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Honoring Philanthropy


Message from our Vice President of Philanthropy Thank you for the generosity and spirit of kindness and compassion you have shown, especially during the past few months as we have navigated the COVID-19 crisis. The combined impact of our donors has been inspirational and it has been heartwarming to witness a community that truly supports Woodland Healthcare and each other.

Spring provided beautiful, fragrant almond blossoms, as far as the eye could see at the Rominger orchard in Arbuckle.

These Roots Run Deep Elaine and Gerry Rominger Talk about Farming and Their Commitment to our Community Almost exactly one hundred and fifty years ago, Gerry Rominger’s great-great-grandfather started farming in Yolo County. Today, in Colusa County, Gerry, his wife Elaine, and his brother Larry represent the 5th generation of this farming family. Gerry’s son, who lives in Woodland, is the 6th generation and the future of the enterprise. The Romingers produce mostly almonds and some alfalfa. The neat rows of almond trees are just losing their blooms during our visit, but the warm, sweet scent from the flowers wafts over us with every breeze. Bees hurry from tree to tree, ensuring there will be nuts later this year. Come harvest time, the farm will shift into 24/7 mode as they shell and hull all the nuts produced here, as well as those from many of the neighboring farms.

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As our region begins to adjust to the new normal, we will need to work together as we restore our lives and our community. As we do so, we look forward to continued collaboration and sharing stories of success well into the future. This edition of Honoring Philanthropy includes inspiring stories about donors and grateful patients whose roots in our community run deep. There is also an exciting sneak peek of our new initiative, Strengthening Our Roots, which, with your partnership, will help ensure local, high-quality healthcare for our families, friends and neighbors for years to come. Thank you for your continued support. I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful summer. With gratitude,

Kevin B. Duggan Vice President of Philanthropy

Partners in Philanthropy


Generations of Gratitude

A New Mom Shares Why Family Birth Center is Important to Her In many ways, Karisa Adams is much like any of the expecting mothers who have their children at Woodland Memorial Hospital's Family Birth Center. For the birth of her first baby, she wanted more than world-class care, she wanted the humankindness and warmth that can only be found at our beloved hospital. Her decision to have her baby close to home, with an amazing care team that she trusts, was based on her family’s long legacy of welcoming new additions at the Family Birth Center. Karisa and her twin sister, Nicole were born at the hospital in 1984. “Dr. Lynn White delivered us and my middle name is Lynn after him,” Karisa explained. Both Karisa’s parents were raised in Woodland, and her grandparents as well, so the family’s relationship to the hospital runs generations deep. Three years ago, Nicole gave birth to her first child at the Family Birth Center, and Karisa was there for the delivery. “When my niece was born, I saw what great care my sister received and now nice all the nurses and doctors were,” says 2

Karisa Adams and her husband Will Shaffer with their son, Ford. Ford is the newest member of this four-generation Woodland Memorial Hospital family.

Karisa, “It was a calm and caring environment, and that’s why I decided to have my baby there as well.” “My whole family was there with us when my son was born,” remembers Karisa. “Even with a complicated delivery, which is something you can’t prepare for, the experience was good. Everyone was so nice, they made sure my baby was taken care of and held him like he was their own. I especially appreciate all the nurses who were there for me and came every time I pressed the call button, even in the middle of the night.” During her delivery, Karisa was able to use the brand new fetal monitors that were generously provided by donors like you. She said the new monitors were much more comfortable than the older models her sister had

used three years ago. Due to complications during labor, the internal monitor was also used to ensure that her son Ford remained stable and healthy during birth. This additional functionality was not available with the old monitors and it gave Karisa peace of mind and gave her care team the information they needed to recommend an emergency caesarian section. “I felt like every member of the team went above and beyond for us,“ says Karisa. “Woodland is a small town and so we knew many of the people caring for us on a personal level. It really made us feel supported during an especially anxious time.” Woodland Healthcare Foundation is honored to partner with generous donors who contributed to Karisa’s positive experience!

What’s Next: Strengthening Our Roots

patients and their families. Some examples include sleeper chairs in patient rooms so that family and friends can stay by a loved one’s side, cardiac rehabilitation equipment to aid patients on their path to recovery, and lab equipment that will reduce wait times for results and provide a more streamlined care experience for our patients.

For generations, Woodland Healthcare has provided outstanding care to our community. Our highly skilled, compassionate providers and staff at our hospital and clinics are there for us throughout our lives—healing us, comforting us, and bringing us hope. After an in-depth study of the possibility of relocating our beloved hospital, it has been determined that it will remain at its current location where it has served us so well. Now that this decision has been made, we are excited to turn our focus to making Woodland Healthcare the best it’s ever been. Woodland Healthcare Foundation is pleased to present

Strengthening Our Roots, a community-wide effort that will make our hospital and clinics the best they can be. While the master planning for the hospital campus is underway, we are taking the opportunity to meet some immediate needs at the hospital and clinics. Some would make providing care quicker and more convenient, others would improve the comfort and wellbeing of

We believe the compassionate care and expertise Woodland Healthcare is known for can be enhanced with improvements to the environment and the equipment. It’s time for Woodland Healthcare to strengthen its roots and become the best it can be. With your help, we can raise the bar even higher and truly make Woodland Healthcare shine. Stay tuned for more news about Strengthening Our Roots!

