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Monday, April 16, 2018

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Kidder County School unveils $450,000 ag expansion By Jenny Schlecht Agweek Staff Writer

STEELE, N.D. — When Kidder County, N.D., merged its two high schools for this school year, there was one major hitch: the county school district’s ag program had always been based at Tappen High School. All of the students now go to Steele High School. Steele had a shop, but not the kind of facility that would house all of the agriculture and vocational education offerings. To solve the problem, the district put up a $450,000 agriculture education expansion that they hope will continue to attract more students to the program and prepare students for careers in agriculture for years to come. It consists of a roomy shop, a self-contained classroom,a balcony storage space and a greenhouse work space. A new greenhouse will be coming soon. The school, which educates students from across the county that spans more square miles than the state of Rhode Island, on April 9 held an open house to show the community the new facility prior to Kidder County FFA’s annual banquet. Superintendent Rick Diegel said funding for the facility came out of the district’s building and general funds. Education always has a cost, whether for textbooks or facilities, and the school board and community felt like having an adequate place for agriculture education was worth the price tag, he said. ”We felt like this was a high enough need that it was very much worth doing,” he said. The cost breakdown was about $350,000 for the building itself and about $100,000 for the components inside, Diegel explained. He added that a ventilation system for the welding stalls, which will filter the air and return it to the building rather than just suck it out, will result in long-term savings from heating costs. Agriculture education teacher Pete Martin said his program has been in the new building since January. Some of the classes have helped construct things like tool storage cabinets and welding bays. Martin said he has some students who are in the ag facility five hours of the day — taking three classes from him and coming in on their free time to help out. “I think they really enjoy it,” he said. He’s seen more people sign up for classes, in part, he believes, because students no longer have to travel to Tappen, located 14 miles away, to attend. 2 Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK

Jenny Schlecht/Agweek Kidder County student Garret Krein, second from right, demonstrates the plasma table in the new ag ed facility at the school in Steele, N.D.

Jenny Schlecht/Agweek Community members get a look at the new ag ed facility at Kidder County School in Steele, N.D

While construction was going on, ag classes were held in the Steele school’s old shop. Allison Roth, a sophomore student who formerly went to school in Tappen, said the temporary classroom situation, moving into and finishing the new facility and merging two schools have meant a “big adjustment” for students. But the new facility has been “definitely an upgrade.” “It is really amazing to see how it’s come along,” she said. Roth, the FFA chapter’s reporter, sees the facility as a way to unite the two schools, get a more diversified FFA membership and grow the ag education program. Junior Austin Schmidt, who also used to go to Tappen, said moving the students and the ag program to Steele seems to have created some

Jenny Schlecht/Agweek Much of the work for new welding stalls in the Kidder County School’s new ag ed facility was done by students.

buzz in Steele that never happened in the past. “I thought our shop over in Tappen was pretty nice, but to get this all built just allows us to do so much more than we could there and gives us so much more space,” he said. Schmidt, the FFA vice president, is in the welding class that helped construct the welding stalls. Martin said the class welded all the wall dividers between stalls, as well as putting together chairs and tables to make one stand, an idea they got from Lynnes Welding in Bismarck and Fargo. Students also have built a storage room next to the welding bays, Martin added. Building the welding bays was a “hectic” process, Schmidt said, but one that has built excitement about the class. He’s heard of more

people signing up for it for next year, and by joining the welding class, students also will have the opportunity to join FFA. Diegel said Kidder County’s agriculture education classes, along with its technology and engineering education program, give the school unique offerings to get students ready for life after high school. Few schools in the state offer both programs, with only two rural schools offering both, confirmed Aaron Anderson, agriculture education supervisor in the North Dakota Department of Career and Technical Education. “We have a great school. We offer a lot of different programs that our kids are able to take and it will really prepare them for their post high school careers,” Diegel said.





Just because you don’t like the news doesn’t mean it’s fake By Agweek Editorial Board You might not read it on the printed pages of Agweek as often as we see it written to us in social media, but it’s a trend for readers or viewers to call us and other news outlets “fake news” when they disagree with reporting or with the opinions of columnists. We mostly ignore the comments and carry on with our daily jobs, knowing thousands are looking for a trusted source of ag news. This issue of “fake news” has nothing to do with any of the journalism outlets you likely frequent. In recent years, outlets have sprouted up online that write outright lies, with no connection to reality. Those sources sought to sow discontent, to make people doubt everything and rely on their own worst instincts. The efforts of those behind actual “fake news” have put lives in danger and, perhaps just as dangerously, have made people doubt everyone and everything. Some things in agriculture are simply facts, regardless of whether you like them. It’s not “fake news” when grain prices stumble. It’s not “fake news” when droughts or blizzards strike. It’s not “fake news” when major commodity groups criticize a government policy. When facts are important to agriculture, we report them. At Agweek, we stand behind the work we do, as well as the work of our news partners. We can, to borrow from math class and “show our work.” Our sources are real. Our work is real. Our news is real. Reporters quote real people — responsible people who have important perspectives or information to share. We have a team of people to ensure we’re meeting our responsibilities. We work to deliver timely, up-to-date agriculture news and to share columns with individual writers’ opinions and submitted letters to the editor. Those opinions are clearly labeled as such so readers and viewers don’t confuse them with news. Are you always going to like what you read in our pages or see on our show? Absolutely not. If you did, we wouldn’t be doing our jobs. We, as humans, all have biases. It’s human nature to fight what doesn’t fit our worldview. But that which doesn’t fit with what we think we know isn’t “fake.” When something is presented with verifiable sources and we dismiss it as “fake” just because we don’t like the conclusions, we’re shutting ourselves off from learning anything new or expanding our points of view. Go beyond reading headlines. Read news articles critically, from top to bottom. Don’t judge what you’re reading; try to learn from it. Whenever you read news, from any source, that doesn’t strike you as correct, consider your own biases. Are you willing to consider that your preconceived notions might be incorrect? If you’re a Democrat, you might not like to read an analysis that says a Democrat’s plan won’t work. If you’re a Republican farmer who considers yourself a supporter of the president of the United States, you might not like to hear that some of his policies appear to be harmful to agriculture.

We hear the concerns you have about issues facing your livelihood and industry. Even if you’re not actively working in agriculture, you care about food production and where food comes from. You might have a connection to agriculture and care about its future. Your feedback, thoughts and diverse opinions are welcome. Send your thoughts on ag issues to as letters to the editor by Tuesday at 12 p.m. Central each week. Have a story idea or news tip? Contact any of our Agweek staff or email Yes, there is “fake news” out there. But we don’t peddle in it. We and other journalists sometimes make mistakes or allow our own perspectives to cloud our reporting. When that happens, by all means, call us out. But anyone who labels anything they don’t want to hear or don’t want to believe as “fake news” is contributing to a societal problem. We are never going to write propaganda. We won’t write something just to make people happy. We subscribe to no particular political party or way of thinking. We are going to report the news as it happens, to the best of our abilities. And there’s nothing fake about that. We hope most fair-minded readers will agree that Agweek is not “fake news.” We don’t always bring good news about agriculture, but it’s relevant, accurate and up-to-date information from across the region and nation. We are proud to be part of agriculture. It’s our passion and livelihood to deliver ag news to you. Thank you for reading, watching and sharing your feedback.


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United Fresh announces nominations for new Board Officers and Directors WASHINGTON, D.C. — The United Fresh Produce Association announced new members to its board effective at its recent meeting in Santa Fe, N.M. Eric Halverson, CEO of Black Gold Farms in Grand Forks, N.D., was nominated to serve as a new member of the board of directors for a two-year term beginning April 2018. Black Gold Farms is a multi-state farming operation focused on potato production, farming in excess of 25,000 acres in 11 different states across the U.S.

Foster named vice president at ASV GRAND RAPIDS, Minn. — ASV Holdings Inc., a provider of rubber-tracked compact track loaders and wheeled skid-steer loaders, has named Thomas Foster as the new vice president of operations and supply chain. Thomas has more than 20 years of experience in the industrial equipment sector previously worked for Boeing Company, SAF-Holland Inc. and TGW Systems.

MSU Extension plant pathologist receives Fulbright Fellowship BOZEMAN, Mont. — A Montana State University expert on plant diseases

has received a Fulbright Fellowship to Australia where she will focus on spore trapping, a new area of research that could benefit Montana growers. Mary Burrows is a professor in the department of plant sciences and plant pathology in the college of agriculture at MSU, a plant pathology specialist for MSU Extension, director of the Schutter Diagnostic Lab and head of Montana’s Integrated Pest Management Program. The Fulbright Fellowship will allow her to work at the South Australian Research and Development Institute in Adelaide from January 2019 to April 2019. From what she learns in Australia, Burrows is interested in seeing if it would be feasible to set up spore traps in Montana. She plans to test five major categories of spore traps, initially focusing on the spore that causes Ascochyta blight. Those spores can be released from infected stubble if early spring rains occur.

NorthStar Genetics hires new district sales managers WANAMINGO, Minn. — NorthStar Genetics has hired two new district sales managers to cover parts of North Dakota and South Dakota. Patrick Bukowski of Garretson, S.D., and Dustin Mittleider of Jamestown, N.D., have joined the company as it grows both west and north.


Ag legislators have farm bill questions, too By Jonathan Knutson Agweek Staff Writer

WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. agriculturalists wonder when the next farm bill will be approved and exactly what will be in it. Pat Roberts, Debbie Stabenow and Collin Peterson — who should be in the best position to know those answers — say they’re wondering, too. The three Congressional ag leaders, all farm bill veterans, met April 10 on Capitol Hill with members of the North American Agricultural Journalists. The group, which represents U.S. and Canadian ag journalists, held its annual convention April 9-10 in Washington, D.C. Roberts, a Kansas Republican, is chairman of the U.S. Senate Ag Committee. Stabenow, a Michigan Democrat, is ranking Democrat on the Senate Ag Committee. Peterson, a Democrat who represents a sprawling ag-heavy district in northwest Minnesota, is ranking Democrat on the House Ag Committee. Michael Conaway, a Texas Republican and chairman of the House Ag Committee, was invited to meet with the ag journalists, but he was traveling and unable to attend, his staff said.

Jonathan Knutson/Agweek Rep. Collin Peterson on April 10 addresses members of the North American Agricultural Journalists in Washington, D.C.

Roberts, Stabenow and Peterson have a long history of working together to write and pass farm bills, the centerpiece of the federal government’s food and agriculture policy. The existing farm bill, approved in 2014, expires this fall and a new one will be needed. Roberts and Stabenow each said they’re confident the Senate can and will approve a farm bill eventually.

“I’m anxious to get this done and moving in the Senate,” Stabenow said. Poor farm prices and profitability increase the need “for us to get down and do our business on the farm side,” Roberts said. But Stabenow and Roberts said the House, not the Senate, is the stumbling block — a point made even more strongly by Peterson. He continued his ongoing criticism of a House Republican effort to expand work

requirements for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP. Many Democrats, both in the House and Senate, won’t support a new farm bill that includes expanded requirements, which threatens the longstanding urban-rural coalition that supports the farm bill, Peterson said. Asked whether the House will approve its farm bill version that contains the controversial requirement, Peterson said, “I’m skeptical they (House Republicans) can do it.” But even if they do, it “will never become law. It’s going nowhere in the Senate,” Peterson said. The House and Senate must reconcile differences in their respective legislation before the final bill becomes law, and Senate leaders have made it clear that they’ll never agree to compromise legislation containing the requirement, Peterson said. A bigger concern, however, is that the push for the new work requirements will alienate urban legislators who in the past reluctantly supported crop insurance and other federal programs important to farmers, Peterson said.

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Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK


PLAIN LIVING Jonathan Knutson welcomes comments about his column. Mail comments to him at Box 6008, Grand Forks, N.D. 582066008. Email him at jknutson@agweek. com or call him at 701-780-1111. Knutson is a staff writer for Agweek.

6 things I relearned in D.C. By Jonathan Knutson Agweek Staff Writer

WASHINGTON, D.C. — I’m here in Washington, D.C., for the annual convention of the North American Agricultural Journalists, the professional group for U.S. and Canadian ag journalists. Many Agweek readers belong to professional organizations or commodity groups, and they understand the benefits of events like this one. Listening to knowledgeable speakers, meeting policymakers, rubbing shoulders with people who share your concerns and interests — the benefits are many and real. I’ve learned many new and important things, some of which will be featured in future Agweek stories. But I’m also being reminded of stuff I first learned at previous annual conventions. Here are a few things I’m relearning: Politicians and their staffs work hard. You may disagree with their positions, you may question their sincerity. But you can’t honestly deny that our elected officials — and the people they hire — put in long, demanding days. Yes, they knew what they going into when they ran for office and when they applied for staff positions. That doesn’t change how hard they work. The Upper Midwest isn’t exactly prominent here. Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota are mighty important to most Agweek readers. Not to D.C. residents. For example, my pleasant, efficient taxi driver — who asked me at the airport where I’m from — was clearly stumped when I said I live in North Dakota. After a long pause, he asked, “Do you have many taxis there?” I answered, “No, we don’t have enough people to have many taxis.” Washington doesn’t revolve around agriculture. Ag dominates my life. It’s important, even dominant, in the lives of most Agweek readers. And, yes, it’s important to some folks here in D.C. But many of our elected officials have little understanding, and even less interest, in agriculture. That doesn’t make them bad or stupid; it means they represent states and districts where ag isn’t particularly important. Sure, you can argue that ag is important to everyone, that a safe, affordable food supply is vital to our country. But a vast number of topics and economic sectors are vying for attention here, and many of them are important, too. Ag won’t get as much attention as you and I think it deserves. Nor should it. Just as mining or manufacturing shouldn’t get as much attention as people involved in those sectors want. Individual farmers and ranchers make a difference. Yes, this is a complicated, complex place. But farm organizations and commodity groups do influence ag policy here — and those groups and organizations rely on their members. So pick a commodity or issue that’s important to you and join a group that promotes or defends it. Whether it’s at the state level or here in Washington, you can make a difference. Eventually, you might come to hold leadership positions. I’ve just been installed as 2018 national president of our group, after previously serving as national vice president and Midwest regional vice president. Hey, if I can do it, you surely can, too. Agriculture is as interesting as ever. Science and technology continue to change and evolve. So do tax laws and trade policy. There’s always more to learn. The details can be complicated, but nobody can accuse ag of being static or boring. Washington is a nice place to visit, but … . I’m enjoying my time here. It’s benefitting me personally and professionally. But my North Dakota home, humble as it may be, is the place for me. It will be good to get back.

6 Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK

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ND Farmers Union opens seventh restaurant

JAMESTOWN, N.D. — The North Dakota Farmers Union’s seventh farmer-owned restaurant opened its doors in Reston, Va., in partnership with Agraria LLC members and the Farmers Restaurant Group. Founding Farmers Reston is located at Reston Station on D.C.’s Metro subway line. Just five months ago, the organization opened its first location outside of the Beltway near Philadelphia. Like other Founding Farmers restaurants, the newest storefront will feature made-from-scratch comfort food served at affordable prices with ingredients sourced from American family farms and ranches. Collectively, the restaurants serve more than 45,000 diners a week. The group’s flagship restaurant near the White House remains the most-booked restaurant in the country on for five years running. The concept of a farmer-owned restaurant started at NDFU with the idea that farmers could secure a greater share of the U.S. food dollar by taking advantage of opportunities at the top of the production food chain rather than the bottom.

New Minnesota Grown Directory now available ST. PAUL, Minn. — The 2018 Minnesota Grown Directory, a 1,000-member directory of Minnesota agricultural products and services available directly from farmers and farmers markets, is now available. The directory is searchable by region, farm name or product, including locally grown fruits and vegetables, meats, dairy items, wineries, nurseries, Christmas trees, Community Supported Agriculture operations and more. The Minnesota Grown Directory highlights farms and farmers markets from all parts of Minnesota. It features peak season information for a variety of fruits and vegetables, storage tips and preparation ideas, including recipes from local chefs. Minnesota Cooks — the educational outreach program of directory sponsor Minnesota Farmers Union — has once again contributed recipes from local chefs and restaurateurs to contribute recipes that celebrate Minnesota’s unique agricultural offerings. For a free, printed copy of the Minnesota Grown Directory, visit the Minnesota Grown website or call Explore Minnesota Tourism at 1-888-TOURISM.

Permits needed to apply pesticides, fertilizers through irrigation systems

ST. PAUL, Minn. — As Minnesotans look ahead to another growing season, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture is issuing a reminder that chemigation permits from the MDA are required to apply fertilizers or pesticides through irrigation systems. A permit for chemigation is required for farms, greenhouses, golf courses, nurseries and other settings where agricultural chemicals are applied through an irrigation system that is directly connected to a water supply. Agricultural chemicals include fertilizers and pesticides. A person operating the system is responsible for obtaining the permit and complying with all regulatory requirements. Operators must complete an online application form at https://www2.mda.state. and pay the required fee. More information on a chemigation permit, including forms and fact sheets, can be found at If you have questions, contact MDA Chemigation Program Consultants Jim Freilinger at 320243-7382 or Jeff Lorentz at 320-223-6547.

New app will help ID plants, pests and diseases BOZEMAN, Mont. — Montanans can now turn to their phones for help in identifying weeds, insects

and crop diseases. A new phone app provides an additional tool to those who might otherwise text, email or send samples through the mail to the Schutter Diagnostic Lab at Montana State University, said Mary Burrows, lab director and MSU Extension plant pathologist. The MSU lab provides identification services for plant diseases, insects, weeds, native plants and mushrooms. Farmers who use the app, for example, could take a digital photo of an abnormal wheat stem, then upload the photo and fill out a form with their questions, extra details and contact information. The app will direct the query to the proper expert to determine the cause and suggest possible remedies for the problem. Homeowners might use the app to identify an unusual spider that lives in their basement, Burrows added. Extension agents who monitor the incoming questions might learn that a new invasive weed or pest has entered Montana. The app could also give diagnosticians more complete information than they currently receive, Burrows said. Funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the app is free and available now. For more information and how to use the app, go to

Things needed for growth: soil, rain, support. You work hard every day. And our experienced bankers will work hard on your behalf, helping you be better prepared for what’s ahead. 800-908-BANK (2265) Member FDIC. ©2016 Bremer Financial Corporation. All rights reserved.

Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK


FOOD AND SWINE Cristen Clark lives on an Iowa farm where her family raises corn, soybeans, pigs and cattle. She loves cooking and writing, and sharing contest winning recipes with people she knows. She can be reached at cristen@ or at foodandswine. com.

Pie tips and tricks: Double Cherry Pie Recipe By Cristen Clark

The insanely freezing April weather and recent trade concerns can get the best of most people, but I firmly believe a little pie helps reset the maniacal, heal the hurting and spreads joy and cheer to all who savor a slice. Pie is a universal comfort food. The care it takes to make delicious pie is evident in every bite that’s enjoyed. If you ask me, fruit pies are back “in style.” They are a nod to nostalgia, transporting all who enjoy them to “Grandma’s kitchen.” Making great pie is a life-skill and one that is honed not only by love and care, but by experience and consistent practice. As a food contest judge, my favorite classes to judge are fruit pie classes, for obvious reasons and also because I learn so many tips and tricks to employ in my own kitchen. Entrants are endlessly creative and there are several ideas that consistently repeat in their winning recipes. 1. Mix it up: If you are making an apple pie, use 3 types of apples. One tart, one sweet and one in between. Swap out some of the cinnamon in an apple pie for some lemon zest. The acidity from the zest will complement the warmness of the cinnamon. 2. If you are using freshly grated citrus zest of any kind in your pie, take extra time to rub the zest with granulated sugar from the recipe. This action will encourage the natural oils from the zest to release and “perfume” the sugar, increasing the enhancing flavor of your finished pie. It also breaks down the zest pieces slightly so they are less detected in the finished pie. 3. Don’t wreck your crust. If you are preparing a cooked filling, let the filling cool prior to adding it to your pastry-lined pie plate. If you don’t wait, the hot pie filling will melt the fat in your crust. It’s imperative that the fat component in your pie crust is well-chilled so it steams when the pie is introduced to the hot oven. The puff of steam the chilled fat gives off when it hits the hot oven creates delicate flaky layers that the best pies all have. 4. Rest: After removing fruit pies from the oven, allow four hours for the pie to rest to achieve proper “set.” This means it won’t ooze all over the pie plate once you cut the first slice. 5. The “cheeriest” pie of all is cherry.

8 Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK

Double Cherry Pie Makes 1 standard sized pie Ingredients: Filling: • 3 cups frozen tart/sour cherries, thawed, strained and very gently pressed of juices • 1 ½ cup frozen dark sweet cherries, thawed, strained and very gently pressed of juices • 1 cup of reserved cherry juice (reserve juice and add water if need be to make 1 cup) • 1 ¼ cup sugar • 3 tablespoons corn starch • Pinch of salt • 2 tablespoons instant tapioca pearls • ¼ teaspoon almond extract • 2 tablespoons butter • 1 beaten egg plus 2 teaspoons water • 1 tablespoon sanding sugar or granulated sugar • Pastry for a two crust pie (see below) Thaw cherries. Reserve juice. Set cherries aside. Place cherry juice, sugar, cornstarch and salt in saucepan over medium heat. Cook until juice is clear. Cool slightly, add cherries. Cool to lukewarm. Fold in tapioca. Pour into pastry-lined pie plate. Dot top of filling  with 2 tablespoons butter. Cover with desired topping/crust. Crimp decoratively and vent decoratively. Brush with egg wash, sprinkle with sugar. Bake in a 400 degree oven for 20 minutes, then reduce temperature to 350, continue baking for 40-50 minutes until slow bubbles form in the filling around the

sides or up through vents of pie. You may wrap an aluminum foil collar around the outside crust if the pie gets too brown during baking. (I wrap my foil collar before the pie goes into the oven, removing it for the last 15-20 minutes of baking.) Lard or Butter Pie Pastry: Pastry: • 2 ½ cup all purpose flour • ¾ teaspoon salt • 1 tablespoon granulated sugar • 1 cup butter or lard, frozen or well-chilled, cubed into half inch cubes (or ½ cup of each) • 1 tablespoon vinegar (apple cider or white) • ½-plus  cup ice water (more or less depending on humidity in your region) Combine dry ingredients, whisk well. Cut butter into flour until coarse crumbs form. Combine wet ingredients, add them to the dry ingredients and stir to combine. This mixture is ready when you can grab a portion of it in your palm, squeeze and it sticks together. Turn half the mixture out onto plastic wrap, shape into a disk.  Repeat with the other half. Cover both  with plastic wrap. Refrigerate at least 30 minutes. Preheat oven to 400 F. When ready to roll crusts: Remove from refrigerator, remove plastic. Generously flour workspace, roll crust out to 13 to 14-inch disks. Place one  in pie pan. Do not stretch. Patch any imperfections (holes, etc.) Fill pie carefully with filling of choice.  (Not HOT filling, only lukewarm or cooler so you don’t melt the fat in the crust.) Basket weave lattice crust on top of filling. Fold crust under, crimp decoratively. Return to refrigerator or prepare pie immediately. Freezing:  Freeze prepared pie in an aluminum pie plate. Bake frozen pie at 400 for 30 minutes and 350 for an additional 50-70 minutes until juices are bubbling from vents/lattice in pie.

Cristen Clark/Special to Agweek The care it takes to make delicious pie is evident in every bite that’s enjoyed.

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Top USDA officials talks China, soybeans By Jonathan Knutson Agweek Staff Writer

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Steve Censky spent 21 years as CEO of the American Soybean Association. Now, as U.S. Department of Agriculture Deputy Secretary of Agriculture, he’s part of an administration pursuing trade policies that deeply concern U.S. soybean farmers. Asked what he says about that to his former colleagues, Censky answered, “Understand the anxiety very well. China is U.S. soybean farmers’ No. 1 market.” “What I would say is, those (concerns) are understandable. Certainly we’re hoping that we can be successful, that China comes to the table (to negotiate),” he said. Censky met with members of the North American Agricultural Journalists April 9 during the group’s annual convention in Washington, D.C. Censky was a substitute for Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue, who was in Washington but unavailable

for the meeting, according to USDA staff. It ’s thought to be the first time since the early 1950s that the serving ag secretary did not meet with the ag journalSubmitted photo ists during their SU.S. Department of annual convenAgriculture Deputy tion. Secretary of Agriculture As depuSteve Censky. ty secretary, Censky runs the day-to-day operations of 90,000 ag department employees nationwide. He’s responsible for implementing policies set by Congress and the Trump administration, which includes Perdue.

The administration’s trade policies, particularly its stance on trade with China, alarm many in U.S. agriculture, including soybean farmers. But Trump is doing what he believes to be best for the country, said Censky, who grew up on a soybean, corn and diversified livestock farm near Jackson, Minn. His Upper Midwest ties include serving as a legislative assistant for former U.S. Sen. Jim Abdnor, R.-S.D. “The president has made it clear that some countries like China don’t play by the rules, that his job is to make sure he’s protecting American interests. And certainly he’s taken action to do that,” he said. “Farmers and ranchers, I think, understand that. But at the same time, we know that those actions have created a lot of anxiety,” he said.

Even so, Censky said he remains optimistic about the future of U.S. agriculture trade, given growing world demand for food and the U.S. ability to grow and export it. Censky’s other comments include covered the following topics: ► USDA is continuing to invest in infrastructure in rural America. ► Agriculture is “a big beneficiary” of tax cuts and job acts enacted shortly before Christmas. ► USDA has filled most of its state-level administrative vacancies and is working to fill the rest. ► The North American Free Trade Agreement has been good for U.S. agriculture, and the ag sector has consistently made it clear that ongoing revisions in NAFTA must not hurt ag.

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It’s nearing mid-April and snow is still on the ground. Farmers are anxious to get into the field and planning how to best manage a cold, wet planting season in order to raise a healthy crop with the highest yields possible. The goal of every farmer is higher yields — but the potential for high yield is already present in the seed they purchase. “The genetic potential for yield that is already in corn seed could be as high as 800 bushels per acre,” says Dale Hanke, director of marketing for Stoller USA. “Seed is one of the most important purchases a farmer makes. Rather than thinking how to increase yields, we need to focus on what we can do to reduce the loss of yield caused by outside factors.” Stress management Stress, especially abiotic plant stress, costs farmers bushels at harvest time. Growing conditions are seldom perfect and even in the best growing season, plants are impacted by stress. Abiotic plant stressors are non-living factors that negatively affect seed germination, vegetative growth and seed development, such as: • Temperature extremes (frost, cold and heat) • Water extremes (drought or excessive rainfall) • Mineral imbalances (nutrient deficiencies or excessive salinity) These conditions, if not managed proactively, cause the plant to lose up to 70 percent of their potential, resulting in yield loss. The potential for yield loss starts as soon as a farmer opens a bag or container of seed since stress

even prior to planting negatively affects yield. Stoller’s Bio-Forge Advanced® was developed for farmers to achieve optimal plant health when weather conditions aren’t perfect. It works in wet, cool planting conditions by reducing the impact of stress on the plant. What is Bio-Forge Advanced? Bio-Forge Advanced brings a revolutionary new level of stress management to crop production. Progressive farmers utilize Stoller’s Bio-Forge Advanced to manage the abiotic stress their crops are exposed to from the time the seed is planted until the crop is harvested. Bio-Forge Advanced contains the patented technology of Bio-Forge along with two important minerals, Cobalt and Molybdenum. Together, these components provide three modes of action to fight abiotic plant stress, all in one product. “Farmers traditionally look at insects and diseases as pests that

can rob yields, but they also need to understand that one of the worst yield robbing “pests” they will face all season long, from planting to harvest, is weather-induced stress,” says Hanke. “BioForge Advanced helps crops manage stress. It manages weather stress best when applied before the stress event happens or very soon after a stress event occurs.” Bio-Forge Advanced is versatile and cost-effective as a seed treatment through infurrow application at planting and in foliar sprays with most herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. “Bio-Forge Advanced reduces the impact of stress on the plant,” says Hanke. “To maximize yield, you have to be willing to feed that crop and do what you can to manage abiotic stress response throughout the season.” When Bio-Forge Advanced is incorporated into the growing process, the plant’s energy is focused on productivity — not wasted on managing environmental stress and excess ethylene. It also allows crops to efficiently utilize soil nutrients, leading to greater productivity and yields. Eliminate stress this season To help combat wet, cold planting conditions, farmers should plan to add Bio Forge Advanced to their farming practice this growing season. Farmers can contact Plant Power Agriculture to find out how BioForge Advanced and other Stoller products can help their plants function more efficiently. Call Kevin Christopherson at 701-270-1106 or Fred Lukens at 701-739-0240 or visit

Bio-Forge® Advanced Active Ingredients: • Total Nitrogen (N) - 3.0% • 1.0% Urea Nitrogen • 2.0% Ammoniacal Nitrogen • Soluble Potash (K2O) 1.0% • Cobalt (Co) 1.0% • Molybdenum (Mo) 1.0% How to apply: • Bio-Forge® Advanced can be used as a seed treatment with an application rate of 2 oz./cwt. It can also be used in-furrow with an application rate of 8 oz./acre. • Apply 8-16 oz./acre through irrigation, side dress or foliar sprays. • For use on row crops, vegetable crops, fruit and nut crops, field-grown nursery stock. • See the label for more information about specific crops, rates and timing.

Progressive farmers utilize Stoller’s Bio-Forge Advanced to manage crop stress from planting through harvest. 001711360r1

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COVER STORY Erin Brown/ Grand Vale Creative

Sustainability draws differing views By Jonathan Knutson Agweek Staff Writer

Your definition, please No two agriculturalists view or define sustainability in exactly the same way. If you’d like to share your thoughts, we’d be happy to share them at Agweekmagazine/. Send your definition of no more than 100 words, along with your name and hometown, to Jonathan Knutson at, by April 30. • USTAINABILITY has become one of the most widely used words in American agriculture and the U.S. food system. Farmers and ranchers frequently talk about it and how to best incorporate it into their farms and ranches. But the term and concept behind it means different things to different people and organizations. Though they all agree sustainability is important, they often disagree about how individual agricultural producers and U.S. ag in general should respond. Agweek asked a wide range of Upper Midwest farm groups and farmers these questions: How do you define sustainability? Is U.S. agriculture making progress in achieving it? Here are their written answers, some edited for length.


Jason Walker, communication director of the Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota: “To be truly sustainable, a farm must do three things: Produce enough food, produce enough income for the farmer and leave the land in better condition for future generations. All three must occur for true sustainable farming; the loss of any means sustainability is unachievable. Achieving the final factor, though, will have the most overall impact. “Low commodity prices and the power of soil health are shifting the paradigm toward a profitable model of continuous cover, crop diversity, less tillage and livestock integration. Farmers see this as a profitable model and have the evidence to prove it. Yet government policy and institutional thinking is way behind, still focused on outdated principles that do not prioritize land stewardship and rely on too many agricultural inputs. SFA knows we can achieve sustainability, we CAN make more money farming with positive environmental impacts, and farmers must powerfully lead the way through adoption of soil health principles.”


12 Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK

David Clough, Fessenden, N.D., farmer and chairman of the North Dakota Wheat Commission: (He has enhanced the sustainability of his farm through technology, cropping rotation and no-till to improve soil and water management). “As farmers we have always been conservationists. The land is our livelihood. We need it, so we try to preserve it in many different ways. “We weren’t as sustainable when I started farming almost 50 year ago, but we have changed and adapted and we will keep changing and adapting.”


Alexander Smart, South Dakota state co-coordinator of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education, or SARE: “This is a question that I have been wrestling with for over the last 15 years of my professional career. The word “sustainable” has a subjective meaning for different people. This is likely in part because the idea of sustainability has some measure of time associated with it. “So what is sustainable? A lifetime, many lifetimes, etc.? Sometimes unintended consequences are unforeseen or not measured, and we think what we are doing is sustainable when it actually may not be in the long run. So what is sustainable agriculture? For a system to be sustainable it must be: 1) profitable, 2) environmentally friendly, and 3) socially relevant.”


Julie Schaff Ellingson, executive vice president of the North Dakota Stockmen’s Association: (The response is a shortened version of the organization’s beef sustainability policy.) “’Sustainability’ has become a buzzword in the industry, and the definition of sustainability has economic ramifications for all industry segments. The NDSA believes that any definition of sustainability should include economic viability of each industry segment, including cow-calf producers, because a ranching operation that is not profitable is not sustainable; the NDSA also believes that any beef sustainability program should be voluntary, market-driven and science-based.

“NDSA supports the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association in leading discussions about beef sustainability with industry partners to ensure that economic viability and production efficiencies are at the center of any programs they develop and decisions they make relating to this topic.”


Susan Long, office manager of Northern Plains Sustainable Agriculture Society: “In relation to agriculture, NPSAS members typically view sustainability from an ecological perspective — believing that plants, animals, insects and all living organisms are working together to improve our natural resources. Implementation of regenerative practices, crop and livestock diversity, holistic land management, increasing soil fertility, cultivation of heirloom seeds and enhancing existing resources are just a few ways to preserve food sovereignty while nurturing the health of our planet for our children and their children. “Consumers are driving the direction of agriculture now more than ever by challenging growers to think about the long-term implications of practices implemented. In order to remain sustainable, growers must meet consumer demand, balance profitability and annually improve the health of the soil so that grains, vegetables, fruits and livestock are healthier for people to eat.”


Brad Greenway, chairman of the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance and a Mitchell, S.D. farmer and rancher: “U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance (USFRA) identifies sustainability as a key issue in earning consumer trust in agriculture. When defining this widely-used buzzword, USFRA research shows that nearly 80 percent of consumers associate sustainability and the environment to air, water, soil and habitat. “These findings impact our strategy in communicating to consumers that today’s farmers and ranchers utilize technology to continually improve their environmental and economical sustainability. Precision farming, GMOs, advanced indoor housing and footprint calculators are a few of the many tools we use to implement and measure sustainability to guide us through our efforts to conserve natural resources and enhance animal welfare.” “Through these efforts on the farm and agriculture’s active role in connecting with the consumer, USFRA research shows an increase in the percentage of Americans who strongly trust

COVER STORY farmers and ranchers in the United States (we’re at 34 percent in 2017 compared to 28 percent in 2016 and 24 percent in 2015).”


Jerry Schmitz, president of the South Dakota Soybean Association and a Vermillion, S.D., farmer: “Farm sustainability is producing food, feed, fiber and fuel for a rapidly growing population in a way that is safe for people, animals and the environment; and is perpetually renewable as well as economically viable for consumers and producers. Farmers are constantly seeking new methods and technologies in our effort to be sustainable for ourselves, our society and future generations. “Agriculture is going in the right direction, but we need to continually evaluate where we have been, the methods we employ now and how we can best serve the world. Our forefathers prepared the seedbed by plowing every inch of soil which led to wind and water erosion, but at the time there was no better method of controlling weeds and preparing a seedbed. Today we employ better methods and with the help of new technologies like biotechnology and precision agriculture, tomorrow looks even brighter.”


Paul Overby, a Wolford, N.D., farmer, businessman and conservationist: “Sustainability for me is a based on Christian stewardship, recognizing that I am responsible for both what I do today and my impact on the well-being of future generations. It means farming in a way that protects, and then rebuilds, soil resources so future families will have a dependable food supply. It means using all available technology we can afford to reduce using fuel, fertilizer, and chemicals while still producing a profitable crop. It also means being a good steward of things I don’t make a profit on, such as wildlife and beauty. “Ag is slowly adopting many precision ag and soil health practices that improve sustainability. But we need to move the short-term profit focus to long-term resource building to truly become sustainable.”


Kirby Hettver, president of the Minnesota Corn Growers Association and a DeGraff, Minn., farmer: “In late 2016, the Minnesota Corn Growers Association set a goal for Minnesota corn farmers to become the most environmentally responsible and sustainable corn farmers in the nation. Our definition of sustainability is made up of three equally important elements, all of which relate to and influence each other: First is people. Our model of sustainability strengthens farms and rural communities while enabling a safe and healthy quality of life for all Minnesotans. Next is planet. Sustainable practices

manage and replenish finite resource critical to agriculture, while protecting and enhancing the environment impacted by farming. And finally, profit. Sustainability provides a fair margin of profit for farmers while delivering equitably priced goods to all. “While commodity prices are impacting the profitability on farms throughout the state, I believe agriculture is moving in the right direction by becoming more sustainable in the areas we can control.”


Ben Lilliston, director of Rural Strategies and Climate Change at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, Minneapolis: “Sustainability applies to both present and future generations. It protects and preserves the environment (including the climate); is economically viable; and is socially equitable for the connected community. “Agriculture as a whole is struggling to move toward sustainability. Current market conditions aren’t producing fair prices for farmers. Short-term economic pressures make it difficult to invest in long-term environmental protections. Fewer, big farms are less connected to the rural communities they surround. Some farmers and rural areas are going against the grain, moving toward sustainability by investing in systems based on soil health, cleaner water and air, locally owned businesses and the rural communities where they live. They are leading the way to a sustainable agriculture future.”


Tregg Cronin, South Dakota Wheat Commission commissioner and Gettysburg, S.D., farmer: “The term sustainability is being used these days in conjunction with everything from farming to paper bags. “Yet, the term means so much more to people who live and breathe it. As a producer, reflecting on the term sustainability causes one to reflect on the direction of their entire operation. Is what I’m doing going to afford my children, and my children’s children the chance to build a life off the land I farm? The answer to that question for me lends itself directly to diversity, and ensuring my land and soil are properly taken care of. As our farm manager, Dan Forgey, has often said, ‘If you take care of the land, it will take care of you.’ For our farm, making sure wheat has a stable place in our rotation is part of keeping our land and soil happy.”


Mary Podoll, North Dakota State Conservationist, Natural Resources Conservation Service, an arm of the U.S. Department of Agriculture: “Sustainability is ‘the avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.’ I think the definition should also include enhancement or ‘to improve.’ Hugh Hammond Bennett

was the think tank behind the movement for soil conservation on agriculture lands. He believed in the voluntary approach; 83 years later this approach is still amazingly strong. Being part of the conservation story for 30 years myself, I think that the knowledge we have gained in the past 15 years on soil biology is the ‘new frontier’ for sustainability. “NRCS defines conservation as the stewardship of soil, water, plants, air, animals (both domestic and wildlife) in a manner that allows for healthy food and fiber, and in a way that sustains or enhances the resource. Knowledge of land and soil capabilities and risk mitigation are key. If stewardship was easy, we wouldn’t have loss of soil organic matter, poor water quality and hypoxia issues; we know a lot — but it’s not easy to practice. The new frontier of soil biology along with what we know about dynamic soil properties (chemical and physical) will increase our knowledge and ability to help agriculture build upon conservation practices to enhance soil and water for a bright future.”


Joseph Jensen, a Lewistown, Mont., senior majoring in crop biotechnology at Montana State University: “To answer the question what does sustainability mean to me — I feel that it comes down to four things. Sustainable agriculture needs to be economical, an efficient use of resources, produce high quality products and ensure a good quality of life for the producer. To have a truly sustainable system, agriculture will need to encompass all four of these broad topics. I do feel that agriculture is always moving toward being more sustainable. Producers have to constantly balance these issues to meet their own needs and the needs of the consumers. That being said, I also feel that a truly sustainable system will never be reached. It will be something that producers will strive for and in the end, push agriculture forward in positive direction.”


