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“Making people happy, being able to create something new and interesting. I love the process of producing things” Your earliest food memory, flavors from your childhood… Food made by my grandmother and my parents. Typical Russian dishes – pelmeni, borshcht, Russian style crepes. I have very fond memories of eating all of these dishes back home with my family. What keeps you motivated? Making people happy, being able to create something new and interesting. I love the process of producing things. I may be the only Russian chef who has set up a fine dining restaurant outside of his country and for this reason a lot of my guests will judge me on their perception of what Russian food is and what is can mean to be a Russian chef. It is my duty to represent myself and the skills of our great chefs as best I can. In the past years how has cuisine changed around the world? Nowadays food plays just a big a part in the world as every other aspect of culture - art, politics, music etc. It is more important and more highly regarded than ever before I believe. Italian cuisine now is one of the most popular cuisines in the world, often a bestseller in the big gastronomical market. It’s deceptively simple and very understandable. Most probably classical type of Italian cuisine is a good start to visit restaurants or for cooking beginning. I have huge respect for Massimo Bottura, not only for his food but his social work for example.


Being a chef is perceived as a glamorous profession, your advice to chefs entering the kitchen for the first time… Honestly I’ve never thought being a chef is a glamorous profession. It’s a very hard, intense and interesting profession only for strong spirited people. My main advice is to be ready for it, and make sure you understand why you want to be a chef. This will keep you going.

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