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Winston Wächter Fine Art Seattle

Annie Morris Stacked

September 17 – October 21, 2015

Opening reception 9.17.15 6-8pm

Internationally acclaimed, London based artist Annie Morris will have her first solo show with Winston Wächter Fine Art Seattle. The artist will be in attendance for the reception.   Morris’ sculptures are towers shaped from plaster; sand, and painted with raw pigment to resemble a three-dimensional artist’s palate. Inspired by her strength from personal struggles, Morris chooses to focus on the hopefulness and vibrancy of life. The seemingly weightless forms are a metaphor for pure joy and the ability to conquer the impossible. Each layer of her towers teeters over the other, threatening to fall, yet gently supporting each other’s balance.   Since completing her degree from École des Beaux-Arts Paris, Morris has exhibited at The Royal Academy, London; Baku MoMA, Azerbaijan and The New Art Gallery, Walsall and Tate Gallery, St Ives.


Stack 9, Caput Mortuum, 2015, mixed media

Stack 9, Ultramarine Purple, 2015, mixed media

Stack 8, Iron Oxide Orange, 2015, mixed media

Stack 8, Studio Blue Dark, 2015, mixed media

For the first time, Morris has taken her sculptural exploration into the medium of bronze. Her hopefulness and ability to question what we consider to be constant rules, is pushed further by the use of metal. Her sculptures create movement upwards, each part floating upon the next, while solidly connected by their substance.

Bronze Detail, 2015, bronze, 85 x 25 (base) inches

Bronze Stack, 2015, bronze, 85 x 25 (base) inches

Stack 6, Bordeaux Red, 2015, mixed media

Stack 8, Veridian Green, 2015, mixed media

Stack 9 (Viridian Green), 2015, mixed media, 95 x 13 inches

Stack 9 (Cadmium Red No. 3), 2015, mixed media, 76 x 13 inches

Stack 6 Studio Blue Dark, 2015, mixed media, 78 x 10 inches

In her Face painting series, Morris again demonstrates her mastery of fluidity and ability to encapsulate the sense of eortlessness in abstract form.  Morris builds her canvases by layering planes of figures, creating a greater whole, rather than a group of individuals. Each face is drawn and overdrawn, emerging from the gestural and fluid composition, creating a new layer and sense of connectedness with the viewer. 

Faces Painting, 2015, oil on canvas, 53.25 x 47.25 inches

Faces Painting Detail (painting in full opposite page, 2015, oil on canvas

Thread Drawing Series, 2015, mixed media, variable dimentions

Born 2011 The London Art Fair, Thomas Williams Gallery, London, England 1978 London, England 2010 The Big Rip Off, Camden Arts Centre, London, England House of Fairly Tales, Victor Wynd Fine Art, London, England Education House of Fairly Tales, St. Ives, London, England 2002-2003 Slade School of Art, London, England House of Fairy Tales, The New Art Gallery Walsall, Walsall, England 1998-2002 Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts, under Guiseppe Penone, 2007 Allsopp Contemporary, Miami Art Fair Paris, France Jeannie, Frielich Fine Art, Miami Art Fair 1997-1998 Foundation, St.Martins College of Art and Design, 2006 Nine, Jeannie Frielich Fine Art, New York, NY London, England The Rivington Arms Gallery, New York, NY   2005 Francesca Gavin Group Exhibition, London, England Solo Exhibitions Thomans Williams Fine Art, London, England 2015 Winston Wächter Fine Art, Seattle, WA 2014 Hope from a Thin Line, Winston Wächter Fine Art, New York, NY Selected Press 2012 There is a Land Called Loss, Pertwee, Anderson and Gold Gallery, 2013 Amuse Magazine London, England 2012 ‘Out Of The Blue’, Wallpaper Magazine 2010 Annie Morris, Winston Wächter Fine Art. New York, NY ‘Neutopian Vision For the Future’ Metro 2007 When a Happy Thing Falls, Allsopp Contemporary. 2011 Sunday Times Magazine London, England 2010 The Independent When a Happy Thing Falls, Jeannie Freilich Fine Art. New York, NY Hoxton Square Magazine 2006 Annie Morris, LightBox Gallery, Los Angeles, CA ‘Calling Annie Morris’ Elle Magazine 2005 Annie Morris, Laura Bartlett Gallery, London, England ‘Bare Bones Chic’, Vogue Annie Morris: Glass Paintings, Postcards, Thomas Williams Gallery, 20 Newspaper London, England 2009 ‘In Vogue’, Vogue 2004 Annie Morris, Adam St. Gallery. Curated by Nick Hackwordth ‘Urban Fix’ ES Magazine London, England 2008 Stylefile’ Vogue The Man With the Dancing Eyes, The Daniel Katz Gallery, London, ES Magazine England Fanfair.Artist Portrait, Vanity Fair   2007 The Art of Fashion’ The Independent Magazine Group Exhibitions Another Magazine 2013 Sculpture Al Fresco III, Great Fosters Sculpture Park, 2006 ‘Annie Morris’, Revue, The Independent on Sunday Surrey England Jalouse Magazine, London Art Fair, Pertwee, Andeson and Gold Gallery, London, England ‘The Hot List, 2006’ Harpers and Queen 2012 Merging Bridges at Baku Museum of Modern Art, Azerbaijan, 2005 ‘Pegged For Stardom’ The Independent The British Cut, The Space, Fine Art Society, Hong Kong ‘The Next Big Thing’ The Sunday Time Magazine This is London, Shizaru Gallery, London, England ‘Just Hanging Out’ Telegraph Magazine The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Curated Room, ‘One’s to Watch’ Evening Standard Magazine London, England ‘Portrait Of An Artist’ The Grove Magazine Adam Waymouth Curated Exhibition, London, England ‘Fabricof Creation’ Harpers and Queen

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Winston Wächter Fine Art Seattle: Annie Morris Stacked  

Winston Wächter Fine Art Seattle: Annie Morris Stacked