Pete Hanebutt, North Dakota Farm Bureau Public Policy Director: In the Farm Bureau network, sustainable agriculture means production — under best management practices — meets the needs of the American consumer and the world. NDFB believes production agriculture is heading in the right direction and has been since at least World War I. American farmers currently feed themselves plus other people here and abroad. Research, efficiencies and scientifically improved methods of production have made this possible, and we’ve maintained the healthiest environment of anywhere in the world.” “American agriculture is sustainable and will continue to be, as long as farmers and ranchers are able to use the tools they need to safely provide food and fiber without government overreach or misguided rules based on an erroneous perception of modern agriculture.” Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK



Trump announces support for year-round E15 sales By Jenny Schlecht Agweek Staff Writer

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump on April 12 announced his support for year-round sales of E15, an announcement cheered by farm groups, corn growers and the ethanol industry. Sales of E15, which is 15 percent ethanol and 85 percent gasoline, have been prohibited from June 1 to Sept. 15 due to federal law and regulations regarding formation of surface ozone and smog. Trump made his comments regarding E15 during a meeting at the White House with governors and lawmakers. Kevin Skunes, an Arthur, N.D., farmer and president of the National Corn Growers Association, said the move will provide for consumer savings, environmental advantages and a more stable corn market. NCGA wants to work alongside the Trump administration to make the change happen. “NCGA has been advocating for this parity for higher blends of ethanol not only for these benefits but also because the additional ethanol blending addresses refiner concerns about (Renewable Identification Number) values,” Skunes said in a statement. “Increased blending lowers RIN values.” Refiners have argued rising prices of such num-

bers has hurt them in trying to meet their burdens under the Renewable Fuel Standard. “E15 blending nationwide will increase ethanol blending which will increase the supply of RIN credits and help bring down their price,” said American Coalition for Ethanol CEO Brian Jennings in a statement. Jennings said his organization looks forward to “participating in the process to finally make E15 sales year-round a reality.” “Allowing the sale of E15 year-round is not only a commonsense step to provide regulatory relief to retailers, it is a win for their customers, who save about a nickel to a dime with each gallon of E15 at the pump,” Jennings said in a statement. Emily Skor, CEO of Growth Energy, a biofuels trade association, said allowing year-round sales of E15 is a “common-sense fix to create a level playing field for cleaner, more affordable fuel options during the summer driving season.” “This simple fix allows retailers to offer better options alongside traditional blends all year long,” she said in a statement. Roger Johnson, president of National Farmers Union, applauded the potential move while also suggesting the president could go farther.

“Family farmers are facing severely depressed prices due to massive oversupply of corn and other commodities. We appreciate the administration’s move to remove this unnecessary regulation that decreases demand for farm products,” Johnson said in a statement. “While this waiver will go a long way towards cutting into the corn supply, more can and should be done for higher blends of ethanol, like E30. This high-octane fuel offers better economic, fuel economy and air quality benefits than do lower blends of ethanol, yet far too many barriers continue to exist to keep it from being used.”

Skunes also pointed out another ethanol-related area where the Environmental Protection Agency could do more. “Even with the positive news from the White House today, NCGA continues to call on EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to stop granting small refinery exemptions, giving extremely profitable refiners a pass on meeting their RFS obligations and destroying demand. We remain opposed to further demand destruction through a RIN price cap or other policies that undermine the RFS,” he said.


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By Peter Welte I am a fan of axioms, statements that are just generally accepted as true, no matter what the situation. One of my favorite axioms is “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” I am also a fan of great movie lines. One of my favorites is from the 1950 classic “All About Eve,” where Bette Davis famously says “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night.” These two quotes are great examples of what’s happening in agriculture this past week. Since our last column, the Trump administration has been in the news regarding broad-based tariffs imposed on a variety of goods and commodities. A full analysis of the tariffs is beyond the 650 word limit of this column. But the short story is this: In late March, President Donald Trump instructed the United States Trade Representative to apply $50 billion of tariffs on Chinese goods imported to the U.S. In response, the Dow Jones average fell more than 700 points. On April 4 May soybeans fell 22 cents to $10.15 per bushel in heavy trading. Much of the anxiety in the soybean market had to do with the fact that China implemented their own tariffs in response to the Trump tariffs, with the China tariffs covering several agricultural products at a rate of 15 to 25 percent, including 25 percent on U.S. soybeans, which is the United States’ top agricultural export to China. Scary stuff, right? It looked like we had a full-blown trade war in the brewing. Well, you can’t judge a book by its cover. Since April 4, the May soybean contract on the Chicago Board of Trade is up 35 cents and counting. Hard red spring wheat — on the May 2018 contract — on the Minneapolis Grain Exchange is up nearly 55 cents since the beginning of the month. Farmers, most of whom aren’t even close to being in the field in this region, are asking “what gives?” There are several theories to what is happening. But the fact of the matter is that it is way too early to tell what the long-term effect of these tariffs — on either side of the aisle — will be. There is an article on by Kenneth Rapoza entitled “Trump’s Tariff Threats Are Working On China.” Conversely, according to Tom Philpott on, “Trump’s Trade War Is About to Screw Over California’s Remaining Republicans.” The New York Times has an interesting column by Steven Lee Myers entitled “Why China Is Confident It Can Beat Trump in a Trade War.” The numbers of opinions in the blogosphere are limited only by the amount of time you have to read them. The fact is the Trump tariffs have not hurt farmers. And so far the objective indications are that they are helping farmers. Politics aside, farmers who are making planting decisions are doing so based upon several variables. Among these variables are the late spring, the predicted weather pattern, seed and fertilizer prices, and seed and fertilizer supplies. One other variable farmers try to predict is what price they will receive for their commodities once they’re harvested. That’s the most interesting variable in the equation right now. Markets tend to be volatile when there is uncertainty. During my undergrad days at North Dakota State University, an iconic agricultural economics professor of mine used the phrase “buy the rumor, sell the fact.” When there is uncertainty, there are increased buying and selling opportunities, but with those opportunities comes increased risk. As I write this, the fall prices for wheat, soybeans and corn are at $5.85, $9.50, and $3.37, respectively. I don’t know much, but I do know that I will be astounded if those numbers are the same in September, which is only five months away. So farmers, keep your eye on the markets daily. And watch the value of the dollar as a gauge of market direction, as well. And as Bette Davis said, fasten your seatbelts!


LAW ON THE FARM Welte is an attorney with the Vogel Law Firm in Grand Forks, N.D., and a small grains farmer in Grand Forks County.

Fasten your seatbelts: Trump tariffs have not hurt farmers

Lawrence and her husband Bryan raise turf grass, alfalfa, corn and purebred Hereford cattle near Princeton, Minn. She works for the Minnesota Farm Bureau Foundation and is state coordinator for the Speak for Yourself program. Reach her at marytinathefar merswife@gmail. com.

Increase a farm’s legacy and hold on to tradition By Marytina Lawrence Special to Agweek

It is really hard to describe what it is like to live and work on a family farm. It was not something I was familiar with prior to marrying my husband and something that has required varied levels of adjustment and patience over the 23 years I have been a Lawrence. My husband works every day with his mom, dad and brother. He is the third generation on his family farm and our children are the fourth. When you work with your family, life can be total bliss. And there are times when it can be a challenge. I would never wish for any other way to live, mind you, as I believe the positives far outweigh the negatives. However, we are all human, all intelligent and determined, and there are times when that can prove to present interesting challenges. My husband said to me once many years ago that his dedication to the farm and the family is about the legacy he wishes to leave his children. The Lawrence family has been raising Hereford cattle for more than 60 years. Does anyone do anything for that long a period of time anymore? It is a true legacy when you think about the generational impact that has on us as a family and on the people we serve through farming. When I first became a Lawrence, I didn’t quite understand the significance of that. It took me a while to appreciate the complexity and tradition of what it means to be committed to something for that long with the sole intent of maintaining that legacy for years to come. There is commitment of grand proportions wrapped up in the years of hard work through good times and difficult times. I look at the future of our cattle business and am inspired and encouraged by the enthusiasm with which my children approach the future. I see their desire to take hold of something they will inherit and make it more than it is at this moment. To increase the legacy and hold on to the tradition that makes it what it is today. I am excited for the future because of all the work that was done in the past to give them the opportunity to make something great in their own lifetime. All this made me ponder the state of our society and the need to always have the next best thing. The hard work and appreciation for the work of the past has brought us to how we live today. I am thankful that my children understand and appreciate what has been laid out for them. I ask you to consider those traditions in your home and family. How will you have an impact and preserve those traditions for future generations? At Lawrence Herefords, I am confident in the generations to come and thankful for the generations past who have blessed me with the opportunity to live in legacy.

Photo by Erin Brown/Grand Vale Creative Marytina Lawrence looks at the future of their cattle business and is inspired and encouraged by the enthusiasm with which her children approach the future Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK



Beets return to prominence Share values show strength By Mikkel Pates

Agweek Staff Writer

GRAND FORKS, N.D. — American Crystal Sugar Co. stock share prices and trading ran steady to stronger in the trading season, which seems to be coming to a conclusion, says Jayson Menke, ag stock specialist at FNC Ag Stock LLC, in Grand Forks, N.D. American Crystal of Moorhead, Minn., is a farmer-owned cooperative in which members purchase shares, which offer the right and obligation to deliver beets. Shares typically are bought and sold from harvest until spring. FNC Ag Stock is a subsidiary of Farmers National Company. It helps facilitate sales of agricultural stocks that are non-exchange listed, including ethanol and sugar beet shares, including American Crystal.

In the fall of 2017, the FNC Ag Stock’s initial sale was in mid-September. Sales started at $2,725 per share. The last sale so far was in mid-March at $3,100 per share. FNC Ag Stock was involved in transfers of 2,000 shares with an average price of $2,943 per share, which is about average for recent years. The earliest FNC Ag Stock has seen sales shut off has been the middle of March. Last year some shares were sold until May 9 or 10. The latest has been May 12. “All transfers require board approval from American Crystal,” Menke says. Current sugar prices are allowing producers to make money.

$48/ton outlook One factor strengthening prices was that the American Crystal board in March increased their gross beet payment projection from $46 per ton to $48 per ton for 2018 beets. Sugar price projections don’t always happen this time of year. Favorable marketing and a cold spring

Forum News Service/Agweek/Mikkel Pates TOP and RIGHT: American Crystal Sugar Co. share sales have traded well this winter, buoyed by favorable storage conditions, a boosted price projection, and comparisons to other commodity prices. BOTTOM: Jayson Menke is an ag stock specialist with FNC Ag Stock LLC, Grand Forks, N.D.

16 Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK

that helps with beet storage were factors in the increase. One wild card in this year’s sales is that, starting in 2018, American Crystal is requiring that all parties in a limited partnership must sign a notarized personal guarantee to American Crystal. Five years ago Crystal went from a strong beet payment to a weak payment, due to market shifts. In one-year limited partnerships, some growers told their shareholder limited partners they wanted to not plant beets. Beet co-ops need to cover about $500 to $600 in fixed costs. “Things needed to be tightened so everyone knew their responsibility,” Menke says of the rationale. “Limited partners — with how the co-op laws are written — need to be at risk. The personal guarantee was created to make sure that everybody has skin in the game.” The new requirement seemed to have only “limited” impact, he says.

Filling capacity

Another factor buoying beet shares demand is that as beet yields have increased, co-op members have been allowed to plant a smaller percentage of share acres. Originally, a share of beet stock equalled one acre of production. In 2012, farmers could plant up to 88 percent of their share numbers. In 2018, farmers will be allowed to plant 73 to 78 percent of their share numbers. Consequently, some farmers seem to be buying shares to help increase their farm’s acreage closer to their original producing capacity, but aren’t necessarily looking to expand significantly. Also, other commodity prices have become weaker. “It’s not to say that farmers can’t make money on other crops this year, but beets have kind of returned to their prominence in the Red River Valley,” Menke says. “Beets have made a lot of farms (financially successful) over the last 30, 40 or 50 years.”

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AGRI-PULSE Wyant is president and founder of Agri-Pulse Communications Inc. For more news, go to

Are we headed for a trade war with China? By Sara Wyant Agri-Pulse

If you followed Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, you know that he talked tough on trade — especially when it came to countries he believed were giving the U.S. a raw deal. He pledged to either kill or renegotiate existing trade deals like the North American Free Trade Agreement. He saved some of his harshest words for China. At one point during the campaign, candidate Trump declared that “we already have a trade war” with China and vowed to slap tariffs on Chinese products and label the Asian giant as a currency manipulator. It was his blunt, populist appeal that attracted many “Rust Belt” and rural voters and helped propel him to the presidency. So, it really comes as no surprise that, a little over one year after his election, he announced that about $3 billion in steel and aluminum tariffs would be put in place to protect national security. Although several countries would be impacted, the target was clearly China — the largest global producer of steel and aluminum. Shortly after that announcement, China returned fire by imposing similar measures on $3 billion worth of U.S. pork, fruit, wine, nuts and other items. In the latest salvo of trade actions between the U.S. and Chinese governments, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce (MOC) announced plans to impose a 25 percent tariff on $50 billion of U.S. goods, including soybeans, aircraft and automobiles. The Commerce Ministry said the tariff would be imposed on 106 items of products under 14 categories — but the date of implementation will depend on when the U.S. government imposes tariffs on Chinese products. And last week, the U.S. Trade Representative published a list of 1,300 Chinese exports, worth about

“No, it is not (a trade war) and our objective is still not to be in a trade war with them, but let me be perfectly clear, President Trump has been from day one very clear on we are going to defend free and fair trade,” STEVE MNUCHIN, U.S. Treasury Secretary

$50 billion, that could be hit with a 25 percent tariff to punish the Asian giant for stealing U.S. trade secrets, intellectual property and innovation. Shortly afterwards, President Trump threatened another $100 billion in tariffs to retaliate against the retaliation. But it’s still not a trade war yet and there’s time to 18 Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK

disarm and step back, say U.S. and Chinese officials. “No, it is not (a trade war) and our objective is still not to be in a trade war with them, but let me be perfectly clear, President Trump has been from day one very clear on we are going to defend free and fair trade,” said U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin Friday on CNBC. “We’ve been working with them over the last year and on the one hand, we’re willing to continue negotiations. On the other hand, the president is absolutely prepared to defend our interests.” Nonetheless, all the saber rattling is generating market uncertainty and growing concerns that farmers will bear the brunt of what could become a long drawn out trade war. Everything from pork to apples could take a hit, but soybean farmers are one of the most vulnerable to Chinese retaliation because they depend on that market to buy about $14 billion worth of the crop every year. Purdue University researchers, at the behest of the U.S. Soybean Export Council, took a look at some possible outcomes if China retaliated against new U.S. tariffs by hitting its soybean exports. Under the best-case scenario — a 10 percent tariff — U.S. exports to China would fall by a third, causing overall U.S. soybean production to drop by 8 percent. In the event of a 30 percent tariff, the researchers say U.S. exports to China would fall by 71 percent and total U.S. soybean production would decline by 17 percent. “It’s not nice when they hit the farmers specifically because they think that hits me,” Trump said April 9 about the various Chinese tariffs aimed at U.S. pork, soybeans, corn, sorghum, cotton, beef, oranges, plums and a long list of agricultural commodities. “Our farmers are great patriots. They understand that they’re doing this for the country and we’ll make it up to them.” U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Purdue has been trying to calm jittery nerves in farm country, telling folks that the President has instructed him to come up with plans to protect farmers, including using various U.S. Department of Agriculture options to compensate farmers for any potential losses. “He’s authorized and commanded us to take care of our producers,” Perdue emphasized. Perdue has not yet provided any details, but sources tell Agri-Pulse that the question of how to pay for the aid has been answered: Let China pay for it. A relatively obscure law known as Section 32 allows the USDA take money from customs duties and use it for a wide variety of things like disaster payments and purchasing surplus commodities and donating them to schools or other institutions.

Now that the Trump administration is levying new tariffs on steel and aluminum and planning to impose up to $150 billion more on China as punishment for intellectual property theft, those government coffers could swell. For years, there had been a restriction on the USDA from using Section 32 funds for emergency aid as well as a hard cap on how much of those funds can be used. That ended when Congress passed the omnibus spending bill for fiscal 2018. The restrictions were removed on Section 32, so long as the USDA Secretary “provides written notification of the expenditures to the Committees on Appropriations of both Houses of Congress at least two weeks in advance.”

“China must be held accountable for its record of trade abuses and intellectual property theft, but the administration’s drastic trade policies would instead come back to hit American farmers and ranchers where it hurts,” HEIDI HEITKAMP, North Dakota Senator

That’s not the only source of funds the USDA can draw on. It can also go to the Commodity Credit Corporation, an institution used by the department to borrow money from the Treasury Department, allowing the USDA to “support the prices of agricultural commodities (other than tobacco) through loans, purchases, payments, and other operations.” But consider the change in dynamics if this would happen: U.S. farmers and ranchers who moved sharply away from government intervention in their farming and selling decisions in the 1990s could once again be heavily reliant on some type of government payment to stay afloat. Of course, many farmers and ranchers hope that cooler heads will prevail and that this global “war of words” will result in more robust trade negotiations and ultimately, better trading opportunities. But in the meantime, there is plenty of anxiety to go around. Although it’s not a trade war yet, Trump’s tariffs are a real and dangerous threat to the ag sector, says North Dakota Sen. Heidi Heitkamp. “China must be held accountable for its record of trade abuses and intellectual property theft, but the administration’s drastic trade policies would instead come back to hit American farmers and ranchers where it hurts,” she said. “Tariffs on critical exports like soybeans would cripple North Dakota’s ability to sell our products, and we’d most likely face an impending farm crisis.”

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Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK



Acreage may be dictated by weather, not economics By Michelle Rook Special to Agweek

YANKTON, S.D. — The recent U.S. Department of Agriculture Prospective Plantings Report contained a few surprises, with United States farmers indicating they will plant fewer acres of corn and soybeans but more acres of wheat versus a year ago. The March 29 report showed farmers plan to plant 88 million acres of corn, down 2 percent from 2017, with soybean acreage also down 1 percent at 89 million. All wheat acreage was up 3 percent at 47.3 million acres, and spring wheat was up 15 percent at 12.6 million acres. Farmers in the northwestern Corn Belt indicated they’re following the national trends this spring, with fewer row crop acres and more spring wheat. South Dakota and Iowa corn acreage was unchanged, while Minnesota was down 550,000 acres and North Dakota was off 370,000 acres. South Dakota soybean acreage was down 50,000 compared to 2017, with Minnesota off 250,000 acres. Iowa was down 200,000 acres and North Dakota remained static. However, despite these intentions, Mother Nature may have the ultimate say on what actually gets planted, with winter dragging on through April. Prior to the report many farmers in the region anticipated steady to slightly lower corn acreage in 2018 due to the agronomic disadvantages of planting corn in subsequent years. “Most Minnesota farmers stick to their rotation of 50-50, and I think we’ll see a little less corn-on-corn than we normally do,” says Gene Stoel, a Lake Wilson, Minn., farmer. Brookings, S.D., farmer Craig Converse agrees.

Michelle Rook/Special to Agweek) With the persistence of winter, there are farmers already concerned about planting delays.

“I’m currently not planning on making any changes,” he says. “I raise corn and soybeans, and I like the 50-50 rotation. It works out good in our area.” He says there are more pest and disease pressures in corn-on-corn, and there can be yield drag. Plus, input costs are higher with corn, and the corn-soybean price ratio has been favoring beans for the last several months. So it was a bit of a surprise to see soybean acres also falling from 2017. “There’s a little more profitability in soybeans or an opportunity to create a profit more than

there is in corn today,” says Ray Gaesser, a Corning, Iowa farmer. Stoel says with the current prices, beans do result in more profit per acre than corn. “Beans probably hold a $20 to $30 advantage right now with normal yields,” he says. The lower input costs for beans also have some banks dictating that farmers plant beans in 2018. “Soybeans work better in a reduced funding scenario because the costs are not as high as the corn situation,” says Valley Springs, S.D., farmer Kevin Scott. However, despite the economics, the weather

at planting time still trumps all. Keith Alverson, who farms near Chester, S.D., says he planned on staying with the normal rotation but admits the weather forecast for April could force some tweaking. “As far north as we are, it seems like a late or early spring can make a big difference on what the planting ends up being,” he says. With the persistence of winter there are farmers already concerned about planting delays. Curt Hoffbeck, a field agronomist with Pioneer, recommends farmers stick with their full season corn maturities until at least May 15 and their normal maturities until May 25.

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20 Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK

By Jenny Schlecht Agweek Staff Writer

Last year, we could check cows in light jackets or no jackets. We didn’t have to worry about anything freezing at night. This year, someone bundles up every couple hours around the clock to check for new calves. Farmers sometimes are in the field by now, or at least can see the day coming. This year, most fields still are covered in snow. But as I clicked through the historical data for city after city in the region, one thing occurred to me. On every graph of every year, the snow eventually stopped accumulating, and the temperatures eventually began to climb. Winter weather always stops, even when it feels like it’s lasted forever. Winter weather has lasted longer than we’d like and continues to hold on. But eventually, we’ll get in the fields. The cows will go to pasture. And we’ll be on to swearing that it’s hotter than it used to be.

I don’t think it’s incorrect to say that most people in this region are tired of winter weather. We’re used to winter; we’re not necessarily used to it lasting into April without a break. During my first job in journalism, I realized there was one sure-fire way to make sure I was writing something that would get read: by volunteering for the weather story. I don’t know how it is in the rest of the world, but in North Dakota, weather drives almost everything. Conversation? Check. Travel? Check? Recreation? Check. Farm and ranch work? Double check. I never wanted to be hyperbolic in my stories. Every storm isn’t a blizzard. Every winter isn’t the worst one ever experienced. Looking at the data can help tell the story. And sometimes it could help show people that, no, winters weren’t always harder years ago, no matter how high the snow piles seemed in your childhood memories. Thinking back on those days of digging into weather data got me wondering — are all of us just being whiny this year? How bad has this winter really been? Luckily, the National Weather Service has an extensive historical database of observed weather to draw on. I went through many points in It’s early April. Snow is still on the ground. North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Minnesota to see how snowfall It looks like a late spring. totals and temperatures stack up to normal and record values. Many parts of North Dakota and South Dakota were below normal on snowfall throughout the winter (defined by the National Weather Service It’s early April. Snow is still on the ground. It looks like a late spring. as December, January and February) but have caught up to or surpassed Originally grown in the tropics, we now grow corn in the Northern Plains. normal snowfall through the early spring. (Spring is defined as March, ® introduces Bio-Forge Advanced Sometimes, we plant our corn when the soil is cold. Your seeds are shivering. April and May. So we have time to get some spring weather in spring yet!) Stoller USA ® Advanced. A new product can help. Give them a coat of Bio-Forge ® Points in Minnesota varied, but most seemed to be near normal. Bio-Forge Advanced is a result of years of research. In addition to the So, if you’re in those three states, it hasn’t been that odd of a winter, ® ® formulation, Bio Forge® Bio-Forge Advanced includes the patented Bio-ForgeStoller USA introduces Advanced ® from a snowfall standpoint. Stoller USA Advanced ®introduces Bio-Forge Bio-Forge Advanced is the result of years of research. In addition to the micronutrients molybdenum and cobalt. ® ® Now, if you’re in Montana, you can complain all you want about this ® addition to the patented Bio-Forge Advanced is aBio-Forge result of years of research. formulation, Bio ForgeIn Advanced includes previously patented winter and spring. I checked the data for points across the state, and the® micronutrients cobalt. Bio-Forge formulation, molybdenum Bio-Forge®andAdvanced (patent pending) includes the pretty much everywhere was above average and most also are on track Help yourmicronutrients crop get off tomolybdenum a great start and for less than $2 per acre. cobalt. for setting records. Some already have set records. Start your corn crop off fast for less than $1 per acre. In replicated atsmall Casselton and Moorhead, MN last year, BioStates, Helptrials your grain ND crop off tobya Beck’s great for using less than $2 per acre In 14 independent trials get conducted instart the central United Winter temperatures varied throughout the region, with periods of ® ® seed treatment produced 36% more emerged barley plants Forge Advanced Advanced used as a seed treatment increased corn yields by Bio-Forge above-normal temperatures and periods of below-normal temperatures. In replicated trials at Casselton ND and Moorhead, MN last year, using9.1 Bio Forge® bushels per acre over the untreated controls. This was a 5% yield increase. That seems pretty typical. But the spring months so far have trended more than the untreated At harvest, the replicated seed treatment trials Advanced controls. seed treatment produced 36% more emerged barley plants than the Depending on your corn sales price, this is potentially a 50:1 return on toward below-normal. April, in particular, has been quite a bit colder than untreated controls. At harvest, the replicated seed treatment trials also produced 9 bushels per acre more yield than the untreated controls. also produced investment. normal. In Bismarck, N.D., no daily high temperature through the tenth day 9 bushels per acre more yield than the untreated controls. of April had reached the “normal” high, and most days have been more than 20 degrees below normal. So, yeah, there’s no doubt that this has been a bad April, weather-wise.

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THE SORTING PEN Schlecht lives on a farm and ranch in Medina, N.D., with her husband and two daughters. She can be reached at jschlecht@agweek. com or 701-5950425.

Has this winter really been that bad?

Learn more. Go to Plant Power or call 701 270 1106 (Kevin) LEARN to or 701 739 0240 (Fred) toMORE. learn howGo Bio-Forge® Advanced can help your crops better emerge in stressful environments. or call 701.270.1106 (Kevin) or 701.739.0240 (Fred) Jenny Schlecht/Agweek

Snow piled up around the region into April shows that it hasn’t been the easiest of winters. But the snow always melts, eventually.

to learn how Bio-Forge® Advanced can help your crops better emerge in stressful environments.

Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK



Did you grow corn 2013-2017? Watch mail for Syngenta suit info By Mikkel Pates

Agweek Staff Writer

FARGO, N.D. — Farmers who grew corn from 2013 to 2017 are likely to get notices in the mail in mid-May telling them to apply to be included in the $1.51 billion settlement with Syngenta over a faulty marketing of genetically modified corn varieties. Federal and state lawsuits were filed in 2016 alleging that Syngenta was negligent in prematurely introducing particular varieties of genetically modified corn into the marketplace. China stopped expected corn imports, which the suit says cost U.S. farmers and others money in each of the years since. Lead law firms in the case believe it is the largest agricultural settlement in U.S. history. The lawsuit payout will divide among four plaintiff classes: 1) All corn growers who did not raise Viptera or Duracade varieties, $1.438 billion (86 percent of the total) ; 2) corn growers who did raise Viptera and Duracade, $22.6 million; 3) grain handlers, including grain elevators, $29.9 million; 4) ethanol production plants, $19.5 million. The settlement indicates that one-third of the money — about $500 million — could go to plaintiff’s legal teams, depending on their

responsibilities in the case and court approval.

How to do it The federal case in June 2017 ended in a $122 million verdict for Kansas corn farmers, which set the stage for the $1.5 billion settlement. A federal district court judge in Kansas City, Mo., on April 10, 2018, approved a complex, 86-page settlement agreement. Eligible farmers and others are likely to start receiving mailed notices of eligibility on May 11, 2018. Then they’ll have until Oct. 12, 2018, to go online to Final approval by the court will come Nov. 15, 2018. Farmers, grain handlers and ethanol plants must must register their claim and fill out a questionnaire, either online or via mail, says Michelle Donarski, a Fargo, N.D., attorney involved in the case. “When you get the notice, go online and file. Do not wait. Do not delay,” she says. If things go as the preliminary settlement indicates, payments would likely come next year at this time. Per-bushel payment is not known until the court knows how many claims and bushels are filed. Corn growers and others who hadn’t previously signed up through an attorney also can go online and file their claim. The benefit for people who previously filed with Donarski or other attorneys is that the lawyers can help them file claims and make sure the Farm Ser-

vice Agency acreage figures are accurate. “We cannot sign up any new corn growers,” she says. She says some ethanol plants and elevators have come to the firm for assistance. Assuming the judge finally approves the current deal by Nov. 15, 2018, an administrator would start making payments after April 1, 2019. That’s the date that Syngenta is expected to make its third and final payment into an escrow account established for the purpose.

age of the bushels they produced in a given year — 2013 (26 percent), 2014 (33 percent), 2015 (20 percent), 2016 (11 percent), and 2017 (10 percent). They’ll be paid on county average yields for each of those particular years — not an individual farmer’s proven yield. Donarski says that hasn’t been popular with many clients who felt they produced more bushels than their county averages.

Pie shared

Don’t wait

Among the details: A husband and wife who farm as separate entities both need to file separate claims to receive full benefits. Crop-share landlords must submit their own claim; the tenant can’t do it for them, she says. Cash rent landlords are not eligible. “When in doubt, go ahead and file a claim,” Donarski advises. “The claim administrator can work through the claims and the payment.” Under the agreement, lawyers and farmers no longer are responsible for collecting FSA documents (Form 578, report of acreage) to verify claims. Instead, the FSA is automatically uploading the acres to the claim administrator. By filling out the form, the claimant authorizes the FSA to release the data. Farmers are not allowed to provide their FSA records and must sign the authorization for release of FSA records on the claim form to perfect their claim. Farmers will be paid on a weighted percent-

Donarski, a shareholder-attorney at the Anderson, Bottrell Sanden and Thompson law firm in Fargo, brought some North Dakota, Minnesota and South Dakota farmers into the suit. The firm held meetings that brought in several hundred farmers and estimates they represent 75 to 80 percent of the growers in North Dakota involved in the case. They became involved with a lead counsel firm on the case. Initially, the case involved only those signing up, but later it became a national class action suit, providing compensation to all farmers and even agribusinesses. Donarski declined to speculate on why the settlement included ethanol makers, who theoretically may have actually benefited from cheaper corn, which is the source of damage to farmers. She said the “global settlement” was to be all-inclusive.

Forum News Service/Agweek/Mikkel Pates Corn farmers and businesses starting May 11 will start receiving notices to file to prove claims in a Syngenta corn lawsuit. A preliminary settlement agreement indicates $1.51 billion in estimated claims, including $1.438 billion for U.S. farmers who did not raise Viptera or Duracade varieties during the 2013 to 2017 years.

22 Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK


Bayer to sell digital farming business to BASF By Steve Davies Agri-Pulse

Bayer said it will sell its digital farming business to BASF as part of an agreement with regulators to receive approval of its acquisition of Monsanto, which is expected to be finalized in the second quarter of this year. In a statement April 11, the German company said the digital farming operation would be sold, not outlicensed, “and Bayer in return will receive a license back to certain digital farming applications.” Last month, the European Commission said it had conditionally approved the acquisition but that it was separately “assessing whether the sale to BASF itself raises any competition concerns” and would issue a decision on that by April 16. One of the agreed-upon conditions was that Bayer would license its digital farming products to another company. But the Justice Department’s reported approval of the deal earlier this week apparently forced Bayer to

agree to sell its digital farming assets instead of licensing them, according to a Reuters report on April 12. Bayer also said it would retain Monsanto’s NemaStrike but would sell other Bayer seed treatment products to BASF. In October, Bayer agreed to sell its global glufosinate-ammonium non-selective herbicide business, commercialized under the Liberty, Basta and Finale brands, as well as its seed businesses for key row crops in select markets, to BASF for about $7 billion. Here is Bayer’s full statement: “In connection with the proposed acquisition of Monsanto, we confirm that — other than was previously communicated — certain Bayer seed treatment products will be offered for sale instead of Monsanto’s NemaStrike. In addition, Bayer’s digital farming business is to be sold rather than outlicensed, and Bayer in return will receive a license back to certain digital farming applications. BASF is the

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working closely with the authorities with the goal of closing the transaction in the second quarter of 2018.” Bayer and St. Louis-based Monsanto announced the planned merger, whose value is estimated between $62.5 billion and $66 billion, in September 2016. For more news, go to

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intended purchaser of all these assets. These changes have been made in response to corresponding indications from regulators. Please appreciate that we are unable to provide any further details. The proposed acquisition of Monsanto remains subject to customary closing conditions, including receipt of required regulatory approvals. Bayer and Monsanto are


® of years of research. Bio-Forge Advanced a result In addition formulation, Bio Forge® Advanced includes to the previously patentedisBio-Forge ® theBio-Forge micronutrientsformulation, molybdenum and cobalt. ® Advanced (patent pending) patented Bio-Forge includes the micronutrients molybdenum and cobalt.


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THE PINKE POST Pinke is the publisher and general manager of Agweek. She can be reached at kpinke@, or connect with her on Twitter @katpinke.

We all need a Agweek seeks ‘Flags mom squad on Farms’ tips REGIONAL NEWS

By Katie Pinke

Agweek Publisher

In my 20 years of motherhood, I’ve never felt like I’m in the cool mom’s club. In fact, there have been times my husband and I made decisions in the best interest of our children that caused us to stand out. Cookie cutter parenting is not for us. Thankfully, our kids don’t know the difference. However, there are times when we need help — and it’s in those moments when we find ourselves surrounded by other moms that we realize the value of a mom squad. In the spring, our schedules fill up more than any other time during the school year. This past month, Anika participated in pee-wee wrestling and Elizabeth in volleyball. They also take piano lessons, play on a traveling basketball team and compete in 4-H archery competitions together. One night this past week, after a day at work and school, my girls rushed home with their dad after practices to shower, and I hustled back home after a civic meeting to help them get ready for their elementary music concert. As a mom, I felt like I was winning. We sat down for a quick supper together. I was exhausted from the day, but the girls had on clean dresses, and I even had time to curl their hair. The music concert was my moment to soak it all in and listen to cute kids sing songs for an hour and a half from the comfort of a folding chair on the gymnasium floor. The fifth and sixth grade bands played and a few classes sang on stage before our second-grade daughter’s class of 25, the largest class in the school, filed on stage. The microphone was being passed down the line of students singing lines in a song when I felt a tap on my shoulder. A friend from church and fellow mom said, “Elizabeth is in the bathroom with a bloody nose and needs you.” I stood up and followed the mom, who was carrying her young son. The mom also has a child in second grade. She didn’t stop to watch her daughter say her line. She left the gymnasium to take me to my daughter who needed me. Inside the bathroom, we found Elizabeth with a bloody nose, which she gets from time to time. There was blood on her new dress and on her face. Another mom was helping her. Every day, our kids need us in small and large moments. This situation was really another ordinary moment. But this particular moment of motherhood is one I won’t soon forget. I scrubbed the blood out of Elizabeth’s dress. One of the other moms found a box of tissues so we didn’t have to use scratchy paper towels anymore. We tipped back Elizabeth’s head, put some pressure on her nose and the blood soon stopped. Before her class went onstage, she was cleaned up and ready to sing, with a handful of tissues in one hand, just in case. I have attended a lot of school concerts in my years as a mother. Twenty years from now, I won’t remember the songs the kids sang at this particular one. However, this concert will stand out because in a seemingly small moment of need, I felt like my child and I were surrounded by a mom squad — moms willing to miss their children on stage to help mine. Moms (and dads) with children of any age need some extra love and support in different stages of parenting. Thank you those willing to be helpful and share your love and support in the everyday moments.

24 Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK

Send in photos for a July 2 cover story By Mikkel Pates

Agweek Staff Writer

FARGO, N.D. — Flags on farms: When you’re looking for them, it seems like they are everywhere. Patriotism and rural life often seem linked. National pride and celebration transcend politics and is something that this region can share within communities. This spring, we’re asking Agweek readers and viewers to let us know if there is a particularly moving display of the flag in a farming or agribusiness setting that is meaningful to you. Do you or a neighbor display the flag in a special way that helps make your locale distinct? Take a high-resolution photo of it and send

it to us. Make a short video and send it in. Perhaps there is a special story about when and how the display was established. We’re planning a magazine cover story on July 2 that will include some of these photos, as well as interviews with some of the subjects. Some submissions also will be used with the AgweekTV episodes on or around Independence Day. We already have a bit of a start, but we welcome your input. There are other ways to measure patriotism — citizens who vote, the percentage who engage in military service or the number who volunteer. But we also think simply flying a U.S. flag is a sign of optimism and shows a belief in a country that farmers have a key role in. For information on the project, please contact Agweek reporter Mikkel Pates, 701-9360686, or e-mail

Forum News Service/Agweek/Mikkel Pates A flag display is on a grain bin at Lovas Farms of Hillsboro, N.D., one of the farms that Agweek is planning to feature for a “Flags on Farms” cover story on July 2, 2018.


Democratic legislators furious after Minnesota millionaire gets food stamps to prove a point accusations...” she said. “You should be able to

ed in deciding who is eligible for food stamps.

come to a committee without being accused

However, he said, he wants to talk to other

of being a thief.” The food stamp program uses federal money, but is state and county administered. Howe’s bill would require assets to be includ-

lawmakers to decide on an asset limit. Howe said he does not want to cut off aid to anyone who needs it.

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Originally grown in the tropics, we now grow corn in the Northern Plains. Sometimes, we plant our corn when the soil is cold. Your seeds are shivering. Give them a coat of Bio-Forge® Advanced. A new product can help.

Try Stoller.

Originally grown in the tropics, we now grow corn in the Northern Plains. Sometimes, we plant our corn when the soil is cold. Your seeds are shivering. Give them a coat of Bio-Forge® Advanced. A new product can help.

Stoller USA introduces Bio-Forge® Advanced

® StollerBio-Forge USA introduces Bio-Forge Advanced Advanced is the result of years of research. In addition to the ®

® addition to the previously Bio-Forge Advanced is theBio-Forge result of® formulation, years of research. Bio ForgeIn Advanced includes previously patented ® ® micronutrients molybdenum and cobalt.Advanced (patent pending) includes patentedtheBio-Forge formulation, Bio-Forge the micronutrients molybdenum and cobalt.


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Start your corn crop off fast less than perinacre. In 14 independent trialsfor conducted by $1 Beck’s the central United States, ® Advanced used as a seed treatment increased corn®yields by 9.1 used as Bio-Forge In 14 independent trials in the central United States, Bio-Forge Advanced bushels per acre over the untreated controls. This was a 5% yield increase. a seed treatment increased corn yields by 9.1 bushels per acre over the untreated Depending on your corn sales price, this is potentially a 50:1 return on controls. This was a 5% yield increase. Depending on your corn sales price, this is investment. potentially a 50:1 return on investment.

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ST. PAUL, Minn. — Millionaire Rob Undersander sat at a Minnesota House witness stand saying he received food stamps for 19 months to prove a point: Not everyone who gets the aid needs it. Democratic legislators did not like his April 11 testimony, particularly Rep. John Considine, D-Mankato. “You knew this was wrong and you did it anyway,” Considine said while staring at Undersander. “I find it pretty despicable. .... I am just sorry there is no way we can prosecute you.” Gasps filled the nearly packed room, especially from the Republican side of the committee table. Undersander said that he got the food stamps, officially known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, legally because he and his wife had little income for the 19 months they took food stamps. He has plenty of assets, which he said qualifies him to be a millionaire, but assets such as property and bank accounts are not used to determine whether someone qualifies for food stamps. Only income is. Undersander was on the witness stand to support legislation by Rep. Jeff Howe, R-Rockville, that would include assets when approving food stamps. The Howe bill has further steps before reaching a full House vote. The Waite Park, Minn., millionaire, the focus of most of the Wednesday discussion, said while he received about $300 a month in food stamps some people in his area who really need the help got just $14. Rep. Laurie Halverson, D-Eagan, joined others in her party to criticize Undersander. “I am finding it incredibly offensive that $6,000 in benefits were taken,” Halvorson said. Added Rep. Jennifer Schultz, D-Duluth: “I think it is inappropriate to apply for these benefits.”

In a Forum News Service interview, Undersander said that he signed up for food stamps to “audit” the program. He and his wife accepted food stamps from the middle of 2016 to early this year. He said receiving the food stamps would do more to prove that some people get food stamps when they do not need them than if he just said it without the experience. He said that he donated the equivalent of the food stamps to charities, his church and the needy. Undersander said he accomplished his goal. “I have obviously gotten your attention,” he told lawmakers. Rep. Mary Franson, R-Alexandria, praised Undersander. “I am really sorry about the line of questioning that has been put forth, and the


By Don Davis Forum News Service

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New farm bill tweaks commodity title, overhauls conservation By Philip Brasher Agri-Pulse

House Agriculture Chairman Mike Conaway on April 12 kicked off a battle over the next farm bill by releasing draft legislation that would make some improvements to major commodity programs, while overhauling conservation policy and making sweeping reforms to nutrition assistance. The nutrition provisions, which would expand work requirements for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, led to an unusually bitter and partisan impasse that forced Conaway to delay planned committee action on the bill in March. Conaway, R-Texas, said the bill will be numbered H.R. 2, reflecting the importance of the bill to the GOP leadership. Low bill numbers are reserved for major legislation. The tax bill enacted in December was H.R. 1. “The farm bill keeps faith with our nation’s farmers and ranchers through the current agriculture recession by providing certainty and helping producers manage the enormous risks that are inherent in agriculture,” said Conaway. “The farm bill also remains faithful to the American taxpayer and consumer.” The bill would preserve the structure of the 2014 farm bill’s commodity title largely intact, while allowing farmers to choose whether to switch from the Agriculture Risk Coverage to the Price Loss Coverage program, which is expected to be far more popular in coming years. The bill also would modify PLC to raise reference prices should commodity prices rise significantly. PLC payments are triggered when market prices fall below the reference levels. Under the bill, the reference price for a commodity would be raised when the five-year moving average of market prices rises more than 15 percent above the reference level. Soybeans are the commodity most likely to be affected, but some feed grains also could benefit in future years, according to committee staff. In addition, farmers who were affected by severe drought (D4, the highest ranking) for at least 20 consecutive weeks from 2008 to 2012 would be allowed to update their PLC yield histories based on their 2013-2017 yields. Yields in the current program were set based 26 Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK

on 2008-2012 data. An estimated 400 counties would qualify for the update. ARC would be modified to reduce disparities in payments in different regions of the country. Coverage would be based on the Risk Management Agency’s yield data and commodity revenue would be separately calculated for drylands and irrigated acreage. ARC coverage also would be based on the county where a farm is physically located. The bill “strengthens the farm safety net to help farmers and ranchers weather a five-year recession, depressed prices and a 52-percent drop in net farm income,” according to a summary prepared by committee Republicans. Dairy producers’ Margin Protection Program, which was expanded in the budget agreement that Congress passed in March, would see additional changes sought by the committee’s ranking Democrat, Collin Peterson, to increase the prospect of payments. Top coverage levels for the first 5 million pounds of production would increase to $9 per hundredweight, up from the current $8 limit. To offset the cost of increasing the coverage levels, premiums would be restored at the $4.50 and $5 levels. Fees for those levels were abolished by the budget agreement. Peterson, who is now opposed to the bill because of the nutrition title, introduced the MPP changes in a separate bill this week, even though Conaway has left the provisions in his draft. Here are highlights from other sections of the bill: Conservation: The bill would make major, and widely anticipated, changes to conservation programs by folding the Conservation Stewardship Program into the Environmental Quality Incentives Program and increasing the cap on the Conservation Reserve Program from 24 million acres to 29 million acres. The increase in CRP acreage, also sought by Peterson, would be paid for by capping payments at 80 percent of county rental rates and reducing other assistance to contract holders. The changes to conservation will have numerous critics - the grain industry is strongly opposed to expanding CRP, for example - but the partisan fight over the bill’s nutrition title will swamp any battles over other sections of the bill.

