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From the charming city setting to the scenic natural trails, Delafield was made for two-wheel travel. Venture out by bike today, and discover what Delafield is all about.

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(On the cover) Butterscotch poses for a formal portrait with Mary Lee Agnew’s bicycle in the background.



Borah Epic The Borah Epic is a challenging point to point single track mountain bike race which donates the race profits to CAMBA (Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association). Since 2013 the Borah Epic has donated over $37,000.00.. With 36 miles of pristine single track, riders surf through smooth banked turns, navigate across bumpy rock gardens, and surge through pine groves as the sunlight breaks through the treetops. Organized by our friends at Borah Teamwear from Coon Valley. Photos by James Netz Photography.


RAW Emotion In a few weeks you’ll get a chance once again to ride across Wisconsin… in only one day. Or two, if you’d like.

Chris Aalid/Marketing Coordinator

Zac Barnes/Central Region Director

Dave Cieslewicz/Executive Director

Eric Crouthamel/Valid Bike Shop Manager

Carolyn Dvorak/Southwest Region Director

Ride Across Wisconsin 2016 Weekend is August 26th through the 28th. You can park in Kenosha and enjoy a relaxing bus ride to Dubuque on Friday afternoon. We’ll have a pre-ride party featuring Jens Voight on Friday evening. The main event is Saturday with the epic ride to Kenosha, finishing with a lap of the famous velodrome there and another party to toast your amazing accomplishment.

Sarah Gaskell/Planning Manager

But if you’d rather get across our state in a more civilized two days, have we got the deal for you! We’ve arranged for a stay over in Beloit, with food and festivities there on Saturday night. Then you’re off to Kenosha on Sunday finishing with the same lap of the velodrome and closing party.

Tony Giron/Smart Trips Coordinator

Matt Gissibl/Resident Dirt Tester

Wendy Hanisch/ Director of Development and Events

Tom Held/Share & Be Aware Comunications Coordinator

Andrew Kaczmarek/Finance Director

Bryan La Bissoniere/Membership Coordinator

Betsy Massnick/Membership Director

Jake Newborn/Youth Education Program Manager

Mirtha Sosa/Milwaukee Bicycle Coordinator

Dave Schlabowske/Deputy Director Jessica Wineberg/Program Director

Board of Directors Ted Galloway, Chair, Bill Koch, Vice Chair, Clay Griessmeyer, Secretary Dan Goldberg, Assistant Secretary, Dave Jablonowski, Treasurer Mike Basarich Julian Kegel Melissa Vernon Brien Christopherson Bill Koch David Waters Peter Gray Beth Liebhardt Robbie Webber Cassandra Habel Janet Loewi Gigi Koenig Bill Hauda Gary Peterson Michael Johnson John Siegert

Magazine Staff Art Director: Chris Aalid

Advertising: Matt Gissibl/ The Wisconsin Bike Fed Magazine is a complimentary addition to Bike Fed Annual Memberships. Proudly printed on Appleton Uptopia Paper, milled in Wisconsin

This isn’t just a great way to tour the state and to put another notch in your growing list of cycling conquests. It’s also a way to make cycling better for everyone. That’s because your registration supports the Bike Fed. Everyone who enters automatically becomes a member or renews their membership. Already with 6,500 members (up over 50% in just two years) we’re on a mission to break the 10,000 member mark in just a few years more and then we’ll keep going after that. Why not 20,000? Why not more?

Editor: Dave Schlabowske

And whether you choose the one or two day ride you’ll be treated to great, locally sourced farm-to-table food along the way, sag support from Wheel & Sprocket, and all the top notch accoutrement that comes with a Trek supported event. And, of course, if you can keep up with him you can chat with the ever outgoing Jensie along the way.

Each membership not only supports our work financially, it means more power behind the push for better cycling laws and infrastructure. Cycling isn’t just movement, it’s a movement. And the more people in that movement the stronger and more effective it will be. There’s still time to register, but we’re closing in our target number to make it a great ride. So, don’t delay. Go to the Bike Fed’s website and reserve your spot for the one or the two day ride right now. And when you’re done signing up, page through yet another Bike Fed Magazine masterpiece. Enjoy the read.

Dave Cieslewicz, Executive Director WISCONSINBIKEFED.ORG





VALENTI CYCLING ART A conversation with cyclist and artist, Michael Valenti. Michael’s illustration work has been featured on several Bike Fed posters and items, and the cover of this very magazine! 8

My cycling background. I grew up in a very middle class suburb of Boston, MA called Stoughton. I rode my bike from morning to dusk with my “bike gang” all through my childhood. I continued riding as a teenager but mostly to get to work and go see my girlfriend (now she’s my wife). I started riding with cycling clubs in the Chicago area about twenty-five years ago. I know every street and county road there is near the Illinois and Wisconsin border. I’m the club social route maker. My cycling club is called Veloist CC and we are a small, tight-knit group of riders that have a tremendous amount of trust and respect for each other and the sport of cycling. I love riding with these guys because we have great adventures, laugh a lot and generally have a great time riding bikes. My job is my passion. I went to Vesper George School of Art in Boston, where I was trained as an illustrator and designer. My first jobs were all with advertising agencies, some large, some small. I’ve created hundreds of television commercials and advertisements for companies like Hallmark, McDonald’s, Allstate and Proctor & Gamble. I was very good at it but it’s a hard world to live in for so long. I started my own design consulting business VALENTI Advertising Design Ideas ten years ago and I absolutely love working for myself. Here is the website: I would not say it’s for everyone. Wearing so many hats in a small business can be difficult at times. But what it has allowed me to do is to chase my dream. I want to be one of the best known cycling artists in the world. I know that sounds crazy but if you don’t aim high you’ll never get anywhere. So that’s my job and my passion! Riding my bike growing up. Growing up in the suburbs of Boston wasn’t nearly as important to my early cycling as having a large group of cra-

zy bike riding friends in my neighborhood. I think we could have been almost anywhere. We didn’t race back then, we didn’t road ride—but what we did do was have fun. The kind of stupid fun that makes you fall in love with riding a bicycle and all the freedom it represents. I’ve never yet been to Italy to ride their historical roads, places I’ve heard of for so many years, places I know that one day I will ride. But I’m sure I will get there. Until I do, I’ll keep having tons of fun right here in Wisconsin, USA. What I hope my art says to people. All of my life I’ve been involved with creating communications with a “human touch”. I hope that as I continue to evolve as an artist this human side of my work comes out more each day. I want non-cyclists to say they wish they could experience the feeling of cycling because of what I’ve drawn. And I want cyclists that look at my work to say, “that guy really gets us, he’s one of us.” Finding your true authentic self is the search of all artists.

While I do live just on the other side of the Illinois border, it is a very short ride to the Holy Land. I am on that journey, that quest is in my every action. Living South of the Cheddar Curtain While I do live just on the other side of the Illinois border, it is a very short ride to the Holy Land. I count myself as lucky that I can roll out my door and in minutes

I am on some of the most beautiful county roads in the southeast part of Wisconsin. My road cycling club, Veloist CC, meets each week for rides between Lake Geneva, Burlington and Kenosha. We are most often found having a coffee at The Common Grounds in Kenosha, or a snack at Gooseberries in Burlington after we hit the rollers on Knob Hill road.






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PRESERVE where IDE —— — you R — ——



Schedule of Events 8am ...................60+ mile route departs 9am ...................30+ mile route departs 11am-3pm ....... Join us for post ride refreshment and more local food Bikers depart from: Camp/Quad 6886 County Rd. Q Washington County (Hwy Q & Hwy 83) A waiver will need to be signed before departure. Registration Registration thru August 15th: $75 per person* August 16th & after: $95 per person* Limit 450 Riders To register, please visit: or email *Tall Pines Conservancy is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Registration is a tax deductible donation. 10

Check out more of Michael’s work online at

With so many low-traffic paved town roads to choose from, we can ride for hours and count the cars that pass us on our fingers. I always tell people I get to ride my bike in places that look like a travel brochure for Wisconsin. My involvement with the Wisconsin Bike Fed is a very natural fit with my art work and how I feel about cycling in Wisconsin. Their efforts to make our roads safer and more rider friendly need to be supported whenever possible. If you like cycling, I encourage you to join the Bike Fed and help out where you can, whether you are a plumber or a designer like me. If drawing a picture can help—I’m in. Contact the Bike Fed to see how you can help make Wisconsin an even better place to ride! My favorite race. I’d have to say my favorite race is Paris-Roubaix. I’m drawn to the struggle. I’m drawn to what seems to be an open wound, raw with passion and pain. I can only imagine there is no entering into this race without full commitment. There is no place to hide. You get very little help from others and it’s hard. Just plain physically and mentally hard. Maybe you could say Paris-Roubaix is like life. And life can be hard. A cycling renaissance. I believe there has been a new growth and interest in cycling over the last few years. I see it here in the U.S. And I for one am very happy to have this new interest. I’m sure much of it is because the world is smaller now every year. With social media sharing I have friends on many continents. I couldn’t always do that. This makes it easy for us to share our passions for cycling. Bigger and better media coverage of the major tours also helps exposure and growth here in the U.S. because of it. The sport loves heroes and when entire countries get behind them, Wiggins, Nibali, Froome, Contador—then there is bound to be more attention.

Proud supporter of Ride Across Wisconsin!


