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Spring/Summer 2010

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New industries, new tools expand the possibilities

Remember the feeling? Graduation was near, and a world of possibilities opened before you. This year, the students of the Class of 2010 made a commitment to the students who will come after them. They pledged their financial support so others can experience a world-class business education. They made a statement about how they value their degree from the Wisconsin School of Business. Won’t you join them?

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Smart Supply Chains


Skilled supply chain management increasingly is a key differentiator for corporations around the globe—and there’s a whole new world of possibilities.

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Is there an upside to learning to invest during a down market? Graduates of the Applied Security Analysis Program who weathered tough economic times share memories and lessons learned.


How Do Entrepreneurs Bring Ideas to Market? It may not be what we think. Research by Jonathan Eckhardt shines a spotlight on what really makes entrepreneurs tick.


2009 Honor Roll of Contributors Your support provides the margin of excellence.


Spring/Summer 2010

Bringing ideas to market Investment lessons learned in tough times


New industries, new tools expand the possibilities

Honor Roll of Contributors

COVER: Companies are stepping up their supply chain expertise in order to remain competitive, p.8.

SPRING/SUMMER 2010 VOLUME 28 NUMBER 1 EDITOR: Lari Fanlund ALUMNI NEWS EDITOR: Kaylene Reilly ART DIRECTION: Camilla Klyve GRAPHIC DESIGN: Anna Dulmes, Bridget Prendergast CONTRIBUTORS: Victoria Belknap, Jenn Kallias, Bill Shepard, Scott Voss ADVISORS: Melissa Anderson, Jim Kubek, Alisa Robertson, Sarah Wortham PRINTING: Suttle-Straus

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espite a difficult economic environment, the Wisconsin School of Business has many things to celebrate. While the job market was tough, our students competed well thanks to their resourcefulness and work ethic and the school’s reputation for developing deep expertise in our graduates. Upgrades to our undergraduate program are strengthening students’ global competency, career readiness, and functional preparation. We made three strong faculty hires and aim to make even more next year. We have launched a second cohort in our customized Executive MBA program with Kohl’s. We are particularly proud of launching a unique Global Real Estate Master with three leading international business schools. We were able to persevere through this difficult period for one simple reason: We have built a strong and deep partnership between our students and alumni to invest in business education at Wisconsin. As a result, we entered this turbulent period with financial strength and momentum on our side. Many people played a role. Our students supported higher tuition and commencement giving campaigns. Our alumni, led by the example of the Wisconsin Naming Partners, made major and annual gifts. Faculty and staff parlayed these investments into stronger programs with a secure financial foundation. I believe that our students, alumni, and faculty and staff have provided a blueprint for how the university must adapt to the pressures confronting the state. Globalization and technology change have transformed industries, regions, and individual opportunities. Five of the 20 largest (highest-valued) companies in America are technology firms that did not even exist prior to 1975. Regions with a strong base of technology companies have thrived, while traditional manufacturing states in the Midwest have struggled and now face serious fiscal challenges. The winners in the labor market are college degree holders whose earnings have soared since


UPDATE Spring/Summer 2010

the 1970’s relative to workers with only a high school degree. A 2007 Commerce Department study showed college graduates could expect to earn more than $1 million more over their lifetimes. The good news for us is that these trends have made research universities extremely valuable. Higher education will be more important, not less, to the future of Wisconsin and the United States. Unfortunately, research universities become more expensive to fund as emerging countries compete to build their own. This creates a conundrum for Wisconsin: Just when it needs a great research university most to aid its economic transformation, it is finding it more challenging than ever to finance that university. The future success of the university will require a different partnership between the state, students, and alumni. Our students and alumni, recognizing that they earn large economic benefits from their college degrees, are taking greater responsibility for funding the university. These investments will be easier to sustain if the state can provide greater flexibility in how the university is governed and regulated. Wisconsin will make an important choice on this issue. We can ignore the change in fundamentals and risk a decline in the quality and stature of the UW—and see the potential attractiveness of Wisconsin to technology companies decline with it. Or we can respond to the changes in the economy, restructure the partnership that sustains the university, and enhance the opportunities for the state and its citizens. We cannot afford a status quo approach to management of the university. Thank you for setting a great example as the university looks to the future.

Michael M. Knetter Albert O. Nicholas Dean

Bruce Fritz

UPDATE ❖ From the Dean

I believe that our students, alumni, and faculty and staff have provided a blueprint for how the university must adapt to the pressures confronting the state.

UPDATE ❖ On Campus

Taking Top Prize Top prize of $10,000 at this year’s G. Steven Burrill Business Plan Competition went to a plan to develop advanced materials for wound care. Ankit Agarwal, a Kauffman Entrepreneurial Postdoctoral Fellow in chemical and biomedical engineering, and Umang Nagpal, a PhD in chemical engineering, worked collaboratively on developing new approaches to wound healing for more than a year. Agarwal was featured in BusinessWeek as one of “The Next Hot Entrepreneurs: Science PhDs.” Forty-two students and a record number of 20 teams presented their original business plans for a shot at $23,250 in prize money. Since its inception in 1998, more than 350 students have participated in the competition after attending skill-building seminars to develop their business-planning expertise. Competition alumni have been recognized by BusinessWeek and other national media for their successes. The competition, held each spring at the Wisconsin School of Business, is named for sponsor G. Steven Burrill, a long-time supporter of student innovation and entrepreneurship. Burrill is CEO of Burrill & Company, a life sciences merchant bank with more than $950 million under management. He earned a BBA degree from the Wisconsin School of Business in 1966.

Ankit Agarwal was one of two students whose business plan won top prize and $10,000.

Wisconsin Entrepreneurial Bootcamp This summer, the fourth annual Wisconsin Entrepreneurial Bootcamp at the Wisconsin School of Business brought together graduate students from engineering, law, and science for an intensive week of learning. Students received interactive learning led by real-world professionals. Industry experts

Intuit Founder Speaks to Wisconsin MBA Students Scott Cook, who co-founded Intuit in 1983, talked to Wisconsin MBA students in March. Cook urged students to “find an opportunity you can’t pass up to do something to change the world.” Cook spoke at the M. Keith Weikel Speaker Series, which brings business leaders to campus to share their insights with students. Cook, who now serves as chairman of Intuit’s Executive Committee, is also a member of the board of directors of eBay, Procter & Gamble, the Asia Foundation, the Harvard Business School Dean’s Advisory Board, the Center for Brand and Product Management at the Wisconsin School of Business, and the Intuit Scholarship Foundation. Cook and his wife, Signe Ostby, BBA ’74, MBA ’77, made a gift to establish the Center for Brand and Product Management at the Wisconsin School of Business in 2002. Watch video of his presentation at

and business school alumni John Morgridge, former chair and chief executive officer of Cisco Systems, and G. Steven Burrill, chief executive officer of Burrill & Co., taught sessions. They joined top Wisconsin School of Business faculty and key university and community experts.

UPDATE Spring/Summer 2010


UPDATE ❖ On Campus Diversity Advisory Board Launched

Board members are: Darrell Bazzell, Vice Chancellor for Administration, UW-Madison Malcolm Brett, Managing Director of the Broadcasting and Media Innovations division of UW-Extension Maria Campbell, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, SC Johnson
 Sandra Chiles, Senior Vice President and General Manager, HBO
 Stan Davis, Partner, Axley Brynelson LLP, and Regent for the UW System Board of Regents Mickey Durmick, Head of Human Resources, Nestlé Roycie Earvin, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Ameriprise Financial
 Ian Graham, Chief Financial Officer, Computed Tomography, GE Healthcare Kathy Johnson, President, National Association for Multi-Ethnicity in Communications
 Pam Kermisch, Director of Integrated Communication, General Mills Dwayne Maddox, Regional Media Manager, American Family Insurance
 Ann Schwister, Vice President of Global Oral Care, Procter & Gamble Michelle Thomas, Director of Global Diversity, Wrigley Scott Wilde, Sourcing and Diversity Specialist, American Family Insurance Ray Wilson Partner, Pricewaterhouse Coopers Director of Diversity and Climate Binnu Palta Hill said advisory board members will bring expertise from corporate diversity efforts and from diversity initiatives in higher education.


UPDATE Spring/Summer 2010

Bruce Fritz

The Wisconsin School of Business has created a Diversity Advisory Board to develop and implement strategies to increase diversity in the school’s undergraduate and MBA programs. The board will also work to assess and improve diversity efforts in faculty and staff recruitment and retention.

He Aims to Improve Medical Records Ashutosh Gupta was 19 in 2007, when he was named among the 25 “most promising young entrepreneurs in the U.S.” by BusinessWeek. This spring, Gupta was back in the national spotlight for an innovative way to increase the efficiency of patient medical records. Gupta, a senior in business, and Jonathan Baran, a UW-Madison graduate student in biomedical engineering, were among 10 finalists in the CIMIT Prize for Primary Healthcare, a national competition that seeks ideas for technologic innovations with great potential to improve delivery of healthcare. (CIMIT is the Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology.)

Gupta and Baran received $10,000 to develop their idea and compete for the competition’s $150,000 top prize. The duo’s idea essentially is to present patient medical information using collaborative features of “Web 2.0” technologies such as comments, tagging, and real-time updates. They built their application for use with the Apple iPad, and other platforms are possible. Although their proposal didn’t win the competition, they still aim to develop and commercialize their concept, with the goal of making the tool available to doctors by early 2011.

Center of Actuarial Excellence The Actuarial Science, Risk Management and Insurance program at the Wisconsin School of Business has been named a Center of Actuarial Excellence (CAE) by the Society of Actuaries, the largest actuarial professional organization in the world. The new program bestows CAE distinction on actuarial science programs that meet specific requirements related to degree curriculum, graduate count, faculty composition, graduate quality, appropriate integration, connection to industry, and research/scholarship. Wisconsin was one of only 13 schools worldwide to be given the initial CAE designation.

UPDATE ❖ On Campus

Crazy for Crazylegs The Wisconsin School of Business was well represented at the 29th Annual Crazylegs Classic. The iconic rite of spring is an 8K-run/2 mile-walk that meanders throughout downtown Madison. More than 20,000 entrants participated this year, with proceeds benefitting UW athletics. Students from the full-time MBA program once again fielded a team organized by the student organization, the Graduate Business Association (GBA). The team didn’t set any course records, but students did have fun, helped a good cause, and strengthened ties with their classmates. The Crazylegs Classic is only one of several community-building projects for MBA students coordinated by GBA. It also coordinates students’ participation in the “Polar Plunge” into Lake Monona each winter to raise money for Special Olympics. The Wisconsin MBA team was the top fundraiser for this year’s “Polar Plunge” raising close to $14,000, almost three times as much as the next-highest team, proving once again that Wisconsin business students excel at fun and finance.

MBA students teamed up at the Crazylegs Classic.

All a Twitter Twitter and other social media tools increasingly are being used by the Wisconsin School of Business. For example, social media tools are used in the classroom to connect students with real-life practitioners and get an immediate gauge on consumer sentiment. The business school’s undergraduate Business Career Center advises students on ways of using social media to increase networking opportunities and practice writing skills to improve their career readiness. Melissa Anderson, director of public relations and new media at the Wisconsin School of Business, typically does 10-12 “tweets” daily as a way to generate interest in school activities and promote faculty expertise. She also follows other people’s Twitter feeds to identify “hot topics” in order to determine faculty expertise of particular interest to the media. Many units of the school are using Twitter and other social media tools to market their programs to prospective students, keep students informed of career opportunities, and keep in touch with their alumni. Dean Michael Knetter has been using Twitter since the beginning of the year. His posts often highlight economic news, report on his talks to alumni and other groups, and give a light-hearted look at being a business school dean. At first Knetter was skeptical that such short posts—tweets are limited to 140 characters—could have an impact. But now he’s a believer. You can follow Dean Knetter on Twitter by searching @DeanKnetter at

UPDATE Spring/Summer 2010


UPDATE ❖ On Campus

Royal Recognition for Real Estate The Wisconsin Real Estate Program has a new mark of distinction to add to its list of honors and recognitions. Its BBA and MBA programs were recently granted accreditation by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). RICS is a worldwide organization for professionals in property, land, construction, and related environmental issues, with 140,000 members in 146 countries. “This opens the door for our students to quick qualification for what is the most global designation in the real estate profession,” says François Ortalo-Magné, professor and chair of the real estate department. “It is another reflection of the increasingly global focus we are applying to our program.” The Wisconsin School of Business offers all kinds of opportunities for working professionals to continue their education and move up in their careers. That was the message of a marketing campaign launched by the school this spring. The “Move Up” campaign used billboards, radio spots, print ads, and more to spread the word about the school’s offerings to prospective students in the Milwaukee and Madison areas. Those offerings include the school’s Evening MBA and Executive MBA programs. The campaign also marketed the extensive professional development programs offered by the school’s Executive Education unit. More than 80 courses cover a wide variety of business and financial topics, everything from tactical marketing to strategic global sourcing. “The Wisconsin School of Business is committed to helping companies compete in the global marketplace by enhancing the skills of their current and emerging leaders,” said Dean Michael Knetter. “Our programs for working professionals are part of that commitment.”

Professor Randall Dunham
 and Susan Huber Miller, managing director of CIBER, traveled to Vietnam with 20 UW-Madison students earlier this year. Dunham taught a seminar on business, culture, and society in Vietnam. The study trip is just one example of the kind of initiatives that a new $1.5 million grant to CIBER will support over the next four years.

Enhancing International Expertise The Center for International Business Education and Research at the Wisconsin School of Business has received a four-year, $1.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education. The center works with educational, business, and government partners to provide programs aimed at improving the competitiveness of U.S. businesses in the global market.


UPDATE Spring/Summer 2010

UPDATE ❖ On Campus

New Options for Undergrads

The Wisconsin School of Business has become a key national player in improving governance practices of corporations through its Directors’ Summit.™ Now in its 10th year, the conference, which has been called “highly acclaimed” by BusinessWeek, plays a prominent role in the national debate over good governance and best practices. This year, board members and senior executive officers from around the country will meet in Madison Sept. 30 and Oct.1 to learn from experts in corporate governance issues. Not surprisingly in light of recent business headlines, crisis management will be a key topic. To learn more, or watch video from the 2009 summit, go to

Bruce Fritz

Critical Issues Face Corporate Boards

The undergraduate program at the Wisconsin School of Business has made some big changes recently. The most significant change— implemented last fall—allows students to enroll in the business school as sophomores rather than having to wait until their junior year. The change was made to provide business undergraduates with more time and better opportunities to study abroad and secure business internships, and to benefit from a more fully integrated curriculum. Associate Dean for Master’s and Undergraduate Programs Ken Kavajecz says feedback received from students has been overwhelmingly positive. “Not having to wait a full two years to get accepted into the Wisconsin School of Business translates into less stress for students,” he says. “Admitted sophomores can now focus on their classes, studyabroad opportunities, leadership involvement, and pursuit of internships.” The next step begins this fall, when a limited number of high-merit, incoming UW-Madison freshmen will be enrolled directly into the business school. Kavajecz is excited about what the changes will mean for the students involved and for the Wisconsin School of Business. “Admitting a select number of freshmen directly into the business school will allow us to be more competitive with our business school peers.”

2 + 2 = success! Reading may be fundamental, but so is financial literacy Earlier this year, the Puelicher Center for Banking Education at the Wisconsin School of Business was honored for excellence in promoting financial literacy among Wisconsin citizens. The Puelicher Center won a 2010 Governor’s Financial Literacy Award for efforts to help low-income residents file tax returns and benefit from other financial opportunities. Volunteers worked with more than 500 clients in the Madison area. The effort was supported by a grant from the Investor Protection Trust, based in Washington, D.C.

UPDATE Spring/Summer 2010


Smart Supply Chains Supply chain management is a key differentiator for corporations around the globe—and there’s a whole new world of possibilities By Bill Shepard


ince its origins in the 1980s, the field of supply chain management has emerged as a strategic game-changer for enterprises around the world. Now, experts say, it’s poised to play an even bigger role. Supply chain management encompasses a broad range of fundamental interactive processes in product design, procurement, production, distribution, and demand management. The promise of supply chain management is equally wide ranging: to deliver the right product in the right quantity at the right price to the right customer at the right time at the lowest-possible supply chain cost. “A ‘push’ view of supply chains, where product and materials move toward the final market, driven


UPDATE Spring/Summer 2010

by forecast demand, is being replaced by a ‘pull’ view where customers initiate supply chain decisions, configuring products and initiating orders that pull product through the chain,” says Professor John (Jack) Nevin, executive director of the Grainger Center for Supply Chain Management at the Wisconsin School of Business. “In a pull-oriented supply chain, demand signals are collaboratively shared with key supply chain partners.” Nevin says supply chain management responds to demand as it occurs, as opposed to responding to delayed orders or forecasts: “It integrates demand signals throughout the supply chain,” he says. In its early days, a “push” model of supply chain management was “divided into distinct silos—product development, procurement, production, logistics,

sales, and marketing,” explains Verda Blythe, director of the Grainger Center. By the 1990s, a new supply chain management model had broken down the silo walls, she says, enabling customer-focused information to be shared among the distinct functional areas of companies to meet customer demand. In recent years, businesses using supply chain management gradually have shed the linear model of pushing raw materials and labor into one end of the chain in order to produce finished products at the other end. Imagine three overlapping circles representing supply, demand, and products/services. These three domains are interconnected through demand-driven networks encompassing customers, employees, and suppliers. The networks share real-time information about everything from customer orders, to parts and labor, to inventory levels and distribution channels, to customer requests for product improvements and innovation. In short, these networks efficiently respond to customer demand signals, whether they relate to producing existing products or innovating new ones. “Supply chain management enables us to negotiate the best pricing in the industry,” says Evan Smestad, MBA ’04, strategic procurement manager at Hewlett-Packard. “You’re not following the market, you’re setting the market. And that gives you a greater advantage over your competitors.”

