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Summer 2016

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Summer in Greece. It’s a thing that’s happening right now. And if you don’t know what you should be drinking, good news: Wine Plus does! Here comes the Wine Plus magazine –summer 2016 issue. Dedicated to Greek wine enthusiasts all over the world. Our main aim is to inform you about Greek wines. To help you understand Greece’s main grape varieties. They are an important part of our 5000-year old wine history. To give you updates and useful information about the continuous changes in vinegrowing and winemaking, in a typical European compromise between the traditions of our prestigious production areas and the drive of innovation. And then theirs is the Wine Plus guide i.e. the league table of top Greek restaurants and Wine Bars. We think it will be important, and hopefully useful, to you. We are keeping your summer wine exploration on a modern pace with light, crisp whites, elegant roses, tasteful reds and basically pretty perfect wines from Greece’s dramatically diverse terroir. Whether on a Greek island, busy city or isolated mountain village, the time to try them is now. Enjoy your trip. Happy holidays! Maria Netsika



Wine World in numbers


The popular Malagousia


Sexy Agiorgitiko



Delicacies from Greece Taste it > love it > shop it > share it


Wine Plus guide - Best gathering places

#greekwine news

Exciting Assyrtiko

The Athens Foodie guide Culinary propositions not to be missed


Best gathering places in Greek islands A hot list of thegastronomic-musts-whiletravelling



Sophisticated Xinomavro


The Thessaloniki Foodie guide Restaurants, fish-tavernas and ouzeri… a town circuit

Rosé season


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The Athens Wine Aficionado’s Guide

Dining with Greek wines


Aromatic Moschofilero

The Halkidiki Foodie guide


The Thessaloniki Wine Aficionado’s Guide Wine spots in Thessaloniki

WINE PLUS magazine No 51 SUMMER 2016 Free press

Editor Maria Netsika Contributing Editors Denny Kallivoka, Evi Kallini, Evi Karkiti, Melina Melikidou, Niki Mitarea, Kostis Zafirakis

Translation Sakis Kazakis, Yiannis Parassiris

Illustrations Elina Steletari, Red Fish

Photos Heinz Troll, Kostas Amiridis, Thomas Yantzopoulos

Infographics Red Fish

Design Red Fish Print Beyond S.A.


Discover unique tasting memories from a distinctive



2nd Km. Amyndeon-Ag. Panteleimon 53200 Amyndeon, Greece E-mail:

Wine world in numbers

Which countries produce the most wine? More importantly, which countries consume the most? Wine Plus investigates!


Annual Wine Production (2014): bottles


Mhl (thousands of hectolitres)

Europe: {60% in Ε.U.} (176.398 Mhl)



Αsia: (15.103 Mhl)




of the world’s wine is produced by 10 countries

Αfrica: (11.099 Mhl)

America: (51.304 Mhl)


Annual Wine Consumption (2014)



Individual Wine Consumption Top 10 (+ 1) countries (l/year/habitant)

33 DK 27,1

Luxembourg France Portugal Ιtaly Slovenia Switzerland Croatia Denmark Αustria Βelgium Greece

49,8 46,4 43,8 37,9 37,3 35,5 34,5 33 30,3 27,1 25


B 49,8 LUX 30,3

35,5 F 43,8 P


SUI 37,9


AU 34,5 CRO



Oceania: (13.530 Mhl)

Greek wines in numbers

Everything you need to know about Greek wine in numbers!

2015 Annual Wine Production


millions hl

17th biggest wine producer country in the world

More than

300 Greek grape varieties representing

90% of the total vineyard’s surface

Most popular grape varieties

Approx style of wines

5,42% Agiorgiriko

3,36% Xinomavro


700+ XINOMAVRO 1998

wine labels





17,80% 13,72%


white wines 2/3, reds 1/3

33 P.D.O. 118 P.G.I.


Protected Designation of Origin

Protected Geographical Indicaton Πηγές: O.I.V. , Hellenic Statistical Authority Oxford Companion to wine (4th edition)


#greekwine news

#greekwine news

Our Greek vinous radar for summer 2016

Greek sparkling wines take off

Organic and “Natural” wines join the mainstream

Greek rosé wines are still going strong!

The rise of indigenous grapes

Greek sparkling wines are going strong! They connote sophistication and style! They have a role to play in everyday life. They are ideal for outdoor summer venues, and they’re flying…. Photo: Paranga Sparking, Kir-Yianni

Once embraced solely by a tiny purist fringe, Greek organic and natural wines are poised to attract a much wider audience, especially in small, trendy (as well as high-end) restaurants with curious sommeliers. Photo: Klima Klima Organic Assyrtiko 2015, Tsantali (P.G.I. Halkidiki)

Greek rosé wine has come a long way in the last few years. No longer can it be dismissed as a mere frivolity. There are myriad colours and styles, the great majority of them with a claim to being something special. Photo: Techni Alipias rosé 2015, Wine Art Estate (P.G.I. Drama)

For both serious oneophiles and everyday wine lovers it is native vine varieties that represent Greek wine’s real current attraction and future potential. Acid lined Assyrtiko, austere Xinomavro, sensual Agiorgitiko, earthy Limniona and upcoming Vidiano hint at some of the many to be discovered. Photo: Limniona 2012, Domaine Zafeiraki (P.G.I. Tirnavos)


Award winners wines

The «new-luxury» Wine-tour

Map of Flavours 2016 3 - 4 December Warehouse C, Thessaloniki Port

A cluster of converging trends has resulted in better -and many morewines by-the-glass in restaurants. Casual wine-focused bistros all over Greece offer a wide range of wines, introducing wine lovers and curious consumers to famous and lesserknown appellations, styles etc. Photo: Vivlia Chora Estate white 2015 (P.G.I. Pangeon)

An astonishing number of Greek wines has been acknowledged by internationally acclaimed, opinionleading wine and gastronomy critics, as well as by the international distinctions and awards gained from top wine institutions around the world. Photo: Syrah Collection 2011, Avantis Estate (P.G.I. Central Greece)

The definition of luxury has changed. It’s now more about rarity of experience than tangible possessions, and many Greek wineries are looking to provide those extraordinary experiences, e.g. Tsantali’s Rapsani Wine Adventure (p. 25), Oenoforos make your own wine, Gerovassiliou Estate Wine Museum. Photo: Make your own blend

Mark your calendars. Map of Flavours, the most important wine and spirits fair in Northern Greece, takes place December 3-4th, aka a great excuse to fly to Thessaloniki and spend 2 days strolling through the rows of wineries and sampling great wine from great winemakers. Don’t miss the best wine experience in Thessaloniki!

Map of Flavours

The best wine experience in Thessaloniki

Warehouse C, Thessaloniki Port

3-4 December 2016

Organised by:

Τ: +30 2310 888.311




Exciting Assyrtiko


FAST FACTS ABOUT ASSYRTIKO “ah-SEER-tiko” Vineyards’ surface Greece ~ 1.828 ha (1,7% of total Greek vineyard) Santorini ~ 550 ha (90% of total island’s vineyard) P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin) Santorini Meliton Slopes, Rhodes, Monamvasia-Malvasia, Malvasia-Paros, Malvasia-Sitia, Handakas-Candia, Malvasia Handakas-Candia Assyrtiko styles Super refreshing lemon-andminerals whites Barrel fermented and aged whites Sweet wines from sundried grapes Blends Assyrtiko Ασύρτικο + Sauvignon Blanc Assyrtiko + Athiri, Aidani Assyrtiko + Monemvassia, Kidonitsa

Awakening acidity, affluent taste, generous alcohol, fine aromas of lemon blossoms and a mineral aftertaste. With that baggage of ammunition, Assyrtiko, the greatest and most dynamic white Greek grape, set on its journey from its homeland of Santorini to conquer the vineyards of mainland Greece and to continue on globally. Nowadays, we can find Assyrtiko vineyards in Spain and Australia. Assyrtiko styles Assyrtiko’s strong suit is definitely its structure, the density in the mouth which is wonderfully combined with a scaly acidity, the generous alcohol and the metallic elements. A rare combination which clearly attracts those who love intense, “unconventional” white wines. Its nose, on the other hand, appears as discrete, with the fruit highlighting notes of citrus, green apples or unripe peaches. Furthermore, Assyrtiko is greatly suited with oak! The wine’s fermentation in barrel, its maturation along with the lees (sur lie), even the completion of malolactic fermentation, contribute to building its personality. Thus, the “barrel” Assyrtiko wines are more plethoric, they exude notes of honey and fruit jam. And, of course, let us not forget that Assyrtiko is the backbone of the excellent sweet wines Vinsanto. And a few words for its notable endurance in time. All Assyrtiko wines, the ones in stainless tank and the ones maturing in barrels, age for 5, even for 10

years, in some cases even more. Try keeping them in your cellar, and you will mark my words! Just make sure that the temperature does not exceed the widely acceptable 12-14ο C. Wine experts talk about Assyrtiko Haridimos Hatzidakis, oenologist and winemaker in Santorini, explains that “the basic factor determining the difference between the Assyrtiko wines from Santorini and those from the rest of the country’s mainland where they are grown, is the soil of the island. Volcanic, poor in organic matter and metals, it did not allow phylloxera to develop. However, it is rich in “minerals” (pumice and black volcanic lava) and it allows the root to search quite deep for water, drawing simultaneously those unique ingredients from the soil. Another factor playing an important role is the special microclimate with basic features: low rainfall, strong winds, warm and dry summers assisted by the nights’ humidity. The combination of these two makes the grape become both modest and kind, attributing character”.




Green apple



Aromas and flavours profile Fruit flavours: lemon, lime, green apple, peach Other: petrol, mineral Aged flavours: honey, butter, vanilla, crème brulÊe, crust pie Taste profile Acidity: high Body: rich texture Alcohol by volume: high


Exciting Assyrtiko

Santorini Assyrtiko Reserve 2013 12

Santo Wines P.D.O. Santorini/ 16.90€ A pure expression of Assyrtiko that is fermented in oak and subject to 6 months batonnage on fine yeast deposits + 6 months post bottling ageing. This is a truly outstanding wine that boasts impeccable intensity and elegance. You could drink it now or hold it five years or more.

Santorini 2015 Canava Chryssou - Tselepos P.D.O. Santorini / 17.90€ 100% Assyrtiko fermented in stainless steel, it shows the purity of the grape in the form of sun-ripened citrus fruit. It also delivers that characteristic touch of salinity that you often get with Assyrtiko planted on Santorini. There’s tonic energy and minerality and brightness in the mouth thanks to the wine’s balanced acidity and its textural richness. Drink: 2016-2019.

Santorini 2015 Hatzidakis Winery P.D.O. Santorini / 15.70€ Vibrant and youthful, this beauty is pure pleasure with fresh citrus aromas bursting from the glass, layers of mineral notes and a core of tangy acid. Somehow it combines fabulously fruit, honey and spice flavours with a savoury minerality, leading to a dry finish. Brilliant now, it should evolve nicely over the next 5 years.

Santorini 2015 Artemis Karamolegos Winery P.D.O. Santorini / 13.45€ This fine-boned Santorini reveals rich mineral and flower aromas, as well as a citrus-flavoured character. Somehow it combines fabulously fruit, honey and spice flavours with a savoury minerality, leading to a dry finish. It develops beautifully with savoury complexity.

Idisma Drios Assyrtiko 2015 Wine Art Estate P.D.I. Drama / 11.90€ This oak-fermented Assyrtiko from Drama region (Northern Greece) is a gorgeous wine that bursts from the glass with beautiful intensity. The bouquet is laced with toasty notes of golden apple, peach and sun-ripened apricot. It performs impressively in the mouth thanks to the amazing textural richness and soft creaminess it shows.

