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For Private Home Use Only The instructions and advice presented are in no way a substitute for medical counseling. Consult your physician before beginning this, or any, exercise program. The FlexShaper™ FlexExpress™ Program provides an intensive workout. If at any time you feel excessive fatigue, we recommend resting before completing your workout. Remember to breathe at all times while you are working out. The FlexShaper™ is a well-crafted, high quality, precision piece of fitness machinery that was engineered to last for many years of normal use. We recommend that you periodically inspect all moving parts to ensure your FlexShaper™ remains in peak operating condition. The components of the FlexShaper™ FlexExpress™ Program are intended for serious use by teens and adults in connection with an exercise program. Please keep out of the reach of children. Children under 6 should not use the FlexShaper™ FlexExpress™ Program. Should any child 6 to 12 years old use the FlexShaper™ FlexExpress™ Program, or any part of it, they should be closely supervised at all times.

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We’re pleased to help you with any questions concerning replacement of any parts or any warranty questions. Customer Service staff can be reached from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Pacific Time. Often, just one call can clear up any problems you may have. The FlexShaper™ FlexExpress™ Program comes with a 30 Day money back guarantee. If at any time within 30 days of purchase of the unit, you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply call Customer Service to receive your RMA#, Return Merchandise Authorization Number, and instructions for return of the unit. Your purchase price will be refunded upon receipt of goods, not including shipping and handling. To the best knowledge of FlexShaper™ FlexExpress™ Program, the specification, descriptions and illustrative material contained herein are accurate as of the printing of this manual. FlexShaper™ System reserves the right without prior notice to discontinue at any time at its discretion any of the items herein or change specifications or designs without incurring any obligation to the customer.

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FlexShaper™ Exercise Positions Follow the FlexShaper™ FlexExpress™ On-The-Go Chart for the complete instructions on the exercises shown below, these are only the starting and ending position reminders for each exercise.

1 Flat Chest Press Outer Grips

4 Shoulder Extension

7 Shoulder Triceps Combo Ext.

10 Single Arm Biceps Curl



Flat Chest Press Inner Grips

Pecs Deck Fly



Pecs Shoulder Press

Triceps Extension



Single Arm Lat Pull Back


Lat Pull Back


Inner Thighs

Single Arm Triceps Press

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FlexShaper™ Workout Important: If at any time you feel faint, light headed or dizzy, stop exercising immediately. You should also stop if you experience undue stress, pressure or pain at any time. See your doctor before continuing to workout. This manual provides an overview of some of the various positions for using the FlexShaper™. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t exercise for very long at first. Start slow.

Figure 4. Learn the Proper Form as You Follow Along with the FlexExpress Workout Videos.

Figure 5. Be sure to Stretch and Warm-up Before Beginning Your Exercise Routine.

Warm-Up A proper warm-up allows your body to deliver more blood and oxygen to your muscles. Since warm muscles are more elastic, they are less susceptible to injury. Warm muscles can also stretch and allow for a greater rang of motion. Most importantly, warm muscles assist in having your body utilize fat molecules for energy. The most common way to warm up your muscles is by walking, riding a bike, or jogging in place for three to five minutes. The best way to know when your body is warmed up and prepared for exercise is when your heart rate begins to increase moderately. Aerobic Exercise Continuous aerobic exercise must be incorporated into your lifestyle to achieve results. Aerobic exercise raises the metabolic rate accelerating fat loss. Fat starts to be utilized as a source of energy only after 20-30 minutes of continuous exercise. The best exercises keeping the heart rate in range continuously and with steady exertion levels are: walking, jogging, stair climbing, and Nordic Track (cross country skiing). Secondary, but still effective exercises are cycling, stationary bike, and swimming. The goal is to exercise at a comfortable, yet strenuous enough level. It is best to exercise at a level where a conversation can still be held and always follow the F.I.T. principles: Frequency (at least 3 times per week, preferably 5 times) Intensity (at least 50% of your Maximum Heart Rate) Time (at least 20 minutes, preferably 60 minutes) Basic Position and Movement Be sure to follow along on the FlexShaper™ Video Series; Instructional and Workout. A FlexExpress™ On-The-Go Chart can be found inserted into this User Guide and Instructional Manual. FlexExpress™ Meal Plans You will also find inserted into this User Guide and Instructional Manual the FlexExpress™ 7-Day Kick Start Guide and the FlexExpress™ 30-Day Meal Plan. To get started toward that body you’ve always wanted be sure to begin with the 7-Day Kick Start guide for the first week of your exercise routine followed by the FlexExpress™ 30-Day Meal Plan.

