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Happy Cheesegiving!






We try not to play favorites when it comes to holidays, but if we had to choose, Thanksgiving would be right up there at the top. All the wonderful fall flavors, the crisp autumn air, beloved family and friends — what’s not to love? And because it’s such a distinctly American holiday, it’s a great time to celebrate our country’s finest ingredients, like Wisconsin Cheese. In fact, there’s a growing group of cheese enthusiasts who have dubbed this holiday “Cheesegiving.” A cheese board with a few artisan selections and accompaniments is a great way to keep hungry mouths at bay while the bird is cooking, but cheese also plays a role in many traditional (and some not so traditional) side dishes. In this issue, we’ve collected recipes from the experts — cheesemongers and cheese shop owners. Our cover recipe, the Cheese Stuffed Pumpkin, is a true show stopper. Side dishes like Brussels sprouts with bacon and cheddar blue, a sweet potato gratin with alpine-style cheeses and The Cheesemonger’s Macaroni will be quite at home on your Thanksgiving table, as well. Add them to your lineup of family favorites for a truly memorable holiday meal. From our table to yours—Happy Cheesegiving.

The Dairy Farm Families of Wisconsin, The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board

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Tailgating Wisconsin Style


Elevate game day with Mini Brat Reubens and Chipotle Cheddar Bacon Snack Mix.

Favorite recipes from top cheesemongers.

Pumpkin + Mascarpone

After Dinner Spirits + Cheese

Two ways to celebrate this perfect flavor combination.

End your next dinner party on a special note.

In Every Issue First Bite Caramelized Butternut Squash and Gorgonzola Crostini

Hot Dish Cheesy Bites and Dishes We’re Craving Right Now

Grown Up Lunches

5 Ways

Salads, sandwiches, wraps and more.


1 Cheese, 2 Nights Swiss

Sweet Endings Bittersweet Chocolate Truffles with Parmesan

Soup’s On Welcome fall with these flavorful, comforting recipes.





Hip Foodie Mom Completely Delicious

Benjamin Roberts St. Paul Cheese Shop

Bree Baked Bree


Greg Upward


Kathleen Cotter


Tracy Kellner

Brooklyn Supper



The Bloomy Rind

Half Baked Harvest

Provenance Food and Wine

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Grate. Pair. Share. is a publication of the Dairy Farm Families of Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board. For more information about Wisconsin Cheese, visit EatWisconsinCheese.com.

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first bite Caramelized Butternut Squash & Gorgonzola Crostini By Tieghan, Half Baked Harvest Servings: 20-25 crostinis

Ingredients: 4 cloves garlic 1 large baguette 2 teaspoons plus 2 tablespoons olive oil, divided 2 tablespoons butter 1 tablespoon brown sugar 1 1/2 cups butternut squash, peeled and cut into small cubes 1 tablespoon fresh thyme, chopped

18 1/2 1 1/3



fresh sage leaves Salt and pepper, taste cup dried cranberries cup (8 ounces) Wisconsin gorgonzola cheese, crumbled tablespoons heavy cream or Wisconsin cream cheese tablespoon orange zest

Directions: Preheat oven to 375°F. To roast garlic, cut off top portion of garlic head to reveal cloves. Peel any excess paper/skin away from bulb. Drizzle 1 teaspoon olive oil over cloves, cover with foil and roast in baking dish 45 minutes, or until golden brown and soft. Cool. Squeeze garlic cloves from paper skins into small bowl and set aside. Slice baguette into 1/2-inch-thick rounds and place on baking sheet. Drizzle with 2 tablespoons olive oil. Bake 8 to 12 minutes, rotating pan halfway through. Melt butter in large skillet over medium heat. Add butternut squash, sprinkle with brown sugar and season with salt and pepper. Cook over medium heat, stirring frequently to avoid burning, 20 to 25 minutes or until squash is fork tender and beginning to caramelize. In last 5 minutes of cooking, stir in fresh thyme. Remove from heat and stir in cranberries. Transfer mixture to plate. Return skillet to medium heat and add remaining 1 teaspoon olive oil. Add sage leaves and fry 20 to 30 seconds per side. Drain on paper towels. In bowl of food processor, combine gorgonzola, 4 roasted garlic cloves and heavy cream or cream cheese. PurÊe until cheese is whipped and smooth, scraping down sides as needed. Spread whipped gorgonzola mixture onto each piece of crostini. To serve, top crostini with spoonful of caramelized butternut squash and cranberries, and sprinkle with fresh orange zest, crumbled gorgonzola, 1 fried sage leaf and cracked black pepper.

S�thern C�f�t

This mac and cheese recipe from Chef Tracey Shepos Cenami is packed with southern flavor: ham hocks in a creamy mac and cheese studded with diced apples, topped with cornbread crumbs.

�ped Up �tip�to Fresh Wisconsin cheese curds are the perfect complement to briny green olives, red pepper strips and rosemary in this super-easy recipe. Add it to your next cheese and charcuterie board.

A To�t to Ch�e

Dressed up toast is the hottest thing since, well, you know the rest. Try one of these topping combinations on your next slice: Wisconsin ricotta with orange marmalade; or avocado with Wisconsin feta and black pepper.

