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above: Art in Bloom 2017 co-chairs Hazel Borys and Hennie Corrin in front of the living wall with representatives from event sponsor Petals West: Tyler Specula, Dawn Ormiston, Kim Hannam, and Kevin Stevenson.

left to right: 103.1 Virgin Radio host Ace Burpee with fellow floral interpretors Chandra Krenski and Charla Smeall from Third & Bird; OTR Consultants’ design inspired by Tony Scherman’s Bowl of Fruit was voted Best in Show; Barbara Goldenberg, Charlene Brown (with her Best Creative Design contribution), and Maxa Chisick enjoy the festivities.

art in bloom


1. After a 20-year hiatus, Art in Bloom welcomed over 2,500 visitors who marveled at floral arrangements by 70 local enthusiasts, and a 44-foot-wide living wall created by 20 professional florists. Following the event, thousands of stems were donated to various community groups through Floral Philanthropy. Awards were handed to: 1. Best in Show • OTR Consultants: Tony Scherman, Bowl of Fruit pictured above centre 1. People’s Choice • Brittany Fache, Fache Florals: Morris & Co, Draught Screen 1. Director’s Choice • Sharlene Nielsen, Front Door Stories: Frederick H. Varley, View from the Artist’s Bedroom Window, Jericho Beach 1. Best Creative Design • Charlene Brown, Clayhaus: Eli Inukpaluk, Spirit pictured above right 1. Best Traditional Design • Pam Simmons, Coreniche Consulting: Marc Chagall, Flower Still Life

Watch for us April 11-14, 2019! 1. Honourable Mention • Bernice Klassen, Sunshine Greenhouse Floral Department: Ivan Eyre, Woman and Interior

A Museum in the 21st century As we continue to develop plans for the new Inuit Art Centre at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, I am constantly thinking about – and rethinking – the idea of the museum; not just what it looks like, but how it feels, communicates, and functions. Through the program and stakeholder development, architectural design, and the capital campaign for the building project, I have been inspired and challenged to reconsider the template for the museum in the 21st century. The WAG houses the world’s largest public collection of contemporary Inuit art, and to celebrate the art and to honour the people who have created these works, we are building together an Inuit Art Centre. The facility will be a space for exhibitions and programs, research and learning, studio practice and artmaking. It will be a bridge, enabling peoples from the North and South to meet, learn, and work together. It will be a gathering place with the art serving as a lens on Canada’s Arctic. This new museum is still a building, but its infrastructure is much greater than any form or edifice. Advancing beyond but not neglecting the tasks of collecting, preserving, and exhibiting, the new museum is about dialogue, exploration, and reconciliation. Learning and advancement contribute to this enterprise but these are augmented by enrichment, enjoyment, and the pursuit of wellbeing through art and culture. The museum is a collection of objects, ideas, and people reflecting cultures and stories that look back and ahead. It is a place where the acts

of invitation and engagement thrive, enabling the museum to be relevant, impactful, and sustainable. The value proposition may begin with the art and the artmakers, but it has expanded to reflect multiple voices in the sectors that define contemporary cultural thought. The Inuit Art Centre will be much more than a repository for the WAG’s celebrated collection of Inuit art. It will be a transformative place led by the images and stories from the art, people, and land. Linking northern and southern Canada is at the core of the Centre’s mission where art is a vehicle for artistic, educational, and economic development. Through regional, national, and international partnerships, the Centre will be a forum for innovation and exploration. Here we have the chance to facilitate new ways of seeing and understanding through the creation and appreciation of art.

Dr. Stephen Borys Director & CEO Winnipeg Art Gallery @stephenborys

photo: Michael Maltzan Architecture Inc.

Breaking ground in 2017, during the 150th anniversary of Canada’s confederation, the Inuit Art Centre project stands as a clear and welcoming beacon for friends and fellow citizens across the country. This new museum will be about a creative and evolving conversation sustained through open and respectful dialogue led by the values that reflect the full community of stakeholders and constituents; a defining force for the museum of the 21st century. We want to give you an artistically meaningful experience when you visit the WAG. We are here to serve you and thank you for your continued support. m y WAG


Winnipeg Art Gallery

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Read more Page 4 Surrounded by media, Radovan Radulovic, Head of Museum Services, and Vitaly Yatsevych, Head Conservator, install the final Picasso in Canada artwork: Pablo Picasso. La lampe et les cerises, 1945. Oil on canvas. 72.4 x 98.8. Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, 1968.161. ©Picasso Estate/SODRAC(2016).

front cover: Arnold Newman. Picasso, Villa de California, 1956. Silver print on paper. Collection of the Winnipeg Art Gallery. Gift of Dr. Greg Haber, G-84-191. photo: Ernest Mayer.


Director’s Message


Governor General’s Awards in Visual and Media Arts exhibition


Picasso in Canada and Picasso: Man and Beast. The Vollard Suite of Prints




Ninguikulu Teevee: Kinngait Stories


Pitaloosie Saila: A Personal Journey

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David Altmejd: The Vessel

** 2 individuals living in the same household


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osted outside Ottawa for the first time, The Governor General’s Awards in Visual and Media Arts exhibition adds a prestigious yet very human dimension to the history of visual and media arts in Canada. Seven prizes acknowledge artists for their remarkable career achievements in fine or applied arts, film, video, audio, or new media, and have included the Saidye Bronfman Award for excellence in fine crafts since 2007. An eighth prize honours an outstanding contributor to the visual and media arts through voluntary or professional activities. Created in 1999, by former Governor General Roméo Leblanc and the Canada Council for the Arts, which funds and administers the prizes, these awards offer all of us an occasion to celebrate artistic excellence in Canada.

The 2017 laureates who are featured in the exhibition are: Michèle Cournoyer, animation filmmaker, Montreal Mike Hoolboom, filmmaker, Toronto Shelagh Keeley, visual artist, Toronto Glenn Lewis, visual artist, Vancouver Landon Mackenzie, painter, Vancouver Philip Monk, curator, writer, Toronto (Outstanding Contribution Award) Shelley Niro, multimedia artist, Brantford, Six Nations Of The Grand River Pamela Ritchie, jewellery artist, Halifax (Saidye Bronfman Award)

On Now until Sept 4, 2017 Galleries 5, 6

Curated by Rhiannon Vogl


Watch videos about the award winners at The exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Canada Council for the Arts and the National Gallery of Canada.





n view now, the Gallery presents a rare showcase of the art of Pablo Picasso, Manitoba’s first major Picasso showcase in almost half a century. Two exhibitions feature key masterworks by the iconic 20th-century artist: Picasso in Canada, organized by the WAG in conjunction with the Canada 150 celebrations, and Picasso: Man and Beast. The Vollard Suite of Prints, organized by the National Gallery of Canada (NGC).

