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Honoring Philanthropy

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Message from our VP of Philanthropy Stories of Success, Stories that Inspire

Dr. Natasha Bir, general surgeon, Woodland Clinic Medical Group

Thank you for Making our Advanced Imaging and Surgical Services Campaign a Success! We are thrilled to announce that our historic $3 million Advanced Imaging and Surgical Services Campaign is now complete! Woodland Healthcare Foundation is deeply grateful to every member of our community who went above and beyond to help us reach our goal. In particular, we would like to thank Woodland Clinic Medical Group, which made the largest campaign donation and Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation, which generously provided the capstone gift to bring the campaign to a successful close. “The Campaign enabled us to purchase a number of new tools and pieces of equipment that further enhance services for our patients,” says Kimberly Sivley, director of perioperative services at Woodland Memorial Hospital. “We are grateful for Woodland Healthcare Foundation donors who have provided us with so much.” “With the recent purchases we’ve made using campaign funds, we are able to offer new and expanded imaging services with extended scheduling hours for our patients,” explains Braden Victor, Manager of Continued on page 3

In this edition, we are excited to share some great news that affects us all. Thanks to you, we recently completed our historic $3 million Advanced Imaging and Surgical Services Campaign! Your gifts are already making a difference every day, enabling more of our friends, family and neighbors to get the highest quality care close to home. In addition, other necessities in the hospital and clinics were provided through our 2018 Greatest Needs Grants, also made possible by your outstanding generosity. Woodland is a special place because of people like you who go above and beyond to help their neighbors. One such person is Dennis Miller, who we warmly welcome as our new board chair. As a grateful patient himself, he is dedicated to our mission and will contribute meaningfully to the foundation’s work. We hope you enjoy the inspirational stories in this newsletter. As always, we are deeply grateful to you for making our work possible. Sincere regards,

Kevin B. Duggan Vice President of Philanthropy, Woodland Healthcare Foundation

Partners in Philanthropy


Couple Remember a Loved One by Giving Back on Their Wedding Day

The first milestone after the passing of a loved one is always difficult. For Anissa Del Castillo, this moment came when she walked down the aisle without her beloved father, Kenny Still. After losing him to cancer, Anissa and husband, Tony, decided it was important to remember him in a significant way while giving back to the caregivers who showed him so much kindness while he was receiving treatment. They made a generous gift to Woodland Healthcare Foundation in Kenny’s memory, thanking the doctors and nurses who provided him with such compassionate care. “When my dad was diagnosed, Dr. Sonia Reichert and everyone at the IV Infusion Center were just amazing to him,” recalls Anissa. An important resource in the community, the IV Infusion Center offers a welcoming environment for patients undergoing cancer treatment as well as other infusion therapies. When it came time to choose wedding favors, Tony and Anissa decided their guests would agree that the best way to thank them


for attending their celebration was to make a gift to Woodland Healthcare Foundation to benefit the IV Infusion Center. Their heartfelt gesture ensured that Kenny’s loving presence was felt on their big day while enhancing health care in our community. We are deeply grateful to Anissa and Tony for making Woodland

Healthcare Foundation part of their celebration and allowing us to honor Kenny’s memory. If you are interested in giving in honor of a loved one or in gratitude for outstanding care, you can do so easily with the envelope enclosed or through our secure website at

Has a doctor, nurse, staff member, or volunteer provided special care that made an impact during your visit? In appreciation of extraordinary humankindness, many patients ask how they can express their appreciation for the care they have received. The Guardian Angels program provides grateful patients, and their loved ones, an opportunity to thank caregivers and other Woodland Healthcare staff who have made a difference in their care—by making a gift to the Woodland Healthcare Foundation in their name.

To make a gift, or to learn more about the Guardian Angels program, call (530) 669-5680

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Diagnostic Imaging at Woodland Memorial Hospital. “We recently had a patient who had been waiting many months for authorization to travel to the Bay Area to have a specialized test. Now we’re able to offer that test here because of our new CT scanner. Travel would have created a huge hardship for this patient, so we are very happy to provide this level of care right here in Woodland.” “When you need health care, you want to be close to home and you want to be close to your family, but you also want to receive excellent care,” says Kevin Vaziri, president and chief executive officer of Woodland Memorial Hospital, “that means you need to have very experienced professionals with the latest state-of-the-art technology and tools to offer the care they have been trained to provide. This Campaign is an example of how all of this comes together. Woodland Healthcare Foundation and their generous donors were able to meet the most outstanding imaging and surgical needs so that we can provide the best available care, right here at home in our community.” “I believe this Campaign was important because it improves the quality, the speed, and the convenience of care we can provide,” said Kevin Haarberg, immediate past chair of the board of trustees for Woodland Healthcare Foundation and co-chair of the Campaign. “Now that we’ve successfully concluded it, I would say it’s a good start. We will continue our efforts to make Woodland Healthcare better and better for our community.”