The bill would fund the EQIP at $3 billion a year. EQIP and CSP are expected to cost a combined $3.1 billion in 2019. Under current law, EQIP provides cost-share assistance for new equipment and practices, while CSP provides long-term incentive payments for improved practices. The bill would simplify qualifications for the incentive payments, which would be provided to farmers who address local natural resource concerns. Up to three natural resources concerns could be identified within a region of a state. Existing CSP contracts would be allowed to continue to their expiration. The bill also would provide $250 million a year for the Regional Conservation Partnership Program, $500 million a year for the Agricultural Conservation Easement Program and $100 million annually for the Small Watershed Rehabilitation Program. A new pilot program in the bill’s conservation title would provide $100 million to control feral swine. Crop insurance: The bill extends for 10 years a higher premium subsidy for beginning farmers who purchase whole farm insurance. USDA’s Risk Management Agency is told to prioritize the development of better insurance coverage for hurricane damage. Citrus growers in Florida have complained that existing revenue policies aren’t worth the cost because of inadequate yield coverage levels. Animal health: To address concerns of the livestock industry, the bill fully funds a foot and mouth vaccine bank though only for one year. The vaccine bank is part of the bill’s new Animal Disease Response Preparedness and Response Program, a $450 million outlay over the five-year bill. The program is modeled after the Plant Pest and Disease Management and Disaster Prevention Program already in place. The bill authorizes the $150 million sought by the industry for the FMD vaccine bank, $30 million for the National Animal Health Laboratory Network, and $70 million for the National Animal Disease Preparedness and Response Program for a total $250 investment. In the following years, however, the funding drops to an annual $50 million, with $30 million for the National Animal Disease Preparedness and Response Program and $20 million for any of the three components at USDA’s discretion.

The vaccine bank – which the industry wanted to see funded at $150 million for every year - is also designated as a U.S.-only vaccine bank, a possible point of differentiation between the vaccine bank already in place shared with Canada and Mexico. Regulatory relief: The bill includes provisions that the committee says would clarify the “role of state lead agencies in promulgating pesticide regulations” and streamline reviews of potential pesticide impacts on endangered species. Research: Increases funding for the Organic Agriculture Research and Extension Initiative, which was funded at $20 million a year in the 2014 farm bill. The bill would provide no new funding for the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research, which was established with $200 million in the 2014 farm bill. The bill also seeks to streamline the reporting and planning process for formula funding provided to land-grant universities. Specialty Crops: Maintains funding at $85 million per year for Specialty Crop Block Grants. The bill also provides full funding for the Specialty Crops Research Initiative, including set-asides for citrus research and extension. Trade: The bill would combine USDA’s trade programs, including the Market Access Program and Foreign Market Development program under a new International Market Development Program funded at $255 million per year. The bill would guarantee $200 million in annual funding for MAP and no less than $34.5 million for FMD, $10 million for the Emerging Markets Program and $9 million for Technical Assistance for Specialty Crops Program. All but MAP would have no funding after this year. Combining the programs is intended to ensure that the Congressional Budget Office would consider all of the programs to have permanent funding baseline. Spencer Chase contributed to this report. For more news, go to www.

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Stoller USA introduces Bio-Forge® Advanced

® Bio-Forge Advanced is the result of years of research. In addition to the ® Bio-Forge is®aformulation, new product from Stoller Bio Forge® Advanced includes USA previously Advanced patented Bio-Forge ® the micronutrients Bio-Forge Advanced ismolybdenum the resultandofcobalt. years of research. In addition to the

patented Bio-Forge® formulation, Bio-Forge® Advanced (patent pending) corn crop off fast for less than and $1 percobalt. acre. includesStart the your micronutrients molybdenum

In 14 independent trials conducted by Beck’s in the central United States, ® ® Advanced used as a will seed treatment corn yields by 9.1 Testing Bio-Forge of Bio-Forge Advanced continue increased to expand. We do know that ® This was a 5% yield increase. bushels per acre over the untreated controls. 2017 trials indicated that more Bio-Forge Advanced treated seeds emerge Depending on your corn sales price, this is potentially a 50:1 return on with greater vigor than untreated seeds. The time is now. Make your plan to try investment. ®

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Bio-Forge Advanced as a seed treatment for your farm this spring.

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NDSOYBEAN.ORG 28 Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK NorthDakotaAd_10x10_5.indd 1

3/29/18 9:44 AM


Doug Mills/ The New York Times President Trump makes remarks as he meets with governors and members of Congress about tax cuts in the Cabinet Room of the White House in Washington, April 12, 2018.

Trump weighs rejoining Trans-Pacific Partnership

By Washington Post WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump told top administration officials April 12 to look at rejoining the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the multination trade agreement he pulled the United States out of shortly after taking office. Rejoining the pact would be a major reversal as Trump escalates a trade conflict with China. The Pacific Rim trade deal was intended by the Obama administration as a way to counter China’s influence, but Trump criticized the pact as a candidate and pulled the U.S. out of the pact in early 2017. Trump gave the new orders to U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow during a meeting with lawmakers and governors on trade issues, according to two GOP senators in attendance. Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., said that he and others at the table raised the point that “if you really want to get China’s attention, one way to do it is start doing business with all the people they’re doing business with in the region: their competitors.” Trump then told Lighthizer and Kudlow to “take a look at getting us back into that agreement, on our terms of course,” Thune said. “He was very I would say bullish about that.” Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., also confirmed Trump’s surprise move. “We should be leading TPP,” Sasse said. “China is a bunch of cheaters and the best

way to push back on their cheating would be to be leading all these other rule-of-law nations in the Pacific that would rather be aligned with the U.S. than with China.” Engaging in talks to reenter the TPP would be part of a broader White House strategy to respond to an escalating trade flap between Trump and Beijing. Trump is looking for ways to crack down on what he believes are unfair trade practices in China, but he is having a hard time rallying other countries to backstop his push to impose new tariffs or raise the costs of exports and imports for China. The president is also running into strong pushback from Republican lawmakers, particularly those representing agricultural regions where China’s threatened retaliation against U.S. exports would hit hard. The TPP is a trade agreement the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, and a number of other countries signed in early 2016, aiming to strengthen economic ties between the countries and give them more leverage in dealing with China. The agreement never went into effect, however, because Trump withdrew from it three days after he was sworn in. The remaining countries still ratified a version of the TPP without the U.S. earlier this year. Trump has never fully articulated what he opposed about the TPP, but he has shown a general reluctance to enter into multilateral

trade deals because he believes these allow the U.S. to be ripped off. “The Trans-Pacific Partnership is another disaster done and pushed by special interests who want to rape our country,” Trump said in June 2016. “Just a continuing rape of our country. That’s what it is, too. It’s a harsh word — it’s a rape of our country. This is done by wealthy people that want to take advantage of us and that want to sign another partnership.” Trump was not the only one to oppose TPP during the campaign. His Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, also said she did not plan on ratifying the deal, even after she had a role in its formation during her time as President Barack Obama’s Secretary of State. Before Trump’s election, efforts to ratify the deal had stalled in Congress. In May 2016, as domestic political support for TPP was starting to erode, Obama wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post aiming to rally support. “Increasing trade in this area of the world would be a boon to American businesses and American workers, and it would give us a leg up on our economic competitors, including one we hear a lot about on the campaign trail these days: China,” he wrote. Trump did not give Japan, one of the U.S.’s closest allies, an exemption from new steel and aluminum tariffs, making it less likely that

they would rush to the White House’s defense during a trade war. But entering into a new TPP could unify Trump with other trading partners and put new pressure on Beijing to either allow more imports into China or risk being alienated by other Asian countries, that would now received new trade benefits as part of the deal. Still, it remains to be seen what exactly Trump would want to see in a new TPP, or whether the idea is just a passing fancy for the White House or a serious initiative they plan to launch. “If it holds until this afternoon, that’s a good move,” remarked Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., a free trade advocate who was not at the White House meeting. In February, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the U.S. was interested in reentering the trade agreement, but he quickly backed off those comments, making it sound like a deal would not materialize. Authors information: Seung Min Kim is a White House reporter for The Washington Post, covering the Trump administration through the lens of Capitol Hill. Erica Werner has worked at The Washington Post since 2017, covering Congress with a focus on economic policy. Damian Paletta is White House economic policy reporter for The Washington Post.

Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK


AccuWeather® 7-Day Forecast for North Dakota Monday







Plenty of sunshine

Mostly cloudy and breezy

Cloudy and chilly

Times of clouds and sun

Low clouds

Considerable cloudiness

Chance of a little p.m. rain

H: 41 to 51 L: 28 to 33

H: 42 to 48 L: 30 to 33

H: 41 to 46 L: 24 to 30

H: 43 to 51 L: 25 to 28

H: 45 to 52 L: 27 to 29

H: 48 to 57 L: 29 to 32

H: 45 to 51 L: 26 to 32

Local Almanac

Thirty Day Outlook

Statistics for the week ending April 12


Bismarck Grand Forks

High for the week Low for the week Normal high Normal low Average temperature Normal average temp. Temperature departure

52° 2° 54° 27° 26.8° 41.0° -14.2°

39° 2° 50° 27° 23.6° 38.6° -15.0°

0.17” 0.22” 2.54” 0.43” 51% 113%

0.11” 0.15” 2.93” 0.34” 44% 124%

3.3” 4.3” 43.1”

1.4” 2.4” 51.8”

Precipitation Total for the week Total for the month Total for the year Normal for the month % of normal this month % of normal this year RealFeel Temperature® 8 a.m. Monday 12 p.m. 4 p.m. 8 p.m.

29° 42° 43° 34°

23° 40° 41° 31°

It will remain rather warm and dry across most of Australia during the week, but cooler in southwest Australia.

City Glasgow, MT Grand Forks, ND Jamestown, ND Lemmon, SD Minot, ND Pierre, SD St. Cloud, MN Thief Riv Fls, MN Williston, ND

Hi 59 56 57 59 57 61 58 56 59

Cool and wetter than normal across central Brazil through the week, but warm and dry across southern Brazil.

Lo 33 31 31 33 33 35 34 32 31

Prcp 0.15 0.15 0.18 0.26 0.17 0.30 0.44 0.20 0.15

A storm system will bring ice and snow to much of southeastern Canada early in the period. Drier conditions across the west.

European Union Generally drier and warmer conditions across most of the period as a strong area of high pressure remains across the region.

Russia Cooler conditions can be expected across the region with a trough in place. Precipitation will be near to above average.

Forecasts and graphics provided by AccuWeather, Inc. ©2018


Prcp 0.30 0.28 0.28 0.19 0.19 0.14 0.23 0.21 0.27



Temperatures are the averages for the week of 4/6 - 4/12. Precipication values are totals for the week.

Lo 33 29 35 32 32 35 29 34 34



Regional Cities Hi 59 52 58 59 55 55 57 58 56

High pressure over the Plains will provide a chilly day across the region Monday despite plenty of sunshine. Monday night will be clear to partly cloudy. Tuesday will be breezy with clouds limiting sunshine as an area of low pressure starts to move out of the northern Rockies. The low will weaken by Wednesday, but it will bring a cloudy and chilly day. A weak area of high pressure will provide intervals of clouds and sunshine Thursday.

International Crop Summary

The patented RealFeel Temperature is an exclusive index of the effects of temperature, wind, humidity, sunshine intensity, cloudiness, precipitation, pressure and elevation on the human body.

City Aberdeen, SD Bemidji, MN Billings, MT Bismarck, ND Crookston, MN Devils Lake, ND Dickinson, ND Fargo, ND Fergus Falls, MN


Regional Summary

Snowfall Total for the week Total for the month Total for the season

Over the next 30 days through the remainder of April and into the first half of May, temperatures will average below normal for this time of the year. Precipitation amounts during the same period will be near normal. The wettest weather will be from the lower Mississippi Valley into the Great Lakes.

Trends for the Week Ahead

30 Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK


Pre-emerge herbicides more needed with cold, late spring Weed stampede: Beets, other crops should re-set herbicides to May-planted crop By Mikkel Pates

Agweek Staff Writer

FARGO, N.D. — With sugar beet planting likely delayed until early May because of snow and cold, Tom Peters says farmers should set their sites on using pre-emergence herbicides to control waterhemp, and focus on that as much as they do on getting seed in the ground. “There’s this idea that — especially in a late year — we have to put all of our energy on planting, that we have to get everything planted as quickly as possible,” says Peters, Extension Service sugar beet weed specialist for both North Dakota State University and the University of Minnesota. “We’re going to get into trouble if we get some rain events and start to see some weeds emerge.” Waterhemp is a pigweed that’s moved into the Red River Valley from the south. It germinates a little later than lambsquarter, kochia and the more common redroot pigweed. It germinates and emerges about May 15 in a normal year in the southern Red River Valley and west central Minnesota. Waterhemp plants are sometimes glyphosate-resistant and sometimes not. Each

Forum News Service/Agweek/Trevor Peterson Tom Peters, extension sugar beet weed specialist based in Fargo, N.D., for the University of Minnesota and North Dakota State University, strongly urges sugar beet, corn and soybean producers to use pre-emergence herbicides to control waterhemp, due to the much-delayed planting season that will make control difficult with post-emergent herbicides.

Forum News Service/Agweek/Mikkel Pates A single waterhemp plant produces hundreds of thousands of seeds.

surviving plant can produce thousands of seed. Peters uses glyphosate for other weeds and for non-resistant waterhemp, but “you have to plan for the resistant population,” he says. Where waterhemp is “the primary concern,” Peters wants farmers to consider “staging” their planting. Within reason, that means rather than planting everything and then going back and applying herbicides, the farmer plants a field, immediately applies pre-emergence weed control, then repeats elsewhere. “I’m afraid that if we plant everything and then focus on the herbicide application later on, I’m afraid we’ll get to the same place — caught in between where weeds start to germinate and emerge before we have activated product,” Peters says. Interviewed at his NDSU office on April 11, Peters noted that was the date farmers could plant sugar beets in North Dakota and be eligible for full crop insurance indemnities and the date many farmers had planted beets the year before.

“I will be surprised if we have many acres seeded at all during the month of April,” he says.

Weeds won’t wait “Our strategy in sugar beet has been to allow the sugar beet to get to the two-leaf stage before we make our herbicide application,” Peters says. If sugar beets were planted in the normal April 15 time frame, the two-leaf stage is about May 5 to May 10. That’s not going to happen this year. “Sugar beets aren’t the right growth stage, but waterhemp is still going to germinate and emerge at the same time. Because of that, we have to change our plan.” “The bottom line is that farmers need to use a pre-emergence herbicide,” Peters says. For beets there are three or four options to consider, ranging from products incorporated into the soil to products applied to the soil at planting time and activated by rain. Peters says 35 percent of growers attending sugar beet grower seminars in January and February said waterhemp is “their

most important production challenge. It keeps creeping up,” both in percentage and distance north, Peters says. “I get a lot of questions in the Grand Forks, N.D., and Crookston, Minn., area.” Waterhemp bedevils every acre in Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative country at Renville, Minn., and every acre at Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative in Wahpeton, N.D. It’s also in an area from Ada, Minn., to Hillsboro, N.D., and southward in the American Crystal Sugar Co., area of Moorhead, Minn. “One hundred percent of the farmers are using this concept we call ‘lay-by,’ where they apply a soil-applied herbicide that is post-emergence to sugar beet and pre-emergence to waterhemp” weeds, Peters says. Roughly half of the sugar beet farmers in waterhemp areas use a pre-emergent herbicide — applied immediately after planting, before the beets emerge.

Dicamba issue It doesn’t matter if a farmer is growing sugar beets, soybeans or corn, Peters says: “Waterhemp doesn’t care. It’s going to germinate at the same time. The mindset for the corn grower is, ‘I’m going to use a pre-emergence herbicide.’ The mindset for the soybean grower is a combination of both. Some see the value of pre-emergence herbicides. I would guess the majority do not and don’t use a pre-emergence product at all.” He says the introduction of dicamba-tolerant soybean seeds created an impression that post-emergent weed control would continue to be viable. However, Peters says the pre-emergence program is actually more consistently reliable. Peters would argue that farmers need to use a pre-emergence herbicide in soybeans as well in 2018 because of the late spring. “The same logic that applies to sugar beets applies to soybeans as well,” he says. Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK


32 Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK



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New Wil-rich QX2 Cultivator, 60’, single springs ............1 ON THE LOT! .......$75,000 New Krause Landsaver 4810, 28’ Coulter harrows $67,000 ....with harrows $75,000 New Flexi-Coil ST-820, 41’ Chisel Plow w/heavy harrows ...Was $54,900 Now $49,900 2012 Summers 50’ Supercoulter Plus, 3 bar harrow, flat bar rolling basket..$54,000 Used Wil-Rich 60’ QX2 Field Cultivator ..........................PRICE REDUCED!....$49,000 Used 2013 Summers 36’ Disk Chisel .................................................................$45,000 Used Wil-Rich 5800 Chisel Plow, 41’, harrows .................................................$39,000 Used Flexi-Coil ST820, 41’, harrows, 2-1/2 seasons of use.............................$39,000 Used 2011 Flexi-Coil ST-820 Chisel Plow, 44’, harrows ...................................$38,900 Used 2008 Summer 39’ Super Chisel.................................................. Coming In $Call Used Wil-Rich Quad X 60’ Field Cutivator ......................................Coming In $26,000 Used 1995 John Deere 650 ZDisc, 32’, 20” blades ...........................................$15,900

2002 Cat 430D IT

Extend a Hoe, Front Assist, Quick Tach Bucket, Pallet Forks, Farmer Owned, Nice Tight Machine, 2612 Hours, $39,500, Financing Available. Call Troy @ 218-849-1926 2012 Volvo L70G Wheel Loader w/Grap Tec 4 Tine Quick detach Grapple, 3 yd bucket, Quick Coupler, Boom Suspension, Air Cond., Heated Seat, Rear Camera, 1 Owner very nice loader. 6225 Hours. Wayne Bodvig, Tappen, ND 701-327-8381


FACTORY $1 PER BUSHEL REBATE* FOR NEW, 2017 & OLDER IN STOCK DEMCO GRAIN CARTS. CALL FOR DETAILS! New 2017 Demco 1102, 1050x50R32 tires ........ Now $49,900...After Rebate $48,798* New 2017 Demco 1050, 900x60R32 tires ......... .Now $37,700...After Rebate $36,650* New 2015 Demco 850, 30.5x32 tires.................. Now $31,285...After Rebate $30,435* Used 2014 Demco 1150 w/scale, Weigh-Tronix 640 Monitor, 1050/50R32 tires, green ....$45,000 Used Demco 950 w/tarp, 900/60-32 tires, red, consignment ..................................$14,900 Used Demco 750 w/tarp & scale, 30.5x32 tires, green .................................... $17,800 Used 1995 Unverferth 5000, small PTO, w/tarp, red ...........................................$7,500

2013 Caterpillar 930K wheel loader, Cab Air, Coupler ride control, NEW RUBBER !! Very nice clean unit $89,000. Call Paul at 701-630-0544. More pictures and equipment at

LASERS & GPS New SD Drain - RTK-GPS Ditch or Tile System (rtk-gps sold separately)... List $10,595 New AGL GP25X Dual Slope Laser, 3,600’ diameter, remote.............................$3,900 New Topcon RL200 Dual Slope Laser, 3,600’ diameter, remote ........................$3,900 New Geomax Zone60 DG Dual Slope Laser, 3,000’ diameter, remote ..............$2,000 New Leica MC200 EXCAVATOR RECEIVER, MAGNETIC MOUNT .....................$1,600 Used Outback eDrive system - STX terminal unlocked for RTK with AC110 section control, hydraulic valve & cables, consignment....................$Call


New Crary Tile Pro 6’ Tile Plow, choose 4”, 5”, or 6” boot ............................. $24,100 New 2013 Liebrecht 7’ Tile Plow, tilt, tile feeder, 4”, 6” & 8” boots..List $39,100 Now $31,500 Used Crary Tile Pro 7’ Tile Plow, CIH bracket, 4” boot, tile feeder, hardened surface..$34,000


PRICE REDUCED 2012 John Deere 544K HIGH LIFT “NEW MOTOR” Cab Air Ride control 7100hrs on frame $89,000. Call Paul at 701-630-0544. More pictures and equipment at

701-282-9194 • 800-478-7801

16 April 2018

A2 Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK



LOCATION: Steffes Group facility, 2000 Main Ave E., West Fargo, ND PREVIEW & LOADOUT: Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM MFWD TRACTOR & ATTACHMENTS

2010 Kubota L5740 Haugen pallet forks, 48” Farm King snowblower Buhler Farm King finishing mower, 72”


Snap-on Cabinet & Chest Mac Tools BCH-35 1960 Dodge 100 Power Wagon Fleetside reg. cab charging system analyzer Victor torch set w/cart ENCLOSED TRAILER More at 2008 Pace tandem axle enclosed trailer, 14’x7’ RECREATION


2006 WA250 Wakomatsu loader, quick attach bucket, has straigh cutting edge, bucket with teeth for gravel, and fork to fit and jib to fit (for extra cost). $43,000 US dollars. 204-871-0925


2012 Kubota RTV1100

LAWN & GARDEN 2005 Chevy Silverado 2500HD 4x4, flat bed, 5th wheel & receiver hitch, 6.0, tow package, 1 owner, never pulled trailer. $11,000 OBO will take trades. 2001 GMC Sierra 2500HD, 6.0, 4x4, extended cab, 8ft box, tow package, 1 owner, receiver & 5th wheel hitch, hideaway, has pommel lift and regular tail gate. $10,000 OBO will take trades. D-678 Travis Jackson (605)539-0242 or (605)770-9908

Stihl HS45 hedge trimmer Stihl leaf blower, gas Stihl MS290 chainsaw Stihl chainsaw w/oil & (3) extra chains Lawn furniture


Toro Z-Master zero turn lawn tractor Stihl Echo SRM2100 trimmer

Steffes Group, Inc., 2000 Main Avenue E, West Fargo, ND



For information contact Rodney Steffes at Steffes Group, 701.237.9173 or 701.238.1865


AUCTION LOCATION: 25570 County Road 8, Strathcona, MN PREVIEW: April 10-24, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM / LOADOUT: April 25-30, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

or Dave Krostue at Steffes, 218.779.6865

Email a letter to the editor:


NOAH LORENSON / 218.684.5001

2964 164th Ave. SE. • Harwood, ND 58042





Have an opinion to share?

For sale: 1998 John Deere 160LC excavation Long Trac with hydraulics thumb. Serial number P00160X040167. 8,096 hours, 900 hours on new rails and roller, nice, $42,500. Call Vance at 701-372-3736 or 701-640-1000 Colfax, ND



New Bush Hog 2815, 15’ Flex Wing Mower ......................................................$19,500 New Bush Hog 2515, 15’ Flex Wing Mower ......................................................$13,700

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Sullair 185 Air Compressor Deere Diesel 3099hrs Runs good makes air! $6900. Call Paul at 701-630-0544. More pictures and equipment at

Steffes Group, Inc. 2000 Main Ave E, West Fargo, ND | 701.237.9173



Pavement Marking Division

Wednesday, April 25 | 10AM Auctioneer’s Note: Bill Swanston established the Pavement Marking Division of Swanston Equipment Co. in 1969 and it has become an industry leader, completing projects in 45 states. Their innovative CT-2000 Stripe Eater has been sold to striping companies worldwide. After 48 years, Swanston Equipment Co. has decided to focus on other business interests and is partnering with Steffes Group to offer these well-maintained, job ready assets from the Pavement Marking Division at auction.



AUCTION LOCATED: Swanston Equipment Co. 3450 Main Ave, Fargo, ND 58103


LAND AUCTION Thursday, April 26, 2018 – 6:00 p.m. (MT)

AUCTION LOCATION: Pifer’s Regional Office - Bowman, ND

This property offers 1,280 acres of generational property in Bowman County. The Johnson Family property features 1,280 acres of excellent hunting land, CRP, hay land, and grass land. Additionally, this property is located in the heart of pheasant country northeast of Scranton, ND. The farmstead has access to rural water, while the pastures are fed by natural springs, dams, and a well.

Hotel Accommodations: Holiday Inn, 3803 13th Ave S, Fargo, ND. Ask for the Swanston Equipment preferred room rate. Auction Parking & Details: Parking available near auction site: 3321 4th Ave S, Fargo, ND. Please watch for signs. Live online bidding available on major equipment. Registration, terms, & details at

Parcel 1: Acres: 160 +/FSA Cropland Acres: 104.7 +/Legal: NW ¼ 33-132-99


Parcel 2: Acres: 160 +/FSA Cropland Acres: 37.33 +/Legal: SW ¼ 28-132-99 Parcel 3: Acres: 160 +/FSA Cropland Acres: 144.9 +/Legal: SE ¼ 28-132-99


Parcel 4: Acres: 275 +/Legal: 275 +/- acre tract in the N ½ and E ½ 27-132-99 Parcel 5: Acres: 365 +/Legal: 365 +/- acre tract in the S ½ and W ½ 27-132-99

Brad Olstad ND319

Parcel 6: Acres: 160 +/Legal Description: NW ¼ 34-132-99 FSA Cropland Acres: 153.3 +/-

SWANSTON EQUIPMENT CO. Bill O’Leary, 701.281.0004 or Paul Strand, 701.371.7819 or from Steffes Group,Tadd Skaurud at 701.237.9173 or 701.729.3644; or Brad Olstad, 701.237.9173 or 701.238.0240

TERMS: All items sold as is where is. Payment of cash or check must be made sale day before removal of items. Statements made auction day take precedence over all advertising. $35 documentation fee applies to all titled vehicles. Titles will be mailed. Canadian buyers need a bank letter of credit to facilitate border transfer.




P5 P1


Whiskey Rd

Steffes Group, Inc., 2000 Main Ave E, West Fargo, ND

129th Ave SW




Scranton, ND


C ontact us t oday! Andy Mrnak: 701.206.1095 or Jim Sabe: 701.523.6283 Owner: Johnson Family Partnership

This sale is managed by Pifer’s Auction & Realty. All statements made the day of the auction take precedence over all printed materials. The seller reserves the right to reject or accept any and all bids. Pifer’s Auction & Realty, 1506 29th Ave S, Moorhead, MN 56560. Kevin Pifer, ND#715.

Pifer ’s


158.21 +/- Acres - McKenzie County, ND


151 +/- Acres - Clay County, MN

LAND AUCTION LAND AUCTION Tuesday, April 24, 2018 – 10:00 a.m. Thursday, April 26, 2018 – 3:30 p.m. (CT) AUCTION LOCATION: Civic Center - Watford City, ND

Auction Location: Felton Community Center - Felton, MN

This is highly productive cropland in McKenzie County, North Dakota north of Alexander, featuring 153.73 +/- acres of cropland with a Soil Productivity Index of 83.7! This remarkable cropland has a strong cropping history and excellent access. 16 crop year! Property has immediate possession and is available for 2018

This property features “Top Quality Farm Land” with a Productivity Index of 90.7! This property profile includes 143.22 acres of well drained tillable land adjoining a drainage ditch and a black top county road. This remarkable crop land will be one of the most productive farms sold in Minnesota in 2018.

Parcel One: Acres: 78.73 +/Legal: W½ NE¼ EX 1.27 Acre RW in NW¼ NE¼ 27-152-102 Cropland Acres: 74.82 +/-

Property Information:

85 16

Parcel Two: Acres: 79.48 +/Legal: E½ NE¼ EX .52 A RW 27-152-102 Cropland Acres: 78.91 +/-

Aerial Map


Acres: Legal:

151 +/SW1/4 LESS DITCH, 7.85 AC IN SE1/4 SW1/4 & LESS N 16.5’ 26-142-47 Crop Acres: 143.22 +/-




C ontact Steve Link 701.361.9985

Kevin Pifer


Alexander, ND

This sale is managed by Pifer’s Auction & Realty. All statements made the day of the auction take precedence over all printed materials. The seller reserves the right to reject or accept any and all bids. Pifer’s Auction & Realty, 1506 29th Ave S, Moorhead, MN 56560. Kevin Pifer, ND #715.

Pifer ’s


Felton, MN

CONTACT AGENT: Bob Pifer - 701.371.8538 OWNER: Private Party LAND AUCTIONS




C ontact :



map center: 47° 5' 10.45, -96° 35' 44.65

Owners: Brian & Lori Olek 0ft



26-142N-47W Clay County Minnesota

This sale is managed by Pifer’s Auction & Realty. All statements made the day of the auction take precedence over all printed materials. The seller reserves the right to reject or accept any and all bids. Pifer’s Auction & Realty, 1506 29th Ave S, Moorhead, MN 56560. Kevin Pifer, MN #14-106.




Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK


Kindred, ND 58051 • 701-428-3184 001657118r1

Amy Nikolaisen

Auctioneer, Broker, Realtor

418 Main St, Cando, ND; 204 Hwy 2 West, Devils Lake, ND; 217 S 4th St, Grand Forks, ND Auctioneer’s 951, Clerk’s 644, ND RE 3160

525 Main St., Cando, ND Larry Swenson 701-968-4224 Professionally Serving North Dakota for over 20 years 001062527r1

Selling Land & the Equipment to Farm it West Fargo, ND



Farm Equipment - Land - Appraisals Farm Equipment - Land - Appraisals Live & Online Auctions



• Auctions • Real Estate Evaluations • Exchanges • Closings • CPA



1-888-239-4089 • 701-451-5708 fax: 701-451-5633 Office 701-952-3351 Jamestown, ND Agricultural Auctioneers Since 1971!

Contact these reputable auctioneers for all of your auction needs.

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MON., APRIL 16 - WED., APRIL 17 Farm Equipment Auction, Online Only. Helbling Auctioneers. TUE., APRIL 17 - TUE., APRIL 24 Timed Online Farm Auction, Strathcona, MN. Noa Lorenson, Owner. Steffes Group, Inc. TUE., APRIL 17 - 10:00 AM/CT Land Auction, Bismarck, ND. Todd and Wendi Kollman, Owners. Pifer’s Auction & Realty. TUE., APRIL 17 - 10:00 AM/CT Farm Auction, Wimbledon, ND. Ames Farms, Owner. Steffes Group, Inc. TUE., APRIL 17 - 1:00 PM/CT Farm Auction, Wildrose, ND. Arvin Larson, Owner. Haugland’s Action Auction. TUE., APRIL 17 - 2:00 PM/MT Land Auction, Dickinson, ND. Frances Heick Family Trust, Owner. Pifer’s Auction & Realty. TUE., APRIL 17 - 5:00 PM/MT Land Auction, Dickinson, ND. Casper and Irene Haag Family, Owner. Pifer’s Auction & Realty. TUE., APRIL 17 - 5:00 PM/CT Written Bid Land Auction, Arne Township. Bids Due: Tuesday April 17 at 5:00 PM. Stephen Aanderud, Owner. Pifer’s Auction & Realty. WED., APRIL 18 Timed Online Business Retirement Auction, Litchfield, MN. Albany Sod Service, Owner. Steffes Group, Inc. WED., APRIL 18 - 9:30 AM/CT Huge Multi-Party Farm Equipment Auction, Leeds, ND. Call to consign. Dakota Auctioneers. WED., APRIL 18 - 10:00 AM/CT Farm Retirement Auction, Wishek, ND. Lyle & Karen Bettenhausen, Owners. Steffes Group, Inc. THU., APRIL 19 - THU., APRIL 26 Timed Online Equipment Auction, West Fargo, ND. Bridget Drummer, Owner. Steffes Group, Inc.

SAT., APRIL 21 - 11:00 AM/CT Farm Retirement Auction, Foid, MT. Art Ryder, Owner. RK Statewide Auction. SUN., APRIL 22 - 11:00 AM/CT Combined Estates Auction, Halstad, MN. Combined Estates, Owners. Berg Auction Service. SUN., APRIL 22 - 11:00 AM/CT Tractors, Guns, Antiques Auction, Viking, MN. Jerome & Cheryl Peters, Owners. Jason Rominski Auctioneers. MON., APRIL 23 - THU., MAY 3 Timed Online Land Auction, Wanamingo, MN. Steffes Group, Inc. MON., APRIL 23 - WED., APRIL 25 Farm Machinery Auction, Online Only. Helbling Auctioneers. TUE., APRIL 24 - 10:00 AM/CT Land Auction, Felton, MN. Brian & Lori Olek, Owners. Pifer’s Auction & Realty. WED., APRIL 25 - 10:00 AM/CT Land Auction, LaMoure, ND. Jeff & Anne Jordahl, Owners. Pifer’s Auction & Realty. WED., APRIL 25 - 10:00 AM/CT Equipment Auction, Fargo, ND. Swanston Equipment Co. Pavement Marking Division, Owner. Steffes Group, Inc. WED., APRIL 25 - 5:00 PM/CT Online Land Auction, Lincoln County, MN. Bid Closes April 25 at 5:00 PM. Fred John Williams III, Owner. Pifer’s Auction & Realty. THU., APRIL 26 - 10:00 AM/CT Farm Retirement Auction, Motley, MN. David & Karen Holmberg, Owners. Steffes Group, Inc. THU., APRIL 26 - 3:30 PM/CT Land Auction, Watford City, ND. Private Party, Owner. Pifer’s Auction & Realty. THU., APRIL 26 - 6:00 PM/MT Land Auction, Bowman, ND. Johnson Family Partnership, Owner. Pifer’s Auction & Realty.

THU., APRIL 19 - 10:00 AM/CT Farm Retirement Auction, Litchville, ND. Chuck & Mary Ann Riedman, Owners. Steffes Group, Inc. FRI.., APRIL 20 Timed Online Equipment Auction, Page, ND. Neil Munro, Owner. Steffes Group, Inc.

FRI., APRIL 27 - 10:00 AM/CT Land Auction, Edgeley, ND. David Schweigert, etal, Owner. Pifer’s Auction & Realty. FRI., APRIL 27 - 10:00 AM/CT Hardware Store Auction, Dunseith, ND. Dunseith Hardware, Owner. Dakota Auctioneers.

FRI., APRIL 20 - 10:00 AM/CT Retirement Auction, Ipswich, SD. Maurer Brothers Custom Harvesting, Owner. Steffes Group, Inc. FRI., APRIL 20 - 10:00 AM/MT Machinery Auction, Bowman, ND. Multiple Parties, Owners. Pifer’s Auction & Realty.

SAT., APRIL 28 Inventory Reduction Auction, St. Hilaire, MN. Ken’s Electric & Al St. Marie, Owners. Ron McKercher Auctioneers. SAT., APRIL 28 - 9:30 AM/CT Large Industrial Auction, Stanton, ND. Basin Electric and Dakota Gasification Co., Owners. Wolff Auctioneers.

SAT., APRIL 21 - 10:00 AM/CT Absolute Auction, Hebron, ND. Hebron Farmers Elevator, Owner. G&G Auctioneers. SAT., APRIL 21 - 10:00 AM/CT Contractors & Home Builders Consignment Auction, Jamestown, ND. Multiple Parties, Owners. Orr Auction Service.

SAT., APRIL 28 - 10:00 AM/CT Farm Auction, Bagley, MN. Everett & Mary Sorensen, Owners. Main Event Auctions. MON., APRIL 30 - 2:00 PM/CT Richland County Land Auction, Richey, MT. Waters Estate, Owner. RK Statewide Auction.

Agweek Magazine 701-451-5708 | Toll Free: 888-239-4089 | Email: A4 Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK







160 +/- Acres - LaMoure County, ND

LAND AUCTION Wednesday, April 25, 2018 - 10:00 a.m.

AUCTION LOCATION: Omega Room • 100 1st Ave. NW - LaMoure, ND

This parcel features 146 +/- acres of productive farmland northwest of LaMoure, ND. This land is available to be farmed in 2018. This is quality land and an excellent opportunity to expand your farming operation. This land has great access and is located next to pavement.


Dickey, ND


Co. Rd. 35

61st St. NE

97th Ave. SE

93rd Ave. SE

Acres: 160 +/Cropland Acres: 146.363+/Legal: SW ¼ of 5-135-61 Parcel ID #: 11-0503000 Productivity Index: 76.5

C ontact Lindsey Brown 701.371.5538 Owners: Jeff & Anne Jordahl This sale is managed by Pifer’s Auction & Realty. All statements made the day of the auction take precedence over all printed materials. The seller reserves the right to reject or accept any and all bids. Pifer’s Auction & Realty, 1506 29th Ave S, Moorhead, MN 56560. Kevin Pifer, ND#715.



397 +/- Acres - Dickey County, ND

LAND AUCTION Thursday, May 3, 2018 – 11:00 a.m.

AUCTION LOCATION: Fireside Steakhouse - 415 89th St. SE - Ellendale, ND Featuring 349.36 +/- cropland acres south of Monango, ND. Here is an opportunity to expand your farming operation with land in Dickey County, ND. Soils are suitable for corn, soybeans, sunflowers and small grains! This land will be available to be farmed in 2018 and immediate possession is available! 86th St. SE

Monango, ND 281

82nd Ave. SE

Parcel 1: Acres: 160 +/Cropland Acres: 139.32 +/Legal: NE ¼ 32-131-63 Parcel 2: Acres: 157.23 +/Cropland Acres: 139 +/Legal: Lots 3 & 4 of NW¼ 2-130-64 & S½ of NW¼ 2-130-64 Parcel 3: Acres: 80 +/Cropland Acres: 71 +/Legal: E½ of SW¼ 2-130-64

1 89th St. SE




C ontact Lindsey Brown 701.371.5538

Owners: Larry & Norma Jordahl This sale is managed by Pifer’s Auction & Realty. All statements made the day of the auction take precedence over all printed materials. The seller reserves the right to reject or accept any and all bids. Pifer’s Auction & Realty, 1506 29th Ave S, Moorhead, MN 56560. Kevin Pifer, ND#715.




