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October 2013

Volume 4 Issue 3

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Purple Run 5K Raises Money for Alzheimers Research

Community Service Trip pg. 3 Fall 2013 Recruitment Wrap-up pg. 4 Graduate Spotlight: Kyle Allen pg. 11

Pictured above, all the runners and volunteers celebrated and danced at the end of the run by throwing all the remaining paint into the air simultaneously, making sure everyone was covered. Pictured below is the start of the run, when almost 160 runners started the 3.2 mile course at Keriakes park. (Photos by Evan Pennington)

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October 2013

Volume 4 Issue 3

Purple Run Raises over $3,200 By Brent Stephens (2016)

On October 12, the men of the Chi Eta chapter of Phi Gamma Delta hosted their second annual “Purple Run” at Keriakes Park in Bowling Green. The Purple Run, named the “Color Run to Remember” last fall, is similar to the 5K race known as the Color Run. In a Color Run the runners are doused with all colors of powdered paints while running; creating a messy and fun atmosphere for everyone involved with the proceeds going to benefit charity. Chi Eta built off this idea this year and specialized it for Alzheimer’s Awareness, using purple paint (the color of Alzheimer’s awareness) to throw. All the proceeds benefitting the Alzheimer’s Association. This year’s run was successful, with 159 runners participating in the 3.2 mile course, about 30 more run-

ners than last year’s inaugural event. The run pulled in not only support from the greek system at WKU, but a lot of community involvement as well as graduate brother support from brothers Joshua Amos and Will Stuart. Over 75% of the chapter was in attendance, with 61 brothers at the event. Some brothers ran, while other brothers threw paint on the runners and volunteered in numerous ways. This year’s run raised $3,200 before expenses. After providing the runners with paint and t-shirts, Chi Eta donated more than $700 for the Alzheimer’s Association. Once the run concluded, all the runners were gathered up as all nine members from the 2012 Bike4Alz trip presented a check totaling $32,718.69 to the National Alzheimer’s Association. Following the check presentation,

Luke Sparks (2015) talked about the 2014 Bike4Alz trip. Sparks said this year’s group will travel east across the United States, starting in Oceanside, CA, ending in Washington D.C. The Bike4Alz team has set a goal of $100,000 to benefit Alzheimer’s awareness. Ending the event, all the runners and volunteers grabbed bags of leftover purple paint and threw them in the air simultaneously, creating a cloud of purple. Overall, the morning went extremely well for its second year, creating a fun atmosphere and has high potential for growth in the upcoming years. The brothers are excited to continue this event next year.

Pictured below left, are participants running on the 3.2 mile long gravel trail that goes around all of Keriakes park. Below right are the nine members of the 2012 Bike4Alz trip presenting their check to a representative from the Alzheimer’s Association. (Photos by Evan Pennington)


October 2013

Volume 4 Issue 3

Fall Break Community Service Trip Focuses on House Reconstruction By Matt Lawson (2015)

The Chi Eta chapter has annually sought to use fall break as an opportunity to serve the community. In the past, brothers have helped with repair from Hurrican Katrina and Isaac in New Orleans. This year, the chapter partnered with the Fuller Center for Housing in Louisville, KY. “The Fuller Center is an organization that was started by Millard Fuller, who also started Habitat for Humanity,” said Community Service Committee Chair Zack Van Zant (2015). “They do much of the same work that Habitat does, except for lower income families and individuals.” During the trip, brothers Chi Eta sent a total of 30 brothers to west Louisville over Fall Break to help an organization called worked in various abandoned “The Fuller Center”, where brothers did house reconstruction. (Photo submitted) homes in west Louisville. These homes are renovated and then are (2012), John Hellams (2011), brothers enjoyed cookouts and allocated to families and people Clay Simpson (2012), and Purple bonfires at the homes of local in need in the area. The Fuller Legionnaire Bob Anderegg (GA ‘10). brothers Zack Van Zant (2015) and Center works with many homes at For all it was a great opportunity to Kyle Stewart (2015). once, therefore much help is often connect with brothers while working In the end, the trip was needed. toward the good of the community. rewarding for all people involved At the Fuller Center “I loved the service trip because as much was accomplished over the headquarters brothers organized I got to do a lot of hard labor and two-day trip. construction equipment that will interact with homeowners,” Will “The Fuller Center was be used for future repairs. At Garcia (2014) said. “That was very extremely grateful for the service other locations brothers replaced encouraging to see where our efforts of our brothers and said that they flooring, took down a chimney, and are going.” would love for us to come back cleaned out rooms in local church. The trip was free for all the again,” Van Zant said. In total, there were 30 brothers brothers. Lodging was provided in attendance along with four by Hotel Louisville, sponsored by graduate brothers, Tyler Jury Wayside Christian Mission, and 3

