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Welcome Life has a funny way of throwing curve balls at us from time to time. Recently I was the reluctant recipient of one such curve ball and to be honest it nearly knocked me out of the game. However, I have learned from past curve balls, that it’s not over until it’s over and to push through the pain barrier. You see, I believe that every level of success has a pain barrier and over time I have watched business fail because women either can’t handle the pain or give in to avoid it completely. Resilience is essential in business and once you understand that these pain barriers are just that, barriers to break into the next level of success, you will find it easier to find a way through them. I can happily report that my pain barrier forced me to see things differently and helped me get through to the next level of success. How are you feeling about life and business right now? Is there a pain barrier that you need to push through? Push through. You can do it!

Angela De Souza

Managing Director The Women’s Business Club cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions or endorse companies, products or services that appear in this magazine.


I Did It In My Pyjamas There is no recipe for business success. Too often I get asked about the rules …. but I honestly believe that there aren’t any rules. If we all followed the rules there would be no creativity, no innovation and no fun! So this book doesn’t tell you how to do it but simply my story of how I did it. Enjoy!

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Fiona Fullerton an exclusive interview

An incredible journey from Bond girl to business woman


- Above painting by Amber Lauren -

Fiona Fullerton has gone from a child star at age 11 to a Bond girl working with Roger Moore in A View to a Kill, but what really stood out was how down to earth she remained through it all. There is something very special about Fiona and what is most attractive about her is that she doesn’t even realise it. You can read much more online at but in the meantime, here are some highlights of our chat.

nowhere to be in this Columbia Pictures movie that was staring Mark Lester from Oliver. He was a huge child star at the time and I was invited to join him in Run Wild, Run Free. One thing led to another and I ended up doing three big movies as a child. I supposed my favourite of all of them was the leading role in Alice in Wonderland. It was a huge deal, an all star cast and I got to play Alice. I think in a way it was a pivotal role in my career as an actress as it made me realise that I wanted to act and not to dance.

Tell us about your amazing journey How did you go from movies to property? to success. The thing that’s interesting is that I have had different careers so it’s difficult to highlight my success or business approaches in any one particular area because they have been three quite distinct careers. As an actress, I started in movies at the age of 11 and then as I grew more successful through the 80’s I had an interest in property and they crossed over. However the property business didn’t become my proper business until 1994 and that was simultaneous with me leaving show business completely when my daughter was born in 1995 and then concentrating on the buy-to-let business. That overlapped with my career as a journalist because I had my own column in the Daily Telegraph writing about property. So from 1998 I was a columnist in the Telegraph and The Mail on Sunday. So that career as a writer and journalist, which then spawned the books, overlapped with my property business. And now I concentrate very much on the property. I do love interior design too, I am a very frustrated interior designer. All my properties are furnished so I get very involved in the decorating and furnishing of them.

Tell us about your dream job as a child? I wanted to be a ballerina, when I was a little girl I went to a ballet boarding school called Elmhurst Ballet School. My father was in the British Army and we travelled all over the world, I was born in Africa and brought up in Singapore, the United States, Europe and all over the Far East. My parents wanted me to have a solid education so they sent me to this ballet school where you have intense training for three to four hours a day followed by your academic studies. I suppose my dream in those days was to be like Margot Fonteyn and dance, dance, dance. I was really in love with it. When I was 11 I got sidetracked, nobody really knows how it happened but somebody had seen me in a school show and I was plucked out of

It started in 1976, I was 19 years old and my first husband and I wanted to buy a little flat so we bought one in West London for £10, 500. It was a really lovely little flat in a Victorian House in Ealing and I did it up. I have written about this little place because I think it was the first time that I was able to put down roots of my own and to decorate my home as I wanted it. I have been a nest maker ever since. That first flat was the beginning of what became the business. We then sold our flat, bought a house and then he left me but I continued my way up the property ladder until I was able to buy a big house in Chelsea. So I guess I had a knack for investing not squandering my earnings. My father was an accountant and so he had a savvy business sense which he passed onto me. I have always been a saver not a spender and I guess that was the difference between me and some of my thespian friends. Once you land a big contract and the money comes in you want to spend it, but I wasn’t like that. I used to invest. As a result I was able to slowly work my way up the property ladder. I then got into buy-to-let in 1994 when I was living in Chelsea in a property that was just glorious. I met my husband Neil who was living in a Georgian house in Surrey so I sold the Chelsea house and we got married. I invested that money in my buyto-let portfolio and started buying buy-to-lets, that’s how it all started. It was very hand in hand with my career as an actress. A lot of my friends who are still acting and are still in the business say that I am so wise to have invested it rather than spending it. I have one girl friend, who whenever she got some money, would be travelling in a taxi or limousines while I would continue to travel on the bus. I am very, very lucky but I owe a great deal of it to my father’s wise words, he said, “Always save for a rainy day” and I did.


What has been a highlight in your property business? I think probably one of my most successful investments was when I bought a flat in Knightsbridge in 1983, right opposite Harvey Nichols, and I sold it in 1989 just before the massive recession of 1990. But that was sheer luck, it wasn’t timing on my behalf, but had I sold it a few months later I would not have made as much money. I made three times my investment and that was a really phenomenal investment. It taught me that location is everything. That’s also when I realised that I obviously had some kind of knack for turning things around.

Why did you end your acting career? In 1994 Neil and I got married and Neil’s son was three years old at the time, his mother had died, and so I took on this little boy as my full time son. I adopted him so James is my child to all intents and purposes so I needed to be home for him. Then we had our daughter, Lucy, who is now nearly 20, and I think I came to the conclusion that I just wanted to be at home for them. The theatre is very anti-social as far as being a mother goes, you don’t get to read them stories at night to put them to bed when you are in the theatre for six nights of the week. I couldn’t see a way of compromising, some people can do it but do you know what, it is very difficult for women, you just can’t have it all.

You can’t have a successful career, a successful home life and stable children who need their mum if you are half way around the world making a movie or on stage every night and it’s the nanny who’s putting them to bed. I didn’t want to compromise. So I was able to walk away from it relatively easy because I was finally fulfilled as a mother, all I had ever wanted was stability, a home life, a husband and children. Also, I was getting on, the clock was ticking and I desperately wanted a baby, so when Lucy came along that was the ultimate fulfilment for me. And bearing in mind I’d had this weird childhood where I was being uprooted, constantly moving around and then in movies, constant insecurity and I suppose putting down roots was hugely important to me and my children. So that’s why Neil and I moved to Gloucestershire and bought this drafty old Vicarage, did it up and for fifteen years my children had this idyllic childhood. I gave them the childhood that I lacked.

Tell us about your greatest influence in business. My father definitely. He was fantastic as far as managing my money and investments. He gave me endless advice as an accountant and I think I probably realised quite early on that an actor’s life is so unpredictable as far as earnings are concerned. In fact I didn’t ever really earn huge amounts of money as an actress. Some years you would work maybe six months and the next year you would work not at all in 52 weeks. That’s very alarming, so you do have to be very careful with your money. When I was a journalist for the first time in my life I had a proper salary. As far as other influences go I always admired people who managed to combine show business and business. Jane Asher is somebody that I used to look up to a lot in the 80’s. She started a business selling cakes and then branched out into kitchen accessories. I used to admire her thinking that she was clever to combine a business with her name. In a way I realised that in order to capitalise on my business in property I needed to use my name. There was one estate agent, a lady, who was brilliant at giving me advice early in my career about what to buy and what not to buy. I listened to her and she did influence how I moved forward as I did make some really silly mistakes in the early days. Buying stuff that just wouldn’t rent. Once she took me under her wings I learned very, very quickly what to buy and as a result was able to write my property books.


