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Table of contents In conversation with Dr Craig Cook Woodstock’s new Principal

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Quadrangle 1

In conversation with Dr Craig Cook

Woodstock’s new Principal Arjun Puri Director of Development

2 Quadrangle

We’ve never encountered a school community which was so invested in its school, in both its history and its future, and of course in helping Woodstock to always be the best that it can be.

Tell us about your first impressions of Woodstock Jamie and I have been so warmly welcomed by the global and local Woodstock community these past 6 months. We’ve never encountered a school community which was so invested in its school, in both its history and its future, and of course in helping Woodstock to always be the best that it can be. Woodstock students, alumni, and staff, all care a great deal about the important matters that make our world a better place in the 21st century. Having spent 26 years of my life in Southeast Asia, India feels familiar in these early days, and yet there is much to learn as we continue to settle into our new home. The beauty of our surrounding Himalayan foothills and mountains make the settling in process so much easier, as well as the diverse and delicious cuisine of India which we encounter every day. Ultimately, it’s the people that make a place special and for that we are so grateful to the Woodstock community.

What are your key areas of focus for the school? Author Jim Collins asked the question, how do we go “from good to great”? From my initial observations and conversations with a broad range of community members, I see three key areas which will allow us to continue the movement toward greatness in international education. Together, these individual strands will form a strong cord which will serve to fulfill our mission and mandate as a school. These three areas of focus are: • Environmental/outdoor education; • Digital/instructional education; and • Interdisciplinary approaches to education.

Allow me to articulate these points further. Woodstock, given its profound location in a natural forest, cannot afford to be a school that just happens to be surrounded by a unique environment. Our location, geography, climate, and environmental beauty are distinctive features of Woodstock School. We must ask, how can we intentionally leverage this incredible natural environment for the good of our students? While we remain focused on the experience of place through environmental/outdoor education, Woodstock must continue to look for ways to enhance and fully utilize its digital capabilities for the benefit of its students. For our students to be fully prepared for life in the 21st century university, they need to be fully conversant in digital educational tools, delivery, and pedagogy. Highlighting and expanding digital learning will ensure Woodstock students can be leaders in a modern world of cyber reality. Upon graduation from Woodstock, our students will enter a world which will require an understanding of multiple and varied knowledge systems if they are to achieve their full potential in leadership and life. Strengthening interdisciplinary spaces and approaches on campus, such as those found in our Centre for Imagination, can bring about these connections between environment, outdoor leadership, digital learning, STEM, and all aspects of this learning community which we call Woodstock.

What do you foresee as your challenges as you take up this role? As I promised the Woodstock Board when I was hired, I want to first listen, then learn, and lastly lead. Upon my arrival on campus, I began a year-long listening exercise with all Woodstock staff members, asking them their

hopes for Woodstock, their challenges, and how I could help facilitate their dreams for the school. As I continue to assess the needs of the Woodstock School Community during my first year, the one emergent challenge seems to be the need for space. There’s not a decision that comes to my office that doesn’t feature the issue of space. In order for us to move ahead with new directions for the school it will be of vital importance to leverage virtual space in order to alleviate some of these spatial constraints. Here’s where we need the help of friends, parents, and alumni, to move ahead with modern campus renovations which take into account the 21st century world which we now live in.

What is your assessment of the community? Any school community is made or broken off by its faculty and their connections with students. This has been and will continue to be our greatest strength at Woodstock. Our faculty and staff are committed to the success and preparation of every one of our students. Faculty and staff come to Woodstock because they are the best of professional educators which shows in how they teach and connect with our students. Their commitment to our students is unparalleled. The community as a whole is fully invested in our mission of preparing students to be leaders in life and learning. As Principal, I can’t ask for anything more than that. Quadrangle 3

opportunity to join the team.

Tell us more about your family

Principal Craig Cook and wife Jamie Williams

What are your first impressions of the students?

I’ve been so impressed with our students— how they care for each other, how they lead in ways beyond the Woodstock community, and for their commitment to their academics in preparation for their next steps at university. I had the privilege of attending Activity Week with our 9th graders where we worked with a village two hours east of Mussoorie. It was a great week where I got to see firsthand the teamwork expressed by our students, their care for others, as well as their thirst for learning, where they sought to understand another way of being in the world in a rural Indian village setting. Our students continue to carry the best that Woodstock has to offer to the world. By the time these students become juniors and seniors, they will be ready for greater leadership responsibility in and around us, through Community Engagement projects, and `environmental projects such as water conversation.

Tell us more about your style of leadership On a practical level, much of what I’ve learned about leadership comes from my father, Clyde Cook, who was a University President for 25 years. I believe that leadership is learned, and for me, I’m thankful for the opportunities that I’ve been given to lead. As I said earlier, leadership is first about listening to a community as a means to assess its needs. One also has to learn, which means observing what’s going on, what’s working and what’s not working. One can then move forward in leading a community. At a place like Woodstock, what’s really required is a political form of leadership which involves bringing sometimes disparate groups together around common symbols and efforts to complete a common mission. It’s great work and I absolutely love it. We’re so thankful to the whole Woodstock community for this 4 Quadrangle

Just prior to our arrival at Woodstock, Jamie and I were at Simpson University in Redding, California, where I served as Dean of the School of Education and Jamie taught in the Political Science Department. Prior to our time back home in California, Jamie taught International Law in the Faculty of Law at Universitas Pelita Harapan, a flagship university of the Pelita Harapan Foundation in Karawaci, Indonesia, just outside of Jakarta. I served as Dean of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and as Academic Principal of UPH College during my time there. The early part of my professional career took me to the southern Philippines where I was involved in community development work, including literacy work among the Maguindanao people of Central Mindanao, and area of the Philippines beset by centuries of civil strife. After leaving Mindanao, for 13 years I taught, was High School Principal and then Superintendent at Faith Academy, a k-12 international school serving 700 students, a third of whom were boarding students. My three kids were raised in the Philippines and so eagerly await the opportunity to visit us at Woodstock. Candace, having recently completed her Master’s degree in National Security, now works for The Africa Center, U.S. Department of Defense, in Washington D.C. as a Research Assistant for the Director. Cameron, having completed his law degree at the University of Minnesota Law School, now serves as a U.S. Federal Prosecutor, for the U.S. Department of Justice in Pierre, South Dakota. Derek will complete his Bachelor’ degree in Psychology from California State University of Fullerton in December and presently works for the City of Fullerton, California in the greater Los Angeles area.

Tell us a little about your wife, Jamie. Jamie grew up near Austin, Texas, and graduated from the University of Oklahoma. She later earned her Juris Doctorate degree from Vermont Law School, a law school which focuses on environmental law. Upon graduation she practiced both family and criminal law in both New York and Texas, before moving to Indonesia. Jamie and I were both were on faculty at Universitas Pelita Harapan,

a university of 15,000 students just outside of Jakarta. She taught International Law in the Faculty of Law and led a research organization focused on international human rights. These last three years in northern California, she taught political science and criminology at Simpson University. She continues to look for opportunities in the Woodstock community to leverage her experience and skills.

What stemmed your interest in Sociology? I have always had a keen interest in understanding culture and groups, being an Intercultural Studies major as an undergraduate. Of the many things which drew me to my discipline of Sociology, foremost was its ability to explain the world from a macro perspective. Or as a colleague once told me, “You have words for things.” Today, many of our explanations as to how we work and how the world works, are typically based on individualistic approaches. I think one of the best offerings that Sociology can make is an understanding of the group, as well as explaining the power of the group on the individual. I always find this perspective to be most helpful and explanatory. Particularly, my Ph.D. program in Sociology at Ateneo de Manila, a Jesuit school, focused most of the course of study on international human development, which gave me the tools necessary to assess effective approaches to development from a global perspective. One of the joys of being in India is my continued involvement with the International Sociological Association both abroad and India, as I serve as the President of the ISA’s Research Committee 54, the Body in the Social Sciences. In December I’ll be a plenary speaker at an ISA conference hosted by the University of Lucknow.

What about your love for food and spice? As our Director of Development, Arjun Puri has quickly found out, I love talking and tasting food and spice. There’s no better person to learn the nuances of Indian cuisine from, than our own resident expert, Mr. Puri. My love for chili peppers and spice comes from my dad who was raised in Hong Kong, and who never met a chili pepper that he didn’t like. I definitely have to give my dad the credit for socializing me into the way of the pepper. Additionally, from my academic side, the foods we enjoy always have a social history behind them, so one of the joys of living cross-culturally is to find out the stories which lie behind each of our favorite foods.

Graduation 2019 Things start to become much more valuable when they have an expiration date. Hyenjin Cho ’19 Imperium, the Class of 2019 was ready to graduate. The countdown of 100 days to Graduation had reached its end. On May 25th, 2019, their big moment arrived as they celebrated new beginnings supported by the crowd of 500 people gathered in the Win Mumby Gymnasium including their families, faculty, and administrators. The late Board President Thomas Chandy welcomed attendees, as well as the graduating class and focused on the importance of alumni at Woodstock. He recognized the presence of Bhavenesh Kumari of Patiala from the Class of 1950 who, together with him, rewrote the Constitution of Woodstock 9 years ago. He acknowledged other alumni sitting in the audience and emphasized their achievements as well as connection with the school which remains a blessing. He went on to share his message to the Class of 2019 saying he was touched to see students from opposite sides of the world walking hand in hand. He ended his message by reminding everyone to “make peace with the creator” and to “make peace with the creation,” and encouraging Imperium to “go and become peacemakers on this earth.” Mr. Thomas Chandy was followed by Valedictorian, Khushi Agrawal who focused on Kintsugi, a Japanese art form which takes broken objects and repairs them with gold, to accentuate the scars instead of hiding them. Her time at Woodstock with her classmates made her realize that growing up and turning into adults had cracked the class as a vessel, but Woodstock taught them skills, discipline, knowledge and gave them unforgettable memories that even if challenges occurred to break them, they would always find ways to mend, to accentuate themselves with gold. “By adapting, being resilient and taking initiative and that is the supreme power as we have suited the names ourselves, Imperium.” Former Principal Dr. Long took the stage and addressed the audience with gratitude for having been able to serve the school for 8 years. He shared his precious possession of wise words which changed his life and in saying farewell, he left the gift to the Class of 2019. The gift of 9 words, “Be happy now.” No matter how painful, no matter how challenging a situation can be, finding some blessings and some grains of happiness in the present moment can help to live a life filled with satisfaction and happiness. “Let it go.” Don’t carry the burdens, the grudges, the disappointments of the past on yourself, it will only slow you down and impede your progress. And finally, “Life is good.” He reminded everyone that life is still “profoundly good, it’s a miracle, it’s a mystery, it’s an incredible adventure.” He encouraged everyone to go out and live it, through filters that attract goodness to themselves. Faisal Qadir, Student of the Year, summed up proceedings with his thoughts on change and the way each of us responds to it. He mentioned how Imperium had gone through many phases of change in their senior year and picked up important skills of resilience, adaptability and taking initiative. “As individuals, each one of us is capable of bringing the change we want to see in the world.”

— Aviva Philip ’20

Quadrangle 5

6 Quadrangle

Front row Chimmi Yeshey Selden, Liah Shadra Bergerson, Mehek Sajnani, Drystee Giri, Tanushree Warrior, Siah Woo, Hyenjin Cho, Raphaelle Lila Diva Morzadec, Fiza Bakshi, Khushi Agrawal, Diya Digvijay Singh, Emma Elizabeth Karas, Rachel Grace Solomon, Riya Sharma, Talitha Moses, Anvi Lohia Second Row Shruti Kapoor, Diksha Jessica Singh, Shibani Anand, Anika Saures Neil, Ngoc Bao Ngo, Diya Nandini Seth, Meher Datta, Hyunyoung Kim, Sanjana Singh, Alisa Zulfat Husain, Pankhuri Poddar, Tsezin Siri Norbu, Malsawmsangi Ralte, Parvati Hasumi Murakoshi, Aarushi Vardhan, Risika Garg, Disha Thakkar Third row Dorinda Jane Hardage, Hala Fathi Al Najjar, Nawara Alaboud, Ye Hyand Jang, Red Tshering Dorji, Shreya Kulshrestha, Aniket Singh, Adyan Ifzul Husain, Kritin Garg, Tenzin Dorjee Nepali, Karsten Isaiah Shaw, Hassakol Panaspraipong, Tenzin chowang Taklha, Shaurya Bhansali, Ye Hun Son, Tanishq Athnesius Daniel Fourth Row Manasvi Khanna, Saksham Basu, Khush Sanjay Kumar Patel, Abdul Malik Ansari, Rohan Armando Menezes, Samuel Lee, Daeyoung Kim, Harshvardhan Garg, Janak Sher Singh, Karma Kalsang Dhonden, Detsen Rinchen, Akshaya Prasad Pradhan, Daniel Rahul Swarup, Shubham Tibrewala, Aryan Balani, Arpit Vijay Singh Fifth Row Tenzin Sherap Nepali, Faisal Qadir, Matthew Peter Tharappel, Apoorv Garg, Ahaan Nayar, Neel Mukhija, Jin Hwan Lee, Ansh Shitanshu Vora, Sahil Rais Raisuddin, Jaideep Singh Grover, Abhay Tiku Back row Shantanu Singh, Ismail El Ainain, Jaydeep Bajwa, Mubarak Mehta, Naphon Laplamool, Ruke Lukas Ogan, Iqbal Rajkotia Zaheer, Ved Maddison, Tenzin Yugyel Norbu, Sahil Mark Jacob, Vaibhav Jain

Quadrangle 7

2019 Awards Senior Awards Valedictorian Khushi Agrawal Salutatorian Matthew Peter Tharappel Best All-Round Student Award Khushi Agrawal & Faisal Qadir Student Government Award Kritin Garg & Khushi Agrawal

Other Senior Awards Pratap Chatterjee Memorial Science Award Malsawmsangi Ralte E.E. Miller International Award Emma Elizabeth Karas Music Awards Mubaraq Masih Indian Music Award Aarushi Vardhan Poad Music Shield Matthew Peter Tharappel

Other Major Awards Cassinath Award • Drama Manasvi Khanna • Writing Emma Karas

Other Awards Community Engagement Award Faisal Qadir Audio-Visual Crew Award Daniel Swarup W. Lowrie Campbell Memorial Hiking Cup Faisal Qadir Journalism Award (Production) Alisa Husain and Akshaya Pradhan Journalism Writing Award Rohan Menezes, Hyenjin Cho and Abdul Malik Ansari Carrie Sue Fordham Endowment Award for Excellence in Writing Nawara Alaboud Book of Excellence Faisal Qadir

8 Quadrangle

University and College Matriculation Classes of 2017, 2018 and 2019 Australia Univ of New South Wales Univ of Sydney Canada Brock Univ Carleton Univ Concordia Univ, Montreal McGill Univ Quest Univ St. Francis Xavier Univ Trinity Western Univ Univ of British Columbia Univ of Calgary Univ of Guelph Univ of Toronto Univ of Victoria Univ of Waterloo York Univ China Zhengzhou Univ Czechia Architectural Institute In Prague Egypt Univ of Kafr Elsheikh France ESSEC Business School Sciences Po Parsons Paris Germany Bard College Berlin Jacobs Univ Hong Kong City Univ of Hong Kong Hong Kong Univ of Science and Tech Hungary Univ of Pecs Univ of Veterinary Medicine India Ashoka Univ Christ Univ

Indian School of Business & Finance Maharashtra Institute of Tech. Mody Univ National Inst. of Fashion Tech. St. Joseph’s College Symbiosis College of Arts & Commerce Whistling Woods International Inst. Italy John Cabot Univ New Zealand Univ of Otago Victoria Univ of Wellington Qatar Georgetown, School of Foreign Service Singapore LASALLE College of Art SP Jain School of Global Management Yale-NUS College South Korea Ghent Univ Global Campus Handong Global Univ Sungkyunkwan Univ Spain IE Univ Thailand Rangsit Univ The Netherlands Univ College Maastricht United Kingdom Central Saint Martins Coventry Univ Goldsmiths, Univ of London Hult International Business School Univ of Aberdeen Univ of Brighton Univ of Bristol Univ of Cambridge Univ of Edinburgh Univ of Exeter

Univ of Glasgow Univ of Gloucestershire Univ of Highlands and Islands Univ of Manchester Univ of St Andrews Univ of Warwick Univ of Westminster United States American Univ Babson College Bard College Bentley Univ Brandeis Univ Brown Univ Calvin College Carnegie Mellon Univ Centre College Claremont McKenna College Clark Univ Connecticut College Cornerstone Univ Dartmouth College DePaul Univ Eckerd College Emerson College Fashion Institute of Technology Foothill College Franklin & Marshall College Goshen College Grinnell College Hult International Business School Indiana Univ at Bloomington Ithaca College Johns Hopkins Univ Juniata College Knox College Luther College Lynn Univ Macalester College Marist College Miami Univ, Oxford New York Univ Northeastern Univ Ohio State Univ Pace Univ Pennsylvania State Univ Pitzer College

Purdue Univ Rutgers Univ, Camden Santa Barbara City College Santa Monica College Sarah Lawrence College Savannah College of Art and Design School of the Art Institute of Chicago Smith College Southern Methodist Univ St. Olaf College Stanford Univ Suffolk Univ SUNY College at Cortland The College of New Jersey The College of Wooster The Cooper Union Eugene Lang College Parsons School of Design Tufts Univ Tulane Univ Univ of Arizona Univ of California, Davis Univ of California, Los Angeles Univ of California, San Diego Univ of Central Florida Univ of Chicago Univ of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Univ of Massachusetts, Amherst Univ of Massachusetts, Boston Univ of Michigan Univ of Minnesota, Twin Cities Univ of Richmond Univ of Rochester Univ of San Francisco Univ of Southern California Univ of Texas, El Paso Univ of Wisconsin, Madison Wellesley College Wheaton College, MA

Quadrangle 9

Homesickness Khushi Agarwal ’19

I am extremely grateful to the Woodstock community, the mountains, and the monkeys, for giving me the most memorable seven years. “You will always be a part of this community,” I was constantly reminded by the alumni office because leaving the place doesn’t mean leaving the people.


omesickness is something many new students struggle with at Woodstock. I didn’t truly experience homesickness until a couple of weeks ago when, sitting on my bed, I caught myself craving a cheese toast made with stale white bread, an Amul cheese slice, and any type of sauce that you could muster up in the Midlands kitchen on a Friday night. I missed the sound of the rain, of basketballs dribbling late at night, of the wind howling in Alter Ridge. I was sitting at home, yet I felt completely overwhelmed by homesickness. This is the effect Woodstock has had on me. The ten-year old me wearing running shoes, skinny jeans, and a shaky voice could never imagine the teary-eyed girl that walked out of the gym gates in a pink saree, diploma in hand. My seven years at Woodstock have thrown the sourest lemons at me and have taught me to make the best lemonades. There was a time when I couldn’t find a table to sit at for lunch, or I couldn’t shake off the feeling of being laughed at. But those times turned around to a time when I would impatiently wait for winter break to end and tear up at the 100-day countdown. I started finding my place in school when I was elected as a StuCo rep in grade six. Little did I know that was just the beginning. In the coming years, I would help organise more class nights than I can remember, and eventually even Goal-a-thon, Swish-a-thon and a successful International Day. Thanks, Mr. Hubbard, for letting us use your art room and supplies. Sorry for all the glitter! I still find

10 Quadrangle

gold glitter in clothes from Talent Show, and I haven’t been able to get rid of the red acrylic paint stain on my denim jacket from the JSB set up in tenth grade. Those days of staying up in school till 10, or even midnight, will always remain the highlights of my school life. No honey chilli potatoes can compare to that which Doma’s makes. At some point, Parker Hall became my go-to spot in school. I would spend most of my week in that hall - after school rehearsals, study halls, set building on Sundays. It has been quite a journey to go from the obnoxious lady at the wedding to assistant director and choreographer to the title character. The drama community within Woodstock is a very special one, and everyone who has been a part of it can testify to that. I always used to call the graduated seniors I worked with “Ghosts of Parker Hall” to remind myself that in some way their energy will always remain within the walls as we huddle for pre-show warmups. I guess now I, too, am a “Ghost of Parker Hall.” The posters from the plays now decorate my room walls and will go with me to Brown University where I will be spending the next four years of my life. I am extremely grateful to the Woodstock community, the mountains, and the monkeys, for giving me the most memorable seven years. “You will always be a part of this community,” I was constantly reminded by the Alumni Office because leaving the place doesn’t mean leaving the people. As I start this new chapter titled “College,” I am looking forward to stepping out of the “Woodstock bubble” even if I get homesick once in a while.

Quadrangle 11

Around the Sundial 2019

↑ The Woodstock Staff performed ‘Grease Lightning’ to kick off the year.


↑ An annual weekend event that hosts an intraschool basketball competition to raise money for charity. Staff Musical Swishathon



Holi Celebrations Jazz Jam

↑ Hosted by Grade 9, it was an evening of jazz and music performances. ↑ Woodstock celebrates India’s most colorful festival.

12 Quadrangle

Spanning three days of concerts, students in the beginning, junior, and advanced levels performed in the choir, band, and orchestra. ↓

↑ ‘Gods and Mortals.’


Spring Concerts Spring Drama


Junior Senior Banquet WOSA Assembly

↑ The Junior Senior Banquet hosted by grade 10, saw a ‘Great Gatsby’ theme.

Welcoming the Woodstock Class of 2019 into WOSA and the Alumni Community. →

Quadrangle 13

↑ Big Brother Big Sister is a wonderful event when our Upper Years students adopt some of their Early Years peers for the day.


Independence Day Big Brother Big Sister Day


↑ Friendship Day is a delightful way for seniors to welcome Grade 9s into Upper Years by dressing up together as their favourite iconic characters.

↑ The Upper Years students showcase their talents at the Talent Show hosted by grade 11.

An annual weekend event that hosts intraschool football competition to raise money for charity.→

14 Quadrangle

Friendship Day Goalathon Talent Show


Activity Week

↑ During Activity Week, the entire school heads out on cultural and outdoor education-based trips around India.


Sadie Hawkins Win Mumby Fall Drama The Woodstock Homecoming and Mela Tedx Woodstock

↑ This November Woodstock hosted its own TEDx event for the first time. The theme was ‘Weathering the Storm.’

↑ Woodstock’s annual dance with a twist, the girls ask the boys. ↑ Alumni, Parents, Students and Staff came together for an evening of celebration.

↑ ‘The Addams Family.’

↑ An all India basketball tournament host by Woodstock that saw 16 girls and boys’ teams competing for the title. Woodstock boys emerged as champions. Quadrangle 15

Monisha Ahmed ’84 Interviewed by Kahini Patel ’21 and Araan Suares ’21

After graduating from Woodstock she went on to study Social Anthropology at Oxford University. She found her passion in Ladakh as she created The Ladakh Arts and Media Organization (LAMO), a public charitable trust established to articulate an alternative vision for the Arts and Media in Ladakh. The trust set up the LAMO Centre in two historical 17th century houses which they restored and converted to arts spaces with galleries, library, art studio, sound studio and performance site. LAMO recently received UNESCO’s award of Distinction and the Best of Heritage’s Project of Influence. What is LAMO and how did it start? I came to Ladakh for the first time in 1987, I had just finished my undergrad degree and wanted to take a year off. A friend and I decided to go to Ladakh, I wanted to go back to the mountains. So we stayed 6 months, volunteered at the Moravian Mission School in Leh, studied Buddhist Philosophy and thangka painting. I then studied Anthropology at Oxford and came back to Ladakh as I decided to make that my field area, to do my masters and PhD research. For my PhD research I worked with nomads, close to the Tibetan border. I suppose once that finished, I kept looking for reasons to come back. I continued to do research there, on textiles mainly as that was my main area. In 1996, I co-founded the LAMO trust, but then my children were born so there was a bit of a gap for a few years. It was only in 2003 that we started to build up the trust. A friend introduced me to a conservation architect who was working in Ladakh at the time, John Harrison, who in turn introduced me to Dr Munshi. The latter was looking for a NGO who he hoped would restore his 17th century house and in turn use it. A year later, the owner of the neighbouring Gyaoo house came to us and said, “take my house also as we share a common wall and it would look odd with one house looking good and the other a dump.” The LAMO Center is now a complex of two historical houses, with spaces for an art studio, library, exhibition galleries, sound studio, film screenings and performances. We made the space into a multi-purpose community, as well as an arts and media center. We host a variety of events from workshops to exhibitions, music performances and film screenings. 16 Quadrangle

How do your restoration projects work and how do you conduct them? We have only really done one restoration project, which is the two historical houses that make up the LAMO Center. I remember being so disheartened by the demolition of heritage buildings in Ladakh and in a conversation with the then Principal of the Moravian Mission School, who told me, “The successful restoration and rehabilitation of one historic structure in Leh, will be the most effective statement to demonstrate the potential and value of the much-neglected architectural heritage of the town.” So, I guess I decided to act on what he said. Also, LAMO is located in the Old Town of Leh, and the restoration of two houses has now transformed so much here as well. Suddenly people are more conscious of their heritage. In the years since the restoration, the LAMO Centre has become a vibrant space, holding art exhibitions and festivals, workshops, music performances and film screenings amongst many other activities and events. The Centre is extremely popular with the youth of the region as they see it as a space that enhances their creativity and for open discussion.

What got you interested in different forms of art in Ladakh? I think I was always interested in art, though I never saw myself as a highly skilled practitioner. I took art when I was at Woodstock and it was here, I learnt to weave for the first time. I also remember doing a lot of knitting and sewing. And so, I think I was always interested in the art of textiles and their making.

Tashi Morup, have been with us from the beginning. Also, LAMO has been offered another historical building by the same owner, in a village outside Leh. We have some ideas of what we would like to do with it but I’m not sure yet. It is a big responsibility and commitment to make. In time and resources. The granting of Union Territory status to Ladakh will also bring new opportunities for the region, so we are waiting and watching. I think, there is an exciting future ahead for LAMO.

How did Woodstock affect your career path you chose? What has been your biggest challenge?

Then later on when I decided to do my PhD in the field of textiles, I spent a year relearning how to weave. Also, I wasn’t just interested in the method and techniques of the art itself, what fascinated me more are the stories behind it. They can tell you all kinds of things about a culture and communities, from origin stories to history and relationships across families.

How has the growing tourism industry in Ladakh affected its heritage and culture? Ladakh has a rich culture and heritage, and has always attracted visitors for adventure, pilgrimage, and the sheer beauty of its landscapes. Between 1947 to 1974 the region was closed for security reasons, but since reopening the number of tourists increases each year. The effects of tourism have been both positive and negative in Ladakh – an increase in earnings for the people, more opportunities and learning new things. It can be difficult to grasp what these old, dilapidated buildings could be used for. It is also hard to install modern amenities like flush toilets due to the rocky terrain. We can’t fault others for wanting to live comfortably, but for us at LAMO, we want to demonstrate that it is possible to restore and reuse these buildings. By restoring two seventeenth century houses, we hoped we could show Ladakhi’s that the adaptation of these buildings is possible. Fortunately, in more recent years, we’ve seen some Ladakhi’s reusing these buildings as some have opened cafes and art studios.

There’s also the short work season, generally May to September. So, projects take much longer to get done. Another challenge is staff – while many dynamic young people work with us, they come up against a lot of parental pressure to leave and take jobs in government or work in tourism. It is hard to convince them that work in a creative field can also lead to good things. So sadly, we have also lost a lot of good people.

What inspired you to write your book “Living Fabric”?

I had a fantastic time at Woodstock, and in a cliched kind of way I could say they were some of the best years of my life! WS, like most boarding schools, teaches one a sense of independence. But I think WS goes beyond that to stress on individuality, freedom of thought and speech, a fearlessness, thinking for yourself and thinking out of the box, a desire to follow one’s own path (or make ones own path). It demonstrates that life is a journey of discovery, you take all kinds of challenges in your stride, don’t be scared to attempt something new and if there are obstacles in your path they are there to be learnt from and overcome.

The book was based off of my PhD thesis. While I was writing my thesis, one of my supervisors suggested that I write it like a story so when it came to publishing it, others would be more interested in my work. It is hard to find a publisher the first time, but I got lucky, my thesis was read by Michael Aris (a professor at Oxford with a background in Himalayan studies), and he recommended it to a publisher.

The plurality of the people makes you appreciate cultural diversity, and respect everyone.

Incidentally the book was Awarded the 2003 R L Shep award of the Textile Society of America for the year’s best book on ethnic textiles.

If you could give one piece of advice to the youth of Woodstock what would it be, and why?

What is your hope for the future of LAMO? I never imagined LAMO would take the shape it has, there is also a lot more to do. For the future, I’d like to gradually see myself stepping out and letting the Ladakhi’s I work with there take over. Many of them are already more engaged and experienced in the work we do and have the commitment and the confidence. Some of them, like

Being in the mountains allowed me to appreciate the environment and where I was. It also gave me the platform to be unique as I felt like I did not need to conform to society. Woodstock was an important part of my life and I truly feel it has shaped who I am and what I do today.

