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Press Start

Whispering Pine LXXXII

*Bang Bang Bang* “Help! Help! Help!” You hear a scream. You approach the laundry room behind Community Center. “Who is this?” You exclaim.

“What happened Mr. Chophel?” “ Masked strangers locked me in this laundry room. I need to escape. Without my help, students won’t be able to leave school.” “Why not?” “ I have to finish tons of paperwork. Who will get the tickets done? Who will book Ibis? Who will contact embassies? All of us will be stuck here forever!” “Oh no, don’t worry. I’m here to help you!”

table of contents lower dorms............................... 8 hanifl center.............................20 quad...........................................30 senior school............................ 70

parker hall............................. 102 gym..........................................116 media center............................136 off campus.............................. 144 upper dorms............................ 152

lower dorms

Tiger: “Phew! That was a long walk,” you growl. It’s time to begin your expedition! You have plenty of things to find. Maybe you should start in the dorms? You start heading up to Midlands. But Alter Ridge’s beauty mesmerizes you. Those sure look like fancy renovations!

lower dorm life

Walking past dorm rooms, you remember all those cozy moments you spent together outside of the classrooms -- huddled around the latest snapchat, watching a game on TV, or trekking up that awful ramp to Midlands. You’ll never forget the friendships you formed over waiwai and tuck, intense games on the courts, and just chatting until late into the night. 10



No, this is not just ordinary yellow with brown stripes. This is haute couture. You have the style, and it is a sin not to show the world your beauty! Remember what a wise man said: With great style comes great responsibility!!



As you wander around Hanson Field, you remember the celebration of your favorite festival: Holi. You fondly recollect the beautiful swirl of colors flying onto your friends’ clothes and faces. By the end of the party, you were barely distinguishable from a piece of modern art. But it was all worth it. You knew you would never have that much tiger-ish fun again.




Being a tiger, one thing is always on your mind: FOOD! The Diwalloween carnival was a delight to your senses. The chaat, frankie, and pakodas still make your mouth water. The amazing food and beautiful dÊcor. Oh those days! But when you saw the lanterns rise high in the sky, all your fairytale dreams came true!!! Even the dress-up competition made you laugh at your friends’ silliness, but at the end you knew your costume was the funniest!



lower dorm staff

Left top: Midlands dorm parents -- Maya Dutt, Rachana Peters, Shaheena Jelaji, Jerusha Missal, and Nidhi Mani. Left bottom: Hostel dorm parents -Tim Raby, Taeyong Jun, Andrew Das, Huten Laldailova and Dilip Alexander. Top right: Alteridge dorm parents -- Vijeta Emmanuel, Sarah Santram, Ronita Daniel, Rachna Peters, Karen Tamminen, Mijung Park. Center right: Ridgewood dorm parents -- Pieter Ter Haar, Suman Mitra, Sondeep Peter, Pravin Jelaji, Prateek Santram, Andrew Das. Bottom right: Dilip, Mahipal, Sunil, Ramkesh, Jogender, Surinder, Rakesh, Gopal, Suman, Rajeev, Sumitra.


lower dorm employees


Tiger: Time to search for the remaining items! You have to climb the mountain now. Just take a left from here, then a right... “OMG is that a monkey?“ RUN!!!!

hanifl centre


activity week early / middle years As you sit in the Hanifl Center and reminisce about good days past, you think back to your activity week as a tiny tiger. You remember sitting around the fire, roasting marshmallows, and telling ghost stories...those were the memories!


uy activity week It was a week of no shower, no Wifi, and no pizza! You know the struggle of Activity Week. But at the end, your adventure was worth every missing thing. And you know it!




half-marathon The first ray of sunlight beamed through a crack between the stunning Mussoorie mountains and illuminated Hanifl Centre. Runners of all ages were stretching their limbs. “Ready, set, go!� You remember the Mussoorie-Marathoners marathoning all over Mussoorie! Crossing the finish line was definitely one of the most satisfying experiences of your life.



learning weekend

No school? Yes please! Remember the blast you had on Outdoor Learning Weekend? Escaping the mundane classroom-life and embracing the wildlife, your home environment! You were so excited your roar made some elephants in Rajaji park run away!




Back row: Andrew “Pants” Hepworth, Digambar “Titu” Lal, Krishnan Kutty, Nyima Douglas. Front row: Pawan Kumar, Sindhu Clark, Ramesh Chand.




Tiger: Finally! You’ve made it to school. You can definitely find more objects here. You can’t let Mr. Chophel down. You are the Woodstock Tiger! As you enter the quad you see little children and seniors playing four square as adults huddle in a corner and converse in hushed tones. The music building is letting out sounds of harmonious melody. Maybe you should just sunbathe here for a while!

Big Brother Big Sister 32


Walking through the quad you see Early Years’ students playing four square. You recall the time when your little brother jumped on your back while playing Mingle. Oh BBBS! You danced to Macarena, ate delicious chicken wings, and ran around all day long. The lemon race, obstacle course -- even a trampoline! You got to know the cutest kids and never tired of pulling their chubby cheeks. Their excitement made you laugh and you would do anything to stop your little brother from crying. They were happy days! 33

jazz jam


Ah! Music is the beauty of life. As you walk through the Quad, the melodious sound of the Jazz Band mesmerizes you. You swish to the rhythm and sway to the beats. You feel like you have travelled to the 1950s. When a waiter comes to assist your table, you thank him for the delicious food. Yes, those were jolly days!


Led by Heather Webb

beginning choir (grades 3 & 4)

beginning strings

Led by Amitavo Roy

Music ensembles

junior choir (grades 5 & 6)

Led by Heather Webb


Led by Heather Webb

Tiger Percussion

beginning band

Led by Diane Millican


Led by Ravi Arthur

junior orchestra

Led by Peter Milican

intermediate band

junior band

Led by Peter Millican


Led by Abraham Okie

intermediate choir (grades 7 & 8)

Led b Abraham Okie

advanced choir

intermediate orchestra Led by Amitavo Roy

advanced orchestra

Led by Ravi Arthur


Led by Abraham Okie

chamber choir

advanced band Led by Peter Milican

jazz band

Led by Peter Milican


middle years’ select choir

Led by Abraham Okie


quad passage

Left page: Top to bottom: Cooking Basics, Not Just a Piece of Cloth, Zone 56, Sewing Club. Right page: Chess Club, MY Drama, Hunting Words, Cooking Basics.






Left page: (top to bottom) Friendship Club, Knitti club, Pizzeria, CARE: Samvedna. Right page: (top to bottom) Creativity Shop, Sewing and Crafts for EY, Cooking 2, Development and Outreach Student Team.





Left page: Top to Bottom: Cooking 1, MY Pizzeria, Language Cafe, and CARE: Knitting Baby Hats. Right page: Top to Bottom: Robotics Jr. , Robotics Club, Sewing Club, Sooo Random Club.


middle years

1st semester

Back row: Kyutae Kyung, Tenzin Nepali, Jigmet Angmo, Kyumin Kyung, Warris Godara, Juyoung Kim, Rigpea Wangchuk, Rishabh Poddar, Tej Dhungana, Ruke Ogan, Tenzin Taklha,Tanishq Daniel, Palden Gonsar, Middle row: Khushi Agrawal, Sarahna Daliya, Mahima Peters, Shriyukta Basnet, Radha Laplamool, Aadil Khurana, Aaryana Jani, Maanasa Muppala. Front row: Alisa Hussain, Diya Singh, Ahaan Nayar, Neel Mukhija, Satvika Sinha, Akshaya Pradhan, Dhruv Singh, Aadya Aryal.

2nd semester

Back row: Khushi Agrawal, Kyutae Kyung, Akshaj Rajbhandari, Jiten Taneja, Jigmet Angmo, Kyumin Kyung, Radha Laplamool, Shriyukta Basnet, Juyoung Kim, DaEun Joo, Jonathan Vu, Khenrab Norgay, Karma Dorjee. Front row: Shruti Kapoor, Tarini Boparai, Aniket Singh, Ahaan Nayar, Neel Mukhija, Satvika Sinha, Dhruv Singh, Rishabh Poddar, Chittish Pasbola. 48

student council class reps

Back row: Akshaj Rajbhandari, Jiten Taneja, Juyoung Kim, Dhruv Singh, Kyumin Kyung, Cassidy Persevecz, Khenrab Norgay, Jonothan Vu. Front row: DaEun Joo, Tawishi Dogra, Rishabh Poddar, Alisa Hussain, Satvika Sinha, Kyutae Kyung.


Left to right: Akshaya Pradhan, Tej Dhungana, Satvika Sinha, Rajveer Saharan, Jigmet Angmo.


menu Left to right: Radha Laplamool, Sriyukta Basnet, Kyutae Kyung, Ruke Ogan, Ahaan Nayar, Palden Gonsar.


Left to right: Tanishq Daniel, Neel Mukhija, and Rigpea Wangchuk

alteridge and ridgewood dorm presidents Khushi Agrawal and Ahaan Nayar


alteridge dorm councils

Top row: Radha Laplamool, Juyoung Kim, Khushi Agrawal, Tarini Boparai, Diya Singh. Bottom row: Kyumin Kyung, Jigmet Angmo, Aadya Aryal, Shruti Kapoor, Ran Singkarin.

ridgewood dorm councils

Top row: Dhruv Singh, Chittish Pasbola, Rishabh Poddar, Ahaan Nayar, Tenzin Taklha, Satvika Sinha. Bottom row: Neel Mukhija, Aniket Singh, Tenzin Nepali, Karma Dorjee.


early and middle years

Tiger: “Tag, you’re it,” a cute ECP student shouts as he tugs your tail. You have to follow the little kid to his classroom. Wow! You haven’t been here in forever. But it looks just the same. Hmm.. Maybe you’ll find some objects here.

Vihaan Bhandari

Shravani Bowling

Xenia David

Vivaan Puri

Abhiroop Roy

Petra Seefeldt

Enoch Daniel

Levi Francis

Vedika Negi

Shreyansh Seth

Viha Shivhare

Swarit Singh

Liam Stinchcomb

Ipsita Thomas

ecp/kg Not Photographed: Chris Smith 53

Krish Bhandari

Gideon Crider

Namrata David

Jalori Mathias

Aaron Thomas

Eden Crider

Gabriel Crider

Kezia Emmanuel

Levi Murray

Arin Puri

Mahin Puri

Samuel Stinchcomb

first and second grade Not Photographed: Shrushti Kudle 54

Nanda Dufault

Samuel Francis

Felix Hanifl

Micah Murray

Ayush Surtanarayan

Abner Seefeldt

Lewis Elias

Third Grade Fourth Grade

Not Photographed: Shreya Seth

Sylvia Belbin

Joel Crider

Devi Dufault

Joshua Emmanuel

Golden Hubbard

Meher John

Anamika Seth

Rhiana Stinchcomb

Abel Thomas


Ira Ahuja

Nysa Bhatia

Sukhmanpreet Bhatia

Sarahna Daliya

Tawishi Dogra

Joshua Francis

Baani Gambhir

Anishka Joab

Taruna Kakkar

Aadil Khurana

Rohit Mishra

Maanasa Muppala

Tenzin Norbu

Mahima Peters

Arjun Poddar

Rajveer Saharan

Aaliyah Shankardas

Ishpuneet Singh

Aaryan Singhal

Pol Singkarin


Keerat Uppal

Kalsang Yangchen


fifth grade Not Photographed: Zeus D’Souza 56

Jigmet Angmo

Shoaib Ansari

Saif Ansari

Aadya Aryal

Shriyukta Basnet

Lily Belbin

Amer Beri

Philippa Dunn

Zacherrya Gibson

Warris Godara

Aadya Goel

Zibby Hanifl

Paloma Hubbard

Aaryana Jani

Kyutae Kyung

Ishaan Mehra

Harshan Pannu

Siwon Park

Jinju Park

Gauri Pasbola

Victor Pashuk

Arush Puri

Akshaj Rajbhandari

Sachin Rijal

Uma Sherpa

Jiten Taneja

Norbu Norgay

sixth grade


Shivaansh Garg

Ryan Bajaj

Siddharth Bhandari

Gia Bhaskar

Sunggon Cho

Yongbean Chung

Micah Crider

Tej Dhungana

Karma Dorjee

Theresa Dunn

Palden Gonsar

Da Eun Joo

Amul Kakkar

Juyoung Kim

Giju Kim

Riya Kohli

Kyumin Kyung

Anjoli Lahiri

Abigail Lalrinpuii

Phasin Laplamool

Radha Laplamool

Huijeong Lee

Jia Loomba

Nalin Mahajan

seventh grade


Rohan Mathias

Abhik Mehra

Saira Mehra

Kayan Mehta

Bianca Nieddu

Rak Ogan

Chittish Pasbola

Vikentiy Pashuk

Rishabh Poddar

Kittapa Sasivimonpan

Navya Sethi

Aryaman Sethi

Harsh Shyamdasani

Dhrubhagat Singh

Eun-Seo Son

Harssh Tanwar

Sonia Ter Haar

Visakuo Tsurho

Joanna Victor

Rigpea Wangchuk

Not Photographed: Khushi Agarwal 59

Khushi Agrawal

Abdul Ansari

Jaydeep Bajwa

Fiza Bakshi

Aryan Balani

Tarini Boparai

Hyenjin Cho

Chiriki Curphey

Tanishq Daniel

Diya Singh

Harshvardhan Garg

Kritin Garg

Laetitia Green

Paul Oscar Hanifl

Alisa Husain

Adyan Husain

Vaibhav Jain

Ye Hyang Jang

Shruti Kapoor

Hyunyoung Kim

Sangyoon Kim

Naphon Laplamool

Jinhwan Lee

Samuel Lee

eighth grade


Anvi Lohia

Ved Maddison

Neel Mukhija

Parvati Murakoshi

Ahaan Nayar

Tenzin Nepali

Tenzin Norbu

Tsezin Norbu

Khenrab Norgay

Ruke Ogan

Hassakol Panaspraipong

Khush Patel

Cassidy Percevecz

Pankhuri Poddar

Akshaya Pradhan

Iqbal Zaheer

Malsawmsangi Ralte

Detsen Rinchhen

Kritika Sharma

Karsten Shaw

Aniket Singh

Janak Singh

Diksha Singh

Arpit Singh

Not Photographed: Yaeyin Lee Shawn Smith 61

Ran Singkarin

Satvika Sinha

Yehun Son

Daniel Swarup

Tenzin Chowang Taklha

Shubham Tibrewala

Aarushi Vardhan

Nandini Vij

Nikolai Von Moltke

Jonathan Vu


Sara Thirlwell


heads of school

the principal principal’s office

Left to right: Dr. Jonathan Long, Upasini Purushothaman, Sanjeev Puri, Sandeep Rawat.

dr. jonathan long


amy seefeldt

the deans enrichment

student services

bethany okie

jeff doerfler

ey/my coordinator

uy coordinator

andy crider

jonathan seefeldt 64

quad staff early years


Back row: Dr. Dhiren Paliwal, Tyler Stinchcomb, Eloise Boinot. Front row: Mohd. Yousuf, Amrita John, and Vandana Vinayak.

Left to right: Varsha Joab, Sunita Panwar, Shubhra Chundawat, Soneyaa Kumar, Christina Raby and Sangeeta Bhandari.


middle years re

Back row: Amitavo Roy, Ravi Arthur, Aloke Maiti, Joan Wallace, Brett Gore. Front row: Diane Millican, Heather Webb, Swatir Roy, Peter Millican, Abraham Okie.

Left to right: Rachel Francis, Ritika Roy, David Webb.

middle year staff

Left to right: Charlotte Swanson, Rachel Francis, Adam Hubbard, Rajneesh Daniel, Darab Nagarwalla, Rufus Emmanuel, Andrew Francis, Mohd. Yousuf, Ritika Roy, David Webb, Marla Dunn, Kimberley Ferguson, Sue Long, Andy Crider, Anjali Sharma.


health center


Left to right: Dolma Chophel, Katie Beth Gill, Susan Lall, Ruth Kalsang, Tenzin Seldon. Not pictured: Kuldeep Bhandari, Tara Kaplan, Themneivah Singh.

Left to right: Tyler Stinchcomb, Anjali Sharma, Sue Long, Lauren Gray.

human resources

Back row: S. Suryanarayan, Sunil Baloni, Eric Roberts. Front row: Vimmi Negi, Thupten Chopel, Sareena Pun.


Left to right: Popsie Ebenezer, Kirsten Beavan, Kiran Singh.



Thupten Chophel

community engagement

Sanjaya Mark

development office

Left to right: Immubekele Uniyal, Monica Roberts, Ben Bowling, Judy Crider, Lalitha Krishnan, Marcus Shaw.


Left to right: Saurabh Joab, Enosh Thomas, Ramesh Devmane, Nawneet Kumar.

business office

Left to right: Jitendra Singh, Shailesh Garg, Arpana Fernandez, Shadab Begum, Sumit Thakur, and Kunwar Prashant Singh. Not pictured: Ritesh Farmer.


Left to right: Arvind Singh, Shailender Bhandari, Bhaskar Bahuguna, Brijesh Tyagi, Harish Kumar, James Lewis, Rachel Dunn. Not pictured: Dharmendra Bhandari, Mike Pesavento.



Dinesh Gupta


Craig Wiggins

employees high school junior school Left to right: Kakul, Kailash, Virma, Vinod Tonk, Sunil Kumar.

Back Row: Dilip, Anil Bhandari, Jagdish Singh. Front Row: Sanjeev Kumar, Sunil Kumar, Lal Chand, Rinku


estate management

Left to right: Vinod Kumar, Suraj Singh, Arvind Singh, Birender Singh.

hospitality Fifth row: Shyam Singh, Rajesh Kumar, Sohan Singh. Fourth row: Shiv Singh, Surender Singh, Vinod Chand. Third row: Mahabir Singh, Dinesh Chand. Second row: Dalip Singh, Suresh Singh, Bardhan Singh. First row: Vinod Singh, Manbir Singh, Jogendar Pd Joshi.

Back row: Sohan Singh, Sanjay Bhagirat, Abhinask Kumar, Sandeep Kumar, Man Singh Kumar. Front row: Deshiwari, Kusum.


of the quad security

1st Picture: Back row: Rajesh Singh, Ubedullah. Middle row: Naveen Kumar, Harichand, Dinesh Prasad. Front row: Jainder Singh, Birender Rawat, Firoz Khan. 2nd Picture: Fourth row: Bachan Bhandari, surender Singh, Balam Singh. Third row: Bachan Mashi, Harish Chandra, Birender Lal. Second row: Prem Singh, Jeet Gurung, Jai Chand. First row: P.S. Kharola, Balbir Singh, Puram Singh. 3rd Picture: Manmohan Singh.



Back row: Mukesh, Amit Thakur, Amit Kumar, Jagmohan, Head of Food: Ketan Swami. Front row: Khan Chef, Sandeep, Pramod, Jitendar Rawat, Abdul Rahman.


Pramod Kumar

senior school

Tiger: Where will you find more objects? Aha! You know! You still have to search the biggest building in Woodstock: Senior School. You’re pumped: so close, yet still so far.

senior school life



friendship day Fraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanship Day!! I know you aren’t too great at math dear Tiger, but let me give you the formula to an equation you will never forget: Freshman + Seniors = + A whole of fun! “Initiation,” baby!



model united nations


Remember MUN? It was a time of debates and serious conferences. You saw the Executive Board organize a three-day event, and welcome numerous schools from distant lands. Mr. Dominik Bartsch, India’s Chief of Mission for UN-HRC was the chief-guest, and his wise words amazed you! You learned valuable lessons and made new friends; it was a major part of your very own debating career.


ecosoc chairs

human rights comittee chairs

israel chairs

secretary generals

palestine chairs

security council chairs 78

unep chairs

ecosoc delegates

hrc delegates

israel delegates

palestine delegates

secutity council delegates

unep delegates

av crew


runners 79

student council

Top Row: Jonathan Seefeldt, Yeon Sol Lee, Sadrish Pradhan, Manvi Seth, Armaan Mehra, Inwook Jung, Ju Heon Suh, Marina Popova, Varun Pant, Tanushree Thapa, Aseem Aggarwal. Middle Row: Shikhar Dhingra, Namita Jain, Rahul Patel, Angad Makkar, Wali Zahine, Priam Vyas, Kheytsun Rinchhen, Nikunj Dalmia, Tshokey Gyaltshen. Front row: Sang Hyun Park, Eriko Shrestha, Aelin Kim

It’s been a year of lessons. We made mistakes, conquered our challenges, but most important of all, came together as a team (yes, SHP, I’m referring to you). With the changes sprung upon us, StuCo was patient as we gradually slipped into our roles, not to mention the encouragement we felt when Mr. Seefeldt let out his ambiguous smile. I had no idea what I signed up for, and I still don’t because it’s a position that evolves with you. It might not have been what I originally imagined, but the surprises were what tested us and made everything worthwhile. 80



Top Row: Jonathan Seefeldt, Inwook Jung, Rahul Patel, Hyunyoung Baek, Stuti Garg, Sidhant Seth, Parishma Shrestha, Apurv Kaushik, Varun Khanna. Middle Row: Kartik Rajpal, Aadeng Apeng Shikhar Dhingra, Namita Jain, Kshitiz Tanwar, Amrita Yeshi, Manvi Seth, Aelin Kim. Front Row: Eriko Shrestha, Sang Hyun Park.

I would like to thank everyone for giving me the opportunity to grow. I thank my co-president Eriko and my advisor Mr. Seefeldt for covering up my weaknesses. My advice to the future presidents is, “Start your year by familiarising yourselves with every student.” There are 4 types of people: Geniuses like Shaurya, “Who Cares?” like Rattapong, Swag like Pranit, and hardworking like me. Don’t be jealous of anyone else but work to be the fifth type.






Back row: Parishma Shrestha, Hamin Yoon, Yerim Lee. Front row: Madina Ibragimova, Hannah Yi

Back row: Yerim Lee, Hannah Yi, Elizabeth Khosravi, Raheel Dhingra. Front row: Anubhav Khanna, Dhananjay Prahladka, Taegyeong Lee




Back row: Kabeer Arjun, Satyam Kedia, Jin Hyun Lim. Front row: Subhajyoti Basu, Ju Heon Suh.




Top Row: Nishant Aggarwal, Amrita Yeshi, Namita Jain, Jinhye Park. Second row: Sang Hyun Park, YounJung Na, Yeon Sol Lee, Meghna Das, I-Hsin Yang, Parishma Shrestha, Raya Kaplan, Aelin Kim. Third row: Inwook Jung, Eriko Shrestha, Sara Krishnan, Devika Nautiyal, Aman John, Marina Popova, Isabella Shaw. Front row: Farid Zaheer, Aya Wakita, Mayuri Kakkar, Armaan Mehra, Manvi Seth, Yujin Eo, Rishi Thomas, Hannah Yi. Not pictured: Rattapong Owasitth.


honour council

paul gray, inwook jung, amy seefeldt

Top row: Paul Morrill, Marina Popova, Amrita Yeshi, Mathai Abraham, Parishma Shrestha, Amy Seefeldt. Front row: Yeon Sol Lee, Inwook Jung, Sang Hyun Park, YounJung Na, Elizabeth Khosravi.


midlands dorm councils edgehill dorm councils

Top row: Tara Bajpal, Ana Raquel Pereira, .Idika Kothari. Middle row: Sara Bhatia, Aashna Jain, Sulin Kim, Angel . Front row: Shanaya Kuttumkal, Eera Sarda, Namita Jain, Antra Baluja, Linh Bui.

Aelin Kim, Kheytsun Rinchhen, Hyunyoung Baek, Samiha Thapa, Disapron Trakanthaloengsak

midlands and hostel dorm presidents namita jain & shikhar dhingra

edgehill and cc dorm presidents hyunyoung baek & rahul gupta

hostel dorm councils

cc dorm councils

Top row: Bobby Sharma, Vashisht Aggarwal, Akash Tirkey, Chaitanya Prashant. Front row: Anh Bui, Kshitiz Tanwar, Shikhar Dhingra, Starling Rose, Satvik Sindhu.

Donghyun Lim, Kabeer Arjun


senior school passage Right: Tech Team. Centre: SAT Writing Practice. Bottom: T.R.I.B.E.


Left: Comedy Club. Centre: Fall Drama (A Midsummer Night’s Dream). Bottom: Spring Drama (Metamorpheses).




Top: Quiz Time. Middle: Book Snakes. Bottom: Science Club 88

Top Left: Grade 9 Book Club. Top Right: Make-up Crew. Middle: N.E.A.M.C. Bottom: India Club 89

upper years

Tiger: It’s time for high school already?! As you look at the students from grades 9-12, you remember the beautiful faces of your own friends. It’s a special trip down the memory lane.


