hood to Jack the Beanstalk, not a single fairy-tale character was left out. The Woodstock community was lucky enough to witness dramatic history before its eyes. Prepared within the span of 2-3 weeks, the play was lled with music, magic, and charm. Students were not amused to see their teachers acting like childish characters, but were rather quite impressed.


Outdoor Learning “I really really hope I see a tiger at Rajaji!� Outdoor Learning Weekend was a time when students got to experience learning... but outdoors. Taking advantage of the lush forests and mountainous terrains around us, students set out on hikes, expeditions, safari trips, or nature walks exploring Mussoorie. Students come back exhausted, having learned more about the heritage, or hopefully having seen an elephant or tiger at Rajaji. Outdoor Learning Weekend was a refreshing break from the hectic classroom-environment at Woodstock.



Swish-a -thon!


“Crazy but you like it, loca loca loca!” “Just remember that this is a charity event,” the school presidents reminded the students as tensions rose through heated games. Swisha-thon started with a BAMMM as various basketball boys banged their hands against the rim to impress the judges. With a packed schedule, the gym was full of cheering and people running up and down the court. Everyone fought for the championship title with other teams joking around. One *loca* team even played in dresses on court. In the end, it was a senior-dominated win with Shaolin Squad and G.O.M.D as the second Swish-athon champions.


WS Model United Nations


“Delegate, laughing is out of order.� MUN always means three things: external delegates to befriend, a weekend of suffocating formal clothes, and solutions to the problems that plague the world. This year's MUN entertained emergency crises such as a mysterious serum capable of brainwashing the masses and covert operations that involved countries funding terrorist organizations. The delegates ercely debated various issues prevalent today, like how should refugees be treated?








Eera Sarda, Paritosh Garg, Tanushree Thapa

Dev Nalwa, Yejin Son, Shanti Mathais

WS MUN Executive Board


Aakriti Aryal, Rishi Thomas, Amrita Yeshi, Noor Khosla



Chaitanya Prashant, Dechen Chuki, Sara Krishnan, Tenzin Yigha

Saral Tayal, Jahnvi Garg, Dhruv Mukhija


Indian Music The Indian Music Concert was surely a place where Woodstock talent was gracefully showcased. Whether it was the sitar, santoor or tabla, all performances managed to impress the audience, every time.


OH SNAP! 103





“What would Jesus do?” The spring drama meant one thing for Woodstock: the transformation of Parker Hall into a completely different world. This year, Lin Manuel Miranda’s genius of a musical, “In The Heights,” graced the Woodstock stage. The musical had catchy songs, amazing raps, sexy choreography and characters that made our hearts race. From Usnavi’s amazing rapping (and coffee-making skills), Nina and Benny’s star-crossed love, and the salon girls and their gossip, “In The Heights” successfully made us believe that we had been transported to this spunky Latino community.





A Capella

Quiz Bowl

Debate Club 108

PASSAGE Sweets for the Heart

Tiger Newspaper

Food & Cooking 109




Smarter Every Thursday

Chapel Band 110

Korean Fellowship Club

"Passage is a rite of passage" Photography Club




Above: Rockclimbing Left: Jazz Band Below: Adventure Club


CARE Top to Bottom: Mussoorie Girls School, Sippancoat, Development Outreach Student Team (DOST), WS for Sanatham, Dharam School


Senior Football

Left to Right. Top Row: Prathana Shrestha, Kyle Diarmit, Joon Kang, Diya Singh, Summer Kang, Mr. Juan Francisco Barcena. Bottom Row: Tshokey Gyaltsen, Tara Puri, Madina Ibragimova, Ana Raquel Pereira, Yu Jin Eo.

Left to Right. Row 1: Kshitiz Tanwar, Abhimanyu Rao. Row 2: Zane Chowdhury, Bobby Sharma, Eddie Kant Mandal, Shinyoung Kim, Zaine Krishnatraye. Row 3: Bao Tran, Namhoon Cho, Dhruv Mukhija, Duong Dung. Row 4: Elesh Kasana, Parth Parikh, Loc Ngo, Taekmin Nam. Row 5: Suhan Lee, Yong Hoon Chung, Mashrur Arvid Haque.


Senior Basketball

Left to Right. Top Row: Sarah Glover, Madina Ibragimova, Tarini Boparai, Tenzin Peyang Lama, Marina Popova, Isabella Shaw, Aditi Saigal, Mr. Steve Luukkonen. Bottom Row: Yeshi Tshering, Dechen Tenzing, Pelzom Tenzing, Deasyl Dorji, Sangrujungla Jamir, Mayuri Kakkar.

Left to Right. Top Row: Hrishav Singh, Dipankar Nakarmi, Teuk Kane-Potaka, Dev Nalwa, Eddie Kant Mandal, Jago Von Moltke, Jin Hyun Lim, Mr. Jeff Doerer. Bottom Row: Tenzin Loten Nepali, Aashish Benson Peters, Damchuilung Kamei, Tenphel Zoepa Lama, Wangchuk Sadutshang, Karma Gonjo.


Senior Cricket

Left to Right. Top Row: Mr. Ajay Negi, Vashisht Agarwal, Nathan Burgess, Dev Nalwa, Akash Tirkey, Chaitanya Prashant, Satyam Kedia, Adityajeet Dagar, Mr. Rahul D. Gupta. Bottom Row: Shivaansh Garg, Khush Patel, Aashish Peters, Apoorv Garg, Dhruv Mukhija, Rishabh Poddar, Abhik Mehra.

Senior Squash

Left to Right. Top Row: Shivansh Singhal, Dhruv Agarwal, Udit Garg, Mr. Pieter Ter Haar, Arjan Purewal. Bottom Row: Akul Bansal, Harshvardhan Yadav. 116

Inter. Basketball

Left to Right. Top Row: Hyejin Cho, Khushi Agrawal, Tanya Agarwal, Kelzang Dema, Saira Mehra, Joanna Victor, Jia Loomba. Middle Row: Aarushi Sachdeva, Sabrina Sookias, Vatsala Chaudhry, Panisa Vanichthanakul, Tarini Boparai, Mr. Steve Luukkonen. Bottom Row: Madina Ibragimova, Tenzin Yigha, Ameya Singh, Radha Laplamool, Kittapa Sasivmonpan

Left to Right. Top Row: Bahir Zahine, Parth Parikh, Jaydeep Bajwa, Arpit Singh, Mr. Jeff Doerer. Middle Row: Tenzin Chowang Takhla, Varun Khanna, Yugyel Dorji, Kabish Shrestha, Phunsok Norbu, Passawit Puangseree. Bottom Row: Jay Yunas, Palden Gonsar, Detsen Rinchhen, Tenzin Dorjee Nepali, Karma Dorjee.


Cross Country

Left to Right. Top Row: Mr. Mohammad Yousuf Ansari, Joel Crider, Haeun Cho, Jigmet Angmo, Gauri Pasbola, Saira Mehra, Mathai Abraham, Gwen Wilson, Mehar Bhatia, Mr. Andres Tejada. Middle Row: Mrs. Megan Homewood, Uma Sherpa, Kalyaporn Krissana Radha Laplamool, Kyumin Kyung, Bianca Nieddu, Shinyoung Kim, Bobby Sharma, Ayaan John, Abhishek Bhandari, Ms. Rachel Dunn. Bottom Row: Janav Sher Singh, Zibby Hani, Frodo, Arush Puri, Saif Ansari, Shoaib Ansari, Egor Suvorov, Eva Khanpara, Joshua Ali

The Yearbook team would like to congratulate our very own, Mr. Steve Luukkonen on completing the 120th Boston Marathon!

We're so proud, #4273! 118

Interhouse Basketball


Interhouse Masterchef “Are my fries done yet?” The rst annual Masterchef competition came with a full stomach and whole lot of house spirit. Every house rushed to get their food ready: Condors with their cheesy fries, Eagles and their yummy spaghetti, and Merlins with their sweet crepes. Each team rushed to get orders in. In the other competition, individual chefs represented their house crafting a delicious dish with the personal styles of each chef. Sweat, skill, and perseverance was present in each house as the judges decided the biggest question of the night: who is Woodstock’s Masterchef? (LOC NGO!!!)


Interhouse Football Condors were champions in both boys and girls.


Student Council

SEMESTER 1. Left to Right. Top Row: Tanishq Daniel, Egor Suvorov, Healem Jung, Bobby Sharma, Akash Tirkey, Jahnvi Garg, Jin Hyun Lim. Middle Row: Khushi Agrawal, Haesoo Park, Kezia Paljor, Tenphel Lama, Wangchuk Sadutshang, Namita Jain, Devika Nautiyal, Sara Bhatia. Bottom Row: Sara Krishnan, Farid Zaheer, Amrita Yeshi, Ahaan Nayar, Marina Popova, Satyam Kedia, Ameya Singh, Hannah Yi, Aakriti Aryal.


When I think back on my year as a School President, I imagine a big hectic stream full of different emotions, them varying from pride and happiness to stress and desperation. Yet if I were asked whether I wanted to do it all over again, I would say “yes� in an instant. A lot of the most memorable and fun moments of my senior year were spent in working with other students on various projects. I got closer to many different people and created precious connections with each of them. I also bonded with my Student Council members and by the end of the year knew that I had a team of fun-loving, hard-working people who would support all of my enterprises. I also learned a lot through this position about human relationships in general. Each one of us has a unique way to approach a problem and when we all come together we can share our ideas and come up with the best solution. Yet the best part of StuCo that I experienced is realizing that you grow and improve as a leader and a person every day and moreover watch your peers do the same.



SEMESTER 2. Left to Right. Top Row: Varun Khanna, Tsephell Choegyal, Prasiddhi Shrestha, Akash Tirkey, Kalden Ritschel-Aukatsang, Eddie Mandal, Sara Bhatia, Vashisht Agrawal, Zane Chowdhury. Middle Row: Sara Krishnan, Aakriti Aryal, Haesoo Park, Wangchuk Sadutshang, Linh Bui, Jahnvi Garg, Yujin Eo, Hannah Yi. Bottom Row: Farid Zaheer, Amrita Yeshi, Ahaan Nayar, Marina Popova, Satyam Kedia, Ameya Singh, Meher Datta, Tenzin Chowang Taklha.


Being a part of the Student Council this year has been a great experience, one lled with excitement, decision-making, and power. Leading a team of extraordinary people has taught me a thing or two about being a leader. Being a leader is not just about speaking up or being a head of the class, but it has to do with learning and analyzing from the surroundings and your peers. It has to do with being helpful at any given situation. Be it an experience that is more directed to a single person or for a large body of people, the more hearts you touch, the better leader you are. Student Council at Woodstock is a great opportunity for any student to interact with their fellow peers in a positive way, and any interaction that leaves even a hint of a smile on a person’s face tells me that the Student Council has done its job, and I have led them well.




Yujin Eo (second semester), Haesoo Park (rst semester)

Hannah Yi (second semester), Devika Nautiyal (rst semester)



Farid Rajkotia Zaheer and Sara Krishnan

Mr. Kaplan and Amrita Yeshi Missing: Ms. Dyson 124


Left to Right. Top Row: Rishi Thomas, Jin Hyun Lim, Shikhar Dhingra, Wangchuk Sadutshang, Donnie Blank, Hannah Yi, Bobby Sharma. Middle Row: Mayuri Kakkar, Meghna Das, Vashisht Agrawal, Yujin Eo, Haesoo Park, Amrita Yeshi, Yerim Lee, Aditi Saigal, Isabella Shaw, Rachel Mulavelil. Bottom Row: Charis Crider, Ankit Ranjan, Marina Popova, Jinhye Park, Sara Krishnan, Farid Rajkotia Zaheer, Jahnvi Garg, Tenzin Yigha, Shinyoung Kim, Namita Jain, Devika Nautiyal.


Left to Right. Top Row: Mr. Kaplan, Vashisht Agrawal, Bobby Sharma, Isabella Shaw, Maeve Wakita. Bottom Row: Mayuri Kakkar, Taekmin Nam, Amrita Yeshi, Marina Popova, Rhys Fernandes. 125


Ahaan Nayar

Semester 1. Left to Right: Aryaan Balani, Akshaya Pradhan. Semester 2. Left to Right: Nathan Burgess, Ahaan Nayar, Akshaya Pradhan, Aryaan Balani.


Left to Right: Kushi Agrawal, Pankhuri Poddar, Ameya Singh.

Ameya Singh



Namita Jain

Semester 1. Left to Right: Anoushka Pant, Shubha Tripathi, Tenzin Peyang, Aashna Jain. Semester 2: Prathana Shrestha, Fioana Luthra, Aashna Jain, Dechen Khangkyil

Linh Bui


Wangchuk Sadutshang

Semester 1. Left to Right. Top Row: Varun Khanna, Tenphel Lama, Dhruv Mukhija, Chaitanya Prashant. Bottom Row: Yong Hoon Chung, Kartik Sahdev, Israel Lyndem. Semester 2. Left to Right. Top Row: Shinyoung Kim, Varun Khanna, Dhruv Mukhija, Chaitanya Prashant. Bottom Row: Namhoon Cho, Yong Hoon Chung, Tenphel Lama, Kartik Sahdev, Israel Lyndem


SAC Semester 1

Aakriti Aryal and Karma Gonjo

Semester 2

Semester 1. Left to Right. Top Row: Parth Eddie Mandal Parikh, Yujin Eo, Shanaya Kuttumkal. and Bottom Row: Phunsook Norbu, Dechen Kalden Ritschel-Aukatsang Khangkyil, Zaine Krishnatraye. Second Semester (L-R): Kezia Paljor, Yejin Son.

CARE Semester 1

Akash Tirkey and Hannah Yi

Semester 2

First Semester. Left to Right. Top Row: Elesh Kasana, Yerim Lee, Hamin Yoon. Bottom Row: Prasiddhi Shrestha, Aniket Singh, Tae Gyeong Lee. Second Semester. Left to Right. Top Row: Hamin Yoon, Jin Hyun Lim, Taekmin Nam. Bottom Row: Sooyeon Park, Karma Gonjo, Talitha Moses, Anvi Lohia.


Prasiddhi Shrestha and Akash Tirkey

PAC Semester 1

Kezia Paljor and Tenphel Lama

Semester 2

Semester 1. Left to Right: Jago von Moltke and Kartik Sahdev. Semester 2. Left to Right. Top Row: Aditi Saigal Gamat, Mashrur Arvid Haque. Bottom Row: Aryan Shankardas, Harshvardhan Yadav.


Jahnvi Garg and Zane Chowdhury

Jaydeep Bajwa

Abdul Malik Ansari

Khushi Agrawal

Not Pictured: Fiza Bakshi Laetitia Green Ye Hyang Jang Hyunyoung Kim Sangyoon Kim Pooja Meyer Shubham Tibrewala

What am I trying to gure out today???

Tarini Boparai

Liah Bergerson

Aryan Balani

Chiriki Curphey

Hyenjin Cho

Nathan Burgess Why Trump is actually winning...

How is water pollution going to reduce?


Diya Digvijay Singh

Meher Datta

Tanishq Daniel

Class of ‘019

The 11th is coming

What will happen next....?

Apoorv Garg

Kritin Garg

Paul Oscar Hani

Mahira Duggal

Why are captions so hard to write?

Why are my sisters so cool and pretty?

Why I am here, and what I am doing?

Shruti Kapoor

Vaibhav Jain

Alisa Zulfat Husain

Adyan Ifzul Husain How to answer this question?

What type of person do I want to be when I grow up?

Talitha Moses


Neel Mukhija

Ved Maddison

Anvi Lohia

How to survive the apocalypse

Samuel Lee

Jinhwan Lee

Naphon Laplamool

Daeyoung Kim

I told you Man City would win the Champions League.

Playing Football

My dreams

How to do parkour?

Khush Patel

Hassakol Panaspraipong

Ruke Lukas Ogan

Tsezin Siri Norbu What makes me happy :)

My Potential

Tenzin Yugyel Norbu

Tenzin Dorjee Nepali

Ahaan Nayar

Parvati Murakoshi

Will I get time to work out?

Why are Mumbai Indians so great?

Iqbal Rajkotia Zaheer

Akshaya Pradhan

Pankhuri Poddar

Cassidy Percevecz My aesthetic

How to do all my homework

How am I going to the world (in a good way)? 132

Diya Nandini Seth

Detsen Rinchhen The answer for this question

Chimmi Yeshey Selden

Malsawmsangi Ralte Which song I’m going to listen to next

How to be completely and absolutely happy all the time

Where to go after I graduate

What did black people ever did to white people that they are treated so badly?

What am I supposed to say here anyways? I have nothing to gure out, as of today

Yehun Son

Shawn Smith

Ran Singkarin

Janak Sher Singh I don’t know

What will be on the other side of the door we call graduation? Aarushi Vardhan

Panisa Vanichthanakul

Tenzin Chowang Taklha

Daniel Rahul Swarup

How I would ever survive without my lovely sister: Yigha

Diksha Jessica Singh

Arpit Vijay Singh

Aniket Singh

Karsten Isaiah Shaw How do I become a listener in a loud society?

Nikolai Von Moltke

Nandini Vij

The class of 2019 is the most diverse grade. At face value they seem like a normal bunch but what makes them great is their dedication and love for all. As a grade they all love their dorm parents Mr .Peters, Mr. Rahul, and Mrs. Maya, and would like to thank them. Although separated by cultural and theological differences, this grade is brought together though many activities. From Miami Heat to Manchester City the different teams that each person supports bind people closer together despite heated arguments. Throughout the year they have shown kindness, perseverance, and love towards all people. In the end, the class of 2019 is not a grade but truly a family. - Written by the 9th Graders


My life...

Tanya Aggarwal

Nandini Aggarwal

Dhruv Agarwal

Not Pictured: Noel Edward Archer Tara Bajpai Thomas Berger Emily Hodgins Anubhav Khanna Gugulethu Mbatha James Seth McCroskey Louis Ridgway Geraldine Shubane Sophia Visvardis

How to get french fries

Deborah Aier

Kavi Ahuja

Tanuj Bagaria

Anahita Baluja

Why does the antidisestablishmentarianism occinaucinihilipilicate pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis?

Saatvik Arya

Joshua Ali

I2C Communication

How to make tomorrow better

Drake’s Rap Career


Jem Dalton Batley

Subhajyoti Basu

Akul Bansal

Class of ‘018

Why I’m tryna gure stuff out

Is it too late to submit this?

How to not get tired

How to pass 10th grade

How to survive morning music on a Wednesday Nikunj Dalmia

Charis Crider

Yong Hoon Chung

Tsephell Choegyal Why there’s a gorilla roaming around WS

Vatsala Chaudhry

Puruva Chakravarty

Mehar Bhatia

Abhishek Bhandari Steph or Kyrie?

Why is it even humanly possible to overthink how you say hello?

Why I’m a puppy magnet?


What is today?

Aanik Goel

Sarah Jenika Glover

Udit Garg

Shreyansh Fofandi

Ballin’ or Fallin’?

Noah Douglas

Kyle Devlin Diarmit

Kahini Singh Dhoat

Kelzang Dema

What came rst : the chicken or the egg ??

Madina Ibragimova

Tshokey Gyaltshen

Taarini Gupta

Abigail Preeti Gokavi

Black. Phatak!

How to be rich, famous, and happy?!

Why I’m single

Why am I alive?


No Me Diga!

Eva Khanpara

Varun Khanna

Kavya Kataria

Kiara Kanwar

Why is Yigha so much cooler than me?

The bipolar weather

Summer Kang

Joon Kang

Healeam Jung

Humaid Juned

Why am I not Neymar Jr.’s girlfriend? Hahah :)

Looking better than Vrithik today? Probably.

What should I order in?

Hyechan Jun

Avanya Caroline Joab

Imtiyala Celeste Jamir

Vatsal Jain How to shoot like JJ Redick

Nachiketa Kumar

Idika Kothari

Jaeyoun Kim

Doyoung Kim

How do I fall asleep?

Why so serious???

Sophie Mero

Phunsok Norboo

Sooyeon Park

Ana Raquel Pereira

Vrithik Mehta

Hah Yeon Lee

White. I’m always right

Parth Viral Parikh

Meghan Pandit Why didn’t the guy have candy when I jumped into his van?

At a movie theater which arm rest is yours????

Why does a round pizza come in a square box?


Arjan Singh Purewal

Passawit Puangseree

Suryansh Prahladka

Ishaan Oren Pilant Why is Ameya so much cooler than me?

Aryan Zane Shankard

Saveliy Semyachkin

Ameya Saba Singh

Prasiddhi Shrestha

Kabish Shrestha

Heewoong Shin

Sabrina Sookias

Anou Margaux Sood

Shivansh Singhal

Jayant Daniel Singh


Moises Salgado

Aarushi Sachdeva

Tanya Sandhu

Ubaidullah Samadi

Fight Me

What should I do for my summer holidays?

How to survive school! Square root of 0 What book should I read today? Hmmm... I don’t know.

Alli Roshni

Jiya Puri

What to wear?!

What am I going to do without Sumi?


Donald Trump

When your mugshot is just right

Jay Yunas

Hamin Yoon

Tenzin Yigha

Harshvardhan Yadav What to wear

Jefferson Wu

Elina Rose Woolever

Chantelle Ter Haar

Egor Suvorov The Matrix


Bahir Ahmad Zahine Never get that rst EMD, it’s all downhill from there

Invicta. Unconquered. There’s no challenge that the class of 2018 cannot dominate. There is something special about this grade. Maybe it’s their spirit, or how willingly they face any obstacle that gets thrown in their way, or perhaps it’s their ability to just have a good time together. The talent of this class is inconceivable: From amazing athletes, gifted musicians, incredible artists, stand-up comedians, actors, bakers, dancers, scholars, writers, storytellers, thrill-seekers, creators, adventurers, travelers, leaders, readers, thinkers, doers, be-ers. The list goes on and on. There are so many words that can be used to describe our class: diverse, united, confident. But more than what describes us, we are what we make of us. And what we are is indescribable. - Written by the 10th Graders 139

How to be optimistic

Aseem Aggarwal

Kartik Adityan

Chahat Kaur

Not Pictured: Asim Ahmed Nicholas Considine Damchuilung Kamei Miwa Masuda Dipankar Nakarmi Lucy Park Philippe Welter

Will the Cavs win the Championship?

Aadeng Apang

Arshiyan Ahsan

Vashisht Agrawal Am I too cool for school?

Tanashya Batra

Umang Bansal

Sohail Singh Baath My life

Is the person on the right really trying to gure it out? 140

Mansha Bhatia

Niranjan Bennet

Ikaum Bawa

Class of ‘017

How I can solve the issues surrounding capitalism

Is Justin Bieber trying to get back with Selena Gomez?

Faiyaz Chowdhury

Namhoon Cho

Anh Quoc Bui

Sara Bhatia Can I still wear red lipstick in the summer?

Viraj Rijal

Seungik Jang

Kopal Halway

Tanmaye Gupta

Sangrujungla Jamir

Aarika Dhir

Meghna Das ERROR 404: Answer Not Found

Simoni Garg

Deasyl Chozom Dorji

Mrinalini Khushi Daliya

Zane Chowdhury

How I can make the most of my last semester here? :)

Will God bless me and give me cheese straws for snack? Amrita Jhajj

Aashna Jain Do sh know they are wet?

How do I become a princess? JK, I’m already one. 141

Su Lin Kim

Shinyoung Kim

Noor Khosla

Dechen Khangkyil

Taegyeong Lee

Shanti Mathais

Shar Mathais

Yerim Lee

James Manorattanawong

Tenzin Peyang Lama

Tenphel Zoepa Lama

Zaine Krishnatraye


Jonah Philip Kaplan

Syeda Alina Kabir

Hyeji Jun

Ayaan John

What to read next

What is the meaning of life?

What to write for this.

Are we human? Or are we dancer? What K-POP dance should I do next? When is this due?


“Once you see results, it becomes an addiction” don’t you think?

Dhruv Mukhija

Devashish Pahadi

Khoa Vinh Ngo

Raghavee Neupane

Tenzin Loten Nepali

Abhimanyu Rao

Rishabh Poddar

Aashish Benson Peters

Jinhye Park

Shahyan Sataravala

Ambar Sarup

Ellen Santana Pereira

Viraj Rijal


Did the egg came rst or the chicken?

E = mc2

How to not fail life because of math

Vanalika Nagarwalla

Nirov Mehta

How to get through school

Aalia Mehra

Cereal before milk or milk before cereal? My future :D

Schedule for the year

How to solve poverty

Aimedaphi Sohkhlet

Sharanam Soni

How to survive Microeconomics ‘-’

Can birds get heart attacks?

Armins Stepanjans

Samreen Tanveer

The answers to my math homework Is a picture really worth a thousand words?

Karma Tobgay

Maeve Wakita

Yeshi Seldon Tshering

Urja Ummat

Pelzom Tenzing

Khanh An Tran

Tanushree Thapa

Dechen Tenzing




Saral Tayal

Isabella Micah Shaw How can I be better today than I was yesterday?

Nihal Sriramaneni

Bobby Sharma

Where’s my locker?

Mohd. Fayaz Yourish

Angel Yoanna

Justin Norman White Life!

It can be hard to contain such a diverse lot of people with various passions and talents. We’re creative: artists, musicians, and writers dwell amongst us. We’re athletes: there are runners and basketball players and soccer goalies. We’re givers: we’re in CARE activities and we try to be generous with our time and money. Luceat Lux Vestra is a Latin term meaning “Let your light shine.” Lux Vestra sticks together no matter what. We tell each other the important and the not-so-important stuff: secrets and “will you come to Cozy with me?” We try to help each other out as much as we can, from consoling someone who’s going through a tough time to posting study guides we think will help our fellow classmates to study for the exams. We empower each other to strive and thrive for greater things. We scream at the top of our lungs and lose our voices after a day of cheering for our Goalathon and Swishathon teams. That is what makes our grade special—we’re willing to overcome our petty disputes and many differences to form a more wonderful whole. - Written by the 11th Graders


Peter Millican

Sonya Crider

Bethany and Caroline Okie

Melanie Reichwald

Rachel Dunn

Tesal Sangma

Almudena Fesser


French Teacher

French Teacher

ESL Teacher John Robertson

English Teacher

English Teacher

Meredith Dyson

Head of English

Adam Wunker

English Teacher

UY Staff

Raj Mehta English Teacher

Economics Teacher Shonila Chander

EA Ofcer

Drama Consultant & Baby Secretary

College Counselor Swati Shrestha

Chemistry Teacher

Tim Percevecz

Band Director

Art Teacher

Not pictured: Esther Arthur Mike Pesavento Mukesh Tewari Anil Bhandari

Dhiren Paliwal

Head of College & Career Counseling

Head of Art

Global Connections Coordinator

SS & RE Teacher

Head of P.E.

Head of Music

Head of Math

Head of Learning Support & ESL

Indian Classical Music Teacher

Head of Languages

Head of Social Studies

Head of Science

Math Teacher

Math Teacher

Math / Physics Teacher

Library Assistant

RE & SS Teacher

Music Teacher

Math Teacher

Math Teacher


Jeremiah Swanson

Abraham Okie

Tiffany Belbin

Tarun Seth

Linda Seefeldt

Kerry Hani

David Raju Vundi

Subhashini Timothy

Aloke Kumar Maiti Amrita John Trish Pearson Susan Datt

Steve Luukkonen!! Ravi Arthur Zachary Conrad Sue Long

Renee Bowling Margaret Groff Mark Windsor Megan Homewood

Residence Staff

Residence Staff

Residence Staff

Residence Staff

Residence Staff

Residence Staff

Residence Staff

Residence Staff

“Weird Bug Guy”

Residence Staff

Residence Staff

Residence Staff

Senior EA Ofce Coord

Senior EA Ofcer

Science Teacher

Science Teacher

Student Teacher

Spanish Teacher

SS Teacher

SS Teacher


Sydney Johnson

Francisco Bárcena

Ed Beavan

Chris Rhatigan

Nilesh Talaulicar

Akshaya Nagarkar

Sujata Archer

Nishtha Daniel

Ian Fried Prarthana Singh Yaman Shankardas Tim Raby

Ronita Daniel Rahul Gupta Nidhi Mani Monish John

Maya Dutt Karen Tamminen Huten Ladailova Dilip Alexander

Admissions Associate Communications Assoc.

