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Chris Kegel, 1953-2017, he enjoyed his ride. Cartoons, Hawaiian shirts, pies in the face, bikes of course and always a smile, those are the things that come to mind when you mention Chris Kegel’s name. His kindness and generosity were legendary. He continues to pay it forward with his Chris Kegel Foundation. Find out more at


Chris Aalid/Marketing Coordinator

Live Life, Ride a Bike

Zac Barnes/Central Region Director

In these times when some view civility and kindness as a sign of weakness, we are happy to point to someone who proved those virtues are the foundation of building a successful business and a happy life.

Gabe Chapman/Membership Coordinator

Dave Cieslewicz/Executive Director

Eric Crouthamel/Valid Bike Shop Manager

Carolyn Dvorak/Southwest Region Director

So, let’s reflect on the life of a businessman who gave people in business, bike advocates and human beings in general a really good name. That person would be Wheel & Sprocket owner Chris Kegel, who passed away on February 7th after a short bout with cancer.

Sarah Gaskell/Planning Manager

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Magazine Staff Editor: Dave Schlabowske

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At Chris’ celebration of life at Milwaukee’s St. Mathias Church, a full house of folks who were touched by the man’s kindness, decency and love of life showed up to pay their respects. In return, they were paid back several times over with wonderful tales of Chris’ happy life. And, because the Kegel family started in business as restaurant owners (Kegel’s Inn is now owned by son Julian and his wife Stephanie), the food was pretty good too. Chris became successful by working incredibly hard and, for a long while, without much pecuniary reward. His business partner talked about how Chris worked one winter without pay just to help keep the business going. The man just loved bikes and people who ride them. And those people loved him back and helped make his business grow. Chris gave back by serving on the boards of the Bike Fed, the League of American Bicyclists and other organizations. He was recognized and honored as a pioneer and a leader in bike advocacy. This organization would not be as successful as we are if not for Chris Kegel. As you read later in this issue, we’ll recognize his contributions as we induct Chris into the new Wisconsin Bicycling Hall of Fame on May 5th at the Italian Community Center in Milwaukee. This first edition of our magazine for 2017 contains, as is our tradition, our annual Ride Guide. Here you’ll find hundreds of rides and bike-related events all across the state all year long. I know that many of you will participate in at least one of those rides. And when you do I hope you’ll join me somewhere along the trail or along a quiet country road and take a moment to smile as we think of Chris Kegel and all he did to make cycling better for all of us. Chris proved to be all too right when he said that life was short. All the more reason for us to follow his lead and enjoy the ride.

Reach us at (414) 255-0371 or

Dave Cieslewicz, Executive Director WISCONSINBIKEFED.ORG





t the current level of investment, the number of miles of substandard roads in Wisconsin will double in ten years. That was the conclusion of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation Secretary Mark Gottlieb when he testified before a legislative committee in December 2016. Gottlieb resigned from that post shortly after the hearing. A special commission chaired by Gottlieb studied the issue a few years ago and concluded that the state needed to increase spending by several hundred million dollars annually to repair and expand its roads. That commission—which I served on before I worked with the Bike Fed—recommended several transportation tax increases, including a five-cent-per-gallon increase in the state gas tax. The gas tax has not been increased in over a decade. But those proposals, introduced in early 2013, went nowhere. Instead, the state increased borrowing for roads and delayed some projects. No one believes that that approach is sustainable. Now, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Burlington), the second most powerful person in state government, has said that he’s open to

any number of revenue options, including a gas tax increase, a vehicle registration fee increase, tolling, and a new per-mile fee tacked onto registrations. In response, Governor Scott Walker and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) have opposed any transportation tax increases unless they can be offset with tax cuts somewhere else. That appeared to leave things at a stalemate until new state revenue projections in January made it seem that tax cuts, probably in income taxes, were possible. Speaker Vos quickly proposed an unspecified $300 million general fund tax cut, which presumably could support $300 million in transportation tax increases. That sounds like a lot, but keep in mind that the latest estimate in the road funding gap is over $1 billion. The Bike Fed is, of course, closely watching this debate. We are meeting with legislators and making a couple of key points. First, we support investment in local roads because that’s where people ride bikes. Fixing potholes, putting in bike lanes and paving shoulders are the kinds of local, practical solutions that make everybody safer. We were encouraged in the fall when Governor Walker promised significant new investments in local roads. We hope that commitment will continue no matter what happens on the funding issues. Second, we remind legislators that that same bipartisan commission report recommended a comprehensive all-modes plan, not just more money for big highways. Most notably, the commission voted unanimously to provide another $10 million every year for bike infrastructure. This was proposed as a 50% local match, meaning that it would leverage a total investment of $20 million a year. For bike infrastructure, which is relatively inexpensive, this would go a long way. In fact, it would more than double existing resources in this regard. The governor introduced his budget in February. Public hearings will be held and the legislature’s Joint Finance Committee will start voting on changes later in the spring. After that the budget goes to each house with final approval expected around July 1st. The Bike Fed will be planning a Lobby Day in late April. Look for details on that to come at



n the winter of 2011, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and the Bike Fed made history and launched Share & Be Aware, the first-ever comprehensive road safety campaign that provides direct education to people who walk, bike, and drive to make Wisconsin roads safer for everyone. Share & Be Aware is the nation’s first

statewide ambassador program, with up to a dozen ambassadors across the state. In the six year since it launched, Share & Be Aware has educated millions of people through media, outreach, and classes. Want to bring Share & Be Aware to your business, organization, or community? Visit to find out more.

M E D I A I M P R E S S I O N S I N 2016





New this year—we are pleased to set aside some pages in each issue of our magazine for Wisconsin’s racing community to share news and discuss important issues. For this first issue, Wisconsin Cycling Association president Andy Feuersthaler shares the upcoming road racing calendar with us (opposite page) and some basic information about the WCA.

by Andy Feuersthaler, Wisconsin Cycling Association


he Wisconsin Cycling Association is the organization that hosts all USA Cycling sanctioned Road, Criterium, Track, and Cyclocross events in Wisconsin. Starting in April with the Road/Crit schedule, various WCA teams host 24 time trial, road and criterium races. Track racing runs from May–September in the historic velodrome at Washington Park in Kenosha. The “Kenosha Bowl” is the nation’s oldest velodrome. The 333-meter track was recently reconstructed with fresh, smooth concrete and 28-degree banking. The Kenosha Velodrome Association even hosts 8

Monday Night Stock Bike Racing, in which people as young as 3 (yes, three years old) can bring a stock bike and try racing on the banked oval. Be careful though—as fun as it is, you might just get hooked and want to get a track bike. Cyclocross is another great way to try bike racing. There are 18 unique cyclocross races in local parks around the state most weekends from September to December. The races are run by time, not distance, and typically last between 30 minutes to an hour depending on your class. Don’t let the bitesized time fool you, cyclocross is exhausting due to the sprint nature and mandatory run ups and barricades. All of these different kinds of racing have multiple skill levels, or categories, with new

racers starting in the morning and the advanced competition later in the daily schedule. Everyone must begin in Category 5, and with more experience and improved results, racers can move up to Cat 4, Cat 3, and Cat 2. Category 1 is the top level before becoming professional. There are also junior classes for kids 10-18, master’s classes for those who are 35 years and older, and women’s classes in all categories. Wisconsin has some of the best bicycle racing in the country, and I encourage you to come give this healthy, family-friendly sport a try. To learn more about Wisconsin bicycle racing, visit There you will find the schedules for all disciplines, series guidelines, and standings. You can also visit

2017 WCA Road & Cr i t Sc h ed ul e 2017 Dates

2017 Races

Sun 4/ 2 Sun 4/ 9 S at 4 / 1 5 S at 4 / 2 2 Sun 4/ 2 3 Fr i 4 / 2 8 S at 4 / 2 9 Sun 4/ 3 0 Fr i 5 / 5 S at 5 / 6 Sun 5/ 7 Fr i 5 / 1 2 S at 5 / 1 3 Sun 5/ 1 4 S at 5 / 2 0 S at 5 / 2 7 Sun 5/ 2 8 S at 6 / 1 0 Sun 6/ 1 1 Fr i 6 / 1 6 – S u n 6 / 2 5 S at 7 / 1 S at 7 / 8 Sun 7/ 9 S at 7 / 2 2 S at 7 / 2 9

Great Dane #1 Madison Great Dane #2 Madison Menomonee Falls Whitnall Park Muskego Park Couri Omnium Lake Country Couri Omnium Lake Country Couri Omnium Lake Country LaCrosse TT LaCrosse Road Race LaCrosse Crit High Cliff TT Fox Valley Menasha Crit Neenah Crit LAPT Road Race Waukesha Palmyra Road Race Concordia Mequon Mukwonago Crit Sussex Crit T.o.A.D. Fitchburg Crit State Criterium Green Bay State Road Race Green Bay State TT Fitchburg Brazen Dropouts Road Race

For more information please visit WISCONSINBIKEFED.ORG





hen we ask students in our Milwaukee Safe Routes to School classes if they have a bike, most kids raise their hands. When we ask how many ride to school, many of the kids complain they can’t ride their bike because it has a flat tire. Of those who can ride their bikes to

school, we see many without working brakes, missing a seat, with bent handlebars and dry, rusty chains. Part of the reason the bikes are in disrepair is that many urban neighborhoods just don’t have a bike shop nearby. Another reason is that even if people are willing to go across town to a bike shop to buy a tube or patch kit, most people don’t have the tools or repair skills necessary to fix the bikes themselves. For others, it might come down to a difficult choice between spending $30 to $60 to fix a bike you might not have paid much more for, or paying a bill or buying groceries. The result is that many bikes with minor mechanical problems sit neglected in the basement or they are ridden in an unsafe condition. We wanted to come up with a solution, so kids would be able to continue to take advantage of the skills they learn in our Safe Routes classes and summer bike camps and ride their bikes after we move on to a new school or neighborhood.

Brennan Kreiman (L) and Gabe Manzanet (R) tune up a bicycle at Story Garden Park on Milwaukee’s near south side as part of our mobile bike repair program. The repairs are free, but we do accept donations.


MO B ILE R E PAIR PR O GRA M → Cargo bike. There are a number of different options out there now, including shops that specialize in cargo bikes, like Coast In Bikes in Milwaukee and The Cargo Bike Shop in Madison.

To help address this problem, the Bike Fed has been running a mobile bike repair program on Milwaukee’s south and north sides. In order to spread the word and broaden our reach, we have partnered with Milwaukee Recreation Department and neighborhood associations like Walnut Way on the north side and the Layton Boulevard West Neighbors on the south side. Our mobile repair is somewhat unique in that we actually run the program using cargo bikes, not trucks. Our north side program has a Larry Vs. Harry Bullitt front loader cargo bike. For our south side program, we use the School Bus cargo trike from Virtue Cycles. The cargo bikes allow us to carry a repair stand and enough tools and spare parts to do most typical repairs. Mostly we bring tubes, tires, cables, pedals, and brakes. If we don’t have the part we need to fix a bike, we make a note of it and ask the person to come back the next time we are scheduled to be at that location. We also like that by using cargo bikes for our mobile repair program, we reinforce the idea that bicycles are not just toys, but can be practical modes of transportation. While getting folks rolling is the program’s

→ Portable work stand, a folding table, shop aprons. → The basic tools of bike repair.Leave the headset puller and brake bleed kit at the shop. → Tubes, tires, cables, brake pads, chains, lube,

grease are most used and replaced parts and supplies. → We also won’t hit the road without some Rebel Wipes in our kit. These heavy duty cleaning wipes are great to wash greasy

primary purpose, we designed our mobile bike repair program to provide job readiness skills for Milwaukee youth. We work with high school or middle school aged students, teach them basic bike repair and then hire a number of the kids to work as apprentice mechanics during the mobile bike repair season. Not only do the kids earn a little money, they learn things like customer service, the need to show up on time or call in if you will be late. Perhaps as important, they gain valuable first job experience they can put on a resume. The program begins In the spring, with training sessions after school at our Valid Bike Shop inside North Division High School. There the students learn the fundamentals of basic bike repair by working on the fleet of donated bikes we use for our Safe Routes to School program. The students with good attendance and those who demonstrate a willingness to learn and work are then offered paid apprentice positions working with our head mobile repair

hands after the repairs are done, but they can also be used to clean up dirty bike parts on site when you don’t have access to a parts washer. (More info at

mechanics over the summer. We are still in touch with a number of the kids who have gone through our program, which has helped some of them get other jobs. One student works as a mechanic at DreamBikes, another got a job at Milwaukee Tool, and we hope a couple others will return this summer to continue to work on the mobile bike repair program. Thanks to a generous donation from the Potawatomi Hotel and Casino’s Heart of Canal Street Program, we will be able to expand our mobile repair program this year.





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RAW is back. and it’s bigger and better than ever with an enhanced course and expanded food selections. This year we will again offer one-day and two-day options. The TrekSegafredo professional racing team will also be back, along with special guest Jens Voigt, a record setter who raced in the Tour de France 17 times. 14


n the following pages you will read two inspiring stories from 2016 Ride Across Wisconsin riders. They are all bicyclists with differing abilities who crossed the state on two wheels. We also include answers to most of the questions you may have and stunning photographs to tempt you to join us in 2017! The night before the ride we will have an optional pasta buffet with VIP seating at the Five Flags Center in Dubuque, followed by a talk and Q & A with the professionals from Trek and their special guest,

When do you get to line up with professional racers like Jens Voigt and the Trek Segafredo Team?

Jens Voigt. Tickets for the dinner can be purchased online and the talk is open to everyone. We are happy to welcome back Robbie Ventura to MC the event again! On Saturday morning at 6am, Dubuque police will lead the riders from Main Street over the Mississippi River and into the Driftless Region of Wisconsin. Once across the border, riders will stay just north of the Illinois border along scenic, low-traffic roads. Your cross-country journey ends at the shores of Lake Michigan, where you can fill your signature finisher gift with delicious craft beer from Public House Brewing. Feel free to hang out at the finish line party and chat with Jens, practice your bragging and refuel with a variety of finish line fare, including Italian food from DeRango’s Pizza King.

Interested, but not sure you can do it? In RAW’s first year, 480 riders signed up and only a few needed the sag vehicle to help them finish. Last year, over 880 signed up, and again, only a few needed SAG help. Why were so many able to pull off such a tough ride? First, with most of the climbing done in the first 100 miles, the pedaling gets easier as you go. Second, this is a ride, not a race. With more than 1,000 supportive riders of varying abilities, everyone can find a friendly group to sit in with, no matter what pace you feel like riding. We also have returning sponsor, Bob Hanisch of P3-Peak Performance Professionals, providing a training program and serving as a resource to help guide riders during their training. RAW also features some of the best rest and lunch stops of any ride anywhere! Beyond the scientific nutrition provided by Bonk Breaker, the rest stops in Monroe and Beloit will have specially catered lunches. Lunch for Two-Day riders will be in Monroe and lunch for One-Day riders will be in Beloit. We will also have vegetarian and gluten-free options available at both lunch stops. The lunch stop in Monroe will include local food hosted by Roth Cheese, who make their World Champion Roth Grand Cru Surchoix cheese less than a mile from the Monroe lunch stop. Of course you will get to try some of their cheese! In Beloit, riders will feast on farm to table goodness prepared by chef Peter Sandroni of La Marenda and Engine Company 3 restaurants in Milwaukee’s food-crazy Walker’s Point neighborhood. Sandroni is preparing a new menu including chicken pistou wraps, quinoa and potato salads, as well as vegan minestrone soup. More details on the menus to come! Wisconsin cycling owes our network of scenic, low-traffic roads to our family farmers and the state dairy industry. It is only fitting that one of our rest stops is at the Holland Family Dairy Farm. That stop and the finish party will feature nature’s original recovery drink, chocolate milk, courtesy of the Wisconsin Mile Marketing Board. There are 13 hours and 12 minutes of daylight on August 26th, which should allow most riders to finish before dark, but everyone must bring lights! Last year our fastest one-day riders finished in about 8.5 hours and the last finisher took over 14 hours. We will have law enforcement support, but all riders are expected to follow the rules of the road at all times. We want you all to be “roll models” for cycling. Do we have your attention? Read the stories from the three different riders in the following pages and get ready to write your own story in 2017! WISCONSINBIKEFED.ORG






he slogan goes “There’s strong and then there’s “Army Strong.” But Darrell Howard, a member of U.S. Military Endurance Sports, now knows what it means to be RAW strong. “Honestly, the hardest part of the ride was just the mental toughness of spending that much time in the saddle,” said Howard, a Navy veteran from Oak Creek. Howard was one of eight athletes from U.S. Military Endurance Sports (USMES) who participated in the second annual Ride Across Wisconsin. Sporting red, white and blue jerseys with the Air Force star logo running across the front, the group got plenty of looks--and lots of support--along the 178-mile route from Dubuque to Kenosha. “That was maybe the best part of the whole day, all the thumbs up and thank yous from other riders and the volunteers,” said Howard. USMES is a non-profit organization that supports amateur athletes, endurance sports education and activities for current, retired and veteran members of the Armed Forces--although it’s not officially affiliated with the military. It provides coaching help and financial assistance, including race fee reimbursement and equipment discounts.

Darrell Howard, Don McClure and Chuck Remboldt (left to right) cross the finish in Simmons Island Park in Kenosha last year (top left). Craig Haydock (right) and Chuck Remboldt (bottom left) both look happy as they roll into Riverside Park in Beloit for the big lunch stop (right). Corn and lots of smooth, low traffic roads, that is was riding in Wisconsin is all about, so no wonder Chuck Remboldt is smiling (bottom right).

Launched in 2009 as a top-level cycling team, USMES has grown into a thriving multi-sport recreational, club, development and elite athletic program. It now counts some 1,400 members worldwide who participate in triathlon, running and adventure racing in addition to cycling. “Our mission is to promote endurance sports as part of a healthy lifestyle to active and veteran members of the Armed Forces,” said Colonel Chuck Remboldt, Operations Group Commander with the 190th Air Refueling Wing in Topeka, Kansas, who coordinates the Midwest region and participated in RAW himself. The RAW group of military riders–which also included Craig Haydock of Lake Mills, Jeff Lusk of New Berlin, Scott Moltzan of Cedarburg, Jamin Williamson of West Point, New York, and Don McClure of Wichita, Kansas–rode more or less together the entire way. They finished in Kenosha around 7 p.m., about 13 hours after setting out, “It was an epic day for sure, riding for three hours in the rain at the start and then seeing Jens (Voigt) cheering us to the finish line drinking a beer,” recalled Howard, 43, a Navy veteran who was stationed in San Diego before returning to his native Wisconsin. “To go that far was physically exhausting but the excitement at the end was worth it.” Howard, who now works in information technology for Aurora Health Care in Milwaukee, is an avid mountain and road cyclist. To prepare for RAW he tried to complete a century ride each weekend in addition to several Milwaukee-area charity rides, including the Trek 100. “I think my longest training ride was maybe 120 miles but I did get in back-to-back to centuries one weekend,” said Howard, who rode a full carbon Giant road bike. The only USMES rider who needed a sag to the finish

was Lusk, who was suffering with a bad back and grabbed a van ride at the final Bohner Lake aid station. He had ridden along with Milwaukee artist Ammar Nsoroma since the Beloit lunch stop at the halfway point. “It was a long day out there and was pretty dark at the end but I still had great memories,” said Lusk, 51, a retired Coast Guard veteran. The idea to get a group from USMES to Wisconsin for RAW started last winter with some Internet chatter among several members from the Midwest. Things got serious in June with hotel reservations and final entry fees. Whether RAW becomes a regular event on the USMES calendar remains to be seen. But the organization continues to grow and now features professional athletes who compete at the highest level, including the Sean Coleman Memorial Race, Sea Otter Cycling Classic, Air Force Classic and National Cycling Championships. Several USMES athletes also competed at the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio. Marine Corps veteran and three-time Paralympian cyclist Oscar “Oz” Sanchez led the way for USMES mem-


bers, taking the silver in the H2 Mixed Team Relay and bronze in the H5 Cycling Road Individual Time Trial. Marine Corps veteran and Purple Heart recipient Jeffrey “Scott” Martin competed in his first-ever Paralympic Games in Rio and just missed a medal, finishing fourth in the C4 4,000-meter Individual Track Pursuit. Martin had overcome injuries sustained from two separate incidents where his Humvee rolled over improvised explosive devices. Army veteran Shawn Cheshire, who competed on the US Paralympic Nordic Ski Team, took 6th overall on the bike in Time Trial B Category. “It’s a pretty impressive group that includes some pros and just people like myself who do it for fun,” said Howard. “I’m proud to be part of it.” WISCONSINBIKEFED.ORG




ilwaukee artist Ammar Nsoroma is a familiar figure on the Brew City bike scene. You might find him pedaling around the city streets and trails on his fixed gear bike, towing a trailer filled with his art supplies. When he’s not making art, Nsoroma is a leader of the Milwaukee chapter of Red Bike & Green, a collective of black urban cyclists working to improve the health, economy and environment of African Americans by creating a sustainable bike culture. Nsoroma works to encourage more people of color to ride bicycles through a fun series of 15 equity rides sponsored by the Wisconsin Bike Fed. The rides all have fun and educational themes built around things like Juneteenth Day, the Day of the Dead and even a ride to the former site of Paramount Records in Grafton. One day when he was in the Bike Fed office, Nsoroma told Dave Schlabowske, Deputy Director, that he was interested in trying the Ride Across Wisconsin. Schlabowske knew Nsoroma’s riding style and bike, but he didn’t know he’d never pedaled more than 40 miles in a single day. “I was immediately happy to have Ammar try RAW,” said Schlabowske, adding “But I was a bit hesitant about his ability to do it in one day.” Schlabowske also encouraged Ammar to borrow a bike with gears rather than trying it on his vintage, 35-lb. fixie. 18

“But you know, I’m a pretty strong guy so I figured I could make it,” says Nsoroma, 49, a married father of two. Not only was Nsoroma confident of his strength and endurance, he was determined he could tackle the cross-state epic on his regular ride--a hand-painted, fixed-gear 1930s Raleigh Path Racer with deep drop track bars. But eventually, at the urging of friends, Nsoroma agreed at least to opt for a bike with multiple gears before trying to pedal 175 miles from the Mississippi River to the shores of Lake Michigan in one day. The Friday before the ride, Nsoroma paid a visit to the Fyxation Bicycle Company in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood on Humboldt Blvd. There he got some advice on tackling a long-distance cycling event and some new equipment. “We finally were able to convince him he might want something to help him get up some of those hills,” says Fyxation co-owner Jessica Ginster. The Fyxation crew set Nsoroma up with a Quiver Canti, a 20-speed cross bike with Shimano components. The crew from Fyxation also gave him a quick lesson in shifting and a primer on how to use the pedal straps. They also fitted Nsoroma with his first pair of stretchy bike shorts and a Fyxation team jersey.

