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The Wisconsin FFA Foundation would like to acknowledge Dairyland Power Cooperative and Grade A Strategies, Inc. for their help with the Annual Report.


DEAR WISCONSIN FFA SUPPORTERS, The theme of this year’s report is agriscience and it also recognizes the 2016-17 Wisconsin FFA theme of “Small Acts, Big Impact.” Our Wisconsin FFA members continue to make an impact with their actions in their families, schools, communities and local businesses. Chapters throughout the state plan activities, such as cinnamon roll appreciation day where members deliver hot, fresh rolls to their community and business sponsors, thanking them for their support. Others host blood or food drives or even community dinners.

Jeff Hicken

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Consultant, State FFA Advisor Wisconsin Association of FFA Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

Premier Leadership, Personal Growth and Career Success – these six words sum up agricultural education and FFA. Our agricultural instructors and FFA advisors have been very creative and diligent in their efforts to involve their students in agriscience lessons, labs and activities. For example, in New Auburn, a Green Energies course was offered for the first time. Those efforts are what make our students/FFA members successful in and out of school. We applaud these leaders, as well as the fundraising efforts of the Wisconsin FFA Foundation! Thank you for doing your part to support the Foundation and in turn, our vital programs. They support the Wisconsin Association of FFA membership, which is at an all-time high of more than 20,800 students! It is valuable work we all are committed to – empowering and training today’s youth to be the agricultural leaders of tomorrow. This task is something we take seriously and know you do too. Thank you for being our partners and friends.

Cheryl Zimmerman

Executive Director Wisconsin Association of FFA Wisconsin FFA Center, Inc.

Jeff Hicken Wisconsin FFA Advisor

John Hromyak


It’s amazing to think another year of FFA contests, conferences, and achievements have come to an end. We’re excited to share the 2017 Wisconsin Association of FFA and Wisconsin FFA Foundation Annual Report with you, our way to spread the news of our members’ experiences which you’ve made happen, both in and out of the classroom. We’ve all had much to be thankful for!

Executive Director Wisconsin FFA Foundation



FOUNDATION BOARD PRESIDENT Amber Vickers Keller Board President The theme for Wisconsin FFA this past year was “Small Acts, Big Impact.” This slogan closely correlates with a saying that has resonated with me time and time again- “Use the gifts you were given.” This past year it has been my privilege to serve Wisconsin FFA as the Foundation Board President. I had big shoes to fill, given our organization’s past achievements and in working through some organizational staffing changes and a bit of a downturn in the agricultural economy. Using our gifts and in working together, I believe we are on solid ground to continue the charge in making Wisconsin FFA stronger than ever. All of us have gifts to offer to those around us, and for causes and missions that are near and dear to our hearts. Whether it’s the gift of time, intellect, experience, capital, creativity, or strategic thinking, by sharing it you are advancing the mission of Wisconsin FFA and Team Ag Ed. We so very much appreciate the gifts you have given us this past year. We look forward to your continued support and contributions of new ideas, new energy, and monetary gifts for supporting agricultural education and FFA throughout our great state. On behalf of the Wisconsin FFA Foundation and Wisconsin Team Ag Ed, we thank you for sharing your gifts with us. Please know that we will put them to wise use. In the year ahead, let us know how we can help you use your gifts and small acts to make a big impact!


Amber Vickers Keller | President

Senior Vice President, Ag Banking, Town Bank

Travis Holt | Past President

President and CEO, Citizens State Bank of Loyal

Jon Anderson | Vice President President, Grade A Strategies, Inc.

Nick Hemling | Treasurer

Director of Operations, ANIMART, LLC

Robin Connelly | Secretary

Membership Services Supervisor, Organic Valley/ CROPP Cooperative

Kathleen Murphy | Development Committee Co-Chair

Director of Business Administration – TASC

Luke Wiedenfeld | Development Committee Co-Chair

Agricultural Education Teacher - Lake Mills High School

Ginger James | At-Large Director Regional Accounts Manager, AgroChem

Darren Kittleson | At-Large Director

Operating Principal/Broker, Keller Williams Realty

Jason Kollwelter | At-Large Director Agriculture Services and Customer Owned Generation Manager, We Energies

Lori Lulich | At-Large Director Sales and Solutions Manager, Purple Cow Organics, LLC


Janice Schyvinck | At-Large Director

Director of Public Relations, Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales Association

Scott Vosters | At-Large Director

AVP Ag/Commercial Lender, The Bank of New Glarus

Nicole Wagner | At-Large Director

Executive Director, Wisconsin Corn Promotion Board/ Wisconsin Corn Growers Association

Danielle Waterworth | At-Large Director Director - Asset Remarketing & Leasing, CNH Industrial Capital

Cheryl Steinbach | FFA Alumni Representative, Ex-Officio (Non-Voting)

Executive Director, Wisconsin FFA Alumni Association

Nicole Nelson | WAAE Representative, Ex-Officio (Non-Voting) Executive Director, Wisconsin Association of Agricultural Educators

Cheryl Zimmerman | Ex-Officio (Non-Voting) Executive Director, Wisconsin FFA Center

Jeff Hicken | FFA Advisor, Ex-Officio (Non-voting)

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resource Consultant, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

Brenna Bays | FFA Representative, Ex-Officio (Non-voting) Wisconsin FFA President




Rylee Black State Treasurer

Ciera Ballmer State Vice President

Sarah Van Asten State Vice President

PHOTO: FRONT (LEFT TO RIGHT) Ashley Zimmerman, Brenna Bays, Sarah Van Asten, Laura Munger




MIDDLE: Dani Angotti, Hannah Taylor, Kari Fischer, Ciera Ballmer

Caleb Green State Vice President

Hannah Taylor State Reporter

Travis Cadman State Sentinel

BACK: Rylee Black, Travis Cadman, Caleb Green



Laura Munger State Secretary

Ashley Zimmerman State Vice President

Brenna Bays State President



Kari Fischer State Parliamentarian

Dani Angotti State Vice President

Advisor: Derrick Meyer

Advisor: Jordan Donnerbauer

Advisor: Roger King

Advisor: JoAnn Peterson

Advisor: Marlina Jackson

Advisor: Kessa LaBlanc

Advisor: Mark Zimmerman

Advisors: Paul Larson & Kevin Champeau

Advisor: Brian Pinchart

Advisor: Ryan Holle


Advisor: Becky Grabarski






“No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.” – Aesop This past year, the 2016-2017 Wisconsin State FFA Officer Team selected the theme: “Small Acts. Big Impact.” We selected this theme because we recognize the small acts FFA members make daily. Whether each student is following the FFA Vision of Growing Leaders, Building Communities, or Strengthening Agriculture, they each are continuously making a big impact within the Wisconsin Association of FFA. “Small Acts. Big Impact.” is not only a theme, but a lifestyle each of us have decided to embrace. There is nothing more rewarding than realizing the small acts of kindness, integrity, and respect are making a big difference in the lives of those around us. As a team, our year of service to Wisconsin FFA was spent incorporating our theme into workshops, presentations, and business and industry visits. With each interaction we had, with an FFA member or an industry professional, we maintained the connection throughout the year. We made this a priority to show appreciation for the impact they are making within FFA and the agriculture industry. At the end of our year, my teammates and I were thrilled to achieve our goal of increasing membership, which reached a high of 20,864 Wisconsin FFA members. We achieved our goal because of our ability to experience what Wisconsin agricultural education students are doing within the classroom or laboratory. The dedication our students hold for agriculture in the classroom is remarkable and their accomplishments deserve to be recognized. Agricultural education students and FFA members are especially making a big impact within agriscience. Students develop a hypothesis-driven scientific experiment and conduct research in the areas of: Animal Systems, Environmental Services/Natural Resource Systems, Food Products and Processing Systems, Plant Systems, Power, Structural and Technical Systems, and Social Science. Wisconsin FFA members are preparing to be the future scientists, geneticists, and engineers. With the very appreciative support of the Wisconsin FFA Foundation and their generous donors, our students are creating small acts today to make a big impact tomorrow.

FEATURES The National FFA Agriscience Fair recognizes student researchers studying the application of agricultural scientific principles and emerging technologies in agricultural enterprises. Read the next pages to see how Wisconsin FFA uses agriscience in classroom learning, individual research and after, in the workforce.



AMELIA HAYDEN Amelia may have a list of accomplishments on her resume as a recent high school graduate, but she is humble and truly wants to offer the same support she’s had to younger generations. “I want to show them how they work a project after school and still have an SAE that started in the classroom,” she explains, adding that the older students are the ones who taught her how to complete an ag research binder or interview in competitions. This is how Amelia began her agriscience projects as a freshman, her first FFA activity of many. “For the most part, my projects focused on animal nutrition, but then in the past two years, I started working on a way to alter the production of peanuts so that people with allergies don’t have a reaction.”

“Amelia may have a list of accomplishments on her resume as a recent high school graduate, but she is humble and truly wants to offer the same support she’s had to younger generations.” Many hours are spent in the initial background research, she explains. Amelia says she enjoys connecting her project

to people and showing them how agriscience is universal. “Everyone knows about that one kid in grade school that couldn’t eat peanut butter sandwiches,” she jokes. More seriously, though, Amelia’s research phases have been detailed and effective. She has tried binding cinnamon compounds to peanuts at various concentrations to see if one was more effective at blocking immune responses. The most effective concentration thus far has blocked 40 percent of the response, not as much as she’d like. “The process of binding has to be improved and evaluated to help with those peanut allergies, but it shows promise, which is cool,” this young researcher notes. She says her time in the Wisconsin FFA Agriscience Fair has taught her thought-processing skills which are important for any career. Ten to 12-hour days at school in the lab and working with others has developed skills she says any young person can benefit from. Amelia works to instill these lessons in her younger classmates during her senior year by working side-byside with them on agriscience projects. Amelia credits her FFA experience for a strong work ethic and the many personal connections she’s made the last four years. She will begin college after her state officer year of service and attend UW-Madison, majoring in microbiology. “I’m very grateful to have had such an awesome program at my school that really supports this type of research and other projects at a high school level,” Amelia adds. “There’s no way I could have done any of this without the support of my chapter and advisors.”


