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Koch Hazard and Howalt-McDowell turn East Bank Green


CNA Surety taps Lloyd and Perspective for LEED development


MSA Architects adds new healthcare leadership


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Gage Brothers, Jasper Stone manufacture Green

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ou might be thinking “Well wait a minute, what’s different?” The short answer is that it’s not so much different...just more. This month’s introductory launch of our zoned South Dakota issue includes our regular editorial coverage of the business news that affects our shared regional economies and business leaders. What is different is that now, for our selected subscribers with a concentrated interest in South Dakota business, there is more of what you are looking for in terms of filling that business news hole. We’ve been busy as we head into our second decade. Busy updating the look and feel of the magazine, busy expanding our readership and mostly busy listening to what our subscribers and sponsors are looking for in a business magazine. The introduction of the South Dakota zoned edition of Prairie Business Magazine also affords us the opportunity to give advertisers the


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PRSRT STD U.S. Postage Paid Fargo, ND Permit #684


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LEED Architecture Transforms East Bank of Sioux Falls The East Bank of downtown Sioux Falls is experiencing a transformation and growth that many couldn’t envision happening in a short period of time. The transformation has inspired new retail, restaurants and office space and is on track to continue to grow at a rapid pace in the near future. KOCH HAZARD PARTNERS WITH HOWALT MCDOWELL TO MAKE HISTORY


JEFF HAZARD CEO Koch Hazard Architecture

Five years ago this month, the construction of HowaltMcDowell headquarters Cherapa Place, the first LEED Gold certified building in the Dakotas, formally marked what the owner hoped was the beginning of the transformation of the East Bank of downtown Sioux Falls. Five years later, the Koch Hazard Architects designed building has been a bellwether for not just the continued development of East Bank, but also for the green building and LEED movement. When Cherapa Place owner and Howalt-McDowell CEO, Jeff Scherschligt, first sat down with Jeff Hazard and the Koch Hazard team they began thinking of the historical impact that a new building could and should have for a community. The pair shared a deep respect for history and a passion for the environment that became guiding elements in the design process. Both of the Hazard and Scherschligt agreed that building and being green was a pretty lonely place to be, but stood by their vision. “I remember standing at that door looking five years out and it seemed like a long time,” said Scherschligt, “But looking back now, that time has flown by and the impact of what we have now and what we set out to do has been rewarding to say the least.”

The project grabbed a high level of attention as the demolition of Zip Feed Mill that occupied the site earned global press in its celebrated ‘near’ implosion. That is also where the green elements of the project began as most of the materials of the old feed mill were recycled onsite with the old concrete crushed and used as the substrate for the new development. Once finished, the new building became a high profile example of what LEED architecture was about, attracting not just tenants for the new Class A office space before it even broke ground, but student field trips and citizens looking to learn more about what a green building can do. “The Cherapa Place project was the perfect opportunity, with the perfect partner, to showcase our passions for design, our institutional expertise and our commitment to the principles of sustainability,” said Jeff Hazard, CEO and Creative Director of Koch Hazard Architects. Koch Hazard, with its Green Studio, was the early pioneer and catalyst in the LEED movement in the region and became the strongest advocate and voice of green building concepts by funding and hosting green building conferences, founding a community wide green effort and in assisting the early development of the South Dakota U.S. Green Building Council Chapter. Today that passion for green building has gone

South Dakota international with KH partner/principal Stacey McMahan being named as a Sustainable Design Fellow to be a leader in Architecture for Humanity’s sustainable rebuilding efforts in Haiti. Over the past year, McMahan has been working collaboratively with a team of design and construction professionals, countless volunteers and leaders of the local government to ensure that the reconstruction of Haiti is based upon the key principles of green building to provide high-performance, structural integrity, higher

energy and water efficiency and better ventilation quality for occupants. “Looking back those five years, we have definitely changed the way LEED and sustainable architecture is perceived and understood at a broader level,” said Jeff Hazard. “We, and as an industry, have gone from answering the questions of the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of green building to ‘why not’ build green.” SDPB

Perspective and Lloyd Companies Add More Green to East Bank This month also marks the continued transformation of the East Bank with the upcoming groundbreaking of the new 117,000 square foot C.N.A. Surety headquarters one block to the north of Cherapa Place.






15 Source: South Dakota USGBC

he new CNA Surety offices are being developed by Lloyd Companies, businessman Al Schoneman and designed by Perspective Architects and Design Studio, the new office complex is slated to be LEED Silver Certified upon completion. The decision to embrace LEED architecture was a significant factor in the early development of the new office complex and for future growth. “LEED is our future for the country and a main goal of Lloyd Companies. As the real estate design team, all of our projects will be a minimum of Silver level in point design,” said Craig Lloyd, CEO of Lloyd Companies. “We have a goal to have most of the properties designed to Gold level going forward. We are proud of the CNA design team for their creative efforts in maintaining a Silver level for such a large project.” The new office complex will feature a fitness center, open balconies and incorporate its design into the River Greenway project, further enhancing the East Bank and promoting future retail and commercial development. Some of the LEED elements that will be showcased include extensive use of natural lighting, a high performance shell,


high efficiency water and HVAC, along with a deliberate utilization of recycled content. Commenting on the current trends and future of green building and design, Larry Crane, Design Architect/Partner of Perspective said, “LEED has changed the perception of design and while it serves as a valuable scorecard it is more importantly the framework for how future design will be driven. The green design philosophy will also change the way people perceive and experience the buildings where they live, work and play.” Online:,,,, SDPB