If I could give advice to the youth of Woodstock it would be to be open to whatever comes your way and enjoy your time at Woodstock. It is important to learn from Woodstock and the community around you as well. You do not know where you will be twenty years from now, but there will be more responsibilities you will take on as you move forward. Each time I return to Landour I’m still overwhelmed by the beauty and greenery, the place has retained its charm. Overall, Mussoorie is such a beautiful place to study and you should it enjoy it while it lasts. Quadrangle 17

Following a calling:

Philip Thurman ’85 Philip graduated from Woodstock in 1985 with the prestigious distinction of ‘Athlete of the Year.’ He went on to Mississippi College. He began his career at Delta Airlines before deciding to pursue a Master’s Degree in Religious Education. Upon graduating he served in a number of Mega Churches in the South Eastern part of the USA until 2003 when he stepped out and planted a church. His church is now known as Vertical Church and is one of the fastest growing churches in Mississippi.


hilip Thurman graduated from Woodstock School in Mussoorie, India. He was a member of the class of 1985. He graduated with many distinctions but his most prestigious one was winning the Athlete of the Year. Two of his proudest moments his Senior year were in the four by one hundred meter relay to beat the Fastest Man of Mussoorie. Secondly, setting the pole vaulting record for Woodstock that stills holds on to this day. All this was done with a bamboo pole. Philip left Woodstock and went to Mississippi College where he received a FULL scholarship in soccer to play for his division II school. He started his sophomore year and played the remaining three and a half years. Philip knew early on that he was called to be a leader and began to work in his ideal job at the time. He became the fastest employee to move from part time to full time with Delta Airlines in Atlanta, GA. Philip had taken two years of German in Woodstock and that helped him be considered to go to Frankfurt, Germany as a red coat agent for Delta. He decided to stay and work in the US. After some time he felt led to pursue a Master’s Degree in Religious Education. Upon graduating he

18 Quadrangle

served in a number of Mega Churches in the South Eastern part of the USA until 2003 when he stepped out and planted a church. His church is now known as Vertical Church and is one of the fastest growing churches in Mississippi. In July of 2019 Philip felt led to turn his church over to a gentleman ten years junior of him, and focus on three things that he is extremely passionate about. He is a man with the desire to see the younger generation lead effectively. Currently Philip coaches 10 individuals through a tailor made process that has been highly effective. Secondly, Philip is involved in Church Planting. He develops church planters literally all over the world. Four time a year he is in Taiwan working with a network of 5,000 pastors he is training as well as in Bangladesh. He loves assessing and training these leaders to become world changers. Philip is also known and seen as a powerful motivational speaker. Throughout the year he would also be seen speaking to youth in his church, community and local schools. Every year at the beginning of the new high school year, Philip spends two class periods speaking and motivating the senior class to consider mentoring younger

Philip Thurman credits his love for the world, his open mindedness to all faiths and political issues, social issues and his general knowledge and care of the world to his time he spent at Woodstock. Project Dosh trained and provided a means of income to over 200 Rohingya women. Each lady was given a sewing machine and starter kit.

students. He also has the opportunity to see 50-70 students sign up and be a part of a year long mentoring program. This year on the FIRST day of school he will also speak to the senior class and inspire them to do great things this next school year. To move beyond thinking about themselves, and instead be thinking about how they can make the world a better place. On August 25, 2017 his heart was moved for a situation he saw brewing in his homeland of Bangladesh. Rohingya refugees from Myanmar were flooding into Bangladesh by the thousands. Later it became known as the largest refugee camp in the world. Philip knew he was called to make a difference. He got on a plane in October 2017 and travelled to the sight with NO contacts or connections. He simply showed up at the largest camp, Kutapalong, and met with the government officials who were overwhelmed by his leadership, but also his love and knowledge of Bangladesh. Philip speaks Bangla fluently and has a passion to serve the Bengali people and the Rohingya refugees. In those initial meetings, Philip knew he was being called to start a non-profit organization called Project Dosh. He developed and began raising money from private donors. He has a goal of raising $10 million dollars. This is a ridiculous goal, but Philip believes that he will slowly chip away at this project.

Philip’s organization was the very first to plant vetiver grass in the refugee camp. The government estimated that 100,000 refugees would lose their life due to mud slides. Project Dosh under Philip’s leadership came in and hired 100 refugees and paid higher wages than anyone to plant 1.2 million vetiver grass saplings. 97% of the samples survived. It became the conversation in the camps and outside the camps. They also gave samplings to other organizations who replicated what they had done. They were the FIRST. Word was only 3 people lost their lives because of mud slides. Project Dosh was also the FIRST organization in the camps to train and provide a means of income for Rohingya women. They bought two hundred sewing machines that cost $20,000.00 USD and trained 200 ladies how to sew, over three months. They also provided a master trainer and two apprentices that they paid for and then at the end they would take an exam. After the exam, each lady was given their sewing machine and a starter kit to began their employment. Again, they were the first to provide that for the women. Finally they have clothed and or fed 1,500 individuals over the three months. They provided clothes and blankets for families in winter for two camps but also provided clothes and food for Eid for many families as well. Project Dosh is committed to being in Bangladesh long term. 80% of the relief

organizations have left because the media has left. They are committed to staying and helping the human condition. Philip is committed to training and raising up the next generation of leaders. He believes that our best days as a world are still before us. He believes in the younger leaders and has shown this his leadership that he needs to step aside and let the younger leader lead. Philip Thurman credits his love for the world, his open mindedness to all faiths and political issues, social issues and his general knowledge and care of the world to his time at Woodstock. Had it NOT been for what he was able to do and learn there, he is convinced he would NOT be the man he is today. People such as Ajay Mark, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Dunn, Miss Ginny Strom, Dana and Judy Crider and so many others have influenced his life. Students, parents and other exchange students that helped him are too many to number. There is never a week that goes by that he doesn’t think about how much he benefited from Woodstock. It has truly made him who he is today. He is a pastor and doesn’t have much money to give, but he has always wanted to give his influence and what he has learned back to the school to say thank you for all it did for him. He is eternally grateful for everything he received from the people, place and nation in which he went to school. He cannot do enough to show his gratitude. Quadrangle 19

Building a sustainable future:

Vindhya Tripathi ’97 Interviewed by Veer Arya ’20

Vindhya was born in Mussoorie and attended Woodstock from Grade 3 through to Grade 8 (1988-94). Her family then moved to Vancouver. She finished school and went on to Vassar College in New York, where she received a Bachelors in Psychology. Since she was keen to peruse a career in Communications and wanted to explore another part of the world, she enrolled in the Masters of Journalism program at the University of Technology Sydney, graduating in 2004. After returning to India she launched Platform Magazine in 2005 and Ahana Organic in 2009. She currently works as the Communications Director (Global) for the Global Cooling Prize. “Funny how things work out sometimes.” As I made my way through a cold monsoon shower to the Alumni Office to interview Vindhya for her Alumni spotlight, she was in the midst of a similar downpour in Goa. When I ask her what she is doing there, Vindhya mentions she recently moved to a small village in North Goa, wanting to escape the smog and big city lifestyle of Delhi! As we continue our conversation on the phone, I recognize her welcoming yet strong-willed and business-minded voice immediately. About four years ago, I had met her in Delhi during a wedding. Here, I remember her getting really excited that I had recently been accepted into Woodstock and would be attending soon. As we continue our discussions, I realize that post her five-year stint at Woodstock, her life has been all but uneventful. Vindhya’s first professional achievement came soon after she completed her Master’s in Journalism from the University of 20 Quadrangle

Woodstock will give you a strong intellectual foundation and the opportunity to engage with people from many different walks of life. Carry this with you as you move into the world.

Technology Sydney. She returned to India and decided to launch the edgy Platform Magazine with a group of her friends. She served as Features Editor for more than two years, promoting upcoming talent in the fields of photography, film, art, literature and design. Looking back, she says, “I was fortunate to come across some really talented folks, who now, more than a decade later, have achieved considerable success and recognition in their respective domains.” After having her first child, a daughter, Vindhya became incredibly cautious about the food she was feeding her. This concern ignited her entrepreneurial spirit and led to the creation of ‘Ahana Organic’, a farming enterprise that has been at the forefront of the Indian organic movement for over a decade. While the organization now cultivates its certified organic produce on over 300 acres of land in Uttar Pradesh, and exports its products to Europe, Vindhya still manages the sales, branding and distribution to ensure that everything is done in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. She mentions a desire to work with the Woodstock School administration to make the food as healthy as possible for the students. “We want our kids to have the best of everything, and nutritious food, free of chemical additives and pesticides is crucial for health and well-being, as well as for the planet.”

Vindhya acknowledges that she is very environmentally conscious and believes that she owes some of that to her childhood in Mussoorie. She says, “Being immersed in the foothills of the Himalaya from a young age, being encouraged to take hikes into the mountains and even walking up to the school in the pouring rain instilled in me a deep respect for the natural world.” She adds that those early experiences have given her a lot of strength to face challenging situations, such as in her successful endeavor to trek to Everest Base Camp a few years ago. When asked how Woodstock can factor in sustainability, especially seeing that one of the guiding principles is ‘Tread Lightly on the Earth’, Vindhya responds with a plethora of suggestions from sourcing food from local farmers, to utilizing smart building design to conserve energy, to incorporating on-site renewable energy micro-grids. “As challenges and opportunities change with time, it’s important for the Woodstock to lead by example,” says Vindhya. For the past few years, Vindhya has been working with Rocky Mountain Institute, a US based think-and-do-tank that focuses on energy and climate. As their Director for Communications, Vindhya aims to raise awareness about the solutions that exist to combat global warming. “It’s unfortunate but true that the impending

climate crisis is the biggest challenge that faces your generation. In many ways, you are inheriting a problem, but it’s up to all of us to work together to deploy solutions that can hit the pause button on climate change so that future generations can live on a planet that sustains them.” One of the flagship initiatives she is working on is The Global Cooling Prize - an innovation competition that aims to incubate and bring to market a breakthrough air conditioning technology that can provide cooling for all, without warming the planet. The Prize, which was launched in November of 2019, has so far received more than 2000 applications from over 60 countries around the world and will award over US$3Million in prize money. “The task is significant - to invent an air conditioner that has 5X less climate impact so that we can mitigate .5C of warming by 2100. Without this technology, the world will not be able to fulfill the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to 2C,” she says. As we close out our call, I ask Vindhya if she has any words of advice for students and she says, “Woodstock will give you a strong intellectual foundation and the opportunity to engage with people from many different walks of life. Carry this with you as you move into the world. Be adaptable and open to all new avenues that present themselves to you - you never know where they might lead.” Quadrangle 21

Filmmaker • Storyteller

Shubhashish Bhutiani ’09 Interviewed by Tara Menon Puri, Alumni Relations Coordinator

Shubhashish Bhutiani graduated from Woodstock in 2009, having spent eight years at the school. After studying film at the School of Visual Arts in New York, he found himself back in India as a 22-year-old. Deciding to backpack through India, he made his way from Kerala to Varanasi. It was in Varanasi that he was inspired to make his award winning film ‘Mukti Bhawan’.

Your thesis film for the School of Visual Arts, NY was ‘Kush’ set against the anti – Sikh riots of 1984. What drew your attention to the subject that had scarred the history of our nation and divided the people in Punjab? I don’t know if you know this, but the story is from Woodstock. It’s actually a story that happened to students from Woodstock and I heard it in an economics class with Ms Chander. She and a couple of other teachers experienced it. I think the first thing that drew me to it, when I was 16, was that I could have been in that bus, maybe in a different context, an activity week or some sort of a situation that is completely out of your control, and suddenly you have a life or death situation. It was a story that stayed with me for many years and I realised that there are many political instances in our country that are not taught because of their controversial or complicated nature. If you’re going into the depth of it, it’s very complex, the ’84 riots happening was a surprise for me because I hadn’t heard about it until late into my school years. The more I heard about them, the more I started asking people about it, I started meeting people, I started reading about it. I began to visualise a film and a story about India. It wasn’t just about the ’84 riots, it was about something much larger, about this place where we do have so many moments of violence against a certain religion and political conflict affecting people. I think many times, a school bus, and a classroom is a perfect setting for the state of a country because it’s where there exists a level playing field. I would like to believe that children don’t really see identity the same way. They bully each other, they make fun of each other, but I don’t think they really have a consciousness in that same way of identity. So I think the setting and story really touched my heart and it stayed with me. As a result I knew that when

22 Quadrangle

Woodstock definitely taught me how to respect people and how to communicate with people from different cultures, I work with people from all around the world in my career. It’s more important than you think...

I finished film school I wanted to use my story-telling tools to tell stories that touch me or move me, or make me laugh or make me cry or whatever it is. I want to make stories about things I’m somehow affected by. Thereafter you won laurels and critical acclaim for ‘Mukti Bhawan’ a poignant, deeply moving film about relationships. Unlike ‘Masaan’ a contemporary film also with Banaras in the background, ‘Mukti Bhawan’ delves into a strange, surreal story where the city becomes an integral part of the narrative. Comment. I never know what helps me get started on a story, it’s really hard, it’s really something that just kind of pulls you into it. There’s no logical reason for it, I think I’d gone to Varanasi and it had this strange impact on me. A place where I was confronted with death in such a way where you can observe it and see how people react to it, culturally, from an individual to a much larger level. The city itself has some kind of fabric of death in its texture. But in that fabric itself there are so many stories of how people are dealing with it and the belief systems that exist. I had gone to this hotel where people were checking in to die and there is this rule where you have to die in 15 days or you go back home and I think that became a perfect place for me to explore the relationship between a father and son, something that I’d heard and read about as well where these parents and children were having difficulty letting each other go and going through the process of dying. I think that death actually evokes more conversation about life than life itself, you tend to reflect and think about what is important to you. Somewhere between the humour of it and the absurdity of it, the humanity of it, somewhere the film was something I felt like I should do. I have a very loving and strange relationship with that city.

What is it about the pan – Indian context that compels you to base your scripts and stories within its framework? It’s really weird, I always have a big fight while trying to make films that are very specific but at the same time giving it some breathing room. I think it has to do with my upbringing, maybe. I was born in Calcutta, and my mom is from Rajasthan and Delhi, I grew up in Bombay and Mussoorie, mostly in Mussoorie. I didn’t have the feeling that a lot of people do of being from one place, I’ve never felt that. I felt a lot for Mussoorie, I felt very connected here, I grew up here. Voice is something that comes naturally to you, I don’t think you can control it too much. I don’t know why it’s pan Indian. I try to make it as honestly as I can, and to the best of my abilities, and I go with wherever it takes me. Also, filmmaking is a very collaborative medium, so I think it’s everybody’s work and I get to be a part of it as well. Does anyone influence the way you make films? I don’t think so. I’ve always made films under tough resources. I’m just starting my creative career. I think it’s more subliminal, I’ve not tried to imitate anyone, sometimes I do in moments. But I’m not too conscious about it to be honest. Will you ever consider Landour as a backdrop for a film? After all you must have a lot of memories associated with this hillside? I’m dying to make a film with Landour as a background. I tell my friends too. The first script I ever wrote was set in Mussoorie. I really want to make a story here that deserves to be told. So, I’m waiting for the right story. There are many ideas I already have, I’m just

waiting for it to have some resonance. What was the one lesson you learnt at Woodstock that shaped you as you grew up? This is a deep question, I could just say “Be nice to everybody” but I would like to say something much deeper. See, Woodstock is a place where I found my calling and what I wanted to do with my life, the theatre program here led me to start acting, I found a sense of expression. I don’t do movies anymore, just because I love movies, I love movies, but it’s also my space which is really important to me. One thing I learned in Woodstock, is that how you think and approach a problem is really important. The first step to solving an issue and how you deal with people, Woodstock definitely taught me how to respect people and how to communicate with people from different cultures, I work with people from all around the world in my career. It’s more important than you think, film is such a collaborative medium, there are so many different personalities, and to bring cohesion to it is not easy. It’s a big lesson for me. I don’t think you can be conscious of it, it becomes engrained in you. What would you share with students as a message? I would say tell stories that affect you first, you should care about what you’re doing, tell your stories. Even though KUSH isn’t my story, it didn’t happen to me, it has a connection to me, in some way. You don’t have to have experienced a story necessarily to have a great connection to it or to care about it. Be patient, I really do think when people are patient, life presents you with opportunities.

Quadrangle 23

Brick by brick

24 Quadrangle

Quadrangle 25

SCHOLARSHIPS FOR PEACE As members of the school community, the Scholars for Peace bring inestimable value and perspective to life and learning on the Woodstock hillside. At the heart of Woodstock School’s philosophy is a commitment to global mindedness and peace. The Scholarships for Peace programme aims to provide gifted young people from conflict-affected regions with opportunities they would not otherwise be able to access. Students at Woodstock have always had the privilege of learning alongside students who come from a diversit–y of ethnic, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds. The Scholarships for Peace programme ensures that a Woodstock education includes living and learning alongside peers who, because of their personal experience, have a commitment to end conflict at all levels of society.

Woodstock has hosted Scholars for Peace from Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Somaliland, and Palestine, but Woodstock welcomes applications from students from any regions which are affected by war, violence, fragile states or oppressive regimes. To find out more about our Scholarships for Peace programme, email: admissions@woodstock.ac.in

HOW TO DONATE For details on how to donate, depending on your geographic location, tax relief options and modes of payment: Web www.woodstockschool.in/support-woodstock-school/ Email development@woodstock.ac.in Phone +91 135 2639163 26 Quadrangle


with a frosting of fresh snow on branches. Everywhere the eye falls, the view overwhelms in dimension and content.While not the Himalayas, the scenery brought back memories of those ancient peaks seen in the distance decades ago.

Site, with bubbling mineral waters and rare snails; Lake Louise, an hour away by car, with its magnificent mountain scenery; the Banff Gondola; and explorations of Banff village for afternoon tea, gifts, or just strolls – all attracted various members of the group.

Class of 1959/60

Most of us stayed at the Hostel International; a few at nearby hotels. For some, we would be seeing old classmates for the first time since graduation. Would we recognize them? Would they recognize us?And then there were the ones we did not know to meet. Robert John Bonham had sent an email Sunday letting us know he would not be with us as expected due to “a bicycle event on Sunday and ankle surgery on Monday.” He was conspicuous in his absence.

Wednesday (Day 2) continued with individual exploration of Banff including a visit to the impressive Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. Dinner at the Hostel found all finally assembled as a group where good food and good conversation abounded. There was SO much to catch up on! Careers, families, accomplishments, concerns…

Milestone Class Reunions Memorable. A double class reunion (the first ever?): 60/59, 59/60. The Sixtieth of ’59, the Fifty-Ninth of ’60. Memorable. FIFTYNINE or 60 years since our graduation from Woodstock! The reunion was held in Banff, Alberta, Canada, Oct. 8-12, 2019, with 19 former Woodstock students and 7 accompanying spouses. It was hosted by Helen Arnott ’60, who did a superb job of preparing for and managing the event. Our reunion was perfectly timed – we missed the big snowstorm of October 1.Snow showers blanketed the regionwith a thick, fresh coat ofbright white powder on the landscape. The weather cooperated by providing a mild snowstorm on October 8, the day the group trickled in from all corners of the continent, so that for the rest of the visit, the mountains and the forests of tall firs sparkled with fresh snow. Yes, they say timing is everything! Our arrival in Banff was absolutely breathtaking…Beautiful! Stunning! Formidable!The mountains look like sheer slabs of rock shoved up toward the sky. Incredibly tall, sheer cliffs with saw-toothed mountain peaks rise in all directions close around the town, wrapped in dense stands of deep green lodgepole pine

Groups of individuals arranged their own activities. Popular sites included the Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum, housed in a log fortress, where we examined and admired artefacts and mock-ups of the past life of Plains Indian Indigenous peoples – dress, tools, weapons, amulets, tipis, and much else. There was also an extended film, narrated by First Nation representatives, about their ways, spiritual and cultural values, and forced “civilizing” to white practices. A moving (indeed, memorable) evocation of the First Nations. Another frequently-visited site was the Banff Park Museum, Western Canada’s oldest natural history museum, with 5,000 vintage specimens, from stuffed bears to minerals and plants. The Cave and Basin National Historic

Thursday (Day 3) was sunny, but seriously cold with wind. Lindsay and Dana Hofman had to leave us due to health concerns. We were so sorry to see them go. The majority toured the Cave and Basin National Historic Site and had a wonderful lunch at the Wild Flour Restaurant. Our Khana at the Masala Restaurant was a delicious buffet; then back to Hostel for group photos and a roundtable conversation which lasted late into the night. All agreed that our Woodstock experience created a unique bond among us that does not exist and cannot be duplicated in other relationships. Friday morning (Day 4), a herd of elk moseyed through the hostel grounds. We split into three groups for the day – one group off to tour Lake Louise, another to the Banff Sightseeing Gondola at Sulphur Mountain, the third to the geothermal Banff Upper Hot Springs for a soak. The day was perfect with blue skies and sunshine for all adventures. All

(l-r): Marcia and Dick Smith; Anita Hoke and Lee Rice. Starting with the back row: Les Files, Arny Long, Winn Knox Files, Helen Dobson Arnott, Jack Day, Jim Rugh, Kathy Horton Front row (l-r): Anita Rice is Bonnie McGraw, Ruth Lacy Long, Alice Sokolove Clague, Gail Harris (blue), Sally Harmon Ellis, Maudie Lee Brookshier Davis, Llyn Clague, Barbara Bowes, Fran Irvin, Philip McEldowney, Norm Mundhenk, Angela Sanders and Very front Willie Knierim Quadrangle 27

were back with glowing reports by late afternoon. There was yummy home-made chicken curry with fixings for dinner at the Hostel after which a large part of our group had to leave for their trips home. We just got here! Where had the time gone? Who had we not had time enough to talk to? Our most sincere thanks to all who volunteered to make this the best reunion EVER! A word about meals: Breakfast started at 6:30 in part of the big kitchen, with the early birds making porridge and coffee in the hostel’s dining area. There were some lunches together, and all dinners, starting with lasagna the first two nights and a chicken curry the last, with preparation by various alumni.

Beyond all these, the heart of the reunion was the meeting with old friends. As one participant put it, when asked to describe her favorite moment or event, it was like seeing the face of an old friend, who has aged (“of course I haven’t”) and at first isn’t quite recognizable, but over time the blurring fades away and the face becomes clear. People caught up with each other, made new friends, reminisced about experiences at Woodstock. They shared episodes of life stories since Woodstock, underlining some of the common values that have linked Woodstock graduates to each other throughout their lives. There were stories of transportation to and from the school, planes, trains, taxis – some of the trips looked back upon with astonishment (and not a little pride, “we did

that?”). Stories about beloved teachers and matrons, and some not so beloved; treks and adventures and not a few pranks, water fights, trouble-making, and other “revelations.” The highlight, if there could be a single event, was dinner at an Indian restaurant in Banff followed by an extensive picture-taking of the class members in the Alpine Lodge common room, that followed by sitting around the large square downstairs dining table sharing those stories: each to each, each also to the group as a whole, and the group, together, singing Woodstock songs. One of us took the initiative to have a specially made Brown and Gold baseball-style cap for each alumni, embroidered with the name Woodstock “59/60”.

Class of 1964

The Class of 1964 held its 55th Reunion at Estes Park, CO, in Sept. 20 class members & many spouses gathered for 4 days of great conversations, meals together, & sharing life stories in a beautiful environment. Participants were PEGGY TAYLOR ARRINGTON, PATTI WELLES APPEL, PAMELA BRADBURN, CHRIS DUEWEL, LEE EDLEFSEN, RACHEL FINNEY, NANCY LINDELL GARRISON, BOB GRETHER, JOANNE BUCKWALTER HIGH, LANI GOOD JELEN, SITA KASHYAP LICHTENSTERN, PAT ROWLAND MCCRARY, RAJAN NANDA, DON PARKER, BILL RIDDLE, PATTY RIDDLE (’65), STEVE SAWATZKY, JIM SHULL, BILL VIRGIN, BILL WILSON, & DICK YOUNG. Activities included hikes, a slide show, a Trivia Quiz, wildlife viewing, looking through pictures & yearbooks, & dinner at a Nepalese restaurant. A special time was set aside to remember those who are no longer with us. There was a lot of deep listening, sharing, & light-hearted laughter, & a great spirit. The spouses who attended all commented on what a great time they had. Thank you to everyone who came!

Class of 1969

Our 50th Reunion, held in Olympia, WA from Sept. 13-17 culminated 5 years of planning since our 45th, held in Mussoorie. THIRTY-NINE classmates attended along with family members making it a total of 62, coming from as far away as Finland, Rwanda & India! 21 of the 39 were there in Grade 2, effectively Woodstock Lifers. Our overall theme was Celebrating Who We Are and Who We’ve Become and many things were shared in the large circle on Friday evening 28 Quadrangle

Front L to R: Bill Virgin, Chris Duewel, Peggy Taylor Arrington, Lani Good Jelen, Bill Wilson, Pat Rowland McCrary, Patti Welles Appel, Joanne Buckwalter High, Pamela Bradburn, Nancy Lindell Garrison 2nd Row: Rajan Nanda, Sita Kashyap Lichtenstern, Jim Shull, Steve Sawatzky, 3rd row: Lee Edlefsen, Rachel Finney, Bob Grether, Dick Young, Don Parker, Bill Riddle

& Sunday ... funny anecdotes that could only happen in India or at Woodstock, some deep, life-altering stories, music from our sixties era, reminiscences of those who couldn’t be with us but were greatly missed, a time of remembering those whom we’ve lost and of course, the various Woodstock theme songs! We displayed our psychedelic class flag and even had its imprint on a cake. There were class pictures spanning Lower KG through Grade 12 & all of our reunions. “Sitting in the circle

I was overwhelmed with the sense of history, family and acceptance,” said one. At our Saturday picnic at Will & Kate Friesens’, we enjoyed lunch & a chai cook-off, were treated to henna tattoos, made & shot slingshots, spun tops, played badminton & croquet, and other games from our childhood and had the opportunity for more intimate conversations. That evening, the conversations continued as we took a sunset dinner cruise on the Puget Sound. Sunday evening we dressed

up in Indian finery (be it a scarf or complete head to toe) and walked to an Indian restaurant where we impressed the owners with our rousing ‘Jana Gana Mana’. Monday, groups dispersed for shopping in town, nature walks & more challenging hikes. In the evening, we shared what our parents did. “I came away feeling reconnected and grounded,” said one. “For me, I intend for the Reunion to be a precursor to staying in touch for years to come and for that I am grateful,” and “The only other reunion I ever attended was at 5 years & even after 45 years, our connections remain strong and vibrant.” Following the reunion, “Those were some of the best days of my lifeI” and from a spouse, “I’m still in the aura!” A significant number - even though their time at Woodstock was meaningful enough to attend the 50th Reunion - had never before met one another! So, it was a rich time of connecting and reconnecting! Never too late! As Class Secretary for 50 years, it was my great joy to see everyone engaged with each other! Many contributed (financially so others could come or leading aspects of our reunion) but I must especially thank my local committee members: Will & Kate Friesen, Jon & Mary Beth Jantzen, Tom McCulloch and Paul Hamilton.

Seated on the floor (L- R): Joy Finney, Ann Portz Rogers, Bette Larson Dean, Karen Bowdish Tamminen, Ada Haagen Bruce, Angie Cowart Cheek, Jamie Clayton Ledford, Lela Folkers (Staff) Seated 2nd row (L- R): Cheryl Beachy Paulovich, Nancy Jaffie, Margaret Patton Boster, Janet Allen Machula White, Dawn Anderson Stewart, Bobbie Mackay, Kath Robinson Loane, Judy Smith Crider, Rachel Wyon, John Burkhalter, Dan Nave Standing 3rd row (L- R): Gordon Claassen, Kim RughBergier, Wim Franken, Carol Johnson Cochran, Carolyn Turner, Dee Nichols, Tom Loane, Dipak Roy, Doug Keislar, Mary Self Skarsten Standing back row (L- R): John Whitcomb, Paul Hamilton, Joann Phillips Gibson, Will Friesen, Jon Jantzen, Fred Taylor, Titus Presler, Tom McCulloch, Marc Mumby, Gordon Waldock, Keith Joyce

L - R: Gilman Halsted, Joie Morris Dewoy, Mark James, David Hall, Karla Kirkwood Johnson, Lois Kniss Front: Patricia Green Sotos

Attendees: John Burrows, Cindy Burrows, Cindy Peters, Paul Conrad, Marti Conrad, Steve Harper, Elizabeth Alexander, Steve Barnhouse, Curtis Weaverdyck, Shelly Weaverdyck, Amy Burkhalter, Chris Bauer, Kevin McConeghey, Sharon Cave, Karen Anderson Atterbery, Lyle Powell, Jo Powell, Deb Baur, Lucia O’Reilly, Betsy Scott Murphy, John Murphy, Scott Bunce, Steve Alter, Sue Ditmanson, Jane Kirkwood Herr, Malcolm Wilson, Margie Garrison Austman, Rachel Lindell Nelson, Nick Nelson, Kim Dodgson Labinger and Mark Labinger

Quadrangle 29

Class of 1979

11 souls from the class of ’79 reunited again, 40 years after graduating, in Mussoorie. Local alum FAISAL ALI and LAZARUS CORNELIUS were instrumental in assisting NATHAN TAYLOR with the planning that began almost 2 years earlier. People traveled from Europe,

North America, the Middle East, and from across the subcontinent to attend. We had a nice tour of the dorms, followed by a fabulous lunch at the renovated dining hall before being led on a tour of the academic campus by DARAB NAGARWALLA ’80. We also hiked the Jabarkhet Reserve, in addition to dancing and dinner on the roof of Faisal’s Hotel Filigree.

The closing event was a fabulous gala dinner with current Woodstock staff invitees at the Brentwood Hotel. In between events we hung out at the chakar, as well as Chaar Dhukan and Momo’s Inn. It was a very memorable event. Next up is a location reunion in Bali in 2021, organized by classmate MERTI DJELANTIK. Hope to see more classmates there!

Attendees: James Hackney, Nathan Taylor, Anita Luthra, Merti Djelantik Ritgers, Deanne Lehman, Shobana Chelliah, Lazarus Cornelius, Faisal Ali, Nayantara Kapur Thapar, Kiran Cunningham and Yasmeen Merchant

Class of 1984

FENOC at 35 in the Blink of an Eye They say that best friends & family never grow apart, they just exist apart & then catch up when they meet, bridging the years quickly & continuing to develop the relationship as if no gap ever existed. In Apr ’19, I was the first to arrive at Rokeby Manor in Landour, eagerly anticipating the arrival of my former classmates for our 35th year reunion. I had not seen most of the 18 attendees in over 35 years & didn’t know if I would recognize them or if they would even remember me, as I only attended WS for 1 semester Junior year. Part of me was in doubt, but part of me was filled w/an overwhelming sense of wonder & joy at the prospect. As they arrived, I was thrilled to see that not only did I have no trouble recognizing anyone I knew, but every single person that I knew remembered me. There were hugs & slaps on the back & sharing of quick anecdotes about each other that I never expected. Some of these folks have amazing memories (Sam Ebrahim!) & though I wasn’t close to all the attendees from the time I attended WS & some of them weren’t even present when I attended, there was a sense of familial 30 Quadrangle

Attendees: Bonzi Crotty ’87, Rajesh Kohli, Tane Joachim ’85, Rajesh Sukhnandan, Soe Soe Thwin, Sisi Lance, (Karen Watase via FaceTime!), Alex Manton, Ravi Joseph, Eskinder Tefera, Hiram Verma, Fibi Thind, Jigme Shingsar, Hassan Dashti, Salil Ali ’83, Sam Ebrahim, Eric & Monica Roberts, Nilmini Jayasinghe, Monisha Ahmed, Brinda Dalal, Naresh Teckwani Attended Delhi reunion: Shailly Chawla, Sajni Khanna & Nathan Scott Not pictured: Phil Fiol

familiarity; a sense of ‘you’re one of us & we’re one of you’ that was indescribable. I was welcome. I was home. It felt like we were 17 all over again, in a good way, but with a quinquagenarian frame & mind. We quickly caught up on the gap years & moved on to making new memories. It was surprising how little the group dwelled on the past, which was a relief for me as I didn’t have a long history to share w/this group, while some of them had spent most of their formative years at WS. We raised our gaze & glasses to the ‘now’that we were spending w/ each other. We ate, laughed, walked & drank on repeat. There was some sleeping, but not much.