When it comes to agriscience, Amelia Hayden knows her stuff. She’s a current State FFA Officer from the Big Foot FFA chapter and was named as the 2017 Wisconsin Star in Agriscience at the Wisconsin FFA Convention last June, one of the youngest people to receive both honors simultaneously.




Eleven puppies, a lockdown/evacuation drill, and Tari Costello’s classroom had an interesting day in October, to say the least. Tari says the Waupun Agriculture Department has been working with Beth Rogan, the Animal Health Manager from the Fond du Lac Humane Society, for five years teaching students how to perform exams and simple procedures on animals. “She provides the opportunity for students to do a complete vet check, a health assessment on the animals and they are responsible for everything,” Tari says of her class members. “They check eyes, teeth, determine a body score, give all the vaccinations, microchip and even fill out all the paperwork associated with the procedures.” The eleven puppies the Large Animal Science class was able to work with this year were from Tari’s own farm outside of Fond du Lac. She says that many times Beth will bring litters of kittens and puppies from the Humane Society for the Waupun classes to learn and practice on. Each student is nervous at first, says Tari, but adds that the most exciting thing for her is seeing students overcome that fear and develop a strong sense of confidence after they complete that first project. It’s even harder for students to work with crying, wiggly babies, she says. Beth brings all the supplies with her, and students get to practice skills such as filing a syringe, using a stethoscope, mixing vaccines, giving de-wormer and even applying intranasal treatments. “They really get exposure to all of it, and nobody gets a free pass,” says Tari. “Everyone has to participate and Beth is really adamant about that as well. Puppies yelp. They will cry out when they get microchipped, but we tell the students they are potentially saving that dog’s life and the entire experience is awesome because of this confidence they build.” She continues by saying that agriculture education builds confidence for students in a different and unique way than other disciplines, by offering real-world application of the concepts learned in textbooks. “I don’t know of another program where high school students are calculating dosages and making decisions of what goes into a particular product for a puppy or kitten’s needs,” Tari adds. “Students begin asking more questions, wanting to get more in-depth and once they’ve completed one segment of application, they want more.” She says the agricultural education three-circle model (classroom, Supervised Agricultural Experience, and FFA) is vital to these students’ overall experience and ability to become great leaders. “It provides tons of hands-on opportunities, develops speaking skills and the bottom line is that FFA is simply developing our leaders,” Tari concludes. “There’s no other organization like it.”



WRIGHTSTOWN “That’s where it starts,” Pinchart says. “Students take those classes and the integration is brought home to them right away in the classroom level. Agriculture is the meeting of chemistry, biology, physics and social sciences.” Every member of the Wrightstown FFA Chapter has an SAE, whether entrepreneurial or placement and Pinchart says many work on ag research. “It’s definitely not Mickey Mouse stuff,” he says with a laugh. “Three students just talked to me this morning about epigenetics, or can the environment turn genes on and off and what future generations of animal will be like if the environment does turn genes on.” Pinchart has one criterion a student must meet in order to pursue an agriscience research project: is it relevant to the industry? He says younger students will still want to see what soda does to a plant versus water. “But how pertinent is that? They have to make a connection to the real world,” explains Pinchart. “These companies and the people who work for them are going to have to solve some really tough questions in the future. They are being asked to feed more people with less resources and more pressure on natural resources. They will have to look to science for the answers.” To do this, he says students must conduct background research on any project idea and a segment of this is talking with industry professionals. Pinchart explains these generous industry representatives will often give students ideas based

on challenges they are facing in the workplace and even help further by providing materials for their projects. “It’s really neat to see them analyze and come to conclusions,” this advisor of 13 years says. “Agriculture has so many different job opportunities and fields of study. Agriscience provides these students a chance to explore these things.” Students who have participated in this facet of FFA have been inspired to work in education, marketing, sales, dairy science, plant science, crop science, environmental science and many more areas. Pinchart says that science is no longer just a person in a lab coat, but a global industry that affects everybody. Wrightstown FFA members are learning marine biology and aquaculture through shrimp farming and are then able to share that knowledge with the general public, he says.

“They are being asked to feed more people with less resources and more pressure on natural resources. They will have to look to science for the answers.” “There are a lot of hot button topics out there and a lot of misconceptions about agriculture and the science of agriculture,” he concludes. “We need to have a very educated and informed student population going into this field.”


FFA Advisor and Agricultural Education Instructor Brian Pinchart believes that the three-pronged model of ag education is vital to a student’s success. At Wrightstown, Pinchart says his curriculum is very science-based and seven classes alone have science equivalency.



KRISTIN HANSON 2017 was a big year for Kristin Hanson, the Ag Ed Instructor and FFA Advisor at Barron Area School District. Kristin was honored at both the state and national level as the Agriscience Teacher of the Year. In June, she was given the award for the Wisconsin Agriscience Teacher of the Year by the Wisconsin Association of Agricultural Educators and in December, the same honor from the National Association of Agricultural Educators for Region III.

“I believe that the best learning comes from the inquiry processengaging students, encouraging collection and evaluation of evidence, and communicating connections to the real world.” In her hometown of Barron, Kristin teaches nearly 100 students from grades 9 to 12 and is advisor to 120 FFA members. She says that the agriculture courses at the school focus on agriscience. She knows all students are going to have to apply this knowledge and understanding of science concepts to their lives – whether in college, the workforce or simply as everyday consumers. “If they don’t understand, they won’t be able to make good decisions about how we’re using resources in the future,” she explains. “When they read social media, they need to know there’s much more than the short version. How can they sort through information and see the science? Is it good science?” In addition to an Agriculture Education licensure, Kristin also has a Wisconsin teaching licensure in Biology, Chemistry, and


General Science for grades 6-12. Six of her courses are ag/ science equivalent credits and three are transcripted with Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College. She says this really helps students make the connection into agriculture through science, something her predecessor, Keith Kolpack, was passionate about. Many Barron students have excelled in the FFA’s Agriscience Fair and also in various areas of the Career Development Event contests. Kristin says a recent group competed at National FFA Convention in the Food Science category. “I believe that the best learning comes from the inquiry processengaging students, encouraging collection and evaluation of evidence, and communicating connections to the real world,” she explains. “As a result, I work to provide a hands-on, active, learning-by-doing, inquiry-focused classroom.” Kristin also knows that the support of FFA donors and the local community makes a difference. A local referendum was passed in 2016 to renovate their agricultural area of the high school, which will double its space and add an animal lab, plus other additional lab footage. “We’re training future professionals, but also training future consumers,” notes Kristin. “Everybody will be voting for our representatives, so we need to have an informed consumer base.” Her teaching philosophy is simple, yet powerful. Kristin says leadership skills, academic knowledge and community service apply to everyone, and she wants to open her students’ eyes to the opportunities available for them, through FFA and in agriscience.


JAMES WALTER He is employed as a precision farming specialist with Delong’s, and says that he uses agriscience technology every day, whether installing precision equipment or analyzing data from the field. “It’s all about realizing the crop’s fullest potential, pushing genetics to the next level and helping a farmer utilize everything they have,” says James. He is involved in soil sampling and then writing the variable rate recommendation for fertilizer and developing nutrient management plans. James began his FFA career in 7th grade and served three years as the Clinton FFA Chapter treasurer while in high school. He grew up in ag, as his father owns a custom hauling business, and then graduated from Blackhawk Technical College in Agribusiness. During college, he also participated in an organization much like FFA, but geared toward technical students: Postsecondary Agricultural Student Organization (PAS). James credits his FFA and PAS experiences for giving him a leg up on others his age. “I felt I was more hirable because I had exposure to skills learned in the Job Interview competition,” he explains, and says he also competed in Poultry Judging and the Ag Sales Career Development Events. “It gave me the knowledge and confidence to speak in front of people and helped me in my career that I practiced it early.” When it comes to technology, James says that he truly enjoys working with farmers and helping them make more informed decisions to increase sustainability and profits. “If you spend an hour in the combine with them, and let them learn, then see that smile on their face, it’s worth it,” he adds. In his job just six months, James says he is proud to be an

agricultural advocate and help people understand the amount of time and money the industry puts into making sure seeds are economically safe and fields are sustainable. “I think that’s the biggest misconception – people think farmers are just doing ‘farmer’ things and don’t realize the advancements in use today.” This is where FFA steps in, James explains. He says FFA helps students see things and learn things they won’t get any other way. “It can open up so much for a person, in ways, values or ideas they aren’t comfortable with, but help shape them for their next step and the overall future of agriculture,” James adds.

“I felt I was more hirable because I had exposure to skills learned in the Job Interview competition.”


Born and raised in the area, Clinton FFA Alumni member James Walter keeps investing in Clinton’s agricultural future as an Alumni member and through his daily work at Delong Co.


STATE AWARDS STARS OVER WISCONSIN Sponsored by: Wisconsin FFA Foundation Convention Partners


Carley Krull | Lake Mills FFA Carley started raising her own dairy herd at age six when she purchased her first Registered Red and White Holstein. Currently her herd totals 30. Carley lives and works on her family’s 45-cow farm, where she specializes in calf care, registrations, medicating, maintaining health records, and milking. She hopes that, after receiving a Dairy Science degree from Iowa State, she can obtain a job working with embryo transfer or calf nutrition. Carley’s parents are Cindy Krull-Begeman and the late Brian Krull. Richard Dykstra is her advisor.


Erica is a seventh-generation member of her family’s dairy farm, Helmer Dairy. Erica is very interested in dairy cattle genetics and participates in consultations with the veterinarian that performs embryo transfer procedures on the farm and also with the AI representative regarding mating and genomics. She’s also an avid exhibitor showing her registered animals. Erica attends UW-River Falls majoring in dairy science. John and Lynn Helmer are her parents. Her advisors are Tracy Heinbuch and Samantha Finger.