Vinsanto 20 years Estate Argyros P.D.O. Santorini / 58.90€ The delightful Vinsanto is sun-dried Assyrtiko (80%, Aidani (10%) and Athiri (10%). This oak-fermented dessert wine opens with a bright golden-orange colour and very distinctive aromas of orange peel, honey and caramel. It is a thick, sugar-rich expression that peels off with charming layers of candied fruit on the finish.




Aromatic Moschofilero


FAST FACTS ABOUT MOSCHOFILERO “mosh-co-fil-lairo” Vineyards’ surface Greece ~ 1.500 ha (1,1% of total Greek vineyard ) Mantinia ~ 550 ha P.D.O. Manitinia, white still/sparkling Moschofilero styles Elegant aromatic whites Palest pink Provençal rosés Expressive sparkling wines Blends Moschofilero + Roditis Moschofilero + Chardonnay

Moschofilero is one of the most aromatic grapes in Greece. Teeming with freshness, with a nose of references to rose pedals and a delightful acidity, after it won over the local palates, it is now building a successful career in the foreign markets also. Moschofilero & Mantinia The renowned Moschofilero wines are produced in Mantinia plateau, north-eastern of Tripoli. Here, the altitude exceeds 650 meters and the soil is generally poor and well-drained. As far as the climate is concerned, it is known for a lot of rain and snow in the winter, frequent showers and storms in the summer and low temperatures, compared to most of the other regions of the mainland. These ecosystem elements contribute to the lengthening of the grapes’ maturation period. Thus, Moschofilero usually matures in the second fortnight of September, quite late for a southern Greek region. Moschofilero styles Moschofilero is met all over the Peloponnese and in parts of Central Greece, while a less aromatic clone, Fileri, is grown in South Peloponnese, in Lakonia. It is a pinkish-grey-skinned grape, however, Moschofilero wines are mainly white. Occasionally, you’ll find the wines have a copper tinge to the colour.

Another distinct feature of Moschofilero is the intense, easily recognizable aroma. With Muscaty notes, it brings out in its cleanest expression green apples, limes, roses, while in the most complex wines, aromas of mint and lemon can be showcased. All of the above express the character of Mantinia’s white dry wines. Bright, aromatic, fine, elegant and perky, they carry the P.D.O indication since 1971. Finally, we need to keep in mind that Moschofilero, even at full maturity, presents a relatively low sugars concentration and high acidity, not common for such a southern region. Wine experts talk about Moschofilero Yiannis Tselepos, oenologist and winemaker, believes that “Moschofilero is probably the only “white” grape variety in Greece and one of the few globally that has demonstrated its capacity to giveunder the proper conditions- a number of completely different types of wine products. Exceptional dry whites, aromatic rosés with a soft salmon colour, sparkling wines by the classic method or cuve close type, even sweet wines with high aging potential. And the experimentation continues…”



Aromatic Moschofilero


Aromas and flavours profile Fruit flavours: Muscat, red apple skin, lemon/lime Other: rose petals, mint


Red apple

Taste profile Acidity: medium - high Body: elegant, light texture Mint

Rose petals

Mantinia 2015 Domaine Tselepos P.D.O. Mantinia / 9.90€ Textbook Moschofilero: crisp, ripe citrus trees fruit, rose notes and a racy character. One of my favourite styles of wine because it’s so refreshing it can be consumed on its own, or makes a terrific partner to a wide range of dishes (chicken, pasta, shellfish, seafood, salads).

Nassiakos Mantinia 2015 Semeli P.D.O. Mantinia/ 9.00€ This clean and refreshing wine, offering thrilling rosewater nose, fresh lime aromas and flavours, proves the perfect harmony between Moschofilero and Mantinia region. Make this perhaps the perfect white wine to serve at a summer garden party.

Oropedio 2015 Boutari P.D.O. Mantinia/ 10.50€ Boutari, producer of this wonderfully elegant Moschofilero is determined to discover every dimension of the multifaceted variety. They present another Moshofilero 100%, the brand new label Oropedio (meaning high plateau in Greek), made in stainless steel but with a short period in oak barrel for extra intensity and richness.

Mantinia 2015 Troupis Winery P.D.O. Mantinia/ 8.00€ Moschofilero 100% grown in the mountainous vineyards of the family in Fteri, Manitinia (altitude: 700 meters). A pure expression of the variety, it is a terrific refreshing white with classic crushed rose flowers, lime and green apple flavours.


Year’s Best Greece

Alepotrypa Assyrtiko Domaine Hatzimichalis 2015 PGI Atalanti Valley

Excellent news for the wine Assyrtiko Alepotrypa Domaine Hatzimichalis 2015. The reputable, American magazine ‘Wine & Spirits’ rated it with a very high score, 90/100, and with the very important distinction ‘Year’s Best Greece’ - The Best Greek wine, placing it among the best Greek, white wines for the year 2016, demonstrating the great potential of Assyrtiko outside Santorini. In the selected vineyard “Alepotrypa”, located around the winery, in the heart of Kalliaro Field, Atalanti Valley, the Greek, multipurpose variety Assyrtiko reveals an extremely complex and attractive character expressing perfectly the place of origin. The cool winds coming every spring and summer from the slopes of Mount Parnassus, help in ripening process and contribute to ensuring the natural acidity of the grapes making the location an ideal terroir for the cultivation of Assyrtiko.

Domaine Hatzimichalis Houlevena, 352 00, Atalanti,

Aromas of citrus and ripe yellow fruit frame the light minerality in the nose and in the exuberant mouth balances perfectly with the sharp acidity leading to a long fruity finish and revitalizing freshness.

Fthiotida, Greece T: +30 22330 23172

An expressive Assyrtiko perfect to accompany summer dishes. Also very pleasant as an aperitif always under the signature of Domaine Hatzimichalis. Taste the difference!



The popular Malagousia



Flowery and lemony notes, satin structure and soft, peppery taste fragrant with honey.


However, in the 1970’s, Malagousia was considered extinct and only very few knew about

Vineyards’ surface Greece ~ 470 ha (4,27 % of total Greek vineyard )

it. Its wines made their appearance in our glasses about 15 to 20 years ago. Therefore, it is

P.D.O. Rhodes

the quality potential of domestic vineyards.

Malagousia styles Aromatic whites Blends Malagousia + Assyrtiko Malagousia + Sauvignon Blanc Malagousia + Chardonnay

Malagousia flatters the palate, acquiring specifications for an international career.

a variety that can clearly narrate the way in which the Greek winemakers are discovering

The origins of Malagousia are reportedly to be in Aitoloakarnania. In the older days, large areas of the wider Nafpaktia (Nafpaktos, Orini Nafpaktia, etc) were covered in this variety. At some point, however, its cultivation was abandoned, apparently due to the great attention that it requires, as the grape is sensitive to oxidation. And it would have obviously disappeared, if it hadn’t been planted on a test basis at the Porto Carras Estate in Halkidiki. Wine experts talk about Malagousia Vangelis Gerovasiliou, well-known oenologist and winemaker in Northern Greece, remembers: “In

1977, when I first started as an oenologist at Porto Carras (Halkidiki), I found an experimental vineyard from which various forgotten varieties, unknown at the time, had been collected by the late and memorable Professor of Viticulture at the University of Thessaloniki, Mr Vasilis Logothetis. Among those was Malagousia. I ate a few grapes and I realized its quality potential and I remember that I made a barrel of sweet white wine that was teeming with lime aromas. The wine was later tasted by Mrs Kourakou (Stavroula Kourakou, PhD, directed the Greek Wine Institute for 20 years and also chaired the O.I.V. International Organization for Viticulture and Wine) who was thrilled, and it became the reason why we


WINE ART’S WHITES TECHNI ALIPIAS WHITE T E C H N I A S S Y RT I KO T E C H N I M A L AG O U S I A I D I S M A D R I O S C hardonnay I D I S M A D R I O S A S S Y RT I KO The people of Wine Art Estate share an enduring passion for the production of quality wines. A passion for perfection that has led to the production of much appreciated wines.

W I N E A RT E S TAT E Mikrochori, Drama



The popular Malagousia

Malagousia 2015


Matsa Estate P.G.I. Pallini / 9.90€ From one of the most recognized vine-grower and organic cultivation pioneer in Greece, Roxani Matsa, comes a typical Malagousia, well-balanced by a fresh seam of acidity. Lovely fruity aromas lead to exotic spice nuances, and a long finish. From Attica region.

Malagousia 2015 Ktima Gerovassiliou P.G.I. Epanomi / 13.00€ It’s rare for Malagousia to be as clean and refreshing as this wine is while still feeling rich. The flavours explode with scents of lime and bright notes of tangerine, fattening up in the middle before lasting on a long, tangy line of citrus. It has the nettle-like grip to take on sashimi, from white salmon to Spanish mackerel.

Malagousia 2015 Arvanitidis Estate P.G.I. Thessaloniki / 11.00€ A classic Malagousia for purists made with grapes sourced from the Askos region of Thessaloniki. It delivers classic notes of lime, which leads to delicious flavours of aromatic herbs and basil on a harmonious, crisp palate. Enjoy this wine as accompaniment to goat cheese, fish, shellfish and more, or as a refreshing aperitif all on its own.

Malagousia 2015 Domaine Porto Carras P.G.I. Sithonia / 13.70€ Vibrant pale yellow colour leads to beautiful nose of citrus and peaches and hints of green pepper spice in the buttery aftertaste. This full-bodied wine is shiny, like a summer day in Halkidiki after a dip into Sithonia’s sea. Estate’s vineyard is one of the most beautiful on the Greek landscape.

Malagousia 2015 Alpha Estate P.G.I. Florina / 10.00€ Alpha Estate is owned by experienced viticulturist Makis Mavridis and chemist-oenologist Angelos Iatridis who has shown extraordinary skill and success with both Greek and international varieties. This Malagousia is incredibly expressive with vibrant notes of flowers and summer fruit.

Malagousia 2015 Tetramythos P.G.I. Achaia / 10.95€ This very attractive Malagousia comes from estate’s vineyard in Ano Diakofto, Aegialia (North Peloponnese). Look for aromas of peaches on the nose with flavours of lemon drops and tropical fruit combined with a long flinty finish. Crisp, clean and something you really want to plant your lips on.

wine p lu s . g r



Aromas and flavours profile Fruit flavours: lemon, lime, peach, mango Other: white flowers, aromatic herbs, green pepper, basil, flint






Taste profile Acidity: medium + Body: medium +

Yiannis Koulelis, Marketing Manager of Vinalia (Wine and Spirits Merchant), gives us his view on the wines of Malagousia. “Since the aromatic white wines are now fashionable, thanks to Sauvignon Blanc, it is only a matter of time for the wines from Malagousia to become fashionable and established also… Only good things can come from

Ktima White

Ktima Rose

Ktima Red


too many plantings that took place by many winemakers in different parts of our country, causing overabundance and excess supply of Malagousia wines, and that is all I will focus on… Finally, I believe that wines from Malagousia have great potential for a career abroad since they are vinified from a 100% indigenous Greek variety. The latin writing of the variety helps it to be easily remembered and recognizable in foreign markets. Cheers with Malagousia then!”




Exclusive distribution: Vinalia Α.Ε., tel+30- 210-25.86.002

multiplied the few vines we had and in a few years – in 1980 – we made the first dry wine from Malagousia in Porto Carras. That is how the variety was rescued, because later on the experimental vineyard would be abandoned and surely Malagousia would have disappeared also.”


Explore Greece and find a unique wine in every corner!

In the land with wonderful climate, filled with sunshine grow the best grapes. Grapes that mature in barrels to give the most distinct varieties, those with strong aromas and refined flavours. Enjoy your stay in Greece and discover our distinct labels in every Lidl store.