Dhruv Narain Agarwal

Tanuj Agrawal Bagaria

Kavi Ahuja

Bendangsenla M. Deborah Aier

Joshua Qaisar Martin Ali

Noel Edward Archer

Saatvik Arya

Tara Bajpai

Anahita Baluja

Akul Bansal

Subhajyoti Basu

Thomas Gabriel Berger

Abhishek Bhandari

Mehar Bhatia

Puruva Chakravarty

Vatsala Chaudhry

Yong Hoon Chung

Charis Elizabeth Crider

Nikunj Dalmia

Kelzang Daechong Dema


Kyle Devlin Diarmit

Noah Rishi Sharma Douglas

Udit Garg

Tshokey Gyaltshen

Madina Ibragimova

Vatsal Jain

Imtiyala Celeste Jamir

Avanya Caroline Joab

Hyechan Jun

Humaid Juned

Healeam Jung

Kiara Kanwar

Kavya Kataria

Varun Khanna

Anubhav Khanna

Eva Khanpara

Idika Kothari

Meghan Vivek Kulkarni

Nachiketa Kumar

Ippolita Magrone

Sophie Neiko-U Mero

Phunsok Norboo

Meghan Shantanu Pandit

Parth Viral Parikh

Sooyeon Park

Ana Raquel Pereira

Suryansh Prahladka

Passawit Puangseree

Arjan Singh Purewal

Aarushi Sachdeva


Tanya Sandhu

Saveliy Semyachkin

Sebastian Robert Scott

Aryan Zane Shankardas

Heewoong Shin

Prasiddhi Shrestha

Kabish Shrestha

Jayant Daniel Singh

Ameya Saba Singh

Shivansh Singhal

Sabrina Sookias

Egor Suvorov

Chantelle Ter Haar

Leila Giddy Turner

Harshvardhan Yadav

Hamin Yoon

Bahir Ahmad Zahine

Not Photographed: Nandini Aggarwal Tanya Aggarwal Shreyansh Jagdish Fofandi Aanik Goel Abigail Preeti Gokavi Summer Kang Joon Kang Ishaan Oren Pilant Tenzin Yigha Jay Yunas 93



Kartik Adityan

Aseem Aggarwal

Vashisht Agrawal

Aadeng Apang

Sohail Singh Baath

Avijit Singh Bahal

Ikaum Bawa

Niranjan Samuel Bennet

Sara Bhatia

Anh Quoc Bui

Namhoon Cho

Faiyaz Chowdhury

Zane Chowdhury

Mrinalini Khushi Daliya

Meghna Elizabeth Das

Deasyl Chozom Dorji

Suryaansh Garg

Tanmaye Gupta

Erica Dempsey Harp


Aashna Jain

Sangrujungla Jamir

Seungik Jang

Amrita Jhajj

Ayaan John

Hyeji Jun

Damchuilung Kamei

Jonah Philip Kaplan

Eliza Mary Kennewell

Dechen Chuki Khangkyil

Shinyoung Kim

Su Lin Kim

Zaine Krishnatraye

Tenphel Zoepa Lama

Tenzin Peyang Lama

Sonam Lanzin

Yerim Lee

Taegyeong Lee

James Manorattanawong

Aalia Mehra

Nirov Mehta

Dhruv Mukhija

Vanalika Darab Nagarwalla

Tenzin Loten Nepali

Khoa Vinh Ngo

Devashish Pahadi

Jinhye Park

Aashish Benson Peters

Rishabh Poddar

Kartik Rajpal


Viraj Rijal

Ambar Sarup

Shahyan Jehan Sataravala

Bobby Satoshi Sharma

Sanjana Sharma

Isabella Micah Shaw

Satvik Sindhu

Saral Tayal

Pelzom Tenzing

Dechen Tenzing

Apoorva Shumsher Thapa

Tanushree Thapa

Khanh An Tran

Yeshi Seldon Tshering

Maeve Murphy Wakita

Yupel Yeshi

Angel Yoanna

Florian Zimmer

Zachary Zwicky

Not Photographed: Jonathan Alderman Umang Bansal Meghana Kollu Yaejong Lee Dipankar Nakarmi Urja Ummat 96


Adrian William Archer

Antra Baluja

Donald Edward Blank

Armaan Boparai

Linh Thao Bui

Nyika Campbell

Naomi Chingmak Chang

Umaimah Sajid Choudhury

Jiyeon Chun

Adityajeet Singh Dagar

Shikhar Dhingra

Corydon Laverty Diamond

Isaac Caleb Dobson

Duong Tri Dung

Hannes Ehlert

Yu Jin Eo

Rhys Peter Fernandes

Paritosh Garg

Jahnvi Garg

Karma Gonjo


Mashrur Arvid Haque

Namita Jain

Isaiah Johnson

Jane Jung

Teuk Kane-Potaka

Eduard Kant Mandal

Elesh Kasana

Satyam Kedia

Elizabeth Khosravi

Yeseong Kim

Shanaya Kuttumkal

Dhruv Lakhanpal

Suhan Lee

Jinkyung Lee

Khiloni Bharat Lilwani

Jin Hyun Lim

Fioana Luthra

Israel Lyndem

Kabir Bharat Mehta

Sarah Momin

Dev Kumar Nalwa

Taekmin Nam

Loc Xuan Ngo

Devang Pandey

Anoushka Pant

Varun Pant

Haesoo Park

Shrea Neil Peter

Ruben Rohan Peter

Marina Popova


Chaitanya Prashant

Farid Rajkotia Zaheer

Shefali Rangi

Ankit Ranjan


Starling Rose

Maitreya Rose

Wangchuk Sadutshang

Kartik Sahdev

Aditi Saigal

Emmett Wyse Salzer

Eera Sarda

Nangsay Seldon

Yashvi Vishnu Sharma

Prathana Shrestha

Hrishav Bahadur Singh

Morsumi Georgia Singh

Yejin Son

Claire Marie Swanston

Kshitiz Tanwar

Rishi Mammen Thomas

Akash Waivav Tirkey

Bao Gia Hong Tran

Shubha Tripathi

Divya Vemulapalli

Jago Von Moltke

Lachlan Joel Wild

Amrita Lhatso Yeshi



Hannah Kim Yi

Not Photographed: Aakriti Aryal Grace Cahill Prapti Joshi Mayuri Kakkar Sara Krishnan Rachel Mulavelil Devika Nautiyal Kezia Paljor Goun Yu

senior school staff office

Left to right: Sonal Talaulicar, Nazneen Nagarwalla, Lindsey Alexander. Not pictured: Nilesh Talaulicar.


Left to right: Renee Bowling, Preeti Rejendran, Fabiola Shaw.

math registrar

Left to right: Pranshu Mishra, Zachary Conrad, Paul Gray, Larry Kaplan, Rufus Emmanuel, David Raju.

learning support

Ajay Negi

Left to right: Lauren Gray, Paul Gray, Mary Ellen Pesavento, Max Jones, Marla Dunn.


religious ed

Left to right: Jeremiah Swanson, Brian Dunn.


Top row: Sonya Crider, Susan Datt, Mukesh Tiwari. Front row: Nishtha Daniel, Claire Weiss, David Raju. Not Pictured: Sujatha Archer.


Top left to right: Harry van Doorn, Sue Swanson, Meenu Khan, Rahima Thomas Subhashini Timothy, Esther Arthur. Not Pictured: Sarah Colwell.

social studies

Left to right: Ed Beavan, Trish Pearson, Shonila Chander, Jeremiah Swanson, Christopher Rhatigan. Not Pictured: Amy Seefeldt.


parker hall

Tiger: Aah, Parker Hall! The familiar memory of performances on that very stage greets you. You ran your way here, why don’t you take a breather and find those objects here?

talent show 104

What was the most entertaining event throughout the year? Of course -Talent Show! Audience screaming, bright lights shining upon the stage, numerous celebrities to entertain you. Confident performers, student and staff bands, K-pop songs, Bollywood dances, juggling, and much more! That night, undoubtedly, was the wildest Oscar’s Awards you have ever seen.


sadie hawkins 欢迎桑海! Huānyíng guānglín shànghǎi! Shanghai invites you to a night of both elegance and craziness. You remember walking like a Sir, gracefully taking pictures and eating…. prawns. Definitely Woodstock’s favorite! After dinner, you walk past the clock tower, run through the Great Wall of China, and finally end up on the dance floor. Under the Shanghai moonlight, you dance like there is no tomorrow. Your roar of excitement makes some of the people flinch, but that shouldn’t matter! It’s Sadie!


As you look upon the Parker Hall stage, you remember the sweet, crystal sounds of Aelin Kim’s violin resonating throughout the auditorium. Ahhh, the Advanced Student Recital! Featuring voice solos and tabla/ santoor duets, the Advanced Student Recital was a hit. It displayed the brilliance of all your friends.

advanced student

recital 107


indian music concert Seated in Parker Hall, you remember being enchanted by the soothing tunes of Indian Music. As the performers played their solos, you commended their hard work and felt proud of the diverse Woodstock community. As the tablas drummed away, the guitar, santoor and sitars reached a loud and catchy crescendo. Mr. Maiti sure did a great job!


a midsummer “Mine tigerish heart be full of memories!” you exclaim as you walk on the very stage that once held a multicultural Drama production of Midsummer Night’s Dream. You remember the wonder in your eyes as you first beheld the sparkling beauty of the Fairy costumes, and the bittersweet sadness you felt as the curtains closed at the end of the night. Curran Russell and Bethany Okie, the creative directors of the play combined the talents of the actors as well as a diverse set of languages for an alternative, extremely successful production!


night’s dream


joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat


As you remember KUA’s play, you can’t help but sing “red and yellow and green and blue and…” What a wonderful day! The lights brightened the stage, colours filled Parker Hall and the actors sang with a live band. The cast and crew had travelled all the way from New Hampshire! They truly were dedicated performers and the show was amazing. The talented Woodstock fifth-grade chorus also made a magnificent guest appearance, which delighted the Woodstock audience!



Who knew that Greek myths could be so interesting? You remember watching Metamorphoses. The cast slowly danced to the electronic music played in the background. The play may have been short, but the multitude of Greek stories made it extremely fun. You couldn’t help but twitch your tail every time a character turned into a bird or a tree! 114



Tiger: As one of the fiercer animals in the animal kingdom, strength is in your blood. The gym is your home. You shoot some hoops, spend some time on the elliptical and then retire to the changing room for a nice hot shower. The gym is where you find yourself. And maybe along the way, you’ll find some objects too!


independence day Jai hind! 8:15 a.m. -- You wait in the gym to celebrate India’s 67th Independence Day. From the flag-raising ceremony to photo shoots, the day went by like a flash. Outstanding student performances spiced up the event. Delicious Indian cuisine with special Korean dishes were a delight to your taste buds!! Even the pouring rain could not stop the enthusiasm this great day produced.


goalathon You recall the dreams, screams, teams and of course-FOOTBALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!! Cheering for the underdog, feeling patriotic for your grade, and of courseFOOTBALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!! The nail-biter finals between The Other Guys and Fresh Force, raising money for charity, and of course-FOOTBALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!


Just the thought of the joys of Goalathon brings tears to your eyes. 121



Since its introduction, Goalathon quickly became a Woodstock tradition. And after the first annual Swishathon, it too will go down in the Woodstock history books! Nothing better than playing ball while raising the good ol’ MULA!


win mumby “Woodstock what’s your profession?” “AAOOH AAOOH AAOOH!” You thought Swishathon was big, but guess what’s bigger? WIN MUMBY!!!! Both of Woodstock’s teams excelled throughout the tournament, and they won the whole school’s heart. As long as you got your cheers and rah rah rahs, no team can break our spirit. Go Tigers!!!!!



interschool senior boys football team

Coach Tim Raby, Sumair Sapam, Bobby Sharma, Taekmin Nam, Bao Tran, Loc Ngo, Sohail Baath, Saharsha Singh (Captain), Priam Dinesh Vyas, Zaine Krishnatraye, Kabeer Arjun, Angad Makkar, Pukar Mahat, Vitchaphong Laohabutr, Arvid Mashrur Haque, Parth Parikh, Maitreya Rose, Salman Kalmali, Starling Rose, Jungshi Jamir (missing).


football senior girls football team

Coach Claire Weiss, Summer Kang, Vatsala Chowdhary, Dechen Chuki Khyangil, Diya Singh, Joon Kang, Abigail Gokavi, Deasyl Dorji, Sangrujungla Jamir, Healeam Jung, Adeng Apang, Madina Ibamgrova, Meghna Das, Morsumi Singh, Samiha Thapa, Sophie Mero, Tshokey Gyaltshen, Eliza Kennnewell, Raya Kaplan (missing).


interschool senior boys basketball team

Back row: Dev Nalwa, JinHyun Lim, Kyun Ho Jung, Eduard Kant Mandal, Teuk Benson Kane-Potaka, Jago-Von Moltke, Dipankar Nakarmi. Middle row: Tenphel Lama, Karma Gojo, Tenzin Taklha, Hrishav Singh, Saharsha Singh, Coach: Jeffrey Doerfler. Front row: Damchuilung Kamei, Aashish Peters, Sumair Sapam, Wangchuk Sadutshang, Tenzin Loten Nepali.

senior girls basketball team

Back row: Coach Claire Weiss, Isabella Shaw, Tseki Lhamo, Raya Kaplan, Marina Popova, Elizabeth Khosravi, Samiha Thapa, Eriko Shrestha, Sadrish Pradhan, Coach Bethany Okie. Front row: Kheytsun Rinchhen, Stuti Garg, Mayuri Kakkar, Kezia Paljor, JinHye Park, Prapti Joshi.


basketball inter boys basketball team

Back row: Shinyoung Kim, Sebastian Scott, Parth Parikh, Apoorva Thapa, Nirov Mehta. Front row: Satyam Kedia, Kabish Shrestha, Phunsok Norboo, Varun Khanna.a

inter girls basketball team

Back row: Coach Steve Luukkonen, Dechen Khangkyil, Tenzin Lama, Yeshi Tshering, Vanalika Nagarwalla, Sangrujungla Jamir, Kelzang Dema. Front row: Dechen Tenzing, Ameya Singh, Deasyl Dorji, Yupel Yeshi, Pelzom Tenzing, Hyeji Jun.


table tennis

is table tennis with ajay negi Back Row: Emmett Salzer, Devang Pandey, Karma Gonjo, Aditya Dagar, Satyam Kedia. Middle Row: Aseem Aggarwal, Vashisht Aggarwal, Abhishek Bhandari, Tenzin Yugyel Norbu, Ahaan Nayar. Front Row: Damchuilung Kamei, Dhananjay Prahladka, Tenzin Taklha.

squash is squash with pieter ter haar Dhruv Agarwal, Shivansh Singhal, Dhruv Mukhija, Arjan Purewal, Harsh Yadav, Chani terHaar, Eva Khanpara, Udit Garg.



senior girls

Istuti Singh, Amaani Mehra

senior boys

Damchuiling Kamei, Karma Gonjo, Satyam Kedia, Vitchaphong Laohabutr

inter girls

Sonam Lhanzin, Sooyeon Park, Hyeji Jun

inter boys

Joshua Ali, Taegyeon Lee, Nirov Mehta

junior girls

Nandini Vij, Aarushi Vardhan, Anjoli Lahiri, Joanna Victor

junior boys

Rohan Mathais, Siddhant Bhandari, Nikolai von Moltke, Kush Patel 131



tumbling cheerleading


rock climbing


ultimate frisbee 133

interschool cricket senior boys cricket team

Coaches Andrew Das, Ajay Negi, & Rahul Gupta. Vashisht Aggarwal, Teuk Potaka, Ikaum Bawa, Akash Tirkey, Aditya Dagar (Captain), Hritik Nautiyal, Kush Patel, Shivansh Singhal, Aseem Aggarwal, Dhruv Mukhija, Kartik Rajpal


gym staff and employees pe department

sports head

Ajay Mark

Left to right: Luise Ter Haar, Steve Luukkonen, Vinaya Patole

gym employees

Left to right: Balbir Singh, Arjun, Sumeet 135

media center

Tiger: You’ve searched all the locker areas -- now it’s time to get your game on! Ms. Chander might get angry if she sees you loitering in the hallway. Hide before she sees you!

media center passage aviation club

dungeons and dragons

multimedia club

question club



mural club



media center staff art drama

From left to right: Margaret Groff, Adam Hubbard, Tim Percevecz

Curran Russell


From left to right: Jonathan Seefeldt, Melanie Reichwald, Meredith Dyson, Lauren Gray, Adam Wunker 140

The magnificent view from the flagpole overwhelms you. You slowly enter the Media Centre -- home to student recitals, art rooms and the English department. 141


WE DID IT! Editor-in-chiefs: Rattapong Owasitth, Aya Wakita. Advisors: Ms. Melanie Reichwald, Mrs. Charlotte Swanson.

members: Shaurya, Pranit, YounJung, Sofia,

JuHeon, Sanghyun, Amaani, Manvi, Eera, Armaan, Oak, Kheytsun, Mayuri, Jahnvi, Setse, Yeonsol. Not pictured: Prathana, Lalrin

“Juniors do everything, seniors slack” -- Ms. Melanie “Moolah” “SHAURYA! RATTA! HOW DO YOU DO DIS?“ -- Everyone who is not Shaurya or Rattapong “Is **** a bad word?” “MAKE ME COFFEE!!!” “Name this kid” 142


off campus

You have traversed the extensive grounds of Woodstock School, but still haven’t found all the objects. You cannot leave Mr. Chophel locked in that room!! But what are you going to do? Where can the objects be? The Chakkar!

The smell of Anil Cafe’s ginger honey lemon tea fills your nostrils as you reach the Chakkar! Before you can drink the famous tea, the pale blue sky captures all your attention. The beautiful sky would surely have hidden objects.


re retreat “Hosanna in the Highest,� you remember singing off-key as the Okies stood in the front of the room and swayed their hands to the beat of the song. The RE Retreat was one of your best memories: singing songs, eating tuck with your friends, and listening to Dr. Dunn explain the Bible in the most intriguing way.


inter-house cross country You think back to one of your favorite days of the year -when you had a chance to race against your friends for the glory in the annual inter-house competition. Eagles, Condors, and Merlins all battled it out... while still supporting each other and enjoying the beautiful chakkar. Oh how you admired everyone’s skills!



clean mullingar

firs orphanage



musoorie girls’ school

st. john’s school

korean fellowship


upper dorms

Tiger: You sprint your tail off to the CC laundry room. You finally have all the objects! Yet, as you reach your final destination, nothing happens. Suddenly, the sun dances its way through the clouds and all the objects transform into a magical brown and gold key *insert brown and gold key*. This is it! “Mr. Chophel! Mr. Chophel! Don’t fear, the tiger is here!!!” TIGER UNLOCKS MR. CHOPHEL! “Oh thank you Tiger! I don’t know what I would do without you. Now the students can go home safely!!”

per aspera

Perpetuum Amalgamate, Vivacious, and now Ad Astra. What an apt name the class of 2015 finally gave themselves. “Per Aspera Ad Astra�: through hardship to the stars. Even when we were doubtful of ourselves, even when some birds left the nest, one thing became more prominent - the belief and affection we showed towards each other.


ad astra ‘15

Now the time has come. We have to leave our home, we have to leave our family. But remember, wherever you go, whatever you do, we are still A Team. Every one of us represents our team until the very end. Never forget the moments we cherished here in Woodstock, Ad Astra. We dreamed a dream, a dream that lasts forever. Time to wake up now, as we can fly higher. Until the moment we kiss the stars. 155


CC CARNIVAL The boys of Community Center? What a jolly good bunch of lads! The CC boys became men when they decided to selflessly give back to the community that gave so much to them. Raising over a lakh rupees, their effort was most definitely commendable. You should learn to be kind-hearted souls like the CC boys (who are now men)!


Tiger: No time to waste. The students need you! ... As Mr.Chophel and you run to the Liason Office, a crowd blocks your way.

school gate

Senior Advisors: Tiger, Wait! You shall not pass. Tiger: Why? Senior Advisors: Because we are the ones who locked Mr. Chophel up! We do not want the seniors to leave! We love them.

Tiger: Aww, I’m sure they love you as well. But alas. the time has come for them to discover a world beyond Woodstock! You can cherish their memories through their wills.

You hug the advisors and move forward. A single tear trickles down your furry cheek. You realize the importance Woodstock will always have in your life.

No matter when you return, the Quad, Media Center, Parker Hall, the dorms, will always be your home -- will always be your love.

ADVISOR & DORM PARENT MESSAGES It’s been an awesome three years, Parishma, Pukar, Priam, Minhee, Pranit, Nishant, Shivi, Raghav, Amy, and an awesome two years, Bamae and Kabeer! We were blessed to inherit this ragtag group of “Ns, Ps, Rs, and Ss” when we first started out as advisors and teachers at Woodstock. Thank you for helping us feel welcome in the community, even though that was our job. We’ve enjoyed watching you all mature, and we’re excited for you to step out into the big crazy world of life beyond Woodstock. Still, this excitement is bittersweet, so we’ll need to placate ourselves with memories. We’ll always look back fondly on our long trek to the haunted house, the pancake breakfasts/dinners, the somewhat awkward weekly meetings, and that time we tried to make brownies without turning on the oven! We hope you’ll continue to be generous and loving people no matter where you go from here -- and we know you’ll build a meaningful life if you stay true to your values and talents. One last time, for the road: LOW: Saying goodbye to a stellar group of new adults. HIGH: Never again hearing Pranit say -- with utmost sarcasm -- “My ‘high’ this week is advisor group. My ‘low’ is leaving advisor group.” We’ll miss you all. Be amazing! - Mr. Rhatigan and Ms. Melanie



“It is absolutely a Great feeling to have the opportunity to manage these 36 Boys! The enthusiasm is always high amongst them, but more importantly they adhere to what has been said by the dorm parents and even have the courage to accept their mistakes and apologize when they are at fault! They have the hunger to get better everyday and that is displayed in their behavior and actions”! Well, It feels really sad to realize that these boys would graduate within few weeks. I’m confident these Boys would Excel in their Lives! While i would not have a chance to stay with them and manage them in the future, a Strong Bond has been build which would ensure that we would always be in Touch! Mr. Rahul and Mr. John

Though I only got to be your advisor one year I’m happy I got to know you all a little better. Some of you were new to me, and others I’ve known a long, long time. Though you will all be leaving Woodstock for college and other grownup things we get to keep our memories. I’m happy for all the hikes with Kaushik, going to Harkidoon with Juhi and Akansha, and geometry classes with Amaani back in 2010. I’ll miss making crepes with Upasana and Spanish Tortilla with Aya, hummus with Aelin and Khyati, and flipping pancakes with Apurva, Hritik, Sidhant and Armaan. I’ll miss you all! If you ever come visit I’ll make you a sandwich. :) - Mr. Conrad


All of you have added so much to our lives over the years. Johann, Inwook, Wali, Setse, Istuti, Shreya, Andrew, Ishika, Aashna, Eriko, Tahhira and Joshua; you have all made us laugh, yell, cringe at all the “coffee” requests, been a delight to argue with and share stories with. You have asked great questions and listened to what we had to say as advisors. You were respectful and enthusiastic and we are going to miss seeing you all together. Let’s stay in touch as you go off to college and experience a new world that is exciting and different from Woodstock. Remember, you will all be great in your individual ways because you have it in you! “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style” ― Maya Angelou Much love,Ms. Preeti and Mr. Aloke

I have been involved with the present Grade 12 students ever since some of them were in Elementary School and became an advisor for the class when they were in Grade 9. The 5 girls and 5 boys in my group come from Thailand, South Korea, India, Canada and USA. It has been an interesting and enjoyable journey with them. Activities such as advisor group meetings every Tuesday, bazaar outings, dinner evenings down at our home and homeroom gatherings have strengthened the bond between us. I have watched the students blossom into lovely, and for the most part, responsible adults. Although I am going to really miss the students when they leave, I will be following their progress after Woodstock with excitement and hope because I know that each one of them has the potential to become people who will do Woodstock proud! -Mr. Mark

My dear Seniors What an eventful journey this one has been ! As you graduate and get ready to spread your wings and soar into the limitless beyond.....I wish you the very best! Know that you are dearly loved and will be remembered fondly. Emotional meltdowns, heartaches shared, advice sought, affection shared, crazy times - laughing till our insides burst to ‘eye to eye’, working out together!!! deep ‘ life conversations’ - some of the highlights of our time spent together. It’s been a learning and it will stay with me for a long time. There is so much more to you all than what meets the eye- stay true to yourself and stand for your beliefs!! You have a lot to offer and the world awaits.....I feel blessed to have formed a relationship with some of you :-) hope to stay in touch. Gods blessings!!! Much love and hugs- Mrs. Yaman Shankardas I am glad that I was a part of these young lives even for a year. I am going to miss the cooking classes, hair oil massages, deep talks, jokes, dancing and videos that made me laugh. Each one of these youngsters have made a special place in my heart that will stay. I wish them the best and lots of love. “Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.” - Goethe - Ms. Prarthana 165

Advisees, I had hardly any time with you since arriving mid-semester, but it has been a pleasure getting to know you as your final advisor at Woodstock. I hope that you will experience all the joys and successes which life has to offer, and looking back on your time here at Woodstock, see it has helped shape you into the wonderful people that you are. All my best wishes on your future endeavours! -Mr. Brett Dana (unofficially) and I have been advisors to Jenah Black, Vitchaphong Laohabutr, Yeon Sol Lee, Tseki Lhamo, Tenzin Lungrig, Rhea Malani, Youn Jung Na, Tenzing Jigmey Nepali, Sumair Sapam, Tenzin Taklha and now Chloe Owen for just one year. It has been great to be with them and to get to know them better. They are a very special group of young people. We hope that as they leave the Woodstock community that they will keep in their hearts the many friendships and experiences they had here. They have also heard much and learned much beyond their grasp of history, math, English and science: we hope they retain the life-shaping tidbits from Dr. Long’s and other staff’s devotions and remember the beauty of this amazing environment in which they have had the privilege to study and live. We will miss you and would love to have you visit us back here in Mussoorie whenever you visit. - Judy and Dana Crider

Dear Anupama, Sadrish, Saharsha, Saksham, Salman, Samiha, Sang Hyun, Shaurya, Stuti, Raheel, Rattapong, and Raya: We have enjoyed getting to know each of you over the past couple years---making momos, brownies and popcorn, eating more pizza than we needed, playing invented games, hanging out at Doma’s---and sometimes, of course, looking at each other with nothing to say. At a time like this, a little advice or shared wisdom seems in order. Keep in mind: “In life you make small decisions with your head and the big decisions with your heart” (Omid Kordstani). We love you all and wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Go with heart! -- Ms. Groff and Mrs. P

Dear Aman, Lalrinhui, Jungsi, Michelle, Patthamawadee, Kyung-Ho Jung, Kheytsun, Manvi, Sofiya, Karl, Rahul, Angad & Yuthok. Just a quick note to thank you guys for hanging out with us oldies. I think I can speak for all of us (Mrs. Datt, Mr. David and yours truly) that we enjoyed your company. (Well most of the time that is ;) We hope we have been of some sort of help and occasionally were able to give you valuable guidance and advise. I will be leaving the school as well so writing this makes it all the more poignant. I wish we could have had more time together and I would have liked to write each of you individually but space is limited so I will have to do it in person. Dear advisees, no matter what you’ll be doing after leaving Woodstock, live life to the fullest, consider it an adventure, take care of yourself and your peers and make us proud. We would like it very much if despite your undoubtedly busy schedules, if you would drop us a line to tell us how you’re faring. Thanks Ladies and Gentlemen for the chats, jokes and fond memories. Big hugs all around, Mr. Harry.