Dylon Pokorny | Waupun FFA Dylon has a steady beekeeping business and a direct sell client base, marketing both his honey and beeswax to customers within a 40-mile radius. Although he received guidance from his parents early on, Dylon now manages every aspect of his business including: weekly hive checks, feeding, treatment, extraction, marketing, and sales. Dylon plans to attend UW-Green Bay to seek a degree in supply chain management or pre-law. His parents are Doyle and Kim Pokorny. His advisors are Tari Costello, Ryan Seichter and Kris Beaver.


Amelia Hayden | Big Foot FFA One of Amelia’s first experiments centered on the effects of cinnamon when used as a dietary supplement. The progression of Amelia’s research has led to the development of higher level research skills and consequently more in depth studies. More recently, she has extracted proteins from fish to determine their genetic familiarity and tackled a potential way to prevent peanut allergies by modifying production methods. Amelia’s parents are Edward and Claire Hayden. Her advisors are Lisa Konkel, Jeanne Case and Zachary Markhardt.


PROFICIENCY AWARD WINNERS Sponsored by Filament Marketing

Agricultural Education Katelyn Zimmerman | Spencer FFA | National Winner Sponsored by Clarence A. and Caroline L. Strohschein Endowment, Cooperative Network and GROWMARK, Inc.

Agricultural Mechanics Design & Fabrication Logan Paul | Randolph Cambria-Friesland FFA | National Finalist Sponsored by Foth Production Solutions, LLC and Wisconsin Public Service

Agricultural Mechanics Repair & MaintenanceEntrepreneurship Brett Koski | Waupaca FFA | National Finalist Sponsored by Lulich Auction, LLC, and Lulich Implement

Agricultural Mechanics Repair & MaintenancePlacement Sean Smedema | Randolph CambriaFriesland FFA Sponsored by Sloan Implement Company, Inc and Wisconsin FFA Foundation Annual Fund Donors

Agricultural Processing Levi Alsum | Randolph Cambria-Friesland FFA | National Finalist

Dairy Production-Placement Joseph Bradley | Randolph Cambria-Friesland FFA Sponsored by Lely North America and Wisconsin FFA Foundation Annual Fund Donors

Diversified Agricultural Production Derek Schmidt | Brillion FFA Sponsored by Wisconsin Public Service and Wisconsin FFA Foundation Annual Fund Donors

Diversified Crop Production-Entrepreneurship Seth Cupery | Randolph CambriaFriesland FFA Sponsored by Wisconsin Agri-Business Association

Diversified Crop Production-Placement Chad Keller | Sauk Prairie FFA Sponsored by OXBO International Corporation

Diversified Horticulture Production Elizabeth Moellers | Mineral Point FFA Sponsored by Section 8 FFA Alumni Affiliates and Wisconsin FFA Foundation Annual Fund Donors

Diversified Livestock Production Mikayla Endres | Lodi FFA Sponsored by Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales Association, Johnsonville Sausage LLC and Wisconsin FFA Foundation Annual Fund Donors

Sponsored by La Crosse Milling Company and Wisconsin FFA Foundation Annual Fund Donors

Equine Science-Entrepreneurship Alexis Kwak | Prairie Farm FFA | National Finalist

Agricultural Sales-Entrepreneurship Alexis Luedtke | Beaver Dam FFA

Sponsored by Marshfield FFA Alumni and Wisconsin FFA Foundation Annual Fund Donors

Sponsored by Wisconsin Public Service and Wisconsin FFA Foundation Annual Fund Donors

Equine Science-Placement Mason Gukenberger | Marshfield FFA

Agricultural Sales-Placement Brock Pelton | Reedsburg FFA

Sponsored by Edward J. Okray Foundation, Inc.

Sponsored by Direct Enterprises, Inc. and Wisconsin Dekalb Asgrow Sales Team

Agricultural Services Samuel Bauman | Marshfield FFA Sponsored by Dairyland Seed Company, Inc.

Agriscience Research-Animal Systems Makalyn Peterson | Big Foot FFA Sponsored by Badger State Ethanol, LLC

Agriscience Research-Integrated Systems Amelia Hayden | Big Foot FFA | National Winner Sponsored by Vivayic Inc. and Wisconsin FFA Foundation Annual Fund Donors

Agriscience Research-Plant Systems Alexandra Rullman | Big Foot FFA Sponsored by Wisconsin Electric Cooperative Association

Beef Production-Entrepreneurship Daniel Walsh | Mauston FFA | National Finalist Sponsored by Nasco, Wisconsin Cattlemen’s Association and Wisconsin FFA Foundation Annual Fund Donors

Beef Production-Placement Abigail Henken | Waupun FFA Sponsored by American Foods Group

Dairy Production-Entrepreneurship Carley Krull | Lake Mills FFA | National Finalist Sponsored by Accelerated Genetics and Wisconsin FFA Foundation Annual Fund Donors

Food Service Adrianna Kirckof | Stanley-Boyd FFA Sponsored by Wisconsin FFA Foundation Annual Fund Donors

Forage Production Jesse LaMie | Weyauwega-Fremont FFA Sponsored by H&S Manufacturing Co. and Kuhn North America, Inc.

Forest Management & Products Alexander Greenwold | Whitehall FFA Sponsored by Fennimore FFA Alumni

Fruit Production Lucas Miller | Randolph Cambria-Friesland FFA | National Finalist Sponsored by Seneca Foods

Goat Production Lyndsay Fenner | Sheboygan Falls FFA

Landscape Management Sam Hanson | Oshkosh West FFA Sponsored by Lulich Landscaping, LLC

Nursery Operations Aaron Drzonek | Randolph Cambria-Friesland FFA Sponsored by Denmark FFA Alumni, Millhome Nursery and Greenhouses and Wisconsin FFA Foundation Annual Fund Donors

Organic Agriculture Jodie Weyland | Winneconne FFA Sponsored by Organic Valley/CROPP Cooperative, Inc.

Outdoor Recreation Katelyn Vesely | Portage FFA Sponsored by Wisconsin FFA Foundation Annual Fund Donors

Poultry Production Josh Peglow | Waupaca FFA Sponsored by GNP Company and Wallace H. Jerome Endowment

Sheep Production Taylor Eilers | Waupaca FFA | National Finalist Sponsored by Big Sky Suffolks, Waupaca FFA Chapter and Alumni, and Wisconsin Sheep Breeders Cooperative

Small Animal Production & Care Emma Magee | Shawano FFA Sponsored by MAI Animal Health

Specialty Animal Production Alex Krueger | Janesville Craig FFA Sponsored by Amherst FFA Alumni

Specialty Crop Production Anne Runde | Janesville Craig FFA | National Finalist Sponsored by Clinton FFA Alumni and Wisconsin FFA Foundation Annual Fund Donors

Swine Production-Entrepreneurship Niklaus Marx | Sauk Prairie FFA Sponsored by Wisconsin Pork Association and Wisconsin FFA Foundation Annual Fund Donors

Swine Production-Placement Shad Goplin | Whitehall FFA Sponsored by Wisconsin FFA Foundation Annual Fund Donors

Turf Grass Management Austin Syvertson | Randolph CambriaFriesland FFA Sponsored by Keith A. Gundlach Endowment and Wisconsin FFA Foundation Annual Fund Donors

Vegetable Production Eric Heisner | Mineral Point FFA

Sponsored by LaClare Farms and Montchevre-Betin, Inc.

Sponsored by Gumz Farms, McCain Foods, Inc. and Wisconsin FFA Foundation Annual Fund Donors

Grain Production-Entrepreneurship Tyler Heine | Jefferson FFA

Veterinary Science Abigail Schotter | Colfax FFA

Sponsored by Kuhl Equipment, LLC

Sponsored by Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association

Grain Production-Placement Nick Leystra | Randolph Cambria-Friesland FFA

Wildlife Production & Management Sawyer Westra | Randolph Cambria-Friesland FFA

Sponsored by Wisconsin Corn Growers Association

Home & Community Development Kayla Kaczorowski | Cochrane-Fountain City FFA | National Finalist Sponsored by Glenn L. and Sonja Linder Endowment, United Cooperative and Wisconsin FFA Foundation Annual Fund Donors

Sponsored by Dunn-Hill Marketing LLC, and Dr. & Mrs. Louis Arrington


Agricultural Communications Dylon Pokorny | Waupun FFA


AGRISCIENCE FAIR WINNERS Sponsored by: Wisconsin FFA Foundation State Convention Partners Animal Systems:

Division 3 Individual

Division 4 Team

Division 1 Individual

Kayla Reed | Pulaski FFA

Madison Russell | Shullsburg FFA | National Finalist

Division 6 Team

Mikayla Waichulis and Kate Webster | Gilman FFA

Lindsey Mickelson and Ryan Erickson | Barron FFA | National Finalist

Division 5 Individual

Division 2 Team

Caroline Ott and Hannah Zastrow | Wrightstown FFA | National Finalist Division 3 Individual

Abby Field | Wonewoc-Center FFA | National Finalist Division 4 Team

Trinity Foster and Tara Wilkowski | Wausau FFA | National Finalist Division 5 Individual

Mikayla Endres | Lodi FFA Division 6 Team

Makalyn Peterson and Hailey Davis | Big Foot FFA | National Finalist Environmental Services/Natural Resources Systems: Division 1 Individual

Parker Wisinski | Stevens Point FFA Division 2 Team

Wyatt Gotham and Jackson Shaw | New Auburn FFA | National Finalist

Food Products and Processing Systems: Division 4 Team

Melissa Konkel and Sydney Bender | Big Foot FFA | National Finalist Division 5 Individual

Amelia Hayden | Big Foot FFA | National Winner

Amanda Herman | Badger FFA | National Finalist Power, Structure, and Technical Systems: Division 2 Team

Matt Elmhorst and Caleb Gotham | New Auburn FFA | National Finalist Division 3 Individual

