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Honoring Philanthropy

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Message from our Vice President of Philanthropy As we settle into fall and enjoy this harvest season, I want to take a moment to thank you for the amazing abundance that you have made possible here at Woodland Healthcare. Your generosity has made an enormous difference this year.

Thank YOU for Supporting the Emergency Department! Last year, our Emergency Department at Woodland Memorial Hospital identified equipment that would meaningfully enhance care for our families, friends and neighbors. We reached out to you, hoping our wonderful community would support this amazing department that has always been there for us in our time of need. Woodland Healthcare Foundation and the Emergency Department team were truly impressed by your generous response! Together, you gave an amazing $598,100, making it possible to purchase every piece of urgently needed equipment on the list. Patients are already benefitting from some of the recently received items which include: • Belmont Rapid Infusers that make blood and other infusions easier and quicker to administer; • UV disinfection lights that sterilize rooms and eliminate bacteria without the use of harsh chemicals; • New wheelchairs that offer safety and ease for patients arriving at and leaving the Emergency Department; Continued on page 5

As you will read in this edition of Honoring Philanthropy, the Emergency Department is already benefitting from your gifts. We are also pleased to share the list of programs and equipment that were provided thanks to your support for the Area of Greatest Need. What an amazing impact you’ve had! Featured in our donor spotlight for this edition is Dan Best II, for his generosity towards Woodland Healthcare. Donors like you and Dan have enabled Woodland Healthcare to maintain the highest levels of care possible, right here in our community. Each and every gift is a seed you sow, and it is truly an honor to help that investment blossom into the exceptional patient experience and care offered at Woodland Healthcare. Thank you again for your commitment to the health of this community and for making a difference every single day in the lives of your families, friends and neighbors. Sincerely,

Kevin B. Duggan Vice President of Philanthropy

Partners in Philanthropy


“Woodland Healthcare Has Always Been Part of my Life” Donor Spotlight: Dan Best II

Dan Best’s stories of growing up in Woodland are filled with rich details about our community’s history. His mother’s family, the Bairds, lived and farmed in Woodland for generations and today he continues the proud agricultural tradition at Best Ranch, which produces tomatoes and almonds. His father, Dan Best I, was raised in San Leandro, and used to fly his small plane from the Maples Estate to Woodland, where Dan’s mother, Bernice Baird was raised, and would drop little love notes to her with parachutes attached. “He was about 18 at the time, but he was very mechanically minded, so he fixed up this plane and used it to visit my mother when they were still in high school,” remembers Dan. Dan Best the elder was very close to his father in law, Bill Baird, who involved him in agriculture. “Farming was totally foreign to him,” Dan explains, “except for the tractors.” His father’s interest in mechanics came from Dan’s grandfather, C.L. Best, who developed the Best tractor, 2

Dan's father, Dan Best I, at Maples Estate where he flew as a teenager to visit his high school sweetheart, Bernice, who later became his wife.

a model of which still sits on Best Ranch. In addition to their contributions to agricultural technology, the Best family has steadfastly supported healthcare in our community as it has grown and changed. Over the years, Dan has been a witness to Woodland’s enormous expansion. “The town used to be bordered by Gibson, California, Kentucky and East Streets. That was all of Woodland! It’s been strange to watch it develop so much.” Through it all, Woodland Healthcare has been a constant presence in the community and in Dan’s life. “I think it all started with my sister,” Dan Best says when asked why he, and his father, have been such loyal friends to Woodland Healthcare Foundation. “Brenda was diagnosed with diabetes at a very young age and Dr. O.C.

Railsback, who was also my godfather, still did night visits in those days. Her blood sugar was unstable, so he would come frequently. Later, Brenda spent a lot of time in the hospital, and when I was around eight or ten, I would walk over to see her there frequently. If it was after visiting hours, I would throw little rocks at the window so she’d know I was there and we could talk.” His sister’s frequent hospital stays weren’t Dan’s only connection with the hospital. When he was growing up, Dan lived across the street from Dr. Fred Fairchild. “He was my buddy,” he recalls, “he used to let me play in his yard, which was like a jungle!” In March 2019, for his outstanding commitment to philanthropy, Woodland Healthcare Foundation was honored to include Dan among

treatment in the Emergency Room and this was terribly expensive for the hospital. I wanted to help.”

