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November 2 + 3 Fri 11am–9pm + Sat 11am–5pm Winnipeg Art Gallery • 300 Memorial Boulevard


Jade Nasogaluak Carpenter, artist and curator

Home to the largest public collection of contemporary Inuit art on earth. Thousands of artworks, thousands of stories to share.

GREETINGS FROM THE WINNIPEG ART GALLERY Welcome to the fourth annual CRAFTED: Show + Sale, featuring the latest work by over 50 jury-selected artists from Manitoba and Nunavut. This oneof-a-kind event keeps getting better and better and the Gallery is proud to once again partner with the Manitoba Craft Council and Nunavut Arts and Crafts Association to bring you this two-day celebration of the handmade. The WAG is pleased to offer you free access to the exhibitions on view with your CRAFTED ticket. Canada’s oldest civic art gallery and Manitoba’s leading art museum, the WAG is yours to discover as you shop. Exhibitions include The 80s Image, paintings and photo-based works by artists who helped define the decade; Salon Style: Reimagining the Collection, highlighting some of the best loved paintings housed at the WAG; Defying Convention, celebrating women artists in Canada from 1900 to 1960; and floral artworks in organic. Thank you for attending CRAFTED 2018, which helps promote the art of craft at the WAG. Generous sponsors and donors help make this event possible and we cannot thank you enough. To the participating artists—thank you for taking part and for your stunning work. A special thank you to the incredible CRAFTED organizing committee led by Yoko Chapman. This event would not happen without you, your hard work, and giving spirit. Last but not least, thank you to the local chefs and ceramic artists who brought to life this year’s philanthropic cookbook, Down to Earth: Homemade Soups in Handmade Vessels. Thanks again for joining us at CRAFTED 2018 and we hope you will be inspired by the creativity that surrounds you! Dr. Stephen Borys Director & CEO Winnipeg Art Gallery


Jar, Mid-range Stoneware by Candice Ring, 2017


GREETINGS FROM THE MANITOBA CRAFT COUNCIL The Manitoba Craft Council is proud to partner with the Winnipeg Art Gallery and the Nunavut Arts and Crafts Association to bring you this year’s CRAFTED sale. Visitors to past events have told us that you love CRAFTED for the high quality of work presented here. You value excellent, handcrafted objects, and you appreciate the education, experience, and skill of the artists behind the work. You’ve noted how the WAG’s striking architecture enhances the sale, making it an ideal venue to showcase contemporary craft of this calibre. Participating artists love CRAFTED for many of the same reasons. It’s a unique opportunity to show their work in a space associated with artistic excellence, surrounded by other makers whose work they respect. Thanks to the dedication and skill of WAG staff, the event is always organized, beautifully presented, and well-publicized. And more than anything, the artists appreciate you, the CRAFTED visitor. Your curiosity, intelligence, and genuine interest in craft and craftspeople make CRAFTED an outstanding experience for the people behind the tables. An informed, discerning, and enthusiastic audience is a real gift to artists, so thank you for being YOU! As always, on behalf of the artists, I want to thank the many people who have worked to bring CRAFTED to life for the fourth year running: Sherri Van Went, WAG’s Retail Operations Manager and the heart and soul of CRAFTED; Doren Roberts and all of the WAG staffers whose prodigious skills in fundraising, communications, and event planning make CRAFTED such a success; the CRAFTED committee (with a special thanks to the Chair, Yoko Chapman); to our Northern partners, for generously sharing your work with us; and to the craft artists who engage us and enrich our lives through your work–thank you!! Visitors, thank you for supporting Manitoban craft and craftspeople, at CRAFTED and throughout the year! Tammy Sutherland Director Manitoba Craft Council



1-329 CUMBERLAND AVENUE, WINNIPEG, MB 1 (204) 615-3951






12 - 4 PM

GREETINGS FROM THE NUNAVUT ARTS AND CRAFTS ASSOCIATION The Nunavut Arts & Crafts Association is happy to partner with the Winnipeg Art Gallery and the Manitoba Craft Council for the fourth edition of CRAFTED. Nunavut is one of Canada’s most creative regions: about one third of Nunavummiut identify as artists. Incredibly, more than 10 per cent of all Canadian art and craft sold internationally is made in the territory, which has a population of only 40,000. With so many in Nunavut involved in the arts economy—for personal and family use all the way up to international commercial sales—arts and crafts is an everyday activity for many in the territory, who draw personal and cultural strength and resilience through their practices. We are grateful to our collaborators and the organizers of this project whose hard work results in this wonderful showcase of the very best from across Nunavut and Manitoba. Thank you to our friends at the WAG, the CRAFTED committee, the MCC, and our funding partners, the Government of Nunavut and the Kakivak Association. We hope those who attend CRAFTED will gain knowledge of, and find a new appreciation for the exciting, beautiful, and unique arts and crafts Nunavut has to offer.

