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Vaccine For Coronavirus




Editors Page Hello Readers, As summer welcomes us with an extended long lockdown and chilled drinks to quench our thirst, make the most of it by turning every page in our magazine and enjoy reading all your favorite categories. Whether that’s brushing your knowledge or enjoying a piece of information from History. The cover story will begin with flooding information on how the researchers across the globe are making efforts to find a vaccine to battle against COVID-19. If you want to entertain your child with a few stories, you would find them here. If traveling has always been your passion and you want to travel to a peaceful place, in here, there are a few interesting things to read about Bhutan. To know more about what’s written, take it as a surprise and one by one flip through topics under every category. Quickly or at your pace, do take a trip to read through our edition this month! Hoping this month’s read to be relaxing and intriguing for you. We are more than glad to receive your feedback and suggestions on anything interesting that you want us to pen down for you.

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World Bank Approved USD 1 Billion To India As Financial Support To Fight COVID-19 Crisis

The World Bank approved USD 1 billion for India to fight COVID-19. The financial support from World Bank is under the “Accelerating India’s COVID-19 Social Protection Program” to provide health care and basic nutrition to people. The Central government of India will cover the social security and its integrity with the new loan from the World Bank. The money is mainly to focus on vulnerable sectors and well being urban poor. World Bank Director for India, Junaid Ahmad said- “The platform draws on the country’s existing architecture of safety nets – the PDS, the digital and banking infrastructure, and Aadhaar – while positioning the overall social protection system for the needs of a 21st

century India. Importantly, such a system will need to leverage India’s federalism enabling and supporting the States to respond quickly and effectively in their context.” New loan that is approved for COVID-19 is used in 2 phases by the Indian government. A part of the allocation worth Rs 5,600 crore goes to Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana. The scheme is to facilitate financial support to the affected communities, pensioners and daily wage workers and to provide insurance to health workers. The second of the approved loans, Worth’s 1,900 crore will be allocated for local needs through state governments

Global Nutrition Report Reveals, Malnutrition Free India Is Still A challenge The report of Global Malnutrition was released in May 2020. The world survey revealed that it is still a challenge for India to beat malnutrition. The annual report of malnutrition is based on the regional and sub regional, country and global levels. The governments put in efforts to control malnutrition by providing basic facilities to the needy. The efforts are all lost due to COVID-19 pandemic and the progress made comes down with the ongoing situation. There are targets to meet Global nutrition by 2025. There is a need of being in action to reach the targets. The report says nearly 88

countries miss this global nutrition target and India is one among them. In 2019, the global target was set for 10 parameters. From the set parameters only one of them is improved and a few have very little improvement. Remaining are showing as “no data” or “worsening”. The nutritional outcomes are unequal and need to concentrate with the country and populations. Global report identifies the significant actions in order to provide equal nutrition care and health. Everyone must be able to afford the food as per the global reports to improvise the condition at national level


Fine Handicrafts, Dance And Music

of Karnataka

Talking of dance, handicrafts, and music, you will get to see classy and historical culture in Karnataka. Across the globe, Karnataka has unique designs and exclusive pieces of artwork or talent are being recognized perfectly. Be it working on the art of royal homes, craftsmanship or excelling in music, the beauty is camouflaged in every corner of Karnataka.



From one generation to the other, the art and culture of Karnataka is alive and present even today. It is seen as an everlasting tradition. Over time, the government worked on keeping the crafts updated. Karnataka is blessed with a good heritage even today. In every phase of life, art is expressed. Right from monuments to crafts. You will be charmed with the beauty of art in this wonderful place.

dramas. Yakshas are portrayed as demi-gods who attend the Kubera and the dance talks about the holy texts. If you go to coastal Karnataka, you will get to see yakshagana. This dance drama is performed in the Shimoga district, Dakshina Kannada district, and Uttara Kannada district. This form of dance has drama, music, songs, costumes and a proper stage performance wherein people are seated on all the three sides of the stage.

DANCE No 1 – Nrityagram In Karnataka One of the biggest cultural centers in Karnataka is Nrityagram. It is a tourist place and about 35 kmts away from Bangalore. In India, it is the first modern Gurukul. In 1990, Odissi danseuse Protima Gauri established this place. It was between nature and only dance would take place here. Nrityagram has got better over the years and it is focused and known for its ensemble work in Odissi.

No 2 - Yakshagana In the the mythology of Karnataka, Yakshagana is one of the well-known dance

HANDICRAFTS No 1 – Sandalwood Of Karnataka In India, Sandalwood crafts are mostly seen in Karnataka. The crafts are fragrant softwoods that are used to make pretty lampshades, decorative articles, and rosewood handles. This is a special art of India and people who belong to the Guitar families of Shimoga, the Uttara Kannada, and Mysore districts are good in this craft.

No 2 Embossed Carving Of Karnataka

No 3 - Togalu Bombeaata In Karnataka this puppet show is quite popular. Epics such as Ramayana and Mahabharata are enacted by leather puppets. They only display popular scenes. Earlier, these shows would run when there was an epidemic or disease as they believed that this form of art could help people deal with that rough time.

When you look at the gateways and ceilings of royal homes, wood is crafted everywhere. There are three forms of carvings made of wood, stone, and ivory that Karnataka is well-known for. Given that it has a colossal amount of wood reserve forest this is possible. All religious and decorative sculpting is done with this wood. Articles made of rosewood are the best. In the embossed carving, MAY 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET

INDIAN DIASPORA FINE ART there is ivory carving. This carving is delicate and beautiful figures are made. Mysore had many of its ivory made masterpieces and most of them are preserved in the museums of London and Russia. Shilpis carvers are skilled to do the stone carving in Karnataka and these are well known over the world.

No 3 – Mysore Paintings Mysore paintings have taken their inspiration from the Ajanta caves. If you closely notice, there is a resemblance in Mysore paintings and the Ajanta caves paintings.


You will get to see these dramatic, colorful and bold paintings in Chitrakala Parishat in Bangalore. These paintings have soft lines and amazing figures. They used bright vegetable colors and a gold leaf for the golden embroidery. The paintings look marvelous.

No 4 – Birdiware and Silk Weaving Karnataka silk is known around the world. It has a great color and luster. When you compare all the modern and old times, you will understand how Mysore silk weaving art has been a good occupation for the makers. Among the handicrafts, birdriware is a rare one. It is designed on metal plates and its intricate carvings are famous in North Karnataka.

No 5 – Doll Making

One of the well-known crafts in Karnataka is doll making. These dolls WWW.WISHESH.NET | MAY 2020

are made during the Dussehra festival for all the nine days. In Karnataka, people display these dolls on their shelves. Most women and little girls like dolls. These dolls are kept on wooden platforms. In North Karnataka, the centers for doll making are Kinnal and Gokak. On the highway to Bangalore and Mysore, there are major doll centers known as Channapatna.Vegetable dyes are used to paint the dolls. This is an interesting form of art and even the artisans making wood are quite happy with making these dolls. In Karnataka, puppets are made with leather as well as wood.

No 6 - Surpur Paintings This form of art began in 1773 and it continued till 1858. The Surper ruler, Raja Venkatappa Naik started this. You will find this form of tiny art all around the world. These lovely paintings are taken over by the Vijayanagara Kingdom and known as the Vijayanagara style. This painting describes Vedic themes and mythology or they are even known as the Ashtadikpalakas.

No 7 - Gesso Painting Of Mysore This painting is one of the traditional South Indian forms of Art and this originated from Mysore. These paintings portray the images of God and Goddess or Hindu

mythology. This gesso is nothing but a white lead powder and it is embossed on gold foil. This form of art is seen in Mysore as well as Tanjore paintings.

No 8 – Bhoota Figures As a part of Karnataka’s art and craft, from January to July, the bhoota figures come from Purna Kala. In some districts of Karnataka, these figures are sold outside the temple. These figures look attractive and at the same time, people believe that these figures help with keeping the bad energies away from home.

MUSIC In Karnataka, the Hindustani as well as Carnatic singers do well. North Karnataka is famous for music and South Karnataka is famous for Carnatic music. A well-known composer named Purandaradasa was philosophical and devotional who spread his knowledge to a huge crowd after a rise in Vaishnavism and Haridasa movement. In medieval times, the people who composed Devara nama were the other haridasas. Their names were, Kanakadasa, Vyasatirtha, Jayatirtha, Sripadaraya, Vadirajatirtha, etc. In South India, the first composer was a saint and wandering bard of yore Purandara Dasa. It is claimed that 75,000 - 475,000 songs in Hindi and Sanskrit was composed by Purandara Dasa Today, only 100 of them are known to us. For the other composers such as Tyagaraja, he was an inspiration. He contributed to Carnatic music and is known as the Father of Carnatic Music. (Karnataka Sangeeta Pitamaha).




Dynamic Culture And Tradition



India is known for its rich culture and tradition. In today’s modern world one of North India’s renowned culture and tradition are admired, lived, and loved by people and it is none other than the colorful and lively Gujarati tradition.


Gujarati’s occupy a special place in the Indian culture. Irrespective of the changes in the world, the Gujarati’s have managed to keep up with their culture and tradition. These people are known for their approachable nature, simplicity, beautiful dressing, art, and architecture. We get to see this beauty in our day to day life. Gujarati’s are affectionate and they welcome their guests with deep respect. The best part is that even the Gujarati’s abroad don’t step back from following their culture and tradition. You must go to Ahmedabad to see the typical Gujarati culture.

History The Gujarati’s came to India with the Huns. While they were passing by Punjab they found Gujarat and settled there. They come from the IndoAryan culture and among them almost 20% are from tribal groups such as Bhils, Kolis, Dhubla, Macchi-Kharwa, and Naikda. To date, these groups exist.

Besides, even the Kurjars came up. This is how the Gujarati culture became multireligious during medieval times and many people immigrated to this state. There were many Islam and Zoroastrian people who followed this culture. In the fourteenth century, there were Gujaratis who settled down in Saurashtra, who was even known as Kathis. This group worshipped sun God and were into horse-breeding. There was another group of Gujarati’s known as Rabris. They were all cattle breeders who dominated the horse breeders. All the Gujarati’s are in the Northwestern parts of India and before the partition a few in Pakistan. The people who migrated to Pakistan before the partition are not converted Muslims. However, they still call themselves Gujarati’s settled in Karachi.

Gujarati Art And Architecture Beautiful details of Gujarati culture is seen in art and architecture that’s gracefully displayed across the world. Gujarati’s are known for making and designing, jewelry, embroidered garments, leatherwork, metalwork, baked clay articles, and mirror work. For most of the furniture and fabric work such as amazing bedcovers, quilts, cushion covers, and table mats. The rich heritage of Gujarati is visible in all their forms of art and architecture. Interesting Things To Know About Gujarati Art And Architecture

Art There are numerous forms of art made by Gujaratis such as handloom weaving, hand block printing, clay dexterity, carved

It was the Aryans who ruled. However, they were not successful in occupying or sending away the tribal people who belong to the Bhil community. They were all the next rulers of Gujarat.


INDIAN DIASPORA TRADITION & CULTURE woolen treasure, leathercraft, metal craft, Namdah, puppetries, hand painting, bandhani, bamboo craft, and patchwork. Patchwork is colorful. They come in interesting asymmetrical shapes and sizes or you will get to see images of birds and animals. Bamboo and cane is beautifully woven on matted surfaces and these are used for furniture and fashion accessories. Besides, even musical instruments and garments are made from bamboo.


Architecture In Bhuj, there is a historic Hamirsar lake. It is a tourist spot. At this place, you will get to see the beautiful sunset, moonlight, and feel the gentle evening breeze. Yet another The detailed architecture at Ramkund is gorgeous. This is famous in Bhuj. The beauty of Kachch is seen in a beautiful palace known as Aina Mahal. It is filled with mirrors.


it is the 26th widely spoken language. In Gujarat, apart from Gujarati, people speak in many other languages. In total, Gujarati has 11 dialects.

Pradesh, and Rajasthan. One part of the population in these states speak, Marwari, Marathi, Hindi along with Urdu and Sindhi.

Gujarati is an Indo-Aryan language that originates from Sanskrit. In the entire world,

Geographically, Gujarat has its border linked with Maharashtra, Madhya

There is a Kutch-a semiarid region in Gujarat, all of them in that place speaks


Gujarati. Their main language is Gujarati.

Music Sugam Sangeet is known to the world as Gujarati’s folk music. The other instruments used by the Gujarati’s for their occasions are Turi, manjira, ektara, Jantar, zanz pot drum, Prabhat, dhol and Ravan hattho. Gujarati’s are all Krishna devotees and they include Bhajans in a few of their folk songs. Apart from this, another kind of Gujarati folk music is the Bardic tradition. There are performances held to spread social and religious messages known as Dayro and Lokvarta. At weddings, Fattanna and Lagana geets are played, these are all light forms of music.

Folks like Bhavai and Akhyana is played in the musical theatres in Gujarat.

Dance Gujarati men and women are known for their graceful moves. That being said, they are all enthusiastic and lively people to be around. Their major folkdance forms are Dandiya Raas, Garba, Padhar, and Garbi. For dandiya raas, men, and women use bamboo sticks that were made by the gopis during Lord Krishnas time. Even today, every year, for 9 days before Dussehra, all the Gujarati’s participate in dandiya and Garba. Garba is a lovely folk dance performed by all the women. They gather and form a circle. To the music, they go around

and stay united in this circle. The men do Garbi and they use Dhols and Manjiras to go around the same circle. Close to Nal lake, all the rural communities perform a folk dance known as Padhar and this as well as common among the Gujaratis. Altogether there are 5 Gujarati folk dances. They are as follows:

1. Bhavai – It is an all-

night stage performance that depicts the common social life problems. Mostly, allmale artists perform here.


Dandiya – It is a mock fight between goddess Durga and the demon-king Mahishasura.

3. Garba – It is a spiritual form of dance performance where a lamp is lit and women circle that place thinking of Goddess Shakti. This form of dance is similar to the Sufi culture.

4. Padhar - It is a

performance for Goddess Durga.


Tippani is a Gujarati folk dance. Women gather and move in a circle chanting the name of God. Usually, while chanting, women place these sticks on the ground.



Traditions There are Gujaratis who belong to different religions all over the world. There are Hindus, Muslims, Jains and Buddhists since everyone is spread all over the world. Usually the Hindu Gujaratis pray to the God and Goddess they believe in. For the most part, they pray to Srinath Ji(Lord Krishna).


Every Gujarati from every religion has its own beliefs, customs, traditions, institutions, and practices. All the Gujarati natives live a simple lifestyle and follow the same culture. Now in Gujarat, there are modern houses. If you go to see their tradition, they have wooden made homes that are beautifully decorated with delicate designs. Every house has a Chabutara, at least the typical Gujarati houses. This is a small place made to feed the birds. Most of the Gujarati women wear Pachchikam jewelry. This is a piece of traditional jewellery for all the Gujaratis. The Gujarati women safeguard the locker keys by hanging a lock with those keys on their waist. This lock is made of silver.


A cow is the most sacred animal referred to as “Gau Mata” for all the Gujaratis. The important ceremonies celebrated by Gujaratis are the birth, thread, marriage, and death ceremonies. The rituals are taken care of by the Brahmans. Two of their main festivals are Diwali and Navratri.

Food Dal, roti, rice, vegetables, salad, chaas, farsan followed by a sweet dish is the main dish for Gujaratis. Dishes such as dhokla, fafda, khandvi, dhal Dhokli, Undhiyu, handvo, Ganthia, dal Wada, khakhra, and Thepla are the other special dishes mad by all the Gujaratis.

Usually, all the Guajarati’s eat sweet, spicy and sour foods. Every region has a special style of making the well-known cuisine of that place. Simple Gujarati dishes made for dinner are bhakri-shak or khichdikadhi. Most of the Guajarati’s are used to preparing their sweet dishes made with jaggery. All Guajarati’s are sweet by nature and so is their tongue.

Festivals You will get to see real colors and life in the diversified culture of Gujarat where thousands of people visit this place to attend Navratri Mahotsav, Deepawali, Rathyatra and Kite festival. Every year, in the state, there organize many fairs. Naming a A few of them, they are, Shamlaji Melo, Bhadra Purnima Fair, and Mahadev Fair.

The main festival of Gujaratis is Rann Utsav. This festival is celebrated with music, dance and natures beauty.

Cultural Dressing People from other cultures and regions admire the way Gujaratis dress in bright colors. Having said, take a look at how Gujarati men and women dress. One of the major part among all the Gujarati attires are patola Silk or even known as the ‘Queen of all silks’ All the Gujarati brides usually dress in Gharchola and Panetar silk and zari woven sarees. Tie dye and traditional block prints are two of the traditional Gujarati attire.