Dip f� the W�

Go for big flavors at your next game day get together with this Creamy Chorizo-Caramelized Onion Dip recipe from FoodieCrush. Everybody wins.

CHEDDAR Perhaps the cheese Wisconsin is best known for, cheddar has a rich history to match its even richer flavor. A mainstay for centuries, more cheddar is produced in Wisconsin than any other state. From mild to sharp, here are five ways to enjoy Wisconsin cheddar this season.

1. Roasted Pumpkin Salad Top baby kale with roasted pumpkin slices, roasted pumpkin seeds (sprinkled with chili powder), thinly sliced red onion, dried cranberries and crumbled aged cheddar. Drizzle with a bit of olive oil and red wine vinegar, season with salt and pepper.

2. Pimento Cheese Combine 2 cups shredded cheddar, 1 cup mayonnaise, 1/4 cup diced roasted red peppers, salt and black pepper. Mix well and serve with crackers or crudité.

3. Pie Topper Elevate your next slice of apple pie with a slice of aged cheddar. It’s a classic pairing that never goes out of style.

4. Spicy Cool Snack Top a slice of cucumber with sliced mild or medium cheddar and a dollop of harissa, a spicy Moroccan red pepper sauce.

5. Baked Cheddar Crisps On parchment paper lined baking sheet, place shredded cheddar in 2-inch mounts and bake at 350°F for 18 minutes or until slightly brown (watch for the centers to begin to harden). Cool before serving with wine or as garnish for soups or salads.

O�e CHeeSe, TWO �iGHtS: 1 SWiSS 2 Known for its characteristic holes, or eyes, Wisconsin swiss cheese has a mellow, buttery and slightly sweet flavor that makes it the perfect dinner companion. Try it in these simple recipes, perfect for weeknight meals.

Roasted Sausage & Grapes with Swiss Fondue Sauce Servings: 4-6

Ingredients: 1

pound seedless red grapes


tablespoon olive oil

Salt and black pepper

1 ½ pounds fresh bratwurst sausages (pork or turkey) 4

tablespoons butter


tablespoons flour

½ cup dry white wine ¾ cup milk 2

cups (8 ounces) Wisconsin swiss cheese, shredded

Directions: Preheat oven to 450°F. Toss grapes in olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Spread out on baking sheet or roasting pan. Place sausages in between grapes and roast 35 to 40 minutes, tossing every 15 minutes, until sausages are cooked. While sausages and grapes cook, prepare fondue sauce. In medium saucepan over medium heat, melt butter. Whisk in flour and cook for 1 minute. Whisk in wine and cook 1 to 2 minutes. Add milk, 3/4 teaspoon salt and 1/4 teaspoon black pepper. Cook, stirring often, until sauce thickens and coats back of spoon. Reduce heat to low and add cheese. Continue stirring until cheese has completely melted. Adjust seasonings to taste. Serve with roasted sausages and grapes.

Cauliflower Cordon Bleu Servings: 4

Ingredients: 1

head of cauliflower


tablespoons olive oil

Salt and black pepper


tablespoons butter


tablespoons flour

1 ¼ cup milk 2

tablespoons whole grain mustard


ounces sliced deli ham

1 ½ cups (6 ounces) Wisconsin swiss cheese, shredded (or 6 slices)

Directions: Preheat oven to 400°F. Wash cauliflower and trim outer leaves, leaving core intact. Cut cauliflower in half, from top through base. Carefully cut two 3/4-inch slices from center of each half (four slices total). Heat olive oil in large skillet over medium-high heat. Place cauliflower steaks in skillet and brown on each side (2 to 3 minutes per side), turning carefully. Remove cauliflower steaks from skillet and place on baking sheet. Bake cauliflower steaks 15 to 20 minutes or until cooked through. While cauliflower is baking, prepare mustard sauce. In saucepan, heat butter over medium heat. Whisk in flour and cook 1 minute. Add milk and continue to cook, stirring frequently, until sauce thickens and coats back of spoon. Add mustard and mix well to combine. Season with salt and pepper to taste. When cauliflower steaks are finished cooking, remove from oven and set oven to broil. Top each cauliflower steak with sliced ham. Drizzle mustard sauce over ham. Top with swiss cheese. Place under broiler to melt cheese, watching closely. Serve with mixed green salad.

Fall in Wisconsin is full of energy, color and an untamed love for all things Badger football. For many Wisconsinites, Saturdays are weekly celebrations of their beloved college team, a time to don red and white, jump around and cheer the Badgers on to a win. But before the football game can start, a cherished pregame ritual must take place: the tailgate. A quintessential Badger tailgate is flowing with beer, cheese curds and bratwurst. We’ve taken these game-day classics to the next level with Mini Brat Reubens, Chipotle Cheddar Bacon Snack Mix, a Bloody Mary bar and more.