LEFT TOO SOON Asha Bittenbender Woodstock was the defining three-year-long moment in my life, as my college essays prove. I’m a little sad I wasn’t there to make it out with you. At the same time, I realize I don’t have to be sad; I have Woodstock and all of you to look back to. Best of luck in whatever you do! I hope I see some of you soon. Daniel Lalduhsaka Brothers, sisters and friends, congratulations! For the time we had together, you gave me something that I will cherish forever and I thank you all for that. Take care and enjoy the rest of the time we have in this world- putting God first, then family and friends. I miss you all so much and thanks again for the time you wasted with me #peace I wish I could see my little brothers again. Anyway little brothers do good, don’t make the mistakes I made. Love you al Devansh Tibrawalla

Left too soon but took a lot of memories. I was in Woodstock for about 16 months but in these 16 months, I feel like I had the time of my life. When I first joined this place as a new student, I felt like the odd one out since it was a completely new experience for me. I had never been or even thought of studying in a place like this but I’m glad that I made a great set of friends pretty quickly. Finally, as I sit here reminiscin’ I just wanna thank all those people who’ve always had my back in school and also for giving me all these crazy memories which are going to stay with me fo’ever. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it till our graduation, but whoever is, I wanna congratulate and wish ya’ll luck for your future. Love Always, DT. ;) (Now, just waiting for a reunion)

Zackary Vignali WS was a place where I met amazing people and made amazing friends. Had the worst times of my life and and best. 9th grade was still the hardest grade I’ve ever gone through. Everything Pranit/Lungrig/Taklha say, is from me. I’m basically their sensai. And Sumair keeps his wai wai packet wrappers under his bed. Samarth Garg Woodstock School became my second home from 3rd grade, and made me the man I am today. I have had amazing experiences there, and have learned a lot. I would like to thank the entire batch of 2015, and specially : Oak, Jungshi and Dhananjay for contributing immensely to my experience.


Ishana Sanan Woodstock is an institution to which I am truly grateful, it has not only educated, but given me the opportunity to meet remarkable people. I want to first mention Pung, Yeonsol and Hyunyoung, you all have no clue of the extent of much I miss you. I want to thank you all for being the great friends, and wonderful humans in your own right. I also want to mention Asha, Ju, Sadrish, Gan, Jana, Eriko, for being just generally amazing. Love you all!

Jana Ahlers Ad Astra – Congratulations, you got it! It is almost like jumping off the swing at the highest point - You are free now but to some extent you know that you will reach the ground and fall into life responsibilities. Great years, strong friendships and unique memories. People who somehow knew what they felt passionate about, and what they wanted to achieve in the future. It was great getting to know each one of you. Keep in touch, remember the views and a great class community. Don´t forget “deep talks” and to catch some stars on the way down to real life. Natasha Arora Woodstock is not just a school, it’s family that spreads its wings across the globe. It’s been an experience for a lifetime. I just want to thank Amaani, Lalrin, Armaan my best friends for making my time at Woodstock crazy and fun. Also Michelle, Istuti, and Tseki for being a big part of my experience. Ayan Joshi “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible” Francis of Assisi

Samuel Cooke Woodstock is, and always will have an important place in my heart. It is the place where I grew up after all. It was at Woodstock that I had my first crush, it was at Woodstock that I chased my first monkey, it was at Woodstock that I made more friends then I can count. I am eternally grateful that I was able to attend this amazing school and thankful that I got to share that experience with the class of 2015. Thomas Greenler First off, to the Class of 2015, congratulations. We made it! Now is the time that everyone goes their separate ways, but I know for a fact that Woodstock doesn’t really ever leave you, even when you leave it. If you just vomited while reading that last sentence, that’s ok, I did a little too, I know I’m a cheeseball, but it really does hold some truth. This year has been quite a year for me, but I have missed Woodstock a lot. Waking up on the mountains, warm chai on cold February mornings, anything and everything having to do with dosas... none of that will ever leave me. But most important is the interesting, engaged, and kind community that Woodstock is. Don’t take too lightly the things you have learned from your peers and friends. I learned a lot about my perspective, background, and how to intentionally live my own life at Woodstock. And I continue to learn. Still wish I could eat a mango without looking like I don’t have hands, but I guess you can’t learn it all. Anyway, thanks for putting up with me when I was with you, I will be forever grateful.


Shiny Samuel Although I left Woodstock four years ago, the memories I made there remain fresh in my mind. Looking back, I am so grateful that I got to attend Woodstock for those four years of my life. Woodstock gave me numerous opportunities that I would have probably never found elsewhere. Not just opportunities, but I also found friends who are just a bunch of amazing people. Thanks for all the memories that will never be forgotten. And finally, I can’t believe we made it! Congratulations ! Steph Grant Woodstock, I’ve never really been afraid of much. It’s become somewhat of a problem, which results in band-aids of the heart and body. But the one thing that terrifies me and absolutely makes my cheeks wet, is the fact that I may not ever see again, some of the most important and influential people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Every day is brighter from knowing you all, and thank you for helping me fear losing you. I love you guys.

Zach Alter Although my time at Woodstock was short it made an immense difference in the way I interact, perceive, and communicate with the world around me. I’d like to extend my most sincere and best wishes to the friends I made and I can not fully express how grateful I am for the many amazing and unique experiences I had at Woodstock with all of you. I hope to see you all again and that whatever the future holds in store for you falls nothing short of happiness and adventure. Ishaana Sood My time at Woodstock truly woke me up to the breadth of experience the world has to offer. I will never forget the incredible class of 2015, every one of you added up to a cohort which I feel so fortunate to have been a part of. To the year 12 girls, who are some of the spunkiest, most amazing people I have ever met; I love you and I miss you! While I only spent a semester at Woodstock, the memories will last a lifetime. So thank you, for the most enlightening six months of my life to date. Lulu McRoberts You cannot imagine how much I want to be back in India with all of you! Woodstock completely changed my life, and I will never forget the friends I made. Shreya, get a life. You too, Ishika. YJ, you’re a cutie pie . Upasana, don’t let Shreya and Ishika pull you down haha! Raya, I miss you and your badness! Aashna, I will ALWAYS remember Chandigarh times , and those were crazy times . Aya, you are the cutest person ever, Dharamsala was so much fun with you. Shivi, I loved our discussions and your dry humor about everything. Miriam, thank you for that nose ring haha, I think I still have it. Sidhant, stay crazy . And of course Setse, I miss your lovely face so so much! This Christmas was awesome to see you. Stay cool everyone! And hopefully our paths will cross soon. 169


171 Answers: Aashna Gupta; Akansha Grace Paul; Amaani Mehra; Aman John; Nafia Amina Din; Angad Singh Makkar; Anupama Mitra; Apurv Kaushik; Apurva Adit; Armaan Mehra; Avni Rajpal; Aya Murphy Wakita; Bamaejuri Phylla Sohkhlet; Chloe Owen; Daniel Lee; Dhananjay Prahladka; Donghyun Lim; Eriko Shrestha; Patthamawadee Tongsuk; Gurnihal Singh; Hyun Young Baek; I-Hsin Yang; Inwook Jung; Istuti Singh; Jenah Elizabeth Sowizral Black; Tenzing Jigmey Nepali; Johann Sandeep Arthur; Ju Heon Suh; Juhi Bharat Lilwani; Kabeer Narikunni; Kheytsun Rinchhen; Khyati Singh; Kyung-Ho Jung; Lalrinhlui Sangsiama; Tenzin Lungrig; Manvi Rajan Seth; Michelle Bajwa; Minhee Kim; Miriam Anastasia Dunn; Parishma Shrestha; Pranit Garg; Priam Dinesh Vyas; Disapron Trakanthaloengsak; Raheel Kay Dhingra; Rahul Mitul Patel; Rattapong Owasitth; Raya Levana Kaplan; Rhea Anoop Malani; Sadrish Pradhan; Saharsha Bahadur Singh; Saksham Kumar Jatia; Salman Mehboob Gulamhussein Karmali; Samiha Thapa; Sang Hyun Park; Setse Aung Bush; Shivangi Kulshreshtha; Shreya Gautam; Sidhant Seth; Sofiya Yakovleva; Vitchaphong Laohabuts; Stuti Garg; Sumair Sapam; YounJung Na; Tahhira Somal; Tseki Lhamo; Yeonsol Lee; Yuthok Yonten Rinzin


grade 12

ad astra Apurva Adit

Nishant Aggarwal

Johann Arthur

Hyun Young Baek

Michelle Bajwa

Jenah Black

Setse Bush

Shaurya Dhingra

Raheel Dhingra


Nafia Din

Miriam Dunn

Stuti Garg

Pranit Garg

Shreya Gautam

Ishika Guha

Aashna Gupta

Raghav Gupta

Jungshi Jamir

Saksham Jatia

Aman John

Kyung-Ho Jung


Inwook Jung

Raya Kaplan

Salman Karmali

Apurv Kaushik

Frances Kelleher

Aelin Kim

Minhee Kim

Shivangi Kulshreshtha

Vitchaphong Laohabutr

Yeon Sol Lee

Daniel Lee

Tseki Lhamo


Juhi Lilwani

Donghyun Lim

Tenzin Lungrig

Pukar Mahat

Angad Makkar

Rhea Malani

Amaani Mehra

Armaan Mehra

Joshua Missal

Anupama Mitra

YounJung Na

Kabeer Narikunni


Hritik Nautiyal

Tenzin Jigmey

Rattapong Owasitth

Chloe Owen

Sang Hyun Park

Rahul Mitul Patel

Akansha Paul

Sadrish Pradhan

Dhananjay Prahladka

Avni Rajpal

Kheytsun Rinchhen

Yuthok Rinzin


Lalrinhlui Sangsiama

Sumair Sapam

Manvi Seth

Sidhant Seth

Upasana Shrestha

Parishma Shrestha

Eriko Shrestha

Khyati Singh

Istuti Singh

Gurnihal Singh

Saharsha Singh

Bamaejuri Sohkhlet


Tahhira Somal

Ju Heon Suh

Tenzin Taklha

Samiha Thapa

Patthamawadee Tongsuk

Disapron Trakanthaloengsak

Priam Vyas

Aya Wakita

Sofiya Yakovleva

I-Hsin Yang

Wali Zahine


make every second count



Yuthok Rinzen The past two years have been an amazing journey at Woodstock, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my family and friends. Tenzin Lungrig and Pukar Mahat were my first roommates. Lungrig, you will always be the guy who took me in and showed me around. Had you not introduced me to the rest of the family, my relationship with everyone else could have been very different. Don’t ever change bro; always remain as this funny guy who cracks jokes on everyone all the time and puts a smile on people’s faces. Pukar bro, even though we had our differences, we learnt to respect each other’s views and opinions. I will miss fighting you in the room, and I will definitely miss hearing you talk about how you’re going to live your live if you get recruited into the MLS. I really do hope that your talent gets you there someday. Then we have Saksham Jatia or more popularly known as “Swagsham” with an advanced sense of fashion. If I were to give you a small piece of advice, just be patient bro, it will only be a matter of time before you find the ‘one’. Gurnihal Singh, the man who has a bold appearance on the outside but is also a romantic lover on the inside. I’m glad your wishes came true with your love life. Good things happen to good people bro. Always remain as the caring and concerned brother that you have been to me for the past two years. Monkey boy! Haha, just kidding, Salman Karmali. I’m really glad that we were roommates. I know that girls prefer taller guys, but your ‘killer’ accent makes up for more than what you lack in terms of height. I will really miss chilling and drinking chai with you late at night. Wali Zahine! My last roommate at Woodstock, we got off to a rough start at the beginning of eleventh grade, and there’s the Corbett incident to add to it. But in the end, we pushed aside our differences and became really close. We better be doing business in the future, otherwise all those chai sessions would go to waste. Sumair Sapam, a.k.a. Sumair Bear, the first time I saw you, I thought you were uptight and so I didn’t really want to approach you, because I didn’t know that you’re a very nice guy who’d always choose to reason with someone, rather than to get into a fight. Bro, you are the definition of, “never judge a book by its cover”. Saharsha Singh, my Nepali brother, we started talking ever since I joined Woodstock, and if it is one thing I learnt from our friendship is that, it is always important for Bhutan and Nepal to maintain close ties with each other. Tenzin Dudul Taklha, you’re another one of my late night chai buddies. I know that you will be successful in life, and it will be because you have a good heart. After all, we wouldn’t call you T-compassion for no reason. Kyungho Jung, a.k.a. Chris, you’re like the friendliest guy in school; you talk to all the juniors. That is one of your best features, and if you continue to be friendly, people will see you in a positive way. Sidhant Seth, you laugh at the most random stuff, but your laughter makes others laugh as well so we’ll all definitely miss you. Angad Makkar, the first Woodstocker who I ever spoke to at the new student orientation and popped a Star Wars conversation with, you will be missed bro. Rahul Patel, You are the smartest person I know in school so far. You hardly touch the book, yet you get insane grades! I will miss you a lot bro, and I will never forget that sunrise in Goa. Devansh and Daniel Lalduhsakha, unfortunately you guys couldn’t make it till the end. I’m very glad that I met the both of you in Goa. It was the best trip of my life not because of the place, but because of the people I was with. It is a trip all of us will never get to have again. Karl Ferro, I never expected an Indian looking guy to have the name Karl Ferro and talk in an American accent. But I like it man, and we shared a lot of memories together, mostly over Halo and CoD. Priam Vyas, I cannot tell how much I’ll miss you even though you can be extremely annoying at times. I will always remember the MI themed video we made for AP English. Tenzin Jigmey, I hope that we can always see each other later on, especiall y since Bhutan and Nepal are very close to each other. Take care brother; I will never forget the ‘Amul Taaza’ jokes that you keep cracking on me. Jungshi Jamir and Tseki Lhamo, you two are the first Woodstockers that I spoke to in the library the very fist day of school. I hope you guys haven’t forgotten that. I wish good luck to the both of you in life. Kheytsun Rinchen, ma Bhutanese homie. It was nice knowing that somone from the same country was in your grade. Ishu Adit, it was hard to believe that you were the Indian guy that was in the same school as I, back in first grade. For a long time I wondered who that child was. Now I know its you, and I wish you good luck in life. Ma homies Jin and Jago (Yaago), its been nice knowing the two of you, and I hope that we’ll continue to see each other in the future. Lastly, I’d like to give a special shout-out to my homies Jinkyung, Yujin, and Naomi. Thanks for all the times you guys treated me. A special shout-out to my school president Sang Hyun Park as well for being a friend and for being the face of our grade. And to everyone else in my grade, and my homies in eleventh and tenth grade, there are so many things that I could write about you guys but unfortunately there is a space limit. So, I would like to end by thanking my parents. Had they not sent me here, I would have never met these awesome people, and my life would have turned out very differently. I am truly grateful to my parents who wanted me to study in a diverse environment like Woodstock. Apa and Ama, this school has definitely shaped the way I think, and it has broadened my mind. Kadrinche!

In the name of God the beneficent the merciful: On the summer of 2012 I was asked to pack my bags and go to high school in the mountains. One of the first thing I thought was, why? Why are they doing this to me? But I came to fall in love with the exotic nature, the people and its surroundings; and I have never looked back. So to my parents, thanks for finding this place it’s been a jolly good ride! I can’t ever put into words, what the people of Ad Astra mean to me; from the ones I barely ever speak to – to the ones I spend day and night with. It has been one heck of a ride, and it wouldn’t be possible without ya’ll. My boys you ll always be on my mind, especially when im broke! Haha. Saharsha-from the first time when I was exotic, till date been there since. always had my back and u no I appreciate it!make the most of college,do wat u do best,hope I c u soon! Sapu Bapu haha come a long way from giving the shoes - to all the good laughs we had together! Ima miss just being able to laugh away with u! And im a have a new rep now haha, u no wat I mean! “In budha we trust”. Karina-My one and only!YoungThug- Bhutans next big thang, make sure u dnt fget us wen u got ure militia.haha.Always by my side,the lectures, the lessons and most of all the personal fishing training!Keep fishin, flying and thuggin!Tenzing Nepali-from the shy days,to the popular days!Haha.its been something,the trips and the late nights have made it worthwhile! U know how Jigmey does the wheelie right? Lol, never gets old. Walley Scrappy SK.haha.weve come along way this year!thanks for always being there! Bean bag crew all the way! Lungrin – I know you say you took me in, but you know it was the other way round!never seen nobody like u! From the good old days from-“My life revolves around …..” till date! thru it al, c u soon.Puku-from acting cool acros the room, to just realizing ure one of a kind.Never forgetting the”orange” in 10th grade – haha Sumair knows what I mean!c u on the TV someday – make us proud! Chris&Inwook-Best roomies ever (Bre)! Nuff said. Takla –haha T- Compassion all the much I wana say but u no I cant put it! Remember no ones gona be as fineeeee ever! Haha.sorry for the BS, but the good outweighs the bad! Sidhant-hi thin boy!thas the first and last time ull hear that!make the most of it out there, c u soon. Pranit-“hahaha” am just gona miss me and sumair losing it! Sangwho-Mr. President,been a while since we chilled,but memories forever!Patel – dhayan rakhje bapa, dil ma rakhje mane! G.U.J.J.U. Dinnu-we got close only towards the end- sad!but the memories make it feel like forever.Dnt lose the smile!haha, c u in Mumbai soon!Angad-GGMU all the way! Ferro-Bean bag,late night!Sums up the good times.Big boy-oi oi,so much to say haha. Woodstocks current model - Indias next model.Dream big, u no ull get there! C u soon in chandy!Swaggy/Jaduu-from the very beginning u were around,too many moments,life lessons learnt from u!when it comes to style – u da main!no goodbyes, just the beginning of brotherhood! Aperva:from the times u always caught me at the wrong moments,too all the fun! Thanks for always being a savior with school,but u no u mean more than jus that!haha. Hope I c u sometime soon,itll be a jolly good laugh as usual! Dinnu-we got close only towards the end- sad!but the memories make it feel like forever.Dnt lose the smile!haha, c u in Mumbai soon!Daniel Lee,Donghyun,Juh – my Korean buds,make the most of life.DJ-that one trip got us closer, sorry about the bad experience.haha.Tseki&samiha- appreciate all uve done. C u around!Aman-Keep rocking Mussoorie! Fallen soldiers –Daniel, ayan, tibre- u guys left us too early,without a proper goodbye!making me realize cherish all the moments I have with everyone, because it comes and goes,so quick!But also the realizing the memories never fade.Jinkyy-ure welcome for the “delightfull night”haha! Make the most of senior year, be good.C u soon hopefull.Yujinaa-eh African!thanks for everything uve done.have fun!Prapti-thanks for being the realest always!and ill let u no if im lucky. Haha make the most of senior year!Jin, devang, yaago,Rubeen-had some good times over the years, make sure u make the most of senior year! Have the time of ure life, ull miss it when it’s gone. I couldn’t have asked for anything more, I got it all when I became a part of Ad-Astra! Much love!


Salman Karmali


want to get off. It’s crazy how much I love you. oh hey! daisies!

Detsen:Please study harder than you are right now. High school will be much harder but I know you can pull it off. You have a handful of seniors willing to help you, always. Just ask. I love you little brother and I wish you came to Woodstock earlier. Mum,Apa: Four years ago, you finally agreed to send me to Woodstock. Mum,I know you were crying behind those sunglasses but look where I’ve come! I’m sorry for disappointing you, throwing my frequent tantrums and forgetting to call - thank you for bearing with me. I love you both. Aunty Payday, Ashang Karma: Thank you for reassuring me when I was (temporarily) lost. Shoutouts: PHAT Kings, CSM/Wagon R, DRAMAMAMAs, Kaza bikers, Euro History(lol) forever! Bhutanese youngsters: Considering the number of disorganized reunions we’ve had, I’m sure we’ll meet again :) Keep the Bhutanese bond strong #dukpapowa! Keep smiling and making kewa datshiii. AD ASTRA: Like every grade, we have our flaws, but I’ll tell you how much I will miss us all being together. Maybe it’s just a need to belong, but you were one polar and peer-pressurized but at the same time, the sweetest and funniest group of people. You are my go-to friends and it’s a sudden shock to have to part ways after all these years. Don’t worry I’ll be sending you very personalized letters made of my blood, sweat, and tears. You may back out now if you like #WEAREHAPPYFAMILY. Also, you’re all invited to my future farm in Bhutan where I’ll be thuggin’ on my tractor. Advisor group: Everyone was jealous of us. Senior Girls’ Basketball team and coaches:Thank you for being my friend (Mayuri-style). We spent so much time together and I know the bond will remain unbroken. Teachers: If I ever succeed in the future, it’s because of your continued support and guidance.I cannot thank you enough. Woodstock: Thank you for teaching me the impermanence of all good things. Saharsha: It’s unfair that so much time was taken away from us - I only wish the days we had lasted longer. You are the greatest best friend and momo-maker I could ever ask for, and you know for a fact that you’ve changed me for the better. You’ve made me believe in myself and in us. Thank you for calming all my temper tantrums and for bearing with all things I threw at you, figuratively and literally. Our relationship was a rollercoaster of emotions, and now I don’t


Mama and Papa: Thank you so much for sending me to an amazing place I can truly call my second home.Now, going on into college, I will make it my mission to become as successful as you both and make you very proud. Love you both so much! Spreeha:Thanks for always giving me the right advice and helping me out everything was going down hill.Stuti:Our journey has been real.Thanks for being that constant support whenever I needed you the most.I can truly say that you are someone who will always be there for me when I need you.This isn’t goodbye for us! Sofia: You are my ‘person.’ Without a doubt I know that I can say anything and everything to you. Yes, we have our moments, but then again, what is friendship without it.YounJung:Oh Umma! How I am going to miss our lovely chats and crazy moments! You have been amazing and so compassionate to me. Just know that you are an amazing woman and that you deserve the best in life!Tseki:Our heart to hearts have had a lot of variety and I am happy I have someone like you to be open with.Kheytsun: The Bhutanese bad girl! I can’t believe its been 4 years of friendship because it feels like an eternity. Though we are over 15 hours away I know we will be friends for life! Raheel:You are the cutest girl ever, but I still don’t like animation movies that much! Jigmey: We have been friends forever and thanks for being that fun loving guy who I can always count on.Love you! Lungrig: Behind all that comedic nature, you are a sensitive guy with a big heart. Never change cause you are amazing!Love you!Chris:You are always there to help me out and thanks for all the times you were ready to listen and be there for me! Siddhanth:Thanks for saying the right things at the right time. Karl: We’ve had our fair share of deep conversations. Saharsha: You will always be my ‘dai’ and no matter what I’m here for you. Saksham, Joshua, Yuthok, Jungshi, Salman, Sumair: Funny guys who always make my bad days better. Priam, Angad, Rahul, Kabeer:Stay Desi, breathe Desi, Live Desi! You guys have made everything so much more fun and enjoyable! Eriko, Sadrish: Nepali soul sisters for life.YSL: I will always feel nostalgic when I see North Korea in the news. Yupi: I will always be here for you when you need me! You will always be my favorite little Bhutanese girl!Prapti, Kezia: You both are too crazy for life! Work hard and stop stressing over school life so much!Girls Basketball: Losing people will be something you have to adjust to! Stay strong and accomplish your goals!Elizabeth: You will move on to do amazing things! No matter what people tell you, just know that you are special. Tshokey, Sophie: You guys are amazing and very cute! Keep in touch and keep having fun! Karma, Tenphel, Dev: You will always be those annoying little guys that wanna mess with me! Chowang: you need to learn how to become a gentleman from your big brother. Ishika, Shreya, Upasana, Avni: I can’t even begin to describe what I have learned from each one of you! Mr. Jeff: Thank you for everything and I will never forget all the times when you made fun of me regarding basketball. Mrs. Peters: Thank you for being my mom at WS and always having my back. Mr. L: This is not a goodbye at all!You have helped me, guided me, and more importantly, you have taught me about myself! Dudul: We grew up together and we have a long journey ahead of us and no matter what adversities we face. You will always be my best friend and I’ll always have a special place in my heart locked away just for you.Ad Astra: We rose. We fell. We healed. We survived. Woodstock: Stay strong and keep moving forward!



