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Welcome to our August 2015 issue of Windlight Magazine! Our July issue was a huge success and I would like to personally thank you, our readers for it. As it is almost Fall, we wanted to give you an even larger taste of the arts in this issue! Windlight Magazine is constantly expanding and we are pleased to welcome Vee Tammas and Kara Trapdoor, both whom will debut their new features in this issue! Windlight is also a proud sponsor of The 21 Event by Siren Productions and we are also media partners for our very first charity event, Rock Your Rack, which benefits The National Breast Cancer Foundation. Our artist fellowship program now has over 15 artists and the new gallery will open this month at our new headquarters. As the summer winds down and you find yourself wondering what to do next and if the Fall blues begin to creep on you, think about the good things in your life and this world. I choose the photo for my editorial shot to emphasize that I am very lucky to have someone in my life who supports, love, and is there for me in both worlds. While she and I are strong individually, together we are even stronger and unstoppable. Myself, all of the Windlight advertisers, contributors, staff, and friends hope that you enjoy this issue and thank you for making it possible!

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Imagine a place where artistic people are allowed to be creatively expressive, a place where others are free to see, feel and experience. A world where art can take practically any shape, form, color, or meaning. Art that is immersive and takes you where you’ve never gone before. Second Life offers the means for people to express themselves in so many ways and Linden Labs and the Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) Committee provide the way. But what exactly is LEA? How do they help artists and bring about awareness to other residents? The answers to these questions and more were asked of Honour McMillan, long-time member of the LEA Committee. Without further ado, Windlight Magazine presents all you’ve wanted to know about LEA. WM: How did LEA (Linden Endowment for the Arts) come about? Honour: The Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) was created in 2010 (although it really got going in 2011). An initial endowment of 9 regions was donated by Linden Lab and a group of volunteer artists was recruited to administer them. “The Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) was established to help create a center of arts activity in Second Life. It 22

is a collaborative venture between Linden Lab and the arts community. Guided by a dedicated board, the LEA is committed to providing access to engaging experiences in the arts for the Second Life community. Through its exhibitions, programs, and events, the LEA fosters awareness of artists’ contributions to our virtual world and encourages others to get involved and be inspired.” The first LEA Committee spent time defining a Mission Statement and Bylaws. The Mission is to:  Provide a starting point for artists in Second Life and for those interested in art to make connections and display their work.  Encourage and cultivate art and artists within Second Life  Foster community, creativity, and innovation among artists and all residents interested in art.  Provide a way for artists to promote their art.  Collaborate with existing art regions, galleries, exhibits and performance spaces to help nurture their valuable participation in SL arts. The original volunteer Committee then approached Linden Lab and proposed that an additional 20 regions be added to the Endowment for the purpose of long-term grants. As a result, there are now 29 regions

in the LEA. The 9 original sims are referred to as the “Core Sims” and the remaining 20 are dedicated to Artist in Residence Grants. The Core Sims include LEA3 which is the Welcome Area and has a map to all of the regions. As AIR Grant artists open their exhibits, posters appear on LEA3 as well to provide slurls etc., Any events which we know about are included on the LEA Calendar there. LEA3 also hosts a PhotoHunt. LEA5 is the sandbox for artists. The LEA Theatre is on a corner of 4 of the Core Sims.The remainder of the land in the 9 Core Sims is available for grants. WM: LEA seems as though it could encompass so many things when categorizing it as "the arts." What kind of arts is it intend to include? Honour: We hope to encourage art which makes use of the possibilities offered by a virtual platform. Having said that, this has included both 3D immersive and 2D art, theatre productions, dance, music, spoken word, machinima, design, photography, particles and light shows, sound experimentation, and even landscape design. WM: Who works on the LEA committee currently and how are residents chosen to be part of the committee? Honour: The LEA Committee:

 Honour McMillan  Jayjay Zifanwe  LaPiscean Liberty  Oberon Onmura  PatriciaAnne Daviau  Secret Rage  Solo Mornington There are two Advisors at the moment: Owl Braveheart and Eve Petlyakov. Members of the Committee begin as Advisors before being voted on as full Committee Members (Advisors do The original members of the Committee were all artists. Over the years, skills in administration/land management/ public relations/curations and community have been sought and added. WM: What is expected of those who are part of the committee? Honour: Having a thick skin helps :) In addition to basic rules for attendance at meetings, etc., Committee Members and Advisors are passionate about art in the virtual world. They are expected to do their best to help achieve the LEA’s objectives (often by undertaking specific projects) and ensuring that artists and visitors are supported. WM: How long is the term of one serving on the committee? Honour: Advisors may serve 23







indefinitely in that position. Committee members serve for up to two 2-year terms. They may be requested to extend that service with an official vote for which they must indicated their willingness (indentured services is not allowed *grin*).

may not receive more than 2 consecutive grants, they cannot hold both an AIR Grant and a Core Sim grant at the same time, etc. All voting takes place by Committee members - for AIR Grants we each submit our 20 selections from the proposals submitted. The results are tallied, and in the case of a tie WM: How does one go about Advisors’ votes will be taken into expressing an interest in being on the consideration. Core Grant applications committee? Is there an application are voted on as they are received, process for that? based on the schedule of land Honour: Anybody interested in availability on those sims. working with LEA has two options. There is a Volunteer group which is WM: Of those awarded, is there a always accepting new members (just good mix of prominent, well known contact me). If they’d like to work as a artists who have been around and Committee Advisor - they should newer, budding artists? contact any Committee member and Honour: That’s certainly what we aim indicate their willingness. for - much of it depends on the proposals we receive. If we only WM: How are the artists that will be receive applications from 2 “budding” using the sims chosen? Are there artists then we can’t include more specific details or qualities that you than that. We do encourage as many look for when choosing them? new and existing artists to apply as Honour: There are AIR Grant possible. applications (this process is opened every 6 months) and Core Sim Grant WM: What are the expectations of applications (accepted on an ongoing the artists that are awarded a grant? basis.) Information is available on the Honour: For the 6 month AIR Grant: web of both of those applications and In addition to completing and Committee members are very willing presenting t heir art works, recipients to answer any questions artists may must also uphold the LEA Code of have. We look for proposals which Conduct (which includes the SL ToS align with the LEA objectives. There and Community Standards). are some additional criteria: artists 28

Artists should take no more than 3 months to execute their build, so that all sims have open work during the last 3 months of their grant. This, however does not mean they cannot open their project earlier than the 3 month deadline, and in fact many artists in the past have used their land to have multiple exhibits. However, it's important that their project will be ready within 3 months and that it reflect the proposal they submitted. Recipients are expected to present at least one event at some point within their residency. This could be an art opening, or it could be lectures or demonstrations. It could be an ongoing event, as well. Core Sim Grants: These are more flexible in terms of duration and land. An artist may only require a small parcel, but could equally request a full sim. The grant could be for 2 weeks, but is typically no longer than 3 months. WM: What kind of arts are on the LEA sims currently? Honour: We recently posted a list of the grant recipients for Round 9 which began on July 1, with a summary of their proposals. There are a variety of installations on the Core Sims right now - everything from Obedience by Bryn Oh on LEA1 to a recreation of the famous HuMaNoiD build on LEA6.