Chaplaincy Coordinator & RE Teacher

Alumni Secretary

Admin. Assistant

Admissions Director

Community Relations Ofcer

E.D., Hani Centre

Director of HR

Director of Finance

All School Staff

Admin. Assistant

Admin. Assistant, Operations & Legal

Admin Asst., Music


K Krishnan Kutty

S Suryanarayan

Shailesh Garg

Sandeep Rawat

Marcus Shaw

Judy Crider

Lalitha Krishnan David Webb Monica Roberts

Popsie Ebenezer Arpana Fernandes Swati Roy

Kiran Singh Nyima Douglas Sumit Thakur

Admin. Assistant, Hani Center

Accounts Executive

Not pictured: Ben Bowling Ramesh Devmani Digamber (Titu) Lal Ketan Swami

Facilities Head (Soft Services)

Head of Girls Dorms

Head of Boys Dorm

Head of Drama

HLC Admin Asst.

Head of Personal Counseling

Head of Outdoor Ed

Head of Operations & Programs, Hani

Music Teacher

Maintenance Super.

Liaison Ofcer

ICT Support Coord.


Consultant, Hani

Music Teacher

Music Teacher






Themneivah Singh

Tenzin Saldon

Tara Kaplan

Ruth Kalsang

Phuntsok Dolma Chophel

Marta Lopez Fesser

Joan Wallace

Amitavo Roy

Brett Gore Nawneet Kumar Thupten Chophel Dharmendra Bhandari

Kuldeep Bhandari Fabiola Shaw Andrew “Outdoor Chap” Hepworth Akshay Shah

Janak Khatri Rachna Peters Andrew Das Curran Russell

Res. Medical Ofcer


Central Stores Manager

Projects Supervisor

Senior Nurse

Senior HR Ofcer

Senior HR Ofcer

Senior Accountant

Travel Ofcer

Travel Consultant

System Administrator

Staff Housing Ofcer

Student Teacher



Personal Counselor

Engg. Operations & Control Coordinator

Accounts Pay. Ofcer

Accounts Rec. Ofcer

Anna Koester

Immu Uniyal

Eric Roberts

Sunil Baloni

Shailender Bhandari

Craig Wiggins

Susan Lall Vimmi Negi Sareena Pun Ritesh Farmer

Shoma Shrivastava Ajay Negi Jitendra Singh Enosh Thomas

Daniel Smith Saurabh Joab Shadab Begum Prashant Singh

Employees UY


Front row: Lalchand, Sunil, Deepak Back row: Vinod Kumar, Jagdesh Singh, Dalip, Sanjeev


Left to Right: Kailash, Birma, Sonu


Left to Right: Sunil, kamal, Jogindar

Left to Right:Dalip, Rajkumar, Deepa



Left to Right: Rajeev, Surinder, Suman

Left to Right: Gopal, Anil, Binod 152


Estate Management

Back row: Balbir, Bachan Singh, Bachan Bhandari Top to Bottom: Suresh, Surindar, Gulab, Dal Bahadar, Sonam, Sohan, Arvind, Surendar, Third row: Jayendra, Sushil, Radha Krishan Sunil, Dhanpal, Vinod, Bardhan, Rajesh, Second row: Harish, Jaychand, Parshotam Sahab Singh, Mahabir, Jagdamba First row: Parkash Mani, Surendra


Health Centre

Rajesh, Praveen

Sunil Kumar



Manmohan Singh


Left to Right: Mangal, Parveen, Jitendar, Sandeep, Ameet, Jagmol, Sorab Singh, Amit Thakur, Dharmendar, Manoj, Surendar, Bidda, Bhagat, Deepak, Gulab, Ramesh, Mohan, Bhawani 153

Pramod Kumar


When the thundering clouds in the sky could hold no more water, they let down a fearsome rain. rivulet merged with other rivulets, and formed a stream. This stream, now flowing prouder than and growing both in size and strength. As this water flowed on, it joined even larger streams, advancing through the land, Audeamus is that river. Just like the water in the clouds, we all began our journeys from different robust, united, and unstoppable. At times we can be dangerous, flowing harder than normal, but helping life flourish, and keeping the community content. Soon we will flow out to the ocean, into the out Woodstockers, follow this path that we have carved out. Keep on doing righteous things, Older rivers will dry and new ones will form, but we will always



Throughout the night the rain fell, giving birth to a tiny yet strong rivulet. Flowing downhill, this small before, ran onwards and touched other streams, rivulets, and smaller trickles of water - absorbing all, eventually forming a great river. This river went on without pause for miles and miles, powerfully eventually merging with the ocean. places, and merging like the streams, came together here in Woodstock. Now we flow like a river: usually we are calm and tranquil, coursing on peacefully. We offer assistance to those around us, real world, and although we all may grow far apart, we will always know that our friends are somewhere there. but don’t forget to venture, dare, and risk. Continue our legacy, but also create your own. remember where we started. We will always remember Woodstock.


Advisor & Dormparent Messages Dear Advisees, It’s been a great nal year with you and we are excited to see you “leave the nest”. It is denitely true that you have grown by leaps and bounds since we arrived. We still remember Marina’s rst day of school in 7th grade; she looked scared and confused, nothing like a future school president. Now she’s our boss! In 7th grade Ruben used to come to my ofce and play my guitar without permission. Now, he does exactly the same thing, so I guess not everything has changed. Even though we haven’t known all of you this long, your growth over the past couple years in particular has been fun to witness. We’ve enjoyed sharing meals and watching movies with you and helping Isaac surprise Umaimah. Thank you for being good to Caroline. Thank you for being patient with us as we’ve struggled to balance family, work, schedules and relationships and how to best guide you through these years. Now that you’ve made it out, we hope you take some time to reect on your path as well and be thankful for what you were able to accomplish. We look forward to hearing about all your adventures in the coming years, so please keep in touch on Instabook or Snapface or whatever the kids are using these days. Dear Ankit, Antra, Bao, Devang, Devika, Hannes, Karishma, Khiloni, Linh, and Prathana Please read this note with all the enthusiasm you are generally able to muster on Tuesday mornings. But seriously, it’s been lovely getting to know all of you, and hanging out. We’ve only known y’all since July, but you’ve been generally a good lot of advisees. We enjoyed having you over to our home, eating together, and chit-chatting. Thank you for being our starter advisor group in our rst year at Woodstock. We truly wish the best for you as you move all around the world and pursue your goals and dreams! All our best, Swati Shrestha & Dylan Bach To my Hostel Boys I extend my warmest good wishes to the graduating class of 2016. It has been a pleasure working with a superb bunch of boys. I never seemed to have difculties in my course of work with you all, you all have actually helped me do my job well. I look forward to meeting you in the distant future. Till then, take care, have fun, work hard, God Bless. “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. You are the guy who’ll decide where to go.” - Dr. Seuss With Love Monish John


It was my pleasure having you, Satyam, Jiinkyung, Suhan, Sarah, Rachel, Farid, Wangchuk, Kartik, Yejin and Shubha, a beautiful mix of personalities and nationalities, in my group. I will always remember your love for homemade food, and you all wanting to come to my house for advisor nights, to sit around eating, talking and playing Dumb Shrades. The fun you all had playing this game will always stay with me. At the same time it has been encouraging watching you all grow into beautiful, friendly and responsible people. The time has come for you to go out into the wider (and wilder) world, to pursue your dreams and to make your future. You will be fondly missed for what all you have been to each other and to me personally. I will always remember our discussions during our advisor group meeting and your responses to the ‘weekly theme’ questions. You will be fondly missed for what all you have been to each other and to me personally. Thank you for your love and understanding and also for all the respect you have shown me over the years. May God bless you and keep you under His protection always and help you become even better human bleings. Dear Anoushka, Daniel, Gwen, Jiyeon, Loc, and Yashvi, we have only been together for this one year but we are really glad we’ve had this time together. It has been a pleasure and an honor getting to know you all this year. You’re all such an unlikely bunch of unique and quirky personalities – creative, studious, musical, artistic and just generally hard working; with a list of remarkable gifts and talents. We have thoroughly enjoyed our advisor time with you, especially dinner at our home, those breakfasts [when only one turned up]J , hanging out at Doma’s………..and sometimes, of course, looking at each other with nothing to say. We will surely miss Anoushka’s Bollywood moves and dance, Loc’s passion for football, Jiyeon’s piano playing in concerts, Yashvi’s future planning talks, Gwen’s sweet smile and remarkable football matches and Daniel’s positive attitude and football skills of international level. Let’s stay in touch as you go off to college and experiencing a new world. Always remember you all have the potential to inuence your surroundings with your positive attitude and good deeds. Go with God! Love, Rajneesh & Nishtha Daniel Dear Rishi, Namita, Varun, Dev, Teuk, Kezia, Shanaya, Paritosh, Fioana and Israel, We can’t believe it’s four years since we rst started as advisors for most of you – how time has own! It’s been a rollercoaster of a journey but you’ve nally made it to graduation! We have enjoyed getting to know you and seeing you grow into adults ready to leave the Woodstock bubble. It’s been a joy and privilege having you alongside us as our family has grown too. We’ll miss the scintillating and profound discussions we had during the 8.30am advisor slots, the silly games (anyone for Dead Ants?), and the most loud and competitive playing of the name game at our advisor nights. We are proud of all the things you have achieved during your time at Woodstock, too many to list here. We pray you will be greatly blessed as you move onto college and this next stage of life, and will bless others in your life. We hope to see you again at Woodstock or wherever we all end up in the world. All the very best, With love, Ed, Kirsten, Charlie and Ameya Beavan 157

What a privilege it’s been to get to walk with you all through this last year of high school. Yes, it’s only been one year, but what a year it’s been. We will miss Kabir being suave, Prapti putting him in his place, Shikhar being humble about his grades, Emma’s grandmotherliness, Kshitiz’s perfect head of hair, Adrian’s Midwestern sensibilities, having to tell Divya to stop being so loud, Rhys’s appetite for cookies, and Yeseong’s taste in children’s accessories. Thank you guys for being patient with your advisors as we navigated new parenthood, and for welcoming Reuben into the circle as your “little brother.” He may not remember you, but we sure will. We are excited to watch each one of you launch into the world beyond Woodstock. We hope you live life with gusto, with generosity and kindness and ambition to do good in the world. “All that you have is your soul...” - Emmylou Harris What a bunch! Aditi, Mayuri, Nangsay, Mathai, Akash, Karma, Jin, Hrishav . .. Its been a joy watching each of you grow in your passions and strengths over the past 4 years (or 2 for some of you). We proud of each of you and what you’ve accomplished here at Woodstock - all the commitment to sports and training, the passion for the arts, the hard work and love of life you have put into your years here. We will never be able to able to apple crumble again without thinking of you all and have fond memories of the pillow ghts (even if you did break a lampshade), the pumpkin-carving, silly games and good food together. Thank you for loving on the Stinchcomb kids . . . .for making lame jokes to ease the tension in serious advisor times . . . and mostly thanks for being true to who you are and helping us know you and appreciate you. We know you will go from here and live life to the fullest and we wish you all the best out there in the world beyond Woodstock. We hope you will stay in touch and please come and visit us in Thailand if you are ever there. We’ll miss you! Mr. and Mrs S. (Rhiana, Sam and Liam too) and Ms. Sydney Aakriti, Armaan, Adityajeet, Duong Dung, YuJin, Elesh, HaeSoo, Eera, Amrita… you are a very special person and the best ever. We are really happy that we had the good opportunity to teach you and to learn about you. We always look back and see all those beautiful moments of fun and humor with you. We’ve enjoyed homerooms, advisor night at our place, momo party, at the skating ring, class nights in the gym, games, and musical concerts and of course the talent show with you and watching you growing in knowledge and maturity. Your creativity, thoughtfulness are amazing. “Take up one idea. Make that one idea you’re life–think of it, dream of it, and live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success.” However, try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value. We’ll miss you! Enjoy your life every day!! God Bless you!!! Love, Kalyani, David Vundi


Dear Jago, Eddie, Chintu, Isaac, Dhruv, Jahnvi, Sarah, Naomi and Shefali, Graduation is A celebration… A time for looking back on lessons learned, adventures share, bright moments lled with special meaning. A farewell… A time for saying goodbye to old friends and teachers, to good times you’ve known…a time for packing away memories, treasures for tomorrow. A beginning… A time for looking forward, a time to set new goals, to dream new dreams, to try your wings and see what lies beyond! It has indeed been a pleasure having you all in our advisor group. We have enjoyed watching you all mature and become responsible and caring individuals over the last couple of years. We are excited for you as you commence your new journey into the real and challenging world of life beyond Woodstock. We shall always look back fondly on our times spent together during advisor meetings / nights and various celebrations at school! We are sure you will continue to be kindhearted, caring and loving people wherever you go and will lead a meaningful life as well while staying true to your values and principles. We’ll miss you all. Be in touch! With love, best wishes and prayers for your future endeavors as well as for a wonderful life ahead lled with health, ever blossoming happiness, unending success, and ever lasting peace and contentment! Mrs. John and Dr. Paliwal I have really enjoyed this opportunity to reconnect with the girls of 2016 as they returned to Alter Ridge where many of us spent 7th, 8th and 9th grade together. We found that we still enjoyed many of the same things like Room of the Month and Best Decorated Room certicates and goodies, Pancake Breakfasts that stretch well past noon, prayer at Check In (being thankful every day), birthday cakes of choice (banana, chocolate, marble and vanilla being the favorites) decorated with names and candles, presented with song and shared with all, pulla and coffee afternoons, sitting around a campre in the Cage roasting marshmellows, decorating Christmas and Women’s Day cookies, and, of course, the nightly hugs at Sounds Out. I love the way you light your rooms, share moments of joy, celebrate college acceptances, cook delightful concoctions and bake for one another. This has been a great year with wonderful girls - a grand nale for all of us. I will carry each of you in my heart as we spread out over the world. Come and nd me in Helsinki, Finland! Love, Mrs Tamminen


Those Who Left Too Soon Xumsel Chhodon

Congratulations Class of 2016! Although I was in Woodstock for only three years, I can condently say that my experience there was truly wonderful. In my three years, I met some of the best people with whom I created memories that I will cherish forever. I want to thank all the supportive, caring, fun, kind, and crazy people for always being there to make every minute worth it. Shanu, Jiyeon, Jinkyung, Prapti, Kezia, Eera, Aakriti, Amrita: I honestly don’t know what I would have done without you guys. My Woodstock experience wouldn’t have been the same. You guys made every moment worthwhile. Thank you for always being there and for making my visits back to Woodstock feel like I never left. I will cherish every moment with you all forever. Keep in touch <3 To everyone, thank you once again and best of luck.

Saraf Ray

I’m so proud to have been a part of the Woodstock Class of 2016. 10th grade was a really unique year in my life and I will remember and cherish it forever. Thank you and congratulations to every one of you!

Willow Limbach

Hi everyone! I’m currently wishing I was there in India with you guys graduating in a colorful sari instead of some silly square hat! I had such a phenomenal experience at Woodstock and I’m so happy that I got to be a part of the amazing Effervescent (currently Audeamus?) I would absolutely love to see all of you again so let me know where you end up going to college and please don’t ever hesitate to contact me if you’re passing through California! I also plan to do some traveling over the next few years so don’t be surprised when I show up in your respective country wanting to hang out. I really do hope to stay in contact with as many of you as possible! Peace

Sanjana Gupta

Hey guys, I hope you still remember me grin emoticon I just wanted to thank you all again for the amazing time I had in 2013. I will never forget all the memories and the times that we couldn’t stop laughing and I am extremely grateful to have gotten the opportunity to meet all of you! Because you all are open, exible, willing to listen and help and really fun to be with one could say that you are a perfect class and I think you should be proud of that! I know it seems difcult and weird thinking about taking the next step into uni and leaving high school behind but just remember that you will always have all the experiences, memories and friends for life! Good luck to all of you on your journey and I hope to see you guys soon <3 160

Sarah Yu

Hello guys This is Sarah Yu. I hope you guys still remember me haha. It was amazing being part of 016. Every bits of moment and all the memories with you guys are so special to me. After leaving Woodstock Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve realized how amazing Woodstock community is and how special friends are to me. I really miss you guys and I hope you guys still remember me as 016. Thanks for all the memories! Love you guys <3

Julius Nebling

Although I only visited Woodstock for a one semester, I had an awesome time being part of the Woodstock community. I had no idea what to expect when I rst came to Woodstock and was afraid to not be able to integrate, because of my rather bad English skills. Soon after school started the fear was gone, since every person at Woodstock was friendly and welcoming and made it easy for me to integrate. I made so many great experiences. Not only activity week was fun, but also everyday life was exciting for someone who is not used to living in India or going to a boarding school. Thank you to everyone for making my stay as pleasant as possible.

Minzy Choi

We are seniors already?! It feels like just a year ago when I was one of the new sixth grade students with Haesoo and Mayuri wink emoticon Although I left Woodstock in eighth grade, I still remember the excursions to the bazaar, mischief after lights out, basketball during win mumby tournaments, and the monkeys raging over the school rooftops. This February, I got the chance to revisit these memories. Coming back to Woodstock was denitely nostalgic, but I was also surprised to see how everyone was the same but different, different in the sense that everyone was healthier, happier, and more condent. I hope you enjoy every moment at Woodstock, and may every day be yet another happy moment! Woodstock will always hold a special place in our hearts. Congrats on your graduations :)

Marcus Kamau

Woodstock was way too awesome. I had a season of growth and maturity; but best of all I have life long friends there too. Happy graduation and I love all of you!

Jane Jung

Congratulations for your grad!!! Eventhough i left early i really miss being in woodstock. i am so sad that i cannot be there with u guys for your grad :( i hope u guys have a wonderful grad and i hope u guys have a great time in college. Thank you for leaving me such great memories. I hope u guys all the best <3 161

Lachy Wild

Hey 016! Congratulations on graduating!! You are such an awesome group of people. Even though I was only at Woodstock for a semester, you provided me with a lifetime of good memories that I still look back on today. I want to wish you all the best for the future and hopefully some of you come to Melbourne in Australia sometime! Much love from your favourite aussie/ Gareth Bale look alike.

Claire Steitz

Hey guys! It’s been a few years since I was at Woodstock but I’ll never forget the remarkable people I met in the class of 2016. Despite only attending for the rst semester of freshman year, I miss you all dearly and think of you quite often. Woodstock impacted in me in tremendous ways and I’m sure it’s done the same for you! I’m hopeful you’re all going to go on and do marvelous things with your lives and I’m looking forward to seeing where you end up. Congrats on your graduation and good luck with everything in your future!

Elizabeth Khosravi

Congratulations! We did it. Well actually, you guys did it! I was at Woodstock for only two years and met lots of special people that made my experience very memorable. You guys have taught me lessons I couldn’t have learned anywhere else and I’ll never forget that. Thank you for being amazing classmates and friends! Well as much as we have hoped for this moment to come, it is now the time that we all go our separate ways. I know that each and everyone of you will do amazing things and I can’t wait to hear about it at our reunions.

Sorab Singh

To the class of 2016, I sincerely send congratulatory wishes for grad through the yearbook. As I look back on our four years together, I continue to cherish every second of it. The wonderful memories indelibly remain impressed on my mind. A special shout-out to my roomies, Dagar and Kedia, who made my last year at WS most LIT. Wishing all of you all the best for your endeavors. Cheers, Sorab Singh Sandhawalia.



Mathai Abraham

Aakriti Aryal

Kartik Sahdev

Adrian Archer

Antra Baluja

Varun Pant

Donald Blank Armaan Boparai


Hannah Yi

Linh Bui

Jinkyung Lee

Naomi Chingmak Chang

Isaac Dobson

Umaimah Choudhury

Sarah Momin

Jiyeon Chun


Adityajeet Dagar

Karishma Dharmaraj-Day

Shikhar Dhingra

Duong Dung

Hannes Ehlert

Yu Jin Eo

Rhys Fernandes

Eera Sarda


Shanaya Kuttumkal

Jahnvi Garg

Paritosh Garg

Karma Gonjo

Mashrur Arvid Haque

Namita Jain

Prapti Joshi Teuk Kane-Potaka


Nangsay Seldon

Mayuri Kakkar

Eduard Kant Mandal

Elesh Kasana

Satyam Kedia

Sara Krishnan

Yeseong Kim

Morsumi Singh


Dhruv Lakhanpal

Suhan Lee

Khiloni Lilwani

Jin Hyun Lim

Fioana Luthra Israel Lyndem

Emma McLeod

Kabir Mehta


Rachel Mulavelil

Dev Nalwa

Loc Ngo

Taekmin Nam

Devika Nautiyal

Kezia Paljor

Devang Pandey

Anoushka Pant


Haesoo Park

Ruben Peter

Shrea Peter

Marina Popova

Dhruv Prasad

Chaitanya Prashant

Farid Rajkotia Zaheer

Shefali Rangi


Ankit Ranjan

Kalden Ritschel-Aukatsang

Wangchuk Sadutshang

Aditi Saigal

Yashvi Sharma

Prathana Shrestha

Hrishav Singh

Yejin Son


Kshitiz Tanwar

Rishi Thomas

Bao Tran

Akash Tirkey

Shubha Tripathi

Divya Vemulapalli

Jago Von Moltke

Gwendolyn Wilson


Amrita Yeshi







? However different, all of us aspire to be greater than ever before in whatever we may do. With our backs against each other nothing is out of reach. Propelled by each other, the higher we soar the smaller we seem to those who can’t y. Let us venture, let us risk, let us dream, and above all, let us dare. -Ankit Ranjan 174

Nicest Seniors: Jin Hyun Lim & Aakriti Aryal

Scariest Senior: Jin Hyun Lim

Senior I wish I knew: Dev Nalwa

Senior Superlatives â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;016 Power Couple: Jago & Sumi

Best UY Couple: Isaac & Umaimah


JAGO VON MOLTKE Mum and Dad, you have been more than supporting in all the years I have been in Woodstock, through the good and bad times. Coming to Woodstock was one of the best decisions I have made and it wouldn’t have been possible without you. Knowing that you two have always been by my side has given me the ability to keep moving forward. Thank you so much for everything. Nikolai, make sure you stay out of trouble and enjoy the three years that have you have left here, I’ll miss you. Omama und Opapa, ich hatte eine tolle Zeit in den letzten 6 Jahren in Woodstock. Das wäre ohne Euch nicht möglich gewesen. Ich bin sehr dankbar für all das was mir ermöglicht wird und freue mich sehr auf meinen neuen Lebensabschnitt in Deutschland. Devang, since 10th grade you have been one of my best bros and the last three years here wouldn’t have been as good without you. We have made so many memories together and I will never forget what a true G you are haha. Eddie, my Russian bro, since seventh grade you have always been by my side and we have had some good times. I can’t wait to create many more in Berlin! See you soon man. Haesoo (Tiger), I still remember all the uncle chips we used to eat in 8th grade haha, the last semester here has been too much fun. Kolden, its good you don’t sleep in a sleeping bag anymore haha, it’s been chill bro. Archer, Donnie, Kartik, my party bros, I will never forget Chandi, Goa and all the crazy memories we have made over the years. It’s gonna be hard to nd people like you. K-Eazy, everyone knows you’re a better rapper than G Eazy haha, stay sexy bro. Wangchuk Moktuk, Dev Nalu, Hrishav it’s been an honour to know you three and balling with you since 7th grade. Thanks for always looking out for me and always being there for me. Karma, maybe one day you will be able to beat me 1 on 1. Jin, I don’t even know where to start, we have been through so much together and I will never forget any of it. Take care bro and make sure you come to Germany some time. Sumi, in the 4 years that I have known you, you have played such an important part in my life and although we have gone through some rough times I have been so happy with you. No one could have made me as happy as you have, I love you. To all younger grades, it’s been good knowing all of you. 016, I will never forget all the people I have gotten to know here in Woodstock and all the friends I have made. This will denitely be six years that I will never forget. Thanks for everything!


It’s pretty difcult to describe my experience at Woodstock and how many people I’d like to thank when you are asked to write about it in just 400 words.. Mum & Paa: I couldn’t thank you enough for sending me here. You two have always ALWAYS supported me no matter what and I don’t think I would be off living my dreams if it weren’t for you guys. I love you so much. My Grandpa passed away on the 13th April 2016 and I felt like someone had ripped something out of my heart but I know you will always be with me Grandpa. From the moment you held me and walked me around the garden at home in your arms till the day I die, I will forever love you with all my heart. You meant the world to me and it was excruciating to say goodbye but I know you would be proud of me today. I love you to the moon and back innite times and I will always keep telling myself “Don’t worry ‘bout a thing, ‘Cause every little thing gonna be alright.” Daadi: I love you so so so much. You are the strongest, most beautiful daadi anyone could ever ask for. I know it was difcult when grandpa left us but you stayed strong and kept everyone of us strong too. Ameya: You are not only my beautiful baby sister but you are also my best friend. Through thick and thin, you were always there beside me and I will miss you so much when I graduate. (I will kill you if you don’t skype me everyday) I love you maisy moo. Jago: You are one in a million. I am seriously the luckiest girl alive to call you mine. These past 4 years, you were the only one making sure I had a smile on my face. I love you so much I can’t wait to see you in Germany. (turtle/shaark) Zane: I don’t have enough space to tell you how happy I am to have you in my life. Don’t worry, i’ll write a huge grad card. Just know that you have always been super important to me. :) Yala & Sophie: you two have been like my little sisters. (I can’t get enough of you two) I am gonna miss being around you but please remember to stay in touch. I love you two ALOT. Gwen, Emma, Yejin, Umi, Fi: you girls are beautiful and the funniest people I have ever met. I hope the best for you after grad and I couldn’t thank you enough for making my time at Woodstock so special.


DEVANG PANDEY Mumma and Papa- I Thank you for sending me to this school and giving me the chance to grow positively in every aspect of life. Even though at times sending me to woodstock may have seemed like a bad decision, I can condently assure you that it was worth all the sacrice. Lastly, I thank you for being my parents. Jago, Eddie- You two have been my closests friends at this school since 10th grade. The experiences we have had have been crazy, to say the least. Jago, sharing a room with you for two years was pretty chill. It has shaped a brotherly bond between us. You two were people who I could always count on to help me when I needed it. We taught each other many important things that I believe have prepared us for the future to come. I hope we stay best friends always and nd success in whatever we do. Ruben, Armaan- You are some of the most grounded and tolerant people I know. You have taught me to nd positivity even in the worst of times. Your habit of motivating others and respecting everyone is nothing but inspirational. Always stay this way and keep in touch. Wangchuk, Jin- You guys are the most mature and kind people I have met at this school. You have taught me the correct morality and ethics and have made me happy every time I talked to you. Wangchuk I our hope our relationship always remains really crazy as it always gives us a reason to laugh and be happy. Jin, you have motivated me to play basketball and to workout more than anyone else, for which I have nothing but love and respect. Dev, Karma- You two are some of the funniest people and some of the best basketball players I have ever met. We have grown to become brothers over these years and I hope we remain to do so. Thank you for helping me through things much more than just basketball. (“I am the best basketball player”- Karma Gonjo)Akash, Dagar, Pant, Kalden, Dirdy(zum) - You are my bros who I love and trust dearly. In the last two years, we have become brothers and shared many great memories with one another. I will remember everything I have learnt from you guys and I will always have your back no matter what. Kartik,Archer- I will always cherish our experiences in Goa and on the Hike. We became pretty close to each other and did some crazy and memorable stuff over the years. Keep in touch and stay turnt. Donnie- You have been one of my closest and rst friends at this school. We had some crazy and hilarious experiences throughout this time which I will never forget. I hope we stay as close always and nd success. Haesoo- Thank you for motivating me to workout and much more over the years. We have shared some crazy memories over the years which I hope we never forget. (Wangchuk)I am also positive that our little trio will nd the most success in the future. Farid, Chintu- It’s been fun being bros with you at my time at WS . As stupid your arguments may be, I still love our intense conversations in Physics class. And Farid, I do hope you get that insane P.H.d and accomplish all your dreams and goals. Zane- It’s been chill bro. Stay cool and fresh and never forget our talks on the sundeck at 4 A.M. Do not forget me and keep in touch. Sohail, Ikaum, Tenphel, Nikolai- . You guys have gained my respect and love and I hope you guys succeed in High school and in the future. Shefali, Devika, Aakriti, Sara, Eera, Jahnvi, Kezia, Jiyeon, Anoushka - Thank you for being my friends and making my time at WS more fun and interesting. All of you are insanely cool and I really hope we keep in touch in the future.