This 158 +/- acre parcel is located south of Tower City, ND in Barnes County with easy access on County Line 1. It features 150.68 cropland acres with a soil productivity index of 64.4! Here is your opportunity to expand your farmland portfolio with profitable ground for the spring of 2018! Property Information: Acres: 158.08 +/Tower City, ND Cropland Acres: 150.68 +/Legal: Block 0, NE1/4 LESS 1.92 94 A R/W 158.08 of 13-139-56



Katie Lorenz 701.490.0820



38th St. SE


Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK


AUCTION SALES For Sale: 16 1/2ft Lund 1650 Rebel XS 2016, includes Lund trailer and super cover, Mercury 75 HP 4 stroke engine, Minnkota co-pilot power drive V2 12V PD 55lb thrust trolling motor, 2 Humminbird Helix 7 locator’s, extra prop, $19,900. Contact 605-354-7054 or 605-352-5387 if interested 2013 CROSSROADS REDWOOD 5TH WHEEL. EXCELLENT COND. SELF LEVELING. GENERATOR. 5 SLIDES. FRONT LIVING ROOM, LEATHER FURNITURE, TV, FIREPLACE. WASHER/DRYER. DISHWASHER. KING BED. (605) 228-2200, HOSMER, SD. Dodge Ram 1991, W250, 4x4, 12V Diesel, LE, 5 speed manual, 198,000 miles, no dents, rust, bad paint, new tires, full power interior, $6,500 firm. 605-669-2059

Nissan Pathfinder 2014, Reduced price $15,900 obo. All wheel drive, back up camera, SV upgrade package, fuel efficient, 71,000 miles, very clean and well maintained. Full coverage extended warranty. (605) 290-3424 2016 Momentum Grand Design 5th wheel toy hauler, 39 1/2ft camper, 3 slides, lots of luxury, a buy at $60,000 OBO. Howard, SD 605-350-3174 or 605-772-6543 Buick Lucerne 2006, 3.8 engine, new struts, tires like new, new battery, leather seats, Easter Special, $2,300. 170,000 miles (605) 590-0127 Dodge 1500 2003, Hemi pickup, black, very clean, kept inside Will send pictures to your phone. (605) 228-0398




Saturday, April 21, 2018

Location: Britton, SD (Watch for Signs) • Sale Time: 11:00 am • Lunch Available This sale offers Tools, Haying/Livestock Equipment, Combine/Heads, Tractors, Trucks/Trailer, Tillage/Planting Equipment, Augers, Boat/Lift, & Items of Interest FOR PICTURES & FULL LISTING, VISIT WWW.MIDWESTAUCTIONS.COM/OSTBY

owners: multi-party

Auctioneers note: I am pleased to announce, we have put together a nice line of equipment for this auction. Make plans to attend, many good useable items on this auction. If you have any questions, feel free to call Derek (auctioneer) at (605) 949-2170.

ONLINE FARM MACHINERY AUCTION Bids open April 27, 2018; Close May 4, 2018

THIS IS A PRELIMINARY LISTING, PLEASE VISIT WWW.RESOURCEAUCTION.COM: Inspection Locations - Individual Seller Contact Info - Bidding Procedure AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: This is an excess equipment inventory liquidation of items no longer needed in an ongoing operation. Major machines have been kept indoors and have been well maintained.



SELLER 1 HAS DISCONTINUED HIS SUGAR BEET OPERATION: *2009 JD 8430 MFWD tractor, IVT, Active Seat, inst seat, 3pt w/ quick hitch, front weights, Auto Trac ready, 5 hyd, rear weights, 380/80R38 front duals, 380/90R54 rear duals, only 2865 hrs, 2nd owner local tractor, SN#RW8430D044500 *1995 Freightliner FLC112 tri drive, tri-axle farm truck, Cummins N14, 10 spd trans, 22’ Midland Unibody box, hoist, roll tarp, combination end gate, 275/80R22.5 tires on steel disk wheels *Late Model Amity R998 8 row beet harvester, rear elevator, mini tank, poly grab rolls, row finder, kept indoors, 200 acres on $10,000.00 rebuild in 2017, SN#H333905 *Alloway RD180 8R22 Top Master triple drum defoliator, steel front flails, two rows of rubber rear, no scalpers, SN#3124 *1997 Case Concord 2300 TBH air seeder tank, fill auger, hyd fan drive, 18.4-26

rice tires w/ offset axles, SN#CKB0011430 *Summers 70’ Super Weeder, 3 rank hyd retractable Danish tines, flex wing carrier, 5 bar adj harrows & spray kit (spray kit needs ne lines), SN#88465 *Case IH 4900 34’ vibra tiller field cultivator, 3 section fold, walking tandems around, 3 bar Herman harrow & rear packer hitch *Flexicoil System 75 34’ trailing folding coil packer, 3 section fold *Alloway RTS 2600 26’ Danish tine soil conditioner w/ spray kit *2) Alloway 2130 12R22 danish tine cultivators, row cranks, tunnel shields, H&S row trackers *IHC 710 7 btm 16” semi mount plow w/ land wheel SELLER 2 HAS PURCHASED A NO TILL DRILL & HAS OTHER EXCESS ITEMS: *Rite Way Jumbo 7150 50 Heavy Tine Harrow, 9/16 x26” tines w/ carbide tips, down pressure springs & auto fold, SN#71132 *Allied 84” 3pt dual stage double auger snow blower, 540 PTO

*Woods Duall 3100 QT loader w/ 8’ bkt & tank guard, mounts for 30, 40 & 50 JD tractors, used very little,SN#6901 *Buhler Farm King 6’ 3pt finishing mower, 4 caster wheels, 540 PTO *Case IH PTX 300 35’ spring std chisel plow, walking tandems around, castering wing gauge wheels, factory heavy tine 3 bar harrow ½ x 22” tines, SN#CBJ00I5087 *Case IH ADDD 40’ double disk air drill, 6” spacing, 3 section fold, single run blockage monitor, rubber press wheels, good openers, Case Concord 2300 TBH air tank, fill auger, offset axle w/ 18.4-26 rice tires, tank SN#CKB0011326; seeder SN#CKB0015125 *Heavy Duty tandem trailer w/ 8’ x 14’ treated wood deck SELLER 3 HAS PURCHASED AN AIR SEEDER: *Late Model John Deere 9400 40’ (4-10) 6” press drills w/ Erskine hyd end transport, dry fertilizer, solid rubber black press wheels & shaft monitor, kept indoors


For More Information visit,


AUCTIONEERS & CLERK: Main Resource Equipment Auctions Dennis Biliske Auctioneer, 2702 Dennis Biliske, Auctioneer 17th Ave S, Grand Forks, ND 58201 PH: 701-757-4015 FAX: 701-757-4016 Dennis Biliske ND Lic 237, “Decades of Knowledge, Steady ND Clerk Lic 624 Innovation, Top Results” EMAIL: WEBSITE: 001716347r1


Canadian buyers are always welcome, please

furnish a letter of credit for registration. Some purchases require payment by wire. Most units move easily across the border, feel free to ask in advance for document assistance if necessary.

TERMS: Cash, cashier’s check, wire transfer, approved check in US funds. All sales final. Statements made auction day take precedence over all advertising. Document fee on vehicle titles will apply & vehicle titles will be mailed to buyers.

A6 Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK


Sat. April 28, 2018 @ 9:30 AM CT

Located 4 mi E of Stanton, ND - Directly S of Leland Olds Station (3) Onan 7.5 Generator Sets, propane, w/ oil reservoir, (2) have transfer switch Wright trolley hoist, 10,000 lb. good (100+) Chain Hoists: ½ ton, 1 ton, 1 ½ ton, 3 ton, (Harrington, OZ Tec, AMH brands) (30+) Chain ComeA-Longs, ¾ to 3 ton, (Harrington, OZ Tec, AMH, Jet brands) MEC 1932 ES Electric Man lift Miller Auto 1DA plasma ATV’s: cutting table 2007 Honda Rubicon Ridgid 535 Pipe threader ATV 4x4, 1112 mi, 195 (6 dyes) Hrs., mod.TRX500FA7 OZ 1 ton trolley roller - blue OZ beam clamps: 3 & 2005 Honda Rubicon 5 Ton ATV 4X4, 2930 mi, 565 Coleman power mate Hrs., mod. TRX500FA5 2400 PSI pressure - yellow washer Industrial/Shop Items: Honda GX240 Max, 8.0 HP Power washer Rosenfors Bruk milling (70+) PVC pipe 6” x 20’ machine. Type: RFE, 1965 machine, NR: 585 (7) rolls of conveyor belt


2007 FT Felling aluminum 5th wheel flatbed trailer, 75”x23’, dbl. ax., w/dovetail & 4 ½’ ramp-good Aluma 7x12 aluminum trailer, single ax, folding sides Strick Enclosed Semi Trailer, 40’L x 8.5’W, wired with electricity, make shift wooden door w/stair, the trailer is full of electrical supplies that go with the trailer!

1969 Camero SS 396

1971 Mustang Fastback 302, PS & C6, air. 1970 Chevy C20 3 Qt ton, 4 wheel drive, full body off restoration, 406CI 1997 Camero Z28

*All in excellent condition.* *Must see to appreciate.* 701-520-1557 01 Cummins engine & transmission, can hear run. (320) 249-3674 28’ 2005 Jay Flight Camper, frt. kit., slide, elec. jack, good cond., sleeps 6, $6000 OBO 605-698-3433 or 605-268-0306 Reese 5th wheel, cellent (605) 228-3477

INDUSTRIAL AUCTION Basin Electric/Dakota Gasification Co.

1931 Ford Model A Coupe Street Rod 350, black. 1931 Ford Coupe, rumble seat, restored to original, show condition, rootbeer-beige color. 1960 Impala hardtop 348 Manual, 3 speed 1963 Ford Galazy 500 2dr. HT, 352, auto. 1964 Chevy Biscayne 2dr. Post, dual quad 409, 4spd, 411 Posse. 1965 Chevy BelAir, 2 dr, LS6 454, 450 hp, 700 R4. 1966 Ford F100 Shortbox 302 C6. Full body off Resto. ‘67 Chevy C10 Pickup, full restored. 1969 Camero Resto-mod, 502.

1998, excondition,

2003 28’ Jayco Quest TSL 5th wheel, rear kitchen, lots of cabinets, slide out, laminated exterior, ducted AC/heat, hitch, excellent, $6,200 (605) 225-5596 Ford Expedition EL Ltd 2013, mint condition, always stored in garage when not in use, buy direct from original owner, priced at $23,000. 605-380-7611 1998 Jayco Designer 30 foot 5th wheel camper, 2 slide outs, awning, very clean, fully operational, $6,750. (605) 352-5747 or 605-354-7054. 2014 ZV21 with Tracker Nitro, 250XS Opti max 9.9 Kicker, HDS12 on bow and dash $48,500. (605) 228-2129

Welding Items:

2006 Cross Roads Cross Terrain 40ft toy hauler, $14,000. 605-884-6408

(75) boxes of Radnor Stainless welding rods: 316L-16

Hyundai Elantra 2013, mint condition, metallic red, 17,467 miles, a new car for only $8,950. 605-226-2455 or 605-216-4905

Concrete Related Items: 100++) concrete bits, multi. sizes, most new (7) OZTEC concrete vibrator; model: BP-50A - new OZTEC Mod. 1.8 oz. concrete vibrator

Multiple Tools, Scaffolding, Shelving, Pallet Racking, Cabinets, Tables & Chairs

SHANE WOLFF • LIC. NO. 326 701-983-4573 • 701-870-9090 (CELL) HEAD CLERK: PAULA JO WANNER • LIC. NO. 664 •701-870-1406 (CELL) ARMON WOLFF • LIC. NO. 306

*AUCTIONEERS NOTE: This is Partial Listing, Go To Wolff for a Full Listing and Pictures. The majority of the items in this auction are in above average condition. Many new items and all items well represented. Larger items outside will be offered at 1:00 PM CT. The majority of items will be sold inside. For more information, contact: Kevin Dissell @ (701) 7457287 during business hours. Shane Wolff (701) 983-4573 In the event of inclement weather, the auction will be rescheduled for May 5th, 2018 @ 9:30 AM CT.

Ford Expedition 2005, Astrostart, good winter tires, seats 8, 177,000 miles, $4,850 OBO. 605-216-9318

WANTED: Deck planks for cattle trailer, any brand 605-769-2309 For sale 1995 Ford L9000, tandem axle, steerable push axle, 10 speed, 20’ box and hoist, tarp mll Cummins, app. 309k miles, $21,500. 701-361-4248 West Fargo, ND

For Sale: N14 Cummins engine parts, & Eaton Fuller 15 speed transmission, low miles on factory reman. (605) 762-3437 2015 Merritt bull rack, 3 axle, crack up nose deck, lower dog house, extra lights, excellent condition, Koester Trucking Redfield SD (605) 769-0361


1994 KW T600 Detroit 60 series, 10 speed, 43” flat top sleeper, aluminum 285/75R/24.5, 1,016,427 miles, $8,900. 1991 Peterbuilt model 379, triaxel w/ rear hookups, 20 ft alum. box and hoist, 24.5 tires, L10 Cummings, 9 speed, $29,900. 1991 GMC tandem axle grain truck w/rear hitch and hook ups, 20 ft box and hoist, pup trailer, $19,900. for pair 605-850-9396


Inspection: Contact Orr Auctioneers for specific owner information. Directions: Orr Auction Center is conveniently located 4.5 miles South of Jamestown, ND on US Hwy. 281 Terms and Conditions: Cash or approved check day of Auction.

2017 Sooner gooseneck stock trailer, 7 1/2 wide x 30’ long, 2 10,000 lb axles, nose vents, excellent condition, $21,000 OBO. 605-830-1069 2006 Kenworth T600 white w/blue fenders, 12 speed Autoshift trans(ZFFreedomline), C13 430HP Acert, Air ride susp, Tandem Axle, 3.25 Axle Ratio, Full sleeper(4W x 7L x 6H), Alignment done 2018, Front tires brand new, Rear tires @75%, Herd bumper w/slam latch, Dual 90 gal diesel tanks, 226” wheelbase, 718,260miles, 19,605 hrs, $30,000 (605) 281-0492 2007 Merritt MVT Grain Trailer 42’L x 124”H x 94”W, Ag hoppers, Electric over hydraulic grain traps & dolley w/remote, Shurco 4500 dual arm electric tarp opener w/remote & set of 3 stretch tarp cords, Tandem axle, tires @50%, $25,000 (605) 281-0492 2015 triple axle tilt-bed car trailer, $5900 (605) 532-5555 or (605) 881-5393 2001 Merritt, new brakes, set up to pull pup, nice trailer, $15,000. 22’ pup w/dolly $6500. (605) 532-5555 or (605) 881-5393 Prairie Plastics is your start to finish bed liner shop in the metro area and beyond. -50’ x 50’ installation bay. -Plastic extrusion welder in shop and portable for repairs. -- Over 20 years in the industry. -- Sand & Gravel liners. -Farm use liners, Truck fenders, hopper liners. Prairie Plastics 1413 5th Ave NE West Fargo, ND 58078 ph 701-541-0793 fax 7 0 1 - 5 3 2 - 1 3 3 8 21ft Timpte grain pup trailer, with electric tarp, good tires, nice shape, call Steven at 605-881-1481 2011 42ft Wilson hopper bottom, 78” high sides, 103” wide, good shape, like new. 1976 double windrow double swather, always shedded. Combine Trailer, could be used to haul big sprayer or small combine. Located 2 miles west of Leola. Call Sam Schauer 605-380-4396 or 605-439-3630


1989 Ford single axle gravel truck 1971 Ford single axle gravel truck Semi-Trailers: 2005 SDI triple axle side dump 2015 Bobcat E35i Mini Excavator, trailer, 50% tires and brakes, 439 hrs. 24” Trenching Bucket, electric tarp, spring ride 4 Compliant Engine, A71 Option Package, Deluxe Cab Display, Radio, 2004 Wabash 53 ft. dry van trailer, Heat and A/C, Keyless Start, 2-Speed sliding axels, air ride Transmission, Front Blade, Hydraulic 2003 Wabash 53 ft. dry van trailer, Thumb, Hydraulic Bucket X-Change sliding axels, air ride 1999 Load King triple axle belly • 2015 Case SV300 Skid Steer dump trailer, spring ride, 11-22.5 Loader, 966 hrs. tires, tarp • 2014 Bobcat S750 Skid Steer 1994 Road Master triple axle belly Loader, 1,162 hrs. Deluxe dump trailer, spring ride Instrument Panel, Power Tach, 1991 Ranco triple axle belly dump High Flow Hydraulics, 2 Speed, Air Ride Seat, Dual Hand trailer, spring ride Controls–ACS Hand Control • 2013 Bobcat S770 Skid Steer SEMI-TRACTORS Loader, 1,344 hrs. Deluxe AND TRUCKS: Instrument Panel, Power Tach, 2011 IHC Pro Star semi-tractor, high flow hydraulics, 2 speed, 520k miles, 500 hp. Paccur Maxx air ride seat, advanced control Force12.4 l. engine, 13 speed, 122” system, A91 Option Package, sleeper, 228 inch wheel base, Advance Control System aluminum wheels, 12,350 lb. front 40,000 lb. rears GRAVEL TRUCKS– axle, 2005 Freightliner Columbia, CEMENT TRUCK: Mercedes Diesel, 10 speed, 950k 1996 Peterbilt 377 triple axle gravel miles, dual line wet kit, sleeper unit truck, Caterpillar 3176 engine, 675k 2001 GMC 6500 8.1L gas, Allison miles, Super 10 speed transmission, transmission, 24’ box and lift gate, 17 ft. box, air end gate, new ECM 200,000 miles 1994 Kenworth T800 truck with new Dozers and Blades: mixer tub, 224k miles 2000 Komatsu D65EX12 with 1994 Mack CH 613 tandem axle Komatsu S6D125E2 engine, fresh gravel truck transmission, 90% under carriage,

AC, 14,700 hrs. showing Caterpillar D6-M dozer, 6 way dozer blade, cab, air, heat, 10,600 hrs. 1983 John Deere 77A, 2540 hrs. showing, 14 ft. blade, front scarifier, fresh clutch, new batteries, 14.00 x 24 tires 1975 Champion D-600 all hydraulic, 671 Detroit, 14:00-24 tires, 12 ft. blade with 12ft.6” snow wing



Ditch Witch C99 walk behind trencher, excellent Allmand Night- Lite Pro, NL6 portable light tower Ingersoll Rand 250 CFM industrial air compressor on trailer, only 354 hrs. 1,000 gallon NH3 tank with running gear White 30 propane forklift, solid rubber tires Grab Tech skid steer quick attach grapple bucket 2010 New Holland Sweeptster 72 inch angle broom, hydraulic skid steer attachment

2005 Shop built pintle hitch deck over trailer, tandem axel 2000 Corn Pro fifth wheel tandem axel stock trailer 1999 GMC 3500, 4WD, 4 door, automatic, 159k miles 1999 Ford F250 LD, extended cab, 4x4, 5.4 ltr. Auto, loaded, 185k miles UNUSED 1997 Ford E350 Van, V-10, auto, SKID STEER 216k miles, contractor finished interior, racks, bins ATTACHMENTS: 1992 Keifer 5x10 enclosed trailer, Pull Cat tree and post puller ladder rack Redline Tree and post puller 2- Redline walk through pallet forks HOME BUILDING Redline double bale spear Lowe Hyd. Auger 750 w/ 9” & 12” & ITEMS: 15” w/ skid steer quick attach Large amount of bundled lumber Stout Brush Grapple HD72-4 closeand building supplies tine w/ skid steer quick attach Large amount of interior and Stout Brush Grapple XHD 84-6 w/ exterior doors skid steer quick attach Large amount of windows Stout Rock Bucket/Brush Grapple Timbers Combo HD72-3 Open-End w/ skid Building tin

steer quick attach Receiver and weld on plates

Miller Econotig AC/DC stick and tig, cables, tig torch and foot control Smith acetylene torch kit 50 ft. Miller Speedmatic cables NEWLY BUILT and hose UTILITY SHEDS, Miller 30A aluminum mig gun 4 ton porta power DECKS & ENTRY Electrical cart w/ 17 spools of wire STEPS: Many misc. items 4- various sheds, OSB sheeting, full Large selection of fiberglass step floor, entry door, new and extension ladders 2- Vinyl finished utility sheds, new Air powered tools New built play house, color siding, Lots of shop tools, hand and electric tin roof, patio slider door, 10 ft. x 12 ft. MISC.: 2 new built garages with roll up 110 volt can crusher doors Large exercise bench/weight rack 5- Various sized new entry decks with large quantity of cast weights New patio deck, 8 ft. x 12 ft. Large amount of misc. items composite decking, composite railing New patio deck, 8 ft. x 10 ft. treated RECREATIONAL lumber, spindle railing ITEMS: 2015 Honda TRX500FA6, 5,360 SHOP ITEMS: miles Snap On 6,500 lb. capacity scissor 2012 Polaris Sportsman 550, 4wd car lift, model EELR338A ATV, 4,845 miles Miller Bobcat 250NT portable 1987 Sylvan Super Snapper 16’ welder w/ 10,000 watt generator, long, 20hp Mercury on power tilt, cover and 50 ft. of cable Midkota trolling motor, Millermatic 200 wire welder, live well, and fish finder all accessories and spoolmatic Semi load of nursery items, shrubs, aluminum gun trees Much more


OVER 45 YEARS 2018

Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK


Grain Trailers for Rent: Wilson & Timpte Ag Hoppers 2012-2015, 40’-50’ (50’ have triple axle), Spring Ride and Air Ride available. Call for monthly or yearly rates. H&S Ag Rentals LLC Bridgewater, SoDak Doug 605-360-1027 or Phil 605-360-4630

International 4900 2000, LT Delivery truck 3,000 gallon, DT466E engine with 7 speed transmission, good condition, $14,000 OBO. 2003 Delta 30’ triple axle gooseneck flat bed trailer with beaver tail. $5,250. (605) 520-2483

Trucks & Trailers for sale. 2011 Pete 386 Cummins 70” bunk, 2013 R-way belly dump air ride, 2004 freight liner Colombia, 2001 cornhusker hopper bottom, 1984 IHC 9670 cabover, 1981 Guthrie hopper bottom. 701-261-0971

Ford F-250 XLT Super cab 2007. Diesel with 5 spd auto. Runs & starts great! Tires in very good condition. New spray in bedliner. Suspension airbags. B&W turn over ball 5th wheel. 199k miles. $10,500. (605) 695-9829


Directions: Sale will be held right at the expansive SORENSEN MOTORS sales facility located on the western end of Bagley, MN right along US Hwy #2. Bagley is located about 90 mi east of Grand Forks right on US Hwy #2. WORTH THE DRIVE! EQUIPMENT WILL START SELLING EARLY IN THE SALE SO DON’T BE LATE! NOTE: Everett and Mary have long had one of the area’s largest beef operations. All big equipment is like brand new. ABSENTEE BIDDING: Just call us to preview equipment, and send someone to the sale to bid and pay for the item. Pickup can be arranged later.


DARIN LEE - PROFESSIONAL AUCTIONEER • (218) 358-1168 • MN LIC. 15-11 We’d be happy to come to your location. We travel anywhere, just ask!

A8 Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK


WATCH FOR ADS & POSTERS! GO TO THE WEB AT: At Main Event Auctions, we make your sale the Main Event!

Peterbilt 335 2006, single axle, 8.3 liter Cummins diesel engine, 293,000 original miles, syncro 6 speed transmission, white exterior, tires 90%, 605-881-6983 evenings For Sale: 2010 Wilson Cattle Pot Livestock Trailer, triple axle, spring ride, 53x102, like new tires, new brakes. Trailer is in real good shape. 605-380-9353 Asking $45,000.


Hopper Trailers for Rent Triaxle 48x102x78, $1250 per month. Tandem axles 42x102x78, $1000 per month. Tandem axles 43x102x78, $1000 per month. For Sale: 2005 &2006 Wilson standard hopper bottom (non ag). 43x102x78, $14,800 each. Call Jeremy at 605-881-7084 or if no answer call 605-785-5333 No Telemarketers 2009 Fruhauf step deck, 53x102, air ride, spread axle, $19,000. 2006 International 4900 with 24’ van and lift gate, 330,000 miles, $12,000. Hay train, 45’ lead with a 40’ or 45’ second trailer, $15,000. Several pintle hitch trailers and several 48’ & 53’ dry vans. Setting up several silage trucks and also setting up less expensive grain trucks. Coming in a Magnum 2003 triple hopper seed fertilizer tender with rear auger delivery system. (701) 347-5426 Brand New 2017 custom built 7x16’ end dump trailer. Electric/hydraulic hoist with remote. $5,900 obo. Call (605) 380-3637 or (605) 380-3631 For Sale: 1983 Constructor 48ft Belly dump triple axle gravel trailer, tires, brakes in good shape. $7,500. (701) 710-0862

For Sale 9 axle Cornhusker grain train, For more information call Wayne (605) 216-8409

Hay Land ~ Hunting ~ Scenic Ranch Land

3909 acres – Not grazed in 2017

Drageset Land Trust

West Central South Dakota

FARM/RANCH LAND AUCTION 1 PM * At Community Center in Isabel, SD, on Hwy 65

Wed. May 2, 2018

To property: At Isabel, SD, go 10 W on Hwy 20, 4 ½ N on 224th Ave., 1 ½ W. Home is another ½ W and 1 SW. Info in mail box at land. A beautiful ranch, offered in 6 Tracts, & as Entire Contiguous Unit, accessed off Hwy 20 via county gravel, +++plus 320 acre School Lease Rolling pasture & gently rolling hay land ~~ Some bushy draws and seasonal drainages w/ trees for winter protection & wildlife habitat. Mostly used for pasture, with approx. 750 acres that have been farmed, and are now planted to a grass / hay mixture. House & 2 Good Quonsets, in Sec. 8 (Tr 5) ~ 2 wells at headquarters, presently tied together ~ 3rd well in Sec. 6 (Tr 6) ~ Wells, dams, springs, & seasonal creeks scattered across the ranch ~ Cross-fenced ~ 2 auto-gates for pasturing ditches ~ Hunting: Whitetail and Mule Deer, Antelope, Turkeys, Grouse ~ Taxes: $ 1.92 per acre ~ Mineral Rights transfer All in Ziebach County, east of BHM: Parts of Sec 1 & 12 in T17N-R19E and Parts of Sec. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 17 & 18 in T17N-R20E Jy22c20s

TRACTORS- 2005 John Deere 9120 diesel, only 400 hrs; 2000 John Deere 7510 Diesel Frnt whl assist, 2500 hours w/ JD 740 loader w/bucket; 1996 John Deere 7400 diesel, frnt whl assist, approx 2000 hrs; 1974 John Deere 4230 diesel WF; 1988 Ford 5900 WF diesel; 1970 John Deere 3020 diesel WF w/JD 48 loader; 1966 Oliver 1850 diesel WF w/cab; 1966 Oliver 1650 gas eng, WF, w/ Dual 340 loader w/bale spear; Minneapolis Moline Jetstar gas WF. COLLECTOR CARS: Immaculate 1955 Pontiac Chieftain 4 dr, 55k original mi, Mint! 1974 Chevy Nova hatchback ONLY 14K miles! There are many 1940’s to 1950’s cars and pickups in salvageable condition MOTORHOME: 2016 24-ft. Jayco Class C Motor home on Mercedes chassis w/Mercedes diesel, absolutely the best of the best! 5,500 actual miles! Dual slideouts, MISC: Like new Hot Springs portable 4 person spa, used only 4 times, this is a waterfall model; new aluminum receiver mount handicap cart carrier EQUIPMENT: John Deere 568 round baler; 1979 John Deere Turbo 6620 combine set up for small grains; 1984 John Deere 8300 12’ grain drill; Melroe 5 section Multi weeder w/5 row drag; Willrich 18’ folding chisel plow w/3 bar drag; New Holland 195 manure spreader only a few years old; Kuhn 21’ tedder; Hydraulic post driver; Vermeer R 2800 19’-28’ adjustable twin rake, only a few years old; 2006 John Deere 946 Disc bine, 250 bu creep feeder w/ calf panels; 14’ Donahue grain trailer; grain vac; 16’ drag, 3 pt mnt; Haybuster H-106 rock picker; 100 bushel gravity box; Melroe 911 reset trailer plow 7 bottom; IH 20’ chisel plow; IH 800 spring reset 9 bottom plow; 1995 Haybuster 256 plus 2 bale grinder; John Deere creep feeder; Melroe 5 bottom plow; Hutchinson PTO dr 8” x approx 70’ auger; Massey 510 combine; 10’ BUSH HOG mod 146 heavy offset disc; approx 24’x8” auger on transports; cattle working chute and head gate; John Deere 18’ cultivator; dually round bale wagon; Allis Chalmers 2300 heavy 20’ disc. FARM SUPPLIES: Barb wire and cattle feed SHOP: loads and loads of asst mechanic’s tools, ATV’S: 2011 Polaris Sportsman 500 H.O. AWD only 170 mi w/ winch; like new Polaris Sportsman 350 4x4 w/plow; 90’s? Polaris Sportsman 335 4x4, 2362 mi; rebuilt Honda 125 three whlr all gone thru; Honda 185 three whlr. VEHICLES/TRAILERS: 1999 Ford F350 Super duty dually, 7.3 L Powerstroke diesel, super cab 4 wd, w/9’ flatbed; 1972 GMC 6500 truck w/15’ Rugby tilt grain box 41K mi; 1995 Chevy Kodiak w/13’ 6” tilt box, 2009 Sparks goose neck trailer 27’ bed w/4’ beaver tail; 1990 Ford F150 w/Bar 6 cake feeder; 1972 GMC wrecker; Two 2 whl trlrs w/loading ramp; 1984 Ford F350 diesel, dually flatbed; 1954 Chevy 6400 truck w/tilt gravel box. HOUSEHOLD: elec cream separator, walk behind weed trimmer, push mower, Cub Cadet 26” 3 stage snowblower, seed broadcaster, Gibson 15 cu ft chest type deep freeze, Beautiful enameled cast iron wood cook stove w/water reservoir and warmers, Northern Leader wood furnace, 12 place gun cabinet

1995 Kenworth W900, rebuilt 3406 cat engine, 10 speed, $32,000. 1983 Barbel Tanker, 42’, 7000 gal, 3 compartments, stainless steal w/ 3” Honda pump, $15,000. 2004 Fontaine stepdeck, 48’, 102”, $18,000. 1995 Merrit hopper bottom, 42’ 96”x68” sides, air ride, new tarp, $12,000. 1993 Timpte, hopper bottom, 42’, 96”, 78” sides, spring ride, $11,000. 1986 Wilson, hopper bottom, 42’, 96”, 78” sides, spring ride, new tarp, $9,000. 2006 Befort, double header trailer, fold up $4,800. 40’ Wemco single header trailer, torsion axle and lights, $4,300. 435 industrials American single header trailer, $3,200. 701-741-9159 or 701-741-3480


Piroutek Auction Service ~ 605-685-4556

2011 Ford F750 XL 12’ Flatbed w/hidden gooseneck ball and headache rack. 6.7L Cummins 240 HP, Allison Auto Transmission, Wet Kit w/2 rear hyd. couplers, HD rear hitch, Air Ride seat, air, tilt, cruise. 48,357 miles. Carfax available. $46,500 USD 701-282-9194 ask for Brandon.

1986 Ford LT9000 14’ Flatbed w/flip over 5th wheel plate and aluminum headache rack. CAT reman 3406B 350 HP, 13sp Eaton-Fuller, Wet Kit w/2 rear hyd. couplers, HD rear hitch, Air Ride seat. Shows 210,351 miles. Carfax available. $8,500 USD 701-282-9194 ask for Brandon. 2009 Stoughton grain trailer, air ride, 11/22.5 tires, aluminum wheels, electric tarp and traps, new tarp, 2 rows of LED lights, ag hoppers and 66” sides, 605-228-1626 1997 Brenner 7600 gallon single compartment tanker, $12,500. 605-360-5687 2009 Wilson Commander grain trailer, ag hoppers, 66” sides, 42’ long, 96” wide, electric tarp, air ride. 605-380-0627

GMC Sierra 2014, regular cab, long box, grill guard, runnings boards, 5th wheel ball. 605-216-8409

1979 IH 4300 truck, 19.5’, unibody box set up for drill fill and pintle hitch, new tires, sound clean truck, $10,500. Westfield Endgate Seed Auger, like new, $1,000. Call 218-205-6274 1988 Ford LN9000, complete engine overhaul, triaxle with 22’ box, good condition. 218-289-4714

45’ Water Trailer w/ 2 new 2500-gallon tanks

40’ Water Tanker with pump

16 Ton Willmar Side Shooter C-13 Caterpillar Engine Manufacturer 430 Horsepower; Tri Axle; Red Color; Engine Brake; 3.55 Ratio; 11R22.5 Tires; All Aluminum Wheels; 244 in Wheelbase; 12,000 lb Front Axle Weight; 40,000 $58,500

1995 9200 IHC M-11 Cummins, 10 spd w/ wet kit

2007 Kenworth T800, 62in Flat Top, C15 475hp, Jake, 13spd, 3:70’s, 220wb, 85% 11R22.5’s, a/r cab & susp., polished alum’s, tool box, full gauges, only 472,000 miles. Excellent Condition!

1999 9100 IHC M-11 Cummins Day cab tractor, February special

2004 Freightliner FLD120 Classic, 12.7L 455hp, Jake, 13spd, 4:11’s, full lockers, spring suspension, excellent 22.5’s, polished alum’s, new 22ft. Reiten alum box, dual rear controls, 575,000 miles. Very Clean Southern Truck!

2010 International ProStar ISX Cummins, autoshift, 3-pedal, 1 w/ wet kit

Qty 4 2007 Freightlier Columbia 12.8 Mercedes Engine Manufacturer 410 Horsepower; Tandem Axle; WHITE Color; Engine Brake; 24.5 Tires; Aluminum Outside Wheels; 174 in Wheelbase; 12,000 lb Front Axle Weight; 40,000 lb Rear Axle Weight; $16500

2007 Freightliner Columbia, C13 Cat 430hp, Jake, 10spd, 4:11’s, 210wb, 14,600 front, polished alum’s, dual exhaust, wet kit, headache rack, low miles, clean!

2005 Simenson 24 Ton Fertilizer Tender Top Auger 40 foot Trailer $23,500 2006 Kenworth T800 10; ISX Cummins Engine Manufacturer 450 Horsepower; Tandem Axle; Red Color; Engine Brake; 3.70 Ratio; 22.5 Tires; All Aluminum Wheels; 184 in Wheelbase; Drive Side: Left Hand Drive; 992,000 miles $25,000 2004 Kenworth T800 Autoshift OD; ISM Cummins Engine Manufacturer 385 Horsepower; Tandem Axle; Red Color; Engine Brake; 3.70 Ratio; 22.5 Tires; All Aluminum Wheels; 172 in Wheelbase; Drive Side: Left Hand Drive; Very Clean Every recpeit since and new a overhauled 300k ago $24,500

2007 Freightliner Columbia, C15 Cat 435hp, Jake, 10spd, a/r cab & suspension, excellent 22.5’s, new 22ft. Reiten aluminum box, dual rear controls, LED lights, roll tarp, only 495,000 miles. Very clean southern truck!

2007 9400 IHC ISX Cummins 10-speed Air Ride 2000 Wabash, 48x102 flat bed, aluminum floor, excellent 22.5’s, spring susp., excellent brakes, sliding axle, fork lift hookup, no rust. Very nice trailer!

2014 ProStar IHC w/ ISX Cummins

Ron Corrick Office: 701-454-6174 • Cell: 701-520-0187 I-29 Exit 187, Drayton, ND


10 speed, low miles

1998 Cat 65E Very Clean Tractor New Air conditioning system and recent motor with paperwork Cab, Air, Heat, Radio, Ground Radar, Remote Hydraulics: 4, ROPS, Track % Remaining: 60, Track Size: 30 $45,000 2009 Kaufman Trailer 40X96 Model; Wood Floor; 17.5 Tires; Fixed Tandem Axle; Steel Composition; Very nice clean trailer 2008 Hawk Grain Trailer 34X96x66 Steel Trailer Ag Hoppers Spring ride $12,500 2018 Meixel Big pick Rock picker $19,500

Starbuck, MN

2018 Maurer 42’ Alum Hopper, 72” sides, $36,900

2007 International 9400i, C15 Cat 435hp, Jake, New 10spd, 3:73’s, air ride cab & susp., excellent 22.5’s, dual 100g polished tanks, new Turbo, only 588,000 miles. Clean Southern Truck!

2018 40ft. Merritt Aluminum Ag Hopper, air ride, roll tarp, polished alum’s, virgin 11R22.5’s. 2018 38.6ft Merritt Aluminum Ag Hopper, air ride, roll tarp, polished alum’s, virgin 11R22.5s. 2016 Wilson tripple axle, 50x96x84, ag hopper, rear lift, full fenders, electric tarp, stainless back, loaded, Like New!

Dennis Klein 701-776-5922


2000 9100 IHC 60s DET motor, day cab tractor

2010 8600 IHC ISM Cummins Auto shift truck, Air Ride

2005 Volvo VNM64T300 Volvo VED 385 Horsepower; Tandem Axle; 10 Spd OD; Engine Brake; 3.55 Ratio; 22.5 Tires; Aluminum Outside Wheels; 165 in Wheelbase; 12,000 lb Front Axle Weight; 40,000 lb Rear $10,500


2002 Kenworth W900L, 6NZ Cat 550hp, Jake, 18spd, 4:11’s, 20k & 46k, new 24.5 Virgins, new batteries, full double frame, wet kit, headache rack, beacon, A/R, fully loaded, only 266,000 miles. Absolutely like new!

1999 Sterling, 410,000 miles, 430HP, 10spd, diff lock. $19,900

2014 ProStar ISX Cummins 10 speed, Air Ride, all aluminum wheels

2011 Prostar day cab, with 2011 Timpte ag hopper. Both white in color. All air ride, electric tarp, tires, brakes, & drums are all 80% or better. (218) 289-5868

2007 Peterbilt 378

MORE DAYCABS ARRIVING!!! 32’ Van Trailer w/ tandem axle

Pro Star Eagle ISX 2014, 485 Cummins, 13 speed, overhaul @352k, 230WB, 22.5 alum. 336 rt 588k nice clean truck, $35000. 320-250-2268


FOR SALE: 2008 Timpte grain trailer, 102 inch wide by 50ft. long with spread axle, 80 inch sides with hopper vibrators. 605-670-0252 or 605-624-3650

Ford F-250 1990, XLT, 4x4, regular cab, long box, 351 5 speed, 97,000 miles, $4,000. Also 1979 Ford F-250, Lariet, 4x4, regular cab, long box, 400 auto, 156,000 miles, $5,000. (605) 880-0187

2006 KW T600, 565HP ISX, 18spd Auto, OH, wet kit $42,000

2018 Maurer Aluminum Grain Trailers Starting At $30,500

Cascadias, 450HP, Autos, mileage 580k-670K, 3-2013’s & 1-2014

Neville 42’ Water Trailer, Center drain tanks with 3” bung. 2 avail.