WM: What determines which type of grant will be awarded? Honour: Artists must apply for the grant they want. We vote on their proposals for the grant they’ve requested. WM: Is there an art mentorship program of any sort as part of LEA? Honour: Informally. Artists get to know each other as they work on their grants and in the sandbox. They help each other a lot. WM: What type of promotion / marketing does the LEA committee do to help bring art awareness and LEA awareness to the residents of SL? Honour: We have LEA3 and the blog We have just voted in a new advisor, Eve Petlyakov, who will undertake a full-time PR role for LEA and hope to dramatically increase awareness of what we do. WM: What art related groups would you recommend to a fan of art that wants to view and support the arts? Honour: Individual artists have their own groups. The Linden Endowment for the Arts Info group is a great source of updates on our sims.

WM: Are there any funny or 29







anecdotal moments you'd like to the hope of this writer that many will share with us that you have become more aware of this experienced during your art-related wonderful gift that is a valuable part SL tenure? of the world of arts in Second Life. Honour: We used to host The Avatar Games - one day, two couples decided About Honour McMillan - Honour is a to have sex under the bleachers. passionate fan of art in the virtual When they refused to leave the world - particularly immersive audience turned their should-have- art - and the ability of so many people been private activity into a to realize their visions/ demonstrate performance art piece. their talent through the use of technology. Her inworld experiences WM: What is coming up in the near have focussed on community and future for LEA? community events, photography, Honour: We are just starting to plan blogging and enjoyment of art. a project which will involve hosting a variety of performances in the Honour’s role on the LEA Committee is Theatre - plays, dance, spoken word, that of a generalist who is particularly music, etc. This will become a regular interested in the visitor experience event and the grid will be invited to and increasing awareness of this experience the variety of talent valuable resource. WM inworld. All of the events will be publicized and you can always find out what we know about on the calendar (available on LEA3 and via a tab on the website. WM: How does someone find out more about the LEA program if they are interested? Honour: Visit LEA3 - check out the website [] - ask any of us [on the committee]. :) Windlight Magazine would like to thank Honour for her valuable time in sharing this great information. It is 34











Strawberry Singh, it's hard to know where to begin! Starting with a popular blog that is informative, challenging, helpful, and social to tutorials, a marketplace store, a popular photography business - what is it that Strawberry Singh doesn't do? LOL. OK, here goes. WM: Your photography is infamous and your blog is so very popular, which came first? The photography business or the blog? STRAWBERRY: Fun photography for myself that I shared on Flickr came first. Then I started to blog and eventually people started asking me to take their pictures so the photography business itself came after. WM: What is it about photography that drew you into it as your art form? STRAWBERRY: I had a friend (who is no longer in SL) who took a picture of me, photo shopped it and made it all pretty. That concept just blew me away since I had not even heard of Photoshop before then. He also introduced me to the SL Flickr community and inspired me to start taking pictures of my own. WM: Were you already working on photography RL before coming to SL? STRAWBERRY: No, not at all. I am not 44

into RL photography whatsoever and ever camera I have ever owned has been dropped and broken lol. These days I just stick to selfies with my phone. WM: How did you learn about and decide to come to SL? STRAWBERRY: A friend told me about it so I decided to sign up and check it out. I didn't really like it at first because I was confused. It was my first experience with a virtual world. So I logged off and didn't log back in for another week or so, then I was hooked. WM: You have windlights in SL that can be accessed by other avatars when using photo tools. What process did you go through developing the settings? What made you feel you needed to create your own settings? STRAWBERRY: I think I started playing with the settings as soon as shadows hit the grid and I updated my computer back in 2010. I started playing with the sun moon directions to get the shadows to where I would like them. Then I started playing with colors and depth and all the little options in the windlight menu. I feel each image needs its own custom adjustment to the lighting to make the lighting and shadows look natural and suit the atmosphere.

This is why I started creating my own windlights, but more than anything, also started encouraging others to not only use more and different windlights, but to get in there and edit and adjust them for each image.

WM: Reading your blog, and information about you, you recommend using resolutions in SL for taking photos that are a multiple of your computer's screen resolutions. I'm not sure why this WM: You add to/update the list of wasn't something thought of before settings from time to time, is this because it really makes perfect sense. something you decide to do or How has this tip improved your something client's request as part of photography? their sessions with you? STRAWBERRY: This was something STRAWBERRY: I just update my that really helped back when the Windlight Settings page whenever I viewer had a lot of glitches with lines create new windlights that I feel are across the images when shooting or ready to share with the masses and messed up shadows, etc... Now I don't also if other residents create notice as many glitches as before so I windlights, I link to theirs as well. don't always follow the multiples of the resolution rule. However, it did WM: How do you choose a windlight help me back then a lot and reduced setting when shooting a client, the amount of processing I would setting or landscape in SL? have to do to the images afterwards in STRAWBERRY: This is probably one of Photoshop. the most difficult tasks and takes the longest, choosing lighting. For studio WM: Everyone learns and grows and shots I have one of my own that works develops as they continue doing pretty well with almost all skin tones things. Thinking back to the start of so I tend to stick with that. However, your photography business, what do with on location shots, the lighting can you think is the most improved area take some time. I just go with or most changed skill that you have whatever the mood, location and developed as you have grown and atmosphere is and start from there. learned? Phototools has some great windlights STRAWBERRY: Oh goodness, pretty that are offered. A lot of times I'll start much everything. I think I have with one of those, or one of my own and edit it to where I want it for each image. 45







improved in styling, lighting, and even framing a shot in a better and more interesting way. But more than anything, I have improved in processing techniques in Photoshop. WM: What is your favorite type of photo to take and why? STRAWBERRY: Headshots in the studio. I love the look of Second Life avatars and taking a headshot of the avatar is one of my most favorite things to do. I feel people's avatars are a reflection or who they are in the real world or what they wish to project and catching their essence and character in a frame and making it interesting is just so much fun.

creativity block when trying to complete work in SL? If so, how do you move yourself beyond it? STRAWBERRY: Yeah I do at times. I just take a break. Usually go on vacation or not login to SL for a few days until I'm ready and feeling it again.

