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Celebrated on February 1 in the northern hemisphere and August 1 in the southern hemisphere. Often called Candlemas or

Brigid’s Day, Imbolc marks a time when

life starts to reappear after the slumber and darkness of winter. Use this time to

celebrate fertility, love, and creativity. -Ambrosia from The Spell Book for New Witches

Lukas Gojda

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“These words herein are from me to you, each picture, thought, and quote we imbue. This issue reflects the knowledge I have to share, use each spell, ritual, and work with care.”

February marks the time to welcome and look to the coming Spring, honor the goddess Frigga, celebrate the sabbat Imbolc, and explore self-love, leap year magick, numerology, flower essences, and connecting with nature. No matter what your path is, there’s always something that can enrich and elevate your practice! Please also note, we cannot guarantee any outcomes from the content of this magazine, but please don't give up on the magick within you!

Blessed be witches,

Ambrosia Hawthorn

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The Spell Book for New Witches: Essential Spells to Change Your Life

A New Dictionary of Fairies

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By Morgan Daimler Fairies are a challenging subject, intertwining culture, folklore, and anecdotal accounts across centuries and millennia. Focusing primarily on the Celtic speaking cultures, with some material from adjacent cultures including Anglo-Saxon and Norse, A New Dictionary of Fairies has indepth entries on a variety of fairies as well as subjects related to them, such as why we picture elves with pointed ears or where the idea of fairies being invisible comes from. It also tackles more complicated topics like the nature and physicality of the fairy people. Anyone with an interest in feiries will find this book a solid resource to draw from. Available at John Hunt Publishing.

The Hidden Goddess by Laurie Martin-Gardner

The Hidden Goddess delves into the Bible to uncover the goddesses that have been buried within it. As well as discussing familiar figures such as Eve and Mary, the book also features Asherah, Sophia, Lilith, and others, exploring their histories, their roles in early Judaic Christian belief and their subsequent suppression. Available at John Hunt Publishing. 7

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with the goddess Brigid or Frigga, and practical

During February, enjoy the sabbat Imbolc, work love magick.

Dive into all forms of love and relationships

between yourself and your family, friends, food, and other areas in your life and how to improve them.

Self-love is the starting point for being able to

truly and selflessly love and show love to others. Without loving yourself, it is hard to be

completely selfless in a relationship with anyone.


How to use Leap Year Magick For Love The leap year is made for reaching for the stars!


leap year happens once every four years, when February 29th is added to the Gregorian calendar and the year has 366 days instead of the usual 365. That makes the extra day not only rare but also extremely powerful if used the right way. And, since February is a month full of love, we’re going to focus on ways you can use that power to attract romance to your life this leap year. Ironically, one of the leap year traditions from Ireland is known as Bachelor’s Day. On Leap Day, women were “allowed” to propose marriage to men. While that may sound normal today, in medieval times that practice wasn’t accepted. In much the same way, leap year allows for the possibility that the impossible could become possible. You should use this to your advantage! Start by setting your intentions. Choose your own or try one of these: • to attract a new love • to rekindle an old flame • to reignite passion • to encourage self-love Whatever intention you decide to set, the key is making sure that you believe in it fully. To continue, choose a deity to invoke when casting your spell. As there are no specific deities associated with leap year, you can choose any that come from the specific


pantheon you work with or a more general love deity like: •Aphrodite •Eros •Freyja Next, think carefully about the words you plan to say. Remember, your words hold power, and they shouldn’t be taken lightly. You can say as little or as much as you want, and in addition to your words, you could also use the ever-so-popular and powerful activation sentence “so mote it be.” Some witches choose to use physical objects to further power their spell, like herbs or crystals. You can use them alone or in charm bags or jars. Herbs options for love spells: • catnip • lavender • rosemary • yarrow Crystal options for love spells: • amber • rose quartz • Amazon River stone Regardless of the spell you choose to cast or what your intention is, remember that the leap year is a time for reaching for the stars. Don’t be afraid to ask for things that you previously have written off as being unattainable. This is the day to dream big!

Love Magick: How to Keep it from Backfiring By Mike Sexton


mbolc is all about new beginnings. This is the time of year when we start to look forward to the warmer, sunnier days ahead of spring, and even though, for many of us, the weather is still quite cold. You probably still have a lot of snow all over your yard. Imbolc is a wonderful time to start making those first steps towards the warmer months. Many use Imbolc time to get ideas together for what they want to do in their yards, what plants they wish to grow this year, and what changes they may want to make after being cooped up for the long nights of late autumn and early winter. However, Imbolc is also a great time to think about love and relationships. This doesn’t always have to mean a romantic relationship. You may want to form a better bond with your family members, your children, siblings, even parents since as we get older, distance can make us

grow apart from those we truly love. You may also be alone, and you would like to find someone to share your time and your life with, so your thoughts might lead you to perform love magick, especially if you have someone in mind that you are attracted to, but they haven’t shown you any interest. It can be extremely tempting to perform a spell or ritual to have that person fall in love with you. There are many who will tell you that performing love magick is a big NONO, and in many ways, they’re correct. You see, if you perform a ritual or a spell to have a specific person fall in love with you, there are several things that can go very wrong. If you’re a witch or Wiccan who believes in not taking away someone’s free will, well, then this is a big issue with such magick is because if you perform a spell/ritual to have a specific person fall for you, you’re, in essence,

removing their free will. It doesn’t matter if you think they do like you but just haven’t had the courage to come to you or if you believe in your heart that you’re meant to be with this person. This is problem number one. Another problem is, even if you don’t believe or care about taking away someone’s free will in the name of “love,” you could end up with someone that you’re attracted to now. Still, down the road, you may be so annoyed with their personality, their habits, their lifestyle or you may realize you don’t really love this person and then you have someone who, in many cases, won’t leave you because they’re still affected by the magick you performed on them. This can lead to that person being depressed, even suicidal, and not to mention, it can also get dangerous for you because if the person is so infatuated with you because of the


magick you performed on them, they could become a stalker or even worse. These are a few reasons why performing love magick on a specific person is a bad idea. That being said, there is a positive and safe way you can perform such magick, and that is to let the universe know the type of person you’re looking for. Rituals could share the qualities you would like the other person to have, maybe even some of the physical traits you look for in a partner and in this way you’re letting the universe know you’re ready to find your partner, but here, you’re not trying to have a specific person be your mate. Rather, you’re letting the magick help you discover the right person based on the qualities you look for and so on. Some people might still consider this kind of love magick a no-no, but in my opinion, it’s perfectly fine to do something like this because you’re asking for help in finding the right person; you’re not trying to


say, “Universe, I’d like you to help Michelle fall in love with me so we can be married and have two kids.” Granted now, even if you perform such love magick you’re still going to have to be in positions where finding a new relationship is possible. You can’t cast a love spell to find the right person and then stay at home 24/7 and still expect that person to come knocking on your door. Attend parties, socialize with your co-workers, maybe even join an online dating site. The universe is glad to help you fulfill your dreams, but the universe also wants you to put in the effort to make things happen in your life. Use love magick as a catalyst, a springboard, if you will, to help you find the right person for you and then do your part to make it happen as well. This way, you will have much better success at finding someone you could spend your life with.