Oinoxora Plagies Kitherona Rose P. G.E. 2015 Intense colour with balanced fresh taste, floral aroma Served perfectly with seafood risotto, spaghetti with meat and cold dishes Serve at 10-12 ° C / 11,5% vol. Price/L: 4.20€

23 750 ml


Lagorthi Riesling P. G.E. 2014 Intense aromatic character, acidity with a refreshing sense of tropical fruit Accompanies ideally traditional Greek dishes Serve at 10 – 12 ° C / 12,5% vol. Price/L: 4.65€

750 ml

750 ml


750 ml


750 ml



Roditis P. D.O. 2014

Moschofilero P. G.E. 2015

Asyrtiko Santorini P. D.O. 2015

• Characteristic fruit freshness, light golden colour • Accompanies harmoniously the daily Greek cuisine • Serve at 10 - 12 ° C / 12% vol. • Price/L: 3.85€

• Characterized by the distinctive aromas of jasmine and pear, the yellow colour and lively taste • Accompanies ideally white meat, seafood and pasta • Serve at 10 - 12 ° C / 11,5% vol. • Price/L: 3.85€

• Citrus flavours, dry taste, pleasant acidity • Accompanies ideally pasta dishes and meat • Serve at 9 -11 ° C / 12,5% vol. • Price/L: 7,99€

Find all labels in our stores, depending on vintage and stock availability.



Sophisticated Xinomavro



Sophisticated, dynamic and absolutely seductive. It gives wines that have grace, in


spite of their male power. Wines which, when at their best, overflow with charming

Vineyards’ surface Greece ~ 2.300 ha (3,4 % of total Greek vineyard ) Naoussa~ 400 ha Amyndeon ~ 550 ha Goumenissa ~ 200 ha Rapsani ~ 200 ha

and sensual aromas. That is why they have fanatic friends.

P.D.O. Naoussa, Amyndeon, Goumenissa, Rapsani Xinomavro styles Robust reds, with strong tannins and acidity Beautifully aged reds of a unique complexity Silky smooth rosés still/sparkling Blends Xinomavro + Negoska (P.D.O. Goumenissa) Xinomavro + Krassato + Stavroto (P.D.O. Rapsani) Xinomavro + Merlot + Syrah

Xinomavro, with the high acidity and the strict tannins, when young it can be uncompromisingly tense and unripe. Wild and aggressive within its power. In time, however, with age and persistence, it softens up. It acquires aromatic complexity and unique charm. If the great aging potential is added to all the above, we understand why the foreign wine journalists compare it with diva varieties such as Nebbiolo and Pinot Noir.

Why is Xinomavro so well-liked? The secret is its attractive acidity and the tannins which, –trust me-, when they are friendly, they become absolutely enchanting. Dressed in a rich body, they raise the wine to supreme heights. Just as attractive is its aromatic profile: red fruits, olives and ripe tomatoes, which are accompanied by appetizing peppers and spices when they are aged.

Despite all of its charm, however, Xinomavro never became especially popular to the wider public. In the recent years, wine producers, based on this realization, have started working towards the direction of a more “modern” expression of it. With more volume, softer tannins, maintaining, nevertheless, its special character as original as possible.

Xinomavro and clones Xinomavro resides in the Greek North. Well adapted in the mainland climates, it is grown in almost every vine growing region of central and western Macedonia, while it enters Thessaly also. Its dominance is extended from the slopes of the Central Macedonian mountains all the way to Pindos. In the North, it reaches the borders of FYROM and in the south it enters Thessaly. We find it in Naoussa, Amyndeon, Goumenissa, Pella, Siatista, Grevena, Velventos, Vertiskos and Rapsani.

wine p lu s . g r



XINOMAVRO WINE PROFILE Colour Translucent red Aromas and flavours profile Fruit flavours: quince, gooseberry, blackberry Other: olive, tomato, violet Aged flavours: vanilla, clove, tobacco, licorice Taste profile Acidity: high Tannin: high Texture: big structure Ageability: Yes. 3-18 years depending on the style.

The wide differentiation in its vine characteristics led to the undertaking of research projects related to its variability. Thus, the isolation of 5 clones with distinct characteristics became possible. There is special reference to the clones V6 Naoussa and V3 Velventos which present the following characteristics in the vine and the wine: • good quality/quantity ratio • intense colour • rich aromatic potential • and soft tannins. Wine experts talk about Xinomavro Dr. Yiannis Voyiatzis, oenologist and winemaker, CEO and General Manager of Boutari, believes that “the main advantage of the variety, as far as I am concerned, is its very strong and differentiated character, the special and distinct personality of its wines. In the global environment, it sails on board along with the European terroir wines, such as Burgundy and Barolo, while it stands across from the “thick”, “alcoholic” wines of the New World. The aromatic potential of Xinomavro, the acidity and the delicate tannins, as well as the great aging potential, constitute the pillars of its particularity that turns all the above into competitive advantages.” Dr. Haroula Spinthiropoulou, agriculturist specialized in viticulture, oenologist and winemaker (Argatia winery, Naoussa), talks to us about the specificities of the different Xinomavro clones and how






they express themselves in the final product. “The Xinomavro clones had initially been selected for some of their desirable characteristics, such as the smaller grape size, the smaller berry, the relative earliness in harvest, etc. Now that wines are produced from Xinomavro clones, it seems that they are characterized by higher concentration in phenolic matter in relation to the population and the smaller acidity (higher PH, due to bigger/better potassium absorption from the soil).” Stellios Boutaris, winemaker and CEO of Kir Yianni wines, with great experience in the commercial sector of wine believes that “in the global market, Xinomavro wines clearly appeal to trained palates, consumers who adore terroir (microclimate). An everyday consumer cannot –yet- appreciate Xinomavro’s aromatic wealth and character. Practice and the desire to seek out for something different is required. These consumers are still a small number but they are increasing daily! Ιn Greece, Xinomavro wines are mostly known for their origin (e.g. Naoussa) rather than for their variety. Not even here have they yet been positioned as they deserve. I do believe, however, that the constant improvement in quality combined with their image upgrade through marketing, packaging improvement and the distribution channel will enable their listings in good restaurants and wine shops and they will be appreciated.”


Sophisticated Xinomavro

Ramnista 2012 26

Kir-Yianni P.D.O. Naoussa / 15.10€ The wines of Yiannis Boutaris estate in Yianakohori are nothing less that remarkable! Ramnista shows all the hallmarks of a Naoussa Xinomavro you want. Full-bodied and impressively ripe in blackberries, currants and oak, gaining depth and turning ever more elegant and detailed, with tannins that give this traction.

Grand Reserve Naoussa 2010

Boutari P.D.O. Naoussa / 14.30€ A truly legendary wine, Boutari’s Grand Reserve Naoussa is a wine that Xinomavro lovers simply can’t get enough of. Temptingly rich and layered, with complex mocha, plum and wild berry fruit that’s spicy and aromatic. If you want to know what classical, well-aged Naoussa smells and tastes like, buy this one.

Alpha Estate 2012

P.G.I. Florina / 21.90€ A terrific producer and a great red wine from Amyndeon plateau (Macedonia to the west). The wine is a blend of 60% Syrah, and 20% each of Xinomavro and Merlot, aged for 12 months in new French oak. Beautifully constructed, with elegant but subtle concentration in the mid-palate, a bright and crisp finish and a tightly-wound feel makes us realize just how well Xinomavro can perform along with cosmopolitan grapes.

Ï Single Vineyard 2012

Aidarinis Winery P.D.O. Goumenissa / 15.90€ Aidarinis family captures the soul of the Goumenissa landscape and the character of an exceptional vineyard site. This Xinomavro/Negoska blend is an elegant red wine, intensely complex with ground coffee/blackberry aromas. The palate is powerful with mocha flavours intertwined with spicy oak and fine lacy tannins.

Xinomavro 2012

Ktima Voyiatzi P.G.I. Velventos / 13.10€ Voyiatzi family propose a new age Xinomavro. There’s an ultra-ripe fruit character that makes the wine remarkably forward and lush. It’s dry, full-bodied, with a long finish. For those who think serious wines only comes in one colour!

Rapsani Reserve 2012

Tsantali P.D.O. Rapsani / 13.70€ Grown on the hillside vineyards on Mount Olympus slopes, this blend of Xinomavro, Krassato, Stavroto with 24 months of oak & bottle aging is a prime example of Tsantali ability to combine long standing traditions with dynamic innovation. The wine shows bold aromas, with hints of cherry, roasted nuts and tobacco. On the palate it is well-rounded, harmonious, and rich with a lingering finish.

An Olympian wine safari


TSANTALI RAPSANI WINE ADVENTURE Sense of place beyond wine standards Rapsani, home of a long line of vine growers, has given its name to this outstanding wine region, acknowledged as “Protected Designation of Origin” since 1971. Rapsani is a red dry wine produced strictly from the blend of 3 indigenous varieties: Xinomavro, Krassato and Stavroto. The region went through trying times in late 1980s, but it bounced back thanks to the Tsantali family’s passion and huge investment that refueled the vine growers’ interest. Today, TSANTALI RAPSANI is one of the most successful wine brands of Greece worldwide.

“I could have spent all day roaming the mountain, taking in the views, waiting for the light for a perfect photo and sipping on the wines. As it was I did loose myself for a few minutes amongst the vines, vibrantly green in their flush of spring youthfulness. Camera around the neck, glass in one hand and the bottle of the Rapsani Reserve in the other”. As Andrew Barrow* best described, Rapsani is no place for yet another classic tour and tasting. The story of this stunning wine region nestled in Mt Olympus is captivating in and of itself; the task successfully delivered by TSANTALI was to tell the story within the wondrous setting. RAPSANI WINE ADVENTURE does exactly that: it is all about an experiential discovery beyond standards. Convertible off-road cars are the best means of transportation for a spectacular Mount Olympus ascent that springs the participants into action. Moving onwards and upwards from 200 to 800 meters, small vine plots –sometimes at the most steep slopes- keep revealing. Stops offer the opportunity to walk among the vines, explore the unique characteristics met at various altitudes, get to know the tradition of mixed fields and old bush vines, witness the evolution of the region through time. Tasting of the multi-awarded TSANTALI RAPSANI wines takes place in the vineyard on an old barrel or the hood of the car. A visit at Rapsani Vine & Wine Museum and a classic meal at the local tavern is the perfect closure of the adventure. As the TSANTALI team says, the goal is simple: a creative approach on wine tourism that gives a real, unpretentious, divine sense of place.

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Sexy Agiorgitiko


FAST FACTS ABOUT AGIORGITIKO “a-gee-or-GHEE-tee-ko” Vineyards’ surface Greece ~ 3.634 ha (5,45 % of total Greek vineyard ) Nemea ~ 3.000 ha P.D.O. Nemea Agiorgitiko styles Deep red, supple, fruit-forward young version Rich, mature, velvety aged reds Blends Agiorgitiko + Cabernet Sauvignon Agiorgitiko + Syrah

Vine growers and winemakers exalt in triumph the quality characteristics and the versatile character of the Agiorgitiko. Versatile as it is, under various conditions (climatic, growing and technological), its grape can give us wines with a clearly different character and type, maintaining, however, at the same time, a high quality level in each of these types. Wine lovers, from their own point of view, focusing on the characteristics of its wines, vouch without hesitation for them. The intense purple, almost black colour. The bouquet overflowing with fruit: ripe sour cherries, jam and sweet spices. And the mouth? Here lies the secret of their charm. Rich taste, dangerously attractive! Like caressing a body that feels like velvet. Wines that can attract the international admirers of the New World. Agiorgitiko and Nemea Deep blue, with small round berries and a thick skin, the charismatic Agiorgitiko with the velvet skin is much sought after. It flourishes and excels mostly in Nemea where the cool Northern winds and the pleasant temperatures, that usually prevail, contribute to its smooth maturation. Since 1971, Nemea wines, some of the most typical red Greek wines, have been designated as P.D.O.