So what was the biggest mistake you have made? My biggest mistake was to buy a quirky little studio flat on two levels in Chelsea Embankment. It was a lovely flat for an owner occupier to live in but to rent out to a tenant it was horrific because it was a studio flat and studios don’t ever rent that well. I did it all up and furnished it but the nearest tube station was miles way and I learned that location is very important because you need to be near a major tubes station or busses. Chelsea Embankment has nothing. I had real difficulty renting the flat so much so that I had to sell it.

Do you find any barriers being a What do you do for fun? woman in a property business? I have come up against a great deal of prejudice and I find it amusing that people think that as an investor or somebody who works in the property market that I should be any less good at my job than a man. When I was writing my column in the Daily Telegraph and in the Mail on Sunday there were one or two occasions socially when I man would say to me, “So who writes your stuff for you?” I would say, “Well I do, it’s my business.” They would be very quick to ridicule me and suggest that all my text is ghosted and even go as far as to pat me on the head and say, “What do you know?” I found it incredibly patronising socially and I imagine there must have been a lot of talking behind the scenes suggesting that I couldn’t do it on my own. I find it difficult sometimes when negotiating and dealing with builders, plumbers and contractors generally. They prefer to deal with men and particularly because I am quite good at negotiating, they don’t’ like having to do a deal or negotiating with a woman. I find that a bit frustrating because I am actually better at negotiating than my husband is, so whenever he is doing a deal I am the one that does the buying but he is good at selling.

What advice would you give to a woman in your position dealing with the gender bias? If you are good to your contractors or the people you are dealing with, they will be good to you. Basically treat them how you would like to be treated. I have found that it doesn’t pay to get aggressive with estate agents who I have always had a good relationship with. If you are straight with them they will be straight with you. Estate agents are usually more than happy to give advice, they want you to do well because it’s in their best interest.

Well in London I am having a ball. When you suddenly become child free it’s a difficult time for anyone and I have found a niche in London working with two big charities. I am organising two events for them and I really enjoy that. I am working with the National Osteoporosis Society doing an event for them at the end of the year. The other charity I am working with is called the Hope Foundation who work with children on the street in the slums of Calcutta. Last year I went to Calcutta and spent some time out there to see what they do and where the money goes to and I was so moved and impressed by them. They are transforming the lives of those children. Plus I am a spokesperson for a new start-up called Loyalty Street. When I come home to Cheltenham I love walking my dog. We do a lot of socialising with friends in the area, there are a lot of fabulous restaurants in Cheltenham. I love to potter in the garden and decorate.

If you could tell your younger self something what would you say? I always used to suffer terribly with a lack of confidence and self-esteem, particularly as an actress. You have to be fairly thick skinned to be an actress and I have tissue paper skin and am far too sensitive. I suffered from a real lack of self belief and I think if I could have told myself that actually I was better at doing things than I thought I was it would have helped. Rejection was always a big problem for me and I would say not to take things personally. I never thought I was any good at anything, I didn’t think I could sing or act. You can’t doubt your own ability. It’s the same in business, you have to really, really believe in yourself.


Take a Peek Into... Recruitment Services

Abigail Howell is a Director of Expectations Recruitment. She is super charged and on the ball and has been called a ‘marketing genius’ by many Women’s Business Club members! So here is a little peek into this inspirational lady’s office!

Something that has always stood out to me about Abi is her amazing creativity and marketing genius! And that really does flow through her into her surroundings and into the office. I was very impressed to hear about her teams vision board, and got to see it in person when I went to visit. It’s wonderful to see all her staff pinning their goals and dreams to the board and working together to achieve them! Also, as you can see in these photos, their brand is really strong here in the office with splashes of Expectations! red all over the place.


When I asked to see where Abi worked from, I was surprised to find out that she in fact has two desks in her office! She assured me that this was very strategic. At the moment she is managing two sales teams, perms and temps, as the company specialises in both areas and needs a different approach to the recruitment methods.

Another really inspiring thing to see here in the office is all the awards and certificates displayed everywhere. What amazing achievements, well done Expectations! You truly are an inspirational company and it has been a pleasure getting to know you all!


Creative Director

Business Q&A A common questions is coming up across all our clubs and that is, “How can I get my business out there on a tiny or no marketing budget?” So let’s take a good look at what you should and should not do to get your business known without spending a small fortune. Social Media - Cost £0 Investing time in social media is a brilliant way for small businesses to get known and to build up a good contact database. However there are dangers in using social media the wrong way as this will harm your business and ruin your reputation. My top tip for social media is to engage with people rather than sell to them. Offer advice in your area of expertise and don’t always be serious - people like to laugh!

Networking - Cost £30 You cannot replace the personal touch to any business and networking is a great place to do it. Remember, you get what you pay for! Attending free or cheap networking events means you will meet others who probably can’t afford the good ones which means they may not be able to afford your services either. A quality network of business men and women costs money and attracts people that can afford to invest in these events. Choose your network wisely. Advertising - £300+ You may find it strange that I don’t advocate advertising whilst selling advertising in this magazine. Firstly, our advertising is affordable and low risk to suit small businesses. However, in general, advertising is usually very expensive and I would not recommend this to a small business as it often yields the least results unless you have a professionally designed advert.

Forums - Cost £0 Spending a couple of hours a week in online forums can do wonders for your reputation as an expert in your field. Put yourself in your ideal client’s shoes and find out what forums they would ask questions in and then provide solutions in these strategically picked forums.

Website - Cost £500+ Your website is your shop window but it doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Any small business owner is capable of doing a very classy one page site with basic information until their budget allows for a professional design. Simple is always best. We do have a £25 a month website package if you really can’t do it yourself but I encourage you to give it a go and keep it simple.

Word of Mouth £0 to £20 I say £0 to £20 because sometimes it’s a good idea to reward referrals. Too few business owners actually ask people for referrals and a high percentage of those who do never thank them properly. You can get a nice little box of Lindt chocolates for around a £1 - buy 20 of these and set a target to thank 20 people for referrals each month. Just a simple idea of how you can use word of mouth well.

If you would like some help with your social media please book into our Shout Social Media workshop or book a one on one mentoring session with a mentor near you. Both cost £55 for non-members and £45 for members. Call 01242 430022 for more info.


FA S H I O N SOPHIE BELINDA We chat to British designer Sophie Belinda, who started her own clothing business straight out of university after finishing her degree. Tell us a little bit about yourself. I did a fashion degree at Birmingham University for three years. From then I knew that I wanted to set up my own business so I got in contact with the Prince’s Trust and they helped me with funding and with general business start-up help.

How much did they help you with? They helped me with two thousand pounds. So obviously this is a loan not a grant so I have to pay it back on a monthly basis. We also have monthly meetings to see how the business is doing and what I can improve on, which benefits me greatly from the business and financial side of things. After two years it starts to fade out once they know that I am doing alright. For me personally, I find this really helpful. They must be pleased with me as they have brought me back to talk to new people about it.


Did you always know you wanted to be in fashion? Always. Ever since I was in primary school, I have been known to cut up my mum’s cushions and always doing sketches and little doodles. If it wasn’t going to be fashion it was going to be interior or just something really creative.

What is your dream? To take it further, to have a proper shop. I would love to have my own bridal and evening wear shop with a bespoke section.

What has been your biggest challenge so far? There is always a challenge, there is always something that gets thrown my way. My biggest challenge perhaps, has been with difficult clients

and when things get a little quieter money can be hard too but I also have a part time job as a backup.