Dan’s generosity toward Woodland Healthcare Foundation is motivated by his earnest desire to ensure everyone in our community has access to excellent care.

the first members of the Fairchild Society, which was named for the well-known doctor who purchased the Woodland Sanitarium during the Depression to keep it from closing. The Best family tradition of supporting the hospital began when Dan’s father wished to

give back for the outstanding care his daughter, Brenda, received. As the community grew and the need for healthcare expanded, Dan himself became interested in giving to Woodland Healthcare Foundation. “I saw the need for medical care in Woodland. I learned that people who didn’t have insurance were seeking

Since Dan first became involved with Woodland Healthcare Foundation, he has contributed generously to the Advanced Imaging and Surgical Services Campaign, the Emergency Department Campaign, and other initiatives that support the hospital. Recently, he experienced first-hand the outstanding care the hospital provides. “I was hospitalized because I was in terrible abdominal pain. Dr. Riaz Shah is the one who realized it was appendicitis and he did a great job. I was in the hospital for seven days and the care was very complete. I was grateful I was at Woodland Memorial Hospital and under their care.” Woodland Healthcare Foundation is honored to count Dan among our loyal friends and supporters. Thank you, Dan, for everything you do for our community!

Has your life been touched by a Woodland Healthcare Guardian Angel? Has a doctor, nurse, staff member, or volunteer provided special care that made an impact during your visit? In appreciation of extraordinary humankindness, many patients ask how they can express their appreciation for the care they have received. The Guardian Angels program provides grateful patients, and their loved ones, an opportunity to thank caregivers and other Woodland Healthcare staff who have made a difference in their life. To learn more, call (530) 669-5680 or visit supportwoodlandhealthcare.org/ways-to-give/guardianangel 3

Partners in Philanthropy


Continuing a Legacy of Excellence

Jan and Mahlon Whittle on why they became members of Woodland Healthcare Foundation’s Legacy Society Over two decades of steadfast support began late one night when Jan and Mahlon Whittle’s young son had to be rushed to the Emergency Department at Woodland Memorial Hospital. Their physician rushed over and a surgical team came in at 2:00 a.m. to save the life of their five year old. Jan and Mahlon were so grateful for the care their son received they became donors to Woodland

Jan and Mahlon’s gift will allow future generations of our community to benefit from excellent services provided by Woodland Healthcare.

Healthcare Foundation. “Our appreciation has been constant since that night,” said Jan, who has served on the Foundation’s Board of Trustees since 2014.

Leaving a Legacy If you have included Woodland Healthcare Foundation in your estate plan, please let us know so we may thank you and recognize you with Legacy Society membership. If you are interested in learning more about making a planned gift, or to request a personal gift illustration, please call Kevin Duggan at (530) 669-5680. You may also visit the planned giving section of our website at: supportwoodlandhealthcare.plannedgiving.org 4

Several years ago, as the Whittles prepared their trust, they decided to include the Foundation in their planning. “My hope is that our gift will help the hospital continue its legacy of excellence so that these services will be there for other families in our community,” explained Jan. The Whittles, who are now proud members of Woodland Healthcare Foundation’s Legacy Society, are particularly passionate about supporting services for women and children as well as the Emergency Department. We are deeply grateful to Jan and Mahlon for their outstanding generosity and inspirational support for Woodland Healthcare!