Bloody Mary Bar Makes 1 quart mix



Bloody Mary Mix:

Combine all Bloody Mary mix ingredients in pitcher. Mix well. Mix may be made up to 1 day in advance, covered and refrigerated.


cups (24 ounces) tomato juice

Juice of 2 lemons

Juice of 2 limes

To prepare cheese curd garnishes, thread summer sausage onto each skewer, followed by 1 cheese curd, green olive, another cheese curd, pickle slice and a final cheese curd.


tablespoons Worcestershire sauce


teaspoons horseradish


teaspoon Louisiana-style hot sauce

ž teaspoon celery salt ½ teaspoon black pepper

Cheese Curd Skewers:

Wisconsin cheese curds

Green olives

Summer sausage, quartered & sliced

Sweet hot pickles, sliced

4-inch skewers

Bloody Marys: Ice Vodka

When ready to serve, fill mason jars or glasses with ice. Pour 1 ounce vodka in each glass. Top with Bloody Mary Mix. Garnish with cheese curd skewer.

Chipotle Cheddar Bacon Snack Mix Makes about 9 cups



12 ounces (16 slices) center cut bacon

Preheat oven to 400°F. Top two baking sheets with wire racks. Lay bacon strips in single layer on racks, leaving at least 1/2 inch between strips. Bake 15 to 20 minutes, until crisp but not burned. Brush with maple syrup and sprinkle with chipotle powder (if using). Bake additional 3 to 5 minutes. Remove from oven and cool. Cut bacon strips into 1/4-inch pieces. Set aside.


tablespoons maple syrup

½ teaspoon chipotle chile powder, optional ½ cup (1 stick) butter, melted ¹⁄³ cup chipotle hot sauce ½ teaspoon salt 2

cups Wheat Chex™ cereal


cups Corn Chex™ cereal

1 ½ cups raw pecan halves 2

cups pretzel nuggets

1 ½ cups (6 ounces) Wisconsin aged cheddar, shredded

Reduce oven temperature to 250°F. In large bowl, whisk together melted butter, chipotle hot sauce and salt. Add cereal, pecan halves and pretzels. Mix well. Add cheddar and mix well to incorporate. Spread mixture over 2 baking sheets in even layer. Bake 1 hour, mixing every 15 minutes. Remove from oven. Divide bacon pieces evenly between two sheets and mix well. Cool to room temperature before serving.

Beer Cheese Soup By Nick, Dude Foods Servings: 6




ounces bacon strips

Fry bacon until crisp, drain on paper towels and dice. Set aside.


cups (8 ounces) Wisconsin cheddar cheese, shredded


cups (8 ounces) Wisconsin colby cheese, shredded

Combine cheeses, milk, beer, Worcestershire sauce and garlic in saucepan and cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally until cheese melts. Combine flour and water and add to cheese mixture. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly for 10 minutes or until soup is thick.


cups milk

Serve and garnish with chives and diced bacon pieces.

1 ½ cups (12 ounces) beer 1

teaspoon Worcestershire sauce


garlic clove, minced


tablespoons flour

½ cup water 3

tablespoons fresh chives, chopped

Mini Brat Reubens Makes 12 mini sandwiches



Russian Dressing Slaw:

To prepare slaw, in large bowl, combine onion, mayonnaise, ketchup, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper. Whisk to combine. Add cabbage, carrots and pickles; toss well to incorporate dressing. Cover and refrigerate until ready to use. Slaw may be made up to 1 day ahead.


tablespoon onion, grated


cup mayonnaise

½ cup ketchup 2

tablespoons lemon juice


teaspoon Worcestershire sauce

½ teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon pepper 4

cups red cabbage, chopped


medium carrot, grated

½ cup spicy sweet pickle chips, diced (you may also use equal parts bread and butter chips and pickled jalapeño slices)

Sandwiches: 2

pounds fresh (uncooked) bratwursts


cups (16 ounces) lager-style beer


onion, roughly sliced


cups (8 ounces) Wisconsin swiss cheese, shredded

12 mini pretzel rolls, halved for sandwiches

To prepare sandwiches, place bratwursts in large heavy bottomed pot. Add beer to pot and enough water to cover brats. Add onion slices and bring to boil. Reduce heat and simmer until internal temperature of bratwursts reaches 160°F. At this point, bratwursts may be covered and refrigerated for up to 1 day. When ready to serve, slice bratwursts on bias into 1/3-inch-thick slices. Heat skillet on stove or grill and brown slices on both sides. When bratwurst slices are browned, build sandwiches. Place about 2 1/2 tablespoons cheese on bottom bun. Top with 2 to 3 grilled bratwurst slices. Top with slaw and top bun. Serve immediately.

Malted Chocolate Mascarpone Cupcakes Makes 24 cupcakes




Preheat oven to 375°F. Line muffin tin with 24 paper liners.