Janet Pitsiulaaq Brewster Executive Director Nunavut Arts and Crafts Association


Ring by Mathew Nuqingaq, 2014

Art as Unique as the Land Where It’s Made

Canada’s most creative region, the territory of Nunavut is home to more than 4,000 artists. One-third of Nunavut residents identify as artists (40 times the national average) and more than 10 per cent of Canadian art sold internationally is made by Inuit artists. Embodying the creativity and ingenuity that is a natural part of Inuit culture and using skills passed from generation to generation, Inuit artists have developed a worldwide reputation for their beautifully crafted and distinctive work. To learn more about the artists of Nunavut, visit the Nunavut Arts & Crafts Association at, follow us on Facebook @NunavutArtsandCraftsAssociation, on Twitter @NunavutArts and Instagram @nunavut_arts_and_crafts


GREETINGS FROM THE CHAIR Community and Creative Collaboration is our theme for the 2018 CRAFTED Show + Sale at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. Now onto its fourth year, CRAFTED is a juried show featuring the unique offerings of 50 artists from Manitoba and Nunavut. It is a show for lovers of contemporary craft and supporters of our creative and philanthropic communities. CRAFTED’s goal is to elevate the Art of Craft at the WAG by showcasing talented artists, and staying true to CRAFTED’s unique philanthropic tradition which is the key to this one-of-a-kind event. This year, the handmade continues to become the hand-given, but it’s all souped-up and delivered in a different “vessel.” Plans for CRAFTED 2018 started with the question of which cause could benefit, leading to the inception of this year’s philanthropic endeavour Down to Earth: Homemade Soups in Handmade Vessels, a collaborative cookbook project of Ayoko Design and CRAFTED. A thousand thank-yous to our presenting partners, the Manitoba Craft Council and Nunavut Arts and Crafts Association, our donors and sponsors, the chefs and artists who shared their work, and the CRAFTED committee and volunteers. We continue to be overwhelmed and inspired by the generosity and commitment from our community of patrons and supporters and are thrilled with the response our cookbook has already received. We hope you try out our pop-up soup and beer bar for a samping of recipes from our cookbook, and take away with you, a little piece of our CRAFTED community. Enjoy the show.

Yoko Chapman Chair CRAFTED 2018


This year’s CRAFTED: Show + Sale not only showcases artists from Manitoba and the North, but also features a philanthropic cookbook supporting a worthy cause. Down to Earth: Homemade Soups in Handmade Vessels is a cookbook pairing 20 ceramic artists with 20 chefs. A portion of cookbook sales benefit Winnipeg Harvest. Winnipeg Harvest is a not-for-profit, community-based organization. They collect and share surplus food with people who are hungry and offer training opportunities to help people step up and out of poverty.

CRAFTED and the Winnipeg Art Gallery are proud to support Winnipeg Harvest as this year’s heart of craft. Down to Earth: Homemade Soups in Handmade Vessels is available for order online, at the Gallery Shop and WAG@The Forks, during this year’s CRAFTED event, and across the city. Find the full list of vendors at A big thank you to aDesigned Magazine, who created this special issue for CRAFTED in support of Winnipeg Harvest. An extra special thank you to Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director Yoko Chapman, CRAFTED 2018’s Chair, for your tireless dedication to this cookbook and CRAFTED. Finally, thank you to all of the participating chefs and artists who donated their time and expertise in support of this amazing cause.



Ruth Hastings Rick Reiss and Jean Carter Barry and Carry McArton Lee Meagher Joyce Berry

CRAFTED 2018 COMMITTEE Chair Yoko Chapman Organizing Committee Joyce Berry, Margaret-Ann Smith, Siri Northcott McCaulder, Heather Shayna, Celeana Tennant WAG Staff Terry Gallagher (WAG/Doowah Design Inc.), Taylor Goodson, Catherine Maksymiuk, Brigitte Plouffe, Doren Roberts, Sherri Van Went Craft Council Tammy Sutherland (MCC), Janet Pitsiulaaq Brewster (NACA) In loving memory of Barbara Filuk who we were fortunate to work with at the WAG and on the CRAFTED Committee for several years. We will remember her for her bright smile and infectious enthusiasm. NACA ARTISTS SUPPORT








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28. Lily Rosenberg 29. Alan Lacovetsky 30. Kelli Rey 31. Alexandra Tumanov 32. Teegan Walker 33. Sarah Sue Design 34. Johanna Brierley 35. Debra Frances 36. Indigo Arrows 37. Salvaged Earth Designs 38. Kristy King 39. Annie Kilabuk 40. PJ Anderson 41. Amanda Onchulenko 42. Sol Designs

Candice Ring Cloverdale Forge Chris Pancoe CJ Tennant Levina Munick Herman de Vries Kevin Conlin Mathew Nuqingaq Valerie Metcalfe Le Petit Point Karen Schmidt Humiski

MEZZANINE LEVEL / 2nd Floor 12. Terry Hildebrand 13. Elizabeth Gordon 14. Emily Joanasie 15. Rachael Kroeker 16. Dawn Teasdale 17. Snootsie 18. Daria Tittenberger 19. Brook Drabot 20. Sonja Rosenberg 21. Jessica Hodgson 22. Jessica Canard 23. Roy Liang 24. Aelios Design 25. Velvet Plume 26. Cathie Ugrin 27. Pat Tymkiw

PENTHOUSE LEVEL / 4th Floor 43. Ashoona Studios 44. dconstruct 45. Kathryne Koop 46. Zococo 47. Jamie Look 48. Crystal Nykoluk 49. Junebug Designs 50. Kami Goertz 51. Janet Carroll 52. Kathleen Noelle Black 53. R.E. Wolchock 54. Candace Lipischak