SALES DEPT. Bob Miller, Marlin Schiele or Rick Hanson Toll Free • 1-800-247-0198 Local • 701-857-1617

Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK


Freightliner FLD 120 1998, day cab, MII Cummins, 10 speed, 8000 miles on in frame OH, many other new parts, $17,500 OBO. (605) 228-5998


WANTED TO BUY 2006 freightliner Columbia day cab, 14 liter DD, 10 speed, 170” wheel base, shows 614,000 miles. 2005 Columbia midroof, 12.8 Mercedes, 435 horse, shows 780,000 miles. 1978 Western Star day cab, triaxle, air up, air down, 14 liter Cummins, 525 horse, 18 speed, on aluminums, 786,000 miles. 1996 freightliner FLD112 day cab, 3176 CAT, 9 speed, 224 wheel base. 701-742-2861 701-680-0335

Nice 28’ to 53’ Semi van trailers. Make excellent water trailers. Tanks, cones, pumps, hose reels, etc. Semi van storage trailers and containers. RYDELLT R A I L E R S . C O M (701) 474-5780




COMING IN 2019 Jet Tri-Axle Side Dump 2018 Jet hopper 40x96x70, Spring Ride, White 2018 Jet Tri-Axle Side Dump 2015 Jet 40’ x 96” x 70”, Spring Ride, Hopper, JUST IN 2015 Jet Hopper 42’ x 96” x 70” Air Ride, Black 2014 Witzco Detachable Tandem Axle 2011 Midland Tri-Axle Belly Dump 2008 Jet Step Deck, 53 x 102, Spread Axle, Beaver Tail and Ramps 2004 Jet Hopper, Air Ride, 42x96x70 1994 Walton Tri-Axle Step Deck w/ Beaver Tail & Ramps 2003 Transcraft with step deck, 53 x 102, Spread Axle 37’, 42’ & 46’ Header Trailers

1994 KW T600 Detroit 60 series, 10 speed, 43” flat top sleeper, aluminum 285/75R/24.5, 1,016,427 miles, $8,900. 1991 Peterbuilt model 379, triaxel w/ rear hookups, 20 ft alum. box and hoist, 24.5 tires, L10 Cummings, 9 speed, $29,900. 1991 GMC tandem axle grain truck w/rear hitch and hook ups, 20 ft box and hoist, pup trailer, $19,900. for pair 605-850-9396 2016 Neville Built drop deck 102”x 53’ 3 ramps Hay sides, spread axle, air ride $28,000. 1999 379 Ext hood Flat top, 2 line wet kit, 2ws cat motor 600hp complete out of frame premium overhaul spent $33,000. New tires, fifth wheel plate, new style lights, new steering gear and alignment on truck. New ECM, Rebuilt trans. Very nice truck. No ELD required $55,000. (605) 280-6520



WANTED: Hub City model 390 PTO speed reducer. (320) 305-0938 Wanted: 851 NH balers, gravity wagons with or without toppers, smaller augers, drill fills, small bins or hoppers, grain handling equipment, 88-94 Chevy pickups, 4020 JD parts, small no till drills, wood chippers or shredders. For Sale: 930 Case Tractor, rough. (605) 949-1350 evenings best/text ok Wanted: 8 ton pull type fertilizer spreader. Prefer PTO drive (605) 999-0599 WANTED TO BUY: Swathers - 25’ Pull Type, JD 590, CIH 721, IHC 75 Mac Dons, Please Call: Mike @ 605-351-0905 Out of condition grain. Contact DB at 605-228-0471 WANTED: Self propelled corn picker. DB 605-228-0471 Wanted: Wilcox 3pt hitch for a 95E Caterpillar tractor. 701-659-8713

Young farmer from Buxton, ND looking for land to rent. Call or text 218-779-9651

Wanted: Wilrich IH or JD cultivator 34, 40’. Call 218-766-4005


BUYING! Old Crop Pinto, Navy, and Chickpeas. Please call: 701-587-5206 or 218-779-7335

MISCELLANEOUS WANTED: Pasture to rent, have 125 Red Angus cows, will divide if they are smaller pastures if needed. Dean Weber, Wagner, SD (605) 384-3300 or (605) 491-0185 For Sale: John Deere 112 riding lawn mower with deck, 32 Rons Manufacturing bolt on chisel plow coulters, 225 gal service fuel tank and pump, MDS single bale for fits John Deere 265 loader, hydro torpedo nh3 hitch, Micro-Track nh3 cooling tower with controller, air towers from John Deere 787 air seeder. Call 605-380-0068 --38ft Case IH 4300 Field Cultivator, 7” knock on shovels and Summers 3 bar harrow. --2715 Bushog Rotary mower. --1975 F-750 tandem, 19.5ft steel box. All items shedded. Lidgerwood, ND (701) 640-1245 Looking for Model A unrestored pickup, any year, must run good & drive. (605) 670-9400

For Sale Registered Trigger & Prevail spring wheat. Certified Trigger and Prevail and Faller spring wheat. Commercial treating available with full length scale on site. Also available conventional corn and soybeans SP-18005. Call Abeln Farms Inc. 605-397-8113 or 605-380-0200 Pressure Washer Central Inc. Sales & Service Aaladin Pressure Washers - Service on most major brands! Factory Cat Floor Scrubbers & Sweepers West 6th Ave, Aberdeen, SD (Next to Perkins) 605-226-4095 (800)733-2967 www.pressurewasher Looking to rent farmland in NE South Dakota, Clark, Codington and Hamlin counties or surrounding area. Call 605-520-4143 FARM LOANS!! National lender providing capital for bridge and permanent financing. Good or Bad Credit accepted. Real Estate, Equipment, Operating and Cattle funding available. Visit our website at or Call (888) 950-9339 Haybuster H1000 Hay Grinder w/conveyor. Always shedded, mult. screens, new discharge augers and liners, new roller guides. Excellent Condition located in Platte, SD. $20,000 (605) 680-1198



Witzco Tri-Axle Detachables

2016 Maurer Rental Returns: multiple available, 40’ x 68”, elec. Tarps, ag hoppers starting at $29,750

2009 Volvo VNL64T300 Stock #7739; 590K Miles; 450 HP; Cummins ISX; 10 Spd; Air Ride; Tandem; All Alum Wheels $27,500

2005 Peterbilt 385 Stock #5526; 475 HP; Caterpillar C-15 Engine; 13 Spd; All Alum wheels; New Steers

2015 Maurer Stock #0363; Air Ride; 48’; Wood Floor; 22.5 Tires; All Steel Wheels; Spread Axle $32,000

2006 Peterbilt 379EXHD Stock #3193; 909K Miles; Cat C-15 Engine; 13 Spd; Air Ride; Tandem; All Alum Wheels; Mid Roof Sleeper; New Cam

1997 Freightliner FLD12 Stock #5424; 687K Miles; 470 HP; Detroit 60 Series 12.7 Engine; 10 Spd; Air Ride; Tandem; All Steel Wheels; New Brakes

Semi Trailer Sales and Rentals Stephen, MN • 218-455-3341


2002 East 48x102 Aluminum Dropdeck Trailer, Air Ride, Spread Axle, w/ 2--3200 Horizontal Sump Tanks, Honda Pump, Mix Cone, All Hose and Valves.............$32,500

2004 Great Dane 48’ Trailer, Sliding Axle, Set Up w/ NEW 4--1600 Gal CONE BOTTOM Water/Fertilizer Tanks, Honda Pump, Mix Cone, All Hose and Valves................$17,750

1996 Fruehauf 48’ Flatbed Trailer, Air Ride, Spread Axle, Aluminum Combo, Set Up w/ NEW 4--1600 Gal Cone Bottom Water/Fertilizer Tanks, 13 HP Honda 3” Pump, 3 Mixing Cones, 3” Electric Hose Reel, FIELD READY.............$26,750

2002 Wabash 45’ Trailer, Set Up w/ NEW 4--1600 Gal Water/Fertilizer Tanks, 30 Gal Chemical Mix Cone, Gx200 Honda Pump, All Hose & Valves, FIELD READY, CURRENT DOT........$13,750

24 Ton Willmar Stainless Steel Fertilizer Tender, Side Shooter, 12” Top Box, Electric Roll Tarp, Hydraulic Tank & Controls, Mounted on a Triple Axle Trailer.................$25,500

2000 Great Dane 36’ Van Trailer, Closed Tandem, Sliding Axle, Set Up w/ NEW 3--1600 Gal Cone Bottom Water/Fertilizer Tanks, Honda Pump, Chemical Mix Cone, All Hose & Valves, FIELD READY AND CURRENT DOT..............$17,750



1991 Transcraft Flatbed, Air Ride, Spread Axle, Set Up w/ NEW 3--1600 Gal Cone Bottom Water/Fertilizer Tanks, Honda Pump, Mixing Cone, Electric Hose Reel, FIELD READY...............$14,750

A10 Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK

AG-CHEM Rogator 1074, Cat Engine, 2300 hrs, 100’ Boom, 1100 Gal Stainless Several enclosed trailers set up Tank, Foam Markers, Raven with tanks, pump and mixing Monitor, Light Bar, Farmer Owned..............$69,000 cone........CALL FOR PRICE

Your trusted dealer for 20 years!

(320) 795-2827 • Hancock, MN


1995 Transcraft 48’x102” Flatbed, Air Ride, Spread Axle, Set Up w/ 4--1600 Gal Cone Bottom Tanks, 13 HP, 3” Honda Pump, Mix Cone, All Hose & Valves...................$23,250



“Are you tired of adding or running out of DEF fluid? We have a chip to install which will completely delete it; it doesn’t affect the engine at all and leaves no footprint on the computers. Modules for series B engines coming soon! Off road equipment only Call Larry 701-710-0887” For Rent: 2018 season & beyond, 5500 acres farm land in Stanley County, Ft Pierre area. Could be split up in smaller acres. (605) 222-0309 Contract for Deed, approx 430 acres of Day county land for sale, next to Pickerel lake, half pasture, half crop land, willing to separate. Call 605-520-2332 CDC Leader Kabuli Chickpeas Excellent Yield Medium Maturity Good Resistance to Ascochyta Blight 1,100 Seeds/# (701) 721-2368 Pull type tandem fertilizer spreader, dual spinners, 540 pto, nice condition. 3pt 8ft double auger snow blower, hydraulic spout, 540 pto, nice condition. Tractor chains. 701-430-3189 Double Duty Portable Storage & Movers has NEW 1Trip 20ft Shipping Containers for sale. $3,595 with free delivery within 60 miles. Multiple sizes available in New & Used. 39559 133rd St, Bath w w w. D o u b l e D u t y T M . c o m CALL TODAY 605-225-0203 62ft Flex Coil 820 with Summers mulchers. Contact Oscar Peterson (605) 352-2728 or (605) 350-4892 For Sale: 2015 pull type Adams fertilizer spreader, 6 ton stainless steel hydraulic drive spinners, 16.5-16 tires, roll tarp, low acres. 605-216-1198



Fargo Scheels 298-2918 I don’t live to work, I work to live! Have excavator and dozer, with a lifetime of experience. Demolition, farmstead cleanup. Get rid of that eyesore. Tree and stump removal. Build a road, dig or clean a ditch. Bank stabilization. Owner-operator. Put me to work, because retirement doesn’t suck if you keep working. Yes, I will travel. Big or small. Give me a call. Leave me your name and number. I will get back to you and talk about your project. Then hopefully, view it and do it. Professionally done at the lowest price possible. George Hess 218-790-0027 For sale 5th wheel combine trailer, 40,000 lb, can haul combine with pickup head, also great for sprayer, nearly new rubber, nice shape, $10,000 OBO. 29’ bumper camper with bunks and two slide outs, nice shape, $7,500 OBO 701-391-3028 Linkert Wheat Seed for sale. Call Norbert Hoerner at 605-281-1182 Bowdle, SD Seed Permit# SP188765

MISCELLANEOUS Crop Input Financing Seed, fertilizer, chemicals, fuel, rent, etc. Based on Crop Insurance and other collateral We can also buy your equipment or land and lease to you. Visit us at Call 402-536-9770 Email Feedlot, Farm & Ranch This unique property consists of a feedlot, farm and pasture. 1,909 acres +/- deeded, consisting of 919 crop +/- and 990 pasture +/-, plus additional 572 acres adjacent available for sale or lease. Seasonal grow yard / feedlot with excellent facilities in immaculate condition including 80’ x 30’ commodity shed, welded permanent steel corrals, welded permanent steel loading chute and built-in and covered cattle working setup. 4,500’ of concrete bunks, most with concrete aprons, numerous pens and windbreak. Great location and access off Interstate 90 near Kadoka, SD. Excellent overall improvements including two nice homes and other outbuildings. Priced to sell at $2,500,000. Premier Properties Farm & Ranch LLC 528 Kansas City Street Rapid City, SD 57701 605-718-4000 office Pat Hall (Broker) 605-484-5000 cell Steve Satterlee (Broker) 605-641-6882 cell Two 50x142 lots for sale in Hosmer, SD 605-380-9364 159 acres, 47 acres CRP & the balance is alfalfa and hay, NE quarter section 12 126-67, 4 miles E and 2 miles N of Leola, SD. Offers welcome 605-380-0627 For sale: 80+ acre feedlot, includes 125x275 barn, 40x465 barn with open lots, 40x80 barn with heated shop, 2 bedroom ranch style house located east of Milbank SD. 605-432-4430 For Sale 2013 JD 9560RT, 2679 hrs, $195,000. 2012 Frisen 375 Seed Tender, $22,000. JD Auto Tract System, 2600 Display with Starfire 3000 receiver, $7,500. 2015 Case IH TGM 200 60’ Field Cultivator with rolling basket, $60,000. 2015 Case IH 335 VT Vertical Till Disc with hydraulic rolling basket, $39,000. Wood Stock Chopper, used very little $8,500. Schwartz Farms 507-794-5779 Commercial building and property. 50x100. Has plumbing, heating and air conditioning. Prime property along Highway 75, Canby Minnesota. (605) 876-3751 leave a message. Farm Refinance. National 25 year old company. 3.9% Mortgage, 4% 10 year revolving LOC, cattle financing, bridge loans for stressed farms. (701) 799-4754 Did Soybean white mold steal your yield in 2017? New EPA, reg. preventative seed treatment available. Ask for heads up seed treatment. Call 1-701-595-4323 or visit



HUNTING LODGE Great investment/business opportunity, 10 unit motel with apartment, 15 full camper hook ups, 7 fully furnished trailer houses, complete with full shower house and laundry for sale in the heart of SD best hunting and fishing near lakes and river. Also, available an additional 3 acres including 40x140 storage, great development possibilities, great income opportunity. Also, hunting land lease option available. Lodge could be moved. Pollock, SD (701) 258-8881

Grain cleaner for sale, 2131 Carter Day disc cylinder separator with small siv mill and 100 bushel hopper, mounted on a triple axle trailer. 701-337-6459

9 Trailer houses/Mobile Homes. Various sizes and ages to be moved. Great possibilities for offices, construction, lake properties, or farm hand homes. All must go! All for one amount. First come, first serve. Call for details. Pollock, SD. (701) 258-8881.

2006 Harper Dweeze Slope Mower

Custom Planting. Corn or Soybeans. 30 inch spacing, state of the art planter with delta force, vdrive, and smart firmers. Can also do liquid fertilizer and/or insecticide. $25 per acre, or $20 if over 500 acres. Can also do tillage for $15 per acre. Will provide detailed planting maps. Available to custom harvest acres we plant and will also provide yield maps. Prefer to stay in Brookings county (605) 595-2483

Toro Groundmaster Mower

Model: 72 LC Automatic self leveling system keeps the cab upright on steep slopes. Great for mowing ditches and hillsides. Yanmar 1.3 L Diesel Hours: 473 ASKING: $ 9,500 Call: Shop 970-776-9881 or Cell 970-692-3905

One set of JD hub duals, with 20.8x38 tractor tires, hubs included. $950. IHC 475, 18.5ft tandem disc, $1,850. 605-940-7311 Lets make a deal! FOR SALE: DOWNSIZING. --CASE IH MX 180 fwd, 1999, 7,000 hrs, new tires in front, near new tires on the rear and duals, excellent condition inside and out. --JOHN DEERE 1760 12 row, front fold Corn Planter, 1997 year w/low acres, near new gauge wheels, equipped w/E-sets in planting units includes monitor, field ready. --JOHN DEERE model 1990 CCS no till air seeder, 30’ width w/15” spacing with markers and hydraulic down pressure, tops for planting beans includes monitor, excellent condition. --SUMMERS 40ft SUPER COULTER Plus, 2012 w/wavy blades front and rear, extra weights and scrapers, mulcher in rear. Excellent condition. Please make a call (605) 983-5673 or (605) 203-1341 2 Case IH FLX fertilizer floaters, 1 - 60’ and 1 - 70’ full auto guide auto steer, very nice machines, $30,000. 1 Laurel 60’ fertilizer, $10,000. 1 International with a Tyler mid boom fertilizer spreader, $7,000. 701-709-0254 or 701-320-0151


Model: 4000D Hours: 2471 Diesel mower 4WD 11 ft. mower decks New seat ASKING: $12,500 Call: Shop 970-776-9881 or Cell 970-692-3905 FOR SALE: (4) 125 gal. plastic fertilizer tanks with brackets. Came off of JD 40ft. 9300 grain drill; Dempster piston pump with mounting brackets also off of 9300 grain drill. 218-289-4714

Toro Groundsmaster 580D Mower

Wilrich 614 NT 27 foot HD disk, 26 inch blades, 10 inch spacing, 385x22.5 tires, HD 3 bar harrow, excellent condition, $27,750. JD 1770 16x30 vacuum planter, trash whippers, Mud Smith guage wheels, HD down pressure springs, 250 monitor, $9,500 or offer. 2012 JD 7330 premium MFWD tractor, power quad, 3 hydraulics, quick hitch, 6200 hours, new 18.4x42 tires, $49,500. JD 1010 24 foot 3 point field cultivator, $1,850. (320) 769-2756


KRA USE MULCH FINISHER Model 4800 11’ wide, [9] shank “Ridged”, wo/harrow (very nice) harrow can be added! $15,000. DEMCO SPRAYER,80’ [Has all the optional equipment] Always shedded (nice). $7500. 402-640-1306 or Email

4WD Diesel 3452 hours 16 ft. mower deck Brand new deck covers. ASKING: $17,500 Call: Shop 970-776- 9881 or Cell 970-692-3905 Diversified grain farm in northern North Dakota seeking younger farmer/couple for eventual farm transition. Prefer conservation minded persons with strong work ethic, agronomic and mechanical skills, and community involvement interest. Livestock, fruit & vegetable production, and/or expansion potential. Ag-related degree helpful. Send letter introducing yourself, life goals, and resume to Phil Condit, PC. 2701 9th Ave. South, Fargo, ND 58103.

Case IH 890 loader grapple mag mounts. Wilrich diggers 34’ & 45’, harrows. JD 925 drapper head. JD 212 pickup head. 100’ flex coil sprayer with 1,000 gallon tank. Ford 600 truck. New Holland disc parts. 79 Chevy truck with seed tender. Make offer on everything. 605-590-0778 Exotic Pheasants, Fast Flying White Ringnecks, Reeves & Chinese Ringnecks - GOING OUT OF BUSINESS (605) 350-6688

MISCELLANEOUS TREES FOR SALE Planting Stock for Shelter-belts & Windbreaks. Large MN Wholesale Nursery. Delivering to SD & ND. Large selection of Evergreens, Deciduous Trees & Shrubs. Bare Root Seedlings & large Container Grown trees available. Fruit Trees & Shade Trees for your landscape. Contact Nick at Wolcyn Tree Farms & Nursery at 612-281-1223 280 acres of pasture in Grant County, SD, (507) 530-3407 Farm Financing Watertown, SD ------------------------- Assist in Financing Options -Long Term & Short Term Debt Re-Financing --Operating Financing --Farm Business Plans --Lender Resolutions Contact: Chad R Hansen Call or Text: 605-924-0615 E-Mail: 20’ & 40’ New or Used Shipping containers for Sale or Rent. Delivered. Secure, wind, water & rodent proof. Dakota Containers, 605-884-5500 Park Rapids, MN, 26146 County 89, 2 bdrms, Single Family, Manufactured, Hunting palace, starter home...or just comfy living. Totally remodeled interior, maybe the nicest mobile home in four counties! Custom cabinets, hard wood floors, granite countertops, gas furnace. Fully furnished and all appliances included. Call/text Shawn for more pictures or info, $34,500. (701)306-0000. For Sale: Oats, 40 lb. test weight. Call Ken @ 605-852-2805 or 605-870-1230 For Sale: JD 7000 planter 8 row, 36”wide finger meters for corn, bean cups/Kinze brush meters. $4500/obo. TopAire 750 gal sprayer, 60’ booms, foam markers, Raven 3 stage monitor, $4250/obo. 2005 New Holland BR750 baler, twine/net, new belts, all new bearings & rebuilt pickup & more. $11,000/obo. Mayreth 6”x40’ hydr driven auger, $650. IH semi mount 4 bottom plow, $750. (605) 830-0221



For Sale: 5300 Blue DMI Anhydrous Bar, heavy duty trip shanks, cold flow with Dickey John rate monitor, set up for Ag Leader variable rate, 1 sector shut off, $5500 OBO. Starbuck, MN 320-760-0319 Hygrade 16’ blade, rear steer, 6 way angle, concrete weight block, super clean, $12,500. 701-351-0399

Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK


One 53 gallon L-shaped with 12 volt pump, $225. One 73 gallon L-shape with toolbox diamond tread, $175. One 100 gallon rectangular $100. 218-779-1456



WANTED: Pasture to rent, have 125 Red Angus cows, will divide if they are smaller pastures if needed. Dean Weber, Wagner, SD (605) 384-3300 or (605) 491-0185


LOWER YOUR COST PER ACRE! LEASING=LOWER PAYMENT & TAX SAVINGS! We Lease or Finance All types of new or used Agriculture equipment:


*JD 714A & 716A chuck wagons with JD gears & bunkfeeding extensions. Nice. *Demco 325 bushel gravity box w/ag topper. *Vermeer BP7000 bale processor with 7 bale carrier. *12’ pull type box scraper. *24’ portable ground hay/silage feeder. *24’ Krause rockflex disc w/3 bar mulcher. *DMI 5 shank ripper. All in very nice condition. 605-527-2425

L.P Reel Rocker Picker

John Deere 9300 drill with alfalfa seed attachment, 16ft (2 8’s) $3,500. INternational model 710 onland hitch 6 bottom plow with drag, $2,000. Case IH 183 Vibra tine cultivator, 12 row, flat fold, $1,500. Everything shedded. Dell Rapids, SD (605) 359-1395

Skid Steer Mounted Rock Picker

Machinery • Grain Dryers Bins • Trucks


1121 Westrac Dr., Fargo, ND - 701-232-1827 • Fax: 701-232-9512



Pick rocks with your skid steer loader! For more info call Detroit Equipment 701-630-3596




SAVE $$$ SPREAD YOUR OWN Loral 6400 6 spd auto, 70’ boom, C-12 CAT, 410 hp, 9 ton hopper, tires 85-90%, 2 speed, Falcon II monitor, 3282 hrs, e-tarp, original manuals, Air Max 1000, 2004, light bar, Trimble variable rate, Runs and looks great, $65,000 Loral 3000 Turbo Easy Rider 4 spd auto, 60’ boom, Int. 530E eng., 300hp, 7 ton hopper, lightbar guidance, tires 85-90%, 2 speed, 1998, original manuals, Air Max 5, Dickey-John monitor, 4703 hrs, e-tarp, looks and runs well, $35,000 Call: Tom 605.870.0719 605.853.2559 Will send photos

‘86 Iroc Camaro with T-tops, total customized restoration, total of 80k work done to it, 383 stroker, 525HP, Custom: rims, wheels, leather interior, paint, back-up camera, stereo system, & much more. Call (605) 380-8211 to see in person. Antique 3 wheel 1 bottom plow with steel seat and 40 wooden spoke wheels, model T-A-etc. Highmore, 406-490-4690



Gary, SD - The “Alibi”, home town favorite cafe is “For Sale”. Are you looking for a place to be your own boss? This popular cafe is for you. 4,000 total sq.ft. Lot size 50’x170’. Check it online at Call Jeanie Kjenstad at 605-237-2028 for your showing For Sale: Certified Deon Oats. Permit #SP-198637. Call (605) 625-3685 For Sale JD 750 No till drill 15ft shop built drill fill, new tires have two point Quik hitch for it, needs work. Serial #N00750X001571 $3,000. JD 2800 Variable with plow $2,500. Serial A02800X017332 very nice, older JD 8 row 30” corn head $2,200. 605-881-0393 Pressure Washer Central Inc. Sales & Service Aaladin Pressure Washers - Service on most major brands! Factory Cat Floor Scrubbers & Sweepers West 6th Ave, Aberdeen, SD (Next to Perkins) 605-226-4095 (800)733-2967 www.pressurewasher Generators - Used, Low Hour Take-Outs. 20 kW - 2000 kW. Diesel, Propane, & Natural Gas. www.abrahamind u s t r i a l . c o m (701) 371-9526 For Sale: 26 foot York grain leg, also a 10 foot x 10 foot x 57 foot grain leg tower. (605) 881-1481





PASTURE LAND FOR SALE ON BIDS Written Bids for the following described real property owned by Dennis and Lynnette Frafford located in Dunn County, North Dakota will be received at Melbye Law Office, 229 1st St. West, PO Box 1136, Dickinson, ND 58602-1136, up to Wednesday April 24, 2018, at 10:00 a.m., MST, at which time they will be opened. DUNN COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA Township 144 North, Range 92 West of the 5th P.M Section 12: NW4 ***3 water sources including Southwest Water*** Reserving all oil, gas, and other minerals together with rights of ingress and egress. Bids should be marked “Frafford Pasture Land Sale.” Sale is subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the sale brochure. Top 5 bidders will be entitled to raise their bids on May 4, 2018. Fifteen percent non-refundable earnest money required on any successful bid with signed purchase agreement. Seller reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Interested parties should contact Melbye Law Office of Dickinson, North Dakota for brochures and bid forms. Melbye Law Office 701-483-1700 --White 30 foot 227 field cultivator with 3 bar harrow, $1750. --Allis Chalmers D-14 tractor with 2 bottom plow, nice original condition, $2250. --Minneapolis Moline 335 tractor with new rear tires and 3 point hitch, $2000. --Three Daktronics baseball scoreboards, $300. (605) 366-7155 Call us to place your ad. AGWEEK FARM AD DEPT.


Salford RTS 41’ ...................... $40,000 Westfield J206-36 ....................$1,500 John Deere 2410 54’ ..............$75,000 Summers Chisel Plow 32’ .......$27,000 Wishek Disc 30’ ..................... $35,000 Riteway 8190 Harrow ............ $25,000 Westfield TF836 ...................... $2,500 Farm King 1370 ....................... $9,600 Farm King 16104H ................. $23,000 REM 2700...............................$10,500 REM 3700...............................$15,000 REM 2100 Mint ........................ $6,500 REM 2500 HD.......................... $6,500

Just 7 miles North of the border

204-324-5523 A12 Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK


Altona, MB Canada

MISCELLANEOUS For Sale: 25’ Header Trailer. 50’ Morris Drag. 8RW IH 183 Shank Cultivator. 8RW Kelly Rotary Cultivator. Make offer. Call (605) 350-4139 Iroquis, SD For Sale Registered Trigger & Prevail spring wheat. Certified Trigger and Prevail and Faller spring wheat. Commercial treating available with full length scale on site. Also available conventional corn and soybeans SP-18005. Call Abeln Farms Inc. 605-397-8113 or 605-380-0200 Native Grass Seed Indian grass, Switch grass and Big Bluestem for details call 605-539-9244 find us online h t t p : / / w w w. p h e a s a n t also booking fall pheasant hunts at SD seed #8078

FARM EQUIPMENT New & Used Fertilizer, AgLime, BeetLime, Litter, and Compost spreaders for sale. Call for models, options and prices. 701-640-4650

IMPROVE CASH FLOW Leasing = Lower Payment & Tax Savings! Contact United Lease & Finance, Inc. Fargo, ND to discuss your options. Call: 701-232-1827 1994 Lorel 60’ aluminum booms with air max ‘air system’ & roll tarp, new tires, good shape, serviced & ready to go! Case IH 1260 36 row 30” (90’ wide) Planter, center fill, liquid fertilizer & trash whippers, low acres. Call Fred: 701-830-8000 2012 Meridian 375 seed tender, goose neck with triple 7 ton axels, 6” belt with wireless remote Honda motor with electric start, tarp is good. Call (605) 382-5954 Conde, SD JD 1990 CCS 15” no till drill, 42’. $60K / obo (605) 329-7225 JD 7000 no till corn planter, 10 row, row cleaners, liquid fertilizer, set up for no till, front fold, set up for running in mud. $5200. Also access to a 5 row head. (605) 690-3594 45 foot Great Plains solid stand drill, 7 1/2 inch spacing. At Marietta, Minnesota. Call (320) 226-3837 For Sale: Case IH 5400 20 foot drill with coulter cart and grass seeder. Also EZ Guide 500 auto steer. (605) 350-6538 For Sale: 2010 Kinze 16 row, 30” spacing bulk fill planter, very low acres, in excellent condition. $85,000. (605) 690-7576

FARM EQUIPMENT For Sale: 2012 Spra-Coupe 7660 self-propelled sprayer, 184 hrs, 90’ booms, 720 gal. tank, like new condition & always shedded. $150,000 (605) 370-1085 No Telemarketers. 2011 Summer sprayer, 90ft, 1500 gallon, 200 gallon rinse tank, duals, rate controller, 2600 display and activation, No telemarketers (605) 281-1011 Knight 3142 feeder wagon, double scale reader, excellent augers, $19,950. Forever calving pen with Formost head gate, $2250. (605) 750-0243 For sale: 2 point mount IH 12 row Early Riser Cyclo Corn planter in good shape. $1,200. (701) 710-0862 JD 1770 NT CCS 24R30 Planter, promax 40, new corn, sunflower, soybean seed discs, new last year TT fertilizer and 500 gallon tank, new rear closing wheel arms & bushings and Dawn spoke closing wheels, along with original solid closing wheels, True Count row shutoffs, markers, Yetter trash whippers, seed rebounders, 350 JD monitor, recently new discs & scrapers, about 9800 total acres on machine, $59,900 OBO. Haul ALL 2 compartment fertilizer/seed tender, 2 compartment/2 hydraulic augers, roll tarp, nice condition, $2900. 605-850-9396 2009 Case IH Ecolo Tiger 730C 7 shank with cushion gang front disk 10 inch points spring trip with auto reset Tongue jack Safety chain Rear disk levelers Rear hitch with hydraulics seral # jfh0037988 For sale $25000 call 701-520-1308

45ft Super Coulter

$50,000 2013 Summers Super Coulter plus, 45ft, 8 wave notched blades front and back, three bar harrow with rolling basket, we bought new in 2014 as a carry over, excellent condition, low acres, stored inside, we pulled it with a 375HP 4wd spring and fall, Call or text 701-330-6872 For Sale: JD 7200 conservation planter, 12 row, front fold, 30”. 300 acres on the disk, trash wippers, 1 1/2 bushel boxes w/ex, insecticide vacuum, always shedded, excellent condition. (605) 880-7456 1995 Tyler Patriot Sprayer, 75ft booms, 750 gallon tank, runs good, ready to go. With Outback E Drive Guidance. $17,500. (605) 841-0081 Roda 810 manure spreader, 3 beater horizontal, new apron chains 1 year ago, front screen, good shape, $12,000 OBO. 605-680-1455 No telemarketers JD 1770 NT 16 row planter, 1.6 boxes with extensions, Esets, insecticide boxes, yetter trash whippers, total tubular fertilizer, 300 gallon tank with elect pump, 350 monitor, new disc openers last yr, shedded and in excellent condition, 605-310-0666

FARM EQUIPMENT Stainless steel manifold for JD, Flexicoil & Case IH air carts, A M Custom Fabrication 701-680-0939 or 701-680-0990 1170 Kuhn knight speader horizontal beaters,with silage extentions on a 2003 T800 Kenworth 10 speed transmission, M11 cummins motor,full locking axles (605) 949-4516 12 row 30 inch Kinze planter, 2x2 dry fertilizer, Totally Tubular, and many updates done. Field ready. Seed tender, 300 bushel seed tank with fertilizer compartment, hydraulic 8” augers. Call for more information 605762-3437 or 605-230-0000 Free standing livestock panels 24ft long, 6ft high $275. Located in Elgin, ND and delivery available. Call Danian Urlich 701-209-0313 For Sale: White 5100 12 row narrow, vertical fold corn planter set up for no till: Frame mounted opening coulters, easy adjust dawn row cleaners, heavy down springs, monitor, electric fertilizer pump, mounted tanks hoses and manifolds: very good,field ready $6700NE,SD 605 938 4141 Two 6x24 calf shelters, $1,200 each. Two creep feeders, $1,200 each. Two hay feeders, $1,000 & $500. Call 605-216-0825 Haybuster 256+2 bale processor, good shape, $6,000. (605) 660-1223 Case IH 30’ single disc drill, set at 15” spacing, 2 tank variable rate, scale and rear hitch, excellent condition, $24,000 OBO. (701) 640-0136 Forever posts 4”x7’, 4”x8’, 5”x8’ plastic fence posts, can be stapled, screwed or pounded, won’t rot, Bridge Timbers 10’-18’ lengths, $2.75ft 2 7/8” heavy pipe 30ft lengths #2 railroad ties 8 1/2’, good quality, $13 ea. #1 railroad ties $18 ea. Steel storage containers Watertight and rodent proof, 8’x20’ $2,500, 8’x40’ $3,500. Take off pick up beds Call for your make and model. We Deliver Haensel Distributing Call Clint 605-310-6653 or John, 605-351-5760. I90 exit 387 Hartford SD. Hidewood Fencing and Welding -- Livestock equipment -- Fencing -- Steel buildings -- Portable Buildings -- Feedlot construction Can Travel, will Deliver. Call Kirk at 605-520-9759 2001 JD 1770 MaxEmerge Plus planter, 16 row, 30”, narrow, flex fold, markers, Dawn trash whippers, new style seed disc’s, Precision e-set seed units, pneumatic down pressure, 3 bushel boxes, fertilizer box extensions, new front disc 2x2 placements, Furrow cruisers, shedded, $38,000 OBO. (701) 782-4305 White 8200 planter, 12R, liquid fertilizer, Mud Smith gauge wheels, residue managers, like new, 3 bushel boxes, always shedded, very nice, 605-770-0595

FARM EQUIPMENT JD XP row units, 18 complete, 2014, 36 JD row command shut-offs. 18 floating dawn RCs gauge wheels. 3 bu JD feed box. AG leader row shut-offs. (605) 532-5555 or (605) 881-5393 Heavy duty tandem axle dump wagon, 20 yd pit type, $18,000. (605) 532-5555 or (605) 881-5393 At age of 88 years young I have decided to retire from my cement business and offering for sale the following equipment 1. 1986 Auto Car truck with a newer 12yd McNeilus barrel 2. 1975 Western Star truck with a 8yd McNeilus barrel 3. 1984 International truck with newer 12yd McNeilus barrel 4. Portable cement plant bought new with air ride, will hold 3 products, electronic scale, own 20kw generator 5. Pneumatic cement tanker in excellent shape. All equipment is in excellent condition. (605) 645-9973 or (605) 391-5000 2013 Case IH 1250 Early Riser Planter - Center Fill, Frt Fold - 16R-30”, Liquid fert. Markers, Hydraulic Pumps, Trash Whippers, Variable Rate Seed, Row Shutoffs $58,000. (605-352-1483) For sale: Kinze 2600 12/23 row 30” Planter, Finger pickup, bean meters, box ext, double down pressure springs, spiked closing wheels, no till coulters, and KPM II monitor. $21,000. (605) 203-1857 For Sale: Used 2016 12 ft. BBI MagnaSpread Fertilizer Spreader. 9.5 ton, tractor supplied hydraulics, walking suspension with flotation tires, painted 403 stainless steal hopper, rate controller, 80 ft. spread pattern. 701-640-4650



INDESTRUCTIBLE LIVESTOCK FEEDERS Made of large recycled earthmover tires. No rough edges to injure your animals. Heavy enough to stay in place through severe weather or animals trying to tip them. Never need replacement. Perfect for horses, cows, buffalo etc. We easily convert them into watering tanks for a small fee! Great bargain at $90! (507) 227-3604

HI Qual Tub and alleyway, 3 curved, 2 straight sections. Adjustable width with back stops. like new $8,500; 1995 Featherlite 1020 drop deck trailer (48x96) great condition also $15,000 (605) 261-4911

1998 Loral dry spreader. M-11 Cummins, Allison auto, Dickey John controller, Trimble guidance, 8500 hrs., A/C, heat, newer tires. $15000 (406) 660-1993

JD 7000 corn planter, 12 row narrow, manual front fold, corn and bean meters, 605-860-1201 if no answer, please leave a message.

1999 International 4900 4x4 dry spreader. DTC466E, Allison auto, Dickey John controller, Trimble guidance, A/C, heat. $8500. (406) 660-1993

For sale: CIH PT corn planter 16 row 30” space with fertilizer, bulk fill, and shark tooth floating row cleaner. Call 605-472-0932 or 605-460-2869 leave message

2008 1286 Rogator, 1200 gallon stainless steel tank, 100ft booms, rinse tank, Viper Pro, trimble auto track, Raven 500 controls, 4 380/90R46, 4 - 23.1R30, extra filters to go with machine, 2,604 hrs, $85,000 OBO. Ryan (605) 470-0485

37’ Case RMX 370 disk with harrows. 32’ Gates Coulter with harrows. 1987 Ford LN 9000 tandem axle, twin screw, L10 Cummings, 21’ aluminum box. Summers Sprayer 1,000 gallon tank, 110’ boom. 701-400-7793

2005 JD 455 drills 30’, 7 1/2” spacing with fertilizer, always shedded, excellent condition. 605-380-1409. Groton

FOR SALE: 40’ Flex Coil Packer w/ S-tines, 4-bar harrow, 3-8 JD drills w/ hitch markers, Spray Master 90’ w/ 1000 gal. tank, controls, 40’ Summers coulter chisel, like new, 6 business radios. Make offer. 218-356-8507

Feed-N-Shelter Combo -Hay draws cows to the Feed-NShelter - calves follow and easily find bedding and protection from wind, rain and snow -Cows can reach all areas of the hay feeder floor for complete feed usage bales, ground hay or silage mix -Heavy duty for long lasting ranch use -Calves saved can make this combo unit pay for itself -Easy to move with tractor loader and grapple/forks -Made in South Dakota - Ranch tested and used DSLA Co. Sales Sisseton, SD Dennis Fisher 605-742-4197 2008 Deere 320 skid steer. Cab with heat. Quick attach. One owner machine. 72” bucket with good cutting edge. New Michelin radial tires. Counter weights. Well maintained, all maintenance records available. 66 hp. 2300 lb rated lift capacity. 3300 hrs. $18,500. (605) 695-9829

Scoop Rake with Grapple. Huge Spring Blowout Sale! Sold our 4000th scoop rake and want to treat! 72” - $1,550, 84” $1,680. Call 218-863-6444 FOR SALE: 2011 NH3 tank 2,000 gal., on FEI trailer, 12,000 lb. axles. Tires: 25.5L x 16.1 tubeless. Call 406-480-3005 2011 Deere 333D track loader skid steer. Deluxe cab, heat & A/C, 2 speed, Hi-flow auxiliary, quick attach. Crawler option. Former leased municipal machine, well maintained. 84” bucket with good cutting edge. New tracks & rollers. 1400 hrs. Fresh service. Good running, powerful machine! $38,500. (605) 695-9829

WANTED: Stainless steel wet/dry hub feeders, SDI or Crystal Spring brands, 5x7 hog farrowing crate floors, raised center, tenderfoot style, 605-251-1133

JD 1780, 12 row, set up for no till, liquid fertilizer, $11,500. 605-350-0267 500 gallon demco pull type sprayer, 60 ft boom Matrix monitor with lightbar for guidance Super low acres almost like new (605) 222-5036 Case IH 955 planter, 8rw, 3pt hookup, vertical fold, center fill, 1000 rpm pto for fan drive, yetter shark tooth residue managers, set up with totally tubular in furrow liquid starter fertilizer with red ball flow manifold and electric pump. Includes a 300 gallon tank which was mounted on the front of a 7810 JD tractor that pulled the planter. Corn, sunflower and soybean drums and an early riser population monitor. Call 605-437-2382 or cell 701-989-0401, leave message. Herreid.

