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GREECE ON YOUR TABLE! Greek summer in three moves. Move one. You’re swimming in small, tranquil bays, the sea a pale aqua marine colour, and the pines' shadow a rare blessing. Move two. The sun's disappearing behind the skyline. The summer night finally cooling down. And you're seated in a fish restaurant at the waterfront, a platter piled high with shiny cockles, scallops and langoustine in front of you, the love of your life to your left with a glass of wine in hand. Move three. Nights of black satin! The sky goes through a madness of shooting stars. And the moon... it is an open secret that the moon calls for tranquillity and romantic sails. Dear readers, Here comes the Wine Plus magazine – summer 2018 issue. A tribute to our great love for Greek summers. Dedicated to Greek wine and food enthusiasts all over the world. Our main aim is to help you understand Greece’s splendid dishes and their pairing with exquisite Greek wines. We are keeping your summer wine exploration on a modern pace with light, crisp whites, elegant roses, tasteful reds and basically pretty perfect wines from Greece’s dramatically diverse terroir. And then, there is the Wine Plus guide i.e. the league table of top Greek restaurants and Wine Bars. Whether on a Greek island, busy city or isolated mountain village, the time to try them is now. We think it will be important, and hopefully useful, to you.  Enjoy your trip through Wine Plus magazine tasty pages. Enjoy the Greek summer. Cheers and happy holidays! Maria Netsika

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Discover unique tasting memories from a distinctive



Greek wines in numbers

Everything you need to know about Greek winemaking


Greek viti-viniculture is

>4000 years old

Wine categories

120 P.G.I. 3% of EU’s designations

P.D.O. + P.G.I.: 29%

33 P.D.O.

(of Greek wine production)

25% of EU’s designations

Annual Wine Production (2014/2015)

2.8 m. hl

* P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin) | P.G.I. (Protected Geographical Indication)

17th largest wine producing country in the world

Hectarage under vine (2013-2014)

110.000 ha (% total)

Thrace 1 East Macedonia 2 Central Macedonia 7




wine labels

144.400 Growers

1/5 of all landowners involved in agriculture

More than

Approx style of wines




Greek grape varieties


Greek grape varieties

West Macedonia 4 Epirus 1


Foreign grape varieties

Thessaly 6



Central Greece 11 Attica 10 Peloponnese 17

Most popular grape varieties (2012)

West Greece 14 North Aegean Islands 5 South Aegean Islands 6 (Cyclades + Dodecanese) Crete 12 Ionian Islands 4





Cabernet Sauvignon










(11.306 ha)

(9.128 ha)

(3.619 ha)

(2.240 ha)

(2.218 ha)

Sourrces: O.I.V. | Hellenic Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food | Statistics

(2.113 ha)

(1.821 ha)

Greek P.D.O. Map


P.D.O. P.D.O. P.D.O. P.D.O.




Mount Meliton







Messenicola Anchialos



P.D.O. SAMOS Athens

Patras Mantinia

P.D.O. P.D.O. P.D.O. P.D.O.










Santorini Rhodes













Greek Grapes you need to know

Greek Grapes you need to know from A to...X Even if you can’t live under the Greek Sun, you can still enjoy Greek wines. This is glossary to help you understand and recognize the grapes you are going to love! Bring a bottle of their wines to your hosts and you will be a welcome guest forever!

White Aidani (a-ee-THA-nee): Α white grape with floral aromas grown mainly on the Cyclades islands. It is rarely bottled as a single varietal wine, as it is usually found in the P.D.O. Santorini blend, dry and sweet (Vinsanto). Assyrtiko (a-SEAR-tee-ko): A startling Greek white grape, Assyrtiko is the dominant grape of Santorini that has successfully migrated to Halkidiki, Epanomi, Drama, Mount Pangeon, in Macedonia and the Peloponnese. It maintains a high acidity even in fully ripeness. With crispy acidity and excellent minerality, its wines are rich and refreshing. The aromas suggest citrus, lemon blossom, orange zest and grapefruit. Athiri (a-THEE-ree): This is another white grape, common to the islands of the southern Aegean and Halkidiki, in eastern Macedonia. Its wines have lovely floral aromas and a good mouth-watering attack that wakes up the palate. Dafni (tha-FNEE): Α white grape, one of the ancient indigenous varieties of Crete, it stands out for its aroma of daphne (laurel), hence its name. Debina (de-BEE-na): A white variety from Epirus whose wines place emphasis on the fruit. They are noted for their refreshing acidity and for the aroma’s finesse, which is reminiscent of green apple and pear. Debina offers a high potential for the production of effervescent wines. Katsano (ka-tsa-NO): At the end of the 19th century, more than 50 grape varieties were cultivated in Santorini. Nowadays, it is hardly 5 of them which are considered significant. Among those is the Katsano. Kidonitsa (kee-tho-NEE-tsa): One of the rarest varieties of Laconia, Peloponnese along with Monemvasia (mo-ne-mva-see-A), Petrouliano (pe-troo-lee-a-NO) and Thrapsa (th-r-A-psa). Its trademark is the persistent aroma of sweet quince. Lagorthi (la-GKO-r-thee): A grape with remarkable fruit and vivid acidity, grown in Northern Peloponnese and the Ionian islands. Malagousia (ma-la-ghoo-zee-A): This fine white Greek variety was saved from oblivion thanks to the acumen of several Greek producers who believed in its potential. Critical praise and consumer excitement have proven them right. Malagousia wines have strong fragrance, complexity and verve... haven't I forgotten anything? Long, slightly peppery finish. Another Greek wine to try when you want to branch out and experiment.

Monemvasia (mo-ne-mva-ssee-A): A white grape with elegant aromas and flavours, grown in Paros and Laconia. Moschofilero (mos-ko-FEE-lai-ro): This variety is known as a blanc de gris, meaning that its skin colour can range from light pink to deep purple. It is cultivated on the plateau of Mantinia and in the southern Peloponnese. Moschofilero produces wines with notes of rose, mint, and lemon. Muscat: A large and famous family of grapes that is cultivated under various names in almost every single wine-producing country. Equally expansive is the variety of its wines that range from aged sweets to fresh, fruity effervescents, all of which are notable for their fine and impressive aromas. In Samos the White Muscat gives pretty fruity, sunny and charming sweat wines. Appealing, brilliant deep straw in colour. Fragrant with honey, apple and pear. Superb full-bodied, dense and concentrated. You haven't lived if you haven't tried a Samos Muscat wine. It’s the ultimate after-dinner as-the-sun-is-setting-sitting-by-thesea wine. Robola (ro-BO-la): This white grape, cultivated on the Ionian island of Cephalonia, is one of the most elegant Greek varieties. Its wines are fresh, with sunny notes of lemon. Roditis (ro-THEE-tees): Wines from this variety are made throughout almost all of Greece, but with best results near Patras in the western Peloponnese, in parts of Macedonia, and in Thessaly. When its yields are controlled and it is carefully vinified, Roditis gives us light and inviting wines that exude the freshness of citrus, apple and pear. Savatiano (sa-va-tee-a-NO): The most ubiquitous grape, Savatiano is found in Attica and throughout the whole of central Greece. Along with Roditis, it is the main grape used for the production of Retsina. Sideritis (see-the-REE-tees): A grape with rosy skin and an appetizing acidity. Grown all over the Peloponnese, especially in Corinthia, Achaia, Ilia and sporadically in Attica and Evia. Vidiano (vee-thee-a-NO): Another one of the ancient white varieties of Crete, destined to be the new star of the island’s wine production. When it is grown on cool vineyards of high altitude, it presents an intense, fruity aroma and agreeable freshness that brings balance to the full mouth. Vilana (vee-LA-na): An old Cretan variety, Vilana is a sensitive white grape which, when cultivated with care to produce modest yields, offers pleasant wines with flowery and fruity aromas.


Greek Grapes you need to know


Red grapes

Agiorgitiko (a-gee-or-GHEE-tee-ko): The king of red grapes in the Peloponnese, gorgeous Agiorgitiko is cultivated in Nemea. Its wines, dark, deep, rich and ripe are crowd pleasers. Deep red in colour with loads of cassis and blackberry flavour. Rich, mature, velvety taste and luscious texture. The supple young version is fruit-forward and will reward early enjoyment. However, there is enough big structure to support long-term cellaring (5-10 years). Avgoustiatis (av-goo-s-tee-A-tees): A red, extremely rare grape, grown in Western Peloponnese and the Ionian islands. Its wines, usually blended with Greek or international varieties have a vibrant, dark colour and respond greatly to aging in barrels. Kotsifali (ko-tsee-FA-lee): A red Cretan grape, Kotsifali produces wines that are wonderfully juicy with bright red plums and a good grip on the palate. It is usually blended with another island red grape, Mantilaria. Krassato (kra-SSA-to): A red grape which is part of the P.D.O. wine of Rapsani and is found exclusively there. Liatiko (lee-A-tee-ko): An exclusively Cretan grape, Liatiko is considered one of the oldest Greek varieties. It matures in July, hence its name, which is a transliteration of “Juliatiko.” Liatiko is a variety with high alcohol potential that best demonstrates its qualities when sufficiently ripe.

Mavrotragano (ma-vro-TRA-ga-no): A red suggestion from Santorini. This is just one of the many unknown grapes of the Cyclades islands. It was managed to be rescued – to the enjoyment of wine lovers – through the winemakers’ efforts. A wine with character and intensity, traits of any other product that comes from this beloved island. Mavroudi (ma-VROO-thee): By the name Mavroudi we find grapes in Rodopi, Thrace and South Peloponnese. Their common trait is the deep red/black colour of their skin. Mouchtaro (MOO-hta-ro): This rare grape found in Viotia, Central Greece was revived thanks to the efforts of the area’s winemakers. The high acidity and the aromas of red fruits and herbs are the main features of its wines. Mpekiari (be-kee-A-ree): A red grape grown in Ioannina, Epirus. It is usually blended with Vlahiko, offering colour and tannins. Negoska (ne-GO-ska): This red grape is exclusively grown in Goumenissa, Central Macedonia next to Xinomavro (ksee-NO-ma-vro). It is blended in the P.D.O. wine of the area, offering colour, fruit, alcoholic title and reducing its acidity. Pamidi (pa-MEE-thee): A grape with a rosy skin, grown mainly in Thrace and used for the production of rosé wines or part of red blends.

Limnio (lee-mnee-O): Limnio is an ancient red grape varietal native to the island of Lemnos. It was mentioned by Aristotle and other ancient writers. Today it is cultivated not only in Lemnos, but also in Halkidiki, and Northern Greece, where it produces lovely, silky red with the exotic perfume of wet violets and cherries.

Stavroto (sta-vro-TO): It is a red grape grown exclusively in Rapsani, Thrace and it is blended in the area’s P.D.O. wine.

Limniona (lee-mnee-O-na): One of the rarest varieties of Thessaly. Its trademark is its herbal/fruity character.

Vlahiko (VLA-hee-ko): A red grape grown in Ioannina, Epirus. It thrives in cold climates giving wines with a bright red colour, aromatic complexity, high acidity and a medium body that evolves nicely in time.

Mantilaria (man-dee-la-ree-A): This red Aegean variety flourishes on the islands of Paros, Rhodes and Crete. It has an unruly character and is usually blended with other Greek varietals that soften its rougher qualities and add fine notes to its clearly earthy tones. Mantilaria is blended with Monemvasia in Paros, and Kotsifali in Crete. Mavrodaphne (ma-vro-THA-fnee): This familiar aromatic grape is usually cultivated in the vineyards of Patras and Cephalonia. Most of its yield is used to produce the strong, sweet, high-grade, aged red wine that bears the same name. Mavro Kalavritino (MA-vro ka-la-vree-tee-NO): An Achaia red variety giving wines of medium colour and plenty of tannins, good body and fresh aromas of black and red fruit, as well as of spices. Mavro Mesenikola (MA-vro me-sse-nee-KO-la): It is grown in the area of Lake Plastira, in Thessaly. The wines present medium colour, as well as medium body and modest tannins.

Vertzami (ver-tza-MEE): A grape with a remarkable colour and fruit, grown in Northern Peloponnese and the Ionian islands.

Voudomato (voo-THO-ma-to): A rare red variety of Santorini. The wines have a bright colour, medium acidity and high alcohol consistency. Vradiano (vra-thee-a-NO): This rare red grape is found in Mainland Greece and Evia. The wines it produces have a bright colour, medium body and aromatic complexity. Xinomavro (xee-NO-ma-vro): A red grape, it is the prime variety of Northern Greece and is cultivated widely from the slopes of the central Greek mountains to the ranges of Pindos. It is the grape of P.D.O. Naoussa, Goumenissa, Amyndeon, and Rapsani. Xinomavro has a distinctive, dark-red colour and an acidic taste even when ripe. Its name means “sour black.” When young, Xinomavro wines are unyielding, but they soften with time and age beautifully, acquiring a unique complexity and palate that yields successive waves of cherry-tomato, plums, violets, lilies… -whatever you are looking for, you will probably find it in here eventually. The wines can be a touch tannic but will smooth out with an hour or two of decanting.




