2019 Annual Report

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A LOOK BACK AT 2019 2019 was a year of change for the Natural Resources Foundation. We successfully completed our Bluffs to Great Lake Shores campaign through the generosity of hundreds of donors, we moved into a new office space in downtown Madison, we even updated our phone numbers and email addresses! And last, but surely not least, we welcomed a new executive director to our team. When Ruth Oppedahl told us that she was ready to move on to new challenges we were saddened to see her go, and grateful as we reflected on all she had contributed. In the seven years Ruth was at the helm of the Foundation, she accomplished remarkable changes in securing the future of our organization. Her hand on the tiller has left a print for which we are extremely thankful. The response to the announcement of our search for a new executive director was brimming with great candidates. We had a rigorous but productive process and are more than happy with the result.


David Clutter began his new role as our executive director in August and has hit the ground running! We look forward to seeing where he leads our team in this exciting new chapter for the Foundation. Already in 2020, we have faced many challenges that no one could have anticipated, and we are reminded of the important role nature plays for our well-being and the health of our communities. But thanks to you, we are a strong organization, and together with our membership, partners, staff, and board, the future is bright. We hope you enjoy reading some of the highlights of your impact in 2019 thank you for helping us care for the incredible lands, waters, and wildlife of our beautiful state.













Safeguarding Wisconsin's State Natural Areas There are nearly 700 State Natural Areas in Wisconsin, safeguarding our state’s most ecologically important landscapes and preserving what Wisconsin's landscapes looked like prior to European settlement. From oak savannas, to wetlands, to oldgrowth forests, these protected lands make up just 1.1% of the state, yet they support roughly 90% of Wisconsin’s rare plant species, and 75% of our rare wildlife species. Thanks to you, in 2019 we were able to support 30 State Natural Areas across the state. Sites like Maiden Rock, Parfrey’s Glen, Rush Creek, Spur Lake, Avoca Prairie, Chiwaukee Prairie, Inch Lake, Spread Eagle Barrens and more received funding for important management work to remove invasive species, conduct controlled burns, and replant native vegetation.


Home to at-risk plants and wildlife including Hill’s thistle, Bell's vireo, ottoe skipper, and one of Wisconsin's last findable populations of the state-endangered regal fritillary butterfly, Hogback Prairie SNA is one site that benefited from your support.

“Hogback Prairie SNA is truly an incredible place. With rare birds, butter



and prairie plants

Located on a narrow limestone ridge that rises 300 feet above a valley in the heart of the Driftless, this 1192-acre site protects one of the highest quality prairies in the state as well as oak savanna and woodlands adjacent to the prairies.

this site contains the

You can find an incredible diversity of prairie species at the Hogback, ranging from side oats grama and hoary vervain, to mountain mint and needle grass. Colorful wildflowers like yellow star–grass, bird’s–foot violet and pasque flower can be seen blooming in the early spring.

property where I can

If you haven’t yet visited a State Natural Area, we hope you can get out in the field to see for yourself what makes these special places worth preserving for future generations!

last vestiges of a functioning prairie ecosystem. I’m so proud to be the manager of this

not only maintain what’s already there, but also carefully stitch the pieces of remnants back together to expand habitat for all the species that call that site home."

Armund Bartz, Driftless Area Ecologist, Wisconsin DNR

Tucked inside this popular destination is the Kohler Park Dunes State Natural Area, one of the highest quality dune systems found on the Great Lakes with pockets of wetlands, towering white pines, and more than one mile of shoreline. It’s also part of the largest freshwater dune complex in the world.



A two-mile cordwalk winds along the top of the dunes parallel to the water. But when visitors leave this popular trail to get down to the beach, rare dune plants are trampled, including dune goldenrod, pitcher's thistle, and prairie dunewort.

Thanks to the support of project partners and funders including The Brookby Foundation, the Friends of Kohler-Andrae, Fund for Lake Michigan, REI, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resourcees, and the Wisconsin Rare Plant Preservation Fund, hundreds of volunteers from across the state were able to come together to lay planks, stain posts, and string rope, building out a total of five new access points. These improved trails will encourage visitors to explore Lake Michigan’s dunes and beaches, while protecting the fragile dune communities found there that are home to numerous rare plants and wildlife, including more than 150 species of birds.


Stretched out before you at Kohler-Andrae State Park is a breathtaking panorama of rolling coastal dunes, endless sky, and the deep blue waters of Lake Michigan.