EXHIBITIONS ON VIEW Highlights of Inuit Sculpture MRA Gallery

Defying Convention: Women Artists in Canada, 1900-1960 Gallery 4

The Inuit Art Centre Project Mezzanine Gallery

The 80s Image Galleries 7 & 8

organic Gallery 3


Salon Style: Reimagining the Collection Gallery 9


Eckhardt Hall




MRA Gallery

Soup Bar Soup Lounge Tea Station Gallery Shop ATM





Muriel Richardson Auditorium

Gallery Shop Main



Soup Bar

Tea Station

MEZZANINE LEVEL 2nd Floor Mezzanine Gallery



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Rooftop Sculpture Garden*


SOUP BAR Hungry? Fuel up at the Soup Bar in Eckhardt Hall on the Main Level. For only $5 a bowl plus bun, you can enjoy up to 10 different soups, many of which are featured in our Down to Earth cookbook. Relax in the Soup Lounge located around the corner. Thank you to all our Down to Earth chefs, Soup Bar, and bread donors who made this amenity possible: Chef JD Braid and Chef Larry DeVries from Arctic Co-operatives Limited; Kyle Watson from City Bread; Sachit Mehra from East India Company Restaurants; Chef Karen Peters from Karen Food; Chef Tristan Foucault from Peasant Cookery; Chef Roel Calderon and Chef Rob Austria from Stella’s Catering; Chef Mark Andrew from Storm Catering; Tabitha Langel from Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company; Chef Sean McKay from The Mitchell Block; Athina Parasides from The Nook Diner; Chef Luc Jean from WOW! Catering.

Hot tip #1 All proceeds from the sales of the Arctic Co-operatives Limited Soups (Caribou Barley Soup by Chef JD Braid and Cream of Arctic Char by Chef Larry De Vries) will be donated to the Deacon's Cupboard Food Bank in Rankin Inlet, NU.

Hot tip #2 You can buy beer, wine, and other chilled refreshments at the Soup Bar.

Warm up with a cup of wildcrafted tea! Our Tea Station is located on the Main Level. Boreal Wildcraft Tea Co and Cornelia Bean Ltd are proud to support CRAFTED through our efforts at providing world class tea and coffee products to Manitobans for the last 16 years. Our efforts range from innovative tea infusers to hot and cold drip hand brewed coffee and lately through our commitment to building the Boreal Alliance with northern community foragers who share our passion for fresh, wild, and 100% Canadian PURE herbs.


DOWN TO EARTH Homemade Soups in Handmade Vessels

A CRAFTED Cookbook in support of Winnipeg Harvest A CO L L A B O R AT I V E P R OJ E C T O F AY O KO D E S I G N A N D T H E W I N N I P E G A R T G A L L E R Y ’ S C R A F T E D S H O W + S A L E

Get your copy at CRAFTED today! $10 Proceeds will be donated to Winnipeg Harvest


FEATURED ARTISTS These talented artists have been selected for their original and high quality work. Learn more about the people behind the crafts.

Aelios Designs • Winnipeg, MB • Jewellery L2 Katerina Pappas of Aelios Designs is mostly self-taught, and has been creating jewellery using traditional, but environmentally-friendly methods for eight years. She learned while living abroad, having had the opportunity to work with seasoned metalsmiths. She prefers to use salt and vinegar to clean her pieces, beeswax to lubricate, and water-based finishing solutions, rather than chemical options. Pappas uses only natural materials in her pieces and recycles materials as often as possible. Her work is luxurious, yet lightweight and comfortable for everyday wear.

PJ Anderson • Winnipeg, MB • Ceramics L3 PJ Anderson is an early career ceramic artist originally from Thompson, Manitoba. Her work draws from the longing for connection to cultural resources that were lost to the colonial machine. Hundreds of years removed from the involuntary migration of her Jamaican and Aboriginal peoples, she still feels a strong kinship to their traditional crafts of basketry and ceramics. Anderson sees each piece as a love letter to her ancestors. She has shown internationally in South Africa, China, and the United States.

Ashoona Studios • Elie, MB • Mixed Media • L4 Goota Ashoona is a third generation, female Inuit artist from Cape Dorset, Nunavut. From a long line of wellknown artists, Ashoona, along with her artist husband Bob Kussy and their twin sons Joe Jaw and Samueli Ashoona, founded and run Ashoona Studios, currently operating in Elie, Manitoba. Produced both individually and collaboratively, their work is part autobiographical and part historical, detailing stories from their family life. Many carvings are made from whalebone and black argillite, but often mixed with other materials such as caribou antler, soapstone, copper, and claws.


Kathleen Noelle Black • Winnipeg, MB • Glass L4 Kathleen Noelle Black is captivated by the concepts of time, mortality, seasons, nature, people, the changes in light, and enjoying now. It is the strength and beauty of people and the prairies that inspires her. Black works with Artists in Healthcare to facilitate Art Next to the Big Blue Chair. This program is a fun, creative way for cancer patients to relax during their chemotherapy treatment. This merging of art and caring is a natural extension of her work as a chemotherapy nurse.

Johanna Brierley • Winnipeg, MB • Jewellery L3 Johanna Brierley’s fascination with jewellery can be traced back to her childhood. She developed an enthusiasm for found objects and a curiosity about the various ways in which an object interacts with the body. Whether she is discovering shiny, unusual shapes of glass and stone along a beach, or scouring antique markets for objects with a unique past, her work is informed by her passion for collecting and an eye for the exceptional and unexpected.

