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Honoring Philanthropy


Message from our Vice President of Philanthropy Summer’s warm days are full of energy and sunshine and are a time for growth and optimism. We are excited be gathering in person, enjoying the smiling faces of our families, friends, and neighbors. And Woodland Healthcare Foundation is excited to continue partnering with our community to enhance healthcare for all.

The team at Wraith, Scarlett & Randolph Insurance Services (WSR) have created a culture of giving back to the community.

Generations of Giving When we think of roots in a community, quite often we think solely in length of time— how long a company, family, or organization has been a part of the area. Yet deep roots are grown that much stronger by active giving and connections: knowing your neighbors, donating your time, valuing local services and products. Wraith, Scarlett & Randolph Insurance Services (WSR) is a remarkable example of

these deep roots. Well-known in the Woodland community for providing agriculture, business, health, crop, and other insurance services, this treasured local company opened its doors in 1917. Now, more than 100 years since its beginnings, the company is one of the oldest and largest independently owned insurance agencies in Northern California, with more than 62 employees across five states. Yet with their impressive regional and national growth, their dedication to supporting Continued on page 2

With our Strengthening Our Roots initiative nearing completion, we are pleased to provide an update on new hospital equipment generously funded by community donors like you. Thanks to you, we have been able to provide new equipment that supports projects and programs to strengthen services at Woodland Healthcare and deliver the highest levels of patient care and comfort to our community. We are also pleased to share with you the story of WSR Insurance Services, whose roots are very deep in Woodland. We believe you’ll enjoy hearing about their longstanding culture of giving back to the community and strengthening our region. In addition, you will read about Dr. Cleve Baker, a beloved physician and treasured friend to Woodland Healthcare Foundation. His Continued on page 6

Partners in Philanthropy


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their local community has never wavered. WSR Insurance Services’ first gift to Woodland Healthcare Foundation was in 1967, the same year the Foundation was established. They joined the fund drive to build the Woodland Memorial Hospital that we know and treasure today, and they’ve held a longstanding tradition of charitable giving to the Foundation for over 50 years.

WSR Insurance Services gives to many local organizations and is passionate about supporting Woodland Healthcare Foundation because of their belief that offering the community exceptional medical care close to home is vital. “WSR is strengthening our region by giving back. We want to help make the lives of those around us better,” says Tom Scarlett, CEO, senior VP and owner. “Although Woodland has grown in recent years, it still has a wonderful hometown feeling. All of us are proud to be from Woodland, to live here, and contribute to the community.” Fostering a strong culture of giving back has long been a priority for the company. “About 15 years ago we had an employee approach us about her desire to volunteer her 2

WSR Insurance Services, Inc. opened its doors in downtown Woodland in 1917.

time in our community, but felt she was financially unable to lose the paid work hours to do that. We created a Community Service Hours Program and gave each employee 60 hours annually of compensated time for their volunteerism,” shares Vicki Watson, president/chief operating officer. “We empower employees to give in ways that are close to their hearts.” “Internally, we have a committee which narrows down a charitable gift list to two or three organizations, carefully considering both where funds are needed and which initiatives represent causes the employees are tied to. Then we, as owners, donate on the employees’ behalf. They appreciate it and feel a sense of pride to be part of that collective gift. The idea started during the Camp Fire in 2018, which personally impacted us all. Coming together as a team was very moving and brought us closer,” adds Watson.

Kevin Hoppin, vice president and owner, adds, “In 2003, when I first started at WSR, I quickly realized just how involved they were—not only financially contributing in the community, but also having our faces out there and getting that direct connection with those we are trying to help. By being active in the community, we see the struggles those in need deal with every day. As a team, when we take time to serve and contribute, we really connect with and help those that have meant so much to Woodland and the surrounding areas.” Woodland Healthcare Foundation is grateful to the owners and employees of WSR Insurance Services for being an important part of our donor family. Most recently, they supported the Strengthening Our Roots initiative to enhance care for our families, friends and neighbors. We are grateful for their outstanding and continued commitment to our community!