Numerology for COMPATIBILITY T

he winter is ending, and spring is in the air. With the re-emergence of spring, many people find their thoughts turning towards romance. Whether or not you have a special someone or are hoping to attract one, numerology offers a fun and unique way for witches to figure out who they are compatible with. While there are a variety of different numbers in numerology that can help with understanding compatibility, the best one to look at is your “life path” number. To calculate this number, you’ll need your partner or potential partner’s full date of birth. For an example, we’ll use 8/23/1975. First, you’ll start by reducing each number - month, day, and year - to a single digit. Some people will stop at a master number as well, which are 11, 22, and 33. In this case, we’d get 8/2+3 = 5/1+9+7+5 = 22, which we’d then reduce further to get 8 + 5 + 22 = 35, then 3 + 5 = 8. 8 would be the final number. Does this make sense? It may take a few times to really “get” it, but once you do it’ll start to come naturally. There is a lot of in-depth information out there about life path numbers, so we’ll stick with a simple chart for compatibility. 1’s are most compatible with 3’s and 5’s. 2’s are most compatible with 2’s, 4’s, and 8’s. 3’s are most compatible with 1’s and 5’s. 4’s are most compatible with 2’s and 8’s. 5’s are most compatible with 1’s, 3’s, and 7’s. 6’s are most compatible with 6’s and 9’s. 7’s are most compatible with 5’s and 7’s. 8’s are most compatible with 2’s, 4’s, and 8’s. 9’s are most compatible with 6’s and 9’s. This isn’t to say that you can’t be compatible with people outside of those life numbers. However, it can definitely help you to understand the person you are attracted to better, which can naturally benefit your relationship. Start out your spring by learning more, not only about your partner, but about yourself. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to love and romance!




or those of us who struggle with the long cold darkness of winter, Imbolc is an especially poignant sabbat. Imbolc marks the passing of winter and celebrates the coming of spring. Also known as Candlemas, Imbolg, Oimelc, and Brigid’s Day, this sabbat is all about renewal, growth, birth, and rebirth. The return of the light is imminent, the Earth is being reborn, and the Sun King is about to take his throne! Along with the promise of sun and a potentially good harvest, Imbolc brings with it a feeling of hope. It is this hope that gets us through the remaining days of winter and instills a sense of anticipation and optimism about the future.

This sabbat is a great time to cast spells for cleansing, fertility, protection, truth, or awakening. It is also perfect for blessings and tool consecration. Creating an altar to mark the sabbats is a beautiful way to honor the passing seasons and celebrate the coming months. There is no right or wrong way to create an altar. No two witches are the same, and no two altars will look the same, even if the same instructions are followed. Intuition is the strongest tool of a witch and is extremely useful when creating your sacred space. This is simply a general guide and can be altered as each witch sees fit. 

Correspondences The first step in creating an altar is to check the correspondences for the sabbat. The correspondences for Imbolc are as follows: •Red, green, white, yellow •Bear, deer, lamb, phoenix •Amethyst, garnet, onyx, turquoise •Bread, cake, chamomile tea, milk •Brigid, Cerridwen, Persephone, Venus •Cernunnos, Eros, Herne, Pan •Acorns, basil, blackberry, bay, chamomile, lavender Correspondences are a great frame of reference for beginning your altar, which can be as simple or as elaborate as you like.


Creating your altar •Begin by cleansing your space. Dust your altar and cleanse it with natural ingredients, such as warm water, salt, and lemon. If you feel called to do so, use smoke to cleanse the area around your altar. Smoke cleansing is not essential, however, as the same results can be achieved using the sound from a bell or spraying a mist of moon water charged with crystals. •Once your space is cleansed, it is time to decorate it. Some people like to use an altar cloth as a base to work from. If you would like to use a cloth, try to find one in red, white, or green to reflect the correspondences above.  •Once your cloth is in place, you can begin to arrange your items. These may include white candles, fresh flowers, potted plants, or bulbs, Brigid’s crosses, corn dollies, milk, cakes, and herbs.  •Dress your candles with corresponding herbs and oils and place them on either side of the altar. Add your flowers and plants to create a backdrop for your altar. •If you have a statue of Imbolc gods and goddesses, or you prefer to use figures of the corresponding animals, place these in the center of your altar. It must be stressed that this is not an essential part of any sacred space; however, if you work with deities, spirits, or animals, then you may like to include them.  •Lay out any crystals you are using in a pattern around your altar to enhance the energy of your space and give any spell work an extra boost.  •Finally, add your offerings. These can be cakes or bread that you have baked or items that you have foraged from the forest. Their meaning is to honor the ancestors and offer up your thanks for the turning of the wheel.  •Once your altar is ready, you can perform any Imbolc rituals and spell work that you have prepared. 


Two Easy Ways To Practice Self-Love Only by giving yourself love, can you truly open yourself up to loving someone else in a healthy way.


o much of the focus

during February is on romantic love that we often forget the most important part of the puzzle, which is selflove. Without the ability to love and respect yourself, healthy relationships can feel out of your reach. Whether you have a partner or not, take time this month to practice some love magick for yourself. The first way to practice self-love is with a meditation. All you need to get started with a meditation is a quiet space and a little bit of your time. If you have never meditated before, don't worry. It’s easy to get started. Begin by sitting in a comfortable position in a undisruptive place. Some witches find it comfortable sitting in a


chair, while others prefer to sit on the floor. How and where you sit is up to you! Close your eyes and begin to focus on your breathing. When you feel yourself start to relax, switch your focus to let go of your thoughts and worries. Allow time to pass as you focus on only letting go. Once you’re in a calm state, you can place your dominant hand over the center of your chest. This is your heart chakra, the seat of love and healing. Breathe in and direct all of that breath and energy to your heart chakra. Feel it glowing and growing warmer. Then focus on feelings of love, care, and acceptance for yourself. Spend as much time as you need until positive feeling and emotion envelopes your being. For some, this may be ten minutes. For others it could be thirty.

