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MAR 2021


A new footbridge connecting Quad Level 3 and the Win Mumby gym is now in place. The outdoor seating area by the coffee shop has been expanded and the coffee shop rebuilt to allow more students and staff to interact outdoors in a high quality communal space. It is a bittersweet moment for me as I write this. I will The new design has the entire length of the south side fence converted as a work table for students and staff. be leaving my position in June this year, bidding farewell to Woodstock School. I joined Woodstock in The existing mailroom, which was proving to be too May 2009, and the last twelve years of serving Hanifl small, will be moved to an enhanced space. Centre and Woodstock School has been very fulfilling Construction of the new Centre for Imagination (CFI) is almost complete, and it will be ready for inauguration and a significant part of my life. The experience of by the end of March. Funded entirely by FWS, it is building the Centre from an empty structure, to one shaping up to be an iconic building with modern that fulfills the outdoor education needs of both amenities, low carbon footprint and ergonomic spaces Woodstock as well as schools and universities from that students can use for enriched learning across the world, has been challenging, exhilarating opportunities. An upgraded, landscaped pathway would and deeply gratifying. My current position as Interim connect the main gate to the CFI. Director of Development and Alumni Affairs has brought me closer to Woodstock’s global community, and I have greatly enjoyed engaging with each one of At the November Board Meeting, it was decided to put the construction of the new science building at Tehri you. view on hold. Instead, the science labs at the top floor of high school will be renovated and refurbished to By the time you read this issue of The Chakkar, align with global standards of science education as Woodstock seniors would have returned to campus, well as the educational framework prescribed by the and by mid-March, Grade 10 students too would be International Baccalaureate. The music wing within the back. Our employees, staff and administrators are Quad building will also be upgraded to create eagerly looking forward to seeing students in the comfortable, acoustically treated learning and practice Quad, hallways and in classrooms. spaces, as well allowing for better physical connections to other areas of school. Finally, initial planning is For the academic year 2021-2022, Woodstock’s underway to look at the possibility of renovating Parker Board has decided that there won’t be any fee Hall to become a state-of-the-art theatre. increase. This is the second year in a row that fees have not increased, on account of the Covid19 I am thrilled to share with you that three classrooms in pandemic. However, when you come to our campus the Quad Level 3 have already been named, the details next, you will notice that a lot of the spaces have of which can be found on page 7. I am reaching out to been renovated. This is primarily due to the budget families who have had their children study at allocations that were done, keeping in mind that Woodstock to choose a Quad Level 3 classroom to be Woodstock’s infrastructure is in urgent need of upgradation and a good time to do some of it is when named after their parents or their family. I am challenging class secretaries to rally their classmates there are no students on campus. and find common ground in naming a classroom after Woodstock is moving firmly towards our stated goal their favorite teacher. Please reach out to me and I can to create a campus that is as exciting and innovative guide you through the process. as our educational programmes and outcomes. In the past eight months, nine classrooms in the Quad School Sincerely, Kutty Level 3 have been completely refurbished. New toilets, offices, corridors and a new student lounge with K. Krishnan Kutty skylights have been created. Work was also done on improving the seismic stability and structural integrity of Interim Director of Development & Alumni Affairs the building.


THANK YOU Woodstock School is extremely grateful to our donor community. Rs 23,446,228 was raised between 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020 to support programmes and projects during this period. Over the years, we have received funds from all around the world including donations from alumni, staff, parents and FWS and family bequests. We have seen an encouraging trend of having received larger contributions in the last two financial years, which is primarily a result of increased focus on engaging with the alumni and parent community and using Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a medium of engagement. Through close conversations and engagements, parents and FWS have been a key source of funding for the school. One of the highlights of recent years has been the record donation from a family of Rs 62 Lakh. This is a remarkable milestone and we’re extremely grateful to our alumna who included Woodstock School in her bequest.

2019-20 SUMMARY This chart represents our Operational Summary for the 2019-2020 financial year. As the campus closure happened from midMarch 2019, the 2019-20 financial year was unaffected by the fiscal impact of the Covid19 pandemic. We continued to invest heavily in professional development for our faculty, in preparation for our inaugural cohort of IB Diploma Programme students in August 2019. Another key focus was the refurbishment of the High School Level 2 classrooms, office spaces and communal areas. This project contributed to a significant increase in our Capital Expenditure compared to the previous year. Thanks to generous donations from our alumni community, we have been able to recoup much of this expense for further reinvestment in capital projects during the current financial year.