Greece on your table

Greece on your table

The origins of Greek cuisine date all the way back to antiquity. The ancient Greeks were basically vegetarians. They ate meat in exceptional circumstances and mainly during great religious ceremonies and after sacrifices. The rest of the time, their diet consisted of various purees from grains and legumes, with bread, vegetables, all kinds of greens and a lot of fish. In general, this was the diet of most Greeks until the 1960s. TR A D I T I O N A L G R E EK C U ISIN E Our traditional way of cooking, based more on ingredients and not so much on complex techniques, had to invent many ways to use the few seasonal products and to make different foods with them. This tremendous ingenuity is the main characteristic of traditional Greek cuisine. In a nutshell, traditional Greek cuisine is based on its seasonality, simplicity, locality and health. Traditional Greek cooking is based on the extensive use of: • vegetables • olive oil • grains • fish • wine • meat Additionally, other important products are: olives, cheese – from goat’s and sheep’s milk – and yoghurt, herbs, sprouts and countless wild greens, legumes, nuts, sesame seeds. The main ingredients of traditional Greek desserts are nuts and honey, while various fruits are also commonly used mainly for fruit preserves. MODE R N G R E E K CO O K IN G The revision of traditional recipes, adapted to current nutritional requirements, resulted into the birth of the contemporary Greek cuisine. Modern Greek cooking with unexpected notes of herbs and spices generated whimsical dishes teeming with aroma and colour, pleasant to the eye and mouth. They definitely enchant the ones who taste them. All in all, while Greek cuisine remains unshaken in its values, it is also flexible to change over the years, without losing, however, its timeless spirit.

W I N E P LU S . G R


Geek P.D.O. | P.G.I. products 13

Olive oils 18 P.D.O. Viannos, Heraklion, Crete Ligourio Asklipiou, Argolida, Peloponnese North Mylopotamos, Rethymnon, Crete Krokees, Laconia, Peloponnese Petrina, Laconia, Peloponnese Kranidi, Argolida, Peloponnese Peza, Heraklion, Crete Acharnes, Heraklion, Crete Kalamata, Peloponnese Kolimvari, Chania, Crete Sitia, Lasithi, Crete Apokorontas, Chania, Crete Extra virgin oil Thrapsano, Heraklion, Crete Finiki, Laconia, Peloponnese Extra virgin oil Trizinia, Attica Extra virgin oil Selino, Chania, Crete Agoureleo, Halkidiki Messara, Heraklion, Crete 11 P.G.I. Laconia, Peloponnese Chania, Crete Cephalonia Olympia, Peloponnese Lesvos or Mytilene Preveza Rhodes Thassos Samos Zakynthos Saint Matheos, Corfu

Olives 8 P.D.O. Kalamata olives, Peloponnsese Konservolia Amfissa, Central Greece Konservolia Atalanti, Central Greece Konservolia Rovies, Euboea, Central Greece Konservolia Stylida, Central Greece Throumpa, Thassos Throumpa, Chios Halkidiki green olives 3 P.G.I. Konservolia Arta, Epirus Throumpa Ambadia, Rethymnon, Crete Konservolia Pelion, Volos

Cheeses 6 Soft cheeses (mixed milk: sheep/goat) Anevato of Grevena Galotyri of Epirus Pichtogalo of Chania, Crete Katiki of Domokos, Fthiotida Kopanisti of Cyclades Xynomyzithra of Crete 4 Brine cheeses Feta of Macedonia, Thrace, Epirus, Thessaly, Central Greece, Peloponnese and Lesvos (mixed milk: sheep/goat) Kalathaki of Limnos (sheep’s milk) Sfela of Messinia, Laconia (mixed milk: sheep/goat) Batzos of Macedonia, Thessaly (mixed milk: sheep/ goat) 11 Hard Cheeses Graviera of Naxos (cow’s milk) San Michali of Syros (cow’s milk) Graviera of Grete (sheep’s milk may include some goat’s milk) Kasseri of Macedonia, Thessaly, Xanthi, Lesvos (sheep’s milk) Formaella of Arachova, Parnassos (sheep’s milk) Metsovone, Metsovo (mixed milk: cow/sheep) Graviera of Agrafa, Karditsa (mixed milk: cow/ sheep) Kefalograviera, Macedonia, Epirus, AetoliaAcarnania, Evrytania (mixed milk: sheep/goat) Ladotyri of Mytilene (mixed milk: sheep/goat) Manouri of Macedonia, Thessaly (mixed milk: sheep/goat) Xygalo of Sitia, Crete (mixed milk: sheep/goat)

11 Fruits Kiwi of Pieria Kiwi of Spercheios, Central Greece Crunchy cherries of Rodochori, Naoussa Peaches of Naoussa Apples Delicious Pilafa of Tripoli, Peloponnese Koum Kouat of Corfu Apples of Zagora, Pelion Oranges of Chania, Crete Apples of Kastoria Firiki of Pelion Mandarin orange of Chios

4 Vegetables Tsakoniki Eggplant of Leonidio, Peloponnese Potatoes of Kato Nevrokopi Potatoes of Naxos Tomataki of Santorini (cherry tomato) 7 Pulses (legumes) Giant Elephant Beans of Kato Nevrokopi, Drama Beans of Kato Nevrokopi, Drama Giant Elephant Beans of Prespes, Florina Beans of Prespes, Florina Giant Elephant Beans of Kastoria Fava of Santorini Beans of Feneos 9 Nuts/raisins/dried figs Pistachios of Fthiotida Pistachios of Megara Pistachios of Aegina Vostitsa Raisins of Corinth, Peloponnese Raisins of Zakynthos Raisins of Ilia Figs of Vravrona, Attica Dried figs of Kymi, Euboia Dried Figs of Taxiarchis, Halkidiki 9 Other Products Avgotaracho of Messolongi Cretan Rusks Honey of Mainalo, Arcadia, Peloponnese Gum of Chios Mastic of Chios Mastic Oil of Chios Greek Saffron of Kozani Baby lamb of Elassona Baby goat of Elassona


Wine and Food pairing!

Wine and Food pairing! 14

Small and big secrets of enjoying wine







complementary congruent

The "rules" of wine and food pairing are not only a result of prolonged observation and experimentation, but also of scientific contribution. And there are many. CONGRUENT PAIRING Harmony in wine and food is mainly based on the similarity of the organoleptic characteristics of the dish and the wine that accompanies it. Colour harmony: White wines are preferably paired with white meats (e.g. poultry), fish and white sauces. Red wines correspondingly, just by being served in their glass put us in the mood for meat and dark sauces. Aroma harmony: Better combined are the similar smells of food and wine. Consider how beautifully paired up are a white wine with an intense fruity aromas and a dish made with pears, peaches, or apples. How compatible the smoked flavour of salmon is or a piece of metsovone cheese with a white wine that has been aged in a barrel. When game comes into play, its spiciness lead us almost without second thought to red wines whose ageing has endowed them with respective spicy aromas. Flavour harmony: Dishes with sweet taste are in search of a companion wine that is light and has low acidity. On the contrary, if the wine’s acidity is accentuated, it will match better with a lemony dish or with a much fattier one (in the case of sweet dishes – food or dessert – sweeter wines are required). COMPLEMENTARY PAIRING In harmonizing flavours, besides accordance, we take into consideration the contrast or counteracting factor of the most dominating taste features of the wine and the dishes. • Acidic and/or salty foods + wines with high acidity • Fatty foods + wines with acidity or tannins • Protein foods + wines with tannins • Spicy foods + wines with low alcohol There is always room for new “rules” of wine-food pairing and, in general, for matching dishes and wines, according to our imagination, boldness and personal preference. It is advisable, however, to avoid common disasters such as the “wine killers”, which are raw materials that “shadow” all wines or make them taste unpleasantly (e.g. vinegar, pickles, salt-cured foods, asparagus, broths, etc).



The Greek Pie.The Legendary Pie

The Greek Pie. The Legendary Pie 16

Pitta (Pie) is to the Greeks what pasta is to the Italians –food to warm the soul!

G R EEK PIES + W I NES Cheese pie + Debina, Savatiano Cretan Kaltsounia + Vidiano Zucchini pie + dry Muscat Spinach pie + Savatiano, Roditis Greens pie + Sauvignon Blanc, Moschofilero, Malagousia Leeks pie + rosĂŠ CS, Merlot, Xinomavro Meat pie + Limniona, Agiorgitiko, Xinomavro


Pies, the most typical example of folk nutritional tradition, precisely express the Greek gastronomic spirit of simplicity. Tasteful masterpieces, from simple and plain materials, combine the wisdom of cooking economy with supreme gastronomical virtue. The Greek pies, as we know it today, probably evolved from the ancient flat breads, which were baked on the stones of the hearth, of fried and often topped with cheese, herbs and olive oil, dried nuts and honey or other ingredients. Or they are an integration of the Renaissance torte, the festive pies that contained many diverse ingredients with a type of thin bread that was made in Asia Minor and looked like a pie. Traditional Greek pies are renowned in Epirus, Thessaly and Central Greece. This is easily attributed to the living conditions in those areas. More specifically in Epirus, pies were a basic nutritional element for stockbreeders and nomads such as the Vlahoi and the Sarakatsaneoi. In the older days, the filling of the pie was determined by the season. In spring, we had pies with lots of green vegetables, in winter cabbage pies and leek pies. For Christmas meat pies with leftover pork from the festive dinner, spring pies with fresh vegetables during Lent, zucchini pies for the summer, while cheese pies were very popular during the cheesemaking season. In contemporary Greek cuisine, pies play a very functional role as they can either be served as an appetizer or as a main dish at a light supper. The filling of the pie as well as its crust determine in a great degree the choice of the accompanying wine.

W I N E P LU S . G R


WP suggestions: CHEESE PIE

The ubiquitous Greek pie. Crispy truly soul-warming, filled with fresh feta. +

Zitsa Classico 2017

Zoinos P.D.O. Zitsa / 6.80€ (*) Varietal composition: Debina This ultra-clean and bright offering from Debina grapes grown on steep limestone slopes of Zitsa region/North-eastern Epirus (altitude: 700m) shows real class and finesse. Fresh, playful, fruity and easy- with low levels of alcohol, a hint of lemon and crisp acidity. From Zoinos cooperative winery.


The classic version is with a variety of wild greens – from lemon balm and leaves of the poppy plant, to the more banal spinach, fennel and fresh dill – and cheese. +

Moschofilero 2017

Boutari P.D.O. Mantinia / 8.50€ Varietal composition: Moschofilero In recognition of the enormous potential of this strongly aromatic variety, Boutari created one of the most famous brand names on the market. Lovely refreshing white with classic rose and zesty citrus flavours. Make this perhaps the perfect white wine to serve at a summer garden party.


The hard core version, without cheese. +

Amethystos rosé 2017

Domaine Costa Lazaridi P.G.I Drama / 12.00€ Varietal composition: Cabernet Sauvignon - Merlot (80% - 20%) Overall the Domaine Costa Lazaridi wines are fresh, fruitforward, and easy-drinking. Rosé-coral Amethystos is crisp with hints of strawberry and blackberries. A good mouthwatering attack wakes up the palate and gets it ready for the meat pie, vegetable dishes or spicy foods.


We, the Greeks, have been wrapping our food for millennia. This savoury dough is filled with finely chopped lamp, pork or/and beef. +

Nemea 2015

Palivou Estate P.D.O. Nemea / 11.10€ Varietal composition: Agiorgitiko This Nemea shows bold aromas, with hints of cherry, roasted nuts and tobacco. On the palate it is well-rounded, harmonious, and rich with a lingering finish.

* Average prices



Vegetables and legumes

Vegetables and legumes 18

In the casserole and in the oven

What would Greek Mediterranean cooking be without the plethora of healthy, delicious dishes based on vegetables and legumes?


V E GETABLES + W I NES Cabbage rolls + rosé sparkling Xinomavro Stuffed tomatoes + rosé Xinomavro Stuffed peppers + rosé Cabernet Sauvignon Green bean casserole + rosé Agiorgitiko, Cabernet Sauvignon Eggplants in red sauce + Limnio, Kotsifali Moussaka or eggplants filled with ground beef (papoutsakia) + Merlot, Syrah


There is a wealth of vegetable and legume dishes in Greek cookery. Vegetable dishes Vegetable cookery falls into two large categories: • the gemista dishes stuffed or rolled vegetables • and the lathera, literaly “oily” referring to the myriads stews and stove-top casseroles where olive oil traditionally is poured without restraint and provides the basic flavour to the dish. Lathera & summer vegetables: okra, green beans, eggplants, peppers, zucchini and tomatoes. These are the protagonist foods of the Greek summer and the base for the delicious summer casseroles with olive oil and oven-baked delicacies. Each of the vegetables is combined with one or more of the rest, as well as with greens, legumes, herbs and spices. Onions and garlic are always present in the casseroles, while others – despite the fact that the Greek dietary code requires the absence of animal products from casseroles – include meat, fish or seafood in the pot.

Okra + rosé Agiorgitiko, Cabernet Sauvignon

Gemista: We, the Greeks have been wrapping our food for millennia. Today, the green cabbage and the grape leaf are by far the most commonly filled foliage.

Okra with chicken + aged Chardonnay, Sémillon, Savatiano

Ground meat (lamb, beef, and sometimes pork), rice, pine nuts, raisins, onions, herbs and eggplant or squash pulp are all to be found among the stuffed and rolled vegetables. Meatless stuffed vegetables are called “orphans”. Stuffed and casserole vegetables cooked with olive oil love rosé wine. You can even pair them with light young reds.