“My friends were all kidding me that I had crossed over to the dark side,” Nsoroma laughed. Resplendent in his new kit, Nsoroma set off with 800 other RAW riders in a light drizzle from Dubuque early on Saturday morning. “I started out pretty fast but then decided maybe I should slow down some since I had never ridden this far before,” he says. “A lot of people started going by me and I ended up riding alone but I didn’t let it bother me since my goal was just to make it.” Then about 50 miles into the ride, just as Nsoroma had settled into a pace he felt he could maintain, disaster struck. Making a 90-degree left turn, he squeezed the new brakes too quickly, hit some loose gravel and slid down on his side. The crash left Nsoroma with a gash in his left palm, a cut to his elbow and road rash on his hip. Medical officials were quickly on the scene. They bandaged him up and sent him on his way. By the time he hit the Beloit rest stop at the halfway point, however, Nsoroma was ready to call it a day. His body was aching from the crash and he was considering spending the night and completing the RAW in two days rather than one. But RAW officials told him that switching formats in the middle of the event wasn’t an option. He’d need to either drop out or keep going. At that point Jeff Lusk, a 51-year-old retired Coast Guard veteran riding for U.S. Military Endurance Sports Team, overhead Nsoroma’s story and offered to ride with him. Lusk was fighting a bad back and looking for someone to ride with at a slower pace. The new friends took off together in an effort to reach the finish line. “We really helped each other out,” he said. “Ammar was a super strong guy who had the ability to finish the ride even though he only rides around the city. I was impressed.” On they pedaled across some of the flatter sections of the course as the sun started to set behind them. “At that point I was stopping to wait for him at the top of every little hill,” says Nsoroma. “I think he was having a pretty tough time of it.” It was also getting darker and Nsoroma’s


bike lights were dimming, so Lusk loaned him enough money to buy a new set of batteries at a convenience store. It was getting late as they got to the final rest stop in Bohner Lake, and Lusk decided to pull out and take a sag ride to the finish. Nsoroma wanted to finish but the organizers asked him to take the sag. “I was kind of upset because I knew I could make it to the end, but at least they gave me my cup,” says Nsoroma, referring to the souvenir beer goblet presented to each finisher. But Nsoroma is now planning to come back this summer and try it again. “RAW was such a new experience for me, just the kind of people I was riding with,” he says. “I mean, I’m used to just riding in street clothes.” Nsoroma grew up in the Bayview neighborhood of Milwaukee, attended Milwaukee High School of the Arts and after graduation went to the Art Institute of Chicago. He’s long known a bicycle as a great way to get around in a traffic-clogged city. At the same time, he’d like to see more people of color embracing bikes and the bicycling lifestyle. He has organized a series of theme rides in Milwaukee including a “Black and Brown Unity Ride” from the 16th Street Health Center, a Juneteenth Ride and a Dashiki Ride, where participants dress in costume. “My first goal is to make it fun,” he says. The Red Bike & Green program touts a three-point plan based on the health impacts, the economic advantages and the environmental benefits. “There is so much diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure out there,” says Nsoroma, “in terms of the economic benefits, just doing errands around the neighborhood can save money. We can also use bikes to support local black-owned businesses.” Nsoroma has also worked with the Sierra Club and League of Conservation Voters to highlight the connection between bikes and clean air. “Bikes help cut down on car exhaust,” he notes. “A lot of black neighborhoods are targets of environmental pollution and we’d like to make that part of the story.” And Nsoroma’s own story now includes a memorable Ride Across Wisconsin, a day he will never forget. WISCONSINBIKEFED.ORG



FRIDAY, AUGUST 2 5 TH 10am: Packet pick-up starts at Kennedy Park in Kenosha (4051 5th Avenue). Begin boarding motor coaches and loading bikes. Overnight parking available in fields just north of packet pick-up. Food available for purchase. Noon: Buses leave Kenosha for Dubuque. (Bring your overnight backpack on the bus.)

4pm: Buses anticipated arrival in Dubuque at the Five Flags Center (405 Main Street), unload bikes, head to hotels. 5pm: Packet pick-up at Five Flags for those who did not pick up in Kenosha. Ends at 8:30pm at the conclusion of the Jens Voigt talk.

6pm-7pm: Pasta buffet for those who purchased tickets with VIP seating. 7:30pm-8:30pm: Program and Jens Voigt talk. Doors open at 7pm for those who will be attending the program/talk only.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 26TH 5am: Breakfast burritos available for riders only.

6:22am: Sunrise

6pm: Cut-off time for Silver Lake rest stop.

11am: Overnight bag pick-up starts for Two- 2pm-10pm: Keno6am: Official scheduled Day riders in Beloit, sha Finish Party at start of RAW. (Time Riverside Park. Simmons Island Beach may change due to Park, finisher gifts, bag 3pm: Cut-off time for weather conditions pick-up for One-Day One-Day riders passing and will be announced riders. Beloit. Friday night.)

SUNDAY, AUGUST 2 7 TH 6:16am: Sunrise


Sunset in Kenosha on Saturday is 7:35 pm. Last year we asked a few riders to get into the sag vehicle at 8:30 pm as they were still more than 2 hours from the finish in Kenosha. They all agreed to do so. We won’t force anyone to get in the sag but will not keep ride support on the road after 9pm. Any riders refusing a lift to the finish will be riding on their own.


Rest stops are either Basic or Full. Basic stops include mechanical support, portable 20

(2600 Milwaukee Road, Beloit)

8:00am: Two-Day Ride group start at Fruzen 11am-4pm: KenoIntermediate School sha Finish Party at

restrooms, and nutrition consisting of bars, gels, electrolyte drinks, water, fruit and small snacks. The Full rest stops in Monroe and Beloit will also have a catered lunch. We will also have vegetarian and gluten-free options available at both lunch stops. The lunch stop in Monroe will include local food hosted by Emmi Roth Cheese, who make their World Champion Roth Grand Cru Surchoix cheese less than a mile from the Monroe lunch stop. Of course you will get to try some of their cheese!

Simmons Island Beach Park, finisher gifts, bag pick-up for Two-Day riders.

In Beloit, riders will feast on farm to table goodness prepared by chef Peter Sandroni, of La Marenda and Engine Company 3 restaurants in Milwaukee’s food-crazy Walker’s Point neighborhood. This year, Sandroni, an avid cyclist himself, is preparing a new menu including chicken pistou wraps, quinoa and potato salads, as well as an incredible vegan minestrone soup. Check out for more details on the food as we get closer to the ride in August.


In Beloit, dinner is on your own for Two-Day riders. We will be providing a list of nearby restaurants within walking distance of the host hotels. In Kenosha, we are adding more options for the finish party. Derango’s, the Pizza King of Kenosha, will once again be serving their delicious pizza, Philly beef sandwiches, Italian sausage bombers, soft pretzels, soda and water. We will be adding other vendors to lessen some of the lines that we had last year, so stay tuned! And of course, Public Craft Brewery will be on hand to serve their local craft beers.


The following list of rest stops can also be found on the map. Please note that we are making a few enhancements to last year’s route. Check out for updates.

SATURDAY: New Diggings (25mi) basic, staffed 7:00am9:30am. Holland Farm (42mi) basic, staffed 7:30am-10:30am. Monroe (66mi) full, staffed 9:00am-12:30pm. Avon (89mi), basic, staffed 9:30am-1:00pm. Beloit (104mi) full, staffed 11:00am-3:00pm. Walworth (129mi) basic, staffed 11:30am-5:00pm. Silver Lake (155mi) basic, staffed 12:30pm-7:00pm. Kenosha Finish (175mi) full, staffed 2:00pm-10:00pm.


Yes, we are closing registration at 1,200. Last year nearly 900 riders registered, up from 480 the first year. We anticipate continued growth, but want to make sure we don’t grow too fast so we can put on another fun, safe ride.


Remember, this is not a race. Timing chips will be used for accountability’s sake. We will not be posting finish times. If you want to know how long it takes you, look at your watch, phone, bike computer, etc.

WILL THE ROADS BE HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE ME CLOSED TO MOTOR VEHICLE TO FINISH? TRAFFIC? How fast can you ride 175 miles? If you have no idea, you might want to register for the two-day option. Last year the fastest group finished a little over 8 hours and the last rider crossed the line in about 14 hours. If you are worried about finishing in one day, just do the two-day option.


No, this is a long, hard ride, but not a race. Bragging rights are that you finished. Expect to ride at a brisk, but conversational pace’ everyone must follow all the rules of the road at all times.

No, riders must follow all rules of the road. We expect all riders to be good “roll models” and ambassadors for cycling.


Sure, but we do not have a discounted rate for “Half RAW”. We don’t have transportation options to or from Beloit either, but you can arrange that on your own if you want. If you think you might need to stop in Beloit, you should probably pay for the extra bag drop so you have overnight essentials.

SUNDAY: Walworth (25mi) basic, staffed 9:00am11:00am, Silver Lake (51mi) basic, staffed 10:00am-12:30pm. Kenosha Finish (75mi) full, staffed 11:00am-4:00pm. Rest stop staffing times are based on riders averaging between 12-20 mph+, including rest stops. Ideally riders should be able to average 15 mph, including stops. That is pretty doable if riding in a group. Anyone not able to average 12 mph will be sagged or told they are riding without support.




support, food and beverages you will find on any organized ride of this size and distance. We feel our ride is a good value compared to similar rides in Wisconsin and across the country.

CAN I LEAVE EARLY TO GET A IF I CHOOSE THE TWO-DAY HEAD START? OPTION, WILL YOU TRANSWe prefer that you do not as we use a police escort to lead us across the HWY61/151 PORT MY BAGGAGE TO AND bridge out of Dubuque to cross the MississipFROM BELOIT? pi River. That bridge has rumble strips on the shoulder and we only have police leading us over that for the official start.

Yes, baggage transport to and from Beloit is included with your registration fee.

WHAT IS SO SPECIAL ABOUT WHAT SHOULD I BRING? Bring your bike and gear of course, casual RAW? wear for the Friday night talk and your jersey/ The goal of RAW is to put on a high quality, unique “coast-to-coast” ride across the state of Wisconsin. We offer some of the best ride 22

shorts/riding apparel for your one or two-day ride. Everything you bring should fit into a backpack you can ride with if you are not

staying at one of the downtown Dubuque host hotels. The other hotels in Dubuque are one-half to five miles away from the start and there are a limited number of taxis. You will probably need to ride with your stuff from the start area or the talk and back unless you are lucky enough to catch a cab. You will also need to ride to the start on Saturday morning. Make sure you bring any sport nutritional products that you want to start the ride with. We will have a limited amount of product available at the start on both Saturday and Sunday.


This extra service is for One-Day riders. Some people like to change jersey and shorts halfway or want some special nutrition on the ride, so for an extra fee, we will bring your “special needs” bag to Beloit and have it wait-

ing for you at the rest stop. Again, this needs to be a small bag.

Group Name: Ride Across Wisconsin Special Rate: $99


Hotel Julien 200 Main Street, Dubuque, IA 52001 (800) 798-7098 or (563) 556-4200

DUBUQUE HOTELS Room blocks set up in 3 hotels, with special pricing for Friday, August 25th, 2017. Pricing based on double occupancy, extra fees may apply. Call the hotel directly, using the group name, to make reservations: Holiday Inn Dubuque 450 Main Street, Dubuque, IA 52001 (563) 556-2000 Group Name: Ride Across Wisconsin Special Rate: $104 Grand Harbor Resort 350 Bell Street, Dubuque, IA 52001 (866) 690-4006

Group Name: Ride Across Wisconsin Special Rate: $170

Dubuque Camping

You can camp outside very close to the start downtown at Miller Riverview Park and Campground (1851 Admiral Sheehy Drive) which has 97 sites with electric.

may apply.Details to be posted shortly on hotels and rates.

Kenosha Hotels and Attractions

Don’t want to drive home after your ride and have a few beers at the finish party in Kenosha? Want to stick around and have some fun in Kenosha on Sunday? No problem, there are hotels in the area to stay at or you can camp right at Simmons Island Park by the beach! You can find plenty of things to do and places to stay in Kenosha at

Beloit Hotels

Room blocks are being set up in several hotels along Milwaukee Road, blocks from the start of the ride on Sunday, with special pricing for Saturday, August 26th, 2017. Pricing based on double occupancy, extra fees

you’ve read about raw, now it’s time to get your spot.

July 1st – August 14th, 2017:

ONE-DAY $225 (Bike Fed Members), $260 (NonMembers)

TWO-DAY $300 (Bike Fed Members), $335 (NonMembers) Through june 30th, 2017:

ONE-DAY $200 (Bike Fed Members), $235 (NonMembers)

TWO-DAY $275 (Bike Fed Members), $310 (NonMembers)

You got this. 175-miles across the best state ever is coming up this August. Sign up to ride, right now, before prices go up. See the route, get registered, and stay up-to-date online at




Phil Van Valkenberg leads a Steel is Real ride (top). Chris Kegel in his Hales Corners store (bottom left, photo by Mike Sears/ Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel). Otto Wenz back in his early racing days (bottom right).





hen Otto Wenz passed last year, we published a memorial story on our blog and in our magazine detailing all he had done for cycling, but it just didn’t feel like we did enough. It felt like we should have a more permanent way of recognizing Otto for everything he did to make Wisconsin bike racing world class. Then when Chris Kegel was diagnosed with stage-four cancer last summer, we started discussing a hall of fame or museum as a way to formally honor Chris, Otto and the many other bicycling luminaries whose selfless and tireless efforts have helped make Wisconsin cycling so special. With that, we are proud to announce the Wisconsin Bicycling Hall of Fame, a new program managed by the Bike Fed. Initially the Hall of Fame will be housed in the Pedal Milwaukee building, home to our Milwaukee of-



fice and community bike shop, Velobahn Coffee, and Team Sports. The location will also include a small Wisconsin Bicycling Hall of Fame museum, with plaques and memorabilia for each inductee and historically significant vintage bicycles on display. The inductees will also be recognized on the Hall of Fame website at Each year, inductees will be chosen for their leadership in one of three categories: advocacy, industry or sport, and for their significant contributions to competitive, recreational or utilitarian cycling. The Bike Fed will host an

NOMINATION & SELECTION PROCEDURES INDUCTEES ARE SELECTED FROM ONE OF THREE CATEGORIES: Advocacy: Individuals whose efforts have resulted in significant improvements in bicycle infrastructure or safety education or whose efforts have encouraged more people to ride. Industry: Business owners and members of the state bicycle industry who have contributed to the growth of the industry, advancement of cycling technology and/ or supported advocacy, sport and charity. Sport: Those who have advanced the sport through contributions in the areas of equipment, coaching, and overall promotion of the competitive sport. AUTHORITY TO NOMINATE: Anyone can nominate a candidate, but they must provide supporting documentation of the nominee’s 26

accomplishments in order for the nominee to be considered for placement on the ballot. Please be as complete as possible and document major accomplishments. A list of what are considered a nominee’s top 10 accomplishments is a good start. Submitted documents will not be returned and are retained as part of the Hall of Fame’s archives. Please submit copies of materials you wish to keep. → The nominees will then be reviewed and chosen by the Inductee Selection Committee, made up of representatives from our state bicycle industry, the racing community and local advocates. → Nominees not chosen will be held and may be inducted in future years. → Members of the selection committee may also nominate individuals. NOMINATING PROCESS: Complete submissions must be received by January 30th for consideration for the year submitted. → The Inductee Selection

annual Hall of Fame Gala each spring for the new inductees and to help raise funds to support the Hall of Fame program and Wisconsin cycling. Each inductee will be recognized with a photo relief plaque that will be on display in the museum, along with some photographs and memorabilia. The mission of the Wisconsin Bicycling Hall of Fame is to honor those who have made significant contributions to bicycling in our state, document their ac-

Committee may ask for more detailed documents and information for a submission, which may delay consideration until the following year’s ballot. → The Inductee Selection Committee will attempt to chose an inductee from each of the three categories each year, but that is not a requirement. There may be years when some individuals from one or two categories are selected, or years when more than one person from a single category is selected. → The inductees will be announced the first Monday in April, with a formal induction ceremony and gala later in the Spring.. Individual tickets can be purchased in advance online from the Wisconsin Bike Fed. Sponsorships and corporate table purchases will also be available for the event. To nominate a candidate, visit WisconsinBicyclingHall. com/Nominate

complishments for posterity, and inspire future generations to build on the work of those who came before them. Our first Wisconsin Bicycling Hall of Fame Gala will be Friday, May 5th, and our inductees will be Otto Wenz (Sport), Chris Kegel (Industry) and Phil Van Valkenberg (Advocacy). It will be held at the Italian Community Center and will be catered by Bartolotta Catering Company. Later this summer we will have a grand opening for the physical location of the Hall of Fame and museum after the construction is completed for Velobahn Coffee Shop and our new first floor offices and community bike shop in the Pedal Milwaukee building, just off the Hank Aaron State Trail in the Silver City neighborhood on Milwaukee’s near south side.

A fundraiser for

Join us for this historic event! Friday, May 5th Italian Community Center 631 E. Chicago Street • Milwaukee 6:00 pm reception 7:30pm Dinner & Program Catered by Bartolotta’s For more details go to Inaugural inductees are: Otto Wenz (Sport), Chris Kegel (Industry) and Phil Van Valkenberg (Advocacy). WISCONSINBIKEFED.ORG





April 30



Celebrate our 50th Anniversary by riding with us on Sunday, June 4 in one of the nation’s largest recreational bike rides.

Learn more and register:

Ride and raise pledges to benefit 15 outstanding performing arts groups in Southeastern Wisconsin.

With five routes for all types of riders, including the return of the 5 mile Youth Route, it’s fun for everyone!

414-276-RIDE (7433)

© 2017 United Performing Arts Fund, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. All rights reserved. 28


A regional collaborative begins laying out a vision for Southeast Wisconsin BY LIZ THORSTENSEN, VICE PRESIDENT OF TRAIL DEVELOPMENT, RAILS-TO-TRAILS CONSERVANCY

BADGER FOOTPRINT Several years ago, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) took on a project to understand how easily people could access trails in their community by analyzing their geographic proximity to trails. What the team uncovered in Southeast Wisconsin got their attention. When the trail data was plotted, two metropolitan areas—Milwaukee-Waukesha-West Allis, and Racine—stood out. Ninety percent of the population living in both areas were within 3 miles of a trail, and 340 miles of trails crisscrossed the region, circumstances unique in the state and nationwide. By looking at the map, it appeared that making strategic investments in trail development could have enormous impacts for trail connectivity across the region. In 2014, RTC—in partnership with the Wisconsin Bike Fed—took

this vision and gave it life, announcing the launch of an ambitious project nicknamed the Route of the Badger. Plans for the Route of the Badger promise a future world-class, 500-mile-plus regional trail system to connect people across neighborhoods and towns in seven counties in southeast Wisconsin: Kenosha, Racine, Walworth, Waukesha, Milwaukee, Washington and Ozaukee. When complete, the trail network will stretch west from Milwaukee to Madison; possibly as far north as Minneapolis, Minnesota; and south from Sheboygan to Kenosha, which will provide for an easy connection into the Chicago metropolitan region. Well-known rail-trails like the Hank Aaron State Trail and the Oak Leaf Trail will make up the trail network’s spine, with connections in the north, south, east and west that span far beyond the current footprint. The project offers a vision of healthy, thriving communities in Southeast Wisconsin— made possible by endless transformational opportunities for physical activity, tourism, connections to nature, recreation and stronger businesses along its route. “The potential benefits that could be generated from just small changes to the region’s WISCONSINBIKEFED.ORG















Burlingto K




Maecenas sed diam eget risus varius blandit sit amet non magna. Cras justo odio, dapibus ac facilisis in, egestas eget quam. Vestibulum id ligula porta felis euismod semper. Integer posuere erat a ante venenatis dapibus posuere velit aliquet. Maecenas faucibus mollis interdum. Vestibulum id ligula porta felis euismod semper.



trails—in a state that has led the country’s biking movement for decades—were clear,” said Eric Oberg, Director for RTC’s Midwest Regional Office. “It was the perfect opportunity to take trail building to the next level.” Read more about the history of the Route of the Badger in the May 2016 issue.



ROUTE OF THE BADGER Open Multi-Use Trail Unused RR Corridor (FRA) Active Rail Lines (FRA)



Park Preserve



Project Footprint 0












With the understanding that it takes the leadership and support of a wide coalition of regional partners from a variety of sectors for a trail project of this scale to be successful, RTC and the Bike Fed began inviting a variety of other local trail, transportation and civic organizations to join efforts to make the Route of the Badger a reality. On September 14, 2016, a more formal coalition started to take shape with the unveiling of the project to 100 potential partners at the Johnson Foundation at Wingspread in Racine. The event included presentations by RTC President Keith Laughlin, Bike Fed Executive Director Dave Cieslewicz, Racine County Executive Jonathan Delagrave and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Hank Aaron State Trail Manager Melissa Cook, who spoke about the project vision and the impact that trails and cycling are already having in Southeast Wisconsin. Building on the momentum of the Wingspread gathering, an official kick-off meeting for the formal project partner network took place in Milwaukee on November 30, 2016. More than 60 people gathered at Century City Tower for the event. The group discussed how a partner network could help move their own projects and goals forward, explored options for structuring the emerging network and began to form an action plan to bring the Route of the Badger to fruition.


Kenosha @RailstoTrails

A plan as bold as the Route of the Badger will take dedication, work and time from many people and organizations, but the promise for all citizens and visitors in Southeast Wisconsin makes the investment well worth the effort. RTC and the Bike Fed welcome interested parties to join us in the effort to make this vision a reality. Visit to learn more, download project materials and sign up for updates about the project and related opportunities. WISCONSINBIKEFED.ORG




Delafield was made for two-wheel travel. Pump those tires and journey out to discover dining, shopping and scenic natural beauty.