WM: With all of the tutorials you've created, your vast experience in photography in SL, and the great advice you are always open to sharing - have you thought about opening a photography school? STRAWBERRY: Everyone always asks me that but I really don't have the time. I work in RL and SL is just my hobby so I don't want to add too WM: What is the craziest request much to my plate here. Also, you've had from a client? everything I really know about STRAWBERRY: I don't know, I don't photography in SL is already in my get too many crazy clients luckily. I tutorials so I don't really have much have had quite a few clients ask me to else to share or teach. be in the pictures with them, which always makes me giggle. I always WM: The new SL world that is being oblige but it does seem a bit strange developed - are you part of the beta to me that they are paying me to be in tester for it? If so, are any of the a picture with them lol. photo tools the same/similar there? If not, do you hope to be invited to WM: What is the most unique do so? request you've had from a client? STRAWBERRY: I'm not so I don't STRAWBERRY: I can't think of any. really know anything about it. I do Usually clients want similar images to hope to be invited but I'm sure the the ones I post of myself on my Flickr, content creators will be the first ones so I just try to give them that. in so they can create things for people to explore. WM: Do you ever feel you have a 50

WM: Social media plays a large part buffs in SL that want to build their in spreading the word about an item skills? or information. You are active in a STRAWBERRY: Take a lot of pictures, variety of social media sites. What do experiment with lighting, travel the you like about social media and what grid and look for interesting places to do you utilize it for? shoot or just take a lot of close-ups of STRAWBERRY: I feel social media is a your avatar. As the old saying goes, very convenient way to socialize. I'm a practice makes perfect. The more you bit of a workaholic and don't like to keep doing it, the better you'll get at socialize too much, especially in world. it. WM So it's a lot more convenient to login to a network and socialize at my own You can catch up with Strawberry leisure. I also find social media very Singh by visiting her official website: educational, especially twitter and Pinterest. I learn a lot from following different hashtags and bloggers. WM: Do you have any advice for budding, inexperienced photography











The Art of SL12B When people talk about the Second Life birthday celebrations, they inevitably discuss the music, the entertainment, the talks, the lag, the builds, the stages, the people they’ve run into, the fun they’ve had, and so on. In truth, so much goes on at the event, that trying to quantify it to any degree is a task in itself - as it is pretty much the melting pot that represents almost all that Second Life is, in all its rich diversity. Many in the arts community have traditionally taken part in the SLB celebrations, with portrait and landscape artists, 2D and 3D creators, dance troupes, literary groups and more all seeking parcels within the exhibition regions or places on the performance schedule at the auditorium by which to display their works and activities. This year, in an attempt to offer more of a focus on the arts, the SLB organizers - notably Doc Gascoigne and Uccello Poultry issued a series of invitations to artists and content creators to present their work as a part of a curated set of installations located at various points within the celebration regions both around the four-region Cake stage and alongside or near the auditorium.

In all, thirteen artists were invited to 60

participate in the event, together with installations from New Babbage and the 1920s Berlin project, and content creator Loki Eliot. The artists were: Solkide Auer , Giovanna Cerise, Djehuti-Anpu (thoth.jantzen), David DuCasse, Asmita Duranjaya, Wizard Gynoid, Mistero Hifeng, Iso Huet, Livio Korobase , Juliana Lethdetter, Ziki Questi, Pixels Sideways and Lorin Tone. The range of art pieces on offer were pretty much focused on the theme of the event - what dreams may come. In Matter and Memory, for example, Ziki Questi offered a collection of her fabulous images captured from around Second Life which helped take the visitor on a mind visit to each of them, allowing memories of visits to be recaptured, and daydreams of what they were like recalled; in Dream, Reminiscences, Reality Giovanna Cerise brought t ogether elements of some of her recent works also routed in thought, dream and the imagination, to present an intriguing new element. I admit to being personally captivated by Djehuti-Anpu’s multi-media Visions to the point where it became the subject of a machinima of my own. The installation served to promote works from other mixed media artists in Second Life, taking visitors on a heady mind trip of their own through some uniquely renamed areas of the

regions such as The 1920s Berlin brain! Meanwhile, David DuCasse Project and New Babbage weren’t provided a very unique take on the idea of dreams and giving flight to the “really about art”. Given they perhaps aren’t noted as art venues themselves imagination through an (although can host art exhibits), it extraordinarily homage to Georges might be said this might be a fair Méliès, who I rather suspect would critique. So why include them under find Second Life a wonderful playthe heading of “art installations”? ground of the imagination, were he able to visit it. Lorin Tone, Livio Korobase, Solkide Auer and Pixels Sideways “I’m not a creator nor an artist; but I’m a huge fan of those who are,” Doc all provided art elements which told me. “What we wanted to do here invited interaction to one degree or was to try to represent two major z another, by demonstrating the virtuosity of art in Second Life. Lorin, categories: art and community. The for example provided an artistic sound invitations we sent out reflected that, -scape, while Livio offered a delightful and we’re proud of the diversity of the art and the communities journey through the thoughts and represented.” words of fellow artist Sidey Myoo. Given the idea to select a group of artists to showcase SL art was a somewhat new approach, I asked Doc Gascoigne, SLB’s main co-coordinator, what prompted him to move in this direction. “In previous years my responsibilities with SLB often left me out of the creative process,” he replied. “Last year I became the Exhibit Lead, and I decided to invite some artists - actually the first time we’d done so. This year, I wanted to build on that and showcase different genres of art, so we set aside areas where we featured event is that of claims of favoritism, and while touring the various installations, I did hear complaints that role-play / period

Given the positive response to the featured artists, I wondered if we might see an expansion of the idea at future SLB celebrations so that more for a direct focus on art might be incorporated into the large celebrations, possibly curated by talent drawn from the broader SL arts community. Doc didn’t appear too keen on the idea. “I don’t see us as an art celebration or venue. I see us as a community celebration and open to anyone who wants to exhibit with us. There are many categories offered for exhibitors at SLB art is is just one of those, he said. “As a community event we try to 61













represent the community. You never can tell what each year might bring, that is part of the fun of it. We do everything in our power to help showcase our exhibitors whether they be invited artists or applied exhibitors. We have a press day. We offer SL Destination guide assistance and so on.”

both of which married the theme of the event with the most incredible artistic and creative expression. And this level of creativity could be found repeatedly throughout all of the regions of SL12B, expressed in a myriad of different ways.

The beauty of the SLB regions, past and future, is that they offer such a This is actually a fair point. There’s broad canvas upon which we all can also the fact that while it may not be paint, and each of us in visiting them an “art” venue, the fact is that all of will find art expressed in so many the SLB celebration regions are different ways - and often in a manner themselves very much an expression we might have been least expecting. of artistic expression, celebrating the This is perhaps what draws us back to rich diversity of community, activities, the region day after day at least as art, learning, creativity, and so on that much as the entertainments on offer: makes-up Second Life. But the fact the sense of exploration and discovery that it is a celebration of all of these as we walk the broad footpaths and things and offers the means be which ride the pod cars or fly from region to they can be expressed, that there region. I know that in my personal there is no real need to set-up some case, this is what draws me to the kind of artificially-defined area or celebration regions - more so, I have venue within the celebration regions to say, than the entertainments that which can have a sign hung over it are offered. Such is the rich diversity saying “here be art”: the art is there of content offered at SLB celebrations, throughout each and every region. I’ll leave the final words to Doc on the matter. Take the stages for example: every year these main celebratory stages at “SL is a user created content commuSLB are extraordinary works of art; nity and I am a fan of content creation this year they were joined by Walton and performance in SL. I think by F. Wainwright’s (Faust Steamer’s) proxy our staff of volunteers bring amazing welcome area and the their their love of art and community equally stunning Dreamitarium by to the SLB every year. We’re very Anthony (ADudeNamed Anthony), proud of this years celebration; we 70

showcased many categories of art and community: live music, dance, DJ music, the spoken word, dramatic presentations, photography, the visual arts. At the same time, we fostered community, education panels, talks, presentations, classes, demonstrations and more in so many subjects. Every year I am proud and humbled to work with the community to help showcase SL's wonderful diversity of user created content and artistry. I hope it continues well into the future. “And just think; it all started with a cube. Mine was called Shirley.� WM