L E G UMES + W I N ES Legume soups (lima bean soup, lentils or chickpea soup) + rosé Xinomavro, Limniona Lima beans oven-baked with tomato (gigantes) + Xinomavro, Vlahiko Black-eyed peas + Agiorgitiko, Limnio, Mavro Kalavrytino Chickpeas from Sifnos island + Limnio, Merlot, Liatiko

Legumes In the ancient years, Greeks consumed legumes such as lentil, chickpeas, split peas (known as fava), and green peas. All of them are still widely consumed in Greece nowadays. Legumes are plentiful with lima beans, split peas and lentils leading the list. They are an essential nutritional element and many areas all over Greece, especially in Macedonia, are home to beans of Protected Designation of Origin. The famous Greek “gigantes” (lima beans – gigantes means giants) and the white beans of various sizes thrive in the fertile and wet soil of the rainy Greek North. Traditionally, Greeks eat beans at least once a week. Boiled, steamed, in salads, soups, puree, cooked in casseroles, mixed, fried or even baked. Legumes may be served in dozens of ways. They are baked into casseroles alone; or cooked into stews with the help of eggplants or spinach. They are simmered into something between soup and solid, as is the case with the green and yellow split pea. It’s boiled to a smooth puree, topped with ample raw onions and doused with olive oil.


Vegetables and legumes

WP suggestions:



They are the stars of the most beloved oven-baked dish cooked with olive oil and many stuffed vegetables. Try them meatless or with a filling of ground beef, raisins and pine nuts. +

Akakies 2017

Kir-Yianni P.D.O. Amyndeon / 7.80€ Varietal composition: Xinomavro Kir-Yianni is famous for top quality Amyndeon P.D.O. rosés. Their first class label is a fresh, dry rosé Xinomavro with a gorgeous pink blush hue and a raspberry-strawberry-withhints-of-pepper nose. Delicately fruity with texture and complexity. The grapes are sourced from selected vineyards in Amyndeon region, Florina, Northwestern Greece.


Simple, earthy dish is a country fare at its best and calls out for feta cheese and good bread. Usually serves cold. +

Strofilia white 2017

Strofilia P.G.I. Peloponnese / 6.10€ Varietal composition: Roditis, Sauvignon Blanc Appealing and refreshing every-day white, it shows good varietal flavours of citrus fruits, peaches, wildflowers and fine acidity. Wine’s delicious fruit and round flavour matches perfectly the Mediterranean cuisine.


We call okra by its Arabic name, bamya/bamyes in the plural. +

Kapnias white 2017

Domaine Hatzimihalis P.G.I. Atalanti Valley / 25.00€ Varietal composition: Chardonnay What a beautiful Chardonnay! Fruit is sourced from selected plots of the privately owned vineyard in Central Greece. Matured in French oak, its ripe fruit ably supports the toasty oak tones. Mouth-watering for food but not overpowering, it has an almost exotic apricot, almond-nutty, biscotti aroma.


This is a real classic throughout Greece and the near East. Its name is a reference to the fact that it is, indeed, a delicious, still filling dish! +

Limneon 2016

Domaine Porto Carras P.G.I. Sithonia / 9.50€ Varietal composition: Limnio A medium-to-full-bodied red wine from Sithonia area in Halkidiki and the indigenous grape Limnio. Red fruits with an elegant mouthfeel and a piquant aftertaste are the characteristics of the wine which is produced from vineyards situated at 300m altitude. P.S.: Estate’s vineyard is one of the most beautiful on the Greek landscape and a must-see when touring wine country.

W I N E P LU S . G R



The beautiful, large, fragile yellow flowers of the zucchini stuffed with a rice, onion and garlic filling is one of the truly special dishes in Greek cookery. +

Artisti 2017 semi-sparkling

Georgios Lafazanis Winery Varietal wine / 8.00€ Varietal composition: White Muscat Savoury semi-sparkling Muscat. Ripe peaches and roses: the aromas intrigue us. Its code is medium sweet, but to me, there's just a touch of sweetness, enough to soften it and give it a luxurious mouthfeel. Drink with the zucchini blossoms, spicy grilled chicken salad, antipasti and… the love of your life.


Grape leaves stuffed with rice, fresh parsley and mint is a delicious, favourite summer dish throughout Greece. +

Mantinia 2017

Bosinakis Winery P.D.O. Mantinia / 9.60€ Varietal composition: Moschofilero If you love the elegant style of Moschofilero, snap this wine up. Clean and refreshing, it offers thrilling rosewater nose, fresh lime aromas and flavours. A glass traps the coolness inside the place where the wine is produced: Mantinia, Peloponnese.


Fresh zucchini stuffed with meat filling: ground beef, onions, rice and herbs. +

Limniona Rosé 2017

Domaine Zafeirakis P.G.I. Tirnavos / 10.80€ Varietal composition: Limniona This pink hue rosé is produced with the Limniona grape, an indigenous red variety of the Tirnavos region in Thessaly. Domaine Zafeirakis targets certain vineyard parcels specifically for this wine which shows terrific personality. Expect flavours and aromas of cherries and strawberries with hints of wild herbs and pepper.


Lahanodolmades -meaning stuffed with meat and rolled cabbage leaves- is a traditional festive dish in Macedonia. May also be served with béchamel or strained yogurt. +

Amyndeon Sparkling

Amyntas Wines P.D.O. Amyndeon / 8.60€ Varietal composition: Xinomavro Who says Xinomavro has to be big, bold, and red? Amyntas Wines takes this often austere red variety and vinifies it as an off-dry, soft and round sparkling rosé brimming with red fruit and sweet baking spice. It’s a perfect aperitif but its pairing with lahanodolmades is one to remember.



Vegetables and legumes



Fava in Greece refers to a dish of creamy pureed green or yellow split peas. It is a standard fare throughout the country, however the one of Santorini is legendary. It does not matter how many times you taste it while on the island, they are never enough. Bring some back with you… +

Aidani 2017

Estate Argyros P.G.I. Aegean Sea / 20.50€ Varietal composition: Athiri If you wondered what a wine, made from Aidani, the rare white grape of the Aegean islands, tasted like, this spectacular wine (from Santorini) would certainly give you an idea of the combination of aromatic richness and acidity. Exotic aromas of peaches, apricots and stones minerality. Delicious with a pleasant citrus trees fruit finish that goes on and on. A finish without end.


Chick-peas are a staple of the Aegean Sea southern islands and of Cyprus. In Sifnos Island they are used in special fried keftedes. +

Assyrtiko 2017

Santo Wines P.D.O. Santorini / 15.90€ Varietal composition: Assyrtiko This Santorini reveals rich mineral and flower aromas, as well as a citrus-flavoured character. Somehow it combines fabulously fruit, honey and spice flavours with a savoury minerality, leading to a dry finish.


In Northern Greece fassolada is served with feta, wild greens and small hot red peppers. +

Gi & Uranos 2016

Thymiopoulos Vineyards P.D.O. Naoussa / 17.30€ Varietal composition: Xinomavro Drinking Xinomavro has never been easier than with Thymiopoulos’s ‘Gi & Uranos’ label (meaning Earth and Sky). The wine pours a gorgeous magenta colour, brimming with fresh, fruity flavours. One of the freshest bottles of Xinomavro on the market.


The famous Greek “gigantes” (lima beans – gigantes means giants) baked in oven. A dish of special earthy flavours. +

Goumenissa 2015

Aidarinis Winery P.D.O. Goumenissa / 10.30€ Varietal composition: Xinomavro, Negoska (70% - 30%) Goumenissa P.D.O. wines makes us realize just how well Xinomavro can blend with indigenous and/or international grapes. In this red wine are all the extraordinary character and acidity of Xinomavro, with juicy red fruit of Negoska, an indigenous red variety of the region.






Fish, seafood and wine 26

A love affair

F I SH & SEAF O OD + W I NE Octopus stew + rosé Mussel’s risotto + Malagousia Shrimp saganaki + rosé Monkfish saganaki + Chardonnay Pan-fried cod with garlic sauce + Moschofilero, Malagousia Small fried fish + Retsina, Moschofilero, Vilana, Roditis Sardine + Retsina Sole meunière, monk fish tails poached + Assyrtiko, Chardonnay Red mullet + rosé Seabream + Assyrtiko Sea bass + Assyrtiko, Chardonnay, Viognier White groupers, dusky groupers + Chardonnay, Viognier, dry Mavrodaphne

Fish, fish and yet again... fish! A divine food. Delicious, light, nutritional, totally compatible to the summer. Shiny, blade-long joey mackerel (skoubri), ash coloured chub mackerel (kolios), striped seabreams (sargos), silver white pandoras (lithrini), huge bonitos (palamida) and gilthead seabreams (tsipoura), white soles (glossa) and sharpsnout seabreams (hiona), wide red skates (vatos), red mullets (barbouni), humble pickerels (marida) and discrete sardines (sardela), pilchard (gavros), sand smelts (atherina). Shells (ostraka), oysters (stridia), carpet shells (kidonia), shrimps (garida), crayfish (karavida), mussels (midia), calamari and squid (soupies). Grilled, fried or boiled with a few salt grains and a lemon juice with olive oil dressing, or served with white sauces or even dark ones, with wine and tomato, fish are the true summer divas. To save you from the cumbersome task of selecting the appropriate wine, we will do that for you. So here is our advice: Small fried fish The small fish, especially the humble pickerels and pilchard, will certainly be worth using your frying pan. The light taste, their crispy texture and the inevitable greasiness caused by the frying process, will naturally lead you to white wines with a faint taste of lemon. They are totally compatible to Retsina. Among your next choices, which will not disappoint you, could be a Moschofilero, a Vilana, a Savatiano or a Roditis. The same wines go well with the typically Aegean culinary challenge: the mullet. Fried fish with white sauce When faced with a well buttered meunier sole, toadfish tails poached with mustard, or even a fine seabass in white sauce, assorted with small and round potatoes, like ivory buttons, you need to turn to more fullbodied but still, lively wines. I can not think of a better choice than a Chardonnay that has been slightly aged in the embrace of an oak barrel. Fish in love with the grill This is the silver-gray gilthead seabream with its royal crown, the tender sea bream, the aristocratic dentex, and our beloved striped seabream. The crème de la crème, as many believe, of fish is full of iodine.

W I N E P LU S . G R



With a rich, sweet flesh and chewy texture showcased by unprocessed salt. They all go well with the acute zippiness and the metallic aftertaste of the Assyrtiko, especially those grown in Santorini. Fatty fish Bear in mind that the fatter the fish, the more it needs a strong wine with higher alcoholic volume and a rich taste. Which means that if you are about to treat yourself to a generous salmon or a bonito filet, or a joey mackerel filet, you'd better opt for an equally generous white wine, be it an Assyrtiko, a Chardonnay or a Viognier. But if you go for a grilled sardine, I will kindly ask you to indulge yourself to a new generation retsina, with its fine aromas and its discrete raisin taste. Big, open sea fish White groupers (sfirida), dusky groupers (rofos), greater amberjacks (mayiatiko) and tunas (tonos). Those fantastic... monsters threatening the whole universe with their huge mouths, can be cooked in many ways. They can be grilled, cooked on steam or be buttered in the oven but they always offer their tight flesh and their rich, delicious taste. They demand a wine partner of a similar gravity. Therefore, you should put your richest aged Chardonnay on ice. But if you like your fish cooked with tomato, garlic and wine, then I dare you to accompany it with a mild, fresh and light red, such as a young Nemea. What about seashells? Here are some fundamentals for the moment you will find yourself in front of a platter full of shiny oysters. Undoubtedly, a fine dry sparkling wine will give you the ultimate gastronomic pleasure. Alternatively, try an Assyrtiko or a very dry Chardonnay. Better go for the stainless steel, mineralic version of the varieties. Just squeeze some lemon on top and enjoy the combination to the maximum. If you come across very fresh, very delicious mussels, try a vivid white: its zippiness will fight the saltiness. Try an Assyrtiko, a Robola from Cephalonia or a Debina from Epirus. They will stand to the challenge. At some point, the time will come for delicate shrimps, fine crayfish or the more humble slipper lobster and the aristocratic lobster. Your first choice in this case should be a delicate Moshofilero, a mild Chardonnay or a fresh Trebbiano.


Fish, seafood and wine

WP suggestions:



When you find yourself in front of a platter full of shiny oysters, cockles, scallops and carpet shells try an Assyrtiko. Just squeeze some lemon on top and enjoy the combination to the maximum. +

Santorini 2017

Hatzidakis Winery P.D.O. Santorini / 17.80€ Varietal composition: Assyrtiko Vibrant and youthful, this beauty is pure pleasure with fresh citrus aromas bursting from the glass, layers of mineral notes and a core of tangy acid, leading to a dry finish. Brilliant now, it should evolve nicely over the next 5 years.


This Greek spaghetti alle vongole with tender fresh clams in a garlicy sauce served over pasta is OMG delicious! +

Mantinia 2017

Domaine Tselepos P.D.O. Mantinia / 9.90€ Varietal composition: Moschofilero Textbook Moschofilero: crisp, ripe citrus trees fruit, rose notes and a racy character. One of my favourite styles of wine because it's so refreshing it can be consumed on its own, or makes a terrific partner to a wide range of dishes (chicken, pasta, shellfish, seafood, salads).


Nobody knows why Thessaloniki claims so many good mussel mezedes, better seasoned, spicier and more imaginative than any other Greek city. Mussel risotto (mythopilafo) and mussels stuffed with rice and herbs are two classics. +

Malagousia 2017

Arvanitidis Estate P.G.I. Thessaloniki / 11.00€ Varietal composition: Malagousia A classic Malagousia for purists made with grapes sourced from the Askos region of Thessaloniki. It delivers classic notes of lime, which leads to delicious flavours of aromatic herbs and basil on a harmonious, crisp palate. Enjoy this wine as accompaniment to mussels, shellfish and more, or as a refreshing aperitif all on its own.