¾ cup (1 ½ sticks) butter, softened 1

cup brown sugar, packed

½ cup sugar 3 eggs 2

cups flour


teaspoon baking soda

½ teaspoon salt ¾ cup cocoa powder 2

tablespoons instant coffee powder

1 ½ cups whole milk 2

teaspoons vanilla extract

Malted Chocolate Mascarpone Frosting: ¾ cup heavy cream 1

cup chocolate malted milk powder


tablespoon cocoa powder


cups (16 ounces) Wisconsin mascarpone cheese

Garnish: 1 ½ cups malted milk balls, roughly chopped

Cream butter and both sugars until light and fluffy, about 5 minutes. Add eggs one at a time; blend. In separate medium-sized bowl, whisk flour, baking soda, salt, cocoa powder and coffee. In measuring cup, mix together milk and vanilla. Slowly add 1/3 of dry ingredients; when incorporated, add half the milk. Alternatively add dry ingredients and milk, ending with flour. Divide batter evenly among muffin cups. Reduce oven temperature to 350°F and bake cupcakes 23 to 26 minutes. Cool in pans for 10 minutes, remove and cool completely on cooling rack. Meanwhile, prepare frosting: In bowl of electric mixer, mix heavy cream, malted milk powder and cocoa on low until well blended. Add mascarpone and beat on low until smooth. Increase speed to medium and beat until thickened and spreading or piping consistency. When cupcakes have completely cooled, top with frosting (piped or spread). Garnish with chopped malted milk balls.

Cheesegiving What do you make for Thanksgiving when you’re a cheesemonger? Why, something wonderfully cheesy, of course! Here are four takes on Thanksgiving classics— starring Wisconsin artisan cheese—from four top mongers.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Dunbarton Blue Recipe By: Benjamin Roberts

Servings: 8

Ingredients: 2 pounds Brussels sprouts, cleaned and outer leaves removed

St. Paul Cheese Shop St. Paul, Minnesota

3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

“ Every year, I am crazy busy

½ pound (8 ounces) thick-cut bacon (about 8 slices)

slinging cheese the day before Thanksgiving and I have almost no energy left to cook once my shift is done. I can’t show up at dinner empty handed so I need something relatively quick and easy. I’ve been bringing Brussels sprouts to Thanksgiving dinner for the past 10 years and was beginning to grow bored of the straight up Brussels sprouts and bacon route. Grating the Dunbarton Blue on top actually adds a sweet, earthy dimension that compliments both the sprouts and the shallots. ”

Salt 4 shallots, peeled and chopped 2 cups (8 ounces) Wisconsin Dunbarton Blue cheese or other Wisconsin cheddar blue cheese, shredded

Black pepper

Directions: Preheat oven to 400°F. Halve Brussels sprouts and toss with olive oil in mixing bowl. Sprinkle lightly with salt. Spread sprouts evenly on baking sheet and roast 30 to 35 minutes. Do not crowd. Shake occasionally while roasting so they brown evenly. Meanwhile, chop bacon into 1-inch pieces and cook in large pan over medium-low heat until crisp. Remove from fat with slotted spoon and reserve on paper towel. Increase heat to medium high and add shallots. Sauté shallots until translucent, about 5 minutes, and reserve with bacon. Combine warm roasted Brussels sprouts, bacon and shallots in large bowl. Add Dunbarton Blue to bowl and lightly toss. Season to taste with pepper and serve.

Cheese Stuffed Pumpkin Recipe By:

Servings: 6-8


Large loaf of country bread, cubed

2 cups heavy cream, plus more depending on pumpkin size

2-3 garlic cloves

1-2 bay leaves

1 medium heirloom pumpkin

1 teaspoon nutmeg

Salt and pepper, to taste

Pinch cayenne pepper

3 pounds mixed mushrooms (button, portobello, oyster, etc.), roughly chopped

4 cups (1 pound) Wisconsin Pleasant Ridge Reserve cheese or other Wisconsin alpine-style cheese, shredded

1 tablespoon fresh thyme leaves, chopped

2 cups (8 ounces) Wisconsin emmantaler cheese, shredded

Salt and pepper to taste

2 cups (8 ounces) Wisconsin Grand Cru® cheese or other alpine-style cheese, shredded

4 tablespoons butter

Greg Upward Fromagination Madison, Wisconsin Greg developed this recipe 20 years ago when catering a reception to honor the late artist Hollis Sigler. The menu was designed to honor her through taste and visuals. It makes an excellent alternative main dish for a Thanksgiving menu.

Directions: Preheat oven to 325°F. Toast bread cubes in shallow baking pan for 25 minutes. Remove from oven and rub bread cubes with garlic cloves; set aside. Increase oven temperature to 425°F. Cover baking sheet with aluminum foil. Using serrated knife, remove top of pumpkin (like carving a traditional pumpkin). Scrape top and inside of pumpkin, removing seeds and fibers. Season inside of pumpkin with salt and pepper and set on prepared baking sheet. In large saucepan, melt butter over medium-high heat. Add mushrooms, thyme, salt and pepper. Cook until mushrooms begin to release juices. Set aside to cool slightly. In separate saucepan, warm cream over medium-heat, add bay leaves, nutmeg and cayenne pepper. Bring to gentle simmer. Remove from heat and set aside. Place all three shredded cheeses in bowl and mix to combine. Place single layer of bread cubes in bottom of pumpkin; top with layer of mushrooms and season with salt and pepper. Sprinkle handful of cheese over top and drizzle with about 1/3 cup heavy cream. Gently pack layer down using back of spoon. Repeat layers until pumpkin is filled to about 1/2-inch below top. Number of layers will depend on size of pumpkin. Place top on stuffed pumpkin and bake for 1 hour, depending on size, until filling is hot and cheese is bubbling. Remove from oven and let sit about 10 minutes before serving. Carefully transfer pumpkin to plate and serve. Scoop out a bit of pumpkin with stuffing for each serving. * Wisconsin makes several styles of alpine cheeses, including Pleasant Ridge Reserve, Grand Cru®, and swiss.