October 2013

Volume 4 Issue 3

Chi Eta Welcomes the Lambda Pledge Class By Taylor Ruby (2016)

The Chi Eta chapter of Phi Gamma Delta began the 2013 fall semester on a great note with the addition of 14 exceptional new pledge brothers. As Chi Eta began to transition back into an academic environment after a long summer break, we were all antsy about starting recruitment week. We did not waste any time getting started with our recruitment events, seeing as our first event was the first night of Master Plan--a orientation week for the new freshman. We began with a late night dinner at Steak-n-Shake for the Potential New Members (PNM’s). The various events that followed throughout the week were sand volleyball, soccer, football, Hot Rod’s baseball game, and several other brotherhood events on the brand new back deck at Ft. Armstrong. This year we were blown away by the amount of guys that expressed interest in our Fraternity throughout recruitment week. Chi Eta experienced the largest turn out the chapter has ever seen, with a number totaling to about 60 guys. We knew that we were about to face a long, restless week ahead. As rush week was under way, we felt very fortunate to have local restaurant Hilligan’s, sponsor the chapter by providing free pizza and chicken wings each night of formal recruitment. The selection process for choosing new brothers is always difficult,

but the qualities of our new members helped them to stand out amongst the 254 men participating in formal recruitment. Finally, the day we were all anxiously awaiting for arrived—bid day. We were all very eager to wrap up this exhausting week by welcoming in the 14 new guys into our brotherhood. After the PNM’s received their bids, the 14 young men that made up the Lambda class, made their way up to the beautiful Van Meter Overlook to meet chapter president Dylan Ward (2013). After a few motivating words from Ward, the new Lambda pledge class was quickly swarmed and greeted by the entire chapter with loud chants and cheers. Later that evening, the brothers were given the opportunity to get to know the new guys even better during a night full of snacks, billiards, poker,

ice cream, and Xbox. The Chi Eta chapter is delighted to have 14 diverse, new additions to our chapter. We look forward to see what the future holds for each one of them. Our new members are already involved and are exhibiting leadership on campus through organizations such as SGA, Chinese Flagship Program, Honors Club, CRU, Club sports, and intramurals. Overall, fall recruitment turned out to be a huge success for our chapter. With the addition of our new brothers, Chi Eta now rests as the third largest Fraternity on campus with 79 young men. We are looking forward to seeing our new members achieve scholarship, serve their community, and pursue excellence over the course of their college career as a Chi Eta Fiji.


October 2013

Volume 4 Issue 3

Meet the Lambda Pledge Class

Joseph Aroh

Age: 19 Grade/class: Freshman/2017 Hometown: Louisville, KY College/high school activities: Rock Climbing, Playing Bass Guitar, Backpacking Big brother: Joe Starks Major/Minor: Mechanical Engineering Why did you join Fiji? I wanted a band of brothers that I could get close to and be challenged by. What has been you favorite memory? The pledge retreat.

Joey Badinger

Age: 18 Grade/class: Freshman/2017 Hometown: Crestwood, KY College/high school activities: Soccer, flag football, Kuna Big brother: Parker Kuhn Major/Minor: Biology Why did you join Fiji? Because I saw that they had the best brotherhood on campus in my opinion. They treated everyone as equal which really stood out to me because it showed that they respected us before they even knew us unlike most other fraternities this quality isn’t always expressed. Also I saw that they didn’t fall into that fraternity stereotype and stood for more things other than partying. What has been you favorite memory? My favorite memory so far has been the pledge retreat when Davis Church and I went cliff jumping off some crazy high cliff.