How long have you been running your business? I have been running for three years now, straight out of university. While I was in my final year in uni I got in touch with the Prince’s Trust.

What advice would you give to young people that want to get into business straight out of university? Would you recommend it? Yes, but you really need to have the skills and passion for it in order to be able to face the bad days.

What do you love most about your business? The thing I love the most is when a bride takes a dress away with some shoes and is totally over the moon with it. When she sends me pictures it brings tears to my eyes! It’s lovely to see people happy for something I have done for them. And obviously designing it, I love the whole process.

How do people get to know about you? It used to be through social media, Facebook, yell. com and my website. But now that I have been doing it for a few years it has been more through word of mouth and recommendation.

Can you rely on word of mouth? Not a hundred percent. I also use craft fayres and wedding fayres such as the Cheltenham Park Wedding Fayre and the Vintage Fayre in Gloucester which also help to promote the business.

What do you dislike the most about your business? Having to be a grown up and do grown up things such as admin.

What scares business?




The competition. There is a lot of competition in Cheltenham.

Do you feel intimidated because of your age? I do because people can look at me and think that because I am twenty three I haven’t got much experience.

What excites you the most about your business? Meeting clients and getting new ideas from customers that are looking for something different. When people want something bespoke, I believe is because they want something that they can’t just find off the rail in a normal bridal shop. 13

From SoSensational The shopping site for grown up women At SoSensational, we believe the key to successful business dressing is a capsule wardrobe of trans-seasonal basics and fashion-forward pieces which work together and can be updated, with season-specific tops and accessories. The first important step in looking authoritative and appropriate is to discover your colours. If you haven’t had your colours analysed, why not? In the long-run it will save you cash as you won’t end up with garments you love but which do nothing for you when worn, or with wardrobe orphans which match nothing in your closet. Having your colours analysed will also reveal your best neutral. Stand by for bad news: your best neutral may not be black. It may be navy, chocolate, taupe or one of the, if not 50, then four, main shades of grey. Once you have established your best neutral, start to build a business wardrobe of key pieces in that shade. We suggest a jacket (or two if your budget will stretch to it) per season; a couple of skirts or a skirt and tailored trousers. Buy these in the best cut and quality you can afford and remember that won’t always mean the priciest as pricey designer collections are sometimes in poor quality fabric (you’re paying for a label); learn to trust your instinct for the “feel” of better quality cloth. When choosing these big-ticket items, do shop for your shape, so choose set-in sleeves if you are bigger-busted; but drop shoulder/ dolman sleeve if you have a small bust and broad shoulders. And please take a look at our hemline Style Tip (below) to find your perfect skirt length. Once you have your capsule wardrobe, you can supplement it with clever budget buys for

seasonal items such as knits, tops and jewellery. As we are heading into winter, you will also want a gorgeous coat, which could either be in your best neutral or in a stunning colour, such as a sugar pink flower-appliquéd coat by Christopher Kane. It is a jaw-dropping £2,150, but you will want to wear it forever, and you will certainly make an impact when you arrive for any meeting. We also love and commend for its contemporary chic, Boden’s Sienna coat (see right) at a more modest £189 and available in 5 shades, including navy and taupe. Most of the key A/W trends(velvet, embellishment, 70s) are applicable to off-duty- and partywear, so should not distract you from your stylish, authoritative working wardrobe. But when adding seasonal accessories, do keep in mind that ankle boots are on-trend and work appropriate; and print is on-trend and works well with your capsule basics; and bold, statement jewellery (in the right scale for your size) can elevate any outfit from the routine to the “wow.” Written by Jan & Cyndy | 020 8500 5916

How to get your perfect knee-length skirt or dress Stand in front of a long mirror. Take a long piece of fabric (or a towel, if you don’t have fabric) and hold it in front of you like an ankle-length skirt, keeping one end firmly at your waist. As you gradually roll the fabric up, you will see which length is the most flattering for your legs – just on, just above or just below the knee. If you can get a friend or partner to help, they should measure the length from waist to “hem”. That is your best skirt length. Write it down and keep it safe. If you wear skirts longer than your correct length, you will find that, as a rule, a hem that hits the widest part of the calf will be the least flattering, so it is worth discovering your perfect skirt length.


The Jeunesse LUMINESCE range of products are available through Andrew & Tarryn Larsen (independent distributors) by visiting their website: We are expanding our UK team, so get in touch for further information and to find out how you could benefit. Contact +44773 4209 315.

The full product range is shown above and forms part of the Jeunesse Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.) which uses DNA repair and antioxidant ingredients to improve cell performance and longevity.

H o w t o l o o k a n d f e e l y o u r b e s t !.

Recognising and accepting your body shape is the first step in creating a positive image that says you care about yourself and in turn this makes you feel confident. Having taken this first step in the last issue, here are a few more simple actions that will help in your journey to always looking and feeling your best: Make every day a good day Don’t keep your nicest clothes for ‘best’, you have invested time and money in those outfits – wear them!

Have you decided on your body shape? See previous issue for details!

Buy a full-length mirror Yes really, you would be amazed at how many women do not have a full length mirror. Once you have one use it and play around with the clothes you have first. Experiment wisely to identify and create your own personal style Use the bodyshape guidelines, and start to understand why those items in your wardrobe have been bought and never worn! Proportions Apply the body shape guidelines and be really objective about your shape and understand its proportions. De-clutter with a Wardrobe Workout Review, revise and be brave enough to discard those wardrobe items that do not fit your body shape or your style personality.


Invest in a capsule wardrobe A wardrobe that has a few essential items that don’t go out of fashion such as skirts, trousers and coats to which you can add those must have seasonal pieces. Budget Buy the best you can afford and get well-fitting lingerie. Use accessories Using accessories is a must, but use them wisely. The general rule is less is more - make sure you accent your outfit or highlight the feature you want to play up but do not overpower your outfit with all accessories: jewellery, scarf, statement shoes, glasses, hat, handbag! Shop at the right time And in season, there is a reason garments are left in the sale!



















A NEW SHOPPING EXPERIENCE DESIGNER FASHION FROM FRANCE IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME Sold exclusively by independent consultants and not available on the High Street or the internet Miss Captain & Miss Trend collections are easy to wear, offering an array of mix and match ensembles, made from soft fabrics with fluid cuts that hang so well! For a personal viewing or group style show contact Jane on 07816 607161

Empowering, equipping and inspiring women executives and entrepreneurs.

20th November 2015 Pittville Pump Rooms from 9am to 5pm book now £12.50 Business Stands | Workshops | Speakers | Dragon’s Den | Awards | Networking

. d l r o W ’s n a M a A Woman In

Rising star at Lexus, Joanna Herbert is smashing targets and making sales history in an industry that is dominated by men at Lexus Cheltenham! Joanna, formerly a hair dresser from Toni & Guy, found herself as the Business Centre Manager of this exclusive brand just over two years ago through a series of interesting events. However, the key and bottom line is that she is flourishing because she is authentic and not trying to conform to being who she thinks she should be! I love this about Joanna, she is such an inspiration - I know her story will inspire you too.

When did you know that you wanted to be in car sales? How did you get into cars?

than the hard sell retail side. He called me the following evening saying that he had great news for me and put me on the fleet side and that’s where I started on September 11th, the busiest time of the year as it’s registration month. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing!

When I came back from overseas I was looking for a job, the obvious choice was to go back into hairdressing of some description, selling products perhaps, I didn’t actually want to get back on the salon floor, I had enough of that. To be honest I did enjoy hairdressing, I loved my time doing it but I didn’t want to do it anymore.

So you had no sales or car experience then and you were just given a high profile job based on your glowing personality? How did that make you feel?