The vineyards of the P.D.O. Nemea zone, the largest zone in Greece, cover a total of 16 communities and grow in the plain all the way to the foot of the mountain Killinio, an area of 3.000 ha and three production zones: • the flatlands, including the valleys of Nemea, Ancient Nemea, Ancient Kleoni and LeontioGimno and extend to the plain and the lower slopes at an altitude of 200-350 meters. • the semi-mountainous, which extends to the mountain sides at Koutsi and Daphne, at 300600 meters. • and the mountainous, which includes the valleys at the upland of Asprokampos, at Psari, Kefalari, and the slopes at Kastraki-MpozikaTitani that reach 600-800 meters.



Sexy Agiorgitiko

Gaia Estate 2013 30

Gaia Wines P.D.O. Nemea / 23.60€ Dr. enologist and winemaker Yiannis Paraskevopoulos with this Agiorgitiko has captured the essence of Nemea appellation zone. It’s a terrific red wine! Sturdy, incredibly flavourful, rich, age-worthy wine, with the density of flavours and complex structure that low-yielding mountain grapes give.

Megas Oinos 2012 George Skouras P.G.I. Peloponnese / 20.00€ Megas Oinos is George Skouras’s portfolio absolute legendary wine. Featuring Agiorgitiko and Cabernet Sauvignon (80% - 20%) it shows off the virtues of both grapes. Opulent aromas of cherry, plums, spice and oak, in which it was aged for 20 months. Luscious texture and complexity.

Nemea Reserve 2012 Semeli P.D.O. Nemea / 10.00€ A kaleidoscope of scents and flavours, this Nemea is a fascinating study of Agiorgitiko. Look for plush, generous texture, plum fruit, cherry and spice flavours. Clearly made in a leaner style than high-alcohol cult style, it trades richness for elegance and finesse. Rich and appealing, it should develop over the next decade.

Terra Leone, Ammos Reserve Nemea 2014 Palivou Estate P.D.O. Nemea / 16.50€ Lots to admire in this Agiorgitiko. Deep ruby, almost black. Aromas recall blackberry, dark chocolate and smoky oak tones. This impressively tannic wine has layers and layers of fruit beneath, just waiting to come to the surface. If you love New World forward fruitiness and high-alcohol cult style, this one’s for you.

Oenotria Land Cabernet Sauvignon - Agiorgitiko 2013 Costa Lazaridi P.G.I. Attiki / 18.50€ Balance, complexity, élan, aplomb, verve... haven’t I forgotten anything? Rich warmth. I’m helpless in the face of such concentration! Made from Cabernet Sauvignon and Agiorgitiko from the Attica vineyard with extremely low yields, this round, smooth-textured red shows the best of both varieties. It is ready to drink, but will also reward long-term cellaring (+ 10 years).

Areti red 2010 Domaine Biblia Chora Estate P.G.I. Pangeon / 14.50€ The first successful attempt to make an Agiorgitiko wine outside Nemea, it represents the epitome of the style that has made the grape renowned: bold and powerful, yet elegant and concentrated. Inky in colour, with more red fruit on the palate, subtle oak and light tannins. Biblia Chora is one of the most beautiful wineries in the Northern Greece landscape and a must-see when touring wine country.

wine p lu s . g r




Colour Deep red Aromas and flavours profile Fruit flavours: cherries, cassis, blackberries Other: toffee, cedar Aged flavours: plum, raisin, fig, vanilla, tobacco Taste profile Acidity: medium Tannin: medium Texture: luscious Ageability: Yes. 5-10 years depending on the style.

The famous Nemea wines, deeply coloured, rich and full-bodied, are produced in the beautiful hill sides of the middle zone. They present excellent barrel-aging potential and they develop a complex bouquet, full of sweet spices and thick, teeming-with-freshness fruit. At lower altitudes with the richer soil, the grapes mature much faster and reach an alcoholic potential of 14-15%. Due to this potential for high sugars consistency, the appellation of Nemea expanded to include sweet wines as opposed to the initial references which were limited to dry wines. Finally, in the higher zone, the grapes give wines with a cooler taste and the characteristic aroma of the red fruit of Agiorgitiko. These were the grapes that opened the way to the production of pleasant rosé wines and fresh reds that can be opened within the year of their vintage. Agiorgitiko in the rest of Greece Agiorgitiko was also successfully planted in selected vineyards of Attica, Evia, Kavala and Drama. Over the last decade, we have enjoyed in our glasses the results of its blending with international varieties as well as the results of standing on its own in amazing one-varietal wines. Modern reds with good concentration and good aging potential.





Wine experts talk about Agiorgitiko George Skouras, oenologist and winemaker, believes that Agiorgitiko has been established in the mind of the consumer as a specific branded choice. “The restaurants and shelves in the Greek territory display many options. The consumers who have acquired their own personal taste and are well-informed about vintages, estates and productions, choose Agiorgitiko because it suits them, it is “their” Agiorgitiko. Surely it is the Greek grape that is suited to the taste of the international consumer more than any other. In the United States of America, for example, its popularity is increasing on a daily basis. It is gaining ground. People like it.” Leonidas Nasiakos, oenologist and winemaker from Semeli Wines, considers as Nemea’s important competitive advantage “the versatility of Agiorgitiko which is apparently owed to the different altitudes, soils and microclimates of the region. Besides wines of shorter or longer aging, the variety also gives us exceptional rose wines or fresh, quickly-consumed reds, as well as sweet wines.”


Rosé Season



Say it with us: Rosé Season! The best time of the year is finally here. Those fleeting few months of summer when it’s rosé all day. This summer cherish Greek rosés. Silky smooth, scented by garrigue and enlivened by the sound of cicadas, they come in a range of colours and styles, some of them very serious wines indeed!

Rosé Xinomavro 2015 Arvanitidis Estate P.G.I. Thessaloniki / 11€ Arvanitidis Estate just released the second vintage of its delicious, salmon pink-coloured, herb-and-red-fruit Xinomavro-based rosé. Grapes are sourced from their own vineyards in Askos semi-mountainous region of Thessaloniki. Bring on the shrimp, haul out the salmon steaks or prepare the vegetables and start grilling, because this crisp and fruity rosé is a perfect barbecue companion.

Emmetros Logos 2015 Tsantali P.G.I. Macedonia / 10.80€ A brand new rosé wine from Tsantali. It’s a beguiling Xinomavro-Syrah (80%-20%) blend that defies convention with unending aromas of blueberries and violets. A refreshing fruity aroma with lovely acidity finish makes it impossible to resist a second taste.

Veriki Grain Rosé 2014 Domaine Hatzimichalis P.D.I. Atalanti Valley / 10.90€ This Syrah rosé comes from Central Greece. Domaine Hatzimichalis targets certain Veriki vineyard parcels specifically for this wine which shows terrific personality. Expect flavours and aromas of cherries and strawberries with hints of wild herbs and pepper. Serve with spicy grilled chicken, mullets or pasta.

Amethystos rosé 2015 Domaine Costa Lazaridi P.G.I Drama / 11.30€ Overall the Domaine Costa Lazaridi wines are fresh, fruitforward, and easy-drinking. Amethystos rosé, a rose-coral blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot (80% - 20%) is crisp with hints of strawberry and blackberries. A good mouth-watering attack wakes up the palate and gets it ready for vegetable dishes or spicy foods.

Thema rosé 2015 Pavlidis Estate P.G.I Drama / 9.80€ Pavlidis Estate in Drama region crafts rich, velvety textured wines. In this very attractive rosé look for springy, refreshing fruity aromas and lovely acidity. Groovy and rose-purply, it’s simply delicious! The symphony grape is Tempranillo.

wine p lu s . g r

R ose & S parkling

Let’s get fizzical!

Akakies Sparkling 2014 Kir-Yianni P.D.O. Amyndeon / 11.80€ Kir-Yianni is famous for top quality Amyndeon P.D.O. rosé. But as long as they’ve been producing first class “Akakies still” they have made superb “Akakies sparkling” right alongside. An off-dry, soft and round sparkling rosé, with a gorgeous pink blush hue and a raspberrystrawberry-with-hints-of-pepper nose. Drink with spicy grilled chicken salad, tapas or antipasti, salmon and… the love of your life.

Amalia Rosé Tselepos Wines / 14.75€ Crisp, refreshing sparkling rosé from one of the top quality Greek producers. Made with the same process as Champagne, Yiannis Tselepos uses Agriorgitiko grapes for this Greek interpretation. A very dry, lively and zesty sparkling wine that has a lovely cerise and blackberry aroma profile. A terrific summer bubbly! It’s a perfect aperitif but could imagine it going very happily with poached salmon.

Ode Panos rosé Domaine Spiropoulos / 9.50€ Domaine Spiropoulos, located in Mantinia, Peloponnese, has great success with Moscholifero grape creating wines with distinct personality, such as this savoury sparkling rosé. Fresh, fruity fizz with elegant roses perfume and good acidity is a superb wine for aperitif or summer parties.

Aurelia sparkling Zoinos / 8.00€ This sparkling offering from Debina (50%) Vlahiko and Bekiari grapes grown on steep limestone slopes of Zitsa region/North-eastern Epirus (altitude: 700m) shows real vivacity. Delightfully mature and full-bodied with deep rich stony aromas and herbs flavours. Not for the fainthearted, nor for the cellar. Drink this soon, cool and with charred meat.

Edenia rosé Theopetra Estate P.G.I. Meteora / 25.00€ Dry, with balanced bubbles, a gorgeous rose pink hue and a beautifully zesty, characterful flavour, this liquid love is based on rare Limniona grown organically in Meteora vineyard. It seems to me better suited to food than to aperitif drinking and I could imagine it going particularly well with Asian and spicy dishes.





Illustrations: Elina Steletari




Serving temperature: 9 - 12ºC Food pairing Fishes: bream, sea bream, sea bass Sea food: shrimp, crawfish, oysters Meat: pork, lamb, poultry Herbs and spices: coriander, basil, mint, fennel, spring onion, white pepper Cheeses: soft goat cheeses Wine Plus suggestion: lamb fricassee, sushi

Serving temperature: 8 - 11ºC Food pairing Fishes: sea bass, sole, cod Sea food: crab, crawfish, mussels Meat: poultry, turkey, fresh ham, Greek gyros Herbs and spices: coriander, basil, mint, fennel, spring onion, white pepper Cheeses: camembert, brie, soft goat cheeses Vegetables: Tabbouleh, vegetables sautéed or cooked Pasta: carbonara WP suggestion: chicken with green olives, Thai and Vietnamese cuisine

MOSCHOFILERO Serving temperature: 8 - 10ºC Food pairing Fishes: whitebait, anchovies, mullet Sea food: mussels, calamari Meat: poultry, pork, Herbs and spices: basil, mint, garlic Cheeses: kalathaki of Limnos (local feta strained and matured in traditional small baskets-kalathaki), anthotiros (Greek fresh sheep’s and goat’s milk cheese) WP suggestion: chicken with orka, pork with sauce hollandaise MALAGOUSIA Serving temperature: 8 - 10ºC Food pairing Fishes: salmon, mackerel Sea food: mussels, calamari Meat: poultry, pork Herbs and spices: basil, garlic Cheeses: manouri (Greek semi-soft sheep’s and goat’s milk cheese) WP suggestion: mussel’s risotto, spaghetti al pesto

CHARDONNAY Serving temperature: 9 - 12ºC Food pairing Fishes: trout, salmon, sea bass, sole meunière, grouper, amberjack, tuna Sea food: lobster, shrimp, scallops Meat: poultry, turkey, pork, rabbit Herbs and spices: tarragon, parsley, thyme, white pepper Cheeses: medium hard and hard cheeses (Greek kasseri, ladotyri, graviera, metsovone) Vegetables: pumpkin, peas, zucchini, asparagus, mushrooms (cantharellus, truffles) Pasta: seafood pasta, wild mushrooms risotto WP suggestion: chicken in mustard sauce, asparagus risotto, monkfish saganaki, sushi