5725 Bourgault 45ft series 3 air seeder, mid row fertilizer, with 5350 seed cart, field ready, $25,000. 605-661-0609 or 605-661-8133 Haybuster model 2650 bale processor, good condition, asking, $8,000. 701-710-0352 Two Apache creep feeders, tandem axles, 300 bushels, used one season, excellent condition, $4,250 each. 701-710-0352 1850 John Deere air seeder with 1900 2 compartment tank and cart, 42 foot. (701) 640-0107 1998 International 2674 dump truck, M-11 Cummings engine, 8 speed double low transmission, 16’ dump box, 46,000lb air ride suspension and rear ends, 20,000lb steer axle, equipped to pull trailer, 280,000 miles. 2000 international 9200I tractor, high SM Cummings engine, 13 speed double over drive transmission, day cab, 100,000 miles on new motor, 700,000 miles on whole truck. 1997 Dynaweld, 52’ long low boy hydraulic attachment, goose neck trailer, triple axle, air ride suspension, Fontaine neck. 1998 Case 930B excavator, cab heat, long stick, 32” pads. 1991 CPS triaxle belly dump gravel trailer, 1996 Felling FT50-3 paver special triple axle tag trailer. 701-650-8792 1981 Terragator 1603T fertilizer spreader, new hydraulic pump, good shape, $9,500. 218-841-2796

Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK


FARM EQUIPMENT Knight 3036 360 cu ft., 3 auger discharger, rebuilt, $15,500. Knight 3030 reel augie, 300 cu. ft, rebuilt, $14,500. New Holland 195 manure spreader, good condition, hydraulic drive, $12,500. New Fair Manufacturing 7825 bale processor, hyd deflector, hay table, $21,500. Knuh Knight 3142, 3 auger discharge, scale, rebuilt, $21,000. New Artex SD600 vertical beater spreader, 750 bu., guillotine gate, spring suspension, $42,500. New Artec SBX 800 vertical beater spreader, 1000 bu., guillotine gate, spring suspension, $49,500. Farmaid 550 reel mixer, rebuilt, scale, $19,900. Knight 3130 reel augie, 300 cu. ft., rebuilt, 3 auger discharge, $16,500. Knight 2300 reel augie, 260 cu. ft., rebuilt, 3 auger discharge, $9,800. New Valmetal vertical mixer 485 cu. ft., 46” incline, $28,500. New SAC-3650 vertical mixer, 515 cu. ft. front 41” discharge, $33,900. Other livestock equipment on hand, will take trades, RT Equipment (605) 359-0228 43ft 10” seed spacing no till drill. 3 sections, tow behind, 3 tank, 430 bushel, double chute. 3x16” gauge wheels on it, high flow tires with duals on wings, dual caster fronts, and 18.4 duals on cart. All run blockage variable rate in row fertilizer, blue, green black meters, conveyor, always shedded. 1,200 or less acres on new disk and Thompson closing wheels and metering housing. New bushings and pins. $130,000. Would consider trading for low hour 9870 John Deere STS Combine (605) 870-2106 2001 JD 9650 STS, 18.4x38 duals, 3577 engine, 2367 separator hrs, Ag Leader 3000 yield monitor, chopper, North Central Illinois Combine, always shedded, real nice. 2001 JD 930F platform and head trailer. $59,500 for the whole package, selling as part of estate sale. 815-509-3724 Road Runner 38’ Ag sprayer trailer, Pro Fill II , has 6 meters, 3750 gallon tank. Aluminum wheels, used one season. 4420 Case IH Sprayer, 2080 hours, 120’ boom, 1200 gallon tank, Pro 600 monitor, Raven auto boom, chemical inductor, 320 90R50 Dual tires all around. (605) 228-1525 2008 John Deere 1770NT 24 row 30”, single point hitch, CCS seed delivery, yetter row cleaners with clean sweep, 20/20 air force, esets with corn and bean plates, 20/20 gen 1 monitor, fertilizer pump with totally tubular system. Great shape! 65K or best offer. (605) 228-0335 2009 JD 1890 42.5’ air seeder with 1910 350 bushel pull behind cart. 7.5” spacing, new blades, bushings, bearings & updated towers a year ago. Cart has duals front & back and is hydraulic driven with JD rate controller. Always shedded and very well maintained. No telemarketers. Miller, SD (605) 870-0164


Green Meadow TWP. Property ID. 06-2936000. Sect-36 TWP-145 Rang-45. AC 60 S1/2NE1/4SE1/4 & SE1/4SE1/4. 60 acres. AND Lake Ida TWP. Property ID 11-4914001. Sect-04 TWP-144 Rang-45. AC 164.13. Lots 1,2,3, & 4 Less {COM AT NW COR of GOV’T LOT 4, S 963.53 FT to PT of BEG; S447 FT to SW COR of GOV Lot 4, E 765 FT, N 447.35 FT, W 754 Ft to Beg}. 164.13 Acres. 224 total tillable acres.

FARM EQUIPMENT Selling on 2014 Case IH 4430, self propelled sprayer 120’ boom, 1200 gal. SS tank, 20/30” spacing, aim command, 5 sensor auto boom height, 7 sec AccuBoom section ctrl, int. auto steer, del cab, cloth w/buddy seat. Pro 700 display, 372 receiver w/RTK unloc, SS chemical inductor, fresh water tank, 3” front fill, fence row nozzles, traction ctrl, hyd. tread adj., 380/105R50 tires, fenders, foam kit, 1,080 hrs. Bidding opens Monday, April 16th at 5:00 pm and ends Wedneday, April 18th at 10:48 a.m. Go to or for more information or to place bid. Vold Auctioneers & Realty 605-448-0048

The two parcels will not be offered individually. One bid will be accepted for the combined 224 acres on a per acre bid. Sealed rental bids must be received by April 20th, 2018, at RG General Delivery, Dilworth, MN 56529. Written bids must include the bidder’s phone number. The highest six bidders will be contacted on or before April 24th, 2018. These parties will be offered the opportunity to increase their bid. The successful bidder will be required to pay $5,000 earnest money to the landowner at close of bidding on April 24th, 2018. This payment will be applied to the first rental payment.The remainder of the first rental payment is due May 1st, 2018. Subsequent rental payments will be due on March 1st of each year. The rental contract will be for three crop years beginning May 2018 and ending December 31st, 2020.The landowner reserves the right to reject any and all bids, and to waive any and all bidding irregularities.

2013 Bobcat S770 skidsteer, nice shape, 2398 hrs, cab, heat, AC, power Bobtach, 2 speed, 92 HP turbo diesel, 3500lb lift, good tires, motor runs and works great, $28,800/offer 701-318-2086 deliver possible.

FOR SALE: (2) Michelin 620/65R42 tractor tires on JD main 12-bolt rims, 85% tread; (2) Michelin AgriBib 520/85R42 tractor tires on JD dual 10-bolt rims, 90% tread off of JD 8400 tractor. Stored inside, excellent condition. 701-360-3181.

For Sale - John Deere 455 drill, 35 feet, 6 inch spacing, always shedded, 2000 acres on new disc’s and bearings, asking $18,000. 605-228-1823 or 605-229-1101

Westfield end gate drill fill with brush auger, used 1 year. H&S 3 pt, 12 row, 30” band sprayer with PTO pump, used very little, both stored inside. 14’ dual hopper truck drill fill with control, 400 cu feet. Leonard, ND 701-645-2271 or 701-261-5973 Fair 7825 bale processor, new, requires 1,000 PTO and one hydraulic on tractor. 12’ box plates. 1600 RS high grade grader, new. 840 42’ header trailer. Wenco 36’ trailer. We also have 8 & 9’ new fair snowblowers. 701-742-2861 701-680-0335 FARM EQUIPMENT FOR SALE: 8 yard Ashland scraper $6,000; 1993 White GMC truck tractor $3,000; Glencoe cultivator 45ft. w/ harrows $2,000. 218-280-8075

A14 Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK

2012 JD 320D Skidsteer, low hrs. 769, very nice shape, cab, heat, power quick tach, 2-sp., high flow, 68hp turbo diesel, 2000 lb. lift, good tires, clean original skidsteer, $26,500/offer. 701-318-2086 Delivery Possible

FARM EQUIPMENT 2012 1250 planter 12 row 30”, 2-point hitch, PDP, bulk fill, markers, hydraulic drive, PTO pump, 7200 acres. We bought this planter new and is kept inside. Asking $45,000 OBO. 605-842-5278 Knight 3142 feeder wagon, double scale reader, excellent augers, $19,950. Forever calving pen with Formost head gate, $2250. (605) 750-0243 2011 Summer sprayer, 90ft, 1500 gallon, 200 gallon rinse tank, duals, rate controller, 2600 display and activation, No telemarketers (605) 281-1011 JD 1770 NT CCS 24R30 Planter, promax 40, new corn, sunflower, soybean seed discs, new last year TT fertilizer and 500 gallon tank, new rear closing wheel arms & bushings and Dawn spoke closing wheels, along with original solid closing wheels, True Count row shutoffs, markers, Yetter trash whippers, seed rebounders, 350 JD monitor, recently new discs & scrapers, about 9800 total acres on machine, $59,900 OBO. Haul ALL 2 compartment fertilizer/seed tender, 2 compartment/2 hydraulic augers, roll tarp, nice condition, $2900. 605-850-9396

2007 Bobcat S250 Skidsteer, nice shape, cab, heat, 2-sp., 2128 hrs., 75hp, Kubota turbo diesel, 2500 lb. lift, runs & operates great, $23,800/offer. 701-318-2086 Delivery Possible

For Sale: 1991 New Holland Model 785 Skid-Steer. 2050lb Vertical Lift, 2-Speed drive. Ford diesel, 3767 hours. $9000 OBO (605) 448-8611

For Sale: Clark forklift, 4000 lb. lift, long teeth, asking $3,000 or best offer. (605) 680-1032

JD 7300 corn planter, 12 row/30”, liquid fertilizer equip, herbicide boxes, Dawn row cleaners, sm corn, corn & bean plates. Call (605) 880-4643

JD 1520 20ft no till 3pt drill, 10” spacing, 1 year on discs, $13,000 OBO. 320-839-3419 or cell 320-760-4102

For sale: 40 feet of John Deere model 9450 grain hoe drills. Dry fertilizers, 7” spacing, factory transports, tarps, and extra rubber packer wheel tires. Real nice set of drills. Asking $4,800. (605) 244-5542 2014 JD 1760 12 row 30” planter, 250 monitor, 3 bushel boxes, Dawn row cleaners, always stored inside, only has 1,000 acres on it, call 605-216-0270 for more info For Sale: JD 7200 Maxi Merge II Planter, Conservation model, pull type, 8 row 30”, trash whippers, vacuum, liquid fertilizer, box extensions & monitor. $12,000. Call Ken 605-641-6466 3 tower Zimmatic irrigation pivot & 10” gated irrigation pipes. Call 701-290-3458 2002 Spray Coupe 3440, 4 wheel with Perkins diesel 5 speed, has factory markers and Raven Cruiser 2 GPS, with low hours 800, priced $22,500. (701) 269-2003

White 8122 corn planter, 12x30, Yetti trash whippers, liquid fertilizer, IH 1063 6 row corn head with poly. (605) 216-1969 Red Ball sprayer,980, 1300 gal tank, 100 gal rinse tank, 90’ booms, triple nozzle bodies, flow markers & induction port. Call (605) 880-4643 For sale: 8100 White Corn Planter, 12 row 30”, 2x2 dry fertilizer, completely gone through like new condition. $15,000 obo. (605) 765-4606 For Sale 1998 Tyler Patriot Wide Trax Sprayer, 1100 original hours, Envisio Pro Controller, Touch Screen, integrated (hydraulic) auto steer, 6 section accuboom section control, 90 foot booms, 20 inch spacing, 5 way nozzles, 750 gallon poly tank, foam markers, Stainless Steel chemical inductor, hydraulic tread adjustment, traction control, original 14.9 X 46 tires @ 50-60%, John Deere 6.8 L motor. This is a 2 owner unit. Always farmer owned. NO rust, NO welds, NO bends, excellent condition and will not disappoint. $55,000 obo (605) 730-1783 For Sale: 2005 8x32 Southern Classic stock trailer 2 gates, split rear doors, 10,000lb axles, new tires, had since new. Call if interested, have pics. Central MN area. (320) 250-3119

FARM EQUIPMENT 1986 International 6 x6 Feed Truck with Meyerink 480 Box. Box relined 2 years ago, new front axle and drive shaft 2500 hrs on motor and trans $50,000 JD 7520 Tractor with 741 self leveling loader PQ Trans 6100 hours deluxe cab and light package, cold water package Used as a spare loader $65,000. JD 716A Chuck Wagon Tandom Axle Running gear new floor chains and unloading chain Converted to hydralic drive $6000. (605) 280-6520 Planter A6C0, white, model 6762, 22” spacing, 12 row, 3 point with lift assist monitor, serial # 610056, corn, navy, pinto, and beet plates included. Good shape. 701-520-0872, best reasonable offer. 2006 Kamatsu WA250-5L wheel loader with quick attach bucket, auxiliary hydraulics, AC cab, 20.5R25 tires, comes with bucket, $40,000 US dollars, jib to fit and porch to fit is extra. PC220LC-7L Kamatsu excavator, new rails and segments, 66” clean out bucket, quick attach, hydraulic thumb, very tight machine, $63,000 US dollars. 204-871-0925 2011 Summers Heavy Harrow, hydraulic down pressure, like brand new, very low acreage, $30,000. 218-478-4007

Crop Fertilizer/Lime/Starter/Micronutrients

Tired of spending excessive amounts on your fertilizer bill? Reduce your input cost. We will work with any budget and create a custom program for your soil and crop needs. Complete Base Fertilizer/Seed Starter for Corn, Soybeans, and any other seeds or transplants. We all know soil fertility is vital to the success of any crop, that is why each of our products are designed to enhance soil fertility and prevent leaching. To contact us, you may email questions and soil samples to or call 800-858-4932 Call us to place your ad. AGWEEK FARM AD DEPT.



AGWEEK Deadline

......................................... The deadline for farm ads to run in AGWEEK is Thursday at 3:00 PM for the following Monday edition.

COMBINES For Sale: 2017 Pickett Twin Master bean combine. HD Drive train 2600 series, 2500 series transition auger drive, 500/350 transmission, 24 mm concaves, AG-CAM quad camera system. Used 500 acres. Two 2013 Pickett 12R22” bean lifters with front divider systems. Eight bar pickup. One left and one right hand delivery. Call 320-760-8059

TRACTORS BUYING A TRACTOR, COMBINE OR OTHER EQUIPMENT? Consider the advantages of leasing it. Contact United Lease & Finance, Inc. Fargo, ND to discuss your options. Call: 701-232-1827

1998 John Deere 7810 MFWD, 5,300 hrs, Power Quad transmission, right hand reverser, 18.4R42 Firestone tires, axle duals, H.I.D. lighting, quick hitch, 3 remotes, very sharp. (651) 338-6861 1984 Steiger KP-1325 4 wheel drive tractor, new inner tires, Cummins engine, 425HP, $20k. (605) 329-7225 1960 Case 930, 4500 original hrs, hand clutch, power steering, rebuilt starter, tires are fair, good sheet metal, dual hydraulics, PTO. Tractor clean & runs very well. Have pictures upon request. $4000. Chad (605) 788-2828 cell (605) 431-2548 2010 CIH 335 4 wheel drive tractor, AFS accu guide, SMX 1000 monitor, 4 HRD, hyd return line, 1000 PTO. 18-4-46 duals. 3000 hrs, excellent condition, always stored inside. Reduced price. 605-380-1227 or 605-725-8873 International 6388 2+2, 3700 hrs, 18.4x38 rubber, 540/1000 PTO, dual hydraulics, excellent condition, $30,000. (605) 351-5518 For Sale: McCormick Deering 15-30, Massey Harris pony 3020JD D with weed Badger, McCormick Farmall B. Also for sale, parts off of a 1255 Case Corn planter, replaced with precision Down Force & V, Set seed disk corn soybeans, sunflowers (605) 765-2874 or (605) 765-4064 2006 Buhler Versatile 535 tractor, full weight package, new 12 speed transmission, 850/38 tires, outback STS Edrive guidance system, 3,200 hrs, $110,000 OBO. 218-782-2255 or 218-689-5422 For Sale: 2006 John Deere 9220 4wd, power shift transmission, 5 hydraulics, Power beyond block, Case drain, active seat, auto steer equipped, Green Star ready, PTO, 3PT, 18.4-50 Michelin tires, 5,440 hrs, $105,000. (605) 450-0255

TRACTORS JD 2955 MFWD, CAH, 5300 hrs with JD 645 loader, bucket, joystick, heat, air works good, Good working tractor. $25,250 can trade. 97 JD 6400 MFWD power quad CAH air seat double doors, side exhaust, 200 hrs on overhaul, 9,800 total hours, looks & runs great, $23,000. (320) 543-3523 1951 JD MC Crawler, rebuilt from radiator to drawbar, good tin & good paint, runs good, $3800. 1951 JD A, 6” pistons w/power block, split front end, good tires, paint & tin, runs good. (605) 670-9400 JD 7410 MFWD 20 speed Power Quad, 6300 hours, NEW 18.4R38 rears, NEW 14.9R28 fronts, 3 hyd remotes, 540/1000 PTO. Very nice all around. $39,800. Call (507) 789-6049 2015 JD 245R MFWD, IVT, 5 remotes, 3pt, quick hitch, deluxe cab, premium lighting, active seat, full set of front weights, 2900lb rear weights, 420/85/34 front tires, 480/50 rear tires, duals, JD power guard warranty until March 2020, tractor used, light work, no feed lot use, 1067 actual hrs, mint condition, 605-890-2092 1981 JD 8640, 7600 hrs, 2500 on engine overhaul, pto, above average condition, tires 40%, awesome LED lights, ready to go, nothing to fix, asking $19,500. Will consider reasonable offers. 605-695-5159 JD 8520T Tractor, ‘02 model, 4 hydraulics, quick hitch, buddy seat, recently new 30 in. tracks, 305hp, front end weights and under carriage rebuild, 9890 hrs, good starter $49,900. 605-850-9396 For Sale: 99 JD 7810 MFWD, 7571 hrs, power shift w/740 JD loader, excellent condition. Call (605) 770-0129 No Solicitors 2000 Case/IH CX100 MFWD, CAH, syncro-shuttle & w/creeper, LH Reverser, 2 hydraulics, 3 pt hitch,540/1000 pto, 12.4-24 fromt and 13.6-38 rear tires, 8215 hours, runs great, new battery and alternator, new exhaust pipe after turbo. $22,500 (701) 866-2086 STX 450, 2005 year, 6600 hrs, integrated auto steer, after market lighting, rear weights, new transmission less then 1000 hrs ago, 710/70R42 tires at 75%, Trimble 750 monitor, call Mark at 605-770-8994, White Lake, SD Are you tired of adding or running out of DEF fluid? We have a chip to install which will completely delete it; it doesn’t affect the engine at all and leaves no footprint on the computers. Modules for series B engines coming soon! Off road equipment only. Call Larry 701-710-0887 For Sale: JD 158 Loader & Bale Spear, rebuilt, new hoses, new paint, no bucket, $2,000. (507) 223-5052




JD 2016 6195R “Loaded” 600+hrs, 380H loader w grapple (701) 871-2273

2007 John Deere 8230, 4900 hours, 60GPM hydraulic pump, IVT transmission, MFWD, 4 remotes, new 18.4R46 Firestone tires, duals, weights, deluxe cab, radar, auto track ready, very clean and well maintained. Call (651) 338-6861 JD 4620 Syncro transmission, 20.8 tires, runs good, stored inside, tin work is good,$10,250. 605-661-0609 or 605-661-8133 2007 Challenger MT875B, 3535 hrs, new 36” tracks, HD swinging draw bar, 5 remotes, hydraulic return for air seeder, Raven auto steer, tow cable, clean, well maintained and ready for field. $159,000 OBO. 605-530-4114 or 605-530-5404

1998 JD 8300 tractor, MFWD, power shift, PTO, 18.4 R46 tires with inner wheel weights, 4 remotes, auto track ready, 7578 hrs. with only 1042 hrs. on complete rebuilt engine. $58,000 OBO. Runs and starts great, sharp. Call or text (Mark) 218-779-1448 or call 701-248-3791 Forest River, ND

Does your Versatile shift hard? Give us a call, we have a solution for you. We also have piv-ot pins and bushings for you center hinge, Series I, II, III Versatile. Call Big Tractor Parts 1-800-982-1769

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Big Tractor Parts

1-800-982-1769 We also rebuild axles, differentials & transmissions with 1 year warranty. 2008 John Deere 7730, IVT deluxe cab, duals, MFD, LHR, 540/1000 PTO, quickhitch, 3,280 hours. Also for sale, John Deere 1770 NT, 16 row 30” planter, hydraulic drive, row cleaners, E-sets, liquid fertilizer. 320-226-1455


1946 Farmall M, Schwartz wide front, excellent condition. $3000 OBO (605) 237-2190

1990 9150 Red Steiger, 4WD, 300hp, 5000 hrs., 8 new tires, new pins, very clean tractor, $35,000. 605-290-2324 2002 JD 7810, 6070 hrs, 20 speed power quad, left hand reverser, 3 hydraulics, 18.4x42 rear duals, 14.9x30 fronts, tires are near new, call 701-320-6481 No telemarketers


For Sale: JD 4020 loader tractor, have two selling one. Great condition. (605) 848-1131

2014 CIH 540QT

Powershift, Luxury Cab, Cab Suspension, Hi Flow Hydraulics, PTO, 6 Valves, Full Auto Steer, Pro 700 Monitor, 372 Receiver, Nav 2 Controller, Diff Locks, Tow Cable, 30” Belts, Warranty Until Year 2022 or 8,000 Hours, 1,935 Hours, Well Maintained, Local Ag Tractor, Financing Available, $239,000. Lease for $29,500/year. Call Troy @ 218-849-1926

2014 CIH 350 Row Trac Quad Trac

Powershift, Luxury Cab, 4 Valves, Big Pump, PTO, Full Auto Steer, Pro 700 Monitor, 372 Receiver, Nav 2 Controller, 1 Season on 18” Belts, 1,777 Hours, Sharp Tractor, Financing Available, $169,500 Lease for $20,900/year. Call Troy @ 218-849-1926

2013 Steiger 500QT

Deluxe Cab, 4 Valves, Hi Flow Hydraulics, PTO, Full Auto Steer, Pro 700 Monitor, 372 Receiver, Nav 2 Controller, Diff Locks, Hi Cap Drawbar, 30” Belts, Clear Caps, 1,823 Hours, Sharp Tractor, Financing Available, $230,000. Lease for $28,500/year. Call Troy @ 218-849-1926 Selling on 2007 Challenger MT765B, 6 hyd., 4,054 hrs., big 1000 PTO, 2 lugs, 32 front weights/100 lbs, tractor is serviced & readty to go. Farmer owned, 2nd owner, has been shedded in a heated building. Tractor is immaculate. Bidding opens Monday, April 16th at 5:00 pm and ends Wedneday, April 18th at 10:48 a.m. Go to or for more information or to place bid. Vold Auctioneers & Realty 605-448-0048 Call us to place your ad. AGWEEK FARM AD DEPT.


1994 CIH Magnum 7220

MFWD, Powershift, 3PT, Dual PTO 540/1000, 3 Valves, Front Weights, 18.4X42 Rear Duals, 14.9X28 Front Duals, Very Low 4,586 Hours, Straight Tractor, Financing Available, $59,000. Call Troy @ 218-849-1926

2009 CIH Magnum 275

MFWD, Powershift, Luxury Cab, Buddy Seat, 3PT, Dual PTO 540/1000, Front Weights, Twin Flow Hyd System, 4 Valves, Power Beyond, HD Drawbar, 360 Degree Lighting, 380/90R54 Rear Duals, 380/80R38 Front Duals, 3,798 Hours, Nice Tractor, Financing Available, $89,500. Call Troy @ 218-849-1926

2010 CIH Magnum 305

MFWD, Powershift, Deluxe Cab, Buddy Seat, 3PT, Quick Hitch, Dual PTO 540/1000, Front Weights, Rear Weights, Hi Flow Hyd Pump, 4 Valves, 480/80R50 Rear Duals, 380/80R38 Front Duals, Front Fenders, 3,595 Hours, Clean Tractor, Financing Available, $99,500. Call Troy @ 218-849-1926 JD 2005 7520 with 6446 hours, MFWD, deluxe cab, IVT transmission, 3 hydraulics, 480x38 rear tires, fenders, has new JD H360 loader with 5 tine grapple, $79,900 OBO. JD 2003 567 round baler with surface wrap with approx 16,000 bales, Mega tooth pick up, hydraulic lift, $11,9000 OBO. JD 265 7” rotary mower, 3pt, 540 PTO, $3,500 OBO. 605-228-1950 Miller GL25 loader 8’ & 8 1/2’ buckets and bale spear, excellent shape, $10,000. (712) 470-5387

2008 John Deere 7930 MFWD tractor, low hours, power quad transmission, always shedded, 18.4x46” rubber at 80%, have auto steer. (605) 770-2814 JD 7410 w/ 740 Koyker Classic Loader, 7965 hrs, heat, air, newer interior, MFWD, w/18.4x38 rears @80% and 14.9x28 front @70%, 16 speed PQ w/ RH reverser. $47,500. (701) 332-6663 Looking for a 656 or 666 International Tractor, with a loader and grapple fork, clean and in good mechanical shape. (605) 391-5788 12 IH tractor weights with bracket. Twelve hundred pound set. Each weight weighs 98 pounds. Fits all older International tractors, $1,200. Call 605-225-3005 John Deere 8360R 2012. IVT(31mph). ILS. Leather Interior. Duals. Full weight package. 5 remotes. 3pt. pto. 480 Rubber. 1980HRS. FLAWLESS!! $169,500 Call/Text Caden (701) 710-0189

2011 CIH 500QT

Powershift, Luxury Cab, 4 Valves, Hi Flow Hydraulics, PTO, Factory Guidance Ready, Diff Locks, Hi Cap Drawbar, 30” Belts, Clear Caps, 1,030 Hours, Clean Tractor, Financing Available, $215,000. Call Troy @ 218-849-1926

2009 CIH Magnum 305

MFWD, Powershift, Luxury Cab, Buddy Seat, 3PT, Quick Hitch, PTO, Front Weights, Rear Weights, Front Axle Suspension, 480/80R50 Rear Duals, 380/80R38 Front Duals, Front Fenders, Auto Steer Complete, Pro 700 Monitor, Receiver, Nav 2 Controller, 2,418 Hours, Super Slick, Financing Available, $119,000. Call Troy @ 218-849-1926

1955 JD 70 diesel tractor, factory power steering, pony engine is good, diesel engine is good, $3,000. 605-670-9400

For sale 1979 nice 875 versatile tractor, good shape. Call 218-783-2243 or 218-689-6369 For Sale: John Deere No. 260 self leveling tractor loader, 8 foot bucket, $4,500. (507) 223-5052

2012 CIH Magnum 235

MFWD, Powershift, Creeper Gears, Deluxe Cab, Buddy Seat, 3PT, Quick Hitch, PTO, Front Weights, Rear Weights, 5 Valves, Factory Guidance Ready, 380/90R54 Rear Duals, 380/80R38 Front Singles, 2,890 Hours, Nice Tractor, Financing Available, $82,500. Call Troy @ 218-849-1926 FOR SALE: 2002 MTX 140 MACCORMICK, 3245 HOURS, HAS 2795 BUHLER LOADER, 90” BUCKET DUALS, 3 POINT POWER SHIFT. WANTED: CRIMPER FOR JD 2320 SWATHER WITH A #130 HEADER, CRIMPER IS A #65. CALL 507-276-3654

2011 Magnum 210

MFWD, CVT Transmission, Creeper, Deluxe Cab, Buddy Seat, 3PT, Quick Hitch, Dual PTO 540/1000, Front Weights, 4 Valves, Factory Guidance Ready, 380/90R46 Rear Duals, 380/85R30 Front Singles, 2,675 Hours, Sharp Tractor, Financing Available, $79,500. Call Troy @ 218-849-1926 1997 IH 9380. 400 HP, 12-speed powershift, 5192 hours, Firestone 20.8R42 triples 70%. Excellent appearance and condition; $65,000. 701-764-5993 or 701-260-3172 For Sale: 986 International tractor with IH 2350 loader, asking $5,000 or best offer. (605) 680-1032 For Sale: 1982 4640 JD Tractor, 7352 actual hrs., w/duals, new radial tires all the way around, will not find one as nice, field ready, Bonesteel area, call for pictures & information, 605-848-1200 For Sale: 2006 John Deere 9220 4wd, power shift transmission, 5 hydraulics, Power beyond block, Case drain, active seat, auto steer equipped, Green Star ready, PTO, 3PT, 18.4-50 Michelin tires, 5,440 hrs, $105,000. (605) 450-0255

Versatile 256 bi-directional, runs good, needs a little work, 605-860-1201 if no answer, please leave a message JD 9630, power shift, weights, auto steer ready, stored in steel building, 4422 hrs, sharp, $138,000 can text pictures 218-779-1448

2012 CIH Magnum 260

MFWD, Powershift, Deluxe Cab, Buddy Seat, 3PT, Quick Hitch, PTO, Front Weights, Cab Suspension, 5 Valves, Factory Guidance Ready, 380/90R54 Rear Duals, 380/80R38 Front Singles, 2,750 Hours, Nice Unit, Financing Available, $87,500. Call Troy @ 218-849-1926

2006 JD 8430

MFWD, IVT, Deluxe Cab, Buddy Seat, 3PT, Quick Hitch, PTO, Front Weights, Rear Weights, 60 GPM Pump, 4 Valves, 480/80R50 Rear Duals, New 380/80R38 Front Singles, Front Fenders, Integrated Auto Steer, HID Lights, 4,875 Hours, Nice Tractor, Financing Available, $108,500. Call Troy @ 218-849-1926

‘00 JD 8310 MFWD REMAN TRANSMISSION, Auto Trac Ready (Plug & Play), 7K hrs, 18.4R46 rears W/ duals, weights, buddy seat, front fenders, 3 hyds, 1000 PTO & Quick hitch. Meticulously maintained, very nice! $63,900. Call (507) 789-6049 2000 Case IH 9380, 20.8x42 duals, 12 speed power shift, rear weights, 5500 hrs, $75,000. 605-884-6409

Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK


KUBOTA BX25DLB-R-1 LOW HOURS WITH MOST OPTIONS AVAILABLE SELLING MY FAVORITE LITTLE TRACTOR - VERY WELL CARED FOR 2014 BX25DLB-R-1 SELLING FOR $22,000.00 OBO - 48 INCH BUCKET - 8 INCH BACKHOE BUCKET WITH GRABBER - 48 INCH PALLET FORKS - BALLAST BOX - WHEEL WEIGHTS LED LIGHT PACKAGE - RAIN CANOPY - TOOL STORAGE ****LOW HOURS**** 3 CYLINDER DIESEL ENGINE ORIGINAL PRICE WAS $30,000.00 SELLING FOR $22,000.00 OBO THIS WILL MAKE PROJECTS IN YOUR YARD A BREEZE. LOCATED IN MANDAN, ND (701) 220-3797 2000 Case/IH CX100 MFWD, CAH, syncro-shuttle & w/creeper, LH Reverser, 2 hydraulics, 3 pt hitch,540/1000 pto, 12.4-24 fromt and 13.6-38 rear tires, 8215 hours, runs great, new battery and alternator, new exhaust pipe after turbo. $22,500 (701) 866-2086 John Deere 7810 MFWD 2800 actual 1 owner hours, new Firestone tires, 3 hydraulics, duals, weights, fenders, mirrors, serviced, excellent condition. (651) 338-6861 Case IH Maxxum 125, MFD, with Case IH 750 Quick Tach Loader, joystick control, 8’ bucket, 4-tine grapple fork, 3200 hrs., clean, $50,000 OBO. Leola, SD 605-216-8891 2011 Case IH 260 Magnum. 3320 hrs, 380/90R50 Rear Duals, 380/85R34 Front Duals 70-75%. Deluxe cab, leather seat. Serviced, Cenex oil engine warranty until 10/2019. (701) 680-0558 JD 8520T Tractor, ‘02 model, 4 hydraulics, quick hitch, buddy seat, recently new 30 in. tracks, 305hp, front end weights and under carriage rebuild, 9890 hrs, good starter $49,900. 605-850-9396 For sale; 2011 John Deere 7430 Premium with MFWD, 741 loader with 5 tine grapple, 18.4x42 tires, auto quad plus transmission, rear weights, 4,800 hrs, Tractor is loaded with options. One owner, like new. $89,000 obo. (605) 439-3644 or (605) 380-5313 2013 Case IH 315 Magnum, 2,200 hours, leather, full auto steer with Pro700 and 372 receiver, F & R duals, 5 remotes, 3pt with quick attach and heavy draw bar, $150,000. 605-216-6698 2014 Versatile 220 MFWD. 3 point PTO, 4 hydraulics, 14.9-46 rear duals. 1400 hours. 218-790-6000 1973 IHC 1066 Hydro-dual PTO 16.9x38 rubber with hub duals- 2350 IHC loader with quickTach bucket 4 Hyd spools with Elec hyd. valves good cond. Lynn Speer Felton, MN 701-238-6493 Call us to place your ad. AGWEEK FARM AD DEPT.


TRACTORS FOR SALE: 2009 NH T9040 4WD, 435HP, 800/70R38 Firestone duals, PS, high capacity pump, HID lights, performance monitor, weights, autosteer, one owner; 1997 NH 9682 4WD, 360HP, 710/70R38 duals, 12-spd, rear weights, 8,050 hr. Stored inside; Also: Eaton-Fuller Super 10-spd trans., low miles. Hamilton, ND. Call 701-265-2221.

PLANTING EQUIPMENT 1995 Morris Maxim 2740 air drill, 39’ with 8” spacing, with eagle beaks, 240 bushel tank, extra parts, $7,000 OBO. 701-875-4278 or 701-570-2900 Williston, ND For sale JD 1780 bar conversion, 48x22”. JD 1850 disc units, ideal for planting soybeans with JD 1900 tow behind commodity cart, 350 bu, 3 compartment variable rate, straddle duals on 22” rows. 2007 JD 4930 with 2010 new leader, 3220G4-11, twin spinuer box with 11’ spray unit for 4930. Call 218-639-2931 FOR SALE: 2003 1750 MaxEmerge Plus 8 row JD planter. Liquid fertilizer with ground driven pump, Yetter row cleaners, 3 bu. boxes. Excellent condition! Call or text 701-793-0101. For Sale: 2013 white 8516 center fill planter 16 row 30 inch w/HD down pressure springs, v-closing wheels, row cleaners, 3 section shutoff, liquid fert 2 tanks with totally tubular. 2700 total acres on agco touch screen monitor. Markers, shedded. Bean and corn plates. Call 320-760-8059 FOR SALE: 2006 White 8524 Planter, central fill, 24 row 22 inch, totally tubular, (2) 200 gal. tanks, markers, variable rate, 3-section shut-off. Asking $47,500 OBO. Cell: 701-361-5159 or Home: 701-282-4050. Ask for Wayne. 2007 1770 John Deere 16 row 30” planter, corn and soy beans, liquid fertilizer on row and side band, semi-mount hitch, $27,000 US dollars. 204-871-0925 McGregor, MB John Deere 1890 60’ 430 bushel 1910 tow behind cart with new stainless meters, with conveyor 7.5” spacing lockup valve for 15”. 701-371-1760 701-238-8345 FOR SALE: JD 24R 22 Planter. Sorenson bar, ISO blockage & population, liquid fert., 3 bushel boxes, field ready. Can package deal with 8225R tractor. 218-686-8432 or 218-688-2346. For sale JD 7300 12 row, 30” vacuum planter. 22 JD suitcase weight. Track whacker. Portable scales. 701-640-1016

A16 Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK

PLANTING EQUIPMENT For sale: 1998 John Deere 1750 vacuum max emerge plus planter, 8 row, 30”, with single disc fertilizer openers, and dry fertilizer extensions, seat box extensions, 800 acres on seed disc openers, 600 acres on gage wheels, 250 monitor with radar, seed firmers, trash whippers, new tires, 2 sets of corn plates. Bristol, SD 605-880-9671 For sale: 2007 New Holland air seeder. 70 ft., 10” spacing, 430 bushel tow between cart: $40,000. Frank Edwards of Whitetail, Montana. 406-779-3671 or 406-783-7629 John Deere 24row 22” planter Sorensen bar with maxemerge 2 units, ground drive, liquid fert plumbed, 350 monitor. very good shape 701-640-4858 Breckenridge, MN John Deere 455 grain drill for sale. 35’ width with 6” row spacing. Schaffert press wheel scrapers. Dickey-John PM 300 monitor. Always shedded, very clean drill. $25,000 OBO. Call or Text 701-371-2775 1992 Case IH 8600 air drill, full run blockage monitor, hyd. markers, twin compartment, set up for 6.5 or 13” rows for soy beans! Bought in 2000 and stored inside always, little use since 2000 and very low acres for age, very good condition, can send pics; $7500 OBO. Call or text Trevor 701-371-8914 2016 Great Plains Yield Pro Planter. 48 twin row, 60 ft. AirPro meters. Variable rate hydraulic drive. Heavy duty row unit down pressure. Central filling platform and ladder. 3 sections, point row control. Dicky-John “IntelliAG” monitor with 10” screen. With semi mount 1000 gal liquid cart. Used 1 season. Call 218-790-6000

TILLAGE EQUIPMENT 2011 Summers Super Coulter Plus with rolling basket, 50ft, $50k obo. 2007 JD 637 rock flex disk, 37ft, $20k obo. 36ft Wishek NT disk $28k obo. (605) 329-7225 Case IH 42ft 330 turbo till with rolling baskets. Under 3,000 acres and always shedded. Like new! Mellette, SD (605) 228-3456 Great Plains Turbo Max 35 foot harrow, reel, weights, excellent condition. Reduced Price. 605-380-1227 or 605-725-8873 Krause 4950 disk, 28’ rockflex, has good blades & harrow. $8750 (605) 661-0609 or 661-8133 Horsch 300 30ft high speed disk in good condition, $54,900 OBO. 712-579-1825

TILLAGE EQUIPMENT For Sale: 48ft Wilrich Field Cultivator with 8” knock on sweeps, 3 bar harrow, $1,500. (701) 710-0862 JD 637 Rock Flex 32ft disc, 200 acres on new 24in blades and bearings, 9 in spacing, JD mulcher, rear hitch, new carry tires, hydraulic adjusting, $18,900. 605-850-9396 For sale: Wilrich 21 ft hydraulic fold chisel plow tandem wheels including yetter vertical tillage rotary coulters great for opening wet soils for drying and earlier planting: added weights for more penetration: Very good, field ready $6500: 605 938 4141 NE,SD Case IH 4300 Field Cultivator, 29’6”, 3 bar harrow, walking tandems, no breaks or welds. $7750. (605) 237-0169 Case IH 28ft 4800 field cultivator, 3 bar harrow, $4,500. Canton SD. No telemarketers (605) 691-6147 JD 985 60ft field cultivator, excellent condition $15,000. (605) 532-5555 or (605) 881-5393 Salford 570 RTS vertical tillage, 2009 8 wave blades, 3 bar harrow, 41’, rolling basket, weight package, new radial tires, field ready, $36,500 701-351-0399 2013 Wishek 862 LNT 38’ Disc 30” blades low profile transport hydraulic leveling very low acres 701-351-0399 JD 512 Disk Ripper 9 shank, very good condition, $15,000. Bullion 7 shank V-ripper, unused, $4,500. 612-390-6886 2011 Summers Super Chisel - very nice condition with heavy duty harrow. Asking $38,000. 701-430-0902

2004 CIH 9300 Disk Ripper

Working Width 22.5FT, Front Disk w/ Rock Flex Individual C-Cushions, 8 Lead Shanks, 9 Main Shanks, Hyd Disk Leveler, Clean Unit, $24,500, Financing Available. Call Troy @ 218-849-1926


For Sale: Gates Magnum 32ft coulter disk with hyd. wing adjustment, harrow and rolling baskets. (605) 994-7433 IH 4300 55ft field cultivator, walking tandems, 200 acres on shovels, 4 bar Summers mulcher, $11,000. (605) 450-1475 For Sale: IHC 4800 30ft field cultivator with mulcher, new bushings and bearings recently, $5,000. 10 International weights off a MX IHC, $80 each. Near Watertown, SD 605-876-2261 or 605-520-6323 John Deere 980 field cultivator, 44 foot, 5 section frame, with 3 bar harrow. (605) 637-5521 or 701-212-0068. For sale: 33ft CIH 3900 cushion gang disk with 3 bar mulcher and 9” space. 30ft 570RTS Salford with mulcher and rolling basket. 35ft CIH 4700 field cultivator with mulcher. 4305 Phillips harrow. Call 605-472-0932 or 605-460-2869 leave message 42ft Sunflower 1844-42 disk, good condition with a good harrow, 605-380-0627 For Sale: 2012 Landoll 6230 Disc, 21’ wide, hydraulic leveling, Gates harrows, blades measure 23 3/8”, $27,000 OBO. 2011 Salford 570RTSHD, 18’ wide, harrows & rolling baskets, 9 - 100 lb. weights on frame, coulters measure approximately 19 1/2”, $28,000 OBO. Both are low acre implements in excellent condition. Iroquois, SD (605) 353-5066 Disc-1434-36 32 ft. Sunflower cushion gain. Harrows. Hydraulic angle tilt. Manual depth adjustment, 9 in. spacing, 23 3/4” blade front, 22” rear. Gage wheels on wings. Excellent appearance and condition. $35,000. 701-764-5993 or 701-260-3172

Harrow system 82 flex coil, 80’, excellent condition, shedded, $9,500 OBO. NH3 Raven Accuflow controller and 48 chisel plow, NH3 knives, like new, with hitch and hydraulic torpedo wench for chisel plow. Loader side frames to put 265 loader on John Deere 4020-4455. 701-388-9415 Harwood, ND 2012 Salford 8214 moldboard plow excellent condition, field ready, its a SUPER plow! $35,000. Also Allis Chalmers 260 direct mount scraper $7500. (701) 640-0153


Truflex Land and Rock Roller 42” Roller, 5/8” + Wall Thickness Floating Hitch Heavy Duty Built Hyd Wing Steer 3” Roller Shaft and Bearings Removable Roller Shaft Heavy Duty Knuckle Hinge Heavy Duty Lock Point Heaviest Production Built Roller 3, 5 and 7 Section Rollers Available We can custom build any size you need 701-360-3544 (855)777-3539

FOR SALE OR RENT WISHEK DISCS 12’-38’ Have big coil springs that provide cushion against rocks. Great for discing CRP, old alfalfa & hayground, cornstalks, overgrown preventative plant acres & weeds.

