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From the principal Dr. Jonathan Long


ith almost 165 years of proud history behind us, it would be easy for Woodstock to rest on its laurels! But ours has always been a forward looking vision. As one pundit once put it, “there’s no future in the rear view mirror!” This perspective is all the more important in a school. The education we offer is not to equip young people for yesterday – but to inspire in them the qualities and skills which will transform them into tomorrow’s effective leaders. Woodstock students graduate with far more than a sound academic preparation which allows them to gain admission to calibre institutions around the world. They leave here with reliable values and an empowering vision of possibility which can last a lifetime long.

The past year has been characterised by a constant process of review and revision – critical factors in the pursuit of excellence. We are in the process of enhancing many aspects of our students’ residential experience including pastoral care, personal, social and health education. We are embarking on an innovative campus master plan which will provide us with outstanding facilities in sports, the Arts, the Humanities, the Sciences and Math. Our Community Engagement program continues to have a deep impact on neighbouring communities. We are also proud to have a growing number of full scholarship students in our midst and many other students benefitting from

88 - Quadrangle

our generous Financial Aid programs. Next year, we embark on a journey towards accreditation by the Council of International Schools – a 2-year process leading to the gold standard of recognition within the international school community worldwide. This will provide a process of rigorous evaluation which will drive even deeper change in the direction of excellence! Whether in refining Woodstock’s transformative educational experience or in establishing ever higher standards of challenge and support for our students, we are committed to a journey of continuous school improvement based on good practice in international education. How will we measure the success of this process? There are so many things we can measure – exam results, academic success, university offers, to name but a few. But we all know that not everything can be measured. Someone once said, “We must measure what we value rather than value what we can measure.” These are wise words. I am sometimes tempted to believe that the easier things are to measure, the less they have to tell us about what really matters. Above all, we will pay attention to the quality of relationships, the atmosphere and ethos which exists beneath first impressions and the extent to which our students are able to take the values we espouse out into the world with them.

Board President Report Rajan S. Mathews 2015-16 has been an exciting year, full of promise and achievements! I am pleased to report that the School continues steadfast in its progress to achieving its Vision and Goals. For the first time in its recent past, Woodstock School has emerged into the “green” on its Balance Sheet. The various decisions taken by the Board in recent years have erased the cumulative losses incurred over previous decades and now show a positive amount. This is a good indicator of the financial health of the School and means that we are no able to use internally generated funds for financial aid to needy students, improving plant and infrastructure, hiring caliber teachers, and focusing on strategic initiatives. Supported by the financial generosity of our alumni and the Friends of Woodstock School, we are moving into an exciting future! Improving the curriculum remains a key areas for the Board’s Education Committee headed by Ranjit Das. With Ethan van Drunen, our new Vice Principal, we have been able to approve a recommendation that the school transition to the International Baccalaureate over the next 4-years. We are confident this will serve the long term interests of students, parents, teachers, and staff in keeping with the unique history, features and strategic vision of Woodstock School. Being a minority Christian school, Woodstock holds “spiritual development and nurture” to equally important to the development of a well-rounded education. To this end, the Board has worked along with Management to replace the School Chaplain’s position left vacant by Dr. Dunn’s departure. We wish to express our appreciation to Mr. David Webb for filling this position in the interim. The Board looks forward to welcoming Revd Simon Paul as our new Chaplain in 2017. We believe this is a crucial appointment in the School’s strategic vision of integrating spiritual development into the life of Woodstock in a way that articulates our Christian heritage and values while being respectful of all faiths and creeds in a pluralistic society. The Board has also worked with Management to develop a Campus Master Plan, which ensures that the facilities available to the School enhance the vision and mission of the School. Once this is adopted, the Board expects to put in place a full-fledged development and fund-

raising campaign to raise the needed finances for this ambitious task. I wish to acknowledge the hard work and efforts of all our dedicated Board Members who give unstintingly of their time and talents to further the work of Woodstock School. My appreciation to the heads of the Board Committees – Ranjit Das on the Education Committee, Marlin Schoonmaker on the Finance Committee, Rahul Amin on the Audit Committee, Jane Cummings on the Nominations Committee. My special thanks to Daphne Rebello who resigned this year but served the Board with great dedication and acumen during her years on the Board. We are fortunate to have a world class team of senior executives who, under the leadership of Dr. Long, bear the responsibility of guiding the Board and executing on the myriad areas needed to keep the School functioning well. My appreciation and thanks to them for their dedication, vision and hard work as well as

to the many others on the teaching staff and support staff of Woodstock School that ensure our children are taught well and looked after well. My appreciation to the parents of our students who encourage us and keep us accountable and to our alumni whose generosity, passion and support, never cease to amaze me. In this regard, we mourn the loss of one of our alumni, benefactor, past Board Member and Distinguished Alumni, Dr. T Z Chu ’52. His life served to motivate many of us and his passing leaves us all poorer. His counsel, support and guidance shall be sorely missed.

