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I'm Trina Boyd and I'm the founder of this magazine Women In Power. I'm a wife and the mother of 4 beautiful children. I own and run 3 businesses and a I'm the founder of a non-profit called Women In Power. People always ask me, how do I balance being a mother, being a wife and a business owner. One thing that I have learned from other millionaires is that you have to wake up early. I'm currently writing this article at 4:00am in the morning. Waking up early and getting my work finished by 8:30am, allows me to spend time with my family and my husband for the remainder of the day. I always try to do at least 1 date night a week with my husband and designated 1 night a week to family night. We have to be intentional about family and most importantly, we have to put God first!

THANKS TO OUR EDITOR'S Thanks to Priscilla Anderson for always pulling through and assisting Women In Power with content for the magazine! Thanks for always meeting deadlines and always having a great attitude! Thanks, Timeaka for showing up for meetings and putting your best foot forward! Women In Power really appreciate it!

Trina Boyd Editor-in-chief

Priscilla Anderson Timeaka McCray

Women In Power Directory Top Babysitting In Charlotte- 704-727-2242 (Babysitters Of Charlotte) Top Cleaning Company in Charlotte- (Spotless, Inc.) Top Catering Company-704-900-4200 (Kindle Eats) The Founder Favorite Restaurant- Eddie V's Great Place To Have An Event- Grand Bohemian The Best Seafood In Charlotte-Yummy Crab The Best Soul Food Restaurant In Charlotte- To Be continued...Email us if you know any trinaboyd@womeninpowerinc.com The Best Nail Salon- Sami Nails The Best Hair Salon-The Beauty Bar


MICHELLE VALIUKENAS What's your story? I am a mom of two--Elliott, who was born in July 2020 via gestational carrier, and Colette, who died in May 2018 at nine days old. During my pregnancy with Colette, I was hospitalized at 21 weeks pregnant with preeclampsia after a standard OB appointment revealed a dangerously high blood pressure. From one moment to the next, our whole world turned upside down and we quickly went from a two income family to a one income family. While we were blessed to be in a financial position where it didn't decimate us, I could not stop thinking about how many families ended up in this exact situation and could not absorb the financial blow. I spent a little over three weeks in the hospital before the doctors recommended delivery. Our sweet Colette was born at 24 weeks, 5 days and spent nine days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) before her tiny body, particularly her lungs, gave out and we lost her. I knew that I wanted her to be remembered and to be a part of our family. I also didn't want her life to have meant nothing. My husband and I created The Colette Louise Tisdahl Foundation as a way to honor her memory and do great work in her name. 6 | Women In Power






What are some struggles that you have had

What makes your business different?

building your business?

We provide financial assistance that is much

We definitely had a lot of issues getting the word out

broader. We do not have strict guidelines about

about who we were and what we do. I had to get

how much we can provide or what expenses we will

very creative on how to get to the right people to tell them about our financial assistance program. Then, I needed people to believe in us enough to be willing to give us a chance. Once I could get someone to buy in, then they quickly became a champion of our

cover. We know that every situation is different and we look at things on a case by case basis. Additionally, we are active in educating the general public as well as advocating for change. Finally, I think that having the experience of parents being in the three situations--a high-risk,


complicated pregnancy, a NICU stay, and loss--

I also know that we had to widen our work and our

means that we understand the complexities of each

reach because merely giving out grants was not

situation, the emotional and physical toll, and can

going to solve the root causes and problems of our

provide trauma-informed, empathetic care to

work. If maternal and infant health was still a crisis


and if things like paid family leave and childcare

What are somethings that you have learned while

were not enacted, these families were still going to

doing business?

need our help. We then broadened our reach to include education and advocacy. We also struggle now with trying to meet the broad need. We are limited in helping solely by our finances and getting people and companies to

I have learned so much. When we started out, I learned how to build a website and built and maintained our website for almost two years. I have learned about partnering with hospitals and the wonderful work that social workers in hospitals do for families. I have met incredible other

invest in our mission, to partner with us in the work

organizations that do amazing support work with

we do has been tough.

families. I have also learned about balancing

What problem does your business solve?

working for myself and from home while having a

Economic security, crisis funding

baby at home.

