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Welcome Governments are increasingly seeing utilities as ‘mission critical’ to a nation’s infrastructure and that requires the provision of robust, resilient and secure communications for people working in the sector. Intrinsically safe (ATEX) two-way radios have, of course, always been necessary in certain environments such as oil and gas exploration, extraction and transmission. But it’s not all about radios. The oil, gas, power and water industries in particular are now making use of remote monitoring not only to ensure the security of vulnerable sites, but also remote data collection. The data is being sent back via machine-to-machine applications, which in many cases also require secure and resilient networks. In this guide, Wireless has selected some of the top terminals, accessories, command and control and infrastructure equipment for use by the utilities sector.

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Control room comms


Digital radio

14 Base stations

James Atkinson Editor

Published by Noble House Media Ltd, 14-16 Great Pulteney Street, London W1F 9ND • First edition • September 2012 If you’d like to be part of the second edition, please contact: Editor James Atkinson 0207 440 3823 or Sales Ian MacFarlaine 0207 440 3866 • Andrew Stevens 0207 440 3879 All material in this publication is covered by copyright. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form – electronic, mechanical, photocopying or otherwise, in whole or in part without written permission of the publisher. © 2012 Noble House Media Ltd. While considerable care has been taken in the production of this issue, no responsibility can be accepted for any errors or omissions. No responsibility can be accepted for unsolicited manuscripts, photographs, artwork or equipment. All correspondence is assumed to be intended for publication unless clearly stated otherwise. | 3

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control room comms


acom Zetron’s Advanced Communications (Acom) System is a fully digital, state-of-the art dispatch console system. Its end-to-end digital architecture integrates voice (radio and telephone), data, paging, and video. Acom offers reliability, advanced feature capabilities, intuitive operation, and flexible configuration. A single Acom system can support over 2,000 radio and telephony interfaces and more than 200 IP dispatch positions. It is an effective solution for single or multi-site systems. Acom’s high degree of interoperability supports communications across a wide spectrum of radio and telephony equipment and other communications devices and interfaces, including Project 25 (TIA CSSI, DFSI and AFSI), OpenSky®, iDEN®, TETRA, NEXEDGE®, SMARTNET®/SmartZone®, and LTR®, as well as

numerous legacy systems. As a result, Acom is able to support customers in their migration from legacy to emerging technologies. The Acom system includes a scalable platform and is bandwidth efficient, fault-tolerant, robust and reliable. The Acom EVO implementation offers native IP connection to console positions from the Acom controllers – and much more. The EVO Media Dock provides all the connectivity to the accessories at the console position, and Zetron can provide the same form factor for an embedded solid state PC, if the customer wants to use a console PC with no moving parts (i.e. no fans, no HDD, etc). The EVO implementation also sets a new benchmark in audio routing at the console position.

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Zetron’s DCS-5020 Digital Console System combines telephony and both digital TETRA and analogue conventional radio control, as well as supporting up to 15 screen-based operator consoles. Radios and protocols supported include the Motorola MTM800, Sepura SRM3500 and EADS/Nokia TMR880/880i TETRA radios. The DCS-5020 is a highly scalable, resilient solution that delivers the reliability mission-critical operations require.

Zetron’s Model 390 TETRA Remote interfaces to Motorola’s MTM300, MTM700 and MTM800e TETRA radios and adds considerable flexibility to a TETRA-based radio network. Up to 15 Zetron Model 390s can be connected to a single TETRA radio located up to 600 metres away, reducing deployment and installation costs. This enables the radio to be placed in the best coverage area.





The THR8 TETRA handheld radio delivers high performance and usability for mission-critical voice and data communication. With IP55 protection, the largest and sharpest QVGA display on the market, and high battery autonomy, the THR8 is a solid and easy to use communication tool for users in public safety, utility, transport and industry.

The Cassidian THR9i is a robust and user-friendly TETRA radio with IP65 protection and Lifeguard, an advanced man-down feature. The large display provides crucial information at a glance and the high audio quality ensures excellent clarity of communication. The superb capacity of the heavy duty battery guarantees the THR9i radio will be ready for a long-lasting operation even under the most intensive use. | 5