Abhas is a distinctive outfit worn by all the gorgeous women of Kutch? For Navratri Utsav and other festivals, women wear Chania Cholis

Take a look at the customs and rituals in the Gujarati culture.

Weddings are celebrated and enjoyed on a grand scale. Similar is the Gujarati tradition, they celebrate all their ceremonies and functions with all enthusiasm. Every ritual has a purpose. Most of the brides and grooms with utmost dedication look forward to the marriage rituals.

Once the groom reaches the bride’s house, he is welcomed by the family and it is the bride’s father who stands in front and carries on with the ritual. This is known as Swagatam where he is giving away his daughter to the groom and his family. This is known as Kanya Daan.

Going back to the old times, the Gujarati ceremonies are just like any other Hindu wedding During the Navratri season, all ceremony. Only the names of all the men wear Kediya dresses the rituals are different from the other regions. A the lovely and admirable They begin the wedding trend of silver Panchikam procession from the groom’s Jewellery was introduced by house to go and get his bride the Gujaratis of Kutch. from her house. This is known as Varghodo. Wedding Rituals

Once the bride and groom enter, they begin with a Ganesh pooja known as Vivaan. In this ceremony, a sacred fire is lit and the couple takes seven rounds making vows with each other for a lifetime. This ceremony is known as Mangal Phera. Once they complete the seven rounds, the groom ties the mangalsutra and applies a red tika on the brides forehead. Officially and legally, the girl is now a suhaagin. After this ceremony, the bride and groom touch the elder’s feet and this includes parents from the bride and groom’s side seeking their blessings for a peaceful marriage. MAY 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET


Researchers Across The World Working Hard To Find A

Vaccine For Coronavirus



Across the world, research groups are trying their best to find a vaccine against coronavirus. Here is a compilation of the efforts made by different groups



No 1 – National Institutes Of Health’s Rocky Mountain Laboratory Test Vaccine On Monkeys Last month, single doses of Oxford vaccine was given to macaque monkeys by the scientists from the National Institute of Health’s Rocky Mountain Laboratory in Montana to put an end to COVID-19. Later the monkeys were given a heavy dose of the virus and this made the monkey’s sick in the lab. After 28 days, all the monkey’s who were tested and fell sick felt fine, this was analyzed by one of the reporters who conducted this test.


Across the world, the laboratory doing the maximum COVID-19 test are from the Oxford University. The other teams are working on the same with few participants to ensure safety. Given the emergency the world is in, the Oxford Scientists are set to provide million dozen of the corona vaccines by September. They believe it might turn out effective.

No 2 – Haffkine Institutes Trying Anti-Tuberculosis Vaccine On Corona Virus https://i2-prod. This is for the patients suffering with corona virus. All the patients fighting against the infection are receiving plasma therapy. Mumbaibased Haffkine Institute sent a proposal to the Drug Controller General of India to conduct a trial on anti-tuberculosis Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccine as another form of treatment. Around 30 patients who are severely affected with the virus will participate in this trail run. The fact that BCG vaccine strengthens immunity and it is good as a therapeutic treatment for the patients suffering with COVID-19. This trial will be taken care of by the WWW.WISHESH.NET | MAY 2020

The work has started and it is in its initial phase, they are yet to do the animal study. Sachin Kumar is heading the team at IIT Guwahati. He is a professor at the Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering. He made a vaccine for swine fever and Japanese encephalitis named “recombinant avian paramyxovirus-1 based vaccine flatform” they plan on using this vaccine to treat the virus.

Haffkine Institute, it will be led by Dr Usha Padmanabhan and MED Department will monitor it. They are waiting for a registration number from the ICMR.

The two groups came together and made this agreement on April 15th 2020. The Institute will study if this vaccine can be tested on a candidate. The recombinant avian paramyxovirus-based vector platform would use the immunogenic protein of SARS COV-2 as a vaccine candidate to study it further. The group attempted to use this vaccine vector on human pathogens such as avian influenza,

The situation of Mumbai and Pune is bad. The cases are increasing and this BCG vaccine can be helpful for these cities. This BCG vaccine is said to have positive results and it will be available soon. They decided to set up this trial at the BJ Medical College in Pune. Everything is ready and the scientists there are prepared. According to a research, if patients are given the BCG vaccine, it can reduce help in treating the symptoms of coronavirus.

No 3 – Pharma Company Hester Biosciences And IIT Guwahati To Make A Vaccine For COVID-19

www.hindustantimes.com An Indian pharma company named Hester Biosciences comes collaborates with IIT Guwahati and Ahmedabad to develop a vaccine for COVID-19. By end of this year this vaccine might be ready, officials say. MAY 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET

COVER STORY SARS CoV and few others. On the other hand, on animal pathogens such as Nipah virus, bovine herpes virus and a few others too they tried using this vaccine vector.

No 4 –

Israel’s Attempt To Make A Vaccine For COVID-19 According to a report in Jerusalem, the Scientists have started to develop a new vaccine for Coronavirus that will be announced shortly. These scientists went into see the production of antibodies for treating coronavirus.


Israel’s Institute for Biological Research taken care by the PM’s office have studied about the qualities of this virus, whether it is capable to be diagnosed, production of antibodies for people suffering with the virus and ways to develop a vaccine. To go about developing a vaccine for such a virus, clinical trials need to be done on animals. Besides, they will even have to look into the side effects and see how it is affecting the population around the world. A while back, from countries such as Japan, Italy, and others, the Biological Research received virus samples and at 80 degrees Celsius, they were frozen. Ever since, experts have been working their way out to develop the vaccine. According to their estimation, it will take them around a year and a half.

virus so that it can help research institutes and commercial companies to find ways to treat it and get vaccines without having to obtain samples.

As of now, every researcher is trying a way out develop a vaccine for COVID-19. Their entire focus is on how the virus moves from animals to human beings.

A biotechnology company named Moderna, Inc, based in Boston, Massachussets, went through the genetic sequence of this virus after it got published. They worked on developing a vaccine for Coronavirus.

After the virus broke out in January, China opened scientific databases and let out information on the genetic sequence of the

The US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases received this vaccine for trials. Several clinical trials are to be done, they decided on


started its human trials and the scientists focus on having million doses by September. Us health experts say that the vaccine for this virus might be available in a year or a year and a half. A professor of global health at Imperial College London, Dr David Nabarro said that against many viruses they don’t have vaccines. This doctor is working on finding a vaccine for coronavirus. As of now, we are on a threshold where things can get better or maybe not. Further, he says that even if we find a vaccine there is any surety that it would be effective and safe. He suggests that people start getting used to living their life normally. In Washington, at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, in a virtual town hall with Fox News, Trump mentioned that he is confident that America will find an effective vaccine at the end of 2020.

having 25 health participants to start in April. Similarly, Israel would have to go through the same process or even stricter before approval.

No 5 – Would There Be A

Vaccine For Coronavirus? May Be Not, Says A WHO Expert WHO has said that there might never be a vaccine against COVID-19. The time it would take to develop a vaccine against Corona is not known yet. As mentioned earlier, Oxford University

The government Chief’s scientific adviser hopes to see a vaccine for coronavirus soon. However, he says that this won’t happen anytime soon. In an online pledging conference, Boris Johnson would address UK and 8 other countries asking the states to share their expertise to defeat this virus fast. It won’t be easy to find a vaccine for this virus. New challenges with regards to the vaccine development will come up and it should take a while for things to change. At the most, new measures will come into the picture, people would be asked to wear face masks in public. Until 2021, only a few people will move together in crowd and there would be one way routes provided through train stations to avoid the virus. MAY 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET



Coronavirus lockdown Story Time For Kids

The pandemic has locked the many countries of the world and permitted everyone to their homes. Staying indoors for the more than a month may be boring for the kids. This is a great opportunity for the family to enhance the bonding with the kids. Story telling is the best choice to keep the kids entertained. Shield away your kids from the screens and plan some time to teach them some funny, interesting, and motivating stories. WWW.WISHESH.NET | MAY 2020

You can teach kids witty Tenali Raman stories that help them to acknowledge the importance of the smart work. Tenali Rama was a great scholar though he did not get any formal education during his childhood. He was so wise that he could be able to use his negatives to the advantage. With his great sense of humor and intelligence, he became a key person to Krishnadevaraya. With his wit, intelligence, and strategy, he played a key role in protecting his beloved kingdom from the Deccan Kingdoms. Here are a few best stories of Tenali Rama that help your kids to gain some practical knowledge.

1.Tenali Raman Outsmarts a Wiseman:

Tenali Raman was indeed a wise person in the court of Krishnadevaraya. A wiseman came to the Vijayanagar and requested Panditji that take him to the king’s court so that he can replace Tenali Raman. As per his request panditji took him there and stood him in front of the king. He told the king that he is the wisest of all in the court as he can speak 15 languages fluently. Wiseman also offered a challenge that he will present a surprise gift to the one who identifies his mother tongue of 15 his languages But, everyone failed. The king was sure that Tenali can sort out this and asked him to find out his mother tongue. Tenali accepted the challenge and went to the wiseman and bite in his hands. With the immense pain, the man started shouting something in Gujrati remembering his mother. Tenali identified that his mother tongue is Gujarati as everyone speak their mother tongue in pain. The wiseman agreed that his mother tongue is Gujrati and Tenali is the wise man of Vijayanagar.


The Key to heaven:

Tenali Raman helped the king and saved the people of kingdom in several occasions. Here is the best story supporting this.

There was a buzz in the city of Vijayanagara that a sage came who had a great magical powers and could grant any wish. Every day people used to gather at the temple in the morning and evening with some prepared delicacies to offer the sage. Tenali Rama decided to see the things himself. So he decided to see the things himself. He went to the temple the very next morning and observed the sage while he was pretending to be a disciple. The sage wore a long saffron dhoti and had a long beard. He sat under the banyan tree. Tenali paid attention towards the sage who was chanting the same mantras. Tenali believed that the sage was an imposter. Raman reached the sage and plucked a strand of hair from the sage saying that he found the way to heaven and the sage was so powerful if he keeps that strand with him, he will be sent to the heaven. On listening this, people ran towards the sage to pull out the strand of hair. The people realized their mistake and thanked Tenali for saving them.

3.The cat that hates milk in plate:

One day the intelligence of animals was discussed in the court of Krishnadevaraya and one of the ministers said that Cats were the MAY 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET



most intelligent. Others in the court also agreed with the minister. Each one started narrating the cleverness of their own cats. The king decided to conduct a competition for the cats saying that the cat that does something which no other cat can do will be declared as the wise and winner. The following week, the courtiers bring their cats for the competition. Tenali Raman also brought his cat to the court. The king served the cats milk in the golden plates as a treat. On seeing the milk all the cats ran towards the plates, but Tenali’s cat ran away in the opposite direction. The king was surprised to see that Tenali’s cat has done which the no other cats has done and announced Tenali’s cat as the winner. When Tenali Raman came to collect the prize, the king asked that how he trained the cat to do different from other cats. Then Tenali smiled and replied that to offer the best milk for his cat he boiled the milk and poured it in a plate for cooling. On seeing the plate, the cat ran before Tenali could stop it and burnt his tongue in the first lick. Tenali said that from that moment the cat runs away whenever it sees milk in a plate.

4.Raman’s lesson to a cheater:

One day, Raman started on a long journey. In those days, one should walk through the forests to travel to another city. On his way, another traveler joined him and said that he was afraid of the robbers in that place and asked Raman for the company to travel with him. Raman agreed readily. Two of them stopped at some place to rest. Raman was so tired and fell asleep soon. His companion was waiting for that moment as was a thief who used to rob the things from the travelers. The thief searched from money under Raman’s pillow without WWW.WISHESH.NET | MAY 2020

disturbing him. He also searched Raman’s pocket but, found nothing. The two resumed their journey. The companion searched everywhere for money when they halted. To his disappointment, he found nothing. The two travelers reached the holy city Tirupati and they had to part their company. The companion admitted that he was a thief and said Raman that he never had failures. He asked Raman to tell where he has hidden money. Then Raman smiled and replied that “I know you are a thief at the moment I saw you. So, I took all the measures while hiding the money in a place where you would never find it”. The thief cried out that “I looked everywhere, where have you hidden money?”, Then Raman replied that “ I have hid money under your pillow”.

5.Tenali Raman- Thief Catcher:

The Kotwal (Chief of police) was worried as the gang of robbers entered the city

robbers decided to take out some water before lifting the heavy box. They were so immersed in their task of drawing out water that they could not notice Raman making path for the water to flow towards the plants. When the robbers were so exhausted, they heard a loud voice saying that enough! The plants got enough water. Don’t waste it! They were stunned when they saw Raman and they tried to escape but, their route was blocked by Kotwal and his guards. The robbers were jailed and the entire town appreciated the efforts of Raman in finding the robbers. Help kids to adopt the smart thinking that help them to encounter and kick out the challenges that they come across throughout their life and turn every day of the lockdown joyful. and have done string of robberies. The king Krishnadevaraya was so upset as the Kotwal failed to catch the thieves. Kotwal sought the help of Raman and Raman agreed readily. Raman asked his wife to spread some stories about the money they had. Soon the whole town started buzzing about their riches. The robbers heard this news and decided to keep an eye on Raman’s house. One of the robbers took the job of observing the things at Raman’s house. Once the Raman knew about this man but pretended not to know. Raman and his wife laid out a plan to keep their money safe from the robbers. They dropped the box of money in the well of their backyard so that it is safe under the water. The robbers who has been spying on the Raman’s house passed this news to their friends. The thing that was unknown to the man is that Raman filled the box with the bricks. The following night, the accomplice led the robbers to the Raman’s backyard which was filled with many trees and had a well at the corner where Raman hid the box. The




8 Health Trends

That Are Set To Shake Things In 2020 WWW.WISHESH.NET | MAY 2020

When it comes round to one’s food habits and health trends, things have been changing dynamically over the course of years. The same is also expected to change things up in the year to come. With the constant dynamic changes happening with every passing year, it isn’t a surprise that when it comes to healthy living, the trends are going to hit the roof in the year of 2020 as well.


HEALTHY LIVING But, with that comes the prospect of not knowing what they are going to be. To help you out on that front, we are going to sort you out with some of the latest and upcoming trends in the sphere of health and fitness that you could expect in the year of 2020.

NO:1 Growth of plant based diet


Veganism has taken the world up by a storm and more and more people are joining the revolution to change their lifestyle and bring about changes that have direct impacts on the environment as well. But, according to the experts, it is believed that the prospect of the vegan diets and the plant based diets are going to drastically gain a lot of momentum in the year to come. The overall consumers across the globe are expected to rise in the coming years, which is why the brands are also gearing up to leave behind their imprints on the same as well.

NO:2 Mocktails to steal the show Healthy eating has become a priority for people and that is justified as well. If you do want a glimpse into the future predictions for 2020, it is believed that the same is going to be taken over by a wide range of mocktails around. People from the millennial generation and the Gen Z generation are drinking less and less and replacing their drinks with a fruity variant of it, hence the rise of the mocktails. More and more brands are expected to introduce more alcohol free drinks to cater to their target audience. There are also expected to be more non alcoholic bars that are going to open during that time.

NO:3 Introduction to nootropics Nootropics, if you don’t know what they are, are the compounds which contribute to WWW.WISHESH.NET | MAY 2020

helping improve the overall functioning of the brain function. While people are looking for more and better ways to improve the overall prospect of brain function, the nootropics are expected to escalate that process even further. The reason why nootropics are expected to take a leap in the year to come is because of the kind of impacts it leaves behind on the body, especially when it comes round to the cognition of an individual.

NO:4 Non dairy milk to take the lead Another one of the changes and trends that is going to grace the health sphere is the introduction to more of the non-dairy milk. While we know of the basic ones like soy milk, oat milk and the nut milks, there are expected to be more variants in the year to come. It is still unknown as to which ones yet but the options are most definitely quite a lot. Apart from the milk, other variants like yogurt and the creamers are also going to experience more variants in the year of 2020.



NO:5 Bid adieu to carbs and gluten While we have been heavily reliant on carbs and gluten to keep us satiated, the same is expected to change course in the year to come. More and more people are switching their diets and cutting out the unnecessary carbs and gluten is the main factor responsible in this. There are going to be a number of changes that are expected to come around but nothing is set in stone yet. There have been several alternatives, like switching the wheat flour bread in a pizza for cauliflower bread and so on.