Jessica Canard • Winnipeg, MB • Jewellery L2 Jessica Canard’s beadwork is her way of connecting to her ancestors and her culture as an Anishinaabe Ikwe. Her personality comes out in her choice of colours, keeping things vibrant and sparkly. Through the creation of her beaded fringe earrings, she wants to share her love of learning and life while connecting with others. Canard is from Sagkeeng First Nation.

Registration starts Nov 20 at 15

FEATURED ARTISTS Janet Carroll • Winnipeg, MB • Paper L4 Marbled paper inspires Janet Carroll’s work in book arts. She creates unique mono-prints and uses her paper in crafting functional notepads and boxes. She also employs suede and genuine parchment—often in combination with marbled paper—in making luxurious journals. Carroll has marbled paper since 1979 and studied bookbinding in England. Her work has been exhibited in Canada, Ireland, and Japan. She served as Artist-in-Residence at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts in 2000.

Cloverdale Forge • Winnipeg, MB • Metal L1 Having picked up a hammer at an early age, Matt Jenkins feels at home in a blacksmith shop. Over the past 25 years, he has honed his skills learning techniques from smiths around North America. In 2009, Jenkins received an Honorable Mention at the World Forging Championship in Italy, and in 2015 he took home the first place medal in Drawing and Design. Using hand tools and early industrial equipment, he is dedicated to crafting each item by hand, giving his creations the timeless feel of handmade work.

Kevin Conlin • Wawanesa, MB • Ceramics L1 Born and raised in Manitoba, Kevin Conlin has been creating with clay for over 30 years. As an artist and amateur paleontologist, he draws inspiration from the fossils he discovers and excavates on many of his expeditions. The textures, colours, and forms he encounters inspire lifefilled vessels that remind us of the past and hint of our own future. Conlin has shown nationally and internationally. He works and teaches at the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba and runs Cypress Ceramic Studios.

Paint Party Create your own sleek, modern piece of wall art. Painted + Stitched Canvas Ages 18+ • Cash bar Dec 6, 7-9:30pm • Register at 16

dconstruct • Winnipeg, MB • Jewellery L4 dconstruct stems from a love for and an interest in minimalist design and modern architecture. Their mission is to innovate, through use of unique elements and to support the community by using eco-friendly materials. They create jewellery from 40% recycled resins that incorporate organic materials and handwoven items developed by skilled artisans in diverse regions around the world.

Herman de Vries • Winnipeg, MB • Wood L1 For Herman de Vries, wood turning is a labour of love that began when he needed a desk and could not afford to buy one, so he built his own. At first, he never considered this an art, but as time went on, the wood began to “speak” to him and soon every piece of firewood became a fresh opportunity. Taking wood from a dying tree on his parent’s 1920s homestead and turning it into a piece of art, he preserved something that represented his mother and father. He was able to leave a legacy and a piece of art that people would enjoy.

Brook Drabot • Warren, MB • Glass L2 Brook Drabot is a glass artist living and creating in Manitoba. She loves producing handmade, natureinspired blown glass wares, home decor, jewellery, and art pieces. Elements of naturalist collections, botanical references, personalized ritual, and fairy tale imaginings are incorporated into her glass to create work that is both familiar and otherworldly. Experimenting between flameworked, blown, and cast glass, Drabot often combines multiple small components together. She studied at the Sheridan College’s School of Craft and Design, Red Deer College, and Pratt Fine Arts Center.


FEATURED ARTISTS Debra Frances • Winnipeg, MB • Paper L3 Debra Frances has always been a maker, raised in an environment where innovation and creativity were nurtured. She bound her first book in 2006, a simple design for her school-aged daughter, and was immediately drawn into the world of bookbinding. Debra is compelled by how the compact form of the book can house so many wide-ranging ideas. She is especially interested in the quality and design of historical bindings, and is always looking for ways to innovate using contemporary materials and ideas.

Kami Goertz • Winnipeg, MB • Fibre L4 Kami Goertz is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist and designer who creates plush characters and soft sculptures from mixed media and fibre. Forest walks and the garden, moods, textures, and animals–real or imagined– inspire her creative process. Goertz’s unique objects are comforting for the young and young at heart. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in Canada, the United States, and Germany, as well as published in various magazines.

Elizabeth Gordon • Bowmanville, ON • Ceramics L2 Elizabeth Gordon is a self taught mixed-media artist, born and raised in Iqaluit, Nunavut. Gourds are her choice of natural materials to grow and work with. She paints, wood burns, sculpts, and carves to depict northern imagery and Inuit legends. Gordon also enjoys doll making, jewellery making, making wooden wall hangings, and sewing. She loves traveling to the north to share with and teach youth and adults the fun in making art.

FREE!* Annual Holiday Party Enjoy some festive fun and kick off the holiday season with ornament making and cookies.

Sunday, Dec 2, 1-4pm • *Gallery admission not included.




Terry Hildebrand • Winnipeg, MB • Ceramics L2 Terry Hildebrand makes ceramic work out of porcelain, with a focus on drinking vessels. He fires the pieces in a soda or a wood kiln to give them a delicate flashing of red, orange, blue, and green. He presents his pieces in groupings, mostly on wooden trays, and creates playful sets that entice the users to interact with each other and the tray. Hildebrand hopes that his work serves as an analogy for social interactions and choices that consumers make.