Left to Right front row Ms. Upasini Purushothaman (WS Recording Secretary); Mrs. Pamela Tshering (GB – stepped off after 2016 09 AGM); Mr. Jagdish Sagar (GB); Mr. Noel Vaghela (Board and GB); Mr. Rahul Amin (GB and elected to the Board at 2016 09 AGM); Dr. Kaaren Mathias (Board and GB); Mrs. Jane Cummings (Board and GB Vice President); Rev. Anita Templeton (GB); Mrs. Arpana Fernandes (WS Recording Secretary) Left to Right middle row Mr. Victor Emmanuel (GB); Mr. Marlin Schoonmaker (Board and GB); Ms. Meredith Dyson (Board & GB – Staff member); Mr. Peter Downs (GB);  Mr. Rajan Mathews (Board and GB President); Ms. Bhavenesh Kumari Patiala (Board; GB Invitee); Mr. Shailesh Garg (WS Finance Director) Left to Right back row Mr. Ethan van Drunen (WS Vice Principal); Mr. Bruce Davis (GB);  Mr. Mark Windsor (GB invitee – elected at 2016 09 AGM); Mr. Akshay Birla (GB); Mr. Paul Swarup (GB); Dr. Jonathan Long (Board and GB Executive Secretary & WS Principal); Mr. Sanjeev Puri (WS Chief Operating Officer) Not pictured but attended September 2016 AGM: Mrs. Poonam Bhatia (Board); Mr. Ranjit Dass (Board and GB); Dr. Daphne De Rebello (GB Invitee - stepped off Board after 2016 09  AGM); Mr. Tenzin Lama (GB Student representative); Mr. Chris Morris (Invitee to the Board meeting 2016 09) Not pictured or in attendance September 2016 AGM: Na Na Jeon (GB – term completed 2016 09 AGM); Dr. Phil Wellons (Board and GB); Mr. Paulo Guidotti (GB - term completed 2016 09 AGM); Mr. Rehan Khan (GB) Quadrangle - 89

Vision 2020 Dr. Jonathan Long

Pillar 1: Renovation of teaching and learning spaces

Exciting discussions have taken place with architects for the major renovation of the campus. Work is underway to completely upgrade the Quad dining hall and kitchen for the start of the Spring Trimester in February! These plans will create a more systematic grouping of teaching and learning spaces while retaining Woodstock’s prized historicity. The designs will to be refined over the next few months as well as funding options and timeframes.

Pillar 2: Centre for Imagination

The Centre for Imagination, based at Tafton, offers inspiration and real-world challenge to students [Programming has already begun, see page 10 for details.] In addition, Woodstock is hosting three volunteers with backgrounds in design, marketing, and project management so that the CFI can benefit from a professional interdisciplinary team. Woodstock’s innovative Festival of Ideas in May will also be hosted by the CFI this year!

Pillar 3: Scholarships for Peace

Providing scholarships for talented young people from a variety of socio-economic, 90 - Quadrangle

linguistic and cultural backgrounds enabled us to admit three students from Syria and two students from Afghanistan. These exceptional individuals represent families where conflict is a real and present part of everyday life. They enabled the rest of the student body to hear and learn from experiences that shape the unique lenses through which they view the world. We continue to search the globe for deserving students that can contribute to and benefit from the transformative Woodstock experience.

Pillar 4: Community Engagement

We believe passionately that students engaged in community development projects become agents of change themselves.  Woodstock’s ground-breaking Community Engagement programme works across 15 diverse projects within the region.  Three especially noteworthy projects are: 

Professional Development for Farmers Working with The National Dairy Research Institute in Karnal, students recently explored the possibility of introducing either poultry, fish or dairy farming as an alternate source of income for agricultural farmers in Dunda Village. During Activity Week, students accompanied 13 farmers to the NDRI for

training. Students are now planning events where these 13 “master trainers” can share new ideas and practices on good practices in dairy farming, with other farmers in the Thatyur region!

Women’s Self Help Groups Working with the renowned NGO’s SEWA and Arpana, students are helping women in our community to become financially stable by facilitating micro banking. Fifty-four women from low income families are contributing amounts ranging from Rs.200 to Rs.500 each month towards a group account. Besides saving, the women have the opportunity to take loans at a very low interest rate to start a new business.   Teachers’ Training Woodstock is training teachers of governmentrun nursery and primary schools from Tehri District.  A group of students is helping to write a teacher’s manual for the textbook which has been issued by the government to be used in government run nursery schools (Anganwadis).   They have learned from their own teachers at Woodstock the importance of having students fully engaged in the learning process!

Operations Summary


oodstock’s ambitions have never been bolder. In the Operations area, our intent has been to make the best use of available financial and human capital resources in preparation for some of the most strategic changes that the school has seen in decades.