Value chains: focusing on the end customer These days, companies are adopting the “value chain” concept, coined by competitive strategy expert Michael Porter, as part of their overall supply chain management operations and strategy. In essence, this means building value into every step of planning, sourcing, making, and delivering products and services.

Nevin cites Hewlett-Packard as an excellent example of the value chain in action, noting that HP redesigned its products and processes to reduce costs and add value. “They’ve condensed all of their sourcing, reduced the number of motors and other parts in their printers, and redesigned them so that there is a base unit module that can be further assembled and customized in distribution centers around the world,” Nevin explains. “They started at the design stage, and established outright how products would be sourced, produced, assembled, and distributed.” Lean thinking and process improvement also play key roles in the value chain, notes Scott Converse, director of technology programs in the business school’s Executive Education unit, and program director of its supply chain management certificate series. “At every step, you identify whether it involves an activity that the customer would be willing to pay for,” says Converse. “So you’re identifying re-work, excess movement of goods and services, excess transportation, idle time and wait time, and reducing those types of things to add value to the product or service.” Focusing on customer needs and feedback is integral to all successful value chains. “It is the supply-demand balance being achieved up and down the chain, from the consumer back to the source, and value is created at every transaction along the way,” says Kevin O’Marah, group vice president, supply chain research at AMR Research, who serves on the Executive Advisory Board of the Grainger Center. “So, when you buy a Happy Meal from McDonald’s, the value provided in reverse is the customer knowledge provided to McDonald’s from its Happy Meal data—for example, that drinks should be smaller, or that different plastic toys should be included. Value is created in the transaction, and that always is a two-way street.” At Cisco, Inc., Customer Value Teams (CVTs) reflect an intense customer focus. “CVTs are made up of dedicated value chain experts focused exclusively on proactively connecting Cisco value chain capabilities with our largest customers and partners,” says Karl Braitberg, vice president of demand management,

Payback What’s the impact of skilled supply chain management? According to benchmarking data from AMR Research, a global authority on supply chain management, the most-advanced “demandsensing” companies enjoy these advantages: ►► 10 ►►

percent more revenue

 to 7 percent better 5 profit margins

►► 15

percent less inventory

UPDATE Spring/Summer 2010


planning, and customer operations. Braitberg serves on the Grainger Center’s Executive Advisory Board. “Each team is focused on delivering personalized, high-touch, customer value chain solutions,” he says. “These teams are accountable for driving customerspecific metrics throughout the value chain.”

Trends and challenges Increasingly, businesses and organizations are discovering the critical role that supply chain management plays in responding to new challenges, which are shaping new trends in the field.

Grainger Center for Supply Chain Management The Wisconsin School of Business has one of the only endowed, university-based centers specializing in supply chain management in the United States—the Grainger Center for Supply Chain Management. The center supports an MBA career specialization in supply chain management, an undergraduate specialization, and assists faculty research in the field. Its MBA offering has earned particular acclaim in various publications including U.S. News & World Report, Gartner/AMR Research, and Supply Chain Management Review. Average starting salaries of its graduates are consistently the highest among peer schools, ranging from $80,000 to $110,000. The center is known for close ties to industry. Its Executive Advisory Board comprises senior executives from firms recognized for excellence in supply chain management. Verda Blythe, MS ’02, the director of the Grainger Center, is an alumna of the program. According to Blythe, the center’s reputation and the growing importance of supply chain management have increased the demand for supply chain management education and talent. Blythe says, “I feel confident telling prospective students that if they want to become a leader in world-class supply chain management, the Grainger Center is the place to start.” To learn more about the Grainger Center for Supply Chain Management and careers in supply chain management, visit


UPDATE Spring/Summer 2010

“Company after company used supply chain management to take huge costs out of the system when the recession hit,” says Nevin. “HarleyDavidson, for example, closed its distribution center and outsourced it. It also placed its transportation operations with third parties.” Supply chain management has made companies more resilient in tough times. Quraish Baldiwala, MBA ‘01, is the commercial director of strategic markets for Abbott Nutrition, a Chicago-based division of Abbott Laboratories. He lists several industry trends that developed over the past two decades: “Globalization, focus on emerging markets, and the decoupling of the supply chain into a web of autonomous entities designed to work together.” Other aspects of important trends he cites are growing efforts by companies to offset higher costs in developed countries, take advantage of a growing middle class overseas, and developments in transportation and information systems that have allowed remote supply chains to function. “Through the economic crisis, not only have we been able to ride it out, but supply chain management has enabled us to continue our cost-saving initiatives to provide top-line dollars to invest in other areas, like R&D,” says Smestad. “In fact, as we’ve grown over the last five years, it has tripled that ability, if not more.” Other supply chain trends have stemmed from the challenges of political, economic, or other vulnerabilities in overseas markets. “In the last few years, with escalating global risks, the need to have effective risk-mitigation programs is paramount,” says Braitberg. “A crisis in a distant region can now spread very quickly across the world economy, creating tremendous turbulence.” In response, companies have diversified their supply bases and located them throughout the world, rather than basing them in one location, to spread risk. “In order to reduce fuel costs or product safetyrelated risk stemming from tainted or unsafe products, some U.S. companies have moved operations, suppliers, or other parts of their supply chains from China to Mexico,” comments Blythe. Jennifer Schultz, MBA ’08, is in the Supply Chain Leadership Development Program at Raytheon Co. She points to another growing trend: supply chain

“A crisis in a distant region can now spread very quickly across the world economy, creating tremendous turbulence.”

optimization. Essentially, supply chain optimization strives to maximize commodity technology, while at the same time reducing the number of suppliers for a commodity, giving highest priority to the highestperforming suppliers. “Supply chain optimization is extremely important, especially when it comes to global sourcing and logistics,” says Schultz. “Who are my key strategic suppliers, and what do they bring to the table? When we concentrate on those issues, we’re going to enhance efficiency in the supply chain.”

Expanding into non-traditional areas Supply chain management has grown in scope and influence largely within the realms of manufacturing and related sectors. Increasingly, there are additional areas where supply chain management is having an impact, providing solutions, and driving profits— especially in new markets. Take IBM, which has successfully applied supply chain management principles and practices to provide solutions in a host of non-traditional areas beyond manufacturing. “For IBM, our focus is on the trend of ‘smart’ supply chains in support of ‘smarter planet’ solutions, which are rooted in the basic elements of ‘Instrumented,’ ‘Interconnected,’ and ‘Intelligent,’” says Steve Loehr, vice president of operations and strategy, value services. Loehr is another supply chain management expert who serves on the Grainger Center’s Executive Advisory Board. He cites IBM’s consulting work for the Swedish National Road Association in Stockholm and other cities around the world to reduce road congestion and vehicle emissions. “Think of cars on roads like one big distribution network within a supply chain, or multiple components moving along various assembly lines inside a factory,” says Loehr. “By equipping roadways with instrumentation to both track and charge for usage, interconnecting the system to manage the overall flow, and then applying analytics/intelligence to both provide real-time feedback on usage as well

as insights on variability of demand throughout the day, week, or month, overall supply and demand can be managed better. Congestion can be controlled and better planning can be developed for roadways and public transportation usage.” Not only can these smart solutions enhance the world around us, but they’re also generating considerable profits for IBM. In fact, supply chain management in non-traditional areas like business consulting has helped Big Blue transition from a manufacturing-based company into a knowledge-based enterprise. “When I started at IBM years ago, the majority of our profits came from hardware,” says Loehr. In contrast, he notes that hardware accounted for 15 percent of IBM’s gross revenues for the first quarter of 2010, whereas consulting and services generated about 60 percent. The IBM roadway example points to other non-traditional fields where supply chain management will likely have a significant impact: social and environmental responsibility. “Supply chain management is going to be responsible for managing initiatives related to broader social issues,” says Nevin. IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Timberland Co., Starbucks, and many other companies are incorporating the goals of sustainability and ethical labor practices into their supply chain management strategies and practices, demonstrating that it is possible to “do the right thing” while delivering superior returns to shareholders. “Whether you’re scoring suppliers based on their carbon footprints or energy usage, or reducing waste in your own operations, supply chain management makes it happen,” comments Converse.

UPDATE Spring/Summer 2010


Helping Firms Hone Their SCM Expertise Another non-traditional sector where supply chain management can make a significant impact is the U.S. health care system. Many companies have built recycling into different parts of their supply chains. For example, Nike reprocesses discarded athletic shoes to create rubber for soccer fields, foam for playground surfaces, and fabric for padding under basketball floors. Another non-traditional sector where supply chain management can make a significant impact is the U.S. health care system. “In health care, there is a lot of waste in inventory and sourcing,” says Blythe. “Typically, hospitals and health care providers don’t buy directly from manufacturers—they buy from distributors. So this results in multiple layers of inventory.” Blythe suggests that a first step might entail improving electronic communications between hospitals and suppliers at the front end of the supply chain, thereby facilitating more direct and efficient demand signals that will reduce response times and inventories. Sourcing and inventory management would be other significant areas ripe for improvement via supply chain management. O’Marah agrees. “Patients don’t communicate their demand information directly back into the system— they communicate their needs back through the insurance industry, which distorts the demand signal,” he explains. “The insurance industry collects all that demand data but distorts the demand signal with rules about what it will and will not pay for.” O’Marah envisions a solution involving demanddriven networks of retail health care suppliers that would provide routine services, like physicals, directly to consumers who would pay out of pocket. But, he says, higher-risk procedures, like surgeries, would remain covered by insurance companies.

Even when companies recognize the importance of supply chain management, their efforts to pursue SCM improvement or technology solutions can fall short. To help translate strategy into successful practice, the business school’s Executive Education unit offers one of the nation’s broadest offerings of courses in supply chain, purchasing, and transportation/logistics. A sampling includes: ►►

S upply Chain Leadership focuses on how to identify and minimize uncertainty in supply chains to improve customer satisfaction and lower costs.


S trategic Global Sourcing provides insight on the best mix of domestic, near-shore, and far-shore sourcing, and practical advice on how to execute the mix effectively.


Industrial Transportation Management offers metrics, tools, and methods to integrate a logistics and transportation network into the overall supply chain for quicker response and lower total costs.

Information on these courses, related offerings, and earning a professional development certificate in supply chain management is available at exed. or by calling 1-800-292-8964.

Whether supply chain management can reform America’s intractable problems with health care remains to be seen. But one thing is certain: supply chain management is not a flashy fad that will fade away. It already has transformed companies around the world, providing a strategic platform for meeting customer demand through value-rich processes. By offering solutions to environmental and other problems, it may even make the world a better place. Bill Shepard is a Madison-area freelance writer.


UPDATE Spring/Summer 2010

Navigating Rough Waters The upside of learning to invest in a down market By Lari Fanlund “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” Students in the Applied Security Analysis Program (ASAP) at the Wisconsin School of Business may not have that famous quote by philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche emblazoned on their walls, but perhaps they should.

Over the 40-year life of the program, almost 500 students have managed real money in real portfolios—currently equity and fixed-income portfolios that total more than $62 million. The students have felt firsthand what it’s like to invest in up markets and down markets, with a few classes experiencing markets that went beyond bearish to brutal.

UPDATE Spring/Summer 2010


Three of those periods stand out: the stock market crash of October 1987; the days following the 9/11 attacks in 2001 when the U.S. economy went into free fall; and most recently, autumn 2008, when the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 1,874 points during one white-knuckle week. “I think back to the fall of 1987,” recalls John Wakeman, a graduate of the class of 1988 who is now a portfolio manager at T. Rowe Price in Baltimore. “I remember the emotions and the helpless feeling—everyone

“The crash took us by surprise,” Hellmer recalls. “I remember calling alumni to get advice and quickly realizing that most of them were also struggling to understand what was happening and when it might end. The other thing I remember is that the day after the crash the market bounced back very dramatically. It was that rally (coming one day after a huge decline) that convinced me that the markets were not efficient or even rational at times. While that might have bothered some people, I was encouraged to

“I remember calling alumni to get advice and quickly realizing that most of them were also struggling to understand what was happening.” sitting around the table knowing we should be doing something, but paralyzed on what exactly to do.” Garry Nussbaum, a portfolio manager at Peregrine Capital in Minneapolis, and a graduate of the same year, has similar recollections. “It was very evident that the market meltdown in October 1987 was, to put it lightly, a new experience for the students. However, it was also clear that it was a new experience for most market participants. We made several calls during the day, and then called international alumni after the market close. The reactions included confusion, panic, composure, and a wide range of strategies. We looked around and concluded we were on our own!” Brian Hellmer is the director of the Hawk Center for Applied Security Analysis, which offers ASAP as an MBA specialization within the full-time Wisconsin MBA. He just completed his first year with the center after a 20-year career as an analyst and portfolio manager. He, too, was a student in the program during the October 1987 stock market crash.


UPDATE Spring/Summer 2010

see there was definitely an opportunity for people like me to take advantage of shortterm irrationality and emotion in the markets. I was eager to learn more about how to do that, and ASAP provided a great learning platform.” Despite the challenges, the investment teams that year were able to implement strategies and stick to the investing fundamentals they had learned—which allowed them to hold on to a respectable portion of their portfolios. That same pragmatic approach was taken by the class of 2002, which managed to put together an investment strategy that held up in one of the worst environments in the program’s history. The 15 students in the program scrambled to put together an investment strategy able to withstand a sagging economy and markets made volatile by 9/11, the war in Afghanistan, and a rash of corporate accounting scandals and bankruptcies. Despite the volume of challenges, both equity and fixed-income portfolios of the Class of 2002 outperformed their respective benchmarks.

And then there was the Class of 2009. The prior fall, second-year students in the program were confronted not only with the collapse of large financial institutions, but with the bailout of bank after bank by the U.S. government and downturns in stock markets around the world. “Throughout the summer of 2008 I felt that we had not yet seen the worst of the bear market,” recalls Brad Angermeier, a fixed income analyst at Ameriprise in Minneapolis. “It began to escalate late in the summer as rumors swirled surrounding the insolvency of various large financial institutions, and the regulators temporarily banned short-selling in various financial names. I suppose the truly historic nature of the crisis didn’t really hit home until late September, when the makeup of our financial sector completely changed.” Chris Carter is now an equity analyst at Nakoma Capital in Madison. He has a precise memory of the free fall. “On the day we gained approval to manage the portfolios from the board, I remember the market sold off 2%. It was clear we were entering or had entered a bear market. The failures of Lehman and AIG helped make it a historic economic collapse. I remember watching the vote for the first TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) proposal on CNBC. With each ‘no’ vote tallied, the market was selling off and when the TARP proposal was rejected it felt as though we were on the precipice of economic disaster. At that time it sunk in that not only were markets in panic mode, but so too was the leadership in charge of addressing the problems.” Steve Cheuk, a high-yield bond analyst at Ameriprise in Minneapolis, recalls, “We came into the year already having had a volatile summer of ’08. Then came September, and it kept getting worse. There were plenty of days where all we saw were red numbers (indicating stocks that were

“The ability to put one’s emotions aside and take action when markets are being irrational is hard, and can only be learned during down periods.” down) and on some level it was numbing, day after day. I can remember meetings where we’d have a few ‘green’ names and as the meeting would progress, those would go down to zero. It always seemed that things went bad in the last hour of the trading day, which was when our meetings were held, so even on the few days that weren’t so bad, we would gear up for the last-hour nosedive.” Still, their hard work and focus paid off, as the ASAP Class of 2009 produced excellent results by focusing on high-quality companies that held up well as the economy slowed down. Both equity teams were able to solidly outperform their benchmarks during their time in charge of the portfolios. The fixed-income team, which took over the portfolio during the tumultuous summer of 2008, was forced to immediately evaluate the corporate bond holdings and made some key decisions as to how to improve the situation. Despite a difficult start, the portfolio strongly outperformed during the last three months of the academic year and finished the year overall in line with the benchmark. Even with the intense pressure they were under, program graduates say they recognized at the time that their challenges were not unique, that economic impacts were having devastating effects on companies, whole industries, and individuals. Students who graduated this May had an easier time of it, as the market made a gradual recovery on their watch. They certainly appeared to be luckier than their classmates who graduated a year earlier. Or were they? Some say the need to confront a tough economy while in the program was invaluable experience. “Starting out during tough times is often the best situation,” says Nussbaum. In the 22 years he has spent in the investment field since his graduation, his appreciation

of the rapid learning curve provided by the program has grown. “Honestly, you can’t beat living through events when it comes to experience,” he says. “Everyone will be tested throughout their careers. How the students learn to react to adversity will often mean the difference between success and failure.“ Wakeman agrees: “The ability to put one’s emotions aside and take action when markets are being irrational is hard, and can only be learned during down periods.” Cheuk believes being in the program during the 2008 downturn has given him “invaluable experience in how to handle and react to difficult situations.” Hellmer, the Hawk Center’s director, says he called upon what he learned from being in the program during the bear market of 1987 throughout his investment career: “It taught me the value of having a clear process and understanding why you own each stock in the portfolio,” he says. “During subsequent huge drops in the market—like the months following the 9/11 attacks—I was able to recognize that unless our outlook for a company had changed dramatically, the fear-based selling we were seeing was unlikely to be permanent.” There might be another benefit to tough times, as graduates of the “years of hard knocks” may form stronger ties. “I believe almost all of our ASAP classes develop very strong connections given all the time and effort they dedicate to managing the portfolio and working together,” Hellmer says. “However, classes forced to deal with extreme adversity probably wind up with the closest bonds.” Professor Mark Ready, academic director of ASAP, says the program provides students with a template that produces analysts and money managers who have the skills needed to achieve success—in all kinds of markets. “Our program focuses on fundamentals of

investing that have proven to add value over the long run,” he says. “Regardless of what the market may be doing during the students’ time here, they develop the skills needed to succeed in this highly competitive industry.” So, what’s the bottom line? Does going through down times have an upside? Wakeman has no doubts: “I think history is clear,” he says. “In good times everyone thinks they are a stock-picking genius. It is during the downturns that true great investors come to the front.” Lari Fanlund is the editor of UPDATE. For more information on the applied security analysis program at the Wisconsin School of Business, contact the Hawk Center for Applied Security Analysis, (608) 262-9039,

Lessons Learned ►► The

markets are full of very smart people. Check your ego at the door and be prepared to work hard to find opportunity.