Jessica Hodgson • Winnipeg, MB • Ceramics L2 Jessica Hodgson is a ceramic artist from the farming community of Hartney, Manitoba. Moving to Winnipeg in 2006 to attend the University of Manitoba, she stumbled upon a group of ceramic artists sharing food and firing kilns, and was instantly hooked. Hodgson currently lives in Winnipeg where she teaches ceramics through The Edge Clay Centre, works with the Manitoba Craft Council, and develops her ceramics and paintings through her ARTlington studio.

Indigo Arrows • Winnipeg, MB • Fabric L3 Destiny Seymour is the creator of Indigo Arrows, a design studio and line of home textiles inspired by Cree and Anishinaabe patterns and local Indigenous pottery patterns. Her first pattern used in her line of linen tea towels, pillows, and napkins is called Bezhig. This pattern originated from a 400-year-old elk bone tool excavated near Birtle, Manitoba. Seymour has taught environmental design at the University of Manitoba and was the first Indigenous woman to graduate from the Faculty of Architecture.

NEW! WinterARTCamp Dec 27, 28 • Jan 2, 3 • 9am-4:30pm Shake up the holidays with one or more days of hands-on art activities. Extended care available.

Register now at 19

FEATURED ARTISTS Emily Joanasie • Iqaluit, NU • Fabric L2 Emily Joanasie’s creativity is often inspired by her heritage and environment. She focuses on sewing parkas, amautit, with both traditional and modern designs along with creating small accessories for home décor. Crafting has been a personal outlet for her for most of her life and she has gradually offered her crafts beyond herself and her family.

Junebug Designs • Winnipeg, MB • Glass L4 Working with fused glass allows June Derkson the opportunity to work in a medium that gives her a sense of freedom. It allows her to take risks and to push her creative soul. She draws inspiration for her work from personal experiences and places visited. Armed with a camera, she is always on the lookout for her next glass project. Derkson works with handmade sheet glass, frit (crushed glass), and vitro-graph (molten glass pulled to create glass string).

Annie Kilabuk • Pangnirtung, NU • Fabric L3 Annie Kilabuk learned to sew from her mother and grandmother while growing up in Pangnirtung, Nunavut. Her inspiration comes from the people and the land of the North. Most of her crafts are made for her favourite seasons in Nunavut, spring and fall. Kilabuk loves the vibrant colours in the land and sea.

Kristy King • Arviat, NU • Fabric L3 Kristy King is seamstress from Arviat, Nunavut, who sews garments that combine traditional and modern styles. She is inspired by the uniqueness and beauty of traditional Inuit clothing. Her coats include the fitted contemporary style and a Tuilik style parka, both of which are very popular and unique to her area of Nunavut.


Kathryne Koop • Winnipeg, MB • Ceramics L4 Kathryne Koop’s work stems from the tradition of vessel making. Her pieces are guided by their function and have a strong organic quality as most of her inspiration comes from nature. The shapes, colours, and patterns found in such things as leaves, exotic flowers, or the wings of birds and butterflies, are some of her sources. Koop’s work has been documented in numerous ceramic publications, and is included in many government, public, and private collections.

Rachael Kroeker • Winnipeg, MB • Ceramics L2 Rachael Kroeker is a full-time ceramic artist based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Form and aesthetics are the founding elements in her slip cast functional ware. She is committed to achieving a harmonious balance between function, comfort, and beauty. Kroeker creates unique, one-of-a-kind pottery by marbling or layering coloured casting slips together in plaster molds. This functional art is both modern in look and feel, and is designed with beauty and comfort in mind.

Alan Lacovetsky • St. Andrews, MB • Ceramics L3 Wood firing pottery has been a passion for Alan Lacovetsky for more than 40 years. Most of his work is created on an antique foot powered treadle wheel and his glazes are made using various crushed rock and wood ashes. He mixes most of his own custom clays. Lacovetsky has worked and exhibited locally, nationally, and internationally. This year he was inducted into the International Ceramic Artists Association (ICAA) in China.

Le Petit Pointe • Winnipeg, MB • Fibre L1 Chantal Alary established Le Petit Point in 2014. A self-taught artist with an academic and professional background in design of the built environment, she creates woven wall art that explores the relationship between colour, texture, pattern, and composition. Each unique tapestry is meticulously planned and intuitively fabricated to produce a narrative that weaves fibres and flora into a wall tapestry for the home. 21

FEATURED ARTISTS Roy Liang • Winnipeg, MB • Fibre L2 Roy Liang thinks of his crafts as functional fun, something to remind us of our past and where we are heading. He holds onto the past and looks forward to the future! Liang is inspired by memories and by the vintage objects around him. These are the starting points for his creations. Liang finds that his designs always have an element of something familiar.

Candace Lipischak • Otterburne, MB • Mixed Media/ Jewellery L4 Candace Lipischak is a Métis, multidisciplinary artist and the owner of Fat Daug-Hand Carved Antler Jewellery. Fat Daug stands for Father-Daughter and the craft of antler-carving was passed on to her from her father. In her visual artwork, she incorporates recycled and antique items salvaged from her property. Lipischak pieces tin items together and paints them with acrylic.

Jamie Look • Ottawa, ON • Jewellery L4 Jamie Look is a third generation northern Canadian woman who has been designing jewellery for the past 15 years. Specializing in hand carved, high quality Muskox Horn and sterling silver, each piece created is showcased by extracting the colour and textural elements of this unique and rare natural material. Studying under internationally recognized families of Indigenous carvers and sculptors, she has incorporated this beautiful craftsmanship into her own luxurious style.

