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THE BIBLE according

to the cat

let there be ... my creator !


The bible according

to the cat

The real story of the creation of the world by god and steve the sheep, superbly* adapted from the French by Alan Ward * TRAnslator’s note ISBN 978-2-930540-07-8 Š Geluck 2013 There is a Le Chat app for iPhone/iPad and Android

In the beginning there was darkness ...

But God hadn’t created the torch yet, so he had a hard time finding the light switch

Ouch! Where’s the switch ?

And because he’d hit his leg, he called this day 'the big bang’ and said “ it is not good “

God said

Let there be light !

And there was light and God saw that it was good

If I’d known, I’d have created the stool after turning the light on

But... it’s not bad for something I just threw together in the dark


On the second day, God divided the firmament from the sea And I shall call this line 'the horizon’ when you see it from afar

But close up it won’t have a name

And on the following day God divided the earth (the dry bit) from the sea (the wet bit), and he saw that it was good While I’m here, I might as well create tides

And a big boat to sail on them. And I shall call it ' Tidetanic ' * * Believed to be God’s first pun. I think we’d all agree that god’s a better creator than a comic

Then God said : ' Let the earth bring forth grass, plants and trees ' * * Far be it from me to criticize, but God seems to be talking to himself

And I shall sow seeds for vegetables

All this creating business is fine, but I haven’t eaten for 2 days, and it’ll be another 2 days by the time I’ve invented meat... and I’m starving !

Take a good look at this rake, because it might just have a big role to play in the next part of the story

h W

! am

God got a face-full of rake and saw brightly lit bodies in the canopy of heaven and he called them stars And he was so excited that his seeds were growing Gweat ! Ve gwass an ve twees are gwowing ! It iv good !

And he made two great lights the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to watch over the night And once again he was pleased with himself

It is good These trees grew in one day

And the evening and the morning were the 4th day *

* Now, on the previous days there’d been neither evening nor morning, so we don’t know where the light came from ... but as I’ve said before, far be it for me to criticize

Aaabracadabra ! And Boom !

Awesome, no ?

And on the fifth day God created fish and everything that lives in water Thank you God for giving us life ! Please! Come on in. The water’s fabulous

I think I deserve a quick dip. Four days without a shower, I’m beginning to smell like a dolphin’s crotch

By now God was getting a bit hungry, so he caught a sea bass, fried it and ate it. And he said :

This is really tasty

And it’s fresh today*

* God notes, quite subtly, that the fish could not have been fresher because he only created it today

Note that God is using a fish knife. We can therefore deduce that the fish knife preceded the meat knife (usually called ' knife ' ) and that it is the fish knife that should have been called ' knife ' because at that time there was no other kind of knife. On the other hand, who gives a shit ?

And with that, God was off ... A bottle of Côtes-du-Rhône and a Kentucky Fried Chicken

Sorry, but they haven’t delivered the chickens ! Actually they haven’t been created yet !

Oops! You’re right. My mistake ! I was forgetting our feathered friends !

A coffee and the bill please. I’ve got work to do this afternoon

quack quaaack

Who’s a nice boy ?

caw caw

Shut it birdbrain ! shut it birdddbrainnn ...

And god created the fowl of the sky and gave them bird names Fly me to the moooon ...

flap flap

swallow, vulture, heron, tit, pigeon, toucan, partridge, albatross, seagull ... and they’re all going to shit on us !

tweet tweet

bip biiiip squawk squawk

cluck cluck

gluck gluck

chirp chirp

And it was the evening of the fifth day

This one didn’t live long, poor little bugger !

I love a big brown quail ! * the sound of the wood squawking squeaking

cheeep cheeep

* Prehistoric quails were much larger than today. god’s expression of the Joy of eating has passed into common usage, but most people now only use the abbreviated form

And it was the morning of the sixth day Ooooh ! My head !

I shouldn’t have drunk so much last night !

I can feel it’s going to be a shitty day, and I’m going to seriously screw up

And god said “ Let’s get back to our sheep “ * but this was a problem, because sheep hadn’t been invented yet. so he took a cloud, screwed on four legs and a head, and on the sixth day god created the sheep

Would you like to dance ?

* Translator’s note :

Just my luck ! I’ve created a gay sheep !

Mr Geluck, the author of this book, finds it amusing to make silly puns, most of which are untranslatable ! This is the first of many ( unfortunately for you, dear reader ) about sheep. ' Revenons à nos moutons ' means ' Let’s get back to business ', but I can’t say that because there’s a sheep in the picture, right ? So I have translated it literally. There !

And on the afternoon of the sixth day god said : “ Let the earth bring forth living creatures of every kind, except the sheep, which I created this morning “

Let the earth bring forth living creatures of every kind, except the sheep, which I created this morning

He’s talking about me again !

I think he really likes me !

Good idea, supreme being. Lots of Juicy maggots and worms to eat

And god said : Well, this is all very interesting, but I have to make a list of every living creature, to be sure I haven’t forgotten any ...

Hey, you ! Are you going to follow me everywhere or what ?

Did you have a puppy That always followed you around Well I’m gonna be as faithful as that puppy No I’ll never let you down River Deep, Mountain High

please, not tina turner !