Woodstock’s Infrastructure team is working with our partners to finalize designs for renovation of the entire school campus, which would enable us to offer modern, 21st century learning spaces to students and staff, while retaining important attributes of our architectural heritage. Significant progress has been made in terms of upgrading staff and employee accommodation, and large projects are lined up for the next three years. Energy efficiency has been taken up on priority, with investments in solar energy and sustainable options to supply hot water.

launched last year, resulting in a substantial increase in faculty pay. Additional avenues to support staff in pursuing professional development opportunities have been put in place, allowing teachers to pursue advanced degrees. The Finance team has established and implemented controls and processes that have helped the school be on a firm financial footing, which is the foundation of the capital spending that we plan to launch to support our ambitions. Prudence in the areas of budgeting, financial planning and expenditure have produced favorable results, helping the school maintain a healthy cash flow and, after many years, lead the general fund into positive territory.

In recognition of the growing importance of talent management at Woodstock, the Human Resources function has been reorganized and retooled, which specific focus on recruiting and retaining the best educators. A three year plan to bring Woodstock teachers’ compensation in line with peer international schools was

Donor Acknowledgements Woodstock School continues to benefit from the generous encouragement and support of individuals and organisations. Each contribution, of financial support or of time, is an investment in the future of the school. We sincerely thank the following generous individuals and organisations for their donations and/or gifts in-kind during the 2015-2016 year.

Individual donors • Rahul Amin '71 (B) • Sophia Gebhard Anema '82 • Poonam Bhatia (SB) • Akshay Birla '05 (B) • John Mark Black (P) • Lili Von Tucher Bowes '50 • Warren H Crain '51 • Andrew Das (S) • Ranjit Kumar Dass (SB) • Harjinder Pal Singh Deol (P) • Anuradha Barooah Farley '72 • James Campbell Geddes (S) • Na Na Jeon '04

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Amrita John (S) Frances Kelleher '15 Ajit Nath Kalsi '88 Shailendar Kaushik (P) Jonathan Charles Long (S) Lawrence Schick MacDonald (F) Meher Malani (P) Karen Mathais (PB) Rajan Samuel Mathews (B) Ranjit Pal '51 Bani Parmar '92 Elisabeth Ann Pettersson '56 Karma Tsetop Rinchhen (P) Becky Wyse Salzer '85

• Sangsiama (P) • Nishikant Sapam (P) • Nigel Sequeira '85 • Fabiola Shaw (S) • Lillian Singh '39 • Margaret Smith (S) • Renette Clara Sohkhlet (P) • Simmerpal Singh Somal (P) • Paul Swarup (PB) • Sumit Thakur (S) • Preticia Tongsuk (P) • Noel Vaghela (B) • Shahir Ahmad Zahine (P) B – Board P – Parent S – Staff

Organisations • Friends of Woodstock School* • Kanak Projects Ltd. • Presbyterian Church • St. Olaf College • St. Paul’s Church • Winterline Foundation Inc *Individual donations made by alumni and friends to Friends of Woodstock School are recognized in the foundation’s own annual reports and publications.

For more information about supporting Woodstock School please contact: Alumni Relations & Development Office Woodstock School, UK, 248179, India Email:

Annual Fund for Excellence 2016-17 Each year we ask Woodstock alumni and friends from around the world to consider supporting the annual programs and services that are beneficial to Woodstock School.

Yes! Count me in. I would like to help my school succeed! Donations from North America to Friends of Woodstock School By Credit Card • Visit FWS website • Select the DONATE button for program and funding options • Follow prompts By Cheque Please make cheques payable to Friends of Woodstock School and send to: Friends of Woodstock School PO Box 749780 Los Angeles, CA 90074-9780 For additional information or questions about FWS, contact: David Wheeler, Administrative Manager, at 425-353-8422 or Friends of Woodstock School (FWS), is an independent 501(c)(3) organization that supports Woodstock’s mission and vision.

Donations from India and countries other than North America to Woodstock School

Online • Visit WS website • Select the DONATE button for program and funding options • Follow prompts By Cheque Please make checks payable to Woodstock School and send your gift to: Office of Alumni Relations & Development Woodstock School Mussoorie, Uttarakhand 248179 For additional information, including bank transfer options, or other currencies please contact FOR ALL DONATIONS If you want your donations credited to a specific fund noted on FWS or WS websites, or in honor of a fellow alumni, teacher or friend of Woodstock please note the name of the fund or the person you want to honor on the memo line of your cheque or include a cover note with your payment. Otherwise donations will go to the Annual Fund for Excellence, and areas of most need. THANK YOU! YOUR SUPPORT MATTERS

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Woodstock School Annual Report 2015-16  

Woodstock School Annual Report 2015-16