Pilgrimages to old haunts included Sisters Bazaar, Clock Tower, Faerie Glen, ChaarDukan, haunted house, the graveyard, Tavern & Cozy (lamenting the absence ofGrover). We visited the Criders & invited the Roberts (our unofficial class parents) for dinner at Rokeby. A few toured the school & dorms. So much has changed & improved greatly over the years, but some things are evergreen (Hostel dinner bell). In all it was a great time, way beyond my expectations. Thanks to Sisi Lance, Rajesh Kohli & others who worked hard to make this happen. The sense of community at WS is alive & strong. I will be attending these more often now that the group

They say that best friends & family never grow apart, they just exist apart & then catch up when they meet. has welcomed me back. You only get one chance at life, so I encourage anyone who is on the fence about attending a class reunion to make the short leap. Though each experience is unique, it’s definitely worth it! Om Shanti Hiram Verma

Class of 1989

Attendees: Shalini Bath, Meenakshi Goswami Sen, Bharat Mehra, Anil Teckwani, Anita Bansal Gupta, Shruti Goyal Mangla, Ena Singh Murphy and Magali Rastogi

Class of 1999

Stefan Kamboj, Ashish Chelvum, Joshua Hishey, Kapil Kapoor, Shruti Khare, Dechen Dukpa, Amrita Roy, Kunzang Dukpa, Harsh Madhok, Pallavi Sharma, Fayaz Punjani, Vicky Alderton, Abhishek Srivastav, Jagriti Uttamchandani and Jamie Alter

Quadrangle 31

Woodstock Hosted Alumni Gatherings ember h: 23rd Nov



Attendees: Kazi Zahin Hasan ’89 and his wife, Mumtaz Chaka Hasan ’92, Zahid Hasan ’92, Omair Mallik ’93, Zafar Sobhan ’88 and his wife, Shadab Parvez ’97, Adil Chowdhury ’88 and his wife, Monica Roberts (Current Staff) and Arjun Puri (Director of Development at Woodstock)

Kolkata: 25th November 2018

Attendees: Sangeeta Agarwala, ’97, Tulika Prakash Pabrai ’76 and her husband Anuvrat Pabrai, Saroj Ladia Mitra ’72, Monica Roberts (Current Staff), Sunita Ladia Jalan ’75, Imon Ghosh ’82 and his wife Tanusree Ghosh and daughter Nayantara Ghosh, Nishant Pabrai ’08, Kunal Khemka (son of Kusum Ladia Khemka ’70). Arjun Puri (Director of Development at Woodstock), Rajesh Agarwalae ’96 and his wife Renu Agarwalae

Attendees: Steve Ediger (former staff), Sisi Lance ’84, David and Connie Wheeler (FWS staff), Bruce ’73 (FWS President) and Sue Davis, Cate ’66 (former staff) and Jack Whitcomb, Jonathan (Principal at Woodstock) and Sue Long (Head of Learning Support at Woodstock), Virgil Miedema (FWS Board Member), Ann Lind (former staff), Lucy Dorenfeld ’67 (FWS Board Member), David Schoonmaker ’62 (FWS Board Member), Molly Seiders ’87 (FWS Board Member), David Shastry ’09 (FWS Board Member), Arjun Puri (Director of Development at Woodstock), Eleanor Nicholson (former staff), Sharon Seto ’79 (former staff and FWS Board Member), Mary Girard ’76, Lee Feierabend ’66 and Cate Grayson (friend of Woodstock)

32 Quadrangle

2019 th January Chicago: 12

Boston: 14 th January 2019

Attendees: Tanashya Batra ’17, Lauri Coulter ’81 (Director of Alumni Affairs at Woodstock), Bruce Davis ’73 (FWS President), Asheesh Gupta ’90, Rupal Jain ’13, Sahil Jain ’10, Jonah Kaplan ’17, Larry Kaplan (former staff), Eva Khanpara ’18, Devika Kothari ’14, Rob Meyer ’86, Kushal Mittal ’14, Arjun Puri (Director of Development at Woodstock), Nathan Scott ’84, Jeet Singh ’81 and Edith Wendell ’84 Los Angeles: 2nd April 2019

Attendees: David Mitchell ’50 with his wife Synnove Mitchel ’55, Gregory Zide ’83, Bill Zide ’83, Abhinanda Bhattacharyya ’09, Mike Singh ’71 with his wife Joanna Lancaster, Ryan Blocher ’97 with his wife Linde Blocher and Tara Menon (Alumni Relations Coordinator at Woodstock)


3rd April 20 19

Attendees: Alex Manton ’84, Aman John ’14, Aman Sethi ’11, Apurva Adit ’15, Linh Tran, Apurva Thanju ’05, Arjun Puri (Director of Development at Woodstock), Patricia Cummings ’96, Ashok Venkateswaran ’87, Atila Jamir ’12, Chiho Makino ’91, Jungshi Jamir ’15, Lauri Coulter ’81 (Director of Alumni Affairs at Woodstock), Niranjan Bennet ’17, Mohit Sagar ’87, Saral Tayal ’17, Seetsele Setlhomo ’17, Todd Bose ’93, Egor Suvorov ’17 and Apoorva Thapa ’17

Quadrangle 33

h April 2019 Bangkok: 5t

Attendees: Sangob Auloong ’82, Lauri Coulter ’81 (Director of Alumni Affairs at Woodstock), Peter Downs ’62, Rattapong Owasitth ’15, Vikrom Panchaphan ’90, Pawit Phandcharuneedhi ’82, Arjun Puri (Director of Development at Woodstock), Ajay Raj ’82 and his wife and Ajit Wongkhatri ’77 New Delhi: 28th April 2019

Attendees: Rahul Bhandari ’92, Lauri Coulter ’81 (Director of Alumni Affairs at Woodstock), Bruce Davis ’73 (FWS President), Sonam Deki ’14, Tanmaye Gupta ’17, Kapil Gupta ’92, Smita Jha ’91, Krishan Jhalani ’95, Sonam Jhalani ’96, Ravi Joseph ’84, Rajesh Kohli ’84, Bhavenesh Kumari ’50, Sita Lichtenster ’64, Karan Madhok ’03, Barbara Mahajan ’64, Vinay Mehra ’80, Manav Mehra’96, Minal Mehta ’01, Namrata Mohapatra ’14, Arjun Puri (Director of Development at Woodstock), Samir Sharma ’91, Marcus Shaw ’87 (Director of Admissions at Woodstock), Apoorva Shrivastava ’91 and Raksha Talwar ’52

Seattle: 8th June 2019 Attendees: Dawn Bove Seaman ’75, Kim Thiessen Warren ’73, Pamela Bradburn ’64 and guest, Bob Conrad ’71 and Jenny Li, Glenn Conrad ’68 (FWS Board Member Emeritus), Craig Cook (Principal at Woodstock) and his wife Jamie Williams, Bruce Davis ’73 (FWS President), Lucy Wilson Dorenfeld ’67 (FWS Vice – President), Suzanne McCulloch Friedericks ’66 and Richard Friedericks ’66, Margaret Groff ’67, Ron Hess ’70 and Cheryl Groff ’71, Lindsay Fiske Hofman ’59 and Dana Hofman, Anitra Mansson ’74, Nigel Mansson ’12, David McCulloch ’70 and Julie McCulloch, Norm Mundhenk ’59, Jimmy Nam ’95, Sang Yee Name ’98, Mike Pesavento and Mary Ellen Pesavento (former staff), Bill Riddle ’64 and Barbara Riddle, Marlin Schoonmaker ’67 and Jeannie Neeley, David Schoonmaker ’62 (FWS Treasurer), Molly Seiders ’87 (FWS Board Member), Sharon Seto ’79 (FWS Board Member), David Shastry ’09 (FWS Board Member), Mark Wagner ’67, Connie and David Wheeler (FWS Staff)

34 Quadrangle


: 7th Augu st 2019

Attendees: Arjun Puri (Director of Development at Woodstock), Kate Niemisto (former staff), Christopher Lee (former staff), Jan Davidson ’76, Nancy Lindell Garrison ’64 and her husband Mark Garrison, Rosemary Kuehl ’73 and her husband Dan Kuehl, Bruce Davis ’73 (FWS President), Dale Howard ’67, Mark Bradby ’95, Megan Fishman, Sue Hanifl ’63 and her husband Paul Hanifl, Kerry Hanifl and Gregg Rappe (former staff) and their children Oscar, Zibby and Felix, Larry Smith ’63 and Marcus Shaw ’87 (Director of Admissions at Woodstock) New York: 9th August 2019

Attendees: Jonlyn Freeman ’91, Sheba Remy Kharbanda ’96, Sushant Criswell Simon ’00, Kabir Mehta ’16, Ho Yun Ryu ’10, Abyaya Lamsal ’14, Arjun Puri (Director of Development at Woodstock), Marcus Shaw ’87 (Director of Admissions at Woodstock), Rohan Poddar ’05,Suraj Tolani ’04, Sheng – Yao Cheng ’12, Sumanta Ray ’82, Naresh Teckwani ’84, Arti Villa ’93, Grace Kim ’06, Rayaan Shums ’87, Kairas Mistry ’83, Arjun Vatsa ’05, Kari Ferro ’15, Monisha Sehgal ’93, Madhu Malhan ’83, Shabab Rahman ’08, Rahul Patel ’15, Nikhil Kumar ’84, David Lowe ’74 and his wife Kim Lowe, Anil Teckwani ’89, Alice Clague ’59, Jigme Shingsar ’84, Jai Kharbanda ’00, Anisha Chawla ’93, Vaibhav Muchhal ’90, Menka Tolani ’07, Kheytsun Rinchchen ’15 and Alok Tewari ’85 r st Septembe London: 21


Attendees: Helen Provotorova ’03, Nikhil Chouguley ’98 and his wife Ukrika Chouguley with their daughters Sofia and Norah Chouguley, Dr Craig Cook (Principal at Woodstock) and his wife Jamie Williams, Hugh Bradby (Woodstock Board Member and Former Principal), Robin Bradby ’02, Arjun Puri (Director of Development at Woodstock), Sita Lichtenstern’64, Maria Reaney (former staff), Dalia Mazumdar ’01, Talina Rush ’03, Christian Rush ’99, Reshma Shaikh ’00, Anita Daly ’86 and Kazi Zeeshan Hasan ’89. Edinburgh: 26th September 2019

Attendees: Dale Finlayson ’59, Dr Craig Cook (Principal at Woodstock) and his wife Jamie Williams, Merryn Glover Appleby ’87, Arjun Puri (Director of Development at Woodstock), Ash Halim ’85 and Laura Jeffery ’97

Quadrangle 35

Other Gatherings see: East Tennes

2019 27th April

Attendees: Judi Schiller ’51, Louise Rugh, Suzanne Jonas, Robert Bonham ’59, David Taylor ’80, James Hackney ’79, Jim Green, Carol (Rugh) Green ’60, Scott Bucher ’59, Courtney Bucher, Moses Taylor, Doug Rugh ’69, Jim Rugh ’60, Lydia Taylor

Atlanta: 21st April 2019

Attendees: Seema Sharan Sawhney ’01, David Creviston, Michael Sawhney, Jonathan Larson ’65, Joan Hill Creviston ’70, Hugh Stoddard ’79, Mary Kay Burkhalter Larson ’65, Carol Aldrich Sandlin ’62, Buddy Sandlin, Marie Rees, Sid George (Kodi), Warren Rees ’66, Gwinder Sidhu, Jasjeed Sidhu ’76, Stan Lehman (former staff), Ashwini Gupta, Linda Garst Gupta ’66, Joyce Burkhalter Flueckiger ’70, Mike Flueckiger, A. Pant ’16, Marina Popov ’16, Rebecca Johnson,Marshall Johnson ’82.

36 Quadrangle

Toronto: 23 rd February 2019

Attendees: Neil Ruttle, Rosalie Howard (Staff/Parent); Mary Self Skarsten ’69, Promila McMullen ’88, Ida Lloyd (daughter of Mary Ellen), Doug Virgin ’68, Val Virgin, Cathy McMullen (Parent), Barb Eadie Ruttle ’76, Joy Finney ’69, Mary Ellen Mackay Stegenga ’58, Nancy Howard (Parent), Clarence McMullen (Parent, WS Board Member & President), Sunil Kumar (Parent), Rohan Kumar ’15, Barb Herman (Staff), Anil McMullen ’92, Sheila Anderson ’84, Ajit Sherring ’88, Alan Howard ’81 (Staff & Parent), Jane Loane Gorman ’72, Rachel Finney ’63, Wilma Findlay, Outreach Canada

New Orleans: 2nd to 5th Agust 2019

Attendees: Sean Manchanda ’83 and his wife Wendy Manchanda, Philip Thurman ’85, Robert Meyer ’85, Junaid Alim ’86, Jason Steadwell ’87, Tim Young ’87, Marcus Shaw ’87 (Director of Admissions at Woodstock), Molly Seiders ’87, Samir Muhith ’87, Jude Samson ’87, Christabel Khiangte-Corazza ’87, Renu Agarwal ’88, Mildred Franks ’88, Rae-Lynn Steadwell ’89 and her husband Philip MacQuarrie , Ena Murphy ’89, Debra Coultis ’89, Cybele McKague ’89, Balgovind Pande ’89, Anna Swaine ’89, Jonlyn Freeman ’91, Devi Mishra ’81 and Arjun Puri (Director of Development at Woodstock) Quadrangle 37

Worldwide Woodstock Day, November 2, 2019 Arizona

Attendees: Cathy Forman ’65, Jessie Lacy ’65, Jeff – future WS spouse, Aradhana Roberts ’10, Lorrie Doman-Sheydayi ’87, Edi Francesconi – parent, Oreen Eddy ’72 in Sedona, Arizona. Nov. 2, 2019.

Bangkok Attendees: Ruke (Lukas)Ogen ’19, Vitchaphong (Oak) ’15, Hassakol (Butt) ’19, Phuriwat (Fuse) ’14, Disapron (Pung) ’15, Thaya ’12, Naphon (Jai) ’19, Paolo Guidotti ’84, Ian Whiteman (Former Staff), Neva Whiteman (Former Staff)

38 Quadrangle

lnois Chicago, Il

Attendees: Cate Whitcomb ’66 and her husband Jack Hinz, Bruce Davis ’73 and his wife Sue Davis

Goshen, Indiana

Attendees: Joann Yoder Holtzinger ’55, Tom Holtzinger, Luetta Friesen, Weldon Friesen ’59, Mrs. Classen (P), Paul Conrad ’74, John Mark Blosser ’68, Dan Liechty ’83, Anne Lind (S), Dorothy Yoder Nyce (S), Laura Schumm (P), Myron Schrag (S), Ricki Schrag (S), Gordon Hostetler ’51, Phyllis Hostetler, John Nyce (S), Marjorie Liechty (S), Russell Liechty (S), Eldon Classen ’70, Dan Lind (S), Karsten Shaw ’19, Ayaan John ’17, Meghan Das ’17, Elsie Liechty ’17, Jill Liechty (S)


Attendees: Judy Sims ’71 of Kalamazoo, Mary Pollock ’63 of East Lansing, and Sara (Farishta) Ulrey ’63

Quadrangle 39

Attendees:Joy Shepherd-Upputuru’93, Smita Jha ’91, Nandita Gupta ’91, Rajesh Kohli ’84, Ravi Joseph ’84, Yuvraj Kohli ’02, Apoorva Srivastava ’91, Amardeep Sundaram ’83 with his wife and daughter, Vinay Mehra ’80, Jamie Alter ’99 and his wife Mehak, Anshuman Magazine ’83, Varun Kapoor ’98, Monica Roberts (Woodstock Staff), Arjun Puri (Director of Development at Woodstock), Dr Craig Cook (Principal at Woodstock) and his wife Jamie. Not pictured: Vaibhav Jain, ’019 Arpit Singh, ’019, Suheil Farrell Tandon, ’06, Tariqa Farrell Tandon ’011, Bhavenesh Kumari Patiala ’50 and Rupan Khosla ’84

New Delhi, India

, India


Attendees: Class of ’72 on Worldwide Woodstock Day

Toronto, Canada

Attendees: Dave Wunker (spouse, parent), Barbara Herman (staff), Kathy Coleman York ’66, Pat Burke (spouse), Sunil Kumar (parent), Rachel Finney ’63/’64 (parent), Mary Self Skarsten ’69, Kim Rugh Bergier ’69, Ellen McIntosh Todd ’69, Douglas Virgin ’68, Rohan Kumar ’14, Alan Howard ’81 (staff, parent), Anne Marriott ’71 (parent), Claire Wunker (daughter), Val Virgin (spouse), Rosalie Howard (spouse, staff, parent), Ray Repo ’54, Joy Finney ’69, Jane Loane Gorman ’72, Stephen Todd (spouse)

40 Quadrangle


Attendees: Stefan Eicher ’90, Darab Nagarwalla ’80, Nazneen Nagarwalla (current staff), Amy Seefeldt ’93 (current staff), Jamie Van Drunen (former staff), Ritika Roy ’05 (current staff), Kirsten Beavan ’96 (former staff), Ethan Van Drunen (current staff) and Marcus Shaw ’87 (current staff)


Mussoorie, India

Attendees: Marcus Shaw ’87 (current staff), Neil Magazine ’13, Varun Kedia ’13, Dana Crider (former staff), Harshit Agrawal ’13 and Judy Crider ’64 (former staff)

Quadrangle 41

1940s Class of 1944

75 years ago we graduated from WS where we had lived & grown & studied. JOAN MERRILL MACHATA lives in a RI retirement home near her sons & daughter. She still drives up to her summer cottage in NY’s Adirondack hills beside a lake. RUTH SUTHERLAND & PAUL PULLIAM live in CA & enjoy visits with their families. They did a 29 days ocean sailing trip. From MA LOIS LYON NEUMANN travels to IL to visit her sister. At her Kimball Farms home she enjoys theatre & music programs. BRUCE AMSTUTZ & his wife are in a community in ME. ALICE ALTER WATKINS’ brother joined her in CA & they took a trip to the CO mountains. Out NW FRANCES BRUSH SCHILLINGER continues happily writing her books. In England, MARY LUTLEY GEE continues helping her sons & her church & lives in a community home. ELIZABETH CUMMINGS DEITZ & Jim have moved to a Trinity Home near their son Dan near Dayton, OH, close to their first church.

Class of 1945

RAJ & Marjorie BERY, Rockville, MD, youngest classmate & likely the most active, still travels overseas, a curry-club regular, despite knee & hip replacements. Likes living “very much.” DICK & ANNA MAE (S ’51-54) BOLLINGER, Centennial, CO, are cottagers in their retirement center; coping with knee & hip replacements, continuing to thrive through music & social activities. JOE DUERKSEN, Roeland Park, KS, has health issues which slow him down, but not enough to derail writing his life story. He has a “good enough memory” to put his extensive medical & religious work in India & elsewhere into words. TOM & Janice HAZLETT, E. Lansing, MI, moved to a retirement community which keeps the two of them busy with reading, programs, & walking. STEWART LEEDER, Lancaster, PA, has lots to do in his retirement community: friendships, family connections, & a “life is great” attitude. Physical complaints were not mentioned. WALTER MAHLER, Boca Raton, FL, has intellectual & research interests in optics, poetry, numbers theory; a son & grandsons keep his life interesting. His reputation as one of ’45s “brains” remains intact. VIVIAN NICHOL NORDEN, Washington, DC, stays more at home now, less travel, fewer activities. NORMAN & Doreen ROADARMEL Burbank, CA, have 6 children, 13 grandkids, and 4 great-grandkids. He still copes with recurrent health issues. RUTH STEWART, 42 Quadrangle

moved to Santa Barbara, CA, from DC to be with her older brother. SITA BERY SARWAL, Gurgaon, HR, India, celebrated her 90th in a trip to London to visit her son & family; had “great fun” at a biryani & beer lunch. Back home, she tries to stay cheerful through bouts of arthritic pain. RUTH LIEBBRAND, faithful class representative for many years, died in May in Austin, TX. ALBERT BJERKSTRAND, BETTY ANN DYKSTRA, ROBERT HARRISON, MARGARET PARRISH HOWARD, JULIAN MILLER were unable to be reached by telephone/email.

Class of 1949

NANCY ALDRICH INMAN lives in an independent living community in San Luis Obispo, CA. She teaches writing for self-discovery & volunteers for hospice, has a great-grandson, & reads a lot. BETTY BAUMAN SHELLY loves to work in her garden. She crochets pot holders & baby blankets for each new great grandchild (7 now). She attended the Shelly reunion in Columbus & the Bauman reunion. HARVELLA BAUMAN STUTZMAN is in her own home, living with a granddaughter who helps her. She doesn’t drive, but reads & still quilts at church every Monday. She attended the Bauman reunion in Columbus in July. DIANA BOND HOLTSHOUSER lives in a retirement community near her children’s home. Her daughter took her to Rockport, near where her grandfather lived. RUTH BROCK GILCHRIST lives in a retirement community. She has had health problems but hopes to attend a granddaughter’s graduation this spring in CO. JOE & JOAN CHACKO keep busy helping their children & working at their homes. Joe has repaired a truck & hopes for a good duck hunting season. FRED & MARY DOWNS live in a retirement community in Chapel Hills, NC, where they enjoy lectures & music at the university. Fred enjoys audio books because his sight is limited. ROBERT & NORMA ERNY visited Western Canada with family of Norma’s. They sing in groups. Bob is writing daily devotions which he hopes to be ready in Nov. They are in good health & like having family nearby. BISHAM & KATHY PARMAR spend time with 2 grandsons in Albuquerque & go to Houston for Christmas. They plan to travel in Europe next year. LISTA PAULUS WINGER-EGER is in her own home. She enjoys singing in the choir & reading. Her children are close enough to visit. JOHN & ABBY SHAW moved to Dundee, MI, to be near children. They are active in the church & still drive. John paints & teaches; with ear implants he has good hearing now. THEODORE & SANDY THOBURN have both had health problems. Ted broke his left arm by the shoulder which

30s & 40s CLASS REPS 1939 Lorita Shull Fisher glfisher@redshift.com 1942 Betty Stuntz Allen bettyallenandcat@aol.com 1944 Elizabeth Cummings Deitz ejdeitz@outlook.com 1945 Richard Bollinger rabollinger86@gmail.com 1947 Henk and Georgia James Parson theparsonagehp@cs.com 1948 Robin Parker robin48parker@aol.com 1949 Harvella Bauman Stutzman hbstutz@msn.com

required a replacement. They are hoping to go to the Woodstock reunion in Tampa. ANNA MAE WHITCOMB LENNINGTON lives with her daughter & her pastor husband in Rochester, MN. She doesn’t drive any more but goes to exercise classes at the Senior Center & swims. She loves to read.

1950s Class of 1951

In November we lost our sweet ROSANNA LORENZONI HAMEL. CHARLENE CONNELL said she was heartbroken because her bosom pal through school & after graduation had passed on. They had taken trips to Ireland, Italy, Vienna, & New England where Rosanna had her first experience of a gorgeous fall & a lovely visit with the LOEHLINS. CHARLENE CHITAMBAR CONNELL wrote that Terry planned a festive dinner at Indique to celebrate her 84th year; brother Ted flew in from TX to join family & friends from Hagerstown, church, & Woodstock for a rollicking evening where grandkids Leah on violin & Aidan on trumpet performed with finesse. She loves singing in 2 choirs & had fun at family reunions in VT & Boulder for graduations & at the beach on the Outer Banks. WARREN CRAIN wrote that “October’s Golden Weather” has arrived in Seattle— bringing him thoughts of “when I go hiking along—the Tehri Hills for me.” JIM & Allie LOEHLIN continue to sing (3 different groups) & work on various environmental issues. They are both active & healthy & glad that they moved to a retirement community 3 years ago. MARGARET & Dan SULLIVAN

Rosanna & Charlene ’51

keep on keeping on while slowing, celebrating big birthdays this year (Dan 90, her 85), enjoying life in a continuing-care retirement community, Goodwin House in Falls Church, VA. MARGARET’S book, Fragments from a Mobile Life, was reviewed this month in the Foreign Service Journal; she continues doing book readings & is open to doing more if friends are interested. GORDON HOSTETLER & Phyllis do a mile of walking each day at the mall which has about a quarter of the store spaces active but is great for walking. In spite of aches & pains, this July they drove to Banner Elk, NC, for a reunion of Phyllis’s siblings & families, which was great. ASHOKE CHATTERJEE was in Dhaka in Sept to celebrate the extraordinary craft of Dhaka Jamdani—the mist-like muslin which at once helped make the sub-continent so rich before British rule destroyed it; but now the craft is back. He has been invited to the hillside to speak for Woodstock’s TEDtalk event in Nov which will take him back to the hills after a very long time. MARGARET WARD & Jim have been keeping busy, she on a Foster Care Review Board, plus quilting & doing genealogy. Jim often has lunch with discussion-group friends & plays ping pong. Home, hearth, family occupy NIRMAL & Pauline CHAND’S days. They enjoy their kids & grandkids, sharing a meal with friends, keeping their minds active with senior classes, seeing a good movie, waking to CA sunshine, & watching the birds in their backyard. Riri & U KYAW WIN marked the 61st anniversary of their wedding on 5 Sept. They are dealing with multiple health issues but are still breathing & even managed a car & train trip to Lake Louise. LOUISE JOY wrote that she has just finished writing Memories of a Missionary Kid: Growing Up in British India. She is also writing Haiku & enjoying Heathcote. BRUCE STUART’s wife

Mary died this year. He has 9 grandchildren; one son lives with him. He has two PhD’s, built 3 labs for the govt, worked for the Air Force in medical research & finally for Schering-Cloud Pharmacy making medicine for asthma. Since his quad heart bypass TONY PARKER rides electric scooters, & Teddy is going deaf. They do have to laugh at each other with their medical aches & pains, as they think it is better than the alternative. PRONOTI SINHA is still trying to help improve on eye hospital offerings & surgeries. She hopes to go to Australia in the not-too-distant future. JUDIE LANDRY went to TX in June & spent 3 days in the hospital because of dehydration, so she missed her last grandson’s graduation ceremony. In July she went with daughter Shana & granddaughter Brooke to Italy & Switzerland, the highpoint seeing the David in Florence. A few have said they want to go to FL to the reunion, our 69th reunion year! I hope more will join us.