►► Good

fundamental research pays off in the long run.

►► Great

investment values will often be found during a recession.

►► When

things get difficult, stay focused on your investment process and avoid the temptation to follow the herd.

►► Address

problems swiftly and objectively—avoid procrastinating and wishful thinking.

UPDATE Spring/Summer 2010


How Entrepreneurs Bring Their Ideas to Market (It may not be how you think)

By Lari Fanlund Entrepreneurs foster innovation and help stimulate much-needed economic growth. Despite the importance of entrepreneurship, the field is less understood than most fields of management. Jon Eckhardt, an associate professor in the Department of Management and Human Resources, is trying to change that through his award-winning research. To gather qualitative information, Eckhardt has conducted interviews with a wide range of nationally prominent entrepreneurs, including Palm Computing founder Jeff Hawkins. For quantitative information, he and his collaborators have gleaned data from several thousand IPO (initial public offering) documents they have collected.



UPDATE Spring/Summer 2010

One of the most intriguing questions his voluminous research has explored: “How do novel ideas become incorporated in products and services?” He’s found some surprising answers. “Historically, people have studied entrepreneurship from the perspective of the entrepreneur,” he says. “My work starts from the perspective of ideas, how they become commercialized in a variety of ways.” We may think that entrepreneurs enter a market because they believe they have a product or service that will make them money. But when Eckhardt began examining that notion a few years ago in terms of entrepreneurs offering new open-source software, he found something else. In many cases, the process is much more accidental, and not always directly tied to expectations of profits. He and research partners Mason Carpenter, a professor in the management department, and graduate student Michael Ciuchta, with whom Eckhardt won the 2006 Irene M. McCarthy Award for best paper on a high-tech topic, made some unexpected discoveries. “It looks like people become entrepreneurs based on really local information they receive about the validity of an idea,” Eckhardt says. “They don’t tend to respond as much as one would think to doing the MBA-type financial analysis that we teach in business schools. Instead, it appears that they select into entrepreneurship based on evidence that other people enjoy using their technology.” To put the concept in the simplest terms, Eckhardt says: consider a potluck. “You might have somebody who likes to bake pies. If they take their pie to a potluck and see it’s the first to disappear, they might say, ‘Look, I’ve got something here’ and become an entrepreneur based on that. They could go to a grocery store and see people selling

It looks like people become entrepreneurs based on really local information they receive about the validity of an idea.

frozen pies or read in a newspaper about someone getting rich by selling them. They might do research to try to figure out how much revenue people earn selling frozen pies. But what we’re finding is that the entrepreneurial urge is most likely to be sparked by the potluck feedback.” Another surprising finding is that having competitors who give their product away can be a good thing for commercially minded entrepreneurs. “If I’m an entrepreneur and I’m in a market where somebody’s giving away a competing product for free, my revenue is higher than if I’m in a market where people aren’t giving things away,” he says. While counterintuitive, it makes sense if one considers why people give away things for free. Consider the case of computer software, which often is available in both free and for-pay versions. “Those folks that are doing stuff for free are doing a lot,” Eckhardt says. ”They’re teaching consumers about the concept, and consumers may very well begin by trying the free version. They are also providing information to commercial producers regarding what is technically feasible, as well as the specific nature of consumer demand. However, the free folks are often in it for a different gain—a problem they wanted to solve, or maybe they just liked writing that particular software program. In most cases, they aren’t thinking about trying to meet the needs of the market, or of society, or building a spreadsheet that everybody will find useful. So commercial entrepreneurs can build on that to find a solution that people are willing to pay for, adding features to develop a completely functional product people will want.” Eckhardt says that those interested in commercializing an idea can work more directly with those who are not. “A commercially minded entrepreneur can partner with a scientist or somebody who just loves a particular technology,” he explains. “Sometimes when people jump into entrepreneurship they assume that everyone they will work with will have the same kind of goals and desires, that they will be competitors as well as partners. But many

UPDATE Spring/Summer 2010


Kudos ►► In

2008, Jonathan Eckhardt was one of just five individuals in the country to be named to a Kauffman Junior Faculty Fellowship in Entrepreneurship Research.

►► His

research findings have been presented at several national conferences. He co-authored a paper on “Opportunities and Entrepreneurship” in the Journal of Management that is highly cited by scholars.

►► Eckhardt

teaches courses in entrepreneurship to undergraduate, MBA, and PhD students. He also led the effort to create an undergraduate degree program in entrepreneurship.

Bruce Fritz

►► He

people out there are generating really new, valuable, and interesting things who may not be interested in commercializing or making any kind of profit from them personally.” By understanding people’s different motivations, Eckhardt says, entrepreneurs can up their odds of launching a successful undertaking. Eckhardt is continuing to explore aspects of the entrepreneurial process, aiming to uncover information of value to scholars, entrepreneurs, policy makers, and society. He continues to look into how non-profit innovation informs commercial entrepreneurship. Early in his career, Eckhardt thought of becoming an entrepreneur himself. Instead, he says, he became “fascinated by the academic questions around entrepreneurship.” How ideas are incorporated into markets continues to intrigue him. “Entrepreneurship is a relatively young field in management that is rapidly evolving and becoming more rigorous,” he says. “It’s an exciting field to be exploring.” Lari Fanlund is the editor of UPDATE.


UPDATE Spring/Summer 2010

is part of the business school’s internationally acclaimed Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship and a faculty fellow for UW-Madison’s residential entrepreneurship learning community.

Entrepreneurship Across Campus The Wisconsin School of Business has several initiatives underway with a variety of partners to develop entrepreneurial activity across the UW-Madison campus. Two formal certificates in entrepreneurship are being developed—one at the graduate level, another for undergraduates. The goal is to help students in engineering, liberal arts, sciences, law, and many other majors learn the business fundamentals of being a successful entrepreneur.

UPDATE ❖ Honor Roll of Contributors 2009 Classes by First Degree from the Wisconsin School of Business Names in red are individuals who gave $50,000 or more to the Wisconsin School of Business. Names in blue are individuals who gave $25,000 or more. Names in purple are individuals who gave $10,000 or more. Names in green are individuals who gave $2,500 or more. Bolded names are Dean’s Club (those who gave $500 or more, including matching gifts, to the Wisconsin School of Business). All gifts listed were received in calendar year 2009.

Waterbury, Edward S. Wheeler, John C.


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UPDATE Spring/Summer 2010


UPDATE ❖ Honor Roll of Contributors 2009 Wencel, John T. Zarling, Kenneth G.


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UPDATE Spring/Summer 2010

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UPDATE Spring/Summer 2010


UPDATE ❖ Honor Roll of Contributors 2009 Rush, Timothy A. Samuelson, Michael J. Sanders, Michael Sanders, Stacey A. Schoonover, Deborah L. Schwarz, Robert B. Scott, Kristine H. Skalecki, Linda J. Stein, Douglas M. Stephenson, James T. Thompson, Kimberlee K. Tydrick, Kevin M. Wall, Terrence R. Weisensel, Terry A.


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UPDATE Spring/Summer 2010

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UPDATE Spring/Summer 2010



UPDATE ❖ Honor Roll of Contributors 2009 Jacobson, Joanne K. Katte, Michael T. Knutzen, Kelene M. Kober, Kurt J. Komerofsky, Steven J. Kowalyk, Kirsten L. Kwan, Derek S. Leary, Brendon T. Li, Zheng Liu, Pengpeng Looney, Jenna D. Mani, Cailin E. Marquardt, Margaret K. Mason, Michael Mattson, Joshua A. Mc Cool, Jillian M. Mc Graw, Peter F. Mehl, Bridgette Milo, Jonathan P. Molzahn, Thomas W. Norris, Andrea R. Olson, Eric S. Page, Matthew R. Phillips, Steven J. Porto, Joseph P. Quade, Mitchell D. Reese, Matthew S. Remsha, Rebecca A. Ritzema, James N. Rowe, Bradford J. Rowley, Brandon R. Saari, Allison H. Scallan, Marshall R. Schrader, Daniel C. Shah, Anish A. Shea, Kimberly T. Silberzahn, William A. Simonis, Bridget H. Simunek, Thomas W. Swalheim, Evan P. Sweet, Adam C. Tourand, Todd W. Trigg, Adam R. Tyler, Jennifer P. Van Hoorn, William E. Vieau, Michelle L. Wang, Liwei Wiemer, Bradley T.


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UPDATE Spring/Summer 2010

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UW Alumni with Degrees from Other Colleges Adler, Gail B. Alain, Katelyn Anderson-Wenz, Erin L. Anderson, Patricia M. Anklam, Jeffrey L. Armstrong, Catherine A. Audino, Christopher M. Austin, Carla R. Badreddine, Loei Baitinger, Kenneth M. Baldwin, Johanna Y. Ball, Barbara L. Ballsrud, Bonnie C. Baptie, Kathryn S. Barney, Lynn B. Baron, David M. Bartelme, Kassandra M. Baumbach, Devon R. Baumgardt, Barbara J. Baumgartner, Daniel M. Beck, James W. Becker, Jennifer C. Beine, Patricia A. Benash, Jonathan E. Benish, Ann M. Bennett, Gregory L. Benson, Sally Benstead, Barbara L. Berg, Louise C. Berge, Mary K. Bergman, Sarah J. Bernhagen, Ann R. Berssenbrugge, Anne D. Betzer, Eileen L. Bhatia, Arun I. Binder, Karen L. Bither, David L. Boehm, Margaret A. Bohachek, Stacey D. Boldt, Oscar C. Borghesi, Nancy T. Bowen, William D. Bower, Douglas J. Bradley, James R. Brandt, Janet C. Brandt, Michael D. Braucht, Mary E. Breuer, Lori J. Brick, Donald B. Bruce, Nancy M. Buchbinder, Bonnie M. Bucklew, Neil S. Bunzel, David L. Busk, Betty Cai, Liang Cain, Melissa F. Carlson, Beth A. Carroll, Michele A. Casolino, Lisa R. Cedergren, Ann C. Chosy, James L. Cleary, Sean M. Cohen, Armand L. Cohen, Elana H. Conaway, Charlotte A. Connell, Rochelle R. Connor, Jeffrey P. Cooper, Iles Copes, Rodney J. Coyle, Sally S. Cozzi, Vincent M. Crane, Mary K. Cusma, Josephine Czarnecki, Debra L. Dabel, Russell J. Daneshgar, Adam J. Davis, Alexandra L. Davis, Sarah L. T. De Mark, Michael J. Deuster-Loesch, Jennifer A. Dhuey, Cynthia L. Dlouhy, Thomas R. Donkle, Cheryl F. Donnelly, Richard A. Drees, Donald A. Driscoll, Jane A. Dubis, Michelle E. Dye, Jean A. Eberly, B. Christine

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Huang, Xiaoyan Huffer, Thomas C. Hwang, Milton T. Idtse-Bartenstein, Susan E. Ihlenfeld, Jay V. Irgens, Shirley E. Jankowski, Jean M. Jastrow, Danielle M. Jinkins, Ann M. Johnsen, Kirk D. Johnson, Charlotte S. Johnson, Jesse D. Johnson, Timothy R. Jung, David S. Kalous, Paul G. Kapsen, Justin T. Karadottir, Svanhildur Karcher, Cynthia L. Karcher, Katy K. Kastelic, Alan J. Katz, Carol C. Kaufman, Christopher D. Kayes, Francine M. Kellicut, Anthony J. Kellner, Mary T. Kerman, Joan D. Kerman, Mark E. King, Mary K. King, Shawn R. Kinzer, Paul T. Koller, Joyce A. Korpinen, Jennifer L. Krebs, Alice M. Kreger, Joshua J. Kritchman-Young, Jane M. Kronwall, Mary A. Krueger, Nancy A. Kubly, Pat Kuehl, Jean M. Kuehl, Kathleen O. D. Kurtz, Leah P. La Fleur, Suzanne M. Ladd-Koch, Carmen T. Laine, Donald M. Lang, Anne M. Langlois, Andrew J. Larson, Daniel J. Laszewski, Ruth E. Lathrop, Janet J. Le Barron, Helen L. Lederman, Jerome H. Lesniak, James L. Lettenmaier, Marvin L. Lewin, Sharon A. Ley, Patricia B. Lindahl, Christopher D. Linehan, Daniel J. Livermore, John T. Longbrake, Martha A. Lubniewski, John C. Luepnitz, Bradley A. Lukszys, Kayann M. Mac Dougal, Phyllis P. Mackay, Todd H. Magnus, Amy E. Malloy, Frances J. Mandl, Kenneth D. Marusiak, Christine E. Mathis, Sarah L. Matsoff, Jane M. Maule, Kenneth J. Maxwell, Terrance P. Mayhew, Rebecca L. Mc Clarey, Catherine A. Mc Cormack, Karen R. Meidl, Anne W. Meister, Robert J. Merriam, Linda S. Metcalf, Bryce T. Meyer, Lorna J. Meyer, Ruth M. Meyer, Terri R. Michelsen, David L. Michuda, Carol J. Micksch, Paul W. Mirsberger, Martha R. Monfre, William S. Moran, Jennifer G. Moran, Patrick T. Moreau, Lynne A. Morehouse, Regina B. Morgan, Kari M. Morgan, Michael A. Morse, Gregory H.

UPDATE ❖ Honor Roll of Contributors 2009 Murphy, Judy O. Murphy, Julie E. Murphy, Lori M. Murray, Edward J. Nadeau, Glenda R. Nelson, Joanne R. Neuendorf, Jeanie M. Ngo, David V. Nicholas, Nancy J. Nielsen, Maribeth N. Nigbur, Patti J. Nordeen, Katherine Norrbom, Clay D. O’Hara Stacy, Mary O’Leary, Kathleen A. Olian, Judy D. Olness, Eric L. Olsen, Barbara B. Olson, Julie A. Olson, Victoria B. Olszewski, Daniel P. Olszewski, Kathryn J. Parsons, M. Elizabeth C. Partridge, Leslie W. Pas, Amanda L. Paschke, Ned W. Pautz, Andrew J. Pennow, Anne E. Peters-Michaud, Jessica N. Peters, Carolyn W. Peterson, Sue E. C. Pipkorn, Marcy J. Pire, Jane E. Prahl, Cori C. Preston, Jeanne M. Price, Mary E. Prieve, Mary J. Prochazka, Hayley Proebsting, Douglas A. Proehl, Michelle W. Pulvino, Todd C. Pursell, Mark C. Raupp, Colleen C. Reichenbacher, David C. Reiss, Alvin H. Rekoske, Michael J. Remstad, David R. Revolinski, Mary A. Revolinski, Scott J. Richmond, Elizabeth B. Ries, Charles P. Rindfleisch, Grace I. Roberts, Richard L. Robinson, Lowell W. Rohde, Laurel L. Roosevelt, Verdery A. Rosborough, Polly B. Rose, Henry Rose, Terri L. Rosenheimer, Nancy H. D. Rozman, Christopher J. Ruthman, Diana L. Rynes-Weller, Sara L. Samson, Barry L. Samson, Rosella H. Sanicola, Louis J. Schaefer, Elizabeth M. Schauer, Genevieve G. Scheinfeld, Sylvia Schmelling, Audrey J. Schmidt, Anthony O. Schmidt, Christian E. Schmidt, Colette J. Schmidt, Daniel J. Schneider, Rebecca J. Schottenstein, Jeffrey S. Schrinner, Joan G. Schroeder, Michelle A. Schultz, Jacqueline K. Schulz, Eleanore C. Scoon, Kristine L. Sheppard, Christine M. Shereshewsky, Jerome H. Shian, Lindsey K. Shipman, Mary L. Siepmann, Mary L. Silva-Craig, Milton G. Singer, Scott F. Sleger, Mary S. Sloan, Stanley Smith, Barbara G. Smith, Kaitie M. Sniffin, Susan N. Solheim, Brian A.