Dylan then ?

I’m knock knock knockin’ on heaven’s door knock knock knockin’

God really didn’t know what to do with this sheep who followed him everywhere, so he decided to humour him

Good sheep,

fetch !

This is totally stupid. If he wants me to fetch it, it means he wants it back, right ? So why is he throwing it away in the first place ?

I really don’t get it

And then god had a really really great idea ! Let’s play leapsheep *

I’d love to be your playmate !

* Translator’s note : For the next few pages, Mr Geluck has fun playing with ' sauter ' (leap, hop, Jump, get laid) and ' mouton ' (sheep) ... yawn, yawn. Central to this ' humour ’ is ' saute-mouton ', which is ' leapfrog ’, but I don’t see a frog, do you ? I see a sheep. And I have my professional pride. So I have called this childish game ' leapsheep '. There !

... later that afternoon ... How was it for you ?

I Just love the way we take turns to hop over each other*

Knock ! Knock ! Knock ! * Translator’s note : For the sexual connotation, the interested reader is referred to ' Travelling Riverside Blues ' by Robert Johnson (1937) : “ My Friars Point rider, she hops all over me “. At least some of us have an education, mr author !

Hide !! I’ll get a bad reputation if somebody finds me in bed with a sheep

I love it when you tell me what to do !

And god opens the door, and says ... sweetie ! What a surprise ! I didn’t expect you back so soon. Weren’t you going to stay at your sister’s till sunday ?

This is good ! gulp !

But God seemed somewhat ill-at-ease ...

I missed you so much, my big furry pussycat !

And I’ve been thinking about your ' I’m gonna create life ’ thing

so I thought it was time I came back

Have you got anywhere with it ?

Well, first I divided light from darkness, then earth from water, then day from night ...

Then I sowed grass and trees and created a whole load of living creatures

What’s this ?

It’s a fishbone, honeybunch ... I was hungry, so I ...

We agreed to split up the work. Did we or did we not ?? You give life ... and I take it away

Sorry, darling

If you start killing fish, you’re breaking our contract

I’ll ignore it this time But don’t forget - without death, there is no life ...

So god, in his infinite wisdom, said : “ I’m off ! I still have to finish my list of living creatures, or it’s going to be a dog’s dinner out there, there’s so many. Hmm, ' dog ’ ... nice name for an animal.“

Right then. I’m off. I still have to finish my list of living ...

Typical ! Go on then, create a bit of life. There’s always plenty of time to take it away While you’re gone I’ll do a bit of cleaning

Dust and dust to dust ! It’s a real pigsty in here

God made a list of all living creatures Right. Therapods - done. Now for the pterosaurs, pliosaurs and iguanodon

If those creationist assholes don’t mind, of course ...

And god started wondering if he wasn’t getting a little bit lost I wonder if I’m not getting a little bit lost

I’ve already got 527 types of dinosaur and there’s at least another 2000 to put in !

My sweet lord !

I’ll never make it

Meanwhile, in the house of the lord ... And what may I ask are you doing in the bedroom ?

Ah ! Indeed ! Yes !

Honey ! I’m home !

Well ... I was Just passing and I noticed some sheep under the bed. And they said “ Hi pâââl “. And, as you know, we’re very gregarious animals, so I ...

What a face ! I think I’ve screwed up

Mmmm Something smells good ... !

And god had a real downer

Tell mummy all about it

I screwed up with my creation. The animals I invented are useless. They’re full of manufacturing flaws. They’ll never be able to evolve. so much for god the great creator ! And they’re ugly. And I don’t know what to do.

But your food is fabulous ! What is it ?

Mutton Yuuuck !

How dare you kill my sheep !!

He was my friend ! My only friend !

Calm down darling, you know how you get worked up when you’re angry. Look at this

I’ll make you a nice warm coat out of it, and he’ll have you under his skin all winter ...

And then god got reeaally mad You killed my sheep ! so I’m going to kill you And hang you out to rot !

Stop it. You’re tickling me ! And you know you can’t kill death, silly boy Oooh, how big and strong he is, my baby ! Mmmmh ! I Just love to feel you on top of me ...

You ah ! Oooh ah ! My daaarling !

Mind my hair !

Bing bang Ooooaah Ggrrrgh Aha aha aha Ggrrrgh

Yes ! yes ! No! no! Not there. There !!!

Sluuuurp Mmmhaaahaooh

Oh .. my .. god ! That was divine !

It is good

Come on Sugarlump. It’s boring I know, but I still have to go to the office

You might think about inventing hot water

While you’re there

My hair !! What’s this I’ve been sitting on ?

Give that to me - now !

So it’s a wig !

What the F... ?

So ...

you’re not a real blonde ?

Ha! Ha! Ha! You’ll never know ...

a brazilian wax, baby !!!

Then god hit the roof

My Me !!

Don’t you ever forget who you’re talking to !

! ! ! m Wha

You’ll pay for that, you god-for-nothing little chicken turd !

Just you wait !

I’m out of here. Good luck with your creation crap ! Give as much life as you want, baby. We’ll see who has the last laugh !

Ha! Ha! Ha!