Amala/Abba: Thank you for being my parents. You are always there for me, caring for me and making sure that I do the right thing. Ogen: to the person who once tried to kill me: I love you. Thanks for supporting me and being the responsible one who looks out for me. Sisters: I love you all, my life would be boring without you guys.Chocho: Thank you for all the support. AniMigmar: Hope to see you soon. Thank you for coming to meet us and spending time with us. Uncle/Aunty: thank you for all the love and well wishes. Bb: I wish there was more time. But then I guess I’d have to wish for forever. I am happy to have said yes because I figured out what this quote meant, “Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, but every once in a while you find someone who’s iridescent and when you do, nothing will ever compare.”Lalrin: I think everyone has that one person who gets you and is somehow sent to be there for you and you for her. An angel? Well you are that for me.DT: “Friendship isn’t about who you have known the longest, it’s about who walked into your life and said, “I’m here for you,” and proved it.” Can’t wait to meet you. Maybe at a zoo ;) Yj: Dancing, sugar, more sugar, icing, tears, kpop, dramas, korean, bed fights. Life would be less hyper without you. Kheyts: Gachibeii and Gaanjes, Roomies for life? It will be hard to wake up to a room without you snoring away on the other side. Amaani: I am glad that long ago, I met a girl who needed a friend. Because in all honestly, I needed one too. I love you Moom even if you are a bigger tubelight than I am.Aashna: you are crazy but unique :)Istuti: my Tutti, love you always, I will not miss our stupid arguments. Michelle: you are the bigger lun. No seriously. You are :p Pung: Shibusha haha stay weird and keep wearing thermals to bed Ysl: “monster friend” we are lost but will soon be found. Still besties. Don’t forget that.Sumair: Ay childhood friend! Sorry for making you cry. Thanks for not beating me up cuz I’m sure if I were someone else, I would be dead. Thaps: Thanks for all the random deep talks we had. Mrs.Peters: thank you so much for being a mother during my harsh times. It means a lot to me. Mrs. Das: Thank you for being the most motivational advisor. Porto: Thank you for caring for me and being there. Jatia: You’re the cutest :) Apurva: Glad to have started talking to you before it was too late. Tenphel: Don’t be too naughty. Sonam: Keep in touch Amrita: You’re the sweetest person ever.Ugyen: KOOP hahaha <3Christine: P.I.C love you Edna mode Jiten: Don’t be too cocky :p Aryaman: Stay cute. Keep smiling. Class of 2015: Guys, let’s not grow up. We will meet again and when we do, let’s all be the same.


엄마.아빠: 딸 참 잘 키우셨어요! 그 노력 헛되지 않게 성실하 게, 열심히 살게요. 사 랑하고 또 사랑해요. ♥가족들: 이 짧은 단락으로 제 마음 을 어떻게 다 표현할 수 있을까요. 5학년 윤정이가 성인이 될 때까지 옆에서 열심히 응원해주시고 믿어주셔서 감사 해요. 세상에 이바지할 수 있는, 큰 그릇이 될 수 있는, 그 리고 누구보다도 제 자신에게 떳떳할 수 있는 사람 될게 요. 지켜봐 주세요. 아! 이모, 이모부는 정말 최고예요-제 가 잘할게요! 현우: 모든 면에서 파워풀한, 언제나 적극 지 지해주는 누나가 될게. 넌 최고야♥ 토리:건강하게,오래오래.

Firstly, I would like to say that this short paragraph won’t let me mention everyone who has meant so much to me, cared for me, loved me, and been so special to me while I was in Woodstock. I’m sure I missed some people out, so I promise to thank you all individually before I leave this precious place. Pranit: I just can’t tell you enough on how much I love you. But, I can tell you this. I wouldn’t trade you for every single gummybeahs, jhelly, shocolates, desapicable me or mogumogu in this world because you are so much more sweeter than all that combined! Thank you for loving me as I am, and always being patient with me. You don’t know how much you mean to me. Don’t miss me too much-remember, I’m always here for you. Tse:All time #1,our memories are too precious. Kheyrin:Creative,hardworking,determined-I’ll miss your DIYs. YSL:My lime orange tree.You are the girl with the most beautiful heart.Aelin:Baby giraffe, ready to take a big step? HYB:Remember when we first met? Samiha:Daughter! I’ll miss our fatface nights and bf talks. Sofia:I like you even more as I get to know you. Eriko:You were my hero during that painful 5 months. Amaani:Concert/ cookie buddy! It would have been so bad without you. ;)Lalrin:You are a really nice, caring girl. Ishika,Avni:Though not family, I know you guys love me more. Upa:*Dream Team* Bamae,Khyati:I wish we chilled more. Patel,SHP:2 really important men in my life (+pranit). Sumsum:Apologies for our past! Kabeer:I’m always on your side,Kabbunny. Chris:”Don’t fight!”keep in touch. DHL:I’ll come to Busan one day! Kaplans:Great group,amazing individuals.Can’t thank you enough.Koreanbabies: I trust you all, and I love you all so much- you sugarbombs. Teachers:Thank you for your support, encouragement, and guidance. EY buddies:You guys light up my day. MY/UY buddies:You know who you are. Yes, you___________________. Thank you for all the sweet memories we made. Also, start cherishing- time flies. And don’t fall sick. It sucks. 015’Ad Astra: Out of all the great things that happened in Woodstock, 015 was the cherry on my ice cream.


Gurnihal Singh

Words canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t describe how I feel bout yâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;all but cuz v hav 2 write. Saharsha:my 1st friend here n still goin strong.u no what u mean to me.3/7 times roommate aisey thodee nah baney hai.keep ballin but keep cool.#cenation#chelsians Jatia:d only guy I have a soft spot dem British gals who swagsome is.tagda rahat hai.hope 2 work wid u someday Sapam:â&#x20AC;?dis guy seems crazyâ&#x20AC;?-1st impression. ure a real gem,Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m glad that weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re dis close wen weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re finishin school. always stay in touch.#chelsiansforlife Lungs: my cockiest/slyest manipulator bro. d funniest guy I no(after me ofc).stay like this man n keep practicing fifa,u need it big time đ&#x;&#x2DC;&#x203A; Yonti:my cutest bro.ure athug,keep thuggin;ure a ball,keep balling(jkjk).gud that u came to ws,was a pleasure knowing u :*#brotherhood Salman:d daddy of a lotta things(I shanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t name em:P).u some sly guy,but leme put it on record,ure a guy wid a nice heart.ive learnt a lot from u.see u 4 ur next bday wen u turn 37 Makkar,Kabeer,patu,Priam:smartest n my most fav Indian gang in d school.u guys r awesome,Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m glad v got close. Jigs,Chris,wali,adit,josh,Pukar:my bruvhas,ure real nice guys,donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t ever yâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;all Nishant,Takhla,Pranit,Armaan,Karl,Seth,Samiha,Munni,Gan:it was great knowing u guys.ure a great bunch.stay in touch. Gupu:bhai thanks 4 d immense support uve always shown.hopefuly v b goin 2 em parties in a yr Daniel,Dongh,jungsh,nautiyal:d sweetest guys in ws.hav a great life bois. Kheytsun:my first actual close friend from the girls n ull always b 1.u no I always got ur back Aashna:my most outspoken bestie.u got a golden heart.dont change Stutay:bhai mast hai tu,glad v got n always stay in touch Bobble:im not that gud wid expressing,really shy u c.ure special n always wil b n u already no that.some journey ive had wid u but im glad it ended like dis :*:â&#x20AC;&#x2122;) Mr n mrs Mark:I canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t thank u enough for givin me a home away from home n supporting me.stay in touch xoxo Ma grade 10/11 bros (+deasyl,jinkay n jhajj):hav a great senior/junior yr.hav fun but donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t go too wild Errbody else in â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;015:have a wonderful life and do was an honor graduating wid yâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;all My family:thank u for always being there 4 me Dad:uve supported me throughout n hav always understood me.thanx 4 sending me to dis school where i had d best years of my life. â&#x20AC;&#x201C; thank you for sponsoring my life, sending me to Woodstock, I know im not the Saksham Jatia Mom/Dad/Adya kind of son u wanted but trust me I will make u guys proud. Adya love u my baby and no one in this world can dare to hurt u!! you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know how much I love u guys..even though im not very

emotional and stuff like I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t tell u guys I love u cause im shy..know that from my heart I am continuously thinking and praying for the well-being for you guys. Mum you are the smartest/boldest, you have spent your entire life, you have jeopardized your health just so that I become successful, I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know how I will ever be able to repay you back, I am eternally grateful mum! Gurnihal â&#x20AC;&#x201C; YOU ARE NOT A FRIEND..YOU ARE A BROTHERâ&#x20AC;ŚBHAI U GIVE ME ONE CALL AND NO MATTER WHICH PART OF THE WORLD I AM IN NEXT MINUTE I WILL BE THERE FOR U MAN..URE MY BESTFRIEND MY BROTHER WHO I WILL MISS THE MOST FROM WS..ID TAKE A NUCLEAR MISSILE FOR U LITERALLY..HOPE YOU DONâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;T FORGET ME ONCE U BECOME A STAR.. CANT WRITE MORE CAUSE THEN ILL CRY Saharsha â&#x20AC;&#x201C; MERO BHAI..TALAI MA ETII PYAAR GARCHUU!!!!!!!!!! JEVANSATHI!!! Yuthok â&#x20AC;&#x201C; LOVE YOUUUUU!!!!!!!! I am always there for you bro no matter what..and when you become a pilot imma fly with you in the cockpit bruh!! Man ure forever gonna be in my heart!! Salman â&#x20AC;&#x201C; My..LOVE YOU MANâ&#x20AC;Śglad we got closer man...we shud definitely hit up some road trips around the world and do some imma miss all the late nights and the jokes Lungrig â&#x20AC;&#x201C; When I say brother from another mother thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s youâ&#x20AC;Śyou donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know how much I love you bro!!!! hope u donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget me man..ure a GEM of a person Jigmey â&#x20AC;&#x201C; ladyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s man..bros for know im gonna miss you like and im always there for you Walli/Sumair - you guys are the cutest/nicest buff guysâ&#x20AC;Śsapu my chota bheem and walli one day imma shave that memories Armaan â&#x20AC;&#x201C; guys if you want amul taaza milk go to himâ&#x20AC;Ś LOVE YOU LIKE CRAZY..better give me a discount in your jewelry store when I get my wife!!! Karl/Chris/Takhla/Sidhant Sweetheart/Caring/Trustworthy/Loving..need I say more?? Josh/Hritik/Shaurya/Kabeer/Angad/Rahul/Apurva/Priamâ&#x20AC;&#x201C; My Indian brosâ&#x20AC;Ślove you to death and I promise when I come to India I will stay in each of your houses even If you wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t allow: D!!! Dhananjay/Rattapong/Sanghyun/Pranit/Pukar/Ju/ DongHyun/Inwook/Oak â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Good luck in your future Jungshi â&#x20AC;&#x201C; I love you so much cutiepie, bros for life Daniel lee â&#x20AC;&#x201C; I simply LOVE you, enough said!! Stutii â&#x20AC;&#x201C; amazing memories, keep me posted on Rahul Samiha/Kheytsun/Gan â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Thanks for being a great friend Aashna â&#x20AC;&#x201C; My you and you know im always there for you Amaani â&#x20AC;&#x201C; You are a savior, let me tell you, you are most caring girlfriend there is, thanks for all the college help Tseki â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Thanks!!!! For saying yes to gurnihal finally after 2 long years, he is a sweetheart and you surely will not find a bf better than him I can assure you, I hope we can meet up in Nepal!! Jinkyung â&#x20AC;&#x201C; You should be given the award for being the nicest girl on the planet, donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget me when you find yourself a sexy boyfriend All my bros in 11th â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Miss you guys man, donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t get in too much trouble Tenphel - Love u u dog Sohail â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Bhai ure a mast guy, chill person, again never hesitate to ask me anything in life man, bro one favor man please make makhija enjoy life and tell him to stop studying so muchâ&#x20AC;Ścreate and cherish memories with friends as you will miss it Dhruv â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Bhai youre such a great guy from heart, love you and know that I am always there for you, never hesitate to ask me anything in life manâ&#x20AC;Ś.jst spend more time with friends man not studies.. Ikaum â&#x20AC;&#x201C; only person in the world who does only bicep curls with Gucci beltâ&#x20AC;Śbhai love you Deasyl â&#x20AC;&#x201C; coolest girl, like I said when u get ur first bf he will be the luckiest guyâ&#x20AC;Ślove you Amrita â&#x20AC;&#x201C; party animalâ&#x20AC;Śone day when I come to delhi we gotta hit the clubs together in your style Sonam â&#x20AC;&#x201C; thanks for teaching me how to slow dance, youre veryy sweet and to all the guys out there please wear sunglasses when you around her cause she does all her magic from those eyes :D lol Zack/Tibu/Laldu/Natasha â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Miss you coming to America/Delhi/Mizoram/Calcutta to hug you guys Rahul Gupta â&#x20AC;&#x201C; my elder brother..i from the bottom of my heart truly wish u succeed as a sports commentator Mr. Aditya Manral/ Mr. Rishi â&#x20AC;&#x201C; My homies..Coolest people..rishi shaadi Mubarak ab bas char pach bache peda karo..manral bhai aapke shaadi main nachne ka mauka kab milega Mr/Mrs. Peters/Mrs. Das â&#x20AC;&#x201C; thank you for being my parent and making ws feel like home..LOVE YOU Ms. Chander â&#x20AC;&#x201C; sorry for all the badmashi..uve got an amaing you Mr/Mrs Mark/Ms. Dyson/Mr. Kaplan â&#x20AC;&#x201C; nicest teachers in ws Ad Astra â&#x20AC;&#x201C; â&#x20AC;&#x153;Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll miss you until we meet againâ&#x20AC;?. â&#x20AC;&#x153;DOSTON, PHIR MILENGE CHALTE CHALTEâ&#x20AC;?


Dad & Mom: I am blessed to have such a benevolent, selfless, patient, humble, loving, and brave set of parents. I owe it all to you and I hope to be half the person you two are, even if it takes me a million lifetimes to achieve it. Sash: you are insane but I love you and deep deep down I know you have a great heart haha ;) P.S. get married quickly! Jivs: I fight with you like crazy but you know I still love you, my co-detective ;) P.S. lose weight! Diesel: my lifeline! Dada/Dadi/Nana/Nani: love you forever Inwook: to my better half, bestfriend, and partner in crime. You’ve been there since Day 1 and there’s not enough words to describe our friendship, a**hole. We’ve had too much fun and made gazillions of hilarious (and the best) memories together. You’re a gem of a person with a heart of gold and you deserve the absolute best in life. Thank you and I love you, bros for life. Jigs: never thought the day would come where you would carry your own cereal! Don’t be so conscious, you’ll get those abs haha! so many great times together and I’ve enjoyed every single one of them. It doesn’t end here. You owe me a carpet ;) Sanghyun: Fishy you’re too funny for life and I love talking to you. We’ve come such a long way and I’m really glad we became such close friends. Also, please work on your coordination. Saksham: one of the sweetest guys I know and one of my closest friends. You’ve got a great heart so don’t worry you’ll get a girlfriend soon ;) love you chewtiya Amaani: chapps, my favorite girl with a crystal heart. Don’t be too grumpy in college haha- take life lightly. I’ll really miss your company! Lalrin: highly entertaining and a great friend, will never forget our ‘sexual’ convos ;). Let’s get that bucket list going! Natasha: one of my bestfriends, left too soon :( Kabs: jaaneman <3 will miss you and that sexy accent!! Shaurya: the future Bill Gates Makkar: bindi!!! Learn how to use chopsticks Patel: EMD buddy Oak: don’t become a ladyboy, jk <3 Priam: wasabi peas #room303 Kheytsun: Bhuts!!! Where’s my damn Kewa Datshi haha? Istuti: goongi Aashna: drama queen lol. Stutii: BP, stop denying Goa ;) Khyati: eeeeeeeee Sofia: you’ll make it big Ishika: Napolean, good doggy! Lungrig: ughhhh Gurnihal: kutte, my achhar? Haeleam: make your last 3 years count! It gets even better. Ms.V/ Peters/Marks/Ms. Chander/Mrs. Tim: my Woodstock family 015 & Woodstock: What a rollercoaster ride it’s been! We’ve all got something good in store for us. I’ve hated Woodstock and I’ve loved it. I owe a lot to this school, my second home and a blessing in disguise. Mehra Monsters: the last one is finally out. End to a legacy!

엄마 아빠: 내가 태어났을 때부터 지금까지 매 순간 나를 믿어줘서 고마워. 그 믿음 덕분에 내 가 여기까지 올 수 있었던것 같아. 나는 언제나 엄마 아빠가 나를 위해 희생한 것에 대해 너 무 너무 고맙고, 앞으로 그 희생이 헛되지 않도록 열심히 살도록 할께. 나를 향한 엄마 아빠의 희생은 내가 죽을때 까지 노력한다 해도 다 못 갚겠지만, 조금식 이라도 보답해 보일께. 힘 든 시간마다 좌절하는 모습을 보여주지 않고 열심히 살아가는 모습을 보여준 엄마 아빠가 난 너무 자랑스럽고 고마워. 나의 첫 친구자 영웅인 우리 아빠, 나의 첫 선생님이자 영원한 선 생님인 우리 엄마, 앞으로의 고생길은 끝이 아니니 마음 놓지 말길….ㅋㅋㅋ 혜림: 넌 쓸때없 이 너무 똑똑해! 하지만 그 똑똑함이 날 나중에 살려 먹일 것이라는걸 확신해! 그치? 넌 착한 동생이니깐… 앞으로 남은 학교생활 현명하게 잘 생활하고, 걱정되는게 있다면 너의 현명한 오빠가 있다는것을 잊지마! 내가 학교에 없다고 너무 행복해 하지는마, 널 집에서 볼테니깐! ㅋㅋㅋ. 나의 괴롭힘은 쭉~~~ 일꺼야! ㅋㅋㅋ. Armaan: Your ability to love your friend just like your family member is a characteristic that I truly admire. Your presence made me feel safe and confident because I knew you would always be there to support me. Your lovies will be a vivid image in my head for a long ~ time. Time to hit up some fish n chips and fries! Sanghyun: You are the result of what seriousness and humor can cause. Your funny moments will make me laugh even until my death bed. Pranit: Hopefully all the rubbings I have done on your nose for the past years bring me some luck for my future! Shaurya: Let’s stay good friends for a long long time, you know why…money :)! Kabeer, Rahul, Angad: My Indian roommates! Thank you for not calling me for the chai gang :) Dhananjay: Math genius with those huge arms (no sarcasm)! Yeonsol: You should be glad to have a wise friend like me! Thank you for listening to all my complaints during those Hindi classes! Rattapong: I will never find a person with such a unique voice like you! Chris, Ju, Donghyun, Daniel: My Korean boys! We will see each other in Korea! Zach: That one semester was way too short! Jigmey: I thought you would always be a shy boy but turned out to be a ladies’ boy! Wali: my prayers are with your family Hritik: My Dehraduni brother! Saksham: Don‘t eat too much Quick! It has MSG! Eriko, Mr. Harry: Ready to go all Dutch? Achi, Dhoenkyi: When will we ever meet again? Sushil: You are a talented guy. Don’t ever lose faith in yourself. You will go far in life! Ms. Seefeldt: Your words have transformed me, inspired me, and taught me. Your teachings will lie in me forever and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me who I am today. Ms. Preeti: You have been my friend, mother, and counselor. Thank you so much for all your care for me and supporting me in times of struggle. Without you, I wouldn’t have made it this far. The Mehras: You made India my second home! Ad Astra: I sincerely hope all your future to be bright and prosperous. I love you all and don’t ever forget me! Woodstock: You have provided me with a second home in a foreign country. My memories here will lie within185 me forever. Thank you for all the irreplaceable experiences!

Donghyun Lim

It has been a completely new experience, Coming to India to a school in foothills of Himalayas. From an island with fishing boat and mountains, Wasn’t surprised of the environment, But, the life and my mentality has newly been structured. Like a rebirth,

The moment when I was called a “pink boy” in the beginning because of my pink sneakers, The moment when we chilled in the stairs of Alteridge, which had yet been renovated, (It was pretty bad then.) The moment when I was called Ha, although I came before he did, The moment when Pukar was possessed, so we had to run around the dorms and caught Mr. Udit being naughty, The ninja moments in Ridgewood with Mr. Udit, The time Ridgewood lounge was full of laptops trying to play Dota and Counter Strike together, every afterschool Friday, people would run to senior school library just to play that game. The time when a girl with a “special hairstyle” asked me for Sadie, who looks thousand times prettier with long hair, The moment when I wanted to be a fashion designer, The only time when I was a concert master in Inter orchestra, The moment I struggled through finishing my essays and papers, including this will, The moments when my tongue would slip that made my friends would laugh, (sleep and Malibu). The moments when I didn’t make sense, which seem they would continue, The moment when I went to New York in a school trip, and SANG in a huge choir group. So as I look at this place, My whole teen-hood comes into my head. Although it had been more than hundred fifty years old and rusty, The experience I have is nevertheless fresh and clear. It is end of the year, one of the happiest and saddest part of peoples’ lives. Another year passes and Woodstock creates more high school graduates, Just as it has done for more than hundred fifty years. The school should be used to leaving people by now. However, the moment of graduation feels as fresh as when the school was first established. The tears and laughter of ours in 2015 is just as emotional as the school’s first graduation, if not more. We smile and cry together with mixture of bittersweet or, rather inexplicable feelings that we all know and share.