Solie, Theodore D. Sommerfeld, Dean R. Sosnay, Daniel B. Spelshaus, Fred M. Spindler, Rebecca L. Sprain, Jason W. Starfeldt, Nancy E. Stark, Christie P. Steil, Harriett A. Stein, Donald G. Stein, Peter L. Steiner, Maryann E. Stephenson, Joan N. Steybe, Daniel C. Stone, Peggy J. Straus, Kurtis J. Stravinski, Susan H. Sturner, Steven J. Tanke, Suzanne M. Tefft, Julie A. Teitgen, Frederick C. Thalacker, Kevin A. Thomas, Glenn J. Thompson, David C. Thorne, Norrita V. Thorson, Kristi V. Tillison, Julie A. Timmers, Michael J. Towle, John P. Tran, Julie L. Tredwell, Janet M. Treible, Peter C. Troller, Dorothy M. Udell, Susan S. Usem, Jeffrey A. Ver Bockel, John P. Verbsky, David J. Vogt, Peter H. Vorpahl, Debra A. Vrakas, Andrew L. Wade, Jennifer L. Wagner, Kari K. Walden, Ruth C. Walker, Janet P. Walker, Ray A. Wallace, Donald R. Walsh, Dennis S. Walsh, Donna M. Walsh, Ellen M. Walsh, Jaclynn C. Wander, Nancy K. Ward, Susan C. Warner, Wanda M. Wasserman, Vicki L. Webb, III, David W. Weinhold, Joyce M. Weir, Donald G. Weisensel, Marcia J. Wellman, Brian A. Wencel, Celeste S. Werk, Gregory J. Westmont, Ruth N. Wherley-Mcginley, Katherine A. Wieland, Ruth A. Williams, C. Webb Williams, Leslie R. Wilson, Mary E. Winegar, Phyllis M. Xu, Jin Zander, Barbara A. Zaske, Karen M. Zima, John P. Zimmerman, Henry A. Zwettler, Scott M.

Friends Abeles, Stacy Abert, Grant D. Ahlgrimm, James M. Albers, Janet Albert, Mona Allen, Robert J. Amer, Aimee Anderson, Pehr C. Andries, Tammy L. Ansusinha, Graciela Arendt, Betty J. Ashley, Sandra A. Baier, Afton B. Bailey, Steve Banta, Gale A. Banta, Jeffrey M. Barden, Jean O. Baron, Judith Basile, Frank Batavia, Melissa K. Baughn, Colleen Bechtel, Charity T. Beck, Diana P. Behrens, Lorisa L. Belth, Joseph M. Belth, Marjorie L. Benner, David A. Berger, Michael J. Berger, Seema Bergquist, Elizabeth A. Bergquist, Tracy Bergstrom, Christopher Bicknell, Frances B. Bingham, Jean Binns, David M. Blake, Craig J. Blamey, Ann E. Boettcher, Patricia D. Bollom, Catherine A. Bond, Brent Bottorff, Nancy K. Brown, Chad Bubon, Catherine A. Buchenholz, Dennis M. Buchholtz, Amy A. Bulgrin, Carol A. Bulgrin, Douglas P. Burke, Mary P. Burks, Joan P. Burnett, David Burns, Keith R. Busch, Ann Bute, Joseph Butler, Judith M. Butler, Robert E. Buttke, Jayme L. Cagigal, David Carlson, Mark A. Carpenter, III, R. R. M. Carpenter, Lisa R. Carpenter, Mason A. Carris, William Carver, Sue E. Casey, Kathleen Cavanaugh, Melissa E. Chiaro, Susan J. Ching, Kenny Ching, Vivian M. Chosy, Julianne Christian, Kimberly K. Clark, Jerry R. Coleman, Mary Collins, Laura E. Cook, Scott D. Copouls, Barbara Copouls, James Coppola, Janet Coquard, Philippe P. L. M. Crane, Lansing E. Cullen, Mark A. Czarnecki, Kristen J. Czarnecki, Theresa K. Davis, Karen A. Dawn, Stella W. Dempsey, Michelle S. Dennis, Kyle L. Desris, Terri L. Dewey, Londa J. Dickson, Lisa G. Dietrich, William C. Dohrmann, Geofrey Donat, Charlotte B.

Drucker, Mary Du Pont, Karen C. Ebben, Barbara J. Edmunson, Janet M. Egelhoff, Jo A. Eggleson, Joyce D. Ehlers, Carol J. Eikren, Jennifer Ellis-Reise, Dolores G. Elwell, Kate Ensrud, Carrie Epstein, Wendy R. Everson, Elizabeth A. Ewing, Jean W. Fandrich, Michael J. Fanning, Mary Feldman, Robert D. Ferguson, William J. Ferschinger, Kristin Fish, Kelli M. Flatley, Catherine E. Flynn, Brian C. Fox, Ronald Fox, Sheri Freal, John W. Fredrickson, Scott R. Frels, Bonita M. Friedman, Richard B. Galiano, Cynthia M. Gaudiani, Claire Gazeley, Janis E. Geiger, Connie D. Geller, Laurence Gerfin, Candis M. Gerhard, Dawna V. Ginger, Faith Ginsburg-Cooper, Beverly R. Glasrud, Sarah A. Gogin, Kevin K. Goldfine, Howard Goldfine, Margaret Golicic, Susan Golz, Kathy L. Golz, Robert W. Goodman, James J. Goodman, Mark A. Gould, Karen G. Grade, Karen L. Graham, Jolene Graham, Timothy L. Greene, Carol L. Gresl, Theresa A. Gross, Elizabeth C. Grunow, Jessie R. Grusecki, James P. Guenther, Ruth P. Haider, Margaret Halferty, Brad Hammes, Linda H. Hamus, Jeffrey F. Hamus, Michelle L. Harju, Dorothea Harris, Archie F. Hartmann, Mark Hass, Glenda G. Hausch, Donald B. Hauser, Thomas A. Heeren, Lynn M. Heinemann, Lorrie Herlache, Jill H. Herrmann, Jr., George D. Hertting, Sally L. Hickman, Margaret W. Hill, Tammy Hitchcock, Karen A. Hoesley, Joseph C. Hoffmann, Charles J. Hoffmann, Joanne E. Hoffmire, John S. Holt, Elizabeth Hooper, Wayne D. Horner, Martha F. Horton, Alyson Horwitz, Allan Horwitz, Elizabeth R. Hovden, Darla Hunold, Marilyn Hunter, Paul S. Hupfel, Alice B. Husman, Michael W. Hykes, Kristine M. Iverson, Margaret A. Jackson, Brooke L. Jacobus, Carolyn R.

Jahnke, Carol A. Jarrell, Ellen S. Jarrell, James E. Jenson, Kelly M. Jewell, Julia A. Johnson, Angela A. Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Denise M. Johnson, Matthew Jones, Sandra W. Kadison, Carol C. Karp, Douglas M. Katz, Amy Kaye, Nancy Keipper, Jennifer S. Keller, Barbara Kellesvig, Amy L. J. Kelly, Lena Kelly, Mary C. Kessenich, Peter A. Kirk, Christine Kleich, Donald J. Kleich, Susan J. Klima, Mary E. Knetter, Marie Michael and Karen Knetter Kobs, Jamie Koenig, Erwin F. Kometer, Rhonda Komula, Wendy G. Kowieski, Heather S. Kozak, Carl E. Kozak, Sylvia W. Kray, Kyle Krueger, Christine M. Krumberger, Stephen J. Kubek, James J. Kubly, Shirley A. Kuhn, Jr., William J. Kwan, Clare H. Lane, Linda K. Larson, Lori A. Lebovitz, Stephen D. Leder, Malvina G. Leff, Julie Lesar, Sheryl L. Leuzinger, Kelly K. Levy, Maureen Levy, Seymour Lew, Jolene Lewis, Al Liberti, Peter E. Lieb, Carla S. Lindh, Heidi Lobel, Allison Lobo, Susan H. Lodge, Thomas S. Loewi, Jay V. Love, Robert D. Lowy, Doris Lubar, Marianne S. Lubic, Robert B. Luecht, Michael Lueck, Martin R. Lundberg, James K. Lyall, Katharine C. Mackler, Melissa F. Madsen, Nikki M. Makarova, Yana Maliel, Catherine Malpezzi, Stephen J. Mandel, John E. Mange, Jennifer Mantzke, Jeffrey W. Manville, Mary E. Marchetti, George A. Marchetti, Marilyn H. Marson, Judy A. Mathwich, Joann M. Maule, Jane F. Mayer, Ruthanne Mayer, Wendy J. Mc Clanathan, Elaine B. Mc Cutcheon, Renee L. Mc Grath, Cheryl Mc Grath, Debra L. Mc Grath, Robert E. Mc Quide, Nancy Menke, John D. Meser, Retta B. Meyer, Patricia J. Meyer, Wayne B. Midness, Paige R. Mikes, Catherine V.

Millar, Elizabeth B. Miller, Dale R. Miller, Jennifer L. Milne, Rebecca J. Miner, Anne S. Morabet, Zineb Morey, Joan S. Morris, Verelene A. Mountin, Mariellen Mueller, Christina Mullen, Amanda K. Muller, Sally Murphy, Claudia I. Myers, Steven J. Myhran, Lynn Neithercut, David J. Nelson, Martha D. Nestingen, Lois J. Neuenschwander, Hidee L. Neumann, Loreda M. Nevin, John R. Nicolas, Kristina Nikolish, Kari K. Nitschke, Kelly Novasel, Susan E. O'Donohor, Enda P. O'Neill, Patrick G. Oehler, Sarah Ogden, Susan Oldani, Marie O. Orbison, John H. Oren, Kenton B. Orloff, Andrew N. Oros, Anne W. Ortalo-Magne, Francois Oster, Carol S. Owens, Charmaine Pajakowski, James D. Pajakowski, Sue A. Palm, Debra J. W. Pasquarella, Gail A. Paterick, Scott S. Peck, Laura L. Peirick, Edward W. Peirson, Julie L. Pettinelli, Matthew J. Pfannerstill, Christine H. Pfeifer, Michele R. Phipps, Charles H. Pisarski, Gerri M. Pisarski, Neal S. Plahuta, Yvonne H. Poland, Amy C. Poland, Douglas M. Ponte, Albano Powell, Denise M. Powers, Jennifer Pribyl, Christine L. Purcell, Paul E. Radel, Ruth B. Rathod, Sanyog B. Reetz, Lisa Regnitz, Tim Reilly, Kaylene M. Reynolds, Jr., Thomas H. Reynolds, Patricia K. Rhody, Terri L. Richter, Kitti C. Riedl, Alyce Riser, Mark A. Ristow, Dorothy S. Rittenberg, Kathleen Rittenberg, Larry E. Robb, Michael S. Robertson, Caroline P. Robinson, Judy Rock, Joseph A. Rose, Richard B. Rosenberg, Marjorie A. Ruehl, Cathy L. Ruidl, Kathleen R. Rumble, Frances Ruslim, Trisni Russo, Hana Russo, Paul W. Saeger, Judith C. Sanders, Miriam Sauter, Kristine Sawyer, Lisa A. Schaller, Doris Scheibel, Mary B. Scheid, Jean Schini, Lorna Schmidt, Leroy C.

UPDATE Spring/Summer 2010


UPDATE ❖ Honor Roll of Contributors 2009 Schnake, John L. Schreve, Carol Schrom, Susan Schuette, Donald R. Schuette, Joan L. Schwab, Joyce Scott, Randy C. Scuderi, Alice Seeger, Robert Shadler, Eilene R. Shedivy, Michael Shih, Willy C. Shortall, Jennifer L. Shortall, Sr., William O. Siegel, Gail Sierra, Jose F. V. Sikorski, Lisa Simenson, Joyce Simester, Sandra H. Simon, Lawrence R. Skarda, Susan E. Sloggy, Vivian A. Smart, Eileen Smet, Cynthia J. Smith, Kelley J. Sontag, Thomas A. Sowiski, Mona C. Sowle, Janice L. Stadtmueller, Sandra L. Stange, Peggy R. Steiker, James G. Stephenson, Diane H. K. Stephenson, Joel L. Stover, Kimberlee Strang, Audrey Strelow, Gary D. Sturm, Joan C. Sulger, Jr., Jack F. Sullivan, Janet J. Swanson, Pamela C. Sweeney, Rita J. Sweeney, Thomas P. Tauscheck, Victoria L. Tellock, Susan Terry, Sharon Tetzlaff, Helen Thiele, Joanna Thomas, Candice R. Thompson, Gerald G. Thomson, Joanne Tilley, Michelle M. Tobin, Karen Tomfohrde, Marilyn Urbani, Nancy S. Valmond, Papiyon Van Gemert, Shannon J. Van Noie, Trisha L. Van Ornum, Doug Vosburg, Lee A. Wachendorf, Barbara Walker, Deborah L. Wallace, Nancy L. Walski, Angeline J. Walter, Barbara Warfield, Mary B. Warfield, Terry D. Warren, Thomas T. Webb, Lauri J. Weirich, Jane B. Weirich, William H. Weiss, Kirsten A. Weiss, Michael Weiss, Sarah Wells, Bradley K. Wendt, Steven R. Werner, Hester H. White, Lisa H. Wiese, Sandra L. Winters, Bradley A. Winters, Jill Wirth, Nona C. Wiseman, David Yie, Charles D. Yunt, Marianne L. Yunt, Thomas A. Zadra, Edna H. Zeitler, Charles C. Zhai, Xiaoping Zheng, Wen L. Zigman, Paul Zorensky, Karen Zorensky, Mark Zukin, James H. Zuravle, Doreen A. Zwickey, Carla J.


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UPDATE ❖ Honor Roll of Contributors 2009 GlaxoSmithKline 1 GMAC Financial Services 1 Goldman Sachs and Company 2 Google 3 W.W. Grainger, Inc. 4 Grant Thornton Foundation 8 Graphic Packaging International 1 Great Clips for Hair 1 Great-West Life & Annuity Company 1 Halliburton Foundation Inc. 1 John Hancock Financial Services 1 Harley-Davidson Inc. 9 Harris Bank Foundation 1 Hewitt Associates 3 Hormel Foods Corporation 1 HSBC - North America 2 IBM Corporation 11 ING Foundation 1 Intuit Inc. 2 Jefferies Group Inc. 1 John Deere Foundation 3 Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies 2 Johnson Company 1 Johnson Controls Foundation 1 S. C. Johnson Fund Inc. 12 Jostens Foundation 1 JPMorgan Chase Foundation 4 Key Foundation 1 Kimberly-Clark Foundation 12 KPMG Foundation 24 Kraft Foods Global Inc. 17 Lockheed Martin Corporation 2 Marmon Group Inc. 1 Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc. 4 Mc Kesson HBOC Foundation 1 Medtronic Foundation 3 Menasha Corporation 1 Merck & Company Inc. 4 Merrill Lynch and Company Inc. 4 Metropolitan Life Foundation 4 Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Co. 2 Microsoft Corporation 6 Monsanto Company 1 The Moody’s Foundation 2 Morgan Stanley 2 Moss Adams Foundation 1 Motorola Foundation 2 Munich Reinsurance America Inc. 1 Mutual of Omaha 1 Nationwide Insurance Foundation 5 Neiman Marcus Corporation 1 Northern Trust Company 2 Northrop Grumman Foundation 1 Northwestern Mutual Foundation 26 Pacific Life 1 Pactiv Corporation 1 PCL Construction Enterprises Inc. 1 Pella Rolscreen Foundation 1 PepsiCo Foundation 4 Pfizer Inc. 4 Pharmacia Foundation/ Matching 1 PNC Foundation 1 Pohlad Family Charities 1 PPG Industries Foundation 2 PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP 20 Prince Charitable Trusts 1 Principal Mutual Life Insurance Company 2 Procter and Gamble Fund 11 QUALCOMM Inc. 6 Raytheon Corporation 4 RBC Foundation 2 Rockwell Collins Charitable Co. 2

Rotochopper Inc. 1 Rural Insurance Companies 1 Ryan Companies US Inc. 1 Safeco Corporation 1 St Jude Medical Inc. 3 Saint Paul Foundation 1 Securian Financial Group Inc. 2 Sentry Insurance 4 Shure Incorporated 1 Siemens Energy 1 Sprint Foundation 1 Schneider Electric/Square D. Foundation 1 St Paul Travelers Foundation 1 Starbucks Foundation 1 State Farm Companies Foundation 4 Stockamp and Associates 1 Sun Microsystems Inc. 1 SunTrust Bank Atlanta Foundation 1 Swiss Re 1 Symantec Corp. 2 TAC LLC 1 TCF Foundation 1 Texas Instruments Inc. 1 Textron Charitable Trust 1 Thomson Financial Services 1 Thomson Reuters 1 Thrivent Financial For Lutherans 7 Time Warner 2 Toro Foundation 1 Towers Perrin 6 United Technologies Corp. 1 US Bancorp 8 Verizon Foundation 2 Wachovia Corporation 4 Wellington Management Company 1 Wellpoint Health 4 Wells Fargo Bank NA 14 Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign 6 Whirlpool Corporation Foundation 1 The Windhover Foundation 3 Wipfli Foundation Inc. 2 Xerox Foundation 1 XL America 1 3M 9