Has your life been touched by a Woodland Healthcare Guardian Angel? Has a doctor, nurse, staff member, or volunteer provided special care that made an impact during your visit? In appreciation of extraordinary humankindness, many patients ask how they can express their appreciation for the care they have received. The Guardian Angels program provides grateful patients, and their loved ones, an opportunity to thank caregivers and other Woodland Healthcare staff who have made a difference in their life. To learn more, call (530) 669-5680 or visit supportwoodlandhealthcare.org/ways-to-give/guardian-angel-program 3

Partners in Philanthropy


We are in this together!

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly a hundred individuals and businesses have generously donated personal protective equipment, cloth masks and meals for our healthcare heroes at Woodland Healthcare. Here is just a sampling of the kindness.


Thank you to our community for coming together to support our healthcare heroes.


Partners in Philanthropy


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An astute and formidable businesswoman, Elaine Rominger manages much of the office-side of the operation. Her family moved to Winters during the Great Depression and after World War II, her parents relocated to Woodland, where she was born and raised. “I’ve always been involved with lots of activities,” Elaine remembers. “I was on the Woodland Swim Team for several years, I marched in the Rose Bowl Parade with the Woodland High School Marching and Concert Bands. I was also the Head Cheerleader as a high school junior and the student council’s Girls Vice President as a high school senior,” remembers Elaine. Elaine’s involvement with the community continued into adulthood, first at Farm Credit and then later at the

Gerry and Elaine Rominger are generous donors to Woodland Healthcare Foundation. Both are committed to service and have deep ties within their beloved community.

help with the farmer’s market when it first got started. Chris Dreith, Dave Flory and John Kimura convinced me to run for city council. It was me versus six men, and I received the most votes.”


ur families grew up in Woodland, and that’s our hospital,” explains Elaine. “We believe it’s important to have access to good doctors with good equipment. We want to help maintain excellent quality care for everyone in our community,” adds Gerry. Yolo County Farm Bureau. “I got interested in agricultural education and I volunteered to 6

Not only was Elaine the first woman elected and re-elected as Mayor of Woodland, she was

also the first and only woman to ever serve on the board of Blue Diamond Growers. “That was very interesting,” she said of both career experiences. “I often had a different perspective from the men, and so I gave my opinion, in a respectful way of course, but I was there to represent the people who elected me and so I always spoke up.” The couple’s ties to the community and their commitment to service mean that they have been generous donors to Woodland Healthcare Foundation, as well as to other local organizations that work to make Woodland and the surrounding communities even

better. Their relationship with Woodland Healthcare and the Foundation is also generational. Elaine’s mother, Ann Yarberry, and aunt, Isabel Felix, each served as Pink Ladies for about 20 years. Gerry’s mother, Margaret Rominger, served on the Board of Trustees of the Foundation from 1981 to 1992. “Our families grew up in Woodland, and that’s our hospital,” explains Elaine. “We believe it’s important to have access to good doctors with good equipment. We want to help maintain excellent quality care for everyone in our community,” adds Gerry.

Given their families’ deep roots in the area, it’s no surprise that Elaine and Gerry were both born in Woodland and have welcomed many family members into the world at Woodland Memorial Hospital. In keeping with their values, the Romingers recently made a generous gift through Woodland Healthcare Foundation to support the Family Birth Center. “I had my children at Woodland Memorial, and whenever we’ve had health issues, we’ve also gone there for care.”

Dr. Dennis Meredith. I really checked him out, and it turned out he was the best. I was so glad I had him do my surgery!” says Elaine, adding that it was wonderful to get the care she needed so close to home. Woodland Healthcare Foundation is grateful the Romingers are part of our donor family. Deepest thanks to Elaine and Gerry for their outstanding commitment to our community!

“A few years ago I needed back surgery, and I was referred to

Leaving a Legacy If you have included Woodland Healthcare Foundation in your estate plan, please let us know so we may thank you and recognize you with Legacy Society membership. If you are interested in learning more about making a planned gift, or to request a personal gift illustration, please call Kevin Duggan at (530) 669-5680. You may also visit the planned giving section of our website at: supportwoodlandhealthcare.plannedgiving.org


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Thank you for your support! About Woodland Healthcare Foundation For more than 50 years, Woodland Healthcare Foundation has partnered with our community to strengthen health care in our region. Together, we enable our hospital and clinics to offer the best care possible by funding capital equipment needs and supportive services that benefit those who entrust us with their health. Questions or comments about this newsletter? We welcome your feedback. Contact us at woodlandhealthcarefoundation@ dignityhealth.org or (530) 669-5680 to share your comments or sign up for an electronic version of Honoring Philanthropy.