Cuttlefish, onions, olives, fennel and garlic combine to make a delicious Cretan dish. +

Aspros Lagos Vidiano 2017 (White hare)

Doloufakis Winery P.G.I. Crete / 15.70€ Varietal composition: Vidiano Vibrant pale yellow colour leads to beautiful nose of citrus and peaches and hints of green pepper spice in the buttery aftertaste. This full-bodied Vidiano is shiny, like a summer day in Crete after a dip into Aegean sea. Douloufakis winery offers an astonishing barrel-fermented version of the variety, full of apricot vinosity and fleshy palate.

W I N E P LU S . G R



Shrimp cooked in the skillet in a tangy feta cheese and savoury tomato sauce. Saganaki, a traditional Greek preparation named after the pan in which it’s prepared, is best served straight from the skillet! +

Avantis Estate rosé 2017

Avantis Estate P.G.I. Evia / 7.50€ Varietal composition: Syrah, Grenache Rouge (50%-50%) Avantis Estate in Evia crafts rich, velvety textured wines. In their rosé they took advantage of the acidity and breed of both grapes to turbo-boost the wine with mid- term aging potential. Crisp and juicy with hints of blackberries it can perfectly also match with BBQ.


This is a tangy, exotic dish that’s beautiful to look at -with plump, purplish pieces of octopus- as it is to eat. It is usually served over plain rice. +

Apla rosé 2017

Oenops Wines Varietal wine / 11.00€ Varietal composition: Xinomavro, Limniona, Cabernet Sauvignon (60%-20%-20%) This rosé is an alluring pomegranate pink colour made with Xinomavro, Limniona and CS grapes. There is a strong, rosy and cherry aroma and a lovely acidity that makes it a delight to drink in the warm summer months.


Deep-frying is the most popular way of cooking small-to medium-size whole fish, and delicious red mullet are among the most prized. +

Feggites rosé 2017

Oinogenesis P.G.I Drama / 11.50€ Varietal composition: CS, Grenache Rouge Bright pink in colour, with really nicely judged red cherry and raspberry fruits, as well as some lemony acidity. Dry, well balanced, and highly food friendly, this charming rosé from Drama region in Northern Greece is reminiscent of the wines of the French coast.


The small fish, especially the humble pickerels and anchovies, will certainly be worth using the frying pan. The light taste, their crispy texture and the inevitable greasiness caused by the frying process, will naturally lead you to a fine Retsina. +

Retsina Ampelicious

Georgiadis Bros Traditional Appellation / 2.50€ Varietal composition: Savatiano If you're curious about Retsina, this intensely aromatic Greek wine, then we suggest starting with Retsina Ampelicious. Blond in colour and beautifully balanced, with sharp aftertaste and a hint of vanilla, this 100% Savatiano retsina is a prime example of Georgiadis Bros ability to combine long standing traditions with dynamic innovation.




Fish, seafood and wine


Monkfish also known as angler fish or in Greek, peskandritsa, cooked in the skillet in a savoury mustard sauce. The sauce is built with sweet onions, green peppers and a chilli for heat, parsley, dried oregano, mustard and crumbled feta cheese. +

Plano Assyrtiko 2016

Wine Art Estate P.G.I Drama / 13.50€ Varietal composition: Assyrtiko Wine Art Estate takes this Santorini-born variety and gives it a gorgeous northern twist. The nose is laced with notes of citrus trees, peach and sun-ripened apricot. It performs impressively in the mouth thanks to the crisp acidity and minerality that white wine lovers crave.


Pan-fried cod or fresh shark is a classic Greek meal. Shredded cabbage salad and garlic puree are the two classics that almost always accompany the dish. +

Mantinia 2017

Troupis Winery P.D.O. Mantinia/ 8.30€ Varietal composition: Moschofilero Moschofilero 100% grown in the mountainous vineyards of the family in Fteri, Mantinia (altitude: 700m). A pure expression of the variety, it is a terrific refreshing white with classic crushed rose flowers, lime and green apple flavours.


Served with a creamy lemon sauce. +

Santorini 2017

Domaine Sigalas P.D.O. Santorini / 19.50€ Varietal composition: Assyrtiko Sigalas’s Assyrtiko always delivers great quality in just about any vintage. Vibrant and youthful, this beauty is pure pleasure with fresh citrus aromas bursting from the glass, layers of mineral notes and a core of tangy acid. Brilliant now, it should evolve nicely over the next 5 years.


The tender sea bass is in love with the grill! With a rich, sweet flesh and chewy texture showcased by unprocessed salt. +

Assyrtiko by Gaia Wild Ferment 2017

Gaia Wines P.D.O. Santorini/ 23.50€ Varietal composition: Assyrtiko A pure expression of Assyrtiko that is fermented by wild yeasts strains in small inox tanks and oak and acacia barrels. This is a truly outstanding wine that boasts impeccable intensity and elegance. It possesses great intensity, good acidity to bring it into balance, citrus and smoke in the mix too. You could drink it now or hold it 3 years or more.



The moment you take the baton, you hold it with every ounce of strength that is left, trying to reach the finishing line with your head held up high.. Stella, Antonis, Ariadne. The children of Haridimos Hatzidakis and Hatzidakis team is pledging to continue the philosophy of making ''terroir'' driven wines, naturally fermented. Soft yellow color with golden shades. Typical aromas of Assyrtiko such as white flowers and citrus fruits plus the refreshing acidity of the grape itself, give as a wellstructured, muscular result with lengthy aftertaste pronounced by distinctive minerality.

It's Our pleasure to visit Hatzidakis Winery on Santorini island. Enjoy the guided tour at Hatzidakis cave Winery! It usually starts at the part of the Winery where the stainless steel tanks are and end up in the cave of the barrels, where Vinsanto, our natural sweet desert wine from sun dried grapes has been aged for more than 14 years! At the same cave, there are monastery tables and wooden benches where the guests sit and enjoy 6 wines! Each wine we present it in detail

Please book an appointment e-mail: mobile phone: 0030 6981107180.


Fish, seafood and wine



This is the silver-grey gilthead seabream with its royal crown. The crème de la crème, as many believe, of fish is full of iodine and love the grill. +

Santorini 2017

Artemis Karamolegos Winery P.D.O. Santorini / 15.45€ Varietal composition: Assyrtiko This multi-awarded Santorini reveals flower aromas, as well as a citrus-flavoured character. It also delivers that characteristic touch of salinity that you often get with Assyrtiko planted on Santorini. There’s tonic energy and minerality in the mouth thanks to the wine’s balanced acidity and its textural richness.


Cooked buttered in the oven, white groupers offer their tight flesh and their rich, delicious taste. +

Chardonnay 2017

Ktima Gerovassiliou P.G.I. Epanomi / 18.50€ Varietal composition: Chardonnay It's easy to fall for this charming Chardonnay, which winemaker Vangelis Gerovassiliou sources from estate’s vineyard at Epanomi, Thessaloniki. The wine offers the generous textural richness of a well-grown Chardonnay while finishing clean and tight. Its gentle silkiness carries notes of floral honey, passion fruit and citrus, sweet in the middle, dry in the end.


This fantastic... monster, threatening the whole universe with its huge mouth, is ideal for grilling. +

Emphasis Chardonnay 2016

Pavlidis Estate P.G.I. Drama / 15.80€ Varietal composition: Chardonnay A premium Greek Chardonnay determined to expand beyond variety’s full potential! Barrique fermentation + 6 months fine lees contact. Result: ultra-ripe fruit character + hints of oak, great intensity, pure enjoyment! Note: Pavlidis Estate is a solid producer from Drama.


Greek sushi! A real summer dish that you can also have on the beach: sardines, coarse salt, freshly ground pepper, a few garlic cloves crushed under the blade of a thick kitchen knife, the juice of a freshly-picked lemon, olive oil and diced tomatoes. Two or three hours later the dish can be served. +

The tear of the Pine

Domaine Stelios Kechris Traditional Appellation / 15.50€ Varietal composition: Assyrtiko An elegant and refreshing retsina. With this wine Domaine Stelios Kechris has captured the perfect balance between pine and grapes. The ripe fruit ably supports the toasty oak tones from fermentation + 6 months maturation in new oak barrels. A must try for retsina lovers looking for something different.


Meat and wine

Meat and wine 34

A passionate affair


Meat and wine are involved in an affair full of passion! And like in all…passionate relationships, in this case also, no general rule of harmony applies.

Chicken with okra + Moschofilero

The determining factors in their combination are the kind of meat, the cooking method and the side sauces.

Chicken with green olives + SB Chicken in mustard sauce + Chardonnay Apricot and prunes chicken stew + sweat Muscat of Samos

The temperature of the food is also significant. Moreover, spices also affect the selection. An intense spice like curry plays an important role in the flavour character of the dish, more important than its main ingredient, and it demands all of our attention when it comes to the wine selection.

Hen stew with trahana (Greek grain product) + rosé Xinomavro

Even the side dishes, like cooked vegetables, raw salad or french fries, play their part.

Stuffed turkey + Agiorgitiko

In general, the basic guidelines for the pairing partners of meats may lead us to the following choices:

Lamb fricassee + Assyrtiko

Roast kid with herbs + rosé Xinomavro, Agiorgitiko

• Pork + rich whites and young reds • Goat’s meat + fatty whites • Lamb + elegant, soft reds • Beef and veal + soft reds • Game + aged reds with profound bouquet, robust with a rich body.

Braised pork with celery + Assyrtiko, Robola, Kidonitsa

More guidelines Dishes served cold are looking for lighter wines as opposed to hot, rich dishes or charbroiled foods.

Lamb + Xinomavro

Roasted pork + Agiorgitiko Braised pork with prunes + Xinomavro, Mavrodaphne of Patras Lagoto @Arkadia/Peloponnese (braised veal) + Agiorgitiko, Cabernet Sauvignon Wild boar salmis + Xinomavro, Cabernet-Merlot blend Rabbit stew + Xinomavro, Agiorgitiko blends

Grilled meats are paired with red wines with ripe fruit, slightly spicy, and a pleasant hint of acidity. Juicy wines, without too many tannins and high alcohol, which will intensify the relatively dry sensation of grilled meat. Ideal cases are the fresh wines of Agiorgitiko and Merlot. Foods that are quite spicy and hot are searching for wines without much oak, with ripe and juicy fruit. Savoury dishes require acidity, therefore white dry wines. Meats with herb sauces are the best companions for rich red wines. In regards to meat cooked with fruit (quince, figs, etc.), honey or anything sweet, it is best to provide a supple wine, a Merlot or an Agiorgitiko.


Meat and wine



The unbearable delight of Greek sausages

S AUSAGES + W I NE Air-dried salami from Lefkada + beer! But if you insist on wine, choose a relatively acid white, like Assyrtiko, Robola, Debina. Lountza from Mykonos + Chardonnay, light rosé Apaki from Crete + Kotsifali, Merlot Nouboulo from Corfu + Merlot, Agiorgitiko, Limniona Kavourmas from Thrace + Chardonnay, rosé Sigklino from Mani + Cabernet Sauvignon, Agiorgitiko Pastrami (pastourma)+ Xinomavro, Syrah

Air-dried salami from Lefkada Lefkada Island is famous for its traditional air-dried salami. With secret recipes handed down from one generation to the other, fresh ingredients and aromatic spices, salamis in Lefkada are made with tender love and they mature drying hung and served in thin slices. The aroma is unique, and the peppercorns give the necessary spicy note. Louza from Mykonos This traditional Mykonos sausage owes its existence to the first pig feast, when people slaughtered pigs only once a year (on Christmas) and had to preserve their products as much as possible. Served in very thin slices, like tissue paper, it is quite dry and hard (because it has no fat), with a taste reminiscent of savoury, oregano and Greek nature in general. Apaki from Crete Exquisite Cretan sausage made of pure pork tenderloin lightly smoked with aromatic wood. With a strong smell of cumin, it is served cut into thin slices. Tip: grill lightly before serving. Goes perfectly with pulses. Nouboulo from Corfu Awesome delicacy from Corfu. Also an air-dried sausage (it matures hanging) flavoured mainly with black pepper. Kavourmas from Thrace A very special and rare Greek sausage, made from pieces of meat cooked with their fat. Once cooled, they form large "sausages". The traditional recipe requires cuts of beef, mutton and pork with spices. Sigklino from Mani A traditional delicacy of incredible finesse. Pork smoked slowly, boiled with wine, orange peel and spices and then kept in its fat or in virgin olive oil. It can be consumed on its own, but is wonderful in trachana soup (based on a dried fermented mixture of grain and yoghurt) or omelettes. Pastrami (pastourma) The original pastourma is made from tender pieces of veal meat (although rumour has it that camel meat is also used), pressurized into specialized presses until dry and then covered with a very thick layer of aromatic spice mixtures, the famous cements (tsimeni), and matures hanging on air. Pastourma is cut and served in very thin slices, with the characteristic aroma of cumin, paprika and cements. You can enjoy it plain or in the “Caesarean” pie, cooked with kasseri cheese and tomato sauce in puff pastries.



Meat and wine

WP suggestions: 38


The Greek coq au vin simmered for hours in the skillet. Homemade pasta, plain rice or mashed potatoes belong with this dish. +

Pinot Noir 2015

Dio Filoi Estate P.G.I. Siatista / 14.80€ Varietal composition: Pinot Noir Thoroughly pretty and pure. Coming from Siatista highaltitude vineyard (680-870m), this is a stylish and very classy fruity, crisp and fresh Pinot. Look for soft cherry, spice and herbal flavours and aromas.