On view this summer, until Aug 13 Galleries 7, 8, 9

Picasso in Canada curated by Dr Stephen Borys Picasso: Man and Beast. The Vollard Suite of Printscurated by Dr. Sonia Del Re

Picasso in Canada brings together over 35 works of art drawn from eight art museums and private collections across the country (along with the WAG), from paintings and watercolours to drawings, engravings, and ceramic works.


Women with Picasso Supporters Pablo Picasso. Femme assise, 1927. Oil on canvas. 130.8 x 97.8 cm. Art Gallery of Ontario, purchased with assistance from the Women’s Committee and anonymous contributions, 1954. 63/44 © Picasso Estate / SODRAC (2016)

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Curated by WAG Director & CEO Dr. Stephen Borys, the focus exhibition spans six decades of Picasso’s artistic production, offering a range of well-known themes and images, including intimate portraits of five of Picasso’s lovers. Perhaps best known for his bold Cubist paintings, Picasso was also a skilled draftsman and printmaker. One of the finest examples of his graphic work is The Vollard Suite of Prints, which features 100 etchings and engravings produced in the 1930s. Named after the legendary Paris art dealer Ambroise Vollard, the suite explores both the civilizing nature of art and the provocative ‘beast within.” The exhibition is curated by Dr. Sonia Del Re, NGC Associate Curator of European, American, and Asian Prints and Drawings.

Judith Chambers • Gail Asper • Carilyn Buller • Andrea Cibinel • Elba Haid • Ahava Halpern Dana Jessiman • Joanne Lee • Dayna Spiring • Hillaine Kroft • Irena Cohen • Linda McGarva-Cohen Leney Richardson • Dr. Anastasia Cholakis

Bringing you up close and personal with Picasso, NGC curator Sonia Del Re and WAG Director & CEO Stephen Borys provide some insights into the two exhibitions.

Check out Picasso events and programs on page 16 & 17 and for the latest updates, visit

What did you learn about Picasso that you didn’t know while researching The Vollard Suite ?  Sonia Del Re: I hadn’t realized how profoundly Picasso had been influenced by Rembrandt. I was aware that the work of the Dutch 17th-century painter and etcher had served as an inspiration in Picasso’s last years of activity before his death in 1973, but I had not appreciated the impact of Rembrandt on Picasso’s earlier works, particularly on the Vollard Suite, in which the 20th-century artist not only depicts the old master’s likeness—“a truculent character with curly hair and mustache,” in the words of Picasso himself—but also explores his approach to printmaking in his use of strong contrasts of light and shadow.


Stephen Borys: As I began my Picasso in Canada research on works in public collections in Canada, I was somewhat surprised to learn that only three museums in Canada—the National Gallery of Canada, Art Gallery of Ontario, and Montreal Museum of Fine Arts—have paintings by the artist. Among these three institutions, there are only a handful of canvases, about 11 in total, so we were very fortunate to secure the loan of three key paintings (along with over 30 other works by the artist). Supporting the canvases in the exhibition is a strong selection of drawings, prints (etchings, engravings, linocuts, lithographs), and ceramics by Picasso.

Take a little piece of Picasso home with you! Visit the Gallery Shop for wonderful Picasso merchandise.

This is only the fourth time The Vollard Suite has been exhibited in Canada since the NGC purchased the prints in 1954. Why are they not exhibited more? Sonia: Works on paper are very sensitive to light and can therefore only be exhibited for short periods of time before they must then return to the vaults to rest and accumulate what we call “dark time” in order to avoid fading. Although we have shown pieces from the Suite individually or in small groupings on other occasions, this exhibition represents only the fourth time the entire Vollard Suite of 100 prints has been shown in its entirety in our country since it was first purchased and exhibited in the 1950s. How do you see men, women, and beasts interacting in the Suite of prints? Sonia: When looked at in their chronological order of production, one senses a progression in the rapports of men, women, and beasts within the Suite. In the beginning, their interactions appear polite, almost as a way of underlining the civilizing nature of art, with men embodying the idea of the artist/creator and women that of the artistic muse. As we advance in time, however, the relationships become much more complex and at times tense or violent. Especially so with the introduction of the figure of the half-man, half-bull Minotaur, which Picasso seems to have conceived of as a sort of alter-ego.



Do you have a favourite artwork? left to right:

Sonia: One of the most compelling to me is Woman Torero. It is among the most detailed prints of the Suite. The subject matter of the female matador, a highly-contested figure in the history of bullfighting, is fascinating in itself, whereas Picasso’s nude and gracefully drawn interpretation of her leaves us wondering whether he means to show us the beauty of a powerful, fearless woman in a typically male role, or her helplessness at being entangled between her horse and the bull she is fighting. Picasso’s strength has always resided in how ambiguous and provocative his images can be. Stephen: The AGO’s Femme assise (or Seated Woman) is probably my favourite work in Picasso in Canada, and in the country. This large canvas (almost a meter and a half tall) was painted in 1926-27 when Picasso was closely aligned with the Surrealists. The work also reveals some of the last vestiges of his experimentation with Synthetic Cubism from the preceding decade. Femme Assise is really a triple portrait featuring his wife Olga, son Paulo, and the artist himself. In 1964, the Art Gallery of Toronto (Ontario), organized the monumental exhibition Picasso and Man that included Femme Assise, which had been lent by the Museum of Modern Art in New York. In an unprecedented move, at the close of the Toronto show, MoMA agreed to sell the painting to the AGO, which remains the most celebrated work by Picasso in Canada. There are also some beautiful works on paper in the exhibition. If I had to pick one drawing it would be the Woman with Necklace, produced in 1920, from the National Gallery of Canada. The etching (drypoint) that is sure to delight our viewers is Nature morte, bouteille of 1912, from the Mackenzie Art Gallery in Regina. This large print was made at the height of Picasso’s Cubist explorations, and happens to be dated to the same year the WAG opened.

Pablo Picasso. Femme assise, 1927. Oil on canvas. 130.8 x 97.8 cm. Art Gallery of Ontario, purchased with assistance from the Women’s Committee and anonymous contributions, 1954. 63/44 © Picasso Estate / SODRAC (2016) Pablo Picasso. Woman in a Hat with Flowers, n.d. National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa (no. 39056). © Picasso Estate/SODRAC (2016). Photo: NGC Pablo Picasso. Minotaur Kneeling over Sleeping Girl, 1933. Drypoint on Montval laid paper. 33.5 x 44.5 cm. (plate: 29.6 x 36.6 cm). National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa (no. 7241) © Picasso Estate / SODRAC (2015) Photo NGC below: Arnold Newman. Pablo Picasso, 1954. Silver print on paper, 35.3 x 27.7 cm. Collection of the Winnipeg Art Gallery. Gift of Dr. Greg Haber, G-84-186. Photo: Ernest Mayer


Full name is 23 words long: Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Martyr Patricio Clito Ruíz y Picasso.