Exploring in Second Life can take on a surreal magical feel at times and many artists contribute to the grid and that experience with unique immersive builds. One such artist is Alpha Auer. Her impressive sim is home to alpha.tribe and inworld store. Landing there can feel like landing in an almost alien or foreign world and is and exhibition in itself. This Second Life artist, builder, and designer has created a whole tribe of designers for her business. She’s known across the grid for elaborate works and often gives away free full art avatars in her exhibits that I’ve seen many people gleefully enjoy. She has built and shared her works in various exhibits for years and her own sim is an excellent destination to explore. She has exhibited in LEA several times and most recently she is part of a

ALPHA: My RL name is Elif, which is the same as Alpha in Latin, or Aleph in Hebrew. And Auer is quite similar phonetically to my RL last name Ayiter, which is why I immediately picked it from the SL list at the time. alpha.tribe (written with all small letters and joined through a dot in the middle) is a business run jointly by 5 fashion designer alt avatars. These 5 alt avatars are the tribe of Alpha Auer who is the CEO of this company, hence "alpha.tribe". So, it is really a play thing that I do with my 5 alts who are called Alpho Fullstop, Grapho Fullstop, Amina Diavolo and Xiamara Ugajin. And the 5th one is Alpha Auer, of course. These 5 design the different outfits of alpha.tribe based upon different concepts and styles. So, as an example, Xiamara specializes in floral outfits, Grapho does a lot of the dark/scary stuff, and Alpho is responsible for hybrid creatures.

WM: When did you first start creating in SL and how did you come to where collaborative exhibit in MetaLES. you are now with your unique builds Alpha graciously answered a few and avatars? questions for us about herself and her ALPHA: I joined SL in 2007 but I did work and in that too I was greatly not start to make stuff until about a year later since I really needed to get impressed with her responses as my head around the world before I follows: could build in it. The first year was spent mostly buying things from WM: How did you pick your SL name designers that I liked, tearing their work apart whenever I could and and what exactly is Alpha Tribe? 80

I am a graphic designer by training and I worked as an art director for 2 decades before I become a graphic design instructor at the university level. So, I have a lot of professional experience as a designer and it was really a question of transferring that experience to the SL creative medium. WM: When did Alpha Tribe open and how did the concept begin? ALPHA: alpha.tribe opened in 2009. But opened may be too strong a word. I had this plot of land on the mainland and I just simply put a few boxes there. But, I used to be a blogger for the NPIRL blog and through that I was well known in SL at the time. So word spread fairly quickly and once I saw that people liked the stuff I was motivated to make more and more things. WM: What is your favorite Installation and favorite costume you have made or been a part of? ALPHA: Whatever the latest one is. Right now my fave is the current build of my island and the most recent outfits that I made. WM: Who inspires you artistically in SL and in First Life? ALPHA: My inspirations are usually historic things like old books, maps, illustrations and so on.

WM: Would you care to share any real life or SL personal information? ALPHA: I am from Istanbul, Turkey. I am female and 62 years old. My RL name is Elif Ayiter. You can see the stuff I make on my website here: I am a professor at Sabanci University in Istanbul where I have been working for 15 years now. l teach studio graphic design courses at the undergraduate level as well as theoretical courses at the graduate level. I also do quite a bit of theoretical research and writing of my own, mainly about virtual worlds and avatars. And as part of that I am also the editor-in-chief of an academic journal called Metaverse Creativity which is published by Intellect Journals in the UK. What I like about SL is "play." I like that this is a world that allows grownups to play and to express themselves creatively through play, which is what I do also.I have no idea how I get my ideas. I certainly don't plan for them. I sort of start to make something and then it takes on a life of its own. Not just in SL but in general. I am a very good and very old Photoshop user and a lot of stuff just happens while I am noodling around in that software which is something that I do all the time. WM: What are your future plans in SL? 81






ALPHA: To keep on making stuff as long as SL stays around in this format. I am horrified by some of the ideas that Lİnden Labs has for this new SL where everything will be imported from external 3D editors and so forth. For me, the whole point, the beauty of building in SL is that you actually do it in-world. If that changes I will no longer be able to do much in SL in the future. So, I hope they will not change the current creative system of SL.

built and created avatars for the Russian Avantgarde exhibition held in April 2014 in Moscow.” WM You can find more of Alpha Tribe’s work at the following links and slurls: stores/15328

Alpha’s official biography states, “Alpha Auer is one of the Second Life avatars of Elif Ayiter, who is a designer and educator, as well as the editor in chief of Metaverse Creativity, a peer alpha_auer/ reviewed academic journal with Intellect UK. Alpha is the CEO of the SL OpenSim, NGrid: fashion store alpha.tribe and has participated in several SL exhibits, such as "SychroniCity," curated by Marc Moana and "Further Along the Path" curated by Bryn Oh. Together with MosMax Hax and Selavy Oh she has co-authored the" LPDT2/3" series of sim wide installations that were based upon Roy Ascott's concept of distributed authorship and La Plissure du Texte. Both LPDT2, as well as LPDT3 have been exhibited at international, curated art exhibitions such as ISEA2011, the 2010 multimedia festival at Tomorrow City, Incheon, Korea. More recently, along with Bryn Oh, Nessuno Myoo, Jo Ellsmere, Soror Nishi and Eupalinos Ugajin, she has 86











In real life, The Chelsea Hotel of New York City, is a mecca of cultural importance. The hotel has been the home of many cultural icons, including Mark Twain, Arthur Miller, Dylan Thomas, Stanley Kubrick, Cher, Madonna, and Andy Warhol. A replica of this famous landmark exists in Second Life and while you will not run into Madonna, you can find plenty of musicians, poets, and of course artists at the Virtual Chelsea Hotel. I am fortunate enough to be one of the chosen artists to have an exhibition at the Virtual Chelsea Hotel’s Gallery 23’s August show. Virtual Chelsea Hotel Co-Owner & Curator Enola Em nee Vaher was kind enough to show me around Virtual Chelsea and to discuss the origins of the location and it’s many events.

really. It was only 4 stories, and he focused on the outside, because he never expected anyone to actually want to live in it.Word got round that he had built it though, and people began to come and see it. And many said, "it would be cool to have rooms, and live music and stuff..." So he refined it a bit, being limited by the size of the land, and the prims available, and he added the El Quijote Venue.