Class of 1954

BOB FLEMING is planning an adventure to the western slopes of the northern Andes to compare the similarities & differences between the Andes & the Himalayas. Bob reminds us, “We live in a wonderful world surrounded by the beauty of nature, part of which is movement - either singular or synchronized.” ELIZABETH HAGEN SMITH traveled to Scandinavia where she met 50-60 cousins who welcomed them with waffles, fresh whipped cream, & strawberries & in one event a feast of herring served in more than 20 ways. KEN STEPHENS continues to “lift up” his novel, Blaze Pascal & the Courage of Being. We look forward to reading his short story, Yonder Shore. Ken is writing & composing songs. ROBBIE FOSTER CROWELL’s husband, Julian, died Sept 11, 2019. Robbie wrote, “I’m doing okay - all my needs cared for, good friends & family taking care. I have a very interesting life to look back on, thanks to him & his “National Geographic Syndrome.” DICK PARKER works on reducing the greenhouse gas produced in Columbia, MO. He has been a member of a city commission which developed a Climate Action Plan, & now is working with groups to push the city council to actually enact the plan’s provisions. CONNIE SANFORD TRAVAILLE enjoys having granddaughter, husband & new baby living with her & her daughter Sue. Connie is in charge of worship at her church, Christian Education, Koinonia, publishing the bulletins & newsletters & calling on parishioners with the minister of pastoral concerns. She is a faithful email writer & we enjoy keeping in touch. RAY SMITH & son Cal have the Lancer business in Duarte, CA, with Ray handling the sales & administration. Ray & Elaine will move to his remodeled

50s CLASS REPS 1951 Judie Schiller Landry gliderwishtn@tds.net 1952 Jane Downs Wallbrown nocron35@yahoo.com 1954 Marianna Presler McJimsey rmcjimsey@comcast.net 1955 Verda Hostetler Bialac vbialac@cox.net 1956 Pat McGavran Sheafor psheafor@gmail.com 1957 Judy Ebright Warner judyewarner@msn.com 1958 Jacquelyn Horton Benjamin jacquelyn.benjamin@gmail.com 1959 Gil Osgood giloz@comcast.net

cabin in the mountains, 2 hrs away. He anticipates they will eventually move to Westminster Gardens, the retirement facility where Ray’s parents, Betty & Caldwell Smith retired. ANNE BURGOYNE HOLMAN enjoys her home in Quimper Village, Port Townsend, WA. She volunteers on a research project at the Marine Science Center that looks for phytoplankton that produce toxins in shellfish. They examine water samples taken in 3 local bays & the results are sent to the Public Health Dept. & NOAA. BOB SERVICE plans to retire from the State Dept in March, 2021, marking just over 60 years after he joined it in the early days of the JFK administration. In Oct, Bob & Karol enjoyed a tour to Egypt where Bob first visited in 1951 on the way back from India. MARGRIT BUTZ WALMSLEY is doing well, while Michael is experiencing some health difficulties. Her granddaughters are now 27 & 20. Margrit loves being in Perth, & Australia has been good to them. LORE VON TUCHER finds time from her travels to play bridge & the violin in Leamington Spa, GB. Her recent trips included visiting sister Lili in Perth, Australia, exploring Petra & the Dead Sea, Berlin, & a Loire River cruise on which she was the only English speaker which did wonders for her French. MYRA DOWNIE VANUXEM enjoyed a quilting retreat in Door County, WI, & will attend, in San Diego, the annual professional association organized by Virginia Satir. Myra’s sister, Jean, lives close by & gets together with John & Myra most Fridays. Quadrangle 43

CLEM DOUGLASS lives in Minneapolis near son & family. CT completed his MBA at St. Thomas U & has been promoted to major in the Army Reserves. Clem is delighted that they have 3 field-grade officers in the US military in the Douglass family, all of whom are combat veterans. PETE HESBACHER’s widow, Polly, is surrounded by family in Danville, PA, including 2 daughters, 7 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren & 2 great-great grandchildren. KAVAL SINGH GULHATI was born in Lahore to Sikh parents, educated in Karachi, Srinagar, Mussoorie, Amritsar, Delhi & Oxford UK; professional life in Washington DC & New Delhi. Now in Reno, NV, & Bangalore. BILL MOSHER, attending the 2019 Kumbh Mela: “I am sitting on the sunlit balcony of the Sahi River Guest House in Varanasi overlooking the Ganges at Assi Ghat. Today & tomorrow we expect a huge influx of pilgrims to arrive from the Kumbh Mela to complete their pilgrimage by bathing in the Ganges.” MARY ELLEN ENSMINGER ATWOOD & Glenn took a 2-week cruise around the British Isles & flew to Santiago, Chile, to attend the wedding of a Chilean granddaughter. They drive frequently to Louisville, KY, to attend performances of Emma Rose, their ballerina granddaughter. They are in good health & stay active at their retirement community in Copley, OH, & in their church. Glenn volunteers as an AARP tax assistant. ARNIE CHESHIRE died February 5, 2019 in Toronto from complications of Alzheimer’s. He was a career airline pilot who enjoyed genealogical research into his family history in Canada. RUTH BAUR WILLIMANN & Orval enjoyed a visit from Mary Ellen & Glenn. Ruth continues to be secretary of the Brecon Council (Saline, MI) even though her term was up 2 years go. They are enjoying life in their great retirement community. Every summer since 1997, DAVE EVANS has traveled from Truckee, CA, to Maine where he explores the area & hikes. This summer he climbed Mt. Washington in NH. No endangered species need worry about his fishing. JEREMY DAVENPORT & Ev celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in Abbotsford, BC, with their adult kids, grandkids & an active crop of great-grandkids. Jerry is still teaching silver-smithing & lapidary. He is active in aqua exercise, does lots of gardening, & always follows the travel bug. JOANNA REITTER GREEN’s husband, Gordon, died in 2018 in San Jose, CA, suffering from Alzheimer’s. His Maltese Poodle service dog, Tinker, remained with Joanna & is an emotional support dog for her. Joanna’s son & daughter & Gordon’s son live close by. She would love to visit with classmates by phone. ILSE PAULSSEN NAJ enjoyed a nice summer on her deck in Burnsville, MN, sharing the woods 44 Quadrangle

with a herd of deer. She travels to visit her kids & grandkids, but it is their turn to visit now that she is getting ancient. BRUCE & Carmen JOHNSON enjoy tennis, exercise classes, & meals with neighbors at their Centennial, CO, Holly Creek Retirement Community (where the Bollingers also live). They’ve traveled to Estes Park, Santa Fe, the East Coast, & La Puente mission trips to Alamosa, CO. Ed & IDA ALTER STRICKLAND sing in the San Jose, CA, Chorale & their church choir. Although Ed’s treatments for CLL (a type of leukemia) are over, he is still vulnerable to infection so they have curtailed their customary travels. Ida is hiking again after recovering from plantar fasciitis & a stress fracture. MARY ELLEN ENSMINGER ATWOOD & Glenn, RICH PARKER & Maria, MYRA DOWNIE VANUXEM, MARIANNA PRESLER MCJIMSEY, BETTY MCELDOWNEY CONARD & Dick look forward to attending the January 2020 FWS reunion in Tampa, FL. MARIANNA PRESLER MCJIMSEY lives in the home she & Bob bought in 1972 & loves welcoming family & friends to enjoy the moderate Colorado Springs, CO, weather & beautiful surroundings at the foot of Pikes Peak. She is her Episcopal church historian & archivist, sings in the choir, & enjoys several book groups. She also cherishes the Woodstock Class of 1954 & our strong ties over 65 years.

Class of 1955

As usual we are a traveling group. CAROL LUBBERS BABCOCK went to UK to sing evensong at 3 cathedrals. PRAMA SONDHI BHANDARI & Ranji went on safari, a gift to Ranji for his 90th birthday celebration. GITA BERY BHATIA & MADHU MEHTA attended the celebrations, BETTY ANN MCELDOWNEY CONARD & Dick spent part of the summer in OR, WA,& ID. GRANT SMITH & Renny tripped to Banff for the famous Calgary Stampede. DON & Esther MACKAY celebrated their 55th anniversary in Donegal, next they went to New Brunswick and are finalizing a trip to India with some friends, JOANNE YODER HOLTZINGER & Tom are planning another trip to India. GITA BERY BHATIA celebrated her 80th on the Thames with Shoki & 52 friends. JILL GOODWIN BROMHEAD & Paul visited 4 African counties & marveled at the love, friendship, kindness & safe feeling around them & pronounced it wonderful. DON & Esther MACKAY celebrated 55 yrs. of marriage in Donegal, Ireland, then New Brunswick, Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire. RUTH THOBURN OSBORN & Wayne went “back home” to Iowa, visited Chicago art Institute, and Frank Lloyd Wright’s hotel. Back in Oregon they met with Bob Fleming (’54) & Jeremy Davenport

(’54). IAN WEEKS went to Alice Springs where he met with members of the Arunta, First People. ALENE WILSON WYATT flew to the west coast to spend time with a son & a sister & VERDA HOSTETLER BIALAC drove to IN to be with her sister & brother. She visited with classmate JOANNE YODER HOLTZINGER, ex-staff DOROTHY & JOHN NYCE. FRED HOLLOSZY is still working part time in his dental office & RUTH TO teaches at Headstart. Some of us are very active. Mountain climbers ANN REINOEHL BRADFORD in ME; FRANK & Mary EMERSON climb & cross country ski every year. RUTH TO does bangra & hip hop Zumba. Others walk & go to the gym. Our authors, BETTY ANN MCELDOWNEY & BECKY BECKER MOREL have completed their books. BETTY ANN’s Mystery at the Other Woodstock is looking for a publisher. BECKY’s The Monks’ Barn is available now. Ian is working on a biography of one of his professors. We have sad news, too. We have 3 classmates or spouses that are in memory care homes, & PINKY EBRIGHT HAYE’s husband Kirby has died. VERDA was privileged to attend the gathering of friends to celebrate ex-staff SALLY STODDARD’s long life and her marvelous influence on each of us. RANJIT SINGH PAL is very busy with his “soul” business helping villagers set up small businesses & providing tribal women with goats to improve nutrition & incomes. He is also a first time grandfather.

Class of 1956

BRUCE WOOLEVER died in May 2019. He was a kind & gentle man & friend. His life was filled with helping people as a pastor, as a master gardener, as a father, husband, & grandfather. JANE CHOULETT continues to sing in her church choir, exercises & bowls once a week & is planning to attend the WOSA reunion in Tampa this winter. BRUCE FIOL & Judy participated in the 50th anniversary of the Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Dehra Dun. They travel, enjoy family & Bruce continues as part-time chaplain of the retirement community in PA where they live. STEVE HOLM is a Habitat for Humanity supervisor with numbers of new homes built under his watchful eye. Church, travel & family are all a part of his & Glenda’s lives. HAZEL SELZER KAHAN is the director of the local radio station where she had her own program for a number of years. She is a wonderful interviewer, an astute observer & gifted artist. ELISABETH PETTERSSON reports a quiet year. She celebrated a landmark birthday, enjoying time with family & friends in Scotland & Sweden, & reconnecting with international-living students from 1976. TOM SCOVEL

relived all of his early shipboard experiences in a cruise of the Scottish Isles, visiting his sister Judy Scovel Robinson ’59 while in the area. He met the new Woodstock principal, Craig Cook, prior to his taking on the new position at Woodstock. Tom is still running & hiking. PAT MCGAVRAN SHEAFOR celebrated a landmark birthday as well this year with numbers of friends & family. Travel to Iceland, Croatia & the Caribbean filled the year along with community, church & family. JOHNNIE SINGH keeps in touch with classmates DIANA SINGH ROY, DIETER BUTZ, & others. He has been back to Kolkata on family business as well as to Montenegro, visiting MARJ BAKER KIEHL’s son & family.

Class of 1957

JOAN BENEDICT AKERS is active in gardening, daily walks on the beach, went by Amtrak to San Francisco & while in CA met for lunch with RUTH KESSELRING & Nick ROYAL. JIM HAVENS has limited his sculpting output & Karen spent her summer immersed in her colorful & exploding flower garden. JON (RICKEY) & Dagne SOLLID have done some extensive traveling to grandchildren’s graduations & to the Panama Canal, the Caribbean, Bahamas, & a cruise on the western Mediterranean & the Adriatic. JERRY & Wanda HOWARD are staying close to home, limiting their activities & enjoying their beautiful farm so Wanda can continue her treatments & JERRY can take care of his own health. MARIAN GRIFFITHS & John DEMCISAK have moved to Woodstock, IL, to be closer to their daughter. They are settling in & exploring their new town with its bookstores, farmers market, & art galleries. AYESHA SINGH BERGER continues to teach & stays involved with her India project; a recently broken shoulder makes her daily life quite a challenge. MARY CAROL SNEAD (MC) & Dan BOSERUP says they have slowed down but MC is still biking, taking step & aerobics classes & Dan is working out in the weight room. JOHN (ROBIN) PILLEY is in good health, is starting to get ready for another winter on his mountain acreage & Trea is living in a small cabin he built for her nearby. JUDY CARPENTER MILLER enjoys duplicate bridge, gardening, taking some life-long learning courses & has been attending concerts, plays & visiting friends in DC. RUTH KESSELRING ROYAL celebrated her 80th birthday in style with husband Nick, their daughter from Berlin, son David, grandchildren, family & friends. RUTH has just completed a book of poems & essays about growing up, & Nick still enjoys playing & keeping up with his music. JUDY DILLINGHAM & ASHOK MAYADAS have started the CA half

of the year after spending the first half cleaning out ASHOK’S home in NY & preparing it for renters, but they managed to have a delightful vacation near Lake Placid with ASHOK’S daughters & families. They will be going to Orlando this fall where ASHOK will attend a board meeting; visit the Harry Potter theme park; & then to Scotland in May. MARK & Sharon WELCH are doing well considering Sharon’s implanted defibrillator, pacemaker & second knee replacement. They regularly see their daughter who lives nearby, had visits from their other children, stay active in church activities, enjoy their friends & are busier than ever. DON EMMERSON is not only caretaking for his wife Carolyn who is in assisted living nearby, but also for his sister Dottie Lou who is in NYC, yet he manages to keep on with his job at Stanford which involves occasional travel to SE Asia for conferences on SE Asia-China relations. MARY FOLSOM & Ken KELLER enjoyed their 11th winter in Florida, made a trip to Normandy, Provence & Amsterdam, welcomed a new great grandson & attended the wedding of another grandson. JANET FOSTER ANDERSON is doing well & living the same life she has been for a long time. ESTHER SHULL & Barry RILEY sold their house in CA & have settled down in Ithaca, NY, near their daughter & family where they have the joy of listening to their grandsons practicing the cello & piano. BETH PARKER JACKS is busy with volunteer work & feels fortunate to have all her family nearby. DAN SANFORD has been dealing with several medical issues, but he did have a wonderful trip to MN with his daughter & 2 granddaughters to see his 2 adorable great grandbabies; now he will be going to IA to officiate at the wedding of a young lady he has known since she was born. DAN & Lois KOBAL had a royal & memorable trip to England this summer on the Queen Mary 2 & were amazed at the colorful & diverse population in London. As a director of The Explorers Club they attended the Club’s annual dinner in March at which all 8 living astronauts shared inspiring & unbelievable tales of their travels in space. FRED KOKEN’s wife Karen continues down the path God has set for her & is receiving private home care where he can see her every day. He did get away for a short time in Maui & took a trip to Santa Fe to see the Miraculous Staircase in the Loretto Chapel. ELLEN BARTLETT & Len NODELMAN have joyously celebrated Len’s 90th birthday & ELLEN’S 80th birthday with lots of good food, drink, music & company. Ellen’s chamber group astounded & amused the party goers with their music. JUDY EBRIGHT WARNER has had another good year, traveling with her sister to CO & Bainbridge Island, WA, to visit family;

Barbara Welch Wagner Sillasen ’58

celebrating daughter Jennifer’s 50th birthday in style on Rattlesnake Island, Lake Erie, with family and friends; & enjoying many activities & friends here in WV.

Class of 1958

CAROLYN REINOELH BAKER & Stu teach reading in the elementary schools of Lebanon, PA; Carolyn continues with her art & teaches it; Stu has been diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s Disease. JACQUELYN HORTON BENJAMIN made travelled twice to Burlingame, CA & once to Lake Tahoe, NV; enjoys hearing from classmates at least once a year! TERRY CONNELL & Charlene participated in the Peace Walk inspired by 9/11; enjoyed Cats & the Natl Museum of African American History & Culture. LARRY HALL lives in Baja, Mexico & participates in off road racing with his daughter. JEAN HURLEY visited PAM MORADA TENTI & Tino in Switzerland for 10 days; will see BARBY CHRISTY FILNER in Oct & MONDIRA LALL in Feb. KEITH JOHNSON’S wife Janet died July 18; he sent jottings from Spain where they had once lived. JERRY JUDY & Alice visited Switzerland with many family members & visited homes of their ancestors; enjoyed the annual family reunion in WV. MONDIRA LALL & Inderjit were visited in Calcutta by eldest son & family over Christmas 2018 & by youngest son & family in April. SUNITI NAMJOSHI’S mother died in 2018 at 98; Little Alice (granddaughter) was outside looking at the full moon; when asked if she’d like to go there, she said, ‘Yes, but I haven’t got my shoes on.’ SHIV NANDA & Madhu are looking forward to returning home to India from their 23 years in Oman. BOB NICOLL & daughter Emily visited Milwaukee, WI, Quadrangle 45

left to right (back row): Dick Smith, Gail Harris, Winn Files, Barbara Bowes, Alice Sokolov Clague, Norm Mundhenk. left to right (front row): Bonnie McGraw, Maudie Lee Davis, Willie Knierim, Sally Ellis, Phil McEldowney, Jack Day, and Kathy Horton. Missing: Robert John Bonham, Lindsay Hofman.

Indiana, & PEI in spring 2019; he is adjusting to the fact that his emeritus services are no longer needed by Geoscience Australia. BRENDA NOE MONTGOMERY & Bob had 18 of their family at their Lake Michigan cottage & enjoyed cooking with kids & grandkids; they continue to be involved in local community & church. MARCHIENE VROON RIENSTRA is grateful for the places she has lived on Lake Michigan and Sedona, AZ; she is enjoying art, reading & writing poetry, & listening to good music. BARBY WELCH WAGNER SILLASEN continues to substitute teach; a July family reunion was great fun. MARY ELLEN MACKAY STEGENGA lives in Lakefield, part of the Kawartha Lake district near Toronto, with daughter Ida & granddaughter Isabelle;

Izzy is 14, starting HS & finally has a cousin, baby Zoe, born to uncle Nigel & wife Ana. ANN HIGGINS STRUMPEN-DARRIE reached the milestone of having tutored 150 students one-on-one to pass their citizenship test; husband Michael’s dementia cruelly advances. STANLEY WAGNER & Heather have moved to a retirement community south of Jacksonville, FL. JUDITH WEINSTEIN & Steve celebrated his 80th in Tucson, AZ, at a family gathering; made trips to Belize to snorkel & birdwatch & to Shanghai; were visited by classmate ROSEMARY BLICKENSTAFF FLORA (from AU). DIANE HOLLOWAY YIM is not yet free of pain from back surgery, but travels to the annual Sisters, OR Outdoor Quilt Show, visiting JACKIE on the way; husband Calvin has Parkinson’s but is still mobile & drives.

Class of 1959

Class of ’60 left to right : Lee Rice, Anita Hoke Carlson Rice, Ruth Lacy Long, Helen Dobson Arnott, Jim Rugh, and Angela Sanders.

46 Quadrangle

DALE ANDERSON FINLAYSON celebrated her son Iain’s wedding in June along with her 3 siblings (58, 63, 66) & their families & many others who came to support the declining British economy. ROBERT JOHN BONHAM continues to enjoy living in the foothills of the Smoky

Mountains with Suzanne & performing with the Trillium Trio now in its 5th year. MAUDIE BROOKSHIER DAVIS’s life changed this year but the wedding of the first of her 8 granddaughters has made it easier. She is planning travels including a cruise around South America. JACK DAY & Fran Irvin like life in the former Catholic seminary that is now a retirement community while he works part time as a United Methodist pastor. They enjoyed a cruise from Boston to Montreal with sister Vivia Tatum 63. LINDSAY FISKE HOFMAN lives on Vashon Island with husband Dana. They welcomed grandchild Victoria Lindsay in Jan who joins brother Peter & cousins Ben & Julia. KATHLEEN HORTON is now in her 55th year working with biologist Edward O. Wilson at Harvard, typing, editing his books & attending to correspondence. WILLIE KNIERIM says house upgrading, attending social, scientific & cultural events, & meeting regularly with friends & family make for a full life. WINN KNOX FILES enjoys travel with Les. Having 3 grandchildren in uni & one in Spain is interesting. MARGARET LEHMAN SCHERZINGER acquired the new title of great grandma! So blessed by God - still living with daughter & family in IN & experiencing His peace & contentment. BILL MAROCCO is enjoying retirement in TX with his wife of 54 years, Brenda. He still plays trumpet & continues swimming daily. PHILIP MCELDOWNEY continues to enjoy library work. With 5 family members he had a fantastic 12 days in India visiting Woodstock, Jabalpur, Delhi, & Agra in monsoon season. BONNIE MCGRAW works with the homeless & leads Bible study at her church in Sacramento. She traveled to IN & OH & to UMCOR in Salt Lake City to assemble disaster supplies. NORM MUNDHENK still travels a lot, working with translators, helping with service projects in national parks, & visiting friends. GAIL PILLEY HARRIS visited China again as she unwraps the past for a book on her family’s history. JUDY SCOVEL ROBINSON is living in awe on the English-Welsh border, delighting in close family & being wed 50 years. See her website foodthatbuildscommunity.com. DICK SMITH & Marcia are enjoying their retirement house & garden in Olympia after 35 years of rentals. Their son & son-inlaw’s foreign service work means an intl trip most years. ALICE SOKOLOVE CLAGUE & Llyn sold their house & moved into a retirement community in Kendal-on-Hudson, close enough to get to their old lives in Hastings & NYC. ALAN VICHERT & Pikku are enjoying living in Granada, Spain. The views, culture, & history elevate their spirits & the crucible of different nationalities gives them hope for the human condition.

1960s Class of 1961

WALTER BELL sold his PA home of 40+ yrs & moved to a 55+ community located 3 miles away in Allentown in the spring. LYNN BLICKENSTAFF has been splitting time between travels in India & abroad & volunteering at the neighboring ashram. GEORGE DUNKELBERG keeps busy with volunteer work. He remembers Woodstock & friends there fondly. JULIE (BUNCE) ELFVING is enjoying life in a continuing care retirement community, still, & hopefully for a long time, as an independent living resident. Gardening around my cottage & with the Extension Master Gardener Program. MIMI SORLEY HINTERKOPF & Peter live in Nashville, TN, near a son & his family. WILLIS WELLMAN KREITZ lives outside of Knoxville, TN. Grandson, age 34, passed away in March; it broke his heart. BARBARA MACDONALD lives in Kitchener, Ontario. Retirement means more time for reading books, painting & sketching & wishing I knew way back when what I know now. SUZANNE LAROCQUE MCCLINTOCK enjoys life in Sheridan, WY. YMCA, volunteering, pickleball, travelling, & grandkids. PAUL MCGRAW spends 2 weeks out of every 3 at property on the Ohio River & the 3rd week in Indianapolis with their son, who is a contractor, & 2 grandchildren. FRANKLIN PRESSLER chops wood, reads a lot, holds premature babies each week, & enjoys visits to & from family. STANLEY SWENSON is still alive & kicking in paradise, all is well in HI. He did a month skiing in March in Pacific NW & Sun Valley, ID, & a month fishing on Coeur d’Alene lake. WOODROW TURNER is in perpetual retirement after 5 yrs at WS, 4 yrs at Emory U, 5 yrs in the Air Force/Viet Nam, 3 yrs in law school & 45 yrs practicing law. It’s time for a vacation with family! JOHN WILSON had 5 trips, 8 cities, one remembrance ceremony, 2 graduations, extended visits with extended families & work friends plus waterfalls, oriental gardens, movies, the death of a family cat, & a first Uber ride.

Class of 1962

DOUG WILKENS is concentrating on his health after diagnosis of pancreatic cancer and the surgery and chemo that is following. Doug has been such support over the years in locating lost classmates and in procuring and setting up the public address equipment for Parker Hall. JOHN DUEWEL’s wife Retno is bedridden after experiencing 2 debilitating strokes. She perks up when on FaceTime with their grandson in

the USA. John works in Indonesia for flood management projects. We were sorry to learn of the death of SUSAN HOSTETLER GUIPE’s husband Jack last year. JOE DEVOL, retired from his teaching at Cal Baptist U, is volunteering in his church’s Visitation Ministry, visiting members who are recovering from health issues. CHARLOTTE HEATH FRASER is volunteering on an advisory board for a youth agency she had worked for earlier. Char commented on the importance of having one’s affairs in order & all legalities up to date – a good reminder for all of us. Downsizing her stash of books is one of CONNIE BUCKLEY DENT’s main projects other than her rescue dogs & participation in PEO. DAVE SALMON spends much of his time looking after Chris who has COPD with complications & his mother who is 95. He has been replacing his orchard with other trees, flowering bushes, & bulbs. MARILYN GOOD SINGH paints, is in a writing group, & has done public readings at Corvallis art events. ARUN MEHRA & Kiran made another trip to the USA to visit son Manik & family, posting nice family photos on Facebook. When not pursuing her passion of quilting VICKI SCOVEL HARRIS works part time for a realty company. She & Jim plan a trip to England in fall to visit sister Judy. CHARLES GIBB, Diane, & friends took a 7000 mile trip out west, marveling at the range of magnificent scenery as they did fly fishing & touring. GARY EMBLEM appreciated the out-of-the-blue call from Charles that included showing off the 3-ft-long fish caught in AK. Gary & Judi took a wonderful month-long Viking tour with an extended stay in Amsterdam. CAROLYN MUIRHEID PRIBBLE took her youngest grandson on a safari in Tanzania. This unforgettable trip included the Serengeti park. Congratulations to TROY WHITE & Millie who celebrated 50 yrs of marriage. SUE WARNER BIRKINSHAW drove up to WA & OR to visit siblings & included a visit with MARILYN. Sue & Marilyn took many walks in wooded wonderlands around Corvallis. Actually, Marilyn walked & Sue ran to keep up with her. NORMA POONG ST JOHN’s granddaughter Ilana celebrated her marriage on Maui, HI. REED JUDY writes of his enjoyment watching the marching band at football games of his alma mater WVU. Internet searches have given some info on once-upon-a-time classmates. Searching for ANN LIDDLE who was at WS for 5th, 6th and 10th grade died in November 2015. JOAN TRUMBULL, who left after 4th Std. lives in Australia. Her father was a senior NYTimes correspondent & the family moved often. BERNARD ROBINSON, known to us by his Ridgewood nickname “Fuzzy”, had parents who worked for The Salvation Army in Pakistan. In 1954 CAROL BENEDICT

60s CLASS REPS 1960 Edith Theis-Nielsen etheisnielsen@hotmail.com 1960 Jim Rugh jimrugh@mindspring.com 1961 Julie Bunce Elfving prairie1flower@yahoo.com 1962 Sue Warner Birkinshaw sewbeetwo@gmail.com 1963 Suzanne Turner Hanifl suzhani@aol.com 1964 William Riddle billriddle1@comcast.net 1965 John and Bett Alter johncopleyalter@gmail.com 1965 Daniel Blosser danblosser@twr.org 1966 Catherine Whitcomb indiacate@gmail.com 1967 Margo Warner Curl mcurl@Wooster.edu 1968 Paul Seefeldt paulseefeldt@gmail.com 1969 Mary Self Skarsten maryselfskarsten@hotmail.com

& family were on the same passenger steam ship as MARGARET CLOUGH & family traveling from NYC to Liverpool. DAVID SCHOONMAKER & PETER DOWNS made a quick trip to PA to visit with DOUG W after his surgery. They had arranged a video conference call with CAROL & NORMA - a good visit for the 5 of them recounting memories of our lives so many years ago. PETER notes that Woodstock’s Class of ’62 is an enduring group of people: we are fiercely loyal to all those in the class. He has always been amazed that this loyalty, commitment & strength for one another has endured for 57 years now: the forged bonds of a family.

Class of 1963

STEVE FIOL has a new granddaughter, Olykai from his daughter Natalie. He enjoyed the Nov 1963 class reunion in Orlando, FL, sponsored by TED CHITAMBAR. Steve continues to work as a freelance stage director of opera & musical theatre directing 1-4 productions a year in the midwest. Wife Rebecca is a professor of dance at the U of IL. She often works Quadrangle 47

as the choreographer for Steve’s directing. Steve is writing his memoirs. TED CHITAMBAR: Jackie and I have had a busy schedule this year. We’ve traveled a great deal. We see Charlene ’51 and Terry ’57 as often as we can. I went to London for 10 days where I renewed a childhood friendship from Dhanbad, India. John Moran and I had not seen each other for 60 years, but we picked up like it had been yesterday. I also saw my first Grand Slam Tennis Tournament - The French Open! It was very exciting, and I plan to see more of them! Jackie’s knee replacement did not go well, and 1 1/2 yrs later, it still does not bend normally. We delight in seeing our grandchildren and watching them fledge and then fly. Our Church involvements are starting to slow down. We watched Jackie’s father for three weeks in Pittsburgh, while Jackie’s sister, their father’s normal caretaker, took a much-needed break. Our dogs continue to be a source of joy to us, and they go everywhere with us. We are saddened by the numerous showings of hate and intolerance here in the US and elsewhere, and constantly pray for peace. BARBARA GARBER AUSTIN recovered from knee surgery & hopes for no more hospital stays. She traveled to Jakarta in Mar for her granddaughter’s 1st birthday & enjoyed visits from friends & family. She & Judy look forward to time at home in Olympia, WA. MARY POLLOCK continues her work in state govt relations & legislative representation on senior & women’s rights issues in MI. She visited friend in New Zealand for a golfing vacation in Jan & with another friend toured Ethiopia in Feb. Golf filled up the summer! JOY RICE GRAY GROVER’s year was filled with tennis, remodeling flip houses, painting classes, a coast-to-coast drive on Hwy 20 (Newport, OR to Boston, MA) & active times with grandchildren: walking over Portland’s bridges with the 7-yr-old, a whirlwind tour of Europe with the 14-yr-old, some apartment decorating with 25-yr-old, & many outings with the 2 12-yr olds. She is blessed with great health, a loving husband & grandchildren. CYNTHIA JANTZEN celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, Jan 2018. Their sons & wives gave them a wonderful celebration. She had a left knee replacement with good results. All is good out here in Southern CA; we haven’t been affected by the fires. VICKIE SANDFORD MCGRAW’s husband Mike died in March 2018. ESTHER JANTZEN loves being 74, foot-loose & fancy free, house-sitting for people who live in places of interest: Whidbey Island, WA, Sebastopol, CA, Albuquerque, NM. She spent 6 weeks in Europe, volunteering in Spain, taking a workshop in Germany, & visiting friends in England. Her two books, 1 on house-sitting, 1 about a boy on the Camino de Santiago, are still in process. In 2020 she hopes to become active about 48 Quadrangle

Mother Earth, maybe via planting trees. PHIL JONES’s news is the arrival of Rosalind Jones to my son Christopher & Anne, a little more than 2 years ago. How time flies. He went over to DC from AZ several times & spent time on FaceTime. They use Taid (Northern Welsh) instead of Grandpa. He’s been exchanging slides & pictures with Steve Fiol about our Dec 1961 hike in Nepal. They stayed with the PAX boys (Canadian model for the Peace Corps) at the Flemings’ (Sally Beth) Shanta Bhawan Hosp in Kathmandu. He & Leeann spent 3 weeks in BC, Canada, in August: Victoria, both coasts of Vancouver Isl, then ferry to Vancouver, a wonderfully diverse city. Plenty of Chinese & Indian food establishments & opportunities to speak Mandarin & Hindi. They’re both still full-time profs. SUZANNE TURNER HANIFL’s husband, Paul, has recovered from a bloodstream infection which really laid him low for about a year. Thank goodness for her good health & family. He went fishing this summer as he missed it last year. They warm up in Florida for the winters & are in MN for the summers, as all 3 children & 9 grandchildren are there. Their oldest grandchild, Oscar, graduated from HS & is in Japan for a yr studying with Rotary Intl. The others are very active in various things. She enjoyed a knitting tour in the Shetland Islands & Scotland. ED SEELY enjoys golfing & other activities at his retirement community in TN. He travels to visit family & friends as far away as OR. He took a 2-wk cruise via Viking to the British Isles. Will travel to FL this winter to get some sunshine & warm weather. He’s happy to be in good health at his age. LARRY SMITH & Rykken are living the dream in Bonita Springs, FL, with a few mos in MN in the summer. Daughter Dr Tina’s Maddie is a junior at Gustavus Adolphus & Tommy a senior in HS. Son Elliott is helping veterans & others with similar challenges to address their experiences as he has. His oldest, Asher, is a sophomore at Luther Coll in IA, & Logan is figuring out how to deal with 5th grade. Golf, fishing & the occasional card game keep the Smiths actively involved. BILL TAMMEUS is completing his 12th & last year on the board of Kansas City Hospice & Palliative Care & is working on his 7th book, the subject of which he hasn’t yet revealed. VIVIA DAY TATUM’s grandsons Tyler & Tim have graduated from HS & are both working. Michael is in his senior year of HS & is looking forward to college next year. Jim died suddenly from complications of his diabetes July 1, 2019. He was 72. Their 51st anniversary was June 29. She is grateful for the wonderful years they had together. KAREN ESKLESON WILCOCK’s biggest adventure this year was a 2-wk trip to Cuba – fascinating & fun though rigorous. She is halfway through cataract surgeries. Her youngest son moved

from Cambridge, MA, to Burlington, VT: they enjoyed the foliage on the way to visit him. She saw Laurie Burgess & husband Pat twice in summer. BETSY WOODMAN & Will visited Joy & John in Vancouver, WA, & Barbara & Judy in Olympia, WA. Other WS friends we’ve seen recently were Laurie & Pat in York, ME. They’ll return to Mexico in Jan, having fallen in love with the country last winter. Her sister Lee Woodman & I are now in the same online writing group, Lee stunning folks with her poetry, while Betsy’s writing a novel set in NH during WW I. She enjoys time with my son Ben & his wife Suzanne & 7-yr-old Clara, who is into Hindu gods & Harry Potter. She enjoys movies, binge TV-watching, walking, local concerts, & events put on by World Affairs Council of NH.