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SAVE THE DATE Trina Boyd, Once a stripper and alcoholic and now a successful entrepreneur who teaches other women on how to become successful in their business. The play will be in Charlotte, NC on July 31st.

Title: My Past Can't Hold Me! Date: 7/31/2021 Time: 1pm and 7pm Where: BlumenthalTheatre

Charmaine Marie, Intuitive Healer Soul Healer, Charmaine has been through a great deal of hardship in her time. She has been the victim of narcissistic abuse and domestic violence, and has had to battle with drug addiction, alcoholism, low self-esteem and anger. But in spite of all she has been through, she found a way to the light. Realizing that the wrong path eventually always leads to the right path, she discovered her true worth in God, and through her faith and trust in Him, learned to become a Warrior. Since coming into her power, she has set up a thriving coaching business, Created By Design LLC. As a Soul Healer, Charmaine helps women to heal following experiences of trauma and abuse ending sex addiction, tapping into her experience and knowledge, and using inspiration and authority to help her clients to recover. She also runs a charity organization called Rainbows of Hope, which helps women who fall unexpectedly pregnant. As a result of her work and dedication, she has been featured in magazines such as My Story Magazine, Women of Fruit Magazine and Melanin Pride Magazine for Entrepreneurs. The name of Charmaine Marie coaching business Created By Design LLC. {Coaching Business}. We asked Charmaine Marie some questions as it relates to being an entrepreneur! What are some struggles that you have had building your business? Showing up for me and my tribe was my struggle! After a huge loss on my investment {my last business} and walked away from my marriage due to Narcissistic Abuse. All I do is work hard so, was really exhausted with finding my ideal client and to make sales! What makes your business different? My business is a journey of my successes and failures! It is my story of the good, bad, and the ugly! My business is authentic helping women break free and overcome sex addictions. Lots of people are not comfortable talking about Sacred Sexuality with your Soulmate! What problem does your business solve? Helping women break FREE and overcome sex addictions.


LaToya Evans is a strategic communications executive who has served as a senior crisis communications strategist and spokesperson for some of the world’s most notable brands including Walmart, Bank of America, IBM, Philips, and Compass Group. She serves as principal chief communicator of strategic public relations and marketing firm, The LEPR Agency, LLC where she leads media, marketing, and influencer and advertising initiatives for high-profile businesses, corporations, politicians and professional athletes. Notably, in 2017, LaToya also served as chief communications officer to former Charlotte, NC Mayor Pro Tem Vi Lyles, serving as a spokesperson and chief writer for her mayoral campaign, which resulted in Lyles being elected the city’s first African American woman mayor. She’s since maintained her role as an advisor to the mayor, leading Lyles’ re-election efforts in 2019. Covering a broad spectrum of industries, LaToya has also worked with greats ranging from Detroit-rapper Big Sean to the inventor of the IBM personal computer as well as being a communications leader on U.S. presidential campaigns for both Andrew Yang and Mike Bloomberg.

Ms. Evans is also active in the community. She was appointed by the Charlotte City Council to the Community Relations Committee - which is designed to promote equality in North Carolina’s largest city - where she specifically works on the city’s crisis response efforts. Additionally, she sits on a c-suite advisory board for M&F Bank, one of the country’s largest black-owned financial institutions and is a member of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Hussman School of Media and Journalism board. Previously, LaToya served on the state committee for Miss North Carolina as the Director of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals overseeing fundraising and charity efforts for the state program. With fundraising and charity being a passion for LaToya, she was a leader in the Junior League of Charlotte as chair of public relations and marketing for the fund development council. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and has also previously been honored as a Rising PR Star by PR News (2016);one of Charlotte’s 50 Most Influential Women (2017); and Charlotte Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 (2018). In 2019, she was named a ‘More Than Pink’ woman by Susan G. Komen Charlotte and a STANDOUT by Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, all for her advocacy in charity and fundraising. Evans has also been an adjunct communications professor at Fayetteville Technical Community College for the last five years.