You forgot you hair, baldilocks !

Piss off, asshole !

Missed !

And so it was that an unidentified flying obJect landed on the earth, covering it like a chinese hooker’s arse

And darkness fell once more upon the earth. Without light, the plants and trees perished, and without food the dinosaurs died

Who turned out the lights ?

Why was I born a herbivore ?

Goodbye cruel world !

I dieeee ...

And thus it came to pass that the first of god’s own creatures ceased to be. And the curtain fell on Act I of the world’s first tragedee ...

And God said to himself, “ What a fucking mess ! “

My wife’s left me, thousands of animals I created have choked to death ...

And worst of all (sob, sob) I miss my sheep soooo much !

And god had another real downer

Why did she kill my sheep ? Boo Hoo !

My poor little Gromit ! I’ll never see him ever again !

But as he wiped away the tears god had a flash of divine inspiration ! Why don’t I ressucitate my sheep ?

Duh ! After all, I am god !

My god, what stunning ideas he has. Now who would have thought of that, eh ? But will his crazy plan succeed ? To find out, dear reader, Just lick your finger and turn the page ...

My wife might be a monster, but above all else she’s the perfect housewife, and if she cooked me two mutton chops, she must have put the rest in ...

Well, well ...

The bitch ! I knew it ! she put the rest of my sheep in here. But what’s that next to him ? Looks like a frozen baby

An unwanted pregnancy if ever I saw one !

But first things first. The sheep !

The baby can wait. I’ll close the lid so it doesn’t catch warm

“ My god “ ... am I dumb or what ? so what do I say ?

Errr “ Me, ... please defrost my sheep, properly and everything “

“ Make all his bits stick together, and make his skin cover him again, properly and all “

“ I believe in me. Ameeeen “

And god thought : “ Wow ! I am Just sooo cool ! Ha ! “ We shall overcome

I have a dream


u Tuuuuu uuut

T Tuuu

I will survive



Yes, we can !

Ich bin ein Berliner !

And god hugged and squeezed the sheep My friend, my brother, my life !

My little lamb, my cuddlywuddly

Careful boss, you’re squeezing ... Aaarggh ... squee..euhhh... zing too ...

... tighhhhtaaarghhh ...


And god hugged him so tight that he squeezed the poor sheep to death I am the dumbest of the dumb ! I brought him back from the dead and now I’ve killed him again

What am I going to do with him now ? I can’t put him back in the freezer because you’re not supposed to re-freeze meat that’s been defrosted

But way-hay ! All I have to do is ressuscitate him again ! Why not ?

That thing is Just so cool !

Get up, dead. On your feet. And be grateful !


We are the champions, we are the champions

We will, we will rock you, uh ! rock you, uh ! I love being brought back from the dead by this guy !

Right, enough of that, sambo. Down to bizniss Nice, what you’re wearing. What is it ?

We be goin’ to I’s workshop only, where dere’s many many tings to do - oh lordy lordy - an’ we’z agonna redooo de creeayshon I done start on dis earth simply Why’s he talking to me like a Congolese Rasta gospel singer from Bombay ? Wool. It’s a bit warm in summer, though

Here, my woolly friend, is where we are going to do great things, you and I !

Here is my grand design : “ Filling the earth with sentient beings, Phase 2 “ ... and you will be my model bâââgger me !

All rights reserved

Using his friend as a model, god set to designing a multitude of living creatures to inhabit the earth, again ...

We’ll call this one “ rabbit “

And he’ll love carrots and screwing

And now my friend go and change into a stripey costume

and we’ll create the zebra

All rights reserved

God’s best friend had a ball dressing up in all sorts of costumes, and even invented animal noises to stimulate his master’s creative voice

Ouh Ouh Eek



The noises are Just suggestions ...

God. Look ! What do you think ?

Hey Boh Rook - too tuthks, won twunk

The future is yours my friends. Go forth ! Shag yourselves silly and multiply !

And god’s creatures took him at his word and shagged themselves silly Je t’aime This is the best day of my life

Ich liebe dick

moi non plus

It’s my only day


All rights reserved

Some months later, a veritable multitude of tiny tots appeared, taking after their father and their mother

But it was not long before problems beset these new dwellers of the earth The son of the tuna and the sparrow drowned when he went to visit his dad and fell out of the tree when he went to see his mum

And every time she tried to hatch an egg, the daughter of the cock and the cow squashed it

But they all had one thing in common ... a thick woolly coat. This became quickly unbearable for those who lived in warm climates, and drove some of them completely wacko ... Hey, buddy ! I’m a tree !

Ooh baby ! I’m a koohalah ! You wanna do it ?

Why does the child of a hippopotamus and a flamingo have such flimsy little legs ?

My dad swore I’d be able to walk on the ceiling

For fuck’s sake ! The son of a gorilla and a scallop should be able to swim, no ?

Baaartholomew, why have you stopped moving ?

... Bââârt ?

In a word, after his first disaster with the dinosaurs, god had now managed to create a bunch of useless morons, and he said to himself: “ this is not good at all “

Bin ! Trash ! Garbage !