2. His first spoken word was “piz” (pencil), short for “lapis” in Spanish. 3. At the age of nine, Picasso completed his first painting, Le Picador (1890). 4. French police thought he stole the Mona Lisa. Police questioned Picasso after the painting was stolen from the Louvre in 1911. They questioned his friend, poet Guillaume Apollinaire, who pointed the finger at Picasso. Both were later released. 5. In early 1901, Picasso started signing his work with only his last name.

6. Married twice, Picasso had a lengthy list of lovers during his lifetime. 7. Picasso was the first living artist to have his work exhibited at the Louvre. The 1971 exhibition honoured his 90th birthday. 8. Picasso’s paintings have been stolen more than any other artist: over 1,000 remain missing. 9. During tough financial times, Picasso burned his paintings to stay warm. 10. Picasso loved poetry, writing more than 300 poems. Most of them were written between 1935–59, while married to Olga Khokhlova.




Whitehorse Rankin Inlet


Churchill St John’s Saskatoon

Alert Bay Vancouver

Calgary Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes

Moncton Winnipeg


Halifax Montréal Ottawa



June 9–Sept 30, 2017 Mezzanine Gallery

Cette exposition est liée aux ateliers d’art mobiles du projet ART EXPRESS’D / ART EXPRIMÉ et met en valeur trois artistes – Jessie Buchanan, Evin Collis et Becky Thiessen – alors qu’ils collaborent avec des Canadiens et des Canadiennes partout au pays.


he sesquicentennial anniversary is generating a wealth of discussion about Canada, diversity, culture, traditions, and inclusion. This exhibit connects to the ART EXPRESS’D / ART EXPRIMÉ mobile art studios, highlighting three artists—Jessie Buchanan, Evin Collis, and Becky Thiessen—as they collaborate with Canadians across the country. Get to know each artist, their work, and their vision for Canada 150. The exhibit features videos from each leg of the journey, serving as digital postcards from each community. You will also find a real-time map showing the location of each mobile art studio. We’re partnering with Parks Canada to present a fourth container stationed at The Forks National Historic Site, hosting free art-making workshops throughout the summer. Participate in celebrations through artistic activities at The Forks Parks Canada Place all summer long!


Whether you’re travelling this summer, or staying in Winnipeg, find the ART EXPRESS’D / ART EXPRIMÉ mobile art studio nearest you. Key dates are: June 9


June 21

National Aboriginal Day

June 24

Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day

June 27

Multiculturalism Day

July 1–3

Canada Day weekend

Aug 5–7

Civic Holiday weekend

Sept 2–4

Labour Day weekend

Sept 30–Oct 1 Nuit Blanche Winnipeg / Culture Days Manitoba



essie Buchanan, Evin Collis, and Becky Thiessen are the contemporary artists selected to travel with ART EXPRESS’D / ART EXPRIMÉ, the WAG’s Canada 150 Signature Initiative. Uniting people all over the country through art, ART EXPRESS’D / ART EXPRIMÉ will see three six-metre metal shipping containers transformed into mobile art studios traversing every province and territory this summer. The adventure will set out from Canada’s three coasts, each with an artist leading their own collaborative art-making project with communities as they journey towards Winnipeg. Selected from applications from across the country, Jessie, Evin, and Becky represent the spirit of the project, which aims to reflect the broad spectrum of Canadians–from Indigenous peoples to new Canadians to everyone in between, with a focus on engaging youth.

Starting June 9, visit a mobile art studio in Winnipeg and across the country. For tour dates and schedules, visit: À partir du 9 juin, visitez un atelier d’art mobile à Winnipeg ou ailleurs au pays. Pour le calendrier de la tournée des ateliers d’art, rendez-vous à Supporters

JESSIE BUCHANAN North to South Route Inuvik • Whitehorse • Yellowknife • Churchill • Rankin Inlet • Winnipeg

EVIN COLLIS East to West Route St. John’s • Halifax • Charlottetown • Moncton • Montréal • Ottawa • Winnipeg

BECKY THIESSEN West to East Route Alert Bay • Vancouver Calgary • Saskatoon Winnipeg

Jessie’s vision, Voices of the Landscape, will illustrate the spiritual geography of the vast, northern Canadian landscape, found in both urban and natural spaces. She will explore the connections in each of the places visited on the tour. From townscape to mountain and stream, the container itself will come to represent Canada in the north. At each stop, participants will create acrylic paintings in response to questions, such as “How do you understand yourself as a Canadian?” and “Do you feel connected with your land and environment?”

Evin will collectively transform a shipping container into a raucous, whimsical rail car by creating and animating the travelling Voyageur Express. A medley of characters will be built from papier mâché that can embody anyone or anything on a cross-Canada railroad journey. Evin will compile animations and images of the drawings, paintings, photographs, and words he collects that are synchronized with audio recordings of participants sharing their personal ideas, stories, poems, songs, and anecdotes.

Becky’s vision is to connect communities using handmade stencils designed and created by the people she meets. Stencils will feature themes of cultural and ethnic identity, Canadian landscape, local animals, and vegetation. Participants will have the opportunity to design their own stencil symbolic to their language, identity, and passions. A collection of images will accumulate as the project travels across the country, with each community sharing their stencils and images with the next.


Special LaserTech The Mauro Family Foundation Graham C. Lount Family Foundation Creative Partners


UPCOMING@WAG NINGIUKULU TEEVEE: KINNGAIT STORIES June 16–Oct 20, 2017 • Canadian Embassy, Washington, D.C. • Curated by Dr. Darlene Coward Wight Ningiukulu Teevee’s graphic drawings explore the relationship sees around her in contemporary Cape Dorset. The exhibition between abstraction and representation, particularly includes 28 drawinga group of photographs, and a new video the interplay of patterns found in nature. Her work takes about the artist. inspiration from traditional stories as well as the changes she Partners

Exhibition Sponsor

INSURGENCE/RESURGENCE Sept 23, 2017-Spring 2018 • Galleries 6, 7, 8, and throughout the WAG building • Curated by Jaimie Isaac and Dr. Julie Nagam INSURGENCE/RESURGENCE represents a renaissance of Indigenous art that is affirmative and forward-thinking. The focus will be on hope, self-determination, renewal, and a revisioning of Canada. This groundbreaking exhibition will cover a range of current topics including the environment, gender, language, education, health, and alternative economies, using modern Indigenous curatorial practices

that rethink didactics (texts) and the communication of ideas and aesthetics to broad audiences. From tattooing and fashion to digital technologies, artists will explore renewal and resurgence through interdisciplinary forms. Participating artists will represent Canada’s provinces and territories, and will feature newly commissioned work by both emerging and established artists.