GATES COULTER DISCS 32’-56’ COULTER HARROWS 24’-60’ HARROWS 32’-84’ *Excellent for residue management*

ANDERSON RENTALS & SALES INC. Glenn Anderson, Bismarck 866-255-7560

For sale: 41’ JD 610 chisel plow, 3 bar Summer’s harrow, 104 4” shovels, $8,000. 4 18.4.42 band duels, $250 each. 20.8.42 Firestone radial $250. 8-row Nissen rod weeder, $1,000. Aneta, ND 701-789-0426 30ft basket roller, like new, 2 rows of baskets on wheels, with long tongue for back of disk or field cultivator with a drag, $7,650. Vermeer 12 wheel rake on 2 wheels, $2,100. 605-360-2709 2014 41’ I-2100 Salford tillage machine. 8 wave 22” large diameter spring coulters. Less than 3000 acres. $84000. (701) 720-7133 NEW B&B 1600 gallon cone bottom fertilizer cart. 3” bulkhead, BKT 500/45 22.5 tires. $9800 (701) 720-7133 For Sale 45 foot 2500 Wilrich field cultivator with 9 inch ultra wing shovels. 4 bar harrow. Tires new on main frame, excellent condition, $3500. Also 32 foot John Deere 630 disk with heavy duty 3 bar harrow, excellent condition, $12,000. (605) 738-2572 or 228-2998. 2012 Salford 8214 moldboard plow in excellent condition, field ready, super plow; $35,000. Also, AllisChalmers 260 direct mount scraper; $7,500. 701-640-0153 Crown (Summers) 3-bat hydraulic reel rock picker with hydraulic dump, 11L/15 tires, $4,500. 320-980-5058


Gentle handling while you’re planting



• • • • •

Seed Tenders Gravity box augers Truck-mount tailgate augers Bin unload augers Transport augers

available in 5”, 6”, 7”, 9” & 12” flighting diameter for augers up to 13”

DALE HOFF . . . .(218) 281-7133 K & D Enterprises, Crookston, MN



Case IH 44 foot 4300 field cultivator with mulcher, $5,300 OBO. John Deere 1967 4020 diesel, PS, with 148 loader and grapple, $10,500 OBO. 1600 gallon fast sprayer, 80-90 foot boom, triple nozzles, 100 gallon rinse, Raven rate controller, excellent condition, $11,500. (605) 832-4551 or 605-690-3386.

Krause 4950 disk, 28’ rockflex, has good blades & harrow. $8750 (605) 661-0609 or 661-8133

Case IH 42ft 330 turbo till with rolling baskets. Under 3,000 acres and always shedded. Like new! Mellette, SD (605) 228-3456

Summers Super coulter, 30’w, 3 bar mulcher. JD 680 field cultivator, 38’w, 3 bar mulcher. Call (605) 880-4643

JD 637 Rock Flex 32ft disc, 200 acres on new 24in blades and bearings, 9 in spacing, JD mulcher, rear hitch, new carry tires, hydraulic adjusting, $18,900. 605-850-9396

24 row Blue Jet strip tiller, has liquid fertilizer and Raven anhydrous ammonia. (701) 898-4545

Great Plains Turbo Max 35 foot harrow, reel, weights, excellent condition. Reduced Price. 605-380-1227 or 605-725-8873

For Sale: Great Plains “Discovator” soil finisher, 42’ bifold w/ 5 bar diamond tine harrow. Good condition. (605) 770-1673

John Deere 44.5’ 960 field cultivator for sale. 3 bar harrow, rear hitch with hydraulic hook up. $6500 OBO Call 701-371-2775

JD 1610 39ft vertical tillage, Ron Manufacturing coulter wheels, $7,000. 605-884-6409

Call us to place your ad. AGWEEK FARM AD DEPT.


For Sale: 2014 50’ Summer Supper Coulter Plus, 3 bar, 104 Summers drags, with 50’ Summers coil packer, excellent condition; $85,000. Call: 218-779-8175 For Sale: 2009 Summers 36’ Chisel Plow, Summers 4 bar drag, low acres SN 10 702; $32,000. Call: 218-779-8175 For Sale 2012 Great Plains Turbo Till, 40’ vertical tillage system, 10” spacing, rolling baskets, 5 section fold, $28,000. 218-280-8010

HARVEST EQUIPMENT For Sale: 2005 and 2006 John Deere 936D headers and also Trailtech double header trailer, shedded, field ready. (320) 760-0745 2014 John Deere 635D. Rigid Draper head with new guards and sickle. Has spare sickle, slow speed transport, stubble lights. Overall nice condition. (812) 620-0642 FOR SALE: NEW CONCEPT HOPPER BINS. New & Used Hopper Bins 900-7500 Bushel. Used 4 & 5 thousand bushel bins. On hand for immediate delivery. Also, Convey-All Bean Tenders & Belt Conveyors. Lower prices on hopper bins & leasing available. We Also Move Hopper Bins & Fuel Tanks. Call Fred: 701-830-8000 Wanted: MacDon, Premier, Prairie Star, Westward swather, 1998-2005, with 25’ draper header, pickup reel, must be in good condition. (605) 520-0617


High rise tip protects locking thumb for extended wear of main knife body.

Front profile of CC-440

It’s beefy, shorter profile gives the CC-440 the ground clearance and strength needed for today’s newer chisel plows, while still providing maximum sealing of your fertilizer in wet or dry soil, just like it’s time tested brother, the CC-240!

DUAL BANDING KNIFE Fits behind any Lange knife providing dry fertilizer placement approximately 1” above the NH3 placement

8652 60th St. NE • NE • Webster, ND 58382 • (701)


HARVEST EQUIPMENT WHETSTONE AG SUPPLY, INC. WILMOT, SD 57279 605-938-4709 NEW AUGERS WESTFIELD: WR 8x31 thru 71 TFX2 10x31 / 36 / 41 MKX GLP 10x73 & 83 MKX GLP 13x64 / 74 / 84 / 94 / 114 MKX 16x125 (23,000 bph!) WCX 1535 TDFL EMD Belt WHEATHEART: X GLP 13x74 / 84 / 94 13” EMD Drive Over Hopper Heavy Hitter Post Pounder NORWOOD SALES: 1838 EMD FL KwikBelt FARMKING: 13x70 Swing Hopper Auger 9’ Disc Mower 540 RPM 12 Wheel Bi-Fold Rake 14 Wheel EasyRake 16 Wheel Super Star Rake 18 Wheel Super Star Rake Model 2450 Bale Carrier 6” Grain Vacs Model 360 Grain Cleaner 1600 Gallon 4WS Liquid Supply Trailer (DEMO) Model 1200 90’ Boom Sprayer Model 1360 Grain Cart Model 2460 Fertilizer Applicator (DEMO) LOFTNESS: 20’ Stalk Chopper/ Windrower HUTCHINSON: Trac-Masster Pile Mover USED AUGERS Westfield: TFX2 10x41 PTO Drive MK 13x91 GLP MKX 13x94 GLP MK 13x111 GLP (Qty.2) MKX 13x114 GLP Wheatheart: 13x81 Swing Hopper Feterl: 10x76 Swing Hopper 14x96 Swing Hopper Hutchinson: 8x53 PTO 24” Drive Over Conveyor Batco: 1535 TD EMD Field Loader 1335 TD EMD Standard Hopper 1314 LP EMD Transfer Brandt: 10x70 Swing Hopper (Qty.2) 13x70 Swing Hopper Call for best pricing on all new augers. All swing hoppers are available with hydraulic or electric hopper movers. Both Hopper Walker and Auger Jogger electric movers available. More augers are coming in. If we don’t have it, we can get it! Also full line of Westfield parts and accessories in stock. Possible financing available. Grain bag unloader for rent. Loftness 10 ft drain bag unloader. Please call for rates and availability. Ellendale, ND. (701) 710-1307

JD & Geringhoff cornheads, 6R30, 8R22, 8R30, 12R20, 12R22, other sizes available, new & used. Will also do reconditioning different row spacing or complete rebuild..... on JD cornhead. We offer full warranty on any JD gear box we rebuild Sales, Service & Rental MW Cornheads, Inc. Hillsboro, ND 701-430-CORN (2676) WANTED: 30’ header transport for stripper or soybean combine head. (605) 690-3594 2007 Amity 2700 12 row 22 lifter, excellent condition field ready , recently added active depth control, many new PARTS ,shedded, $52,000, 2010 HS 30 Ton beet cart field ready $49,000, Alloway 12 row 22 topper field ready $5000. (701) 640-0153 Ficklin CA13000 grain cart for sale. 600 bushel capacity, tarp. Nice cart. $7500 OBO Call 218-979-1716



2007 Amity 2700 12 row lifter in excellent condition, field ready, recently added active depth control, many new parts, always shedded; $52,000. Also, 2010 H&S 30 ton beet cart, field ready; $49,000. Alloway 12 row, 22 topper, field ready; $5,000. 701-640-0153

SPRAYING EQUIPMENT For sale: 4720 JD Sprayer, 800 gallon, S.S. Tank, 90’ boom, Norac boom height, JD guidance system, 380/90/46 tires, 2,620 hours. Also 8820 Case-IH self propelled swather, 25’. 853-A JD all crop head, CaseIH adaptor, $4,500. 1015 CaseIH pickup head, nice, $4,500. 3-point 300 gallon, sprayer, hydraulic pump, hydraulic folding 60’ booms. 701-230-3211

EMPLOYMENT Looking for part-time and full-time help, operating semi and harvest equipment and farm jobs. Faulkton area. For more details call 605-290-4864 Elite Construction For your Ag Building Restoration, New Building Construction and Concrete needs call Don Christiansen at Elite C o n s t r u c t i o n 1-816-806-2343 (cell) 1-605-598-6626 (home) David O’Daniel 1-605-450-9926 Faulkton, SD

HELP WANTED: Full time year round and seasonal employees needed for farm in SE ND. Need farm experience and mechanical ability. Call 701-640-2726. Agriculture farm and seed house person. Full time person for seed house wanted. Clean driving record. CDL preferred but not required. Heath insurance and profit sharing benefits included. Bristol, SD area, call 605-492-3611 and ask for Floyd Perrion Custom Services Small Grain/ Cover Crops- JD air seeder with variable rate technology great for fall applied fertilizer Forage Harvesting- We can chop haylage, silage, and earlage with all the support equipment and bagging services also available. Hay Grinding550hp Mighty Giant truck mounted grinder with grapple fork We specialize in prompt professional custom services. Lance Perrion Ipswich, SD 605-216-2918 Looking to do custom baling for 2018 & beyond. Can cut, rake, & bale any kinds of hay. Will do shares, custom rake, or buy the bales. (605) 270-1667


HARVEST SYSTEMS 35 ft. 9” Pans, Original System ................... $6,740

Summer & Fall Harvesting Wanted for 2018 and beyond 3 - JD 670 Combines with supporting equipment. Contact Van Beek Harvesting. Let 35 years of experience work for you. 605-889-2836 or cell 605-848-1080

35 ft. 9” Pans, Advanced System ................... $8,240

CUSTOM FENCING, barbed or woven wire. Will take out old fence. 605-845-7421

Minot, ND


All sizes available Call 1-800-735-5848

Lucke Manufacturing



New & Used VACS Parts & Piping FULL SERVICE CENTER • Model Ultima 62 • Full Line Of Piping Hose • Dust Free Loading & Unloading Of Bins, Silos & Flat Storage • Available In PTO Or Diesel Units CONVEYAIR DISTRIBUTOR

CONVEYAIR 701-435-2606

G&G SALES • WIMBLEDON, ND 001450896r1

Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK


Meier’s Custom Planting & Spraying Late model John Deere corn planter 30” spacing with in furrow fertilizer. CIH 100ft boom sprayer. Also, do custom wheat harvest. Call Matt for pricing and availability 605-999-4496

RANCH HELP NEEDED Work in SE ND. Call 701-439-2533

Ristvedt Trucking Family Oriented Trucking Company looking for over the road truck driver to pull flatbed and step deck trailers. Must have a good work ethic. Need CDL with good driving record and 2 years truck driving experience, must be 25 and older to apply. 605-886-8981. CUSTOM PLANTING Booking acres now for custom corn, sunflowers, and soybean planting. Taking acres in Perkins, Corson, Ziebach, and Dewey Counties. 16 row 1770 NT John Deere planter. Call Stephen at (605) 848-2058 for details. Jim River Fencing LLC Irene, SD Farm/Ranch/Feedlot/ Commercial Fencing Installation of new fence/Tear out of old fence Local & out of state fencing Free estimates and warranty work on fence Jim (253)-228-1911 Elizabeth (307)-620-2914 Find us on Facebook for full photo Gallery


Diversified grain and cattle farm with newer equipment and facility is looking for a full time motivated farm laborer/equipment operator. Cattle background a plus, but not necessary. Housing available. Competitive wages - DOE. Central ND. Contact: 701-789-1444.

Ready Mix Drivers

CDL required. Will train. Hiring Bonus Available! Benefits. Apply in person at Porta-Mix Concrete, Inc., 1201 2nd St. NE, EGF, MN or call 218-773-3636 or email:



Grain Bin Service Bin repair, air floors, concrete work. Specializing in roof repair & bin concrete slabs. Also, new & used grain bin sales! 701-899-2863

FUEL TANK & GRAIN BIN MOVING Up to 28 feet in diameter or 12,000 bushel; Hopper bins up to 5,000 bushels; Also move grain dryers and vertical fuel tanks up to 25,000 gallons. First, Fast & Friendly. Lic. & insured. 50 years of satisfied customers! We can get your bins & tanks moved within days of your call. We have two trucks ready to serve your needs. Call us for a quote! GROTTE MOVING Finley, ND 701-238-2992 701-524-2323 701-238-9382

Bin Doctor Control 2 bins with one controller for .07¢ per bushel. Will pay $250 for referrals. Contact Richard Equipment Sales 701-799-0288


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Buchholz Seed Farm is offering Registered and certified Linkert, Bolles, Prosper, Elgin ND and new Vitpro ND wheat. Certified Genesis and Tradition barley. Certified Sheyenne and Bison ND soybeans. Terning Liberty Link, Roundup2, Xtend soybeans, corn. 701-347-4058

Seed For Sale: Wheat Seed: SY Ingm SY Valda. Soybean Seed: NorthStar Genetics, Stine. Corn Seed: NorthStar Genetics, Stine. Totes, Bulk, Treating, Trucking, Custom Cleaning. Call Satrom-Hiam Seed Page, ND 701-668-2327

Big square, high quality, alfalfa. Relative feed value, 160-188. All 3 cuttings. No rain. Shedded. Stacked on cement. Horse quality grass, alfalfa mix. Twin Valley, MN, 218-584-5534 or 701-893-5414

PM AG Sources, Inc. Your Dealer for... Conex Containers For Sale

Grain Systems Complete Storage, Drying & Handling

SEED FOR SALE Cert. SY-Ingmar Wheat Cert. SY-Valda Wheat Cert. SY-Soren Wheat Free delivery Treating available NOESKE SEED FARM Call 701-845-1300 office 701-840-1635 Brad 701-320-3581 Jeremy


PM AG Sources, Inc. 866-588-7624


Behlen 1960’s era vertical panel steel grain bins, one 5,000 bushel, one 1,750 bushel & six 2,350 bushel for sale. Make offer. Located south of Jamestown, ND. Buy one or all for best price. 701-320-8452




Spring Into Savings With Henry Building 218-863-6445 54 x 98 x 16 - $45.723 60 x 126 x 16 - $65.696 70 x 126 x 16 - $83,349 80 x 154 x 18 - $119,504



Horace, ND

• New or Used • Cargo Worthy, Wind & Water Tight Units • 10’ to 45’ Sizes Available 001707359r1


701-360-1411 Mike, Owner








Signalness Farms LARRY 701-770-2500 JASON 701-770-0926 Watford City, ND

Please contact to schedule Manure Piling & Hauling Services Feed Lot Cleaning Pay Loader Services 701-710-1108 Elite Construction For your Ag Building Restoration, New Building Construction and Concrete needs call Don Christiansen at Elite C o n s t r u c t i o n 1-816-806-2343 (cell) 1-605-598-6626 (home) David O’Daniel 1-605-450-9926 Faulkton, SD


AGWEEK Deadline

The deadline for farm ads to run in AGWEEK is Thursday at 3:00 PM for the following Monday edition.

A18 Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK





For Sale: Certified Pinnacle Barley, High yielding & very good quality seed. 701-799-3032

For Sale: Alfalfa Hay Dairy quality. Second crop in round bales. Third crop baleage in squares. Also, Heston 60A Stacker for sale. In good condition. 218-298-1372






For Sale: Big round bales of straw Please call 701-741-2674 or 701-594-4296

Howe Seed Farm offers for sale: New MN. Lang, New LCS Rebel, LCS Prime, LCS Trigger, MN. Shelly, MN. Bolles: Wheat varieties, barley varieties: 6-row tradition and 2-row ND. Genesis Barley. Howe Seed Farm is also an authorized proseed soybean and corn dealer. Please call 701-238-1285 for your registered & certified seed needs for crop year 2018. Ask for Jim or Michael.

15x35 Batco field loader belt conveyor, tin horse 220 electric motor. 90ft mid-mount pickup/truck sprayer. 40ft Summers multi-weeder. 50ft coil packer. IH #33 hay conditioner 540 PTO, 2 side delivery rakes. Later 120hp 2wd drive tractor, loader, 5th wheel gooseneck trailer. 40ft Big S tine cultivator w/harrows. 50+ft of new FarmKing harrows cultivator mounts. (218)289-5868

Wheat Registered-Faller Registered-Prosper Certified-Sy Soren Certified-Sy Valda Durum Certified Carpio Certified Tioga Soybeans – Conventional Registered-Sheyenne Registered-ND Bison Certified-Sheyenne R2Y-Dairyland Peterson Farms Seed LAMOURE FEED & SEED INC. LaMoure, ND Ph# 701-883-5755 Ph# 877-883-5755 2016 Wilson grain doubles, 41’ lead with 30’ pup, all trailers are tandem axle. For more details and price call (605) 290-4864

TRITICALE Forage tonnage-Grazing Forage protein 14-19% Drought tolerant Double crop w/soybeans Spring Triticale Seed


2018 Timpte Super Hopper 40’x78”x96”. LED lights and Air Ride. Used very little. $34,000 (605) 448-8500 Registered Lang Wheat 99% Germination. Certified Shelly Wheat 96% Germination. Also available for certification is Bolles and Prosper Wheat. Call 218-689-2946 or 218-874-3713

SEED FOR SALE Manitoba 4010 Forage Pea Organic Aroostook Rye Forage Peas are a great cover crop for soil building & drowned out acres.

Call us at (701)-741-0477

LaMoure Feed & Seed LaMoure, ND 58458 701-883-5755 877-883-5755 2009 hi-ef sudenga auger 12-82 with hyd swing hooper (605) 949-4516

Shops Machinery Grain Hay Storage Commercial Industrial

Serving the area for 25 years!

All Steel Buildings

GET GROWING WITH PROVEN VARIETIES Hard red spring wheats bred for your fields: LCS Breakaway LCS Trigger LCS Rebel LCS Prime 701-799-8028 Brillion Sure stand 10ft drill SST-1201, serial 156436, double box with brushes, always shedded, A-1 condition. $5,500. Huron, SD. Call Glenn at (605) 354-8004

Quality buildings at a reasonable price!

1-800-927-8835 • 701-239-5904

HRS Wheat Seed For Sale: Registered Shelly and Registered ND-VitPro. Both cleaned and in bulk on our farm near Northwood, ND. Cell# 218-779-6498


Call Howe Seeds Inc. McLaughlin, SD 57642 (605) 823-4892 The Original In-Bin Continuous Flow

Drying System... that Grain Storage, Handling, and Drying Steel Bins, Hopper Bins, & more!


For Pre-Season Discounts! 001541923r1

A&S Ag Sales

Argyle, MN Travis Anderson (218)-201-0782 Reece Setterholm (218)-280-5890 Dustin Isaak (218) 686-5979

With a Shivers computerized Drying System that you can dry your crops as fast as you can combine. Whether your drying needs are 2,000 or 20,000 bushels a day, Shivvers has a system that’s right for you.



GROWS with your operation!

1. CompuDry Command Center 2. Circu-Lator 3. Drying Floor/Steel Supports 4. Blue Flame Dryer 5. Transfer Auger 6. Grain Spreader Call for more information on all the systems!

K & D Enterprises (218) 281-7133


Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK



New release registered varieties Stutsman 07 day high yielding and Benson 04 day SCN resistant $15 per unit bulk. Also available Sheyenne and Bison. 701-367-7796 or for more info.


Certified Lacey barley seed. 98% germ, $6.75/bushel. 701-395-4341 or 701-351-2068 For sale: Mixed baleage, alfalfa, grass, clover. 3 x 3 x 5 1/2 medium squares. $25 per bale. 218-334-5958 or 218-841-4443

2016 92 germ, registered carpio durum seed, 2017 certified carpio durum seed for sale. Call Chuck Magill 701-710-0502

Call Russell 701-799-8028

45 oats straw bales, 5x6, net wrapped. Extend your feed with these. Heavy bales. Delivery possible. Felton, MN. 701-371-3972

Gartner Seed Farm 701-663-7731 Cert HRSW: SY Soren, SY605CL, Elgin Barley: Com Lavina Oats: Com Leggett Forage Peas: 4010 & Arvika Cover Crops: Wide selection Alfalfa & Other forage Seeds

STRAW FOR SALE Rounds, net wrapped, good quality. Leonard, ND. 701-361-1499

For Sale: High yielding seed wheat. Certified Albany, $10/bushel. 218-556-9315 Ask for Scott

Balanced hard red spring wheat varieties with dependable protein content, top-end yield potential and strong disease resistance. Certified seed available now.

Wheat seed for sale, Certified Shelly and Certified Linkert. Delivery available. Call Bloomquist Farms 218-455-3863 or 701-360-5283


We are currently contracting Barley for delivery to East Grand Forks and Yellow peas for delivery to Devils Lake Give us a call to review pricing options. We look forward to working with you!

Certified Linkert and Shelly wheat for sale. Call Justin 218-478-4331 or Rick 218-478-4040


Wheat - Ingmar, Soren, Vlada, Linkert, & Shelly Barley - Synergy & Tradition STEIN SEED CO. McVille, ND 701-322-4350 or 866-322-4350 Trucking of Beet Pulp/ Lime/ DDG’s. 701-866-5531 Call us to place your ad. AGWEEK FARM AD DEPT.


Wheat Seed for Sale

Certified Bolles (High Protein) and Shelley (High Yield) and Registered Lang-MN (Good all around variety). Will deliver within an hour of FM area. Call Luke 701-238-2965 SPRING WHEAT SEED FOR SALE: 2018 Spring Planting. Registered & Certified. Prosper, Shelley, SY-Valda, SY-Ingmar, LCS-Rebel, LCS-Trigger, LCS-Prime. Barley: Lacey. Oats: Rockford. Seed ready to go. Can Deliver. Nelson Farms, Thompson. Please call: 701-741-4901 or 701-599-2080. For Sale: 1000 CRP bales. 600 bales of oats. 600 barley straw bales. 701-739-9079 2018 Cert and Reg seeds. Wheat Varieties with protein and yield. New LCS Rebel, Anchor, Breakaway, and SDSU Surpass. High ProteinU of M Bolles. High Yield-SYValda. Pinnacle Barley.Delivery and treating available. Lock in your supply today. Nettum Seeds LLC Caledonia ND 701-430-1149 For sale: Wheat Seed Reg. surpass wheat seed 98% germ, very early variety, cleaned, $9 per bushel: Cert. Shelly wheat seed to be certified, $8.50 per bushel, cleaned, 96% germ. Art Wosick, Minto, ND 701-360-3181

“A Farms Seed Company”

Seed Available for Spring 2018 • Certified CDC Amarillo yellow peas • Certified AAC Carver yellow peas • Certified AC Earlystar yellow peas • Certified Hyline yellow peas • Certified CDC Treasure yellow peas • Certified CDC Striker green peas • Certified CDC Richlea lentils • Certified CDC Maxim CL lentils • Certified Divide durum • Registered Carpio durum • Certified Carpio durum • Certified VT Peak durum • Registered Joppa durum • Certified Joppa durum • Common York flax

• Certified CDC Neela flax • Certified Tradition barley • Registered Genesis barley • Certified SY Synergy barley • Certified Bolles HRSW • Certified Linkart HRSW • Certified SY Soren HRSW • Certified SY Ingmar HRSW • Certified SY Valda HRSW • Certified SY Rockford HRSW • Certified LCS Rebel HRSW • Certified LCS Breakaway HRSW • Certified WB9507 HRSW • Certified WB9653 HRSW • Certified WB9590 HRSW • Certified WB9479 HRSW • Certified TCGCornerstone HRSW • Certified TCG-Spitfire HRSW

Ask About Other Varieties


Office: (701) 453-3300 Blake Inman Cell: (701) 240-8748 Mark Birdsall Cell: (701) 240-9507 Dave Helmers Cell: (701) 833-2448

A20 Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK

Ask about seed treatments, inoculant, soybean seed, canola seed, corn seed, and sunflower seed.




Get the latest Slow Darkening Pinto from NDSU ND Palomino. Excellent yielding and up right structure for straight combining. A good Germ and blight (dome) tests. Negative for anthracnose. Take advantage of higher markets and more options with Slow Darkening. Reasonably priced. 701-593-6338

Registered Lariat Pinto Bean Seed For Sale

Call us to place your ad. AGWEEK FARM AD DEPT.



ANYWHERE We buy damaged grain any condition -wet or dryincluding damaged silo corn TOP DOLLAR We have vacs and trucks CALL HEIDI OR LARRY




High yield potential. Very good lodging resistance. Excellent seed quality. Upright growth habit suitable for direct harvest. Several fungicide and insecticide treatment options. Supplies limited call for pricing! 701-360-0680

HAYING EQUIPMENT 80 corn stalk bales, net wrapped with John Deere 569, $25 per bale. (605) 750-0243 Alfalfa for sale, large round net wrapped bales, all are 2nd & 3rd cutting. Hay has been tested. Call 605-380-3631 or 605-380-3637 Corn silage for sale, silo guard preservatives, and tarped, 605-769-0862

HAYING EQUIPMENT For sale: John Deere 566 & 532 Round Balers with twine. Always stored inside and field ready. Call (701) 710-0862 TNT ALFALFA High Quality Alfalfa Large Square +170 test Stored inside Mike (320) 760-5768 Ryan (320) 305-1201 Oat hay bales for sale, 1200lb rounds, net wrapped RFV and nitrate tests available, (605) 690-3594 2012 Farm King Superstar 16 wheel V rake. Good condition, stored inside Asking $10,000. 1994 Case 621B payloader, 10,500 hrs, 1,000 hrs on overhaul, loader with Graptec grapple, asking $35,000. (605) 880-3473 320 New Holland small square baler w/Hoelscher accumulator & fork. 20’ 260 Owatana swather w/finger reel. 9’ 1100 International mower. (605) 352-2322 Wheat Straw - Seeking long term relationship to buy our quality wheat straw in the stack or in the windrow at a fixed price that works for you and us. 10,000+ acres. Near Presho. Quantity Discounts Call Todd 605-360-7133 DAKOTA HAY AUCTION OF Corsica, SD Auctions every Monday year round at 1pm in Corsica, SD To consign or get information & Sales Results Go To or Call 605-770-0662 office: 605-946-5002

HAYING EQUIPMENT I HAVE a large supply of beef hay available. Excellent quality hay in net wrapped round or medium square bales. Delivery available in MN, SD, MT & ND. Call or txt 218-689-6675 Ose Hay Farm 200 net wrapped prairie hay bales, stored inside, made with John Deere 568 hay baler, asking $75 per bale. Also for sale, John Deere corn planter, 10 x 30” rows, corn & bean plates, liquid fertilizer, trash cleaners and lots of other usable machinery as well. (605) 382-5993 110 bales grass hay, $80 a ton. 95 bales of canary grass, $60 a ton. 19 bales 3rd cutting alfalfa, $40 a ton. 12 bales 2nd cutting alfalfa, $100 a ton. All round bales, Wilmot, South Dakota. (605) 880-2086 Round corn stalk bales for sale, net wrapped, estimate 1100lb avg, 605-860-1201 if no answer, please leave a message Alfalfa hay twine wrapped 30 miles NE of Aberdeen. Douglas Craig 605-294-7294 or 605-294-5385 Alfalfa for sale. Dairy to beef quality Alfalfa and Alfalfa Grass mix. In big square bales. 4x4x8. Tested and stored in sheds. Delivery available. Huron, SD (605) 350-5807 or 605-352-8486



Green weed free grass hay, all nice upland hay, 1250lb+ bales, net wrapped, $65/bale. NE SD, 605-738-2572 or 605-228-2998 Retired! For sale New Holland disc bind 7450, 13’, 5 years old, used on small acres, $22,500. Big square baler, BB940-A, 2008 model, 3x4 bale, $25,000. H&S hay rake, 12 wheel. Call or text 218-686-2997 2014 Fair Mfg. model 7825 bale processor. Next to new condition. Excellent Shape. In cab control box, hydraulic slug bars, large floatation tires, bale eject door. Fine chop knives. CV PTO. Ph. 605-653-3247 NEW Never used Fair Mfg. 2014 Model 7825 Bale processor in cab control box, hydraulic slug bars, large floatation tires, bale eject door. Fine chop knives. Ph. 605-653-3247 2007 Agco 7434 3x4 square baler with accumulator, 15,000 bales, $49,900. (605) 680-1998 Call us to place your ad. AGWEEK FARM AD DEPT.





APRIL 23 - 25, 2018 162 +/- Acres in Lincoln County, MN.

40 +/- Acres Bottineau County, ND.

Farmers, Hunters, and Investors; this property has features for each with excellent potential farmland, quality hunting cover and extra income from wind turbine leases. This property features 109 acres CRP (expires fall 2018) with excellent grass cover and hunting opportunities.

This property is northwest of Souris, ND and features 40 +/- acres with a soil productivity index near 80!

Price: $108,000.

Contact Steve Link at 701.361.9985.

Contact Katie Lorenz: 701.490.0820 Pifer’s Auction & Realty 877.700.4099

Pifer’s Auction & Realty, 877.700.4099, Kevin Pifer MN#14-106.

LAND AUCTION: 342.33 +/- Acres Lincoln County, MN. May 2, 2018 - 11:00 a.m.

This is highly productive cropland in Lake Stay and Limestone Townships in Lincoln County, Minnesota featuring 323.19 +/- acres of cropland with nearly all class II soils, a Soil Productivity Index of 92.3 and 84.3! BUYER MAY HAVE IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. Kevin Pifer: 701.238.5810 Pifer’s Auction & Realty 877.700.4099 Kevin Pifer, MN #14-106

Call us to place your ad. AGWEEK FARM AD DEPT.


Call us to place your ad. AGWEEK FARM AD DEPT.



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Voller Ag., Inc.

Voller Ag is the Superior Choice for Storage at the Most Economical Price! • Experience and expertise – 1000s of bins placed across the Midwest – 30 years of use at our own farm • Complete range of sizes • Aeration and bean ladders • 10 year structural guarantee • Aeration fans—call for sizes and pricing

Farm Land For Sale

FOR SALE: Mahnomen County Farmland 543 acres NE of Bejou MN FOR SALE: Foster County Farm Land Total 850 acres South of Carrington ND FOR SALE: Richland County Farmland 158.5 acres East of Walcott ND SALE PENDING: Mahnomen County MN Farm land for sale NE of Bejou, MN 171 acres Farmland FOR SALE: Total 387 Acres of Barnes County Farmland North of Wimbledon, ND, which includes 345 Acres of cropland. FOR SALE: 99 total acres of Cass County Farmland East of Kindred, ND. Includes approximately 53 acres of tillable land, and 46 acres which includes home and building, surrounded by a beautiful wooded area along the Sheyenne River. FOR SALE: Grain Elevator in Wimbledon, ND to include approx 250,000 bu. grain storage with 3,500 bu per hour grain dryer, 12,000 gal propane tank and scale. SALE PENDING: 105 Acres of Cass County Farmland North of Alice, ND. For Sale: Stutsman County ND 184.2 Acres Farmland, Potential Development Land Jamestown ND

40 years of agricultural experience in North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota Johnson Auction and Realty LLC

Inexpensive Anchoring System and Leasing Available

NOW AVAILABLE-Meridian Seed Tenders and mechanical drive & swing away grain augers

Phone: 701-799-5213

Available from:

Voller Ag., Inc. •

Steven Johnson 001452570r1

6250 7th Ave. SE • Hazelton, ND 58544 701-782-4368 • Call Tom, anytime. SD-SPAD0705170712


R.E. Broker Auctioneer Lic# 976

Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK



REAL ESTATE/ AG STOCK WANTED TO RENT: American Crystal Beet Stock. 701-740-8206 or 218-779-4581

GOING TO AN AUCTION? Get pre-approved! Contact United Lease & Finance, Inc. Fargo, ND to discuss your options. Call: 701-232-1827



Minnesota Lake Properties

The Leader in Sugarbeet Brokerage Since 1994*

Huge Selection - Visit


American Crystal Beet Stock for sale. Asking $3,300 per share. Phone 701-238-2523

80 acres of farmland for sale located 5 miles NE of Fergus Falls, MN. All in one field. $4,000 per acre. (Also wanted: round bales, good enough for beef cows) 218-770-7903

*Based on Previous Acquisitions

Want To Rent: American Crystal Beet Stock. 218-779-2110

Land For Sale 302 acres within 1.5 miles west of Grand Forks, ND. Farmland being cropped currently. 32 acres of land being cropped for free currently. Multiple parcels at $6,200 per acre if buying all at once. Call 701-540-8338 or 701-746-7667

Jayson Menke Nick Watson - Andy Gudajtes (701) 780-2828 Pasture wanted. Will pay rent up front. 701-866-5531


HORSE LOVERS Rent or buy 20 acre ranch, 2 barns, double garage, grain bins, 2 story house (needs major work), good road. Rent: $500/mo + utilities. Buy: $75,000. Near Michigan, ND Zeke 218-779-3500

LAND FOR SALE Meeker County, MN

Auctions! • Listings! • Bid Sales!

205 Acres +/- w/approx. 190 tillable acres. Well tiled w/excellent fertility. Cedar Mills/Cosmos area. Available For Spring 2018 (or tenant available) $1,390,000

“Over the last five years, Farmers National Company has sold over $2.65 billion of property 3,700 farms, 1,200 sold at auction”



154 Acres +/- w/approx. 150 tillable acres. Excellent producer w/some tile. Litchfield/Grove City area. Sold subject to Existing lease. $900,000

• 649.66+/- acres, Polk County Northwest of Fertile. L-1800288 Dale Weston, Brent Qualey,

Call Greg Swartz at Swartz Brothers Associates 1-877-239-2375

Kyle Nelson (701) 237-0059 • PRICE REDUCED 160+/- acres, Marshall County Active gravel pit northeast of Viking.

NORTH DAKOTA • 64.6+/- acres, Development Land in Bowman County Located along US Highway 12, one mile east of Bowman. L-1400707 Brent Qualey, Dale Weston, or Kyle Nelson (701) 237-0059 L-1600226 Jayson Menke (218) 779-1293 or Andy Gudajtes (218) 779-7305

$259,900 Small town living 5 minutes from Fargo, 305 Maust Way Horace 58047

• 5.16+/- acres, Grand Forks County Rural Site West of Thompson. L-1700189 Andy Gudajtes

Ranch style 4 bedrooms 3 full bathrooms over 2500 SQ feet, almost 1/2 acre lot. Main floor has everything you need master including full bath and laundry. Huge kitchen with large dining room. Basement is fully finished, yard is fenced with bonus 18ft x 30ft garage in the back to keep all your toys or to have a hobby shop. Please call 701-239-8093

(218) 779-7305 or Jayson Menke (218) 779-1293 • 80+/- acres, Pembina County Southwest of Joliette. L-1800182 Andy Gudajtes (218) 779-7305 or Jayson Menke (218) 779-1293


Cooperstown.........(701) 797-3276

Fargo........................(701) 237-0059

Lisbon.....................(701) 793-6789

Downtown Fargo........(701) 360-0050

Glyndon...................(701) 238-2727

Roy Wasche

Rob Loe

Scott Huether Eric Skolness

Visit our website for information on all of our landowner services.

Real Estate Sales • Auctions • Farm and Ranch Management • Appraisals • Insurance • Consultations • Oil and Gas Management • Lake Management • National Hunting Leases • FNC Ag Stock • Forest Resource Management

A22 Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK


Dale Weston • Kyle Nelson • Brent Qualey

HORSES For sale: Sugar, a smooth mouth, gentle, sorel, pony mare, approximately 41 inches tall. My son outgrew the pony. Halter Bridle, saddle and pony all to go, $500. Call Josh 701-318-5284. Please leave a voicemail.


Appearance Bulls For Sale

• 25.78+/acres, Development Land in Grand Forks Between I-29 and 42nd Street.

Grand Forks.............(701) 780-2828

311 acres of expiring CRP for sale, $1400/AC, in Godfrey Township, 3 miles North of Fertile, MN. For an electronic or hard copy of a detailed appraisal including area soils & land use maps, productivity index, yield info, etc., Please call or text 218-849-0680

Land For Rent 200 acres in Dearwood Township, section 17 & 18, soy beans last year. Write Dave at 1108 19th Ave S Grand Forks, ND 58201 or Call 218-791-2296 for more information. 16,000 grain bin storage.

L-1600560 Jim Ivers (218) 779-2295

Terry Longtin • Andy Gudajtes • Jayson Menke • Jim Ivers • Nick Watson

Wanted: To joint venture American Crystal Sugar Beet stock. Wanting 250 acres. 218-289-4714

WANTED: Land to rent in Traill, Grand Forks, Steele Counties. Any acreage. Paying competitive rates. Call 701-238-9801. WANT TO RENT: Land in Cass County, ND. Any acreage, paying competitive rates, crop rotation, willing to do land improvements. Call 701-238-9801.

Registered Black Angus Bulls For Sale -----------------Anderson Angus Ranch Chaffee, ND ---------------Top quality genetics Good dispositions Bulls are AI sired calves Reasonably priced. Bulls Sired by: Freys Appearance, Carter’s Counter Weight, KCF Bennett Fortress, SAC Conversation, FAR Ten Billion, and Next Step Many Hefer Bulls to choose from. ----------------

Call Ryan Anytime 701-238-1064

Conversation Sons For Sale

LIVESTOCK WOODBURY STOCK FARM Wyndmere, ND Registered Simental & Sim Angus Bulls selling by private treaty. 4 52 years of performace testing & A.I. to top quality genetics 4 Excellent disposition 4 High performing 4 Volume discounts 4 Free keep until April 15th 4 Free delivery up to 200 miles 4 Complete performace data & EPD’s Call Arnold anytime!

701-640-8957 701-439-2531

Bauman Red Angus Bulls For Sale By Private Treaty

Bloodline such as Conquest 4405 P; Redemption; PCHFRK Prime 1323: Hard Drive bulls for sale. Some suitable for heifers.