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Red Earth Classic


Ore to Shore Mountain Bike Epic


Marquette Marathon and Half Marathon Blackrocks 5k


AUGUST 19-20

XTERRA Lake Superior Shore Run


Margi Gessik 100

Marquette Trail 50 Ultramarathon Moose on the Loose 5k


Marquette Mountain Bike Enduro




MARQUETTE embrace your natural identity



Story by Dave Schlabowske, photos by Julian Kegel 14


irst and foremost, we created the Ride Across Wisconsin last year because Wisconsin did not have an epic, one day cross-state ride. While it is certainly intended to be a fundraiser and increase our membership, we also wanted to create a top-notch event that showcases the best of Wisconsin. We think you will agree the route shows off our state’s unique network of paved, low-traffic town roads thanks to our dairy industry, as well as the challenging topography of our Driftless Region. The rest stops highlight our friendly communities and our great food. This year we are working with Chef Peter Sandroni to create a delicious, nutritious lunch with ingredients sourced from area family farms. Chef Sandroni’s award-winning restaurant La Merenda was an early leader in the Restaurant Supported Agriculture movement in Milwaukee. Locavores also love Engine Company No. 3, his breakfast and lunch spot a block away in a former Walker’s Point neighborhood firehouse. And if those two businesses didn’t keep him busy enough, he is starting an artisanal natural soda company.

Left: PATATAS BRAVAS Y CHORIZO: fried potatoes | spicy tomato sauce | homemade chorizo sausage| garlic aioli from the menu at La Meranda Below: Chocolate-dipped strawberries and Peter with Maple Creek Farms bacon in his kitchen at Engine Company 3.



Above top: La Meranda Salad: local arugula | pine nuts | ginger braised cranberries | Carr Valley Glacier Penta Crème blue cheese | cranberry balsamic vinaigrette | maple glaze. Above: GNOCCHI DEL GIARDINO: Springdale Farm parsnip gnocchi | local asparagus | River Valley Ranch mushrooms | local spinach | lemon cream | wild ramp pesto | shaved Uplands Dairy Pleasant Ridge Reserve. Right: Peter riding under the railroad bridge on S. 2nd Street, near his restaurants in Milwaukee’s hip Walker’s Point neighborhood.


How does such a busy chef find time to help out a ride? He makes the time because he is an avid cyclist himself and proud fellow son of Wisconsin. Sandroni was born in Milwaukee to an Italian/Irish family and his wife is Colombian. Before he came back to Milwaukee in 2007 to open his international tapas-style restaurant La Merenda, he worked as a chef tin Atlanta and Chicago at a variety of well-known Italian, French, Asian and Filipino restaurants. If you have eaten at his restaurants, I’m sure you

love his respect for local ingredients and the big flavors he packs into his small plates, but on our ride, you will also appreciate his thoughtful attention to cyclists’ nutritional needs. As a cyclist, he has an intuitive understanding of what people want to eat on a ride, but Sandroni went further and consulted with a friend who is a chef for a pro team in Europe. While the exact menu won’t be determined until closer to the ride when we know what the best local produce is available, we hope this can give you an idea of what will be on the menu for the lunch stops in Monroe and Beloit.





The Ride. An eight mile nighttime bicycle tour of Milwaukee's near south side neighborhoods that blends the best traditions of the historic European heritage and the current Latino cultures in the area. The Block Party. A local Norteño band will kick off the pre-ride party under the Polish Moon at Wayward Kitchen where they will be serving delicious tacos and pierogies. Benʼs Cycle will grill Klements sausage, and of course there will be ice cream!

Get details and sign up to ride at





We’re riding across Wisconsin this August with Trek Segafredo and Jens Voigt. Ready to ride? Of course you are. Here’s what you need to know.




JOIN THE TREKSEGAFREDO RACING TEAM AND SPECIAL GUEST JENS VOIGT FOR OUR SECOND ANNUAL 175-MILE RIDE ACROSS THE GREATEST STATE EVER! The ride begins in Dubuque and follows scenic, low traffic roads 175 miles across the bottom of the state, includes a ceremonial lap around the Washington Park Velodrome and ends at Simmons Island Beach along the shore of Lake Michigan in Kenosha. Our inaugural ride was a huge success and with 490 bib tags issued, only eight people needed sag support to finish the coast to coast ride. After the ride, the feedback we received was overwhelmingly enthusiastic, so we didn’t change much. The only major difference is that for our second year, we are offering a twoday option, with an overnight stop over in Beloit, for a wider range of riders. The thought behind RAW was to create an epic but fun ride across Wisconsin that people from across the country will 22

add to their cycling bucket list. The Ride Across Wisconsin is a challenging ride, but it is not a race, which is one of the reasons it is so successful. There are faster groups and slower groups so no matter your level of fitness you can always find a group to ride with. We have well-stocked rest stops every 25 miles and two stop options for lunch to accommodate riders who want to stop for a meal at different times. Wheel & Sprocket provides professional ride support in case you have a mechanical problem along the way, from flat tires to something major. With us taking care of all the worries except for your base miles, we hope you and your friends or family will join us on

our second Ride Across Wisconsin with Jens Voigt and the pro racers from the Trek-Segafredo team. In addition to the chance to ride alongside these great professional racers, Friday night in Dubuque we will have an optional banquet-style pasta dinner after which Robbie ‘K-town Motor” Ventura will interview Jens and take questions. Saturday, the Grand Départ will be at 6am from Main Street in Dubuque, with a police led rollout over the Mississippi River. Once safely back in Wisconsin we

say goodbye to the police escort, but we promise you won’t see many cars on these scenic, rural paved roads. Whether you choose the one-day or two-day option, you will find all the chocolate milk, pizza and beer you want waiting for you at the finish party at Simmons Island Beach along the shore of Lake Michigan.



THE ROUTE We start the Ride Across Wisconsin in Dubuque, IA because we need a start location with plenty of hotel rooms along the Mississippi, and the route along our southern border is the shortest distance across the state. With a 6 AM roll-out and about 13 hours and 23 minutes of daylight last year, most riders were able to finish the 175 mile route with daylight left. For the route, we cherry picked 175 miles of the scenic, paved, low-traffic town roads that Wisconsin is famous for, thanks to our state’s dairy industry. You will get most of the route’s 6,800 feet of climbing out of the way in the first 85 hilly miles through the unglaciated Driftless Region. The road tips up slightly out of Beloit, but the grade is easy and gradual. Then the last 45 miles are pretty much downhill from Lake Geneva all the way to the finish in Kenosha. As a special treat this year, riders have the option of riding a ceremonial lap around the recently resurfaced velodrome in Washington Park. The “Kenosha Bowl” opened in 1927, and after 89 years, it is the oldest operating velodrome in the country, a fitting place to end a ride with Jens Voigt. We will have event photographers at the Velodrome to take your photograph as you roll around the fresh, smooth 28


175 6,800 MILES





degree concrete banks of the historic track. Then it is just a couple short miles to the finish at the beach in Simmons Island Park on the shore of Lake Michigan for our finishing party!

The entire route will be well marked with hi-vis route arrows on the pavement. There will be two advance arrows prior to every turn and one confirmation arrow after the turn. » All riders will get a map and queue sheet printed on waterproof, tear proof paper. » The gpx, tcx and Garmin files for the route are available for download at


REGISTRATION Last December we opened advance registration for RAW Founders, those crazy people who believed in us enough to sign up for the inaugural Ride Across Wisconsin when they had little more to go on than some vague promises. With that hugely successful first year under our belt, we opened registration to everyone else in February, and now have more than 600 people signed up. We are capping registration at 1,200 this year so we can manage our growth and keep the ride safe and fun.

JULY–AUGUST 12TH REGISTRATION FEES One Day RAW $200 member rate or $235 for non-members (fee includes a new membership).

Two Day RAW $275 member rate or $325 for non-members, (fee includes a new membership). Includes baggage transport to and from Beloit. Hotel not included. + $80 Motor Coach and bike transportation option from Kenosha to Dubuque $30 Bag Drop in Beloit, option for one day riders to have a small bag with extra jersey and food dropped and picked up in Beloit. Then we’ll take your dirty kit back to Kenosha so you’re fresh for the after-party. For one-day riders only as baggage transportation is included with the two-day option.



YOU’VE GOT QUESTIONS, WE’VE GOT ANSWERS Everything you want to know, and some things that you didn’t want to know about the 2016 Ride Across Wisconsin. Read up and get ready to ride coast-tocoast across the greatest state ever this August.


How long will it take me to finish? How fast can you ride 175 miles? If you have no idea, you might want to register for the two day option. Last year the fastest group finished in just over 8 hours and the last rider crossed the line in 14 hours.

Is this a race? No; this is a long, challenging ride, but not a race. Bragging rights are that you finished and pedaled your bike across the state from the Mississippi to Lake Michigan. That should be enough to impress just about anyone who asks. Will there be timing? Where can I find my results? Remember; this is not a race? If we have timing at all, it will only be for accountability’s sake and we will not be posting finish times. This is a long ride. If you want to know how long it takes you, look at your watch, your phone or bicycle computer. Will the roads be closed to motor vehicle traffic? No, riders must follow all rules of the road. We expect all riders to be “roll models” and ambassadors for cycling. That means keep to the right as much as possible. Try to ride no more than two-abreast. Stop for controlled intersections. With the exception of just outside Dubuque, Beloit and Kenosha, the route travels along very low-traffic town roads, but you may have some drivers who need to pass your group, so please be courteous and move to the right. Can my spouse/partner/friend/personal valet drive sag and support for me in our car? We provide top-level mechanical support, frequent and well-stocked rest stops and sag for those who need it. If for some reason you still want private sag support, you can have someone drive for you, but they must stay off the Ride Across Wisconsin route, and drive only on the parallel roads recommended on the map and only meet you at intersections. What will be served at the Rest Stops? Rest stops include mechanical support, portable restrooms, hydration and food. We are proud to have Bonk Breaker as our performance nutrition sponsor because their energy bars, chews, and electrolyte mix are gluten-free, dairyfree, made with real ingredients, and more importantly, they taste great! In addition to Bonk Breaker, all stops will have water, fruit and small snacks. The rest stops in Monroe and Beloit will also have a catered lunch.