Ju Heon Suh

소중한 내 가족, 부모님 그리고 형 누나: 굳이 내색하지 않아도 항상 고맙고 또 고마워요. 다섯 명 모두 같은 집에 있 는 날이 많아지면 좋겠네요. 세월이 갈수록 서로를 더 존중하고 이해하는 가족이 될 수 있길! Boo: Hey, I never thought that this time would come. I don’t really know what to write! Multiple feelings, I’m pretty sure it’s mutual. Your “I love you”s just make my day and... it’s going to be hard without it. I’ll miss every single thing about you and our private memories... Never forget those! Love you for giving me the time of my life/best memories in India. See you soon! Staffs: Thank you! All of your guidance helped me to grow and become a better human being. Teachers, dorm parents, bhayajis... Hats off for you all. Woodstock: 3 years of memories you provided me will be remembered throughout my life. I will be seeing you soon! (Hopefully)

코리안 보이즈: 제주도 갈까? 재학하는 한국 친구들: 모두 열심히 생활하고, 최대한 남은 시간을 즐겨~ 그렇다고 공부를 너무 소홀히 하진 말고! 11학년 친구들은 저학년 애들에게 든든하고 의지할 수 있는 선배들이 되자! Ad Astra: Still A Team! 3 years ago, I met you guys. As time passed, some left, some came in. We went through trouble after trouble, but with you guys it was worth it. We were together for the best time of our lives. We carved our names here, and that is something that won’t be wiped out as time passes, won’t be swept away by the roughest waves. I can never say goodbye to my team my family Ad Astra... You will be in my heart forever :)

제각기의 가지 뻗어 싹을 틔운 나뭇잎 하지만 닿은 줄기를 따라 그리면 결국 한 뿌리 날아가는 길이 다르지만 우리 자란 곳은 한 둥지 같은 시절 같은 기억들을 공유한 뭉치

서로가 성격이나 걸어왔던 곳, 보폭과 속도 다 달라도 단 하나 공통의 분모로 만났고 서로에겐 한 몸, 결국 평생의 동료


Pukar Mahat

Mom and Dad- I am grateful to have parents like you in my life and I appreciate everything even though I might not show it I do love you both a lot. I am thankful that you sent me to a school like Woodstock because I have learned a lot here. I am sorry for all the trouble I have given you up till now but just know that you are the best parents ever. Thank you for being there with me throughout my high school I love you both a lot. Lungrig- your one of the most embarrassing and funny guy I’ve ever met and never change bro. It was hard to understand u all these years but senior year I got to know who u really are. Karmali- U African! Thanks for being there in my good times and bad times. So many memories man it’s insane ever since u joined. Got to know u more ever since that room with Daniel haha what a room and has been a journey since then and the walks back to hostel and the talks we had man about life after dropping back u know who. Yuthok- Yonti! I was your first friend in Woodstock and I was so nice to u when u joined but then as time went on we got closer and now I am rude to u haha. Thanks for being there to talk whenever man and I hope we chill in Bhutan one day! And I will never forget the way u attacked me man! The ticklish one haha. Wali- Buff boy man. You da funniest guy out here. Got to know u a lot this senior year and it has been fun. Goa Cubana man! We shall hit it someday. Sapam- My first roomie! Man too many memories together man ever since RW. From the days where we were kids to now grown young men chillin. The Zack Ha u n me room was epic bro the hanson visit was awesome. Also thanks for being there when I needed to talk to and u a true homie and also thanks for all the assists in football! Saharsha- Talai paila Winky ka bhetya the yaar ani tespachi school ma sathi banis! First day mai k k jpt bolirathis yaar haha. School ma ni dherai mojj gariyo and chutti ma ni dherai ghumyam 5 years lai tara 11-12 tira halka bolna chodyam. Aba pachi kaile bhet huncha thachaina tara kunai din bhetamla. Gurnihal- Ey sandhu my big man it was nice knowing u man so many memories together. You’re a big guy with a nice heart man thanks for being there all this time. Seth- funny guy never change man u a nice guy met u in ALS. Karl- Bro so many memories with u bro especially in those visits to ur house man with Liam I love u bro! Priam- nice guy man love ya. Angad- Bro quite a lot of memories man was nice knowing ya haha AES was funny. Kabeer- Bro a lot of memories with u too man was nice knowing ya and I still don’t see fire lol. Rahul- Funny guy man haha was nice knowing ya man. Daniel, Donghyun- My first roomies! That was the funniest room ever too many memories shared. From Daniel lee stinginess to Donghyuns jokes. Love u both! Adit-Ur the chillest nerd ever could talk to u bout life and at the same time u helped in studies also. U a real n. Joshua- Jetty was nice knowing ya man remember physics lol Lall and his +. Jigmey- Bro too many memories man and too many head and nose puns lol. Break also we chilled a lot and it was nice. Thanks for being there to talk to man. Pranit- funny guy man so many memories specially breaks gym and stuff lol I like it lol. Nishant- Bro ur a unique guy man I wish u chilled more with us though in these years. All the others in our grade missed out- didn’t talk much but was nice knowing ya guys man! Jinkyung- u joker lol thanks for making me laugh and it was nice chilling with u. Ur one of the chilliest peeps and it was nice knowing ya. U phantom haha u da best. Naomi- Thanks for all the memories like church lol, Sadie and when chilling with jinkyung and u all in midlands. It was nice knowing ya chings. Ritsen- thanks for a great year ritsi a lot of memories and yea sorry for errything it was nice knowing ya. Sohail, Diapnker,Tenphel,Hrishav- Read grad card bros. Devansh,Laldu,Liam,ayan,zack- Great memories together see ya soon. Mr. Rhatigan and Mrs. Melanie- Thank you for being the best advisors, was nice knowing you.

When I first heard of Woodstock school I imagined a place covered with snow and filled with foreigners all around the world. The thought of seeing snow for the first time in my life along with the thought of being with foreigners excited me and just seemed like it would make me a cooler person. Those were the only reasons why I wanted to go to Woodstock back in 2006. When I received an email stating that I’m now a part of Woodstock, these thoughts raced through my mind as I jumped in excitement. Well, as I became a part of Woodstock I realize Woodstock is so much more. I made my oldest and best friends here, for the 8 years I have been here I have seen each of us grow, making bonds and strengthening it every year. However, none of this would have been possible if it weren’t for my family. Mummy and papa, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to study here thank you for supporting me throughout every year and the giving me the constant encouragement. Oya Ati, I don’t think my experience in WS would be as complete if it wasn’t for you. I remember the times we would cook together and the times you’ve taken so much care. I couldn’t ask for a better sister. Yala, cherish every moment here and also work hard. Time will fly and soon you won’t even realize how it went by. Spend good time with you friends and always keep in touch, I will never be far away if you ever need any help, I love you all. Sangru, you be good too and work hard. WS would not have been compete without you too, those joke and ugly pictures you take always made us laugh like crazy. Lastly, thank you Woodstock school, it was a wonderful journey with you it will be a journey I will never forget.

Jungshi Jamir 187

Istuti Singh

Mummy & Papa: i don’t know how hard it must have been for you to send me here at such a young age, but thank you for doing that. You’ve gone through and done so much for me. I admire you both for always being the better people than the ones that have come your way. I admire your generosity and your helpful nature and I find that inspiring. Bhaiya: Even though we haven’t spent most of our lives together, I can say that we’ve been pretty close. You’ve been annoying and off at times, but I can also say that you’ve always been the sweetest. My friends, including myself, find you hilarious so please don’t ever change! Hlutei: whoever told you you’re not funny, don’t listen to them. Wow hlutei it’s going to be sad not seeing you every day and hearing you laugh. I’ll miss our talks Tseki: I love how our friendship has changed from you calling me ullu ki pathi in 3rd grade to being best friends now. Our arguments should be recorded and put into the Guinness World Record books. Amaani: we’ve definitely had our ups and downs since 4th grade. we were true enemies but now we are the best of friends. I just wanna say that you’re gonna go on to do really well in life. Michelle: you were a complete stranger to me but we quickly became good friends. We’ve done stupid things since then (I’m sure you know what I’m talking about). Love you and stay in touch. Kheytsun: you have the best sense of humour which I just might miss haha. Natasha: I’m sorry I haven’t kept in touch all these years. we’ve had some good memories like dancing in midlands (mostly you guys throwing eggs at me). Pung: hooooo-niiiiii. You sexxxyyy. You’re the weirdest and the most disgusting person I know, but at the same time you’re the chillest. There was never a time that I wasn’t mean to you, and you just didn’t get annoyed. Parishma: I honestly don’t how you had the patience these past 4 years to deal with my endless questions in math. I couldn’t have survived those classes without you. We have to go watch the El Clasico so I can go siiiiiiiiii hahaha. Aashna: you’re the chillest person so stay that way. Armaan: I’m glad that we became friends and talked how much ever we did. Mr. Harry: you’re the coolest teacher ever and thank you for everything. Mr. Mark: thank you for being such a good teacher To all my friends: I love you guys and I’ll miss you so damn much.

Amaani Mehra

Mom/Dad- I know it was hard but thank you for giving me the opportunity and standing by me in all my times of trouble. I love you more than anyone. Visit often. I promise I will call/text everyday from Cali. Chachi/ Chachu- I love you guys sooo much! I’ll miss our after-dinner drives and ice-cream hunting and going OB from school. Chache its time to move to Cali ;) Dadi- I love you so much. I’ve learned so much from you. I’ll always have the deepest respect for you from the bottom of my heart. I think of you every time I say the Hanuman Chalisa. Thank you for everything you do. Our family vacations are always complete when you are there. Nani- I miss you so much. I cherish every single late night conversation with meethi seviya and going to Big Chill, and our summers in America at Mamu’s house, and your loving hugs. Wish you were here. Nanu: I hope I make you proud. From my childhood summers, hiding behind the staircase when you got home, breaking the clay pot with coins, to buying me my first laptop and our last trip together in Goa... I treasure every memory. I miss you. Manjyot Uncle- Electronics hate really isn’t my fault :P Thank you for always patiently helping me with buying my laptops/phones. Love you! Praneet Mami- From hosting dinners to welcome us back from to planning out my sixteenth birthday with mom... thank you for caring so much and for everything you do. Swatu Massi/Vineet Uncle- I have never gotten so close to anyone in such little time. Thank you both for all the love. Dubai is the best place for a vacation all thanks to you. Love you guys. Battu Mamu/ Auntie Trisha- I look forward to moving closer to you and spending more time together. Riktika Massi/ Moushumi Aunty- My outfits for grad would not have been complete if it weren’t for you! Thank you so much for helping and making it fun rather than stressful. Love you! Aali- Take care of yourself gorgeous. Take care of Ishy too. I’ll miss you like crazy. Come fast so we can party :* Give me your shopping list now that I’m in Cali ;) Cherish your time at WS, it goes fast. Ishy- my ladoo. You’ve already grown taller than me! I’m going to miss you so much. Have lots of fun. Study hard. Visit me soon <3 Ud- Couldn’t have survived WS without you. Thank you for helping me, always protecting me. I love you so much. Can’t wait to come to Cali and be close to you again. La- It’s going to be crazy hard not being with your everyday...nine years kinda got be used to seeing you around. I’ll always remember our wrestling match, our late night movies, our fake kingdom, senseless Shakespearean talks, and failed diet plans hahah. PS- Who’s gna laugh at my jokes now?! Stay in touch! Tseki- I don’t know if I’ll ever find a friend who knows me like you do. Love you Clam. Thanks for being there when literally nobody else was. I’ll miss you like crazy. Istuti- From being mortal enemies to besties, we’ve come so far. I still don’t see how we look alike...? WS would not have been the same without you. Have a blast in college...get off that bed! Love you lots. Kheyts- I’m so glad we became friends. I’ll definitely miss you, your sarcastic jokes, the dragons in Bhutan, our memories in goa, your heart-felt advice, and your honest opinions on everything. Stay in touch. WagonR Family- Missing every second! Nats- Missed you the past two years. I’ll never forget the day we watched YJHD (ghagra) ;) So many crazy times with you- swimming practices, late night gossip sessions, random photo shoots, chilling in the sun at the quad, your 16th birthday :P Hurry up and come meet me! Armu- I’ve had the best times with you. You’re the funniest guy I know. Thank you for always being there to listen to my petty problems and never judging me. Never change. Love you so much. Guptiii- Thank God Chandi is not so far so I can come visit you! Love how honest you are and how you always know exactly what to say to shut me up when I’m over-thinking stuff. Glad we got close. Will definitely miss you. YJ- Stay your sweet bubbly self. I will miss you and baking cookies and cakes together. Stay in touch. Tibs- Missed you the past semester! Goa was a blast, wouldn’t have been the same without you. Thanks for being such a good friend, taking care of me and always being a great listener (although you talk more... you just don’t admit it -.-) Stay in touch. Anupama- So glad you came this semester. It was great getting to know you. Stay in touch. Class of ‘015- Couldn’t have asked for a better class to be a part of. I love you all so much. I’ll always be there for you all. Wish you the best with everything. Live up to our name and reach for the stars. Already waiting for our reunions. Ms. Chander- Thank you for caring so much for all of us. Will always remember your “Don’t do Badmashi”. Blessed to be taught by someone like you. Hope to see you soon... Mr and Mrs. Mark- Thank you for helping me out through my home-sickness days and always inviting me to your house for those delicious parathas and waffles, and giving me advice in times of trouble. Will miss you. All my Advisors and Dorm Parents- Thank you for the amazing memories at your houses, for constantly baking for us and making us feel more at home and for guiding us through the different phases of our school lives.WS- Spent more than half my life at here, it’s become my second home. Seen it change and for both better and for worse. I hope to see it grow even more for the better and never lose the charm it had way back in elementary school. Will deeply miss these mountains and the people.


Lalrinhlui Sangsiama Matheilovin ngilneihna leh thil ṭhate chuan Ka dam chhûng zawng min zui zêl ang a, Tichuan, Lalpa inah ka awm kumkhua tawh ang. -Sam 23:6 My parents: May every tear that has ever fallen from your tired eyes on my behalf become a river for you in Paradise. You deserve the world for the endless sacrifices, the opportunities you provided and giving me your all- I won’t let you down this time. My sisters: I seldom show my appreciation and for that I apologize. You have always given me your support and I couldn’t ask God for angels worth more than the three of you. My girls: School, nor life, would have been the same without you. I am forever grateful for every moment we’ve spent together and all the times you were there for me. Stay bad, be good. Class of 2015: “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” (~A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh). You’re such a great bunch. Good luck to each and every one of you! WS: These past years have been the most informative, happiest, hurtful, thoughtful, altering, molding, powerful, accepting years of my life- and for that, I thank you.


HRITIK NAUTIYAL Ma & papa Thanks for sending me to an amazing place like Woodstock. I am grateful to you for supporting me in all the good and bad times. Advisors/Teachers: Thanks for being patient with me. Can’t thank you enough for all the knowledge you’ve invested. Dorm Parents: Thanks for making this place like home. Shaurya: Bro, Woodstock wouldn’t have been the same without you. The times spent at Cozy are invaluable! Rattapong: You are a great person. The sweetest, the most straightforward and honest guy I have ever met. SangHyun: Spending time with you in the buzz was pretty insane (the five in a row record, haha). I bet the Llama guy loves us too much! Ju, DongHyun, Inwook, Daniel, Oak, Jungshi, Sidhant: It was great knowing you guys. All the best for your future. Kabeer, Priam, Angad: Playing cricket at CC with you guys was fun! Rahul Patel- the first friend at Woodstock! Thanks for all the support bro. _______ was the BOMB man (you know what I mean! Haha) DJ/Pranit: Neighbors! You guys were great yo. Dhanan- don’t worry too much about college, you will do great bro. Jungshi, Oak, Daniel, Adit, Sidhant, Taklha, Chris, Jatia, Lungrig, Joshua, Jigmey, Inwook, Armaan, Saharsha and Karl: All you guys are great. Stay the same! The two years in Woodstock wouldn’t have been the same without you all. Setse: Man, you are too sweet a person to be described in words. Thanks for making my time at Woodstock amazing! And ya, remember one thing – ‘abe chal’ is the coolest thing ever! Raheel: Oye aunty! Haha jkjk! You are an amazing person! It was great knowing you. Shreya: Hi you little annoying person. Don’t be so pissy all the time -_- Anyway, you are really sweet. Khyati, Ishika, Aashna, Avni, Stuti, Istuti, Michelle, Sofia, Samiha, Pung, YJ, YSL and everyone from Edgehill: It was great knowing you guys, good luck for college now! Ms Prarthana: DIDIIIII. Sorry I couldn’t meet you much this semester :( But it was AMAZING knowing you! Need your ‘ashirvad’ for the future! Dagar, Makkhi, Vash, Tirkey, Aseem, Poddar, Suryansh, Bawa, Rajpal: Was great being part of the cricket team with you all, have fun next year also you guys!

It has been long since I came to Woodstock. But I still remember my first day at school. I cried a lot throughout the night and I walked up to Edgehill alone after school when I was supposed to walk to Edgehill with the others and the dorm parent. I did not know English. Actually, I knew how to say hi and thank you. This was because I never learned English back in Korea. While my friends went to academies after school, I played with friends who did not attend academies. At night, I did go to 2 academies but it for taekwondo and kendo. I did not have to go to more academies because my father always told me to do what I enjoyed in life. Anyways, now it will get boring so I’ll talk about people. Edgehill, I met amazing people. Amaani,Adit, Daniel, Jungshi , Hlutei, Samiha, Shaurya, Sumair, Jigmey(my first friend), Lungrig,Tseki .Because of you guys, my childhood friends, I am able to graduate from Woodstock. Without your support and love, I might have left this place in grade 4. I hope to see all of you again. In Ridgewood, I met more amazing people. I remember getting to know a lot of people through dota, counter strike, and sports. It was fun playing dota then counter strike with the entire dorm. Even though I quit gaming, if I get to play with the entire dorm along with Sondeep, I will play. My Korean friends, Inwook-inspirational man, Kyungho- caring and loving man, Dong- kid whose mind is all around the place. Ju- responsible man who gets all the Koreans together everytime, Daniel- known to be stingy and an easy target but I do not think itS true Younjung- Pranit is your man take him. Yeonsol- weird girl who is kind but too kind. Thanks for everything and lets try to meet once every year in Korea. And I want to get to know Hyunyoung and Aelin better. Also all the Koreans younger than me, I want to get to know all of you better. So if you need any help from me, let me know. FB message me or kakaotalk me (sanghyunparkk). Pranit, if you decide to marry a Korean girl, fb me and I will find you the perfect girl. Dhananan the Engineer, are you going to become an engineer? If you do, I will invite you to Korea. IDK what I am saying… Kabeer, the auto-correct suggests Kabeard... So Kabeard, it has been a short year but I am glad that I got to know you better this year. Rahul, are you up for cooking some chicken and having a conversation over some chicken? Angad, we should chill with each other more often. When I come back to India to live you got to show me around. KABEER, RAHUL, ANGAD we got to go to Rokeby for breakfast!! Armaan, are you going come to U.S. to meet me or do I have to come to Europe? You have more money so you come. Oak, continue to go to the gym in college. I know you will miss me in the gym. Rattapong, may God bless you to become the best doctor. Hritik, will miss going to buzz with you everyday Llhamas, my shop, and madras café our routine. karl I remeber you sending me pictures of spiders at 3 a.m. I am also afraid of spiders. Seth, put an aim to how much weight you want to lose and don’t lose more than that. It’s not good for your health. Priam, you are one of the most talented guy so continue to find what you are good at. Kaushik, I still don’t understand why you picked on me in that English class. Raghav, I hope to read your Manga. Salman, I won’t forget all the QB trips we went together. All the trips cannot be expressed in words. We gotta chill together sometime. Taklha, we never really talked but I respect you for how you enjoy life and value the lives of all living creatures. Yuthok bro, it is sad that we got closer towards the end, but I will never forget the time when we chilled together in goa. Saharsha, Saksham&Pukar, I am going to sound like a grandma but continue to strengthen your passion and I hope everything goes well for you guys. Sadrish, thanks for being nice to me all the time. Don’t be sad. Stutiiii, sorry for not taking a single picture with you. Maybe take one on grad or 10 years later? Kheytsun, you will miss my smart brain, the last minute studies in study halls. Parishma, please continue to scare the little kids because I do not like them. Sofia, my shoulder says hello to you. What would you like to tell my shoulder? Eriko, it was short but long. Thanks for caring about me understanding me well. I hope to see you successful in life. Bamae, I was never mean to you right? You know I was just joking to see your funny reactions. I also want to thank all my teachers for their support. I would like to specially thank those who helped me throughout my senior year-the most difficult year. Thank you Mr.Rahul, Mr. John, Mr.Seefeldt, Ms.Seefeldt, Ms.Chander, Ms. Melanie, Mr.David, Mr. Paul and Mrs. Pearson. You guys are all amazing people who truly care about and understand the students. 마지막으로 우드스탁에 저를 보내주셔서 정말 감사드려요. 할머니 덕분에 한국에서 꿈에도 할 수 없는 많은 경험을 했고 많은 친구를 사귀었어요 매일 재미있게 건강하게 20년 더 사시면서 상준이 결혼하는 모습까지 꼭 보세요. 할아버지도 항상 응원해주시고 저와 형을 믿어 주셔서 감사해요. 엄마 아빠 9년 동안 우드스탁에 다닐 수 있는

On April 16, 2015 remember that you made a life goal to stop working at the age of 40 to have enough time to travel around the world and start a NGO in India (my home). Life is more meaningful, entertaining and bright if you are aiming for something. You want to get up in the morning if you have a goal you want to achieve. Future me, you can be successful. You can be someone beyond who I think I can be right now. Don’t ever give up!

기회를 주셔서 감사해요. 할머니, 할아버지, 엄마, 아빠 이제 재가 대학에 가지만 늦어도 10년 후에 꼭 돈을 많이 벌어서 힘들지 않고 재미있는 삶을 살 수 있게 해드릴게요.



Parents: Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me. It’s very hard for me to thank you for the specific things you have done for me because all that makes me happy, and everything that I am proud of has been given to me by you. You always supported me in whatever I wanted to do, but still guided me to living a good life. Thank you for caring for me more than I could ever care for myself. Honestly, without the support from you I would not be able to discover myself. You two are my greatest inspiration, if I am ever able to be as happy and loving and respected as you two, I think my life would be successful. Sister: Thank you for always being by my side to help me through the difficult situations in life; and loving me more than any sister could dream to do; and buying me gifts; and pampering me more than anyone ever did; and for not bullying me.Dhingra ji: When you start your own biological-computer business, and want to hire a somewhat helpful assistant, call me. Waatapong: Let’s make spaghetti and some coffee, and we can have nutella crepes for dessert. I better get free doctor appointments from you in Thailand.Kabear: You inspired me to grow a beard, sing and play the guitar but I terribly failed at least two of them. Patel: Fellow engineer/chai wallah, if you need accompaniment in future experiments do contact me. Oakapong: Its just ONE inch don’t forget that. DongDong: Ba-ts-kh-ts Ba-ba-ts-ph-ts; I love, how you love, what you do. Angad: You have got it all man, the looks, the intelligence, the soccer skills, the humor, and of course, the pout. Pranit: Thanks for being my confidant throughout high-school. I don’t know anyone who knows as much about what happens in my life, and continues to make jokes about it. Seriously, if you fail-out of college due to the liberal colorado laws, consider becoming a comedian. Lastly, ‘You a thug!’ Sangheon: I can see you becoming the South Korean president 20 years down the line. One of the friendliest and most generous person, I will miss your stupidity and korean swagger. Zuglibugli: One of my first friends in Woodstock, I don’t know if I would have been able to stop missing my family without you. Also amongst the nicest and kindest people I have met. I will miss your sexiness. JuJu: make me bibimbap when I come to Korea, we can even analyze some literature together. Inwooki: no point, you won’t get it anyways... jkjk I know you’ll get a body like lazar, learn some more math maybe you’ll become something useful. Ishika and avni: I had no idea maths could be anymore fun, but you guys made it so. Nauti: yaar, I wouldn’t have survived without you or the heater you gave me. Manvi: We’ll go to lav khush/ganga barrage in kanpur, drama buddy. Setse: Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened! Papa Z: Thank you for teaching me that the limit does not exist. Rahul Gupta: Tere bina senior year ekdum phika hota. Ad Astra: All of you impacted my life tremendously, making me a better person. You all have helped me define myself as a person, and will always stay in my memories in my heart.