Once you're ready to return to the present and bring yourself back to the physical world, slowly open your eyes. Infuse more energy into your meditation by saying an encouraging invocation such as “I love myself." The second way to practice self-love is with mirror magick. Mirror magick can help you build a positive image of yourself. Mirrors hold truth, although sometimes, our perception of that reality can be flawed depending on our self-image and self-esteem. Find a mirror and sit in a quiet place. Focus your gaze into the mirror and without judgement, breathe love into your being. With each breath, allow your energy to flow into your reflection and back into yourself. Work hard to fight

against any negative thoughts or feelings that may come up and, instead, focus on what you love about yourself. You may even want to go as far as complimenting yourself out loud. Words are powerful amplifiers. Continue until you're ready to to end your selflove session. Thank yourself and your body, focusing both mentally and physically. Repeat as often as necessary. You can also create a selflove mirror ritual by casting a sacred circle and inviting a love deity such as Aphrodite, Eros, or Freyja. If you choose to invite a deity, it's a wonderful idea to create an offering to thank them for their assistance. Self-love all too often gets overlooked in favor of romantic love. However, the importance of self-love is essential for developing a positive self-image. Only by giving yourself love, can you truly open yourself up to loving someone else in a healthy way.


Exclusive Interview with

Jessica Moon of Moon Bunny Tarot Jessica is an intuitive tarot reader and eclectic witch who is dedicated and passionate about helping others through her craft. In her work, she tries to help and to spread positivity wherever she can.

Can you tell us a little about you and your witchy background? My name is Jessica Moon. I’ve always been drawn to various types of art and the way it helps me connect to myself. I love to cook, paint, belly dance- these are all things that have made me feel so powerful, and all of these forms of art are found within my craft. Practicing witchcraft is an amazing way for me to create, express myself, and harness the power I have within and around me. From drawing and charging sigils to food magick, there is just so much art created. Tarot is what opened the door to witchcraft for me to begin with. I fell in love with the artwork of the Rider-Waite deck and just wanted to own this tarot deck to admire it in my own hands. I didn’t realize how powerful tarot reading would become for me. I also have to give credit to my young daughter, who collects crystals and would ask me what each crystal does. Eventually, I ended up


loving crystals too, and I became very inspired by them. What inspired you to create your business? It started when I discovered and understood what an incredible tool for growth, self-reflection, and healing tarot was. It gave me new perspectives, and it caused me to ask questions that I normally wouldn’t think to. Tarot was so special and empowering for me, so I wanted to share this with my friends and family. My loved ones insisted on paying me for my readings and pushed me to see that what I am offering has value and is something I can share with others outside of my circle. They spoke to me about the importance of having a balanced energy exchange, and opening a business was a great way to widen my reach. I absolutely love helping others and making connections with other people. I want to help them feel like they aren’t alone and empower them to take control of their lives.


What are some services you offer? My most popular service is my tarot readings, but I also make spell jars, intention oils, herbal sachets, and perform custom spellwork! I offer several types of tarot readings such as career, general life questions, conflict solving, but the most common are love, romance, and even selflove readings. My jars and intention oils are made with plants, herbs, and flowers all from my garden! And all my spellwork is done with spells I create and test out myself. Do you have any advice for beginner witches? Something useful for beginner witches and for opening up intuition is finding ways to ground yourself, which can be done through your craft! Feeling grounded and secure helps you better connect to your craft and, in turn, opens up your intuition that anxiety can sometimes cloud. Being ungrounded, insecure, and just feeling up in the air can cause a lot of self-doubts, which will affect your intuition because you don’t trust yourself or your power. My favorite way to ground myself is by literally imagining roots growing from my feet and deep into the Earth. Focusing on things to help open the root chakra can be helpful, too, such as carrying hematite in your pocket. Remember that not everything has to be perfect, aesthetically pleasing, or fancy. Stop comparing yourself to others. Work with what you have and remember that the power comes from


within you, no fancy tools. The witchy community is very friendly and open, so don’t be afraid to ask others for help or advice! We are all constantly growing and learning new things. I often find myself learning things and seeing new perspectives from beginner witches! Is there anything else you would like Witchology Magazine readers to know about you or your business? Yes! I want to share my favorite part of starting this business, which is all the connections I’ve made with other witches, my clients, and all the people who have shared their energy with me, whether it is a comment on a photo I posted, trusting me with their readings, or carrying around a spell jar that I created and put my heart into. I am very grateful for all of it, including this now shared energy and connection with the people of Witchology Magazine and any of you who read this! I am constantly surrounded by such strong positive energy and continue to grow and gain knowledge from each interaction! How can our readers connect with you? You can find me on Instargram: @moonbunny.tarot or on my website: www.moonbunnytarot.com.


Self-Love Bath Ritual By Jessica Moon


his bath ritual is meant to boost your self-love, self-worth, confidence, and remove negativity. It’s great if performed during full moons and whenever you need a boost of self-love! What you will need: • A piece of paper and pen • Rose quartz • Pink or white candle • White sage or any other cleansing tool of your choice • Special Salt mix (ingredients below) 1. Create Your Salt Bath Mix • Himalayan salt: cleansing; encourages love and friendship • Purple sage or common sage: break negative thought patterns and bad habits • Rosemary: attracts happiness; dispels negativity • Lavender: attracts love, peace, and happiness; calming • Rose petals: encourages feelings of security and love • Beetroot powder: opens the heart chakra; provides grounding and security Mix your ingredients together, so they are ready when you draw your bath. 2. Write Yourself a Letter Talk about your accomplishments no matter how big or small, compliment yourself, write encouraging words, and, most importantly, thank yourself for everything you have done. Fold it up and save it for later.