JIN HYUN LIM First of all I thank God for always guiding me to the right path.G⯜☔㜵ṅG㨰‌☐⫱⏼␘H 㛨⭬⏼G㙸ⶸ㫴aG䣌☐㊛㨔fG㚀㙸㟈UGḩ⺴⪰G㣌䚌⏈ᶷ⓸G㙸⏼ḔG␠⣅G㟨┍⬀G㜨㐠䢼䚌⏈G㙸☘㡸Gⴳ㛨㨰㊈㉐Gᵄ㇠䚝⏼␘UG㥐ᴴG㛨⫨ 㤵㜄G㢬⓸㜄㉐㇠⏈᷀G䣌☘㛻␘ḔG㤼␴G⴬㙼䚨䚌㫴⫼㉬㟈UG㤴㜄᷀⏈G㢨⇌⢰㜄㉐G㣄⣃␘⏈᷀G㛨⭬⏼㙸ⶸ㫴ᴴG㨰㐔G㥐㢰G䆤㉔Ɒ㢹 ⏼␘UG㚒㡰⦐G㢨G㉬ㇵ㡸G⫼㢀㜄G䖼ḔG⇜㡸G㠸䚨㇠⏈GἬ⤤Gᵆ㫸㢬㈑㡸G㇨ᷔ㏩⏼␘UEZRA BHAIaG䝉HGsŒGžˆš•˅›GŒˆš GŽ™–ž•ŽGœ—G•G p•‹ˆG‰œ›GžŒG”ˆ‹ŒG›G ŒˆfGpG•ŒŒ™GŽ–›G›–Gšˆ G›šG‰œ› without you I wouldn’t have been where I am today. All I can say is “THANKYOU” bhai. Mr. Jeff: Thank you for always taking care of me and believing in me. I could not ask for a better coach.Wangchuk, Hrishav: It was very nice being your BOSS and please don’t miss my jokes too much! Enjoy your college life <3 Haesoo, Taekmin: ⇨GỴ㜠㟨G┍㈑☘H⏼≘G㚒㡰⦐㣌ᶤ⏼ᾄG㘬⚀㛺⏈Gᶥ㥉⬄ḔG䚡ㇵG䚽⸩䚌᷀G㇨㙸HG䞈㢨䐹HEddie, Dev: Chelsea one of the greatest team and Lebron, one of the greatest players! Love you guys. Dagar Tirkey, Pottu: Sleep early in college and clean your room lol will miss you guys Shrea Shikhar, Chintu, Rhys, Farid: Khyal rakna bhai! Phir milengae huh? Varun, Pandu, Jago: My boys~ we made some good memories yeah? Time to make more! Barobayo, Donnie, Kartik: Keep lifting you iron addicts! Kshitiz, Sattu, chocho: You guys better keep in touch! Thank you for all the good memories, we gotta make it to the top yeah? Suhan, kalden, Loc, Elesh, Bao, Zum: Don’t be late for your classes in college and sleep well at night + don’t game lmao Ankit, Dobson, Dhruv.P, Isu, Mattu: Great knowing you guys!!Party in America? Rishi, Aditi: Acapella buddies! When words fail music speaks~ Never stop! Kabir, Dhruv. L, Paritosh: Always be happy no matter what! Go to the gym ok? Bopu, Adrian, Ruben: You guys better train hard in college too! zyada protein mat kha liver fail hojayega Shingyoung, Taegyeong, Namhoon, Kevin, Heewoong, Hoon, Jeff: ᧱⡪ⷂ ௝੣BᒷBᱶ⡢CB㣽⡄㕃Yejin, Jinkyung, Jiyeon, Hannah: ᅅ㟡०℣B⚒੹㟠੣Bᮋ⡪ⷂਣᥥ♍ᙏ⡚~Fighting! Cya in ᅅ㟤᭟ଁ~Momin, Pundit, Eera, Chingu, Nangsay: I am denitely not taking bio again haha Good luck for your future! Aly Thokpo, Shanzu, Shefu, Senpai, Marina, Yeseong, Namita, Jahnvi: Have fun in college and I am happy we made good memories together. Hope to cya all in the future!Tenphel, Lotus, Benson, Dam, Devashish, Dipu: Hey ballers! Time for WINMUMBY. Go get it and make your dream come true. Sohail, Shayan, Faiyaz, Zaine: Oie cuties stay outta trouble and study hard!Aseem, Bawa: Mr. Olympics and Biceps sir! Keep training hard like you promised and one day will be your dayJinhye, Bella, Meghna, Yala, Sophie, Tamy, khoa, khanh, Liah: Golden pipes! Keep singingParth, Jay, Varun, Kabish, Phunsok, Pasa, Ishaan: Train hard on and off the court and conquer!! Agarwal, Kavi, Basu, Bagu, Nikunj, Humaid: You guys are too funny lmao time to study!Bahir, Moi, Seth: Never stop balling!Detsen, Dorjee, Chowang, Jaydeep, Yugyel, Ahaan, vasako: Never lose your dedication boys!Yujin: Oie~ᰁ ⎸⥧♟㟠༭a㩭PPB㟶₹Bະ⚥♪℣B⠚➋㠀⧼੣B᭢♍⨜℣B੣᣶↠ ^UB༐჋㟶₹B⚒〉㩗㟠ᄇ௿B◨⠄ᝌሢBᄥB⡪㟨০☍C◕◡⫙aB❻ ♍☍B㠖ᱷ㟤০ᄥCB₣ᙥ㠀€€


ANTRA BALUJA My parents: Thank you for always supporting me and being so helpful with all my years at woodstock. Anahita: You’re one annoying sister but I love you very much anyways, hope you have a great time at woodstock after I leave. Yejin- thank you for the ve best years of Woodstock, thanks for being there for me even though I know it wasn’t easy. I hope you have a great life after this. Sara: kutti! I love you and thanks for being my rst and best friend at Woodstock. Anoushka- don’t worry Lakshmi, I’ll miss you. Umaimah- maaaaan! I’ll miss our tumblr nights ;) Devika, you were my rst roomie as well as buddy, and you’re actually a really great friend even till now. Shanaya and Praptihaha even though it was hard to keep in touch all the time, thanks for always listening to me when I got extremely frustrated with someone. Dhruv- you’ve been like a brother to me and thanks for all the hot chocolate in 7th grade. Bao man…. You’re actually really quiet in public… But once I got to know you.. You turned out to be a really good friend. Arvid- I will never forgive you for treating me like a new student when you rst came. Jiyeon- lol, even though that room was pretty messed up, you were actually a good friend and made me laugh a lot. Oye Linh bui, I swear you need to control your eating… My parents still wonder how you can t that much food in your belly. Ankit- omg…. You’re so mean but it’s ne… You’re still my son. Sheffs- I love you. Gwen- you be weird but me like you anyway. Yeseong- ayyyeeeee, songi! Shikhu- keep up with your lame jokes. Jinks- I’m NOT mean, you are -_- Peyang and Yigha- edgehill was a lot of fun with you guys.Lastly …. Varun- you’ve been a better friend than anything else. Thanks for not being that awkward boyfriend. Thank you for handling all my mood swings, my frustration with people, my slaps and my insults. Lol, try not to say “peace out” to your crush…..You’ve been extremely annoying for the past two years but…. Lol i guess I’m too nice and forgiving HAHA! I love you!

BAO TRAN Mom and Dad: Con xin lӛi vì ÿã không cӕ gҳng hӃt sӭc trong suӕt bӕn năm qua. NhiӅu chuyӋn không hay xҧy ra quá nên con cNJng rҩt sӧ không biӃt tѭѫng lai mình sӁ ra sao. Dù sao con cNJng cҧm ѫn bӕ mҽ vì ÿã tin tѭӣng con và mong bӕ mҽ ÿӯng lo lҳng vì con ÿã có kӃ hoҥch cho riӋng mình và con mong bӕ mҽ sӁ theo con ÿӃn cuӕi con ÿѭӡng cho dù có chuyӋn gì xҧy ra. Shikhar: Bro, even though we both have that unstoppable desire to become a doctor, I have to admit that sometimes I realize myself to be jealously looking up to you as the luckier, smarter and more hard-working one. Don’t take me wrong bro, I’ll never give up on my dream and you know it. But remember what I told you? There are things around me that I’m afraid will shatter my dream and eventually I will have to give up. It’s different for you bro, you have all the supports you need and really if you ever going to disappoint me by giving up, don’t ever see me again. I want to have that pride you know; knowing that my best friend has successfully become a doctor and complete his dream. Nonetheless, don’t forget our promise okay? We’ll see each other 10 years from now to see who is going to be the more successful doctor. Love you bro. Mashrur: Bro I know a lot of things are about to change especially without me… (HAHA) but remember, don’t ever change, the world needs people like you and I’ll be really disappointed if we meet up sometimes again after grad and you become all drunk okay? Haha jk love you.Taekmin: You are a great footballer. Keep playing and never stop, I might have to give up football for something bigger but that shouldn’t be the case for you right? Love you bro. Wangchuk, Jin, Haesoo, Rhys: I’ll miss annoying you all in Bio man. I’ll nd each of you in America sometimes if I ever get to travel okay. Love you. Eddie, Devang, Jago: I’ll nd you in Germany for sure bros haha. And Devang I have friends okay but its ne you can still be one of them. Work hard and never stop playing basketball. Love you bros. Isaac: You have been a great roommate. I’ll miss you as a good friend but not… you know what I’m talking about haha. Love you. Ankit, Elesh, Suhan: I’ll miss playing music with you man, especially you Elesh haha. Don’t give up Elesh, you know you have talent! Suhan are you gonna the next Millican? Remember Ankit, JAZZ FOREVER! Love you all. Antra: Thank you for being such a good friend to me and always be there when I need help. Do visit me in Europe sometimes okay. Eera, Prapti, Sarah: Meet up sometimes in Europe if you can okay? And also don’t ever give up man, we all have to make it happen! DNJng, Lӝc, Linh: 4 năm trôi qua nhanh thұt, good luck vӟi college xong vӅ VN khi nào rҧnh thì gһp nhé. Khoa, Khánh, Anh: Chѫi game ít thôi nhé, năm cuӕi rӗi lo hӑc ÿi. Remember Khánh, chuҭn SOÁI CA không cҫn biӃt chѫi game. Bobby, Zaine, Sohail, Hoon, Parth: It has been a great pleasure to play football with you guys and I wish you all the best next season. O16 boys and girls: Thank you for everything, it has been the greatest 4 years of my life.



Mom: You are indeed the best and most loving mother in the world. Thank you so much for putting me in Woodstock. It was one of the hardest yet best decisions you have made for me. This place made me what I am today. You have supported me in every way possible, and the amount of sacrifices/compromises you’ve made for us is beyond explanation. Thanks for giving me a path, and giving me the freedom to do what I want with it. You’ve always been my best friend, and always will be. Thanks for all the support and compassion. Words cannot describe the bond between us. I love you so much! Papa: You are one of the most chilled people to hang around with! You are so adventurous and I never feel bored around you. Thanks a lot Papa for supporting me nancially, emotionally and mentally, always loving me unconditionally. The little things you do mean so much to me. Love you! Suhana: Kya kahoo? Aapki hassi, mazaak, masti aur sahaare ke bina, humara kya hota? You are the best sister anybody could ask for. Thanks for putting up with me. Hamesha aise hee rehena, kabhi mat badalna! I love you Su, and continue keeping us happy, always. Nani/Viren/Varun/Mami/Mamu: You guys have been a pillar of strength for Suhana, Mom, and me. Thanks so much for your support and love. Nani, jabse maine Woodstock join kiya hai, aapne hamesha mamma aur mera saath diya. Viren/Varun, mere bhaiyon, mai tumhare saath bada hua hoo, and you’ve made the journey extremely fun. Thanks for the fun times. Mami/Mamu, thank you so much for being my second parents and my advisors. Armaan: Bhai, thanks for always being there for me. I will never forget the dinners we went to in our last few weeks, all the good time we’ve spent laughing and joking around. Thanks for the wonderful memories and support. Jin: Thanks bro, you were always there to guide me when I stumbled, and were one of my rst friends in WS. Dev: You’ve given me some great memories in Woodstock, and I’ll never forget the amazing and fun times we’ve had. Mr. Seefeldt: Thanks so much for the amazing classes and eld trips and always helping me solve problems. Thanks for your support as a teacher! I’ll miss you. And nally a shout out to ‘016 giving me making me the person I am today. I have learnt a lot from this class and WS. Thanks to all you Woodstockers!

ARMAAN BOPARAI Sarah Momin: Even though breaking up and getting back was the highlight of our relationship, I’m glad I dated you. I’m sorry if I couldn’t be the boyfriend that you wanted. Take care and best of luck. xx Kabir: Bhai, I’m gonna miss you man. I’m glad we chilled together in our senior year bro. Gonna miss all the times we joked around and watched those horror movies. I’ll come and see u in Ludhiana bro, take care. Kshitiz: Bhai, your one of my closest and oldest friends here at Woodstock. I’m glad I spent all those times with you bro, all those times playing fa and making fun of people lol. Bro keep working out hard and get that Ronaldo body man. Gym’s not gonna be the same without u man. Take care and see u in Canada Bhai. Devang: Aye boss, hahaah I love u bro lol. Bro I’m gonna miss all the times we walked up to school listening to NWA and 50 cent. Also the times we spent together in Physics. Your one of the coolest guys I have known man, keep it G, keeping playing ball and take care bro. Ruben: Peterr. Bro, u have been one of my closest friends here and I’m really glad we roomed together in our last semester bro. Bro work hard and become Mr. Uttrakhand man. Thanks for helping me and motivating me in the gym bro. Take care. Hrishav: Bro, we known each other since a long time. I’m glad we got to chill in goa. Gonna miss driving the scooter with u hahah. Bro we never got to have that Lobster, maybe well get to have it sometime down the road haha. Take care bro. Jin: LIGHWEIGHT! Hhaha I’m gonna miss u so much bro. All the times we cooked chicken together and worked out. I’m glad we chilled together more in our senior year. Keep your passion for basketball bro, don’t let it go cuz of gym. Take care bro. Farid & Dhruv: You guys have been one of my closest friends in Woodstock for the longest time. Im glad I met you guys, gonna miss playing football and goalathon together. Take Care.Jago: Bro, glad we roomed together last semester man. Gonna miss all the time we played fa and watched movies. I’m glad we spent more time together in our senior year bro. Take Care. Adrian: Bro, we’ve been so close since grade 6 man hahaha. Gonna miss the sleepovers in grade 6 and gymming with you bro. Gonna miss activity week and making fun of pandu lol. Keep working out man, ill hope to see u shredded as a monster the next time I see u bro hhahaha. Take care bro.


TEUK KANEPOTAKA Amrita, Yejin and Donnie, you guys were some of my rst friends in Woodstock and I don’t think I would have survived French 3 without you. Thank you for the all the memories. Bobby, Mayuri, Dechen and Deasyl. Thank you guys for making 3D art so fun. Deasyl and Dechen I’m going to miss our Monday lunches it was always the highlight of my day. Deasyl I will miss hitting you with glue sticks, thank you for the note and the pizza and for being the best friend ever I’ll miss you loads.Tenphel, Loten and Aashish, you guys are the best.. Hopefully I will get to see you guys again in college and then we’ll party it up, but if I don’t I wont forget all the times we had in Dagars guesthouse and balling. Take care boys, and take care of the name now that you are the last Benson in Woodstock Aashish. Karma Don, we only really became friends in senior year but I cherish every conversation and 1on 1 game that we played, especially since I beat you most of the time. You made Dharamsala one of my best memories of Woodstock. I’ll miss begging people for noodles with you so that we can cook at night. I’ll never forget all the conversations we’ve had, all the things and people that we talked about. Hopefully ill see you someday soon. Dagar you’ve been one of my best and closest friends for a while now. Thank you for forcing me to join the cricket team I will always remember the memories from all of those cricket matches. I will miss all of the movies that we watch together and that one movie that we said we were going to make but we never did. I know we will still keep in touch because we’re going to game all the time, but it won’t be the same as when we are together. Also Prapti I will miss you too. Akash Tirkey, you were my rst friend in Woodstock and you have left me with countless memories. From the rst day when you showed up with you whole family that lled our room to the hilarious ghts that you and Suhan had to wrestling Zane to all the cricket games and many, many more. I can’t imagine life without you. I know we will keep in touch and hopefully see each other some day soon. I hope your roommates in college don’t think you are weird when you pace around your room randomly and disappear into Narnia every night. Anyways have fun, take care and try not to miss me too much. Adrian: Come to Korea, I’ll buy 100 soju for you. Akash: miss when you and Teuk were my roommates. Glad to have black friends Bao: don’t forget using bao cao su in the future.Chintu: your luckiest guy cuz everyday is ur birthday. Dev: my local Indian friend, don’t be too depressed when ppl call you local India in college.Devang: you should control your emotion jkjk don’t cry when you read my comment.Duong Dong: If you become famous I’ll contact you and give me some money.Eddie: stop violating Bao. Had fun with you and hope we meet later againEera: I was too shy and suck at English in beginning of the 10th grades ok? I’ll miss you ;)Elesh: Yo Indian, plz take a shower and clean your clothes. u are the best friend I’v ever met. Hannah, Yujin, Jinkyung, Yejin, Jiyeon:B╷⡢ᣆ०B♠♍℣PP万ᤨᤨB㟤ଁ०℣ ሢᣨຐ੣B₣ᙥ㠀❝Hrishav: I beat u in basketball u suck. Eat more and get fat plz. ##Jago: come to Korea, I’ll drive u to everywhere and u can wear my helmet Jin: my best Korean bro. We have to keep in touch. I’ll go to US to meet youKabir: when u go to college and get in some trouble with your friends, plz don’t call to ur mom. It was nice to be ur roomate in 9th grade.Kalden: plz get a pillow and blanket, not sleeping bag. Karma: I don’t know where ur condence come from. Kezia: fugly, lol sorry for rejecting u for Sadie, haha just blame eera sarda. u r the best indian friend Kshitiz: I miss u when u were fat. These days too cocky and think ur damn hot lol jkjk Loc: plz don’t act weird incollege and don’t make ppl pissed off.Arvid: I’ll navigate ppl when I play football. fun to have Muslim friendRuben: Next time go to farther hotel, not Doma’s lolTaekmin: have fun in US and try to join ftball third division. Just keep contacting me in college Teuk: lol come to Korea man I’ll bring u to good hospital and remove ur pimples. Wangchuck: haha Im prettsure you will miss my ass. U wont nd another ass like mine in college Yeseong Kim: You are the best girl friend I’ve ever met. Haha I guess most people think that we are couples that fought the most. But you made me the happiest guy in the world and still want to be a happiest guy until I die. Hope we stop ghting and try to understand our differences. Thank you so much for always being nice to me. Honestly, it would be better if you allowed me to play football and to have some freedom. Jkjk. Love you so much and take care in Netherland. <3



KARMA GONJO Teuk Potaka: Words can’t dene our love towards each other. lol. I’ll denitely meet you soon haha nothing can stop us. You’re one of my best friends #feelproud. Adrian: I’ll miss you soOOOOO much. Altho what you say don’t make sense I love the way you’re happy and chill every time. Until next time. Satyam: Man Bro. Just love you too much, I’m sure you’ll become a very successful person. Keep hustling haha. Haesoo: My Yellow boi, will miss you a lot!!!!!!Arvid: You’re very classy ;). Will miss you!!!!!Wangchuk: We will always be together so the will shouldn’t matter to you BUTT you’re one of the few people I trust and love. Thank you for bring a nice human being, it actually inspires me. haha. Last line zuma lapgyi yo tah.Jin: Oh damnnn bro it’s time we say goodbye haha we were the coolest Caps, our car rides, those chicks talk we used to have, those LAPHING, momos, basketball and what not. Love you, take care. Prapti: Aye my Pandit, you and Dagar are perfect, that’s why I want you guys to breakup. Please keep in touch. Duong Dong: hahah my other half. I’ll miss cheating with you sorry I got higher grades than you. Please be in touch.Amrita: My lovely Dhongmo Amrita. Thank you for always being there, I’ll miss you. You’re a very strong bhumo. Continue with that, you’ll date someone cute like Karma Don ;).Naomi Babes: YOOO haha, the most attractive girl in town. I wish we started talking earlier, things would have been so much better and diff anyway thanks for being there when I needed someone “God Bless You” :).Eera: *aliban. I’ll miss all our physics classes. Aditya Dagar: I don’t want to write anything for you here haha so much things to say. Hannes: Hey German!! You’ve a very good heart. Thank you for helping me and being there whenever I needed you :)). Akaash: Have fun in college. Dev: Hey Blackie! The only thing you should know is I’m the best, but you might be the second best haha. Had a lot of memories with you. Keep balling. Kshitz: Motu yar. You Jin and Aashish are the only people who can make me very emotional. Thank you for always getting me water when I’m thirsty and thank you for all the memories. Grad card maeh I’ll write more emotional things yarr haha. Shrea: Thank you for all the Sunday’s Paratha. Please tell your mom. Her food is amazing. Love you always. Shanu: Yo Shanu, I love that dead stare you give to people you dislike hahah it’s killer. Tc. KIT.Jago: White habshie ill miss you :*. Loten and Tenphel: Kya ngae porto dhang mortho, kyipo tang ah. Lopchong yakpo jhi ah. Bhumo tso time past rae. Any help you guys need in the future I’m sure you guys know I’m always here. Read your grad card if you guys wanna cry. Dam: I’m sure you’re very jealous of me, always one step below me tch tch haha. Now you can be the best. love you. muji. Ikaum: Aye Buff boy keep working out. Aashish: I think I’ll miss you the most, partly because I feel like we won’t see each other very often and mostly because you’re a very nice person, you have a pure heart and I loveeee your company. Don’t be depressed with girls haha they come and go yarr. They can be very mean trust me haha just listen to your parents and just go with your brains, not “heart”. Peyang: Mortho. Tah time zho tsa rae. Make wise decision. Kyipo tang.Devashish: moz ghar bro school life. Phuntsok : You skinny piece of kyakpa. Get a gf please. Tibetan gyi ming shagorae tah porto. Aanik, Pasa, Hee wong : I respect you guys a lot. The respect you guys show to the seniors, loveit haha. Always be humble and nice. Pasa I’m proud to witness your 1st 3 pointer, keep balling. Hee Wong: Thank you for all the respect!! I feel so good when you’re around me. Will miss your company. Aanik don’t take off that smile from your face, Im sure girls love it ;). Kabish : Kto mozz gara School ma. Timi tah manche hero nai chau haha ramro sanga pada ani be nice to your juniors and be a good leader. Bahir don: Love your body. Keep balling, you’ll be a great player. You irt too much. Calm down on that ;). Jay: Aye. I really like you as a person and your basketball skill’s “on point”. Lol but I think you irt too much, just like Bahir. Save some for others haha. YOLO YALA, Swaggy Mero: Take good care of yourself, you guys killed it in the play. You guys have made me realize on about a lot of things. Thank you for all the memories :)).Chowang, Detsen, Dorjee, Yugel: Y’all little kids, always be humble and thank you for all the memories. Always there for you guys :*. Karma Jr, Karma Topgya: My two juniors haha be cool and Topgya just love your ball skills, no joke. Mr L: Thank you for all the motivations. You always come with positive energy. Please don’t stop doing that. Papa Jeff: Thank you for always being there for me. Mr john: Best Dorm Parent!! Love you always!Mr David: Best teacher ever!! Will miss you!!Until Next time.

SATYAM KEDIA 9 years in a place is no joke! And 9 years in a place that revolves around two hills with occasional bazaar trips can make you wonder how someone spent 9 years here. But that person was lost and mesmerized in the midst of these hills and as he found his way 9 years doesn’t seem so long anymore. Looking back he remembers when he came to Woodstock chubby and homesick, and now is leaving for the next mile stone. Mumma Papa thank you for choosing such a nice place for me and always being there to support me Mumma when you smile I forget all my problems Papa where would I be without your guidance and understanding Mansi didi all the support and help you have given me is crazy, just keep looking out for me! Maa Baba Nani Nanu thank you for putting me in a special place and pampering me way too much Chacha Chachi thanks for always being there Adit Bhaiya you were the reason we found Woodstock and the reason I could adjust so easily thank you for all the help and guidance bhaiya Kedias & Agrawals I hope to keep my head high and put our name to good use Oye Brother (Apu Apu), hami kati pro ho, haina? Hami lai estai ne Nepal banaunu paryo ani thulo thulo business kholnu paryo, hamro dreams jastai thulo Thanks for being a brother to me I will miss our wisdom talks, love you Dhadang Dhudung; “I am the best” Tirkey, abbey chappal chore, you stole my chappal right when I was writing this, salley Jharkhandi tuney toh dil bhi chura liya yar Terey sey bath kar key bohot maja atta hai yar Dagar bhai, I have known you since 7th and we have been so close since 9th I cannot pinpoint a moment we haven’t had fun because it’s always fun when we are together Our pasta nights and our long talks, we killed it here bro Mr. Tanwar from Honey Singh to G-Eazy that transformation bro, following my footsteps huh We gotta keep t and stay t yeah Bhai Yaha WS main we had a lot of fun times and bro we were very good together, thanks bhai Golu bhai hamesha mast rehna aur bhai jabh bada admi ban jaiga toh hamey bhul math jana Work hard yeah Golu, will be the rst one to buy the car you design Jinju, english speaking like an undertaker play, working out undertaker, eating undertaker everything undertaker bhai Yadh rakhna haan, we had some really fun times here, will miss you bhai. Hrishav Singh, bro it’s been a nice 6 years since you came Ani bro, US ma luga launa na bersai hai, utta jado huncha. Aye ani by the end euta Bugatti pani kinnu paryo hai ta Oye Junior (Potaka) keep practicing one day you will get close to my perfection. Wangy Dev you guys were my rst roommate’s man, so basically my oldest friends at Woodstock Remember our 4 o’clock cricket match, haha were I got saved. You guys are inseparable yar, I will miss you guys together and apart Rhys bhai I know you are going to do well in life and I know US is the place for you Work hard yeah bro, it was fun having you as a roommate this semester Rishi bro really chase your dreams and always keep Namita happy. Farid we better do one of our bazaar adventures in the US yeah with the least amount of money possible. Dhruv go full on boxing mode yeah, see you in Dubai whenever I pass by. Hey bae (Jago)! Bro you’ll always be my bae. Love you and take care yeah. Oye Skool Pres (Marina) Where would I be without you, you are like a powerhouse man, like ten people packed into one; it is crazy the amount of work you can do. It was an honour being your Co-School President, was a great year for me. Thank you for making it such an awesome year. Eera abye oye xhakki terey bhai ko yad rakhyo and stay different. Prapti Joshi tuh toh boss nikley yar, cutest, hottest, sexiest girl of Woodstock. Hi Jinks remember to parcel my energy bars to my college. Haha, Jinks you are a very cool and tall person but I will always be taller than you. Oye Jiyeona thanks for always carrying my lip balm and thanks for being a great friend. Btw I Love the weird questions you ask. Rishabh, last year school life, work hard but don’t forget to have fun and make it the best year yet at Woodstock. Aur bhai abh sabh bheno ko samhalney ka responsibility tera. Faiyaz next time I see you, you better be all jacked up but be the same bhai you are great as you are. Tenphel Zoepa work hard your last year ani don’t get in trouble, also better ace the SAT since you have 25% extra time, bujis. Zaine work hard bro, see you in Delhi next time I am in transit. Nathan you better be the captain of the cricket team in 3 years; love your dedication keep working hard. You will get your girl also someday. Makhi joh advise diya hai usey follow kar you will progress, pakka sey. Pankhuri Priyansha & Savvya Woodstock will hold some of the best days of your life, work hard but also remember to do everything that Woodstock has to offer. Go on hikes, ride bikes, play outside, sing, dance, climb, just enjoy. Mr. Seefeldt you have been like a mentor to me and have taught me a lot. Firstly, how smiling can make people’s worry go away and secondly you taught me to act like a gentleman. Ms. Chander thank you for being a great advisor and economics teacher. I really learnt a lot from you and your experiences. Mr. L thank you for your passion talks they will take me very far. All teachers thank you for all your support this year and all you have taught me for the past 9 years. Edgehill boys and girls you are the guys I have known the longest and I think it’s safe to say that we will always be in touch. 016 boys what a great bunch of boys we have in our class and the variety, it’s crazy. Will miss each and every one of you. Woodstock try not to change too much in the coming years.