Ed Hamilton (a real life resident of the Hotel and the official Hotel blogger) mentioned to a reporter friend of his that this guy was building a virtual replica of the Hotel, the reporter was very interested in this and so he joined second life and checked it out. So about mid April, 2009 the reporter WM: Tell us about The Chelsea Hotel (SAKI KNAFO) arranged to interview in Second Life. How long has it been Mykal here at the Virtual Hotel. So in existence? Mykal asked as many people as possiENOLA: Mykal Skall built the first ble to come to the Hotel that day, to Virtual Chelsea about 7 years impress the NY Times reporter. On ago. Mykal is a musician who used to May 1st the Article about Virtual perform regularly in SL. He also Chelsea Hotel appeared in the NY enjoyed building in his spare time. So Times. After that we had a lot of he bought a small piece of land and visitors and they all wanted more, so decided to build. He has always loved Mykal asked me, if I would manage the the mystique and ambiance of the RL Venue, book the live music and Chelsea, and also has several friends arrange to have regular shows at the who live there, whom he would visit Hotel. Of course I said yes, as I also when he could. So he decided to build have been enchanted by the history of a small tribute to the Hotel, just for fun the Chelsea for many years. May 3rd, 96

2009, we had our grand opening. 4 hours of live music and some poetry tossed in for good measure. After that Mykal bought a bit more land around the area and he added the rooms as best he could, at that time they were an after thought you see. He also added a few rental spaces to be galleries or shops or whatever.

and more authentic. I focused mostly on the inside, naming the rooms and so on, while Mykal focused on the actual building. Over the years I have taken over full management of the Hotel, and I have focused on keeping it as authentic as possible. Pepper Chaffe, contributed land to the hotel and is now a co-owner. This winter she and i remodeled the lounge and lobby of the Virtual Hotel. We needed We ended up getting lots of press, and to get rid of some of the old high prim attention, and visitors and renters, and furniture, but we also used as many it was wonderful. It was also a bit photos as possible to try to reproduce overwhelming. Soon I went from the essence of the hotel, the best we booking and running the live music to could by redoing things like the managing the entire venture. We fireplace and the furniture. began to draw interest also from people in 1st life, and got a lot of press WM: Why did you decide on The that way too. ( will add a list of the urls Chelsea Hotel. I know that it is a for press releases that i have). Then in replica of the real life Chelsea Hotel, 2012 Mykal decided to rebuild the but what about this build made you entire thing, and this time he was want to recreate it in Second Life? going to make it as authentic as ENOLA: After the Hotel was built and possible in sl. He got a copy of the we began renting rooms and Galleries, original blue prints from Arthur Nash, the intent was always to create a place a long time resident of the RL Hotel. that nurtured the arts. Poets, Historian Sherrill Tippins, author of the musicians, artists, of all kinds. Just like book, "Inside the dream palace." gave the RL Chelsea has done for over 130 us a list of historical residents that Years. The Virtual Chelsea is a very lived in the hotel and what rooms they close and nurturing community lived in. Arthur also made us maps of now. We will not tolerate any sort of each floor, showing where the rooms abusive behavior, so people of all had originally been, and the room kinds feel safe here, we encourage numbers. people to share their talents, and to experience the talents of others. And so, Virtual Chelsea hotel was What we want to recreate, and in face reborn. This time much more detailed have recreated, is the allure of 97




the RL Chelsea, that has always fostered the starving artist, the driven musician, the wayward poet, and everyone in between. WM: Why did you decide on The Chelsea Hotel. I know that it is a replica of the real life Chelsea Hotel, but what about this build made you want to recreate it in Second Life? ENOLA: After the Hotel was built and we began renting rooms and Galleries, the intent was always to create a place that nurtured the arts. Poets, musicians, artists, of all kinds. Just like the RL Chelsea has done for over 130 years. The Virtual Chelsea is a very close and nurturing community now. We will not tolerate any sort of abusive behavior, so people of all kinds feel safe here, we encourage people to share their talents, and to experience the talents of others. What we want to recreate, and in face have recreated, is the unique allure of the RL Chelsea, that has always fostered the starving artist, the driven musician, the wayward poet, and everyone in between.

encourage and foster art, all art, any art. The only limitation is LL TOS which will not allow certain things on a moderate sim. But this has never been an issue for us. As for Gallery 23, I started it soon after the Hotel was created, in fact it was the first gallery associated with the hotel. From the beginning it was meant to offer artists, especially new artists, a place to show their work for free. Gallery 23 has always been a free exhibit. The artists may sell their works, we take no percentage. I promote the exhibit and try to make it a good experience for all involved. Of course we do have to pay tier, so the rest of the galleries we rent. They, and the rooms, are our bread and butter.

WM: What types of cultural events does the Chelsea Hotel have in addition to art shows? ENOLA: We feature regular live musicians. This summer we only have a few ws, because summers people tend to be busier in RL. During the winter months we have at least two nights of shows every week. We offer only Live music, acoustic, no backing WM: There are many art galleries at tracks. We feel this is more in keeping the Chelsea. Do you decide on a with what the original Chelsea is theme for artists or can artists display about. We also feature a regular DJ any type of work they want? event, that Pepper does, where she ENOLA: I do not decide anyplays a different artist or band every thing. Once a person rents a space it is week. She loves to find obscure music, theirs, to do with as they wish. We done by well known people, and share 100

those. We also have the Poetry open mic on Sundays, hosted by Luna Branwen. This is an important part of our line up of events, as we want as many of the arts represented as possible here at the Hotel. Now and then we will have special events, Halloween is a big event for us, as is Valentine's day, (we call it antivalentines day). Lanestris/129/183/104 virtualhotelchelsea/ virtualchelseahotel groups/193485884011401/

WM: Anything new and special planned at the Chelsea Hotel in the upcoming months and year? ENOLA: Right now there is an exhibit in the synagogue, featuring the real life Chelsea Artist Hawk Alfredson. He is quite famous and over 100 of his paintings once adorned the halls of the RL Hotel. We have been trying to work with him and his girlfriend for over a year now, to get him into sl, and set up an opening where he would be present. I created an avatar for him using photos of him, and we have done a couple of practice runs. But he is very busy, and so far we have been unable to set a date for that opening, but we will. We have other special events when we can, as time allows. WM Experience the bohemian yourself by visiting the Virtual Hotel Chelsea in Second Life and their official websites: 101










The LumiPro Hud is a must for most photographers in Second Life! This special tool is the “first commercially available lighting system to use projection prim capability. I was able to catch up with LumiPro Creator and real life photographer Stefan Buscaylet :

few photography friends and they loved it. I decided to take on making a polished product in 2009, which is when we first released. Since then I have done 14 releases making various improvements and adding features to LUMIPro as we grew.

WM: The LUMIPro Hud is used by many Second Life photographers. What inspired you to create the LUMIPro Hud?

STEFAN: Lighting should be the core of any photography tool, but sadly that doesn't seem to be the case with other photography tools. LUMIPro is designed to make lighting a breeze and give the pros room to do more advanced lighting. The HUD makes lighting faster than just rezzing prim or tweaking wind light. Unlike wind light, the lighting and shadows also work indoors vs wind light which only casts shadows against the sun. LUMIPro also includes other tools a photographer needs including fine control over the position of the eyes and allows animating up to 6 models. Also let us not forget that it gives you all of these amazing features all over the grid, even if you can't rez or run scripts!