NO:6 CBD is going to take course


The cannabis industry is booming and all for the right reasons. The year of 2020 is set to expect the complete discourse of the CBD industry and how the same is going to enter the frontline healthy living prospect. It is not just the CBD oil but there are expected to be several other variants and varieties to it which are set to stay and make its impact on the overall health of the people across the globe. Apart from the direct raw consumption, the CBD is also going to enter the mainstream skincare and beauty line as well.

NO:7 Switch to fresh snacks With people being more and more conscious about their health, it is best expected that the coming health trend in 2020 is going to witness people making switches from the packaged snacks to the fresh ones. This is expected to further streamline one’s health and prevent unnecessary bout of negative implications it has on the body. Switching to healthy and fresh snacks like fruits and nuts are going to be the rave in the year to come, WWW.WISHESH.NET | MAY 2020

especially when it comes round to the best one in the lot. Apart from fruits, the veggie sticks are also making an appearance.

NO:8 Natural sweeteners are the way to go Another trend in the year of 2020 that is expected to come and stick around is the importance of the natural sweeteners. From agave to honey and even stevia, the options are quite diverse but it is quite important that you do focus on the available options. It is best suggested that you do focus on keeping your health in check, even with the possible availability of the sweetening options. It is important to keep certain prospects in mind, the growing importance of the natural sweeteners being on a rampant rise. MAY 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET


Veg Bullets


Veg bullets is an exclusive lip-smacking snack for a special evening. Have it hot with ketchup or schezwan sauce. You can either surprise your sweetheart with this snack or prepare it for your family so that they can munch on these soft, crispy, and hot veg bullets. The batter is made with vegetables and masalas, rolled round or cylindrical and it is fried. Is your mouth already watering?

Take a look at the recipe! WWW.WISHESH.NET | MAY 2020


>Red chili powder - 1 tsp >Turmeric powder - 1 tsp >Coriander powder - 2 tsp >Garam masala - 2 tsp >Salt as per your requirement >Green chilies as per your taste >Ginger garlic paste as per the quantity of the batter

>Potato - 2 >Carrot - 1 > Peas - 8-10 > Pepper - 1 tsp > Lime - 1 tsp >Corn flour - as per the quantity >Custard powder - as per the quantity

Directions : No 1 - Wash the vegetables, peel them, cut them medium size, and boil it in the cooker. Give it 3-4 whistles.

No 2 - Allow it to cool down after it is cooked and strain our all the water. No 3 - Mash all the boiled vegetables, to this, add Red chili powder -

1 tsp, turmeric powder – 1 tsp, coriander powder – 2 tsp, garam masala - 2 tsp, salt as per your requirement, chop the green chilies, add ginger garlic paste and mix it all with your fingers.

No 4 - Add corn flour and custard powder to this mixture. Mix all the vegetables and the powder well. Make medium size cylindrical balls.

No 5 - Deep freeze these balls for 30 minutes so that they don’t stick to each other while frying them and avoid them from breaking.

No 6 – As the base is ready, it is time to fry these balls on high flame. MAY 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET


Vegetable Mushroom Sandwich Toast If you binge eat on sandwiches and you want to try out an exotic dish, why not go for looking at this mushroom and vegetable sandwich? You can have it for breakfast or as an evening snack. Moreover, you can make it creamy with cheese oozing out with every bite. Excited to check out this recipe?

Here you go!


> Cheese spread, cheese cube or 40

cheese slice

> Pepper – 1 tsp > Mushroom – 1 cup > Spring onions – 3 or 4 > Purple cabbage - ½ > Tomato – 2 if medium size, 1 if it is big > Capsicum – 1 medium-size > Salt as per requirement > Olive oil – 2 tbsp > Lime – 1 tsp > Bread Slices - wheat or multi-grain braid WWW.WISHESH.NET | MAY 2020

Directions : The quantity will depend on the number of people eating this dish! No 1 -

Wash all the vegetables and chop them small.

No 2 - In a pan, take the required amount of olive oil. Heat it for a few seconds.

No 3 - Add mushrooms, salt, and pepper into this oil. SautĂŠ it for a few seconds.

No 4 - To this add spring onions,

capsicum, tomatoes, capsicum, cabbage, and salt. On a low flame, allow this to cook for a few minutes. If you are adding a cheese cube, add one into this, stir it well and cook this mixture for a few minutes till the vegetables get soft.

No 5 -

Open two bread slices, spread mayonnaise on both sides. Place one cheese slice or spread cheese on both the bread slices. Add mushrooms and vegetables on one side of the bread. Place the other bread over this mixture.

No 6 - Grease the pan or bread toaster with little oil. Place the sandwich on either side of the toaster and allow it to get toasted in a few minutes. If you are using a pan, toast either side of the bread two times.



Chinese Egg Chicken And Fish Fried Rice


If you feel satisfied with Chinese recipes and want to try making wonderful non-veg fried rice for a house party or just to test your cooking skills, you must read through this recipe.



>Cooked Jasmine Thai rice -

> Spring onions - ½ cup finely chopped

between 2-3 cups

>Chopped chicken breast into small pieces - 1

>Dry salted fish - 1 > Eggs - 2 >Peas - ½ cup

> Minced garlic - 4 cloves > Chicken broth/stock cup > Oil - 3tbsp > Fish sauce - 2 tbsp > Coriander - ½ cup 1/4

Directions : No 1 - Cut the fish into small cubes and remove its strips from the flesh. No 2 - Take a bowl of hot water and soak the fish into this for 8 hours before you cook. Take how much is required and freeze the rest.

No 3 - Take a pan and wash the rice twice. Now, add 1 tsp oil and gently mix it with your hand. You need to do this step to separate all the grains.

No 4 - Take another frying pan, add oil as per your requirement, let it heat for a few seconds. Its time to scramble the egg. Keep this egg aside.

No 5 -

In the same pan, add olive oil, keep it on low to medium flame, add garlic and chicken. Now stir the chicken well until it is cooked. While stirring when this mixture is getting dry, add chicken broth and stir it well.

No 6 - Add the salted fish into this and stir it well. When you see the pan

getting dry, add rice and keep stirring. You must be able to hear a popping sound.

No 7 - Add peas and fish sauce. Stir this mixture well. No 8 - Now take the cooked scrambled egg and add it to this mixture. Check if you need to add more salt. If you feel there is less salt, add a little more fish sauce and lemon juice to this mixture.

No 9 - Put the spring onions and fry this for a few minutes. No 10 - Spread coriander leaves around the fried rice and have it hot with sauce, gravy, or plain.

Try these veg and non-veg recipes and serve everyone with joy. Share it with your friends if these recipes turned out well for you. MAY 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET





While we are at the brink of experience the worst climatic conditions, entrepreneurs and industrialists from across the world aren’t bothered enough to do their part. Indian American billionaire Vinod Khosla is an exception to the list. WWW.WISHESH.NET | MAY 2020

With so much wealth at his disposal, Vinod Khosla has made it is life’s mission to make this world a better place to live in, thus helping contribute his parts to restoring a “greener” Earth. He has reportedly invested over $450 million of his earnings to further contribute to greener initiatives including ethanol factories, solar-power parks and several others.

Early life Born on January 28, 1955, Vinod Khosla was born to an Army family where his father was an officer in the Indian Army and was based around in New Delhi. Khosla did his schooling from Mount St. Mary’s School. Following his encounter with the founding of Intel that was published in the Electronic Engineering Times as a teenager was what drove him to make an impact on the lives of the people and the society. That is where he got his inspiration from. This was also the reason that drove him to pursue a career in technology from the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi. He did his B.Tech in electrical engineering from the said institute. Apart from that, he also pursued master’s degree from the Carnegie Mellon University followed by his MBA degree from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Career Following acquiring all the educational degrees, Khosla knew that his ideas weren’t supposed to be bound by the traditional desk jobs that he was offered for a good sum of money. But, following his completion of MBA, Khosla worked for Daisy Systems which is a popular electronic automation company. This was in 1980. After working there for two years, Khosla branched out and co-founded the SUN Microsystems which was an abbreviation for Stanford University Network.

The same was done in collaboration with three other people including Scott McNealy, Andy Bechtolsheim, and Bill Joy. He was part of the company for two years from the foundation and served as the first chairman and CEO following which he left the company to work as a venture capitalist. Later in 1986, Khosla joined the Kleiner Parkins, which is a venture capital firm, as a general partner. Following his joining, he experienced rapid growths and better involvements in the coming days that led him to become a contributor to some of the MAY 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET

NRI PROFILE most important prospects in the tech industry including Asera, Dynabook, Excite@Home and several others. Following the rampant growth curve that he started experiencing, Khosla also invested in an Indian microfinance company, SKS Microfinance that helps the poor women in rural India take out loans for their needs. It was later in 2004 that Vinod Khosla finally founded the Khosla Ventures, helping industries and various businesses across. He started advocating for a greenery industrial practice by discussing about the use of ethanol as a substitute for the gasoline needs. Following his preachings, he has also reportedly invested in a number of ethanol companies as well. 46

He was also a major figure in the “Yes on 87” campaign to pass California’s Proposition 87 which is part of the Clean Initiative. Later, following his footprints, Khosla’s wife, Mrs. Neeru Khosla founded the CK-12 Foundation that helps in the development of open source notebooks and promoting better rate of education in America and across the world.

Khosla Ventures When it comes to the association that made Vinod Khosla a household name was his first company founded just by him, Khosla Ventures. The company is currently headquartered at Menlo Park, California. It also manages over $1 billion in investor capital along with separate investments made by Khosla himself. WWW.WISHESH.NET | MAY 2020

It was later in September 2009 that Khosla successfully completed two fundraisers, contributing to cleantech and information technology start ups. In May 2010, it was again announced that the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair was expected to join Khosla Ventures to further provide with strategic advices when it comes to making investments. Khosla Ventures has also invested in the much coveted Hacker Rank as well.

Accomplishments and Accolades Right from the start of his career, Vinod Khosla has time and time proved his capabilities and has founded a number of technologies and businesses in the funding under the Daisy Systems back in the days.

His first company that he co-founded with three others was mainly focused around the creation of Java programming language and Network File System. As for accolades, Khosla has served as the honorary chairman of the DonorsChoose San Francisco Board area. Apart from that, he has also received an award in the Northern California region for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year. He also takes pride being in the Board of Trustees at the University of California, Berkeley. The Blum Center, which he is part of is targeted to find better ways to address varying situations of crisis and extreme poverty and the disease that is happening around in the world. Vinod Khosla himself has been promoting a better drive to help promote a greener initiative in the prospects of growth and industrialization and every little contribution is making a difference worth noticing.





LOSING LEGAL STATUS BY JUNE END Given the ongoing pandemic and continuous lockdowns. The H1B workers in the US might have to remain in the country for 60 days without being paid. According to an immigration policy analyst, Jeremy Neufeld, now in the US, there are about 2,50,000 guest workers waiting for a green card. Along with them, around 2,00,000 H1B citizens might lose their status by the end of June. WWW.WISHESH.NET | MAY 2020

Unfortunately, even the ones not seeking a resident status might be forced to return home. Although the exact numbers would keep changing. There are about three-quarter HI-B visas of people from the IT industry. In the last two months, millions of Americans lost their jobs and more than the native -born workers, the workers on visas are in stress. Example, the visa holder might be working with an employer who can pay the recipient a minimum salary. They might reduce wages or disapprove of their option of working from home as it is against visa rules. The H1B workers who are laid off are given 60days time to look for another job. If the fail to find one, they would have to go for a different visa or leave the country. Either ways, a HIB worker is under stress. The matter is not about only having a job. But if a H1B worker has to get the visa renewed, it might delay due to the lockdown. On April 17th, Technet , sent a letter to the State and Homeland Security Departments with an intention to provide relief to foreign born workers. In the letter, they requested a delay in the work authorization expiration dates till September 10th This letter mentioned that without an action there will be 1000’s of unfilled jobs and this will affect the economy negatively. One of the Senior Vice President of federal policy and Government relations at TechNet, Alex Burgos stated that support is being provided to offices working remotely, doctors are getting telehealth services and the students having opportunities to learn from home.

On April 20th, Trump tweeted that as of now there is a temporary ban on immigrations to safeguard American jobs. Further, he even blocked the facility of people eligible to receive a green card for 60 days. This is difficult for companies to hire foreign-born workers during this lockdown. A man was hired by Duolingo after he lost his job in a Tech company. This person is in the U.S. because he got a special designation for being an extra-ordinary individual. He is on a 0-1 visa right now. Shawn Noronha, a 23-year old Australian living in San Francisco had to let go of his job at a fintech startup. Luckily, he got a new position with an enterprise software startup ready to sponsor his visa. However, coronavirus had different plans for us and before he could go to the Australian consulate and do his paperwork, the lockdown started. Now his status is changed from a working visa to a tourist visa and gives him permission to stay in the US until June. To use his time, he is learning Python, taking walks and baking. However, having no money from his salary, he is using savings. After he saw trump’s tweet of making the Visa rules strict. He felt that he should have gone back home and chased the American dream later on in his life.

So far, the Trump Administration hasn’t reverted to the letter. A.U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services Spokesperson hasn’t commented on the extension of visa deadline but they assure to provide enough support to people stuck in this situation.



Counter Terrorism Suspected In France

Due To The Knife Attack

In April, after a knife attack, south of Lyon left two people dead. The French counter-terrorism prosecutors had opened a judicial investigation. They were to charge the assailant. Minutes after the attack, he was arrested by the police and he was kneeling on the sidewalk praying in Arabic. According to the investigation they found out that the assailant was alone.


The court saw these as charges of murder or attempted murder with terrorist intent. In a small town of Romanssur-Isere during the lockdown, two people were killed and five were injured. At that time, residents were allowed to do their daily shopping. The prosecutors have identified the criminal to be a Sudanese born in 1987. He had not been described as such. However, he arrived in France in 2016 and the next year, he got his refugee status. The authorities investigated his home and found a handwritten document that spoke about religion and his complaints about residing in a “country of non-believers�



NORTH KOREAN KIM JON UN’S HEALTH Media reports had their doubts about leader Kim Jong Un’s health as he was not present in a long time. The other leaders stated that he was unwell due to a cardiovascular procedure.


WORLD NEWS Official Rodong Sinmun and the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) took care of several stories. However, there was nothing mentioned as to where he was. According to Daily NK, the report states that his health has been getting worse since August owing to smoking, obesity and overwork. On April 15th it was Kim Il Sung, Kim’s grandfather and North Korea’s founding father’s birthday. He missed it. Since then, this information of his ill-health started to spread. Two sources tried finding out about Kim’s health. One source was CNN, it wasn’t able to find out anything. The second source through a US official that said Washington is monitoring intelligence and suggests that KIM is in danger and requires a surgery.


Later, an online publication based in South Korea, NK, reported that Kim had received a cardiovascular system procedure on April 12, and was being treated in a villa in Hyangsan County. US media house CNN on Tuesday said that an unnamed US official has tipped them that the country is closely following up on intelligence on Kim’s health. This claim is identified by china and South Korea. However, South Korea and China didn’t approve this claim. According to the people of South Korea, Kim was in Pyongyang city. Kim was in an unspecified location outside North Korea. According to the US President Donald Trump, Kim and he met in 2018 and 2019. Further, Trump is not sure about believing what the US reports have confirmed. Yet another interesting side to this is that there are a few people outside Kim’s inner circle WWW.WISHESH.NET | MAY 2020

who know about his daily routine, health and some of North Korea’s most closely guarded secrets. That being said, in that environment, rumors and misinformation are bound to be there. According to the experts, the young North Korean leader is respected like a deity within the country. He is protected by his bodyguards running alongside his limousine during his meetings with other world leaders in 2018. Every move of his is protected and kept a secret that’s not rarely seen in the world. Therefore, spreading any wrong information about his health can get you in trouble with the state’s security services. Vipin Narang, a professor of political science at MIT and expert in nuclear weapons issues and strategy, says that this is a Goldilocks position on their nuclear weapons. Most countries aim to share this. Further he quoted that “States want the public and others to know just enough. They want to be transparent about the capability, but kind of opaque about the procedures and the actual line of deployment to enhance deterrence.”

concerned about the security of North Korea’s nuclear weapons if Kim died of natural causes. In addition to this, Kim is not a healthy man even otherwise. He is overweight, under stress and it was reported that he would drink a lot while having a meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-in. Narang believes that people would have thought about this contingency due to his health. Considering that he has a bigger role, they must be prepared of what a succession would be like. The only reason Narang is negative is because of his health conditions. Nevertheless, even if Kim is living a poor lifestyle, it doesn’t mean he is on death bed. Since it is connected with his absence it reminds policy and intelligence officials about the danger in North Korea’s future that should be thought about in his absence. Yes, few people outside the country must be aware of his whereabouts but for officials from Beijing to Seoul to Washington they need to analyze if Kim left behind a massive power vacuum in a state that has successfully tested nuclear weapons, and the intercontinental-range ballistic missiles to deliver them.