OPERATIONAL SUMMARY (ALL NUMBERS IN INR) 98,376, 022 Capital Expenditure 12.3%

73,057,020 Financial Aid & Scholarships 9.2%

60,227,056 Administrative expenditure 7.6%

393,924,182 Payroll and benefits 49.4%

61,976,053 Infrastructural expenditure 7.8%

Educational expenditure 13.8% 110,034,974


COMPLETED PROJECTS For Woodstock School to retain its position as a distinguished school, we must provide a physical environment that supports our educational vision. Though full of historical character, a major part of Woodstock’s academic campus is functionally outdated. The age of buildings combined with severe constraints on new construction in the Mussoorie area have forced us to renovate within the plinth and shell of our existing academic buildings. The strategy of a phased, smaller scale renovation plan is a fundamental shift from our previous strategy. While still being capital intensive in nature, the pace of the revised plans can be calibrated on known limits of funding, and within reasonable or unexpected time slots that can be used to execute the smaller scale renovations.

PEACE GARDEN The Peace Garden holds a special place in the heart of every Woodstocker. It is a cozy hub built for our High School students. Generations of students have used this space to unwind, soak up the sun while sipping on some hot chai overlooking the valley. During Woodstock School’s 150th anniversary, the iconic peace sign statue built by James Havens, Class of ‘57 was set up here as a reminder of what the Himalayas bring to each one of us, a sense of peace and tranquillity. Over time, the area, exposed to serious winters and thunderstorms, called for refurbishment. The Estates team worked on this project last year. They leveled the ground, added new stone seating and lighting so students can continue to enjoy this space in times to come. We are now looking forward to our students to return and fill this space with their chatter and laughter.

SPACE ADJACENT TO THE MAILROOM AND COFFEE SHOP The area outside the mailroom has been expanded significantly and now includes an enhanced coffee shop and cafeteria style seating. The south facing fence has been redesigned to include a worktable that runs the entire length of the fence. LED floor lights provide ample lighting in the evenings. Flooring in this area has been redone with non-skid tiles and better drainage. The existing mailroom has been relocated to a room below the new coffeeshop. It provides much more space for employees who work there, along with better shelving and sorting facilities. The illustration used as the cover photo designed by DaHye Lee from Grade 10 depicts this renovated area.


COMPLETED PROJECTS RENOVATION OF NINE CLASSROOMS IN QUAD SCHOOL LEVEL 3 The Quad School level 3 renovation includes large-scale structural renovation through the provision of steel bands, reinforcement and repair of trusses, and a new powder coated roof. Stone walls have been injected with high strength mortar and walls have been replastered. Interiors of the classrooms are tastefully done, with the use of wood for skirting. The false ceiling has been outfitted with a sound dampening layer and soundproof partitions have been provided in certain places. Doors and windows have been replaced with polished CP teak wood and toughened glass. New wiring with LED light fixtures and sufficient charging points for laptops etc. have been provided. Ceramic steel-based whiteboards with interactive ultra-short throw projectors have been used along with high-quality multimedia systems. Rubberized pinboards are installed at multiple places within classrooms to ensure conformity with the IB’s rigorous demands around showcasing student work. Heavy-duty carpets have been used for flooring for better acoustic and heat retention. A modern, low carbon footprint heating system has been installed. Classrooms also have a state-of-the-art Public Address system, and for fire safety, smoke detectors have been installed. Sufficient storage and teachers’ furniture have been provided. The renovated classrooms also include a central UPS system and centralized ICT equipment. Corridors in front of classrooms have stone flooring with wooden skirting. A hydrant based firefighting system to cater to the entire building has been installed. A new bridge is installed that connects the Quad third floor to the Win Mumby Gymnasium. The Middle Years lounge area is built with the objective of encouraging student-teacher interaction. Comfortable seating, natural light through the newly installed glass roof measuring 20 ft by 8 ft, and a pantry makes this a space that will be enjoyed by students and teachers alike.