The central idea is to create a dish in which hot, sour and sweet flavours are in balance. Dare to pair it with a dessert wine. +

Grand Cru

Samos Coop P.D.O. Samos / 7.80€ (500 ml) Varietal composition: Muscat Blanc Grand Cru is probably Samos Coop's absolute best value dessert wine. This V.D.N (Vin Doux Naturel) opens with a bright golden colour and very distinctive aromas of candied fruit, orange peel, honey, caramel and dried rose bud. It is a thick, sugar-rich expression that peels off with charming layers of candied fruit on the finish.


A unique, authentic, traditional Greek dish which has tender lamb, lettuce and a delicious egg & lemon (avgolemono) sauce. +

Ovilos white 2017

Ktima Vivlia Chora P.G.I. Pangeon / 20.50€ Varietal composition: Assyrtiko, Sémillon When it comes to northern Greek wineries, legendary estate Vivlia Chora is one of the best. Comprised of 50 % native Assyrtiko and 50% Sémillon, the wine exudes flavours of silky tree fruit, minerality and many nuances. Perfect for Greek wine novices looking to get their feet wet.


Another Greek classic seasoned with rosemary and dried oregano. +

Vogiatzi Estate rosé 2017

Vogiatzi Estate P.G.I. Velvendos / 8.70€ Varietal composition: Xinomavro, Black Muscat A great rosé wine from Velvendos region in Northern Greece. It's a beguiling Xinomavro, Black Muscat {aka Muscat of Hamburg} blend that defies convention with unending aromas of red fruits and roses. A good mouth-watering attack wakes up the palate and gets it ready for spicy foods.

W I N E P LU S . G R


This is one of the all-time classics and favourites dishes on the Sunday and festive Greek table. +

Kidonitsa 2017

Monemvasia Winery – Tsimbidis & Co P.G.I. Lakonia / 8.70€ Varietal composition: Kidonitsa Taste this pretty smart wine and… the light of truth will shine upon the Kidonitsa grape’s abilities. Vibrant pale yellow colour leads to beautiful nose of citrus and apricots and hints of quince in the buttery aftertaste.


A famous, traditional dish of Argolida. Tender pork, roasted a few hours in the oven, eventually melts in the mouth. Is served on baking paper with plenty of salt and pepper, while its characteristic is the crispy and browned skin of the meat as it braises. +

Saint George 2015

Skouras P.D.O. Nemea / 9.50€ Varietal composition: Agiorgitiko This medium-to-full-bodied, plush Nemea has it all: balance, beautiful fruit (dancing cherries on your tongue) and a lovely acidity for pork, tomato-based pasta, pizza, lasagne and sausage. It will age well, giving an always structured, fine and stylish wine.


Garlic, tomatoes, dried mint & oregano: from the Peloponnese and Ionian islands, this traditional Greek stew always amazes with its simple but bold Mediterranean flavours. +

Nemea Reserve 2015

Semeli P.D.O. Nemea / 11.00€ Varietal composition: Agiorgitiko A kaleidoscope of scents and flavours, this Nemea is a fascinating study of Agiorgitiko. With beautiful fruit and spice, it spent 12 months in new oak barriques, plus 12 months in bottles. Rich and appealing, it should develop over the next decade.


A traditional spicy meatballs dish originated in the East by Greeks from Smyrna or Constantinople in Minor Asia. +

Naoussa 2013

Argatia P.D.O. Naoussa / 17.30€ Varietal composition: Xinomavro We are extremely fond of complex Xinomavro reds with firm tannins and lovely backbone of acidity. Dr. Haroula Spinthiropoulou, agriculturalist specializing in winemaking and her husband Panagiotis Georgiadis have been able to solidify the extraordinary character and the top quality of this very special –and rare– wine vintage after vintage.




Meat and wine



This is a classic preparation that refers to lamb cooked in a slightly sweetened and spicy tomato sauce. Cinnamon and cloves are the essential ingredients to counter the savoury of the meat. +

Reserve ‘Vieilles Vignes’ 2014

Alpha Estate P.D.O. Amyndeon / 16.80€ Varietal composition: Xinomavro When it comes to Amyndeon, Alpha Estate is king and their old vine Xinomavro is not to be missed. The grapes, from the single-vineyard block of “Barba Yannis,” are fermented in horizontal takes, allowing for slow extraction of tannin and flavours. Dark fruit flavours and smooth tannins make this a red wine lover’s perfect match.


A delicious rustic dish with rabbit and onions! It’s a kind of “national” dish in Greece. +

Rapsani 2013

Tsantali P.D.O. Rapsani / 14.80€ Varietal composition: Xinomavro, Krassato, Stavroto Grown on the hillside vineyards on Mount Olympus slopes, this blend of Xinomavro, Krassato, Stavroto with 24 months of oak & bottle aging is a prime example of Tsantali ability to combine long standing traditions with dynamic innovation. The wine shows bold aromas, with hints of cherry, roasted nuts and tobacco. On the palate it is well-rounded, harmonious, and rich with a lingering finish.


Succulent, melt-in-your-mouth beef stew served over a warm, creamy mash of eggplant and aged cheese. +

Rossiu di Munte Vlahiko 2015

Katogi Averoff P.G.I. Metsovo / 25.00€ Varietal composition: Vlahiko From Katogi-Averof celebrated estate, Vlahiko is an incredibly flavourful wine coming from Metsovo high-altitude vineyard (900-1.000m). The colour is deep ruby; the aromas are of raspberry, cedar, new leather and smoked meat; the palate is balanced yet impactful. It is ready to drink, but will also reward cellaring.


This dish is baked with red wine leaving the pork rich and succulent. Prunes add a wonderful sticky sweetness which compliments the salty pork. +

Domain Mega Spileo red 2012

Cavino P.G.I. Achaia / 18.80€ Varietal composition: Mavrodaphni, Mavro Kalavritino (60% - 40%) The Slopes of Egialia allow the two indigenous grapes to realize their full potential, making plush and smooth wines, full of dark fruit flavours and smooth tannins, like this one. Domaine Mega Spileo vineyard, located in the Agios Nikolaos plateau, upland Egialia and 800 meters altitude, can boast one of the choicest and most beautiful vineyard sites in Greece.



ww w.b ib l ia c h or a .gr


Meat and wine



Prepare an omelette with fine chopped kavourmas and tomato. +

Pamidi rosé 2017

Vourvoukelis Estate P.G.I. Avdira / 12.80€ Varietal composition: Pamidi Vourvoukelis Estate brand new label is a pale pink coloured wine. A fresh, fragrant, dry rosé with flavours of flowers and herbs. Delicately fruity with lovely focus and good acidity is a superb wine for aperitif or summer parties. The grapes are sourced from selected vineyards of Avdira, Thrace, North-Est Greece.


Cut Nouboulo, which many call the ‘Corfiot prosciutto’, in very thin slices, as you would prosciutto, and add it to a pasta. +

Theopetra Estate rosé 2016

Theopetra Estate P.G.I. Meteora / 12.00€ Varietal composition: Limniona, Syrah (70% - 30%) This gorgeous rosé is a blend of rare Limniona, an indigenous red grape variety of the Meteora region and Syrah, both grown organically in Estate’s vineyard. Groovy and crisp with hints of strawberry and blackberries. Delightfully mature and full-bodied with deep rich stony aromas and herbs flavours.


In Mani locals usually eat siglino cut into pieces and boiled in a saucepan with fresh oranges. +

Geometria Agiorgitiko 2016

Lafazanis Winery P.G.I. Peloponnese / 6.50€ Varietal composition: Agiorgitiko An ultra-clean Agiorgitiko from Nemea region. Clearly made in a leaner style than high-alcohol cult style, it trades richness for elegance and finesse. With a wonderful freshness and mouth-watering juiciness to balance the acidity. The mouth-feel is velvety, smooth and long lasting. Perfect wine for everyday drinking.


Warm up this super delicacy for a few minutes in the pan, in the oven or on the grill. Serve it next to fresh green beans or baby lima bean soup. +

Cabernet – Kotsifali 2014

Strataridakis Estate P.G.I. Crete / 12.50€ Varietal composition: CS, Kotsifali (50% - 50%) This is a family-owned winery in South Crete. Fruit for this red blend comes from their southeast-facing vineyard and ferments at slowly increasing temperatures, allowing the wine to develop texture and complexity. You will taste ripe cherry, cassis and hints of tobacco with a veil of olive tapenade.



Greek cheese

Greek cheese 44

GREEK CHEESES + WINE Feta + Retsina Kalathaki of Limnos + Moschofilero Kasseri + fresh Chardonnay, Muscat Graviera + Xinomavro, Mandilaria, Cabernet-Merlot blend Ladotyri + Assyrtiko Anthotyros + Moschofilero Manouri + aromatic Sauvignon Blanc or Malagousia Metsovone + Chardonnay aged in barrel Kopanisti + sweet Muscat from Samos or Limnos Batzos + Xinomavro Sfela + Agiorgitiko, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon Talagani + Malagousia, Assyrtiko Krassotyri + Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah Myzithra + Vinsanto (sweet P.D.O. Santorini) Cheese soufflé + sweet Muscat from Samos or Limnos

Feta Our national pride and joy, the cheese delight of every Greek. Feta is made from sheep’s milk or a mixture of sheep’s and goat’s milk, provided that this contains only a maximum total weight of 30% goat’s milk. Feta is ready to be consumed after it has matured for 2 months in wooden barrels or metal tins, though the more it matures, the better its taste. Soft, white brined cheese with a buttery, slightly sour taste. The aroma, indistinct at low temperatures, starts to become apparent when the cheese warms up giving off an acidy, lemony fragrance. (P.D.O.) Kalathaki of Limnos I confess my weak spot for this ultra-white, salty cheese, and by the by, for the sun-kissed island where it's produced. This is a real local feta which is strained and matured in traditional small baskets. That explains its embossed shape. Rich, full taste and tinged with the unique flora of Limnos. (P.D.O.) Kasseri This yellow, medium-hard cheese with a soft, sweetish taste, is imbued with the aroma of sheep’s milk (or mixture of goat’s and sheep’s milk) from which it is made. The traditional savoury kasseri of our childhood has a full taste and an aroma redolent of almond. (P.D.O.) Graviera The spicy graviera needs sheep’s (or goat’s) milk and at least 3 to 6 months maturation. It is yellow in colour and full of tiny holes across its surface. It has a subtle fruity aroma, and yet its taste is salty and spicy with a kick of nuts. The most renowned graviera is that of Crete followed by Naxos (from cow’s milk), Agrafa (all P.D.O.) and the wonderful graviera of Tinos. Ladotyri Exclusive to lovely Lesvos, this equally lovely ladotyri is a gift to the world as far as Greek cheeses go. It matures in oil, taking on a rich and exceptionally spicy taste. (P.D.O.) Anthotyros Savoury white cheese made of sheep’s and goat’s milk. It is ready to be consumed fresh after just a few weeks of maturation following production. Its aroma fully justifies the name, since the 'bloom of cheeses' conveys strong fragrances of freshness and a hint of the spring flowers on which the animals feed. (pending P.D.O.)


Manouri Among most popular Greek cheeses, principally because of its heavenly rich, soft briny taste. Ultra-fresh and ultra-white cheese, matured for only a few days after being made. Its richness in fats (36%) guarantees through its sticky texture and subtle saltiness an opulent, buttery, briny taste. If you leave it to mature and dry a little, it's perfect grated over pasta. (P.D.O.) Myzithra Soft and tender, light and airy, velvety myzithra is an innocent caress on the palette. Metsovone This classic cheese from Metsovo is made from a mixture of sheep's and cow's milk. Its tight, supple flesh is dressed in the mysteries of a measured bouquet of smoke, mushrooms and butter. (P.D.O.) Kopanisti The Cycladic answer to Roquefort is made from sheep’s, goat’s or cow’s milk. Its extra spicy white-tan mass has a sharp, milky, peppery burning aroma and the fiery taste of pepper. (P.D.O.) Batzos A white cheese in brine from Macedonia and Thessaly. It has a spicy, salty taste and is recommended to be used in frying. (P.D.O.) Krassotyri A soft white or yellow cheese from sheep’s or goat’s milk, made in the Cyclades and the Dodecanese. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it matures for between 2 and 12 months in wine lies. This explains the touches of wine and butter we discern when we taste it.


Greek cheese

WP suggestions: 46



Tetramythos 2017 Tetramythos P.D.O. Patras / 8.50€ Varietal composition: Roditis This very attractive Roditis comes from estate’s vineyard in Ano Diakopto and definitely holds the standard for this Greek indigenous variety. Look for aromas of fresh apples and peaches on the nose with flavours of lemon drops and tropical fruit combined with a long flinty finish. Crisp, clean and something you really want to plant your lips on.



Rizitis white 2017 Dourakis Winery Varietal wine / 12.80€ Varietal composition: Vilana The indigenous Vilana grape is the source material for this pretty white. Dense, fine and well-balanced by a fresh seam of acidity. Lovely fruity aromas lead to exotic spice nuances, and a long finish. P.S.: Rizitis is the name given to Cretans who lived in the mountains and fought to protect the villages on the beautiful island of Crete.



Moscato d’ Ifestia Domaine Chatzigeorgiou - Lemnos Varietal wine / 10.40€ Varietal composition: Muscat of Alexandria This semi-sparkling wine is proof that you don't need big alcohol for big taste. Moscato d’ Ifestia weighs in at just 5% alcohol, and yet it has exquisite flavour. Ripe peaches and roses: the aromas intrigue us. Its code is medium sweet, but to me, there's just a touch of sweetness, enough to soften it and give it a luxurious mouthfeel.