He even said that he wouldn’t be MAY 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET



Irfan Khan Passes Away At 53 And Rishi Kapoor At 67 Two famous and amazing actors who have entertained us all these years die. Irfan Khan passed away on April 29th and Rishi Kapoor passed away the next day. Both of them were battling against diseases and it was time for them to rest in peace. WWW.WISHESH.NET | MAY 2020

Irfan Khan “Life Of Pi” and “Slumdog Millionaire” was Irfan Khan’s two most famous movies among all his other movies. Irfan Khan played excellent International roles and he took his last breath on Wednesday, April 29th. Irfan Khan was 53. A statement from Khan’s PR agency said “It’s saddening that this day, we have to bring forward the news of him passing away,” “Irrfan was a strong soul, someone who fought till the very end and always inspired everyone who came close to him.” Since March 2018, Irfan has been suffering from a neuroendocrine tumor. In this tumor, the neuroendocrine cells grow abnormally in the body. His mom had passed away four days before his death and due to the coronavirus lockdown, Khan couldn’t make it to perform the last rites at his mother’s funeral. He was born in Rajasthan, married, and had two children. He started his career at the National School of Drama Delhi. Due to colon infection, he was admitted in the ICU in Mumbai at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital. In the early 2000s, he was starred and won an award in 2004. Before that, he would do only character or supporting roles. It took him a decade to get into leading roles. He attained national recognition and got nominated win an award for films like “Life in a metro” and “The Lunchbox”.

He was in Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital in Mumbai. Medical staff and all the doctors said that he kept them entertained till the end. He was undergoing treatment for two years and was determined all through his life. His life revolved around family, friends, film, and food. He was always energetic even while suffering from the illness. He didn’t let it affect his happy self. He was happy to receive love from all his fans and would want them to remember him with a smile, not tears. Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted, “Multifaceted, endearing and lively...this was Rishi Kapoor Ji. He was a powerhouse of talent. I will always recall our interactions, even on social media. He was passionate about films and India’s progress. Anguished by his demise. Condolences to his family and fans. Om Shanti.” Amitabh Bachchan tweeted the news saying he was devastated. “He’s GONE .. ! Rishi Kapoor .. gone .. just passed away .. I am destroyed !” wrote Amitabh, who has been a friend and colleague of Rishi’s for years. Rishi Kapoor had first started acting as a child actor in his father’s film Mera Naam Joker (1970) and he was awarded at that time. In 1973, he performed his first adult role in Bobby with Dimple Kapadia. In 1974, he won the film fare best actor award for his film.

Rishi Kapoor Rishi Kapoor was suffering from leukemia and he dies at 67. In the end, his wife and actor Neetu Kapoor were with him. His brother Randhir Kapoor broke the news and said that he passed away peacefully at 8.45 am on April 30th.




PM Modi Held A Meeting

To Discuss Ways To Strengthen The On 30th April, Narendra Modi had a meeting on discussing strategies to improve foreign investments in India and encourage local investments to improve the economy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Modi said that the handhold investors must proactively take an action by looking into their problems and seek help from the state and central Government if needed. In the industrial lands, plots, and estates there should be development in the WWW.WISHESH.NET | MAY 2020


infrastructure and they should be given enough financial support. The attendees of this meeting were Nirmala Sitharaman, Amit Shah and Piyush Goyal- the minister for commerce and industries. To promote the Indian domestic sectors, he ordered that fast track investment should begin in India. He emphasized on bringing up strategies to attract more investments with every state.

He mentioned that every ministry has taken reform initiatives must continue with what they are doing without any delay so that it doesn’t hamper the investments or industrial growth in the country. The Prime Minister held this meeting after Atanu Chakraborty, the secretary of economic affairs approached Modi Ji to an investment requirement of about 111 trillion over the next 5 years to develop infrastructure projects and take care of the economic growth.

Chakraborty submitted this report before his retirement under the National Infrastructure Pipeline. Each of the infrastructure ministries will have a means to raise resources with a committee, they will find a way to eliminate delays and them would set up committees to monitor project progress. Additionally, the Prime Minister gave his Independence Day speech last year mentioning to roll out a good infrastructure push worth Rs 100 trillion over 5 years to make India a $ 5 trillion economy.



Jio-Mart The New Online Mart From Reliance Industries


Jio network was talk of the town those days and now comes JioMart. The grocery will be available on this new mart by reliance company. In December 2019, the reliance industries also sent a invite to it’s telecom users to check out and register this new mart. It seems like a tough competition among the other online global online shops like amazon and walmart. This new venture got a caption “Desh ki nayi dukaan”. Initial business of JioMart will be launched


in Navi Mumbai, Thane and Kalyan. It is also said that mobile phones and electronics will be released on JioMart in coming days of January. It is yet to get updated with some more better features as part of development. So, we must be looking forward how JioMart is going to make it’s label in e-commerce industry.




How can you keep Your Mental Health Stable During Self-Isolation? The entire world is fighting a pandemic by self isolation and social distancing. Given the severity of this pandemic, it isn’t surprising at all that while we are doing everything to keep our immune system and physical health optimised; we hardly do the same for our mental health. This is the reason why it is necessary that you take some time out and realise how important it is to take care of your mental health too. WWW.WISHESH.NET | MAY 2020

But, how can you do it? Don’t worry; we have a few ways that can help.

Start by understanding The very first and possibly the most common issue that many people have been anxious about is the floating misinformation. If you can’t handle the consistent misinformation, there is nothing that can be done to treat the issues. In order for you to keep your mental health in check, it is extremely important to ensure that you keep yourself informed. It is

true that keeping track of the numbers and the news can be daunting but the better information you have, the more likely you will be prepared to tackle the worst that happens.

Have a healthy outlet People have been saying that the time of self isolation is extremely difficult for the extroverts who live their life outside and not cooped up inside. If that is something that you have been wondering about, one thing that can help manage your constant anxiousness and MAY 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET

INFOCUS restlessness is by having a healthy outlet for it. You can take up journaling and vent out your thoughts on the piece of paper. As weird as this does sound, it is actually very effective in keeping your thoughts collected and your mind at peace.

Talk to someone


Even though the hospitals and the clinics are not taking in general patients on call because of the impending risks, if you have a therapist for yourself, we would suggest you talk to them via an online appointment. Getting your weekly therapy is important and getting them amidst the pandemic while you are self quarantining is all the more important. If you keep bottling things up, it will end up taking a turn for the worse, which is absolutely the last thing that you need in your life. Opening up and being vocal about your struggles to someone helps you cope better with the situation.

Take up a hobby

keep your mental health stable is by indulging in some chats with your friends. This might not seem like a lot, but you will often feel like a burden lifting off your chest when you realise that you are not the only one in this crisis. It takes some time to get used to but hearing other people’s perspective can help you cope with the situation a lot better.

If you are not working from home and have a lot of time on your hands, one of the best ways to cope with your mental health during this time is by indulging in some kind of hobby. This might seem a little off the top but trust us, this can help a lot. You can finally take up the painting hobby that you have always wanted to check out. Or, you can even go out and learn some guitar lessons online as you have always wanted to. There are no restrictions to the list. It all depends on your choices, and things that you think would bring you happiness.

Indulge in some household chores

Chat with friends

Experiment in the kitchen

When was the last time that you caught up with your friends and just talked to them? If it has been long, one of the best ways to

With self isolation, one of the most common things that you need to do is improvise. Since you need to limit your grocery store trips, you need to ensure


If you are a bachelor and you stay alone, it is likely that you have been too busy to clean and get some of the household chores done. Now is the best time to clean every nook and cranny and get rid of the things that you possibly don’t need in your life. This time can also be used to revisit some old memories associated with some of the things that you have probably not even thought about in a long time. The possibilities are actually endless. It all comes down to you. Arrange and declutter everything around you because that has an amazing impact on your mental health as well.

that you keep an eye out on the amount of things you have. If you have limited items in your pantry, try and experiment by making new dishes. This can help you learn and at the same time, help make use of the less items that are available in your kitchen. This also helps keep you distracted and content, ensuring that your mental health is at peace.

Practice some meditation One of the most common mental health struggles that one is likely going to experience is the constant anxiousness surrounding the situation. While this might not seem like a lot but meditating for 15 minutes can help calm you down and ensure to keep your mental health optimised for the best. Try and do it

somewhere peaceful at your house as that is the best way to get your mind to calm down. Breathe in deeply and exhale simulatenously.

Practice self care If you want to keep your mental health in check, it is extremely important to ensure that you take the necessary amount of time to ward back the hassles. One of the best ways to do that is by taking a warm bath at night. These kinds of self care routines can be done at home and they have immense benefits on your mental stability and prevent you from feeling tired and anxious all the time. Remember, that it is you who has to take care of themselves. No one else is going to do that for you.





A salute and gesture of respect to a few of the women freedom fighters who were a part of the freedom movement directly or indirectly, however, they didn’t come into the limelight like the other famous freedom fighters like Nehru or Gandhi.


The part when she describes peacocks is the best. She has beautifully illustrated it in “Neelkanth”. Although Mahadevi Verma directly wasn’t a part of the Allahabad campaign started by Gandhi ji back then. She supported his teachings and did two things for the Freedom Movement. She wore Khadi and stopped talking in English. By profession, she was a Vice-Chancellor and professor at Prayag Mahila Vidyapeeth. Although the time then didn’t support women’s education, her mother encouraged her to learn Sanskrit and Hindi. “Bachpan ke din” was Mahadevi Verma’s biography

in which she appreciates how her parents supported her at a time when a girl child was considered a burden for the parents. Subhadra Kumari Chauhan was Mahadevi’s roommate and then became her close friend, the two of them wrote poetry together. When we have to look at her personality, she was the most modest woman. She lived a simple life and it is seen in the way she dressed and what she ate. She was always found in white clothes, slept on a wooden bed and the fact that she never looked at her face in the mirror shows the gem of a person she was. Perhaps she believed in inner-beauty through good deeds.

They deserve to be known and we can equally take inspiration from them, learn and take steps in being better people and contributors to the nation. Here is a list of all the women freedom fighters and their contribution to our nation. Take a look!

No 1 - Mahadevi Verma Mahadevi Verma was born on March 26, 1907, and she died on September 11, 1987. She was known for writing good poetry, was an educationist and a freedom fighter. She was a major poet of “ Chhayavaad”. She has written a lovely story about cows and this is related to her real-life. MAY 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET


No 2 - Basanti Devi Basanti Devi picked up from where her husband Chittaranjan Das, who was an activist was arrested and later died. She did the best social work for the nation and was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 1973. During the British rule in India, she was an Independence activist. She was born on March 23rd, 1980 and left the world in 1974.


She was the daughter of a Diwan under colonial rule. She studied in Kolkata at Loreto House and was just 17 when she got married. Chandra Bose respected Basant Devi as his mother and he was always in good terms with her and took her advice seriously. She participated in three important events during the British rule and they are civil disobedience movement, Khilafat movement and in the Nagpur session of the Indian National Congress. To support the Khadi Movement, Devi went on the streets. Despite being warned by Chandra Bose, she didn’t stop and was arrested. As she was an activist, with two other women she worked on developing “Nari Karma Mandir” that is a training center for all the activists. She was a dedicated Independence Activist which is seen in how she got involved in encouraging youth to take revenge for Lajpat Rai’s death. WWW.WISHESH.NET | MAY 2020

She was part of a weekly publication named “Bangala Kathar” and worked on promoting arts that focused on opposing colonialism. In every possible way, she fought during the freedom movement.

No 3 - Ashalata Sen Ashalata Sen was born in Noakhaliand in the year 1894 and died in 1986. She was a poet, social worker and an activist against the British. Her father worked at the district judge’s court as a lawyer. One of her best work was a poem she wrote at the age of 10. The poem was published in Antahpur. The poem described the incident of the Bengal Partition. She wrote the following books, Utsa, Vidyut, Valmiki’s Ramayan, Uchchhvas and Chhotoder Sada. She contributed to the Freedom Movement by participating in the salt march and made a weaving machine in Dhaka to support the Khadi Movement started by Gandhi Ji. Besides, she worked for the welfare of women and with her grandmother’s encouragement she joined politics, she signed the pledge of boycotting foreign goods. She went out of her way and encourage other women to sign the pledge too. During the civil disobedience movement when Gandhi Ji was arrested. Kalyan Kutir, the place

that she set up was sealed and the staff there were blamed as illegal workers. She fought against all the wrong acquisition and was arrested for protesting. Ashalata focused on working for the welfare of women. She set up many organizations for women so that they could stay conscious. Apart from this, she wrote songs for all the martyred freedom fighters.

No 4 - Maniben Patel Maniben Patel was Sardar Vallabhai’s daughter who was an Indian leader. She was a member of the Parliament and an Indian Independence Movement activist. She followed the teachings of Gandhi Ji. She was born on April 3, 1903, in Gujarat. During the freedom movement, she was a staunch supporter of the No-tax movement and encouraged women not to support it. In addition to this, Maniben Patel accompanied Kasturi Gandhi to participate in the Satyagraha movement and was arrested for being a part of the nonco operation movement. After her father’s death, she was extremely disheartened with Jawaharlal Nehru. Before her father passed away, he left a book that had 35 lakhs in it and asked her to only hand it over to Nehru, it was the money of Congress party. She was obedient and did as her father said. Nehru collected the money from her and never bothered to know about how would she manage or offered to help her. In fact, none of the leaders

did and this broke her heart. Besides being a part of the Freedom Movement, she was associated with different Educational Institutions.

No 5 - Rama Devi Rama Devi was from Orissa, born in 1894 and died in 1985. She was a social reformer and an Indian Freedom Fighter. She joined the freedom movement in 1921. She followed Gandhiji and actively participated in the non-cooperation movement. Rama Devi was a part of the Congress party and would go door to door encouraging women to participate in the nonco-operation movement. She was equally a part of the Indian National Congress and Salt Satyagraha Movement. She was arrested a lot of times by the British for being a women activist and standing against the British. She was a mother of three children. Her mother-inlaw did her best to keep her away from the freedom movement after she lost her last son and that’s when she lost interest in worldly affairs and got involved in the Indian Independence Movement. She dedicated herself to Bhoodan and the Gramdan Movement after India got Independence. Two of these movements focused on giving land and wealth to the poor. Additionally, she established Teacher Training Centers and set up a Tribal Welfare center. MAY 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET


Everything You Need To Know About

Mandukasana Introduction Mandukasana is even known as the Frog pose. In this posture, the body stretched forward like a frog. It is a simple asana and it can be done by people from all kinds of age groups. Given that it is easy, this asana has many variations. 68



No 5 – Given that it is good for

Mandukasana is a good forward stretching asana. Let’s go through some of the benefits of this asana.

No 6 – It treats all the pain in

No 1 – Treats every kind of

the stomach, it improves your digestive and excretory system. your ankles, back and knees.

problem in your stomach. Be it indigestion or constipation.

No 7 – It is strengthening for all

No 2 – This asana treats diabetes

No 8 – If you want to lose weight

as it improves the quality of insulin.

No 3 – This asana helps with

treating cardiovascular diseases.

No 4 – It improves the strength in your thighs and legs. You will feel light and flexible. All the fats disappear.

the abdominal organs.

and get a flat tummy, you must try the frog pose.

No 9 – This asana will help you

stay relaxed and calm by releasing all the gases from your stomach.

No 10 – This asana can fix dislocated naval issues.


INDIAN YOGA No 11 – If you want a workout to

relieve stress, anxiety, and depression, mandukasana helps.

No 12 – All the muscles in the body get toned after practicing this asana.

Try this invigorating asana and make the most of every benefit.

Steps of Madukasana

Follow these steps to do Mandukasana effectively. Step 1 – Roll a mat on the floor and sit in Vajrasana. Make sure that your knees and thighs are together.

Step 2 – Close the fist of both your hands. Place your hands in such a way that the thumb of both your hands touches the navel.

Step 3 – Gently exhale and start bending 70

forward. See to it that your buttocks are not separated from the heels. Bend in such a way that your chin can easily touch the floor.

Step 4 – Stay in this bent posture for a while and hold your breath.

Step 5 – Gently raise your body and bring it

back to the same position where it was earlier. Do it 3 times and practice this asana thrice a week. Variations of Mandukasana There are many variation poses for Mandukasana. Let’s learn two variations and you will witness a change in the hand movements.