3. Cleanse Your Space & Prepare Your Bath Clean your tub and your bathroom to create a relaxing environment. Use the cleansing tool of your choice, whether it is white sage or incense. Be sure to cleanse every corner. Draw your bath and add your salt mix. Place your candle and rose quartz by the tub to help increase feelings of self-love. Make sure to keep the letter near the bath to read. Enjoy your bath and relax. Allow yourself to clear your mind.


4. Read Your Letter When you feel ready, read your letter to yourself. •Thank yourself for: •Enduring everything you’ve gone through •The fun you’ve had •The bath •The letter 5. Let Go of Harmful Negativity When you are ready to get out of the bath, first picture all the bad feelings, anything weighing you down, self-doubt, or negative thoughts to be leaving you, out of your fingertips, out of your toes, out of your head into the water. Then picture all that negativity going down the drain with the water as you say, “Negativity washed away. Positive thoughts are here to stay.” Blow out the candle if it is still lit and keep your rose quartz somewhere safe or carry it with you. I hope this bath ritual is useful for you and helps increase your feelings of selflove! It is something we could all use a little more of. 


Evaluating Love Tarot Spread 1.What is your role in your partnership?


2. What is your partner's role?

3.What was the foundation of your relationship?


4.What is the current state of your



5.Where is this relationship going?

4 5



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I Spent 20 Years Becoming a Witch, and the Results Were Magickal By Karla Freeling


s I perused my Instagram feed one morning, I stumbled upon a couple of posts regarding the article “I spent a week becoming a Witch, and the results were worrying.” After reading the article in its entirety and the hundreds of comments on Witches Society, I immediately knew what I wanted to do for the day: write this! This piece is not meant to disrespect the author in any way, as I believe in free speech. However, I find it extremely difficult to find credibility in a one-week trial of witchcraft. Spirituality, regardless of faith, cannot be forced and definitely not achieved in one week. I want to share with those reading this article what it means to me to be a witch, and what becoming a witch has been like for the past 20 years.


I embarked on my spiritual journey at the age of 13 (I will be 33 this year). Over the years, I have read countless books that have helped shape and mold the witch I am today. Even now, I learn something new every day, though I credit my devotion to the pursuit of knowledge. After all, those who do not seek wisdom seldom find it. I have spent considerable time volunteering at local churches, and have even served as a Sunday school teacher for children. This may seem contradictory to being a witch, but I, like many other witches, believe in all aspects of spiritual fitness regardless of the path you follow. As a witch and eclectic Pagan, I feel I must ensure those around me feel heard, understood, and accepted, regardless of their

path. I believe this quote from my mom says it best: “In my experience, witches love everyone, and these creators of magick do not judge anyone for what they believe. Still, it seems like those of different religions or points of view want to judge others. I am Catholic, and I don’t practice witchcraft, but I see what my daughter does and how she helps everyone, and I love it.” - Carmen Alvarado Witchcraft is not just about casting spells, performing incantations, or using sage, candles, crystals, and essential oils. The path to becoming a witch is unique to each person. It is something that must be felt, an intrinsic belief. Witchcraft is a religion to some and an art to others.

It’s something that existed long before Christianity, and regardless of what the media or Hollywood would you like you to believe, it is a way to be connected to the Deity and Mother Earth. We mostly exist to help those in need. We are men and women armed with love and ancestral wisdom. To turn yourself into a witch in one week is not possible. Let’s address my personal views on some of the things that were said in the article. I do not speak for the entire Pagan community, but I feel that some of my opinions will be common amongst many. In the article, the author states, “[My altar] doesn’t look anything like the Instagram-able extravaganza in the book, but at least it made me tidy my bedside table. By the end of the day, though, it has been joined by a light smattering of cat hair and my four-year-old’s lego Trex. Is the universe trying to tell me something?” My home is my altar. As I have grown and my family has grown, I can no longer claim a single spot (like I

used to) and say, “this is where the magic happens.” No, my entire home is magickal, Lego, and all. After the altar comment, the author discussed needing crystals to become a witch and stated she left the store at the mere sight of the price tags. While I love crystals and use them every day, they are not a requirement to become a Witch. I also know plenty of small shops that have very reasonable priced crystals. I have bought some for $5, and others for $300. This is a personal choice and is one that I make as I like to consider the scarcity, clarity, and size of the crystal being purchased. The money I spend on crystals and other religious implements does not define me as a witch. As I continued to read the article, a sentence jumped out at me: “I don’t believe [holding onto an acorn] offered me protection through the winter months, as the book claims; I just like the feel of it.” Exactly. She doesn’t believe it. A large part of witchcraft is about believing in things you cannot see with your

eyes. It is about truly being connected with the universe and believing in what others don’t. Nature is alive, and it communicates with us in ways nonbelievers cannot comprehend — the pattern of birds in flight or the blooming of trees that are not yet in season. There are omens and signs everywhere, but none of this matters if you have made up your mind that you don’t believe. Her article talks about using a piece of paper for a burning and banishing spell. She states: “I would have set [the paper] on fire, but I was too cynical to waste a match.” Sadly, this is the kind of thinking that will ensure your spell doesn’t work. To believe that a single match was worth more than your intention proves there was no real intent in the first place, and consequently, no real effort to become a witch. I have been doing spells and incantations for decades, and a clear and trusting mind is key. For example, I had zero doubt that my first pregnancy was a girl; it’s what I prayed for. Clear mind, clear intention.


She later wrote about doing a Tarot reading and being disappointed with the results. However, she admittedly got excited for a brief time when her “reading” seemed to shed some light on her struggle with creativity. There is a single, glaring problem here.

just wanted to inform me. I listened, and I allowed myself to receive the message with a clear mind. Instead of getting upset, I was able to talk with him. What I heard confirmed the power and validity of a proper Tarot reading. He remains to this day one of my greatest friends.

A widely-held belief is that one should lay out the meaning of each card before drawing them. This serves to avoid the confirmation bias she refers to, which is a real issue and, therefore, the reason behind defining them at the outset. I once did a Tarot spread and instantly knew that my ex-husband was cheating on me. I didn’t set out to divine this information. The signs and the cards were simply there.

Concerning witchcraft in a broad sense, we only receive what we allow ourselves to. Being skeptical and searching for a reason not to believe will get us nowhere. I was skeptical for years. This is why becoming a witch is a transformation that cannot be completed in a week or even a year. It is a lifelong endeavor that will eventually, if you are determined and open, lead you to become what others call an “elder.” These individuals have reached a level of understanding that helps mold and guide young Witches in the making.