IT’S IN OUR NATURE (888) 294 - 1082 // 32







y all accounts, the 2016 Santa Cycle Rampage ride in Milwaukee was the biggest and most impactful ever. It has definitely matured from the early days when it was just a crazy winter pub crawl with a handful of mischievous Santas riding through Koppa’s Fulbeli Deli Grocery Store. With the advent of the Police-led “official

route” down North Avenue, the Rampage is now a family-friendly ride, with more than a thousand participants. Original Santas need not worry though, there are still plenty of shenanigans after the Bike Fed’s official ride ends at Lakefront Brewery. About 450 people registered for the Bike Fed’s “official” ride from Cranky Al’s Bakery to Lakefront Brewery, but police estimated 1,200 on the ride. There are so many people who have been participating in the Rampage for years before we had a registration or permits, WISCONSINBIKEFED.ORG


many of them just poach our ride. At one point, Milwaukee police leading the ride told me that the sea of red on North Avenue stretched from Sherman Boulevard to 60th Street, 17 city blocks! Perhaps more important than numbers though is the impact the sight of so many holiday merrymakers has on everyone who witnesses the ride. People in cars pull over and roll down their windows to cheer and take videos. People walking down the street stop in their tracks with huge grins waving. After the initial shock of seeing so many Santas on bicycles wears off, children gleefully grab the candy canes handed out by riders. Riding bikes, having fun and raising money for the Bike Fed are all good reasons to join us on our Santa Cycle Rampage, but at its core, the ultimate goal of the ride is to share a feeling of joy that we get riding bicycles. We hope this encourages more people to ride, and those who don’t, to smile every time they see someone else riding a bicycle. We honestly believe that bicycles are one of the simplest solutions to many of the complicated problems we face today. So it is purposeful that our ride begins in East Tosa, a Wauwatosa neighborhood that leveraged a bicycle and pedestrian redesign of North Avenue to create an incredibly vibrant and economically sucWith 17 solid blocks of Santa’s helpers to ride with, this is the only time you hear people honking at you and you know they are happy to see you on a bike (Opening Spread previous pages). Bring your pet dog, your deer or even your chicken, but you don’t want to miss this fun, inexpensive, family friendly ride (this page).

cessful neighborhood. We start our ride at Cranky Al’s and BelAir Cantina to support the businesses and neighborhood that have supported cycling. It is also no accident that the ride continues east on North Avenue, through some of the poorest neighborhoods in Milwaukee, where many people on our ride might be afraid to drive any other day. We hope that all the smiling adults and gleeful children we pass puts a human face on neighborhoods defined by statistics. Finally, it is by design that the ride ends in the Beerline District, in which the City of Milwaukee leveraged improved connections for bicycling and walking along Commerce Street to create a vibrant and economically healthy neighborhood. More proof in the power of “bicycle-oriented development.” Of course, the ride is also now a FUNdraiser for the Wisconsin Bike Fed to help us campaign for better bicycling facilities across the state and continue to teach thousands of kids and adults how to ride safely and legally. So thank you to everyone who joined us for the most successful Santa Cycle Rampage in the 16 years we’ve been doing this. 36









It was just starting to drizzle, and even on its tiptoes, the mercury couldn’t quite touch 40°F as Amelia Kegel and I climbed on the back of the Wheel & Sprocket truck to give instructions before the first official Spring Classic Ride in 2016. Damp and cold, I shivered a bit as I surveyed the diverse assembly of about 30 riders looking up at us with cheerful, curious faces. Looking at the team kits and fancy carbon race machines and the vintage rain coats and steel hybrids, all I could think of to say was “I organized this ride, and I have to be suppose the turnout should not have surprised me. We all here, so the rest of know Wisconsin is crazy for cycling, and most of us live by the adage that there is no such thing as bad weather, just you must just be inappropriate clothing. In fact, as the Spring Classics Series progressed, the crowds just kept getting bigger. We had more than 100 riders on some of the rides, and Roger De Vlaeminck could have crazy.” been our weatherman for all of them.


The idea for the Wisconsin Spring Classics Series was born a few years ago, when we held a couple of informal rides to Paris and Belgium. It was great to get in 40 to 80 early season miles with friends. To get a feel for what the 2016 Wisconsin Spring Classics Series rides will be like, you can read a blog post about our first Belgium adventure and our second informal Milwaukee-Par40

Yes, Wisconsin has a windmill collection and even several towns named Holland. The photo above and the opening spread are from the Holland to The Cut ride outside Onalaska. There will even be gravel on some rides, including the Ben’s Cycle to Rome ride (left).



“I ORGANIZED THIS RIDE, AND I HAVE TO BE HERE, SO THE REST OF YOU MUST JUST BE CRAZY.” After the rides, some of the organizers have a party. What more could you ask for after a long cold ride than a slow cooker full of hot brats and sauerkraut? (above) Oh, I guess something to wash it down with would be nice. Last year on the way back from Paris, we stopped to warm up and refuel at Public Craft Brewing in Kenosha. That landjaeger got me home! (upper left). The Mindoro Cut is a testimony to human grit, our Spring Classic Series is a bit more fun, but grit still helps.




is-Milwaukee ride online at Basically, these are all longish, self-supported, training rides. Depending on the particular route, there may be a stop for food along the way. These are rides, NOT races, but the pace will be fast/casual (15-20 mph). There will be a no-drop policy, but if you have never ridden more than 25 miles, you might want to train a bit before you attempt one of these. The rides will be free, but we ask that everyone be a Bike Fed member for insurance reasons. We won’t kick you off the ride if you are not a Bike Fed member, but with fun rides like this, why not join? There are a few new things this year, thanks to our presenting sponsor Lowland’s Restaurant Group. Not only

FP = M x 50/Ts + R + S + W-10 FP = Flanders Points M = Miles Ts = Temperature at start of ride

R = 40 bonus points for rain S = 60 bonus points for snow W = Sustained wind speed

RIDES Pull on your wool jersey and oil up your old lugged steel bike. Wanna ride a fixie? Cool! Fatbike? Bring it! Want to prove the benefits of modern technology to

We try to keep everyone together on these rides and stop for a fun group photo along the way, like this one from the Ben’s Cycle Ride to Rome (above). There is nothing stopping you from riding off the front if you want to, but you are gonna miss the photo op (and probably some bakery) if you do. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

do Lowlands Cafes have great food and an amazing Belgian bier selection, they are some of the coolest bicycle themed restaurants this side of Ghent. Lowlands is more than a bicycle-friendly business, they are bicycle crazy, so it was only natural that they wanted to support the Wisconcin Spring Classics. Thanks in part to our new presenting sponsor, Lowlands Restaurant Group, we have been able to add a fun Spring Classics Ride Series Passport. Bring your passport with you on all the Spring Classics and get a stamp to prove you completed the ride. There will be a quick raffle (put your passport in a bucket) after each ride. You can also keep track of your Flanders Points in the passport. We will give a special prize to the rider with the highest Flanders Points at the end of the series, and we will have a final raffle for some bigger prizes. There are now 11 rides in the series! You can do them all, a couple or just one. One of

ride to Town of Holland, a nice little dairy community in the Fox Valley, leaves from Wheel & Sprocket’s Appleton store. The route is a relatively short and flat, so we should have plenty of time to hang afterward at the shop. 41 miles. SUN, APRIL 9TH, 9.A.M.

BROKEN SPOKE TO LUXEMBURG Ride with George and the gang from Broken Spoke Bike Studio in Green Bay to Luxemburg, WI for a stop at Don’s Bakery for schnecks and a group photo. Ride back and hang with comrades for a bit to relive the ride. 58 miles SAT, APRIL 15TH, 10 A.M.

retro grouches like me?


Ride your full carbon

Leave from the recently remodeled Cafe Hollander in the Village of Wauwatosa, ride around the Milwaukee area to most of the other Grand Cafes and end with time for post ride biers at Cafe Bavaria, right back at the start! 50 miles.

Di2. SUN, MARCH 12TH, 9 A.M.


The ride that started them all! A rain or shine ride from Wheel & Sprocket in Hales Corners to Paris, WI, where we stop for a group photo. From Paris you can turn back or ride on to Kenosha for a refueling stop at Public Craft Brewing and then head back to Wheel. 76 miles. SUN, MARCH 19TH, 9 A.M.


Leave from Milwaukee’s Polish cycling epicenter and ride to Rome, WI for a group photo at the Rome Feed Mill and grab some bakery Pickets Country Store before we turn around. Vince and the guys at Milwaukee Bicycle Company may have the grill going when we get back. 86 miles. SUN, APRIL 2ND, 10 A.M.


This fun new Spring Classic



Get your Swiss on and join the crew from Rocket Bicycle Studio in Verona for a fun but hilly loop to Belleville, New Glarus and back to Verona. Bring your crampons because this route includes some serious climbing. 45 miles. SUN., APRIL 23RD, 1 P.M.


The Coulee Bicycle Company of Onalaska teams up with the Red Pines Bar and Grill in Brice Prairie to host a ride through the Town of Holland to the famed Mindoro Cut and back. After the ride, we can refuel at the Red Pines on Lake Onalaska in Brice

Prairie. 55 miles. SUN, APRIL 30TH, 11 A.M.


With a sweet Ellis Cycles bike named after it, we had to partner with this Northwoods classic to add some gravel to your spring. The ride starts and ends at Murphy Flowage, in Rusk County, WI. No entry fee. No swag. No official timing. Unlimited pain and suffering. 75 miles. SAT, MAY 6TH, 9 A.M.


The Door County Silent Sports Association’s tour of beautiful southern Door County. The ride starts in Sturgeon Bay at Otumba Park and takes you to Namur (home of the Belgian American Heritage Club) and Brussels, then to Vignes and Lasalle and back. 70 miles. SUN, MAY 7TH, 9 A.M.


Grab a Colectivo at Fyxation Bicycle before the ride to Belgium, WI, which was actually settled by Luxembourgers, and is home to the Luxembourg American Cultural Society and Museum. Back at the shop on Humboldt Blvd after the ride, we will have a little BBQ. 71 miles. SAT, MAY 12TH, 8 A.M.

ROCKET BICYCLE STUDIO BLACK AND BLUE RIDE This time the crew from Rocket Bicycle Studio in Verona put together a longer, but less punchy loop through Blue Mounds State Park and Black Earth with plenty of places to refuel along the way. There are a couple options to shortcut the route. 77 miles.



Integer posuere erat a ante venenatis dapibus posuere velit aliquet. Etiam porta sem malesuada magna mollis euismod.

SPRING CLASSICS RULES → These are rides, not races. → We ride no matter what mother nature dishes out. → Rides are no-drop, but you should be able to maintain a 15 mph average pace. Slower riders are welcome, but if you are having trouble keeping up early, it might be best to drop off and return back to the start while you still know the route. → I know Roger De Vlaeminck raced Paris Roubaix


in nothing but a cotton Brooklyn cycling cap, but our insurance requires all riders to wear a helmet. → Sign the pre-series waiver at → You must purchase a series passport to be eligible for raffle prizes. → Sign in before the start of each ride. → Have fun!

the new rides this year is the Tour de Lowlands, which will begin at Cafe Hollander on the river in the Village of Wauwatosa, ride around to most of the other Lowlands Grand Cafes, and finish back at the start in ‘Tosa at Cafe Bavaria, on the other side of the bridge from Cafe Hollander. These rides will take place regardless of the weather, and some routes include unpaved trails. Before you get flustered about your cluster, try not to be worried about dirt and grime. Get in a Spring Classics frame of mind like Bob Roll in Graham Watson’s iconic image from the Paris Roubaix. On these rides, the preferred line might just be through the muddy ditch at the side of the road! You can even buy the cool new Spring Classics “Cow of Wisconsin” kits if you can’t make any of the rides. The goal is to get together for fun, put on some base miles, and see a little bit of Old World Wisconsin.

EAT, RIDE, POLKA If you haven’t tried the Polish Moon Ride yet, this year is the year to do it.






he easy, slow roll through the real “Streets of Old Milwaukee” honors the area’s Polish and German history while it celebrates the present-day Latino culture. Be sure to bring the whole family for this ride. The pace and distance are slow enough for all ages and abilities, and the police keep everyone safe. Kids of all ages love the feeling of riding around on these historic streets of old Milwaukee as the sun sets! Come hungry, because the Polish Moon Ride begins at 5 with delicious Polish and Mexican food. The talented grill masters from Ben’s Cycle and Milwaukee Bicycle Company will man the barbeque pit, featuring Klements Polish sausage and bratwurst. Chef Tyler and our hosts at Way-


ward Kitchen will be serving amazing tacos and czarnina, made from an old family recipe. Of course we will have a couple flavors of Purple Door ice cream as well as chocolate milk and more ice cream from our friends at Kemps! While you eat, MX Rudigo Norteño, one of Milwaukee’s hottest norteña bands,will get you warmed up for the ride. The police-led ride starts at 7 with accordion players cranking out polka on the back of cargo bikes along the entire 8-mile, family-friendly ride. Be prepared to be amazed, as the crowd of people on bikes last year stretched 10 city blocks! This is a SLOW ride, so no need for spandex! There will also be lots of short stops along the route as the police hold us at intersections. We will have ride support in case you have a flat or mechanical. As soon as you get back to the start at Wayward Kitchen, the Polish Moon Polka Trio kicks off the after-party with their special Milwaukee style of Polka, so bring shoes you can dance in. Still hungry? No problem, as there will be more great local food, craft beer and ice cream while it lasts. The Polish Moon Ride was the Bike Fed’s first major foray into producing our own fundraising ride. For years, we helped out at hundreds of fundraising rides and races for bike clubs and charities around the state. In order for our new ride to be successful and not compete with from the hundreds of other great rides around the state, we knew we had to create something unique. Our first brainstorm was a night ride. Then someone sug-

gested a full moon ride. And while planning a ride for a typical full moon can tricky because of possible clouds, or if the moon rises on a weeknight, in Milwaukee, the Polish Moon is always full. To those not familiar with Milwaukee south side lore, the Rockwell Automation Clock Tower has been affectionately referred to as the Polish Moon since it was constructed in 1962 by the-then Allen Bradley Corporation. It got it’s name because the light from the four giant clock faces shines on the surrounding neighborhood, which was then largely populated by Polish immigrants. In his book about the Bradley’s, Milwaukee historian John Gurda revealed that company president Harry Bradley wanted to build the largest four-faced clock in the world (which it was at the time) and “…the village clock for Allen-Bradley’s home neighborhood.”1 Architect Fitzhugh Scott, Jr., who designed its look, said, “Harry wanted a clock that Allen-Bradley’s workers could read from their houses.”2 These days, more people on Milwaukee’s near southside speak Spanish than Polish, and the neighborhood has become a destination for foodies. It seems like whenever I ride my bike through the Walker’s Point or Fifth Ward neighborhoods, I discover a hip new bar, coffee shop, restaurant, craft brewery or distillery. There is even an urban cheese factory! If all that wasn’t enough, it seemed perfect that both Mexican and Polish cultures embrace Polka music. With all that positive synergy, we decided that our ride would start under the Polish Moon. The event begins with great food offerings from local vendors: tasty tacos, fresh grilled Klements polish sausage, and even Purple Door Ice Cream, delivered from their creamery down the street. Everyone who registers gets two tokens good for two free food items, but you can buy more if you are still hungry. Food will be served from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., so you can grab some dinner and take in some great live music before the ride.

Our ride typically starts with a rousing version of the Star Spangled Banner played by our accordion masters. The ride finishes in the dark, so make sure your bike has a light. This is not a pub crawl, so we don’t get to stop at the Holler House (home to the nation’s oldest bowling alley), but you can waive to owner Marcy Skowranski and we roll by.



The ride begins at 7 p.m., with live polka music played the entire route courtesy of our accordion players riding on the backs of cargo bikes! The ride is very slow-paced, easy even for young children. Milwaukee motorcycle police lead the ride and bring up the back. They do an amazing job keeping everyone safely together by blocking traffic as the rolling polka party snakes through the old historic streets. The ride stops at some major intersections for cross traffic and to let the “accordion” of people compress and mass up. This also gives the accordion players an opportunity to stand up and stretch a bit! It takes the group about one and a half to two hours to complete the eight-mile route and return to the start location at Wayward Kitchen, where the Polish Moon Polka Trio will take the stage to get the Polka dancing started. There will also be more food, great local beer and even Żywiec, from a brewery founded in 1856, in Żywiec, Poland. This unique night ride starts and ends early enough that parents can bring even younger children. The kids all really seem to get a kick out of riding at night through an urban area. Neighbors come out to cheer and take


videos of the rolling polka party as we go by their homes and businesses. You can find out more details about the ride and register early at our Polish Moon Ride page at our website: You can also follow our Polish Moon Facebook page to stay updated on the event and the Polish Moon “training rides,” outings to visit sponsors like the Purple Door Ice Cream Shop, the Wednesday night Polka Jam at Kochanski’s Concertina Beer Hall, and the historic Holler House (the nation’s oldest two-lane bowling alley) and for a chance to win prizes by answering fun trivia questions about Milwaukee’s south side.

THE DEETS WHEN: Friday, July 21st, 2017. WHAT: Eat 5-7 p.m. Ride 7-9 p.m. Polka 9pm-11 p.m. WHERE: Wayward Kitchen, 1407 S 1st St, Milwaukee. Located in Milwaukee’s hip Walker’s Point Neighborhood, right below the historic Rockwell Clock Tower (AKA the Polish Moon). 48


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Waking up to Northwoods mornings like this is what this trip is all about.





he Bike Fed and our pals at Fyxation Bicycle Co. created the Tour de Chequamegon as a way to introduce people to bikepacking and promote the amazing gravel roads and mountain bike trails in Wisconsin’s Northwoods. To help people get started bikepacking, we supply the food, do all the cooking and provide ride support in case you have a mechanical. All you to do is bring your bike, haul all your clothing and camping gear and enjoy the ride! You can even rent a sweet Fyxation carbon gravel bike or the cool Quiver Disc. This 110-mile route is about 90% gravel roads, most of which are well maintained and fairly hard-packed. The first day features some punchy hills, many of which have exposed baby-head rocks. The next two days the hills are more rolling with softer gravel. To give riders a taste of the other riding options in the area, we included 3 1/2 miles of rough, loose ATV trail, a similar length of easy CAMBA single track and the last 12 miles are on low-traffic, rolling, freshly-paved town roads. Think of the ATV trail and single track as the amuse-bouche, gravel as the main course, and the pavement as dessert. We had 20 people on our inaugural Tour de Chequamegon Bikepacking Weekend last October and it was a big success. Everyone had such a great time, that this year we are opening the event to 40 people. We are sure you will love the varied route and really enjoy just rolling into camp, setting up your tent and grab-

Our small crew from our inaugural Tour de Chequamegon last year after our Friday pre-trip breakfast at the Brick House Cafe in Cable. Chef Heather Ludzack from the Brick House caters our meals on the trip too.




THE ROUTE This route is a great urban escape that allows you quick access to wilderness, while the nearby towns of Hayward and Cable make it easy to stock up on anything you forgot to bring along.


106.7 MILES



6.5% 88% PAVED




3,755 FT T O TA L A S C E N T


For maps and gpx files visit


bing a beer while we prepare dinner, catered by The Brick House Cafe. In the morning, riders just pack up their camps while we prepare breakfast and coffee. The crew from Fyxation set up lunch at a pre-planned spot around noon. After everyone gets back to Cable on Sunday, the Rivers Eatery, famous in the Northwoods for their wood-fired pizza and thoughtful selection of craft beer, hosts us with a party. The owners of the Eatery and other area businesses we worked with loved how the event gave the local economy a little boost between the mountain bike and ski seasons, but they told us it would be better if the event brought in 400 people instead of 40. Unfortunately our bikepacking trip just can’t grow that big, because it is limited by the number of sites at the small (but wonderful) campgrounds in the forest. I was discussing this with Ben Popp, Executive Director of the American Birkebeiner Foundation, and he told me they were thinking of adding a fall gravel race for the same reason. He thought a fall gravel race had the potential to grow quickly, like the Fat Bike Birkie did, and bring 1,200 racers plus their friends and family. That would be a big boost to the local businesses in the shoulder season. When I told Ben we were thinking about adding

We tried to give you a taste of the best the Northwoods has to offer on this trip, from delicious food, to rolling gravel roads, freshly paved town roads. Show up Thursday night and have dinner with us at the Sawmill where you can get pull-tabs for free beer! All you have to do is bring your bike, camping stuff and clothes. We do the rest.



How about those stars? Get out of the city and join us in paradise.


a gravel race on the Sunday of our bikepacking weekend, he encouraged us to go for it and offered the help of the Birke event staff. That was all we needed to hear to start organizing. Our plan is to run a Gravel Gran Fondo on Sunday, October 15th, the same day our bikepackers get back to Cable. After the race and the bikepacking trip, the Rivers Eatery will host a party and award ceremony. In addition to hosting parties for just about every major bike and ski event in the area, owner Mick Endersbe volunteers to groom the fat bike trails just down the road! We still have some details to work out for the race, but because the Borah Epic, the Fat Bike Birkie and the legendary Chequamegon 40 set the bar very high, you can hold us to the same standards. The race will be run on the same 102-mile route as our bikepacking trip. There will also be a 75-mile option and a 35-mile short course. The 100- and 75-mile races will have a gran fondo format, with three to four timed segments. The 35-mile course will be timed like a typical race, from start to finish.

HIGHLIGHTS → Well maintained gravel roads with many options to lengthen or shorten your route. → Hundreds of miles of CAMBA single-track for those who want to mountain bike instead or hit the trails after you make camp. → The area is a year-round active sports destination, with decades of tradition so the area businesses cater to people who like those activities. → Small towns with all the amenities you are looking for, from great bike shops to craft beer and good food and coffee. TRAIL NOTES → New Moon Ski and Bike and Riverbrook Bike and Ski in Hayward are both great shops. → Angry Minnow Brew Pub, 10440 Florida Avenue, in Hayward, sells samplers and fills growlers. I’m partial to Charlie’s Rye IPA.

MUST STOP → Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame and the Moccasin Bar in Hayward. Gary Fisher loves them, you will too.

→ The Rivers Eatery woodfired pizza in Cable is off-the hook good and has veggie and gluten-free options. I suggest the red cabbage sauerkraut and pulled pork. The owners are big support-

→ Lynn’s Custom Meats and Catering, 15695 N Old Hwy 63, also in Hayward, is a great place to stock up on smoked sausage, jerky and preserved foods and also features prepared sandwiches. MUST KNOW Maps: The forest service has maps of the ranger districts with all the forest and unimproved roads. CAMBA maps of the area also include the mountain bike trails and some rideable ATV/snowmobile trails. → You will likely not have cell phone service outside Cable or Hayward, so download RideWithGPS or other digital maps to your phone or GPS device before you leave. Best time to go: October, when the fall colors are in full effect Best time to go if you want to swim: July-August, but black flies and mosquitoes are in abundance during the summer months so bring

ers of cycling and skiing, so the walls are covered in bib numbers and jerseys from famous pro-athletes who have been there. It is in the back of the Ideal Market, 43455 Kavanaugh Road. The

DEET (can you hear the black flies laughing?). → Thanksgiving is also a good time to go, but the Wisconsin’s nine-day rifle season for deer hunting begins the Saturday before, so avoid that or wear blaze orange when you ride. → If you want to come up the day before and spend the night at the Lenroot Lodge in Seeley, check in at the Sawmill Saloon next door. → You can jump on this route directly from the lodge and leave your car there, or do what we did and have huge, delicious breakfast at the Brickhouse Cafe in Cable, six miles north, and leave your car in the gravel municipal parking lot behind the cafe. Heather from Brickhouse can also prepare food to go, wrapped in foil for you to pack on your trip. For more info, maps, gpx files, and to register, visit

Ideal Market also houses a small bookstore featuring many local authors and sells great coffee, sandwiches, and organic foods.




begins to freeze.