Class of 1964

The Class of 1964 held its 55th Reunion at Estes Park, CO, in Sept. [See the Gatherings for details]. DIRK HARTOGS moved to Grass Valley, CA, into the house owned by his mother, who passed away last year. SITA KASHYAP LICHTENSTERN went to India in Apr & met BARBARA BYG MAHAJAN & ANNE ROBINSON; she & Barbara traveled to Mussoorie. Sita saw PAT MEEHAN JOHNSON in London & RAJAN NANDA in London in Oct. JUNE CHRISTIE SHARROCK teaches in Auckland, NZ, & enjoys seeing her grandchildren. BILL VIRGIN is on the board of the Christian Medical Ctrs in Ludhiana & Herbertpur, & travels to India yearly to attend meetings & visit friends.

Class of 1965

DAN BLOSSER fulfilled 1 item on his wife’s bucket list—a trip to Peru in May to see Machu Picchu. In July they visited the Flight 93 Memorial in PA. It was a somber experience to see the site & hear the story of how the passengers & crew fought to save the Capitol Building in DC. It was well worth the trip, just off the PA Turnpike at Somerset. GABRIEL CAMPBELL’s brother Jeff, sister Jini, spouses, children, grandchildren & cousins celebrated the life of his mother, Alfie Campbell, last July in Wooster, OH, with extended family & close friends through picnics, songs, tributes, psalms, poems, music, dance & embraces of shared loss. They were pleased that Aunt Ellen Alter & many of our Alter bhais & bahins were there along with many Campbells (including Brownes & McMeekins) & Gabriels/ Russells as well as his Jullundur growing-up friend, Sindi Josh. It was a de facto WS reunion & a wonderful chance for the younger generations to meet each other, including his son Chris, daughter-in-law Pippa, & granddaughter Lily Bunny Campbell Florijn. Lily joined the grand finale line-dance around

the church activity room on top of Chris’ shoulders. All friends & alumni to look us up on Lake Superior’s shore in summer & Sonoma Valley in winter. SYLVIA SHIRK DANNELLEY retired & moved, after 26 yrs in west TX, to OK City. Both sons live there. Her youngest son has 2 grandchildren that are a big part of her decision to move. Hard to walk away from work but some health issues contributed to slowing down. She helps with grandkids & is taking a break settling into her new setting. JANICE DOBSON & husband, Duane, enjoy semi-retirement. She retired from Broken Arrow Public Schools in June 2010 & works part-time for OK’s NE State U as coordinator between intern teachers & mentor teachers during their final semester of intern teaching. They have 2 adult sons, one in Colorado Springs & the other in Austin, TX, a daughter-in-law & a 4 yr-old grandson. In Colorado Springs, they enjoy worshiping & visiting with cousin Jim McKelvey ’60 & his wife Joyce. She is excited to see the renovation of Tafton to become the Centre for Imagination; it was the Dobson home when she started at WS. TIM DOWNS has been retired for 6 years, after serving as a minister in the United Church of Christ for 22 years as a pastor in churches in New England & PA, & 17 years as Conference Minister of the SE Conference of the UCC, overseeing the work of 70 churches in a 5 1/2 state region. He has been married 40 yrs to Carol Kobayashi, who retired from 20 years as Asst Director of IT Services at Agnes Scott Coll in Decatur, GA. Tim is a regular cyclist, enjoys traveling, reading anything he wants, & time with their 2 sons & grandson. GREG HARTMAN completed a many year quest to summit the 54 CO mountains that exceeded 14,000 feet in height. INA KAU enjoys her new role as Nana to grandson Sebastian. When not travelling north to be with him, she volunteers with the Claremont Prison Library ministry & writes poetry for John Alter’s amusement. She still has her large garden & way too many books. JESSE LACY 2018 sold her home in No VA then spent 5 wks traveling solo through Europe. She relocated to Sedona, AZ, & tries to get out into the magnificent landscape to hike as often as she can. ANJU DAYAL MATHUR & Upendra are settled at our home at Noida. Their son is in Singapore with family; & elder daughter’s son joined BITS-Pilani, a reputed engineering college. Younger daughter’s son is at Eton near London. They may go to Roorkee for his Regimental Reunion in Nov followed by an extended family get-together at Dehra Dun. MARVIN MODDER & Mary keep amazingly busy puttering around Kenosha, WI. They publish a monthly paper, the Southeast

Recently retired Evelyn Bryant Pitt ’66 with grandchildren

Wisconsin Labor Times. Mary’s on the School Board & we have 10 grandkids between them. EMRYS REES & family ran leprosy work, which cured 20,000 leprosy cases then about 8000 HIV+ cases in Andhra Pradesh. He saw a drought-prone, mainly below poverty level community of 70,000; their scattered neighbors. They formed Children’s Parliaments in high schools. WS class of ’65 donated over $2500 for it. They guide the kids so they understand they CAN change their world today, not wait for politicians. They discuss & find solutions for community, health & environmental problems, which they plan and execute. Our guide Dr Arup is working fulltime in our hospital & they started a low-cost, hopefully self-sustaining, general health clinic for the surrounding area. PATTY RIDDLE visited her brother in Seattle, played WA State Senior Games volleyball & badminton; & Tom Rice came to observe badminton. She visited her sister Dorothy ’60 in Gibsons, BC, Canada. Spouse Terry Dutton & she drove to Denver to donate bikes & attend the Class of ’64’s reunion in Estes Park. They visited Jessie & her sister Ruth ’60 in Sedona & returned home on roads they had bicycled during RAAM.

Class of 1966: Deepak Dayal and Cate Whitcomb outside 5 Star Haveli HWY 44 to Madhuban

teaching math at Washburn U where she taught for about 30 years & was awarded Emeritus status in Apr. Happy that her son & family live only about 20 mins away, so they can see son & his wife & granddaughters more often. The granddaughters are 5 years, 3 years & 2 mos. They drive to Chicago to see their daughter & her husband. CLAIRE BLICKENSTAFF BEERY retired from college teaching & celebrated by taking husband Bill, daughter Zoë & 3 friends to India for a month in Oct, including a week in Mussoorie. Everyone found “their India” & Claire loved being tour guide. SHERRY SERGEANT COX had cataract surgery in Jan, no more contacts or glasses; in Feb, 3rd granddaughter Caroline was born; husband had total knee replacement surgery; mission trip to Honduras in Jul; in Sep both daughters moved, Sarah &

Class of 1966

CATE WHITCOMB was at WS in Feb to work in the Archives visited with HARISHWAR “DEEPAK” DAYAL, ARUN KAPUR & Barbi Bygg Mahajan ’64 in Delhi. She began as Exec Director of the CMC Ludhiana Board USA in Oct & will be in India 3 times next yr. EVELYN BRYANT PITTS retired from

Mary Ellen Fritschle Noggle’s ’66 grandchildren, all girls!

Quadrangle 49

eldest son is in Seattle, so she had a chance to visit Seattle & enjoy time with 2 grandsons. At the end of July, she & youngest son enjoyed a tour of Italy for 10 days. DON CAMP lives in the DC area but continues to work in NY as South Asia area advisor at the US Mission to the UN. Tentatively planning a family trip to India Friend Irene Stratton, Bill Haigwood (Claire’s husband), Claire Blickenstaff Beery ’66, in January. For more about and daughter Zoë Beery Don, check out http://www. Tony to Germany & Stephanie & family to donaldcamp.guru. PHIL SCHOONMAKER 30 acres in the country. LINDA GAMBLE facilitated the class of 1966 gift of a Steinway MCKENDRY is not retired, just retread- piano to WS & continues to work selled. She manages a partnership with her sis- ing fine pianos in Boston, check out https:// ter, Susan Unger, marketing jewelry at www. msteinert.com.staff/phil-schoonmaker/. MARY jesmicjewelry.com. She takes on leasehold im- ELLEN (FRITSCHLE) NOGGLE’s father provements mini-commercial projects as a passed away just short of his 101st birthday. consultant & her book, Done-With-Dementia: Her children & grandchildren are doing well Keeping Your Parents Together, is at the editors; & what a great joy & gift they are. KAREN she loves face painting for kids. Husband Jim SMYRES WOLNER travelled to India in had a vascular bypass & they look forward to spring of 2018 & China last fall. She & John some R & R. Grandchildren are old enough spend time on home projects, grandchildren to make her a great grandma, but no pressure. & feeling the pains of arthritis. FRANCES KATHY COLEMAN YORK plans on selling HILLIARD DAWSON’s year included a trip their place in FL this winter to free up mon- to Spain; several to see daughter & family in ey for more travels. WARREN REES had a Calgary, including hikes in the Rockies; celtotal left knee replacement in Jan. In August ebrations of friends’ milestones & for some he had his right knee replaced & hopes to be support of their life end challenges; joy for driving sometime soon. MIRIAM HAQQ Somali ‘daughter’ (a new Canadian) & her PRABAKHAR’s father passed away on May growing family. Getting back to more sched20th. He would have been 99 in Sept; by God’s uled volunteering in the autumn. BECKY grace he had a full life & was alert till the end. HILL CORD is living in the wilds of TX – He served with Dr Billy Graham till he was disheartened by their love of guns. She substi80 preaching in various parts of India. Her tute teaches, does Bible School crafts & writes editorials to congressmen who seem not to actually know the law. Has much joy in granddaughter, children & friends. RICHARD FRIEDERICKS & SUZY MCCULLOCH FRIEDERICKS’s highlights for this past year include Richard’s novel, Windhorse Warrior, published by Niyogi Books India; a Christmas Princess Cruise in New Zealand & Australia with son Ethan & his family. Ethan’s wife Jody is creative director for Princess Cruises so we got a discount. Had 6 Top row l-r Friend Tom Hawking, daughter Zoë Beery. Bottom row l-r Friends Irene of 7 grandchildren for a Stratton, Sofie Weiner, Claire Blickenstaff Beery ’66, and Claire’s husband Bill Haigwood week over the summer. 50 Quadrangle

Class of ’66: Linda Garst Gupta, Cate Whitcomb and Dr. Lee Feierabend August 2019 in Chicago at meeting of Ludhiana CMC Board USA

They drove 4 of them to Portland & continued down to Los Angeles with the other two. Stopped at Crater Lake & Lassen National Parks. On the way back from LA stopped to see Claire Blickenstaff Beery & her husband Bill. They are delighted that MARG GROFF ’67 & MARK WAGNER ’67 have moved to Port Townsend. JOHN CHAFFEE’s year has been relatively quiet after last year, which featured a 2-week Chaffee family group (16 in all) tour of China. He continues teaching & related work at Binghamton U too much to want to retire, especially since it allows travel for work —3 trips to China since the tour, mainly for conferences— & pleasure, the latter in the form of 2 weeks touring around northern Wales & southern Scotland with Londonbased son, Philip. He sings with Episcopal church choir & local groups. YUDISTHAR “RAJ” ISAR is now living in Lisbon, Portugal, where his work as the Education Director for

Frances Hilliard Dawson ’66 with husband Michael and grandchildren in the Canadian Rockies

Friedericks 2019: Back row l-r David (son) and Stacey (daughter-in-law) front row l-r Julie McCulloch (David’s wife ’70), daughter Elizabeth with Elkie and Adelle, Finley (David & Stacey’s daughter, one of twins), Suzy, Richard, Kai and Maya (Ethan’s kids visiting on their own from LA), and Tsai with Dutchy (Tsai is the other twin).

the Geneva-based Aga Khan Trust for Culture keeps him busy; he continues to do some teaching, notably at The American U of Paris & Ahmedabad U. FRITZ GOETH’s company called & asked if he would return as a temporary employee after being retired in Feb 2014. Playing basketball in the driveway with the grandson he ruptured his Achilles tendon. Surgery on 9 May, 4 weeks in a cast, 6 weeks in a walking boot, & rehab after. The project at work continues. He is asst coach for grandson’s Little League baseball & was coerced into asst coaching a tackle football team this fall. Work with the young people of OR who want to go to West Point continues. Retirement may be in the future one of these days, but not this week. JANET EDLEFSEN had a good & healthy year, still dividing time between home in Seattle & their boat 80 miles north. Her

1st yr of full retirement is more enjoyable than expected. RUTH YODER DYAL has 2 rescue dogs for company. Still full time physician, doing deliveries & surgery. Travelled to Vietnam & Cambodia. Angkor Wat surpassed her expectations. In summer it was Norway, the Faroe & Shetland Islands, & Iceland with fascinating-incredible history. Son Jamie is in a pediatric cardiology fellowship at Emory, son Jon works with CDC in Atlanta. PETE PETERSEN took a Baltic cruise with sisters, Polly, ’70 & Jane, ’74. He digitized all of his dad’s (Dr Petersen the dentist) slides of mission life in the ’60s & of WS. Snapshots remain to be done. He & wife Sheri live in NW AR full of outdoor activities & other attractions. Son Sean, his debate coach & his wife Suzanna MD & grandson Ben, 4 yrs, were the ones that got them from KC MO 9 years ago. He is in touch with “BLUE”, JIM

Evelyn Bryant Pitts ’66 and husband Dan (center 2) with son, daughter and grandchildren

GINN, who was his roomie for several years at Hostel & who lives in Florida.

Class of 1967

Georgia & TOM CARTER moved to a smaller home in Edmonton closer to their 1st grandchild, a boy. ANNE FRIEDERICKS TABOR retired in Aug 2015 from 35 years of working at a hospital in KY, many years as a nurse in Labor & Delivery. Her oldest grandchild is entering college, & 3 more are HS seniors. RANDY GROSS is an elected member of the House of Representatives of the SD State Legislature where he serves on the Appropriations Committee & was appointed to serve on the Legislative Executive Board that works throughout the off season making board & commission appointments & studying other issues in advance of the next session. He & wife Mary are active partners with their son in the Ash Grove Dairy. His

Class of ’66 Rajan Kose, Phil DeVol, John Chaffee, and Ruth Morris Paige, spring 2019

Quadrangle 51

Tom Forsgren ’75, Carol Evans Alter ’68, Steve Van Rooy ’68

mother passed away in March 2019. DALE HOWARD retired from almost 25 years as a Lutheran pastor, the past 20 at Normandale Lutheran Church, Edina, MN. Some of the mission projects he participated in are featured on the church’s website. TIM LARSON has taken up beekeeping & teaches remedial math, construction math, & reading to adults through Minneapolis Goodwill. He gets together with STEVE SCHOONMAKER, who lives in a retirement home. MAX MARBLE’s dear wife, Sally, passed away from colon cancer & soon after that his brother BILL MARBLE ’65 of complications from surgery. TIM LARSON attended Sally’s memorial service in Columbia, MO. MAX & daughter Laura took a driving trip to visit classmates in the Seattle area. We have made contact with CAROL, who was married to the late RALPH MASON. She is an ordained Brethren pastor, working with conflict resolution & peace-making. Her son Kephran is in the Olympia, WA, area; son Sam in CO. Peter & BARBIE NORRISH REYNOLDS are in Kabul & plan to remain there as long as possible. Their business, Rebuild Consultants, celebrated its 10-yr anniversary developing training prototypes for Afghan organizations to scale-up to transform Afghan education, business & leadership. They have 17 grandchildren; the eldest was married a year ago. SHIRIN PESTONJEE continues to live in Dallas, TX, near her son & his family. David & GLENYS ROBINSON MATHER are settled into a new home of 2 years, spend time with their grandchildren to enjoy hiking, bicycling, & volunteering for a conservation group. RON (S) & SUE SCOTT SWANSON continue to be active in their churches (Lutheran for Ron, Episcopal for Sue) & Sue with Mothers Out Front, an environmental action organization. STUART WALKER, who was with our class through 6th grade, recently retired after 38 years with the IN Univ School of Medicine. While at IUSM, 52 Quadrangle

Dr Walker published two books & many scholarly articles, was an NIH-funded researcher in Emerging Infectious Diseases, & served 9 years as an Associate Dean & Director of a regional IU medical school campus. He also was Director of Ball State’s Ctr for Medical Educ. Upon retirement, he was named Professor Emeritus with both IUSM & Ball State U. He lives in Muncie, IN, with his wife Andrea & is the Health Sciences Coordinator for Taylor U. The Walkers have 2 children & have a passion for third culture kids; they have hosted many exchange students & foreign national college students, mostly from Asia & Russia, & are active in ministry at Trinity Baptist Church. MARGO WARNER CURL traveled to WS again in Feb/Mar 2019 to continue work on the WS archives. KIM WILLIAMS & wife Maggie are fully retired. Among other things he is coaching ice hockey for children with disabilities.

Class of 1968

CAROL EVANS ALTER loves teaching 8th grade at the American School of Bombay. She counts it a great blessing to be able to open her students’ minds to new ways of thinking about reading, writing, listening, speaking & critical thinking (& laughing at their crazy antics). She spent the summer in Landour, a rare, restful & beautiful summer break which included time spent with her grandson Cayden Veer Alter 5, who lives with his parents, Jamie & Meha, in Delhi. CYNTHIA BRUSH finds “heaven” just past Newberry Springs in the Mohave Desert while travelling with her husband. Their tummies were satisfied with Punjabi food & hot creamy, anise spiced chai at the Punjabi Dhaba Mohave Desert, a nondescript restaurant along a busy trucking route used by Sikh drivers. They enjoyed watching the trucks, their logos, & messages recognizing Punjabi names for their businesses. PETER QUIST is retired & enjoys traveling, cruising, working on the home & garden, & destroying old shortwave radios while trying to fix them as well as doing a lot of genealogical work regarding his wife’s family. PAUL SEEFELDT with his wife continues to enjoy working with intl students at nearby Youngstown State U. This year they are housing 6 Turkish grad students & two Nepalis at The Haven & Haven Annex.

1970s Class of 1970

The Class of 1970 had a 49th class reunion at BRUCE BROWNE & Nan’s this summer in NH on the lake. It was a great time of laughter, playing in the water, eating & planning our 50th reunion in India. If you are not receiving class emails please inform me at nancye415@ gmail.com so that you can get up to date information on class & reunion activities. MARIA FRANKEN AFFOURTIT & Ton write that since her pension a few years ago she discovered writing & digging into history; what a surprise as she didn’t enjoy either very much at school. They visited their youngest son in USA in spring & had an extended family reunion at her sisters’ birthday in early Sept. JIM MOTAVALLI has a new book, The Real Dirt on America’s Frontier Legends (Gibbs Smith). It’s successor – same title, but with “Outlaws” instead of “Legends” – is already written. JOYCE BURKHALTER FLUECKIGER & Mike became grandparents Oct 2018 & Benny is their pure delight! Joyce has started a new research project in Mussoorie, tentatively titled Migration & Belonging on Mullingar Hill – eliciting oral histories of Landour bazaar’s shopkeepers, asking which of their relatives came to Mussoorie, when, from where, etc. & learning about the families we grew up with. JOHN EVANS & LYNNE (S) anticipate starting retirement in Prague in July 2020 & see where God leads them after that! VINTA SHUMWAY OVIATT retired in Aug 2018, after 21 years at Orange Coast Coll in Costa Mesa, CA, where she taught the Library 100 online class, coordinated & taught library lectures & workshops, ordered books & served at the reference desk. She worked in libraries for 48 years & enjoyed helping students become information-literate. At OCC, she led the Intl & Multicultural Education Committee & was advisor to the Desi Students Assoc for students from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka & the Muslim Students Assoc. She started taking music classes 20 years ago & plays flute where she met her husband, Kevin Oviatt. Kevin is retired & they keep busy with music, pets & house projects. Vinta lost her mother Dec 2018, her father in 2017 & Kevin’s father in 2018. POLLY PETERSON GEDDES & JIM (S) keep busy in Imperial Beach, CA, with family & volunteer activities. They spent 4 mos in India last year with time to explore Mussoorie & visit the mission compound in Bareilly. They had great fun with the class’s mini reunion at BRUCE BROWNE’ & Nan’s place. Plans are set for our 50th reunion from Oct 29 to Nov 2 2020 at Woodstock School. We hope some will come

70s CLASS REPS 1970 Nancy Johns Erickson nancye415@gmail.com 1971 Judy King Sims Jbirdblue@gmail.com 1972 Andrew Jennings ajennings@gmail.com 1972 John B Lowe johnblowe@gmail.com 1973 Mary Ina Flisher Hooley hooleymi@bluffton.edu 1974 Lyle Powell ljampowell@yahoo.com Class of ’70 Picture of 49th Reunion. Bruce Browne, Marilyn Eadie Caillier, Larry Carpenter, David Kawata, Karen Rash, Nancy Johns Erickson, Polly Peterson Geddes, Ruth Harper Axelrod, Kathy Reese Grosvenor, June Roadarmel

early & some will stay late for an exclusive India tour. Information on how to register & book is coming. NANCY JOHNS ERICKSON & Don are enjoying their move to Bloomington, IL, where they are closer to their 2 children & granddaughter. She enjoys time volunteering at Crossroads, a fair trade store where she meets interesting people & learns about trade around the world.

Class of 1972

SHALINI PRAKASH AGARWAL has 2 grandchildren, went to India 2 times for weddings & tea, still pushing the cuppa which keeps her out of trouble. JANINE CLAYTON & Rick Alexander relocated to southern OR & are enjoying the retirement adventure. Mom

celebrated her 90th birthday in Aug, still going strong & keeping us on our toes. JOIE MORRIS DEWOLF moved to Pittsburgh, PA, in Dec after Dave retired. Making memories with kids & grandkids when they are not traveling. They joined classmates in India & traveled to Ahmedabad & Goa before coming home to celebrate Thanksgiving with family. KENYON ERICKSON has no grandkids, 3 grand dogs, 3 children on entertaining journeys, & no plans to retire from his job at the Natl Cancer Institute. He still runs 20 miles/ wk, sings in the Tone Rangers, plays guitar, & enjoys nutritious meals made by Wife-Chef Betsy. JANE LOANE GORMAN & Tom are now retired 2 years. Spending time travelling, seeing lots of grandkids Anna & Calvin, singing

Row 1: Miles & Macy Evans Row 2: Jackie Hicks, Rachel Evans Hicks, Lynne Evans, Elaine Ulrich, John Evans ’70 Row 3: Collin Hicks, Jim Hicks Jeremy Evans

1975 John & Velma Thiessen Grose johnhgrose@gmail.com 1976 Joy Garrison Schwindt nyagali@gmail.com 1977 Susan Strickler Polstra susan.polstra@xs4all.nl 1978 Carol Remington Ivance carotsuep@gmail.com 1979 James Hackney omjhack1@yahoo.com

in Amadeus Choir, aspiring to live in the moment! PATRICIA GREEN-SOTOS escorted a yoga group to Rishikesh for a Retreat & continued on to WS where she joined up with ’72 classmates for a 47th reunion. The classmates traveled together to Jaipur & Jodhpur where they met Rajendra Singh & visited his wild life Bagheera Camp for a fantastic 4 days. WOLF GRÜBER has been retired 2 years & enjoys every minute. He lives in Hamburg, Germany, with wife Verena & they enjoy their 2 grandchildren who live about 15 minutes away. GILMAN HALSTED (GILMUNI) was sitting at his dad’s bedside in Racine, WI, as he moves steadily & peacefully towards the next world. It is because he met Dan Terry ’65 in 1970 that he ended up at WS for his senior year. He drove overland from Europe to India with his dad, Dan Terry & George Taylor ’68 in a VW microbus named Gadha ka Bhai listening to tales of WS as the miles ticked by. He expected to be on the WS campus about Oct 20th. He is retired & lives with wife Stefania in Madison, WI. ANDREW HENNESSEY moved to Garrison, ND, to be closer to his kids - Glenn ’16, Thea & Shauna ’14. He teaches HS & has a great time. ANDREW JENNINGS continues to amuse Quadrangle 53

himself with what some would call “work”, which affords him a happy lifestyle including winter travel away from the frozen shores of Shediac, NB, Canada. LOIS KNISS loved being with her 1st grandbabies born 3 months apart one in S. Korea, & one in WA state, where she plans to move in Dec. She enjoys her work as a life coach. JB LOWE is still working 3 days a week at UC Berkeley for 5 museums. His 12 grandchildren, ages 1 to 16, are keeping Marta & him busy the rest of the time. BARBARA PHILLEO MILLER & Bull spent the summer travelling through northern Canada – Yukon Territory & NW Territory (& everything in between). They made it to the Arctic Ocean then to AK & a long trip home. They take care of property & visit grandkids & their parents. PEGGY SMYRES RAMSEY enjoys living near her daughter & family. Three grandchildren live with her & it has been a joyful experience. She came out of retirement to teach 3rd graders in an after-school enrichment program. ZAHRA COX RICHARDS is partially retired & works a few months a year at embassies in West Africa. She traveled with husband Rob to France to visit son living near Marseille, beach time with grandchildren & family in Outer Banks, NC. They live close to Dulles Airport so come visit anytime! NOEL SEEFELDT retired from the Air Pollution Control District, County of San Diego. Linda is busy taking care of her mom, 99, who is still up & around with a walker. They enjoy their grandkids, Josephine, 7, Jericho, 5, Kailyn, 5, & Jonah, 2.

DAVIS. LOIS HAMILTON WILLIAMS & husband, Dave, live in Stouffville, ON. They celebrated their 40th anniv with a family trip to Portugal. Son, Jonathan, is articling in Toronto, ON & is married to Naomi. Daughter Laura is an Ob/Gyn & practicing in Stratford, ON. Daughter Tamara a child psychologist in Coquitlan, BC, & husband, Braden, have 1 son. Daughter Rebecca a pediatric palliative care nurse practioner & Atop Bandarpunch: Jon Warren ’73, Rachel (nee Warren) Mokry, Nathanael her husband Kyt have 2 girls Mokry, John Grose ’75 & live in Toronto, ON. AMEETA ALTER’S in Sept. ’18. In Feb ’19 CARLA PETIEVICH sister, DEVIKA, ’74 had her 2nd heart sur- spent 3 weeks in Vietnam & Cambodia fulgery in Canberra, Australia. Ameeta spent filling 2 of her lifetime dreams – to see Halong 3 wks with her in June after surgery. Ameeta Bay, a natural wonder of the world, & to vis& STEVE, ’74 shifted their US base from it Angkor Wat, completely manmade, carved Boston to Denver to be closer to their 2 chil- temples with murals narrating scenes from the dren. In Denver they met with TIM KING & Mahabharata. Another highlight was a brief visIRIS HUNTER, ’71 & her husband Ron. ED it around Diwali 2018 to Vadodara, GU, where DUBLAND, in Burnaby, BC works in pallia- she visited NANDITA AMIN & her brother tive care & how to reduce work load & develop Rahul ’71. Nandita does wonderful work with a phasing out of practice. He hopes to return to VCARE, caring for animals that have been resIndia, Feb ’20, to do short-term volunteer med- cued from appalling situations & mistreatment. ical work. STEPHEN SELF, in Iona Station, MARGY ROBINSON in Portland, OR, celeON, is self employed as a consulting structural brated her 1st year of retirement from the HIV engineer. Mar to Nov. He works in a concrete program at Multnomah Co Health Dept. She business-driveways, patios, sidewalks, steps & traveled with her husband, Scott, who works porches. Son Joshua has a Tae Kwon Do busi- for an intl NGO to Belgium, the Italian Alps, ness & during the summer runs Mr. Cool Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey & Israel. She enIce Cream. Stephen’s wife, Dale, tutors elem. joyed a visit with her sister, KATHY LOANE 69 Class of 1973 students & helps Joshua with his businesses. & husband TOM ’69 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. XINA KINGSHILL & Gary Noreen con- DALE SCOTT & Donna are in Saskatoon, For the past 7 yrs, AMY BITTENBENDER tinue to enjoy retirement life near the beach SK; he’s retired from teaching & fully en- SHOFNER & husband Henry have been carin Oxnard, CA, & travelling the world. joys his r grandchildren. LIZ INGRAHAM ing for Amy’s 90-yr-old mother in their home After the reunion in Thailand last year, they REED will retire from the Guam Dept. of Ed. in Grand Rapids, MN. They enjoyed a famimet up with AMEETA ALTER who visited 1/3/20 with 30 yrs of service. Liz & Richard ly reunion in July at their home with brothers TANYA ZIMMER & Xina in Ventura, CA; will move back to a home in Healdsburg, CA PHIL ’75 & PETER ’77. When they can get DEBORAH KENOYER who they visited at in 2 yrs. Liz won an airline ticket on Philippine away, they enjoy traveling in their motor home. her home in Oakland, CA, & BRUCE & Susan Airlines, so they went to Vietnam for spring ROD RASH in Edmonton, AB, retired from break in Apr, visiting Hanoi & teaching Adult Upgrading (Math & Physics) at Sa Pa, a hill station similar to the end of 2017. He & spouse David Mayor Mussoorie. VAN CHIRAKUL have traveled to Thailand & Cambodia, where is building a small boutique they met up with Rod’s sister KAREN, ’70 & hotel in Thailand, to be ready partner, Andrew; Palm Springs & Dominican by Nov 2019. It has 6 rooms, Republic. In Apr, MARY INA & DON (S) a swimming pool, a tea room HOOLEY enjoyed a mini reunion in their & a wine cellar. SUSAN & Bluffton, OH, home with BECKY SHELLY ANDREW (S) LOCKETT GROMLICH & husband Randy who spent 2 months in ’17 in stopped by en route from PA to their home in Bangladesh working with BMS Spokane, WA. RUTH BAUMAN SWYGART to help set up preschools. In & mother MARY BAUMAN (P), LOREN ’18 they moved from Bedford, CLAASSEN, ELDON CLAASSEN, ’70 & UK, to an old stone cottage in wife Jan, Paul’s 4 children-RODNEY ’72, the forest, in a small village in CURTIS ’74 MARTIN ’77 & Doris attendGloucestershire, UK. Daughter ed the memorial service for PAUL DYCK (P). Basecamp: Jon Warren ’73, Brian Grose, John Grose ’75, Rachel (nee Anjali lives in Bristol & com- Paul and Lois (P) served with the Mennonite Warren) Mokry, Nathanael Mokry pleted her MA in Education Mission in Champa, Chattisghar, from 54 Quadrangle

Bruce ’73 & Sue Davis with Bruce’s mother & Bruce’s children

1956-68. KADAM DIVAKARAN is in La Prairie, QC, & visited her mother in Chennai over Christmas. They spent time in Coorg, doing some safari & sight-seeing. PAULA UNRAU & Martin moved to San Antonio in May & in Sept bought property with a sm trailer 15 mi outside of Bandera, TX, the cowboy capital of the world. They moved a garage onto the property so Martin can do wood-working. JON WARREN & daughter Rachel, her husband Nathanael, JOHN GROSE, ’75 & son Brian summited Bundar Punch on June 2,’19. MARY INA & DON (S) HOOLEY returned to volunteer at WS for 3 wks in fall ’19. They enjoyed staying with JUDY, ’69 & DANA (S) CRIDER. Tea was enjoyed at Criders with other WS alumni, JOYCE BURKHALTER FLUECKIGER ’70, KATHY GETTER LINDQUIST ’69, PREMLA SAGAR SHARMA ’69 & PAUL HAMILTON ’69.