Follow these steps to perform Mandukasana variation I Step 1 – Roll a mat on the floor and sit in Vajrasana. Make sure that your knees and thighs are together. WWW.WISHESH.NET | MAY 2020

Step 2 – Close your hands together by pressing the fingers on your elbows.

Step 3 – Exhale and start bending forward. See to it that your buttocks are not separated from the heels. Bend in such a way that your chin can easily touch the floor.

Step 4 – Stay in this bent position for a while and hold your breath

Step 5 – Gently raise your body and bring it back to the same position where it was earlier. Do it 3 times and practice this asana thrice a week.

Follow these steps to perform Mandukasana variation II This variation is the simplest of all. See how to do it!

Step 1 – Roll a mat on the floor and sit in the Vajrasana pose with your eyes closed.

Step 2 – Place your left palm on the navel. Above this, put your right palm and slowly inhale.

4.Stay in this position for as long as you can. Don’t apply pressure on your stomach.

5.You cannot do this asana if your knees are injured.

6.This asana is not recommended for women

suffering from migraine, insomnia or high blood pressure.

7.If recently you have had abdominal surgery, don’t try Mandukasana.

8.Pregnant ladies should keep away from Mandukasana.

9. Mandukasana is not for people having cardiac pain.


Step 3 – Exhale and start bending forward. See to it that your buttocks are not separated from the heels. Bend in such a way that your chin can easily touch the floor.

Mandukasana is good for the thighs, back, and legs as it involves stretching the body forward. Many other organs get stimulated and it shows you a way to observe your body. Practice this asana three times a week and let it improve the flexibility in your body.

Step 4 – Stay in this bent position for a while and hold your breath

Step 5 – Gently raise your body and bring it

back to the same position where it was earlier. Do it 3 times and practice this asana thrice a week. Precautions Read through the points mentioned below and take the necessary precautions while doing a frog pose. Here you go!

1. Avoid doing this asana if you have pain or an injury in your back.

2. If you have ulcers, avoid doing this asana. 3.In case there is pain in your knees, don’t do this asana.



How To Control Lust? Get To Know 10 Ways

To Do It! Lust is an uninvited emotion. Call it hormones acting strange or a sexual desire after watching an intimate scene coming up from nowhere is nothing but a need You are not an alien if you feel like being touched

or want to touch another body. You are participating 72

in one aspect of creation and the curiosity to enjoy pleasure is as good as wanting to have chilled ice cream.

If your parents didn’t have the chemistry or couldn’t feel lust for each other. You wouldn’t have been a part of this existence. No wrong or right in feeling lusty. However, lust gets bad when it captures and controls your mind. Therefore, let’s talk about this with an example. In a week you might crave to eat unhealthy fats at least once. It is normal to have this craving and you must agree to your craving and have that dish to enjoy yourself. However, if you uncontrollably eat the same food 5 days a week, you are losing your mind to think straight and giving into unhealthy WWW.WISHESH.NET | MAY 2020

temptation that will make you fat or result in health problems. Right? When it comes to enjoying the pleasure of lust, it is not going to do you badly until and unless you forget controlling your mind.

What happens when you can’t control lust? It is a sad affair, if urges, control your mind and you find it tough to stop feeling lusty for a person. In the first place, why do lustful thoughts control the mind so much. For the most part, a person


LIFE STYLE feels excessively lusty when his/her mind is idle. When you cannot get control over lust, your productivity at work, presence of mind and the ability to think correct are lost. Moreover, you get spiritually disconnected. Lust is not limited to sexual desire only; you can be lusty over food or things as well. Besides being idle, the other reasons why a person feels lusty is due to being used to someone, intending to manipulate a person, or for money. If one can manage lust and not act over it immediately, it is never a problem.

Tips To Gain Control Over Lust! 74

Gaining control over lust is not a difficult task provided you follow tips that are mentioned below. Take a look!

Tip 1

Take Small Steps To Push Temptations Away When temptations take control over your mind, you can fight it back by keeping away from things that cause all the temptation or push you to feel the urges. It is not easy to break lustful thoughts and get over them. However, if you make up your mind, it is possible.


· · ·

Stop watching porn Whenever you get lusty thoughts, replace

that thought with something you love Skip watching movies that have sexual content WWW.WISHESH.NET | MAY 2020

Tip 2

Practice Respecting Yourself And The Opposite Person By allowing the lust to stay in your mind, you are disrespecting your original self and letting a petty bodily temptation taint your behavior. On the other hand, by looking at another person with lust, you are crossing your boundary and disrespecting that woman. If you feel lusty and can snap over it, things are in your control. But if you are not willing to control it, then you need to think of the regards you have for the opposite person and let go of it.

Tip 3

Keep Away From Drugs And Alcohol The things you eat and drink is what makes you. Ever heard of this?

If you eat healthily, your thoughts will remain healthy and if you have toxic things such as alcohol and drugs, all the more you will lose control over your habits. It is even more tough to control lust when you are drunk. It is important to change your habits if you want to teach yourself to stay in control. You can always opt to have fresh juice or other fizzy drinks when you go out for a party or if you have a special occasion to attend.

Tip 4 Don’t Be Too Harsh On Yourself Feeling lusty is a natural feeling and needs from person to person differs. So, to overcome an emotion, you must learn to accept the way you feel instead of being harsh to yourself. Probably, the more you accept your feelings, the faster you will be able to overcome lust. Don’t deny what you feel. There is no harm to openly accepting what you feel. The more you are harsh, the more you will struggle.

Tip 5 Seek Motivation To Get Help Dealing with excessive lust is a hard situation to tackle. Nevertheless, you can look for motivational talks, look out for positive alternatives religion gives or hear people sharing their experience with getting over lust, this helps. The other ways to help yourself is by expressing your difficulty and pain to MAY 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET

LIFE STYLE someone you are close to or you can always bank on a therapist for the best piece of advice.

Tip 6 Look Forward And Erase The Lusty Past Look forward to a new path and tell yourself that you will leave your lusty-self behind. Let your mind hear that loud. Make this affirmation and keep saying this to yourself. That being said, you don’t have to shut yourself from lusty thoughts, but be even better prepared to control those thoughts. Once you get a grip on your thoughts, all the lust may just disappear from your mind.


You can do better and win over this new change.

Tip 7 Ignorance Is Bliss Avoiding your temptation or ignoring it is not running away from your problem. It is only a peaceful way of getting rid of your problem. Whenever you get to see or hear something that allows lust to creep in, you need to ignore what you saw by looking at something else or pay deaf ears to what you heard by listening to something else. This is one way of helping yourself.

Tip 8

Focus Only On Giving A Firm Eye Contact –

The fact that you want to get a hold of lust is by far the best decision to make. It takes efforts and all that you would need to do is


look into the person’s eyes instead of focusing on the body. Staring into the eyes will help you bond better and stay in a decent zone.

Tip 9

Find A Hobby To Keep Yourself Busy The best way to relieve your mind from all kinds of stress and lusty thoughts is by keeping yourself occupied with a hobby. Hobbies can keep lust miles away. Dance, sing, sketch, cook, read or do whatever it takes to keep you happy and busy. Put yourself in the right place and see how well you will be able to overcome lust.

Tip 10

Understand The Disadvantages Of Being Lusty Excessive lust is destructive and we are all aware of it. The pleasure that snatches away self-control is not the pleasure worth enjoying. Therefore, when you look at the negative side to being lusty, you will not wish to be lusty anymore. Being lusty can ruin your peace of mind because you are always going to be out of control. Why would you want that?

Following your lust could put you in serious problems like STD’s or STI’s. You rather stay safe. Isn’t it? Through lust you might form unnecessary emotional attachments that can hurt later. Aren’t meaningful emotional attachments better?

Conclusion Achieving victory of self-control over lust is the moment to be proud of yourself. Nothing wrong with being lusty, it is only a problem when it goes beyond control. If you have plans to control lust, it can be done with a positive attitude and a strong will power. MAY 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET


6 Ways To

Overcome Stirring Up Fears In A Relationship



Everything is fair in love and war! We hear this slogan everywhere but how practical is this? The turning down situations come with the aim of fearing. If anything is working great, we tend to overthink about the consequences and uncertainty. In the world of risks, we are stepping back to love. Now the ones who fear to love are cowards or the ones who risk guarantee love and happiness throughout life. You need a deep understanding of this. Go on reading to get more clarity on this.


RELATIONSHIP The achievers in any corner of the world believe in risking to achieve success. Not just love but everything is at risk. If you are in a relationship with someone or in love with someone, then take the risk. When you know that risking now can make your future bright, then try to overcome the fears. I know it’s not that easy as said. You need to put in your efforts and go out of your way. So, you need to learn how to overcome the relationship fears.

How to overcome the fears in a relationship? 80

You don’t get a report to measure your fear and find a solution. Question yourself about your love and you will find the answers and then the ways to overcome the fears. So, here we are mentioning the questions that you must ask yourself and I am sure that you will find your answers!

Is this a permanent fear? The fear that is hidden within you is not permanent always. When something is temporary, you must just let it go. I understand that you need time to let the temporary fears go as well. But you have to work on it gradually and then get rid of the fear. If you have any permanent fear then hiding it or keeping to WWW.WISHESH.NET | MAY 2020

yourself is not the solution. Discuss about the fear with your partner or trusted friend. We are asking you to share your fears because the perspective differs from person to person. In your perspective it is the biggest problem but what if someone has the solution. So, first know whether your fear is a lasting one or not. The harder it is to deal, the more care you need to take.

from the other side as well. What if the risk affects your relationship and your families.

You will get through this and gain more and more love!

I understand that you can’t keep questioning yourself about the fears. When you want to know the reality and need an answer for the confusion, it is better to question. Following that, you will make a clear decision that you dont regret or run away from in the future.

Why is it a risk for life? Yes! You can’t step back when you are in love. The risk that is breaking the relationships is better not to take. Today you are taking risk for your love but think

Then you can just say a no to the risk and let the fear stay. Sometimes, fear is safer than being rebel or straightforward. Though people call you a coward, you did it for everyone’s good.

Is my love Is Greater than fear?

You must be answerable to yourself before anyone else. This is the question that must

arise when the fear is pausing your relationship. This is not a time to ask a question. You must keep asking it to yourself every time a fear arises about your relationship.

4. What efforts do I need to make? Being heroic or sacrificing wholly is not love as shown in the movies. Sometimes, the effort matters above all.

If you are not making efforts to overcome the fear, then you can’t expect your partner to stay for you or with you. You earn respect, value from your partner. These are as important as love. It is high time you realize that relationships just don’t stand with love and affection. This reality can push you to lose the fear that is stopping you from love. So, this is an important

question that you must ask yourself.

5. Will this fear cost my love to lose? This question is to lighten your mind and act right. Until you reach the end point, you don’t face the fear, So, just create that end point for yourself. When you know that you lose your love, you let the time run out of your hands fearing still.


RELATIONSHIP So, you must give it a thought about if your fear costs your relationship break. This is like a self test in a relationship. These tests help you get a clearance on what is right for you. The answer is your confidence and passion towards your relationship.

6. Is it a fear or my perception?


Every fear is not a fear that is problematic. It is just your perception and how you take it. Considering it as a fear, you are losing yourself and your relationship as well. If you are overthinking, you obviously tend to see perceptions and situations as the problems. You develop it as a fear that takes over the control of your emotions, feelings, relationship.

Ways to overcome the fear in relationship You can’t end up knowing answers for your fear. It is undone till you step forward with the actions.

Share it with your partner You and your partner make it a relationship. It is not you alone or your partner alone in the relationship. Discussing with your partner openly about your fears can relieve you from it.


Something that is bothering you about your relationship must not be kept as a secret. COntinuing the

Face your fear There are many realities that you get to learn in the relationship. It is only that you don’t notice the lesson you are learning. If you want to know to overcome the fear, you must do it. You must be ready to face the reality. Even if it is not

favourable for you, the only option left for you is face it. Once you face the fear, you will know how much you can tackle. If you are just worried about the fear keeping safe inside you, it eats you off. It can break your relationship and turn it toxic. Now it is your choice to face it or just let your love go with the fear you never faced!

See the positives When you are seeing the negatives, it creates the fear in you. It also stirs up your existing fears. I would suggest you to remind the positives in your relationship. That shows that it is worth standing for the relationship no matter what. Every relationship is balanced with positives and negatives just like the ups and downs in life. So, keep looking at the other side of the relationship to overcome the fear.

Challenge yourself Self challenges are the best! When you challenge yourself to overcome the fear and act rightly, you aim to do it. If you have multiple fears, then tackle one by one taking it as a challenge. I am sure it helps you gain confidence in your relationship and relationship in general. After you get confidence on one aspect, you will learn to deal with anything in your way. You will be ready to face the reality after taking up the challenges.

Free yourself from stressChoose to be happy How are you trying to leave the fears behind and step forward? If you are stressed about the present and future situations, then you will never find a way to get over the fear. Get out of the stress at the first point and then you will learn where to go. You will lead yourself better when you are free from stress and choose

to be happy. If you are stressed, then it is just like blindfolding and walking the thorn way.

Simplify things The one who is making the fear bigger is you and no one else. So, you are the one who can tackle it. When you are complicating things in your relationship, it becomes an insecurity. This creates the fear of losing, fear of commitment and every moment seems like a risk for you. So, keep things simple. If you are not sure how to simplify things. Then- just let a few things go. Don’t hold the ego and drag the arguments. Pick the conflicts and questions wisely. Wait for the time to talk and don’t take the decisions when you are anxious. These are the common things that people are failing to do in a relationship. If you are following all these, then it is simple for you to deal with your fear in a relationship.




Living Apart Together During Lockdown


The lockdown has made the people to work from homes and thus facilitating more time to strengthen the bonds with the family members. On the other hand, there are some other people who are living away from the families.


RELATIONSHIP We are hearing many episodes of the lockdown extensions and quarantining ourselves in homes with the view of fulfilling our responsibility in the battle against COVID-19. There is a reason why the migrant workers choose to walk back to homes. Because, you need the support of your family and the loved ones especially in the times of crisis. Trying to keep up your relationship while being apart? Here is something you can do to achieve successful long distance relationship.

Tips to Feel together when you are Apart:


There might be several reasons for you to stay away from your partner in this pandemic. The person may be the medical worker who treats many coronavirus patients and has chosen to live separately to protect the family from the risk of getting the disease. The other scenario might be that couple who travelled separately might got struck at various places and do not have the chance to get back to the same location. Staying away from your partner during this crisis might offer many challenges and all you can do is to find the ways to cope with the feeling of separation and try to strengthen the bond with your partner. Here are a few strategies that you can implement to shield off the distressed episodes and stay connected with your partner:

1 -Accept and move with your quarantine decision:

When the Government started to administer the lockdown policies there was not much time to take the decisions of where to stay. All are left with a very little time. It will be WWW.WISHESH.NET | MAY 2020

difficult to stay away from your partner and you should recognize that neither of you can come out of their places to meet each other and it is not a safe practice. Express the state of your disappointment of staying away from your partner and move on. Dwelling on the same thing of staying away cannot help you to have positive talk.

2-Avoid jealousy and be trustful: It is easy to let your thoughts to run towards the negative direction when you are not together. Jealous questions may tend to contaminate your relationship. Find out the ways that can help to calm down yourself. Don’t show the frustration and the disappointment in your words. Express them in a gentle manner to your partner.

3-Set an End date for your waiting:

The long-distance love can be a great thing for the finite time. It may put you in the frustration beyond certain limits. But in the current scenario we are hearing the extended episodes of the lockdown further worsening the anxiety of staying away. So the best thing that you can do is keep a time limit that is far beyond the estimated day. This can help you cope with your anxiety.

4- Savor your solo time: Always thinking of the same thing may spoil your mental wellness and put you in the stressful situation. So have the activities in hand all throughout the day that will help to enjoy your own company. Start your day with workout, eat healthy food, start your regular work from home or household routine, take a nap. Sense of self care can help

to foster the confidence and keeps you emotionally balanced.

5- Catch up each other every day:

Plan to have some time with your partner at the starting or at the end of the day or whenever possible. Take some time to know their experiences and let your love grow in the understanding of your partner. Never let the depressive talks to come in your way. Make sure to have fun and joyful talks.

6- Embrace the technology: Text your partner to let them know that you are thinking about them. Catch your partner on skype or Facetime so that you can see and have the memorable moments together. Share your best pictures to hold back and have some quality time while discussing about your memory.

7- Plan the schedules well: Plan your schedules well keeping in mind the best time of you and your partner. Ensure that both of you should not have any other major office work.

