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The importance and skills required to properly pair food and wine… Pairing food and wine is not simple. The pairing of wine is meant to take the senses on a journey through taste, so it’s not easy to combine the flavors. It’s an innate reaction. Although you can be taught a lot, dedication, passion, love and humility are fundamental.

“The combination of the food and wine is as important as the plate itself. Together, they can create a palate sensation, with the wine acting as an ingredient of the food helping to create balance” Appearance, Aroma, Bouquet, Taste, Aftertaste and Overall Impression are some of the factors considered for a good wine… It is essential to gain a detailed understanding of the ingredients that make up a dish in order to choose the best combination, so collaborating with chef Valentino Cassanelli of Lux Lucis very important. The barman also plays an important part to create something unique, so it’s all about team work. Tell us about your experience and how it helped and influenced you as a sommelier? My experience has enabled me to understand the importance of creating synergy between front and back of house in providing the ultimate dining experience. At Lux Lucis, we give a personal experience to guests, to provoke memories and hidden emotions. What does it take to become a qualified Sommelier? To become a sommelier, everything stems from the concept of hospitality. You can achieve results through study, practice and putting as much passion as possible into it. It’s important to always be curious, to be able to develop as a sommelier. What keeps you motivated? Continuous improvement is the basis of our work, which pushes us beyond our limits everyday, keeping us motivated as a team. What was the feeling to be awarded the Best sommelier in Italy in 2015? When I received the news, I was incredibly moved and felt honored. It was a very exciting experience!

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