Class of 1974

Class of 74 spent a fabulous weekend in Minneapolis to celebrate 45 coordinated by PEGGY NAUMANN who wasn’t able to attend, with help from Amy, Cindy, Sue, Steve & Elizabeth. It was a chance to reconnect, share & spend some time with friends & family. We started off with a bang, meandering through streets to catch the Minneapolis fireworks show for the 4 . Attendees included AMY BURKHALTER & husband Chris Bauer, JOHN & Cindy BURROWS, KAREN ANDERSON ATTERBERRY, DEB BAUR BORPUJARI, MARGIE GARRISON AUSTMAN, SHARON CAVE, PAUL & Marti CONRAD, CURTIS DYCK & Shelly Weaver Dyck, CINDY PETERS, STEPHEN BARNHOUSE, JANE KIRKWOOD HERR, SCOTT BUNCE, KEVIN MCCONEGHEY, KIM DODGSON & Mark Labinger, STEVE ALTER, RACHEL LINDELL & Nick Nelson, BETSY SCOTT & John Murphy, MALCOM WILSON, LYLE & Jo POWELL, & CHARLIE RECKARD’s wife Lucia th

O’Reilly. STEVE HARPER & wife Elizabeth Alexander hosted an Indian meal at their house & brought a little monsoon feel to the event. Tents in the backyard kept the party dry while the smell of the rain & flowers brought back memories of the hillside. The next evening was hosted by SUE DITMANSON with her daughters. Amy coordinated a lunch cruise on the river which helped the group mingle, getting to know those that hadn’t been at WS together & the spouses who were brave enough to attend. JOHN HACKNEY visited India for the first time in yrs & ran into STEVE ALTER on Mullingar Hill. PEGGY & LYLE visited with JOHN WYSHAM who might move back to the Far East. DAVID BUCKNER & wife Donna moved after many years in Hanoi to work at a school in Kenya. JOHN BURROWS enjoys driving a school bus, biking in beautiful CO, & spoiling his 3 grandkids. STEPHEN HARPER is in St. Paul, MN, working in the IT field. He loves playing with Django Reinhardt, his 9-mo old Springer Spaniel. LYLE & Jo enjoyed a visit with COLETTE FJERMESTAD over lunch in San Francisco; they work in local school districts & are celebrating their oldest daughter’s wedding.

Class of 1976

JEFF & Sue SWAIN ’77 ROLLINS are in Colorado Springs near Asha & Daniel ’11 with 5 grandsons around the US & Landour. Jeff has a job doing IT with Engineering Ministries Intl which provides architecture & engineering services to Christian organisations around the world & Sue is involved with in-home care for senior citizens. BLAIR CLARK retired in May

’17 after 30 years as a broadcast designer with CBC TV. He’s drawing & painting, recording his Toronto neighbourhood. JOY GARRISON SCHWINDT’s first retirement activity was enjoying a long-overdue sibling reunion in CA & working on her gardens. SHARON GETTER MITCHELL lives in San Diego & divides her time between substitute teaching, hiking, & frequent trips abroad visiting & working with various nonprofits. She was in Lebanon helping Syrian refugees with English in the summer of 2019 & worked with people in Turkey, Thailand, India, & China. SAM NORASAK is working for a few more years but able to make time for trips, including Niagara Falls & 7- day cruise in the Western Caribbean. Sam’s children are both successful & he’s very proud of them. JAN PLUMMER DAVIDSON toured Egypt early this year & managed a few other trips here & there. She is planning more adventures & working part time. Her children are both doing well; Jan still enjoys her horses. NANCY SACKMAN moved to TX since her son finished HS & joined the army. She was in India in Oct for a family reunion & memorials for her dad & sister Helen. RAJ SINGH lost his mom this year, & SHARON lost her father. Both will also have memorials in India. SONAM SAMCHOK lives in Calgary & grieves the recent loss of her sister. MARY FEIERABEND self-published a biography of my great-great-grandfather, Among the Original Dwellers. When not traveling to India for book research, she takes care of her very active 95-yr-old father, who has been her research assistant. STANLEY SCISM ceased working for the NGO & started a business in NH. He leads Scism Christian U’s online studies, & Light & Life Ministries. He visited India in winter & will be back there again. KELLY WATT’s novel Mad Dog was published in the US & her short memoir was long-listed for CBC. kellywatt.ca. PRITAM ADVANI, MARK & JENNIE SOMERS had a wonderful


Joyce Burkhalter Flueckiger, ’70, PremlaSagar Sharma, ’69, Kathy Getter Lindquist, ’69, Judy Smith Crider, ’69, Paul Hamilton, ’69, Mary Ina Flisher Hooley, ’73

Quadrangle 55

evening together this past summer. SHARON MITCHELL, GEORGE JOHNS & JOY SCHWINDT crashed the class of ’78 reunion last summer in NC. George has managed to fit in many mini-reunions with friends from coast to coast. KELLY WATT & BRIAN FINDLAY connected over an Indian meal while in LA in Aug. ROBERT POWERS & MARY GIRARD connected at the alumni reunion in Mussoorie in Oct. JOY & JAN connected in Toronto, & of course had Indian food & Tibetan butter tea. TULIKA PRAKASH PABRAI, husband Anu, son NISHANT, & daughter-in-law Shilpa visited ANDREA MITCHELL for 5 wonderful days in Oct 18. Tulika’s became a grandma in July. SANDHYA SRINIVASAN SHETTY was a delightful guest with ANDREA for a few days in May. We have lost two dear classmates who were both very accomplished in their own way: Dr. Priscilla KAMALA WILLEY Diwan, of Chaplin, CT, a prolific writer, energetic traveler, Gandhian scholar, & seeker of spiritual, environmental, & social justice, Kamala lived 12 yrs in an ashram in India, where she researched & published, among others, her seminal book Earth Ethics. CAROLYN RHODES was an artist from Scotland & taught in the Glasgow School of Art for 20 years. Her paintings were exhibited internationally & featured in many art galleries. We are hoping that many classmates will come to a reunion in India, possibly Oct 2021. Let Mary Girard know of your interest or join the class FB or email group for more information.

Class of 1978

KRISTINE SCHUMM LONG teaches English to immigrants & international students in the Intensive English Program at Eastern Mennonite Univ in Harrisonburg, VA. She feels at home with people from all over the world who speak many different languages: just like Woodstock! GREG WRAY is one of 6 Duke faculty named a lifetime Fellow of the American Assoc for the Advancement of Science, recognized for their extraordinary achievements across disciplines. Greg was honored by the Division of Biological Sciences for contributing to the understanding of evolution & mechanisms of development, using sea urchins & primates as model systems. https:// biology.duke.edu/news-events/news/aaas-naesgreg-wray-fellow. CAROL REMINGTON IVANCE is spending about 6 months in Uganda helping a missionary friend. It reminds her of India in the 70s. NITA SINGH KOTIUGA does spiritual formation with students at Bakke Graduate Univ & joins them on city immersions. She is a pastor at Westview Bible Church in Montreal & loves her work. Their church is multicultural & that feels like home: Woodstock. 56 Quadrangle

1980s Class of 1980

The Class of 80 is planning a 40th reunion in 2020: Mussoorie Jul 1-8 & Charlottesville, VA, USA Oct 9-13. We would love to have members from other classes join us, so let Beth Norford know if you’re interested. It is exciting to hear plans from some class members who haven’t been able to come to previous re- Darlene Seaman Silliman ’80 and husband Tom Silliman unions. KAREN FERNANDEZ has been be busy with classes during the reunion; son busy in New Zealand as a professor of market- Ayan is completing an MS in Media Science. ing & living with husband Brian on their prop- We plan to see GLENN DAVIS, GINNY erty outside Auckland. MARK LAUGESEN BANGA & VINAY MEHRA, who has grahopes to make a trip to India to join us. From ciously invited us all to dinner at his home in CA, NORB GARRETT will come to India af- Delhi before our trip to Mussoorie on 1st July. ter many years. Planning to make the trip to Vinay & family were in Scotland this spring Mussoorie is FARDIS NOURANINEJAD to attend son Armaan’s ’15 graduation from (AKA FARIS NEJAD) from Greece; he’s feel- the U of Edinburgh; they stayed a night in ing well after a double heart bypass & valve re- Sanjay Narang’s ’81 newly restored hotel in the placement last year. His novel, The Curse of the Highlands. DARAB NAGARWALLA teaches Ancient Greeks, is being considered for a film MS science at WS & lives in Landour, went adaptation. His 3 sons have worked together to Ladakh in summer with daughter Vanalika to create a successful board game called Dead ’17, who was home during holidays from Throne (currently doing great on Kickstarter). Luther Coll in IA. TENZING NEMA, has 2 BRIGID WARWICK is making plans to come grandchildren attending WS, where daughterfrom Canada, & LIANA GERTSCH will be in-law Tanya teaches early years. MEAGHAN traveling from The Netherlands. Liana’s past MCCLEARY is preparing for a move back to year has been rough; she lost Salomon, her be- India. She lost her dad, served with the Air loved partner for 33 years & father to their 3 New Zealand special assistance team for the children, early in 2018. He was hit by a car Christchurch shootings, lost a dear friend to while cycling. She gave up her job in Malawi & cancer & spent a month in Israel. She’s rereturned to The Netherlands in Sept last year signed from her role as corporate account mgr to heal. The family has been muddling through, finding a new equilibrium in our lives & with each other. She is learning to deal with banks, accountants, taxes, property management & home improvement. She is grateful for time with her children as we open a new chapter in our lives. The children have embarked on new pathways, in work & study, & it looks like she may start a new job in Central Asia. She will struggle without Salomon at her side. ELAINE MILLER is a professor of philosophy at Miami U & chair of the dept. Daughter Leyla ’15 is a sophomore in HS & Sofi ’18 a freshman at Bryn Mawr Coll, interested in creative writing, art history, & philosophy. Elaine directs a feminist philosophy society, philoSOPHIA, & goes to Australia annually on an advisory board for the U of Western Sydney. CHAYAN CHATTERJEE’s wife Vinay Mehra ’80 and family at son Armaan’s graduation from University of Sujata is a HS teacher who will Edinburgh l-r: Namita, Armaan ’15, Vinay ’80, Sakshi ’03, Jivika ’11

80s CLASS REPS 1980 Beth Norford bnorford@icloud.com 1981 Deirdre Straughan deirdre.straughan@gmail.com 1982 Karen Fiol-McKerihan ublak@aol.com 1983 Samuel Manickam Samuel.Manickam@unt.edu 1984 Sisi Crotty Lance taina.lance@verizon.net 1985 Robina David Sommers 4sommers@frontier.com 1986 Faisal Khan faisalkhan@gmail.com 1987 Rayaan Shums rshums@hotmail.com 1988 Mohana Rao wsclassof88@gmail.com 1989 Ena Singh Murphy enamurphy@aol.com

for Air NZ & is heading back in a couple of weeks to their 16-acre farm near Bangalore to join husband Maqsood, son Ta’awwuz & daughter in law Jahna. She’s planning for an Airbnb, cafe, community gardens, pop up restaurant. Daughter Tasmiyah will complete her beauty therapy course in NZ. CLARK SMITH & his wife celebrated their 34th anniversary. She recently had a stroke & is working hard to recover. They have seen heart doctors, brain doctors, & her GP, acupuncture, massage, chiropractor, etc. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy works to improve her condition. Clark works as an airworthiness engineer on the F-35 program; he ensures each requested design change is airworthy. He moonlights with

Cal Tech as a podium instructor. Clark attend the reunion in VA. NUPUR CHOUDHURI DAVIS is looking forward to seeing some of us at the US reunion She lost her husband in Mar after a long battle with cancer. He had just turned 50. She has fond & abiding memories of their time together & the many stories of her trueblue dinky di Aussie husb & whose sense of humour & love of life distinguished him. She misses him but is resilient with age & other losses of loved ones —her mother & her best friend— in the 2 years preced- Deirdré Straughan ’81 & Brendan Gregg got married in August ing. She is head of the English dept in a public ride & work off her frustrations cleaning stalls school in Perth; the students & staff are won- at the barn. TIM WEIDMAN & Dar periodiderful in their support. Her daughter is doing cally get together. AMY MCCAULEY DYE is well in London in event & theatre lighting & in San Antonio, TX; only her “babies” are still has started her own business. She & her part- at home. She’s not ready to be an empty nester. ner, who is also an electrician & has his own Michael is a junior & Abby is a senior this year. business, bought & renovated a beautiful home He is active in robotics competitions & she is in Wimbledon where she visits at every oppor- playing basketball & taking dual-credit classtunity. My son & his partner are in Perth & es at the community coll. David has been very are a wonderful support to me. Her travels are busy with projects & works out of the house. restricted to 2-3 weeks max so as not to leave He is a civil engineer, land surveyor, & develReggie (a kelpie-border-collie cross) too long. oper. She sees her parents a few times a year ANDY GILLESPIE is working at HP as a & we go birding together. DAVID TAYLOR, contractor & lives near Corvallis, OR, in the wife Lydia & a few grandchildren are planning woods in the hills at the edge of town among to attend the reunion at the farm in Oct. SAM deer & wild turkeys. DARLENE SEAMAN CONNOR has also expressed interest. BETH SILLIMAN is still on an organic dairy farm NORFORD divides her time between the US in Enumclaw, WA. They are older, greyer, & (spending time with her mom especially after feel the work more. Daughter Savannah is now the loss of her father last year) & S Asia, where at W Washington U in Bellingham, majoring she works with a number of educational orgain geology & minoring in anthropology. Her nizations in Nepal & spends time in India with horse Olive is boarded near campus; she can friends. She has an RV camper van & has done

Class of ’81 It was something of a Woodstock reunion, with (left to right): Laura Haggerty Guiboche, Deepali (Mudholkar) Meaghan McCleary ’80 and family l-r: Ta’awwuz, Tasmiyah,

Patel, Sharon Seto, Jonake Bose, Rossella Laeng ’08, Deirdré Straughan, Neerja (Jandial) Chaudhry, Susan Crain Lewis,

Maqsood, Meaghan

Denise (Cacho) Vazquez Troutman. Present but not pictured: Ringae Nuek.

Quadrangle 57

Denise ’81 & her daughter Laura.

Albin & Laura daughter of Denise ’81

Carol ’82 and Sisi ’84

a few short trips to break it in. Next year she hopes to travel cross-country & would love to visit Woodstock friends.

daughter is in 7th grade at a Finnish boarding school Mon-Fri. NEERJA (JANDIAL) CHAUDHRY helped her son start a yoga & wellness studio in Irvine, CA, while working a full time job & running a business. In June she went to Europe, visiting Scandinavian countries & St Petersburg, then Majorca & Ibiza, Spain. She attended Deirdré & Brendan’s wedding & enjoyed meeting up with former classmates. DEEPU (MUDHOLKAR) PATEL & Shilpin spend time in the US, where their children are. They travel, play golf & enjoy photography & food-oriented activities. TIN TIN SU leads a research group at the U of Colorado, studying the effects of X-rays on cells & tissues. She joined Deirdré’s bachelorette party in summer & hosted SARAH GALLOWAY & her husband in Boulder during their tour of the National Parks in the Four Corners states. CAROL GEISLER is in the Twin Cities in MN with husband Jeff Yaw, son Benjamin ’15, 2 cats, & 2 dogs. She teaches at St Catherine U in the MA in Holistic Health Studies program & has a small holistic healing practice. They went to India in 2018 where Benjamin participated in the Summer at Woodstock

program & loved every minute of it. SARA AHMED has had a productive year for the Living Waters Museum, currently redesigning the web platform to have a better digital museum experience. She is on the board of the Global Network of Water Museums, endorsed by UNESCO, & works with the govt to develop the first National Water Museum in India. CLELIA (NONY) SOLIS loves doing Interior Architecture. She remembers that at Midlands Open Houses her room won. Her oldest, Isabella, plans doing arts in college; Grace is an athlete doing cross-country & lacrosse. JEET SINGH moved to Boston, where he does startups & plays music; wife Taru works as a cancer scientist. His mom turned 80; they’re meeting her in Japan where she was born. They’re often in Europe visiting family & friends in France & Scandinavia. JOYDIP LAHIRI (JOY ABDULLAH) has been in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia since 2000. After a job search in 2018 he ventured into collaborative partnerships, one in strategy & innovation & the other in marketing advisory. Both are targeted to small & medium business, operating out of Singapore, Sydney & Kuala Lumpur.

Class of 1981

DEIRDRÉ STRAUGHAN & Brendan Gregg got married in Aug, at a fun, colorful wedding at their home, surrounded by the love & help of extended family from WS & elsewhere. Susan Crain Lewis ’82 officiated, with Brendan’s son Mitchell as ringbearer. Deirdré’s daughter Rossella ’08 was videographer & glamorous in a vintage 60’s dress. Deirdré has joined the General Body of the Woodstock School board & is enjoying being involved in the school & able to help using her combination of knowledge, skills, & contacts. Over the year she has met Sue Crain & husband Jeff Lewis; Tin Tin Su; Rossella in NY; Zafar al Talib in Sydney; Tenzing, Darab, Shailesh & others in Mussoorie; Sara, Yuti, & Yuti’s husband Sumit in Mumbai; & Kathleen Forance in Seattle. LAURI STARK spent 4 yrs at a small educational bookstore selling textbooks & other educ materials for HS students, after 22 yrs at a schoolbook publisher. His youngest

Jeet ’81 & wife Taru

58 Quadrangle

Carol ’82 with family

is at Cornell. Middle daughter is doing an MA in the UK & oldest lives & works in San Francisco. One of her highlights was helping to plan Deirdre’s wedding. It was fun re-connecting with Woodstockers. NABIL SHIBER has been back in Lebanon since 2013. For the past 4 years he’s been working for a small insurance company as head of the Life & Personal Accident Dept.

Class of 1983

Saliil ’83 with daughters Rhea ’20, Keya ’22

LAURI COULTER ended 3 yrs working with the WS A & D office in June. What an honor it was to work there. She & Kenny are happily back in Singapore. Besides hosting the WS alumni event with Arjun Puri in April, she has hung out with WSers Alex Manton ’84, Aman John ’15, Rachna Koura ’81 & Kieve Verghese ’81. She works for an intll school managing the comms, alumni & development office. Daughter Sophia will be home in SG over the winter holidays, & graduates from college May 2020. DENISE (CACHO) TROUTMAN attended Deirdré’s wedding & helped plan it all the way from Florida. Daughter Laura relocated to Santa Barbara to be with her fiancé Albin Lundqvist. She’s looking forward to everyone coming to Florida in January for the FWS reunion! JONAKE BOSE is the Executive Dir of a small nonprofit in Palo Alto, CA. DreamCatchers serves low-income middle schoolers with an after-school tutoring program provided by high schoolers & Stanford students; goal is to close the opportunity gap. She & husband have lived in Palo Alto 25 yrs & are empty nesters; youngest son

Dushyant ’83 with wife Wendy, Theresa ’83 with husband Jeff

ELIZABETH [BURROWS] WOOD (Swan Lake, MT) & husband look forward to their 1st grandchild in February. REBECCA COLEMAN LOE & husband Robert (Prescott, AR) have 4 children – Jeremy, Ashlea, Tiffany & Austin, & 4 grandchildren. She has taught English for 22 years & is the gifted & talented coordinator in her school district. Her father, Verlin Coleman (S), is doing well at the age of 89 on his 30-acre farm. DANIEL HAGGERTY (Freeman, SD) is an investment advisor. He & wife Heather have 4 children from a college senior to 4th grade. SALIL KUMAR] is an ophthalmologist in Shimla & rural Himalayas. He specializes in gate-crashing reunions – thanks to ’84! His 2 daughters are at Woodstock, Rhea ’20 & Keya ’22. CAROLE [LEHMAN] NASRALLA & husband Dave, have been in Pagosa Springs, CO for 18 years; she is the medical dir of Aspire Pregnancy Ctr, & provides free prenatal care to 80% of the pregnant women in her county. Their 4 children – Kayla, Maya, Jonathan & Anja – range from univ sophomore to elem school. In 2018 Carole & family vacationed in Hawaii with Sisi Crotty ’84. DEVINDAR S. MAHAL has Dev’s American Cafe in Mohali & makes original American sauces & sandwiches. He is famous for his 2.2 kg monster burger which has a record eating time of 10 minutes 12 seconds. CONNIE MASON lives in No VA/Washington, DC, & is a serial entrepreneur (CEO/President of 4 businesses). She loves scuba diving & snow skiing & is still adventurous with world travels. THERESA M C C A R T H Y DOUGLAS & husband Jeff in Richardson, TX, are busy with their Four Bullets beer brewery. They love to see WSers coming through Dallas; recently DUSHAYANT MANCHANDA (Las Vegas) & wife Wendy visited them. BINITA SANTRA (Palm Springs), in the IT business, lived in Chicago, Los Angeles, & India & back to CA. She is launching a business that

Devender Mahal ’83

appeals a bit more to her creative side. ARUN SHASTRY (Chicago) has worked for 25 years for Mars Inc, which produces Snickers, M & Ms, & more. He & wife Mythili have 2 daughters: Vidya, in college, & Nitya, in middle school. JAYA [MINI] SIL (Stamford, CT) & works for Santander Bank in the Model Risk Mgt division & its Dallas-based auto lending business unit. ROBERT STONE’s company Transtek is doing well; he & wife Kylie are looking forward to downsizing & more time once their youngest graduates. He tracked his ancestry to U.K., U.S.A, Canada, France & Spain. He welcomes all to their home in west Australia. CYNTHIA WRAY directs a non-profit agency in SC providing intensive therapeutic interventions to young children experiencing trauma. She has 3 adult children, Sarah, Ally & Clif, & 3 grandchildren. The children bring home random pets including cats, dogs, goats, a baby pig, a squirrel & some rabbits. Her mother, Naomi Wray (SP), passed away in 2018 shortly before her 91st birthday. DAN KOOP LIECHTY, who had been at Woodstock in kindergarten and seventh grade, visited there in June 2019, joining his daughter who had just finished a Goshen College class hosted by Hanifl. He writes: “It was so wonderful to get back to my beloved Woodstock, where I’ve spent time as a student and a staff member. It was wonderful to be in Mussoorie, to experience all the sights, sounds and smells and most importantly to connect with our dear friends at WS and in the community.”

Class of 1984

In Apr ’19, FENOC marked 35 yrs w/reunions in Delhi & Mussoorie. The NGO founded by MONISHA AHMED, LAMO (Ladakh Arts & Media Org), won the Project of Influence award at the Best in Heritage conference in Dubrovnik in Sep ’19 (to Quadrangle 59

Class of ’84 Front row: Naresh Teckwani, Tane Joachim ’85, Eskinder Tefera, Alex Manton, Nilmini Jayasinghe, Sam Ebrahim, Bonzi Crotty ’87, Jigme Shingsar, Monisha Ahmed, Hassan Dashti, Hiram Virma, Sisi Lance, FibiThind Back row: Ravi Joseph, Rajesh Kohli, Rajesh Sukhnandan, Brinda Dalal, SoeSoeThwin Not pictured but attended other locations: Phil Fiol, Nathan Scott, SajniBammi, Shailly Chawla

which SOE SOE THWIN, currently living in Geneva, accompanied her), as well as the Award of Distinction from UNESCO for Cultural Heritage Conservation in ’18. INDRANIL BANYOPADHYAY moved to Nashville 5 yrs ago where he works in amusement park tech after many years in auto tech/ robotics. He & Luna have an 8 yr-old son who keeps them busy. CARINA CHATLANI is doing a MS psychology (neuroscience & sleep architecture) at Harvard & has a startup called YAWN! Labs. She runs her Body Bistro skincare co; daughter Sabrina works in NYC as a market analyst/social media for Conde Nast. SISI LANCE recently began a new job w/the Int’l Center of Indianapolis assisting int’l expat families who transplant to Indy for work, in all aspects of their resettlement (housing, schools, US culture etc). She is excited to be back in an int’l milieu after many yrs away. A highlight of ’19 was having her sisters TANE ’85 & BONZI ’87 join the class reunion, the 1st time back to India for both of them. NATHAN SCOTT is Exec Dir of a sustainability/climate education org affiliated w/ Cornell U; he lives in the Ecovillage in Ithaca & welcomes visitors. CARL SWAIN will be retiring in June ’20 after 32 yrs of teaching. He & Dee are in NH where he looks forward to creating more wood pieces in his workshop. HIRAM VIRMA & Nirmala are recent Silicon Valley empty nesters w/their twin sons in college now. Hiram advises startups in tech while Nirmala works at a med device startup. KAREN WATASE & Kimo are in Honolulu where she is in real estate but is pursuing other career paths. Her father Dr. John Widergren (WS guidance counselor ’79-’81) passed away last year. Daughter Nicole is working in CA & son Kyle is back in HI. 60 Quadrangle

1990s Class of 1990

ATUL DATTA (Dibbi) continues to work as an IT Manager for the 19th year at the Vasant Valley School, New Delhi. He’s also recently joined a Delhi rock band as its drummer. SIMRAN MALHOTRA (Lolo) lives in London. Still a freelance Graphic Designer, and has been working with a Prep school for the last 4 years. Her children are 12 and 10, so lots of exciting times ahead. RAHUL K. ALI (Giddy) is heading to New York with Orbis International Eye Care as its new Commander-in-Chief for Planet Earth. JAI XAVIER has finally settled into private practice as an Ophthalmologist near Nainital, India. STEFAN EICHER is back at Woodstock as an Art Teacher! MICKEY continues to be in Dubai. GAURAV SURI (Grooves, Teri Chappal/Meri Chappal) has retired from

Class of ’90 Ashok Mittal and Stephan Eicher

The drum passion continues in Atul Datta’s ’90 life

the hotel industry and now spends his time hunting on Tinder. SHAHEEN has moved back to Pune from Dubai. KATHLEEN HAWTHORNE is based in Istanbul working at an international school along with her husband Rob. She’s also recently joined the Woodstock Board. VIKRAM RAO (Chua) is in Dubai. VIKAS continues in his role as the Delhi based Lawn Mower Man. As a part of his garden business, he spends his time promoting the saffron coloured Lotus flower. RONOJOY (Chuttar) was last sighted in Goa a couple of months back. ABHISHEK (Makda) has also recently moved to New York. MANAL (MMSS) continues in Scotland as an Orthopaedic Surgeon. MANISHA MISHRA is based out of Goa. EVA KOZAK continues in Switzerland. HARSH & AMEETA are based in Boston. KERRIE is in Christchurch & ADITI in Auckland, New Zealand. VINAY is in Sydney, Australia. SUSAN ANDERBERG is based out of Uppsala, Sweden. VIKROM PANCHAPAN & DOW DAVISON are in Bangkok, Thailand. MICHELLE QUIAH continues in Bangladesh. RAKSHA continues to be somewhere in France. Sorry to have missed an update on the rest of our classmates... absolutely no idea where in the world they are! Do keep in touch... Looking forward to meeting everyone again next year (Aug. / Sept. 2020) for our 30th class reunion in Mussoorie! We also have some terribly sad news to share. Lydia, the 5 year old daughter of our dear classmate Santosh has passed into glory on October 14, 2019. We all send Santosh and his wife Reena lots & lots of strength to overcome this unbearable loss. In case anyone would like to reach out to Santosh, his email address is: santosh.devadas@gmail.com

90s CLASS REPS 1990 Ashok Mittal ashokdirect@gmail.com 1990 Simran Singh Malhotra simransingh11@hotmail.com 1991 Shamir Shahi shamirshahi@outlook.com 1992 Sonia Virik soniavirik@hotmail.com 1993 Anil McMullen anilmcmullen@hotmail.com 1994 Sarah Doebler sarahdoebler@yahoo.com 1995 Adrian Jonklaas adrian_jonklaas@hotmail.com Class of ’90 Atul Datta, Jai Xaiver, Rahul Kumar Ali, Vikas Goel, Gaurav Suri and Ashok Mittal

Class of 1992

ABHRAJIT & Sandra BHATTACHARJEE & 3 kids live in Adelaide, S Australia; he is responsible for a $10 million capital campaign to raise money for Scotch College. RAHUL BHANDARI, Gitanjali, Aaryan & Arvaan are in Delhi & welcome all who pass through to visit. Rahul is in the auto components industry. Aaryan (15) attended summer school @ WS & came back with positive reviews & experiences. ROHIT SINGH is in Kathmandu, Nepal, working in a bank as Head-Human Resources, wife also a banker, both sons (Rahul, 16, Ranav, 13) in boarding school in India. MAYA DUTT is in a tiny lazy fishing village on the coast of Odisha & is happy helping her mum run the family motel & her own cafe. ARSHDEEP SAHNI is in Oakville, Ontario, a realtor with wife & two teenagers. He enjoys life, traveling, dealing with teenage hormones. PRIYA SATOW lives with her husband & 2 daughters in Nairobi, Kenya. Kiran & Kinaya attend the Lycée Français, where Priya was on the school board. She is

Pic 1: Eila, Nova and Olle, Helen Copp's ’92 children

involved in her church’s justice ministry, focused on prisons. Husband Richard travels to Somalia frequently for work. They enjoy Nairobi & sometimes meet EMILY KAIGA & her daughter. MOLLY LITTLE & KAPIL GUPTA are on the Board of Directors of WS. They start & end each board meeting with a joyous shout of “Riot!” much to the confusion of everyone else. Molly works at UN headquarters in Manhattan. She finds time to garden & canoe in the Hudson River. Kapil is working with the U.S. State Dept, & lives in Trinidad & Tobago with Tara & their younger son. Eldest son Karan attends the Putney School, where he has learned how to milk cows & shovel gober. Kapil & family met RISHI SHOURI & Melissa in San Francisco. Rishi works & plays hard in San Francisco where he is Co-Founder & Creative Director of a leading global branding agency,

1996 Elton Rohrer forzaviola96@hotmail.com 1997 Anindita Ghosh John anindita.john@gmail.com 1998 Elizabeth Seefeldt Grezda lizzygrezda@gmail.com 1999 Sakshi Singh singhsakshi@hotmail.com

Character, with offices in CA & NY. HELEN COPP lives with husband Bert & 3 kids, Eila 12, Nova 10 & Olle 7, north of Stockholm, Sweden. She is a pilot on an air ambulance. DANA SMITH lives & teaches piano in Bethesda, MD. She has a 16-yr-old son with an intellectual disability who is doing well

Class of ’90 Shilpi Goyal, Atul Datta, Jai Xaiver, Gaurav Suri, Vikas Goyal, Ashok Mittal, Rahul Kumar Ali and Sajili Mittal.