Exhibition Sponsor

PITALOOSIE SAILA: A PERSONAL JOURNEY Oct 28, 2017−Spring 2018 • Gallery 4 • Curated by Dr. Darlene Coward Wight and Guest Curator Susan Gustavison For over 60 years, Pitaloosie Saila has contributed to the Cape Dorset print collections. She is the sole remaining active artist since the earliest years of printmaking in the community with a remarkable body of work, roughly 1,450 drawings and over 165 prints. She is represented in every major collection in Canada and her work is exhibited extensively both nationally and

internationally. Saila–along with her late husband Pauta, a distinguished sculptor–was inducted into the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts in 2004. This will be her first solo exhibition in a public gallery. Pitaloosie Saila: A Personal Journey features 32 prints, centered on themes of women and family, female shamans, birds, and life experiences.


Organized by

Nov 25, 2017−April 29, 2018 • Gallery 5 NGC@WAG’s 12th exhibition to date brings the work of David Altmejd to Winnipeg. The Vessel (2011) features plaster casts of the artist’s hands which serve as heads of graceful swans in flight. By combining human features associated with the senses and a bird of symbolic stature in poetry and myth,

Altmejd conjures movement and metamorphosis. The Vessel also references another kind of transformation, relating to the act of artistic creation itself. Altmejd represented Canada at the Venice Biennale of Visual Art in 2007 and was the winner of the Sobey Art Award in 2009.

top-bottom: Ningiukulu Teevee (Cape Dorset). Qakivaliajuq (Landing), 2010. Graphite, coloured pencil, black ink on paper. 33.2 x 33 cm. Collection of the Winnipeg Art Gallery. Acquired with funds from the Estate of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Naylor, funds administered by The Winnipeg Foundation, 2011-95; Bruno Canadien. Hustle & Bustle/Downriver House (detail), 2016; Pitaloosie Saila (Cape Dorset). Arctic Madonna, 1980. Stonecut, stencil on paper. 61 x 76 cm. Collection of the Winnipeg Art Gallery. Gift of Indian & Northern Affairs, Canada, G-89-1186; David Altmejd. The Vessel, 2011. Plexiglas, chain, plaster, wood, thread, wire, acrylic paint, epoxy resin, epoxy clay, acrylic gel, granular medium, quartz, pyrite, assorted minerals, adhesive, wire, pins, and needles. National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa © David Altmejd. Photo: NGC



JOIN THE ASSOCIATES OF THE WAG! I want to extend an invitation to you from the Associates of the WAG. I joined six years ago to work on the Home Tour after being invited by a fellow member. Since joining, I have learned so much about art and enjoy the ‘behind the scenes look” at how the WAG operates. The people are great and it is so much fun being part of the WAG Family! As an Associate you will have the opportunity to learn more about art, meet local artists, volunteer for a variety of exciting events, and make new friends as you support the growth and vitality of Canada’s oldest civic art gallery. The Associates were established in 1948 and our group has been instrumental in raising funds for the Gallery to purchase art, present major exhibitions, expand children’s art programs, and most recently to support the Inuit Art Centre. Membership has its benefits as you have access to exclusive opportunities to learn about art, including Art Study Groups, lectures, and tours. You work closely with staff and artists and receive early notification of programs, such as our oftensold out international Travel Tours. There are lots of opportunities to be involved on subcommittees organizing events and having fun with friends. So join us and become involved in learning about art, volunteering, event organizing, and fundraising!

Drop by the Pavilion at Assiniboine Park Conservancy (APC) for rotating exhibitions curated by the WAG. Art is drawn primarily from the APC collection, as well as from the WAG collection. With free entry to the galleries, the partnership increases access to the work of living and historical Canadian artists. Learn more at

WAG@ThePark Mezzanine Gallery On now

W. J. Phillips. Mary at Muskoka, 1925. Watercolour on paper. 24.8 x 22.2 cm. Pavilion, Assiniboine Park Conservancy

Wasteland Dreamland: Early Works by Ivan Eyre, 1957-1969 Ivan Eyre Gallery • The Pavilion, 3rd floor Curated by Andrew Kear Showcasing the largest collection of artwork by one of Canada’s most esteemed contemporary artists.

Competing Natures: W. J. Phillips and Marcel Dzama John P. Crabb Gallery • The Pavilion, 2nd floor Curated by Andrew Kear Pairing work by Manitoba artists W. J. Phillips and Marcel Dzama to highlight subtle, and not so subtle, differences in the way they each conceive and represent nature.

Esme Scarlett, The Associates, President For more information contact: or 204.786.6641 ext 286, WAG I N T H E C O M M U N I T Y


NEW INDIGENOUS ADVISORY CIRCLE “Julie and Heather will provide valuable counsel and direction as the WAG works toward an expanded dialogue and healing through the power of art and artmaking.” —Dr. Stephen Borys Director & CEO, Winnipeg Art Gallery

We are pleased to announce Dr. Julie Nagam and Dr. Heather Igloliorte as co-chairs of the newly formed Indigenous Advisory Circle. The Circle will provide leadership and counsel in the development and planning of related WAG exhibitions, education, community outreach, partnerships, and programming. The formation of the Circle is critical to guide the WAG on a transformative journey in the lead up to the opening of the new Inuit Art Centre. The Circle will consist of representatives from the four regions of Nunangat: Inuvialuit Settlement Region, Nunavut, Nunavik, and Nunatsiavut. Urban Inuit and circumpolar Inuit communities, such as Alaska and Greenland, will also be included, along with First Nations and Métis representatives from Manitoba and two national Indigenous members working in the arts field. Each member will bring knowledge and experience from their specific communities to inspire, connect, and educate the public through enhanced exhibitions and programs. The Circle will develop Gallery spaces and activities that acknowledge Indigenous contributions, and provide the WAG with welcoming and accessible programing for all people, North to South.

“The City is at a pivotal moment where Indigenous artists could radically transform public space, galleries, and museums. The Inuit Art Centre and the WAG can support this shift and scholarship by creating new templates of unprecedented Indigenous methods, ideologies, and community involvement in museum practices.” —Dr. Julie Nagam, Chair in the History of Indigenous Art in North America, University of Winnipeg/Winnipeg Art Gallery

“The Indigenous Advisory Circle is a groundbreaking step forward in the creation of the Inuit Art Centre. I look forward to working with the Inuit and other Indigenous advisors on envisioning a radical new way of thinking through Inuit art of the past, present, and future, and engaging in meaningful collaborations with the Advisory Circle and WAG staff towards this exciting transformation.” —Dr. Heather Igloliorte, Research Chair in Indigenous Art History and Community Engagement, Concordia University



top: Street view of the Inuit Art Centre. Michael Maltzen Architecture Inc.