Family: Thank you for sending me to Woodstock. Here I have made memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Also, thank you for supporting me even when I mess up. Love you all. Ms. Melanie and Mr. Rhatigan: You made me believe that teachers can genuinely care about students. Thank you so much for everything. The two of you are the best advisors ever. Mr. Seefeldt: Thank you for being so understanding. I hope to someday achieve your level of patience. Rahul: Thanks for being a great dorm parent, but an even better friend. Ms. Datt: You are definitely the coolest teacher ever. I hope that other students that have the privilege of learning from you appreciate you as much as I have. Mr. Harry, Ms. Colwell: Both of you are probably the best librarians I will ever meet. More than your work as Librarians though, I appreciate the two of you as people that are always willing to help. Thank you for everything. Sang Hyun: From when we got caught sneaking into Alteridge in the middle of the night in seventh grade too going to bazaar with you on most days in senior year, there are just too many memories with you. Thank you for making my time in Woodstock special, you will always be one of my closest friends. Inwook: I can always count on you to trust me, even when no one else is willing to. You should know that I will do the same for you as well. Although you somehow always manage to crack terrible jokes, you also somehow always manage to be abnormally righteous. Sumair: Sapu, I will never forget that guitar lesson (or Chandigarh!). Thanks for always being honest with me even if it means saying something that I don’t want to hear, I will always appreciate this. I know we will stay in touch because there hasn’t been a single vacation where we haven’t chatted. Chris: Man you are one person that I can share anything with. You know things about me that I haven’t told anyone else, because that’s just how much I trust you. Dhananjay: Dhanan the engineer! Keep loving math. Other than that, thanks for being a great friend. Kabeard, Patel, Angad, Priam: Definitely my favorite room to chill in. Going to miss chilling on all of your beds! Besides this, I know that all of you are quite caring, even though you rarely show it. Karl: I know that I can always count on you if I need help. Just know that you can depend on me as well. Saharsha: My oldest friend at Woodstock! Although we have had our ups and downs, I still consider you one of my closest friends. Jungshi: My first “buddy” at Woodstock. Too many memories with you, especially when Ms. Tammy caught us! Don’t think either of us will forget that, lol! Shaurya: Don’t forget that you are my future business partner Shaurya! Stay intelligent. Pukar: Don’t think either of us will ever forget Brian bro! See you in Nepal. Jigmey: My bro from Rupy’s, even though you only show it once in a while, you truly are a caring friend. Dong Hyun: Even though people tell you that you are lost, in my heart you can always be found. Daniel: I’m quite sure that you will always be my favorite Arab! Sofia: I have said it before, but here it is in writing: you can live off me when I get rich enough. But jokes apart, you are one of my best friends, hope it doesn’t change. Yeonsol: Egg, you are probably the nicest person I know! I know we will stay in touch, probably consoling each other about something or the other, lol! Eriko: My “nerdherd” buddy! You need to calm down in life, but do not lose your passion, it is what makes you who you are. My Woodstock experience would be incomplete without you. Thanks for always being supportive. Hyunyoung: Although I only got to know you in eleventh grade, you went from being my bio buddy to my JSB date, all in one year. Who knew such a long lasting friendship could be formed in such a short span of time. Kheytsun: You underestimate yourself too much, don’t. Thanks for being a great friend. Ishika and Avni: Fam for life! Stutii: Behna! Jiyeon: Stay innocent! YounJung: When you asked me to Sadie Hawkins in tenth grade, not only did you give me a date, you also gave me a best friend. Words cannot describe what you mean to me. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that a single individual could make such a profound impact on my life. You give me reason to be a better person. As our time together at Woodstock comes to an end, I want you to know that not only has Woodstock given you a high school diploma, but also a lifelong best friend. I will always be there for you. I love you. Ad Astra: We will always be family. Thank you all for everything.


Kabeer Narikunni

I’m not too sure what to say, this will is pretty hard to write. I think the first people who I want to thank are my parents. I’ve spent two of the best years in my life here in Woodstock and it could not have been possible without you guys and all your support. I am indebted to both of you and I know I am privileged to be your son.Roomies: Most people say their best friends are people they’ve known for long, well it’s only been two years, but you guys are certainly my closest friends. I am going to miss every single Chai gang night, all the teasing and all the fun. You guys are special and I hope for the best for all of us. Inwook and Armaan: My second room, you two are the ones I go to when something goes wrong and I need someone to talk some sense into me. I can’t thank you enough for all the support, I’m going to miss you guys. Sapam: Bhaiiiiiii. I was pretty scared of you when I first got here but I have to say I was pretty stupid to be. Your one of the nicest people here and it’s been a great time chilling with you. Oak: Oakapong my former roomie. From art class to the advanced hike, you have been one of my closest friend from the very start. Thanks for all your support in the tough times, you’ve always been there and it means a lot to me. Kheytsun: Aunty Ji, thank you for the all the advice you’re always giving me, even though I didn’t agree with half of it I always listened to you for some reason. I’m glad I got to know you and I appreciate all your support. Karl Ferro: You are probably the most annoying guy I know, but somehow we’re still pretty tight. You’re my foosball homie and I’m going to miss you a ton man. Rahul Gupta: Rahul man you’re not just a dorm parent but a friend. I wish you could have joined us earlier but it has been a great year. You’re my fellow cricket and arsenal fan, I wish you the very best for your future as a sports anchor. DJ, Sang Hyun and Paaji: I only got to know you guys in 12th grade, but you’re the most genuine and generous people I know, and then there is Dhanan. It’s a pleasure being friends with you guys. Paaji I hope we can chill in college in Bombay. Jungshi and Dong Hyun: You guys are two of my closest bros , thanks for performing ‘I see fire’ with me. I’ll miss the jamming sessions Jungshi and I hope we will keep in touch. Ding Dong, you’re someone who I can always trust and tell anything to. I’ll miss you man.Chris: Expecto Patronum. Pukar: who nose. JU: Thanks for being a great first roomate and even though i thoought you were the biggest nerd the first time i saw you, you a coolio Jigmey: kabhi khushi kabhi ghum. 11th grade second semester was the best room, I’ll miss you. Adit: Keep balling brother. Saddu, Teeks and Gan: Its great knowing you guys, you’re fun people to chill and work with, thanks for everything. Amaani: One of the friendliest people I know. You were one of the first people to introduce yourselves to me and help me settle into a new school and I can’t thank you enough for that. Keep smiling. Mr. Seefeldt, Mr.John, Ms.Chander, Ms. Melanie and Ms. Hana: I have a ton of respect for all of you and I could not have become the student I am today without you. I have made so much progress from the time I joined Woodstock and I can only be grateful for all your efforts. Joshua: Oh my dayum, appparently Sajin Maharjan can do bulletseed. Pranit and Younju: You two are literally the craziest people I know. Never need any other entertainment when you guys are around. I didn’t really like the idea of double dates, but then you two are just way too funny. Seth: To be really honest I didn’t like you very much when we joined, but I have to say your one special character. I’m happy that I got to know because you honestly are one heck of a guy. Sofia: It’s hard to describe how much you mean to me. I know we havn’t talked all that much recently but I want you to know that you’re one of the most remarkable people I know and I’m going to miss you, a lot. Jenny: There is way too much to say, but I know that the one thing I keep wishing for is that I had gotten to know you earlier. You’re beautiful, you’re amazing and you have no idea how special you are. I hope you have a brilliant senior year, and I know you have great things coming for you. I love you and you’re always going to have a special place in my heart, after all you’re my sexy PJ girl.

Rahul Patel

Mom and Dad, I cannot thank god more to have given me the privilege to be born as your son. You have both supported me in everything I have done; and this support coupled with guidance has allowed me to discover and define myself. Dad, from when I was young and used to come to the showroom, I have always aspired to become like you, I would sit on your chair and try to act like you, thanks for everything. Mom, we fight sometimes, but I know it’s only because you care from me, thank you, I love you. Thank you for sending me to Woodstock and giving me the opportunity to enjoy the best years of my life in the foothills of Himalayas amongst raw nature, and the best of people. Nani, Nanu, Ravi Mama and Gopi mami, thank you for supporting me in everything. Nani your Chaiglo, Nanu’s motivation, Mama’s training and Mami’s entertainment is something that not many grandsons and nephews receive, Thank You!!! (PS: Aarav has to come to Woodstock) Everyone in Woodstock has had an impact on me, and no senior will, no matter how long can justify my gratitude towards Woodstock. Thank you! Kabeer, Angad, Priam AKA the roomies, I will always remember all the chai nights, Hindi movies, and all the crazy stuff we have done together. I thank you guys for making Woodstock an amazing experience for me. Looking forward to our ZNMD trip… Pranit, Sanghyun, Younjung, I am so happy to have been friends with you. Well according to YJ we are a family, and even though I may always be weirded out by that, I have to say that we are really close and I will never forget you all. Pranit we need to make some Spanish tortillas at reunion. Adit, Dongu and Danny, Adit and Dong, my neighbouring unofficial roomies, don’t worry Danny, you were also my roommate, I remember… Thanks for accepting me when I was new, we have become close friends, this friendship has become strong enough to last a lifetime. Ju and all of you, we’ve got to play LOL in college sometime. Karl, my 3D art buddy, all the horror movies we have watched and the times we chilled were awesome. I am fortunate to have been your friend. Joshy apparently it was great. Sethan, you were one of my first friends at Woodstock, but despite of all the weird stuff you do, we have had quite a few deep conversations and I will never forget them, Inwook and Armaan, it’s great to have gotten to know you guys… And Inwook you need to cut down on watching Korean TV shows about celebrities and chefs. Salman, maro gujju bhai!!! I got to know you properly only in 12th grade, but now it feels like I’ve known you for long. I was so happy that I could speak to someone in Gujarati. I’ll remember all the times we chilled. The Tenzins, thanks for all the times we have talked and enjoyed. Lungrig I will miss your jokes, Jigmey your dancing and singing and Dudul all the chill times, we’ve got to meet up in Atlanta. Sappu, Kyungho, Paaji and Saharsha, I have gotten to know you guys well over time… (Aii Sappu Zyaada Cocky Mat Ban Theek hai). I will miss you guys… DJ, Shaurya and Hritik all of my fellow physics supporters, I hope you all succeed in life, and sure you will. Its great to have known you. Wali, Jatia, Yuthok, thanks for making these two years awesome…. Yuthok, I will never forget the Sunrise on the goan beach. Oakapong & Jungshi Jungshi, I will miss all your stories. Oak, I need to learn some magic from you… S3, YJ, Setse, Sadrish, Keytsun, YSL and Amaani, thanks for being great friends to me. All of you have had an impact on my life, I will miss you and keep in touch. Hyunyoung thanks for being a part of my experience here. It was great to have known you, and I will always remember you. Hope you succeed and enjoy your life My teachers, thanks for guiding me (especially Ms. Chander, Mr. Conrad, Mr. John and Rahul Gupta)


Angad Makkar

To my mom and dad: As cliché as this sounds, words actually can’t describe how grateful and lucky I am to have you two in my life. We’ve had our fights, and we’ll keep having more, but I always know that when I’m down you guys will be there to cheer me up (even though dad does that with the worst jokes ever). You’re my friends, my inspiration and my most loved ones. If one day I can be even half the person that either of you are, I’ll know that I’ve lived well. To my sister: To say that you’re the best sister in the world would be a lie, I could’ve gotten one much better (I bet the feeling’s mutual though haha). But seriously, be it showing me those weird Charlie videos or Vampire Diaries (-.-), talking about random stuff or fighting like crazy, you’re the one person I’ve been through pretty much everything with. I don’t think I ever let you know enough, I love you. (Love you my family, dadi, daadu and naani ) To my second family: Kabeer, Priam, Rahul: Aaah man, I can’t even try to write about the endless amazing memories we’ve made in just 2 years. The Hindi song jamming, the chai, the random arguments, the inside jokes, the Mumbai chilling, there’s just too much to mention. Woodstock would’ve been incomplete without you guys (ZNMD trip for sure). Sapam bhaaaaaiiiii, one of the closest friends I’ve made here. Chaya memories all the way, but please no more bear hugs Jigmey, Taklha: Couldn’t have asked for better roommates to start off in Woodstock. T-compassion and jigs, thanks for everything. Jigmey keep your “head” in the game (haha I just had to sorry) Joshua apparently sajin maharjan is Sunday morning loving you. Karl the foosball rivalry will always go on (long live parle g). Adit you freak, life wouldn’t be as fun if you weren’t around to tease. Keep balling fatty. The three of you are as unique as it gets. S3 my favorite girl trio in the school. Always fun talking to any of you (and stuti never stop providing us with choki) Kheytsun thanks for always being the mummy ji haha who gives pocky (even though sometimes it’s a packet with one stick left) Yeonsol so thrilled I got to know you this year egg. Gan mmkay? Pranit stop obsessing over you-know-who, you freak. Sanghyun park, stay the genuine chill guy you are. Inwook and Armaan one roommate I chose, the other one I got for free haha. You guys are all irreplaceable. Donghyun, Daniel, jungshi, oak: Jungshi be happy, I didn’t put you with only Koreans. Made a lot of lasting memories with you guys and hopefully there’ll be many more to come (korea visit soon). Oakapong the magician, stop popping up randomly everywhere. Karmali bhai, finally graduating at the age of 30 puku who nose how long you’ll support city lungu aaj dil shayrana lagta hai yuthok majin buthok gonna miss your stories so much man (strange clouds) and wali hawking almost as buff as you now haha, im thrilled to have made good friends in you guys. Goa without all of you wouldn’t have been the crazy experience that it was. Paaji and jaatu, maybe one day you’ll beat me in fifa. Doubt that’s gonna happen, but keep rocking your well-practiced pouts haha. Saharsha you bread, gonna miss the CC cricket matches. Seth you crazy guy, stop doing your sethanic stuff. Chris wingardium leviosa bro. Rahul Gupta, man, if it wasn’t for you, I don’t think senior year would have been quite as fun. An older brother to all of us, you’re one I can always count upon. But United>Arsenal haha. Waiting for RVP to score at Emirates again. See you in Mumbai Ms Chander, thank you for 2 precious years in room 25. The best teacher I’ve had, with the best paranthas I’ve ever had.

Priam Vyas

Mom & Dad: Thank you for this amazing experience that you have given me. I might not have lived up to your expectations and I am sorry for that but you have given me the best years of my life. The Room: Man, you guys gave me the best years of my life. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of friends. There are so many things we been through, the good and the bad, but we stuck together. The bullet seed day was something else (lol, sorry Patel)…. We have to keep in touch; there is no way I would want to lose friends like you ever. Oak: You were my first friend in Woodstock and I am so glad it was no one else but you. You were always on my side, and I don’t know how I can thank you for everything that you did for me. (Remember the time in Ridgewood when we used to sit in the lounge and laugh for no reason)… those were the days Karl: Remember one thing about me… I AM A BEAST!!!!!! Jigmey: Even though you were in school when I joined I never really talked to you, it was only in 11th grade that we became friends and I am soo happy that this happened. Man imma miss you BIG time. Lolololol!!!! Joshua: Without you, I will finally have some light in my life… Bullet seed baby!!! Imma miss my African Queen. Tibbu: Man, you made me cry in Goa man, it was all you… I am soo sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye man…Gurnihal: Man, we have to meet in Mumbai, when you come here. All the crazy things that we did together, hahaha, can’t forget those. I will miss you man, and don’t forget me when you become famous. Armaan: You LS person, man I can’t believe I am going to miss you also… remember the hate sessions that Pranit, you and I used to have… those were good times. Salman: Suu wandro che tu!!! Man, gujrati in CC was the thang. Those nights in CC, ahhh. Those nights when we hogged the food; you actually thought that I would pick up the chocos and eat it (I would have if you didn’t look) HAHAHA… Don’t stop swinging man. Wali: We started out on the wrong foot but and we had our differences but I am soo glad that we came over those. Man I love you. Saksham: Oye sallah, I am going to miss you jaise teri mummi mujhe miss karti hai. Saharsha: I am never going to forget the ride down to Dehradun that we had… when we stopped in the middle of the road and I did my business. That was insane. Sumair: BHAI!!!! For the first time I’ll miss your bear hugs. Chris: No one can beat out mental telepathy.. Ahh playing kent and the sign that we assigned meant that were are bros for life. Taklha: Dudul, my Tibetan homie…I am going to miss annoying you every day. The 9th grade hindi field trip and the ride there… ahh even that was a trip to remember. Pukar: All the football we played together is something that I will never forget man, I will miss you and who nose, we might meet again. LOL Sidhant: You a crazy guy. You creeped me out soo many times with the things that you did. Remember no matter how much weight you lose, you will always be fat for me Lungrig: Mah man, you are the weirdest, crazy person that I have ever seen in my life. The things you do, even if I try I won’t forget.. Thanks for making those memories with me man… Love You Yuthok: You are the cutest person I have seen in my whole entire life. You are so soft it’s crazy… imma miss that belly of yours. Jungshi, Ju, Apurva, Daniel, Dong hyun: I know you guys will miss me, but it’s part of life, we have to move on.. JKJK.. I am going to miss you guys a lot, Thank you for everything. Rattapong, Hritik, Shaurya: You are the reason that I was able to graduate from this school. Thank you, for everything that you did for me, I am going to miss you guys. Sanghyun, Pranit, and DJ: Thank you guys for everything, you made such good memories with me, ones I won’t forget ever. Pranit, I hope you stop flashing in college, that’s something I can’t forget. Goa People: You guys gave me the best week of my whole life and I thank you all for that. I will never forget what happened during that time. Kheytsun: No one will ever have a class night better than ours. HAHAHA. Sofiya, Samiha, Stutii, Hyunyoung, Gan, Tseki: Thank you guys for everything. It was fun talking to you guys and we will meet once again Gupta: Even though you were my dormparent, I also thought of you as my friend. I will never forget cricket at night. Thank you for making my senior year so special. We will meet again in Mumbai.


SADRISH PRADHAN To ask simply, How can one sum up a whole high school experience in just a measly 400 words? It is a tough task indeed. But I shall try it anywho and hope that there is enough to read. My time began with jitters For there were too many people in the school. But I found my groove And finally I was (kinda) cool But I’ve come a long way since those days Though I don’t like to mention. For those were the days I would jump from locker to locker Praying that I don’t get any attention. My voice would clammer at the sound of knocking on my doorstep My pulse would elevate and soar For I was scared that someone would ask me,“Guuuurl, Lets hit the hostel dance floor!” But I’ve come a long way from those days For my past has shaped me. I am a different person than I was As most of you can see I am not the same person 4 years ago Holding in my voice I’m a person whose limits are drawn Only by my own choice. It’s funny to be at the finish line Watching the others get ready, Watching them try to get to that same finishing line Hoping that their journey is as extraordinary. Describing the ending would be no fun at all So I shall leave you with these few words to summarize it all, I’ve made mistakes in my life Both big and small But I am proud of the person I am today I leave with no regrets and for that I stand tall. I’m not perfect and probably will never be But everything I am today Is because I grew under that lyre tree.


It’s finally over! Although I wasn’t a big fan of my time here, I have to give Woodstock the credit it deserves for making me into the person I am today and to the demanding environment that allowed me to see the things I am capable of. Thank you. My highest level of gratitude to Mom, Dad, and most generous Ori: for letting this happen and pushing me even when I complained and begged to remain by your side in Goa. I couldn’t have asked for better parents, I love you guys. Students: I have spent the past 4 years trying to understand you and your ways, I still don’t dully grasp it all. Haha. Regardless, I appreciate you just the same and will miss a select few of you veryyy much [the select few, who I will at least acknowledge here: Pranit (my bestest), S^3 (my lamest labellers- Smac^3), Sadfish (my loveliest and fellow Hindi survivor), Oakapong (my darling), Sumairbear (my cuddle buddy), Setse (my kinkiest), The Chai wallas (My only group I would crave to be a part of), Mr. & Ms. President (my caring control freaks), HYB (my panda), Dan Hyeuk;)(my only full-grasper of ideas), Armaan (my first male Woodstock friend) Jungshi (my fellow long distance-er), YJ (my against all odds, friend), Apurva, Dhanan, Kheyts, Kyunghoe, & The drama peeps) will receive a passionately handwritten letter that expresses my love separately #spaceissue]. To the rest, if I’ve learnt anything this semester is that life is fragile and unfair. It can be taken away from you at any moment.. RIP Ivan Stolfi.. So my fellow Woodstockers, my advice to you and myself is to live everyday (clichés are clichés for a reason). Don’t bother filling your day with the usual BS and judgment, don’t always only focus on things such as senior symposiums, instead surround your self with people and just love. Go to the gym roof, look down, admire the spilt galaxy of stars that is Dehradun. Then gaze at the skies above and realize how insignificant your problems are. Focus on what’s important! (hint: its not standardized testing, cubicles, rules, money and so on) Teachers: some of you (Mr. Harry, Ms. Anjoli, Ms. Preeti, Mr. Luukkonen, Mr. Russell, Ms. Melanie) really seemed to care and I think you should be acknowledged for that, thank you for being the mature voice in the midst of hormone-driven-adolescents, you kept me sane. I guess we can safely become Facebook friends now? Drama village: You are all so special to me. As Aditi said “I have never felt as much a part of anything in Woodstock as I have in drama”. Don’t miss us seniors too much (*wink wink* Avi). Ad Astra: “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodnye so hard”


ERIKO SHRESTHA Dear Woodstock, For a long time, I would begin every semester thinking it would be my last. Every year, I was almost ready to leave, but there would be something or someone who made me feel like Woodstock was the place I needed to be, to discover a little more, learn a little more, live a little more. There was never a good time to leave, and I’m glad I didn’t because I have grown to embrace this place for something inexplicable. To Ad Astra, I know each one of you will achieve. We are destined for the stars, stars suited to each one of you. I’m honored to get to know all of you, and to have shared moments, food and love. Stay in touch buddies, we have many more Goas to come. I’m going to miss random talks about our daily struggles and contemplations on life. Special shout out to my beta Sanghyun Park for being the man who always got my back. To my teachers, thank you for bearing with my endless questions and helping me understand… not just in the classroom but outside… being the mentors who helped me present myself to the world. There are lessons I have learnt from some of you I certainly will never forget. To my teammys, you know how much being in our wonderful family has meant. We are building a legacy people will remember. Our love for one sport has tested us, pushed us, and made us better as a team and as individuals. Focus & fight. If you ever have a latenight crisis, or need anything, always know I’m just a few clicks and keys away. To the rest of you reading this, I hope you are able to do what you really want to do, be who you really want to be. It’s one of the things you start figuring out in your numbered days at Woodstock. Stop to smell the hill in autumn. Stop to admire the Dehradun view. Stop to play in the quad, hail or rain. Stop to daydream, because that’s what Woodstock inspires you to do. Stop. And you’ll know what Woodstock means to you. Thank you for the memories, I’d do it a thousand times over

(if you know that you are special, insert your name here), hyunyoung baek Dear Thank you for always being supportive and positive when I myself could not be. Thank you for being a round building. Thank you for always nagging me with your love and

concern. Thank you for all the comfort and patience that I must learn someday. I enjoyed the walks and talks we had when we walked for no better reason but to talk. And how I wish I could go back once more to talk about everything, from our toes to our futures. Thank you for being the independent woman who always gave me great advice. Yes, you may laugh at that. Thank you for the delicious birthday cheesecakes that never set. Thank you for making me confident in my own skin. Thank you for having the same sense of humor as I do. Thank you for sitting with me and knowing my inmost thoughts. Thank you for providing me with the strangest, yet most necessary things! Thank you for the rendezvous to bazaars on the worst days. Laughing with you always leads to uncontrollable laughter, and I will certainly miss it. Thank you for editing, writing, and cuddling with me. Your hugs will be missed. Thank you for making food with me, and know that years from now, you are always welcome to stroll in to my kitchen. Thank you for being an inspiration and giving me a passion for music. Thank you for singing with me and becoming my family. Thank you for carrying me when I could not go on, both literally and emotionally! Thank you for being the better half of the room. Always be the persistent, determined, and loving person you are today. Thank you for being strange in the best way possible. Thank you for showing me what acceptance really looks like. Thank you for caring and growing with me. Thank you for giving me greater knowledge, history, and perspectives. Thank you for suffering up the hills with me! Thank you for feeding me and taking care of my ailments. And thank you, for being part of ‘015. To be honest, words are simply not enough to thank or remember any of you individually. It’s been too immense of an experience to address anything or anyone specifically. Everything has been a blessing. You deserve a special place in my heart. Yours always and truly, Hyunyoung




Apurv Kaushik To my parents, thank you for loving and supporting me unconditionally from the moment I was born; my debt to you can never be repaid. I promise that I will make you proud as I move on, and all my achievements are and will be yours. Thank you dad, for all the lectures over the years. Thank you mom, for dispelling all my fears and motivating me to always give my best. To all my teachers, thank you for all your guidance through a challenging final semester, and for giving me the confidence to appear for my AP exams. Mr. Tewari, Mrs. Crider and Mr. Raju: Ave, Morturi te Salutant! (Just kidding). You have all opened the door, and somehow I seem to have stumbled through. I will always be grateful to every one of you, and will never forget what you have done for me. To all my friends, thank you for always being there for me; for the constant support and criticism, for all the random laughs, all the lame jokes and for all the wonderful memories, which I will cherish for a lifetime. Thank you Johann for teaching me how to play basketball, going on hikes with me, and telling me to mind my surroundings. Thank you Raghav for all the TV shows, for being a good roommate and for never forgetting all the times I didn’t mind my surroundings. Aman, Ayaan, Ashish, we have to go on another camping trip one day. Shrea, you should care about school more, you psycho. $Tanmaye, time to man up, I wont be around to protect you anymore. Tanuj, Ambar, Saral, you should care a bit less about academics and enjoy your time here. Suryansh P., my little brother, stay strong! Mr. Dunn’s 9th grade R.E. class, I hope you don’t get too bored without me. Khoa, Niranjan, and all the people who used to game in the MC Lab, we must play again someday. All you guys have made high school a truly spectacular and unforgettable experience, and I’ll miss every one of you. I was going to end with some deep meaningful “life” quote by Hemingway or someone, but… “If you even dream about beating me, you better wake up and apologize” - Muhammad Ali

Johann Arthur “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.” Proverbs 16:9, NIV


Saharsha Singh Mamu,Papa, Dijju and Aafu: At first it felt as though it was the worst decision you guys made to send me to Woodstock but it clearly wasn’t. I am so thankful to have you guys as my mentors and you guys have always supported me. I know I have been stubborn and disrespectful at times but deep down I have lots of respect for you guys and I will never forget the things you have done for me. Sapam: My main man, I don’t know what life would be without you man. You have been my back bone for a long long time and sometimes I can be annoying but I love you bro and I am very lucky to have you as my friend I will really miss you. Salman: We drifted later on and you have your reasons but the times we shared will be cherished. Gurnihal: My best friend and my brother for life, we have both been there for each other and I hope to be with you in college as well. I really appreciate you bro and ill never forget the days we spent together. Saksham: My bro without you I wouldn’t have the experiences of Woodstock and I thank you for that. We aren’t as close as we used to be in Nepal but we will get it back. Wali: My bro, I remember being your friend since day one man and you’re a really nice guy and kind at heart. I am glad you are my friend and I’ll miss you bro.Karl: My 2k buddy, U are a freak man glad I got to know you and ill miss you man. Lungrig, Yuthok, Jigmey, Pukar : Have fun in life bros will miss you guys. Rahul Makkar Daadi Vyas: My desi boys loved chilling with you guys man will miss you all dearly. Karma Loten Tenphel Hrishav Dipu Benson : Keta haru moj gara yaar time biteko tha nai paudaina. Timi haru ko atti nai aucha yaar. Aashihsh ask them to translate. Deasyl: My cute/round sister always there for me, I will miss you so much and have fun in Woodstock love you. Chris and Taklha: My basketball brothers wanted to win Win Mumby but I guess dreams don’t always come true. I will miss our trips and best of luck for your future endeavors. Jin: I will miss you so much my not so little brother. All our talks and you have really made me proud as a captain. You have become a beast and I love to see that. Rahul and Mr.John: I don’t think I have ever had dorm parents who genuinely care about us as much as you two we are very blessed to have you guys as our dorm parents. Basketball team: Our brotherhood can never be replaced I love you guys and I enjoyed every moment we shared on and off the court.Mr. Jeff: All that I am today as a basketball player is because of your guidance. You have always made me feel confident and I thank you for being more than just a coach to me for 5 years. You have molded me into a mature person and guided me on and off the court. Kheytsun: I don’t know what I did to deserve you as my girl. You are one of the main reasons in me becoming such a mature person. My cutie you have changed the way I think (obviously in a good way) and any guy would be lucky to have you and I don’t know what the future holds for us but I am just glad that we shared those memories together and I will never forget you because you are an integral part of my life. I have never felt a stronger connection to anyone else and saying you are the best thing that’s happened to me would be an understatement. I wish you the best in life and I will miss you and I love you so much.