Division 6 Team

Tara Weber and Tia Weber | Medford FFA

Zach Woolworth | Shullsburg FFA | National Finalist Division 5 Individual

Madison Pajeau | Big Foot FFA | National Finalists Power, Structure, and Technical Systems:

Plant Systems: Division 1 Individual

Abigail Hicks | Gilman FFA Division 2 Team

McKenzie Frank and Memphis Newman | New Auburn FFA | National Finalist

Division 2 Team

Madison Church and Emily Patz | New Auburn FFA | National Finalist

Division 3 Individual

Bryce Peterson | Big Foot FFA

SPEAKING CONTEST WINNERS Creed Speaking Cartrina Hoesley | Denmark FFA

Extemporaneous Speaking Braden Kundert | Badger FFA

Quiz Bowl – Junior High Black Hawk FFA

Sponsored by: The Kevin and Julie Larson Family and Wisconsin FFA Foundation Annual Fund Donors

Sponsored by: Daily Dairy Report, The Country Today and Wisconsin Public Service

Sponsored by: AgStar Financial Services, ACA

Conduct of Meetings Amery FFA

Junior High Essay Contest Mikayla Boehm | New Auburn FFA

Quiz Bowl – Senior High Spencer FFA Sponsored by: AgStar Financial Services, ACA

Sponsored by: Cooperative Network

Sponsored by: Star Mission Partners

Discussion Meet Sam Pinchart | Luxemburg Casco FFA Sponsored by: Wisconsin Farm Bureau Foundation

Employment Skills Katelyn Zimmerman | Spencer FFA Sponsored by: Kuhn North America, Inc.

Parliamentary Procedure Stanley-Boyd FFA Sponsored by: Cooperative Network and Dr. Gerald R. Matteson

Prepared Speaking Tommie Loken | Mineral Point FFA Sponsored by: Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative, BMO Harris Bank and Floyd Doering Endowment

P.R.I.D.E AWARD RECIPIENTS Albany Amery Auburndale Bangor Bay Port Belmont Big Foot Bloomer Cassville Clintonville Columbus Cumberland DeForest Elkhorn Fall Creek Fort Atkinson Green Bay East


Hillsboro Iowa-Grant Kewaunee Kickapoo Lodi Luxemburg-Casco Marshfield Menomonie Merrill Milton Mishicot Monroe New Auburn New Holstein New Richmond Oakfield Oconto Falls

Osseo-Fairchild Parkview Platteville Poynette Pulaski Randolph Cambria-Friesland Reedsville Rio Ripon Sauk Prairie Sevastopol Shullsburg Southwestern Spencer Sun Prairie Thorp Tomah

Turtle Lake Waupun Wausau Weyauwega-Fremont Winneconne Wisconsin Rapids


Alexis Schultz | Lake Mills FFA

Louis M. Sasman of the Kiwanis Club of Downtown Madison Endowment

Robert & Herta Laatsch Family Endowment

Ashley Ngocnga Walther | Randolph CambriaFriesland FFA

Lucianna Jenks | Marshfield FFA

Mary Elstad & Dean P Gagnon Endowment

Kenneth K. Heideman Endowment

Beth Zimmer | River Ridge FFA

Megan Mitchell | Marshfield FFA

Wisconsin Agri-Business Association

Kenneth K. Heideman Endowment

Amber Patterson | River Ridge FFA

Samuel Bauman | Marshfield FFA


Kenneth K. Heideman Endowment

Katelyn Zimmerman | Spencer FFA

Nadia Moore | Marshfield FFA

Blain’s Farm & Fleet

Kenneth K. Heideman Endowment

Ashley Zimmerman | Spencer FFA

Brooke Brantner | Menomonie FFA

Wisconsin Agri-Business Association

ConAgra Foods

Camilla Freund | Stevens Point FFA

Kyle Junk | Mishicot FFA

Mary Elstad & Dean P Gagnon Endowment

Star Blends

Madeline Zutz | Valders FFA

Megan Lehr | Monticello FFA


Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales Association

Katherine Larson | Viroqua FFA

Lillian Feider | New Holstein FFA

Blain’s Farm & Fleet

Kenneth K. Heideman Endowment

Taylor Eilers | Waupaca FFA

CeAnna Jackson | Palmyra-Eagle FFA

Wisconsin Agri-Business Association

Robert & Herta Laatsch Family Endowment

Emily Schwanke | Waupun FFA

Colleen Toberman | Parkview FFA

Robert Wohlford Memorial Scholarship


Claire Hawthorne | Westby FFA

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Farmer Community Giving, Organic Valley

ConAgra Foods

Kendall Bentley | Wrightstown FFA

Emma Gwidt | Pulaski FFA

Harold & Geneva Beals Endowment

Matthew D. Anderson Endowment

Mitchell Schroepfer | Antigo FFA Walter & Delores Bjoraker Endowment

Collin Weltzien | Arcadia FFA Wisconsin Agri-Business Association

Caleb Novak | Black Hawk FFA Rodney O. Kittlesen Endowment

Derek Schmidt | Brillion FFA WPS Farm Show Food Vendors

Jessica Noble | Burlington FFA Matthew D. Anderson Endowment

Sam Bauman | Burlington FFA Bernie & Marty Staller Endowment

Ciera Ballmer | Clinton FFA Wisconsin Rural Opportunities Foundation

Phillip Roth | Colby FFA Collegiate FFA, UW Madison

Jessica Lins | Columbus FFA GROWMARK

Joseph Obermueller | Glenwood City FFA Elstad Brothers Endowment

Jennifer Shutter | Green Bay-Preble FFA Wisconsin FFA Convention

Carley Krull | Lake Mills FFA Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales Association

Wisconsin Rural Opportunities Foundation

Danielle Mihalski | Pulaski FFA Arnold & Katherine Cordes Endowment

NATIONAL CHAPTER AWARDS Sponsored by: Wisconsin FFA Foundation Convention Partners 1st place | Waupaca FFA 3rd place | Big Foot FFA Gold Chapters, Advancing to Nationals: Badger, Barron, Beaver Dam, Big Foot, Cochrane-Fountain City, Columbus, DeForest, Freedom, Granton, Lodi, Manawa, Marshall, Mishicot, Prairie Farm, Randolph Cambria-Friesland, River Valley, Sauk Prairie, Stanley-Boyd, Stevens Point, Thorp, Waupaca, Waupun, Weyauwega-Fremont, Winneconne, Wisconsin Heights Silver Chapters: Adams-Friendship, Baldwin-Woodville, Baraboo, Bay Port, Boscobel, Burlington, Colby, Denmark, Kiel, Milton, New London, Oconto Falls, Owen-Withee, Reedsburg, River Ridge, Seymour, Shullsburg, Spooner, Tigerton, Tomah, Verona Bronze Chapters: Bloomer, Osceola, Platteville Superior Chapters: Elkhorn, Holmen, Lakeside Lutheran, Palmyra-Eagle, Rice Lake, WittenbergBirnamwood

Building Communities Winner: Waupaca FFA Strengthening Agriculture Winner: Stanley-Boyd FFA Chapter Scrapbook Competition: Baldwin-Woodville FFA

Overall State Winner for Increase in Membership Pulaski FFA Largest Percent Membership Increase Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln FFA

2nd place | Freedom FFA

Growing Leaders Winner: Waupaca FFA


Food For America: Stevens Point FFA

Largest Chapter Pulaski FFA Largest Percentage of School Population Involved in FFA Oakfield FFA


Meikah Dado | Amery FFA


CAREER DEVELOPMENT EVENT WINNERS Agricultural Communications Stanley-Boyd FFA Top Individual: Josh Hazard | Stanley-Boyd FFA

Farm Business Management Stanley-Boyd FFA Top Individual: Eli Olson | Bloomer FFA

Meat Evaluation & Technology River Ridge FFA Top Individual: Zach Mickelson | DeForest FFA

Sponsored by Cooperative Network and United Cooperative

Sponsored by GROWMARK, Inc. and Wisconsin FFA Foundation Annual Fund Donors

Sponsored by Tom & Jesi Betley and Wisconsin Association of Meat Processors

Floriculture Badger FFA Top Individual: Suzanna Viau | Stevens Point FFA

Milk Quality and Products Milton FFA Top Individual: Curtis Weltzien | Arcadia FFA

Agricultural Issues Forum Shullsburg FFA Sponsored by Wisconsin National Farmers Organization and Wisconsin FFA Foundation Annual Fund Donors

Agricultural Sales Wrightstown FFA Top Individual: Amelia Hayden | Big Foot FFA Sponsored by Star Blends and Wisconsin FFA Foundation Annual Fund Donors

Agricultural Technology & Mechanical Systems Waterford FFA Top Individual: Justin Ehrhart | Waterford FFA Sponsored by RCI Engineering and United Cooperative

Agronomy Laconia FFA Top Individual: Seth Webb | Thorp FFA Sponsored by United Cooperative

Dairy Cattle Evaluations & Management Belmont FFA Top Individual: Emma Buss | Belmont FFA Sponsored by Associated Milk Producers Inc.

Dairy Cattle Handlers Activity Top Individual: Olivia Brandenberg | Fort Atkinson FFA Sponsored by FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative

Environmental & Natural Resources Hudson FFA Sponsored by UW-Platteville School of Agriculture and Wisconsin FFA Foundation Annual Fund Donors

Sponsored by Wisconsin FFA Foundation Annual Fund Donors

Food Science & Technology Wausau FFA Top Individual: Maren Sjolander | Osceola FFA Sponsored by Brakebush Brothers Inc.