WHAT THE INUIT ART CENTRE MEANS TO ME I view the creation of the Inuit Art Centre as an unprecedented opportunity for the celebration of Inuit creativity, art, and culture in southern Canada; a place where Inuit art will be understood and appreciated in light of our long and complex history, and where Inuit artists will feel welcome, engaged, and inspired to share our culture with the world. The creation of this centre marks an exciting new era for the WAG, wherein we will have an opportunity to show Canada the amazing depth and breadth of Inuit artistic productions, including the sculptural and graphic arts long beloved in Canada, as well as a plethora of other dynamic media including performance, installation, film, wearable art, new media, and ceramics. I am excited to work with the WAG and the Inuit Art Centre’s Indigenous Advisory Circle to develop exhibitions and programming for the opening of this historic art centre, which will bring Inuit, Métis, and First Nations art and artists into conversation with each other and with national and international arts milieus. Dr. Heather Igloliorte Co-Chair of the Inuit Art Centre Indigenous Advisory Circle Concordia University Research Chair in Indigenous Art History and Community Engagement Assistant Professor of Aboriginal Art History

Heather Igloliorte (Inuit, Nunatsiavut, Labrador) is an Assistant Professor of Aboriginal Art History at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, where she holds a Research Chair in Indigenous Art History and Community Engagement. Igloliorte has been an independent curator of Inuit and other Indigenous arts for 12 years; her curatorial, teaching, and research interests centre on circumpolar and Native North American art studies, performance, and media art, the global exhibition of Indigenous arts and culture, and issues of colonization, sovereignty, resistance, and resilience.

The Inuit Art Centre is a huge part of the overall project of Indigenization at the WAG that we are currently working toward. This radical transformation situates Indigenous scholars, artists, curators, community members, and administrators at the forefront with a strong voice to communicate our community, cultural, and embodied knowledge into the Gallery. I am excited to create groundbreaking possibilities within our new building through innovative scholarly and artistic research focused on Inuit, First Nations, and Métis art, archives, digital media, and library material that contributes to the larger field of Canadian art.

The Indigenous Advisory Circle will address the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action; create roles for Indigenous peoples’ contributions; showcase the diverse and exciting work of Indigenous artists in Winnipeg, Canada, and the world; and seize the opportunity to create innovative opportunities for the presentation, collection, and scholarship of Indigenous art.

Dr. Julie Nagam Co-Chair of the Inuit Art Centre Indigenous Advisory Circle Chair in the History of Indigenous Art in North America Joint appointment at University of Winnipeg and the Winnipeg Art Gallery

Julie Nagam (Métis, Syrian-German) is the Chair in the History of Indigenous Art in North America, a joint appointment at University of Winnipeg and WAG. Originally from southern Manitoba, Nagam is a published scholar and curator with a strong background in innovative research and teaching. Her research, curatorial, and artistic practices are grounded in concepts of Native space, and she continues to explore different methodologies in cartography, art, and geography to bring forth distinctive epistemological views.



To celebrate Inuit creativity, art, and culture, the WAG is building an Inuit Art Centre. Through the Centre and its programming, we hope to build a lasting bridge, connecting people and artists from Canada’s North and South and promoting dialogue, respect, and understanding. Thank you to the following donors, who have generously committed to this project to date. $2,000,000 +


The Richardson Foundation

Akman Construction Ltd. Friesens Corporation Golden West Broadcasting Bernice Kleysen New Flyer and Motor Coach Industries The McLean Foundation


BMO Financial Group Michael Sydney Gray Doug and Louise Leatherdale George and Tannis Richardson



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Michael and Sandra Cox Maxine Cristall DMCI Social Committee Aganetha and Peter Dyck Elvira and Harry Finnigan Melanie Foubert Marilyn Gadsby Rebecca Gibson Randee Goldman William and Catherine Gordon Judith Hall Lesley Iredale Diane Jones and James Ripley Christine Kalicinsky David and Lorraine Kaplan Harry and Barbara Kaplan Sheila and Ken Katz Dr. and Mrs. Philip Katz Gordon Keatch Karin and Richard Klassen Ms. Huguette Le Gall Jeff Liba and Family Cathy Litman Ganpat and Manju Lodha Tri and Kitty Mai Gayle Marcu Shirley Muir John and Janine Pennington S. E. Pettigrew Polo Park Hearing Centre Margaret Redmond Mark and Judy Rigby Rebecca Schacter Ingrid Schilling Sam and Betty Ann Searle Valerie Shantz Sally Shuckett Karen Strobel Camille Sylvester Dr. Emoke J.E. Szathmáry Diane Tetley Pam Tonsaker Herb and Judy Weil Anonymous (3)

top: Night street view of the Inuit Art Centre. Michael Maltzen Architecture Inc.

JOIN US IN BUILDING THE INUIT ART CENTRE “The Inuit Art Centre is for everybody and presents so many opportunities for the community.” – LILA GOODSPEED, A LONGTIME WAG SUPPORTER The Everett Family with Lila Goodspeed is investing in the Inuit Art Centre and they welcome your support. Starting now, and running until September 30, all gifts and pledges made to the community campaign will be matched by the Everetts and Goodspeed up to a total of $100,000. “We admire how Manitobans live generously through giving their time, donations, good deeds, and actions. Inspired by Stephen Borys, WAG staff, and volunteers, we are passionate about the Inuit Art Centre and put forward this matching challenge to encourage others to join us and make a donation,” state Doug and Lila. “As a former educator, I think of all the children who will benefit by coming to this amazing destination for school tours or art classes and bring their parents and friends along with them. The unique learning tools and experiences at the Centre will enhance awareness and understanding for Indigenous art and culture in today’s society,” comments Lila. The Honourable Douglas Everett and his late wife, Patty, started attending art auctions in the 1970s. He still has the first artworks he purchased, sketches by Thomas Gainsborough. Through the art auctions, they gained a valuable art education and their collection grew to include porcelain works, watercolors, and paintings by Canadian and 18th century British masters. “Art is eclectic. It becomes more layered the more you are exposed to it,” comments the retired Senator, who has generously donated works from his collection to the WAG for others to enjoy. Lila’s interest in art was ignited through university design and art history classes. After a meaningful career in education, WAG activities captured her attention and her volunteer spirit led her back to the Gallery in 2002 when she served as President of the Associates. Lila co-chaired the WAG 100 Centennial committee in 2012-13 and now serves on the WAG Foundation and the Inuit Art Centre Campaign Cabinet. She continues to serve on the executive of the Associates.