ADITI SAIGAL Once upon a time there was a little girl who sat on a chair and coloured in a book with her mom. She drew crayon shapes and merged bright ideas with vigour, but her mother coloured lightly with a smile on her lips. The mother then proceeded to make small dots on the edge of the picture, and when the little girl asked her why, she simply said “because dots never seem to hurt anyone”. So the girl decided she would like to be a dot.

“Exist in more space than you occupy physically” - Willa Cather

Amma and Appa: Thank you for everything. You have supported me in all of my decisions and I couldn’t ask for better. You gave me the opportunity to enjoy my life to the fullest. I am blessed to have you both in my life. Devika: I am really gonna miss you. Especially your jokes and your impersonations :p. Stay just the way you are, and even though you don’t want to, please do keep in touch after we graduate. Church buddies: I had soo much fun with you guys. Going to church with you guys was one thing I looked forward to every weekend and I am gonna miss it in college. Keep posting pictures on our group. Yujjj: Bro, thanks for all the support and the fun times we had together. I really miss playing soccer with you. Keep in touch and we should meet up after grad. Aditi: You are one talented girl. I am sure that whatever you do, it will be great and when I see you winning the Grammys I will be able to tell the people around me that you were my roommate in high school :p:p:p. Visakuo and Joannah: Welcome to High School and hope the next four years will be great. Don’t let your friends tell you what to do. I am sad that I am not there when you guys enter the last 4 years of school but take care of yourselves and make a lot of memories. Diya, Khushi and Alisa: have fun. Diya, have fun in Denmark and play well. I am proud of you McDonald. Khushi and Alisa, I am gonna miss working with you guys during drama. All three of you, don’t change for anyone else. Abigail: I am so glad that you came to Woodstock. Take care of yourself and make sure you don’t get hurt again. I am gonna miss spending those Monday dinners together. And all those times in Raxaul and with our friends there #BFF. Angel: Have fun in 12th grade. Don’t get into trouble and make as many memories as you can. The year will go by really fast so don’t waste any time. Ms. Chander, Ms. Yaman, Mrs. E, Mrs. Peters and Ms. Tammy: I am so glad to have had such wonderful advisors. I will miss each and everyone of you. Thank you for all the times we spent together and all the advice. Audeamus: I love you guys. I am so proud to be in this class #016 #BestClassEver




These last two years of my high school career have been spent in the best way ever, i couldn’t have asked for anything better. And now that this journey is coming to an end, i would like to thank everyone part of my woodstock journey. Firstly i would like to thank my parents for supporting me and allowing me to come to woodstock. Thank you mummy papa for always loving me and making me the individual i am today.Thank you to my little cutie sister for always being the loving and caring younger sister she is. would like to thank all my teachers, mentors and advisors for helping me not only get better academically but also in other non academic eld.Mr. and mrs. Daniel: You guys were the best advisors ever! I will really miss your homemade chicken! Thank you for always supporting and understanding me. Mr. Mark: Thank you for all your help and for providing me all the opportunities at woodstock in helping me hone my skills in dance. Mrs.Mark- It’s been an honor to learn from you regarding the different aspects of community engagement. Thank you for always making me feel at home and ill really miss your homemade food! :)Ms. Chander: Thank you for guiding me always to do the right thing and thank you for making me love economics.There were many ups and downs that i might have faced in the class but you always managed to help me. i’ll always remember your class! Thank you for everything ! Mrs. Peters : You were always with me during every hard time i had in dorms. I’ll miss your food alot !!! Thank you for everything ! Ms. Nidhi : Ms. Niddssss!!! You have been my friend since the day i came to school! Thank you for always trusting me and understanding me !! i’ll miss you alot !! :*Ms. maya: from now you are Maya aunty hehe!! Thank you for always putting up with shefali and my crazy talks and thank you for always making me feel at home with your delicious food and motherly advice ! i’ll miss you and i’ll see you soon ! Ms. taminnen: Thank you for making my last year at woodstock the best! I’ll miss you goodies and poulas and doughnuts and pancakes and cakes ! love you Ms. Taminnen. Last but not the least my 016 fam! : These two years wouldn’t be the same without you guys. You know what it’s been two years i’ve known you guys and and some of you only for 1 and half years but it seems forever. Thanks for making me part of your family and giving me so much love from day one. I can say without any hesitation that these two years have been the best two years of my life. I will remember and cherish every memory and moment we have made together. Thank you again for everything and best of luck and i am sure each and everyone of you will shine wherever you go and whatever you do! .

YASHVI SHARMA Mom: Thank you for believing in me and bringing out the best in me. Thank you for supporting my dreams. Thank you for everything that you have done for me. ILOVEYOU. Dad: Thank you for gifting me with such a wonderful education at an even more wonderful place. This is the best gift you have ever given to me. I love you so much, dad. Mohish: Thanks for not missing me at all when I was here. Anyway, I still love you, Mohi :* Ms. Chander: I won’t miss you at all. You know why? Because I know you will always be there in my heart. I will miss the way you imitated me, and all the times you teased me. I will miss our heart-to-heart talks. One thing that I will miss the most is your smile. You are the most amazing and the most beautiful woman I have ever met. I respect you a lot, and always will. Thank you for guiding me throughout. Don’t ever forget me Ms. Chander, I love you <3. Mr. and Mrs. Mark: Love you guys for everything. Thank you for the care and love. You are my FAMILY, and I will miss you guys a lot. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel: BEST ADVISORS. <3 Will miss you guys so much. :) Ms. Nidhi: Thank you Ms. Nidhi for guiding me, inspiring me, and for making me what I am today. You are da best. I love you , remember that. ;) Aap meri favorite ho <3 Audeamus: I am lucky to be a part of this class. I love you all, and will miss you all so much. Good luck, everyone! “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying Goodbye so hard.” Super Special thanks to Anoushka: You are one of the best things that ever happened to me. #Lifeline hahaha xD


Pala and Amala: I cannot thank you enough for sending me to Woodstock WANGCHUK SADUTSHANG Thank you for always encouraging me and supporting me with everything I did, and for all the advice you have given me. Love you both very much Achala: You were here with me since the time I started

and guided me throughout till you graduated. My condant and critic (copying your line), thank you for pushing me and always being there for me through my tough moments. Don’t know what I would do without you Ach, and don’t forget I’ll always be here for you. Love you loads Zopes and Pengs: Growing up with the two of you by my side has been extremely fun! Now the two of you have to continue to be there for one another, to support one another. I’ll always be there to help if you guys need any. Make the most out of your last year!! Love you two! Shikhar, Ankit: 11/10 years have own by and we have been through so much together. Can’t believe we actually survived in this place for all these years, and if we lose touch with one another it will be very sad. Love you guys man Pant, Jin, Karma, Hrishav, Dev, Eddie, Tiger, Devang, Jago, Kalden, Satyam, Paritosh: Words cannot describe how much I’m gonna miss you guys. A lot of time has passed since I became friends with all of you, although some longer than others it seems like I know everyone equally well. All the moments we have shared will be cherished and I thank every one of you for them. Live life to the fullest and have a great time in college. Keep in touch and love you all! Akash, Kshitiz: See you at UBC boys! Amrita, Shanaya, Eera: It’s been a long time that we’ve been together. A lot of memories have been shared, the ups and downs, and I’m glad that we became really good friends. Have a blast in college. Keep in touch! Loten, Dorjee, Chowang, Phunsok: My Tibetan brothers, keep working hard and playing hard. Will miss all the times we had together man. Nangsay, Linh, Hannah, Mayuri, Yejin: It’s been fun talking to you guys. Have fun in college. Namita, Jahnvi: Aunty Ji’s. You guys were very helpful and always had a positive attitude. Glad to have met you guys Sarah, Naomi: Northeast buddies! I’m glad we became good friends and the fun times will be remembered. Best of luck in college! Chintu: You’ve been a great friend and I know you’ll do well in UCSD, also I know you can get her bro ;) Lakhu: Never give up in trying to achieve your dream, I know you can do it man. So work hard. Have fun in college bruh. Peter, Bopsi: Workout buddies! Thanks for all the times you spotted me, and for the motivation. Keep working hard and keep in touch guys. Taekmin, Suhan, Bao, Elesh, Loc, Zum, Farid, Arvid, Rhys: I’m very glad I got to know you guys better before graduation. Keep in touch bros. Aashish, Dam, Dipankar, Ikaum, Sohail: It’s been fun hanging out with you guys. You guys need to work hard now. One year left, so don’t mess it up. Sohail I believe you can make it till the end. Rest of 016: It was a pleasure being in a class with all of you and I wish you all the best for the future!!

Mom&Dad: The greatest and most supportive parents any kid could ask for. Thank you for always letting me do what I want and always encouraging me throughout my life. All I am today is thanks to your guidance. Love you guys. Dadaji/Dadi/Nani: Thank you for everything. I would not be here without your love and endless support! <3. Jai: I know the nalwa’s will kill it in Silicon Valley. Fb and google don’t stand a chance against us lol. Best brother. Wangchuk/ Shikhar/Ankit: I have known you guys since what seems eternity and we have become the best of friends. Gonna miss ya’ll. Ankit, my rst friend, we have made many great memories. All the GDD’s and roomie stuff. Wangs, thanks for always being there for me. We have made many memories and life would not be the same without u. Shikhu, my partner in crime, one funny and balsy person. Thanks for always being there for me. Chintu: one of my closest and funniest bros. Thanks for always being there and Keep being yourself and we’ll chill in cali. Jin: Thanks for all the motivation throughout school. Like an older brother to me and you kept pushing me. Pant: Nigerian, don’t miss me too much. Had so much fun and you have always been there for me. Paritosh: Motu, even though your stories sound a little fake, I can always rely on u. My little brother. Hrishav: been a crazy ride but you have stuck by me always. Splash brothers for life. Kabir My ZNMD brother, take care of yourself since I won’t be there to take care of you.I will always be in your heart. Adrian: Buff/gum boy, you’re one funny guy. Enjoy carolina. Jago: My german bro, gonna miss playing alongside you. Been together in the team since the start and made some great memories. Eddie: Eh bratan, ya lublu chiba. Done some crazy shit together and I am going to miss u. Haesoo: bro since 6th, Buff Tiger, you have been my roommate the most times and we have had amazing times. Devang: I am going to miss your angry yet funny tantrums. Damn fun guy and my Delhi bro for life. Rhys: One of the kindest and caring people. gonna miss cooking and gossiping. Karma: You know who the best is. U are one psycho and local but damn fun to be with. Tirkey: Started bad but eventually became really good bros. Ur one of the nicest and fun guys. Dagar: You are one of a kind and really fun guy, especially with all ur gossip (AR walks). Kshitiz: tattu, my fashionista bro, hope I see u on tv playing footy. Funny roomie. Teuk: You are a fun guy man and it was fun balling with you. Donnie: The most racist but one of the funniest locals I know. Kalden: You are one fun but lazy guy. Gonna miss sport debates. Lebron is the best. Satyam: Been rolling since 4th grade and it’s been a fun ride. Dhruv: Lax, you gotta relax. A fun guy man. Dhruv: My JD bruv. It’s been fun. We’ll chill in LA. Daniel/Bao/ Zum/Loc: My yellow bros, gonna miss beating ya’ll in footy. U guys are nice and fun. Ruben/Armaan: Work hard buff boys. Mashy: Uncle ji, You are an actual dad but everybody needs navigation. Prasad: Ur a cool guy. Prapti/Jinx: Yo Uglies, jk. Have fun in college. Shanu/Eera/Jahnvi: My 4th grade buds, we have made some great memories. Stay cool. Jiyeon: I am waiting for an invitation to a fancy hotel managed by you. Yejin/Kezu: Most hyper girls but also fun to hang out with. Aakriti: I know much more than you. Linh: Xin chao. You are a fun and energetic person. Naoms: Chintuuu. Have fun in Irvine. Loten/Tenphel/Dam/Dipankar/Benson: My ball brothers, win everything. Going to miss hanging out with you guys on and off the court. Ikaum: U have come a long way lil bro. Study hard. Sohail: You are one character. Ball Team: Keep Balling hard. Mr.Jeff: You have been a mentor since 6th grade. Thank you for all your guidance. Thank you for always believing in me and making me the basketball player that I am today. To the greatest coach ever, I am going to miss playing for you. Mr.David: You are one cool teacher. Mr.Seefeldt: You are one of the most understanding and wise teacher’s. 016’ (Best Class): I will miss all of you and I love you all. Thanks for everything. Woodstock: Thank you for 10 years of unforgettable memories. Aly: been a crazy yet amazing journey. Couldn’t picture it any other way. Wish we had more time and let’s see where life takes us. Thank you for all the memories. I would not be here without you. I love you and I am going to miss you.


Mummy-papa: thank you so much for supporting me.I know I couldn’t have done anything without. Hopefully I will be the daughter you always wanted me to be. Eera:Making l.o.c in our room, fighting over the mirror, and edgehill, miss it all. Naomi:glad you’re back. Hope your stinky feet & style never changes. Aakriti: My confidant, buddy & hairy friend. Will miss sleeping together & deep convos. Jinks: Don’t use some random girl’s hairbrush. Ill miss you khoji. Shanaya: Thanks for being so reliable and trustworthy. Delhi, edgehill, savoy, late night cooking was fun. Amrita:hello, plastic surgeon. Will miss deep convos about ... Stop eating and start playing sports. Jiyeon: Our 7th grade fights & your mispronunciation of words and accent is too funny. Sara: I see you becoming like my sister who wont follow any social norms. Devika. Our shitty movies have been damn fun. I’ll see you. Jahnvi: my ma! Thanks for your ultimate support and care. Shefali. Deer shefali. Stay lame. Do modelling cause you are too pretty. Kezia:. I remember when you refrained from my dirty talks. Look who has changed. Yejin: munnn baaad. I love how you find me funny, your sense of humour ain’t bad either. Spongebob: Keep playing soccer cause you are beast. Shubha: dont study so much. You’ll miss out on life and dont get so angry. Hrishav:My 7th grade crush. How did I like you? Eww. Glad you are my bestie. Akash: The lamest and the nastiest person I met who always had my back. Karma: don! Didnt know english but now that you know, just too cocky. Get a girl. You are really sweet and beast at ball. Teuk:I’m from Nigeria? Stay cool and ugly. Jin:Founder of pandit. Miss your lame jokes. Satty: Our fight was lame. Stay boss and take me around in Nepal. Wangchuk/Haesoo/Dev: my edgehill buddies. Woodstock wouldn’t have been the same. Wangchuk: you grandpa. Stay chill & real. Dev: get a plastic surgery. Kartik: Pol& Gov was great, you a bro. Kshitiz. Calc was adventurous, can’t thank you enough. Tenphel/Aashish/Jinhye/Peyang/Sohail: Goodluck guys. Make the most out of your last year. You are my fav 11th graders. Rhys: mumbai was fun. You’ll always be my confidant. Paritosh: lose some weight in college bro. I’ll see you in Kanpur. Shikhar: we will get married later. Just dont miss me. Bao/Elesh, stay sciency & funny. Aditya: Thanks for being so real and being my bestest friend who had my back and listened to everything. Goodluck Aditya for the future. I hope you find happiness wherever you go because you deserve it. I wish I dated you earlier but even the time we have had together, I will cherish it forever. Love you. <3

Prapti Joshi

a d r a S Eera

Mumma and Papa thank you for always having my back no matter what, I honestly don’t know what I would do without you. Prapti, they say you don’t get to choose family, but I chose you ;) HAHA. Jahnvi and Shanaya, 8 freakin’ years - that’s insane. You know all my ugly, embarrassing, disgusting moments - basically the only reason I’m still friends with you. (JK) Shanaya you’re true. Satyam, stay my bro forever - no I will never line up to marry you thank you very much. Wangchuk great job copying my schedule, hope you gain control over your tomato-ness in the future - the score is 20:2, I win. Haesoo, anteaters > penguins, anyday, all day. Eddie, I hate you, you’re an idiot. Jiiin your jokes will remain funny forever. Remain your mature self :) Dagar and Akash, I hate you both from the depths of my heart :’) Pleaaase pleaase stay in touch. To the beloved crew - please don’t ignore my messages. Karma strong, karma hot, karma smart, karma cute, karma none of the above. Please don’t actually just disappear after grad okay - that’s just sad - we’ll meet in Nepal. Hrishav, I’ll see you in the city okay. Sarah, Naomi and Praps, your worker skills are on point - especially Sarah the catalyst - but I do hope you do something better in the future haha. Honestly though thank you guys for trusting in me always.<3Loc, you’re just a different type of toxic, but toxic nevertheless. I don’t know why I’d still say I’m your friend but I guess I can’t lie. Debzu you’re my forever buddy and ily thiiiiiiiiis much roomie. Dung, You’re way too smart for life and I obviously can’t keep up. Stay smart and pick your best friend off the ground cause she may need it lol. Shikhi, Bao - Be the doctors I know you can be both of you are super smart and super cute haha. Shefu, you’re super cute, stay sensible :* Yujin you rat, don’t let me miss you too much - visit me okay? Jinkyung you’re super weird bro lol but I still love you. <3 Amritaa cutest person at woodstock. Stop making fun of me <3 Aakriti you STILL haven’t taught me Nepali- great job. Bui and Hannah both my roomies, have shit loads of fun in college, love you both - keep in touch kay? Chintu I don’t hate you and Farid, You’re more special than relativity ;) lol thanks for your daily enlightenment. Suhan, here’s your name. Paritosh, abbe mujhe bhool gaya na to mujhse bura koi nahi hoga. You still owe me a pizza. Kezia, I hope you evolve into a homosapien in college. Aashish, Tenphel, Maeve, Selsi, Dhruv A. and Peyang, I sincerely hope Woodstock doesn’t kill you, also time goes WAY faster than you think here. Lastly to the friends I lost along the way, I hope you know who you are and that the memories we had mean a lot to me - maybe we’ll get close again after grad :) Class 0f 2016 - The best part of school has been this class and luckily I only have to leave school not our friendships. <3 Don’t miss me too much. ;) FIOANA YEJIN

Aditya Dagar

I’ve been part of Audeamus for quite long, and now my friend Eera is writing this song. Cause I’m too lazy to write my will, and she is the nicest girl with looks that could kill. I’ll start with my ma and pa, without their support I wouldn’t get far. Delhi is my first home but Honor Council is close, Thank you for letting me go - here’s an imaginary rose. Then there is my bhai, who will stay forever fly. Next is Prapti Joshi my girlfriend, I will love her until the end. You know whats weird to think about? I have finally become devout. Then there are my bros, Tirkey, Potaks, Satty and who knows. There is Gonjo and Hrishav, Jin, Kshitiz, whom I do love. You see I don’t have too many friends, because once they see my face it all ends. A special shout out to my teachers, because of them I won’t be a homeless creature. I may have missed some people because I didn’t write my will, I will remember you forever still.

Akash Tirkey Firstly, I would thank all my teachers in Woodstock for the amazing education they provided for me. Thank you Ms. Chander for helping me understand the world from an economist perspective. Thank you Mrs. Crider for always being there whenever I needed help and for being an awesome chemistry teacher. Thank you Mr. Raju for helping me understand the concepts of physics and for being a parental figure for me at Woodstock. Thank you Mr. Stinchcomb for being an amazing advisor for the past two years. Now, I want to thank my friend, starting off by thanking Aditya and Teuk for always being there for me. Whatever I have done in Woodstock, you guys have always been part of it. We have shared some priceless memories in Woodstock which I will cherish throughout my life. You both are my cricket, basketball, badminton, studies, late night cooking, bazaar, dorms, and in general life buddies. You guys mean a lot to me and are truly my brothers for life. A big thank you to Devang for being my bihari brother and we had an amazing time during our activity week hike where we became very close to each other. See you in Bokaro bro. Satyam and I can relate a lot with each other. We have many similarities which makes us so compatible and we enjoy each others company. Bro, I will never forgot all the fun I had while we were in Goa and while we were roommates. Stay in touch. Rhys bro, I’m really sorry for hating you in the beginning but come on you hated me as well. But look how we have changed and became so close after knowing each other better. I will never forgot all the deep talks we had and I hope you get the best Bhel puri or Pani puri in Mumbai. Dev and Karma are the best ballers in Woodstock and there is nothing to separate you two. Keep practicing hard and one day, you both might just beat me in one on one. Hrishav it was really fun being your roommate in 11th grade. We both have had some amazing times in the quarter break during Diwali, in Goa riding the motorbike and sharing the relationship problems that we both constantly had. And I know that I’m your best friend. Jin bro, you are a very inspiring and a very close friend of mine. You were so nice to me when I was a new student and helped me to fit in this place. Going church with you every Sunday and late night cooking with you were some of the things I will really miss a lot. Always stay in touch bro. I will always remember Shikar’s sense of humour. Like honestly, your jokes were really bad but still I used to laugh at them. We had some amazing memories in Shimla and I never ditched you. We failed to accomplish our dream of rooming together in Harvard but hopefully we will always stay in touch with each other. And yeah please keep randomly skyping me now and then. Chintuuuuuu bro, We became good friends in our senior year and I hope it remains the same in the future as well. And can you please stop reading my Facebook messages and log me out of your laptop. Kshitiz and Wangchuk, See you in UBC and I’m very excited to start a new chapter in my life with amazing friends like you guys on my side. Shubha, Anoushka, Yashvi, you guys are the best Indian girls and please stay the same and keep dancing. Prapti and Eera know me very well and you both are one of my best friends. Prapti, you are a bit retarded and I hope you fix it as soon as possible (I’m just kidding). You are the best sister in law one can get. Eera, you are my friend in crime and I will always cherish the crazy stuff we have done together. Marina, You were one of my first friends in Woodstock and I would like to thank you for always being there for me. Sara, Will always miss our fun times in english and in Shimla. Sumi, You were an amazing co-host in the talent show and I will always admire your brilliant acting. Umaimah and Arvid, My bangla bros, ami tomake khub bhalobashi. Last but not the least who is my amazingly tall girlfriend Shefali. Thank you for always being there for me and yeah you are the best thing that happened to me at Woodstock.

Thank you soo much for sending me to WS. I still remember, a mini me saying that Mathai Abraham Mom/Dad: I would never go or let anyone from my family go to boarding school, but here I am and I can honestly say that I have grown into someone that can make you proud. Anna: Thanks for being there for me. I know I haven’t been the best of brothers, but you’ve had my back, and I can’t tell you how proud I am to be your brother. We’ve been split for a while, but I’m gonna be on your level soon, so just you wait :D Audeamus: I can’t say how sad I am to say goodbye. I’ve been a part of ‘016 for 3 years, and I’ve seen myself change; both physically and personality wise, and it’s largely because of you guys. Thank you for taking me in. Rhys: Not much to say other than thanks for having my back, for being there, for pulling all nighters, and all the crazy stuff we did. Eddie/Jago: Thanks for the great 3 years. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the night we moved the room around. Thanks for all the fun, and thanks for being my roommates my 1st year. Pandey/Archer/Kshitiz/Potu(Teuk): Thanks for being the guys that helped me make memories even though it was mainly this last year. Umaimah: I don’t know what to say. You are one of the craziest people I’ve met. Kaza and Baraadsar were super fun and chill just cuz I got to go with people like you. Jin/Wangchuk: Thank you for being there to push me when I worked out, telling me that my form was wrong, for making my basketball better, and for inspiring me that my competition is me. Ankit/ Dhruv.P: I won’t forget the sheer randomness and the crazy fun I’ve had with you. I can’t forget our evening “tea” spot, the Dark Souls, the John Wick moments that I have shared with you. Israel/Shrea: I know we won’t grow apart, because we still have Dota. The basketball I’ve played with you will be imprinted on me. Paritosh(Golu): Don’t go nuts without me at Uni. Make sure you keep in touch. Hannes: Thanks for the weirdness XD, I really enjoyed rooming with you, and the crazy s**t we did. We can never repeat our conversations, mainly because we’d be social outcasts XD. To my 10th Grds: You know who you are. I will miss you. The daily lunch-time basketaball might just be my favourite time of the school day. Mr Steve: Thanks for pushing me, and believing in me. I’ve just started running, and I won’t let you down. There are still people I wanna thank, but couldn’t. So if you know who you are, thank you for everything.

Mom and Dad: I will never be able to thank you guys for all the things that you both have done for me. Thank you so much for sending me to Woodstock and always supporting me for the last 18 years. Paritosh: The last two years wouldn’t have been the same without you. Thank you for always being there for me. Shikhar: We grew quite close over this last year and I’m glad we did, you’re one of the people I trust the most. I’ll come visit you in Baltimore as long as you promise to get into med school. I wish we could have been roommates. Maybe one day ill look up at the sky and think I know someone who’s out there. Akash: bro when i first saw you i never thought we would be friends but now look at us. You’re one of the only people I’m going to miss when I leave this place. If i come to UBC remind me to get you a pair for slippers. Chintu: You’re one of a kind bro. I’m never going to forget the stories about you, we’ve had some pretty fun memories and I hope you stay in touch. Mathai: I’ve known you for 8 years; you are one of the nicest guys I know. You are an amazing person and haven’t changed one bit since ive known so don’t ever change. Dagar, Kshitiz, Karma: Woodstock has been crazy fun with you guys, Calc would never have been the same if we all didn’t take it. Dev: I’m gonna miss all those nights we stayed awake making noodles with Shikhar and chintu when we could have been sleeping. Enjoy Cali and never stop ballin. Goa wouldnt have been the same without you and all our late night scooter rides. We should definitley meet up during break. Ankit: I don’t think I would have survived studying for the sat over qb without you. Stay in touch and if I’m ever in Cali you better meet me. Rishi: you were one of the first people I got close to at Woodstock, I miss the Saturdays we used to just go chill on the sundeck and I miss making fun of mathu together. I don’t know what happened but it sucks that we grew apart, but I hope stuff goes back to the way it used to be someday. Wangy: if I ever need an buddy I know whom to come to. You are one of the kindest people I know, and if you are ever in Mumbai feel free to crash at my place. Jin: you’re one of the most dedicated guys I’ve seen I know that if you put your heart and soul into something no onet can stop you. I know you will accomplish great things thanks for being there for me whenever I thought about quitting something. Prapti, Kezia Umaimah: my kaza buddies kaza was so much fun only because I got to know you guys better. Thanks for the best AW ever. Jahnvi: I’m gonna miss all your gossip sessions, and dw imam keep tagging you in every eyebrow post that I see ahaha. Amrita: I don’t think I’ve ever seen as big a drama queen as you, and its nice to know that there is at least one other person who remembers our entire goa trip sincerely, Emmanuel. Aakriti: I don’t remember how or when we became friends but I’m glad I got to know you. I hope you enjoy Grinnell because it isn’t Cornell it isn’t overland this is Grinnell. Hope you get the reference. Prapti Namita Eera: I don’t know how I would have passed English without you guys thank you guys for sticking with me for the entire year. Prapti: You are the cutest smartest prettiest hottest girl. See I didn’t even say ugly. Sara: you were the first girl from Woodstock that I knew and you will always be one of my favorite people in the place. You better come visit me again, and this time ill have my license. Sarah: Just know that no matter how much fun I make of you, I never ever mean it. Sorry for you know what and I’m glad I got to know you. Everyone that I have missed I’m sorry I couldn’t include you guys because ran out of space. Mathai, Rishi, Farid, Satyam and Hannes: thank you guys for being amazing room mates I’m gonna miss living with you guys. Audeamus: Thank you for an amazing two years at Woodstock, I’m going to miss all you FAA@#$% C**&@.