In 2019, your support created several trail offshoots that lead directly down to the beach, giving visitors safe access while protecting this rare ecosystem that is critical to stabilizing the coastline by preventing erosion, coastal flooding, and storm damage.




Scattered across Wisconsin are pockets of premium bird habitat known as "Important Bird Areas,” or IBAs. These areas are critical to bird nesting, breeding, and migration, especially for rare, threatened, or endangered species.

In 2019, your support allowed us to help fund a new IBA Coordinator position with the Wisconsin Bird Conservation Partnership to assess Wisconsin’s IBA sites to determine which are most threatened by habitat loss, degradation, and climate change. Tom Prestby, the IBA Coordinator and an environmental scientist with GEI Consultants in Green Bay, has been working on identifying up to 15 high-priority IBAs. This information will be used to bring together stakeholders like land managers, foresters, landowners, planning teams, and community members to launch grassroots bird conservation partnerships on those sites so they can continue to support the abundance and diversity of Wisconsin’s birdlife. Last year a study published in Science revealed that North America has lost 3 billion birds since 1970, but that same study also showed upward trends for species that were supported by conservation efforts, including waterfowl and raptors. We know coordinated conservation efforts work, and we are excited to see how this targeted approach benefits birds in Wisconsin.


Last year you grew our efforts to support native Wisconsin pollinators by funding dozens of projects across the state, from building pollinator gardens at schools and nature centers, to supporting citizen science programs like the Bumble Bee Brigade, Journey North, and more. And, thanks to an incredible half-a-million-dollar anonymous donation, we were able to make an enormous leap forward for pollinator conservation efforts by establishing the Wisconsin Pollinator Protection Fund. This new fund supports statewide research, habitat creation, capacity building, and outreach for pollinator conservation.

The position was filled by Scott Stipetich this spring, and he is already hard at work helping producers identify low-yield areas of their land that would make their farm more profitable by adopting strategies like using cover crops and no-till practices, or building pollinator habitat. Thanks to Pheasants Forever, precision agriculture can "turn red acres green," building soil health, improving water quality, and benefiting wildlife, all while increasing profits for farmers. This one-stop-shop service is offered at no cost to producers and includes ongoing resources and technical support. With over 60,000 farms in Wisconsin, making up a total of 14.3 million acres, this program has the potential to be a game changer for producers and pollinators!





In 2019, projects funded included surveys for yellowbanded and rusty patched bumble bees, and outreach efforts to connect youth in cities and rural areas to pollinator conservation.

But one project that we are especially excited about is the creation of Wisconsin’s very first precision ag and conservation specialist position with Pheasants Forever which will fuel efforts to build pollinator habitat on working lands.

Connecting Wisconsin schools to outdoor "Edventures" What if every school in Wisconsin, from kindergarten classrooms in Adams County to middle schools in Menomonee Falls, could connect what they are learning in the classroom to what is happening right here in Wisconsin? That is the dream of FIELD Edventures (formerly FIELD Corps), an innovative program you are helping us grow, one school at a time! For many schools, environmental education is limited to a field trip or short-term program. FIELD Edventures aims to change that by building outdoor, locally based lessons into the entire school, across all grade levels, in all subject areas, all year long – rain or shine. The program works by pairing coaches with schools to co-plan and co-teach outdoor, locally based lessons, making learning relevant to students by rooting the program in the community.


But what does this look like in practice? At Denmark Community School, middle and high school students used their FIELD Days to study insects, plants, and wildlife found at a thriving local prairie, then used that data to create a plan to improve the habitat at their 2-acre school nature center. That fall they collected native prairie seeds and spread homemade seed bombs, and in the winter they worked together to construct bug hotels, boosting habitat for pollinators, birds, and other wildlife. At Crestwood Elementary, FIELD Edventures helped teachers create outdoor hands-on activities that supported their existing science curriculum. Third graders explored their school forest to investigate bird songs and tree traits during a unit on heredity, while kindergartners got outside for lessons on snow, winter, and birds. Eventually, FIELD Edventures will step back, leaving behind a permanent framework for schools and administrators, ensuring that all students receive the incredible physical, mental, and academic benefits that spending time in nature can provide.

"FIELD Edventures invests in teachers, rather than one-time experiences. This has a cumulative impact, because each teacher will reach new students every single year. Already you've helped us connect to dozens of schools across Wisconsin in both rural and urban areas. We're showing the next generation that you don’t need to travel to connect to the natural world, you just need to step outside to see what’s happening right in your own backyard."