I did not succumb to “confirmation bias,” as the article states. The meanings of each card were clearly defined from the start. My ex was a good guy (still is), so I was initially confused with the reading. I had been doing this long enough to know that it was real, that the Gods and universe were not out to hurt me, and they


I will leave you with this. The end of the article states: “...however benign or even beneficial the rituals, it’s all built on a wobbling base of bats***. No matter how

many spells we cast to ask the universe for help, the universe isn’t listening.” I, like most of you, can honestly say from years of experience that this could not be further from the truth. These are the words of someone who is struggling with their spiritual fitness, someone who does not understand what we are about and what we do. Instead of judging her, or being upset, I suggest we pray for her as a collective; as a unified body. Maybe one day she will be able to see the world the way we see it. Sadly, that day is not today, and that is okay.

What are Flower Essences and how do I use them? M

ost witches know about essential oils or have at least heard about them, but not nearly as many people are aware of the magickal properties and benefits of flower essences. A flower essence is a liquid that is extracted from the flower and used in a variety of ways to positively impact the life of the person using it. Just the simple smell of a flower essence can improve mood and reduce stress. This makes them incredibly powerful tools in any witch’s arsenal. This brings new meaning to the phrase “stop and smell the roses,” doesn’t it? Flower essences can be taken in two different ways, depending on what the user hopes to achieve. To use them: •Orally: Take 3 - 4 drops either in a beverage of your choice or under the tongue •Topically: Apply to pressure points at the wrist or temples, as well as any chakra points They can also be used to anoint any spell materials, which will add additional power to the magick if chosen correctly. Here are a few of the more

common flower essences and their most powerful uses: •Chamomile: Emotional positivity •Lavender: Physical relaxation, wisdom, self-expression •Jasmine: Healing from trauma •Rose: Love, the heart •Yarrow: Healthy boundaries In addition to being helpful with spells, the daily wearing of flower essences of any kind is also beneficial. It is said that it will keep the wearer more attuned to the earth and its many, subtle vibrations. Flower essences can be purchased from a variety of different vendors, but witches who want to make them at home can also do so easily. To make them at home, gather up a few supplies: •A small bowl (preferably glass) •Fresh spring or mountain water •A glass funnel •A 125ml amber glass bottle •A bottle of organic grain alcohol that is at least 40% ABV (such as vodka) Go outside and collect the flowers that you intend to use. It is best to do this respectfully, and on a sunny day. Fill the glass bowl with the water and set it in the sun as well. Then, gently let the


flowers drop into the bowl, and cover their surfaces only with water as well. Leave this outside in the sun for at least two hours, allowing no shadows to come into contact with it. A few hours later, use a natural product like a twig to remove the flowers from the glass bowl. Do not touch the water with your hands. Using the funnel, pour the water from the bowl into the bottle until it reaches the halfway point. Fill the rest of the way with the organic grain alcohol. This is considered the “mother� flower essence, and any usable product will be made from this bottle. All that needs to happen is to take seven drops of the flower essence and put them in a smaller (around 20ml) bottle, filling the remainder with organic grain alcohol. The options are endless! Enjoy your flower essences, and the powerful magick they can help you attain. Beware of picking plants and flowers, you know what exactly you're picking and beware of local pesticides, and toxic substances.


Standing Strong with the Green Woman By Monica Crosson


he Green Woman is linked with the land itself; she is anima mundi and Sovereign Goddess. In stories from ancient Greece, Mesopotamia, Ireland, and Wales, the rites of kingship included a ceremonial marriage between the king and the Goddess of the land. It was the king’s duty to uphold and protect the source of life, the land. In return, the Goddess would grant abundance for the king and the kingdom he ruled. But if he somehow broke the terms of the agreement, the land would turn to waste.

I see the image of the Green Woman as representing the world soul and the eternal cycles of growth and rebirth. She reminds us of our interconnectedness with the natural world and our unique and critical role in the well-being of our planet. Look to the Green Woman to reclaim your own sense of empowerment and find balance within yourself. Ground yourself regularly with physical contact to the soil, and as you do, remember the agreements once made between humankind and the Sovereign Goddess of the land. As women, we must remember we are sovereign unto ourselves, and to look at our own reflection is to see the Goddess. The Green Woman teaches us there is beauty in empowerment and balance

with acceptance, not only of ourselves but of other women. Our young girls need role models who hold each other up and revere the Goddess within each of us if we want to end mean-girl mentality. So, let’s unleash the wild Goddess within. Let’s pledge to be the one who makes the changes, expresses herself in her own fabulous way, stands up for injustice, and does not give in to envy. This ritual is intended for a group of women but can easily be altered for one. I have set it up pretty loosely because I believe that the words should not come from me, but flow organically from the women who will be sharing this intimate moment. You will need: •Floral wreaths for each member (directions below) •Green pillar candle •Floating candles •A large tub of water , or if you’re lucky enough to have access to a garden pool or pond, that would be an excellent place to hold this ritual Perform this ritual on an evening during the full moon as a celebration of the Goddess within every woman. Invoke the Green Woman in whatever form feels most empowering to you or your group.


Have the green pillar candle set up on a table or altar with the unlit tealights and the floral hair wreaths encircling it near a garden pool, pond, or your large tub of water. Circle the altar and starting in the Eastern quarter and working deosil, take a wreath and place it on the head of the person next to you- as you do so, say something positive about your strength or creativity. Everyone will take a floating candle and light it from the center pillar candle (representing the sovereign energy of the Green Woman). At this point, it is up to you or your group as to what to do or say before placing the floating candles on the water. Just remember to make it beautiful. Make it empowering. Make it all about you and the beautiful sister goddesses whom you are lucky enough to share your life with. Floral Hair Wreaths You will need: •Floral wire •Floral tape •Flowers and greenery for each person •Wire cutters garden snips (or heavy-duty scissors) •Ribbons (optional) Form a length of floral wire, form a circle loosely around your head. Cut the excess and use floral tape to wrap your circlet two times completely. Lay out the greenery and flowers in a design that is beautiful and uniquely you. When you are ready, trim the flowers and greenery, leaving only 2-3 inches of their stems. Use the floral tape to attach each piece to the crown by wrapping with the floral tape. If you would like to add colorful ribbons, you can either weave them around the flowers or tie lengths of ribbon from the back of your floral crown.