Update: Strengthening Our Roots Woodland Healthcare Foundation is excited to update you on our Strengthening Our Roots initiative, a communitywide effort. We are close to reaching our goal of $1.2 million to help make our hospital and clinics the best they can be. Throughout the hospital, enhancements are already underway. Thanks to generous support from our community and employee donors and with hospital funding, following is a sampling of immediate needs we’ve met as part of this exciting initiative: Laboratory Cepheid, a Respiratory Testing Platform The Cepheid is a rapid testing system which allows hospital staff to screen for COVID-19, Influenza A, Influenza B, and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) in under an hour. This allows for rapid and accurate diagnosis of serious viral infections and improves patient care and outcomes. With this equipment funded and in use, the Woodland Memorial Hospital Laboratory has been able to double its testing capacity, which decreases waiting times in the Emergency

Department and enables staff to safely admit critically ill patients to other departments within the hospital.

to monitor newborn bilirubin levels in a non-invasive fashion that provides reliable visual and digital measurements.

This system also offers additional testing opportunities that can easily be implemented in the future, making it a versatile and valuable addition to the hospital laboratory.

In addition to reducing stress and pain for babies who would experience multiple heel pricks during their hospital stay, this tool improves the process of jaundice screening because it reduces the risk of infection and human error, and automatically measures, saves and transfers data. This results in quicker access to information for decision making and provides a better experience for our tiniest patients and their families!

ICU Blanket Warmer A warm blanket can reduce patients’ pain, allowing them to rest more peacefully. Before the pandemic, ICU caregivers easily accessed these blankets from the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit, conveniently located adjacent to the department. Because of adjustments required due to COVID restrictions, ICU staff had been unable to offer a warm blanket to patients for over a year. With this equipment recently purchased through Strengthening Our Roots, ICU nurses will now be able to quickly offer patients warm blankets, creating greater comfort and rest—an important part of healing and recovery. Family Birth Center Bilirubin Meter The new bilirubin meter to test for neonatal jaundice is an extremely valuable new piece of equipment in the Family Birth Center. It allows caregivers

Family Birth Center Bassinets Ten new Halo bassinets will soon be in use at the Family Birth Center—exciting new equipment that will provide enhanced independence for new mothers. Patients who undergo a cesarean section have limited movement for several days, which requires increased support in their newborn’s care. The mobility of the Halo bassinet will allow mothers to participate in newborn care as the bassinet will swivel over to their bed. From their very first moments, we're making sure our newest patients—and their families—feel connected, supported and safe. Continued on page 6


Partners in Philanthropy


Leaving a Legacy of Care

Donor Spotlight: Dr. Cleve Baker

Dr. Cleve Baker was a compassionate man who touched countless lives in the Woodland community. Among his many kind attritbutes, Dr. Baker is remembered by his excellence in healthcare and caring for those in need. His generosity will enhance healthcare for our families, friends and neighbors for generations to come.

“Find a small town, grow your roots, and take care of your community.” This was the advice given to Dr. Cleve Baker from his professor upon graduation from Stanford School of Medicine in the late 1950s. Luckily for all of us in the Woodland community, these were words Dr. Baker took to heart, faithfully serving as a dermatologist for over 35 years and as an engaged, passionate local citizen throughout his life. He peacefully passed away at the St. John's Retirement Village in August 2020, and we honor his enduring legacy in our community. As “Doctor #16”, as he would proudly share with a smile, Dr. Baker started his practice in Woodland in 1966. “He loved Woodland Healthcare for its wonderful reputation, and called it the ‘Mayo Clinic of the West’ for its many skilled doctors,” recalls his daughter, Bonnie Armistead. “He could have been a teaching doctor at Stanford Hospital, but opted not to, valuing patient care instead.” 4

As a physician, Dr. Baker was particularly dedicated to supporting healthcare for migrant workers and spent time helping them—setting up a table at the farm where they were working and giving them onsite skin checks, which was especially important as their work in the sun made them vulnerable to skin issues. As his daughter, Ginger Akil, explains, “My dad loved being a doctor. He loved his patients, California, farmers, and the Hispanic community and their role in agricultural contributions. He was highly motivated to be among the people meeting the needs of migrant workers, who have been a huge part of Yolo County.”