Victoria Rydberg, Co-Founder, FIELD Edventures



educational resource, inspiring a grassroots volunteer movement to preserve and maintain it.

When natural areas are left undisturbed by human influences like logging, farming, or fire suppression, we get to peer back through time. This is the case at Moely Prairie, a remnant prairie on the outskirts of Prairie du Sac. This remaining 23.5-acre section is the largest surviving remains of the once 14,000-acre Sauk Prairie. As Moely Prairie has been largely untouched, it’s home to many rare and beautiful plants. A remarkable 164 native species have been documented at the site, including three species of milkweed, as well as prairie smoke, Eastern prickly pear cactus, blazing star, bush indigo, and lead plant. Moely Prairie also provides important habitat for many butterflies, native bumble bees, and several species of grassland birds.

In 2019 you supported this movement by funding equipment for restoration work which volunteers used to remove invasive species, cut trees, and conduct prescribed burns. You also funded an interpretive kiosk, which will include a welcome in Spanish and the Ho-Chunk language to honor the prairie's history and be more inclusive of the Sauk Prairie communities. Finally, you supported four Sauk Prairie High School students so they could participate in a summer internship for the Integrated Monarch Monitoring Project, a national research effort to collect data on the habitat and life cycle of monarch butterflies. Incredibly, these four young women pictured below collected more monarch data from a single site than anyone else in the entire state of Wisconsin, helping gather much needed data that will support monarch conservation efforts in the state and beyond.





Being surrounded by the city this site has become known as a local




2019 FINANCIAL OVERVIEW Last year we saw many milestones for the Foundation, including the creation of our general operating endowment, The Evergreen Fund, with the successful completion of our Bluffs to Great Lake Shores Campaign. Thanks to the support of more than 445 donors, we reached and exceeded our original $1.1 million goal - we cannot thank you enough! Our Wisconsin Conservation Endowment (WCE) also grew with the addition of seven new endowed funds, bringing the total number of funds to over 100, for a portfolio value of $8.8 million by the end of the year. In this year’s annual report financial overview, we are responding to your request to simplify our financial story by including our operating income and expenses (see below), or in other words, what it takes to run



Total Operating Income Total Operating Expenses

$ 990,075 $ 942,720

2019 Operating Surplus

$ 47,355

our day-to-day operations like the Field Trip program, grantmaking programs, the Great Wisconsin Birdathon, and much more. But, that’s just one small part of our impact. On the right page you’ll see the full picture of our financial story, which includes grantmaking from the WCE, as well as any donations that were designated to specific projects. Thank you for helping us create a strong, stable foundation for Wisconsin’s natural wonders!

TOM DOTT Treasurer

Operating budget includes unrestricted revenue, fees and earnings that cover operating costs such as personnel, contract services, and other program and communications costs. View past IRS 990 Forms and annual reports online at WisConservation.org/annual-report



Below is a picture of the Foundation's total expenses and conservation impact, including grants made through our Wisconsin Conservation Endowment and other gifts. We're thrilled to share that in 2019, you helped us give out more funds than ever before in our history, for a total conservation impact of $1,254,338.




Investments.............................$ Endowment Contributions.....$ Donor Restricted.....................$ Unrestricted.............................$ Field Trip Revenue..................$ In Kind & Other.......................$ Fee Revenue........................... $ TOTAL REVENUE

1,316,845 838,993 797,655 491,354 136,793 129,009 36,878

$ 3,747,527

STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION ASSETS Cash & Receivables..............$ 1,214,385 4,420 Fixed Assets............................ $ Investments............................. $ 14,787,135 TOTAL ASSETS




Lands, Waters, & Wildlife..........$ 775,629 Education.................................... $ 478,729 *Endowment Program.................$ 14,393 Administration............................$ 316,750 Fundraising................................. $ 177,280


$ 1,762,781

*Costs associated with establishing a fund in the Wisconsin Conservation Endowment

The Foundation's 2019 total liabilities include Escrow and Agency Funds that we hold for others, bills payable, and long term liabilities. Our net assets without donor restrictions includes $150,000 in board designated assets held within our Evergreen Fund general operating endowment, and $279,029 in our operating reserves.