→ Moose Lake Campground and East Twin Lake Campground are on the small side and can fill up, so make reservations. 1-877-444-6777 or online.

→ Campsites close and are no longer maintained after November

→ There are 47 campsites in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest if you want to make for a longer trip and expand our suggested route. → Most reservations can be made online between May 1st and September 31st. You can’t make reservations after September, but the sites typically don’t fill up in October or November. → If you go in November, check with the ranger district to see if the wells and toilets are still open. They shut them down after it


→ The campsites have wells and pit toilets--some have cabins. The two we stayed at did not have camp hosts or sell firewood. You can probably scavenge for wood in the forest just outside the campground. → Wisconsin has a state rule that you can’t be turned away from a campsite if you arrive on foot or on a bike, but these are national forests, and the park rangers that I spoke with did not know about it. → Just opened is Roam Adventure Basecamp, right near the popular CAMBA Seeley trailhead. They cater to

skiers and cyclists, with 30 campsites, winterized cabins, heated showers, a wood-fired sauna and even a bikewash. FOOD/H2O → Rondeau’s Shopping Center in Cable has a full grocery store on one side and a hardware and sporting goods store on the other. → The Ideal Market in Cable has organic foods, great coffee, a cool bookstore featuring many Wisconsin authors.

Placement in the 100- and 75-mile fondos will be determined by adding your splits for the timed segments together to give you an overall/cumulative time. Your overall/cumulative time is compared to others to determine your overall placement and by sex and age group. We encourage you to join us for either the race or the bikepacking trip and and experience some of the tastiest gravel riding anywhere. The 1.5 million acre Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest is most famous as the home of the American Birkebeiner, the Fat Bike Birkie, the Fat Tire 40, the IMBA Epic-rated Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association trail network and of course the world’s largest musky at the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame. What is less known is that the virtually car-free forest roads through the rolling, unglaciated area, combined with 47 well-maintained campgrounds scattered around the forest make for a great bikepacking destination. You can find more information, a detailed schedule and see the routes in detail at Register soon if you want to join us for the Tour de Chequamegon Bikepacking Trip, as spots are limited and will fill up quickly. Registration for the gravel races will be capped at 400 the first year, but we have discounted the fees for those who sign up early.


BICYCLING EVENTS March Mar. 4, Rip, Zip & Sip, Northwoods Zip Line, Minocqua, WI, Special Event, A 2-hour lap race on the mountain bike trails which may be completed solo or with a team. The Zip are dual races on the zip line. Join us for the Sip after-party under the LAMBO Big Top tent. The party will include food, raffles, live music and beer!,, (715) 891-1200

PR EMI E R DUATHLON Watertown Share The Road

DUATHLON & 5K RUN/WALK A P R I L 2 3 RD, 2 0 1 7

Mar. 7, Weekly, MKE Tuesday Night Ride , Milwaukee Public Market, Milwaukee, WI, Fun Ride, A social bike ride for everyone that occurs every week and is never cancelled! Helmets encouraged, lights required. Slow pace rides range from 6-15 miles. We stop for provisions each ride, at Bicycle Benefits locations,, (414) 651-6341 Mar. 10 - Mar. 12, 45NRTH Fat Bike Birkie, American Birkebeiner Trailhead, Cable, WI, Off-Road Race, The premier on snow bike event in North America. Riders test their skill and endurance on the professionally groomed American Birkebeiner Ski Trail!,, (715) 634-5025 Mar. 12, Wisconsin Spring Classic #1 Wheel & Sprocket to Paris, Wheel & Sprocket Hales Corners, Hales Corners, WI, Fun Ride, A rain or shine ride from Wheel & Sprocket in Hales Corners to Paris, WI, where we stop for a group photo. From Paris you can turn back or ride on to Kenosha for a refueling stop at Public Craft Brewing and then head back to Wheel. 76 miles, http://, (414) 259-0369 Mar. 12 - Mar. 26, Weekly, Kenosha Velosport Spring Training Races, Kenosha Business Park, Kenosha, WI, Road Race, Are you ready to put your winter training to the test? Come out the last three Sundays in March (3/12, 3/19 & 3/26) to race. We have age group and category racing. ,, (262) 237-3131



Mar. 19, Wisconsin Spring Classic #2 Ben's Cycle to Rome, Ben's Cycle, Milwaukee, WI, Fun Ride, Leave from Milwaukee's Polish cycling epicenter and ride to Rome, WI for a group photo at the Rome Feed Mill and grab some bakery Pickets Country Store before we turn around. Vince and the guys at Milwaukee Bicycle Company may have the grill going when we get back. 86 miles, http://, (414) 384-2236 Mar. 19, St. Patrick's Day Ride by Wheeling Wheelmen, Wauconda High School, Wauconda, IL, Fun Ride, Routes of 16, 20, and 36 miles that wind through beautiful Northeast Illinois over quiet secondary roads with SAG support, http://

April Apr. 1 - Nov. 25, Weekly, Saturday Morning Coffee Ride, Kenosha Lake Shore, Kenosha, WI, Fun Ride, Begins at the Common Grounds Coffee shop, Kenosha at 8am every Saturday and goes 13 miles along the lakeshore to It's All Good Coffee Shop, Zion, IL. After a stop for snacks we return to Kenosha. Easy, fun pace for novices and skilled riders, (262) 652-2522 Apr. 2, Wisconsin Spring Classic #3 Wheel & Sprocket to Holland, Wheel & Sprocket, Appleton, WI, Fun Ride, This fun new Spring Classic ride to the Town of Holland, a nice little dairy community in the Fox Valley, leaves from Wheel & Sprocket's Appleton store. The route is a relatively short and flat, so we should have plenty of time to hang afterward at the shop. 41 miles, http://



59, (920) 997-9300 Apr. 7 - Apr. 9, Wheel & Sprocket Bike Expo Sale, Wisconsin State Fair Park, Milwaukee, WI, Special Event, The Largest Bike Sale in the Country! Everything is on sale including over 2,000 brand new bikes and 1000s of Accessories! We have something for every kind of cyclist and back it up with our 30-Day Test Ride Guarantee. Meet the experts!,, (414) 529-6600




rns a B e h t 9 Ride to





1 2017




Apr. 8, Opening Day for Trails, Nationwide, Nationwide, WI, Special Event, Railsto-Trails Conservancy’s fifth-annual Opening Day for Trails! People across the nation will kick off the spring trail season by hitting their favorite trails for a walk, run, ride or special event. We hope you will join us on the trail! , http://www., (202) 331-9696 Apr. 9, Wisconsin Spring Classic #4 Broken Spoke to Luxemburg, Broken Spoke Bike Studio, Green Bay, WI, Fun Ride, Ride with George and the gang from Broken Spoke Bike Studio in Green Bay to Luxemburg, WI for a stop at Don's Bakery for schnecks and a group photo. Ride back and hang with comrades for a bit to relive the ride. 58 miles,, (920) 634-2040 Apr. 15, Wisconsin Spring Classic #5 Tour de Lowlands, Cafe Hollander Tosa, Wauwatosa, WI, Fun Ride, Leave from the recently remodeled Cafe Hollander in the Village of Wauwatosa, ride around the Milwaukee area to most of the other Grand Cafes and end with time for post ride biers at Cafe Bavaria, right back at the start! 50 miles,, (414) 255-0369 Apr. 22, Wisconsin Spring Classic #6 Rocket Bicycle Studio to New Glarus, Rocket Bicycle Studio, Verona, WI, Fun Ride, Get your Swiss on and join the crew from Rocket Bicycle Studio in Verona for a fun but hilly loop to Belleville, New Glarus and back to Verona. Bring your crampons because this route includes some serious climbing. 45 miles,, (608) 239-3837

PRESERVE where IDE you R


Schedule of Events 8am ...................60+ mile route departs 9am ...................30+ mile route departs 11am-3pm ....... Join us for post ride refreshment and more local food Bikers depart from: Camp/Quad 6886 County Rd. Q Washington County (Hwy Q & Hwy 83) A waiver will need to be signed before departure. Registration Registration thru August 14th: $75 per person* August 15th & after: $95 per person* To register, please visit: or email *Tall Pines Conservancy is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Registration is a tax deductible donation.


Apr. 22, Dairy Roubaix, Wyalusing State Park, Bagley, WI, Special Event, A one day unsupported gravel grinder with 54 and 107-mile options starting and ending at the Hugh Harper Group Camp,, (608) 6376993 Apr. 23, Watertown Share The Road Duathlon & 5K Run/Walk, Watertown, WI, Multi-Sport Event, A run/bike/run duathlon and a 5k run/walk. As the events take place at the same time, you cannot participate in both, Apr. 23, Wisconsin Spring Classic #7 Holland to The Cut, Red Pines Bar and Grill, Brice Prairie, WI, Fun Ride, The Coulee Bicycle Company of Onalaska teams up with the Red Pines Bar and Grill in Brice Prairie to host a ride through the Town of Holland to the famed Mindoro Cut and back. After the ride, we can refuel at the Red Pines on Lake Onalaska in Brice Prairie. 55 miles, http://, (608) 783-7433 Apr. 23, GBBC 6th Annual Bike Banquet, Green Bay Distillery, Green Bay, WI, Special Event, Annual membership and bike drive. Group ride, food, music, bike polo, and games,, (920) 246-0098 Apr. 23, Ride Through Holland to the Cut, Red Pines Restaurant on Lake Onalaska, Onalaska, WI, Fun Ride, Heron Bike Works of Onalaska is teaming up with the Wisconsin Bike Fed and Red Pines Restaurant in Brice Prairie to host a ride through the Town of Holland to the famed Mindoro Cut and back. A fun 55-mile ride. Depart from Red Pines at 1pm, https://www.facebook. com/events/1046819835441297/?notif_t=plan_user_associated&notif_ id=1483460703593703, (608) 317-2964 Apr. 27 - Oct. 26, Monthly, Critical Mass Green Bay, Downtown City Deck, Green Bay, WI, Fun Ride, Monthly community bike ride. Meet at City Deck 8pm, the last Thursday of each month. Conversational pace, 10-15 miles, https:// Apr. 29, Milwaukee Historic Brewery Bike Tour, Lakefront Brewery, Milwaukee, WI, Fun Ride, Visit the "Beer Capital of the World" by bike! Milwaukee has a deep brewing heritage & we're going to show you Schlitz, Blatz, Pabst & Miller Breweries with history at each stop. After the history, we'll make stops at Milwaukee Ale House & Lakefront Brewery for their famous tour. , http://www., (608) 467-5707

Apr. 29 - Apr. 30, Wisconsin HS Cycling League 2017 Leaders Summit, Trek Bicycle Headquarters, Waterloo, WI, Special Event, The Wisconsin Interscholastic Cycling League brings together coaches, assistant coaches, ride leaders, and parent volunteers, both new and experienced, to develop skills and knowledge, share strategies, and build community,, (920) 988-7498 Apr. 30, Wisconsin Spring Classic #8 Strada Fango, Murphy Flowage County Park, Birchwood, WI, Fun Ride, With a sweet Ellis Cycles bike named after it, we had to partnering with this Northwoods classic to add some gravel to your spring. Starts and ends at Murphy Flowage in Rusk County, WI. No entry fee. No swag. No official timing. Unlimited pain and suffering. 75 miles, http:// Apr. 30, Cheesehead Roubaix, Fireman's Park, Newburg, WI, Special Event, 63-mile sportive in the style of the Spring Classics. Almost 10 miles of dirt and gravel! Obey traffic laws. Be self-sufficient. You are responsible for yourself. No SAG. Free snacks & drinks at the halfway point, courtesy of Belgianwerkx. No entry fee,, (414) 840-4734

May May 1 - Aug. 30, Weekly, Bike Lola! Summer Weeknight Rides, Vidar of Iola carving on State Street @ Chet Krause Drive, Iola, WI, Fun Ride, Summer Mon. and Wed. night rides starting at 6pm. Various distances and speeds depending on who shows up. 15-30 miles, 16 mph average, but sometimes faster/slower depending on riders. Quiet country roads, hills but nothing insurmountable. Bike clubs welcome for weekend rides!, (715) 445-2456 May 1 - Sept. 30, National Bike Challenge, United States, Anytown USA, WI, Fun Ride, Friendly competition between riders, companies, states, cities, counties, advocacy groups. Scoring is 20 pts for every day ridden, and 1 point for every mile. New for 2017, bike shops can compete with their customers, http://, (651) 428-1279 May 6, Wisconsin Spring Classic #9 Route du Sud, Otumba Park, Sturgeon Bay, WI, Fun Ride, The Door County Silent Sports Association's tour of beautiful southern Door County. The ride starts in Sturgeon Bay at Otumba Park and takes you to Namur (home of the Belgian American Heritage Club) and Brussels, then to Vignes and Lasalle and back. 70 miles, May 6, Monthly, Madison Brewery Bike Tour, Machinery Row Bicycles, Madison, WI, Fun Ride, Bike 12 scenic miles, primarily on bike paths, to Ale Asylum, ALT Brew and Next Door Brewing for tours and samplings. We’ll stop at local points of interest along the trail and enlighten you with some local history as well as interesting beer history,, (608) 467-5707

Get in touch with your wild side. Wildside is the only Trek Dealer in the Baraboo/Dells area. We are a full service cycling, climbing and ski shop with knowledgeable staff and professional mechanics for fit and equipment services. Your local source for information on area trails, organized rides and ride clubs.

May 6, Englewood Opener (WORS #1), Englewood Farm, Fall River, WI, Off-Road Race, Recreational mountain bike racing at its best, abilities categories and age classes for all. Pre-ride the course the day before. Learn to Race clinic offered. Experience why WORS is America’s Largest State Mountain Bike Racing Series,, (715) 592-5095 May 6, Fat Tire - Lake Delavan, The Waterfront Restaurant, highway 50, Delavan, WI, Fun Ride, 12-mile non-motorized bike ride that helps raise technology funds for St. Andrew's School-Delavan, WI, so we can help our children get a top notch education. Ride stops at 5 restaurants/taverns around Lake Delavan. A fun event for all! , TourDTech/?ref=bookmarks, (224) 406-1093 May 7, Tour de Francis, CDW Building on College Ave, Appleton, WI, Fun Ride, A Benefit ride for Xavier Catholic Schools with a 10-mile family fun ride and well marked 25 and 62-mile routes. All routes have support vehicles and rest stops with drinks, fresh fruit and cookies! All preregistered riders receive a goody bag & T-shirt,, (920) 450-0801

880 Hwy 12, Baraboo, WI 53913 Mon - Fri 10-8 • Sat 10-6 • Sun 10-5


May 7, Wisconsin Spring Classic #10 Fyxation to Belgium, Fyxation Bicycle Co., Milwaukee, WI, Fun Ride, Grab a Colectivo coffee at Fyxation before the ride to Belgium, WI, which was actually settled by Luxembourgers, and is home to the Luxembourg American Cultural Society and Museum. Back at the shop on Humboldt Blvd after the ride, we will have a little BBQ. 71 miles, http://, (414) 372-7223 May 10, FItchburg Historical Agricultural Bike Tour, Fitchburg, Fitchburg, WI, Fun



Ride, Do you enjoy riding your bike on the Badger State Trail? Ever wondered about Fitchburg’s history or what happens on the agricultural land surrounding the trail? Does the thought of ice cream on a warm spring day in May make your mouth water? If so, this bike tour is for you! , May 12, Wisconsin Spring Classic #11 Rocket Bicycle Studio Black and Blue Ride, Rocket Bicycle Studio, Verona, WI, Fun Ride, This time the crew from Rocket Bicycle Studio in Verona put together a longer, but less punchy loop through Blue Mounds State Park and Black Earth with plenty of places to refuel along the way. There are a couple options to shortcut the route. 77 miles, http://, (608) 239-3837 May 13, Monthly, Milwaukee Historic Brewery Bike Tour, Lakefront Brewery, Milwaukee, WI, Fun Ride, Visit the "Beer Capital of the World" by bike! Milwaukee has a deep brewing heritage & we're going to show you Schlitz, Blatz, Pabst & Miller Breweries with history at each stop. After the history, we'll make stops at Milwaukee Ale House & Lakefront Brewery for their famous tour. , http://www., (608) 467-5707 May 13, 13th Annual Viroqua Community Bike Ride, Bluedog Cycles, Viroqua, WI, Fun Ride, This ride is a leisurely six-mile loop around town. The goal for the ride is to be outside and moving, to enjoy a ride around our beautiful community, and to have fun with friends and neighbors! The first 100 pre-registered riders receive a free t-shirt,, (608) 637-6993 May 13, Neenah Duathlon, Riverside Park, Neenah, WI, Multi-Sport Event, In its13th year, this family-friendly event has a panoramic view of the river and features a playground where kids can gather. Participants receive a DRI WICK SHIRT, food and fun after the event. Duathlon: 2-mile run, 18-mile bike, 2-mile run,, (920) 574-2972 May 13, PedaLoops, Standing Rocks County Park, Stevens Point, WI, Fun Ride, Central Wisconsin's Spring Cycling Tour. Three cycling three routes that loop the hilly terrain around Standing Rocks County Park, just seven miles east of Plover/Stevens Point. Dust off your bike & register by May 7th, http://, (715) 344-2556 May 14, Tour de Trilliums, Emy J's Coffeehouse and Cafe, Stevens Point, WI, Fun Ride, We will head west in search of trilliums. Informal ride of between 25-35 miles. This is a social ride and the pace will be set by those who attend. We may split into different groups based on riding abilities, but no one will have to ride alone, May 14, Cindyrella Classic, Cedarburg Community Gym, Cedarburg, WI, Fun Ride, A women-only fun ride to kick-off the outdoor cycling season. This leisurely ride rolls along the paved Interurban Trail. Female cyclists of all skill levels are welcome & experienced riders are encouraged to bring others along to share their love of cycling,, (920) 901-1233 May 16 - Aug. 25, Weekly, Tuesday Nights at Washington Park Velodrome, Washington Park Velodrome, Kenosha, WI, Special Event, The 90th Anniversary of track racing! Come down and compete on the velodrome, or come out and watch the action. Speeds will be fast and races will be exciting!, http://www., (262) 945-2507 May 20, Giro d' Grazies, Grazies Restaurant, Stevens Point, WI, Fun Ride, 2530 mile ride, about 2 hours, in a loop. We will stay together at an easy pace, socialize as we ride, and enjoy the springtime sights and smells. Those who wish to stay and enjoy fine Italian cuisine are encouraged to eat with us at Grazies, "Dutch treat," after the ride. , May 20, Monthly, Suds and Spirits Bike Tour, Machinery Row Bicycles, Madison, WI, Fun Ride, We will bike 12 scenic miles, primarily on bike paths, to Karben4, One Barrel, and Old Sugar Distillery for tours & samplings. We’ll stop at local points of interest along the trail and enlighten you with some local history as well as interesting beer history,, (608) 467-5707 May 20, Syttende Mai Bicycle Tour, Logan Mill Lodge, Westby, WI, Fun Ride, A scenic tour of the unglaciated “driftless” area of Southwest Wisconsin with 30, 60, and 100K options. Enjoy the beauty of blooming trilliums, world-class trout


streams, and Amish farmland. Rest stops with refreshments at points of interest along the way,, (608) 637-6993 May 20, 3rd Annual White Deer Triathlon, Boulder Junction Community Center, Boulder Junction, WI, Multi-Sport Event, Every May Boulder Junction hosts this fun event featuring a 3-kilometer canoe/kayak/stand-up paddleboard course on Boulder Lake, 22-kilometer bike ride on Boulder Junction’s rustic roads and 6-kilometer run along scenic county roads and onto a beautiful forest trail! ,, (715) 385-2400 May 20, Root River Triathlon, Houston Nature Center, Houston, MN, Multi-Sport Event, A “doable”, non-swimming triathlon set in Southeast Minnesota's Root River Valley in scenic Bluff Country, com/, (507) 429-4417 May 21, Root River Triathlon, Houston Nature Center, Houston, MI, Multi-Sport Event, A doable triathlon, canoeing, biking and running, http://rootrivertriathlon. org, (507) 429-4417 May 21, Iola Bump & Jump (WORS #2), Iola Winter Sports Area, Iola, WI, OffRoad Race, Recreational mountain bike racing at its best, abilities categories and age classes for all. Pre-ride the course the day before. Learn to Race clinic offered. Experience why WORS is America’s largest state mountain bike racing series,, (715) 592-5095 May 21, Chocolate City Bike Ride, Burlington High School, Burlington, WI, Fun Ride, Carefully marked & mapped (off road Family-10), 23, 40, & 62 mile routes on low traffic country roads. Includes refreshment & bathroom rest stops, cue sheet, small gift, sag wagon, and all the chocolate you can eat at every rest stop.,, (262) 763-7794 May 27, Vuelta a Panqueques, Parking Lot 5601 Hwy. 10 E, 5601 US Hwy. 10 E, WI, Fun Ride, Leave promptly at 9am and pedal briskly 22 miles to Riverside Bible Camp near Amherst for pancakes. Take our time coming back with bellies full. Quiet, rural roads of Portage County are always scenic and quaint, and make for a wonderful spring morning ride, May 28, Leinenkugel’s Chippewa Valley Century Ride, Irvine Park, Chippewa Falls, WI, Chippewa Falls, WI, Road Race, Century Ride (35, 50, 75, or 100 miles). Rest stops with food and water, SAG support, and brat feed, http://www.