Sweet Potato Gratin Recipe By: Tracy Kellner Provenance Food and Wine Chicago, Illinois

“ I fell in love with this dish when I worked at Barcelona restaurant in the ’90s in Columbus, Ohio. Chef Brian Hinshaw served this alongside a fontina-stuffed pork chop with sautéed baby spinach. I make this at home for Thanksgiving dinner, but it’s so rich and delicious, I crave it every season. To lighten some of the sweetness, I add an aged alpine-style cheese like Wisconsin Grand Cru ®. ”

Servings: 6-8


Butter for baking dish, softened

2 cups heavy cream or half & half*, divided 3 large or 4 medium sweet potatoes, peeled and sliced lengthwise on a mandoline to about 1/8-inch thickness, divided 2 cups (8 ounces) Wisconsin Grand Cru® cheese or other Wisconsin alpine-style cheese, shredded, divided

Salt and freshly cracked black pepper, to taste

6-8 sage leaves for garnish, optional

Directions: Preheat oven to 375°F. Lightly butter 2-quart casserole dish. Pour 1/4 cup cream or half & half into dish. Begin layering sweet potatoes over cream so they overlap. You will be making 4 layers. Top with about 1/2 cup cheese and salt and pepper to taste; add second layer of potatoes; top with about 1/2 cup cheese and salt and pepper to taste. After second layer, pour 1/2 of remaining cream over potatoes. Top with third potato layer, 1/2 cup cheese and fourth potato layer. Pour remaining cream over top and sprinkle with remaining cheese. If using sage leaves, arrange them in pretty pattern over top. Cover casserole dish with aluminum foil and bake about 45 minutes; remove foil and bake additional 30 to 40 minutes, until cream has been absorbed and potatoes are tender to knife blade. Remove casserole from oven and let sit, covered, for at least 20 minutes to set. Cut into squares and serve. * For additional flavor, whisk in 1/4 teaspoon each nutmeg, grated, and ground cloves into cream, if desired.

The Cheesemonger’s Macaroni Servings: 6-8

Ingredients: 2 cups milk 2 tablespoons butter 2 tablespoons flour ½ teaspoon salt ¼ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 1 cup (4 ounces) Wisconsin Snowfields™ cheese or butterkäse cheese, shredded 1 cup (4 ounces) Wisconsin Hook’s 4-year cheddar cheese, shredded 1 cup (4 ounces) Wisconsin Marieke® Gouda cheese, shredded 8 ounces elbow macaroni, cooked according to package directions

Directions: Preheat oven to 400°F. Warm milk in small saucepan on the stove or in a bowl in microwave on high for 1 1/2 minutes. In large skillet over medium-low heat, melt butter. Whisk in flour and cook 1 minute, whisking constantly. Gradually add warm milk, and cook, whisking constantly, 5 minutes or until thickened. Add salt and black pepper. Reserve 1/4 cup of each cheese; set aside. Add remaining cheese to skillet, mixing well. Add cooked pasta to pan. Spoon pasta mixture into lightly buttered 2-quart baking dish; top with reserved cheese. Bake 20 minutes or until golden and bubbly.

Want to customize your mac and cheese? Try one or more of these optional add-ins: cayenne, thyme, ground red pepper, sriracha, bacon, bread crumb topping.

Recipe By: Kathleen Cotter The Bloomy Rind Nashville, Tennessee

“ As a cheese lover, I think the key to great mac and cheese is using two or three different styles of cheese. This creates a lot more depth of flavor instead of just a single note that, let’s be honest, can be a little less than amazing. And you deserve nothing less than amazing mac and cheese! In this recipe, I’ve selected Snowfields™ cheese for its richness and slightly sweet notes, Hook’s 4-year sharp cheddar for its punchy sharpness and Marieke ® Gouda for that incredible butterscotchy, brothy flavor of a great aged gouda. If you have another favorite Wisconsin Cheese, by all means, make the dish your own. ”






celebrations are ubiquitous during the fall season, and they all come with a heaping feast of irresistible food. After dinner digestifs are a great way to top off an evening of eating and celebrating. These spirits are often sipped without food, but their flavors also pair so well with cheese. We’ve matched five Wisconsin cheeses with classic digestifs. Choose your favorite and surprise your guests with one final treat at the end of a special night.