She adds, “Some of these patients couldn’t pay, and often didn’t speak English. They’d come right to the house to see him. We’d hear the doorbell and answer it, and standing there would be men holding bags and bags of English walnuts and oranges. They were so grateful!” A believer in community medicine, Dr. Baker often made house calls and inperson visits to nursing homes, often with his young children accompanying him. After his retirement in the late 1990s, he continued visiting local nursing homes, but now to play piano—his beloved Dixieland jazz. He recognized that those in the nursing homes were still his patients and he was determined to continue to care

and support them. Employees of Woodland Memorial Hospital fondly remember his piano playing at holiday events as well. Many years ago, Dr. Baker established a Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) to benefit Woodland Healthcare. For Dr. Baker, the decision to create the CRT was made as he sold his practice. He and other doctors owned the building that housed their medical practices (the Railsback Building on Fairchild Court, current site of Woodland Clinic). “The CRT to the Foundation was a win/win,” says daughter Elizabeth Baker. “When the Railsback Building was sold, the CRT sheltered those funds from


Charitable Remainder Trust To learn more visit: woodlandhealthcarelegacy.org

A Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) benefiting Woodland Healthcare can be funded with cash, stocks or property. A donor or their designee(s) can receive payments for life, lifetimes or a term of years, after which the remainder will be distributed to Woodland Healthcare Foundation. • Convert an appreciated asset into lifetime income • Reduce your current income taxes • Pay no capital gains tax when the asset is sold • Reduce or eliminate your estate taxes • Receive more income over your lifetime than if you had sold the asset yourself

taxes, and reserved them so those assets could continue helping the community. This gift fit with his core, personal values.”

Memorial Hospital Family Birth Center, our community will continue to benefit from his enduring and important legacy.

Quite simply, Dr. Baker was adored by those who knew him and whose lives were touched by him. And with his gift to the Foundation, which will fund improvements at the Woodland

We are so grateful that over 50 years ago, Dr. Baker chose Woodland as the small town in which he grew roots. His care of the community will last for generations to come.

Leaving a Legacy If you have included Woodland Healthcare Foundation in your estate plan, please let us know so we may thank you and recognize you with Legacy Society membership. If you are interested in learning more about making a planned gift, or to request a personal gift illustration, please call Kevin Sanchez at (530) 669-5682. You may also visit the planned giving section of our website at: woodlandhealthcarelegacy.org 5

Partners in Philanthropy


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In addition to these four equipment purchases, Strengthening Our Roots will soon fund additional equipment and programs in the Emergency Department, Cardiac and Rehabilitation, Imaging, Surgical Services, Respiratory Therapy, Behavioral Health, and the Woodland Clinic. We look forward to sharing those updates with you in the coming months.

If you're interested in supporting Strengthening Our Roots and enhancing and improving the environment and the equipment at Woodland Memorial Hospital and clinics, please let us know at WoodlandHealthcareFoundation@DignityHealth.org. We welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have.

Message from our Vice President of Philanthropy

Welcome Marianne MacDonald!

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compassionate care changed many lives and leaves a wonderful and enduring legacy. And in this issue, we celebrate our Fairchild & Legacy Society members for their commitment to improving the health and well-being of our community. We are deeply appreciative for their partnership and exceptional generosity. Summer is a special time of year and I hope you and your loved ones feel the warmth and abundance of friendship and connections. With gratitude,

Kevin B. Duggan Vice President of Philanthropy


Woodland Healthcare Foundation is delighted to welcome Marianne MacDonald as a Board Trustee. Marianne’s generous history of community involvement and service includes previously serving on the Woodland Healthcare Community Board for seven years and as its president for one year; serving as a past board member of Child Haven in Fairfield and of the Dixon Teen Center; and is currently a member of the Rotary Club of Dixon. “Making time to give back has always been a priority for me,” says Marianne. “I am looking forward to this wonderful new opportunity to serve the communities supported by Woodland Healthcare, of which Dixon is a meaningful part,” she notes. We are thankful for her decade of giving to the Foundation and for her valuable input and engagement as a Board Trustee. Welcome, Marianne!

Honoring Woodland’s Orange Ribbon Heroes

We’ll share your words of gratitude and let them know the care they provide inspired you to make a gift in their honor. One hundred percent of your gift will benefit Woodland Healthcare and make a positive impact in our community. Thank you for your generosity!

Through the pandemic, our caregivers have been the light in our community! That’s why Woodland Healthcare Foundation recently reached out to community members like you to honor our Orange Ribbon Heroes—our local caregivers who have worked tirelessly during the pandemic. The response was overwhelming, and here’s just a sample of the messages we received: “Your constant care and concern have touched our lives forever. Thank you so very much. ”

“We are thankful for all the Orange Ribbon Heroes at Woodland Healthcare!”

To learn more, visit: supportwoodlandhealthcare.org/ ORH

“Thank you for the loving care you give to us. We feel safe with you. ” You can join the celebration today and honor Woodland Hospital and Clinic doctors, nurses, and other team members with a tribute gift and message of encouragement and appreciation.