Andrew Boyles

Age: 19 Grade/class: Sophomore/2017 Hometown: Rineyville, KY College/high school activities: HS-Baseball- 5 year letterman, Bowling- 1 year letterman, National Honor Society, Beta Club, Future Business Leaders of America President, Y-Club College-Honors Club, Intramural sports, will be working in President Ransdell’s office starting Spring 2014, FIJI Big brother: Sam Cherry Major/Minor: Finance Why did you join Fiji? When I looked at FIJIs, I saw something different than the other fraternities on campus. A genuine brotherhood where you were put in an environment to chase after your passions and grow as a man. What has been you favorite memory? Meeting up at the fountain in front of Van Meter on Bid day and being welcomed by all the guys and then the Pledge Ceremony that night. 5

October 2013

Volume 4 Issue 3

Davis Church Age: 19 Grade/class: Freshman/2017 Hometown: Louisville, KY College/high school activities: College- Club lacrosse, intramural sports, CRU, sewing pocket T’s HS- lacrosse, snowboarding, soccer Big brother: Bradley Ledford Major/Minor: Business Marketing Why did you join Fiji? The guys truly cared about me and didn’t try to sell their fraternity to me like other stereotypical fraternities did. They were different from other fraternities and it was apparent from the beginning. I liked that... no actually, I loved it. What has been your favorite memory? The pledge retreat with my new brothers. Many memorable moments went down that weekend.

Brandon Ernstes

Age: 20 Grade/class: Sophomore/2016 Hometown: Petersburg, KY College/high school activities: Sports, hunting, fishing, and anything outdoors. Big brother: Ryan White Major/Minor: Geology Why did you join Fiji? Joined Fiji to meet great guys, get involved and be part of something bigger than myself. What has been you favorite memory? Favorite memory has probably been the pledge retreat just getting closer with the pledge class.

Trent Erps

Age: 19 Grade/class: Freshman/ 2017 Hometown: Louisville, KY College/high school activities: Sports, sewing, and fantasy football Big brother: Zachary Van Zant Major/Minor: Business Why did you join Fiji? I had heard about it (FIJI) a lot over the summer from a good friend, when I came to Western and got to meet many of the guys I was very impressed with the attitude that they had, and the true care they showed when getting to know me. What has been your favorite memory? Bonding together with my fellow Pledges at the Lambda class Pledge Retreat.


October 2013

Volume 4 Issue 3

Jacob Hodges Age: 18 Grade/class: Freshman/2017 Hometown: Tompkinsville, Kentucky College/high school activities: Participated in multiple clubs, played football Big brother: Daniel Brussell Major/Minor: Economics/ Pre-law focus area Why did you join Fiji? Because FIJI represents a group of men that will help me to grow into a man that my mother will be proud of. What has been you favorite memory? Growing closer to my pledge class at the pledge retreat.

Taylor Leigh Age: 19 Grade/class: Freshman/2017 Hometown: Liberty, KY College/high school activities: Basketball, tennis, track, VICA, Science club, and FBLA Big brother: Matt Lawson Major/Minor: Mechanical Engineering Why did you join Fiji? To be a part of a fellowship of men who together strive to be excellent. What has been you favorite memory? Shenanigans has been my favorite memory so far.

Trent Marcum Age: 18 Grade/class: Freshman/2017 Hometown: London, KY College/high school activities: Academic Team, Beta Club, and National Honors Society Big brother: Wes Trail Major/Minor: Film Studies Why did you join Fiji? I joined FIJI because I met a few guys at H4 that were really awesome. They were mostly all a part of FIJI. After this I met up with Trip, Kyle, and Mason for lunch, and they all convinced me to rush. During Rush Week I saw the same values in most of the FIJI guys that I myself have. I basically saw this fraternity as a great way to build relationships with awesome people and a good venue for me to help others. What has been you favorite memory? ? My favorite FIJI memory, so far, was introducing my family to a lot of the guys during Parent’s Weekend 7

October 2013

Volume 4 Issue 3

Austin Richards Age: 19 Grade/class: Freshman/2017 Hometown: Owensboro, KY College/high school activities: CRU, Bridges International, Living Hope Baptist Church HS: Tennis, Cross Country, Student Council, National Honors Society, Beta Club, Academy for Young Leaders, Kentucky Youth Assembly, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes Big brother: Seth Bland Major/Minor: Spanish, Asian Religions and Cultures, Chinese Flagship Program Why did you join Fiji? I really wanted to get in with a great group of guys and join to help out the community. And that’s what I found. What has been you favorite memory? ? Just recently we returned from the fall service trip in Louisville. We had an incredible time investing in the community by demolishing old houses, planting gardens, and clearing overgrown areas. At night it was great to just chill and hang with the brothers as we fellowshipped and watched WKU football.