NEXT PROJECT In late 2020, the school administration led a curriculum/infrastructure mapping exercise with a focus on the Sciences. As the school compared its needs based on guidelines from the IB, organizations such as CLEAPSS and benchmarking with similar sized IB schools, it was clear that we could boost up our Science programme by renovating the current Science wing, bringing in cutting edge, state-of-the-art lab equipment, designing proper prep spaces, introducing ergonomic furniture, ensuring adequate ventilation, creating mechanisms for chemical disposal and making efficient storage spaces. To ensure that this assessment was not just theoretical, the Science faculty led this process, and the results were loud and clear - that it is possible for us to create a solid set of Science labs in the heart of the school, right next to Parker Hall. The facility will accommodate six renovated Science labs (two each for Physics, Chemistry and Biology) and two prep rooms - one each for Chemistry and Biology - and a staff room. The facility would boast of cutting edge, state-of-the-art lab equipment, custom designed prep spaces, ergonomic furniture, adequate ventilation, mechanisms for chemical disposal and efficient storage spaces. The work on the building will also include replacement of the roof of the North face of the High School building, improvement of its structural integrity and seismic stability through retrofitting, restoration and rehabilitation. Safety deficiencies will be addressed with installation of smoke detectors, modern firefighting equipment, an integrated PA system and creation of additional emergency exits. Modern technology upgrades will be made to each academic space.

Proposed Layout for Science Lab High School Level 3

Parker Hall

Project timeline: We hope to complete this project over the summer and winter break in 2021.


WAYS TO DONATE Depending on where you live, you may be able to maximize your donation by claiming tax-relief. Residents of India Donations can be made directly to Woodstock School by residents of India and are eligible for tax benefit under section 80G of the Income Tax Act. Residents of the USA Donations can be made to Friends of Woodstock School (FWS), an independent 501(c) (3) Non-Profit Organization. FWS supports the educational mission and purposes of Woodstock School and welcomes your donations which are tax exempt in accordance with US law. Click here to find out more. Residents of Canada Donations can be made to Canadian Friends of Woodstock School (CFWS), a not-for profit society registered as a Charity with Canada Revenue Agency. Visit their link at to make an online donation. Put Canadian Friends of Woodstock School in the “Find a Charity” search cell. Or, mail a donation to: R.C. Morris & Company, 570 Granville St., Suite 810, Vancouver, BC, V6C 3P1 Canada Attn: Canadian Friends of Woodstock School

Rest of the World Donors Donors who are not eligible for tax relief in the US, Canada and India should check the regulations in the country in which they are resident to establish whether tax-relief is available on their donation. Online via our secure website Woodstock School’s website provides a simple and secure way to make a donation to the school. Visit our donation portal, enter your details, select the amount you want to give and select the area you’d like to support. You can choose to pay by card or bank transfer. Click here to visit our donation portal. Bank Transfer If you need assistance in making a bank transfer, contact our office at Credit Card or Cheque By Credit Card: Donors can call the Finance Office on +91-135-2639120 or +91-135-2639121 By Cheque: Donors can call the Development Office on +91-135-2639161 or +91-135-2639163; Monday Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm (IST) Email:

Named Classrooms to date: Class of '59 has funded "Studio 59", a classroom in honour of Vance George (in 2004) Canadian Alumni have funded the Bob Morris Classroom Classes of ’62, ’63, ’67 have funded the Sybil Geisinger Classroom Classes of ’67, ‘68, ‘87 have funded the Janette Cowan Blair Classroom Class of '79 have funded the Saroj Kapadia Classroom Class of '81 has funded a Classroom honoring the class' spirit of Unity in Diversity, and recognizing Dr. James C Barton & Peter Lugg FWS has funded a classroom celebrating nearly 50 years of donor support The Bissell family has funded the Mary Bissell Prentice staff & student collaborative space The Almira Leslie (’73) bequest has funded three classrooms in her honour The Whitcomb Family have funded a classroom in honour of their parents Bill ('42) & Dorothy ('42) Whitcomb The Class of ’70 celebrated their 50th Anniversary by raising funds in support of Woodstock Employees Children’s Education Fund