The Bascom Hill Society The list below includes Bascom Hill Society members who have graduated from or who have given to the Wisconsin School of Business at some time (however, their Bascom Hill commitment may not necessarily have been designated for the Wisconsin School of Business). Lifetime recognition and membership in the Bascom Hill Society is provided to individuals and couples who have made outright gifts of $25,000 or more, irrevocable gifts such as those to pooled income funds, gift annuities, and other types of trusts, paid over any period of time, or to individuals or couples who have made revocable deferred gifts such as a bequest or revocable trust of $50,000 or more. Richard D. Aaronson Grant D. Abert Robert L. and Jan Ableman Stuart I. Ackerberg Andrew B. and Mona Albert Steven J. and Joan J. Alley Michael W. Altschaefl Barry and Cynthia Alvarez David W. Anders A. D. Anderson David R. and Mary K. Anderson Donald W. Anderson Peter R. and Emmy L. Anderson Renee E. Anderson Robert E. and Betty W. Anderson Ronald G. Anderson Thomas E. Anderson Alfred E. and Kathleen Anding Robert M. Anger Raymond L. Anilionis Theodore and Graciela Ansusinha Gary L. Antoniewicz and Martha A. Taylor Perry J. Armstrong, Jr. John D. Arndt Richard M. and Susan G. Arndt Michael D. and Susan H. Arneson William R. Arpe Dennis H. Asmus George E. Austin and Martha J. Vukelich-Austin Susan H. Axelrod Roger E. and Mitzi F. Axtell Douglas A. and Diana Backus James J. and Susan Bakke Dorothy L. Ballantyne Karl E. Bandtel Gregory J. and Nancy A. Barber David W., Jr. and Shannon M. Barden Hartley B. Barker Mark A. Barnes Charles R. Barnum Thomas J. Barr James T., Jr. and Joan C. Barry Jeffrey M. and Jane E. Barth Robert M. and Barbara M. Bartholomew Jack D. and Carol M. Bartingale Carol A. Bartz Jean D. Bass Thomas G. and Maryann E. Bast Frank W. Bastian Chris M. Bauer Alan R. Baumann David A. Baumgarten Theodore J. and Diana P. Beck Bonny J. Becker Kenneth E. Becker William C. Beisenstein Hugh H. Bell James D. Bell Burton E. and Geraldyn R. Belzer David S. Bender Joseph P. Bennett Stephen M. Bennett Wendy L. Benveniste James G. Berbee Paul M. and Mary K. Berge Faye S. Bergemann Shawn G. Bergemann

Joseph S., Jr. and Judith L. Berger Herman G. Berkman Kenneth R. and Patricia M. Berlet Steven R. Berlin Julian L. Berman James D. Bernd Joseph M. Bernstein William R., Jr. and Susan M. Bertha Monica C. Beyer Thomas O. Beyer Arun I. Bhatia Amy H. Bibb Frances B. Bicknell Thomas R. and Karen L. Binder R. Byron Bird Maya K. Bittar Gladys M. Blanchar Todd M. Blazei Richard J. Bliss Joellen F. Blount Peter H. Blum John P. and Lauralyn Bly Linda H. Bochert Robert H. Bock Joseph R. Boehmer Oscar C. Boldt Anne W. Bolz John A. Bolz Lawrence S. Bond Robert J. Bond David A. and Nancy T. Borghesi Andrew K. Boszhardt, Jr. B. Dean and Ann L. Bowles Thomas J. Bradley Walter S. and Lois J. Brager Nathan F. Brand Nathan S. Brand Scott A. and Mary E. Braucht William C. Braucht Neil E. and Cristene V. Bray Brian F. Bremer Herbert J. Brewer F. Anthony and Susan D. Brewster Peter W. Brey Mark E. Brickman George M. Brinton John H. Brown Laurel L. M. Brown Robert B. and Nancy M. Bruce Neal H. Brunner Richard W. Brust Francis S. and Anne Brzezinski Herbert C. and Bonnie M. Buchbinder David L. Buchholz William M. Buchholz Steve J. Buller Frank E. Burgess Kurt J. Burghardt Mary P. Burke Thomas M. Burke Neil J. Burmeister G. Steven and Kelli Burrill Bruce R. and Kathleen Buss William W. and Judith H. Busse Thomas C. Butterbrodt Richard W. Cable Kenneth G. Calewarts Joy D. Calkin Thomas F. Campion Larry R. and Juana J. Carter

Howard L. and Sue E. Carver Martha L. Casey Michael H. Casey Margaux O. Cates J. Anthony and Derilyn R. Cattelino Jeffrey S. and Melissa E. Cavanaugh Jon F. Chait Sharon E. Chamberlain David R. Chamberlin John T. and Constance E. Chambers Mark Chandler and Christina Kenrick Marilou W. Chapman Michael J. Chapman William D. Chapman Howard and Alida Charney Derek M. Chen Irving L. Chortek Brian P. and Donna H. Christensen Michael J. Christensen Robert L. Christensen Peter C. and Margaret A. Christianson Robert L. Christianson James C. and Geraldine B. Christoph Gilbert A., Jr. and Helen C. Churchill James E. Churchill and Ruth Diederich David D. Clark Robert F. Clarke Kelly J. Cleary-Rebholz Sean M. and Carla A. Cleary Kevin B. Coakley Armand L. Cohen Steven J. Cohen Thomas M. Cole Christopher A. Coleman Paul J. Collins Timothy S. Colter and Debra A. Fluno Donald M., Jr. and Linda M. Condon Kenneth W. Conger Marvin L. and Mildred G. Conney Gordon P. Connor Robert J. Cook Scott D. Cook and H. Signe Ostby Dan and Pat Cornwell Janet E. Corradini Jerry J. Cotter Thomas W. and Sally S. Coyle Robert S. Crespi Shari L. Crivello M. Jean Cronon Kevin A. Crummy Michael G. and Sally A. Culhane J. P. Cullen Mark A. and Carol B. Cullen Craig C. Culver Curt S. Culver James L. Cummings Danny L. and Jolinda K. Cunningham James J. Curtis, III Thomas E. Dapp Lawrence E. Davanzo Roderick K. and Laurel G. Davey Harold L. Davidson Richard R. and Kristine L. Davidson Erroll B., Jr. and Elaine E. Davis Jeffrey A. and Karen A. Davis John R. and Katherine K. Davis H. William De Vitt William J. Dehnel Kevin M. and Michelle S. Dempsey Gordon M. and Gail L. Derzon Blake E. Devitt Walter E. and Londa J. Dewey Stephen P. Dexter Linda S. Dicks Jeffrey J. and Julie M. Diermeier John F. Dippel Steven C. Disse Scott M. Dixon Joseph J. and Gretchen K. Docter J. Michael and Patricia J. Dodson Mark R. Dodson

Marilyn E. Doerfer Mary A. Dohmen Steven J. Dolezel Susan A. Donaldson Michael L. Doniger Peter P. Donis William W. Doten, Jr. Wallace C. Doud George M. Douglas Lynn C. Douglas Dennis J. Doyle Dennis P. Doyle Edmund H. Drager Thomas L. V. Drake Timothy J. Drascic and Kristin Yates Walter H. and Gracia M. Drew Dianne P. Dubois Verna E. Due Margaret L. Duetti Roger N. Duhl Thomas A. Dumphy Roger Dunekacke Randall B. Dunham Julie A. Dunn Richard W. and Mary J. Dutrisac Stephen W. and Melanie A. Dvorak Bernard C. Easterday Mark A. and Virginia M. A. Ebacher Ralph D. Ebbott Sally A. Ebenreiter Sue Ebert Walter R. and Sandra E. Ebling Clark J. Eckhoff James B. Ehren Thomas W. Ehrmann John P. Eimerman, Sr. Bruce R. and Janice R. Ellig Ronald D. Emanuel Thomas W. Emmrich Don M. Enders Thomas J. and Florence L. Enders Gerald S. Engel Randall C. Engen William D., Jr. and Gail M. Engler David L. and Johneen A. Epstein Deborah Erdman-Luder Daniel W. Erdman and Natalie L. Bock M. Rustin Erdman Timothy B. Erdman Randall J. Erickson Robert D. Espeseth John T. V. Etter William D. Evans, Jr. George A. Fait Thomas J. and Karen A. Falk Anthony L. Farino Michael A. and Debbie Feiner Robert, Jr. and Susan J. Feitler James E. Fenger Russell G. and Janet E. Ferris James J. Fetek Wade Fetzer, III Jaime M. Fink Jerome A. Fink Sheldon I. Fink Patrick M. and Barbara S. Finley Daniel F. and Carol Finnane Michael J. and Susan S. Finnane Daniel J. and Catherine J. Finneran Jerome M. Fisher Philip Fisher Geraldine M. Fitzpatrick John J. Flad John M. and Jeanne C. Flesch Rockne G. and Jo A. R. Flowers Jere D. and Anne Fluno James L. Forbes Neil M. and Peggy T. Ford Thomas J. Formolo Stanley C. Fosdal William J. Foy Dale J. Fraaza Glenn A. Francke Werner G. and Jean B. Frank Harry F. and Mary W. Franke Peter L. and Patricia O. Frechette Dexter S., Jr. and Bonnie L. Free Frederick G. Freitag and Lynn N. Stegner James H. Freund Roberto F. Freund James E. and Sue E. Freytag

UPDATE Spring/Summer 2010


UPDATE â?– Honor Roll of Contributors 2009 Foster S. and Lynnette E. Friess Robert F. and Nancy B. Froehlke Thomas L. Frydenlund Mitchell R. Fulscher Jerry L. Gabert John A. Gable John W. Galanis Georgia T. Garner Robert D. and Angie Garrison Jack E. and Janice A. Gaumnitz Jeffrey A. Gerstner John E. and M. Anne Gherty George T. and Candida Gialamas William T., III and Mary H. Gibb Dale L. Gifford Paul B. Gilbert Richard R. Gilbert William A. Gilbert Lucille M. Gilbertson Michelle A. Gile Virginia L. Gilmore Richard G. Goehrig Daniel L. Goelzer Howard I. Golden Richard A. Gonce Conrad G. Goodkind Paul N. and Linda L. Gordon Gary J. and Mallory A. Gorman Robert C. Gorsuch Richard R. Gotzion Kevin F., Jr. and Karen G. Gould Truman F. and Sylvia T. Graf William T. Graham David W. Grainger Edward A. Grant Kevin G. Grant Thomas F. Grantham O. Alfred Granum Donald R. and Joan E. Gray Wilson B. Greaton, Jr. Larry A. Gregerson John C. Greiber John W. Gribble Douglas K. and Mary A. E. Griese Richard N. Groh James G. Grosklaus Nancy Groskopf Phillip T. and Elizabeth C. Gross Marilyn J. Grove Anthony F. and Jill M. Grueninger Fritz E. Grutzner Max J. Guhl Gordon H. and Grace M. Gunnlaugsson Neil F. Guttormsen Gabriele S. Haberland Robert L. Habush Patricia A. Hackworthy James G. B. and Kathleen G. Haft William B. and Suzanne G. Hale Jenny M. Hall William A. and Patricia J. Halvorson Jeffrey C. and Linda H. Hammes Jon D. and Ann Hammes Michael E. Hanlon Alfred T. Hansen Elizabeth G. Hanson Lewis P. Hanson Thomas L. and Linda J. Hanson Sharon K. L. F. Hantke Jeffrey J. Harding Scott D. and Tammy A. Harmsen Fred, Jr. and Archie F. Harris George S. Harrison Scott M. Haskins Robert L. Hastings Timothy J. Hatch Gary C. and Jill S. Hatton Steven A. and Linda S. Haugland Brett W. Hawkins, Jr. Charles V. and Kathleen M. Heath S. Rollins, Jr. and Josephine W. Heath Frank H. Heckrodt James W. and Margo T. Heegeman Terrance W. and Noel M. Hefty James H. and Amy S. Hegenbarth Angeline M. Hein James E. and Linda K. Heineke



Richard M. and Ruth E. Heins Jon A. and Martha G. Heisel Lynn C. and Bobette F. Heller Brian A. and Annette E. Hellmer James L. Henderson Philip J. Hendrickson Robert F. Henkle, Jr. Albert L. Hentzen William R. Hentzen, Sr. David G. Herzer Janet E. Hevey John A. and Nancy Hevey Margaret W. Hickman Jerry M. Hiegel Elzie L. Higginbottom Joseph P. Hildebrandt Elizabeth A. Hill Thomas A. Himes Stephen C. and Susan M. Hird Peter and Susan Hitch John P. Hobbins Richard A. Hoefs James E. and Virginia S. Hoelter Louis A. and Nancy Holland Carleton A. Holstrom David H. Holt Timothy C. Holt Walter V. and Elizabeth Holt Clarence E. and Evelyn L. Holtze David N. Holtze Frederick J. Holzknecht G. Michael and Lynne D. Horn James M. and Joan M. Horsfall Russell J. and Betty L. D. Hovde Joanne L. Howard Julie M. Howard Leslie D. Howard Richard J. and Mary M. Howell Daniel R. and Patricia A. Huber William J. and Julia A. Huberty Robert T. Huettl Roger W. Huibregtse Robert L. and Marilyn Hunold Richard J. Hymer Jay V. and Cynthia A. Ihlenfeld Dale E. Ihlenfeldt James R. Imhoff, Jr. Mark F. Irgens Beatrice E. Irminger Joe R. Irwin Trent P. Jackson Burleigh E. Jacobs Jay R. Jacobs Steven L. Jacobson Eugene T. and Colleen Jacobus John T. Jacobus Richard G. and Carolyn R. Jacobus Nicholas E. and Carol A. Jahnke Charles W. Jansch Janice M. Jarchow Stephen P. Jarchow Manucher J. and Lida E. Javid J. Michael Jensen William K. Jensen Julia A. Jewell Mary E. Joanis John J. Johannson Gordon N. Johnsen Brekke P. Johnson Bruce M. and Kathryn K. Johnson David E. Johnson David L. and Mary L. Johnson Dwight W. Johnson Erik S. Johnson Gary R. Johnson Howard J. Johnson John W. and Margaret H. Johnson Norbert J. and Susan T. Johnson Peter O. Johnson, Sr. Silas G. Johnson, Jr. Thomas J., III and Barbara Johnson William R. and Charlotte S. Johnson Patricia S. Jorgensen Eugene T. Juday Helen W. Juhl Richard J. and Deborah A. Justice Roger J. Juszczak Douglas B. and Carol C. Kadison Gerald J. Kahn Robert S. and Susan J. Kallestad David G. Kaminski Jack S. Kammer

UPDATE Spring/Summer 2010

Madeline D. Kanner Carl F. Kantner Jerold K. Karabensh Gary C. Karch James A. and Carolyn L. Karman Robert M. Karner Glenn J. Karpinske Jeffrey A. Kaufman Brian T. Kaye Daniel G. and Nancy Kaye Edward S. Keating George and Pamela M. Keehn Lynn Y. Keel A. Raymond and Susan Kehm John M. Keil William E. Keitel David J. and Anita K. Y. Keller John F. and Barbara Keller Kevin C. Kelley Ted D. and Mary T. Kellner Sara O. Kelly Herman Kelting Cheryl L. Kendall Aaron S. Kennedy John C. and Patricia A. Kenny Walter H. Keough and Gloria K. Green Betty J. Kepley George H. Kerckhove Maurice W., Jr. and Jeanne D. Kiley Richard R. and Mary L. Kilgust David S. Y. Kim Maureen A. Kincaid Dale R. King Thomas A. and Christine Kirk Harland R. Klagos James R. Kleinfeldt Richard C. Kleinfeldt Beverly A. Klumph Margaret L. Knauf Michael M. and Karen J. Knetter Woodard D. Knox Thomas P. Knudsen Eugene G. and Kalen Koch W. Robert and Phyllis R. Koch Charles E. Koeble Timothy A. Koechel Robert A. Kohl Russell J. Kohl V. Michael and Gloria H. Komppa Frank W. and Zainabu L. Kooistra Richard R. Krahn Paul C. Kramer Helen Kratzer Donald L. and Joanne A. Krause Martin J. and Alice M. Krebs James F. Kress James E. Kroening David W. and Sarah T. Kruger Adrian F. Kruse Thomas E. Kryshak Bernard S. Kubale Pat and Shirley A. Kubly Nancy L. Kuczynski Joyce M. Kuehl Dennis J. Kuester Joel C. and Darla M. Kurth Wendell R. and Leah P. Kurtz Michael J. Kutchin Charles P. and Mary A. La Bahn Paul G. La Zotte Felicitas G. Lafayette Steven R. and Kelly A. Lagman Donald P. Lamers Richard R. Land Jack W. Lane Marvin M., Jr. and Joan W. Lane Richard E. and Christine Lane Robert E. Lane Gayle M. Langer Robert W. Larsen Eric J. Larson John D. Larson Nancy J. Larson John C. Lathrop Brian D. Lattman Dennis W. and Mary B. Laudon Mark D. and Ilene P. Laufman Nixon E. Lauridsen Jack A. Lavin Linda M. Layman Ralph R. Layman Steven M. and Karen S. Leaffer Terrance C. Leahy