Sfela, or the ‘cheese of fire’ is the name given to the spicy, strong flavoured P.D.O. cheese of Messinia, Peloponnese. +

Mercouri Estate 2016

Mercouri Estate P.G.I. Letrini / 14.50€ Varietal composition: Refosco, Mavrodaphne (85% - 15%) Mercouri Estate is one of the most beautiful Greek wineries and a must-see when touring wine country. This red is their flagship wine. Refosco and Mavrodaphne blend, it shows bold aromas, with hints of cherry, roasted nuts and tobacco. On the palate it is well-rounded, harmonious, and rich with a lingering finish.


Wine Plus guide

Wine Plus guide


Summer is here! The restaurants are putting their tables and chairs out on the pavements, the walkways, at the seafront. Every corner of the country is full of delightful gastronomic surprises. Wine Plus test the waters so you can jump right in! Here, the hit list of Greece’s hot food-and-wine spots!

Best gathering places The Athens Foodie Guide

Centre GB Roof Garden restaurant Breath-taking view of Acropolis and Lycabettus Hill, elegant ambience, opulent setting, superb service -all at Athens’ most chic hotel. A perfect choice offering modern and stylish Mediterranean cuisine by talented executive chef Asterios Koustoudis. (Hotel Grande Bretagne, Syntagma Square, tel. +30 210 3330000) Tudor Hall restaurant Ultra chic restaurant on the 7th floor of King George Hotel. The passionate executive young chef Alexandros Koskinas prepares dishes that combine current culinary perceptions with fragrances and tastes that refer to tradition. (Hotel King George, Syntagma Square, tel. +30 210 3222210) Telemachos Athens Classic smart option for meat in a restaurant with elegant urban aura. (10, Panepistimiou St., tel. +30 210 3613300) Zonars A true Athenian landmark, restored to its original luxury and finesse, it now operates offering classic Greek/Mediterranean cuisine, sushi and an afternoon tea special. (9, Voukourestiou & Panepistimiou St., tel. +30 210 3251430) Olive Garden At the rooftop of the Titania hotel, you will find a terrace full of olive trees, with magnificent views of Acropolis and Lycabettus Hill. Chef Alexandros Charalambopoulos prepares Greek cuisine: a range of modern dishes in neo-traditional style. (Hotel Titania, 52, Panepistimiou St., tel. +30 210 3326260) Yoleni’s An impressive seven-storey gastronomic concept store exclusively dedicated to Greek Products. It includes, among others, a 2.300 product food store and a butcher/stake bar. (9, Solonos St., Kolonaki, tel. +30 212 2223600) Papadakis The restaurant of chef Argyro Barbarigou, in a well-kept place, serves many fine dishes. (47, Voukourestiou St., Kolonaki, tel. +30 212 2223622 )

Metropolis Roof Garden Located on the 10th floor of the Electra Metropolis Athens, the restaurant, which offers a superb view of the Acropolis, serves a Mediterranean based menu that places emphasis on fish. (Hotel Electra Metropolis Athens, 15, Mitropoleos St., tel. +30 210 4100 6200) Trapezaria The cuisine of chef and owner Dimitris Panagiotopoulos draws on his extensive research into Greek cooking. On the restaurant’s beautiful hall you can sample well known Greek recipes or “new-classic” plates while enjoying a fine wine from the excellent cellar. (13, Evforionos St., Kallimarmaro, tel. +30 210 9213500) Mavro Provato [Black seep] Very popular Greek bistro near the Panathenaic Stadium that serves delicious meat dishes, soups and surprise specials depending on the mood and inspiration of the chef. (31 Arrianou St., tel. +30 210 7223466) Ta Karamanlidika tou Fani This spot offers an array of delicacies including top-notch cold cuts and traditionally made Greek cheeses. The encyclopaedic menu ranges from deliciously traditional (pastourma) to inventive fantastic charcuterie. (52, Evripidou St., tel. + 30 2310 3254184) Acropolis Museum Restaurant Quite unique, Acropolis Museum Restaurant serves traditional Greek dishes that change according to the day’s fresh ingredients. (15, Dionysiou Areopagitou St., tel. +30 210 9000915) Mono restaurant Beautiful place and carefully selected dishes, cooked by the owner and Chef Vassilis Vassiliou. (4C, Benizelou Palaiologou St., Plaka, tel. +30 210 3226711) 7 Food Sins Gastro Pub Smart place with cosy atmosphere, delicious street food/casual cuisine, interesting wine/beer/spirit list. (1, Filomousou Etaireias Square, Plaka, tel. +30 2107011108


Love is a choice you make every day J’ aime Le Blanc J’ aime Le Rouge


Wine Plus guide

ManiMani A restaurant worshiping the local cuisine of Mani, yet also presenting dishes from other areas. For many years, food served here manages to be tasty, un-fancy and affordable. (10, Falirou str., Koukaki, tel. + 30 210 9218180)

a minimalist space in Athens where it presents its own version of New Greek cuisine, based mainly in seafood but also classic with a twist. (13, Vrasida St., tel. +30 210 7210501)


Hytra One of the best restaurants in Athens (one star Michelin restaurant). A menu of Mediterranean dishes, with a pronounced Greek influence. Chef: Tassos Mantis. (7, Navarchou Apostoli St., Psyrri, tel. +30 2103316767) Athiri Stylish dining in an atmospheric setting. Innovative Greek dishes from chef Alexandros Kardasis. (15, Plataion St., Keramikos, tel. +30 210 3462983) Funky Gourmet A well-known and very popular eating place in Athens (two stars Michelin restaurant). Original and multi-award-winning recipes by chefs Georgianna Hiliadaki and Nikos Roussou, combining personality and superb techno-motional gastro-technique. (13, Paramitias & Salaminos St., Keramikos, tel. +30 210 5242727) Aleria In the kitchen of this elegant restaurant, chef Ghikas Xenakis prepares superb and highly inventive dishes, using authentic ingredients of the finest quality. (57, M. Alexandrou St., Metaxourgio, tel. +30 210 5222633) Spondi Gourmet & formal. Greece’s top restaurant presents contemporary French cuisine with dazzling artistry (two stars Michelin restaurant). Beautifully cool courtyard. The wine list features near 1.300 labels. (6, Pyronos St., Pangrati, tel. +30 210 7520658, +30 210 7564021) Milos Estiatorio The gourmet restaurant of the Hilton Hotel. Excellent fish cuisine and rare Greek deli. (Hotel Hilton, 46, Vas. Sofias Ave., tel. +30 210 7244400) Fuga An elegant, sophisticated restaurant, set in the gardens of the Athens Concert Hall, with a panoramic view of the city. It proposes a menu rooted in Mediterranean and Italian cuisine with a modern twist. (Vas. Sofias Ave. & 1 Kokkali St., tel. +30 210 7242979) Cookoovaya The restaurant’s menu, based on the highest quality ingredients, carries the signatures of five top Greek chefs. (27, Hatziyianni Mexi St., Ilisia, tel. +30 210 7235005) Vassilenas The historic restaurant that opened in Piraeus in 1920, has moved to

Balthazar Neo-classical architecture, divine setting and beautiful courtyard. Modern fusion cuisine by famous chef Christoforos Peskias. (D. Soutsou & 27, Tsocha St., Ampelokipoi, tel. +30 210 6412300) Maroussi - Kifissia Botrini’s Hettore Botrini approaches some of his old dishes from a new angle and adds new ones (one star Michelin restaurant). (24B, Vas. Georgiou B St., Halandri, tel. +30 210 6857324) Aneton Fanatic lovers of this restaurant are seeking the authentic Greek cuisine. The owner and chef Vassilis Kalidis loves his mother’s cooking. 19, Str. Lekka St., Maroussi, tel. +30 210 8066700) Kallithea – P. Faliro – Alimos - Vouliagmeni Argoura One of the best sea food places in the city with a casual spirit and fascinating cuisine. (49, Agissilaou St., Kallithea, tel. +30 217 7173200) Petit Sommelier For those interested in exploring the world of fine wine, this is the perfect venue, amply justifying its designation as a ‘wine restaurant’. The sommeliers will happily offer advice on the wines available and recommend the labels which will best complement your meal. (6, Zaimi St., P. Faliro, tel. +30 210 9842344) Patio In the elegance summer restaurant of The Margi Hotel, chef Panagiotis Yakalis take us on a gastronomic trip along the paths of Greece and the Mediterranean. (The Margi Hotel, 11, Litous St., Vouliagmeni, tel. +30 210 8929160) Piraeus Varoulko Seaside A well-known and very popular eating place in Athens. Original and multi-award-winning (two stars Michelin restaurant) fish recipes by Lefteris Lazarou, combining personality and superb technique. (52, Koumoundourou Coast, Mikrolimano, tel. +30 2105228400) Papaioannou Possibly the best fish taverna in Athens, a veritable education in the proper preparation of fish and the importance of seeking out the very best raw ingredients. (42, Koumoundourou Coast, Mikrolimano, tel. +30 210 4225059)


Askos, 57 016 Thessaloniki tel. +30 23950 61626, fax +30 23950 61646



Wine Plus guide

Best gathering places The Athens Wine Aficionados’ Guide

Kir Yianni Wine Bar Kir-Yianni Wine Bar at the Athens International Airport serves the whole range of the homonymous estate’s wines by the glass or bottle, as well as cheeses, cold cuts and other snacks made by Greek producers. (Extra-Schengen area, tel. +30 210 3534226) GB Wine Library Located at the mezzanine of the GB Corner at the Hotel Grande Bretagne, a distinct “library”, showcasing all the 3.500 wine labels of the historic hotel. The impressive 19th – century table serves for private wine tastings and unique wine pairing meetings, while the wines are stored to the appropriate temperature within the eye-catching glassy showcase. (Hotel Grande Bretagne, Syntagma Square, tel. +30 210 3330737)

Oinoscent A huge selection (1.000!) of Greek and foreign wine labels, constantly renewed in a cute wine bar and cellar. The list of drinks includes, apart from wines, some of the best international beer brands, malt whiskeys, cognacs, calvados, armagnacs, sherries, ports, vintage champagnes, and all these perfectly combined with a plateau of selected cheeses and sausages. (44A, Voulis St., Syntagma, tel +30 210 3229374) Fabrica di Vino Housed in an 1880 downtown building, with a cool, industrial atmosphere and a large bar, Fabrica is the ideal place for a glass of wine after work. The collection of Greek labels exceeds that of foreign ones (80%-20%). Appetizers include tapas and local cheeses and cold cuts. (3, Emmanuel Benaki St., Omonia, tel. +30 210 3214148)

Scala Vinoteca The first wine bar in Athens could only be a model for those that followed. The venue is beautiful, and the wine cellar hosts a large number of labels from Greek and international vineyards served by the glass, while the kitchen proposes delicious cuisine. (50, Sina St., tel. +30 210 3610041)

Heteroclito A big selection (200+) of Greek labels is served by the glass, including sparkling, white, rosé, red and dessert wines, emphasising on local and rare grape varieties. Excellent, well-chosen plateaus with Greek cheeses and meats, constantly refreshed. (2, Fokionos & 30, Petrakis St., tel. + 30 210 3239406)

Wine Point Just a few meters from the Acropolis Museum, the Point is ideal for ‘lazy’ evenings with friends. It offers some of the best Greek labels and a remarkable variety of beers. Excellent assortment of hard-to-find Greek cheeses and cold cuts add an interesting twist to the menu. If, indeed, you like a label that much, you can buy it on the spot. (2, Ath. Diakou & Porinou St., Plaka/Acropolis, tel. +30 210 9227050)

Kiki de Grèce Located on quiet pedestrian Ipitou Street, very close to Syntagma, this charming wine bistro specializes in the Greek vineyard. The list features 50 labels while the menu offers options like broushcetta with eggplant paste and smoked trout. (4, Ipitou & Voulis St., tel. +30 210 3211279)

Warehouse CO2 This wine bar offers a cellar devoted to sparkling wines from all over the world. Ranging from Greece to Tasmania, backed by an exceptional list of still wines and a standout food menu. (1, Iperidou St., Plaka, tel. +30 210 3247048) By the Glass The Greek vineyard in a jewel of menu. This atmospheric wine bar is based in the city centre, in one of the most beautiful urban corners, the Ralli Arcade, next to the Russian church. By the Glass accompanies its liquid offerings with an assortment of simple dishes. (Stoa Ralli, 3, Souri & Fillelinon St., tel. + 30 210 3232560)

Para Siempre Situated just a few meters from elegant Kolonaki square, Para Sempre tapas wine bar is ideal for relaxing after shopping. Selected Greek wines are served by the glass, in varieties which are combined with the day’s dishes. (43, Haritos St., tel. +30 210 7210158) Paleo Wine Bar Essential all day stop with more than 360 selected labels of Greek and international wine varieties, sparkling wines, distillates, bottles of rare and special vintages paired with regional cuisine dishes. Run by gifted sommelier Yiannis Kaimenakis. (39, Polidefkous St., Piraeus, tel. +30 210 4125204)


WI N E STOR I E S AT T HE W I N E L I B R A RY O F T HE HOT E L G R A N D E B R E TAG N E For more information, please call at +30 210 33 30 737 (daily after 16:00)

