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Miska is the pastor of spiritual direction at

All Souls Charlottesville. She has a Masters in Counseling from Colorado Christian University and for the past 12 years has led groups and individuals looking to God for intimacy and wholesness. Believing we are all broken and in need of mercy, Miska delights in coming alongside those who desire to pay attention to Jesus’ work in their hearts. Miska is married to Winn and has two boys, Wyatt and Seth.

What We Offer Spiritual Direction

Soul Care / Pastoral Care


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hospitality, offering a place for rest and cleansing... Margaret Guenther

Speaking and Retreats For spiritual direction and soul care, first meetings are a gift. For subsequent appointments, we suggest a $50 donation to All Souls. For speaking engagements or retreats, details will be arranged.

spiritual direction is

: theology of gender : entering scripture’s narrative via lectio divina : spiritual friendships : contemplative prayer : chaotic sacraments: mothering and marriage


awaken. become.

My life is a


His is a speaking. My salvation is to

hear and respond. Thomas Merton

spiritual direction @ allsouls

Paula D’arcy writes that “God

comes to us disguised as our life.”

Every part of our story, all the joys and sorrows, all the questions and longings indicate God’s pursuit of us. All of the light and dark places in our hearts can lead us toward intimacy with the Lover of our souls. The sacred intersects with the ordinary at every turn. But do you have eyes to see how God has loved you since the beginning? Do


ere we are, you and I, and I hope a third, Christ, is in our midst. Aelred

Comments from Directees: As a spiritual director, Miska has a way of holy listening that allows your heart a safe place to tell its sacred story. Her quiet, strong presence invites the mystery, healing, and redemptive work of God into that space as she encourages you toward a life of authenticity and freedom. She has an uncanny ability to cut right to the heart of what you truly desire and is not afraid to enter the darkness and

you have ears to hear how God has whispered your true name all along the

breathe life into those tucked away places. Being with Miska is a true gift.

journey? Can you feel the rhythm of God’s unceasing movement in your heart


and mind?

Working with Miska freed me to feel safe in my own shoes. Through our time

We often need help to discern God’s presence and redemptive work. We also

together, I began to shed a lot of the fear and undue expectations that kept me

need a place to be quiet, a place to come away from the noise and endless

from following my true passions. Her leadership and guidance in my life not

demands of life so that we can begin to reflect on how God is shaping us to be

only brought me closer to God, but it allowed me to relate to others in a more

the man or woman that he dreamed us to be.

real way and live into the person God desires me to be.

A spiritual director is one who comes alongside, a companion who


helps us create the space to listen to God’s quiet voice and who listens to us and the Holy Spirit as we tell our stories and ask our questions.

Miska's voice has made a great impact on my life. She has a quiet - but fiercely strong – heart and has spoken deep truths into my soul. As I sit with her and

In the work of spiritual direction, we learn the practice of paying attention

tell my story, I feel drawn into the most powerful story: God. When I talk with

to God’s simple and sacred activity in our lives. In turn, we find our hearts

her, I know she is truly hearing me -- and that what she wants most is to help

awakening to deeper, richer communion and union with the members of the

me connect to my heart and to the heart of God.

Trinity. We are set free more and more to live and love in the kingdom of God.


Spiritual Direction @ All Souls  

An introductory guide into Spiritual Direction at All Souls Charlottesville, led by Miska Collier

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