Mama, Baba: Thank you for sending me to Woodstock and everything you have done for me. Saharsha: Bro, I don’t know where to begin, football, basketball, my roommate, Chelsea fan, you have been with me through everything, words barely do justice to what all I can say, love you bro. Gurnihal: Paaji, from the cute shy overgrown baby you have evolved into a confident hunk, what I will miss is the things that happened in between, if you know what I mean lol. Chris: Bro do I really need to say anything, life won’t be the same without you. Salman: Karmali do we know how to have a good time haha, please do keep in touch don’t be cheap about using your money to call me, at least a miss call. Lungrig: no one comes close to your annoying level, but we are homies. Apurva, Oak, Jungshi: will miss all the laughter. Kheytsun: Chandi memories, always got your back. Tseki: Childhood friends, 9 years of friendship. Younjung: will miss your craziness. Stuti: finally I was cool enough to talk to you. Sofia: take care and good luck. Deasyl: yo Deas, have a good time, if anyone messes you know who to call.Daniel, Donghyun: will miss our 8th grade days. Pranit: wish we chilled more. Angad, Priam, Kabeer, and Rahul: Desi Boys it was always fun visiting your room. Wali: you are a nice guy, don’t be afraid to show it. Taklha, Jigmey, Pukar, Saksham, Yuthok: will miss the good times together. Dev: I’m tempted to write some things but I won’t, diaper baby, will miss you sex bomb. Jago: Hey Justin Bieber haha, enjoy your last year, take care bro. Hrishav: I have never had a younger brother but that was until I met you. Jin: You the sweetest guy man, glad to have known you. Eddie: we are going to Stamford Bridge together one day, yes? Zaine: Scooper, enjoyed our football trips together, always there for you. ikaum: oye Bawa, thanks for all the interesting stories over the years, but bro those biceps, don’t flaunt it too much lol. Benson: you will be a great player if you improve your shooting. Wangchuck: I will always see u as the lil cute 3rd grader Parth, Phunsok, Kabish: my dear Chelsea brothers, enjoy last few ++++years, it will never be the same again. Dorjee: you are really talented and cute, keep working hard.

Sumair Sapam


Michelle Bajwa

Mom: Thank you so much for always supporting me. If it wasn’t for you, I would have never received the education I have today. You are a strong person and I wish to be like you when I grow up. Dad: I loved it how you would hide things from mom for me. I love you. You are the most amazing dad ever. Jaydeep: Make the most out of your time in Woodstock. You are an amazing brother. Nana-Nani: You are the cutest grand-parents. All those lectures you guys have been giving me since I was 10 are finally coming to use. Babu Papa-Masi: You both are amazing. Thank you for shifting back to India- I got to come to Woodstock. I will miss annoying you when I go off to college. Masi, you have the most amazing choice in everything. Gultaj-Tajwar Veer: I loved how I could bully Gultaj veer into anything for my entire school life. Tajwar veer you are such a fruity. Mahiyal: It’s amazing how we got so close in a few months. I love spending time with you and making fun of others. I am gonna miss you sooo much. We will plan a trip somewhere and have the most amazing time of our lives. Istuti: Please don’t be shy when you go off to college. Always remember that you are a cute and beautiful girl (Punjabi-Delhi accent). Tseki: I love it when you get hyper all of sudden and make everyone around you happy. You will always be such a lun. Kheytsun: You are the most horrible singer ever. You are a very honest person and very fun to hang out with. Lalrin: You emotional, dumb, sexy, cute, weird girl. I hope you are not as lazy as you have been here all these years. And please try to control your food intake. Stutii-Raheel: You have been amazing friends to me. We have been through a lot and I am glad we are past that. I hope we can keep this friendship forever. Aashna: You will always be the best boyfriend ever. I have loved having you as a roommate and I loved having all those deep conversations with you all the time. Amaani: I hope you have a great time in college. Pung: You are the weirdest Asian ever. Have fun in Japan. AD-ASTRA: All of you are amazing people and I hope you have a lot fun in college.

Aashna Gupta “When I say I miss school , I mean the friends not the school”

“It’s been a long day without you my friend and I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again, We’ve come a long way , from where we began, I will tell you all about it when I see you again” 200

Chloe Owen

Mommy: Here is where I make up for my last graduation. ;) Thank you so much for always empowering me to make my own choices and follow my own path. I do not know where I would be without your unconditional love and guidance. You are the best mother and my best friend and I feel so immensely lucky to have you in my life. Coco: You are graduating eighth grade as I write this and moving on to high school. I know that you will have equally incredible opportunities as me. We fight, but we are the closest of close. For that, I am so grateful. You will absolutely soar in life, Nugget, and I am ex-

cited to see where it takes us. Daddy Owen: First and foremost, I appreciate your support and love more than you could ever know. Also, thank you for all the tech support you provide from half way around the world. With your backing coupled with Mom’s, I know there is nothing I cannot attempt. Gee and Papa: You two are like an extension of my parents. It is because of you that I get to go live out my crazy dreams. Thank you for giving me the gift of opportunity. I love you two more than you will ever know and I thank my lucky stars everyday that you are in my life. Susan, Paul, and Puffin: Thank you for being my best friends and (to Frankie) my second sibling. My love for you knows no bounds and I treasure the time we get to spend together. The Wonderful Roomies and Jenah: Our “room” is absolutely crazy and I adore it! Thank you for putting up with my light sleeping, comforting me when sleep deprivation takes its toll, teaching me to cook for six (plus), and reducing me to tears of laughter. The squeaks will ring through my ears forever and our shenanigans will invade my stories for years to come; I am sure. Jenah, thanks for being my hiking buddy and such an amazing friend! I am so lucky I got to know you and I feel like you get me.

Jenah Black

“I hear the wind across the plain A sound so strong that calls my name. It’s wild like the river; it’s warm like the sun Yes here - this is where I belong.

Under the starry skies where eagles have flown This place is paradise - it’s the place I call home. The moon on the mountains The whisper through the trees The waves on the water Let nothing come between this and me. ‘Cause everything I want is everything that’s here, And when we’re all together there’s nothing to fear. And wherever I wander, the one thing I’ve learned: It’s to here I will always, always return.” -“This is Where I Belong,” Bryan Adams



Wali Zahine

First of all I would like to thank my parents, they made me who I am and I apologize for all the mistakes I have made. To the RHQs, it’s been real, can’t wait to see you guys in the future. Same goes to the late night CC crew. Bean bag crew, you know what it is. Goa crew, we had an unforgettable time. Special Shoutouts: Kyungho Jung, I remember the first person I went to bazzar with was you bro, thanks for always being a bro, just wait till I come to Korea, much love. Gurnihal Singh, you really helped me get settled into woodstock and you’ve been one of the closest homies a guy could ask for, thanks for not ditching us in goa, much love bro. Karl Ferro, my roomie for three semesters, homie for all four at Woodstock and life, much love. Salman Karmali, my muslim brother for life, we’ve made more memories than I can count, my time at woodstock wouldn’t have been the same if I didn’t get to know you bro, much love. Saharsha Singh, my homie since the first week, one of the most trustworthy friends a guy could ask for, a true brother, much love. Yuthok Rinzin, our friendship has gotten stronger with each week, much love to my last roomie in woodstock, wait till I come to Bhutan. Sumair Sapam, no jokes in my will, I’ll miss you man, much love to you bro. Saksham Jatia, you swaggy boy, one of my first bros at woodstock, can’t wait to see you in the future, much love. Jungshi Jamir, roomies for 2 semesters, even though we’ve drifted, you are my bro for life, much love. Pukar Mahat, gonna miss you bro, we had an insane time in Goa together, much love. Tenzin Lungrig, I’ll miss your style and broness, please study hard once you get to Uni, much love bro. Tenzin Jigmey, I don’t know who is more stylish you or TL can’t wait to see you in the future, much love. Tenzin Dudul Taklha, thanks for actually chilling with us this year bro, we had a blast, much love. Daniel Lee, I’m going to miss the deep bro talks, you’re one of the realest people I have met, much love. Joshua Mark Missal, I’ll miss your carefree attitude and I’ll never forget that you showed me OMDP on the first week of school when I was new, hope to see you in the future, much love. Sidhant Seth, we didn’t start off well, but we’ve become better friends, much love. Angad Makkar, Kabeer Narikunni, Rahul Patel, Priam Vyas, even though I’ve shared some good and bad memories with you guys, the good outweighs the bad by a lot, much love to you all. Aman John, keep doing what you do, you’re truly a genuine guy, much love. Inwook Jung, I’ll miss gymming with you and talking to you about things that only we will understand, we’ve drifted, but you will always be my bro, much love. Samiha Thapa, Sofia Yakovleva, Tseki Lhamo, Kheytsun Rinchen, much love and sorry for the excessive jokes. Daniel Landuhsaka and Devansh Tibrawalla, we made some memories in Goa, even though you guys aren’t here to graduate with us, you are in our hearts, much love. Zach Alter, I miss our times together, I wish you were here to graduate with us, much love bro. To anyone I might have missed out, just know that you are in my heart. To everyone else, even though I might not have become friends with all of you I just want to wish you all luck and hope you all succeed wherever you may be. To all the homies in the lower grades(Jago VonMoltke, Jinhyun Lim, Haesoo Park, Adrian Archer, Starling Rose, Donald Blank, Eddie Mandal, Kabeer Mehta, Devashish Pahadi) , work hard, play harder, and enjoy the rest of the time you have at Woodstock, wish you all the best of luck and keep mirin for the ones who know what that means. Special shoutout again to my little bro Bahir, hope you have a great few years of high school that are left, study hard and keep up with the sports, I will always love you bro. I want yo leave you all with a quote. With Love, Wali Zahine. “God wants us to know that life is a series of beginnings, not endings. Just as graduations are not terminations, but commencements. Creation is an ongoing process, and when we create a perfect world where love and compassion are shared by all, suffering will cease.”

Apurva Adit

Parents- Even if I say thank you a billion times it wont be enough. Till date everything that I do is for you. No matter what I do, you have always supported me and have never let me stumble. Noone else can take credit for providing their kid with so much. I will always remember all that you have sacrificed for me. So to the greatest people on this planet; I love you. If I forget all that you have done for me I would have failed not only as a son but a person. Friends- Throughout my life I have been an only child and when I was kid, sitting alone in my room I always wished for a sibling. I always dreamt of a life with a brother or a sister to share experiences and make memories with. Take it from me; you really should be careful what you wish for. I asked for one brother or a sister, instead I got more than I ever asked for. Living in a boarding school isnt the easiest thing and I had the privelage of having a family away from home. Even though I dont say it enough, every single one of you have had more of an impact on me than you can imagine. Even though you may give me crap, its made me a better person and I can honestly say: Everything I am today is because of you. You have made me who I am. And I have become someone I am proud to be. Without you I would be a nobody. The last 10 years have been a bliss and I have lived a life few can dream of. Still, life works in a funny way and at one momment your on top of the world, the next it takes away all the good things and youre falling to earth. And I can say atleast this- I got so high that at this point im scared to let everything go because the fall is so far down. To the people who make me; I love you. Thank you for everything. Words cannot express how much I will miss you.




Bamaejuri Sohkhlet

it’s not a goodbye letter, it’s not a sad song. It’s a temporary farewell, it’s only a “see you later”.

Patthamawadee Tongsuk “Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I’ll miss you Until we meet again!” Thank you Amma, Appa & Meme and everyone who helped me through the first bit of my journey. I will miss you class of 2015 and Accidentals! See you again!



Daddu: It has been more than a year, but your faith in me still keeps me going. It always will. You’re my strength. I love you. Family: Thank you for always supporting and guiding me. I’m so glad to have each one of you <3. La: I am so lucky to have met such a beautifully blingy person. I’ll always cherish each day we’ve spent together. Hubby, you’re definitely worth melting for <3 Remember August 2023! Gran: You are the best person ever! One day, I hope we can sit civilly on a table. May Ze Heoos always be with you. Visit me! Kimi: I am so glad I got to know you. WS wouldn’t have been the same without your chowsomeness, Korean food and our deep talks. Thank you for always helping me! You’re bae. Aku: For all the brownies, cakes and love- Thank you! We can kill the cat together. YSL and Pungi: Boo-boos, you are my favorite couple. Thai coffee for life. Amy: Aunty jaanu. You’ll always hold a special place for me. I’ll miss you! Juhi: If only—You know it! Some day, if you sing a song nice enough, then, maybe. Aya: Wakita, do I even have to? You’re beautiful! Shivi: GPPP, you are so hot, you radiate. <3 Upa: Maidam, what would I do without your Sherpa and PA skills? Try not to bribe your way through med school! You could always set up the Wai Wai shop. Shreya: Bihari beaut, you’re too cool for life yaar. Big room love forever! Avni: Ava, I’ll always be Team Avni! Totally getting t-shirts made. Ish: On a scale of 1 to 10, I love you more than a 100000. Maybe when you’re on the edge of glory, you’ll be the Victorian valid. Andrew: The only reason I’m glad for that hike is because I met you! Sidhant: It takes courage to be as weird as you are. You somehow pull it off! Ju: BFFFF <3 8: I love all of you! Woodstock: For you, a thousand times over. Ad Astra: Thank you for wonderful years! It has been an honor.

M nny





m Kim


God: You’ve always stayed on my side - thank you for your unlimited love and patience. 엄마아빠: 굳이 말 안 해도 다 이해해 주시고 감싸주시는 엄마아빠 딸이라서 행복해요^^ ♥사랑해요♥ 언니둘: 언제든 지 기댈 수 있는 언니들이 둘씩이나 있어서 얼마나 든든한지 알랑가몰라~ 셋이 또 붙어다니게 되서 좀 좋은 거 같음 히힛<3<3<3 Manvi: Keep up with your chowsomeness and we shall continue with those talk sessions (promise)! Thank you for always cheering me up. Me so lucky to be friends with you >_< 혀니: Saturday morning buddy >ㅂ< 둘이 침대에 앉아서 수다수다 했던 게 벌써 3년 전이라는 게 안 믿겨 :’( 많이 보고 싶을거야. 담에 만나면 또 팬케이크 만들어 주기♡ Ayachan: My little adorable roommate-for-life :3 I’ll never forget all that you’ve done for me, and I’m grateful that I got to spend years with someone like you.Aishteru! 연솔양: 처음부터 끝까지 고마운 일들 투성이야 ㅎㅎ 내 얘기 너무 잘 들어주고 이것저것 챙겨주는 둘도 없는 친구 ;) I-Hsin: The ultimate cook, teacher, musician friend :) Thank you for putting up with my complaints and laziness! 윤정: 같이 있을 땐 계속 웃게 되는 것 같아~ 고마웠어 ^_^ Jenah: Thanks a lot for being such a sweet mommy♡ I’m so glad that you’ve been here with me and Aya! Will definitely miss our room and the fun times! Amy Mommy: Thank you for adopting me :> Love you lots! Granny-Daddy: The person who makes me laugh tooo much but fails to tickle me! We just spent every minute trying to annoy each other :P Who knew, I WILL miss those moments-with-Panda. 예쁜 동생 수야: 알았어 멋지다고 해줄게 ㅋ 언니로써 더 챙겨주기는커녕 어리광이나 부려서 미안하고, 그래 도 언니라고 옆에 있어줘서 고마워. 혼자서도 잘 할거 라고 믿어! 많이많이 사랑해 ^3^ Woodstock: Thanks for helping me grow and make such unforgettable memories.[P.S. Please take care of Sulin :] Ad Astra: I’m honored to be part of such a multi-talented, friendly group of people! Thank you all for everything & will miss you so much c:*


Mathu <3 page

Juhi Lilwani

Caroline: These last two years of high school have been really weird without having my best friend at my side, but at least we never let the distance get in the way of anything. You made my sophomore year at Woodstock amazing. We’ve made so many hilarious memories from pestering Shivi to the molded chocolate to creating fake memories. These ridiculous, idiotic things will always hold a special place in my heart. I guess we have Eugene to thank for everything, huh? Shivi: You were the first person I met when I arrived in 10th grade and as odd as it was, I’m glad that our parents forced us to be friends. I don’t understand why dancing together made us squeamish or why we talk about ridiculous things like noodles and poodles, but I don’t question it because out time together wouldn’t have been as great without our odd quirks. Thanks for being an

awesome roommate and friend, you psycho! Frances: Thank you so much for not being the awful, smelly roommate like I expected you to be. This doesn’t mean that I’ll forgive you for you know what. That was a scarring moment. Don’t take this as a goodbye though because we’ll definitely be meeting up again. You’ll always be my favorite giraffe  Rhea: So I may have sorta’ forced you to be my friend… but I think that it worked out great in the end! You really helped me adjust back to life back at Woodstock, and I will always be grateful for that. From all of the odd memories we’ve made together, I’d say my favorite was burning dresses with you, even though it did end in a disaster at times. You’ve always been there to calm me down over idiotic things, even when it drove you insane. Tahhira: You know exactly what to say when I need advice or when I need to calm down which is one of the things I love about you. It was amazing getting to know you this year while sharing stories. Like Rhea, you also helped me adjust back to life at Woodstock so thank you for that as well. Good luck with wherever you may end up in the future! Manvi: Our relationship from sophomore year to senior year really hasn’t changed at all like it has with most other people… only you know what I mean. I’m quite surprised that you’ve been able to put up with me trying to pester you for so long, it’s actually quite impressive. So thanks for putting up with me when I need to just bother you, but I know there’s a part of you that you enjoyed it, no matter how much you say otherwise. To my parents: You have no idea how grateful I am to you for giving me the opportunity to come to Woodstock, meet new people, and see how amazing life can be. Thank you so much for being there when I need a favor, to rant, or just when I want to talk about my day. Thanks for everything.

It just seems like I arrived in Woodstock yesterday and now it is already time for leaving and saying goodbye! How time flies!!! I joined this school only for the last semester but it has been a lifetime experience. Ma, Baba, I am so blessed and grateful to have such parents like you who have given me immense support throughout my side like a solid rock acknowledging and encouraging me in every moment of life, enduring my tantrums, emotional outbursts and weaknesses. Also, I am fortunate and feel accomplished to have and use the moral values you have taught me which I choose to cherish them in the upcoming future. I cannot express how proud I am because you are going through a lot of struggles and challenges in life with a smile on your face and that is what I have learnt from you and will never give up. Thank you Mama and Baba for being such wonderful parents as you have protected me from all weather by your strength and cover to help me nurture and grow under your guidance and Love you!! Chloe! You are my very first friend in Woodstock and I still remember how you told me about dorm life, the “lovely” Woodstock food, and the beautiful people here and told me that, “Don’t worry girl! We are going to tackle things together!” Oh well, thanks for that interesting introduction and I will miss you Babe..! Thanks for being my emotional anchors, Ms Preeti and Ms. Yaman with whom my first interaction was very re-assuring. A special thanks to Mr. Maiti for believing in me and giving me an opportunity to perform in the Indian Music Concert. Amaar bhalobhasha! AMY, thank you so much for being in my life and I never expected that I will get so close to you at this short time and be like soul sisters! You have always been a support for me here in Woodstock and as a true friend you have guided me every time especially personally and mentally. I will miss our Novobharsho food and our Bengali communication about life and struggles we both facing and much more. Love you man and please stay in touch, I will miss you my only Bong Bae! My roommates, Amaani and Istuti! Thanks a lot for accepting me as a roommate and adjusting everytime. I will definitely miss our night screams and gossips which will only stay among us. Will miss you guys! Ms. Dyson, Ms. Bowling Mr. Negi and thanks to the entire faculty, my regards and best wishes to all of you for helping me, assuring me and guiding me always!

Anupama Mitra


I-Hsin Yang

Shanti: It was quite nice getting to know you and playing viola with you in Inter Orchestra. I will dearly miss all your book rambles and random comments about life and rajma. You will do well in viola and I am sure of it! Rohan: Allo boy! Man, I hate to say this, but I think I am going to miss your pokes and your chaotic nature! You have made my Woodstock life quite fun and exciting! Jalori: my other little sister. You are just such a hyper and happy child! Stay that way forever okay? I will miss you a lot! My family in Woodstock: (you know who you are!) you guys have made my time in Woodstock ever so memorable! Keep shining in everyone’s life! MaryEllen: my spare mom. It is so wonderful to have had a spare mother who takes care of me! Thank you for all the care you have given to me! I will miss you dearly! Sharhirah: my wonderful girlfriend. Thank you for all the joy we have shared together. I know you will do well in academics, athletics and music and yes, you will be fine~ keep being adorable and awesome as you always are! Promise me that you will stay like that okay? Okay. I love you! Manvi: Dude, I am going to miss annoying in Chemistry and in general, life. I am going to find new ways to bug you just so that we can keep in touch and for me to have fun. Parishma (daughter): OMG!!! You are going to College! I am so proud of you! Look at you! All grown up! Okay, I will stop being a mommy. Akansha: Dear the other cat, I hope you have a fun time enjoying life lazing around. I will miss not having another cat in the classroom. Oak: It was fun playing jazz with you for a year man. Let’s meet up someday and play again? God: thank you for protecting me and raising me up so. You have blessed me countless times and I am glad to have you in my life. Kimmi: I really enjoyed playing viola with in string quartet and orchestra. I hope you have a wonderful music carrier ahead! 媽媽: 我畢業了! 謝謝你一直以來都信任我在國外讀書! 謝謝你以直為我禱告和帶我接近耶穌!