Thank you for your support! Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Woodland Healthcare Foundation recently funded $38,880 for a new Gamma Probe for the Imaging and Surgical Departments at Woodland Memorial Hospital. This equipment is an added tool in the fight against breast cancer and used on mastectomy patients who have lymph node involvement. The probe allows surgeons to pinpoint the lymph node area that is affected and remove it without having to remove more than is medically necessary, resulting in a less invasive procedure and greater precision.


Fairchild Society


The Fairchild Society honors donors who have contributed lifetime gifts totaling $25,000 or more. It is named after iconic Woodland physician, Fred R. Fairchild, MD, who helped to establish the Woodland Sanitarium, which later became Woodland Clinic Hospital. During the Great Depression, Dr. Fairchild purchased the hospital, saving it from closure.

$500,000 - 999,999 Kevin and Lorie Haarberg Costas Issidorides, PhD and Bonnie Issidorides Roger and Judy Kohlmeier George and Lena Valente Woodland Clinic Medical Group Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation Yolo County Health Department

$250,000 - 499,999 Dan Best II California Wellness Foundation Ernie and M. Kay Hodges Evelyn Holland

$100,000 - 249,999 Janet Butler California Healthcare Foundation John and Eunice Davidson Fund Richard and Joy Dorf Robert and Devere Garner The George and Lena Valente Foundation Miguel and Susan Gonzalez Eleanor Leake Regnar and Beverly Paulsen Foundation Lisa Saucedo Raymond and Jane Shurtz B. Paulsen (Pauli) Tufts VEP Healthcare, Inc. Western Health Advantage


Mahlon and Jan Whittle Woodland Healthcare Auxiliary

$50,000 - 99,999

US Bank Dr. Wim and Pauly van Muyden Kevin and Arezoo Vaziri W S R Insurance Services, Inc. E.L. and Louise Wallace Wells Fargo Bank Leo and Louise Wyrsch

Elmer and Florence Armfield Dr. Cleve and Irene Baker Dan Best, Sr. and Bernice Best Scott and Gena Bravo Mike and Randi Chandler Up to $49,999 Daily Democrat Adam J. Richter Charitable Trust Marilyn, Peter, and Vicki Fayé Adams Grain Co. First 5 Yolo, Children and Alpha Gamma Chapter Of Families Commission Omega Nu Irma Ceunis and Simone Bank of America Wynant Foundation Anthony and Bonita Barber Harvey and Laurie Kamigawachi Robert Barber Dawnese Kindelt Dr. Tim and Nancy Bernard Layton and Hazel Knaggs Tandy and Joel Burton William and Jean Lockett CASE Medical Group Marianne MacDonald and David and Patricia Cunningham James Goodland Dr. Alton and Kay Curtis Dr. Henry and Jeanette Mok The D'Angina Family Nugget Market Bridget Davis Corporate Office Robert and Helene Dorris Tom and Sherri Olswang Kevin and Beth Duggan Ken and Sue Owens Theo and Evelyn Dumars B. Regnar and Beverly James and Marsha Engstrom Paulsen Mark and Anne Engstrom Gary and Cynthia Peterson Sidney and Aletha Epperson Dr. David and Dair Rausch Fritz Erdman Jennean and Joseph Rogers James and Marilyn Erdman Rotary Club of Woodland Nova and Todd Fox Thomas and Gail Frenchy's Liquor and Feedlot Schwarzgruber Deli Sycamore Partners LLC Friends of Adult Day Health Ullrich Delevati, CPAs Care, Inc.

Betty A. Gall and Graham A. E. Gall, PhD Christopher and Candy Giambruno Dr. Marcia Gollober Wayne and Margaret Hays Fred Heidrick, Sr. and Helen Heidrick Harry Helin, Jr. and Jessie Helin Dr. Romie Holland and Jean Kareofelas, PA Richard and Rebecca Jenness Johnston, Martin & Montgomery, LLP Dr. Philip Laughlin and Teresa Childers Lucent Pathology Partners Gina Madden Cowles and Dona Mast Lisa Matteoli Mike and Wendy McGrew Dennis and Ruth Miller Dr. Mary Monroe-Rodman and Peter Rodman Dawn Myers Xanna and John Nichol Ardie and Arlene Oji Ashley and Kathleen Payne Wendell and Elizabeth Payne John and Coleen Perry Joe and Sharlene Peyton Albert and Lora Lee Powell Gerald and Elaine Rominger Dr. Kevin and Susan Ryan Aaron and Eileen Schmoekel Eric and Cynthia Sharp Richard and Elna Stevenson Dr. Kevin and Christina Stokke Dr. Amir and Leanna Sweha General James and Ann Taylor Teichert Construction Leroy and Aileen Traynham Tri Counties Bank Wallace Ranches Terry Wilkinson Dr. George Wong and Dr. Patricia Shopher Yolo Federal Credit Union  Deceased

Legacy Society


The Woodland Healthcare Foundation Legacy Society celebrates past and current donors who have included the foundation in a will, trust, beneficiary designation or other planned gift.