Thanks to your

The following campaign purchases are already in use at Woodland Healthcare: • Computed Tomography Scanner (CT Scanner) • GlideScopes • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) IV Pump • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Ventilator • Orthospine Equipment • Radiology Ultrasound • Site Right 8 Ultrasound System • Stryker Video Equipment (for laparoscopic surgery) • Surgical Instrument Washer • Surgical Services Ultrasound • Cool RFA Generators (2)

With special thanks to all those who were able to join the celebration and to everyone who helped make the Advanced Imaging and Surgical Services Campaign a success!

Jan Whittle and Kevin Vaziri

Roger Kohlmeier, Laurie Kamigawachi, Harvey Kamigawachi, and Judy Kohlmeier

Braden Victor and Joseph Lopez


Partners in Philanthropy


2018 Greatest Needs Grants

Each year, Woodland Healthcare Foundation is pleased to meet the most outstanding needs of our hospital and clinics through our Greatest Needs Grants. When you make a gift to the Area of Greatest Need, we ensure that your support is used to provide tools, equipment and programs that will benefit our patients and enhance health care for our community. This year, we were pleased to approve 11 grants, listed below, totaling $376,053. Woodland Healthcare Foundation is deeply grateful to donors like you who generously made these grants possible! Two laptop computers to enable Yolo Adult Day Health Center to launch an innovative pilot program to identify and help stabilize Medicare patients who are at increased risk of frequent hospitalization. A new digital chair scale for safely tracking the weight of participants at the Yolo Adult Day Health Center. A new operating room table with improved ability to position patients for various kinds of procedures and support up to 950 pounds of weight.

Two Panda warmers for the Family Birth Center to use when a newborn requires assistance to begin breathing normally.

A new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) compatible IV pump which will allow patients in critical condition who require an intravenous drip to continue treatment while they are getting an MRI. A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) compatible cardiac monitor to enable patients who require continuous heart monitoring to have an MRI without any interference. “Roadmap for Healthy Moms� mental health project that will create a new system of care that identifies new mothers who are suffering with mental health disorders, such as post-partum depression, and provide prompt treatment to minimize impact on both mother and child.


Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation exercise equipment to promote heart wellness for our patients and accurately track their response to treatment.

Two new V60 Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure (BIPAP) units for the Intensive Care Unit and the Emergency Department to provide less invasive respiratory support for patients. New heart monitoring equipment for the cardiopulmonary lab. This includes a new echo table to be used during echocardiography procedures with the ability to accommodate patients of all sizes and ages. The grant also provides eight new Holter monitors that patients take home and wear over an extended period of time to give cardiologists all the data they need to make an accurate diagnosis.

New surgical LED lights for one of the most frequently used operating rooms in the Outpatient Surgery Center. The new lights will improve visibility and eliminate the heat produced by the older lighting.

Want to leave your mark on the future? Did you know when you designate retirement plan assets to your heirs, taxes can slice away as much as 65 percent before your loved ones see a penny? However, if you are 701/2 or older, you can make Woodland Healthcare Foundation the beneficiary of your retirement plan and it becomes a tax-free donation, with 100% enhancing healthcare in our community. Consider leaving other, less tax-burdened assets to your heirs and leave your IRA or other retirement account to Woodland Healthcare Foundation. • We receive a gift to help those in need for generations to come. • Your loved ones receive more from your remaining estate. Make your retirement account count forever. For additional information on how you and your family can benefit from this type of charitable gift, contact Kevin Duggan at (530) 669-5670 or


Partners in Philanthropy


Grateful Patient, Generous Supporter, Fantastic Neighbor

Welcome to Our New Chair of the Board of Trustees!