Let he who has never made a mistake throw the first stone, and on that stone shall I build my church

So god said: third time lucky! And until I get my inspiration back, let’s have a game of leapsheep* And that’s what he diiiiid

Sheep get lept in the morning, Sheep get lept at night...

*Translator’s note:

... Sheep get lept at breakfast time, When god’s as horny as a kite

I’m tired of getting lept all day

But he is god, so I suppose I’d better Just keep my mouth shut

Following my previous note on sheepleaping I have done more (unpaid) research, as one does if one is a professional. It appears that both 'leapfrog’ and 'leapsheep’ derive from the same Aramaic word, 'hleEphroOgh’, meaning 'hop on the back of a milk-yielding ungulate’, but the original 2nd century English translator was incompetent or drunk and didn’t know his 'phroOghs’ from his ungulates.

God had played leapsheep for six days, and on the seventh, exhausted, he fell into a deep sleep u


odoo o d o o d ompa Oo ompa O

Oy ! Louis Armstrong, shut it !

The boss needs to get some rest !

And as god is not one to do things by halves, he slept for 100 years

During the next 100 years, god’s best friend did not cease from mental fight, nor did his brush sleep in his hand, till he’d refined god’s sketches all, and made them brilliant, detailed, and grand


And at the end of 100 years and many cups of coffee (and not 6 days as certain pale imitations of our book claim) the creation of the animal world was complete Right. I’ll put the lepidoptera next to the hymenoptera and diptera

The Pinnipedia will go with the sirenia, right next to the proboscidea and hyracoidea

If the wind gets up I’ve had it !

And after a century of golden slumber, god awoke ! Yaaawwwnnn ... I slept like a logarithm

Damn right, the clock’s sure gone round a few times, boss

And when you’ve drunk your coffee, I’ve got something to show you

These, boss, are the notes I took while you were talking in your sleep. You gave me a list and description of 8.7 million living creatures.

What’s all this, sheep ? And I want the truth !

How long did I sleep ? Bang on 100 years Bloody hell ! I’m something else, no ?

Not only have these millions of creatures been superbly thought up by yours truly (which will surprise no-one), but they’ve been brilliantly drawn by you (which will surprise everyone)

OKAAY You lot, the musicians ! If any of you snitch and tell him it was me who did everything while he was snoring ...

I’ll stick your trumpets down your miserable throats ! OK ??



In the name of the powers invested in me by me, I hereby bestow on you the Order of Great Sheepishness, and especially for you I will invent Woolite ®

And then we’ll go and have a drink

I don’t think I’ve ever been so moved in my life

I won’t say no

I’ll tell you something for nothing, pal: there’s something missing in my 8.7 million creatures. Itza hellofalot an’ it’ll soon be a real pear-shaped dog’s dinner ...

Who’ll look after that lot ? Who’ll milk the cows ? Who’ll eat the fruit ?

This Mouton-Rothschild goes down like a ewe’s udder at sunset !*

An’ who’re the mosquitoes 'n wasps gonna sting ?

* Bilingual sheep Joke, only understood by bilingual sheep

An’ who’ll mow the lawn ?

An’ who’ll take the dog out for a walk ?

I’m tellin’ you, my friend, I’ll have to create a sheepdogslavedriver-kindaanimal to manage this mess You mean like a monkey, but with an opposable thumb ... ?

You know what, boss ? If I was you I’d create a being in my own likeness

Why in your own likeness ? Not mine, yours !

So why do you say ' my ' if you mean me

I don’t have any shoes. An’ who do you think you are anyway, sheep, putting yourself in god’s shoes ?! You could get into some seeerious trouble with an attitude like that. But you’re a lucky sheep. know why ? Because god is love !

God only knows what you’d do without me

I’m putting myself in your shoes

An’ I’ll shay one more thing, Seep ...

What ?

Let’s have one last one at my place. And then to bed ... or not to bed ? That is the question ! To dye ... a sheep ? For with red sheep in bed what rams may come, and give us paws. Ha !!! *

* These are god’s actual words. A soon-to-be famous English playwright, himself equally drunk, read these words, got them wrong, and put them in the mouth of his most famous hero. His version has, erroneously, gone down in history.

... and so, teetering and tottering and chatting away merrily, the two friends wandered home, without the slightest idea that the next day would change the world for ever ...

And on the following day, god tried to create man

Something like that... ?

What do you think ? I think it’s not a great idea to create man with a mega hangover ! I’m going to get some ice cubes

to put on my head

Holy shit, My head !

Never again ! I’m never touching another drop

Ohhh my me, Ohhh my meeee ....

Never again !

It’s a funny colour, this ice

Where did you get the ice cubes ? The freezer in the cellar Why ?

But that means ...

The kid’s defrocked ... er, defrosted !

What kid?


Oh my god ! I mean ... Oh my me !

Oh no !!

What ? Who ?

Bloody hell !

Boss! Lamb of god !

Lord of lords ! He looks awwwful !

We’ll have to do something with the kid, now he’s defrosted How about a little resurrection ? Bring him back to life. Make the first man !

Err ... Huh ?

That’s not a bad idea ! I Just have to remember the magic words

Abroucoudoubrou ?

No !

Abrin kindin brin ?