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MTP3000 SERIES Safer, tougher, and easier to use, Motorola Solutions’ MTP3000 TETRA radio series increases user safety and effectiveness. The three new models in the MTP3000 series meet core user demands for increased user safety and reliability and set new standards with significant improvements in audio quality, increased network coverage, ruggedness and ease of use. These radios meet the differing needs of a wide range of users with feature sets that match operational requirements. The MTP3000 radios offer the highest receiver sensitivity in the market (a -2db increase on all existing TETRA radios), which allows a 14% range increase and a 30% boost to network coverage when compared to a standard European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) specification radio. The MTP3000 series has been designed to deliver superior audio quality with an optimum level of audio loudness and clarity of voice coupled with a superior microphone system. This ensures that users can hear and be heard clearly, even in the noisiest environments. The enhanced sensitivity and true 1.8W output deliver the best network coverage together with enhanced coverage in buildings with an associated improvement in user safety. The radio features two control knobs, one for volume and one for talk groups, offering a user experience similar to analogue radios which enables simple migration from analogue to digital communications. The ergonomic design also makes the radio easier to use for users wearing the radio out of sight. In addition, the MTP3000 series introduces a new fast and rugged IP55-certified side connector, allowing the user to connect and disconnect an accessory in less than two seconds.

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A British APCO and Wireless event

EMERGENCY SERVICES AND INDUSTRY: HARMONISING PUBLIC SAFETY RESPONDERS NEEDS 16/17 October 2012, London, UK Recent EU studies have revealed that there is a strong need to improve communications within and between the emergency services and other vital industries such as power, oil & gas, utilities and transport to provide a better understanding of the technology and assets (people and equipment) each is using and how they can be shared to improve public safety, drive efficiencies and reduce operational costs. Tony Antoniou, executive director of British APCO says: ‘Our aim is to jointly foster a closer alignment during development of new technologies.’ James Atkinson, editor of Wireless, adds: “We are keen to promote a greater awareness of new technology and how it can be shared to create a stronger and more effective national public safety culture.’ In a series of seminars, round tables and discussions we will identify the must have communication needs and solutions across industries that are critical to national infrastructure. Who should attend? If you are responsible for any of the below functions in the public safety, utilities, transport or local authority sectors then you can pre-register to attend this free event. Critical communications Control operators Control supervisors Senior management/executives Decision makers / decision takers Resources being dispatched and their safety This is a free to attend event but all registrants must be qualified and identified as appropriate attendees by British APCO and Wireless. To register, please contact providing the following information: Name, company, job title, address, telephone number, email address and please list all industry affiliations/associations. Please mark the subject line: Request to register – October event. All successful applicants will be notified by the Wireless events team within five working days of receipt of application. (Please note: places are limited). Sponsorship and exhibition opportunities are available. Contact Andrew Stevens for further details: Tel: 0207 4403879 Noble House Media Ltd, 14-16 Great Pulteney Street, London, W1F 9ND British Association of Public Safety Communications Officials British APCO (BAPCO) is a member of the APCO Global Alliance

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PD795 EX


The Hytera PD795 Ex Intrinsically Safe Digital Portable Radio is fully compliant to ETSI DMR and is open standard – the world’s first intrinsically safe DMR portable radio. The PD795 Ex adopts plastic-encapsulated technology, error-protection design and IP67 protection, ensuring intrinsically safe and reliable communication to protect your staff and assets in hazardous scenes with explosive gas and combustible dusts.

The Hytera PD785 DMR portable radio delivers efficient voice communication and rich data applications to professional users with advanced digital technology and a user-friendly design. With crisp digital voice, large-size colour display and IP67 protection, the Hytera PD785 is rugged and easy to use. It supports text messages with up to 256 characters and GPS data transmission, and allows smooth analogue to digital migration with operation in both analogue and digital.





The Hytera PD705 is a rugged and robust DMR portable radio featuring superior audio quality, durable battery life, vibration alert, and IP67 protection. It features a centrally positioned, short length, omni-directional antenna for better coverage performance, which integrates a GPS antenna. The radio also offers rich data services and selectable functions such as scan, emergency, man down, high-speed data transmission and lone worker.

The Hytera X1e digital covert radio is the world’s smallest full power DMR radio (only 18mm thin with battery). With superb voice performance and coverage, the X1e is designed for high-end mission-critical users, providing highly secure voice encryption, GPS locating and IP67 protection features. The X1e can be trusted in many working environments. In extreme situations users can communicate with others using fully covert accessories or send out an emergency signal without being noticed.

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Sepura’s STP9000 is a truly innovative series of TETRA handportable radios developed to drive efficiency improvements across users’ operations, enhance safety and security, and improve the user experience. The STP9000 incorporates a comprehensive range of new features including IP67 robustness, an enhanced user interface and built-in RFID tag. Variants include the STP9000, offering a full keypad and large, colour screen; the STP9100 with a reduced keypad, and the STP9200 with reduced keypad and monochrome screen.

Sepura’s STP8X is the only IP67, intrinsically safe TETRA hand-portable radio fullyapproved to version 6 of IECEx/ATEX. It was developed to meet the requirement for TETRA technology from beyond the public safety market. Key features include 1W of speech to ensure loud, clear communications, a tactile keypad for ease of use, and a new level of unrivalled ruggedness. Its IP67 rating means it can withstand extensive usage in the harshest environments.