8- Write your own Erotica: Instead of searching for the erotica sites. Have your own Erotica that you both can enjoy when you are back together. These stories can keep you excited while waiting to see your partner.

9- Do some virtual fore play: Send your partner some steamy photos via Email as a part of the foreplay and teasing for the life after the lockdown. You can start



the foreplay through the skype video call. This may make you feel more closer and stay connected with your partner.

10- Discuss the future plans with your partner:

It is the great time to discuss your future strategies from all the dimensions with your partner. Talk about the goals that are in your mind and seek their support to implement them. Discuss your plans for vacations, weekends once you meet them.

11- Be open and honest about your struggles:


While being apart don’t let your partner feel guilty of the separation. Make sure to keep the feelings of separation over a very short span during your conversation. You should not be afraid to raise your concerns and feelings of being apart. Make them acknowledge what they think and feel.

12-Don’t put your life on hold:

Don’t waste your time thinking of being away from your partner. Go online and engage with your partner as much as you can and make the separation time to go faster.

instead of the negatives. Do not dwell any negative or the insulting situations from the past. Keep them always loaded with your love and caring while respecting their comfort levels and feelings.

14- Have fun together even though you are apart:

13- Share love and positive feeling every day:

Make your love to outgrow each day to infinite levels. Let your partner feel your love and always speak of the positives


Just because you are not physically in the same place does not mean that you are apart. Plan for a weekend movie through Skype where you can watch the movie at the same time. Choose the category of the movies as per your interests. You can plan some online puzzles, quiz, and games for the more fun.

15- Avoid talking to your partner when got angry:

When you are angry, then you are at the risk of spilling out something that may hurt your partner. Spend in your company when you are away from your partner. Practice the meditation to cope with your anxiety. Once you come out of the anger analyze the situations that made you become aggressive.

16- Plan your mealtime together:

The advent of the technology has made nothing impossible. Plan to have a face time at least

once a day. Have the endless conversation with your partner during the mealtime just like you are together.

17- Make it a period of memories:

Engage with your partner in making your own videos with some quotations and messages. Plan for the activities that will help to keep you away from stress. Make out a collage by gathering all your past memories. Distance can never be an obstacle for the couple relationship. Don’t build up the feelings of anxiety and test the strength of the relationship while staying apart. MAY 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET



10 Signs That Say

You Both Have Great Chemistry WWW.WISHESH.NET | MAY 2020

Couples enjoy staring at each other! Walking the long distance with hand in hand is a pleasure. The presence becomes priceless. The love birds are more habituated to say “we� than me or you. Is this all chemistry between two people?


LOVE & ROMANCE When a couple notices that their chemistry is working great, they get more into the pool of love. They would be ready to drown into the pool together and imagine the ever after story. This is an unexplainable beautiful feeling. The feeling of being together is enough to keep a couple alive. But still I would love it to be misleading and confusing at some point. The growing love raises more questions and thoughts. If you have a question of “how to identify if you both have great chemistry” then you must notice the signs.


You need not observe the signs of good chemistry secretly. Just remind the emotion you both feel when you are together. Before that look at the below signs of great chemistry, then you can proceed with recollecting those love moments. Here are a few signs that say you both have wonderful chemistry!

Signs that you both have good chemistry Feels home holding hands In the love movies and romantic scenes, couples hold hands. The duet songs start with holding hands. We think it is just filmy but that is the love gesture for couples. They fall short of words and they just want to romance by holding hands. The warmth and safe feeling that comes when holding hands is a need for the love birds. The tight holding is an assurance of keeping safe and comfortable. You develop that unbreakable emotional attachment with the person doing this.


I would say going hand in hand during the walks and while watching movies adds joy to the moments. A cup of coffee with delicious ingredients wouldn’t taste that great when the hands are apart. Tighter they hold their hands, the brighter the moments become for them.

So, how tight do you both hold your hands? Never bored setting eyes on each other This is too much to take for you! And it also seems like stupidity to keep on staring at one person unless you are in love with him or her. If you are in love, you just don’t want to take the eyes off the person. It is because you get enough of the person in a glance. The smile, attitude and the words, everything is adorable for you. So, you just don’t want to

stop staring. If you both don’t stare at each other then don’t call it great chemistry.

Togetherness can destress you both Who doesn’t have stress! Stress is within and around but it disappears when your favourite people surround you. Don’t you notice this happening with you guys. You forget the problems and pain that you were holding for long once you meet your lover. You raise with hope, passion when the precious ones come to you as a reminder. You are ready to take that stress as you know it flies away at the very moment you see your love. In the world full of stress people find their ways of relieving stress. If you both are choosing your love as a stress buster, then you are totally into each other. Can you deny this?

emotions with your partner within no time. And you both don’t even wait for a chance to talk, laugh together. Self control and resistance goes for a toss as your chemistry is stronger than your egoes!

Together time flies without Your Notice Did you ever wonder- where did the time fly away when you are talking to your beloved? Let me tell you, no one manipulated the world clock to pass the time over. It is just that you both were lost in your world. You were so indulged in laughing together and having fun by teasing, annoying each other. The good news is, you have an adorable chemistry. The chemistry between you both can let the hours go like minutes and sometimes like seconds. If you want to define it as some magic, then why not?!

No self-image after a Fun in teasing and conflict annoying each other Ego is a reality that you can’t escape from when you are in love. Ego comes and goes but what stays with you is love. You know that ego is temporary and you vote for love after every clash that happens to you. You just don’t want to stay apart from each other. The resistance test that you give to yourself cant last more than a few hours or a day. You just want to feel the love,

Your expressions are cute and the way you get irritated is funny. You are adorable when you make that frown face. Oh! It’s not me who is saying all this for you. This is what your partner feels for you. And the very reason that your partner annoys you for no reason is this. Remember, you did it to your partner as well. You just want to annoy your lover to see that lovely expression. The slight anger with sweetness is a lovely MAY 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET

LOVE & ROMANCE blend that you want. If you both have fun teasing each other, then the chemistry between you both is great.

A little PDA I don’t think this is an unexpected sign in the list for the couples. It is not that you wait for a chance to show off affection for your partner or both for one another. But if the situation permits, you don’t hold back yourselves. You embrace your relationship in front of others and you are not shy about it. Being clingy and touchy is not any wrong. Moreover, you can take it as a sign of good chemistry. You are just comfortable being together and closer in view of others. 94

You can’t wait to see each other again You wave your hand for a bye and then miss your partner after a few minutes. Leaving at the moment is a pain. You carry that pain of staying apart and you can’t wait to see each other again. The held pain sweetly stays within until your next meeting. This is the joy of being together. Though you both are virtually connected, you know the difference of meeting in person. The happiness is doubled up when your partner is in front of you. And it is worth waiting for the next meet. The couples are happy to stay apart knowing that they make it up soon. How silly is love! And all this falls into chemistry. WWW.WISHESH.NET | MAY 2020

Silence is pleasant for you Silence is the most annoying thing that you can’t take from anyone. But you couples feel it differently when they have the mutual understanding of silence. The romantic weather, love beside is enough at moments. If you both feel pleasant being silent, then you have unbeatable chemistry. You are on the track even without a word. This is not something that is

possible for people who have weak chemistry between them. But don’t tell me your partner was silent there the other day and you felt bored. Then you are lacking chemistry.

You speak the same language Here I am referring to the love language. You both are on the same page most of the time. You know what you both want or expecting. It doesn’t mean that you know you go wrong with expectations and knowing the needs of your partner with good chemistry. It is just that you don’t find it hard to understand the needs. There are a number of needs that you naturally expect from your partner. But what if you are expecting it at the wrong time or expecting too much. For this a bit more chemistry is needed. The need of sex, intimacy, support and affection are what naturally you expect. If you both are understanding this well. Then you have healthy chemistry! The word itself says mystery. When you are trying to define a feeling or emotion as chemistry, it leaves you confused. So, these signs are common for the people in a love relationship. Get them right and you will know how good the chemistry is between you and your partner.



8 Best Places Around The World 96

Every Solo Female Traveler Should Visit


When it comes to travel and acqu iring experiences, it is quite important that you do focus on a wide range of sp ots around the world that are worth the time. But, for solo female travelle rs, there are a number of factors that they like to keep in mind that are actually worth the time. Selecting the place for your travel destinatio n is something that can often leave you confused. To help you out wi th that,we have sorted through some of the best places across the world that are worth the visit

Let us take a look, shall we?



Rome Rome is a beautiful place that doesn’t need any kind of introduction. The place is often regarded to as the fashion capital consisting some of the most beautiful people around. This vibrant and energetic Italian city does have a lot to offer, especially if you are a solo female traveler. Explore the rich heritage and the Roman Empire and even visit the Vatican City for an amazing experience like no other. The infinite beauty of the place is enough to make you fall in love with the place. 98

Reykjavik When it comes to the safest places to visit for a solo female traveler, Reykjavik is possibly one of the most popular spots around. This city in Iceland is known for its unmatched beauty and ranks the first spot for being the most peaceful country across the country. Apart from the safety of the place, the other factor that makes this such an amazing option is all because of the kind of life and culture that they have there. Pair that with the beautiful and picturesque natural beauty around and chances are that you wouldn’t even want to come back.


Amsterdam For those meaning to set out on a journey of their own as a solo female traveler, Amsterdam is an amazing city to be in. The place is vibrant, and loaded with spots that you can explore and visit without further thoughts. Known as the Venice of the North, the place is surrounded by beautiful canals, museums and the beautiful cycle commutes that you just can’t do without. The place offers a little to everyone which is one of the reasons why it is such a popular spot for the female solo travellers. This old European city is a must visit, even if it’s just once.

Montreal Visiting Europe is going to dig a hole in your pocket. If that is something you don’t necessarily want to indulge in, Montreal in Canada can

offer an experience just as amazing. The place is known for its magnificent buildings and the rich culture and history that make it the perfect spot to be in for the solo female travellers. And the best thing is that you can also experience the little pieces of France with the wide range of French restaurants. The Canadians are also quite helpful, so you can ask them for help, if you think you will need some. Don’t hesitate.

Bali Who doesn’t like tropical destinations, right? Well, Bali is one such spot that you just can’t do without. Make sure that you make the bookings beforehand because of the deals that you can snatch. For solo female travellers, Bali is often considered one of the best spots to visit and explore without further thoughts put into it. The wide range of beaches and the islands do make this

one of the best spots that you can visit and explore. The culture and the food is just as breathtaking, so explore that as well.

Copenhagen The capital city of Denmark is yet another one of the solo destinations that every female traveler can visit and explore without putting in many thoughts. The vibrant and exotic nightlife, the culture, the beautiful architecture and just the place in general is what attracts the female travellers the entire year around. The place is also quite safe to visit, so you know that the same won’t end up causing a ruckus for your safety. The city is also quite compact, so you wouldn’t have issues getting around.

Tulum If aquamarine life and just the beauty of the sea is something that you love exploring, Tulum is one of the best spots to be in. It is not just the marine life and the beauty but the white sand beaches are just as amazing to explore and be in. This tropical getaway in Mexico is one of the most popular spots to be in and explore your time in. This is perfect for solo travellers because of the wide range of activities that you can explore there. If you aren’t that much into beaches, there are other activities that you can indulge in.

Costa Rica Lastly, the best spot to visit and explore for the solo female travellers is Costa Rica which is spread across with a wide range of thrilling places to visit and explore. There are a wide range of volcanoes and several of the recreational activities that you can most definitely visit and explore. It was deemed unsafe before but things have changed for the better, so you can definitely change that mindset and spend some time amidst the greenery and the tropical location. MAY 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET


70 Years of Bilateral Relationship Between

India and China 100


Both India and China, have decided to celebrate the year 2020 with the large scale functions to mark the 70 years of the successful diplomatic relationship. The planned situations have changed with the unexpected outbreak of the novel Coronavirus. Now the real question is how many of the panned programmes can be implemented and to what extent. This pandemic has collapsed the planning and the calculations of the national institutions and the public at the large scale. It has become more difficult to predict the outcome of the planned programmes at this juncture.

India-China Bilateral Relations: On 1 April 1950, India stood as the first bloc country to form the diplomatic relationships with the people’s republic of China. Prime minister made the visit to china in October 1954. Prime minister Rajiv Gandhi’s visit in 1988 marked the beginning of the improvement in the bilateral relationships. In 1993, the signing of an agreement on the maintenance of peace and tranquillity along the line of actual control on the India-China border. Right from the 1980’s the two countries agreed to solve the boundary questions through the friendly interactions. After 2013, Chinese president Xi Jinping and Indian prime minister Narendra Modi initiated the hometown diplomacy. They carried out the two informal summits in

Wuhan and Chennai respectively and made the strategic communication on overarching, long-term and strategic issues of global and regional importance. The communication helped to strengthen the partnership contributing for the development in both the countries.

2019, a passable year of the India-China relations: Looking back at the past 70 years, India-China have travelled through the extraordinary development path despite the wind and rain in their pathways. 2019 was neither good nor bad for India-china relationship. It was just the acceptable. India and China are managing to safeguard the improvements in their relationship that tend to disrupt their ties. Both the sides are successful in making little substantive progress in resolving their major disagreements that helped them to maintain the sounder long term relationship. To understand the India-china relationships in the 2019, the examination


INDIAN HISTORY of the bilateral and geopolitical background to be done that molded their relation. On a political ground, the experience of the crisis and partial reconciliation in the previous two years bring changes in the India-china relations in 2019. The 73 day Doklam Standoff that took place in 2017 between Chinese and Indian soldiers put their relations in the fear of military conflict. The Doklam crisis is a warning to both the sides that the tensions resulting from their competition and the unresolved border can trigger the derailing of their relationship.

Significance of India-China Cooperation: Here are a few significances that the IndiaChina cooperation carried out in the long run: 102

1.Political and Diplomatic Relations:


The communist Party of China successfully maintained friendly exchanges with the 9 major political parties of India including BJP, Congress, and left wing parties for the longer periods.


India and China have so far set up the 20- interparlimentary set up groups.


India and China have set up 50 dialogue mechanisms for exchanging their views on various topics concerning bilateral, regional, and global.

2.Economy and Trade: >

Right from the beginning of the 21st century, the trade between Indian and China has grown from less than $3 billion to nearly WWW.WISHESH.NET | MAY 2020

$100 billion, in figures making the increase to about 32 times.


India and china are enjoying the economic and trade cooperation from the braod prospective with the combined ,market of over 2.7 billion people and with a GDP of 20% of the world’s total.

3.Science and Technology: >

China and India have conducted the several Joint Research Workshops on the innovation of science and technology. Indian companies have set up the IT corridors in China, which helps to enhance the cooperation in information technology and high technology.


4.Defense >


Indian and china enhanced the understanding and trust to exchange training experiences and to jointly improve the anti terrorism capabilities with the Hand -in-Hand joint anti terrorist exercises.


China-India defense and security consultation strengthens the exchanges and cooperation in the defense field.

5.People-to-People Exchanges:


The two groups have held the constant meetings for the progress and the exchange of cooperation in the fields of art, publishing, media, film, television, museum, sports, youth, traditional medicine, yoga, education, and many more. A heated and healthy discussion was held between Indian and Chinese youth delegates in January, 2020 at the Embassy of People’s Republic of China in Delhi.


To strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the field of media and think tanks, ChinaIndia high level media forum and China-India think tank forum were conducted.


Pairs of sister cities and Provinces was established by both the countries. Sister province and cities between Fujian Province and Tamil Nadu state, Quanzhou city and Chennai city. This helps to promote the cultural and commercial ties between both countries.


The number of pilgrims from India to Xizang, the autonomous region of china has surged from several hundred in 1980s to more than 20,000 in 2019.

Plans to celebrate the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relationship: The year 2020, marks the 70 years of the establishment of the diplomatic relationship between India and China. Both the sides agreed to conduct the 70 activities demonstrating the historical connection between the two civilizations and to further enrich their bilateral relationships in the upcoming years. Several messages of the felicitations were carried out between the Presidents, Prime ministers, and the External Affairs Ministers of the both countries.


President Ram Nath Kovind, conveyed warm greetings and observed the considerable progress in the bilateral agreement in the number of areas.


Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, in his letter to Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, stated that he is looking forward to work closely with the Chinese Premier for the strengthening and deepening of the partnership to the greater heights in the coming years.