$ 16,005,940

LIABILITIES Accounts Payable...................$ Accrued Expenses..................$ Funds held for others...........$

47,247 23,789 6,619,912



NET ASSETS Without Restrictions.............$ With Restrictions....................$

429,029 8,885,963





$ 16,005,940




THANK YOU 2019 DONORS! Together, we are making a difference for Wisconsin's lands, waters, and wildlife. $250,000 and above Anonymous (1) Wisconsin DNR $100,000 to $249,999 Caerus Foundation, Inc. John Kaiser** Fund for Lake Michigan $50,000 to $99,999 Anonymous (3) Patty & Ed Neumueller David & Joyce Weizenicker $25,000 to $49,999 Karen Etter Hale & Jim Hale

Kathleen Hawkins & Charles Marn Holbrook Travel Bill & Lisa Keen Lux Foundation, Inc. Thomas Mallery LaVonne Middleton Lorain Olsen Rachel Paull Red Barn Design & Engineering SC REI Brookfield Michael & Erica SanDretto Ronald & Ann Semmann Penelope & Gary Shackelford Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education

$1,000 to $4,999 Anonymous (5) David & Kathryn Adam Mike & Karen Austad Jane Barnett Chuck Bauer Benjamin F. Goss Bird Club Patricia Becker Barbara Besadny Anna Biermeier & Roger Hanson Bird City Wisconsin Diane Bless Linda Bochert & David Hanson Janet & Michael Brandt Becky Brown & Kim Bro Robin Buerki Laura Carlson Cedar Grove Ornithological Research Station Laurits & Bea Christensen David Clutter & Meredith Porembski Jon & Carolee Crabb $5,000 to $9,999 Beverly Cram George & Linda Albright Barry & Barbara DeBoer Bruce & Nancy Braun Jason Dinges Virginia Coburn Thomas & Kira Dott Don Ferber Driftless Pathways LLC Golden Sands Resource Conservation Paul & Patricia Ellsworth & Development Council Kristine Euclide & Douglas Steege Rebecca Haefner First Business Bank $10,000 to $24,999 Anonymous (2) James Bennett Neal & Carla Butenhoff Douglas & Sherry Caves Michael & Marcia Hittle John C. Bock Foundation Mary Krall Kristine Krause & Scott Patulski Jim Matras Susan Mischler Charles Mowbray National Fish & Wildlife Foundation Peter Ostlind Patricia Stocking The Brookby Foundation Donald & Elizabeth Tills We Energies Foundation Michael Williamson & Mary Ann Doll Wisconsin Coastal Management ProgramÂ


Kathleen Foley Stephen Glass & Sharon Dunwoody Laura Guy & James Prosser Robert & Elke Hagge Jr. Richard Hansen Bettie Harriman Julie Hastreiter Heinrichs Home Comfort Rick Heinritz Martin & Ellen Henert Michael & Kim Herro Tod Highsmith & Joan Braune Robert & Merrill Horswill James & Sharel Hubing Diane Humphrey Lueck & Gary Lueck Gerry & Barbara Hussin International Crane Foundation JP Cullen Foundation Kella Design John Kraniak James & Rebecca Kurtz Mark & Coni LaBarbera Jean & Mark Ledman Douglas & Martha Lee Roma Lenehan Richard & Debbie Loerke Mark Lohry James Lousier Lower Chippewa River Alliance Bill Lunney & Judie Pfeifer Richard Luthin Tim & Laura Maleski Ryan & Denise Mallery Tess Mallery Nancy McGill Mary McPhetridge Beth Meyerand & Chad Moritz Thomas Nash & Corinna Gries Catherine Nelson Mary & Larry O'Brien Tom & Barbara Olson Richard & Christine Ouren Jeanna Owens Sheryl Pethers QTI Group

REI Madison Audrey Reineck Ronda Richards & Robert Ley Greta Rogers Peter & Constance Roop Diane Rosner & Bill O'Neill Leslie & Dusty Sarazan Larry & Emily Scheunemann Kurt & Laurie Schmude Richard & Carlile Schneider Daniel & LaVern Schroeder Carl & Barbara Schwartz Judith & James Schwarzmeier Single Step Foundation Marcia & Dan Smith William & Jacqueline Smith Kurt & Susan Sroka Jason Stephens Lowell Tesky TIAA Bank Jim Trumpy Deborah & Patrick Turski Roger & Lynn Van Vreede Linda Vogen Vortex Optics John & April Wald Peter & Lynne Weil Wells Print and Digital Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory Lyman & Lyn Wible John & Leigh Wilber Wisconsin Public Service Foundation, Inc. John Bryant Wyman Xcel Energy Foundation Caryl Zaar $500 to $999 Anonymous (3) 94.9 WOLX/Triple M/Mix 105.1 Aldo Leopold Audubon Society Jane Ayer Valerie Bailey-Rihn & David Rihn Jennell & Mark Ballering Bruce & Kathleen Bartel Lois Bergerson

Conservation Steward Society members contribute an annual unrestricted gift of $1,000 or more to the Foundation. **Denotes that the named donor is deceased.