ΜΗ.Τ.Ε.: 0206K015A0021500

1. Wine Legends of the world 2. Greek Wine Trails 3. Wine Journeys 4. Taste & Wine Workshops




Wine Plus guide

Best gathering places The Thessaloniki Foodie Guide

City centre Chan Extra-stylish Pan Asian restaurant at design hotel The Met. During the summer restaurant moves to the Sky bar on the 7th floor, with the breathtaking view of Thessaloniki. (The Met Hotel, 48, 26th October Str., tel. +30 2310 017000) Akadimia Very charming, cosy restaurant at atmospheric Agiou Mina Street. Entering the summer mood, the menu takes full advantage of fresh vegetables and herbs to produce a Mediterranean and Greek cuisines’ repertoire. (3, Agiou Mina St., tel. + 30 2310 521803) Maître and Margarita A casual little restaurant lies hidden in the centre of Thessaloniki, serving tasteful dishes at a warmly designed space. Sample one of the beautifully prepared salads or dishes, and relax with a glass of wine. (Verias & Irodous Attikou St., tel. +30 2314 007586) Paparouna Bar restaurant with a cosy atmosphere and music. Menu featuring blends of Greek and Italian ingredients. (4 Pangeou & Doxis, tel. +30 2310 510852) 7thalasses [7 seas] The post-modern fish taverna par excellence! Friendly staff, good ambience, fresh fish, shellfish, seafood and a well-informed wine list. (10, Kalapothaki St., tel. +30 2310 233173) Be An American diner-style restaurant. Pleasant casual ambiance, excellent music and quality cuisine at the restaurant of the Excelsior Hotel. (10, Komninon St. & 23 Mitropoleos St., tel. +30 2310 021020) Frutti di Mare The restaurant has tables out on the pavement all year round, with a view of the Bazaar Hamam. Enjoy your wine with delicious seafood and meat meze. (20, Komninon St., tel. +30 2310 239100) Garçon Brasserie Café-bar-restaurant with a trendy environment and the best balcony on the old waterfront. The cuisine follows modern trends. (Nikis Av. & 2, Ag. Sofias St., tel. +30 2310 253033)

Clochard Classic venue for lovers of good food. Stylish dining in an atmospheric setting. Award-winning Greek cuisine with some beautifully prepared international dishes. (4, Proxenou Koromila St., tel. +30 2310 239805) Ergon Agora A real gastronomic staging post housing under the same roof: a modern grocery -with shelves hosting a delicious collection of local produce, including the ERGON collection of traditional Greek products-, a restaurant, a butchery, a fish shop, a bakery and an upgraded café. (42, Pavlou Mela St., tel. +30 2310 284224) Mia Feta Cafe, bar, grocery and dairy shop. Here, you can go shopping while tasting dishes with feta as you have never tried it before: feta as foam, feta with truffle, feta in panna cotta, feta with olives/peppers and many other versions. (14, Pavlou Mela St., tel + 30 2310 221120) Marea From the people of Glykanissos (see p. 54) comes this stylish seafood restaurant. While they’re offering a firm traditional seafood experience, we particularly love their unique dishes open to international trends and techniques. They also have a great drink list with excellent wines and spirits. (13, Lori Margariti St., tel. +30 2310 257696) Restaurant Lounge Bar Β The restaurant is located inside the Museum of Byzantine Culture. With its beautifully designed atrium, full of greenery, it offers a breath of fresh air in summer months and a superb Mediterranean menu. (2 C’, Septemvriou St., tel. +30 2310 869695) Zythos - Doré Well-known haunt of artists and intellectuals. The courtyard offers a generous shade and a view of the White Tower, while the cuisine prepares a range of Mediterranean flavours, same with Zythos in Ladadika. (7, Tsiroyianni St., tel. +30 2310 279010)

Panorama Kritikos Yiannis Kritikos has moved on to his next big concept in Panorama Thessaloniki, while keeping his famous venture in Ouranoupolis, Halkidiki (see p. 60). The food at this gastro-fish-restaurant is undeniably


Downtown elegance


Wine Plus guide

stellar, with an excellent thoughtful wine and spirits list to match. (5B Venizelou St., Panorama, tel. +30 2310 332810)

The Aficionados A fine dining destination, spreads over three levels in an Art Deco neoclassic building on the beautiful seafront area in Nea Krini. Modern and stylish Greek and Mediterranean cuisine from chef Dimitris Pamporis. During summer you can live the gastronomic experience in the garden while enjoying a fine wine from the excellent cellar. (105, N. Plastira St., Kalamaria, tel. +30 2310 434290)


Glykanissos [Anise] Trendy seafood restaurant with fresh and relaxed atmosphere. The menu leans heavily to Mediterranean ingredients and techniques; a rich menu of different types of seafood dish, including starters, salads, fish mezedes and main courses. (46, M. Alexandrou St., Pylaia, tel. 2310 302882) Old City Yedi Ouzeri with rembetiko music, in the shadow of the old Yedi Kule prison and castle. Serves a wide range of meat and seafood dishes. (13, Ioannou Papareska St., Yedi Kule, tel. +30 2310 246495) Radical food & wine project Located in a beautiful house in Old City this place is great if you love wine. The plates are excellent, and served in the cosy dining room and the veranda which offers sweeping views of the castle. Their wine list is just as “delicious” and interesting, making this a great place for a wine night out. (61, Polidorou Stergiou St., Old City, tel. +30 2310 0202007) Faliro - Kalamaria – Nea Krini Salonica The main restaurant of restored Makedonia Palace Hotel run by the talented executive chef Sotiris Evangelou. This place, with a beautifully room and a large outdoor waterfront seating area, attracts both hotel guests and locals. (Makedonia Palace Hotel, 2, M. Alexandrou Av., tel. +30 2310 897197) Thria Located in city’s eastern coast, Thria was opened by chef Dimitris Tassioulas and partners. The industrial interior and the outdoor patio is hip, but this really feels like a neighbourhood joint. Thria is known for their Mediterranean cuisine. (1, Maria Kallas St., tel. +30 231 0821120) Mavri Thalassa [Black Sea] Very popular fish restaurant, Mavri Thalassa has moved along the lines of the classic tavernas in Nea Krini. The menu features fresh fish, shellfish and other seafood dishes. (3, N. Plastira St., Kalamaria, tel. +30 2310 932542) To koutouki tou kavouri [The crab’s shell] Ouzeri and fish taverna, with superb fresh fish, seafood and delicious mezedes. Every aspect of the venue contributes to a warm and friendly ambiance. (71, M. Kallidou St. & Xifilinon St., tel. +30 2310 419051)

Hamodrakas Well-known fish taverna, founded in 1926. Specializing in seafood, the business has been handed down from father to son in the Gofas family. (13, Μ. Gagyli St., Aretsou waterfront, tel. +30 2310 447943) Airport Alfredo’s Garden Open air restaurant in the lush gardens of the Regency Casino. The summer location of Alfredo's is one of the best restaurants in Thessaloniki. Executive chef Apostolos Altanis features modern Greek cuisine. (12th kilometre on Thessaloniki-airport road, tel. +30 2310 491199) Ambrosia Sunny, spacious, comfortably casual, this is the restaurant of the Hyatt Regency Hotel. You will mostly sample Greek cuisine characterized by good taste. Chef: Apostolos Altanis. (13th kilometre on Thessaloniki-airport road, tel. +30 2310 401234) Duck Private Cheffing Chef Ioanna Theodorakaki recreates classic Greek and Mediterranean dishes with true authenticity. Menus change daily, where you’ll come across parts of fish, vegetables, and meats you’d never known to be delicious before. (3 Halkis St., Patriarhika Pylaia, tel. +30 2315 519333) Dome Real Cuisine Dome Helmed by chef Stefanos Stamidis, this airy, modern restaurant at Nikopolis Hotel is a temple to unique meat-heavy plates as well as inventive, seasonal, and local cooking sourced from nearby farms and cooperatives. The space is cool and minimal. Bring your meat-loving friends and prepare to share. (Nikopolis Hotel, 16-18, Asklipiou St., Pylaia, tel. +30 2310 401000) Kasai A food spot by the pool of Nikopolis Hotel, Kasai is dedicated to wellprepared teppanyaki & sushi. The location has a sophisticated air to it that’s perfect for a date night when you want to break out the heels. (Nikopolis Hotel, 16-18, Asklipiou St., Pylaia, tel. +30 2310 401000)




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Best gathering places The Thessaloniki Wine Aficionados’ Guide

Oinotopi A friendly and cool wine bar/restaurant and wine shop, is one of the best places for enjoyable wine tasting. The owners, with a thorough experience on wines, will offer their advice on which variety to choose. The store features Greek wines and also labels from all over the world, which can be sipped accompanied with tasty dishes/Mediterranean cuisine. (28, Pavlou Mela St., tel. +30 2310 272852) Souel Combining the cosiness of the small Italian vinotecas with the contemporary design of wine bars, this attractive locale offers all time classic wine labels and also new tastes to enjoy. Many are served by the glass and accompany tasty dishes. (16, Pavlou Mela St., tel. + 30 2310 262827) Sinatra This espresso and wine bar is an essential all day stop with 80 selected wine labels from all over the country which can be accompanied with cheeses, finger food and wonderful dishes. Wine tasting events and presentations of individual producers are also organized. (20, Mitropoleos St., tel. +30 2310 223739) Alea This cosy wine bar serves an impressive selection of Greek and foreign wine labels: well known, renowned, rare, special, new, different and unique wines, so that the public can learn more about this fascinating subject, through first-hand experience. Wines ideally combined with carefully selected local varieties of cheese, hams and other delicacies. (112, Isavron St., tel. +30 2310 281614)

Tabya A café-bar, library and record store housed in a neoclassical building dating to 1912 which hosts exhibitions and film projections. You’ll ship your wine next to tasteful small bites prepared with ingredients from local producers. (14C, Melenikou St., tel. +30 2310 242522) Local Popular venue in the centre of town, Local serves selected –mainly Greek- wine labels which can be sipped accompanied with tasteful Mediterranean cuisine. (17, P.P. Germanou St., tel. + 30 2310 22 2207) Zak This east-side hotspot exudes the atmosphere of a European bistro. Serving innovative cocktails, it also features a menu based on Greek products and packed with Mediterranean ideas. Enjoy pizza, refreshing salads and pasta, fine wine and a superb sea view! (35, N. Plastira St., Kalamaria, tel. +30 2310 438921) Methi Starting as a wine cellar, Methi is operating also as a coffee-wine bar, in a modern space where customers can enjoy a glass of their favourite wine accompanied with tasteful specialties. Beers and interesting distillates are also available, to taste on the spot or take home. (65, Ethnikis Antistaseos Av., Kalamaria, tel. +30 2310 482401)




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Best gathering places The Greek Mainland Foodie Guide

Ioannina Gastra A restaurant offering reliably good value in Ioannina. In its beautiful courtyard you can taste lamb or kid, slowly oven-roasted in a clay pot with a cast iron cover. Delicious! Just like all other traditional dishes in this restaurant. (16Α, Kostaki street, Agia Eleousa, Ioannina, tel. + 30 26510 61530) Bourazani The ultimate game culinary experience. Deer, roe deer, boar and wild goat bred in the owner's farm. (Aidonohori, Konitsa, tel. + 30 26550 61283) Florina Kontosoros Delicious local cuisine with the owner's personal touch. Traditional casseroles and baked dishes difficult to find elsewhere, with local produce at the centre stage. You should sample the fried “kas”, the “sout makalo”, the pies and the traditional pasta. A wide selection of wines from their beautiful wine cellar. (Xino Nero, Florina, tel. + 30 23860 81551) Thomas A family taverna with a long tradition. The menu includes cooked food, roasts, game and many cheeses from all over Greece. An up-to-date and extensive wine list. (Sklithro, Florina, tel. + 30 23860 31206) Naoussa Oinomagiremata Unusual Greek cuisine with rare recipes from all over the country, prepared by the owner and his mother using organic raw materials. An up-to-date wine cellar, with emphasis on local wines. (Stefanou Dragoumi and Venizelou street, Naoussa, tel. + 30 23320 23576) Thessaloniki Regional Unit/ Stavros Kalamatianos seafood restaurant A gastronomic seafood restaurant with refined art de la table and Mediterranean cuisine at the seafront in Stavros village. Stylish dining from chef Christos Gemos. (Stavros, Thessaloniki, tel. +30 23970 61073) Halkidiki / Cassandra Marina Below the bridge and next to the boat-yard in the little harbour of Potidea you will find the simple luxury of Marina, and, with its nautical décor you’ll be

forgiven for thinking that you are aboard a yacht. (Potidea, tel. +30 23730 41570) Sani Resort The famous resort's dine around routes offer many and varying choices from the very Greek-gourmet Ntomata run by chef Chrysanthos Karamolengos to the vibrant Fresco restaurant by the award winning chef Ettore Botrini, the ouzeri Psarogiannos and Alexis taverna. (Sani, tel. +30 23740 99400, Sousourada and Sgouros Skantzochiros [Wagtail and Curly Hedgehog] Modern Greek cuisine at its best, served in their cosy courtyard. Taste the fennel pie with kasseri cheese, the coq au vin, the fried chickpea balls, the pork knuckle and their delicious fresh salads. (Athitos, tel. + 30 23740 91594) Petrino A beautiful hall and tables set on the lawn of the hotel’s interior garden, near the bungalows. Delicious typical Greek dishes. In the winter months, you will find cooked game. (Athitos, tel. + 30 23740 91635) Trizoni A beautiful yard and high-quality cuisine at this stylish fish restaurant run by Stergios Sousouras. Creativity and tradition blended in a range of starters, salads, fish mezedes and main courses. (Kriopigi, tel. +30 23740 51945) Plateia tis Anthoulas [Anthoulas Square] In a beautiful picturesque stone building, on the old square of Kryopigi village, the Kritos family serves dishes based on local gastronomy and premium raw materials from the region and from all over Greece. (Kriopigi, tel. + 30 23740 53001) Porto Valitsa Spectacular view of the endless blue sea, Mediterranean cuisine and a personal approach at the restaurant of the resort. (Paliouri, tel. +30 23740 92007) Anassa by the sea Outstanding and creative Mediterranean cuisine in a beautiful setting with a view over the Aegean Sea. Chef Nikos Tsoumas proposes a season-oriented menu. (Fourka, tel. + 30 23740 43026)