Rhys Fernandes


Farid ‘Rocket Man’ Rajkotia Zaheer Thank you Woodstock for a magical 7 years you have given me. To mama papa Iqbal and family I will forever be grateful for your encouragement and support in all my endeavours. Looking back at my time here I can truly ctall Woodstock my home and I will miss every aspect of it, regardless of how good or bad it felt at the time. I thank you mama papa for being able to give me this experiance.W To my class, I cannot thank you enough and am eternally thankful that god placed me next to such great personalities. To all my teachers I thank you for letting my interests grow and evolve over time. You all have inspired me to follow the career I want. Mumma and Papa- Everything that I am today is because of the two of you. Thank You for everything that you have ever done for me, for supporting me through everything that I have ever done, for being my pillar of support every time I needed help, and always pushing and encouraging me to do the best I could. Lastly, I cannot thank you enough for sending me to Woodstock and giving me the best years of my life. Dadi and Baba- I love you a lot, and I’ll always be thankful for having grand-parents like you. Chachi and Chacha- Thank You for always being there for me, and giving me advice whenever I needed it. I will not be here if it wasn’t for your unconditional love and support. Family- You guys are the reason why I can do everything that I do today. Thank You all for inspiring me and making me a better person. Wangtchuk, Jin, Rhys- It’s been a long time since I have known you guys, I’m gonna miss all of you. Thank you for your unconditional support through my crazy moments, and most of all being there for me everytime I needed you guys. Im gonna miss you, and I will start working out soon. Love you guys. Dev- Where shall I even begin? We have made so many memories which will always stay with me, I know you love me but you’ll never admit it or show it. We have been through a lot and I will cherish all the time I have spent with you. ThankYou for making fun of me, cheering me up and making sure I do the right thing. Im gonna miss you, I’ll come visit you in your Beverly Hills mansion! Jahnvi- You are like the sister I never had with whom I am able to share anything I want. We have seen some tough times but we managed to get out of them with ease. I don’t know what I’ll be doing in college without you. I love you and I’ll always be there for you! Chintu, Satyam, Pant- Thank you guys for always tolerating my nonsense and always trying to make me the do the right thing. I have spent a long time with all of you and all of you have taught me new things every single day. Keep in touch and I’ll miss all you guys. Shanaya, Amrita, Aakriti- You guys are the only ones who can make me laugh, cry, happy, sad all at the same time. I can’t believe that it took me so long to become good friends with all of you, and now when I have its time to leave. I’m gonna miss all of you, take care, keep in touch and remember I’ll always be around. Dhruv, Shikhar, Ankit- I have known all you for a long time, and none of you haven’t changed at all, you are still the same idiotic, nerdy, sometimes annoying people. Thank you for being the same and always being there for me, and also thank you for going to breakfast with me. Rishi, Namita- Just be the same, and remember I’ll always be there for both of you. Love you. Anoushka, Devika- I known one for a short time and another for a long time, both of you have helped me grow as a person in last few years. Thank you for that, keep in touch, and have fun. Eera, Prapti- I’ll always try to add tadka to our conversation or anytime I speak. I love both of you, even though all of us make fun of each other and say bad things, I’ll never forget all the memories I made with you people. Hannah, Mayuri, JinKyung, Naomi- It was really nice knowing all of you, thank you for helping me in everything, Take care and keep in touch. Mathai, Akash, My last years wouldn’t be the same without you guys. Keep in touch and love you guys. All my TeachersThank You for making my every single day in Woodstock exciting and bearing with me for all these years. Mr. and Mrs. Peters, Mr. Das- Thank you for helping me on every step of the way in Woodstock. AUDEAMUS- Thank You for letting me be part of your class. I love all of you dearly and I will miss all of you a lot. Keep in touch and enjoy the rest of your life.

Paritosh Garg 189

DIVYA VEMULLAPALLI “A friend is someone who can see the truth and pain in you even when you are fooling everyone else.” Shubha: There is not much I can say in words to you. You were my rst roommate ever, and stuck by me through thick and thin. I hope you never change for anybody or because of anything, no matter how weird you are, you are still a Shubha. Umaimah: You might actually be one of the most hilarious people I have ever met. When we meet again I expect you to crack these jokes again and never change. You are kind of still a white girl to me. Fioana: To be honest, I was kind of scared of you when I rst saw you; but you ended up being one of the nicest person I have met in my time here. Thank you for all the things you have done for me in these past two years. Gwen: I may have only known you well for about one semester, but it was a really memorable and fun way to end my high school life. Emma: The nickname Meemaw is actually perfect for you, the motherly instinct seems to come naturally to you. You have cared so much, that even without your knowledge you have helped me overcome many things. No matter where you go, you will be the person I call if I have a dilemma. Hannes: You have helped me so much in almost all of my classes. Your humour may be unique, but it is still quite amusing. Stay the same. Prarthana: You are the coolest person I have ever met. Your attitude is honestly amazing, I am also quite envious of it to be honest. Please don’t let college change! Audeamus: I am thankful that I am able to graduate high school with this amazing class. I will all of you guys! First of all, I would like to thank everyone in this school for making this place very special for me, and no matter how much I might have criticized it, Woodstock will always hold a very special place in my heart. Audeamus, you guys are the best class ever and I will miss each and everyone of you. Divya: You are the most important person to me in Woodstock, and have helped me in overcoming my insecurities and encouraged me to believe in myself. I love your “I don’t care” attitude and would love to acquire one day! Love you with all my heart! Miss you the most! Fioana: You are my greatest teacher at Woodstock, and have encouraged me, in my lowest points, to get over things. I feel like you have shown me a glimpse of how to deal with the real world without caring about anything! Umaimah: You are the most amazing person I know and I love your sarcastic (sometimes lame) humor. I hope you never change your “crazy” behavior because that’s what make you so special. Emma: Man you are the coolest person I know and I hope to be like you someday (which I think is impossible since you too cool, nice and amazing). You have made me a better person and your adorable smile with a piece of advice, will never fail to encourage me. Gwen: You are so amazing that it is really hard to describe in words. I admire your ability of always smiling, even when it is not a good day. This makes my day brighter, no matter what is wrong with the world. Prathana: I feel like you are the most patient and kind hearted person I know. I applaud your brave heart that could bear the most annoying roommate ever (that, of course, being me). I admire your no nonsense behavior and quirky humor! Paritosh: Yaar, you are the most awesome guy, I know and I love you for all the light hearted teasing and commendable advices you gave me on random intervals! Hannes: I am going to miss you the most!!! I love your sassy humor and sporadic anger! You are the best and have helped me with so many things. I will always remember your pieces of advice, that will someday save my bum in the real world. And most of all I know you care the most, even though you don’t show that side often.




Shikhar Dhingra

Papa, thank you for everything. Thank you for sending me to Woodstock and thank you for always being there for me. Without you, I would not be where I am today, and it is with your hard work that I have risen so high. I love you. Shaurya, I’m very proud to have you as my brother. Thanks for being my best friend, and thanks for always being there to help me. You’re the smartest person in the world, and also the best brother in the world. Wangi, eleven years have gone too fast. You’re my oldest friend, and will be for the rest of my life. Always stay in touch bro. Ankit, I’ll miss you man. Thanks for being such a good friend for so long, and pulling off many all-nighters playing Pokèmon with me. Chintu, thanks for always being my roommate. I’ve shared many fond memories with you, and will remember you for the rest of my life. Have fun in Cali. Dev, I still remember the day you came in the third grade. I knew we’d be great friends, and I was right. I’ll miss you bro. Akash, thanks for teaching me how to play cricket, and thanks for being such a good friend. I love you man. Bao, we grew so close over the past year. I’ll miss playing COD with you, and pointing out your mistakes in Chem homework. Stay strong bro, we’ll be doctors before we know it. Rhys, even though you became my friend because of studies, you stayed my friend because you’re an amazing person. Good luck with whatever you do in life. Stay in touch. Kshitiz, bro sorry for calling you tattu in seventh grade. You know I love you. We’ll keep on meeting up in Delhi okay? Kezia, thanks for all your animal stories. We were the best entertainment heads, and even better friends. I’ll miss you a lot. Yejin, my favorite Korean, thanks for being the only girl who appreciated my Pokemon obsession, and thanks for laughing at my lame jokes. Have fun wherever you go. I’ll miss you. Farid and Armaan, you two are like my brothers. Best of luck in life, and never change. Eddie, Haesoo, Jago, and Jin, you are the coolest guys I know. I’ll be sad to see you go. Hrishav, and Teuk, my best Nepali, Australian friends, stay cool, I’ll visit you guys someday. Devang, Ruben, Kartik and Adrian, stay gansta and keep working those muscles. Paritosh, Varun, Taek Min, Isaac, Dung, Shrea, Dhruv P, Mathu, Lakhu, Satyam, and Dagar, I’ll miss you guys too. Thanks for being such great friends. Eera, Jahnvi, and Shanaya, you girls have been with me the longest. Thanks for all the good times we shared. Prapti, Sara, Naomi, Sarah, Devika, Antra, and Shefali, you six are my desi girls, and no matter how many foreign girls I meet, I’ll like you guys much more. Amrita, I always loved your sense of humor, and I’ll miss you a lot. Hannah, Linh, Nangsay, Mayuri, you guys my favorite Asian girls. Thanks for all the memories. Namita, Anoushka, and Umaimah, thank you guys for all the memories we made in Macro class. Ill miss you a lot. Audeamus, thanks for the great ride.

Mom and Dad: You guys have been a guiding light throughout my journey and I’m extremely grateful to you for sending me to Woodstock. Shikhar, Dev, Wangchuk, Eera, Jahnvi, Shanaya and Ankit: Guys, we’ve been together since 4th grade and I can’t believe it’s time to go our separate ways. We’ve stuck around through thick and thin and it’s been a great ride, here’s to more. Farid: My Delhi neighbor, you’ve been a bundle of energy ever since you came and I can never forget our riveting discussions about stuff ranging from physics to politics. Never change. Shikhar: I can’t believe this is goodbye. We’ve known each other for what seems like an eternity and you’ve had my back since day 1. You picked me up when I was down and the insane amount of struggles we’ve gone through have made our friendship stronger. Dev: The Panipat baller, you’ve been an absolute joy over the past 9 years and we’ve become brothers separated by blood. You’re a brother who wears his heart upon his sleeve, a real MVP. Wangchuk: Bro, you’ve always been the wise and calm headed one, giving me advice on tons of stuff. Much love! Kshitiz: Bro, you’ve been a wonderful friend with the advice of a saint. Messing around in dorms and just talking to you all these years have made it a fun ride. Varun-Bhai what can I say about our friendship. Although you’ve been here since sixth grade we only grew close these past few years, and Im glad we did. From the tiesto concert to just random instances of fooling around, you’ve been a great friend. Thanks for all the memories fam. Akash: Bhai, I’ve gotta admit that our friendship only flourished this senior year, but I’m glad it did. You’re pretty awesome. Ankit: Man, you’re just a brilliant person inside and out, even though it sounds clichéd. Anything from random gaming facts to star wars fanboy stuff, we did it all. Jin: Bro, I don’t know what I’d do without you. You’re a father figure who’s always picked me up. I’ll miss you man. Rhys: Ayy Fernandes!!! We grew really close this year and I’m so happy that we did. Don’t change. Elesh: Bro, football talks with you are always a delight and other than that, your humor made many a day. Dung: Dirttyyyyy!!!! You’ve got the world in your hands bro, make the most of it. Kezia: You’re crazy in a good way and I’ll miss you a LOT!! Have fun Head of entertainment. Yejin: SON!!!!!! You’re definitely one of a kind lol. Keep being you, it suits you. Eera: Physics GOD!! How can I not put you on this will man! We’ve been in this school for what seems like an eternity. Sara: Ever since 6th grade, you’ve been something of an intellectual soulmate lol! You’re so smart and special Sara, I’m sure you’ll have fun wherever you go. Devang: Pandey! Yaar you’re one character who has made my life at Woodstock that much better. Thank you! Eddie: Man, I remember the Chelsea games with you, me and Dev. You’re one guy who just connects with me on a football level and I hope we meet in Russia for FIFA 2018. Loc: Bro, I think that we grew pretty close this past trimester and I know we’ll get plenty more opportunities. Taekmin: You’re probably the best footballer I’ve seen in the flesh and have fun in college man! Naomi: MENON!!!! I’m glad to have gotten closer over this year and I guess it was good that you came back to finish with Audeamus after leaving us in 5th grade. Paritosh: Pari!! You’ve been a good friend throughout the journey and even though we’ve had our ups and downs, I’m glad to count you as a friend. Hrishav: I remember when you were new in 7th grade and you’ve just come on in leaps and bounds. I’m so proud of you man, just take life as it comes. Audeamus: My love for you transcends any senior will, and every one of you has been a critical cog in my Woodstock journey, I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it weren’t for you.


Chaitanya Prashant

“Make your choice, adventurous Stranger, Strike the bell and bide the danger, Or wonder, till it drives you mad, What would have followed if you had.” - C.S. Lewis

Ankit Ranjan

Chiku, Wangy, Chintu, Satyam and Dev: I don’t know how I would have survived in Egg-hell without you guys. As much as I hate to admit it, Edgehill holds my fondest memories (playing Pokémon, dark room, hide & seek). Chiku, Wangy: we came; we saw; we conquered. Chiku, Star, Alex, Elesh, and Mathai: Pokemon buddies!!! Kalden, Daniel, Star, Isaac and Suhan: 3g pls no lag/ star pls no lol/ wsboi or whatever it is, we’re hitting up challenger in university for sure. Dhruv.L, Varun: Best senior roommates I could ask for. Dhruv, I’ll see you at comic-con and you better follow through with our bet. Marina: I never thought our friendship would grow sooo much from eighth grade, but boy am I glad it did. Dhruv.P: May the force be with you, Harry *holds up Vulcan salute* :) . Hminga: For me, you never left. Antra: That was one wild ride. Chintu: From daily gossip to black holes, we’ve done it all. Ruben, Bao, Isaac: What would band be without you guys? Farid: One day we are going to go on an expedition together as physicists. I just know it. Marcus: Drink a lot of coke or, even better, coffee. Mathai: You shoujo dog! Hannes: Hummus!!!! Audeamus: A decade long isn’t long enough.

Varun Pant

I guess it happened we all managed to graduate!!!!! Firstly, I want to thank you Mama and Papa without you guys I would have never made it WS in the first place. Secondly meri pyari annoying bahain, no matter how bad things get just know that they will always go up I love you bahain. Wangchuk and Dev. Thanks guys for all the memories from my brief basketball team trips to just chilling and having fun in general, I don’t have enough words to say all the shit that comes to head so…. I’ll just tell you eventually, and we got to chill in the states no matter what okay. Ankit, Dhruv: Damn guys I don’t even know where to begin we have had so many good memories. Thanks for an awesome Senior Year and we got to kick it in college, even though it’s going to be so hard considering the distance. Pandey!!: Bro it’s been great, from the balling to the rap music. We have to play this summers, you are my brother man and remember that no matter what happens I got your back. And bro since you are going to be reppin my dream city, you got to start loving Drake man. Anyways bro have a blast in college, I’ll visit for sure since you are going to be so quite close in college. Dagar and Tirkey: Thanks for all the memories guys it was great. Rishi: Broo who am I going to go to for movie marathons now??? I am going to miss the _ _ crew man you can fill up the spaces lol. Chaitanya: CHIIIIIINNNNNTUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!! Bro I am going to miss you and your lines so much. From the “thoda dede na” to the “Guys, Tum Bhi Naa”. Bubbles yaar thanks for everything man from the Iced teas to the Tiesto Concert. ANDDDDD since you are coming to NYU we def going to chill. EDDIE: Bro It sucks I only got to really know you on that bus ride, but it’s been great ever since man. Have a blast in Germany and don’t get too turnt. Jin: Who am I going to go for motivation now man. I know I have only known you closely for a few years but shittt bro I remember everything. From our deep scooter rides in ddun to the deep talks from walking up to school. Bro I don’t know what exactly it is but I know that you are going to impact this world in a great way. Haesoo: Bro I honestly love you so much (NO HOMO), You joined with me in 6th grade and went through everything I went through as new students in edge hill. IDK what happened near the end but know that you will always have a friend in me man. Hrishav: Bro it’s been great 6 years, and you better keep practicing your ball game so I don’t beat you 11-1 again. Jokes aside it’s been awesome man and have an awesome time in college. PETER: So when you go pro, I better get them front row seats so I can cheer my heart out. Bro it’s been so great knowing you especially because you are like the only other guy in this school has a similar taste in rap music. GOLUUU: Bro it’s been so fun with you and I honestly don’t know who else I am going to make fun for being spoilt anymore. Jk Jk Thanks for all the memories man. Shikhar: Bro Its been great knowing you for the past 7 years. I am gonna miss everything about you from your sense of superiority(very annoying at times) To our end of year pokemon marathons. Its been great man and I better get free treatment from Dr. Shikhar DhingraAntra: I honestly don’t even know where to begin, the one thing that does come to mind is that these 2 years went by too fast. Honestly thank you so much for these past 2 years. I have no Idea to describe all the things we experienced together soooooooooo I’ll do that in some other way. Have a blast in college and don’t party toooo hard. And try not to get alcohol poisoning in like the first week of college. And don’t worry England is going to be fun, but omg you better not have a British accent because that is so baaad. Anyways have a blast can’t wait to meet you again.


Fioana Luthra “Life gets better!!!” - Your Queen *ips hair*. I will forever remember my time here at Woodstock and everyone who made it special. Sumi, bubble butt!! lol I’m gonna miss youuu!Divya, you’re chill. Also, thanks for ruining my shirts lol. Shubha, thanks for not making me deaf.Prathana, UR PUNK N EMO asf.Jinky, Chandi was fun and you were very funny. Thank god you didn’t run away. Also, sorry for locking you in the room that one time haha. Shanaya, thanks for not shouting at people for being loud, anymore lol. And stop being a sore loser at monopoly.Kezia, TWINSSS. English was fun with you.Yejin, monopoly? Also, glad you got out of that bad cycle lol, took you long enough. Yeseong, remember our island!? Maybe we can play monopoly there too hahaYujin, my rst roomie, never knew you were this bada*s. you can join me and Yeseong for a game lol.Gwendolyn!!! Our Delhi midnight run was fun that one time. I still hate that driver. Thanks helping me make my nipple shirt. Emma (Meemaw), I’m gonna miss you! Thanks for the knitting lessons. Hope we can meet soon and make more bad decisions * insert a bad wink *Eera, its ok!!!! You don’t have to cry about feminism!!Isaac, you’re just a guy being a dude lol. Mashrur (uncle ji), hope you don’t let your hair just grow out and turn into a bear haha.Sarah, you’re still my Llama! I mean a lot of boundaries were broken that one time in RE retreat and that one time in Chandi and Shimla and Goa lol *cringes*. Maybe we can have another Easter dinner someday.Jahnvi, <3<3<3ily. Thanks for dealing with me lol. Umaimah, thank me for dealing with you lol. ily2. Thank You, Come again. K BYE WOODSTOCK!

Mashrur Haque

“I’ll see you in the future when we’re older…. And we are full of stories to be told” Abbu & Ammu: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to come to Woodstock. Without your constant support, love and care throughout these years I couldn’t have come this far. Bao & Isaac: Thank you for being such awesome roommates! FIFA on Xbox, cooking and the few late night conversations we’ve had, I’ll miss it all. I hope to you see guys soon, best of luck! Daniel: I’ve always respected you for your football skills. It’s been amazing playing alongside you for the Senior Football team. Loc & Elesh: All the best! Duong: Can’t believe we spent 2 years in Ms.Chander’s class sitting together. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you bro, all the best dirty!! Haesoo, Wangchuk, Karma: English projects won’t be same without you guys, it’s been fun and I’m really going to miss it. Jin, Ruben & Armaan: Massive respect to you guys. Thank you for always helping me push my limits in the gym. Eddie, Jago, Devang, Kshitiz, Shikhar, Chintu, Akash, Teuk, Hrishav, Varun, Dev: Bros, I’m really going to miss you all. Thank you for such a great year, I hope we all meet sometime in the future. Umaimah: I’m really glad we joined WS together, it’s been a wild ride. No more looking out for each other, but know that I’ll be here to back you up anytime bro. Bhalo theko, tomake onek miss korbo. Anoushka & Shefali: Thank you being such a cool bunch and always keep in touch. Antra: How did we spend Earth Science and Spanish class together being the only two people from our grade? Thank you for always being my class partner. Kezia, Hannah & Fioana: You girls always made some hilarious moments for me, don’t forget me and stay in touch! Marina: I’ll miss having someone like you around. Anush: Bro, I still remember the relief I felt when I nally saw another Bengali in dorms for the rst time. I hope you to see you in Dhaka often. Enjoy the rest of your time at WS, I’m always here for you bro. Zane, Faiyaz, Alina & Samreen: Take care of each other and make the best out of your last year at WS! Zaine, Bobby, Mukhija, Sohail, Shinyoung & Namhoon: Always enjoy the beautiful game of football, make every moment of your senior year count. Work hard, play harder! Qazi, Picchi, Zubaida, Raqeeb, Mannan & Zawwa: Thank you for the several times you’ve supported me all the way from home, I really owe it to you guys. Zebeeba: No matter where we are in the future, I’ll always be here for you just as I have been till now. Thank you for your countless efforts to support me from home. Mr John: Thank you for being the kindest and most considerate dorm parent at Hostel. Take care and all the best. Ms Chander: Thank you for two amazing years in Room 25! “I’ve written you down now, you will live forever”


Umaimah Choudhury Firstly, I’d like to thank my parents for making the decision to send me to Woodstock. I will forever be grateful. Out of the two years that I’ve been at Woodstock, I’ve made many friends and learnt many things. My first roommate, Sarah, made it very fun my first semester at Woodstock. I’ll definitely miss your eccentricity and I’m happy that we shared some fun times even though we drifted apart this last year. I think the most important part about Woodstock has been how Fioana has helped me overcome my many weaknesses and fears. I’ll miss our monthly arguments and stupid fights. I honestly hope you end up where you want to be in life and that everything works out for you. I consider you one of my closest and most genuine friends and I don’t want you to ever change that about yourself. I’ll be really upset if we don’t keep in touch after we graduate because you are one of the people that I have shared my most important moments with.Antra, you were a good (but extremely messy) roommate and I want to thank you for keeping up with the late night Skype calls and all my food cravings. Jahnvi, Divya, Shubha, Emma, Gwen, Yejin, Kezia- I’m really happy that we got to become closer this year and I hope we do all the things that we planned to do together when we’re all in college. Prathana and Sumi, you two have been with me since I got to Woodstock and I could not be more thankful to have friends like you. Maybe we should come back in 10 years and continue our SOMS adventures and our art projects. Isaac Caleb Dobson- I want to say that I am so happy that you and I got to spend so much time together these past 9 months. You have made my life so much happier and have been my support system through so many things. Even if we do not stay together after graduation, I want you to know that I will always deeply care for you and love you. Never change the unique and special person you are. Mashrur, Anush, Zane, Faiyaz, Subho, Farzin Alina, Samreen- you’ll always be my Bangla crew. Tomader shobaike ami miss korbo. We should all meet up in Dhaka and Faiyaz can come and pay because he’s super rich, obviously. Joy Bangla! I’ll miss the entire grade of 016 and especially Mrs. Taminen, who has been the best dorm parent that I could have asked for. Thank you for the many talks, treats, pulas and coffee. Lastly, Ms. Claire and Mr. L- you have been the two teachers who have been the closest to me at Woodstock and I don’t know where I’ll end up yet but if it’s in Minnesota, you can rest assured that I will bother you on a regular basis. I want to thank you for listening to my problems and giving me advice that does not include anything illegal. I love you all and will miss you so much. There’s no other place like Woodstock and I hope I get the chance to come back here in a few years and take it all in again.

Isaac Dobson

To my family, thank you for always sticking with me and for showing me that we can depend on each other during hard times. I’m sorry that I lost sight of that, and I hope that I can show the same support. Mami, no sé cómo me has soportado por casi 18 años, pero te agradesco por crearme en la persona quien soy oí. Te amo con todo mi corazón. To Umaimah, thank you for being such a big chapter in my life. You have allowed me to keep on moving forward when I saw no hope. We have grown so much together and have learned how to not murder each other. Ami tomake bhalobashi mi chava. To my roommates Bao and Mashrur, thanks for putting up with my mess. Ya’ll da real MVP’s. Wish nothing but the best for the both of you. And nally to my dad, I wish you were here to see me. I love you pops.


Mummy&Papa: Don’t worry, one of your kids turned out right. Tanya didi/Kritin: thanks for having my back, i’ll always have yours (especially when i’m rich). Sara: it feels wrong to even be writing this, there is no need to say goodbye to you. I love you, my moon and stars (i finally got the reference) you are the bested, best friend a girl could ask for and so much more. thanks for all the real talks and pulyodre. Don’t worry my memory is good enough for the both of us ;) Shanaya: can’t believe it we made it all the way from telling on each other and exchanging stickers to now. it’s a weird feeling saying goodbye to someone you have grown up with but i know that we’ll never, ever drift apart. Thank you for teaching me the ways of life (*wink wink) and encouraging me to always, always do what i want. Aaks: you are truly the most fun person i know and are a beautiful friend inside and out. I can’t wait for ski competitions with our hot husbands. Debzu: popat, you are the person who has made me laugh the most and the hardest in my entire life. I always regretted telling you what a good influence you were on me but i’ll say it again- thank you for telling me about things that really matter and to always be my own person. Paritosh: thanks for taking my nagging and listening to my constant complaints and petty little annoyances. ily. Amrita- you’ll always have a special place in my heart. I love you, my bunny. Naomi- you are a wonderful human with an even more wonderful heart. I love you and your sexy smokey eyes. Prapti- thanks for teaching me bad words in hindi and making me laugh like a maniac. You’ll always be my bae. Fioana: without you i’d probably would’ve starve to death. Also, sorry for stealing all your comfy shirts. Umaimahyou’re an amazing person to be around. Eera- can’t believe i knew you when you were 3”11. Hopefully we won’t be dumping each other any time soon. Kezia- my bBf, God knows what i’d do if i didn’t have you to rant to. Rhys- omg i am so grateful for your indesign/photoshop skills. THANK YOU!To my girls- each one of you deserve nothing short of the best, remember that. The Edgehill Fam: if we can survive edgehill and highschool together, i’m sure we can survive life. Ms. Mel/Ms. Swanson/Ms. Shreshtha- thank you so, so much for all your encouragement. This book couldn’t have been made without you. Ms. Seefeldt/Mr. Seefeldt/Mr. Paul/Mr. Okie/Mrs. Okie- Thank you for showing me the importance of learning and teaching me so, so much. Mr. L- you’re the best teacher-friend and i will miss our sunday brunches more than anything (except Aleksia). Woodstock, you are and always will be home Kartik: thanks for all the adventures, i’ll never, ever forget them. I’m glad we got close this semester, i would’ve gotten really bored otherwise. You’re a really great person, even if you are a little annoying at times. i HoPe U Stahp TyPInG lyk dis sOOn. P.S. my favorite fruit is grapes :)


SARA K. Amma & Accha- You’re gonna be sooooo bored without me around, I hope you survive. Also, thank you for being really amazing (but also really annoying) parents. I love you. Zain- I’ve been the sole focus of all your annoying comments, rude remarks and unconstructive criticism for pretty much all my life. I still kinda miss you though (but plz stop). Jahnvi: I sometimes wish that I could hoard memories like you hoard objects, but sadly my awful memory stops that from ever being possible. But when I look back at my life at WS, 9/10 times the things that make me smile have something to do with you. Also, who is gonna protect you from all of the dogs of the world now?.Farid: For seven years people have been telling us that we fight like an old married couple. I look forward to many more years of fighting with you (cause i’ve been kicking your butt for 7 years, and i’m on a winning streak ;) ). Aaks- the world can have skinny jeans aakriti. I want bootleg pants, hairy arms, psycho eyes, poofy hair, dot tattoo, lesbian lover, combi van- aakriti. That’s the only version I’ll ever need. *Tag someone that is actually a garden hoe*: Amrita Lhatso Yeshi. lol. I’d walk with you in lodhi gardens all day, errryday cause I kinda really need you to survive life. Plus, I really love my garden hoe. Devika- For someone that hates technology so much, you spend a LOT of time facetiming me. But I suppose that it’s a better use of time than the 6 ½ years we spent emailing each other. I actually love it, and I’ll always love you. Kriru + Popat 4evah. Prapti/ Shanaya/ Eera/ Shefali/ Naomi/ Yejin/ Kezia/Jiyeon/ Rachel- You guys are crazy but I like it. Just kidding. I love it and I’m gonna miss you guys so much. Rhys- What is life without a little bit of cliché? Thanks for making me see that its not all that bad. Aditya/ Akash- We’ve had our ups and downs (mostly when it was your fault) but I love (hate) you guys so much. Thank you for all the rude and sarcastic comments/ ugly selfies/ cheap bazaar days/ lame fb convos and for dealing with me through it all. Donnie/Haesoo/Eddie/Chintu/Teuk/Satyam/Rishi/Mashy/Kabir - I’m so glad that I got to know you guys through the years. WS wouldn’t be the same without you. Meghna/ Vanu: Thank you for the awful jokes, crazy sleepovers and extremely average baking skills. Don’t miss me too much next year. Bobby- please stahhhp stressing and remember that you’ll always be my number 1 (always and 4evah). Mr. L- You’ve seen me at my best, you’ve seen me at my worst. But you’ve been there no matter what. You’ll never know how much you mean to me. Thank you, for everything. Mrs. John/ Ms. Dyson/ Mr. RhatWigan/ Mrs. Nagarwalla/ Ms. Pearson/ Mrs. Archer/ Mr. Seefeldt/ Mrs. Seefeldt- Thank you for your mentorship and guidance, but mostly thank you for being there during the stress, the laughter, the tears, the rants, the smiles etc. Woodstock: I am eternally grateful.