Ivan Kurmyshov



Other names: Butter Rose, Cowslip, Heaven’s key, Oxslip. Plant family: Primulaceae. There are over 400 species in the Primula genus of

the Primulaceae family, each a little different and unique. They come in all shapes, colours and forms. From the common and

original English cowslip (Primula veris), the oxslip (Primula

elatior) and the standard Primula vulgaris that come in yellow and golden hues. They are excellent nervines, and when brewed into a tea, provide stress-releasing benefits.

Primula vulgaris

Magickal properties: Protection, fae magick, and love.

Magickal workings: The wildflower growing in the garden protects from all adversities, and they also attract fairies. Carrying primrose attracts romance and love into your life. Scent profile: Sweet, dreamy. Actions: Antispasmodic, vermifuge, emetic, astringent. (Grieve)

Safety: Don't use internally if you're pregnant. Seek a professional before taking this plant internally. Correspondences: Venus, Earth.

The common primrose “is the most widely known of our English wild flowers,” writes Dr. Fernie (1914), “and appears in the Spring as its earliest herald,” while we in America are reduced to watching it grow in pots in the early spring. The name primula comes from the Latin primus, meaning first. It is native to low ground in northern Europe, where it has a reputation as a medicine. It is little used in North America. Primula contains flavonoids in the flowers, saponins in the rhizomes, and is astringent throughout. -Matthew Wood Author of The Earthwise Herbal




Sunstone is a member of the Feldspar family, and is named for its warm shades of gold, orange, reds and browns that sparkle like the sun. Inclusions of Hematite refract light between the different crystal layers and produce an iridescent effect as the stone is viewed from various angles. Sunstone resembles an orange opal, with a fiery, multicolored flash. Magickal properties: Protection, energy, and health. Magickal workings: Carry a sunstone to protect a sensitive spirit from toxicity and wards off negativity. Place one in the home before a white candle to spread protective energies through the house. A stone placed in a bag of healing herbs strengthens their energies. The sunstone is also carried or worn to lend extra physical energy to the body during times of stress or ill-health. Correspondences: Sun, Fire.

Frigga Although there aren’t as many accounts of her life and personality as her husband, Odin, the Norse goddess Frigga was just as important and powerful. She is often commonly lumped in with Freya but, although they both evolved from the same goddess, Frija, they were distinctly different goddesses.

Frigga is most often associated with the wife and mother role. She is also the goddess of destiny,

love, and marriage. Another unique aspect of Frigga is that she is the goddess of the sky, and was

the one responsible for “weaving” the clouds. This ability meant she also controlled the way rain and sunshine was able to reach the crops.

To work with her, there is some important information to be aware of. As she is a matriarch, she

should always be approached with respect. It is also said that prefers to work in a very clean space, and with female witches.

A fun way to invoke her is to involve her in any spell that includes weaving of any kind. This

could be hand weaving or with a loom. The key is to get into a quiet space and allow yourself to

stay open to anything she may want to tell you. Plus, at the end, you’ll have a craft that you can put on your magickal altar which will help you invoke her easily.

She can also be invoked to protect children. If your children are headed out on any journeys, invoke her name and her power to keep them safe on their travels.

One last way that Frigga can help out is by helping and healing relationships between mothers and daughters. If you’re having issues with either one, call to her and ask for guidance. Listen respectfully to what she has to say, and always thank her afterward.


The Quickening Moon


Change your life with this modern and enchanting spell book!

This spell book starts with an introduction to spell work, including performing spells, prepping your space, and channeling energy to access your power. Easy-to-follow spells will help you find lasting love, protect your family and friends, advance your career, and live the life you deserve. On the following pages, enjoy spells written by Ambrosia Hawthorn. The Spell Book for New Witches: Essential Spells to Change Your Life, by Ambrosia Hawthorn, published by Rockridge Press. Copyright Š 2020 by Callisto Media. All rights reserved. 39

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Druids are renowned for many things, but probably the most well-know is the Druid's skill in crafting potions. Along with the ancient wise-women, the progenitors of today's witches, the Druid, harmonize their potion crafting with the seasons.


s we approach the spring, we see the beginning of new growth and the blooming of the Spring flowers that signal the time to begin the crafting of the powerful and much sought after Druidic Love Potions. The vitality and purity of the early young flowers energize the ancient spiritual elements of the potions. This gives them a unique capacity to influence both the spell-caster and the subject, subtly attuning the one to the other, binding them as one by the bond of physical and spiritual love. If we are to understand and follow the sequential steps of the potion crafting in the paragraphs below, then we must first appreciate the beliefs underpinning them. The most important of these being the concept of the spiritual cardinals in all living things, one of the fundamental components of Druidic lore. Each living botanical is composed of three elements;

the material corporal mater, that gives it its physical presence; the spiritual, communal energy or world spirit that resides in every living thing; and its own individual spirit or personal energy that gives it its unique "personality." By separating each of these cardinals, refining them, and finally reuniting them, we elevate their power and influence and concentrate their effect. We shall go through these processes, step by step, in the following paragraphs. The crafting and casting of this particular potion is comprised of seven steps or successions. Each has a specific function, and each is vital in arriving at the final potion. The first is the selection of the appropriate botanicals. Selection – the first thing to bear in mind when selecting any botanicals for their use in potions is that you fully understand the benefits and dangers of whatever plant you

select along with the attributes it will bring to your working. These benefits will be affected by the location of the plant, the plants that surround it, its maturity, and the time of its harvesting. In this particular potion, we are using the most potent early flowering plant used for love potions, the primrose. So first, a little about the primrose: Harvesting – There are two primary considerations when harvesting any botanical; the first, that it should be harvested at sunrise when the dew is fresh upon the plant and the plant's energies are rising. The second is that you harvest all the components of the plant that contain the correct cardinals that you intend to employ. In the case of the primrose, we need to gather no more than a handful of plants, between ten to fifteen, depending upon their size. By late February, Primroses should be available in abundance and are easily recognizable. 45