Probably about six months after I got this job!

My brother works at Listers Land Rover and invited me to come over and see him. I bounced around a couple of interview for admin jobs which I wasn’t offered because they didn’t really see me as an admin person in a back office. Then I came to see Tim here and I left knowing that I had a job but not knowing which job. It was either going to be retail sales or business centre manager. In the end he said that the business centre side of things was more suited to my personality rather


Fantastic. I was very pleased as well as very nervous. Actually I was quite terrified! When I first started I was very corporately dressed, very suited every day. Then I realised that that was not 100% me so I softened it a bit over time.

When you were offered the job at any point did you feel that you couldn’t do it and shouldn’t accept it? No, I like a challenge and was ready to jump into it.

When you were a little girl what did Have you found that a confident you dream of being, what did you woman, knowing her cars very well, play. Is there any connection from can be a little off-putting to a man? then to what you are doing now? It can be yes, it very much depends on the customer. I loved Scalextrics, horse riding, shooting, quad bikes and motor bikes but no it didn’t really relate as I used to shave or dye Barbie’s hair so mum decided that I would be a hairdresser. When I did get into hairdressing I really like the creative side and loved to make people feel good and happy.

I am very good at reading people, it may have come from working at Toni & Guy. If I feel that they are the type that will want to challenge me or will not want me to know more than them, I will explain something and then say, “But you will probably know more about that than me anyway.” Just so I don’t intimidate them. I could also say, “You have obviously done the research online, what do you need from me?”

Would you say cars is still very much a male dominated industry? What is the best lesson you have Yes it is still very much male dominated, when we learned from being a woman in a go to Lexus conferences it is hundreds of suits and man’s world? a little scattering of ladies.

So what pressures do you face in this male dominated role? Traditionally there is a car sales man but not a car sales woman, so originally I really felt that I had to prove myself as a female. I have since come to realise that actually I don’t! It is a lot more equal in terms of what is expected of you than what I thought it would be. I don’t feel any pressure anymore to stack up against men in suits. Sometimes I feel that as women we are more perfectly dressed when we are a bit softer. I have a lot of ladies come in and they say it is lovely to deal with a female in the car sales industry.

To not put any pressure on yourself. I am good at what I do because of who I am not because I am male or female. I just get on and do my job, work hard and almost forget about my gender.

What is the biggest mistake you have made being a women in a man’s world? Not speaking my mind. Not saying exactly what I think and offering my input. Keeping my opinion to myself too much is not healthy for me and the guys actually do value my opinion and view very much.

What is your top tip for a woman in a man’s world. Forget that you are in a man’s world, give as good as you get.

What are your dreams and goals for the future? I would like to oversee the whole of Lexus for Listers. At the moment we have three sites and I would like to run the fleet and coordinate all of Lexus for Listers.

Contact Joanna: 01242230303


The Woman Behind The Business Lady Wimbledon makes an impact - Bombshell MD Sandra Nardi injects personality into the brand. Who is Lady Wimbledon? My alter ego! Ha! As MD of Bombshell Consultancy Ltd, which is a PR Company dedicated to mixing traditional PR with social and digital media, I learnt very quickly that every business needs a front man or woman to be the interface. Ironically @LadyWimbledon is so popular on twitter that its racing @bombconsultancy to 8,000 followers.

What does Lady Wimbledon do when the hat is off?   Like all busy women, metaphorically we always wear different hats for different occasions. From the school run, to meetings, to the Zoo, ladies lunch, networking, to the cleaning! I may physically place my hat back on the stand in the hallway when I get home, but a woman’s work is never done and I celebrate all the different roles I can play in each and every day.

Tell us about Bombshell? Bombshell Consultancy Ltd was born from a simple need to make an impact on Brands we felt an affiliation with. Our strategy is simple. Let’s create a buzz about your brand and amplify that on social media. We love nothing more than holding an event which we capture on camera to generate SEO to


the client’s website and create revenue. Let’s coin it as ‘intelligent Social Media’ with purposeful outcome.

Your business is still very new, have you made any big mistakes yet and how did you deal with them?   It’s incredible what we have achieved in such a short space of time. With a wealth of clients, I’ve made some snap decisions based on my gut. Sadly they were based on trust rather than contracts. I took a much needed half term holiday with my three young children but my time with them was ruined when a client saw the opportunity to suck the life out of my team and then refuse to pay! I’ve had to let the incident go as I’m a big believer in Karma! However, we now have a much tighter procedure with contracts so as my PA often reminds me, lesson learnt!

Tell us about three people you admire and how have they influenced you? There is only one man that has had such a profound impact on me. My father was such a charismatic man. He always had time for people. To be honest, he only had time for people he could laugh and smile with but that was his charm.

He always had a story and it always ended in tears of laughter from all around. If there was an occasion - be it birthday, Christmas or Easter, it would be momentous! Life was made for celebrating the good times and I know how proud he would be that his ethos is played out in Bombshell events. If you have a product or service that is worth shouting about. Believe me, I will climb to the rooftops and dance with you so everyone can hear.

What’s next for Lady Wimbledon and Bombshell? Lady Wimbledon is having a lot of fun fulfilling her mission statement. “Love, life, wit, charm, business acumen, sincerity & connecting good people with good people” It’s important for me to grow Bombshell from my personal network of followers and clients. Every day, I’m connecting to a wealth of incredibly talented and driven women who want to grow their business and cut through the noise of social media. There is no momentous goal. The joy is in the journey of supporting start ups, SME’s and building Bombshell’s network so we can amplify our campaigns and work together whilst having some fun along the way.

Lady Wimbledon with Gina Conway and Emma Hunt

Looking for outstanding PR marketing? Your project will be delivered on time and cost effectively. Get in touch and see how we can help your business make an impact.

Phone: 020 3642 8027 Email:


FOOD Whether you want to reduce the stress of entertaining or arrive at University with healthy, straightforward, inexpensive recipes Cotswold Cookery can show you how. Fiona Tierney demonstrates in her kitchen at Willersey Lodge, an Arts and Crafts inspired home, near the beautiful Cotswold village of Broadway. Fiona’s cookery demonstrations last for two hours with tips and techniques to help you gain confidence and greater calm in your kitchen. Afterwards you eat the food that has been prepared so you will know how delicious it is. A complete recipe pack from the day is provided. As part of a girls’ weekend away we had booked a Cookery Demonstration by Cotswold Cookery. We didn’t know quite what to expect when we turned up, as we had been so busy catching up with each other we hadn’t given much thought to what happened next. After coffee, tea and some delicious shortbread when we arrived, the six of us sat down and watched as Fiona demonstrated how our meal was prepared. We watched the whole cookery process and were able to ask lots of questions. Fiona explained the idea of “Effortless Entertaining” which means choosing a menu so that you can do as much as possible beforehand giving you time to have a drink with your guests instead of sweating over a hot stove.


Watching - and smelling - all the food being prepared was thirsty work and, luckily, Fiona appreciated that. Halfway through she demonstrated some delicious canapés and opened a bottle of Prosecco to wash them down; I call that essential research. Cooking done, we adjourned to her lovely dining room to enjoy our lunch; which tasted as good as it looked. I particularly liked the Parma ham and fig starter. We stayed for ages sipping coffee, catching up and making plans for the evening. Everyone left with a menu and recipes, which I’ve tried out on my husband with great results. It really is effortless. The girls and I are planning a get together to reminisce about our Cotswold trip. Guess what’ll be on the menu?