External affairs minister, Dr. S. Jaishankar, wrote a letter to the Chinese foreign minister, Wang Yi. He wrote some hopeful words for the continued cooperative work in the coming months. Due to the outbreak of the pandemic COVID-19, India and china are not be able to carry out the activities that are planned to celebrate marking the 70th diplomatic relationship anniversary. Both the countries continue to address the challenges exerted by the outbreak of the coronavirus. The two groups are working constantly to design a logo marking the 70th anniversary celebrations. MAY 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET



3D Bioprinting

A Foresee Technology In Regenerative Healthcare 3D printers add another dimension which is an upgrade of 2D printers. The extra dimension is added with the material all around to print an item layer by layer. WWW.WISHESH.NET | MAY 2020

Bioprinting in the sense, it is 3D printers which biomaterials sit on layer over layer to form a bodily structure like skin, bones and tissues. The process goes this way for bioprinting- the required cells or the adult stem cells will be collected to print an artificial object which matches the real original organs. Post the layers are fixed flawlessly, a collagen or gel will be used to secure them.

Bioprinting In The Future of Healthcare- A Game Changer It is anticipated that the future organ transplantation will be with 3D bioprinting. In present, there are bypass complications linked to transplant on the basis of various grounds like suitable donor and immunity rejection.

Printing the stem cells from a transplant recipient to replacement organ may cause complications which are associated with mismatching donor and rejection of immunity. With 3D bioprinting, there are no such complications.

So, does it mean, there wouldn’t be any complications with 3D bioprinting and how?

There are a few challenges which are pending to address. Post successfully fixing them all, this healthcare technology will go live, operational and effective.



Skoda Karoq 106


Skoda Karoq is estimated to be priced from Rs 23-24 Lakhs. The car is expected to be released in May 2020 in India. The vehicle is extremely suitable for Indian roads. More features to know before the buying plans as the launch is going to soon in India.


AUTOMOBILES The features in the new vehicle include android auto, apple carplay. The safety features ABS and EBD are fixed. Basic facilities in Skoda Karoq connected car technology, powered front seats, cruise control, automatic headlamps and wipers, dual-zone climate control and a panoramic sunroof Front and rear parking sensors, electronic stability program are the additional features that the buyer would look for. The vehicle engine is featured with a capacity of 1.5 liter turbocharged petrol with



the transmission of 7-speed DSG. Transmission type is manual with max power 138.03bhp@4200rpm and max torque 320Nm@1750-2500rpm.

Feature Highlights ● A panoramic sunroof ● Virtual cockpit display ● Designed with 9 Airbags Skoda Karoq started taking bookings in India. The car is expected to be launched soon after the coronavirus lockdown.



Vaastu Tips According


To Your Zodiac Sign Did you know Do Vaastu directions have a connection with our horoscope? Yes, it is true. This connection is on the basis of direction and the qualities of our governing planet. In other words, when our planets are moving in the right direction, it would have a positive effect on our life.



INDIAN VAASTU CORNER How? Every zodiac sign is governed by a planet and each planet represents one element of nature. So, the way we think, how we are professionally and the success of our relationships is partially based on what’s the nature of our planet. For example - If your zodiac sign is Virgo. The kind of person you are, your work life, family life, and health are partially an influence of your ruling planet. The ruling planet for Virgo is Mercury and this represents the mind and intellect. If you go to see, most of the Virgo’s by nature are deep thinkers because that’s what their planet is known for. On the flip side, who you are and what you do doesn’t fully depend on your horoscope or Vaastu. It is only a contributing element to set things right and help you excel. 112

Now, bringing Vaastu into the picture, if you follow Vaastu tips according to your zodiac sign. To a certain extent, you can handle tough situations, stay joyful and succeed in life. Listed below are interesting Vaastu tips for every zodiac sign. Take a look!

I - Representation of Vaastu Direction According to Your Zodiac Sign Aries – It is governed by Sun and the

Virgo – The North West direction is most favorable.

Libra – West the direction is most favorable. Avoid placing your entrance door in the North West direction.

Scorpio – This zodiac sign is governed by Mars and most favorable is the South direction. The South direction is not for everyone.

Sagittarius – West facing the entrance is the best. However, avoid having your entrance in the North-West direction. A house should never be constructed close to the road

Capricorn – South direction is most favorable. Aquarius – Southeast is the most favorable. However, if all Vaastu tips are considered, it is not bad for your house.

most favorable is the East direction.

Pisces – South East is the most favorable.

Taurus – The The north-East direction

However, if all Vaastu tips are considered, it is not bad for your house.

is most favorable. Luck, wealth and power are earned.

Gemini – The The north-East direction is most favorable to bring good luck.

Leo – The North West direction is most favorable. WWW.WISHESH.NET | MAY 2020

II – Vaastu Tips to Have A Good Entrance According to Your Zodiac Sign Here is a few important Vaastu directions to follow for a good entrance according to your zodiac sign

No 1 – East facing the entrance is ideal

for the following sun signs - Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces. It will work best if you have your entrance in this direction only.

No 2 – West facing entrance is ideal for the following sun signs – Libra, Taurus, and Aquarius.

No 3 – North facing the entrance is ideal for the following sun signs – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

No 4 - South facing the entrance>is ideal

for the following sun signs – Gemini, Virgo and Capricorn. Follow these tips and it will help you stay healthy, wealthy and peaceful.

III – Good To Know Vaastu Tips According to Your Zodiac Sign


You will be happy and healthy


If you have a vehicle business, this year is auspicious for you

Tips for this year >

Yellow is the lucky color for the Taurus zodiac sign

> Fill your pocket with a silver pyramid >

Hanging a crystal ball in the west will do you good

GEMINI 2020 Vastu Prediction > It is time for all the Asthma patients of this zodiac sign to stay alert.

> Be alert about infidelity in a marriage



2020 Vastu Prediction

Tips for this year

> > >

Big plans will turn out successful Stay cautious about what you eat


Happiness, health and career will be stable


Tips for this year

Don’t take everything too much to your heart

Yellow is the lucky color for the Gemini zodiac sign Ketu the pyramid is the best at this point in time


Grow a hawthorn plant if the entrance of your house is in the South direction


North The east direction will be good for growing flower pots

> If you want to keep peace and maintain

prosperity at home, draw a Swastik symbol at the entrance or hang a bronze Swastik outside the house

TAURUS 2020 Vastu Prediction >

You can expect to receive support from friends this year MAY 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET


> Have a wind chime with 5-6 suspension tubes in the west corner of your house

CANCER 2020 Vastu Prediction >

You need to be focused and concentrate. Being logical will help you successfully complete your task


Watch out for the mood swings you might experience this year


You can make money after investing in the stock market

Tips for this year > In the northeast direction of your house, keep a vessel filled with gangajal 114

> In the east direction of your house, hang a picture of the Sun or Surya yantra


If possible, in the east direction, place a copper pyramid

LEO 2020 Vastu Prediction >

You will move ahead with a positive mindset and not give ears to anyone giving you their views

> In this year, you will express love to the fullest

you should place a picture of the moon Apply a haldi and Kesar tikka at the place where you exit You can occupy the Northeast direction of your house with a brass-made pyramid

VIRGO 2020 Vastu Prediction >

You will meet new and interesting people this year


Career wise, everything will be alright. It will neither be good nor will it go bad.

> Income for people in the agricultural sector might increase

> Career and happiness wise, you will do

Tips for this year

Tips for this year

> Let the walls of your home are cream in color

good this year

You must place a bronze swastika at your entrance door and your lucky color are light white. Additionally, on the North West wall,


> >

Go for regular dental checkups

In the North direction of your house, install Ganesh’s picture or idol

LIBRA 2020 Vastu Prediction > You will lead a simple and balanced lifestyle this year

> Spending time in solitude is something you will love


The decisions you take this year will be practical and you are going to have a good time with friends

Tips for this year > Always have a symbol of Swastik at your entrance door

> Keep a tulsi plant outside the house >

In the South direction of your house, hang a picture of mountains

SCORPIO 2020 Vastu Prediction > You will make and break several friendships this year




You will attract people for your strong personality

> You are likely to earn two sources of income

Tips for this year >

Red, grey and pink are favorable colors for a wall in the South direction of your house

> Place the photo of Hanuman at the entrance of your home


Don’t keep junk at home


In the puja room install a Navagraha Harmony 3D device


2020 Vastu Prediction >

Your instincts will support and help you make the right decisions this year

> You might stay all philosophical this year >

You will enjoy your freedom without being bothered this year

Tips for this year




Always have a symbol of Swastik at your entrance door


Keep a tulsi plant outside the house


Have a laughing Buddha statue at the entrance of your home

CAPRICORN 2020 Vastu Prediction >

This year you will defeat all your fears


You will be healthy and live a disciplined life Monetary returns are expected this year

Tips for this year


The South floor of your home should be higher than the east


To keep your home positive, install a Sphatik Shri Yantra


In the Northwest direction of your house, you can hang golden wind chimes


In the North or East direction of your house, place tiny flower pots


Place a pyramid in the southwest direction of your house

PISCES 2020 Vastu Prediction >

Your confidence will be boosted with your faith in God


You might feel negative and experience mood swings this year


This year will be progressive for businessmen

Tips for this year >

In the west direction of your house, place a picture of laughing children


In your room, place a jasmine aroma dispenser


Ensure to keep the North direction of your house clean

AQUARIUS 2020 Vastu Prediction >

You will end up counseling many people


Your innovative mind will work well this year


Avoid trusting people blindly. There are chances you might lose out on close people this year

Tips for this year >

Have a symbol of Swastik at the main entrance MAY 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET



Pillars of Spirituality in



India is a vast and ancient land which is the home of many religions and cultures. It is also the home for spirituality. From Kashmir to the tip of Cape Comorin, you can’t go to any area in the country without some spiritual space. Spirituality has acquired prominent place in the daily lives of the Indian people.


INDIAN SPIRITUAL Spirituality is a broad concept that provides room for many other perspectives. It explores the meaning of our lives. People express their sense of spirituality through religions. Spirituality is one of the five dimensions of wellness and the other four are physical, emotional, social, and intellectual.

Principles of Spirituality: India is a land filled with ashramas where the yogis and masters reside who are keeping the amazing science like yogas and Ayurveda alive. Meditation allows you to connect to the spirituality.

Indian spirituality relies on four principles: One: whatever had to happens and you 120 can not change it.

Two: You meet everyone in your life to settle something. No one comes into your life by chance. It is believed that they might have come to teach you something, learn something, pay off something, or receive something.

Three: The moment in which something starts is the right time. Everything is meant to happen at a specific time, neither before nor earlier.

Four: this is the most important one. What is over is over. Don’t hold back to the past. It is better to let it go and move on as you can’t go back and fix the things.

The three great spiritual sages of India: Buddha, Aadi Shankaracharya, and Swami Vivekananda are the great sages of Indian spiritual tradition. WWW.WISHESH.NET | MAY 2020

Gautama Buddha: In the 6th century BC, Gautama Buddha was born. Though he was born to a royal household, he dedicated his life at the age of 29 years to solve the mystery of suffering, its causes, and cure. He acquired enlightenment after many years of struggling under the Bodhi tree. He understood that the worldly desires are the root causes for the sufferings. Buddha has put forward his thought that the existence of world is conditional. Buddha had posited the Theory of dependent origination which states that our senses experience joys and sorrows depending on the certain conditions. The moment those conditions are eliminates those experiences are ceased. Treating all the feelings and the enjoyment as the permanent and clinging to them may result in the suffering. The primary concern of Buddha is to find the solution for the human suffering. He never allowed the speculative questions on the nature of the soul. These are known as avyakatani in

the deep knowledge of the Indian sacred texts. Shankaracharya took some vows and went in search of Guru. On the banks of river Narmada, Govindapada invited him into the world of Advaita Vedanta. Govindapada has learnt this art from his Guru Gaudapada. Shankara then travelled across the India and promoted the philosophy of the Advaita Vedanta. Under the supervision his disciples, he established four mutts in the four cardinal directions to keep his knowledge alive through the Guru-shishya parampara.

What Advaita Vedanta Speaks?

the Buddhist literature. The answers of these questions are not answered or understood through the sense experiences. Buddha believed that speculating on them may cause dogmatism. So he kept quite silent on them. Ignoring their master’s warning, the later Buddhists tried to find answers for the avyakatani under the light of Buddha’s teachings. Different opinions resulted in the split in the Buddhism. Buddhism was split into Hinaya and Mahayana after the death of Buddha. The former one is a orthodox and strictly adheres to the literal teachings of Buddha where as the later one follows a liberal interpretation. There two were later divided into many sub parts.

Adi Shankaracharya: Adi Shankaracharya was born in 18th century CE, when the India was under the cultural decline. Right from his young age he surprised everyone with his intellectual abilities and with

As defined by the shankara, the reality is something that never changes. As per his criterion, the materialistic elements can not be considered as real. The fact is that we experience the world and its objects at the same time, that represents the presents of real and unreal at the same time. Shankara regards this paradox as the Mithya. It is also referred to as Jivatman, the pure consciousness that lies in the individual and the subject of all the experiences which is eternal. This consciousness seen from the universal standpoint as the Brahman. Brahman also divided like the pervading space into various parts known as jivas. Shankara refers the feeling of “I and mine” and the elusive search for the permanent pleasures as the Maya. The only way to get out of this Maya and realize the truth is to raise above the dualities of the world, which states that the world is ultimately false and Brahman alone is true and the individual is not separate from it. The theory of Maya was completely understood which does not really mean that the world is an illusion. So many people aroused questions that why shankara has built the temples, if the world is an illusion? The philosophy of Shankara was misunderstood who doesn’t really deny the reality of the world but, gives it a provisional status. MAY 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET


Swami Vivekananda: Swami Vivekananda was born in 1863 in Kolkata. From his childhood, he was fascinated by the sadhus and ascetics. On hearing from a professor about Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and his profiound knowledge of the spirituality, he set out to meet him at the Dakshineshwar temple. Greatly attracted by his personality, Vivekananda made regular visits to learn Vedanta from him. This continued till 1886 when Ramakrishna Paramahamsa went to Mahasamdhi, leaving a group of disciples behind the Vivekananda. Vivekanda then started to travel across the India as a Parivrajaka.


He was invited by his admirers to attend the world’s parliament of religions at the Chicago. With the financial help from Raja Ajith Singh of Khetri, he went to America in 1893. He returned in 1897 and established the mission known as Ramakrishna Mission using the money collected by the lectures in the west. This mission also runs some charitable hospitals along with preaching of religion and the spirituality. It also ran some schools in the remote and tribal areas of the North-East and chattisgarh. To show how Vedanta should be practiced, he gave series of titles under the title ‘Practical Vedanta’. He said that Vedanta is not only practiced in the calmness of the forest caves but, can also be done in the busy streets and cities in our everyday lives. He proposed the idea of the universal religion that suits the needs of all types of minds and inclination. He categorized men into four classes:

ONE: The worker with the tremendous energy in his muscles and nerves to work.

TWO: The emotional who loves the beauty to an excessive degree. WWW.WISHESH.NET | MAY 2020

THREE: The mystic, whose mind always tries to analyze on its own in order to understand the working of the human brain.

FOUR: the philosopher, who weighs everything and try to use his intellect beyond the walls of the human philosophy. Vivekananda introduced the concept of YOGA suiting the all these minds and its variations are:

1.Karma-yoga: Teaches how to work without expecting any returns or the results. It connects the individual with the whole humanity.

2.Bhakti-yoga: teaches how to love god without any motive resulting in the union between the man and god.

3.Raja-yoga: it teaches how to concentrate to discover the innermost recesses of the mind that helps to unite the lower and the higher self.

4. Jnana-yoga: It helps to see the reality by going beyond the visible. It helps to realize the union of all the existence. India have to officially recognize its spiritual inheritance. Many yogis, gurus, and teachers are working constantly going around the world to spread the wonderful Indian Sciences like pranayama, hata-yoga, or meditation. Be always good to yourself and be happy while living with your whole being. In sum, it can be understood that spirituality and philosophy are very much connected to each other and both of them reside in all the human beings. MAY 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET



Akshaya Tritiya 2020

Amid Coronavirus Lockdown Coronavirus lockdown has impacted the lives of the people adversely from all the dimensions. On the other hand, Coronavirus outbreak has put the dark spell on the jubilant mood of the people to celebrate Akshaya Tritiya.


Akshaya Tritiya 2020: amid Coronavirus lockdown Coronavirus lockdown has impacted the lives of the people adversely from all the dimensions. On the other hand, Coronavirus outbreak has put the dark spell on the jubilant mood of the people to celebrate Akshaya Tritiya. Buying gold is the auspicious activity on the day of Akshaya Tritiya. But, the gold sales are expected to be muted on Akshaya Tritiya this year as the many physical stores remain closed amid the lockdown. To overcome the expected loss, the gold retailers focused on the digital sales. Here is more about the Akshaya Tritiya and its celebrations this year.