Amrita and AakritiR AMRITA- Ama, Aba: You are the best parents I could have ever asked for. You have taken care of, loved, scolded, spoiled, laughed with, taught me so much. I love you two so much. Thanks for dealing with your little spoiled favourite child. Jamyang: Wise sister, you have helped me in many ways even when I’m a bit dramatic. I will always look up to you. Jyana: You have made me laugh, given me advice and I cannot imagine our family without you. Mama Dickey and Abu Cheme: Thank you for so many wonderful childhood memories. KW and RW: Thanks for doing so much for me from both sides of the world. Aakriti: my irreplaceable combi, I will miss everything about us. Have fun in cornelds, I will only visit them for you and you only. Naomi: I am so happy to have one fun violent last semester with you, tiny annoying roomie. Sara: It seems like time passed by so quickly since the night we ranted about everything, who knew it would be the beginning of something so great. Yejin: My lover, senior year was sad without you in every one of my classes and college will be too. Haesoo: Even with the fat jokes you make, you are still one person I can trust with everything. Farid: Never stay in a Room 237. I know you’ll miss me being the only one who appreciates the movies. Jiyeon: My roomie forever, I’ll always be there for you Kezia: Even though you’re a Patrice, you’re mine <3 Wangy and KarmaG: you both are like brothers to me with your teasing and okayish mediocre good advice. Tibetan reunions better happen, you too Kalden. Prapti: Plastic Surgeon? Yes, emergency face x needed. Bonded by one name forever! Eera: MOOOOOO, mooomooo moo <3 Shanaya: ALL I NEED is the rhythm divine x100 Marina: Kind+ hardworking, you truly deserve every good thing in this world especially cheese. Nangsay: I will always appreciate you for being my rst friend. Jahnvi: Even if things have changed, thank you for everything. Teuk and Donnie: Any French class that I take will never be the same. Shikhar: To all the English classes we’ve been in, (iPhone table), you never fail to impress, help or make me smile. Paritosh, Rhys: You two are some of the most helpful, funny and kind boys. Thank you for existing! Jin: Let our friend-ship never get lost in sea. AES, PTIS,WS016: I couldn’t have asked for a better group to grow up and graduate with. All of you hold a special place in my heart. I wish I kept in touch or gotten to know you all better but good luck to all of you. I will always be there for any of you! Teachers, Dorm Parents: You all have inspired me in different ways and I will always appreciate everything you have done. Mr L: Thank you for making me kind of like PE and all the laughs+support. Everyone else: I wish I had more space to appreciate you all but grad cards! Nallu, interrupting my conversations, ghting over maggi, calling me a ‘wall’, lipid woman+piggy jokes, surviving RE together, racing to watch you play bball, attempts to spoil HIMYM for you, my genius not so secretive irting technique. I would do it all over again just for that talent show/stuco day, the beginning of everything and I would trade anything just to share more days with you. You are my best friend, comforter, tutor, favorite athlete, and so much more. I will always cherish, remember and love you even if this is the end.

AAKRITI: the winding of the Mussoorie hills parallels the feeling inside tangled nerves, erratic heart wanderer to be grounded, will this be my permanence? it was it is it will always be. the most permanent part of me.

“Besides, the ones who love us never really leave us.” Love, Aakriti and Amrita

theirs to mine, mine to ours, ours to hours and then goodbye. to everybody physically dening me. dearest are my spine and favorites my Heart select are those with who I will never, ever Part. time does not y, it teleports when combined with those I love the most. not ready to leave, but destined to go just as I came some four years ago. graciously, gifted to me was endless laughter and joy taught to do, be, live, do believe. I love, and will miss you all. so very, very much. The Dearest- Naomi, Devika, Jiyeon, Prapti, Eera, Rhys, Donnie The Favorites- Marina, Kezia, Yejin, Paritosh, Adrian, Haesoo, Jinkyung, Sarah, Devang, Karma, Dev Those whom I will never, ever part- Amrita, Sara, Shanaya, Farid, Jahnvi


Thank you mum and dad for all you do for me. It is not easy to provide a lifestyle this good but you guys make it look so effortless.Jago: Bro you’ve been one of the closest to me ever since we started chilling on the ledge haha. I can never forget all the time spent together in Goa or in Chandigarh. It’s been one hell of a ride man, down with you till the very end. Jahnvi: There’s a word limit so I can’t open the taps about how memorable this last semester was because of you, but babe what I can write about is how insane your brownies are, they are simply the best brownies I have ever had. You deserve more than a 100% of everything and I really hope you get it. I know that somewhere down the road we’ll meet up at the right time. Adrian: Archer, brother we have had our ups and downs but we have always managed to work them out. You’ve been the closest to me ever since I came here. I have nothing but respect and love for you man. From getting into trouble to turning up real good, we’ve done it all. Thanks for always having my back, you know I always had yours. I’ll never forget this time spent with you bro, cheers! Donnie: “He’s so poor, his parents left his last name Blank!” I don’t know if you remember bro, but that’s how I got introduced to you. Bro, you’re the realest person I know in this school. We have some wild quarter breaks and we have some insane stories that we can never forget. Good luck in life man, do well. Devang: Pandoo, man I have always enjoyed the deep conversations we’ve had about life. You work harder than most of the people and I know for sure that its gonna pay off in distant future. Good luck bro! Farid, Kshitiz, Bopsie, Ruben, Jin– You guys were the rst people I began chilling with here at WS. You’re a bunch of really hardworking guys and the level of respect keeps growing for you guys. Have a ball in college. Eddie, Haesoo – Bros I’m happy we could get lifted in Goa, for you guys were the only one’s who could keep up with my pace. We were always the last men standing, I’ll cherish them memories forever. Good luck! Prapti, Kezia – My sisters, haha pol and gov and pre calc wouldn’t have been worth staying up in had you guys not been there. Thanks for keeping up on my level, I’ll miss you guys. 016 Audeamus – My bros, my sisters and Jahnvi haha I love all you from the deepest corners of my heart, until next time guys. “Even though you’re fed up, you gotta keep your head up.” - Tupac


DONALD BLANK Never aspire to the average or the mediocre Let the greatness inside of you take over Stock broker or an activist, a soldier or a pacist Life a chain reaction, you a link or you a catalyst Walking in the house of god, your house of cards starts collapsing Fashion killa higher than Philips and Nash Screw titles, you provoking a reaction Are you slow or are you fast, man, are you smoking, are you passing? Are you wishing, are you hoping, are you open for some action? As serious as heart attacks, man, am I joking, am I laughing? If you see me crack a smile, then I got paid tonight I’m with my A-alikes or mama made a plate of rice You say, “You need to dumb it down,” like that’s some great advice Nah, I’m way too busy showing them what greatness like -Talib Kweli Some people have to learn Some people wait their turn Some people but not me I was born a champion -Chris Brown


MOM&DAD- Thank you for pushing me through high school. I know I was lazy, and didn’t study enough but I made it through thanks to you. NOEL- Enjoy your last two years at Woodstock I am sure you will miss it (even though you think you won’t) TO MY BROS IN 016-I will miss all of you so bad. I’m sure we will meet up in the future again, and we will make even more memories KARTIK- Bro we’ve been through so much in Woodstock and had some good times. I’ll miss you bro keep in touch. KSHITIZAy G-eazy hopefully one day I can get free tickets to your concert. Love you bro keep in touch. JIN- Bro you will always be one of my closest friends. I hope you become crazy buff and start competing bro because I’ll be the first to buy your protein. Love you bro take care in life and hopefully we’ll meet up again. BOPSY & RUBEN- I’ll always remember our gym sessions early in the morning. Don’t overdo the protein again Bopsy. Love you guys take care. JAGO,DEVANG, DONNIE- Bros we’ve had a lot of good times out here. Pandey I’m sure we’re going to meet up again and we’ll make some more memories. Jago take care in Germany hopefully we’ll meet again in the future. Donnie I still remember that Saturday at your house before school started sorry for that. Love you guys. EDDIE- Bro I will never forget our Coachella night love you man keep in touch. DevBro we’ve had some good times I’ll always remember class with raju haha take care. SUHAN- Bro get me some soju from korea lol. We’ll meet again for sure. DHRUV- Bro I hope you become a boxer one day lol take care man. YUJIN&JINKS- My two nunnas keep in touch and have fun love you guys. SARAH- Lol I’ll always remember going for the ACT. Take care. AAKRITI- I will always remember our fun evs classes, keep in touch I’ll see you in the UN one day. AMRITA JHAJJ- Keep in touch and wear higher heels to school lol take care. JAHNVI-I will always remember holding pinkies lol keep in touch. KARMA- broo we’ve had some crazy physics and calc sessions haha ill miss you man. Love you PARI- Bro have fun taking over the family ‘business’ haha love you man I’ll miss you bro. SHANAYA- The last year in Woodstock would not have been the same without your annoying jokes. Out of all my friends, I will miss you the most. I will always remember our special ‘moments’ haha. We’ve become so close in the last few months, and I hope we never lose our friendship. No matter where you are in the world don’t worry, I will come visit you and we will make new memories. Shanaya, I never wanted graduation to come, and now that it is here I can’t imagine leaving you. You will always be in my heart, I love you <3.

SHANAYA KENNY FAMILY- I feel very lucky to have all of you even tho you call me fat, manly and ugly, love all 5 of you more than anything.NAOMI- You are nothing less than family, I can practically put you up there in the very first line. I cherish every shower, every pizza, every heart to heart, every moment I spent with you.You are and always will remain my bestest, most loved friend.YUJIN- My baby little hij, thank you for being such a genuine friend and without hesitation giving me whatever was yours.(Sorry if I confused you of your sexuality)JAHNS-Meri ma, I can’t tell you how much you mean to me, thanks for handling every problem of mine as if it were your own. Also as soon as my kids reach the annoying stage I am dumping them at your mansion.JINKS- Babes you have been my most loyal friend, and for that you will always have my love.MOMU- Glad our friendship started by breaking school rules.PRAPSI love how there is no judgement with you, keep being a retard JIYEON-Cripple I will always be there to sort out your problems, no matter how stupid they are.EERA-Behna, you are one of the few that can read my mind and think exactly what I’m thinking.AYESHI- Going to miss torturing you with body slams and nipple cripples.KEZU- Dont worry we’ll meet again, cause I’ll spot that big booty from halfway across the world.YEJIN- SHIN SHUNG. SARA-I have high hopes and dreams for you. JIN- You truly are an amazing person inside and out, and I have always envied your ability to gain everyone’s love with ease.PARI- Mottu I’m very mean to you but only because of my love for you.TENPS- My little brother,my very own fashion critique,thank you for the daily dose of insults.HRISHAV- My brother, you know my craziest secrets and I trust you will all my heart (even tho I wasn’t in my right senses) Tenp and Hrish- I’m sure it’s not that small,lol, love you both! WANGS-Who am I going to abuse now?DEV- Will miss your lively presence and stupid jokes.KARMA-Mr. Sexy try not to break too many hearts in college.JHAJJ- see you in CC soul sister.AAKsAvantika, you are my all in one friend, my most caring,crazy, funny, obnoxious friend and that’s why I ll miss you the most. Almost all my fond memories of WS include you, and the ones you weren’t in I wished for your presence.ADRIAN- Who knew in fifth grade that the chubby boy with photochromic lenses and the skinny brown girl with yellow teeth would end up together.Ugly, you might not be a 10/10 in everyone else’s eyes but in mine you definitely are. I will always treasure the 8 months we had and will always wish for more because no measure of time spent with you will be ever be enough.Lol.I definitely hit the jackpot with you. Mrs Tamminen- I can truly give you credit for shaping me into a better person.016Wouldn’t want to be graduating with any other class.Good Luck.



Nangsay Seldon

Apa and Mama: Thank you for always being there for me and also for being so jigdaaa (no buttering intended). Pema, Yeshey, Lhagyel: You guys create the BEST zoo there is (what is Lhagyel anyways?). Mother Russia: I still can’t understand how and why we get along LOL and btw you have the best house wife skills so far. Linh Bui: I’ll call you when I reach Potato Nirvana or when I finally say “I care”. Mayuli: (not a typo) I hope that you’ll become an awesome engineer and invent actual FLYING pans haha. Hannah/jell god: I’m not sure if you’re gonna read this but your salsa skills are amazing. Yejin: Yejiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin Son (I’ll never understand why you find that funny). P.S- I’ll write better stuff on grad card teehee~

Marina Popova “IN LIFE YOU ALWAYS HAVE THREE CHOICES: GIVE UP, GIVE IN OR GIVE IT YOUR ALL” Charleston Parker Папа и Мама: Спасибо за то, что всегда поддерживали и верили в меня. Я надеюсь, что это только начало и я дам вам много поводов для гордости в будущем. Боря: Спасибо за совет, я постаралась взять все. Также спасибо, что всегда был рядом и был моим примером для подражания. Woodstock Community: Never would imagine that six years can go by so fast. Thank you for shaping me into the person that I am now and I am honored to have you as my second family. Nangsay: There are too many memories to recall, but thank you for always being there for all my mental breakdowns. Also please stop licking moths, it is nasty. Kakkar: We went through so much together granny! I envy your wisdom and perseverance and will miss your accent and your forever present eczema. Sayonara. BuiBui: I will always remember the hate talks over which we bonded. Your nyan cat laziness still manages to amaze me. Please don’t lose your passport on the way back to Vietnam. Hannah: BANANA! The best K-Pop choreographer, you always raise my mood up. Don’t change. I touched your pillow.Yejin: You don’t study yet you ace everything. Annoying. Jk. I will miss our boy talks. Aakriti: So pretty, so hardworking, so perfect. It was a great honor to work with you on so many events. Thank you. Amrita: Make Tibet free. I believe that you out of all can do it. Eddie: Thanks for always being the other Russian out there. See you in Moscow. Gonjo: Hope that you become a rap singer. Thanks for making chem fun and being my b ball buddy. Akash: You messed it up and later I will tell you why. Never forget the turtle. Jin Hyun: You are very inspiring. I hope you come to Russia one day to show your awesome language skills. Ankit: JarJar Binks is the Sith Lord and you can’t deny it.

Linh Bui Bố, mẹ: con cảm ơn bố mẹ đã cho con cơ hội để con đến được Woodstock và con xin lỗi nếu con đã làm bố mẹ phiền lòng vì con. Con hứa sẽ đền đáp lại hết công lao bố mẹ Bác Hà: cháu cảm ơn bác đã giúp cháu trên quãng đường này và cháu mong sẽ vẫn được ở dưới sự dẫn dắt của bác Cu: đồ bựa nhân, dụ dỗ em gái vào con đường gaming xong rồi bỏ đi. Huhu, bơn muốn chơi dota cơ :’( Bống: ma tall and stylish sis, thanks for all the advices, for putting up with my childish rants, for keeping up and in touch, even if I’m lazy af. Stay awesome and pretty (as always ;) ) Ti: we don’t talk much these days but the bond is always there. I love playing RO with you.. Đồi: thanks for reading my crap essays. That’s super hard to do and I appreciate that. Tít: wow. How do you put up with me? Enjoy your time in WS without me, although that’s super hard to do. Mayuri: Countly load, never change (especially your accent). Hannah: HPV, remember all the stupid crap we do together, our curse, how we just don’t care at all, and how I’ll destroy your pillow :). Nangsay: You introduced me to AC/DC and nirvana, taught me how to ignore others. Who knew doing nothing (potatoeing) can be super enjoyable. Marina: Mother Russia - I created that, you are the most supportive person I can ever, ever, find in this whole world, but stop roasting people for sick pleasure. Yejin: you’ve always been there ever since I came. I’ll miss our late nights. Kezia: I’m sorry Goa happened. I feel like I seriously violated you. God’s FC: I still feel dirty of being in this, but GOD. Remember our promise and update me with your gods. All: Thank you for being there, thick and thin. It must have been hard. I love you so, so, much and I’ll miss you. Keep in touch. Everyone I haven’t mentioned: sorry, word limit

Mayuri Kakkar カカール家:ありがとう、 これからもよろしく. People who are in the picture: Just know that I love you all and wish you good luck with your future. Teachers, staff and friends in Woodstock: Thank you for all the support. It was fun getting to know you. Class of 016: Thank you for makng my 7 years worth it. Hope to see you guys again.

Loc Ngo Thank you Ms.Datt, Mrs.Crider, Mr.Conrad, Mr.Tim, Mr.Gore, Ms.Wallace, Mr.Swanson and Ms.Dyson for your time and support. To my friends, if we meet again, don’t forget to say hi.

㛸⫼G㙸⾔aG㛸⫼G㙸⾔SG㥐ᴴG☐♈㛨G㦬㛹㡸G䚌≘㟈UG⏌G㤴⪰G㢨⤻᷀G䇘㠀G㨰㐔ᶷ㜄G␴ 䚨㉐Gᵄ㇠䚌᷀G㈑ᴵ䚨㟈UG㥐G䚍ẄG㈑䞐G┍㙼㜄G㥉⬄G⬂㡴G㟤㜠ḕ㤼☘㢨G㢼㛼㫴⬀G⏌G 㤴⪰G㫴㫴G䚨㨰㐐ḔGⴳ㛨G㨰㊈㉐Gᵄ㇠䚝⏼␘UG㛸⫼G㙸⾔ᴴG㥐G䚍㛹㡸G㠸䚨G⬂㡴Gᶷ☘ 㡸G䔠ὤ䚨G㨰㐔Gᶷ㜄G␴䚨Gṽ㣙䢼Gᵄ㇠䚌ḔG㧸㋕䚌᷀G㈑ᴵG䚌ḔG㢼㛨㟈UG㢨㥐G㛸⫼G㙸⾔⣅G⒈G㾐Ạ㷌⤰G㫴⇨ḔG㐪 㛨㟈¥G⏌Gⴳ㛨㨰㐐ḔGὤ⓸G䚨㨰㊈㉐Gᵄ㇠䚝⏼␘UG㇠⣅䚨㟈G……G㫴㢬㢨aG㫴㢬㙸G㙼⊉HG㫴㢬G㢨ᴴG㝘⾔ᴴG㘨GᶬG⸰ 㫴⏈G⯜⪨ᷔ㛨UG㝘⾔⏈G㫴㢬G㢨ᴴG䈐㛨⇐G⇔㢨G㉬ㇵ㜄㉐Gᴴ㣙G䚽⸩䚐G⇔㢨㛼㛨UG㝘⾔ᴴG⬂㢨G䚨㨴G᷀G㛺㛨㉐G∼ⱨG ⴬㙼䚨UG㫴㢬㙸SGἬ∙G㢨␴⦐G㣌G䀘㩠㡰⮨G㦿ᷔ㛨UG㉬ㇵG㇠⣀☘㢨GⲄ⢰G䚌☔㫴G∼⏈G∼ᴴG⏌G䚌⏈⒤G⦐⬀GG䚨UG⏌G ὤ⓸䚌ḔUG㇠⣅䚐␘G┍㈑UGLoc: Bro! Invite me over to California when you go to college. Even in college I’ll miss the shower days with the music collabs we had. Elesh: Yo roomie, I loved your sarcastic jokes and comments on Loc’s accent. Come on messenger more often so I can keep in touch with you bro. Eddie: Bratan! I still remember I was intimidated by you when you rst walked into my room on the rst day. But there is no one who has a softer heart than you do. Starling and Maya: My bros. I miss the days I had the brothers on either wings on the Cambrian Hall eld, tearing the defense apart. Kalden: I have one thing for you: keep playing lol and inv me if you play. Duong: You cocky jerk, I hope you meet some real smart Asian in college. But I still loved the cockiness. Jinhyun: I consider you as my big brother and I always will. I hope I see you as the best tness assistant for sports players. One day I believe we will meet at the top. Haesoo: Mr. Arnold, I hope you are happy at college and happy always. 016 bros: All of you were my best friends, I hope we stay that way. Mayuri: Love you, there are no other words I can say it in. Yejin: Don’t be clumsy in college. Stay the way you are (except change the team you support). The gang (Hannah, Linh, Nangsay and Marina): You guys should have cooked for me more. I hope yall stay friends because you guys really seemed happy when with each other. Football team: It was an honor playing with you guys and I was the happiest when I was on the pitch with you guys. Tim: I hope everything is going well for you. Thanks for being like my parent in Woodstock. Audeamus: The higher we Soar the smaller we seem to those who can’t y!

Taekmin Nam


Duong Dung To all my classmates, We have gone a long way in the past few years. Some of us had left too soon, but for those who stayed, I believe that they would deem this experience worthwhile, just like I did. There were tough times, but we got through them as a class. I am truly glad to be surrounded by so many good people. 4 years ago, I came to Woodstock. And now, I’ve realized that this school gave me much more than what I asked for. Taekmin: Much love to you bro. We’ve been friends since 10th grade, when you joined us. From then on, we made tons of memories that I would cherish: Algebra class, LOL, Suhan Lee, Kaza, football team, the milk =)))........ Now that we’re leaving, I wish you all the best in what you choose your path to be. You shouldn’t worry because I think you would always make good choices, seriously. I’ll denitely visit you in the future. GGMU!!!Eddie: Priviet. We only started hanging out in 11th grade, but honestly it seemed much longer to me. You have always been the funny one, and always will be. I don’t think that there will be someone else who would call me all sorts of names in my own language. Not saying that I liked it, but I would denitely remember it for life. Once a Quartet, always a Quartet.Kalden: Yo roomie. Enjoy England bro hahaha, I hope you’ll stop sleeping inside of a sleeping bag now that we ain’t in WS anymore. If somehow you make it into Arsenal, give me a season ticket ok, cuz I know you might have a chance.Devang: You’ve been an awesome friend to me bro, even though those KFC never came. Stay lit in college, cuz we’ll denitely meet sometimes. Peace.Suhan Lee: Thanks god for you man. You’re the weirdest person I’ve EVER met, but it’s so funny I don’t mind being your roommate for the last 2 semesters. Don’t forget about me.Elesh: Eyy briggah, I know that deep down, you’re actually yellow. Probably explains why I like hanging out with you so much. Plus, you are one of the most trustworthy guy I’ve met. You smart, you loyal, I appreciate you. All the best, and stop shrinking :)) Lӝc: Khi nào ra miӅn Bҳc thì báo nhé, còn ÿi ăn thӏt chó =))Quӕc Anh: Anh ÿi em ӣ lҥi chӍnh ÿӕn thg Khánh nhé :v. Nhӟ lên lӟp hӑc chăm vào, vӟ vҭn là mӋt lҳm. Lên senior year rӗi ÿi tұp gym ÿê, hѫi bӏ ÿѭӧc ÿҩy. Khi nào vӅ VN anh em rӫ nhau ra chѫi PS4, ok? Khánh: Anh thҩy chú có khá nhiӅu tұt xҩu ÿҩy, nhѭng mà may ra tӕt tính chӭ không trҿ trâu nhѭ mҩy thҵng kia. Có cái gì không biӃt thì hӓi, ÿӯng có mà ngӗi ÿҩy kêu. NӃu mà thұt sӵ thích con nhӓ “Hӡ”, thì tán nhanh lên là vӯa. BiӃt ÿâu thoát F.A. Cҧm ѫn anh lúc nào cNJng ÿc.Arvid: Yo Uncle Jee. I never thought that I would be friends with a hairy 40 years-old, but I am. It was a pleasure knowing you as a person and as a footballer (maybe not that much). I hope you’ll do well in college and in you religion as well. #Halal4lyfe. Karma: Yo you owe me a lot man =))Eera: Bye best friend, from now on I’ll stop calling you a pillow. Best of luck man. You’re smart. Yejin: Yo French buddy / sister. Keep being awesome in college, but hold back on the lame jokes. It was nice knowing you in my senior year, and we’ll keep in touch. You’re smart too. Namhoon: Anyeong. Senpai is leaving chigeum. Will miss you and our late night talks man. Take care.