June Jun. 1 - Sept. 2, Pearl Street Brewery's Tour de Pearl, Pearl Street Brewery, La Crosse, WI, Fun Ride, Pearl Street Brewery's 6th Annual Tour de Pearl. Enjoy Pearl Street pints all summer long by riding to your favorite local bars & restaurants, and get entered for prizes along the way!, http://pearlstreetbrewery. com/?page_id=571, (608) 784-4832 Jun. 2 - Jun. 3, BIKE ME Fun Ride, Elroy-Sparta Bike Trail, Kendall, WI, Fun Ride, Celebrating the oldest rails-to-trails in the U.S.! Riders of all ages will get together and ride the Elroy-Sparta Bike Trail, enjoying the beauty and 3 railroad tunnels. Visit the communities along the trail, ending with a BIKE ME Fun Ride Party in Kendall on Sat. evening,, (608) 769-9910 Jun. 3, BayCare Clinic Century , BayCare Clinic Corporate Headquarters, Green Bay, WI, Fun Ride, Green Bay’s newest century ride, going from along the waters of Green Bay to Lake Michigan and back. It passes through some of Wisconsin’s most impressive scenery. By BayCare Clinic®, Jun. 3 - Jun. 30, Bike Month Kick-Off Celebration, Purple Door Ice Cream, Milwaukee, WI, Fun Ride, Celebrate bike month, bike bingo and fun. Free ice cream, mini tune ups, music and bike decorating from 3-6 pm. At 6 pm. we will roll out on a bike parade. An alleycat will follow. events/354091588304178/, (414) 301-1661 Jun. 3 - Aug. 26, Weekly, Lake Country Pedalers 12 Rides of Summer, Burnett County Roads and Trails, Webster, WI, Fun Ride, 12 weekly rides on Saturday mornings from June through August starting at 9am. These are fun casual rides following scenic routes throughout Burnett County. The rides are open to bicyclers of all skill levels and range in length from 11 to 26-miles. Route maps on Facebook page,, (715) 431-0455



2 0 1 7

SOL S TICE F E S T I VA L Ride beautiful scenic roads through Wisconsin’s Last Wilderness (Presque Isle), the Musky Capital of the World (Boulder Junction), where snowmobiling was invented (Sayner), along a Legendary 10 Lake Chain (Manitowish Waters) and where Year Round Adventure Awaits (St. Germain). Rides include well-spaced rest stops with biker-friendly food and drink.







Jun. 3, The Birky Challenge, Grace Christian Church, Fond du Lac, WI, Special Event, There are 3 routes to choose from. All routes will be on paved roadway, there will be no off road riding. The route leaves Fond du Lac and heads toward the scenic Kettle Moraine State Forest. The route is very scenic and will have rest stops approximately every 12 miles,, (920) 322-3700



BIKE TOUR J U N E 1 0 T H , 2 0 1 7 • 9A M – 3 P M

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10, 26, 28, & 50-mile paved bike tours Ride among the blossoming Lupine Wildflowers



Jun. 3, Borah Epic, Downtown Cable, Cable, WI, Off-Road Race, A challenging, single track mountain bike race from Cable to Hayward, WI, that donates race profits to the Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association. Since 2013, The Borah Epic has donated over $57,000,, (608) 381-1033 Jun. 3, BayCare Clinic Century, BayCare Clinic Headquarters, Green Bay, WI, Special Event, Join us for the first BayCare Clinic Century Bayshore to Lakeshore bike ride. It features 100, 60, and 20-mile courses through scenic Brown, Kewaunee and Door counties,, (920) 490-9046 Jun. 4, Iron Range Roll, Cliffs Shaft Museum, Ishpeming, MI, Road Race, 16-mile point to point fun (but timed) relay/run/bicycle race from Ishpeming to Marquette, MI along the Iron Ore Heritage Trail. At the conclusion of “The Roll,” an awards ceremony and celebration will be held at the Ore Dock Brewing Company in Marquette. ,, (906) 226-9658 Jun. 4, Battle of CamRock, CamRock County Park, Rockdale, WI, Off-Road Race, Recreational mountain bike racing at its best, abilities categories and age classes for all.Pre-ride the course the day before.Learn to Race clinic offered. Experience why WORS is America’s Largest State Mountain Bike Racing Series,, (715) 592-5095 Jun. 4, Lake Mills Triathlon, Sandy Beach Park, Lake Mills, WI, Multi-Sport Event, This sprint distance triathlon kicks off the Wisconsin Triathlon Series. Perfect event for both beginner and advanced triathletes. All athletes receive a race t-shirt, medal and post race refreshments,, (608) 315-5755 Jun. 4, UPAF Ride for the Arts, South Gate of the Summerfest Grounds, Milwaukee, WI, Fun Ride, The UPAF Ride for the Arts, sponsored by Miller Lite, is more than just a ride, it’s an opportunity for friends, families and coworkers to have fun and support our region’s world class performing arts organizations,, (414) 239-6284 Jun. 4, Aurora BayCare Triathlon, Ashwaubomay Park, Green Bay, WI, MultiSport Event, 12th Annual Triathlon is designed to kick start the triathlon season. It features a man-made lake that is shallow, warm, and perfect for first-time triathletes. Olympic: 1/2 mile swim, 28.5 mile bike, 6.2 mile run. Sprint: 1/4 mile swim, 16.5 mile bike, 3.1 mile run, show/845797-aurora-baycare-tri-and-5k-may-29-2016, (920) 574-2972 Jun. 4, Udder Century, McHenry County College, Crystal Lake, IL, Fun Ride, Check-in 6am-10am. 31, 50, 63, 76, and 100-mile routes http://www., (262) 877-9132

G A L L E R Y contemporary fine art & craft global antiques & artifacts Books • cards • Smaller Gift Items professional custom frame service 10354 Main Street Boulder Junction, Wisconsin 54512 715.385.2082 w w w. m o o n d e e r g a l l e r y. c o m 64

Jun. 4 - Jun. 10, Old World Wisconsin, Clarion Suites, Madison, WI, Fun Ride, Fully supported 7-day tour includes hotels for only $765! Hosted by Pedal Across Wisconsin. Wisconsin's original and longest running northwoods loop tour. Cycle through this magical land of birch, pine, and lakes from Rhinelander to Eagle River & return, Jun. 7 - Jun. 8, Torch Ride for Special Olympics, Police Department, Menomonee Falls, WI, Fun Ride, Two-day ride to benefit Special Olympics of Wisconsin. 80-mile ride per day with support. Day 1, Menomonee Falls to Oshkosh. Day 2, Oshkosh to Stevens Point. $25 plus hotel overnight at AmericInn Oshkosh. , Jun. 10, Lupine Junefest, W. S. Carow Park, Mercer, WI, Fun Ride, Several scenic routes of 10, 26, 28 and 50 miles taking you on rolling hills and past lakes, rivers, forests, wildlife and miles of blooming lupines. Jun. 10, Tour de Coulee, Halfway Creek Park, Holmen, WI, Road Race, Tour de Coulee is part of the Wisconsin Gran Fondo Series. Find event or series details on

our website,, (608) 630-3871 Jun. 10, Movin on the Mascoutin Trail Ride, Run , Walk, Mascoutin Trail, Ripon - Berlin, WI, Multi-Sport Event, Ride, run, or walk the beautiful nature and history filled trail. 12-miles with new gravel surface. Wetlands, farms, and a winery. Ripon and Berlin are located at each end of the trail. Proceeds help maintain the trail surface,, (920) 229-0761 Jul. 11, Ramble Ride, Camp Sol R. Crown, Trevor, WI, Multi-Sport Event, Ride 30, 50, 70, 100 or 124-miles,, Jun. 11, Bluedog Butthurt Roubaix, Bluedog Cycles, Viroqua, WI, Special Event, This is a self supported adventure cycling event over singletrack, double track, gravel, and pavement throughout Vernon County. Riders are guaranteed to have an amazing ride and make at least one friend,, (608) 637-6993 Jun. 11, Ramble Ride, Camp Sol R. Crown, Trevor, WI, Fun Ride, One of Chicago-Milwaukee area's best recreational rides through beautiful rural roads in Northeastern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin., trevor-wi/cycling/races/36th-annual-bclc-ramble-2017, (847) 917-5160 Jun. 11, Chase Trempealeau, Elmaro Vineyard, Trempealeau, WI, Special Event, A cycle, hike and seek event (think scavenger hunt) for all ages and abilities!It’s you, a teammate, a couple of bikes, one map and one mission: To seek and find as many checkpoints as possible before time expires, http://www.chasetremp. com Jul. 15, Pedal For PAWS, Village Park, New Glarus, WI, Fun Ride, 16th Annual. 25, 45, and 65-mile routes. Post ride music, food and drink featuring free beer from renowned local brewiers, Jun. 15, Tour of America's Dairyland , Kenosha, Kenosha, WI, Road Race, 11 days of pro/am competitive road cycling races at a new venue each day!, http://, (414) 534-4501

17th Annual Pie Ride June 17, 2017 20K, 50K, 100K or 100 Mile Bike Routes Proceeds to benefit Local Charities

Featuring both family friendly recreational routes as well as challenging routes for the advanced cyclists. The 17th Annual Janesville Morning Pie Ride features well stocked rest stops, enthusiastic staff to help, and a delicious pie at the finish line. 6:00AM REGISTRATION 6:30am Start .....................................Century / 100K riders 8:00 am Start ......................................................20K / 50K Sag vehicles out until 3:00pm. • Rest stops: 7am - 2pm For additional information please contact: Gayle Lunder: 608-449-4961 • Jason LaRosh: 608-295-4915 •


Jun. 15, Tour of America's Dairyland , Kenosha, Kenosha, WI, Road Race, 11 days of pro/am competitive road cycling races at a new venue each day!, http://, (414) 534-4501 Jun. 16, Tour of America's Dairyland, East Troy Classic, East Troy, WI, Road Race, 11 days of pro/am competitive road cycling races at a new venue each day!,, (414) 534-4501 Jul. 17, Dairy Air, Daniels Dairy Farm, Kansasville, WI, Fun Ride, The annual group bicycle ride with Kenosha County Executive Jim Kreuser is split up with a long route and a family friendly short route. Routes TBD. Free to participate in bike ride. Breakfast will have a fee., kenosha-county-dairy-breakfast


Jul. 17, Annual Pie Ride, Lions Beach, Janesville, WI, Fun Ride, http://www. Jun. 17, Tour de Kolacky, All distances start at Phillips High School 900 Flambeau Ave, Phillips, WI, Fun Ride, Come out and enjoy our scenic Price County roads. 3 different route lengths, 10, 25, and 50-miles with multiple rest stops. A great event for the entire family. Each rider is entered into a drawing with a chance to win a new Trek bike,, (715) 339-6254 Jun. 17, Tour of America's Dairyland, Giro d' Grafton, Grafton, WI, Road Race, 11 days of pro/am competitive road cycling races at a new venue each day!, http://, (414) 534-4501 Jun. 17 - Jun. 18, Solstice Festival, Koller Park, Manitowish Waters, WI, Special Event, The Festival begins with a Sunset Ride on Friday night. Saturday includes a Family Fun Paved Trail Ride as well as 3 road rides: 100, 50, and 29 miles. Riders follow well-marked routes with rest stops and road support. The Festival finishes with a post-race party in the park,, (715) 5438400 Jun. 17, Peninsula Century Spring Classic Bicycle Ride, Door County Beer Festival Grounds, Baileys Harbor, WI, Fun Ride, Ride the scenic back roads of Door County and take in breathtaking views of Lake Michigan. Post-ride meal from local chefs, where you finish on the grounds of the Door County Beer Festival,

Miles of scenic & rugged trails! • Designated bronze-level biking community by The League of American Bicyclists • Third most bike-friendly community in Wisconsin

RiveR Falls, Wisconsin 715-425-2533 • WISCONSINBIKEFED.ORG


featuring more than 140 craft beers, live music, seminars, and food vendors all afternoon,, (920) 915-9880 Jun. 17, Horribly Hilly Hundreds, Blue Mound State Park, Blue Mounds, WI, Fun Ride, Once voted the "Sufferfest of the Year" by Madison weekly newspaper Isthmus, "The Toughest One-Day Challenge Ride in the Midwest" is not to be missed by serious riders anywhere. ,, (608) 316-5755 Jun. 17, Lad Lake Kettle Classic, Lad Lake Dousman Campus, Waterville, WI, Fun Ride, 15-mile, 30-mile, and 100K bike rides on scenic rural routes in Town of Ottawa and Jefferson County. 3-mile run through the woods. 2-mile guided nature walk on the beautiful grounds at Lad Lake right off the Glacial Drumlin Trail. A great lunch at Lad Lake. Come to support our kids,, (262) 965-2131 Jun. 17, Toughman Wisconsin, HIgh Cliff State Park, Sherwood, WI, Multi-Sport Event, Half: 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike, 13.1-mile run. Aqua Bike: 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike. Sprint: 1/4-mile swim, 22-mile bike, 5K run. Participants receive a Dri-Wick shirt, swim cap, and food. Half Iron receive a medal and water bottles on the bike course,, (920) 419-8936


Bay Area Medical Center

Menominee River Century Ride • 12 fully stocked rest stops including food, games and music • 9, 25, 50, 75, and 100 mile routes

Jun. 17, World Naked Bike Ride, , Madison, WI, Special Event, A clothingoptional demonstration to protest world-wide dependency on petroleum products, and to support positive attitudes about the human body, http://www., (608) 616-0162 Jun. 18, Tour of America's Dairyland, Carl Zach Cycling Classic, Waukesha, WI, Road Race, 11 days of pro/am competitive road cycling races at a new venue each day!,, (414) 534-4501 Jun. 18, Harbor Bar Ride , Clear Water Harbor, Waupaca, WI, Fun Ride, Ride the prettiest country roads in central Wisconsin, south of Waupaca. Routes of 34 miles, 41 miles and 52 miles are planned. Maps provided. Stay after the ride for lunch (Dutch treat) and live music at the Harbor Bar. Be ready to ride by 9am, Jun. 18, Mt. Morris Challenge, Nordic Mountain, Mt Morris, WI, Off-Road Race, Recreational mountain bike racing at its best, abilities categories and age classes for all. Pre-ride the course the day before. Learn to Race clinic offered. Experience why WORS is America’s largest Sstate mountain bike racing series,, (715) 592-5095 Jun. 18, Giro d'Grafton, Giro d'Grafton, Grafton, WI, Road Race, A stop on the popular 'Tour of America's Dairyland' race with plenty to offer all racers and spectators. Spectators can expect a full day of thrilling races, great food, live music and big fun. Downtown Grafton will be abuzz with entertainment for all ages!,, (262) 377-1650 Jun. 19, Tour of America's Dairyland, West Bend Concourse, West Bend, WI, Road Race, 11 days of pro/am competitive road cycling races at a new venue each day!,, (414) 534-4501 Jun. 19 - Jun. 23, Door County Holiday, Best Western, Sturgeon Bay, WI, Fun Ride, Fully supported tour includes Hotels only $665! Shoreline route through Egg Harbor, Fish Creek, and Peninsula State Park. Peaceful backroads, picturesque harbors, quaint towns, and roads seemingly created just for bikers. Hosted by Pedal Across Wisconsin, html Jun. 20, Tour of America's Dairyland, Schlitz Park Criterium, Milwaukee, WI, Road Race, 11 days of pro/am competitive road cycling races at a new venue each day!,, (414) 534-4501 Jun. 21, Tour of America's Dairyland, Port Washington Race the Harbor Criterium, Port Washington, WI, Road Race, 11 days of pro/am competitive road cycling races at a new venue each day!,, (414) 534-4501 Jun. 22, Tour of America's Dairyland, Shorewood Criterium Cycling Classic, Shorewood, WI, Road Race, 11 days of pro/am competitive road cycling races at a new venue each day!,, (414) 534-4501 Jun. 23 - Jun. 25, Marquette Trails Festival, Marquette Mountain, Marquette, MI,


Multi-Sport Event, Join us in celebration of Marquette’s trails! This event will be a fun weekend for all non-motorized trail users, featuring mountain bike races, trail runs, and family hikes. All proceeds from this event go to the NTN singletrack trailbuilding,, (906) 235-6861 Jun. 23, Tour of America's Dairyland, Cafe Centraal Bay View Classic, Milwaukee, WI, Road Race, 11 days of pro/am competitive road cycling races at a new venue each day!,, (414) 534-4501 Jun. 24 - Jun. 29, Swiss Cheese & Spotted Cows, Mineral Point, Mineral Point, WI, Special Event,, (651) 335-6505 Jun. 24, Ride with Leinie, Forest Lake Country Store, Land O' Lakes, WI, Fun Ride, One day ride and fundraiser for the Wilderness Lakes Trail system. This is a 40-mile loop around the Sylvania Wilderness Area, and returns to the Country Store. A shorter 12-mile ride is led by Dick Leinenkugel, http://www., (540) 588-3668 Jun. 24, Tour of America's Dairyland, ISCorp Downer Classic, Milwaukee, WI, Road Race, 11 days of pro/am competitive road cycling races at a new venue each day!,, (414) 534-4501 Jun. 24, Pedal, Paddle, and Play 2017, Seven Waters Trail / Fox River, Burlington, WI, Multi-Sport Event, A community event that combines cycling the Seven Waters Trail and paddling the Fox River while listening to live music serenading cyclists and paddlers along the route. Shuttle service for boats and bikes provided. $10, kids free,

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PICK YOUR PACE - Choose from 45 miles of paved trail or miles of scenic wooded trails


Jun. 24, Tour Da Goose Bike Ride, Riverside Park, Watertown, WI, Fun Ride, The Jon Fisch Memorial bike ride for Watertown Area Cares Clinic meanders through the beautiful countryside of Jefferson County. 12, 22, 42, 62, and100mile routes. Proud to be a part of the March 2 November Race Series, http://, (920) 988-2163


Jun. 24, Superior Vista Bike Tour, Thompson's West End Park, Washburn, WI, Fun Ride, A fully supported ride with route maps, support vehicles, rest stops and food/beverage stops on every route. This is a ride not a race and is held rain or shine. Loop distances: 13, 19, 34, 40, 52, 70, and 100 miles. , http://, (715) 373-5017 Jun. 24, Wisconsin Triterium Triathlon, Fireman's Park, Verona, WI, MultiSport Event, Choose between the sprint or olympic distances in this challenging multi-loop event. Multiple loops make this a spectator friendly event. All athletes receive a T-shirt, medal and post race refreshments, http://www., (608) 316-5755 Jun. 24, Steeple to Steeple Ride for Hunger 2017, All Saints Lutheran Church, Fitchburg, WI, Fun Ride, Charity ride raising money to fight hunger. Three routes through scenic Dane County. Great family option following bike path for 15 miles or longer routes (30 miles and metric century). Water and snacks every 7 to 15 miles as we ride between churches, Jun. 24, Ride with Leinie, Forest Lake Country Store, Land O' Lakes, WI, Fun Ride, 12-mile and 38-mile rides through the scenic Northwoods followed by Trig's brat lunch and Leinenkugel beer tasting. 12-mile ride led by Dick Leinenkugel. 2 Trek bikes and a paddleboard will be raffled. Register before June 13th and receive a free event T-shirt,, (715) 5476323 Jun. 25, Tour of America's Dairyland, East Tosa Gran Prix, Wauwatosa, WI, Road Race, 11 days of pro/am competitive road cycling races at a new venue each day!,, (414) 534-4501

No fees unless we succeed Jun. 25, RiveredgeHome 25th Anniversary River Valley Ride, Fireman's Park, and hospital visitsBike available Newburg, WI, Fun Ride, Oh, Wisconsin. Pedal along the shore of Lake Michigan, Free initial consultation

ride down bustling small town roads and quiet country lanes, and experience majestic forests, prairies, and pastures. With seven great routes from 8 miles to 100, there's opportunities for any rider,, (262) 375-2715 Jun. 25, Two Wheels for Two Counties Bike Ride, Eagle Lake County Park, Kansasville, WI, Special Event, Travel light traffic and paved roads through the gently rolling countryside of Racine and Kenosha Counties. 25, 44, 62, and

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No fees unless we succeed Home and hospital visits available Free initial consultation



1155 Grand Avenue, P.O. Box 588, Schofield, WI 54476 WISCONSINBIKEFED.ORG


100-mile routes for recreational cyclists, novice riders, and racers with looping segments at beautiful Eagle Lake,, (262) 4972798 Jun. 25, Red Flint Firecracker, Eau Claire County Expo Center, Eau Claire, WI, Off-Road Race, Recreational mountain bike racing at its best, abilities categories and age classes for all. Pre-ride the course the day before. Learn to Race clinic offered. Experience why WORS is America’s largest state mountain bike racing series,, (715) 592-5095 Jun. 25, Menominee River Century Bike Ride, Marinette High School , Marinette, WI, Fun Ride, 5 different route options ranging from 9-miles to 100-miles for all types of bikers. Bring the family out for a leisure ride or hit the road for the 75 or 100-mile ride. We offer beautiful scenic routes, plentiful rest stops and fun!,, (715) 735-4200

July Jul. 1, Fitchburg Fast and Furious Criterium, Fitchburg, Fitchburg, WI, Road Race, Held under USACycling Permit (Pending). All USAC/WCA rules apply. Helmets are required at all times when on a bicycle. A Valid USAC license is required to race. Unlicensed riders must purchase a single-day license or annual license, http://


Jul. 4, Rusty's July 4th Firecracker Ride, Rusty's Backwater Saloon , Stevens Point, WI, Fun Ride, Ride from Rusty's Backwater Saloon on rural roads in western Portage County. Rusty's opens at 10am to fill your water bottles and take a nature break. Rides of 24, 42 or 52 miles. Maps provided. Stay after the ride for lunch (on your own) at Rusty's!,



Jul. 7 - Jul. 9, WORS Cup - Midwest Regional Mountain Bike Championships, Cascade Mountain, Portage, WI, Off-Road Race, WORS Mega Event with competition to name USA Cycling champions in mountain bike cross-country, short track, and enduro. Abilities categories and age classes for all. Experience why WORS is America’s largest state mountain bike racing series, http://, (715) 592-5095 Jul. 8, CIRCUS Gran Fondo, Sauk County Fair Grounds, Baraboo, WI, Road Race, Circus Gran Fondo is part of the Wisconsin Gran Fondo Series. Find event or series details on our website,, (608) 6303871

June 24


Ride for the Watertown Area Cares Clinic


12, 22, 42, 62 & 100 mile routes through the gentle rolling hills of Jefferson County


Jul. 8, The Salvation Ride, Sheboygan's South Pier, Sheboygan, WI, Special Event, Supporting critical Salvation Army programs, the Salvation Ride offers five beautiful routes along Lake Michigan. Ranging from 10 to 100 miles, there's a route for all skill levels. Ride-enhancing features include rest stops, on-road support, gift bags, and a post-ride meal,, (920) 694-1268 Jul. 8, Pardeeville Triathlon, Chandler Park, Pardeeville, WI, Multi-Sport Event, The third event in the Wisconsin Triathlon Series, this sprint distance race goes through the rolling hills of Amish farmland. The run course and finish line are spectator friendly. All athletes receive a T-shirt, finisher medal and post race refreshments.,, (608) 316-5755 Jul. 9, 2017 Cross Country Mountain Bike Race, Whitetail Ridge, River Falls, WI, Off-Road Race, Kinnickinnic Off-Road Cyclists (KORC) presents the 5th Border Crossing.Thecourse features fast-flowing single-track, roots & rocks, fast downhill sections, wide-open fields, leg-torching climbs & signature berm...a favorite for riders looking for an ever--evolving challenge. , Jul. 14 - Jul. 16, Camp Bluedog, Sugar Creek Camp, Ferryville, WI, Special Event, A weekend long adventure designed to offer young people a positive and fun way to get involved in mountain biking. Campers learn such skills as proper bike maintenance, equipment responsibility, safety, sharing, and respect for both riding and other riders. ,, (608) 637-6993 Jul. 15, Bike For Boys and Girls Club, Fitchburg, Fitchburg, WI, Fun Ride, Bring family, friends, coworkers, neighbors together for a fun-filled ride through picturesque Dane County. Pledges raised support the ongoing mission of the Boys & Girls Club of Dane County to provide programs that enable our youth to realize their full potential, Jul. 15, Cooney Classic, Hops and Leisure, Oconomowoc, WI, Fun Ride, A fun

bike ride beginning and ending at Hops and Leisure Restaurant. Participants can choose between three route options (20, 40 and 60 miles). Upon finishing, each participant will receive a burger and beer/soda. A portion of the proceeds goes to charity,, (262) 490-1279

A fun ride. A great cause. A world free from AIDS.