Merle & Nancy Biggin Bert Bleke Marcia Bradley Holly Brassington Erik Bruhnke James & Karen Buck Patrick Caffrey and Peg Zappen Marsha & Peter Cannon Deborah Cardinal & Walter Burt Clare & Matthew Carlson Janet Carlson Ellen Censky Jane Cordero James & Ann DeLine Robert & Diane Dempsey Carla & Michael DiIorio Door County Nature and Travel LLC Catherine Drexler & Wade Mueller Carl Eisenberg Gary & Judith Ertel Estate of Timothy B Staats** Richard & Elizabeth Fayram Elizabeth Fennema Carol Fleishauer Susan Ford-Hoffert Friends of Cherokee Marsh Friends of Dodge County Parks Rebecca Gilman & Charles Harmon Sandra & John Goggin Sunil Gopalan Daniel Griesbach Susan Groshong & Robert Dillard Kathleen Gruentzel Richard & Theresa Haag Kathy Haines David Hall & Marjorie Devereaux Emil** & Wava Haney Guy & Carole Hansen Jean Harbeck Michael Hartz Jon Heinrich Andrew & Paula Holman Horicon Marsh Boat Tours Jeffrey & Erin Huebschman Gretchen Jaeger Hagard Johnson Mary & Thomas Johnson Barb & Mark Jung Trudy Karlson & David Weber Larry Keith Marjorie Kenyon-Cler Kickapoo Valley Reserve Kikkoman Foods Foundation, Inc. Timothy Kohl Dale & Sandra Landgren Landmark Conservancy Eric Larson & Susan Lewis Jack Lawton & Bonnie McMullinLawton Michael Lenehan Micaela Levine & Thomas St. John Roland & Barbara Littlewood Rita Lloyd Warren Loveland Marilynn & Jim Loving Kristi Lund Alfred Lustig & Janice Watson Colleen Marsden & Holly Anderson Richard McCoy Patrick McGranahan Mississippi Valley Conservancy Robert & Rebecca Moczulewski David & Ann Moffat Ed & Linda Mordy Robert & Barbara Mortimore

Ursula & Gerd Muehllehner Jane Nicholson & Nancy Shea Jim Nissen Noel J Cutright Bird Club North Lakeland Discovery Center Northland College Beth Olson Mary Oster Traci Peloquin Oliver & Susan Perry Tom Prestby Raptor Services LLC Marsha & Robert Rea Cheryl Reddeman Kathleen Redmond Mollie Ring Barbara Roeber & Larry Black Paul & Thea Sager Daniel & Samantha Scheiman Holly Schmaling David & Maureen Schwartz Dan & Joey Seehafer Pat Shaklee & Kim Reinke Janice Sharp James & Kathleen Shurts Jeffrey & Barbara Skiles Pegi & Milton Snoeyenbos Southern Wisconsin Chapter of Trout Unlimited Robert & Andrea Stupi Andrea Szymczak Joan Tegen Shannon Thielman Marc & Marilyn Thwaits Veritas Financial Services Art Walaszek & Suzanne Geerts Wall Family Enterprise Jo Anne Wall Michael Wanger Waupaca Biological Field Station Ron & Diane Weber Katherine Wegner & Bob Andrews Keith & Catherine White Ken & Barbara Wiesner Wisconsin Chimney Swift Working Group Donna Wise Koenig Karen Wollenburg Michael Youngman Rebecca & Jeff Zuhlke Dennis Zuniga & Brinnan Shaffer $250 to $499 Anonymous (1) Sue Alauf Richard Albert Nancy & James Albertin David & Sarah Allen Carne Andrews Barbara Arnold Cynthia Balestrieri Jake & Kristin Barnes Charles Barnhill Katherine Barzen Mike & Andrea Benco Jon Bergquist Sarah Besadny & James Meiers Dale Beske & Dorothy Gertsch Steve Betchkal Wayne Block Sanee & Jay Bonnell Thomas Bontly William & Treva Breuch Barry Brezan & Carlen Schenk Jessica Bruder