Quadrangle 61

Class of ’90 Amit Grover, Atul Datta, Ashok Mittal, Kathy’s Son Ashton, Kathleen Hawthorne, & Kathy’s Husband Rob Summers

in school, & is making a good job of being a teenager. Her husband Nausher ’90 works in the US foreign service headquarters in Washington, DC. SALMAN SIDDIQUI is in Chicago. Zoya, daughter, is a sr in HS & applying to colleges & Zain, son, is a sophomore. He meets DEVIKA KHOSLA every so often. He co-founded a technology firm, 6 years in but in perpetual startup mode. RACHEL LANCASTER lives in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, works as a physio assistant. She’s accumulating beautiful nieces while still happily single & content. Thanks to HELEN TREMENHEERE for getting her on to the ’92 WhatsApp group. She lost her mom in Sept. The class were discussing books & MERRYN GLOVER’S book came up. We made her the winner of the Class of ’92’s writer award & the award of 48 Maggies were sent to her! HELEN GORDON works in the community & the church, teaching ESOL & working with asylum seekers & refugees. She is administrator for Simply Mobilising which works with churches. She & Chris have 3 children: Anneli 3, Joshua 15 & Jessica 17. EMILY KAIGA lives in Nairobi, working for Visa Inc. She is Director, Corporate Communications for East Africa. She enjoys working in a digital world. She is married to Moses Ochieng & has a daughter, Akira

Class of ’92 Pic 2: Kapil, Rishi, Karan, Tara, Melissa and D

62 Quadrangle

Class of ’90 Harsh Chaudhry, Vikas Goel, Ashok Mittal and Amit Grover

Nicole 8. Her work complex was attacked by terrorists on 15th January, 2019. Lives were lost but they were lucky to be rescued after a few hours. The experience was life changing; she is thankful for each day lived. She meets often with Priya. Having unsuccessfully applied for the British Secret Service, EMAD KAKAKHEL is focusing his attention on being the best dad to his daughters Ayla, 5, & Lilya, 2. Wife Stephanie still thinks he is Bond (not Sulu Bond). MAYA NAKHDJAVANI RAO is married with 2 boys; Akira, 21 at NYU & Arya, 6. She lives in Dubai with her husband & Arya & is the managing director of customer experience at FedEx, covering the Middle East, Indian subcontinent & Africa. SANGEETA KARLE, husband & kids have lived in Houston for 20 yrs. She works in her family’s energy consulting business & is involved with a non-profit school her grandfather started in his village in India (Shirgaon Panchakroshi School). Their daughter, 15, is in boarding school near Boston & son, 13, is in school in Houston. ASHIMA NARAIN lives in Mumbai with her husband & 3 children under 5. She works as a documentary photographer to cover environmental & human issues in India. SONIA VIRIK moved to Ottawa Canada so her son can do HS there.

Class of 1994

SACHA BOUTER is in México City for work with the family. MANAV KOHLI is in Delhi; both kids are at WS, daughter Anaiya in Grade 8 & son Ayaan in Grade 6. POOJA KOCHHAR is in NY and recently had a baby! Arjun is 2 mos old; daughter Aanya is 6 & loves being a big sister. SALLY AHN is in the Washington, DC, area as a mom of 2 (11 and 9); she works as a government contractor. SARAH DOEBLER is in Minneapolis; she is the Director of Development for a nonprofit social services agency.

Class of 1995

MARK BRADBY works for an architectural firm in Minneapolis where he raises 3 wonderful kids with his wife, Vanessa. Mark enjoyed attending a couple of WS reunions during the year. RÉBEKAH PAULOVICH acquired French nationality 2 years ago & lives in Nice with Nemo-Nemo her #1 sidekick-cat. Rébekah is a freelance designer for graphic novels & recently completed the colours for two volumes of the Yakari children’s comic. She loves traveling all over Europe for heavy metal concerts. All’s well with HARBIR SINGH. SAMEER GUPTA spends time in Asia as part of his role in the Cloud Infrastructure business at Renesas Corp. When he is not flying

Elton ’96, son Xavier, wife Marla, Amit Roy ’96, Apurba Pradhan ’96 & daughter Leila

lives in MD, working as an environmental consultant for IntertekPSI. He is thrilled that his wife recently joined him. KESANG DORJEE’s youngest joined Kodaikanal Intl School this year in Grade 8. NELLIKA LITTLE is living in NM & has the occasional work assignment overseas. She had a daughter, Noor Joon, in Elton ’96, wife Marla, Apurba Pradhan ’96 with daughter Leila, Meilin Rohrer ’96 with Sept. RAJAT KAPOOR baby Sebastien & Sarah Yazdani works in Mussoorie with American Airlines or hanging out in the first- Brentwood Hotel & Tavern restaurant. He class lounge, he is in Austin with his wife, started a movie theatre in Mussoorie where Mitisha Shah, & 5-yr old son, Shrey, who has he & his wife are raising 2 wonderful kids. started KG. Sameer & the fam took a vaca- KRISTOPHER RUBESH is taking time out tion in Japan. ANITA EDGECOMB is work- in Dubai while figuring out what next for his ing for the NZ govt. She enjoyed a trip to NY family after wrapping up their business in where she was part of the NZ delegation to the China (Zhilam Hostel). After nearly a decade UN for intergovernmental negotiations on a in Shanghai, PRITICA SHAH HOGG & new global oceans treaty. While in NYC, she family moved to the Bay Area. She enjoys excaught up with KIMULI KASARA, HIROKO ploring her new neighbourhood; life with sunMCVEY & Mike, & MEILIN ROHRER ’96. shine & blue skies every day never gets old for ADITYA ANAND lives in Austin, TX, tend- her. PAVEL KAPINOS is in Dallas, raising 3 ing to cats between working for Guerilla Suit, kids, playing soccer, & working at the Federal attending concerts, & organizing food festi- Reserve. ADRIAN JONKLAAS started an HR vals. Adi launched a world tour of all feasible Technology company focusing on increasing sporting events so let him know if you have employee engagement & diversity & inclusion space on your couch. MIRA DEBS spent 3 within organizations. His 2-yr-old daughter, weeks in residence at the WS Centre for the Carys, keeps him & his wife busy. Adrian & Imagination. She enjoyed attending JSB which family enjoyed catching up with SAUMITRA had a Great Gatsby theme. ANDREW SAILO JHA, Jessica Leino, & their son, Nikhil, who were in Vancouver on their way to AK by cruise ship.

Class of 1996

Timothy ’96 with wife Mary & kids Aineo, Ethan & Ithiel

Class of 96 are planning a reunion in Bhutan in Jun ’20. EIRA SINCLAIR HORGAN’s youngest is starting HS & the family is going to Europe. ZARINE PARDIWALLA BEDFORD & son Ajax are doing well in Scotland. HUGO SACH, wife & 2 girls moved to Singapore from Australia. TIMOTHY MOMIN finished his MS in Theology from Union Biblical Seminary, Pune, & lives with his wife Mary & kids Aineo (9), Ethan (7) & Ithiel (2) in Tura, Meghalaya. ANNETT HEISE BABST’s son Justus started 2nd grade at a Montessori School; he loves playing soccer & basketball & is already beating her! Annett celebrated 17 years of being self-employed as an occupational therapist. TANVIR SINGH NATT is with the UN Foundation engaged in development projects through Oct 2020, based in Kenya. GAURAV KAPOOR lives in Varanasi with wife Mudita & twin boys, Advay & Reyaansh. He is busy with heartland politics & organizing corporate & cultural events

Dirk, Justus & Annett ’96

across India. ELLIE SWITZER SMITH is in Australia with husband Ryan & 3 boys. She enjoyed going back to work last yr after 14 yrs at home. She & Ryan celebrated their 20th anniversary. MEILIN ROHRER has had an eventful year with work travels to China, splitting time between Bali & NY. She spent her birthday in Feb with APURBA PRADHAN & ELTON in San Jose, CA. She helped organize a charity event for MTC, a nonprofit helping kids affected by physical & mental disabilities in Bali. ELTON ROHRER & family moved in Jan ’19 to San Jose after almost 6 yrs in the UK. He works for an Eng consultancy firm. His 3rd child, Sebastien, was born at the end of Jan & is a joy.

Class of 1998

KRISTY HOLLAND changed jobs in Feb & spends more time at home in Seattle. When she’s not working as a product developer doing R & D on wearable technology, she’s walking her dog, Denny. SYLVIA BATAPA HAOKIP moved back to Leh, Ladakh, to be with her husband full time as they start a hotel. Her older 2 kids, Eliya & Anna, have joined WS in grades 9 & 7; Amy is with them in Ladakh relearning to be a Ladakhi. She praises God that her ministry in Rajpur, Dehradun & Cafe HiLife continues to operate smoothly. NIKHIL CHOUGULEY is delighted with his wife’s recent PhD. A hiking trip in the Pyrenees with his friends from HTB church & an upcoming motorcycle ride to Israel are adding an adventurous edge to his banker life in London. Nikhil would be grateful for help from fellow WS global expats to promote the adoption of a tax residence app, that he is co-releasing. SARENA ABRAHAM EDWARDS & family moved to Newcastle in

Class of ’98 Sarena Abraham Edwards and Amy Ovid Mall

Quadrangle 63

Class of ’98 Kelli meets up with Sarena

Class of ’98 Anouchka visits Lizzy in Albania l-r Anouchka, Eloise, Elsa, Abigail, LIZZY, Daniel, Malachi and Jude.

the UK after 5 mos in Montreal. While there she was able to visit Kelli & Amy in the US. Sarena is a full-time mum to her 2-yr-old boy. JULIE RUDENCO DE RAMOS is living in Edmonton, Canada, married with 4 boys who keep her busy. She is a nurse working in palliative care. REEM KOKHAR lives in Delhi with husband Siddharth & her 2 spoilt dogs. As a freelance writer she contributes to publications on travel, lifestyle, culture & social trends & issues, as well as running a small consultancy that represents intl tourism boards in India, currently representing the Taiwan Tourism Bureau. ANOUCHKA CHATALIER WILKINS & husband Stephen, Malachi (9), Eloise (7) & Jude (5), are living in Southern China, teaching at an Intl School. She loved having the opportunity to visit LIZZY GREZDA & her family in Albania during summer break. ANNA CORPORAN is in Brooklyn with husband, Sean Auyeung, & Vera (8) & Henry (7). She is busy with Brevity Jewelry, making jewelry that empowers women (www.brevityjewelery. com). She collaborated with Shruti Ganguly ’00 on a line that celebrates creators & their art. She has picked up her violin after 21 yrs. TAIRON KIMURA is in a small, quiet city

Class of ’98 Kelli visits Julia Gavric Deutschman

64 Quadrangle

in Utah where he enjoys church, close friends & riding his motorcycle. He works in sales for a printed circuit board manufacturer. When he has time, he travels to Japan to visit family. ALIX DOWNING is an aromatherapist in Daylesford, Victoria, Australia with husband Chris, son Michael (8) & daughter Charlotte (6). She hopes to make it to Mussoorie to show them WS. JOSHUA JOHN runs motorcycle tours with Two Wheeled Expeditions in India & Nepal. When not riding he paints & curates art shows. He lives in New Delhi with wife & 2 kids. He dreams to visit all his classmates across the world on a motorcycle. SAILESH AHUJA lives in Lagos, Nigeria, with wife Hamisha & son Siddharth. He runs one of the largest plastics manufacturing companies in Africa with operations in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Ghana & Sudan. He is involved with producing a movie which will bring together the Nigerian & Indian film Industries. JENNIFER KISHAN is a photojournalist & writer based out of Kolkata. SHANIT LALL been in India more, working with the NGO that his parents run in Central India that connects US individuals & organizations with groups of underprivileged children to facilitate their education. In Nov 2018 he attended the SIOP conference

in Kyoto with some colleagues from his old research team. KELLI SMITH FLEMING loves her work at Future Generations U as an elearning instructional designer. She had a visit from HILARY ’09, TIMOTHY ’06, DANIEL ’06, & SCOTT & MELANIE SMITH (P). Asher (7) & Eli (5) keep Dave & her busy. In Oct she visited ANDREAS HENNIG & April & their 2 kids in Denver. JULIA GAVRIC DEUTSCHMANN is in Melbourne, Australia, with husband Alex, Iva (6) & Ana (3), working in intl HR for the Australian govt. NAMRATA TAMANG moved from Sydney to Cambridge, MA, as a work transfer. DEBANJALEE (Deepu) BOSE is in NJ with husband & 2 boys. She is a senior talent advisor at a global manufacturing company. She volunteers for her elder son’s varsity football team. She would love to catch up with anyone visiting NJ. AWON GOLDING lives in London with husband, Mark, & rescue dog, Stevie. She has her own millinery label & is Head Millinery Designer at the world’s oldest hat shop, Lock & Co. Her charity crowdfunding campaign, Haute Dogs, is now in its 2nd yr after raising over £10k. ANNA KEUNIG is in Hilversum, Netherlands, with her partner Willem-Jan. She is a translation agency owner, translator & dog mom. LIZZY GREZDA SEEFELDT lives near of Tirana, Albania, with husband Nik & family. She teaches English & homeschools her 7th grader Daniel, & does her best to contain the madness of a big house, 3 kids, an active father-in-law, 3 dogs, & a cat.

Julia Deutschman ’98 and family

2000s Class of 2000

The class of 2000 mourns the untimely demise of their classmate GLORIA PUDAITE NORTHRUP. Details, and a tribute, is posted in the online version of The Quadrangle.

Class of 2001

2019 saw quite a few reunions amongst the class of 2001 & – better still – quite a few people tell us that they met up! In one clean swoop. SHASHWAT MODY’s wedding to Sarah in Seattle in Aug was attended by BHAVESH JAIN, ROHINI SINGHAL, SIMONI MITTAL, JAYA KAPUR, TANUSHREE AGARWAL, RAHUL HESS-CHERIAN, ROHIN LAL & TSERING DHONDEN WANGDI. Shash & Sarah moved to San Francisco, where MINIUSHKA MUJTABA & HARUKO UEDA are. Haruko is still with EY, helping drive neurodiversity initiatives that hires individuals with cognitive differences. She caught up with DALIA MAJUMDERRUSSELL when she & son Leo (2) were in London in summer. SAHAJO HAERTELKOZAK also met up with the London area crowd comprising Simoni, DANIEL RUSSELL & TSERING SADUTSHANG. Sahajo moved to Berlin to pursue higher education. She may see KSENIA AKTCHURINA

Prathana Singh ’06 with Vivek Williams

in Interlaken, Switzerland. MARIA CHACKO & Ramesh are in Dehradun with their children Sophia & Nadia. Maria is hoping to go back to work as a dentist. MINAL MEHTA is working on her label “mila by Minal.” Others in Delhi include PRIYANKA PRASAD & Ayesha, LALRINTLUANGA JAHAU, ZOMAWII KHIANGTE. NITIN JAIN works in urban water projects in Freetown, Sierra Leone. RAY KALLIMEL is in Bangalore as Head Corporate Finance for Embassy REIT (India’s 1st listed REIT). But the prize for attracting the most classmate connections this year goes to ANAKE SIGURUWAN who is now known as Chaichana. AMAN MALHOTRA runs a mini empire: 3 hotels (Hyatt & Best Western) in Bangkok, 2 Oakwood service apts, clothing brands, & textile factories. His recent visitors include HEE JIN JUNG, ROHIT SINGH & PALDEN THINLEY. Aman’ daughter Nishkka was born 2 days after he lost his father. EKATERINA OSENNEVA is a mom of 3 girls & is looking forward to them to getting bigger & more independent, so she can start to draw & work again. JAE IL SHIM had a 2nd daughter; when not changing nappies, Jae Il works as a Health Manager in SC Dept of Health & Environmental Control. MARK THORSON is a school librarian in St Petersburg, FL. ANDREW KEMP & Monica have a houseful of kids in WV. Andrew works at the State Dept in DC & Monica is doing real estate; they live near Dulles Airport. JOON HUR is a pilot who flies to Los Angeles, NY, Bangkok, Sydney, London & Paris. SHIVANGI CHATURVEDI MAJITHIA who is enjoying life in Sydney. She’s the head of philanthropy of a national charity that helps children & young people with cancer. There is still lots of travel happening in her life. In Melbourne, CASSANDRA KING’s daughter Maia has turned 12 & going to HS next year. Josh is 10 & grade 5. Cassie is an integration aide working with children with disabilities & training to be a black belt in Taekwondo. AYESHA GAREWAL-KALRA, Prashant & Prakriti have moved to Goa & are learning to love the life & clean air. Clean mountain air is also in Bhutan, where YANGCHEN WANGCHUK, TSHERING WANGMO, SONAM ZIMBA, SONAM PENJOR, THINLEY GYALTSHEN & KINLEY KLEIN live; they meet for coffee at Kinley’s coffee shop. SUNG MIN CHOI has a coffee business in Thailand & CARRIE GRAHAM who is director of coffee with a company in Northern CA. Carrie recently vacationed in Iceland.

00s CLASS REPS 2000 Daniel Allen Smith totoisfree@yahoo.com 2001 Daniel & Dalia Majumder Russell mail@russellweb.net 2001 Rohini Uppal Singhal urohni@gmail.com 2002 Supriya Kejriwal Jindal Agarwal supriya@rohandyes.com 2003 Daniela Bhutia danielabhutia@hotmail.com 2004 Eunae Grace Hur grace_eunaehur@yahoo.com 2005 Helen Russell helenjanerussell@gmail.com 2005 Lokesh Todi lokeshtodi@rgn.com.np 2006 Neeti Uniyal neetiu@gmail.com 2006 Jeshurun Hofmann jeshurun.hofmann@gmail.com 2007 Nicole Lemire Nicole.L.Lemire@gmail.com 2008 Jamyang Choedon jamyangc@gmail.com 2008 Ananya Kejriwal ananyakejriwal@gmail.com 2009 Atirav Gupta atirav.gupta@gmail.com 2009 Lisa Shrestha shrestha.lisa@gmail.com

Class of 2006

ISAAC GERGAN is an artist; he is designing the future for an arts organization based in Delhi. AWRAL BERI is in Delhi, married to Sanjana; he is masterminding pet food for dogs & cats in India at Kennel Kitchen. LIMA LONGKUMER is back in Nagaland. He was married last Nov & is settling down smoothly. PRARTHANA SINGH works at Woodstock School as a dorm parent & teaches dance & Personal Social Health Economics. SAMRIDHI VIJAY SINGHJI is continuing work on her startup, Sailing Stories. She is expecting her first baby in Nov. INSUK JUNG celebrated his 9999 days as a professional bankmaster. AFTAB DERE finished working on the Europa League & Super Cup in Istanbul. He still jumps out of planes whilst video-calling WS homies. Quadrangle 65

Class of ’06 Kabir, Joey, Aastha (Joey’s wife), Jisu, Varun, Isaac and Tim

SUHEIL TANDON is spending more time in Delhi while enjoying his work with children & youth through sport in various parts of the country. KINLEY RINZING is impacting tourism in Bhutan & renting out his house on Airbnb. SIRAWON KHATHING works in Nagaland & Shillong with other artists; it has been a fulfilling experience & a big change from city life. TIM SMITH & family are welcoming all visitors to Durham, NC. Arlo & Martha are growing quickly. They’ll be traveling to India/Nepal this winter & hope to get Arlo enrolled at WS kindergarten. SABRINA VAIDYA was married in Europe & Nepal. She expects many kids. JESHI HOFMANN is fathering 2-fold & working with education opportunities in Myanmar. RISHI GARG opened his Risky Rishi fitness studio in Melbourne & invites

all to a CrossFit challenge. KABIR UPPAL has a master’s degree in doctoring. He is seeking the ring. Every so often he goes hunting in the tribal hills. NETO VADEO had a dramatic chili eating final at the Hornbill Festival, escaping with minor injuries. ABHISHEK THOMAS was searched 3 times by airport police in 1 month. He is honored to be part of the India Musicians Conquest. ROHAN KAPUR is a rejuvenated man with Khun खून still the anchor of his heroic exploits. He has guided over 1000 individuals to heights above 6001 ft, backwards. TOM JEFFERY dined with the royal family in London, his first time in a ballroom. SHREYA CHANDOLA launched a Shivalik forest conservation fund, with the first supporters from Garhwal. JAYANT DATT forgot about Jottings for several years, but remembers the memorable memories of yonder years. MIINIONA LUNGALANG is surveying Chicago ghettos through weekend basketball competitions & fudge-tasting ceremonies. JOEY SINGH married Aastha in the presence of Tim, Isaac, Kabir, Parthana & other fellow WS mates. Tim, Insuk & Kabir reunited on Mussoorie Hills for rekindled adventures, right where they left off in 2006.

Class of 2008

Aftab Dere ’06

66 Quadrangle

MAYANKA NONGPIUR lives in Kolkata & works at an environmental consulting firm. KAYO PUTHAWALA is a grad teaching associate at OH State U & teaches Japanese to undergrads. She had a beautiful baby girl, Aira, in Aug 2018. NEETHA DAVID is in Cairns, Australia, with husband Abdiel & 2-yr-old Kiara. She is a part-time Asian Devt officer. SHALVI SINHA is an analyst at Renew Oceans, a nonprofit startup working to reduce ocean plastic pollution. She also works with differently-abled

women to create natural handicrafts & school uniforms to help them get monthly income. She visited WS & met Mr Crider learning more about his NGO, KEEN. KRISHANT RANA travels between Nepal & Bangladesh to expand a project funded by the Bangladeshi govt (a2i) & UNDP called Ek-Shop & is in the process of securing a design patent. He will marry Aanchal Malla in 2020. HELENA PROTOPAPAS teaches art & violin at private schools & performs with husband Wyatt. Check out their work at www.cielsillage.com. They have 2 very lovely and mischevious cats & hope to visit Elisa next year. ELISA TAMMINEN ESPINOSA is the lead singer & songwriter in a band, The Northquakes, in Helsinki. She was married in July. AIDAN LEWIS works for an Afghan media & communications company & lives between Kabul & Delhi. He met up with NISHANT PABRAI in Kolkata & Tia Aier ’09 in Kohima. AMAN AGARWAL is the product lead at LeaseLock in Venice, CA. NANDINI SETHI is doing a master’s in nonprofit management in Hong Kong after 8 years of working with NGOs across India. She hopes to start a social impact organization of her own. REBEKAH BLANK started a kombucha company in Delhi called Atmosphere & a restaurant chain in India called Fabcafe. She is getting married in December 2019. VARKHA AGRAWAL is married with a beautiful baby girl. BORIS POPOV works in an asset mgt firm, having switched from risk mgt to investment product development. He makes an effort to travel, from short trips to Europe to longer ones to the Galapagos, Namibia, Argentina & other places, bringing his total of visited countries to 44. SHABAB RAHMAN is in NYC & works in business devt in medical devices. He can swim a mile & do crow for yoga! GONPO LAMA recently took his girlfriend Rachel, an economics prof at NY Univ, to Singapore for the wedding of his other best friend Colin. ROSSELLA LAENG is studying film at the City Coll of NY. She lives with her boyfriend of 3 years, Dan. CHAGAN SANATHU is in Berkeley, spending time in nature & mastering Bengali cooking, thanks to Bong ETs YouTube. She got married last year to Mario Castillo. ANGELA BHUTIA is in Sikkim & is an events manager. ANANYA KEJRIWAL was married to Naivedya Agarwal in Dec 2018. She moved to Mumbai & is working on a startup idea. KUNSEL RAGASHA got married to Avash Joshi in Feb; there was a mini reunion at her wedding: Sharon, Jamyang, Ananya, Akari, Kunga & Arish were all there. MISHA GARG is in Boston & was sad to miss out on the wedding.

2010s Class of 2010

The class of 2010 mourns the untimely demise of their classmate NIKLAS KAMBER. Details, and a tribute from his classmates is posted in the online version of The Quadrangle.

Class of 2013

BENDIX KEMMANN is a grad student & TA in logic at Munich Ctr for Mathematical Philosophy. BEVERLY HARP works at the Ctr for Climate Change Communication in Washington, DC. She does youth climate activism on the side. DAVE REBELLO is finishing his undergrad degree in mechanical engineering. With only his research project to go, he is looking for work in either the energy dept or mining industry. EMMA KOOP LIECHTY is in DC; let her know if you’re in the area. FELIX TURCK works in the Netherlands. HARSHIT AGRAWAL is back in Nepal & ready for a 2nd culture shock. JOANNE PHILIP is completing her medical internship at CMC Vellore. KATE MIEHER has been in Washington, DC, for over 2 years. She works for a software company that sells fundraising & digital tools to Democratic political candidates. KHAK KHAK KHAYI is in grad school. LIANG-YUN CHENG met up with a few Woodstockers this past year. Let her know if you are around Taipei. SANGWHO PARK is studying for a master’s in quantitative finance at Peking Univ China. SE HYUN LIM is an Intl Admissions Rep in Boston. SRISHTI GOLECHHA finished her MSc in digital marketing & analytics from Univ of Kent & working toward her own digital marketing agency.

Class of 2014

VEENA ADVANI moved to D.C. TANUVEE AGARWAL started his own bespoke catering brand, Atticus in New Delhi. MANRAJ BHANGRA started 1st year of dental medicine at Temple Univ. SIDDHANTA BISTA is in grad school at Carnegie Mellon studying data science PHURIWAT CHIRAPHISIT lives & works as a designer/artist in Bangkok. SOHAIL DAS is in his 2nd year at Ernst & Young LLP in Indianapolis. MALLIKA DAVID is a speech pathologist at a hospital & got married this year. SONAM DEKI is a research associate at GLG. NIVEDITA DHAMMI is working in Delhi & prepping for art school next year. ASMA EBADI is a research analyst at the USA Institute of Peace, focusing on peace education in Afghanistan. HAZEL EBENEZER is a PhD researcher & TA in Human Rights Law at the Univ of Kent. CONOR ECKERT is an investment banker. YASH GHEI is working in

San Francisco. SAMAD HASHMI is in his final yr in financial engineering in Hong Kong, working as an event director & opening a shisha lounge. JI-HO JEONG is in the Korean military. SEERAT JHAJJ is a fund accountant at Standish Mgt, San Francisco. EIN JUNG is in her 1st year at Google as a graphic designer. SYED AYMAN KABIR graduated in 2018 from Wesleyan U with a B.A in Economics. He works in Dhaka & at PwC as an analyst in technology consulting. ANJURI KAKKAR is working at KPMG in Japan. AMBER KANG is a neuroscience research asst at Cornell School of Medicine. MANSI KEDIA moved back to Nepal. SASHA KENNY graduates in Dec, with a major in intl development & a double minor in social anthropology & economics. DILSHER KHARA is finishing law school. RUATDIKA KHIANGTE has a bachelor’s in pharmacy, taking a 1-yr break before pursuing master’s. JU EUN KIM graduated with a double major bachelor’s in intl law & linguistics with a ASCI teacher’s certification, working as an English teacher in an intl school in Seoul. SANG ROK KIM is in 3rd year undergrad in Korea & will be in Hawaii a semester. DEVIKA KOTHARI moved to Berlin in Nov. ROHAN KUMAR is in M & A/corporate finance/strategy advisory & working on a banking SW project on the side. Playing music, making art, loving life in Toronto. JONATHAN KURIAN is working with adults with disabilities & has a clothing line. ARPIT LALL is a Provincial Offences Officer. UGYEN LAMA works at a tech start-up in Dubai. ABYAYA LAMSAL just started working! YE RANG LIM is transferring to a Korean college. ROWAN LIMBACH moved to Austin, TX, where he is learning silversmithing & continuing to design & make jewelry. He started an internship at the Austin Technology Incubator where he helps mentor start-ups developing sustainable technology. DAVID MCGAREY is living in Madison, WI, working for Epic Systems as a technical services engineer. ABHISHEK MEHRA is studying at Gallatin School for Individualized Studies at NYU. KETHAYUN MEHTA works at a refugee camp in Greece. KUSHAL MITTAL is working for BCL Industries Ltd on a project looking to convert rice husk ash to silica. NAMRATA MOHAPATRA is practicing litigation in Delhi. MEGAN MOORE lives in Seattle working as a SW engineer at the Inst for Health Metrics & Evaluation. SAW YAN NAING is trying to create a mobile application which will encourage people to eat out more with discount options. TUSHEN NAYAR is in group finance at Credit Suisse. DUC NGO has too much to report. NUTCHA PANASPRAIPONG is practicing law. JIHOO PARK graduated from the U of Toronto & has been waiting on a work permit in Canada.