Forestry Stanley-Boyd FFA Top Individual: Madelynn Green | Stanley-Boyd FFA

Nursery/Landscape Oconto Falls FFA Top Individual: Ethan Winkler | Oconto Falls FFA Sponsored by Wisconsin FFA Foundation Annual Fund Donors

Poultry Evaluation Brillion FFA Top Individual: Lyndsey Fenner | Sheboygan Falls FFA

Sponsored by Midwest STIHL

Sponsored by Wisconsin Poultry and Egg Industries Association

Horse Evaluation River Valley FFA Top Individual: Abby Last | Verona FFA

Safe Tractor Operators Contest Top Individual: Seth Byom | Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau FFA

Sponsored by The Country Today and Wisconsin FFA Foundation Annual Fund Donors

Sponsored by Red Morrison Endowment

Land Judging Cashton FFA Top Individual: Katelyn Quick | River Ridge FFA

Veterinary Sciences DeForest FFA Top Individual: Micaela Reichert | Fort Atkinson FFA

Sponsored by Jerry Steiner and Denise Bertrand Family

Sponsored by Wisconsin FFA Foundation Annual Fund Donors

Livestock Evaluation Saint Croix Central FFA Top Individual: Benjamin Styer | Menomonie FFA

Wildlife Waupaca FFA Top Individual: Ryan Carolfi | Marshfield FFA

Sponsored by JBS-Green Bay

Marketing Plan Shullsburg FFA Sponsored by Duffy Grain, Inc.


Sponsored by Foremost Farms USA

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Sponsored by the Wisconsin Aquaculture Association

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Lindsey Augustine | Ellsworth FFA Cassie Lawrence | Shell Lake FFA Kittrick Singerhouse | Menomonie FFA Sarah Snortheim | Auburndale FFA Adam Zee | Marshfield FFA

Sponsored by Dairy Business Association, Edge, Foremost Farms USA, Nasco, Saputo Cheese USA Inc., We Energies-Agriculture Services Program and the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board

Nicole Broege | Janesville Craig FFA Jared Baudhuin | Southern Door FFA Garett Borth | Ellsworth FFA Allison Jo Bragger | Independence FFA Brynn Emery | Palmyra-Eagle FFA Kenzie Emery | Palmyra-Eagle FFA Abby Frisk | New London FFA Noah Ley Heine | Jefferson FFA Hailey Hendrickson | Randolph CambriaFriesland FFA Emily Pankratz | Auburndale FFA Anne Runde | Janesville Craig FFA Marcus Schroepfer | Antigo FFA Morgan Seitz | Seymour FFA Devon Weiland | Colby FFA Randy Winch | Fennimore FFA

Organic Agriculture Sponsored by Organic Valley/CROPP Cooperative, Inc. and Viroqua Food Co-op

Jacob Schreiber | Randolph CambriaFriesland FFA Zach Sirianni | Whitehall FFA Start-Up Sponsored by BlueScope Buildings, Sartori Company and ST Paper LLC

Jamie Chulafich | Fennimore FFA Connor Cook | Glenwood City FFA Kendra Goplin | Whitehall FFA Christopher Moskal | Clayton FFA Denise Olson | Cambridge FFA Cameron Pokorny | Waupun FFA Madelyn Rankin | Clinton FFA



Rhianna Reimer | Granton FFA Raye Schmalstig | Ellsworth FFA Michael Schmitt | Thorp FFA Tristan Wirkus | Stratford FFA Sarah Zuelke | Stratford FFA



Growing up on his family’s second-generation farrow-to-finish hog farm sparked Matthew Ries’ interest for the agriculture industry. From a young age, Matthew would help his dad feed hogs and give vaccinations. Observing his dad’s passion for agriculture and how he cares for his land and livestock made him Matthew’s role model. Matthew’s dad and uncle own Ries Farms where he is working toward ownership. He sees the importance in genetics, nutrition, hog management, and biosecurity when evaluating their harvested hogs. Having the opportunity to see the full spectrum, he is able to make changes and evaluate the outcomes to produce the highest caliber hogs for his customers. Matthew is attending college majoring in Ag Mechanics, which allows him to service the family’s equipment to decrease down time and increase profitability. He plans to continue as the third generation hog farmer in his family. Matthew’s parents are Steven and Karen Ries. His FFA advisor is Mr. Dan Robinson.


PROFICIENCY AWARD WINNERS Katelyn Ann Zimmerman of the Spencer FFA Chapter has been a leader in her chapter’s agricultural literacy programs and Breakfast on the Farm activities. She became a camp counselor at the school’s agriscience camp and taught a lesson about seeds with a handson activity. Katelyn eventually became camp director and was charged with developing lesson plans, recruiting and training counselors and more. She is currently attending Iowa State University and plans to pursue a career as an agricultural education instructor and FFA advisor. She is supported by her parents, Cheryl and Mark Zimmerman, and her FFA advisor, her father. This award is sponsored on the National Level by The James F. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation and Tulsa Welding School.

Amelia Hayden | Agriscience Research Integrated Systems Big Foot FFA Amelia Anne Hayden of the Big Foot FFA Chapter initially developed a passion for research because she wanted to find solutions for issues within the agricultural industry while improving her skills. She has conducted research observing the effects of cinnamon as a nutritional supplement on the development of various systems. Amelia was hoping to find a dietary supplement which would lower blood glucose levels in animals. In college, she plans on majoring in microbiology and work in the field of epidemiology. She is supported by her parents, Claire and Edward Hayden, and her FFA advisors, Lisa Konkel, Jeanne Case and Zachary Markhardt. This award is sponsored on the National Level by Seneca Foods Corporation.

NATIONAL AGRISCIENCE FAIR Food Products and Processing Systems – Division 5

Amelia Hayden | Big Foot FFA | 1st Place Winner Amelia Anne Hayden is from the Big Foot FFA Chapter. Her national award-winning agriscience fair project focuses on looking at ways to alter how peanuts are produced to prevent peanut allergies when people eat them. She added cinnamic acid and tannic acid (two things found in cinnamon) to the peanuts; the idea being that if these two things could bind to the peanut proteins, it would disguise them from an immune system looking for peanuts. After mixing them, Amelia simulated a fake digestive system, and exposed them to the antibodies found in the immune system. She was then able to measure what percentage of antibodies caused an allergic response from the peanuts as a way of testing whether this idea worked or not. Amelia found that different concentrations of the two acids worked better in blocking allergies, although there was no concentration that entirely blocked all allergies.


Katelyn Zimmerman | Agricultural Education Spencer FFA


NATIONAL FFA CAREER DEVELOPMENT EVENTS Award Winners Agricultural Communications Shullsburg FFA | Silver Team Alyson Cook | Gold Individual

Environmental Science and Natural Resources Hudson FFA | Silver Team

Agricultural Technology and Mechanical Systems Waterford FFA | Gold Team Justin Ehrhart | Gold Individual - 4th Place Tony Henningfeld | Gold Individual - 4th Place

Floriculture Badger FFA | Silver Team Emily Sheen | Gold Individual Shane Marchetti | Gold Individual Pawhser Shoe | Gold Individual

Agronomy Laconia FFA | Silver Team Dairy Cattle Evaluation and Management Belmont FFA | Gold Team Emma Buss | Gold Individual Dakotah Meylor | Gold Individual Brianna Miesen | Gold Individual Dairy Handler Olivia Brandenberg, Fort Atkinson FFA | Gold Individual

Farm Business Management Marshall FFA | Silver Team Food Science and Technology Wausau FFA | Silver Team Forestry Stanley-Boyd FFA | Silver Team Cody Okerglicki | Gold Individual

Marketing Plan Shullsburg FFA | Silver Team Milk Quality and Products Milton FFA | Gold Team Kailey Persons | Gold Individual Brandon Zabel | Gold Individual Kiara Heussner | Gold Individual Nursery and Landscape Oconto Falls FFA | Silver Team Poultry Evaluation Brillion FFA | Silver Team Veterinary Science DeForest FFA | Gold Team Meghan Hoel | Gold Individual

Livestock Evaluation St. Croix Central FFA | Silver Team Kelton Rozeboom | Gold Individual

WISCONSIN STATE STAFF UPDATES Jeff Hicken - Elected to serve on the National FFA

Foundation Board of Trustees as the Central Region State Supervisor Cheryl Zimmerman - Continues to serve on the National FFA Board of Directors and received 25-year recognition as a member of the National Association of Supervisors of Agricultural Education.




Al Herrman recently retired from Wisconsin Public Service as manager of Wholesale Services. Prior to that he served as an International Trade Specialist and Director for the Bureau of Marketing of Economic Analysis at Wisconsin Department of Agriculture. In 2008 he was appointed to the Wisconsin Agricultural Education and Workforce Development Council. Throughout his career, Al has served in leadership roles and on advisory committees, but his focus was always agriculture and education. Al is a dedicated donor to the Wisconsin FFA Foundation, and was inducted along with his wife, Lynn, as members of the prestigious Blue and Gold Society.

David Laatsch

David Laatsch taught agriculture education at Beaver Dam High School for 34 years. He led the updating of the book “A History of Vocational Agriculture in Wisconsin� to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the Smith-Hughes Act of 1917. David was the first National Finalist Agriscience Teacher of the Year, served two terms on the WAAE Board, 10 years on the FFA Center Board and provided seminars and published information brochures to support poultry projects. He secured his personal mark on Wisconsin FFA by joining the prestigious Blue and Gold Society through his generous gifts to the FFA Foundation.



Dr. Louis Arrington was born in 1936 and was raised on a diversified farm in central Maryland. He was active in both 4-H and FFA with his projects including poultry, dairy, garden, farm mechanics and home beautification. In 1953 he received his State FFA Degree. Dr. Arrington received his undergraduate degree in Poultry Science at the University of Maryland, he then earned his master’s degree at University of California-Davis and his PhD at Michigan State University. In 1966 he came to the UW-Madison and retired 32 years later with the Emeritus Professor designation. Twenty years since his retirement, he continues to lend a hand at the UW. Dr. Arrington has served Wisconsin FFA for many years. For 33 years he was the superintendent of the state poultry judging contest, for 19 years he served on the Wisconsin FFA Foundation Sponsors Board and the Wisconsin FFA Foundation Board of Directors, and in 2004 he joined the prestigious Blue and Gold Society.