+ Mascarpone Pumpkin and Wisconsin mascarpone cheese are a match made in tastebud heaven. The creamy lusciousness and rich, buttery flavor of mascarpone highlight the subtle sweetness of pumpkin, fall’s favorite ingredient. Recipes and photos by Annalise of Completely Delicious

Pumpkin Tiramisu Servings: 6-8

Ingredients: Tiramisu:

To Serve:

¾ cup heavy whipping cream

½ cup heavy whipping cream

²⁄³ cup granulated sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

¼ cup granulated sugar

8 ounces Wisconsin mascarpone cheese, at room temperature

1 3 ounce package of ladyfingers

½ teaspoon vanilla extract

Pumpkin pie spice, for dusting

1 cup pumpkin purée 1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice 2 3 ounce packages of ladyfingers ¼ cup strong coffee or espresso

Directions: Line 9x5-inch loaf pan with plastic wrap; set aside. In bowl of electric mixer, beat heavy whipping cream, sugar and vanilla to soft peaks. In separate bowl, mix mascarpone cheese, pumpkin purée and pumpkin pie spice until smooth. Fold whipped cream into pumpkin mixture. Line bottom of loaf pan with layer of pumpkin cream. Arrange layer of ladyfingers side by side on top. Drizzle 1/3 of coffee or espresso on top of the ladyfingers. Repeat layers of pumpkin cream and ladyfingers two more times (final layer of ladyfingers may extend above pan sides). Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate at least 2 hours or overnight. To serve, invert tiramisu onto plate and remove plastic wrap. Gently press ladyfingers side by side onto sides of tiramisu. Beat heavy whipping cream, sugar and vanilla to soft peaks and spoon on top of tiramisu. Sprinkle with pumpkin pie spice.

Pumpkin Cake Roll with Mascarpone Cream Servings: 6-8

Ingredients: Cake:

Mascarpone Cream:

3 large eggs

1 cup heavy whipping cream

1¼ cup granulated sugar

8 ounces Wisconsin mascarpone cheese, at room temperature

²⁄³ cup pumpkin purée 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

½ cup powdered sugar, sifted

¾ cup all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon ¼ teaspoon ground nutmeg ¼ teaspoon salt

Optional: chopped nuts for garnish

Directions: Preheat oven to 350°F. Line 10x15x1-inch jelly roll pan with parchment paper. In bowl of electric mixer, beat eggs and sugar on high speed until pale and thick, about 3 to 4 minutes. Add pumpkin purée and vanilla and mix until combined. In separate bowl, combine flour, baking powder, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt. Add to pumpkin mixture and fold in with spatula. Spread into prepared pan and gently tap on counter to remove any air bubbles. Bake until toothpick inserted into center comes out clean, 15 to 18 minutes. Let cake cool in pan 5 minutes, then gently slide out of pan onto clean surface and top with clean linen towel. Starting with 1 short side, carefully roll up cake between parchment paper and towel while it is still warm. Let roll cool completely. To make mascarpone cream, beat heavy whipping cream to stiff peaks. In separate bowl, combine mascarpone cheese with powdered sugar until smooth. Add whipped cream in 4 additions. Mixture will be stiff at first, but will lighten up as you add more whipped cream. Unroll cooled cake and remove towel and parchment paper. Cover cake with mascarpone cream, leaving 1-inch border around edges. Reroll cake and chill in fridge for 2 hours. Dust with powdered sugar before serving. Sprinkle with chopped nuts, if desired.

Soup’s On

Cauliflower And Aged Cheddar Soup

Onion Soup with Two Cheeses

Cabbage and Cheese Soup

Curried Carrot and Mascarpone Soup

Once summer days begin to dwindle and cool fall weather sets in, we start craving warm, comforting dishes—and nothing satisfies this craving quite like a steaming bowl of soup. Whether it’s a first course before dinner, paired with a sandwich for lunch or a meal in itself, soup lends itself well to Wisconsin Cheese and the bountiful flavors of fall.

Italian Wedding Soup with Romano

Pueblo Pepper Jack Corn and Crab Chowder

Still hungry? Head on over to EatWisconsinCheese.com and warm up with more tasty soup recipes! Butternut Squash Soup with Limburger Cheese

Fall is a great time to rev up your lunch routine. The kids are back to school with a new lunch box, but why let them have all the fun? Try our collection of fresh new lunch recipes from some of our favorite food bloggers—great for on-the-go meals or a quiet break at home. These dishes are packed with fresh veggies and lean meats to give you plenty of energy to get through the afternoon and flavorful Wisconsin Cheese to keep you satisfied.

Make ahead tip: Quick pickle the jalape単os and do chua (daikon radish and carrots) over the weekend and use them as sandwich toppings throughout the week.

Ham & Pepper Jack Banh Mi Sandwiches By Brooklyn Supper Servings: 4

Ingredients: Quick-pickled Jalapeños: ¾ cup rice wine vinegar 1

tablespoon sugar


teaspoon sea salt

Pinch chili powder


jalapeños, stems removed and sliced ¼-inch thick


whole hot chili (optional)