Dr. Cleve and Irene Baker Marion Beaudin Dan Best II Dorothy Bigelow Barbara Boyce Bruce and Christine Braun Minnie Canak Dr. Albert and Agnes Chavannes Geraldine Collins-Kelley Dr. C. Walter and Daphne Cooper Leta Curson Theo and Evelyn Dumars Ethel Farnham Earl Fisher Charles Fuller Robert and Devere Garner

Dr. Marcia Gollober Mary Gray Kevin and Lorie Haarberg Dr. Russell and Suzanne Hansen Ernie and M. Kay Hodges Costas Issidorides, PhD and Bonnie Issidorides Mary Ann Jorgenson Roger and Judy Kohlmeier Woodrow Loftin William McClelland Dr. James and Theresa McCusker Dr. James and Susie McGibbon Louise McNary Lowell and Muriel Morris Gary and Cynthia Peterson

Lawrence and Beverly Pires Ellen Polfus Lloyd and Vivian Powell Emmett and Mary Pugh Dr. Kevin and Susan Ryan Mildred Sharp Ruth Swaney Myra Thomas Dr. Alain and Judy Traig B. Paulsen (Pauli) Tufts Dr. Wim and Pauly van Muyden Mahlon and Jan Whittle Roger Wilbur Dr. Louise Wong Dr. Hiroshi and Anna Yamauchi

 Deceased

Environmentally Friendly Communication Consistent with our organizational values of stewardship and sustainability, we’re reducing our use of paper. Communication with you regarding activities at the Foundation and the impact of your generosity remains our top priority! To help us share updates, please send your email address to: WoodlandHealthcareFoundation@DignityHealth.org and include your first and last name. We’ll continue to bring you stories that show the impact of your kindness and how you are making a difference for your families, friends, and neighbors. Thank you! Woodland Healthcare Foundation respects your privacy and recognizes that we must maintain and use your personal information responsibly. We will not trade, share, rent or sell your personal data with anyone. 9

2020 Honor Roll


The vital work of Woodland Healthcare Foundation would not be possible without the caring generosity of all donors, whose commitment and support are truly inspiring. Woodland Healthcare Foundation sincerely thanks our many generous donors who contributed $1,000 or more to support healthcare services in our community in 2020. 4 R Farming, Inc Bay Valley Subs, Inc. Dr. Tim and Nancy Bernard Dr. Natasha Bir and Dr. Marlin Bates IV Brian Boggs Tandy and Joel Burton Donald and Paula Castles Mike and Randi Chandler Roger and Kara Clarkson CLIF Bar & Company John and Eunice Davidson Fund Nicole Davis Dr. Timothy Davis Anthony and Margery Delevati Kevin and Beth Duggan James and Marsha Engstrom Mark and Anne Engstrom Nova and Todd Fox Betty A. Gall and Graham A. E. Gall, Ph.D. The George and Lena Valente Foundation Robert and Becky Giannoni Miguel and Susan Gonzalez Kevin and Lorie Haarberg Harbor Freight Tools High-Hand Nursery Ernie and M. Kay Hodges Dr. Debra Horney Irma Ceunis and Simone Wynant Foundation Karen Jacobs-Mitchell Richard and Rebecca Jenness Marty and Julie Johnson


Robert and Nancy Johnson Johnston, Martin & Montgomery, LLP Paula Joyce Harvey and Laurie Kamigawachi Kentucky Fried Chicken, Inc. Roger and Judy Kohlmeier Dr. Chu Kwan Lau Jack and Sara Losoya Lubetzky Family Foundation Lucent Pathology Partners Marianne MacDonald and James Goodland Stephen and Kendra Martin Mike and Wendy McGrew Dr. Rajan and Priti Merchant Dennis and Ruth Miller Dr. Eric and Wendy Mitchel Dr. Henry and Jeanette Mok Dr. Mary Monroe-Rodman and Peter Rodman Newstar Chinese School Xanna and John Nichol Nothing Bundt Cakes Tom and Sherri Olswang Ken and Sue Owens Dr. Michael and Carole Pirruccello Pizza Guys Store #163 Rick and Sue Pomeroy Albert and Lora Lee Powell Re:THINK Ice Cream Dr. Gurpreet Singh and Dr. Sonia Reichert