REST STOPS The rest stops are located approximately every 25 miles. There is more infor-mation about what we will have at each rest stop below. Rest stop staffing times are based on slow riders averaging 12mph, fast riders 20mph, including rest stops. Ideally, people who sign up should be able to average 15mph, including stops. That is pretty doable if riding in a group. Anyone not able to average 12mph will be sagged or told they are riding without support.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 27TH NEW DIGGINGS (25 MILES) Basic, Staffed 7am – 9am

B E LO I T (104 MILES) Full, Staffed 11am – 4pm

H O L L A N D DA I RY FA R M (41.6 MILES) Chocolate Milk! 8am – 11am

WA LWO R T H (128 MILES) Basic, 12pm – 4pm

MONROE (66 MILES) Full, Staffed 9am – 1pm AVO N ( 8 5 M I L E S ) Basic, Staffed 10am – 2pm

BOHNER LAKE (155 MILES) Basic, 1pm – 6pm KENOSHA FINISH ( 1 75 M I L E S ) Full, Staffed 3pm – 9pm

SUNDAY, AUGUST 28TH B E LO I T ( 1 0 4 MILES) Basic, 6am – 9am

BOHNER LAKE ( 47.1 M I L E S ) Basic, 9am – 1pm

WA LWO R T H (24.7 MILES) Basic, 7am – 11am

KENOSHA FINISH ( 75 M I L E S ) Full, staffed, 10am – 3pm




175 miles is going to make you hungry. Really hungry. We teamed up with one of Milwaukee’s best chefs (and avid cyclist, of course) to get you fueled up with Wisconsinfarmed food. As mentioned in the RAW Chef story earlier in this issue, we are working with the very talented Chef Peter Sandroni of La Meranda and Engine Company 3 who is an avid cyclist. He has prepared a delicious lunch made with ingredients from Wisconsin family farms. We will have vegetarian and Gluten Free options available. More details on the menu to come.

THE DINNERS Beloit: The Rock Trail Coalition will provide dinner and a party in Beloit. They will be serving pulled pork, a vegetarian option, sides and beverages. Dinner will begin at 5pm and the party and band will start at 6pm.

Kenosha: The finish party in Kenosha is catered by DeRango’s, The Pizza King of Kenosha. Derango’s will be serving a variety of pizzas and Italian sausage bomber sandwiches and have water and soda. Beer is provided by Public Craft Brewing, of Kenosha.



HOW AM I GETTING AROUND? Probably on a bike. But we’ve got some options for after that —like getting you back to Dubuque after the ride.

RAW Transportation from Kenosha to Dubuque You can make your own transportation arrangements or sign up for our motor coach service and bicycle transportation from Kenosha. Just arrive at Kennedy Park between 9AM and 10AM so we have time to load your bike and hand out rider packets. You can leave your car there until you get back after the ride. Wheel & Sprocket will carefully load your bike and your overnight backpack in a moving van. All you have to do then is hop on a comfortable motor coach and relax for the four hour ride to Dubuque. Remember you may need to ride your bike to your hotel in Dubuque, so we recommend bringing a backpack as your overnight bag. Do not bring a big suitcase or roller bag. If you purchase this transportation option, Wheel & Sprocket will also take your overnight bag from Dubuque back to Kenosha for you. Simply bring it to the start location Saturday morning and hand it to someone from Wheel & Sprocket. For those signed up for the two-day 30

Q&A with Robbie “K-town Motor” Ventura and Jens Voigt One of the highlights for RAW last year was the question and answer session in the beautiful Five Flags Theater with Kenosha native and former pro Robbie Ventura and Jens Voigt. Unfortunately, RAW has grown beyond the capacity of that his-

toric theater so we have to move to the arena next door. While it is not all velvet seats and gold leaf plasterwork, the arena will still offer the same chance to listen to Jensie tell tales from the pro peloton and provides the opportunity to ask him questions. The arena also gives us the opportunity to provide an optional healthy pre-RAW pasta dinner before the Q&A starts. We have tried to keep the price low to just cover our costs for the food and arena rental so you can get a healthy meal in and still hear Jens. You are welcome to eat elsewhere in Dubuque if you want, just bring your wristband with you before 7pm for free access to the arena bleacher seating.

option, Wheel & Sprocket will take your bag to Beloit for you and then take it back to Kenosha from the start location in Beloit Sunday morning. The motor coaches will roll out of Kenosha before noon. While you wait, there will be food and coffee available for purchase at Kennedy Park, with all proceeds from sales going to support the Kenosha Velodrome Association. When you get to Dubuque, the motor coach will drop you off right on Locust Street (between 4th & 5th Streets) next to the Five Flags Theater. Grab your bike from the moving van, put on your overnight backpack and head to your hotel. How do I get back from Kenosha if I live in Dubuque? Contact Shuttleguy to make transportation arrangements from Kenosha to Dubuque. Can I end my ride in Beloit? Sure, but we do not have a discounted rate for “half RAW.” We don’t have transportation options to or from Beloit either, but you can try to arrange that on your own if you want. ShuttleGuy is NOT available for Beloit transportation, so plan accordingly.

Can I start my ride in Beloit? We do not support a Beloit start, but can accommodate riders that make their own arrangements to begin on Sunday in Beloit. Optional Friday night pasta dinner in Dubuque This year we will be offering an Italian Buffet dinner on Friday night at the Five Flags Arena for those who want the ease of finding a great pre-ride meal and have VIP table seating for the Jens Voigt talk. The cost is $25 and tickets are available by going to the Ride Across Wisconsin Store on the website. Dinner will be served at 6pm and the program will start at 7:30. RAW Swag and included freebies All riders will get a Hefty Finisher Goblet, free beer and pizza at the finish, chocolate milk for great recover, discount coupons from sponsors. We will also have a shower truck for those who don’t want to jump in Lake Michigan, or for those who do! Bragging rights to the biggest accomplishment in Wisconsin Cycling!



R I D E S U P P O R T/S AG : ( 4 1 4 ) 5 5 3 - 0 8 6 1 Wheel & Sprocket have provided professional mechanical support and sag for hundreds of rides for decades. While we suggest every rider bring a tube, pump and multi-tool to handle simple things, Wheel & Sprocket will be there to help if you need it. M E D I C A L S U P P O R T : ( 4 1 4 ) 8 07- 3 9 0 3 We will have members of the International Mountain Bike Patrol traveling with the ride in motor vehicles to provide on-course medical support for minor incidents, but for any medical emergencies, call 911.



Rider packet. Bib tag on by back, handlebar tag on my bars, luggage tag on my overnight bag. Wristband on. My overnight bag is a backpack or other bag I can carry while riding my bicycle because there is limited taxi service and I may have to ride several miles to my hotel Friday night in Dubuque or Saturday night in Beloit. Helmet, bike shoes and water bottles. Any special personal performance nutrition. Transportation options figured out. Spare tube, multi-tool and mini-pump on my bike. Wallet, cash or credit card in case I have a mechanical issue and need to purchase additional repair items from Wheel & Sprocket along the route. Personal identification of some kind on my person while riding.


Wear helmets while riding on the course. Follow all rules of the road. Be courteous to other riders and people in motor vehicles. Move to the right and/or ride single file to allow motor vehicles to pass. Bring a front and rear light in case delays force a finish in the dark. Bring a backpack or overnight bag you can carry while riding your bike in case you need to ride from the drop-off point to your hotel in Dubuque or Beloit. With hundreds of riders staying at dozens of hotels, we cannot provide luggage service. Transport of your bag from start to finish, and to Beloit and back to Kenosha is included when you purchase our transportation option. Wear your rider bib, handlebar tag, put the extra tag on your overnight bag, wear your wristband to get into the Q&A with Jens, the Beloit stop, and the finish party in Kenosha. Riders get one lunch each at either the Monroe or Beloit stops, not both. There is plenty of other food at the other rest stops. Carry some form of personal identification while riding. Remember to enjoy the experience!



is the only city in Rock County to receive an “All-America City” award and was named one of Travel & Leisure’s “Top 20 Greatest American Streets for 2014”. Discover for more.

THE HIGHLIGHTS Beloit Beloit, located north of the confluence of the Rock River and Turtle Creek, offers an abundance of recreational opportunities. Downtown Beloit provides a unique collection of shops, restaurants, boutiques, and the 2nd largest farmers’ market in the state. Several cultural attractions are located in Beloit including The Angel Museum, Logan Museum of Anthropology, and the Wright Museum of Art. There are festivals throughout the year such as the Beloit International Film Festival, Winterfest, Autorama, Fridays in the Park, and Music at Harry’s Place — nine free concerts during the summer along the Rock River. Beloit is also home to a minor league baseball team, the Beloit Snappers, a Class A affiliate of the Oakland A’s. Beloit 34

Dubuque Named the 4th Best American Riverfront by USA Today’s, Dubuque, Iowa’s location along the Mississippi River is one you don’t want to miss. Explore historical sites. Indulge in nature’s bounty. Dream along the riverside. Jump into the swing of things, whether it be golfing, gaming, biking, or snowshoeing. Indulge in breakfast at a country inn. Luxuriate in the services of a posh spa. Tour a winery, or window shop in the heart of downtown. Discover the critters who call the river home and so much more. Whatever it is you want to do while taking a break from the realities of life, Dubuque can take you there. Kenosha Kenosha is located in Southeast Wisconsin on the Lake Michigan shore. Electric Streetcars travel through Downtown Kenosha and along the lakefront. Charter fishing excursions on Lake Michigan are a popular activity. Also at the lakefront are the Kenosha Sculpture Walk, Kenosha HarborMarket (on Saturdays), five free beaches, and five museums. The Kenosha Public Museum, Civil War Museum, and Dinosaur Discovery Museum are Smithsonian Institution Affiliates. The Civil War Museum is one of only three venues featuring a 360-degree film experience in the country. Two lighthouses are still standing to this day: with the 150-year-old Southport Lighthouse and Southport Light Station Museum open for tours seasonally. Nearby is the Kenosha History Center, which includes the history of Kenosha’s auto-making industry. Uke’s Harley-Davidson in Kenosha is Wisconsin’s oldest Harley-Davidson dealership. Meanwhile, other must-see stops in the Kenosha Area include Franks Diner, Mars’ Cheese Castle, Brat Stop, Bristol Renaissance Faire, Pleasant Prairie Premium Outlets, RecPlex, and Jelly Belly Visitor Center.