STEFAN: I had been involved in fashion and theater photography real life for about 10 years before finding Second Life. When I came to Second Life I started off doing fashion photography and had this amazing mentor that taught me a lot about lighting and using posers to pose models. Lighting was mostly just rezzing prim manually, which worked pretty well, but it was so frustrating when the model moved and the lights didn't. So I started experimenting with commercial face lights including ones with huds, but the problem was only the wearer of the face light could make changes; and frankly as photographer, I needed the control directly. I started prototyping my own lighting hud around 2008 and 2009 for my own shooting. I showed the system to a 110

WM: Tell us about some of the features of the LUMIPro Hud.

WM: I noticed that you have a survey on your official website, that asks users of the LUMIPro for their opinions for upcoming features etc.

It is great you are involving your customers in the update process. What new features can we expect in the next update of LUMIPro? STEFAN: Many of the commercial photographers that use LUMIPro have an entire collection of outfits in various colors that they need to shoot and need to lock the camera position as well as save the settings for the lights so they can recover it. There are some really terrible tools in the marketplace today to do this, but the next release is going to do a great job at this. There will of course be other changes as well, but everyone will have to wait and see.

The LumiPro blog will help you find all sorts of news and tutorials about our product. Here is a link:http://

In world sales gallery where people can try a few demos:http:// Phenomenal/231/148/1502 Marketplace Link: p/LUMIPro-HUD-V3/2585413

WM: Have you thought of expanding the LUMIPro to other grids? Will say InworldZ users have the LUMIPro there? STEFAN: I have over 7 years of work into the GUI and scripts and I'm very worried about these other worlds not having security in place to prevent theft. For now we're more than happy with the community of users we have inside of Linden's walled garden. For more information on LumiPro please see the following links below and check out the series of before and after photos of the LumiPro in action on the next two pages, after this article! WM 111














We are pleased to introduce a new series: Voyages With Vee. In this new series, Vee Tamams will explore scenic locations that are off the beaten path in Second Life! For the inaugural article, Vee explores Portnawak-Terracotta One of the most remarkable features of Second Life is the talented individuals who create areas rich in texture and imagery for all to enjoy. With both a busy real life and second life I tend to seek out destinations where I can relax, enjoy a great view, and experience the unexpected. Back in February the destination guide listed a location called Aquarelle created by Leica Arado. Aquarelle was landscaped and textured similar to the painterly style of the masters of French Impressionism and was a perfect place to take photos. This month I returned to find that the region had been transformed into a vibrant landscape called Terracotta. To me it is a blend of a Southeast Asian paradise, the coast of Africa, and a Caribbean Island all rolled into one. When you arrive at the gazebo landing point I suggest you grab a landmark because you’re going to want to make a return trip. Make sure you also look up too see the spinning globe atop the gazebo. I love when a designer takes the time to create 122

hidden gems or surprises because to me it’s all about the details. The brilliant sunset, glistening with flashes of light from the meteor shower above, colors the surrounding land in what can only be described as terra cotta. Terra Cotta,Italian for “baked earth”, is exactly what the design reflects. As you walk around you’ll find secluded spots to sit, mediate, or cuddle a loved one, scattered throughout. There is even a playground area where you can bring a child or relive your own childhood fantasies by riding the plane or climbing the giant snail. Little decorated cottages are available for you to use during your stay. One cottage looks as if it being used by an explorer with detailed maps of various sites they have visited and travel valises piled in the corner. Moving further along and you’ll seen another which appears as if it’s occupied by a seamstress with bolts of fabric and a nearly completed project left in the sewing machine Within a few yards is what can only be described as a “man cave” with car seats for couches and strong coffee (I’m sure the beer is hidden somewhere). This sim has been re-designed at least four times, Ethnik (a garden spot), Titanawak (a boat trapped in a frozen sea), Aquarelle, and now Terracotta. I plan to visit and enjoy Terracotta until the next incarnation. WM













WM: How did you first discover Second Life? KYLIE: My husband suggested that I try Second Life after watching me play Farmville. He'd tried it a few years before, but was not interested. He felt I'd prefer being able to interact with people rather than cows. For the most part he was right.

beauty is what keeps me engaged.

WM: Which category would you say your artwork falls in? KYLE: Landscapes primarily. I do work with people too, but generally in a way that does not give an identity to the subject. I don't think people are interested in buying or owning pictures of other people. They have to WM: What made you get into the be able to imprint on that image art scene of Second Life? either themselves, someone they love KYLIE: I am an artist. What appealed or an emotion. That is difficult to do if to me most about SL was being able to the subject's face is fully visible. I am create something from nothing. A man working more and more on created a bluebird before my very eyes digital paintings, sometimes blending and then had it fly about. I was them with SL photography, but often enraptured. I was building from about they stand alone. Second Life day two. By the end of the first month encourages me to reach beyond my I'd built and opened my first art comfort zone and take chances. gallery. WM: You are the winner of several WM: Are you an artist in real life or AviChoice Awards as an art curator mostly Second Life? and you also have your clothing line. KYLIE: You can't just be an SL artist. If Do you mix your art influences with you are an artist in SL you are an artist your clothing line and vice versa? in RL. KYLIE: My art influences my clothing line -- definitely not the other way WM: What influences your artwork? around. Texturing is my strong suit. I KYLE: Emotion and beauty. I've never been drawn to the ugly side of SL. Its 132

tried for nearly a year to conquer Blender. We had a long, hard-fought battle -- Blender won. Also, I had to accept the fact that I don't enjoy creating mesh, whereas I greatly enjoy transforming meshes into something special with texture. Many of my

forward to other major exhibitions such as this in the future. I will be approaching at least two other artists to collaborate with on major builds between now and the end of the year. I'd like to do about four of these yearly.

textures are digitally painted, or greatly modified purchased textures. WM: I noticed that you have partnered recently with several WM: What current projects and/or artists. Is this something you will exhibits do you presently have continue? ongoing in Second Life or real life? KYLIE: In early 2016, I'll be doing an KYLIE: I'm very focused on promoting installation of Kage Stratten's work. I my art in real life now. I had did a black and white exhibition abandoned my Twitter account for featuring his sculptures with Dulcis about eight months, but back at Taurog's 2D artwork. It was stunning. I building it. I’m at 15.8 thousand can't wait to see what we can put followers now. Someone once said, together at the turn of the year. Kage “Someone out there loves exactly is working on this project throughout what you do. You just have to find the rest of 2015. The unveiling should them.” So I am prospecting as be spectacular. His 3D work is ambitiously as an old sourdough imaginative and beautiful. I will be panning for gold. As much as I enjoy approaching at least two other artists presenting my art in Second Life, it is to collaborate with on major builds absurd to sell for $2 US what I can sell between now and the end of the year. for hundreds in real life. However, I I'd like to do about four of these do still enjoy creating large art yearly. exhibitions. Currently underway (ends June 30th), is my "Fantasy" build. This WM: What’s in store for Kylie Sabra is a collaboration between myself and the artist in the future? What can we Aelin Quan. Aelin has been on a expect from you? nearly two-year sabbatical from SL KYLIE: I will continue to create art and has returned with her beautiful and share it in world. I do love to "Fantasy" show. This is our second create fashion and I know that will collaboration. What a pleasure it has continue. Besides, fashion pays for my been to work with her again. I look 133