Dennis Miller is smiling and affable, a pleasure to talk with and get to know. A plant breeder by training, he grew up in Illinois and eventually made his way to Woodland, where he has lived with his wife Ruthie, for the past 38 years. “When I was living in Salinas, I drove into Woodland and thought, ‘I could make this home,’ it looked so much like the place I grew up!” First and foremost, Dennis is a grateful patient of Woodland Healthcare and an ardent advocate for the care it provides to our community. “I had a rare neurological disease called Guillian-Barré. Most people don’t die from it, but they often don’t recover up to 70 to 80 percent of their normal functionality. I was in great condition at the time, running eight miles a day. Suddenly, I could barely walk. I was in the Netherlands when the symptoms started, and by the time I came home, my kidneys and my liver were shutting down.” Thanks to his primary care physician, Dr. Jeffrey Yee, Dennis was hospitalized right away. Dr. Yee started looking into his symptoms and relentlessly pursued his research until he found the correct diagnosis. “It made all the difference that I got that diagnosis when I did,” remembers Dennis, “I was able to get back to my life because of this quick intervention.” While Dennis was recovering, his mother traveled to Woodland to help him. “My mom had to teach me to walk twice!,” he told us. Determined to recover, Dennis returned to work, initially part-time, his co-workers improvising an elevator with a platform and a forklift so he could reach his office on the second floor. “Normally people with Guillian-Barré don’t go back to work and can’t ever exercise, but when people tell me I can’t do something, I become totally determined to prove them wrong.” Today, Dennis is no longer running eight miles a day, but he is fit and active and back to working full-time as associate director of WW Foundation Seed at Monsanto, traveling around the world two weeks of every month. Dennis is grateful for the life he has today and gives Woodland Healthcare much of the credit. “I owe Dr. Yee and this facility, if not my life, at least the quality of my life.” It came naturally then to become a supporter and member of Woodland Healthcare Foundation’s board. “When Woodland Healthcare Foundation asked me to join the Board of Trustees, I didn’t hesitate,” he said, “I will do whatever I can to help.” Another reason we are particularly excited to have Dennis as our new board chair is because he is a passionate advocate for high quality healthcare for every community. “For my work, I have gotten to travel all around the world, and I’ve realized how lucky we are to live where we do and have access to high quality health care,” he explains. “I work with different people from many different backgrounds. You have to listen and you have to understand their culture and what is important to them before you even speak. I want to use that ability to connect with people to engage more deeply with our community.” It is our great pleasure to welcome Dennis as our new chair and we look forward to working with him to continue our efforts to enhance patient care at Woodland Memorial Hospital and Woodland Clinic.


Philanthropy Team Update Woodland Healthcare Foundation is pleased to welcome Kevin Sanchez as our new Chief Philanthropy Officer. Kevin comes to us with experience as the Executive Director of Yolo Food Bank. During his time there, he successfully led a major multimillion dollar capital campaign and elevated the prominence and visibility of the Food Bank. With a background in business and marketing, Kevin brings a strong commitment to relationship building and to helping individuals, companies

and foundations fulfill their philanthropic aspirations. Kevin is a graduate of the University of California, Davis and is currently serving on the Board of Directors of Woodland Sunrise Rotary Foundation. Kevin and his wife, Suzanne, live in Woodland.

We are also happy to announce that Kendra Martin has been promoted to a new position as Manager of Philanthropy. Kendra has been an outstanding asset to Woodland Healthcare Foundation and we are honored that she will continue working with us in this new capacity.

Please Join Us for a Reception and Presentation Want to learn how your support through Woodland Healthcare Foundation can help you maximize your tax advantages?

Join us for a free tax and charitable strategies seminar with our expert speakers! Kevin Haarberg, Edward Jones Tony Delevati, Ullrich Delevati, CPAs Robert Nakken, Gardner, Janes, Nakken, Hugo & Nolan


Please RSVP by October 12th to Jenine Ramirez at or (530) 669-5687


Non Profit US Postage Paid Sacramento, CA Permit #604 1321 Cottonwood Street, Suite 207 Woodland, CA 95695 530.669.5680 (o) 530.669.5689 (f)

Woodland Healthcare Foundation Officers Dennis Miller, Chair Tom Schwarzgruber, Vice Chair

Eric Sharp, Secretary Marcus Ullrich, Treasurer

Board of Trustees Duane Chamberlain Mike Chandler Kevin Duggan Peter FayĂŠ, IV Vicki FayĂŠ Kevin Haarberg Ernest Hodges

Roger Kohlmeier Julia Leroux, AGNP-BC Michael Pirruccello, MD Aaron Schmoekel Christina Stokke, RN Kevin Vaziri Jan Whittle

Philanthropy Team Kevin Duggan, Vice President of Philanthropy

Kevin Sanchez, Chief Philanthropy Officer

Kendra Martin, Manager of Philanthropy

Jenine Ramirez, Administrative Coordinator

About Woodland Healthcare Foundation For more than 50 years, Woodland Healthcare Foundation has partnered with our community to strengthen health care in our region. Together, we enable our hospital and clinics to offer the best care possible by funding capital equipment needs and supportive services that benefit those who entrust us with their health. Questions or comments about this newsletter? We welcome your feedback. Contact us at woodlandhealthcarefoundation@ or 530.669.5680 to share your comments or sign up for an electronic version of Honoring Philanthropy.

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Honoring Philanthropy-Fall 2018  

In each issue of Woodland Healthcare Foundation’s newsletter you’ll read stories about generous donors who save and change lives in our comm...

Honoring Philanthropy-Fall 2018  

In each issue of Woodland Healthcare Foundation’s newsletter you’ll read stories about generous donors who save and change lives in our comm...