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Hello Daddy Issues. Planning this month has been unlike any other. Sitting at 39 Steps in O’Connor with an inspired bunch of 19-21 year olds, anything is possible. For each new idea comes a call an answer of, ‘why don’t we’ and ‘I know just the person’. ‘Yeah but what do we call it’. They are Daddy Issues. I look forward to future collaborations. Speaking of the future, we are about to start throwing cash and prizes all over the place. We are happy to announce a series of opportunities with a bounty of rewards as well as some hilarious live art shows for those of you who do not participate. We always wanted to create opportunities for you and now more than ever we put money where mouth is. You’ll meet Alex Moffatt a few pages in. Cool under pressure, this guy can make a shy stranger thrust their pelvis at the camera with nothing more than a polite request. Gold. Until next issue, stay warm, give skiing a try and I’ll see you at one of this month’s events. On September 27th we’ll bring you fresh press with new bikes, great new places and more still more Wobble.

Big Hugs,

Jennifer Edmunds

Places and Spaces Knightsbridge Penthouse

Mort Street, Braddon //

Ladeda Emu Bank, Belconnen //

Hippo Garema Pl, City //

New Acton Marcus Clarke Street, Acton // //


Guest Curator: Bobby Kennedy // Writers: David James McCarthy Ellen Stephens Hayden Gailbraith

Director Jennifer Edmunds

Art and Design

Guest Graphic Designer: Ray Huynh Fashion Designer: Zoe Brown Photographer: Caley Keys Model: Molly Folkard Artist: Jess Cochrane Photographer: Alex Moffatt Designer: Aaron Ridley Designer: Jem Natividad Designer: Christian Doran


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A trip to New York coupled with a stomach full of Japanese food and IPA provided the inspiration. A melting pot of architects, designers, artists and the vision of bar owner Aaron Ridley brought it to life. Ha Ha Bar was conceived in this melting pot.

As of December, Ha Ha has an upstairs partner in crime, La De Da, a cocktail bar. Two spots offering a different experience, with the same attention to detail and aesthetic appeal that rocks the walls. At La De Da, it’s easy to have your eye caught while relaxing at the funky radio bar, made with love by Will Duncan. One could be excused for getting lost in the range of details buried in the various artworks adorning the walls of the establishment with pretty views of the lake. The brick, mortar and trimmings of La De Da was a design love-in of 70’s proportions.

An eclectic mix of talented visual artists explode to make La De Da as exciting as that sneezing panda everyone was in love with way back when. Talent from near and far add life to La De Da; Erin Forsyth from Method and Manners was shipped in from New Zealand to apply her retina blowing mural which was soon joined by local artists Jess Cochrane’s ‘wall flowers’. The latter ensuring there was always beautiful femme Fatales in La De Da. Ha Ha bar downstairs has evolved into a relaxed dining spot with a sack full of awards to its name. Canberran locals can grab a quality bite then wander upstairs to study some mixology and keep the night going with cocktails, art and quite the lake view. The vision for the future is ever evolving for La De Da. A strong mindset of developing creative culture is at the heart of the idea that was born in the big apple: “We want to contribute to the work of other instigators already hard at it, adding colour to the city” Aaron says. Two such collectives that are being given a foot up are Daddy Issues and Wobble and with an ethos of developing local and foreign talent, La De Da is an important step forward in the development of the creative underground of our fair city.

Emu Bank, Belconnen //

Hayden Galbraith Aaron Ridley- Photo credit: Alex Moffatt

Alexander Bell Moffatt Photography

‘I worked on documentary portraiture project in west end Brisbane, I was introduced into a community that included an ex-french-commando turned anti nuclear activist through to a gay rights campaigner from the Joh Bjelke-Petersen days of Brisbane.’

Moffatt drinks his coffee and talks about his return from an aboriginal arts company in a desert community west of Alice. The friendly welcome, the unlikely characters and the intensely engaging experience of being so far from the familiar and the comfortable. Now back in Canberra he sits on his hands and contains excitement. ‘Portraiture’ he tells me turning the laptop around to show me an image of Mexican wrestler on a couch with his family. I can see the appeal; it’s not the average cupped-inhand face that he’s talking about shooting. It’s all character, whimsical but real. Before 2006, he hadn’t so much as considered a career in the arts. ‘I was living in Brisbane and my plan was to be either a professional snowboarder or to become a commercial sailor… By pure chance I ran into a friend who was studying photography at the Queensland College of Art and it sounded fascinating. So I applied, got in and never looked back.’