Ann M. Lee Paul A. and Julie Leff John W. and Loretta M. Leffin Michael E. Lehman Peter A. Leidel K. Adam and Kelly R. Leight Ross G. and Sarah K. Leinweber David Leith Elmer J. Lemon Allen D. Lenard Roma E. Lenehan David A. and Kris Lenz Thomas C. Leonard David J. and Sheryl L. Lesar Charles and Margaret G. Lescrenier Thomas R. Leske Jeffery D. Leu Karen Leu Raymond J. Lewis Ronald L. and Jean L. Lewis Peter E. Liberti and Judy D. Olian Gordon J. Liebl Robyn D. and Carol L. Linder Tod B. and Jane K. Linstroth William A. and Mary T. Linton Patricia Lipton John T. and Sandra B. Livermore Keith R. and Susan H. Lobo E. David Locke Diana L. Longfield Bruce D. Loring James J. Loughlin Phyllis A. Lovrien Sheldon B. and Marianne S. Lubar Peter R. and Joyce A. Ludovic Ross D. Luedke Scott R. and Lisa C. Luedke Henry S. Lufler, Jr. Daryl B. and Dawn K. Lund Duane H. Lund Katharine C. Lyall John V. Lyngaas and Linda C. Noel Marjorie D. Lyons Ernest L. Mac Vicar Thomas P. and Nikki M. Madsen John K. Malmquist Judith A. Malueg Jean Manchester Biddick Jane R. Mandula Craig S. and Susan E. Manske Joseph A. Mantoan Gerald A. and Mary E. Manville Paul R. and Kristen Marotte James G. and Rebecca S. Martell Treagh R. and Elizabeth R. Martin George T. Mathews Philip Matthews William D. Mauerman James M. Maurer Bernhard F., Jr. and Josie Mautz Terrance P. and Lisa A. Maxwell James J. and Ursula L. Mazzarelli William J. and Gail R. Mc Cabe Thomas M. Mc Cahill Daniel J. Mc Carty Robert S. and Donna J. Mc Cormack Richard W. Mc Coy Thomas J. and Renee L. Mc Cutcheon Ronald E. Mc Devitt Jerome R. Mc Ginnis Robert L. Mc Ginnis and Jennifer A. Latwesen Michael G. and Sandra M. Mc Grath Clyde S. Mc Gregor Daniel K. Mc Guire Richard R. and Jean D. Mc Kenzie James R. Mc Manus Walter A. Meanwell, Sr. Kathryn J. Meek Barbara A. Meeker Donald M. and Jeannie N. Meier R. Glenn and Marjorie Meier David G. Meissner Susan M. Melby Henry J. Merce, Jr.

Charles and Leigh Merinoff Gary R. Messner Dennis B. and Sandra J. Meulemans Harvey M. Meyerhoff Lance M. and Julie P. Meyerowich Sam B. Mezansky Robert A. Michaels Timothy A. Mielcarek Amy H. Milbourne Regina M. Millner Bruce and Rebecca J. Milne David R. and Teresa C. Milroy Daniel J. Minahan Lee R. Miskowski Frederic E. Mohs, Jr. Thomas J. and Nancy S. Mohs Richard A. Moll Michael F. Montemurro Janet P. Montgomery Michael G. Moran Theodore J. and Lynne A. Moreau Michael L. and Joan S. Morey John P. and Tashia F. Morgridge Loren D. and Boo Mortenson Eric D. Mott Melinda J. Mount Thomas W. Mount Timothy X. Mrozinski James H. Muir Charles J. and Judy O. Murphy Daniel T. Murphy Edward P. and Julie E. Murphy Michael J. Murphy John L. Murray Jean F. Myers David C. Nagel Raghavan D. Nair Ruth Nair William J. Nasgovitz Lawrence R. Nash John P. Neis Brandon M. Nelson Carl A. Nelson, Jr. David F. and Jane C. Nelson Elaine M. Nelson George A. and Judith A. Nelson James E. and Mary K. Nelson James R. Nelson and Nancy L. Ballsrud Linda L. Nelson Russell C. Nelson Ruth L. Nelson Don E. and Roslyn Nemke Milton E. and Nancy Neshek Jeffry A. and Hidee L. Neuenschwander Richard G. Neuheisel James W. Neupert Ann Neviaser Bruce D. Neviaser John R. and Jeanne Nevin Robert J. and Michelle J. New Melany S. Newby Robert C. and Kristine K. Newlin Andrew C. and Ruth A. Newman Albert O. and Nancy J. Nicholas David O. and Lori M. Nicholas Lynn S. Nicholas William P. Niedermeyer Arthur C. Nielsen, Jr. Chester I., III and Maribeth N. Nielsen David H. Niemi Dale A. and Katherine Nordeen Thomas H. Norman Thomas F. Novotny Gary E. and Mary E. Nussbaum William C. Nygren Mary G. O'Leary Kristine K. O'Meara W. Craig and Martha J. Olafsson Edmund H. and Janet H. Ollmann Byron D. Olson Charles E. Olson Jon C. Olson Perry V. Olson Robert B. and Marilyn T. M. Olson Daniel P. and Kathryn J. Olszewski Kenneth D. Opitz John H. Orbison

John J. and Anne W. Oros San W., III and Sarah Orr San W. Orr, Jr. Dennis M. and Diane M. Ott David C. Padget Gary S. Palmer Michael J. Palmer Michael A. Parks William C. and M. Elizabeth C. Parsons Leslie W. and Lois G. Partridge Arthur P. and Gail A. Pasquarella Myleen B. Passini Arnold S. Paster William J. and Linda N. Patchett George G. Patterson, III Catherine B. Peercy John R., Jr. and Julie L. Peirson Lisa D. Peirson Philip S. and Susan J. Pelanek Diane F. Pellegrin Jonathan G. Pellegrin Robert A. and Mildred M. Peltzman Mark A. and Anne E. Pennow Robert R. Perry Jeffrey L. Peskind Gina A. Peter Neil N. and Jessica N. Peters- Michaud James E. Peters Jay B. and Carolyn W. Peters Kenton A. Peters and Susan W. Lubar Denise M. Petersen John Petersen, III Stephen R. Petersen Alan E. and Mildred A. Peterson Norman A. Peterson Fredrick W. and Georgene Petri Reginald L. and Michele R. Pfeifer Charles H. Phipps Daniel S. and Lisa K. Pickett Lester A. Pines and Roberta A. Gassman Milo S. Pinkerton Richard W. Pitzner Evan F. and Jane S. Pizer Daniel M. Pjevach and Barbara R. Reindl Pjevach Peter M., III and Bonnie A. Platten Erwin J. Plesko and Joann Six-Plesko Ronald H. Plietz Thomas G. Plumb Richard J. Plummer Thomas W. Poehls Andrew J. and Pamela Z. Policano Susanne S. Policano Robert B. Pollock and Anh-Tuyet T. Nguyen Randall and Cynthia M. G. Pond Frank S. Pons and Rhea M. Stephens-Pons Barbara J. Pope Benjamin G. Porter James L. and Peggy L. Possin Jeffrey H. Post R. Jeffrey and Kasandra K. Preston Gene T. Pretti Jay H. Price, Jr. Rawson S. and Mary E. Price E. Arthur and Mary J. Prieve Joseph B. and Tami T. Pringle Todd C. and Kathleen P. Pulvino Paul E. Purcell Thomas F. Pyle, Jr. David J. Quade Floyd W. and Ruth B. Radel Douglas H. Raftery Richard W. and Jill L. Ragatz Thomas G. and Karen C. Ragatz David A. Ramon Richard W., Jr. and Margaret C. Raney Gary M. Rappeport Lee L. Rasmussen Vaughn B. Rasmussen, II Jerome W. and Marsha L. Rather William J. and Ann C. Rauwerdink Bruce H. Ravid Charles J. and Judith P. Raymond

UPDATE â?– Honor Roll of Contributors 2009 Douglas J. Reed Gregory R. Reed Robert C. Rehm Elizabeth A. Reid Timothy P. Reiland David L. Reimer Roland R. Reinholtz Richard R. Renk Rusty Restuccia Sandra L. Richards Julie G. Richardson John E. and Mary A. Rickmeier James W. and Alyce Riedl Steven M. Rieth Rodney J. Ripley Perry A. Risberg Michael B. Risse David M. and Lynne B. Roark Burnell R. and Karen R. Roberts Richard L. Roberts Scott A. Roberts Lowell W. Robinson Ralph O. Robinson David J. Roessl James N. Roethe Rodney R. Rohda Donald E. Rohm Frank J. Rojas Paul E. Root James E. and Terri L. Rose Gayle G. Rosemann Tedd A. Rosinsky Mark R. Roskopf Craig A. Ross Anthony R. Rosso Robert P. Roth Randall K. Rowe David N. Ruedinger Harry V. Ruffalo Roger W. and Frances Rumble Brenton H. Rupple, Jr. Scott H. and Jill M. Rupple Craig R. Sabin William R. Sachse Gary A. Sadoff Thomas J. and Judith C. Saeger Stephen P. Salzieder Scott A. Sampson Harland E. and Faye F. Samson David H. and Miriam Sanders John M. Sanderson, Jr. Ricky C. Sandler Donald A. and Martha P. Sands Juan C. Santamarina and Ann M. Schwister Richard G. Schaller Mark F. and Elizabeth H. Schar Donald A. Schauer Wilbert E. and Genevieve G. Schauer Wesley G. Scheibel, Jr. Jerome A. Scheibl Kenneth and Jean Scheid Clare Z. Schiedermayer Patricia M. Schilder Richard A. and Marlene T. Schilffarth Roth S. Schleck Paul C. Schlindwein, II Jeffrey S. Schlinsog Stuart T. Schloss Margaret J. Schmidt Stephen T. Schmidt Joan T. Schmit Kerry A. Schmitt Raymond W. Schmitz, Jr. David J. Schnarsky and Jo A. Egelhoff Allan W. and Deborah L. Schneider James A. Schneider Paul D. Schneider Richard S. Schneider Lewis J. Schoenwetter James B. and Shirley M. Schommer Richard J. Schoofs Donald W. and Mary E. Schroeder James W. Schroeder John M. and Mary Schroeder John T. Schroeder Roger H. and Shirley M. Schroeder John R. Schroer, II John E. and Janet G. Schuett Leslie P. Schultz

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John F. Wakeman James S. and Deborah L. Walker Ray A. and Janet P. Walker Thomas A. Walker Donald C. Walkovik Terrence R. Wall David G. and Nancy B. Walsh Douglas D. and Jaclynn C. Walsh James H. Walsh Steven A. Walter Bryant J. Wangard Kay E. Wangard Gerald M. Ward Terry D. and Mary B. Warfield David L. Warnock Marc J. Warren Lew E. and Mary J. Wartman Todd A. and Linda L. Watchmaker Edward S. and Anita B. Waterbury John D. and Mary E. Waterman Gordon J. Weber Timothy P. Wegener, II Barbara E. Wegner M. Keith Weikel Leon J. and Janet M. Weinberger Ralph A. Weinberger David L. Weiner James J. Weinert Donald C. Weinke Daniel P. Weinstein Jeffrey L. Weiss Larry K. and Amy J. Weiss Joseph B. Weix John T. and Celeste S. Wencel Gary J. Wendt Gregory J. and Kay S. Werk Jack H. and Hester H. Werner Mary A. West Robert E. and Lucille Westervelt John W. Westphal Jerry J. and Enid Weygandt Michael P. Whelan Lee E. Whitcomb Jeffrey M. White Ruth D. White George K. Whyte, Jr. Theodore C., III and Nancy L. Widder Edward A. and Cathryn J. Wiegner James N. and Jane B. Wierzba Jeffrey D. and Sara R. F. Wiesner Marilyn F. Wiesner Richard J. Wiesner James B. Wigdale Lois Wiggins Patricia Wildman Barry S. Wildstein Harold J. and Audrey L. Wilhelmsen Richard L. and Susan L. Wilkey Gregory J. Wilkinson C. Webb Williams Carol M. P. Williams Thomas H. Williams Kenneth R. Willis Connie L. Wilson Raymond L. Wilson Robert J. and Vera K. Wilson James F. Wimpress, Jr. Jon W. Winder Walter A. Wittich, Jr. James A. and Margaret B. Wiviott Andrew G. and Donna B. Wojdula Floyd R. Woldt Carolyn A. Wolfe-Olson Ervin C. Woller, Jr. Milton K. Woodhouse Willard P. Woodman Robert S. Woodruff John S. Wright Kenneth R. Wright Jerry Yang Charles H. Yanke Jeanan Yasiri Joseph J. and Edna H. Zadra David J. and Cheryl D. Zelinger Paul M. Zeller Andrew A. Ziegler Dwight E. and Bonnie L. Ziegler Margaret G. Ziegler Elena S. Ziehm

John Zimbrick John C., Jr. and Peggy D. Zimdars David A. Zimmerman Linda M. Zimmerman David R. Zimmermann Ernest G. Zum Brunnen

You are very important to us! We have carefully reviewed the names of donors listed in this honor roll. If your name has been omitted, misspelled, or incorrectly listed, please accept our apology and bring the error to our attention so we may correct our records. Please contact: UW Foundation Jody Andruss Director of Development 608/265-2609 Jim Kubek Senior Director of Development 608/265-7942

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PRIVATE SUPPORT (year-to-year comparisons 2005-2009) EndowmentMarket MarketValues Values Endowment

TotalGifts GiftstotoWisconsin WisconsinSchool SchoolofofBusiness Business Total

200 200

4040 $35.3M $35.3M Total School TotalGifts GiftstotoWisconsin Wisconsin SchoolofofBusiness Business


40 30 30 40

$152.1M $152.1M

$29.6M $29.6M

200 200 150 150 $35.3M $35.3M

35 25 25 35 30 20 20 30

Endowment EndowmentMarket MarketValues Values

$29.6M $29.6M

$111.7M $111.7M

$115.3M $115.3M $23.3M $23.3M

$18.6M $18.6M

$133M $133M

$131.1M $131.1M

150 150 100 100

$152.1M $152.1M $133M $133M

$131.1M $131.1M $111.7M $111.7M

$115.3M $115.3M

25 15 15 25 $12.8M $12.8M

20 10 10 20

$23.3M $23.3M

$18.6M $18.6M

2008 2008

2009 2009

100 100 50 50

15 5 515 10 0 010

2005 2005

$12.8M $12.8M

2006 2006

2007 2007

50 0 050

2005 2005

2006 2006

2007 2007

2008 2008

2009 2009

55 00

Number Donors and2007 Alumni Giving Percentage Number Alumni Percentage 2005 2006 2008 2009 2005ofofDonors 2006and 2007 Giving 2008 2009 4,476 4,476

5000 5000

(12.6%) (12.6%)

4,358 4,358

(12.1%) (12.1%)

4,607 4,607

(12.6%) (12.6%)

4,353 4,353

(11.7%) (11.7%)

4,154 4,154

(11.0%) (11.0%) Number NumberofofDonors Donorsand andAlumni AlumniGiving GivingPercentage Percentage

4000 4000 5000 5000

4,476 4,476

(12.6%) (12.6%)

4,358 4,358

(12.1%) (12.1%)

4,607 4,607

(12.6%) (12.6%)

4,353 4,353

(11.7%) (11.7%)

3000 3000 4000 4000

4,154 4,154


Total Giftstoto2006 Wisconsin Schoolofof Business Total Gifts Wisconsin School Business 2005 2007 2008 2009 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 AnnualFund Fund Annual Total TotalGifts GiftstotoWisconsin WisconsinSchool SchoolofofBusiness Business Annual AnnualFund Fund

2.4 2.4

(11.0%) (11.0%)

$1.78M $1.78M

1.8 1.8 $1.04M 1.2 $1.04M 1.2

1000 1000 2000 2000

0.6 0.6

$1.04M $1.04M

1.81.8 $1.04M 1.21.2 $1.04M

0.0 0.0


2005 1000 1000 2005

2005 2005

2006 2006

2007 2007

2008 2008

2009 2009

2006 2006

2007 2007

2008 2008

2009 2009

0.60.6 0.00.0


UPDATE Spring/Summer 2010

$1.78M $1.78M

$1.90M $1.90M

$1.67M $1.67M

$1.04M $1.04M

2005 2005

2006 2006

2007 2007

2008 2008

2009 2009

2005 2005

2006 2006

2007 2007

2008 2008

2009 2009

Data covers January 1, 2009, through December 31, 2009.