Second Life! You can find Kylie Sabra art work and her fashion creations at the following links: Kylie Sabra Art: Sabra Style: Marketplace: stores/81248 WM












Presenting Your Prim

You have been working on the texture for hours. You have layered and erased. Lightened and colored. Now it's time to upload. Once you have “uploaded it, what do you put it on? A base prim? You could. I have bought some great works that laid on nothing more than flattened cube. Maybe a fancy premade mesh frame. Then what permissions should it be? In this edition of Curator's Corner I will “contemplate the marketing potential of visual art pieces in SL. It does matter. Straight out of the gate, my generic recommendation is a mesh canvas. A mesh prim that resembles a RL canvas, with appropriate thickness for the piece, realistic canvas back texture of the material wrapped on to stretcher bars, or a wooden back with a hanger wire; something of that nature. There are other options that are not wrong, but I will list some pros and cons for you to decide. This most simple “option, the mesh canvas is a clean, modern, fashionable choice for display. It does not restrict the buyer from their choice of framing, especially if you choose to sell your work no mod, with hopefully a resizer script. The prim shadows are becoming an unnecessary additive with the common use of Advanced Lighting Model, although I still 142

sometimes use them.

You can quite easily make your own mesh canvas, shadow and frame, if you wish, out of basic prims. Then use your prim "pie" menu to "Save as Callida" and then upload back to SL. When linked, this simple mesh will use half the normal prims, except when heavy scripting is added. If you choose to purchase a premade mesh canvas and/or frame, you of course will not appear as the creator unless you add your own prim to it, like a shadow. With shadow prims becoming redundant this might not be a good longterm choice. If you purchase a premade frame, you could also add a basic mesh prim you made as the center picture prim. Be aware of LI changes. Your decision on these choices is dependent on your building skills. There is some question and debate about whether framed or unframed artwork sells better. My opinion as an art buyer is that it really just depends on how well it is done. If it is modify, no problem. I will purchase regardless of the framing. If the framing is very complimentary to the artwork I will usually purchase, regardless if it matches my decor. A collector buys art for the love of the piece, not for it's interior design compatibility. Yet, there are just as many art buyers who do purchase for integration into specific

Some possible exceptions are works that have an old world style that looks perfectly finished in gilded frame or an industrial piece hanging just right in a steel frame. If you want to be safe, sell without a frame. In my experience as an artist, unframed canvases sell more frequently. Another fundamental ingredient to properly presenting your art is INFORMATION, INFORMATION, I NFORMATION. No matter if you are hoping to sell your pieces to a consumer or catch the interest of curators to show your work in other galleries, delivery of all relevant information about you and your work is essential. I will cover bio writing in a future article. For the purposes of this article, relevant to marketing, I will just talk about the where, why and how. WHERE: To maximize the promotion of yourself, bio notecards, with all relevant landmarks, webpages, RL purchase information (if applicable) and current show information should be available in a few different places. One is your profile. Keep this up-todate. Two is in promotional posters and name plates. Three, inside your artwork. Inside your artwork, in my opinion, for the reasons I will state in the "WHY" section, is the most important. I heard a remark once

remark once that people might find that annoying. I find this idea not to make sense. We typically click on items in SL because we want something from it. If we want to see the "Hoover Tips" we only have to hold the cursor over the object. WHY: Marketing in SL is kind of a different animal than in RL. In some ways there are many more digital options for relaying and sharing information in SL. Digital information can have a further reach. For example, I buy your artwork and my friend comes to my place and sees it. They are interested in checking your work out for themselves. They ask me where it came from. I dig through my notecards and landmarks, trying to remember. I open the creator's profile (you, the artist's) to check picks. I tell my friend, but they don't have time or don't want to jump over to your gallery show right now. They go about their business and maybe forget about it or crash without saving your name. Or I let them know they can just click on your artwork and get a handy notecard with everything they need to know to save for later. Here’s another scenario. I am visiting one of your shows. I really love a particular piece, but for whatever reason, I can't purchase it today. Now myself, I will make the effort to make my own notes if an artist hasn't done 143

that for me, but not everyone will. If you have made a notecard easy for them to get, they could potentially have that thing forever. Our inventories are full of old notecards we never get around to cleaning out. These notecards extend the potential for future sales.

often see artwork displayed that anyone can access the resizer menu. This is not only a potential problem for the exhibit, but bothersome when touching to get the bio notecard. No Copy on artwork was adopted for two reasons. One is that, in theory, it makes it more valuable. Two, making it transfer does potentially help it HOW: Notecard giver scripts are retain its value, but cannot be copy as good, but in the case that your work well because then clearly the buyer is being shown at a gallery that is would have endless copies to sell or having you use a split profit script that give away, reducing its value to requires a notecard, then a script that nothing. Transfer permissions are gives a specifically named item is essential so that art can be shared, best. Visitor greeting gadgets that give gifted, auctioned or resold. Just like in a notecard and/or landmark are not RL. This is an important mirror to the the best ways. Most of us are all to RL art market that is not utilized aware of all those old notecards and nearly to its full potential. I will write landmarks in our inventories and about this in the next edition along without getting a chance to first look with bio writing, as resale of art with around, will often decline those the artist's information is crucial. notecards and landmarks immediately offered on landing. Permissions is a The last thing I am going to cover is very important topic as well. packaging. Plenty of great, successful artists sell their pieces "right off the The standard permissions for artwork wall" so to speak. Some find it seems are NO COPY, YES MOD, YES TRANS. more professional to them to sell Modify permissions are not necessary artwork packaged. It is also a way to if you are using a resizer script. Test extend your creativity. I do not always this well to make sure it can go down use it, but I had a lot of fun making to a reasonable size for someone with my packaging that is a satin and a small wall space. If you have added leather quilted box, half open with a frame you should probably leave it pearl inlaid hinges and clasps modify regardless of having a resizer fashioned after a RL wooden art script. Make sure that the resizer shipping box. The setup is a bit script only works for the owner. I different for selling a package. You 144

have to set your purchase up in edit as "Sell Contents" or "Pay" with the use of certain vendor scripts. When selling work with a split profit script you must put a copy or package inside the original, making it a vendor. There is not a right or wrong answer for packaging, but the effort and professionalism an artist extends in their display, presentation and information provided are deciding factors in purchase and show invitations. Make the most of your prims. Shakti Adored SL Gallerista WM









Windlight Magazine strives to incorporate diverse and cultural aspects of art and photography in Second Life. My good friend and colleague, Dope Magazine’s owner, Tray Ferrintino pointed me in the direction of two urban photographers. I decided to spotlight them both in this issue and this will be a trend in future issues, to highlight the main backgrounds of artists and photographers in Second Life. The first spotlight is on Msrita Lamilton:

design in RL so i figured i could do that too. Started up a company doing pictures (Savage Pickz) then slowly migrated that into Hype Photography. As far as art work i do pretty themed pictures for the most part but nothing else elaborate. WM: Describe your art/photography creations? Are they a specific genre? Do you take photos of avatars only or places?