Dr. Richard Daluge

Dr. Richard Daluge was raised on a registered Holstein dairy farm near Janesville. After high school, Dr. Daluge went to UWMadison and obtained a degree in Agriculture Education. In 1971, after completing college, he became the Buffalo County 4-H and Youth Agent. In 1973 he returned to the UW-Madison as the Career Services Director and Recruitment Officer for the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. Dr. Daluge completed his master’s in 1975 and his PhD in 1982 both at the UW-Madison. In 1983 he was named Assistant Dean and Director of the Farm and Industry Short Course where he served until his retirement in 2008. Dr. Daluge has provided more than 38 years of service to Wisconsin FFA. He served on the Wisconsin FFA Foundation Board of Directors, has managed State FFA Career Development Events, judged state level FFA speaking, job interview and numerous other contests, and has recently joined the prestigious Blue and Gold Society.

David Erickson

Mr. David Erickson grew up on a dairy and hog farm near DeForest where he was an FFA member and received the Wisconsin State Farmer degree. David went on to serve our country for three years in the US Army and then earned his undergraduate and master’s degrees in Agricultural Economics at UW-Platteville. For the next 40 years he worked for Cooperative Network as Director of Member Services and Executive Director of the Federated Youth Foundation. In addition to his role at Cooperative Network, David served on the Wisconsin Leadership Council on Agricultural Education and his leadership helped Wisconsin maintain two Department of Public Instruction consultant positions. He also served on the committee creating the Wisconsin Agricultural Education and Workforce Development Council which coordinates the efforts of agencies involved in agriculture and education to develop new programs to ensure a workforce for agricultural industries. David has served Wisconsin FFA for 34 years. He was a member of the Wisconsin FFA Foundation Sponsors Board, assisted with state officer candidate interviews, judged state level speaking contests, and coordinated fund raising efforts for the annual WAAE picnic.


HONORARY STATE DEGREES Fourteen Honorary State FFA Degrees were awarded at the 88th Wisconsin State FFA Convention. The Honorary Degree is the highest degree that the Wisconsin Association of FFA can bestow on a non-member. The recipients were presented with plaques during a special program to thank them for their dedication to youth leadership development. James Bays II

Wendy Kannel

Doug & Molly Wiese

Amber Vickers Keller

Steve R. Boe

Diane King

Andrea Brossard

Corey Kuchta

Richard E. Dykstra

Charles R. Miller

Randy Ehrenberg

Gary W. Onan

Dan Follendorf

David Rizzardi

Nick Hemling

Sara M. Schoenborn

Bret R. Iverson


Colleen Geurink has been an agricultural education teacher for 34 years, 30 of those years at Marathon High School. She earned her Agricultural Education degree from UW-River Falls and was the Wisconsin FFA Secretary in 1981-82. Colleen has been the Wisconsin Agriscience Fair manager for many years and was recognized as the Wisconsin Agriscience Teacher of the Year in 2001. She has served on the WAAE council, chartered the Marathon FFA Alumni chapter, served on the State FFA Officer task force, and judged CDEs and agriscience fair entries at state and national levels.

Kevin Hoffman

Kevin Hoffman is the past year’s WAAE President who also served as an FFA advisor and agricultural educator at Verona Area High School for 33 years. Kevin graduated from UW-Platteville and returned to his hometown to teach. During his career he was a Kohl Scholar Nominee, was recognized by his peers through numerous WAAE awards, and served on State FFA Officer selection teams.

Regina Oldendorf

Regina Oldendorf was the Executive Director of the Wisconsin FFA Alumni Association where she has advocated for FFA and agriculture education for eight years and served on national level committees. Regina was a Wisconsin FFA Vice President in 1996-97 from the Cambridge FFA Chapter and taught agriculture for 3.5 years at Stanley-Boyd where she tripled the FFA membership, reactivated the FFA alumni and produced one State FFA Officer.

Brenda Scheil

Brenda Scheil has been an FFA advisor and agricultural education instructor for 33 years at the School District of New Auburn. As an FFA advisor she encourages her students to participate in many events which helps explain why she too is a person of many talents, including: advocate, author, master gardener, and mentor. Brenda has been recognized by her peers through numerous WAAE awards and as an Agriscience Teacher of the Year Finalist, and a Kohl Teacher Fellowship Recipient.


This year’s honorees include:




The Wisconsin FFA Foundation provided over $307,700 (a 4.7% increase from the previous year) of direct support to the following FFA activities: State FFA Convention, Leadership, Proficiencies, Star 2017 Total 2016 Total Mission Grants, SAE Grants, Chapter Grants, Scholarships, Career SUPPORT AND REVENUE Development Events and Leadership Development Events. The Contributions $ 490,802 $ 534,922 Foundation manages donor restricted endowment funds totaling In-kind contributions 10,016 5,050 $809,939 an increase of $50,415 from last year. The Foundation Fundraising events 40,671 42,697 staff increased to two full-time and one part-time employee from Investment return 55,354 49,505 one full-time and two part-time employees.

Year ended July 31, 2017

Miscellaneous 2,629



Total support and revenue 599,472 632,174 EXPENSES

July 31, 2017 and 2016

Personnel 122,609 113,135 Professional fees 15,467


Office expenses 25,820


ASSETS 2017 2016

Programming 307,701 293,917 Travel and meetings Advertising

30,721 13,958 878 3,871

Insurance 2,120


Occupancy 6,600 6,600 Fund raising expenses 15,646 16,106 Investment management fees



Write off of Pledges Receivable 22,864



$ 458,102

$ 474,620


$ 1,295,301

$ 1,211,951


$ 1,753,403

$ 1,686,571


Miscellaneous 2,410 1,970


Total expenses 562,754 488,421


CHANGE IN NET ASSETS 36,718 143,753 Net assets - beginning of year 1,643,159 NET ASSETS - END OF YEAR


$1,679,877 $1,643,159

$ 73,526

$ 43,412

$ 523,133

$ 558,318

Temporarily restricted

379,259 400,871

Permanently restricted

777,485 683,970


$ 1,753,403 $ 1,686,571

MEMORIAL CONTRIBUTIONS In memory of Alvin Basse Carolyn Basse In memory of Aralda Larson Richard and Linda Aide In memory of Aralda Larson Wisconsin Association of Agricultural Educators In memory of Arnold and Katherine Cordes Lorin & Winnie Preston In memory of Bethany Rieth ST Paper, LLC In memory of Bethany Rieth Collegiate FFA, UW-Madison In memory of Bethany Rieth Emily Watson In memory of Bethany Rieth Danielle Paschke In memory of Bethany Rieth Manawa FFA Alumni In memory of Bethany Rieth Oconto Falls FFA Alumni In memory of Bethany Rieth Sara Schoenborn In memory of Betty Plapp Wisconsin Association of Agricultural Educators In memory of Donald J. Loomans Lois Loomans In memory of Erwin Zweifel Kay Zweifel In memory of Floyd & Betty Doering Barbara & George Groshek In memory of James Jumbeck Wisconsin Association of Agricultural Educators


In memory of Jerry Ashenbrenner Wisconsin Association of Agricultural Educators In memory of Leanna Funk Wisconsin Association of Agricultural Educators In memory of Louis Mueller Alan Wichmann In memory of Louis Mueller David Laatsch In memory of Matt Anderson Michael & Patricia Knoll In memory of Nancy Carroll Maurina William Maurina In memory of Vaughn Paris Wisconsin Association of Agricultural Educators In memory of Virgil Martinson Wisconsin Association of Agricultural Educators In memory of Virgil Martinson Kevin & Julie Larson Family In memory of Virgil Martinson Thomas Martin-Erickson In memory of Virgil Martinson Ronna Morton Ballmer In memory of Virgil Martinson Kim & Leona Havens In memory of Virgil Martinson Richard & Linda Aide In memory of Virgil Martinson Clarence Olson

WHAT YOU SUPPORT Each year, hundreds of industry and individual financial partners like you support Wisconsin FFA and its nearly 21,000 members. During the 2016-2017 fiscal year, your commitment helped the Wisconsin FFA Foundation direct over $307,000 in funding to:

Local FFA Chapters • Chapter grants and awards • Membership awards • Career development event awards

Individual FFA Members • SAE grants • Post-secondary scholarships • Leadership and proficiency awards • National band, chorus and talent stipends

State-Level Programming • Career development events • Various state-level awards • State Officer training • Wisconsin FFA Convention

Wisconsin Agricultural Education Partners • Professional development for Wisconsin’s ag educators • Efforts for ag educator recruitment and retention • Greatest-needs funding to the Wisconsin Association of FFA, the Wisconsin FFA Center, the Wisconsin FFA Alumni and the Wisconsin Association of Agricultural Educators

Thank you for your partnership and for ensuring the future of Wisconsin FFA!


• Leadership conferences


We are grateful for these 2016-17 Star Mission Par tners


Star Mission dollars supported new divisions and increased participation in the 2017 Wisconsin FFA Agriscience Fair. Four entries from these new divisions advanced to the competition at National FFA Convention in October.

New Conduct of Meetings Leadership Development Event

Six teams competed in the new Conduct of Meetings LDE at the Wisconsin FFA Convention in June. Star Mission funds provided the equipment, as well as awards and recognition for the top four chapters. The Star Mission donors also helped support the national competition entry fee and a travel stipend for those teams which competed in Indianapolis.

Agriscience Inquiry Institute “Changing the way to connect and engage students in their learning process will prove beneficial in my classroom.” Star Mission Partners supported the Wisconsin Association of Agricultural Educators (WAAE) in offering the DuPont Agriscience Inquiry Institute during its summer conference. In 2017, inquiry-based lessons were provided to 20 teachers which included lesson outlines, laboratory directions and strategies. Troy Talford of Sauk Prairie has been leading this effort for a number of years, and says, “This program has certainly rejuvenated participants to be excited to return to school, to educate their students with their newfound knowledge and desire for inquiry.”