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Safety Instructions Safety always comes first. Please keep the following points in mind at all times. Please read and follow this instructional manual completely before using your FlexShaper™ Exercise Unit. Keep this guide in a safe place and make sure everyone who uses the FlexShaper™ also reads this guide. Have a safe and enjoyable workout.


Before starting any exercise or conditioning program, you should consult with your personal physician to see if you require a complete physical exam. This is especially important if you are over the age of 35, have never exercised before, are pregnant, or suffer from any illness. Please read and follow the safety instructions.

• The FlexShaper™ is for Private In-Home and Office Use Only. • If at any time you feel faint, light headed or dizzy, stop exercising immediately. You should also stop if you experience any undue stress, pressure or pain at any time. See your doctor before continuing to workout. • The FlexShaper™ has moving parts. Please keep all children and pets away from the FlexShaper™ during use, as well as when the machine is unattended. • Make sure that you have a good footing while operating the FlexShaper™ Exercise Unit. A clean, dry, flat and level surface; a carpeted floor will provide the maximum amount of security. • Maintain a safe operating distance of 3 to 5 feet from furniture and an other household objects. • Be sure the FlexShaper™ Power Springs are properly locked into place with the pins protruding outward. • Wear proper clothing for exercise. • Always follow the correct exercising procedure as outlined in this guide and detailed on the FlexExpress™ OnThe-Go Chart when using the FlexShaper™. • Always choose the proper intensity level that best suite your physical strength and flexibility levels. Know your limits and train within them. Always use common sense when exercising. • Begin slowly and get used to the unique movement of the FlexShaper™ prior to starting your routine. • To avoid serious injury, never place any part of your body between, or near, any moving parts. • Do not operate this or any other piece of exercise equipment if it is damaged.

Maintenance Instruction Be sure to replace the spring assembly if it becomes worn-out with use. Visit for any additional FlexShaper™ Accessories.

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FlexShaper™ Diagram and Parts List

FlexShaper™ Handle Assembly (Item 1)

One of Four Attachment Locking Pins

Item 1 2

Qty 2 2

Padded Hand/Arm Grip

Covered Spring Resistance Assembly (Item 2)

Padded Hand Grip

All Steel Construction

Part Name FlexShaper™ Handle Assembly [Includes Hand/Arm Grips] FlexShaper™ Spring Resistance Assembly [2 Standard Resistance Power Springs]

Additional Accessories; such as the Advanced Resistance Package with two Extra Resistance Power Springs which add a variety of resistance levels, are available online at

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FlexShaper™ Assembly Instructions If you will be changing out the STANDARD Resistance Springs for the Advanced Resistance Package you will need to know how to assemble, and disassemble, your FlexShaper™ exercise machine to vary your resistance. Each of the FlexShaper™ unit components are shown disassembled at left as shown in figure 1.

Figure 1. The FlexShaper™ Unit Parts Shown Disassembled

Note: When just starting to use the FlexShaper™ for the first time, begin with the STANDARD Resistance Power Springs that shipped with your FlexShaper™. This is a good starting resistance and will help you gauge your fitness level. While the FlexShaper™ Assembly is lying on a flat surface attach each of two Power Spring Assemblies, making sure each locking pin (as shown in figure 2) is securely fastened . Continue this until all Handle and Spring Assemblies are attached and locking pins are securely fastened. Note: For the Advanced Athlete, and a much more versatile, robust, workout, be sure to visit to order the Advanced Resistance Package and get two EXTRA Resistance Power Springs (as shown in figure 3).

Figure 2. Hold the Locking Pin in Place, Join the Handle Assembly to the Spring Assembly

To get the variable resistance the FlexShaper™ machine is so well known for, you’ll need to have ordered the Advanced Resistance Package with the two EXTRA Resistance Power Springs made availble online at There are Three Resistance Levels that can be achieved with the two sets of power springs; 1) The STANDARD Resistance Level is achieved but using the STANDARD Resistance Power Springs that shipped with your FlexShaper™ Machine.