Lila Goodspeed and Douglas Everett

Art is a lifelong love for Doug and Lila and their dedication to the WAG makes this donation to the Centre a natural next step. “Well executed art has incredible feeling and can lure you into new aspects of art and other works. Art can be quite exciting and very nurturing. The Inuit Art Centre will create numerous opportunities for people in our city,” comments Doug. “Imagining all the Centre will bring to Winnipeg, Manitoba, and to the North is very exciting. The exhibitions and programming will draw tourists to this world renowned Inuit art collection, and to our Province. We are always proud to bring visitors to the WAG, and we will be even more proud to bring guests to the Inuit Art Centre when it opens,” adds Lila.

To make a donation visit or call 204.789.1297. To learn more about the Centre, visit INUIT ART CENTRE


ADULT PROGRAMS For details and tickets visit Aug 24 • Skyline Screening: The Three Worlds of Nick $15/person Doors open 8pm / Event 9pm11pm • Cash drink & snack bar

DAILY SCREENINGS Through Aug 13 • Pablo Picasso: The Legacy of Genius Included with Gallery admission: Tuesday–Thursday & Saturday– Sunday, 11:30am, 1:30pm & 3:30 pm; additional Friday screenings 5:30pm & 7:30pm

A celebrated trilogy of films from Canadian filmmaker John Paizs Total running time 135 min

Weekend Drop-In Tours 2pm • Included with Gallery admission

Picasso in Canada and Picasso: Man & Beast. The Vollard Suite of Prints Spanish tours • French tours • May 20, 21, 27, 28; June 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25; July 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23, 29, 30; Aug 5, 6, 12, 13 Permanent Collection • Aug 19, 20, 26, 27; Sept 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, 24, 30

Picasso & Mediterranean Cuisine June 8, July 6, Aug 10

Rooftop Pop-up Parties

SINGLES MEET & GREET: PICASSO & BEYOND Thursdays, 6:30–9pm • 18+ cash bar • $30/person (includes a complimentary drink) Enjoy an introductory mixer game and drink in the Skylight Lounge before moving into the galleries for a series of lively group activities designed to encourage new friendships. June 1 • LGBTQ


Thursdays • 18+ • Join us on our stunning rooftop patio for unforgettable nights of mystery, music, and movies with friends. June 29 • The Great Scavenger Hunt $25/person Doors open 8pm / Event 9pm11pm • Bring your friends and meet new ones to share an adventurous night of strategy and sleuthing in the galleries. Enjoy socializing, snacks, and drinks at our fully loaded cash bar on the rooftop. “Art, socialization, fun. The entire event was spectacular. Very well done!”– scavenger hunt guest

June 2, 7pm • Director’s Tour: Picasso in Canada with Dr. Stephen Borys, FREE with Gallery admission July 13, 7:30pm • Public Lecture: Christianity in Picasso’s Art by Dr. Jesús Ángel Miguel García, Director of The Spanish Institute FREE


6pm • $70/$65 for members Perfect for a special night out! Enjoy the WAG’s signature dinner-and-tour program, featuring a three-course, exhibition-inspired meal at TABLE, followed by an exciting tour of the Picasso galleries. Reserve your spot online or call 204.789.1290.

July 20 • Live Music with Close Talker $15/person • Cash bar Doors open 9pm / Event 10pm2am • Indie rockers Will Quiring, Matthew Kopperud, Jeremy Olson, and Chris Morien are known for their edgy vocals and orchestral ambition.


Springtime in Greenland (1981) uses ’50s cinematic conventions to tell a story about the sophomoric inhabitants of a fictional utopia. Meet Nick. He’s silent, aloof, and straining against suburban values. Oak, Ivy and Other Dead Elms (1982) Nick sets off for college where he becomes involved in a hardfought student election. The film weaves the tone of ’40s college movies with a clever spoof of current electoral trends, suggesting how easily old fashioned ethics turn into fascism. The International Style (1984) An amusing melange of ’60s spy thrillers and other classics. Paizs pokes fun at the jet set, the Cold War, and Jean-Paul Sartre.

WAG Annual General Meeting June 22 • Members are invited to attend and view Picasso



Sept 30 • Winnipeg’s all-night exploration and celebration of contemporary art.

INSURGENCE RESURGENCE Gathering Sept 23, 1–4pm • FREE Bring your family and friends to a special gathering celebrating the artists and artwork featured in the exhibition Insurgence/ Resurgence. Enjoy art-making activities, artist demonstrations, artist talks, and much more!

Art for Lunch 12pm • Bite sized talks and tours are included with Gallery admission; videos are FREE Visit for details. Sept 27 • Curator’s Tour: Insurgence/Resurgence with Jaimie Isaac

CRAFTED 2017 Show + Sale Nov 3–4 • Calling all knitting and sewing enthusiasts: your handmade items will create a display for CRAFTED and then be donated to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Winnipeg. For details + dropoff locations:

YOUTH PROGRAMS Visit for details. Group Tours for Kids Choose from an array of interactive tours and workshops to spark your group’s creative spirit. Daycares, sports teams, Scouts, Guides, home schoolers, or any group of friends can all have fun at the Gallery!

FREE SUMMER FESTIVALS & ART EXPRESS’D FAMILY WORKSHOPS KidsFest • June 10 • 10am–4pm Winnipeg Folk Festival July8–10 • 11:30am-1:30pm Canada Games@Parks Canada Family Zone • Saturdays & Sundays July 29–Aug 13, 4:30–9pm

FAMILY FUSION Spend some creative time together! Join us for an afternoon of family fun every month and make beautiful art. Drop-in between 1–3pm • $20 per family; $10 per family for members (2 adults and up to 4 children under 18) June 18 • Father’s Day Kite Building/Wind Sock Workshop Help dad build the kite he has always wanted on his special day. July 16 • Rooftop Picnic Enjoy a snack on the rooftop while using watercolours to create a stunning cubist still life in the sunshine!

July 4–Aug 11 • 9am–4pm (early drop-off from 8:30am and pick up until 5pm) • Ages 6–8, 9–12 $225/week; $200/for members

Friday 5–9pm Saturday & Sunday 11am–5pm 90-minute Tour: $60/group of 10 • 90-minute Workshop: $60/group of 10 Visit to reserve your spot.

Short week July 4–7, Aug 8–11 $200 week/$180 for members Each week-long session of Summer Art Camp features a new and exciting theme. Get ready to explore the art of Picasso, create your own city, and celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday! Campers visit the Gallery, play games, go on field trips, and make their own art. At the end of each session, campers enjoy pizza and present a mini-exhibition for parents and friends. Choose from one of the following themes: Painting with The Master • This summer, Picasso is in the house! Campers will create their own masterpieces inspired by one of the greatest artists of all time, Pablo Picasso. Oh Canada! • Celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday with art-making and games focused on the wonders of Canada’s magnificent landscapes. This session is topped off with a big birthday party that campers plan for friends and family. Downtown • Get set for a multimedia exploration of Winnipeg to discover that art is all around us. Once back in the studio with sketches and ideas, campers will design their own city using a wide range of art materials.