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South Dakota

MSH Architects adds new healthcare leadership Adam Alrubaie recently joined MSH Architects of Sioux Falls as the new lead of the firms’ Healthcare and Master Planning divisions.

ur region has seen a tremendous growth in the demand for healthcare facilities and Adam’s expertise and experience will provide our clients with world class planning and design,” said Robin Miller, founder and CEO of MHS Architects. Mr. Alrubaie is a British-qualified Architect, a chartered member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and a member of the Architects Registration Board in the United Kingdom. He is an International Associate Member of the American Institute of Architects. Adam is a Brighton University graduate (UK) with a Masters Degree in Urban Design &

O ADAM ALRUBAIE Design Partner Healthcare

Regeneration from the University of Manchester (UK). Adam has extensive Health Care Design experience in the United Kingdom and Middle East. In the UK, Adam was the lead architect in the design of new structures and in the refurbishment of many hospital facilities. Some of these facilities include; a 350-bed psychiatric hospital, a 100-bed pediatric hospital, a 100-bed trauma hospital, a 250-bed university teaching hospital, a 150chair dental hospital, and a 150-bed mother & child hospital. All of these facilities were designed to American Institute of Architects healthcare standards Online: SDPB


Back in the 80’s CNA brought new life to downtown Sioux Falls when they made it their home. Now they are about to do it again, only on the Eastbank with their new landmark, skylinechanging office complex. Thanks to CNA’s ongoing commitment to downtown, the area will continue to flourish and be a great place to work and live for years to come.

NOW RENTING Spaces Available June 2012

This project would not have been possible without the collaborative efforts of many people and organizations—thank you.



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GOED and Communities Take Aim at New Manufacturing Growth Fueled by past success, the Governor’s Office of Economic Development has formed private/public partnerships to attract and grow manufacturing in the firearms and ammunition industry sector. Cor® Bon Manufacturing

OED staff and sixteen communities from across the state recently blitzed the Shot Show in Las Vegas to reach out to firearm and hunting companies from around the world and the more than 1,600 exhibitors and 31,000 attendees that attended the world’s largest firearms convention. Joining the state in the recruitment and expansion push at the Shot Show were economic development representatives from Aberdeen, Chamberlain, De Smet, Glacial Lakes, Highmore, Huron, Lincoln/Minnehaha counties, Madison, Miller, Mobridge, Rapid City, Spearfish, Vermillion, Webster, and Winner. “South Dakota offers some significant benefits for firearm companies,” said J. Pat Costello, Secretary, Deparment of Tourism and State Development. “We have a tax climate that is unmatched by any other state in the union, gun-friendly laws, and a love for outdoor recreation. Our strong base of existing firearm companies gives us an edge when it comes to having a trained, available workforce.” To date, South Dakota has more than 40 firearm companies that, to date, employ over 700 people. To continue to add to these numbers, last year the Governor’s Office of Economic Development hosted the firstever Firearm Research and Development Summit for researchers and industry leaders from across the country. “The partnership between the state and the local economic development offices is critical in extending our reach and our budgets,” said Bryan Hisel, Economic Development Direct for Mitchell, SD. “On


our own this outreach would be cost prohibitive and the added bonus is that we are able to forge team and partnerships with other communities to enhance our future efforts.” Hisel also noted that looking beyond South Dakota’s clear economic advantages was the state’s strong hunting and outdoor culture meant that the work force available to these targeted companies were already a part of that culture. Hisel also pointed to the fact that the majority of firearm companies were relatively small and have a corporate personality and structure that makes assimilation into many of South Dakota’s communities a natural fit. Sturgis is one city that has been able to capitalize on South Dakota’s attraction to the firearms industry having successfully attracted and assimilated eleven firearm related businesses to the 45b acre Sturgis Industrial Park. Meade County has added the additional incentive of a 100% tax abatement for new construction and remodeling in an effort to attract more companies to the firearm industry cluster. Pat Kurtenbach, president of the Sturgis Economic Development Corporation is quick to point out that all of the success that they have experienced has been very deliberate and hard won. She is also encouraged that the efforts of the state, in partnership with economic development organizations, is a model for other industries. Online:,; SDPB

Pink is the new Green Century old historical buildings in the region have served as a showcase for the use of the natural quartzite stone that is abundant to South Dakota. Today, that familiar pink stone is turning into one of the most popular materials being used in new green and LEED architecture. ne of the primary suppliers of the quartzite stone is the Jasper Stone Company. Founded in 1876, Jasper Stone Company’s products have been featured in some of the most high profile LEED and green designed buildings that have been built or rehabilitated in the past five years, including Howalt-McDowell’s Cherapa Place. “There are many good reasons for the increased demand of the local natural resource,” said Brian Phelps, General Manager of Jasper Stone Company. “The first is that it is readily available in our region and close to many building sites, but more importantly it gives architects the


flexibility to use traditional materials in a modern application, essentially blending old and new.” The quartzite stone contributes LEED credits for features that include the use of natural and local materials, energy efficiency, building reuse and materials reuse. Phelps sees the market growing in demand for the company’s products that is tied directly to the push for green and sustainable buildings. “Right now approximately 80% of the inquiries we get from around the Midwest are directly tied to green or LEED objectives.” Online: SDPB

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South Dakota April 2011  

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