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Introduction ◦ When we think about a bed, relaxed and comfortable sleeping hours come to our mind.

◦ Everyone has a standard image of bed in their mind, but when we start digging, we’ll find a number of varieties available in bed, varying from design, style, storage and size. ◦ Storage is not mandatory while buying a bed, but who doesn’t like to have some extra space for storage in the bedroom. This is the best way to make your bedroom clutter-free.

◦ For effortless storage, choose a bed with hydraulics. Hydraulic storage beds are a boon with easy-to-use mechanism. ◦ There is a large variety of beds available, ranging from material, colours, styles, designs, features and ease-of-use.

◦Single Bed

Types of Beds

◦Double Bed ◦ King-Sized Bed ◦ Queen-Sized Bed

◦Trundle Bed ◦Bunk Bed ◦Four Poster Bed

Single Bed

Single Bed ◦ Single beds are perfectly practical when you need a small bed to fit in your bedroom. ◦ Single beds are a popular option for guest rooms or kids’ bedrooms as they don’t eat up much space.

◦ From sleek and modern to cosy and traditional, there is always a style that will suit nearly every décor. ◦ The biggest benefit of getting a single bed is that they are cheaper as compared to double beds. ◦ Wooden Single Beds are very popular as they are sturdy and kind of a one-time investment. ◦ You can even buy a single bed without storage to create a masterpiece of living room with a sophisticated feel.

Double Bed

Double Bed ◦ Double bed is a big investment with numerous designs and styles. ◦ A double bed has the capability to add a stylish appeal to your bedroom while accommodating just the right space your bed-for-two should.

◦ Choose the double bed that fits your needs and requirements, all the while complimenting the rest of the décor of the room. ◦ Wooden double beds are people’s first choice because of their sturdiness, vast variety and different finishes. ◦ From traditional to contemporary and routine to casual, a double bed fits every requirement of a master bedroom. ◦ Double Beds could be further categorised in king-sized and queen-sized bed.

King Size Bed ◦ King-sized beds are perfect and an extremely beautiful choice for large bedrooms, where space is not the first concern. ◦ They give a large sleeping space.

◦ A king-sized bed with a giant headboard brings elegance to the bedroom and the king size upholstered bed can prove to be most elegant bed. ◦ King-sized beds are not an ideal choice for a small bedroom ◦ Before you buy a king-sized bed, measure the floor space correctly.

◦ Always choose double beds according to the size of your bedroom. A king-sized bed should not be considered for a small room. ◦ They are expensive as compared to other beds, including queen-sized beds, so make decisions wisely.

Queen Size Bed ◦ Queen-sized bed is perfect when you are short on space but still need a double bed. ◦ If we consider the size, queen-sized beds are comparatively smaller than king-sized beds in width. ◦ They are perfect for small master bedrooms or guest bedrooms. ◦ They cost less than king-sized beds. Also, all kinds of beddings and accessories related to the queen-sized beds are cheaper then those of king-sized ones. This makes it cheaper and absolutely affordable. ◦ If you are sleeping alone, or two adults sleeping together, then choosing a queen sized bed is a wise decision as it has enough space to sleep comfortably without eating up much space in the bedroom.

◦ Compared to king-sized beds, it is easier to shift queen-sized beds.

Trundle Bed

Trundle Bed ◦ Trundle beds are designed to provide smart space saving solution. ◦ In these types of beds, there are two beds, where the smaller one is stacked under the bigger one and can be pulled out when you need extra sleeping space. ◦ Teens love trundle beds as they are trendy, stylish, save space and provide extra sleeping space for friends and family. ◦ These beds are perfect for sleepovers and for kids who love to roll around while sleeping. ◦ Trundle beds are becoming very popular these days as they are considered the most functional piece of furniture for saving space in bedrooms, guestrooms and kids’ rooms. ◦ They are available in various designs, styles and wood finishes, so you could get the one you desire.

Bunk Bed

Bunk Beds ◦ Bunk beds are the most popular choice for kids’ bedrooms as they provide space saving luxury. ◦ Bunk beds allow to sleep two kids in the same amount of space that a normal single bed would occupy. ◦ They come with lots of storage options too. You can store books, clothes, extra linen, toys and what not! This helps your kid to make his room neat and tidy. ◦ Wooden bunk beds are very popular because they are sturdy and last for years. ◦ With a bunk Bed, you have enough floor space in your kids bedroom for other essential bedroom furniture and to roam around. ◦ You will find a vast collection of bunk beds for kids with different styles, shapes and amazing features.

Four Poster Bed

Four Poster Bed ◦ Four poster beds are traditional and antique beds that are around since 16th century. ◦ These beds come with four long poles attached to its four corners, giving it a regal feel. ◦ These beds are constructed with high quality wood and further decorated with engraved art on the panels and the poles. ◦ They are giant beds and take up much visual space, so they are not ideal for small spaces. This makes them ideal choice for giant master bedrooms. ◦ Though four poster beds are traditional beds, but now they are available in various contemporary sleek styles to work wonders in a contemporary layout. ◦ To bring a royal touch to your bedroom, buying a four poster bed is a smart idea.

Beds are not just beds, they are havens at night. The only thing to remember while getting a new bed for your home is to choose the one that not only provides you fantastic comfort but also enhances the beauty of your dĂŠcor.

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Different types of beds for different types of decor by Wooden Street  

The furniture style vary from person to person and thus from home to home. Similarly the type of bed also vary for different bedroom dependi...

Different types of beds for different types of decor by Wooden Street  

The furniture style vary from person to person and thus from home to home. Similarly the type of bed also vary for different bedroom dependi...