In 2001, the Blue and Gold Society was formed to honor and recognize donors of major and/ or planned gifts. Members have made the commitment to contribute $15,000 to the Wisconsin FFA Foundation in three years or less. With 27 existing members, this prestigious group added four more individuals and families to its roster in 2017 at the 88th Wisconsin FFA Convention. They include: Carol, Jim, Mark and Jon Anderson; Kim and Leona Havens; Derrick Papcke; and Michael Sabel.

Jim, Mark, Carol and Jon Anderson

Kim and Leona Havens

Gerald R. Matteson

Lou and Sandra Arrington

Kenneth K. Heideman

Derrick Papcke

Harold and Geneva Beals

Al and Lynn Herrman

Bethany L. Rieth

Walter and Delores Bjoraker

The Family of Gordon J. Iverson DVM

Michael A. Sabel

Arnold B. and Katherine Cordes

Wallace H. Jerome

Ken Seering

Floyd Doering

Amber Vickers Keller

Bernie and Marty Staller

Elstad Brothers Estate

Rodney O. Kittelsen

Clarence A. and Caroline L. Strohschein

The Family of Matthew D. Anderson

Robert and Herta Laatsch Family

Dr. Rick and Peggy Daluge

Kevin and Julie Larson Family

Thomas H. and Christine M. Thomsen, in honor of Mr. Thomsen’s father, H. H. ‘Tommy’ Thomsen

Dean P. and Mary Elstad Gagnon

Glenn L. and Sonja Linder

Keith Gundlach

Virgil O. and Ann Martinson

Jim and Nodji Van Wychen, in honor of Mr. Van Wychens’s parents, John and Hattie Van Wychen


Below is the annual listing of all Wisconsin FFA Foundation partners and benefactors during the 2016-17 campaign year, June 19, 2016 through June 17, 2017 PATRON - 1000024999

Blain’s Farm & Fleet CHS Foundation Compeer Financial Culver Franchising Systems, Inc. Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales Association GROWMARK, Inc. Kerry Ingredients Landmark Services Cooperative Organic Valley/CROPP Cooperative, Inc. Renk Seed Rural Mutual Insurance Company

GOLD 5000-9999 Alliant Energy Foundation Anderson Pharms, LLC ANIMART Army ROTC DuPont Pioneer GreenStone Farm Credit Services Land O’Lakes Foundation MinnTex Citrus, Inc. - Iowa Russ Davis Wholesale/ Crazy Fresh Produce Seneca Foods Corporation ST Paper, LLC Syngenta Wisconsin Agri-Business Association Wisconsin Farm Bureau Foundation Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board

SILVER 1000-4999 2015-16 State Officer Team

Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative Agropur inc. Badger State Ethanol, LLC Barron Electric Cooperative Big Sky Suffolks BlueScope Buildings BMO Harris Bank CNH Industrial Capital Collegiate FFA, UW-Madison Cooperative Network DeLong Company, Inc. Direct Enterprises, Inc. Edward J. Okray Foundation, Inc. Filament Marketing Foremost Farms USA Grade A Strategies, Inc. Jennie-O Turkey Store John Deere Company John Deere Financial, f.s.b. Johnsonville Sausage, LLC Kalscheur Foundation Kiwanis Club of Downtown Madison Kuhl Equipment, LLC La Crosse Milling Company Lakeside Foods, Inc. Lely North America Lulich Landscaping, LLC MAI Animal Health Merial Ltd. Milk Products Inc. Milk Source, LLC Nasco OXBO International Corporation Pilgrim’s Roundy’s Supermarkets, Inc. Sanofi Foundation for North America Sartori Company The Andersons, Inc

Town Bank United Cooperative USAgNet LLC / Wisconsin Ag Connection We Energies Wisconsin Corn Growers Association Wisconsin Farmers Union Wisconsin Pork Association Wisconsin Poultry and Egg Industries Association Wisconsin Rural Opportunities Foundation, Inc. Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association

BRONZE 250-999

Agromatic Arkdale Edge Acres Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc Brakebush Brothers Inc. Case IH - Racine CHS Elburn ConAgra Foods Culver’s - Brookfield, Elm Grove, New Berlin, West Allis Culver’s - Sussex Culver’s of Kenosha Culver’s of Merrill Culver’s of Waukesha Culver’s of Wausau Daily Dairy Report Dairy Business Association Dunn-Hill Marketing LLC East Central/Select Sires Edge Fox Cities Builders Greater Madison Convention & Visitors Bureau Gumz Farms Hansen Farms, Inc. Herbert H. Kohl Charities, Inc.

JBS-Green Bay John Deere Foundation LaClare Farms Lakeshore Technical College Land O’Lakes, Inc. Cheese Division Lulich Auction, LLC Madison Mallards McCain Foods, Inc. Midwest STIHL Millhome Nursery and Greenhouses Mondelez International Foundation Matching Gifts Program Montchevre-Betin, Inc. Nasonville Dairy, Inc. RCI Engineering Riverland Energy Cooperative Sigma Alpha Sorority Sloan Implement Company, Inc The Coburn Company, Inc. Tractor Supply Company Udder Tech Inc Usinger Foundation, Inc. UW-Platteville School of Agriculture UW-River Falls AgEd Society & AlphaTau Alpha Viroqua Food Co-op Vivayic Inc. Wisconsin Association of Meat Processors Wisconsin Electric Cooperative Association Wisconsin Public Service WPS Farm Show Food Vendors

FRIEND 1-249

Abbyland Foods, Inc. Ace Ethanol AltaGenetics USA Inc. Amery Regional Medical Center

Animix LLC Badger Steel & Fabricating, Inc. Barron Veterinary Clinic, Ltd. Castell Farm Co-op Credit Union Countryside Cooperative Culver’s - Brown Deer, Grafton, Mequon, Milwaukee Culver’s - Menomonee Falls Culver’s of Pleasant Prairie Dairy Star Franzen Trucking Gerald & Ann Lintner Hines Auction Service, Inc. Kelley Country Creamery Ker-Mar Registered Holsteins Lake Aire Agency Lodi Canning Company M&M Farm McClellan Farms, Inc. McFarlane Manufacturing Meinholz Enterprises LLC Middleton Farmers Cooperative MLS Powersports, LLC Premier Cooperative Provision Partners Cooperative Quality Liquid Feeds Rosenholm Dairy LLP Scenic Rivers Energy Cooperative Schenck SC Scheps Dairy, Inc. Schraufnagel Implement, Inc. Scott Implement Skalitzky Gas Service Superior Shores Farm Bureau TH Agri-Chemicals, Inc. Thill Crest Farm United Ag Cooperative W & E Radtke, Inc. Wisconsin Potato & Vegetable Growers Association


If you’re interested in membership to the Blue and Gold Society by making a major gift, creating an endowment or by naming the Wisconsin FFA Foundation in your will or as an account beneficiary, call the Foundation at 608-831-5058.



Below is the annual listing of all Wisconsin FFA Foundation partners and benefactors during the 2016-17 campaign year, June 19, 2016 through June 17, 2017 PHILANTHROPIST 1000+ Louis & Sandra Arrington Paul & Kirsten Gross Kim & Leona Havens Kevin & Julie Larson Family Fred & Cindy Lawton William Maurina Burton H Morris Estate Derrick Papcke Michael A. Sabel Jerry Steiner and Denise Bertrand Family Thomas H. Thomsen

PATRON 500-999 Rick & Gwen Dado Robert Hagenow Jayne Krull Danielle Paschke Greg Rindsig Kay Zweifel

GOLD 250-499

Alan Albers Jon & Rachel Anderson Tom & Jesi Betley William & Deborah Boehm Beth Burgy Paul A Derber Brian Duffin David & Beth Erickson Zack Henderson Travis & Ellen Holt Walter Kirchhoff Ronald & Sue Klingaman Vernon Lee Ronald W. Martin Kathleen Murphy Kent & Candace Muschinske Paul Salm Ken Seering Bethany & Travis Senn Teresa Waters Danielle Waterworth Emily Watson Jerry & Sharon Wendt Kathy Wendt Tim Wyss

SILVER 100-249

Cortlyn & Judy Almquist LaVerne & Beverly Ausman

Thomas & Tammy Beard Dale & Jillian Beaty Victor Bekkum DeWayne & Gerda Benedict Traci Brewer Roger & Susan Byom John & Karna Croft Frank & Judy Friar Ethan Giebel Bill & Susan Gnatzig Barbara & George Groshek Joyce E. Gust Nancy Henck Jeff & Sheri Hicken Dayton Hougaard William & Jacqueline Hustad Ginger James Daryl & Katie Jones Michael & Jeanne Kawleski Michael & Patricia Knoll George & Pauline Koepp David Laatsch Larry Lader Charles Larson Larry Lindsay Robert & Dorothy Luening Tom & Barbara Lyon Paul Meister Robert Morrison Glenn Petrick Howard “Dan” & Jean Poulson Lorin & Winnie Preston Tim & Jean Preuninger Mark Raduenz Richard E Ralph Douglas Raymakers Russell & Karen Rindsig Dave & Lisa Schaefer Robert & Karyn Schauf Sara Schoenborn Rodney Schubert Elmira Schultz Richard & Sue Schultz Herman Seebandt & Pat Acheson Harvey & Susan Shuler Dwight & Ruth Swenson Melissa Sylte Harold & Thelma Tech Dave & Laura Triebold Lester Unferth Lee Van Wychen Mark Vornholt

Gary Vorpahl Scott Vosters Joe & Mary Beth Waldo Dave & Jackie Weiland James & Judith Werth Blaine & Fay Westberg Alan Wichmann Robert L Zimpel