“True farmers’ knowledge of the land, wines with a modern touch…”

Malagousia 2015

Askos, 57 016 Thessaloniki tel. +30 23950 61626, fax +30 23950 61646


Dining with Greek wines


Food pairing Meat: b.b.q., grilled pork, venison, stuffed turkey Herbs and spices: rosemary Cheeses: spicy goat cheeses Pasta: spaghetti with red sauces, lobster spaghetti WP suggestion: stuffed turkey, beef Wellington


Serving temperature: 10 - 12ºC Food pairing Fishes: salmon, tuna, fried mullet Sea food: fried mussels, griller squid Meat: fresh cold cuts, roasted chicken, b.b.q. Pasta: seafood pasta, lobster spaghetti, tomato pizza Vegetables, peas: “giant” beans salad (Greek gigantes), fresh green beans, stuffed tomatoes/peppers, Chinese salads WP suggestion: roast kid with herbs, hen stew with trahana (Greek grain product), pan-fried cod with garlic sauce ROSÉ SPARLKING XINOMAVRO Serving temperature: 8 - 10ºC Food pairing Fishes: salmon, tuna Sea food: paella Meat: fresh cold cuts, roasted pork, spicy Szechuan beef, sweet and sour pork Vegetables, peas: Chinese salads WP suggestion: rosé sparkling Xinomavro + lahanontilmades (Greek stuffed cabbage rolls) = a perfect pair! XINOMAVRO Serving temperature: 16 - 18ºC Food pairing Meat: spicy cold cuts and sausages, b.b.q., roasted pork, spicy venison Cheeses: medium hard and hard cheeses (batzos, graviera) Pasta: spaghetti Napoliten, wild mushrooms risotto Vegetables, peas: bean soup, chickpeas soup WP suggestion: Xinomavro + lamb = a perfect pair! AGIORGITIKO Serving temperature: 16 - 18ºC

CABERNET SAUVIGNON Serving temperature: 16 - 18ºC Food pairing Meat: spicy cold cuts and sausages, roasted red meat, spicy venison Herbs and spices: rosemary, black pepper Cheeses: gorgonzola, camembert, soft cream cheeses Pasta: spaghetti with red sauces, lobster spaghetti WP suggestion: Stroganoff, beef Bourguignon MERLOT Serving temperature: 16 - 18ºC Food pairing Meat: roasted chicken with herbs, b.b.q., beef stew with prunes Vegetables, peas: lentil purée Herbs and spices: rosemary, black pepper Cheeses: camembert Desserts: dark chocolate WP suggestion: revithada of Sifnos (chickpeas stew) SYRAH Serving temperature: 16 - 18ºC Food pairing Meat: roasted red meat, venison Herbs and spices: lavender, fennel, thyme, peppers Cheeses: soft cream cheeses Pasta: spaghetti Bolognese, wild mushrooms risotto WP suggestion: black pepper-crusted beef


SWEET AND DESSERT WINES Serving temperature: White sweet wines: 8 - 10ºC Red desert wines: 11 - 14ºC Food pairing Appetizers pies and cheese soufflé + Muscat, Malagousia melon with fresh cold cuts + Mavrodaphne of Patras Main dishes apricot and prunes chicken srew + Muscat of Samos braised pork with prunes + Mavrodaphne of Patras Desserts marzipan, fruit tarts, meringues + Muscat, Gewürztraminer honey, dried figs and nuts + Vinsanto dried fruits and nuts cake + Mavrodaphne of Patras chocolate desserts + Mavrodaphne of Patras, Vinsanto Greek Cheeses myzithra + Vinsanto kopanisti (Cycladic answer to Roquefort) + Μuscat, Gewürztraminer goat cheeses + Mavrodaphne of Patras Fruits apricots, peaches, melon + Muscat


Delicacies from Greece

Delicacies from Greece

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Products with a Protected Geographical Origin / Indication

and few more... 1 11

12 5


2 6


Zakynthos Mandolato: a sweet temptation


Lefkada Eglouvi lentils


Lemnos Melichloro cheese


Lesvos Kalloni sardines

9 7

Cephalonia Mandola: almonds roasted with sugar

3 2 3

Corfu Noumboulo: smoked pork sirloin, sliced very thin. Tsitsimpira: lemonade spiced up with ginger



Tinos Amigdalota: macaroons stuffed with orange, walnuts or cherries


Syros Loukoumi: a chewy sweet delight




12 10

Andros Lemon blossom preserve Kythira Fatourada: a kind of tsipouro distillate-flavoured with cinnamon and carnation cloves Komotini Chickpeas Halkidiki Mussels

wine p lu s . g r


Olive oils 18 P.G.O. Viannos, Heraklion, Crete Ligourio Asklipiou, Argolida, Peloponnese North Mylopotamos, Rethymnon, Crete Krokees, Laconia, Peloponnese Petrina, Laconia, Peloponnese Kranidi, Argolida, Peloponnese Peza, Heraklion, Crete Acharnes, Heraklion, Crete Kalamata, Peloponnese Kolimvari, Chania, Crete Sitia, Lasithi, Crete Apokorontas, Chania, Crete Extra virgin oil Thrapsano, Heraklion, Crete Finiki, Laconia, Peloponnese Extra virgin oil Trizinia, Attica Extra virgin oil Selino, Chania, Crete Agoureleo, Halkidiki Messara, Heraklion, Crete 11 P.G.I. Laconia, Peloponnese Chania, Crete Cephalonia Olympia, Peloponnese Lesvos or Mytilene Preveza Rhodes Thassos Samos Zakynthos Saint Matheos, Corfu Olives 8 P.G.O. Kalamata olives, Peloponnsese Konservolia Amfissa, Central Greece Konservolia Atalanti, Central Greece Konservolia Rovies, Euboea, Central Greece Konservolia Stylida, Central Greece Throumpa, Thassos Throumpa, Chios Halkidiki green olives 3 P.G.I. Konservolia Arta, Epirus Throumpa Ambadia, Rethymnon, Crete Konservolia Pelion, Volos

Cheeses 6 Soft cheeses (mixed milk: sheep/goat) Anevato of Grevena Galotyri of Epirus Pichtogalo of Chania, Crete Katiki of Domokos, Fthiotida Kopanisti of Cyclades Xynomyzithra of Crete 4 Brine cheeses Feta of Macedonia, Thrace, Epirus, Thessaly, Central Greece, Peloponnese and Lesvos (mixed milk: sheep/goat) Kalathaki of Limnos (sheep’s milk) Sfela of Messinia, Laconia (mixed milk: sheep/goat) Batzos of Macedonia, Thessaly (mixed milk: sheep/ goat) 11 Hard Cheeses Graviera of Naxos (cow’s milk) San Michali of Syros (cow’s milk) Graviera of Grete (sheep’s milk may include some goat’s milk) Kasseri of Macedonia, Thessaly, Xanthi, Lesvos (sheep’s milk) Formaella of Arachova, Parnassos (sheep’s milk) Metsovone, Metsovo (mixed milk: cow/sheep) Graviera of Agrafa, Karditsa (mixed milk: cow/ sheep) Kefalograviera, Macedonia, Epirus, AetoliaAcarnania, Evrytania (mixed milk: sheep/goat) Ladotyri of Mytilene (mixed milk: sheep/goat) Manouri of Macedonia, Thessaly (mixed milk: sheep/goat) Xygalo of Sitia, Crete (mixed milk: sheep/goat) 11 Fruits Kiwi of Pieria Kiwi of Spercheios, Central Greece Crunchy cherries of Rodochori, Naoussa Peaches of Naoussa Apples Delicious Pilafa of Tripoli, Peloponnese Koum Kouat of Corfu Apples of Zagora, Pelion Oranges of Chania, Crete Apples of Kastoria Firiki of Pelion Mandarin orange of Chios

4 Vegetables Tsakoniki Eggplant of Leonidio, Peloponnese Potatoes of Kato Nevrokopi Potatoes of Naxos Tomataki of Santorini (cherry tomato) 7 Pulses Giant Elephant Beans of Kato Nevrokopi, Drama Beans of Kato Nevrokopi, Drama Giant Elephant Beans of Prespes, Florina Beans of Prespes, Florina Giant Elephant Beans of Kastoria Fava of Santorini Beans of Feneos 9 Nuts/raisins/dried figs Pistachios of Fthiotida Pistachios of Megara Pistachios of Aegina Vostitsa Raisins of Corinth, Peloponnese Raisins of Zakynthos Raisins of Ilia Figs of Vravrona, Attica Dried figs of Kymi, Euboia Dried Figs of Taxiarchis, Halkidiki 9 Other Products Avgotaracho of Messolongi Cretan Rusks Honey of Mainalo, Arcadia, Peloponnese Gum of Chios Mastic of Chios Mastic Oil of Chios Greek Saffron of Kozani Baby lamb of Elassona Baby goat of Elassona


Wine Plus guide

Wine Plus guide

There’s always an influx of great new restaurants and wine spots in Greece every summer–and this year is no different. We’ve tried many of these–and have heard that others are great. Inside, what’s new, along with all the classics. 40

Best gathering places The Thessaloniki Foodie Guide

City centre Chan Extra-stylish Pan Asian restaurant at design hotel The Met. Chan’s talented chef Dimitris Tsananas and his team prepare dishes backed by serious know-how, various international trends and experimentation over many years. During the summer restaurant moves to the Sky bar on the 7th floor, with the breathtaking view of Thessaloniki. (The Met Hotel, 48, 26th October Str., tel. +30 2310 017000) Akadimia Very charming, cosy restaurant at atmospheric Agiou Mina Street. Entering the summer mood, the menu takes full advantage of fresh vegetables and herbs to produce a Mediterranean and Greek cuisines’ repertoire with a classical base that has many resonances of modern cooking. (3, Agiou Mina St., tel. + 30 2310 521803) Maître and Margarita A charming little restaurant lies hidden in the center of Thessaloniki, serving tasteful dishes at a warmly designed space. Sample one of the beautifully prepared salads or dishes, and relax with a glass of wine. (Verias & Irodous Attikou St., tel. +30 2314 007586)

Garçon Brasserie Café-bar-restaurant with a trendy environment and the best balcony on the old waterfront. The cuisine follows modern trends. (Nikis Av. & 2, Ag. Sofias St., tel. +30 2310 253033) 7thalasses [7 seas] The post-modern fish taverna par excellence! You will think you are on Mykonos! Friendly staff, good ambience, fresh fish, shellfish, seafood and a well-informed wine list. (10, Kalapothaki St., tel. +30 2310 233173) Clochard Classic venue for lovers of good food. Stylish dining in an atmospheric setting. Award-winning Greek cuisine with some beautifully prepared international dishes. (4, Proxenou Koromila St., tel. +30 2310 239805) Restaurant Lounge Bar Β The restaurant is located inside the Museum of Byzantine Culture. With its beautifully designed atrium, full of greenery, it offers a breath of fresh air in summer months and a superb Mediterranean menu. (2 C’, Septemvriou St., tel. +30 2310 869695)

Frutti di Mare The restaurant has tables out on the pavement all year round, with a view of the Bazaar Hamam. Enjoy your wine with delicious seafood and meat meze. (20, Komninon St., tel. +30 2310 239100)

Zythos - Doré Well-known haunt of artists and intellectuals. The courtyard offers a generous shade and a view of the White Tower, while the cuisine prepares a range of Mediterranean flavours, same with Zythos in Ladadika. (7, Tsiroyianni St., tel. +30 2310 279010)