Melissa Bruder Dale Callaham & Susan Lancelle Nancy Callahan Curt & Arlys Caslavka Doug & Sherry Caves Kathy & Carl Chapman Nancy Christel & Gary Dunsmoor Peter Clark Barbara & Ted Cochrane Dane County Humane Society Wildlife Center Sue Conley & Michael Stieghorst Dennis & Janis Cooper William Cordua Anne Cozean Linda Crubaugh Gayle & John De Baun Stephen Diercks Barbara Duerksen Robert & Teresa Eckberg Shari & Mark Eggleson SP Estes Carol Fisher Mary Lou Findley & L.J. Burlingame John Fetters Florence County Tourism and Economic Development Richard & Mary Freis Friends of Havenwoods, Inc. Anita Foss Mike & Kelly Frankenfield Judy Gibbs Marion Giesecke Jean Gohlke Donald & Karen Grade Michael Gray Connie & Wayne Grogan Marilyn & Thomas Grygo Vicki Halverson Jane Hamblen Jim & Marilyn Hampton Wayne Hanson & Janet Beach Hanson Pamela & Craig Heilman Gen Heinz Herbert H. Kohl Charities, Inc. Richard & Anne Hesse Peter & Mariana Hewson John Henning & Nicki McGrew Lorne Hillier Jessica Hilt Thomas & Joyce Hirsch Alexander & Anukriti Hittle Kristin Hoffschmidt Suzy Clarkson Holstein Horicon Marsh Bird Club Ann Hruby Judith Huf James & Esther Huntoon Becky Iverson William & Ruth Jaeger Kristine Jensen David Johnson Donald & Diana Johnson Thomas Jordens Tonia Jorgenson Suzanne Kaehler Pamela Kahler & Stan Miller Bill Kehl Pam Kindschi Maureen Kinney Katherine Klein Kirsten Koegel & Jim O'Keane Robert & Jackie Koehler Mary Kohler

Kim Kreitinger & Eric Preston John Krerowicz Ron & Winnie Krueger Jarell Kuney Anne Lacy Laura LaRocca Paul Nelson & Jane Lewis John Link Mary Linville Dan Loescher Jeffry Louis Joel & Pamela Lundgren Robert & Margaret Lyons Jonathan Maag Patricia Maddox & Jim Waeffler Deb Markwardt Cory Masiak Kathleen Massoth & Bruce Edmonson Tamara Matheus Theodore May Wesley McDermott Julie Meyer Shelby Molina Earl Morren & Vera Ming Wong Gerald & Deelila Murray Jamie & John Myers Alan Nass Bob & Carol Niendorf Paul Noeldner Jennifer Nordstrom Northwest Illinois Audubon Society Darlene & Anthony Nowak Karen Oberhauser Michael O'Connell Karen & L Patrick O'Hagan Lee Olsen Judy Olson Orchid Growers Guild James & Suzanne Otto Richard Ouren Neil Palmer Linda & Terry Parrish Allan & Patty Patek Mike Petersen Joan Peterson Sandra & Dick Pfahler Rex & Linda Pope Prairie Nursery, Inc. David Rasmussen Red Cliff Tribe Brenda Reese River Alliance of Wisconsin Craig Roberts & Mark Nofsinger Robert & Nancy Rudd Doris Rusch Jim Schleif & Bill Morley Jeffrey Schmoeger Jeffrey Schramm Marcela Schultz Judy Schwenker Ann Scott Paul Senner Brian Serwe Michael Severa John Shillinglaw John Shippy Bill & Judy Shirley John Sippel Joy & Joseph Smogor Thomas Stanley Nancy Steinhoff Paul Stillmank Thomas & Ruth Stram Warren Stringer Jr.


WISCONSIN CONSERVATION ENDOWMENT CREATORS Anonymous (8) Patricia Anderson Jake & Kristin Barnes James Bennett Lee Binkley Botanical Club of Wisconsin Janet & Michael Brandt Paul Brandt** Margery Buckeridge** Neal & Carla Butenhoff Cedar Grove Ornithological Research Station Dale Druckrey** Dane County Conservation League Laura & Doug Dufford Dunn County Fish & Game Association Jane Edson** Kristine Euclide and Douglas Steege Frank Hornberg Chapter of Trout Unlimited Friends of Cherokee Marsh Friends of Devil's Lake State Park Friends of Dodge County Parks Friends of Governor Dodge State Park Friends of Havenwoods Friends of Horicon Marsh International Education Center Friends of Kohler-Andrae State Park Friends of Pike Lake Friends of the Cedarburg Bog Friends of Wisconsin State Parks