Cotswold Cookery Learn by eating

Watch the preparation of a delicious 3-course lunch, and then enjoy your meal Groups from 2 - 8 Served in a Cotswold home near Broadway Further details from Fiona Tierney –

Learn Spanish making tapas Learn French making French tapas

Cooking Your Spanish™ autumn and winter courses and workshops Information and bookings at 07503 727320

Struggling to read, write, spell and simply concentrate? We all know that dyslexics can make the best entrepreneurs, however there is no need to hang on to the painful symptoms that it brings. Keep your skills and lose the pain at the Alison Lawson Centre. “Ever since I can remember,” says Isla, “My mum Amy seemed almost crippled with a condition known as dyslexia. To simply see her struggling to read, write, spell and simply CONCENTRATE was quite upsetting for all of our family, especially when we were young children and could read stories to her quicker and easier than she could read them to us.” “The frustration must have been immense when after reading a couple of lines she would fall into a deep sleep – almost a stupor. There was no question about her helping with our homework – as much as she may have wanted to – because she simply wouldn’t have been able to do it.

As it was, before she started baking, a recipe had to be read to her a couple of times before the method sunk in and she was able to concentrate on it. Numerous ‘trial runs’ for writing in cards took place before the pen touched the paper: not only would she have made spelling mistakes but her train of thought would have been lost and the sentence – or phrase – would have appeared nonsensical. Not that she used to write in many cards – her handwriting was nearly illegible, and the more she tried to neaten it up the worse it seemed to get!” “The thing was, underneath it was obvious that she was very switched on. Very few would have guessed she suffered from dyslexia, but I knew personally that the condition forced her levels of confidence to be shallow and she was often too scared to speak out in fear she had ‘got the wrong end of the stick’, or what she said wouldn’t even make sense.”

“Her mind somehow needed disentangling.”

some of the exercises that would be executed during the 10 days of treatment. It was visible, even after this short hour, how much “We first heard about the Alison this would help Mum in the long Lawson Centre, through friends and run, as even then she seemed to be Mum was all for it from the start. At somehow more relaxed.” first, I was somewhat reticent about “Throughout these 10 days, Mum the effect it had, but when we looked was very tired physically and the it up on the internet it seemed like homework given seemed to me nothing in its field could better it. to take a long time. At the time it Children with the condition were didn’t seem real – but as the days clearly reaping its benefits, sailing went on it was visibly easier for through homework and overall Mum to write neater and straighter, enjoying their new lease of life and she seemed more proficient in at school. But would it work on spelling, just to mention a few areas. someone older, someone over 50? Through the eye exercises, we…” And would it be worth it?” “From the moment Mum enrolled to go to the Alison Lawson Dyslexic Centre, we have never, ever looked back. Firstly she was given an Initial Assessment – to verify what the course would entail and to present

Scan to read the rest of Amy’s Story

The quick & effective Alison Lawson eye training, which is appropriate from age 6-80, has been used for over 20 years. The team have had first-hand experience in giving numerous people a brand new start in life with the Alison Lawson eye training and have a burning desire to pass these benefits to so many others. **Bonus** - Eye training can often be claimed as a training expense and therefore put through your business.

Contact Jessie Shedden

Visual Dyslexia Therapist The Alison Lawson Centre 01935 403260

Self Assessment Tax Returns - Using them to your benefit It’s that time of year again if you’re self employed. Unless you’ve been very organised, the chances are that it’s around now that you’ll be starting to think about submitting your self assessment tax return. It’s a task people seem to hate, both because of the time it takes and the fact they know it’s likely to lead to a tax bill - and with many people unaware of everything they can claim, the tax bill could be higher than it needs to be.

Do you know what you can claim for? Many expenses are obvious – if you have a telephone at your office that is used purely for work calls, then clearly that is a business expense. But some things aren’t so clear such as.. •

The expenses you can claim if you use your home fully or partly for business, such as phone, broadband, use of utilities etc..

What counts as a business vehicle and what expenses you can claim against tax

If you use your own car, how you claim correctly for travel and mileage

Claiming for pre-trade expenses

What entertaining and subsistence expenses can legitimately be claimed

Important dates It is important that you are organised and get your tax return in on time and your tax paid by the deadline or you could face a fine on top of the cost of the tax. 31st October - If you prefer to submit your tax return in paper format, this is the date by when it will need to be submitted. 31st January - This is the date your return needs to be submitted if you are filing it electronically - but it is worth trying to get it in before then because... 31st January - Is also the date by which any outstanding tax is due as well as your first payment on account for the next tax year. If you miss this date you will automatically get a fine for late submission plus interest charges will start to accrue on the tax you owe.


This is where using a good accountant can not only reduce the time and frustration involved in completing a tax return, but also in some cases they may end up saving you money by ensuring you are claiming all the legitimate business expenses that you are entitled to.

But accountants aren’t they?



We cannot generalise about all accountants, but what we do know is the feedback from Eden’s clients has been that the time freed up (which can be spent doing what the client is paid to do) in combination with the peace of mind that the tax return is going to be right is more than worth the fee. Eden can also act as your agent with HMRC meaning that you won’t have to spend hours waiting for them on the phone if you or they have a query – Eden does that for you as part of the fixed fee agreed up front. In the words of one client: “Like any kind of outsourcing for a business, the benefits are staring you right in the face. Expertise, experience, time savings and money savings all allowing me to do what I do best, while Kevin and the Eden team do

what they do best. I don’t know how we could operate without them” Jason Flinter – Flint Branding Limited For a few short case studies please do take a look at Eden Chartered accountants specialize in working with small businesses – offering a friendly, no jargon approach with all clients having access to the mobile number of Kevin Edenborough so he can answer their questions when they arise even if it’s outside office hours. Eden also offer an initial free ½ hour consultation, so why not give them a call on 0117 977 4478 to see if they could take away the hassle of your tax return – and maybe even save you some money in the long term.

Proud Sponsors of the 2015 Women’s Business Club ‘Best New Business’ Award


A Passion for Art I never intended to run a gallery. The first exhibition in the old stone barn was part of Cheltenham Open Studios in 2007. There were about six lights, very basic stone walls and half a dozen very supportive artists – it was surprisingly successful. Since then it has developed into a beautiful gallery with three spaces showing very high quality contemporary art including sculpture and ceramics. As an artist it is extremely spoiling to be able to show your work whenever you decide to without having to pay a gallery owner up to 60% of your sales. One of my main driving forces has been to encourage artists to exhibit and get their work seen by the public – hence my enthusiasm for running the biennial Open Art Competition as part of the Broadway Arts Festival – some of the entrants have never seen their work hung in a gallery before and it is thrilling to see their response. The theme for the 2016 competition will be ‘conflict’ which should produce some extremely interesting pieces. My most personally challenging exhibition was in the Spring of 2015 and featured Julie Brook’s exhibition Made, Unmade. This involved turning one of the galleries into a space for five film screens. Julie had been shortlisted for the prestigious Daiwa prize and this lead to a double page article in Country Life As the reputation of the gallery has developed I have become increasingly selective in the artists I exhibit. I now only show work that interests me. One of the main dilemmas for a gallery owner is that art is totally subjective and just because you personally love a piece it doesn’t mean that most of the general public will. There is really no guide for rating an artwork. One artist’s work maybe technically better than another but this does not mean that it will ‘speak’ to the viewer. It would be much easier to run a gallery full of commercially successful artists’ work but this doesn’t interest me. As a result many of the people who come to my exhibitions are artists and a huge part of the enjoyment in running the gallery comes from conversations with them about the pieces on show and their own work. In this I think I am unusual, as to me, the most important part of curating an


exhibition is the level of response it creates in me personally. Where to go in the future? Obviously, it would be good to expand my database and get new art lovers and buyers coming to the gallery. Increasingly I feel the future lies in social media marketing, although it is extremely time-consuming and takes me away from my most important space – my studio. Do please visit my website for further details and follow me on Twitter and Facebook. The next exhibition will run from 7-22 November and will be complemented, on the final weekend, with a sale of unique and gorgeous artist-made gifts – perfect for Christmas! By Arabella Kiszely

nicki Gwynn Jones, rye Harbour no. 1

The AuTumn ConTemporAry ColleCTive an exhibition of paintings, photography and ceramics, jewellery, sculpture and glass.