cloves garlic, peeled

Quick-pickled Daikon & Carrot (do chua): 2

cups water

¼ cup white vinegar 2

teaspoons granulated sugar

½ teaspoon sea salt 1

cup daikon radish, julienned


cup carrot, julienned

Sandwiches: 4

6-inch lengths of baguette, cut in half lengthwise

Mayonnaise to taste


small cucumbers cut into long, thin strips


slices ham


slices Wisconsin pepper jack cheese


bunch cilantro

Directions: Prepare quick-pickled jalapeños. In nonreactive saucepan, combine rice wine vinegar, sugar, sea salt and chili powder over medium heat. Stir until sugar has dissolved. When mixture begins to steam, remove from heat. Pack sliced jalapeños, chili pepper and garlic cloves into pint jar with tight fitting lid. Pour pickling liquid over vegetables. Set jars aside to cool briefly. Seal, and place in refrigerator overnight. Pickles will keep sealed in fridge for one week. Prepare quick-pickled daikon and carrot (do chua). In nonreactive saucepan, combine water, vinegar, sugar and sea salt over medium heat. Stir until sugar has dissolved. When mixture begins to steam, remove from heat. Pack julienned vegetables into pint jar with tight fitting lid. Pour pickling liquid over vegetables. Set jars aside to cool briefly. Seal, and place in refrigerator overnight. Pickles will keep sealed in fridge for one week. Prepare sandwiches, spread generous layer of mayonnaise on bottom pieces of bread. Add layer of sliced cucumber to each. Next, layer sliced ham and cheese. Add several spoonfuls of pickled daikon and carrot. Top with fresh cilantro sprigs and layer of pickled jalapeños.

Pear Noodle & Arugula Salad with Blue Cheese By Inspiralized Servings: 2-4

Ingredients: Greek Yogurt Balsamic Dressing: ¼ cup nonfat plain Greek yogurt

Directions: Place ingredients for Greek yogurt balsamic dressing into bowl and whisk together to combine thoroughly. Set aside.


tablespoons balsamic vinegar


teaspoon Dijon mustard

In bowl, combine pear noodles, arugula, walnuts and blue cheese. Toss to combine thoroughly.


tablespoon honey

Serve salad drizzled with Greek yogurt dressing.

Salt and pepper, to taste

Salad: 2

Bosc or Anjou pears, cut into noodles using vegetable spiral slicer

4-5 cups baby arugula (about 4 ½ ounces) ¾ cup walnuts ½ cup (6 ounces) Wisconsin blue cheese, crumbled

To go tip: Pack in mason jars with dressing on bottom and salad ingredients layered on top.

Extra zip: For added tanginess, sprinkle additional capers on the salmon when building your wrap.

Smoked Salmon Wrap with Whipped Ricotta By FoodieCrush Servings: 2

Ingredients: Whipped Ricotta: 1

cup Wisconsin whole-milk ricotta cheese

Âź cup Wisconsin cream cheese, at room temperature

Zest of 1 lemon


tablespoons capers, chopped

1-2 teaspoons olive oil

Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper


tablespoons fresh chopped chives


tablespoons fresh chopped dill


tablespoon fresh chopped parsley

Wraps: 2

multi-grain flatbread wraps or 10-inch wheat tortillas

2-4 leaves red leaf lettuce 4-5 ounces smoked salmon 1

large tomato, sliced

1-2 thin slices red onion ½ cucumber, sliced

Directions: Prepare whipped ricotta. In the bowl of a small food processor, combine ricotta cheese, cream cheese, lemon zest, capers and 1 teaspoon of olive oil; and process until smooth, about 1 minute. Season with kosher salt and pepper and pulse to mix. Thin mixture with more olive oil if desired. Remove bowl and stir in chives, dill and parsley; set aside. If using tortilla, microwave for 10 seconds to soften. Lay each flatbread or tortilla on piece of parchment paper. Spread on whipped ricotta and place 1 to 2 lettuce leaves about 1 inch from bottom of the flatbread or tortilla. Layer 2 to 3 ounces of smoked salmon in row and top with 2 slices of tomato, red onion and cucumber. Fold bottom of flatbread up and over salmon and fillings. Wrap parchment paper up and over flatbread and gently squeeze so fillings are tight. Continue rolling wrap with parchment paper on outside. Cut wrap in half, remove parchment paper and serve.

Harvest Farro Salad with Apples and Feta By Brooklyn Supper Servings: 4-6

Ingredients: Herbed Vinaigrette: 2

tablespoons fresh squeezed lemon juice


teaspoon Dijon mustard


clove garlic, minced


teaspoon honey

¼ teaspoon sea salt ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil 2

tablespoons mixed fresh herbs, such as parsley, basil or thyme

Salad: 2

cups farro, cooked to al dente according to package instructions


bunch Tuscan kale, rough chopped


large green apple, sliced thin


cup (6 ounces) Wisconsin feta cheese, crumbled

½ cup pitted green olives ¼ cup minced parsley ¼ cup minced green onions

Ground black pepper to taste

Directions: Prepare vinaigrette, in small bowl, whisk together lemon juice, mustard, garlic, honey and sea salt. Gradually whisk in olive oil. Mix in herbs. In large bowl, toss cooked farro and chopped kale with half prepared dressing. Spoon dressed kale and farro into serving dish, and layer in apples, feta and olives. Drizzle several tablespoons of remaining dressing over salad. Finish with minced parsley and green onions, and add ground black pepper to taste.

This hearty fall salad will keep well in the fridge for up to three days.

These taquitos reheat well in the toaster oven for a leftover lunch.