Valerie Metcalfe • Winnipeg, MB • Ceramics L1 Valerie Metcalfe fell in love with making pots 43 years ago in art school. Her process is a form of alchemy wherein she works with four elements to transform humble matter into something precious. Her work has many influences, from teachers and fellow artists to the wide-open skies, deep woods, and landscape of the Prairies. Metcalfe’s pieces have been exhibited and sold across Canada and the United States and are held in public and private collections around the world.


Levina Munick • Iqaluit, NU • Fibre L1 Levina Munick first started sewing in Grade 3, making simple hand stitched projects with ulu/flower patterns with soft felt fabric. She now creates hand sewn mitts, pins, earrings, baby booties, bracelets, and hair pins. Everything she makes is sewn using hand stitching. Munick works at the Malikkaat Boutique in Iqaluit where she lives.

Mathew Nuqingaq • Iqaluit, NU • Jewellery L1 Mathew Nuqingaq is a silversmith, metal artist, sculptor, drum dancer, photographer, and educator from Iqaluit, Nunavut. He focuses on using non-traditional materials like silver and copper to produce Inuit sculpture and jewellery. Nuqingaq owns the Aayuraa Studio, a jewellery workshop in Iqaluit. He co-founded the Nunavut Arts & Crafts Association.

Crystal Nykoluk • Winnipeg, MB • Ceramics L4 Crystal Nykoluk is a shaper of earth, transforming raw mud into hybrid forms of sculpture and pottery. It was at the University of Manitoba where she discovered clay and how the material satisfied her need to build things in the third dimension. Always a lover of LEGO and K’NEX, Nykoluk found she thrived on the technical challenges the ceramic medium had to offer. She teaches at WAG Studio and at The Edge Clay Centre, inspiring others to express themselves and to be freely intuitive with clay.

Amanda Onchulenko • Winnipeg, MB • Fibre L3 Amanda Onchulenko is a multidisciplinary artist who holds a BA in Art Education with ma jors in painting and printmaking from the University of Sydney. Fibre arts and painting in acrylics are the dominant modes of her expression at this time. Colour is the principle concept from which all her studio production evolves. “Colour quiets me, colour lets me sing. It is my language in all its affectations of nuance, of syntax, of pronunciation. My voice is most clear in colour.”


FEATURED ARTISTS Chris Pancoe • Winnipeg, MB • Ceramics L1 Chris Pancoe is a multi-media artist with a profound interest in clay and has been making functional pottery for over 15 years. His interest in pottery stems from the need to make comfortable and beautiful pots for the home that enhance the pleasure of food and nourishment of the soul. Pancoe produces pottery that is both ergonomic and efficient in form and helps remind us of our earthly surroundings, our ability to create, and to enjoy the handmade in our daily lives.

Kelli Rey • Winnipeg, MB • Ceramics L3 Kelli Rey approaches her work like a scientific experiment—a process undertaken to make a discovery. Working with materials through various stages of development helps distill her ideas. She adores uniqueness and the idea of making the familiar strange. Rey likes to draw on references from early-to-mid-20th century industrial design, incorporating aspects that surprise, puzzle, or entertain.

Candice Ring • Winnipeg, MB • Ceramics L1 Candice Ring is a studio potter from Winnipeg, Manitoba who has always gravitated toward making utilitarian objects because of their familiarity and tactility. She is inspired by her sense of nostalgia for home, coupled with an interest in history and decoration, which she uses as building blocks for her creative process. She has exhibited and taught throughout North America, Australia, and China. Ring has a BFA in Ceramics from the University of Manitoba School of Art, and an MFA in Studio Art from Arizona State University.

THE GREAT SCAVENGER HUNT A night of strategy and sleuthing with a Gallery-wide scavenger hunt. Discover fascinating stories, enjoy socializing and a visit to our pop-up cash bar.

Friday, Nov 29, 8-11pm •


Lily Rosenberg • Winnipeg, MB • Jewellery L3 Lily Rosenberg is a studio jeweller. She designs and constructs one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces. Her work is inspired by architectural forms and other cultural artifacts of her extensive travels. Using traditional goldsmithing techniques, she reflects her musings by pairing gold, silver, gemstones, and the occasional found materials. Rosenberg’s designs are clearly minimalist, yet undeniably sensual wearable art.

Sonja Rosenberg • Ste. Anne, MB • Jewellery L2 Sonja Rosenberg is inspired by elements of erosion, decay, and re-growth in urban and rural environments. Her interest in sculptural concepts and threedimensionality continually influence her work. Rosenberg currently resides in Ste. Anne, Manitoba, where she houses her unique, off-grid studio and actively creates pieces for both exhibition and private commission.

Salvaged Earth Designs • Winnipeg, MB • Wood L3 Carson Hill has always had a strong connection to wood, trees, plants, rocks, animals, and nature. Except for woodworking in high school, he is a self-taught artist, carving wood and other materials and fusing things together sporadically. His focus in the past has been primarily on making jewellery and small sculpture, but over the years he has been branching out into wooden kitchen utensils. Hill’s passion is to take something that someone else would likely discard and turn it into something beautiful.