D UB UQ UE H O S T H OT E L Holiday Inn – Dubuque, 450 Main Street, Dubuque, IA, (563) 556-2000 A D D I T I O N A L H OT E L S Hotel Julien – Call the hotel directly at (800) 798-7098 or (563) 556-4200 to make reservations. Rate: $170. Room Block Name: Ride Across Wisconsin 8.26.16 Best Western Plus – Call the hotel directly at (563) 557-8000 to make reservations. Rate: $161 Room block name: Wisconsin Bike Federation

B E LO IT H O S T H OT E L Best Western Legacy Inn and Suites, 5910 Technology Drive, South Beloit, IL, 61080, (815) 389-4211 A D D I T I O N A L H OT E L Hampton Inn Beloit, 2700 Cranston Road, Beloit, WI, (608) 362-6000




F RIDAY, AUG UST 26 T H 9 A M -1 1 A M Riders arrive in Kenosha to begin boarding motor coaches and loading bikes. Bring overnight backpack. We will transport that backpack back to Kenosha (or Beloit and Kenosha for two-day riders). NOON Buses leave Kenosha for Dubuque 4PM Buses arrive Dubuque, unload bikes, head to hotels 5PM Packet pick-up in Dubuque 6PM Italian buffet dinner at the Five Flags Arena or dinner on your own. 7 : 3 0 P M TO 8 : 3 0 P M Jens talk at Five Flags Center

SAT URDAY, AUG UST 27 T H 6:22AM IS SUNRISE 6AM Grand Départ Dubuque — official start 3PM Cut off time for one-day riders passing Beloit 6PM Cut off for one-day riders passing the Bonner Lake rest stop.

SUNDAY, AUG UST 28 T H 6:22AM IS SUNRISE 9AM Two day riders should leave no later than 9am for the 75 mile ride from Beloit to Kenosha. NOON–4PM Kenosha Finish Party.


THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS NSMF The Nancy Sellars Memorial Foundation



A Better Place for Bikes No one has done more to support cycling on a local, state, or national level than Over the years, Wheel & Sprocket has

Wheel & Sprocket.

It is a bold statement-- but it’s a story we have yet to tell. For over 40 years, Wheel & Sprocket has acted as much more than just a bike shop. From supporting rides every weekend, to creating bike trails and building bridges, we have been making

consistently helped strategize and work with






organizations to accomplish lofty goals and raise millions. Take a look around the U.S. and you’ll see improved cycling infrastructure. It’s a team of dedicated individuals like the leaders of Wheel & Sprocket that have helped made it all possible.

a positive difference for cyclists.

Change happens by those who show up.

In the early days, Wheel & Sprocket was like any

Nowadays, Wheel & Sprocket supports over 70

-small shop trying to get its foot in the door. Though it was hard to contribute financially, we donated our time, knowledge, and passion to help make our communities a better place for bikes.

different events throughout the ride season. By donating labor and lending a hand, we help make sure everyone can enjoy their ride.. We have come a long way and are dedicated to continuous improvement.

We believe bikes make the world a better place, and we are proud to make the world a better place for bikes.

w h e e l a n d s p ro c ket .c o m



On a State Level, Wheel & Sprocket helped re-open the Southern Kettle Moraine mountain bike trails when they were officially closed in 1997. With the help of Trek Bicycles and WORBA, not only did we fight to get the trails re-opened, but we have helped create events like the Fall Color Festival (September 24th 2016), that continually raises money for mountain bike trail development.

National Nationally, Chris Kegel (President of Wheel & Sprocket) is a key leader. He is the past president of Bikes Belong (now People For Bikes), and presently on the board of IMBA and The League of American Bicyclists, just to name a few. Chris helped to form the first Bike PAC to allocate funding for bikes as a part of the overall transportation budget.

Supporting Riders From the Start:

Locally, Wheel & Sprocket worked with the Ozaukee County Trail System to correct a dangerous intersection of the Interurban Trail. As a solution, we helped fund a bike bridge over the I-43 highway near Grafton. To this day, the trail continues to expand, improve, and now (finally!) connects to Milwaukee’s Oak Leaf Trail!








I’VE BEEN ON A QUEST TO GET A CUSTOM BIKE BUILT FOR THE LAST TWO YEARS AND I’M PROUD TO SAY MY PROJECT IS FINALLY COMPLETE. Why did it take me two years? It wasn’t the budget or my lack of interest in getting the bike built; it was all about finding the right builder to help me complete my vision.  The builder had to be one that was more than just an accomplished frame builder. They had to be one that I could connect with. That truly understood what I was trying to accomplish. In my opinion, getting a custom bike built is as much about the person building the bike as it is the finished product. On my adventure to get my first custom bike built I was introduced to a few custom builders that for one reason or another I just didn’t feel like I could work with. I don’t know if it was personalities or my own high expectations but I never quite felt comfortable starting my bike project with any of these builders. As mentioned earlier, it took me about two years to find the right person to do my build and when I finally met him it was in a totally unexpected place. Last summer I was working the Fyxation booth at the 2015 Downer Classic Crit Race when I was introduced to a guy named Paul Reardon. It turns out  Paul is the owner of  Blue Steel Fabrication out of La Crosse, Wisconsin where he does everything from patching cracked frames on older bikes, powder coating bikes new or old, to building bikes by hand that are truly one of a kind.  After a short while, Paul and I connected with our love for cycling and we started a discussion that evolved into us putting together the plans that finally led to my custom bike getting built. 42

Top: Paul brazing a cable stop on the top tube of the frame. Frames are tacked together in an extremely accurate frame fixture, but the mains and braze-ons are brazed with the frame free to move. The joints are brazed in an order that helps keep the frame in alignment. Top Right: Paul outside his shop with a finished bike. Right upper: A lugged bottom bracket with some flux on it after brazing. Right: a finished lugged frame and fork. Bottom Right: How appropriate to have a Flash Dance record, a movie about a dancer who rides her bike to her day-job welding in Pittsburgh. Makes me want to see Paul’s moves on the dance floor!

Paul started Blue Steel Fabrications about 5 years ago, which he was doing on the side until a few months ago he decided to go full time with his company. Paul has been in the bike industry for over 20 years and is still very passionate about cycling and about the work he creates. He definitely makes sure that it’s exactly the bike you want and he’s willing to teach you things along the way. An example of this is when it took us about a month just to figure how the seat tube would look when connecting it onto the seat collar. He would send me a picture of a sample every few days to see what I thought. After a few samples and some conversation we figured out the final product. It was his attention to detail that defined this project. Conversation was frequent and easy, leaving no unanswered questions; I never felt out of the loop or curious about what was taking place. It was quite the comfort knowing my ideas were in good hands—even when I was three hours away. I always wanted to build my own bike from scratch, but knew I would never have time to learn how to do it myself. With my custom build I really wanted to see how bikes were made and to maybe do a little hands on work with my bike in process. I was able to get out to La Crosse twice during this WISCONSINBIKEFED.ORG


project to see Paul while my bike was being built which made me feel like it was truly my bike. While on these visits he taught me a little about brazing and I was even able to help out with some aspects of the build. This kind of sensibility is what I was looking for in a builder. The evolution of the build was great to see and I highly recommend you do it as well. Going from an idea in your head to then finding a builder that is right for you. Next you would meet with the builder to share your vision of the bike with its purpose to figure out geometry. Since having knowledge about bike geo and riding several bikes to compare to, I was excited to figure out the geometry myself for

GETTING A CUSTOM BIKE BUILT IS AS MUCH ABOUT THE PERSON BUILDING THE BIKE AS IT IS THE FINISHED PRODUCT. this build. After the geometry is all determined, the builder usually does a sketch of the build on the computer to make sure everything lines up and then to a full size blue print when it’s ready to be built. Then comes one of the most exciting parts, picking out the tubing and lugs. Hopefully you’re involved with your build and get to see the progress of the bike as it’s getting built and get to see the transformation. Finally, you get to see the final product of the raw bike that is all built! The last step of your bike is figuring out paint scheme and painter. Paint was the hardest choice for me; I did a lot of searches to get ideas for This page and opening spread : Photos are of my finished Blue Steel Fabrication Road Bike, painted by Jason Sanchez of Sanchez Paint Shop.


The cost of the bike you see above for frame and fork was $1,400 without paint. The bike is made with Columbus SL Steel tubing, Cinelli Lugs and Llewellyn Stainless dropout. To see what Paul is up to or to reach out to him visit his Facebook page at:

If you or someone you love is involved in a bike accident, you need someone on your side.

Call Hupy and Abraham, S.C. We can help.

Year, after year, after year...

VOTED BEST. RATED BEST. 800.800.5678 |




September 11, 2016 Wilmot High School 11112 308th Ave, Wilmot, WI

• 25/50/75/100 mile routes • Price $20/25 after 9/6 • Registration from 6a.m. to 10 a.m. • You can sign up on • Tee Shirts for sale WISCONSINBIKEFED.ORG




Milwaukee | Madison | Appleton | Green Bay | Wausau | Illinois | Iowa


color schemes. For my bike I knew I wanted Jason Sanchez to paint it. He was local to Milwaukee, with the attention to detail and creating an amazing final product. Seeing the final product was an awesome experience. I am very thankful I got to meet Paul and Jason and was stoked I was able to be a part of the build along the way. Getting a custom bike isn’t the type of thing that happens everyday so it’s vital to find a builder that you can collaborate with and discuss the ideas that you have for your bike and what your overall vision is. Hopefully the builder  has been around the block a few times and can use that knowledge to take your ideas and turn them into a bike that blows you away and far exceeds your expectations.  Working with Paul was a great experience that I would recommend to anyone and I really feel fortunate to have worked with him on this project. 