Baked Veggie Taquitos By Hip Foodie Mom Servings: 4-6




tablespoon extra virgin olive oil


small onion, diced

Preheat oven to 400°F. Line baking sheet with parchment paper.


cups cremini mushrooms, diced


cup Swiss chard, chopped (leaves only)


cup yellow or orange bell pepper, diced


15-ounce can black beans, drained and rinsed


heaping tablespoon chili powder

½ teaspoon cumin 1 ¼ cup butternut squash, roasted and mashed

Salt and pepper to taste

12 whole wheat tortillas 2

cups (8 ounces) Wisconsin monterey jack cheese, shredded

Vegetable oil for brushing on the taquitos

Serve with fresh salsa and sour cream

In large nonstick skillet, heat olive oil over medium-high heat. Add onions, mushrooms and Swiss chard and sauté 3 to 4 minutes or until slightly softened. Add bell peppers and black beans and cook additional 3 to 4 minutes. Add chili powder and cumin and mix together well. Add roasted and mashed butternut squash and mix well to combine with the other vegetables. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Remove from heat and set aside. Assemble taquitos. Working on flat, clean surface or cutting board, lay out tortilla* and spoon on 1/4 cup of butternut squash and black bean mixture evenly on lower half of tortilla. Top generously with monterey jack and roll tortilla, starting from bottom. Brush each taquito with vegetable oil and lay seam side down on lined baking sheet. Continue with remaining taquitos. Bake 15 to 18 minutes or until crispy on outside. Serve with pico de gallo or your favorite salsa and sour cream. *Note: To make your tortillas more pliable for rolling, cover in damp paper towel and microwave 30 to 40 seconds.

Open-Faced Chicken Quesadilla Salad By Baked Bree Servings: 2

Ingredients: Honey Lime Dressing:

Juice from 1 lime


tablespoon red wine vinegar


tablespoons honey

½ teaspoon kosher salt ¼ teaspoon pepper ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil

Chicken: 2

boneless, skinless, chicken breasts, cut into ½-inch slices


red pepper, sliced


yellow pepper, sliced


medium red onion, thinly sliced

¼ cup olive oil 2

teaspoons smoked paprika

½ teaspoon oregano 1

teaspoon dried chipotle powder


teaspoon kosher salt

½ teaspoon pepper 2

cloves garlic, minced

Salad: 2

large flour tortillas

½ cup (2 ounces) Wisconsin monterey jack cheese, shredded 3

cups romaine lettuce, chopped

¼ cup cilantro ½ cup canned black beans, rinsed ¼ cup corn kernels ¼ cup (1 ounce) Wisconsin queso fresco cheese, crumbled ½ avocado, sliced

Directions: Add dressing ingredients except for oil to jar with tight fitting lid. Shake until honey dissolves. Add oil, and shake until combined; set aside. Preheat oven to 425°F. Line rimmed baking sheet with aluminum foil. Add chicken, peppers and onion to large bowl. In separate bowl, whisk together oil, paprika, oregano, chipotle powder, salt, pepper and garlic. Pour over chicken mixture and turn to coat. Spread on prepared pan in single layer. Cook 15 to 20 minutes or until chicken is cooked through and vegetables are tender. Let cool for 10 minutes, leaving oven on. Meanwhile, while chicken is resting, place tortillas on baking sheet. Sprinkle monterey jack over tortillas and bake until cheese is melted and bubbly, about 3 minutes. To assemble salad, line two bowls with quesadillas. Divide evenly and top with romaine, cilantro, black beans, corn, chicken mixture, queso fresco and avocado slices. Drizzle with dressing. Serve immediately.

There’s melted cheese inside!

Sweet Endings

Bittersweet Chocolate Truffles with Parmesan Servings: 24 truffles

Ingredients: 15

ounces bittersweet chocolate, divided

1 1/4 cup whipping cream 1

tablespoon unsalted butter

1/3 cup Wisconsin parmesan cheese, finely grated

Optional garnishes: unsweetened cocoa powder, candied orange peel, flaky sea salt

Directions: Chop chocolate into small pieces. Place 9 ounces of chocolate in large bowl. Set remainder aside. In small saucepan, heat cream, butter and parmesan just until small bubbles start to form on rim. Pour over 9 ounces of chocolate. Stir until chocolate melts. Cover tightly and refrigerate until firm. Working quickly, roll chilled chocolate mixture with hands into 1-inch balls and place on parchment or waxed paper. Bring 1 to 2 inches of water to simmer in saucepan. Place remaining chocolate in heatproof bowl (metal) over water. Stir, until chocolate melts. Remove bowl from pan. Roll truffles in melted chocolate*, smoothly covering surface and place on parchment or waxed paper. If desired, top with candied orange peel slivers or sea salt. Chill at least one hour—or up to one week. Bring to room temperature just before serving. Refrigerate any remaining truffles. *Optional: Roll truffle balls in 1 cup unsweetened cocoa powder in place of or in addition to chocolate coating.

This recipe was developed by our longtime WMMB colleague Marilyn Wilkinson who recently celebrated her retirement after 28 years of service in the dairy industry. Her skill, humor and grace will be greatly missed.

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