Jul. 15, Z Tour Bike Ride , Zearing Park, Princeton, IL, Fun Ride, Charity ride that provides you with a chance to enjoy some of the best roads that north central Illinois has to offer. The five routes featured incorporate hills, rolling terrain, and beautiful views of Bureau Creek and the Hennepin Canal all with minimal traffic. ,, (815) 875-2335 Jul. 16, Circuit de la Pizza , Rhody's Middletown Tavern & Grill, Stevens Point, WI, Fun Ride, Ride 35-40 miles over rural roads with light vehicle traffic. We'll take one of several popular biking routes, depending on the winds, and stay together as a group riding at a leisurely pace. Return to Rhody's for their hand-made pizza around 4pm, Jul. 16 - Jul. 22, Flavors of Wisconsin Tour, Wyndham Garden Inn, Fitchburg, WI, Fun Ride, Cycle for 6 days on a moderate to challenging road route through the scenic vistas of south central Wisconsin. Visit cheese factories and microbreweries. Watch cheese being made and pair one of its many varieties with just the right craft beer. Hotels and restaurant meals, http://www., (920) 427-6086 Jul. 22, Red Earth Classic, Jackson Mine Park, Negaunee, MI, Multi-Sport Event, Challenge yourself in the heart of the Huron Mountains. Choose from: 32-mile ride solo or compete as a two-person relay, 20 mile, 12-mile, or Junior Classic (3 and 5-mile race),, (906) 235-1670 Jul. 22, Kirke Vei Time Trial, West Koshkonong Church, Cottage Grove, WI, Road Race, Individual time trial. Course is 17 miles on beautiful rolling hills in rural Wisconsin. Earliest start at 9am. Register: WiSport (includes citizen), USACycling (State TT Championship) or ABR (part of MATTS series), (608) 345-1550 Jul. 22, Shell Lake Triathlon, Shell Lake Beach, Shell Lake, WI, Multi-Sport Event, Test your athletic abilities! Shell Lake offers a great lake to swim in, great roads to bike, great trails, and roads to run. The triathlon is a 1/2-mile swim, 15-mile bike, and 3-mile run,

Choose from short routes, one-day, weekend ride, or three-day options. Madison • Waukesha • Madison

JULY 28–30 •

Jul. 22, Pedal and Party in Pardeeville with a Purpose, Chandler Park, AIDSRideWI_QuarterPage_RideGuide2017.indd 1 Pardeeville, WI, Fun Ride, Choose routes of 12, 30, 40, or 55-miles through the rolling Amish countryside of Pardeeville. Rest stops with food, Amish grocery store, and bakery along the way, ending with a free half pound burger, side dishes, beer, soda and live music! All proceeds go to fight MS. , http://, (608) 225-3578 Jul. 22 - Jul. 23, The Scenic Shore 150 Bike Tour, MATC, Mequon, WI, Special Event, A two day, 150-mile, fully-supported cycling event and the largest local event for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The beautiful shoreline of Lake Michigan is the setting for a weekend of riding the shore for a cure!, http://www., (262) 785-4272 Jul. 22, Milwaukee Tour de Cure, Hoyt Park, Wauwatosa, WI, Fun Ride, For riders of every age and skill level, ranging from our 20 to 70-mile routes. Join us for the post ride party to celebrate your success, and to celebrate our Red Riders (riders with Type-1 or Type-2 diabetes)! ,, (414) 778-5500 Jul. 23, Colectivo Coffee Bean Classic, Minooka Park, Waukesha, WI, Off-Road Race, Recreational mountain bike racing at its best, abilities categories and age classes for all. Pre-ride the course the day before. Learn to Race clinic offered. Experience why WORS is America’s Largest State Mountain Bike Racing Series,, (715) 592-5095 Jul. 23, 31st Annual Best Friends Gourmet Bike Tour, St. Mary Catholic High School - 1050 Zephyr Drive, Neenah , WI, Fun Ride, Enjoy a tour of the Fox Valley beautiful countryside and return to a gourmet picnic! 4, 8, 1225, 55, 75, or the 100 mile Century routes. Rest areas and bike support available along the routes,, (920) 729-5600 Jul. 23 - Jul. 29, Northwoods , Quality Inn, Rhinelander, WI, Fun Ride, Fully supported 7-day tour includes hotels for only $765! Hosted by Pedal Across Wisconsin. Wisconsin's original and longest running northwoods loop tour. Cycle


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through this magical land of birch, pine, and lakes from Rhinelander to Eagle River & return, Jul. 28 - Jul. 30, AIDS Ride Wisconsin, Olin Park , Madison, WI, Fun Ride, This allinclusive, fully-supported ride through southern Wisconsin raises critical funds for the fight against AIDS. Whether you are a beginner or a cycling veteran, this ride is for you! Choose from short routes, one-day, weekend ride, or three-day options. ,, (608) 316-8619 Jul. 29 - Jul. 30, Wisconsin Bike Festival, Cedar Creek Park, Cedarburg, WI, Special Event, Celebrate Cycling with family! Open to the public, WI Bike Festival starts with Women-only Century and celebrates with music, beer garden, food, vendors, kid’s activities & the Cycling Awards Ceremony! On Sunday, riding continues with the Holy Hill Classic, centuryride, (920) 901-1233 Jul. 29 - Jul. 31, CowaLUNGa Bike Tour, Gurnee Mills Mall, Gurnee, IL, Fun Ride, Ride through Northern Illinois into Southern Wisconsin. Cyclists of all ages and abilities ride from 18 miles up to 190+ miles over 1, 2, or 3 days. , http://www., (312) 628-0209 Jul. 30, Lake Ripley Ride, Ripley Park, Cambridge, WI, Fun Ride, A 22-mile, a slightly hilly 40-mile, or a challenging 62-mile route. Registration includes a shirt, map, rest stops, SAG, and a fantastic post ride celebration with refreshments and tasty food. Help us support the JDRF and CAP!, adult-athletic/lake-ripley-ride/, (608) 423-8108





SATURDAY, AUGUST 12 SignUp and Receive N Ticket to a Brewers game N Parking pass N Food & drink tailgate party N Raffle ticket for Trek Bikes & Brewers prizes




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Jul. 30, Tri-ing for Children's Triathlon, Ottawa Lake State Park, Dousman, WI, Multi-Sport Event, Presented by The Endurance House of Delafield, choose a sprint or olympic distance in this race that benefits Tri-Ing for Children's, Inc., a non-profit charity supporting children's hospitals. All athletes receive a T-shirt, finisher medal, and post race refreshments. ,, (608) 316-5755 Jul. 30, Toughman Minnesota, Paradise Park, Chisago City, MN, Multi-Sport Event, Triathlon features the friendly Swedish communities of the Chisago Lakes Area. Half: 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike, 13.1-mile run. Aqua Bike: 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike. Sprint: 1/4-mile swim, 22-mile bike, 5K run. Participants receive a Dri-Wick shirt, swim cap, food, and awards, show/845808-toughman-minnesota-july-26-2015, (920) 419-8936 Jul. 30 - Aug. 5, Northwoods , Quality Inn, Rhinelander, WI, Fun Ride, Fully supported 7-day tour includes hotels for only $765! Hosted by Pedal Across Wisconsin. Wisconsin's original and longest running northwoods loop tour. Cycle through this magical land of birch, pine, and lakes from Rhinelander to Eagle River & return,

August Aug. 4 - Aug. 6, Midwest Recumbent Rally, Hostel Shoppe, Stevens Point, WI, Special Event, Join other recumbent riders at one of the biggest recumbent events in the country. Scenic tours of varying lengths, great camaraderie, test rides of recumbents, swap meet, plus more, Midwest-Recumbent-Rally/, (800) 233-4340 Aug. 5, Bike to the Beat, CBC Coating, Appleton, WI, Fun Ride, Choose your distance: 10, 20, 36, or 50 miles. If you feel like going a little further or maybe not quite as far, we can roll with that! Come back to the start/finish line for the post-ride party, that ends at 2:30pm. Party includes complimentary food, drink & live music,, (920) 993-3735 Aug. 5, Bike for Boys & Girls Club, AIG, Stevens Point, WI, Road Race, A fun, family-friendly event that provides beautiful scenery and an opportunity to support the Boys & Girls Club. Four route lengths have been chosen with plenty of rest stops along the way to cater to expert riders as well as in-experienced riders,, (715) 341-4386 Aug. 5, Beloit & Beyond Bike Tour, Beloit Bicycle Company (behind store), Beloit, WI, Fun Ride, Century ride; 50 mi.; 25 mi.; or 4 mi. Local loop. Registration begins at 6:00am behind Beloit Bicycle Company in beautiful downtown Beloit. Cue sheets/maps available. Well supported & well-marked routes. Free. All volunteer supported event now in its 7th year,, (608) 346-9226

Aug. 6, Hixon Forest Epic (WORS #8), Hixon Forest Park, La Crosse, WI, Off-Road Race, Recreational mountain bike racing at its best, abilities categories and age classes for all. Pre-ride the course the day before. Learn to Race clinic offered. Experience why WORS is America’s largest state mountain bike racing series,, (715) 592-5095 Aug. 6 - Aug. 12, Northern Woods and Waters Tour, Oneida Village Inn, Three Lakes, WI, Fun Ride, Cycle for six days on lightly traveled back roads through the woods of northern Wisconsin on a fully supported ride. Take a tour of area lakes on a pirate ship and spend an optional afternoon kayaking on a quiet lake. Stay in hotels and lakefront condos. Enjoy restaurant meals, http://www., (920) 427-6086 Aug. 6, Escarpment Bicycle Tour, Ledge View Nature Center, Chilton, WI, Special Event, Scenic rural ride features six marked routes 8-100 miles, with maps, cue sheets, sag wagon, breakfast, and post-ride meal. This is a fundraiser for the Friends of Ledge View Nature Center,, (920) 849-7094 Aug. 7 - Sept. 25, Weekly, Mondays Around Monona, Capital City Trail at S. Fair Oaks Ave., Madison & Monona, WI, Fun Ride, An entry level ride for everybody! We bike slowly around Lake Monona, about 12 relatively flat miles. We end at a local pub or restaurant for dinner,, (608) 630-5784 Aug. 10 - Aug. 13, JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes, Along the Mississippi River, La Crosse, WI, Special Event, This fundraising ride starts in historic downtown La Crosse, goes over into Minnesota, down into New Albin, Iowa and then loops back to La Crosse,, (414) 203-5528 Aug. 12, Hitting 4 The Cycle, Miller Park Brewers Stadium, Milwaukee, WI, Participants are invited to partake in the 25 mile route, starting and ending at Miller Park, before enjoying a fun-filled tailgate party prior to taking in the evening’s Brewers game,, Aug. 12, Tour de Cheese, Monroe Middle School, Monroe, WI, Fun Ride, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Green County. Riders will travel along a 17 or 50 mile route with Rest Stops at Cheese Factories Along the Routes including, Maple Leaf, Grande Cheese, Silver Lewis, Decatur Dairy, events/tour-de-cheese, (608) 325-7855

Tour de CHEESE 2016

Benefiting Big Brothers Big Sisters of Green County


AUG 13 MONROE, WI Enjoy Rest Stops at Cheese Factories Along Routes

Aug. 12, Ore to Shore Mountain Bike Epic, Lakeview Arena, Marquette, MI, OffRoad Race, The course traverses some of the most scenic terrain available in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The race starts in downtown Negaunee, rolling out on pavement, and then hits dirt. The course rolls with the hills as elevation drops to Marquette,, (866) 370-7223 Aug. 12, Dairyland Dare, Harris Park, Dodgeville, WI, Road Race, Dairyland Dare is part of the Wisconsin Gran Fondo Series. Find event or series details on our website,, (608) 630-3871 Aug. 12, Apple Blossom Bike Tour, Veterans park, La Crescent, MN, Fun Ride, Our bike tours offer magnificent vistas of the Mississippi River valley. Choose from the 15, 30, 54 or 67 mile rides in this beautiful area. Something for everyone,, (507) 895-2800 Aug. 12 - Aug. 13, CORP Fest, Blue Mound State Park, Blue Mounds, WI, Special Event, Group rides, competitions, food, camping. A celebration of all things offroad,, (608) 218-9297 Aug. 12, Portage Kiwanis Ride to Read, Columbia Co Fairgrounds/Veteran’s Memorial Field Portage,WI , Portage, WI, Fun Ride, Pedal through scenic Amish country. Includes continental breakfast, refreshment stops, light lunch, detailed route map, and SAG. Four bike route options of 15, 30, 45, and 62 miles (metric century). Pre-registration $25, day-of $30,, (608) 697-3390 Aug. 13, Kinni-ator Adventure Challenge, Kinni Creek Lodge & Outfitters, River Falls, WI, Multi-Sport Event, The ultimate run-kayak-triathlon.Run 2+ miles, kayak 9+ miles, and bike 11+ miles around beautiful River Falls, Aug. 14, King Corn Ride, Clear Water Harbor, King, WI, Fun Ride, Ride south of Waupaca on quiet, picturesque, tree-lined rural roads. Choose a ride length &



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2017 9th Annual

Kickapoo BRAVE Ride

Saturday, Sept 16 The ride begins and ends in Gays Mills in the heart of the Kickapoo Valley of Southwestern Wisconsin. Cyclists will enjoy roads with breathtaking scenery: ridge tops with panoramic views, rolling hills, and deep, lush valleys. The ride features a cloverleaf route system, which allows riders to choose from beginner, intermediate, and advanced routes ranging from 15 to100 miles.

speed that fits you. Ride until Noon. Stay for lunch (Dutch Treat) at the Harbor Bar, with free roasted corn. Be ready to ride by 9 am. Routes of 22,35, 43, & 53 miles. Maps provided, Aug. 17, Beyond Design Bike Tour, Concord House, Sullivan, WI, Special Event, Eppstein Uhen Architects brings together partners, clients, & friends for a day of biking on a scenic WI route in support of a worthy cause. Mileage options from approx. 30 to 100 miles, so riders of all abilities are welcome. The ride concludes with a dinner & networking event, asp?ievent=1168783, (414) 298-2205 Aug. 19, Sadistic Century, Dunn County Recreational Park, Menomonie, WI, Multi-Sport Event, A challenging century route of 30 climbs and 8,819 feet of elevation on great town and county roads around Menomonie. Put on by a local group to promote bicycling and raise funds for the local mountain bike group and food pantry. 2017 MTB Time Trial added,, (715) 928-2334 Aug. 19, Ride to the Barns, Camp/Quad, Hartford, WI, Fun Ride, Fundraising ride through Waukesha, Washington and Dodge counties. Rest stops include farms serving locally produced food to highlight farmland preservation. Post ride party. $75/person by August 14th ($95 thereafter) and is tax-deductible. Limited space,, (262) 369-0500 Aug. 20, Reforestation Ramble (WORS #9), Reforestation Camp, Suamico, WI, Off-Road Race, Recreational mountain bike racing at its best, abilities categories and age classes for all. Pre-ride the course the day before. Learn to Race clinic offered. Experience why WORS is America’s largest state mountain bike racing series,, (715) 592-5095 Aug. 20, Race the Lake Century Ride, Lakeside Park, Fond du Lac, WI, Road Race, 10th-annual 100-mile bike race around Lake Winnebago for all abilities from professional to beginning cyclists. Ride as an individual or with a team! Includes dri-wick shirt, finishers' medal, chip timing, cash prims, awards, pasta dinner, and free beer after the event,, (920) 574-2972

18th Annual

Maywood Earth Ride

September 16

Aug. 26, The Redeye Experience, City Parking Lot 1111 Crosby St., Stevens Point, WI, Fun Ride, Ride to Redeye Brew Pub in Wausau, eat from their artisan menu (Dutch treat), and return to Stevens Point at a digestive pace. Ride along the Wisconsin river, the Lake DuBay causeways, through Knowlton and Mosinee. Inclusive, recreational ride, but no-drop policy is not in force, http:// Aug. 26, Phelps 3rd Annual Twin Tri, Phelps Chamber of Commerce, Phelps, WI, Multi-Sport Event, Includes an 8K paddle on North Twin Lake, a 16K bike, and a 5K run. The bike and run legs go through stunning Northwoods forests on country lanes. Registration: $35 (individuals), $90 (teams of three). Each participant receives an event T-shirt,, (715) 545-3800 Aug. 27, Treadfest (WORS #10), Montain Top at Grand Geneva, Lake Geneva, WI, Off-Road Race, Recreational mountain bike racing at its best, abilities categories and age classes for all. Pre-ride the course the day before. Learn to Race clinic offered. Experience why WORS is America’s largest state mountain bike racing series,, (715) 592-5095 Aug. 27, Bicycle Adventure Extravaganza IV, Point Area Bicycle Service, Stevens Point, WI, Special Event, A fun afternoon of points based cycling adventure filled with photo and found item scavenger hunts, unpredictable challenge checkpoints and mind bending puzzle questions followed by an excellent after party with tons of sweet prizes! Ride solo or team up. All ages and abilities, https://www., (715) 498-4122

Featuring the 112-mile Iron Raccoon 12, 25, 50, 70 and 100 mile routes Sheboygan, WI (920) 459-3906 72

Aug. 27, Sugar River Triathlon, Community Park, Belleville, WI, Multi-Sport Event, Another in the Wisconsin Triathlon Series, this sprint triathlon is perfect for beginners and competitive triathletes alike. Calm water, rolling hills and a gravel running trail. Athletes receive a T-shirt, finisher medal and post-race refreshments,, (608) 316-5755 Aug. 29 - Aug. 30, Wisconsin Senior Olympics Cycling event, Menominee Park, Menominee Falls, WI, Road Race, This event consists of a 10k tt & 20 k road race on day 1 and a 5 k tt & 40k road race on day 2, http://www., (262) 994-1606

September Sept. 1 - Sept. 4, La Crosse Area Bicycle Festival, Cameron Park , La Crosse, WI, Fun Ride, Local riders & groups organize serious dirt encounters while mountain biking Hixon Forest, family-friendly ice cream rides, gravel grinding on farm roads, tours of historic neighborhoods, challenging road cycling through bluffs and coulees of the Driftless region,, (608) 782-2211 Sept. 6, Corn Full Moonride, City Parking Lot, 1111 Crosby St., Stevens Point, WI, Fun Ride, Start at dusk (7:30pm) and ride about 2 hours as the Full "Corn" Moon rises. For safety, speed will be very casual. Your bike must have a white headlight and red tail light. Contact the event host to borrow lights from the Club. Helmets required,


Sept. 9, September Song, Indian Mounds Park, Rice Lake, WI, Fun Ride, 49th anniversary, (715) 234-4127 Sept. 9, Krankin' for Kids bike ride & walk, Trinity Lutheran Church, Mequon, WI, Fun Ride, Enjoy an early autumn charity bike ride along scenic paved roads and trails of Ozaukee and Washington Counties. Choose from three routes or a walk. Lunch and festivities after the ride. A long-sleeved dri-fit shirt is included with adult registrations,, (414) 461-8500



Sept. 9 - Sept. 16, AH 2017: Andean Health & Development Cycling Trip, TBD, Madison, WI, Special Event, Ride from Madison to South Bend to raise funds and awareness for a hospital in rural Ecuador. Riders choose 1 of 3 segments: Msn to South Bend (whole ride), Msn to Mke (9/9 only), New Buffalo to South Bend (9/16 only). Rides are supported and all ages/abilities welcome, http://www., (619) 788-6833 Sept. 9, SepTimber Ride, Tribute Brewing Company, Eagle River, WI, Fun Ride, 1 of 2 ride options, a 26-mile trail ride or 50K road ride. Rides loop back to Tribute for craft beer samples, a brat picnic, T-shirt, and door prizes. Proceeds support development of bike trails for eastern Vilas County, http://www.septimberride. com, (800) 359-6315