7 – 22 november 11am – 5pm, daily

PLuS Get ready for christmas in our browser’s paradise of unique and gorgeous artist-made gifts (20 – 22 november only).

LittLe BuckLand GaLLery Little Buckland, Broadway Wr12 7JH 01386 853739















Quality Management Systems to help your business save time and money! Do you strive for excellence? Did you know that a quality management system can provide you with a clear focus, consistency in your operations and predictability in your performance! To find out more, take our simple review and receive a free hour consultation by quoting LFT0315.

How we can help! ● Improve efficiency & performance ● Protect your reputation ● Reduce your costs and errors ● Identify and manage risk ● Gain ISO9001 accreditation

Got any questions? Call today on 07745 482 426, email or visit our website

01452 348513 Mobile: 07495 272111

Advertising Feature

Will you really be ready for retirement? A new UK pensions study reveals a worrying lack of preparation for retirement. This year’s new ‘pension freedoms’ have attracted a great deal of interest, but as a nation we remain seriously underprepared for retirement. A recent survey by insurers Aegon UK found that only 7% of the population is on track for retirement – meaning that they have realistic expectations about their pension and are saving enough to achieve them.

The average expectation of the amount they expect to retire on has risen to £42,000 a year. This doesn’t recognise the scale of savings required to deliver that level of income. As an example, with the pension lifetime allowance falling to £1 million, someone retiring at age 60 with this value pension pot who wants to buy an inflation-protected annuity continuing to a spouse would be lucky to get a private pension of £24,000. Even including the State Pension, this The last 12 months have been momentous for pensions, would only produce a total of around £31,000. So unless which have enjoyed the most radical overhaul in nearly individuals also have substantial non-pension savings or a century. Anyone over the age of 55 can now take their defined benefit pensions, £42,000 isn’t just unrealistic – it’s workplace or personal pensions as cash if they choose, and more than the government will allow. they are no longer obliged to buy an annuity. For many, these savings represent their second-biggest asset after their home, Risk factors and there will be significant tax implications for lump-sum withdrawals above a certain level.This is likely to cause more Aegon rated the UK population in terms of its readiness people to seek advice, as they consider their options. for retirement, taking account of age, monthly savings, Pension freedoms, however, will have no effect on exactly what is inside peoples’ pension pots and whether this is sufficient for a comfortable retirement. If people have not saved enough then, quite simply, the freedom to take benefits is of little material value.

expected retirement age, broader pensions understanding and other variables. By this measure it reckoned that 93% of people still need to adjust their savings or expectations to achieve the retirement they would like.

In summary, while pension freedom brings choice, it also brings risk. The lack of understanding around the tax Automatic enrolment means that more now have a pension implications of withdrawing lump sums, in particular, is through their employer – an additional five million since the potentially hazardous. There is a great deal that needs to programme began two years ago. However, the Aegon study be done to help those approaching retirement understand suggests that, whether they have a workplace or a private not only their choices, but the personal implications of pension, many are not fully engaged with it. It shows, for those choices throughout their retirement years. They need example, that more than half of people in the UK (55%) to avoid the risk of a shock tax bill or a poorer life after have never checked the value of their pension savings. Two retirement. in five do not know how much they are paying into their pension pot, and three out of five do not know how much The value of an investment with St. James’s Place will be their employer is contributing. directly linked to the performance of the funds you select

Wishful thinking

and the value can therefore go down as well as up. You may get back less than you invested.

While 31% of over-55s say they plan to access their pension The levels and bases of taxation, and reliefs from taxation, pot as a result of the new flexibilities, one third of this age can change at any time. The value of any tax relief depends group (35%) don’t know which tax bracket they fall into. on individual circumstances. A similar proportion don’t know the tax implications of accessing their pension pot. When people do think Charlotte Poole-Graham about their pensions, they are not always realistic, and Associate Partner their expectations of how much money they will have in St. James’s Place Wealth Management retirement are not matched by the actual amounts they are saving.


9 ry g. ll 88 nta in Ca 99 6 ime lann 3 pl t p 0 7 om en 02 ur c rem o ti r y re fo e to id gu

Are you running the risk of outliving your savings?

Life expectancy is increasing all the time. Over the last 30 years (1982 to 2012) life expectancy

has increased by around eight years for males and six years for females to 79.0 years for males and 82.7 years respectively (Office of National Statistics December 2013). This means that someone retiring now will need to have accumulated a fund far greater than someone retiring in 1982 to generate the same income. I believe in adopting an individual approach to help you make the best decisions for your retirement fund – decisions that are right for you now and in the future. I specialise in guiding people through the decision making process, so that they can make an informed choice.The golden rule is to find out exactly how much you are going to need in retirement – and to start planning for it now. For further information, or to request your complimentary guide to retirement planning, contact:


Tel: 020 7399 6889 Email: Web:

Investment and Wealth Management Awards 2014


The Partner represents only St. James’s Place Wealth Management plc (which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority) for the purpose of advising solely on the Group’s wealth management products and services, more details of which are set out on the Group’s website The title ‘Partner’ is the marketing term used to describe St. James’s Place representatives.


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You don’t need to be a member to attend our events but once you see the benefits you will not be able to resist!

Being situated in the middle of the beautiful Forest of Dean means that inspiration is all around me. My background is in community arts, first having taken an access course in Art an Design at the Royal Forest of Dean College in 2001, then completing the Working in Community Arts course at Artspace in Cinderford. While working with children and later the elderly in pottery, painting and mixed crafts, I discovered my passion for designing and making jewellery, which I first did in partnership with a costudent from the access course, who worked in silk braids. We added silver pendants to these once I had started learning to work with silver at a local evening class. Around 2007 I began to concentrate on my own individual work. This led me to start Karosa Jewellery in 2010.

Bespoke commissions are the main part of my work, it is always a challenge and a pleasure to create something meaningful and special for my customers. Many of my clients are inspired by the Forest of Dean, and I enjoy using this inspiration for their bespoke designs.

Over the last 5 years the range of techniques and materials used has grown to include casting, wax carving and forging. Gold is making a regular appearance now, and I love working with it!

Apart from wedding rings, other silver Jewellery is made in basic silverwork technique workshops throughout the year. Regular updates can be found on the website.

This year commissions of wedding rings have really taken off, I’ve also launched my ‘Make your own rings” workshops now. Couples come into my studio, where they create their own wedding bands. Reclaimed silver and gold is used throughout my work and the workshops as well as ethically mined gemstones. Karosa is registered with the Fairgold organisation and Rubyfair.

Karin Whittaker


The Karosa Loop A modern twist on an old classic

Advertise With Women’s Business Magazine The Women’s Business Magazine offers the perfect opportunity for businesses to get themselves in front of new potential customers. •

Opportunity to promote your business to 1000’s of business women

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Professionally designed, glossy magazine

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Incredible value.

Distribution The magazine is published and distributed to a minimum of 1000 business women each quarter whilst also being published on-line reaching an electronic target audience of 7000. Editorial Opportunities Member advertisers can be featured in their own editorial spread. This gives them a depth of coverage that is normally only available at huge expense in other publications.