Have you tried

Abrocodobro ... Merde !

Abreuquedeubreu ?

Abrancandanbran ? Ab ba ... no not Abba ! Scheise !

our We wanbtack ! money

Boooo !

Cheat !

Give us our ! money back

Yeees !

a a w

! h a a a

I did it !

Why’s he yelling like that ?

I think he’s hungry

Well then, give him something to eat !

Do you have any breast milk ?

Er ... no Me neither, so here you are. You sort something out. I’m going to do the birth announcement



shee e h t e v e t and s

nounce n a o t y p p are hahe birth of t

by a young bag)

(49cm 3.6k mankind u h f o n a the first m ening The chrbiestheld will nts’ home e at the par

Looks perfect. When can you print it ?

We’ll have the cards in 2 days, boss

Ahhh isn’t he cute ! But, wow, they shit a lot at that age, don’t they ?

I’ll go and get some diapers before Tesco closes

... otherwise it’ll be shit central on the clouds tonight

Do you have any cash ? I don’t have any on me

Why Balthazaw always carry white man’s burden ?

We are the three kings and we bring gold, frankincense and myrrh for the child Jesus, son of Joseph and mary

Sowwy but la lady of la houth no here an I don’ know nuuthin’ ... en nobody here con este name que vos sayin’

Sowwy para you Journey, un cold coming you had of it !

so be it. We shall return on Tuesday to shake his little handy-pandy

All the angels in heaven were invited to the christening and each gave a gift to the first man ... I gift you the love of football and fast cars And I, the eternal Joy of ironing ... for your wife

And my gift is greed, and a good head for business

I give you the power to drive on the wrong side of the road when you’re pissed out of your mind

And why wasn’t I invited ?!

so ... we christen the first man of mankind and invite everybody ... but forget to invite the mother ? Oh my god ! The wife ! The shit’s really going to hit the fan ...

Listen Margaret, this is really not a good time for a domestic. Don’t forget that it was you who put our baby in the freezer ...

... that you killed and cooked my best friend the sheep, and that generally you’ve been a real pain in the arse. But ... I’m ready to overlook all that

if you promise to lighten up and lose the attitude

It is true that you should have had an invitation to the christening, but you know how unreliable the post is ...

How sweet he’s become, my lovely man, since he started playing mummy

And he’s sooo cute, the little pinky pinky baby Mummikins hopes he didn’t catch a coldywoldy in that nasty freezer

Gaga gaga ... doodoodoo ! Who’s a pretty little mummy’s boy then ?

Mmmmh ?

Do you think I’m a total idiot ? An’ you thought you could soften me up with this lump of warm meat ?!

You have no idea who you’re dealing with here !

I’ll stuff your talc where the sun never shines, baby

Ha Ha, so we forgot to invite the wicked witch, did we ? So big boy, as a punishment I’m going to stick one hell’s mother of a curse on his sorry human ass ! Whatever he chooses and whatever he does, he will fuck it up like a total asshole Everywhere and forever !

Up yours!

And it was the saddest day in all the history of humankind

ha! ha! ha!

All rights reserved

Quiz of the day: There is a pair of testicles hidden in the clouds. Can you spot them ?

So god, in his great wisdom, said : What you Just did was really not very nice, Margaret, and I’m very upset

I really thought we could make a fresh start and be the perfect family And instead, you’ve come and ruined the baby’s party with your curse. But I shall do everything I can to help him escape your evil spell. Just you wait. You’ll see what we’re made of. Now, leave.

But once god’s wife had gone, our friends were left holding the baby, like two real Jerks I have a funny feeling shared custody is out, and I think we’re going to have to look after him ourselves

You’re not wrong ! However ... we should pass a law, because some people will say that a child needs a father and a mother and that it’ll harm his development to be brought up by two men, one of whom is a sheep

Our two buddies quickly learned the small caring gestures of all young parents, and god said :

Agagaga BidooBidoo Who’s daddy’s baby den ?

You cutie-putie Who’s a giggly-wiggly baby ?

There’s a big bottle of milkywilk waiting for you at home


Ohhh !! Thingy’s hungry again ! You’d better feed him


1. I’m not the maid 2. today’s the 8th of March, International sheep’s Day 3. Maybe we should find a name for thingy ? s 6 day n i e nd o M

We could call him bilbo but that’s doesn’t sound serious enough for the first man of humankind

Or Jimi but then he’d be another colour

or marilyn but that’s a bit effeminate ... not bad! write it down, and I’m off to bed

What do you think of Jesus ?

Imeofftobed isn’t bad, but it’s a bit long I propose we sleep on it

Where the hell did I put it ? Little bo peep has lost her teeth ...

Ah, damn and blast!! Have you seen my tooth brush ?

Why is he calling me Ahdam ?

Nice name. but it Needs shortening a bit Time for bed, sheep !

Young Ahdam - sorry Adam - grew up in a happy family atmosphere and became a determined and helpful little boy When you’ve finished sweeping the terrace, go and get us another fruit Juice !

This is all so cool !

What a great idea to have created mankind so utterly devoted to me

Whatever you say

For me, apple, pear and grape

And me mango Hey, see the little man go ! Ha! Ha!