608.288.8284 or

Sept. 10, Door County Century, Door County Fairgrounds, Sturgeon Bay, WI, Fun Ride, A one-day bike tour on the scenic back roads of the beautiful Door County peninsula.Four courses are offered: a 100-mile Century, a 70-mile, 50-mile (Half Century), and 28.5-miles. Sept. 10, 48th Harmon Hundred, Wilmot High School, Wilmot, WI, Fun Ride, A non-competitive scenic ride through Southern Wisconsin; 25, 50, 75 and 100mile routes, Sept. 11 - Sept. 15, Door County Holiday, Best Western, Sturgeon Bay, WI, Fun Ride, Fully supported tour includes Hotels only $665! Shoreline route through Egg Harbor, Fish Creek, and Peninsula State Park. Peaceful backroads, picturesque harbors, quaint towns, and roads seemingly created just for bikers. Hosted by Pedal Across Wisconsin, html Sept. 15 - Sept. 16, Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival, Mt. Telemark-Cable, WI, Cable & Hayward, WI, Off-Road Race, Fat tire racing and fun in northwestern Wisconsin since 1983. The nation's largest mass start point to point off road event. Registrations limited to 3,100 on a first come first served basis, https://, (715) 798-3594 Sept. 16, 18th Annual Lakes & Leaves Bike Ride, Summit Lake Park, Summit Lake, WI, Fun Ride, Ride through the spectacular scenery of northern Langlade County! Four different route lengths (6, 18, 38, & 62-miles) & something for everyone,, (715) 623-4134 Sept. 16, 18th Annual Maywood Earth Ride, Maywood, Sheboygan, WI, Fun Ride, Enjoy 12, 25, 50, 70, 100, or 112-miles of cycling in scenic Sheboygan County. Breakfast, lunch, rest stops, SAG support, and post-ride activities. Onsite camping and day of registration available. Proceeds support environmental education at Maywood,, (920) 4593906 Sept. 16, Peninsula Century Fall Challenge, Sister Bay Waterfront Park, Sister Bay, WI, Fun Ride, Ride through Northern Door County’s scenic backroads WISCONSINBIKEFED.ORG


and along the shore on routes of 25, 50, 62, and 100 miles. Post-ride party at Sister Bay’s Waterfront Park featuring food from local chefs and locally brewed beer from the Door County Brewing Company, http://www., (920) 915-9880 Sept. 16, Madison Tour de Cure, American Family Corporate Headquarters, Madison, WI , WI, Special Event, An unforgettable experience; very well organized with cycling routes available for all skill levels. New in 2017, a 1-mile and 3-mile walk option, as well as a 5k run! Something for all participants to enjoy on event day. Mission: stop diabetes,, (608) 222-7785 Sept. 16, Kickapoo Brave Ride, Kickapoo Stump Dodger Campground, Gays Mills, WI, Fun Ride, Brave the 9th Annual Kickapoo Brave (Bluffs, Rivers, and Valley Event) Ride in the heart of the Driftless area. Enjoy roads with breathtaking scenery through rolling hills, deep river valleys, and across ridge tops with panoramic views,, (608) 326-6658 Sept. 17, Bike the Barns, Lake Farm Park, Madison, WI, Special Event, This charity bicycle ride tours CSA farms in beautiful southern Wisconsin and raises funds for fresh food for all. Riders enjoy gourmet local food throughout the day and participate in farm tours, while listening to festive live tunes. Register early, this is a sell-out event,, (608) 226-0300 Sept. 17, Autumn Trek, Hoffman Park, River Falls, WI, Fun Ride, Experience four scenic country routes from moderate to the ultimate challenge for biking enthusiasts of all ages. Each route is marked & mapped with rest stops along the way. Enjoy a great ride & support safe biking, Sept. 17, The Ride, Prairie Lakes, Sun Prairie, WI, Special Event, A bicycle benefit for UW cancer research and to celebrate life. The Ride travels through beautiful Wisconsin countryside. With five routes to choose from, there’s a ride for beginners to seasoned cyclists. Fund raise as a team or individual http://www., (608) 616-9905 Sept. 17, Devil's Challenge Triathlon, Devil's Lake State Park, Baraboo, WI, Multi-Sport Event, The final race in the Wisconsin Triathlon Series is a hilly sprint through the bluffs of southern Wisconsin. Clean water and a challenging bike and run course are a great way to wrap up the triathlon season. Athletes receive a T-shirt, finisher medal, and post race refreshments, http://www.on-road., (608) 316-5755 Sept. 17, Devil's Challenge Triathlon , Devil's Lake State Park, Baraboo, WI, Multi-Sport Event, Wisconsin Triathlon Series , http://on-road.devilschallengetri. com, (608) 276-9797 Sept. 22 - Sept. 24, Trek CXC Cup, Trek Bicycle Corp, Waterloo, WI, Cyclocross Race, The Trek CXC Cup returns for its fifth year, once again raising the level of cyclocross racing in Wisconsin. Race on the same course as the world's best, and then lean into the tape to cheer for your favorite pros,, (920) 478-2191 Sept. 23, 6th Annual Beja Bike Bash, Beja Shrine, Green Bay, WI, Special Event, Vintage, custom, & late model bicycle swap meet & show, http://bejabikebash. com, (920) 309-0891 Sept. 23, CamRock Challenge, CamRock Park, Cambridge, WI, Multi-Sport Event, A triathlon consisting of an 10-mile bike ride on rural Cambridge roads, followed by a 3-mile run through CamRock Park and finally a 3-mile canoe/kayak ride down the Koshkonong Creek. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to MakeA-Wish Wisconsin,, (262) 490-1279 Sept. 23, Ride with RENEW, Renewable Energy Tour, Middleton area, WI, Special Event, Join us for a bicycle tour of some of the Madison area's best renewable energy installations, as we raise money for RENEW Wisconsin. RENEW Wisconsin is a non-profit advocacy organizations in it's 25th year of promoting clean energy in our state,, (608) 2554044 Sept. 23, SidieFest Community Trail Building Event, Sidie Hollow County Park, Viroqua, WI, Special Event, This is a community "shared use" Trail Building Festival. The last 11 SidieFests brought out over 800 volunteers producing 74

11 miles of new, sustainable, multi-use trail. Join us this year as we expand recreational opportunities and enhance the community where we live, http://, (608) 637-6993

Oct. 21, Chocolate Ride, Kavarna Coffee Shop, Green Bay, WI, Fun Ride, Family friendly group ride to three local confectioneries for Sweetest Day. Conversational pace, 12-15 miles, prizes for the "sweetest" bike,

Sept. 23, Colorama Bike Ride, Kitchenette Park, Merrill, WI, Fun Ride, 35thannual ride! Choose from 10, 30, and 50 mile rides along some of the most scenic terrain in the State of Wisconsin and enjoy the beautiful fall colors. ,, (715) 536-7313

Oct. 21, Aurora BayCare Duathlon, Bay Beach Amusement Park, Green Bay, WI, Multi-Sport Event, 2 mile run, 20 mile bike, 2 mile run. Participants receive a DRI wick shirt, food, family relay and awards, greenbayduathlon2015, (920) 574-2972

Sept. 23, Dousman Duathlon, Cory Park, Dousman, WI, Multi-Sport Event, In its twelfth year, this ride offers a lovely countryside backdrop bursting with fall colors. After you cross the finish line, enjoy food and other refreshments. 2-mile run, 20-mile bike, 2-mile run,, (920) 574-2972 Sept. 24, Fall Chili Ride , Emy J's , Stevens Point, WI, Fun Ride, Ride at a leisurely pace on great, rural biking roads, south and west of Stevens Point, 25-35 miles, then return to the Friess Homestead for chili and socializing. The group will chose a route before starting. Chilly, so dress appropriately, Sept. 24, Apple Cider Century, Apple Cider Century, Three Oaks, MI, Fun Ride,, (888) 877-2068 Sept. 29 - Oct. 1, ColorRides, Chamber Office, Washburn, WI, Fun Ride, A weekend of free rides led by local bike enthusiasts. Distances vary as does the scenery,, (715) 373-5017 Sept. 30, Fall Wheel Ride, Kenosha, WI, Fun Ride,


Sept. 30, Fall Color Festival, John Muir Trails, Southern Kettle Moraine State Forrest, LaGrange, WI, Off-Road Race, Mountain bike fund-raiser held at the John Muir trails in Southeastern, WI. Proceeds support future trail development and trail maintenance. Money raised benefits this trail system. Your trail. Your event,, (262) 617-8272 Sept. 30, Bike the Barn Quilts, Jaime Bodden, Shawano, WI, Special Event, ,, (715) 701-2781

October Oct. 1, 28th Pumpkin Pie Bicycle Ride, Ottawa YMCA, Ottawa, IL, Fun Ride, The 28th Pumpkin Pie Bicycle Ride, is organized by the Starved Rock Cycling Association. The Ride takes place in scenic North Central Illinois, http://, Oct. 5, Celtic Cross, Fitchburg, Fitchburg, WI, Fun Ride, A USA Cycling sanctioned cyclocross race, part of the Wisconsin Cycling Association series, and involves multiple races throughout the day, with separate contests for different ages, genders, and abilities. Oct. 7, LAMBO-Rama, Clear Lake Picnic Areas, Woodruff, WI, Special Event, Join LAMBO for an awesome day of riding and celebrating the Raven Trail, one of Northern Wisconsin's best mountain biking trails. There will be guided rides & skills classes. Saturday night’s celebration to include food, drink & live music at the Clear Lake Picnic Grounds!,, (715) 891-1200 Oct. 7, Apple Affair Bike Tour, Apple Affair Celebration Grounds, Galesville, WI, Fun Ride, Bikes, families, friends, orchards, great roads, and warm apple pie! This long standing event gives all a chance to finish out their biking season! Route options from 6–75 miles (with great rest stops). Youth 13 & under free!, Oct. 15, Milwaukee Tweed Ride, Bay View area - see FB page, Bay View, WI, Fun Ride, The Milwaukee Tweed Ride dates back to 2011. Get your old-timey bike shined up and dress in tweed (neither is required if you just want to join the fun). In 2016, 50 riders participated. To keep things fresh, we'll be announcing a new route!,, (414) 791-6457 Oct. 15, pertNear 20 , Bluedog Cycles, Viroqua, WI, Off-Road Race, A Mountain bike race for pertNear Everyone. This is a beautiful course that will ride across Vernon Trails' locally made and sustainably managed trail networks at Hubbard Hills, Rusty Ridge, and Sidie Hollow. Also offering a pertNear 5 Trail Run! Big party to follow!,, (608) 637-6993

INTRODUCING RIDE ON ROAST ROAST, A BRAND-NEW, ORGANIC, FAIR-TRADE BLEND FROM JUST COFFEE. COFFEE This roast doesn’t just fuel your ride, it fuels everyone’s ride. A portion of the proceeds from every bag sold help the Wisconsin Bike Fed make the Badger State a better place to ride a bike. Look for Ride On Roast everywhere Just Coffee products are sold in Wisconsin. WISCONSINBIKEFED.ORG


T O R E G I S T E R O R P R E V I E W T H E F U L L R O U T E , P L E A S E V I S I T: W I S C O N S I N S P R I N G C L A S S I C S . C O M


Bike Tour

July 22-23, 2017 Donate • Ride • Volunteer

Celebrating 25 Years Riding the Shore for a Cure Ride the shores of Lake Michigan from Mequon to Manitowoc to Sturgeon Bay! The Scenic Shore 150 Bike Tour is a twoday fully-supported 150-mile ride along the coast of beautiful Lake Michigan. Join us to celebrate the 25th annual ride to cure blood cancer.

Register Online At




BIKE CLUBS Antigo Antigo Bike & Ski Club,,

Appleton Fox Cities Cycling Club,, (920) 850-1215 Fox Cities Triathlon Club,,

Baraboo Baraboo Sharks Cycling Team,

Bayfield North Coast Cycling Association,,, (715) 779-3337, Bike Fed Member

Buffalo Grove Wheeling Wheelmen,,, (847) 867-6724, Bike Fed Member

Cable Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association - CAMBA,,, (715) 798-3599, Bike Fed Member

Cedarburg Ozaukee Bicycle Club,,, (262) 573-5483

Chicago Great Lakes Randonneurs,,, (773) 862-9879 XXX Racing AthletiCo,,

Crystal Lake McHenry County Bicycle Club,, , Bike Fed Member

Eau Claire Chippewa Off Road Bike Assocation (CORBA),,, (715) 839-7198 78

Eau Claire Pie Riders,,, (715) 831-6210 Overdrive Cycling Club,,, (715) 832-6149

Elkhorn Walworth County Indoor BMX,,, (815) 874-8719

Fond Du Lac Fond du Lac BMX Club,,

Fort Atkinson Jefferson County Bicycle Club,,


Glendale Velocause,,, (312) 375-3171

Green Bay Bay Shore Bicycle Club,,, (920) 338-1764, Bike Fed Member

Hartland UWM Tri-Team,, (262) 565-8835

Hudson Big Ring Flyers,, River Valley Trails,,, (715) 386-6649, Bike Fed Member



Janesville Velo Club,,, (608) 757-1378, Bike Fed Member Rock Trail Coalition,,, (608) 289-5672


Kenosha Velosport,,, (262) 488-0686

La Crosse Driftless Region Bicycle Coalition,,, (715) 586-1736 UW La Crosse Triathlon Team,

LaGrange Southern Kettle Moraine Chapter IMBA,, jim_, (262) 317-8272 TreadHead Cycling,,

Lake Geneva Lakes Area Physical Therapy,,, (262) 248-9902 White River Cycle Club,

Libertyville Bicycle Club of Lake County,,, (847) 548-5084, Bike Fed Member

Luxemburg NEWT MTB Club,,, (920) 845-5763

Madison Bombay Bicycle Club,,, (608) 798-2892, Bike Fed Member Capital Brewery Bike Club,,, (608) 516-5551, Bike Fed Member

order your free outdoor & trail guide today: WISCONSINBIKEFED.ORG


Capital Off-Road Pathfinders,,, (608) 772-5970 Capitol Velo Club (Women Only),, Great Dane Velo Club,, Mad Trail FORCS (Female Off-Road Cyclists),, UW Madison Cycling Team,, UW Madison Triathlon Team,, Wednesday Night Bike Rides,

Manitowoc Heavy Pedal Velo Club,,, (920) 652-0888 Lakeshore Pedalers, Inc.,,

Menomonie UW-Stout Cycling Club,,,

Middleton Team 242,,, (608) 770-0875, Bike Fed Member

Milwaukee Bay View Bicycle Club, Inc.,,, (262) 366-6371, Bike Fed Member Cream City Bikers,, Cream City Cycle Club,,, (414) 299-9398, Bike Fed Member Hampshire Cycle Club,, Marquette University Cycling Club, Milwaukee Bicycle Community (MKEBKE), MKE Bike Polo Club,, Northwestern Mutual Bicycle Club,, (414) 665-2522 UW-Milwaukee Cycling Club,, Velo Trocadero,, (414) 975-2170

Minoqua Lakeland Area Mountain Bike Organization,, pzenti@newnorth. net

Mlwaukee Bella Donnas cycling club,, belladonnamke@, Bike Fed Member

Neenah Team Wheel & Sprocket,, morgan.wiswall@, (920) 470-8107, Bike Fed Member

New Glarus Sugar River Peddler's,

Oshkosh Oshkosh Cycling Club,,, (920) 303-5906, Bike Fed Member Winnebagoland BMX,,, (920) 277-3691 80

Ottowa Starved Rock Cycling Association,, starvedrockcycling@, (815) 830-4291

Phillips Flambeau Freewheelers Bicycle Club,,, (715) 339-4486

Platteville UW-Platteville Cycling Club,,

Plymouth Redline Triathlon Club,,

Portage MadCity Velo Club,,, (608) 772-0598

Racine Kenosha-Racine Bike Club,,, (262) 939-1577, Bike Fed Member

Rhinelander Hodag BMX Club,

Rice Lake Northroads bicycle club, (715) 234-4127


Ripon Ripon College Red Hawks Cycling Team,,, (920) 748-8322

Sheboygan UW Sheboygan Bike Club, cyclingClub.htm, (920) 459-6658

Southeastern WISIL HPVers,, warren.beauchamp@

Springfield (IL) Team Mack Racing Association,,


Stevens Point Heartland Bike Club,,, (715) 340-3132, Bike Fed Member UW Stevens Point Cycling Team,

Stoughton Stoton Cycle Club,, (608) 877-1134, Bike Fed Member

Superior/Duluth Cyclists of Gitchee-Gumee Shores WORBA,,

Sussex Hollander Benelux Racing,,, (414) 218-5178

Theinsville Team Extreme Cycling,, (262) 242-1442

Verona Brazen Dropouts Cycling Club,, officers@brazendropouts. org, (608) 848-5561

Waterloo Trek Midwest Team,,, (920) 478-2191x12164, Bike Fed Member

Wauconda Wisconsin Bicycling Meetup,, ronster1999@

Request a FREE Visitor Guide b a y f i e l d . o r g • 7 1WISCONSINBIKEFED.ORG 5.779.3335


Bicycling Capital of America e d i R e Com ! s U h Wit, (847) 370-4175, Bike Fed Member

Waukesha CZ Velo,, , Bike Fed Member Spring City Spinners Bicycle Club,, president@, (262) 607-2722, Bike Fed Member

Waupaca Couples on Wheels,,, (715) 281-3800, Bike Fed Member WI Tandem Club (Couples on Wheels COWS),, jlonll@, (715) 258-0733, Bike Fed Member

Wausau Wausau Wheelers Bicycle Club,,, (715) 355-7590

Wauwatosa Colectivo Mountain Bike Team,, alterramtb@ Team Wisconsin Cycling Club,, bpchristopherson@, (414) 750-3997, Bike Fed Member Tosa Spokesmen,,

West Allis Metro Milwaukee Mountain Bikers WORBA,

Whitehall Bicycle Club Trempealeau County,,, (715) 797-6342, Bike Fed Member

Whitewater UW-Whitewater Cycling Club,,

Wisconsin Rapids Central Wisconsin BMX,,, (715) 424-5520

800-354-BIKE 82

there is a reason


compass points


Mooningwanekanig-minis - Madeline Island

Madeline Island up to 25 trips per day -

come over.




BIKE SHOPS Saturday, June 3rd, 2017 Green Bay, WI The 2017 BayCare Clinic® Century Bayshore to Lakeshore ride is Green Bay’s newest century ride, going from along the waters of Green Bay to Lake Michigan and back. It passes through some of Wisconsin’s most impressive scenery. There are 100-, 60- and 20-mile routes so that cyclists of all ages and abilities can experience an adventure tailored for them. With multiple rest stops and points of interest for riders to enjoy, this ride is sure to be something you won’t want to miss. See the routes, get details and sign up now at: All proceeds benefit the BayCare Clinic Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to promote the health and well-being of Northeast Wisconsin residents.

Appleton Active Bike & Fitness, 1421 N Richmond St,, (920) 202-3034 Affordable Mobile Bike Repair, 2013 S Jefferson St,, (920) 428-7824 Appleton Bicycle Shop, 121 S State St,, (920) 733-2595, Discount Provider Chain Reaction Cyclery, 818 N Superior St,, (920) 733-1141, Discount Provider Dick's Sporting Goods, 4350 Greenville Dr, (920) 954-9266 Scheels Sporting Goods, 4301 W Wisconsin Ave,, (920) 830-2977 Schwag LLC, 945 S Nicolet Rd,, (920) 733-0600 Wheel & Sprocket, 3939 W College Ave,, (920) 997-9300, Discount Provider

Arlington Yellow Jersey, 219 Main St, (608) 257-4737

Ashland Bay City Cycles, 412 Main St West,, (715) 682-2091, Discount Provider

Baraboo Wildside Adventure Sports, 880 Hwy 12, Suite 1,, (608) 356-9218, Discount Provider

Berlin Mike's Bike Shop, 117 E Huron St, (920) 361-3565

Black River Falls Pearsons Sports Shop, 108 N Water St, (715) 284-9562

Boulder Junction Coontail Sports, 5466 Park St,, (715) 385-0250

Brookfield Brookfield Cycle & Fitness, 2205 N Calhoun Rd,, (262) 784-3151, Discount Provider REI-Brookfield, 13100 W Capitol Dr,, (262) 783-6150


Wheel & Sprocket, 13925 W Capitol Dr,, (262) 783-0700, Discount Provider

Cambridge CamRock Cafe & Sport, 217 West Main St,, (608) 423-2111, Discount Provider

Chippewa Falls Spring Street Sports, 12 W Spring St,, (715) 723-6616

Cudahy South Shore Cyclery, 4758 So Packard Ave,, (414) 831-0211

De Pere The Bike Hub, 1025 N Broadway,, (920) 339-0229, Discount Provider

Delafield Wheel & Sprocket, 528 Wells St,, (262) 646-6300, Discount Provider

Dousman Bicycle Doctor Nordic Ski Shop, 105 N Main St Po Box 25, (262) 965-4144

Eagle River Forever Young Bike and Ski, 107 N Railroad St,, (715) 617-0735

Eau Claire Anybody's Bikeshop, 411 Water St,, (715) 833-7100 Bike & Sport, 403 Water St,, (715) 832-6149 Erik's Bike and Board - E.C., 4130 Commonwealth Ave,, (715) 835-6746, Discount Provider Riverside Bike & Skate, 937 Water St,, (715) 835-0088, Discount Provider Scheels Sporting Goods, 4710 Golf Rd,, (715) 833-1886

Fish Creek Nor Door Sport & Cyclery, 4007 Hwy 42,, (920) 868-2275, Discount Provider

Discover the trails of Whitewater

Fond Du Lac Attitude Sports, 209 A North Macy St,, (920) 923-2323 Fond du Lac Cyclery & Fitness, 209 S Main St John,, (920) 923-3211, Discount Provider

Fort Atkinson 2 Rivers Bicycle & Outdoor, 33 W Sherman Ave,, (920) 563-222, Discount Provider

Fountain City Brone's Bike Shop, S2842 Fern Circle,, (507) 458-9861, Discount Provider

Fox Point Wheel & Sprocket, 6940 N Santa Monica Blvd,, (414) 247-8100, Discount Provider

Grafton Erik's Bike and Board - Grafton, 1275 Washington St,, (262) 377-5220, Discount Provider

Green Bay Broken Spoke, 151 Broadway,, (920) 634-2040, Discount Provider

Exceptional cycling on stunning scenic routes with over 30 miles of mountain bike trails and unlimited road miles throughout Wisconsin’s beautiful Kettle Moraine

Relax after a long ride… stay with us! Baymont Inn & Suites • 262-472-9400 Hamilton House Bed & Breakfast • 262-473-1900 Super 8 • 262-472-0400 Victoria on Main • 262-473-8400

Order your bike maps and Whitewater visitors guide today! • 1-866-4WW-TOUR 150 W. Main St. in Downtown Whitewater WISCONSINBIKEFED.ORG


Green Bay Bicycle Collective, 249 Kenney St,, (920) 246-0098 In Competition Sports, 2439 University Ave,, (920) 465-1510, Discount Provider JB Cycle & Sport, 2500 Glendale Ave,, (920) 434-8338, Discount Provider Pedal n Paddle Performance, 930 Waube Lane,, (920) 336-1000

Budget Bicycle Center , 1230 Regent St, (608) 251-8413, Discount Provider Budget Bicycle Center , 930 Regent St,, (608) 251-8413, Discount Provider Cronometro, 338 W Lakeside St,, (608) 243-7760

Stadium Bike, 2150 W Mason St,, (920) 499-3400, Discount Provider

DreamBikes-Madison, 4245 W Beltline Hwy,, (608) 467-6315, Discount Provider


Erik's Bike and Board - University Square, 795 University Ave,, (608) 250-2701, Discount Provider

Erik's Bike and Board - Greenfield, 8401 W Layton Ave,, (414) 448-1208, Discount Provider

Hales Corners Patio Bike Shop, 9800 W Forest Home Ave,, (414) 425-3535 Wheel & Sprocket, 5722 S 108th St,, (414) 529-6600, Discount Provider

Hartford Expedition Supply, 20 W Sumner St,, (262) 673-7303, Discount Provider

Hayward New Moon Ski & Bike Shop, 15569 Us Hwy 63 N,, (715) 634-8685

Erik's Bike and Board - West, 6610 Seybold Road,, (608) 278-9000, Discount Provider Erik's Bike and Board -East, 1651 Thierer Road,, (608) 244-9825, Discount Provider Machinery Row Bicycles, 601 Williamson St,, (608) 442-5974, Discount Provider Old Town Cycles, 920 East Johnson St,, (608) 259-8696 REI-Madison, 7483 W Towne Ave,, (608) 833-6680 Revolution Cycles, 2330 Atwood Ave,, (608) 244-0009 RVcycles, 5387 Mariners Cove Drive #303,, (608) 235-0369