JOIN BREWERS COMMUNITY FOUNDATION FOR ITS SECOND ANNUAL HITTING 4 THE CYCLE BENEFIT BIKE RIDE. SATURDAY, AUGUST 13. We’ll pedal our keisters off in a tour de force of fundraising power! Whether you’re up for a long ride, a quick jaunt, or prefer something in-between, all routes lead to fun! Celebrate your accomplishments at Miller Park that evening with a tailgate party and a ticket to the Brewers vs. Reds game.







There’s nothing like Wisconsin bicycling, and there’s nothing like wearing it proudly. Visit now and get the latest premium cycling apparel shipped right to your door. Bike Fed Members take up to 20% off on select items. WISCONSINBIKEFED.ORG


Scott Wilke outside South Shore Cyclery with his 1884 Star High Wheel Safety.


South Shore Cyclery has been around for nearly 30 years now, but you might think it has been open for a 100 years when you step in the door and see the collection of vintage bicycles in the Milwaukee Bicycle Museum section of the shop. The collection is the pride and passion of Scott Wilke, who has been collecting, restoring, and preserving vintage American bicycles for over 20 years.




n 1988, Scott began his hobby by restoring the Schwinn Traveler bicycle that his mom and dad gave him when he was 10 years old. While looking for the parts to restore the bicycle (his brothers having removed the original 2-speed Bendix kickback wheel while he was away in college) he discovered the world of vintage American bicycle collecting. Scott was immediately “bitten by the bug” and now has hundreds of vintage bicycles in his collection. Many of his favorites are on permanent display at South Shore Cyclery in Cudahy, but he also has some on loan to the Wisconsin Bike Fed and those are hanging in our office on the second floor of the Pedal Milwaukee Building. The bikes on display at South Shore Cyclery are in a section of the shop called the Milwaukee Bicycle Museum, but if Scott is around, ask him to take you down to the basement where he has many more bikes, thousands of vintage parts and even an English Wheel to roll the dents out of bicycle fenders! Upstairs, the collection is mostly made up of American-made balloon tire bicycles manufactured between 1933 and the late 1950’s and Schwinn “muscle bikes” like Sting Rays and Krates of the 1960’s and


1970’s. Scott also has a growing collection of really old bikes, including an 1867 Bone Shaker and an 1887 Rudge Ordinary, also known as a penny farthing or high wheeler. One of my favorites was the 1897 Old Hickory, in which the frame is made of Hickory wood and constructed with beautiful steel lugs. Scott’s collection is on display and free to public viewing during the regular shop hours. Of course the the shop also has a full line of modern bicycles, with everything you could want from kids bikes to commuters to carbon racing machines to mountain bikes and fat bikes. The shop is also well equipped for maintenance, repairs and has a wide selection of apparel and accessories. Steve and the rest of the crew are all extremely friendly and expert mechanics, so whether you need your vintage planetary geared 5-speed rebuilt or want to fine-tune the shifting on your Di2, they can help you with whatever you are looking for. So whether you have a Di2 Crit killer or a vintage Schwinn, South Shore Cyclery, can tune your bike to keep you rolling. The shop is located in a art-deco looking building originally built for Woolworth’s “Five & Dime” during the mid 1920’s. After Woolworth’s the building housed a Drews Variety & Craft store, which







1. This head badge is mounted on a pre-war (WWII) 1941 Schwinn Autocycle and is commonly referred to by collectors as the “Planes and Trains” style head badge. 2. This is a 1940 “Elgin 4-Star” model bicycle sold by Sears & Roebuck and made by the Murray Ohio Mfg. Co. “Elgin” was a brand name of Sears until after WWII when their bicycles were then sold under the “J.C. Higgins” brand. 3. In 1934, a year after introducing the Super Balloon Tire, Frank Schwinn created and marketed what has become one of the most collectible American bicycles. The Schwinn Aerocycle’s design made a significant departure from the frugal features of the last 30 years. The Aerocycle’s features emulated design elements from the streamliner era and with massive sales, changed the course of American bicycle manufacturing for nearly the next 30 years. 4. A very rare 1897-1898 Old Hickory bicycle built by the Old Hickory Cycle Company of Chicago. 5. Practical features like headlight and horns were standard features on many balloon tire bicycles. 6. 1947 Monark Silver King Hex-Bar bicycle was constructed of hexagonal aluminum.

Above: In addition to the museum collection, South Shore Cyclery has everything other modern bicycle shops have, such as fat bikes, carbon road bikes, parts and accessories. Opposite top left: Steve Whitford wrenches on a modern Giant Talon mountain bike. Opposite bottom left: This is just part of the Milwaukee Bicycle Museum collection at South Shore. Opposite left: Scott using an English Wheel to roll out dents in a fender for a balloon tire bicycle.

specialized in craft supplies and other novelties. Sadly, after 70 years, in 2007 the last Drews store, located in Wauwatosa, near where I live now, closed its doors for good. In 1984 the building became the new home of Cudahy News and Hobby until April of 2002 when they bought the building and opened the bike shop. All that history is a big draw for me as I have many fond memories of the chocolate malts at the lunch counter at Woolworth’s, going to Drews for clothespins, paint and pet fish for my daughter and browsing the model cars and magazines at the hobby store. Unfortunately the Woolworth’s lunch counter was removed from the building long ago, but Scott swears sometimes he can still hear the clanking of glasses and silverware, the WISCONSINBIKEFED.ORG



Join us for the BEST DAM BIKE TOUR 2016 to benefit MS August 6th and 7th

Top: 1964-1965 Sears Deluxe Spaceliner Model 46901. Made by the Murry Mfg Co. of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. Designed by renowned industrial designer, Victor Schrekendost. Middle: 1892 Elliott Hickory Model A pneumatic safety bicycle. Made in South Farmington Mass. Wooden wheels and spokes made of hickory wood. Bottom: 1892 “The Clipper” hard-tired safety bicycle made by the Grand Rapids Cycle Company, Grand Rapids MI.

Pewaukee (WCTC)  Whitewater  Madison 50 – 75 – 100 mile options each day $300 minimum fundraising requirement All funds go to MS research No registration fee for first time riders (ask for rookie code) INCLUDES:

• Rest stops with water, snacks and restrooms every 12-15 mi. • All meals on Sat. & Sun. • Overnight at UW- Whitewater in the dorms • Party tent on Sat. evening at Whitewater • SAG services

• All luggage transfers • Coach transfer from Madison back to Pewaukee (Moving van for your bike) • Join Team SPROCKET ROCKETS for special Gold Spokes team treatment • Complimentary Team SPROCKET ROCKETS jersey

To learn more and join Team SPROCKET ROCKETS Go to 52

hustle and bustle of shoppers moving up and down the aisles, the laughter of children as they discover a new diversion or toy and even the smell of hamburgers and onions on the grill. While most of those quaint, friendly neighborhood gathering places on Main Street have been replaced by corporate big box stores on distant strip malls, I am happy to say you can still get that friendly, welcoming feeling of a place you have to force yourself to leave as soon as you walk in the door at South Shore Cyclery. Whether you actually need to buy something or not, I encourage you to stop in and say hi the next time you are in the area.

Gwen Jorgensen. 2x World Champion. 2012 & 2016 Olympic Triathlete. Wisconsin native. 2016 Saris Gala special guest. From Rio to Madison, this year’s Gala is going for gold. You’re invited to join us and Gwen on Friday, November 4th at Union South in downtown Madison, WI. Tickets on sale soon at




How many times have you won the National Bike Challenge? I have been the top woman nationally for three years. 2013, 2014 and 2015. How many miles did you log last year for the Challenge? For the challenge 13,522‌ and close to 15,000 for the season. What goals have you set for yourself this year? I have been Gazelle chasing ever since I learned to ride a road bike at age 57. This summer I registered for wave 1 of Race the Lake. (gulp) Just to start with this level of rider is exciting enough. My goal? Hang on for dear life—at least to High Cliff, and then pedal my little behind off on the back side. Prayers are welcome! :-) What do you like best about riding in Wisconsin? The state of Wisconsin offers unique opportunities for cyclists because of its strong agricultural pres-

ence. Dairy lanes are not heavily traveled, yet they are paved and well maintained to accommodate heavy farm machinery and dairy trucks… and hence they are VERY SAFE! Abundant rolling hills—views which parallel New England—and the friendliest folks in the world. Trust me— I’ve used gazillions of them for rest stops! Why do you support the Wisconsin Bike Fed? The Wisconsin Bike Fed has one eye on the road and the other on the sport. They understand the value of cycling from every pertinent perspective. They offer advocacy in government, encouragement for riders of all abilities, and build strong relationships between communities.

Mary Catterton, 65 Appleton, WI JOB: Xperience Fitness - Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach, Group Fitness Instructor, Certs in: Bone Estrogen Strength Training, Osteoporosis Prevention, Cycling. Senior Fitness. BIKE: Specialized S-Works Amira Women’s Specific Road bike, an entry level Specialized Road bike (Rubaix), Trek Tri Bike (Speed Concept), Surly Pug-Ops (which is a hoot in the snow), and a nice commuter to ride around town and on errands. Support your local bike shops! All of them :-).

Anything else you want to add? Message for others? Cycling is a pastime that embraces all walks of life - and people of all ages and abilities. It’s healthy, challenging, fun and satisfying. I have been blessed by miles and miles of amazing experiences and warmed by wonderful people… I call them my guardian angels... a farm house near Hilbert that rescued me from the heat. A country bar that lets me use the restroom whenever. Convenience stores all over my routes that permit me to bring my bike inside while I cool off. For those who might feel Americans don’t connect like they used to —my advice? Buy a bike. Get into a group of riders and start pedaling! Smiles follow soon after.