Jay Todd Richey

Age: 18 Grade/class: Freshman/2017 Hometown: Glasgow, KY College/high school activities: Student Government Association, Young Republicans, Government and Politics Society, Drama Club, BETA Club Big brother: Sean Jacobson Major/Minor: Political Science & Economics Why did you join Fiji? Friendship, Knowledge, Service, Morality and Excellence are all values that I want to exemplify daily and honor most highly; not only did I want to affiliate myself with a group of young men who I love to be with and who share these same values, but I also wanted the honor of calling myself a brother in Phi Gamma Delta for the rest of my life. What has been you favorite memory? My favorite memory has been going to Louisville with a few of the brothers to help with the Fuller Center, a housing organization for Louisville.

Grant Rohleder

Age: 18 Grade/class: Freshman/2017 Hometown: Louisville, KY College/high school activities: Baseball, Beta, NHS, Student Government, FBLA Big brother: Drake Riley Major/Minor: Chinese, Business, Political Science Why did you join Fiji? I got to hang out with the brothers my first few weeks at WKU and they were awesome, unique, driven guys and were guys I wanted to surround myself with to help make me a better man. What has been you favorite memory? Shenanigans. 8

October 2013

Volume 4 Issue 3

Connor Slade Age: 20 Grade/class: Sophomore/2016 Hometown: Louisville, KY College/high school activities: Played golf in high school Big brother: Dallas Wilson Major/Minor: Communication/Business Why did you join Fiji? I knew FIJI would better my life and that I would have brothers who will always have my back and be there for me and that FIJI would bring the best out of me. What has been you favorite memory? My favorite memory was the pledge retreat at the lake getting to know my brothers better.

Skyler Wright Age: 19 Grade/class: Freshman/2017 Hometown: Liberty, KY College/high school activities: Ogden College of science and engineering, High school activities: sports and clubs Big brother: Seth Haga Major/Minor: Mechanical Engineering Why did you join Fiji? Because the guys are great/awesome with spectacular morals, and my brother Spencer was having a blast and made me want to be a part of Fiji so bad!!! What has been you favorite memory? Going to the cave with the Fiji guys and exploring where they had never been.

Graduate Brother Josh Amos’s advice to the Lambda’s: Pledgeship is one of the most unique opportunities you will have in college. Many young men in college pledge fraternities for the shallow things: parties, letters, girls... but not you. The genius of Chi Eta is that it seeks to bring in fine young men of greater caliber every semester. A pledge, in my opinion, is the most important man in the chapter. Why? Because your enthusiasm and your potential will always drive the older men to work harder. The love that you will grow to have for this fraternity will reignite the flame for the chapter. I encourage you to always fuel that fire. Always keep your hands busy, and always remember, you represent each brother who spoke up for you. Everything you do, positive and negative, will reflect back to them. Walk this campus proud to wear those letters. Walk the community proud of the love your brothers have for you, and walk this world proud that you are exemplifying our five values. By the end of your collegiate journey, I encourage you to look back on the time you spent as a Chi Eta. Did you work enough? Did you love enough? Did you seek to better yourself as a man? Did you love the glamour of being a Fiji or did you love the thirty minutes you drove to help a brother stranded on the roadside? When the sun sets on your undergraduate life, I hope you rejoice in all the good you have done to take this chapter to a new level. 9

October 2013

Volume 4 Issue 3

Chi Eta Welcomes Families to House for Annual Weekend By Parker Kuhn (2016)