Designed by and for public safety users to ensure effective every day operation, Tait’s TP9400 is an uncompromising P25 portabl radio that meets the demands of those serving our communities. A single device with analogue, 12.5kHz P25 Phase 1 FDMA conventional/trunked and 6.25kHz equivalent P25 Phase 2 TDMA trunked capability, the TP9400 portable is secure and efficient with internal GPS, Bluetooth, IP67 protection and AES encryption.

Tait’s TM9400 has the flexibility to meet the operational needs of public safety organisations today and tomorrow. The TM9400 provides analogue, 12.5kHz P25 Phase 1 FDMA conventional/trunked, 6.25kHz equivalent P25 Phase 2 TDMA trunked and LSM decode capability in a single device. The TM9400 is capable of AES encryption, over-the-air rekeying, various emergency modes and is IP64 rated to keep those relying on their mobiles safe and efficient. | 11

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MTP850 S

The new Cassidian THR9+ TETRA hand-portable radio meets the strictest needs of field workers. Its clear and large keypad provides the world’s best gloves-on access to TETRA, while its night vision display is optimised for working in the dark. The THR9+ has IP65 classification against water and dust and its advanced man-down alert, Lifeguard, protects the user in critical situations. The outstanding battery performance of the THR9+ ensures secure communication even during long-lasting operations.

The Motorola MTP850 S has been upgraded with a more powerful transmit power option and the receiver sensitivity increased. This will benefit the user with greater DMO and TMO range. It comes with enough processing power to ensure users can take advantage of applications such as WAP and Multi Slot Packet Data. Protecting your staff is vital. The MTP850 S incorporates the ‘man-down’ feature to send alerts if the user may be at risk. Emergency calls are sent with automatic location updates.



MTP850 Ex


Motorola has been building intrinsically safe radios for over 30 years, and the MTP850 Ex integrates all of this knowhow to provide a safe, powerful radio (and matched accessories) that is certified by ATEX, IECEx and FM for use in potentially explosive environments – including gas Zone 1 and 2, and dust Zone 21 and 22. Operational safety is further enhanced with a range of features, including GPS and integrated man-down alarm, while its ultra rugged design and IP65 rating guarantee its durability.

This TEDS-ready gateway/repeater mobile radio provides extended coverage, exceptional audio performance and high-speed data connectivity to address the current and future critical communication needs of professional users. From advanced over-the-air terminal management capability to integrated DMO repeater-gateway and high-speed USB 2.0 interfacing, this rugged device combines a range of advanced features for enhanced usability and improved safety.

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Zetron Console Systems:

At the Heart of What You Do For over 30 years, Zetron console systems have been serving at the heart of mission-critical communication centres throughout the world. Customers say their Zetron systems are “reliable,” “flexible,” and “rock solid.” C








Zetron Console Systems give you: • High interoperability. • Support for small to large centres. • Scalability. • Support for TETRA, P25 TIA DFSI


• Reliability and high availability. • Integration with multiple devices

and resources.

• A highly configurable UI.

Zetron has deployed thousands of mission-critical systems and over 20,000 operator console positions worldwide for customers in public safety, rail, maritime, aviation, oil & gas, mining and utilities.

Our Zetron system is excellent. It will be the heart of our dispatch operations for years to come. — Bill H., Communications Centre Director Contact Zetron for more information: or call +44 1256 880 663

base station


DS-6210 Dmr tier iii trunking baSe Station The Hytera DS-6210 DMR trunking base station is fully compliant with DMR Tier III trunking standard. The DS-6210 is an IP-based digital trunking system specially designed to provide voice and data services for professional users across various geographic areas. It is suitable for smooth migration from analogue to digital, especially considering the transition in spectrum, and reuse of analogue system equipment. Hytera’s DMR trunking system DS-6210 protects your investment in analogue with our answer to digital communications. High reliability • Blade structure to facilitate O&M and enhance cooling performance • Modularised design and fault-tolerant capability to significantly enhance reliability • Redundancy mechanism is employed for key devices Flexible networking • All IP architecture allows easy deployment and system expansion • Supports multiple topologies of the network (Tree, Star, Ring structure, etc.) • Supports multiple link modes (IP, E1, etc.) Versatile functions • Excellent System Mobility Management, including subscriber management, roaming management, voice and data service management, etc. • Flexible secondary development, a wide range of interfaces for secondary development, supports third party applications on the system • Strong interoperability, supports intercommunication with PSTN/PABX, MPT trunking, DMR conventional system, etc.

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