Friends of Wyalusing State Park Golden Sands Resource Conservation & Development Council Karen Etter Hale Robert** & Cathy Halpin Mary Hamel James & Mary Hlaban James & Sharel Hubing Gerry & Barbara Hussin Jefferson County Parks Department Chris & Patricia Jeffords Robert Jostes John & Marlen Kaiser** Bill & Lisa Keen Mark & Coni LaBarbera Landmark Conservancy Pauline Langsdorf Richard & Debbie Loerke Charles Luthin & Nancy Piraino David & Patricia Luthin Mark & Laurie Luthin Richard Luthin Madison Audubon Society Ryan & Denise Mallery Tess Mallery Thomas Mallery Susan Mischler Kamicia Miller John & Ann Molinaro Ed & Patty Neumueller Judy & James Olson Tom & Barbara Olson Peter Ostlind Ozaukee Washington Land Trust David Redell** Jennifer Redell Helen Ritter** River Alliance of Wisconsin Peter & Constance Roop Luida Sanders** Michael & Erica SanDretto Marcela Schultz Beverly Schwabe Penelope & Gary Shackelford John Shillinglaw Society of Tympanuchus Cupido Pinnatus Southern Wisconsin Chapter of Trout Unlimited Patricia Stocking Roger & Karen Sullivan The Nature Conservancy Wisconsin Chapter Frank Tenorio** James & Debra Tenorio Mark Tenorio Pat Tenorio** Paul & Brenda Tenorio Tom & Kristin Tenorio Donald & Elizabeth Tills Mary Trewartha Rita Tenorio & Mike Trokan John Van Altena & Constance Brouillette Frank & Mariana Weinhold David & Joyce Weizenicker Wisconsin Society for Ornithology Learn more about our Wisconsin Conservation Endowment at WisConservation.org/endowment -funds


Michael & Kathleen Stupich James & Debra Tenorio Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Steve & Jeanie Tomasko Mike & Cheryl Trieschmann Peter Tropman Nina Utne Rick & Laurie Vant Hoff Barbara & Jozef Vass Paul Vastag & Karen Wegner Melinda & Christopher Vernon Ellen Verwiebe LaVonne Wagner Denise Wall-Statz & Dave Statz Walt Disney Company Foundation HW Walter Washburn County Lakes and Rivers Association Glenn & Jane Watts Valli Warren Jerome Weber Susie Weber Michael & Judith Welch Neal Wegner Emily Weiser Carol Werner John & Debra Wiegand Todd & Kris Wiegand Keri Wiesner Rick Wilke Mary Williams Deborah Wilson Jerry & Pam Wilson Wisconsin Young Forest Partnership Levi & Janet Wood Charles Yu Brent & Karen Zimmerman

Natural Heritage Circle The Natural Heritage Circle consists of members who have made the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin part of their estate plan, helping ensure that future generations will be able to experience a Wisconsin as beautiful, healthy, and biologically diverse as the one we enjoy today. If you are planning to include the Foundation in your estate plan, please let us know so so we can recognize your gift and add you to our Natural Heritage Circle! WisConservation.org/planned-giving Anonymous (2) David & Kathryn Adam George & Linda Albright Robert Alexander Candye Andrus Mike & Karen Austad David Bange James Bennett Linda Bochert & David Hanson Michael & Janet Brandt Paul Brandt** Daniel & Margaret Brown** Suzanne Covoloskie John Dolen Dee** Dale Druckery** Jane Edson** Daniel Flaherty** Philip & Dale Grimm Robert** & Cathy Halpin Mary Hamel Marilyn Deutsch Hampton Rita Hayen & Walter Boeshaar Pamela & Craig Heilman Rick Heinritz Ken Jalowitz Thomas Jerow & Steven Schreier Robert Jostes Bill & Lisa Keen John & Mary Koeppe Mary Krall Martha Kronholm James & Rebecca Kurtz Holly Kuusinen

Jerry** & Barbara Larson Karen Lawrence Diane Humphrey Lueck & Gary Lueck Kristi Lund Charles Luthin James Matras V.E. Nicholas** Arthur & Cora Oehmcke** Ruth Oppedahl Mary Oster Charles & Linda Pils Mary Ann Pittner** Sandra Raby** Janet & Andrew Raddatz David Redell Peter & Constance Roop Nancy & Robert Rudd Richard & Carlile Schneider Dan & LaVern Schroeder Rebecca Schroeder Gary & Penelope Shackelford David Simonsmeier Timothy Staats** Sarah Stoll** Mark & Christine Troudt John & Leslie Watschke Frank & Mariana Weinhold David & Joyce Weizenicker Jane Wiley Nash Williams** Reynold Zeller**