Parent’s Weekend is an annual event hosted by the Chi Eta Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta. Occuring on the same weekend as WKU’s family weekend, it serves as a great time for parents to meet each other and see the fraternity house. And for the new parents, it is a chance to get a general understanding of what Chi Eta means to the brothers involved. This year’s event was highlighted by a number of great guest speakers. Nanette Wright, mother of Spencer Wright (2014) and Skyler Wright (2017), gave great insight

into a parent’s perspective of a fraternity and how that perspective can change over the course of a year. Following this, Chi Eta’s Purple Legionnaire (chapter advisor) Bob Anderegg helped unveil the final addition to the chapter’s new stone deck. In appreciation of his hard work and effort towards the newest addition to the house, Anderegg asked David Aroh, father of Ben Aroh (2014) and Joseph Aroh (2017), to speak and followed his words with the presentation of an engraved

stone that will soon be placed into the patio itself. The patio, which was finished over the summer, served the fraternity well during recruitment, and other social events and makes events like parent’s weekend more efficient and more enjoyable for everyone. Chapter President Dylan Ward (2013), also spoke on behalf of the chapter and expressed his thanks and gratitude to every parent in attendance. Ward specifically spoke about how the five core values Fiji teaches: friendship, knowledge, service, morality, and excellence, are all values our parents brought upon and instilled in us. After a large lunch catered by Whitt’s barbeque, brothers and their parents were invited to attend the fraternity’s tailgate at the old alumni building. The turnout for this was great and many of the fraternity’s families gathered in fellowship with one another and enjoyed hot dogs and baked goods before WKU defeated Morgan State later that night. In all, parent’s weekend was a huge success. As all of Chi Eta’s parents and brothers shared an afternoon together, this day once again was a wonderful time of thanks and appreciation for all that our parents have done and still do for us.

Families and loved ones of the brothers of Chi Eta watched and listened to several speakers as they share their experiences with Chi Eta. Speakers included chapter president Dylan Ward, Purple Legionnaire Bob Anderegg, Nanette Wright, and David Aroh. (Photo by Evan Pennington)


October 2013


Volume 4 Issue 3

Graduate Spotlight: Kyle Allen Compiled by Brent Stephens (2016)

Upon graduation in the fall of 2011, Chi Eta founding father and graduate brother Kyle Allen has become one of the most successful graduates from Chi Eta. After working for more than five years in the WKU athlectic communications department, Allen worked his way up to Assistant Director of Athletic Communications. Allen handled football, baseball and tennis during his tenure. Brent Stephens (2016) recently caught up with Kyle and talked with him about his new endeavors. What is your company and what is your position? I am now the president of S&K Powder Coating here in Bowling Green, a business that has been in existence for around two years. My dad’s machining company here in Bowling Green (CGS Machine and Tool) purchased the powder coating business after the original owner was looking to shut it down and sell it. I came on board and officially took the company over in May of this year. What kind of challenges has this new job presented to you? What have you liked better about this job than your job at WKU? Every day is a different challenge, especially jumping back and forth from dealing with large corporations and individual customers. The challenge is balancing the business to keep everyone happy, and getting more with less. We currently are on the low end as far as employees are

Kyle and Suzanna walk under a shower of sparklers. (photo by Dallas Wilson)

concerned, so it is definitely an “all hands on deck” approach to keep things running smoothly. Since May, business has increased every month, and October is looking to be the best month in company history by more than 20 percent. So hopefully that trend continues! As far as what I like better, I think obviously the opportunity to run my own business was something I always wanted to do. I will always miss working with coaches and student-athletes on a daily basis, but controlling my own future in a business setting was a great opportunity for me, and most importantly my family. Recently getting married to Suzanne in July, what has that been like and what kind of transition has it been for you two? Marrying Suzanne was definitely the best day of my life. I feel like I am spending every day with my best friend, which makes life that much more enjoyable! Obviously it takes time to get adjusted to certain things,

but so far so good! We are happy to be in the Bowling Green community and are really looking forward to making an impact in the community for years to come. What do you remember the most about your time as Chi Eta? Chi Eta provided some unbelievable memories and allowed me to meet lifelong friends. Six of the 10 men in my wedding party were from the fraternity, which is something that I am grateful for. It always seemed like wherever I lived the “gatherings” seemed to follow, but looking back on it I wouldn’t trade it for anything, especially the year living at the Cabell Castle. I still miss that place! Working in athletics I was usually unable to attend a majority of the events, but it was always nice to come home to a packed house at the Castle on the weekends. Living in Bowling Green I am really looking forward to seeing this chapter grow over the years. 11