Elesh Kasana

Thank you class of 016 and WS


YUJIN YO My family 㛸⫼S㙸⾔G ⯜☔ᶤ 㜄Gᵄ㇠☐⥘㟈UG㝘⾔⣅G㤴⚀ⱬ 㜄G 㞬ạ㜄㉐G 䣌☘᷀G 㢰䚌㐐⏈ ᶤG㚀㙸㟈UG㫴Ἴ㡴G䢝㛨㥬㢼㫴 ⬀GḛG␘ᵍ㢨G⬀⇌㉐G㦿㡴G㐐ᴸG ⸨⇨㟈HG㇠⣅䚨㟈HG㢨⯜㚰¥G⬘ ⶼG ⵝ䚍⚀⫼␘G 㐔㉬㥬㉐G ⴬㙼 䚌ḔGḔ⫼㠀HG㇠⣅䚨HGO㎼㎼⓸PG €œšœ•ŽG ⒉⺸㜄G 㟤☐㏘䇵㜄 ㉐G㾐Ạ☘⓸G⬂㢨G㇠ỴḔG㦿㡴 㐐ᴸG ⸨⇼㛨UG ␴䚍G 㣌G ↑⇨ḔSG ḛG⸨㣄H Audeamus I am so glad to be part of this class. I will miss y’all and let’s keep in touch! JinkyungG ∼G 㛺㛼㡰⮨G 㟤☐㏘䇵G 㤵 㢅G ⯯䚼㛼㡸ᶤ㚰UG 䚡ㇵG 㜺 㜄G 㢼㛨㩌㉐G Ḕ⬍␘UG 㟤⫤G 㣄㨰G⬀⇔ᶤ⏼ᾄGⲄ͆GG€ŒT šŒ–•ŽG㛨♐ᴴ⓸Gⵙ㡴G⁡G㶍 ᷜ⭭ḔG␘≴͆Goˆ••ˆ⸨Ḕ 㐪㡸ᶤ㚰HG㬅㚒㡰⦐G␴⫠⤠ ᴼ‌G 㥐ⵐG ⇌㝴㩌U Jiyeon Sarah Yu Taekmin Suhan See you guys in Korea! Jinhye Yerim Taegyeongḩ⺴㜨㐠䢼䚨⢰HG䚐ạ㜄㉐G⸨㣄Naomi Stop studying and have some fun in life bae :) Prapti Thief. I will miss your jokes! Eera Stay cute and adorable! Kezia Yejin Gunners forever Shanaya I have so much to say to you! Thanks for always being there for me and I want you to know that you mean a lot to ”Œ͆ If I get a chance, I will come visit your land!!! Adrian I would never forget those crazy days. I will denitely miss all the places we’ve been with Rahul haha. Stay cool man Kartik Don’t party too hard in college haha Karma Eddie I am always ready to nutmeg you guys ;) Haesoo Hey penguin. Hope you will nd a newG ㊈䏴 in college haha Loc Linh Can’t wait to party in Vietnam Girl’s Football Team Keep practicing and play to the fullest! And, most importantly, don’t get into trouble before going to the tournament haha. I will always be cheering for you guys! Mr. Juan Thank you for your training! You are truly my number one coach :) Call me when you come to Korea! Mr. Conrad Thank you for helping me outside the class! I wouldn’t have been able to graduate without your helpGٜ Ms. Nidhi Thank you for being a sweet dorm parent! Do not forget to invite me for your wedding! Mr. Kaplan I will miss you (this time for real) Jin – Thanks for bearing with me for 15 months haha. I won’t forget all the memories we’ve shared and the times we’ve spent together. Just know that you hold a special place in my heart. Good luck with your college and please don’t become a bodybuilder haha


㛸⫼G㙸⾔G⇌G⬂㢨ⴳ㛨㩌㉐GḔ⬍ḔG㇠⣅䚨G㢨㥐GἬ⬀⊴ḔG⒈㜨㐠䢼䚔᷀HGcZG㨴㍌㚰G⌸⇌ᴴG 㣌䚨㨰㫴⯯䚨㉐G⴬㙼䚌ḔGᵍ㢨G⒈G㐐ᴸ⬂㢨⸨⇨㤑G 016’ Thank you all for the great memories. Please contact me whenever you need/miss me! (my number is +82 01093959476) Yujin you lil weird person. All the memories I have with you somehow involve food. Haha I hope to have more of those. Jinkyung Don’t get so stressed out in uni yar. Call me if you need any help! Hannah lets go skydiving one day when you can actually get out of your house for more than a few hours!! Lol Sarah Moms Babes please get your visa right now and y to Korea. You’re so trustworthy and cute ;) And don’t miss my wedding whenever that might be. Umaimah The single most annoying person. Please keep in touch! I’m coming to Dhaka for sure so get your shrimp dish ready. Fioana My ultimate stalker. Life never got betterGٜGJane I wish you were here to celebrate our grad with usGٜGmiss you so much Emma I am going to your house on a Christmas yea? Antra I hope you grow more in the future ;) Sumi hey beautiful Europe is waiting for us! Yejin Keep being pretty and smart I hate you haha Eera I loved todays scramble. I think I beat ya ;) Linh Bui You’re very annoying-cute. haha Marina you hard working person lol Prathana my second bae! Tun Loc Elesh Suhan and Preaw Special thanks to you guys! I loved the Thailand trip and will neverrr forget your socks and shoes and omg how it bothered me so much.G㟤⫠䚍≸⇜㣄☘ lets rent a car and go to skijang! Korean kids if you need any help don’t hesitate to call/message me. My numbers up there and you have my facebook! Lastly Suhan I don’t think I can thank you enough. But just know that I am so grateful of your presence. When you know me so well I don’t need to speak a word, you hug me trying to calm me down, and I could go on. We just have too many memories. Let’s not forget about those. <3 Love you. I’ll make sure to write a personal (special) grad card to everyone because this is too public -


Mom, Dad, Daryl, Victor and Isaac: Dad, your strength makes me stronger everyday and thank you so much for all the sacrices you have made to keep me happy. Mom, I know you were on my side even when I was wrong and I love you for giving me your eyes, staying back and watching me shine. Da Bong, Vic and Dong, I learnt so much from you guys as we grew up. Thank you for helping me make the right decisions in life. Jiyeon- Will miss your random dance practises and random excitement for random things, and our walks around the chakkar. Nan yeojeonhi dangsin-eul salanghabnida yeppeuni! Naomi- Little sister better send BIG sister sen-sen meat after graduation. Here’s to all the chinky vines and beef parties(thanks for being the dishwasher always). Belinda beyter become a dactor and make teacher proud.Yeseong- Byuuul! I really enjoyed our sleepovers at the health centre, even though we had to do some crazy stuff to earn them (onions and armpits will always remind me of you).Shanaya- Can’t forget horror movies with you in the attic, midnight chill sessions(*wink*), and pyuthani! Keep in touch so I can parcel you some pork every month.Kezia-papi! llámame cuando el culo se hace más grande. Esperamos que su sueño de casarse con un chico español se hace realidad. Papi te ama. Eera- Nerd buddies. My bio and chem grades would not be the same without you. Amrita- I found you really pretty when I rst came to ws and I have always admired your honesty and your yak meat.Aakriti- It was so sweet of you to dress up as a prince for me. Thank you for making Thursdays so memorable! Fioana- Juppu!! Hoi2!! You were like my mother, my alarm clock in the mornings, hairdresser by night, list goes on but most importantly, a friend who always stood by my side no matter what. Chandigarh, Goa, RE-Retreat(sorry I scarred you for life), and Shimla couldn’t have been better. Sori for dirtying your bed and uffy. Umaimah-You were the rst friend I had in Woodstock and you were there for me through thick and thin, even though I wasn’t a very good friend. I didn’t know if you knew, so I’m taking this chance to say that I had one of the best days in Woodstock with you guys. I do not regret wasting all the studyhalls trying to get our Shower dance perfected. Also, Bangladesh was awesome (remember Korean mart, portable stove and how we broke your bed at 4 in the morning?). Jinhye- Je M’appelle gorilla! You always make me laugh and I’m glad I got to know you. Maya- I never got to say goodbye to you properly. It has been great knowing you and I hope we can be good friends again. Hannes-I’ve never met such a talented person like you. It was really sweet of you to sit and listen to me rant about my problems, even when you had a busy schedule. Jinh and Ruben - Thank you guys for always motivating me at the gym. From you guys, I have learnt to never give up and keep up even during hard times.Adrian-you are one of the sweetest guys I’ve known. You make physics class so fun! Your brownies are the best Wangchuk- that accident was a memorable one and even though you hardly got any chocolates in chem(cuz you weren’t smart enough), I really appreciate the kitkat.Shikhar and Bao- See you doctors in LCH in ten years after your 50th appendectomy (I’ll prolly Bao by then).Shreaone of my rst friends in Woodstock. You are one funny person man. Tenphel and Sohail- Hope you enjoy your single life. Not for too long though.Rhys- Even though we’ve had our ups and downs, I really appreciate all the advices and help you’ve given me. Eddie and Haesoo- Take care of yourselves. Don’t eat too much beef and get diarrhoea.Armaan- No need to say goodbye. No running away from me. You’ll be with me like a handprint on my heart <3 (haha).


⺴⯜␌a㛸⫼㙸⾔S㥐ᴴ㢨⤻᷀ᾀ 㫴㉥㣙䚔㍌㢼㛼⒌ᶨS⺴⯜␌㢌䜸 ⮹䚜ḰS㝠ⵈ⪬Ὤ⦐⬀ᴼ㍌㢼᷀䚨 㨸㍌㢼⏈㻝Ḕ⒉⺸㜄S㥐ᴴ㫴Ἴ㢨⤻᷀ᾀ㫴㝜ᶤᵍ㙸㟈U㢨⤻᷀ 㦿㡴䞌ᷱ㜄㉐ḩ⺴䚌᷀䚨㨰㊈㉐ᵄ㇠䚌ḔS㤴⪰⇧㙸㨰㊈㉐ᵄ ㇠䚝⏼␘U㥐ᴴ⁡䝬ᵉ㐐䁐☐⫨‌㟈¥㉬ㇵ㜄㉐ᴴ㣙㦨ᷱ䚌ḔS 㙸↰ḔS㐬⣅䚌⏈ᶤ㚀㫴㟝͆㫴㠄a❅❅䚐㟤⫠┍㈑S⇨ᴴ┍㈑䚌 ⇌⏈㵬㣌▴㛨͆┍㈑㢨㫴⬀S㛬⏼ᵍ㡴∼ᴴ㢼㛨㉐☔☔䚌␘U䚐 ạᴴ⮨⬂㢨Ṩ⦡䜴㨸‌෸෸෸⢰⼹Sarah:Without your care, love, kindness, I wouldn’t have survived my last year of highschool. We’ve went through tough times and good times and through it all you’ve always been there. Also, I will never forget your funny, weird/random moments in the room my cutie. Naoma:Every winter, you scooting over in my warm bed and cuddling with me was so cute. You’re one person who is beautiful inside and out Hannaha䝐⇌¥㫸㬐≀⇌⪰䚐ⶼ㙝ᵄ┍㐐䇘⏈㣠㨰ᴴ㢼㛨UḔ⬍ḔS♤⣅䚨͆Amritu:My generous, amazing friend, hope you get married to a guy like Kai!!Jinkyဓᶽ㡰⦐⹘㡸㒸⸨㢨⏈⒤S㠄⣌⏈㍐㍌䚌ḔS⫼㢀㜠⫤⇨㾐ẠG Ḕ⫼㠀͆Praps:”Johnny Johnny yes papa” My sweetie pie, stay funny and don’t change͆Shanu:I shall always listen to my wise friend shanu banu Aaks: How do you manage to smile and be happy all the time!I envy those awesome characteristics of you.Hrishu: You’ve always supported me no matter what, and have made me feel safe and happy. Always stay “strong” LOLJin:You’re one thoughtful, mature, kind, and funny boy. Don’t change young-gam!Satty:Thank you so much for all the advices :) stay peaceful our school pres!Devang:Pandu boss, my favorite rapper, entertainer! You’re one character. Eddie&Haesoo: You guys will regret in the future for always making fun of me!!Daniel:ᵍ㡴 adviso™㜄㢼㛨㉐G㛌ὤ⓸⬂㢨䚌᷀╄⏈⒤S䚡ㇵG㛌ὤ☘㛨㩌㉐GḔ⬍ḔSGkeep playing football:)Kabir: Those deep talks we had at Corbett, I will never forget!Always be condent!Adu: SOJU when you come to Korea yea? ;) Karma&Wengy: My Tibetan buddies, keep balling hard and stay funny&kind.Taegyung:15≸G㾐ẠHG㥉⬄G∼ᵍ㡴G㾐Ạ█᷀G⓼GXW㛩Gᴴ㫸 ᶤG⸨␘G⒈Gᵆ㫸ᶤᵍ␘U␴䚍ᴴ㉐⓸G⁡G㜤⢱䚌ḔSG䚐ạ㜄㉐⓸G⬀⇌㣙a)Sohail:You annoy the s*** out of me at times but you always end up making me laugh and happy.You’re one special boy.Tenphel: You’re so caring, sweet, understanding, and you make many people feel special:)all the boys should learn to be like you haha.Peyang, Dechen.T&C, Pelzom, Jinhye:Stay t and beautiful,my favorite juniors Aashish:Keep balling hard, you’re genuinely very sweet :)Shahyan:Sexy dance moves you got!Better teach me one day!James: I’ll feed you a lot of food when you come to Korea okay?:) Yugyel: SIMPSONS! Keep that cute smile :) Jiten&Norbu:My two fav 7th graders!study hard and don’t grow up so fast! Mrs. T: You are the best dorm parent I could ask for, thank you so much for treating 016 girls like your daughters. I love you so much and will miss you so much.Ms.Dyson: You are always willing to help your students even when you are in poor condition and you’re always so positive. Teachers play important part in shaping and guiding..especially teachers like you.Thank you so much and I’ll never forget you Mr/Mrs.Daniel:Thank you so much for truly caring for all of us. You guys were always there for us whenever we needed you. I’ll miss you a lot.



KARISHMA DAY To Rahul D. Gupta: You are truly a wonderful and inspirational person. From the little things like making sure never to waste anything on your plate to reminding everyone that it is not your outside appearance that counts the most but your inside. That it is good to appreciate your outside appearance, but to always look at your inside before your outside. To Mrs. Tamminen: Thank you so much for being the best dorm parent. At rst before coming to Woodstock I was nervous about the dorm parents and how strict you guys would be, but you made sure to treat all of us like your own. I will never forget your check ins, Pancake breakfast, Room check rewards, and of course one the most sweetest things is your goodnight hugs before going to bed. To the Cast and crew of Big Love and In The Heights: In all of the plays that I have done in the past I have never been more happier and excited to work on set with a bunch great people. I had so much fun hanging around with all of you on and off set. I will never forget all the fun times everyone had. To Khiloni: Before coming to Woodstock I had just move to another place. I moved away from my best friend and through the years we drifted apart, but at the time I wasn’t making any friends. None that I could call a best friend. Before coming to Woodstock I was really nervous about who my roommate was going to be. My one wish though was to have a good roommate and to have a best friend when I came to Woodstock. Well, both of my wishes came true. Not only did I get a Wonderful roommate, but at the same time she became my best friend too. To Everyone I Know: Thank you for making my last year of high school my most memorable high school year

KHILONI LILWANI I would like to start of just by saying that my three years at Woodstock have been lled the most unique and priceless moments which will forever remain as a part of me. I would like to thank the entire class of ‘016 for being such a wonderful class to be a part of. Each and every person held their own value to my years at Woodstock, however I would specically like to thank my friends who have been there to support me, guide me when I needed, and of course for giving me a reason to laugh every single day. I will always cherish the late night conversation with roommates, the prank calls, the dance practices for talent show which eventually leads into an outburst of crazy dancing to random Bollywood music! I will always remember the fun times I’ve had in classes, and even though it’s been a challenging year regarding school work, that has made me more goal-oriented. There have been certain teachers who have pushed me to setting higher standards for myself, into becoming a stronger student. I want to thank Mrs.Tamminen for being the most wonderful dorm parent anyone can ever be, for being our mother in times of need, and of course for her delicious pancake breakfasts! All in all, my time at Woodstock has had its ups and downs. But despite all of that I came out to be better than who I was yesterday, and that’s all thanks to this community of loving and caring people. No matter where I go in life or who I become, down the line I will always look back at Woodstock with a great big smile, knowing that this sensational place located at the Queen of Hills, in the magnicent and famous Himalayan Mountains, has given me a once-in-a lifetime experience.


HANNES EHLERT Oh god, this will get awkward. Brace yourself for the emotions, all the deepness and tumblration. I hate writing wills, unless I wouldn’t have to be alive to see people react to it because it’s so embarrassing. I want it to be meaningful, but not sappy and after the rst 3 tries I kind of gave up on it and just wrote whatever came to my mind. Which sadly is not much, because it’s friday evening and I would much do anything besides typing my will. Luckily there are many German sayings that I could use to polish up this thing, like ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’, ‘the slap-tree will fall soon’ or ‘heaven, ass and yarn’, but none really relate to saying goodbye. And this is what this is about, saying goodbye. How horrible! I don’t want to say goodbye, it’s so denitive and nal. And sadly the only movie quote that I can remember right now is ‘I’m not saying see you again. I’m saying see you never again’ -_- But truth be told, I will miss everyone. Friends and foes alike. Even the strange beings that people call teachers and supposedly are humans as well. I will miss the nasty walk up to school, the bad cafeteria food and the slightly greasy trays. The endless hours of complaining about too much work and not getting any work done because of complaining too much. I want to thank so many people, that I probably won’t be able to remember all. So if you’re not on the list here, you’re still on the list in my heart. (Cheap phrase about ‘place in heart’ *check*)I want to thank: Divya, Shubbha (Chubbha), Mathai, Dhruv (The shmert one), Kelzang (Kelly Smelly Poply), Aime (*creepy hand movement*), Ellen, Antra (Onka with the backhair), Karma, Aarika, Mrs. Pearson (Fairy Godmother), Mrs. Crider (Mommy Crider), Mrs. Datt (Datti), Linh (Even though you really frustrate me) , Prassidhi, Shar/Shanti (Shanti/Shar), Marina (Xuxuxuxuxuxu), Israel, Chintu, Kyutae, Bianca, Liah, Ankit (Ishika), Prathana (Your name is a nightmare to spell), Aditi (You need to release more music on soundcloud!), Fioana (Jupjeeeeeeeet!), Dung (Doung, Sum, DingDong?), Sarah (Banana), Umaimah (Oohmama), Nangsay (Nangnangnangsay), Rachel (Rashel), the ACPs (You know who you are), Aadeng (Have faith in yourself), Tom (Very bri’ish), my Germans (You are the best. Forever), the treewizard and lastly: DEINE OMMA. Oh, almost forgot. We do have a saying about partings! Your paths always cross twice. And I hope that our paths cross more than just twice! And Karma is the best, NOT! Just get over it. The only thing you’re better at than me is basketball, looser!

DHRUV PRASAD Mom and Dad, thank you for sending me to Woodstock, even though it has been quite the costly trip. I need to thank Woodstock for giving me a great senior year that I thought I would not have, moving schools in my senior year. Mathai and Hannes - rst roommates! The messed up conversations that we had in the room will surely haunt/entertain me for the rest of my life, so thanks for that. Mathai, thanks for introducing me to Domas, I had an awesome time ordering way too much Domas and watching Dunkey. Hannes - I am better than you at chess (just sayin) you have some hilarious nasty thoughts that I wish everybody could know about. ALso you need to stop using snapchat in calc. Rishi - Eyy WHATupp thomas, thanks for the laughing ts from your messed up jokes and the marathon civilization 5 marathons, also sorry for destroying your productivity by dat game, not really. ALSO big thanks for helping me on college stuff, I am pretty sure i would have ended up nowhere without the help ISrael - Ello West bank, WE had some awesome gaming sessions and convos about awesome gaming session, now that i think about it we game a lot, too much actually.


EMMA McLEOD Thanks to everybody who was so nice to me this year. I was new and scared and shy and you guys all helped me feel welcome here. Especially Gwen, I love you so much!!!! Thanks for being my best friend, I think you’re super cool. You helped me get through this semester even when it was hard and I’m really thankful for that. Also thanks Umaimah, Fioana, Divya, and Shuba for being my buddies. Y’all made everything better, even my Hindi. I am so glad we got to dance around and be goofy and eat so much together. I’m going to miss you guys so much. And I’d like to mention that I never wanna hear another ghost story in my life, and I hate that I cry at them now, I feel like you’ve cursed me Umaimah. I also really wanna say that I love Ms. Tamminen, thanks for showing me how to be a cool grownup and thanks for all the great food. :) I don’t really want to list everybody I like, because I like so many people, so it would take up so much of this page. But I’m really glad I came to Woodstock :) thanks for being good. I guess I’ll see you suckers at the 10 year reunion.

GWENDOLYN WILSON I came to Woodstock in 10th grade and liked it so much that I came back for 12th. I’m so thankful for the teachers I’ve had at Woodstock who have actually cared and spent time helping me succeed. I feel incredibly lucky to have gone to high school in such a beautiful place and to have met the people I did. Thank you Woodstock for letting me be a part of your family. Thanks to my parents for always supporting me and helping through the good and bad decisions I’ve made. You exposed me to the world from a young age and I’m forever thankful for that. Emma I have the most fun when I’m just sitting in our room laughing with you. I’ll miss Sunday spa days and our Selena jam sessions. Considering I haven’t been without you one day this semester, I’m not sure how college is going to go. Thanks for always encouraging me to cut/shave my hair, get more piercings, and get tattoos. You make me cooler. Fiona, Umaimah, Divya, & Shubha, I’m really glad we became as close as we did, I loved all the little adventures we had. Prathana, we have funG I’ll miss you next year. Ms. Tamminen, thank you so much for the pancake breakfasts, the pulla, the hugs every night, and for always looking after us. Audeamus, there’s no other group of people I’d want to graduate with, I’ll miss you guys next year.


DEVIKA NAUTIYAL Mummy & Papa - To the coolest parents in the world, thank you for always being there and supporting me through everything. But most of all thank you for dropping me at Edgehill that rst windy morning. Madhav-You’re more than just a big brother, you’re a friend. To the bhaiyajis/didis/guards/teachers/dormparents - You’ve made me feel safe and secure. Thank you for imparting your wisdom, love and care over the years. To my girls - You know who you are. I can’t even begin to describe what Woodstock would be without you. If I start writing, I’ll never be able to stop. So let’s just say that I wouldn’t want to be here without you all. To my class - I hope one day we all become whatever it is we want to be, and truly dare to live. To Woodstock - There will always be something special about you; indescribable, magical and crazy. Hold onto your traditions and keep the “monkeys” under control.

From dancing in several school events, to creating unforgettable memories during activity week, Woodstock has given me much more than I could ever desire for. Even though at rst, it was extremely hard for me to adjust to this place considering the Indian background that I grew up with; I eventually learnt to appreciate it and thank my mom who brought me to a place that taught me so much. I made the most of my time here by learning to put myself out there, a lesson I learnt from Woodstock that I will follow in future as well. I’d like to thank and acknowledge my parents and sister Ashima, for always encouraging me to try my best and being supportive in whatever way possible. A huge shout out to all my friends (you guys know who you are) who have taught me the meaning of strong friendship bonds. I will try my hardest to stay in touch with all of you, and I already cannot wait for our reunions! Akash, thank you for always being there for me, when I needed someone to rely on, and you better stay the way you are! I love you! :) Lastly, this is for all my teachers that pushed me outside my comfort zone to do something extraordinary in my assignements. This place has left me with a lot to look back on, but also a lot to look forward to. No matter where I go, there will be a special place in my life for this school and the people that made it so memorable. I will denitely visit this place from time to time, so I can recollect and cherish all my thoughts. It is going to be really hard for me to let go of Woodstock, and I recommend the current Woodstockers to enjoy this place while they can because time will y by really quickly.


Anui si Abou, aibou thumai nou! I will forever be grateful to you guys for all the hard work, support and love that youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve put into raising anou, ajai and I. Ajai, Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re my inspiration, you know how much I love you, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll always be here for you. Anou, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re such a gorgeous, strong, independent lady and Im so lucky to have you as a sister, I love you. Ballu (Shamanz), my other half, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve had our ups and downs, and other moments when weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d be the bestestfreinds the world could ask for. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been there for me since elementary school and you still are (thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s what i love about us) No matter what happens Shannu, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll always be my best friend in the whole wide world. I wish weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d gotten a bit more time to spend with each otherâ&#x20AC;Ś you know. You will always be my bestestbest friend. Amrita, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve never come across such a cute, smart, pretty girl such as yourself! youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re more like a sister than a friend to me and I canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t wait for our next adventure in Cali, Cya soon roomie! Aakriti, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re such a special human being and I thank abou jisu everyday for creating such a beau-tiful person such as yourself. Kezia, prettiest girl in my eyes. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re an exceptionally wonderful person that I canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t even explain it over hereâ&#x20AC;Ś thank you so much for being there for me from scratch. Prapti, my life here at woodstock would never be the same without you, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve truly made it super special and idk what Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m gonna do without you in college, love you with my whole whole heart. Sara, our click in midlands was epic, in just a year weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve come so close together (now thats saying something) I love and admire you so much, lets continue to keep in touch alright! Eera, I canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t handle your sassiness man but lemme tell you one thing girl, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re gonna go so far in life. Yejin, church buddies for life also the hottest nerd Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve ever met, better not forget me! Jahnvi, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re one in a million girl, any guy would be so lucky to have you, youre such a keeper. Ji Yeon, Kpop queen! I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t even have the space to write what i want to write for you over here because Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m going to miss every single thing about you, love you to bits. Sarah, north east church buddy, couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t ask for a better BIG sister, thanks for always being there for me Yu Jin, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re such a cute little bundle of joy, im never gonna forget you, im 109% sure. Wangy/Jin, I wish the very best for you guys, thanks for making my high school special, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m so glad to have met both of you. Eddie/Kalden, good luck for the future guys, donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t let anyone tell you that youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re not good enough to deserve what you want. Chintu/Pari, my jsb dates and also chem buddies, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll never forget you guys, bffls. Farid, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m really glad we became such close friends during our senior year, lets continue to keep in touch because youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re too awesomehahah. Karma, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re such a funny, happy go lucky guy and ex-tremely charming and cute. you always make everyone around you so much happier, do stay the same. Amrita.J, too cool for school but still love you. Bae, I still remember the first time when you sent me a follow request on Instagram á&#x2026;&#x20AC; weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve come such a long way since then and Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m so so so happy to have met you in my life. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll always be my #1 bae.