Figure 3. Get EXTRA Resistance with the Advanced Resistance Package at

2) The MEDIUM Resistance Level can be achieved by swapping out one of the STANDARD Resistance Power Springs for one of the EXTRA Resistance Power Springs (as shown in figure 4). It does not matter whether it be the right, or left, spring assembly which is swapped out for the MEDIUM Resistance Level. Your unit should now have one STANDARD Resistance Spring Assembly and one EXTRA Resistance Spring Assembly on the FlexShaper™. 3) The EXTRA Resistance Level is the third resistance level you can get with the FlexShaper™ Machine. To achieve the EXTRA Resistance Level you will need to swap out both of the STANDARD Resistance Power Spring Assemblies and replace them with the EXTRA Resistance Power Springs. FlexShaper™ On-The-Go To prepare your FlexShaper™ for the road, just place the unit into the handy Flex On-The-Go Bag. Be sure to bring your FlexExpress On-The-Go Chart with you where ever you may go with your FlexShaper™ machine.

Figure 4. Replace the STANDARD Resistance Spring with the EXTRA Resistance Power Spring Assembly

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Manufacturer FlexShaper™ Warranty The manufacturer will warranty for 90 days from the date of purchase, all parts and workmanship, including all parts, bushing and finishes (against rust). It will be the manufacturers option as to whether to repair or replace any of the above items. All warranties are limited to the original purchaser only. This warranty does not cover any liability on the part of the manufacturer, its agents or employees for any indirect or consequential damages for break of warranty. THE MANUFACTURER SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR THE LOSS OF USE OF ANY PRODUCT, LOSS OF TIME, INCONVENIENCE, COMMERCIAL LOSS OR ANY OTHER INDIRECT, CONSEQUENTIAL, SPECIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGE DUE TO BREACH OF THE ABOVE WARRANTY OR IMPLIED WARRANTY. EXCEPT TO THE EXTENT PROHIBITED BY APPLICABLE LAW, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OR MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ON THE PRODUCT IS EXCLUDED. The purchaser must follow the manufacturer’s usage instructions. This warranty is for normal, in-home use only. It is not for club, institutional, rental or commercial purposes. Under no circumstances is the manufacturer responsible for damages from failure to operate correctly. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to establish the warranty period by verifying the original purchase date with the original sales receipt or packing slip. The manufacturer warrants to the owner that the product covered by this agreement is free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for which it was intended if, but only if, it has been operated in accordance with the instructions, exclusively for personal home use, and not for private or public club, institutional, or commercial purposes. The manufacturers’ obligations under this warranty are limited to replacing or repairing, free of charge, any part or parts which may prove to the satisfaction of the manufacturer to be defective under normal home use and service within the following stated periods of time from the date of purchase for 90 days from purchase, all parts, finish and workmanship. Should any failure to conform to this warranty become apparent during the applicable warranty periods stated above, the original purchaser must verify to the manufacturer by registered mail, or certified mail, return receipt requested, of breach of warranty within the applicable warranty period. The manufacturer shall upon prompt written notice and compliance by the original purchaser with such instructions, correct such non-conformity by repair or replacement of the defective part or parts. Correction in the manner provided above shall constitute a fulfillment of all obligations of the manufacturer with respect to the quality of the product. The manufacturer does not warrant this equipment to meet the requirement of any safety code of any state, municipality or other jurisdiction, and the original purchaser assumes all risk and liability whatsoever resulting from the use thereof, whether used in accordance with the instructions or otherwise. This warranty does not cover and is intend to exclude any liability on the part of the manufacturer, its agents, servants or employees whether under this warranty or implied by law for any indirect or consequential damages for breach of any warranty. The purchaser must establish all applicable warranty periods pursuant to this warranty by verifying the original purchase date by producing the dated sales receipt. This warranty is expressly in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied including warranties of merchantability and fitness for use and all other obligations or liabilities on the part of the manufacturer, neither assumes, nor authorizes any person to assume for it, any other liability in connection with the sale of this product. This warranty shall not apply to this product or any other part there of which has been subject to accident, negligence, alteration, abuse, or misuse or which has been repaired or altered without written consent. The manufacturer makes no warranty whatsoever in respect to accessories or parts not supplied with it. This warranty shall apply only within the boundaries of the United States of America. This warranty gives the original purchaser specific rights, and the original purchaser may also have other rights, which vary from state to state. You can register your FlexShaper™ at or send a self addressed postcard to: FlexShaper™, P.O. Box 251755, Los Angeles, CA 90025-1755 with a copy of your original packing slip or receipt.

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