October 2013

Volume 4 Issue 3

Chi Eta’s Awards: “Unprecedented” The Chi Eta Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta has won its fraternity’s highest chapter award for the second time in three years. The International Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta announced October 11th that the Chi Eta Chapter is the 2012-13 recipient of the Cheney Cup. Phi Gamma Delta’s most prestigious award is presented annually to the chapter that exhibits the greatest all-around efficiency in scholarship, fraternity relationships and general collegiate activities. The chapter also won the Cheney Cup in 2010 and received honorable mention in 2011. The chapter placed first in five of the six chapter awards they applied for and second in the final award. “The Chi Eta Chapter’s recognition in Phi Gamma Delta’s awards program is unprecedented, particularly for a chapter that is just three years old,” said Bill Martin, Executive Director of Phi Gamma Delta. “Their outstanding performance is a reflection of the quality of men they recruit, the support of dedicated graduate brother advisors, and the environment provided by Western Kentucky University.” “The Cheney Cup is the highest honor that any Chapter can receive in Phi Gamma Delta,” Chapter President Dylan Ward said. “The men in our Chapter are extremely humbled to have won this coveted award for the second time in just our three years as a Chapter.” The Chi Eta Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta, also known as Fiji, ar-

Pictured above is the Chi Eta chapter of the award winning 2012-2013 academic year. at their fourth annual Pig Dinner last April. (Photo by Brandon Bowman)

-rived at WKU in the fall of 2008, and received its charter May 1, 2010. The chapter won the Coon Plaque (best chapter publications) for the third-straight year and has placed in the Jordan Bowl (Achieving the highest scholarship among undergraduate chapters) each of the last three years, including this year’s first place. In 2012, Chi Eta initiated 21 new brothers, donated over $100,000 in philanthropy money, performed over 5,000 service hours, and held the highest cumulative GPA among fraternities at WKU with a GPA of a 3.46. Since the Water4Life Trip to Haiti in the Summer of 2012, Chi Eta has been active on WKU’s campus. Brothers have held various leadership roles in a variety of campus organizations, including Spirit

Masters, the Honors Toppers, the College Heights Herald, and multiple campus ministries. In the past year, its members have raised over $60,000 to support the Alzheimer’s Association through Bike4Alz and Chi Eta’s inaugural Purple Run. They raised an additional $40,000 to install water purification systems in Haiti through Water4Life, and finally another $2,500 for the Bowling Green Independent School Systems through the Bowling Green Spring Luau. Chi Eta also partnered with Operation Blessing over WKU’s Fall Break to perform service work in areas of Baton Rouge, La. that was affected by Hurricane Isaac.“While we are truly honored to receive these recognitions, our Brothers desire more than just SEE AWARDS PAGE 13 12

October 2013

Volume 4 Issue 3

AWARDS Continued From Page 12 awards, they desire to better themselves, their campus, their community, and ultimately the world,” said Ward. Chapter advisors Dr. Ray Blankenship and Bob Anderegg and current Chapter President Dylan Ward were all honored with individual awards. Ward received an Honorable Mention for the Wilkinson Award, recognizing the most outstanding graduating senior. During his time on campus, he served as chapter president and treasurer, Spirit Master, and Ogden College Ambassador. Blankenship, who received first place in Crowder Cup (outstanding faculty advisor), serves as Associate Professor in the Computer

Information Systems program at WKU. He also received first place in 2010 and second place in 2011. Anderegg received first place in Coulter Cup (graduate brother with greatest contribution to chapter other than Purple Legionnaire) has served the Chi Eta chapter in several graduate capacities including primary advisor and house corporation president. “These advisor awards are a testament to the graduate support that our Chapter receives,” said Ward. “Without strong graduate support, we would never have made it this far. They truly exemplify our motto, ‘Not For College Days Alone’. “We are also very grateful for 2012 Chapter President Nick Burnett, 2012 Primary Advisor Jeff Baynham, and 2012 Cups and