(64.5mm x 97.5mm) (132mm x 198mm) (148mm x 210mm)

If your ad is not available in an electronic format we can design it for a small fee. Design & Production Charges Members

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Full Page



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(132mm x 198mm) (132mm x 97.5mm) (64.5mm x 97.5mm) (148mm x 210mm)


For all advertising enquiries contact

Beautiful Gemstone Jewellery

Ready Made - Commissions - Silver & Copper Fingerprints Jewellery Making Parties


Why you should audit your social sites and keep your business out of trouble.

presence is solid: •

Do you have a strong call to action on your cover photo with the benefits of your business?

One of the reasons “WHY” you should audit your social media sites regularly is because social media is constantly changing and keeping up with all those changes, it is a full time job in itself. You need to keep yourself aware of what is evolving, new trends, current strategies and what tools to use so that you can better adapt them in your business.

Are you posting content at least once a day? (Will be more for other sites!)

Are you running regular social advertising and sending your potential customers to your website?

Are your social images the right size and do they reflect your business brand?

Are you using the necessary keywords to allow others to search for your business quicker?

Are you watching what your competitors are doing?

Have you claimed your social custom URL?

Are you following others regularly?

Attending seminars, workshops, live stream tutorials, “rub” shoulders with influencers… however, reality is that you need to run your business and often you don’t have the time or the sufficient knowledge of what best to do, what strategies actually work. Therefore, you start your accounts on social media with your best intentions but soon you lose interest and neglect to manage them consistently. Besides you heard that social sites are free to use so “Why not!!”. They are indeed free for personal profiles accounts but when it comes to business, it is a completely different story and then you come across obstacles like: •

It takes too much time to manage

Don’t understand how relationships with clients



Which platforms to use

What is the best approach to find people

What content is best to use

How to get more engagement

How to use targeted social advertising

Where to get the necessary information to share with your audience.

Before you tackle all those obstacles, you need to know if in fact your current social media


I could go on and on but I am going to leave you to reflect on these questions and to help you to find out your current social media status and to help you to do a quick audit on your social sites, please download “The Social Media Checklists For Your Business”.

Choose one social site, go through every question on the checklist, and then make some notes on how you can change it to your business advantage. I’m here to help so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you still would like to have any one of your social sites audited. I am doing a special offer exclusively for Women’s Business Club where I would review ONE social site and we would have a 30-minute consultation to look at your status and best recommendations to help you move forward with your social media efforts. I have only 10 spaces available and you need to quote the promotional code WBC15 when making your appointment. Let’s BE Social.

Vintage Tea Parties hosted and catered for in our dining room, garden or a local venue of your choice. Cutlery, crockery and table linen supplied. Menus and prices on request. We have a menu to suit your budget! Many types of celebration and cupcakes made to order. How about sending a box of personalised cupcakes to someone special? It’s different and will be well received!! Contact for further details: MARIAN BUCKMASTER: 07989575855 / 01594 516770 / Gloucestershire, Monmouthshire, Herefordshire and Bristol area

Is stress and ‘burn out’ getting the better of you? With intrusive technology such as social media, an ever increasing ‘to do’ list, and trying to juggle family life with work it’s no wonder many of us feel so close to the edge. We just about make it to the end of the day and can’t wait for bed, but as soon as our heads hit the pillow, thought after thought prevents us from catching much needed sleep. A forgotten technique that has been used for thousands of years if not longer has made a popular come back of late and is needed more than ever in this modern world we live in. Mindfulness. This is a technique that has been completely swept aside by our need for fast progress. But what if I told you that you can actually increase your productivity, effectiveness and inspiration whilst significantly reducing stress and anxiety through the use of mindfulness? Sounds unbelievable right? Well it’s been scientifically proven to do just that and more.

What is mindfulness and why? Mindfulness is a focus on the present moment. It is also sometimes referred to as ‘presence’ or ‘awareness’. It is a form of meditation but not always in the traditional sense of the word. A simple way to put this into practice is to give whatever you are doing your full attention. So for instance when you brush your teeth you should keep your mind on the job at hand and not on what time it is, what you’re going to make for dinner or indeed replaying the argument you had with your sister the day before. Research has shown that our brain tires like a muscle. Scientists have found that mental exercise can bring about fatigue just as physical exercise does. We all knew this to a certain extent anyway as many of us lead sedentary lives at a desk with little physical exercise but come home feeling utterly exhausted. It’s important to remember that our


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brain is a tool. Just as legs are used to get from one place to another if we were to use them all day we’d be exhausted and the same goes for our brains. We need to give them a break regularly so they have time to recover and become stronger. There is a time and a place for planning, problem solving and learning and that is not every waking minute. Your thoughts create physical response. For instance, a negative thought such replaying an argument will invoke anger, that will in turn raise your blood pressure and heart rate which if felt often enough for prolonged periods will lead to severe health problems. You may have questions such as… How do I gain control over my thoughts and emotion? How do I focus on what needs to be done without distraction? How do I get to sleep at night? These questions and many more are answered in our luxury retreats and courses. Here at The Spirit Sanctuary we specialise in reducing stress and anxiety to bring back calm and balance to lives of busy, hard working women. We run luxury retreats so you can put aside your life for a couple of days to renew and find yourself again while your every need is looked after. Gain knowledge and timeless techniques to prevent stress so that you can continue your journey to a more balanced way of living. By Jennifer Hall

Mindfulness Retreats and Holistic Workshops Empower, Enlighten & Escape Retreat Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga. Empower - Learn simple tools to achieve stillness, mind space, increased brain power and improved well-being. Enlighten - Combining science and research with timeless techniques to bring you methods you can trust. Escape - Take a break from the constant mind chatter in luxury surroundings to relax, avoid burn out and find calm.

An Impressive Package... Transform your life and attain greater happiness. Learn to switch off the constant mind chatter & achieve stillness. Access indispensable lifelong knowledge & proven techniqies. Learn from and expert in the field and award nominated teacher. Expand your awareness with transformational kundalini yoga & gong bath. Find your haven in this elegant 4* hotel with luxurious rooms. Melt away the stress in the breathtaking spa and beautiful grounds. Relax and unwind whilst your every need is taken care of.

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Aromatherapy ‘Make Your Own Products’ Workshop Learn to look after yourself and your family the natural way on this fun and informative workshop. Create personalised natural skin care products and remedies for greater well-being. Discover the many benefits, healing properties and enchanting aromas of plant power. Delve into the world of essential oils and natures healing lotions. Treat skin complaints the natural way.

You’ll discover it’s more than just a scent of beauty!

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Enjoy delicious gourmet food at every meal time. Indulge in sumptuous afternoon tea with scones and fruit.

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Ratings & Reviews “I can’t rate Emms Skipp and Wye Media highly enough. We got a good price and Emma’s service was superb (she noticed an error on my proof ) and then I received the leaaets the following day. Absolutely perfect. Thank you Emma.”

“Naomi was very professional, explained what would be best for me, guided me through the process and checked up that everything had happened afterwards and to see I was happy. Thanks Naomi”

“Lucy was brilliant as she took the worry and hassle out of putting together a very complicated itinerary; we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her or use her services again. She works hard, comes up with great ideas, is a conscientious administrator and has a gift for customer service. ” se


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Join our team as a host by spreading the word about our awesome Women’s Business Club and hosting our monthly lunches. You would need to be a member of the Women’s Business Club and have attended events rst to qualify for this fantastic position. This is simply because you need to be familiar and passionate about what you are hosting.