He’s so cute ! That hairstyle really suits him.

It so does

Get a move on, dude

One, two, one, two !

You know what ? Doing nothing ... it is good !

Those apples are not ripe yet. He’s comatose and traumatized, poor thing !

* Translator’s note: Why is a whole page devoted to a pile of apples, you may ask ? Well ... “ fall into apples  “ in french means to faint. Honestly, all that ink for one silly pun !

I feel bad boss, it was me who asked you to invent them. I so like a granny smith And I don’t like to criticize, but you made banana skin much too slippery

How is he ?

He’s been locked in there for 2 hours. He must have swallowed 5 pounds of unripe apples

He’s become a real apple core processor. Think what that’s done to his insides

But when he’d recovered from his tummy upset, young adam went back to being a young boy like any other young boy ... er that is he went back to being a young boy chasing flies, ripping the wings off butterflies, cutting worms in two to see if both bits grew back ... in a word, he kept himself busy in the garden of eden

Adam started to grow hair round his willy and became a handsome young man Uncle steve, I’m really hungry ! Can I Have an apple ?

No, no ! No apples You fell into a pile of apples when you were little *

Apple sauce ? same thing. Your father doesn’t want you to !

Apple Juice ? Are you stupid or what ?

* Translator’s note: You’re a comics freak, right ? You’ve read Asterix ? Where Obelix falls into the magic potion when he’s a kid so Asterix refuses to let him ever have any more? Well Mr Geluck is alluding to this monument of comicdom ... Adam can’t ever have any apples because he fell into them when he was a kid. Gettit ? so tiresome all this ... .

And then adam began to feel the first stirrings of adolescence. But our young friend didn’t know where to direct his impulses. So he started chatting up anything that moved

Hello darling, would you like a sweet ?

And driven by his bubbling hormones, our hero tried everything, and I mean everything ...

Everybody told me I was acting like a pig, so I thought I’d find one and ask for a date

Come here my dearest !

I’d never seen a beaver, and I must say I’m impressed !

If you only knew how long I’ve been dreaming about pussy

Young Adam found himself reJected by every female in the whole of creation, so he came looking for comfort to his father’s best friend Uncle Steve can we play leapsheep, please uncle steve

Pleeease !

Come on !

Hey Adam, are you crazy ?

Get off my rump this minute !

that’s not how you play it

Wait here while I go and get the rules

those hooooonky tonk women gimme the honky tonk bluuuues

Boss ! boss !

We’re in deep shii.. ..iit !

What now ?

And god was appalled to learn that his own son was acting like a real dickhead

My god, my god ! ... I mean my I, myself. How could I have fathered someone so gross ?

No good complaining, boss. You gave your creatures dicks and pussies, so it’s perfectly understandable they should want to use them. And you did tell them to go forth and multiply ...

I thought Adam would be different

You must be Joking ! And he’s hung like a stallion. Hadn’t you noticed ?

You need to find him a female, poor kid

That’ll calm him down

Adam, my friend, your father and I were thinking that you must be getting a bit bored by yourself, and that maybe the time has come to find you a playmate, so you don’t feel so alone

So, what do you think ?

err ...

Of course it’s only a sketch, I still have to work on it a bit ...

She looks nice, but honestly I pictured something a bit different ... physically

Oh, OK. I think she’s quite feminine myself, but tastes differ I suppose

Tell me what you’d like her to look like and I’ll try to fix it

Yeah! That’s great ! Just add a bit more tit ... Perfect !

That’s made me hungry. I’d love an apple

Do you prefer blondes or redheads, before I colour her in No apples ! You fell into a pile of them when you were little and were very sick. Your uncle steve did a great Job nursing you back to health

And the next day, god created woman and named her eve

Yves ? No, Eve !

So you are Adam ?

That’s me. And I have to tell you that ...

... you’re much more beautiful than all the cows, monkeys, turkeys, giraffes and cod ...

... that I’ve ever met

Where are you taking me, Adam ?

Ah ! Ha Ha ! I can see you can’t wait ! I’m taking you to meet your destiny

A few dishes to do

God was so busy creating the world that they piled up a bit So, if you could start with that ... I have a meeting with some colleagues

And so the days, weeks and years passed in this real little heaven on earth ... Adaaam !! Dinner’s ready !

You must excuse me, my friends. Duty calls

Ha Ha Looks like she’s a good cook, your wife. You’ve put on a bit a weight

Holy shit ! How does he know everything about everything ? He’s going to fleece us again

Looks like you enJoyed it ... your Duck pâté, roast boar & goat cheese

Don’t eat too much dessert, darling, it’s fattening

It’s sooo good I can’t stop

Your pie is to die for ! What is it ?

Apples ???!!

I strictly forbade him from eating apples !!

Adam, I am very disappointed in you. Your behaviour is unacceptable and you will be punished

I’d never noticed that your face looks like your dick For the apple thing, it was her not me Your dick?

No, Eve

Little snitch ! stoolly ! Creep !

I have before me, your honour, the proof that my clients are not guilty of the accusations brought against them, because ...

I know. It grows when I’m upset Weird ! You have a beard

Carry on, Counsel, carry on ...