Be An American diner-style restaurant. Pleasant casual ambiance, excellent music and quality cuisine at the restaurant of the Excelsior Hotel. The focus is mainly on street food (fish & chips, burgers, falafel) and traditional American dishes (mac & cheese) at reasonable prices. (10, Komninon St. & 23 Mitropoleos St., tel. +30 2310 021020)

Ergon Agora A real gastronomic staging post housing under the same roof: a modern grocery -with shelves hosting a delicious collection of local produce, including the ERGON collection of traditional Greek products-, a restaurant, a butchery, a fish shop, a bakery and an upgraded café. (42, Pavlou Mela St., tel. +30 2310 284224)

wine p lu s . g r

Mia Feta Cafe, bar, grocery and dairy shop. Here, you can go shopping while degustasting dishes with feta as you have never tried it before: feta as foam, feta with truffle, feta in panna cotta, feta with olives/peppers and many other versions. Also try the nettle pie with «zea» flour. (14, Pavlou Mela St., tel + 30 2310 221120) Panorama O Kritikos It’s not a big surprise that restaurateur Yiannis Kritikos has moved on to his next big concept in Panorama Thessaloniki, while keeping his famous venture in Ouranoupolis, Halkidiki (see p. 46). The food at this gastro-fish-restaurant is undeniably stellar, with an excellent thoughtful wine and spirits list to match. Another highlight is the elegant, spacious, airy room and the impeccable service. (5B Venizelou St., Panorama, tel. +30 2310 332810) Glykanissos [Anise] Trendy seafood restaurant with fresh and relaxed atmosphere. The cuisine leans heavily to Mediterranean ingredients and techniques; a rich menu of different types of seafood dish, including starters, salads, fish mezedes and main courses. (46, M. Alexandrou St., Pylaia, tel. 2310 302882)


Old City Yedi Ouzeri with rembetiko music, in the shadow of the old Yedi Kule prison and castle. Serves a wide range of meat and seafood dishes. (13, Ioannou Papareska St., Yedi Kule, tel. +30 2310 246495)


Moni Lazariston Fred & Ginger The restaurant of the Lazaristes Hotel, which has won over bon viveurs with its beautiful design, cosmopolitan ambience and gourmet menus! Chef Giorgos Papadopoulos features modern and sophisticated Mediterrannean cuisine. (Hotel Les Lazaristes, 16, Kolokotroni St., Stavroupoli, tel. +30 2310 647444) Faliro Thymare The Thymare restaurant serves an exciting fish menu. This place, with a warm, beautifully decorated room inside the building and a large outdoor waterfront seating area, attracts both hotel guests and locals. (Makedonia Palace Hotel, 2, M. Alexandrou Av., tel. +30 2310 897197)

You are welcome to our garden! Summer at Regency Casino Thessaloniki means “rendezvous in the Garden”. The holder of “Greek Cuisine Award” gourmet restaurant Alfredo’s Garden welcomes you to its idyllic garden! Enjoy your dinner, accompanied with fine wine & live music under the shimmer of the stars and live a unique dining experience, that you will never forget! Thursday-Saturday 21:00-02:00 Make your reservations on 2310-491199 Registration to the casino and age limit are not required to enter Alfredo’s Garden

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Kalamaria – Nea Krini Thria Located in city’s eastern coast, Thria was opened by chef Dimitris Tassioulas and partners. The industrial interior and the outdoor patio is hip, but this really feels like a neighborhood joint. Thria is known for their Mediterranean cuisine. (1, Maria Kallas St., tel. +30 231 0821120) Anassa A gastronomic restaurant with refined art de la table and Mediterranean cuisine. Stylish dining from chef Nikos Tsoumas. In the summer you will find them in Halkidiki (see p. 46). (26 Sofouli St., tel. +30 2311 821360)

Wine Plus guide

Best gathering places The Thessaloniki Wine Aficionados’ Guide

Mavri Thalassa [Black Sea] Very popular fish taverna along the lines of the classic tavernas in Nea Krini. The menu features fresh fish, shellfish and other seafood dishes. (3, N. Plastira St., Kalamaria, tel. +30 2310 932542) Yialos Classic fish and meze taverna, enjoying a superb location on the waterfront at Kalamaria. Ouzo or wine accompanied by delicious meze and a unique view of the sea. (Ν. Plastira St., Mikro Emvolo, Kalamaria, tel. +30 2310 442121) To koutouki tou kavouri [The crab’s shell] Ouzeri and fish taverna, with superb fresh fish, seafood and delicious mezedes. Every aspect of the venue contributes to a warm and friendly ambiance. (71, M. Kallidou St. & Xifilinon St., tel. +30 2310 419051) Hamodrakas Well-known fish taverna, founded in 1926. Specializing in seafood, the business has been handed down from father to son in the Gofas family. (13, Μ. Gagyli St., Aretsou waterfront, tel. +30 2310 447943) Airport Alfredo’s Garden Open air restaurant in the lush gardens of the Regency Casino. The summer location of Alfredo’s is one of the best restaurants in Thessaloniki. Executive chef Apostolos Altanis features modern Greek cuisine. A menu of creatively enhanced dishes is served in an idyllic setting with an orchestra to entertain diners. Extensive wine list. (12th kilometre on Thessaloniki-airport road, tel. +30 2310 491199)

Coq au Zen Delightful bistro, a gastronomic oasis amidst the bustle of the Valaoritou neighbourhood. The small but carefully fashioned menu includes specialties to accompany your wine or beer. Drinks and cocktails are enjoyed with interesting musical selections. (37, Valaoritou St., Thessaloniki, tel. +30 2310 520119) Café Balkan Bistro with a long history and unique personality, is open from the morning for coffee and homemade desserts, all the way to lunch and dinner. Here you can find many varieties of local wine by the glass, accompanied by delicious tidbits and many special dishes. (3, Proxenou Koromila St., tel. +30 2310 233992)

Ambrosia Sunny, spacious, comfortably casual, this is the restaurant of the Hyatt Regency Hotel. You will mostly sample Greek cuisine characterized by good taste. Chef: Apostolos Altanis. (13th kilometre on Thessaloniki-airport road, tel. +30 2310 401234)

Oinotopi A friendly and cool wine bar and wine shop, is one of the best places for enjoyable wine tasting. The owners, with a thorough experience on wines, will offer their advice on which variety to choose. The store features Greek wines and also labels from all over the world, which can be sipped accompanied with light meals (28, Pavlou Mela St., tel. +30 2310 272852)

Duck Private Cheffing Chef Ioanna Theodorakaki recreates classic Greek and Mediterranean dishes with true authenticity. Menus change daily, where you’ll come across parts of fish, vegetables, and meats you’d never known to be delicious before. It’s a popular place, so book ahead. (3 Halkis St., Patriarhika Pylaia, tel. +30 2315 519333)

Souel Combining the cosiness of the small Italian vinotecas with the contemporary design of wine bars, this attractive locale offers all time classic wine labels and also new tastes to enjoy. Many are served by the glass and accompany tasty dishes. (16, Pavlou Mela St., tel. + 30 2310 262827)

Ristorante Da Vinci Tastefully designed restaurant at the Nikopolis Hotel, with a menu featuring sophisticated Italian cuisine. The gastronomic quality one would expect from one of the Leading Hotels of the World. Chef: Stefanos Stamidis. (16-18, Asklipiou St., Pylaia, tel. +30 2310 401000)

Sinatra This espresso and wine bar is an essential all day stop with 80 selected wine labels from all over the country which can be accompanied with cheeses, finger food and wonderful dishes. Wine tasting events and presentations of individual producers are also organized. (20, Mitropoleos St., tel. +30 2310 223739)


Citizen It embraces wine flavours from all over Greece, offering more than 65 different labels, mainly from local produce, several of which are served by the glass. The wines are accompanied with many dishes. (12, P.P. Germanou St., tel. +30 2310 413213)

A k a d i m ia

Alea This cosy wine bar serves an impressive selection of Greek and foreign wine labels: well known, renowned, rare, special, new, different and unique wines, so that the public can learn more about this fascinating subject, through first-hand experience. Wines ideally combined with carefully selected local varieties of cheese, hams and other delicacies. (112, Isavron St., tel. +30 2310 281614)

In the heart of Thessaloniki centre, Akadimia restaurant invites you to experience its tastefull Mediterranean cuisine.

Local Popular venue in the centre of town, Local serves selected -mainly Greek- wine labels which can be sipped accompanied with tasteful Mediterranean cuisine. (17, P.P. Germanou St., tel. + 30 2310 22 2207) Zak This east-side hotspot exudes the atmosphere of a European bistro. Serving innovative cocktails, it also features a menu based on Greek products and packed with Mediterranean ideas. Enjoy pizza, refreshing salads and pasta, fine wine and a superb sea view! (35, N. Plastira St., Kalamaria, tel. +30 2310 438921) Methi Starting as a wine cellar, Methi is operating also as a coffee-wine bar, in a modern space where customers can enjoy a glass of their favourite wine accompanied with tasteful specialties. Beers and interesting distillates are also available, to taste on the spot or take home. (Ethnikis Antistasis Av., tel. +30 2310 482401)


Akadimia is a very charming, cosy restaurant at atmospheric Ag. Mina Street. The smart and cool decor captures your eyes, the music caresses your ears and the tasteful dishes your palate. Entering the summer mood, the menu takes full advantage of fresh vegetables and herbs to produce a repertoire with a classical base that has many resonances of modern cooking. A variety of starters, a good range of fresh fish, traditional seafood and meat dishes are prepared in a variety of styles. The wine list is perfectly suited to style of the restaurant. Least but not less, Akadimia is a particularly value-for-money restaurant.

3, Agiou Mina St. Thessaloniki Tel. + 30 2310 521803 fb. akadimiaestiatorio tripadvisor: akadimia



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Best gathering places The Athens Foodie Guide

Centre GB Roof Garden restaurant Breath-taking view of Acropolis and Lycabettus, elegant ambience, opulent setting, superb service -all at Athens’ most chic hotel. A perfect choice, with new Mediterranean cuisine from talented chef Asterios Koustoudis. The GB Roof Garden restaurant has been awarded by the Wine Spectator magazine 3 years in a row. (Hotel Grande Bretagne, Syntagma Square, tel. +30 210 3330000) Tudor Hall restaurant Ultra chic restaurant on the 7th floor of King George Hotel. The passionate Executive chef Sotiris Evangelou, whose name is synonymous with quality and excellent taste, offers authentic Greek seasonal dishes with a modern twist. (Hotel King George, Syntagma Square, tel. +30 210 3222210)

Mavro Provato [Black seep] Very popular tavern near the Panathenaic Stadium that serves delicious meat dishes, soups and surprise specials depending on the mood and inspiration of the chef. (31 Arrianou St., tel. +30 210 7223466) Ta Karamanlidika tou Fani This spot offers an array of delicacies including top-notch cold cuts and traditionally made Greek cheeses. The encyclopaedic menu ranges from deliciously traditional (pastourma) to inventive fantastic charcuterie. (52, Evripidou St., tel. + 30 2310 3254184) Acropolis Museum Restaurant Quite unique, Acropolis Museum Restaurant serves traditional Greek dishes that change according to the day’s fresh ingredients. (15, Dionysiou Areopagitou St., tel. +30 210 9000915)

Zonars A true Athenian landmark, recently restored to its original luxury and finesse, it now operates offering three different cuisines (sushi, Greek and Mediterranean) and an afternoon tea special. (9, Voukourestiou & Panepistimiou St., tel. +30 210 3251430)

Mono restaurant Beautiful place and carefully selected dishes, cooked by the owner and chef Vassilis Vassiliou. (4C, Benizelou Palaiologou St., Plaka, tel. +30 210 3226711)