10s CLASS REPS 2010 Aditya Todi adityatodi2010@gmail.com 2010 Jennifer Wu wenu2010@gmail.com 2011 Yu Song Eo ye306@nyu.edu 2011 Shreen Vaid shreenvaid@gmail.com 2012 Sukham Kaur sukhamkaur25@gmail.com 2012 Uzir Raj Thapa uzirthapa@gmail.com 2013 Harshit Agrawal harshit.agarwal.01@gmail.com 2013 Liang-Yun Cheng liangyuncheng.tw@gmail.com 2014 Amber Kang amb3rkang@gmail.com 2014 Kethayun Mehta kethayunmehta@gmail.com 2014 Rohan Kumar rohan.bt95@gmail.com 2015 Yeon Sol Lee yeonsollee@gmail.com 2016 Haesoo Park park.haesoo1998@gmail.com 2016 Namita Jain namitaja@usc.edu 2016 Janhvi Garg janhvigarg15@gmail.com 2017 Isabella Shaw isabellashaw1998@gmail.com 2017 Devashish Pahadi devashishpahadi@gmail.com 2018 Prasiddhi Shrestha prasiddhishrestha@gmail.com 2018 Humaid Juned anush.juned@gmail.com 2019 Alisa Husain alisasocial@gmail.com 2019 Kritin Garg kritin.garg@gmail.com 2019 Ved Maddison ved.maddison@gmail.com

NATHANIEL PARK is applying to med school. ISHAAN PATHAK started a master’s in public health at johns Hopkins & has been excited for the work. ANNABELLE PATTON is a children’s lead bookseller at Barnes & Noble in Raleigh, NC. SARA PESAVENTO is Quadrangle 67

Class of ’16 Paritosh Garg, Akash Tirkey, Aditya Jeet Dagar, Aakriti Aryal, Dev Nalwa, Jahnvi Garg, Sara Krishnan, Devang Pandey

an analyst at Warner Bros & considering going to grad school. PRABIR PRADHAN is living the young professional life, working as a SW engineer in Los Angeles, & enjoying the SoCal sun & the mountains. RAAGESHWORI PRADHAN is almost done with medical school. SUMAT PUREWAL is working as a SW engineer in Santa Rosa, CA. MATHAI PUTHIAKUNNEL passed through fire & deep water & has forgotten much that he thought he knew. ROTLUANGPUII RALTE moved home for a little while to spend time with family. ISHAAN RIJAL is applying for master’s in the UK. GIACOMO SAMMS enlisted in the US Air Force. Not a pilot. ARYAN SAMUEL is chillin like a villain. LEXINE SCHUMM graduated from the U of MN with a degree in

clothing design & works for the last year in a lab at Harvard on wearable robots for medical applications. PEMA SELDEN is in Bhutan with Druk Air. PARAM SHAH is trying to break out of the matrix. MILA SHERPA earned her medical degree. DECHEN SHRESTHA is pursuing a master’s in family/ marriage counseling. KARINA SHRESTHA works at an architecture firm in LA, handling the interiors. SASHWAT SHRESTHA is a data specialist at Uber Eats for the external partners, but trying to move to Toronto. EMILY STEERS is doing a master’s at Wilfrid Laurier in Community Music. VICTORIA STEINBERG graduated from SIUC this spring & is working as an engineer. ASHA SWANSON is taking the opportunity to improve baking skills & failing massively. DEKI TENZING started grad school at NYU. FREDERICK TURCK is studying for the German bar exam. KADIN WOOLEVER works as a wildland firefighter & prescribed burn technician in LA & WA, moving to UT this winter. GAMLI YONGGAM is pursuing architecture in UK. AINDRILA HAIN moved to San Francisco. RITSEN GYALTSHEN is back in Bhutan, helping brother run a new restaurant.

Class of 2016

Class of ’16 Zung Dương, Rishi Thomas, Jahnvi Garg, Naomi Chang

68 Quadrangle

JAHNVI GARG is back at Babson Coll after studying abroad at Bocconi University. Graduating in May 2020 & not looking forward to living in the real world. EERA SARDA is a

4th year med student at Newcastle U & applying for an MSc for next year. HAESOO PARK is studying cognitive science abroad in Sevilla. PARITOSH GARG will graduate in Apr, looking for jobs in USA. JAGO VON MOLTKE is in 3rd year of sports management degree in Amsterdam. NAOMI CHANG will graduate from UCI in June; applying to Singapore for med school. SHANAYA KENNY is working in a real estate & property developer company. SATYAM KEDIA graduated from college & is back in Nepal looking to start a business. YEJIN SON is in the last year in college, majoring in intl studies. WANGCHUK SADUTSHANG is in final year, majoring in Business Technology Management. KARISHMA DAY opened her online boutique named KADD BEAUTY. ANOUSHKA PANT graduates in Dec with BA in Business & Dance. She’s travelling a lot & pursuing her passion in dance & acting. JIYEON CHUN transferred to UNC Chapel Hill & loves it. ADRIAN ARCHER is at NC State, mechanical & industrial engineering major. KALDEN RITSCHELAUKATSANG graduated & is working full time. JIN HYUN LIM was discharged & is working in Korea hoping to become a millionaire. RISHI THOMAS is in final year at USC. NAMITA JAIN graduated & works full time as an event manager. MARINA POPOVA will graduate in May, double majoring in business & Chinese language. DONNIE BLANK graduated Dec 2020 in engineering. He’s working as a project engineering intern to get some experience. DEV NALWA will graduate in May with a double major in computer science & statistics. SHIKHAR DHINGRA graduated with a degree in MCB, Neurobiology, & doing a master’s in BioE at Berkeley. ARMAAN BOPARAI is finishing a kinesiology degree in BC, Canada. PRAPTI JOSHI finished a bachelor’s in medical science in Dec. SARA KRISHNAN graduated from Ashoka in May & works full time in New Delhi. ANTRA BALUJA is finishing final year of law & applying for master’s in intellectual property law. MORSUMI SINGH completed studies & qualified as a preschool teacher, working full time. DANIEL TAEKMIN NAM is 14 mos into Korean Army artillery. He’ll be discharged in Apr. SHEFALI RANGI is completing a postgrad diploma from Ashoka U, graduating in May 2020. DEVIKA NAUTIYAL will graduate in May; not sure what’s next. ELIZABETH KHOSRAVI is finishing a degree in finance from Concordia U in Montreal.

Class of 2017

TANASHYA BATRA is at Brandeis studying business & intl & global studies. She’s looking forward to studying abroad in London next semester. NIHAL SRIRAMANENI is at UR,

Angel Yoanna ’17 and her friends dog

going abroad next semester to Australia. SHAR MATHIAS is in Dunedin, NZ, doing Ecology & developing an interest in botany. When she’s not looking at plants she’s running around the hills, volunteering, & trying to be more politically engaged. SHANTI MATHIAS enjoys her English Lit & Anthropology degree with a media studies minor, & distracts herself by writing for student media, playing badminton, & going on long runs. VANALIKA NAGARWALLA is at at Luther Coll in IA. She is heading a women’s leadership organization on campus & is an Assistant Hall Director in an upper-class building. HYEJI JUN is entering his 3rd year in B.S. Architecture at the University of Minnesota he recently started to minor in Cinema and Film. Met up with WS people in Canada, and is planning on going again. BOBBY SHARMA is at Clark U & the captain of the cross country team. He spent 10 wks in summer on an internship with Sumitomo Electric in the HR dept. NIRANJAN BENNET is in his 2nd yr in Lasalle pursuing broadcast media. FAYAZ YOURISH is a sophomore at JCU in Italy, servings as a student ambassador, & has been an active member of the student govt & clubs. MEGHNA DAS is double majoring in visual arts & secondary education at Goshen Coll. ANGEL YOANNA is in 2nd year med school, making mistakes & learning. She might love dogs more than humans. ASEEM AGGARWAL is at USC, looking forward to recruiting at several global firms & developing lifelong connections with friends in & around Los Angeles. ANH BUI is at Northeastern & currently doing a 6 months co-op in Boston. MAEVE WAKITA is in Toronto studying communications. ISABELLA SHAW is in her final year of bachelor of architecture in Prague, looking forward to the new opportunities that await after graduation. She traveled to Rome to visit some classmates in summer. SIMONI GARG is also at Northeastern U,

Boston, working co-op at Cyclerion Therapeutics as an Analytical Scientist on small molecule drugs. APOORVA THAPA finished HS in UWC-USA, & received a full scholarship to study architecture & urban planning at the U of Florida. KHOA NGO is at Carl U in Canada & works at a cafe. SEETSELE SETLHOMO is happy to be back on the French campus of ESSEC Business School, after spending last semester on the Singapore Class of ’17 Isabella Shaw Fayaz Yourish and Anh Bui reunion in Rome campus. He interned with Gawad Kalinga, an at Ashoka Belgium. PARTH PARIKH is in NGO in the Philippines, in summer & trav- Trento, Italy, where he works on projects of eled to Malaysia & Indonesia. the Delmer group. He pursues his passion for football, playing for the Italian football team Class of 2018 ASD Ortigaralefre. MEHAR BHATIA inJEFFREY KIM is interning at DAS, a Korean terned at a consulting firm, Grant Thornton, firm in Chennai. He’ll be joining the military working on creating financial models for cliin Jan for 18 months. KELZANG DEMA at- ents & conducting due diligence research. tends Alliance Française in Lyon & will fin- ARJAN PUREWAL will be doing his bacheish in Dec. Attending École de Condé from lors from the U of Toronto, Canada. NOAH Sep for a general design course. SAGUNYA DOUGLAS is studying political science & law RAWAL is in Rochester doing his 2nd yr of on the Côte d’Azur at Sciences Po, organising bachelors. ARYAN SHANKARDAS has been projects with Red Cross in Monaco. He will filming music videos & small projects the past spend next yr in CA & is looking forward to year. His team won best film in a competition. surfing again. DEBORAH AIER is designing He’s hoping to intern with a filmmaking com- the logo/packaging for a local business & helppany in LA. KHALED BAGH has interned ing them implement a circular business model. with Frequenz in SW development & data JEFFERSON WU will be studying premed at analysis. We develop integrated AI platform Univ of Otago. PRASIDDHI SHRESTHA is for renewable energy companies. SOOYEON studying politics at Sciences Po Paris, specialPARK has been studying & sleeping, her izing in Asia. During the summer she did two 1st foster dog got adopted. NACHIKETA internships: the Family Planning Association KUMAR is studying hard to get caught up of Nepal & Centre For Social Change, Nepal. on credits. Interning next summer on mo- SABRINA SOOKIAS is studying in India, mabile app devt & voice recognition technology. joring in intl relations, a research-based course Saving up to buy a car. JAY YUNAS attend- of 4 yrs with a dissertation & thesis paper at ed the Forbes Under 30 Summit as scholar in the end. She plans on transferring to Australia Detroit in Oct. JOON KANG is president of to complete undergrad. KAHINI DHOAT is her univ’s Women Empowerment Club & vol- in mechanical engineering at Carleton Univ, unteering at the senior centre as a reception- studying & volunteering as a tutor & as a guide ist & working with senior citizens. ISHAAN with Girl Guides Canada. TANYA SANDHU PILANT met Jim Mattis & Bill Cohen, for- has been taking a myriad of classes to find a camer Secretaries of Defense, in the summer. reer path that suits, spending time with a pupSUMMER KANG is studying marine biology py & working. & social psychology & going to Bali in Summer 2020 for a study abroad. JAYANT SINGH is Class of 2019 in Singapore attending Lasalle College of Arts. ABDUL MALIK ANSARI is in colPEMA LHAGYEL is studying in Deakin Univ, lege in Canada. ABHAY TIKU is studyMelbourne, after a gap semester working as the ing Mechanical Engineering at Penn State manager of a hotel. TSHOKEY GYALTSHEN U. ADYAN HUSAIN is enjoying time with is in Incheon, Songdo, studying at Yonsei Univ family at home during his gap year. AHAAN in Underwood International College, the first NAYAR is working in New Delhi. AKSHAYA liberal arts coll in South Korea that conducts PRADHAN is serving in the army in all its classes in English. TENZIN YIGHA is Singapore. ALISA HUSAIN is learning Persian at Stanford Univ. During summer she interned at home during her gap year. ANIKA SUAREZ Quadrangle 69

is studying Environmental Earth Science at the U of St Andrews. ANSH VORA is at Claremont McKenna College. ANVI LOHIA is at the U of Chicago. APOORV GARG is at the U of Southern California. ARPIT SINGH is studying Economics & Management at the Indian School of Business & Finance. ARYAN BALANI is in college in London. CHIMMI SELDEN is learning Mandarin & studying at the U of Intl Business & Economics, Beijing. DIKSHA JESSICA SINGH is busy with assignments at CLG Coll. DISHA THAKKAR is trying new things at Franklin & Marshall Coll. DIYA DIGVIJAY SINGH is focusing on her classes, working at a coffee shop & making new friends in Courtland, NY. DIYA NANDINI SETH is taking a drawing course at the Royal Drawing School in London & interning with artist Catherine Goodman, along with taking courses on nutrition & art therapy. DAEYONG KIM is studying chemical engineering in NYC. DANIEL SWARUP is studying computer science at Liverpool Hope U. DORINDA HARDAGE is getting an Associate’s Degree at Hudson Valley Community College in Albany, NY. DRYSTEE GIRI is in Nepal during her gap year. EMMA KARAS is hiking, reading, & catching up on 4 years of sleep deprivation in Ohio. FAISAL QADIR is studying in Germany & continuing his passion for climbing. HALA ALNAJJAR is studying at Centre Coll in KY. HARSHVARDHAN GARG is studying B.Com Honours at Ramjas U & helping out with his family business in New Delhi. HASSAKOL PANASPRAIPONG is studying BBA Hons Management at The Hong Kong Polytechnic U. HYENJIN CHO is in South Korea during her gap year. HYUNYOUNG KIM is studying accounting & finance management at the U of Waterloo. ISMAIL ELAINAIN is enjoying his gap semester in Lebanon. IQBAL ZAHEER is studying arts & sciences at Quest U. JAIDEEP GROVER is studying Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Manchester. JANAK SINGH is studying Business & Management at the University of Exeter. JAYDEEP BAJWA is studying in Ann Arbor, MI. JINWHAN LEE is studying in CT. KARSTEN SHAW is enjoying music in his life after he joined the men’s choir & the orchestra at Goshen Coll in IN. KARMA DHONDEN is working for his dad in Bhutan during his gap year. KHUSH PATEL is focusing on classes & working parttime at a restaurant at Purdue U, W Lafayette, IN. KHUSHI AGRAWAL is settling into college life while trying to figure out the balance between classes & extracurriculars at Brown U. KRITIN GARG is at the U of California, Los Angeles. LIAH BERGERSON is making a living working in the food industry in Tel Aviv. MALSWAMSANGI RALTE is focusing on 70 Quadrangle

her studies in Canada. MANASVI KHANNA is focusing on classes & working on theatre productions at Wellesley Coll. MEHEK SAJNANI is studying liberal arts at Symbiosis U, Pune. MEHER DATTA is studying marine science & doing extracurricular work in FL. MUBARAQ MEHTA is studying Music at Clavin U, Grand Rapids, MI. NEEL MUKHIJA is studying & working part time at UBC Sauder School of Business. NGOC NGO is studying interdisciplinary business at The College of New Jersey. PANKHURI PODDAR is making the most of her gap year spending time with her family at home in Ranchi. RAPHAELLE MORZADEC is studying for her Bachelor’s in Political Science at Université Paris 1 PanthéonSorbonne. RIYA SHARMA is helping out her family with business during her gap year in Ranchi, India. ROHAN MENEZES is studying environmental science at Dartmouth Coll. RUKE LUKAS OGAN is studying biological science in Thailand. SAKSHAM BASU is interning at Woodstock. SAHIL MARK JACOB is studying for his NEET medical Exam in Mumbai. SAHIL RAISUDDIN is studying for his Bachelor’s in Business Administration at Manipal U. SAMUEL LEE is studying computer science at the U of Victoria. SANJANA SINGH is studying game design at DePaul U, Chicago. SHANTANU SINGH is studying computer science at the U of Toronto. SHAURYA BHANSALI is in the army in Singapore. SHREYA KULSHRESTHA is working on art at Parsons, NY. SHRUTI KAPOOR is studying in Singapore before heading to Monash U in Australia to pursue a BBA. SHUBHAM TIBREWALLA is in college in Singapore. SIAH WOO is studying computer science at Sogang U in South Korea. TALITHA MOSES is surviving college in Guelph, ON, Canada. TANISHQ DANIEL is at college in Grand Rapids, MI. TANUSHRI WARRIER is focusing on her studies & enjoying her new life with her friends in Carleton U, Ottawa, Canada. TENZIN CHOWANG TAKLHA has “been on the grind” at Stanford U. TENZIN DORJEE NEPALI is studying enterprise in London. TENZIN YUGYEL Norbu is at UMMAS, Boston doing “fun guy stuff.” TSEZIN SIRI NORBU is in Bhutan during her gap semester. TSHERING RED DORJI is about to finish her first semester of majoring in environmental studies in Australia. VAIBHAV JAIN is assisting with his family’s business during his gap year in Delhi. VED MADDISON has been interning at a film casting company in Mumbai since July. YEHUN SON is at home in Chiang Mai, Thailand, preparing for university in Korea. YEHYANG JANG is at Sungkyunkwan U in Korea with an undecided major, but is focusing on social studies.

Suzanne Selby Grenager

Staff jottings PAUL & KIRSTEN BAYNHAM spent 4 mos in Luang Prabang, Laos, volunteering at the new Children’s Hospital run by a Japanese non-profit, Friends Without A Border. They travel from CO to MT regularly to see our son & family. DONALD BEAN toured the Holy Land; his favorite sites were the sacred Wailing Wall & Petra, flowing with historical sites. BILL BLOCK sings duets in the care home where his wife, DOLORES, was before her passing in January. ANNA MAE & DICK BOLLINGER are doing well at their retirement center in Centennial, CO. Music, intellectual pursuits & community gatherings keep them going. LYNN & KEN COPP have volunteered in Ukraine & NC, are active in Danville, KY, & in their Presbyterian Church. BARBARA FAST is Dir of Piano Pedagogy & Piano Area Chair at the U of OK. Her book, iPractice: Technology in the 21st Century Music Practice Room (Oxford U Press), was published in 2018. She continues to enjoy travel & hiking. KATHY HOFFMAN tutors reading & literacy in St Paul schools & supervises student teachers for St Olaf. She travelled & visited CATHY HOLMES (S), YVONNE SATOW

Jessie Huang’s Son

Kleiners, Rolf, Mario, Dominic, Manuel, Benjamin, Alessa and Amy

(P), HOUSHOLDERS (S), THYLES, BEVERLEY BOOTH, FIOLS, & GINNY STROM (S) & attended Jimmy Carter’s Sunday School class. JESSIE HUANG was married in Mar 2018 & her son turned one in Sep 2019. CARMINA (PEGGY) JENKS is retired but founded the Shepherd’s Center Singers in Winston Salem, NC & won gold in Race Walking in the NC Senior Games. She plays trombone & percussion in community groups. KATE JOHNSON NIEMISTO is a librarian at Carleton College in Northfield, MN, & welcomes visitors or questions from prospective students any time! GRACE JONES retired from teaching with Los Angeles Schools. She is now working in Serbia & Bosnia. LARRY KAPLAN is in Boston College’s Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics & Assessment PhD program. CATHY KIDDER, retired teacher/librarian, is co-president of Help Kids India, Inc., funding preschools for poor children in south India. Recently taught early literacy workshops for staff & started libraries for the preschools. VRENI & ROLF KLEINER’s son Benjamin was married in October. ANNA KOESTER is in Woodbury, MN, teaching elementary music at Mendota School. DAVID LAURENSON

Vinay & Noeline Mangalwadi

Jeanne Yu

worked on science education grants in NY & Mill Valley, CA, & would love to hear from a consultancy in Qatar for the past 8 yrs. He former students; http://suzannegrenager.com. follows cricket, tennis & rugby & still skis, at- BYRON SHENK has retired from being a tends concerts & stage productions weekly. prof & athletic trainer at George Fox U in PHILIP LUTGENDORF, his daughter MIRA Newberg, OR. TYLER STINCHCOMB & ’95 & son-in-law were scholars in residence at family are in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where he the Centre for Imagination in May. They ap- is the Primary School Principal of Chiang preciated wonderful food in the dining hall Mai Intl School, where Rhiana, Sam & Liam & excellent wi-fi all over campus! VINAY & attend. CHERYL works with Thai Village NOELINE MANGALWADI are at Pathways which supports local hill tribes. CLAUDIUS World School (Aravali) Gurgaon. They are K TEWARI is the Director of Nur Manzil retired but on extensions. He is in charge of Psychiatric Ctr, Lal Bagh, Lucknow, UP, a mensports; she is coordinator for girls residenc- tal health care unit of the Methodist Church in es & they are both residence parents. GINDY India. VANDANA VINAYAK was with Lycee MILEY moved to Peachtree City, GA, in June. Francaise de Pondicherry last year, is now doShe has a guest room! BOB MORRIS is un- ing a Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD) dergoing chemotherapy treatments. GREG & course with Alpha to Omega, Chennai. JOAN CHRIS MUTTON are enjoying retirement, WALLACE is completing her doctorate in piabeing available for family & 6 grandchildren. no at the U of MN. She recently presented at a They are planning to visit USA in September leading music educator conference in Chicago 2020. GERTRUDE NELSON is living in & is programming a recital of contemporary continuing care with advanced dementia. Her chamber music to be performed later this year sister lives nearby. LINDA NICHOLLS is in MN & WI. IAN & NEVA WHITEMAN Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada are at a Canadian school in Bangkok, where after being the Bishop of Huron. She is the IAN is head of SEN & ELL Coordinator & first woman in this position in Canada. NEVA is the Marketing Executive. PETE & MARK PLATER teaches religion at uni & DOT WILDMAN are busy in retirement. DOROTHY shares her time between glass- Pete completed his training as a Methodist work & music (Irish & folk). Grandson Odin local preacher, Dot helps in church & a local Elijah grows & delights in every way, as do our school, & they welcome AirBnB visitors & any own children. Mark will visit south India with students in Feb & meet brothers in Australia in Jul-Aug. KATE POTTER teaches Psychology at a Wellington HS & writes resources for the Ministry of Ed. ED PRENETA travels & tends his gardens and home on 3 acres of woodland near Hickory Nut Gap, NC. SUZANNE SELBY Amy Seefeldt, Alexandre Debs (Mira’s spouse), Philips Lutgendorf and daughter GRENAGER moved to Mira Debs ’95 Quadrangle 71

passing Woodstockers. PAULINE & GEOFF WILLIAMS moved into a Bungalow with no stairs, near their former house. They visited India in March for a Nepali wedding. DEBBIE WITTIG retired after 45 yrs teaching in India, Japan, Indonesia, & Mozambique & is now in Danville, KY. ADDIE AMSTUTZ YODER went to Santa Fe NM over Christmas 2018 with Road Scholar. She attended HS & college reunions in 2019. She is church organist at St Peters UCC (Indianapolis) & dances weekly

In Memoriam NISHANT AGGARWAL ’15 passed away Aug 28, 2019 in Chicago. He is survived by his parents and sister Nandini ’18. JUNE BAUR DEWSBERRY ’46 died on Jan 19, 2018. She is survived by her sister Ruth Willimann ’54. DOLORES BLOCK, (former staff), passed away Jan 3, 2019, after a long battle with Parkinson’s and dementia. ALBERT BOWDISH, parent, died Janu 16, 2019 at the age of 100. He was preceded in death by his daughter, Ellen, ’74 and wife, Pearl. He is survived by Karen, ’69 and Rebecca, ’73. John A. Zimmer, (Parent), died Mar 11, 2019 at the age of 97. He is survived by wife, Dixie Gene Zimmer and four daughters, Heidi Zimmer, TANYA ZIMMER ’73, Michelle Moock and Val Zimmer. GERALD BURK, husband of Janet Thomson Burk ’56, died on Feb 19, 2019. N. LAURENCE BURKHALTER ’37 age 99, died Oct 15, 2019. He is preceded in death by his infant son John Gareth, son-in-law John Fitzpatrick, and wife Holly. Survivors include Kathlynn Lockard (James), Karol Crosbie (Perry), Gary Burkhalter (Betty), Holly Jo Burkhalter, Ruth Bosley (Larry), nine grandchildren, and 11 great-grandchildren. THOMAS CHANDY (Chairman of WS Board) passed away on Nov 6, 2019. ARNOLD CHESHIRE ’54 died Feb 5, 2019. CARL COON, (Parent), died at the age of 91 on Dec 3, 2018. He is survived by daughter, Eli (Liz) Gaskill, ’73. BOWEN CONSER ‘48 passed away on Oct 31, 2019. 72 Quadrangle

with a Japanese folk dance group. JEANNE YU teaches math, computer sci, & engineering & is on a horse ranch on weekends. Visit www. thefencingpony.com near Santa Cruz, CA. STAFF REP Anne and Dan Lind annelind@me.com Linda Nicholls

COURT DASPIT (’57) died on Jan 10, 2019 after a prolonged illness. Court is survived by his brother Alexander and a nephew. ROBERT (BOB) PAUL FASNACHT ’59 died on Nov 8, 2018. MARTIN FRIEDMANN, (former staff), died in Feb. He leaves his wife of 62 years, Laila Storch; his daughter, Aloysia Friedmann and her husband Jon “Jackie” Kimura Parker; his granddaughter, Sophia Parker, his niece Manuela Friedmann and her mother Waltraut Friedmann, sister-in-law Leonie Sandercock, relatives, and friends. He was preceded in death by his brother, John Friedmann, in 2017. BERNIE GETTER, (Parent), died at the age of 93, May 15, 2019. He is survived by his children, Kathy, ’69, Ronda, ’73, Deborah, ’75, Sharon, ’76, Barbie, ’78, Tim, ’85. He was preceded in death by his wife Joan and son Ken, ’70.

BRUCE W. MERRILL ’52, an American hero, educator, devoted husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather, fisherman and friend passed away on Sep 13, 2019. He was predeceased by his wife Kathleen (Kay) Merrill. ETHEL YAKE METZLER, (Parent), died on Jul 27, 2019 at age 95. She is survived by her husband, Edgar, and children, Michael, Mary ‘73, Peter ’77 & Philip. RUTH NAVE LIEBBRAND ’45 passed away in May 2019. SANJIV PATEL ’81 passed away on May 30, 2019. He is survived by his wife Jayashree and daughter KAHINI ’21. GLORIA PUDAITE NORTHRUP ’00 died on the Oct 01, 2019 after a long battle with cancer. She is survived by her husband and two children.

DAVID GRIFFITHS ’50 died on Feb 22, 2019. He was preceded in death by his brother Hugh ’59 and is survived by his siblings Marian Demcisak ’57, Ruth Doyle ’55, Robert Griffiths ’52.

NANCY RICK ’59 passed away Mar 17, 2019.

MUSHIR HASAN ’42, passed away on Sep 20, 2019. He is survived by his wife and daughter Amina.

MARTHA WEIR CLOSE ’48 passed on Apr 30, 2019.

ANNIKKEN HOEG-RASMUSSAN (’52) died on February 12, 2019. ROSANNA LORENZONI HAMEL ’51, passed away Nov 12, 2018. Rosanna is survived by three children, Maria Christina, Stephan and Eugen. BILL MARBLE ’66 passed away on Jun 26, 2019. He is survived by his brother Max Marble ’67. Sally Marble, spouse of MAX MARBLE ’67 passed away in June 2019 after a long battle with cancer.

Lydia SANTHOSH, daughter of SANTOSH DEVADAS ’90 age 5, passed away on Oct 14, 2019.

BRUCE WOOLEVER ‘56 passed away on May 26, 2019. JOHN A. ZIMMER, (Parent), died Mar 11, 2019 at the age of 97. He is survived by wife, Dixie Gene Zimmer and four daughters, Heidi Zimmer, TANYA ZIMMER, (’73), Michelle Moock and Val Zimmer. SARA E. “SALLY” SALISBURY STODDARD (Staff, Parent) died May 13, 2019, at age 90. She is survived by children Martha, Andrew and Hugh; grandchildren Micah and Aaron; nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her husband of 62 years, Robert “Bob” Stoddard, and brothers Gerald and Allen Salisbury Jr.

Are you a Lyre Tree Society Member? Join now and leave a legacy for Woodstock. The Lyre Tree Society honours those who have made bequests to benefit Woodstock School. In the spirit of those in the Class of 1935 who said many years ago, “Why don’t we find a way to remember our Woodstock education through our wills and give back to Woodstock some of what Woodstock gave us,” join the many alumni who are remembering Woodstock when making decisions about their financial and estate planning. The Lyre Tree Society is named after the beloved tree, now gone, that overlooked the Doon Valley on the Woodstock School Campus. Membership is open to anyone who simply notifies Woodstock or FWS that he or she had taken formal steps to support Woodstock directly or FWS through their estate or gift planning. Your membership in the Lyre Tree Society will inspire your fellow alumni and friends to take steps to ensure the stability benefit to Woodstock School for now and in the future.

Alumni in all countries except USA, interested in making a bequest, please contact: Director of Development Woodstock School Development@woodstock.ac.in In the United States, alumni can contact FWS with administrative information about their plans. Gifts can be designated for any of the existing funds. A complete description can be found at: www. fwsfoundation.org. David Wheeler Administrative Manager Friends of Woodstock School (425) 353-8422 mail@fwsfoundation.org Friends of Woodstock School is an independent, non–profit 501(c)(3) organization in North America.