Frances Kelleher Woodstock Juhi, I’m really sorry about that one thing. You know the thing. We don’t have to mention it. And that other time. Sorry about that. Otherwise thanks for being a groovy roommate. We will have

our late night chats to remember. You’re my favorite lobster. Chloé, I wills cherish the memory of us at the red fort. I still can’t you actually did that. But if you ever need anyone to cover you again, you can count on me. I’ll miss you. Amy, Thanks for being a great ALS partner. I’m going to miss you. And I will never forget that vaguely creepy time you liked all of my profile photos. Anu, Thanks for being my first friend here. I was really nervous being new second semester senior year and it was really great knowing that you had my back and that you were right across the hall from me. Andrew, I love your cooking, I love your chainmail. You’re pretty awesome and I’m really happy I met you. Grace, I had a really great semester hanging out with you. We have to visit each other in the states. Shout out to Miriam who is fab and beautiful and amazing and no one else matters. Nyika and Isaiah, You’re both bros. I had a great time with philosotea every Thursday and with 3D art and Indian History. Love ya. Everyone, Thanks for making me feel welcomed here. It was great meeting everyone. Sorry for making everything about Taylor Swift. Dwight, you’re such a Dwight. People at Latin: To everyone who hung out in Mrs. McGlinn’s office, You are some of my best friends. I missed you so much this semester and I’m going to miss you even more when we are all at school. I hope we keep in touch. I love you all. To the basketball team, I didn’t like basketball, but you guys made it so enjoyable that I started liking the sport. I’m going to miss being a part of this team. To the x-country team, Never has running been so fun. It’s been an amazing four years. To the ultimate team, I only played for one semester but it was by far the most fun I had on a sports team. Even though next year I’ll be a Poet a part of me will always be a Roman and another part will be a tiger.



DisaproN T

MOM AND DAD: Thank you so much JUDY: I don’t have anything to say. Whatever I will see you every year. YEONSOL/ COOLDUDE: Hey!! We have been friends for 5 years(we weren’t friends in 6th grade so... ) with you has been WEIRD but memorable. You are my best friend, my sister, and my asian buddy haha! We’ve had lots of amazing memories in and out of school that I will never forget. Thank you!!! BOO BOO: I will miss you and be a good boy dont do naughty stuffs. Thank you for being there for me hope to see you again. HYUN YOUNG: My baby we have been through sooooooo much. I will miss your blueberry pancakes and idk some chicken with nuts. By the way, i love hanging out with you. Better send me a letter every christmas. MY SECOND BOOBOOS (Manvi and Raheel): You guys are really loud at night. Manvi! you are one of the nicest person i ever know. Raheel!! You are mean JK. ISTUTI: My cutie pie you are pretty so stop saying you are this you are that. GAN: My Thai buddy 5555 call me when you come to Bangkok. BAMAE : Weirdo good luck MICHELLE: you will never find an asian like me. SHREYA: Handicap woman. I will miss carrying your down the ramp . SADRISH(sadfish buddy): Yo do not forget me okay!!!!!!!! keep in touch PARISHMA: I dont know why you are so nice to Istuti. You are the best math teacher. RATTAPONG AND OAK: let’s meet in Thailand LUKAS,JAMES, RAN, PERM, KOON,JAI, and BUZZ: GOOD LUCK ISHIKA: we were so closed. what happened ?? UPASANA: I promise i will send you Thai goodies. AASHNA: My favorite mate i miss you and ur bipolar mood. XOXO

Yeonsol LEe

항상 내 영순위 가족: 엄마, 아빠, 오빠, 깡깡이! 항상 생각하고있어요. 우리 항상 더 행복하게 지내요! 사랑해요 :) PUNGIE: my dearest! You take me back to the Moon. MY COOL DUDE. After 30 years from now on, you’d still be my dearest cool dude. SADRISH: Co-worker but more than a co-worker. You change me and I change you. You gon me my MOH  Only one who gets me in the entire school. ISHANA: You weren’t here physically but were somehow always with us. YJ,HYUN,AELIN: 애정해! 친구들아! 항상 변함없는 우정 고마워. MANVS&RAHEEL: I adore everything about you guys. I am so so so happy that we became roommates for the final semester- I am sure pung feels the same way too. Let’s go chambers! BAM&GAN: You lovely people. You take care of me, you make me laugh. You guys the best. TSEKI&KHEYTS&SAM: I will remember all the moments spent together!  Take Care. ERIKO&PARU: Mero Mayalus. ISHIKA&SHREYA&UPS: Funniest People. KOREAN SENIOR MEN: You guys take care- see you in Korea! And INWOOK sorry for annoying you so much in Hindi but we kept each other a good company, didn’t we? PRANU: Bestie. Always there to listen to me. We so lifeless so im sure we will keep in touch  SAPAM: I will forever take care of you k. haha. WALI: Best Friend. SHAURYA&RATTAPONG&HRITIK: Smartiesss! I just want you to know that some of my favorite time in WS was spend with you people. Will miss you. DEVASHISH, HEALEAM, TANUSHREE, SATVIK: You kids make me so happy sometimes haha :D Take Care. HONOR COUNCIL PPL: Thank you for everything and AMRITA! I will miss watching bball with you <3. MR.C-RAD: You know you are my fav teacher, and now a great friend. KYUNGHO1: It’s not been long, but you know me like you’ve known me forever. (Magician much.) You know the meanings of faces I makeyou know the words I am about to say before I even say them. Keep making me wonder how lucky I am to have you. Chrisy boyyy I think you are the one for me. 212

Aman John

Fifteen years of life in this pot of Joy seems like a lot. It’s been the best school journey one can ask for and yes I’ve learned a lot and I mean it a lot. As we all know all good things must come to an end. During my time of Woodstock I have a big group of people I have to say Thank you to. During my entire schooling and life to come I have truly have to say Thank you to Mama, Papa both of you mean everything to me and its Thanks to you that I am in this school. Thank you for giving you best for everything and me even though we had those hard times. I LOVE YOU MAMA PAPA AYAAN & MEHER. Ayaan and Meher both of you make sure to have the best time at Woodstock no bothering Mama Papa.

Take care of them and study hard it will be worth it. Have fun and keep safe. Thank You AV crew, Mr. Pesvento,Ms.Weiss,Mrs.Clark, Mr. Anil Bhandari, all the bhaiya ji’s and Lal Chand ji all the security forces and in general all of WOODSTOCK THANK YOU! As for my friends Johann my child hood buddies Thanks for being that sucker to tag along and to make this 015 experience worth it. Raya and Jonah thanks for all that fun and all the day-scholars Thanks for keeping it real and all the fun. Finally as I say Thank you I just want to say Thank You Elizabeth Khosravi! The most amazing, beautiful, awesome, spectacular, gorgeous, cute, incredible, breathtakeing, wonderful, pretty, adorable, and most importantly cutifulazing girl ever It was my pleasure to have been able to be by your side. I truly enjoyed this last year with you and honestly it couldn’t have been any better. I’m never going to forget those beautiful eye’s, nose, lips and most importantly a kind heart that will go on forever. Thank you so much Elizabeth I promise to be there and always to say I LOVE YOU <3 Finally as my Woodstock journey ends I would like to thank you the class of 2015. “I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, “This is what it is to be happy.”

Raghav Gupta

We Shall All Find Our Own Path In Life


Minhee Kim

엄마, 아빠! 저 이제 졸업해요 졸업 못 할 줄 알았는데 벌써 시간이 됬네. 진짜 실망도 많 이 시키고 우여곡절도 많았 는데 끝까지 믿어주고 기다 려줘서 고마워요. 이젠 정말 행복한 일들만 만들어 줄께 요. 사랑합니다 Amy I really don’t know how Amy I really don’t know how we became friends, but thank you for being my friend. If you weren’t here, I wouldn’t able to make good memories at WS. Sometimes we fought a lot like real sisters. Sometimes you consoled me and gave me advices whenever I am sad. Again, thank you for offering me precious memories. I won’t forget them forever. Let’s keep in touch even after grad. I will try :P Love ya Tahhira Yo anti ji! First of all, thank you for being my sister. Whenever I had problems, you always solve them out right away. Even though last two years were too short, every single moment was precious. Just text me whenever you miss me <3 Rhea! You know what? The most thing that Im gonna miss is the time when we used to cook together and had parties every nights. I got to know you more in senior year, and I wish I have more time to make memories with you. I promise I’ll visit Mumbai and you soon ;) Panda you know whom I am talking about now. It’s been 3 years since we met. You are in Nepal now and I miss you a lot. I don’t know how I will survive without you :’( Anyway, just keep sending me FB messages. I’m ready to reply back!! :D Ms. Melanie and Mr. Rhatigan!! Finally, I’m graduating WS!! I can’t believe this!! This couldn’t be possible without both of your supports. You always helped me and took care of me like my parents when I had hard times. I won’t forget the memories you gave to me. I will miss Ms. Mel’s cookies and brownies. I will miss the advisor nights and Dehradun trip. Thank you so much. You guys are the best advisors ever!! <3 Ms. Ronita Guess who is graduating!! I still remember those days in Midlands with you. As you were my dorm parent, I could finish my first WS year. You were always ready to hear my stories and complain. Whatever I wanted, you always supported us. I will miss the way you used to call us, like “my sweetheart,” and “my darling.” I will remember the hot chocolate mike shake that you gave me after I cried. Thank you, Ms. Ronita! the way you used to call us, like “my sweetheart,” and “my darling.” I will remember the hot chocolate mike shake that you gave me after I cried. Thank you, Ms. Ronita!

Nafia Din

Amma-Thank you for sending me here and always being there for me when ever needed. Thank you for never letting go of me. Love you amma.Family-Thank you each and one of you guys for always supporting me all the time and thank you for never losing hope on me no matter what.The Es-you guys rock.You guys are literally my second family.Thank you so much for everything thing and supporting me throughout my depressions.I will miss you guys like anything. keep in touch.<3 you.MinKim-it was a great pleasure to have you as my roommate for the past 2.5 years.I know we had our ups and downs, but we never gave up.The thing I will miss the most is your “SO?”.Thank you for teaching me how to make bread pudding.I will miss annoying.Take care and do come visit me!Will miss u and love u.Anu-dude,tor shathe amr ato bhalo friendship kibhabe holo I have no clue!Tui best!Onk manush dekhechi ai 5 years e, but never met someone like you!My Bong Bae :* Onk kichu ache bolar toke.And shob personal.So aikhane kichui likhi nai!Come visit me soon!But please before u go off to college.Na ashle merei fhelbo toke!I love you dude!Take care and always keep on smiling!Keep in touch cz tor shathei khali contact rakbo after leaving!:P Ishraque:Pie, thank you for always being so supportive!Last 2 years was the best and thank you for never leaving me alone.I know I was always mean to you but you always loved me!<3 I love you soo much.Best BF I could ask for.Thank you for understanding me. :* Anha-dst thank you for all your support.Tui na thakle je amr ki hoito 5 years away from you was hard.Lucky to have u in my life!:* thank for listening to all the complains I ever made!I love you my bessttiiee!! :* Mr. Maiti-you are the best! Will miss you loads.Take care and keep in touch.Will miss annoying you during your practices!You are the bestest friend I could ever ask for! see you soon. Dorm Parents-Thank you for all your support and dealing with my weirdness.Keep in touch and tc. Advisors-you guys are the best.Thank you so much for all the support. Gonna miss all the “highs and lows”.Take care.Bangladesh group-Take care guys and don’t get into trouble.See you in BD soon!kichu lagle um always there.Just throw a msg or call me.Love u all :* South Goa people-thank you for an awesome QB.Love each one of you.Indian history groupthank you so much for an awesome last high school field trip.Take care.Will miss u guys.Ad-Astra-Take care everyone.


Shaurya Dhingra

Mom, Dad and Na Kob: Thank you for sending me here. I would regret it if you did not send me here. Our decision to come to Woodstock was totally worth it. I thank you for your love and support for the past 18 years. Shaurya: We had fun didn’t we? Haha… Don’t forget me and I expect a Wedding Card from you. Oh and don’t forget you’re buying me a plane ticket(First Class ONLY) I could write so much about you, but it wouldn’t fit here. I will miss you so much and keep in touch! Hritik: I wish you were in Woodstock earlier. I will miss times that we spend together. It was fun knowing you. Keep in touch. Dhananjay: It was fun spending time with you. I will miss you so much. Thanks for the famous Kanpur Laddoo. I will miss our spaghetti dinner with you and Shaurya. It wasn’t the best dish, but the time that we spent cooking together that made the food so delicious. Sang Hyun: It has been a pleasure knowing you. When you become rich and famous, don’t forget me. I believe will be very successful. Keep in touch! Inwook: You were my first roommate in Woodstock. It was fun when I help you out in everything. Keep in touch! Oak: It was fun cooking Thai food with you. Without you we couldn’t make Thai food for Mela. Keep in touch! Pung: I think you are the closest girl friend I’ve ever had in my life. We had so much fun together since Middle school. Stay strong and dedicated! I will miss you loads, Keep in touch! Sidhant: I would regret if you weren’t my roommate. You are an amazing person and unique. When you become famous, don’t forget me. Eriko: Your dedication surprised me. I had a lot of fun talking to you. I will miss you… Khyati: Hi Chem, Physics, Bio, Calc, Eng buddy in grade 12! I wish I knew you long time ago. We will have so much fun together. Even though I got to know you only one year, it seems like I know you since grade 7. The time that we spent together was totally valuable. Stay strong and keep in touch. I will miss you. Upasana: It’s fun talking to you. I wish I know you a little but more. I will miss you. Good luck! Manvi: You are the most helpful person I have ever met. Thanks for helping me out in everything. Sadrish: I will miss you a lot. I enjoyed having Chemistry class with Dr. Sharma while sitting next to you. I remember the BKK trip with you, pung and Gan. It was super fun. I wish we had more time to spend together. Don’t worry, I will come to Singapore and visit you. Better see me! Stutii: What sup Hiking Buddy! I don’t want to talk about it, it the worst week of my life... Chemistry and Physics classes wouldn’t be fun without you. Remember Physics with Mr. Lall and Chemistry with Dr. Sharma? The struggles… Anyway, I will miss you a lot and I won’t be able to annoy you anymore. Tun, Peam, James, Buzz, Jai, Ran,Koon and Perm: Good luck and have fun in Woodstock. Wherever you go, I’m sure you all will be successful. If you need anything(except money), just call me. I will be there for you. Let’s have reunion when we’re in BKK. Keep in touch. Ad Adtra: It has been fun spending time with you guys. If you need me, just call me. I’ll always be there for you.

Dad: For years, I begged you to get me out of here, but you knew what was best for me. Now, I thank you for sending me to Woodstock and for all the times you dropped everything to talk about my problems. I know I’m 18 and get angry a lot and say I know everything but you’ll always be the one I look to as my role model and guide. Everything I will become will be because of your effort. I love you Dad. Shikhar: Enjoy your last year at Woodstock. Spend more time with your friends but study hard. Know that you are even smarter than me. Call me if you need anything, or even if you don’t. You’re the best brother ever. Rattapong: Keep up your sarcasm. Even if nobody gets it. Stay stress free. I’m coming to Thailand in six years and living with you. Let’s see how good of a dentist you become. Hritik: We laugh so much its crazy. I’ll probably get bored without you at college. Don’t worry though, we’re going to Hopkins someday. P.S. I know you love Taylor Swift. Sang Hyun: I still got a lot to learn, but you taught me about life man. Someday, we’ll make a huge load of money together. Dhananjay: Geniuses are drawn toward each other. Let’s meet up and play some math games every now and then. Pranit: Our bio jokes were the best (the suite life of an electron). Stay funny. Jigmey: It’s been 10 years. Don’t forget our secret handshake, I’m definitely not embarrassed by it. I promise I will catch up on Naruto someday. Jigmey/Sang Hyun/Apurva/Sumair/Joshua/Lungrig/Daniel/Jungshi: We all grew up together. We’ve lived in every dorm and done everything. You guys are always going to be my best friends. Armaan: We both know Delhiites are better than everyone else. Priam: I will miss you making a huge deal about everything (like the time I played soccer or my Stanford bag). It was fun. Inwook: What would you do without me? Call me if you need help in college too. I’ll see you in Korea someday. Ju: You can always randomly sleep in my bed. Try becoming better than me at calc. I’ll see you in Korea too. Sidhant: Don’t wave too much when you’re famous. Keep up your style. Don’t be too lame. Rahul/Angad/Kabeer: You know I’ve been with the chai gang since the beginning. I’ll miss watching Bollywood movies with you guys. Ad Astra: I’ve been here over half my life. You guys are my family and I will miss you forever. Have fun in college. Whenever you’re in Delhi, give me a call.


Rattapong Owasitth



Tahirra Somal

Time at Woodstock for me has been short and sweet. I would like to give a shoutout to a lot of people. Firstly my dad, mom, Ishaan, Dadi, Nani, both my masi’s, Fali, Breezer (my dog), spending time at woodstock away from all these people has made my relationship even stronger with each one of them. Without cribbing to Neharika, Chitwan, Divyanshi, Avantika my Woodstock days would have been incomplete. They’ve also been sources of support and encouragement. When i first came to woodstock I felt so comfortable with Ms. Ronita, she’s really the best. Rhea you’ve been with me through thick and thin and i love you to death. I hope you stay well and alive so that i get to see you again, you accident prone thing! Minhee Kim you’re the cutest, thank you for all those Korean snacks, i’ll miss the workout sessions and laughing till my stomach hurt. Panda, snapchat, morning breakfast, laughing at Akansha’s almost injuries was super fun. Akansha you’re a strong girl, runaway and come to chandi please. Amy you’re fun loving and beautiful, morning sunrise, endless selfies are among my treasured memories. Thankyou Utsav for being an amazing date for JSB’14. Juhi I’ll always remember saving Nala with you,how you dive onto me and our goofy pictures. Shivi you’re super cute and fun, Khyati i hope you keep smiling, Yejin you’re my favorite junior, Khyetsun i hope you and my stationary are happy together. Ms. Dyson Shimla was super fun with you, you’re my favorite teacher, your secret is safe with me, for all those who think Ms. Dyson cannot be goofy, you’re wrong, just saying. Ms. Preeti, Mr. Maiti you are awesome advisors, Ms. Preeti I’ll keep your Pooh cup safe, don’t ever cut your hair, they’re gorgeous and all the best for Bangalore. Ms. Chander you are 24/7 graceful, how do you manage? Ms. Melanie and Mr. Rhatigan you’re one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. Ms. Datt, Ms. Pearson love the sassiness. Mr. Dunn I love your stories. Ms. Yaman you’ve been so supportive and kind and its always nice to see Mr. Shankardas’s smiling face, your love story is the cutest. Ms. Prathana I love your scarf collection. Shimla group, I had a lot of fun with you guys, the best activity week ever. Goa people thankyou for helping, the partying part was fun. Thankyou to the Woodstock Community for every good or bad moment I spent here, will remember it always.

Rhea Malani

Woodstock has been a journey to say in the least, filled with moments when I sincerely questioned my sanity but at the end of this long winding road, but I chose this road and the clock of life is wound but once so no point in dwelling. Now as I look down the daunting path ahead of me, and the people who walked with me till this juncture, I just want to say thanks. First my Nani, who would have killed me for even considering boarding school, and probably fought tooth and nail to make sure I wouldn’t go, if she were still around. I will love you forever. Next I would like to thank my parents for supporting me, letting me spread my wings and follow my heart. Dadi and Archie Booa – you guys are the best, Booa - thanks for listening to all my random complaints, and never judging or telling on me for anything  and Dadi – thank you for always looking after me.  Then I would like to give a shout out to Aashray and Tresha, for even though they were mad at me for leaving they have never left my side and there whenever I need them. Cheers to my darling best friends  Ahana and Amalesh, deserve a mention for listening to my complaints and coming whenever I needed. Now my Woodstock people... Tahhira – you have been my best friend for since I came here, and stood by me through thick and thin. Thank you. Parishma, Manvi, Minhee, Akansha, Amy, Juhi - you are all my ‘bae’ (btw that term is horrid) so basically I love you all :* :P Mr. Russell and Ms. Dyson – you guys were the best chaperones ever and thank you for everything in Shimla. And Ms. Dyson – thank you for the sleepovers and pancakes  Ms. Margaret –thank you for always letting me come into your office to just rant about things and listening to me even though sometimes what I said made no sense whatsoever, and also letting me be your intern. Thank you. To all my teachers – I know I must have been a tedious student to deal with at times but thank you for doing so.  My props team – thanks for putting up with me Finally to my classmates and all drama my people – you guys are the best and I love you all 


Akansha Paul

Mom and dad: Thank you for all that you’ve given up for me so that I could have the best experiences in life. I hope to make the best out of all the opportunities I come across in life. I love you. Paru: I had the best memories rooming with you. I’m going to miss the small stupid things that would make us crack up. The awesome food we made and when we know each other’s feelings before we even say it. I <3 you Fatty: There is so much to say. But I love you is all that’s needed. Raheel: I can’t count the number of times that we would suddenly start singing together and then crackup. Or when I’d finish your “sandwich”. Thank you for being there for me through the good and the bad times. I <3 you Manvi: Stay unique, motivated and energized. Ill miss you so much even though we couldn’t spend much time together in senior year. Keep wearing the brightest colors on earth and the matching shoes and shirt. I <3 you Tahhira/Rhea: You guys are funny. Don’t ever change and keep being going to miss our weird talks and odd funny moments. I <3 you both. Minhee: Don’t ever change. Keep being cute. I will miss you loads. Good luck with your future <3Amy: Thank you for being there in my needy times. I’ll miss you and I hope I can come to BD one day. Good luck with your future. I <3 you. (You don’t need any other love but mine) Angel/Rachel: You are the most awesome sisters I could have asked for. Keep aiming high and ill see you sometime sooner or later. A cappella: I will never forget the New York trip. I’ll miss singing with you guys. Thank you for all the awesome times. Never stop singing!Ohana: Thank you for being the best family I could have asked for. I <3 you Ad Astra: Keep aiming for the stars. Woodstock: Thank you for helping me make memorable memories-good or bad. Thank you for molding me into the person I could have always been and making me realize the person I want to be in the future. Thank you for everything.

Parishma Shrestha

Six years ago when I first came here people said I would miss Woodstock when I leave, I would laugh on their faces. Now when I tell people I’m going to miss this place, I get laughed on. I can’t believe how drastically times have changed and I have a list of people to thank for this. Firstly Mamu and Papu, you have always put my needs ahead of yours and I will always be grateful for it. You have never said no. Most of all you have always been supportive, even when you don’t agree  Thank you! Piltu, we have fought for as long as I can remember. But no matter what we fought over the fighting has helped us grow and has made both of us stronger, so thank you. Aku, I don’t know how you have put up with my early-morning-hyper-ness, my give up on life moments, my weirdness, clumsiness and mostly my never-ending complaining. Sometimes it was harder than others but we have stuck by each other for 6 years and I couldn’t have asked for a better (weirder/crazier) roommate! You’re weird , I like you. Thank you! Manvi, you and I have shared too many moments, good and bad. But no matter what I wouldn’t have composed a song for anyone else! Thank you for being my brace-faced fidgeting-midget and making me the whiney panda! Andrew (mommy), I don’t think I would have made it through high school without your cookies, cakes, brownies and chocolates. You have been my life saver on more than one occasion. You’ve always been there for me (with food) thank you mommy. AeLin, baaaeeee, I think I’m the only person in this school who can wind you up and get you really mad (proud moment). It’s so fun annoying you and it’s even better when you start annoying me then. Try not missing me too much :P . Raheel, stay blingy forever! I’ll miss freaking out over TV shows with you. Amy, thank you for always listening to me complain and take about the problems in my life. Minhee, my knitting buddy! I’m caplable of reading your mind now. Bihar, Shimla and Goa wouldn’t have been the same without you! Tahhira, ostrich stop screenshotting my snapchats! Chilli cheese mayo all the way! Rhea, I would have gone crazy in drama without you. Thank you for keeping me sane. Avi, do what you love and don’t care about what anyone has to say. Alisa, be the best you can whether it be singing of stage managing, read the card. Stop crying! Everyone else, I know I have definitely missed some people but thank you to everyone who has played a role in my Woodstock life! I wouldn’t have had it any other way.


Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Ephesians 4:2

Sang Hyun Park!!! Congratulations When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom. Proverb 11:2

SHAURYA DHINGRA It is amazing how ten years have passed since our first drive up to Woodstock. I am proud of your achievement and hard work to reach the goal. I wish you all the luck and success in the world. I know you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t fear challenges and will go confidently and live the life you have imagined. You will always remain a big inspiration for Shikhar. Love you a lot, Papa

You Have always been a star

You have always listened to your elders and taken blessing of God and achieved heights. Life is an adventure be courageous and enjoy it


Class of 2015!

Special Thanks to... Mr. Tim Percevecz, Ms. Margaret Groff, Mr. Ben Bowling, Mr. Alex Manton, Ms. Lalitha Krishnan, Activity Week Photo Competition Winners, Aman John, Mathai Abraham, James Manorattanawong, Andy Malhan, Shahid Equbal... and all of the Woodstock staff for putting up with us!

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To Ad Astra, the class of 2015, “Reach for the stars so if you fall, you land on a cloud.” -Kanye West

level Up

Congratulations! Your WOODSTOCK TIGER evolved into a WHITE TIGER! The rarest of animals, one that comes around only once in a generation, the white tiger truly is exceptional!

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Whispering Pine 2015  

Woodstock School's yearbook

Whispering Pine 2015  

Woodstock School's yearbook

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