Or try one of our

Crazy Creatures Paint and Collage pARTy • Ages 4–15 Mix and match different animals using paint and collage techniques, and invent a unique creature like a kanga-panda or a giraffigator! Mini Pots Clay pARTy Ages 7–15 Everyone can try their hand at creating with clay! Use self-drying clay to make an imaginative little pot to take home.

Family Memberships For only $95, your family can become members of the WAG. Receive discounts on classes, camps, birthday pARTies, and more! Visit for details.

Family e-News Celebrate your child’s birthday in style at the WAG! Select the theme that best suits your guests and let the fun begin: Friday 5–8pm Saturday & Sunday • 11am–4pm $225/$200 for members Check out our birthday brochure at Send an email to to book today.

Want to be the first to know about our family and children’s programs? Send an email to and start receiving our seasonal newsletter today!

Magic Carpet Ride • Ages 4–6 Use your imagination to fly through the Gallery and explore the art. This journey is filled with stories and active games, and ends with a mini painting session. Art Detective • Ages 7–15 Can you tell what the pictures are saying? Take out your magnifying glass to discover how art is made close up, and create your own artwork with hidden messages. PROGRAMS & EVENTS




SS T CLA 17 AR ER • 20 /SUMM

Enjoy making art! WAG Studio offers many ways to explore your creativity with programs for children, teens, and adults. We have classes in drawing, painting, watercolour, and mixed media.




re r befo

VE and SA Mar 23

Registration is now open for our full slate of summer classes at Fall registration opens Aug 15, so mark your calendar. $

WAG Studio is back to its groovy 1970s roots. There is no disco ball, but this past January we renovated three studio spaces to house art classes. With public access down the ramp of the WAG building on Colony St., WAG Studio continues to engage kids, teens, adults, and school groups in art education. When the current WAG building was constructed 46 years ago, studio classes were held in the lower level of the building. However, by 1995 WAG Studio had grown so much that we moved out of the WAG and into two adjacent buildings at the corner of Memorial Blvd. and St. Mary Ave. This allowed us to expand our offerings and develop into one of Canada’s largest and most vibrant studio art programs. We eagerly await our new home in the Inuit Art Centre where art education will expand with larger and more versatile spaces. The same high standard of programming delivered by WAG Studio over our 80-year history will continue to be offered. The Centre will multiply the number of spaces for students through the use of art studios, interactive galleries, maker-spaces, and global classrooms. Stay tuned! For the latest news, visit studio. Thank you for your ongoing support of art education at the WAG.



Paper Flower Crowns with Department of Floristry Jun 14, 6:30-9:30pm Join Candace Fempel of Department of Floristry to create beautiful paper blooms and design a unique paper flower crown, perfect for festival season. Instruction and demonstration of design basics and techniques will be provided. $50 single ticket / $45 members or 2+ tickets


Ages 18+ • Cash bar, music, painting & fun! For details see

Block Print Tote Bags

Mix+Match Mini Paintings

Jun 22, 7-9:30pm

Aug 3, 7-9:30pm

Learn basic block printing techniques and make some matching cards to practice your skills. Then design and print your own custom canvas tote bag that will turn heads at the farmers’ market this summer! $45 single ticket/$40 for members or 2+ tickets

Try out a bunch of different painting styles! Create 3-4 different artworks on 9x12” canvas boards. Works inspired by Pablo Picasso, Mark Rothko, and Gabby O’Connor. $50 single ticket/$45 for members or 2+ tickets

Gather your friends together for a fun night out! Sign up for Makerlabs and Paint Parties at

Complete family dentistry

Helping Winnipeg smile for over thirty years As Winnipeg’s largest multi-disciplinary clinic for kids and adults, when you choose the Cholakis Dental Group you get a full range of dental services for your entire family, under one roof. Together, let’s celebrate a lifetime of healthy smiles!

New patients welcome! Family Dentistry • Cosmetic Dentistry Kids Dentistry • Specialty Dentistry

204.488.4564 Tuxedo Park Shopping Centre 120-2025 Corydon Ave.


Proud Title Sponsor of the

PIC A SSO Exhibitions at the WAG





$101, 600


m y WAG



1832 Asset Management Investors Group Inc. M3 Transport Ltd Vans, a division of VF Outdoor Canada Co.


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The Winnipeg Art Gallery is grateful to the individuals, families, businesses, and foundations that support the WAG’s many exhibitions, special events, education programs, and fundraising initiatives as donors and sponsors. The following list recognizes contributions received in 2016, as well as our ongoing government support. Alex Berman Joyce & Bruce Berry C. Richard Betts Diane R. Biehl Rita M. Bienvenue Sandra Bignell Christopher Birt C. Jean Bissett Marjorie Blankstein D. Joan Blight Mrs. Karen & Mr. Dwight Botting Christopher Bredt & Jamie Cameron Stephen Brodovdky & Frances Adams Ellen Bruce Carol Budnick John & Laureen Bulman John Burrows Linda & Ed Calnitsky Marina Ceravolo Agnès Champagne Katherine Cheater Maxa & Cliff Chisick Cynthia Cohlmeyer Desmond Connor Ken & Lynn Cooper Gerry & Chris Couture Meribeth Coyne Howard Curle & Bev Phillips Raymond Currie Paul Daeninck Bob & Alison Darling Doug Christie Physio & Associates Laura E. Downey Drs. Mary Lynn and Harry Duckworth James Dugan & Mary Bawden Lawrence & Brenda Ellerby Arlene Fages Dr. Steven Feldgaier & Ms. Sharon Shaydak Derek Fewer Heather Frame Laurence & Dorothy Friesen Paul G. Gemmiti Rosalie E. Gillespie Sherry Glanville Prof. Robert & Dr. Linda Gold Noreen & David Greenberg Judith Hall Ms. Ahava Halpern & Mr. Frank Lavitt Leona Herzog Beth Hiscox Audrey & Frederick Hubbard Analee Hyslop Zorianna & Eugene Hyworon Cristina Ionesco Peter Isaac Joan B. Jenkins Bruce & Laura Johnston Louis Jungheim Sophia Kachor Nadya Kamienski Donald R. Keatch John & Judith Kendle William Kettner Louise Klassen Susan & Keith Knox Alexis Kochan & Nestor Budyk Robert Kozminski W.K. Labies Lainey Danzker Royal LePage Dynamic Real Estate Robert Lamb & Patricia MacKay Barbara Latocki Marjorie L. Law Dr. G. Herbert Lawler Cycelia Lazarowich Maria Lee

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WELCOMES OVER 1,400 The WAG welcomed close to 1,500 visitors to the free admission day sponsored by Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries on Sunday, March 26. The majority were families with children and most were first-time visitors to the WAG. The stroller count exceeded 50! In addition to art-activities in the Lecture Room hosted by Matt and Sam from Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries, two special guests made appearances: Niibin, the playful 2017 Canada Summer Games Mascot; and Janine Stephens, a retired rower and two-time Olympian, who brought along her weighty silver medal won at the 2012 London Olympic Games. Other visitors enjoyed touring the galleries where they saw the permanent collection, Rodin’s sculpture, The Thinker, and the Our Land exhibition.