Sarah Sue Design • Oakbank, MB • Fibre L3 Sarah Sue MacLachlan creates modern, sustainable clothing with exquisite fabric and exceptional finishing. Cashmere, silk, cotton, linen, and eco-friendly textiles are used to design minimalistic and contemporary silhouettes that are timeless. She makes small batch, hand-dyed collections, such as kimono cardigans, flowy tunics, and one-size-fits-all tops that look fabulous on all women. This is done from MacLachlan’s unique loft studio located on a beautiful farm just outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba. 25

FEATURED ARTISTS Karen Schmidt Humiski • Winnipeg, MB • Jewellery L1 Karen Schmidt Humiski is influenced by the work of Alexander Calder, medieval architecture, and the beauty of the skies, lakes, and trees found in Manitoba landscapes. She embraces the challenges of designing three-dimensional small sculptures as personal adornment. Her eclectic fusion of form and function, with attention to texture and finish, enables wearers to best express their own individuality. Schmidt Humiski teaches the Jewellery and Metalsmithing Program at Sturgeon Heights Collegiate.

Snootsie • Winnipeg, MB • Fibre L2 Tesh Kosowan received a multidisciplinary degree in visual arts from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 2004. In 2007 she started producing bags under the label SNOOTSIE. Previously a painter, Kosowan explores her training in colour, texture, and pattern with a different medium, focusing instead on their application with textiles. SNOOTSIE is designed and constructed in her studio, inspired by classic and modern design. Working mostly in leather and canvas, all of her bags are crafted one at a time.

Sol Designs • St. Pierre-Jolys, MB • Mixed Media L3 Sol Desharnais is known for bringing new meaning to raw, natural, and upcycled materials. He creates unique and useful products by the clever improbable association of materials. His current collections include wooden sided handbags in both vinyl flooring and leather, as well as a colourful collection of accessories in eco-felt (wood and corn based). His eco-felt and seat belt wine tote design is currently displayed at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in the Bon Appétit! exhibition.

For your viewing pleasure at CRAFTED 2018: The Manitoba Craft Council's time-lapse videos of artists at work will be on rotation in the SOUP LOUNGE. A must see! Brook Drabot at work in her studio


Dawn Teasdale • Winnipeg, MB • Jewellery L2 Dawn Teasdale makes contemporary and modern jewellery, including earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets, designed for everyday wear. Her signature style includes the use of clean lines combined with bold textures and patinas. Teasdale works almost entirely in sterling silver, but incorporates gold and gemstones as accents. Each piece is hand-fabricated and textured, so that no two pieces are ever exactly alike. The result is contemporary and modern pieces that are relaxed, elegant, and celebrate simplicity and ease.

CJ Tennant • Winnipeg, MB • Jewellery L1 CJ Tennant creates exquisite, graceful, and graphic jewellery. She loves discovering new colour combinations with unusual gemstones and exploring new and traditional shapes in all of her pieces. She never forgets that jewellery is worn on the body and so every piece must make her customers feel as good as they look. The result is work that is both fresh and timeless. Each piece is handmade by Tennant in Winnipeg, Manitoba, using gemstones, pearls, sterling silver, and gold vermeil.

Daria Tittenberger • Winnipeg, MB • Jewellery L2 Daria Tittenberger is a jewellery artist who works predominantly with an off-loom beadweaving technique. She uses a single needle and thread to sew glass beads together into three-dimensional wearable art. Informed by traditional fabric arts and inspired by contemporary forms of expression, Tittenberger uses the repetition and layering of simple geometric shapes to create beadwoven jewellery with complex textures, patterns, and shapes.

APRIL 11-14, 2019

Timeless Art & Fresh Flowers. Save the date for our festival celebrating spring, art, and creative community.

.ca/aib 27

FEATURED ARTISTS Alexandra Tumanov • Winnipeg, MB • Jewellery L3 Jewellery created by Alexandra Tumanov celebrates the elegance of Mother Earth. The intricate detail inherent in a fallen leaf, or the texture and complexity of a found twig, transforms her artistic process. Every piece is a symbolic connection to the natural world. Committed to an environmentallysustainable practice, Tumanov exclusively uses recycled materials and ethically-sourced gemstones.

Pat Tymkiw • Winnipeg, MB • Glass L2 Pat Tymkiw completed a BFA Honours in Graphic Design at the University of Manitoba and began creating walking tours of rural Manitoba towns for the Province of Manitoba. After working in marketing in the 1990s, Tymkiw decided to return to her creative roots, choosing fused glass as it appealed to her love of intense colours. Her work is inspired by flora and fauna but pixelated to the abstract. Tymkiw is currently exploring the unique qualities of glass and light patterns.

Cathie Ugrin • Headingley, MB • Fibre L2 Cathie Ugrin is a fabric artist whose work is characterized by a rich and inventive use of colour, and a unique approach to geometric design. Her abstract format allows for broad and accessible interpretation. Ugrin’s work has been accepted into numerous international exhibits and national juried shows, reaching a broad audience across Canada, the United States, England, Finland, Italy, and Slovenia. Much of her work is custom designed and she is available to discuss projects and commissions.

Velvet Plume • Winnipeg, MB • Fibre L2 Velvet Plume creates handcrafted rope baskets and an original clothing line. Each of their rope vessels are dyed and stained with coffee, tea, plants, and spices, and then individually sewn. Featuring various shapes and designs, rope is their canvas and thread is their paint. Velvet Plume clothing line is designed and sewn with organic bamboo/cotton. They enjoy adding their own screen prints and one-of-a-kind appliqué designs to their work. 28

Teegan Walker • Winnipeg, MB • Ceramics L3 Teegan Walker is a young Manitoba artist with a strong passion for handmade tableware, ceramics, and design. He has studied ceramics with Lin Xu at Brandon University, taking courses in hand building, sculpture, and wheel throwing. He draws influences from architecture, music, and landscape, while maintaining a style that reflects a use of line, symmetry, and minimalism. Walker is currently a member of The Stoneware Gallery where you can find his work.