2019 PARTNERS IN CONSERVATION These partners received funding in 2019 to support their conservation and environmental education efforts Adams-Friendship Elementary Adams-Friendship High School Algoma Elementary School American Bird Conservancy Baird Creek Preservation Foundation Bayfield County Bayfield High School Bird City Wisconsin Bluebird Restoration Association of Wisconsin Bonduel Elementary School Brown County Parks Department Caledonia Conservancy Catholic Multicultural Center Central Middle School Centro Hispano of Dane County Chain Exploration Center City of Janesville Clean Wisconsin Clintonville High School Communities United in Education Cornell Lab of Ornithology Dane County Conservation League Dane County Land and Water Resources Department DeLong Middle School Dr. Rosa Minoka-Hill School Eagle River Elementary Eagle School of Madison Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah Middle School Elvehjem Elementary School Fontana Elementary School Frederic Elementary School Friends of Devil's Lake State Park Friends of High Cliff State Park Friends of Lake Wingra Friends of Lapham Peak Unit - Kettle Moraine State Forest Friends of Mead/McMillan Association Friends of Schlitz Audubon Nature Center Friends of the Eau Claire Lakes Area Friends of the North Pikes Creek Wetlands Friends of Wisconsin State Parks

Friends of Wyalusing State Park Golden Sands Resource Conservation & Development Council Groundswell Conservancy Harbor District, Inc Helen R. Godfrey University Child Learning and Care Center Hoo's Woods Raptor Center International Crane Foundation Iron County Land and Water Conservation Department Jefferson County Parks Lac Courte Oreilles Conservation Department Landmark Conservancy Lawrence University Luck Public Schools Madison Audubon Society Menomonie High School Midvale Elementary School Midwest Environmental Advocates Milwaukee Marshall High School Mississippi Valley Conservancy Neighborhood House of Milwaukee Northwoods Land Trust Olson Elementary School Ozaukee Washington Land Trust Paradise Farm Pendarvis Historic Site Pheasants Forever Wisconsin Pineview Elementary School Raptor Education Group, Inc. Reedsburg Area High School Rexford-Longfellow Elementary School River Alliance of Wisconsin River Bend Nature Center Riveredge Nature Center Sand County Foundation Sauk Prairie High School Southeastern Wisconsin Invasive Species Consortium Sparta Area School District St. Croix River Association

St. Paul Lutheran School Sun Prairie Community Schools Tamarack Waldorf School The Prairie Enthusiasts Tomorrow River Community Charter School Trout Unlimited Chapter Central Wisconsin Chapter Fox Valley Chapter Frank Hornberg Chapter Green Bay Chapter Oconto River Chapter Shaw-Paca Chapter Wisconsin Council Wolf River Chapter UW-Eau Claire Children's Nature Academy UW-Madison Arboretum UW-Madison Extension Wisconsin Master Naturalist UW-Madison Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies Upper Sugar River Watershed Association Viroqua Area Montessori School Wausau West High School Wequiock Children’s Center for Environmental Science Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory Whitehorse Middle School Whitewater High School Wilson Junior High WinMan Trails Foundation Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education Wisconsin Bird Conservation Partnership Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Wisconsin Department of Transportation Wisconsin Green Schools Network Wisconsin Heights School District Wisconsin Society for Ornithology Wisconsin Wetlands Association Woodland Dunes Nature Center & Preserve YMCA Camp Icaghowan


211 S Paterson St Suite 100 Madison, WI 53703 +1 (866) 734-1485 WisConservation.org

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Kristine Krause, Board Chair Mark LaBarbera, Vice Chair Jim Matras, Secretary Tom Dott, Treasurer Dave Adam James Bennett Linda Bochert Bruce Braun Kristine Euclide Rebecca Haefner Martin Henert Jim Hubing Diane Humphrey Lueck William Lunney Tom Olson Bill Smith Michael Williamson




David Clutter, Executive Director Sarah Cameron, Great Wisconsin Birdathon Coordinator Shari Henning, Operations Manager Jaime Kenowski, Communications Coordinator Lauren Koshere, Member Philanthropy Officer John Kraniak, Membership Director Kim Kreitinger, Outreach Coordinator Emily Sprengelmeyer, Office Manager Christine Tanzer, Field Trip Director Caitlin Williamson, Director of Conservation Programs Camille Zanoni, Director of Philanthropy