Moffatt still manually exposes and processes film for his personal work but at a shoot with me recently, pulled out a Nikon d800 digital SLR displaying a horizon navigation

tool sophisticated enough to guide a Cesna aircraft. ‘and I’m starting a blog’ ‘What? You’re going to write about yourself?’ ‘No, I’m going to publish photography Jen.’ Independent of his professional portfolio, the blog is a forum for documentary photography and social commentary. I met Alex while he was shooting at the 1601 exhibition at New Acton last December. For the event review he provided me with some of the best photography I’ve had in the magazine. I’ve been chasing him down ever since. Keep an eye on Alex and his new practice at:

// Jennifer Edmunds Self Portrait: Alex Moffatt

Alex Moffatt Taken at apart Festival //

hippo .......... Photo Credit: A.Moffatt

Perched above Garema Place sits Hippo Bar; a sultry venue tempting you to delve into escapism and forget you are in Civic. Get away from the drunken squalor, tarty dresses and jagerbomb heroes of machismo that have taken a hold of our fair streets. Get upstairs...


By David James McCarthy, Photo Credit: Alex Moffatt

hippo ................... As you enter Hippo you are welcomed by an ßber-cool lounge setting, hardwood floors are complimented by a rich, somewhat masculine colour scheme and dimly lit chandeliers set a seductive mood. It’s all just a little bit New York.

The bar staff are professional and full of charm. They also all have the ability to create cocktails that will melt you. Find yourself with a Cuban 8 Ball or kicking back with an Austin Monk, your taste buds will be alight and your mind abuzz. Hippo has been a staple of quality entertainment in Canberra. Some of our city’s finest are behind the decks with names such as TIT FOR TAT, JEMIST and FAUX REAL filling your ears and vacating your chairs. What makes Hippo stand-out however is “Hippo Live” in which every Wednesday Hippo plays host to Canberra’s longest running and arguably best quality live jazz night. Wednesday nights at Hippo bar provide the soul that our live music scene lacks and sets the venue apart from every other bar trying to emulate a bigger city cocktail lounge.

Wobble Wednesday Jazz. 8pm August 15- Goji Berries Garema Place Wed - Fri: 5:00 pm - 2:00 am Sat: 7:00 pm - 2:00 am



D’Opus takes to the decks with the same smooth style I remembered him for blending old soul classics, 90’s hip-hop gems, one hit-wonders and all the essentials in being hip. The music swang from Stevie Wonder seamlessly to Black Street’s No Diggity before grinding into Azelia Bank’s 212 without making the crowd flinch. The whole time D’Opus blends the music with a touch of smart arse and a grin from ear to ear; he’s pure class. He fills the dance floor and holds the crowd like only an old hand can. As soon as I enter The Penthouse there is an immediate hole filled in my nightlife. The venue is draped in warm vibes and sex appeal, complimented by an impressive display of art and bar staff who take pride in their product. It’s the vibe the Canberra critics cry out for. Manager Pete Thomson explains, Knightsbridge is bringing back the ‘The Gold Standard’; some of Canberra’s most loved performers return to their birth place: behind the Penthouse decks. Kicking off with DJ D’Opus; former custodian of every good club night in Canberra and musical driver of what will always be remembered as one of Canberra’s best Hip-Hop acts D’Opus and Roshambo. The Gold Standard will see the likes of DJ Katch [Resin Dogs], Rob Kay and Cam Brown.

The Gold Standard has arrived and all I can say is it’s a hell of a lot better than just reminiscing on what once was. Get there.

David James McCarthy

Saturday August 4 - Gold Standard: Rob Kay Friday September 7 - Spring Cocktail Affair Saturday September 29 - DJ Katch (Resin Dogs) Saturday October 4 - Gold Standard: Cam Brown

// 43 Mort St Braddon. 6262 6221

This October 27, explore art without boundaries. The second art, not apart multi-arts festival is on its way. For all you designers, poets, painters, sculptors, dancers, filmmakers and indefinable creatives, now is the time to get in on the action. The offer to you is a plot: a table, umbrella, chairs, walls or performance space‌ you develop a concept, apart will integrate it. A curator is available right now to help tailor your space to be the best it can be. Wander around the NewActon precinct with her and a coffee. Clothing designer? There’s a boutique area just for you. Temporary installation artist? A little funding might help. Paste-up artist? Enter the comp for a cash prize.

To join in, follow the links: Expressions of interest close August 27.

call for artists

Photo Credit: Alex Moffatt

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