$1.67M $1.67M


2000 2000 3000 3000


$1.90M $1.90M

UPDATE ❖ Faculty and Staff News

Dean Michael Knetter has been named to the additional post of UW-Madison’s vice chancellor for advancement. In that role, he will work with the campus leadership team to develop and communicate strategies to increase non-state sources of revenue to support the university. Professor Abdullah Yavas, Real Estate and Urban Land Economics, was invited to become a member of RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) and has been awarded the title of Fellow (FRICS). Yavas taught a real estate finance course to graduate students at HEC Paris as part of the Graaskamp Center for Real Estate’s curriculumsharing partnership with the Parisbased business school. Rick Searer, former president of Kraft North America, is serving as an adjunct professor at the Wisconsin School of Business. Prior to retiring from Kraft in 2009, he led and set strategic direction for Kraft’s eight business units operating in the U.S. and Canada. During the spring semester he served as lead instructor for a course providing an overview of business.

IN MEMORIAM Robert D. Haase, who taught business law at the Wisconsin School of Business in the 1980s, died September 30, 2009 at the age of 86. Haase served in the Wisconsin Legislature for five terms and was insurance commissioner for the State of Wisconsin from 1965-69. He was tapped to fill a second four-year term as commissioner in 1987. At the business school, his major areas of academic interest were business law and insurance regulation.

Quotable “To some extent, all the good things about the iPod will transfer over to this device. Also, the iPod Touch is a gaming device now. Instead of playing on a small screen, they could say, ‘Here’s a much larger screen with a more powerful processor.’” David Schweidel, CNN “How to Succeed at Marketing the iPad”

“A lot of people even in their 40s or 50s who have been investing for a while wouldn’t necessarily know what red flags to look for when they talk to investment advisers.” Brian Hellmer, Smart Money “Now, Financial Advice From the Government?”

“A discount retailer might want customers more sensitive to the price of the item. A luxury retailer might want customers more sensitive to the comfort of the item. It’s about what’s being activated in the brain, and how that activation then shapes the decision.” Deborah Mitchell, New York Times “How Online Retailers Read Your Mind”

“We take seriously our charge to prepare students to be future leaders. If we are to be successful in this endeavor, we believe our students must understand how environmental and social responsibility is integral to the long-term success of a business.” Michael Knetter, Beyond Grey Pinstripes “Global 100 Rankings”

“For example, you have less incentive now to maintain your property, because any dollar you spend maintaining your property is a dollar that goes to your mortgage company, not to you as a homeowner.” Morris Davis, NPR’s Marketplace “Homeowners Seek Mortgage Help”

“If you can show [banks] a plan that at least has them getting back more than they would if you were to declare bankruptcy, they’d rather see that than see you walk away.” Dan Olszewski, Entrepreneur Magazine “Get Back in the Black”

UPDATE Spring/Summer 2010


UPDATE ❖ Alumni News

From the Desk of Alisa Robertson Associate Dean of External Relations

S Wisconsin Business Alumni Alisa Robertson Associate Dean Richard Lee Associate Director Kaylene Reilly Associate Director Elesha Belke Assistant Director 608/265-0575 Send us your news:


o many alumni and friends contribute in different ways to the Wisconsin School of Business. One of the most valuable contributions alumni can make in the current economic environment is to connect our students with potential job opportunities. Many companies have cut back on their traditional on-campus recruitment efforts, making a powerful alumni network even more important. This year, alumni and friends of the business school stepped up in a big way to help our students. In addition to posting current available positions, alumni advised students directly and recommended them to people in their personal networks. This type of one- or two-off connection had a significant impact on the number of students who secured a position by graduation. It is one reason that hiring of our graduates in many cases exceeded those of our peer schools. Peter O’Leary, a second-year MBA student in the Nicholas Center for Corporate Finance, is an example of a student who proactively reached out to alumni for advice and guidance in his job search with outstanding results. Earlier this year, Peter contacted Jim Neupert, an alumnus who recently retired from Boston Scientific and who currently serves on the advisory board for the business school’s Center for Brand and Product Management. Jim met with Peter to learn more about his past experience and career goals. Jim then connected Peter with fellow Brand and Product Management board member, Colleen Goggins, worldwide chairman for the Consumer and Personal Care Group at Johnson & Johnson. Colleen, in turn, was able to connect Peter with a hiring manager at Johnson & Johnson’s corporate office in London. After meeting with several members of the team in London, Peter was offered and accepted a position in corporate finance with Johnson & Johnson. What a tremendous example of how our alumni network can affect the lives of students and contribute to the continued strength of our business school. There are many ways you can help. If you would be interested in giving career advice to students, sharing a position opening, or getting involved in other ways, please go online to and see which opportunity best fits your interests. We welcome your involvement. And so will our students.

UPDATE Spring/Summer 2010

Class Notes 1948-1959 Don Kirkpatrick (BBA ’48, MBA ’49) was hailed as an “industry pioneer” in the cover story of the November 2009 issue of Chief Learning Officer magazine. The model he developed for evaluating training was called “the best-known and, arguably, the most widely used and popular measurement approach for workforce learning and development initiatives.”

Kenneth Wright (BBA ’51), CFO and chairman of Wright Water Engineers, and his wife, Ruth, created a photo calendar, 2010 Machu Picchu Windows, featuring photography of the famous Peruvian site. Wright’s consulting firm has produced a scenic calendar of Machu Picchu annually since 1996. This is the second year the calendar has won multiple awards, including gold for best subject and best nonprofit. Albert “Ab” Nicholas, (BS ’52, MBA ’55), founder of the Nicholas Co. investment firm in Milwaukee, was inducted into two very different halls of fame recently. Nicholas, a basketball standout during his UW days, was one of six individuals inducted into the Wisconsin Athletic Hall of Fame in November 2009. Other honorees included Barry Alvarez, UW-Madison’s current athletic director and former football coach, and Bob Harland, former president and CEO of the Green Bay Packers. In April 2010, Nicholas was one of four individuals named to the Wisconsin Business Hall of Fame.

UPDATE ❖ Alumni News

Gary Zenz (BBA ‘55, MBA ‘56, PhD ‘67) was recently named professor emeritus at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Fla. He owns two Door County businesses in Fish Creek, Wis.—The Main Sail Cottages and Harbour Court Shops—in addition to other real estate interests. Stephen Marcus (BBA ‘57), chairman of The Marcus Corp., was the recipient of the 2010 BizTimes Bravo! Entrepreneur Lifetime Achievement Award. The award was presented at the sixth annual BizTech Conference & Expo in Milwaukee in April. Marcus was honored for guiding the family company to unprecedented growth over several decades, to its current success as a leader in the lodging and entertainment industry. Jo Jean Janus (BBA ‘58) says “reaching my 70s is great fun” and that she is busier than ever. She is proud to announce the 130th anniversary of the family business, the Kehl School of Dance in the greater-Madison area. She has just completed five years as president of the Wisconsin Dance Council. Previously she held leadership posts with Dance Masters of Wisconsin and the Chicago National Association of Dance Masters. She serves on St. Mary’s Foundation Board, Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation, and is president of Madison Alumni Phi Chi Theta.

1960-1969 Dave Logan (BBA ‘60) was named president of the Hispanic Radio Network in January. He founded the network in 2001 at age 63, while at Interep. Logan started in the advertising

business in 1961 at Foote, Cone & Belding. Tom Erickson (MBA ‘66) began writing professionally after retiring from Goldman, Sachs & Co. Recently, his novel, “Operation Snowshoe,” was published by Durban House Press. Reviews can be found at

1970-1979 Craig Laronge (BBA ‘70) recalls his years at Madison, studying under the late James Graaskamp, professor of real estate, as “an amazing experience” that could not have been better. Laronge reports he never leaves home without his Bucky Badger polo shirt and a red Wisconsin sweatshirt. Thomas Pamperin (BBA ‘70, MBA ‘73) was named associate deputy under secretary for policy and programs in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Benefits Administration. He is responsible for coordination and development of policies and programs that serve 24 million veterans and their survivors. He lives in Northern Virginia with his wife Lynette. They have three children who live in California, Manila in the Philippines, and Northern Virginia. Steven Lamon (MBA ‘71) has returned to the roots of his undergraduate degree in computer science and mathematics to lead a medical device company, VasSol. Previously, Lamon had a 30-year career on Wall Street, which was jump-started by his MBA in finance. VasSol works to help predict strokes before they happen by calculating volumetric blood flow and direction. Lamon says he hopes

Dean Michael Knetter, Chancellor Biddy Martin, and Signe Ostby

Dean’s Service Award This spring, Dean Michael Knetter and Chancellor Biddy Martin presented the Dean’s Service Award to Signe Ostby, BBA ’75, MBA ’77, in recognition of her significant contributions to furthering the goals of the Wisconsin School of Business. The award was presented at a dinner held at Olin House, the chancellor’s home, attended by faculty, staff, and students of the business school’s Center for Brand and Product Management. “Signe has been an integral part of helping us think about what we should aspire to be in the future of business education,” said Knetter. “Her generous support of our mission and the passion and energy she brings to the Center for Brand and Product Management demonstrates her dedication to educating the next generation of business leaders.” In 2002, Ostby, with her husband, Scott Cook, established the nation’s first university-based center focused exclusively on training MBAs in brand and product management. Both have been involved in creating and supporting its vision of offering the premier brand management MBA program in the country. Since its founding, the center has achieved 100 percent placement of its graduates. The program has grown from nine students in the first graduating class, to 23 students in the Class of 2010. Ostby is the former vice president of marketing for Software Publishing Corporation. In 2007, she joined the Wisconsin Naming Partnership to provide the Wisconsin School of Business with an $85 million naming gift and preserve the Wisconsin name for at least 20 years. Ostby launched her career as a brand assistant at Procter & Gamble. After leaving P&G, she worked briefly at Clorox before finding her niche in the high-tech marketplace. She launched her start-up, Software Publishing Corporation, making productivity software for personal computers, in 1982. After leaving the firm in 1988, she started a marketing strategy consulting practice.

UPDATE Spring/Summer 2010


UPDATE ❖ Alumni News Class Notes the company will be at the forefront of the healthcare cost containment battle and save lives. William Clapp (MBA ‘75), after a number of years as a CPA in Boston (with Coopers & Lybrand, as the firm was known in the late ‘70s), began his more than 20-year career which took him throughout Europe. In the mid-1980’s, Clapp went to Europe as controller of a new German subsidiary of National Semiconductor before returning to the Boston area to be controller of the American subsidiary of Howden Scirocco. Jim O’Connell (MA ‘75) was named one of the top 50 people of the decade by the Wausau Daily Herald. Odd Juel Bakke (MBA ‘76) is married and has two adult children and five grand children. He has worked for Blue Cross for nearly 13 years and continues to be involved as a volunteer in Olympic Team Handball. Bruce Huibregtse (BBA ’76) has been re-elected as chair of the board of directors of Stafford Rosenbaum LLP, a law firm in Madison, Wis. He has litigated claims in state and federal courts for more than 30 years, handling a broad range of complex civil litigation matters. Rolf Hanson (MS ‘77) has taken the planning director position with Northeast Wisconsin Family Care. His job is to develop a managed care organization that will administer long-term care benefits for the frail, elderly, and disabled populations of a seven-county area. The group is planning to go operational in early 2012.


Abdelsalam Kablan (MS ‘77, MBA ‘78) earned his PhD in accounting from Louisiana State University in 1982 and joined the Garyounis University Accounting Department, where he is now a professor and chair of the department. He is married and has six children. Dennis Mueller (BBA ‘78) formed an Internet company to develop DonorSnap, a webbased donor management system for non-profits with a friend from Silicon Valley. DonorSnap was made available to the public in July 2009, and in January 2010 added its 100th customer. Mueller spent the first 10 years after graduating from UW-Madison in the accounting field and the next 15 in the construction industry.

1980-1989 Keith “Kip” Clayton (MBA ‘80) heads up restaurant brand development and marketing for Parasole Restaurant Holdings. Parasole manages a diverse portfolio of independent restaurant brands and was named company of the year in February 2010 for the Minneapolis market in recognition of dramatic expansion and growth during difficult economic times. Clayton has also led Idein LLC, the restaurant-consulting arm of Parasole. Sharon Madnek (BBA ‘80) is back in Milwaukee after living in New York City and Geneva, Switzerland for more than 20 years. Following a career in marketing and communications, she started “Say It Write,” a personalized, collaborative writing and editing business in 2009.

UPDATE Spring/Summer 2010

Michael Shlensky (BBA ‘80) was recently appointed as the director of custody services and is responsible for identifying and implementing the client service and technology strategic direction for M&I Institutional Trust Services Custody. The business addresses the needs of municipals, not-for-profit organizations, retirement plans, and Taft-Hartley services clients. Jay Sekelsky (BBA ‘81, MBA ‘87), is currently managing director of the equity team at Madison Investment Advisors and lead portfolio manager for large-cap equity portfolios. Sekelsky’s firm has been recognized as “Manager of the Decade” by PSN, a leading investment manager search and evaluation database. Robert Greenblatt (MA ‘84) had much to celebrate at this year’s Golden Globe awards, where Showtime Network walked away with three awards. Greenblatt is Showtime’s president of Entertainment. Daniel Gutschenritter (BBA ‘82) was recently named chief financial officer for Medical Clinics of North Texas. MCNT is a primary care practice with 180 providers serving 45 locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area. Jo Ann Heinrich (BBA ‘82, MS ‘86) has been consulting independently for eight years, and enjoys the flexibility it allows for her to be with her two young children. Richard Lane (MS ’82) had a fund he manages make the “Forbes Honor Roll” of funds for delivering sound results in markets good and bad. Only 10 funds in the nation were named to the list. His FMI Focus Fund is managed by

Broadview Advisors, LLC, a Milwaukee-based registered investment advisor. He and his wife, Rochelle, and their three daughters live in suburban Chicago. Martha Wilke (BBA ‘82), after a 20-year career in consulting, fulfilled her lifelong dream of recording a CD. Titled “South of Somewhere,” it’s a collection of new takes on familiar songs. A portion of proceeds from CD sales will go to the Committee of 200 Foundation, which provides scholarships to young women pursuing careers in business. CDs can be purchased from Steve Braun (BBA ‘83) was recently recognized by John McTigue, managing partner of the McTigue Financial Group as the #1 financial representative in the Chicago, Ill. network office for 2009. In 2008, he was recognized as the #2 financial representative. John Carpenter (BBA ‘84), president of Caterpillar Forest Products, has been elected chairman of the Tropical Forestry Foundation for the 2010-2012 term. Carpenter has served as vice president on the board since 2007. Susan Spiegelberg Schuldes (BBA ‘84) is celebrating the first anniversary of E&S Entrepreneur Advisors, LLC by adding a new partner who will handle tax matters for the firm. The firm assists small business owners in accounting, strategic planning, financial management, employee management, and many other areas. Steve Udell (BBA ‘84, MBA ‘88) was designated senior vice president-marketing and performance analytics with Doner Advertising in March. He

UPDATE ❖ Alumni News

Badger Heights You never know where you may meet a Business Badger. We often hear stories from our alumni and students about making a connection when they least expect it—even when they are halfway around the world. Mike Lehman, BBA ’74, was hiking high up in the mountains of Peru when he met fellow hikers and fellow Badgers Adam Taetle, BBA ’90, and his wife Andrea (West) Taetle, a UW-Madison alumna. Both men were hiking through Peru for some needed downtime between career changes. Lehman recently announced he will join Palo Alto Networks, a network security company, as CFO after serving two stints as CFO with Sun Microsystems. Adam Taetle, who had been with Goldman Sachs in Chicago for several years, recently joined Barclays in New York. started with Doner in 2002 as vice president-marketing and has consulted across a wide range of clients and industries on business analysis and marketing strategy, including Mazda,, Cox Communications, and Sirius. He lives in Michigan with his wife and children. Jim Heinz (MBA ‘86) is the head of Wells Fargo Bank’s U.S. Corporate Banking Division, which focuses on providing banking services for companies with more than $1 billion in revenues. John Neis (MS ‘86), managing director of Venture Investors, based in Madison, Wis., was honored with a 2010 Best of Madison Business Award in January. Neis is one of three individuals recognized this year for their contributions to the Madison business community. Dana (Bedford) Hilmer (BBA ‘88) was a marketing executive in magazine publishing in

New York City for 12 years following graduation. Since having her first child 10 years ago, she has served as a marketing consultant, become an author (“Blindsided by a Diaper,” Random House, 2007), and started her own media and marketing company, LifestyleMom, Inc. She is the host of the LifestyleMom Radio Cafe on LA Talk Radio, and serves as a media spokesperson for companies targeting moms. She lives in Connecticut with her husband (“and UW college sweetheart!”) and three young boys.

