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“Il Desco - Simplicity, quality ingredients, a return to tradition, and attention to our clientele, in a location of art and design” ELIA AND MATTEO RIZZO

WG catches up with the chef and owner of Il Desco - Matteo Rizzo... Your passion for Italian produce, a perfect culinary approach that blends tradition and innovation – a perfect harmony… I think today people are tired about an “extreme” cuisine, there is the necessity of a return to a simply kind of cuisine in a modern way, respecting our past and our territory. Our cuisine is based on heart and tradition that takes Italian gastronomic culture and transports it through time, rendering it modern. Your culinary philosophy… Intrigue, true intrigue, the type that makes you linger for a minute in silence, isn’t born from a dish’s technical and technological prowess; rather it arises from the exact opposite, like magic, from “minimalism” and from the ease of the dish’s preparation. An honest cuisine that doesn’t seek to shock, but rather strives to revive simplicity which is becoming rarer and rarer to find. Each and every ingredient used, whether modern or traditional, contributes to composing a philosophy of authenticity: an emphasis on abundance and quality, with constant care and attention to the client, but above all a continuous journey of exploration, transformation, and the use of the best ingredients. Our day to day work is based on spontaneity, linearity, and the rule of “never more than three” (the perfect number of combined ingredients).

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