Call Dave: 701-336-7201 or 701-321-1994 or 701-321-0473

Polled Hereford Yearling Bulls. Registered, halterbroke, semen tested and guaranteed. Complete performance records and pictures at ‘Fertile, MN 218-945-6213 BLACK HEREFORD BULLS & OPEN YEARLING HEIFERS FOR SALE 2 year olds & Yearlings. DNA Profiled. Performance Registered. Kroening Black Herefords 218-435-1223

LIVESTOCK POLLED HEREFORD BULLS Coming 2 years old in April & May. Also have Polled Hereford Heifers and 5 Polled Hereford Cows for sale. Winter Polled Hereford Ranch Goodrich, ND Call 701-884-2424 or 701-884-2417 or 701-799-9537

Polled Hereford Bulls

For Sale: Good selection, tame, reasonably priced. Vaccinated for Anthrax, Pink Eye & Foot Rot. Free delivery. Can hold until you need them. Call 701-845-0683 any time. Leave a message, we’ll call back. Jerry Hieb, Valley City. Gelbvieh yearling bulls born January and February, extra age will breed more cows, fed to grow on oats and alfalfa and some silage, not pushed, all bulls are A.I. sired by industry leading genetics. Will be semen tested, FREE keep and FREE delivery, pick your bulls today and pay on delivery. Olek Gelbvieh, Felton, MN 701-371-3972 Yearling bulls, Simmental and sim-angus, born January and February, extra age will breed more cows, fed to grow on oats and alfalfa and some silage, not pushed, all bulls are A.I. sired by industry leading genetics. Will be semen tested, FREE keep and FREE delivery, pick your bulls today and pay on delivery. Olek Simentals, Felton, MN 701-371-3972 PRAIRIE PRIDE ANGUS Annual Sale – April 26, 2018 5:00PM Jamestown Livestock Barn Prairie Pride Kenworth 7104

LIVESTOCK Gelbvieh Bulls and Heifers for Sale: black and red with excellent growth, maternal, carcass and super quiet dispositions. Golden Buckle Gelbvieh, Medina, ND 701-486-3494 View full pedigrees and videos online at For sale: 1/2 of our red angus replacement hefer calves, approximately 40 head, estimated 725-740 grass green. Born April and May, whole herd tested, BVDPI free, $1,100. Sandy Ranch Dawson, ND Larry Kinev 701-220-6102 Quality Angus Since 1914 Selling Fertility and Performance tested yearling Angus bulls. Excellent dispositions & maternal traits. Purath Angus Farms Red Lake Falls, MN 218-253-2600 218-686-6046


1 & 2 yrs old. Red & Black, polled, great disposition; combination of milk, muscle and performance. 205 day weight 700 plus lbs, no creep feed. Some suitable for heifers. Excellent quality, affordable prices. Phone 218-837-5282, evenings 218-837-5505. Black Angus Bulls for sale, sons of tour of duty, commando, fortitude, renown, thunder and pioneer. These are low birth weight, docile, high performing bulls. Call Corey at Oakridge Angus, Mahnomen, MN 218-766-2134

Custom Fencing

Buskohl Livestock Fencing, We install and remove all types livestock fencing. Barbed Wire, Woven wire, Electric Hi-tensile, and Continuous Fence. We are a licensed and insured company. Call Cody today, 701-640-7869 For sale Coming 4 year old Red Angus Herd Bull used on heifer. Also several performance yearling Red Angus Bulls. Call Ron at 701-739-0639 or Ryan at 701-741-6407

For sale: Top quality yearling and 2 yr old Angus Bulls with super growth and performance power to add pounds and value to your calves. Weening weights 800-900lbs. Delivery Available. Call Martin Schaff (701) 400-5279 FOR SALE: (200) head cow calf pairs. Blacks, Black Baldies & Red Angus. 2 year olds to solids. There may be pasture available for these cattle if they need it. 605-840-0547

This is one of the outstanding Prairie Pride Next Step sons selling. 50 yearling Angus Bulls 15 Replacement Reg. Angus Heifers Keith Cavett 701-924-8362 Brandon Cavett 701-678-3464 Holstein & Jersey Nurse Cows & Heifers. Bred 7-8 months. 701-866-5531

For Sale: 125 Head Black Angus Open Replacement Heifers, Bangs Vac., Home Raised from pure Black Angus Cow Herd. Wayne Bodvig, Tappen, ND 701-327-8381


Nice group of maternally sound, easy calving bulls. They have great dispositions, polled heads and sell at a affordable price. For more information call or text Mike at 701-840-2539 or Ray at 701-840-2538.




Exotic Animal & Fowl Auction March 23rd. 10 am. Buffalo, many types of Cattle, Ponies, Donkeys, Llamas, Deer, Pot Belly Pigs, Sheep & Goats. March 24th, 8 am. Miscellaneous, pocket pets, rabbits, pigeons, doves, chickens, ducks, etc. Rich Prairie Livestock, Pierz MN 320-396-2025 or 612-390-6972

Bauman Red Angus Bulls for Sale. By Private Treaty out of bloodlines such as Conquest 4405P, Redemption, PCHFRK Prime 1323, Hard Drive Some suitable for Heifers. Excellent EPDs. Call Dave 701-321-1994 or 701-336-7201 Jake 701-321-0473

Drought Cow/Calf Pairs For sale in the country and on order at the sale barns. Bred Cows/Pairs Bred Heifers Heifers Calves n 3 & 4 year olds n 5-7 year olds n Solid Mouth n Short Term n Late n Fall Calvers Prices vary on breed of cows, size and quality. For complete livestock listings see: EICHLER LIVESTOCK Licensed & Bonded 605-228-7433

BUYING WOOL! Paying Top Prices! Pete Caspers 605-994-7666 Looking for someone to calve out 400 head of cows on grass starting May 1st for 30 days. $10K + DOE. (605) 329-7225 For Sale: 2 & 3 year old purebred polled Charolais bulls. Triple H Charolais, Tabor SD 605-464-1125 100 plus Heifer calves for sale, purebred Fleckvieh Simmental, have had breeding exam done, weigh 700+ pounds. (701) 525-6740 or 701-626-1124. No Telemarketers. Black Angus pairs for sale on farm, 3 year olds and up, contact DB 605-228-0471 For Sale: 50 Bred Beef Cows, now through May calving, vaccinated, preg-checked & poured, $1,500 each. 3 Black Angus Bulls, 2-yrs. old, $2,500 each. (701) 318-1642 Black SimAngus top end bred heifers, all home raised and gentle, average 1,200 lbs. 18 are AI bred to ABS Chinook and 2U66 to calve March 15th. 4 SimAngus cows coming with 3rd calf and 8 short term cows AI bred to ABS Southside to calve March 15th. 5 Black short term cows bred to SimAngus bulls to start calving April 15th. 320-226-3448 Christensen Gelbvieh Gelbvieh X Angus balancer Bulls. DNA and performance tested. Scott Christensen Flandreau, SD 605-359-5830 (605) 997-3531 For Sale: Yearling registered red Angus heifer bulls. Good dispositions, 67-79# BW out of top AI sires. Also, three 2 yr old virgin registered red Angus bulls. Call Ron: (605)770-7739, Pam (605) 770-7741 or home landline (605)772-5147. Howard, SD Age Advantage Bulls 20 months+ age, service more cows, more mature and hold their condition better, more bull for your dollar, Red or Black Angus and Simmental, many AI sires or ET, excellent dispositions, genetically selected, grown slowly not fattened, selling bulls for 20+ years, very satisfied customers. Ketterling Brothers, Wishek, ND 701-452-2596 or 701-452-2141 Bauman Red Angus Bulls for Sale. By Private Treaty out of bloodlines such as Conquest 4405P, Redemption, PCHFRK Prime 1323, Hard Drive Some suitable for Heifers. Excellent EPDs. Call Dave 701-321-1994 or 701-336-7201 Jake 701-321-0473

Registered Limousin and Limousin Angus bulls, performance tested, yearlings, black and red bulls available. Contact Nolz Limousin Mitchell SD 605-996-1810 or 605-999-7035 72-Year Shorthorn Association Member Selling Bulls & Females Bulls = Yearlings & Older, Reds & Roans. Semen tested & ready to go! We feed so they’re ready to turn out. 2017 Heifers & a few 2016 Red Heifers. We deliver Robert Miller 800-807-6944 c. 701-331-1153 Roberta c. 701-331-2403 Holstein Steers groups ranging from 250lbs to 950lbs, vaccination programs, can sell and deliver any number. Jeff Twardowski (320) 732-6259 Solid & broken mouth pairs for sale, (605) 228-8783 30 Registered Red Angus Bulls, yearling and 2 year olds, out of AI sires New Direction and Redemption, great selection of heifer bulls and heard bulls, New Salem, ND (701) 204-3508

Wanted to buy horses: Most all classes. Saddle horses broke or unbroke. Registered or grade. Young prospects and all other types considered. Also, could use a few draft cross type saddle Horses and Draft type brood mares. Gene Jorgenson 320-305-1578 Thyen Simmentals, Karie Simmentals Bulls for sale. PB to half bloods, sires include Profit, Uprising, Broker, Pilgrim, All Around, Cowboy Cut, Bandwagon & also two Barstow Cash sons, PB Angus. Excellent performance, great disposition, full brothers available to WWFS champions. Bulls can be seen 3 1/2 miles west of Kones Korner. Mike (605) 520-0575 Registered Angus Yearling Bulls low birth weight heifer bulls along with big performance bulls great disposition good selection of bulls sires include Mohnen South Dakota, whispering wind 48, Traction, Bullseye and many more. (507) 530-4681 Bieber Red Angus Bull, coming 3 yr old, registered, good breeder, will be semen and trich tested before I deliver, call for details, $2,500. (605) 770-4572

SANDHILL BORDER COLLIES Pups & ready to start dogs Red/black, short/medium hair. Delivery can be arranged (701) 859-3682 3 - com virgin comin 2-year old Angus Bulls. Sired by Conneally Comrade x SAV Prosperity dam. Out of some of the top cows on the ranch. Genomic tested. Semen tested. Asking $2,800. (605) 324-3350 Registered Red Angus yearling bulls and replacement heifers for sale by private treaty. Sired by Brown JYJ Redemption Y1334, 5L Advocate 1463-19C, LSF SRR Superb 4044B, LSF TBJ Timeless 4816B, Jacobson Blaze 5154; and out of the Buffalo Creek Red Angus, Broken Heart Ranch, and Hagemann Red Angus cow families. Excellent EPDs, dispositions, and conformations! Located near Le Sueur, MN. Contact Melissa (605) 480-0303 Fresh purebred Corriente roppers for sale, $600 steers, $500 heifers, good selection, Heim Corriente Edgly ND 701-320-7775

Bulls for Sale: Polled hereford bulls, coming 2 yr olds, performance information, guaranteed breeders, semen tested, calving ease. JB Ranch Jack Beeson (402) 375-3404 GELBVIEH BULLS --Top Quality Genetics --15 Years of Breeding --Excellent Disposition --Semen + Carcass Data Tested --Complete Performance Records -Free Keep Until April 15th --1st Year Breeding Guarantee THULL GELBVIEH OLDHAM, SD Rhonda 605-860-1237 Jordan 605-620-0023 Heim Brothers Bull Leasing Will Again have a fine selection of quality bulls for rent. Cost less don’t have to winter bulls, reduce risk, get proven genetics, call Edgeley ND 701-320-1195 Tri-State Bird & Animal Auction Saturday April 21st starting at 9:30am. Fair Grounds 610 Prospect St, Lisbon, ND Expecting usual run of poultry and hoof animals. For more info call Chuck at 605-884-6309 or Wayne at 701-238-6820 Maltese/Yorky Cross pups, (Morkies) born Jan. 23rd. $500 each. (605) 884-6309. BUYING WOOL! Paying Top Prices! Pete Caspers 605-994-7666

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Tri-State Bird & Animal Auction Saturday April 28th starting at 9:30 AM Ottertail County Fair Grounds West 1812 Pebble Lake Rd, Fergus Falls, MN. Expecting usual run of poultry and hoof animals. For more information call Chuck at 605-884-6309 or Wayne at 701-238-6820

For Sale: Black & Red heifer pairs, calved in February. Harvey Tschetter (605)-350-1153 or Tony (605)-350-0401


For sale: 200 bred beef cows due 5/25/18 to 8/10/18. Bred to Schiefelbein Bulls. Asking $1,175. (218) 539-0322

You need OUTSTANDING Herd Bulls for your Operation! Take a Look at our Purebred Polled Hereford Two Year Old Bulls Peirce Polled Herefords Purebred Since 1934 Call Bonn Clayton 605-479-3099 White, South Dakota

Bred Targhee ewes for sale, lambing now, solid to short solids, 605-354-7680 or 605-849-3441 FOR SALE: Springing Dairy Heifers. Call (320) 760-2705

40 Years of Trusted Farm Real Estate Expertise - Land and Beet Stock Sales -

Selling or Buying Farmland in the Valley?

Call Andy Westby @ 701-239-5839 Realtor and Auctioneer ND-1056, MN-14-037 1711 Gold Dr, Suite 130, Fargo ND 58103 001680764r1

Ensure the Professional Handling of Your Sale Bremer Bank Building 3100 S Columbia Rd, Ste 300 Grand Forks ND 58201 701-757-1888 JOHN BOTSFORD

CHRIS GRIFFIN 001716531r1

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LIVESTOCK SALE CALENDAR SAT., APRIL 21 - 1:00 PM/CT Feiring Angus Ranch and Ash Coulee Ranch 24th Production Sale, at Feiring Angus Ranch, White Earth, ND.

SAT., APRIL 21 - 1:00 PM/MT Stube Ranch 50th Annual Bull Sale, at the ranch, Bowman, ND. TUE., APRIL 24 Vollmer Angus Ranch 41st Annual Production Sale, at the ranch, Wing, ND. WED., APRIL 25 - 1:00 PM/MT Opp Angus 44th Annual Performance Sale, Stockmen’s West, Dickinson, ND. MON., MAY 7 - 1:00 PM/CT Spickler Ranch South Annual Production Sale, at the ranch, Glenfield, ND.

To find out how you can be listed on this calendar call:

C:\Users\carole\Documents\RR Land Co\Ads\2018 ads\Ad-2018 Beet-RE template John-C

WEEKT V Grand Forks • Fargo • Dickinson

Fayette Heidecker • 1-800-681-0679



Cattle summary

Alabama 3.3%,



This Week





Last Week





Last Year



Ohio 2.1%,






Compared to last week, feeder steers and heifers sold mostly steady to 5.00 higher. Some auctions that were called sharply lower last week recovered and were called sharply higher this week due to stability in the market place. The CME Cattle complex has been a driving force in the roller coaster ride of the last couple of weeks. Whenever a news item comes out that the market takes as a bullish factor; another tid-bit of news comes about and a bearish tone overtakes the positive news. Since last Friday’s close, the Live Cattle contracts were mostly 1.78 to 2.30 higher, with nearby April being 4.85 higher as convergence with the negotiated trade in the feedlots is coming closer to fruition. On Wednesday, fed cattle traded in the Southern Plains steady to 1.00 lower at 117.00 to 118.00. This afternoon in Nebraska, some early live sales there traded at 122.00. Analysts have been watching very closely the amount of cattle being purchased by packers the past few weeks. Many producers are very diligent and staying current with their marketings as cattle in the Southern Plains have been gaining very well this winter. The season has been very easy on the Kansas and TX/OK/NM feedlots, however in the Northern Plains, wet pens increase the cost of gains and decrease the yield on cattle that have had to slog through mud to get to the feedbunks. The excessive winter moisture has brought about the question of how long will it take all the calf-feds to get through the pipeline this year. Producers have been eager to fill empty pens this week. Late last Friday at Fort Pierre Livestock in Fort Pierre, SD five loads of steers weighing 809 lbs sold at 147.25. On Wednesday at Hub City Livestock in Aberdeen, SD a load of steers weighing 794 lbs sold at 151.25. Also on Wednesday at Bassett Livestock Auction in Bassett, NE a load of steers weighing 754 lbs sold at 157.00. On Thursday at Mitchell Livestock Auction in Mitchell, SD three loads of 901 lbs steers sold at 135.10. On Thursday at Ogallala Livestock Auction in Ogallala, NE a load of 611 lb steers sold at 196.50 while two loads of 669 lb steers sold at 185.25. A part load of replacement heifers in Bassett, NE weighing 778 lbs sold at 157.00. Only the steer mates to these heifers within that same 50 lb weight group could even match the price received for the females. Packers have been accepting a generous margin for this time of year and the extra incentive to harvest 600K plus per week has bolstered bottom-lines for the companies. Boxed beef has lost around 13.00 since the most recent high 3-4 weeks ago and in the face of adversity since the Easter holiday. Grills need to be fired up in the Midwest and the Northeast to get the cutout to move up. With Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day and Independence Day on the horizon, retailers are getting ready to start their spring and early summer procurement. Winter Storm Xanto this weekend is expected to bring heavy snow and blizzard conditions from the Northern Plains to the Great Lakes. and farmers are wondering if spring will ever get here this year. Named winter storms have now included an “X” name and many across the Northern Plains and New England are not wanting to have a Winter Storm Yvonne; they are tired of being cold and wet. Preliminary first quarter slaughter data has indicated heifer slaughter to be over 4 percent above a year ago and over 10 percent higher than the previous 3 year average. Beef cow slaughter is over 10 percent higher than 2017 and around 19 percent above the previous 3 year average. With all the drought locations in the United States currently, one could question just how much producers can hold on to the breeding herd with forage prices increasing exponentially this winter and spring. Auction volume this week included 58 percent weighing over 600 lbs and 44 percent heifers.

Montana 2.2%, Alberta 1.6%,

Indiana 2.1%,

Week Year Fri ago ago

Georgia 1.4%,

Nebraska 0.4%, VOLUME BY STATE OF DESTINATION: Iowa 68.8%,

Spring wheat

Minnesota 14.2%,

Illinois 10.6%,

Michigan 2.1%,

Georgia 1.4%,

Nebraska 2.8%,

TRENDS COMPARED TO LAST WEEK: Early weaned pigs and all feeder pigs steady to weak. Demand light for light to moderate offerings. Receipts include 55% formulated prices. All Prices Quoted on Per Head Basis With An Estimated Lean Value of 50-54% Formula Formula Lot Size




Wtd Avg


Cash Range Wtd Avg

EARLY WEANED Pigs 10-12 Pounds Basis:

Winter wheat

1200 or more 33.13

36268 29.71-44.00 37.96 18437 28.00-38.00

Pacific NW 11% Pacific NW (cwt.)

600 or less

2195 57.00-69.00


1200 or more

5350 64.00-73.00


Total Composite

7545 57.00-73.00


Total Composite Weighted Average Receipts and Price (Formula and Cash): All Early Weaned Pigs:

62495 at 35.86

All 40 Pound Feeder Pigs: 7545 at 68.22

Sheep summary Weekly Trends: Compared to last week slaughter lambs under 70 lbs were steady to 10.00 lower, heavier weights were firm to 20.00 higher. Slaughter ewes were steady. No comparison on feeder lambs. At San Angelo, TX 5709 head sold. No sales in Equity Electronic Auction. In direct trading slaughter ewes not tested; no comparison on feeder lambs. 3700 head of negotiated sales of slaughter lambs were steady to 1.00 higher. 1,985 lamb carcasses sold with all weights no trend due to confidentiality. All sheep sold per hundred weight (CWT) unless otherwise specified.

Last Year

Equity Elec:

South Dakota: 59 lbs 230.00; 64 lbs 205.00; 80 lbs 215.00. Billings, MT: no test. Direct Trading: (lambs fob with 3-4 percent shrink or equivalent) 3700: Slaughter Lambs shorn and wooled 145-186 lbs 164.00 (wtd avg 149.52). ND:

300: Slaughter Lambs 150-160 lbs 156.00.


300: Slaughter Lambs 155-165 lbs 145.00.

Slaughter Ewes: Billings, MT: Good 3-4 (very fleshy) no test; Good 2-3 (fleshy) no test; Utility 1-2 (thin) no test; Cull and So Dakota: (fleshy)

Good 3-4 (very fleshy) 45.00-55.00; Good 2-3

Feeder Lambs: Medium and Large 1-2: Billings:

no test.

(825) 135.59; 850-900 lbs (881) 129.26; 900-950 lbs (925) 128.44; 950-1000

Replacement Ewes: Medium and Large 1-2:


Hog summary RECEIPTS THIS WEEK: 70,040 YEAR: 98,672

LAST WEEK: 85,271



Manitoba 15.1%,

Illinois 11.7%,

Minnesota 8.7%,

Saskatchewan 8.7%,

Colorado 6.3%,

Oklahoma 5.9%,

Missouri 7.6%, South Dakota 5.4%,

17.80 17.80 14.90 West Fargo


Enderlin 17.70 17.70 14.85


Minneapolis nq nq nq



West Fargo 10.60 10.60 8.30

Pacific NW 3.63 3.48 nq Minneapolis #2 2.49 2.48 nq




Barley Feed Minneapolis 2.85 2.85 2.05 Pacific NW nq nq nq Malt Minneapolis nq nq nq

18.65 18.71 17.19 Velva, N.D.


West Fargo 19.40 19.40 17.90


Confections Red River Commodities





BEANS Edible beans

Small reds

Week ago April 10

Year ago


So Dakota: 90-100

900-950 lbs (923) 116.42. Medium and Large 1-2 700-750 lbs (730) 114.42.

New crop

Slaughter Lambs: Choice and Prime 1-2:

(680) 158.92; 700-750 lbs (728) 157.92; 750-800 lbs (772) 144.02; 800-850 lbs

750-800 lbs (778) 131.13; 800-850 lbs (821) 129.52; 850-900 lbs (877) 115.62;



no sales.


650 lbs (617) 149.75; 650-700 lbs (679) 139.83; 700-750 lbs (727) 137.68;


Fri. ago ago


4.77 7.92


148.00-156.00, few 130.00.

North Dakota- 5800. 91 pct over 600 lbs. 65 pct heifers. Steers: Medium

Medium and Large 1 500-550 lbs (532) 160.21; 550-600 lbs (571) 157.76; 600-

6.12 10.16

Billings, MT: no test.

50.00-58.00; Utility 1-2 (thin) 45.00-56.00; Cull 1

lbs (967) 127.69. Medium and Large 1-2 pkg 637 lbs 159.50; Heifers:

6.16 10.23

South Dakota: shorn and wooled 120-125 lbs 152.00-158.00; 135-175 lbs

(58 pct over 600 lbs, 44 pct heifers)

and Large 1 550-600 lbs (567) 173.27; 600-650 lbs (623) 170.99; 650-700 lbs

Slaughter Lambs: Choice and Prime 2-3 90-160 lbs:

Utility 1-2 (very thin) no test; Cull 1 no test. Auction Receipts: 205,400 Last Week 164,900 209,400

Minneapolis Cash 9.97 9.74 9.13 Illinois 10.52 10.34 9.57

2090 39.50-43.03 41.19 5700 22.00-34.50

FEEDER Pigs 40 Pounds Basis:

Minneapolis Cash 3.37 3.44 3.43 Illinois 3.85 3.88 3.70


Minneapolis 13% 6.22 6.12 nq Minneapolis 14% 6.47 6.37 nq 6.57 6.47 nq Minneapolis 15% Pacific NW 14% 7.52 7.22 6.25 Pacific NW (cwt.) 12.48 11.99 10.38

600 - 1200 29.44

Total Composite 38358 29.71-44.00 38.13 24137 22.00-38.00 32.26


50-60 lbs 242.50-245.00; 60-70 lbs 240.00-250.00;

lbs 207.00-220.00; 100 lbs 187.50; 134 lbs 177.50. Billings:

no test.

So Dakota: head,

bred baby tooth to solid mouth 185.00-217.50 per

few 112.50; ewes and lambs 155.00 per head. National Weekly Lamb Carcass Choice and Prime 1-4: Weight 45 lbs down


Wt Avg

Price not reported due to confidentiality

45-55 lbs

Price not reported due to confidentiality

55-65 lbs

Price not reported due to confidentiality

65-75 lbs

Price not reported due to confidentiality

75-85 lbs

Price not reported due to confidentiality

85 lbs up

Price not reported due to confidentiality

Sheep and lamb slaughter under federal inspection for the week to date totaled 38,000 compared with 36,000 last week and 46,000 last year.

Pintos NE Colorado Idaho E Wyo/W Neb ND/Minn. Washington N Wyo/SC Mont

21.00 21.00 28.00 21.00 21.00 28.00 21.00 21.00 28.00 20.00 20.00 28.00 21.00 21.00 28.00 na na na

Great Northerns Neb/Wyo ND Idaho

21.00 21.00 28.00 na na na na na na

Small whites Idaho/Wash

na na na

Light red kidneys Colo/Neb Michigan Wis/Minn

35.00 35.00 33.00 na na na 33.00 33.00 33.00

Dark red kidneys Minn/Wis

33.00 33.00 34.00

Pinks Idaho/Wash ND/Minn

na na na na na na

Idaho/Wash Michigan ND/Minn.

28.00 na na na na na na na na

Blacks Michigan ND/Minn.

na na na 24.00 24.00 28.00

Pea Beans Michigan ND/Minn.

na na na 23.00 23.00 27.00

Garbanzo Wash/Idaho ND/Mont

40.00 40.00 34.00 34.00 27.00 40.00

Peas & lentils Idaho/Wash Green (whole vine) 11.50 Green (upright) na Yellow (whole) 10.50 Aust. Winter na Lentils (Pardina) 28.00 Lentils (Brewers) 31.00 North Dakota Green (whole) 10.00 Yellow (whole) 9.00 Lentils (richlea) 20.00

11.50 na na na 10.50 na na na 28.00 na 31.00 na 10.00 10.00 9.00 9.17 20.00 24.00

Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK


MARKETS Potatoes UNITED STATES—-Shipments (not including imports) 2051*1963*-1722—-The top shipping states, in order, were Idaho, San Luis Valley Colorado, Columbia Basin Washington, Florida, and Wisconsin. The Market News Service survey of over 30,000 retail stores had 14,705 ads for potatoes last week, which is a 36 percent decrease from last week?s ads of 22,733. *revised. UPPER VALLEY, TWIN FALLS-BURLEY DISTRICT, IDAHO—Shipments 718-804-775(includes exports of 5-6-10) —-Movement expected to remain about the same. Trading cartons active, others moderate. Prices cartons higher, others generally unchanged. Russet Burbank U.S. One baled 10-5 pound film bags non size A mostly 5.50; 50-pound cartons 40s 11.00, 50s mostly 11.00, 60s 12.50-13.00, 70s mostly 12.50-13.00, 80s mostly 12.50-13.00, 90s mostly 11.00, 100s mostly 9.50-10.00: Russet Norkotah U.S. One baled 10-5 pound film bags non size A mostly 5.50; 50-pound cartons 40s 10.00-11.00, 50s mostly 11.00-11.50, 60-70s mostly 12.00-12.50, 80s 11.50-12.50, 90s 9.50, 100s 8.00. CENTRAL WISCONSIN—-Shipments 123-124-97—-Movement expected to remain about the same. Trading fairly slow. Prices generally unchanged. Russet Norkotah U.S. One baled 10 5-pound film bags size A mostly 9.50-9.75, 50- pound cartons 40s-70s mostly 15.00-15.50, 80s mostly 12.50-14.00, 90s mostly 11.00, 100s 10.00-11.00. MINNESOTA-NORTH DAKOTA (RED RIVER VALLEY) —-Shipments 95-91*-90—- Movement expected to remain about the same. Trading fairly slow. Prices lower. Round Red U.S. One baled 10 5-pound bales mostly 7.50-8.25, 50-pound cartons size A mostly 7.50-8.25, 2000-pound totes size A mostly 9.00-10.50. *revised NORTHWESTERN WASHINGTON—Shipments 77-78-27(including exports 0-1-0) —- Movement expected to decrease seasonally. Trading moderate. Prices generally unchanged. Round Red U.S. One 50-pound cartons size A mostly 14.00-15.00; Yellow Type U.S. One 50-pound

cartons size A mostly 18.00- 20.00. NEBRASKA—-Shipments 100-75-54—-Movement expected to decrease. Remaining supplies in too few hands to establish a market. MICHIGAN—-Shipments 64-62-38—-Movement expected about the same as some growers have finished for the season. Trading slow. Prices unchanged. U.S. One size A Russet Norkotah and Goldrush baled 10 5-pound film bags mostly 10.00-12.00, baled 5 10-pound film bags mostly 9.00- 10.00, 10 pound film bags loose mostly 1.70-2.00. BIG LAKE AND CENTRAL MINNESOTA DISTRICT—-Shipments 3-3-3—-Movement expected to remain about the same. Supplies in too few hands to establish a market.

Potatoes for processing MICHIGAN—-Shipments to Chippers 224-211-223—-Movement expected about the same. Too few open market sales to establish a market. WISCONSIN—-Shipments to Chippers 189-208-192—-Movement expected to remain about the same. Too few open market sales to establish a market. MINNESOTANORTH DAKOTA (RED RIVER VALLEY) —-Shipments to Chippers 104-93-91—-Movement expected to decrease seasonally. Too few open market sales to establish a market. AROOSTOOK COUNTY MAINE—-Shipments to Chippers 53-41-53—-Movement expected about the same. Too few open market sales to establish a market. WESTERN & CENTRAL NEW YORK—-Shipments to Chippers 41-40-49—-Movement expected about the same. Too few open market sales to establish a market. FLORIDA—Shipments to Chippers 0-0-39—-Movement expected to increase as harvest moves into Northern areas of the State within the next week. Too few open market sales to establish a market. PENNSYLVANIA—-Shipments to Chippers 13-3-2—-Movement expected about the same as season winds down. Too few open market sales to establish a market. LAST REPORT.


Grass – large squares

Rock Valley, Iowa Week ago

April 13

Alfalfa – small squares Premium

225.00 190.00


na 185.00-187.50


135.00-155.00 140.00-165.00


110.00-120.00 120.00

Grass – large rounds

Alfalfa – large squares


130.00-157.50 145.00-165.00

Premium Good Fair


112.50-130.00 130.00-137.50

na 180.00-190.00 175.00-177.50 165.00-177.50 157.50-170.00 na


95.00-105.00 na

Alfalfa – large rounds

Bedding – large squares

Good Fair Utility

Per ton

175.00-185.00 150.00-170.00 155.00-167.50 120.00-145.00 140.00-150.00 na

Alfalfa/Grass – large rounds Fair

na 140.00



Bedding – small squares Per bale


4.25 per bale

Alfalfa/Grass – large squares

Cornstalks – large squares


Per ton

180.00 170.00

Grass – small squares Good Utility

na 160.00-162.50 95.00-105.00 na



Cornstalks – large rounds Per ton



U.S. wheat crop continues to struggle The winter wheat crop is not off to a great start this spring. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has started reporting weekly conditions for the national crop, and ratings keep dropping. Just 30 percent of the crop is rated good to excellent and 35 percent is rated poor to very poor. All through the winter, the Plains were in need of some precipitation to build soil moisture reserves for the spring. That really did not ever happen in a significant way, so when the crop emerged from winter dormancy there just was not a good stand in place. Weather forecasts really have not shown much hope for some needed rain until late in the week, but considerable drought conditions will require a good amount. We saw last year’s spring wheat crop go through some major drought issues before late-season rains brought some relief and boosted yields. But until rains come, look for some support to continue.

Wheat As previously mentioned, the wheat market


Norton is director of risk management at Beeson & Associates Inc. in Crestwood, Ky. Norton can be reached at and on Twitter at @beesoninc.

supply glut swelled even more, adding 3 million metric tons to the March estimate. This puts total production to a record 759.8 million metric tons. Spring wheat planting is getting started in the U.S., with 2 percent complete compared to 6 percent for the five-year average pace

Durum continues to be firm. A forecast late in the week showed hope for some rain in parts of Kansas and Oklahoma that have been excessively dry. This pushed the market down for the day, but until rains are realized and substantial, do not expect a significant market direction change. The USDA monthly World Agriculture Supply and Demand Estimates report was released this week. It is the last report before the new crop numbers are released but still held important information for the 2017-18 crop year. For the U.S., ending stocks increased by 30 million bushels from the March report. Feed and residual usage was reduced. Additionally, the world

A26 Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK

The durum market has stayed flat ahead of planting. The WASDE Report showed a 3 million bushel reduction in ending stocks for durum. But the market seems generally unconcerned with the tighter stock levels of durum.

Canola Little has changed in the canola market. Prices were firm early in the week before finding some pressure. The WASDE report did not make any major changes for the canola outlook for the 2017-18 crop year. For the bulls, the U.S. trade spat with China has raised hopes for additional canola exports. Strong usage is being maintained through the spring as well.

Planting is just around the corner (with Canadian planting intentions to be reported on April 27), and fields are generally too wet and cold for early planting. However, the bears will note that there are large supplies from last year’s crop and record planted area is expected for 2018. Look for prices to continue to follow soybean oil for day-to-day direction but generally maintain its current range until planted area is known.

Barley The WASDE report showed a slight build in barley stocks from the previous report. There was a 5 million bushel reduction in imports, but a 10 million bushel drop in feed and residual demand more than offset lower supplies. Stocks are still considerably tighter than a year ago, when stocks were over 100 million bushels. The weekly conditions report from the USDA showed planting was off to a slower start than normal. Just 4 percent of the crop is planted compared to 8 percent a year ago and 12 percent for the five-year average.


Market volatility increases Wheat

It was a very wild week in the wheat complex as May Minneapolis futures have rebounded 61 cents from the April 3 low of $5.7175. Prospects of delayed planting and farmers switching away from spring wheat plantings gave speculative buyers the edge. The same was true in the Kansas City and Chicago contracts with condition ratings declining on the April 9 run. Weekly condition ratings showed a 2 percent decline from the previous week. Of the 18 state averages, 30 percent is rated good to excellent compared to 32 percent last week and 53 percent last year. Fair ratings also declined to 35 percent versus 38 percent last week and 34 percent last year. Poor to very poor ratings are 35 percent versus 30 percent last week and 13 percent last year. The winter wheat belt also experienced much below normal temperatures over the weekend of April 7-8 with temperatures dropping into the low 20s. This event also enticed buying. The U.S. Department of Agriculture put a damper on upward price movement with the April 10 monthly World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates report. U.S. wheat ending stocks were increased 30 million bushels to 1.064 billion bushels, which was higher than the highest trade estimate of 1.06 billion bushels. USDA stated that this was due to lower feed and residual use. World ending stocks for 2017-18 were estimated at 271.2 million metric tons which was also higher than the highest trade estimate of 270 million metric tons. This compares to USDA’s March estimate of 268.89 million metric tons. Forecasts for improved chances of rain from the National Weather Service in both the six-to-10-day and eight-to-14-day outlooks sent Kansas City and Chicago wheat futures lower in April 11 and April 12 trade. Open interest declined over 18,000 contracts in Kansas City and over 30,000 in Chicago during the last five sessions with mostly liquidation in Kansas City and short covering and rolling in Chicago. An executive for the Grain Industry Association of western Australia stated that barley acreage is expected to increase 5 to 10 percent and most of those seedings will come at the expense of wheat. Weekly export sales for all wheat totaled 6.9 million bushels with 4.4 million bushels for the 2017-18 marketing year. This puts total marketing year sales at 846.5 million bushels, 15 percent below the previous marketing year. Marketing year shipments total 710.2 million bushels, 10 percent below the previous year. For the week ending April 11, May contracts for Minneapolis wheat were up 21.75 cents at $6.29, up 15 cents at $4.8725 for Chicago wheat, and up 10 cents at $5.1675 for Kansas City wheat.

Corn The long-term trend continues to trend up as a wet, cool spring, and good export demand is giving bulls ammunition to push higher. The trade was interested in what the USDA was going to do with the U.S. stock number after they raised corn quarterly stocks as of March 1 to 8.89 billion bushels, a new record. The USDA increased U.S. ending stocks 55 million bushels to 2.182 billion bushels. This

RAY GRABANSKI Grabanski is president of Progressive Ag, a Fargo, N.D.-based hedge brokerage firm. He is an attorney and provides markets, legal and crop insurance direction to all Progressive Ag firms.Reach Grabanski at 800-450-1404.

was near the average pre-trade estimates for an increase of 60 million bushels to 2.19 billion bushels. Feed usage was lowered 50 million bushels and exports were left unchanged. The USDA lowered Brazil’s corn production to 92 million metric tons versus trade estimates of 92.7 million metric tons and USDA’s March estimates of 94.5 million metric tons. CONAB raised Brazil’s corn crop estimate 1.3 million metric tons to 88.6 million metric tons. The USDA lowered Argentina’s corn crop to 33 million metric tons versus trade estimates of 33.74 million metric tons and USDA’s March forecast of 36 million metric tons. Dry weather in Argentina and drying conditions in the southern three of Brazil’s safrina corn crop region are lowering production estimates. A lack of fresh news after the April 10 WASDE report kept prices stagnant this week. The trade is in wait-and-see mode, looking to see how widespread this next system of storms will be. The next two weeks are expected to stay cool in the Midwest which could delay planting into May for the northern parts of the Midwest. This could continue to give row crop markets support as later planting could mean lower yields and less acres for the 2018 crop. It is still early enough for planters to catch up, but the forecasts need to change in order for that to happen. In the first corn planting progress report of the year on April 9, corn was 2 percent planted versus 3 percent last year and 2 percent for the five-year average. Texas was the only state that is more than 1 percent planted at 58 percent planted. Weekly export sales of corn were disappointing as they showed a total of 35.3 million bushels, with 433.1 million bushels for the 2017-18 marketing year. Total marketing year sales are at 1.897 billion bushels, 2 percent less than the previous marketing year.

Soybeans Soybeans continue to trend higher as trade concerns eased over the weekend. November soybeans again failed to break through their contract highs this week but are still near the top end of the contract range. Fresh U.S. export sales this week show a good number of bushels and are continuing to provide support for prices, even though U.S. ending stocks are over a half billion bushels. It is important for U.S. exports to find more destinations to ship to, especially with the uncertainty over China and poor export demand for our soybeans recently. U.S. Gulf bids are considerably cheaper than Brazil port bids, and that may push typically seasonal Brazil soybean buyers to U.S.

buyers, especially countries other than China. Brazil’s free-on-board soybean prices were at $11.83 per bushel as of April 11, the highest since August 2016. This is 40-plus cents higher than U.S. Gulf bids. Delayed planting this spring is going to be the news for the next month as weather continues to stay cool and wet in most of the Midwest. It is yet to be seen how many acres will get switched to soybeans, especially from expected wheat acres. Farmers can put a lot of seed in the ground in a short time frame; it is just going to be a matter of when they actually get a start to the spring. The USDA came out with a bullish surprise in the April 10 WASDE report as they lowered U.S. ending stocks 5 million bushels to 550 million bushels versus average trade estimates that were expecting an increase of 19 million bushels to 574 million bushels. The USDA increased crush 10 million bushels and surprisingly kept exports unchanged. Average trade estimates for world ending stocks were lowered more than expected due to a larger than expected decrease in Argentina’s crop to 40 million metric tons. World ending stocks came in at 90.8 million metric tons versus pre-trade estimates of 92.9 million metric tons and 92.4 million metric tons last month. The USDA raised Brazil’s production estimates to 115 million metric tons (4.2 billion bushels) versus trade estimates of 115.25 million metric tons and USDA’s March estimates of 113 million metric tons. CONAB raised Brazil’s soybean crop 2 million metric tons to 115 million metric tons. The USDA lowered Argentina’s soy crop to 40 million metric tons (1.5 billion bushels) versus pre-report estimates of 42.6 million metric tons versus USDA’s March forecast of 47 million metric tons.

Canola For the week ending April 11, May canola futures in Winnipeg were down $9.10 Canadian at $522.70 Canadian per metric ton. The Canadian dollar was up .0012 to .7954. This brings the U.S. price to $18.86 per hundredweight. The Canadian dollar remains in an uptrend, making U.S. prices more attractive ► Velva, N.D., $18.65 per hundredweight, September at $17.68. ► Enderlin, N.D., $19.44 per hundredweight, September at $18.32. ► Hallock, Minn., $18.83 per hundredweight, September at $17.94. ► Fargo, N.D., $19.55 per hundredweight, September at $18.40.

Barley Cash feed barley bids in Minneapolis were at $2.85, while malting barley received no quote. The Berthold, N.D., bid is $2.60 and the CHS Southwest New Salem, N.D., bid is $2.90.

Durum Cash bids for milling quality durum are $6 in Berthold and at $5.75 in Dickinson, N.D.

Sunflower Cash sunflower bids in Fargo were at $17.80, October at $18.60. For the week ending April 11, soybean oil was down 4 cents at $31.53 on the May contract. Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK








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A28 Monday, April 16, 2018 / AGWEEK


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