Do you know an inspirational Bike Fed member like Mary we should feature in the next I AM BIKE FED section of the September issue of our magazine? Email your suggestion with a litte background information to info@




Wisconsin Cycling Events July Jul. 02, Madison Brewery Bike Tour, Machinery Row Bicycles, WI, Madison,


Fun Ride, Hop Head Tours, Join us for our Brewery Bike Tour starting at Machinery Row Bicycles and visiting Karben4, Old Sugar Distillery and One Barrel Brewing BY BICYCLE. There will also be Madison Beer History stops along the way visiting the former sites of Fauerbach Brewery and the Hess Cooperage., bike_tours.php#mbt,, (608) 467-5707

Jul. 09 - Jul. 15, Bike Northwoods, WI, Superior, Multi Day Event, Bike

Wisconsin,,, (608) 843-8412

Jul. 09, Pedal for Paws (15th Annual), WI , New Glarus, Fun Ride, Green County Humane Society,

Jul. 09 - Jul. 10, Colectivo Coffee Bean Classic, Minooka Park, WI, Waukesha, Off-Road Race, WORS, Event #5 of WORS (the Wisconsin Off Road Series), America’s largest state mountain bike racing series. Now in its 25th year WORS continues to offer a great mountain biking experience for riders of all ages and abilities. Pre-ride on Saturday, race on Sunday. A free “Learn to Race Clinic” is open to all registered racers (riders under 12 years of age should be accompanied by an adult).,,, (715) 592-5095

Jul. 09 - Jul. 16, Bicycle Illinois 2016 (century option every day!), Cairo to

Chicago, IL, IL, Cairo to Chicago, Ride, Bicycle Illinois, TBD,,, (877) 868-7455

Jul. 09, The 3rd Annual Salvation Ride, City land adjacent to Blue Harbor Resort,

WI, Sheboygan, Ride, A charity bicycle ride to benefit the Sheboygan Area Salvation Army featuring route choices from 10, 25, 50, 62.5, and 100 miles. Rest stops and full road support, plus all riders receive a meal at the end and a free pair of Wigwam socks. Please see the ride’s website for all the details, thesalvationride. org,

Jul. 09, Milwaukee Historic Brewery Bike Tour, Lakefront Brewery, WI,

Milwaukee, Fun Ride, Hop Head Tours, This bike tour around downtown Milwaukee will visit the current/former sites of Blatz, Schlitz, Pabst and Miller Brewing and focus on Milwaukee brewing heritage. Tours begin and end at Lakefront Brewery (with their brewery tour included at the end of our tour) and also a stop at Milwaukee Ale House for a small sampling. This is NOT a Pub Crawl or a Party on Two Wheels.,,, (608) 467-5707

Jul. 10, Titletown Bike Tour Benefiting the Breast Cancer Family Foundation,

UnitedHealthcare, WI, Green Bay, Ride, Enjoy a scenic ride through Northern Brown and Southern Oconto counties with routes ranging from 15k up to 100 mile Century. After your ride, enjoy a full pasta dinner prepared by Josephine’s Pizza & Pastaria, music and raffle prizes, and share the stories of your ride! Proceeds of the Titletown Bike Tour benefit The Breast Cancer Family Foundation, titletown_information.php,, (920) 498-2285

Jul. 15 - Jul. 17, Camp Bluedog (Kids Mtn Bike Camp), WI, Viroqua, Special Event, Camp Bluedog is a weekend long adventure designed to offer young people a positive and fun way to get involved in mountain biking. It is a catalyst for learning such skills as proper bike maintenance, equipment responsibility, safety, sharing, and respect for both riding and other riders. Through the sport of mountain biking students develop a strong sense of self-esteem while discovering the potential within them.,



Jul. 16, WEMS #6 Stump Farm 100, Reforestation Camp, WI, Suamico, Off-Road Race,

Jul. 16, Z Tour Bike Ride, Zearing Park, IL, Princeton, Ride, Zearing Child


Enrichment Center, The 6th Annual Z Tour Bike Ride is a charity bicycle ride on the best roads that north central Illinois has to offer. The 5 low-traffic routes all have paved shoulders, rolling terrain, and beautiful views of Bureau Creek and the Hennepin Canal. An early check-in option on Friday feature live music, food, and drink vendors on Main Street that evening,,, (815) 878-5054

Jul. 16, 2016 Tri-State Tour #1 powered by Bicycle Illinois, Hammond, IN to

Kenosha, WI, IL, Hammond, IN to Kenosha, WI, Bicycle Illinois, TBD, bicycleillinois. com/,, (877) 868-7455

Jul. 16, Tour de Fest, Lindberg Park Village of Combined Locks, WI, Combined

Locks, Chain Reaction & Cellcom, The 12th annual Tour de Fest bike tour offers 18, 40, 70 and 100 miles routes. Save your energy as the 100 mile route includes


the appropriately named, Seven Hills Road! Ride includes Rest stops (bagels, fruit, snacks, beverages), restrooms, mechanical assistance and SAG transportation, if needed,,, (920) 858-5472

Jul. 16, Suds and Spirits Bike Tour, Machinery Row Bicycles, WI, Madison,

Fun Ride, Hop Head Tours, Join us for our Brewery Bike Tour starting at Machinery Row Bicycles and visiting Karben4, Old Sugar Distillery and One Barrel Brewing BY BICYCLE. There will also be Madison Beer History stops along the way visiting the former sites of Fauerbach Brewery and the Hess Cooperage., bike_tours.php#ssbt,, (608) 467-5707

Jul. 17 - Jul. 23, Flavors of Wisconsin Bicycle Tour, Wyndham Garden

Inn (start and end location), WI, Madison, Ride, Around Wisconsin Bicycle Tours, A week long circle tour through the hills and valleys of south central Wisconsin featuring microbrew and craft cheese tasting and tours. Begins and ends in Madison with overnights in New Glarus, Monroe, Galena, Mineral Point, and Barneveld. Includes hotel lodging, meals, SAG, fun!,,, (920) 427-6086

Jul. 22 - Jul. 24, WORS #6 WORS CUP, Cascade Mountain, WI , Portage, Off-Road Race,

Jul. 22 - Jul. 24, Midwest MTB Championship, Cascade Mountain, WI, Portage,

Off-Road Race, WORS/USA Cycling, The 2016 USA Cycling Midwest Mountain Bike Championships with racers from IA, IL, IN, KY, MI, MN, MO, ND, NE, OH, SD & WI. WORS Mega event with great spectating and an Bike Industry Expo. Championship decided in Cross-Country, Short Track, and Enduro.,,, (715) 592-5095

Jul. 23, Waterford July Factory Rie, Waterford, WI, Waterford, Ride, Waterford

Precision Cycles and the KR Bike Club, Ride with the KR Bike Club and the Chicago Cycling Club through some pretty cool areas between Waterford and the points south and west. Factory tours at 8 AM the ride starts at 8:45 AM., waterfordbikes. com/w/culture/factory-rides/,, (262) 534-4190

Jul. 23, 2016 Transportation from Chicago to the Start of RAGBRAI powered by Bicycle Illinois, Chicago to the Start of RAGBRAI, IA, Chicago to the Start of RAGBRAI, Ride, Bicycle Illinois, TBD,, bicycleillinois@, (877) 868-7455

Jul. 23 - Jul. 24, Scenic Shore 150 Bike Tour, MATC Mequon Campus, WI,

Mequon, Ride, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, The Scenic Shore 150 Bike Tour is a two day, 150 mile, fully-supported ride for all ages and abilities. One of Wisconsin’s most popular bike rides, the Scenic Shore 150 is the largest locally organized and supported event for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. 2014 Best of Competitor Magazine Award Winner for Best Cycling Event In The Midwest!,,, (262) 785-4272

Jul. 24 - Jul. 30, Northwoods, Quality Inn, WI, Rhinelander, Ride, Pedal Across

Wisconsin, 7 DAY HOTEL TOUR, FULLY SUPPORTED; ONLY $745.00. Wisconsin’s original and longest running Northwoods loop tour since 1989. Rhinelander to Eagle River, Nicolet National Forest, & the largest fresh-water chain of lakes in the world. 7 day of rustic, smoothly paved back-roads riding, followed by indoor pools, whirlpools and famous PAW Happy Hours,,, (847) 309-4740

Jul. 24, 30th Annual Best Friends Gourmet Bike Tour, St. Mary Catholic High

School, WI, Neenah, Ride, The Best Friends Gourmet Bike Tour is a ride through the Neenah countryside featuring a 4-12 mile family route and 25, 55, 75, and 100 mile options. Rest stops include baked goods, fresh fruits, and beverages, followed by a Gourmet Picnic featuring homemade soups, vegetables, beverages, sub sandwiches, wraps and calzones.,, patti@bestfriendsnm. org, (920) 729-5600

Jul. 28 - Jul. 31, Wisconsin Aids Ride, WI, Madison, Multi Day Event, Aids Resource Center of Wisconsin,

Jul. 30 - Aug. 05, SAGBRAW, WI, Mishicot, Multi Day Event, Bike Wisconsin,,, (608) 843-8412

Jul. 30, Wright Stuff Century (38th Annual), Brigham County Park, WI , Blue Mounds, Fun Ride, Bombay Bicycle Club,

Jul. 30, Lake Ripley Ride, Ripley Park, Cambridge, Wi, 53523, Ride, Cambridge

Community Activities Program, This ride features 3 distances: a family friendly 22 mile route, a longer & slightly hilly 40 mile route, & a challenging 62 mile metric century route. You’ll ride country roads & visit Cambridge, Deerfield, & Lake Mills. Registration includes a shirt, map/cue sheet, rest stops, sag wagon, a swimming beach, & a FANTASTIC post ride celebration with live music, refreshments, & a tasty dinner,, lrumpf@cambridge.k12., (608) 423-8108