The Eagles Resort invites you to one of the most beautiful places in Halkidiki for an unforgettable holiday experience. Enjoy magnificent views, a private sandy beach, relax with a personalized spa treatment and taste flavors from around the world at one of our 6 restaurants. &,, +30 2377440060, &


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Halkidiki / Sithonia Squirrel The gastronomic restaurant at the luxurious Danai Beach Resort. Set in an idyllic environment with only 6 tables, the stars up above and the waves at your feet, you’ll relish a sophisticated cuisine. (Metamorfosi, tel. +30 23750 22310)

Mountainous Halkidiki Marigoula Tiny dining room, beautiful yard and dishes based on Greek gastronomic traditions enhanced by the resourceful talents of the energetic owner. Wide variety of excellent Greek wines. (Poligiros, Halkidiki, tel. +30 23710 23171)


Boukadoura On the seafront, at the coast of Elia in Nikiti, Ms. Yota offers Classic Greek cuisine. An ideal place to try a series of dishes with an airy flavour but also with strong traditional elements. (Elia Beach, tel. +30 6944547239) Ta Kimata The tranquil off-Broadway back harbour of Neos Marmaras, with its fishing boats, is reminiscent of a bygone age. Your joy will be complemented by the food in this fish taverna. (Neos Marmaras, Halkidiki, tel. +30 23750 71371) Treehouse The renovated private dining restaurant of luxury Ekies All Senses Resort is set on a wooden platform on a tree. A perfect choice, with menu degustation from talented chef Dimitris Pamporis. (Vourvourou, Halkidiki, tel. +30 23750 91000) O Aristos A classic fish restaurant, very popular with the locals and with fans even from Thessaloniki. Tables set on the seafront, fresh fish from a fishing boat and spear fishermen. (Ormos Panagias, tel. +30 23750 51224) Halkidiki / Ouranoupolis Eagles Palace & Eagles Villas The ultra-classy hotel in Ouranoupolis has consistently invested in gastronomy and wine. This you can confirm by dining at one of their restaurants. At the gastronomic restaurant Kamares by Spondi (menu signed by two-star Michelin chef Arno Bignon), at the brand new Italian restaurant Eleonas by Fuga at Eagles Villas, in the taverna Almyra, which serves you right where the waves splash and in the verdant Vinum garden. (Ouranoupolis, Halkidiki, tel. +30 23770 31101-4) Kritikos A fish restaurant serving culinary masterpieces from the Aegean. Raw materials are procured from the family's own fishing boat. Yianni, the owner, creates the recipes and his mother cooks. (Ouranoupolis, tel. + 30 23770 71222)

Pieria Gastrodromio en Olympo Outstanding and creative Greek cuisine in a beautiful setting with a view over the Enipeas gorge of mount Olympus. Andrea Gavri's now famous culinary cuisine offers a season-oriented menu with cheese and charcuterie from all over Greece. (Litohoro, Pieria, tel. +30 23520 21300, 23520 21301) Nemea Kir-Athena The old Sofos tavern having passed onto the third generation, refurbished anew both in terms of décor and tastes, remains a quite unique proposal. You will enjoy the tasty grilled meat, the classic home-cooked meals, as well as some more modern dishes. And of course you will have no complaints concerning the wine! The Nemea vineyard is waiting to be discovered in your glass. (9, Iroon Sq., Nemea, tel. + 30 27460 23070, + 30 6977 356234) Argos Spilia An old “chani” (travellers’ inn) created to resemble an actual cave is the meeting point for meat lovers. The tavern’s gastronomical flagship is the “bogana” from Argos (tender lamb with potatoes from Tripoli, tomato and spices, slowly cooked in a wood oven). Some equally tasty options are spitted pork or kid and its amazing pies. The wine list focuses on Nemea wines. (165, Tripoleos St., Kefalari, tel. + 30 27510 62300) Nafplio Vassilis The most popular tavern on Staikopoulou Street. It stands out for its clear tastes and its unique cuisine. Its strong point are traditional cooked meals – its fricassee and rabbit stew are not to be missed. (22-24, Staikopoulou St., Old Town, Nafplio, tel. + 30 27520 25334) Vytina, Arkadia Ta kokkina pitharia [Red clay jars] A lovely, inviting hall with cuisine from the mountainous regions and an emphasis on local tastes and wines from the Peloponnesian vineyard. We recommend the goat stew with olive oil and oregano and the wild boar with olives. (Vytina, tel. + 30 27950 22540)

Patras I kouzina tis Kornilias [Kornilias' cuisine] A refined, spacious place with home-made dishes: beef stew with eggplant purée, pork with apricots and yogurt, special pies and their own rustic bread which is just marvellous. (5, Pouqueville St., tel. + 30 2610 272987)


Lavyrinthos [Labyrinth] A very old restaurant, which became a wine tavern in 1978 to please the residents of Patras who know how to eat well. Authentic, nicely presented and clean thanks to the care of the Antipas family. (44, Pouqueville St., tel. + 30 2610 226436) Kalavrita Avli Directly under the railway station, this tavern is renowned for its fine meat. Some of the best meat soups, fresh pies and numerous entrées are sure to keep you here for hours. (12, Solioti & Fotila St., tel. + 30 26920 24404) Planitero This tavern looks as though it grew with the sycamore trees, almost on the river, and it is here to surprise you with its dishes! This is the place to come if you want to eat some trout. The owners have their own fish farms and they can cook trout in 9 different ways. (Planitero, tel. + 30 26920 32055, + 30 6972 322271) Ancient Olympia Bacchus The restaurant of the Bacchus guest house boasts a breathtaking view and offers delicious local dishes, as the owner is also the cook. We suggest wild herbs with tomato and cheese, stewed rooster with thick pasta. Most of the vineyards lying at the foot of the mountains of Ancient Pisa are represented in the wine list. (Ancient Pisa (Miraka), tel. + 30 26240 22298) Kalamata Limeni A lovely tavern, in a courtyard with a wooden roof at the Kalamata marina. In a well arranged hall with a fireplace at its heart they serve authentic Greek and Messenian recipes, with an emphasis on fish. (Chiou and Poseidonos St., tel. + 30 27210 95670) Monemvasia Matoula An impressive yard with a breathtaking view to the sea, inside Monemvasia’s city walls. In combination with the restaurant's casseroles and oven bakes, especially the stuffed grape leaves with egg and lemon sauce, bliss is a mouthful away! (Monemvasia Castle, tel. +30 27320 61660) Mani Kiria Lela Enjoy summery weather in this picturesque restaurant with a courtyard extending to the sea. A bustling place, thanks to the delicious cuisine, particularly the casseroles and oven bakes. (Kardamili, Mani, tel. +30 27210 73541)











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Best gathering places The Greek islands Foodie Guide

Samothraki Sotiros Goat is served in greaseproof paper at this taverna which is to be found in the gully next to the small church. The tables are laid under the plane and fig trees. You can watch the cook in the yard peel the potatoes and fry them in large pans over the wood fire. (Samothraki, tel. +30 25510 41500) Lesvos Vafios This is a taverna and a gastronomic staging post. Surrounded by vegetation, the cobbled yard with its wooden pergolas is the perfect place to savour local recipes and enjoy the view of the castle of Molyvos. Our tips: marvellous cheese pies (gkiouzlemedakia), exohiko, lamb with chickpeas and kiskiek (traditional dish with lamb, cracked wheat and cumin). (Vafios, Lesvos, tel. +30 2253071752) Anemoessa The tranquil little harbour of Skala Sikamnia, with its fishing boats and the small church of the Panagia Gorgona nestled above the rock, is reminiscent of a bygone age. Your joy will be complemented by the food in the Anemoessa fish taverna. (Skala Sikamnia, Lesvos, tel. +30 22530 55360) Patmos Apocalypsis The gastronomic restaurant of Patmos Aktis Hotel on Grikos Beach. Elegant environment and modern International cuisine by chef Christos Xeraxoudis. (Grikos, Patmos, tel. +30 22470 32800) Andros Tou Josef [Chez Jozef] This place is like a doll’s house. Chandeliers in an art deco dining room with a buffet that looks like a grocery shop. Modernized local cuisine using the island’s produce. You must absolutely try the frutalia, the rooster pasta, the limpet pilaf, the local pie with wild greens, the kid with lemon and olive oil sauce and the Andros apple pie! (Pitrofos, 6km before Andros Hora, tel. +30 22820 5105)

Milos Medousa In a small fishing village of this wonderful Milos island, you will taste exquisitely cooked dishes. Grilled octopus and sardines, small fish and pies. The swordfish is masterfully roasted and served with the perfect lemonmustard sauce. The chips and the Greek salad with mizithra cheese are reason enough for you to come here. You can reserve your table to enjoy the full moon rising behind the white rocks in Mandrakia. The best wine list in Milos. (Mandrakia, Milos, tel. + 30 22870 23670) Armenaki Popular and famous taverna thanks to the freshness of the ingredients it uses and the careful execution of recipes. Here you’ll find superlative seafood. Excellent spaghetti with lobster. Exquisite cuttlefish with rosemary and scorpion fish with sage. (Apollonia, Milos, tel. +30 22870/41061) Paros Thea In the small port of Pounta, with wonderful views of Antiparos, the restaurant offers Greek delicacies from the Constantinople and Asia Minor (where the owner’s family comes from). The best wine list in Paros, both as to the range of choices and as to vintage years. (Pounta, Paros, tel. +30 22840 91220) Tinos To Thalassaki A traditional tavern on the pier, featuring unforgettable food. You have to try the pawn spaghetti, the seafood with fennel seeds and the salad with boiled pulses, cod and chick pea mash. (Ormos Isternion, Tinos, tel. +30 22830 31366) Mykonos Bill & Coo Chic ambiance and marvellous sea views on the luxurious terrace of the restaurant. Executive chef Ntinos Foteinakis delivers a fascinating creative Greek cuisine, consistently making the most of the raw materials from Mykonos. (Hotel Bill & Coo, Megali Ammos, Mykonos, tel. + 30 22890 26292-3-4)


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Kensho Impressive design and a unique style in the new restaurant of the namesake boutique hotel. Executive chef Yiorgos Stylianoudakis presents a creative cuisine based on the Greek tradition and French techniques. (Boutique Hotel & Suites, Ornos, Mykonos, tel. + 30 22890 25303)

Rhodes Mavrikos Located in beautiful Lindos, in a courtyard, Mavrikos offers one of the best fish-based cuisines in Greece. (Lindos square, Rhodes, tel. +30 22440 31232)

Santorini Selini One of the best Greek restaurants, showcasing local products. Your host is Georgios Hatziyannakis, in a constant search for quality Greek and, mostly, Cycladic products and a modern culinary concept that creatively evolves tradition. (Pyrgos, Santorini, tel. +30 22860 22249)

Crete Avli Avli serves traditional recipes with a modern twist in Rethymnon, in a 17th century Venetian palace, hidden in a stone courtyard full of Cretan plants and herbs, sculptures and antiques. The wine list is a pleasant surprise, with more than 400 Greek wines. (Xanthoudidou 22 & Rodamanthios, Rethymnon, Crete, tel. +30 28310 26213)


Koukoumavlos Chef Nikos Pouliasis is an iconic figure in the gastronomic landscape of Santorini. The service is second to none as are the premises, with dramatic views of the Caldera and Fira and the quintessential cuisine. (Fira, Santorini, tel. +30 22860 23807) Aroma Avlis A lovely, cosy restaurant run by the Artemis Karamolegos Winery. The chef prepares superb Greek dishes such as rooster in red sauce and homemade pasta to match with their wines. (Exo Gonia, Santorini, tel. +30 22860 33395) Kokkino podilato [Red bicycle] Bohemian intellectual ambience and hip decor. The cuisine expresses Greek and Mediterranean gastronomic neologisms based on iconic local products of Santorini. (Oia, Santorini, tel. +30 22860 71918) Ammoudi Classic fish taverna, literally sitting above the waves. Sunset is the best time to enjoy this. (Ammoudi, Oia, Santorini, tel. +30 22860 71606) Kos Barbouni Tastefully designed seafood restaurant enjoying superb location on the waterfront at Kos. Menu features classic and sophisticated sea cuisine. In the small delicatessen you can find a lot of local products they source all around Greece and especially the Aegean islands. (26, G. Averoff St., Kos, tel. +30 22420 20170)

Mylos tou Kerata Built adjacent to a watermill, it resembles more a garden in bloom with its impressive flower displays and rose petals scattered on the tables. The menu and the wine cellar also impress. (Platanias, Hania, Crete, tel. +30 28210 68578) Corfu Etrusco Hettore Botrini, improving by year, expresses in an original way the contemporary gastronomic revolution through his techna e contrasti, a menu with dishes which combine modernistic techniques and fabulous taste. (Kato Korakiana, Corfu, tel. +30 26610 93342) Kefalonia Tassia Famous fish tavern in the heart of the beautiful Fiskardo’s harbour, with a clientele of celebrities. Serves seasonal stews, fish and seafood. Service quick and helpful, nice wine list. (Fiskardo, Kefalonia, tel. +30 26740 41205) Kyani Akti In its beautiful wooden platform -with the water under your feet- you can taste delicious ‘petrosolines’ (razor clams), scallops and fresh fish, pork with apple sauce, coq au vin and handmade potatoes. (I. Metaxa St., Argostoli, Kefalonia, tel. +30 26710 96680)



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