What is Akshaya Tritiya? Akshaya Tritiya is a yearly festival that signifies the arrival of the spring season and the auspicious day in the Hindu calendar. It is believed that the tradition of buying gold brings the fortune to life. This year, Akshaya Tritiya was celebrated on April 26.

third day of the brighter half of the moon. The other name for this festival is Akha Teej. People believe that this festival is best suited for organizing the rituals, rites, and prayers.

Story Behind Akshaya Tritiya:

Religious Significance of Akshaya Tritiya:


It is believed that the results of activity on this day multiply and do not diminish. There are two kinds of activities as per the scriptures. They are pertained to one’s body and one’s soul respectively. Results of the activities associated with the body are not permanent whereas the results of the activities pertaining to the soul are permanent and never diminish. Therefore, the activities that satisfy inner soul like meditation, offerings to ancestors, charities are performed on the day of Akshaya Tritiya.

There are many stories related to Akshaya Tritiya. One story is that the river Ganges came to the earth on this day to purify the mankind.

2.Another story is

associated with the Lord Krishna. Once the saint asked the Pandavas when they were in exile with their wife and have no food. At that time Draupadi, the wife of Pandavs prayed to Lord Krishna. Then Krishna came to their house and ate one grain of rice stuck to the pot and turned the pot into Akshaya Patra which never diminishes. Draupadi could feed the saint and 400 people who came with him from that Akshaya Patra. The pot never goes down even she took more from it.

The meaning of the word Akshaya is never diminishing. The celebration of this festival is associated with the wealth, prosperity, and happiness. As per the lunar calendar, this festival usually falls in the month of Vaisakha on the



3.One another story of Akshaya Tritiya

related to lord Krishna is, Krishna has a friend named Sudhama, who was very poor. One day sudhama’s wife asked him to get something for them from lord Krishna. He agreed and packed three handful of puffed rice in the scarf to offer Krishna. Sudhama and Krishna were very good friends and there was so much love between them. Sudhama forget to give stuffed rice and ask something for him. When sudhama was about leave, Krishna noticed that Sudhama has bought something for him, Krishna and his wife Rukhmini ate the stuffed rice. Sudhama left the place without asking anything, by the time he reach home he found that his house was flooded with riches and gold. The essence of this story is that nothing is impossible and even the material things 126 flow when the devotion is very strong.

4.It is believed that on this day, Kubera worshipped goddess Lakshmi and was appointed as the treasurer of gods.

Traditional Akshaya Tritiya Celebrations: The most well known ritual associated with the Akshaya Tritiya is people take bath in the Ganges, offer barley into the sacred fire and offer donations to the poor. Chanting holy mantras, performing spiritual activities, and meditation are of significant part in the celebration of Akshaya Tritiya. A traditions that is residing for many years is that modhakas are offered along with the sandalwood as it satisfies the spirit of Bramha. Jains complete their long year Tapasya on the day of Akshaya Tritiya and drink sugarcane juice to mark the end of their worship period. WWW.WISHESH.NET | MAY 2020

Akashar Tritiya is celebrated in many ways by the different people.

> Devotees of Vishnu will distribute rice, ghee,

salt, and vegetables to the poor after worshipping the deity.

> People of western India, mark Akshaya Tritiya

as the first ploughing day for the upcoming harvest season.

> Businessmen worship lord Ganesha and

Goddess Lakshmi before they start new audit book for the next financial year. People wish to start new constructions, and business ventures on this day.

> Some people plan weddings on this day as the marriages that are done during this season are known to be blessed and have higher scopes for the stability and fulfilment.

Why People Buy Gold on Akshaya Tritiya? Akshaya Tritiya is the festival of Gold. Gold is the ever-demanding metal in India and Gold market is the most expanding with no history of loses. Gold

goddess Annapurna is believed to have born on this auspicious day.

4.Eternal Wealth and Valuable Investment: As

the word Akshaya means never diminishing many people wish to buy gold and start new business on this day to mark their endless wealth. Gold is the most safe and reliable investment to reap good liquidity over long periods of time. All these reasons together make the people to buy gold on the day of Akshaya Tritiya.

Digital celebrations of Akshaya Tritiya 2020:

is the symbol of security, wise investing and its unique chemical characteristics made it so important. We all know that Akshaya Tritiya is the auspicious time to buy gold. Here are the four significant reasons for buying gold on Akshaya Tritiya are:

1.Beginning of Golden age: The strong

Usually every year, the gold sales on Akshaya Tritiya range from 20 tons to 25 tons that represents about 4 percent of the country’s total annual consumption. But this year the pandemic has made the people go online gold sales. All the jeweler shops remain closed with the government announcement that all the non essential shops should remain closed until the further notice. For those who wish to purchase the gold amid lockdown 2020, many jewelers served the customers’ needs online through digital platform.

belief that is associated with the Akshaya Tritiya is that gold that is bought on that day will never diminish and it guarantees endless wealth. Some people believe that buying precious metals gives prosperity and wellness. As per the Indian Scriptures, Akshaya Tritiya marks the beginning of Golden Age.

2.Planetary alignment: On the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya, the sun who is the lord of moon and all the planets is at the peak of its radiance. Sun is believed to shine brighter than any other day.

3.Descent of Ganga: It is believed that as per the Hindu Mythology river ganga came to the earth from the heaven. The



CannesRedFilm Festival Carpet 128





hen it’s about a display of sartorial prowess, most fashion observers are likely to scan the MET Gala and Oscars. Over the years though, the Cannes Film Festival red carpet has become an exceptional opportunity for celebrities from across the globe to turn glam goddesses as they compete for the best-dressed spot on an international platform. The 72nd annual Cannes Film Festival, that commenced on the May 14, and will end today in the French Riviera, was no different. From photocalls tol movie premieres, the memo sent out was clear: put your best foot forward. And oh, how well did these stars deliver! MAIL TODAY takes a look at the slew of celebrities who dominated the Cannes red carpet this time around.










adhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai is an upcoming 2020 Indian action film directed by Prabhu Deva and produced by Salman Khan, Sohail Khan and Atul Agnihotri. The film stars Salman Khan, Disha Patani, Randeep Hooda and Jackie Shroff. It was officially announced on 18 October 2019. The principal photography began on 1 November 2019 in Lonavala It is slated to be released on Eid-ul-Fitr 2020. This film is remake of South Korean film Veteran. WWW.WISHESH.NET | MAY 2020

Director Prabhu Deva

Cast & Crew Salman Khan Disha Patani Jackie Shroff







ng i s an edy upco film Rao min and dire g In c N dian t e ushr Ran d by Hin at B jan, Han di-la h A a s n r a sma ngu u k l c u M h r Ga a ll to age e . h ta s It is rg a soci wn tarr nd B prod of U al b ing lack uced hush ttar R ajku an K Prad by A mm uma esh. j a ar y r. T D It is e 202 v he p gn, set 0w l Luv o t t o orld i r s e s l wid ease et in e. on 1 a 2 Ju ne com



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ev ay D


tor c e Dir Mehta l

sa Han



re &C

ao ar R m a kum uch r a Raj h at B r h Nus





Director Raghava Lawrence


Cast & Crew Akshay Kumar Kiara Advani Sharad Kelkar

PRODUCED BY Akshay Kumar


axmmi Bomb is an upcoming 2020 Indian Hindi-language comedy horror film written and directed by Raghava Lawrence in his Hindi directorial debut. It is a remake of the South film Muni 2: Kanchana and stars Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani. Filming began in April 2019 and the climax scene ended in Mumbai on 1 March 2020. It is slated to be released theatrically on 22 May 2020.




Red , sty lized by K as R isho ED, re T und is an irum er S upco ri Sr ala a avan min nd c it st g In thi M ars o-pr dian R odu ovie am Shar T ced Poth s. A ma by K elugu-la n of inen and also ngu r ficia i in Amr wro age l rem ishna C t i h t t e h e acti Apr a Ai hait lead and a k on t e il 20 a y i n dire n e o y r g f th hrill .[2] a an d 20. c u t The e e a er f d d th l rol The [7] 201 S re w ilm r a e e v The s 9 s t a o ere o dire nthi Tam alon rigin ry h rele rum cted i g l R a a s a l s l a i a se w ors de N vi K film been ngu that , Re as p i a shor ivet ge f writ ostp dw the ha P e ilm ten as s film one e T t b h h y c a u d hed dam mig the Mag raj, due uled ht p , film Mal izh t o r t v T t emi wou o h i h k e i rele a rum ere 201 ld b ase eni on O 9–2 e re t w h eatr 0 co leas ho TT, ed i icall but rona n ci y R v on 9 am irus nem den pan as o i e d d an emi nly. c. d co nfir med



d uce




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al irum


sho i Ki

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h ant v a Sr

to irec



C st &

eni n i h Pot aj m a hur t R e aP eth rma v a i h N aS lvik a M






Love Story


ove Story is an upcoming Indian Telugu-language romantic drama film directed by Sekhar Kammula and produced by Sri Narayandas Narang and Sri P. Ram Mohan Rao under Sree Venkateswara Cinemas banner. The film features Naga Chaitanya, Sai Pallavi, Rao Ramesh and Posani Krishna Murali in the lead roles. Love Story is scheduled to release on 2 April 2020. Director Sekhar Kammula

Cast & Crew Naga Chaitanya Sai Pallavi Rao Ramesh

PRODUCED BY Narayandas Narang





rack is an upcoming Indian Telugu-language action thriller film written and directed by Gopichand Malineni. It stars Ravi Teja, Shruti Haasan, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar and Samuthirakani. The film has been produced by B. Madhu under Saraswathi Films Division banner. G. K. Vishnu handled the cinematography, It also marks her second collaboration with Teja after Balupu. Teja's 66th film as an actor, it was officially launched in a ceremony on 14 November 2019. Based on multiple true incidents that took place in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Krack is scheduled to release theatrically on 8 May 2020.



Cast & Crew

Ravi Teja Gopichand Malineni Shruti Haasan Varalaxmi Sarathkumar








ppena (transl. High tide) is an upcoming Indian Telugulanguage film directed by Bucchi Babu Sana, and jointly produced by Sukumar Writings and Mythri Movie Makers. The film features debutants Panjaa Vaisshnav Tej and Krithi Shetty in the lead roles, with Vijay Sethupathi playing a prominent role. The music is composed by Devi Sri Prasad, with cinematography handled by Shamdat, and editing by Navin Nooli. The film is scheduled to release on 2 May 2020.

Director Bucchi Babu Sana

Cast & Crew Panjaa Vaishnav Tej Krithi Shetty Vijay Sethupathi

PRODUCED BY Naveen Yerenini


TEA NEWS Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson Volunteer To Help During This Pandemic The two Hollywood stars Tom hanks and Rita Wilson aiming to do their best by offering to donate their blood and plasma to see if there is a way to find a vaccine for this virus. These two stars were suffering from the virus themselves and recently they recovered from this virus. The actor and actress had been diagnosed with this virus on March 11th. 148

Scarlett Happy About The Black Widow Role That She Was Denied Earlier For the Avengers series, Scarlett Johansson is quite happy about receiving the role of a Black Widow. Scarlett is delighted to have built her career in a manner that the studio considered her as a second choice. Earlier the Avengers director wanted Emily Blunt to do the role of a Black Widow. However, due to a conflict, she had to back out. WWW.WISHESH.NET | MAY 2020

Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt To Share Good News Soon Soon Chris Pratt and author Katherine Schwarzenegger are going to have their first child soon, it is maybe a baby girl. Once, both of them were spotted while on the bike and her baby bump was visible. The second time, in Los Angeles,.

Is It Aamir Khan The Hero Behind Leaving 15000 Cash In Wheat Packets? It is being said that to extend support to the underprivileged, Aamir khan has silently donated money in wheat packets, the video is going viral. In one of the verified TikTok videos yet unknown, in one of the underprivileged areas in Delhi, a big truck filled with one-kilo wheat packets were sent to the needy due to this ongoing COVID-19 virus. Many people didn’t take the flour thinking 1 kilo wouldn’t suffice. However, the ones who picked the packets surprisingly found 15000 cash.

Online Petition Signed By 13000 People To Disable WhatsApp On Amitabh Bachan’s Phone According to one of Amitabh Bachan fan’s tweet, 13000 people signed a petition to have WhatsApp disabled on Amitabh Bachan’s phone. The star is experiencing a lot of problems due to his tweets about coronavirus through WhatsApp forwards, memes and fake news. The petition reads that Amitabh Bachchan is being the victim to fake news and information about the virus and they want his WhatsApp to be disabled to keep his dignity.

Angelina Jolie holds hand the daughter Zahara, 14 on sweet mother/daughter outing MAY 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET


Balmain launched a stunning advertising camapign for Fall/Winter 2015-2016 collection.



Star Gazing ARIES The main planetary event during this month is Venusian retrogression during the middle of this month. Venus rules your second house of money, speech, and family. It is the ruler of love, beauty, and charm as well. During the retrogression, there are higher chances for financial instability, so, you have to be careful. At the beginning of the month,

TAURUS This is a very crucial month for the 152 Taurus as their ruler Venus will be in a slowdown mode from mid of May to June. This move indicates a lot of things that can connect you to the past. The slowdown of any planet indicates a connection to the past and Venus indicates, love, money, and marriage. So, during this retrogression time, there are chances for you to meet with your ex. During this month, there are chances for you to have some issues in the marriage as well.

GEMINI This is a very crucial month for all the Geminis as Venus will be in a slowdown mode from the month. This move will be impacting you more as Venus will be triggering your personal life and relationships. It will bring a few old friends and even an ex back for the short term. However, you don’t have to plan any long term projects with them. Whatever you start during the retrogression time may delay or have blunt. WWW.WISHESH.NET | MAY 2020

CANCER This is a very crucial month for the Cancerians as Venus; the ruler of your 4th and 11th houses will be starting its slow down mode. The 4th section or the house in your chart indicates your family and the 11th section indicate your hopes, wishes, and long term relations. When this planet goes in a retrogression mode, there will be multiple issues as it will trigger your subconscious mind. Don’t be in haste in making any new plans regarding your home and long term relations.

LEO This is a very active month for you and there are higher chances for you to meet your old friends. Venus, the planet for love and money will be starting its slow down mode from the mid of the month and that will be impacting your hopes and gains. Team relationships will be very important and there are chances for you to meet with your old teammates. You should have a clear plan for your long term projects otherwise; you will have to restructure it at any time.

VIRGO Multiple planetary events are going to trigger the month of May. For Virgos, the change will be most visible at your work. Venus, the planet for love and money will be moving through the house of career during this month. Since this planet is not in a happy mode, you need to be very careful with your work. Your superiors will be analyzing your work and that should not create any issue for you. During the retrogression period, you need to be cross-checking all the official documents before the final submission.

LIBRA The month of May is very important as your ruler Venus will be in a slowdown by mid of this month. This slow down mode will be ending only by June. Since it is the ruler of your personal life, you will be doing a retrospect. That will help you to correct the mistakes you did in the past, in personal as well as physical life. This retrograde will be mostly affecting foreign collaborations. You need to have a better plan for foreign travel as well as foreign collaborations.

SCORPIO Your life will be very eventful during the month of May as the full moon is going to influence you directly. This full moon will arise in your first house in the second week of this month and it will trigger your relationships too. So, throughout this month, you will have to keep a balance between yourself and your relationships. There will be multiple issues in the relationship and you have to handle them practically.

SAGITTARIUS You will be thinking more about your past relationships and please don’t waste any more energy in that. The planet for love, money, and relationship will be starting its slow down mode and it will end this journey only by June. So, there will be a lot of happening around regarding money, love, and business relationship. Venus retrogression is not ideal to start of any new relationship. So, think twice before you start a new relationship.

CAPRICORN Your workplace will be very eventful during the month of May as Venus will start it’s slow down during this month. This retrogression will impact your workplace as Venus is moving through there and it is not a suitable place for Venus. So, there will be a lot of focus on your work, but you don’t have to think that it will be highly problematic. There will be a need for rework if you were careless in the past.

AQUARIUS The month of May is very important for those who have own ventures. They have to keep a good plan for their own ventures. New plans will not be good during this month as the planet for diplomacy, creativity, and partnership will be moving in a slowdown mode. This is not ideal for any partnership and creative ventures. So, it will be ideal to leave the idea for fresh beginnings.


You will have to take a lot of responsibilities at home during the month of May. There will be a lot of planetary focus on the 4th house of home and family. Venus will be slowing down and that can impact your family matters in a challenging way. Venus indicates females and the females in the family will need more care. They will have multiple needs and you have to support them. This is not an easy phase regarding family matters and Venus can add your responsibilities. MAY 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET

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