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Lift your spirits

ART i n t he H EART of t he c ou nt r y C e l e b ra t i n g

Engaging contemporary art

Lisa Johnson, Fire and Ice (Detail), 2016

200-62 Albert Street 204.488.0662

Travel Manitoba | Quarter Page Ad, Full Colour | myWAG | 3.8125” x 4.375” | Due: April 7th, 2017


m y WAG

BOARD OF DIRECTORS CHAIR Ernest Cholakis Dentist, Cholakis Dental Group

VICE-CHAIR Jeff Baigrie Partner, Pitblado Law

CHAIR, BUILDING COMMITTEE Kevin Donnelly Senior Vice President & General Manager, MTS Centre, True North Sports & Entertainment Ltd.

CHAIR, DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE Scott McCulloch Business Development Manager, Western Canada, Vector Corrosion Technologies Ltd.

CHAIR, GOVERNANCE AND NOMINATING COMMITTEE Alex Robinson Business Development Manager, Graham Construction

CHAIR, HUMAN RESOURCES COMMITTEE Jeff Baigrie Partner, Pitblado Law


CHAIR, WORKS OF ART COMMITTEE Fred Ford President/Board Chair, Manitoba Inuit Association



Hans Andersen Partner, Assurance PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Stephen D. Borys




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Herbert Enns Professor of Architecture, U. Manitoba & Director, CISCO Innovation Centre, U. Winnipeg

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Nick Logan Dwight MacAulay Chief of Protocol, Government of Manitoba Sheila North Wilson Grand Chief Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak [MKO] Shane Paterson Corporate Development Officer, Paterson GlobalFoods Inc.

Manju Lodha Artist, Creative Writer, and Multicultural/Multifaith Educator and Learner

CITY OF WINNIPEG APPOINTMENT Russ Wyatt City Councillor for Transcona Ward

H. Sanford Riley CEO, Richardson Financial Group Limited Denise Zaporzan President, Denise Zaporzan & Associates

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JUNE 21–24 ANDREW QAPPIK and DANIEL SHIMOUT Opening reception June 21, 6–9pm Come celebrate our first birthday!

ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCY PROGRAM OFFERS OPPORTUNITY By Arctic Co-operatives Limited with Debra Jones

As partners in the North, Arctic Co-op understands the arts community in Nunavut as a vital part of the territorial culture and economy. We also recognize that it is facing challenges. The Co-op system in the Arctic and its art-marketing arm, Canadian Arctic Producers, is committed to promoting and supporting artists in Nunavut through partnerships with organizations such as the WAG and the Nunavut Arts and Crafts Association. The Artist-in-Residency Program was created to provide artists with an opportunity to expand their skills and knowledge in the inspirational WAG environment. Drawing on works from the WAG’s collection, selected artists are encouraged to work with other media. In doing so, the residency becomes a platform from which artists can grow, while also engaging the Winnipeg art community by creating interactive experiences between northern and southern artists. Paul Malliki, master artist from Naujaat was the inaugural artist-in-residence at WAG@The Forks in September 2016. By selecting Paul, we hoped to positively impact the future of Inuit art in his home community, where there are few producing artists, and lead the way towards development and growth in the marketplace.

The program also provides continuing support to artists returning to their home communities through the efforts of the Co-op system. When Paul returned to Naujaat, he met with the Co-op’s Board of Directors to express his commitment to mentoring and working with young artists to support the future of Inuit art in the community.

Paul’s visit to Winnipeg included tours of the WAG vault, the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden, a visit with students and faculty at the University of Manitoba geology and fine arts programs, an interactive session with WAG members, and an exhibition and live carving demonstration as part of Culture Days Manitoba at WAG@The Forks.

The program will bring six artists from Nunavut to Winnipeg over a three-year period and benefit the industry as a whole. We look forward to facilitating a sales exhibition in June featuring Artist-in-Residency artists Andrew Qappik from Pangnirtung and Daniel Shimout from Coral Harbour.



Andrew Qappik is known for his design of the Nunavut flag, as well as the territory’s coat of arms and official logo. His first prints were published in the 1978 Pangnirtung annual collection when he was only 14 years old and his subsequent works have been included every year since. Daniel Shimout is an emerging artist who comes from a family of carvers. His original style and unique integration of media is quickly gaining recognition. His carvings provide a powerful insight into the history and spiritualism of traditional Inuit life. Check for additional programming throughout the week!






Sept 21–Oct 15 • Gallery Shop Opening reception Sept 21, 6–9pm

June 8–July 9 • Gallery Shop Opening reception June 8, 6-9 pm

Using found objects, Kevin is enchanted by taking things apart and cobbling them back together in unexpected ways to create a chimera of figure, animal, and robot.

Exploring identity and portraiture, each composition features a lone figure in a square format landscape not unlike a selfie.

2. ANDREW QAPPIK and DANIEL SHIMOUT June 21–24 • WAG@The Forks Opening reception June 21, 6–9pm To celebrate the first anniversary of WAG@The Forks. Check for more programming throughout the week!

4. 2017 CAPE DORSET PRINT COLLECTION Oct 21–Nov 19 • Gallery Shop Opening reception Oct 21, 10am




4 All works available for purchase

300 Memorial Blvd Tues–Sun, 11am-5pm; Fri, 11am-9pm

25 Forks Market Rd July & August hours: Mon–Sat, 10am-9pm; Sun, 10am-6pm

Located on the southern tip of Baffin Island, Cape Dorset is hailed as the most artistic community in Canada and the undisputed capital of Inuit art.

clockwise: Jeff Chester. Nine, 2017. Oil on canvas; Daniel Shimout. Sea Spirit, 2015. Whalebone, vertebrae, baleen, polar bear claw; Andrew Qappik. The Hunter Bird, 1983. Stonecut on paper; Kevin Friedrich. Blanket, 2014. Oil on canvas; Ningeokuluk Teevee. Tiguaq (Adopted), 2017. Stonecut on paper.




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myWAG Summer 2017 issuu  

A 28 page magazine from the Winnipeg Art Gallery full of exhibition and events news for this summer.

myWAG Summer 2017 issuu  

A 28 page magazine from the Winnipeg Art Gallery full of exhibition and events news for this summer.