F+W by Olivier Campanha Owned by the French chef Olivier Campanha, is one of the most popular restaurants in the centre of Athens. Bright and elegant ambience, gourmet intriguing flavours and great wine choices promise a unique experience. (49, Xenokratous St., Kolonaki, tel. +30 210 7211146)

ManiMani A restaurant worshiping the local cuisine of Mani, yet also presenting dishes from other areas. For many years, food served here manages to be tasty, un-fancy and affordable. Chef: Alexandros Fouroulis. (10, Falirou str., Koukaki, tel. + 30 210 9218180)

Abovo New base for the modern gourmet restaurant. Talented chef Michalis Nourloglou develops some favourite signature dishes enriching its gastronomic proposal with new taste and sensory stimuli. (18, Tsakalof St., Kolonaki, tel. +30 210 3388838)

Hytra One of the best restaurants in Athens. A menu of Mediterranean dishes, with a pronounced Greek influence. Chef: Tassos Mantis (1* Michelin) (7, Navarchou Apostoli St., Psyrri, tel. +30 2103316767)

Trapezaria The cuisine of chef and owner Dimitris Panagiotopoulos draws on his extensive research into Greek cooking. On the restaurant’s beautiful hall you can sample well known Greek recipes or “new-classic” plates while enjoying a fine wine from the excellent cellar. (13, Evforionos St., Kallimarmaro, tel. +30 210 9213500)

Athiri Stylish dining in an atmospheric setting. Innovative Greek dishes from chef Alexandros Kardasis. (15, Plataion St., Keramikos, tel. +30 210 3462983) Funky Gourmet A very popular eating place in Athens. Original and multi-award-winning recipes by chefs Georgianna Hiliadaki and Nikos Roussou, combining personality and superb technomotional gastro-technique. (2* Michelin) (13, Paramitias & Salaminos St., Keramikos, tel. +30 210 5242727)

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Aleria In the kitchen of this elegant restaurant, chef Gikas Xenakis prepares superb and highly inventive dishes, using authentic ingredients of the finest quality. (57, M. Alaexandrou St., Metaxourgio, tel. +30 210 5222633) Spondi Gourmet & formal. Greece’s top restaurant presents contemporary French cuisine with dazzling artistry (2* Michelin). Beautifully cool courtyard. The wine list features near 1.300 labels. (6, Pyronos St., Pangrati, tel. +30 210 7520658, +30 210 7564021) Milos Estiatorio The gourmet restaurant of the Hilton Hotel. Excellent fish cuisine and rare Greek deli. (Hotel Hilton, 46, Vas. Sofias Ave., tel. +30 210 7244400) Galaxy Bar The last word in cosmopolitan venues, recognized and awarded as one of the world’s best sky bars. Breathtaking view of the city, cocktails, finger food and BBQ for the seriously hungry. (Hotel Hilton, 46, Vas. Sofias Ave., tel. +30 210 7281000) Fuga An elegant, sophisticated restaurant, set in the gardens of the Athens Concert Hall, with a panoramic view of the city. Consulting chef Andrea Berton proposes a menu rooted in Mediterranean and Italian cuisine. (Vas. Sofias Ave. & 1 Kokkali St., tel. +30 210 7242979) Cookoovaya The restaurant had serious repercussions when it landed on the capital’s gastro-map. Its menu, based on the highest quality ingredients, carries the signatures of five top Greek chefs. (27, Hatziyianni Mexi St., Ilisia, tel. +30 210 7235005) Balthazar - Freud Oriental Neo-classical architecture, divine setting and beautiful courtyard. Modern fusion cuisine by famous chef Christoforos Peskias. In its own space, the Japanese restaurant Freud Oriental prepares exceptional sushi. (D. Soutsou & 27, Tsocha St., Ampelokipoi, tel. +30 210 6412300)

Maroussi - Kifissia Botrini’s Hector Botrini, improving by the year, expresses in an original way the contemporary gastronomic revolution through his techna e contrasti, a menu with dishes which combine modernistic techniques and fabulous taste. (1* Michelin) (24B, Vas. Georgiou B St., Halandri, tel. +30 210 6857324) Aneton Fanatic lovers of this restaurant are seeking the authentic Greek cuisine. The owner and chef Vassilis Kalidis loves his mother’s cooking. (19, Str. Lekka St., Maroussi, tel. +30 210 8066700) Tilemahos Art Grill Traditional Greek taverna that has developed into a warm, modern grill house. Tasty appetizers, properly cooked meat, great wine list. (19, Fragkopoulou St., Kato Kifissia, tel. +30 210 8077468) Neo Faliro – Alimos - Vouliagmeni Petit Sommelier For those interested in exploring the world of fine wine, this is the perfect venue, amply justifying its designation as a ‘wine restaurant’. The sommeliers will happily offer advice on the wines available and recommend the labels which will best complement your meal. (6, Zaimi St., P. Faliro, tel. +30 210 9842344) Piraeus Varoulko Seaside A well-known and very popular eating place in Athens. Original and multi-award-winning fish recipes by Lefteris Lazarou, combining personality and superb technique. (1* Michelin) (52, Akti Koumoundourou, Piraeus, tel. +30 2105228400) Papaioannou Possibly the best fish taverna in Athens, a veritable education in the proper preparation of fish and the importance of seeking out the very best raw ingredients. (5, Philippou St., Mikrolimano, Piraeus, tel. +30 210 4225059) Vasilenas In the kitchen of this historic restaurant, chef Adam Kontovas prepares superb and highly inventive dishes, using authentic ingredients of the finest quality. (72, Aitolikou St., Piraeus, tel. +30 210 4612457)



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Best gathering places The Athens Wine Aficionados’ Guide

Kir-Yianni Wine Bars The two Kir-Yianni Wine Bars at the Athens International Airport focuse exclusively on wine. They serve the whole range of the homonymous estate’s wines by the glass or bottle, as well as cheeses, cold cuts and other snacks made by Greek producers. (Intra-Schengen and Extra-Schengen area, tel. +30 210 3534226) Scala Vinoteca The first wine bar in Athens could only be a model for those that followed. The venue is beautiful, and the wine cellar hosts a large number of labels from Greek and international vineyards served by the glass, while the kitchen serves delicious hot and cold appetizers. (50, Sina St., tel. +30 210 3610041) Wine Point Just a few meters from the new Acropolis Museum, the Point is ideal for «lazy» evenings with friends. It offers some of the best Greek labels and a remarkable variety of beers. Excellent assortment of hard-to-find Greek cheeses and cold cuts add an interesting twist to the menu. If, indeed, you like a label that much, you can buy it on the spot. (Ath. Diakou & 2, Porinou St., Plaka/Acropolis, tel. +30 210 9227050) By the Glass The Greek vineyard in a jewel of menu. This atmospheric wine bar is based in the city centre, in one of the most beautiful urban corners, the Ralli Arcade, next to the Russian church. By the Glass accompanies its liquid offerings with an assortment of simple dishes. (Stoa Ralli, 3, Souri & Fillelinon St., tel. + 30 210 3232560) Oinoscent A huge selection (700!) of Greek and foreign wine labels, constantly renewed in a cute wine bar and cellar. The list of drinks includes, apart from wines, some of the best international beer brands, malt whiskeys, cognacs, calvados, armagnacs, sherries, ports, vintage champagnes, and all these perfectly combined with a plateau of selected cheeses and sausages. (44A, Voulis St., Syntagma, tel +30 210 3229374) Fabrica di Vino Housed in an 1880 downtown building, with a cool, industrial atmosphere and a large bar, Fabrica is the ideal place for a glass of wine after work. The collection of Greek labels exceeds that of foreign ones (80%-20%). Appetizers include tapas, local cheeses and cold cuts. (3, Emmanuel Benaki St., Omonia, tel. +30 210 3214148)

Heteroclito Heteroclito is the creation of three people who love wine, good life and beautiful things. A big selection of labels is served by the glass, including sparkling, white, rosé, red and dessert wines, emphasising on local and rare grape varieties. Excellent, well-chosen plateaus with Greek cheeses and meats, constantly refreshed. (2, Fokionos & 30, Petrakis St., tel. + 30 210 3239406) Kiki de Grèce Located on quiet pedestrian Ipitou Street, very close to Syntagma, this charming wine bistro specializes in the Greek vineyard. The list features 50 labels while the menu offers options like broushcetta with eggplant paste and smoked trout. (4, Ipitou & Voulis St., tel. +30 210 3211279) Para Sempre Situated just a few meters from elegant Kolonaki square, Para Sempre is ideal for relaxing after shopping. Selected Greek wines are served by the glass, in varieties which are combined with the day’s dishes. Enjoy delicious snacks, international cuisine, local specialties prepared with fresh produce from the country. (43, Haritos St., tel. +30 210 7210158) Octana Octana is a wine bar you always want to return to. Hospitable, warm and cosy. Sommelier Maria Dimou offers a very original wine list setup. The menu includes many interesting dishes, some of which showcase traditional Greek ingredients. Of course, the dishes are accompanied by fabulous wine suggestions. (9, Varvaca Sq., Pagkrati, tel. + 30 210 7014630) Paleo Wine Bar Essential all day stop with more than 360 selected labels of Greek and international wine varieties, sparkling wines, distillates, bottles of rare and special vintages paired with regional cuisine dishes. Run by gifted sommelier Yiannis Kaimenakis. (39, Polidefkous St., Piraeus, tel. +30 210 4125204) Vinarte Located in the elegant neighbourhood of Glyfada, the spacious Vinarte is decorated in minimal style, with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Here customers can taste or take home some of the best Greek and Italian wine labels. Many are served by the glass and accompany tasty Italian dishes. (18, Marangou St., Glyfada, tel. + 30 210 8941511)

#sweet arrival @ Hotel Grande Bretagne


The Hotel Grande Bretagne starts a collaboration with famous French Pastry Chef Arnaud Larher. “Haute” pâtisserie is an essential part of the Luxury Product Industry and French Pastry Chefs are worldwide leaders in this market segment. Chef Larher, developed a passion for the art of pâtisserie from early on. From his early childhood he was fascinated with the idea of experimenting with raw ingredients to produce his own unique pastry creations. At the age of 12, he had his first professional training, by attending introductory classes, in his native Brittany. At the age of 15, he began his first apprenticeship, alongside Mr. Guilerm, the finest pastry chef in the city of Brest. In the early stages of his career, he worked in some of the most famous patisseries of Paris, including, Lucien Peltier’s largest pâtisserie shop in Paris, Dalloyau where he acquired the techniques specific to breakfast pastries and five years at Fauchon’s. He opened his first pastry shop at the age of 25.

Hotel Grande Bretagne Syntagma Square, Athens Phone: +30 210 3330000

Arnaud Larher was, at the age of 28 elected one of France’s best pastry chefs by France’s respected Champérard Guide. Seven years later he won the title of the ‘Meilleur Ouvrier de France’ (Best Craftsman in France), the most important distinction of the country.

This competition takes place every three to four years dating back to the era of the French Revolution. His first pastry shop opened in Montmartre. As he says, “winning the title ‘Meilleur Ouvrier de France’ (Best Craftsman in France) gave me wonderful recognition and still motivates me every day to push and better myself, feeding my hunger for progress and ultimately aiming at perfection.” For five years now, Arnaud Larher stands amongst the top 10 chocolatiers of France. He selects each and every single raw ingredient with great personal care and experiments with the products to create delicate flavors that above all trigger new pleasurable taste sensations. He is now truly excited to begin his new collaboration with the Hotel Grande Bretagne. This is an opportunity to express his creativity and passion in a unique environment, at the best hotel of Athens, and offer his pastry delicacies to our local Greek audience and the hotel guests. As he says, “this is a new challenge.” Arnaud Larher will create signature desserts for each season whereas the award-winning chocolates and macarons will be available from Paris directly to the GB Corner Gifts & Flavors store all year round.