That’s why I’m here, Counsel

Judge for yourself

Foundedvin minus fi e billion years

Le Monde in 6 days

er was there !

Our photograph Tell me child, e to would you lik us bake a delicio your apple pie for husband ?

Published Monday to saturday. No edition on Sunday

How kind of you, old lady !

I was Just going to the shop, so you’ve saved me a lot of time

Ladies and gentlemen of the Jury. What is your verdict ?


You are banished from the Garden of Eden because you ate apples and I’d told you not to. From now on, you’re on your own !

Out ! The Exit’s that way

But lord, we’re stark naked, we can’t go out like this ! Give us at least a bathrobe or a towel or even a fig leaf

I think he’ll need a banana leaf

Well, no more welfare state for us, my dear. It’s a small kick in the butt for us, but a huge kick up the ass for mankind

That’s all very poetic ... but I’ve got nothing to wear, and we’ve got nothing to eat, and no home

You’ll have to find a Job, my friend, because it’s not what you win at cards that’s going to feed us and put a roof over our heads

A few days later ... What are you lot doing here ?

Same as you he found out we’d eaten apples and that really pissed him off so he threw us out too

If he didn’t want us to eat apples, why did he create them ?

It was steve the sheep’s idea, but god does enJoy making apple schnapps and cider

He does drink a lot for someone in his position

If he throws everybody out, he’ll be bored silly by himself. He’ll have no friends, Just apples !

He can always watch porn on his iPad ! And the sheep can watch movies on ewe tube ! Ha Ha

take that, Jack !!!

As winter approached and his wife had nothing to wear, Adam finally started acting like the first real man

Sorry, pal, but from now on it’s every man for himself

Look what I got you, honey

Oh, Adam !

It’s beautiful ! You’re such a sweetheart !

Adam and Eve set up home in a little cave where they were happy and had lots of children, whose names were Cain, Abel, seth, Heareth, Thinketh, Doeth and sneezy ...

And Adam and Eve had many more children who fornicated and reproduced amongst themselves, without thinking for one moment that consanguinity can lead to serious degenerescence. But the descendants of the first man and woman became great hunters

Don’t hurt yourselves, children

And then one day Cain and Sneezy had a big argument ... It’s mine ! I saw it first !

sonofabitch !

Your arrow only wounded it

It was mine that killed it !

Bastard !

And in a moment of rage, Cain smashed his brother’s skull, starting a tradition of violence which mankind has called its own from then onwards, everywhere and forever Here’s one for your fat paleolithic face Owww !

Have you seen that, boss ?

What a mess ! What a fucking mess !

Infamy, Infamy, why do they have it in for me ? Pooo bwana ! He sad maan, mon !

My creatures are morons & retards. I’ve screwed up again. Gabriel, go and get Noah. I need to talk to him ...

I shall be your ark angel, lord

Here’s my plan, gentlemen: I’m going to drown them all in a flood

We’ll save a hetero couple from each species to ensure the continuation of life on earth, because I’m getting pissed off starting from scratch every time

And you, Noah, will build an ark to carry them all

Jawohl, mein führer

While Steve the sheep took care of rounding up a male and a female of every sub-species in the animal kingdom ... Come on guys, no slacking and no farting. Think of those behind

Woof woof

... in secret, Noah started building an enormous ark

Hi Noah! What are you doing ?

Err ... Nothing, nothing Just a few odd Jobs

Now, Adam and Eve suspected there was something iffy going on, so they dressed up, got in the line and tried to draw it, thereby creating mankind’s first zeugma * * Translator’s note: I’ve never met such a pretentious author in my whole career.

Ominous black clouds had gathered in the sky and rain had started to fall when the procession reached Noah’s construction site

Come and shelter under my ark, you lucky little buggers !

What ?


I don’t believe it ! I don’t believe it !

Are you sure ?

He’s even more stupid than all the rest !


What the f... are you What is this bullshit ?!!!

I’m so sorry, mein führer ! I must have misunderstood

Gotcha !!

That was a good one, wasn’t it boss ?

It was a Joke !

Humour was born, and god saw that it was good, and he laughed till he cried for 40 days and 40 nights, and his tears swelled over the land until the highest mountains were covered

And the ark rode the vast waters, through corpses, putrefying carcasses, and a few exhausted creatures begging to be saved... but an order, as they say, is an order ... Noah row the boat ashore, alleluya

With god on our side

Help !

Glug Glug

And at the dawn of the 150th day, without anybody knowing where the 4 billion billion (4,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) cubic-litres-of-water-needed-to-cover-theearth-up-to-the-top-of-the-mountains ... had gone, Noah’s Ark landed on Mount Ararat, and the passengers were happy to stretch their legs, even if some of them would have preferred not to bump into their old man or old lady after 5 months of promiscuity with the other passengers ... You spent a lot of time with that crane

I told you sheila, it’s not true

G’luck to ya Bruce, if ya wanna leave me for that dingo

I told you, it was Just business, she’s in construction

He was nothing more than a fluffy toy to me I couldn’t bear to see you with that grizzly, Ted

Twitter twitter

Well ? You fancied that young zebu, didn’t you ?