Jennean and Joseph Rogers Rotary Club Of Woodland Sunrise Mike and Kristin Russell Amrik Sahota Lisa and Jesse Salinas Robyn Sandoval Lisa Saucedo Thomas and Carol Schene Aaron and Eileen Schmoekel John Schwarzgruber Thomas and Gail Schwarzgruber Cindy Sevall Eric and Cynthia Sharp Shine A Lite Foundation Simply Satisfied Catering Co. Kimberly Sivley Soroptimist International Of Woodland Ralph and Arlene Stevens Dr. Kevin and Christina Stokke Melissa Stoulil and William Branson Stuart Foundation Dr. Christopher Swales General James and Mrs. Ann Taylor Marcus and Audre Ullrich Ullrich Delevati, CPAs Dr. Jason and Cecile Umphress Kevin and Arezoo Vaziri VEP Healthcare, Inc. W S R Insurance Services, Inc. Carol Walker Walmart Aleta Welch Western Health Advantage David and Kim Wirth Woodland Clinic Medical Group Virgilio and Segundina Yancha Yolo Federal Credit Union

Woodland Healthcare Foundation is grateful for the generosity of all donors and respects the wishes of those donors who prefer to remain anonymous. We value their quiet support. While we have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of our recognition lists, if you notice your name has been omitted or misspelled, please accept our sincerest apologies and notify us at (530) 669-5680, so that we may correct our records.

Thank you, Woodland Firefighters! Friendship, food, and fun were all part of the recent 4th of July Pancake Breakfast! The annual event was hosted by the Woodland Professional Firefighters Association, who donated all proceeds to Woodland Healthcare’s cancer care services. Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped create this incredible event for our community—their hard work and generosity raised $4,600 and will help local patients fighting cancer. We’re so grateful for their humankindness!

2021– 2022 Woodland Healthcare Foundation Scholarships The Scholarship Committee awarded $11,500 through eight different scholarship funds: Luther Carleton Anderson Memorial Scholarship; Erica Bair, RN Memorial Scholarship; Thomas Adney Butler Memorial Scholarship; Herbert W. Chandler Memorial Scholarship; Eyvind Fayé Memorial Scholarship; David Gollober Memorial Scholarship; Louise M. Wong, MD Memorial Scholarship and Woodland Healthcare Auxiliary Scholarship. Thank you to this year’s committee members: Thomas Schwarzgruber (Chair), Janet Butler, Carol Conley, Sarah Gould, Lorie Haarberg, Jackie Teeple and Pauly van Muyden. Scholarships are provided by generous donors in our community and awarded annually to Woodland Healthcare employees, physicians, Auxiliary volunteers and their immediate family members who are advancing their education in a health related field. Please join us in sharing congratulations and encouragement to all our scholarship recipients !

Congratulations to our scholarship awardees and many wishes for a successful year!


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Eric Sharp, Secretary Marcus Ullrich, Treasurer

Board of Trustees Natasha Bir, MD Gena Bravo, MSN, RN, HACP Edmundo Castañeda Kevin Duggan Peter Fayé, IV Vicki Fayé Kevin Haarberg Ernest Hodges

Julie Johnson Roger Kohlmeier Marianne MacDonald Dennis Miller Aaron Schmoekel Christina Stokke, RN Jan Whittle

Philanthropy Team Kevin Duggan, Vice President of Philanthropy

Kevin Sanchez, Chief Philanthropy Officer

Kendra Martin, Manager of Philanthropy

Jenine Ramirez, Administrative Coordinator

About Woodland Healthcare Foundation For more than 50 years, Woodland Healthcare Foundation has partnered with our community to strengthen health care in our region. Together, we enable our hospital and clinics to offer the best care possible by funding capital equipment needs and supportive services that benefit those who entrust us with their health. Questions or comments about this newsletter? We welcome your feedback. Contact us at woodlandhealthcarefoundation@ dignityhealth.org or (530) 669-5680 to share your comments or sign up for an electronic version of Honoring Philanthropy.