JINKYUNG LEE 꽚ę &#x2022;ë?ľé&#x17E;˝é  ë?ľę­&#x201A;ę´&#x17E;ë&#x201E;­é&#x2DC;Ľę&#x2013;­ęť˝ëźŠ럢ꊜ銊뾭ë&#x201E;Šéˇ?ë&#x2039;?ęŤ&#x2018;é&#x161;&#x2022;ę&#x17D;&#x17D;é&#x153;Ąꊥę&#x2026;&#x2020;럊á&#x2026;&#x20AC;ë&#x2DC;&#x17D;éŠ?ę&#x161;Šé˛&#x2122;ę&#x2018;°ęŞ&#x2019;é&#x;Šé&#x2DC;Ľë&#x201E;­ë&#x2021;&#x160;럊ę&#x201E;ąá&#x152;&#x17E;á&#x152;&#x17E;á&#x152;&#x17E;ę˛&#x2022;ę&#x2014;&#x2018; ꊥë&#x160;ąéą&#x2030;é&#x2DC;Ľë&#x201E;żë?ľę&#x17D;&#x2026;é&#x161;&#x2022;á&#x2026;&#x20AC; ë&#x20AC;­ë &#x2018; ëź&#x2022;ę?­éą˝ëź&#x2022;ęťšę&#x2DC;šë?ľꊥę&#x2026;&#x2020;ëź&#x17E;éą˝é˛&#x2122;ęż&#x2122;ę&#x2026; éś&#x17D;ęť˝é&#x2DC;Šé&#x2014;&#x160;ëź?é&#x2122; ꊊꝚë &#x17E;á&#x2026;&#x20AC;ę&#x;šëŠľę&#x2013;ąë&#x152;Ąë&#x201E;Šę&#x2018;?é&#x2013;ľę&#x17D;&#x192;ë&#x201E;Šęťš 騾é˛&#x2122;á&#x2026;&#x20AC; Joshi: Canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget that night bro coke, cranberry juice.. and you getting turned on by me ;) Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll visit ddun later you localá&#x2026;&#x20AC; Kenns: Babes we fought a lot, but we got closer every fight haha Stay fair babes and letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cook black noodles laterá&#x2026;&#x20AC; Yuju: My main man! Thanks for always cooking for me Yeseong:ę˝­éą˝ęŤ&#x2018;ë ­ëł ë˛Ľë¤&#x2018;á&#x2026;&#x20AC; Aaku: Ethiopian! Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s get a babyá&#x2026;&#x20AC; Moo: My dating life has been better than urs at least hahaá&#x2026;&#x20AC;Hannah: 11 years of friendship and hopefully many moreá&#x2026;&#x20AC; Jenny: Keep wearing your hotpink wonder ę&#x; ę&#x201E;ąëłĄë˛Ľ ;) Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s continue making more memoriesá&#x2026;&#x20AC; Son: Bro change ur taste in crushes, they are too similar to mine -.- Princess: You are the sweetest mommyá&#x2026;&#x20AC; Fioana/Umi/Isaac/Momin: Chandi trip was SO funá&#x2026;&#x20AC; Archu: Thanks for making me laugh and always being there for me sojuá&#x2026;&#x20AC; Kshitiz: Oi! Tho you always call me UGLY, you still my homieá&#x2026;&#x20AC; Jags: Stop making fun of my accent - _- goshh Teuky: eyy bestie u only want food from me donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t you! Gonjo: My Tibetan bestie! Hope you become cuter than me, which is impossible :P Jin/Haesoo/Taekmin/Suhan: ę?Žę&#x2014;&#x17E; ꞥ럞ë¤&#x2018;? Pandoo: Sorry about goa! Hopefully the drink didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t hurt :P Energy: Wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget 9th grade and why youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re energy ;) Mr. SchoolPres: You owe me a treat and know we were the best couple at dancing :P Perry: Thanks for not giving my bday gift till now. I guess my scarf is rotting in your cupboard -.- TPL: Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll miss you loads giantá&#x2026;&#x20AC; Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m your biggest bb fan Dech: Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll miss our selfie sessions and ur dumbnessá&#x2026;&#x20AC;Pelz: One request for you yah. Stop cryingá&#x2026;&#x20AC; Chuki: Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll miss our talksá&#x2026;&#x20AC; Sohail: What we had was special, take care and donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t get into trouble. Shahyan/Mukhu/Umang/Ikaum/James: Be cool seniors! Not as cool as me, but you can try haha Jinhye/Yerim/Sulin: Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t miss me too much see you in Koreaá&#x2026;&#x20AC; Yala: Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t stop sending me your nasty pooping snapsá&#x2026;&#x20AC; Subho: Thanks for always being on my side for everything! Will miss you a lotá&#x2026;&#x20AC; Kavi: Stay cute okay? Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t grow! Bahir: Lebronjames Wannabe! Keep playing bb and snapchat me!ě ˝ě ˝ęťšé&#x2122;šę­&#x201A;é?ľęžĄë&#x201A; ęźąéśą Tej/Norbu/Jiten/Jinju: My cuties! Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll miss you guys so much á&#x2026;&#x20AC; Tej and Norbu is our bet still on? Keep in touchá&#x2026;&#x20AC; Nidhi/Gupta: Def the coolest and friendliest dormparents! Love you twoá&#x2026;&#x20AC; Mrs. Tamminen: I bet no dormparents can be more caring than you areá&#x2026;&#x20AC;Audeamus: Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll miss all you guyz and if any of you guys come to Korea/HK, call me!á&#x2026;&#x20AC; Bae: Last but not least, my one and only bae. Whenever you call me, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll buy a ticket to Cali just to see you! Please keep in touch babes and skype me!á&#x2026;&#x20AC;


Yeshuley y, tus gyun tsangmat de phiya thugjeche. Mummy/Abaley y y: Bet you thought I wouldn’t ev ven graduate. You have given and sacrificed a lot of things for me and I hope that one day I may be able to give back to you. Memeley y: I will always remember the valuable lessons you taught me. I love the stories that you always tell about when you were younger. Thank you for helping me reach this point in my life. Kaga g Jono: Thanks for the spotify account. Machungley,Uncle g y, Pinto/Uncle Stevie,Auntie , Priyanka/Nani/Uncle y Danny y: y Thank you for taking care of me. Yejin j : The Zorro to my Luffy, Atom to my Humber, teeth to my Suarez and the Berta to my Bellerin. Thanks for always laughing at my jokes and for giving me advice I never take. Whether it’s stalking people or procrastinating, thanks for always being there (even though it’s just been a year lol). Thank you for always cooking bec cause I was too lazy, it meant more than you think. Let’s keep saving up money for that thing and meet up soon. Naoms: Stinky feet or smelly farts I’ll always love you. Please start eating the whole momo and kala ladka se shaadhi karna. Aakriti: I’ll miss our very y non-productive nights and keep jammin’ to national anthems. Amrita: Don’t get too fat in LA or you’ll have to buy two business class seats to travel. Eera: MOOOO!!! Don’t forget West Brom if you go to New Castle. Fioana: Who’s gonna cook and take care of me now?! Jahnvi: My bbf, thank you for never judging me and always being my stress reliever. Praps p : Whether it’s quitting basketball or orchestra I can always count on you to quit with me. I’m not gonna miss your unnecessary and really lame burns. Stay that prettiest, hottest, cutest girl. Shanaya y : You made math the highlight of my day. Thanks for always sticking up for me when I couldn’t. Momula: Papiiiii, voy a perder su gran trasero . La próxima vez que se reúna por lo que tiene que ser fluido en español . Es todo acerc ca de nosotros mi puta. Yuju j : My man of the match, don’t start stealing in college. Umaimah: I can always count on your macro grade e to make me feel better. Rachel: Piggy, thanks for always helping me out. I would’ve failed chem and physics without you. Devika: I’m not gonna miss your music fo sho but I’ll update you on all of Zayn’s new music. Linh: I’m glad we got to bond over the two H’s. God pulled us through the last two years of school. Shiky y: Are you gonna miss my animal stories?? Don’t worry I’ll keep you updated. Dagar g : I can’t imagine life without your lame jokes. Taeku: Thanks for tutoring me in macro. If you ever decide to go pro in football call me to o be your agent. Ya boi Isaac: YOU WANNA GO!!!! LET’S GO!! Kaldeno: I’m always here to give you wise words of wisdom if you need. Als so, you should appreciate my humour cause I’m hilarious. Kartic-tac: Thanks for always having my back in or out of pre-calc. Chintu: I bet you read GOT too. Tenphel/Aashp ish/Sohail: Stay in school, study hard. Zane: You’re funny but I’m funnier. God’s fc: Let’s always keep each other updated and remember to always put God first. Audeamus: Thanks for everything, let’s meet in 10 years when hop pefully I’m not broke and homeless.


YEJIN SON 꽹ꍽ껹ꠕꩡꅆ뼩끉ᅀ꾽쁽껹鱽鵹驩녉ꭁꍡ閵鞭ꍡ끭阥꼱꾽뗡껹뿊껹녍똎陝닍ꩡꅆ뼩ᅀ Kezia My best friend, roommate, and blood sister. You have no idea how thankful I am for you to come in my life and spend our Woodstock years together in our lame (but brilliant) brand of jokes. Don’t forget our football promises and keep collecting that change. Make sure no one gets near your chances of marrying Sanchez cause I know Atom and Humber will adore you. I’ll take Ramos. And James. And Belli. And Berta can go suck it. Linh My sensei who taught me laziness, sarcasm, and 9gag. I’ll remember your scratches, punches, and knuckle-cracks, which I admit didn’t hurt that much. Nyan Cat is the best thing in the world, and “you hate me but I love you”. Amrita Mon amour ever since we shared our moment in MUN. I know all your secret intentions behind that swift lean in, so stop denying it. You’re the pimple to my forehead. Naomi You innocent looking little bundle of violence. Our dance moments were the highlights of my year. Mayuri How am I going to survive without your cooking, wisdom, and most of all COUNTRY LOADS!? Marina Shaolin power. Ya golodna. Don’t worry I won’t fail in life ᅀHannah Our jokes are the best. I hope you find the banana to your minion. Nangsay I’ll know you follow me around hiding with your neenja skills. Prapti Remember our Rupin Supin dance (+handshake). I’ll think of you when I drink my taaa. Eera You’re my hottest delegate. Aakriti I’ll miss our unproductive all-nighters and your Nepali rap songs. Umaimah *whispers you know what* but not really cause I’m gonna miss you...r speakers. Fioana I need your hugs in my life. Sumi Arey Bhusan, no, Chulsea, no, now it’s 3GEE. Jahnvi God bless you and your pav bhaji. Shanaya SHANU MANU KANU. Jinkyung Why do you copy my crushes. Don’t worry our intimate love conversations are staying confidential. Rachel I’m gonna miss all our monkey moments in chardukaan. Jin The big brother I never had. Thanks for having my back every time. Haesoo Bestie who pulled me through Woodstock. There’s too less space here. Read the card. KaldeNAW I hope your sense of humour lasts as long as Wenger’s career at Arsenal. Taekmin My hair looks better than de gea on your head, just like Arsenal is better than Man U. Shikhar Who’s gonna send me punny snapchats? Who’s gonna listen to my calculus songs? And most of all, who’s gonna laugh at Kezia’s Oliver stories behind her back with me?! DINGra, don’t forget to hire me. Farid “Rajkotia” we’re the original advisees. I cry at the fact that we can’t watch the upcoming movies together. Teuk Aren’t you glad you took French 3? Cause I am (soz for copying your line). Locoi tôi dói, but not anymore thanks to your beautiful cooking. Pho is the best, and so is your shoe collection. Chintuuuuuu I’ll miss our intellectual conversations and just you. Dung Duong Zu-oong merci pour être mon copain français. Eddie Nsaty Sid. At least horses are more majestic than sloths. Jago Mango. Bobby Homeslice unleash that Shobby in you. Shahyan I’m so glad I got to know you from that Hip Hop club. I won’t miss your Rajma stinkbombs. Zane BOINGG You’re the childish one. Sohail Your turn to be honored now. Devashish SIKE!! lol You’re gonna be the sexiest architect. Subho My fav. Kavi The cup will come soon. Harsh *burp* *slap* Hoon Thanks for always being cute and giving me money, God’s FC Don’t forget our oath. Let’s keep each other updated. Audeamus Thanks for everything, Kezia’s already broke and homeless.


RISHI THOMAS Appa & Ma: I should give you more credit than I usually do. Today I stand strong because you guys took the hard hits. You guys taught me to dream, taught me to believe in myself and most importantly taught me to love others even if they may not deserve it. I am because of you. Prassu & Lyndu: Thank you for being awesome roommates. I’m really surprised that you guys kept it together even with all the nonsense that I have to say. I’ll be seeing you guys around. Dev & Chintu: It’s party time :D Ruben: Through thick and thin. You know Sam is not the only brother you have.Shanti: I believe in you and I hope you have an awesome time in Woodstock and further in life. Faiyaz & Zaine: Take care bhailog. Even though things may seem bleak, always remember that you have the potential to do good things and truly be a force for good and overcome any situation. Meghna & Bella: I hope to see you guys on stage no matter what role you have. Ya’ll are amazing, believe it.Alina, Ellen, Raghavee & Simoni: Take care kiddos! Never forget to have fun. No matter what you’re doing (Everything but drugs and alcohol).Tanashya: I don’t have a single worry about you. Keep me updated of the things you do. Jonah: What do I say to you man? You have been a friend and a brother. Hope I’ll see you soon.Noah, Egor, Deborah, Subho, Aaryan & Dalu: You guys are my favorite sophomores. Please continue being awesome and make me proud <3Accidentals: It was my honor to be a part of such a talented group. I hope that you guys continue to make good music and have fun!Veer, Yuvi, Knema & Tara: HIGH SCHOOLLLL!!!!! It’s going to be fun. Trust me.Namita: Always. I was extremely homesick the rst two weeks I came to Woodstock, but Kunal and Aashna, pampered me and made me comfortable. I have no idea how I’ll start college without you two. Kunal thank you for making believe in myself when I had no faith whatsoever (especially during college applications). Mumma and papa, I cannot thank you guys enough to have always been there for me. I literally mean that because whenever I needed you, you were right here with me (even if that meant travelling a few hundred kilometers). I love you from the bottom of my heart and I have to admit, you are the coolest parents ever and your trust in me makes me very proud to be your daughter. My teachers are who I’m going to miss the most, because they realy became my best friends. Whether it was Mr. L encouraging me to work out (although he knew I’d fail) and always counselling me (I’m probably still sane because of you!), Mr. Paul & Mrs. Gray who were the rst teachers I had ever cried for and I have no words except that I just love you guys and June too much, Mr. Wunker who although hurt my ego in English class, every essay I write is credited to him, Ms. Chander whose cheeks I’ve always wanted to pull but am too scared to, Ms. Dyson who has loved me unconditionally (no matter what) and has never let me miss home!, Mrs. Mark for being my maasi and always caring for me in a way I would never expect anyone other than mumma to, and lastly, Mrs. Tamminen, you are the most seless dorm parent I could have asked for! You can really light up a person’s day with, “It’s Friday girls! Rise and Shine! TGIF.” You are truly a gifted person Mrs. T. I think now is the time to face the people I do not want to face with tears in my eyes, all my girls, I will miss each one of you because you all added to my life at Woodstock in some way or the other. You’ve always encouraged me to be who I am, I think that’s what is special about 016 girls. I can’t wait to see all of us all grown up at the reunions. 016, as some of you might know I was not supposed to be a part of our grade, but I got lucky to have all of you in my life! It is truly an honor to be a class of such a loving class with such protective and caring boys. I hope to meet you all at the reunions. Rishi Thomas, Thank you for a wonderful 4 years and I am hoping for many (many, many, many) more!



RUBEN PETER Jinhyun Lim AKA KINGKONG!!!! I could have never asked for a better friend than you. You’ve been there for me selessly for so many years now and whenever I made a bad decision, I wasn’t just scared of my parents being angry, I knew I’d get it from you as well. You have been such an important person in my life and I want to thank you for everything brother. I hope to room with you in Calvin. 10 years down the line I want to see you on Korean Billboards as KINGKONG and you posing in a reverse Latspread. We are both going to climb the ladder of bodybuilding together bro and we are going to make it Jin. I believe in us!! Pandu!!!! My brother from another mother!!! You really are the reason why high school will be so memorable. We have talked to each other so much and I have always loved listening to you deep thoughts and philosophies even though some of them may be dumb haha. Whenever I had to make hard decisions you were the person who I could count on to advise me. You are my family bro. Seriously!! You better keep in touch or Ima beat the **** out of you. You are really a very gentle person in heart so don’t let any girl take advantage of that. I know you go crazy when you have a crush on a girl (like in 10th grade, haha ;) but be like James St. Patrick or Ghost and don’t make stupid decisions. Think of me as you big brother and if anyone gives you a hard time, call me. I’ll take care of the situation after that lol. I know there is so much more to be written but hey, we ain’t dying and ima meet you fosure in USA. I love you bro. Ps. Don’t forget about our club, its still on!!! Rishi Muhammad Thomas, I can’t believe we are nally here. Never thought I’d have to leave you, the cockiest mofo I know. We really have had out moments in high school bro. The two trip I’ll never forget with you are, my 16th birthday with your family and 18th birthday in New York!!! Man New York was really something else bro and we are making a trip to New York in 10 years bro, we gotta. Love your girlfriend and stay faithful to her bro because love is what keeps us happy and Namita is the source of real happiness for you bro. Love you man, no homo lol. Bopsi!!!! You are someone who I’d take a bullet for brother. You really made my last semester the best one. Too bad it has to end huh? Can’t believe this is our last going down day. We really became close in our last year but bro I could have never asked for a better friend. You have really taught me how to be a good friend and I want to thank you for that. As I write this section, it really make me wanna cry thing about all the good times bro but I still aint gonna cry in grad cuz I told you that haha. ill really miss you. I hope we meet again bro. I love you man!! Kshitiz, my bro. I don’t know where to begin. We have had so many ups and downs that I can’t even t all that in this page. I have known you since 7th grade and I have seen you grow for the better. I can honestly say that you have taken care of me and I really appreciate that bro. It’s gonna be hard to say goodbye to you man. You better keep in touch!!! I Never stop playing soccer!!! I love you bro, work hard and reach your goals. Archer, we both have accomplished a lot in tness together and I want you to keep grindin’!! Don’t get caught up with the parties in College bro cuz that is how you lose track. Make smart decisions bro and don’t be scared to be different. Stay the same bro cuz you’re awesome.

DHRUV LAKHANPAL I have absolutely enjoyed my life here at Woodstock school. Even though there have been many times where I have thought of this school to be pretty bad, I am glad that all those things had happened to me. I will never forget the six years of life that I spent here making friends and crating new memories. The friends that I made here were the reasons for me becoming the person that I am. Like any person I had gone through hardships, and there were many people who helped me through it all. Jin is a person I would be happy to call a brother. He had helped me gain the will to ght and try my hardest in going to the gym and getting into shape. Wangchuk is the nicest person I know and if it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be as nice either. His slaps hurt a lot too. Everytime that I would go to the gym there would always be someone there to pump me up and keep me going. It would have been Jin, Ruben, Armaan, and Kshitiz. Armaan and Kshitiz are two people that I have truly looked up to. I will always look at them and remind myself that nothing is impossible. Ruben has always been there for me when it comes to being in the gym and being a guide when I didn’t know what to do. There is only one person who has made my life at Woodstock a lot of fun and slightly miserable at the same time, and that would be Devang. Varun and Ankit, you guys are the best roommates that a guy could ask for. I had a lot of fun in the year that we were together. Antra, it was a lot of fun having to make fun of you and have all those conversations about almost anything. I will never forget the advice that you have given me. James, it was a lot of fun in media studies this year. I know that you had fun too. I am sure that it would be very boring after I am gone. You are an awesome junior and I know that the kids will look up to you. I am really going to miss everyone. I know that we will meet again, sooner or later. Until then, I hope that all our dreams are accomplished.


Kshitiz Tanwar I just want to thank my loving Parents for believing and supporting me throughout my school. I love you a lot and there are a lot of reasons to love you but since day one you made me feel special and you never gave up on me. Thank you my little brother Harssh Tanwar, I love you a lot cause you always manage to listen to me no matter how much we ght. I love you for who you are don’t change and just be cool in school. Thank you Badi Mamma for believing in me and always giving me motivation to study more. I will always love you because you have given us unlimited love which we all really appreciate. Thank you Ms. Chander for teaching me something more than economics, I will miss your class and your quotes. I hope to keep in touch with you and keep talking about Modi. Mr. Beavan even though this was the rst time I was taught by you I think your class was pretty fun even though I slept through some of it. I hope to talk to you about football and how Manchester United is better than Southend United after graduation. Mr. John thank you for listening to me and giving your opinions. You always helped us no matter what and this is what made us close, I hope to keep in touch with you after graduation.Sohail please don’t get into too much trouble and just relax, at least graduate from here and keep in touch. Ikaum and Aseem both of you work hard in the gym and train good ok, study also but have fun as well and keep in touch. Loten and Tenphel you guys better start working hard and win woodstock Win Mumby ok, study also but take care of yourselves and keep in touch. Faiyaz and Tanmaye even though I did not talk to you guys much my 11th grade activity week was beast, take care of yourself and Tanmaye don’t forget your pump. wTo all my bros, sis, homies, girl homies I love you all, you have made my life here fun and amazing I knew we fought a little but it is all right in the end. I don’t wanna write any names because I know I might miss some of you. But since day one I knew our journey was going to be interesting and it was a blast in the end. But we need to make more memories but instead outside not just under one roof. Thank you for believing in me as well bros cause I would never get where I am without you. I hope to make all you proud and stay in touch and take care of yourselfs.

2010: Effervescent 2012: Magnanimous 2013: Diaphanous 2015: Audeamus FOREVER: CHINTU 214


Paritosh, Its wonderful to see you grow up to be the person that you are today. We are proud of your accomplishments and know that you’ll continue to do the same in college It’s amazing how just yesterday you had left Kanpur to join Woodstock and you’re already ready to graduate. This is a very proud moment for us. You’re our strength and we feel blessed to have you as our son.

Keep your hardworking, helpful and caring spirit alive, its these qualities that set you apart and will help you fulfill your dreams. Always do what you feel for and believe in .We want you to know that we’ll always be there by your side, wherever you go and whatever you do. With love, Mummy, Papa, Baba , Dadi ,Chacha, Chachi, & Family

Darling Umaimah, you completed our family, a beautiful baby girl. You always had a mind of your own. You were a bundle of joy, full of mischief and a thirst for adventure. We are so proud to be your parents. You have matured so much and it has been amazing to watch you grow. It seems like just yesterday that you sent off your application to Woodstock, and here we are celebrating your graduation! Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve made us so proud.

We have seen how our little mother, Umaimah, mature into a beautiful, responsible woman. You light up the room with your wit and vibrant smile, touch peoplesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; heart with your kindness, generosity, compassion and caring nature. Your biggest strength is your indomitable nature, you never give up easily. From a bouncing and laughing baby you blossomed into a lovely young woman. We wish you a fantastic future. In Sha Allah you will shine like the brightest star. May Allah SWT protect you and shower peace and happiness upon you. May all your dreams come true.

Dearest Shikhar, Decades ago, I started my journey from a fabric store which my dad handed over to me. From my experience, I want to tell you my child, that there is no substitute for hard-work, determination, and passion for what you do. If you love what you do, nothing else matters. Although I think you are too young to experience the world on your own, I trust you and want you to follow your heart. Strive to generate positivity and humor around you like you always do. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t worry about money, and always try to do the best in whatever you do. Show honesty and respect to your brother and elders, to experience a true peace of mind. Have faith in God to reach great heights and strengthen your life, and remember, we will always be there for you. Love, Papa and Shaurya

Dearest Kezia, As we look toward the future This is our sincere prayer, For we know the plans God has for you Were wrought with divine care. The Holy Spirit will lead you So run at His command, Yet be still and know that He is God When trouble is close at hand. His Word will be a lamp for you, A guide to light your way, A solid place to set your feet, A compass incase you stray. May you live your life to praise Him, Not for fortune, nor for fame, May everything you say and do Bring glory to His name. May your eyes stay xed upon Him As you seek the way thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s pure, Tasting His love and goodness Sleeping and rising secure. Planted by His living streams May you delight in all His ways, Hidden by His sheltering wings With new mercies for each day. Even in a dangerous land When storms threaten to destroy, Always stand upon the Rock Your Strength, Hope and Joy. Dear Lord, show Your favor, At all times keep Kezia blessed, May Your face ever shine upon her, With peace and perfect rest. Amen. With love from Memeley, Papa, Mummy & Kaga Jono

Amader Arvid Congratulations! You made us all very proud, we know how much you have worked to achieve this. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been independant, confident, caring and smart. You grew up so fast, with a blink of an eye. We wish you all the luck and success for your upcoming journey. Always with you Love from, Papa & Ammu

Dearest Hrishav (Chora) It is indeed a very proud moment for us today, you have completed your rst step in life from Woodstock, it seems like yesterday that you came into our lives bringing lots of happiness and joyful moments, and I still remember the moment when you chose to study in Woodstock like it was yesterday. Today Woodstock has molded you as perfect human being as you stand today and we believe that you will achieve all the good things you want in your life. We wish you all the best in your future endeavor and for success in every step you take. A very very big CONGRATULATIONS FOR GRADUATING FROM WOODSTOCK SCHOOL OF 2016 AND WE WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCK AND GOOD WISHES. Lots of Love PAPA, MAMU AND MAHIMA


dearest Jahnvi, yesterday you were still our cheeky little girl and today you are a phenomenal woman! we could not be prouder. in the words of Biggie Smalls--

C O N G R A T U LA T I O N S !

2 0 1 6

“stay far from timid//only make moves when your heart’s in it//and live the phrase//sky’s the limit.”

love, Mummy, Papa, Tanya and Kritin

Dear Hannah, Congratulations on your graduation! I am very proud of you. Now I can tell that you became stronger, wiser and more mature and you will keep growing in that way. Thank you for being an amazing person and bringing joy to our family. But most importantly, thank you for being my daughter. Also, please do not forget the people who have helped you thus far: the teachers, principals, seniors, friends, your sister, mom…… You have a bright future ahead of you. Never give up, nor lower your standards. Lastly, I want you to remember the nine words by Mr. Marshall Goldsmith. BE HAPPY NOW. LET IT GO. LIFE IS GOOD. With immense love, Dad. Hannah, Congratulations!! You should be proud of your achievements, but don’t let it be your last. Strive to become the person bigger than yesterday, and make the best out of every single day. But don’t forget to have fun, make great friends, think of your family, and create beautiful memories along the way. Congratulations! We all love you! Love, Unni & Mom

Now that you have stepped into the real world, you’ll face many challenges on the way but I hope you strive to become a wise person who can come over those headwinds. But all in all, I wish there’s always happy moments around you on the way. –Dad To my humorous daughter, It seems like a dream that it’s already been 5 years since you entered WS. I still feel very touched when I think about you striving to learn new cultures and new languages far away from home. But I was quite relieved and even proud when I saw you adapting well to the new environment despite my concerns. Well, I want to congratulate you again on your graduation and your college acceptance. I hope you become a great hotelier since you wanted to study hotel management. –Mom Hi, first of all, I would like to express my gratitude to all the teachers and staffs at WS who helped my sister receive high school certificate (given that my sister has been a troublemaker). And a big congratulations on your graduation Jin Kyung. I will just keep it short. I’m quite happy that you are coming to study where I’m working at the moment especially after a decade of living abroad. But it’s really up to your behaviors for me to decide your pocket money now. So behave well and see you in summer. –Your Brother, Chang Yoon (’10 Alumnus)

Rachel our Dear Daughter, The day of your birth is as clear as yesterday…. your first loud cry brought tears of joy to our hearts and the warmth of your tiny frame against ours bosom brought feelings of immense gratitude as well as pleasure and bliss. You were a miracle child and continue to be so when we see you endowed with gifts and talents that only our Lord can give. To us you were indeed an answer to our prayers and you came as a bundle of energy and life, which you continue to be till this day. Both of us are delighted that you are a daughter for you are now a princess in the making walking with the steps of royal dignity and with the crown of salvation, godliness, holiness and Love. Your milestones of life have brought incredible satisfaction and pride to us and your failings made us reach out to you but you always got up and continued on, revealing a determined and strong spirit -and you have continued to be so --- keep it up Now looking at you, you have grown into a confident and gregarious lovely young lady who would be a life long friend to many. You were a child that constantly smiled and ever contented and now as you move on in life may you grow up to be a blessing and an encouraging presence wherever our Lord leads you. “May the Lord Jesus Bless you and Keep you and May He shine His face upon you. May He be Gracious to you and always give you peace” Appa and Amma (Mathew and Latha)

G’day/Kiora Teuk You did it - 5 countries and 6 schools were a lot to deal with and you took them all in your stride - always so adaptable. Your great sense of humour and fun loving personality has always shone through. We loved watching you grow – to 6’3” as well as into a great young adult. Congrats Teuk!

Love Mum and Dad and all the gang – Tainika, Toha, Samara, Isaac and Laura.

ꊥę&#x2026;&#x2020;ëź?éą&#x2030;ęťšéş&#x2122;ëŞ&#x2019;ę&#x2013;ąęž&#x2026;é&#x2122; ëŞ&#x2019;ę&#x2013;ąęťš骽éą&#x2030;ëź?éŠ?é˛?é˘?ęŤ&#x2018;꽚ę?˝ężľęťšę &#x2022;ęž&#x2026;é&#x2122; ë&#x160;ąę˛&#x2022;é&#x2013;ľë&#x2026;&#x161;é?ľëź&#x2018;ęŤ&#x2022; ę&#x201C;ąë&#x201E;Šę&#x201E;ľé˛&#x2122; ë Ľéş&#x2018;ęą&#x2122;늜ë&#x201E;?ë&#x2C6;­ę˝şę˛&#x2019;ë&#x192;šë?šę˛Ąë&#x192;ąę&#x2C6;&#x2018;ë?&#x160;ëź?ëź?é&#x161;&#x2022;ęź&#x201C;ë&#x192;ąę&#x2C6;&#x2018;ëľąë&#x161;&#x2026;ë?˝éŤ&#x2122; ę&#x2013;­ę&#x2026;?ęž&#x2026;ëź?éŠ?é˛?é˘?ęŤ&#x2018;ęŤ&#x2022;ëź&#x2018;Ꞣꊥę&#x152;ąë&#x201E;Šę&#x160;?꽊é&#x2013;ľę˛&#x2018;é&#x;Ľę&#x152;ą꽚ę?˝ęťšę &#x2022; é&#x17E;­ę?Ąé&#x161;&#x2022;ë?ľë&#x201E;­ë&#x201E;Šé&#x2013;ľé&#x;Ľéľšëź&#x2018;é˛&#x2122; ꊥę&#x2026;&#x2020;ëź&#x2018;é˛&#x2122;꽚ę?˝ęťšę &#x2022;é&#x2013;ľ

Thank You so much in making and publishing our Yearbook.

Special Thanks To: Ritesh Farmer Suman Mitra Rahima Thomas Andy Francis James Manorattanawong Deborah Aier Rachel Francis Zach Conrad Sabrina Sookias Vimmi Dang Negi Upasini Purushottaman Daniel Smith Tim Percevecz John Paulraj Sanjaya Mark Darab Nagarwalla Todd Schumacher Pieter Ter Haar Anil Bhandari Meenu Khan Tarun Seth David Raju Ajay Negi Marta Lopez Fesser Sareena Pun Daniel Homewood


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The day we met under the Lyre Tree was the beginning of our journey. As the Lyre Tree is no more, are journey is also in it’s final moments. The Lyre Tree’s branches taught us to extend our arms to those in need. The sturdy trunk taught us to be strong even in the face of adversity. The leaves at the brink of falling reminded us that things change, only to come back in other forms. But most of all the magical ‘W’ formed by the twist of the branches reminds us of Woodstock, a place, where a tree had the power to transform our lives and help us figure it out...

Till next time..

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Whispering Pine 2016  

Woodstock School's yearbook

Whispering Pine 2016  

Woodstock School's yearbook

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