If in any doubt, check the many sources available to help you confirm the identity of the Primrose before you begin. For this potion, you will need to harvest the flower-head and the leaves in equal numbers. You will need to plan your harvesting so that you can continue the crafting of the potion as soon as possible after you gather the flowers. Separating the Cardinals – as I mentioned above, we now need to separate the three cardinals, or spiritual essences, of the primrose so that we can refine them and then reunite them in their elevated state. We will do this by the process of maceration; soaking the plant components to allow their cardinals to be absorbed in the solution. First, we need to separate the cardinals. In the case of the primrose for this potion we will separate the petals from the flower head. The petals will release the individual energy of the primrose, the “personality" that defines the primrose, separating it from other plants and giving its unique attributes to the potion. The remaining flower head, containing all the reproductive elements of the plant, includes the "communal" or world energy of the primrose. This will provide the potion with its


potency and vitality. Thirdly, the leaves concentrate the material principle of the plant, giving the potion longevity and resilience. Having separated the cardinal elements of the primrose, we may now proceed to the maceration. Maceration – is the process of transferring the spiritual essences of the cardinals from their botanical source into the solution from which we will craft the potion. We do this by macerating them in a suitable solvent, in this case, Mooncleansed spring water. Once again, provenance is the key. Bottled water or tap water is not suitable. Fresh stream water collected from a pollution-free source is ideal. Alternatively, use gathered rainwater. In both cases, the water should be cleansed by a whole night's exposure to moonlight; a clear glass vessel containing the water placed in clear moonlight will do the job. The separated botanicals should then be placed in individual opaque vessels (I use earthenware bottles, sealed with cork stoppers), with just enough moon-cleansed water to cover them. This is typically about a quarter of a cup. All three vessels should then be sealed and placed securely in a light-free cupboard for a

minimum of two weeks (maximum of four weeks), by which time we are ready to start the refinement succession. Refining – refining the cardinals elevates them from the mundane to a higher spiritual essence prior to reuniting them in the completed potion. The first step in refining is to filter the solution to remove any solids. A simple way of doing this is to pass the solution through a coffee filter paper into a clean vessel. Repeat this filtering at least three times for each individual cardinal solution using clean new filters for each cardinal. Next, we concentrate the cardinal solutions by evaporation to remove some of the excess solvent (water). Using a tea-light candle, gently heat the cardinal solution in a heat-proof open vessel. Applying this gentle heat will slowly reduce the volume of the cardinal solvent, which needs to be reduced to half the original volume. This is a slow, thoughtful process, and as each cardinal is separately reduced, the crafter may take this time to meditate and vocalize any enchantment they feel appropriate.

There are no predetermined words to be vocalized as each potion is crafted by a specific crafter to enthrall a specific individual, so it is imperative that the crafter composes their own enchantment incorporating as many personalized elements as possible. What is always evident is that the enchantment, no matter how simple (most-times the simplest prove to be most effective), empowers and personalizes the potion making it much more powerful and entrancing. With each of the three cardinal solutions now refined and returned to their opaque storage bottles and sealed, we are now in a position to reunite the cardinals and cast their influence upon the person they have been crafted for. Reuniting – this is the simple succession of recombining the three individual cardinals to form the final love potion. This must be done as close as possible to the casting. Using a new, clean small opaque bottle, place five drops of the first cardinal into the bottle. This is followed by the same amount of the other two cardinals. Again, it is important that during this process, the crafter vocalizes their own empowerment

enchantment aimed specifically at the recipient. The remainder of the cardinal solutions must be retained as this is the only means of creating a reversal potion if, at a later date, the crafter wishes to reverse the enchantment and release the recipient from the fascination. The reunited potion is not sealed and kept safe until it is used to cast the enchantment.   Casting- this is the final stage of the enchantment. The casting is projected upon the person or the recipient with or without their knowledge by the crafter on the person for whom the potion was created. Again, an enchantment must be composed prior to the casting, and as the potion is cast upon the recipient, the enchantment is vocalized (as loudly as is appropriate, whispered if the potion is used in secret). The potion must come into direct contact with the recipient's skin, not their clothing if it is to be effective.

compose a simple, short enchantment that is vocalized during the casting of the releasing potion in the same way as before. If the reader is having difficulties in locating spring primrose, other spring flowers that may be used in exactly the same way are violet (very powerful and particularly suitable if you are casting the enchantment upon a similarminded recipient with their consent), or gorse flowers (most suitable for female recipients). If you wish to craft similar potions during the latter part of the spring or early summer, aim to use either daisy or dog rose for the greatest effect. For those readers wishing to explore the idea of Druidic botanical potions and Celtic plant magic, they may wish to acquire my book of the subject: Druid's Handbook To The Spiritual Power Of Plants: Spagyrics in Magical and Sexual Rituals 

If the enchantment is to be reversed, the reserved cardinal solutions must be used. The retained cardinal solutions are reunited in the same way and the same casting enacted, only this time the enchantment vocalized is composed by the crafter in a way that frees the recipient from their enthralment. Again, try to






h, roses, the longstanding symbol of love. As the month flips to February and Valentine's Day is just around the corner, our focus shifts to romance. We order roses, buy chocolates, pick out expensive jewelry, make reservations. We become hyper-aware of our relationship status and the love that is (or isn't) in our lives. But what if I told you that romance does not have to be directed towards another person, but can instead be given to yourself? Regardless of your relationship status, showing yourself love is important. The sensuality of

fragrant roses or delicious chocolate can be acquired simply for your own pleasure. The bliss of a night out on the town does not require a partner or date. And the same way that you seek to understand another person over your first dinner together can be applied to getting to know yourself on a deeper level. There's a perceived shame in this; something about treating yourself to the pleasures you might lavish upon another can be viewed as selfish. I disagree. I believe that to love one's self is the truest love there is, and it fills our reserve to make us better

at loving others as well, in any capacity. These cocoa-rose bath truffles would make a decadent Valentine's day gift, it's true. And you may well make them for that. But I challenge you, reader, to do something entirely for yourself this year. Whether or not you are in a relationship, whether or not you have plans, whether or not you think you have time make some time, sometime soon, to give yourself exactly what you want. Spend a day treating yourself to your own undivided attention and unconditional love.Â