Riverbrook Bike & Ski Shop, 10538 Main St,, (715) 634-0437, Discount Provider

The Cargo Bike Shop, 1404 Williamson ST,, (608) 467-2316


Trail This Bicycle Shop, 4518 Verona Road,, (608) 274-8447, Discount Provider

Art Doyle's Spokes and Pedals, 607 2nd St,, (715) 386-8500, Discount Provider


Trek Bicycle Store - Madison East, 1706 Eagan Rd,, (608) 442-8738, Discount Provider

Michael's Cycles, 2716 Pontiac Dr,, (608) 752-7676, Discount Provider

Trek Bicycle Store - Madison West, 8108 Mineral Point Rd, trekstoremadison. com, (608) 833-8735, Discount Provider



Recyclist, 631 Saunders Rd,, (920) 759-1200, Discount Provider

Kenosha Total Cyclery, 2900 52Nd St,, (262) 652-2222

La Crosse Bikes Limited, 1001 La Crosse St, (608) 785-2326, Discount Provider Smith's Cycling & Fitness, 125 7Th St North,, (608) 784-1175, Discount Provider

La Pointe

Heavy Pedal Bicycles, 826 S 8th St,, (920) 652-0888 The Bicycle & Fitness Co, 301 N 8Th St,, (920) 682-1944

Marinette Marinette Cycle Center, 1555 Pierce Ave,, (715) 735-5442, Discount Provider

Marshfield The Sports Den, 1202 S Central Ave,, (715) 384-8313, Discount Provider

Motion To Go, 102 Lakeview Place, (715) 747-6585

Menomonee Falls

Lake Geneva

Emery's Bicycle & Super Fitness Store, N88 W15036 Main St,, (262) 255-0770, Discount Provider

RRB Bicycles, 629 Williams St,, (262) 248-2588

Lakewood Lakewood Ski and Sport, 15684 State Hwy 32, (715) 276-3071, Discount Provider

Madison Motorless Motion Bicycles, 640 W Washington Ave, motorlessmotionbicycles. com, (608) 443-0640, Discount Provider Budget Bicycle Center , 8 N Charter St,, (608) 251-8413 Budget Bicycle Center , 1124 Regent St,, (608) 251-8413, Discount Provider


Budget Bicycle Center, 1201 Regent St,, (608) 251-8413, Discount Provider

Menomonie Simple Sports, 326 Main St E, (715) 233-3493, Discount Provider

Mequon BELGIANWERKX, 10802 N Port Washington Rd,, (414) 403-1081, Discount Provider

Middleton Middleton Cycle, 6641 University Ave,, (608) 831-7433, Discount Provider

Milwaukee Ben's Cycle & Fitness Center, 1018 W Lincoln Ave,, (414) 384-2236, Discount Provider

Bigfoot Bike and Skate, 350 East Ward St,, (312) 401-8491


Coast In Bikes, 703 S 2Nd St,, (414) 502-7259, Discount Provider


DreamBikes-Milwaukee, 2021A North Martin Luther King Dr,, (414) 763-0909, Discount Provider

The Crazy Loon, 125 N Lake Ave (Hwy 13), (715) 339-6254

Momentum Bicycle, 25 West Main St,, (608) 348-6888, Discount Provider


Emery's Third Coast Tri Shops, 9929 W Lisbon Ave,, (414) 463-0770, Discount Provider

Back Door Bike Shop, 828 Eastern Ave, (920) 893-9786

Erik's Bike and Board - Milwaukee Eastside, 1819 E Kenilworth Place,, (414) 831-9300, Discount Provider

ZuZu Pedals, 221 North Franklin St,, (262) 208-6571

Fyxation, 2943 N Humboldt Blvd,, (414) 372-7223, Discount Provider

3rd Coast Bicycles, 401 6th St,, (262) 634-0484, Discount Provider

Milwaukee Bicycle Collective, 2910 W Clyborn St, (414) 431-0825 Milwaukee Bike & Skate Rental, Veteran'S Park, (414) 273-1343

Port Washington Racine

Trek Bicycle Store - Racine, 5509 Durand Ave,, (262) 770-3294

The Bike Fixer, 2410 N Murray Ave,, (414) 967-9446, Discount Provider


The Bikesmiths, 2865 N Murray Ave, (414) 332-1330, Discount Provider

Mel's Trading Post, 105 North Brown St,, (715) 362-5800

Truly Spoken Cycles, 600 E Center St, (414) 263-2453 Vulture Space, 651 N Plankinton Ave, (414) 301-1661

Minocqua B J's Sportshop, 917 N US Hwy 51, (715) 356-3900 Chequamegon's Adventure Company, 8576 US 51,, (715) 356-1618, Discount Provider Z-Best Bikes, 329 Front St,, (772) 713-1416

Bikes and Boards, 1670 N Stevens St,, (715) 369-1999

Rice Lake Grinders, 816 Hammond Ave E,, (715) 736-7858 Sports Unlimited, 2900 S Main St, (715) 234-7273, Discount Provider

Ripon Mr. Barts Bike Shop, 316 Doty St, (920) 748-7801

River Falls


CrankWorx Bike Shop, 122 South Main St,, (715) 6297246

Stonehall Bicycle, 921 15Th Ave,, (608) 328-3278, Discount Provider


Mukwonago Won-A-Go Biking, 106 Main St, (262) 363-4770

Neenah Cranked Bike Studio, 200 Main St,, (920) 720-0800, Discount Provider Gear 'N Up Bicycle Shop, 1276 W Winneconne Ave,, (920) 722-2949

New Berlin Trailside Cycle, 1849 S Calhoun Rd,, (262) 542-2453, Discount Provider

New Frankin Trikes to Bikes & More, 5286 Warehouse Dr, (920) 866-2453, Discount Provider

Onalaska Blue Heron Bicycle Works, 213 Main St,, (608) 783-7433, Discount Provider River Trail Cycles, 106 Mason St,, (608) 519-5757, Discount Provider


Mountain Bay Outfitter, 620 S Main St,, (715) 526-8823, Discount Provider

Sheboygan Johnnie's Bike Shop, 1001 Michigan Ave, (920) 452-0934 Sheboygan Bicycle Company, 721 Riverfront Dr,, (920) 208-8735 Wolf's Cycling & Fitness, 1702 South 12Th St,, (920) 457-0664, Discount Provider

Sheboygan Falls Bicycle Works, 1114 Plankview Green Blvd, (920) 467-4549

Shorewood Rainbow Jersey Bicycle Shop, 4600 N Wilson Dr,, (414) 961-1110, Discount Provider

Somerset River Valley Sports, 325 Garfield St, (715) 247-5401

Sparta Speeds Bicycle & Electric Motors, 1126 John St, (608) 269-2315

St. Croix Falls

Bicycle Outlet, 2550 S Washburn St, (920) 230-4668

Cyclova XC, 125 N Washington St,, (715) 483-3278

Oshkosh Cyclery & Fitness, 1030-B 20th Ave,, (920) 231-2211, Discount Provider

Star Prairie

Wheel & Sprocket, 1451 Washburn,, (920) 232-0900, Discount Provider

Pewaukee Velo City, 203 W Wisconsin Ave,, (262) 695-7433

Russell's Sport N' Bike, 703 Jewell St,, (715) 248-3644

Stevens Point Campus Cycle & Sport Shop, 1732 4Th Ave,, (715) 341-2151



If you or someone you love is involved in a bike accident, you need someone on your side.

Call Hupy and Abraham, S.C. We can help.

Hostel Shoppe, 3201 John Joanis Dr,, (715) 341-4340

Stoughton Stoton Cycle, 229 East Main St,, (608) 877-1134

Sturgeon Bay Nor Door Sport & Cyclery, 60 South Madison,, (920) 818-0803, Discount Provider

Sun Prairie Sun City Cyclery & Skate, 235 E Main St, (608) 837-2453, Discount Provider

Thiensville Extreme Ski & Bike, 235 N Main St,, (262) 242-1442, Discount Provider

Tomah Sprockets Bike & Board, 14582 State Hwy 131, (608) 374-4296

Trempealeau Green Heron Bicycle Works, 11369 Main St,, (608) 534-7433

Verona Atkins Verona Bicycle Shoppe, 517 Half Mile Rd,, (608) 845-6644 Rocket Bicycle Studio, 403 Venture Court #1,, (608) 239-3837, Discount Provider

Viroqua Bluedog Cycles, 201 S Main St,, (608) 637-6993

Watertown 2 Rivers Bicycle & Outdoor, 2 East Main St,, (920) 261-4400, Discount Provider

Waukesha Fox River Sports & Spas, 143 E North St, (262) 544-5557, Discount Provider

Year, after year, after year...


M&M Bike Repair, 1309 Summit Ave, (414) 542-5912 Mokros Cycle, N6 W23757 Bluemound Rd, (262) 521-1300, Discount Provider

Waupun Ron's Lawn and Sport, 650 W Main St, (920) 324-3181

Wausau Builer's Cycle & Fitness Center, 215 S 3Rd Ave,, (715) 842-4185 Rib Mountain Cycles, 4001 D Rib Mountain Dr,, (715) 359-3925, Discount Provider Shepherd & Schaller Sporting Goods, 324 Scott St,, (715) 845-5432, Discount Provider Trek Bicycle Store - Wausau, 2601 Stewart St, (715) 845-7433, Discount Provider

Wautoma Wade'z Bike and Adventure Shop, 415 E Main St,, (920) 787-3282

Wauwatosa Milwaukee | Madison | Appleton | Green Bay | Wausau | Illinois | Iowa

800.800.5678 |

Johnson's Cycle & Fitness, 6916 W North Ave,, (414) 476-2341, Discount Provider

West Allis Allis Bike & Fitness, 9622 W National Ave,, (414) 327-1290

West Bend Mountain Outfitters, 109 S Main St,, (262) 335-0424

West Bend Pedal Moraine, 1701 Evergreen St,, (262) 338-2453, Discount Provider 88

White Lake White Lake Market, 633 Bissell St, (715) 882-8419

Whitefish Bay Erik's Bike and Board - Whitefish Bay, 151 E Silver Spring,, (414) 83-1100, Discount Provider

Whitewater Backyard Bikes and Ski, W6098 Hwy 12, (262) 495-8600 BicycleWise & Sport Fitness, 1155 W Main St,, (262) 473-4730, Discount Provider Quiet Hut Sports, 186 W Main St, (262) 473-2950

Wisconsin Rapids Bring's Cyclery & Fitness, 1710 8Th St S, (715) 423-5520 Tour Seven Sports, 2030 Chestnut St, (715) 424-2242

Withee Hene Supply, N14704 French Town Ave, (715) 229-4530



Newton-Blackmour State Trail, Village of Oneida Black Creek, 9-miles crushed stone, (920) 832-4790, Old Plank Road Trail, Plymouth-Sheboygan, 17-miles paved asphalt, (800) 457-9497,



Rawley Point Recreational Trail, Two Rivers-Point Beach State Park, 5-miles crushed limestone, (920) 793-5565 Wild Goose State Trail, Fond du Lac-Clyman Junction, 34-miles crushed limestone, (920) 929-3135, Wiouwash State Trail, Birnamwood-Split Rock and Hortonville-Oshkosh, 41-miles crushed limestone, (920) 232-1960,

Northeast Ahnapee State Trail, Casco-Algoma-Sturgeon Bay, 46-miles crushed limestone, (920) 388-7199, Agonikak Trail, Watersmeet, 12 miles paved, , Bearskin State Trail, Minocqua and Tomahawk, 18-miles and 6-mile crushed limestone trails, (715) 536-8773, Devil's River State Trail, Denmark-Rockwood, 8-miles crushed stone, (920) 6834189, Fox Cities Trails, Neenah-Menasha, mixed paved trails, (920) 832-5905 Fox River State Trail, Green Bay, 25-miles asphalt/crushed limestone, (920) 4484466, Heart of Vilas County Trail, St. Germain, 40-miles paved, (800) 236-3006, Manitowish Waters Trail, Manitowish Waters, 6.1-miles paved, ,

Central 400 State Trail, Reedsburg-Elroy, 22-miles crushed limestone, (608) 524-2850, dnr. Bannerman Trail, Waushara, 7-miles dirt, gravel, shared horse trail, , trail/bannerman-trail.aspx Elroy-Sparta State Trail, Elroy-Sparta, 32-miles crushed limestone, (608) 463-7109, Green Circle State Trail, Stevens Point, 26-mile paved, (715) 346-1531, Mountain-Bay State Trail, Wausau-Green Bay, 83-miles crushed limestone, (920) 448-4466, Omaha Trail, Camp Douglas-Elroy, 13-miles hard surface trail, (608) 847-9389, Tomorrow River State Trail, Plover-Manawa, 29-miles crushed limestone, (715) 3461433, Wild Goose State Trail, Fond du Lac-Clyman Junction, 34-miles crushed limestone, (920) 929-3135,

East Central River State Trail, Denmark-Rockwood, 8-miles crushed stone, (920) 683-4189, dnr. Eisenbahn State Trail, West Bend-Eden, 25-miles asphalt/crushed limestone, (262) 335-5080, Friendship State Trail, Brillion Forest Junction, 4-miles crushed limestone, (920) 4391008, Mariners-Rawley Point Trails, Manitowoc-Two Rivers, 14-miles paved asphalt/crushed limestone, (920) 683-4388, Mascoutin Valley State Trail, Ripon-Berlin, 20-miles crushed limestone, (920) 9293135, 90

Mountain-Bay State Trail, Wausau-Green Bay, 83-miles crushed limestone, (920) 448-4466, Newton-Blackmour State Trail, Village of Oneida Black Creek, 9-miles crushed stone, (920) 832-4790, Nicolet State Trail, Tipler, Long Lake, Newald, Cavour, Laona, Wabeno, Townsend, Mountain, Suring, Gillet, 89-mile crushed limestone, (888) 889-0049, topic/parks/name/nicolet/ Oconto River State Trail, Oconto-Stiles Junction, 8-miles crushed stone, (920) 8346995, Sunset Trail (Peninsula State Park), Fish Creek, 9.6-miles crushed limeston, (920) 868-3258, Three Eagle Trail, Three Lakes-Eagle River, 11-mile crushed limestone, (715) 4796400, Trestle Trail, Neenah-Menasha, 1-mile paved, (877) 303-9200, foxcitiesgreenways. org Wilderness Lakes Trail, Land O' Lakes, Watersmeet, 75-miles, (800) 236-3432, Wolf River State Trail, Crandon, Lily, Hollister, White Lake, 37-mile crushed stone, ballast rock, (715) 478-3475,

Northwest Cattail State Trail, Amery, Turtle Lake, Almena, 18-mile crushed stone, (715) 5376295, Chippewa River State Trail, Eau Claire-Durand, 30-miles hard surface trail, (715) 5599825, Eau Claire City Trails, Eau Claire, 4-miles of paved trails, (715) 839-5032, Gandy Dancer State Trail, St. Croix Falls-Danbury, 98-miles, southern segment consists of crushed limestone, (715) 485-9294, gandydancer/

Old Abe State Trail, Chippewa Falls-Cornell, 20-miles paved asphalt, (715) 7230331, Osaugie Trail, Superior, 5-miles paved, , Pine Line Recreation Trail, Medford-Prentice, 26.2 miles, (800) 269-4505, Red Cedar State Trail, Menomonie-Chippewa River Valley, 15-miles crushed limestone, (715) 232-1242, Saunders State Trail, Superior (Into Minnesota), 8.4 miles, (715) 378-2219, dnr. Stower Seven Lakes State Trail, Amery-Dresser, 14-miles crushed stone, (715) 485-9294, Tuscobia State Trail, Park Falls, Loretta, Draper, Winter, Ojibwa, Radisson, Couderay, Birchwood, 74-miles crushed gravel, (715) 266-7032, topic/parks/name/tuscobia/ Wild Rivers State Trail, Solon Springs, Gordon, Minong, Trego, Spooner, Haugen, Rice Lake, 104-miles crushed limestone, (715) 378-2219, parks/name/wildrivers/

South Central 400 State Trail*, Reedsburg-Elroy, 22-miles crushed limestone, (608) 524-2850, Badger State Trail, Madison-Illinois border, 40-miles crushed limestone/ashpalt, (608) 527-2335, Cannonball Path, Fitchburg, 2.3-miles paved, (608) 270-0420, city.fitchburg.


Capital City State Trail, Madison, 17-miles asphalt-paved trails, (608) 224-3730, Glacial Drumlin State Trail, Waukesha-Cottage Grove, 52-mile crushed limestone/ asphalt, (920) 648-8774, Glacial River Trail, Fort Atkinson, 16-miles paved, (920) 563-7781, Janesville Spring Brook Trail, Janesville, 5-miles paved, (608) 755-3025, traillink. com/trail/spring-brook-trail.aspx Mascoutin Valley State Trail, Ripon-Berlin, 20-miles crushed limestone, (920) 929-3135, Military Ridge State Trail, Verona-Dodgeville, 40-miles crushed limestone/ asphalt, (608) 437-7393, Pecatonica State Trail, Belmont, 10-mile crushed gravel, (608) 776-5706, dnr. Pelishek-Tiffany Nature Trail, Clinton - Allens Grove, 6-mile crushed gravel, (608) 757-5451, Sugar River State Trail, New Glarus-Brodhead, 24-miles crushed limestone, (608) 527-2335,

Southeast Brookfield Greenway Trails, Brookfield, 12-miles asphalt paved trails, (262) 7966675, Bugline Trail, Menomonee Falls-Merton, 12-miles crushed limestone, (262) 5487801, Eisenbahn State Trail, West Bend-Eden, 25-miles asphalt/crushed limestone, (262) 335-5080, Fox River Trail, Waukesha, 6-mile paved, , foxriverwauk.html Glacial Drumlin State Trail, Waukesha-Cottage Grove, 52-mile crushed limestone/ asphalt, (920) 648-8774, Hank Aaron State Trail, Milwaukee, 12-miles paved asphalt, (414) 263-8559, WISCONSINBIKEFED.ORG



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June 10, 2017

July 8, 2017

August 12, 2017 Ozaukee Interurban Trail, Mequon-Belgium, 30-miles paved, (262) 284-9288, Lake Country Recreation Trail, Waukesha, 15-mile paved, , defaultwc.aspx?id=39531 MRK Trail, Racine, 5-miles paved, , New Berlin Recreation Trail, New Berlin, 7-miles paved, , defaultwc.aspx?id=39532 North Shore Trail, Racine, 3-miles paved, , Oak Leaf Trail, Milwaukee, 100-mile loop paved trails/on road routes, (414) 2577275, Pike Bike Trail, Kenosha, 10.2-miles, (800) 654-7309, Racine/Sturtevant Trail, Racine-Sturtevant, 3.5-miles paved, , publicworks. Seven Waters Trail, Burlington-Muskego, 17-miles crushed gravel, , publicworks. Springbrook Trail, Janesville, 5-miles paved, White River State Trail, Elkhorn-Burlington, 12-miles crushed limestone, (262) 723-3980,

Southwest Buffalo River State Trail, Mondovi, Eleva, Strum, Osseo, Fairchild, 36-miles crushed limestone, (608) 534-6409, Cheese Country Trail, Green, LaFayette and Iowa Counties, 47-miles loose gravel shared atv trail, Coon Prairie Trail, Vernon County, 5-miles asphalt, (608) 637-2575, Elroy-Sparta State Trail, Elroy-Sparta, 32-miles crushed limestone, (608) 4637109, Great River State Trail, Onalaska-Trempealeau, 24-miles crushed limestone, (800) 873-1901, Hillsboro State Trail, Hillsboro-Union Center, 4-miles crushed limestone, (608) 489-2521, La Crosse River State Trail, La Crosse-Sparta, 21.5-miles crushed limestone, (608) 269-4123, Pecatonica State Trail, Belmont, 10-mile crushed gravel, (608) 776-5706, dnr. Pine River Recreation Trail, Richland Center, 15-miles crushed limestone, (608) 647-6205, Mississippi River Trail, Itasca, MN-New Orleans, LA, 3,000 miles road and trails, (479) 236-0938, Rock River Trail, Fond du Lac to Rock Island, Illinois, 320-miles road and trails, Tri-County Corridor Trail, Asthland to Itasca, 61.8-mile asphalt and crushed stone, (800) 942-5313, Trestle Trail, Neenah-Menasha, 1-mile paved, (877) 303-9200,




A fundraising ride that benefits multiple sclerosis


Milwaukee and Madison area TOYOTA dealers: Andrew, Don Jacobs, East Madison, Heiser, Hesser, Kenosha, Racine, Ruda, Russ Darrow, Safro, Smart, Wilde WISCONSINBIKEFED.ORG


April 7-9th, 2017 8


Life is Short... Enjoy Your Ride! To share our passion & knowledge of cycling to make a positive difference in our community.


Core Values: Doing the Right Thing

Finding the Right Bike for You!

Maintenance Done Right

Right Price

Learn More: www.wheel and WISCONSINBIKEFED.ORG


MAKE WISCONSIN A BETTER PLACE TO RIDE A BIKE, GET COOL STUFF Becoming a Wisconsin Bike Fed member doesn’t just mean joining the biggest statewide bicycle advocacy group in the nation — it also means getting up to 20%

off at bike shops across the state, receiving this magazine at your door four times a year, and being a part of the movement to move

Wisconsin bicycling forward.



Join online at WISCONSINBIKEFED.ORG/JOIN or mail this completed form to the Wisconsin Bike Fed at: 3618 W. Pierce St., Suite 250, Milwaukee, WI 53215


CHOOSE YOUR MEMBERSHIP LEVEL $35 Individual Membership Includes discount card, 1-year Bike Fed Magazine subscription, + more






$50 Tandem Membership Includes 2 discount cards, 1-year Bike Fed Magazine subsciption, additional household member + more



Tandem Membership Only


(Payable to Wisconsin Bike Fed)







The Wisconsin Bike Fed is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your contribution is tax deductible minus the cost of your optional membership gift. MONTHLY CONTRIBUTION TERMS: I understand this charge to my credit card will remain in effect until I notify the Wisconsin Bike Fed that I wish to end this agreement. I agree to a minimum commitment of at least 12 monthly payments.



CVV (3-digit code on back of card)







Peninsula pacers

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Wisconsin Bike Fed Magazine, Ride Guide Edition, March 2017  

With coffee table book quality reproduction, exquisite photography, engaging stories, and extensive ride calendar, our 2017 Ride Guide is gu...

Wisconsin Bike Fed Magazine, Ride Guide Edition, March 2017  

With coffee table book quality reproduction, exquisite photography, engaging stories, and extensive ride calendar, our 2017 Ride Guide is gu...

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