www.womeninwpowerinc.com | 11


What clients have you worked with? I’ve worked with everyone from historic politicians including mayors of some of America’s largest cities--such as Charlotte’s Mayor Vi Lyles-to presidential candidates, including Andrew Yang and Mike Bloomberg. I also have worked with a substantial number of professional athletes from the NFL to the PGA; c-suite executives, artists and celebrities--including Whitney Austin and mega-Pastor John Gray; major national haircare and skincare companies, including Urban Skin; nonprofits such as national organization Donate Life; insurance company Allstate; and energy, technology and financial companies. My firm has also represented a number of restaurants, churches, and development companies. And that’s just an overview because there have been many more in between. Tell us about your accomplishments. In my field, your best work is the work that no one sees. For every incredible story or quote in the New York Times, there are a hundred more times I’ve been able to help save people’s businesses through strategy, crisis management and quick thinking. I’m even prouder in moments like now where I’ve helped companies stay afloat during the global COVID-19 pandemic and, in many cases, even outperform their previous metrics before shutdowns and reduced business operations began. I have a gift, and I’m proud to use it. What are some challenges you face being an African American woman in Corporate America?

There are always challenges, and as a former corporate executive who not only had a seat at the table, but also a voice in key decisionmaking for some of the world’s most notable organizations, I’ve had an opportunity to see a world that unfortunately many Black women never have the opportunity to. However, I believe there is always an element of proving yourself over and over again in your credentials, work ethic and results.


How did you get into public relations? I began my career as a journalist, working as a freelance writer while I was still in undergrad at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. My internships became extended opportunities to report for publications like Cosmopolitan when I went back to school, which grew into other reporting and writing contract assignments with Glamour, People, Woman’s World, Girls’ Life, Vibe/VibeVixen, Upscale and Seventeen. While I was still in undergrad as a traditional student who was also very involved on campus, I was running my very first business at 19. Upon college graduation at the beginning of the recession in 2008, I had quite a few offers to work for both magazines and PR firms, but an offer from IBM in their communications department got my attention. I didn’t know much about the other side of journalism outside of being a writer and reporter, but I definitely thought that it would be a great opportunity--and it was a career that looked really exciting. I took the role at IBM, moved to New York and began writing for a number of their executives including the inventor of the IBM personal computer and the inventor of LASIK technology before moving into a global media relations/PR role supporting the chief technology officer and the head of the cloud computing business as a company spokesperson. While I was there working full time, I also earned my master’s degree in communications with a focus on crisis communications in a part-time program at Marist College.



Teen Magazine

Nettie Reeves

Love the Skin You’re In... The renowned fitness guru Nettie Reeves is owner of N'shape with'N, LLC a multifaceted fitness and health business that encompasses fitness for all levels (Personal training, group training, and FUNky Fit, a personal branded dance-based aerobics), health coaching, and the newly formed branch of holistic, organic natural body and facial product line called Nettie's Natural Body. I started N'shape with'N over 25 years ago choreographing my own routines and became the first Black woman in Charlotte to own her own fitness business.

It all starts and ends in the mind. If she changes her mind, she changes her body and her life.