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Best gathering places The Halkidiki Foodie Guide

Cassandra Marina Below the bridge and next to the boat-yard in the little harbour of Potidea you will find the simple luxury of Marina, and, with its nautical décor you’ll be forgiven for thinking that you are aboard a yacht. (Potidea, Cassandra, tel. +30 23730 41570) Sani Resort Bordering the green of the forest and the turquoise of the sea, the resort is famous not only for its beautiful environment and the cosmopolitan aura that surrounds it, but also for the Sani music festival and annual Sani Gourmet festival. The resort’s dine around routes offer many and varying choices from the very Greek-gourmet Ntomata run by chef Chrysanthos Karamolengos to the vibrant new Asian restaurant and the exotic Katsu restaurant (where the delights of Japanese cuisine meet those of the Mediterranean), the ouzeri Psarogiannos and Alexis taverna. (Sani, Cassandra, Halkidiki, tel. +30 23740 99400, Sousourada and Sgouros Skantzochiros [Wagtail and Curly Hedgehog] Modern Greek cuisine at its best, served in their cosy courtyard. Taste the fennel pie with kaseri cheese, the coq au vin, the fried chickpea balls, the pork knuckle and their delicious fresh salads. (Athitos, Cassandra, tel. + 30 23740 91594) Petrino A beautiful hall and tables set on the lawn of the Petrino Suites hotel’s interior garden, near the bungalows. Delicious typical Greek dishes. In the winter months, you will find cooked game. (Athitos, Cassandra, tel. + 30 23740 91635) Trizoni A beautiful yard and high-quality cuisine at this stylish fish restaurant run by Stergios Sousouras. Creativity and tradition blended in a range of starters, salads, fish mezedes and main courses. (Kriopigi, Cassandra, tel. +30 23740 51945) Porto Valitsa Spectacular view of the endless blue sea, Mediterranean cuisine and a personal approach at the restaurant of the resort. (Paliouri, Cassandra, tel. +30 23740 92007) Anassa by the sea Outstanding and creative Mediterranean cuisine in a beautiful setting with a

view over the Aegean Sea. Chef Nikos Tsoumas’ now famous culinary cuisine offers a season-oriented menu. (Fourka, Cassandra, tel. + 30 23740 43026) Sithonia Squirrel The gastronomic restaurant at the luxurious Danai Beach Resort. Set in an idyllic environment with only 6 tables, the stars up above and the waves at your feet, you’ll relish a sophisticated cuisine. (Metamorfosi, Halkidiki, tel. +30 23750 22310) Ta Kimata The tranquil off-Broadway back harbour of Neos Marmaras, with its fishing boats, is reminiscent of a bygone age. Your joy will be complemented by the food in this fish taverna. (Neos Marmaras, Halkidiki, tel. +30 23750 71371) Treehouse The renovated private dining restaurant of luxury Ekies All Senses Resort is set on a wooden platform on a tree. A perfect choice, with menu dagustation from talented chef Dimitris Pamporis. (Vourvourou, Halkidiki, tel. +30 23750 91000) Ouranoupolis Eagles Palace The ultra classy hotel in Ouranopolis has consistently invested in gastronomy and wine. This you can confirm by dining at the gastronomic restaurant Kamares, in the fish taverna Almyra, which serves you right where the waves splash and in the verdant Vinum garden. (Ouranopolis, Halkidiki, tel. +30 23770 31101-4) Kritikos A fish restaurant serving culinary masterpieces from the Aegean. The menu includes sea fennels, pinna stew and fish soups, along with seafood crepes, paella, caprice shrimps, tasty lobster spaghetti and, of course, any fish you like. Raw materials are procured from the family’s own fishing boat. Yianni, the owner, creates the recipes and his mother cooks. (Ouranoupolis, tel. + 30 23770 71222) Mountainous Halkidiki Marigoula Tiny dining room, beautiful yard and dishes based on Greek gastronomic traditions enhanced by the resourceful talents of the energetic owner. Wide variety of excellent Greek wines. (Poligiros, Halkidiki, tel. +30 23710 23171)

wine p lu s . g r


Best Gathering places: Greek islands


Samothraki Sotiros Goat is served in greaseproof paper at this taverna which is to be found in the gully next to the small church. The tables are laid under the plane and fig trees. You can watch the cook in the yard peel the potatoes and fry them in large pans over the wood fire. (tel. +30 25510 41500)

The swordfish is masterfully roasted and served with the perfect lemonmustard sauce. Ask for the mushrooms stuffed with cheese and peppers. The chips and the Greek salad with mizithra cheese are reason enough for you to come here. You can reserve your table to enjoy the full moon rising behind the white rocks in Mandrakia. (Mandrakia, Milos, tel. +30 22870 23670)

Lesvos Vafios This is a taverna and a gastronomic staging post. Surrounded by vegetation, the cobbled yard with its wooden pergolas is the perfect place to savour local recipes and enjoy the view of the castle of Molyvos. Our tips: marvellous cheese pies (gkiouzlemedakia), exohiko, lamb with chickpeas and kiskiek (traditional dish with lamb, cracked wheat and cumin). (Vafios, Lesvos, tel. +30 2253071752)

Armenaki Popular and famous taverna thanks to the freshness of the ingredients it uses and the careful execution of recipes. Here you’ll find superlative seafood. Excellent spaghetti with lobster. Exquisite cuttlefish with rosemary and scorpion fish with sage. (Apollonia, Milos, tel. 22870/41061)

Anemoessa The tranquil little harbour of Skala Sikamnia, with its fishing boats and the small church of the Panagia Gorgona nestled above the rock, is reminiscent of a bygone age. Your joy will be complemented by the food in the Anemoessa fish taverna. (Skala Sikamnia, Lesvos, tel. +30 22530 55360) Patmos Vegghera Patmian chef, Georgios Gryllis has brought with him a wealth of experience from Athens to create on Patmos a gastronomic restaurant with refined art de la table and Mediterranean cuisine. (Skala, Nea Marina, Patmos, tel. +30 22470 32988) Andros Chez Zozef This place is like a doll’s house. Chandeliers in an art deco dining room with a buffet that looks like a grocery shop. Modernized local cuisine using the island’s produce. You must absolutely try the frutalia, the rooster pasta, the limpet pilaf, the local pie with wild greens, the kid with lemon and olive oil sauce and the Andros apple pie! (Pitrofos, 6km before Andros Hora, tel. +3- 22820 5105) Milos Medusa In a small fishing village of this wonderful island, you will taste exquisitely cooked dishes. Grilled octopus and sardines, small fish and mylos pies.

Paros Thea In the small port of Pounta, with wonderful views of Antiparos, the restaurant offers Greek delicacies from the Constantinople and Asia Minor (where the owner’s family comes from). The best wine list in Paros, both as to the range of choices and as to vintage years. (Pounta, Paros, tel. +30 22840 91220) Barbarossa At this exquisite island location in the small harbour of Naoussa you will find the most famous of all fish tavernas, run by Eftyhis. With its genuinely local fish, this is one very good reason to spend a night on Paros. Not to be missed. (Naoussa, Paros, tel. +30 22840 51391) Ios Polydoros Polydoros is a seafront taverna on the beach at Koumbara offering fare at reasonable prices. With its friendly environment, relaxed mood and superb home cooking -unbelievable pastichio- (beware, they often run out in the evening) as well as fresh fish. Mr Polydoros himself has the appearance of a dreamy poet. (Koumbara seafront, Ios, tel. +30 22860 91132) Mykonos Matsuhisa Mykonos Far superior to Nobu of London (its sister restaurant), this one on Mykonos has attained a very high standard. Take a sip of the apple martini and try the Black Cod with sweet miso, Robert de Niro’s favourite dish. (Hora, Mykonos, tel. +30 22890 25122)


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Sale e Pepe One of the best restaurants in Mykonos. Greek and foreign gourmet flock to its veranda for the best spaghetti on the island. The owner and sommelier Ivan Otaviani is responsible for the choice wine list. (Lakka sq., Mykonos tel. 22890 24207)

Kos Barbouni Tastefully designed seafood restaurant enjoying superb location on the waterfront at Kos. Menu features classic and sophisticated sea cuisine. In the small delicatessen you can find a lot of local products they source all around Greece and especially the Aegean islands. (26, G. Averoff St., Kos, tel. +30 22420 20170)


Santorini Selini One of the best Greek restaurants, showcasing local products. Your host is Georgios Hatziyannakis, one of the founding members of Slow Food in Greece, the creative force together with the chef, Thodoris Papanikolaou. (Pyrgos, Santorini, tel. +30 22860 22249) Koukoumavlos Chef Nikos Pouliasis is an iconic figure in the gastronomic landscape of Santorini, the only person on the island who has dared to make crab soup with a sauce of white chocolate, lime and ginger, producing something very interesting as a result. The service is second to none as are the premises: the atmospheric setting with dramatic views of the Caldera and Fira and Mr Pouliasis’s discerning choice of opera music which you are sure to like. (Fira, Santorini, tel. +30 22860 23807) Assyrtiko Outstanding and creative Greek cuisine next to an up-to-date and extensive wine list in a beautiful setting. Located on the ground floor of a renovated mansion the restaurant offers spectacular caldera view from the front balcony, but the real surprise is the beautiful veranda on the back that is overlooking the garden of the old mansion. (Fira, Santorini, tel. +30 22860 22463) Kokkino podilato [Red bicycle] Bohemian intellectual ambience, hip decor and new list that bears the signature of chef Gikas Xenakis. The cuisine expresses Greek and Mediterranean gastronomic neologisms based on iconic local products of Santorini. (Oia, Santorini, tel. +30 22860 71918) 1800 Absolutely romantic atmosphere with progressive, refined Mediterranean specialties. (Oia, Santorini, tel. +30 22860 71485) Ammoudi The quintessential fish taverna, literally sitting above the waves. Choose a little scorpion fish and take a drink at Dimitris’s, while he’ll cook it for you over charcoal in aluminium foil with garlic, salt and pepper. Sunset is the best time to enjoy this. (Ammoudi, Oia, Santorini, tel. +30 22860 71606)

Rhodes Mavrikos Located in beautiful Lindos, in a courtyard. Mavrikos offers one of the best fish-based cuisines in Greece. Their classic hors d’oeuvres include caper leaves ragout and puréed split peas with a sweet homemade sun-dried tomato sauce. The «black dish», made from black giant beans with carob honey and homemade pork jerky is also delicious, as are the marinated garfish kebab and the baked skate with laurel leaves. (Lindos square, Rhodes, tel. +30 22440 31232) Crete Avli Avli serves traditional recipes with a modern twist in Rethimnon, in a 17th century Venetian palace, hidden in a stone courtyard full of Cretan plants and herbs, sculptures and antiques. The wine list is a pleasant surprise, with more than 400 Greek wines. (Xanthoudidou 22 & Rodamanthios, Rethimna, Crete, tel.+30 28310 26213) Mylos tou Kerata Built adjacent to a watermill, it resembles more a garden in bloom with its impressive flower displays and rose petals scattered on the tables. The menu and the wine cellar also impress. (Platanias, Hania, Crete, tel. +30 28210 68578) Kefalonia Tassia Famous fish tavern in the heart of the beautiful Fiskardo’s harbor, with a clientele of celebrities. Serves seasonal stews, fish and seafood. Service quick and helpful, nice wine list. (Fiskardo, Kefalonia, tel. +30 26740 41205) Kyani Akti In its beautiful wooden platform -with the water under your feet- you can taste delicious «petrosolines» (rasor clamps), scallops and fresh fish, pork with apple sauce, coq au vin and handmade potatoes. (I. Metaxa St., Argostoli, Kefalonia, tel. +30 26710 96680)

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