The Ritual: Spend a day, a whole day, if you can manage it, without anything specific to do. Wake up at a time that feels good to you. Before you get out of bed, allow yourself to savor that half-asleep cozy feeling of having nowhere to be. Take a few deep breaths, filling your lungs with the beauty of a new day, and releasing any residual stress as you exhale. Start your day off by intentionally sinking into a feeling of relaxation. Turn off your computer. Turn on some lights or light some candles. Take a sensual shower, perhaps with the cocoa-rose shower truffles below. Cook yourself a good breakfast and take your time preparing it and presenting it to yourself. Turn on some music and dance as you tidy up. Then, decide what you feel like doing at that moment. Start small, go on a short walk, grab a cup of tea or coffee from the shop nearby, snuggle with your dog. Pay attention to how you feel. If you start to feel stressed or rushed, see if you can find the source of that stress and release it. Remember, you don't need to stick to any kind of schedule whatsoever on this day. If you'd like to spend


your entire day wandering around your neighborhood, that is what you should do. If you're feeling more adventuresome, reflect upon what would truly make you happy. Is there a new restaurant you've wanted to try? A part of town you haven't already explored? A favorite park you haven't been to in a long time? Do what you want to do, when you want to do it. Release the idea of schedules. Eat when you are hungry. Nap when you are tired. Savor the little beauties and indulgences of the day.  At the end of the day, reflect on these questions (perhaps even write them down somewhere):  1.How slowly or quickly did you naturally move today? What pace felt comfortable to you?  2.How much of your day did you spend resting? How much did you spend moving?  3.What parts of your day were the most enjoyable? Why?  Pay attention to your answers. These are important. These are clues to what your body and soul need. Start honoring those needs on a frequent basis. You don't need to spend an entire day; you can simply plan your free time around

what you truly want to do, rather than what others expect you to want to do. When you exercise, do so in a way that feels genuinely in-line with your rhythms and pace (I, for one, prefer long wanders through the woods while my sister enjoys high-energy vigorous workouts. Neither one is wrong, just different.) When you feel the tension in your body, listen to it. It's telling you something. If you feel stressed, check-in with yourself about your pace and consider whether or not you are honoring it. Know the difference between when to let go and when to rush; there is a time for quick work, but problems arise when we get stuck in a mode that is incongruent with our temperaments for too long. Release the stresses that aren't. Indulge in the little sensualities that bring pleasure and joy to your life. Show yourself the same love and care that you'd show a cherished friend or romantic partner. You are deserving of your own love.  As always, if you enjoy my writing and would like to support me, please consider taking a look at my Patreon page, where you can also find lots of lovely reward options.


These shower truffles are rich and luxurious, smelling of fresh roses and rich chocolate. The various kinds of butter and oils are deeply nourishing to the skin, and the powdered rose hips are a gentle exfoliant to make your skin feel extra refreshed. These little gems are also filled with antioxidants from the rose hips and the cocoa powder. I like to take a couple of them into the shower with me and rub my arms, legs, and torso with them. The heat of the shower releases its rich scent. I'll warn you now; you may want some chocolate close at hand to nibble on afterward. The running water makes for a simple clean up. INGREDIENTS:


1/3 cup apricot butter 1/2 cup cocoa butter 1/4 cup coconut oil 2 tbsp rose hip powder 1 tsp rosehip seed oil 1/3 cup cocoa powder 12 drops rose essential oil Extra cocoa butter Natural colorants of choice, I used turmeric, powdered beetroot, spirulina, and matcha Optional: body-safe luster dust A polycarbonate chocolate mold

1. First, in a double boiler over medium heat, melt a little of your cocoa butter. 2. Stir in a little of your chosen colorant, then brush or splatter it into your chocolate mold. You want a very thin layer in your mold for some color. 3. Let your mold harden in the fridge. 4. Optional: mix some luster dust into the melted cocoa butter and brush that on as well. It gives a shimmery depth to your design. 5. In a small bowl, either over a double boiler or in a microwave, melt the rest of the cocoa butter, apricot butter, and coconut oil in short increments. 6. Mix and add the rosehip powder, rosehip seed oil, cocoa powder, and rose essential oil. 7. Pour this mixture into your molds and allow them to set completely. Tip: It will help to refrigerate them for a couple of hours. 8. When they’re ready, tap your mold upside-down on the counter to release the truffles. 9. Place the truffles in little candy cups and package them in a box to give as a gift to someone else, or yourself. 51

Little Love Balls By Jen Sharples


Little Love Balls By Jen Sharples

These little love balls are sweet and nutty in flavor and easy to make. And what’s even better? The ingredients promote sweetness, love, fidelity, energy, happiness, relaxation, success, and healing. Enjoy them by yourself or with another. INGREDIENTS:


1/2 cup peanut or almond butter (creamy or crunchy – your choice!) 3 tbsp salted butter, softened 1 cup powdered sugar 1 cup chocolate chips Optional: pink and red sprinkles, extra powdered sugar

1. In a medium-sized mixing bowl, mix together the peanut butter and softened butter. 2. Gradually sift in powdered sugar until thoroughly combined. 3. Cover and place in the fridge for about 20 minutes to allow the mixture to get firm. 4. Melt the chocolate chips according to the package instructions. 5. Using your hands, shape the dough into 1 inch balls. 6. Using a fork, dip the peanut butter balls one at a time into the melted chocolate. 7. Allow the excess chocolate to fall off before placing them onto a sheet of wax paper. 8. Optional: If you are using sprinkles, scatter it onto the balls before placing them back into the fridge/freezer. 9. Refrigerate or freeze them until they have hardened then serve and enjoy. 10. Optional: If using powdered sugar as a topping, wait until they have completely hardened before dusting it on.


Primrose Honey Making your own honey is enjoyable and rewarding. There’s nothing that screams spring more than primrose flowers. If you forage your primrose, make sure it’s not on private property, only take what you need, and if in doubt, leave it out. Don’t forage unless you’re confident in your flower identification.




1/2 cup fresh primrose flowers 200g or 7oz caster sugar 1 pint water

1. In a medium-sized pot, boil the water. 2. Dissolve in the sugar and bring it down to a simmer. 3. Add your primrose flowers and simmer for three hours. You will be left with a syrup-like consistency. 4. Strain into a jar and enjoy! *Tip- make sure your honey isn’t too hot or it could crack your glass jar. **Use this recipe on bread, in a tea, or as a dessert topping for a sweet primrose delight. ***You can use cowslip as an alternative.

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Imbolc & Love - February 2020  

In this issue, we focus on Imbolc, love magick, and welcoming the return of the light, and connecting with the goddess Frigga. Inside you'll...

Imbolc & Love - February 2020  

In this issue, we focus on Imbolc, love magick, and welcoming the return of the light, and connecting with the goddess Frigga. Inside you'll...