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• New Lucas CPR Devices are used to mechanically deliver chest compressions that are superior to manpowered CPR and more effective in saving lives; • A bladder scanner that measures fluid in the bladder and helps to reduce the need for catheters; and • An electrocardiograph and transport cart to help rapidly assess chest pain to determine if patients are experiencing a heart attack. “The Emergency Department at Woodland Healthcare serves members of our community during times of their greatest need,” said Dr. Justin Chatten-Brown, Medical Director of Emergency Services. “To ensure that everyone who comes through our doors has the best possible care, we need the best life-saving equipment. These items are already enhancing the care we can provide here at Woodland Memorial Hospital and will continue to improve the patient experience for many years to come.” As more equipment arrives at the hospital, we look forward to updating you on the amazing impact of your generosity.

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Star Light Star Bright Tuesday, December 3 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. Woodland Memorial Hospital Lobby

New Board Member: Gena Bravo Woodland Memorial Hospital Chief Operating Officer/Chief Nurse Executive, Gena Bravo, recently joined the Woodland Healthcare Foundation Board of Trustees. With over 20 years of leadership experience within Dignity Health, Gena is an outstanding ambassador for philanthropy. We are so excited to have her play a bigger role at the Foundation and we’re looking forward to benefitting from her energy, enthusiasm, patient care, and experience. Welcome, Gena!

Join us to remember cherished friends and family members during this annual reading of names. Your tribute gift in recognition of loved ones will help provide new sleeper sofas for our Family Birth Center!

Donate here:



Partners in Philanthropy


2019 Greatest Needs Grants

Each year, generous donors like you make an enormous difference at Woodland Healthcare. When you make a gift to the Area of Greatest Need, one hundred percent of your support is used to provide Greatest Needs Grants to purchase equipment and implement programs that will benefit our patients and enhance healthcare for our community. This year we were pleased to award seven grants totaling $336,025 for the following equipment and programs listed here.

G i v i n g 6

Operating Room Tables for the Outpatient Surgery Center are adjustable to provide better access to surgical areas during procedures.

Specimen Refrigerator is an essential component of the Clinical Lab that will provide enhanced reliability to keep samples at regulation temperatures. Urology Table will help the Outpatient Surgery Center accommodate more patients and replace an older table that lacks the functionality and weight capacity of this new model.

Reach Out and Read is a literacy program that provides our littlest patients (ages 0 - 5) in Woodland Clinic Pediatrics with age appropriate books to take home. This helps to reinforce the importance of early childhood literacy and enables care providers to discuss other important topics of conversation with parents, such as sleep routines, school readiness, and the importance of a child’s development during their first 2,000 days.

The Ferroguard Patient Screener is used in the Advanced Imaging Center to protect patients with ferromagnetic implants and ensure that other metal items do not enter the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) room.

STAGO Machine will enable staff in the Clinical Lab to analyze the clotting times of patients’ blood. This helps to identify patients who are at a higher risk of internal bleeding, stroke, or blood clots.

Patient Transport Minivan for Yolo Adult Day Health Center (YADHC) will provide rides for those who are unable to drive and cannot easily access public transportation. This vehicle makes it possible for many patients to have ongoing access to the YADHC, which is crucial to their wellbeing.

We are so grateful to YOU for making these grants possible!

H u m a n k i n d n e s s 7

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Roger Kohlmeier Michael Pirruccello, MD Aaron Schmoekel Christina Stokke, RN Kevin Vaziri Jan Whittle

Philanthropy Team Kevin Duggan, Vice President of Philanthropy

Kevin Sanchez, Chief Philanthropy Officer

Kendra Martin, Manager of Philanthropy

Jenine Ramirez, Administrative Coordinator

About Woodland Healthcare Foundation For more than 50 years, Woodland Healthcare Foundation has partnered with our community to strengthen health care in our region. Together, we enable our hospital and clinics to offer the best care possible by funding capital equipment needs and supportive services that benefit those who entrust us with their health. Questions or comments about this newsletter? We welcome your feedback. Contact us at woodlandhealthcarefoundation@ dignityhealth.org or (530) 669-5680 to share your comments or sign up for an electronic version of Honoring Philanthropy.