The Mind, Not the Mirror is the Judge I started N'shape with over 25 years ago choreographing my own routines and became the first Black woman in Charlotte to own her own fitness business. Sought out all over the city to teach in gyms Nettie’s goal was to be in business for herself. It paid off because Funky Fit classes became the largest in the city with up to 300 people (mostly women) in a single class. Since 2000 my business has evolved, I also train other instructors (FUNkmasters) to teach my brand. My passion for fitness came after I had my son almost 40 years ago, but my passion for movement is innate. The development of my brand Funky Fit incorporates the latest dances yet American Bandstand was my teacher- I just tapped into what was natural for me- Dance and made it my business. For 6 years I hosted a fitness and health segment on WBTV news that greatly impacted the community. Nshapewithn serves the typical woman whose life changes when they are about 45-50 years old. This woman cares for everyone else and thinks she's caring for herself by making sure her hair is laid, her nails are polished, and carries the finest designer bag. But something happens inside her and she breaks down. She either has a physical illness or her mind gets so overwhelmed that she cannot make sense of life anymore. She covers up her imperfections by buying more things, eating more food (then buying bigger clothes), and pretending like she's happy with her size. But inside she's dying a slow death. Ultimately she finds me and these are the things she learns: Put herself first by making sure she gets her one hour per day of working out and afterward she has the energy and ability to take care of others. How to break down the issues that cause her to be weighed down by prioritizing her health first and everything else one at a time for (There are no quick fixes in life, only results when you quickly put yourself first). Consistency is the key. (To love herself fiercely while becoming the best version of herself) Nshapewithn foundational philosophy and belief is being true to myself as well as being authentically sincere and candid with my clients. I'm passionate about their well-being and want them to succeed in not just fitness but in life. I help them incorporate health and fitness in day to day practical workouts in the following formats: Classes, Personal Training, Group Training Healthy Coaching, and Financial Wealth Consulting. Nshapewithn Members enjoy opportunities and experiences like my Fit-n-Free Vacations to travel around the world yearly such as Jamaica, Mexico, Africa, and so many more wonderful places. Being innovative in my offerings, remaining consistent with my schedule, offering opportunities for others, giving back to the community, and being results-oriented, have all helped to keep my business afloat. With great honor, I have received the prestigious Steve Harvey Hoodie Award in 2008 for my work in the community. Within the same year, I won the Honorable Pride Award as well. Furthermore receiving the Presidential Sports Award on Fitness and Nutrition from the Obama administration was epic and quite an achievement. Fitness has saturated the market and as my business has held steadfast in operations for the last 25 years, while the city has become bigger; I have had to work twice as hard strategically to remain a success at the same level. It's my intention to give every client an experience - one that moves the body, the mind, and the spirit. I'm true to that; every single class, every single training session, every single health coaching session, and every single product I make. As an Entrepreneur I assumed many roles: I was a playwright and doing fitness on the side as I was working in corporate America at a bank from 9-5. Undoubtedly I was torn because I wanted to choose the business that would give me sustainability and enjoyment (which was not working at the bank). I was given a book by my aunt entitled, "Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow." It changed my life. So my start kind of happened naturally and as the title of the book states - Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow is what I would say to every Entrepreneur today. Although the landscape is different, the heart is still the same. Whatever you sell, make certain it's not going to harm people. Know your product and be sensitive to your client's needs. Owning your business is worth it if it's your passion because most of the time it doesn't seem like work at all. I define success by the legacy that I leave


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Call Babysitters Of Charlotte!


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Rachel Miner What's your story?

I have been in sales for 13 years and have always been successful, but never felt like I had found my passion and calling until I got into benefits consulting. Five years ago I started working in benefits for a boutique agency and fell in love with benefits, but made a decision that I needed to have my own firm. I've always had a very entrepreneurial spirit and enjoy building companies. 2 years ago I decided to start my own firm at the perfect time while going through a divorce and being a single mom to 3 kids! It's been a wild ride and I am happy that God has put me on this path. What are some struggles that you have had building your business?

Managing people has been the hardest part of building my business. I always thought it would be gaining new clients, but managing people is way harder. What makes your business different?

I have a lot of empathy that I bring to my job. My son has had health issues ever since he was born and I know the struggles of a family having frustrations with the healthcare system. What are somethings that you have learned while doing business?

To seek first to understand before being understood. Sometimes people want to vent to you because they want to feel heard. I've learned to slow down my reaction time. What problem does your business solve? Helping employers to save money on their healthcare expenses while helping employees to be better consumers of their health insurance.


Statement from the founder: My mom started teaching me how to cook at the age of 13. Every since I have had the heart for cooking, which turned into a passion as I got older. I taught myself how to bake in my 20's and from there I knew that cooking was my calling. About 3yrs ago I decided to turn my passion into a business. I'm currently a small licensed caterer business owner. Check out my website www.ksweets.com


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Follow her on instagram @ NiraLovesFashion_Boutique



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