1990-1999 Mark Stover (MBA ‘90) received certification from the American Society for Quality as a manager of quality/organizational effectiveness in March. Jon Beuchert (BBA ‘91) has worked on many aerospace projects since graduating, including many for UW-Madison. He is

an active member of EAA (The Experimental Aircraft Association). Carver Smith (BBA ‘91) has joined Baker Tilly-Milwaukee as the firm’s search practice leader. Smith focuses on helping clients find and evaluate top accounting, finance, and tax talent at all levels. Ed Chan (BBA ‘92) says, “Aloha from NYC!” Chan and his team at the Fourth Wall Restaurant Group are gearing up for the opening of The Hurricane Club this summer. Lisa Lange (BBA ‘92, JD ‘99) has been selected for inclusion in Super Lawyers—Rising Stars Edition 2009. Lange practices with the Madison-based law firm Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek. Matt Morrison (BBA ‘92) was named head of claims legal for QBE Regional Insurance located in Sun Prairie, Wis. He is responsible for extra contractual and insurance coverage litigation and litigation management programs for the company. He lives in the Madison area with his wife Laura and their two children, Marly and Bennett. He recently was the guest speaker at a meeting of the Risk Management Society on the UW-Madison campus. Brian Dombkowski (BBA ‘94, MS ‘95) accepted a new role in 2010 as chief investment officer for Palo Alto-based Sand Hill Advisors, a leading wealth management firm serving the San Francisco Bay area. He and his wife Ashley have two daughters and live in Woodside, Calif. Gerry O’Brion (BBA ’93) has joined Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Inc. as vice president

of strategic marketing, leading strategic planning, new product and menu development, guest loyalty and retention, and overseeing consumer research and insights. O’Brion was previously vice president of marketing for Quiznos and also has served in various brand marketing roles for The Procter & Gamble Company and Coors Brewing Company. Rick Gordon (BBA ‘94) married fellow UW alumna Theresa Thomas and now leads Erie Insurance’s Wisconsin operations as branch manager. He helped Erie spearhead its Wisconsin operations in 2001. The company penetrated the top 20 in Wisconsin marketshare for personal auto and homeowners insurance and has its sights set on cracking the top 10 by 2012. Melissa (Mathson) Richlen (BBA ‘94) and her husband, Dan, welcomed their second child, Elizabeth Sharon, into the world on January 13, 2010. The family reports that big brother Matthew couldn’t be happier. Juan C. Gadler (MBA ‘95) is celebrating results showed last year by his company’s client, Seguros Mercantil, a top insurer in Venezuela. Gadler’s company, Avant C&S, has developed a tool called AutoFast that helps with auto claims operations. Aaron Mikulsky (BBA ‘95) has worked in the property casualty insurance industry for 15 years. He joined Arch Insurance in February 2007, where he currently holds the position of vice president and regional business manager. Weng Fei Yong (BBA ‘95) is currently working as a program manager in the IT department of Intel Penang factory in Malaysia.

UPDATE Spring/Summer 2010


UPDATE ❖ Alumni News Class Notes He is married with three children. Kate (Lambrecht) Kubit (BBA ‘96) was promoted to vice president at Elm Street Development, a privately held land development company in the Washington, D.C. metro area. Kubit started at the firm as a project manager in 2006, after earning her MBA from the University of North Carolina. Ronald Leong (MS ‘96, MS ‘97) recently joined ATSI, Inc., a Buffalo, N.Y.-based multidiscipline engineering firm, as chief operating officer. He is responsible for managing the existing client base for company offices in Buffalo, Chicago, and Pittsburgh, as well as leading business development efforts. He and his wife Julie, and children Caitlyn (12), Brendan (8), and Dylan (2) reside in East Amherst, N.Y. Kai Sakstrup (BBA ‘96) was recently promoted to vice president of strategy and business development for Ameriprise Financial. Jason Adamany (BBA ‘97) was recently recognized as one of the Madison area’s “40 Under 40” executives by InBusiness Magazine. He was recognized for the company he started and his community involvement. Adamany started Adesys, a 13-year-old IT services company, while finishing his degree at UW-Madison. He serves on the boards of the Madison Club and the Fitchburg Chamber of Commerce. He and his wife, Erin, have been married for seven years and have a 4-year-old daughter, Ava, and 2-year-old son, Michael.

Susan Chapman (MBA ‘98) was named one of the top 75 most powerful women in business by Black Enterprise Magazine in its January 2010 issue. Chapman is the global head of operations for Citigroup Realty Services. Charlie Mertes (BBA ‘98), is associate director, consumer and market knowledge for Procter & Gamble. He currently works in Minneapolis with P&G’s Target customer team helping the company better understand the Target shopper. Previously, he set up a market research department for P&G in Australia, where he lived and worked in Sydney for four years. His daughter, Sydney, is named for her birthplace. Dick Fields (EMBA ‘98) entered the non-profit sector after a career in radio and print advertising, including owning and operating radio stations. He is a philanthropy officer for the Pacific Legal Foundation. He writes: “It’s the least I can do to help leave an economically freer world for my three children and the rest of their generation.”

2000-2009 Nathan Gierke (BBA ‘00) recently accepted a position with New England Financial as the senior operations manager for the firm’s Los Angeles and Orange County offices. Steve Patton (MS ‘00) runs a Madison-based hedge fund, Patton Investments, that has a


UPDATE Spring/Summer 2010

clear Badger flair. Jeff Vilker (BBA ‘95) is the firm’s director of marketing and company COO Mark Harmes is also a UW grad. Patton was among the first to earn a Quantitative Master in Finance (QMF) degree from the business school. Patton says he is happy that his company is able to regularly offer internships to Business Badgers—“from sophomores to PhD students.” Laurel Lambrecht (BBA ‘01) was recently promoted to real estate manager at Starbucks Coffee Company. She joined the firm in 2004 and previously worked as a real estate representative. Tony McGrath (BBA ‘02, JD ‘05) is an attorney representing employers, shareholders, and businesses in Madison. He recently transitioned his litigation practice to Melli Law, S.C. in order to concentrate on serving clients in and around Madison. Brian Melzer (BBA ‘02) is a senior vice president with Epoca, Inc., an import business that sells the Epoca cookware brand and Primula hot beverage products. Primula is known for launching the first speak-andbrew coffee pot that hit store shelves last holiday season. It is the largest flowering tea sales company in the world, with more than 20,000 retail locations. Visit for more information. Kristen Pisani (BBA ‘02, MAcc ‘03) and her husband started their own on-line business,, which sells giant-sized, stickerbased stencils they design and manufacture themselves. What began as a search to find decorative stencils for their new baby nursery turned into a

home-based business. They live in New Berlin, Wis. Ron Redmerski (MS ‘02) has transferred from Citigroup’s Milwaukee institutional equity sales office to the firm’s New York institutional sales office. He now lives in Summit, N.J., with his fiancée, Camellia Lowry.

Chad Sorenson (MBA ‘02), founder and president of Sologear, LLC, was recently one of 12 UW alumni recognized with the Wisconsin Alumni Association’s “Forward Under 40” award. Sologear has shipped its first 20,000 FlameDisks, marketed as a charcoal alternative grilling solution, to Europe and begun manufacturing the FlameDisk Grill. FlameDisk has been featured in Men’s Fitness and Woman’s Day. David Murphy (BBA ‘03, MAcc ‘04) married Karen Mayer in October 2009. The couple resides in Chicago. He is a manager at BDO, where he has worked for the past five-and-ahalf years. Carolyn Treeby-Manco (MA ‘03) is the public relations manager of a $100 million systems integrator headquartered in Indianapolis. She was married in April 2008 to Gil Manco and they celebrated the birth of their son Cole in November 2009. Chase Brieman (BBA ‘04, MAcc ‘06) married Stacy Tremlett in the summer of 2008. They met in AKPsi in the

UPDATE ❖ Alumni News

Jodi Beznoska (MA ‘05) is enjoying her first year as vice president of communications for the Walton Arts Center in Fayetteville, Ark., after serving as director of communications for four years.

Molly Dobson (BBA ‘05) went back to school last year to pursue her MBA at London Business School. She says, “It has been an exciting and exhausting experience so far, but incredibly worthwhile. Since moving to London, I have traveled all around Europe.” She reports learning to play rugby and appreciate warm beer, and gaining insight into a very different educational environment. She wants to assure everyone her loyalties still lie with Bucky. Ben Millis (BBA ‘05) recently accepted a position as senior associate of transaction services

Jake Wood (BBA ‘05) co-founded Team Rubicon in response to the disaster in Haiti in early 2010. Team Rubicon fields self-sustaining mobile teams of skilled responders into devastated areas immediately after natural disasters. Team members use 21st-century technology, networking, and a horizontal command structure to meet critical needs. Brad Woodall (MBA ‘05) has established Woodall Training with his wife, Kari, since graduating with his degree in entrepreneurial management. Woodall Training is a sports and fitness instruction business

IN MEMORIAM Raymond J. Devine (BBA ‘48), age 87, Aug. 29, 2009. Wendell L. Hall (BBA ’50), age 83, April 18, 2009. Gaylord Jentz (MBA ’58), age 78, Nov. 23, 2009. James “Jim” Gregory Ozark (BBA ’68), age 73, Nov. 30, 2009.

REMEMBRANCES The Man Behind SpaghettiOs Donald Goerke (MBA ‘51), a Campbell Soup Company executive, died January 10, 2010 at the age of 83 in Delran, N.J. Goerke worked for Campbell from 1955 until he retired in 1990. As his obituary in the New York Times put it, Goerke “took a nonlinear approach to pasta which resulted in SpaghettiOs.” Goerke was a marketing manager with Frano-American, then a division of Campbell, when he was asked to supervise the development of a new canned pasta for children. The O shape ended up being chosen because it was durable— able to stand up to canning

Cambell Soup Company

Angela Charles (BBA ‘04) has been in a rotational program with Brunswick Corporation for two years, spending time in Knoxville, Tenn.; Columbia, S.C.; and Fond Du Lac, Wis. She moved three years ago to Life Fitness, a division of Brunswick. Currently, she is enrolled in the part-time MBA program at Northwestern University and will graduate in March 2011.

with Grubb & Ellis Las Vegas, a leading commercial real estate firm. He is working as a commercial broker and says he owes much of his success to the top-tier education he received at UW-Madison.

and reheating—and was more controllable than long pasta for young children. Goerke also created the company’s Chunky soup line during his 35-year career with the firm.

A Memorable Role in “Wizard of Oz” Meinhardt Raabe (BA ’37), best known for his role in the “Wizard of Oz,” died April 9, 2010 at the age of 94 in Orange Park, Fla. His passing was noted in publications ranging from the New York Times to People magazine. Raabe gained fame as one of the Munchkins in the iconic 1939 film. As the coroner of Munchkinland, Raabe reassured town folks that the Wicked Witch of the East was no longer a threat: “As coroner I must aver, I thoroughly examined her. And she’s not only merely dead. She’s really most sincerely dead.” His 13 seconds of screen time is an oft-remembered moment in the film. Raabe embraced his Oz fame, writing an autobiography titled, “Memories of a Munchkin: An Illustrated Walk Down the Yellow Brick Road.” Raabe’s undergraduate degree was in accounting. He worked for three decades as a spokesman for Oscar Mayer, where he was known as “Little Oscar, World’s Smallest Chef.” He traveled in the company’s first Wienermobile. Raabe was working for Oscar Mayer as the original Little Oscar when he heard that the “Wizard of Oz” was being made into a movie and that there might be a part for him. After his fling with Hollywood, Raabe returned to the Wienermobile. During World War II, he served as a pilot and an instructor in the Civil Air Patrol. His later career took him all over the world, where he made appearances and signed autographs. In 1992, Raabe returned to the UW-Madison campus, for the 55th anniversary of his graduation. E. Charbonneau/

business school. They are still living in Madison and loving it. Brieman is working for CB Richard Ellis, leasing and selling commercial real estate, mainly office and industrial properties.

UPDATE Spring/Summer 2010


UPDATE ❖ Alumni News Class Notes focused on baseball and swimming instruction, as well as adult fitness. Jill Nikolai (BBA ‘06) has just transferred from Frankfurt, Germany, to London for her company, Heitman, a real estate investment firm based out of Chicago. She works on the acquisition team and looks at potential real estate investments throughout Central and Eastern Europe. Jonathan Poehnelt (BBA ‘06) is married to Emily (Kelly) Poehnelt (UW Psychology BS ‘06) and working for UPS Supply Chain Solutions in Milwaukee. Jane Bills (MBA ‘07) in December 2009 launched Let There Be Bite, a comprehensive food website that profiles the best ingredients in stores and online. Laura Gramann (BBA ‘07) joined Google’s mergers and acquisitions human resources team in January, after graduating from the company’s rotational program. Gramann reports she is enjoying California’s sunny weather, numerous hiking opportunities, and year-round farmers markets. Elena Khasanova (MBA ‘09) has been working since graduation on IT security projects at CUNA Mutual Group, including the PCI compliance program. She was featured in the “40 under 40” that appeared in InBusiness magazine group. Dan Pickerel (MBA ‘07) was recognized with a Great MindsRising Star award from the Advertising Research Foundation in 2010.


Zach Davis (BBA ‘08) left a blustery minus 40 degree day in Madison for 85 degrees in his new home of San Diego, Calif., where he has taken a job with the San Diego Padres as a ticket services representative. He also independently manages social media accounts for businesses throughout the country and offers consulting. Davis welcomes any Badgers moving to California to connect with him via Twitter @ zrdavis. On, Wisconsin! Drew Willert (BBA ‘08) Worked for the Pi Kappa Alpha international fraternity as a consultant in 2008, traveling to more than 40 colleges in 10 states. In 2009, he was selected for Teach for America to teach high school math in the Mississippi Delta—one of the poorest regions in the country. He reports that, “the experience thus far has been tremendous and the corps of 300-plus teachers here is a truly amazing group that I am delighted and honored to be a part of. Thank you, Wisconsin, for preparing me for these opportunities and many more to come!”

COME CELEBRATE! Annual Homecoming Gala and Alumni Awards Friday, October 8, 2010 Join us for an evening that celebrates the generosity and hard work of so many alumni and friends. At the Gala, the 2010 Wisconsin School of Business Distinguished Alumnus Awards will be presented to recognize lifetime career accomplishments and outstanding public service. Visit for details.

Derek Swoboda (MBA ‘09) is the Madison-area developer for Parmasters and is hoping to open his first location this coming winter. Troy Vosseller (MBA ‘09) graduated from the UW Law School in May 2010, having earlier received his degree in Entrepreneurial Management from the Wisconsin School of Business. As the founder of a successful Badger clothing company, Sconnie Nation, he looks forward to starting a new company: “Now, I just need an idea....”

UPDATE Spring/Summer 2010

Homecoming Bash Saturday, October 9, 2010 Join fellow alumni, friends, Bucky, and the UW Band for the best tailgate party on campus! Grainger Hall’s atrium will be filled with music, food, and more prior to the Badgers taking on Minnesota’s Golden Gophers. The business school will again hold a football ticket lottery for alumni and friends for seats located in the south end zone. Those who have made a gift to the school in 2010 will be given preference in the drawing. Packages that include game ticket and bash entrance fee are $70 for adults and $60 for children. Bash tickets may also be purchased separately for $20. Request tickets online at

UPDATE ❖ Dean’s Advisory Board Stephen M. Bennett (Board Chair) Former CEO, Intuit Inc. Director, QualComm & Symantec Andy Albert Managing Director and Operating Partner Svoboda Collins LLC David  Anderson Chairman & CEO American Family Insurance Michael Casey Managing Director Blackstone Group Sean  Cleary President & CEO Cleary Building Corp John  Davis CEO Great Northern Corporation Tom  Formolo Partner Code Hennesy & Simmons LLC Laura  Francis CFO Promega Julie  Howard President, COO Navigant Consulting, Inc. Peter  Leidel Founder & Member Yorktown Partners Dave  Lesar Chairman of the Board President & CEO Halliburton Company

Keith R. Lobo Chairman Elastix Corporation

Mike Shannon Managing Director KSL Capital Partners

Thomas Madsen Former Global Head of Equities UBS Global Asset Management

Terry M. Sivesind President & Co-founder Venture Capitalist Poseidon Probes LLC

John Neis Managing Director Venture Investors Management Dale  Nitschke Managing Director The Ovative/Group Bill  Nygren Portfolio Manager Harris Associates, Oakmark Fund Debra  Perry Managing Member Perry Consulting Stephen R. Petersen Senior VP/Portfolio Manager Fidelity Management & Research Co Charles H. Phipps General Partner Sevin Rosen Funds E.J.  Plesko President EJ Plesko & Associates Inc Todd  Pulvino Principal CNH Partners, AQR Capital Management Paul  Purcell Chairman, President & CEO Robert W. Baird & Co Inc. Lowell  Robinson Managing Director LWR Advisors

Sandra Sponem Senior VP & CFO Mortenson Construction Stew  Stender Partner Stewart Lawrence Group Bradley  Tank CEO & Managing Director Neuberger Berman Asset Management Neil  Thall Former CEO Aldata Solution, Inc Pat  Thiele President & CEO PartnerRe Ltd John  Ver Bockel Senior VP Merrill Lynch & Co Don  Walkovik Partner Sullivan & Cromwell Keith  Weikel Retired Senior Executive VP & COO HCR Manorcare Jeff  Yabuki CEO Fiserv

5151 Grainger Hall 975 University Ave. Madison, WI 53706-1323

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2010 Update Spring  

UPDATE is published in print and online byWisconsin Business Alumni to inform alumniand friends about programs and activities of the Wiscons...

2010 Update Spring  

UPDATE is published in print and online byWisconsin Business Alumni to inform alumniand friends about programs and activities of the Wiscons...