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Introduction of Important Cell Phone Parts When you are using a cell phone, it is a must for all to know about its spare parts, which are equally important. From a LCD screen to its battery section, different small parts work together for providing first class services to the end users. If a single part stops working, then the entire mobile phone will stop providing fine functionality. Thus, having proper knowledge about these products can be a great solution, in case you ever need help with a proper servicing. Only a professional can help you get the best and original spare parts for your cell, which might charge you a bit more. It is advisable to opt for original products as these come with guarantee servicing and long lasting effects.

Some Major Parts One of the most important cell phone parts is the keyboard or keypad segment. This portion is connected directly with the CPU, which means that the rows and key’s columns are directly connected with the CPU. Another major part, connected with the key protection sector is the Verector diode or Interface IC. In QWERTY keypads, a modern version of control IC is connected for offering an extra protection layer on the keypads.

Next Comes the Display Section After keypad, comes display section. This is also connected with the CPU for receiving some eminent signals like LCD Data Signal, LCD WR Signal, LCD Reset Signal, LCD FLM Signal, LCD RD Signal and more. All these signals are directed to the LCD module, with the help of CPU servicing. Moreover, a power supply of 1.8V is provided to the LCD for proper functioning of the screen. You can also find out some interface filters, which are connected in different cell phone interference. You will get various kinds of cell phone parts apart from LCD screens, which will be discussed in the following segment.

SIM Card Portion and Memory Card In maximum instances, the SIM card interface segment is connected directly with CPU. In case, there is no power supply in a cell phone, then SIM section can be connected with the help of a power IC. The four pins, which are directly connected with the SIM interface, are V-SIM, SIM CLK, SIM-Data and SIM-RST. Another major portion of cell phone parts is the noteworthy micro SC card, which is well connected with most mobile phones. This card is connected with an 8 pin socket, and it is manufactured just inside the CPU. The 8 major pins, which you are likely to find in a cell phone, are MMC Data, MMC Data 2, MMC CMD, VSD or VMMC, MMC-CLK, MMC-Dta0, GND and MMC Data-1.

Other Major Parts Apart from the parts mentioned above, a mobile comprises of other eminent


phone parts. Some of those are MIC interface section, Ringer or speaker section, Ear speaker section, key backlight section, vibrator motor section, LCD backlight section, battery charging section, network segment and FM radio segment. With all the new features of a cell phone, you will find more spare parts of a mobile phone.

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Introduction of Important Cell Phone Parts  

Only a professional can help you get the best and original spare parts for your cell, which might charge you a bit more. It is advisable to...