Jul. 30 - Jul. 26, Wisconsin Women Cycling Century, Cedar Creek Park,

WI, Cedarburg, Ride, Wisconsin Women Cycling, Designed to celebrate the accomplishments of female cyclists by breaking down many of the barriers of cycling in a format that is accessible, practical and fun. Saturday morning is the Wisconsin Women’s Century a Women-only ride followed by Festival activities, food, beer and live music. Sunday is the new Holy Hill Classic, a co-ed Hilly Metric Century ride. Starting in Cedarburg, on the outskirts of the Northern Kettle Moraine you enjoy scenic bike-friendly roads and trails that will surely become your favorite cycling destination.Organized by Wisconsin Women Cycling benefitting the Wisconsin Women’s Fund, a non-profit whose mission is to get more girls riding bicycles and learn to set and achieve obtainable goals, both on and off their bikes.,,, (920) 901-1233

Jul. 30, 2016 Transportation from the End of RAGBRAI to Chicago powered by

Bicycle Illinois, End of RAGBRAI to Chicago, IA, End of RAGBRAI to Chicago, Ride, Bicycle Illinois, TBD,,, (877) 868-7455

Jul. 31, Ride The Drive, WI, Madison, Fun Ride, Ride the Drive is a community

event that turns Madison’s signature streets into a public promenade that is open to cyclists, walkers, rollerbladers, and residents out to enjoy car-free streets. Ride the Drive is more than just a bike ride - with music, activities, and fun stopping points along the way - there is something for everyone,

Jul. 31 - Aug. 06, Northwoods, Quality Inn, WI, Rhinelander, Ride, Pedal Across

Wisconsin, 7 DAY HOTEL TOUR, FULLY SUPPORTED; ONLY $745.00. Wisconsin’s original and longest running Northwoods loop tour since 1989. Rhinelander to Eagle River, Nicolet National Forest, & the largest fresh-water chain of lakes in the world. 7 day of rustic, smoothly paved back-roads riding, followed by indoor pools, whirlpools and famous PAW Happy Hours,,, (847) 309-4740

Jul. 31, Holy Hill Classic, Cedar Creek Park, WI, Cedarburg, Ride, Wisconsin

Sunday September 18, 2016 Waukesha, WI

Ride the Scenic Roads of the Southern Kettle Moraine ~ Routes of 37, 67, 101 miles ~ A ride organized by a local bicycle club ~ Rest stops with home baked treats ~ Vegetarian chili & chicken salad lunch ~ SAG supported & well marked routes For More Information (262) 607-2722 Participating in this ride supports the activities of the Spring City Spinners and allows us to donate funds to bike related causes in our community 58

Women Cycling, Designed to celebrate the accomplishments of female cyclists by breaking down many of the barriers of cycling in a format that is accessible, practical and fun. New this year is the Co-ed Holy Hill Classic ride. Saturday morning is the Wisconsin Women’ Century a Women-only ride followed by festival activities, food, beer and live music. Sunday July 31, Holy Hill Classic, a co-ed Hilly Metric Century ride. The weekend events are organized by Wisconsin Women Cycling benefitting the Wisconsin Women’s Fund, a non-profit whose mission is to get more girls riding bicycles and learn to set and achieve obtainable goals, both on and off their bikes,,, (920) 901-1233

August Aug. 01, Mondays Around Monona, Capital City Trail & S. Fair Oaks Ave.,

WI, Madison, Ride, We Are All Mechanics, ~13 miles. Our leisurely Mondays Around Monona rides are for beginners and experts alike. Bring a friend. All genders welcome. Gather at a local pub for food and drinks after the ride. See our website for more information.,, info@, (608) 630-5784

Aug. 05 - Aug. 07, Midwest Recumbent Rally, Hostel Shoppe, Ltd., WI, Stevens

Point, Special Event, Hostel Shoppe, A recumbent event featuring tours of varying distances, recumbent sales, seminars, visiting with factory reps, and socializing with other recumbent riders.,,, (800) 233-4340

Aug. 06, Polish Moon Ride, Wayward Kitchen, Milwaukee, Fun Ride,

Wisconsin Bike Fed, A family-friendly bike tour through Milwaukee’s Historic Polish neighborhoods that also celebrates the current Latino culture there,

Aug. 06 - Aug. 07, Best Dam Bike Tour, Milwaukee, WI, Milwaukee, Multi Day Event, Multipe Sclerosis,, (855) 372-1331

Aug. 06, Grand View Firehouse 50, Grand View Ballpark, WI, Grand View, Ride, Grand View Firehouse 50, The Firehouse 50 is a bicycle road race of 50.5 miles beginning and ending in Grand View, Wisconsin. This race is on black top roads winding through the pristine Chequamegon National Forest around Lake Namakagon and Lake Owen. It passes through the townships of Grand View, Namakagon, Cable and Drummond,, Aug. 06 - Aug. 07, Hixon Forest Epic, Hixon Forest, WI, La Crosse, Off-Road

Race, WORS, Event #7 of WORS (the Wisconsin Off Road Series), America’s largest state mountain bike racing series. In its 25th year WORS continues to offer a great mountain biking experience for riders of all ages and abilities. Pre-ride on Sat., race on Sun. A free “Learn to Race Clinic” is open to all racers (riders under 12 years of age should be accompanied by an adult).,,, (715) 592-5095

Aug. 06 - Aug. 08, Respiratory Health Association, Begins in Gurnee, IL,

bike the barn quilts 4th Annual

Saturday, September 24, 2016 Bike, Hike or Run Shawano County Wisconsin’s Barn Quilt Capital! View the 8’x 8’ folk art quilt squares on rides from 5-70 miles and small quilts on the paved family friendly walk/run route. Fun activities for kids • Proceeds benefit local charities Memorial Athletic Park corner of Lieg & Main Streets Shawano, WI Hosted by:

5-8 Mile Family Fun Ride 25 Mile Guided Tour Ride 16-70 Mile Routes NEW Walk/Run Option 3.7 or 6 mile routes

Ride includes maps, continental breakfast, sag wagon, lunch and incentives!! Fun for ALL Ages and Skill Levels...

$25 Single/$60 Family (prior to 9/17/16)

For more information, visit our website: email: or call: 715-524-2139


Untitled-1 1


2016 8th Annual

Kickapoo BRAVE Ride

Saturday, Sept 17 The ride begins and ends in Gays Mills in the heart of the Kickapoo Valley of Southwestern Wisconsin. Cyclists will enjoy roads with breathtaking scenery: ridge tops with panoramic views, rolling hills, and deep, lush valleys. The ride features a cloverleaf route system, which allows riders to choose from beginner, intermediate, and advanced routes ranging from 15 to100 miles.

registration includes:

commemorative long-sleeve t, 2 beer tickets, full meal, support & snacks along routes, live music & Brewery Tours

1750 rider limit 30, 50 & 70 mile options

need more information?



IL, Gurnee, Ride, CowaLUNGa is a bike with a one-day 65-mile, two-day 130-mile and three-day 190 mile ride option from the Gurnee Mills Shopping Mall and into Wisconsin with overnight stops in William’s Bay and Whitewater, finishing in Hubertus. This one-way ride has bus and bike transportation back to the start available each evening. All proceeds benefit the Respiratory Health Association.,,, (312) 628-0212

Aug. 06 - Aug. 22, Madison Brewery Bike Tour, Machinery Row Bicycles, WI,

Madison, Fun Ride, Hop Head Tours, Join us for our Brewery Bike Tour starting at Machinery Row Bicycles and visiting Karben4, Old Sugar Distillery and One Barrel Brewing BY BICYCLE. There will also be Madison Beer History stops along the way visiting the former sites of Fauerbach Brewery and the Hess Cooperage.,,, (608) 467-5707

Aug. 07, Madeline Island Bike Ride (Free), Ferry Dock, WI, La Pointe, Fun Ride, cyclists will ride to the reserved Town Park pavilion for refreshments, swimming and hiking before returning to the ferry dock. Sag vehicle supported., northcoastcycling. org

Aug. 07, WORS #7 Hixon Forest Epic, Hixon Forest Park, WI , La Crosse, Off-Road Race,

Cream City Cycle Club Century

Sunday, August 28, 2016 • Waterford, WI

Aug. 07, Escarpment Bicycle Tour, Ledge View Nature Center, WI, Chilton, Ride, Friends of Ledge View Nature Center, Full-service ride with maps, cue sheets, marked routes, sag wagon, breakfast and post-ride meal. Six routes of varying length, 8 to 100 miles. Door prizes. Discount for preregistration by July 17.,, (920) 849-7094

Aug. 07 - Aug. 13, Northern Woods and Waters Bicycle Tour, Oneida

Village Inn (start and end location), WI, Three Lakes, Ride, Around Wisconsin Bicycle Tours, A week long tour through the north woods of Wisconsin featuring shaded back roads and the newly completed Vilas County paved trail system. Tour the Eagle River area lakes on a pirate ship plus a pedal and paddle option on Thursday. Begins and ends in Three Lakes with overnights in Eagle River, Land O Lakes, St. Germain, Boulder Junction, and Minocqua. Includes hotel lodging, meals, optional swimming, kayaking on some days, SAG, fun!,,, (920) 427-6086

Aug. 08, Mondays Around Monona, Capital City Trail & S. Fair Oaks Ave.,

WI, Madison, Ride, We Are All Mechanics, ~13 miles. Our leisurely Mondays Around Monona rides are for beginners and experts alike. Bring a friend. All genders welcome. Gather at a local pub for food and drinks after the ride. See our website for more information.,, info@, (608) 630-5785

Aug. 11 - Aug. 14, Ride to Cure Diabetes, The La Crosse Center, WI, La Crosse,

Ride, JDRF, A destination cycling event for all skill levels come together to raise funds for JDRF. Enjoy a weekend-long celebration that leads up to the one-day Ride. (Fundraising min. required),,, (414) 453-4673

Aug. 13, The Pursuit of the Arts Bike Race, Arcadia High School, WI, Arcadia, Road Race,