I promise I won’t see her again !

Of course I wasn’t running after her. There wasn’t enough room

google google

Don’t you fancy me any more ?

I saw you with that rottweiler

It was Just puppy love !

Of course I do, my little humptydumpty !

Don’t lie, you were with him from dawn till tusk !

And whose ears were flapping around that flamingo ?

It was love at first bite That tiger couldn’t keep his claws off you !

I heard you say she was cute enough to eat

It was purely gastronomical. Nothing physical

I saw you with that boycow, mooing away

I feel so used, so unclean !

I was a virgin. It was the first time I’d taken a bull by the horns

Don’t you ever see that bitch again !

When Noah found out that Adam and Eve had cheated to save their skins and stolen food from the rabbits, he was very angry. But as he could do nothing about it, he put his mind and body to the most important thing of all - peopling the earth with humans. So Noah did, did again, and did again and again what he had to do ... with Mrs Noah.

Every time we get bollocked, it’s about food !

First apples and now carrots !

And the earth was peopled with the descendants of Noah and Naohmi : Ham, Sham, Tush, Pout, and Canine (wikipedia only mentions one female, and that’s... Oprah). But once there were enough of them - as if it was their destiny - the men started beating the shit out of each other. Only a small few seemed to get on

I’m curating an exhibition of ancient tools in a gallery in Sodom. Would you like to come ?

Oy ! You ! The artist ! Bugger off or I’ll stick yer brushes where the sun don’t shine

Love to ! I’m like so into tools ! When’s the opening ?

And if relations between men could often be stormy, those between wives and husbands were no less complicated ...

Where are you off to again ?

Er ... nowhere my darling !

The firm’s organising a seminar in Gomorrah

Some time later, not in Gomorrah, but in Sodom ... Y.M.C.A. ... you’ll find it at the Y.M.C.A. !! ... you can hang out with all the boys ... Y.M.C.A.

Oolalalala ! I don’t like that sort of behaviour !

It starts with a party between friends, then everybody drinks a bit too much, and 6000 years later they’re asking for marriage for everyone

BoOm ! Sodom is history !

So you’re not worried about being called a big fat homophobic reactionary, then ?

I want to know if I should carry on being Jerked off by the human race

I see ... I see ... that they’ll never change

They’re assholes and they’ll stay assholes till the end of time

If I were you, I’d find someone you can trust and give him your Job

So, my good fellows, I think we have done everything divinely possible, and the time has come to let mankind sort itself out

What I need is someone who is totally trustworthy, who was born into a people of my choosing, and who will be my representative on earth

Here I am !

He said 'someone’ not 'somesheep’, dumbo !

And-I-de-signate-thecho-sen-people-to-be ...

... these !

The Belgians ! Never heard of them !

Take me to Brussels in Belgium

* Translator’s note: Dear reader, as we approach the dénouement of this story (a big word for such a flimsy affair in my opinion ...) I’d like to thank you for staying with me. But then ... why would anyone choose to read French when they can read English ?

And god rang the doorbell of he-whom-he-had-chosen-amongst-the-chosen-people

I hope he’s in !

Are you Philippe Geluck ?

That’s me, yes

May I enquire who’s asking ?

I am god and I have come to speak with you

Sorry, but if you don’t have an appointment, I can’t see you

Is he taking the piss or what ?

! m a a a sl

Just Joking, lord ! Come in, come in !

You should have seen your face !

That’s what I was thinking ...

So, your holiness. Why have you come ringing my bell... gium ?! Gettit ? Ho ! Ho ! Ho !

Would you like a drink ?

It’s a long story, my dear Geluck, and I think only you can help me

So god told his incredible story to Geluck who took copious notes so he wouldn’t forget anything

wow !

This may all sound pretty weird, my dear geluck, but it’s the holy truth, and nothing but the truth

All I ask you now is to tell this story - with a few illustrations - and to pass on my message to today’s and to future generations

And then there And I brought are things I feel you a few personal pretty strongly about : notes which sum up 'you only one life, in 11 points the broad so enJoy ithave ', lines of my thinking ' don’t piss other people off ', ' don’t think that your idea is necessarily I’m not very better than comfortable with the someone first 4 points - it’s a else’s', lot of self-promotion ' look after - things like ' I am the those you only god', ' you shall love', have no other gods etc. etc. before me' ...

But the most important one is the 11th commandment: 'you shall laugh at everything, because we’re all going to die one day and only humour can give you a bit of perspective on life’s ups and downs'

To spread my word, you shall publish comic books

Your will shall be done, lord

And if people ask you for posters, mugs, chocolates or fluffy toys, make them for me, make them for your brothers, do it to protect them from evil

And now I’m going to reveal to you my first Joke

And so it was that geluck set forth on the paths of righteousness, selflessly spreading the good word of god, and so saved mankind from the doom and gloom into which it was sinking

A man went

into a bar, and ...

... reggae rasta reggae rasta reggae ... So de god mon rode yaweh ... wid pride an’ allahcriteh ... an’ he nevah look Jehovah him shoulda, To see Geluck he gettin’ balda an’ more oldah ...

That turned out well

didn’t it, gromit ?

I always believed in you, boss

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