Awards Chair Brian Campbell, for their help in realizing these successes,” added Ward. The chapter will be recognized for their awards in January at the annual Fiji Academy in St. Louis. Representatives of Chi Eta received these individual awards: • 1st, Crowder Cup – Outstanding faculty advisor, Ray Blankenship • 1st, Coulter Cup - Graduate brother with greatest contributions to chapter (other than Purple Legionnaire), Bob Anderegg • Honorable Mention, Wilkinson Award – Outstanding Graduating Senior, Dylan Ward

Homecoming: Bright Lights, Red City Compiled By Kyle Stewart (2015)

WKU Homecoming will be Saturday, October 26th. Fiji is paired with the the ladies of Sigma Kappa, and the gentlemen of Phi Beta Sigma. There are multiple graduate events planned for the weekend beginning on Friday evening. • At 7:30 PM on Friday, October 25th, there will be a Chi Eta graduate event at Jeff Baynham’s house with dinner provided. • Also at 7:30 PM there will be a “FIJI Girls” event for all graduate wives, fiancés and girlfriends. This dinner

will be at Mickey’s on Main downtown. • Saturday morning, there will be a casual breakfasat at JD’s Bakery downtown which everyone is invited to. • The football tailgate begins at 11:30AM and the game against Troy will begin at 3PM. • Jordan Minton will be featured at the new Alumni Center from 12:30 to 2:30 playing music from his new album that was recently released.

The annual Homecoming dance will be hosted at the Brickyard Cafe and will begin at 9PM. Brothers are encouraged to bring a date. Attire for the event is semi-formal (suits are encouraged). Light food and cake will be provided.The undergraduate chapter looks forward to welcoming all graduates back to Bowling Green. We are looking forward to a great weekend on October 25th and 26th!


October 2013

Volume 4 Issue 3

Chi Eta Wins Shenanigans, Mud Volleyball

Pictured above are the 21 brothers, paired with Chi Omega, that brought home first place in Kappa Delta’s annual philanthropy event, Shenanigan’s. Pictured below left Oldham County native Luke Sparks (2015) returns volley during the championship round of AOII’s and Farmhouse’s mud volleyball philathropy with proceeds going to the Arthritis Foundation and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Below right, from left to right is the championship team comprised of Drake Riley (2016), Dylan Ward (2013), Blake Neumann (2014), Sparks, Grant Rohleder (2017) and Ryne McMullen (2015).


October 2013

Volume 44 Issue Issue 33 Volume

Graduate News Weddings & Engagements

Kyle Allen (WKU ‘11) married Suzanna Deevers on July 13, 2013. John Hellams (WKU ‘11) married Jessica Paulsen on July 27, 2013.

General Updates Mitch White (‘11) will be starting a job with the Boston College Athletic Development office in November. Chaz Vittitow (WKU ‘11) and wife Karinne welcomed into the world a baby girl, Elsie Pearl, on October 15, 2013. Jake Ryle (WKU ‘12) moved from Anchorage, AK to Johnson City, TN.. Accepted a Weekend Sports Anchor position at WJHL-TV (CBS affiliate). Joshua Amos (WKU ’13) accepted a job at the Kentucky Transportation Department. Nick Burnett (WKU ‘13) accepted a job as a recruiter with TEK systems, an IT staffing company.

Chi Eta Wins Highest Chapter Award The Chi Eta Chapter was recently recognized by the international headquarters for oustanding achievement in the following areas: • • • • • • • • •

1st, Cheney Cup – Greatest all-around chapter 1st, Coon Plaque – Best chapter publication 1st, Zerman Trophy – Promoting the involvement of brothers in student government, the campus newspaper and extracurricular activities 1st, Baker Cup – Focusing on religious, ethical and social service activities 2nd, Brightman Trophy – Maintaining and improving relations between the chapter and graduates 1st, Jordan Bowl – Achieving the highest scholarship among undergraduate chapters 1st, Crowder Cup – Outstanding faculty advisor, Ray Blankenship 1st, Coulter Cup - Graduate brother with greatest contributions to chapter (other than Purple Legionnaire), Bob Anderegg Honorable Mention, Wilkinson Award – Outstanding Graduating Senior, Dylan Ward

Chris Kinney (WKU ‘13) accepted a job as a recruiter with TEK systems. Brad Stephens (WKU ‘13) accepted a job as the Sports Editor of the Oldham County Era.

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