Aug. 13, Tour de Cheese, WI, Monroe, Fun Ride, Big Brothers Big Sister of

Green County, Join us for a great event benefiting Big Brothers Big Sisters of Green County. Riders will travel along a 17 or 50 mile Biking Enthusiast Supported Course through Green County Wisconsin. Rest Stops at Cheese Factories Along the Routes including, Maple Leaf, Grande Cheese, Silver Lewis, Decatur Dairy. Sample Artisan Cheese, refreshing drinks, tasty food, live music and take in the fall colors,

Aug. 13, Wisconsin State Criterium Championship, WI, TBD, Road Race, Wisconsin cycling,

Aug. 13, Hitting 4 the Cycle, S/SE Wisconsin, WI, End in Milwaukee, Ride,

Brewers Community Foundation, Join Brewers Community Foundation for its 2nd annual bike ride event on August 13th, concluding with a Tailgate event at Miller Park before that night’s Brewers vs. Reds game. $50 entry with $150 fundraising minimum. ,,, 414) 902-4392

Aug. 13, Ride with Leinie, 6256 Highway B, WI, Land O Lakes, Fun Ride,

Wilderness Lakes Trails, A day of outdoor fun - Two self-guided bike tour options, 38 and 12-mile, followed by brat lunch and Leinenkugel beer tasting hosted by Dick Leinenkugel. Paddle board and quadracycle demonstrations. Helmets required and children must be accompanied by an adult,, (715) 547-6323

Aug. 13, Dairyland Dare / Wisconsin Gran Fondo, Lands’ End, WI, Dodgeville, Road Race, Wisconsin’s oldest Gran Fondo and allows participants to select any one of 6 distances through which to challenge themselves.,, (608) 630-3871

Aug. 13, Kiwanis Ride to Read, Columbia County Fairgrounds - Veteran’s Memorial


Field, WI, Portage, Ride, Kiwanis Club of Portage, Join the Portage Kiwanis Club in their Metric Century “Ride to Read” fundraiser pedaling through scenic Amish country with, 15, 30, 45 or 62 mile routes. The proceeds will be used to buy books for children. Registration includes a continental breakfast, refreshment stops, great desserts, and a sandwich after your ride, plus a route map, complimentary gift to the first 100 riders and SAG wagon if needed.,, ridetoread@, (608) 697-3390

Aug. 13, Ride with Leinie, Forest Lake Country Store, WI, Land O Lakes, Ride, Bike rides and brat lunch with Dick Leinenkugel to benefit the continuing expansion of the Wilderness Lakes Trails biking and pedestrian system. The 38-mile ride circles the Sylvania Wilderness and will utilize paved roads. Portions of the ride may be on the recently completed Agonikak Trail. The 12-mile ride will be along rustic roads and paved trails.,, (715) 547-6323

Aug. 13, Milwaukee Historic Brewery Bike Tour, Lakefront Brewery, WI,


Madison, Fun Ride, Hop Head Tours, This bike tour around downtown Milwaukee will visit the current/former sites of Blatz, Schlitz, Pabst and Miller Brewing and focus on Milwaukee brewing heritage. Tours begin and end at Lakefront Brewery (with their brewery tour included at the end of our tour) and also a stop at Milwaukee Ale House for a small sampling. This is NOT a Pub Crawl or a Party on Two Wheels.,,, (608) 467-5707

Aug. 14, Race the Lake, Lakeside Park, WI, Fond du Lac, Road Race, Race the

Lake is a 90 mile bike race around the majestic Lake Winnebago, full of scenic diversity and is enjoyed by all abilities from professional to the beginning cyclists. The course will stage the dramatic start in Fond du Lac, head north hugging the west side of Lake Winnebago and to the halfway point at High Cliff State Park. Riders then take the east shoreline taking in lots of greenery, the mammoth blue lake to the finish at Lakeside Park in Fond du Lac.,, ben@dutrirun. com, (920) 574-2972


Aug. 14, 2016 Tri-State Tour #2 powered by Bicycle Illinois, Hammond, IN

to Kenosha, WI, IL, Hammond, IN to Kenosha, WI, Ride, Bicycle Illinois, TBD,,, (877) 868-7455

Aug. 15, Mondays Around Monona, Capital City Trail & S. Fair Oaks Ave.,

WI, Madison, Ride, We Are All Mechanics, ~13 miles. Our leisurely Mondays Around Monona rides are for beginners and experts alike. Bring a friend. All genders welcome. Gather at a local pub for food and drinks after the ride. See our website for more information.,, info@, (608) 630-5786

Aug. 20 - Aug. 22, Sadistic Century, Start at Dunn County Recreation Park, WI,

Menomonie, Ride, Rides of 100 miles, 100 kilometers, and 50 kilometers through scenic hills of Dunn County. Over 30 climbs with 8,819 feet of elevation gain. Fully supported ride with food, beer and music at the end.,,

Aug. 20, Suds and Spirits Bike Tour, Machinery Row Bicycles, WI, Madison,

Fun Ride, Hop Head Tours, Join us for our Brewery Bike Tour starting at Machinery Row Bicycles and visiting Karben4, Old Sugar Distillery and One Barrel Brewing BY BICYCLE. There will also be Madison Beer History stops along the way visiting the former sites of Fauerbach Brewery and the Hess Cooperage., bike_tours.php#ssbt,, (608) 467-5707

Aug. 21 - Aug. 22, Reforestation Ramble, Reforestation Camp, WI, Suamico, Off-

Road Race, WORS, Event #8 of WORS (the Wisconsin Off Road Series), America’s largest state mountain bike racing series. Now in its 25th year WORS continues to offer a great mountain biking experience for riders of all ages and abilities. Pre-ride on Saturday, race on Sunday. A free “Learn to Race Clinic” is open to all registered racers (riders under 12 years of age should be accompanied by an adult)., wors. org,, (715) 592-5095

Aug. 22, Mondays Around Monona, Capital City Trail & S. Fair Oaks Ave., WI,

Madison, Ride, We Are All Mechanics, ~13 miles. Our leisurely Mondays Around Monona rides are for beginners and experts alike. Bring a friend. All genders welcome. Gather at a local pub for food and drinks after the ride. See our website for more information,,, (608) 630-5787

Aug. 26 - Aug. 28, RAW (Ride Across Wisconsin), Hamm Island, IA, Dubuque, Fun Ride, Wisconsin Bike Fed, Both 1 day or 2 day ride options. The ride begins in Dubuque and follows scenic, low traffic roads 175 miles across the bottom of the state, inlcudes a ceremonial lap around the Washington Park Velodrome and ends on at Simmons Island Beach along the shore of Lake Michigan in Kenosha,

Aug. 27, WEMS #7 RASTA Rock N Root, Washburn Trails, WI, Rhinelander, OffRoad Race,

Aug. 27 - Aug. 20, John Hatherly Mid Century Ride Waupaca, Waupaca High

order your free outdoor & trail guide today: WISCONSINBIKEFED.ORG


School, WI, Waupaca, Ride, There are multiple distances that will all begin and end at Waupaca High School. Because of the flower-petal design of the course, you can build your own distance based on how you feel that day. Standard distances include 12, 20, 50, 62, 70 and 100 miles. The 100 mile course will be two loops of the 50 mile distance. Check website for cost,

Aug. 28, Cream City Century, Waterford High School, WI, waterford, Fun Ride, Cream City Cycle Club,

Aug. 28, Wisconsin High School Mtn Bike Race #1, Minooka Park, WI, Waukesha, Off Road Race,

Auto, Motorcycle, & Bicycle Injuries C A L L T O D AY:

1-(800)-662-5432 or visit

No fees unless we succeed Home and hospital visits available Free initial consultation


1155 Grand Avenue, P.O. Box 588, Schofield, WI 54476

Discover the trails of Whitewater

Exceptional cycling on stunning scenic routes with over 30 miles of mountain bike trails and unlimited road miles throughout Wisconsin’s beautiful Kettle Moraine

Relax after a long ride… stay with us! Baymont Inn & Suites • 262-472-9400 Hamilton House Bed & Breakfast • 262-473-1900 Super 8 • 262-472-0400 Victoria on Main • 262-473-8400

Order your bike maps and Whitewater visitors guide today!

62 • 1-866-4WW-TOUR 150 W. Main St. in Downtown Whitewater

Aug. 29, Mondays Around Monona, Capital City Trail & S. Fair Oaks Ave.,

WI, Madison, Ride, We Are All Mechanics, ~13 miles. Our leisurely Mondays Around Monona rides are for beginners and experts alike. Bring a friend. All genders welcome. Gather at a local pub for food and drinks after the ride. See our website for more information,,, (608) 630-5788

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Ride the paved 45-mile Heart of Vilas Co Bike Trail WISCONSINBIKEFED.ORG

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MAKE WISCONSIN A BETTER PLACE TO RIDE A BIKE, GET COOL STUFF Becoming a Wisconsin Bike Fed member doesn’t just mean joining the biggest statewide bicycle advocacy group in the nation — it also means getting up to 20%

off at bike shops across the state, receiving this magazine at your door four times a year, and being a part of the movement to move

Wisconsin bicycling forward.



Join online at WISCONSINBIKEFED.ORG/JOIN or mail this completed form to the Wisconsin Bike Fed at: 3618 W. Pierce St., Suite 250, Milwaukee, WI 53215


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CVV (3-digit code on back of card)

The Wisconsin Bike Fed is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your contribution is tax deductible minus the cost of your optional


Mission To share our passion & knowledge of bikes, and to make a positive difference in our community.

Promise -Bikes for Everyone! -Supporting Riders From the Start

-Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff -No Pressure Sales Strategy

-Superior Customer Service -More-than-fair Mentality




Wisconsin Bike Fed Magazine, July 2016  

The July issue has a real summer feel thanks to Michael Valenti's cover illustration of a Trek Segafredo rider stopping to do a selfie with...

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