MSRITA: Well, Im more of a Chiaroscuro method which is focusing WM: How did you first discover more so on light and shadow. I like to Second Life? How long have you been make sure my photos look like their in Second Life? actual subjects so i dont like to edit as MSRITA: I first discovered SL through hard with the extra drawing and another game, Vside, i used to play everything. As great as it is i dont that pretty heavy until they have much time to do it anyway lol. threatened to close down and But i take pictures of EVERYTHING! everybody migrated over from there to SL. I think i've been here officially 6 WM: Do you own a gallery or work years! commercially in SL? If so where? WM: What made you get involved with the photography scene in Second Life? Do you create any art?

I do own a private own studio. Not really commercial or gallery.. somewhere in between.

MSRITA: Well a year after i started the WM: I see that you are in the urban game i seen a few people with scene in Second Life. How are the arts pictures and i've studied graphic in the urban community? Are they 152

thriving or is more recognition needed? MSRITA: I believe there's a lot of repetition in the urban community. There's a lot of great photographers out there but everyone is starting to look the same. I think besides the dope awards, urban photographers should get a little more recognition for the work we actually do, as far as conceptual or compositions. There are some stand out urban artists who are awesome. WM: Do you have any favorite photographers or artists in SL? What about in RL? MSRITA: My fav artists in SL, David Cooper of SL, Blaire D. Montego does really good pics and flyers, as well.. Menkaure Nefertum Khafre is one of my favorites by far WM. You can view MsRita Lamilton’s artwork on her official business Facebook page:

You can









WM: How did you first discover Second Life? How long have you been in Second Life? CAKE: I discovered SL by word of mouth Playing a different virtual game way back in 2007.

CAKE: No, I'd consider myself a free lance photographer

WM: Describe your art/photography creations? Are they a specific genre? Do you take photos of avatars only or places? CAKE: I Mainly take Pictures of avatars... I am not objecting to scenery cause as we all know SL scenery is beautiful. Over the years I have evolved more on the Realistic Photography Style (Blurred BG, On Location shots, ETC).

WM: Do you have any favorite photographers or artists in SL? What about in RL? I CAKE: Have Sooo Many Favs inworld. I look up to alot of them they might not know me but thats ok. I sometimes look at their work like WOW. They are all motivation to improve! WM

WM: I see that you are in the urban scene in Second Life. How are the arts in the urban community? Are they thriving or is more recognition WM: What made you get involved needed? with the photography scene in CAKE: I think when it comes to SL Second Life? Do you create any art? that the urban side is kind of closed off....and it is up to photographers/ CAKEI used to play around in artists to put themselves out there to Photoshop a lot when I played a previous game... I came here, and I'd receive more recognition and potentially expand their network and say within 3 months or Less I had a gain more clients Photo studio inworld..

WM: Do you own a gallery or work commercially in SL? If so where? 160

You can view more of Cake Trill’s work on her official Flickr website:

You can







Tattoo | SYS - Ekilibre** Hair | SYS - Gwen*** Choker | CHOP ZUEY - Patience Skin | ELYSIUM - Amalie *Available at the [Shiny Shabby event] until August 15, 2015




FASHION ARTOGRAPHY MODEL: WICCA MERLIN STYLING DETAILS: Gown: AZUL – “Francesca” Hair: Zibska – “Lou” Jewelry: Mandala – “Shippoah” Mask: Illusion – “Le Fleur” Laced Mask: Malt – “Mask Layer” Back Fan: [glow] Studio – “Feather Fan”











Outfit: *LpD* – *Alda* Outfit Natural Flowers (Mesh) [for Shiny Shabby] Hair: TRUTH HAIR Astra – blondes Mask: .::Dead Dollz::. Night Watch Skin: -Glam Affair – Yolandi skin – America Shoes: E-Clipse Hera Caffee [for On9] Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara Bracelet: MINIMAL – Penelope Bracelet I Gold I Pastel I Blue Location: Leka Pose: *PosESioN* – Almu Set



FASHION ARTOGRAPHY MODEL: ISSY FLATLEY STYLING CREDITS: New From Virtual Diva for The Instruments 1st Anniversary Event A vision in gold from deep within the forest comes a gown ready for any Opera event this stunning sleeveless gown that has a golden patterned satin bodice, and a deeper satin full length skirt, and a long train flexi skirt, on the back there is a large golden bow which has layers of fine silk draped from it, But the most outstanding feature of this dress in the caged headpiece collar textured to match the dress and has flowers butterflies and leaves being blown by the breeze Available now at The Instruments 1 anniversary event Thanks For Looking Style Eternal The Instruments LM




FASHION ARTOGRAPHY MODEL: ELESEREN BRIANNA STYLING CREDITS: Fantasy Angel Black Queen - Onyx RAPTURE Lavish Princess Mesh Boots - Black/Silver **Dirty Princess** Love Black Headdress - F I N E S M I T H Mhedusa Headdress - Pure Poison Love Doesn't grow on trees bracelet and ring- F I N E S M I T H Copper Leaf forehead tattoo - League Makeup - White Widow, League, [mock], Soiree, Madrid Solo











CURRENT ARTISTS: Artemis Greece Resident, Richie Narstrom, Seb Arkright, Bo SereneDean Resident, Roffellos Resident, Bluesrocke 184




ones Delicioso, Ozymandi Resident, Ilyra Chardin, Sandi Benelli, Myra Wildmist, er Resident, ChrysteRox Resident, and Wicca Merlin 185


We are nearing the end of summer and we know that you would want to capture those special beach moments in Second Life! Windlight Magazine is pleased to announce its first annual “Return to the Beach Photography Contest!” Prizes:   1st Place – 5,000 Lindens, 1 double page ad, a magazine article, and a blog article   2nd Place – 3000 Lindens , 1 double page ad and one blog article 3rd Place – 2000 Lindens and 1 double page ad


Guidelines & Rules:

Select a beach in Second Life. If you are stumped where to find beaches, try the destinations guide: Once you choose your beach or beaches, start snapping! **Please be respectful of covenants and sim rules when visiting beaches, estate sims, or any location in Second Life. Check with owners or managers to ensure that you have permission to take photos in any location** All photos have to be posted in the official Windlight Magazine Flickr group:  You are allowed 3 submissions total  When posting your photos please use the following naming convention:  Windlight Magazine-Beach Photo Contest-SL Name-Photo #1 for additional photos, add the appropriate number..#2, and #3  All photos must include the slurl to the beach where you took the photo  All photos must be new and original. You cannot have them posted elsewhere on Flickr or used them previously  Nudity is allowed if done in a non pornographic and non sexual way  Editing via photoshop, gimp, or any other graphics tools is ok  All photos must be your original work Judging:      

Judges will be independent of the contest and cannot enter this contest Judges will judge your photos on the following criteria: Creativity Originality Technique Incorporation of the location in your photos

Deadlines: You have until August 15 to upload your photos. Winners will be announced on August 20 via our website and on our social media sites. All winners will be contacted in Second Life and via Flickr messaging. GOOD LUCK!




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