R.E. Wolchock • Grunthal, MB • Jewellery L4 Living on the West Coast for 30 years, Rosalind Wolchock noticed and admired local artists earning a living by selling their handmade creations. That inspired an idea and an interest in jewellery making. Her first juried venue was at the Grandville Island Market where she learned and developed her skills. She soon journeyed out to the ma jor craft and handmade shows across Canada. Wolchock is always expanding her avenues of jewellerymaking, using new materials and techniques.

Zococo • Winnipeg, MB • Jewellery L4 Nathalia Polischuk is a craft-based artist, leatherworker, and jewellery designer living and working in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She aims to create pieces that are rich in colour, texture, and story. She draws much of her inspiration from nature, folkloric tradition, and textile design. Polischuk’s leatherwork combines many techniques including batik, pyrography, hand painting, moulding, and tooling. Each whimsical item is a singular creation, made with love and care in her home studio.

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Family-friendly tours of the WAG collection and special exhibits. Included with Gallery admission; FREE for WAG members.

Nov 20, 11am The 80s Image • 29


More than 40 years & three generations More than 40 years ago,

Mrs. Usha Mehra brought her passion for Indian cuisine to Canada. She founded the first North Indian restaurant in Winnipeg, featuring all of her own original recipes. Over the years, Kamal and Sudha Mehra enamoured thousands of diners with those dishes. Today, Sudha Mehra and her children carry forward this legacy of cuisine. Classical Indian flavours are presented with a contemporary flair amidst centuries old Indian wood carvings, paintings and intricate tapestries; The Mehras would like to invite you to experience the dynamic essence that India is known for.

Extensive lunch and dinner buffet includes delicious vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options

• Winnipeg - 349 York Ave. 204-947-3097 • Ottawa - 210 Somerset St. West 613-567-4634 • Ottawa - 1993 Robertson Rd. 613-721-3777 @eastindiacompanyrestaurants @east_india_co /eastindiacompanyrestaurants

Made with ingredients you can pronounce

238 Dufferin Avenue, Winnipeg / 204-586-8409

Like Fine Art. • Fully Tailored Catering • Two Historic Venues • Service Staff Available

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Art You Can


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homemade soups & handmade vessels – a perfect recipe for a worthy cause Organic Grains! Organic Goodness!

859 Westminster and in The Forks Market

TallGrass 2018 - Ad WAG - CrAfTed event program 5.125 w x 4 h (inches), colour October, 2018 Job # TallGrass-2018-27 The Buzz Communications Group: Vienna Badiuk 204-477-9377 Technical concerns: call Brian Hydesmith 204-487-0067


EXPLORE CAREER OPPORTUNITIES WITHIN THE ARCTIC CO-OPERATIVES SYSTEM Arctic Co-ops supports and services 32 member-owned Co-ops in Canada’s Arctic. The Co-ops operate various businesses including hotels and restaurants, and provide trustworthy service and supply to industry and government. APPLY TODAY! • Retail & Grocery: General or Assistant Mangers. • Hospitality: Cooks, Hotel Managers, Guest Services Agents. • Art Marketing: Store Clerks. To apply, please send your resume to:

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@ArcticCoopsLtd @NorthernImagesArt

Quvianaqtuk Pudlat. Mighty Bear.



The 59th annual print collection is an exciting mix of themes; the comforting and naturalistic are juxtaposed with familiar motifs presented in bold, new perspectives.


Housemade Pasta, Craft Cocktails & Beautiful Wine in the Historic Exchange District FOR RESERVATIONS AND INFORMATION THEMITCHELLBLOCK.COM 204 949 9032 @THEMITCHELLBLOCK


Creative Comfort Food, Consciously Curated Cellar & Plates to Share and Enjoy Open Late Second Storey of 173 McDermot Ave.

STORM CATERING Here. There. Everywhere.

Handmade for Ivory bear ring by Gideon Qaujuaq of Taloyoak, NU $350

Sealskin kamik keyring by Jane Shiwak of Rigolet, NL $28

Antler+sterling earrings by Naomi Bourque of Yellowknife, NT $86 Inuuvunga onesie by Dawn Forrest of Kuujjuaq, QC $30

Winnipeg Art Gallery Gallery Shop • 300 Memorial Blvd WAG@The Forks Johnston Terminal • 25 Forks Market Rd

Complimentary wrapping!

the Holidays Standing bear and cub by Idris Moss-Davies of Qikiqtarjuaq, NU Price upon request


Unique, handmade gifts by Manitoban and Canadian artists. 37

Mary Yuusipik Singaqti: Back River Memories OPENS NOV 10 Experience Inuit life on the land through drawings, wall-hangings, and carvings revealing details and stories from the North.

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CRAFTED 2018:Show+Sale program  

40 page program for Nov 2+3 event. Contains Bios on the 50+artists at the event and info about happenings over the two day show and sale.

CRAFTED 2018:Show+Sale program  

40 page program for Nov 2+3 event. Contains Bios on the 50+artists at the event and info about happenings over the two day show and sale.