BRONZE 50-99

Richard and Linda Aide Richard Ammon Brion & Aralda Bell Del & Jan Bodart Marc & Diane Boettcher Carl Casper Jerry & Judith Curnow David Doerfert Mike Ebben Gary J. Geisler Gilbert Graber Gary & Jennifer Gracyalny Corinne J. Hansen Leslie Huber Wayne & Beverly Jansen Ronald Jenkins Keith & Lynn Kolpack Ervin Kraft Chuck & Mary Lou Kugel Thomas & Lee Ann Lindahl Mark Lindquist Thomas Martin-Erickson James & Anne Massey Roman Molls, Jr. Clarence Olson Bill & Betty Outhouse Ralph & Judy Rabach Richard and Amy Jo Reimer Kent W. Rice Donald & Mary Russell David & JoDee Sattler David R. Schlies Leonard L. Splett Bruce & Rachel Stafne Annette Stenberg James Streveler Amber J. Swenor Terry & Paula Treu Tom & Sandy Wells Otto H. Wirth Earl Woller Mary Zellmer-Bruhn


Stoughton FFA Alumni Waupaca FFA Chapter & Alumni Wisconsin Association of Agricultural Educators

PATRON 500-999

SILVER 100-249

Marshfield FFA Alumni

GOLD 250-499

Amherst FFA Alumni Denmark FFA Alumni Howards Grove FFA Alumni


Brodhead FFA Alumni Clinton FFA Alumni Fennimore FFA Alumni Lomira Community FFA Alumni Mondovi FFA Chapter

BRONZE 50-99

Argyle FFA Alumni Manawa FFA Alumni New Richmond FFA Alumni Oconto Falls FFA Alumni Turtle Lake FFA Alumni


Ronna Morton Ballmer Carolyn Basse Stanley Bergum Mark A & Diane M Christenson David & Heidi Clausen Ronald E. Deiter Donald & Sheila Dipprey Scott Eastwood Jack Ellickson Melani Gaddis Edward & Gloria Greschner Shirley Hoffman John Hromyak James & Joyce Kasper Kathleen Kearney Kent Kindschy Gerald & Jean Kluetz Andrea Larson Agnes Lee Rodney M. Lindell Lois Loomans Bradley & Annette Markhardt Sheryl Nehls Darryll & Mary Olson JoAnn Otto Wallace Peck Bonnie J. Peterson Natasha Peterson John Plambeck Robert & Patricia Reddell Paul Redig Jodi Refsland Clair & Ruth Retzlaff Peter Roycraft James & Susan Sacker Cary Scott Gary & Dorsay Solum Peter & Ruth Stern Roger & Ronda Thompson Duke Thurs Ralph & Mary Wendler Lois White Carolyn White-Knapp Roger & Beth Wiedenfeld William & Margie Wiseman Wade Yearous

Join us and support FFA 2018 Wisconsin FFA Foundation Golf Outings Northwest: July 16 Wild Ridge Golf Course Eau Claire

Northeast: July 17 Mid Vallee Golf Course De Pere

Southern: July 23 Pleasant View Golf Course Middleton To register or sponsor, visit: or call (608) 831-5058.

Thank you to these 2017 Sponsors 1991-92 State Officer Team Agropur Bailey’s Nursery Big Foot FFA Alumni Bloomer FFA & FFA Alumni Bremer Bank Chamberlain & Henningfield CPAs LLP Compeer Financial Country Visions Cooperative Culver Franchising System, Inc. Custer Farms, Inc. Dairyland Seed Co., Inc. Daluge Travel, LLC Dane County Ag Teachers Dunn Energy Cooperative East Troy FFA Alumni Eau Claire Cooperative Oil Company Elkhorn FFA Alumni Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales Association FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative Freedom FFA & FFA Alumni Fosdal Home Bakery Grade A Strategies Green Bay Southwest FFA Chapter GreenStone Farm Credit Services Greshman FFA & FFA Alumni Gross Motors, Inc. Hartung Brothers Inc. Hidden Hollow Garden Art

Honeymoon Acres Investors Community Bank Keller Williams - Kittleson Real Estate Team Landmark Services Cooperative Mishicot FFA Alumni Mondovi FFA Chapter Ben & Nicole Nelson Farm New Glarus FFA Alumni Pomp’s of Janesville Quality Roasting, Inc Rural Mutual Insurance Company Russ Davis Wholesale/Crazy Fresh Produce Sauk Prairie FFA & FFA Alumni Schroeder’s Flowers, Inc. Seneca Foods The Bank of New Glarus and Sugar River Bank Branches The Scharine Group Tractor Central Tri-County Dairy Supply, Inc. United Veterinary Service Xcel Energy, Inc. Many golfers and FFA chapters who donated time, dollars, and auction/door prize items Thank you all!



Brenda Scheil

Brenda Scheil of New Auburn received the Outstanding Agricultural Education Teacher Award from the Wisconsin Association of Agricultural Educators at the WAAE Professional Development Conference in June. This award is generously sponsored by the Dairy Farm Families of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board. Scheil began her teaching career in 1984. Since then, her program has grown to offer 16 courses with environmental science as a science equivalency credit. Scheil has recently incorporated lessons on agricultural robotics, solar energy, and wind turbines so her curriculum meets the needs of today’s learners. Scheil says she “strongly implements the three-circle model because it is imperative to complete learning while producing lifelong skills.”

NEW CHAPTER Union Grove FFA - Advisor Carrie Jacobs The need for an Agricultural Education/FFA program was first noticed by the Superintendent (Mr. Al Mollerskov) over a year ago. Union Grove is a rural community that is surrounded by farms and cropland. Being such a rural community, Union Grove High School wanted to highlight the possible careers available to students as well as increase their leadership skills through FFA participation. There is an incredible amount of excitement from the staff at UGHS, students who graduated from Union Grove in the past several years, as well as the ag community around Union Grove. Because of the excitement and support of the community, they were able to pass a referendum that will allow UGHS to build an agricultural sciences center (Two lab classrooms, an animal lab, and greenhouse) as well as numerous improvements around the school. They are extremely grateful to the community for their support! The Union Grove FFA is up and running and agricultural education classes will start in the fall 2018 school year.




Smith-Hughes Act Observes 100 Years In 2017 February 23, 2017, marked 100 years since the signing of the Smith-Hughes National Vocational Education Act, the federal government’s first formal investment in secondary career and technical education (CTE) programs. The transformation of these programs since then and opportunities for today’s students are vast, which is good news as the U.S. Department of Labor reports that the top three fastest-growing job markets require credentials which are acquired through postsecondary CTE training. To celebrate this meaningful anniversary, the Wisconsin agricultural education community released an updated edition of “A History of Vocational Agriculture in Wisconsin.” Ag educators and FFA advisors offered a variety of learning initiatives in classrooms and FFA meetings to teach today’s youth about the reason they can wear the blue and gold jackets today. Wisconsin past state officer Leah Luepke of Spencer won the national contest to design a logo commemorating the anniversary. At the Wisconsin FFA Convention in June, the State FFA Officer team focused their Monday evening reflections program around the history of agricultural education and FFA with the Smith-Hughes Act as a key component to the start of what we have in place today. Dr. Gary Moore, retired professor in agricultural and extension education from North Carolina State University, played the part of Dudley Hughes and explained to the members and advisors in attendance the importance of the passage of the SmithHughes Act.

Wisconsin FFA Center Celebrates 25 Years 2017 marked 25 years since the Wisconsin FFA Center was developed in response to the budget constraints of the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) in agricultural education. With the decline in human, financial and time resources allocated to the FFA from DPI, the agricultural instructors throughout the state decided to form a “Center” to insure the continual delivery of the FFA program to students. In August of 1993, Cheryl Zimmerman, State FFA Executive Director, was hired to handle the daily activity of the office under the supervision of a board of directors and continues in that role today. The Wisconsin FFA Center office was moved to Spencer shortly after Cheryl was hired. Since that time, Terry Bernick, Wisconsin FFA Center’s executive assistant and Anita Ruger, part-time office assistant were hired to help manage the many FFA activities and responsibilities of the Center. Responsibilities include the supervision and work with the State FFA Officers, managing leadership conferences, working with award applications, managing the State FFA Convention along with answering advisor questions ranging from membership rosters to awards to conference details. The Wisconsin FFA Center works with over 250 FFA advisors and more than 20,800 FFA members in the state. Over the years the Wisconsin FFA Executive Director has had the opportunity to serve agricultural education and the National FFA in a variety of capacities along with the many activities on the state level. The Wisconsin FFA Center is a key player in Wisconsin Team Ag Ed, and in the support and continuation and growth of many of the Wisconsin FFA opportunities for members.



11 State Officers: One from each section, and a president - elected from the prior year’s state officer team

250 Chapters - 30 Districts - 10 Sections

WI FFA Alumni: 15,215 in 192 Chapters 315 High School Ag Teachers 70 Post secondary Ag Instructors Team Ag Ed Organizations: 1924 Wisconsin Association of Ag Educators Founded 1929 Wisconsin Association of FFA Founded 1972 Wisconsin FFA Alumni Founded 1983 Wisconsin FFA Foundation Founded 1992 Wisconsin FFA Center Founded State Partners University of Wisconsin-Madison University of Wisconsin-Platteville University of Wisconsin-River Falls Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Wisconsin Technical College System Wisconsin Agricultural Education and Workforce Development Council

WI Ag Jobs: 2010: 373,000 2020: 414,850

FFA Programs and Activities

Classroom Instruction

School-Based Agricultural Education

SAE Supervised Agricultural Experience

State Level Competitions: 49 Proficiency Award Categories 23 Career Development Events 8 Leadership Development Events State Degrees: 332 members received in 2017 American Degree: 127 Wisconsin Members received in 2017 Graduation Rates (as of 2015) 90.2% Overall WI Graduation Rate (2nd highest in nation) 96.0% Career & Technical Education Participants 97.9% A g Career & Technical Education Participants


Male 10,161 Female 10,625 Non-disclosed

WI Ag Job Openings in 2020: 132,020 (89,190 replacement / 42,830 new jobs) 31

WISCONSIN ASSOCIATION OF FFA | (715) 659-4807 | (608) 267-9255


Wisconsin FFA and Wisconsin FFA Foundation 2017 Annual Report  
Wisconsin FFA and Wisconsin FFA Foundation 2017 Annual Report