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JOURNALISTS ARE ONLY INTERESTED IN BAD NEWS – AREN’T THEY? I hear this mantra all the time from people about people like me - and it always shows me people don’t think through where news comes from. News comes from human beings who are doing things – journalists have no magic wands, their job is not rocket science, it’s about dealing with and spreading information. Bad – or unusual and quirky – stories attract a lot of attention, people can feel it more keenly. That’s why it appears journalists are only interested in bad news. However if you take a local newspaper for a week or a month and actually mark out how many good and bad news stories are within its pages – you’ll be surprised at the results. The agenda of the local and regional press may be different to the national press but being clear about a publication (on or offline) and its agenda is fairly easy. For example, you probably immediately know an article in The Sun or The Daily Mail, might have a different angle using the same facts as an article in The Daily Telegraph or The Sunday Times. Recently I was told a local newspaper had printed ‘lies’ about a court case in which someone was involved. I was told the paper printed those lies without checking first these things were true. The person who said this clearly didn’t understand the context in which these ‘lies’ were told – and the journalist had done nothing wrong. Journalists are protected by privilege in a court of law where someone is almost always telling a lie. As long as the report of WHAT WAS SAID in court was balanced, fair and used in a timely manner, then no law has been broken. So if someone lies about your business in a court of


law and a journalist is there and reports it (and you are not there or have not put your side of the story) you have no automatic right of reply to allegations explored in court. If you are in business – don’t assume you can demand things from a journalist just because you are thinking ‘that’s unfair’, ‘that’s invading my privacy’ or ‘that’s a lie’. You need to think about the context – you need to ask questions. This is particularly true if you or your business faces a ‘bad news’ situation. The truth is bad news reaches the public domain very quickly in the UK and it’s easily accessible. It’s a mistake to hope a problem will just go away. Often bad news will involve a public body– these are accountable, spending our money and they have to be seen to be doing their job. So bad news can come via the police, the ambulance service, the local authority, industrial tribunals, courts, etc. Good news is much harder to see for a journalist because it’s so commonplace. There are good news stories all around us. Did someone smile at you today? Were babies born at the local hospital today? Was it someone’s birthday today? Do you expect all of these ‘good news’ stories to make headlines? So if you are building a brand, publicising an event, you have to make it stand out from the crowd, make it easy for the journalist to use your story and trust the information. Like anything else it needs to be packaged correctly to have a chance of publication. Tip: There are no guarantees with PR – it’s about playing the odds, knowing the law in bad news situations, hitting the right note at the right time and acting quickly when positive opportunities arise. By Fiona Scott

Warren House, Kingston upon Thames Warren House, provides the convenience of a London location with the peace and privacy of a traditional country house. This magnificent Victorian mansion and its beautiful, landscaped grounds, are ideally located within easy reach of Kingston upon Thames, an historic market town that is now a thriving ‘upmarket’ retail destination boasting a superb choice of leading High Street brands.


The market is still held daily in the Market Place, and features a wide selection of produce including fish, jewellery, exotic foods, local foods and flowers. Kingston’s beautiful riverside frontage gives stunning views across the water and local boat services offer not-to-be-missed trips to nearby Hampton Court Palace. For those who prefer dry land, there are lots of enjoyable riverside walks.



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For bookings please call 020 8547 1777 or email: Warren House, Warren Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT2 7HY

Join us for a brighter future. Are you looking for a more flexible way of working, that can give you the lifestyle you have always dreamed of? 40 minutes of your time is all that is needed to change your life! Talk to me to find out more.

Health, Rewards & Happiness Forever Living Products from Carolyn Henderson


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Women’s Business Club “The Women’s Business Club has been amazing for my business. I have only had 2 Achieve sessions and 2 Connect Lunches and already I have… – A detailed database that is usable. – I have learnt about targeted marketing. – I have a redesigned and slick website. – The beginnings of great marketing strategy. – A business plan that actually means something to me and I have found helpful. – A clear vision and mission statement and so much more. Angela has tailored her expertise around my business and is helping me to lay the foundations for successful business growth. Thank you so much for everything you have helped me with so far!

w w w . w o m e n s b u s i n e s s . c l u b

-AMERICAN TOUR GUIDE IN LONDONInspiration for Self Promotion Promoting yourself in business is one of the things that women often shy away from. The idea of self-promotion isn’t new, but it is one element of business that requires extra confidence. ‘Putting yourself out there’ invites a whole host of internal demons that many women struggle with, but if you don’t do it, you risk not being heard. Perhaps the idea of being a “lady” evokes images of being demur and reserved, something that history often dictates. However, there are many cases where not being a lady by definition got you noticed. Fishmongers would spend hours on the boat catching the fish, and it was the wife who was the chief sales person. Dubbed a “Fish Wife”, she would stand at the stall and yell out what she was offering, and so the term ‘fish wife’ was associated with being a ‘loud mouth’. Would a lady be seen with her breasts exposed and her hands bloody? She would if she was the champion of bare-knuckle fighting. Elizabeth “Lady Bare-Knuckles” Stokes is one of Georgian London’s most famous lady fighters. This is a woman who truly ‘put herself out there’ to the public, in more ways than one. A little ingenuity and creative thought, she managed to market herself into the annals of history. Advertising for her fights would have been in all the Fleet Street newspapers, often these were placed by herself. She truly was a master of re-invention and personal creation! There is little fact that can be written of Elizabeth. Her birth date is unknown. She called herself “of the famous City of London” but later referred to herself in another fight advertisement as “of Clerkenwell”. Her real last name is also a mystery. Robert Wilkinson was a prize fighter, thief and murderer who was executed on 24 September 1722. There is speculation that Elizabeth was his daughter or his widow, but many believe that she simply took the last name Wilkinson as a stage name in an effort to link herself to his reputation and strike fear into her opponents. Elizabeth’s fighting career had lasted for six years,


and on 17 July 1727, she and husband James Stokes (also a prize fighter) against Robert Barker and Mary Welch. Mary had been a previous opponent to Elizabeth, and this was considered to be a fantastic event of couple on couple fighting. The advert said that it would be Elizabeth’s last fight, but she would later be called out on challenges and could not resist the opportunity to defend her title. On 1 October 1726, the Weekly Journal ran an advert whereby she described herself as: I Elizabeth Stokes, of the famous City of London, being well known by the name of the Invincible City Championess for my abilities and judgment in the abovesaid science; having never engaged with any of my own sex but I always came off with victory and applause, shall make no apology for accepting the challenge of this Irish Heroine, not doubting but to maintain the reputation I have hitherto establish’d, and shew my country, that the contest of it’s honour, is not ill entrusted in the present battle with their Championess, Elizabeth Stokes. They fight in close jackets, short petticoats, coming just below the knee, Holland drawers, white stockings, and pumps. Many times the women would strip to bare chests. There was a “half crown” rule at times, whereby the woman had to hold a half crown coin in her fist, and the first to drop a coin lost. It’s hard to scratch someone with your fists closed. Fighting with weapons was known as “mixed martial arts” and Elizabeth was very skilled with daggers, cudgels, swords and quarterstaves. This places her as the forerunner in female combat sports. In one of the last advertisements, she certainly does give a clue as to her personality. This is an announcement from the Daily Post on 17 July 1728, where she was called out by Anne Field of StokeNewington. ‘I, Elizabeth Stokes, of the city of London, have not fought in this way since I fought the famous boxing-woman of Billingsgate twentynine minutes, and gained a complete victory (which is six years ago); but as the famous Stoke-Newington ass-woman dares me to fight her for the ten pounds, I do assure her I will not fail meeting her for the said sum, and doubt not that the blows which I shall present her with, will be more difficult for her to digest than she ever gave her asses!’

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